The people Approach


God …… Each oty the Iaahrar Iaabina Muammar Qathafi …. Iaabinaqaúd the glory and pride ……

this man one of our heroes and our fighters .. but unfortunately …. No one …. days occur it…

Arrived on cried longing to see us/صلوا على من بكى شوقا لرؤيتنا

المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر

The armed people to join its ranks, and is preparing to meet the demands of the Libyan people.

  • على الشعب المسلح ان ينضم صفوفه ويستعد لتلبية مطالب الشعب الليبي .



Forgotten Oblivion by the Dark Cloak of EVIL WARLORDS of the WEST!

Admin Libya Conqueror, on 02 JULY 2013 has written:
(Winter flowers spring incinerators false general purpose machine guns .. Different antibiotics ..
And military vehicles .. And drew their weapons here or there .. Mobilize Almstthurin in public streets .. Inspection and movement of fixed and mobile portals ..
Military uniforms and civilian clothes .. To shy Asttalt until the breasts and between the ribs .. And beards shortened and حفت Hoarabha a state of panic and confusion paint in the eyes of everyone ..Meditator checker for Erie in the scene – Alan – only refraction and extreme fear ..
Me and leaflets lying on the sidewalks and in the fields and at some shops that disappear even appear hours a day .. )……..
Confirmed that zero hour knock دقاتها the the latter, and that the Libyan Green has not even come back again and green flag did not fall never even lifted despite what they threatened her and masterminded plots .. And the Third Universal Theory – the philosophy and goals – without her death ..
It is capable of thought and application to draw its tracks creative and challenges, and the position is getting stiffer, and tomorrow revolutionary action which preach the crowd but it is a product of the act humanitarian and will for change will not be Ppalartme, betrayal and sale of home and fraud name of religion and fool young people and lies that eventually become funny fairy, and what a shame ..
What a shame those who are motivated ambitions and raghaa’ib to sell their homes up for grabs for the enemy of the nation and of Arabism and Islam ..
Aallar who see their files employment against the dollar and favoritism while witnessing their committees so-called integrity false as a creature of “NATO” and the claws and fangs of monsters massacres in Libyan cities and villages that horrified and still جراحاتها flowing blood, and shreds Ocharfaúha scenes engraved in the memory of the time, and a curse martyrs chasing space and time .. …
Victory hour approached … …Evacuation Crusader West by leaps and bounds .. Flags of the government, “Zaidane” who claims that everything is built on falsehood is false ..
“Zaidane” is a falsehood particular – will suffice, “Bernard-Henri Levy,” a friend, and will suffice British Prime Minister a friend, and will suffice treason principles,
and will suffice trafficking in the blood of Libyans stand …
He will suffice of NATO client .. Inform the Government of Zaidane or tell looser this – he wants to visit the Prime Minister of Britain, which devastated the world and Anapt capabilities peoples and still إجرامها stained with the blood of nations – that demonstrates that Europe with him, although America with him, and the world bless and supports what we see today on the scene Libyan ruined and sabotage and armed militias and innocent vampires and beasts of darkness (February) ..
And neo-colonialism founder patron of betrayal, and bomber creativity evil and hatred and tearing entities good ..Not calculated “Zaidane” This is not “nutria” by him, nor was calculated slaves astray in Libya and elsewhere they and their ilk may Hanwha themselves Vhannoa their children and grandchildren ..Hanwha on parents and grandparents .. And became to the dustbin of history, and good riddance, and I challenge every traitor that say otherwise ..The glories that builds palaces phantom treason via Hogg wind it confirmed the loss and swerved Almenklpin. Did not realize yet …الضالون and المضللون, that the new Crusader colonialism did not know we have, and of his doctrine only pragmatism or Almikiavlah of the, not his only interests that after the flood and the destruction of the planet!! The rights and human rights ..The Western democracy is foolish tricks Zion run sometimes, “Bernard Levy,” and sometimes “yolk Feldman” and many other schools in of fools Zion protocols. Because the agreement (Pico Six) renewable and renewal and consideration according to Western interests and consistently carried out by a partnership between the colonization and tools Almtkalph of the world and المتسترة disguised her face .. And treason against another for prostitution can not be kept hidden ..The symbols of the hostage bonded out the rectum and انسلخت the path for its body and Astshilt decadence in the slope of treason and villainy and did not find only a reinforcement and misinformation ..

So have spread drugs and alcohol, pestilence, and opened the doors of immorality and taboos, and youth implicated in the militias and the quagmire of conflict vices and abuse others with tickle the emotions that this unnecessary what it takes for the Liberation of Libya, and for the rule of law underestimate the sacrifices ..

And you with me – dear reader – do not find meaning in the liberation of Libya, which liberated by revolution white have nothing to do with blood, and postponed the bases parked, and delayed settlement alien soil clean, and have achieved a citizen pride and dignity, and his queen destiny and gains, and conducted creativity نهره Great Manmade that those who had it on Yesterday lies and speak about today Baltarb the praise. And state law, see them flaunt ..

The law, in a deep sleep, and the law on Fuahh barreled Alklashen Cove, and the law under the grip of Foran “17 February” (2011 insurrection by CIA) , and if awakened the conscience of a member of the prosecution or the judiciary Falwell great things for him and things, exclusion and difficult to account. The law in the so-called “General National Congress”, ministries, Zionist BANKS and so forth of the labels is the draw of violence and terrorism and Conditions warrants battalion and company ..

And they do not reach ..

These free Libya!! Dear free world Samout. This is state law Aahiih the United which Tbact with “crocodile tears” and these are the holders of espionage in circles abroad .. messed with the country betrayed its people ..

Sracoa everything, escaped and returned finally independent Agmoha to the parties that are not worth the ink that wrote their names in the annals of treason and betrayal and humiliation .. These are the ones who brought shame, تواطئوا with colonialism worked in the drug trade and arms, and worshiped among Gulf rulers feet Vatakdhuhm dolls and games, slaves and serfs ..

These are the ones who are working very hard and sincerely to distinguish between the people and are working to split the motherland and execute the orders of the enemies of the Libyan people and the peace-loving peoples, freedom and dignity ..

Which country hosted dead dreams Dealers false and true Islam does not live dreams and real pure Islam, Sadiq [Gharyiani] ..

And any country hosted the killers and blood suckers and employers uncircumcised prisons who صدئت their souls and their hearts and petrified stones better ..

Alan is charged atmosphere ..

The time and place ticking bombs .. simmering volcanoes and earthquake is coming .. Has blossomed and it’s picking heads ..!!

And slaughtered كالطائر the Fraús “Zaidane”!! No longer strong enough to withstand the same bitter tired, but rattle Zaam the deterioration of hope drowning in surviving ..

The eye in Benghazi neither arms nor sufficient to rescue gear and rescue those who are like him فمزيد logging O Aba ignorance .. The winter flowers spring incinerators false.

(Admin Libya Conqueror)

  Mu air
محارقُ الشتاءِ أزهارُها الربيعٌ الكاذبِ
رشاشات الأغراض العامة ..
المضادات المختلفة..
والمركبات العسكرية .. وُجهت أسلحتها هنا أو هناك ..
استنفار المستثورين في الشوارع العامة ..
حركة التفتيش والبوابات الثابتة والمتحركة..
الأزياء العسكرية والملابس المدنية ..
لحيى استطالت حتى الصدور وما بين الضلوع .. ولحى قُصرت وُحفت شواربها حالة من الذُعر والارتباك ترسم في عيون الجميع .. المدقق المتأمل لايرى في المشهد – ألان- سوى الانكسار والخوف الشديد..
البيانات والمناشير ملقاة على الأرصفة وفي الميادين وعند المحال ما إن تختفي حتى تظهر ساعات الليل والنهار .. مؤكدة إن ساعة الصفر تدق دقاتها الأخيرة ، وان الجماهيرية الخضراء لم تمت حتى تعود مرة أخرى وراية خضراء لم تسقط أبداً حتى ترفع رغم ما كادوا لها وما دبروا من مؤامرات .. وان النظرية العالمية الثالثة – فلسفة وأهدافاً – دونها الموت.. وهي قادرة فكرا وتطبيقاً على رسم مساراتها ابداعاً وتحديات ، وموقفاً يزداد صلابة ، وان غد الفعل الثوري الذي تبشرُ به الجموع إنما هو نتاج الفعل الإنساني وإرادة التغيير ولن يكون بالارتماء والخيانة وبيع الوطن والتدليس باسم الدين واستغفال الشباب والأكاذيب التي أمست مُضحكةً مُبكيةً، ويا للعار .. يا للعار ممن تدفعهم الأطماع والرغائب لبيع أوطانهم لقمة سائغة لعدو الوطن والعروبة والإسلام..ياللعار ممن تشهد ملفاتهم بالعمالة مقابل الدولار والحظوة بينما تشهد لهم لجان ما يُسمى بالنزاهة الكاذبة بأنهم صنيعة ” النيتو” ومخالب وأنياب وحوش المجازر في المدن الليبية وقراها التي روعت ولازالت جراحاتها تسيل دماً ، ومشاهد ُ أشلاء أشرفائها محفورة في ذاكرة الزمن ، ولعنة شهدائها تلاحق المكان والزمان ..
… ساعة النصر اقتربت …
… إجلاء رعايا الغرب الصليبي على قدم وساق .. أعلام حكومة ” زيدان” الذي يدعى ان كل ما بُنىَ على باطل فهو باطل .. و” زيدان” هو الباطل بعينه – وحسبه ” برنار هنري ليفي” صديقاً ، وحسبه رئيس وزراء بريطانيا صديقاً، وحسبه خيانة الوطن مبدآً ، وحسبه الاتجار بدماء الليبيين موقفاً … وحسبه انه للنيتو عميل..
إعلام حكومة زيدان أو قل الخسران هذا- يريد من زيارة رئيس وزراء بريطانيا التي خربت العالم وانهبت مقدرات الشعوب ولازال إجرامها ملطخاً بدماء الأمم – إن يُدلل على إن أوروبا معه، وإن أمريكا معه ، وان العالم يبارك ويدعم ما نراه اليوم على الساحة الليبية من خراب و تخريب ومن ميلشيات مسلحة ومن مصاصي دماء الأبرياء ووحوش ظُلام ( فبراير) .. وان الاستعمار الجديد مؤسس راعٍ للخيانة ، ومفجر إبداع الشر والكراهية وتمزيق كيانات الخير..
لم يحسب” زيدان” هذا ولا ” الكيب” من قبله ، كما لم يحسب عبيد الضلال في ليبيا وفي غيرها إنهم وأمثالهم قد هانوا على أنفسهم فهانوا على الأبناء والأحفاد.. وهانوا على الآباء والأجداد.. وصاروا إلى مزبلة التاريخ ، وبئس المصير، وأتحدى كل خائن إن يقول بغير ذلك.. أما الأمجاد الوهمية التي تبني قصورها الخيانةُ عبر هوج الرياح فهي الخسارة المؤكدة ومنقلب المنقلبين.
لم يدرك بعد… الضالون والمضللون ، إن الاستعمار الصليبي الجديد لايعرف ديناً ، وليس له من مذهب سوى البرجماتية أو الميكيافلية، ليس له سوى مصالحه التي بعدها الطوفان وخراب المعمورة !! أما الإنسان وحقوقُ الإنسان .. وأما الديمقراطية الغربية فهي الأعيب سفهاء صهيون يديرها حيناً “برنار ليفي” وحيناً ” مُح فيلدمان” وسواها كثير في مدارس بروتوكولات سفهاء صهيون.
ولان اتفاقية ( سيكس بيكو) قابلة للتجدد والتجديد وللنظر فيها وفق المصالح الغربية ونفذها على الدوام شراكة بين الاستعمار وأدواته المتكالبة على الدنيا والمتسترة بوجهها المقنعة.. والخيانةُ وجهُ آخر للدعارة لايمكن أن يظل مستتراً .. فإن رموزها الرهينة المرتهنة خرجت عن الصراط المستقيم وانسلخت عن كيانها واستسهلت الانحطاط في منحدر الخيانة والنذالة ولم تجد سوى التعزيز والتضليل .. لذا فقد انتشرت المخدرات والخمور وفُتحِت الأبواب للفجور والمحرمات ، وورط الشباب في صراع الميلشيات ومستنقع الرذائل والاعتداء على الآخرين مع دغدغة العواطف بأن هذا لزوم ما يلزم لتحرير ليبيا، ومن اجل دولة القانون تهون التضحيات .. وأنت معي – عزيزي القارئ – لا تجد معنى في تحرير ليبيا التي حررتها ثورة بيضاء لا علاقة لها بالدم ، وأجلت قواعدها الجاثمة ، كما أجلت الاستيطان الأجنبي عن ترابها الطاهر ، وحققت للمواطن عزته وكرامته ، وملكته مقدراته ومكتسباته ، وأجرت بالإبداع نهرهُ الصناعي العظيم الذي تناولوه يوم أمس بالأكاذيب ويتكلمون عنه اليوم بالتفريض والثناء.
وعن دولة القانون تراهم يتشدقون .. فالقانون ، في نوم عميق ، والقانون على فواهة سبطانة الكلاشن كوف ، والقانون تحت قبضة فوران 17 فبراير ، وإذا صحا ضميرُ عضو النيابة أو القضاء فالويل له وعظائم الأمور والإقصاء والحساب العسير . أما القانون في ما يسمى بالمؤتمر الوطني العام والوزارات والمصارف إلى ما هنالك من تسميات فهو برسم العنف والإرهاب والأحكام لأمري الكتائب والسرايا .. وعن هؤلاء حدث ولا تسل ..
هذه ليبيا الحرةǃǃ أيها العالم الحر الصموت . وهذه هي دولة القانون ياهيئة الأمم التي تباكت مع “دموع التماسيح” وهؤلاء هم المكلفون من دوائر الجاسوسية في الخارج ..عبثوا بالبلاد خانوا شعبها .. سراقوا كل ما فيها ، هربوا وأعادوا أخيراً ليحكموها مستقلين وأحزاباً لا تساوي الحبر الذي كتبت به أسماؤهم في سجلات الخيانة والغدر والمهانة .. هؤلاء هم الذين جلبوا العار ، تواطئوا مع الاستعمار اشتغلوا في تجارة المخدرات والسلاح ، وسجدوا بين أقدام حكام الخليج فاتخذوهم دمىً وألعاباً وعبيداً واقناناً..
هؤلاء هم الذين يعملون بكل جد وإخلاص للتفريق بين الناس ويشتغلون على تمزيق الوطن وتنفيذ أوامر أعداء الشعب الليبي والشعوب المحبة للسلام والحرية والكرامة..
فأي دولة يقيمها تجار الأحلام الميتة والإسلام الحقيقي الكاذب لا الأحلام الحية والإسلام الصادق النقي الحقيقي..
وأي دولة يقيمها القتلة ومصاصو الدم وأرباب السجون الغلف الذين صدئت نفوسهم وتحجرت قلوبهم والحجارة أفضل ..
الجو ألان مشحون..
والزمان والمكان قنابل موقوتة ..البراكين تعتمل والزلزال آت.. وقد أينعت رؤوس وحان قطافها ..ǃǃ وكالطائر المذبوح فرائص “زيدان”ǃǃ لم تعد تقوى على الصمود نفسه المر تعبة، ولكنها حشرجة الموت الزؤام وتدهور أمل الغريق في النجاة .. أما عينه في بنغازي فلا السلاح ولا العتاد كافيان لإنقاذه وإنقاذ من هم على شاكلته فمزيد الاحتطاب يا أبا جهل .. إن محارق الشتاء أزهارها الربيع الكاذب .ادمن ليبيا الفاتح

One day soon will come out of millions of the people with pictures of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi in the streets and squares ..

banner - army

لن تسير ليبيا خطوة الى الامام مالم ترجع الي اسم الجماهيرية ونظام سلطة الشعب والراية الخضراء .

Libya will not be going to step forward unless due to the name of the Libyan people’s power system and green flag.

from a Post of brother Nasr Mansour: 

“The era of the masses, where ordinary people are making the change, has become a popular revolution, a revolution today and not project tomorrow,

when I found the tool revolutionary pay the masses in the way of the revolution,…
The problem lies in a system that allows “representation” of stealing the people’s right to power…. authority that is stolen from them after they are deceived….”

(Mustafa hyperbolic)


We salute all the noble tribes on their steadfastness
Astt me crawl Bible
Crawl of Madnaljmahrih income
From east and west and north and south
(* Sniper *)
Scandal-caliber Mahmoud Jibril الورفلي the gay and practiced sodomy with a male
And heavy-caliber scandal!! Record a voice call Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi and Tayeb Net and talk to Mahmoud Jibril, that he was practicing homosexuality:

Urgent .. Governor of the Central Bank of Libya great friend professes to channel now saying that he was under great pressure from

Sheikh Ali hardness to facilitate the granting of two billion dollars as a deposit to the Government of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,

and he says he is ready to make an apology to the Libyan people.
عاجل .. محافظ مصرف ليبيا المركزي الصديق الكبير يصرح لقناة الان بقوله انه تعرض لضغوط كبيرة من الشيخ علي الصلابي لتسهيل منح اثنان مليار دولار كوديعة لحكومة الاخوان المسلمين في مصر ويقول انه مستعد لتقديم اعتذار للشعب الليبي .

ISOLATION LAW Rules-out GJ traitors for top GNC post

Western Mountain News

Under the pretext of the non-applicability of the standards on them!!

Committee for the Defense General National Congress rule out both the “Khalifa Hfter and Mokhtar Fernana and Lounis PU Khmadh and Hamid الحاسي for the presidency of the General Staff….
Chief of staff made ​​the decision to cancel the contracts rebels joined her:

Defense Minister Libya’s New …

The government candidate for the Ministry of Defence Colonel Ali Zachary from the city of Tobruk.
Libyan Muslim Brotherhood group on the lips of one leadership Ahmad Abuscah ..

Vows Bmqdhah Abdel Basset Haroun on the group accused of trying to control the country

and supporting the militias accused of killing Maj. Gen. Abdul Fateh Younis and his companion.

There are communities in large numbers armed suspect believed to be belonging to a fugitive and

Sam Bin Humaid in an area between Qmins and coupled called ram Khcom!!

Urgent ..Storm the Interior Ministry and the kidnapping of the Director of the Office minister Mustafa القمودي, by an unidentified armed group and security committee,

accused the attack battalion Qaqaa and bear the responsibility of maintaining the life of the kidnapped.

News of the storming of Salim before Qaqaa Brigade . 

Salim: Gneoh rebuild burned and hate!!

Mnyn pain and?!

RATS Eliminate what remains of vegetation in Libya ..

RATS for the return of the old colonial Kingdom and nephew of Idress to reign:

Englishmen said Zubair al-Sanusi and the delegation that accompanied to London for the purpose of study file

federal tenderly that the file appears to be ready, but we do not see men able to Tidh the you.



عاجل .. الرجاء المساهمة في توفير الدم أو نشر الخبر : )

الطفل “مصطفى” أحد نزلاء قسم الأورام – مركز طرابلس الطبي, يحتاج بشكل عاجل لعدد من المتبرعين فصيلة (A+) بغرض الحصول على الصفائح, الرجاء لمن يستطيع التبرع الاتصال برقم المرافق: 0916090063

والله لا يضيع أجر المحسنين ..

عاجل .. الرجاء المساهمة في توفير الدم أو نشر الخبر : )

الطفل “مصطفى” أحد نزلاء قسم الأورام – مركز طرابلس الطبي, يحتاج بشكل عاجل لعدد من المتبرعين فصيلة (A+) بغرض الحصول على الصفائح, الرجاء لمن يستطيع التبرع الاتصال برقم المرافق: 0916090063

والله لا يضيع أجر المحسنين ..

عاجل .. الرجاء المساهمة في توفير الدم أو نشر الخبر : )

الطفل “مصطفى” أحد نزلاء قسم الأورام – مركز طرابلس الطبي, يحتاج بشكل عاجل لعدد من المتبرعين فصيلة (A+) بغرض الحصول على الصفائح, الرجاء لمن يستطيع التبرع الاتصال برقم المرافق: 0916090063

والله لا يضيع أجر المحسنين ..
Urgent .. Please contribute to the provision of blood or spread the word:)

Child “Mustafa” one ratings Department of tumors – the Tripoli Medical Center, urgently needed for a number of donors platoon (A +) in order to obtain plates, please those who can donate call Facilities: 0,916,090,063

God does not waste the reward those who do good

Overflights of military aircraft minutes of minutes on the sky Tripoli and Balthaddedmntgah Salim

Hear the sound of blasts in the neighborhood of al-Andalus without knowing why.

An envoy from Tripoli Supreme Security Committee undertakes for Gargaresh youth Andalus district not to harass them again with

regard to the follow-up to the sale of liquor and other condition of stand with the Zintan Brigades during clashes with

and young Gargaresh inspired Andalus expelled envoy Hashim humans.

Abdul Rauf hater is Saraya backing says at a meeting of the Saraya that Gneoh the leaders assured him that the Zintan war

do not know the streets as they do not know well Tripoli, so the defeat in Tripoli very easy.

al-Qathafi  battalions fought on the fronts of their right to comment Deborah. Mahdi Alharatne.
من حارب كتائب القذافي في الجبهات من حقه ان يعلق دبورة . المهدي الحاراتي .

News from exposure Mahdi Alharatne to the assassination attempt on one of the cars was damaged guard Mahdi .. And اوجود for casualties.

# Tripoli urgent.

A total of armed trace Supreme Security Committee has firing Ashoaú Ali Loa Qaqaa making patrols guarded secret headquarters Btaatbahm

the هربو to the Ministry of Interior there and Hasro Group.

Mahdi Alharatne and ANOTHER ATTACK UPON QAQAA Batallions at Airport!

Urgent news agency Libya clashes .. very strong now in the airport road between Zintan and GNC circular armed group.
Urgent news agency Libya gathering of mechanics Altqilh and weapons combines kinds outside Mitigua Air base

their Bdkhaloha form against the Zintan day-battalions (by the RAT group Friday Market and Tajura stray dogs and traitors).

عاجل …

قوات من الجيش تقوم بالسيطرة على وزارة الداخلية طريق المطار وتقبض على كل من فيها بمن فيهم مدير مكتب وزير الداخلية .
وهروب مهدي الحاراتي قائد قوات حماية طرابلس بعد سيطرة قوات كتيبة القعقاع على عرباتة .

وحسب رواية القعقاع أن سرية تابعة لسرايا الاسناد فتحت النار عليهم وهربت وعند مطاردتها دخلت للوزارة والآن كتيبة القعقاع يرفضون أخلاء الوزارة قبل تسليمهم من أطلق النار عليهم .

وحسب رواية الأسناد أن القعقاع هجمو عليهم فجأة وبطريقة مباغتة .

مع العلم أن المبنى كما واضح في الصورة محروس جيداً والمفروض أنه لاتنفع معه المباغتة .

بنت الوادي
Troops from the control of the army and the Ministry of the Interior through the airport and arrest all of them, including director of the Office of the Minister of the Interior.
And escape Mahdi Alharatne the commander of the RAT  protection of Tripoli after forces control a Qaqaa عرباتة the battalion.

According to the novel Qaqaa that the confidentiality belonging to the backing Brigades opened fire on them and fled when the chase entered the ministry and now

Qaqaa battalion refuse evacuation ministry before handing them over who fired them.

According to the novel bonds that Qaqaa they Ahjmo the sudden and surprising way.

Knowing that the building was also evident in the picture well guarded and imposed it overlooked surprise him.

Yesterday there was a problem between two families in the area Louhichi in the slave market’s family called “Bird” and the

family “Gaddafi” was the use of weapons of medium in the problem and the problem was at the fourth morning was throwing more

than “Gelatina” were killed one person, which is due to the family “bird “.
Has just been notified joint security room that the victim’s family intends to attack the details of the murder of their son has been

sent special forces to the spot and actually been arrested 3 people charged with murder and strength, which was its entry

into the region b manageable Colonel and Nice personally Bouchmadh ..

Urgent “correct Previous news”

Egyptians in the Libyan capital Tripoli complain to channel the day .. They went to take a license against Morsi demonstration in front of the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli .. 

rejection of the application was threatening us that both will emerge imprisoned and deported by the security committee!!!


News about Lock # landfill Abu Salim without knowing the reasons.

Fire on a civilian airliner flying from Tripoli to bed field led to the plane landed without damage at 1 pm.



RATS Gharyan militias surrender Altkbala camp area Salahuddin

By Gaddafi News Agency on Monday, 1 يوليو, 2013 | 22:13

The Monday Gharyan militia handed over the Khalifa Altkbala the camp Salah al-Din area to the Military Area Command in the capital Tripoli. The festive occasion was held attended by the President of the so-called RAT General National Congress Nuri Abu arrows and a number of members and the Interior Minister Mohamed Sheikh, the commander of the Tripoli Military Region Hussein Ramadan and head of the military council Gharyan and a number of militias Gheryan.

Tariq Quiche :: my personal responsibility that the force, which was the Khalifa Altkbaly the camp site had delivered more than ten days!!!!!!!!
When we now come out members of Congress and some of the officers in the handover ceremony?!!!!!!!



The beginning of the Battle of Hamada and every storm Zintan Brigades participate each Maldiha of the hardware and heavy and medium weapons.Ayman Hadar adds:
Now .. Shooting 14.5 fire source the Smavro hand through the airport or the surrounding area in the direction of the east and the response from the
other side and mobilize large جردان 14.5 hand cars farmer.
Ayman Hadar .
الآن .. رماية بـ 14.5 مصدر النار من جهة سمافرو طريق المطار أو المنطقة المحيطه به في اتجاه الشرق و رد من الجهة الاخرى و استنفار كبير للجردان بسيارات 14.5 جهة الفلاح
بداية معركة عاصفة الحمادة وكل كتائب الزنتان تشارك بكل مالديها من عتاد واسلحة ثقيلة ومتوسطة .

RAT Colonel Faitouri Grbel ordered the First Brigade Infantry battalions and required Saraya its readiness to crush the Zintan Brigade in Tripoli and its suburbs.

Brotherhood desperate attempt to lure Zintan, Nafusa Mountains to besiege even transcend internal barking Brotherhood and security committees claiming concern for legitimacy, and the but preach ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood that this topic is a malicious attempt the knife parents Stdbh and the drop itself as leader sentenced landed in Musrrr.
عاجل .. اكثر من 140 سيارة رباعية الدفع مستوردة لصالح رئاسة الاركان تستولي عليها من الميناء سرايا الاسناد الامني واللجنة الامنية العليا وكتائب الزنتان تحاول استعادتها الان من مقارات سرايا الاسناد الامني .
Urgent ..More than 140 four-wheel drive vehicle imported for the benefit of the General Staff seized from the port security backing Brigades

and the Supreme Security Committee against the Zintan Brigades  who are trying to restore now Mgarat the Saraya security backing.

News talking about the beginning of the led Hamada storm process. Osman Mliqth is to cleanse Tripoli of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood militias ..

Othman Mliqth for local channel Zintan report in another Tripoli Petkml the clocks ..

Zintan their country and Khachinaa, the headed shod Marien their heads briefed.


Military council in Zintan welcomes the statement of the Egyptian armed forces and considers it a positive step to eliminate
the cancer of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab countries.

المجلس العسكري في الزنتان يرحب ببيان القوات المسلحة المصرية ويعتبره خطوة ايجابية للقضاء على سرطان الاخوان في الدول العربية .

A statement of the local council of the city of Zintan was issued in the city of Zintan on 01/07/2013

on Tripoli threats Mlishbat the recent

By Gaddafi News Agency on Tuesday

المصدر: نقلا عن وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

Summary of speech:

We warn all of tempted to prejudice or damage to any individual or family or a gathering of the city of Zintan, or any other battalions of the army Libyan

calculated on the city of Zintan under any pretext or named until the emphasis on neutrality and national and legitimacy of all security institutions and military and legal
And to know that party or that party that we were able to protect Ibnanna in any time and from time and will not stand idly by about what Ihdt of human right violations.




Been kidnapped brother Abdul Majeed Mohammed Hadi.

Place of residence Tarhuna. Action. Employees. 44 years old.

He was kidnapped on الإتنين 06/24/2013 in the area of Salahuddin in Tripoli when he was out of his deceased brother Khaled consolation God’s mercy.

The kidnappers are battalion النواصي. The charge followers of the Great Jamahiriya (pro-Kadhafi regime)!
his family was not allowed to visit him or speak to him by telephone.


Found suitcases full of mine in Tobruk

By Gaddafi News Agency on Monday, 1 يوليو, 2013 | 22:10

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tobruk.
Managed militias desert patrols of the Department of the fight against illegal immigration in Tobruk, found five bags filled with mine capacity (5) kilograms one of the minefields near the Libyan-Egyptian border disassembled and ready for transport. The head of the Department of combat illegal immigration in the city Colonel Mansour glad that Department of the fight against illegal immigration and the presence of the commander of the Border Guard Brigades blew these quantities and disposal. Col. Mansoor Saeed, that this process come under intensified patrols around the desert minefields that are usually prone to the process of dismantling and theft of explosive material substance (TNT).



Urgent news agency Libya .. knockdown me ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya dirt, … the bombing of the headquarters of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, the tuber
2 -7 – 2013
Testimony news sources for the headquarters of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood
City of Derna improvised explosive homemade explosive.
Dr. – Gabriel Howaidy .. of notables tuber

Save the … tuber مستباحة the tuber
Kills men, kidnappings and terrorism, extremism and shed
No police No court Army
The state does not exist
Assassination of Chancellor Huwaidi is No. 60 of the elders and the city figures
People of desperation demanding international intervention
And of denouncing assassinated or being subjected to an assassination attempt
We want to interfere with the state
If he continues to ignore the state of the situation will occur great charm and a bloodbath among the inhabitants of the tuber
We need the Government of Libya and Libya are wise and clerics in Libya
Why do not you come
Do not be afraid to come to the tuber at least … Come to redress risked
But worth the city of Derna, at least from the Libyan people that scream
امنو tuber



State of Misrata

A state of alert and severe panic today in the city of Misratah after the collapse of the state Brotherhood in Egypt – even a few streets today total awaiting movement.

Cyrenaica Liberation Organization

Takeda news that dissemination Baalams on leave families from Zintan city of Tripoli.

Vehicles that have been imported for the Ministry of the Interior through the port of Misrata reached Tripoli

and received backing militias to attack security Zintan Brigades in Tripoli.

Misratah organize a session on Burma’s Muslims
Bahi, Tawergha, who Mahjrenem, thousands of prisoners, who do you have and genocide who Ertkptoha in the Sirte and Bani Walid .. Otherwise wrecker Mesh Muslims … Yasser hypocrisy, lies and hypocrisy has been known everyone Hakiktkm the dirty…
مصراتة تنظم جلسة حول مسلمي بورما
باهي وتاورغاء اللي مهجرينهم والأف السجناء اللي عندكم وجرائم الأبادة الجماعية اللي أرتكبتوها في سرت وبنى وليد .. والا هادم مش مسلمين … ياسر من النفاق والكذب والرياء فقد عرف الجميع حقيقتكم القذرة
Hdoma Altaran of Gernato escape behind the cowards really escape history will not hide something you Aknader NATO
Misratah beast Charfaúha ČÓ the Analq spirit but Htga of all the tribes against it because it Ras Alafh, must cut Brotherhood stronghold corrupt ..


Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free:

Talk to see Sheikh. مانعرفه of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar few which do not exceed tales we hear from our forefathers and grandmothers in times of sporadic and often mind that going to the shrine in Zliten is a kind of entertainment and family trips kaybolan years due Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar to the forefront of events in Libya to see the old include what happened and will happen in Libya, in these years, and surprisingly and puzzlement that the scenes and chapters of this vision has been achieved already and the near future suggests verification the remaining part of the chapters of the vision which made all Libyans Atsalon how to Sheikh deceased centuries ago to see the events will be located after his death by this time whether similar vision Sheikh Al Asmar story vegetables in the Cave? Why this harsh vision on the people did not exist at the time to see? And what will happen to us after the end of the vision sights?

Is it blasphemy by faith? These questions do not have a single answers and trying to answer them will drown in a sea of ​​contradictions and especially you live classes vision can not convince other supporters of secularism honestly occur, the only solution is to leave the events continue to believe the facts of vision and will come back to power in Libya It will die, and will run away all the fates may be God has Qdraha the slaves and seen by a slave is valid from the slaves and the slave anger of the betrayal of his son and killed him he took up his including behind him, and ماسوف construed him if this people after centuries long, this is the closest interpretation to see no one can تكذيبها this days, even with the absence of the tomb of Sheikh, who uttered, is without a doubt a tragedy but necessary for the return of life and punish traitors descendants in time no longer stand him one. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

And still play continues.”

حديث في رؤية الشيخ . مانعرفه عن الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر قليل وهو لا يتعد حكايات كنآ نسمعها من اجدادنا وجداتنا في اوقات متفرقة وغالبا ما اعتبارنا ان الذهاب الى ضريحه في زليتن هو نوع من الترفيه والرحلات العائلية وتمضى السنون ويعود الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر الي واجهة الاحداث في ليبيا برؤية قديمة تتضمن ماحدث وسوف يحدث في ليبيا في هذه السنوات ، والمثير للدهشة والاستغراب ان مشاهد وفصول هذه الرؤية قد تحقق فعلا والمستقبل القريب يوحي بتحقق الجزء المتبقى من فصول الرؤية الامر الذي جعل كل الليبين يتسألون كيف لشيخ متوفي منذ قرون ان يري احداث سوف تقع بعد وفاته بمقدار هذا الزمن وهل تشبه رؤية الشيخ الاسمر قصة الخضر في سورة الكهف ؟ ولماذا هذه الرؤية القاسية على شعب لم يكن موجود في زمن رؤيتها ؟ وماذا سوف يحدث لنا بعد انتهاء مشاهد الرؤية ؟ وهل من الكفر الايمان بها ؟ هذه اسئلة لا يملك لها احد اجابات ومن يحاول ان يجيب عليها سوف يغرق في بحر من المتناقضات وخصوصا انك تعيش فصول رؤية لا تستطيع ان تقنع الآخرين انصار العلمانية بصدق حدوثها ، الحل الوحيد هو ان تترك الاحداث تستمر في تصديق وقائع الرؤية ومن سوف يعود للحكم في ليبيا ومن سوف يموت ومن سوف يهرب كلها اقدار قد يكون الله قد قدراها على العباد واطلع عليها عبداً صالحاً من عباده وهذا العبد غضب على خيانة ابنه وقتله فنطق بما رائه وماسوف يؤول له حال هذا الشعب بعد قرون طويلة ، هذا اقرب تفسير لرؤية لا يستطيع احد تكذيبها هذه الايام حتى مع غياب ضريح الشيخ الذي نطق بها، هي بدون شك مأساة ولكنها ضرورية لعودة الحياة ومعاقبة احفاد الخونة في زمن لم يعد يطيقه احد . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ولازال العزف مستمراً (( الموسيقار ))

((musician) )

Is now the destruction of Zliten Teaching Hospital by unknown assailants. And bring you new developments later ..

Remove the building of Zliten Teaching Hospital

The day began work to remove the old building of the hospital Zliten education by the people and revolutionaries NATO in Zliten because Maattabrōh ignored by the Ministry of Health and officials of the status of the health sector Bzletn After marginalization and neglect by the ministry of the city and does not support the Hospital of the city in the engagements undertaken by the ministry recently with the company’s English.


(Cyranaica NEWS)
Urgent Street gardens
Sources familiar with the lighthouse National Congress vote number 131 voice making the constituent body’s headquarters in Casablanca/WHITEHOUSE.


Explosions and the sound of shooting when Msstvy the Galaa Benghazi.

strong explosion shakes Benghazi now ..

Which was at dawn clashes in Benghazi is a group of unidentified armed attack on the armed Mlisheh headquarters for someone named Khaled Bogheib the the Alkwyfah area and there are three wounded in hospital as a result of the clash.



Sirte ::: armed robbery
Since the process has few armed robbery on Bank of the Republic branch Abohadi and actually the Abohadi area south of the city of Sirte where he was stealing an amount of 125,000 thousand dinars a hundred and twenty five thousand dinars by force of arms.

Sirte :::::::::::::::

Armed clash between the hours before a group of al-Qaeda and other face west of the airport and close to the area and sweeping valley.



News Sabha:

Explosions heard in the city about an hour ago or more. The result mortar Kadivtbn fell first landed near the center of the city Hall of the People

did not lead to any damage. The second Akaddifah and occurred in the neighborhood of Nasiriyah on one of the houses was inhabited by a family

of Tabu and led to the death of the mother and the rest of the family members injured injuries Mtfloth the risk was not sure of the debt lose بهدا

cowardly act. But rolling down the street they beards Almqmlh the owners are behind knead.

Suffice God and yes, the agent.
Some accuse honorable throwing mortar shells on the houses of citizens in Sabha and this is not true and not methods of resistance

and doing the business they are cowards rats because they Ardion change the military governor for the south.

Bombing in Sabha no casualties
Atmosphere of the country – Tarek Rowaey

Said the head of the local council Sabha Ayoub Zarouk today that the blast, which occurred near Nasiriyah area mosque was due to an anonymous shell.

Zarouk explained in a statement to the country ambiance that the explosion did not result in any injuries, but that caused the crash of the windows of the mosque.

For his part, said a member of the security room Sabha Lieutenant Yahya Allam would be to make sure the incident and look at the details, denying that They were ردتهم by a particular complaint yet.

The Sabha had witnessed in the last period bombings targeted three cars, killing two people and wounding eight, ten people were injured.

Sabha .. Since a few …
Been stolen car belonging to the electricity in the middle of the market before the eyes of the people …..
The type of car Chevrolet 4 masked men close the road on the driver of the car in the middle of the market and forced to go down under the force of arms have been stolen car.

P Sabha for :::::


Now low on the airline Barak beach area …..

Tabu sons of the desert:
Fall Qadf Ali home in Taiora neighborhood Bsabha resulted in the deaths of lady Taboih and injured her son seriously injured.

Explosions shake Nasiriyah neighborhood Sabha

By Gaddafi News Agency on Monday, 1 يوليو, 2013 | 22:25

in Abdul Kafi neighborhood.

Explosions shake Nasiriyah neighborhood Sabha

By Gaddafi News Agency on Monday, 1 يوليو, 2013 | 22:25

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Sabha.

I heard several explosions rocked the city of Sabha tonight in the neighborhood of Nasiriyah reasons still unknown,

and reports that a group of Solomon Sons kidnapping of three people tribe Almgarhh in Abdul Kafi neighborhood.


Militias blocking the Libyan oil fields

By Gaddafi News Agency on Monday, 1 يوليو, 2013 | 22:17

Company insiders were forced Zueitina oil in Libya on the closure of several fields of the company to demand a change management. It was the latest in a series of attacks taking place in Libya, which is trying hard to maintain the pace of oil production after the war of 2011. And contribute to the oil industry by 95% of the revenues of the country. said an engineer who works in the port of Zueitina.

The protest began in the field of 103 d before it extends to the field of 103 A and field slip and then connect to the harbor, pointing out that what is known as the Minister of oil went yesterday to one of the fields to talk with protesters who are demanding change management. said that the demands relating to a dispute with management on working conditions, adding that the protest would not affect the supply of domestic gas Zueitina.

But he said that oil exports have been affected and may affect stopped oil exports to other fields inject produced to the port of Zueitina in eastern Libya such as a field Abu child operated by Mellita, a joint venture between NOC and Eni of Italy. A source in the oil sector that the motivation to close the fields is the workers’ demands. Libya produces about 1.6 million barrels per day, but the National Oil Corporation said last month that production dropped to less than a million barrels a day because of protests demanding the provision of security.


EGYPTian Border:

Cut the road between Egypt and Libya to protest the security procedures at ports

By Gaddafi News Agency on Monday, 1 يوليو, 2013 | 22:06

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Salloum.

Cut dozens of civilian residents of Salloum, on Monday, the international road between “Egypt and Libya,” and that leads down a hill Salloum, and setting fire to some rubber tires down a hill Salloum; protest at the treatment of port security port. Major General Anani Hamouda, director of security of Matrouh, he has received a notification from the Police Department Salloum; stating the fact that about 30 people were residents of the town of Salloum to cut off the highway; protest does not allow authorities port security port Salloum land to a people of the city, to facilitate the travel of some of the Egyptian labor violation Forensic conditions of travel.

The USA was giving 2 billion annually on agreement to MARSI‘s “Egyptian” government for “his” that stops!


Official was terrorist originally from MISURATA, Libya!

Information provided where the commandos were able to arrest the client belongs to a terrorist group have direct contact and coordination with the Government of shame and betrayal, a member of an extremist Islamist organization.
Name terrorist traitor: – ((effective Bouhasirh,))
Originally from Misurata resident in the Eastern Province and his mother Sudanese nationality Measurement arrested in the past few days and was a member of the militia to Abdel Ghani Alkkla the ((A Gneoh))
After that they wound commandos carried by dragging it to a safe place and was first aid, interrogated and made the following information and Haya belong to our children in Egypt and we hope everyone publication and dissemination in the pages of free up the information for each commando abroad
And this made Beah terrorist Bouhasirh the: —
That Government customers NATO has handed the terrorists forged passports within the next 400 travel, carrying pictures of people but all other information Fake
** Commander of the terrorist group this person called thermal
He stressed that he came to the instructions of customers that enter Egypt to liquidate the Liberals said, and I quote
He brought orders from customers for a total of Altcfhirien terrorists to enter Egypt were to locate them there region name ((Helwan)) and there will are met someone named ((Mokattam)) and instructions issued by the customer for them to target the Muslim Brotherhood in demonstrations shot to be there sedition in the street Egyptian and it was the liquidation of anyone of them are arrested by Egyptian police
The other thing is to exploit the situation and the crowds in the Egyptian street demonstrations and target arrows in cafes and specifically coffee and a church near the shop Ajninh Mall and the Church of the engineers and coffee another name Rehab and coffee 6th of October and Market City hangings and Carrefour, Mall of Arabia, who in Cairo
And aware of the terrorist group that entered Egypt armed with light weapons and silencers, and possession of chemical combinations placed in the drinking water or injected injection
One of the ways by which you will recognize from which some of them are laser light blue or any other color
The group responsible for this topic will do the acts named ((Abu Jaafar Amartiouti)) followed headquarters located on the ring road heading to the Helwan
For your information there are different nationalities of Sudan and the Afghans, Egyptians and Tunisians
This part of the investigation concerns all our honorable sons in Egypt
Commando circulated to urgently.
معلومات مقدمه من المغاوير حيث استطاعوا إلقاء القبض على عميل ينتمي إلى مجموعه إرهابيه لها اتصال وتنسيق مباشر مع حكومة العار والخيانة وهو عضو في تنظيم إسلامي متطرف
اسم الإرهابي الخائن :- ((يسري بوحصيره))
الأصل من مصراته مقيم بالمنطقة الشرقية ووالدته سودانيه الجنسية القيا القبض عليه في الأيام القليلة الماضية وكان عضو من المليشيات التابعة لعبد الغنى الككلي ((اغنيوة))
بعد أن قاموا المغاوير بإصابته قامت بسحبه إلى مكان امن وتم إسعافه والتحقيق معه وأدلى بالمعلومات التالية وهيا تخص أبناءنا في مصر ونتمنى من الجميع النشر والتعميم في صفحات الأحرار لتصل المعلومة لكل المغاوير بالخارج
وهدا ما ادلى بيه الإرهابي بوحصيره :—
أن حكومة عملاء الناتو قد سلمت الإرهابيين جوازات سفر مزوره في حدود 400 جوار سفر وهي تحمل صور الأشخاص ولكن المعلومات الأخرى كلها مزوره
** قائد مجموعة هدا الإرهابي شخص يدعى الحراري
وأكد على انه جاءتهم تعليمات من العملاء بان يدخلوا لمصر لتصفية الأحرار وقال بالحرف الواحد
بأنه أتت أوامر من العملاء لمجموعه من التكفيريين الإرهابيين بالدخول لمصر وتم تحديد مكان لهم هناك اسم المنطقة ((حلوان )) وهناك سوف يقابلهم شخص اسمه ((المقطم)) والتعليمات الصادرة من العملاء لهم أن يستهدفوا الأخوان المسلمين في المظاهرات بالرصاص ليكون هناك فتنه في الشارع المصري والأمر كان بتصفية آي شخص منهم يتم إلقاء القبض عليه من قبل الشرطة المصرية
والأمر الأخر هو استغلال الأوضاع والزحمة في الشارع المصري والمظاهرات واستهداف الأزلام في المقاهي وتحديدا قهوة والكنيسة القريبة من محل اجنينه مول وكنيسة في المهندسين وقهوة أخرى اسمها الرحاب وقهوة 6 أكتوبر وسوق سيتي أستار وكارفور ومول العرب الذي في القاهرة
وللعلم المجموعة الإرهابية التي دخلت لمصر مسلحه بسلاح خفيف وكواتم صوت وبحوزتهم تركيبات كيميائيه توضع في مياه الشرب أو تحقن حقن
ومن الطرق التي بواسطتها سوف يتعرفون من خلالها على بعضهم هي ضوء الليزر الأزرق أو أي لون أخر
والمسئول عن المجموعة التي ستفعل هده الأفعال اسمه ((أبو جعفر المريوطي )) المقر الذي يتبعه موجود على الطريق الدائري المتجه إلى حلوان
وللعلم هناك جنسيات مختلفة من السودان وأفغان ومصريين وتونسيين
وهذا الجزء من التحقيق يهم كل أبناءنا الشرفاء في مصر
يعمم على المغاوير بشكل عاجل

=شبل القذافي



Hundreds of refugees fleeing Libya refuse to leave camp Alchoch south Tunisia:

Refuses to hundreds of refugees, who were fleeing from Libya during the revolt against the Gaddafi regime, to leave the camp Alchoch in southern Tunisia, which decided the UN High Commissioner for Refugees of the United Nations closed late last month., And said the French agency, yesterday: “The hundreds of refugees who cut their water and electricity prevented any attempt to decode the camp tents, while Tunisian authorities reinforced security at the site. “and said Sudan’s Mohamed Tahir (33 years),” We refuse to vacate the place and even if dismantled Tunisian authorities tents Fsnnam, the outdoors, “denouncing” not the fulfillment of the Tunisian government promises, “while adding the Palestinian Khaled Mujibur (32 years):” We are hostages Tunisian authorities that refuse to settle our situation, “the Ivorian Paul Constant (39 years), said:” If you gave me the Tunisian government residence card Vsagader camp immediately. ” UNHCR and was announced on March 30 / last March that it would close the camp on June 30, and none of the present Commission officials Sunday in the camp, which received at the height of the Libyan crisis 18 thousand people. still about 700 people, mostly countries in sub-Saharan Africa in the camp near the border with Libya, according to UNHCR, about 250 are awaiting transfer to the United States and there are a similar number offered him accommodation in “urban areas” in Tunisia. However, some of the latter group was carried out in the past months protest movements demanding transferred to the West, and said it does not exist in Tunisia special legislation resort, while invoking others discriminate against them. and carried ten refugees on hunger strike at a time sit others for several days in front of the headquarters of the UNHCR in the Tunisian capital, and in the city of Zarzis (Southeast ). mention that Tunisia has received on its territory more than 300 thousand refugees fleeing the conflict in Libya, including many foreign workers who were working inside.



The newspaper  the Daily Mail that the British  hundreds of soldiers Englishmen would be sent to Libya

المصدر: نقلا عن وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية


Rare picture of the leader the Habib Almlaan of leader Muammar al-Qathafi ..

Do you know how the teenage years to Muammar Gaddafi … he was expelled from school Did You Know Why.? Because he refused to stand before the inspector Bratani .. Academy instigated students to Almtahirat of the against نطام the defunct Alanglazontam Sanusi .. Did you know that everyone Kano greet the Italians, but iswas always being beaten and repression by the West .. Did you know that Ntm Cbrmtahirh but unfortunately failed against 20 thousand citizens Italian brought by forces an Italian even Ascono houses of the Libyan people Did you know that often Mae Nam on the sidewalk when he was planning to me Mtahirat against the occupation until enthuses his comrades .. thisis the our parents seemed march leader his life and Tharirpladeh of traitors and occupation Gernato. Where ye all of this … Aatba NATO …?

هــــل تعلم كيف كانت سنه المراهقه لمعمر القدافي…كان يطرد من المدرسه هل تعلم لمادا.؟لانه رفض ان يقف امام مفتش الاكاديميه الابريطاني..وحرض الطلبه علي المطاهرات ضد نطام الانجليزونطام السنوسي البائد..وهل تعلم ان الجميع كانو يحيون الطليان الا هو كان دائما يتعرض للضرب والقمع من جراء الغرب..وهل تعلم انه نطم اكبرمطاهره لكن للاسف فشلت ضد 20الف مواطن ايطالي جلبتهم قوات ايطاليه حتي يسكونو بيوت الشعب الليبي هل تعلم انه غالبا مينام علي الرصيف عندما كان يخطط لي مطاهرات ضد الاحتلال حتي يحمس رفاقه..هدا هو قائدنا الدي بدا مسيره حياته وتحريربلاده من الخونه والاحتلال من غيرناتــــو.اين انتم جميعا من هدا…ياتباع الناتو…؟

GERMANY in Africa:
Post image for Germany Strengthens African Military Presence

Germany Strengthens African Military Presence
02 JULY  2013
Source: Trumpet

One of the main points of discussion at last week’s high-level forum on defense and security in Berlin centered on raising the military protection of Germany’s raw materials sources.

Broadcast live via the government-financed media outlet Deutsche Welle, the forum—hosted by Berlin’s Federal College for Security Studies (BAKS)—had, as a top item on its agenda, ways and means of adding to the Bundeswehr’s existing presence in Africa within countries that are vital to the continuing supply of raw materials for Germany’s export-led economy.

One of the foremost speakers at the forum was Commerzbank Board Chairman Klaus-Peter Müller. He demonstrates in his background the close affinity that German commerce has with its military elites. Müller is a highly decorated reservist officer in the Bundeswehr in addition to holding the chair at Commerzbank.

Prior to the BAKS forum, Müller stressed a point that he was to dwell on at some length during his forum presentation. He observed that “‘more than half of the metallic raw materials produced in the world come from politically unstable countries,’ making ‘investments’ in the exploitation of these resources ‘unattractive.’ Therefore, ‘whoever takes out a terrorist training camp at the Hindu Kush,’ lowers, simultaneously, the ‘general risk premium for the economic and financial markets’” (, June 24).

Read between the lines with a knowledge of German elites’ imperialist plans for expansion “south and east” (Daniel 8:9), and this observation becomes tantamount to endorsing the eradication by military force of any threat to the continuing supply of raw materials to Germany’s industrial furnaces posed by instability in the region of supply.
Some weeks in advance of the high-powered BAKS forum of last week, a group known as the Cellar Trialog—founded in 2007 by Müller and Maj. Gen. Wolf Langheld, former commander of the 1st Armored Division in Hanover—met to seek ways of further integrating the interests of German business with the military. “At that session Armin Papperger, board chairman of the arms producer Rheinmetall, made a plea for an intensification of cooperation between the armed forces and the business sector” (ibid).

During this Cellar Trialog 2013 meeting held in May, Germany’s minister of defense, Thomas de Maizière, “explicitly called for a ‘circulation of talent’ between enterprises and the military,” stating that “Germany’s ‘future’ depends upon it” (ibid).

We ought to recall the unfortunate results of the last time that German industrialists were encouraged to channel their business efforts in support of the German military machine.

In terms that would have been unspeakable only a decade ago, part of the BAKS forum agenda focused on “discussion on the military policy implications resulting from the fact that internationally Germany is considered the ‘leading European power’” (ibid).

The two-day BAKS forum was followed by a panel discussion embracing topics that would have been taboo to any publicly broadcast meeting of such high-powered personnel a few years ago. Featured in the panel discussion were considerations of the Bundeswehr’s role in overseas special forces missions, the hot topic of drone warfare and the military’s role in specifically targeted killings.

There can be no doubt that by airing the BAKS forum live over DW radio and TV, the German government had in mind further influencing the German public in support of the growing military role of their nation. The timing gels with the previous week’s release of a national postage stamp lauding the foreign missions of the Bundeswehr.

Concurrent with these events came the reports of Germany’s intervention in Libya and planned strengthening of a Bundswehr presence at the Gulf of Guinea. While the former action strengthens Germany’s toehold on a vital source of oil supply, the latter takes its planned North African military presence westwards, clear across to the South Atlantic coast of that continent. From there, it’s a straight shot, via the South Equatorial Current, to Brazil—interesting, when one considers the effort of EU imperialists to sew up control of the flow of resources from both Africa and Latin America to the European continent.

Ever on the ball with its brilliant intelligence on Germany’s imperialist expansion, reported last week that “German Marine circles debate on another Bundeswehr mission to fight against pirates. The scene shall be the West African Gulf of Guinea, from which an increasing amount of oil and natural gas are being delivered to the EU, including Germany. In the Gulf of Guinea the Federal Republic shall participate in a ‘training mission’ with military personnel, but also with war ships” (June 26).

In a report the following day, stated that the deterioration of the situation in Libya is “counteracting efforts by Berlin and the EU to get the big territories of the Sahara and Sahel, together with the countries bordering the land-strip south of their boundaries, under control.”

It further reports that the EU, no doubt with urging from Berlin, now opts for strengthening Libya’s “structures of repression.” This approach will entail, “in addition to building up a border police through the EU, a new build-up of armed forces by NATO…” (ibid).

That Germany is accelerating its military efforts to secure both its raw materials sources and the corridors along which those raw materials flow by land and sea to its factories, is becoming glaringly obvious.

Grab a map of Africa. Draw a line from Brazzaville in the Congo, through Kampala, Uganda, then eastwards to the Gulf coast of Somalia, north through Afghanistan to Uzbekistan, west to Algiers, and south to Mali. There you have the northern quadrant of Africa and Eurasia with the positioning of the Bundeswehr in each of those theaters vital to the provision of raw materials to German industry.

Students of history will deduce that this is always the manner in which an imperialist power operates—strengthening its military presence in proximity to its resource supply centers. The problem is that too often the entrenchment of an imperialist nation’s military forces in a foreign land leads to the repression of that nation’s population. Even a cursory reading of the prophecy of Revelation 18:3, 11-13—in particular the last phrase of verse 13—should reveal the sad outcome of Germany’s military expansion into North Africa.

The rise of German militarism, concurrent with the merger of the policies of the nation’s business sector with that of its defense establishment, and a propaganda drive to raise the public’s opinion of Germany’s globalist military role, has not augured well for the world in the past.

Neither does it on this present occasion.

In fact, as we have pointed out for decades—from the time the German nation lay in the ashes of abject defeat in 1945, through the time of its division east and west, on through the time of reunification to this very day—this time the drastic results of a remilitarized Germany will pale into relative insignificance the horrors of the past two world wars!

You need to grasp this reality.

As the BAKS agenda intimated, Germany is considered the “leading European power.”Believe it or not, your Bible prophesies that soon Germany will be the leading globalpower, dominating the seventh and final resurrection of the old Holy Roman Empire!

To grasp this fundamental reality of our times, study our riveting booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire.

That booklet will not only give you an accurate perspective with which to view the ongoing rush of world events, it will lead you to a beginning understanding of the far greater, more peaceful and glorious empire that lies beyond the Holy Roman Empire’s coming final death rattle. ▪

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