Time for the Fall of the Zionista

Lafrasin passengers riding .. Scarecrow time trigger a glass .. Asgarhm tendency justice .. And Akbarhm Ross countryside ..

History one generation to the next … Raising Roshm the exhaust .. Not Yuhroa hours shell … Meet that called for my …
(By Brother / Gibran Hussein الورفلى the)

Courtesy of the family of the liberation of Libya today to free the Libyan.

Mu the brave

Mu over Sirte

To the steadfast الثابتون … To the Champions honorable … To epics makers struggle, struggle and triumph …
Rafii resistance brigade honor and dignity … To the sons and daughters home leave,
Who did not sell their home … Secretariat did not betray … No Enkthoa era … No Altjua history
To makers of tomorrow bright green. To you, I tell you, heroes and I am confident and stability ..
Is here loomed the dawn of salvation .. Hantm honest you put your feet on the threshold of victory.
Hantm will تعانقون the dawn of the real revolution … Revolution Righteous revolution Amobnonan and the oppressed.
And the oppressed … simples revolution and displaced persons in parts of the world not an offense of their own does not really raped him
But they defended their honor and dignity and their homeland and their history … the revolution martyrs who gave their lives pure sacrifice for the dust this home-Sharif ….
Hantm Yamen Samadtm and Nadiltm the determination unsure and the stability brave and تحملتم of the suffering and injustice, torture and oppression for your home.
And dignity Haantm the تزينون Arskm historical and soon, very soon … Rejoice … And sang .. And dance.
Fjrkm has loomed … And Otunkm opening his arms, a smiley you … Welcome .. And joyous submerge.
And Tgmrkm Bergauah to Ahadankm and Rjoekm to his lap … You glory and pride, pride
O heroes … I am not afraid of storms which swept term …. Nor of Taiaar aimed devastation Black …. I’m at home here … In my tent .. In the forum … I am the owner of the right certainty … And it Algda maker …. I’m here … I’m here … I’m here …… Allahu Akbar … Allahu Akbar … Allah is the greatest
Steadfast … Are firm … With God’s help victors.
إلى الصامدون الثابتون … الى الشرفاء الأبطال … إلى صانعي ملاحم الكفاح والنضال والإنتصار … إلى رافعي لواء المقاومة والشرف والكرامة … إلى أبناء وبنات الوطن الحقيقيون
الذين لم يبيعوا وطن … ولم يخونوا أمانة … ولم ينكثوا عهدا … ولم يلطخوا تاريخاً
إلي صانعي الغد المشرق الاخضر .اليكم ايها الأبطال أقول لكم وكلي ثقة وثبات ..
هاقد لاح فجر الخلاص .. هاأنتم تضعون أقدامكم الشريفه على عتبات النصر المبين
هاأنتم سوف تعانقون فجر الثورة الحقيقية … ثورة الشرفاء ثورة المغبنونين والمقهورين
والمظلومين …ثورة البسطاء والمشردين في اصقاع الارض لا لجرم ارتكبوه ولا حقاً أغتصبوه
الا لانهم دافعوا عن شرفهم ووطنهم وكرامتهم وتاريخهم …ثورة الشهداء الأبرار الذين قدموا أرواحهم الطاهرة فداء لتراب هذا الوطن الشريف …. هاأنتم يامن صمدتم وناضلتم بعزيمة الواثقين وثبات الشجعان وتحملتم المعاناة والظلم والتعذيب والقهر لإجل وطنكم
وكرامتكم هاانتم تزينون عرسكم التاريخي قريباً وقريباً جداً … إفرحوا … وغنوا .. وأرقصوا
فجركم قد لاح … ووطنكم فاتحاً ذراعيه وهو مبتسم لكم… مرحباً بكم .. والفرحه تغمره
وتغمركم برجعوعه إلى أحضانكم ورجوعكم إلى حضنه … لكم المجد والفخر والعزه
ايها الأبطال … أنا لا أخاف من العواصف وهي تجتاح المدى …. ولا من الطياير التي ترمي دمارا اسود ….أنا في بيتي هنا … في خيمتي .. في المنتدى …أنا صاحب الحق اليقين … وصانع منه الغدا …. أنا هنا … أنا هنا …أنا هنا …… الله اكبر ….الله أكبر… الله أكبر
صامدون … ثابتون … وبعون الله منتصرون .

الفراسين ركابة الخيل .. فزاعة وقت قدح الزنادي .. اصغارهم عدالة الميل .. واكبارهم روس البوادي .. تاريخهم جيل من جيل … رافعين روسهم عوادي .. لا يوخروا ساعة الشيل … ويلبوا ان نادت بلادي …
بقلـــــــم الأخ / جبران حسين الورفلى

And Rafla for guardian proof … built of ancient history.

And Rafla cuff balance … Blaha Maeoffash a double.

And Rafla them time … marvel difficult Aalthalil a.

And Ravel Asalb the brave … Dmadim Trada lean.

Skorh of descendants الشيهان … rising above stars Sohail.
Default fame famous valley … who Cart dancing in the bull.

Recognition of the right to virtue


Mu 682

حرائر Libyan … in their training and live-fire weapons in preparation to face the NATO and Ovealh the ….:


Mu asks us to REMEMBER

D. Mohammed Alakecat:
.. .. {To the child Anoud Sanusi, in the bloody prison} .. ..

Iron is bleeding O Anoud your feet
In solitary and Atzna of a التريس paternal uncles

Basque Amezkin
How dogs Amnchen the Jarask
And قاطعين for centuries hair from your head
And landed Slazlem alternative Akamamk
And no limit Protector Tratk of hermit
And شالوك raised from the shrine upright
And Khian were under Sir Amdask
They were Sharh Aahtoa in Armamk
Today how Ibgoa the drink of كاسك
And meaty Bmahzm security lead Ahzamk the

Mzaraa Mahm Hech
Bnawithm under ma Ttbeky of
Not Deroa the humorous marched
And Jabhm not Morb Malam Mlamk
Is there a growth in his home Haney Littky
And died without honor before thee
And what us in Almaziat the Mchke
Zaman Mzaraa liked Mazamk
Ejor not Farishm not lagging
A. quantities you A Dhamk takes

From your master Haich
Small and Thsabi enemy Bivedk
Landed under Mtarah the Alchukashk Vidk
Whip cry Saalat Admamk
And not GAP (Qira) التريس Griedk
Nor of (Alchuirv) stop before you
And not Hvhm between for Mriedk dogs
Mteixrat of Aazamk iron
Haltao from afar due Baidk
God what be long Alhqa in your days
And focuses bodes Bou Said Saidk
Victory seems Amerat illusions



Libya Telecom and Technology LTT

Image to serve My fi new start company LTT sold since tomorrow’s agents and advantage that Internet Pocket Wireless,

USB charging for 6 hours means you walk and surf the net in نقالك example الوايرلس who in your pocket,

the company Ardhath at 620 dinars a 220 price modem + 400 dinars balance for one year.

Libya bouquet Max 400 | |

A new bouquet of for Ibiamax, including:
400 d., The balance of initial (basic).
Free month (the first month after the activation of the service).

The value of a to Ibiamax (value vary from one device to another).

Subscribe by company agents accredited available only in cities Service

What you receive when you sign up?
Service contract + service form (stamped agent).
Pre-payment cards worth KD 400.
Device service to Ibiamax.

How is the activation of the package?
Call 116 to activate the account for the first time.
Fully recharge package (400 d. L).
Activate the service for the first time for the bouquet (400), will not be a step activation if the value of the balance of less than 400 d.’s.

Immediately after the activation you will get a free month, the first month of the subscription.

Create device Ibiamax (up data entry: user name, password).

Libya Telecom and Technology | ltt
Declares Libya Telecom and Technology for the resumption of sale Libya Max service to individuals once again through its agents in the service areas available, as of Tuesday: 25/06/2013.

Libya Telecom and Technology | ltt
Disclaimer: a lot of brothers Libya Max subscribers without service for their lack of added new frequencies for the service.
Please introduced them so that they can re-contact with the Internet.

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the company announces the launch of dedicated individuals bouquet has been prepared in response to the massive demand for service for Ibiamax, not inconsistent with the network service and business development.

Resume selling Libya Max services


By Gaddafi news agency on Monday يونيو 24, 2013 | 10:39 p.m.

Gaddafi International Foundation News Agency – technology.
Says Libya Telecom and Technology for the resumption of the sale Libya Max service to individuals through its agents in the areas of services available from Tuesday: 25/06/2013.
On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the company announced the launch of dedicated individuals bouquet was prepared in response to the overwhelming demand for services Ibiamax is not incompatible with the service and development work of the network by the new package Ibiamax 400


Electricity Company is preparing to launch an energy conservation campaign
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

Preparing the General Electric Company to launch a campaign rationalization of electricity consumption and optimize the use of electric power with the support of the Ministry of Electricity, and shared by a number of public bodies as the difference Scouts and civil society institutions.

The director of the Information Office of the Ministry of Electricity Mahmoud Ramadan that there was neglect and indifference by the consumer regarding the rationalization of electricity, explaining that the reason for the neglect is the inability of the company to collect the depreciation of the citizens because of the security situation in the country.

Ramadan explained that about 100 young people from various Libyan cities of scouts receive training on energy conservation, noting that this training began on Monday and continues on Tuesday.

It is noteworthy that many of the areas in Tripoli, scene of frequent interruptions ministry officials attribute to an increase in the loads on the existing generators with the company


Power failure بباطن mountain, causing a state of confusion in the region.
Outage caused continuous power cuts for long hours on the soles of the mountain area in a state of confusion and poor public services, hospitals, government departments and stop banking services.

As power outages Etjaozat the 6 hours on the areas of student boys, Badr, Tighe, Tendmirh, Tendmirh North, Zigzao, kindness, Alagamah, or mouse, Wattayah Palace.
Continuing power outages on many areas in Libya for long periods sometimes exceed 6 hours and in some other areas may continue uninterrupted electricity to more than 8 hours without any obvious reasons.

(Libyan blood)

Al Jazeera Net :: warnings from the effects of the abolition of support in Libya ..

Heading for Libya as of the end of August / August next towards the lifting of subsidies on basic food commodities and fuel in exchange for supporting critical to the citizen up to about 130 dinars ($ 102) a month and valued support for goods and fuel in the overall budget for this year, 10.6 billion dinars (8.3 billion dollars) the bulk of which is eight billion dinars (6.3 billion dollars) to support custom fuels.
She says studies informally referred to by Abdul Salam text Chairman of the Finance Committee in the General National Congress that one third of official support goes to smuggling to neighboring countries.
On the concerns economists from the high inflation rate and the number of the poor by raising the support, said a text of the island revealed that the National Congress general committed the government headed by Ali Zaidan two courses, the first activation of the national number before 30 August / August next, and to provide an integrated project to raise support, stressing that the decision to lift ” will not be implemented between day and night. ”
But the parliamentary text did not rule out that his country become what happened in Jordan when the removal of subsidies “if oil prices fall,” stressing that in the event of the latter scenario will take urgent action to raise support. It is noteworthy that Jordan is going through a difficult economic crisis overshadowed the political scene, economic and social over the past period.

Differences ..
Text talked about the differences between commodity support, pointing out that the removal of subsidies for supply commodities such as flour, oil and sugar easier than the removal of fuel subsidies, pointing out that the recent removal of subsidies on direct effects on transportation and the work of foreign companies in one way or another.
Unlike the opinion of the Parliamentary Libyan warned professor of economics at the University of Benghazi Luxury Bovrna of the removal of subsidies on the prices of flour, sugar and oil currently advising the Government of Zidane and the National Congress general non-interference in economic planning strategy and said Bovrna in his speech to the island that Libya beyond just war and the Government of temporary considering that of the best destinations transitional thinking in the Constitution and the procedures maintain security, and economic issues left “sensitive” to the elected government of the people.
He predicted the government resorting to removal of subsidies on fuel and gasoline, one of the goods being smuggled out of the country frequently, and finds that the poor citizen will not be affected so much to raise support for these goods, also predicted higher prices frantically in light of the current situation, which he described as “fragile” and warned the arrival of the inflation rate which did not exceed the duration of the war against the former regime 10% to 400% after the entry of the decision to lift the support into force.

“Dictates” international ..
He was an expert in the management of the economy in Libyan universities Abdul Jalil Al Mansouri feared what he described as the “dictates” of the IMF and the World Bank, stressed in his speech the island revealed that such policies “would not be in favor of the Libyan economy.”

BEFORE, under the Great Jamahiriya, education was totally FREE and added to that free auto for the student for transportation and free housing plus a bonus of 1500 for expenses..

Now (as if this is a wonderful and great thing)!:_:
Increase scholarship student in higher education to 200 dinars
Country ambiance – Aynur Sabri

The prime minister decided to increase the monthly grant for Libyan students studying in universities and colleges to 200 Libyan dinars and will be deducted half of the assessed value in the provision of accommodation for students.

And the resolution No. 251 for the year 2013 that the grant assessments are disbursed throughout the period of study and stop granted during the summer holidays and when the student for the year.

The scholarship students in universities and colleges and seventy-five Libyan dinars.

Image source: Official Website for (RAT) prime minister

Mansouri agree with Bovrna in fear of a rocket high prices when the removal of subsidies, warning the other is the arrival of inflation to a fictional proportions. He guessed Mansouri split Libya socially to the first two layers have the money and other goods and “crushed” may increase poverty and expressed his rejection of the decisions of his country’s crisis deepened.
He also warned of economic Ahmad Khamissi of any change happening on price levels (for example, the removal of subsidies) in the absence of policies, well thought out, and said that its impact will be negative for the greater part of the population, pointing out that 26.5% of the ad hoc support for associations consumer goes to non-target do, which is equivalent to 9.5% of the total commodity support.
He said Khamisi of the island that in cases of high inflation becomes a kind support is better than cash transfers because “it would inflation absorb the bulk of the cash support, in the case distort markets and the presence of the forces of monopoly as at present, the monetary support leads to encourage inflationary pressures as a result Some traders resort to raise the profit margin. ”

Naima Misrati 2011,
Ali Arab: thieves allocations in the budget Libyan ..

More than 140 billion budget is non-existent Libyan state in two years, which is equivalent to the budget of ten years in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA era,
140 billion enough to solve all the problems of Libyans including education, health, transport and communications and electricity ..
140 billion spent in full or almost did not see anything on the ground ..
140 billion spent and still cut off electricity to some areas ..
140 billion spent in the absence of any hospital in the city …
Spent 140 billion and the country does not have a single school can be called by this name
And the government demanding an extra budget before the end of the half year ..
All this and the Libyan people are still looking for the causes of instability in Libya and the reasons for blocking the establishment of the state ..
Did you know that there are children under fifteen became possess hundreds of millions inside and outside Libya …????
Did you know that there are those who bought castles in Spain, Mexico and Brazil ..?????
I see that the National Congress and the government to make budget under a single (thieves allocation).
Will not stabilize the country will not see secure unless it is to stop exporting oil immediately and then you will see how it all ends problems ..

Chief of Staff threatens to go out to the street to justify the deficit
Country ambiance – Ola Alchouda

He said the Libyan army chief of staff in charge Salim Guenida that the army will resort to taking to the streets in front of the headquarters of the RAT General National Congress, to justify its inability to perform his duties, if the Prime Minister Ali Zaidane to ignore the demand of the Ministry of Defence to liquidate its own budget.

And wondered Guenida in a statement to the atmosphere of the country on Tuesday about the reason for the delay in the disbursement of the budget allocated to the ministry, stressing that the amount of sixty billion dinars is too small to meet the security needs of the post-revolution Libya.

Referred to as the meeting of the National Conference of last Sunday witnessed Mlasna between the Chief of Staff-designate Salem Guenida and RAT Prime Minister Ali Zaidane, which Guenida accused the rat prime minister to intervene in the affairs of the army and his powers.

Alguenida accuse Zidane and political bloc disable army building

By Gaddafi news agency on Wednesday, 26 يونيو, 2013 | 08:05

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

In the midst of security incidents taking place in a number of regions Libyan between Benghazi and Tripoli, and in louder voices demanding the disarming of formations irregular and build an army and security apparatus, the face of what Saraf President of Staff-designate Salem Alguenida a series of accusations and letters to the government and the political blocs, the National Conference.
The news agencies reported that Salem Alguenida – who was in an interrogation session in front of the National Congress – the face of accusations of implicit and explicit to the parties to disrupt and disable army building. And said Alguenida “The Prime Minister has had to write off items of the budget allocated to the Chiefs of Staff, and the items are very important to the establishment of the army.” And raised Alguenida in response to members’ questions that Ali Zaidan issued orders to the soldiers to move to south military Bahrbhm without traffic headed Staff as require formalities military. Did not stand charges Alguenida at the head of government but تعدتها to political bloc in the National Congress, without mention it by name. The Alguenida said that trying to penetrate the political bloc of the army during the sitting with the officers to induce them and earn their loyalty, adding that this work is very dangerous and would make the army a party in political disputes.
On the other hand, killing six soldiers from the army of the Government and wounded seventh in an attack by gunmen – at dawn on Tuesday – at the gate Khcom horse, located 120 km south of the city of Sirte, also enables attackers to destroy all military vehicles gate and grab the weapons that were in possession of the force stationed them. Media sources said that some of the Libyan soldiers were killed shoot them with some of them spent slaughtered. Following the attack, said the the martyrs battalion operations officer the Almgehvlh corner in charge of securing the gate to the Libyan news agency that military forces cordoned off the area and that the search underway to catch the perpetrators.





Very urgent and important :: طالعتنا the New York Times with an article about Libya came in (I’ve veered off the Libyan revolution for democratic approach, which was Hzvha when what support the West and America and has become a revolution of approach Islamist extremist and Masatrt extremist groups in this country,
but clear evidence of deviation of that revolution and became reservoir of terrorism and harboring terrorists from various countries of the world, and wire the leaders of this revolution policies different from what was Eetmnha the west and Libya became the first country in the export of terrorism to the neighboring countries and the continent of Africa and some countries of the world as a first stage to increase terrorist activity larger, Libya is now managed gangs criminal dangerous terrorist killing and raping and pillaging and exports of arms to all the sources of terrorism, some of its leaders,
led by Belhadj and Sharif and hater and Zahawi and thankless and hardness Bin Humaid and the advisory opinion of the religious establishment Libyan-led Gharyiani founded the networks brothel global girls يبيات and سوريات and Tunisian distributed all over the world to increase financial income for them and servitude spies on countries there are disturbances Alhzv pass the terrorist activity of through them and the liquidation of some of the symbols of those States against Think terrorist,
spotted and agencies of intelligence World Chkbat for prostitution and selling weapons managed Abdullah thankless commander of militia armed Lybia in Turkey, Syria and Egypt as well as other networks managed Belhadj and Ben Hamid and hardness and Khalid Al-Sharif in Morocco, Tunisia and northern Mali, Egypt and some Gulf states Kalamarat, all that is supported by the President of the religious establishment Libyan sincere Gharyiani is thought Brotherhood extreme, and will witness the Libya case of a complete breakdown in the light of this situation, the grave has become spread dramatically in all walks of life out) )>
Gaddafi cub
عاجل جداً وهام :: طالعتنا صحيفة نيويوك تايمز بمقال عن ليبيا جاء في ( لقد انحرفت الثورة الليبية عن النهج الديمقراطي الذي كان هذفها عندما ما دعمها الغرب وامريكا واصبحت ثورة ذات نهج اسلامي متطرف وماسيطرت الجماعات المتطرفه على هذا البلد الا دليل واضح عن انحراف تلك الثورة واصبحت مكمن للارهاب وايواء الارهابين من شتى دول العالم ، وقد سلك قادة هذه الثورة سياسات مغايره عن ما كان يتمنها الغرب واصبحت ليبيا الدوله الاولى في تصدير الارهاب الي الدول المجاوره وقارة افريقيا وبعض دول العالم كمرحلة اولى لزيادة النشاط الارهابي بشكل اكبر ،، ليبيا الان تدار من عصابات اجراميه ارهابيه خطيرة تقتل وتغتصب وتنهب وتصدر السلاح الي كل منابع الارهاب ، بعض قادتها وعلى راسهم بلحاج والشريف وكاره والزهاوي وناكر والصلابي وبن حميد وبفتوى المؤسسه الدينيه الليبية بقيادة الغرياني اسسوا شبكات دعارة عالمية من فتيات ليبيات وسوريات وتونسيات وزعت في كل انحاء العالم لزيادة الدخل المالي لهم وتسخيرهم جواسيس على دول توجد بها قلاقل الهذف تمرير النشاط الارهابي من خلالهن وتصفية بعض رموز تلك الدول المناهضة للفكر الارهابي ، ورصدت وكالات للمخابرات العالميه شكبات للدعارة وبيع السلاح تدار من عبدالله ناكر قائد ميلشيا مسلحه ليبيه في تركيا وسوريا ومصر وكذلك شبكات اخرى تدار من بلحاج وبن حميد والصلابي وخالد الشريف في المغرب وتونس وشمال مالي ومصر وبعض دول الخليج كالامارات ، كل ذلك يتم بتأييد رئيس المؤسسة الدينيه الليبية الصادق الغرياني ذو الفكر الاخواني المتطرف ، وسوف تشهد ليبيا حالة انهيار كامل في ظل هذه الوضعية الخطيرة التي اصبحت تنتشر بشكل كبير في كل مناحي الحياة بها ))>شبل القذافي


No need to Israeli military occupation there are new means
– Western countries and America found in the form of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and the means to mortgage the countries and peoples of the whole of any and put them at the mercy of this body Nanny loans and long-term
– The other way is to recruit what they claim opponents (customers – traitors) سقاط not the their systems subversion – terrorism – and the use of religion ride to achieve the purposes of the Western countries that seek to install traitors customers under false slogans … Democracy – freedom – human rights …. And is the beneficiary of the support these opponents, whether from home or abroad.
– The ruler plunder of wealth goals – destruction Althanih infrastructure and rebuilding it – publishing division titles religious or sectarian …….. This is planned Alamarki the Zionist tools Arab a traitor Menbtahh agent

(candelà alwerfalli)

لا داعي للاحتلال العسكري هناك الاحتلال بالوسائل الجديدة
– الدول الغربية و امريكا وجدوا في هيئة صندوق النقد الدولي و البنك الدولي وسائل لرهن دول وشعوب باكملها اي وضعهم تحت رحمة هذه الهيئة بقروض مربية و طويلة الاجل
– اما الوسيلة الاخرى و هي تجنيد ما يزعمون معارضين ( عملاء – خونة ) لا سقاط انظمتهم بالتخريب – الارهاب – و استعمال الدين مطية لتحقيق اغراض الدول الغربية التي تسعى لتنصيب العملاء الخونة تحت شعارات مزيفة … الديمقراطية – الحرية – حقوق الانسان …. و المستفيد هو من دعم هؤلاء المعارضين سواء من الداخل او الخارج.
– الاهداف المسطرة نهب الثروات – تدمير البنية التحنية و اعادة اعمارها – نشر التفرقة بمسميات دينية او طائفية …….. هذا هو المخطط الامركي الصهيوني بادوات عربية عميلة خائنة منبطحة
Abdullah Hakim BelHadj, al-Qaeda

Lafrasin greens News :::

Please widest Publishing
Base movements predict catastrophe soon ….
Al Qaeda of tuber deployed in the troop Rulrhh and unprecedented hardware ..
. 75 armed arming Excellent car from Islamists armor Benghazi spread in the south and specifically in the city of Jufrah. Set them on a farm in Dan and the name of the owner of Farm Huwaidi.
Abdel-Hakim Belhaj and his re-arrange their forces inside Tripoli and handing out weapons and gear. There is a strange

Media Center tuber Libya

Aaaaaaaajl … Struck at the heart of the organization Almstzlamin Brotherhood ….

Salem Derby retract his remarks to go to Tripoli to face Qaqaa Battalion after the rat prime minister’s recent decision to apologize to the Libyan people,
is what released him from the threat of …

(so BelHadj took over threatening TRIPOLI, Qaqaa Battalion and Zintan!)


Salah Paddy Mzrath the request of Abdul Hakim Belhadj _ move all his forces in the direction of trait Alforjan for support until the arrival of the bulls Misratah.

Struggle for control of Tripoli

Al-QAEDA/” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” vs. Qaqaa BATTALION & 32nd BRIGADE:
Urgent ..Salah Badi asks Hakim Belhaj move all his forces in the direction of trait Alforjan for support until the arrival of the Misrata rebels.
(THIS IS THE TRIPOLI BATTLE announced last week by DARBY & BELHADJ against the Qaqaa Battalion, KHAMIS 32 nd Brigade and the ZINTANI…

THE BATTLE IS BLOODY, deadly and many perished…

Pencil volatile is dropping on civilian houses ((Khallet Alforjan)):

One of the cars belonging to RAT Li the Abu Salim Gneoh rat after the attack on the Qaqaa Brigade ..:

“Abdel Moez Bannon of”

Listen … Dgna position to million Ambchri ….

Standing in Cimafroa Salahuddin and Almqamiq nomads gather with their weapons., All Mtkntaan and say that in a

convoy of Qaqaa coming out of the Mesh Aref Wayne Baahjm them .. and they Baiqtlohm and air Hua ..

and stationed in the main intersection and I watch .. and suddenly in two cars on them 14 Jayat of good trait Alforjan from afar …

and if the text Almqamiq rode their cars and Chovc the only Gbernhm the Harbin…

Remote image Yarmouk camp now ((Khallet Alforjan)):

The al-QAEDA and MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD RATS began at KHAMIS’ YARMOUK CAMP which was supposed-to be secret!!!)

Large military convoys heading to Tripoli from Zintan.
Attribution and withdrawal of Misrata Brigades from the periphery of the Yarmouk camp (the headquarters of 24 Infantry – civil Battalion).

Militias Ogneoh the militant attack Guard facilities ...


Spin clashes now in front of a camp T previously secret among a group of bonds of the security committee

of Tripoli and Muhammad al-Madani battalion stationed inside the camp …

Our sources from the heart of the event.

The right words and hungry Libyan O

Post from Khalid Trabelsi: –

A conspiracy of the ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” and Misratah where seven without Tarqat the cars attacked the headquarters of the Guard installations (Qaqaa) and ran away.

Then suddenly came the joint force and the Supreme Security Committee
I saw beauty Zoubih in the scene.

Then I asked to know and they told me there is a call for a battalion-Saadawi (al-Qaeda) and other battalions to clean Tripoli from Zintan.

This is what they said and they said they are preparing a very large force to go to Qaqaa Battalion. Urgent … A convoy of Misratah a component of rocket launchers and crayfish carts up Tajora now.

Shooting dense launchers and an ambulance, within the scope of the Yarmouk camp, which
Now under bombardment, to the capital Tripoli.
Casualties, and unconfirmed reports of deaths in raging battles
On a Hot Tin to the capital Tripoli, between Musharnin gunmen

Aaaaaaaajl …..

Now all that follow battalions city of Misrata attack on the Yarmouk camp that has the First Infantry Brigade of the Interior Ministry in Tripoli.

Urgent: NATO is backing MISURATA:
Now Advertising in emergency all Tajora camps in anticipation of an attack, NATO has related Bay Bsrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrah??


Wounded in violent clashes spin now with various kinds of weapons in the vicinity of the camp of Yarmouk Tripoli.

Involved in the attack all militias that follow the city of Misurata, located in Tripoli

Chill bombardment, artillery and missile clashes continue Balmim the currently only I.

The right words and hungry

Haliaaaa a signatory signatory militia coup Brotherhood Ali Zintan militias
Tsfia to control the accounts Taraabuls (TRIPOLI)
After fabricating the crisis of seven cars attacked the guard installations
Now headed for a large force of coalition battalions Asswehly and national security committee to control KHAMIS’ Yarmouk camp!

Libya News Today

Aaaaaaaaaaaajl …. Real havoc in the Yarmouk camp!

Almtpartyaan Alajuanjah Wahhabis and Almsarit targeting one of the largest camps National Army battalion Qaqaa all kinds of weapons.

Almtpartyaan forces Alajuanjah Wahhabis and Almsarit attack Yarmouk camp
Affiliated to the Ministry of Defense, and news about the presence of dead and wounded.
Very violent battles taking place there now with all kinds of weapons and missiles.

Urgent ..The arrival of a number of dead and wounded to hospital green plateau due to the clashes in Khallet Alforjan..

Urgent ..In his first statement Osman Mliqth, on Radio Free Tripoli confirms that he issue a decision on the application

of a scorched-earth plan in Tripoli and calls Zintan  to participate in an epic victory as he called.

Large military convoys heading to Tripoli from Zintan.

Special Troops Battalion stationed at Camp 77 is moving to support Zintan against Misurata militia and the security committee in the Yarmouk camp where clashes now.

Zintan local channel says that the sons of Muhammad al-Madani Akhaddon a cordon second battle in the Yarmouk camp.

Injuries to members of the brigade civil Alzentani a result of the bombing of the Yarmouk camp all axes by Misrata militias.



Initial news talking about the death of two battalion Qaqaa.
And no information about the losses to militias and security committee backing and Asswehly ..


News about the decline of the militias that attack Shaheed Mohamed Brigade Civil and uncertain information about the arrival of more than 50 cars by 14 and 23 of the text Zintan .

Local Council spokesman Zintan to channel capital …

Why was the attack on the young Zintan in the Yarmouk camp and كدلك at the same time on xanthan battalions and kidnapped three of them in the battalion protecting the airport
And كدلك surprised in the post backing the second battalion of the interior, use Alashalh Heavy against the Yarmouk camp.

Flowers neighborhood now before camp Altkbala and Police College:
Urgent ..News about concentration of vehicles lobster in the Spring Valley area to bomb the Yarmouk camp which holed civil Brigade.

Urgent ..Move a column of tanks of to Saraya backing security and in the house of Abu Zeid Dorda to the Yarmouk camp now.
The orders of the chief of staff of bombing any convoy followed Zintan Brigades out of Nkulaih Airport Road. 

Gunmen close the Tripoli International Airport and stop trips after escalating clashes between them and the forces of the Interior Ministry.

The Anatolia news agency | Anadolu Agency.

URGENT: Chiefs of Staff lift the state of emergency in the capital Tripoli and obtained the Air Force ordered the use of force direction of any military convoy

without a permit and in particular in the areas of Airport Road and Saladin.

Libya’s international channel:

The presidency of the General Staff announces raise the degree of readiness to full status in all of its units in Tripoli.


Aaasamh channel ::

The presidency of the General Staff issued circular بالرماية of the armed convoy on any moves in the airport road without a warrant as prime Alarcaan..

The presidency of the General Staff Jermanyh issued a circular بالرماية on any armed convoy moving in through the airport without an order from the chief of staff
And God Adgo O rats, T originally Mdayrlkm considered, acetic presidency of staff express their feelings statements neither sing nor feed hungry of


Lock the road at the gate of gypsum and Cimafro electricity company by lightning battalion

Press Hussein المسلاتي:

Congress member Mohammed Khalil Zarouk asked to postpone elections, the President of the Conference for legal reasons
User Suleiman Zubi says the vote of the conference, which they apply the law of political isolation void:

Nouri Abu arrows president of the RAT National Congress, one of the city visitors.

Amazigh the pyramid of power in Libya …. Nuri Abusshmin, from the city of Zuwarah General National Congress leader …
It reminds us ascend Jalal Talabani, the Kurdish top the pyramid of power in Iraq .. Now here’s Kurdish state within a state!!! … Further disruption and fragmentation,

(Quoting p Cyrenaica)

Libyan Street platform

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl …
A group of النواصي battalion today stormed the headquarters of the warriors in Tripoli and tamper with the contents of the offices and crushed
A group of them demanding the annexation of foreign missions.

Now heavy armed confrontations in the headquarters of one of the battalions goodness of religion Tripoli.

 Misratah militias in the Gharghour area … Qaqaa on one of the headquarters of the goodness of religion and targeted a family Bakazv in the RPG,

which led to the death of the driver of the car, his wife and 2 children and 3 care.


Abu SalimAaar Council “Gneoh”

A new victim organizes to Martyrs rode home
Nabil Gilani killed on Saturday under torture prisons of darkness under NATO Abdul, Qatar Gneoh.
Initial reports of his relatives by hospital death as a result of drinking a chemical “fire water or Atcedo”.

I am God and to Him we return …

Ward KD-mail

Quoting the Supreme Council for Libya GNC

Salah area who specifically trait Alforjan now

Huge crowds of terrorists in Friday Market and Tajura and different parts of Tripoli and the Second Brigade, III Corps and guard oil installations and Saraya support and backing heavily armed with small arms and vehicles Almgehvlh and heavy weapons and flies to empty the camps in the region of battalions stationed out of a battalion Shahad Muhammad al-Madani
The news confirmed the existence of clashes and woundings…


Moved: – talk right and my hungry Libyans

About the events of Salah al-Din shortly before

Attack carried out by Agnjoh Alkkla with pool of MISRATI:

بالليبي …

Aaaaaajl ….. Renewed clashes in Salah al-Din area and shut down all roads leading to the region.
News about the reason for the clashes with heavy weapons is illegal to storm the battalion in a condominium Saladin.

Armed clashes broke out between militias belonging to the xanthan and the other from Misrata in the Salah al-Din this morning,

in an attempt of the first control on one of the headquarters of the state, and the situation is very tense now

Side of the clashes taking place in the area of Salahuddin in Tripoli …..

14.5 floundering without any regard for the lives of citizens:


جانب من الاشتباكات الحاصلة في منطقة صلاح الدين في طرابلس ….. 14.5 تخبط دون اي مراعاه لحياة المواطنين

Durée : 0:58

Media Abdulwahab Ali مليطان,:

From our sources inside the headquarters of oil installations guards what happened in Salah al-Din is:
An armed group belonging to the guard oil installations were guarding the field in the Ubari and operator of the field

quoted driller from this field to another field guarded by guards others but this group said that this rig must be kept

under control and came to the headquarters of the guard oil installations region Salahuddin and they Bmhasrth and

began firing at the headquarters, injuring 4 people working inside the headquarters one seriously injured
It then made a secret cross-fourth and a squad of National Guard and supported the guards the Ibt trapped headquarters

from Headquarters and still armed group located near the headquarters and preparing the opportunity to attack him.

Libya Gate:

Urgent very :: خشت each in Salah al-Din –

Attack Mentea the device guard oil installations of all kinds of weapons, on Facilities Guard headquarters in Salahuddin,

and the argument that not paid the salaries of some of them ….
Injuries to now 4, least two of the attackers and one of the guards and the headquarters of an ordinary citizen.

News about the reason for the clashes with heavy weapons is illegal to storm the battalion in a condominium Saladin.

Thrust Ayman apartment in a condominium civil Salahuddin by members of the Fourth secret to Saraya backing security headed by Abdul Rauf hater.


Image of Hadath heart of clashes taking place shortly before
In one picture, members of the battalion is to resuscitate him to the car.

Photos .. For citizens’ cars that were damaged during the attack on the headquarters of the guard oil installations in the morning.

= From our sources inside the headquarters of oil installations guards what happened in Salah al-Din is:
An armed group belonging to the guard oil installations were guarding the field in the Ubari and operator of the field quoted driller from this field to another field guarded by guards others but this group said that this rig must be kept under control and came to the headquarters of the guard oil installations region Salahuddin and they Bmhasrth and began firing at the headquarters, injuring 4 people working inside the headquarters one seriously injured
It then made a secret cross-fourth and a squad of National Guard and supported the guards the Ibt trapped headquarters from Headquarters and still armed group located near the headquarters and preparing the opportunity to attack him

Now and Hadath heart …. The defeat of armed militias that terrorized citizens and that trying to control the 24 Infantry Battalion headquarters but thanks to the soldiers of the Libyan army has been defeated and their defeat and هربو to face the army and are now withdrawing from the area of ​​Salah al-Din-Salahuddin evening events …Clashes in Salah al-Din, the outcome of nearly 20 wounded in the evening, including 3 women, and there are some serious cases ….
Important Alert to the youth corner (specifically الحرشه)Jardan list of Liberal equipped to catch them They Aarafo that they have a weapon. Therefore please take precaution and الحدر to our brothers in the corner ..Please publishing widely

Military police Ajdabiya raise the status of Tawari not allow the passage of military vehicles except with a new statement and an official mission.

Zintan Draa student riding in Tripoli O and Rafla and Iaurchwena Loya Mgarhh Loya Sien O Noael and four aspects. Kmaurdt of Senthata to write a page.
Urgent ..Sheikh Taher الجديع Chairman of the Shura Council Zintan Lefty jihad against the Misurata militia, which he described employment of Qatar.
Urgent …. Strength from Misratah you kidnap a group of young Ajdabiya of the trainees in the forces of the bolt numbering 11 men and a
young man from the city of Brega were kidnapped and detained in the city of Misratah on their way to Tripoli as they passed on one
Albobat entrance to the city of Misratah, and now there are negotiations between the people of the abductees and the competent authorities in Misratah.

Saraya backing the Brotherhood‘s security committee, against the battalion of the volcano Qaqaa Almusratih (attacking their headquarters)

so that MISURATA may control the power in Libya,

The MISRATI want to drop the Zintan, so that they (THE MISRATI) are able to rule by force all Libya (with Qatar).


Firas Bosalum, ….

Aaaaaaaaaaagel ….
A group of people of Tawergha IDPs in Cyrenaica and numbering 11,000 people set off this morning to her native “Tawergha City” …

Source: one based on the theme of the return of displaced Tawergha

Salem al-Obeidi reports:
Displaced Tawergha in Benghazi, now in the eastern gate of Ajdabiya after
That Dharbo statement Zaidane, Tawergha local and fatwa “so-called” Mufti
Libyan Diar..

Urgent now
Than an hour
Coalescence folks Tawergha residents in the south of Ajdabiya camp convoy that came from Benghazi

and now arrived to the city of Sirte and with them many of the Libyan Tribes of the East and the United Nations.

Noor Huda الورفلي
(Sirte) or:I wish to God Almighty
To solve the great problems in Sirte as soon as and يتدارك the parents the consequences of what will Afficher l’articlehappen and what the consequences of continuing and incursions in the blood.

Do not listen to the devils of mankind traitors to the homeland of the cities Alfberaaria, to Achmtwa enemies in you, O people of Sirte especially rode the wave of betrayal and shame if you like, or you refuse you are ousted “This pride and honor to you,” You are in the eyes of every February in favor of the leader of the martyr leader and ousted.

O people of Sirte you more than 85% vegetables in favor of the legitimacy of the Great Jamahiriya if exacerbated these problems will not be back there not a supporter does not shows ستشتعل fire of sedition and will become things feuds and assassinations and a bloodbath will never end, but spend a party to the other party or displace tribe to tribe, other tribes of them fell victims today
We Nzkhr young men Sirte for editing
We talked with many you who Anzmoa to February Black know that your hearts and your guns with the Liberals, with green flag with the first shot of the free fall and regulates the ranks of free Libya do not let these problems destroy the ammunition side Liberation Please position Tdarqua me quickly.

Colonel “Salah بوحليقة” says that six of his men were slaughtered shot and killed.
B bullets, stun Battalion 21 “martyrs corner”, at the gate
Between Sirte Bohadi, and their list of the names of the victim were:
1- Boubacar Mohammed Ahmed Musa.
2- Ali Mohamed Ahmed Birthday Altaorga.
3- Key on the key Muhammad.
4- Fit Mohammed Omar Sharidi.
5- Salem Mohammed Sadiq gift.
6- Suleiman Ali Mamedalhadi.

An armed attack on the gate Khcom horse south of the city of Sirte
Libyan news …

Came at dawn on Tuesday, gate horse Khcom, and located about 120 kilometers south of the city of Sirte, the Libyan Army, to an armed attack by unknown assailants.

According to the Colonel, “Khaled Akkari” battalion operations officer testified the costly Almgehvlh corner to secure the gate in Sirte

that the attack resulted in the killing of 6 members of the battalion soldiers and burning two cars.

Akkari said: that has surrounded the area in question, and that the search is under way for the MISURATI perpetrators.

Home »News, News Libyan clashes, Sirte, Libya, killing an armed attack on the gate Khcom horse south of the city of Sirte
An armed attack on the gate Khcom horse south of the city of Sirte.

By Gaddafi News Agency on Tuesday, 25 يونيو, 2013 | 14:40

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Sirte.

Came at dawn on Tuesday, gate horse Khcom, and located about 120 kilometers south of the city of Sirte, of the Allaotunai army-Libi, to an armed attack by MISURATI.

According to the Colonel \ “Khaled Al Akkari \” battalion operations officer so-called Bashhada of the costly Almgehvlh corner to secure the gate – the correspondent of the Libyan News Agency – Sirte that the attack killed 6 members of the battalion soldiers and burning two cars. Akkari said: that has surrounded the area in question, and that the search is underway for the culprits.

Sirte has suffered from the ravages and brutality of rat bastards they are more than feel the suffering of their brethren Tawergha taxpayers who legitimacy to the last breath was then wholly displace position Althaat.
Sirte point breakthrough to Tawergha proud land, and there are other passages from Tripoli and the center will be launched, including the people of Tawergha to return to the pure land.

Sirte هااااااااااام the
I would like to mention that your brothers displaced Tawergha residents in Middle Bdaaa, to come and arriving on Sirte ĂŃĚćÇ help them and house them and provide them with
Whatever it takes

* Sniper *

URGENT: – the slaughter of 6 Martyrs Brigade corner Almgehvlh: –

Scattered base in Libya next Sirte and the south, Derna and Benghazi ..

Salem al-Obeidi:
بوحليقة assures me killed six of his men were slaughtered, battalion Thunderbolt
21 “corner Martyrs”, in the gateway between Sirte Bohadi, and did not
Can take him names because the choking man.

Wenta literally and Patty O God knows Pia Lord.

Colonel Salah بوحليقة in connection with the channel Libya’s international says: group Islamic militant attacked the gate Khcom Horse of the national army south of Sirte,

in charge of securing the desert road in that area and killed 6 soldiers of the battalion Thunderbolt 21 “martyrs corner” slaughtered and shot dead has also burned vehicles and headquarters portal.


Chairman of the local council of Bani Walid inspects the city’s police training center. Tuesday, June 25, 2013 (20:12:0)

Bani Walid, 25 June 2013 (and) – The head of the local council of Bani Walid “carp قريرة the” inspection visit to the city’s police training center,

which includes 500 trainees in all security disciplines. The officials demanded a police training center Bani Walid; the local council and the

competent authorities to provide facilities and equipment necessary training to enable them to perform the tasks assigned to them in the

training of security elements joined for this session, which will last for more than two months. And pledged to Mr. carp قريرة the President

of the Council, to make possible efforts to meet the needs of the center and provide the required training courses for graduation and

efficient security agents capable of maintaining security and safety in the city.

Noor Huda الورفلي
Post from Almnazl Sharif ….. Dr. Hamza Abuchnger Thami
Aalsalam, mercy and blessings of God — greetings and respect and appreciation and Akabari and pride Rusaifa and its people and young, men and women – yesterday spoke to me, adviser to Prime African countries of Africa task and told me that the president wants you a detailed report about the Rafla because you are of them and because this area has impressed all the countries of the world – how I felt and how I felt proud greatness and Rafla and history Remember God and Rafla and top and conquer the enemy will – because it the Atatsam Aballah Atstnasr but from God and Ataul only to God – a tribute to my family

October Bani Walid:

There is no power except God …………………

Event this morning traffic accident near Wadi Dinar killed the owner of the first car on the spot late, God willing, named “the birth of Omar Allmata”

from the city of Bani Walid as quoted family that are independent of the second car to the hospital and are in critical condition’s six members,

including four children they are from the city of Sirte.
…………… I am God and to Him we return …………..

And Rafla famous goodness — Baltrahibh ——— and people Ajwad and guardian prestige
Mattnyha 100 ——- calamity, ——– Matbhdelha and Matnssa Haley Sblha
Without the wonderful —– countries Aamjmlha ——— Manaraf the how Onfsalha the
And Diem Dom pride Otgiba —- تبان Hllaha ———- who Ajeha Ertahlha
And another described the Lord make —– Jahlha ——— in my middle Nzlha:

08 MARCH 2013..In remembrance of Gibran Warfalli

And Jihad Rafla …. Oh infection!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar February ……….
A coalition of students from the Faculty of Science – University of Benghazi.

Special – interest of the security of facilities and installations Benghazi

In the land of Shebna required at school sanctity group Islamic militants and their number was 3 people in the Mazda car prosecute young man we have reservations on anonymity in the Navy even when his house in the area in question and was required to unpack the car with him and is Toyota Fjah navy, but the young marine was them went Observatory them gun type “NBK T”, killing one of them bombed his head was born two others the flight and left the car.

Benghazi: families of victims of Alkwyfah demanding the government to open an investigation of the incident and only

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 24 يونيو, 2013 | 22:19

Student residents victims Alkwyfah, on Sunday, the investigation in Alkwyfah events that took place two weeks ago in Benghazi.

And said one parent blood and Nice Hun that his son was a student in the Faculty of Engineering, was killed in front of the battalion next to his house which adjoins the battalion shield Libya 1, having received 37 bullet in the head, calling for an investigation with shooters on victims and Mgamthm a fair trial and punishment of shooters.
And denounced the Hun addressed the media to incident Alkwyfah, describing the media coverage in that day Baldaifah and exclusive images of mobile devices, at a time of intensified efforts when exposed one of the media in Benghazi under attack Bjulatina.And expressed dismay that the Ministry of Awqaf has shown no importance of the subject,
in addition to the regret of the speeches on Friday to lack of exposure to this incident, pointing out that he does not seek because تحسبه Ministry of martyrs and missing of martyrs, but ask God to يحتسبه martyr him, and he will not give up right in the arrest of the offender, and if our hands.


Benghazi brigade confirmed first Mchae that rocket was subjected to the logic of a mountain in the tuber and South Green Mountain specifically flattened
Salem said Merghany rockets came from drones and sea and has been DC area Alqoasat a pool area Saraya Islamic تتخد

by way of the desert port escaping known group takfirist Mujahid, said Abdul Rahman Amnfa that Mntgahh caves razed to the ground,

and did not yet know of the bombing Does the state or on the other hand, but still drones in the skies of the region,

the first bombing after ((war of 2011)), and chief of staff denied that they may have bombed the area or learn something about what happened today.


Tobruk urgent and very dangerous / / / / / / / / / /
Word now:
The arrival of a shipment of sugar Spanish port Amsaad land, unfit for human use, with the knowledge that this shipment was

rejected from Misratah and proved Inspector health in the port of Misratah not suitability for human use, and therefore rig

supplier shipment and transfer to Egypt and now is trying to enter through the port Amsaad, company name are: Company dirt

Libya: customs declaration number: 5821.150 truck sugar corrupt, and to acknowledge the other No. 5822.106 truck sugar corrupt,

the importer’s name: Hatem Bouklh Katani,,,, and God Hunt them the hearts of citizens, hope, and greedy and will not leave it pass us O Avloh ………………….

We ask God that saves Libya.

The news agency – Tobruk – reporter

Fire b Tobruk Industrial Zone, one of the workshops Alrabash
B chosen neighborhood, and did not identify the cause of the

From the spot .. a little while ago


Green Hospital now receives death toll and surgical and reinforcements come from the western mountain, Gheryan and easy الجفارة Ptjah Yarmouk camp O ladder.

Libyan Al-Watan newspaper ...

Assassination is prison Alruyemi and Sam Ismail Asamadh,
Confirmed presenter Ahmed Boukraa spokesman for the police jurisdiction of the Al-Watan newspaper .

Libyan assassination and Sam Ismail Asamadh dawn today in front of his home in the Ain Zara Tripoli,

which is a prison Alruyemi (formerly Baraka now) and is considered a badge of rebels Nafusa Mountains

and ordered Saraya battalion martyrs, DC Among the rebels which Andmo of the judicial police.
He pointed to the issuance of a statement condemning this cowardly act and address the Attorney General’s Office to investigate the assassination

and detect the perpetrators.
As explained Boukraa in the statement of members of the claims repeatedly for the conference and the government to provide the necessary

resources and support in order to protect employees of the device, because so work contributes to destabilize security and stability in Libya ..

Alqtron channel ….

Aaaaaaaajl of spark oil field

Production was stopped today at the fourth order of the four secret Zintan in charge of protection field the spark

and this is the second stop for field production due to tribal interests


DO NOT FORGET what occurred in APRIL 2012:
This is what they did to a family in the Green Nafusa Mountains (after the Government stole and sold their house and property to Qatari illegally)…
and to get the family off the home, they killed the parents little son in front of them!


Today the people of the Middle Talat in the streets Barju on their experience to they arrived les than Clea told you today they
said that to become Moamra great on Libya and the base control of Libya when just before we Moamra they said to Atorh
and now here they are today sounding bitter from everywhere and CCCP defend them.

Local Council of the Murzuq close its doors ..
After a day problem.



MADNESS OF THE ICC OF BELGIUM (WING OF THE UNO/NATO):URGENT / / a spokesman for the International Criminal173 is the last name of the wanted list in Libya events and most are related to 17 February Group!
9 figures in the Libyan General Conference
57 of Misratah
52 Zintan
23 Benghazi
11 Tripoli
5 corner
And the rest are the names of the different parts of a single for his crimes do not follow groupsLibyan authorities strive to not declare this list and emphasizes the sovereignty of the state, but we assure that they are criminals and killers will be tracked down and arrested and Sinclv views with other Interpol police to catch them in the place of the world. Libyan state sovereignty and celestial thing and coverage it something else, and Libyan officials to be ashamed of themselves ..Channel Four – Brussels – Antonioa the Pamitig(SAIF, SENUSSI, DORDA, al-BAGDADI, HANNIBAL, AISCHA–and prior was also MUAMMAR on this list!)

Ali Zaidane: ornately appointed as an adviser to the prime minister and I am responsible for this

By Gaddafi news agency on Monday, 24 يونيو, 2013 | 22:23

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.


Plaid having been appointed to a military adviser to the government ….
Ali Zaidane appear before the National Congress to clarify the reasons for selection, and organize a strong national alliance, condemns the decision,  & calls on Zaidane to resign.

The response of the Committee for the Defense National Conference: ornately appointed to the post of military adviser to the government Zidane represents تحييدا for the decisions and incoming members of the National Congress dismissed carved, and the Committee of Defense to the National Conference has not been notified of ornately appointed in his new position.

Prime Minister Ali Zaidane importer, on Sunday, appointed the former head of the General Staff of the Libyan army defeated Joseph carved as a military adviser to the government necessary thing.He explained Zidane – press conference held today in the capital Tripoli on the occasion of the visit of Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat to Libya – that he personally appointed ornately adviser to the Council of Ministers is responsible for this decision pointing out that the conditions did not help him to perform the tasks assigned to him when he was Chief of Staff .

He added:

“Through the ornately tackle Profile while I was able to his eyes as a consultant and everyone knows that the adviser does not have his decision is taken and it is now necessary to his presence with us to contribute to the creation of solutions to some of the issues in the country by virtue of his experience.”

Observers believe that this decision has come directly from Qatar .


Withdrawal of Qatari nationality of Sheikh sedition, “Qaradawi” was أمهاله 48 hours to leave the country. A big blow for the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

الــفراسين الخــضر الاخبــارية:

Lafrasin greens News:

It is rumored that tomorrow the oil giant will deliver Emirate of Ali Baba!!
Qatar will move from support for the Muslim Brotherhood to support the Liberals!!!
Based on orders Cao Boy!! He second quarter of play!!
Where the din of public performance director representatives Fastbdelhm the new blood!!
To maintain the flow of Arab oil and Arab blood!!!
And would not have given up the hall of cheering and Almtablin and Almcefqatih!!
Qatar and Qatar live!! Not slept the eyes of cowards!!!
Forgive me (Nhlos) Khokm talk Arabs
Unemployed and strategic analyst!!!!
ويشاع بان غداً سيقوم مارد الزيت بتسليم الامارة لعلي بابا !!
وستنتقل قطر من دعم الاخوان الى دعم اللبراليون !!!
بناءً على أوامر الكاو بوي !! انه الفصل الثاني من المسرحية !!
حيث ضج الجمهور من أداء الممثلين فاستبدلهم المخرج بدماء جديدة !!
للحفاظ على تدفق النفط العربي والدماء العربية !!!
ولن تخلوا القاعة من المهللين والمطبلين والمصفقاتية !!
وقطر قطر تحيا قطر !! ولا نامت أعين الجبناء !!!
وسامحوني (نهلوس ) خوكم كلام عرب
عاطل عن العمل ومحلل استراتيجي !!!!

News of the expulsion of the client Khaled Meshaal, and the withdrawal of Qatari nationality of the Shaykh Qaradawi NATO

and Amhalama 48 hours to leave Doha, based on the Amiri decree issued by Tamim’m a banana ruler of Qatar …. To hell and good determination ..

عاجل :
انباء عن طرد العميل خالد مشعل وسحب الجنسية القطرية من شيخ الناتو القرضاوي وامهالهما 48 ساعة لمغادرة الدوحة وذلك بناء على مرسوم اميري صادر عن تميم ابن موزة حاكم قطر …. إلى الجحيم وبأس المصير ..

Official page Al Lafraain television Faraeen Channel

Withdrawal of Qatari nationality of Sheikh sedition, “Qaradawi” was أمهاله 48 hours to leave the country. A big blow for the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood:

Fares Albraigahے 
Qatar is an independent state or a U.S. colony???

The colonization of white colonization????????????

– Enumerate the country 12 thousand army troops / U.S. Army census diameter of more than 21 thousand troops?????????????
– Qatari Air Force 25 fighter jet / U.S. Air Force aircraft in Qatar 172???????????????????????
– The number of armored vehicles and tanks owned by Qatar 1005 armored tank and wagon Jund / number of armored vehicles and U.S. vehicles in Qatar in 2300 Cart and armored??????????????????????????

Lafrasin greens News :::

U.S. military cargo plane at the airport in Tripoli, 23/​​6:

News – Michegat “the United States of AmericaLibyan citizen killed “Abdulrahman friend Taher century” in mysterious circumstances.Authorities found security to the state Michegat American Libyan citizen “Abdulrahman friend Taher century” of area residents Friday market to Tripoli in the city of Detroit covered in in blood downtown Detroit after being subjected to beatings and was transferred to Henry Ford Hospital to help him, but he died this and has been to identify the identity of the victim through fingerprints recorded by the police station to the city.
الخبر – ميشيغات “الولايات المتحدة الإمريكيةمقتل المواطن الليبي “عبدالرحمن الصديق الطاهر الميلادي” في ظروف غامضة .عثرت الـسلطات الأمنية بــ ولاية ميشيغات الأمريكية علي الـمواطن الليبي “عبدالرحمن الصديق الـطاهر الميلادي” من سكان منطقة سوق الـجمعة بــ طرابلس في مدينة ديـترويت مضرجاَ بدمائه وسط مدينة ديترويت بعد تعرضه لـ الضرب و تم نقلـه إلي مستشفى هنري فـورد لإسعافه ، إلا أنه فـارق الـحياة هذا و قد تم الـتعرف علي هوية القتيل من خلال بـصماته المسجلة بـ مركز الـشرطة بـ الـمدينة .بنت الوادي



Was shut Ras Jedir border crossing by the Tunisian side by four hours from now ..


Tunisian authorities in the bulletin channel Hanabaal hour mid-day today
((The Immigration and Passport According Bzjul, more than one hundred and eighty-nine thousand Libby

during the last four days of Tunisia and express unprecedented immigration status exposed to the Tunisian soil,

causing a shortage of health materials الغدائية and the Tunisian authorities)).





Admiral Eric ماكلاود head forces Royal British Navy confirms that Britain is able to resolve the chaos in the countries of the South Libyan that do not respect themselves depending on the recipe and set its border with Libya, and stressed that they have Otvaqah security with the former regime in Libya,

“we may have to activate it, and we did, you will not there is such thing as or نيجرية the Chadian border with Libya after that, and I would advise officials in these countries to take advantage of the time you probably will not repeat them this opportunity in the next few days.”

Grenada News Hedlaat – the South Lambton

British Royal Marines

Good arrived Benghazi plane drone bombed farms on the outskirts of Benghazi for the night,
stun confirmed that there are attacks get by missiles from the sea.
Secondly: Rule: attacking the gate Khcom riding south of Sirte 120 km and slaughtered 6 elements of the army, and vowed to implement more,
Abraq Abyar panEastern Region القاعديين there vows to invade the capital
after that seduced Scott people of Tripoli in coordination with النواصي, and the name of the invasion, “Ramadan Karim” Tripoli.
Outbreak of the fighting area of Salah al-Din and the possibility of expansion on the back of the possible fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, to be Libya depth safe for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
Finally: Now the conflict entered by international parties were watching from afar….
Unfortunately سيحتدم the …
We ask God Almighty to pay for Libya and Libyans scourge away.

تشي جيفارا العرب المعتصم
حازم العربي عااااااااااااجل:الخير وصل بنغازي الطائرة بلا طيار تقصف مزارع بضواحي بنغازي ليلا،والصاعقة تأكدت بأن ثمة هجمات تحصل بواسطة صواريخ من البحر.ثانيا:القاعدة :تهاجم بوابة خشوم الخيل جنوب سرت 120كم وتذبح 6عناصر من الجيش،وتتوعد بتنفيذ المزيد،الأبرق الأبيار عموم المنطقة الشرقية القاعديين هناك يتوعدون بغزو العاصمة بعد أن أغراهم سكوت أهل طرابلس بالتنسيق مع النواصي،وإسم الغزوة “رمضان كريم”طرابلس اندلاع قتال بمنطقة صلاح الدين واحتمال توسعه على خلفية احتمال سقوط الاخوان بمصر،لتكون ليبيا عمق آمن لاخوان مصر.أخيرا :الآن الصراع دخلت عليه أطراف دولية كانت تراقب من بعيد وللأسف سيحتدم …ونسأل الله العظيم أن يدفع عن ليبيا والليبيين البلاء بعيدا.
  • حازم العربي عااااااااااااجل:الخير وصل بنغازي الطائرة بلا طيار تقصف مزارع بضواحي بنغازي ليلا،والصاعقة تأكدت بأن ثمة هجمات تحصل بواسطة صواريخ من البحر.ثانيا:القاعدة :تهاجم بوابة خشوم الخيل جنوب سرت 120كم وتذبح 6عناصر من الجيش،وتتوعد بتنفيذ المزيد،الأبرق الأبيار عموم المنطقة الشرقية القاعديين هناك يتوعدون بغزو العاصمة بعد أن أغراهم سكوت أهل طرابلس بالتنسيق مع النواصي،وإسم الغزوة “رمضان كريم”طرابلس اندلاع قتال بمنطقة صلاح الدين واحتمال توسعه على خلفية احتمال سقوط الاخوان بمصر،لتكون ليبيا عمق آمن لاخوان مصر.أخيرا :الآن الصراع دخلت عليه أطراف دولية كانت تراقب من بعيد وللأسف سيحتدم …ونسأل الله العظيم أن يدفع عن ليبيا والليبيين البلاء بعيدا.





Lion never sleeps..He awaits his appointed time… (Johniain Iain Mellon)

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