tous à bientôt finalisé / All to be Finalised soon

Leader of the Nation

Juma Blessings

((((The demands of the Libyan people to move and the Intifada)))
1 _ an Ad Resistance Leadership via international channels.
2_ spokesperson label and the name of Resistance and personal appearances on TV.
3_ formation of popular committees mission work revolutionary direction of the Libyan people and coordination with the tribes, guide them and direct guarantees

from the Leadership to be moving in all areas of he tribes scared to themselves to Aasirlha the costume مصار in and Rafla in Taorga.
4_ and most importantly directing a letter from the Leader of the Resistance, Muammar al-Qathafi and the announcement of the popular movement

and the uprising and give directive to move.
5_ this requirement mothers of martyrs and Galabh our young people, which is that the People’s Armed Forces primitive action and show something tangible on the ground.
WHDH Come on things that have been deduced through communication, audit and research with all young people are saying to Libya and they are all the same thing and the same demands to move (and this ray street and demands, regardless of the things that we know and we hold ourselves).
(((((مطالب الشعب الليبي للتحرك والانتفاضه )))
1 _ اعلان المقاومه عن قيادتها عبر قنوات عالميه

2_ تسمية متحدث رسمي وشخصي باسم المقاومه وظهوره على التلفزيون

3_ تشكيل لجان شعبيه مهمتها العمل التوجيه الثوري للشعب الليبي والتنسيق مع القبائل وارشادها وتوجيهها بضمانات من القياده ان يكون التحرك في كل المناطق لانه القبائل خايفه على نفسها ان يصيرلها زي مصار في ورفله وفي تاورغا

4_ والاهم توجيه خطاب من قائد المقاومه معمر القذافي
واعلان الحراك الشعبي
والانتفاضه واعطاء ايعاز بالتحرك

5_وهدا مطلب امهات الشهداء وغاليبة شبابنا وهو ان تبداء قوات الشعب المسلح بالتحرك واظهار شي ملموس على الارض
وهده هيا الامور التي تم استنتاجها من خلال الاتصالات والتدقيق والبحث فيما يقوله كل شباب ليبيا وكلهم نفس الكلام ونفس المطالب للتحرك (وهدا راي الشارع ومطالبه بغض النظر عن الامور التي نعرفها ونحتفظ بها لانفسنا))

Mu reading a memo

Saif al-Islam

Saif Al-Islam Al-Gaddafi speaks:

“You can fool all of the people all of the time, but not the Libyan people even for a while. We know the truth and we fight for it, just as we were meant to do. We know what’s right and we live for it, that’s why we stand firm and tall.

So, even in our darkest hour, our souls will not falter, and our hearts will not wither, for we know that one day, the sun will rise and shine upon our heads, and justice will triumph over your barbarism. We are here to stay. We are here to fight. We are here to live. We are here to win, and nothing can stop us now!!!!!!!”

Khotna Liberal alert today communication system has been installed to monitor the Internet, and phone …….. Specifically, place Almotaigah the (sparkling)
We hope the Liberal Khotna discernible precaution and Alhaddar topic of utmost importance;


With you, brother, we live the glories Commander:


Evening in the streets of Rome


A great O # Libya

Perhaps nights Our group gathered days oh # Libya.
I returned home full of feelings love, Alhaninn and printed above the soil great immortal kiss. Thus speaks to us back home. Not in words, but directly to our souls. When we listen to the voice of the nation, we would rather listen to the voice of the sacred presence. In the attended shut words, we do not need only to be at the height of the completion of our senses. The homeland is driven by all of and shows its manifestations in all the things around us.

Gomaa blessing to all the people # Libyan Arabic to everyone in all parts of the earth:

عـــظـــيــمــه يـا #ليــــــبــــيا

عسى الليالي التي فرقـتـنا أن تجمعنـا يومـا يا #لــــيبيــــا.
عدت إلى الوطن مملوءا بمشاعر الحب والحنينن وطبعت فوق ترابه العظيم قُبلة خالدة. هكذا يتحدث إلينا الوطن. ليس بالكلمات وإنما مباشرة إلى أرواحنا. إننا عندما نستمع إلى صوت الوطن، فإننا إنما نستمع إلى صوت الحضور المقدّس. وفي حضرته تخرس الكلمات، ولا نحتاج إلا إلى أن نكون في ذروة اكتمال حواسّنا. فالوطن هو الذي يحرّكنا جميعا ويظهر تجليّاته في كلّ الأشياء من حولنا.

جمعه مباركه لكل شعب #الليبي الي لكل فرد عربي في كل بقاع الأرض

Admin Saqr Alcdoh
FB VIDEO political dialogue ::: reports
Report shocking and catastrophic for human rights and freedoms in Libya provided Allaqi.
Allaqi confirms the existence of approximately one million Libyan abroad and confirms the increasing torture, kidnappings and secret prisons.
تقرير مروّع وكارثي عن الحريات وحقوق الانسان في ليبيا يقدمه العلاقي.
العلاقي يؤكد وجود مايقارب من مليون ليبي بالخارج ويؤكد ازدياد التعذيب والخطف والسجون السرية.

Mohammed Allaqi President of the National Council for Public Freedoms and Human Rights:

the human rights situation in Libya is very bad cases of kidnapping, torture and reached a level that can not be tolerated

and the National Congress still Atlkk in the issue of transitional justice law!

(Admonh pride Rishvana the)


1969 mercy and Noor Ali, Mr. Billah Gaddafi

And 1969’s mercy and Noor Ali martyrs of duty and volunteers who taxpayers from the earth and supply

And 1969, the patience of the displaced

And 1969’s patience on our prisoners oppressed

And 1969 greet each steadfast and unwavering

Light as long as Nora who guided and fire and hell and the volcano of assault and God is above Kid aggressor.

(Supreme Commander)

1969 رحمه ونور علي سيدي المعتصم بالله القذافي

و1969 رحمه ونور علي شهداء الواجب والمتطوعين الذين دافعو عن الارض والعرض

و 1969 صبر علي المهجرين

و 1969 صبر علي اسرانا المظلومين

و1969 تحيه لكل الصامدين والثابتين

ودام الفاتح نورا لمن يهتدي ونارا وجحيما وبركانا علي من يعتدي والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي

القائد الأعلي


(see yesterday’s post):
An invitation to return people of Western Riyaana to their city after an agreement with the sheikhs

and senior Zintan tribe and the National Reconciliation Commission before the holy month of Ramadan.

 Read me hot Knights Zintan

(Saqr janzour)

اغاني ليبية — ابناء الزنتان “خود الرساله alzentan libya

Music Libyan – Zintan sons “Take on Message”

Heart and Rishvana of Albban came to us the next …?

(Admin Saqr janzour)

Khalhen Mfajrna Aicoln us … I bow Nsktwa and our actions Atrna the
(Adam Saqr Diaspora n)

28 juin 2013 08:15
2 video ..
Wedding and Rishvana horses ..
Video tired when this prophet you think in the comments .. And who shows him a copy yet manages post ..

الفيديو 2 ..
من افراح ورشفانه بالخيول ..
الفيديو تعبت فيه لهذا نبي رايكم في تعليق.. واللي يبي منه نسخة في صفحته يدير مشاركه..

Western Mountain News

Major General Salem Guenida says:

“Zaidane is the person who hinders army building and did not arrive Shi of the budget 2013 for the army.”


Ali Zaidane bribes an agreement with Tabu tribes to protect the oil fields instead of Zintan and exchange them $ 35 million, from a source familiar with

From a very reliable source ….
Yesterday in جيهات the and related Palmchacheh areas to interfere with them against Zintan …
المشاشية reply was Zapper them ….
They said, and I quote …. Yes they are tougher enemies but Nstdaf not our enemy …
We we fight with them face-to-face just do not get with any party against Zintan.
We are neutral and will not interfere in one and a limit in our region do not want anyone to planting new strife between us.
And stamped the word Zintan and Lena Knights pride they first enemy ….
Do you speak arrived xanthan and rejuvenated.

من مصدر موثوق جدا ….
امس في جيهات و مناطق تتصل بالمشاشية للتدخل معهم ضد الزنتان …
فكان رد المشاشية صاعق لهم ….
قالو بالحرف الواحد…. نعم هم اشد الاعداء لكن لا نستضعف عدونا …
نحن نتقاتل معهم وجه لوجه فقط لا ندخل مع اي طرف ضد الزنتان
نحن محايدين و لم ولن نتدخل في احد و نحد في منطقتنا لانريد لاحد ان يزرع فتنه جديدة بيننا.
وختمها بكلمه الزنتان فرسان و لينا الفخر انهم عدونا الاول….
هل الكلام وصل للزنتان و شبابها.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

God is great above the aggressor Kid

God for the oppressed best supporter

I certainty and armed Savtda

My light of truth shines in the hands of

Tell me tell me

God, God, God is great

God is above the aggressor

Oh this world Otala and Listen

Army Aloaada came wanting Musraei the

Right will be featured Bmdfie

If consumed will courtyards with me

Tell me tell me

God, God, God is greatest

God is above the aggressor

Tell me Woe to the colonist

And God is above the treacherous arrogant

God is great oh my

And take بناصية, modulator Admoury

Tell me tell me

God, God, God is greatest

الله أكبر الله اكبرالله أكبر فوق كيد المعتديالله للمظلوم خير مؤيدأنا باليقين وبالسلاح سأفتديبلدي ونور الحق يسطع في يديقولوا معي قولوا معي

الله الله الله أكبر

الله فوق المعتدي

يا هذه الدنيا أطِّلي واسمعي

جيش الأعادي جاء يبغي مصرعي

بالحق سوف أرده وبمدفعي

فإذا فنيت فسوف أفنيه معي

قولوا معي قولوا معي

الله الله الله اكبر

الله فوق المعتدي

قولوا معى الويل للمستعمر

والله فوق الغادر المتكبر

الله اكبر يا بلادى كبرى

وخذى بناصية المغير ودمرى

قولوا معى قولوا معى

الله الله الله اكبر



Of Page-mail.


I hope publication and dissemination of importance:

People in Tripoli and especially families could leave Tripoli Vlegaderha in the fastest time,
We have confirmed information that militias and gangs controlling on Tripoli mobilize and preparing and Sttqatl among them
And the citizens who are able to protect their homes and belongings they formed popular committees to protect their neighborhoods.


Start now in the battle Gargour between Almzarat of the Zintan.

Anfjaaaaaaaaaaaaaar very strong heard in Tajora.
Agneoh closes roads in Abu Saleem and publishes a number of
Cars carrying 14.5.
Blockings Bakery victory until Salim Island and closing of the road
Front capital Pharmacy ……


A statement of the so-called Tripoli local council regarding the recent events:

Situation is now in Abu Salim spread to 14 cars and text from informant victory to the island of Abu Salim and by Mascara has also been closing the road in this topic

next moments Health Institute front capital Pharmacy!!!

Now fear in the heart of Abu Salim shops closed and few human movement and 14 cars exist Bactrh

and the text people carrying Qguadf of the RPG and screens in the streets and burned cars on roads and Mscrin the streets ..

real description of what is going on now is a state of war.

Tripoli .. Capital and not spoil them grappling militias ..!!
Admin Saqr Alcdoh
More than 150 car 14.5, 23 and 106 provide the market Friday entrances and equipped military vehicles in the Mitigua Airbase now.
Lock entrances to Tripoli from all جيهات now by the militias of Tripoli
And mobilize mechanisms coming from the airport Mitiqua towards the Abu Salim.

Out a group of wounded residents of the capital Tripoli, in a field demonstration
Algeria on Thursday evening,’s claim to the disappearance of the armed manifestations
Of the capital Tripoli.

Urgent Tripoli:

Jardan Ndmoa pause protest arena green .. After Friday prayers .. A rejection of what happened in Abu Salim area .. And claim to resolve the problem battalions p basis of tribal sense healthier (Zintan against) and accuse them of being Admon among its ranks arrows on end Dlm … Enhanced from 32 Brigade and Maqrif … And trying to call Tripoli residents to get out and this measure جردان Gnjoh and loyal Almsarit them and market جردان pursuit and the Council of Tripoli …

عاجل طرابلس :

الجردان نضموا وقفة إحتجاج فالساحة الخضراء .. بعد صلاة الجمعة.. رفضا لما حدث بمنطقة أبوسليم .. ومطالبة بحل الكتائب المشكلة ع أساس قبلي بمعنى اصح ( ضد الزنتان ) ويتهمونهم بانهم يضمون بين صفوفها الازلام على حد دكرهم … من اللواء 32 معزز والمقريف … ويحاولون دعوة سكان طرابلس للخروج وهدا بتدبير جردان غنيوه والمصاريت المواليين لهم وجردان سوق السعي ومجلس طرابلس …

Shut down the highway after the bridge Zenata towards the west of Tripoli!!

Friday Market:


Youth the Bei Bei Iagnhh Abu Salim Bay.
Admin 313

Exclusive scenes to break into the people of Abu Salim of the offender Gnjoh the Council to follow up on new always Subscribe canal and continued our Facebook account the

The (good) Spokesman for xanthan on Libya’s international …

Youth Brigades backing on the orders of Interior Minister attacked the 24 Infantry Battalion which is a military contingent of military numbers,

and they بالرماية the image of Civil Shaheed Mohamed shot and they burned.

The right words and hungry Libyan O

The sacking of defense minister after he said Defense Minister Mohammed البرغثي that the error is from the interior minister who gave the orders to Saraya backing the Commission’s security Supreme attack on the Battalion 24 Infantry of the Army National After protested البرغثي the decision of the Interior Minister Mohammed Sheikh, decided البرغثي resign and leave the office …

Information from one of the relatives of Abdul Ghani Alkkly aka (Gnjoh)


Champion from Libya February

Inventory / Abdel Ghani Alkkly aka (Gnjoh)
Level Scientific / secondary school certificate
Current job / confidential commander 11 Supreme Committee phantom Salim (حكمدار the Abu Salim area with 300 thousand inhabitants)
Occupation before the revolution of February 17 / drug dealer that has a hatred of the police, the judiciary and the assumption of storming the Ministry of Justice in what is known revolution signatory signatory to approve the law of segregation
His achievements after 17 February
Share siege of the Ministries of Interior, Justice, Finance and himself assaulted the Minister of Justice
Under his administration’s secret prisons outside the authority of the state where torture and financial extortion, rape and murder.
Despite سطوته and tyranny on the young men and women and children of Tripoli, but he escaped wet Kjerz and hid in base Ameitikh when approached camping,

5 cars to Zintan revolutionaries made ​​to arrest him.

Did you know that Gnjoh drug dealer and a drunkard …
Did you know that Gnjoh killed his mother in 1994 …
Did you know that Gnjoh cutting off the hands of his sister, and caused her to block when he returned to the house while intoxicated …
Did you know that Gnjoh hampered parents …
Is this stinking represents youth Tripoli … of course not
Is this stinking secret 11 commander of Qatar Supreme Committee will provide the safety and security of the citizen … of course not
Did you know that this is the Stinking and his gang took siege of the ministries and the Ministry of the Interior, Justice, Finance and the attack on the Minister of Justice in collaboration with the stinking hater and his gang, backed from Misratah ..
Did you know that these bands are besieging National Congress and usurp its members impose on the conference to issue decisions by force
Did you know that Gnjoh has not learned the secret prisons until the government ..
Did you know that prisons Gnjoh exceeded the Abu Ghraib prison in the torture and rape of men ..
And God is witness to what I say …

(Admin Saquaoui)

Salim the … Gneoh morning they said Gah chronic diarrhea…

Inventory Nizar Kawan visit the inventory Gneoh in the burning headquarters yesterday!!

FB Video presents a strong debut yesterday clashes AboSaleem the
Euphoria of young people and the people of Saleem escape when a song or Agnjoh not waging named this

ادمن الدكتور


فرحة عارمة من شباب و اهالي ابوسليم عند هروب اغنية او اغنيوه ولا شن اسمه هذا

Durée : 0:50

Salim before Friday prayers:

..Qatari armor scattered Cimafro the harsh plateau and confusion exists in front of college and there are some people gathered near Council Agneoh which was burned.

Certainly, we will see the day the elders of sedition screaming on the platforms to incite the people to go out in demonstrations.

Abdullah (Hamid Belhadj) thankless says the National Conference of God be in a Libyan His help smooth and lock ……………….

Abdullah thankless said before Matfatho file Abdullah Sanusi Afatho, file
Abdel-Fattah Younis

RIM and addicted Rishvana.

Abdullah ungrateful ….

106 company you got the adoption of a placebo in one day and $ 5 million per company …..

Sacking of defense minister rats Mohamed Bargty of the office after clashes in Tripoli yesterday (see yesterday’s post).

Bridge June 11, the concentration of heavy weapons it with the presence of قناصات and night vision speakers.

Salem Derby (‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD & al-QAEDA) indicted indirectly to Hfter in the assassination of Major General Abdel-Fattah Younis
Salem derby the previous command to Abu Salim Martyrs’ Brigade Drnhaly Libya Ahrar channel

The killing of Abdel-Fattah Younis is the one who wants to replace him in the office, one of his now marketed for the presidency of the RAT  Army Staff!

Ayman civil nephew of martyr Muhammad al-Madani:

– We went to the Prime Minister when we abuse and the meeting is guaranteed and you told us the army and I do not have the ability to these militias ideological

and told us not to publish the meeting on the grounds that President Per Libyans.

– Ayman civil confirms that they were ready to withdraw from Tripoli
And the formation of a single army, provided that the total out of Tripoli.

NATO-MUFTI (pro-Misurata/Qatar) Sadek Garyiani:

Aaaaaajl Jaddaaaaa

And dangerous since the moments ended Mufti of Libya Sheikh Sadiq Ghiryani of statement singled out by channel Friday market local and broadcast channels in Misratah and dirt in which he said ((Praise be to Allah that our victory in our revolution blessed, Praise be to Allah who Astafana recruited him to raise the banner of Islam in our country glorious and liberated from disbelief and slavery, God said in an airtight Holy Book (ear to those who fight because they do wrong, and that God is the victory of the omnipotent driven from their homes unjustly only because they say our Lord God and if you do not pay God’s people to each other for the demolished silos and Sell prayers and mosques stating the name of Allah much and Inasrn God of victory that God is strong Aziz) that ماقامت him yesterday militia outside of the state of the killing and Tzmir in the area of ​​Abu Salim in Tripoli and killing and expulsion of the rebels from their homes and offices Lahu work Danny does not accept the legitimacy of God that never This group, which came from the uttermost parts of the west of Tripoli Rebekah ousted and gangs regime collapsed want to return us to the pre-revolution blessed by God and therefore fight this category transgressing became a chore, but ordered a legitimate requirements of the current stage of the country and complacency with them is the loss of the country and the displacement of the slaves ({Fight punish God, your hands and pricks and you against them and heal the breasts of folk who are believers}
Via each Libya rebels come Jihad date of the new God Nasirkm nor Naseer them), peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.

عاااااجل جداااااوخطير مند لحظات انتهى مفتي ليبيا الشيخ الصادق الغرياني من تصريح خص به قناة سوق الجمعه المحليه وتم بثه في قنوات مصراته ودرنه قال فيه (( الحمد لله رب العالمين الذي نصرنا في ثورتنا المباركه ، الحمد لله رب العالمين الذي اصطفانا جند له لرفع راية الاسلام في بلادنا المجيده وحررنا من الكفر والعبوديه ،، قال الله في محكم كتابه العزيز ( أُذِنَ لِلَّذِينَ يُقاتَلُونَ بِأَنَّهُمْ ظُلِمُوا وَ إِنَّ اللَّهَ عَلى نَصْرِهِمْ لَقَدِيرٌ * الَّذِينَ أُخْرِجُوا مِنْ دِيارِهِمْ بِغَيْرِ حَقٍّ إِلاَّ أَنْ يَقُولُوا رَبُّنَا اللَّهُ وَ لَوْ لا دَفْعُ اللَّهِ النَّاسَ بَعْضَهُمْ بِبَعْضٍ لَهُدِّمَتْ صَوامِعُ وَ بِيَعٌ وَ صَلَواتٌ وَ مَساجِدُ يُذْكَرُ فِيهَا اسْمُ اللَّهِ كَثِيراً وَ لَيَنْصُرَنَّ اللَّهُ مَنْ يَنْصُرُهُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَقَوِيٌّ عَزِيزٌ ) ان ماقامت به يوم امس مليشيا خارجه عن الدوله من قتل وتذمير في منطقة ابي سليم بطرابلس وقتلها وطردها للثوار من ديارهم ومكاتبهم لاهو عمل دني لا تقبله شرعية الله ابداً ان هذه المجموعة التي قدمت من اقاصي الغرب الي طرابلس رفقة ازلام وعصابات النظام المنهار تريد ان ترجع بنا الي ماقبل ثورتنا التي باركها الله وعليه فأن قتال هذه الفئه الباغيه صار واجباً بل امراً شرعياً تتطلبه المرحله الراهنه للبلاد والتهاون معهم هو ضياع للبلاد وتشريد للعباد ( {قَاتِلُوهُمْ يُعَذِّبْهُمُ اللّهُ بِأَيْدِيكُمْ وَيُخْزِهِمْ وَيَنصُرْكُمْ عَلَيْهِمْ وَيَشْفِ صُدُورَ قَوْمٍ مُّؤْمِنِينَ }
فيا كل ثوار ليبيا حان موعد الجهاد من جديد والله نصيركم ولا نصير لهم ) والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


Guenida added (SEE YESTERDAY’S POST ON DEFENSE BUDGET) that he was moving the army to protect the city’s ports and camps, calling for citizens with the help of the army because of its potential “weak” !!! – he said.

The Chief of Staff-designate Salem Guenida was may face charges for the Prime Minister to intervene in the military and non-payment of the budget, and that at the hearing by the National Conference of the year last Sunday.




زليطن became Colombia???

Admonh Phoenix and Rhqana


Libyan political dialogue :: militias crimes in Zliten
In the plight of August 23, 2012, has been stolen and burn the contents of our FM radio for a boys owner Sheikh brown …. Alumblyxiaoa Abdel Raouf Mohamed mast says:

No car graduated weapon without my permission .. .. Claims that the arrows are robbed and burned our radio and to know him including theft,

video demonstrates that stole the radio and burn our country forces are led by Alumblyxiaoa, Abdel Raouf mast (nickname Abdel Hater):

Asmar operations room

في نكبة 23 أغسطس 2012، تمت سرقة وحرق محتويات راديو بلادنا إف إم لمالكه أحد أولاد الشيخ الأسمر …. المليشياوي عبد الرؤوف محمد الصاري يقول: لاتوجد سيارة سلاح تخرج بدون إذني .. .. يدعي أن الأزلام هم من سرقوا وحرقوا راديو بلادنا وأن لاعلم له بمن سرقه، الفيديو يوضح أن من قام بسرقة وحرق راديو بلادنا هي القوات التي يتزعمها المليشياوي عبد الرؤوف الصاري غرفة عمليات الاسمر
Durée : 7:12

Plain Tnaqra of two sides of Libya???
RIM and addicted Rishvana

Voir la traduction
((Colorless climber biography of modesty))
Name: Abdel Azim bin Njie.
Surname: Abu Libya.
Fame in Zliten: Alchkh.
City: Zliten – Libya.
Mental state: a sense of grandeur.
Before the revolution of February 17:
– Secretary of the Association of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science.
– Coordinator of the revolutionary المثابة Zliten.
– Member of the Supreme Committee for the celebrations of April 7 and has certificates of thanks and appreciation, in particular.
– Member of the formation of fulfilling the security of the Combat guys Alqirdafa.
– Studious to actively participate in forums held by the ideological Revolutionary Committees Movement since the first university forum 1992 and read a telegram covenant and pledge sent Qirdafa.
– The father Haj companion on bin Njie general coordinator of the revolutionary Almthabat Zliten.
– On February 17, wrote on his Aalves Community ((in the eye you Weah Libyan Muammar free and Nfdoh Bdinma)).
After the revolution of February 17:
– Spokesperson Zliten rebels.
– Spokesperson Libya Shield forces Zliten, headed by his uncle Abdul Raouf mast.
– Member of the Committee support the revolution in Syria.
– Attendance and participation and speeches and sermons in all the celebrations of revolution of February 17.

My advice to the Libyans:
Who wants to learn the art of climbing and jumping فليقرأ the biography of this creature he has the face of health is unmatched in the world rather than that insinuates his head in the dirt disgrace and shame still topping the platforms and deliver speeches and words There is no power except God Almighty.

And soon, very soon:

Coming with a very large archive where lots and lots of scandals semiconductor revolutionaries and semiconductor men.

We have more.

Tip today:

If you want to publish a rumor in Libya at lightning speed and unbelievable people saying for HVAC mast and turn Christkiha for Chkh that Christak around a story and put some spices and considered spread and smelt Rihtha.

Praise be to God who has made enemies of the fools and idiots.


Treatment Colonel Abdul Razak Qadara on the expense of the armed people after being shot in the attack on Misrata and still Ben Guidara resident Tunisia and assesses the red nights.

Blood martyrs Emcich the drain.

Some dwarves try and Almthabat graduates and revolutionary guys Alqirdafa and Homeland Security Ochaouih tarnish the image of Professor Omar after he announced his position explicitly against gangs and mafias revolution and demand the rule of law will publish you successively About Us him and some of his compositions.

Another GOOD GUY martyred:

Name: Osama bin Qadara.
City: Zliten – Libya.
Son: Maj. Gen. Abdul Razak bin Guidara fugitive to Tunisia and injured in front of Misrata during his attack on the area Zureiq Misurata.
Occupation previously: Kadhafi Brigades.
Current job: Tripoli airport.
Revolutionary protection: Nuri Vraiwan.:

And document Taatbut the injury Osama bin Qadara and treated at the hospital during his participation attack on Misrata injury and is still evident in his face.

Note: utilized to document the rest of the other names that have participated attack on Misrata.
Blood martyrs Emcich the drain:

M’Hamed Embarak Mhammed, MARTYR.

(posted in “Sister Erjalklna the Martyr Muammar Gaddafi Libya builder and editor of the world“)M’Hamed Embarak Mhammed killed during his participation in the liberation of prisoners from the prison militia faction Agneoh Alkkla in the neighborhood of Abu Saleem.

مقتل امحمد امبارك امحمد اثناء مشاركته في تحرير معتقلين من سجن مليشيا يتزعمها اغنيوة الككلي في حي ابوسليم



Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

Libya news today … Benghazi – Urgent

Bu Sidra Mdayr served Melih Halummen

Will emerge cars Ansar al-Sharia those who deny the army and police uniformity black flags “Flags Rule” to roam the streets of Benghazi after age!!

(Valley girl)
Rule in Benghazi review Masmoh of the martial arts and sword to cut off the neck.

Celebration of al-Qaida in Benghazi!!!!

Ansar al-Sharia launches second Gathering in support of  (false) WASHABI/SALAFI style ofIslamic sharia law in Benghazi under the banner of a step towards a state of Islam ..!!!

Lock Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents Benghazi because of NATO rebel assault on the doctor inside the hospital.

Khobar – Benghazi – a special report news agency

Hospital evacuation and problematic doctor with a member of the Special Forces

What happened between Arafa President Saleh who Anhaz age of between 35 and
45 and one of the doctors Galaa Hospital, by reason behind patient
A big topic, it was assumed that his condition has improved and come out of the
Hospital and then found drenched in blood has narrated from his mouth.

When commissioned special forces “Thunderbolt”, to protect the hospital
Evacuation and secured, came armed group want abduction of a
Patients, and named “Spring Alsberati”, by force of arms, a man
Carries an infected bullet came out, and was very critical condition, and in
Time the group tried taking by force, troops intervened
Private, occurred Shooting them and the patient was returned “Alsberati”
And the other from time to time be traffic upon by men “Thunderbolt”
Even know what the cause of trying to kidnap him and taking by force of arms,
And did not tell them anything, but it of Haulo taking are Itarodnh
And his condition was improving.

Days before now doctor came and log out for “Alsberati”, and
And said that his condition was stable, and does not need to stay in hospital,
And when one of the workers entered and Jeddah steeped in blood, directed by
From his mouth, and the income of a member of the special forces “Thunderbolt” President
Arafa “fit”, and argued with the doctor regarding the patient, who
He died with his secret, and but Arafa President “favor” I did not ride roughshod
The doctor and did not raise his hand, what happened is the only altercation
Between them.

And note that the security room has to investigate with President Arafa
“Invalid”, and changed the group that she believed hospital
And what is known about the “fit” a wise man and not a young man, and he performed
B corpse dead Agra when he sees one in the morgue.

Chief of Staff Salem Aguenida: –

The assassination of Colonel (F Masrati) a member of the General Intelligence in Benghazi is undoubtedly one of the consequences of past events.

Unfortunately, because Colonel F Masrati is promising from the intelligence report about the attack and stun youth killed in Benghazi and usually

are written off the name author of the report before submitting it to the conference … But this did not happen .. Some members of Congress leaked the name to militia leaders.

Because he is exposing some of them and their involvement in crimes ..



Yana Aassob Massabelk **** over Adhor Joad horses
Adam Parent n



In the name of God the Merciful

Back Mujahid Sheikh Saif Lafi from the city of Misrata, which resided in the country for between his family and his cousins ​​to the city of Zliten and to all the children of Sheikh invoices and Amayem and honorable Friday and the other components of Zliten consult with him and obey his orders and not go out on his instructions and instructions Mujahid Menem Alsaddaaa and Allah is the before and after.

Glory to the martyrs God save Libya.
Mujahid Sheikh Saif Lafi

(dirty) Misratah Tfajtém TPU launched from the latter.???





Libya – preventing Tawergha residents displaced from returning

(Tripoli) – The Human Rights Watch said today on the Libyan authorities to allow residents of Tawergha displaced persons to return to their homes safely. Local authorities have in Ajdabiya re-group of the population of Tawergha on June 25 / June 2013 from where they came. Some of them left Benghazi in a convoy of about 40 vehicles heading to Tawergha, which is located at a distance of 750 km to the west, and then prevented from passing in Ajdabiya, 150 kilometers from Benghazi.

Tawergha residents fled their village in August / August 2011 with the approach of armed fighters from the nearby city of Misrata from Tawergha. There are about 35 thousand inhabitants of Tawergha distributed throughout Libya armed groups have prevented them from Misrata to return. Misratah groups accuse Tawergha residents armed fighting in the ranks of Gaddafi’s forces during the 2011 conflict of committing war crimes in Misrata.

She told Human Rights Watch that while he understood that some people of Misratah may have a desire to justice for crimes committed against them by some individuals, it does not give them the right to prevent the right of return for displaced people. The systematic forced displacement or practices widely which is implemented as a matter of policy – as in this case – may amount to a crime against humanity.

Said Eric Goldstein, deputy executive director of the Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch: “There agglomeration Full fallen hostage to the crimes alleged that the lack of it have been committed. Burden is now on the shoulders of the government, to end this collective punishment by ensuring the ability of residents of Tawergha on fully exercise their right to return home eventually. ”

Over recent weeks, the government warned and warned by tribal and religious leaders and the United Nations Mission in Libya of mono initiative Herald Tawergha residents to return to their homes in June 25. Government and others said they were concerned about the potential for clashes with groups opposed to the return of the people of Tawergha.

Local the Tawergha Council decided – which is the main body responsible for the Tawergha displaced population – to postpone the return process. But a small group of residents of Tawergha, driven partly concerned about having a plan in the process of preparing to resettle permanently in a place other than Tawergha, they began to return. Have been barred by the local authorities in Ajdabiya. Local officials appear to have taken their actions in agreement with the central government, which خشت of attacks on the convoy by groups of Misrata, according to a person from the convoy attended meetings with local authorities told Human Rights Watch.

Visited by Human Rights and Tawergha Watch the regularly in 2011 and 2012 and reviewed satellite images of the destruction of the city in several subsequent stages. Researchers monitor the work of extensive burning and looting of residential and commercial buildings in most areas of the city, from the intentional burning and demolition of the buildings after the fighting stopped in mid-2011, in an apparent attempt to prevent Tawergha residents from returning to their homes. The government is unwilling or unable to intervene to end the state refused to return adopted by the militias of Misrata, about the return of the people of Tawergha.

Eric Goldstein said: “prevent people from returning to their homes is tantamount to detain them.” He continued: “The authorities should not let them return to their homes, but also have to ensure their safety during the trip and after returning to there.”



Average lead and ambulances hear in the middle of Sabha ..

Mu the teacher explains

Both are free of Homeland Security who are in Sabha taken it caution because it is جردان of beards group

and with them the Egyptians and Ethiopians to catch
Ali Liberal, and present in the conference hall new residential neighborhood in Sabha.

(Supreme Commander)

لكل احرار الأمن الداخلي الموجودين في سبها أخد الحيطه والحذر لأن فيه جردان من جماعة اللحي ومعاهم مصريين واثيوبيين للقبض
علي الاحرار ، وموجودين في قاعة مؤتمر الجديد حي سكني في سبها.القائد الأعلي

Now an explosion in the city of Sabhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a car bomb in Purdy now.

Sabha newspaper ….
Where bodies under Alannagad the day third day nor life, no calls and no local council nor the so-called government moved residents:


On what Khrti Qatar landed his son in power and rolls rats who in Libya, the Supreme Security Committee looked in confusion and clashes and everyone Libby solved and dismantled.

من يوم ما خرتيت قطر حط ولده في السلطة و فات الجرذان اللي في ليبيا, بدت اللجنة الامنية العليا في تخبط واشتباكات والكل يبي حلها وتفكيكها.

Great rock deaf writes:

O losses O Abouapn, how Ruskm was raised and proud with the great leader Muammar al-Qathafi,

you became followed اوباش of Qatar, Kingdom of bananas and the whole world laughed you

العظمي صخرة صماء يا خساره يا ليببين كم كانت روءسكم مرفوعه وشامخه مع القائد العظيم معمر القذافي اصبحتم تبع لاوباش قطر ،مملكة الموز وكل العالم ضحك عليكم

ان الذي يحدث في ليبيا من تقتيل وتدمير لا يخدم الأطراف المتنازعه ولا المقاومة بل يخدم المخطط المعروف التي صنعه المخطط الصهيوامريكى لأعادة تشكيل الدول العربية وتجزئتها من دول الى دويلات صغيره وأعلان دولة إسرائيل الكبرئ من النيل الى الفرات وكل الثروات التى تملكها هذه الدويلات المتصارعة تحت النفود الأسرائيلى وكل هذا لا يتم إلا بزرع الفوضة الخلاقة وتتبيث الاحقاد الدمويه والقبلية والعرقية والطائفية والعقائدية ومن الوهم السياسي والغباء أن تعتقد بأن سيأتي يومآ ما ستنتهي الدخيره لطرفين متناحرين فالاثنان يتلقون دعم للامحدود من دولة قطر و دولة الامارات…الرجا التفكير جيدآ واللجوء الى الحوار والرجوع الى حضن القبائل التى غيبت لان سلاحكم الوحيد هو الوحدة فعدوكم الاول في ليبيا هو الصهيوامريكيا وعملائهم من الخونة والاوغاد كلامى موجه الى جميع الليبيين بجميع الاطياف القبلية والعرقية والطائفية والعقائدية والفكرية
وان الذي يحدث وبأختصار هو صراع الاخوان ضد الجيش وكلاهما مدعوم ينفد اجندات خاصة ممنهجه , الأخوان مدعومون من قطر والجيش مدعوم من الامارات.
الرجاء مشاركة هذا المقال ,,,’’’’,,,’’’’,,,أدمن قناص ورشفانه

That which is happening in Libya, killing and destruction does not serve the disputing parties nor the resistance but serves scheme known that the author planned Alzioomriki to reshape the Arab countries and fragmentation of states to small states and the declaration of the state of Israel Kabri from the Nile to the Euphrates and all the wealth owned by the states competing under Nafud Israeliall of this is not only planting Alfodh creative and Taatbeth grudges vessels and tribal, ethnic, sectarian and ideological and the illusion of political and stupid to think that will come someday will end Aldkhirh for parties rival فالاثنان receiving support for Amehdod of the State of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates … Please think well and resort to dialogue and return tobosom of the tribes which disappeared because your weapons only is the first Fdokm unit in Libya is Alzioamrakia and their customers from the traitors and villains my words addressed to all Libyans in all walks of tribal, ethnic and sectarian and ideological and intellectual
And that which occurs in short is a struggle against the army and the Brotherhood, both powered running out private agendas systematic, backed by Qatar Brotherhood and the army supported by the United Arab Emirates.
Please share this article,,,”,”,,, addicted Sniper Rishvana







EVIL YANKEE CIA began the transfer of arms shipments to Jordan in order to be delivered to the Syrian opposition

(Admonh pride Rishvana the)



28 JUNE 2013 BY  

Edward Snowden, as an NSA contractor at the mega-corporation Booz Allen Hamilton, discovered a program called PRISM, where Internet and phone giants like Verizon, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are feeding literally trillions of electronic communications into a mega database shared by the National Security Administration and GCHQ, General Communications Headquarters—the British equivalent of the NSA.

What exactly are they collecting? Recordings of phone calls, emails, Facebook posts, Skype, credit card transactions, even your banking records!  They not only know who you are, but where you are: Your smart phone’s GPS coordinates are being collected by the trillions along with the content of your phone calls.

What does Barack Hussein Obama think about the NSA in bed with corporations gorging themselves with every imaginable piece of data on American citizens? He doesn’t try to hide it—in fact he’s proud of it, touting it as necessary to protect us as a result of his endless war on terrorism. Finding it necessary to nullify the Fourth Amendment. In effect nullifying the Constitution!

The Italian dictator Benito Mussolini famously said that the definition of fascism is the merger of state and corporate power.

And that is exactly what has occurred with the government in bed with mega-corporations and so-called “contractors” like  Booz Allen Hamilton, which is just one of literally dozens, if not hundreds of “contractors” that the U.S. and British government use to spy on the world.

Booz Allen Hamilton has been portrayed as an innocent party in the spying controversy, but they are far from innocent. As is apparent from a cursory look at who goes in and out of the government-corporate revolving door, they are virtually indistinguishable from the U.S. government, the NSA, and CIA.  Where does  the government begin and the private company end? They are literally indistinguishable.

Of the thirty thousand or so employees of Booz Allen Hamilton and its parent company The Carlyle Group, most are former NSA and CIA employees. And why not? The government and the corporate world have become virtually indistinguishable under Barack Hussein Obama.

These are just a few of the crème de la crème passing through the government-corporate revolving door atBooz Allen Hamilton:

James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence who famously lied to Congress about collecting and archiving every single phone call made by Americans, is a former Booz Allen Hamilton executive.

James Woolsey, a former CIA director, is currently a high ranking executive.

Frank Carlucci, owner of the Booz Allen Hamilton parent company The Carlyle Group, was the Deputy Director of the CIA under Carter. Yes, the government-corporate connection goes way back!

This is just a short list. The Carlyle Group and Booz Allen Hamilton are literally gorged with former NSA and CIA employees. Barack Hussein Obama has taken Mussolini’s fascist state-corporate merger to a new level!

Oh, but this is just the beginning.

According to the Guardian—the publication that has broken virtually all of the Edward Snowden revelations—what we initially learned about the scope of the U.S./UK government’s snooping on American and British citizens pales in comparison to what has now been revealed.

Per the Guardian:

Britain’s spy agency GCHQ has secretly gained access to the network of cables which carry the world’s phone calls and internet traffic and has started to process vast streams of sensitive personal information which it is sharing with its American partner, the National Security Agency.

This bears repeating: The NSA and GCHQ are collecting, archiving, and analyzing the world’s phone calls and internet traffic: that is, the vast majority of the citizens of the world are being spied on by the American and British governments: Hundreds of millions of people worldwide!

Having access to this vast amount of information is a recipe for abuse of power:  power over information means power over individuals. Citizens worldwide. A global fascism. A precursor to a one-world dictatorship.

Barack Hussein is the embodiment of Mussolini’s definition of fascism. But he is beyond Mussolini. In fact, he is beyond Hitler. He is the 21st century’s Der Führer on a worldwide scale, collecting information on every single person on the face of the earth in order to keep them under his thumb, in order to control them, to punish them, and more than likely ultimately to kill them.  “Der Führer” Barack Hussein Obama must be stopped. Americans put a stop to Hitler, and Americans will have to put a stop to Barack Hussein Obama. Impeachment must begin nowToday.



Al Ahram: the accumulation of more than 900 truck Salloum land port Egypt .. Pending to allow it to pass in the direction of Port Assistant Libya.


Great from the day of his birth…
Allah knows Our Leader…

Great from the day of his birth

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