QATAR GETS DESPARATE and orders CHAOS for all to See

Morning Challenge

High hopes for the return of Libyan GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

after the defeat of “Libya Shield”

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 14 يونيو, 2013 | 23:35

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

Libyan high hopes on the return of order and security missing after the Battle of the city, “Benghazi” last Saturday, which ended with the defeat of “Libya Shield No. 1,” one of the strongest opposition militias, leaving behind 45 dead innocent young people.
And since NATO illegally by force ousted The Great JAMAHIRYA in February 2011, and militias dominate the reins of power in the country conclusive way on all Libyans, without the consent of the Libyan peoples..
In spite of the declaration of the state declared three days of mourning, spotted Agency Libyans celebrate what they saw as the beginning of the end for the rule of militias and the restoration of the public order of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (the people’s Libya under  Quranic Holy Law and the vision of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi) which provided them with security and safety for more than 40 years.
And did not take one month siege of these militias for “General National Congress” and to force its members to pass a law to isolate the political, which prohibits public work for anyone took a position important days of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and this is what causes congestion large among street Libyan asylum in turn, an end to this farce.



Social Council of tribes and Rafla | SCWT ..

Social Council of the tribes and Rafla finished a meeting in Sabha issued the following statement:

1 – calls on all sons and Rafla in Libya beloved wrap around and support of the Social Council.

2 – calls on all Libyans of peaceful coexistence among themselves and maintain the unity of the Libyan soil and NYPD policy of exclusion and marginalization.

3 – Our motto Libya for all Libyans.

4 – the rule of Libya’s land and people and the wealth without death or to foreign agendas.

5 – emphasis on the establishment of the state of law and the need to build a national army and police and activating and independence of judicial bodies.

6 – Calling all noble tribes to form their own social entities as a step to the establishment of a higher council of Libyan tribes.

7 – Provide all the officials on the issuance of the number “7” and the perpetrators and bring them to trial for crimes they have committed against our people in Bani Walid.

8 – claim to be religious discourse coincidental and should not be a platform for fueling strife as is the case now.

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV.(BANI WALID)





The war on Africa: U.S. imperialism and the world economic crisis

14 JUNE 2013

Source: Pambazuka

Mineral resources and the quest for strategic advantage guide western foreign policy on the continent

Capitalism has failed to provide adequate housing, jobs, medical, educational and other services to many people in the West. As well, China’s global influence is rising. These are some of the reasons behind the US quest for mineral resources and strategic dominance in Africa and Middle East

For more than two decades the United States and other Western European imperialist states have been escalating their military intervention in Africa and other geo-political regions of the world. This has been taking place during the so-called Post-Cold War era with the collapse of the Eastern European socialist states and the Soviet Union during the late 1980s through 1991.

Africa was viewed during the period after the Second World War II as an ideological and political battleground between the emerging national liberation and socialist movements on the one hand and the imperialist states led by the U.S. on the other. One major outcome of World War II was the consolidation of economic and political hegemony of Washington and Wall Street.

During the Second World War the U.S. established military outposts in Algeria, Libya and Liberia. After 1945, the struggle for national independence in Africa, the Middle East and Asia would accelerate.

In Latin America, even though an independence struggle was waged in the 19th century, the phenomena of neo-colonialism became the dominant character of relations between the states in South America and the U.S. In the Caribbean, the struggle for genuine independence was waged from the 19th through the 20th century in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and other territories.

In the U.S. itself with the advent of Cold War ideology and political repression under McCarthyism, perspectives and political organizing around Africa became a highly contentious arena of struggle. The Council on African Affairs (CAA) and the Civil Rights Congress (CRC) during the early 1950s came under fierce attack by the U.S. government and were driven out of existence.

Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois and Shirley Graham Du Bois, both leading figures in the CAA and the CRC, were persecuted in the early 1950s for their interventions in the movements for world peace and solidarity with African liberation. The Du Bois’ wrote in December 1958 for the All-African People’s Conference held in Accra, Ghana that the future of Africa lies in socialism.

The Du Bois’ said that “Africa, ancient Africa, has been called by the world and has lifted up her hands! Africa has no choice between private capitalism and socialism. The whole world, including capitalist countries, is moving toward socialism, inevitably, inexorably. You can choose between blocs and military alliances, you can choose between political unions; you cannot choose between socialism and private capitalism because private capitalism is doomed!” (The World and Africa, p. 307)


Later during the 1960s when the various national liberation movements and independent African states embarked upon the armed struggle as a necessity to fight the U.S. and NATO backed colonial and settler-colonial states in Africa, Pan-Africanist and socialist strategist Kwame Nkrumah identified U.S. imperialism as the major force in the movement for genuine territorial sovereignty on the continent. The U.S., although paying lip service to supporting the anti-colonial movements, sought to stifle and manipulate the national liberation movements for the benefit of Wall Street and the Pentagon.

Nkrumah wrote that “The modifications introduced by imperialism in its strategy were expressed through the disappearance of the numerous old-fashioned ‘colonies’ owing exclusive allegiance to a single metropolitan country through the replacement of ‘national’ imperialism by a ‘collective’ imperialism in which the USA occupies a leading position.” (Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare, p. 5, 1969)

Nkrumah continued noting that “The US-European post-war alliance not only enabled the USA to benefit from the advantages of the European market, which had hitherto been largely closed to its penetration; but also opened up new horizons in Asia, Africa and Latin America where the USA had already superseded European supremacy and established neo-colonialist domination. The militarization of the US economy, based on the political pretext of the threatening rise of the USSR and later of the People’s Republic of China as socialist powers, enabled the USA to postpone its internal crises, the first during the ‘hot’ war (1939-1945) and then during the ‘cold’ war (since 1945)” (ibid., p. 6)

The postponement of these internal crises has apparently run its course. Imperialist war no long delays the impact of the inherent failures of capitalism related to its incapacity to provide housing, jobs, medical services, education and municipal services to the majority of its people. Nonetheless, in its destructive character, imperialism continues on the path of endless war and pursuit of ever-rising rates of profit.

Since the advent of the first Gulf war in 1990-91, going through the occupation of Somalia during 1992-94, through to the failure of U.S. policy in Egypt to the second occupation of Somalia through proxy between 2006 to the present period, where in the aftermath of the war on Libya and the imposition of sanctions against Zimbabwe and Sudan, the capitalist system in the West continues to decline economically. No matter how many Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) field stations are constructed or drone attacks carried out throughout Africa, Washington has not been able to address the rising rates of poverty, joblessness and austerity throughout the capitalist states in Western Europe and North America.

The U.S. ruling class through its quest for mineral resources and strategic dominance has focused a tremendous amount of attention on Africa and the so-called Middle East. The founding of the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) in 2008 under Bush has enhanced its operations under Obama.

The first full-scale operation of AFRICOM was the war of regime-change carried out against Libya in 2011 in cooperation with other European imperialist states and their allies. It is no accident that Libya has the largest known oil reserves in Africa and had under the Jamahiriya, the highest living standards on the African continent.

In Somalia, the CIA and AFRICOM have been involved in propping up the Ethiopian occupation and the latter Transitional Federal Government regime since 2006. The African Union Mission to Somalia, AMISOM, is largely a U.S.-controlled military operation which is financed by Washington and provided with political, intelligence and diplomatic cover. Somalia is the source of oil and other strategic interests for imperialism and both the U.S. and NATO have large-scale naval vessels off the coast of the Horn of Africa nation in the Gulf of Aden.

The intervention into Somalia of the Kenyan Defense Forces in 2011 had been planned by the Pentagon for at least two years. Despite efforts by Washington and its allies, the situation in Somalia is by no means stable. A French Special Forces commando unit’s attempt to free intelligence officials from Paris being held in Somalia proved to be a disaster as Al-Shabaab wiped out the entire crew and eventually executed the leading commander of the failed raid.

In Mali and Niger, the U.S. is backing up French military intervention. The Pentagon had trained the Malian army prior to the March 2012 coup and is largely responsibility for the incapacity of the national military to address the Tuareg rebellion in the north.

Niger is now another location for a U.S. drone station and at least 100 Special Forces are operating inside the country. During December 2012, the Obama administration announced that 3,500 Pentagon troops would be deployed in at least 35 African states over the course of the year. Nonetheless, France and the U.S. have been unable to halt armed actions against foreign forces in Mali and Niger. In Mali, the resistance to French occupation is widening with mass demonstrations recently in Gao and the open criticism of the Hollande doctrine of military intervention throughout the region of West Africa.

The presence of U.S. military and intelligence forces in Africa is designed to bolster the strategic mineral and territorial interests of Wall Street. Africa is now supplying greater amounts of oil, natural gas and other essential minerals to economic interests of the ruling class.


With the growing role of the People’s Republic of China on the continent, Washington and Wall Street are concerned that they will lose their post-World War II advantage in Africa. Hence due to the declining economic influence of the U.S., the capitalist are relying more on aggressive military and intelligence operations to undermine Africa’s long term interests which are more in line with other continental states as well as other geo-political regions of the world including Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

The advent of regional blocs such as the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) has served to provide the African Union member-states with both economic and political alliances that are outside U.S. and European Union influence. In regard to China, the socialist state has provided direct economic trade and development assistance which is far superior to the traditional relations established by the imperialist countries which enslaved Africans and colonized the continent for centuries. FOCAC has held five summits since 2000 and this is paralleled by the fact that now China is Africa’s largest international trading partner.

China supported both Zimbabwe and Sudan when the U.S. and Britain sought to impose even harsher sanctions on these states through the United Nations Security Council. Zimbabwe maintains a “Look East” policy which has been significant in the survival of the Southern African state in the aftermath of its land redistribution program beginning in 2000 that prompted the West to enact draconian sanctions and regime-change plots against the ZANU-PF government.

The U.S. and Britain have sought the overthrow of the National People Congress (NPC) government in Sudan through the partition of the country in 2011 and the ongoing conflict in Darfur. Sudan prior to the partition was the largest geographic nation-state in Africa and is an emerging oil-producing country with close links to China and Iran. Israel and the U.S. have bombed Sudan on numerous occasions because Khartoum does not support Washington’s foreign policy objectives in Palestine and throughout the Middle East.

Uprising in Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Algeria during 2010-2011 saw the U.S. attempting to manipulate these developments to maintain Cairo, Tunis and Rabat in their own sphere of geo-political influence. The government in Algeria was able to resist these efforts while Libya faced an all-out onslaught that resulted in the destruction of the national infrastructure of this North African state, the theft of its foreign reserves and the abolition of its leading role on the African continent.

Other economic and political alliances have surfaced in the last few years which have impacted U.S. militarist policies toward Africa. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has maintained its support of Zimbabwe which has been critical in its survival and economic recovery.

The Africa-South America Summit has held three gatherings, the latest of which was in March, in order to enhance cooperation and to form a bloc against U.S. efforts to undermine anti-imperialist governments in Latin America and developing relations between Africa and non-Western regional entities. Iran has also strengthened its relations with Africa and Latin America causing serious concerns on the part of the U.S.

The joining by the Republic of South Africa of the Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRICS) grouping has resulted in new initiatives being discussed including the creation of a development bank as well as independent foreign policy positions on Syria and Iran that are at variance with U.S. imperialism. The failure of U.S. foreign policy toward Syria has been greatly determined by the role played on the part of Russia, Iran, China and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon along with other regional forces of the Global South who do not want another war of regime-change in the Middle East. Such wars could very well be carried out with greater determination in Sudan, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa and Somalia which would be against the interests of the peoples of Africa and working and oppressed peoples throughout the world.


Our role in the United National Anti-War Coalition (UNAC) has been centered on developing and maintaining a clear anti-imperialist position that views U.S. imperialism as the principal threat to world peace. Africa is a focal point for military intervention by the Pentagon, the CIA and NATO and the anti-war and peace movements in the U.S. must be concerned about these trends and take decisive actions to thwart them.

UNAC at its founding conference in Albany in August 2010 unanimously passed a resolution opposing U.S. military intervention of any kind in Africa. We opposed the war of regime-change in Libya and have gone on record against the French invasion and occupation of Mali.

This coalition is by far the largest and most representative peace alliance in the U.S. We must build upon our successes in order to widen the organizations and grouping that we encompass so that we can further influence the anti-war struggle throughout North America and Western Europe.

Through our efforts in solidarity with the peoples of Africa, the Middle East, Central and South Asia, Korea, the South Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean we enhance the capacity of the 99 percent to confront the owners of capital who are the principal purveyors of death and destruction throughout the world. It will be through this unity of purpose and action that war and exploitation can be eliminated throughout the planet.

 Abayomi Azikiwe is Editor, Pan-African News Wire

NOTE: These remarks were made at the Left Forum during a panel entitled “The War on Africa.” The panel was organized by the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) and chaired by Joe Lombardo. Other panelists were Ana Edwards of the Virginia Defenders in Richmond,

Margaret Kimberley of Black Agenda Report and Patrick Bond, a professor at KwaZulu-Natal University in South Africa.

Members of their shape lying News Agency Zaida Mavi tuned ……

Mafsh news imprecatory people and imprecatory injured!!

Word to us now

Hospitality crews Libyan Airways announces a strike to work in both Tripoli – Benghazi – Sabha

until further notice in response to the administration’s policy management Libyan Airlines ..

“Free newspaper Sabha”  statement on the RATS agreement:

700 million dinars in compensation to prisoners of conscience in Libya.

A member of the General National Congress for the Committee on Budget and Planning and Finance Secretary Mahjoub had been the adoption of the $ 700 million Libyan dinars in compensation to prisoners of conscience.

Amina added that the Commission has allocated 350 million Libyan dinars for 2013 and $ 200 million for the year 2014, in addition to $ 150 million for 2015.

Amina showed that the estimated amount of compensation will be 8 thousand dinars for each month in prison, pointing out that the compensation will be allocated for prisoners who did not sue before the judicial courts, and whose cases have not entered into force.



al-Mansouri GREAT MOSQUE in Tripoli

Libyan channel vision

Now demonstration in the city of turf against the Muslim Brotherhood in front of the Great Mosque.

Channel capital
Population El Sidi Hussein Achtpko, District glossy attackers thugs of armor without Tdharar remember.



Urgent :::

Arrival بوحليقه of the city of Kufra to Ajdabiya and all the Thunderbolt and military personnel heading to Benghazi to support Thunderbolt.

Number 3 police cars and armored transport soldiers on board aircraft “يوشن” from crippling airport heading to Benghazi.

Quoting: – Channel Vision Libyan:

Columns of the Libyan army forces enter Benghazi far from the eastern gate coming from Tobruk, white and turf and Cyrene and the dome’s estimated 600 military vehicle, to help stun forces to maintain security in the city.

Word now:
News uncertain of white Security Directorate during a telephone conversation, about the movement of a large force of up to 400 armored vehicles and 3,500 soldiers from Tobruk, Shahat and white tuber and went to Benghazi support Thunderbolt forces and police in Benghazi.

All Benghazi eyes of the international press.
U.S. free channel

Khobar – Benghazi – Correspondent

A number of the wounded and injured in the events that took place last Saturday the Alkwyfah area Benghazi yesterday on the eve of a protest in front of the Benghazi Medical Center’s claim to speed up the treatment.

Protesters and across from ill-health services provided to them, as well as neglect and indifference that are exposed Hola wounded by the authorities concerned.

And protesters demanded the General National Congress and the interim government and local council in Benghazi to intervene and to consider their demands and to take effective measures to treatment.

Libyan Chief of Staff .. Alguenida

Benghazi official camps under attack by some gangs.

Khobar – Benghazi – Correspondent:

Channel targeting the headquarters of Libya Free b Benghazi, with an explosive device without
Resulting in the explosion on the human damage and material losses do not remember.

Triggered an improvised explosive device explosion, which involved a channel for free Libya in Benghazi (just purchased by Abdullah Belhadj) shortly before.

(Osamaohna) radio program:
Attack by Mkhrbeyen on the new headquarters of the National Oil Corporation in Benghazi and vandalized the contents of the headquarters.,

And the headquarters was chosen by the government’s decision to transfer the National Oil Corporation.

Burning of the headquarters of the National Oil Corporation in Benghazi

By Gaddafi news agency on Saturday, June 15, 2013 | 00:09Burning of the headquarters

of the National Oil Corporation, which is under completion by employees shields Alajuaanjieh the and Almusratih  .

Burning of the headquarters of the National Oil Corporation, which is under completion by employees shields Alajuaanjieh the and Almusratih  .

Newspaper (Benghazi day):

The whole subject the Yeboah Ihrko Brotherhood new headquarters of the National Oil Corporation … Bish Maingulwhish Benghazi …
, But a bad luck of the … Civil Defense next Alorteurrrr and fire brigade cars Mobeiat illiterate.
Feared compass Oil Corporation headquarters in Cyrenaica Malqosh army., Burned Headquarters!!

Jibril al-Saadi:

Brotherhood murderers using policy سفيه and sane .. When necessitated

It was up against them out مفتيهم and the analyzes and deprives …. And when necessitated and had them come out likes بوسدرة and commanded ….

Will we see out المفتن Ghiryani to say that the Thunderbolt and Allaa infantry battalions legitimacy is not permitted to go out.


Aaaaaajl important and dangerous ::;, O people of the Middle Yamen have lost your children by a Palestinian mercenary you killed more than thirty young man in cold blood in a few hours … Today comes to us this Ahr labeled false Taliani this المفتن this Alzjal dirty, this Bisexual abnormal, Lefty and distributes سمومه says all brazenly that the criminal murderer and Sam Bin Humaid Berri and Thaer and operates under the authority of the state and of the murder of your children got punished just at the hands of bin Humaid but more than that went and asked not to attack bin Humaid in the media … This Muftikm O people of Cyrenaica and these country Moscetkm Religious Brotherhood .. You publication and Tmanoa the read: Benghazi events and the role of the media!
In the name of God the Merciful
God bless our youth who dies in the city of Benghazi in accident Alkwyfah, and God healed the wounded, and the best of God consolation their families and pay عوضهم, and God and to Him we return.
What happened in Alkwyfah is very painful impact on the whole country, and adding to the pain, its effects and repercussions.
Is this incident will pass, like unnoticed starts to investigate and then does not end, people do not know of the offender and the victim only through the media laid down!!
Do not stop the attacks and abuses that we see repeated, criminal or financial, and people do not see guilty or remiss bestowed upon the punishment.
There trying to recruit what happened to the band between the east and west of the country, for the regional, and corrupting the fences, construction row to revive an old dredge abhorrent, it outdated, hates Islam, and debt Aibaha, and alienate them all jealous keen on home.
Some authorities have tried Investment Benghazi last incident to their advantage, playing the role of media in multiple Baknoath scene, all in order to achieve its objectives and goals, and its provisions and Adanath.
We saw a notification that the length of time croons about the denial of the rebels altogether, and put them all in one basket, evens between outlaws and call themselves revolutionaries, falsely, running the dens of corruption and disobedience, and among those who were from the first day and the fuel of the revolution, gave their lives cheap God, establishment of religion, and the victory of the nation, and وقوفا with the right, all of their media images that they have become a burden on the Libya, يؤلب the public to get rid of them before it is too late!!
I strongly condemn, as in the past, has repeatedly condemned all the appearance of an armed, outside of legitimacy, whatever orientation, whatever its objectives.
But what I see flawed really some of the media who have platforms and channels is Disguise الجاحد those who gave them a legitimate state, because they are in need them, they are guarded and guarded home, and protect homes and state institutions, and assigned them the task of security which cost them their lives in the length of the country’s vast, view nearby cities and anniversary , congratulated the people, including the owners of these channels security in سربهم then rewarded by disguising themselves and denounce accusing them of بالتسلط and usurpation of power, they gave them a legitimate state and gave them power.
Any unfairness this? Any denial of Irfan and deny?!!
But what should be نستفيده of the events of Benghazi, is to be the most keen on national cohesion than any other time.
Unit Libya national demand, is one of the objectives of the glorious revolution, and legitimate demand that can not be compromised.
Allah says: (And hold fast to the rope of Allah all), and God said: (and this is your nation one nation).
The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him: (not tell you the best degree of fasting, prayer and charity, they said, Nay, said: Reconciliation, and corruption fences shaver flying religion).
For parents and elders and notables in Benghazi and the eastern cities are to be as Ahdnahm the safety valve in maintaining the fundamentals of religion, and the unity of the nation and raise the floor.
And miss on preparing for the band and inciting regional and tribal peoples, the opportunity to divide the country and tear it apart.
Via the people of Benghazi do not need to remind you that you are the first spark of the revolution, and you were always two races for the sacrifices for the home before the revolution or during the fierce battles, do not like to be Benghazi today’s perspective to disperse row and split the nation, God of God in Libya.
Sadeq bin Abdul Rahman Ghiryani
Thursday, 4 August 1434 e
Corresponding to 06/13/2013

عاااااجل وهام وخطير ::؛ يا اهل الشرق يامن فقدتم ابنائكم على يد مرتزق فلسطيني قتل منكم اكثر من ثلاثون شاب بدم بارد في ساعات قليله … اليوم يخرج علينا هذا العاهر المسمي الكاذب الطلياني هذا المفتن هذا الذجال القذر ،، هذا المخنث الشاذ ،، ليفتي ويوزع سمومه ويقول بكل صفاقه ان المجرم القاتل وسام بن حميد بري وثائر ويعمل تحت سلطة الدولة وان من قتل من ابنائكم نال جزائه العادل على يد بن حميد بل ذهب اكثر من ذلك وطلب عدم التهجم عن بن حميد في وسائل الاعلام … هذا مفتيكم يا اهل برقه وهذه موسستكم الدينيه القطريه الاخوانيه .. اليكم المنشور وتمعنوا في قرأته :أحداث بنغازي ودور الإعلام !
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
رحم الله من مات من شبابنا في مدينة بنغازي في حادث الكويفية، وشفى الله الجرحى، وأحسن الله عزاء أهليهم وعوضهم الأجر، وإنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون.
ما حدث في الكويفية أمر مؤلم شديد الوقع على الوطن كله، ومما زاد من ألمه، آثاره وتداعياته.
هل سيمر هذا الحادث كغيره مرور الكرام يبدأ فيه التحقيق ثم لا ينتهي، لا يعرف الناس من الجاني ومن المجني عليه إلا من خلال ما يرسمه الإعلام !!
لا تتوقف الاعتداءات والتجاوزات، التي نراها تتكرر، جنائية كانت أو مالية، والناس لا يرون مذنبا أو مقصرا ناله العقاب.
هناك من يحاول توظيف ما حدث للفرقة بين شرق البلاد وغربها، وللجهوية، وإفساد ذات البين، وشق الصف بإحياء نعرات قديمة بغيضة، عفا عنها الزمن، يبغضها الإسلام، ويأباها الدين، وينفر منها كل غيور حريص على الوطن.
حاولت بعض الجهات استثمار حادث بنغازي الأخير لصالحها، ولعب الإعلام دوره في المشهد بقنواته المتعددة، كلٌ بما يحقق أغراضه وأهدافه، وأحكامه وإداناته.
رأينا إعلاما كان طول الوقت يدندن حول التنكر للثوار جملة وتفصيلا، ويضعهم جميعا في سلة واحدة، يسوي بين الخارجين عن القانون ومن يسمون أنفسهم ثوارا، زورا وبهتانا، يديرون أوكار الفساد والعصيان، وبين من كانوا منذ اليوم الأول وقودا للثورة، قدموا أرواحهم رخيصة لله، إقامة للدين، ونصرة للوطن، ووقوفا مع الحق، صورهم الإعلام جميعا بأنهم صاروا عبئا على ليبيا، ويؤلب الرأي العام على التخلص منهم قبل فوات الأوان !!
إنني أدين بشدة كما أدنت في السابق مرارا كل مظهر مسلح، خارج عن الشرعية، أيا كان توجهه، وأيا كانت أهدافه.
لكن ما أراه معيبا حقا من بعض الإعلاميين الذين يملكون المنابر والقنوات هو التنكر الجاحد لمن أعطتهم الدولة الشرعية، لأنها محتاجة إليهم، يقومون بحراستها وحراسة الوطن، وحماية الديار ومؤسسات الدولة، وتٌسند إليهم المهام الأمنية التي تكلفهم أرواحهم في طول البلاد الشاسع، وعرضها قريب المدن وبعيدها، ليهنأ الناس ـ بما فيهم أصحاب هذه القنوات ـ بالأمن في سربهم ثم يكافؤون بالتنكر والتنديد واتهامهم بالتسلط واغتصاب السلطة، وهم من أعطتهم الدولة الشرعية ومنحتهم السلطة.
أي غَبن هذا؟ وأي جحود للعرفان وتنكر؟!!
لكن ما ينبغي أن نستفيده من أحداث بنغازي، هو أن نكون أشد حرصا على اللحمة الوطنية من أي وقت آخر.
وحدة ليبيا مطلب وطني، هو أحد أهداف الثورة المجيدة، ومطلب شرعي لا يمكن التفريط فيه.
قال الله تعالى: (وَاعْتَصِمُوا بِحَبْلِ اللَّهِ جَمِيعًا)، و قال الله تعالى: (وَأن هذه أمتكم أمة واحدة).
وقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: (َألاَ أُخْبِرُكُمْ بِأَفْضَلَ مِنْ دَرَجَةِ الصِّيَامِ وَالصَّلاَةِ وَالصَّدَقَةِ، قَالُوا بَلَى، قَالَ : إِصْلاَحُ ذَاتِ الْبَيْنِ، وَفَسَادُ ذَاتِ الْبَيْنِ الْحَالِقَةُ التي تحلق الدين).
فعلى أولياء الأمور والشيوخ والأعيان في بنغازي والمدن الشرقية كلها أن يكونوا كما عهدناهم صمام أمان في الحفاظ على ثوابت الدين، ووحدة الوطن وجمع الكلمة.
وأن يفوتوا على من يمهدون للفرقة وإثارة النعرات الجهوية والقبلية، الفرصة في تقسيم البلاد وتمزيقها.
فيا أهل بنغازي لا أحتاج إلى أن أذكركم بأنكم شرارة الثورة الأولى، وكنتم دوما سباقين للتضحيات من أجل الوطن قبل قيام الثورة أو في أثناء معاركها الطاحنة، فلا نحب أن تكون بنغازي اليوم المنطلق لتفريق الصف وانقسام الوطن فالله الله في ليبيا.
الصادق بن عبد الرحمن الغرياني
الخميس 4 شعبان 1434 هـ
الموافق 13-6-2013 م

Targeting two lightning in Benghazi 06/14/2013

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 14 يونيو, 2013 | 22:51

Targeting two lightning in Benghazi 06/14/2013

Since few have been attacking the National Security Directorate Benghazi by people Mmeltmin and armed with firearms light, medium as well as carrying cases are explosive …

and Alan متجمعون, near the junction of housing to try them attacking on Thunderbolt camp ..

Source: R الحنائي department Benghazi


The news agency – Benghazi – reporter

Leads the armed group where someone called, “Sanusi
Bashari “from a Rav God Alshata the battalion, and someone else’s fame
“Hko” Battalion, February 17, and a group of Ansar al-Sharia battalion
And employees of the armor, and there are people from outside the Benghazi city of Derna in particular..
Oh farther by Kidde Qatar and its agents and forms of armor .. .

Forces Thunderbolt Trjoa the reporting of any information indicating these murderers who killed people of Benghazi in cold blood: –
1. Zahawi Amrkiabh the Ansar al-Sharia
2. Ahmed Text brother Saleh text
3. Sanusi Bashari a Rav God Alshaty the battalion and he singled out from the battalion
4. Mechanical and Sam bin Ahmid and Graabieh in Libya Shield
5. Sufian Alqomu one of the leaders of the city of Derna.
6 .. battalion Hko 17 February with a group of the battalion.
7. Bouchtalh accused in the killing of Abdel-Fattah Aoms.
8. Mustafa Nbus.

Cyrenaica channel ...

This leads both chaos
Mohammed Almqsba
The elder brother of Ibn Hamid
Faisal Mahjoub
And other Alakhounjah the followers of Qatar and al-Qaida Touati tails.
News of the fall of the martyrs of the First Infantry Brigade:

A group of masked men who attacked the headquarters of the army and masked names. .

– Ahmad text
– Nasser Almqsba,
– Moses godfathers
– Ahmed Orabi
– Mohamed Kherhova
– Alhqaabi

These masked their number in the range of 30 people belong to gangs that shields the National Congress annulled legitimacy and they are attacking the headquarters of the army and is now preparing to attack the Thunderbolt in Buatunai has killed two of the First Brigade according to preliminary information is not strange on the murder armor ..
Their goal to be a reaction, as did fugitive and Sam bin Humaid, but this did not happen .. To say kill us and slain Tzmtr the game as they wished.

Knowing that bin Humaid was today at a meeting with Fathi Alhqaabi in Rulrhh potentially headquarters which Baa Cars,

weapons and armor when you ordered a battalion named Salem bin Shatwan

Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ

News of the fall of the “martyrs” of the First Infantry Brigade
with masked 15/06/2013

By Gaddafi news agency on Saturday, June 15, 2013 | 07:08

News Agency Gaddafi – Benghazi.

fierce fighting broke out in Benghazi last night after an attack by masked men on a camp Thunderbolt and quickly evolved into the situation into a war of the streets and moved later to the neighborhood Laithi crowded and loud voices scream and cry among the people of shells and bullets between the houses, and led these clashes to the deaths of 3 soldiers of stun at least and dozens wounded, and called the chief of staff of Libyan intervention to the people to protect the camps Thunderbolt and said that her ear shoot anyone attacking troops, and still clashes continued until this moment where they had been editing the news.

And the names of the victims until the moment are:

Mohsen Mahdi Oraibi
– Qasim carp Salim
– Hmida Filaq

Photos victims Thunderbolt attack yesterday in Benghazi:

Media Fathi Ben Issa

6 Martyrs of stun forces in Benghazi .. 4 killed by snipers in the neighborhood Laithi and 2 ذبحهما was slaughtered during they headed to their workplace!!

Duplication: a member of the Conference and militia commander!!

Firas Bosalum, .. A Reuters reporter:

Exited twelve o’clock in the morning to a preview of what is going on in the streets of the city of Benghazi .. The result:

A group of citizens, some of them bearded and others masked تهجموا of the headquarters of the First Brigade infantry battalion of Ramadan and then moved to the other office parks, and finally went to the headquarters of the General Staff contrast to Benghazi Park “Albosco” The purpose is to burn and steal the contents of the headquarters .. “To the extent that they Asrkoa Kabaat apples and red الشاهي bags!!!! And high Aazmoa eat apple Amaahm again!!”

But wisdom came from military personnel who withdrew from their headquarters and has never Astpkoa them bloodshed ..


Burqa here ….

Aaaaaaaaagel and important:

To alert residents of the city of Benghazi.
Armor equipped militias to storm the headquarters of the army and the Thunderbolt in civilian clothes.
O people of the city of Benghazi, watch out for demonstrations today and the next few days there is news from reliable sources, including from within the armor that militias shields intend to go out demonstrations in civilian clothes and in possession of light weapons and later heavy to topple the army and stun response “to drop the shield (1) Battalion killer Medal of Ahmad .. .. Vahdroa O inhabitants of Benghazi of spoilers Brotherhood Kid and militias Kid Qatar.
………………………………………….. …………
Yes and yes army thunderbolt and yes to the police.
No country militias No armor No of Ismail hardness battalion and a battalion and Sam bin Ahmad nor battalion Ahmad المجبري.

People Buatuny and prefabricated housing vows to slaughter all of begging him prejudice camp Thunderbolt!!

Point follow بوسدرة the arriving to brigade headquarters in the gardens!!

Log demonstrators now the headquarters of the organization’s management Chiefs of Staff
B gardens adjacent to the headquarters of the Court of Accounts and stolen now.

Youth Athacdon the front of the camp!

Clashes in the pond now among the youth of Benghazi, Libya Shield militia.

The right words and hungry Libyan O

A security alert in Benghazi and exit of a very large convoy of troops Thunderbolt Badth the and ammunition to impose control on the course of events.

Benghazi … What happened

In a telephone conversation said Colonel Hamid promise that armed groups
Weapons represented in the RPG launchers, hand grenades different
Attacked the headquarters of a subsidiary of the First Infantry Brigade in the pond
(Part of the Former Holy battalion Building) In Buhedama, the headquarters of the commander of the brigade and others.
He said he also get advance information a few minutes before the attack,
Including preparation of these groups
He issued orders to the officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers
Not to fire and the evacuation of the headquarters bloodshed and to prevent the Zhaq of spirits.

Media Salem Faitouri

Demonstrators heading now towards emeritus of religion hardness battalion
Subsidiary of First Infantry Brigade in the pond compared to the police station.

Groups of supporters shields Taatgmehr the Lama Forces headquarters stun

Mahmoud Boras
There are now gathered in front of the headquarters Thunderbolt in Buatunai of the forces now,

and sporadic gunfire and stopped with medium weapons in the air by Guard Headquarters ..

Storm the headquarters of the First Infantry Brigade Battalion in the pool!!

Looted and robbed by masked and others dressed as Afghans!!
The storm the headquarters of the First Brigade infantry and تمشيطة and set on fire.

It now! And most of masked demonstrators.

Storm the headquarters of the First Infantry Brigade to the proximity of Al-Jouf,
Now is the collection of arms by a total of bearded and ammunition C 5
106 and other munitions, happening in Qnfodh now to take care of
Afghan National outfit.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Brigade headquarters in parks where explosives if was Eshel allows text gardens!!

The second goal first Infantry Brigade headquarters by gardens behind the seat
Electricity! And Headquarters fill b ammunition if something explodes Cncv
Region b entirety! Time بوسدرة combines Raall of!?


No shooting by members of the brigade on the demonstrators .. But the demonstrators are they throwing “Julatina” inside and outside the brigade headquarters!!.

Now dense Shooting on the first Infantry Brigade headquarters at battalion headquarters in the holy previously!.

First Infantry Battalion headquarters .. Has been discharged from any weapon or other documents or equipment before the attack it!

Colonel Hamid Boulkheir is the first infantry brigade says I gave my orders to the military not to use weapons once

and for not firing a single shot on any Libby and ordered them to withdraw from the headquarters.

Now, shields and protesters entering the headquarters of the First Infantry Brigade.

Here we will witness an urgent statement from the local council ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Benghazi or only their defense for the channel Free Libya Brotherhood???

Libya Libya International Channel International

Hear the sound of heavy fire from medium and heavy weapons in Benghazi.

Defense Ministry warned in a statement of any attacks on army headquarters
Following the clashes in Benghazi

Tripoli 15 June  2013 Ministry of Defence announced that any attack Libyan
Libyan army camps is considered an attack on the legitimacy
National Libyan state.

Adel said Barasi, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence – said in a statement
Particularly early in the day Saturday – that any attack on army
Will be confronted by force of arms without any compromise.

The right words and hungry Libyan O

Young employees for their shields to enter the headquarters of the First Infantry Brigade and Army Guard headquarters leaves them without resistance ..

بوسدرة executes instructions spoken today in his Friday sermon. If there was strife in Benghazi it is and will be with him ..

Associate armor now out in demonstrations and burning cars Thunderbolt and the first infantry brigade,

and this after بوسدرة threats today that only shields will protect Benghazi and without armor will be no security.

To all the honorable sons of Benghazi you the protection of the army headquarters saboteurs now Etjmehroa before the stun to overthrow Bibnaúkm.

An attack on the intelligence headquarters in Benghazi

By Gaddafi news agency on Saturday, June 15, 2013 | 00:27

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

An attack on the intelligence headquarters in Benghazi by unknown result from the burning building and two cars.
– And since few people area Alkwyfah storm battalion Bogheib of the Shield Libya and attacking Institute March 10 because its offices belonging to the shield.
– Seen youth armed civilian clothes believed to be followers of so-called shield Libya in different areas in Benghazi and are waiting for special forces –

seems to Benghazi on the verge of violence tonight.

National Security Directorate Benghazi

Were evacuated National Security Directorate Benghazi bloodshed.
National Security Directorate Benghazi.

Alert …
Unconfirmed reports now gathered a group of cars and heavy weapons do not follow, not the army, not the police and not any security formation follows the state …

Investigations news says the pool will be in the way of Sidi Fredj and access to heavy weapons to Benghazi to drop the legitimacy of the state of in

Thunderbolt camp and is the backbone of Benghazi.

We ask God for pardon and wellness.

Center of the country …

Chief of General Staff “Salem Aguenida” directly on the Liberal Libya: Libya shield shape in the period as a precaution for the Libyan army, but the imbalance that has occurred in Benghazi caused the problem, according to the decree to dissolve armor.

Security facilities and installations Benghazi
First Infantry Battalion based and leave abandoned headquarters of the demonstrators!!
“Nasser Almqsba”, a member of the shield “1”, is responsible for
Tent erected in the Park Italian Consulate that came
Including the demonstrators, who set fire to cars First Brigade

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Benghazi after the game now

Tuadhacod residents of Benghazi front of Tbisty hotel now!

Demonstrations in favor of the forces Thunderbolt Court Square in Benghazi.

Local council statement Benghazi.

Storm the headquarters of the former internal security in Sidi Hussein b Benghazi! And burning cars followers
For the national army by the demonstrators! And there are those who want
The conduct of the demonstration towards the headquarters of the Special Forces “Thunderbolt”!

URGENT / DC channel
In a telephone intervention defense minister calls for youth and elders of the city of Benghazi to stand with the army and Thunderbolt.!

Now, Major General Suleiman Mahmoud Libya’s international direct say behind what is happening to Benghazi is Qatar and extremist groups and agendas, owners since burning doll Hamad and Benghazi to pay the price.

Serious talk Suleiman Mahmoud talking about that extremist groups want to control rule in Libya,

and must Misratah stop and all unite for the sake of Libya.
He says a tribute to the men Thunderbolt who Ahbto attempt to overthrow the army in Benghazi,

and brave men thunderbolt, now reaching 3 fighter thousands supports the army and the Thunderbolt.

Benghazi now burn shields lovers army cars:


From a reliable source and exclusive In a telephone conversation to me now with a resident
Cast and specifically one of the family’s neighbors said Li text:
One of the members of this family was driving range, which forces attacked
Thunderbolt to avenge the death of his brother, who was one of the elements of the shield Libya and added that
Most members of this family were either prisoners b AboSaleem and of them was
Iraq and some of them were in Afghanistan and the last period hold fast to put pressure on
Government for the release of one of their sons imprisoned in Iraq ..
Who got it after the attack was captured members of the Thunderbolt 2 killed
Later, after using them as hostages when Thunderbolt forces encircled a number of streets
Cast to catch the attackers and liberate individuals and was thrown Thunderbolt
Air several times an attempt not to be drawn into clashes in the streets
But there is the group with the help of the person required to provide his car
To escape when they fled they liquidate members of the bolt in their custody
And thrown on the road

Stun burning cars in Benghazi
Been bombing سياراتان when a crossroads Sidi Hussein area belonging to the First Infantry Brigade without any human damage.

Killed Salah Altarhuny one member of Ansar al-Sharia in old Laithi area

It is one of the forwards to stun forces in the events of yesterday

Let’s go back to reality without celebrations without Dvinqy!!

The same result 20

Targeting two cars belonging to the First Infantry Brigade, which any احتراقهما in Sidi Hussein Benghazi ..

Congratulations to the winning of the armed militias:

Benghazi youth are turning now to court to Aaudo the yard to sit in support of stun and cleanse Benghazi astray those who kill our sons.

Khaled مهيري, # Jazeera correspondent Net.

“Dawn” and I contact with political leaders and senior officials
Vintage, Mkhozm, Jaudh, pure, Ibrahim witnessed, and Ibrahim Ghiryani all locked .. Secretary of Defense does not appear, spokesman defense “الشيخي” does not appear .. The only response seems to be fatigue is the commander of the First Battalion of the bolt Nice Bouchmadh.

Vice Almrauowoowoowoosh of .. pollen Mrauowoowoowoosh

Army Chief of Staff Libya:

“who has attacked the camps in Benghazi is unknown destination unknown. ” (LYING, it was Qatari and their  al-Qaeda henchmen)

“The armed group attacked the first Infantry Brigade and the attack on the camp of the security configuration and rapid intervention.”

Urgent …

Al-Qaeda, led by Sufian bin Qmo, wants to control the Benghazi today.

Alan serious information
There is a large gathering of members of the كتبية Ruff Alshata and Ansar al-Sharia and shield Libya 1, 2 and كتبية February 17 Alan in the Allthei old to get ready for a big attack to fall camp Thunderbolt night led both Ahmed ألمجبري and Ahmed Said Ghaith Darsi text (Family favor of the text) and Sam bin Ahmad, and with them all the heavy weapons they want Thunderbolt attack from all directions from a neighbor family in favor of the text this monsters neighbor close and in the same street you live in a family favor of the text.

(Quoting the Libyan Channel Vision)

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News border guards found the bodies on the outskirts of Benghazi

Forces found discipline corner border guards and oil installations and vital goals, on Friday, the bodies in Elsafsfah project on the outskirts of the city of Benghazi. The director of the Office of the commander of discipline Abu Bakr sentences for “news agency solidarity” that forces discipline corner border guards and oil installations received a tip from a citizen stating the existence of two bodies Mlqatin on the ground under a tree in a project Elsafsfah outskirts of Benghazi, which summoned we went immediately to the scene. “the phrases “We found that the bodies تعودان the two great men of old age, they fired at close range.” He pointed out that his forces informed the CID device prosecutor in particular and on the instructions of the prosecutor quoted the bodies for Benghazi Medical Center Hospital.

Solidarity News Agency



A fire broke out in the camp of Abu Maaz in Gheryan:
A fire broke out in the camp Abu Maaz actually in the city of Gharyan evening, on Friday, starting what the cause for at least three rockets landed near the housing adjacent to the camp without casualties.
Had previously bombed by NATO during the war..This time because of OBAMA’s drones!



Word now …
Sirte today the funeral of the two young men who were killed yesterday in clashes Sirte University
We ask God to accept them mercy:

The media office this Friday tour inside some sections the hospital and find out the latest developments on the situation of young people who were injured on Thursday as a result of the incident and the fight that took place at the University of Sirte Among these cases, students from the university and the information is as follows: –

First: the intensive care unit: There is the couple and two (Ayman Ali Abu Shufa) .. (Abu Bakr al-Zayani constant) and each stable condition and is currently undergoing some arrangements of their parents deported outside Libya. Second: Department of Surgery Men: has any patient (Marwan Ali Alchukrbe) and his condition as good doctor told us (Mohammed Belaïd) Alternate supervisor, Department of Surgery for the day. Third: Department of Surgery Women: There are diseased (Souad Ali Mohamed Saleh), which was conducted surgery Bfajzha the right and assured us honorable duty that section in stable condition and recovering, God willing. And the total number of cases that have been made to the hospital yesterday as a result of this problem (12) Case (2) and death .. (2) Department of Intensive Care .. (3) Men’s exit .. (3) out women .. (1) Men’s Surgery Department .. (1) Women’s Surgery Department. With best wishes for the safety of all ……..

Mkmadas FM:

Now take place within the University of Sirte meeting expanded to include all components of the city to find a solution to the problem of campus security.



بيان حركة تصحيح المسار في مدينة زليتن
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم وبه نستعين
عقد اجتماع في منطقة سوق الثلاثاء بمدينة زليتن مساء يوم الخميس 13/06/2013م ضم أعيان ووجهاء وقادة الثوار من قبيلة الفواتير وأولاد الشيخ والعمايم وأولاد عبد السميع وأولاد عبد النبي وكراغلة الجمعة وباقي مكوناتها, لمناقشة الاحتقان التي تشهده مدينة زليتن هذه الأيام بسبب تصرفات بعض الكتائب المسلحة وتجاوزها لحدود العرف والقانون وتم مناقشة تداعيات احداث 23-08-2012م التي ادت الى دمار كبير مادي ومعنوي لحق بالمنارة الاسمرية وما حصل فيها من شرخ كبير بين مكونات مدينة زليتن وتفاديا لمزيد من التصعيد والاحتقان تم الاتفاق على المطالبة بالاتي:1- ارجاع وثائق ومخطوطات المنارة الاسمرية التي تمت سرقتها من خزانة لجنة وقف الشيخ والتي بحوزة منير الشطشاطي وعبدالرؤوف الطروش حمادي الان ويرفضون تسليمها والتحري والتحقيق في كافة مسروقات الجامعة الاسمرية والعمل على ارجاعها.2- اطلاق سراح كافة المعتقلين الذين تم توقيفهم في أحداث تدمير المنارة الاسمرية يوم 23-08-2012م وكافة المعتقلين في سجن ماجر ولم تثبت اذانتهم.3- اطلاق سراح مشايخ وموظفي الزاوية الاسمرية المعتقلين تحت ذرائع مختلفة غير مقبولة اطلاقا.4- الغاء اوامر القبض والملاحقة المتعلقة بأحداث نكبة تدمير المنارة الاسمرية وعدد المطلوبين 83فرد من ابناء قبيلة اولاد الشيخ.5- عودة كافة المشردين امنين الى منازلهم وأعمالهم وضمان عدم تضررهم ومضايقتهم.6- فتح تحقيق وإرجاع كافة المسروقات التي نهبت من المنازل والمحلات التجارية وإخلاء كافة الشقق السكنية والأراضي التي تم الاستيلاء عليها.7- ارجاع كافة ممتلكات كتيبة احفاد المجاهدين وتعويض الاضرار.8- فتح تحقيق في قضية تصفية واغتيال 8 شهداء من ابناء قبيلة اولاد الشيخ قتلوا في المستشفيات وداخل مقر اللجنة الامنية واستدعاء كافة المتهمين للنيابة العامة.9- حل الكتائب المسلحة وضمها للجيش الوطني وإخلاء مدينة زليتن من السلاح الثقيل والمتوسط وضمان ومنع خروج المدنيين بالأسلحة في الشوارع واستخدامها لإرهاب المواطنين.

Statement correct movement path in the city of Zliten
In the name of God the Merciful and has we use
Meeting was held in the market area Tuesday in Zliten on the evening of Thursday, 06/13/2013 AD included notables and dignitaries and leaders of the rebels from the tribe of bills and the children of Sheikh Amayem and the children of Abdel Samie and the children of Abdul Nabi and Kraglh Friday and the rest of the components, to discuss the congestion that witnessed in the city of Zliten these days because of the actions of some battalions Armed and exceeding the limits of law and custom was to discuss the repercussions of the events of 8/23/2012, which led to the destruction of great material and moral right بالمنارة الاسمرية and where he got a large gash between the components of the city of Zliten, in order to avoid further escalation of tension was agreed to claim the following:

1 – Returns documents and lighthouse الاسمرية scripts that have been stolen from the closet of the cease-Sheikh and in the possession of Munir Cthati and Abdul Rauf Troch Hammadi now and refuse to be delivered, investigation and investigation of all stolen university الاسمرية and work on traceable.

2 – the release of all detainees who were arrested in the events of the destruction of the lighthouse الاسمرية on 08/23/2012 and all detainees in the prison Mager did not prove Manthm.

3 – release chieftains and staff the الاسمرية corner detained under various pretexts is absolutely unacceptable.

4 – to cancel orders the arrest and prosecution of the events of the Nakba destruction lighthouse الاسمرية and wanted number 83 individual tribe of the sons of Sheikh Sons.

5 – The return of all displaced persons in safety to their homes and businesses and ensure that no being affected and harassment.

6 – to open an investigation and return all the stolen goods looted from homes, shops and the evacuation of all apartments and land that have been seized.

7 – the return of all property of the grandsons of the Mujahideen battalion and compensation for damage.

8 – to open an investigation in the case of liquidation and murder of 8 martyrs of the sons of Sheikh Sons tribe were killed in hospitals and inside the headquarters of the security committee and call all the defendants on behalf of the public.

9 – Solving and annexation of armed battalions of the National Army and the evacuation of the city of Zliten of heavy and medium weapons and ensure prevent exit civilians in arms in the streets and use them to terrorize citizens.


Security tensions
Militias large of Misurata preparing to raid the Liberals in Zliten After questioning Bo Stone …
The situation is tense and crowds medium and heavy weapons.

Zliten …
Rape of a detainee in a prison Mager

There is news alarming for the crime of rape occurred this week for one of the detainees in the prison Mager in Zliten for reasons of tribal, do not know why not move the authorities and human rights organizations until the moment of inquiry about what is happening in this prison practices of dubious, if the reports about the prison Mager make it more like a castle of torture and sadistic practices, It is well known that this prison Includes detainees without any judicial proceedings, have been arrested solely on the basis of tribal affiliation and intellectual.
(Grandsons Zliten)

Al Asmar operations room.Libya :

Brown operations room. Libya ·


Some members of the armed gangs which (safety builder) accompanied by a Farrukh mast throwing saws near Sheikh angle in the despicable and stupid attempt to convince people that mobility in the city of Zliten is against the state and against the February 17 and say:

The mobility and public pressure these days is to make the city of Zliten-weapon-free city to be the first cities that are this important step for Libya.

Therefore we say that any saws or flags or reverse this trend data is invalid nothing to do with us out and beware of the this work they will be held accountable before the law.



(see Israeli Flags flying in Misrata)
Cm of God the Merciful
How many times Sildg ‘Allepieon from the same burrow?!
Network Basra
By Nasser Salah al-Din
Lawyer and human rights activist Libby:

When mounted militia gangs Misratah criminal war unjust on the city of Bani Walid, in October 2012, has these militias to impose its will on the so-called National Congress General Astsdrt unjust decision No. 7 for the year 2012 to be used as a cover for a war tribal revenge planned in advance against the tribe and Rafla and, unfortunately, has been able to those criminal gangs to impose hegemony on the presidency of the National Conference of the year to the extent of making it boss (Maqrief) and his spokesman (Ahmidan) is just a cheap tool for beating the drums of war on the city of Bani Walid!.

Shameful here is that most Libyans then stood idly by as they watch their eyes or their national convention caving General of the influence of these criminal gangs and did not lift a finger!. Not to mention the shameful position they are watching on the blood of children, elderly and elderly people of Bani Walid shed innocent at the hands of terrorist militias and criminal gangs hired and ينبسوا not a word!.

Then chief of staff of the Libyan army’s alleged (ornately Masrati) did not hesitate to exploit the office trying to legitimize fake on the war militias Misratah revenge against Rafla Bani Walid where placed under the umbrella of the so-called falsely troop armor Libya, which is itself not only militias terrorist rewarded with the Chief of Staff ( ornately Masrati) for the Implementation of dirty combat operations that can not be mandated by the regular army.

Here are found إعلاميو Misratah is going on in the Vllekem Dhalthm and photographed this war, tribal revenge as a war of national due goal the liberation of Bani Walid from ousted the former regime and started يسوقون إسطوانتهم broken record and painted a false picture of events made the President of the Conference (Maqrif) descended to the point of moral degenerate through characterization of this tit-for-tat tribal war dirty war complete the liberation of Libya! The campaign is good for the people of Bani Walid, and was misleading to the extent of making the spokesman of the National Congress of the year (Ahmidan) does not hesitate to profess lying publicly via satellite to achieve a great victory represented in the FAKE “killing” of Major Khamis Gaddafi and the arrest of some of the symbols of the former regime in Bani Walid.

The really unfortunate here is that hundreds if not thousands of Libyans absent out demonstrating on the streets of Misratah, Tripoli and other alleged celebrate this victory. And received some cities in Libya (especially Misratah, Tripoli Tajora and Friday market, angle and other) Brats mercenary forces to shield Libya and فتوات the criminal gangs reception conquerors! ..

With the fact that what happened in Bani Walid is not only a tribal war of revenge waged dirty Misurata militias and mercenaries, militias falsely labeled carved shields Libya forces against the people of Bani Walid for the purpose of revenge has nothing to do with the interests of Libya home from far or near. This was confirmed by former defense minister (Osama الجويلي) and publicly announced in a press conference held at the headquarters of his ministry immediately after the occupation of the city of Bani Walid calling for the withdrawal of those militias and bring the forces of the Libyan army regulars to save what remains of the devastated city.

And of course there is no victory and national (and most important grieve as they say) all that was said about the FAKE “death” of Major Khamis Gaddafi and the arrest of ousted the former regime in Bani Walid’s all just a lie and laughed at Dqon Alsdj of Libyans absent, and what actually happened is bombing Libyan city name Bani Walid with thousands of missiles Alsawarkhih and artillery loaded Baldkhaúr internationally banned WWDC neighborhoods residential tanks and demolished over the heads of their inhabitants causing the death of dozens of children and the elderly and middle-aged, in addition to the martyrdom of dozens of young men and heroes who stood defending the city valiant throughout the month full in the face of tens of thousands of Army militia terrorist and criminal gangs paid.

As well as the kidnapping of these militias hundreds of young men and Bmaverm adults who have been forced out of the city under a barrage of indiscriminate shelling violent neighborhoods, and who, unfortunately, are still detained outside the law in the prisons of militias Misurata and Zawiya and Tajura and Friday market since then and are exposed to most types of psychological and physical torture and the best proof on crime liquidation dozens of them in the prisons of Misrata militias that have been exposed recently forcing Misrata militias to hand over the bodies of the victims Doém after the intervention of human rights organizations and the International Committee of the Red Cross and the judicial official bodies and health. Not to mention ماقامت by these terrorist militias and criminal gangs from stealing and looting and burning of houses parents and all property and public and private utilities after the storming of the city.

These are the results of the campaign goodness preached by the President of the General National Congress (disgusting) the people of the city of Bani Walid, this is a resounding victory (Gen. ornately Masrati) Forces Chief of Staff of the army armor Libya and Misurata militias and gangs wage ..

Was not a good campaign alleged only a tribal war unjust revenge on the people of Bani Walid month-long of the sacred months, cost the people of Bani Walid, hundreds of martyrs and wounded and prisoners as well as the destruction of the city, looting and burning Endowment them. The irony sad here is that all Libyans were convinced that it war unjust but most unfortunately preferred to bury their heads in the sand did not stand in the face of this injustice suffered by their fellow residents of Bani Walid at the hands of militias Misratah and gangs wage and militias, mercenaries ornately (armor Libya)!.

This Macdja those militias later on criminal persistence in بطشها and underestimated the lives of Libyans not be long until opened fire on residents of other Libyan cities and swallow poison people from the same cup!! And began the criminal militias again and again kill more Libyans lost their lives. Yesterday near killed Mlisheh, a terrorist Masrati and Sam Ben Hamida (Libya Shield 1) dozens of young people in the city of Benghazi .. The cord on the tractor .. Is the Libyan people will learn the lesson and unite and stand united against injustice and terrorist groups, militias expelled from the entire territory of Libya and cleanses the city of militias, criminal gangs?

Or will Libyans عماهم and continue to play the role of the ostrich?! The relationship between them remains governed by the principle of saying the popular adage “nonlinear vertical trimming” .. Thus, as they say colloquially “Elly Atja The where Lord Aasberh”!. It was Sildgon again and again terrier militias and criminal gangs, (battalions rebels!, Libya armor, security committees, national guard)!!.

With the logic of things recommend the realization of wisdom venerable “Do not bite the insured, twice shy,” which taught us the Holy Prophet (prayers be upon safety); believer should always learns from his mistakes, whether errors that made him located in sin, or errors that made him located in the problem or misfortune relating to certain minimum order of things.

(Network Basra)
Thursday 4 August 1434 / June 13, 2013

سْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ
كم مرة سيُلْدَغُ الليبييون من نفس الجُحْر؟!
شبكة البصرة
بقلم ناصر صلاح الدين
محام وناشط حقوقي ليبي
عندما شنّت مليشيات عصابات مصراته الإجرامية حربها الظالمة على مدينة بني وليد في شهر اكتوبر2012، قامت هذه المليشيات بفرض إرادتها على ما يُسمى المؤتمر الوطني العام واستصدرت القرار الجائر رقم 7 لسنة 2012 لإستخدامه كغطاء لشن حرب قبلية ثأرية مخطط لها سلفا ضد قبيلة ورفلة، وللأسف فقد تمكنت تلك العصابات الإجرامية من فرض سطوتها على رئاسة المؤتمر الوطني العام الى حد جعل من رئيسه (المقريف) والناطق بإسمه (إحميدان) مجرد أداة رخيصة لقرع طبول الحرب على مدينة بني وليد!. المُخجل هنا ان معظم الليبيين آنذاك وقفوا موقف المتفرج وهم يرون بـ اُم أعينهم رضوخ مؤتمرهم الوطني العام لسطوة تلك العصابات الإجرامية ولم يحركوا ساكنا!. ناهيك عن موقفهم المُخزي وهم يتفرجون على دماء أطفال وعجائز وكهول أهالي بني وليد الأبرياء تُسفك على أيدي مليشيات ارهابية وعصابات إجرامية مأجورة ولم ينبسوا ببنت شفة!. انذاك رئيس اركان الجيش الليبي المزعوم (المنقوش المصراتي) لم يتورع عن إستغلال منصبه محاولا إضفاء شرعية مزيفة على حرب مليشيات مصراته الثأرية ضد ورفلة بني وليد حيث وضعها تحت مظلة ما سُمى زوراً بقوات دروع ليبيا والتي هي ذاتها ليست سوى مليشيات ارهابية مأجورة لدى رئيس الأركان (المنقوش المصراتي) لتنفيد العمليات القتالية القذرة التي لا يستطيع تكليف الجيش النظامي بها. وهنا وجد إعلاميو مصراته ومن يدور في فلكهم ضالتهم وصوّروا هذه الحرب القبلية الثأرية على أنها حرب وطنية واجبة هدفها تحرير مدينة بني وليد من أزلام النظام السابق وراحوا يُسوّقون إسطوانتهم المشروخة ورسم صورة كاذبة عن الأحداث جعلت رئيس المؤتمر (المقريف) ينحدر الى درجة إخلاقية منحطة من خلال توصيفه لهذه الحرب القبلية الثأرية القذرة بحرب استكمال تحرير ليبيا! وحملة خير لأهالي بني وليد، وبلغ التضليل الى حد جعل الناطق الرسمي بإسم المؤتمر الوطني العام (احميدان) لا يتردد في المجاهرة بالكذب علنا عبر القنوات الفضائية بتحقيق نصر كبير تمثل في مقتل الرائد خميس القذافي والقبض على بعضا من رموز النظام السابق ببني وليد. والمؤسف حقا هنا هو ان المئات إن لم يكن الآف الليبيين المغيبين خرجوا يتظاهرون بشوارع مصراته وطرابلس وغيرها احتفالا بهذا النصر المزعوم. واستقبلت بعض مدن ليبيا (خاصة مصراته وطرابلس ـ تاجوراء وسوق الجمعة ـ والزاوية وغيرها) صعاليك مرتزقة قوات درع ليبيا وفتوات العصابات الإجرامية إستقبال الفاتحين!.. مع ان حقيقة ماحدث في بني وليد ليس سوى حرب قبلية ثأرية قذرة شنتها مليشيات مصراته ومليشيات مرتزقة المنقوش المسماة زوراً بقوات دروع ليبيا ضد أهالي بني وليد لغرض إنتقامي لاعلاقة له بمصلحة ليبيا الوطن من بعيد او قريب. وهذا ما أكده وزير الدفاع السابق (اسامة الجويلي) وأعلنه على الملا في مؤتمر صحفى عقده بمقر وزارته مباشرة عقب احتلال مدينة بني وليد مطالبا بضرورة سحب تلك المليشيات وإحلال قوات من الجيش الليبي النظامي لحفظ ما تبقى من المدينة المدمرة. وطبعا ليس هناك نصر وطني (ولاهم يحزنون كما يقال) وكل ما قيل عن مقتل الرائد خميس القذافي والقبض على أزلام النظام السابق ببني وليد كله مجرد كذب وضحك على دقون السدج من الليبيين المغيبين، وما حدث فعلا هو قصف مدينة ليبية إسمها بني وليد بـ الآف القذائف الصاوارخية والمدفعية المحملة بالدخائر المحرمة دوليا ودك أحيائها السكنية بالدبابات وهدمها فوق رؤوس ساكنيها مما تسبب في استشهاد العشرات من الأطفال والعجائز والكهول، علاوة على استشهاد عشرات الشباب والرجال الأشاوس الذين وقفوا يدافعون عن المدينة الباسلة طيلة شهرا كامل في وجه عشرات الألآف من جيش المليشيات الارهابية والعصابات الإجرامية المأجورة. فضلا عن خطف تلك المليشيات المئات من الشباب والرجال بمافيهم الكهول الذين اُضطروا للخروج من المدينة تحت وابل القصف العشوائي العنيف على الأحياء السكنية، والذين للأسف مازالوا معتقلين خارج القانون في سجون مليشيات مصراته والزاوية وتاجوراء وسوق الجمعة منذ ذلك الحين ويتعرضون لأشد أنواع التعذيب النفسي والجسدي وخير دليل على ذلك جريمة تصفية العشرات منهم في سجون مليشيات مصراته التي تم كشفها مؤخراً مما اضطر مليشيات مصراته لتسليم جثامين الضحايا لدويهم بعد تدخل المنظمات المعنية بحقوق الإنسان واللجنة الدولية للصليب الأحمر والجهات الرسمية العدلية والصحية. ناهيك عن ماقامت به تلك المليشيات الارهابية والعصابات الإجرامية من سرقة ونهب وحرق لمساكن الأهالي وجميع الممتلكات والمرافق العامة والخاصة بعد اقتحامها للمدينة.
هذه هي نتائج حملة الخير التي بشر بها رئيس المؤتمر الوطني العام (المقرف) أهالي مدينة بني وليد، وهذا هو النصر الباهر الذي حققه (اللواء المنقوش المصراتي) رئيس أركان جيش قوات دروع ليبيا ومليشيات مصراته وعصاباتها المأجورة.. فلم تكن حملة الخير المزعومة سوى حرب قبلية ثأرية ظالمة على أهالي بني وليد دامت شهرا كاملا من الأشهر الحُرم، كلفت أهالي بني وليد المئات من الشهداء والجرحى والمعتقلين علاوة على تدمير المدينة ونهبها وحرق ماتبقى منها. المفارقة المُحزنة هنا هو ان جميع الليبيين كانوا على قناعة بأنها حربا ظالمة إلا أن معظمهم وللأسف فضلوا دفن رؤوسهم في الرمال ولم يقفوا في وجه هذا الظلم الذي تعرض له اخوانهم أهالي بني وليد على أيدي مليشيات مصراته وعصاباتها المأجورة ومليشيات مرتزقة المنقوش (دروع ليبيا)!. وهذا ماشجع تلك المليشيات الإجرامية لاحقا على الإمعان في بطشها والإستهانة بأرواح الليبيين فلم يمضى وقت طويل حتى فتحت نيران أسلحتها على ساكني مدن ليبية أخرى وتجرع أهلها السم من نفس الكأس!! وراحت تلك المليشيات الإجرامية مرة تلو الأخرى تفتك بالمزيد من الليبيين وتزهق أرواحهم. فبالأمس القريب قتلت مليشية الارهابي المصراتي وسام بن حميده (درع ليبيا1) عشرات الشباب في مدينة بنغازي.. والحبل على الجرار.. فهل سيتعلم الشعب الليبي الدرس ويتحد ويقف صفا واحدا ضد الظلم ويطرد مليشيات الجماعات الارهابية من كامل تراب ليبيا ويطهر مدنها من مليشيات العصابات الإجرامية؟ أم سيظل الليبيون على عماهم ويستمرون في لعب دور النعامة؟! وتظل العلاقة بينهم محكومة بمبدأ القول الشعبي المأثور” أخطى رأسي وقص”.. بالتالي وكما يقال بالعامية ” اللي اتجي فيه ربي إيصبّره”!. ومن تم سيُلدغون مرة تلو الأخرى من جُحْر المليشيات والعصابات الإجرامية (كتائب ثوار!، دروع ليبيا،، لجان أمنية، حرس وطني)!!. مع ان منطق الأمور يُوصي بإعمال الحكمة الجليلة ” لَا يُلْدَغُ الْمُؤْمِنُ مِنْ جُحْرٍ مَرَّتَيْنِ ” التي علمنا إياها النبى الكريم (صلوات الله عليه وسلامه) ؛ فالمؤمن ينبغى دائماً أن يتعلم من أخطائه سواء الأخطاء التى جعلته يقع فى المعصية، أو الأخطاء التى جعلته يقع فى مشكلةٍ أو مصيبةٍ معينةٍ تتعلق بأمرٍ من أمور الدنيا.
شبكة البصرة
الخميس 4 شعبان 1434 / 13 حزيران 2013

Aaaaaaagel state Mzrath
Local Misrata request a closed meeting with the Minister of Oil and Gas in the interim government. Minister agrees immediately ..



Trapping a group of army personnel area Chat’ai. They are coming from the city of Tripoli, after providing them from there mechanisms

and private cars army and wounded ordered a battalion martyrs of Libya (Omar Saleh), and the news are inconsistent about his health ..

note that it is not until this moment to know who carried the attack them.



Omar Saleh killed Akaddahi battalion commander Libya Martyrs Brigade sixth

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 14 يونيو, 2013 | 21:04

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Sabha.

Battalion commander killed Libya Martyrs Brigade VI Army Allaotunai “Omar Saleh Akaddahi” influenced by his wounds after clashes last night.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel infidels …

Libya Shield forces leave the city of Kufra.

Freedom fighters in Libya |

Sabha today:


Convoy of military vehicles heading to the city of Sabha shortly before the shooting in the gate area, which lies 25 Qira zone 25 km
And reports of several injuries
And learned that most of the drivers are from the Awlad Suleiman tribe belonging to the army.
There are reports that the youth of the tribe are preparing and will go to Barak beach area to search and arrest the perpetrators.

– Among the wounded officers tribe Alqmazfah and Almgarhh and now receiving treatment in a hospital Barak . They are among the officers who inclusion Colonel بوحليقة, the مأخرا

Far from the beach
Spokesman sixth Infantry Brigade things under control and injuring three members of the Brigade someone a serious injury and damage to a car from the next convoy from Tripoli.
Sabha Barak beach

Three dead, the military gate 25, which lies about Qira 25 km zone.

Free newspaper Sabha

Elements of the Sixth Brigade stationed after Qoirh money by 3 Kailua and communicate with the elders and sages Barak beach to remove the wounded from the brigade elements to them.


Libyan political dialogue ::: crimes

Ahmid Abdulsalam Zenker Gaddafi (29 years old), the father of three children and the only brother of ten blocks of the population was killed by an armed group Sabha accidentally Mizdah on his way to Tripoli. Group tried to comb the car and he refuses the victim, killing him and tied his neighbor ropes .. And تركوهما on the road even over their wayfarer has transferred to hospital Alchuirv. The group went by car booty and young-blooded crime, leaving a bereaved mother and wife a widow and orphaned children and sisters Maclomat..

(see yesterday’s WP LIVE SPACE post)

Sabha today:

In this place the victim was killed Azhari Ibrahim al-Azhari
This image of inside Sabha picked prison this morning after the perpetrators of the process planning and create confusion within the prison
Where the prison is said that after the occurrence of problems in the prison he calls the support to control the situation Among the forces that have come to imprisonment for a brigade shield Libya Martyrs Brigade القرضة
Kmahoudr prison headquarters men follow the illusion of intelligence tribe Aolahdeslaman of family Aboushoh
Among the guards collaborator with them so that the doors of all rooms were opened to the prison room located by the victim where he had come to him death threats two weeks ago, and he is, and with the closure of the room from the inside after Yasuo open the door
But Fujio that the one of the guards who Kano يحرسونهم the asking them to open the door and tell them you safety open the door
Where they were asked the victim not to open the door, but the guard insisted in his request that the criminals also Haulo cracking the door, leaving them open the door at the end of the matter
After the door was opened the victim sat in this corner was shot, holding the Holy Quran and bullet pierced treachery Quran and released the victim from the right, entered and exited from the left and crashed into a wall
We ask God Almighty to forgive him and bless his soul and makes the rest of Paradise
And the Lord protect us from temptation Mazar and hidden.



Murzuq Dora the south

Friday morning exposure of the group within the protesters in the field of the elephant to a horrible car accident of the oil asset protection Murzuq .. The incident resulted in injuring four people seriously injured were transferred on the impact of Murzuq General Hospital .. they .. Ibrahim Kalia Hassan —- Mamedbarakh, Inner —- and Solomon pond —– Ahmed Dshoh, …..

FALSELY ACCUSED Berlusconi denies that he had asked the special forces to kill al-Qathafi

06/13/2013, 19:12
Voice of Russia

Newspaper announced “FATTO Quotidiano” Italian on Thursday, 13 June 2013 that former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

are concerned during the crisis was the overthrow of Libyan Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.

Representative Berlusconi has denied categorically denied this information.

The paper said an article under the title “Berlusconi asked the special forces to kill al-Qathafi” that the former prime minister who was claiming friendship with al-Qathafi, went to Special Forces at the time were experiencing Libya where clashes between opposition and government forces supposedly (but not so) ended in the “killing” of al-Qathafi.

According to the paper, Berlusconi was concerned about his close relationship with the “Libyan Altagah” and wanted to get away from him. The representative Berlusconi said, commenting on the article, that THESE ASSUMPTIONS ARE ABSOLUTELY FALSE AND BASELESS and TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE by him. He loves Muammar and never ever asked for his death.

Mu & Silvio, the bond


The Globalization of NATO: Military Doctrine of Global Warfare

Global Research, 14 June  2013


Author: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
Clarity Press (2012)
Pages: 411 with complete index

Now Available: Order directly from Global Research

The world is enveloped in a blanket of perpetual conflict. Invasions, occupation, illicit sanctions, and regime change have become currencies and orders of the day. One organization – the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – is repeatedly, and very controversially, involved in some form or another in many of these conflicts led by the US and its allies. NATO spawned from the Cold War. Its existence was justified by Washington and Western Bloc politicians as a guarantor against any Soviet and Eastern Bloc invasion of Western Europe, but all along the Alliance served to cement Washington’s influence in Europe and continue what was actually America’s post-World War II occupation of the European continent. In 1991 the raison d’être of the Soviet threat ended with the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War. Nevertheless NATO remains and continues to alarmingly expand eastward, antagonizing Russia and its ex-Soviet allies. China and Iran are also increasingly monitoring NATO’s moves as it comes into more frequent contact with them.

Yugoslavia was a turning point for the Atlantic Alliance and its mandate. The organization moved from the guise of a defensive posture into an offensive pose under the pretexts of humanitarianism. Starting from Yugoslavia, NATO began its journey towards becoming a global military force. From its wars in the Balkans, it began to broaden its international area of operations outside of the Euro-Atlantic zone into the Caucasus, Central Asia, East Africa, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian Ocean. It has virtually turned the Mediterranean Sea into a NATO lake with the NATO Mediterranean Dialogue and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, while it seeks to do the same to the Black Sea and gain a strategic foothold in the Caspian Sea region. The Gulf Security Initiative between NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council seeks to also dominate the Persian Gulf and to hem in Iran. Israel has become a de facto member of the military organization. At the same time, NATO vessels sail the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. These warships are deployed off the coasts of Somalia, Djibouti, and Yemen as part of NATO’s objectives to create a naval cordon of the seas controlling important strategic waterways and maritime transit routes.

The Atlantic Alliance’s ultimate aim is to fix and fasten the American Empire. NATO has clearly played an important role in complementing the US strategy for dominating Eurasia. This includes the encirclement of Russia, China, Iran, and their allies with a military ring subservient to Washington. The global missile shield project, the militarization of Japan, the insurgencies in Libya and Syria, the threats against Iran, and the formation of a NATO-like military alliance in the Asia-Pacific region are components of this colossal geopolitical project. NATO’s globalization, however, is bringing together a new series of Eurasian counter-alliances with global linkages that stretch as far as Latin America. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) have been formed by Russia, China, and their allies as shields against the US and NATO and as a means to challenge them. As the globalization of NATO unfolds the risks of nuclear war become more and more serious with the Atlantic Alliance headed towards a collision course with Russia, China, and Iran that could ignite World War III.



The U.S. authorities announced on Thursday, 13 June 2013 for the first time publicly (in the open) its willingness to supply arms to the Syrian mercenary “rebels”, militants and SALAFISTS (which they have been doing all along for more than two years already covertly), taking advantage of false allegations that the Syrian government was using chemical weapons against the opposition. This was the USA’s excuse to rush to such a open move.

Syrian authorities described the U.S. allegations about the use of chemical weapons Bamufbarakh.

Putin pointed to the lack of evidence of Assad’s Forces using chemical weapons in Syria–as the same lies were used against the Jamahiriya Forces in Libya (pointing-out the actual evidence of “rebels” using mustard gas from Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia); and that the supply of arms to the extremist groups would only increase the level of violence in the country.

(PERHAPS violence is what the USA desires?)

The idiotic foreign policy of the USA

Washington appears caught in the grip of an outdated, anachronistic and puerile, vapid, shallow foreign policy-making outfit controlled by intellectually limited political freaks of yesteryear, pandering to the whims of the lobbies that control them, insulting the collective intelligence of humankind and using lies to justify their evil plans.

I am not one of those who subscribes to the notion that all Americans are fat and stupid. My answer to those (racists/xenophobes) that say so is to ask them to try and get into an American University and then call them stupid. So, if the United States of America has such excellent schools of higher education and if the USA produces such excellent scholars, why does the country pursue such a puerile, shallow, anachronistic, outdated and idiotic foreign policy?

Let us take Syria as an example. After constant attempts to whitewash the Government as an “evil regime” failed, along with constant attempts to pin the Government of President Assad (which has the support of around 70 per cent of the Syrian people, more than Obama and Cameron combined), here we have the USA lying, once again, producing images from April, stating that the Syrian Government used Sarin gas.

And what do they use as evidence? The “broad range” of evidence, including “multiple” incidents of the use of chemical weapons by the “Syrian regime”, as Washington claims, is based upon some footage of anti-Assad terrorists lying in beds with shaving foam around their mouths, eyes blinking and alert, holding their heads and writhing around slowly.

Is that it? Apparently. Well, I could stage a better coup myself and a more realistic one. Chemical and biological weapons cover a broad array of weaponry but the symptoms I would show if I were trying to lie to the public would include people lying in their backs, motionless, eyes vacant, with foam but not shaving cream around the mouth, vomiting uncontrollably and generally looking like they were close to death. Certainly not blinking, holding their heads and moving around.

This particular “incident” in April was covered here in this column at the time, as were previous attempts to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical and biological weapons, including attempts to smuggle chemical weapons into Syria through Turkey and then stage a false flag event to justify a war, a military intervention. Basically, it is bullshit.

And let us go further: if President Obama states that the Syrian Government is using chemical or biological weapons, based upon this, then he is a barefaced liar. And if he does make such statements it is clear that it is not President Obama that runs the USA, it is Senator McCain

and his disgusting, nasty, underhanded Republican band of warmongers. I thought he lost the election years back, together with his poodle, that screaming witch from Alaska, the darling of the tea party studies in ignorance.

If someone cuts her/himself with a knife cutting cheese, the first time it is called an accident. The second time without using a cutting board, it is carelessness. The third time, it is stupidity. Remember 9/11? There remain huge questions to be asked as to the veracity of the Pentagon strike, as to the monitoring of the entire event, from the then National Security Advisor, why who else? Condy Rice. Sterling job.

There are enormous questions to be asked about the veracity of the casus belli providing the background to the invasion of Iraq. Remember the claims that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction? OK then ten years on, where are they? Remember the claims that Saddam Hussein was using factories to produce chemical weapons, which turned out to be milk powder for babies? Remember the claims that Saddam Hussein was posing an immediate threat to the USA and its allies? Remember the claims that Saddam Hussein was procuring yellowcake uranium from Niger to make nuclear weapons, when he didn’t even have a centrifuge working?

Remember the claims that Colonel Gaddafi was slaughtering his civilians and bombing them, when there was not a shred of evidence supporting such a claim?

The point is that the FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US) has tried this tack time and time again and fuelled by a supporting bought media, has managed to whitewash public opinion, duping a gullible public brought up on chuckles, chortles and giggles based around belching on the Simpsons. And time and time again the “real” media has outed such claims as bullshit.

Yet they continue. What Washington does not say is that the anti-Assad (30%) faction contains increasing numbers of al-Qaeda operatives, as was the case in Iraq and Libya, what Washington does not say is that arming the terrorists would escalate the conflict, what Washington does not say is that NATO is providing support for the terrorists to operate through Turkey.

And NATO/FUKUS is failing. Hence the claim that the Syrian Government is using chemical/biological weapons. It is predictable as the child who claims it was not he who destroyed the entire collection of houseplants in the conservatory, but rather the plastic dinosaur he holds in his hand.

Is President Obama that plain stupid? Does he think his people are stupid? Or is he a barefaced liar? Who said “Change”? The man is a traitor to his word, an insult to humankind and a very bad example of a Nobel peace prizewinner. Let this be his political epitaph: he manages to be even worse than Bush.


The idiotic foreign policy of the USA. 50343.jpeg

President al-Assad visits Syrian soldier wounded by western-backed terrorist forces. Nice one, Barack! How many more are you going to fund to murder? How many more Syrian families are you going to destroy? Remember NATO’s cold-blooded murder of the Gaddafi grandchildren? Makes you happy? Nobel peace prize indeed…. Shame on you.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


Israel and U.S. Coordinating How to Target Assad

14 JUNE  2013

Source: Time


“Things are happening behind the scenes,” says one Israeli official. “Things are really happening.”

Earlier this month, the Pentagon announced it was sending F-16s and Patriot missile batteries to Jordan, ostensibly for an exercise (“Eager Lion”), but which would remain in the Hashemite Kingdom afterward.

“It’s a clear, purposeful, presence of a strike force near the border of Syria,” the Israeli official noted. “I think it’s a message, a clear message.” The message is also meant to be legible to Iran, which is arming Syria and the Lebanese militia Hizballah by air, as well as testing the resolve of Western powers who threaten to strike its nuclear program. “It’s only a short leap to the Gulf,” the official said.

So-called “Patriot batteries” went into Turkey last year, under the banner of NATO. And the chief of Mossad, Israel’s overseas intelligence agency, traveled to Ankara this week to meet with Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization, known by its Turkish initials MIT. As opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad organize themselves to assist the very few rebels opposing him, Israel feels obliged to lay low. Though closely aligned with Washington, and maintaining diplomatic relations with Jerusalem, countries like Jordan and Turkey have majority Muslim populations who would not welcome overt military cooperation with Israel. “If this is to hold water, this cannot involve Israel,” the Israeli official said.

Behind the scenes, however, Israeli and U.S. military officials are coordinating how to target and destroy Assad under assorted scenarios, Israeli military and intelligence officials tell TIME. One scenario would be the sudden removal of Assad from the scene, be it by flight, death or if he simply disappears. That would prompt the allies to launch operations. Search and destroy operations would also be launched if Assad’s weapons appeared to be about to fall into the hands of the rebels, which include Islamist extremists aligned with al-Qaeda.

The Israeli officials emphasized that it had not been decided whether both Israeli and U.S. forces would act, or who would do what. But the U.S. plans called for deploying forces on the ground as well as waves of airstrikes, according to the Israeli officials.

Post image for Zbig: Obama Syria plan is ‘chaos, baffling, a mess, tragedy’

Zbig: Obama Syria plan is ‘chaos, baffling, a mess, tragedy’

JUNE 14, 2013

Source: Washington Examiner

The president’s abrupt decision to arm Syrian rebels is a huge mistake, one driven by emotion and propaganda not they kind of strategic White House plan that has marked past successful interventions in civil wars, according to former Carter-era national security chief Zbigniew Brzezinski.

In a broad attack on President Obama’s vague interventionist policy, the highly-respected international affairs analyst warned that by jumping in to Syria’s civil war with no plan is likely to lead to another costly and extended military action that could eventually draw U.S. forces into a clash with Syria’s top ally Iran.

“I think our posture is baffling, there no strategic design, we’re using slogans,” slammed Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Friday. “It’s a tragedy and it’s a mess in the making,” he said. “I do not see what the United States right now is trying to accomplish.”

he administration Thursday changed its wait-and-see policy, sparked by Syrian admissions it had used chemical weapons in the civil war. The new policy of arming rebels was announced by deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes.

“It all seems to me rather sporadic, chaotic, unstructured, undirected,” said Brzezinski. “I think we need a serious policy review with the top people involved, not just an announcement from the deputy head of the NSC that an important event has taken place and we will be reacted to it.”

Several lawmakers have been pressing Obama to arm rebels and create a no-fly zone, two things the president is finally willing to do. The effectiveness of a go-it-alone policy, however, has been questioned in the military, especially plans for a no-fly zone.

Brzezinski said, “we are running the risk of getting into another war in the region which may last for years and I don’t see any real strategic guidance to what we are doing. I see a lot of rhetoric, a lot emotion, a lot of propaganda in fact.”

Instead, he advised that the administration build a coalition that includes Russia, Japan, China and India to put pressure on Syria’s ruling regime to give up. (C’EST PAS BON!)

“That is the kind of response that might have some effect. Instead we are essentially engaging mass propaganda, portraying this as a democratic war,” said Brzezinski.



US-UK Supporting Baloch Militants

JUNE 14, 2013

Source: Pak Tribune

In 2010 and 2012, two articles, “Foreign Involvement in Pak Balochistan” and “US meddling in Balochistan Exposed” have been written by me. The articles then unveiled the US and her allies’ hidden involvements of supporting rebellions, aiming at creation of Greater Balochistan and increasing influence in northern lip of straits of Hormuz through which much of the world’s oil supply passes. Notably, the land of Balochistan is rich in God gifted natural resources with an estimated 19 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves and 6 trillion barrels of oil reserves. Then, I also exposed U S intentions of declaring Pakhtune region as Al-Qaida dominated areas when American commandos have raided Angoor Adda.

Actually, the projects like Gwadar Port, Pak-Iran Gas pipeline and Chinese interest of developing the region as future economic corridor are totally against Western and US sinister design of separation. In this connection US and her allies off and on keep on trying unrest while launching clandestine and Psychological operation to accomplish their unholy design. For instance on February 8, 2012, The United States (US) Congress Committee on Foreign Affairs while discussing situation of Balochistan has shown concern over security problem and killing of the people.

Earlier, on November 21, 2009 Balochistan International Conference was organized by the so called American Friends of Balochistan (AFB) at National Press club Washington DC, USA. Selig S Harrison (Dir Centre for International Policy), Andrew Evia, Wendy Johnson , Annie Wocenti, Hyrbyair Marri, Mehran Baloch, Ahmed Masti Khan , Munir Mengal, Air Armanda, Professor Neale Baloch Quadric (closed confident of Barmmadagh Bugti) were the speakers and participants of conference . The speakers made speeches against Pakistan and Iran. The conference declared Pakistan as an occupant country and also asked Islamabad to dismantle her nuclear arsenals. Reportedly, behind this conference CIA, MI-6 and RAW were the main play back actors.

In fact, deliberate US, Indian and UK interference in Pakistani Balochistan aimed at exploiting the issue while supporting Pakistani, Afghani and Iranian militants to speed up the movements of Independent Balochistan. In this regard, troika has started promoting anarchy by helping, sheltering and funding some of anti Pakistan elements. In this connection in 2010, Indian Deputy Foreign Minister met Baloch militants and who assured New Delhi full support in speeding up their struggle. At that time Munir Mengal also been guaranteed that 12-13 European countries will be able to openly recognized independent Balochistan Government. The Baloch leaders were paid US $ 25000/ dollars each after the meeting.

Moreover, in the first week of August 2011, US Ambassador Cameron Munter while talking to media stated that they have an eye on Pakistan particularly Balochistan since the province is strategically very important to U.S.

After 9/11, America, UK, Israel and India covertly have made an alliance to look after their strategic gains in Asia. In this connection, the intelligence agencies of U.S. alliance have also cultivated their agents under the garb of NGOs in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and China. These agents became active in gathering intelligence, creating instability, anarchy and terrorism in Pakistan and China. Similarly, many NGOs and so called human rights organizations are being paid for raising Balochistan Issue according to CIA’s set agenda and time frame. On August 12, 2011 Mr. Rehman Malik, former Interior Minister of Pakistan while talking to the media , confirmed that foreign hands are involved in the unrest of Balochistan.

Therefore, UK and US made another try of to accomplish their agenda of separation of Balochistan when at the 23rd regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council’s general debate in Geneva on 7 June, clearly supported militant Mehran Marri, Balochistan’s representative to the UN, who spoke against the recent elections and alleged that Pakistan was committing rights abuses in Balochistan. Notably, Marri, is the youngest son of Karachi-based anti Pakistan Nawab Khair Baksh Marri who burnt Pakistani flag and sent jail for seven years.

Thus, we can say that selecting the son of Khair Baksh Murri for representing Balochistan, indicate that US, UK and India can’t be sincere friend to us. They are only serious in the instability and breaking of Pakistan. They brought Mehran Marri on the forum as spokesperson of Balochistan in the presence of legitimate representative of Pakistan. Therefore, US, UK and UN human right commission has violated the violation UN charter while allowing Mehran Marri to spread venom against an independent, sovereign and democratic state. At this occasion, Pakistani delegate took strong stand and said, “We cannot allow the use of this forum for statements which highly impinge upon the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the sovereign states as enshrined in the United Nations Charter. We request you to expunge such remarks from the proceedings,” said the Pakistani delegate.

Both Cuba and China categorically supported Pakistan’s stance and condemned UK and US efforts of launching Mehran Murri. In this connection Cuban representative told the session that it was unacceptable for an NGO to try to attack the territorial integrity and independence of a sovereign state. He said that his country was not prepared to listen to such remarks. Similarly, the Chinese delegate supported Pakistani delegation point of view and expressed that his country support Pakistan and demands that this forum shouldn’t be used to “impinge upon the territorial integrity and freedom of a sovereign state”.

Islamabad should lodge protest against the hostile attitude of UK, US and India towards Pakistan for intervening in our internal matters. Allowing Mehran Marri to speak against electoral system and the government of Pakistan by two powerful countries do suspect that US and the UK have sympathies for Baloch nationalist factions for their own objectives of separation of Balochistan.

In fact, US and her allies in the opinion that gaining hold on this region and creating independent state in Balochistan Region will provide her remunerative strategically advantages like easy excess to Gulf through Gwadar Port, disintegration of lonely nuclear Islamic state, dominance over China, Russia, Persian Gulf and other Islamic countries.

Anyhow, Pakistani government should be mindful enough that US, UK and India have now openly providing support to the militants against Pakistan. To defeat anti Pakistan forces the only way out to take all patriotic Baloch lords on board and rush down for the speedy development of the largest province of Pakistan. The newly elected provincial instead of critiquing security agencies in the name of missing persons, should back them for restoring law and order put in right and eliminate foreign sponsored militancy. The political elite have to draw a line while making some comments about country’s security and intelligence agencies. They must understand that security agencies have only one aim i.e. defence of motherland. Pakistan Army has taken visible steps for the welfare of Baloch nation while constructing hospital, colleges, schools and increasing their share in the recruitments. The same should be once again communicated through electronic and print media for the consumption of general masses.

The writer can be approached through




Enables elements of the cutter the first guard the border port land Omsaad on Thursday, to adjust the motor vehicle coming from the Arab Republic of Egypt loaded with the number “65” box of imported wines were on their way to Libya in order to promote, trade and make money no man’s land by any means.



Laugh on chins!

Quoting Libya’s international channel: –

Tamim journey begins his deportation for Foreign Affairs of Qatar Brotherhood
Thus, the London-based Arab newspaper headlined its article about the transfer of power from Sheikh Hamad for his son Tamim, where she said that the Qatari Crown Prince Sheikh Tamim procedures began assuming the premiership in Doha in preparation for assuming the reins of power in the entire state of small and rich.

The national sources for “Arabs” that Sheikh Tamim oversees the construction of a special team assisted in facilitating the receipt of government and works to implement their aspirations to build a modern state and taking advantage of the huge wealth.

The sources added that formal action aroused the attention of the country near the shifts in the country’s foreign policy which remove one of the agents and affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement, as well as the start of an extensive cleansing process within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of employees affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood

Full Article link from here
Voir la traduction

Tamim journey begins his deportation Brotherhood of Foreign Affairs | Arab Alarab Newspaper
London – learned the “Arabs” that the Qatari Crown Prince Sheikh Tamim procedures began receiving the prime minister’s father

News– 14 June 2013

«Prince upcoming FAFSA link the country with the BrotherhoodLondon – learned the “Arabs” that the Qatari Crown Prince Sheikh Tamim procedures began assuming the premiership in Doha
in preparation for assuming the reins of power in the entire state of small and rich.The national sources for “Arabs” that Sheikh Tamim oversees the construction of a special team assisted in facilitating the receipt
of government and works to implement their aspirations to build a modern state and taking advantage of the huge wealth.The sources added that formal action aroused the attention of the country near the shifts in the country’s foreign policy which remove one of the agents and affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement, as well as the start of an extensive cleansing process within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of employees affiliated to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.The sources added that Qatar has summoned all its representatives working in religious institutions as Islamic relief organizations and other events related to the work of Islamic.The same sources pointed to work on the withdrawal of all delegates and national staff from the countries of North Africa after the brouhaha about the link national organizations and associations who have terrorist links.On the other hand learned “Arabs” that the country formally told the Saudis that they would support the Saudi effort in the Syrian crisis and will coordinate with them and scoff at all the potential to support this effort.Qatari source said that four Qatari officials recently visited Jeddah and met with Prince Bandar bin Sultan, where he had been taken an important message from Doha was the view of Qatar’s readiness to support the Saudi labor in Syria.The source added that spent four days in Jeddah viewing each network Doha relations in Syria, Turkey and staying unified plan of action with the Saudis.The sources revealed earlier that Doha angry at what they described as betraying the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood pledges towards Qatar, where abandoned her husband Mustafa Sabbagh quickly, and Hrolloa toward Riyadh, which received opposition exhibitors file services.Qatar has expanded during the past two years to the imposition of the institutions of the Brotherhood in the Syrian opposition abroad, what the impact of the unity of the opposition, especially in light of the weak field presence to Syria brothers on the battlefield, according to the same sources confirmed.On the other hand sources told “Arabs” from Cairo that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood feel with great concern the news from Doha, especially give “new leadership” on the faces of the Muslim Brotherhood and other pro-threatening Brotherhood significant change in the situation the country of them.He said the Muslim Brotherhood, according to what sources say is close to the guidance office, the main reason to fear the issue of loans Muslim Brotherhood, an issue of vital Muslim Brotherhood is not able to continue to rule without them.She said that the guidance office tries to identify a meeting with Sheikh Tamim in one of his travels to Europe in order to ask him about the new trend, and confirm regulation Pferah ready Egypt and its extension to global cooperation and support him.

The sources revealed that the guidance office wants to convey to the “new Emir,” a message that he would not stand against him in conflict within the Wings family, but Sassande in the battle of arm-twisting between him and Prime Minister and current Foreign Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor, who now resides with the Muslim Brotherhood relationship sophisticated.

The leader Hamad bin Jassim idea of betting on the Muslim Brotherhood in the region and bridging the gap between them and the United States, especially the adoption of financial support and the two experiments Alajoanitin investment in Tunisia and Egypt.

But the Egyptians are excluded opponents to succeed in winning the heart of the Brotherhood Sheikh Tamim, who is biased liberal social pattern, like generations of youth in the Gulf region, a militant generations reject the vision of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Attribute these opponents failed Brotherhood in winning over “the new Emir” that aim president will change the image of Qatar Foreign affected by the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the reign of his father, especially in the presence of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who instigated Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani to engage in many files, most notably the Syrian file, as well as open channels of communication with extremist groups.

To the Therefore, saith the Observers The the first objective of the Shaykh al-Tamim is to restore the trust with the partners Gulf cooperation Council (GCC) of others, a the confidence of that would not is performed without to close a file country support for groups extremist Islamic the Ikhwanite بوجهيها and the Salafi.


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