The Nutria are stubborn: They will not relinquish power


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We are more worthy of Libya from those rats and those wage earners, who are these wage earners paid them the price of foreign intelligence?!, God’s curse on them left shame to their children if they have children; left shame to their families if they have families, they left shame to their tribes if they tribes … .
(Col. Muammar Gaddafi ****)


Map of the world’s fasting hours.

Russia announced on Tuesday, the first day of the holy month of Ramadan 07/08/2013 Russia Today.

Saudi Arabia announces that on Tuesday is the first day of the holy month, God willing, returned to us and God, you and all the Islamic nation well, Yemen and blessings.

(Valley girl)


The Libyan Jamahiriya Calendar
Posted: 2012/10/01
From: Mathaba 

The Libyan Jamahiriya follows a new calendar both Islamic (lunar) as well as solar

The Muslim world has not been united on the use of lunar calendars or dates, and this has been a recurring subject each Ramadan. Instead of being satisfied to use the normal historic methods advocated by the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his companions, they have resorted to technology to determine where the moon is instead of when it is actually sighted.

Further, the Saudi-dominated so-called islamic scholars have decided the world is one zone without 24 hour zones, and that if the moon has either been sighted, or would have been sighted if not for clouds, then that is enough for people the other side of the world to stop fasting.

This subject has been addressed many times by Mathaba’s Imam Dr Sahib Mustaqim Bleher who has written numerous books on Islam and the current problems notably the fake economic system as well as a Tafsir of the Holy Qur’an.

Islamic Calendar in the Libyan Jamahiriya

What may be lesser known, is that the Muslim Revolutionary and mujaddid and mujahid, Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi also brought a logical proposal that the Muslim calendar, should count the years since the Death of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

The reason for this, is that the current world system largely follows a Roman calendar allegedly based upon the year since the Birth of the Messiah Jesus (Isa), Peace be upon him, “Anno Domini” (A.D.), and that the Death of the Last Prophet is even more important, since it closed all Revelation.

With the Death of the Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him, all Heavenly Revelation has ceased until the Day of Judgement. The Holy Qur’an, the Word of Allah, is complete and nothing more will come, with the Death of the Last Prophet. What could be more important therefore in all history than this event.

Although this issue is not one for dissenting over, let the Believers put off their dissent until the Day of Judgement, however the independent reasoning of al-Qadhafi on this issue is entirely logical and within the lawful ijtihhad use of logical thought within Islam that the Death of the Prophet is more important than the hijra.

Most of the Muslim world has followed the dominant Saudi thought, perhaps as the Saudis take advantage of their location and their King’s claimed role as “Guardian” of the Holy Macca and the city of Medina. Never mind that it is occupied by the Zionist USA by proxy.

The conventional reference point and which remains followed by Saudi and all the Muslim world outside of Libya and those Muslims who prefer to accept Qadhafi’s logic, is the year of the hijra (migration) in 622 A.D. thus constituting the first year.

A.H. (After Hijra) is traditionally used in English language abbreviation and thus 2012 A.D. equates to 1433 AH. In the Gregorian calender 1433 AH runs from approximately 26 November 2011 (evening) to 14 November 2012 (evening).

Note that in Islam, the night actually comes before the day, since out of Darkness, Light was Created. Thus, a new day actually starts when it is dark and the last sun light has gone. When a white thread is no longer distinguishable by eye sight from a black thread.

This method of determining when it is dark, is by the way, also the method which is meant to be used to determine when to start fasting each morning, before Muslims decided to use clocks and worry about the accuracy of those clocks, and before modern light pollution.

Therefore in the Libyan Jamahiriya, the Islamic calendar counts the years from the Death of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), which took place in June 632 A.D., thus constituting the first year From the Death of the Prophet, typically abbreviated in Jamahiriya literature in English language by the abbreviation F.D.P.

Thus 2012 A.D. equates roughly to 1422-3 F.D.P.

Calendar Months in the Libyan Jamahiriya

Of a non-religious nature was the idea of the Libyan Revolutionary Leader Mu’ammar Qadhafi to stop using the Euro-centric or Roman-centric names of the solar calendar months. Why should any country not have its own names for the months from January through December based on its own history and symbols?

Therefore the Jamahiriya Solar Calendar months in the Libyan Jamahiriya are often used as follows, in place of the Roman-Western-European months:
Aynar (January)
Al-Ma’a (February)
Al-Rabi’a (March)
Al-Tayr (April)
Al-Nuwwar (May)
Al-Sayf (June)
Nasser (July)
Hannibal (August)
Al-Fateh (September)
Al-Tumur (October)
Al-Harth (November)
Al-Kanoun (December)
May Allah forgive any errors, I place this on record due to the ongoing attempts by the western enemies of Truth, Light, Freedom, Justice, Right and all things Good and Noble to erase history and culture, deen and clear thought, so as to recolonize the world in a new and more extreme manner as their mask has fallen.

Adam King #

الصفحة فيها الكثير من المعجبين ياريت انشوف كم يستاهل هذا الرجل العظيم من الاعجاب ….ردو عليهم ماتخافوا منهم الجرذان ++++نحن أجدر بليبيا من تلك الجرذان وأولئك المأجورين ، من هم هؤلاء المأجورين المدفوع لهم الثمن من المخابرات الأجنبية ؟!، لعنة الله عليهم تركوا العار لأولادهم إذا عندهم أولاد ؛ تركوا العار لعائلاتهم إذا كانت عندهم عائلات ، تركوا العار لقبائلهم إذا كانت عندهم قبائل ….
( العقيد معمر القذافي****)

Tango Mansouri
Post tango Mansouri
Brotherhood will fall …. There were no Islam …
Brotherhood will fall … Mazal raises الادأن ….
Sikt Brotherhood … And Mzelna await the month of Ramadan …
Brotherhood will fall …. Will not worship idols …
Brotherhood will fall … No will not Nhrv the Quran …
Brotherhood will fall … Was ruled by the Antichrist …
Brotherhood will fall … Will not become haram …
Brotherhood will fall … Libya will not become Afghanistan …
Brotherhood will fall … Libya will remain the most expensive homelands …

Libya Pictures …

Some of the Syrian and energy who for Absam of 3 weeks, they came and what Gerhmh ….
But Come launched the official character of the Mahdi euros in Tripoli??
And shad orange!! Brotherhood news channel.

VERY IMPORTANT AND A MUST READ (Spread Widely) PleaseAnd Now, because of the name of this shadow organization “‎#Muslims_brotherhood“, which includes the word “Muslims”, the world might think Muslims around the world are the same as they are.

Let me explain this to you and put some points clear:
– Muslims Brotherhood doesn’t care for or represent Muslims by any mean.
– Muslims Brotherhood doesn’t follow anything that Islam says.
– Muslims Brotherhood Kills Muslims.
– Muslims Brotherhood kills whomever is in the other side.
– Muslims Brotherhood Members don’t have christian friends, Muslims Have.
– Muslims Brotherhood only protect their people. Egyptians, ‎#Muslims and ‎#Christians protect each other.
– Muslims Brotherhood are terrorists. Muslims are not.
– Muslims Brotherhood is made to let ‎#US Citizens think that Obama is fighting terrorism, while he is actually invading countries and killing innocent people.
– Muslims Brotherhood is made by Obama to gain control over the Arab world.

Every word here is not targeting Egyptians or Syrians or any other, because every ‎#Egyptian already knows it as well as ‎#Syrians here. But please, I argue everyone of you to pass this on to his friends and share it to let the world know.

Dar Al-Fatwa identify places monitor the new moon of Ramadan
Atmosphere of the country – Fathi Ismail

Dar al-Ifta called on all citizens investigate the crescent of the month of Ramadan and after sunset on Monday, August 29, 1434, corresponding to 8-7 – 2013.

A member of the Dar al-Ifta Hassan Sharif that they have a modern بمراصد team in each from Abyar area in Benghazi, Tajora in the Marine Biology Research Center.

Sharif added that the Dar al-Ifta ask everyone to participate in the monitoring process.
It is noteworthy that the monitoring team was not able to go to the city of the south of Libya languages​​, as planned, for the team said it conditions beyond its control.

Salafi sheikhs in the words sincere Muslim Brotherhood Gharyani

1 Sheikh Saleh al-Luhaidan said – may God protect him – when he was told that Sadiq Ghiryani Lefty demonstrations: “Each case means that
The doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood. ”

2 And he said, Sheikh Mohammed bin Hadi portal – may God protect him -: “The man oblique bitter enemy of fundamentalist if mimic advisory”.

3 Sheikh Ahmed Basmol said – may God protect him – said: “This man is not taken for science; approach because it is the owner of corrupt walking on it.”

4 said Sheikh Ali Reza – may God protect him -: “faith not originally Bsalafih; rather it is the enemies of the Salafists.”

5 Sheikh said Abdul Ghani عويسات – may God protect him -: “answers answers Almudallsin, if not answers lurking, it does not return
Is not taken, saying that “.

6 He said Sheikh Jamal Al-Harthy – may God protect him -: “the man of my brothers or people stray difference, wants to beat the Salafis who
They say non-partisanship. ”

7 and said Sheikh Mohammed bin Omar – may God protect him -: “If I point it than others removed,


Do not come to terms with the devil in order to live in a life to be made and meek​​, but embrace death to donated us life, the life of a mole in اللحود, how to homeland planted in us meet we meet a beautiful form of denying, and the dignity of the Izz either martyrdom, the determination march until “Jmahiritna” world prevail.

QBs mass.

Fathi Ben Issa media:

Bushmin Thumper on his chest that it will begin today in addition to the family in exchange all Libyan banks … the Libyan banks denies ….. (No one learns from the mistakes of others easily)

Zidane: 19,500 troops and police will be covered each from France, Italy, Britain and the U.S. trained outside of Libya with the Libyan state bear the expenses of training!!!!!

Ali Zaidane giving more of his threats & orders:

Zidane: We have asked Congress for additional appropriations for the budget and if not approved by Congress will face difficulties in the phase benefits.

Beating Colonel “Hamid Boulkheir” of rebellion and clashes and shooting between members of the brigade on the back of military salaries and numbers phantom .. !!!

Rapid Intervention at the headquarters of the pond!!

Ahmed pure member of the conference.


According to Mr. Omar scarf member of the National Congress and a member of the AK Party building in the morning session for the day that his party did not freeze his membership in the National Congress and he is still party members exercising their activity on behalf of the party, and that what was issued by the President of the party to freeze the membership of the party is just an initiative …! !!!

Cabinet decision on the determination of the official working hours during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak and every year and you is fine

Sheikh Al-Azhar:
Must form a committee for national reconciliation within two days at most
Must announce a clear timetable and accurate transmission of national
Should not exceed the transitional phase of 6 months
Media must avoid everything that increases tension
Must release all political prisoners
Emphasize the role of the state to protect peaceful demonstrators
I call on all parties to an immediate cessation of all that would bloodshed
May be forced to solemn assembly in my house till all bear responsibility to stop the blood.

Arabic channel Al Arabiya
Sheikh Al-Azhar: should not exceed the transitional phase of 6 months.————?1336410755
DR Hamza Abuschgner Thami , 7.7.2013نداء الي كل الليبيين- الدكتور حمزة التهامي في غرفة الفاتح ابد
قناة الفاتح ابدا – الزحف المقدس

نداء الي كل الليبيين-كلمة الدكتور حمزة التهامي في غرفة الفاتح ابد by alfath4everON-AIR
alfath4everON-AIR | Other | TRIPOLI, LY

Mustafa Qderbough:

 the light across the room ether never 8-7
مداخلة الاعلامي مصطفي قدربوه عبر اثير غرفة الفاتح ابدا 8-7-2013 by alfath4everON-AIR

alfath4everON-AIR | Other | TRIPOLI, LY

alfath4everON-AIR /




Exposure Sheikh Mohammed Barghouti and Sheikh Faraj Gmad and Haji Abu Bakar Bashir night Aalbarhh in the corner for the attempted kidnapping of prison goods from the strength of the city of Misratah under the pretext of their release … but revealed and demonstrated intrigue by the Senate and the guards were expelled force by prison guards ….
Thank God exposed the abduction attempt and thank the prison guards who Reject Senate delivery for this band ….
It call on the government and human rights organizations and civil society institutions to stand on this incident, investigate and prevent recurrence …
We again thank the people of the corner and prison guards who Trdo the this band and their refusal to deliver the Senate … note that this force brought forged release paper for their release …
Moved from one of the sons of the Senate during their visit to this day.

تعرض الشيخ محمد البرغوتي والشيخ فرج غميض والحاج أبو بكر بشير ليلة االبارحة في مدينة الزاوية لمحاولة أختطاف من سجن السلع من قوة من مدينة مصراته بحجة اطلاق سراحهم …لكن كشفت واتضحت المكيدة من قبل الشيوخ والحراس وتم طرد القوة من قبل حراس السجن ….
الحمدلله فضحت محاولة اختطافهم ونشكر حراس السجن الذين رفضو تسليم الشيوخ لهذه العصابه….
عليه نهيب للحكومه والمؤسسات الحقوقيه ومؤسسات المجتمع المدني الوقوف على هذه الحادثة والتحقيق فيها ومنع تكرارها …
ومرة اخرى نشكر اهالي الزاويه وحراس السجن الذين طردو هذه العصابه ورفضهم تسليم الشيوخ …علما ان هذه القوة احضرت ورقة افراج مزورة لاطلاق سراحهم…
منقول من احد ابناء الشيوخ خلال زيارتهم لهذا اليوم


Misratah raped girls report of the World Commission on the Truth
Report of the Independent World Commission fact-finding mission in Libya 2011
The fact of the raped us on Misratah
What really happened to the families of the mass pro-regime
This report of an independent international commission
Moved report from German television after it has been published:

تقرير اللجنة العالمية المستقلة لتقصي الحقائق في ليبيا 2011
حقيقة من اغتصب بنا ت مصراته
حقيقة ماذا جري للعائلات المؤيدة للنظام الجماهيري
هدا التقرير من لجنة دولية مستقلة
التقرير منقول من التلفزيون الالماني بعد ان تم نشره

State Mzrath

Local Misrata creates a new central prison
Country ambiance – Osama Burzizh,
Agreed by the ministries of defense and interior with the local council of Misrata create a central prison in the city, for the transfer of a number of prisoners to him during the coming period.

The official said the local council legal file Misrata Shawki Ermadh, the Monday to the country ambiance that the Council met with the Minister of Justice of the agreement to collect all the prisoners in one prison.

The Ermadh added that the aim of the collection of prisoners is to cut the road in front of all the rumors and allegations, which says the existence of secret prisons and midget inside the city of Misratah – as he put it.

The Ermadh confirmed that a contract was signed with seven local companies for construction, to build a prison-based Central Air Force Academy Misrata.
The number will be delivered six wards to the ministries of interior and defense will also be a partial transfer of a number of prisoners to the new jail.

The number of prisoners in the prisons of the city of Misrata amounted to nearly three thousand prisoners, according to legal caseworker for Local Misrata.

Agreed by the ministries of defense and interior with the local council of Misrata create a central prison in the city, for the transfer of a number of prisoners to him during the coming period.



Gharyan & Zintan ..

Office of Information – Gharyan Council local: –

The exchange of citizens detainees born Gheryan and the Zintan

The Sunday evening exchange of detained citizens born Gharyan and Zintan and delivery vehicles to the Ministry of Defence and that, after the intervention of the Council of Elders in both regions have agreed the parties to overcome the crisis and resorting to reason bloodshed and Darragh for sedition was confirmed by Mr. Mustafa Qjam Deputy Rais local council Gharyan that the wise men had they play an important role and that the rumors of the news about the exchange of fire between the two parties and the occurrence of injuries and casualties are not unfounded and that all citizens released from the two parties were not subjected to any abuse or torture has been returned to their families and loved ones unharmed.

The people and the elders of the city Alosabah succeed in defusing the crisis that occurred between the sons of Gharyan Zintan and stop fighting now out militants from the valley of the neighborhood.



Media Center tuber

Bowoowom in Derna …

On the east coast in what is known neighborhood (Safra popular) tumor one (Gelatina) a house _ and that of aftershocks earlier brawl between two people of this neighborhood _ Informed sources confirmed that the explosion did not cause material damage to remember, is that frightened Ajayz region.



Newsflash … Tripoli: |

Protesters attack on Asswehly Brigades of the Council of Misratah military ..

Angry demonstrators attacked the headquarters of a battalion Saraya Asswehly non-affiliated to any point of legitimacy and which take the headquarters of the Faculty of Military Girls in Tripoli-based where occupies battalion Asswehly headquarters since the period long did not comply with the ordered state and recognizes the headquarters of the army and reported heavy fire by the battalion at the demonstrators as ordered the battalion Faraj Asswehly is inside one of the issued orders release Naar and the growing number of demonstrators demanding the departure of armed formations and militias where accuse people of Tripoli Brigades Asswehly as the kidnapped people for reasons of regionaland blocks the road always Almntqahibbwabat fake and occupies the headquarters of the state and say they today will Ikhrjohm headquarters and delivered to the state where clashes are still going on so far and reports of injuries ..
Admin – steadfast


Urgent and dangerous????

Yesterday a group with a heavy weapon armed robbery and intimidation of employees of trucks, بتاجوراء buses and the theft of nearly 40 trucks in broad daylight and detained director of the company and the theft of a set of mobile phones,

Ask the local council and military Tajora clarify what happened and to investigate the incident and to clarify the truth to the people and who are the members of that militia?

Tajura free channel.

A reporter was expelled capital and prevented from covering the demonstration in the field of Algeria:

The protest against Zaidane Government and Gneoh militias…

Fathi Adeek

History repeats itself, as happened with me personally in Mdahirh siege foreign one young fan club Union Square Algeria raise a banner supporting the tribes Conference held in Zintan forced to take down the sign and Avckt him and forced to climb the podium and apologize!!!!! Democracy

In Algeria Square:

Sit on the ground until we achieve demands.

What happened in the field of Algeria Mangl on us:

1 – has been stealing the podium and thus the acquisition of command and control in their direction.

2 – Try to prevent the media بتأليب Alhzawr the only channel tanker!!

3 – broadcast a Chedi determined Aamasrath the song with that event on Tripoli

4 – Rat government was rallying the people of Tripoli against Zintan only and asking publicly calling the an attack on civil Qaqaa ignoring the real problem of the MISRATA / MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD/ SALAFIST / al-QAEDA militias.

Demonstration to افتاتها of the Council of Tripoli Brotherhood
And walking Zoubih and entourage
And covered by the stupidity Touati
And screaming where Haitham Tagouris, the
And delivering the Mahdi Alharatne the
And protect the security militias Supreme.

Danger Ajerd Haitham El Tagoury, one of the most famous leaders of the militias in Tripoli, today climber until he the Elly Mdaernha demonstration against armed militias!!

زعمك climber against Haitham?!!

Murder Colonel Hamad البركي in the Rulrhh now, and his burning car on the corner of the road.

Signs Brotherhood Tripoli Council that they be lifted today in Algeria Square.

Algeria Square now

Announces youth Tripoli Tripoli, the organizers of the demonstration they left the field of Algeria after the pressures exerted by the beauty Zoubih and his group, which brought her to the field on Mr. Saleh Eshteiwi and are now in Algeria Square total beauty Zoubih that occupied the ministries Conference.

Libyan Republic

Failed to rally after the Brotherhood to control them, the Council of Tripoli Brotherhood down the signs that they have placed on hold in front of the entrance door of the municipal building, and the public to leave the field of Algeria and the evacuation of the scene in order to avoid a direct confrontation despite some المشادات of words between the audience, militias Security Committee present to protect Brotherhood supporters and supporters signatory signatory group tent!! The demonstration lacks only carry a picture Mohamed Morsi and Mohamed Badie leader.

Testimony our sources that the Supreme Security Committee issued orders firing in dealing with all of the break in their headquarters in a demonstration 7-7.

Allashi Mahdi Altbawi who was kidnapped by the State of Ameitikh
And Interior Ministry refuted the relationship b commanding and promised they’ll find it, and
O pros honesty, to visit the interior minister for the state’s prisons Ameitikh
Photo has been taken for the Mahdi and Sheikh! Allashi Mahdi kidnapped
A hotel in the capital Tripoli, and now the meantime been released
From state Ameitikh.

Urgent and exclusive (Salem al-Obeidi)

A terrible accident on Airport Road:

Yesterday, an armed group has exposure to a car belonging to the judicial bodies, which were transported detainees from one place imprisoned to Sawani court to attend the proceedings of their meetings. Among them were two people accused of the crime of murder. And Kdhhsal clash between the judicial police, some of whom were injured. The gang managed to kidnap the rest fled toward defendants farms during the confrontation. That was before manufacturer Ajafarh for juices in the road between Sawani, Airport Road.

Today one o’clock afternoon date 07.07.2013 a group of young white city shut stones at the crossroads of the commercial bank and to stop the movement of vehicles and spare white on the internet.

The so-called cross-team eighth (النواصي):

Familiar mechanism tracked Mesh Aref Wayne Bimshawa omitted? The problem got Marafosh the Adorōha and sits Sir lubricate on the road and Dart Traffic in the way of large coast ….:



Armed Forces announces “emergency” and shut down all entrances to the “renaissance” .. !.

Saad Dinala,Channels Libyan audible and visible figures Libyan and pages on Facebook Libyan تتباكى today on casualties in Egypt, the strange thing is that these channels of audio-visual and these characters and pages did not batting an eyelash when he fell 40 young Libyan front shield Libya 1, but of which was justified murder and looking for excuses for the killer
سعد الديناليقنوات ليبية مسموعة و مرئية وشخصيات ليبية و صفحات على الفيس بوك ليبية تتباكى اليوم على سقوط ضحايا في مصر ، الغريب في الامر ان هذه القنوات المرئية والمسموعة وهذه الشخصيات والصفحات لم يرف لها جفن عندما سقط 40 شاب ليبي امام درع ليبيا 1 بل منها من كان يبرر القتل ويبحث عن اعذار للقاتل

For two consecutive two explosions in the city of Benghazi before the hour from now.

No news for health traded for targeting the headquarters of the accounts
Mr. Hussein’s military, all things good and present
Special Forces “Thunderbolt”, on the spot, and before
Few have arrested an armed person was
The shooting and is drunk and of promoters

Aaaaaaaaaaaajl news .. Benghazi

Media Center reporter Benghazi ..

Came out today demonstrators demanding the army and police and correct the course of the revolution in Benghazi and headed a group of demonstrators to the headquarters of channel lighthouse of the Muslim Brotherhood to protest in front of the radio beacon object Lighthouse Benghazi corniche near the court yard north of Benghazi, where they said they Canal is a national publishes sedition and inciting and stun attack on the army and inciting violence and working according to foreign agendas, the Muslim Brotherhood and demanding shut it down in order to prevent strife in Benghazi ..

Party for Justice and Development Brotherhood rallied for a demonstration in front of the Egyptian embassy in Klamn Benghazi and Tripoli protest against the killing of Egyptians by Sisi by saying … Bahi 43 young started to shield in front of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Benghazi. Wayne “Sam Bin Humaid” runaway.



Close the oil port of Harika in Tobruk far, this has an armed group to close the port of Ras Lanuf on Saturday morning,

and this has been close all ports within the territory of Cyrenaica oil.

Following the closure of the port of Sidra and Ras Lanuf, news from Port Hariqa close Btabriq.









Calm and caution hangs over the situation in the city of Sabha both parties responsive and did not penetrate the truce for this moment “and Reconciliation Commission decided to hold another hearing after two hours to reach a final solution.

Free newspaper Sabha

After clashes morning at the Bank of North Africa between the Tuareg and Guard personnel to Farouq Battalion received a clash second between the Tuareg during their withdrawal from the bank and the power of the other belonging to the Farouq Battalion Front Sabha medical and evacuated wounded Yahya Abdullah Yahya’s Farouq Battalion gunshot wound type Duckh was transferred to the hospital and I was seriously injured and died hours later that God and to him we shall return.

Libya Liberal channel …

4 killed in clashes Sabha in front of the Bank of North Africa and five wounded.

Free newspaper Sabha

Vote Lead break the silence Sabha problem that occurred after Bank of North Africa Sabha in North Africa Ubari nets behind the bank Bsabha
And they have some bank customers from Ubari Battalion تينيري fired bullets in the air and has some parents Sabha residents threw stones at them as an expression of their rejection of these actions.

Sabha today …

Armed clashes in Sabha between members of the security committee and citizens of Tuareg protestors in front of one of the banks to demand their salaries!!
واقعة مصرف شمال افريقيا بسبها وبكل شفافيه

بعد اغلاق مصرف الأهلي اوباري الشهر الماضي بسبب عملية السطو المسلح التي تعرض لها المصرف هناك قام سكان منطقة اوباري ممن لديهم حسابات جارية بهدا المصرف بالسفر الي مدينة سبها من اجل سحب رواتبهم الشهرية والاستعداد لشهر رمضان المبارك فكانت الناس كالعادة تقف في طوابير طويلة في المصرف فقام احد افراد المليشيات المسلحة التي تحرس المصرف بنهر احد ابناء اوباري من الطوارق وسبه وضربه بحجة انه لايقف في الطابور ثم قام برميه في ساقه بالرصاص مما دعا ابناء مدينته من الطوارق الي الاحتجاج على هدا التصرف العنصري المقيت واشتبكوا مع من كان يحرس المصرف بالحجارة والعصي والايدي وقد تدخلت كتيبة عسكرية من الطوارق لفض الاشتباك فقام احد ابناء قبيلة اولاد سليمان الطار غلقها من فوق سطح المصرف بالرماية عليهم فجرح منهم 7 اشخاص على الاقل وبدء القتال وضرب الطوارق بسبها وعلى الهوية ودونما تفريق ولايزال الوضع متدهور جدا خصوصا بعد تواتر انباء تفيد بتوجه ارثال ضخمة من الوية المغاوير اوباري الي مدينة سبها .
Von: Allibiya TV – قناة الليبية

Following the closure of Bank Al Ahli Ubari last month because of the armed robbery suffered by the bank are the residents of the Ubari who have current accounts بهدا Bank to travel to the city of Sabha in order to withdraw their monthly salaries and prepare for the holy month of Ramadan was the people’s usual stand in long lines at the bank stood one members of the armed militias guarding the bank River one of the sons of Ubari of the Tuareg and equivalents and hit him on the pretext he IQF in the queue and then the throw in the leg shot, prompting the sons of his hometown of Tuareg to protest against this act of racial ugly and clashed with who was guarding the bank with stones, sticks and hands have intervened battalion military Tuareg disengagement stroke back at one tribe Awlad Suleiman Tar closed from the roof of the bank بالرماية them injuring them 7 people at least and start fighting and hit the Tuareg Bsabha and identity and without distinction and still the situation deteriorating very especially after the frequency of news reports orientation Arthal huge brigades commandos Ubari to the city of Sabha.
Von: Allibiya TV – Channel

Quoting infidels News


Arrived shortly before the news to the city of Kufra benefit kidnapping of:
1 / Salem Hamadou sugar.
2 / Abdulhafeez the شنانى.
3 / person Sudanese nationality.
They are a group of truckers Kano on their way to Sudan to bring the cattle (sheep) from Sudan to the city of Kufra distance almost daily in the desert .. Is Alastjlab the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the spectrum commissioned by the local council.


The era of the masses, where ordinary people are making the change, has become a popular revolution, a revolution today and not project tomorrow, when I found the tool revolutionary pay the masses in the way of the revolution, this is the message of the fields of Egyptian cities densely millions who came Think Back authority that stolen from them after they were deceived Vtnazloa by a small number did not spend a long time until pant Aourthm and uncovered their heads forced people to return to the street again.
Today wrote Egyptians the true meaning of the revolution and دقوا the final nail in the coffin of the system that raised Hadaq traffickers religion, and downed factions saboteurs who had infiltrated into the Arab body Fathua the corrupt, today came the sons of the Arab Revolt true, the generations that put her daughter first Abdel Nasser to confront the great conspiracy on the Arab World all projects fall destruction of the nation.
But the creep of the Egyptian masses terrible, who inflamed the feelings of the world today, and bedazzled catching the lower end to end, as far as threatening chaos and demagoguery carries the risk of a relapse of the revolution and enables dictator New to climb on the shoulders of the masses, the problem in Egypt were not in the person of Mohammed Hosni or Mohamed Morsi, The problem lies in a system that allows representation of stealing the people’s right to power, fear that lulled youth movement insurgency tool of the new Egyptian popular revolution to rest Vtserg the power of millions that Mlaet the streets of Egypt today, the fall of dictator focus last name may not be much different.

Mustafa hyperbolic



The Libyan news agency today
God Laker this health
Information that: Sisi ordering closure of all channels of the island
It is known that a lot of Al Jazeera correspondents Egyptians Qqdmoa the resignations yesterday, accusing the island’s not professional and spread sedition.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Egypt resigned rejection of a plot to sow channel on Egypt
He said they Kdaben, Mudallsin and have no credibility nor I have the honor to work in this channel despicable

Manipulating and dirty USA:

It was a people’s Revolution; BUT USA must spin the lie of a MILITARY COUP!

The Libyan news agency today

Egyptian press circulating the news of the existence of certain information, to meet that Patterson U.S. Ambassador in Cairo on Sunday morning at the embassy with members of the Nour Party and the Islamic movements to incite them to tamper with political scene and the road map and the threat to withdraw from political participation if the selection of Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei as prime minister and worthy of science that the Americans were surprised Bslmah People’s demonstrations, the crowd in all the fields of Egypt, which amounted to more than 40 million Egyptian contrary to what U.S. Ambassador was conceived and claimed the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood took control of the Egyptian street.

Egyptians in America

Demonstration in front of the CNN building to demand to stop publishing lies about the corrective revolution that saved Egypt from the trap of debt Dealers
Obama and accuse of supporting terrorism and demanding the U.S. Ambassador to stop interfering in Egyptian affairs:

Russian fleet resides within the territorial waters to protect Egypt from the U.S. Sixth Fleet

even اتسول him the same approach as it did on January 25, 2011.






The Libyan news agency …

Tunisia: The Tunisian government said that the Libyan authorities evacuated the Tunisian consulate in Tripoli, a group of protesters of recovering Bzaah claimants contraband.!!!


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