Instead of resigning to Terror, accept a World of Peace (through the Green Blanket Gift from Allah)

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Allowathagon movement in Libya-uprising!
By Gaddafi news agency on Monday يونيو 24, 2013 | 11:41

The International Agency Gaddafi News – Tripoli .

Called on the Libyan movement calling itself “Allowathagon” Libyans peacefully in the seventh of July in all areas, towns and villages to overthrow the Libyan so-called “false”, and clean .. Libya , In a statement issued by the movement two days ago and distributed to the media and received by the International News Agency Gaddafi

A copy of the declaration calls for the creation of notable:

include all Libyans from all sectors without teams or offer to buy or marginalization or exclusion of one year, which is a respectable choice captain, professional and neutral the armed forces to join everyone Bmaskarathm and everyone is a heavy weapon or means to deliver the unit to the nearest Libyan army, police and invite all to return to their positions and full powers, to fulfill their duty.

The statement called on the United Nations and the Security Council and NATO not to intervene,

IT says:

“What we’re going to do an inside job in Libya, and we are in this work not aimed at the decisions, treaties or international agreements .. Carry the hopes and aspirations of our people .. And Sntoy painful chapter in our history .. tolerance, forgiveness and amnesty includes everyone and up the date of 7/7 ..

And to preserve the freedom and unity of the nation and win Libya .. We must recover from the new generation that does not pollute…”

two years after the overthrow of the NATO support,

are still requests to change a young glamor and illusion movement in his statement that indicated,

“but turned into a nightmare after he had a dream, will not be achieved in the presence of the GENERAL NATIONAL Conference miserable and the government has failed client, and perhaps what is happening across Libya thousand times “worse” now than it ever was under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

in lies and fraud and looting and prisons , torture, kidnapping, terrorizing people and the last killing of protesters in Benghazi recently, where pay tens lost their lives to defend freedom of gangs organized by the government of the cemetery and look after his “fear them. “

the statement pointed out what he called the intervention of foreign embassies in Libya and the international business intelligence in Libya:

“Although there are problems with their knowledge of the Libyans do not even know the composition of the Libyan society,

stressing that this intervention led Libya to the disaster lived in the present.

The statement was signed by a number of committees, including the coordination committees Tripoli, Benghazi and Sebha and white Misurata , Tobruk and Zliten and Tarhuna tubers and Bani Walid and Ubari.

Allowathagon Movement


“Trust Dear resistance and steadfast and honorable defenders of their religion and their homelands and inevitably their honor You victors …..

الثابتون believers and Allowathagon and inevitably You victors …. Catchers Balaourh most trustworthy ..

the hand of God, which is the largest of the tyranny of the unjust and tyranny …

And the most powerful weapons of the infidel and his aides .. Inevitably You victors .. Vadolh injustice and aggression hour …

The state has the right to do time … Steadfast …. Are firm …. And confidence in God and Bona him the victors ..

God is greatest on both overwhelmed and injustice and arrogant.”




OBAMA has hired millions of spin writers and willing people to distort history and the truth. Daily they search the web to change original articles, publications (even Adobe Word documents) into the USA’s warped thinking–most of the time without the author’s knowledge of the changes.
This is not only an infringement of International copyright laws. It is a sign of the mentality of the (WESTERN GOVERNMENT’S) TIMES…
Those articles, which are not changed, are interspersed with hate mongering or fake mal-ware warnings, so much so, to the extent that one will never be able to reach the original website or content!

This has especially been done to black-label Muammar al-Qathafi—Making him a terrorist, murderer and sex-fiend from his born day one!
Any references to Muammar al-Qathafi’s great works for humanity are twisted into a psychiatric bizarre tale of supression, lust and terror: and unbelievable (to the extreme) efforts are included to show how much people loathe him!

The REALITY is quite the opposite: Muammar al-Qathafi remains in the minds and hearts of multiple millions throughout the world who are not mesmorised by illegal Clinical hypnotising techniques and other means of brain-washing—or the paid-for LIES of the Mass-medias and governments.

Worst of all, the search-engine, which once had the proud motto, “Google is your friend”!, is now a superlative first hand tool of the American CIA and other Western Intelligence agencies…
BEWARY of GOOGLEGoogle IS NOT your friend anymore!

BTW: Google will refuse to translate content they deem unsatisfactory to their standards. Also they will purposely mis-translate words if they see it as a threat against Western/Zionist policy. (They have live people working at these sites now. It is not just computer-automatic.)

  • for example, any reference to “Colonel” Gaddafi will have the added words “late dictator” EVEN IF THAT IS NOT IN THE ORGINAL TEXT!
    They also think, that if one reads the same phrase over and over, it eventually will be a virtual reality in the reader’s mind.
Patrick Holming writes us:
According to even the mainstream media the present Libyan government controls neither the country nor the militias. However, the government is supposedly striving to disarm the militias. It is more likely that this is not the case, but that these militias or death–squads are used against the population, against whoever dares oppose the current Libyan regime. A historic model is for example the notorious CIA Phoenix-program in Vietnam.Those who remain inside Libya today face daily terror and upheaval as the regime wages a continuous campaign of repression, of ethnic, ideological and political cleansing.According to France’s Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, a new “terrorist hotbed” has developed in Libya.Rallies against the regime have taken place in major cities including Tripoli, Benghazi and Tobruk, with “activists denouncing the armed thugs and decrying what they describe as political maneuverings by the nation’s Muslim Brotherhood.” (New Zealand Herald, May 11, 2013)This mass movement – brutally repressed by government militia – is directed against the Islamist government installed in Tripoli in the wake of the 2011 NATO “humanitarian” bombing campaign. Without the support of militias and death squads this proxy government will not survive.

Konstantin Scheglikov writes:

Patrick Holming,  I think it is by plan. They can to eliminate Resistance or anyone who are not loyal to puppet regime. They can to keep population in fear, using these gangs. Despite lie about armed groups which are out of control of regime, these gangs try to capture or eliminate tribes which oppose to regime. Also US NATO getting new members of their Al-Qaeada in Libya. They use Libya for traffic of weapons, drugs, humans organs by cover of total chaos. They want to create same for every country of “third world”. In such conditions price of life became low, their destroy nations and states, they transforming Libyan Jamahiria to big concetration camp.

  •  Right; and see what they are now doing with the Qaqaa Batallion, and the NATO-led war against Zintan (especially the upcoming “Battle of Tripoli” announced by al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood leader Darby). 

    USA said they had the drones to stop any armed convoys…but what do we see instead of arms prevented from spreading? More and more shipments of USA arms coming into Libya via Turkey and Qatar by way of MISRATA Airport and their own Mitigua airbase daily. No one is stopping this trafficing…and the prostitutiion, drugs and alcohol spread is even worse. The roadway from Derna to Brega is one big brothel with peep shows and sex bars every few kms….Even the hospitals are spreading diseases and the killing within them is rampant. There are almost more native Libyans in makeshift prisons, then there are real Libyans left within the country. From the tiny nation of Qatar, almost one million were rewarded with Libyan citizenship for fighting alongside NATO against the Great Jamahiriya. Americans and French are all over the place…The true native population is either incarcerated, maimed beyond help or suffering with great loss of family members. Education which was flourishing under the Great Jamahiriya; is now at a standstill. Good electric aand clean water are becoming scarce despite the wonder of the Great Man-made river (which was 3/5 completed when NATO decided to invade in MARCH–day of Minerva 2011).

    USA and France are certainly not “cleaning” anything..If any “some-thing is happening”, it is that OBAMA’s drones are burning away beautiful greenery, to help blacken the country. The USA is openly an ally with Muslim Brotherhood and shipping arms to terrorists …So, the West is not fooling anyone anymore….
    THANK YOU Patrick!

Fred Palme  writes:

The Al-Fatiha-Sura on black ground is the often used sign of the Salafi-terror-brigades. Lets hope this scum will get annhilated from the green forces. What a shame for Europe to support terror. It´s a backfall in barbary. The light of truth and justice will rise.



عاااااااااجل وهاااااام جداانقطاع الكهرباء في شهر رمضان سوف يصل الى الذروة …علي وزير الكهرباء ان يرد علينا بالفعال وليس الاقوالصحيفة صوت ليبياعلمت صحيفة صوت ليبيا من مصادرها الخاصة ومن داخل الشركة العامة للكهرباء ان من بعد سقوط نظام القذافي لم يتم استراد قطع غيار لاجل الصيانة وانما كانت كلها صفقات بزنس وعمولة ورشاوي واستراد سيارات فارهة ومكاتب وهواتف نقالة وخاصة بعد الفضيحة الكبري التي فجرها رئيس شركة سمنس الالمانية والتي خرج وزير الكهرباء الامريكي الجنسية وكذبها وكلنا نعرف ان الالمان صادقون ورغم ووجود شباب ليبي وطني حبهم فقط لليبيا ولكن العين بصيرة واليد قصيرة وعلمت صوت ليبيا ان الكهرباء سوف تنقطع في شهر رمضان من خمسة الى ستة ساعات يوميا بعد ان تعثرت صفقة المحطات العائمة بالامس لارتفاع سعر العمولة والرشوة يذكر ان باطن الجبل اصبحت المعاناة من اليوم فانقطاع الكهرباء وصل الى سبع ساعات والجنوب الليبي الى خمس وست ساعات فيما يحاول السماسرة عدم قطعة على المدن الكبيرة الا ساعتين او ثلاث خوفا من الراي العام …ويقول احد المهندسين في الشركة لصوت ليبيا اصر على عدم ذكر اسمه ان صفقات مشبوهة تدور داخل الشركة بشكل مخيف جدا ختي اعتقدنا انهم يهود وقال ان شهر رمضان القادم سيكون اسو من العراق ومسؤلي الشركة ينتظرون بفارغ الصبر انتهاء مدة الحكومة للرجوع الى مواطنهم الاصلية مثل مافعلت الحمروش والمقريف وابوشاقور والكيب وغبيرهم وياتون من حين الى اخر يخرجو فيها على الاعلام ويضفونا باننا متخلفيين …….يبدو اننا بدنا رحلة الندم بخطوة واحدة وبمسافة الف ميلبنت الوادي

Libyan news agency (and) :: power failure بباطن mountain causing a state of confusion in the region ..
Outage caused continuous power cuts for long hours on the soles of the mountain area in a state of confusion and poor public services, hospitals, government departments and stop banking services. A reporter for the news agency Jamahiriya بباطن the mountain to hours of uninterrupted power supply exceeded 6 hours on boys student areas, Bader, Tighe, Tendmirh, Tendmirh North, Zigzao, kindness, Alagamah, or mouse, Wattayah Palace ..

عاااااااااجل very Haaaaaam

Power outages in the month of Ramadan will be up to the peak … Ali, Minister of Electricity that is we Balfal and not words

Voice newspaper Libya

I learned the newspaper Voice of Libya from its own sources and from within the General Electricity Company that after the fall of the Gaddafi regime is not Estrada spare parts for maintenance, but they were all deals BUSINESS commission and bribes and Import luxury cars and offices and mobile phones, especially after the scandal big sparked by President SIMENS German, which came out Minister of Electricity U.S. citizenship and false and we all know that the Germans are believable and despite the presence of young Libyan national love only for Libya, but the eye vision and short hand and learned voice of Libya that electricity will be cut off in the month of Ramadan, from five to six hours a day after he stumbled deal buoy yesterday to the high commission rate and bribery The soles of the mountain became the suffering of the day فانقطاع electricity arrived seven hours and southern Libya to five to six hours as he tries to brokers, not a piece on the big cities, but two or three for fear of public opinion … and says one of the engineers in the company to the voice of Libya insisted on not to mention named, said the shady deals rotates inside a company is very scary Chta we thought they are Jews, and said that the month of Ramadan will be next Aso from Iraq and the officials of the company eagerly awaiting the expiration of the government to return to their places of origin, such as مافعلت Ahamroch and Maqrif and Abuscakor and nutria and Gbearham and come from time to time Ikhrjo where the Media and Advona that we Mtkhalafaan the ……. we seem, we want remorse trip one step and a distance of a thousand miles:

The Libyan RAT government put restrictions on the exchange of scholarship for students in university education and equivalent

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 24 يونيو, 2013 | 22:11

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

anger among students in Libya after the decision issued by the importing government on the awarding of the grant to some students without the other.
Libyan government issued a temporary imported and, on Monday, Resolution No. (251) for the year 2013 which stipulates regardless scholarships for undergraduate students and senior scholars institutes by certain specifications and conditions. He explained the decision got “Gaddafi International news agency,” a copy of it that the grant will be spent per month as far as (200) dinars to be deducted half of the assessed value if housing is available for students! . He added that the grant acted throughout the study period specified by law to the beneficiaries to stop the disbursement during the summer holidays and when the student for the school year! . And committed the decision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to coordinate with the Ministry of Finance regarding take all measures due to be applied and the abolition of every decision exclusion from the academic year 2012 2013 in reference to the resolutions No. (42-52) for the year 2012 issued by the previous government. It is worth mentioning that the resolutions (42 – 52) for the year 2012, the judges, regardless scholarships for students of 75 dinars during the study period and no later than nine months of the year.

Al Madar learning new subscribers stop subscribing to Internet service because of a malfunction in the system and the service hopes to return soon.
شركة المدار الجديد تعلم مشتركيها عن توقف الإشتراك في خدمة الإنترنت بسبب عطل في المنظومة و تأمل رجوع الخدمة قريبا.بنت الوادي


Carlos Ramírez Sánchez informs us:
When watching repeated film “Lion of the Desert:Omar al Mokhtar” is evident that leader Muammar Al-Qathafi said many things in the story

that is not primarily; and, categories added by into the  script for Omar Mukhtar which were not originally  there.

We discussed one before, and here is another:
The Commander gave impetus to this Sheikh El Moudjahid that issued paper currency bearing the image of KD 10
He was given military rank and position as a symbol of honour and also gave the Mujahideen as well as military ranks and privileges for their families:
A celebration of the battles of Jihad, chose names for the Mujahideen Army brigades….
This well known and not new;
But I noticed in the film strange section resembles what was said that Commander using gas to bombard the queue method and important of all this tttalana reports that Musselini has decided to kill the leader and decides to hang Omar Mukhtar, General ghiratsiani.
Glroy to Allah.
The Savior o people all East Libya, especially as you now in the pressure and you have to aware of the facts and I am not here to speak only what you looking for clips endoscopy where tax outside interference in your country does nothing.
Qatar’s handful of mercenaries for a slower economy.
Libya Africa’s gateway to the Mediterranean countries of Europe between the world and the State of Qatar desert not only important site American bases for the necessity of strategic balance only and not the love of the Bay
You are being targeted all the States of adaafkem and making ethnic groups and tribes, there is no power and you, how come that some want to what humans want the army and police and people believe in the idea of invasions and beaters.
Think dark thought inertia in security in freedom?
Is it freedom to curses insulting the leader and reveal faults people are free to steal and rape in liberty.
No one can talk about violations in the media or label things spade why
The Commander is not present in freedom?
In companies
In oil and gas
A violation by the dander….
Visits to areas in Libya without the knowledge of the Government rules on confidentiality of secret prisons.
Local Government is the Central Government where the total price the price now is the blood is flowing in cold blood.
What is the solution for you?
Social Council of Eastern tribes to defend every neighborhood street and Hunt’s Qatar, criminals and all those who were behind what you are looking for.
This applies to the South and West of Libya and restore the dignity of Libya.
Personal opinion and does not reflect any party and is not attributable to any.
Your brother, Carlos

Urgent …
Certificates of travel and tourism companies ..
Out a large number of families Jamahiriya Mottaghta to Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt to spend the holy month of Ramadan in these countries to escape the security situation and the high prices and blackouts .. Note that Asubhh all the booking of this period to the holy month of Ramadan semi .. Fully booked .. Now there is pressure on the travel and tourism companies from reservations ..
Source .. From one of the travel and tourism companies
These free Libya not Ramadan costume people do not holiday costume people do not the security and safety of not his food costume people .. These Libya my pillow her family .. Smuggle them ..:


(Aaaaaaagel) “leaks” from the National Congress for the shape of the new Libyan state: –

1 – Islamic law the source of legislation
2 – Libya a federal state (federal)
3 – Text explicitly criminalizes the division to Libya
4 – explicit provision criminalizing racism
5 – the right of citizenship in both Libya
7 – freedom of movement and acquisitions, purchase and sale between regions
8 – separation of powers between the three
9 – Senate evenly between regions .. place the corner
10 – House of Representatives of the population .. white place
11 – the distribution of national wealth evenly provinces
12 – Distribution companies and state institutions according to the benefit of the Libyan people
And under the supervision and control of committees and experts from international organizations
13 – the criminalization of any military intervened in politics
To ensure the neutrality of the military institution
14 – build an army and police doctrine of national humanitarian
15 – Benghazi, the capital of the state economic Libyan
16 – Tripoli the political capital of the Libyan state
17 – Development of the General Staff and location .. Sabha
18 – Distribution of employment and deployment and everything evenly between the sons of the regions
19 – the removal of subsidies on goods and fuel .. and raise the salaries of citizens
20 – Focus on employment which has brought skill.

(BUT STILL, no “people-power”; as, everything must go through elected and paid “representatives” who will determine your rights and future,)



Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel Jmaaaaaaaaa Rat dirty client Brotherhood and pawn Asswehly Salah Badi now channel Misratah professes:

((I’ve hit Zintan for example in the betrayal of the revolution did not hit him arrows themselves, but was from the beginning outside the revolution and plump betrayed and stabbed the rebels in the afternoon, and was spying on Althoarlsaleh Brigades buried under Cover it with the revolution,

and after the successful revolution did not stop betrayals, but have been circulating in their blood are of smuggled good net and Bashir Saleh Abdulsalam skins and the sons of Ali Kilani and also are smuggled Madaah and Diane Halle Masrati and Hana Shibani, one of the hosted uncles buried in the middle of Zintan,

one of the supplied BANI Walid weapons to kill “revolutionaries”,
Zintan are stolen banks and even animals not spared from theft, and when no longer Matserg has sold arms to the base in Mali and the Abdul thankless configure networks brothel and sends Libyan women to work in the porn Gulf countries and Asian countries, ,
and that the sons of Mliqth are was responsible for bringing the girls to breaks Abdul Mansour and Ali Kilani, but it came up as to bring girls Zintan to those breathers with truffles,

which are notorious in Juma, this Zintan those who want to know it is not a religion nor morality her and it was time uprooted of the revolution honest, Zintan member today corrupt in the body of Libya must be eradicated without hesitation, but quickly, Zintan come later retribution them and pimps and semiconductor men out and we will do so,

Vyacbab Libya GENERAL Tripoli Specials We and our troops with you and Nlthmoua together to cleanse Tripoli Hola scum,,

Loya Amazigh mountain troops and our weapons are at your disposal to uproot this corrupt member of mountain Sharif Alachm, the, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar,. alive on Jihad))

عااااااااااااجل جذااااااااا الجرذ القذر عميل الاخوان وبيدق السويحلي صلاح بادي الان بقناة مصراته يصرح (( لقد ضربت الزنتان مثلاً في خيانة الثورة لم يضربه الازلام انفسهم ،، بل كان من البداية خارج الثورة وترتوي بالخيانه وطعن الثوار في الظهر ،، وكانت تتجسس على الثوارلصالح كتائب المقبور تحت غطاء انها مع الثورة ،، وبعد ان نجحت الثورة لم تكف عن الخيانات بل كانت تسري في دمائهم فهي من قامت بتهريب الطيب الصافي وبشير صالح وعبدالسلام جلود وابناء علي الكيلاني وكذلك هي من قامت بتهريب المديعة وديان وهاله المصراتي وهناء الشيباني وهي من استضافت اعمام المقبور في وسط الزنتان وهي من زودت بن وليد بالسلاح لتقتل الثوار ،، الزنتان هي من سرقت المصارف وحتى الحيوانات لم تسلم من سرقتها ،، وعندما لم يعد ماتسرق قامت ببيع السلاح للقاعدة في مالي وقام عبد ناكر بتكوين شبكات دعاره ويرسل الليبيات للعمل في الدعاره بدول الخليج ودول اسيا ،، كما ان ابناء مليقطه هم من كان مسئول على جلب الفتيات لاستراحات عبد منصور وعلي الكيلاني بل وصل بهم الامر الي جلب بنات الزنتان لتلك الاستراحات مع الترفاس الذي اشتهروا في جمعه ،، هذه الزنتان لمن يريد ان يعرفها فهي لا دين ولا اخلاق لها وحان موعد اقتلاعها من الثورة الشريفه ،، الزنتان اليوم عضو فاسد في جسد ليبيا ويجب استئصاله دون تردد بل بسرعه ،، الزنتان حان موعد القصاص منها ومن القوادين واشباه الرجال بها ونحن من سوف يقوم بذلك ، ، فياشباب ليبيا عامه وطرابلس خاصه نحن وقواتنا معكم ولنلتحموا معاً لتطهير طرابلس من هولاء الحثاله ،، ويا امازيغ الجبل قواتنا واسلحتنا تحت تصرفكم لاقتلاع هذا العضو الفاسد من الجبل الشريف الاشم ،، الله اكبر الله اكبر ،. حيا على الجهاد ))



Good Jay Aalyiban,

Aaaaaaaajl ….

Engineering department strike “maintenance” within the Tripoli Medical Center for work to be done pay overdue salaries

Multiply the engineers and maintenance technicians within the Tripoli Medical Center in protest against the non-payment of dues from the salaries late for more than two years and as a kind of pressure the engineers and technicians closure of air conditioning entirely within the center and the separation of electricity on the administration building main stop most elevators, and threatened to stop pumping water to sections of all towers in hospital to be responding to their demands and pay overdue salaries:

Source from inside the hospital

Recognition from one of the rats that NATO is their parents free of Tripoli, he said:

Essam Jehani ..

Cyrenaica Council by the Jordanian News had equipped a Senate and now talk of a national salvation government beginning of the Rouge Valley and end Omsaad

and the rest on Ali Zaidane.
A large rally in Ain Zara farms and transfer of weapons and Mlisha the volcano Almusratih the gates focus on the Agricultural Road, and witnesses from the people of the farms

in the Ain Zara say this is a good face on the region!!!!


Misratah and its allies from market Friday and Tajora “and the base of a banana” Mitigua formerly group Belhadj
Bntzar Benghazi shields that will participate in this farce to fight Brigade (Qaqaa) … Unfortunately, my Salem Derby استخدمك El Brotherhood and Almsarit and knowledge Qaqaa supported by the western and mountain tribes easy الجفارة even Tunisian border and Orvlh of the Tuareg and even the tribes of Cyrenaica would not stand watching you take her sons to the massacre.


عاااااااااجل Jaddaaaaaaaaaa :::: Abdullah Belhadj declared:

“Omar Brigade Qaqaa has become very short and will Nrye walls crumble like the walls of Bab al-Aziziya,,, 

Atkhadd decision between us and our brothers the Mujahideen and the rebels will Nhsab commander Maj. Gen. SAADI.

Per what he did against the revolution and against the rebels, 

I wanted Mliqth coupmilitary on  17 February ‘Revolution’ and the mobilization to murder of all the Brigade 32 battalions of the tyrant who killed and arrested the rebels.”

Libya Gate:

Leicester God .. Salem Derby shape me sit how Abdullah thankless (BELHADJ) and his last year, 2012 .. Ago people laugh it

News on the entrances of its work, Mr. Salem Derby in which he said I will resolve even the Misrata إيظا the militia ..

Formed Nebo Nchovo, the new series of thankless 2013.

(Nasser Al-Attiya Aujali)


We are free Tripoli and not Mliqth. We teamed and the foundations of the revolution and not Mliqth, must know this creature

that everyone against him from east to west and north to the south of Libya and an hour .


Military Police Department to receive Chiefs of Staff today prison Omeitaiqa of the initial secrecy of private bonds of the security committee upper branch of Tripoli.

Salem Aguenida head of the General Staff in charge of the interrogation session today in front of the General National Congress:

(RAT Prime Minister Ali Zaidane procrastinating in the disbursement of the budget for the Army)

Free channel Cyrenaica

Workers the major endowments Tripoli office continue on strike for the second consecutive day in protest against the non-arrival of the Ministry’s budget yet.

Mediterranean News Agency

Any need against Cyrenaica Atalaaolha interests Demonstration!!

Dr. Mustapha Ben called Western to organize a demonstration in Tripoli in front of the UN headquarters to demand the removal of Tarek Mitri, especially after his clearly supportive of the separatists in the east and south of the country.

Assembly of transparency
My father hails step delivery Mitaiqha prison … at a time when witnesses confirming that that Hashem humans may transfer a group is not a small figure of detainees from another prison Mitaiqha for an undisclosed secret … and to keep in prison only fortunate enough to be their handover ceremony DOORSTEP. ….
Or rather رضخوا the delivery of the delivery Suri after pressure from the government and public opinion, and now from the international community
Their shape Mico, but the international community to form a strong Asath.

Plays Fberar

Hashim gang humans and hand over the prison hater Mitiga military police and say that there are only 37 prisoners!!! It is clear that the rest of the prisoners were transferred to another prison:

Out youth phenomenon “naked” without clothes spread in Libya

Libya February …

noted that Muammar al-Qathafi warned at the beginning of the crisis that those who are attacking police stations, young people are taking pills hallucination

but then everyone scoffed at this talk did not يصدقوه.

Libya February …

Spokesman for the management of the fight against crime, Mr. Abdul Hakim Albulazi confirms receipt of information from a screening of the Department of the fight against crime on the phenomenon of strange and dangerous represented by a group of young people numbering 7 people out into the streets without clothes (naked) behind the market Pisces result of eating beans narcotic new entered the country be investigated since the period will be adjusted people and interrogated to know the secrets and the source of this type of grain.

Crime Commission



Derna residents decide to engage in civil disobedience because of the lack of response from the National Conference and the interim government to their demands to achieve security in the city, which amounted to Number المغدورين (48) who most recently was judge Ahouidi.



The day Monday, 24/06/2013 am

Lightning Battalion for the protection of the Ministry of Defence, has sent-out armored transport mechanisms of the State Shields, for the second consecutive time, to go up against special forces Thunderbolt in Benghazi via Mitiqua Airport Base.

وردَ الآن …

قامت اليوم الاثنين 2013/6/24 صباحا كتيبة الصواعق للحمايه التابعه لوزارة الدفاع بنقل اليات مصفحه للمره الثانيه على التوالى للقوات الخاصه الصاعقه ببنغازى عن طريق مطار امعيتيقه الجوى ..

بنت الوادي

Important Announcement
There will be a day Monday, God willing, the statement is very important for parents blood in massacre Alkwyfah the shield in front of the headquarters of the dissolved in Alkwyfah. For people of Benghazi attendance to the headquarters of the dissolved shield to attend this important statement and all the journalists take note of this event where they can take more details about the program and the timing of any one of the parents of blood.

New shake Benghazi bombing leads to burn at least 5 cars

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 24 يونيو, 2013 | 03:12

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

New bombing hand stricken Benghazi.

shortly before the explosion rocked the neighborhood of peace in Benghazi and resulted in the burning of approximately 5 cars without human damage, and this explosion occurred near a car showroom.

Fire engines come to the place of the bombing and you باطفائه before that ignites the rest of the cars:
Elly explosion we heard a little while ago was in the exhibition of cars before the island in al-Salam neighborhood of the explosion because of the numerous cars in the street:




SALEM DERBY RE-ARRANGES HIS (al-Qaeda/ mercenaries against Qaqaa in Tripoli) PLANS to assemble in TOBRUK & AJDABIYA:

Advice for Salem Derby takes through Tobruk Ajdabiya!!

Colonel Mohammad Hejazi, a spokesman for the joint security room in Benghazi declares:

((Security room will not allow any armed gathering inside the city .. and for the move is expected on Wednesday, all the movements of overseeing the this earmarked assembly and members of the national army سيتصدون anyone who tries to destabilize the security Benghazi even Aztrrna to the use of force to impose control!!)

Khaled Boznin,
On port Amsaad Egypt pass a new wave of revolution and rebellion calling on the government to hold early presidential elections and overthrow the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood .. And call me brother Muhammad Yunus Bashir member of the National Conference for Tobruk, which in turn Zidane told the seriousness of the situation and for them to take the necessary regarding this matter because the port will be subject to greater violation .. Ali Zaidan’s reply was we will study the subject ..

I do not know if this thing needs or study needs to take the necessary and quickly because of what might happen in Egypt will be its impact on Libya .. When Egypt’s Revolution has on 25-1-2011 been to Libya and then State Um list today there is no impact to the presence of any other entity of this state and there are no parameters indicate the presence of a body representing the Libyan state in port between Egypt and Libya .. What is the solution in your opinion, to adjust the port and take emergency measures as long as the government is still considering the study of the subject?



Numan al-Atrash …

Chief of Staff-designate says that there are members in the conference call with some army officers and it hurts to build the Libyan army, and some believe that the Chief of Staff refers to Brega meeting, which was attended by the leaders of the army without permission from the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff! And the presence of members of Congress, notably Tawfiq الشهيبي head of the Alliance bloc Mr. Sayeh F candidate of the presidency.



Libya Gate:

In the process of heroic quality Today has been the bombing of the tomb of Sidi Abdallah blue valuable Abu Najim area near the city of Sirte.

Did you know he was blown more than 500 grave during the two years of the liberation .. To accomplish this, but much accomplished .. Oh learners Yamtoa the schools



Cyrenaica NEWS:

Said taste
Tawergha residents .. between truth and deceit!!

Prime Minister stated that it is not right to return the people of Tawergha for their city .. And must remain where they are … because Libya for all.!!.
If Mr. Prime Minister honest that Libya of all there is proposal subtracted from the people of Tawergha and others .. is that there are cities and areas you want to get close to the coast and want to buy farms and the people Taorga or replaced with equivalent such as Bani Walid and Sabha and Murzuq and Ghadames, etc. .. . does Mr. Zidane has his decision to apply sayings (Libya) and this proposal is implemented .. without objection from anyone ..?! Or is it the words night rather than يمحوه day .. and a class of ill-fraud and justify the lack of ability and disability?!

Quoting / / Salem Altaorga the Salem Altawrge

Been deceived and laugh at the people that East and West notables asking Tawergha delay and the fact that the so-called Council and objects sold Tawergha cheaply Heca the Tawergha lost in time of war the same way and helped the good Sdajt and ignorance of our people ..
But the praise and thanks to God today in camps Benghazi approve the return of folks do not ask for help except from God Having Osdro statement confirmed the return and that this does not represent the Council Tawergha after day …. God and yes agent in each droopy each and every beneficiary of the home sold.

Tawergha back tomorrow

Displaced Tawergha b Benghazi holding torque at eight o’clock in the morning
Tomorrow, smiters fatwa Samaha Libyan mufti, and statements
Prime Minister “Ali Zaidane,” the wall, and to assert that
Local Tawergha no longer represent them! Echo of voices from the camp for displaced people,
And prove him arrested, charge, and the decision to return without irreversible!
According to a source inside the camp, long patience and carried home to wait.

Salem al-Obeidi




Free newspaper Sabha …

News of the existence of sharp differences within the conference between the city of Sabha members

and people of the protesters in front of the Conference on Municipalities and division, after the members of the conference made ​​no objection to the division.

Sabha today …

The youth of the city of Sabha sit in front of the headquarters of the RAT National Conference
The sit-in lasted for two days
There are reports that the protest had finished the day after the interview young people to the RAT Prime Minister
It demands the dismantling of all militias sit tribal annexation of its members of the army and police
It is also claimed to make the city of Sabha municipalities instead of one municipality
As he has interviewed some members of the General National Congress for the city of Sabha during the sit-

A statement by the General National Congress for the city of Sabha – Mohammed Arish to the scene a little while ago about the Libyan government hearing today:

– Answers to the prime minister and some ministers have never convince us.
– Today’s meeting was very frank and transparent discussions occurred and revealed many shortcomings.
– There are many things spoken today Tfajaina the them .. There is a great contradiction between the government’s statements and the reality ..
– Chief of Staff-designate complained of the lack of government response to the requirements of the General Staff.
– After today’s meeting of the Conference proved clear to the government deficit and this may force us to make substantial changes in the prime minister .. The confidence to pull the blade of them as a last resort.

Citizen Tragn – South

This is the last quarter of a dinar I have my government and there is no liquidity in the banks of the region because of frequent attacks by .. !!!



Turkish news agency Anatolia ::

decline in Libyan production of oil to 1.3 million barrels per day ..

Stressed the Information Office of the Ministry of Oil Libya on Monday continued production ceased in three major oil fields are the elephant, Abu child, sand and these three fields located south of the country.
The office added in a statement obtained by Anatolia, a copy of the production of the three fields stalled work of crude oil ranges between 150 and 200 thousand barrels per day, which made the production of Libya Oil falls from 1.5 million barrels to 1.3 million barrels per day.
Insiders said the Libyan oil sector that causes cessation of production of the three fields due to their employees for strike action to demand the government to settle their financial situation and raise wages ..


Egypt plans to import 900 thousand barrels of oil per month from Libya

And – The chairman of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation said on Monday that Egypt will soon begin importing 900 thousand barrels of oil per month from Libya.
Quoted by Reuters news agency as Tariq البرقطاوي saying in a statement to reporters that it had been agreed with the Libyan side, two days before the start soon in the implementation of the agreement to import oil.
It was scheduled to begin in Egypt last April in front of Libyan oil imports, but did not reach any supplies yet according to Reuters.
Egypt suffers from a severe crisis in the supply of energy with the government forced to reduce its plans to import oil because of foreign exchange reserves fell to critical levels.
The government plans to start a program to rationalize the support of automotive fuel system using smart cards.


Egyptian TV:

Number 30 terrorist Libby on the way to Egypt and Interpol red publishes a list of the names of 6 Libyans describe them as terrorists and dangerous, including:

1 – Salem Derby
2 – Abdul Rauf hater and referred to him as a member of “al-Qaeda”
3 – Mohammed Zahawi
4 – Sam Bin Humaid
5 – Sufian Qmo
6 – Ismail hardness of

Inter Paul issued arrest of red cards in both:

1 – Ismail hardness of
2 – Sam Bin Humaid
3 – hater
4 – Salem Derby
5 – Zahawi
6 – Sofiene Ben Qomu,
For carrying out terrorist operations and links to al-Qaeda

The emergence of symptoms of psychological damage on 4 thousands of Libyan children
According to the magazine “The Economist” that the British Arab Spring has affected negatively on the mental health of children in the countries that have seen a change, especially Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, spotted in comments broadcast on its website on Friday evening, the appearance of symptoms of psychological damage on about 4 thousands of Libyan children who displaced, during the events of ((the war that devastated the country)) two years ago, according to a report prepared by the organization “save the Children” charity, these children suffer diseases such as bedwetting, aggressive and stuttering to speak, as noted some parents that their children point victory sign with their fingers during sleep.

THE CIA did the EXACT SAME THING  with Libya: They transported from Afghanastan into Libya, thousands and thousands of terrorists:

Post image for Al-Qaeda and Taliban Militants Fighting in Syria Come from Afghanistan-Pakistan

Al-Qaeda and Taliban Militants Fighting in Syria Come from Afghanistan-Pakistan

23 JUNE 2013

Editor’s Note: CIA,MI6,MIT, DGSE, Mossad and any other alphabet intelligence agency are transporting foreign fighters to regional borders of Syria because every war is fought on the basis of political ideal that expands into a war of fanaticism, a political religion. This conflict will not end well. It will lead to turf wars between CIA,MI6,MIT, DGSE, Mossad, Al-Qaeda, rebels, militants on sectarian/religion/ideals.   Turkish Intelligence transporting al-Qaeda from Pakistan to fight in SyriaCIA trains covert units of Afghans to continue the fight against TalibanAfghanistan Airstrikes, C.I.A. and the Secret Militia 0-4 Unit and Briton led US-backed private paramilitary army to hunt Taliban

Source: ABNA

“Afghans affiliated to the al-Qaeda constitute over 65% of the Jihadi Salafi groups in (the Syrian province of) Deir Ezzor and they have come to Syria from Iraq,” the military source told FNA on the condition of anonymity.

“The Syrian army’s intelligence displays that these Jihadi Salafis have been trained by the terrorist al-Qaeda organization and have infiltrated into Syria through Iraq after passing some necessary training courses,” the source added.

Reports had also earlier revealed that Turkey’s national air carrier, Turkish Air, has been transiting Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants from North Waziristan in Pakistan to the Turkish borders with Syria.

“The Turkish intelligence agency sent 93 Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists from Waziristan to Hatay province near the border with Syria on a Turkish Air Airbus flight No. 709 on September 10, 2012 and via the Karachi-Istanbul flight route,” the source told FNA in September, adding that the flight had a short stop in Istanbul.

The 93 terrorists transited to the Turkish border with Syria included Al-Qaeda militants from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and a group of Arabs residing in Waziristan, he added.

FNA dispatches from Pakistan said new al-Qaeda members were trained in North Waziristan until a few days ago and then sent to Syria, but now they are transferring their command center to the borders between Turkey and Syria as a first step to be followed by a last move directly into the restive parts of Syria on the other side of the border.

The al-Qaeda, backed by Turkey, the US and its regional Arab allies, had set up a new camp in Northern Waziristan in Pakistan to train Salafi and Jihadi terrorists and dispatched them to Syria via Turkish borders.

“A new Al-Qaeda has been created in the region through the financial and logistical backup of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and a number of western states, specially the US,” a source told FNA in September.

Ali Mahdian told FNA that the US and the British governments have been playing with the al-Qaeda through their Arab proxy regimes in the region in a bid to materialize their goals, specially in Syria.

He said the Saudi and Qatari regimes serve as interlocutors to facilitate the CIA and MI6 plans in Syria through instigating terrorist operations by Salafi and Arab Jihadi groups, adding that the terrorists do not know that they actually exercise the US plans.

“Turkey has also been misusing extremist Salafis and Al-Qaeda terrorists to intensify the crisis in Syria and it has recently augmented its efforts in this regard by helping the new Al-Qaeda branch set up a camp in Northern Waziristan in Pakistan to train Al-Qaeda and Taliban members as well as Turkish Salafis and Arab Jihadis who are later sent to Syria for terrorist operations,” said the source.

He said the camp in Waziristan is not just a training center, but a command center for terrorist operations against Syria.

Yet, the source said the US and Britain are looking at the new Al-Qaeda force as an instrument to attain their goals and do not intend to support them to ascend to power, “because if Salafi elements in Syria ascend to power, they will create many problems for the US, the Western states and Turkey in future”.

“Thus, the US, Britain and Turkey are looking at the Al-Qaeda as a tactical instrument,” he said, and warned of the regional and global repercussions of the US and Turkish aid to the Al-Qaeda and Salafi groups.

“Unfortunately, these group of countries have just focused on the short-term benefits that the Salafis and the Al-Qaeda can provide for them and ignore the perils of this support in the long run,” he said.

“At present, the western countries, specially Britain which hosts and controls the Jihadi Salafi groups throughout the world are paving the ground for these extremists to leave their homes – mostly in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Untied Arab Emirates (UAE) as well as those who live in Europe and the US – for Waziristan,” the source added.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011 with organized attacks by well-armed gangs against Syrian police forces and border guards being reported across the country.

In October 2011, calm was eventually restored in the Arab state after President Assad started a reform initiative in the country, but Israel, the US and its Arab allies are seeking hard to bring the country into chaos through any possible means. Tel Aviv, Washington and some Arab capitals have been staging various plots in the hope of stirring unrests in Syria once again.

The US and its western and regional allies have long sought to topple Bashar al-Assad and his ruling system. Media reports said that the Syrian rebels and terrorist groups have received significantly more and better weapons in recent weeks, a crime paid for by the Persian Gulf Arab states and coordinated by the United States.

The US daily, Washington Post, reported in May 2012 that the Syrian rebels and terrorist groups battling the President Bashar al-Assad’s government have received significantly more and better weapons in recent weeks, a crime paid for by the Persian Gulf Arab states and coordinated by the United States.

The newspaper, quoting opposition activists and US and foreign officials, reported that Obama administration officials emphasized the administration has expanded contacts with opposition military forces to provide the Persian Gulf nations with assessments of rebel credibility and command-and-control infrastructure.

Opposition activists who several months ago said the rebels were running out of ammunition said in May 2012 that the flow of weapons – most bought on the black market in neighboring countries or from elements of the Syrian military in the past – has significantly increased after a decision by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Persian Gulf states to provide millions of dollars in funding each month.

Obama’s Nuclear Arms Reduction Hoax

Global Research, 21 June 2013

Jack Kennedy was America’s last peace president. He underwent a spiritual transformation. He changed from cold warrior to peacemaker.

He wanted nuclear weapons abolished. He urged “general and complete disarmament.” He wanted force-fed Pax Americana ended.

He assumed great risk. Nearly all his top advisers disapproved. Pentagon commanders opposed him. So did most congressional members. CIA officials weren’t pleased.

Kennedy was vulnerable. He knew it. He accepted the risk. It cost him his life. He was assassinated weeks after signing the US/Soviet Russia Limited Test Ban Treaty and National Security Action Memorandum Number 263.

It called for removing 1,000 US troops from Vietnam by yearend. It mandated all American forces out by December 1965.

Obama’s no Jack Kennedy. On April 5, 2009, he spoke in Prague’s Hradcany Square. He did so duplicitously. He lied saying “clearly and with conviction America’s commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.”

He pledged “concrete steps” never taken. They included:

  • reducing nuclear stockpiles enough to matter;
  • banning testing;
  • halting fissile material production;
  • preventing nuclear proliferation and use;
  • pursuing diplomacy with Iran and North Korea; and
  • resolving key security challenges to create conditions for a world without nuclear weapons.

America’s current arsenal includes state-of-the-art nuclear, chemical, biological, and other type weapons of mass destruction.

They’re more advanced, powerful and dangerous than ever. They’re deployed globally. They menaces humanity. America’s preemptive first-strike nuclear posture remains unchanged.

On June 19, Obama urged Russia to join America in reducing strategic nuclear arsenals by one-third.

A White House press release said:

“Today, the President announced new guidance that aligns US nuclear policies to the 21st century security environment.”

“This is the latest in a series of concrete steps the President has made to advance his Prague agenda and the long-term goal of achieving the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.”

Obama’s so-called “new guidance” includes:

  • maintaining “a credible deterrent;”
  • aligning America’s military deterrent according to 2010 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) provisions; more on them below;
  • strengthening non-nuclear capabilities;
  • “reduc(ing) the role of launch under attack (while) retain(ing) a launch under attack capability;”
  • achieving “more effective management of the nuclear weapons stockpile;” and
  • “maintain(ing) a safe, secure and effective arsenal that guarantees the defense of the US and our allies and partners.”

America “seek(s) negotiated cuts with Russia so that we can continue to move beyond Cold War nuclear postures.”

On December 26, 1991, the Soviet Union dissolved. So-called Cold War friction ostensibly ended. Conditions today are the most perilous in world history.

America bears full responsibility. Wars without end rage. Obama has others in mind. He pursues them recklessly. Humanity’s survival is at stake.

Obama’s no peacemaker. He prioritizes war. He spends more on militarism than the rest of the world combined. He’s developing more powerful weapons of mass destruction.

He’s deploying them globally. He maintains a growing empire of bases. Hundreds are in over 150 countries. They encroach close to Russian and Chinese borders. They do so belligerently. They threaten world peace.

Obama’s nuclear reduction proposal lacks credibility. It does so for good reason. He broke every major promise made. He’s a serial liar. He can’t be trusted.

He’s a war criminal multiple times over. His nuclear policy prioritizes first-strike preemption. It does so against manufactured enemies.

His 2010 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) reflects old wine in new bottles. Rhetoric changed, not policy. NPR 2010 said America “reserves the right” to use nuclear weapons.

Doing so “may be warranted by the evolution and proliferation of the biological weapons threat and US capacities to counter that threat.”

No threat whatever exists. More advanced weapons replace older ones. US nuclear policy menaces humanity. It prioritizes greater deterrent capability.

It unilaterally asserts the right to strike preemptively. It does without cause, justification or consequences.

Obama’s NPR reflects war-making, not prevention. It replicates Bush’s 2005 Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations. It removes the distinction between defensive and offensive deterrents.

It prioritizes upgrading America’s destructive triad. It includes sea-based strategic bombers, land-based missiles, and ballistic missile submarines.

It maintains robust research, development, and industrial infrastructure. It continues to develop, build, and deploy unchallengeable offensive and defensive systems.

It exceeds deterrent. It calls for nuclear and non-nuclear preemption. It does so against unnamed adversaries.

It prioritizes permanent wars on humanity. At issue is resource control and unchallenged global dominance.

It calls for eliminating all independent governments. It wants no rivals. It wants pro-Western puppet regimes subservient to US interests.

On April 8, 2010, America and Russia signed New Start (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty). On February 11, 2011, it became effective.

It’s more smoke screen than substance. Nuclear reduction is illusory. Proliferation continues.

Disarmament isn’t envisioned. America’s arms race continues. Unconscionable amounts are spent. Popular needs go begging. War-making priorities come first.

New Start leaves America unconstrained. It’s global strike capability is uncompromised. Developing upgraded humanity-destroying weapons continues.

Annual budgets include growing amounts to do so. Obama’s brave nuke world is unsafe to live in. He’s got lots more war-making in mind.

He prioritizes state-of-the-art capability to do so. It includes more destructive than ever nuclear weapons.

He asserts the right to use them preemptively. He does so unilaterally. He targets enemies created out of whole cloth.

NPR 2010 changed rhetoric. Policy remains unchanged. NPT’s three pillars are disregarded. They include non-proliferation, disarmament, and peaceful use.

Reinstituting the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty isn’t envisioned. It was in force for 30 years. In 2002, Bush administration rogues unilaterally withdrew. America remains unconstrained to wage war.

The Pentagon’s 2006 Global Strike Command remains policy. It’s for war-making, not prevention. It’s for offense, not defense. It prioritizes first-strike capability.

So does the 2009 Prompt Global Strike initiative. It’s to attack anywhere in the world. It’s to do so on short notice. It’s to use conventional, nuclear and other weapons.

NPR 2010 states America “reserves the right” to use nuclear weapons “that may be warranted by the evolution and proliferation of the biological weapons threat and US capacities to counter that threat.”

It keeps nuclear missiles ready to launch in minutes. It asserts the unilateral preemptive right to do so.

It’s aggressive. It’s lawless. It threatens world peace. It assures permanent wars. It threatens humanity.

Bush’s December 2002 National Security Presidential Directive (NSPD) 17 (“Weapons of Mass Destruction)” remains unchanged. It states:

“The United States will continue to make clear that it reserves the right to respond with overwhelming force – including through resort to all of our options – to the use (or threatened use) of WMD(s) against the United States, our forces abroad, and friends and allies.”

Launching nuclear war is a presidential prerogative. Theater nuclear operations are at the discretion of commanders. They can use tactical mini-nukes preemptively. They can do so based on falsified threats.

Obama can invent them to wage nuclear war. He can do so globally. He can do it preemptively. Perhaps he’ll take full advantage. No greater threat exists.

On June 19, Ria Novosti headlined “Russia Skeptical Over Obama’s New Nuclear Reduction Proposal.”

Moscow officials distrust him for good reason. They do so “in light of US global missile defense plans and attempts by other counties to boost their nuclear arsenals.”

Obama’s proposed “bold reductions in US and Russian tactical weapons in Europe” don’t wash. According to senior Putin foreign policy advisor Yury Ushakov:

“The situation now is not like in the 1960s and 1970s, when only the United States and the Soviet Union held talks on reducing nuclear arms.”

“Now we need to look more broadly and expand the circle of participants in possible contacts on this matter.”

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin added:

“How can we take seriously this idea about cuts in strategic nuclear potential while the United States is developing its capabilities to intercept Russia’s nuclear potential.”

Arms issues involves offensive and defensive ones, he stressed.

“To show the lack of understanding of this (by proposing further nuclear cuts) – means either openly lying, bluffing and deceiving, or demonstrating a deep lack of professionalism.”

Putin addressed Obama’s proposal, saying:

“We cannot afford to disrupt the balance of the system of strategic deterrence, to reduce effectiveness of its nuclear forces. Therefore, the development of the system of space defense will remain a key direction for the military industry.”

Putin and other Russian officials express great concern about America surrounding Russia with so-called missile defense systems meant for offense.

“These weapons are approaching the level of strategic nuclear arms in terms of their strike capability,” said Putin. “States possessing such weapons strongly increase their offensive potential.”

Putin, Rogozin, Ushakov, and other officials know Obama can’t be trusted. He’s a serial liar. His pledges aren’t worth the rhetoric explaining them. They’re not worth the paper they’re written on. They’re promises made to be broken.

Independent Russian military experts believe Obama’s proposal “could potentially destroy the existing nuclear parity and ultimately hurt Russia’s national security interests.”

Obama prioritizes it. Russia and China alone challenge America’s dominance. Washington wants both rivals neutralized.

Expect neither to bow to America’s will. They represent humanity’s best chance. United perhaps they’ll thwart America’s imperium. Hopefully they’ll take full advantage and succeed.




The Lies of Empire: Don’t Believe a Word They Say – Washington is the Godfather of

International Jihadism

By Glen Ford

The U.S. reprises Iraq, inventing a WMD threat from Syria. The FBI concocts home-grown terror through stings, while the NSA claims it has secretly saved many lives. “Why this steady stream of government-invented terror, if the real thing is so abundant?” And, isn’t the U.S. arming and funding the same jihadists they are supposed to be listening for on our telephones?

The rulers would have you believe that the world is becoming more complex and dangerous all the time, compelling the United States to abandon previous (and largely fictional) norms of domestic and international legality in order to preserve civilization. In truth, what they are desperately seeking to maintain is the global dominance of U.S. and European finance capital and the racist world order from which it sprang.

The contradictions of centuries have ripened, overwhelming the capacity of the “West” to contain the new forces abroad in the world. Therefore, there must be endless, unconstrained war – endless, in the sense that it is a last ditch battle to fend off the end of imperialism, and unconstrained, in that the imperialists recognize no legal or moral boundaries to their use of military force, their only remaining advantage.

To mask these simple truths, the U.S. and its corporate propaganda services invent counter-realities, scenarios of impending doomsdays filled with super-villains and more armies of darkness than J.R.R. Tolkien could ever imagine. Indeed, nothing is left to the imagination, lest the people’s minds wander into the realm of truth or stumble upon a realization of their own self-interest, which is quite different than the destinies of Wall Street or the Project for a New American Century (updated, Obama “humanitarian” version). It is a war of caricatures.

Saddam “must go” – and so he went, along with a million other Iraqis. Gaddafi “must go” – and he soon departed (“We came, we saw, he died,” quipped Hillary), along with tens of thousands of Black Libyans marked for extermination. “Assad must go” – but he hasn’t left yet, requiring the U.S. and its allies to increase the arms flow to jihadist armies whose mottos translate roughly as “the western infidels must also go…next.” Afghanistan’s Soviet-aligned government was the first on the U.S. “must go” list to be toppled by the jihadist international network created as a joint venture of the Americans, Saudis and Pakistanis, in the early Eighties – a network whose very existence now requires that Constitutional law “must go” in the American homeland.

Naturally, in order to facilitate all these exits of governments of sovereign states, international law, as we have known it “must go.” In its place is substituted the doctrine of “humanitarian” military intervention or “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P), a rehash of the “White Man’s Burden” designed to nullify smaller powers’ rights to national sovereignty at the whim of the superpower.

The entire continent of Africa has fallen under the R2P umbrella (without ever having fully emerged from the colonial sphere – but, that’s the whole point, isn’t it?). Somalia achieved a brief period of peace, in 2006, under a broadly based Islamic Courts regime that had defeated an array of warlords backed by the U.S. Washington struck back late that year through its client state, Ethiopia. The Americans invoked both the Islamist enemy and “Responsibility to Protect” to justify an invasion that plunged Somalia into what UN observers called “the worst humanitarian crisis in Africa – worse than Darfur.” Eventually, the U.S. enlisted the African Union, itself, as the nominal authority in a CIA-led Somalia mission that has militarized the whole Horn of Africa.

U.S. proxies set off inter-communal bloodletting in Rwanda in 1994, a conflagration that served as pretext for Rwandan and Ugandan invasion of the mineral-rich Democratic Republic of Congo and the loss of six million lives – all under the protection, funding and guidance of a succession of U.S. administrations in mock atonement for the much smaller “genocide” in Rwanda. President Obama sent Special Forces on permanent duty to the region in search of another caricature, Joseph Kony, whose only central casting defect is his rabid Christianity but whose convenient presence in the bush justifies stationing Green Berets in Congo, Uganda, the Central African Republic and South Sudan.

Muammar Gaddafi’s exorcism in Libya energized jihadists all across the northern tier of Africa, as far as northern Nigeria, giving a green light to a French colonial renaissance and further expansion of AFRICOM, the U.S. Africa Command. Only five years after its official inception, AFRICOM reigns supreme on the continent, with ties to the militaries of all but two African countries: the nemesis states Eritrea and Zimbabwe. (They “must go,” eventually.)

New age Euro-American law holds sway over Africa in the form of the International Criminal Court. The Court’s dockets are reserved for Africans, whose supposed civilizational deficits monopolize the global judiciary’s resources. This, too, is R2P, in robes.

Back in Syria, the reluctant domino, blood samples taken from alleged victims of chemical weapons are sent to the Americans by jihadists in their employ to prove that Assad really, really, must go. Obama announces that he is going to do what he has actually been doing for a very long time: send weapons to the “rebels.” The Washington Post, forgetting its duty to follow the administration’s scripted timelines, reports that the decision to go public about arms transfers to jihadists was made two weeks before the “proof” arrived.

The lies become jumbled and are quickly superseded by new fictions to justify no-fly, but the targeted caricatures remain front and center, to be hooted and hollered over, once dead. It is only the lies that make these situations seem complex: the lies that cover up multiple U.S. genocides in Africa, to paint a canvas of humanitarian concern, when the simple truth is that the Americans and Europeans have established military dominion over the continent for their own greedy purposes. The lies that have attempted to camouflage a succession of brazen aggressions against unoffending secular Arab governments in order to remove any obstacles to U.S. domination of North Africa and the Near East. And, the lie that has become central to the U.S. global offensive since 9/11: that the U.S. is engaged in a global war against armed jihadists. In fact, the jihadists are American-contracted foot soldiers in an Arab world in which the U.S. is hated by the people at-large. Washington was the Godfather of international jihadism, its sugar daddy since at least the early Eighties in Afghanistan – and now, once again quite openly so in Syria as in Libya, at least for the time being.

The simple truth is, the U.S. is at war for continued hegemony over the planet, for the preservation of the imperial system and its finance capitalist rulers. In such a war, everyone, everywhere is a potential enemy, including the home population.

That’s why Bradley Manning and Julian Assange and, now, Edward Snowden are considered so dangerous; because they undermine popular consent for the government’s lies-based policies. The administration has sent its operatives to Capital Hill and all the corporate pseudo-journalistic outlets to explain how its mega-data mining of phones and the Internet has prevented “potential terrorist events over 50 times since 9/11,” including at least 10 “homeland-based threats,” as mouthed by National Security Agency chief Gen. Keith Alexander. The details are, of course, secret.

However, what we do know about U.S. domestic “terror” spying is enough to dismiss the whole premise for the NSA’s vast algorithmic enterprises. The actual “terrorist” threat on U.S. soil is clearly relatively slight. Otherwise, why would the FBI have to manufacture homegrown jihadists by staging elaborate stings of homeless Black men in Miami who couldn’t put together bus fare to Chicago, much less bomb the Sears tower? Why must they entice and entrap marginal people with no capacity for clandestine warfare, and no previous inclination, into schemes to bomb synagogues and shoot down military aircraft, as in Newburgh, New York? Why this steady stream of government-invented terror, if the real thing is so abundant? If the FBI, with NSA assistance, is discovering significant numbers of real terrorists, wouldn’t we be watching a corresponding number of triumphal perp-walks? Of course we would. The only logical conclusion is that terror is a near-negligible domestic threat, wholly unsuited to the NSA’s full-spectrum spying on virtually every American.

So, what are they looking for? Patterns. Patterns of thought and behavior thatalgorithmically reveal the existence of cohorts of people that might, as a group, or a living network, create problems for the State in the future. People who do not necessarily know each other, but whose patterns of life make them potentially problematic to the rulers, possibly in some future crisis, or some future manufactured crisis. A propensity to dissent, for example. The size of these suspect cohorts, these pattern-based groups, can be as large or small as the defining criteria inputted by the programmer. So, what kind of Americans would the programmers be interested in?

Ask Edward Snowden. He’s the only one talking.


A line in the sand that caused the Middle East crisis –

464 pages
Editeur : Simon & Schuster (26 avril 2012)

‘One of the unexpected responses to reading this masterful study is amazement at the efforts the British and French each put into undermining the other’ (The Spectator )

In 1916 two men secretly agreed to divide the Middle East between them.
Sir Mark Sykes was a visionary politician; François Georges-Picot a diplomat with a grudge. They drew a line
in the sand from the Mediterranean to the Persian frontier, and together remade the map of the Middle
East, with Britain’s ‘mandates’ of Palestine, Transjordan and Iraq, and France’s in Lebanon and Syria. Over the next
thirty years a sordid tale of violence and clandestine political manoeuvring unfolded,
told here through a stellar cast of politicians, diplomats, spies and soldiers, including T. E. Lawrence, Winston
Churchill and Charles de Gaulle.
Using newly declassified papers from the British and French archives, James Barr vividly depicts the covert,
deadly war of intrigue and espionage between Britain and France to rule the Middle East, and reveals for the
first time the shocking way in which the French finally got their revenge.

‘The very grubby coalface of foreign policy … I found the entire book most horribly addictive’ Independent
‘He has scoured the diplomatic archives and has come up with a rich haul that brings his narrative to life’ (Financial Times)
In 1916, in the middle of the First World War, two men secretly agreed to divide the Middle East between them. Sir Mark Sykes was a visionary politician; François Georges-Picot a diplomat with a grudge. The deal they struck, which was designed to relieve tensions that threatened to engulf the Entente Cordiale, drew a line in the sand from the Mediterranean to the Persian frontier. Territory north of that stark line would go to France; land south of it, to Britain. Against the odds their pact survived the war to form the basis for the post-war division of the region into five new countries Britain and France would rule. The creation of Britain’s ‘mandates’ of Palestine, Transjordan and Iraq, and France’s in Lebanon and Syria, made the two powers uneasy neighbours for the following thirty years.
Through a stellar cast of politicians, diplomats, spies and soldiers, including T. E. Lawrence, Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle, A Line in the Sand vividly tells the story of the short but crucial era when Britain and France ruled the Middle East. It explains exactly how the old antagonism between these two powers inflamed the more familiar modern rivalry between the Arabs and the Jews, and ultimately led to war between the British and the French in 1941 and between the Arabs and the Jews in 1948.
In 1946, after many years of intrigue and espionage, Britain finally succeeded in ousting France from Lebanon and Syria, and hoped that, having done so, it would be able to cling on to Palestine. Using newly declassified papers from the British and French archives, James Barr brings this overlooked clandestine struggle back to life, and reveals, for the first time, the stunning way in which the French finally got their revenge.


Mamany to visit French Defence Minister Gerard to Ongah to Libya in March 2012 and goes into photography with الجويلي and two Libyan pilots and behind the French Mirage aircraft … French press commented on the visit that he went to take profits war … Do you wake up the Libyans that the events of Libya is the interests of the game and what they were human rights and the protection of civilians, but an excuse to six shirt Osman to destroy the nation … When aware of the following February they are minors for understanding and criminals in the right home and violators of religion:


Very reliable security source .. Authorized to news agency

NATO, FRENCH & USA Air strikes will reach the Ansar al-Sharia and al-Qaeda in Libya!!
French naval maneuvers begin in the waters of occupied Libya

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 24 يونيو, 2013 | 11:58

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Began in front of the Libyan coast on Sunday, a French military exercises “Shaheen 13” in the field of maritime training.
The large French frigate involved in the exercises, which he said presidential spokesman Libyan Navy Staff, Colonel Ayoub Omar Kassem, they come in the framework of coordination and cooperation on both sides.
Qasim added that Alintorat which will last 6 days, aims to identify the method of implementation of the Joint Task Forces participate!, And training for joint action in the sea, and the implementation of the maritime reconnaissance.

2 thoughts on “Instead of resigning to Terror, accept a World of Peace (through the Green Blanket Gift from Allah)

  1. To Omend French

    7 years in prison rule on Berlusconi and lifelong deprivation assume (filled) public office, in Ruby Qaat case….
    Berlusconi kisses hand of OMAR MUKTAR's son

    May God be with Silvio Berlusconi…

    The NWO really pulled one on dear Silvio!!

    The ZIONIST NWO has done to Berlusconi what they before did to French President Chirac…
    no one is permitted to love Muammar. No one who says the truth is ever safe.
    This they also did to DSK—It is always the same accusations.. Money extortion and sex..The same they placed now on al-Baghdadi, Dorda, Senussi, Saif, SAADI, now even Hannibal—and what they charged Muammar with too (before they were forced to drop it because of their falsified ‘death’)…

    They never come up with anything authentic or unique. All we can do is pray for these men innocently incarcerated or hunted as criminals (when they are clearly innocent victims of Zionist mentality).

    لOmend الفرنسية

    7 سنوات في السجن حكم على برلسكوني والحرمان مدى الحياة تفترض (شغل) وظيفة عامة، في حالة روبي الجات ….

    قد يكون الله مع سيلفيو برلسكوني …

      وNWO سحبت حقا واحدة على عزيزي سيلفيو!

    وقد فعلت الصهيونية NWO لبرلسكوني ما فعلوه قبل إلى الرئيس الفرنسي شيراك …
    لا يجوز لأحد أن يحب معمر. لا أحد يقول الحقيقة هو آمن من أي وقت مضى.
    هذا ما فعلوه أيضا إلى DSK — هو دائما نفس الاتهامات .. ابتزاز المال والجنس .. ونفس وضعوا الآن على البغدادي، دوردة، السنوسية، سيف، الساعدي، حتى الآن هانيبال — وما اتهموا معمر مع جدا (قبل أجبروا على أسقطه لما لها من مزورة ‘الموت ‘) …

    أنها لا تأتي أبدا مع أي شيء أصيلة أو فريدة من نوعها. كل ما يمكننا القيام به هو نصلي من أجل هؤلاء الرجال السجن ببراءة أو تصاد كمجرمين (عندما يكونون ضحايا أبرياء بوضوح من العقلية الصهيونية).

    لا يجوز لأحد أن يحب معمر. لا أحد يقول الحقيقة هو آمن من أي وقت مضى.
    هذا ما فعلوه أيضا إلى DSK — هو دائما نفس الاتهامات .. ابتزاز المال والجنس .. ونفس وضعوا الآن على البغدادي، دوردة، السنوسية، سيف، الساعدي، حتى الآن هانيبال — وما اتهموا معمر مع جدا (قبل أجبروا على أسقطه لما لها من مزورة ‘الموت’) …

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