NATO rebombs Libya in conjunction with their agreement with ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood GNC

Doaa twentieth day

O Open me the gates of Paradise and Me closed the gates
Fire, and gain فقني it to Lawhalaqran Aamenzl
Tranquility in the hearts of the faithful.

Saddle rats .. Matakavo them!
In that speech was a historic leader of the Revolution – Revolution – addressing the Libyan people, east and west, north and south

Talk to them talk the father of the children and asked them to keep the home “Libya” warned them of everything that lurks them and explained to them the “scenario” fully was that speech bottom of each Muammar it,,, not because he knows the unseen, God forbid, but fully aware of what is going on around him has Avni his life in conflict with the colonial powers, which aspires to control the destiny of Libya and control policies.

Even if they deal with them politically and economically we are in a world linked interconnected and can not be isolated from the rest of the hemisphere, but who cared by that leader is to keep the constants and the rule of Libya and the dignity of the Libyan citizen Perhaps the “apology Italy” the best proof of what we say.
That day was pumping media-oriented channels suspicious inject toxins in the Libyan indoors and was trying hard to twist every word say it to increase the congestion of the sons of February ..
Ended the speech, which remained for more than an hour when talking about what Seoul to put Libya and Libyans once Tantua and continued obstinacy,,,, did not wrap the sons of February for a speech, but listened to him on the way island country Zionism,,,, while the whole honorable in all the world that This insight Commander of the things that can not predict things wrong and that Libya actually face a tragic fate,,,

He stressed that day to move and abetting the Libyan youth to go out and stand in the face of the dark forces, which he described as “جردان” and he urges his sons and tell them “Shido Jardan Matkhafo of them.”

It is currently in the hands of God after he resisted for eight months was resisting the enemy from abroad who wants lethality in Libya and ye are helping the enemy and تزيدون deepen the wound and destroy your country,,,, and NATO intervention that intervention earlier in Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq and finally Libya and the link between them is Islam !!
This man was gone for life, but left many messages you what Aazeltm about yourselves reward of hatred, malice and hatred and Tammeltm Libya reality you will find the solution to where we are today ..

We advise you not love you “and God forbid,” has stood in two rows different and will not agree but every day is what makes us speak is home and we are on the same boat in the case of all sank Sndaa the

Now you in front of a historic touchstone either move and Rescue your country and declare a revolution against militants and brothers demons or waited for death coming from every direction and equipped shrouds your children as we told you in the former Fraúhh death has overshadowed breeze Charge بنفحات the the burning firewood
(Torrent Green)

Prepare to defend Libya ..

Be prepared to defend the Great Manmade River .. Be prepared to defend the oil .. Be prepared to defend the dignity and independence .. Pride and glory


Post / Hashim Altarhuni ..

(Libyan blood)

Mu in white suit

Dr. Hamza Abuschgner Thami:

After a few Stay tuned for intervention Mujahid Hamza on green

Voice Libya
New attack on Mujahid Hamza Abuschgner Thami and some Liberal:

صوت ليبيا

ÚÇÇÇÇĚá | | | very | | |

in a statement today singled out by the rat terrorist extremist Khaled Sherif, head of the so-called National Guard singled out by the channel Misratah said literally: – ((terminated the Libyan people, the anniversary of liberation of Tripoli from a defunct and terminated myself have become our country is blessed with freedom, democracy and fluttered the breezes of Islam, and take this opportunity

to thank Adaah Misratah which summed me this space to tell the Libyan people some of the things that weaving him and بثورته glorious,

demonstrations that we see today is proven and including the Aadawa to doubt it from doing companions, carried out by the remnants of the previous regime Bhzv destabilized the system and abortion Revolution and, accordingly,

We will deal with those who carried out and call her that they Kharijites and remnants Mzmrh of Islam and Islamists, and Matardt him Mgarat party Brotherhood of looting and burning what is only an invitation to spread chaos and secularism instead of Islam and tolerance in Libya and will strike with an iron fist on Hola will not allow passing schemes Emirati and Egyptian inside the country at the hands of people and tribes Nglloa within the institutions of the state,

and advocates in eastern Libya to dissolve Congress and the government and cut ties diameter tell him that that dream will not be achieved existence rebels Ashaws and Jundallah inside Libya and will include a fight coming both tempted to achieve this dream inside and outside Libya and say to Hamza Thami that your days are numbered in order to inflict Palmqbur and the same case of Mustafa hyperbolic and good net and Mohammed Alakecat and Thami Khalid and the birth of idiosyncratic and Thami

Khaled al-Sanusi Alozyre all customers Egypt and the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have spotted your place and retribution issued on your right, and for whom there is on the land of our country from terrorists follow Hola and secular parties will be your fate in prison, Long live Libya free his father and peace to Libya’s rebels and close to victory over the infidels))

تهجم جديد على المجاهد حمزة التهامي وعلى بعض الاحرارعبر البريدعااااجل ||| جداً ||| في تصريح اليوم خص به الجرذ الارهابي المتطرف خالد الشريف رئيس مايسمى الحرس الوطني خص به قناة مصراته قال حرفياً :- (( اهني الشعب الليبي بذكرى تحرير طرابلس من نظام المقبور واهني نفسي فقد اصبحت بلادنا تنعم بالحرية والديمقراطية ورفرفت عليها نسائم الاسلام ،، وانتهز هذه الفرصه لشكرة اداعة مصراته التي خصت لي هذه المساحه كي اقول للشعب الليبي بعض الامور التي تحيك به وبثورته المجيدة ، ان المظاهرات التي نرأها اليوم ثبت وبما لايدعوا للشك انها من فعل الازلام ويقوم بها شراذم النظام المقبور بهذف زعزعت النظام واجهاض الثورة وعليه فأننا سوف نتعامل مع من يقوم بها ويدعوا لها على انهم خوارج وشراذم مذمره للاسلام والاسلاميين ، وماتعرضت له مقارات حزب الاخوان المسلمين من نهب وحرق ماهو الا دعوة لنشر الفوضى والعلمانيه بدل الاسلام والتسامح في ليبيا وسوف نضرب بيد من حديد على هولاء ولن نسمح بتمرير مخططات اماراتيه ومصريه داخل البلاد على يد اشخاص وقبائل تغللوا داخل مؤسسات الدولة ، ومن ينادي في شرق ليبيا بحل المؤتمر والحكومة وقطع العلاقات بقطر اقول له ان ذلك الحلم لن يتحقق بوجود ثوار اشاوس وجند الله داخل ليبيا وسوف تشمل حربنا القادمة كل من تسول له نفسه تحقيق هذا الحلم داخل وخارج ليبيا واقول لحمزة التهامي ان ايامك اصبحت معدوده كي تلحق بالمقبور ونفس الحال لمصطفى الزائدي والطيب الصافي ومحمد القشاط والتهامي خالد وميلاد الفقهي والتهامي خالد والسنوسي الوزري وكل عملاء مصر والامارات والسعودية لقد رصدنا اماكنكم والقصاص صدر في حقكم ،، ولمن يوجد على ارض بلادنا من مخربين يتبعون هولاء والاحزاب العلمانيه سوف يكون مصيركم السجن ،، عاشت ليبيا حره ابيه والسلام على ثوار ليبيا والنصر قريب على الكفار ))


This is still able to protect the eagle and the Libyan people embrace between the wings.

FUNERAL of Sheikh Secretary Mohammed Guenjoh (PBUH)  reminder from Yesterday
from the ZINTAN CHANNEL on FB:

In the midst of accelerating the bloody events of assassinations and bombings Event passes the death المقرىء Sheikh Secretary Mohammed Guenjoh the without reproach him Medmana attention and pray for mercy on Sheikh Jalil.

تقبلك God, O our sheikh rest in peace and roomy Oskink peace.

Scroll to the mercy of God a few days ago, Sheikh Secretary Mohammed Guenjoh, University of Libya flags in the science readings has meritorious fingerprints in the Quran education, especially by the intonation Shaykh RPR rare voice and Throat golden Say that you find. In the entire Maghreb …. I once accompanied him to Malaysia to participate in the the Koranic global competition organized in the city of Kuala Lumpur in each year, and I saw the treatment enjoyed by the late Sheikh Secretary there between the people of the Koran in Malaysia, then you know that we do not appreciate our scientists estimate that they deserve , Here we Danah to its creator without hearing from though news transient in many channels and dedicated work in radio broadcasting sedition and toxins that consumed the country and the people, God bless you, Sheikh Secretary introduced roomy Jinan.  Amen

Lamp Drderh

Salem Fares Gaddafi informs us:

De ‎سالم فارس القذافي‎
منقول |

Handing over the reins to signatory signatory formally and by a decision of the

Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces assumed

Frameworks developed Bushmin and without Alrjo p chief of staff or the Department of Defense. . .

This is a real coup for legitimacy and the Libyan people and not imaginary coup arrows which does not exist except in the minds of the gullible. .

منقول |

تسليم زمام الامور الى الموق موق رسميا و بقرار صادر من القائد الاعلى للقوات المسلحة المفترض

الطر طور بوسهمين و دون الرجو ع لرئاسة الاركان او وزارة الدفاع . . .

هذا هو الانقلاب الحقيقي على الشرعية و على الشعب الليبي و ليس انقلاب الازلام الوهمي و الذي لا وجود له الا في عقول السذج . . .


General National Congress seeks to withdraw the licenses of some satellite channels.

Urgent ..Special deterrence force within the national channel requests to control the direct

broadcast room and the presence of elements of the twenty-four hours.

Bombing local مسلاته channel now.

Green Satellite Channel Green TV
Salute those who did not betray the country ..

“Cabled Mohammed” .. “Aaty Obeidi”

Lord FAFSA families

Liberal exceeded the will and steadfastness of both claim leadership and all say they are the vanguard .. Legitimacy and leadership issue is confined only between the Libyan people and the family of Sir my leader is no longer entitled to a third party to intervene, including.

– Campaign pints of murals with slogans of the Revolution of 69 

and around the Libyan led Muammar al-Qathafi.

Green Resistance is organized, attacks, growing victoriously, no respite for U.S. and

NATO enemy

(Libyan blood)

“Muammar al-Qathafi has never discriminate against anybody. Evryone is for al-Qathafi. If you love him you are right. And if you do not love him you are wrong. I personally  love him and his family, and all those who love him. One love to you all.”

writes Rahma Ben Salem:

In the name of Allah and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah must all the heroes and the difference announcement Jahizatha and willingness of all mechanisms and their brave and that he will strike with an iron fist and with all my strength to restore the state and protect the citizen from any point of Libya was calling for and hour decisiveness has approached and freedom of the Mujahid captiveand victory for us, God willing,,,,,,,,, and God is the source of strength (ask God to Alhakna God Ali Mamat as martyrs) …

Long live Libya, free and proud!

بسم الله والصلاة والسلام علي رسول الله يجب على جميع الأبطال و الفرق إعلان جاهيزتها وإستعدادها بجميع ألياتها وأفرادها الأشاوس وبأنه ستضرب بيد من حديد وبكل ما أوتيت من قوة لاسترجاع الدولة و حماية المواطن من أي جهة كانت ليبيا تنادي و ساعة الحسم قد اقتربت و الحريه للمجاهد الأسير و النصر لنا بإذن الله ,,,,,,,,والله ولي التوفيق (أسال الله أن يلحقنا علي مامات عليه شهداؤنا )…

عاشت ليبيا حرة أبية

Al-Qaeda when he sits on the podium honors in Libya do not be surprised killings and explosions .. Khalid Sharif … Brother Libyan Abohristi … Abdul Hakim Belhadj … اطردوا this Alqdhurat of Libya, what are you waiting for?

Zintan channel on Facebook writes:

Think different >>>
Without classification does not disperse without any doubt … “” “to resolve any problem, you must know what causes” “”
‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and realize what they are and what their ways and methods Convertible Bkhozablathm of lies .. Are still sow doubts and skepticism in the psyche of the ordinary citizen, especially in Libya .. Most simpler embody therefore this matter, which is a turning point for either a positive or a negative impact on this country Sharif .. ….

To put everyone in the eye of truth and without discrimination regional, tribal, personal in Libya because it is not the problem itself .. And we will put this in question is a is the answer cathartic each means and متسائل of both confused and even skeptical and prejudiced …

The question is … (((regardless of the situation in Libya against Alajuanjah .. Why fight the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia??? Are these countries Ttantahj the tribal nature or regional or تطرفي, as claimed by some naive to the situation in Libya or is it coincidence?? ?)))
قناة الزنتان على الفيس بوك

Think different >>>
بدون تصنيف ولا تفريق و بدون اي تشكيك …””” لحل اي مشكلة يجب معرفة ماهي مسبباتها “””
الاخوان المسلمين وما ادراك ما هم وما لهم من طرق و اساليب مكشوفة بخزعبلاتهم و اكاذيبهم .. لازالوا يبثون الشكوك و التشكيك في نفسية المواطن البسيط وخصوصا في ليبيا .. فبكل بساطة نجسد هذا الامر الذي يعتبر نقطة للتحول اما ايجابيا او سلبيا على هذا الوطن الشريف .. ….

لوضع كل شخص في عين الحقيقة ودون تمييز مناطقي او قبلي او شخصي في ليبيا لانها ليست هي المشكلة بحد ذاتها .. وسنضع هذا في سؤال يعد هو الاجابة الشافية لكل سائل ومتسائل و لكل حائر وحتى مشكك و متحامل …

السؤال هو …((( بغض النظر عن الاوضاع في ليبيا ضد الاخوانجية .. لمـــــــاذا يحارَبْ الاخوان في مصر و تونس ؟؟؟ هل هذه الدول تتنتهج طابع قبلي او جهوي او تطرفي مثلما ادعى بعض السذج بالحالة داخل ليبيا ام انها صدفة ؟؟؟ )))


The Director of Administration exchange controls Central Bank of Libya pressures Alshall that the rumors which Tdwaltha some pages of social networking regarding the transfer of money and gold from the bank in late unfounded and that the cars that were seen were bringing meals sahoor of the escorts bank security men have been summoned security situation Night Yesterday armed that Tsahbhm cars to connect these duties and the duty of hospitality had to be a deterrent force participation and suhoor meals with security men inside the headquarters of the guard in the bank.

آكد مدير ادارة الرقابة على النقد بمصرف ليبيا المركزي غوط الشعال ان الاشاعات التي تدوالتها بعض صفحات التواصل الاجتماعي بخصوص نقل اموال وذهب من المصرف في ساعة متآخرة عارية عن الصحة وان السيارات التي شوهدت كانت تجلب وجبات السحور ة لحراسات المصرف من رجال الامن وقد استدعي الوضع الامني ليلة البارحة ان تصحبهم سيارات مسلحة لتوصيل هذه الواجبات ومن واجب الضيافة كان لابد من مشاركة قوة الردع الخاص وجبات السحور مع رجال الامن داخل مقر الحراسة في المصرف .

URGENT: Abdul Majeed olive member General National Congress announced the freezing of its membership to the National Conference year due to what is happening to the National Conference will offer something new for Libya to consider when steps Satkhaddha by the rest of the members before submitting his resignation.

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter.Valley Agency Dinar News

General National Congress appease slaves appoint Colonel Abdul Salam Jadallah al-Obeidi that says hater in Mitiga sir, Crown Sheikh Ahmed Abuchtalh oh Maulana Malishe, so slaves O marched from the data until they are tired of writing and reading.

Khaled Shakshak head of the Audit Bureau in Libya … Chkchky O Maker Alaqradl.

Urgent ..Theft of part of the Archive of prime minister today after storming an armed group and شلمت theft general budget file and authorizations issued to ministries and file headed decisions of staff and disbursements her.

“in this دخلو place we with Clahnat guns and RPG and there talked to us in his hand grenade but I will not be afraid to our understanding of Libya only.
زيدان : في هذا المكان دخلو علينا بالرشاشات وكلاشنات وار بي جي وهناك من تحدث الينا وفي يده رمانة ولاكن لن ولم نخاف فهمنا ليبيا فقط .بنت الوادي”
Will raise the salaries of the staff and we will, regardless of compensation for citizens .. Ali Zaidan on the national channel :::: are non-citizens live and dimensions lie to them costume Maetbi.
  • “A lot of legislation “obstructed” the work of the government!!!”

    -Zidane said that “soon to be a cabinet reshuffle aimed at reducing the number of members of the government and more effective, and given the close border with Egypt, and only allow goods to enter.” and explained that “the Egyptian authorities informed Libyan decisions, and a list of suspects would be to Cairo in order to arrest them if they leave Libyan territory, as استدعينا team also reach internationally to assist in the interrogation “without further clarification.

Summary :: The first part of the meeting, the Prime Minister’s press Zaidane 29/07/2013 ::

Yankee and French  Secret intelligence work with Zaidane, who invited them today to “reassure” the Libyan people.

– Stripped of humanity who have terrorized innocent people will not stop until we get them
We should Nthla the Baliqdh awareness and preparedness …

– We are being targeted!

– The Minister of Justice and the Ministry of Health agent immediately approach to Benghazi after the explosion.

– Minister of Justice I trust it a lot and I’ve met with the common security room and some of the security authorities and prepared a report, in particular.

– Without a detective and public research strong and effective criminal investigation we can not work.

– We do not want traffic and restrict freedoms of citizens, but there among citizens who want to harm public security and this must be monitored by these devices.

– Some opposed a purely Jnaai and a General Mbaan .. Some opposition members of Congress.

– We will do two purely forensic and public Alambaht. Without these devices will not state.

– It must do a detective and stems in the performance of his role government does not object to such procedures, if the government came in accordance with the procedures of democratic election of the General National Congress should be trusted because they are keen to citizen

– The first priority for the maintenance of security is the secret intelligence work criminal and therefore we will do these devices immediately

– We decided to use some international institutions كالإنتربول with and we have the delegate they offered us assistance

– British Prime Minister took the initiative to help us send a crew British forensic specialist, nothing to do with this crew Libyan sovereignty or foreign intervention

– This government is biased to the street and trying to reflect the pulse, and is interested in their concerns, their pain and the fact that this government will not only be with the people and by the people and Stsede including the dictates of the people, ordinary people who hope to them a lot

– This government is not a government party, and I’m not partisan, and when elected Elected as an individual.

– I wished to form parties until the adoption of the Law on Political Parties, and this government has no ideology neither political nor religious because we are all Muslims and our Islam Islam Libya al-Maliki mean that we have learned from our ancestors

– We are our project a national project deservedly so in dealing with all the issues draw our strength from the people and the street which pulsates with honesty and transparency

– Will tend or lulled to anyone except the people in general.

– The government has some action after the return of the Minister of Justice from Benghazi actions that require us to take some time and announce them only after reaching advanced stages.

– There was a clear reaction by the followers of the former regime against the backdrop escape prison Alkwyfah and the bomb Benghazi

– I am not satisfied with the performance of the government, there was a weakness there is weakness in the state in general, middle-management situation that does not work should.

Easy: the formation of a “government crisis” is still under discussion
Atmosphere of the country –

The Chairman of the Committee on National Security General National Congress Abdel Moneim easy that a proposed dismissal of Zaidane government and formation of a government crisis is still discussed by the National Congress.

He scratched on Monday for the ambiance to the country that there is a consensus that there should be more effective in the performance of the government to cope with the current situation, pointing out that today’s session devoted to discuss the security situation in the country.

The little pointed out that some members of Congress demanded accountability from the Prime Minister, but currently does not allow for accountability, pointing out that there is a continuous continue with the government to carry out emergency procedures.

It is noteworthy that several Libyan cities in the recent period witnessed a series of bombings and assassinations without reaching for the hand responsible for them.

(Valley girl)

A convoy of about 150-strong armored military vehicles and vehicles carrying machine guns 14 guns and a half on the car sticker Chiefs of Staff to the green scene
(Torrent Green)

Guard popular Returning strongly and all of them ask their Supreme Commander to be assigned to clean Friday Market and Tajora ….

The leaders of the Libyan army graduated its silence
Libyan army leaders out of their silence and issue a statement on the formation of a higher council for leadership:


قيادات الجيش الليبي تخرج عن صمتها وتصدر بياناً بشأن تشكيل مجلس أعلى لقيادتها
Almost certain news about wholesale resignations of officers air
And onshore and offshore, times and names of well-known national Benghazi
And other cities!.

I called the people
I called the people of the land of Libya if they heard
The free if Ram Ala seeks
Oh asleep had prolonged the night Gfeltkm
إستحضروا recent past if شفعا the
May Toakm the Fberaarany wherever ago
Not يعرفكم before anyone nor heard
And ألقيتم the leadership of the semiconductor men
They are nostalgic shame Odilaa the
Obeyed cheese and Amemtem to non-kiss
You no excuse shows Vicfa the
You life Tuahaa and others
Glories narrowed by ample land
You would have to drop treason glory Mvuqa,
Modesty covered his face from you and Tguenaa
Qualcomm lie and become your quality of life Qrva
And your actions in the enemies prostrate and ركعا of the
Asetsegtamoa the sordid living for life
Venthec homeland and find a hotbed of hostility
More revenge Moktuaa the cranks Jzma the
And souls to the humiliation will not Taattalaaa
And spoiled you علوج the Persians فخركم
And Samokm Khosva of humiliation Ohnaa the
And therefore غتم What Ibqeetm to Ezz subject
And you artificiality and making دأبكم Todjaa
Fberaarkm being at the time of treason
Verhb employers the paramount Ruaa minds
Widows and orphans of darkness ploy
How to Junbokm that suit lying
And I Kvana tear orphanhood to see
The impact that the worst injustice sites
Valdma Éma overgrowth of injustice
Even whitened those epicanthic Ojmaa
How solace I saw the joy
EON embodies in despair subject
Became subservient to old men shall saner
And your young men shall become promiscuity studded crown
Cut you rats conductor strand
The teams you our jurisprudence advocates compound
مصابكم Odhany my heart of sorrow
Vksmh great sadness and distributed
I’ve blackened Nowadays you Souda
فسأت you meant familiar acts
February evil we know the meaning of defeat
And اسقنا شرابها was Sama and gall
This ÇÎćÇäě the hallowed party rule
فأساء in the debased and Ohnaa the act
Heretic and that ruined our religion rant
Did not let the hope of hopes, but Die
If authoritarianism love you, of course Attava
Created you love eyes and Msamaa the pleasures
There most insidious Gerdankm of between east and Morocco
Ruled unfair and Chweatkm that the bastard and Nkhaddaa
Hardened history will not overlook ill Falhm
Crimes and injustice Tstntq Vtsamaa
February seems that may revived Rmama the
Azza or not contrary days Musraa of the
Poetry of Ibn Badr July 2013

News uncertain, God willing .. Total Military chief prosecutor in the Eastern Province

Are grouped are free of the Libyan army to secure the military police prison in Buhedama of any attempt to penetrate the prison, knowing that this prison qualify the prisoner convoy and battalion appeal.

Despite the dismay of the soldiers who did not join their units ..

(Torrent Green)

Nice for dates

Assassinations and bombings is the latest attempt to pass the proposed National Peace Forces .. After that the people’s rejection of a proposal National Revolutionary Guards ..

Ended the series ..

Obama is supporting the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD government of the RAT GNC. (just as they are insisting that Morsi was the “Ligitimate” president of Egypt)…and there are US carriers stationed now in the Gulf of Sidra from the USA to attack Egypt and Libya.

Their excuse for the press and the West is that “The area is unstable, and they are there to protect (their interests)…”

The USA is so evil; they are behind all this chaos. With their CIA In 2011, they brought in the Salafists from Qatar and Afghanastan and set up the terror to get the region unstable, and placed into powerful positions all members of LIFG/ ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.…giving them all arms, heavy weapons and tons of Yankee $$$$.

Ali Salaabi says that the West vindictive against Islam has Astbartah plans to destabilize security in Libya .. Yashik Ali hardness I have a question NATO launched nearly to the West?

unstablize the region

UNITED NATIONS  messages LIBYA: foreign Commandments will be charged on Libyan state ..(NATO).

House was burning inventory Zaidane half an hour before in Aleneuvlin area.

Minister of Social Affairs announces resignation now directly in Libya first channel
The first time in my life Nchov and one announces his resignation on television not with rats, but.

The resignation of Prime guard oil installations Colonel Ali Alahrh, not to embark on the establishment of a national army so far ..

NATO puppet ŰíĎÇÁ Slut

عميلة الناتو غيداء الفاسقة

Resigned Minister of Social Affairs in the government of Ali Zaidane in protest against the bloody bombings in Benghazi, was wounded at least 13 people were injured in two explosions ..

Jumping from sunken boat

News about the determination of the Minister of Culture beloved secretary to submit his resignation this same source said that the Minister of Culture will hold a press conference explaining the serious information on the current situation …

Ziad دغيم::

A direct attack on the protesters front تبستي after their demand to freeze the National Congress and dropping Mufti and the Benghazi ……….. Qallk Council ousted … he said ….

زياد دغيم :

هجوم مباشر علي المعتصمين امام تبستي بعد مطالبتهم بتجميد المؤتمر الوطني واسقاط المفتي و مجلس بنغازي ………..قاللك ازلام …قال ….

بنت الوادي

Firas Bosalum / / special

An armed group clashed with the forces of Asalakh Balqguarhh led to the fall of the martyr forces Thunderbolt, 5 or 6, between the dead and wounded from the other side, and will be investigated with the wounded to find out the identity of this group and those who follow.

فراس بوسلوم // خاصمجموعة مسلحة اشتبكت مع قوات الصلعقة بالقوارشة ادت الى سقوط شهيد من قوات الصاعقة و 5 او 6 بين قتيل وجريح من الجانب الاخر، وسيتم التحقيق مع الجرحى لمعرفة هوية هذه المجموعة ولمن تتبع.بنت الوادي

Died Ahmed Alkuafa, the intelligence chief in the hospital … God and yes, the agent.
(PRIOR it was posted, “Qatari intelligence chief client to Benghazi, Ahmed Alkuafa, has beenTarget in front of a mosque Saad bin Maaz, and survived an attempt
Assassination and was in serious condition, and is now in hospital 1200.)

God gives and neglect.

Quoting Page “Libyan Republic”:

Exclusive news and confirmed from within the “National Conference/GNC”
“National Conference” will be issued the following year
1 – mandated to protect Benghazi rat Shields instead of “Thunderbolt” !!
2 – commissioned government طواري Ali chaired by Nuri al-Abbar

And soon in Libya and internal security running anti Alzenazqh ..._

Quoting a free channel:

Armed militias from Misrata and Tajura lose stormed the government headquarters in the morning and tampered with its contents before their withdrawal.
(Torrent Green)

Deterrent power of the military wing of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood [the ruling ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD  so-called “Justice and construction”] surrendering maximum declare a state of emergency and alert citizens about “the possibility of a military coup in the country”.


Matsdrh own deterrent force from Misratah and Friday from market data and all threats against Xanthan.

A statement of the local council for the Zionist Jews of Misrata.
Kmmeltoha data Khalakm on airbrush:


Kaaaaaaaaarh النواصي threatens:

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense, “Eda LIFG” [‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERTHOOD] Khalid Sharif …

Libya first channel:

“We are sorry to disconnect the air we were to fire on the platform and on the live broadcast of car!!”

قناة ليبيا أولا

نأسف لقطع الاتصال على الهواء لتعرضنا الى اطلاق نار على المنصه وعلى سيارة البث المباشر

بنت الوادي

When the loud cries on the channel for Libya’s first since a few

Overland overland O Gharyiani Benghazi suffer death.

Was shot at a car TV channel Libya first and uninterrupted broadcast.

Blessings O Bushmin ..

Your Spirit sent in the armor battalions began tuning data issued to preserve the legitimacy of the revolution in spirit and in blood .. After the Menzoah was monitored after ..

Aaratk I said two words lifted the morale of our police and our military ..

بركاتك يا بوسهمين ..كلماتك بعثت الروح في الدروع والكتائب فبدأت تصدر البيانات الرنانة للمحافظة على شرعية الثورة بالروح والدم .. بعد ان كانت منزوية وتراقب عن بعد ..ياريتك قلت كلمتين رفعن معنويات شرطتنا وجيشنا ..

Commissioned by Bushmin pagan “Conference”:

Salah Marghany:

Devil’s Party, which is hostile to Libya will not win the battle and will not drown Libya # will not congratulate the control of the home
Patient self Ailltoa the group investigators close Aouseloa of tomorrow will prophet Matahedm of Court.

Justice Minister Salah Al-Merghani withdraw his words regarding his resignation today and reassure the Libyan people that the French investigation team is able to quickly uncover the truth … Originally coming to them Inspector Conan they of old time knowing my hardness and Ben Qmo Abuchtalh t say the word of the second, the scum of justice:

Urgent ..Libyan intelligence chief Salim الحاسي ask the Prime Minister and President of the National Conference changed their places of residence since the night.

Why Atsagal not precisely within the Conference Brotherhood Brotherhood while others resign??

Answer: In this topic image and reputation of the biggest imam 1952 ..

Brothers bankrupt employed (approach) rather than Abta Aatepien

And loyalty to the blood of the martyrs will not only be to drop the conference overall country and the government imported:

(Girl commander)

Shut refinery corner before a few by an armed group and the reasons unknown waiting for details ..

Quoting / / city corner.

The problem of the refinery dissolved corner ..

And events of an eyewitness

The problem Bouktsar and I how Rouht section God Zima Ngalk that the total calculated on the Awlad Saqr (sons الافي) Haulo stolen car Almusfa Upon arrival secret victory Iqiadh Mohammed كشلاف (reeds) Hdtt altercation between them and lose sons الافي withdraw their weapons Ai is confidential victory and after all the people of the region is endowed to protect Almusfa with knowing that the day before yesterday lose stealing a large truck from the refinery.

MORE WAYS for the Colonialist Powers to find their way to weasal into LIBYAN AFFAIRS:

A team of French experts up tomorrow for ‫ # Tripoli and Benghazi ‫ # in possession of sophisticated equipment to reach the perpetrators in the bombings.

French investigation team heading to Benghazi to uncover the secrets of “assassination” cuneiform. . . To why the government invoked these counterfeit foreign team. . . Or want to divide the country and make them farm. . . Question arises!!

UNITED NATIONS messages LIBYA: foreign Commandments will be charged on Libyan state ..
House was burning inventory Zaidane half an hour before in Aleneuvlin area.



– Misurata: the mercenary and manipulated jury have stopped doing against over 20 patriots loyal to the Libyan.

* We get reports that a battalion of Misurata criminals have moved to Tripoli to “protect” the Central Bank


Urgent ..Misrata Military Council pays برتل of 300 military vehicle equipped in the direction of Tripoli under the pretext of securing the city entrances and exits.

Urgent ..Room security Misratah join your deterrence force to warn citizens of impending military coup.


“Who wants to Misratah to Benghazi in solidarity with him to ask Bernard Levy invited so he is the spiritual father.”

Besbasa Uh oh my .. Besbasa, Aaaak and Aaaak launch Halzlm and carefree ::: ::: implant best for O Besbasa of this kindness to launch it and you Taat ::::: Besbasa ::: my own eyes implant Almsarit Aaboa in pain and the Central Bank of Libya Machine Bayhoum, Misratah.
They said great friend said them Come bash Thmoua the the bank, O God implant Rizk Libyans Ihamoh of Misratah poor criminals Libyans missed فلوسهم and lost their
Implant :: What Aabesbasa are afraid of Zintan occupy Tripoli and take control of the Central Bank of Libya so want everything in Misratah
Besbasa :: poor Ihsaboa the pain and Ptnfhm day Dop Kill, tortured and abandoned people, and prayed, and Sam and Achenb Flus Libyans Hdhum religion Zionists my implant, but from the womb of my Lord.
Implant :: Even the Attorney General increased Tinha said العباني who killed hater true died from the cold and youth who from Rafla and Almgarhh and المشاشية and Alqmazfah who died in Mitiga all said Mafish a function that they were tortured and all died dead Lord and my God, the Attorney General of this spirit is dead is still Madar Perfume: ::
Besbasa :::: Hdhum who died when a hater said they Heca the doomed young people who died in the prisons of Misrata launched Bicol them downright Bicol they committed suicide, of their own volition and God Ecumenical Libya and poor packaging to justice at the time of the militias ….
بسباســــــــــي اه يا بلادي .. بسباسي وااااك وااااك شن هالظلم والهم ::: غرسة ::: خيرك يا بسباسي اللطف شن فيه وانت تعيط ::::: بسباسي ::: يا غرسة بعيني المصاريت يعبوا في الفلوس من مصرف ليبيا المركزي ماشين بيهم لمصراته.
قالوا الصديق الكبير قال لهم تعالوا باش تحموا المصرف بالله يا غرسة رزق الليبين يحموه مجرمي مصراته مساكين الليبين ضاعت فلوسهم وضاعت بلادهم
غرسة :: ماهو يابسباسي هم خائفين من الزنتان يحتلوا طرابلس ويسيطروا على مصرف ليبيا المركزي لذلك يريدوا كل شي في مصراته
بسباسي :: مساكين يحسابوا الفلوس بتنفعهم يوم غدوة اقتل وعذب وهجر الناس وصلى وصيم واخنب فلوس الليبين هذوم ملة صهاينة يا غرسة الا من رحم ربي .
غرسة :: وحتى النائب العام زاد طينها وقال العباني اللي قتله كارة صح مات من البرد والشباب اللي من ورفلة والمقارحة والمشاشية والقذاذفة اللي ماتوا في معيتيقة كلهم قال مفيش ادالة انهم تم تعذيبهم وكل ماتوا ميتة ربي والله النائب العام هذا بروحه ميت غير مازال مادار ريحة :::
بسباسي :::: هذوم اللي ماتوا عند كارة قال عليهم هكي مالة الشباب اللي استشهدوا في سجون مصراته شن بيقول عليهم اكيد بيقول انهم انتحروا من تلقاء نفسهم والله مسكينة ليبيا ومسكين من يعبئ على العدالة في زمن المليشيات ….






 Dahmani Taib Colonel Mustafa was killed by unknown assailants in Sabratha, when he was sitting  next to one of the cafes.



Hassan Secretary former member of the National Congress:

Abu arrows commissioned decision “revolutionaries Council to Libya to” protect Tripoli is a disastrous decision and impulsive and will be dire consequences for the national conference!!

Demonstrators signatory signatory standing now in front of the channel capital and demanding its closure because it covered the people of Benghazi demonstrations against the Brotherhood in
Cuneiform consolation and quoted the demands of the people of Benghazi in a demonstration commemorating the martyrs and their demands to dissolve Congress and the exclusion of Gharyiani.

Main outlets present Brotherhood shields the heavy and medium weapons inspections and uttered verbally abusive
These moves to suppress demonstrations against the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and assassinations.

Qatar flag burning and cheering against assassinations and political parties in the field of martyrs!!

Shoot Qatari diplomatic car in Tripoli, killing the driver and passenger.

One of the cars Qatar militias roaming the streets of Tripoli .. Downright in Gharghour

Burning building so-called home party in the neighborhood of Andalus now

Urgent .. Commander of the First Infantry Brigade Faitouri screeners equipped military does not plan to storm the camp and the camp of Yarmouk 77 which are stationed where civil battalion and special forces of the detonators.

Urgent ..Pitched battles in the 27 camp and health of the news which confirms shield to control Libya’s western region on the camp.

Spin now clashes good bridge 27,

Then threw Gelatinh on Radio Jardan Local Bmslath.

Friday Market tresses and Tajura tell them young Salim Jaienkm nearest one received by Salem Djerba.

Armed gangs in the corner shooting in Alhoafa street corner to terrorize and intimidate people so do not go out to demonstrate against the chaos and lawlessness against the Brotherhood Almqji.

Militia threat

Third Infantry Brigade “Alljeic Libya”

City of Tripoli, 19 Ramadan 1434 corresponding to July 29, 2013.
Any person his cars without plates or where silver يتسحر in Hochehem better, because if pollen Akeouh in a taxi.

What extent Libby pretend kind enough to open streets and spoke to him versa extent it protected, even if Bihriq state institutions and drunk the Raho Bakml methods the rest Ramadan in Alchila.

Clashes Tripoli between النواصي of the heavily armed with weapons and demonstrators
Shooting in the air.

Tripoli Square Ch now disease

Lock outlets field by armed militias and prevent demonstrators and vehicles from entering the field.

Heavy fire ground-based anti intimidate the demonstrators.

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

Libya Tripoli February Thaer called missile C5 center of a residential neighborhood


play Farroukh Aaaaaaaaar: the launch fireworks rocket in the air above the neighborhood but does not say that in attendance

were older children, only tells of their  allegiance..

ليبيا طرابلس فبراير ثائر يطلق صاروخ C5 وسط حي سكني
‏29/07/2013 لعب فروخ عاااااااار يطلق صاروخ في الهواء فوق حي سكني لا يقول في مرضى أطفال كبار في السن ويقولك دولة ..‏
Durée : 0:51

Salim Media Channel ..

Aktar gas stations closed in Tripoli, and there is a great shortage of gasoline, but the atmosphere Pena due to the year 2011:

Capital … Urgent,

Najat member Shura Council Balzntan the baronial Mustafa than trying Igtaaal.

Beginning of protesters gathered in Martyrs’ Square ‫ # Tripoli to denounce the assassination and bombing operations and the security situation in the country, and the numbers on the rise:

Urgent ..All Libyan families have prisoners and prisoners in Tripoli to go to the prison to prevent a massacre by militias now to suppress the prisoners and imprisoned.

Strengthen the protection of Ain ​​Zara prison and imprisonment Alroamy by militias support and backing “Mitiga” armored vehicles for fear of a repeat of the scene, which occurred in Benghazi.



Today the youth and Rishvana from all tribes attack on one of the nests of corruption, including the so-called shields that follow the Muslim Brotherhood and Misurata, who headed the criminal Salah Valley that torture and kill young people and elders and Rishvana and detained inside the farm Ahmed defamatory blood in Hooazer Chicken (Kplony chicken) and they have youth Baktham this den and Taslima forcenational and slogans of solidarity with the city of Benghazi against the militias shields
National power. Under protection and Rishvana of.



Regarding Shooting voices before in a few coastal road bridge 17 in Janzour:

Hit animated national strength, which had been stationed under the bridge in the inspection of the gate shooting from a car by 3 unknown gunmen, and they reply Ali Shooting source and is currently under suspicious car chase.

Quoting / / battalion Knights janzour



بني وليد لن تموت ….اللهم احفظ بني وليد واهلها يااااااااااارب
Bani Walid will not die …. God Save Bani Walid and its people Iaaaaaaaaaaarb the
بني وليد لن تموت ….اللهم احفظ بني وليد واهلها يااااااااااارب

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV

Special | in memory of martyrs of Bani Walid sons, held a religious celebration at a mosque bin silent worship the “district Aldlol” on Monday and open to the public and to the families of the martyrs private

– Bani Walid: Bani Walid residents worked at a large rally in solidarity with the demands of the people of Benghazi and against the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood that they  consider them guilty and the destruction of Libya and serve U.S.



Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l) 

JABRIL is readying for an attack and his “comeback!!

Our source in Zintan confirms near the receipt of a shipment missiles, anti-armor heat during the day coming from the United Arab Emirates on an urgent basis in preparation for a possible confrontation with Almsarit and the deal has to know the homosexual  Mahmoud Jabril.

A large rally these moments in Freedom Square in Zintan for a major demonstration
Revolutionaries and civil society institutions in the city are participating in this demonstration and the possibility to join the civil institutions of towns and villages near Zintan

Demonstrations logo (of Benghazi for Xanthan –not‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Alliance)

Platform martyrs in Zintan these times

تحشيد كبير هذه اللحظات فى ساحه الحريه بمدينه الزنتان لمظاهرة كبرى
الثوار ومؤسسات المجتمع المدنى بالمدينه يشاركون فى هذه التظاهره واحتمال ان تلتحق مؤسسات مدنيه من المدن والقرى القريبه من الزنتان

شعار التظاهرات ( من بنغازى للزنتان —- لا تحالف لا اخوان )

قناة الزنتان على الفيس بوك

منصة الشهداء بمدينة الزنتان هذه الاوقات

Zintan Media Center

Survival of one of the leaders of Zintan (Mustafa Baroni) from an assassination attempt.

An insidious attempt to spread to other member Shura Balzntan the Mustafa Baroni on his way to the city of Zintan but God’s blessings. He is now in good health ..

Hamza Alzentani:

“I hope more attendees Yaknah Zintan, creativity and thank you”


Zintan demanding Abdel-Fattah Younis and blood of slaves exported data..

Now Zintan demonstrations and slogans of the demonstration ::

Blood O Fattah, no tolerance to Asmah

Revolutionary Revolutionary O Xanthan,

the rule of the country and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

Lahu Day Jacques day, the rebels, who kill at

My brothers O coward, Benghazi-Zintan Khot

Our hands in Aidan each, and Brotherhood يرهبنا the

(Girl Commander) ((Jbtoh for your souls))

Are our expectations right., Or is it that what happened was a coincidence!!!!!!!!!

Zintan channel on Facebook reveal some of the facts and reasons for pumping oil lock and close the fields!!!

– Zintan: news arrives that the

Resistance closely linked to the Green brigade led by Khamis Gaddafi 32

is recovered and prepares to thwart heavy weapons and aerial bombings


Closure of the road leading to the camp, Major General 32

اغلاق الطريق المؤدية الى معسكر اللواء 32




TRIPOLI (Reuters) :: Protesters stop pumping oil to “Mellitah Complex” in Libya ..
Official said Sunday that the Libyan members of minority demanding greater rights disrupted pumping condensate field meet in the west of the country to the Mellitah complex processing and storage, partly owned by Italian oil company Eni ..
Abdel-Fattah said Hacan chairman Mellitah Complex The protesters blocked the pipeline valve two days ago, which stopped pumping condensate, a type of light crude since then.
Hacan said, “The protesters closed the line in an area near Nalut,” referring to a small town near the Tunisian border.
“We found ourselves forced to burn about 21 thousand barrels of condensate per day in order to avoid stopping production.”
And manages the complex based on a distance of about 100 kilometers west of Tripoli, a joint venture between Eni and NOC.
A source in the Mellitah pipeline that transports gas to Italy and extends Bmhazah the condensate line is not affected.
Amazigh protesters who object to what they say is their weak representation in the Assembly to be elected to write a new constitution for Libya.



A military source in the U.S. intelligence says that from behind the assassinations in Benghazi are armed groups hardline (the former prisoners of Abu Salim) and with the assistance and funding of the Supreme Council for the rebels in Misrata with the support of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and implementation Shield forces Libya 1, 2, and are dependent on individuals shield each individual shield in his area:

* Gunmen attack against Buhedima military prison in Benghazi to try to free all prisoners of the same, and violent clashes are circulating around them.

* A bandit who calls Ferdzhani Colonel Omar Saeed, who heads the military police in the Eastern Province, serving NATO and the CIA was shot in the head, although it is not known whether dead or is injured in an assassination attempt on his life.

* On Saturday a successful Green Resistance  actions of the achievement attack and release over 1500 prisoners from the prison in Benghazi Alkwyfah

The spokesman for the safety board called Benghazi room Mohammed Hijazi, acknowledged that Saturday, several prisoners escape from a prison Alkwyfah city. Hijazi said around 1,200 prisoners escaped from prison Alkwyfah Saturday morning. There are still doubts about the actual number released is estimated at more than 4,000 the number freed since the jail was full of prisoners.

* Gamal Abdel Nasser Street recorded manifestations of people who want to overthrow the corrupt puppet regime in Benghazi

* Green Resistance attack a police station in Benghazi

* Murder of Colonel Salim big traitor inside the mosque in the area of ​​repentance Laithi / Benghazi inside the mosque and prayer during his performance in front of people.

O people of Benghazi great that you are living hours of glory and pride, and you are facing NATO tails of your friend ….

Event attack on a company Libyana Mobile located in Omar Mukhtar Street by gunmen Valley this attack injured 3 wounded..7 year old boy died.

As the arrows are blowing up the definition of Benghazi arrows became includes Ismail hardness and Mohammed بوسدرة and Wissam bin Humaid and Ahmed Abuchtalh and Sufyan bin Qmo, and Boca Laaribi and Salem Derby.

Each bombing O people of Benghazi and you are good Anhriq theater on your head and you for Tercon NATO and troops Thllon..

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter.Valley Agency Dinar News

Aaaaaaagel ::: very very serious (((Ismail Sallabi)))

Now in
Adaah dirt local telephone and says: – who amazed
Atzaron now in Benghazi, killing some companions who hide
Under the rebels clothes!! How so Hola were in your army
Palmqbur and they in the nineties kill the Mujahideen Muslims in
Mountains and forests of the mountain green and Darnah!! Hola are not revolutionaries, but ousted!!!
Threaten the stability of the whole world!!
[Did not Muammar tell us this same thing in 2011 ?]

Yesterday, near the aircraft
Nasarh and Jews bombed the Mujahideen in the dirt and killing dozens of them
Forest amid dirt and did not see anyone from the people of Benghazi out
And denouncing it as if they were our enemies, not the sons of Libya, will not allow.
The exit of one threatens the security of Benghazi under Sater demonstrations has Forewarned

Saleh Jaudh member of the National Conference of Benghazi .. Requests to the dismissal of Interior Minister Mohamed Sheikh.

channel Free Libya!!:

Legitimacy were dropped from the local council of Benghazi now.

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter.Valley Agency Dinar News

Ahmed Kabylian: drop-legitimize the conference tonight

We young people of the city of Benghazi and neighboring cities and civil society organizations of all factions of charities and human rights organizations decided to go out today 28/07/2013 in the sit-in would be great of its kind and our demands that are never attributed without any deadline are as follows:

– (Dropping legitimacy of the National Congress and the hand over his duties to the judiciary and to the presidency of the Supreme Court.

– Government Zidane would be an interim government without authority, any caretaker government only, until fresh elections and be originated from the people and for the people.

– The dismantling of all battalions and militias that do not belong to the national army, and also will be isolated * Sheikh Sadiq Ghiryani * from office, because he was not the people of this place.

– Cancel all parties to put the law in the constitution so special, – urgent investigation into the assassinations, starting from the assassination of General Abdel Fattah Younis and his two companions, another murder happened this day). ..

Aatsamana will be peaceful and irreversible in our demands, in front of Tibesti hotel ten o’clock pm reached Enough is enough, and will not return to our homes until these demands are achieved. Please circular and publishing.

أحمد القبايلي : إسقاط الشرعية عن المؤتمر الليلةنحن شباب مدينه بنغازي والمدن المجاوره ومؤسسات المجتمع المدني بجميع اطيافه من جمعيات خيريه ومنظمات حقوقيه قررنا الخروج اليوم 28-7-2013 في اعتصام سيكون الكبير من نوعه ومطالبنا التي لارجعه فيها ابدا وبدون اي مهله هي كالتالي:- ( اسقاط الشرعيه عن المؤتمر الوطني وتسليم مهامه الي القضاء والى رئاسه المحكمه العليا .- ستكون حكومه زيدان حكومه مؤقته دون صلاحيات , اي حكومه تسيير اعمال فقط , الى ان يتم انتخابات جديده وتكون نابعه من الشعب والى الشعب .- تفكيك جميع الكتائب والمليشيات التي لا تنتمي الى الجيش الوطني , وايضا سيتم عزل *الشيخ الصادق الغرياني* عن منصبه , لانه غير اهل بهذا المكان .- الغاء جميع الاحزاب حتى يوضع قانون في الدستور خاص بذلك , -التحقيق العاجل في الاغتيالات ابتداءا من اغتيال اللواء عبد الفتاح يونس ورفيقيه , الى اخر اغتيال حدث هذا اليوم ). ..سيكون اعتصامنا سلميا ولا رجعه في مطالبنا ,امام فندق تيبستي الساعه العاشره مساءا فقد بلغ السيل الزبى , ولن نرجع الى بيوتنا حتى يتم تحقيق هذه المطالب . الرجاء التعميم والنشر .

Ahmad Alkuafa, targeted in front of Saadbn mosque forbid,

Survived an attempt
Assassination and was in serious condition, and is now in a hospital bed 1200

Car explosion type “Havandaya” in the area
Mr. Younis near the market goods

The outcome of the battles now in Benghazi between the areas Alkorashh and Cast
8 killed number of Ansar al-Jihad, marriage is the so-called Ansar al-Sharia
Number 3 Moti of stun forces ..
Sabri Abdul Salam Al-Sharif and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and Civil Society / Spokesman of the Government of shame formally submit his resignation.

Abdulsalam Al-Sharif:

I Libby and adore every grain of dust in my .. But when the race arrives in the eye and Nchov Benghazi suffer and I’m in a place where مانقدرش help her remains and my duty نستقيل the positions of whatever and respond stop in the streets of the cities if it cost me my life ..

This my resignation from the post of Deputy Minister of Culture, civil society and government spokespersons ready from yesterday and waxing Badri حتكون of the Diwan of the Prime Minister ..

Nasser El Hawary:

Media Ahmed Khalifa ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in his intervention on BBC Arabic saying: that the population of Benghazi متذمرون of security agencies (police and military) and are demanding the rebels to return.

Of the victims of the bombing by NATO!!

Urgent ..Shooting on the platform of the demonstrations in Benghazi and the disruption of the broadcast channel Libya first.

Libya first channel:

“We are sorry to disconnect the air we were to fire on the platform and on the live broadcast of car!!”

قناة ليبيا أولا

نأسف لقطع الاتصال على الهواء لتعرضنا الى اطلاق نار على المنصه وعلى سيارة البث المباشر

بنت الوادي

When the loud cries on the channel for Libya’s first since a few

Overland overland O Gharyiani Benghazi suffer death.

Was shot at a car TV channel Libya first and uninterrupted broadcast.

Colonel Nur al-Din Khairallah Benghazi Naval Base command directs an urgent appeal to employees of the Benghazi area naval forces need to assemble and immediate presence at the base.

Onwards chaos chaos ..

.. The فشلوم area compatriots are Elly seen Aymanoa of .. To اوتاخذ in orders from the General Staff!!!

Exclusive and uncertain forces Thunderbolt:

Encircle the entire city of Benghazi and the establishment of the gates in and out of the city!!!!

Ziad دغيم::

A direct attack on the protesters front تبستي after their demand to freeze the National Congress and dropping Mufti and the Benghazi ……….. Qallk Council ousted … he said ….

زياد دغيم :

هجوم مباشر علي المعتصمين امام تبستي بعد مطالبتهم بتجميد المؤتمر الوطني واسقاط المفتي و مجلس بنغازي ………..قاللك ازلام …قال ….

بنت الوادي

Almtzahirin claim in Benghazi withdrawing Mufti status of المفتن sincere Gharyiani:

Libyan mufti Sadeq Gharyani will waive days after the post because his son, Mufti Suhail Sadiq Gharyani, “likes” the ruler of Qatar.

Mohammed Fakhri word Salafi sheikhs in the sincere Muslim Brotherhood Gharyani

1 Sheikh Saleh al-Luhaidan said – may God protect him – when he was told that Sadiq Gharyani Lefty demonstrations: “Each case means that
Approach of the Muslim Brotherhood. ”

2 And he said, Sheikh Mohammed bin Hadi portal – may God protect him -: “The man oblique bitter enemy of fundamentalist if mimic advisory”.

3 Sheikh Ahmed Basmol said – may God protect him – said: “This man is not taken for science; approach because it is the owner of corrupt walking on it.”

4 said Sheikh Ali Reza – may God protect him -: “faith not originally Bsalafih; rather it is the enemies of the Salafists.”

5 Sheikh said Abdul Ghani عويسات – may God protect him -: “answers answers Almudallsin, if not answers lurking, it does not return
Is not taken, saying that “.

6 He said Sheikh Jamal Al-Harthy – may God protect him -: “the man of my brothers or people stray difference, wants to beat the Salafis who
They say non-partisanship. ”

7 and said Sheikh Mohammed bin Omar – may God protect him -: “If I point it than others removed,

, Sheikh Lehaidan confirms the portal said Sheikh spring that sincere Ghiryani is the party of the Muslim Brotherhood .. In terms of violating the Ancestors approach and urged the public demonstrations, and violation of the legitimate vision for the new moon of Ramadan


Powered by Obama’s DRONES AGAIN as was done at Gaala Hospital?

Hassan Bacouche \ Benghazi:

Assured us mine engineering team’s chief of staff, who came to inspect the scene of the explosion .. the car bomb used in the bombing of the North Benghazi Court blame .. was mined Pi Maigarb a 6 Sowarich “106 .. 105”
In addition to anti-tank mines .. textured and filled bags that NTV ..
It was detonated by remote control by phone Anakaal ..
Attached picture shows Hzaia .. missiles “106 .. 105”

حسن البكوش \ بنغازي :

أكد لنا فريق هندسة الالغام التابع لرئاسة الاركان والذي جاء لمعاينة مكان الانفجار ..ان السياره المفخخه التى استعملت فى تفجير محكمة شمال بنغازي الوم ..كانت ملغمه بي مايقارب عدد 6 صوواريخ “106..105”
بالاضأفه الى الغام مضاده للدبابات ..وحقائب معبئه بمادة التي ان تى..
وقد تم تفجيرها عن بعد عن طريق الهاتف النقاال..
الصوره المرفقه توضح شضايا..صواريخ “106..105”

A car bomb near the hospital called “October 7” in  Benghazi
Injured patients within the hospital as a result of the fall of ceiling creaking him?
And destruction in an outpatient?!

Powered by Obama’s DRONES AGAIN as was done at Gaala Hospital?

29 juillet 2013 10:01

À national channel Libya

بنت الوادي

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News a partagé la vidéo de Libyan Ministry of Health – the official page.

Minister of Health: Savior of injuries 43 injury are all simple .. Considerable material damage Hospital Oct. 7 due to the bombing of the second building of the court “is based People’s Court”

The Libyan news agency today

Results NATO Alanfjaz which shook the vicinity of the North Benghazi:

Blasting a hole depth of approximately 8 meters and the number 20 almost car Anhrguet and more than 40 wounded and damage in homes and shops is too big:

Young Benghazi out at junctions angry

Here Ahtflo the people of Benghazi fireworks and Zgaad pounding offender Sarkozy aircraft for the next army to cleanse Benghazi from pollution and terrorism ..

Youth Benghazi operation room
Aaaaaaaaaaagel ::

Media owner Sharif

Killed, “Ahmed cabled friend” of the body “inspection” of a “national security” blew up his car in front of his home area, “Mr. Younis” in Benghazi, now.

New bombing and a new victim, Mr. Younis area, in front of
Saad bin Maaz mosque no details about the victim, and the car
Tracking the National Security Directorate of Benghazi.

The Benghazi full statement before a few

1 – Freeze the conference and downloading full responsibility for what is going on from the absence of safety and not to build the army to external agendas account

2 – Freeze parties

3 – dropping the local council of Benghazi because my brothers and this loss of legitimacy Council of the day

4 – Zaidane government turned to the caretaker government and the formation of new ministries to build an army and achieve and demonstrate investigations and bring the criminal to justice, starting from Fattah to cuneiform

5 – cancel all of the Supreme Commission for Elections and the Integrity Commission Libyan

6 – cut off all ties with the mini-state of Qatar immediately close its embassy in Libya and the withdrawal of diplomatic

7 – an amendment in which everyone contributes (as in people’s power which we all had before the “February 17 Revolution”)

8 – Freeze political isolation law and decided by force of arms and under threat and the decision back to the people by referendum and insulation walks on the ousted regime only, and except on the revolution of February 17

9 – to solve all the battalions, armor and security committees and the issuance of a law criminalizing all carry weapons outside the institutions of the army and police

10 – Pull recipe Mufti of sincere Gharyani and named for Issuing Authority gathers scientists of the country

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar and thankfully.

Scourge them

Other pictures of the explosion in Benghazi Court of First Instance.
Our Eachd right where God from above the seven heavens.

Court, which was a symbol of a conspiracy against Libya has become today the ruins.

The bombing of the North Benghazi Court
The moment of the bombing of the North Benghazi Court Date carried out by one of the surveillance cameras in the port of Benghazi .. Those cameras that has Ashour Hoael the installed before demanding Saleh Toyota and bankrupts his dismissal Brotherhood
Akram al-Atrash

لحظة تفجير محكمة شمال بنغازي التسجيل قامت به إحدى كاميرات المراقبة في ميناء بنغازي .. تلك الكاميرات التي قام عاشور شوايل بتركيبها قبل أن يطالب صالح تيوتا والاخوان المفلسون بإقالتهأكرم الأطرش

لحظة تفجير محكمة شمال بنغازي التسجيل قامت به إحدى كاميرات المراقبة في ميناء بنغا…Afficher la suite
Durée : 0:52

– Bengazhi: The court of Benghazi in the north was objective of intense bombardment that left him in ruins is worth remembering that here began the terrorist actions of the CIA and NATO in 2011 to overthrow the government of Supreme Leader Mohammad Al Qaddafi.

Dozens wounded among citizens in Rahman tables in court yard ‫ # Benghazi

One of the victims of the bombing of Benghazi court today:


Explosion of a military vehicle near the building of the Court of First Instance and the field of public service tree Benghaz:

iAtagel :: bombing of two cars, one for mercenary troops Thunderbolt before the Court of Appeal Benghazi.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God I am Lieutenant Mohammed
Announced his death officially intelligence chief Benghazi God and to Him we shall return.

Urgent from Benghazi
The bombing of Syria Street shakes you O God Benghazi.

Solomon Media cabled:

Shortly after there will be a statement by the bolt forces in Benghazi!

Find a bag of explosives weighing seven kgs beside the mosque area housing 29 box was handled by special forces and dismantled.

(Find a bag of explosives weighing seven kilograms beside the mosque area housing 29 and the box are handled by Thunderbolt.)

Spokesman for the joint security room in Benghazi: Mohammed Hijazi .. Said (what is happening in the region of milkfish specifically condominium “SABKHA” Thunderbolt forces raided an apartment in the Amart holed some fleeing prison Alkwyfah and said they madhiy heavy sentences because Gary processing power to deal with the raid Hola fleeing.

Quoting Libyan Republic

The arrest of the perpetrators of a car bombing head of the security committee the Ahmed Alkuafa Supreme Benghazi evening and now present in the camp Thunderbolt.
The status of each of (Aujali) in the bombing of Gamal Abdel Nasser

And case (Alkuavy) in the land Zwaoh bombing stable and thankfully!!!
Shortly before the review of some of the militias in Benghazi of armor and a battalion Alshaty specifically in the street gardens accepted Bsthjan severe residents of Benghazi rose votes in the Ojohm that Arabs Benghazi do not want to, but the army and the police only Ihamlohm the deteriorating security situation, which witnessed by the city of Benghazi and the theft of money from the leaders of these battalions ideological.

Benghazi … shields mean civil war

The passage of the remnants of armor dissolved the streets of Benghazi, they will phone you secured the city is willing to do so amid disapproval and rejection of people.
Exclusive news agency Cyrenaica.

Urgent ..Doctors in Benghazi refused to direct their work in hospitals for the poor security in the city.

Urgent ..

News for each of the bombing gate Rulrhh in the western side of the city of Benghazi as well as Sidi Khalifa gate on the eastern side of the city.

(Girl commander)

Benghazi residents are now demanding the following: –

1 – Ad Benghazi led military zone Khalifa Hfter.
2 – Stun return 21 (battalion martyrs corner Almgehvlh) from Sirte and Sabha.
3 – shut down the entrances and exits of Benghazi and tighten their grip on them.
4 – Stop any car زجاجها the dark or moving without license plates.
The formation of a military council led Hfter – tar – Bouchmadeh

Stun forces now clash with armed militia fugitive in Alkorashh farms now.

Urgent ..Explosions shake Benghazi and war streets in some neighborhoods ..

Bad news for Thunderbolt forces now in Benghazi. Urgent.Ahmed Abuchtalh leads the armed gangs fighting Thunderbolt now in Rulrhh.

Urgent ..Assassination Walid Alakora, one of the federal leaders in Cyrenaica in front of his house in Benghazi now.

Khaled Jarallah political activist, known and who said that the revolution of February 17, the greatest revolution in history was assassinated today supporters of the greatest revolution in history:

Urgent.Stun forces commander and Nice Abouchmadh the request of the commander of the bolt 21 Colonel Salah Abouhliqh, the attendance Bactepth immediately to Benghazi.

Libya channel first attack on the Thunderbolt Jermana the camp …

Urgent ..Stun forces retreat to consider the density-based fire from armed militias that clashed with it.

Interruption broadcast channel Libya first.
Shooting on platform sit Benghazi and broadcast vehicle.
Tkpeyeeyeeyeier ​​goodness arrived.

Assassination of Federal activist and Walid Alakora, in front of his house in Benghazi

Benghazi now … a failed attempt to attack a bank in the Arab market …. and hear the sound of a cannon 23 near the place … and the situation was brought under control by the special forces..



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl. Ajdabiya

Night two people were arrested in a car (Hyundai) are coming from Benghazi loaded with explosives, detonated in Ajdabiya … God is greatest on the security men in Ajdabiya .. and this is the first thread in Benghazi bombings detection .. but Anamt the eyes of cowards .. God save Libya of Kidd Alcaadan.

Media / Mohsen Fakhri – Ajdabiya



The Reuters news agency – dirt, “the headquarters of al-Qaeda and extremists in Libya and North Africa in particular. Larger because it includes the organization’s leaders. In Libya .

Road to the waterfall tuber:




The death of the Emir of Ansar al-Sharia Ahmed TIR Masrati, alias Abu Ali Mtatro wounds on the following morning clashes in the city of Sirte

Urgent .. Al-Qaeda in Sirte declares war on Thunderbolt Battalion 21 Led Salah Abouhliqh,

We report a loud explosion in the court complex in Sirte was unknown whether there were casualties. Mercenaries are in panic.


URGENT / day on customer channel traitors Libya first

Member of the non-Congress national Rat “Touati”: Libyan Alnfez smuggling by the AKP and the construction of the port of Ras Lanuf, and for science meters pumping Alnfez the code and quantity of smuggled more than one million barrels
And Touati said he has documents on it.

(Torrent Green)



Urgent newspaper Sabha

Cars belonging to the interior and appealing to shoppers new area the presence of car bombs place there, resulting in a state of panic among the citizens, to finally clear that the news of Hungary rumor.

Sabha thousands of Libyans demonstrated against the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.


اسكندر بيك‎. / Alexander Beck  writes to us:

“Breaking NEws
people Marching for al-Qathafi now in Brack Chat’ai. 

NATO aircraft is flying Over an area far 40 KM from Brack Chat’ai…

Green resistance opened fire on NATO aircraft flying over Desert area far 46 KM from Brack Shatti .

The aircraft of NATO we opened fire on was with strong flash , When we opened fire , they off the flash and it fly so high that we can’t target it , the most important we attack .”


Very dangerous:
A document issued by the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, United Arab Emirates proving request Ismail Alstaoa from United Arab Emirates an amount (28 million dirhams) بالليبي almost 9 million dinars to support some charities and religious institutions by Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for charity and humanity.
Note PANA has published a news story a few days ago stating support the homosexual American Mahmoud Jibril, some religious and charitable institutions.

Betrayal of the homeland of the Muslim Brotherhood party
Image of the names of the members of the party “Justice and Development” included their names in the “Fax message” and the monthly grant given to them from the state of “Qatar” of $ 250 thousand instrument number “9,250,444” dated 29/09/2012 Qatar Central Bank in the name of “Mohammed Flint, “head of the ruling justice and construction.

I think that this is the paper that emigrated القايدي the preferred not to show the people and the media in order to preserve her life.

I’ve been selling Libya to Qatar by the Muslim Brotherhood and became paid the price of sale to Libya from Qatar in the form of financial donations and salaries!! I wanted to kill transplant this cancer in the body of Libyan unfortunately managed and Libya became king of Qatar country’s two million square kilometers and six million people and the country ranked fourth globally for oil production and seventh globally in foreign exchange reserves has become king of the mini-state of Qatar, which not represent the city in Libya does not have half Maatmlleke Libya , I’ve lost the country and became slaves of Libyans Qataris and this official document confirming what has been referred to the overwhelming evidence, what are you doing, O slave Libyan people from Sheikha Mozah Bint predicate and Vhlha hampered his parents and son Tamim :: –

Libyan people of all factions, knows that Qatar intervene openly in the rule of Libya and purchased receivables since the beginning of the liberation of the country handed over Adharv containing money to politicians and Mustafa Abdul Jalil himself knows it and received a circumstance of Qatar and the return the person to the NTC, but others Many have taken this Aladharv and still served obedientstatelet of Qatar to the present day
It worsened and became a rewarding salaries of Qatar for its customers rotten inside the council, which was elected by the people and was a disappointment, he thinks

By O Libyans as Egyptians say (cut sweat and Sih blood), but not the way CSF terrorist assassinations and bombings, but to demonstrate peacefully either their embassy in Tripoli and the continuation of sit-up is expelled representatives diplomats from Libya because the embassy became operations room to kill honest people and destroying our country
Guns and ammunition Allly Jaboha war days Aijua Estelmoha shark Elly pushed him take him and leave us and closed their embassy and do not open until after that offers ازلامهم to international trial and offer this Duwaila a formal apology to the people الليبيى for vandalism done in Libya to pay compensation for the delay in construction of the Libyan state and killed sons people in cold blood and then we Libyans to decide whether we want to open diplomatic relations again, or do not want

الشعب الليبى بجميع اطيافه يعلم ان قطر تتدخل بشكل سافر فى سياده ليبيا وتشترى الذمم منذ بدايه تحرير البلاد بتسليم اضرف تحتوى على اموال الى الساسه ومصطفى عبدالجليل نفسه يعرف ذلك واستلم ظرف من قطر وقام بارجاعه الى المجلس الانتقالى ولكن غيره كثيرون قد اخذوا هذه الاضرف ولازالوا خدم مطيعين لدويله قطر حتى يومنا هذا
الامر تفاقم واصبحت هناك رواتب مجزيه من قطر لعملائها داخل المجلس الفاسد الذى انتخبه الشعب وخيب ظنهعليه ايها الليبيون كما يقول المصريون ( اقطع عرق وسيح دم ) ولكن ليس على الطريقه القطريه الارهابيه بالاغتيالات والتفجير بل بالتظاهر السلمى اما سفارتهم بطرابلس واستمرار الاعتصام حتى يتم طرد ممثليهم الدبلوماسيين من ليبيا لان سفارتهم اصبحت غرفه عمليات لقتل شرفاء شعبنا وتخريب بلادنا
والبنادق والذخيره الللى جابوها ايام الحرب ايجوا يستلموها والقرش اللى دفعوه ياخذوه ويرحلوا علينا وتقفل سفارتهم ولا تفتح الا بعد ان يقدم ازلامهم الى المحاكمه الدوليه وتقدم هذه الدويله اعتذار رسمى للشعب الليبيى عن التخريب الذى قامت به فى ليبيا وان تدفع تعويضات عن تأخير بناء الدوله الليبيه وقتل ابناء شعبها بدم بارد وعندها نحن الليبيين من يقرر ما اذا كنا نريد فتح علاقات دبلوماسيه من جديد او لا نريد

خطير جدا :
وثيقة صادرة من وزارة شؤون الرئاسة بدولة الامارات العربية المتحدة تثبت طلب اسماعيل الشتيوي من الامارات مبلغ وقدره (28 مليون درهم ) بالليبي تقريبا 9 مليون دينار لدعم بعض الجمعيات الخيرية والمؤسسات الدينية عن طريق مؤسسة محمد بن راشد للاعمال الخيرية والانسانية.
علما بانّا قد نشرنا خبرا قبل ايام تفيد بدعم محمود جبريل بعض المؤسسات الدينية والخيرية.بنت القائد

Very, very urgent Libyan Aashab

Member of the General National Congress * Ms. / emigrated Qaid

((Libya Mpioah the State of Qatar)) there is a serious documents indicate Tzkhal the State of Qatar in the internal affairs of the Libyan state and orders of the State of Qatar
There are documents serious indicate the intervention of the State of Qatar in Libya when Sister emigrated Kaid said on Al-Libya first in program dialogue Libya, it can not show these documents on the channel and its announcement on the Libyan people’s stolen his own, because he told her the person responsible for these documents, that his life and the lives of his family in risk and clicks it growing every day if exited these documents Almlae the orphaned will kill his children said to her, you are responsible if it happened my life and the lives of his family.

Resigned Minister of Social Affairs in the government of Ali Zaidane in protest against the bloody bombings in Benghazi, was wounded at least 13 people were injured in two explosions ..



Arab Lawyers’ Union demanded the release of President Gadaffi blood

Sunday, July 28, 2013 2:20:27 PM


Student Magdy Raslan, Chairman of the Federation lawyers Arab African, and Commission President Arab refugees, said in a statement today, Adly Mansour, President of the Republic, the Vice President for External Relations,

Mohamed ElBaradei, the team Fattah Sisi and Minister of Defense and Military Production, quickly releasing Ahmed howitzer blood, the former coordinator Relations Egyptian-Libyan. said that his detention was illegal, and is wrongfully,

and for several reasons, including that Egyptian nationality and national Sharif for his heroism and sacrifice in the glorious October War and knows commanders by heart. stressed Raslan to respect the provisions of the Egyptian judiciary fair, which issued a decision to imprison ‘howitzer of blood’ on remand pending the issue of being accused of resisting the authorities during the process of his arrest last March,

and this was under the previous Constitution .. Under disable the Constitution shall be legally released and the criminal case take its course.

Allahu Akbar

Maja has been edited Dells imprisoned in a secret prison in the farm Ahmed Howitzer blood with every weapon sheep, who is in camp.

 Egypt – Libya: News Egyptian military intends to launch a military attack against the positions of the sites in Libya, where the camps and weapons depots Muslim Brotherhood, after receiving confirmation that the weapons used against the army on the peninsula Sinai? Delivered to a group of Muslim Brotherhood in Libya. In response bandits Libyan government closed its border with Egypt: Declared Libyan RAT Prime Minister Ali Zaidane close the border with Egypt, before traveling, to prevent those responsible for the murder of a political activist, Friday in Benghazi, to escape.



Tunisia – Libya: Reserve the interests of the Tunisian customs crossing Ras Jedir Monday sum estimated at € 360,000 were hidden Tunisian car on the way to Libya.  Customs source said customs officials suspected was a car that was parked across and thoroughly searched to find the amount in the box instead of spare wheel near the fuel tank.

On the other hand, was able to patrol on the road between the Customs and Bnqirdan MEDENINE the truck stop in Libya and the amount of reserves of veterinary drugs worth 800,000 dinars smuggled from Libya.



Page voted to proceed to Libya, starting tonight (at ten o’clock every night), published the book “Confessions of an economic killer” (quoted by the Algerian newspaper Dawn) authored by John Perkins, and the translation of Bassam Abu-Ghazaleh.
Confessions of an economic killer 9

عترافات killer economic book for “John Perkins” Customer former National Security Agency to the U.S., offers a certificate from the inside of the role played by banks and international companies to steal third world countries and dumping debt and then placed under the supervision of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, while stealing multinational companies , such as Halliburton and Bechtel resources under the pretext of development.

Perkins says that EHMs are professional killers, paid with higher wages, to يبتزوا the heads of state around the world, and steal billions of dollars from them. The Perkins himself one of these killers, recruited by (CIA) secret, and work with them under the guise of his work in an international consulting firm, visited Indonesia, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries that have importance in American strategy.

His mission was focused on the application of policies that serve the interests of the U.S. alliance, comprising governments, companies at the same time working to relieve the symptoms and effects of poverty virtual deceptive procedures. And leave the writer and his job after the bombings of September 11, 2001, and dedicated himself to expose these murderers – who was himself one day and one of them – through his book Confessions of a deadly economic, and presented to the spiritual presidents former, the two Latin American countries, namely, former president of Ecuador, Jaime رولدوس, a former Panama’s Omar Torrijos, and both were killed in a plane crash fabricated as described by the writer, “because they stood in the face of companies, banks and governments, which aims to establish a global empire by plundering the natural wealth of their countries. And that he himself went to them and tried to Aptzazhma but rejection, Vtardha for the assassination of dropping the Governing Taúratehma. Jordan’s book translated by Bassam Abu-Ghazaleh

Chapter IV

Protect the country from communism

I had a fancy look to Indonesia, the country where they will live next three months. I have seen pictures of beautiful women babe in Alsareng clothes with festive colors, and dancers mechanisms of strangers, and the priests blowing the fire, but reviled warriors long boats carved from the trunks of the trees in the emerald waters at the foot of volcanoes that escalated her smoke. Was أخاذا particular series of ships wonderful with sails black still pirates Bouji Almkhiphun sail in the waters of the archipelago, and they were يرعبون sailors first Europeans, even if he returned those sailors to their home countries took threaten their children by saying, “تأدبوا otherwise take you men Bouji.” You raised myself these pirates!

Represents the history of the country and the legends and an abundance of images legendary: Cgill gods, Komodo dragon, the sultans of the tribes, and the old tales that ترحلت before the birth of Christ, a time long through the mountains and Asian deserts, Persian, and over the Mediterranean Sea to the implanted deep in our psyche Assembly. Mgooah of the mind itself is the legendary names of the islands – Java, Sumatra, Borneo, سلاويسي. Here is the country of mysticism and superstition and delicacy beauty; here is the elusive treasure, which was launched to sail Klmps what guided him; Here Princess which شببت Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal and Japan, what managed to تنالها. It’s imagination and dreams.

My expectations were high, and I think it reflected the expectations of explorers bones. And such Klmps, however, I had to know how to relieve of fantastically Glua. Ali you guessed that the lighthouse shines on the fate does not always notify to mind. Yes, Indonesia has offered its treasures, but they were not the panacea that I expected. The truth is that my first days in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia wetlands, in the summer of 1971, was a shock to me.

To be sure, was present beauty: beautiful women in clothes colored Alsareng; luxurious shine gardens of tropical flowers; dancers strangers mechanisms; carts, bicycles, high chairs painted on its sides great views colors of the spectrum, where passenger Eetmty them while moving their feet on the pedals bikers ; palaces remnants of Dutch colonialism, and mosques with minarets. However, the city’s face another ugly catastrophic. There is affected by leprosy people with hands covered bloody; and young women يعرضن their bodies to meet a bunch of spare cash; channels Dutch which was beautiful day turned into sinks a base; and stables cartoon in which they live whole families on the banks of the river black covered with rubbish; and trumpets loud and asphyxiating. Beautiful and ugly, vulgar and elegant, spiritual and profane, all combined together. Thus was Jakarta, where wrestle Areej clove and Abeer flowers horticulture with the musty smell of open sewage.

I’ve seen poverty before. Some of my colleagues in the New Hampshire living in tar paper shacks, and they come to school dressed in thin coats and shoes worn in the winter days that fall below zero temperature; and bodies that do not wash, the smell of sweat freedman and animal dung. I have lived in mud huts with the peasants in the Andes, those who have their food consists almost entirely of dry corn and potatoes, and it was new and pounces luck of life and death, and sometimes one. Yes, I saw poverty; but it was not to يعدني what I saw in Jakarta.

Of course, it was our team down in the most beautiful hotel in the country, hotel Antrkintnntal Indonesia, which is owned airline Pan Am, as they have the rest of this series of hotels scattered around the world, which provides services to the whims of strangers, the rich, especially for managers of oil companies and their families. On the evening of the first day, set up our project manager, Charlie Elngwerth, banquet dinner for us in the elegant restaurant in the upper layer.

Charlie was a war expert; was spending most of his spare time reading history books and historical novels for military commanders and the great battles. It represents the theoretical pro-soldier of the Vietnam War. As usual, it was that night wearing khaki trousers and a shirt half km from khaki military also The shoulders form.

After welcoming us, lit a cigar, and carrying a glass of champagne and said متنهدا: “For a good life.” Taking قعقعت the Kaosna, we responded by saying, “for a good life.”

Charlie was meditating around the room, while the cigar smoke snaking around it. He said, shaking his head well received, “Indonesians will take care of us very well here, as well as do the U.S. embassy staff. But, do not forget that we have a task must be accomplished. “Then he looked to a handful of cards, notes, and added,” Yes. We are here to develop a master plan for the electrification of Java – the most populous land spot in the world. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. ”

Then turning his face expression to the grandfather; Vzkrna George minted which represents the role of General Patton, one of the heroes of Charlie. “We are here to save the country from the grip of communism. Indonesia, as you know, with a long history heartbreaking. And now, while preparing for the start of the twentieth century, finds herself on the line again. Our responsibility is to make sure they do not follow the footsteps of its neighbors in the north, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. The integrated electrical system is another essential element, because, more than any other individual factor (except for possible oil), will ensure that the rule of capitalism and democracy. ”

Then he said, has taken the last breath of a cigarette and move a few cards in his hand, “We all know, as we talk about oil, our country’s dependence on it. Indonesia can be a powerful ally for us in this regard. So please, as you Ttoron this master plan, before you can post, including in your power to Tdmnoa that the oil industry and everything served – from the ports, pipelines and companies construction – undermine everything you might need from electricity during the entire duration of this plan, which takes twenty-five years. ”

Then he lifted his eyes from his cards, and he looked at me directly, and he said, “to err in giving a higher rating better than to underestimate your own judgment. You do not like to see blood on your hands Indonesian children – or our blood we are. Do not want them to live under the rule of sickle and Alshakoc, or under the flag of Red China! ”

While lay on my bed that night, high above the city, safe Mterva in first-class suite, reared on Claudine image. It was haunt me lectures about external debt. I tried to Jericho myself باستذكار the lessons learned in macroeconomic courses in the business school. I said to myself, I am here to help Indonesia in the renaissance of the old economy to take its place in the modern industrial world. But I know that I am I’ll look out of my window in the morning, through the hotel gardens and rich Msabha, and see the stables stretching for miles behind her. I know that children are dying there for their lack of food and drinking water, and kids and adults are all suffering from terrible diseases and live in painful conditions.

Having fluctuated in my bed, I found the assignee deny that Charlie and every one else in our team have all come for selfish reasons. We have strengthen the foreign policy of the United States and the interests of companies, and it motivates us greed, not by the desire to improve the lives of the vast majority of Indonesians. Then the risk to my mind the term “corporate power” *. I was not sure if you heard from before or I ابتدعته. But it perfectly describes these new elite that put in mind that control the planet.

These brothers were strong correlation between the lack of men with common goals, navigates its members frequently and easily between corporate boards and government positions. It struck me that the President of the World Bank, Robert McNamara, was a typical example. Has moved from his position as president of Ford Motor Company, to the secretary of defense under the chairmanship of both the Kennedy and Johnson, and then held the highest office of the most powerful financial institution in the world.

I also found that my professors at the university did not understand the true nature of the macro-economy: to help the economy grow, often make those few of people Almterbah the top of the pyramid is getting richer, while doing nothing to those who are at the bottom but to push them down more. Truly, the promotion of capitalism often results in a system similar to the feudal societies in the Middle Ages. Although any of my teachers know it, they did not recognize him – perhaps because the big companies, and the men who run them, are funded universities, and the truth will cost those professors their jobs Absolutely – just as he can be such a disclosure that cost me my job.

These ideas continued to haunt my sleep every night I spent in Hotel Indonesia Antrkintnntal. In the end, it was the first defensive quite personally: I struggled to get out of the town of New Hampshire, and junior high school, and military service. The combination of coincidences and hard work, I was able to earn any good place in life. As well as the Asset myself to the fact that I was doing the right thing from the point of view of culture. I was on my way to become an expert economically successful and respectful. I was doing what they promise me his business school. I was helping in the application of evolutionary form approved by the best minds in the highest episodes think-tank in the world.

In spite of this, I often condolences myself in the abyss of the night that I one day will reveal the truth. After so you Ohdhd myself to sleep by reading novels by Louis Lamour warriors with guns in the Old West.

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* Corporatocracy
Page voted to proceed to Libya, starting tonight (at ten o’clock every night), published the book “Confessions of an economic killer” (quoted by the Algerian newspaper Dawn) authored by John Perkins, and the translation of Bassam Abu-Ghazaleh.
Confessions of an economic killer 10
عترافات killer economic book for “John Perkins” Customer former National Security Agency to the U.S., offers a certificate from the inside of the role played by banks and international companies to steal third world countries and dumping debt and then placed under the supervision of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, while stealing multinational companies , such as Halliburton and Bechtel resources under the pretext of development.

Perkins says that EHMs are professional killers, paid with higher wages, to يبتزوا the heads of state around the world, and steal billions of dollars from them. The Perkins himself one of these killers, recruited by (CIA) secret, and work with them under the guise of his work in an international consulting firm, visited Indonesia, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries that have importance in American strategy.

His mission was focused on the application of policies that serve the interests of the U.S. alliance, comprising governments, companies at the same time working to relieve the symptoms and effects of poverty virtual deceptive procedures. And leave the writer and his job after the bombings of September 11, 2001, and dedicated himself to expose these murderers – who was himself one day and one of them – through his book Confessions of a deadly economic, and presented to the spiritual presidents former, the two Latin American countries, namely, former president of Ecuador, Jaime رولدوس, a former Panama’s Omar Torrijos, and both were killed in a plane crash fabricated as described by the writer, “because they stood in the face of companies, banks and governments, which aims to establish a global empire by plundering the natural wealth of their countries. And that he himself went to them and tried to Aptzazhma but rejection, Vtardha for the assassination of dropping the Governing Taúratehma. Jordan’s book translated by Bassam Abu-Ghazaleh

Chapter V

Sell ​​myself

Our team spent a ten man six days in Jakarta during which register with the U.S. Embassy, ​​and meeting with various officials, and organize ourselves, and lounging around the pool. While I was struck by the number of Americans who lived in hotel Antrkintnntal. I enjoy watching the beautiful young girls – the wives of managers of oil and construction companies of America – who were spend أيامهن the pool and Omasihn in a few elegant restaurants in or around the hotel.

Then Charlie took us to the mountain city of Bandng, where the weather is nicer, and poverty weaker and clearer, and less distractions. We send down in the additive Organizations called “feature”, the director, cook, gardener, and a group of servants; was built resort Dutch colonial days, the broad balcony overlooks the tea plantations stretching across the winding hills, on the slopes of the volcanic mountains of Java. In addition to housing, we have provided eleven Toyota Off-Road, each with a driver and translator. On top of this, we have provided also for membership cards the Bandng Golf Club and private Alrki. Our offices were in a suite at the headquarters of the electric utility company owned by the government.

As far as I am concerned, I spent a few of my early days in Bandng in a series of meetings with Charlie Parker and Howard. Howard was in his seventies, and was planned before retiring president of electric loads in the New England electric system. Today, in charge of planning for the amount of energy and generating capacity (loads) you need Java island during the five and the next twenty years, as well as to divide it into schemes at the level of the city and the region. Because the need for electrical heavily dependent on economic growth, it is imperative to predictions of relying on economic Tenbaati. The rest of our team, he has to put the master plan based on these forecasts, and in the placement and design of power stations, and transmission and distribution lines, and fuel transfer systems in a way meet Bmkhttatna of the highest possible efficiency. In the course of our meetings was Charlie emphasizes the importance of my work, and was always bothers me about the need to optimism in Tenbaati. Claudine has been right when she said I am the key to the whole master plan.

Charlie said: “The first few weeks will be here to collect the data.”

We were, Charlie Howard and I, sitting in seats made of large asset India in the Office of Charlie lavish. The walls were decorated with embroidered batik, a fee for epic tales taken from ancient Hindu texts of the epic Ramayana. Charlie was puffing a cigarette thick.

Charlie said, “Engineers will put a detailed picture of the current electrical system, and the capacity of the port, roads and railways, to the last of these things.”, Then placed the cigarette Soba and said, “You have to work quickly. At the end of the first month, Howard will need a good idea about the size of the economic miracles that will occur when the new project is working. At the end of the second month, you will need more details – divided at the district level. And the last month is devoted to filling in the blanks. This will be crucial. We all will cooperate in thinking. Therefore, we have before we leave can be sure that we have all necessary data to us. And then go back to the country to celebrate Thanksgiving. This is my motto. Not return to us after that. ”

Howard looked at me kind of loving grandfather; and the fact that it was a scathing elderly man, feels that he cheated in his life. So it never reaches the height of responsibility in the New England electric system, which has bequeathed great resentment. He told me, “Tguzuna because I refused to accept the company line.” And then was forced to accept retirement. Taking no يطق sit at home with his wife, before an advisory position with the Maine company. This was the second mission, and the inner and Charlie Hdhirana, to watch out for him, describing him Banid, debased, and implacable.

As I found out, Howard was one of the wisest of my teachers, even though I was not ready to accept it at that time. Never had not received the type of training that I have received from Claudine; as they might they saw an older or more stubborn than you should. Or perhaps they saw that he would work with them for a short time to to Egroa a man like me more flexible working full-time. In any case, Howard was from the point of view of a dilemma. It is clear that he was aware of the situation and the role they want to play; but he was determined to not be a stone chess in their hands. All you paste Liner and Charlie were true qualities; But some stubbornness was at least stemmed from his personal commitment to not be a servant to them. I doubt that someday heard the term “economic killer”. But it was known that they intend to use it to promote a form of imperialism was not able to accept it.

He took me aside after one of our meetings Charlie. Was wearing a headset and plays under his shirt small fund that controls the power of sound.

With Howard stood near the window in the joint office overlooking the muddy canal, which was wrapped around the building the electricity company. The young woman bathing in polluted waters, trying to maintain a certain modesty wrap her Alsareng dress, without tightening around her semi-naked body. Dana Howard, and said in a low voice, “This is between you and me. They will try to convince you that this economy is will reach heaven prosperous. Charlie this acardius. Do not let him approaching you. ”

أشعرني his words in my heart drop. But I also I’d like to convince him that Charlie is right; At the end of the day my biography dependent on the satisfaction of my superiors in Maine company. So I told him, “It is certain that the economy will prosper.” Taking the eyes of the girl is located in the canal, I added, saying, “See what happens.”

It was clear that he did not notice the view from beneath us, Vtemtem saying, “So if. Have taken their way, is not it? ”

My eye movement at the top of the channel. Old man came down from the pier, then take off his pants, and Qrvs at the water’s edge responsive to the call of nature. She saw the young, but they did not bother, but and continued Asthamamha. Then moved away from the window and looked directly to Howard, and I said, “I’ve wandered in some places. I may be small, but I just return from South America, where he spent three years. I have seen what can happen when oil discovers. Things change quickly. ”

He replied sarcastically, “Oh, and I also wandered, and for years too long. Dear boy, let me less you something. I am not interested discoveries of oil at all. I have spent my whole life planning for electrical loads – The days of economic recession, during the Second World War, the days of distress and amplitude. I have seen what I did to Boston called miracle Massachusetts, Route 128. I can say confidently confirmed that there is no electrical load can grow annually more than 7 to 9 percent for any sustained period. This at best. Indeed, six percent more than reasonable. ”

تملكتني defense instinct, though a part of me thinks right. I knew that to convince him, because my conscience was screaming to justify the request.

I told him, “Howard, this is not Boston. This is a country where one can not yet access to electricity. Different things here. ”

Turned against his hand engine hurdle like wants to Ickensna from in front of him, and said مزمجرا, “flashing in your path. Some merchandise. I do not care at all what graduated do. “And then dragged his chair behind his desk violently and threw guilt him and said,” I will put مخططاتي of electricity based on what I think, and not based on an economic study like building palaces in the moon. “Then grabbed the pencil and took Crabs on a piece of paper.

I do not deny that it was a challenge. So I went and stood in front of his office.

“You will look stupid if I provided what everyone expects – prosperous competing attack of gold in California – while you provide the electric anticipation of the growth rate similar to the rate of Boston in the sixties.”

Slapped his pencil and stared at me and said, “without conscience! That’s all there is to it. “He said, his arms to the offices behind the walls of our office. “You all بعتم yourselves to the devil. You are here for the money. “Then draw a smile on his face vexatious, extending his hand under his shirt, and said,” Saagafl the ear headphones and go back to work. ”

Shaken deep down. And rushed to the office of Charlie. In the middle of the road stopped not sure what I want to do. Then instead I turned bearish stairs to the outside space towards the afternoon. The young girl stepping out of the channel, her dress was drawn tightly around her body. The elderly man, has disappeared. It was several boys playing in the channel, Atrahqon the with water and Atsaihon, while a woman stood in the water until knees Tafrhi the brim, and the other let you some clothes.

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