Col. Muammar Al-Qathafi Passed Through Kumasi

From “Ghanaian Chronicle” -By Kwame Nsiah

Accra –

Col. Muammar al-Qathafi came in a convoy of over three hundred (300) cross-country 4-wheel drives, with a large retinue of over a thousand and two hundred (1,200) people. He carried his own food; he brought in his own water and tents. He had his generating plants with him and a host of bodyguards.

For, in Kumasi he slept in a tent, and preferred his own bodyguards to Ghanaian soldiers sent on sentry duties to guard him. And there was a place to sleep in comfort and in safety in ever-hospitable Ghana. But never mind, that could be his dream of Africa of ‘One people, One Culture…. One Defence…. and no Borders’.

Well, only a few of his men slept in hotel rooms reserved for them, and on his journey to Accra, only a few of his retinue reached Accra by plane, which was provided him, obviously by the Government of Ghana. Col. Qathafi for all we know did not carry any plane in the caravan of cars that coursed their way along with him through our rain soaked forest roads and routes.

Some of us who were caught helpless in the traffic as our eminent guest left the Manhyia Palace stood dumb-founded and forgot to cheer and wave him on. We were counting the cost of moving almost all Libya to Ghana through Chad, Mali and Burkina. Again, we were simply enthralled by his resolve, sheer display of riches and power. His confidence was quite disarming. But his seeming distrust of his own safety in the hands of his host was intriguing to us. No doubt, life is precious, none should toy with one’s life or the other person’s life.


And he was in the heart of Africa “without borders” which could be his. At least, he counts on friends like Ghana whose takeover in a so- called revolution was supported to the hilt by him with arms and food. Col. Qathafi, who also wishes to be known as Brother, has been a brother, indeed.

That could be in the cause of African Unity, which he has grown in recent times to love, and cherish. He has not said that it is a re- colonisation of Africa to which he has come close to re-stage in more countries than one in Africa. Fortunately, de-colonisation has won us our independence, thanks to our sense of freedom which Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, with the help and leadership of Muammar al-Qathafi, who championed for the most part, and obtained an Organisation of African Unity (OAU), and not a Continental Union (like the example of the United States of America). That met Nkrumah’s dreams half way.

But it settled wholly with the anxiety of the West, which could not imagine another great political force in a Union Government in Africa.

Can Brother Qathafi move the OAU forward to realise a union which has remained distant from us since the OAU was born? And can the West suffer him realise it by that new democratic ideology.? He must be a strong man so to dare.

Already the so-called ” Free World” is back to its free self and none can stop its steady forward march. It is intact with its known features of Free Market and Private Enterprise which have meant nothing to Africa but borrowing to exist, and to exist in fact to service its debt burden time without end. It could hardly be the Africa Unbound we know to think of such a delicacy as a Continental Union.

Africa does not have such fanciful ideological direction at the present moment Its hard-won self determination does not go any further than the rigged ballot, and the dictatorship of the political leadership that breed an informal one party state which Brother Qathafi’s GREAT JAMAHIRIYA is wholely opposed to and against.

Presently, there is  hardly any agenda for Union, neither has it an answer to the craze of stealing by Africa’s political leaders whose one pre- occupation has been stealing to impoverish their respective countries.

So there is hardly some unity of purpose in presently making a Continental Union a goal to reach. Our goal for democracy is yet to mature. It has no issues of importance to address, let alone a great issue of African Unity, which Brother Qathafi is calling for,exemplified by his rather long march by road from Tripoli to Lome via Accra.


Africa, country by country, is fighting to settle with issues of political ambition with tribal leanings and religious flavour all over us. The bloodshed,, devastation of the countryside, and the deprivation of our people caught by disease, hunger, and helplessness are better forgotten than to essay here.

What should unite Africa are not issues of war but of peace, which is what Brother Qathafi is championing, when he himself is at war with his own people in his own country.

We cannot tell what is in his Green Book, which maps out the course in achieving Unity, while his own immigration laws throw fellow African immigrants out of his country unto the desert to cross to their homes or die in their tracks in the desert heat. His Africa without borders (?) remains mere platidutes on the political platform.

No wonder, his own political opponents are treated that way, where their political and human rights are much abused. They live in exile in other countries outside Africa, whose complex question of Unity Brother Qathafi wants to answer. His known credentials as an advocate of a union cannot be credible, nor creditable. We do not know yet, his brand of democracy which he wants to sell to Africa, on whose basis African unity should be founded. His home is known to be the training grounds for many a rebel and revolutionary leaders in Africa, whose governance has been a disaster to themselves and to their own people. And Africa is to unite by revolutionary recklessness.


Definitely, that cannot be the basis for unity, except where he has the strength to take all Africa by storm and bound it in a chain of the Sword and the Gun; but de-colonised Africa, in the meantime, wants the peace of its free self to enjoy what little facility its little money can buy of the ends of scientific and technological advancements of our time.

The current OAU meeting in Lome may wish to forge some union of sort by due Declaration or Resolution, which would be fine on paper. In practice, it would compound Africa’s problems. For no union worth its name can be achieved with the level of our political immaturity and economic stagnation.

But a union to come will enhance the political image of Brother Qathafi, who had resurrected the idea in recent times. He is a strong man, rich and hard. He can hit and be hit the hardest. He has the nerve to stand tension of American bombardment, and UN sanctions, and survived them all.

One such display of his tension-packed life is his trooping across the desert to Accra via Kumasi. No other African leader had ever dared such a journey by road where a journey by plane would do. It cannot be coinci­dental of an OAU leader’s meeting in Lome, Togo, his destination. No. It is coming  to his friend’s home in Ghana whom he had helped to grow.


If President Rawlings has to leave the scene by the force of his own Constitution and amid the row of pressure to submit himself to probe into some of the atrocities of his revolution, it is only deserving that he comes in person to say goodbye to his dear friend. They both love tension, and love their lives dearly. He may have some venison of food and arms and cars as usual to give for his upkeep in retirement. There are plenty of these to spare.

Muammar al-Qathafi, in the meantime, takes away a medal of honour, being the Companion of the Order of the Star of Ghana, the highest Ghana has to give. It is a virtual gift from a friend to a friend who sees Africa as one nation, one people, one culture, one economy, one defence, and no borders.

  • في البداية ذكر الحضور بحديثه منذ حوالي 3 ايام حين قال ان ليبيا ستصبح مكبة للتكفيرين وقال ان الصلابي رحب بالاخوان الفارين من مصر عبر اذاعة درنة وقال انه(الصلابي) يرحب بهم في ليبيا وتم تحضير منازل ورواتب لهم(ههههههههه) قال انه البارحة اتجهت كتيبة مسلحة وارهبت احد الغلابى وطلبت منه ان يعطيها الملايين التي تركها حمزة التهامي(هههههههه) لا لشيء الا ان هذا المسكين كان يعرف حمزة التتهامي.هنا خاطب الدكتور الجرذان وقال ان المصارف بين ايديهم وقصاصات الدين ايضا وينظروا كم يملك! وقال ان لم يرقى الا بعد استنفاذ المدة القانونية وذكر المستمعين انه سجن سجن سياسي ايام الجماهيرية واتهم بتهم ثقيلة وهي التخابر مع دول اجنبية وتهمة الاساءة الى سلطة الشعب وقاد عان في السجن كما عانى من منعه من السفر ونشر صوره في المطارات والبوابات.من هذا المنطلق قال الدكتور صحيح في الماضي كانت فيه اخطاء اما الان ليست اخطاء وانما جرائم,حتى اغلب الاخطاء لم يكن القائد يعلم بها لان ليبيا كان يديرها الكثير من السراق والمنافقين وهم واولادهم من باع ليبيا الان وقد عرفت بالامر حينما كنت في الاذاعة ايام الاحداث حينما كنت انشر بعض الحقائق يطلب منه الامناء عدم نشر هذه الاخبار بحجة من غير اللائق ان يسمع بها القائدقال من كان يقود ليبيا كلهم كانوا يملكون القصور والسيارات الفارهة لاولادهم اما نحن(المؤيدون) فاولادنا فكان الذي في المنزل ينتظر اخاه ليدخل ليتبادل معه الثياب,صحيح كانت فيها اخطاء ففي الماضي كانوا يفتحون الباب بالارجل والان يفتحونه بالكلاشن,الاموال التي كانت تسرق تسرق خوفا ,خوفا من المحاسبة والسارق يستحي,في الماضي كان الامناء والمسؤولين ياتون الى القائد بملابس رثة واحذية 5 جنيه وهواتف بسيطة خوفا من المساءلة(اخبره حارس شخصي للقائد)القائد لا يملك قصور ولا ارصدة وكان همه الشعب الليبي ولما راى انه لا حل لهؤلاء السراق امر بتقسيم الثروة على الشعب وهذه حقيقة يعرفها المؤيد والمعارض,وتسال باي صفة يضغط اسماعيل الصلابي على مدير البنك المركزي من اجل تقديم 2 مليار دولار لمصر؟قال جاء اخوكم وقال اتركوني والشباب وقد سمعتم القائد حين قال اتركوا الشباب,فعقد ملتقى تحت عنوان ماذا يريد الشباب.وبعد الفرز وجد ان الشباب يبحث عن مرتبات وسكن وهذا من حقهم فتم توفير المرتبات واقسم الدكتور بحكم عمله في الادارة انه هناك من عمره 3 سنوات ويتقاضى مرتب وتم التغاضي مادام انه ليبي,اما فيما يخص السكن فقال الدكتور ان ليبيا هي الدولة الوحيدة التي تبرمج(في سنة 2008-2009) بناء مساكن لثلث سكانها ولولا هذه النكبة لكان الشعب الليبي في اريحية وقد سمعتم القائد في احد المؤتمرات حين قال اني اخذ بالقوة من المجنب خوفا من سرقتهقال للمعارضين ,لقد خرجتم من اجل سجن واحد في ليبيا والان كم هو عدد السجون؟وكلكم تعرفون ايضا ان المواطن الليبي كان يساهم في صنع القرار في ليبيا والقائد كان يحث فينا الحضور والمشاركة واتخاذ القرارقال انه اعلى ميزانية في عهد الجماهيرية 40 مليار وتشمل المشاريع والرواتب اما الان 80 مليار ولكن لا مشاريع ولا رواتب فلمن الرواتب اذا كان فيه اكثر من 3 ملايين مهجر؟للذي قال انه خرج ضد الظلم والطغيان نقول له لا ظلم ولا طغيان اكثر من الذي يحدث الان وقد ظلمت في حق وطنك وقائدك الذي يبلغ الان 72 سنةفيما يخص برنامج تمرد الذي اسسه بعض الشباب قال الامر يحتاج الى رجال ولا الى دعوة فايس كما يخيل لكم,المبادرة تحتاج الى رجال وقيادات,ففي هذه الحالة يجب التنسيق بين الشباب المؤثرين في القبائل اما مجرد مبادرة على الفايس فماءلها الفشل والضحك علينافي الاخير قال انه مستعد للتعاون مع اي قناة اعلامية تتصل به
    What came in Mujahid Hamza Abuschgner Thami‘s intervention on 04/07/2013
  • Initially Male attendees talking about 3 days ago when he said that Libya will become Mekph for Tkfferin said that Salaabi welcomed fleeing from Egypt Brotherhood across the tuber.
    Radio and he (hardness) welcomes them in Libya were preparing their homes and salaries(Hahahahah) said that yesterday went battalion armed and terrorized one الغلابى and asked him to give her millions left by Hamza Thami (ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ).
    Not for nothing, but this poor guy was known as Hamza Altaathamme.
    Here addressed by Dr. rats and said that the banks between their hands and scraps of religion also consider how have !
    He said that did not amount only after exhausting the legal limit, said listeners that prison Prison political days of the Libyan, accused on charges of heavy (which is collaborating with foreign countries) and charge to offend the people’s authority
    and led suffered in prison, also suffered from the travel ban and publish pictures in airports and gates.
    From this standpoint, said Dr. true in the past when the mistakes, but now is not the mistakes, but crimes, even most of the mistakes was not the leader knows them
    because Libya was run by a lot of thieves and hypocrites they and their children who sold Libya now has been known about it
    (when I was in the radio days of events when I Share some facts asked trustees not to publish this news on the pretext of improper)  heard Commander Said of driving Libya,
    all they had palaces and luxury cars for their children but we (supporters) Fawladena was that at home waiting for his brother to come to exchange with dresses,
    true were the mistakes In the past,
    they open the door legs and now Afathouna Elashen, money that was stolen steal fear, fear of accounting and the thief is embarrassed, in the past,
    the trustees and officials come to the Commander in threadbare clothes and shoes 5 pounds and phones simple fear of accountability (told him a bodyguard of the leader).
    Commander does not have palaces and balances was his main concern the Libyan people
    and when he saw that no solution to these thieves is dividing the wealth to the people …and this fact known to the pro exhibitions,
    and ask any capacity presses Ismail hardness to the Director of the Central Bank in order to provide $ 2 billion to Egypt?
    He came brother said اتركوني and young people have heard the Commander when he let the young people, was held forum under the title of what young people want.
  • After screening found that young people looking for salaries, housing …and this is their right:  Vtm provide salaries
    and swear Dr. virtue of his work in the administration that there are 3 years old and earns salary was tolerated
    as long as he Lippi, either with regard to housing, said Dr. that Libya is the only country that programmed (in 2008-2009),
    the construction of housing for one-third of the population.
  • but not this calamity to the Libyan people in generosity has heard the Commander in one of the conference when he said that
  • “!I was taken by force of Almjunb fear of stolen.”
  • He said the opposition, have you come out to one prison in Libya and now how many prisons?
  • Also all know that the Libyan citizen was contributing to the decision-making in Libya and was Commander urges us attendance, participation and decision-making.
  • He said the highest budget in the era of mass 40 billion projects include salaries, but now 80 billion but no projects nor the salaries of whom salaries if the more than 3 million displaced?
  • For the one who said he came out against injustice and tyranny tell him no injustice and tyranny more than that is happening now !!
  • The wronged in your native right and Qaúdk who is now 72 years old.
  • With regard to the insurgency program founded by some young people,
  • it needs to be said, not to call men Wise. As you imagine, the initiative needs to men and leaders, in this case must be coordination
  • between influential tribal youth initiative; either just the selection Fmaelha failure, and we laugh.
  • In the latter said he was ready to cooperate with any media channel connected to...


مداخلة الاخت فدائية القذافي 1969 وتحليل الاوضاع الراهنة وتاثيرها ع
Par: alfath4everON-AIR

Muammar al-Qathafi by a Zintani Supporter in Tripoli 2013:

Mu by Zintani Tripoli supporter

Drivers, since your childhood, you dream of the homeland and in your youth, I dreamed of testimony in your youth walked on the path of liberation.

In your life left steps to your feet and have the right to say that man over here, over here Abu Minyar ..
These steps this state this people and this homeland.

How much we need you, O drivers, how much we need cuddling we meet we are all on a bed of National Unity, and here we pass the most beautiful memories, not slept the eyes of cowards, O our leader and our leader. Not slept the eyes of cowards, but we renew our covenant and oath, is the Covenant and Testament section is section
It is a revolution until victory were born to be revolutionaries were born to be suicide bombers were born to win and to return the DNA Libyan and نحررها of the hands of NATO colonized and its clients and traitors بيادقه ..

Abe dear leaders great leaders الحاني, sent the best message you from here, from national and dear to tell you, my dear leaders we Nciraly the fault and we will stay, but also grab our souls and all our hopes to fulfill the glory You craftsman sir ..

Drivers: evil may طغا and hatred انتشى after your departure, and we stayed between ourselves repeat how much we need you in the hardest times, and most forcibly, trying to survive as taught us, and we will try to bounce back as Stna, and we will try try try, you are in us a spirit تخاطبنا and your eyes are still drawn us which way will never lose if we drove it and this path is the path of resistance. Whatever we say will not Novick your right Yakaúda the matter said that the die will Novick your right O رمزنا, the Whatever we say and whatever we do will not accomplish a quarter of what it has achieved, O symbol of pride and dignity.

And after a long talk us proud, O leader to be our leader and teacher, in the absence missed everything, missed the tenderness and compassion, missed love and tolerance absent compassion and absent unity, oh bomber revolution and a teacher of generations and maker of the revolutionaries, oh taught us the meaning of the word resistance O Varsena noble.
In the end, I say to you, my father, your children are moving on and make a
But we might receive the certificate or to liberate our land usurped and نطهرها of Conception Jews and Christians and every customer and traitors .. and this is the era of responsibility, and this is to be the direction of the religion and the homeland.


Where? We ask them not wait for the answer.
Where do you take home Eachona homelands? .

To those who still clapping and drum and يزمر to and from the still incredible novels media Almtzin path of U.S. intelligence and to whom eluted listen to the elders of sedition who flaunt and Anakon dogs in the pulpits Messenger of Allah and incite murder and destroy Islam and old dog Aoa out to us in this topic days and deprives out on Erdogan in Turkey When permitted to go out and violate the sanctity of Muslims out in Libya, Syria, Egypt and ignoring of the rest of the Mamluks, which gave loyalty and obedience to Aasiadhm Jews and offerings to Aareda State of Israel and Rbaúbha .. and in particular to those who are still watching and standing on the ‘neutrality’ as believed because these really unknown Why end up and where it will take the country.

Km Deghina of the alarm and the listener. All deaf ears. Pat each people eye Mvqoha. Outlawed warned us of this and we say that the arms may impose prestige, and prestige of arms in turn, gives the owner the right weapon in minor rule souls, but we of the major as well. We simply do not succumb, do not kneel, not Nhla, nor Nasra. Sold us long in the battles of honor, and Yards of Glory does not accommodate our victories and Anksaratna. We confess our when Anksrna,, and سنعترف when we will win. We have succeeded in the past by taking home wherever they wanted, but they took home and captured his decision in war and peace even after تجرأنا and we faced down their arms and weapons from them came from the forces of evil come made them a ride to Aastamar Libya.

The day will not allow you, banners owners, autumn, which is now uttered last breath .. No and a thousand will not allow you nor your allies captured the nation again in the name of liberation and not on behalf of reform and change. Enough disregard honorable minds.

Do not hide a secret that we say more and more disorders and Almchaksat which will be almost daily, but we will face in the morning, as the day the unity and strength of our valiant army and wisely national leadership and all honest people inside and outside Libya home.

We all are not pessimistic optimism of the fate of the nation. Whatever the tent and shook Tzhzan columns they are not going to fall did not fall days. Has faced strong winds to the west and east in the near and distant past remains steadfast crowned our mountains, صحارينا and our cities and اريافنا. Do not be afraid of the giant illusion nor his allies. سيرتاحون under the arch of justice, and we will write a new history that we had the honor in the making .. We will complete the historic Mserta drawn us the idea commander and Ndharath and struggle and struggle and on this path to Asaúron .. –

الى أين؟ نسألهم ولا ننتظر الجواب.إلى أين تأخذون الوطن ياخونة الاوطان ؟ .إلى من يزال يصفق ويطبل ويزمر وإلى من يزال يصدق روايات الإعلام المتصهين المسير من الاستخبارات الامريكية والى من مزال يسمع لشيوخ الفتنة الذين يتشدقون وينعقون كالكلاب في منابر رسول الله ويحرضون على القتل وتدمير الاسلام وكبيرهم الكلب العاوي يخرج علينا في هده الايام ويحرم الخروج على أردوجان في تركيا عندما اباح الخروج وانتهاك حرمات المسلمين بالخروج في ليبيا وسوريا ومصر وغض النظر على باقي المماليك التي اعطت الولاء والطاعة لااسيادهم اليهود وتقديم القرابين لاارضاء دولة اسرائيل وربائبها ..وبشكل خاص إلى من لا يزال يتفرج واقفاً على ‘الحياد’ كما يعتقد لأن هؤلاء فعلاً غير معروف إلى ماذا سينتهون وإلى أين سيأخذون البلد.كم دقّينا ناقوس الخطر وما من سامع. الكلّ صمّ أذنيه. وبات كلّ النّاس مفقوهي العيون.حذّرنا من هذا المحظور وقلنا انّ السلاح قد يفرض هيبة، وهيبة السلاح بدورها تعطي صاحب السلاح الحقّ في حكم صغائر النّفوس، الا أنّنا من كبائرها. نحن ببساطة لا نخضع، لا نركع، لا نهلع، ولا نُصرع. باعنا طويل في معارك الشرف، وساحات المجد لا تتّسع لانتصاراتنا وانكساراتنا. اعترفنا متى انكسرنا، وسنعترف متى سننتصر . لقد نجحوا في ما مضى بأخذ الوطن حيثما أرادوا لكن أخذوا الوطن وأسروا قراره في الحرب والسّلم حتى بعدما تجرّأنا وواجهنا سلاحهم وسلاح من اتى بهم من قوى الشر اتي جعلتهم مطية لااستعمار ليبيا .أمّا اليوم فلن نسمح لكم يا أصحاب البيارق الخريفيّة التي باتت تلفظ آخر أنفاسها .. لا وألف لا لن نسمح لكم ولا لحلفائكم بأسر الوطن مجدّدا بإسم التّحرير ولا باسم الإصلاح والتّغيير. كفاكم استخفافا بعقول الشّرفاء.لا نخفي سرّا إن قلنا الى مزيد ومزيد من الإضطرابات والمشاكسات التي ستكون شبه يوميّة، لكنّنا سنواجهها في الغد كما اليوم بوحدة وقوّة جيشنا الباسل وبحكمة قيادتنا وكل الوطنيين الشرفاء داخل وخارج ليبيا الوطن .نحن كلّنا تفاؤل لسنا متشائمين من مصير الوطن. مهما اهتزّت الخيمة وتزحزحت أعمدتها فهي لن تقع ولم تقع يوماً. فلقد واجهت الرّياح العاتية غربًا وشرقًا في الماضي القريب والبعيد وما زالت صامدة تكلّل جبالنا وصحارينا ومدننا واريافنا . لا تخافوا من مارد الوهم ولا من حلفائه. سيرتاحون تحت قوس العدالة، وسنكتب من جديد التّاريخ الذي كان لنا الشّرف في صنعه.. وسنكمل مسيرتآ تاريخية رسمها لنا القائد بفكره ونضريته ونضاله وجهاده وان على هدا الدرب لاسائرون ..

 – ‎

قائــدي ، منذ طفولتك و أنت تحلم بالوطن و في صباك حلمت بالشهادة وفي شبابك مشيت على درب التحرير .في حياتك تركت خطوات لأقدامك و من حقنا أن نقول انه مر من هنا رجل ، مر من هنا ابو منيار ..
فهذه خطواته هذه دولته هذا شعبه و هذا وطنه .كم نحن بحاجة إليك يا قائدي ، كم نحن نحتاج الحضن الذي نجتمع فيه كلنا على فراش الوحدة الوطنية ، و ها نحن نمر بأجمل ذكرياتك ، فلا نامت أعين الجبناء يا زعيمنا و قائدنا . فلا نامت أعين الجبناء لكننا نجدد العهد و القسم ، فالعهد هو العهد و القسم هو القسم
وإنها لثورة حتى النصر فقد ولدنا لنكون ثوارا ولدنا لنكون فدائيين ولدنا لكي ننتصر ولدنا لكي نرجع الجماهيرية ونحررها من أيدي الناتو المستعمر وعملائه وبيادقه الخونة ..ابي الغالي قائدي العظيم زعيمي الحاني ، ارسل اليك اطيب رسالة من هنا ، من وطني الغالي لاقول لك يا قائدي العزيز بأننا نسيرعلى خطاك وسنبقى كذلك الا ان تقبض ارواحنا وكل آمالنا ان نكمل مجدا انت صانعه سيدي ..قائدي : الشر قد طغا والحقد انتشى بعد رحيلك ، وبقينا بين انفسنا نردد كم نحن بحاجة لك في اصعب الاوقات و اكثرها قهرا ،نحاول الصمود كما علمتنا وسنبقى نحاول النهوض من جديد كما درستنا ، وسنبقى نحاول نحاول نحاول ، فانت فينا روحا تخاطبنا وعيناك لا تزال ترسم لنا الطريق الذي لن نضيع ابدا اذا سرنا فيه وهذا الطريق هو طريق الصمود . مهما قلنا لن نوفيك حقك ياقائـدي مهما قلنا والى ان نموت لن نوفيك حقك يا رمزنا مهما قلنا ومهما فعلنا لن ننجز ربع ما انجزته يا رمز عزتنا وكرامتنا .وبعد طول حديث لنا الفخر يا ايها القائد ان تكون قائدنا ومعلمنا ، في غيابك غاب كل شيء ، غاب الحنان والرحمة ،غاب الحب والتسامح غابت الرأفة وغابت الوحدة ، ، يا مفجر الثورة ومعلم الاجيال وصانع الثوار، يا من علمتنا معنى كلمة المقاومة يا فارسنا النبيل .
في النهاية اقول لك يا ابي أبناؤك سائرون على نهجك
الا ان ننال الشهادة او ان نحرر ارضنا المغتصبة ونطهرها من دنس اليهود والنصارى ومن كل العملاء والخونة ..وهدا هو عهد المسؤلية وهدا هو الواجب اتجاه الدين والوطن .


Mu with Stella Pende

Mu boards airliner


Mu 684

Mu his natural self

Mu his natural self, 2

Exclusive interview with Libya’s Muammar Gadhafi


This Interview was originally web posted to on Nov. 18, 1999

[Editor’s note: ] At the invitation of Muammar Al-Qathafi, The Final Call was granted an exclusive interview with the Libyan Leader on the heels of the very successful OAU Extraordinary Meeting in Sirte, Libya. The press delegation was headed by Final Call Editor James Muhammad, and included writer Jehron Hunter of Philadelphia, photo journalist Monica Morgan of Detroit and Akbar Muhammad, international representative of the Nation of Islam and advisor to Minister Louis Farrakhan on African affairs. Bro. Qathafi’s passion to work on the unification of Africa was consistently expressed throughout the interview.


Muammar Al-Gadhafi

After seven years of sanctions and embargos Bro. Qathafi appeared energized and ready to move his country forward. His vision for a United States of Africa and the trial of two Libyan Nationals, which is also scheduled to start in February of 2000, seems to be on the top of his agenda. Bro. Gadhafi claims that the two accused are innocent and they will be cleared of all charges. Bro. Qathafi is also author of “The Green Book,” his thoughts on a new social world order published in 1972.

During the interview, Bro. Qathafi, through an interpreter, articulated his strong desire to see Africans from the Diaspora involved in this process of forming a United States of Africa. He is inviting Africans in the Diaspora to join a conference of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) of Africa. The conference will take place the first week of February 2000. At this conference Bro. Gadhafi will discuss how Africans in the Diaspora and NGOs can move the process for the United States of Africa forward.

Final Call News | (FCN): When you first launched the revolution, you had a particular thought and goal in mind. What was your desire for Libya then, and how has it evolved over the last 30 years?

Muammar al-Qathafi (MG): The objective was to liberate Libya because Libya was a colonized country. Libya at that time had five American military bases on it. Furthermore, Libya also had a few British military bases, and 20,000 Italian settlers were in Libya at the time. They controlled all the economic activity and all the arable land. The revolution I had in mind was to change the world. We feel that we have put forward and submitted a theory that may change the world.

Even though the current generation may not understand and fully grasp this theory, the forthcoming generation will be able to grasp it and understand it fully.

FCN: How relevant is the Green Book today in light of the changes that have taken place in the world?

MG: Whatever is taking place in developments and changes in the world is an explanation and interpretation of “The Green Book.” An example is that when nobody thought there would be a separation in the Soviet Union or in Czechoslovakia or in Yugoslavia, “The Green Book” prophesied and stated that countries that have many nationalities one day would break up into small nationalist entities. Such a thing happened. The Soviet Union was broken up according to the nationalist entities; Yugoslavia was broken up. Such a thing may also apply to the United States of America because if the United States of America is composed of various races, nationalities and nationalist entities, then one day there will be a conflict and they will break up and form their own nationalist entities. Even India, if it is composed of many and various religions and nationalities, one day will break up and they will separate from each other. Also in “The Green Book,” it is stated that the workers, the wage earners, one day will become partners despite the will of the owners, the employers. Today we have seen so many big companies are giving property and shares to the wage earners. The popular socialism, which is heralded by “The Green Book,” is being imposed on the world now.

FCN: In an interview you gave in the Inside the Middle East magazine in 1983, a question was asked about mistakes that had been made and you were quoted as saying there were “mistakes made in good faith.” Can you talk about some of the alleged mistakes that they suggested that you had made in the formulation of the Jamahiriya?

MG: For sure there may have been some mistakes because we learn from life and experiences. When you work you are bound to make mistakes. Also, the changes that took place in the world also should be taken into consideration.

FCN: In 1982 the 19th Assembly of the OAU (Organization of African Unity) was scheduled to take place here in Tripoli, however that meeting did not take place because a quorum wasn‘t reached and the meeting was canceled. It was said that 19 states boycotted the meeting. What do you think the real reason was that they did not show up?


‘America actually loses when it depends on the traitorous or stooge governments and when it depends on agents and traitors. America should acknowledge the will of the African peoples. The will of the African peoples will be victorious in the end.’

MG: At the time there were traitorous governments and America was able to give them orders not to go to Tripoli. At the time there was one or two countries less than the needed two-thirds quorum.

FCN: Then in 1999 you had some 43 heads of state here for a special session of the OAU What made the difference?

MG: It is because the stooges have been taken off the throne. America actually loses when it depends on the traitorous or stooge governments and when it depends on agents and traitors. America should acknowledge the will of the African peoples. The will of the African peoples will be victorious in the end. If America wants to have a mutual interest with Africa, she should then respect Africa. The policy of creating stooges and traitors and the policy of exchanging (replacing) patriotic and nationalist governments, this is a policy that is doomed to fail. First of all, peoples will hate America because of this policy. The second reason is that the stooges or the traitors made by America will not live forever, they cannot continue; one day they will be overthrown. And the change in this case will be against America because the governments or the systems that have been changed are traitorous, they are made by America, the people overthrow them and thus the people hate America in return. This is a piece of advice from me to America.

FCN: When the United States of Africa becomes a reality, what kind of leader will it take to run it? Will you be a candidate?

MG: Excuse me, but don’t put this question in this way. Allow me to say that because we don’t want to focus on who will be in government or who will rule. This will cause us to deviate from the noble objective and great work to a lower level. We want Africa to be united and we want Africa to govern itself by itself. We don’t want anyone to rule Africa.

FCN: The west continues to use the terminology sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa instead of Africa as a whole. Do you think this is intentional?

MG: This is a malicious policy but it is exposed. They want to define Africa geographically and from the ethnic point of view. But Africans themselves have made the Sahara or the desert a bridge, not a partition. The proof of that is now there are more than one million African Blacks coming from those countries that are supposed to be sub-Saharan into Libya to work. The desert did not prevent them from coming over to Libya.

FCN: U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright just finished a visit to Africa, visiting six different countries. There is a move to gain influence in Africa by America and France and there are different conflicts in Africa. How do you view (her trip) in light of what God has blessed you to see in terms of the uniting of Africa?

MG: It seems that France is tired of Africa; it is slowing down and deserting Africa. And the same thing that is happening to France will happen to America. Currently, Africa will present a burden to anyone who covets Africa. In the future Africa will become awake and they (western powers) will not get anything out of it, because she will be awake. Both ways they (western powers) are losers.

FCN: In America, the conflict in the Sudan that you have been working to try to resolve is portrayed as Muslims fighting against Christians who want to be free of an Islamic government. And (rebel leader) John Garang is being supported by America through surrogate countries such as Uganda, Kenya. And they tried it with Ethiopia and Eritrea but it did not work. How do you see this conflict being resolved? Will America withdraw the aid from John Garang and force him to a peace table, or will they continue to aid John Garang and let this conflict go on?

MG: This is one of the failed American policies. John Garang will never be an agent of America. Recently, he spoke to me on the telephone and told me that even though he was in America, that he is still a revolutionary and whether or not he goes to America will not affect his revolutionary spirit; it will not change him. Both ways America will be a loser. If America wants to fight the world, it will lose. And if America wants to involve itself in the affairs of the world, to give assistance to the world and be involved all over the world, it will get tired and deplete and sap itself and in the end it will lose.

FCN: Then how can the civil war be resolved?

MG: Personally speaking, I see no good reason that makes Sudanese fight each other. It is an internal problem to start with. But bear in mind that with the mentality that is prevalent now the problem may not be solved. If we look thoroughly and deeply into the problem, we don’t find a very real or serious reason for the war. The problem is the mentality or the way of thinking of the people there. Once there is a change in the mentality and way of thinking in the people in the Sudan, there won’t be a problem. In the meantime I won’t give any reasons to oblige the southerners to fight me. If I were Garang, I would not find any reason or justification or necessity for the young people to die and to suffer all the hardships, to make them go to war to fight. It is possible, politically speaking, that dialogue can be engaged. I regret it and it bothers me to say that the war has changed into a matter of business.

FCN: You talked about reparations in your recent messages. Do you feel that the American government should pay the descendants of slaves reparations, and what do you think would be fair compensation?

MG: This is an obligation (of America), and one day America will be obliged and forced to pay the price. America is suffering from megalomania and her ears and eyes are shut because of power and strength. But one day America’s might will come to an end and America will open her eyes and ears to see and hear the truth. Compensation will be both moral and material.

FCN: In the United States of Africa, what role do you see Africans in the Diaspora playing?

MG: They have a role to play. The work and the call for African unity actually started from the Africans who are outside of Africa. It dates back to the 1900s and it started from the Manchester Conference. Africans in the Diaspora at the time started convening themselves and holding conferences to think about liberating their own land and uniting. So judging by that, Africans who are in the Diaspora have a big role to play. They should help their people who are inside the motherland. They should mobilize them and raise their morale. The Jews do that similarly all over the world. They encourage the creation of the state of Israel and they give the state of Israel money and moral support. The American Jews actually exploit and use America. And even though they are Americans, they work to make America actually to give service to the Jews. They do not forget their ancestors, they do not forget that they are Jews. By the same token this applies to the Black Africans in America. Even if they become rulers and presidents one day, they should not forget their mother Africa.

FCN: We have in America 1.8 million prisoners in the jails of America and most of them are Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans. Brother Farrakhan in the book “Torchlight for America” talks about having a program that will bring prisoners who have been reformed to Africa to help in the development of Africa. What do you think of that idea?

MG: That is a very good idea and we welcome it. Africa should do that because they are the sons of Africa. That’s their mother, that’s their home.

FCN: What role did Nelson Mandela and Prince Bandar play in your decision to release the two Libyan nationals accused of the Pan Am bombing over Lockerbie to a third country for trial. Also, what would be your message to the family members of the Pan Am victims?

MG: It goes without saying that the Lockerbie issue is a tragedy. The relatives of the victims need consolation. But all of us should know the truth of who did that and we should know the reason behind it. It seems that the action was not done by a lunatic. According to the information on the evidence or the theory that is going now provided by them, it seems that the action was carefully planned and very well done to the extent that Third World countries cannot actually perform it because it is so highly pieced together. Because it is so well planned there are some theories that it cannot be done by the orders of third world countries, but it is actually the work of American intelligence … I mean it is pre-planned. But what is the cause? Is it to take revenge on the American government? Is it an action against the policy of America because it has taken an action against a people? Or is it because America (herself) knows that there are certain quarters or certain organs in the world that want revenge against America? So American intelligence may actually plan such an action so that the direction of these parties will be diverted, (and that people will think) these parties have already taken revenge against America. The American intelligence will do such an action so that others will accuse those certain quarters, because they have a grudge against America. It will be said that these quarters have actually taken this revenge against America. For instance, if America wants to take any action against Libya, then America will direct its intelligence to do a piece of work to the extent that it will be claimed that Libya had done it if it was able and capable to do it. And since Libya is not able to do such a piece of action (Lockerbie), but the American intelligence fulfilled this action and Libya is accused. Then the American government will find justification for any action to be taken against Libya. This seems to be the case as far as Lockerbie is concerned. In 1986 America killed Libyan women and children and destroyed houses of the Libyan people, so the families of the children wish to take revenge against America. And because Libyans cannot actually do it, the American intelligence does it and Libya is incriminated. America then has justification to impose sanctions against Libya. It seems that this is the scenario.

FCN: It is said in some papers that Libya lost $20-$30 billion during these seven years of sanctions. If the suspects are found innocent, will Libya sue America and the western world for the money and lives they lost during these sanctions?

MG: Of course, if such a thing happens then we shall go to the Security Council of the United Nations and we shall ask for reparations and compensation because we have paid the price for an issue that we have not committed. For this reason America wants to condemn Libya and make Libya convicted one way or the other. And we know that America is actually working to influence the Scottish judiciary and wants to create false eyewitnesses. America actually pays money to create unreal witnesses. We even know the names of a few witnesses who are false because they are being paid by America. One of them is named [Jaraka], he’s Libyan. The judges and court will be bothered by the American influence and pressures.

FCN: What is your message to young people in America? Also, what music do you like to listen to?

MG: I like classical music. I like Beethoven. My message to the young people is that I wish that a new generation will be created in America, a new generation that will put an end to the imperialist and reactionary America; that this new generation will enable and empower the American people to govern themselves by themselves. And that they will continue to boycott this false democracy and boycott the elections. And that they will exploit and utilize the potential and resources of America for the betterment of humanity, not to the detriment of mankind as is taking place nowadays.

FCN: In Benghazi at a World Peoples Leadership Conference in 1995, you said that Libya and the Islamic world would put $1 billion for the use of Bro. Farrakhan to rebuild African Americans in America. What is your thinking on that at this time?

MG: My thinking is the same.

FCN: In America we have an unbalanced view of who you are. Can you tell us who the Gadhafi is that the west does not know?

MG: Gadhafi is different and contrary to what America says now and what Americans know about him. Anything that America (media) says is different from the true Gadhafi.

FCN: Thank You.

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Mu Tent visitors

Mu w the late Mandela

Mu w Kofi Annan

The Nation of Islam Welcomes Muammar Gadhafi



It is a great honor and privilege for me, the Nation of Islam, and others to welcome Brother Leader Muammar al-Gadhafi, Leader of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and President of the African Union to his first visit to the United States of America to address the 64th Opening Session of the United Nations.

The greatest of his efforts, in my humble opinion, has been to foster the idea of Marcus Garvey, George Padmore, Kwame Nkrumah and Gamal Abdel Nasser to move the independent states of Africa to form the United States of Africa, thus bringing Africa fully and powerfully into the 21st century as a major contributor on the World scene in all aspects of World Affairs.

You may ask why we feel honored and privileged to welcome him; it is because ever since we have known him, he has been a friend of the struggle of Black people all over the World for true liberation.

In Brother Gadhafi’s Green Book, he mentions the rise of Black people to positions of prominence, eminence and power in World Leadership. He has not only written and said this, he has put the scholarship and oil wealth of Libya behind, not only raising the standard of living of the 6 million Libyan people, but also has used the scholarship and wealth of Libya to raise the condition of the poor masses throughout the earth. By his charity and the guidance he has given to so many, he has proved that what comes from his pen and his lips is deeply rooted in his heart.

In 1971, he loaned the Nation of Islam under the Leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad $3 million. That money allowed us to purchase the beautiful Greek Orthodox Church which became the National Headquarters of the Nation of Islam in Chicago.

In my effort to rebuild the Nation of Islam in accord with the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Brother Gadhafi loaned the Nation of Islam $5 million for our economic development then forgave the loan. Then through the Islamic Call Society, the religious arm of Libya, sponsored one the largest Islamic conferences in America bringing Islamic scholars from all over the world to Chicago. The Islamic Call Society also sponsored two of our World Friendship Tours, which allowed us to visit over 53 countries. Brother Gadhafi was and is a true revolutionary who is still evolving towards the destiny that Allah (God) has for him.

The greatest of his efforts, in my humble opinion, has been to foster the idea of Marcus Garvey, George Padmore, Kwame Nkrumah and Gamal Abdel Nasser to move the independent states of Africa to form the United States of Africa, thus bringing Africa fully and powerfully into the 21st century as a major contributor on the World scene in all aspects of World affairs.

As you may know, in 1986 the most expensive assassination attempt in the history of the World was perpetrated against Muammar Gadhafi by the Government of the United States of America under the leadership of President Ronald Reagan. In that assassination attempt, he narrowly escaped, but his adopted daughter was killed and forty-one Libyans and other foreign nationals died in the bombing raids that took place in Tripoli and Benghazi.

There is no Nation that does not desire to have a friendly and meaningful relationship with the United States of America. A promise was made that if Brother Leader Gadhafi abandoned the idea of making Libya a nuclear power and agreed to pay reparations for the unfortunate loss of life of 270 persons in the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing that took place over Lockerbie, Scotland; the sanctions placed on Libya by the United States and the United Nations would be lifted. These negotiations took place under the administration of President George W. Bush.

Many of us that followed these events thought that Libya was made the “fall guy” for this unfortunate tragedy. America first said that the perpetrators of this act were from Iran, then they said Syria and lastly they focused on Libya. Two Libyan nationals were turned over to the World Court and were tried at the World Court in The Hague under Scottish law. One of the Libyan nationals was set free (Lamin Khalifah Fhimah) and, over the protest of many, Abdelbaset Ali Al-Megrahi was found guilty and spent the past eight years of his life in prison for a crime that most Libyans never believed he was guilty of.

From what I have learned, there have never been any negotiations for business or oil deals between Libya and England or Scotland that did not involve the potential release of Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi.

A few years ago Bulgarian nurses were accused of injecting Libyan children with the HIV/AIDS virus. Over four hundred Libyan children were injected. These nurses were tried in a Libyan court, found guilty and sentenced to death. The cry came up from the West: America, England and the European Union, petitioning Muammar Gadhafi not to put these nurses to death. Then, a request was made and pressure was applied to release them to serve time in a prison in their own country.

Libya released these nurses and I understand that while the plane was carrying them from Libya to Bulgaria, a new arrangement was made by Bulgarian authorities and these nurses were received with a heroes’ welcome in Bulgaria and were set free not spending one single day in jail.

Abdelbaset Ali Al-Megrahi’s life imprisonment was commuted for medical reasons by the Scottish Government and he was released and sent home to Libya to die. A great hue and cry came up from America and other places condemning the release of this Brother. The Obama administration joined in condemning the Scottish government’s action apparently forgetting America’s request under the Bush administration to release the Bulgarian nurses to their own country and release them from the penalty of death.

Brother Leader Muammar Gadhafi has shown that Libya is ready to take its place in the family of Nations as an equal and respected partner. The sanctions, to the best of my knowledge, have been lifted and a new era in the American-Libyan relationship is now emerging. There is much that America and Europe can offer to Libya and Africa, and there is much that Libya and Africa can offer to America and Europe in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The emergence of Libya on the World stage is now a reality in that Libya is now serving on the United Nations Security Council and a Libyan diplomat is presiding over this year’s General Assembly. Brother Gadhafi’s insistence on Africa’s becoming one great Nation with Africans in the Diaspora assisting in the development of Africa, is probably the greatest move that Brother Leader Gadhafi has made in his forty years of Leadership of Libya.

Libya is building anew. Libya is investing tremendous resources in the development of Africa and Libya is also seeking to invest in America. While Brother Gadhafi’s visit to America may attract protestors, which is the right of any American to do, however, I hope it will also attract those of us who have honored and respected Brother Gadhafi over the years for his tireless efforts in Black liberation and the struggle of the masses.

On a personal note, years ago I told some revolutionary brothers in Africa that I too am a revolutionary but the revolution that I am concerned with is not fostered by the use of carnal weapons. The revolution that I was then involved in and am involved in now is fostered by the Divine Light found in the Bible and Holy Qur’an. There is no real revolution as long as we remain mentally enslaved by our former colonial and slave masters. We must be made new and that can only happen if the veil of ignorance is removed and replaced with that knowledge that will bring up a new idea and vision. This kind of revolution will change Africa and the World.

When Brother Gadhafi saw the work of the Nation of Islam in cooperation with other Black Leaders and organizations that produced the historic Million Man March, he offered to help our people with an infusion of capital to pursue those things that would be meaningful in the building of our communities.

In the book of Isaiah (61:4), it is written that we will rebuild the wasted cities. We the Blacks, the Hispanics, the Native Americans and the poor Whites live in the wasted parts of the American cities. Among us however, is the talent, energy, gifts, skills and will to rebuild the cities and make our neighborhoods decent places for all of us to live.

We hope that in the gathering of our best and brightest minds producing a workable and mutually agreeable plan that Libya will partner with us in rebuilding the wasted cities. This would create job opportunities for our young people and help us with international trade and commerce. This would allow us to build in the West and share the richness of the wisdom we have gained from our sojourn in America with our Brothers and Sisters on the African continent. Then, from both sides of the Atlantic, we might find ourselves through our noble work worthy to be respected among all the civilized societies on our planet.

Thank you for reading these words.

—The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Light lovers

Mu serious

Muammar al-Qathafi explaining the Great Man-made River Project:

Mu explaining the Great Manmade River Project

Muammar’s son, Muhammed, is  behind him in the picture.

MUAMMAR al-Qathafi and the Gold Dinar:

Mu and the Gold dinar


Muammar w Putin at Bab Azaziya:

Mu w Putin at Bab Azaziya

22 JAN 1990:

Mu crowned KING of Kings

29 AUGUST 2008:

is reporting from

Gaddafi given title ‘king of kings’

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uploaded by World_Groove  29 August 2008 at 04:57 pm
Gaddafi given title 'king of kings' by World_Groove

For nearly 30 years Muammar al-Qathafi has been floundering about with his “Third Universal Theory” of government, which makes Libya

a theoretical democracy with its (Great) Jamahiriya system ( A state of the masses).

…..And now finally what every former revolutionary dreams of….Being King

A meeting of more than 200 African kings and traditional rulers has bestowed the title “king of kings” on Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi.

The rulers, wearing gold crowns, sequined capes and colourful robes met in the Libyan town of Benghazi in what was billed as a first of its kind.

Col Qathafi urged the royals to join his campaign for African unity.

Africa’s political leaders are lukewarm about his vision of merging their powers to create a single government.


“We want an African military to defend Africa, we want a single African currency, we want one African passport to travel within Africa,” Col Gaddafi told the assembled dignitaries, who come from countries such as Mozambique, South Africa, Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

“The people believe in the chiefs and kings more than they believe in their governments.”

But, what is more fascinating is to take a look a bit deeper at the infrastructure he has created in Libya.
The Libyan Supreme Commander flew into Paris for a state visit escorted by 400 aides, including 30 female bodyguards, all of whom are said to be Virgins.
According to The Sun, each of these bodyguards is a camouflage-clad trained killer who will protect him around the clock.
Mu in Paris 11 DEC 2007

The entourage, which arrived on five planes, also includes a fleet of armour-plated limos, a camel and a heated tent in which he will stay on the grounds of the Hotel de Marigny.

Paris Tent 2007 at Versailles  Mu France 10, DEC 2007

Well, he is and has always been confident. People should read the Green Book he wrote as a Young Man

and may understand him better. He was the liberator of Libya and has managed to keep that country out of the grip of the Western and Eastern Powers, not like Nigeria or Sudan, or Zimbabwe, Libya is well of and its people well educated.

He came to Niger on Several occasion and many in Africa would like to have a leader like him rather then their corrupt and egocentric governments, that let the people starve selling the Oil and Uranium cheaply to the super power and spending the money in super clubs in Europe or letting it disappear in Swiss Bank accounts.

He  did help the IRA and others, just like the USA did finance the Taliban and Al Qaida. He is no angle. However he does have his countries and Africa’s interest at heart and those are his priorities. He could not care less about money for him self nor does he tolerate corruption.

He has his priorities in the right place and is of benefit to his country, why the US Government hate him so much, they cannot buy him nor control him and he will not give them Libya’s Oil either.
I think he is a fascinating and often misunderstood figure.
I remember seeing images of 6 lane highways to knowhere in the Libyan desert…(World Groove)
The High way was build to connect all the Libyan cities through out the country and make transport faster and more effective. Today they are building a rail way along the same road because they realised that the Car has no future and needs to be replaced by the rail. A mistake that most nations made in the 1960 till today. Yet great irrigation programs, Agricultural programs, Fighting desertification and Education programs. Libya does have today the best educated population through out Africa and with the Highest percentage of Engineers, Doctors and so on in Africa. Mind you thing are far fro perfect there, however in comparing Libya to other African Countries it is a leader on all levels. Muammar al-Qathafi always put Libya first.

Okay, I have reposted the King of King photos, how many of you can spot the real king? There are only three, but only one true king!

lupio (not verified) responds:

(at 02:01 on April 10th, 2009)

“this is one priceless leader…i always been a fan f him..he always do the unexpected…”

Qadhafi in Damascus 4

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uploaded by Ammar Abd Rabbo August 29, 2008 at 05:49 pm
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Qadhafi in Damascus 4 by Ammar Abd Rabbo on flickr.comQadhafi in Damascus 5 by Ammar Abd Rabbo on

Libyan leader Muammar El Qathafi attends Arab League Leaders Summit in Damascus, March 2008.

Photo Properties
NP! ID: 1585496
Title: Qadhafi in Damascus 4
File Size: 999 × 669 – 146.66 KB
Created: Fri, 08/29/2008 – 5:49pm
Modified: Fri, 08/29/2008 – 5:49pm
File Type: image (jpeg)



URGENT: NATO may announce its intervention in Libya again before the end of the month.

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Brussels

Official said the Atlantic during a meeting with journalists in Brussels that a team أطلسيا recently visited to Libya late last month, and held talks with officials there, and drafted a report on the needs of the country’s security and what can be NATO’s submission that the NATO Council will decide on this report before the end of the month .

And chaired the Canadian James Abatohara the NATO envoy delegation of the Atlantic. He added راسموسان The (RAT) Prime Minister and so-called Minister of Foreign Affairs in Libya advanced specific proposals for NATO and is currently being researched.


The results Zidane with Arenko of the talks Lita in Italy
Zidane access to the Palazzo Chigi in Rome resulted from several results:

* 5000 training of the army and police in Italy.

* Italy’s participation in securing the southern border, especially with Chad.

* Zidane from Rome Egypt state institutions, we support and stability and security of the security and stability of Libya.

* Agreement on Italy’s participation in the development and infrastructure.

* Economic partnership between Libya and Italy, especially in the field of energy and the prohibition of the meeting Chief Executive Officer of Eni.

* Italy supply military equipment to Libya to eliminate militias

* Zidane invite Prime Minister Rumours visit to Tripoli.

* Anti-illegal immigration.

National Alliance

We are 40 members in the coalition do not have any role and no authority within the National Conference of 160 member
All our words to Aaakhadd and are thrown in the trash
Withdrawal is the best..

(GOOD TO WISE-UP and not be part of the RATS puppet regime, return to People’s Power of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA  where everyone has a voice!)

Arrest of Mohammed visage head of the Supreme Council for Culture in Libya, and the confiscation of stretcher by militia النواصى,

and took him to its headquarters, in the presence of guests of the country coming from Tunisia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates!!!

Masry Al-Youm:
Exposure camp in Rafah security for the mortar attack and «RPG», 500 machine guns, and 14.5 inches, before dawn on Friday,

and military aircraft ‘apache’ fly in the sky of the region to tackle militants.



Tripoli clashes hand, Abu Salim.

De l’album :Photos du journal
De ‎المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر‎

ياغنيوة ياخسيس … بوسليم فيها تريس Like + share ✔ ✔✔ ✔ المصراتي ============…Afficher la suite
Durée : 0:09

“Champions Greet me, Abu Salim glory!”

Word now

Set on fire in tent Gneoh and the fire on demonstrators.
Muhammad Ali injury Ferjani a 25-year-old by Gneoh militias in Abu Salim!!
Lead throw heavy and light weapons now in front of the military council Salim.

Fatima Ben Khayal:
# Aaagel of inside Abu Salim one population to call me Kano, who are now in a sound demonstration against Gneoh

and here seemed to shoot them from by a battalion Gneoh and with him # Tripoli

Urgent .. Salim area residents rising up against the security committee which led Gneoh and ask from the al-Qaqaa and protection of civilians in civil Salim immediately.

Keep shooting by militias Gneoh and people are all taking place.


Corner …..

Lock all offices of the parties in the corner of the Phoenix
. Activation of the army and the police, and not to recognize any outside militias.
. Brotherhood faction expelled from the city and prevent them from engaging in any activity within.

Burning of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood headquarters in the corner .
Now demonstration from فشلوم to the field of Algeria, calling off appearances arms in the city of Tripoli.


Lock Change Party and People’s Party (” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood”) of before compatriots corner!!


THE RAT The Abu Salim Gneoh Council :


And the start of the sit-open field until the day 7.7

The RAT Ministry of Interior locked by Zintani!!!

SAND: neat way of closing things up! without destruction…brilliant!!



URGENT: survival of the French consul in Benghazi assassination attempt.

عاجل: نجاة القنصل الفرنسي في بنغازي من محاولة اغتيال

Survival of the French honorary consul in Benghazi assassination attempt
Benghazi (AFP) said Libyan security official that the Honorary Consul of France in Benghazi, eastern Libya, Jean Dofrc, Thursday evening, survived an assassination attempt.
Said Mohammed Hijazi, a spokesman for the Libyan security services in Benghazi A car Dofrc the came under fire on Thursday evening from another car while he was returning to his home with his wife.
The consul had left with his wife Benghazi hospital at about 23.00 (21.00 GMT) when gunmen opened fire on them from another car traveling.
Hijazi said that “at least ten bullets hit the car but no one was hurt,” he said, adding that “Dofrc and his wife returned to the hospital where the situation under the protection of the security services.”
Libyan spokesman added that “a team of special forces in the Libyan army took over security protection consul of France until his departure today,” to Tunisia.
For his part, said an associate of the French consul that the latter was driving his car when gunmen in a car approached a second from his car and shot him several bullets.
The same source said he saw the effects of at least seven bullets in the structure of the car, “but the consul and his wife no يصابا hurt and left Benghazi Friday towards Tunisia.”


Another picture to blow up two shops in Khalid Bin Walid

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

Tibesti, who was meeting Colonel Hamid الحاسي and a number of
Officers of the national army, is to activate the national army and support
As Jordanian
Details: –
Summary the Tibesti evening meeting on Thursday to Benghazi

1 – year National Congress of the solution and call for early elections
While retaining the government as Tsereh government until the formation of
Government crisis.
2 – Cancel resolve all political parties until the referendum
Allepieon the constitution they are the owners of the right created
Or not.
3 – the constitution promulgated in 1951 with modifications
Incompatible with Islamic teachings and the form of the State and to the system of government
Until the completion of the referendum on the constitution prepared by
Committee session.
4 – solve all the armed forces and military entities to call state
Law and purge the judiciary and the army and police.
5 – Allow Anti-Corruption Commission to direct its business after the call
The oath before the President of the Supreme Court and the interim government.
6 – the establishment of a body to maintain the money looted in the Libyan
Home and abroad.
7 – Payment Palmahlain the rebel National to assume leadership positions
Various state institutions.
8 – the formation of a committee of qualified honorable patriots to investigate
Events that have passed through the country and resulted in the vanished lives of innocent
Sons of the nation.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

In a telephone conversation with Mr. Ezzedine Alokwak confirmed survival RAT Colonel “Hamid الحاسي” of the assassination attempt, and confirmed the killing of facilities
“Khaled altwaty” God’s mercy, and wounding facilities “Hamad Kabylian”
Serious injury, and call لهة b healing.

Phone الحاسي for personal and locked with a Marfiqih not contained
And the Jordanian injury in his shoulder and survived an assassination attempt, and the death
Two of its fighters, we ask God safety for الحاسي and God bless
From him.

Urgent and exclusive (Salem al-Obeidi)



Sidra port has been closed by guards
Oil installations according to what is known
البارح nine o’clock and about ten
Cars equipped with stands at the gate of the port
And prevent the export and all the ships and tankers
Came out of the port today and only one filled
100 thousand barrels is supposed
Shipped about 600 thousand barrels and science
Oasis and the Libyan government
Science and to this hour Aflo nothing
Note that the existing carriers will pay her
Oasis about twenty thousand dollars
Fine per day which keeps
Tanker parked at the port and these funds
Libyan people wasted for no reason,
The number of tanks Oasis about 16 each tank
Tank by 600 thousand barrels that have been mobilized
Will stop production from the fields and then
Losses will be greater,,,
It is
Will certainly meet the demands of these ..
Whatever persons.



Urgent … Mosque Mr. Abdulsalam Al Asmar, scientific and angle are still serving the Muslim Ummah.

Now announced two workers of the State of Nigeria are working in the city, one in the car wash and the other in contracting announced اسلامهما in the mosque of Sheikh Abdul Salam brown before the Friday sermon shortly before the crowds Sheikh mosque now read them their rights in Islam and reminds people their names and announce they Ihspain and treated as Muslims and give them a document guaranteeing them their administrative procedures



Western Mountain News

Electricity company began updating the electrical grid area people and changing transformers aerobic recurrent breakdowns as a result of weathering another fixed to maintain the quality of the flow of electric current in the region under the supervision of the Office of Maintenance Department Mizdah distribution.

A company source said that the people have seen significant developments in the field of electricity where the company is changing the old network with a modern high-quality ones, in addition to the establishment of many of the rooms a substitute for fixed transformers transformers aerobic,



Media Center Tuber concerning QATAR from which the town before took its orders through the ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood”:

A clear 180° turn in Qatar’s policy which is now against the heretic ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood”! …..

Qatari government cancels the establishment of Ali Hardness in Qatar, Doha ask him to leave immediately …



Coptic Patriarch Hopeful After expulsion of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Egyptian-gangster “President” is Deposed

Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak Believes Country is Now On The Right Track

By Junno Arocho Esteves

CAIRO, 04 July  2013 ( – Patriarch of Alexandria of the Catholic Copts Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak expressed his support for the ouster of Mohamed Morsy as president of Egypt by the Egyptian people and their patriotic and religious military.

“We have been celebrating since yesterday evening. We did not sleep. The people of Egypt have peacefully regained their country. And therefore showed the world that they are civilized people, in spite of the great problems they face,” Patriarch Sidrak told Fides News Agency.

The end of Morsy’s presidency followed after weeks of public protests against a perceived government monopolization by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, the former president’s political party.

The Egyptian military and popular revolt of the Egyptian people deposed Morsy and set about establishing an interim government with the assistance of opposition parties and religious leaders in an effort to stabilize the country which has suffered weeks of turmoil in the wake of violent protests. Adly Mansour, head of the Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court, was appointed interim president until elections are scheduled.

“Several signals show that we are on the right track. We will not repeat the mistakes made in the past. This time, they have well prepared the next steps, today the new interim President Adly Mansour swears in, and gradually steps will be taken towards the full restoration of democratic order”.

Despite his optimism at the new turn of events, Patriarch Sidrak conveyed his concern with situations affecting the nation. “We cannot say that we do not have fears. The economic situation is worrying and makes everyone more at risk of being manipulated by the sirens of propaganda. Morsy’s militant supporters feel they have lost, and this can trigger feelings of revenge. We must convince them that there is also place for them in the Country and that no one rejects them, but they should be and behave as Egyptians, as fellow citizens of all the other Egyptians, and not aim at establishing religious despotism.”

The Coptic Patriarch explained that while most Egyptian citizens would “never accept to go back” the how the government was run under Morsy’s party, the fact remains that at least 15 million citizens “were forced to support the radical beliefs of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.”

“They should not be excluded from the political scene,” Patriarch Sidrak stressed, “but they must behave like a political party, and not as a means to impose religious hegemony. Everyone can live their own religious faith in the mosque or church, without imposing on others religious precepts.”

عايز البوست ده يلف الفيس بوك بسرعة
لا عايز لايكات ولا كومنتات أنا عايز شير وبس
عاجل وهام ومفرح
القوات المسلحة تعلن عن مكافأة لكل من يدلي بمعلومات عن مموليين البلطجية :
أعلن المتحدث الرسمي للقوات المسلحة المصرية العقيد أركان حرب أحمد محمد علي عن أنه كل من يقوم بالإبلاغ عن البلطجية سيعتبر شاهد في القضية حتى لو كان من المشاركين في أحداث الشغب شريطة الإبلاغ عن الممولين ورؤوس البلطجية مع وعد بعدم تضرر المبلغ والإلتزام التام بحمايته هو وأسرته ومكافأته وذلك حباً ورغبة في حماية الوطن ونرجو من كل من يعرف معلومات عن البلطجية والمحرضين التوجه فوراً إلى أقرب وحدة للقوات المسلحة والإبلاغ عنهم .. وتحيا مصر
إستغاثات الجيش : 16037 – 16038 – 16039
طوارئ القوات المسلحة : 19197 – 19488 – 19614
إستغاثة القوات المسلحة بالأسكندرية : 5467894 – 5461652
إستغاثات الشرطة العسكرية : 16137 – 16138
الشرطة المصرية – 24888888 – 24884500
للتبليغ عن أي فساد إداري أو عام : 16117
شيييييييييييييييييييييييييييير بالله عليكوا

Aiz Post de wraps the FB quickly
No Aiz Aakat nor كومنتات I Aiz Sher ups
Urgent, important and delightful
Armed Forces announces reward for each of the information to make for thugs Mmoliyn:
Announced the official spokesman of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Colonel of Staff Ahmed Mohammed Ali that each of the reporting of thugs would be considered a witness in the case even if the participants in the riots provided reporting financiers and the heads of thugs with a promise not to hurt the amount and commitment to the full protection of the law and his family and rewarded and that love and a desire to protect the homeland and we hope all of the known information about thugs and agitators to go immediately to the nearest unit of the armed forces and reporting them .. Long live Egypt
Distress Army: 16037 – 16038 – 16039
Armed Forces Emergency: 19197 – 19488 – 19614
Mayday armed forces in Alexandria: 5467894 – 5461652
Military Police distress: 16137 – 16138
Egyptian police – 24888888 – 24884500
Report any public or administrative corruption: 16117
شيييييييييييييييييييييييييييير God Alicua the

Washington Islamist strategy in crisis as Morsi toppled by F. William Engdahl

JULY 4, 2013

Source: VoltaireNet

The swift action by Egypt’s military to arrest Mohamed Morsi and key leaders of his Muslim Brotherhood organization on July 3 marks a major setback for Washington’s “Arab Spring” strategy of using political Islam to spread chaos from China through Russia across the energy-rich Middle East.

Morsi rejected the Defense Minister‘s demand that he quit to avert a bloodbath. He said he stood by his “constitutional dignity” and demanded the army’s withdrawal of its ultimatum. It may become the major turning point of America’s decline as world Sole Superpower when future generations of historians view events.

One year after the secretive Muslim Brotherhood seized power and put their man, Mohammed Morsi in as President and dominated the Parliament, Egypt’s military has moved in, against a backdrop of millions of people on the streets protesting Morsi’s imposition of strict Sharia law and failure to deal with the collapsing economy. The coup was led by Defense Minister and army chief General Abdel Fattah el-Sissi.

Significantly, el-Sissi was appointed as a devout Muslim younger general by Morsi last year. He was also trained and well-regarded in Washington by Pentagon leadership. That he leads the coup indicates the depth of the rejection of the Brotherhood inside Egypt. Al-Sissi announced Wednesday night, July 3, that the head of the Constitution Court will act as provisional president and form an interim government of technocrats to run the country until early presidential and parliamentary elections. He was flanked by Christian, secular opposition and Muslim leaders. Al-Sissi said that all the army’s efforts to affect a national dialogue and reconciliation were welcomed by all factions and blocked by President Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood.

Outrage aimed against US

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the mass mobilization of protesters in recent weeks that culminated in the decision by the military to actively take control was the clear anti-Washington character of the street protests. Demonstrators carried hand-made posters denouncing Obama and his pro-Muslim Brotherhood Cairo Ambassador, Anne Patterson.

JPEG - 26.2 kb

Egypt’s Cairo Ambassador, Anne Patterson was a special target of the protests. Patterson made remarks June 18 to discourage the anti-Morsi protesters. She told Egyptians, “Some say that street action will produce better results than elections,” Patterson said. “To be honest, my government and I are deeply skeptical.” Then in an even more explicit interview with the Egyptian Ahram Online in May, the US diplomat refused to be critical of Morsi and stated, “The fact is they ran in a legitimate election and won. Of course it is challenging to be dealing with any new government. However, at the state institutional level, we are for instance still liaising with the same military and civil service personnel, and thus have retained the same long-established relations.” [1]

The military action also came against the explicit intervention of US President Obama and his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey. Obama called the Egyptian president and Dempsey phoned Chief of staff General Sedki Sobhi, hoping to defuse the three-way crisis between the regime, the army and the protest movement. Now Obama stands with more than egg on his face. [2]

Significantly, Saudi King Abdullah and leaders of the conservative UAE emirates, with notable exception of the pro-Muslim Brotherhood Emir of Qatar, have openly greeted the military action in Egypt. Saudi state news agency SPA reported, “In the name of the people of Saudi Arabia and on my behalf, we congratulate your leadership of Egypt in this critical period of its history. We pray for God to help you bear the responsibility laid upon you to achieve the ambitions of our brotherly people of Egypt,” as official statement from the King. [3]

A news blog reported close to Israeli military and intelligence circles, says that the Egyptian military acted with quiet backing by Saudi Arabia and other conservative Gulf nations. According to these reports, should the Obama administration cut off the annual US aid allocation of $1.3 billion to Egypt’s military, Saudi Arabia and the UAE would make up the military budget’s shortfall. As well, they state, Saudis, UAE and other Gulf nations, such as Bahrain and Kuwait, “would immediately start pumping out substantial funds to keep the Egyptian economy running. The Egyptian masses would be shown that in a properly managed economy, they could be guaranteed a minimal standard of living and need not go hungry as many did under Muslim Brotherhood rule. According to our sources, the Saudis and the UAE pledged to match the funds Qatar transferred to the Muslim Brotherhood’s coffers in Cairo in the past year, amounting to the vast sum of $13 billion.” [4]

Whether the report of pledged aid materializes or not, the military intervention in Egypt is sending tectonic shock waves across the entire Islamic world. A week ago as mass protests in Egypt swelled, Qatar’s openly pro-Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Hamad al-Thani surprisingly turned rule over to his 33-year old son, reported a moderate. The son immediately fired the pro-Brotherhood Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim. Qatar had given Morsi’s Egyptian Btotherhood some $8 billion and Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, has lived in Doha for decades, using it as a base to project his often controversial sermons. Qatar’s government-owned Al Jazeera channel has also been criticized for shifting in recent years from being a respected independent Arab news channel to becoming the partisan voice of the Muslim Brotherhood. [5]

Significantly, one of the first acts of the Egyptian military was to close the Al Jazeera studio in Cairo.

The major defeat of the Brotherhood in Egypt will also have major shock waves in Turkey where the pro-Brotherhood AKP party of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Mass protests have been brutally put down by Erdogan with police using tear gas and powerful water cannons. Erdogan had allowed Turkey to be used as a major staging ground to send mercenaries, financed largely by Qatar, into Syria to try to topple the government of Bashar al-Assad and replace him with a Muslim Brotherhood regime. Egypt’s Morsi shortly before his fall, called for a Jihad to topple Assad.

The crucial question now will be what Obama’s response to the collapse of Washington’s “Arab Spring“. The “Arab Spring” of yesterday has just become Washington’s Siberian Winter nightmare.

[1] John Hudson, “Knives Come Out for US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson,” Foreign Policy, July 3, 2013.

[2DebkaFile, “Army deposes Morsi. In TV statement, army chief names judge provisional president. Tahrir Sq. jubilant,” DEBKAfile Special Report, July 3, 2013.

[3] “Saudi king congratulates new Egyptian head of state,” July 4, 2013.

[4DebkaFile, “Saudis, Gulf emirates actively aided Egypt’s military coup settling score for Mubarak ouster,” DEBKAfile Exclusive Report, July 4, 2013.

[5] Simeon Kerr, “Fall of Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi is blow to Qatari leadership,” Financial Times, July 3, 2013.

Urgent – Mohamed Hassanein Heikal: Americl shocked the fall of the Brotherhood, and thus lost the most important element used to topple the Legitimate Bashar ASSAD Syrian government.

Urgent …. Statement of the use of force against both come out against the government

Information Office
National Association for the Protection of the Revolution

# Tunisia after the statement party Tunis Appeal agitational demanding National Association for the Protection of the Revolution resolve all the party conspires against the legitimate electoral vested in the people to their representatives in the Constituent Assembly is behind the government and calls on the authorities to take the necessary legal measures against all political party’s quest to spread chaos and to rebel against the laws in order to harm the prestige of the state.

A strongly worded statement from the Tunis Appeal movement.
(Beji Caid Essebsi)
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Met with the Executive Office of movement Tunis Appeal on Thursday, 04 July 2013 under the chairmanship of Mr. Beji Caid Essebsi in order to discuss the current situation at the national level and the regional and international level. After trading in the agenda has been to emphasize the need for immediate correct orientation transition effective path can not continue the status quo characterized by:
• The absence of electoral legitimacy and harmonic
• intransigence of the Renaissance Movement and its allies in the constitution drafting process.
• penetration of state institutions loyalists at the expense of talent, particularly in the security establishment.
• interfere in the judiciary and employed against opponents.
• To encourage the violence to an end threatens political and civil components and the general community.
It also recorded the movement of Tunis Appeal continued deterioration of the social situation in lost absence of a policy to address the high cost of exorbitant prices, which burdened citizens with the continued marginalization of young people unemployed and exercise nepotism policy in operation.
Accordingly, the leadership of the Tunis Appeal emphasizes the full alignment with the will of the Tunisian people, young and announces that the time has come to reconsider the whole process of democratic transition and this by:
First: to dissolve the government and the formation of a government of national salvation made up of national competencies and after consultations.
Second: the preparation of a clear roadmap for elections.
Third: the composition of the technical committee to draft constitution reform.
Fourth: the immediate announcement of a solution of the so-called associations to protect the revolution and referral المورطين to the judiciary.
Long live Tunisia!
Executive Office for
Beji Caid Essebsi


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