une promesse de victoire / A Promise of Victory


مشاركة الأخ ((مكرر))

اللواء 32 المعزز


Audio km transmitting station (16) of the national channel Libya exposed to an attack by one of the battalions responsible for the protection of the back gate in front of the sea. Sunday, 21 July 2013 (14:5:0)

Audio km transmitting station (16) of the national channel Libya exposed to an attack by one of the battalions responsible for the protection of the back gate in front of the sea. Tripoli, July 21, 2013 (and) – audio transmission station was hit بجنزور km area (16) of the channel for Libya’s National Day Sunday, July 14, being assaulted by one of the battalions responsible for the protection of the back gate in front of the sea. According to channel sources, national Libya Libyan news agency that the elements of these scribes had during the attack broke windows compartment technicians station and the expulsion of its staff and shut it down, and turn the station to the farm land for the cultivation of certain crops. The attack caused the transmitting station audio the بجنزور region, according to sources in Libya in the radio stopped sending broadcast on short-wave (AM-1251), which captures the left in the countries of the Maghreb and the countries of the southern Mediterranean.

Mu soccer 2. LARGE


The surprise is no longer far approached schedule and appointment joy.

Muammar al-Qathafi is somewhere in the deserts well hidden according to Dr. Hamza Abuschgner Thami, with less than one handful (that is less than 5) of Green soldiers with him…and only what he wants known is sent out. The rest, these one fist full of men, keep tightly secret: so that Our IMAM is truly safe.


Aischa? Growth following picture? ¿. Who runs the Lake has ever known.

Latest from Dr. Hamza Thami:
22 JULY 2013

Green Resistance remains intact with power to wipe out the traitors and foreign mercenaries- Dr. Hamsa Touamani throws a stark warning to young Rafla and Almgarhh
Green Resistance remains intact with power to wipe out the traitors and foreign mercenaries- Dr. Hamsa Touamani throws a stark warning to young Rafla and Almgarhh



The last one in the tribe of slaves will deliver the banner time limit to Aribat of this what has been agreed upon day yesterday….Damn traitors religion wasted the most beautiful gift of God to humans home.

And, the Libyan people still follow the thought of Muammar al-Qathafi ….

The Friday Summery from Dr. Hamza Thami:ÚÇÇÇÇĚá and Haaaaaam part of the News of murder and blood and destruction in Libya stricken during the last 48 hours due to the black plight of FebruaryOf Ahrarna from the spot: –
1 on Wednesday (clashes between جردان the Kklh from Imran Sons tribe a tribe Jarvat and a number of wounded
2 on Thursday (clashes in Aghannaúmh area, located in the city of Ifrane between my family Chaibi and family Toumi now Mmaada to the injury Ahdalochkas of headed Caúba and number 3 Mneilh Toumi)
3 – Clashes between Rishvana and angle were evacuated families number of جردان the corner and a number of them were injured and a number of wounded and Rishvana
4 – Clashes in Tripoli and tourist dead and wounded
5 – Violent clashes in inspired flowers Airport Road between Zintan and Misratah and 4 killed, 8 injured from Misratah and the number of more than 6 Zintan
6 – citizen was killed in Tobruk
7 – to kill in Sabha
8 – dead and wounded in Benghazi
9 – Building fire in the Omar ibn al-Aas street in Benghazi
10 – dead and wounded in the pressures Alshall headed Alrajaban and
Proposed in the Ministry of Interior to form an armed force to protect Mgarat of the Interior Ministry and police stations …



Steamship loaded with barley flying the flag of Tanzania, without official permission, and was
And almost part Misratah and asked her to stop b توكرة by the vessel’s crew
Syrian orders from the owner of the ship, and Navy Special Forces launched
Infantry and the competent authorities and came out a convoy by road as well, and was thrown
The arrest of two fishing boats at sea by the Egyptians carrying out fishing
Without permission and been linked to their boat in a boat and dragged to Benghazi, and now
Boat “Janzur” by the proximity of توكرة b Inspection and the arrest of the vessel

Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi and Atef Shelmani Yana night to Tanzania

طمعت us.


The risk of blood clot electricity it quickly
And high-voltage sends Nillat such as heartbeat, but the most powerful and very, very much faster
Therefore, if electricity was strong
They may throw a man’s position
If the current severe could spark man يتفحم in a moment
Therefore Jardan the peaces need her power in Libya …


Arrived deficit in electricity production to 900 megawatts,
Shorten clear from the Ministry of Electricity, there turbine in Ruwais station parked than 4 months and need to Amra the lives of those who are calling.
There turbine in five Darolha station Amra and Veuve commissioned ten million and worked after just one hour and stopped ..
Turbines in the station south of Tripoli need maintenance contract has been signed with Swiss to صيانتهم the company, this company gave subcontractor decade to a Libyan company unfortunately been supplying spare parts for these turbines and still parts of this port since 3 months.
P cord jars

Information from the engineer technician from inside the General Electricity Company stating that Msoelan in the Ministry of Electricity imported Moldatkahrbaúah to cover the deficit of $ 1000,000,000 (($ 1 billion)) discovered that Almwaldat suffer from defects in manufacturing, and separated after the time of the operation, and this was because they took a commission large (bribe) transaction is known that billion dollars is enough to create a 5 power stations. 

Tkve need to Libya’s energy and sell for 100 years to come to extend the coast, land and sea across the country displayed on the assumption that Libya by 60 million people and industry list,

The Minister Amehariv has Libyans accused of stealing electricity, they reason, and asked them to rid their bills:

Brother farms Karim

“That you did not choose the right time for irrigation leads to an increase in the consumption of electricity and waste electric power.”


This message I received via orbit since a few sections in God something invincible power of the latter company attached to failure on the Libyan people and the toiling people.
T is the and ينها agriculture mainly in Libya ….?




Responded to them ..

Ndaaaaaaaaaaae to all the Liberals in all regions and cities of the Libyan
Operation of all electrical appliances in the home:
Laundry _ all lamps _ _ conditioners _ heaters hitter
Heaters _ fans _ who with you Chgloh it خليهم know Shen
Word meaning the ousted tyrant .. And greet each arrows Liberal
ردوا عليهم ..

نداااااااااااء الى كل الآحرار في كل مناطق ومدن الجماهيرية
تشغيل كل الآجهزة الكهربائية الموجودة في البيت :
مكوى _ كل مصابيح الآنارة _ مكيفات _ سخانات _ هيتر
دفايات _ مراوح _ اللي عندكم شغلوه خليهم يعرفوا شن
معناها كلمة أزلام الطاغية .. وتحية لكل الآزلام الآحرار

Why power outages in Libya? And where to go electric power!

Note that 2 million Libyans outside the country, stalled factories, construction companies fled, devastating most of the government institutions because of the bombing, and with all of this is getting daily power crisis and long hours.

An important announcement regarding the lack dropping the financial value of the sons of some families

Please note that the financial value of the sons who did not come down so far that the system will acted grant them priority by any means that the priority to those who have been filing the grant since its inception are the first of them revealed the sons and Hecmahsp grant system, the system
Aware that the first deposit was in the month of April 2011 means this is the first group I got her sons and value will continue to constantly

For some queries about the value of some of the children is between 100,200,300 dinars
That the system date of birth of each son and Elly مواليدة example 03/30/1995 gives him 300 dinars and is considered later this month over the 18-year

Um sons will be giving them new entitlements after giving them their own national number.

Social Affairs attached Indemnity girls over the age of 18
Country ambiance – Sami المجبري,

Suspended by the Ministry of Social Affairs today Indemnity girls over the age of 18 years, but it’s non Mtabguethen the law No. 6 of the General National Congress on exchange as well as the 100 dinars for children.

Media spokesman for the Ministry of Social Affairs Rabah Aaty, said the atmosphere of the country that he will stop grant students universities Baattabarhn the students earn scholarship.

And about the mechanism that will address the problem of girls who do not work added winner for the ambiance of the country will be modeling the offices of the Ministry of Labor offers to registry offices civil or branches of social affairs in the region after filling, and will be announced this mechanism next Tuesday through the media.

It is noteworthy that the interim government has decided to exchange the value of the premium for the past six months, with the beginning of this month, to coincide with the holy month of Ramadan.


(Dero Lake here all the hero martyr Billah Gaddafi)

Photo : ‎كم لايك للقائد لو ملقيتش 100لايك بنمسح الصوره‎

Mu in auto large


Adel الحاسي, through the channel Libya Al Ahrar ::

Shadow government exists and is led by Ali hardness and Sami al-Saadi and

Mohammed Abu Sidra and Hakim Belhadj.

– We are bidding [FAKE] ‘Islamic’ law, despite the fact that democracy is the rule of the Shura Council.

– This government fabricating crises and impose solutions.

– Rebels who fierceness of legitimacy they now oppose demanding their survival in positions equivalent to the army and police.

– Ask the Attorney General to develop a hand on militias accounts and non-payment of money to them because they are simply after the triumph of the revolution became mercenaries يرتزقون as revolution.

– Adel الحاسي, exposes Ahmed المجبرى and the rebels accused of killing one of Ajdabiya.

– Than they were at the front of Brega not increase for 6000 and sometimes in 2000 only and are now a quarter of a million!!!!


Elders white and civil society institutions and students
And volunteers in white they expel election commission
White mayor, and they said they reject this Committee
It reckoned on the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and its members
Brotherhood will not you fair elections …

Do not be surprised Brotherhood policy:


Evil tree .. I call on them at the moment, and you answer fasting God يهلكهم, as far as Maqo the country and the people of woes.




National pens |

Ambassador (geek!!) Great Britain Ikhatpkm, from the city of Misrata :

“hold,” saying: the law of political isolation largest victory for ثورتكم of the!! When it comes Ambassador to Benghazi Satouka that says: Tswejtkm to Illatkm and murdered in your streets is also a great victory to ثورتكم!! Lived ثورتكم the .. Long live ثورتكم!!
Poem: God Aasberk.
Dedicated to the elderly prisoners languishing in prisons unjustly and falsely.
قصيدة : الله ايصبرك .مُهداة إلى شيوخنا الأسرى القابعين في السجون ظُلماً و بُهتاناً .

Sheikh / Mohammed civil Alchuirv ………. Like the day before the appeals court Misratah several charges including incitement to murder, sedition and the court case reserved for the rule of

O decoding the families of all our prisoners inside prisons NATO rebels and prisons Jews Misrata ……….. Secretary Lord



In some houses ..
There are minus seat at the breakfast table “”
Either deceased, or expatriate, to a patient or prisoner ..

Lord, have mercy dead, and memorize absent, and heal patients

Your hearts, dead rats when you kill our sons in Benghazi and Hrguetm the hearts of our brothers in Misurata …. Then Arafnha that your heart is dead .. The Liberal hearts are still vibrant, safe and stable … And still love dwells hearts Liberal … Love mass and martyr fasting leader Muammar al-Qathafi.









Dance popular in the Pillars after the return of rockets into the center of Tripoli and the picture shows Chairman of the Security Committee ancient city …


Tripoli witness two days ago Night Spots strong explosions heard echoed across the capital without knowing where or offending behind them.

Sunday, 21 July 2013 (12:47:0)

Tripoli witness two days ago Night Spots strong explosions heard echoed across the capital without knowing where or offending behind them. Tripoli, July 21, 2013 (and)

The city of Tripoli two days ago Night Spots strong explosions heard echoed across the capital without knowing where or offending behind them. And caused votes these bombings conflicting reports on the street about who stands behind it, and in the absence of any clarification from all the security agencies in زراتي interior and defense in a state of fear and panic among the population of the capital, especially as it coincides with the times of breakfast and suhoor in this holy month. These bombings have raised questions among residents of the capital Tripoli on the security situation and the role of the security services various تسمياتها and subordination in response to such breaches.

Public Service Company of Tripoli declares for the theft of two cars from its fleet Group garbage collection on Sunday ..
The first type Mitrichi E120 nine o’clock am today at the highway driver was attacked, beaten and threatened with weapons.
The second compressive truck (380) Plate Number 81 804 General has gunpoint robbery at nine in the morning is also the path of the airport.

Strange phenomenon spread to the outskirts of Tripoli is the presence of the bodies dumped on the edge of the road and distorted be transferred to the refrigerator Almuth and no one asks them is strange that the number of bodies in a large increase in.

Tripoli age Taatkhalkhal Maillst today ousted Dop ….
Urgent .. Very strong explosions heard now in Khela Alforjan and Spring Valley ..

Mediterranean News Agency:

Center for National Security exposure through Tripoli airport to the armed attack was completely burned and car theft, which it!!
14 voices and hear the text is now directed through the airport.

Revolutionaries combing,,, stealing a car by force of arms rubbish!

The rebels Hbatash Ben February combed rubbish car this morning at nine o’clock in the morning the path of the airport, “Tripoli” The truck was stolen compressor bearing the number plate 81 804 General by force of arms!

fighting between Misurata and Zintan:



After OBAMA’s drone devestating fires in the Green Nafusa Western Mountains,  there is now an Af-forestation campaign the الجفارة area \ Zintan (8 photos):

Use paper of the (NATO) EVIL EMPIRE’sInternational Criminal Court” to put pressure on Zintan to hand over Saif al-Islam in Tripoli. This is intended to pull all papers for Xanthan, as ICC puts pressure on the puppet-rat government, and can therefore be a declaration of war against ZINTAN by virtue of the pale of (so-named) “legitimacy” of GNC ….

استخدام ورقة المحكمة الجنائية الدولية للضغط على الزنتان لتسليم سيف الاسلام الى طرابلس يقصد به سحب كافة اوراق الضغط للزنتان على الحكومة وبالتالي يمكن اعلان الحرب عليها بحكم خروجها عن الشرعية ….

Do not fear folks, Saif will NEVER go to Brussels…and even IF Zintan did have him, they would NEVER hand him over to NATO’s murdering ICC.

Conversation began today
2:39 pm
(Tall green)

Saif white shiek

On Monday, 28/08/2005 met Saif al-Islam Gaddafi بأهالي popular Ifrane speaking Tamazight in each of Ifrane and Gado in a meeting is the first of its kind after stalling as long as several months, at the beginning of the meeting, tried some of the audience dilute the session by talking about the problems of superficial and simple But young people strongly Qatauhm and stressed that the only subject that should be asked and discussed is indigestible and Amazigh rights.
It was noted that Saif Gaddafi was not interested in the topics raised at the outset, and interest in and who demonstrated the interaction while beginning to talk about the case, which confirms that the Amazigh theme is the main theme for which it was a sword. And opened one young Ifrane Multi rights Amazigh and tried to take the dimensions of the problem in all its aspects and clarified to Saif Gaddafi and has seen him everyone style upscale in the IPO and his good subject, and relay Speakers and made each of them its mark and talked about the problems and pressure and marginalization who suffer them Tamazight, and quite frankly, he was offering for HCA was not confined to bug a specific area only, but that the subtraction and demands were comprehensive what affirmed by young people that Tamazight belongs to all Libyans, without exception, and does not belong to speaking Tamazight only, and this is what confirmed by Saif al-Islam in the comment to him later.
And after that did attend their words occur Saif Gaddafi at the beginning of his speech about the problems faced by the community and dividing them into physical and moral, he said: The physical as problems communications and infrastructure are specific to each Libya is not the subject of our conversation now and promised reforms towards it, and the problems Moral said at the beginning of his speech about the (human can bear the cold and frost, but he could not bear the humiliation), and talked about the law that prohibits giving the names of non-Arab names and is intended to prevent the Amazigh names and said that this law and these lists that prevent Names of Amazigh and it is a trivial laws and funny, laughable, and doomed to extinction, like the revolutionary courts,!!
And talked about the teaching of Tamazight language and should be said on his tongue how considering Hausa and Swahili, and forget the Tamazight language of the country?!
And I said to attend first يدعمكم in the teaching of Amazigh by all means, but it’s another سيدرسها he said the lack of mastery of her and confirmed that he will be the first student at the beginning of Amazigh taught! In conclusion, he promised everyone change for the better, and stressed that the Amazigh are not ment of one of them and it is a right that should take him and emphasized youth they سيحضون supported by his foundation, even harassed by the security services and others what they except to say Saif Gaddafi Amazigh, this is on the lips of Saif Gaddafi and after the celebrations and raising slogans Amazigh language and singing them publicly in each of Ifrane and Gado before the eyes of the security authorities, which was the day before and one block everything Amazigh and lifted two days later in the celebrations of the Conqueror in Tripoli banners Baltevinag and other Arabic (Amazigh Nefoussa the congratulate the Libyan people, the festivals of light) and celebrations in each of Ifrane and Gado continuing until today and Tamazight.

Dr. Hero Saif al-Islam Gaddafi & his brother,

Hero Mujahid Mohammed Muammar Gaddafi:

The latest developments with regard to the Tamazight language

Will be edited in the constitutional declaration that states that the Tamazight language the second official language that do not use this language in government circles and in the correspondence between local authorities and between the central authority and in litigation before the courts and boards of arbitration nor in correspondence official and thus have the Arabic language is the official language of the state.

That explains the mechanism for the implementation of this law steps on the stage.

Amazigh demanding them in the language of the new Constitution and the General National Congress demands hits the wall.

Mountain West |

Is stronger rebels Gado and Amazigh mountain b there will be a very large demonstration
And there will be civil disobedience, and they will close the ports, and
Oil fields that fall within the scope of their towns and vital facilities, as
B rebels confirmed that, after editing one did not pay attention to them, and they did not
Atdkhalo in all previous violations and did not have problems, but
It is time to listen to them, according to the state described.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Case of abduction of a new identity for the people of Zintan :::

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessed

God Íaadinm the Bnkhbrk process kidnapping of two sons of Zintan
Yesterday were kidnapped on Thursday night with one o’clock at night
And the last place where people saw them was in front of Xanthan passenger terminal in the market Tuesday

And the names of the kidnapped are:

1 .. Haitham Mohamed Mabrouk trunk
2 .. Sami Mohamed Mabrouk trunk

They dwell in the airport road behind transport

We have successfully released seven of Zintan were kidnapped,

including Alctor, Salah Geweili and sons Mohammed Mabrouk trunk
We thank all those who contributed in the process of their release and their return to their families safely.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

We thank God for the safety of the brother “friend Abuaoberh” from the corner, where he was subjected to a traffic accident during the transfer of fuel from the corner to a mountain cities.
Where the truck was severely damaged and overturned and leaking fuel from the tank, but there are members of the civil defense’re the place.
The scene on the way down the mountain in the region between Zintan Riyaana the.

Brother, friend Zintan Hospital, where he was to resuscitate him there was not accompanied by any assistant, and it seems that the result of the truck veered off sleepiness.:

Zintan channel on Facebook

The evening was held tonight poetic Ramadan within the demonstration of cultural and sporting met by many of the poets and intellectuals .



This is not everything …………..
After the restart the Operations Section laparoscopic surgery at the hospital and the adoption on Saturday of each week as the date her ….
Here on Sunday is the opening of Operations Section of Urology and also بسواعد the young neonatal actively this time the people of this city ..
Today has been conducting special operations tract and related diseases and when we asked the officials told us that with the processing of the place, there will also be a clinic for the detection of cases which need to perform operations of this kind will be reported as scheduled later ..
It is said that these doctors had tried to contact the previous administration to offer their services to the people of the city and you and drew much like the rejection of those who preceded them such requests …
As we thank our doctors young and squeeze their hands .. For the advancement of health services in this city, which has suffered enough .. We reiterate our call for doctors, especially those who belong to this tribe …
(The Bani Walid worth the Onbkhal spirits by physical Palmgod?????!!)

God save Bani Walid and her family …..
Voir la traduction
This is not everything …………..
After the restart the Operations Section laparoscopic surgery at the hospital and the adoption on Saturday of each week as the date her ….
Here on Sunday is the opening of Operations Section of Urology and also بسواعد the young neonatal actively this time the people of this city ..
Today has been conducting special operations tract and related diseases and when we asked the officials told us that with the processing of the place, there will also be a clinic for the detection of cases which need to perform operations of this kind will be reported as scheduled later ..
It is said that these doctors had tried to contact the previous administration to offer their services to the people of the city and you and drew much like the rejection of those who preceded them such requests …
As we thank our doctors young and squeeze their hands .. For the advancement of health services in this city, which has suffered enough .. We reiterate our call for doctors, especially those who belong to this tribe …
(The Bani Walid worth the Onbkhal spirits by physical Palmgod?????!!)

God save Bani Walid and her family …..

First Ghaith drop …….
And our response to your mail to some doctors working at the hospital some joyfulnews review of the following ..
The opening of laparoscopic surgery department at the hospital .. and conductlaparoscopic gallbladder removal ..
As well as a mastectomy for laparoscopic appendectomy redundant and thisprocess is a precedent in the history of the hospital …
And also to return the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology to work normally and a caesarean section and the low level of transfer cases to a minimum 8months ago …
As evidenced by the hospital maintenance work these days, and internalprocessing of some of the places allocated for doctors and nursing bedroomsand rest requirements and provide some foreigners ….
As is this topic contracted days with a group of doctors in the field of anesthesiaand surgical care and internal medicine in the Department of Tawari of whichcame into force which starts after the end of the holy month due to Living situationfor doctors .
And we looked at the hands of the new administration and hope which continueبهدا approach and attention next to the provision of services ……
WHDH some pictures of laparoscopic cholecystectomy and excess medicineslaparoscopic surgery carried out by doctors from the sons of the city of BaniWalid from inside the operating room has given us some doctors ..
Of Pages corner جردان. Lock Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology times 1000., The spectrum for the intervention of militias and armed gangs in to Aaniha. Rave freedom Yazawah. Astnhqo breeze liberty alleged



Seized a large number of mines, were in the hands of some criminals inside a civilian car towards the city of Tobruk.



Mohammed Zahawi Ansar al-Sharia battalion commander of the dancer in a band tuber Folk Art to dance on the bodies of army and police officers in the eastern region.

The news agency – tuber

The killing of two has been identified “Mahmoud Ali Al_husnona”, and the other
Anonymous, and a third injured in a car explosion was loaded
B explosives, according to initial reports, b area الهيشة south and tuber
Were transferred to a hospital in the city.

Tuber Up |

Killed two people and wounded another in a car, the الهيشة
South dirt, and dead and Pray shreds according to the hospital’s
The Jordanian now, and no one recognizes them.

Bombing in the city of Derna moments ago.

Libyan terrorists who fled from the Syrian short strikes by the Syrian Arab Army returned to Derna in retaliation for the army and police personnel in Libya ….

My dinars newsletter.
il y a 11 minutes
Tuber Tstgat the Aalepien Is Moghait to tuber

Image takfirist, known and famous in the dirt, “Sufian Alqovernm” Ras Alafh major in dirt and suspect that he is assassinated in people informally and most of the families of the victims of dirt claims it “hand” Alemenh to Sufian Alqovernm is – full Azzouz Ras Alafh small “Baset Azzouz” Osma comes
2 – Salem Derby
3 – Salem tribal (Bonqth)
4 – poetic cock
Who killed the prosecutor Najib Huwaidi Born Haj دبروها in a Afattaúh farm ……
Born Haj is the main Almomol. Hdhum suspects testimony all the people of dirt and Hola are the cause of the destruction of dirt and destroyed Aghithona.

Mail page:

Safed demon jinn in September and stayed demon Humans



Since a few loud explosion in Sirte Initial reports that the blast targeted on behalf of Sirte.

Eyewitness …………..

23/07/2013 Sirte!!
The existing blast targeted the basement under behalf of Sirte … Insert a witness that there is no basement in something and did not hurt anyone damaged, thank God, and He also said the type of explosive is Jalatinh.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel
Initial images rendered bombing Courts Complex in Sirte in conjunction with the rendered bombing of the National Security Center pond in Benghazi

Sirte bombing of the court and the prosecution / / 23.07.2013

Clashes in Sirte shortly before heavy weapons between rat Almzraty the Adnan Alaghimy and rat Almzraty the Talal Okachirh and those smolt did not exceed twenty!!

Khobar – Sirte – reporter

The director of the electricity company coordinator of the electricity sector and renewable energies in Sirte engineer the “Ramadan Bushofah”, on Sunday that a number of power stations have been yesterday for looting and theft resulting in power outages in some neighborhoods, agricultural and industrial region.

And explained, “Bushofah” to the main power plant in the industrial zone 66 kV might as well have been yesterday for ground-theft cables and cables out to feed the areas adjacent to the station and stealing electrical wiring b station and lunch residential buildings area Bohady.

Khobar – Sirte …

Fire by some five tents B Street to the city of Sirte and civil defense vehicle, came late after the flames devoured a number of tents.



Wounding two who tried to assassinate the coordinator of the Council of Cyrenaica the Ezzedine Alokwak military .. And the arrest of one of them .. The fourth flight, Mohammed Fakhri!!

Knowing that they belong to extremist Islamic groups “Tkferrion”!!

General Coordinator of the assassination attempt of the Supreme Military Council tenderly Ezzedine Alokwak البرغثي.



Libya Gate

Omar forms of transfer of military police prison Benghazi to Khalid Sharif prisons in Tripoli.
The group was transferred 23 prisoners from the Gaddafi follow him from Benghazi to Khalid Sharif prisons in Tripoli.

Half an hour before sunset, one of the officers was assassinated in the former internal security and is Salem Aboroas.

Bank of the Republic of Benghazi stopped working

According to media sources, citing employees Bank of the Republic Branch city of Benghazi, they stopped working since yesterday to the lack of security elements bank. They emphasized that the staff of the other branches in the city of Benghazi protested and refrained from work because of the events that occurred in a number of banks in the past few days. Referred to as that the Director of the Republic Bank branch hotel was FD was battered earlier ..

The primary outcome so far of the Security Center bombing national pond in Benghazi and death of one of the elements of Online Security Center moment of the explosion ..

The first image of the center of the pond explosion :: Benghazi

Hassan Bacouche | correspondent channel Libya Al Ahrar.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel … Benghazi now

Two consecutive explosions rock Benghazi now ..
Uttered by Sir commander (never هؤلا the not the people of Benghazi) ..

Youth honorable corner.

Benghazi …

Benghazi shortly before

Explosion occurred in the center of the pond ….

Baraka Center …Sound of an explosion huge shake of Benghazi.

Information from Galaa Benghazi hospital ….

3 injured prisoners wounded when Africans center of the pond.

The news of the death of a policeman Center.

Shortly before Hawari Hospital received the case as: Wali Saleh al-Obeidi, head of the old city
Of the country’s population … Missing since yesterday after breakfast
Was found in triangle Buhedima the close of the old cattle market restricted hands and legs with a metal wire
متعرض beaten on the face water pipe (quiver).
He is now alive and unable to speak, but for acute نزيفه

Ask family and his family need to come to the hospital immediately Hawari

What Can Mechanic Plumber costume and Sam bin Humaid smashes in Nasser statue at the Benghazi…

I do not feel that the standards and values ​​and principles have disappeared from that time..

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Arabic mutate for dogs

Committee formed to investigate the massacre shield bin Humaid in Benghazi Alkwyfah on May 8, which claimed the lives of 41 young men and one woman (totals 42 deceased) and 104 wounded .. The Committee requested today exempted from the follow-up investigation. Due to the rejection of the appearance of any of the members of the Bin Humaid shield to achieve, in addition to the threats, which reached some members of the committee assassinations ..
It is worth mentioning that this is a repetition of what happened to the Commission of Inquiry set up to investigate the deaths of 11 people from the demonstrators in Benghazi F save in front of a battalion hardness Balhuara the

(Valley Girl)

Salem al-Obeidi writes us:

Killed two people and wounded another in a car, the الهيشة
South dirt, and dead and Pray shreds according to the hospital’s
The Jordanian now, and no one recognizes them.

Death wife of Osama Altarhuni, who was assassinated today in Mr. Younis ... Her wounds!!

Wife. Altarhuni victim, who was killed yesterday in Sidi Younes in Benghazi, a 19-year-old child bearer, and died of her injuries .. How you cowards, you murderers!!

Nasser Houari

The killers of al-Qaeda in Cyrenaica!!

The story of the assassination of Osama Altarhuni the day in Benghazi
Wife of Osama Altarhuni, who works in the CID and who was assassinated in the hospital suffering from mild injuries ..

Did you know that the target of this crime .. Is a Osama Altarhuni the brother .. Ali Altarhuni was serving in the former Homeland Security .. Osama was and took him to the car .. فجروه improvised explosive device under the chair .. Sophisticated and zest murder .. The problem is if you show them تلقاهم beard .. And then Azaalo what Nicolo them Mqji!!!! Far be it from the beard of them ..

Benghazi Day |

Wendy crime her forehead committed today terrorists and extremists detonated a car Osama Altarhuni from CID died on the track he and his wife, who was with him in the car

National pens |

How Tstton hide fact that Fberaúr the Aptdat erected a gallows for the security men on white bridges and committing the worst massacres of innocent and comment humans and تقطيعهم on the walls of the court in Benghazi ……. And who did it continue to this day to commit their crimes in secret prisons and Balaghtylat the kidnapping and looting and pillage …….. Is this ثورتكم? Damn her and you.

(Arab sage)

Attempted murder of the Observatory for Human Rights Libya in Benghazi

The director survived Observatory for Human Rights Libya in the east of the region Soualem Nasser on Friday, after an assassination attempt in the city of Benghazi.

Soualem confirmed that was the subject of an assassination attempt at the traffic lights near the area south of Benghazi Almajora for cutting from the pool area accompanied by family members.

“ They fired two shots at the car by strangers, the car was coming from the opposite direction went through the windshield and side glass without success or one of my family members was injured flees to strangers. “

– The death of Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Saleh Moroccan Barasi Hillel died the evening of Wednesday, July 17 / benefit Barasi presented – Chief, Division of pharmacies, the Municipal Guard spokesman in Benghazi, Colonel / Moroccan Hulail – operations of headroom with municipal guards Benghazi. After a tragic accident near Baknfodh Co. Al-Jouf.



خبار Zliten
The attack inside a hospital Zliten

On Saturday the attack on the intensive care department Zliten Central Hospital by a group of young people where they beat one of the elements within the medical intensive care and let us know بالرماية live bullets in front of the emergency department, sparking panic among members of the medical staff, patients and visitors.

News Zliten

After the arrest of the gang of armed robbery and car theft in Zliten yesterday

The day the family of one of the accused to derail their son by force from the prison of the Rat National Security in Zliten

And Rat Libya Shield forces slowed the accused family on short notice to be handed over to the authorities, otherwise the shield to Libya would intervene and support the rat national security forces to arrest the accused and traced back to prison.



Khobar – Mizdah

Abduction of both “Khalid Mohammed Taher,” and “Abdel Moneim Boukasm the
Abraham, “from Mizdah city of unidentified ago.



Hospital Medical Sabha:

Free newspaper Sabha

Warning: I hope the national army moved to Gate 18 Ubari where the gang fake gate and search people and steal their money and cars during the day and night.

– The large number of pills seized narcotic in the mountains south of Libya, in border guarded by the army of mercenaries who governs Libya.

Airport Manager release Sabha and continues to close the airport
Atmosphere of the country – Fathi Ismail

The director of Sebha International Airport Mohammed Oouhadh he was released on Sunday after being arrested with the commander of the airport from the port by the security intelligence battalion Ring countries, during processing of the foreign trip for pilgrims heading for the city of Jeddah.

The Oouhadh expressed surprise at the decision of his arrest by the battalion, “which does not know the legitimacy or not – according to him -” denying any charges him during interrogation that has been in place do not know – he said -.

He added Aouhadh the head of the airports had given instructions to close the airport for three days after I told him arrested me, as it has released today the decision to extend the closure for 48 hours with the exception of my trip air cargo belonging to General Electric Company.

It is noteworthy that members of the security at the airport staging a sit-in since last Thursday demanding the improvement of their material conditions and health and safety.

Continues to shut down the airport Sabha
The sit-in to demand security men to provide security because of repeated violations and their inability to secure.



News about the demolition of the gate Assistant


According to incoming reports from the border area of assistant, Sunday, assistant for the demolition of the gate after being blown up by some people in the last period. The travelers and residents of the region to the reporter, “news agency solidarity” that the explosion occurred on Saturday night, adding that the gate-free since the duration of the security men. Despite attempts by the reporter of solidarity in order to obtain a permit from the relevant authorities, but he could not. It is worth mentioning that the Assistant border area experiencing organizational chaos, especially in the border crossing is controlled by groups not affiliated with any security device at the crossing and its gates, and most of them do not offer the traveler in accordance with the applicable laws, according to what he said some travelers.

Source: Solidarity News Agency


– Italy and Britain agree to greater interference in the affairs of Libya, under the pretext of security and economic support that they themselves were responsible for destroying.



Thank goodness!

Czech state refuses to approve the delivery of 350 armored vehicles and ammunition to Libya.

Continued Ministry of Foreign Affairs Czech withhold consent to a contract worth the equivalent of $ 51 million and signed by Czech companies with the Libyan government in 2012 for the export of 350 armored vehicles surplus and several million units of ammunition to Libya, because of fears of being held accountable as soon as the ammunition to Libya.

She Johanna Grohova, a spokeswoman for the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

«In the event occurred ammunition, for example, in the hands of a country with an unstable government or terrorist groups, it would not threaten the reputation of the Czech Republic only, but also threaten the reputation of our indigenous defense industry and other companies.

It hopes a group of companies defensive Czech, including «Excalibur Armey», and »Tatra Koprivnas», and »in the A or B – CZK» state-owned Czech Export 350 vehicle reconnaissance armored updated model «NPR DM» and vehicle infantry combat of model B in B-1 »to Libya

Czech ‫ # ‬ ‫ # ‬ ‫ # refuses to approve the delivery ‫ # ‬ 350 ‫ # ‬ ‫ # armored and ammunition to Libya

Rusaifa News
Continued Ministry of Foreign Affairs Czech withhold consent to a contract worth billion crowns (the equivalent of U.S. $ 51 million) and signed by Czech companies with the Libyan government in 2012 for the export of 350 armored vehicles surplus and several million units of ammunition to Libya, because of fears of being held accountable as soon as the ammunition to its destination. said Johanna Grohov, a spokeswoman for the Czech Foreign Ministry: «in the event occurred ammunition, for example, in the hands of a country with an unstable government or terrorist groups, it would not threaten the reputation of the Czech Republic only, but it will threaten also the reputation of our industry’s defense of indigenous and other companies . hopes a group of companies defensive Czech, including «Excalibur Armey», and »تاتر Koprivnas», and »in the a or B – CZK» state-owned Czech Export 350 vehicle reconnaissance armored updated model «NPR DM» and vehicle pedestrian combat aircraft «my B-1» to Libya.



From Turkey with Love: Another Israeli attack on Syria?

Global Research, July 20, 2013

Prime Minister Erdogan and his AK Party government have a track record of being deceitful, especially in regards to both Israel and Syria.

No one should be surprised to hear that Israel and Turkey are collaborating together against the Syrians. With the aim of tightening the front against Syria, President Obama even travelled to Israel in March 2013 to directly broker a quick rapprochement between the governments of Israel and Turkey. Getting a public nudge from the Obama Administration, Israel and Turkey would announce that their diplomatic row was over only two days after NATO announced it had put together contingency plans for operations in Syria on March 20, 2013. Even when relations were publicly sour between Ankara and Tel Aviv, the two countries maintained military and commercial ties.

Despite the fact that Prime Minister Erdogan denounced Tel Aviv for attacking Syria, the first fruits of Israeli and Turkish collaboration became visible in May 2013 when Israeli warplanes attacked a Syrian military research facility in the town of Jamraya with US approval, as admitted by President Obama to Telemundo. Right after the Israeli attacks the Turkish and Israeli militaries launched simultaneous exercises on their respective borders with Syria. Although the military operations were presented as uncoordinated events, both Ankara and Tel Aviv were coordinating with one another in a military posture against Syria. The Israeli and Turkish moves on their borders with Syria were probably aimed at preventing Syria from responding through intimidation. The Turkish government would also put extra pressure on the Syrians by blaming them for a terrorist attack in the Turkish border town of Reyhanli, which the Turkish activist group of internet hackers named Redhack would reveal was known about well in advance by Turkey’s Gendarmerie Intelligence.

Israeli Merkava tanks roll during a military exercise in the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights near the border with Syria on July 18, 2013. (AFP Photo / Jack Guez)

Israeli Merkava tanks roll during a military exercise in the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights near the border with Syria on July 18, 2013. (AFP Photo / Jack Guez)

What Happened in Latakia?

Just when it began becoming apparent that the US and its allies were facing serious regional setbacks in the Middle East and North Africa, reports began circulating about an explosion in Latakia. Unverified reports, originating from anonymous sources in Israel in early July 2013, began claiming that Tel Aviv had launched an attack against the Syrian port of Latakia that caused a massive explosion. As the rumours began to circulate in the media, it was dubiously claimed that the Israeli attacks were launched against shipments of Russian-made S-300 air defence systems that were in the process of being delivered to Syria by the Kremlin. US officials would enter the picture by deliberately leaking more information about what happened in Latakia by claiming that Israel used its air force to bomb the port there to destroy a military depot filled with Russian-made Yakhont land-to-sea anti-ship missiles.

Then, on July 15, RT’s Paula Slier would report from Tel Aviv that Israel had attacked Latakia by using a Turkish military base. This would upset the Turkish government, which would deny it and say anyone making the claims was involved in an “act of betrayal.” In response to the Russian report, Turkish officials would up the ante by claiming that the Russian anti-ship missiles in the Syrian port were destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon and that the US and Israel had coordinated the attacks by holding meetings in Turkey with the anti-government militias operating inside Syria. Uzi Mahnaimi would complicate the matter by reporting through the British press that the Israeli attacks were launched from a German-built Dolphin from the sea, which essentially vindicated Turkey by refuting the claim that a Turkish base was used by the Israelis.

Syrian rebels head to the town of Bsankol in the northwestern province of Idlib to join comrades fighting regime forces for the control of the highway that connects Idlib with Latakia on July 11, 2013. (AFP Photo / Daniel Leal-Olivas)Syrian rebels head to the town of Bsankol in the northwestern province of Idlib to join comrades fighting regime forces for the control of the highway that connects Idlib with Latakia on July 11, 2013. (AFP Photo / Daniel Leal-Olivas)

What has to be understood is that countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia conceal their collaboration with Tel Aviv due to the heavy opposition against the Israeli occupation of Palestine among their respective societies. What is also important to note is that a Turkish jet was downed in 2012 by Syria when it was following a route that was used by Israeli jets near the Syrian-Turkish border. The use of this aerial route by Tel Aviv has never really been challenged by Turkey. It is also part of an important pattern that shows how close the tactics used by Israel and Turkey against Syria are.

From Turkey with love! (The first time around)

On June 22, 2012 a Turkish F-4 Phantom fighter-bomber from Malatya in Turkey was shot down above Syrian airspace. There would be conflicting reports about the fate of the pilots. The Turkish media would report that they were rescued while Syrian sources would claim that they were captured. The fighter-bomber’s two pilots, however, would reportedly be found dead trapped under the jet’s wreckage almost two weeks later.

Perhaps coming as a surprise to many, the Syrian and Turkish governments would conduct joint search and rescue efforts to find the airplane’s wreck and the two missing pilots. Damascus would even allow Turkish rescue units to enter Syrian territorial waters and make the proposal that a joint Syrian-Turkish military committee be formed to investigate what really happened. Syria would even apologize to Turkey and argue that its troops thought that the Turkish warplane was an Israeli jet violating Syrian airspace.

Initially, it was clear that the Turkish government did not know how to react and made several contradictory statements. Erdogan would even say that he was unaware if the Syrians had shot the jet down and was waiting for precise information about the incident. Ultimately, Ankara would claim that the Turkish jet was shot down by the Syrian military without any warnings inside international airspace above the Mediterranean Sea. Later the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya network—the Fox News of the Arab World—would claim that the two Turkish pilots were executed by the Syrians and had their corpses planted into the wreckage under instructions from the Russian government, which also directed Damascus to apologize and then tried to manage the entire event.

What had caught the Turks, and NATO, by surprise was the fact that the Syrians had detected the F-4 fighter-bomber. The Turkish jet was actually spying against Syria on an intelligence mission conducting low altitude reconnaissance work and testing the air defence systems of Syria. This is why the Turkish government quickly changed its position several times. Expecting to be exposed, the Turkish government at first played stupid. At the outset Turkish officials talked about the incident like it was a mistake. They even admitted that the Turkish plane had crossed into Syrian airspace, but said it was an honest accident during a training mission. When Damascus said nothing, however, Erdogan and his government began to aggressively blame the Syrians of unjustified aggression.

A Turkish F-16 fighter jet approaches the tarmac of Incirlik airbase in the southern Turkish city of Adana July 4, 2012. (Reuters / Umit Bektas)A Turkish F-16 fighter jet approaches the tarmac of Incirlik airbase in the southern Turkish city of Adana July 4, 2012. (Reuters / Umit Bektas)

The Syrians would respond to Ankara’s lies by relying on the technical facts. From a technical standpoint the Turkish government’s story that Ankara’s jet was shot by the Syrian military while it was flying outside of Syrian airspace over the Mediterranean Sea was impossible. The reason was that the Turkish warplane was downed by an anti-aircraft artillery machine gun with a maximum range of 2.5 kilometers, which can only operate from land and operates on the basis of visual confirmation. It would have been impossible for the Syrians to use the anti-aircraft machine gun to target the Turkish jet if it were in international airspace, because it was out of firing range. Surface-to-air missiles would have had to been used instead by the Syrians. Moreover, Syria would even warn NATO as a whole, after Turkey called a NATO consultative meeting under the Washington Treaty’s Article 4, not to even think of violating Syria’s airspace, territorial waters, or land borders.

Many of the same tactics that were used against the Libyans by Turkey and NATO have been recycled against the Syrians. The failed Turkish spy mission for NATO in 2012 was actually a repeat of what happen to Libya in 2011. A Syrian pilot had defected by flying with his jet from Al-Dumayr, just northeast of Damascus, to Jordon’s King Hussein Air Base in Mafraq on June 21, 2012. The Syrian pilot, Colonel Al-Hamadeh, even sent his family out of Syria to Turkey before he defected. From Jordon his Syrian jet’s flight codes were passed to NATO and Turkey to disguise or cloak their aerial units as friendly Syrian ones. The Turkish military and NATO had tried to disguise the Turkish F-4 Phantom fighter-bomber as a Syrian jet using the stolen codes. The Syrians, however, were aware of what happened earlier to Libya when two Libyan warplanes defected to Malta and handed over their military flight codes to NATO, which used those codes months later when it attacked Libya as a means of bypassing Libya’s air defence system.

The AK Party’s dirty hands

The AK Party has dirty hands and has tried to hide many of its activities from its own citizens. When the idea that a Turkish military jet could have been involved in operations against Syria was reported in 2012 by members of the Turkish media, the AK Party government began a very aggressive campaign to censor them. The Turkish government began drafting new media laws to prevent criticism against the Turkish government and Erdogan attacked the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet and anyone that dared to question the official narrative provided by his government as a “traitor” and “enemy of the state.”

Skeptics cannot be blamed for thinking that the story about the Israeli military strike on Latakia was planted to disguise the miserable failure of Washington’s regime change project in Syria, Israel’s growing fears about the regional environment, and the regional decline of the Muslim Brotherhood. Despite Ankara’s denials, the revelation of Turkish involvement in the events surrounding Latakia is pushing the different players involved to talk more. It should be remembered that Prime Minister Erdogan and the AK Party government in Turkey have a track record of being very deceitful, especially in regards to Turkey’s cooperating with Israel and their government’s aggression against the Syrians. In this context, the news that Israel used a Turkish base against Syria to avoid detection should come as no surprise either. Even the same tactical approaches were used by both the Israeli and Turkish militaries in regards to entering Syrian airspace from the Syrian Arab Republic’s northwestern coast.

Things will become cleared once, and if, more governments start talking openly about the events that occurred in Latakia. Only then can there be a clear picture of what really happened in Latakia. Nevertheless, there should be no mistake about it that the Israeli-Turkish alliance never really ended and that Israel and Turkey are comrades-in-arms against the Syrians.

This article war originally published by RT Op-Edge.

Post image for BT communications giant aiding US lethal drone attacks – PRISM ?

BT communications giant aiding US lethal drone attacks –


22 JULY  2013

Source: Herald Scotland


The human rights group, Reprieve, has lodged a formal complaint with the UK Government against the company, arguing that it has breached guidelines on responsible business behaviour drawn up by the 34-country Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Reprieve has obtained details of a $23 million deal agreed last September between BT and the US government’s Defense Information Systems Agency to connect the US drone base at Camp Lemonnier in African republic Djibouti by fibre-optic cable to RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire, which serves as a major US communications base.

Lemonnier is the main centre for US drone operations outside Afghanistan. It sends Predator and Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles armed with Hellfire missiles on “targeted killing” missions against suspected terrorist cells in Yemen and Somalia.

But Reprieve says the attacks violate international law because they are carried out in areas where no war has been declared. In January, the United Nations launched an investigation into the legality and casualties of the strikes, headed by the special rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism, British barrister Ben Emmerson QC.

According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism at City University in London, confirmed drone strikes in Yemen have killed between 240 and 349 people since 2002, with a further 283-456 left dead by “possible” strikes. Between 37 and 97 of those killed were said to be civilians, up to 11 of them children.

There is less information available for Somalia where, since 2007, up to 27 people have been reported killed by drones, maybe 15 of them civilians. Because the operations are shrouded in secrecy, it is difficult to be certain of the exact death toll.

Reprieve’s complaint alleges that BT, which held its annual general meeting in Edinburgh last week, has flouted human rights provisions in the OECD guidelines on multinational enterprises. Under the published procedures, BT will now be asked for a response, and an initial assessment of the complaint will be made.

The OECD guidelines require companies to “respect the internationally recognised human rights of those affected by their activities”. Companies should “seek ways to prevent or mitigate adverse human rights impacts that are directly linked to their business operations, products or services by a business relationship, even if they do not contribute to these impacts.”

Drones have “devastating human rights impacts” on communities in Yemen which are unable to protect themselves and their families, Reprieve says. “BT has contributed to the large-scale human rights violations caused by the US use of drones in Yemen.”

Reprieve’s lawyer, Catherine Gilfedder, argued that Yemeni civilians were victims of “brutal violations” from the drone attacks. “The US’s secretive and illegal campaign of drone strikes in Yemen is killing civilians and traumatising communities, yet it remains largely hidden from the eyes of the world,” she told the Sunday Herald.

She called on BT to come clean over its involvement in the strikes, adding: “Its management cannot continue to bury their heads in the sand on this issue, especially if they want to maintain BT’s reputation as a responsible company.”

When Reprieve asked BT about its US defence contract, the company refused to discuss it. “BT does not disclose contractual matters,” wrote Prakash Mistry from the company’s legal department.

The campaign group then approached BT’s chief executive, Ian Livingston, who is about to leave to become a UK Government trade minister. “BT have clear policies regarding responsible business and we are satisfied that our contracts are consistent with them,” he said.

When asked to comment by the Sunday Herald, BT pointed out that it provided communications for governments and thousands of organisations around the world. “We are comfortable having the US government as a client,” a company spokesman said.

Green MSP Alison Johnstone urged the UK Government to assess Reprieve’s complaint. “There’s a lot of public unease over drones,” she said. “The idea of a British organisation profiting while alleged human rights abuses are taking place raises many questions. Did the UK authorities know about this contract and, if so, did they express any concerns?”

The US Defense Information Systems Agency did not respond to a request to comment. But in a speech in Washington DC on May 23, President Barack Obama accepted that drones had killed and injured civilians. “It is a hard fact that US strikes have resulted in civilian casualties, a risk that exists in every war,” he said. “And for the families of those civilians, no words or legal construct can justify their loss.”

Nevertheless, he argued that drones were used legally, proportionately and in self-defence to prevent future terrorist attacks. “Simply put, these strikes have saved lives,” he said. “Remember that the terrorists we are after target civilians, and the death toll from their acts of terrorism against Muslims dwarfs any estimate of civilian casualties from drone strikes.”

While Obama insisted on better oversight of drones strikes he defended their use as part of a “just war” on terrorism. “Yes, the conflict with al-Qaeda, like all armed conflict, invites tragedy,” he said. “But by narrowly targeting our action against those who want to kill us and not the people they hide among, we are choosing the course of action least likely to result in the loss of innocent life.”


Post image for After Af-Pak, US to deploy drones to fresh frontiers

After Af-Pak, US to deploy drones to fresh frontiers

JULY 21, 2013

Source: DC

The US is shifting its huge fleet of drones from combat zones in Afghanistan and Pakistan to fresh frontiers, where these planes will spy on a melange of armed groups, drug runners, pirates and other targets.

“As the Obama administration dials back the number of drone attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, the US military is shifting its huge fleet of unmanned aircraft to other hot spots around the world,” The Washington Post reported today.

The paper said that the next phase of drone warfare is “focused more on spying than killing” and will extend the Pentagon’s robust surveillance networks far beyond traditional, declared combat zones.

Over the past decade, the Pentagon has assembled over 400 Predators, Reapers, Hunters and other high-altitude drones that have revolutionised counter-terrorism operations, killing scores of top ranking al-Qaeda and Taliban militants, it said.

Since 2004, the US has carried out over 350 drone strikes inside Pakistan. Hundreds of civilians also died in the attacks. “Some of the unmanned aircraft will return home with US troops when they leave Afghanistan. But many of the drones will redeploy to fresh frontiers, where they will spy on a melange of armed groups, drug runners, pirates and other targets that worry US officials,” the paper said.

In the Middle East, the US has drone hubs in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to conduct reconnaissance over the Persian Gulf. “Twice since November, Iran has scrambled fighter jets to approach or fire on US Predator drones that edged close to Iranian airspace,” the paper said, underlining the increasing presence of the unmanned aircraft in the volatile region.

In Africa, the US began flying unarmed drones over the Sahara five months ago to track al-Qaeda fighters and rebels in northern Mali, the Post said, adding that the Pentagon has also set up drone bases in Ethiopia, Djibouti and Seychelles.

“The commander of US forces in Africa told Congress in February that he needed a 15-fold increase in surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering on the continent,” the Post said.

Deputy Defence Secretary Ashton B Carter in April said the US is planning for the first time to send Reaper drones — a bigger, faster version of the Predator — to parts of Asia other than Afghanistan.

He did not give details. The paper quoted a Defence Department spokeswoman as saying the military “hasn’t made any final decisions yet” but is “committed to increasing” its surveillance in Asia and the Pacific.

In South and Central America, US military commanders have long pined for drones to aid counter-narcotics operations, the paper said, adding that the one possible destination for more drones is Colombia.

Post image for How CIA Black Ops Teams Are Hacking Into Computers Worldwide 

How CIA Black Ops Teams Are Hacking Into Computers


21 JULY 2013Source: PolicyMic

In a detailed account on Foreign Policy, the Central intelligence Agency, in concert with the National Security Agency, has been demonstrated to conduct what is referred to as “black bag” operations, or the manual hacking of a target’s computer by uploading spyware onto anything ranging from personal laptops to large-scale servers. When a specific target is out of the NSA’s reach, it calls on the CIA to do, in its own parlance, a “surreptitious entry.”

In such an operation, a crack CIA team breaks into the place of interest and does one of the following, depending on the situation: install spy-ware, bug phones, hack data switching centers, and copy backup files and disks. It is a procedure often used when hacking remotely is not possible.

Having already conducted over 100 such operations, it is a rate that, according to Matthew Aid, has not been seen since the Cold War. And the targets are not as narrow as one might think; in addition to foreign governments and militaries, multinational corporations and individuals with terrorist ties have been hacked as well. From a regional perspective, everyone is a target; operations have been undertaken in East Asia (particularly China), the Middle East, and South Asia. An example of such would be the tapping of fiber-optic cables at a switch center in a certain South Asian country, allowing the NSA to listen in real time highly sensitive communications.

This is also in addition to the NSA bugging of foreign embassies in Latin America and Western Europe in addition various European Union offices in Washington and New York. While the former are areas of strategic importance, the latter has caused much outrage, since these are supposedly allies to the U.S.

How important are such operations to national security? Or is it more unethical, wanton spying? Considering how old the art of espionage is, and that these operations are a modernization of what was done during the Cold War, it should not come as a complete surprise that the CIA still conducts these operations. What is surprising are the sheer number of operations being conducted, and how we do not know how effective it truly is. Considering the amount of sensitive information received through such operations, we may never know not only how effective black bag operations are, but how expansive they are.

These black bag operations are one of many tools in the CIA’s ever-expanding toolkit; however, they has become a significant tool just by how often it has been utilized, particularly after 9/11. It is an expanding operation that has shown unprecedented cooperation between two former rivals with no signs of scaling back.


Libya today .. And the equation of the inverted right and wrong!.

Unfortunately, falsehood can be decorated in the right clothes, although it is false, and dragged behind falsehood many people belief that it is right, and alienate many of the right people belief that it is false. In game Achtt right vanities and their conflict in the inverted part of the equation, I think, without exaggeration, that what happened in
Libya following the catastrophe in February 2011 as demand »of freedom and democracy« is totally unique in the whole world, and entitled frank and simple have not seen an example of never to «groups takfiri and armed tribal« claim that they (democratic opposition), but in Libya. Has never seen the opposition claims
National and join the camp صهيو crusader wants abduction nationalism and identity of the nation, calling for national if their all ارتباطاتهم and Taktitathm and agendas are called external interference and help the French army and the British and American Aelmpreiala on the occupation of their homeland, which in turn contradicts the slogans they call are: Aalastqlal, freedom and dignity, slogans filed by these groups rogue is a complete contrast to the foundations of composition, was a theocratic, national or liberal, they all today are in a basket ‘new colonial power’. A my upturned equation here?! Or my political clowning on the homeland and national platform?!.

We say this to realize what is happening today in Libya in general, and to recognize that an important part of Libya is not a crisis
In the events of the year 2011 only, but it is this prolonged conflict between truth and falsehood, but within the framework of
Inverted the equation!.

ليبيا اليوم .. ومعادلة الحق والباطل المقلوبة!.

للأسف ، الباطل بإمكانه أن يتزين بلباس الحق رغم أنه باطل، ، وينجر وراء الباطل أناس كثير باعتقاد أنه حق ، وينفر من الحق أناس كثير باعتقاد أنه باطل. وفي لعبة اختالط الحق بالباطل وصراعهما في اطار المعادلة المقلوبة ، اعتقد ومن دون مبالغة ، ان ما حدث في
ليبيا على إثر نكبة فبراير 2011 باسم مطلب » الحرية والديمقراطية « هو أمر فريد من نوعه تماما في العالم كله ، وبعنوان صريح وبسيط لم نـــر مثال قط أن « جماعات تكفيرية وقبلية مسلحة « تّدعي أنّها (معارضة ديمقراطية) إلا في ليبيا. ولم نر قط معارضة تدعي
الوطنية وتلتحق بمعسكر صهيو صليبي يريد اختطاف قومية وهوية الوطن ، يّدعون الوطنية فإذا بهم وبكل ارتباطاتهم وتخطيطاتهم وأجندتهم يستدعون التدخل الخارجي ويساعدون الجيش الفرنسي والبريطاني واألمريكي اإلمبريالي على احتالل وطنهم ، مما بدوره يناقض شعارات يّدعونها هي : االاستقلال والحرية والكرامة ، فالشعارات المرفوعة من هذه الجماعات المارقة هي النقيض الكامل لاسس تكوينها، كانت ثيوقراطية أو قومية أو ليبرالية ، فكلهم اليوم أصبحوا في سلة » المستعمر الجديد« . أ ّي معادلة مقلوبة هنا؟! وأ ّي تهريج سياسي على منصة الوطن والوطنية؟!.

نقول ذلك لندرك ما يحدث في ليبيا اليوم بشكل عام، ولندرك أن جزءا مهما من أزمة ليبيا ليس
في أحداث العام 2011 فقط ، وإنما هو هذا الصراع المتمادي بين الحق والباطل ولكن في إطار
المعادلة المقلوبة!.


France is Ibnakos the risk of Libyan green tide

According to our sources ……. French diplomacy and at the request of the government imported in the Libyan usurped still do more actively with all French-speaking countries with the exception of some such as Algeria to abandon Gaddafi’s supporters because they are leading a losing battle by labeling for the position.
Where involved in this effort and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Defense and intelligence as well as French diplomatic missions in many African countries.
According to our sources, the French ….. concentrated effort at the present time on Chad, a strong ally of Gaddafi in an attempt to persuade President Idriss Deby to abandon Gaddafi’s supporters in return for guarantees of non-exposure to the regime and helping to achieve internal reconciliation in Chad between him and the opposition.

(Dero Lake here all the hero martyr Billah Gaddafi)

De ‎اللواء 32معزز للدفاع عن ليبيا‎
فرنسا تشعر بناقوص خطر المد الاخضر الليبيوبحسب مصادرنا ……. فإنّ الدبلوماسية الفرنسية وبطلب من الحكومة المستورده في الجماهيريه المغتصبة لاتزال تبذل مزيدا من الجهد الحثيث مع جميع الدول الناطقة بالفرنسية باستثناء بعضها كالجزائر من أجل التخلي عن انصار القذافي لأنّهم يقودون معركة خاسرة على حسب وصفها للموقف.
حيث تشارك في هذا الجهد وزارة الخارجية والدفاع والاستخبارات بالإضافة إلى البعثات الدبلوماسية الفرنسية في العديد من الدول الإفريقية.
ووفقا لمصادرنا …..يتركز الجهد الفرنسي في الوقت الحاضر على تشاد الحليف القوي للقذافي في محاولة لإقناع الرئيس التشادي إدريس ديبي بالتخلي عن انصار القذافي مقابل تقديم ضمانات بعدم التعرض لنظامه والمساعدة على تحقيق مصالحة داخلية في تشاد بينه وبين المعارضة.ديرو لايك هنا كلنا الشهيد البطل المعتصم بالله القدافي



The revolutionary Guard pre 1969

Muammar al-Qathafi: Revolutionary Hero

Mu Revolutionary Hero

(as published in FBPan-African movement reborn.

In case you didn’t know
It was Gaddafi’s Libya that offered all of Africa its first revolution in modern times – connecting the entire continent by telephone, television, radio broadcasting and several other technological applications such as telemedicine and distance teaching. And thanks to the WMAX radio bridge, a low cost connection was made available across the continent, including in rural areas.

It began in 1992, when 45 African nations established RASCOM (Regional African Satellite Communication Organization) so that Africa would have its own satellite and slash communication costs in the continent. This was a time when phone calls to and from Africa were the most expensive in the world because of the annual US$500 million fee pocketed by Europe for the use of its satellites like Intelsat for phone conversations, including those within the same country.

An African satellite only cost a onetime payment of US$400 million and the continent no longer had to pay a US$500 million annual lease. Which banker wouldn’t finance such a project? But the problem remained – how can slaves, seeking to free themselves from their master’s exploitation ask the master’s help to achieve that freedom? Not surprisingly, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the USA, Europe only made vague promises for 14 years. Gaddafi put an end to these futile pleas to the western ‘benefactors’ with their exorbitant interest rates. The Libyan guide put US$300 million on the table; the African Development Bank added US$50 million more and the West African Development Bank a further US$27 million – and that’s how Africa got its first communications satellite on 26 December 2007.

China and Russia followed suit and shared their technology and helped launch satellites for South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Algeria and a second African satellite was launched in July 2010. The first totally indigenously built satellite and manufactured on African soil, in Algeria, is set for 2020. This satellite is aimed at competing with the best in the world, but at ten times less the cost, a real challenge.

This is how a symbolic gesture of a mere US$300 million changed the life of an entire continent. Gaddafi’s Libya cost the West, not just depriving it of US$500 million per year but the billions of dollars in debt and interest that the initial loan would generate for years to come and in an exponential manner, thereby helping maintain an occult system in order to plunder the continent.

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