General People’s Committee:
A reminder …
General People’s Committee issued a declaration on the official working hours and working hours during the holy month of Ramadan for the current year 1381. T – 2013 Christian.
The following is the text of the declaration:
Based on the decision of the General People’s Committee No. (488) for the year 1373. T, the report of some of the provisions regarding working hours and holidays, and the decision of the secretariat of the General People’s Committee No. (271) for the year 1374. T of the report of the rule regarding working hours and holidays.
On the occasion near the holy month of Ramadan for the year 1381. T – 2013 Christian.
General People’s Committee announces that the official opening hours and work schedules during the holy month of Ramadan in all regions of the Great Jamahiriya in various public administrative units, will be one of the time (9:00 am) till (14:00) fourth noon.
This is taking into account the planned timing systems approaching, banks and educational and training institutions and other entities that apply different timing systems.

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings

Each year, and everyone’s okay with the exception of those who contributed to the destruction of the homeland and the use of colonialism

We hope that all the pages and channels resistance focus during this holy month download clips and photos of the opening of the Leader of the beacons religious and religious forums neighborhoods, and Msahmt Revolution in spreading Islam

And thanks to all in advance

“Born Alzenatih”


And seize the General People’s Committee, the occasion for presentation to the “Leader of the Great Revolution,  Commander of the ‘People’s Global Islamic’, Brother Leader Muammar al-Qathafi”, and to the sons of the Libyan people’s sincere congratulations and best wishes, calling on God to bless everyone with good and Yemen and blessings.
And every year, and everyone is okay.

Mu at Ramadan

FB VIDEO of Muammar al-Qathafi greetings at RAMADAN:


Mu adjust his tinted specs

Bushra are free
Wednesday in the first day of Ramadan, God willing, will be consolidated green channel broadcast satellites Arab Sat and Nile ..
Green Channel Green TV’s satellite


بشــــــــــــرى للاحراريوم الاربعاء فى اول ايام رمضان المبارك بأذن الله سيتم توحيد بث قناة الخضراء على القمرين العرب سات والنايل ..
قناة الخضراء الفضائية Green TV’s

نداء لمن خرجوا من بداية نكبةفبراير في بنغازي الدكتور حمزة


‏قناة الفاتح ابدا ، الزحف المقدس ‏

Termination for those who came out of beginning Nkphfberaar in Benghazi
Dr. Hamza Abuschgner Thami:
09 JULY 2013
نداء لمن خرجوا من بداية نكبة قهاير في بنغازي -كلمة الدكتور حمزة ال
by alfath4everON-AIR
alfath4everON-AIR | Other | TRIPOLI, LY

نداء لمن خرجوا من بداية نكبة قهاير في بنغازي – كلمة الدكتور حمزة ال
par: alfath4everON-AIR

see! there is still a GENERAL PEOPLE’s Committee of the Great Jamahiriya. It did not cease and has give us the Ramadan instructions for this year and greets our Commander, Muammar al-Qathafi and his sons/ family.

“Praise be to God, who made ​​us who raise green flags

Oh Tbutna on the right and give us victory right and largest right on us and dedicate misguided youth….

“We are a nation may forgive but not forget”

(Word brother leader of the revolution during the negotiations evacuation of U.S. bases from home.)


Mu teaches us always

Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free

Leave us Muammar Gaddafi’s ideas and opinions, values, and one commandment is to continue the resistance until the liberation of Libya ..
Par: Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free
Confiscation of reliable emphasis was placed on the proximity of the statement, which awaits the Libyan people and confirmed these sources that this statement will not be one can hear his words look for a surprise major who will appear to read this statement, which describes a turning point in the liberation of Libya very urgently ..
Par: Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free

المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر

ترك لنا معمر القذافي افكار واراء وقيم ووصية واحدة وهي الاستمرار في المقاومة حتي تحرير ليبيا ..
Par : المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر
من مصادرة موثوق فيها تم التآكيد على قرب موعد البيان الذي ينتظرة الشعب الليبي واكدت هذه المصادر ان هذه البيان لن يستطيع احد ان يسمع كلماته نظر للمفأجاة الكبري في من سوف يظهر ليقرأ هذا البيان الذي وصف بنقطة تحول في تحرير ليبيا بشكل عاجل جدا ..
Par : المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر

GREAT SON writes:

إصبر ..
مهما داهمتك الخطوب
إصبر مهما أظلمت أمامك الدروب{{ فإن مع العسر يســــــــــــــــرا }}صامدون … ثابتون …. وبعون الله منتصرون

Mu simply gorgeous, w intense
صباح التحدي والعزه والكرامه … صباح الثبات واليقين لكم أيها الشرفاء والشريفاتيامن إخترتم طريق الحق والشرف … صباح الأمل رغم الألم الذي نعيشه ويعيشهمعنا هذا الوطن المعطاء … التاريخ لا يرحم إخواني وأخواتي والعمر واحدبسم الله الرحمن الرحيم { قل مايصيبنا إلا ماكتب الله لنا } صدق الله العظيموالعار أطول من العمر… فاللعنه على من خان وباع وتاجر بدماء إخوانه وأهلهاللعنه على من فرط في وطنه وأرضه وكرامته وشرفهاللعنه على من استكان وخنع وأنبطحنعم اللعنه عليهم وسوف تلحقهم اللعنه أينما ذهبوا .. وحيثما حلواثقوا بنصركم الأتي … وتمسكوا بالعروة الوثقى … ولا تجعلوا اليأسيحطم هذه الملحمه التاريخيه التي أراها بصمودكم وتحديكم وثباتكمإشتدي ياأزمة تنفرجي … ومهما زاد الليل عتمة ..سيبزغ الفجر بعده لا محالهثقوا في ذلك ..صباحكم إنتصارات … وكل العام وأنتم بخيرصامدون …. ثابتون ….. وبعون الله منتصرون

Be patient ..
Whatever Dahmtk الخطوب
Be patient, no matter how darkened front Routes

{{With hardship comes ease}}

Steadfast … Are firm …. With God’s help victors.

Morning challenge, pride and dignity … Stability and certainty morning to you, honorable and الشريفات

Yamen have chosen the way of truth and honor … Hope morning despite the pain that we experience and live

Us this generous home … History does not have mercy on my brothers and sisters and the old one

In the name of God the Merciful Say Misaibna except God ماكتب us} the great truth of God

And shame longer than the old … Vallanh of Khan sold and traded with the blood of his brothers and his family

The curse of hyperthyroidism in their homeland and their land, dignity and honor

Damn on استكان and Khana and lie down

Yes, damn them will تلحقهم the curse wherever they go .. Where sweet

Trust Bnasrkm the following … Loop and clung to the most trustworthy … Make not despair

Destroy this historical epic that I see Besmodkm the and Thdakm and ثباتكم

Astda Íaazma Tnmishqi … Whatever increased night darkness .. Sabzg the dawn after inevitably

Trust in it ..

Bbagm victories … Every year, you okay

Steadfast …. Are firm ….. With God’s help victors

Urgent ……
جردان today they kidnapped five free Mahmoud Aalijh (الشيخي) They Bbosha the dog hater ÇŃĚćÇ of Liberal attention ÇŃĚćÇ the publishing pages
The Lord protects the Liberals.

(Supreme Commander)

جردان الخمس قاموا اليوم بإختطاف الحر محمود اعليجة(الشيخي) وقاموا ببعثهي للكلب كارة ارجوا من الاحرار الإنتباه ارجوا النشر في الصفحات
وربي يحمي الأحرار
القائد اﻷعلي

Jaienk O Libya Thenne,,, carrying arms and anthem Angena

Jaienk O expensive Mahunta,,, Bnruddoc the super Zaman Ki Conti

Jaienk determination and persistence,, Manerjawa O O death victory.

(Supreme Commander)

جايينـــك يا ليبـــــيا تهنـي ,,, حاملين السلاح وبالنشيد انغنيجايينك يا غــــالية ماهنتي ,,, بنردوك عظـمى كي زمان كنتيجايينك بالعـــــزم والاصـرار ,,, مانرجعــــوا يا مـــوت يا انتصـــارالقائد الأعلي

The following one from “Supreme Commander” I’s rather not translate…as it will be too easily misunderstood:
الله غالب ما عندي سيسي…. يمسك جيشي … ينهي قصة ام بسيسي………..حيصي بيصي وخلوة نجع وموت تريسي ..الله غالب عندي جرذان.. معروفين فلان فلان …..والمنقوش مسك الاركان وها الخسيسي يبي يقتل كل تريسي ….وبأذن الله فرجها يبان … يجيك خميسي … ويمسك جيشي ….. ينهي قصة ام بسيسي……. ويلعن بوه الفقر وسيسي …. نعرف قيسي ….واللي خاين ما نبيشي ….. الله غالب ما عندي سيسي

(القـــائد الأعلي)

Libyan armed forces (Gen. 32 Enhanced
05 juillet

زعمك difference ترضيع the milk …. No difference Frbaat the generosity
It makes no difference to harness the Cross ….. It makes no difference to deny Jews
There is no difference in Bakhti Attab …. No difference Talleha the Ajehod
It makes no difference Bandib cry ….. O Hruak of تلطم Valkhaddod
Anget Anqays Agbanna Srib …. Haram Anqays my dog ​​Bachiod the
Haram Anqays Jafar Balkhtaib …. And Lanta between Hinat of the thunders
You anytime for spacy soon ….. Tola where your destiny to escape
You hear Fish تنده Aalhabib … انجوك LG if even stylet
Kaid said Shalgam O Mujibur ….. Listen to Beck what he hears Ardod
And Tani day engaged to Aalgeleb ….. And hugs you Aaavc worms
And mortgage Vic cry Lamentations ….. God, O God Libby steadfastness
Schenk shame O Dhanoh, the Deeb ….. O Sevsav of Talleha الحود

(Supreme Commander)
زعمك فرق ترضيع الحليب …. ولا فــرق فربايت الجـــــود
ولا فـــرق تسخير الصليب ….. ولا فــرق نكران اليــــــــهود
ولا فــــرق في بختي العطيب …. ولا فرق تاليها اجــــحود
ولا فرق تبــــكي بنّديب ….. يا هرواك تلـــــــطم فالخدود
انجيت انقيس يغلبني سريب …. حرام انقيس كلبي بالصيود
حرام انقيس جعفر بالخطيب …. وانتــا بين شينات الرعــــود
كنت زمان للسبسي قريب ….. تولع فيه قــــــدرك للهروب
اسمعت اسماك تنده يالحبيب … انجوك جي لو حتي مرود
القايد قال شلقم يا مجيب ….. اسمع لبيك ما يسمع اردود
وتاني يوم تخطب عالجليب ….. وتحضن فيك عيافت الدود
وترهن فيك تبكي بالنحيب ….. الله الله يا ليبي صــــــــمود
شينك عــــار يا ضنوة الديب ….. يا سفساف تاليها الحـــودالقائد الأعلي

Overthrew not tended Pena … Is glory Rgina the bearings

Lived the sons of the great conqueror always on top.

(Supreme Commander)
لاطــاحت لا مالــــت بينـــــا … غير دروج المــــجد رقينـــا

عاش ابناء الفاتح العظيم دائما في القمه

القـــائد الأعلي

Frequency chain Libyan Heritage Nilesat 2013

By Gaddafi News Agency on Tuesday 9 يوليو, 2013 | 3:05

News International Agency Gaddafi – Broadcasting visible.
Frequency boiling heritage Nilesat satellite channel
frequency 12169
27500 encoding
rate of 5/6

Greetings of Independents in the bin Decile Palace and reiterate our appeal to the rest of the regions
Liberated sons from the depths of the prisons February ……………

Liberation was while being transported from one prison to another,,,,,,,,,,

please Tadmoa to the means God is with us and Nasser wronged Kvahm the torment in prison.


We will not surrender .. We will not go down .. Will not Nnbtah the Dear Almenbtahon … To the dustbin of history, O customers Aaobeid the West and Dolarh …. History does not accept only honorable National Liberal defenders of their homeland and their honor and their history ….. To the dustbin of history is Mosova you.
لن نستسلم .. لن نخضع .. لن ننبطح أيها المنبطحون … إلى مزبلة التاريخ أيها العملاء ياعبيد الغرب ودولاره…. التاريخ لايقبل إلا الشرفاء الأحرار الوطنيون المدافعون عن وطنهم وشرفهم وتاريخهم ….. إلى مزبلة التاريخ غير مأسوفا عليكم .

Mu sunset



Output fell Libya’s oil last month to the lowest level in 6 months

By Gaddafi News Agency on Tuesday, 9 يوليو, 2013 | 20:23

The Gaddafi International news agency

According to news reports Tuesday that the output of the oil industry in Libya fell last month by 16%, the lowest level in six months. said news agency Bloomberg U.S. economic Since the overthrow of Libya in 2011 due to strikes NATO crusader, has become the oil industry target of violent attacks and civil protests at a time is the lack of electrical power the latest challenges facing the country.

According to data from the collected Bloomberg, declining output of Libya’s oil by 16% to reach 13.1 million barrels a day last month, the lowest level since December second / last January. said Abdul Jalil Meoff spokesman for Arabian Gulf Oil, which pumps oil in eastern Libya that the decline is partly due to the lack of electricity causes the disorder that raises oil pumping from underground.

The oil and gas industry for more than 70% of the Libyan economy is the basis of all state revenue almost, according to the International Monetary Fund. The decline in output represents a challenge for global companies, including Eni, the Italian which extracts oil from Libya more than any other country with operations in which . quoted by Bloomberg for Sana Obaid analyst in the affairs of oil to the institution, “KBC Energy Economics,” saying that “the country is going through a turbulent …

and they seem to phase bleak for Libya at the moment, they are heading to the conflict and this is reflected in the decline in output.” and trying to Libyan government to address the problems faced by the companies producing oil through increased private security four times in order to protect the industry from attacks for up to 12 thousand component security this year.

In order to ensure the supply of electricity, and Libya signed an agreement with the company “AB R Energy” to provide 450 megawatts of energy through mobile generators in the largest single contract for temporary power supplies. Civil and caused protests in the oil fields where demonstrators demanding the provision of jobs and changing the way the distribution of oil revenues in that Libya will incur a loss of about 250 thousand barrels of oil per day.

And less output now 30% of what it was before the peak of production in the period after the invasion when he arrived to 6.1 million barrels per day in July of last year. also acts of violence pose a threat to the oil industry as causing a shooting incident in June / June near Zueitina in the east of Libya, with a large plant to export oil in the injured employee and contractor company “ABB” of electricity.

Ministry of Oil: strikes have caused losses of $ 50 million

Atmosphere of the country –

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil and Gas Omar Alchukmak, that the oil sector suffered losses estimated at $ 50 million per day downtime oil ports work, announced the Ministry of Oil and Gas today to resume work ports of Ras Lanuf and Sidra petroleum after توقفهما working.

The Alchukmak added that the most affected by the oil sector is the loss of customers and the ability to search for a replacement, adding to the risk of cessation of sales contracts, and the loss of new investors and existing.

To reach an agreement …

The Director of the Information Office of the Ministry of Tarek Da’daa of the country ambiance on Tuesday that the protesters belonging to oil installations Guard ended their sit-in after reaching an agreement between the protestors and the Commission power to the National Conference of the year.

The Chairman of the Committee on Energy General National Congress Naji al-Mukhtar told the atmosphere of the country on Monday that an agreement was reached with the protesters in the oil ports.

The Energy Commission last week warned Congress of the danger of the growing phenomenon of protests and unrest in the oil fields, which will lead to a decrease in the quantity of production.

Group announced the Austrian oil and gas or. Umm. On Tuesday that most of its production in Libya is disabled since June 25.

And the company said in a statement that because of the current situation in Libya, most of the production “or. Um. In” There stalled since June 25, pointing out that Libya contributed about 30 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day of the total 303 000 barrels per day produced by the company in 2012 , and indicated that it was monitoring the situation closely.

Fathi Ben Issa journalist:

National Commercial Bank announced the start of the deposit as well as assessments of the family by the National Conference of the beginning of the year today approved Tuesday the ninth of the month of July …

Libyan interim government decided to suspend the decision No. (231) for the year 2013 on the establishment of a National Guard until it is decided upon issuance of the law of the General National Congress.

Abdel Moez Bannon

If you allow the next demonstration to demand the army and police Nboha be in German, mind understand us Zizou, bent Nicoloa army and police is understood National Guard ….

Nachzu a crash course in German language alone understand …..

General National Congress gives confidence, the board’s standards take
Public office, which will apply the law of political isolation, after
That I swore an oath before the members of the National Congress, and they are:
– Sayyid Hilal Ezzedine al-Sanusi president of the body.
– Mr. Mhammed Issa Sijuk members.
– Mr. Omar Mustafa Alhbasi the members.
– Mr. Ali ČĎí Hassan members.
– Ms. joyful Mahmoud Alaaúb the members.
– Mr. Taher Hassan Osmio, the members.
– Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Abbas, a member.
– Mr. Abdulhadi Ramadan Abushahyoh member.
Mr. Ashour Zayed Salem Al Mansouri members.
– Mr. Moses leaves Karar, a member.
_ And delayed the legal oath both:
– Alsidtariq Mahdi Mahgoub.
– Mr. Rashid Abdul Salam blasted.

And b ratio for hearing item on its agenda since the days and
Is the law of the election committee session, is still based on the difference Article
Fifth and sixth, and that belong to the quota for the mirror and the electoral system
“Individually or list”

Otherwise a very large indoor and National Congress yesterday
To this day failed to issue the Law on Election of the Committee of 60 ...

Inventory Abdul Rahman Asswehly and Eda Qaeda Abdulwahab Al Qaid refuse to grant a quota for women, while the coalition and Kaid says must be migrated
The niche is given to women ..

And inventory Abdulrahman Asswehly Misratah says that women who voted
We do not want niche nor Aridn involved in writing the constitution ..
Responded emigrated Kaid said: –
The woman Be a role transfer Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and participated in a message like men and was the biggest role of his master Aisha
God bless them in the transfer of the Sunnah of the Messenger of God, and the Libyan women are half of society …

(Valley girl)

Libyan armed forces (Gen. 32 Enhanced)

04 juillet 2013:

Alliance of National Forces … held a press conference followed a statement concerns the Libyan people today five o’clock in the evening., And news of his intention to withdraw from the National Conference because of the Brotherhood takeover.

(Supreme Commander)

4 juillet
تحالف القوى الوطنية …سيعقد مؤتمراً صحفياً يتلو فيه بياناً يهم الشعب الليبي اليوم الساعة الخامسة مساءً .و أنباء عن نيته الأنسحاب من المؤتمر الوطني بسبب سيطرة الإخوان عليه

القائد الأعلي


Decision to establish the National Guard. ((Muslim Brotherhood)) ..

The new device is independent of the military institution:

Channel Alqtron …

The idea of the National Guard and carved Bu Sidra new adviser to Prime Minister in order to give new legal tender of what was called shields and security committees and other militias.

Turn the mean El Hadj Omar Omar Haji!!!

Said his people do not militias Musharana the or non Musharana and yes army and police.

Basset Haroun talking about the Almadlj guard cursed:

“The establishment of the National Guard is a crime against Libya
We Zidane came out yesterday says you must solve the security committees, armor and armed formations then we come out in the next day, the decision to establish a national guard مؤدلج
This resolution was passed without that displays on one, like the 2 million is received and awarded to Egypt
This decision presented to the Secretary of Defense and his refusal That was sacked and signed by Zidane after his dismissal
Zidane, now became a partner in abort the revolution of February 17
This project is now diagonal Qatar wants to overheating of the Egyptian army does not want to build an army in Libya
Ali Zaidan now turning to a soldier of soldiers and wants to hit Libya does not want to build an army and police in Libya
Now they want to build a that we might Ajldona him and Your مؤدلج will receive orders from abroad.”

Brotherhood attempt bankrupt Brotherhood there establishing a parallel to the army and police under the name National Guard to protect the Muslim Brotherhood ..
And if they will make the two armies in one homeland!!!! Mesh Qlnalkm all the commands come from the leader ..
Brotherhood integrated project and Libya, a branch of one of the branches under the leadership of their Brotherhood guide.

The Libyan news agency

Basset الشهيبي says Ismail Salaabi,
You do not say you are not of the Muslim Brotherhood and brother Osama hardness Mdiei the channel Allepieh in the era of The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and the head of the heads of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya:

Brother Ali Hardness head and Dell diol of the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Hardness Atsdro the lists of martyrs and wounded, but only Tsdro screens
Ismail hardness not Adhb not the infidels and other!

Saif al-Islam
Ismail Salaabi, described sons Bmghaza as and Akhaddan pills hallucination and repeats the words of his master Saif Gaddafi ….
Ismail Salaabi, riding the wave of Revolution and view the Revolution.

Hakim is set Alhsada a leading Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (wing of Muslim Brotherhood) and a member of al-Qaeda in the Libyan embassy in Malaysia!! ) THE RAT GNC made him Libyan ambassador to Malaysia!!
وكالة انباء ليبيا …عاااجل :-
عبدالباسط الشهيبي يقول لاسماعيل الصلابي
انت لا تقول انك لست من الاخوان المسلمين واخوك اسامة الصلابي من مديعي قناة الليبيية في عهد القدافي وراس من رؤوس الاخوان المسلمين في ليبيا
اخوك علي الصلابي راس وديل من ديول الاخوان المسلمين
ال الصلابي لم يتصدرو قوائم الشهداء ولا الجرحى بل تصدرو الشاشات فقط
اسماعيل الصلابي لم يدهب لا للكفرة ولا غيرها
اسماعيل الصلابي وصف ابناء بمغازي بإنهم واخدين حبوب هلوسة ويكرر كلام سيده سيف القدافي
اسماعيل الصلابي راكب موجة الثورة والمنظر على الثورةبنت الوادي

Libya Gate:
ايها الليبيين
ان قرار انشاء مايسمي بالحرس الوطنيتزامن مع شهر رمضان وصرف علاوة العائلة
وهده خطوة خبيثة
الغرض منها تمرير هدا الحرس المجرم الخبيث
في ظروف انشغال الناس بعلاوة العائلة وشهر رمضانان هده البلد هي بلدنا ولسنا رعايا فيها ولايحق لاحد ان يضع لنا اجهزة او قرارات لايوافق عليها الشعب
الحرسالوطني لن يكون وطني ابدا
لان عناصره هي عناصر الدروع واللجان الامنية
ومافعلته هده العناصر لايزال في داكرة الشعب الليبي
الشعب يريد شرطة وجيش فقطونسال الله ان يحفظنا من شر الحرس الوطني وان يجعل كيدهم في نحرهم وان يخزيهم ويهلكهم امييييييييييين

Libya Gate
Dear Libyans
The decision to establish the so-called National Guard

Coincided with the month of Ramadan and exchange as well as the family
WHDH step malicious
Purpose of passing this criminal Guard malignant
In the circumstances of the family busy people at a premium and the month of Ramadan

That country this topic is our country and we are not the nationals and has no right to one that puts us devices or decisions ايوافق for people
Aharsalotunai will never be a national
Because its elements are the elements of armor and security committees
And مافعلته of this topic elements to still in Dhakrh, the Libyan people
The people want the police and the army only

We ask God to protect us from the evil of the National Guard and that makes guile in نحرهم and pretense يهلكهم Amiyeyeeyeeyen.

The right words and hungry, oh Libyans …Words and threats of serious of agendas owners …Adel Aljbaour Masrati commander of militia confidential attribution 11 private and which take rest Mu’tassim’s former military barracks which are located in residential neighborhoods B Street Jerabh authorized via radio jewel in the program Sami Sharif and threatens the Libyan people and say:We are “revolutionaries” (WHAT???) indigenous and greeted lead Besdorena bare though Erdtmoha tribal P Adnan Shibani aka rocket behind the entire tribe Gharyan Salah البركي and behind his tribe Tarhuna Adel Aljbaour andMisratah behind him and say to National Forces alliance led by (the Yankee homosexual) Mahmoud Jibril, if Mahmoud Jibril, the “rightful heir to Gaddafi” (NEVER, EVER!!) would be his fate as the fate of Gaddafi!!Even after the isolate Jabril weapon, and then refused to be Jibril, Prime Minister of the weapon, regional tribe and still in their hearts, patients with hearts ..This is Mu

Urgent ….Killed, “Mohammad Salem Kelany”, who was shooting in front of house, “Bouchtale” Ansar al-Sharia battalion commander, and news of the injury, “Alaa
Salem Kilani “Companion” Bouchtale of “close to, and they are employees of the
Ansar al-Sharia battalion, after clashes occurred between them and the children
One of their victim from the national army, which is subjected to liquidation
Some time ago and is out of the mosque by unknown.

Urgent .. On the occasion of Ramadan, the government decided to pay grants to employees of armor dismantled militias worth thirteen thousand dinars in two installments, the first of six thousand and the second end of the month of Ramadan … I do not know why this generous Almkafah them as they slept in the home only?? ,
Is it for the killings committed in Benghazi or is it that our money is spent on criminals, fools and
De ‎وكالــــة وادي دينار الإخبـــــــــــارية . Valley Agency Dinar News‎
عاجل .. بمناسبة شهر رمضان قررت الحكومة دفع منح مالية لمنتسبي الدروع المفككة من المليشات بقيمة ثلاثة عشر الف دينار على دفعتين ، الاولي ستة الاف و الثانية نهاية شهر رمضان … لا اعرف لماذا هذه المكافاءة السخية لهم وهم نيام في البيوت فقط ؟؟ ، هل هي عن اعمال القتل التى ارتكبوها في بنغازي ام ان اموالنا تصرف على المجرمين و السفهاء و



Author Abdel Raouf immune after his release and his arrival to the family home!!

The Western Mountain News Agency

Release Clamn:

– Abdel Raouf immune system
– Ahmed أبوسعدة,
– Abdel-Moneim Aljaddaimi
– Taher Aldgra
– Muhannad Ghiryani
And religion were abducted last Wednesday and that the released are in good health and they are now with their families.

In the dome today .. Urgent

Found shot dead person in a Toyota Sarliun car (Mat) belonging to the Coast Guard,

and the reasons for murder killer murdered non Marafoh and residents of the area.

Abdulwahab مليطان, Libya TV correspondent Liberal

And will be delivered by the Interior Ministry, blockaded by Zintan group after hours from now:

Justice Minister Salah Marghany

We have successfully receiving the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior as a first step to implement the resolution (27) to vacate Tripoli (Mark) Disarm the exception of the army and the police (without the other), and supervised the DOORSTEP ministerial committee, as was arranged the release of the activists and others who were arrested.

مكمداس FM

الله لا يضيع أجر من أحسن عمله…

إخواني أخواتي.. وجدت أحدى العائلات هذه الطفلة ضائعة في سوق ابناء الصادق ، والطفلة الآن موجودة في مقر القناة، فعلى من يتعرف عليها، الرجاء إبلاغ أهل الطفلة أو الاتصال بناء على رقم الهاتف


Mkmadas FM

God does not waste the reward of the best work …

Brothers, sisters .. I found one of these families, the child lost in the sincere sons market, and the child now found in the headquarters of the channel, For those who recognize them, please inform the people of the child or contact on phone number


The Rat Abu Salim Gneoh Council:

By News confirmed that the deputy office Rat Security Committee, Salim Abdul Salam Abdul Hamid Masoudi ((Vice Gneoh)) was kidnapped today in front of his home by an armed group led civilian cars and to the Allkhth there is no news of a sure place, in a little congestion among young workers within Office and Lord Lester.

Kidnapping Abdul Salam Masoudi Vice Gneoh of the Alkkla


By Gaddafi News Agency on Tuesday, 9 يوليو, 2013 | 02:54

The militias Zintan today abducting Abdul Salam Masoudi black box Gneoh Alkkla a deputy office security committee, Saleem in front of his own house, accompanied by his wife where he was assaulted on his wife has been kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination.
, and now an all-in alert, and in case of non release of the abducted will occur will not ominous things according to what was said.

The Abu Salim Media Center.

Zq from the same cup RBI p unjust ….

Zintan & Gneoh the back of the interface expected Zintan tomorrow in Abu Salim:

Urgent :::

Rat Chairman of the Rat Security Committee Salim Gneoh the the youth Aaatqal night of مديتة Zintan and number three young from inside Abu Salim area in response to the kidnapping of his deputy and Hola young mothers went to the headquarters of the Rat General National Congress and Aatsamu before him this is the first carried out by Rose Gneoh after kidnapping his deputy …. The Page Salim’s Rat Security Committee reported that Mkhttefi Vice Gneoh from Zintan.

Rat Abu Salim Council:
Urgent and Important
The Zintan militia today abducting Deputy Office Committee Salim security of either his home and Hua, accompanied by his wife, where was the attack on his wife was kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination, and now everyone on alert in case of non-release of the abducted things will occur will not ominous.

Abu Salim Media Channel

Grabber deputy head of the office, “Abdel-Salam al-Masoudi,” was kidnapped in front of his home by an armed group, and so far there is no news,

RAT Interim Supreme Security Committee – Office Salim

Tajora – Tripoli

An armed robbery now after four streets well leather USTA has birthday number 2 cars

Mozah beat and robbed him of the person the car at gunpoint.

A second backing Tajora.

Killed and burning 16 houses after the fall of electric cable in العجيلات

By Gaddafi news agency on Wednesday, 10 يوليو, 2013 | 09:33

Claimed the fall of Kabul electricity power 11 thousand volts Monday night the lives of citizens in العجيلات and caused fires and damage of varying b 16 houses in the city.

Correspondent Agency Bajeelat that the citizen Khalifa Mohamed Zarimq died of electric shock after the fall of cable electric on his home.

For his part, the Director of the Fund Social Security in the Western Region Yousef Falah on Tuesday morning to visit the affected families and provided them with assistance in kind, in the form of so-called local council العجيلات the committee to follow up the implications and effects of the incident with the General Electric Company .

City العجيلات )4 )photos:
Because of the fall of the power line voltage 11 thousand volts. Tragedy befell the city العجيلات and the Algalmih specifically evening yesterday we lost the spirit of the citizen (the successor to Mohammed Zarimq) Saleen God to يتغمده rest in peace and inspires his family beautiful patience and fortitude, and for God to Him we return, and damage on the impact of the number 16 houses after the fall of the power line voltage 11 thousand volts. Where gentlemen shift in the housing sector and utilities to the spot to provide duty consolation Vagayd and stand on the extent of the damage to houses affected citizens. I am God, and to Him we shall return.

Crime Tripoli arrested on prostitution ring:

Was the day at five o’clock in the morning to steal Trucks garbage Dhagzh 380 in Gurji road in front of the Iraqi embassy under arms Tahedbd of by taxi Chevrolet car and Hyundai leaden plate number car 88 133 trash color orange!!



Libyan armed forces (Gen. 32 Enhanced
5 juillet
Urgent Jaddaa

Tribes Zliten hold a meeting of gunmen Bzletn and Abaton them Andar oral release of prisoners Alamuedan commander detainees in the prisons of darkness and release them immediately and only Sttkhadd Ajrat would have scarce Zliten in Almjhowol After this threat was released today approximately 46 people supporter and the rest in installments and to refer others to the prosecution and non-interference in their armed .. and important news was true 46 people were fired from prison Madjer Bzletn the Moiden of legitimacy.

(Supreme Commander)

عاجل جدااقبائل زليتن يعقدون اجتماع بالمسلحين بزليتن ويبعتون لهم اندار شفوي باطلاق سراح الاسري المويدين للقائد الموقوفين في سجون الظلام والافراج عنهم فورا والا ستتخد اجرات من شانها قد تندر زليتن في المجهووول وبعد هدا التهديد اطلق سراح اليوم مايقارب 46 شخص مؤيد والبقية علي دفعات واحالة البعض الاخر علي النيابة وعدم تدخل المسلحين بهم ..والمهم من الخبر انه صحيح تم اطلاق 46شخص من سجن ماجر بزليتن مويدين للشرعيةالقائد الأعلي

Cleaners are finding in garbage Bzletn the funds amounts of gold

By Gaddafi News Agency on Tuesday, 9 يوليو, 2013 | 01:30

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Zliten.

Generosity of the people of Zliten three persons of the company’s employees in the general cleanliness of what they have done acted Nabil Bosoarham, in a garbage bins in Zliten quantities of gold and silver, and they immediately handed over to the competent authorities. Everyone said that the work done by these people, if anything it shows their dedication and honesty, despite the difficult circumstances. He was awarded the people of Zliten honorees are brothers Osama gift Aderenic and the Farag Abokrh and Salim Salam Agfer شهائد discretionary shields on their honesty.



A picture of the sinking of the sweeping head occlusive stationed in port Geleana on the sidewalk of the Benghazi Naval Base:

Security room Benghazi received this afternoon two people, they
B theft from inside the port, and has Mtarthm by troops
Marine Corps, and during the chase Haulo directing the shell
RPG’s special forces, but he infantry Marines
Predecessors by shooting at the tires of the car, and were arrested
And handed over to the room.

Naim cabled

Urgent .. Benghazi

Threw Gelatinh on the center of Arabism and there is no damage.

Urgent – The assassination of former internal security officer

Libya’s future – Benghazi – Khadija Lamama: was assassinated Colonel / Hamad البركي, Retired than twenty years previously worked in the area of ​​internal security Rulrhh near a gas station late in Benghazi on the evening of Monday, 08/07/2013, by targeting his improvised explosive device led to his death ..



Bani Walid Hospital received a number 5 ambulances …

Hospital Bani Walid year
Bushra Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarh …
Today has been the praise of God re-opening section dialysis Hospital, Bani Walid and his return to former currency after Tovgah nearly two days because of a malfunction in the desalination plant for the department .. As we said workers oath that he will be provided with section number of scrubbers in the coming days to help ease the burden on the citizens. ..
As we thank the workers on the maintenance of these important services and we hope the early detection of faults so as not to fall into such mistakes.
Thanksgiving and thanked all employees in the department are all, without exception …
We can not fail also be directed to thank Mr. Director of the hospital, which contributed effectively to resolve this crisis quickly ……



Diary of the Libyan citizen

Of Sirte Unity Bank

Yesterday at Wahda Bank Sirte crowded with people that you want to face high prices and the requirements of Ramadan, under the constant crashes of the system, forcing people Altzmr to the banks for more than three days ago Alternately, it is important we were standing inside the bank and Traffic Meanwhile intervention need scream louder Ali Wayne فلوسنا … Wayne فلوسنا .. Win فلوسنا, Dmrtuna Khrbhetwa our country .. Hrvetoa Aeshetna .. Bhdltona .. And began to cry out loud in front of everybody call Bo the Minyar Tquaot … Neither East nor west Asawt .. Invitation Bomenaar the Tquaot not east and west Asawt of

What he responded somewhat but there Thighs smile on his face, and some of them became shaking his head as if to say Sedkta invitation Eboumnyar the Tquaot neither West nor East Alsawt

10 – 7 – 2013
The first day of Ramadan

يوميات المواطن الليبيمن مصرف الوحدة سرتأمس في مصرف الوحدة سرت المكتظ بالناس التي تريد مواجهة غلاء الأسعار و متطلبات رمضان ، في ظل تعطل مستمر للمنظومة ، مما اجبر الناس التسمر أمام المصارف منذ أكثر منذ ثلاثة أيام بالتناوب ، المهم نحن كنا واقفين داخل المصرف وزحمة وفي هذه الأثناء تدخل حاجة تصرخ بصوت علي وين فلوسنا … وين فلوسنا .. وين فلوسنا ، دمرتونا خربتوا بلادنا.. حرفتوا عيشتنا.. بهدلتونا .. وبدأت تصرخ بأعلى صوت أمام الجميع دعوة بو منيار تقاوت … لا شرق و لا غرب اساوت .. دعوة بومنيار تقاوت لا شرق و الغرب اساوتما رد عليها حد بل هناك من ارتسمت على وجهه ابتسامة ، و منهم من صار يهز رأسه و كأنه يقول صدقتي دعوة ابومنيار تقاوت لا غرب و لا شرق الساوتالأربعاء
10 – 7 – 2013 م
اول أيام رمضان

Bank of North Africa in Sirte exposed to armed robbery

North Africa bank exposure in Sirte, on Wednesday morning, for an armed robbery by unknown assailants.

A security source said the city’s “Solidarity news agency that” the robbery resulting from the theft of nearly

half a million dinars, without human damage during the operation.

It is worth mentioning that one of the city’s banks recently suffered a similar robbery.

And the echoes of news and opinions:

Last year 100% electric meter and this year rode mobile stations, adding Sirte station and consumption is still

100% Hahaha Henw the interpretation of the people increased, but how?

(Valley girl)

Body Found / enhancer-old Grosh 17-year note that is missing from the day 23/​​6/2013 Mitt the الصبخة area in an abandoned house next to the Alkarzabih washing of cars.
God and yes agent (Lord endures his family)



Cyrenaica news .

The country’s cattle blessing
This drift in the road west of Bay Albmpeh on through Tobruk dirt not remain in this situation three years ago:




Today the gate that is located between the city of Hun and Sukna City in the Jufrah

which follow the so-called shield Libya’s central region which follow Misrata was completely burned.

Flying the Israeli Flag:
Customs Jewish state Misrata portal Aldavnih!!

Required to have the validity of 6 months passport Amtaek the otherwise Matakch!! Flag of Israel…

(I told you that MISURATA and Levy bargained for a second homeland for Zionist Jews, and they already got their airbase in the Nafusa Mountains!)

The border crossing to State Mzrath …

. They Aldavnih gate … The independent Republic of Misratah ... بحلتها new work in full swing now!!!


History repeats itself, O Arabs Read history will know the future and the present Read about Lawrence of Arabia and you will find that image remained originally from Bernald Levy is the one who has the Arab Spring and Islamic and supported the Arabs against the Ottoman state arms, a knock drums Jihad, a lit fire zoomed He congratulated the Arab peoples Bnasrha the Ottomans, who he called the infidel Jews Tgat which contributed to the division of the Arab world of the flesh to the states and now it’s his successor Bernald for Evi to complete the journey, a division of the countries that oath of Lawrence of Arabia and Bernald for Evi will يقسمهم to states sectarian rival and laying the end, a proclamation of the State Israel Kabrh from the Nile to the Euphrates and not be the dominant Come on small states competing with each other and all the wealth of these states are in cabinets Israel Kabrh the Afiko O Hmqi, you are ninety to erase the history of Islam, Arabism and grandparents ..
My words this to Ahamqi and the dupes and Sleepers.
التاريخ يعيد نفسه يا ايها العرب اقرؤ التاريخ فسوف تعلمون المستقبل والحاضر اقرؤ عن لورنس العرب وسوف تجدون انه صورة تبق الاصل عن برنالد ليفي هو الذي قام بالربيع العربي والاسلامى وقام بدعم العرب ضد الدولة العثمانية بالسلاح وهو من دق طبول الجهاد وهو من اشعل النار بالتكبير وهو الذي هنئ الشعوب العربية بنصرها على العثمانيين الذين اسماهم هو الكفره اليهود الطغات وهو ساهم فى تقسيم الوطن العربي من لحم الى دول والان جائ خليفته برنالد ليفئ ليكمل المشوار وهو تقسيم الدول التى قسمهم لورنس العرب وبرنالد ليفئ سوف يقسمهم الى دويلات طائفية متصارعه ووضع حجر النهاية وهو أعلان دوله اسرائيل الكبرة من النيل الى الفرات ولاتكون هيا المهيمنه على الدويلات الصغيرة المتصارعة فيما بينها وجميع ثروات هذه الدويلات تصب فى خزائن اسرائيل الكبره افيقو يا حمقئ فأنتم تسعون الى محو تاريخ الاسلام والعروبة والاجداد..كلامى هذا الى الحمقئ والمغفلين والنائمون .



An armed group led by Ayman civil carried away for 4 hours and Aguetadtha because wide seat and asked, adding that civil suit claimed against Ghaida Touati today:
The civil process of making a lawsuit against Ghaida Touati on charges of defamation and publishing false news, and added that the ŰíĎÇÁ Touati function through which made cast on Facebook on behalf of Misrata tried as part of this fragile for some seditious seek to raise history.



Large reception Sheikh Allashy, Mahdy Sogy St. Martyrs Brigade commander Alqtron city of Sabha.
He had been free after he was kidnapped in Taraals for several weeks:

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

Almgarhh after the tribe collects on the leaves of the solution of the security committee will raise a case against
Hashim humans … and .. hater against the backdrop of killing their daughter in Barak Cha’tai and arrested

Ali Abnahm and Tadibam in prisons
Secret which brimming هؤلا the killers were sent pictures التعديب and murder to the Human Rights Commission
And international المنضمات .. And will raise issues in Libyan courts against all of the income to the neighborhood Almgarhh

Sabha and destruction Menzhm and steal Mmtkethouthern Libya.
The tribe Almgarhh statement regarding Brother Ali preached intruder

In the name of God the Merciful

{No bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another}

Great truth of God

(Appeal to both carry Dora of humanity and brotherhood of Islam)

Brothers ..
Rat Prime Minister Dr. Ali Zaidane Sharif
The Minister of Justice the Salah Marghany Stadium
Mr. Attorney General
Organizations and civil society bodies
We elders and notables of the tribe Almgarhh put between your eyes brother case ((Ali preached intruder)) and Maienyh the Makhal prisons – beyond State authority Almthmtlh the in the Ministry of Justice.

We have committed ourselves silence throughout this period and we expect and hope that the current government intervene in the matter into consideration in issue التعديب and kidnapping Amoumnahj for the sons of the south and the theft of their property.

Is it possible that the kidnapped person and punish the worst torture and invincible and steal his car and are being forced to sign the waiver it is his home in a Muslim country by the person named ((hater)) and knead to satiate Gyate evil in revenge of the sons of the tribe Almgarhh Following are limited in the Shati since the months. We are paying the price for I said we want the army and police and expelled with tribal in Shati militias, and we received the army led by Colonel Abouchmadh.

Accordingly, we notables the Almgarhh tribe living in (Shatty and Sabha and Alchuirv the, سمنو and Tmanhunt and Tragn) and after our meeting in this regard and put government in the hands of this issue.

And we hope the National Congress and the interim government to reconsider this topic militia which Atrahm stands bump in state-building.

Or resort to exercise our natural right in the sit-ins under the revolution of freedom, equality and injustice revolution of February 17

To do Balaatsamat in all government departments in each of the Sabha and Shatty the We we can نعتصم in industrial river system reached by water from the south to the north
As well as to sit-ins in front of the oil fields in the southern region and sit in the roads between north and south.

I We Anagaf a stumbling block in the way of state-building which it aspires all members of the Libyan people.
Finally, we say to the sons of the Libyan people that Ntuahd in the expulsion of this topic ideological militias and carrying agendas to disperse one people.

I’ve been patient on this injustice suffered by our children’s parents Makhal prisons and Pena double rash wish of the government or the National Congress that تتخد the courageous decision of رجالاتها stop Aldilm for slaves Who carried out by members do not want to build the nation and preserved the dignity of the citizen.

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings

Elders and notables of the tribe Almgarhh…

(Valley girl)

South of the Libyan News

Terms of Tuareg Awlad Suleiman for reconciliation after one person was killed and 7 others injured:
1. Solve their militias and gangs that wreak havoc in the south
2. Deliver those who fired on unarmed people in front of the bank yesterday
3. Are not subjected to any Tariqa in the south in the future
4. Stop incitement and media distortion in the right Tuareg and others from other tribes.


“Kidnapping shortly before 4 توارق youth working in a Turkish restaurant downtown Sabha and the kidnappers are affiliated militia “of the tribe of the children of Solomon” and the atmosphere in Sabha began Ttor ..

Martyrs Brigade القرضة

A little while ago …

The concentration of a number of members of the Tabu Front القمودي Shop gunmen in full and there is a car type Miche white Ban the above poster and the turbulent situation.



Tunisia rise up against the government … shortly before Brotherhood

Many of the young people gathered revolution Bmatmdah Meknassi in the national road No. 14 and set fire to the tire demanding the dropping of the Constituent Assembly and all the Salt pop him.



European Commission: invites Malta to refrain from deporting migrants to Libya.

Brussels, 9 July 2013 (and) – European Commission warned on Tuesday, the Maltese government of the consequences of the dimensions of hundreds of immigrants who were arrested off the island to Libya, so as not subject to sanctions. And directed the European Commissioner in charge of internal affairs, “Cecilia Malmstrom,” an implicit warning to the Prime Minister of Malta “Joseph Muscat” to remind him to prevent the member states of the European Union to carry out deportation. She said, “I am worried for the pro positions to keep the people who came to Malta” .. And in accordance with European law and international commitments are entitled to all the people who came to the territory of the European Union to apply for asylum and get treated individually. She added, “Cecilia” that the Commission can file a complaint to the European Court of Justice if not respected “Muscat” This is the commitment. ”


Congress officially calls for isolating Obama because of his

support for terrorism in the Middle East

06/JULY/2013 8:13 AM

شاهد المحتوى الأصلي علي بوابة الفجر الاليكترونية – Congress officially calls for isolating Obama because of his support for terrorism in the Middle East

الكونجرس يطالب رسميا بعزل أوباما بسبب دعمه للإرهاب فى الشرق الأوسط


Republicans in Congress Athoudron the isolate Obama for allowing the leak, elements Akhounah of the American administration and corruption threatens national security
Player poker that whenever lost some money on the table poker put the rest in his pocket in anticipation of compensation loss and gain additional cast Obama all the rest of the influence of America in the entire region in support of the bet America throughout six decades of political Islam, but it seems that Obama would be the first U.S. president do not complete duration because of his support for the same terrorists accused of blowing up the towers and U.S. embassies and other processes that allowed for America over the decades, the exercise of bullying political and military around the world and now it seems that Nozha military has ended and it’s time to pay bills benefits it rose up members of the Republican Party three days ago against Obama support Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and their branches in other countries and the Salafists in Syria.
The “Foreign Policy” that “the frequency President Obama in dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood over the past year and abandonment of the liberal opposition, and to support Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in the steps of the controversial taken by the beginning of the Constitutional Declaration and pass the constitution and the postponement of the parliamentary elections, it was the errors committed by the Obama administration , and pushed Egypt to the current situation. “
The magazine added: “The steps taken by the dictatorship Morsi during the last period of the cause of the anger of the opposition, especially that the U.S. administration were offset by silently and did not intervene and did not respond to the wrath of the opposition, in what many U.S. approval of what is going on.”
The move, which will be more decisive for the command is to move, led by Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives (Ed Royce), which enjoys the support of many members to start impeachment against the backdrop of support for terrorism and to overlook the money-laundering operations and wide for the benefit of the Muslim Brotherhood and let them hacked the U.S. administration some of their elements add unjustified for the role the American ambassador that Obama used all his influence to keep them in Egypt, despite know بإتصالاتها the armed militias on the ground in Egypt.

شاهد المحتوى الأصلي علي بوابة الفجر الاليكترونية – Congress officially calls for isolating Obama because of his support for terrorism in the Middle East

Congress officially calls for isolating Obama because of his support for terrorism in the Middle East

الكونجرس يطالب رسميا بعزل أوباما بسبب دعمه للإرهاب فى الشرق الأوسط

How police beat Qatar Sheikh Qaradawi in Doha

07/07/2013 | (0)

A decision of the new emir of Qatar, a Prince Tamim deport Sheikh Qaradawi during the 48-hour maximum from Doha to Egypt, entered the police force headed by an officer to an apartment Sheikh Qaradawi, who opened the door himself and invited them to sit down, and said to him: There is no time to sit you have to leave to Cairo, he said to them that all my item here and my books and مجلداتي and writings need a week to arrange answered the officer: I have ordered that the leave immediately, either for your purposes, we put them in boxes and نشحنها you later to Cairo, he replied, Sheikh Qaradawi officer: What is the offense that did I?We have contracted with me Jazeera program Sharia and Life and broadcast every week, what did you do, replied the officer that you argue a lot and you need to bring the most important thing you need with your passport and go to the airport and fly to Cairo.
Then Qaradawi said: There is no power but from Almighty God said: I will only leave a corpse. Gave the officer orders restricting the hands of Sheikh Qaradawi behind his back with ropes and when he tried to Objection beat him, wounding one ribs back in the back and took him down, but they carried him and pitched him into the car and the car entered the airport through a special and arrived in a private jet aircraft Prince country and took him to the plane .
Heads of State intervention, but the Crown Prince Tamim reject preemption of Sheikh Qaradawi and insisted on being sent off.
When he sat Sheikh Qaradawi in the plane began to pray and poured some tears from his eyes, and you need embassies Arab and Muslim in Qatar on this work but it hit the wall topic, and now no one knows what will be the purposes of Sheikh Qaradawi, books and مجلداته and studies that are priceless.



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