The Friday of Fortune

Green Resistance and Green Book


“We are closer to them than his jugular vein and Snnqd them in a timely manner and near, God willing…”

(National Strange)

God and Muammar and Libya ups
(The main الادمن)

O Allah, I ask on a Friday night
To wipe us from the deep meaning of
And enlighten the darkness of Layalina .. Oh watery joy
And grant us all the entrances to the good
God made ​​our wishes
And Faraj are all solicitous us, O Lord,

Oh Secretary
(The main administrator)

Mu, Sir

His Excellency leader Bomenaar:
A few days and we will show lies + rumors + inventions from the heart of the event witnesses + Analysts stupid + first-class politicians
+ = seasoned military conflict on the capital and personal interests.
(His Excellency Leader)

أيّام قليلة و ستظهر علينا أكاذيب + إشاعات + اختراعات + شهود من قلب الحدث + محللون أغبياء + سياسيون من الطراز الاول + عسكريين محنّكون = للصراع على العاصمة و المصالح الشخصية
(فخامة الزعيم)
he terrorist assaults allegedly committed by Muammar al-Qathafi were furthermore in the WEST’s [CIA / MOSSAD / MI6] own false flag operations waged by our own secret intelligence services in the West as well as those in Israel. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (all posts in this forum page, or most – 6) (7) (8) (9)
Moreover, it must be recognised that Qathafi may be a wonderful radicalised, revolutionary, benevolent, cunning, calculating, defiant anti-colonialist, as well as resilient Résistance leader against the neo-colonisation global mafia—all to me being exquisitely perfect qualities—however he is NO brutalising ‘régime leader’, he is NO ‘dictator’, nor is he a ‘murderer of his own people’ as our deliberately hypocritical double-standardised oxymoronic Western, Israeli, Gulf, Ikhwan, South Korean, Taiwanese (remember the KMT’s past White Terrors), Jordanian politicians, in addition to their corporate diaspora as well as military-industrialised-complex deep state sponsors;
moreover also the countless other puppet régimes as well as organisations working for them worldwide; would have us believe Muammar al-Qathafi is….
Furthermore, knowing Muammar al-Qathafi’s personality pretty well from my research, how could he be responsible for all that he supposedly alleged of being responsible for? …
All completely utterly, bloody fabricated rubbish by those whom wanted to neo-colonise Libya with the inside help of traitorous Qadhafi era officials that would proudly betray him for a wealthy reward from the West (its even the case for most ‘high ranking Syrian officials’ that did not have old prior contacts with the West that admitted they were bribed to ‘defect’ to the FSA rats)….
Indeed so Comrades, this is the conflagration of rubbish, contradictions, lies, white washing that mainstream media aligned to NATO across the world have been spouting…….
Nonetheless, all of this propaganda as well as contradicting asides, whom stands to bloody benefit from this dishonourable spacegoating (scapegoating, I apologise for deliberately twisting the word for laughs) Muammar al-Qathafi on some days, Palestinians on others, or even Iran or Syria by mesmorised ‘Safavidist conspiracy’ theorists NATO has worked extremely hard to organise?…
Iran was under tonnes of pressure during 2011 to end its support for the Green Résistance, for Green Libya, for the Glorious Great Jamahiriya by the Neo-Colonisation Axis of Mobsters….
Nevertheless, Iran is innocent, moreover this little factor here is being used by numerous persons wanting to turn pro-Qathafis against Iran to support a neo-colonialist invasion there; completely utterly attempting to white wash the fact of which a NATO led pressuring against Iran had been organised prior….
for perhaps even worse, the potential to Reunite Islam completely.This the Zionists do so bloody most fear.
Whilst, another fact which must be noted concerning Muammar al-Qathafi, is that he supported the 1979 Iranian Revolution whilst even went onwards to mobilising his country to support Iran against Saddam‘s NATO, Israel, Gulf monarchs directed invasion of Iran. It must be furthermore remembered that during the Great Jamahiriya, most abductions turned out to be committed by Libyan based al-CIA-da destabilisation, Balkanisation, takfiri NATO backed death squad, far right, contra mercenaries whilst so-called ‘executions‘ either never even occurred, or, for those that did, were organised by traitorous Libya officials with previously secretive relations with the neo-colonisers,
it is the same officials that would ‘defect‘ later on whilst NATO led corporate mainstream media as well as these vile traitors would white wash the truth of Mousa Sadr amongst other cases whilst spacegoat all the blame upon the innocent glorious Muammar al-Qathafi.
In addition to this, NATO led psyops materialising as well as manufacturing false evidence against the Jamahiriya to discredit the al-Qathafi/GREAT JAMAHIRIYA utopia for the justification of a neo-colonising invasion of Libya continued even after the war ended in 2011…….
Whilst it must be remembered, that besides the government officials colluding against al-Qathafi alongside NATO (to which al-Qathafi had reacted only with apathy as well as silence, fully confident that none of these things could occur in his country) with the help of a ruthless Anglo-American known as Edward Wilson whom was hired to help train these elements of the security apparatus that would in the future be utilised to discredit as well as spacegoat Muammar al-Qathafi whilst furthermore white washing everything else (or so they bloody thought).
It must furthermore be noted that the ‘Arab Spring‘ spreading into Algeria, Libya as well as Syria were part of a profound Operation of destabilisation fomented by the CIA, MI5, MI6, our DGSE, Mossad, Turkey‘s MÌT, Pakistan‘s ISI, as well as Saudi Arabia‘s GIP, the Ikhwan ruled Mukhabarat,
in addition to Qatar‘s State Security (QSS).I thenceforward finalised my investigation here. Who is responsible for Rafik Hariri, Imam Mousa Sadr, as well as Yaccoub‘s deaths?
The same neo-colonialists now shredding Syria apart whilst attempting to get to Iran next.
In conclusion, we must be careful not to allow the neo-colonisation mobsters to split the Middle East either along sectarian or ethnic lines or, make the world buy the rubbish that NATO led mainstream media spouts concerning certain leaders to procure public opinion in favour of their transgressive wars….

(WE NEED IMAM Mu’amma al-Qathafi):

[Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is the] one that the West led neo-colonialists most bloody fear, as well as a charismatic, compromising figure that could help reunite Sunnis, Shi’its, Alawis, Maronite Christians, Orthodox Christians, Jews, etcetera together to form a powerful Résistance front against the NATO led neo-colonisation mobsters to finally help achieve peace in this messed up world….

It is our duty to find the individual persons responsible within the neo-colonialist intelligence services, as well as government officials responsible, whilst take them to justice whence-ever a conclusive, finalised, sweeping close to these case files occur. We have a generalised idea of those responsible, now its a matter of finding the individual persons indeed it is. Moreover perhaps, only perhaps, once I revolutionise my country France, as well as do so for Japan, I shall open such an investigation, including into our own country’s DGSE, to hold the individuals accountable for this mess guilty as well as have them brought to the just wrath of international, non-NATO ‘international community’, REAL ‘International Community’, justice.

Internet Sources concerning Muammar al-Qathafi being innocent on numerous things; sources concerning Mousa Sadr, as well as some of the remaining sources on NATO led Pressure on Iran concerning Libya: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18 – Iran being pro-Qadhafi in early March 2011) (19 – Iran provides secret support to Comrade; however do note that the ‘nuclear reasons’ for it as this article cites are nothing more than NATO rubbish) (20 – An Iranian article of truth fully support Muammar al-Qathafi’s Resistance) (21 – Al Arabiya article being one of the last few articles of anti-Iran NATO led mainstream media online that were not deleted nor white washed that bring perspective that Iran was a secretly staunch ally of Muammar al-Qathafi; whilst the large majority of other contents in said article on other matters fomenting anti-Iran, anti-al-Qathafi statements are rubbish) – add more later

Other reads: (1 – Telegraph propaganda article back in 2004 that was intended as a BLAME IRAN conceptualisation in addition to an anti-Libya article in an attempt to divide both allies using psyops)

Other interesting reads pertaining for NATO fomenting sectarianism as well as scientific assassinations: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

Message Express Oahmun the dreamers ….

by Battalion Black day

Sometimes we stand a little bit every now and then to understand some minds Allowahmh and souls of weak Greedy to understand them and we know their size natural parents may have with the course of events may have forgotten or Tanasoh for some reason, to Illusionary Dreamers Sleepers on their stomachs tell,

Day began the events of Libya or the so-called The spree cowards stop the world

The whole front of us to tell us we are with you, O people of Libya will not Nmseskm ill will decide on the Security Council and the University of wantonness Arab decisions against you will not move

Asatellna to Qsvkm will Inspire awe in your children will not kill your men will occupy your country, but on condition that Tthoroa Ali your leader that Tbdloa judgment that They drive away or out Muammar al-Qathafi that the olive your system and then will Nqsvkm ..

Mada’s response was the Libyan people and time, we went out millions Mlaena streets and squares, plazas echo of God and Muammar and Libya ups screamed highest voice Aadzerh Eachnzirh and Muammar Manebo other

Thaf multitudes of Bab al-Aziziya to be Adera mankind to protect Mr. Leader Muammar al-Qathafi and his family Collectivity masses and youth volunteering and Aharaar to defend Muammar al-Qathhafi code Libya’s great. was the army and volunteers are resisting greater NATO.

Benghazi and unjust in the world NATO are delighted Optimistic victory outlined fighting, dancing on the most beautiful and wonderful and believe cheers echoed by multitudes of God and Muammar and Libya ups when chanted commander us

and said Men Women Children follows with Muammar al-Qathafi glory Ezza get out of your homes and defend your country, we went out because we want to Muammar al-Qathafi glory and honor and pride.

martyred men were arrested and black Aghtsibna Aharaar and displaced families and resisted souls sincere believers in Allah and the leadership in order to keep Muammar al-Qathafi glory icon for each Libby

and Libyan, to الواهمون dreamers say if we want a man ruled by non-Muammar al-Qathafi style GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (masses), what fought war if we want the rule is the people’s authority to Batna Babnaúna to death if we want

is the Great Jamahiriya and tons us what we stood up against on 17 _2_2011 to date this and we wrap our children in science and green echo in our houses of God and Muammar and Libya ups to each of begging him the same greedy and mind Allowahm to babies in front of the legend Muammar al-Qathafi.

Yes Dear Dreamers you kids infants in front of history Muammar al-Qathafi you’re not efficient rival ye dwarves and Sidi leader and his sons divine, to Ranters by Salt them themselves forgetting GOING STRONG

and the date of our fight fierce blood of our martyrs righteous curse you Huhtm Join your witnesses beside Btfahatkm and Ahakadkm

you say that the great Libyan people have spoken since the day 17 _2 God and Muammar and Libya ups O Acharadm, would not dream of that Tgmona because the leader and his sons Sir imposed themselves on historyIn their steadfastness and their sacrifices and courage. But you Vadehbwa, for discotheques street machine.

(Admin} 2)

رســـــــــــــــاله مستعجله للواهمون الحـالمون ….
احيانا نقف قليلا بين الحين والاخر لنفهم بعض العقول الواهمه والنفوس الضعيفه الطامعه لنفهمهم ونعرفهم حجمهم الطبيعي الدي ربما يكونوا مع مجريات الاحداث قد نسوه او تناسوه لسبب ما ,,الي الواهمون الحالمون النائمون علي بطونهم اقول,, يوم بدأت احداث ليبيا او مايسمي بفورة الجبناء وقف العالم كله امامنا ليقول لنا نحن معكم ايها الشعب الليبي لن نمسسكم بسوء لن نقرر في مجلس الامن وفي جامعه العهر العربيه قرارات ضدكم لن نحرك اساطيلنا لقصفكم لن نرهب ابنائكم لن نقتل رجالكم لن نحتل بلادكم ولكن بشرط ان تثوروا علي قائدكم ان تبدلوا حكمكم ان تطردوا معمركم ان تسقطوا نظامكم وقتها لن نقصفكم .. مادا كان رد الشعب الليبي وقتها ,,خرجنا بالملايين ملاءنا الشوارع والساحات والميادين نردد الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس صرخنا بااعلي صوتنا ياجزيره ياخنزيره ومعمر مانيبو غيره تهاتفت الجموع لباب العزيزيه لتكون ادرع بشريه لحماية سيدي القائد معمر القدافي وعائلته تنادت الجماهير وتطوع الشباب والحراير لدفاع عن معمر القدافي رمز ليبيا العظيم .كان الجيش والمتطوعيين يقاومون اعظم حلف غازي وظالم في العالم حلف الناتو وهم سعيدون مستبشرون بالنصر المبين يحاربون وهم يرقصون علي اجمل واروع واصدق هتاف ردده الجموع الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس عندما هتف القائد بيننا وقال رجال نساء اطفال يلي مع معمر القدافي المجد العزه اخرجوا من بيوتكم ودافعوا عن بلادكم خرجنا لاننا نريد معمر القدافي المجد والعزه والكبرياء .استشهد الرجال واعتقل الاسود واغتصبنا الحراير وشردت العائلات وقاومت النفوس الصادقه المؤمنه بالله وبقيادتها من اجل ان يبقي معمر القدافي المجد رمز لكل ليبي وليبيه ,,الي الواهمون الحالمون نقول لو كنا نريد رجل يحكمنا غير معمر القدافي لما خضنا الحرب لو نريد حكم غير سلطة الشعب لما بعتنا باابنائنا الي الموت لو كنا نريد غير الجماهيريه العظمي وطنا لنا لما صمدنا من يوم 17 _2_2011 الي يومنا هدا ونحن نلف ابنائنا بالعلم الاخضر ونردد في بيوتنا الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس الي كل من تسول له نفسه الطامعه وعقله الواهم الي الاطفال الرضع امام الاسطوره معمر القدافي نعم ايها الحالمون انتم اطفال رضع امام تاريخ معمر القدافي انتم لستم كفؤ للمنافسه فانتم الاقزام وسيدي القائد وابناءه العظماء ,, الي المتشدقون التي سولت لهم انفسهم بنسيان صمودنا وتاريخ حربنا الشرسه ودم شهداءنا الابرار اللعنه عليكم شوهتم تاريخ شهداءكم بتفاهاتكم واحقادكم اليكم اقول ان الشعب الليبي العظيم قال كلمته مند يوم 17 _2 الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس ايها الشرادم لن تحلموا ان تحكمونا لان سيدي القائد وابناءه فرضوا انفسهم علي التاريخ بصمودهم وتضحياتهم وشجاعتهم اما انتم فادهبوا لان مراقص شارع اله

مشتركينا الكرام …
أعادة تفعيل الأرقام التي تجاوزت الصلاحية ودخلت مرحلة التجمد, ماعليك الا تعبئة رصيدك فقط كي يتم تفعيل الخدمة لديك .
هذا العرض صالح الى تاريخ 16/7/2013 فلا تجعل الفرصة تفوتك.
نرحب باستفساراتكم على صفحتنا او يمكنكم الاتصال بخدمات مشتركي ليبيانا على الرقم المجاني 150

Libyana …
Dear subscribers …
Reactivate the numbers that exceeded the authority and entered the stage of freezing, Maalik only fill your balance only to be activated your service.
This offer is valid to the date of 16.07.2013 do not let the opportunity miss.
We welcome inquiries on our page or you can contact subscribers Services Libyana toll-free 150

مشتركي واي ماكس لابد من إضافة الترددات الجديدة بالاضافة الى الترددات القديمة في الجهاز لتتمكن من دخول الشبكة لمن يتعذر عليه ذلكالترددات الجديدة :
2575000الترددات القديمة2505000
2545000وسوف نضع لاحقا مقاطع فيديو توضيحية في قناة الشركة على اليوتيوب من هنا

WiMAX subscribers must add new frequencies in addition to the old frequencies in the machine to be able to enter the network for those who can not it

New frequencies:

The old frequencies


We will put the later illustrative video clips in the company’s channel on YouTube from here:

Resistance fighters “are steadfast” متربصون “God Mtoklon” God willing victors “and the green flag in the skies of Libya Ravon” God is greatest over the Kid aggressor Mrddon ”

(Admonh 1 “)


Dr. Hamza Thami w rifle

What came in an intervention Dr. Hamza Abuschner Thami, today 20/06/2013


Talked about the anniversary of targeting home team Khuwaildi Hamdi and said he did not fault the shelling, but because they are Libyans said in such a day was elevated to the Paradise Khaleda and Khuwaildi and their mother and most of the family Khuwaildi. Motherland as you know from the East who became the rewards daughters of treason, Seda became Seda betrayal and shame, Seda Sarkozy Levy and Berlusconi, who forced him commander at the hands of the sons of Saada, Seda was now the bitch that sell their sons and daughters.
Descriptive such as fineness Ichabehn in the name and meaning paid their children betrayed by their parents, the curse of God be upon you, O Seda (except Liberal) to the Day of Judgement and shame the longest of age

Talked about the suffering in the land, the people of Tawergha and said you are not in your directory and permit the prime minister and convicted and what the Prime Minister because the buttons his shirt can not control, who asked today to postpone the return of itinerant Tawergha to their towns and said that this enters the game and the fear of Misratah and this is known.
Zidane addressed The Aazeidan said that you prepare yourself man must stand with the weak and المغلوبين who spend their summer righteousness and in refugee camps.
Addressing the people of Tawergha and said the right force and ye deluded that Atkltm on Zidane and must be retribution and revenge either live with dignity or die in dignity, to no avail propitiation for Arjaekm, and God can not do anything to you, whenever they felt Boukovkm whenever increased in bullying

Talked about Zintan said that Zintan now pay the price for treason, is now not classified with the Liberals not classified with rats, Zintan Badia Talat biggest fools have had previously drawn attention to this when we were in Libya, we know the tribes, and we know the result alliance of tribes Ghabr Arabic, we know alliance Misrata and market Friday, Tajora, corner these are not Arabs, then Magdoy the coalition with them? but Zintan were stupid and blind and Astamlom Mtaya him to the enemy.

Even if Khana Zintan, must be displaced because Aljebalih the claim that the borders of Zuwarah to Hamada red and consider land Amazigh. Jokes and media outlets to hide something and see jokes that Ttendr on Zintan.

Talked about free Tripoli and intended are the sons of the ancient tribes who are in Tripoli, in the Muslim Quarter and Abu Salim, الدريبي and pressures Alshall plateau and said that who origins Turks and them Almsarit the intend Tswejtkm the Tripoli.
He said, each رفلي and Jeela and Tarhuni and Soiei and Gaddafi and Megrahi beware that they are preparing for the liquidation of these mixed neighborhoods in the capital, this is not the words of media, but the words of a real and among them, and they want to re-Tripoli Msarit and Altoager and ways and want to re-Tripoli كعهد Knights of St. John, to be the weapon must be the willingness to face confrontation is brewing, from better their Tngzu before that dine you

Not يغرنكم the calm they are now planning and accumulating arms cooperation from Qatar, are the target Zintan and the first to be expelled from the capital are Zintan and you will see.

ما جاء في مداخلة الدكتور حمزة اليوم 20-6-2013

تحدث عن ذكرى استهداف منزل الفريق الخويلدي الحمدي وقال انه لا ذنب لقصفهم الا لانهم ليبيين وقال في مثل هذا يوم ارتقى الى الجنة خالدة والخويلدي ووالدتهم واغلب عائلة الخويلدي.الام كما تعلمون من الشرق الذي اصبح يكافيء بناته بالخيانة,سعدة اصبحت سعدة الخيانة والعار,سعدة ساركوزي وليفي وبرلسكوني الذي ارغمه القائد على يد ابناء سعدة,سعدة الان اصبحت العاهرة التي تبيع ابناءها وبناتها.
صفية مثل صفاء يتشابهن في الاسم والمعنى دفعنا ابناءهن خيانة من طرف اهلهن,لعنة الله عليكم يا سعدة(ما عدا الاحرار) الى يوم الدين والعار اطول من العمر

تحدث عن المعذبين في الارض,اهل تاورغاء وقال انكم لستم في بلدكم والدليل تصريح رئيس الوزراء ويدان وماهو برئيس وزراء لان ازرار قميصه لا يستطيع التحكم فيها,الذي طلب اليوم تاجيل عودة مهجري تاورغاء الى مدنهم وقال ان هذا يدخل في اللعبة وخوفا من مصراتة وهذا معروف.
خاطب زيدان وقال يازيدان ان كنت تعد نفسك من الرجل لابد ان تقف مع الضعفاء والمغلوبين الذي يقضون البر والصيف في مخيمات اللاجئين.
خاطب اهل تاورغاء وقال ان الحق بالقوة وانتم واهمون ان اتكلتم على زيدان ولابد من القصاص والثار اما العيش بكرامة او الموت بكرامة,لا ينفع الاستعطاف من اجل ارجاعكم,والله لا يستطيعون فعل اي شيء لكم ,كلما احسوا بخوفكم كلما زادوا في التجبر

تحدث عن الزنتان وقال ان الزنتان الان تدفع ثمن الخيانة,هي الان لا مصنفة مع الاحرار ولا مصنفة مع الجرذان,الزنتان البادية طلعوا اكبر مغفلين وقد سبق وان نبهنا على هذا لما كنا في الليبية,نحن نعرف القبائل ونعرف نتيجة تحالف القبائل الغبر العربية,نعرف تحالف مصراتة وسوق الجمعة,تاجوراء,الزاوية هؤلاء ليسوا عرب,اذن ماجدوى التحالف معهم؟لكن الزنتان كانوا اغبياء وعميان واستعملوم مطايا وسلم للعدو.

حتى وان خنع الزنتان,فلا بد من تهجيرهم لان الجبالية يدعون ان حدودهم من زوارة الى الحمادة الحمراء ويعتبرونها ارض امازيغية.النكت وسيلة اعلامية تخفي شيء ما وانظروا النكت التي تتندر على الزنتان.

تحدث عن احرار طرابلس والمقصود هم ابناء القبائل العريقة الموجودين في طرابلس,في الحي الاسلامي وبوسليم والدريبي وغوط الشعال والهضبة وقال ان الذين اصولهم اتراك ومعهم المصاريت ينوون تصفيتكم من طرابلس.
قال ,كل ورفلي وعجيلي وترهوني وصويعي وقذافي ومقرحي حذاري انهم يعدون العدة من اجل تصفية هذه الاحياء المختلطة في العاصمة,هذا ليس كلام اعلامي وانما كلام حقيقي ومن وسطهم ويريدون اعادة طرابلس للمصاريت والتواجير وللطرق ويريدون اعادة طرابلس كعهد فرسان القديس يوحنا,لابد من السلاح ولا بد للستعداد للمواجهة والمواجهة قادمة لا محالة,من الافضل تتغذوا بهم قبل ان يتعشوا بكم

لا يغرنكم الهدو



Iaaarb Faraj all prisoners Iaaaarb the O Aameyen:

Aatervat from inside the prison Mager
(Detainee) Khaled Hussein Da’dua.
Location: Mager prison.
Torture method:
– Forced him to eat a tablespoon pepper red pepper Oekhal coffee.
– Hung from the ceiling 4 days doused with water.
– Beaten بصاعق electricity.
– Beaten with a baton on his shoulder.
– Shaved his head and beard and insulted him.
– Solitary confinement week.
– Develop Dettol in his eyes.
Hit Btobo the BBC R.
Hit Bmatarq on his joints.
Hit the scissors on member الدكري.

As a result of torture:
Nerves of the stomach illness.

Who Ptadiba:
– Ahmad Futaisi, sage Agha, Murad-mast. Salem Akaddar, Taher mast, Mohammed Zadam, Khaled Qmo, Salem al-Sharif, Adam Wasia, sage commode.

Closure exams .. As a result, the beginning of next week prep
Country ambiance – Ali Zeid

Said the director of the Office of the Ministry of Education and Mustafa hastily on Thursday that the results of the preparatory certificate will be announced early next week.

The urgency for the country ambience that high school exams have been successfully concluded today after the exam was set up material foundations electricity and electrons, adding that it is likely the announcement of the result after two weeks.

It is noteworthy that the exam material foundations electricity and electrons had been canceled and postponed due to leakage of the exam.



Via e-

God Oalik the possible غدوا give you the name of the boy missing Achowh in Misratah and does not LES missing about two years alone name them exists

Ashour named Ibrahim Omar.

Aasenthan either undergo Jews Mzrath or war internecine Jews to Libya collecting kit against you. After that allies have lost the past who Harepettohm under NATO planes
(His Excellency Leader)



A distress call from inside the prison Madjer prisoners Anashidonkm the the deployment of daily suffering.

Ahmad Futaisi, sage Agha, Murad-mast. Salem Akaddar, Taher mast, Mohammed Zadam, Khaled Qmo, Salem al-Sharif, Adam Wasia, sage Flint, the owner of the mast Abdul Rahman Amslm Mohammed Amslm .. Here are some of the criminals who doing Liberal tortured in the Madjer Bzletun the prison and some of them had to liquidate those injured in the beginning of the events the زليطن Hospital .. Methods of torture in prison, citing some of the prisoners who are suffering and they wanted to reach their voice to you:

– Forced to eat a tablespoon red pepper and pepper Oekhal every morning.
– Comment on the ceiling for up 4 days and when they lose awareness of water poured on them.
– Beating power بصاعق.
– Beatings with batons and sticks to all parts of the body.
– Shaved their heads and to حيتهم for humiliation.
– Solitary confinement for long days.
– Dettol mode and incendiary materials in their eyes.
Hit “Btobo” BP seen in all regions of the body.
Beaten with a hammer on the joints of the body to increase the pain.
Starvation ..
All the hype in times of sleep so that they can not sleep.

Oh Annie reached Vanchroa the suffering and you pay for, God willing.

Torture of prisoners and detainees in Libya

Amnesty International said in a report on the number of Libyan prisons, including the prison, “Mager” famous in Zliten, it was directed by people who appear on their bodies showing signs of torture or serious injuries from their cells during a visit organized for them, according to what stated by other detainees, as others have stated that they were subjected to degrading treatment and degrading treatment, and flew their heads and Hoajphm the as punitive measures by the militias, and the detainees complained of disciplinary sanctions, degrading and inhuman taken against persons who violate prison rules or “insult” to the guards. And forcing detainees Almaaqubon to run in the yard and crawl on their knees, beaten, and in some cases placed in solitary confinement for long periods of time in unsuitable conditions in cells lacking proper ventilation or adequate bedding. It also deprived of the right to receive visits from their families and other rights, and some of the detainees spoke about exposure to harsh practices, where guards Aoukzawnhm the pressure on their faces shoes.

Link Amnesty International report:



Tribute to ايطال of And actually Rishvana you men do and say God protect you
(National strange)



And, following the confessions of the leaders of February, marking the inevitable eventually
Urgent ..
Inventory Osama الجويلي to channel capital shortly before ..
He said that Qatar and the United Arab Emirates was backed by weapons and gear, and that the formations are now on the ground is not legitimate and there are planes carrying weapons from the airport Mitiga to Syria and other aircraft bring weapons into Mtarmotaiqh He also said if the conference lasted this way, the country Sthoa into the abyss “
(His Excellency Leader)

Rat works at the airport in Tripoli named Hisham Ojaili, and belongs to the so-called intelligence rats, delivers the Liberal

He suggested that the works in Tunisia’s ambassador recommend of Sabratha party and العجيلات and Tripoli (today).

Mnavd and exits Tripoli / / / door bin Gasheer / / door Tajora / / Bab Al Bahr / / Bab Azizia / / each name along to the region dubbed / / / >>>>>.

\ \ Born overbearing \ \



Important ……….
Behind the scenes of what is happening now on expensive mass Square Libya ..

America: I could not direct intervention .. Russia and stood Kalazm in my throat ..

Send U.S. Ambassador to this time and in the shadow of the loss of security and safety??!!

Now we have the right to defend our ambassador and our interests in Libya ..!!!!!!

Why did not allow the security staff of the Libyan ambassador to security at the airport to disclose what they contain and suitcase alien form that was it .. and also three huge boxes was the plane store.!!!!

Bag (latest spy sophisticated device in the world was not to use it and apply it only 6 months) ..

Funds (deadly operate sophisticated weapons-ray laser pencil only without the number of full band number (50 individuals they will be distributed later in the series) ..

Mean = Embassy military barracks and an advanced management operations center ..

Just wanted to expose and reveal what his plans of these colonists in days to come … (We are not unmindful of them always under a microscope).

Revolutionary Guards ……………… Zzzz
We do not fight for the dream of transient becomes two heavy promises by others and then يخيبون thought them, we fight for the eyes Chde wonderful, for the wounds that pierced their bodies pure فحولتها to the songs of the homeland, and signs of love and redemption, for those who are embedded cells oppression and hatred stolen in the ground, in order to displaced people in the country exotic nostalgic for their villages and mud asphalt beloved cities, for our innocent children so as not to forget the sacrifices of fathers and mothers, uncles and aunts, and even become the permanent home song of the morning on the lips.
We the people of the right and we will win. Libya Libyan national, while the sons of France (= revolutionaries NATO) theirs France shall be satisfied by even vomit!!
Admin 2

Khamis Brigade 32 and Resistance

Media Muhammad Moheisen: I saw Khamis Gaddafi in Tripoli

Media Muhammad Moheisen: I saw Khamis Gaddafi in Tripoli

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Media journalist Mohammed Mheisen said in the entrances on the national channel ..

“I saw with my own eyes Khamis Gaddafi enter the Al Qaqaa Brigade in Tripoli.”

 So, this answers the puzzle of the SEPT 2011 video where Khamis entered the Airport and found the incriminating

evidence against the USA…Zintan has been working all along–incognito–with the Khamis Brigade..and really are part of

the Green Resistance after all!

and we all this time could not figure out why we could not see (and why NATO could not see) the Green Resistance Army..and why, when it was known that KHAMIS was in the Green Nafusa Western Mountains—which is the home of ZINTAN!

This is probably also what was meant by the anacronism: “we are so close to their necks” and they did not even know it in Tripoli!!

But I knew something was “strange” when Khamis’ 32 Brigade was suppose to have entered Tripoli–yet all we heard about was a Zintani convoy coming in..

Unfortunately now, the Qaqaa Batallion‘s cover has been blown…and this is why NATO, Muslim Brotherhood and MISURATA are so anxious to destroy the Qaqaa Batallion!!

Each of Khamis Gaddafi believed to have been killed! Watch this video

(National strange)

Qaqaa Batallion has many Great Jamahiriya supporters in their ranks. Rats cannot stand this…and threatened them (with isolation law and force).
SEE YESTERDAY’s posts concerning ZINTAN where Qaaqaa Batallion originates.

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

Haaaaaaaaaam ….

Burqa … Announced many of the leaders of the rebels in the eastern region that starting next Wednesday will begin gathering in the courtyard of Quiche

in Benghazi in preparation for their move to Tripoli after Thursday if the state did not dissolve Qaqaa following the example of what happened to the armor.

Voice Libya
Martyrs battalion commander refused to Abu Salim Salim Derby talk with Osman Amliqth, the commander of the battalion Qaqaa saying “It’s an honor to talk with you.”

Mliqth challenge!!

Brigade commander confirmed Qaqaa Mr. Osman Mliqth of today’s youth radio in a telephone interview that he does not care about anyone who threatens the brigade and accuse him of illegitimacy, and said that the terrorists do not deserve us only confrontation and advice that our commitment to the unity of Libya.

The Mliqth emphasized that not everyone can take away legitimacy from Qaqaa Brigade who believes in both Tripoli and the mountain west and the southern border, which means it is a safety valve for Libya. Description of threatened that of climbers revolution.

Mr. Mliqth said that the accused of the existence of elements from the 32 Brigade enhanced dissolved said it is not a charge said that the Chiefs of Staff and the Defense Ministry has been transferred to the elements that were not involved in the blood of Libyans and said that they are efficient and able to fight terrorism and secure Libya.

Mr. Mliqth stressed that the eastern region known for rebels and the Council of the province of Cyrenaica is their representative and refused to enter any weapon or battalions of Tripoli, said he told the National Conference and the interim government and political parties that encircle the capital within days to secure he says.

Lord now :: urgently – Muslim Brotherhood Attoq the Tripoli now
And seeks to fully encircle Tripoli within days
The Misratah and market Friday, Tajora and other areas malevolent on Tripoli enter large amounts of arms to the region of Ain ​​Ministry in Tripoli and hid in buildings subsidiary of كتائبها and militias and seek because you are using for trapping the conference and the government and the Libyan capital of Tripoli fully this topic time
And now works mercenaries paid for these militias on the swearing and cursing all the battalions of income outs in Tripoli
It seemed pawns signatory signatory in a campaign initiated by the signatory signatory me for Qaqaa Brigade battalion chief of staff and lightning.
But God shamed because they did not Atkelmo on Misrata Brigades, which occupies 60 government building in Tripoli

(Valley girl)


NATO is not touching MISRATA…because MISURATA  is the NATO/EU / QATAR / ISRAELI ally. Please see my reports on Tripoli from Wednesday and Thursday concerning the RATS  attacking the Qaaqaa Batallion and coming in to war against ZINTAN…They have also said that  they are gathering their rat-forces in Benghazi to move en-masse against TRIPOLI.

Libya 24
Very uncertain

Four shields dissolved in Cyrenaica is preparing to assemble itself in Benghazi on Wednesday and move on to Tripoli, led by Salim Derby, المجبرى and Sam bin Humaid under the cover of the Muslim Brotherhood and political coordination greeted Fighter Group (LFIG) (al-Qaeda).
The goal is a coup against the government and control of Tripoli and knead the pretext they come to resolve the Qaqaa Brigade of Zintan.

Abdul Hakim Alhsada the Libyan cultural attaché in Misratah Andnnisya through the channel now:

Brigade Qaqaa inside honest Libya from the military and Salem Derby took a line crooked because of the fight for the Alliance of Mahmoud Jibril  

is and the hardness and youth dirt that Aaido consider the attitudes and Icomo audits are true, that they secure the dirt of the companions, Altcfhirien who Tsawo to kill Libyans.

Dr. Hamza Abuschner Thami says:
“Not يغرنكم the calm they are now planning and accumulating arms cooperation from Qatar, are the target Zintan and the first to be expelled from the capital are Zintan and you will see.”


Message From free Abu Saleem the
Dell truth wondrous time.
Salah البركى head Board Abu Saleem Office Victory previously ex-prisoner
Tmhto Tsrko blessed with pro and Rizk Libyan state where you this Aajrd).
Nicknamed the time what was drunkard goodness Venkozh a the just Icololh Sheikh unchanged. Salah and the second Ibrahim Khuhm, the great army and monuments was in papyrus firing firearm and addressed at the expense of the state However this Awwadoh even Salah was cooped State Awwadana and Altalt Nasser
And fourth Khaled Omar or fifth known Btmtm and Jesus and VI Khanb the the Dirt following Net itself and Etjkatr the car people Younis
Was imprisoned because he was from the beards Almqmlh the group
Jaykm today

Today’s event 21/06/2013

Today in the Holy Mosque in Tripoli Friday sermon was about the events in the State of Burma and exposed to the Muslims from killing and displacement during many years.
In the course of this sermon some worshipers protested about this sermon and loud sounds, and said the preacher to talk about the situation in Libya, after the end of the prayer discussions turned into a fist clash between worshipers.

Here we ask some questions???
1. Is not what happens to residents of Tawergha and Rullish same and Alawyneh is what is happening in Burma.?
2. Wallis There are a million and a half million displaced persons outside Libya.?
3. Is not Libya controlled by the minority represented in the city of Misratah.?
4. Is not money to Libya steal billions of Taman on these countries to help them in their revolt alleged.?
5. Pain is a dependency Libya to Her Majesty Sheikh Mozah Bint datum.?
6. Wallis Wallis Wallis …….??????
(The main الادمن)



Came the first group of special forces “Thunderbolt”
‘s Positioning in the points immobilization fixed and will be deployed in the streets of Benghazi
And will come out the rest of the group after the redistribution points Alastaagaf,
Inspection will be mandatory in the late hours P on citizens
Compliance with them by spaciousness released.
(National strange)

A meeting of Ansar al-Sharia, intelligence and members of the General National Congress for Benghazi

A member of the National Conference Faraj Sassi, a number of members of the General National Congress for the city of Benghazi and military intelligence, met this morning with the leaders of Ansar al-Sharia battalion.

The Sassi atmosphere for the country that the meeting revolved around the military intelligence report on recent events in the city, where he confirmed that the report did not mention Ansar al-Sharia.

For his part, the commander of the battalion Ansar al-Sharia Mohammed Zahawi said that the meeting was with the military intelligence, but we were surprised by the presence of members of Congress, denying the accusations against the battalion participation in the recent events in the city, noting that the Ansar al-Sharia is ready for dialogue.

A member of the National Congress Ahmed pure holding an expanded meeting between members of Congress and Ansar al-Sharia battalion next week.

He was a member of the National Conference General Abdel Moneim easy has stated earlier in the atmosphere for the country that the military intelligence report from the presentation at the conference indicates that shields and Ansar al-Sharia had a role in the attack on the bolt forces.

Urgent ….. Urgent:

Comptroller of the Council’s provisional local Benghazi (Omar Faraj Almhishhish) exposes the financial misappropriations and irregularities legal

innumerable as he put it to the members of the local council of Benghazi.
This Helms in the report
1 – financial reward 3,000 dinars per month for each member of the council members.

Aaarb Benghazi launched Symposium blast …

Confirms …

Newspaper (Benghazi day)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel ….
Security forces in Benghazi fired on the car did not respond to stand .. swap was shot by criminals and security men .. And has been diagnosed and transferred to evacuate.

Targeting three cars belonging to the lightning in the neighborhood of immigrants and wounding two soldiers of the stun one medium-injury and the other in intensive care directly in the kidney injury.

Libya: Benghazi army attackers came from Mali

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 21 يونيو, 2013 | 18:45

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

He favored Mohammad Hejazi, a spokesman for the joint security room in Benghazi (eastern Libya), that the armed group that attacked the Libyan army headquarters in the city, recently, came from the south after being expelled from Libyan Mali and stability in the south of Libya. And Hijazi said to the reporter, Anatolia news agency on Thursday that “the armed group has destinations within Benghazi provide ammunition”, without explaining whether their Libyan or belong to other nationalities.

, and the headquarters of a branch of the Libyan army and a patrol of the same entity in Benghazi, on Wednesday, to two separate By grenades, without Azbba in the human damage. 6 killed elements of the Libyan army, last Saturday, a result of clashes in a suburb of Benghazi between the forces of the Thunderbolt of the Libyan army and unidentified gunmen. Commenting on the attacks, described Hijazi south Libya that he “has become a hotbed of armed groups which pose a threat to the stability of the country.”

He added that the clashes on Saturday between militants and the army shows the experience militants in fighting night and how to withdraw and attack and street fighting. He said: “I have resisted the attackers for several hours and we could not arrest anyone of them.” He explained that he was arrested 6 people suspected of involvement in attacks on the barracks of the Libyan army, pointing out that the investigations are still ongoing with them. “The results of the investigation will be published as soon as the end.”

And the possibility of negotiating with those armed groups, Hijazi said, “The officials in the country will not negotiate with groups that are attacking the headquarters of the state and kill innocent people.” He added that the forces armor (consisting of rebels NATO’s former participated in the overthrow of Libya in 2011) is the new blood of the army of Libya and will be integrated into state institutions. 
and on the security situation in Benghazi, said a spokesman for the security room Benghazi that “the security situation in Benghazi peaceful calm” , stressing that the withdrawal from the streets of Benghazi is a tactical action from the ministries of defense and interior. He said Mohammad Hejazi, that during the 48 hours will descend force very large in the streets of Benghazi security settings, after reaching potential of the defense and interior ministries two days ago. ”

broke armed confrontations between the battalion Shield Libya and demonstrators on Saturday before last, demanding to dissolve armed militias in the region Alkwyfah city of Benghazi, killing at least 32 people dead and more than 120 wounded. includes Battalion Thoarnato former participated in the fall of Libya, and confirms the leadership of this battalion that it obeys the orders of the Ministry of Defense. visited the Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan and members of his government, the city of Benghazi, the largest city in the east Libyan last Sunday to inspect the situation after the bloody clashes that took place recently. parliamentarians boycotted the city to visit and meetings of the Prime Minister in Benghazi.

Benghazi Medical Center reveals the existence of 12 unidentified bodies found refrigerator its

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 21 يونيو, 2013 | 18:37

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

Stopped work department disease status of Benghazi Medical due to the exploitation of refrigerator Remember the dead of them by the Department of Forensic Medicine. 

An official with the Information Office of the Status of Benghazi Medical Khalil blasted that “the refrigerator of the Department of Disease Medical Center has the 12 unidentified bodies belong to the forensic medicine department who were prevented turn burial or directed by the bodies of the refrigerator until the completion of investigations against them. ” 

He blasted the staff fridge Remember the dead suffer because of the presence of this number of unidentified bodies out, which led to the suspension work department diseases. 

worth mentioning that the refrigerator for the conservation of unidentified bodies found Galaa Hospital stalled for some time, which led to the transmission of the forensic medicine department to Benghazi Medical Center.



Misrata expressing its satisfaction Tawergha is considering a request Zaidane
(Country ambiance Fathi Ismail):

Said the head of the local council Tawergha Abdulrahman Alchukhak.

They are studying what is stated in the words of RAT Prime Minister Ali Zaidane on the return of the Tawergha refugees to their city stressing and قفوهم with the legitimacy of the government and the National Congress of the year. He added Alchukhak the they are in the process of issuing a statement to the media in two days to clarify their final position as stated in the Prime Minister’s word.
For his part, Deputy Chairman of the local council Misratah, the Council pointed out in a number of statements by in the past that unilateral solutions should not be imposed on other parties, adding that they appealed to the government and the National Congress to intervene to put a solution to this dilemma, stressing strongly agree on everything that came in word of the Prime Minister.

The Rat Prime Minister Zaidane held a press conference on Thursday afternoon at the headquarters of the prime minister in which he explained that the right of people of Tawergha return and the right of the people Misrata يتحفظوا, calling on the people of Tawergha slow down in the decision to return to leave it to the government.

The Tawergha Local Council has identified twenty-sixth day of the month as the date for the return of the Tawergha refugees to their city.

(see also yesterday’s reports of ZAIDANE refusing to permit Tawergha to go back to their homes and town.)


Local Council of the City of Tawergha meet with the NATO Grand Mufti of Libya afternoon and emphasizes the demands of the people to return and carry the state and Mufti responsibilities in this historic the day .. and Mufti is addressing the issue during the next two days confirmed the legitimacy of their demands.

(Tawargha online)



Of Alosabah ..

A fire broke out in a cemetery boys Moses – Alosabah – this evening and thank God it was brought under control and did not result in any damage and did not know the cause of the fire or from behind the fire.



Newspaper free Sabha:

Aaaaaaaaaaagel … Hear the sound of 2 launchers in Mansheya.

Ali Zaidan up popular languages ​​in surprise visit

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 21 يونيو, 2013 | 19:34

The Gaddafi International News Agency – languages​​.

RAT Prime Minister illegal Ali Zaidane, on Friday, to popular languages ​​at the head of a ministerial delegation on an inspection tour includes a number of cities in the southern region of the country.
According to the official website of the interim government that Zaidane met with the members of the Council of languages ​​local councils and managerial areas adjacent to him and a number of civil society organizations and heads of government sectors in the city.

Added that during the meeting, extensive review what ails the city in particular and the southern region general deterioration of living conditions as well as a focus on the need to accelerate by the government in supporting the achievement of security and the establishment of the region as a requirement is the main population.

Residents confirms that these promises are accustomed since the plight of February 17 was not achieved anything of their demands until today.



Advisor Gaddafi: Libya funded Sarkozy’s campaign for the presidential elections in 2007

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 21 يونيو, 2013 | 18:52

The Gaddafi International News Agency – statements.

Stressed the key to Missouri, diplomatic adviser to the leader Muammar Gaddafi, that Libya funded in 2007 campaign Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy for the presidential elections. quoted by the BBC, “BBC” today, Friday, for a key Missouri diplomatic adviser and interpreter for your leader Gaddafi, as saying, in tape broadcast site “Media Bart” French:

“Gaddafi told me verbally that Libya paid $ 20 million for the campaign Sarkozy” ,

while denying Sarkozy that. was Saif al-Islam, Gaddafi’s son, accused Sarkozy to charge money from his father in March 2011 during the air campaign carried out by the NATO on Libya, which France played Sarkozy led a vanguard role.

Advisor Gaddafi: Libya funded Sarkozy’s campaign for the presidential elections in 2007

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 21 يونيو, 2013 | 18:52



The UN recognizes that Libya was destroyed, turned into a failed state where mercenaries and traitors “democratize” violence have forced 2 million Libyans into exile to avoid being killed


Gaddafi in the hearts of the people and not in the hearts of Governments

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 21 يونيو, 2013 | 20:22

Gaddafi in the hearts of the people and not in the hearts of Governments

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 21 يونيو, 2013 | 20:22

The Gaddafi International News Agency – contribution has.
Coincidence sat next to an elderly man from the United States in town British Bormont … Asked permission from him to sit فسمح me, فشده curiosity towards me Vsilna.

Where are you from? I told him that I’m from Libya.He smiled to me and said to me, Where are you from in Libya?, I told him I’m from Bani Walid, said to me,

“you are from the cities honorable and that I love and that did not waiver on its leader. I and the American people love al-Qathafi, and no

one can stop us from his love, we Nhtermkm and appreciate your struggle …”

Silent and smiled and if it comes out to me from the Commander, Ansdmt this man and convinced of the word,

“I am a commander in the hearts of millions …. “

Actually you are in the hearts of millions and not in the hearts of governments … God bless you, Mr. Leader.



RAT Government of Libya sends missile system “USA” to the Syrian opposition (SFA)

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 21 يونيو, 2013 | 18:27

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.
The Libyan government’s illegal to send missile systems, “USA”, which was owned by the Libyan army in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. Tattabrhzh system Russian-made air defense systems and offensive operations and infect targets meters and long distances.
mention that the Libyan government client bought two shipping U.S. military last month after the approval of the U.S. Congress, and after informed sources said then that these aircraft dedicated to the transport of heavy weapons and armor from Libya to Syria via airlift.


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