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وينهم جماعة معمر غيروا يجونا احنا نطلعوا معاهم حديث الناس في طرابلس الليلة ….

And ينهم group Muammar changed Itjona the ÇÍäÇ, Ntalawa with them modern people in Tripoli tonight ….

* New attempts to close the Green Channel: Criminals who run the Libyan government are scared of the truth that emits the Green channel of resistance from Egypt, have sent a document to the Attorney General in Libya this morning to demand that the authorities in Egypt violate freedom of information and prohibit the issuance of the green channel in Nilesat.



–  After destroying the millions of beautiful editions of the HOLY QURAN  printed by the World Islamic Call Society (Institutionalised by Muammar al-Qathafi), NATO and CIA have released a version of the “Quran” completely distorted: it’s a shame the distribution of 156,000 copies of their first edition of the “Koran Libya” full of perversion of the word of God Almighty Surat verse 56 floors, replaced by what word “permanent” in verse the word “guide.”

We are not surprised by these actions of the people who killed their brothers under the microscope to NATO aircraft unfaithful


Tripoli neighborhoods fully preparing for the docking of the Libyan people’s uprising ….

Popular Guard return strongly in his own way will deal with the militias, kidnapping, murder and robbery ….

And Rafla Knights set God Mmelthmoun together Upcoming Revolution.
Green light: ” Bayhoum يامولاي gather us ÇÍäÇ the invite and you Samana.”

Returning O Libya this promise to the men of the nation ….

Green Channel and Dr. Hamza in pages Nadmon 

Aaaaaaaaaaaajl for publication: Hamza Thami directs the word of the great Libyan people via TV Green
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/GREENLIBYAN FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ABN.LY

I liked the idea of friendly page Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)

أيه عرب A.ARABS

We need urgently to unite .. And prompt talk of brotherhood former Liberal officials abroad … Why do not you open representative offices abroad for the Libyan people … This does not cost a thing, but the costs of a very simple … And be representations in more than one country, for example, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria … And that there be a Commission official speaking on behalf of the media are free of the Libyan people is composed of some of the Facebook pages of reliable and green channel … Green channel, which should take them well and not make it Kaluotaob only for songs and videos.

Personally .. Every day for getting Fakhri and my love for the leader Muammar Gaddafi Code .. For he realized what Sienyh the people while months sayings famous “Stendmon the Day whereon neither remorse”










URGENT: Mohamed Badie escape to Libya and accused the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood بتهريبهMohamed Badie
20 July2013
6:10:54 PM
11th day of RAMADAN 1434
From: 20 hours, 22 minutes, 32 secondshttp://alnaharegypt.com/upload/press/13/07/20/1374336938222.jpg
Public prosecutor ordered Hisham Barakat, annexing the communication submitted by human rights activist Amr Farouk activist against both Dr. Osama Yassin, Minister of Youth earlier, the Islamic preacher, Safwat Hegazy, and Essam Sultan, vice president of the Wasat Party, and Essam el-Erian, Mohamed Beltagy, to other communications which are being tested on charges of collaborating with the organization’s members states of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.He accused the author, who carry No. 1537 for the year 2013 complained in their right of collaborating with the international organization to smuggle general guide of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Dr. Mohamed Badie to Libya, and that the leaders of the Egyptian army aborted attempts and plans, calling to refer all communications, which accuses the leaders of the Brotherhood of collaborating to the prosecution.
Daytime | Urgent: Mohamed Badie escape to Libya and accused the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood بتهريبه
Dr. Osama Yassin, and former Minister of Youth, and Islamic preacher Safwat Hegazy, Essam Sultan, vice president of the party …
جريدة النهار المصرية صحيفة تصدر عن شركة الوقائع العربية للصحافة والنشر، وقد صدر العدد الأول من الجريدة الورقية بتاريخ 14 فبراير 2007، ويتولى الأستاذ أسامة شرشر موقع رئيس مجلس الإدارة ورئيس التحرير، بينما يتولى الكاتب الصحفي شعبان خليفة منصب رئيس التحرير التنفيذي، وتضم الجريدة


News from inside the National Conference National Committee from entering the year Mohammed Badi guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Egypt to Libya after the bombing the Amsaad border gate on Sunday morning and is now online on Libyan soil.
Where a group of terrorists from blowing up the gate Brotherhood and chase, so that the security men Badi from entering # Libya

(Valley girl)



Urgent.Were distributed detection includes all officers of the armed people concerning:
military intelligence and two internal security and external to the cells of the Libyan Fighting Group and Ansar al-Sharia for the Implementation of orders بتصفيتهم the physically in all Libyan cities ….

National Security Committee in the National Conference decides to create a new device instead of armor, a National peacekeeping troops!!

Thieves yesterday, today’s enemies

واحدة من 200 مدرعة “همفي الأمريكية” التي تسلمتها المليشيات الليبية هذا الاسبوع.One of the 200 Humvees delivered to the Libyan militias this week

Ali Zaidane threatens Zintan battalions & militias, saying that the government was not interested in confrontation with some of the armed groups, but it seems he did not inevitable confrontation with them.

RAT PM Ali Zaidane says:

“Libyan blood shed with ease and indiscretion, during the government has tried to meet most of the crises that do not raise arms against the Libyans, and will continue this as much as we can, but it will not last long and will be a confrontation.”

* The criminal Goberno Libya NATO recognizes that many products sold in the country are counterfeit, spurious or stolen origin.


 Filter is to a document that specifies the names of 251 interior ministry employees to be laid off


Aladdin’s uncle Tripoli live in total darkness and the people bemoan the days of Muammar Gaddafi,,,, it’s God’s will, O Sinbad.


(Remember under the Great Jamahiriya, Libya was self productive and had an abundance of FREE electric for everyone)

Libya State سترهن sovereignty “thanks” to the built February the World Bank.

Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy is discussing with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development ways of cooperation in the field of electricity where it was stated the official website of the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy on the internet that the two sides discussed during the meeting, the possibility to take advantage of Libya from technical assistance to raise the efficiency of the electricity sector and the use of fuels of all kinds for the production of electric power generation from during the preparation of the technical feasibility studies. The meeting also addressed the development of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development a comprehensive economic study shows the values of consumption and prices and government subsidies for electricity. .

URGENT :: Electricity Company and the general budget exposed to the largest theft in history Organization Libyan and even at the level of the world.

Generators worth 1000,000,000 (($ 1 billion)) suffer from defects in manufacturing, separating after the time of the operation, a value sufficient to create a 5 power stations Tkve need to Libya’s energy and sell for 100 years to come to extend the coast, land and sea across the country and presented to the assuming that Libya 60 million, industry list.

The source said a technical engineer from within the company General Electric generator that was discovered by the manufacturer defects and separated from the service after a short period of operation.

And this minister failed you say why, although he is clean pre-position it is a new form and the efficiency and management experience

Bhaltrivh become if Libyan families and Sahor breakfast on the dark no one can deny this, this is what has brought us to February of good and and return to the days of ignorance.

And Link, Minister of Electricity!!!!!!!!!

Libya is now in the absence of electricity has become like walking Alvhma will turn into a cinder ….

If significant congestion experienced by the residents of the capital Tripoli, under the impact of the explosions and the escape of electricity ….

Company staff Zueitina protesters فتحو the gas line that electricity minister said that the cause in the interruption of gas on Most zones Libya’s since the days and so far continued in the voltage drop.!!!!!!!!

– U.S. rats suffered claim that the Libyan people are stealing electricity in daylight: The U.S. company General Electric has installed electricitybusiness in Libya after NATO has destroyed the country’s electrical installations.

General Electric now threatens to cut off power supply to the Libyans.

The manager of consumer services department said that all users that use electricity in their homes should bill per month.

The threat has been as a result of that many families have not paid.

The company has stated that next week will cut the light to the Libyans who have fallen behind on their payments and must pay a fine to reconnect.

 It is important to remember that the light was free Libya and Libyans consume a lot of electricity because of the high temperatures all have air conditioning, a TV, washing machines, and large refrigerators and freezers to store food.

Will NATO to Libya, Libyan ALL the money disappears, robs oil and its benefits and now they are forced to pay basic expenses owned oil Libyans paid … the next thing I hear is that Libya is in economic crisis and that owes much money to the U.S. …

Recall that now the Libyans are in the month of Ramadan, which means total fasting throughout the day without air conditioning is very hard to bear. Do not think the government ever cut light Jamahiriyah ANYONE outside Libya or immigrant because humanity was before money. But the West has come and you have to destroy, steal, damage, create crisis and all the suffering discomfort possible.

Who are really terrorists?

If significant congestion experienced by the residents of the capital Tripoli, under the impact of the explosions and the escape of electricity…
News from inside the Great Man-Made River Project confirms the possibility of escape of water from the capital Tripoli as a result of weakness in the electricity grid system Mount Al_husaona.
Lace front of Sirte plunged in darkness ….

Electricity |

After the outage once every day we entered the second stage of the day series of blackouts to become twice a day ..
The first was the second morning .. and after breakfast before they drink my coffee yet ..
‫ # Electricity
‫ # Libya
‫ # Siam Subuh and Lille

(Nizar Abu Vena)

Sabha live in total darkness and other southern cities since the days of living in a state of permanent interruption of electricity ….
LIMITS ARE LIMITS: Time scheduled to uprise!|

 Urgent .. Said an engineer who works in the National Oil Corporation that most of Libya’s oil fields in need of urgent maintenance organization could not do Shi result leaving foreign companies due to lack of security would run these fields without maintenance problems by costing billions of dollars ….

Gunmen stormed Zueitina port:  Gunmen stormed on Tuesday and demanded Zueitina port employees to stop working  He was quoted by Reuters news agency engineer at the port as saying “the group came and asked to stop operations. A ship bound for Italy is packed with oil and had to negotiate with them to allow it to continue packed. It was difficult to convince, but the boat is filling with oil. everything else stops working. “  the agency did not remember the nature of the demands made ​​by the protest group.

The Zueitina port and a number of facilities and other oil fields have been exposed to the incursions and sit down to work many times, that have a significant impact on the export and energy to produce electricity.

Sale of gas cylinders outside the warehouses in the country of oil and gas, which has become a simple citizen Drudge bought from the market at exorbitant prices

February = Good Guy!!









The practice of torture against prisoners of Great Jamahiriya loyalists
Conditions in Libyan prisons was one of the most controversial topics in Libya, after being suspended MSF work in Misrata, saying that her doctors have faced patients were suffering …


With funding from the Swiss government Misrata establish a new store of weapons capable of storing about 200 tons of explosive material and commissioned its construction and the amount of $ 200,000, and the Armory this enhanced and concrete surfaces surrounded by sand Psoatr and a series of dirt hills

I thought that gave Ali hardness is a gift for the dog to meet and learn from him when he knew he Misrati eased the lives of the poor dog.









Janzour |

The armed militia attacked the station transmitter audio channel Libya national in Janzour stop broadcasting station for the southern Mediterranean countries.

جنزور |ميليشيا مسلحة تقوم بالاعتداء على محطة الارسال المسموع لقناة ليبيا الوطنية في جنزور يوقف البث الإذاعي للمحطة لدول جنوب البحر المتوسط.

Corner |

The continued deadlock in the work of the Department of Obstetrics and childbirth education corner of the hospital sixth Turala day due to security breaches and exposure to one of the doctors section.

(Ahmed Louhichi )

Urgent ..Hear heavy fire in Gharghour now ….

Aladdin’s uncle Tripoli live in total darkness and the people bemoan the days of Muammar Gaddafi,,,, it’s God’s will, O Sinbad.

If significant congestion experienced by the residents of the capital Tripoli, under the impact of the explosions and the escape of electricity…
News from inside the Great Man-Made River Project confirms the possibility of escape of water from the capital Tripoli as a result of weakness in the electricity grid system Mount Al_husaona.

* On Friday morning, a group of masked men broke through the camp of the third brigade of infantry in Spring Valley and the news still being kept secret so that people do not see the fragility of the situation in the capital – a great number of “police” stormed the camp and beaten by soldiers and seized two armored vehicles Toyota Car and seized weapons – Kalashnikov rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers, and went, and no one  tried to stop them.

The Western Mountain News Agency

Image directly now the coastal road from pomegranate pressures directed Auto Group is composed of the number one gun 106 and Tlath the 14.5 cars carrying the name of Misrata to Tripoli:

I am God and to Him we return,

Today found the body of dawn in the neighborhood of cottages formerly belonging to someone from the Zintan tribe killed by the militias of Misrata and the person claims clank of the residents of the neighborhood.

4 car bombs exploded near the airport, the goal was to eliminate a convoy of military chiefs of ratverments “rebels”. In the panic the de facto government has been forced to declare that all is well, it is unknown whether some ratverments were liquidated.


Abdulsalam  Masoudi vice president of the so-called Abu Salim Office of Security Committee was released, and seven of the Zintan militias and of them Salah Geweili, in the first hours of the morning ..









So spend and becomes our people displaced since more than three years:
Brought them out the people of infidelity and to the people of disbelief from their homes, women, elders and children.

Image for Sheikh Torga we got the news that he had died in the camp after suffering with the disease.

| Fact Sheet and revolutionaries NATO crimes in Libya |

What sin Hola older .. They have no guilt never will write history and the curse of the reason for in Hola exit from their homes curse of Allah you, O جردان of










Urgent …

Assassination of Colonel Abdullatif Amdaoy Al Obeidi Mozainy this morning in front of his house in the tuber.

Media clang

Aaaaaaagel tuber on waxing :::: assassination retired colonel / Abdul Latif Amdawi Mozainy border sector II ordered the Libyan army. Launch lead him this morning —-

Colonel امراجع the Oraibi climb next train death of tuber احقاف ….

Libyan children in tuber ايفتش the in Alknaess in Ramadan!!


Today Sunday, 07.21.2013 twelfth of Ramadan powerful explosion shake the city of Derna when ears Morocco Time breakfast area of ​​the eastern coast of the whereabouts of and Idriss Awami house without causing damage to human and harbors clear of the people due to the lack of security and safety in the tuber.

Media tuber










Zintan riders

Did not accept Colonel Mukhtar Fernana solace in his son and said the time consolation will all know ….









Lace front of Sirte plunged in darkness ….









Killing “Osama Altarhuni” in the region of Sidi Younis after his car targeted improvised explosive device such as the Maghrib prayer
For information “Osama” a civil servant in the security of the University of Benghazi.
Attempted assassination of Fathi Al-Kilani Brigade is Benina air base while leaving the prayer Morocco Balkwyfah and taken to a hospital Galaa his wounds.

And our response has just been suspended service in Galaa Hospital after an assault on one of the security men radiology department staff with weapons and smashing room:

An attempt to storm the Central Bank of Libya in Benghazi and suspended the afternoon of the day of an armed group affiliated to militias Taattalib the Bmrtbaatha and claims that another militia I got مرتباتها and they still were expelled after stun forces intervened and Guard Headquarters

(Mahmoud Boras)

A car bomb explosion in the region of Sidi Younes.

Explosion front gate Alkwyfah

Solidarity news – Benghazi

Building was the military police in the area Alkwyfah city of Benghazi on Saturday, to attack Bakazv RPG without causing damage mankind. A security source said that unidentified targeted azan time Morocco Gate Building military police, causing damage to the gate, in addition to a car belonging to the goals vital was found near the gate. referred to as the gate of the headquarters of the military police is a common gateway between the military police and a vital objectives in charge of plant protection electricity Alkwyfah.

during breakfast … azan Special | TV Benghazi | 20 \ 7 \ 2013

he ordered periodic charge “Mohammed البرغثى” that has been shed bag exploded at the gate of Alkwyfah by unknown assailants during the azan breakfast this Saturday resulted in minor injuries among soldiers and led to the destruction of the type of car Toyota “Flying Carpet “loaded weapon type 23. The البرغثى stressed that it is not the first time that the target of the military police in the performance of their duty National at checkpoints to the entrances of the city of Benghazi.

Hachalala Chkalala
This video from Benghazi came to me I do not know that it exists on the net or not, but I debut was seeing … It Video Jtt and the remains of the martyrs of the armed people who are endowed with and answered the call of duty to save the inhabitants of the eastern region of Libya’s armed gangs for Takfirists and al-Qaeda and NATO forces infidel بقصفهم under the applause and enlarge the Libyans, unfortunately. رحمكم God and the right will take Buterkm of the NATO and traitors NATO … God is above the aggressor Kid:


هذا الفيديو جائني من بنغازي ولا اعلم ان كان موجود على النت او لا لكني اول مرة اشاهده… وهو فيديو لجتث واشلاء شهداء الشعب المسلح الذين هبوا ولبوا نداء الواجب لإنقاذ سكان المنطقة الشرقية في ليبيا من العصابات المسلحة التابعة للتكفيريين والقاعدة وقامت قوات الناتو الكافرة بقصفهم تحت تصفيق وتكبير الليبيين للأسف. رحمكم الله وحق الله سوف نأخذ بثأركم من الناتو ومن خونة الناتو… والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي


A collection of 7,700 gold, silver and bronze, known as the Treasure of Benghazi, was stolen drilling a concrete slab to an underground angular National Bank of Commerce Benghazi where they kept the collection. Many items date from the time of Alexander the Great and it is impossible to assess the value of the collection unless it knows that a Greek part of Carthage was sold recently by the maximum price of $ 268,000.

Scrapping Benghazi Treasure, Flight intervened shortly after the burning of the bank, in May, making believe that it was an incident resulting from the rebellion against the great Jamahiriya while in reality, the theft was particularly well planned. Having broken metal boxes and locks popped wooden boxes, carefully thieves took everything, leaving out the objects of lesser value.

Fifty small monuments and figurines of bronze, glass and ivory as well as a small amount of gems also missing. For Hafez Wald, Archaeologist Libyan King’s College London, the flight covers all brands of professional thieves “may be as good a job of the interior, as it has been carried out by people who knew what they were after.”

So far, nothing had been reported on the looting by the National Transitional Council, met then Benghazi, fearing negative publicity, but the new minister of antiquities, a, in July, UNESCO warned privately. Khaled Mohammed Al-according, professor in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Benghazi, said that the Islamic gold coins and Greek have recently appeared in the gold market in Benghazi. An Egyptian newspaper reported that a farmer has tried to smuggle 503 pieces of gold and 7.5 cm figurine gold from Alexandria port, fueling rumors that this would be part of the stolen treasure.

Treasures of the Temple of Artemis Interpol has been launched but the track is dead because archaeologists think it will be difficult to recover the objects if they have left the country. Serenalla Ensoli, Italian archaeologist at the University of Naples, and Libyan antiques specialist,believes that the loss of these objects is “invaluable, because they are irreplaceable.

The collection had not been studied and is a great loss for Libyan heritage ». Most of the Benghazi treasures was discovered between 1917 and 1922 in the temple of Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt, in Kyrenia, an ancient Greek colony and Roman, now Shahat. The territory was given to Cleopatra by Marc-Antoine. Some of the pieces have been affected to around 570 BC. One side covers the stem of a silphium, medicinal plant that was believed to have healing powers. The other side describes the God Jupiter Upholding horn sheep.

Libya News

Tonight was the assassination of Colonel “Ureybi امرآجع” in ‫

# of Benghazi, the faceless, they are not recognized.

Benghazi |

Victim Colonel Aviator “Akila Miloud Hussein al-Obeidi,” the commander
Search and rescue air defense Benghazi, were not his enemies, and
May Ahturna how the killers, but what was absent the deceased was in
Consolation associate with dirt victim its “Lamama” and said a word, and student
State retribution from the killers who are honest filter
The national army, and it seems that the reason the victim’s liquidation
Which in its history are advised to whiteness and did not have enemies and no problems.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Assassination Colonel امراجع the Oraibi.

Now in the neighborhood of the explosion Laithi.

Eastern Region |

A source familiar from the tribe of slaves, that the sheikhs would not interfere
This time and will leave the reins to young people, and their response will be
A cruel person who Bgdr members of their tribe and officers of the national army.

(Mukhtar al-Ghoul)










– West aims to quash the identity and culture of Libya: denounce the massive theft of cultural heritage. Comparison by lot between Iraq and Libya does not stop at only outdoor war activities, the killings, the failure of the death of Saddam or the disposal of Muammar al-Qathafi, the looting of natural resources, but extends to the culture and looting of antiquities that are trying to hide.This looting has been described as the largest in the history archaeology.











On thresholds Tripoli __

In stampede Traffic now,, فليأخذ All arrangements and warns impulsive __ and our people Tayyibis ask God for their safety.

Have looked conflict Alcasr to fork Khawarej, and will not come out of it any of them Salem .. Follow-up observation and viewing pleasure is didn Liberals.

On the threshold of Tripoli fall harvested corruption Jujha of the Glmanha __ [Long live the green arena. ]

And the earth shall inherit our righteous __ Servants and the heirs of the earth Amarha validity Zaraoha life ___ patrons and Libya for the Libyans, and Commander Crown led wholes.

Our appointment waxing emerging from the center of the masses eager to identify new line of death.

Libya’s victorious 2013

(By Amazigh Stmbri)

Ifrane channel on Facebook:

Sources confirmed ..

Presented to the National Conference of the Supreme Council for the Amazigh Libya 4 proposals to resolve the crisis, which اختلقها conference on the rights of Libyan Amazigh and identity .. The Supreme Council of the Amazigh Libya studied.

Demonstration in Ifrane denouncing the law constituent body was

To Ibiaaleom:

a country ambience: residents of systems in the city of Ifrane Jebel Nafusa Friday demonstration denounced the election of the Constituent the Authority Act which will elect the Constitution Drafting Committee.

He said one of the organizers of the demonstration, Mohammad Omar on Saturday for the country’s airspace to the demands of the demonstrators are agreeing on a mechanism to ensure “cultural rights,” noting that they raised slogans demanding the demarcation of the Amazigh language and culture.

He also explained that the demonstration involving areas Kklh and castle, pointing to the possibility to organize another demonstration in Tripoli.

It is noteworthy that the Supreme Council of the Amazigh issued a statement in which it threatened civil disobedience beginning of July 23, if an agreement is reached on the Law of the founding of the Authority.

Amazigh want the language of the official languages ​​in the state means instead of Indore Office of English or French translation Indore Translation Office Zouari or Naluti or Gado or Yfran and times Indore office Tbawi was I treated in Alqtron O Schenk days blacks and salvation …

The fate of Libya’s new constitution uniforms fate of the Constitution of menial Weird in the end Baaklh ass ..








Firefighters workers have gone on strike after they were attacked by armed mercenaries assaulted them and stole trucks and material assistance, they demand more protection.

(see my post for 17 JULY under MIZDAH )



– Adzhelate : Visitors last night at the new theme park in Adzhelate were deliberately targeted children. He was taken out of the black BMW car and led to the death of the girl Chelabi Bat-Nur and wounding her father ..

The lack of security have made entertainment fields of battle our children.









– Sabha: There are reports of a plane suspected of Sudan, who landed in the city of Sabha, I am not sure that the relationship of the aircraft reflects neighboring governments against individuals and tribes, without the participation of the “State”, and I think this is a serious violation of the sovereignty of the Libyan “state”. ..

The group of rats Oulad Suleiman shoot an RPG at the houses of citizens in Nasiriya, Sabha

Urgent Sabha

Kidnapping of Mohamed Aouhadh Mejri Sabha Airport manager and Assistant Mnfd of the airport Abdul Karim Ali Aouhadh by an armed group tracking free Fezzan and the battalion has been transferred to an unknown destination without knowing the reasons noted Ban Mohamed Aouhadh-Mejri has shown for Dguatat from order to submit his resignation.

Libyan news Sabha International Airport
For the second day in a row Evql Sabha International Airport doors and tower for aircraft and passengers protest the lack of security, the security services and nuts where Taradw to fire during the performance of their duties.

Sabha live in total darkness and other southern cities since the days of living in a state of permanent interruption of electricity ….
LIMITS ARE LIMITS: Time scheduled to uprise!|









Another photograph taken morning to Mnfd the Omsaad – Peace Gate

The bombing of the port border Amsaad between ‫ # Libya and Egypt ‫ # news of the escape guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Muhammad Badi to Libya immediately after the bombing.

Egypt’s State Security artist to work on and the army in the streets and terrorists Libyans changed Atjahm from Egypt to Turkey ….

Bombing Gate of to Amsaad port Peace with Egypt:

Incoming news the Amsaad hand that was blown port Amsaad border between Libya and Egypt, by the smugglers, according to the news that the Libyan border free of any occurrence of the guards ..
The Egyptian army guarding the other side of the port from the Egyptian side ….

Whole army guarding Bnghazastan and empty borders of the State of the guards, who stole stole government and who escaped fled, and rats to San their situation:
Not important good Jay Lahu Atokm the bonus booklet family ..

The bombing of the gate accidentally Amsaadbwabh trace border gate of the port, which is now empty on عروشها, and the Egyptian army guarding in the corresponding Djihh.

Gate port Amsaad Peace ..

Minister of the Interior This should be called to investigate immediately and be dismissed on the deteriorating security situation By downright مزري is behind these acts downright because my brothers ..

Chaos assistant port border اوجود to manifestations of state

A port source said, “Who controls the port now some people who do not have any legal status or the military assistant, and they do not follow any official.”
He added that “this happens after several months of tuning things do, while ensured some army units to protect the port and running the business do, but after the intervention of some arguing that the military is in charge of these matters and their demands for the return of the police and immigration and customs for the port, has been harassed and threatened by all means, show that the goal of these is the return of the port of chaos taking place nearly a month ago. ”
The same source that the Interior Ministry to اوجود her, and that some of the loyal security men trying to contact the Minister of Interior new, but did not find a response to their calls, or demands, pointing out that the government if they did not rush to find a solution to this port, which has become a conduit for illegal immigration and the entry of materials food and people without health supervision, will be disastrous effects on the country. ”
Source and carry full responsibility for the new Minister of the Interior, which according to him did not see him any action with respect to this matter.
















Completion of 95% of the ultimate suspense in Mecca and running within days
Executing company has worked to double the number of workers in the project to speed achievement

Sunday 12 Ramadan 1434 AH – July 21, 2013
Arabic. Net
And the percentage of achievement in the work of the day as Haram al-Makki commentator dedicated to people with special needs and the elderly to 95%, where he entered the ultimate in advanced stages of implementation, without affecting the performance or Umrah prayers at the Grand Mosque in Mecca.
According to the newspaper “Okaz” has signed an official source in the company executing the project completed within the next few days, indicating that the company is executing the project has worked to double the number of workers in the project to speed completion.
He explained that the increase in workers helped to raise the pace of work in the ultimate commentator, referring to the near completion of the business and run it through the next few days.

“We did not stay on the completion of the open field in front of people with special needs and the elderly to perform wandering through the ultimate suspense only a few days, after the work is nearing the end what have been completed by 95%.”
Absorptive capacity of up to 1,500 per hour Careers.
For his part, President-General for the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, Dr. Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz Al Sudais, the readiness of the day and his willingness to accommodate الطائفين, explaining that he was left of the project, only the finishing touches to start off as planned, indicating that the absorptive capacity of the مطاف temporary provision for people with special needs up to 1500 Careers in time, having been designed in the form of circular ring adjacent to the gallery of the old and the supervisor of the Kaaba display 12:00 and height 13 m, and to separate the movement of persons with disabilities and الطائفين in the saucer for the duration of the implementation of the project ultimately the main final, noting that ultimately temporary consists of two floors, one will be linked with the level of the first round, which consists of sub-major entrances, in addition to the emergency exit.
On the other hand, said the commander of the security of the Haram al-Sharif, Major General Yahya bin Assistant Zahrani, that the leadership of the security of the campus and developed a plan integrated security is concerned Palmtaf suspense, so that it is easier to use up while it runs easily and conveniently by the categories that have been allocated up to perform Mnaskha in an atmosphere Rohani without harassment or contention.
إنجاز 95% من المطاف المعلق في مكة وتشغيله خلال أيام
الشركة المنفذة عملت على مضاعفة أعداد العاملين في المشروع لسرعة الإنجاز

الأحد 12 رمضان 1434هـ – 21 يوليو 2013م
وصلت نسبة الإنجاز في أعمال المطاف المعلق بالحرم المكي المخصص لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة وكبار السن إلى 95%، حيث دخل المطاف في مراحل متقدمة من التنفيذ، دون أن يؤثر ذلك على أداء الصلوات أو العمرة في الحرم المكي.
وبحسب صحيفة “عكاظ” فقد توقع مصدر مسؤول في الشركة المنفذة للمشروع الانتهاء خلال الأيام القليلة القادمة، مبيناً أن الشركة المنفذة للمشروع عملت على مضاعفة أعداد العاملين في المشروع لسرعة الإنجاز.
وأوضح أن زيادة العمال ساعدت في رفع وتيرة العمل في المطاف المعلق، مشيراً إلى قرب الانتهاء من الأعمال فيه وتشغيله خلال الأيام القليلة القادمة.

وأضاف “لم يبق على الانتهاء من فتح المجال أمام ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة وكبار السن لأداء الطواف عبر المطاف المعلق سوى أيام معدودة، بعد أن شارف العمل على النهاية وتم إنجاز ما نسبته 95%”.
الطاقة الاستيعابية تصل لـ1500 طائف في الساعة
من جهته أكد الرئيس العام لشؤون المسجد الحرام والمسجد النبوي الدكتور عبدالرحمن بن عبدالعزيز السديس، جاهزية المطاف واستعداده لاستيعاب الطائفين، موضحاً أنه لم يتبق من المشروع سوى اللمسات الأخيرة ليبدأ تشغيله وفق ما خطط له، مبيناً أن الطاقة الاستيعابية للمطاف المؤقت المخصص لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة تصل إلى 1500 طائف في الساعة، بعد أن تم تصميمه على شكل حلقة دائرية محاذية للرواق القديم ومشرف على الكعبة بعرض 12م وارتفاع 13م، وذلك لفصل الحركة بين المعوقين والطائفين في منطقة الصحن طيلة مدة تنفيذ مشروع المطاف الرئيسي والنهائي، مبيناً أن المطاف المؤقت يتكون من طابقين، أحدهما سيتم ربطه مع مستوى الدور الأول والذي يتكون من مدخلين رئيسي وفرعي، إضافة إلى مخرج طوارئ.
من ناحية أخرى، أوضح قائد أمن الحرم المكي الشريف اللواء يحيى بن مساعد الزهراني، أن قيادة أمن الحرم وضعت خطة أمنية متكاملة تختص بالمطاف المعلق، بحيث يتم تسهيل استخدام المطاف أثناء تشغيله بكل يسر وسهولة من قبل الفئات التي خصص لها المطاف لكي تؤدي مناسكها في جو روحاني دون مضايقات أو تزاحم.










And team death of Mikhail Kalashnikov at the age of 98 in Moscow, a Kalashnikov rifle inventor


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