Does Chaos lead to Victory?

MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI, (speaks of the GREEN RESISTANCE and the Holy GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) It will RETURN, as ALLAH is my witness!

“Will not give up .. We will not surrender .. We will not sell, we will not betray .. They told me .. I ended battle and Hzemtem the ……. I told them did not finish and did not defeat even though we lost the round ….. They told me … but we are actually now ….. I told them you mirage in the eyes of the honorable steadfast heroes ….. They told me …. But we are …. I told them you dream and your dream will end and Trahlon …. They told me .. but al-Qathafi  your code has died …. I told them, O ignorant least pain to the world and to you that in the hearts of millions not no sense …. They told me … We are now history …. I told them that history does not make it the traitors and customer Almenbtahon ….. They told me …. You تهذي … I told them will Tstfikon on my reality soon, O heedless ….. They told me .. I’ll kill you … I told them hello to testify for the sake of religious and national dignity and the departure …. They told me .. and you … I told them to me Allah and His Messenger, and the honorable sons and daughters of national …. They told me the days between us and you will see … I told them yes days between us and we will see you cowards and customer Almertjvon .. And Manasr but the patience of an hour … فأنتظروا … I am with you of المنتظرون …. Steadfast …… Are firm …. victorious with God’s help.”
أبن العظمى

لن نيأس .. لن نستسلم .. لن نبيع ..لن نخون .. قالوا لي ..لقد أنتهت المعركة وهزمتم……. قلت لهم لا لم تنتهي ولم نهزم حتى وإن خسرنا جولة ….. قالوا لي …ولكن نحن الواقع الأن ….. قلت لهم أنتم السراب في أعين الشرفاء الأبطال الصامدين ….. قالوا لي ….ولكننا موجودون …. قلت لهم انتم تحلمون وسوف ينتهي حلمكم وترحلون …. قالوا لي ..ولكن قائدك ورمزك قد مات …. قلت لهم أيها الجهلاء ألم يقل للعالم ولكم إنه في قلوب الملايين ألا تعقلون …. قالوا لي …نحن التاريخ الأن …. قلت لهم التاريخ لا يصنعه الخونة والعملاء والمنبطحون ….. قالوا لي …. أنت تهذي … قلت لهم سوف تستفيقون على حقيقتي قريباً أيها الغافلون ….. قالوا لي .. سوف نقتلك … قلت لهم مرحباً بالشهادة في سبيل ديني ووطني وكرامتي وتاريخي …. قالوا لي ..ومن معك … قلت لهم معي الله ورسوله والشرفاء من أبناء وبنات وطني …. قالوا لي الأيام بيننا وسوف نرى … قلت لهم نعم الأيام بيننا وسوف نرى أيها الجبناء والعملاء المرتجفون .. ومالنصر إلا صبر ساعة … فأنتظروا …أني معكم من المنتظرون …. صامدون …… ثابتون ….منتصرون بعون الله

Mu will not surrender of give-up!

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:

God’s mercy and blessings … A message from the Venezuelan people to the sons of the great conqueror ………..

We are with you with the help of God wholeheartedly a victory نبشركم and drop the puppet government which decimated and caused the destruction of the structure of the Libyan people ..

to stand with the likes of Muammar Gaddafi and Nbayekm and نساندكم including recovery have in your country is known for the host country and the simple people

and my father holds a rich history and honorable and wise leadership.

ونساندكم بما نملك فى استرداد بلدكم المعروف عنه بالبلد المضيف والشعب البسيط والدى يحمل تاريخ عريق ومشرف وعلى قيادة حكيمة



   Saif and Libya

new word from SAIF al-Islam:

A new word for sword-like 15 6 2013

The joy of victory WRITES:
“…Saif al-Islam free joy of victory a free Do not wait for your degree…”

VOICE OF LIBYA responds:

O the joy of victory
you Asmhali, Hspetk of Almchocan.

I think I did not rewind …. Leave the border, you’re accused of that linkage suspicious (though it YouTube), I’m Policies probably your, if inquire Ajpetk within the limits of what I know, comments smart from some rats make you be careful and very cautious paid to your mistakes, You Wright, I made a mistake in your right then I apologize with all my heart.

The joy of victory and I قلتلك s just too acceptable and Menzalh of free and Arefh conditions who NAMRU omitted and psychological pressure Liberal who the salvation of my Khoi got all the best and more sparkle and creativity

my corner brigade tried to do something beautiful for free to be free instead of these criticisms, that you’re afraid my game sword really go to Zintan either trivialities and comments الادمن not borne especially when tired. Please leave this page or hit them.”
لواء ركن ايه با هي ليش لا شن المشكلة ما هو هدا هو وين الواحد يقول لكم الحق تنوضوا تزيطوا انت اولا امس دخلت الفيس والابتوك وتو تنفض في ريشك وخاشه جري وفلوق ما هو شن فلق البلاد كان ها لحركات

Now ended Amir Mujahid media Mostafa Qdereboh and accepted the word of the sword-like in a word, will be Tenzilhma that, God willing,

Real and is fabricated, the image taken from the channel people, as is evident Fateh’s room on Paltalk and this مايبين that world Itapana and resistance on the right path:

For Dr. Billah Moutassem in Paradise:Will not accept my less than 400 Aajaaaaaaaab ..?
O Allah, bring him into paradise ..
Oh Amin
لن نرضى بي اقل من 400 اعجااااااااب ..؟
اللهم اسكنه فسيح جناتك..
اللهم امين


Muammar al-Qathafi, pronounced (by the good will of the Libyan people) in on 02 March 1977 March, the dawn of “THE DAY OF PEOPLE’s POWER”, known as the “Declaration of Sebha”:

“The law of society has been approved. It is the Koran. Together with the denomination of the Republic which will appear in the new Declaration, we will also set the law of society. If you accept the Koran as you have done before, then you must discuss the consequences. In this way you will no longer be governed by a Constitutional Declaration. We shall say no more: ‘According to the Constitutional Declaration…’ We will no longer have a Constitution. But if we incorporate the new law to the Declaration of the people’s power, the new law will never change. We must know the value of such historical things which will be included in this Declaration”.

In other words, the only LAW for the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (great masses of the people) is the Holy Quran (God’s scripture) and nothing conceived-of, or produced by men (or man’s self) created thinking.

Does this “ring” Of Muammar al-Qathafi, spoken by another spiritual thinker, who said:

“The enemy knows that in order to destroy God’s people, all that he needs to do is to destroy the founding “Constitution” of God…His Law. If he could convince the people that His Law, ordinances and commandments that He intended for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness were no longer relevant for today, that the people would fall into bondage by creating their own laws. The enemy has crafted and executed his plan perfectly as he has convinced mankind that the Law of God is no longer relevant for today. He has even convinced us that it was God’s idea to get rid of it! “





Said tonight I will talk about some of the things that occupy the minds of people and some of the things that boggled the minds of some people

In the first talked about the rule of Maj. Gen. al-Saadi Gaddafi said in order to be aware, is this guy? Actuation how this man? Why do you always ask about this guy?

He said that this man (Gen. al-Saadi) came out on the orders of the commander and brother I was a witness to this and the odds that he suffered and refused to get out, the Commander insisted on leaving but is set accompany him to the border force and the surrounding people know this:
Imposed house arrest him and though the challenge and tried to contact the media contact channels in Arabic and then prevented him contact the media channels and a man I respect the will of the country where resident….

For people that say we follow? Said Dr. Hamza you you follow this man who represents the avenger of blood and the martyrs of the Libyan people revolted whole, wraps behind this man (Gen. al-Saadi) all the leaders of the armed people you know clay and who remained on the Covenant.

Saadi warned himself and his life to the liberation of Libya, offered him a comfortable stay in Oman and several Gulf states, comfortable accommodation while ensuring safety but he refused and is now online as a desert mujahid.

Said Dr. said Mujahid al-Saadi does not seek to position and assured him in a telephone energetic recovery Libya and revenge for the martyrs and after the liberation of the Libyan people are free to choose their representatives and told him I quote: God and God and God placebo liberation of Libya only after Agaderha final, I’m looking for Thari, Thari is the blood of all Lippi in NATO’s neck or neck rats’ I really Mkalp it in front of the Libyan people, you either recovered this religion or die without him.

With regard to T said Mujahid Hamza:
his work strictly confidential and is surrounded by only a small group of Mujahideen from the 32 Brigade and their number does not exceed the number of fingers of one hand moves very secret.

There pages Alvaas of some personalities shine treacherous and owners of these pages them a hundred question mark, I am a الغلابى of I do not have palaces and luxury cars say that the first fight of rats and NATO.

Libya place to mujahideen Kposlam and poor neighborhoods, these traitors that Twhithm some pages, the Libyan people he knew well and the Libyan people had known that the thieves did not they rise up out of respect for the Leader.

He said, are free, and very difficult exam even red fire lesser than, weak Tasawrh the uncertainties due to the difficult exam and called Liberal patience.

We applied the law of God and dish States Magistrate and sent delegations of peace and to enter the infidels Harbnahm because we fought Kfar We applied Shara any fight the enemy, how long or short the victory for the hosts and this is what happened days of colonization Altalian In that time of fought with him now fights with the occupier and NATO, we resisted strife since its inception.

God avenged the blood of innocent people every day killed and the blood is still, these signs only. Allah would apply to each and every one of them and I swear by Allah the Great Seetmnon if they did not create, directory Benghazi did not Ikcefha NATO and now Taatsubh every day on the dead and will turn every day to الاسواء .

This is revenge from God on discord that Siewha the killing of thousands of innocent people. Benghazi invited to be alert for the future of the children and the fight against the owners of beards because he planned Israeli However Almsarit.

Said hope still exists in the south and tribes and his youth and still hope tribes in the middle and originality, still hope tribes west of Libya in the mountain Arab, hope is still with the revival of Tripoli ancient Kposlam and the Muslim Quarter, led by its dignity is not money, a country where men Atrdy injustice We must win Resistance will not be the end of the criminals and tyranny and must be the will of God Almighty.

Now jihad is obligatory for every Libyan large and small, even the word, never fear McCain solution and fear no delay in the term and fear makes them increase in their business.

He will not N_khasa, will not Nkna, will not Nstekin and Libya, where its men and its people, you will see my faces ewes Loya owners beards Almqmlh, you will see Iaopash Oh rubbish O impairments ye Aahratkm, my liberation of Libya from Ashkalkm Aalmut below and tomorrow to headmistress nearby, be confident of our victory and that the long- exam.

Stiky anguish to the hearts of rats lost their honor, the to defile honor of their daughters, their security went, Qatari rode them ….. even their superiors became greet abroad shoe in forehead, Allkh the God avenge them and you will see the great Middle Benghazi buildings of paper without the population and you will see, God Seachd thousand from Benghazi for every Sheikh died in the last Albraiqhovi called Liberal patience on this dimension of the homeland and calamities.

ما جاء في مداخلة المجاهد حمزة 17-6-2013

قال الليلة ساتحدث عن بعض الامور التي تشغل بال الناس وبعض الامور التي تحير بال بعض الناس

في الاول تحدث عن سيادة اللواء الساعدي معمر القذافي وقال لكي نكون على بينة,من هو هذا الرجل؟كيف يشتغل هذا الرجل؟لماذا دائما السؤال عن هذا الرجل؟

قال ان هذا الرجل(اللواء الساعدي) خرج بامر من الاخ القائد وانا كنت شاهد على هذا وعلى الصعاب التي تعرض لها ورفض الخروج,القائد اصر على خروجه بل امر مجموعة بمرافقته الى الحدود بالقوة والناس المحيطة به تعرف هذا
فرضت الاقامة الجبرية عليه ورغم ذلك حاول التحدي واتصل بقنوات الاعلام فاتصل بالعربية وبعد ذلك منعت عنه الاتصال بالقنوات الاعلامية والرجل احترم ارادة البلد المقيم فيه
بالنسبة للناس التي تقول نحن نتبع من؟قال الدكتور حمزة انتم تتبعون هذا الرجل الذي يمثل ولي الدم وثار شهداء الشعب الليبي كله,يلتف وراء هذا الرجل(اللواء الساعدي) كل قيادات الشعب المسلح الطين تعرفونهم والذين بقوا على العهد
الساعدي انذر نفسه وحياته على تحرير ليبيا,عرضت عليه اقامة مريحة في عمان وفي العديد من الدول الخليجية الاقامة المريحة مع ضمان السلامة فرفض وهو الان متواجد في الصحراء مجاهدا.
قال الدكتور ان المجاهد الساعدي لا يسعى الى منصب واكد له في المكالمات الهاتفية همه استرداد ليبيا والثار للشهداء وبعد التحرير الشعب الليبي حر في اختيار من يمثله وقال له بالحرف الواحد:والله والله والله همي تحرير ليبيا فقط وبعدها اغادرها نهائيا,انا ابحث عن ثاري,ثاري هو دم كل ليبي في رقبة الناتو او رقبة الجرذان’انا مكالب به امام الشعب الليبي,يا اما استرد هذا الدين او اموت دونه

فيما يخص خميس قال المجاهد حمزة,ان عمله سري للغاية ولا تحيط به الا مجموعة قليلة من المجاهدين من اللواء 32وعددهم لايتجاوز عدد اصابع اليد الواحدة تحركاته سرية جدا

هناك في صفحات الفايس من يلمع لبعض الشخصيات الخائنة واصحاب هذه الصفحات عليهم مئة علامة استفهام,انا من الغلابى لا املك قصور ولا سيارات فارهة اقول ان قتالهم اولى من الجرذان والناتو.
ليبيا مكان للمجاهدين كبوسليم والاحياء الفقيرة,هؤلاء الخونة التي تبيضهم بعض الصفحات, الشعب الليبي يعرفهم جيدا والشعب الليبي كان يعرف انهم سراق ولم يثوروا عليهم احتراما للقائد

قال يا احرار الامتحان صعب وشديد حتى النار الحمراء اهون منه,الضعيف تصاوره الشكوك بسبب الامتحان الصعب ودعى الاحرار الى الصبر
نحن طبقنا شرع الله وطبق ايات الصلح وبعث وفود الصلح ولما تدخل الكفار حاربناهم لاننا حاربنا كفار ونحن طبقنا الشرع اي محاربة العدو,طال الزمن او قصر الغلبة لاصحاب الارض وهذا ما حدث ايام استعمار الطاليان ففي ذلك الزمان من حارب معه الان يحارب مع المحتل والناتو,نحن قاومنا الفتنة منذ بدايتها

الله انتقم من دماء الابرياء فكل يوم قتل ودماء ومازال,هذه بوادر فقط.الله سيطال كل واحد منهم ووالله العظيم سيتمنون لو انهم لم يخلقوا,الدليل بن غازي لم يقصفها الناتو والان تتصبح كل يوم على قتلى وسوف تتجه كل يوم الى الاسواء وهذا انتقام من الله على الفتنة التي سييوها في مقتل الالاف من الابرياء. دعى بن غازي الى التفطن من اجل مستقبل الابناء ومحاربة اصحاب اللحى لانه مخطط اسرائيلي بيد المصاريت

قال الامل مازال موجود في الجنوب وفي قبائله وشبابه ومازال الامل في قبائل الوسط وعراقتها,مازال الامل في قبائل غرب ليبيا وفي الجبل العربي,الامل مازال مع احياء طرابلس العريقة كبوسليم والحي الاسلامي التي راسها كرامتها لا النقود,البلد فيها رجال لاترضى الظلم ولا بد ان تنتصر ارادة المقاومة ولا بد من نهاية المجرمين والطغيان ولابد من ارادة الله سبحانه وتعالى

الان الجهاد فرض على كل ليبي كبير وصغير ولو بالكلمة,الخوف ماكان ابدا حلا والخوف لا يؤخر في الاجل والخوف يجعلهم يزيدون في اعمالهم

قال لن نخصع,لن نخنع,لن نستكين وليبيا فيها رجالها واهلها,سترون يا وجوه النعاج ويا اصحاب اللحى المقملة,سترون ياوباش يا زبالة يا عاهات انتم وعاهراتكم,يا تحرير ليبيا من اشكالكم يالموت دونها وان غد لناظره قريب,كونوا واثقين من نصرنا وان طال الامتحان

ستيقى الحسرة على قلوب الجرذان ضاع شرفهم ,لوثوا شرف بناتهم,ذهب امنهم ,القطريين ركبوا عليهم…..حتى مسؤوليهم اصبحوا يستقبلون في الخارج بالحذاء في الجبين,اللخ سينتقم منهم والله العظيم سترون الشرق وبن غازي مباني من ورق دون سكان وسترون,الله سياخد الف من بن غازي مقابل كل شيخ مات في البريقةوفي الاخير دعى الاحرار الصبر على هذا البعد عن الوطن والمصائب


The dawn of the day of liberation, God willing, all of you are invited, Dear Liberal, out of the Green Square ..

REPRINT from 04 JUNE 2011:

Ten reasons why the U.S. war in Libya is a CIA operation

Posted: 2011/06/04
By the Historical Research Group of the Nation of Islam, Published April 28 in Final Call
( – The U.S.-led attack on Libya is an American operation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), planned and initiated long before any “protests” started in Libya this February.Under the guise of “protecting innocent civilians,” the U.S. military, Africom, NATO, and the United Nations are now bombing Libya, raining destruction upon the Libyan economic and military infrastructure and killing untold numbers of innocent Africans. Here are just 10 of the many obvious reasons why this so-called “spontaneous” protest was from beginning to end another CIA operation.1. The United States’ motives are suspect. The “humanitarian” concern expressed by the American government has not taken long to evaporate. The claim that Col. Muammar Gadhafi was “slaughtering his own people” cannot be substantiated by any independent evidence, and no “journalists” are even asking for evidence. The White House’s policy advisor and Israeli lobby official Dennis Ross claimed that “up to 100,000 people could be massacred, and everyone would blame us for it.” Ross has produced no proof of a massacre—and Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Admiral Mike Mullen both confirmed, “We’ve seen no confirmation whatsoever.” Russian military has been monitoring the unrest via satellite from the very beginning, and they say that the claimed “slaughter” is imaginary. CIA √2. The world media have shown a shocking lack of curiosity. Just as with the U.S. debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan, the New York Timesleads a coordinated campaign of propaganda, rumor-mongering, and the demonization of Muammar Gadhafi. Some articles appear to be written in advance and closely follow the prescription of the Washington consulting firm Wirthlin Group, which determined that “the message most likely to motivate public support for war on Iraq was the perception of Saddam Hussein as an evil madman who even committed atrocities against his own people and had to be stopped.” The major media’s appetite for this “killing-his-own-people” line is textbook CIA propaganda and belies the fact that they are at this very hour operating from a swank hotel that is under Gadhafi’s total control in Tripoli. Even though they continue to spread unsubstantiated “rapes” and “cluster bombings,” and “fears of massacres,” and child-targeting, these “journalists” don’t appear to be frightened for their lives. CIA √3. The “rebels” are Al-Qaeda. When Col. Gadhafi first claimed that the rebels were members of Al-Qaeda, no one believed him. But according to a 2007 report from the Combating Terrorism Center at West Pointtitled “Al-Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters In Iraq,” eastern Libya—the very center of the current uprising—is a well-known Al-Qaeda stronghold. The same people the U.S. is fighting three wars to destroy are the “rebels” the U.S. is protecting, supplying, training, and attempting to install into power in Libya. And if the West Point military analysts knew this to be true in 2007, why did they not bomb those Al-Qaedastrongholds in the way they are bombing Gadhafi’s forces now? CIA √4. Rebel “leaders” are CIA agents. The “rebel” leader, a man namedKhalifa Hifter, left the Libyan government and set up his own militia financed by the CIA. He then spent two decades living within minutes of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, where, according to Rep. Dennis Kucinich, he had no apparent source of income. Shortly after the 2011 “protests” began, the CIA airlifted him into Benghazi and told the press to start calling him the “leader” of the rebels. CIA √5. The Libyan uprising is not “spontaneous.” The incident that allegedly spurred the Libyan “rebellion” was the arrest of an activist lawyer on February 15, 2011. This ignited a wave of protests that spilled over onto the

Internet and other media. But an unusually large number of YOUTUBE videos and TWITTER messages have emerged that are suspiciously similar and seem to be a product of the Pentagon’s recently uncovered project to develop software that allows it to secretly manipulate social media sites to influence Internet conversations and spread propaganda. These suspicious “free Libya” sites all claim to be homegrown, but YOUTUBE and other social media sites cannot be accessed by Internet users in Libya. The “revolution” websites are all in English even though the language of Libya is Arabic, with English rarely spoken and only in the big cities. Despite their dubious origins, professional media groups like CNN, BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News, and Al Jazeera have amplified these anonymous and uncorroborated video postings as legitimate news sources.And some of the “spontaneous” websites are clearly fraudulent. One that calls itself “LIBYAN REVOLUTIONARY CENTRAL” ( was created on February 14—A DAY BEFORE the original protest. And the website is registered in Ohio as a non-profit organization with a 501c3 tax exempt ID number! CIA √

6a. Whites are desperate for Libyan oil. America and Europe are dependent on the type of oil that is only found in Libya. It is a very high quality “sweet” oil with low sulfur content. Europe’s refineries cannot process other types of high sulfur oil, so when Gadhafi recently suggested he could find better customers for Libyan oil in India, China, and Russia, it made Europe desperate for an immediate Libyan “uprising.” CIA √

6b. New oil infrastructure already in place. Only days after the “spontaneous” protests the “rebels,” who were mostly seen in grainy cell phone videos chanting slogans and waving banners, had organized themselves into a sophisticated corporate entity and announced their formation and launching of the “Libyan Oil Company” to supervise oil production for all of Libya, and their creation of the “Central Bank of Benghazi” as a monetary authority. The French government instantaneously recognized these new business entities formed by “the rebels” even though it was still publicly wondering who the rebel leaders were. CIA √

7. CIA history in Libya. The CIA has a LONG documented history of attempts to overthrow Col. Gadhafi. At least four major CIA operations, some in partnership with the Israeli Mossad, have been conducted since 1972. Gadhafi’s use of oil revenues to organize and uplift Africa from its colonial destruction is EXACTLY the opposite of America’s foreign policy, which has always sought to strip Africa of its raw resources to enrich the multinational corporations. Col. Gadhafi has invested billions of dollars in projects to help emerging African countries become independent. He has worked to establish a “United States of Africa”—an effort to unite Africa to finally overcome the damage caused by centuries of European colonialism. It was Gadhafi who drove the African Union’s efforts toward a single African Parliament, a single currency, and a single army. The CIA has no other function than to stop this kind of Black unity and progress. CIA √

8. Libyan invasion planned prior to 9/11. In a 2007 filmed interview, 4-star United States Army Gen. Wesley Clark discussed a Pentagon memo under Donald Rumsfeld that, in his words, “describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon,Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”CIA √9. The U.S. companies in Libya are invisible. Many U.S. corporations that have been, are now, and will continue to do business in Libya are UNDER NO PRESSURE to leave or “give back” their profits, or alter their business activity with Gadhafi’s so-called “murderous regime.” Curiously, they have achieved a status different from that of The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, which also had a business relationship with Libya—but for comparatively infinitesimal sums. The U.S. companies in Libya whose Libyan business arrangements have yet to be questioned are many, and include:

Chevron Oil
Hess Corporation
Marathon Oil Corporation
Occidental Petroleum
Sheraton Hotels
Exxon Mobil
Dow Chemical
Four Seasons Hotels
Shell Oil
United Gulf Construction
Valmont, and White & Case
Marriott Hotels
Intercontinental Hotels

In reality, the CIA works for the multinational corporations to tenaciously protect their world interests. CIA √

10. Rape is charged. A distraught, English-speaking, Arab woman fortuitously finds her way from days of gang rape by Gadhafi’s soldiers into the only hotel in Tripoli where foreign journalists are encamped (apparently dropped off by her tormentors) where she reports of her ordeal to the gathered media who immediately, unquestioningly, broadcast the brutal crime to the world as proven fact. She claimed that she was detained at a checkpoint, tied up, abused, then led away to be gang raped—all whilst her assailants were defending Tripoli against a Western bombing campaign. “They defecated and urinated on me and tied me up,” she said, her face streaming with tears. “They violated my honor, look at what the Gadhafi militiamen did to me.”

Everybody who heard this woman’s claims—except 100 percent of the Western media—immediately remembered October 1990, when a sobbing 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl gave unsworn testimony in a Congressional hearing chaired by Zionist congressman Thomas Lantos in which she described what she saw in a Kuwaiti hospital with her own eyes: “While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns, and go into the room where … babies were in incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die.”

The girl was actually the daughter of a Kuwaiti ambassador, and had been coached by the public relations firm Hill and Knowlton to give false testimony. Three months passed between the hearing and the start of the first Gulf War during which the fabricated incubator story was repeated over and over again by seven U.S. senators and ten times by President G.H.W. Bush himself. It was recited as fact in congressional testimony, on TV and radio talk shows likeNightline, and at the UN Security Council. It is cited as the single most persuasive reason that the American public backed the first Iraq War. None of those involved with the hoax have ever faced legal reprisals. CIA √The number ten is arbitrary, and does not represent the full extent of possibly the most brazen CIA overthrow attempt in their long and murderous history. That which drives the entire Western industrial infrastructure—petroleum oil—is the only thing on the minds of the charlatan leaders of the West, and the world watches in horrified awe as each blunder they make is exposed to the light in almost real time. The poor Libyan people and their revolutionary African champion Muammar Gadhafi are under severe assault by the very same people who only yesterday assured him he was their partner and friend. It is a 6,000-year-old history of tricks and deceptions that The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us about, and it has now run its course and is bringing a well-deserved demise to Western rule.

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“Voice of Libya” answers:

اتعجب من البعض اتخادهم موقف محايد مما يحدث في في بلادنا وبنغازي بالتحديد وكأن بهم يعاقبون اهل بنغازي علي موقفهم المخزي اقول و أؤكد علي ماقاله القائد هؤلاء ليسو اهل بنغازي واليوم تتأكد لكل ذو عقل سليم من هم وراء المجموعات المتطرفة عملاء الغرب, والقاعده صنيعة امريكا وبعض ضعاف النفوس من اصحاب النظره المادية والتاريخ يشهد في كل الازمان امثال هؤلائي ويشهد ايضا عن ابطال التاريخ الذين يضحون من أجل الاخرين وأي اخرين انهم الاخرين الذين لهم علاقه بهم وإن العلاقه بين الفرد والجماعه هي علاقة احتماعية لا يمكن التخلي عنها بسهولة.
تحية إلي ابطال الشعب المسلح الذين سقطوا دفاعا عن#بنغازي نصرةً لأهلها البسطاء الطيبين الذين استفاقوا علي بنغازيسان.

Surprised by some Atkhadam neutral position of what is happening in our country and Benghazi precisely as if they are being punished the people of Benghazi on their position shameful to say and emphasize ماقاله commander These are not a people of Benghazi and today make sure each with a sound mind who they are behind the extremist groups customers the west, and the base creature of America and some faintthe souls of the owners of physical outlook and history shows of all time the likes Halaúa, also testifies about the history heroes who sacrificed for the sake of others and any others they are others who have their relationship and that the relationship between the individual and the group is relationship احتماعية not be abandoned easily.
Tribute to the heroes of the armed people who have fallen in defense of # Benghazi victory for ordinary people good who استفاقوا the Ali Bengazisan.

All of these dogs of sedition elders were praising leader Muammar al-Qathafi; and after that Kvrōh, hypocrites in the nadir of the fire:

Dogs of Sedition


This rat Maeetmnah that is happening in Libya, the West’s entry into the country:
Asked one of the scientists who conducted the case of Muslims to this degree of humiliation and desperate enemies???Capita in the world and said, “When we preferred to eight on three”Was asked: What is eight and what are the three?He replied: Aqraoha is in the words of God:Say, if your fathers and your sons and your brothers and your wives and Ashertkm funds Aqtervtamoha and Trade fear كسادها the and Tradwnha residences love to you from Allah and His Messenger, and Jihad in the process فتربصوا a, until God comes by His command, and Allah does not guide the rebellious people} repentance –
هذا مايتمناه الجرذان ان يحدث في ليبيا,دخول الغرب الى البلد
سُئل أحد العلماء ما الذي أوصل حال المسلمين إلى هذه الدرجة من الذل والهوان وتكالب الأعداء ؟؟؟فرد ذلك العالم وقال ” عندما فضلنا الثمانية على الثلاثة “فسُئل: ما هي الثمانية وما هي الثلاثة ؟فأجاب: إقرؤوها في قول الله تعالى:{ قُلْ إِن كَانَ آبَاؤُكُمْ وَأَبْنَآؤُكُمْ وَإِخْوَانُكُمْ وَأَزْوَاجُكُمْ وَعَشِيرَتُكُمْ وَأَمْوَالٌ اقْتَرَفْتُمُوهَا وَتِجَارَةٌ تَخْشَوْنَ كَسَادَهَا وَمَسَاكِنُ تَرْضَوْنَهَا أَحَبَّ إِلَيْكُم مِّنَ اللّهِ وَرَسُولِهِ وَجِهَادٍ فِي سَبِيلِهِ فَتَرَبَّصُواْ حَتَّى يَأْتِيَ اللّهُ بِأَمْرِهِ وَاللّهُ لاَ يَهْدِي الْقَوْمَ الْفَاسِقِينَ } التوبة –
اخي المواطن اختي المواطنة:-
نظرا لارتفاع درجات الحرارة وزيادة الأحمال التي تؤدي إلى حدوث انقطاعات او مشاكل في التيار الكهربائي صفحة
(((((وزارة الكهرباء معا لترشيد استهلاك الطاقة))))
تطلق حملة توعوية تهدف إلى تشجيع الموطنين على تخفيض حجم استهلاكهم للكهرباء خلال أشهر الصيف في منازلهم ومحلاتهم التجارية، ويمكن الاتصال بغرف العمليات لتلقي البلاغات من المواطنين مباشرة لتسهيل التواصل بينهم وبين الشركة.
أرقام هواتف غرف العمليات والبلاغات وهي كالتالي:
غرفة عمليات طرابلس
غرفة عمليات بنغازي اجدابيا والواحات
غرفة عمليات منطقة الجبل الأخضر
بعض التعليمات الإرشادية لتخفيف الأحمال:
أخي العزيز / أختي الفاضلة
* عدم الإسراف في الكهرباء مطلب ديني يحثنا عليه ديننا الحنيف.
*مساهمتك بالاقتصاد في الكهرباء دليل وعي واهتمام.
*ترشيد استخدام الكهرباء اليوم .. هو السبيل للمحافظة عليها غداً.
*ترشيد استهلاك الكهرباء هي مسئولية المواطن أولاً ،لأنه هو المستهلك المباشر.
* هل تعلم أن أكثر الدول تقدماً … أكثرها ترشيداً للكهرباء.
*نأمل من أهالينا في كل المدن والمناطق إن يأخذوا مسألة ترشيد الكهرباء بجدية واهتمام ونحن على ثقة بانهم على قدر هذه المسؤولية ، إلى أن يتم توسعة البينة التحتية للمحطات لكي تستوعب كل الأحمال ونحن نعوّل على كل الليبيين الشرفاء الذين قاموا بالثورة المباركة وساندوها بكل شيء.
اللهم احفظ بلادي الحبيبة ليبيا
م/خليفة امحمد الشتيوي-دائرة توزيع حي الاندلس/طرابلس

Only citizen sister citizenship: –
Due to the high temperatures and increased loads that lead to interruptions or problems in voltage Page
(((((Ministry of Electricity together to rationalize energy consumption))))
Launches awareness campaign aimed at encouraging citizens to reduce the size of their consumption of electricity during the summer months in their homes and their shops, and can be contacted operations rooms to receive communications from citizens directly to facilitate communication between them and the company.
Phone numbers of operations and communications rooms are as follows:
Tripoli operations room
Benghazi, Ajdabiya operations room and oases
Operations Room Green Mountain area
Some Guided Help to alleviate loads:
Dear brother / sister virtuous
* Do not wasteful electricity demand religion urges us by our religion.
* Your contribution to the economy in electricity evidence awareness and attention.
* Rationalizing the use of electricity today .. Is the way to keep them tomorrow.
* Rationalization of electricity consumption is the responsibility of the citizen first, because it is the direct consumer.
* Did you know that the most advanced countries … the most rational of electricity.
* We hope that our people in all the cities and regions that take the issue of rationalization of electricity seriously and interesting and we are confident that they are as much of this responsibility, to be the expansion of infrastructure for the stations to accommodate all the loads and we count on all Libyans honest people who have revolution blessed Sanduha everything.
God save my beloved Libya
M / Khalifa Mhammed Alstaoa – Andalus neighborhood distribution circuit / Tripoli

Isolated politically by law Almzrati insulation!!

Ibrahim Dabbashi will represent Libya in the United Nations after the vote by 74 votes from Dabashi votes الموتمر for a little while ago.

Signatory signatory you surrounded Conference and external …

A picture of building the Great Jamahiriya radio steadfast despite exposure many parts of it was bombed several times by NATO crusader infidel during the unjust war of aggression.
Today Taatkhaddh the channel Allaotunaih based.
There is great difference between the real mass voice channel and between channel Allaotunaih sound militias and terrorism.


“Libyana company” workers stage sit-in demanding “their share of the profits”
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

Company workers staged a sit Libyana Telecommunications Company before Sunday, demanding their share of the profits distributed that provided by the law of public companies and that up to 10% of corporate profits.

The agent said the Ministry of Communications and Informatics head and Mohammed Ali atmosphere to the country today that the sit-in came after the workers to raise the issue of the company, demanding their share of 10% of the company’s profits and the court ruled the illegality of the distribution of profits workers (as it was under the Libyan Jamahiriya where there were no employers/employee elite division…as everyone owned the places of labor, and one did not work for “wages”).

And Cape Ali added that the workers appealed the judgment and protested in front of the company’s headquarters, demanding what they say it is their “right stipulated by the Companies Act.”

I have contacted the atmosphere for the country Palmatsaman but they chose not to remark on the issue.


Osama Gard writes:

What’s going on is a verbatim reproduction of the phenomenon of bin Laden.

Managed some Islamic organizations with different orientations after the February Revolution infiltrate the ranks of the street and was able to penetrate state institutions and possibly conduct and was able to expel international institutions from the city of Benghazi, “such as the Red Cross,” and embassies under the pretext of spreading Christianity and this reality whether we like it or not … For different denominations (Ansar al-Sharia, call reporting, Muslim Brothers, Libyan Fighting) and differing مشاربها and diversity Mnahlha but they share one on the horizon …!

Victaúb (shield) and (17 February) and (Alshaty) and others that have been given legitimacy by the Chief of Staff (inscription) is a military arms organizations with extremist religious orientation …! These battalions, which are mostly of icons with a history of jihadist jihad in Afghanistan. As a batsman arm for some organizations, especially the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood movement, which emerged about after the revolution represented in the political arm of the party (Justice and Development), and the arms represented in the media (channel Free Libya radio beacon) ….

I believe, and this is the reality of the experience that this “arm Aladiologi” named shield and other entities endless movements of once dropping the headquarters as happened after the eighth massacre Alkwyfah in June …!
فالرابط basic combines its members is the Impact of ideological Search All of them يتقاطعون ideologically with extremist organizations and they all profess loyalty to her and what I saw of the movements of these movements Tactical wrong in my opinion and the insured health analytical believes that there is a difference between these currents or leadership Vmahm but several faces to one side P “Bashir Kabta” of moderation and condemnation! …. And “bin Humaid Medal” for the bombing and assassination ….

And “Ismail Salaabi” for the abduction and detention …. And the “sincere Gharyiani” for Fatwa and slander!!! …. The return of those fighting in the open, caves and mountains and valleys and them own their tactics in assembly and deployment without headquarters and sites and is what is known in the media in some countries sleeper cells … The game began to unfold threading perhaps for the rescue after the F Street Benghazi (21 September 2012) and the killing of nine members of the demonstrators. And perhaps make sure more and more citizens of health after the bloody events in the village Alkwyfah despite Tnoihna to risks in more than one article and more than one occasion … Must now owns the street and intellectual awareness field through which that can read the behavior of some Islamic organizations especially the ones with (takfiri character) and read his plans and strategy and aims to him and what are methods coming ….!
Through previous experiences obtained in some countries I think will turn some international actors to lure some of the fugitives from the al-shields (for Afghanization) State inductively on the formation of a group to be an incubator for militants fleeing from neighboring countries and create her by the Western media and the Arab leaders Libyan new to justify its survival in Libya, especially After the death of prominent Libyan leaders in al-Qaeda, such as (Libyan Abuallat) .. The reason for this is due to these movements in Libya moved recently from the stage of “advocacy and reporting, and guidance,” which led by (بوسدرة) in mosques, forums and squares to a higher stage is the stage of violence and terrorism, which materialized in the incident Alkwyfah (8 June) with (bin Humaid) . Inevitably one day Stdkhm machine intelligence and Western media’s role (bin Humaid), which will be imposed upon the circumstances that remain a fugitive from parents blood after the massacre of Black Sabbath and as we said in advance will channel what to lure him to organize a group and Stervth alliances inevitable with al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and create it scarecrow fake to destabilize security on the Mediterranean basin to facilitate an excuse to intervene in the fight against terrorism

(Osama Gard)

اسامة الجارد: ما يجري هو استنساخ حرفى لظاهرة بن لادن
استطاعت بعض التنظيمات الاسلامية ذات التوجهات المتباينة بعد ثورة فبراير اختراق صفوف الشارع واستطاعت اختراق مؤسسات الدولة وربما تسييرها واستطاعت طرد المؤسسات الدولية من مدينة بنغازى “كالصليب الاحمر” والسفارات بحجة نشر الديانه المسيحية وهذا واقع ملموس شئنا ام أبينا… فعلى إختلاف مسمياتها (انصار الشريعة، الدعوة التبليغ، اخوان مسلمين، الليبية المقاتلة) واختلاف مشاربها و تنوع مناهلها إلا أنها تشترك في أفق واحد…! فكتائب (الدرع) و(17 فبراير) و(السحاتى) وغيرها التى اعطيت الشرعية من قبل رئيس الاركان (المنقوش) هى اذرع عسكرية لتنظيمات ذات توجهات دينية متطرفة…! وهذه الكتائب والتي تعتبر في غالبيتها من الرموز الجهادية التي لها تاريخ جهادي في أفغانستان. بمثابة الذراع الضارب لبعض التنظيمات لاسيما حركة الاخوان التى انبثق عنها بعد الثورة ذراع سياسي متمثل فى حزب (العدالة والبناء)، واذرع اعلامية متمثلة فى (قناة ليبيا الحرة وراديو المنارة)…. فى اعتقادى و هذا من واقع تجربه ان هذا “الذراع الإديولوجي” المسمى الدرع وغيرها من الكيانات الاخرى لا تنتهى تحركاتهم بمجرد اسقاط مقار كما حصل بعد مجزرة الكويفية فى الثامن يونيو…!
فالرابط الاساسي الذى يجمع بين افرادها هو اديولوجى عقائدى بحث فكلهم يتقاطعون ايديولوجيا مع التنظيمات المتطرفة وكلهم يعلنون الولاء لها وما رأيت من تحركات هذه الحركات التكتيكي مخطئ في تصوري ولعلي مؤمن بصحة تحليلي من يعتقد ان هناك فارق بين هذه التيارات او قياداتها فماهم إلا عدة وجوه لوجه واحد فـــ “بشير الكبتي” للاعتدال والاستنكار! …. و”وسام بن حميد” للتفجير والاغتيال…. و”اسماعيل الصلابي” للاختطاف والاعتقال…. و”الصادق الغرياني” للإفتاء والافتراء!!!…. فقد تعود هؤلاء القتال فى العراء والكهوف والجبال والاودية ولهم اساليبهم الخاصة فى التجمع والانتشار بدون مقار و مواقع و هو ما عرف اعلاميا فى بعض الدول بالخلايا النائمة… فقد بدأت تتكشف خيوط اللعبة ربما للشارع بعد جمعة انقاذ بنغازى (21 سبتمبر 2012) ومقتل تسعة افراد من المتظاهرين. وربما تأكد المواطن اكثر فأكثر من صحة بعد الاحداث الدامية التى شهدتها قرية الكويفية رغم تنويهنا لمخاطرها فى اكثر من مقال واكثر من مناسبة… يجب ان يمتلك الشارع الان الوعي الفكري والميداني الذي يمكنه من خلالها قراءة سلوك بعض التنظيمات الاسلامية خصوصا منها ذات (الطابع التكفيري) وقراءة مخططاته واستراتيجيته وما تهدف اليه وما هي أساليبه القادمة….!
من خلال تجارب سابقة حصلت فى بعض البلدان اعتقد ستلجأ بعض الجهات الدولية الى استدراج بعض الفارين من كتائب الدروع (لافغنة) الدولة بالحث على تشكيل جماعة تكون حاضنة للمتشددين الفارين من الدول المجاورة وستخلق لها عن طريق الاعلام الغربي والعربي قيادات ليبية جديدة لتبرير بقاءها فى ليبيا خصوصا بعد وفاة القادة الليبيين البارزين فى تنظيم القاعدة مثل (ابوالليث الليبي).. والسبب في ذلك يعود إلى أن هذه الحركات فى ليبيا إنتقلت في الآونة الأخيرة من مرحلة “الدعوة والتبليغ والإرشاد” الذى تزعمها (بوسدرة) فى المساجد والمنتديات والساحات إلى مرحلة أعلى وهي مرحلة العنف والإرهاب الذى تجسدت فى حادثة الكويفية ( 8يونيو) مع (بن حميد). حتما فى يوم من الايام ستضخم الالة الاستخباراتية والاعلامية الغربية دور (بن حميد) الذى ستفرض عليه الظروف ان يبقى هاربا من اولياء الدم بعد مجزرة السبت الاسود وكما قلنا سلفا ستعمل قنوات ما على استدراجه لتنظيم جماعة وستربطه تحالفات حتمية مع تنظيم القاعدة فى المغرب الاسلامي وسيخلق منه فزاعة وهمية لزعزعة الامن على حوض البحر المتوسط لتسهيل ذريعة التدخل فى اطار مكافحة الارهاب
اسامة الجارد


Abdul Hakim Belhaj channel Libya first:

We hold the government of what happened in Benghazi
Why did not establish a crisis management cell
There are hundreds of millions of dollars acted and did not see the security agencies rely on them in securing citizen
Government could not activate the traffic police
I told the prime Executive Office that he should not be there for security committee and told him that I will resign from the presidency of the Tripoli Military Council
I was surprised by these numbers, which joined the security committee later
Most at the hands of Mr. Mohammed الشيخي join the rebels of the interior components
Now I’m not with shields solution and security committees at the moment
We see from inside our cities calling for the disposal of the legitimate component (shields)
We want to see a picture of the process of guaranteeing the rights of the rebels Tabet.

Aaaaaaaaagel”””” ‘
Now on channel Libya’s international Suleiman Mahmoud warrants and acknowledges that Qatar is the cause of sedition, one of the fallen Libya and now seeks the fall of Syria and the advisory opinion Bashyuhha as Jihad Why Aavetoa for jihad in Palestine instead of Libya, Syria and says I take the responsibility on myself that the Brotherhood and Almsarit are the hands of Qatar,

armor and means to achieve their agendas and الحاسي who Mask intelligence in Libya now implemented in policies Qatar dirty and all government and most members of Congress Mrchien from Qatar and the elders of sedition disbelieve in the Libyan and Sivan Ben Qmoa Ben Hamid and Abu Yahya al-Libi’s brother, Abdul Rahman commander member of the conference that is to say protector Hrma he said that the submitted my resignation Ali Shan I to Aasmh myself to engage in the agendas of Qatar and refuse to be under the shoes Qataris

and said all Libyans uncovered the plot now and in the past deceived, but now revealed the hidden and Snmsh tails Qatar from Libya and said I am a nationalist and Arabic against the Brotherhood and their project, which want through the occupation of the Arab world, Libya and Male all Qadat names armor and all of them said the organization rule and ولاهم the base and not to Libya and said after 20 \ 8 \ 2011 knew that the only Brotherhood hum of power and money and the implementation of a project Qatar and neither Libya nor people.

Firas Bosalum / / reporter Reuters: Khaaaaaas the / / Aaaaaaaaaaagel the

General National Congress receives the report from the General Intelligence Service about the events of Benghazi last Saturday

says that attacking on Thunderbolt forces are of Ansar al-Sharia and shields were monitored about 14 cars from tuber heading to Benghazi, a in the Abyar.


Statement of Ansar al-Sharia Benghazi ….

Statement number “11”: advice to our people in Benghazi beloved
Praise be to God, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad and his family and allies, but after:

To our brothers and our people in Benghazi beloved, peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.

We follow like others what is happening in our country these days, especially the beloved city of Benghazi, the events of successive owners may benefit from hidden agendas and partisan prejudices to broadcast and publish what they want of ideas, and that our city may be a victim of this partisan conflict that religiously forbidden to him.

And, accordingly, we draw a few brief messages to the people of Libya in general and Benghazi in particular:

1: We call upon all the parties to sit faith in God Almighty and stick to loop the most trustworthy, and know that you are charged by Aziz Hamid Almighty, the administration of prescribed, he says, “proceeded to you out of debt as recommended by Noah, and which We have revealed to you and what صينا by Abraham and Moses and Jesus to be steadfast in Islam nor تتفرقوا it “(13, Shura)

2: The reality in which we live today is not out of it only by reference to God and arbitration prescribed and do not we after our victory God Almighty away from prescribed that what we fought only for him, he warned God’s people of the villages that if they left some of his punished them on this, He says, “And how many village Ataat from the command of her Lord and messengers Vhaspenha the a severe and Azpinha account a نكرا punishment” (8, divorce), and what this darkness that prevailed in the country, but the consequences of man-made laws contrary to the prescribed governing the country.

They must know for sure that it does not get out of the country from the darkness of the wilderness, but Sharia arbitration and return when the conflict began and wary of being dragged behind the advocates of tribalism and partisanship they claim ignorance.



“When I feel the imminent fall دروعه and militia backed by Qatar in Benghazi, the Antichrist appears on the TV after a long absence and warned residents to go out and asked them to remain home and not spread sedition!”


Libya is now …..

Zaidane دغيم,

مفتيهم very dangerous words ……

Very clear that’m Gharyani is advantaged strategic …. his words not listen Alanksamyin … and the commitment of the houses is their plan substrates military occupation of Benghazi and youth homes and fear I’m Gharyani from the reaction of Cyrenaica separation and control of oil and surrounded his group after that …. So warned of Alanksamyin of ……

Although there are great efforts for reaching solutions assurances quiet night ….. but I Acad Ijzim of words Gharyani as crucial night ….

Benghazi has been abandoned completely out of the National Congress and the RAT government .

So “legitimacy” and ended eroded .. and Ali Burka, Bnghazaha that the whole thing is resolved and radically ….

ليبيا الآن …..زياد دغيم
كلام مفتيهم خطيرا جدا ……واضح جدا ان ابن غريان هو كبيرهم الاستراتيجي ….كلامه بعدم الاستماع الانقساميين …و التزام البيوت هو ركائز خطتهم العسكرية لاحتلال بنغازي وشبابها بالبيوت ويخشي ابن غريان من رده فعل برقة بالانفصال والسيطرة علي النفط ومحاصره جماعته بعد ذلك ….لذلك حذر من الانقساميين ……رغم ان هناك مساعي كبيرة للحلول ووصلت تطمينات بليلة هادئة …..الا انني اكاد اجزم من كلام الغرياني بأنها ليلة حاسمة ….بنغازي تم التخلي عنها تماما من المؤتمر الوطني والحكومة….لذلك شرعيتهم انتهت و تأكلت ..وعلي برقة وبنغازيها ان تحسم الامر كله وجذريا ….بنت الوادي


Free channel Cyrenaica:

Gharyani demanding folks martyrs that يضبطوا themselves and not taking revenge of their children, where these beautiful speech on the decision to take revenge on Bani Walid to the killing of Shaaban

Gharyani sow sedition increases in Benghazi and say no listen for Angsamyin, of, which is intended to federal,

Gharyani on the people of Benghazi to stay indoors, why Shaykh until our control shields a new country??

Must have had his special events if was Sheikh fair,
And he should unite the ranks Alliaan with kind words and not treason charge division and regional and other

Dangerous things are killed and the blood flowing and the lives lost and serves in his party and hiring events in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood
Who in mind destruction and Japk the O Gharyani my brothers.


Now ended Amir Mujahid media Mostafa Qdereboh and accepted the word of the sword-like in a word, will be Tenzilhma that, God willing,

FB VIDEO  Mujahid Mustafa Qdereboh 06/15/2013

What came in Amir media intervention Mujahid Mustafa Qdereboh 06/15/2013

Talked about the heads of rats who caused strife at the beginning of the events and said they believed the promise of in sabotage Bin Ghazi

He then moved to dismantle NATO Mufti’s speech and respond to it religiously and ravenously near the end
Among Maglh Mufti rats in his speech Mujahid Mustafa’s response to it

Mufti rats: the violence that is happening now in Benghazi source them from abroad, Libya is at a crossroads

Mustafa media is: the dog recognizes that Libya that Libya is at a crossroads, ابشرك near enrollment and very soon with those who died in massacre Alkwyfah and massacre Budzirh and in front of the pond and in front of battalion camp Garyounis …

Mufti NATO rats: Hey folks bin Ghazi you have to bear the responsibilities either Revolution ()

Media Mustafa is: How? Rat: circumvent the words of both and the fight against prejudices, media: Ya Salam, pain advisory opinion slaughter of Libyans is a kiss? Pain talking about nervousness, regional and tribal? Pain atone sir leader Muammar Gaddafi? How to be a lord commander infidel, one of the named his sons (CIF the Arabs, Moatasem, Saif al-Islam, Muhammad, Aisha)

Mufti calls for NATO militias and shields, the army and the bolt infantry divisions, but tribal elders and notables restraint because we are in time Mnhna nor take your revenge

Mustafa media is: God damn you, God damn you to the Day of Judgment, you invite people that Astrechsoa the blood of their children’s blood was mingled with blood? Have erred compass, men do not forget revenge both in Alakariqtaalared) or in spirits

Rat: Hey folks bin Ghazi you you the flame of the revolution and I’m afraid I’m afraid that تنطفيء the flame of the candle

Mustafa media is: Do not be afraid, Schalk soon rifles Liberal you and other misleader Zalin

Mufti accused NATO leader Muammar Gaddafi’s supporters that they executed the nation and Islam and Arabism

Mustafa media is: O peace, Baanah God consciousness

Mufti NATO: From the word helped in the murder of a Muslim has ACE (قنط) of God’s mercy

Amir media is: Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar condemns yourself Bulsank the vile, thou Disqualified in God’s mercy

Heretic Rat: I call on the state to assume their responsibilities and open an investigation into the massacres of Ben Ghazi

Media is: any country? This state where there is no three authorities, then spoke about the daily problems of citizens and Abizaid: Yes crossroads will you soon, but to us, O heretic

Mufti rats imams call to renew the discourse (sedition)

Media is: go and decreed Qatar Hamad O Mufti tiles

Rat Itbaki the ruins of what remains of the Ministry only S and Zakat Affairs says since he founded this government and the ministry Off

Mustafa media: So under any cover operates Dear has exported rotten yourself valuable Libyans, Usia, their prayers and fasting and زكاتهم …..

In the latter NATO and vowed the heads of rats and called them by name the warmth of the second revolution, which announce soon from Tripoli and pray the prayer of thanksgiving

Science is rich with evidence interjection legitimacy Madhoudh to fatwas and NATO claims Mufti.
ما جاء في مداخلة امير الاعلام المجاهد مصطفى قادربوه 15-6-2013

تحدث عن رؤوس الجرذان الذين تسببوا في الفتنة في بداية والاحداث وقال انهم صدقوا وعدهم في تخريب بن غازي

ثم انتقل الى تفكيك خطاب مفتي الناتو والرد عليه شرعا وبشره بقرب نهايته
من بين ماقله مفتى الجرذان في خطابه ورد المجاهد مصطفى عليه

مفتي الجرذان:العنف الذي يحدث الان في بنغازي مصدر اليهم من الخارج وليبيا في مفترق طرق

الاعلامي مصطفى يرد: الكلب يعترف ان ليبيا ان ليبيا في مفترق طرق,ابشرك بقرب التحاقك وقريبا جدا مع من ماتوا في مذبحة الكويفية ومذبحة بودزيرة وامام كتيبة البركة وامام معسكر قاريونس…

مفتي الناتو للجرذان:يا اهل بن غازي عليكم ان تتحملوا مسؤولياتكم اما الثورة()

الاعلامي مصطفى يرد:كيف؟الجرذ:الالتفاف على كلام سواء ومحاربة النعرات, الاعلامي :يا سلام,الم تفتي بذبح الليبيين من غير قبلة؟الم تتحدث عن العصبية والجهوية والقبلية؟الم تكفر سيدي القائد معمر القذافي؟كيف يكون سيدي القائد كافر وهو من سمى ابناءه(سيف العرب,المعتصم ,سيف الاسلام,محمد ,عائشة)

مفتي الناتو يدعو المليشيات والدروع والجيش والصاعقة وفرق المشاة بل شيوخ القبائل والاعيان ضبط النفس لاننا في وقت منحنة ولا تاخذوا بالثار

الاعلامي مصطفى يرد:لعنك الله ,لعنك الله الى يوم الدين,هل تدعو الناس ان يسترخصوا دماء اولادهم وقد اختلط الدم بالدم؟لقد اخطات البوصلة,الرجال لا ينسون الثار سواء في العقارقطعالارض) او في الارواح

الجرذ:يا اهل بن غازي انتم من كنتم شعلة الثورة واخشي ما اخشاه ان تنطفيء جذوة الشمعة

الاعلامي مصطفى يرد:لا تخف ,قريبا ستشعلك بنادق الاحرار انت وغيرك من المضلين الظالين

مفتي الناتو يتهم انصار القائد معمر القذافي بانهم اعدم الامة والاسلام والعروبة

الاعلامي مصطفى يرد:يا سلام,بعنة الله عيك

مفتي الناتو:من ساعد بكلمة في قتل مسلم فقد ايس (قنط) من رحمة الله

امير الاعلام يرد:الله اكبر الله اكبر تدين نفسك بلسانك يا حقير,انت مطرود من رحمة الله

الجرذ الزنديق:ادعو الدولة لتحمل مسؤولياتها وفتح تحقيق في مجازر بن غازي

الاعلامي يرد:اي دولة ؟هذه الدولة لا يوجد فيها السلطات الثلاث,ثم تحدث عن المشاكل اليومية للمواطنين واردف:نعم مفترق الطرق لن يؤدي بك قريبا الا الينا ايها الزنديق

مفتي الجرذان يدعوا الائمة الى تجديد الخطاب (الفتنة)

الاعلامي يرد:اذهب وافتي لحمد في قطر يا مفتي البلاط

الجرذ يتباكي على اطلال ما تبقى من وزارة الا وقاف وشؤون الزكاة ويقول منذ ان اسست هذه الحكومة والوزارة معطلة

الاعلامي مصطفى:اذن تحت اي غطاء تشتغل ايها الفاسد وقد صدرت نفسك قيما على الليبيين ووصيا على صلاتهم وصيامهم وزكاتهم…..

في الاخير حلف و توعد رؤوس الجرذان وسماهم بالاسم بدفء الثورة الثانية التي نعلنها قريبا من طرابلس ونصلي فيها جميع صلاة الشكر

للعلم المداخلة غنية بالادلة الشرعية المدحضة لفتاوي ومزاعم مفتي الناتو

Free channel Cyrenaica
A little while ago,,,

Khobar – Benghazi – Correspondent

Held the interim government headed by “Ali Zaidane,” on Sunday evening, the city of Benghazi meeting attended by members

of the General National Congress for the city of Benghazi.

The meeting was devoted to discussion of the recent events in the city of Benghazi, which resulted in a number of casualties and injured others,
B added to the destruction and burning of some public and private property.

He also tried to group of angry youth access to Fadil Buamr Hotel in Benghazi, where the Council of Ministers held its regular meeting on Sunday.

Sources also confirmed at the meeting that the young people have decided to enter the venue of the meeting in order to deliver their demands directly to the prime minister, “Ali Zaidane.”

The sources added that the intervention activists and leaders of civil society organizations resulted in to calm the situation and persuade young people deliver their demands through peaceful means, where it was agreed to enter five of these young people and make their demands before the cabinet meeting.

Escape Zaidane and his deputy, and Interior Minister Sheikh after the advent of families of martyrs to meet him in a hotel holy, without the reason they came to know him …

There are unconfirmed reports that he is now at the airport.

Brigadier General Mohammad Sharif, commander of special forces: –

– Mr. Prime Minister gave us promises that it will support the joint security room with weapons, equipment and possibilities …
– Shields unresolved, but our decision came only receive their camps and found all weapon-free camps, and call upon the government that contact Palmsaoliyn of the shields that are grouped weapon found on farms and non-military headquarters.
– Plan was developed and submitted to the prime minister for the integration of armor in the army.
– Came out in demonstrations and attacked the camps know their names and we have our men inside were arrested over a number of them are employees of armor in civilian clothes.


The death of a family (father and sons) and survival after Tahoe viscosity in the desert while traveling from Sabha to Sirte.

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News
J’aime · il y a environ une heure

Family story missing North Alchuirv,,

Man originally from Tarhuna if the death of his sons thirsty Sahara!!

Went to Sabha Bestahab the Sons 2 and his wife .. To smuggle Africans to Tripoli
When he returned from Sebha to Tripoli and fear entered the Desert Road

Broken down car in northern Alchuirv
Send boob Africans الاتنين any end to Enqdhm of
Africans died one after the 25 kilometer walker

They no longer have neither water nor eat
The severity of thirst and heat died his son who is 4 years!
On the evening of the same day his daughter died, which attained the age of
The strength of the resolve of this boob .. The بدفنهم (pictures show)
Talt on them in the desert this father died
And became his wife alone in the desert without water, no eat Tanttr the death!!

But her death clock still

Aalavriqi deliberation arrived to help
The center was informed Alchuirv
And HBO security elements to search for missing family
They were found
A woman was in a state Erta them ..
4 days without water or eat!!

Was transported to the hospital and treated, and is now praise God was young Allchuirv to save her life …
And men were buried Sons in Alchuirv – from his family in order Tarhuna

The pictures show directed Aljtman who buried father
And explain how the decomposition of his body

God willing, Lord Aghafrlh
One God One him to Rjon the

Quoting channel Almgarhh Almzaraa



The local council of the city of Gharyan:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl  sparkling sang was borne


thanks to God Almighty, arrested on  3 large shipments carrying 32 Scud missiles by the fourth power to shield Libya , at the gate of Gharyan,

by a  group of Zintan security. It was protected by Sirat Toyota 27 written to hide the crime. The  Zintan security were heading  south from Zintan.

Praise be to God, thanks in مسكهم Gharyan brave revolutionaries now in their protection.

Republic Bank branch Gharyan exposed to a failed robbery attempt.

Gharyan 16 June 2013 (and) – Republic Bank branch exposure Gharyan for a failed attempt to steal when the oldest group of thieves to break into a bank building in the late hours of Saturday night, Sunday. A reporter for the news agency the Libyan city that the thieves were unable to break down doors of the bank, and threatened security guard who is inside the building even opens doors, but he refused to respond to them, Vodharmoa fire to his car, which was in front of the bank that has caused some damage to Statistics building. The correspondent added that of devices security Pegrean the check in the incident, and the culprits are being sought to capture them. .. (And the – Gheryan) ..




Urgent Libya / Tripoli – News:
A member of the RAT National Conference of tax write names across its front page on Facebook a little while ago:
Hello .. Summary of the morning session of the General National Congress on Sunday, June 16, 2013.
1 – No election President of Allaotunai Congress this year today as it was a decision in the past.
2 – Ask at today’s meeting some reports from intelligence and military intelligence on the events city Benaazi

in addition to provide statements from some members on the security situation Sirte and Mizdah of the.
3 – Start in the discussion of the law of the Court of Accounts, which will be completed voting on articles in the evening session.

Disclaimer / that Maichea of news on the selection of Mr. Moussa Faraj behind the former

President Dr. Mohammed Maqrif of the Presidency of the General National Congress.

News is not true.

Tripoli, the capital

Foreign news about trapping today …

MITEGUA AIRPORT  PRISON:Anzero who controls the prison I think the truth is obvious to all.

New Image for “Saad Masood,” inside the prison Mitigua today

O decoding captured by Lord – avec Testament and allegiance to the Leader of the Revolution Muammar al-Qathafi et Hamza Abuchnger THAMI.

A picture of a prisoner Saad Masood former President of the European Club in Mitigua prison, and on the basis of the Interior Minister to visit in prison before global يوهمهم organizations that the prison was under the control of the state, on the growth O Mkarot!!
This man Saad Masood was once in a meeting that was there with Kadhafi and Unthinking, when the lights went out,

and when I came back and I found him standing in front of the lord Commander to protect him from having any bullet.
Thus, they are men of God acirc and decoding with you from our brothers in the prisons of darkness.


Long live the State of hating and Hashim humans!!

Allashy kidnapped and internal denies then Allashy appears in Mitigua prison in front of the eyes of the Minister of Interior!!

Zaidane says “pain that Allashi not exist in his prisons” ??? Today, he appears in prison Mitigua base!

You do not already know, Ali Zaidane .. Because prisons under the control of the militias do not know what’s inside Dear Bugger.

Allashi Mahdy one of the leaders of the Tabu kidnapped since the period shown in this picture with Interior Minister during his visit to the prison Mitiga base today.

What is called the Interior and the Libyan news agency (and) charged with lying and hiding the truth from the people and the tip of the iceberg.

See, O world of controls in prisons in Libya, sincerity of those Kadhafi when he called rats and Almqji (NUTRIA).# Libya:

Interior Minister Mohamed Sheikh trying to visit prisons Mitigua legitimize these prisons.

Word Us Now
Attack of the tribe Alguentarar and Zintan at the gate of belonging to the chief of staff and the national army and the group were killed and discernible all cars and military equipment

Happening in Tripoli:

Two unidentified cars “Toyota pride – Toyota Double Cabin” kidnaps three young sons of the city of Tawergha forcibly displaced camp in front of the Airport Road in Tripoli.

News – Tripoli – Correspondent:

Held today by the headquarters of the National Congress general emergency meeting on the background of the events in the city of Benghazi last night, and this morning under the chairmanship of Second Deputy Dr. “in favor Almkhozom” and Mr., “Mohammed al-Kilani,” Chairman of the Defense Committee, and Mr. “Boubacar Kader” Chairman of the Commission on Security national, Mr. “Salem Guenida” Chief of General Staff of the Libyan RAT army in charge.And communicate directly with members of the National Congress for the city of Benghazi gathered at the same time in Benghazi, as well as the prime minister meeting in Tripoli on the security situation in Benghazi.
It was also during this emergency meeting members of Allaotunai Congress requested study for the city of Benghazi would postpone the session to elect the President of the Conference tomorrow, Sunday, June 16, 2013 to preoccupation with follow-up situation in the city of Benghazi with the competent authorities.A source with the General National Congress, has been coordinating with the government on the steps to be taken on the security situation in Benghazi.And immediately after the meeting he joined the Chief of the General Staff-designate and chairman of the Committee on National Security by Congress prime minister to start taking practical steps in coordination with the government.
الخبر – طرابلس – مراسلعقد اليوم بـ مقر المؤتمر الوطني العام آجتماع طارئ على خلفية الأحداث التي شهدتها مدينة بنغازي الليلة الماضية ، و صباح اليوم برئاسة النائب الثاني الدكتور ” صالح المخزوم ” و السيد ،” محمد الكيلاني ” رئيس لجنة الدفاع ، و السيد ” بوبكر عبدالقادر ” رئيس لجنة الأمن القومي ، و السيد ” سالم قنيدي ” رئيس الأركان العامة للجيش الليبي المكلف .و تم التواصل مباشرة مع أعضاء المؤتمر الوطني عن مدينة بنغازي المجتمعين في نفس الوقت ببنغازي ، وكذلك رئاسة الوزراء المجتمعة في طرابلس بشأن الأوضاع الأمنية في بنغازي .كما تم خلال هذا الآجتماع الطارئ دراسة طلب أعضاء المؤتمر عن مدينة بنغازي بـ شأن تأجيل عقد جلسة آنتخاب رئيس المؤتمر غداً الأحد 16 يونيو 2013 لانشغالهم بمتابعة الأوضاع في مدينة بنغازي مع جهات الاختصاص .و أفاد مصدر بـ المؤتمر الوطني العام ، أنه تم التنسيق مع الحكومة بشأن الخطوات الواجب آتخاذها بشأن الأوضاع الأمنية في بنغازي .و فور آنتهاء الآجتماع التحق رئيس الأركان العامة المكلف ورئيس لجنة الأمن القومي بإجتماع رئاسة الوزراء للبدء في آتخاذ الخطوات العملية بالتنسيق مع الحكومة .بنت الوادي

Strike at the airport in Tripoli
Overstock passengers and Bhdlthm in Tripoli because of the airport. Cancel Libyan Airlines flights because of a strike hospitality Tani day weather.

Congestion and chaos at Tripoli International Airport due to weather-ins hospitality of the Libyan air lines:
Libya: protest against the hosts lead to delayed 13 flightsAnd – led a protest organized by a number of workers the air Bmtara hospitality Tripoli and Benghazi on Sunday to demand higher wages and improved working conditions to delay takeoff nearly 13 international and domestic flight.The director of operations management Airways Libyan Mr. Mustafa Hussein told Libyan news that the vigil carried out by a number of workers hospitality air in airports Tripoli and Benghazi for the second day in a row led to a state of confusion, chaos and delays in the take-off of about 13 international flights and domestic.
He added in his statement that the delay in take-off international and domestic flights to and from the airports, causing financial losses to the airline Libyan estimated in millions of dinars, and the disruption of the return of hundreds of passengers at a number of airports of the world, in addition to creating a state of chaos and confusion in the two showrooms travel and transit specialist for airline Libyan Bmtara international Tripoli and Benghazi.
The Director of Management Operations Management keen Libyan Airlines and its affiliates in response to the demands of the company’s employees to improve working conditions and increase salaries and give more bonuses. Mr. Mustafa Hussein, “that the management of the company has hired a number of aircraft in order to prevent the occurrence of a delay in flights.———Killing “Mohamed Shaaban Conception” of the population (Friday Market) .. Where he was heading morning to his mother العجيلات city arose unidentified armed group stop it in the road and discarding dead in front of the eyes of his friend, “Abdel-dominant” this person is considered members of the militia who were send Aligathowalslah for a mountain of Tunisia.
And was born in 1995 AD:




How the country to come forward and demolish the houses of God!

The Muslim الخوان building burn in Tobruk, now!!

Urgent Urgent

Severe congestion in the city of Tobruk – to Benghazi

The destruction of the headquarters of the ruling Justice and construction in the city of Tobruk now ..



The “interim government “move to Benghazi and its first meeting on Sunday!!.


Benina airport was closed due to the deterioration of the situation!!

Khobar – Benghazi – Correspondent

Pnina International Airport resumed his trips to and from the air Benghazi after a hiatus of about two hours as a result of the security situation in the city of Benghazi last night and this morning.

And the Director of the airport Mr. “beauty Oqaili” in a statement, that this stop was due to the inability of the aircrew and flight staff offices from the access to the airport on time, which confused the dates of the flights.

And stressed, “Oqaili”, that flights to and from the airport built air
B resumed Benghazi b normal and natural image according to the program and flight schedules prepared.

Libyan Arab Airlines – Benghazi Information Office | |


Will tomorrow strike fully for all Modvy Libyan Arab Airlines from work and held a sit-in front of the headquarters of the company and will close doors company because of the decisions of others Responsible of the company’s directors non-qualified, which is where a great injustice to employees unjustly will not stop the protest until the expulsion of arrows and the remnants of the system Previous about this company.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel 10 cases of poisoning from Oasis Restaurant

in Benghazi hospital Oct. 7 and were in serious condition in the care.


Channel Libya: 

Al Ahrar “bad guys” give up its headquarters in Benghazi after a steady drumbeat of serious threats against workers arrived.

HERE ARE THE HARD CORE RATS who support the Yankee PUPPET-state, the RAT ARMY and the State MILITIAS..They were demonstrating at the BENGHAZI COURT SQUARE in favor of what happened on Saturday last and ask for even sterner measures!:


Now is the blood of the victims of parents meeting massacre Alkwyfah and Cyrenaica tribes and representatives of the population in Sellouk!!

Talk about a meeting tonight, “tribal sheikhs and dignitaries” in the region in Sellouk on the events of Benghazi.

The tribes of Cyrenaica in a meeting Sellouk:

“We demand the investigation quickly and let us know the results of the Black Saturday and killed 42 of our children and if you do not apply the law will waste blood from killing our children”.

LIES from ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood:
Media Atef Clmana:
In contact with a member of the Thunderbolt denied circulating now known as Colonel Nice Bouchmadh the RAT,

about that there is a force within the rebel stun …
Page Libya HD Brotherhood spread sedition and lie and say that there is a rebel force inside the Thunderbolt.

RAT Defense Ministry calls for reinforcements from the Libyan National RAT Army in Tripoli to Benghazi to meet the worsening security situation in the city. Stun forces succeed in defending the camp and the “legitimacy of the state” and the militants withdraw or human damage.

Urgent agency Libya / Benghazi – News
Stun intervention three hundred armored vehicle shortly before to secure the streets of Benghazi coming from the far east of Libya, and the number of victims of the six clashes, and a press conference shortly after the Deputy Prime Minister Awad Barasi and a number of members of the National Congress, examines the latest developments in Benghazi.

Statement of the Special Forces within minutes especially archery,
There has b Shooting 3 launchers from rooftops and Shooting
Special Forces and was answered Shooting sources, and will not
The special forces of the attackers or even protesters protestors
It outlaws and legitimacy, and there are no manifestations in
The late night and early morning hours, and are not manifestations
Because it is not peaceful.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Columns of smoke rising from area Lithy!!
Average of 14.5 in the vicinity of the camp Thunderbolt now!!

Khobar – Benghazi – Correspondent:
Turn to God’s mercy citizen “Ahmed Saleh Faitouri”, a
Victims of the treacherous attack, after being hit by a bullet and is above the surface.
Status, follow what’s going on, and utter his last breath this evening.

Urgent .. ..

President of the Chamber of security Brigadier General Mohammad Sharif:

“Of yesterday attacked us are shields and Ansar al-Sharia and we have all of their names!!”

The chairman of the joint security room in Benghazi Dean, “Mohammad Sharif” knowledge of the competent security authorities of persons involved in the attacks on the headquarters of the army Libyan city of Benghazi and led to the deaths of members of the bolt forces and the burning and destruction of the headquarters and mechanisms of the national army.

And Dean explained, “Mohammad Sharif” in a press statement published on Saturday evening that our sources of security personnel who are present among the demonstrators masked know these people personally involved, has been arrested a group of them and they are under investigation, and cast information about these attacks.

Now on the Arab Sky News channel
President of the Chamber of security, Brigadier General Mohammad Sharif: of yesterday attacked us, they shields
Ansar al-Sharia, and we have all of their names through our members that planted them.

Libya Gate
Threw the security room Benghazi arrested a group of militants who attacked the Libyan army camps in Benghazi was a reservation for them in the city of Benghazi and the number 3 six people from the group “Ansar al-Sharia” and 3 of the “militia” to shield Libya.

And information on a range Mslhhthol smuggled from Camp Thunderbolt.

News Ttwalh and strange? And Leicester God of this night: –
Log individuals from different nationalities from al-Qaeda, led by Sufian Qmo to Benghazi.

And mentions that Sufyan Qmo is responsible to train them and provide them with weapons in the mountain city of Derna.

Most of the militants from Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Fganstan and Algeria.

(Council Kiedhthorh 17 February)

National Security Directorate Benghazi

The launch of Dana-propelled grenades over the National Security Directorate and to adjust the non-commissioned officers and their refusal to vacate the Directorate and standing with the state’s “legitimacy” !!

Armor Prairie RAT National Army advancing toward Benghazi!!

Party for Justice and Development Branch Prairie cleared object-based street 20 of the 700 district.

(Benghazi lovers)

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel
Stun forces able to defeat the armed groups and to control the situation in the vicinity of the camp and the surrounding neighborhoods in preparation for the expansion of the entire city of Benghazi.

Alpine that the battle has started and to the people of Benghazi support Thunderbolt.

Clashes are now strong and continuous shooting at Camp Thunderbolt in housing

News on that lightning Al-Zentani (the battalion) equip itself to support Thunderbolt in Benghazi .. (praise to Zintan).

Firas Bo Salloum | |

About Colonel Salah بوحليقة, and to send troops to Benghazi to support Thunderbolt,

Contacted Colonel Salah بوحليقة, the phone is currently exists Bsabha and told me, “We have taken a decision to send troops to Benghazi support Thunderbolt forces, and now Gary coordination with the General Staff and stun forces in Benghazi, but did not send troops effectively after”

Word now

The arrival of forces coming from the turf and white cities and Tobruk and the arrival of the Special Forces under the command of Colonel بوحليقه full promised and materiel coming from Ajdabiya and Brega this morning to support Thunderbolt and support.
Wounding two special forces this one and other income to the operating room for an emergency operation to him .. ask God to them for a speedy recovery for them:

Special Forces published the names of the dead who were killed this morning

1 – soldier Tarek Abdel Hamid Mohamed ... residents of the dirt volunteer during the war against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.
2 – soldier Abdul Salam Mohammed Ali Volunteer of the population of the city of Benghazi volunteered during the war against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.
3 – Mohsen al-Mahdi Oraibi
4 -Qasim Congratulations Slim
5 -Mohammed Lafi

Special Forces (Thunderbolt and Almdilat)
Clashes list in fork housing between special forces and a total of outlawed weapons and launchers and Stattabarham special forces, according to the orders assigned to that now at 4 am and will come and the بالرماية the special forces would be considered the goal of direct and will be dealt with similarly and with all our strength Aotiena out.

Important words and dangerous on Libya’s international channel now

Cuneiform and Suleiman Mahmoud brigade.
Cuneiform young shields not say pro bono Fddhm large and participated in the killing of demonstrators are only a few.


Drone over Lithy ..

Was arrested on a good number of outsiders dogs people of the fire is under investigation ..

Leithy witness proportion of calm amid disapproval of parents for their extremist militias in the region!!

Source: residents of Leithy

I TOLD YOU IT WAS OBAMA’s DRONES (and so too are they the cause of all the wild fires):
Haaaaaaaaaam and dangerous Jaddaaaaaaaa the
Libyan intelligence office – a branch of Benghazi
After investigations and research in the bombing, which targeted Galaa Benghazi hospital
Turns out I’m the cause of the explosion is (the fight against international terrorism) plane without a pilot (OBAMA’s drone)
Targeted by the type of car ownership by 3 people of different nationalities
1 – Libby 2 – Algerian 3 – Yemen
Knowing that good was carrying Sorieg of type SAM-7 anti-aircraft (thermal)
And these are the reason that increased the power of the blast
Knowing the Libyan interim government (which have ful knowledge of what the Yanks were going to do),
and the National Conference General have prior ăÚáćăĺ before bombing.
هـــــاااااااااام وخطير جـــــــــــداااااااا
مكتب الاستخبارات الليبية – فرع بنغازي
بعد التحقيقات و البحث في تفجير الذي استهدف مستشفي الجلاء بنغازي
اتضح انا سبب التفجير هو ( مكافحة الارهاب الدولي ) طائره بدون طيارة
استهدفة سيارة من نوع كية بها 3 اشخاص من جنسيات مختلفة
1 – ليبي 2 – جزائري 3- يمني
مع العلم بأنه السارة كانت تحمل صوريخ من نوع سام 7 المضاد للطائرات ( حراري )
وهذي السبب الذي زاد من قوة التفجير
مع العلم الحكومة الليبية المؤقتة و مؤتمر الوطني العام لديها معلومه مسبقة قبل التفجير
BLAME OBAMA and the Yankee drones, please!

Sit-in of the people of the sister (المشاشية) road year next to Junction sister today, demanding accountability for the perpetrators who have waging unjust war against the people of our sister dated 16/06/2012 and also required from the National Conference and the interim government to hold accountable Haala criminals who killed and displaced childrenand رملوا women and destroyed the homes must hold them accountable will never forgive them, there is one God and one will take the right that the state could not take it ..
God bless our martyrs and brought them to rest in peace ..Media المشاشية

The Battle of Benghazi

Posted: 2013/06/15
Fierce battles are raging in the East of Libya, with the positions of the Zionist NATO puppet occupation regime under intensive attackA tough battle is underway in Benghazi, with several sites of the Libyan occupation regime under attack.The clashes began at 2 am this morning (local time) when a large group of armed men dressed in civilian clothes but with masks gathered in front of the Italian consulate.Hence the first target was attacked as well as a checkpoint chaired by the First Infantry Brigade of the army in Sidi Hussain.During the attack several military targets were set on fire.After that the armed group attacked the base of the First Infantry Brigade in the district of Birkah, during the attack the army left the building so that the armed group took possession of all weapons inside the base.

The next target was the headquarters of the Police which was also set on fire.

But the battle did not end there: around 4 in the morning the headquarters of the militia of Saiqa was attacked too, here the clashes were very fierce and conducted with heavy artillery the attacks awakened the whole town.

During the attack 3 members of Saiqa militia were killed and dozens were injured.

At dawn yet another base of the First Infantry Brigade was attacked in the district of Leithi, even in this case the army ran for their lives in the face of the overwhelming fire-power of the armed group.

The assailants chased them through the streets surrounding the military who came to support the Saiqa militiamen.

The armed group dispersed in the streets of Benghazi.

The partial account of the battle is 6 people dead and dozens wounded.

The situation remains tense, the airport is closed, the army is on alert, and any other government building could be the next target of the Resistance against the rat puppet of NATO and the Arabian Gulf monarchies.

31 are reported dead after last week’s and today’s battles and it is clear that the “government” is under attack, the spark of Benghazi lights the fire in Libya: the name of Benghazi given it after the 1st September 1969 Al-Fateh Revolution is Al-Bayan Al-Awal “the first spark/speech”.

By now it is becoming increasingly clear that the government imposed on Libya has failed to gain control of the country, after the southern front where the Green Resistance keeps in check the rats now the eastern front will represent the checkmate for the puppets in the pay of the Zionist FUKUSA NATO alliance.

Viva Jamahiriya!

gcse #

Free channel Cyrenaica
A little while ago,,,

Khobar – Benghazi – Correspondent

Held the interim government headed by “Ali Zaidane,” on Sunday evening, the city of Benghazi meeting attended by members

of the General National Congress for the city of Benghazi.

The meeting was devoted to discussion of the recent events in the city of Benghazi, which resulted in a number of casualties and injured others,
B added to the destruction and burning of some public and private property.

He also tried to group of angry youth access to Fadil Buamr Hotel in Benghazi, where the Council of Ministers held its regular meeting on Sunday.

Sources also confirmed at the meeting that the young people have decided to enter the venue of the meeting in order to deliver their demands directly to the prime minister, “Ali Zaidane.”

The sources added that the intervention activists and leaders of civil society organizations resulted in to calm the situation and persuade young people deliver their demands through peaceful means, where it was agreed to enter five of these young people and make their demands before the cabinet meeting.

Escape Zaidane and his deputy, and Interior Minister Sheikh after the advent of families of martyrs to meet him in a hotel holy, without the reason they came to know him …

There are unconfirmed reports that he is now at the airport.


Lists for the fourth district – Ajdabiya. Moses Faraj Saleh cabled, president of the National Conference year!!



Statement of the local council of the city of “dirt” and its environs
Based on the emergency meeting held by the members of the Council this evening to late hours .. It was agreed to suspend the work of the local council of the city of “dirt” and its environs indefinitely and for the following reasons ..

1 – repeated assassination operations, which affected the different personalities in the city and most recently the assassination of Chancellor “Najib Ohouidy” this morning.
2 – failure to meet the government and the National Congress for the urgent demands of the city and stop the wheel of development, despite repeated correspondence and meetings of all sects.
3 – lack of response from the National Conference in the application of the legal system of Sharia Court in dirt .. Despite repeated claim it.
The Council will be in permanent session and crisis management will be formed to discuss the current situation and communicate with the National Congress and the government to try to remove this sorrow for the city of Derna sky.
He also hopes the local council of the city of Derna and suburbs of the city’s residents unite and stand with the Council expensive for our city and for the blood of our martyrs who gave their lives for the homeland.
And as long as a secure and stable dirt ..

Local Council Information Office

Just a strong blow in Derna.


Judge Najib’s assassination Howaidy tuber before the court a few unidentified dead!!
Tuber | exploded since a small explosive device in a person riding a taxi car type Lancer in the neighborhood Peace (Ambouk) Bdrna, according to some eyewitnesses that the car contains a number of improvised explosive devices (Gelatina).

According to a source from within the medical collector and الهريش, that the injured person was in serious condition, and blast to amputation in some cases the parties.
– Young people tuber traditional amputated Monday with seriously wounded in the face.


Almshar killed in the Green Mountain Court of Appeals Najib Howaidy Sunday morning, after being subjected to shooting by unknown assailants,

and fingered heading to al-Qaeda, which has become dominated east # Libya.



Happens in Misrata ..

Crime, including chilling ::
Uncle kills his nephew in his workshop, and cut off his head and burn it and threw p Sea
Althakaat with primary culprit ::
Slain beaten his mother, Libby Family booklet and walking to the offender in and workshop تعارك him, and walking his Jeep Klashh car … Offender previously slain pulling thousands and killed boy
Cut off his head and his legs in Nie me uncut Trov
Masarlh lifted in Chinese follows Jay murdered omitted and lifted the sea and burn it and call me his son was born 93 that Leger and go the slain beh … tomorrow will be presented to prosecutors.

عمر التاورغي الآن يحتضــــــــــــــــــــــــر

والسبب مصراتة ومليشياتها المسلحة
و لكن لتذكير الجميع انه في يوم الحســـــاب سيقف هذا لطفل بين يدي الله مخا صما لنا جميعــــــا ….
لأننا نتخذ موقف الصمت اليوم تجاه أسرانا في معتقلات المليشيات المسلحة وكلنا نعلم حجم المعاناة,,,,,,,,,,,,,
إليكم قصة من أصل آلاف الحقائق التي تحدث في غياهب هولوكوست مصراتة , إنها قصة الطفل القاصر احمد عمر جمعه رمضان من مواليد 1998 يبلغ من العمر 15 ربيعا تحول في عهد فبراير إلى مستقبل مظلم لا نور فيه إلا الأمل بالله وبعون الشرفاء ..هذا الطفل تم أسره من قبل المليشيات المسلحة مصراته يوم10/2011 في ((مدرسة الوحدة )) التي تحولت إلى معتقل للتعذيب والتنكيل ,يتواجد عمر هناك هو ووالده الأسير أيضا ويعانى كلاهما ويلات التعذيب ورغم صغر سن عمر إلا انه أصر على التحدي فهو الآن في حالة إضراب عن الطعام تسببت له في فقر دم وتدهورت حالته مما يستعدي دخوله العاجل إلى العناية الفائقة ولكن (المليشيات المسلحة مصراتة ترفض أن يخرج منها نهائيا وذهابه إلى طرابلس للعلاج في مركز طرابلس الطبي ……..
طبعا تمت كما تعودنا دوما مناشدة المنظمات والمؤسسات المعنية بالأمر ولكن لاحياة لمن ينادي….ولكن قد يكون الفرج والعون على يد أحدكم فتعاونوا ….
اضعف الإيمان إخوتي الدعاء له فلا تبخلوا…

The reason Misratah and armed militias
But to remind everyone that in the day of reckoning that this child will stand in the hands of God.. Quarrelling us all ….
Because we take the position of today’s silence towards our prisoners in the detention camps of armed militias and we all know the scale of suffering,,,,,,,,,,
Here’s a story out of thousands of facts that occur in the midst of the Holocaust Misratah,

it’s the story of a minor child Ahmed Omar Juma Ramadan was born in 1998 at the age of 15-year-old in the era of February turned to a dark future, and not light the only hope in God and with the help of honest people .. this child was captured by armed militias Misratah on 10/2011 ((unity School)), which turned into a prison of torture and ill-treatment, present age there he and his father captive also suffered both the horrors of torture, despite the young age of age,

but he insisted on the challenge he is now in the case of a hunger strike caused his anemia, and his condition deteriorated which needs the speedy entry to the intensive care unit, but (the armed militias of Misrata refuses to come out once to go to Tripoli for treatment in Tripoli Medical Center.



Mizdah channel …


It seems that the bottom of the bottom gangs do not want security and safety in Mizdah After the skirmishes that they Astunauha and اذيالهم in Mizdah now are shooting with heavy weapons on innocent from Mizdah these folks no longer respected bands Aibria nor Baby Ashyuh Hspenaallah and yes, the agent.

Mchacheh Mizdah total fine thank God, and to now Mavi Shi only simple shooting with a weapon light
True shield was the attack on the south by Alguentarar was killed two South Shield forces and wounding five of them and left them lying on the ground and discernible their car by 14 text alone Duckh
And the south because the shield stationed at the gate Skrecz

Mizdah now

Situation relatively Hadi with hear some sounds of bullets.
We ask God for security and safety to Mizdah city.

(Media المشاشية)


Shield forces came to Libya for the Southern District to armed robbery and now three cases of wounded arrived at the hospital Mizdah were stolen cars that were in their possession.

(Media المشاشية)

Hasnawi Southern District commander of the Libya Shield forces announced the withdrawal of Libya Shield forces all from Mizdah city gates

Because of the events that took place yesterday in the city. Hasnawi said he could not leave any armor force in the region without the potential of pointing out that he

personally addressed the presidency of the General Staff of the RAT Army on supporting the shield forces in more than once without interest as he put it.

Mizdah shortly before

Urgent rocket unknown quality near from the hotel Bmzdh, of course ID that uses these weapons.

Media المشاشية



Mkmadas FM
Confirmed information from the Department of CID

Finding a middle-aged woman in an abandoned house the night she was beaten and blood coming from her body and can not speak and was moved
To Ibn Sina Hospital, accompanied by the Criminal Investigation Department of Sirte.

Hope circular anyone has information filed by the brothers Criminal Investigation Department of Sirte.

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.



Zliten News | |

Unconfirmed readiness forces from the city of Misrata from the Libyan national army to enter the city of Zliten to catch the ousted climbers Brigades is folding under “legitimacy” !
The fears of the inhabitants of the city that turns into a battlefield…

The party city of Zliten there and having any movements apprehensive of some of the perpetrators of crimes

Our own sources confirm that the national army in charge of Egypt said he that Atsagt any drop of blood in the peaceful event in the city and extradition

God saves Zliten from evil temptations and save the blood of the sons of the city.

وردتنا انباء غير مؤكدة عن استعداد قوات من مليشيات مدينة مصراتة للدخول الى مدينة زليتن للقبض على ما اسموهم بالأزلام و المتسلقين في الكتائب الغير منضوية تحت الشرعية “أي شرعية يا جرذان”وتخوفات من قبل اهالي المدينة بان تتحول الى ساحة حربأما عن الاوضاع في مدينة زليتن حاليا فلا وجود لأي تحركات وتخوف من قبل الاهالي لحدوث مواجهات وتتحول المدينة الى ساحة حرب لدرايتهم العميقة بمدى جرم وارهاب مليشيات مصراتة المارقة.اللهم احفظ اهل زليتن من اي شر.

We have received unconfirmed readiness of troops from the city of Misrata militias to enter the city of Zliten to catch what they call them بالأزلام and climbers in the third battalions under the umbrella of legitimacy “no legitimacy Oh Rats”

And fears by the inhabitants of the city that turns into a battlefield

As for the situation in the city of Zliten Currently there are no movements and feared by the locals to confrontations and turn the city into a battlefield for deep their knowledge of the extent of crime and terrorism, rogue militias of Misrata.

God save the people of Zliten from any evil.


This seducer “Akram Almazzouza” of city of Zliten known in Zliten “Obama” this who said in a video clip in front Aldavnih in the month 5: “Jaenk of the Jaenk O Bochwhovh and God was Iksola Rgelea Jake creep”

And actually Lord Eradelh it severed leg Bkadifah mortar .. And today Dharpinh in prime minister (Ali Zaidan guard) because he demanding regardless pensions!!!

Has been shut down two of the guard for the third and re-work after that proved not to be involved in the process of beating:

جريمة اغتصاب أحد المعتقلين في سجن ماجر
WHY they destroyed the Shrine of 15th Century Sheikh Abdulsalam ASMAR (brown) Faitouri:
Muammar  prophecy by Sheike Asmar
updated with the full report of what happened at the ZLITAN shrine and mosque of Sheikh Abdulsalam ASMAR (brown) Faitouri and his decendants.l

فشة غل البلاد

تداعيات أحداث زليتن الخطيرة التي وقعت يوم 23 أغسطس 2012

(إحصائية الأسرى والمسروقات والقتلى في المواجهات القبلية)

بتاريخ الثالث والعشرين من شهر اغسطس للعام 2012 اندلعت أعمال مسلحة بين قبائل في مدينة زليتن الليبية والتي تبعد حوالي أكثر من150 كيلو متر عن العاصمة الليبية طرابلس ، وفي غياب تام لقوى الامن والشرطة والجيش تدخلت بعض الميليشيات الدينية المتطرفة لمساندة أحد طرفي ذلك النزاع وهو الطرف الذي استنجد بها مقابل وعودٍ بحق التصرف في مقدسات دينية للصوفية ، وتطور النزاع بعد ان تهجمت الميلشيات الدينية مع حلفائها القبليين على بعض المقدسات الاسلامية الصوفية التي تحاربها عقائدياً هذه الميليشيات وتناهض وجودها ، وبالفعل تم هدم أضرحة وحرق زوايا أشهرها زاوية الشيخ عبدالسلام الأسمر الفيتوري ونبش قبره وحرق مكتبة المنارة والجامعة الاسلامية والعبث بمخطوطات تاريخية هامة ، وتم نعت وتصنيف كل من نبذ وتصدى لمسألة هدم المسجد والمنارة وكل من وقف مع قبيلة اولاد الشيخ الفواتير الذين كانوا يتولون مسألة رعاية تلك الأماكن، والذين تم اتهامهم بأنهم من بقايا النظام السابق في ادعاء باطل الهدف منه فقط تبرير تلك الأعمال الأجرامية واللا أخلاقية ،
وقد نتج عن هذه الاحداث المؤسفة قتل عدد من أحفاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الأسمر وتشريد العديد من الأسر وحرق البيوت وخلف كل هذا شرخًا عميقًا في النسيج الاجتماعي داخل مدينة زليتن توفرت لنا من بعض المصادر احصائيات عن عدد القتلى وحصر مبدأي للدمار الذي حل بالمنارة والجامعة والاضطهاد الذي تعرض له أحفاد الشيخ على مر 10 أشهر وعلى مرأى ومسمع من الحكومة وأبناء المناطق المجاورة وهي بعد التحري والمراجعة كالتالي//


بالنسبة لعدد أبناء عائلات قبيلة أولاد الشيخ الفواتير في سجون المليشيات القبلية 316 شخص دون محاكمات أو توجيه اي تهم ،،هذا العدد في معتقل ماجر فقط .

*وفيات تحت التعديب من ابناء وعائلات قبيلة اولاد الشيخ الفواتير بالصعق الكهربائي :

14 عذبوا من قبل المليشيات القبلية.

*الأسر المهجرة أكتر من 100 عائلة وأكتر من 700 شاب

*البيوت المهدومة بالكامل 5 بيوت

*والبيوت المحروقة 26 منزل تم حرقهم في نكبة 23-8-2012

*البيوت المنهوبة 88 منزل لأولاد الشيخ نهب منها ما يقدر ب 15 مليون دينار ليبي

*سرقات: تمت سرقة 153 شاحنات نقل و72 سيارة خاصة من ابناء عائلات قبيلة اولاد الشيخ .
*عدد البيوت المقتحمة لغرض التفتيش 190 بيت وتعرضت كلها للنهب وتمشيط موجوداتها .
*احتلال 40 شقة تابعة للسكن الداخلي للجامعة الاسمرية .

*سجن علماء ومشايخ الجامعة الاسمرية بتهمة انهم من الصوفية
وهناك معلومات تصلنا عن سجناء خارج سجون ماجر لم يتم تقدير عددهم وفي الغالب ان ظروف سجنهم احسن حالاً من سجن ماجر .

فشة Gul country

Serious repercussions of the events of Zliten which occurred on August 23, 2012 at the Shrine & mosque of  Sheikh Abdulsalam ASMAR (brown) Faitouri:

(Statistical prisoners and loot and dead in tribal clashes)

On the twenty-third of August of 2012 broke out armed actions between tribes in the city of Zliten Libya, which is about more than 150 kilometers from the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and in the complete absence of security forces, police and army intervened some militias religious extremist to support one of the parties to the dispute, a party that استنجد in return for promises the right to act in the sacred religion of Sufism, and the evolution of the conflict after Tahjmt militias religious with its allies Tribal some Islamic sanctities Sufi تحاربها ideologically these militias and opposes the existence, and has already been demolished shrines and burn the corners of the most famous corner Sheikh Abdulsalam brown Faitouri and dig up his grave and burn Library lighthouse The Islamic University and tampering with manuscripts important historical, was describing and classifying each of renunciation and address the issue of the demolition of the mosque and the lighthouse every stop with the tribe El Sheikh bills who were in charge the issue of care of those places, who have been accused of being the remnants of the former regime’s claim is false intended only to justify those criminal acts and immoral,
As a result of these unfortunate events killed a number of descendants of Sheikh Abdul Salam brown and the displacement of many families and the burning of houses and behind all this rift deeply into the social fabric within the city of Zliten available to us from some sources statistics on the number of dead and inventory of the principles of the devastation solution بالمنارة, university and persecution suffered by the Sheikh descendants over 10 months and the glare of the government and people of the neighboring areas after investigation and review are as follows / /

* Prisoners:

For the number of children of the families of the tribe of children Sheikh bills in prisons tribal militias 316 people without trial or any charges, this number Guantanamo only Mager.

* Mortality under التعديب of the sons and families of the tribe of Sheikh Sons bills electric shocks:

14 tortured by tribal militias.

* Displaced families Aktar than 100 families browser than 700 young people

* Fully demolished houses 5 houses

* And burned 26 houses were burning house in the Nakba 23/08/2012

* Looted 88 houses house for the children of Sheikh looting of which an estimated 15 million Libyan dinars

* Thefts: 153 was stolen trucks and 72 private car of the sons of the families of the tribe of Sheikh Sons.
* Number of homes invasive inspection for the purpose of 190 House and all looted and combing their assets.
* Occupy 40 apartments belonging to the inner housing for University الاسمرية.

* Prison scientists and university chieftains الاسمرية on charges they Sufi
There is information we receive prisoners outside the prison Mager not estimate the number and often that prison conditions fared better of Mager prison.


* Of the worst killings, the assassination of Mustafa filtered Hamouda with 57 bullets.
Filtering is also a number of guests inside Zliten hospital for wounded sons of Sheikh and the number 8 by tribal militias
They ::
Salem Njie Alati
Ibrahim Al-Tahir
Salem long Alati
Nuri Alahirh (was placed in the Fridge dead a neighborhood)
Fathi road
Mustafa Hamouda
Tayeb Alati
Hafiz Njie Alati.

Militia officials directly responsibility for acts of torture:
Abdul Rauf Troch Ahamada
Abdul Hamid builder
Tariq ibn Wali
Emhemed Mansour Ahamada
Mohammed الزريقي builder
Mohammed Sawan and is now in America
Massoud Aalghemona,
Ahmed al-Qaeda Futaisi ordered Bzletn
Abdullatif Brenqgu Al
Massoud Aalghemona,
Hafiz Amslm
Murad mast
Mounir Cttsati,
Khaled Andishe,
Alaa mast
Mahmoud Andishe,
Abdulkarim Ali builder
Tarek Ahmed Akhchih Ahamada
Abu Agila Sharif

Rape of a detainee in a prison Mager
There is news alarming for the crime of rape occurred this week for one of the detainees in the prison Mager in Zliten for reasons of tribal, do not know why not move the authorities and human rights organizations until the moment of inquiry about what is happening in this prison practices of dubious, if the reports about the prison Mager make it more like a castle of torture and sadistic practices, It is well known that this prison Includes detainees without any judicial proceedings, have been arrested solely on the basis of tribal affiliation and intellectual.
هناك أخبار مفزعة عن جريمة اغتصاب حدثت هذا الأسبوع لأحد المعتقلين في سجن ماجر في زليتن لأسباب قبلية، لا نعرف لماذا لم تتحرك السلطات والمنظمات الحقوقية حتى اللحظة للتحقيق حول ما يحدث في هذا السجن من ممارسات مريبة، إن التقارير الواردة حول سجن ماجر تجعله أشبه بقلعة للتعذيب والممارسات السادية، ومعلوم أن هذا السجن يحوي معتقلين دون أي إجراءات قضائية، تم اعتقالهم فقط بناء على انتمائهم القبلي والفكري.



Mahmoud Boras:
There is information about the occurrence of rebellion sentenced Alkwyfah of prisoners, which share the administration of the military police, felonies, and Hdhue warned currently in prison after control.

Aaaaaaaajl …

Back clashes between black stun and dogs Khuraj people of fire in the vicinity by the river!!!

Vote successfully lead the vicinity of the bolt was problematic between the group and the police and stun intervened and returned Things to Tabataha!!

Statement of the  “protection” RAT force Kufra (Libya Shield 7) before its withdrawal:

Urgent agency Libya / KUFRA “infidels” –
RAT Shield forces to Libya VII announces abandoning the protection of KUFRA “infidels”
Force issued a shield Libya forces charged with protecting seventh the infidels statement, which announced its withdrawal from the process of securing the south and protect the city of Kufra, and demanded that the government and the chief of staff to shoulder its responsibility towards the status quo, and send the Libyan army to protect the area.
The description statement of waging what he called a campaign of distortion owners ambitions of political, both domestic and international, and the owners whims personal, regional, and that the strength of the shield are young Libyan civilians honorable Liberals, who Madoa from home and protected the lives and symptoms of Libyan citizens, have not brought together by tribal or regional , or political party, putting them are single is the overthrow of tyranny. According to the statement.
The statement stressed Shield refused to be a party to sedition aimed sons of one homeland, and take the power of the shield justified to achieve those sedition.
He stressed the shield in his statement that the mission of the shield is the task of temporary pending the establishment of the Libyan army, and that “the decision-makers to send in troops of the Libyan army, who abandoned their duty to protect the people during the revolution, and abandoned him in the protection of the South and the border after the liberation,” as shield apologized in a statement to the people of the infidels withdrawal from the task of securing the city.
The Presidency of the General Staff has sent military aircraft on Sunday morning to the town of Kufra, to replace the withdrawing shield.

Now directly on the radio infidels is the area of Kufra military confirms release of prisoners and access to the city and stresses that he does not have any negotiations

with the kidnappers, but there was a mediation assumed notables Tabu .. He also stressed that they were not the Rbeana area ..

Elephant field:

Employees are now leaving for the entire field after the deteriorating security situation dramatically.

In response to appearance Allashi Mahdi in prisons Haitham Tagouris, Mitigua base when visiting Minister of the Interior, a group of Toubou expel the

Elephant oil field workers and the closure of the field until the release Allashi and Execution demands:


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl Jaddaaaaa ….. By telephone …… Islamic groups Taatzvq to Libyan territory across the infidels taking advantage of the withdrawal of forces Salah Aouhliqh as well as the withdrawal of troops Altbwa after تأكدهم of the state behind the kidnapping of Allashi Mahdi and leave the area south of Libyan open مصرعيها,,,, groups advancing in the direction of the south coming from the north of Mali by witnesses met their middle of the desert, to the importance of the need for publication, and to teach our people in the south that al-Qaeda in the direction of them.



Matrouh | Libya shoot 200 Egyptian :::

Major Anani received Hamouda director of security Matrouh, a notification from the Salloum land port stating Libyan security forces firing shots Egyptian cartouche on the bow area between Egypt and Libya.
A security source said, that the reason for the shooting, is a gathering of about 200 people, residents of the town of Salloum to intercept Libyan side to allow the passage of 20 truck loaded with goods of unknown origin, gathered a number of parents and mobbed, which resulted in the clashes, and called the Libyan side cartouche , which resulted in the injury of slave جاسي Abdullah 20 years old, a resident of Salloum left foot.
The injured were transferred to the Central Hospital Salloum for treatment.




Mohammed Boiasir:

One of my relatives told me that in the program, “Omar Adib” In television meeting with leaders extent of the Free Syrian Army said the following:

“We are most our تسليحنا funding from Libya, also have stores of weapons and gear there, and some of them under the supervision of our brothers there and not with the knowledge of the Libyan government”

I asked my neighbor to get me a copy of which witness.





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