Knowing and Obedience to the Will of Allah

Doaa the eighteenth day of the month of Ramadan / / / /

“Oh God, alerted me where to Barakat Osharh, and Nord heart enlightenment أنواره, and take all my members to follow its, بنورك O Munawar the hearts of those who know.”



We will not forget the martyrs of home / / / / /

On this day, the eighth of ten (18) of the holy month of Ramadan
Martyred hero / Muhammad Ali Mansour Ali Hassan Abumkhbash, (PBUH) the Great Jamahiriya planes that bombed (Apache) infidel NATO and allies from the Gulf in the corner. However a lot of the martyrs of the Libyan remind them Shaheed Hassan Ali Ibrahim Mansour, Shaheed Mohamed Ahmad night.
We ask God to accept it with compassion. And all our martyrs:

People’a Congress Elvis Bucky Free 

“After the liberation of Libya, an event that is no longer far will the political system is the power of the people and the reference is thought Muammar Gaddafi on the same approach ….”

Glorious Revolution blessed revolution great revolution real

revolution popular revolution, the revolution is the first and

last 69 Revolution ….

Light of the achievements of the revolution ..

(Libyan blood)

نريد استفتاء حقيقي وشفاف لمقولة القائد معمر القذافي ( سوف تندمون يوم لا ينفع الندم )
This is the people’s army and people of the army ..It is important for us is the liberation of Libya,
the rest will have plenty of time to discuss it.
All the Libyan armed resistance factions became a high degree of readiness and preparedness thankfully before and after ….

Libyan Boy studies by oil lamp

  1. Defended Muammar Gaddafi, but .. Muammar Gaddafi ethic
    By / / Knight
    Was a man-sized nation carry its secretariat and gave old to serve, defend and re-Memory of the World Personal Arab brave and Muslim committed and thinker feat كأسلافه first who published the principles and values of real Islam in all throughout the world and taught the world in which he lived chaos and infighting in the Dark Ages the meaning of coexistence and tolerance, morality and taken him all science, ideas and cultures that have contributed to the paper that communities Fimabad .. But it is a good reader of history and I own early awareness since an early age was a phenomenon to always اتتكرر in the march of humanity. Was able to convey his own dependency, guardianship and occupation to an independent country liberated continued journey to incite all the peoples of the world to rise up against corruption and tyranny, injustice and able to contribute in the liberation of African countries but united in a strong union and presented projects and solutions to all crises the world and Gahr right in their own house the largest body internationalism . All these march revolutionary Alnzalah challenging and confrontation made him a leader internationalist loved millions from all parts of the world, but at the same time was the man who has the most number of enemies who were shaking from his voice and afraid of his فتأمروا it for decades did not leave a way to order only and سلكوه they tried to deform and kill him but every time you win because he represents the voice of right and stems from the right and bodes right .. All those who disagreed with him know that he was a discount Sharif faces the argument and logic and all his enemies know that brave discount has the confidence and the courage and strength and all his followers know that he was a sophisticated his behavior and morals and attitudes. Was the title of the meet with his colleagues, even those who betrayed him and the title of tolerance even with those who deny it. No harm to the skins, despite all ماقاله all his المتخاذلة years ago, but the best Aleh was accused Abdel-Fattah Younis, despite his betrayal, but he says he is a hero of the heroes of the Great Revolution and was praised officers Unionists Liberal despite the betrayal of some of them and they say my eyes are before Muhammad and Saadi and Mutasim was always finds justification Per officials who defected and those forced to say that under the threat of repeating the Quranic verse remained (except under compulsion, his heart remaining firm in Faith), which was revealed in Ammar Ibn Yasser when tortured detest even disbelieve in Muhammad, peace be upon him Vuagahm on it under duress
    He was addressing the city of Benghazi Bhabibth despite the abuse some people to him and had to find a justification for young people who came out at the beginning of the events and said about them that they are sons and they مغرر them and must be treated and be pardoned and make use of them to build public understanding of generation of anger, who raised him and he called this label
    Even the Arab world when I disagree with the king of Saudi Arabia at the summit Re telegraphic reverse the culture and high morals brilliant and his supervisor and told him (I’m forgiven you for Hijuchtk and your health and that the problem is who among us has ended and I am ready to visit you and you visit me and I’m Muammar Gaddafi commander internationalist and dean of the Arab rulers and the king of kings Africa and in front of the Muslim world my position does not allow that revealed any other level)
    So it was a great leader and so was his, and so was his morals and so wants to be his fans, supporters and adherents of mass idea .. , But مانراه today expressions of mistrust and skepticism and sometimes even insults to just a difference of opinion or method by supporters of legitimacy does not represent never, culture and behavior UN commander thought if we had to stop us from this moral deviation and even religious .. Yes, the defense Muammar Gaddafi yes to raise slogans Muammar Gaddafi Yes to support ideas and theses and orientations of Muammar Gaddafi, But ethic Muammar Gaddafi .. Be aware of and Atsiioa commander great and Achohua his biography because you supporters and his comrades and talk shows and missionaries idea and the world you to consider the tip of Muammar Gaddafi and promoted Muammar Gaddafi and the culture of Muammar Gaddafi Render therefore is optimal for the commander loved him millions of all nations, and be followers of the Lord of creation who gave us the ideals and role models in literature and manners .. Yes you may disagree and may reject has been Antvq in some things but criticize the wire away from the mistrust and skepticism and insults and verbal abuse which Aartadhah God and His Messenger, and Aaqublh leader safer idea and صمدنا him and fought beside him and challenged the world for him …. Knight
    (Torrent Green)
    دافعوا عن معمر القذافي ولكن .. بأخلاق معمر القذافي
    بقلم // الفــــــــــــــارس
    كان رجل بحجم أمة حمل أمانتها ووهب عمره لخدمتها والدفاع عنها وأعاد لذاكرة العالم شخصية العربي الشجاع والمسلم الملتزم والمفكر الفذ كأسلافه الأوائل الذين نشروا مبادئ وقيم الأسلام الحقيقي في كل ربوع الدنيا وعلموا العالم الذي كان يعيش الفوضى والأقتتال في العصور المظلمة معنى التعايش والتسامح والأخلاق ونقلوا أليه كل العلوم والأفكار والثقافات التي ساهمت في رقي تلك المجتمعات فيمابعد .. ولأنه قارئ جيد للتاريخ وأمتلك الوعي المبكر منذ نعومة أظافره كان ظاهرة لاتتكرر دائما في مسيرة البشرية . فأستطاع أن ينقل بلده من التبعية والوصاية والأحتلال الي بلد مستقل متحرر وواصل المشوار لتحريض كل شعوب العالم لتنتفض علي الفساد والطغيان والظلم وأستطاع أن يساهم في تحرير دول القارة الأفريقية بل ويوحدها في أتحاد قوي وقدم مشاريع وحلول لكل أزمات العالم وجاهر بالحق في عقر دار أكبر هيئة أممية . كل تلك المسيرة الثورية النظالية المليئة بالتحدي والمواجهة جعلته قائدا أمميا احبته الملايين من كل أصقاع العالم ولكن في ذات الوقت كان الرجل الذي له أكثر عدد من الأعداء الذين كانوا يرتجفون من صوته ويخافون من مواقفه فتأمروا عليه طيلة عقود ولم يتركوا طريقا للتأمر الا وسلكوه فحاولوا تشويهه وأغتياله ولكنه في كل مرة ينتصر لأنه كان يمثل صوت الحق وينطلق من الحق ويبشر بالحق .. كل الذين أختلفوا معه يعرفون أنه كان خصم شريف يواجه بالحجة والمنطق وكل أعدائه يعرفون أنه خصم شجاع يمتلك الثقة والجرأة والقوة وكل المتابعين له يعرفون أنه كان راقي بسلوكه وأخلاقه ومواقفه . فكان عنوان للوفاء مع رفاقه حتى الذين خانوه وكان عنوان للتسامح حتى مع الذين كذبوا عليه . فلم يسئ لجلود رغم كل ماقاله وكل مواقفه المتخاذلة منذ سنوات بل أحسن أليه ولم يتهم عبدالفتاح يونس رغم خيانته بل كان يقول أنه بطل من أبطال ثورة الفاتح العظيم وكان يمدح الضباط الوحدويين الأحرار رغم خيانة بعضهم ويقول هؤلاء عيوني وهم قبل محمد والساعدي والمعتصم وكان دائما يجد المبرر لكل المسئولين الذين أنشقوا ويقول هؤلاء أرغموا علي ذلك تحت التهديد وظل يردد الأية القرأنية ( إلا من أكره وقلبه مطمئن بالأيمان ) التي نزلت في عمار بن ياسر حين عذبه المشركون حتى يكفر بمحمد صلى الله عليه وسلم فوافقهم على ذلك مكرها
    وكان يخاطب مدينة بنغازي بحبيبته رغم أساءة بعض أهلها له وكان يجد المبرر للشباب الذين خرجوا في بداية الأحداث وقال عنهم أنهم أبنائه وهم مغرر بهم ويجب معالجتهم والعفو عنهم والأستفادة منهم لبناء الجماهيرية فهم جيل الغضب الذي رباه وسماه بهذه التسمية
    وحتى عربيا عندما أختلف مع ملك السعودية في القمة رد برقي عكس مدى ثقافته العالية وأخلاقه الرائعه ومواقفه المشرفة وقال له ( أنا عفوت عليك من أجل شيخوختك وصحتك وأن المشكل اللي بيننا قد أنتهى وانا مستعد لزيارتك وانت تزورني وانا معمر القذافي القائد الأممي وعميد الحكام العرب وملك ملوك أفريقيا وأمام المسلمين مكانتي العالمية لاتسمح أن أنزل لأي مستوى أخر )
    هكذا كان القائد العظيم وهكذا كانت مواقفه وهكذا كانت أخلاقه وهكذا يريد أن يكون محبيه وأنصاره ومعتنقي فكره الجماهيري .. ولكن مانراه اليوم من عبارات التخوين والتشكيك وحتى الشتم أحيانا لمجرد الأختلاف في الرأي أو الأسلوب من قبل أنصار الشرعية لايمثل أبدا سلوك وثقافة وفكر القائد الأممي ولو كان بيننا لمنعنا من هذا الأنحراف الأخلاقي وحتى الديني .. نعم للدفاع علي معمر القذافي نعم لرفع شعارات معمر القذافي نعم لتأييد أفكار وأطروحات وتوجهات معمر القذافي ولكن بأخلاق معمر القذافي .. أنتبهوا ولاتسيئوا للقائد العظيم ولاتشوهوا سيرته لأنكم أنصاره ورفاقه وحواريه والمبشرون بفكره والعالم ينظر أليكم بقمة معمر القذافي ورقي معمر القذافي وثقافة معمر القذافي فأعطوا الصورة المثلى لقائد أحبته الملايين من كل الأمم وكونوا أتباع سيد الخلق الذي أعطانا المثل والقدوة في الأدب والخلق .. نعم قد نختلف وقد نرفض وقد لانتفق في بعض الأشياء لكن ننتقد برقي بعيدا عن التخوين والتشكيك والسب والشتم الذي لايرتضيه الله ورسوله ولايقبله قائدا أمنا بفكره وصمدنا معه وقاتلنا بجانبه وتحدينا العالم من أجله …. الفــــــــــــــــارسالسيل الأخضر

    NATO rebels are crying the Libyan army and يطالبونهم gather again and declare their willingness to support and provide all their needs,

    Note …. Earlier they were firing ousted Gaddafi and al-Gaddafi and now admit they Libyan army:


  1. Haaaaaaam so please do not interpret what is happening now in some areas of the east and the south and west that the Liberals Libyan Link Booze, but what is happening now جردان want dropping جردان nor income me are free Conqueror them .. And to say that there are green flags and chanting to the commander Please do not play me in the minds of the sons of the homeland honorable .. When issued orders to move there will be no marches or burning tires, but KD traitors sites with full force and mass purge without any chants and slogans do not make any difference in the dark reality .. To Aaaaaaaaaaa income for the resistance and the Liberal what is happening now
    Muammar Kadhafi immortal legend Copyright ..
    Muammar Kadhafi immortal legendالقوات المسلحه الليبية (اللواء 32 المعزز
    هااااااام جداً الرجاء عدم تأويل مايحدث الأن في بعض المناطق من الشرق والجنوب والغرب الليبي بأن للأحرار صله بذالك وإنما مايحدث الأن جردان يريدون اسقاط جردان ولا دخل لي احرار الفاتح بهم .. و إلي من يقول بأن هناك اعلام خضراء وهتافات للقائد الرجاء عدم اللعب بي عقول ابناء الوطن الشرفاء .. وعندما تصدر اوامر التحرك لن يكون هناك مسيرات او حرق اطارات بل دك مواقع الخونة بكل قوه وتطهير الجماهيرية بدون اي هتافات وشعارات لا تقدم ولا تؤخر في الواقع المظلم .. لااااااااااا دخل للمقاومة والاحرار بما يحدث الأنمعمر القدافي الأسطوره الخالده حقوق النشر محفوظه ..
    معمر القدافي الاسطوره الخالده
    هااااااام جداً الرجاء عدم تأويل مايحدث الأن في بعض المناطق من الشرق والجنوب والغرب الليبي بأن للأحرار صله بذالك وإنما مايحدث الأن جردان يريدون اسقاط جردان ولا دخل لي احرار الفاتح بهم .. و إلي من يقول بأن هناك اعلام خضراء وهتافات للقائد الرجاء عدم اللعب بي عقول ابناء الوطن الشرفاء .. وعندما تصدر اوامر التحرك لن يكون هناك مسيرات او حرق اطارات بل دك مواقع الخونة بكل قوه وتطهير الجماهيرية بدون اي هتافات وشعارات لا تقدم ولا تؤخر في الواقع المظلم .. لااااااااااا دخل للمقاومة والاحرار بما يحدث الأن
  1. PRAYER:

  1. Oh God, make my fast when fasting fasting and قيامي where do those who, alerted me the unsuspecting for sleep, gave me Jeremy where O God of the Worlds, and اعف Me O Aavia of criminals…

  1. MISURATA & ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD will be trying to squash the rebellion by MILITARY FORCE within the next few hours—BE on alert and PRAY for LIBYA. Their military convoys are on the way!

    Zintan, in solidarity, promises to help repel the MISURATA/ BROTHERHOOD Armies!

    LYING ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD:Brotherhood bankrupt and stick the Charges بالأزلام “the scorched Dskh”Brotherhood warn people of Libya and threatening: Libya is not Egypt!Bashir Kabta the observer group “Muslim Brotherhood branch of Libya,” warns
    Try to call the scene of Egypt to Libya, and Libya is not Egypt, pointing out that the people in Libya, an armed whole country will enter into a civil milkman and a new Somalia.The Kabta told, “United Press International,” that “Libya is not Egypt and try to call the scene of Egypt to Libya, the country will enter the disastrous results, because the people in the whole of Libya armed.”
    He added that “the violence began to escalate pace whenever’ve had a glimmer of hope on the political horizon, due to the treacherous invisible hand by pulling the trigger and stand behind the huge interests of persons build their fortunes on the blood of the Libyans.”He says that the ousted Gaddafi behind targeting the security forces and the judiciary and even political.
    Libyans want their People’s Power Back!
    Not to kill not to assassinations people want to topple the Brotherhood # الدريبي

    They do not know rats Human Rights / / / /

    Message of prisoners the corner …

    Libyans Liberals who have been imprisoned prisons corner, including civilians and military personnel and without trial for nearly two years, some of them have been imprisoned on the identity and some of them have been imprisoned for being a military;, where it is treated very bad where they are employed in homes as domestic servants, as well as laborers for construction and dump trucks of cement and materials building and does some guards firing them lead the neighborhood randomly from then to the other when they are drunk, have been killed several prisoners and wounded several prisoners and are still wounds inside the prison suffer أسوى cases of torture and happens every so aware of all those responsible corner of a local council and a military council the armed militias do not follow any hand Germanah and their militias Khaled a Loya Welcome paste my sons until dough is due account because all our children who’ve tortured and killed all in Riqpetkm, first and foremost the neck of the puppet government and imported second-class …

    And Bkhals religion and saw Les shrugged religion and saw Erjal

    Life expectancy

    أنهم جرذان لا يعرفون حقوق الإنسان ////رسالة من سجناء الزاوية …

    الليبيون الأحرار الذين تم سجنهم بسجون الزاوية بمن فيهم مدنيين وعسكريين وبدون محاكمات منذ حوالي سنتين منهم من تم سجنه على الهوية ومنهم من تم سجنه لكونه عسكري ؛ حيث تتم معاملتهم معاملة سيئة جداً حيث يتم تشغيلهم في البيوت كخدم منازل وكذلك كعمال للبناء وتفريغ الشاحنات من الاسمنت ومواد بناء ويقوم بعض الحراسات بالرمي عليهم رصاص الحي بشكل عشوائي من الحين إلى الأخر حينما يكونوا في حالة سكر ، وقد تم قتل عدة مساجين وجرح عدة مساجين و لازالوا بجروحهم داخل السجن يعانون أسوى حالات العذاب ويحدث كل ذلك على علم جميع المسؤولين بالزاوية من مجلس محلي ومجلس عسكري ومليشيات مسلحة لا تتبع أي جهة جرذانية ومنهم مليشيات خالد عجينة ويا ويلكم يا ولآد عجينة حين يحين موعد الحساب لان جميع أبناءنا الذين قمتم بتعذيبهم وقتلوا جميعهم في رقبتكم بالدرجة الأولى ورقبة الحكومة العميلة والمستوردة بالدرجة الثانية …

    وبخلص دين ورآه ولية يبال دين ورآه أرجال

    امل الحياه

    SAIF al-Islam:
    Appeal from the Ministry of Health, which expects a disaster!!!:
    Urgent ..Interior Minister Mohamed Sheikh asked all the ministers, agents and heads of agencies and Saraya intensify security guard and wear a condom lead .

    à proximité de Beni Ulid
    Almost certain news

    In the coming hours will be officially announced dropping Conference Allaotunai Muslim Brotherhood and the announcement of early presidential elections and topple the government of Zaidane and the formation of a government crisis.


    Zaidane leaves Arjuowoowoowoowoowok and Yasser lie!

    The Zaidane Mobeih the newspaper just for cakes!!!

    à proximité de Beni Ulid
    Statements cemetery/

    O Zgdan, Zgdan Lech afraid of sheep / / / /
    Zaidane now Almuammh the channel to Libya NATIONAL Jerdanih ...

    Ali Zaidane states that the prisoners were released in Benghazi Alkwyfah are people of the region because they do not want a prison guard beside them!!

    What this logic, Zaidane .. Mahzh السفاهه and naive ..
    Sorry masks have fallen all .. The government appeared cheese and subjected to all ..

    He said a] also he was summoned by an international team to investigate the case of the assassination of lawyer Abdul Salam cuneiform .. Seems he Nsay he said had summoned a team similar in the case of the assassination of Abdel-Fattah Younis!!

    Your fear of made ​​you Tertdon base coat summer!

    Zaidane statement he made shortly before leaving ..GIVING NO INDICATION (at that moment over 8 hours ago) of his soon departure!

    Firas Bosalum / / ÎÇÇÇŐ

    Summary Statement by the President of the government, “Ali Zaidan” – after condolences course –

    * Since the beginning of these events and the Prime Minister and the Conference in constant contact
    * We will take all measures in order to access the perpetrators to trial
    * We do not want to take the charges haphazardly on any stream, but it made this business is a criminal and Jani
    * Experience has shown that the spread of arms in the hands of regular is not threatening the nation and the people
    * يضن to ensure that his weapon is the most important
    * I ask gentlemen intellectuals and media elite that Akhvfo of escalation, everyone knows mode Libya and Amknyat the state
    * This scheme targeting of anti-Libya or former regime elements
    We are facing a day a lot of obstacles and problems, we are working in conditions not ideally

    In an exclusive interview between me and him I asked the following questions
    1 What is your response about one permit members of the coalition that they will withdraw their ministers from the government if it did not publish the results of the investigations within a week, let him do his reply:
    “They are free, The investigation will take his time and do not want to make up the facts,,, many of the assassinations did not come out the results of its investigations, such as the process of assassination of President Alamekra” Kennedy “.. In the end, they are free, we can not impose anything on them

    2 I made a statement that the proliferation of arms in the hands of not systemic threat to the homeland and at the same time say that those of our children and will not Nguettl them .. If the solution. The response was:
    “To find a solution among the solutions, we have plans of persuasion and the various means to restore this weapon”

    3 What is currently the country’s status from your point of view, his response was:
    “We are in a devastating state, we do not have state Sanitary little thing, the state is destructive of all aspects, including military and physical”

    On the national channel Libya

    Head of the government, “Ali Zaidane,” declares the closure of the Libyan border with Egypt.

    —-Murder – assassination – bombings – theft – kidnapping – interruption of electricity – corruption – billions distributed and steal.

    Libya 2013

    “World Atsal what this wonderful country”


    Must be investigated with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and we will publish the registry that the person admits that he knows who carries out assassination and Vkona the Dskh companions Almkhbashh and laugh at him??

    (Youth Benghazi)

    Libya February two \ \

    61 assassination case against unknown .. And more than 200 bombing


    Kill Dean Mhammed Hamid Alakora at his ranch since few

    This safety and security .. This Tbelto him

    Libya February assassinations and Ttowoowoowoowol list

    Jardan in state of Da’r and fear / / / /

    Media channel Libya wimp Zuhair Barasi published Ali his personal account a death threat is a list of people threatened with assassination. !

    Provisional List of media Mstahedvien by al-Qaeda in Libya, the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood


    The assassination of Colonel Salim large who has been an attempt to assassinate him before he was assassinated survived this time inside a mosque in the area of ​​repentance Cast _ Benghazi.

    Salah Marghany, free Libya:

    “There are investigations and information about the murders will come out on Sunday .. And that did not come out you will not be a minister of justice ”

    Fathi Ben Issa

    Talking about the threat after the spread of his message that he knows hit-list to come.

    Western Mountain News …

    Brothers seek to assassinate all officers and activists, politicians before the end of the month of Ramadan … To eliminate all personalities Tardahm in the seer. And in order to to Aitakerr what happened in Egypt, the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood

    Major General Suleiman Mahmoud:

  1. Willing to lead the army is fighting al-Qaeda in Libya, and if I did not find soldiers Sastaan ​​the children of noble tribes.

  1. On Libya’s international channel
     Major General Suleiman Mahmoud accusing Ismail Salaabi, and Ansar al-Sharia killing cuneiform!!Media center for the youth of the capital
    URGENT: Image Colonel victim Salem Mohamed released a little while ago.
    The assassination of Colonel letter cabled Younis in the city of Benghazi was shot dead while driving his car registration plates issued by city Awjila where his car overturned the road and died on the spot just before the Maghrib prayerAhmed El Bokhari  (QUOTE):
  1.  slain activist Abdul Salam cuneiform
    “سأصدق Ismail hardness and a hater, Ansar al-Sharia and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the case of and Vqz one: to get out in a press conference and say: The Altcfhirien are responsible for assassinations and we will stand with the people in the judiciary to intimidate them .. The silence and puns and Download arrows responsibility .. He just lies a silence about the real actor because of the same Taarhm, hence they are involved in crime, and Saket right dumb devil ..”


    Prophet who speak up and say pocket guide on what customers are doing the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, killing and corrupting political life and dragging the country to be the center of the money in the draft brothers tell him follow me these points:
    Have you heard of assassinating any activist or a leader with a tendency to Brotherhood?
    Why is the assassination of all those who criticize the Muslim Brotherhood and the militias of armor and security committees and Saraya attribution because the martyr Baden God cuneiform was coming out and criticizing the militias, armor and other out his channel Libya first uttered literally that the killing of Younis are the leaders of armor and militias on the orders of the authorities of Foreign Affairs …
    Who defended the ornately who established the concept of armor and security committees and militias Supreme Qaqaa and give them legitimacy in the conference and work on weakened legitimacy devices?
    Fight Brigadier Ashour Hoael the only because he said no to the security services that are outside the scope of the army and the police?
    The dividing people and expand the focus of the division enactment of a law by force of arms?
    Of does confining Wazzarah a?
    The defending Qatar intervention in Libyan affairs?

    نبي اللي يتكلموا ويقولوا جيب دليل على ما يقوم بهِ عملاء الأخوان في ليبيا من قتل وإفساد للحياة السياسية وجر البلاد لتكون مركز المال في مشروع الأخوان أقول له تتبع معي هذهِ النقاط :
    ــ هل سمعت بإغتيال أي ناشط أو قائد ذو توجه لجماعة الأخوان ؟
    ــ لماذا يتم إغتيال كل من ينتقد جماعة الأخوان والمليشيات من الدروع واللجان الأمنية وسرايا الإسناد لأن الشهيد بإدن الله المسماري كان يخرج وينتقد المليشيات والدروع وأخر خروج له على قناة ليبيا أولاً قالها حرفياً أن من قتل يونس هُم قادة الدروع والمليشيات بأوامر من سلطات خارجية …
    ــ من الذي دافع على المنقوش الذي رسخ مفهوم الدروع واللِجان الأمنية العليا والمليشيات والقعقاع ومنح لهم الشرعية في المؤتمر وعمل على إضعاف الأجهزة الشرعية ؟
    ــ من حارب العميد عاشور شوايل فقط لأنهُ قال لا للأجهزة الأمنية التي خارج نطاق الجيش والشرطة ؟
    ــ من يقوم بتقسيم الشعب وتوسيع بؤرة الإنقسام بسن قانون بقوة السلاح ؟
    ــ من يقوم بحصار الوزاراة ؟
    ــ من يقوم بالدفاع عن تدخل قطر في الشأن الليبي ؟
    من ومن ومن ومن ؟
    It is It?

    Did you know that the head our intelligence Brotherhood was a taxi driver in America!!!Did you know that the Minister of Electricity Brotherhood was working in a shop “Almcdonnlds” in America, too ..Brotherhood expertise O C
    هل تعلم ان رئيس مخابراتنا الاخواني كان يعمل سائق اجرة في امريكا !!!هل تعلم ان وزير الكهرباء الاخواني كان يعمل في محل “الماكدونلدز” في امريكا ايضا..الاخوان خبرات يا C

    Mukhtar Taher ElGhoul

    U.S. Ambassador Deborah Jones leave Libya abruptly.

    Hassan Amin on channel Libya Liberal:

  1. I say I will say it again .. who are leading in Libya now are اوباش Farrukh ignorant of each one of them Mdayr relationship with the battalion to serve his party want the militarization of the state are responding to go to Libya to the abyss government steal and the disposal of money on Brigades illegal that are caused by the deterioration of Libya

  1. —-

     today ..

    Special – interest of the security of facilities and installations:

    News about bank robbery Bdrna.

    RATS say:

    God Iaahrar the Shidoh and Ktvoh هاللي Maysthi / / / /

    Mahmoud Abdel Aziz الورفلي, says he considered the report “confidential” states that there are moves to the ousted to carry out bombings and assassinations for the symbols of the revolution in Tripoli and Benghazi and that the offender Thami room working 24 to 24 in Cairo to Zaazelh the security and stability.

    Dr Hamza Abuschgner Thami

    If it’s really what it says any recipe afford you even looking forward to a confidential report of the Libyan intelligence service and that there was a boob of the original Dear …


    “Tripoli International Airport” now … Empty on عروشه / / / /:

    Capital of Tripoli

    Urgent shortly before
    Some members of Congress and the government asked private jets to deport their families out of Libya by the Tripoli International Airport ..
    But some honorable patriots refused their request this .. Forcing them to go to airport At Mitiqua .. and travel news confirms some of them actually ..

    URGENT / / Tripoli conflicting reports about the shooting of a member of the National Congress by the Department of Al-Andalus in a fight about removing the party headquarters.

    Witnesses assert FM radio that the quarrel turned into a pursuit and shooting immediately.

    And on the back that he defrauded the population area Almmtl them as a member of an independent, neutral, and then found it Alokhoun

    . Until the moment we can not confirm from an independent source to confirm whether or not the communication received from FM radio, wounding the driver in the neck but the Is Nizar driver or others.

    Snowickm definitely whether or not immediately confirm the information

    Urgent .. Severe congestion at petrol stations in Tripoli!

    Employee Balbrivh to oil marketing

    Says the cause of congestion gas stations responsible for the distribution of fuel from the company did not give permission for the distribution of fuel trucks.

    The headquarters of the National coalition forces were storming now,,,,

    Abdel Moez Bannon:
    Allah is the greatest …..

    Tripoli rise up now, a mass rally in the way of Gurji now heading for the city center,,, I See Bnlhakhm,,,,, Trick what Aradwh shame O Tripoli, Allah is the greatest living Aalgulwb

    Neighborhood Andalus, Alaqraakech, Gurji, الدريبي, Airport Road, El Mansoura.

    Demonstrations now.

    News Agency Libyan army
    Since moments Gargaresh the Indian .. Down the road

    Neno Ebrahem
    ‫ # Tripoli: demonstration تحاشد in the neighborhood of cottages and the closure of the airport road tires and chanted to topple the rule of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and solidarity with Benghazi.

    Only happen in Tripoli!

    Inventory named Ali al-Issawi / / /

    That what is happening today in Libya of assassinations, liquidation, bombings and demonstrations of the coup against legitimacy are a creature of Mahmoud Jibril and the Alliance of National Forces father wants to drag the country into the abyss either Agmkm or اقتلكم and burned the country This man knew full well he is a ايمانع to put his hands up in the hands of Shimon Peres. .. Or Benjamin Netanyahu to power.

    Do not say only .. Oh God smite evil-doers بالظالمين

    Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

    URGENT: targeting the residence of Mahmoud Jibril, in the tourist area Tripoli Bakazv the RPG result in serious legions injury injury and was taken to the hospital.

    Depression forum

    Dr. Mahmoud Jibril house in the tourist area of ​​Tripoli after targeted Bakazv the RPG and neighborhood residents say the projectile entered the front door of the house and exploded inside, which led to the injury legions seriously injured and was taken to the hospital.

    Protesters sang the Jamahiriya national anthem in GREEN SQUARE TRIPOLI
    المتظاهرون ينشدون النشيد الوطني في ميدان الشهداء
    Tripoli Demonstrations in the District flowers inspiration huts.:
    PROTEST IN TRIPOLI’s Green Square against GNC
    Urgent huge march crowded pressures Alshall may be the most intense on its way to Martyrs’ Square/ GREEN SQUARET Urgent
    موق تنسيقية العزل يفرون من خيمتهم في ميدان الشهداء
    GREEN SQUARE, TRIPOLI/Martyrs Square – Tabrabuls now:
    vidéo de ‎منتدى الكساد‎.
    In Tripoli prayers in GREEN SQARE / Martyrs’ Square back

    MOQ insulation coordination fleeing their tent in GREEN SQUARE/Martyrs’ Square

    URGENT :: destruction and burning political isolation tent.
    Tripoli, July 27, 2013
    The angry protesters on Saturday morning in Tripoli, destroying and burning tent political isolation center of the capital Tripoli and comes demonstrations and popular movements in Tripoli as a result of a number of assassinations that took place in Libya, most notably the assassination of Abdul Salam cuneiform in Benghazi and denounced the protesters as they called Arbitration arms and demanded the government and the National Congress to open an investigation immediate and urgent investigation into the assassinations repeated.
    Colorful slogans during the demonstration between the dimensions of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and overthrow the rule of the famous guide to the cheering (soul and blood we will redeem you Benghazi).

    Removing political isolation tent in GREEN SQUARE/Martyrs’ Square of God accompanied
    موق تنسيقية العزل يفرون من خيمتهم في ميدان الشهداء
    جنزو the beginning of the influx of residents to protest
    Alsreem street:Cars coming from Gurji and pressures Alshall and the flying to Martyrs’ Square by a few!
    There is another group emerged from the Al-Andalus and GargareshMore than 100 cars
    Residents of the Muslim Quarter Aagaflon the road and rising up.

    Urgent huge march crowded pressures Alshall may be the most intense on its way to Martyrs’ Square/ GREEN SQUARE.

    News of the Libyan army
    Received reports of the angry protesters shut down the airport road and the TIRE Gargaresh Bridge and torching it ..

    And exit demonstration accidentally Gurji “pressures Alshall” of ..

    For this we draw all demonstrators to expel any gunmen in the ranks of the demonstrators and prevent shooting in the air because of a مندسين the A good example Mahdt the fall of the shells Random Andalus neighborhood zones and tourist ..

    Logos brought by the demonstrators in solidarity with the city of Benghazi against the recent series of assassinations

    Now in between the pressures Alshall inspired monuments – Tripoli bridge workers) youth are coming out with weapons and blocking the streets and demands of a new revolution and overthrow the government and exit Brotherhood:

    Algeria Square shortly before:

    Abdel Moez Bannon

    Algeria Square now, remaining two Icheroa in Hawwaaj feast Mesh Fadaan ….

    T Urgent

    Demonstrations in support of the legitimate in the fourth Almusratih..

    Gharyan join behind a number of young people gathered in front of the mosque
    “Asamotain”, demanding the closure of the offices of all parties
    Without exception, according to the Jordanian now.
    City Youth dome Ansaboa his tent attributed Brotherhood.

    GREEN SQUARE/Martyrs’ Square ‫ # Tripoli now

    Youth Caucus Gharyan to the start of a demonstration of disapproval of the assassinations in Benghazi

    Depression forum

    In front of the Ministry of the Interior Airport Road. Lock of the road and demonstrations against the Brotherhood Party


    Lock the road in the Muslim Quarter of the area by locals and went in the direction of the field demonstration Chmae

    And exit of the people of the region pressures Alshall lose igniting tires and shooting in the air denounce the current situation of the country.

    City residents Alosabah closing of the local council and military headquarters and all parties in the city!!!

    Chants in the “Victory Road” now ‫ # Tripoli .. People want to bring down the Brotherhood!
    Destroy the headquarters of the ruling Justice and construction Brotherhood in Tripoli ….. God largest هرمنا for this historic moment

    Storm the headquarters of the ruling Justice and construction Street Jerabh / Tripoli and destroying it from the inside!.

    Ben Achour now the headquarters of the ruling ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD “Justice and construction”:

    Chants in the “Victory Road” now ‫ # Tripoli .. People want to bring down the Brotherhood!

    à proximité de Beni Ulid
    Dome now .. Angry demonstrations and closing the main road and entrances to the city to bring down the government and the rule of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood ..

    Quoting / ‫ # Abdul _ Mu’izz _ Bannon


    Now demonstration in front of Radio Victory Street Allahu Akbar:

    Dskh arrows promoted by the leaders of the Brotherhood and Mannbhm find when they become Muslim Brotherhood in the nadir and begin their thrones in Alahtazar Vihrqua across their pages and Mnzeranhm Albaúesen to explain to us the planned daemon which is managed by arrows in secret and ignore the fact miserable and that is if the validity of the “Aldskh” Valsiwal assigned to it ..

    Brothers intelligence chief
    Interior Minister brothers
    Chief of Staff paired customary marriage of Brotherhood
    Leaders militias, Aladra the legs mostly Brothers

    For those who are responsible for the security and safety of the state in this case!!!!

    Brotherhood on Facebook pages published this image as a channel run by green arrows and visualize Benghazi demonstrations against the Brotherhood as a
    demonstration of supporters of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

    And the truth is that this channel is under the administration of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Muslamin and intelligence their computers and intended to intimidate people and make them believe that if they خرجو Vsaattabron ousted.

    To Ahzaw that this channel does not appear only in the case of a threat to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and their militias.

    Urgent now

    Young tourist and pressures Alshall and الدريبى and Alkraimih they lock the streets in solidarity with Abdulsalam cuneiform against plots الاخوانيين in Libya, demanding to bring down the government and Congress, which dragged the country to chaos for the eyes of their guide.


    Quoting /  Abdul _ Mu’izz _ Bannon

    Youth February 17 Gargaresh. Tourism. Abo Nawas. Andalus neighborhood.
    Goku artist says:

  1. “We are waiting for the city to withstand Misratah.”

  1. Yala remained Auntie Elly Htolaa’s the world we are all knowing – Libya awaits

    Urgent Tripoli :::

    Now Omar Mukhtar Street and Mansoura mass demonstrations Mottaglah.

    We were previously deployed for out population of الدريبي region and some members questioned the health of our report, and this picture of the heart of the event.

    Gurji convulsed ………. Gurji at the top!!!!!! Win the rest of Libya Wayne tresses:

    Tripoli – Gurji convulsed


    Close Omar Mukhtar Street because of the killing of a population at the hands of militia track Jews Misratah!!

    Abdel Moez Bannon informs us:

    Now learned that someone else was assassinated in Omar Mukhtar Street at a petrol station in Tripoli shortly before sunset prayers named Mohammed Alguenatri the residents of field Asswehly.


    News about اغيتال Mohammed المسلاتي after Taraweeh today in the Omar al-Mukhtar Street in the capital Tripoli!!


    The assassination of businessman Jamal al-Rubaie skill front of the hotel!!

    Urgent closure of Gamal Abdel Nasser Street by angry youth and heading towards the hotel تبستي …. because of the assassinations Noda Noda Abnghaza.Yesterday kill the Pooh and today Yeboah and his son!!Targeting the car I’m Brigadier Salim الصراح improvised explosive device including called (Julatinh) this morning and did not come from any human damage:

    Our correspondent in Rishvana

    Storm the headquarters of the party gathered the nation’s middle Andalus neighborhood of Tripoli now

    عاااااااااااااااااااااااجلمراسلنا في ورشفانة

    اﻗﺘﺤﺎﻡ ﻣﻘﺮ ﺣﺰﺏ ﺗﺠﻤﻊ ﺍﻻﻣﺔ ﺍﻟﻮﺳﻂ ﺣﻲ ﺍﻻﻧﺪﻟﺲ ﻃﺮﺍﺑﻠﺲ ﺍﻻﻥ

    URGENT: demonstrators Gaillaan in Rishvana tribe Ihrkowon the headquarters of the Supreme Security Committee in Azizia and Zahra.

    Informed sources

    Urgent shortly before

    The RAT armed group Baaghtyal businessman .. Shaaban al-Rubaie front of skill Hotel.

    Abu Salim Media Channel

    Rocket “C5” tourist area in Tripoli before a few!

    Photo of a MORNING ATTEMPT TODAY to release Prisoners:
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel in Brief

    1 – the fall of the rocket-propelled grenades on random citizen home region of Al-Andalus Tripoli .. Near the mosque Arousi

    2 – to be reported out a demonstration of support for Benghazi, Tripoli in Gargaresh area but joined by some outlaws and Kano Atalego the fire in the air dense, making the organizers of the march يفضون pretend

    3 – to Azalo the engorged in Alkwyfah prison, particularly as it no leakage weapon when prisoners became there are many armed prisoners

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel in Brief

    1 – the fall of the rocket-propelled grenades on random citizen home region of Al-Andalus Tripoli .. Near the mosque Arousi

    2 – to be reported out a demonstration of support for Benghazi, Tripoli in Gargaresh area but joined by some outlaws and Kano Atalego the fire in the air dense, making the organizers of the march يفضون pretend

    3 – to Azalo the engorged in Alkwyfah prison, particularly as it no leakage weapon when prisoners became there are many armed prisoners

    JANZOUR (Crossing into Tunisia):
    Image of closing the people Janzour the coastal road …

    Start out people Jufrah


    News about the assassination of Colonel Mustafa Tayeb دغمان, in front of a cafe in the city of Sabratha.

    Hello and I hope not to Decker My name is ياخوي I swear by God my father is no god but is following Sayer in the city of Sabratha terrorism and Aaaar arms exists everywhere and cars spin what extent throw Albr and Achtbhoa the Icololh Wayne Mash and Wayne Jay and soul to Houck God publish repression and terrorism publicly and Ayatollah Ali Maacol martyr reasonable me Hadi class and Pray signatory signatory and God Aaaaaar them.

    Prevent any kind of pretend … My father and terrorism with weapons exists everywhere and cars spin any end throw Albr and Achtbhoa the Icololh Wayne Walker and Wayne Jay and spirit Houck ….

    Fourth-being 2 Mibosh the demonstrations … They يحدون the Haddou Tel Aviv Libya Misurata …



    The Jordanian now that there are appeals in Tarhunah and مسلاته of the exit



    Word now is: – a new news of an assassination attempt in Benghazi:

    Targeting the son of a retired Brigadier car victim “Salem الصراح”
    B homemade explosive device the “Gelatinh” this morning, without causing

    Amina Amoirbe city of Benghazi!!

    (Announced my resignation from the General National Congress):

    Meeting at Thunderbolt camp in Benghazi includes the ministers of Interior and Justice!!.

    Benghazi now

    For for prison Alkwyfah was to control the prisoners revolt via Thunderbolt forces and some of the people of the region have been increasing the number of personnel guarding the prison from 25 people to 55 people. !!.

    Power out of the Special Forces “Thunderbolt” to Alkwyfah prison
    After receipt of a communication on the presence armed group متربصة the front of the prison
    Alkwyfah, and rebellion inside the prison, and was controlling the situation
    By special forces “Thunderbolt”.

    (Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)

    Word now :::
    The spokesman for the joint security room Benghazi:

    4,000 of them prisoners condemned to death, escaped from Alkwyfah prison in Benghazi Libya morning!

    Urgent and very, very, very serious … I hope to inform all people and those with prisoners at the headquarters of the military police that their children are now robbed their purposes by the guards and their prison who as the process initiated with certainty them to prison Sikt after funeral prayers to be held on the spirit of the martyr Abdul Salam cuneiform, and so after testing flee ordered the military police Ahmed Fakhri and some of his aides of armed groups from the prison administration and seizing the money, and weapons purposes, and the presence of cars stun strongly pro forma fought with police in front of military headquarters …. The families of prisoners attendance immediately after the funeral prayers for the protection of their children and they receive until the state can protect their lives and property, especially since the escape, which has been in prison Alkwyfah was the order of the Islamic groups to rescue the prisoners belonging to them accused in the case of Abdel-Fattah Younis, the two positions pending case …

    Urgent … Proceeds Victims of prison Alkwyfah Benghazi 5 dead prisoners did not know the number of wounded, and a large congestion between residents.
    Salem al-Obeidi informs us:

    Escape prisoners Alkwyfah the Benghazi ….

    After that the prison was cordoned off and returns all those who tried to flee, withdrew

    Force special forces “Thunderbolt”, and force stationed simple, surprise

    Special Forces men to exit the police and military police

    And behind them armed and most of them prisoners Adhu to flee.

    From Benghazi
    No Brothers traders Religion
    The people want to bring down the regime … The people want to topple the regime

    Media Awami lamp

    Kidnapping’m 136 infantry battalion commander of the stun Central region, “Saleh Ali Ferjani” in front of his home in the River Road area Laithi Benghazi by unknown traveling Hnde car white in color. Kidnapping incident about an hour ago:

    Cyrenaica HD

    Demonstrators went to the channel Free Libya Radio lighthouse
    Voice of the Muslim Brotherhood in Benghazi now … burning

    Another picture to storm the headquarters of the ruling Justice and construction in Benghazi.

    A souvenir photo after demonstrators storm the headquarters of the ruling Justice and Construction:

    Ahlam al-Obeidi writes us:

    Urgent and important ..

    Area Abraq one of the strongholds of the tribe of slaves is preparing to finish telegraphed airport in protest against the killing of Abdul Salam cuneiform Proceeding of the first steps to take revenge the blood of Major General Abdel-Fattah Younis

    Benghazi now / / demonstrators go now to the channel Free Libya Brotherhood and radio beacon
    Sound Brotherhood burning

    Urgent and important: –
    Today will be the attack on the family homes hardness and Bouchtale of the quarter and Ben Hamid, Boktef and Algrabyosam bin Hamid, Zahawy and Ahmed المجبرى and بوسدرة and the Council of Benghazi and Hrgahn the societies …. and to present these houses vacated immediately has Forewarned is forearmed.

    (Youth Benghazi) ..

    Sniper Cyrenaica

    Ali Hardness family leave Benghazi to Misurata ….
    Ismail hardness is accused of killing a cuneiform.!?

    Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter.Valley Agency Dinar News

    Forensic report in the case of the victim by Abdul Salam cuneiform:

    Death resulting from a direct hit by a bullet struck the left part of the chest pierced the heart and caused fractures of the spine!

    Professional killers .. Trained!!

    – Urgent: –

    Loudspeakers to most mosques in the city of Gallo raises voices zoom and cheering and calling out in demonstrations to denounce the process of assassinations …
    – God is greatest on Gallo youth …

    Siraj Awami

    Abdul Salam (PBUH) who was assassinated is shown with his daughter.

    Now in the consolation Abdulsalam cuneiform cuneiform family invites all residents of the city of Benghazi to participate in the wedding Abdulsalam cuneiform to his final resting place and his brother says Abdulsalam long love Benghazi there is Tbkhalo with the another and be deposited.

    Disclaimer: prayer Ganarh on slain activist Abdul Salam cuneiform
    Will be in a tent sit-in commemoration of the martyr Major General Abdel Fattah Younis
    Interview hotel تبستي the

    The expulsion of a charlatan Brotherhood بوسدرة of the victim’s funeral Abdulsalam cuneiform by the mourners ..

    The arrival of the body of Abdul Salam cuneiform willing to pray it!!

    ÚÇÇÇĚá Libya now first movement of Benghazi demonstrations demanding (dropping conference Brotherhood of year)

    Hailing .. Noda Noda O Benghazi .. Aalajoani Fish Traja

    ظا Wayne learned Lech. Brotherhood Mibich army.

    Youth Tripoli on their way to the headquarters of the ruling  Justice and construction Brotherhood:

    Storm the headquarters of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in العجيلات

    Storm the headquarters ‫ # Justice party _ and _ construction b city العجيلآت and set fire to it!

    Hello we are توار City Kklh, standing now in front of complex Courts in Kklh and Nbwa Nbatwa pictures and video coming, but covered by mafia and loss fugitive.
    Shooting at the headquarters of the ruling Justice and construction in the city of Benghazi!!!

    Another picture to storm the headquarters of the ruling ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD ” Justice and construction” in Benghazi.


    Lock of before Benghazi Youth * in front of the ruling Justice and Construction.
    Chants in demonstrations in Benghazi night:

    (There was Tris True Blood *** cuneiform what relaxes ..!!)
    (Mo O brothers Dbashkm *** Benghazi Etbi the Otrtchkm …!!)
    (Noda Noda O Benghazi *** killed Oaaalk the Fish Otraja!!)

    The protest and anger now in the city of Cyrene after dawn prayers

    People want to bring down the Brotherhood ..

    In front of the home of the late “Abdul Salam cuneiform” At this moment, the crowd condemning the assassination meet in front of his house!

    A little while ago: demonstrations in Prairie deplores killings in Benghazi, and calling for the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood:

    Special Forces:

    Khrowoowoj all the prisoners from the prison Alkwyfah Benghazi ….
    خروج جميع مساجين من سجن الكويفية..
    ‏خرووووووج جميع مساجين من سجن الكويفية بنغازي….‏
    Durée : 2:07

    Escape of prisoners was masterminded by some security men from inside the prison and stun forces refused to fire on the quantity of prisoners!!

    All the prisoners out of the prison Alkwyfah ..

    Khrowoowoj all the prisoners from the prison Alkwyfah Benghazi ….



    Misurata Chills:
    Misrata schemes was assassinated in control of Libya and news of the destruction of dreams grasped Aldbebh and Asswehly and Zoelhm in the industry of death corrupt money which stole the staple food of the great Libyan people!!

    Supporting areas of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, according to a fatwa Gharyani
    التكبيرات above most sky Tajora and Arada market Friday, most of the mosques enlarge


    Mufti false Taliani NATO said on the channel Libya Allaotunaih / / / /

    “Egyptian army paid the price of his face God knows to do what he did in Egypt. What hurts Egyptians hurts Libyans also, Tngroa not to create chaos also to Libya.
    National Congress and Zaidane government are legitimate (!!!!) and may not be out on them.”(!!!!!!!)

    Burqa now
    URGENT / Based on the news arrived that the military council of Misrata military leaders calls for security meeting an important and clear that there is an imminent military movements in Libya will take place in the next few hours.

    De ‎وكالــــة وادي دينار الإخبـــــــــــارية . Valley Agency Dinar News‎
    بَرقَة الآنْ
    عاجل / بناءاً على خبر وصلنا مفادهُ أن المجلس العسكري مصراتة يدعو قادة عسكريين لاجتماع امني هام واضح ان هناك تحركات عسكرية وشيكة في ليبيا ستحصل في الساعات القليلة القادمة


    In solidarity with the Benghazi against the assassination of free Libya.

    Cheers compatriots Zintan

    (((Soul and blood we will redeem you Benghazi)))
    (((O my brothers villainous Libyan much blood cheap)))

    Burqa now
    URGENT / Based on the news arrived that the military council of Misrata military leaders calls for security meeting an important and clear that there is an imminent military movements in Libya will take place in the next few hours.

    De ‎وكالــــة وادي دينار الإخبـــــــــــارية . Valley Agency Dinar News‎
    بَرقَة الآنْ
    عاجل / بناءاً على خبر وصلنا مفادهُ أن المجلس العسكري مصراتة يدعو قادة عسكريين لاجتماع امني هام واضح ان هناك تحركات عسكرية وشيكة في ليبيا ستحصل في الساعات القليلة القادمة
    Initial images for the exit of the people of Zintan today standing with Benghazi:

    Gallo media circle

    One of the workers belonging to the oil field Mellitah Oil Company and gas Aukd in contact now with the information department ESTABLISHMENT Gallo confirms a civil disobedience within the field and shut down all the facilities and siren Talo place …

    – Quoting Mohammed angular


    Lech Tawergha
    Palm Tawergha land and water and stunning natural beauty of the land of the Covenant and to meet and hang on.


    à proximité de Beni Ulid
    Young Tobruk
    Urgent now

    Threw a grenade at the building prisons
    It was the escape of prisoners
    And Tpadlo for shooting that killed prisoner
    Some constipation
    And others search for them underway.

    Tobruk Radio 105.4
    Two of the owners of the precedents of the attack on the headquarters of SOS Tobruk in order to release some prisoners, where they threw Gelatina, but they were confronted by police and fled, and they have been identified where it was found that the two sophisticated in a previous drug case.
    Photos Rescue headquarters and Tobruck prisons …/ / / /:

    The news of the armed brawl between two families in red العمرات.

    In Tobruck was the release of all prisoners and fully burning Headquarters.

    A group بالرمايه the rescue headquarters and prison in Tobruck .. There is a confrontation between them and the police, rescue and fire led to the death of one of the prisoners who tried to escape and news about the capture some of the attackers …

    Tobruck is now / / / /

    News about the release of all prisoners there and burn the entire headquarters and we do not know the details and news about the death of a prisoner … And now calls for the youth of the city of Tobruck and its people to get out immediately to seat for help Btabriq as you stated …

    The Libyan news agency …

    City of Tobruck withdraw its representatives from the National Conference Brotherhood traitor terrorist client.

    Urgent city of Tobruk

    Sons of Tobruk and institutions officially declare non-admission of the National Conference.

    People of Derna out in a demonstration against the Brotherhood:
    City of Derna now:
    Out the people Alrajaban on their father’s reel against the Brotherhood


    Storm, theft and acts of sabotage of the Faculty of Engineering, University of “Fateh” in dirt.



    Young people out of the city of Casablanca now demanding a military junta led officers!!

    Thrust Brotherhood party in Zuwarah!!

    Mohamed Karin tells us:

    Sit-ins are still ongoing within the city of Sabha our appointment after Tarawih prayers in the island Kulahwalaatsam not only for Benghazi, but everything that happens in Libya.

    Member of the National Conference for Sabha Mohammed Arish formally submit his resignation from the membership of the National Congress and the ruling (‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD) so named ” Justice and construction”.
    URGENT: Member of the General National Congress for the city of Sabha Mohammed Arish formally submit his resignation from the Congress and the ruling (‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD) Justice and construction will be written next Sunday, all wishes you my brother Mohammed Arish success payment.

    Alexander Beck writes from Barack Chat’ai:

    De Iskandar Beck
    Urgent Breaking News
    A massive march in the streets of Brac beach but quite different from Benghazi Fahda march march pride and dignity Aptdit day before prayers and loud morale green channel now a comprehensive process for the people of Barak beach green banners and chanting slogans people want Muammar Colonel.

    Mdahirat rallies in Wadi Shati (BRAC) from all tribes and regions and villages of the valley now ::
    To demand the resignation of the government and the National Congress and the throwing statement now Mbaaeshr and the claim follows ::
    1 – the return of the displaced sons of the valley and the sons of Libya in the entire overseas.
    2 – the return of displaced persons who are now in the beach to their areas.
    3 – safety and security and an end to the rule of the militias.
    4 – to topple the government Zaifa National Congress and now, successive governments accountable ..
    5 – reject outside interference in internal affairs.
    6 – rejection of the policies of the National Congress.
    7 – reducing thefts suffered by the Libyan people’s money.
    8 – the release of detainees from the sons of the valley and the sons of Libya in both public and secret prisons.
    9 – ending the rule of the militias in Libya and save what can be saved.
    10 – Achieving national reconciliation Alqalih the media and not counterfeit.
    At the end of the statement hope of all tribes and regions to follow suit ..
    South of the Libyan News

    Tribes Sabha and Shati agree on a given tribe Awlad Asilyman deadline for delivery Mlishetha arms or disown them, but will this topic tribes Bakhaddh them by force, and the street in Sabha and Shati boil on the impact of members of the National Security Antamo to the children Asilyman dragging one citizens’ drive from the farm to the national security and is now in Tunisia severity of injury.

    Shahat demonstration now:


    Parents and Wadi Shati out in a rally denouncing the assassinations, arbitrary prisons and demanding the government to drop the and الموتمر!



    War in the streets of Sidi Bouzid between demonstrators and security forces now violent confrontations between the people of Sidi Bouzid and police forces! And the street was closed with stones and burning rubber wheels lead in the neighborhood of Sidi Bouzid and in front of the Department of Agriculture throwing Molotov cocktails at security cars.

    Of Tunisia green / / / /

    The banner of glory and pride … Public aware of the free Tunisia recognition of the holds as security and safety were and knead today …



    Post image for Shouldn’t we Fight Them on the Beaches? U.S. Africa Command lands in South Africa

    Shouldn’t we Fight Them on the Beaches? U.S. Africa Command lands in South Africa

    JULY 26, 2013

    Source: issafrica

    Has anyone informed Luthuli House that the United States (US) imperialist forces have already landed in South Africa? They have just ambushed a convoy near Alicedale in the Eastern Cape, according to intelligence leaked from the US embassy in Pretoria, and may well be carrying out a tactical landing from a C-130 Hercules military aircraft at East London airport. Other attacks were expected to follow, according to our Deep Throat in the embassy, spokesperson Jack Hillmeyer (oops, that’s rather let the cat out of the bag) including an air assault at night by paratroopers on Bulembo Airport near Bisho. And the dreaded US Marines are planning, Jack (‘don’t call me Snowden’) Hillmeyer further revealed, to back up the initial paratrooper assault by carrying out a full landing at Orient Beach in East London.

    The really alarming thing about this US invasion is that the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) is not resisting it. In fact Hillmeyer revealed that our soldiers are actually collaborating with the enemy.

    The more perceptive reader will by now have realized that we are actually talking about a joint military exercise between the US and South Africa. Shared Accord 13, as it is called, ‘is designed to increase the ability of both forces to respond to humanitarian disasters and peace keeping operations’, according to the US press release. About 700 US military personnel are participating in the two-week long exercise, including experts in brigade operations, dismounted infantry tactics, airborne infantry tactics, Civil Affairs, medics, and maritime amphibious assault.

    ‘U.S. military personnel will work side by side with South African partners as service members from both nations will teach and train each other to enhance knowledge and understanding of both nations’ capabilities … U.S. Army Africa (USARAF) is conducting the exercise on behalf of the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM)’.

    Crude satire aside, one could quite easily be forgiven, after reading the African National Congress (ANC)’s policy on AFRICOM, for expecting Luthuli House to mobilise militias to rush down to the Eastern Cape to fight the US Marines on the beaches. Here is the relevant excerpt from its International Relations policy document adopted at its Mangaung conference last year: ‘The ANC reaffirms its position that African states should be resolute against AFRICOM presence in the guise of fighting terrorism and need to mount campaigns against US military presence on the continent … The ANC recognises that the AFRICOM programme is more than just the building of American bases on the African continent; it includes the involvement of US and NATO military on African soil, either through the prosecution of the so-called War on Terror or through “promotion of democratization”’.

    That policy was clearly inspired by the Pentagon’s original intention to base AFRICOM – the new arm of its military which is concerned with Africa – on African soil. That proposal was stiffly resisted by the Mbeki administration, led by then defence minister Mosioua Lekota. The US eventually abandoned that project and decided to base AFRICOM in Stuttgart, Germany, alongside its Europe Command.

    But if that plan – which even some American officials thought politically misguided – was the inspiration for the ANC’s policy, the language of the policy document is much more broadly directed, calling, as we saw, for ‘campaigns against US military presence on the continent’. Operation Shared Accord 13 exposes that policy for the ideological posturing – or should that be cognitive dissonance – which it really is. This is just the latest in many joint military exercises and other forms of cooperation between the US and the SANDF which have been going on for years, including the training of SANDF soldiers in US military academies.

    Ideological posturing is to be expected, of course, and maybe it should be dismissed as harmless. But there is some reason to believe the ANC’s attitude is inhibiting greater military cooperation between the US and South Africa which could be very useful to South Africa. In March, the outgoing commander of AFRICOM General Carter Ham expressed his regret that although he had visited 43 African countries during his four years at the helm, South Africa had not been one of them. This was because of the hostility to AFRICOM encapsulated in that ANC policy document. Ham added something which was not widely known, that because of the ANC’s attitude to AFRICOM, the US was conducting its military relations with South Africa directly from the Pentagon in Washington rather than from AFRICOM in Stuttgart.

    That’s why it was rather surprising to see in the US military’s statement that AFRICOM is involved in Shared Accord 13  – though perhaps the fact that the exercise is actually being conducted by US Army Africa ‘on behalf of AFRICOM’ was supposed to be half a fig leaf for the benefit of Luthuli House. Or perhaps a fig leaf which the US military allowed to slip a little.

    But clearly the ANC political commissars’ hostility to AFRICOM is complicating military-to-military relations. And that hostility – which the ANC helped to spread to other countries on the continent – has made AFRICOM too tentative if anything. In Stuttgart AFRICOM constantly repeats the refrain that they are leaving but a ‘light footprint’ in African soil, mainly just helping African militaries to help themselves. That’s not all of course and certainly AFRICOM does not hide the fact that it is also joining African militaries in fighting al-Qaeda in the Maghreb for instance. But was its footprint not too light rather than too heavy in Mali, for example, when separatists and jihadists nearly overran the country?

    The Zuma administration has decided to use the SANDF much more assertively, to counter rebel insurgencies destabilising the continent. The SANDF lost 15 soldiers in the Central African Republic in March. Very soon it could clash with the tough M23 rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. This is an ambitious and hazardous new role President Zuma has set for the SANDF. It needs all the help it can get to be fulfilled. When the bullets start flying it’s important to know who your real friends and enemies are.

    Peter Fabricius, Foreign Editor, Independent Newspapers, South Africa

    Media coverage of this ISS Today:


    image credit:





    Army closes the Abbasid bridge in preparation for a surprise!!
    Angie Nasr 27/07/2013 15:08
    Gateway youth revolution

    Scene – a special
    The armed forces closed the Abbasid Bridge, a short while ago, on the one hand road Almaada to Salah Salem Street, punched been deployed Special Operations Forces and military police, in addition to the construction of a wall of barbed wire width bridge.
    This came against the backdrop of readiness of the armed forces, to counter any acts of violence or sabotage possible to occur this evening and tomorrow in the country, especially after the announcement of “Freedom Movement”, for the bombing of a surprise evening consultant “Adli Mansour,” President of the Republic in front of the Palais des Federal.
    It is worth mentioning that now gather dozens of Freedom Movement, subway stations, in preparation for a surprise they were promised.


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