Zionist War for the World

Mu determined

Mu leader of the revolution


Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
God is great above the aggressor Kid
And God for the oppressed best supporter
I certainty and armed Savtda
My light of truth shines in the hands of
Tell me tell me
God, God, God is great
God is above the aggressor

Oh this world Otala and Listen
Army Aloaada came wanting Musraei the
Right will be featured Bmdfie
If consumed will courtyards with me
Tell me tell me
God, God, God is greatest
God is above the aggressor

Tell me Woe to the colonist
And God is above the treacherous arrogant
God is great oh my
And take بناصية, modulator Admoury
Tell me tell me
God, God, God is greatest
God is above the victim

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Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings Iaaahrar, light حرائر, great … morale Taannagalsme and Pat victory soon …
صحه فطور
كم …

Health Breakfast
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Great TAEDEMON / REGRET!!! (from a former RAT):

SELECTION from Nadmowowon (contentment and openness and disclosure of brave men attributes):

 …the right word is said that in his life was the most beautiful and wonderful very much about life…
Now become Ijzim we sinned, a fatal error in the (so-named) “revolution” (“FEBRUARY 17”) …
Ijzim that God and his angels angry that we tried to kill al-Qathafi who is one of the men of God righteous Vemoaagafh many in the service of Islam,
I feel like crying, but screaming the loudest voice (“My God have mercy My God allowed My God, forgive us What we made against Libya”) when I hear and read.
Miketbh follow al-Qathafi know they Buhlool of us much and they settled Cmat well I we we were in a coma when we went out to Tzmir Libya and Althmana with Qataris who يصفوننا now that we are not loyal and not to Vena out and we عرعار and Roma!!
So we really,
But we discovered that after the destruction of the country and killing people of our “revolution” and we grow in the name of God in our stomachs wine in our minds ecstasy!!
Actually deserve case with us now all merit and type so Make myself a moment of serenity and comfort while typing …………………..
[Rebel ((Mahmoud Ayad الشهيبي))]

Urgent …

The first statement of the Libyan people from the military official .. Meeting held in Tripoli 30 July 2013 …
And which included officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the various الصنوف military zones LIBYA:


قيادات الجيش الليبي تخرج عن صمتها وتصدر بياناً بشأن تشكيل مجلس أعلى لقيادتها

Durée : 7:06
Abtaaaaalk Avtakry Bayhoum ….. Idaaaaauowo without Araaadém the

 Brought a joyous Itagmr the Libyan people as a whole grief will expire Masatkm the will Tdhb of you will come to you soon, but joy joy of victory.
لارجوع الى الامام..
Your time today at 12:00 at night with a new episode of the struggle of media and media as assets in the national program wounded .. So be on time .. And watch good ..
RAT infested LIBYA:
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel””” Juma tourist Member Allaotunai Congress hours before Libya’s international channel””””” expose the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, said they are wasting people’s money they impose the law of political isolation.
They assassinate in the army and the media they were kidnapped named Alqreis Director, Office of Zaidane and Zaidane under threat and weapons implemented in Aaamr Brotherhood and Zaidane suffering and turn to him and the Brotherhood are in control of all aspects of the state they walk in the conference Bmlishathm and by force of arms illusion of control the Libyan oil and is sold under the under the Brotherhood Muslims are does not want the army nor the police that you and the Muslim Brotherhood were kidnapped, tortured and imprisoned,
they wronged he concluded that the oppressor and the injustice of Edom said they are fallen and are going to the abyss now and in the sixty artful and the Libyan people سيثور them and claimed Libyans to that Atoroa them.

 (at MELITA GAS in MIZDAH):Colonel Ali Hassan Lahrac that Ali Zaidane and Bari Arousi may request
Disengagement me sit-ins to force oil sites and fire on the protestors!!!!!!
Mthadjin that the law organizing sit-ins provides us legitimacy بالرماية the
I refused justified so that I am not looking for legitimacy Tjulna the killing Libyans.

Aaaaaajl ….

Zizi Alamhh Ali Zaidan head now Alausera in a press conference:

– People camped close the facility for the purposes and using
Is dangerous weapons.
– Stop these ports directly will affect power generation
Electrical and ask all Libyans solidarity with us in this matter
And to stop these things and reject it.
– These people have been trained to protect the oil facility and gave arms
State stores protection they became يهددونها.
– The commander of the guard will change oil facility after this press conference
– Prepare all the officers and soldiers in the guard established to protect this property
Do not abuse it and shut down.
– Total of rebels prevented The fact that internal security in the state and investigations device .. and soon we will work this ..

Aaratha sterilized Aaamal … You Tkdry a rotate need Aaamhh ..

عاااااجل….زيزى العمشه علي زيدان رئيس الاوزراء الان في مؤتمر صحفي :- اشخاص يعتصمون ويغلقون منشآة من اجل غايات وبأستعمال
الاسلحة امر خطير.
– ايقاف هذه المواني سيأثر بشكل مباشر على توليد الطاقة
الكهربائية واطلب من جميع الليبيين التضامن معنا في هذا الامر
وايقاف هذه الامور ورفضها .
– هؤلاء الاشخاص دربوا لحماية المنشآة النفطية واعطوا السلاح من
مخازن الدولة لحمايتها فأصبحوا يهددونها .
– سيتم تغيير آمر حرس المنشآة النفطية بعد هذا المؤتمر الصحفي
مباشرة .
– اعدوا جميع الضباط والجنود في حرس المنشآة حماية هذه المنشآة
لا الاعتداء عليها واغلاقها .
-مجموع من الثوار منعت ان كون امن داخلى فى الدوله وجهاز تحريات ..وقريبا سنعمل هذا ..

ياريتها عقمت ياعميل …انت تقدرى اديرى حاجه ياعمشه..

لارجوع الى الامام..

Ali Zaidane apply for an additional budget of 17 billion bridge bottlenecks (?) And is 67 billion could not remove garbage from the streets of the capital!

Libya and councils node:
National Conference this morning discusses the project of establishing the National Security Council
And earlier discussed the project of establishing a National Guard
And Bohakor submitted a project for the establishment of the National Council for Planning
All new projects for the theft and combing budgets.

Brotherhood and love of culture positions
Muslim Brotherhood who Mesh Minister and not mesh Ambassador and not Mesh Shad position. Make him the national conference position or project Business Atalaaolh the budgets and Icololh signed amok
The constitution and the army and police in Al-Kharj greet you on the words of Ghawar
علي زيدان تقدم بطلب ميزانية اضافية 17 مليار لسد الاختناقات (؟) و هو ب67مليار لم يستطع ازالة القمامة من شوارع العاصمة!

ليبيا وعقدة المجالس:
المؤتمر الوطني يناقش صباح اليوم مشروع انشاء المجلس القومي للأمن
و قبلها ناقش مشروع انشاء الحرس الوطني
و بوشاقور مقدم مشروع لأنشاء المجلس الوطني للتخطيط
كلها مشاريع جديدة للسرقة وتمشيط الميزانيات .

الاخوان و ثقافة حب المناصب
الأخواني اللي مش وزير و لا مش سفير و لا مش شاد منصب . يصنع له الموءتمر الوطني منصب او مشروع بزنس و يطلعوله ميزانيات و يقولوله عت في الأرض فسادا
و الدستور و الجيش و الشرطة يسلم عليكم في الخرج علي قولة غوار

 F tourist a member of the National Conference on Libya first channel says:

“Ali Zaidane of having been abducted his cousin and threatening to become like the doll is driven by the Brotherhood like what you want, just became a body without the spirit.”

USA gifts 200 to their RAT puppet:
F-Sayeh stressed that the decision to grant $ 900 million shields, is an individual decision of the President Bushmin and contrary to the earlier decision of the conference to dissolve collective armor .. Science first infantry battalion DAT figures Makhaddosh military salaries of age and Mibosh of Anzlolhm Shufu who fights in the Army from above [see yesterday’s WP LIVE SPACE POST, “Fizzle or soon Triumph”]

Abu arrows between the hammer and the anvil of its assets Brotherhood Tamazight:

Backstage National Congress and public source Maabed from inside the conference stressed that Abusameen was under pressure from the Muslim Brotherhood in a resolution and $ 900 million of armor and the paper pressure constitutionalization Tamazight language in the Libyan Constitution in return for agreeing to disburse the amount of armor and return to their previous work.

Abu arrows was faced with two choices:

First: The submit his resignation Alatmr the gain love and satisfaction أهاله Amazigh and support him.

II: But as to approve the disbursement of $ 900 million for armor and her former directly and remains president of the Conference and are constitutionalization Tamazight language and guarantee the rights of its people Amazigh.

With this be Abushmin hit two shares RISE one presidency and Aldstrh the.

When you are satisfied Brotherhood ease of making decisions in a single day and disbursement of the decision and the decision shields constitutionalization Tamazight language and decision to return to an earlier work shields.

You God Aajerman …
The Court today issued its ruling to cancel the Integrity Commission’s decision b Solomon Dogh and Abdul Rahman Khalifa Al-Shater:



A little while ago:
Airport Road targeting a patrol of the Commission
Higher Security) Hashim humans (by patrols
Lightning) Zintan.

Ivory (Tripoli) :::

Very powerful explosion targeting the Libyan capital of Tripoli after the condemned Morocco ..

Burning tires on the island of pressures Alshall accidentally rapid currently in the city of Tripoli …

Ali was shot someone from the Sunday market named Mohammed Alchrid the turn to God’s mercy _ and then burn 3 cars of the Security Committee and the bombing of the gate mouth Melgh and now a closed road ..

A huge bombing in Aziziyah area resulted from an explosive device was detonated in the Supreme Security Committee …

Warning important Jaddaaa the …

Moved to you …

Ghazi AHA: Hello

Extremists are putting sticky bombs on “Almmermath” and after heats explode and I’m shaft this in more than one incident ya rite alert people out they’re before Julau car Iderio the suspect Aalmmermath is …

تحذير مهم جدااا …منقول لكم …غازي اةا : السلام عليكمالمتطرفون يضعون القنابل اللاصقة على ” المرميتة” وبعد تسخن تنفجر وانا شفت هذا في اكثر من حادثة يا ريت تنبه الناس عليها انهم قبل ما يولعو السيارة يديرو تشك عالمرميتة….لارجوع الى الامام..


America’s plans for a military coup and Libyan secret visit of President Obama to Libya

Said Asaad Ambah Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent reporter Sidon Online & reporter and an observer to a number of radio stations world which broadcasts on shortwave and satellites, especially through the BBC and Japanese television NHK Arabic section in a press statement published on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 According to sources, the center Libyan Quoting news بتم circulating among Libyans that the Libyan government began to take strict security measures inside the Libyan capital Tripoli, especially around the airport Mitigua International, a military airport earlier the same sources ready to receive U.S. President Barack Obama’s historic visit and the confidentiality of Libya take a few hours the U.S. ambassador in Libya.

Ms. Debra Jones has not issued an official statement confirms or denies the visit of U.S. President Barack Obama to Libya perhaps for a secret visit and the Libyan authorities are silent has not issued any official statement until this OT said Asaad Aboqilh by another transfer “Radio Sawa” the American, which broadcasts in Arabic, two days ago, reports news refers to the possibility of supporting the United States for some of the leaders of the Libyan army to a military coup in Libya to establish safety and security in the country for a transitional period temporary as quoted by al-Hurra satellite American speaking Ballah Arab summary of the hearing of the U.S. Congress about Libyan news report said that the United States will not be able to rely on government Jamahiriya,

have to work outside the capital and know real players on the ground, because that is where there will be the battle as well as cooperation with regional powers and European and International Aalancth military and the terrorist Libya after the incident, the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi spread to neighboring countries.
(BEWARE: Most of the remainder of this story is total BULL!)

Libya on channel First F tourist there scheme to separate the south and Libya in a civil war ..

Lock the road leading to the کoberی District Alaکoakh previously leading to the airport road from before Tripoli جردان now …..



Will not Nnsaaak the Iaaataaaorgaa ….

Moved from a friend page .. Imran Imran Imran …

In the name of God the Merciful
I بنقول to both come out on satellite channels and speak on behalf of Tawergha Shoumoukh and Alkipria them that We teach our Ban sons Taorgaouacharfa and heroes to Ayarvo but Revenge of the parents Hrdo their parents will not Ihtermu kids did not Arau elderly, women and parents sinuous in knelt martyrs and Taadib prisoners, even the women and stole all Xi District and rigid and Moved did not deliver them anything until the buildings were destroyed and the majority burned to the conference Allobtarabuls order Atkelmo Pmaamelih them to improve the image of the disease جردان Almzarat the latest Queer Abdul Rahman Asswehly uttered that he was Alatvq with Turkey to build the city of Tawergha in the west of Benghazi and كدلك other city in Gallo and still there are horns of Tawergha Atzlqo for Mzarat after buying Dmthm of inventory double agent Abdel-Rahman Alchukhak dogs Council Almnhaly Tawergha upon him say Hola Tawergha Mount lofty and youth conscious of what is happening and will come capacity horn and victory, but the patience of hours and finally the words of God and Muammar and Libya ups to Akharnevs O climbers ..

لن ننساااك ياااتاااورغااء ….منقول من صفحة الصديق .. عمران عمران عمران …بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
انى بنقول الى كل من يخرج على القنوات الفضائيه ويتكلم باسم تاورغاء الشموخ والكبريا عليهم ان يعلمو بان ابناء تاورغاءالشرفاء والابطال لايعرفو الا الثار من الدى شردو اهلهم ولن يحترمو الاطفال ولم يرعو كبار السن والنساء والدى متلو فى جثت الشهداء وتعديب السجناء حتى النساء وسرقت كل شى حى وجامد ومنقول ولم يسلم منهم اى شى حتى المبانى دمرت والاغلبيه حرقت امام المؤتمر اللوبطرابلس لكى يتكلمو بمايمليه عليهم لتحسين صورته لداء جردان المزاريط واخرها اللوطى عبد الرحمن السويحلى يتفوه بانه تم الاتفق مع شركه تركيا ببناء مدينه لتاورغاء فى غرب بنغازى وكدلك مدينه اخرى فى جالو ولازال هناك ابواق من تاورغاء يتسلقو للمزاريط بعد شراء دمتهم من الجرد العميل المزدوج عبد الرحمن الشكشاك كلاب المجلس المنحلى تاورغاء عليه عليه نقول لهولاء تاورغاء جبل شامخ وشبابها واعيين بما يحدث وسوف تاتى سعة النفير وما النصر الا صبر ساعه واخيرا اقوال الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس لاخرنفس يا متسلقين..لارجوع الى الامام..
Citizens angered by the city of Tawergha closing by peasant protest at their conditions:Tawergha residents blocking the road leading to the farmer (sports Cimafro) with stones and burning tires and car was glass breaking one of the citizens in protest against the attack by a car carrying three young people lose بالرماية Ali camp, injuring residents and one was taken to the hospital ..



Urgent .. Huge explosions in Tajora and heavy fire.



Guetham Dar Fatwa Jermanah in Prairie
Controlled by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood bankrupt,
By demonstrators demanding بسقوطهم



Stop work white 95.5 fm radio affiliate
After threats Brotherhood youth burning white
That lasted radio broadcasting.


Sam bin Humaid refrain from paying dues to associate the shield

Pretext I just Mesh time the distribution of money and asked the associate Aldroaich

That gather under the Martyrs Battalion of Free Libya on the pretext am, there ousted

Want to ruin the country ….

A new policy which

………………………. Martyrs Battalion Free Libya

………………………….. Zintan Martyrs

…………………………. Rav God Alshaty the



Assassination called Ahmed البرغثي deputy chairman of the security committee resigned half Saaah ago while he returns to his car from Qmins area in the region of Garyounis specifically the city of Benghazi.
And Eye Shahuod said that the car (a black Poh) has stopped and أنزلته from his car and fired two shots in the head resulting in his death.

Dismissal of the so-called President of the Chamber of Benghazi security Rat Mohammed Sharif

Exposed filament game dirty Brotherhood

After the military defeat of the Brotherhood armor Qatar in Alkwyfah epic and the fall of the militia headquarters between Mshon and lotion, has revealed a plan to re-Brotherhood military presence in Benghazi are as follows:
1 – intensification of terrorism, bombings and assassinations largely to terrorize and scare the people of Benghazi.
2 – The government and the Brotherhood deny Thunderbolt and the army of possibilities to secure the city’s efforts fail.
3 – smuggling and arrows prisoners from the prison Alkwyfah
4 – fabrication smuggling charge for lightning, national security, and portray the military as a collaborator with the arrows.
5 – Court bombing detonated a huge be stronger than the previous bombings apparently different.
6 – to suggest that the bombing are fugitives arrows of prisons and attaching each violations بالأزلام.
7 – the work of a strong media campaign that the time has come to return the “rebels” to secure Benghazi and they are the only ones who are able to respond to ousted.
8 – the descent of the militia forces of Qatar Muslim Brotherhood in a military parade to prepare people for the idea of ​​returning.

Steps 1 to 8’ve already got, and the next steps is expected in the coming days:

9 – intensification of bombings and assassinations frantically unprecedented.
10 – show that helpless army and an accomplice with arrows.
11 – to lure the army to engage in battles that may fall civilians to incite the public opinion on it.
12 – an order from the Muslim Brotherhood and the Government to withdraw its military forces from Benghazi.
13 – commissioned militias Qatar Brotherhood dissolved protection and Benghazi insurance.
14 – Court security control Brotherhood militias on the city of Benghazi and achieve the target re-entry shields Brotherhood.

Some of the details may vary but the summary of the plan are in the 1 – enter Benghazi in a series of daily terror … 2 – glued that بالازلام and accuse the army of helping them …. 3 – to withdraw the army and hand over the city to the Muslim Brotherhood after their expulsion.

The only way to address this satanic are planning to rally around and support the army and attack any gathering an army and military police to prevent the remnants of the defunct national shields from the same collection and return to form militias and headquarters. Oh my Kid Brotherhood in نحورهم and make recruited destroy a circuit and make them spin and Avdham on Alohhd heads you heareth prayer.
انكشفت خيوط لعبة الإخوان القذرة

بعد الهزيمة العسكرية لدروع قطر الأخوانية في ملحمة الكويفية و سقوط مقرات المليشيات بين مسحون و محلول, فقد انكشفت خطة الإخوان لإعادة تواجدهم العسكري في بنغازي وهي كالتالي:
1- تكثيف الارهاب و التفجيرات و الاغتيالات بشكل كبير لإرهاب و إفزاع أهل بنغازي.
2- تقوم حكومة و مؤتمر الإخوان بحرمان الصاعقة و الجيش من الإمكانيات لتفشل جهود تأمين المدينة.
3- تهريب السجناء و الأزلام من سجن الكويفية
4- تلفيق تهمة التهريب للصاعقة و الأمن الوطني و تصوير الجيش على أنه متعاون مع الأزلام.
5- تفجير المحكمة بتفجير ضخم يكون أقوى من التفجيرات السابقة ليبدو مختلف.
6- الإيحاء بأن من قام بالتفجير هم الأزلام الهاربون من السجون و إلصاق كل الخروقات بالأزلام.
7- عمل حملة إعلامية قوية بأنه قد حان وقت رجوع ” الثوار ” لتأمين بنغازي و أنهم الوحيدون القادرون على التصدي للأزلام.
8- نزول قوات من مليشيات قطر الإخوانية في استعراض عسكري لتهيئة الناس لفكرة عودتهم.

الخطوات من 1 إلى 8 قد حصلت بالفعل, و التالي هو الخطوات المتوقعة في الأيام القادمة:

9- تكثيف التفجيرات و الاغتيالات بشكل جنوني غير مسبوق.
10- إظهار الجيش على أنه عاجز و متواطئ مع الأزلام.
11- استدراج الجيش للدخول في معارك قد يسقط فيها مدنيين لتأليب الرأي العام عليه.
12- إصدار أمر من مؤتمر و حكومة الإخوان بسحب قوات الجيش من بنغازي.
13- تكليف مليشيات قطر الإخوانية المنحلة بحماية و تأمين بنغازي.
14- سيطرة أمنية محكمة لمليشيات الإخوان على مدينة بنغازي و تحقيق الهدف برجوع دروع الإخوان.

قد تختلف بعض التفاصيل لكن ملخص الخطة هي في 1- إدخال بنغازي في مسلسل ارهاب يومي … 2- إلصاق ذلك بالازلام و اتهام الجيش بمساعدتهم …. 3- سحب الجيش و تسليم المدينة للإخوان بعد طردهم منها.

الطريقة الوحيدة للتصدي لهذا التخطيط الشيطاني هي في الالتفاف حول الجيش و مساندته و مهاجمة أي تجمع عسكري غير الجيش و الشرطة لمنع فلول الدروع القطرية المنحلة من تجميع نفسها و العودة لتشكيل مليشيات و مقرات. اللهم أجعل كيد الإخوان في نحورهم و أجعل تدبيرهم تدميرهم و أجعل الدائرة تدور عليهم و افضحهم على رؤوس الأشهد أنك سميع الدعاء.

لارجوع الى الامام..

Isra names which were smuggled from Benghazi Please Aahrar publishing Tkspo wages in connecting me their families.:

A car zone “‫ # milkfish” Behind “Video Broadcasting” in Benghazi for “Ahmed Faraj Albornawi” nicknamed “aberration” which was a former officer in the device “internal security” of the system.

Another picture of the body that was found in the area Rulrhh seems awareness of the signs of torture.

Found dead b area Rulrhh, the meantime by
Men Navy special forces infantry, and apparently tortured
And until this moment did not know the identity of the person of the victim
And action will be taken by the Chamber of Benghazi and security
The body will be transferred to a refrigerator Dead now Rulrhh.



Far out a convoy of Gharghour (the of Misratah Jews) toward the farmer, to kill and

protesters wiped out (Tawergha) and the withdrawal of the security committee of the place

for fear of the Jews Misratah ‫ . in Tripoli ‬ 

Misratah Jewish gangs in Gharghour doing gates in the neighborhood and searching the cars all state agencies Jermanah the.

Unpaid agent????????????
جردان Aolahdeslaman and them جردان the القرضة their points of intersection which have been assigned free and voluntary
Liberal to track and arrest return them to Jardan of others areas of the afterlife is
Who was fighting in Misratah received by the them and that he was fighting in Brega be extradited to جردان Benghazi and their agents in the investigation and eavesdropping on the Liberals and got several cases of arrest airport Bsabha and follow-up within the city and began to free Alqmazfah the and Almgarhh.
They do not forget it
Take some precautions Dear Liberal … Lurking bastards you Antbho …

الوكيل بدون اجر ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
جردان اولادسليمان ومعهم جردان القرضة لهم نقاط تقاطع وهي تم تكليفهم مجانا وتطوعا
لتتبع الاحرار والقبض عليهم وتسليمهم الي الجردان الاخرون من المناطق الاخره وهـــــي
من كان يقاتل في مصراته يتسلمه لهم وان كان يقاتل في البريقة يتم تسليمه لجردان بنغازي ولهم اعوان في التحري والتلصص علي الاحرار وحصلت العديد من حالات القبض بالمطار بسبها وداخل المدينة والمتابعة بدات للاحرار القذاذفة والمقارحة .
عليهم لا ينسوا ذلك
خدوا حذركم ايها الاحرار … الاوباش تتربص لكم انتبهو …لارجوع الامام..

Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim on trial_

Libya: freedom fighter sentenced to death Ahmed Ibrahim
The Gaddafi International News Agency – Misrata. According to media sources, citing the Court of Misratah of the news of the death penalty militia fighter Ahmed Ibrahim this morning.

Ali Chendeb Ali Handb
Ahmed Ibrahim and the Order of execution:

Death .. Is the decision of the Court of militias and rebels and the mujahideen and Islamists NATO in Misrata right thinker Arab nationalist and Islamic Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim, of course, no one is looking for reasons for mitigation of the man, and no one will say as a matter of propitiation to the hands of Ahmed Ibrahim white and non-contaminated with the blood of the sons of his race, and Ahmed Ibrahim was thought twins inseparable, and he was bold in his views, and direct in his thoughts, and he was among the few cheerleaders Leader in public b Muammar, and that to him was a pilgrimage advocates liberation movements and advocates of the nationalist movement and its leaders, and he spent much of his time with the leaders of the factions Kulstinih factor on unity and save it from falling apart, as it was constantly working on thinking if the nation from Islamist movements commented induced distortions intellectual curricula alien to Islam, which worked on the marketing of other than the operative part of the message targets the Islamic Shari’a.
It was also the most prominent pillars of the system mass and power of the people in Libya, and he had a lot of pros, and it has a lot of notes, perhaps the most prominent of what turned into a peg he canceled teaching English in Libyan universities when he was secretary of higher education, as if this decision was foresees case current and connected by some Libyans from employment of Arab foreign was Western Umm .. It was among the few Libyan officials of him continued to press and men, and whatever we talked, we can not deny the man his right, it is one of very few adopted the thinking and acts of thought, especially in the face of Zionist imperialism projects ..
For this and other worthy Ahmed Ibrahim and Sam penalty, so-called between Jews Libyans,, Vlomerca him avenge because Ahandana and struggle to support the Iraqi resistance that hosted حاورها and her voice was within the area in the Libyan decision.
But what hurts, that there are some voices of nationalist and Islamist who was sing his friendship and relationship بالصديق Ahmed Ibrahim, and since it detained in Misratah detention not ينبث one of them a word or a statement of repudiation or stance of solidarity even less fulfilling door ..
Sorry, my friend Ahmed has changed and become nationalism and the struggle against the Zionist entity profession Astrezagah in time before these ..
You in Matqlk and the Order of execution, which deserves the biggest of them in dependence crown new نعمتهم and known him ..
Decision certificate Baeidamk you, and condemn them ..


احمد ابراهيم ووسام الاعدامالاعدام.. هو قرار محكمة ميليشيات وثوار ومجاهدي واسلاميي الناتو في مصراتة بحق المفكر القومي العربي والاسلامي الاستاذ احمد ابراهيم، طبعا لا احد يبحث عن أسباب تخفيفية للرجل، ولا أحد سيقول من باب الاستعطاف بأن أيدي احمد ابراهيم بيضاء وغير ملوثة بدماء ابناء جلدته، وأن أحمد ابراهيم كان والفكر صنوان لا يفترقان، وانه كان جريئا في ارائه، ومباشرا في افكاره، وانه كان من بين قلة ينادون الاخ القائد امام الملأ بـ معمر، وانه اليه كان يحج دعاة حركات التحرر ودعاة الحركة القومية وقادتها، وكان يقضي الكثير من وقته مع قادة الفصائل القلسطينية عاملا على وحدتها وانقاذها من التشرذم، كما كان يعكف وباستمرار على التفكير في حال الامة انطلاقا من علق بالحركات الاسلاموية من تشوهات بفعل المناهج الفكرية الغريبة على الاسلام التي عملوا على تسويقها بخلاف منطوق واهداف الرسالة الاسلامية السمحاء.
كما كان من ابرز اعمدة النظام الجماهيري وسلطة الشعب في ليبيا، وكانت له الكثير من الايجابيات، وعليه الكثير من الملاحظات، لعل ابرزها ما تحول الى شماعة من انه الغى التدريس باللغة الانكليزية في الجامعات الليبية عندما كان امينا للتعليم العالي، وكأنه بهذا القرار كان يستشرف الحالة الراهنة التي وصلها بعض الليبيين من العمالة للاجنبي عربيا كان ام غربيا.. وكان من بين قلة من المسؤولين الليبيين من له تواصل بالصحافة ورجالها، ومهما تحدثنا فلن نستطيع ان نفي الرجل حقه، فهو من قلة قليلة اعتمدت التفكير واعمال الفكر، خصوصا في مواجهة المشاريع الامبريالية الصهيونية..
لهذا وغيره يستحق احمد ابراهيم وسام الاعدام، ممن يسمون بين الليبيين باليهود،، فلأميركا معه ثأر بسبب احنضانه وجهاده لدعم المقاومة العراقية التي استضافها وحاورها وكان صوتها داخل منطقة القرار في الجماهيرية.
لكن الذي يؤلم، ان هناك بعض الاصوات من قومية واسلامية ممن كان يتغنى بصداقته وعلاقته بالصديق احمد ابراهيم، انه ومنذ اعتقل في معتقلات مصراتة لم ينبث احد منهم ببنت شفة ولا ببيان استنكاري ولا بوقفة تضامنية حتى من باب اقل الوفاء..
عذرا يا صديقي احمد فلقد تغير الزمن وباتت القومية والكفاح ضد الكيان الصهيوني مهنة استرزاقية في زمن مضى لهؤلاء..
فأنت في معتقلك ووسام الاعدام الذي تستحق اكبر منهم في تبعيتهم لولي نعمتهم الجديد والمعلوم اياه..
القرار باعدامك شهادة لك، وادانة لهم..https://www.facebook.com/chendeb.ali


Details verdicts today from the Court of Appeal Misrata

Misrata Court of Appeals issued a death sentence in the right of each:

1 – Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim Mansour in his presence: death (تعزيرا) Any under
Libyan Penal Code.
2 – Walid Abdel Qader Denon in his presence: death (retribution) any ratios for punishment
The legislation of the Islamic religion.
3 – Abdul Rahman Abdul Hamid Abdullah in his presence: 5 years in prison and deprivation of
Civil rights for the duration of the sentence and years after the entry into force of the judgment.
4 – Farag Ibrahim Mansour his presence: The third charge against him
3 years in prison and a fine of 200 dinars – and another 3 years in prison for the charge
The first against him and the denial of civil rights for the duration of governance and the year after
Entry into force of the judgment.
5 – Murad Ibrahim bin Nile in his presence: 3 years in prison and confiscation of arms
Found in his possession.
6 – Saadi carp bin Nile sentenced in absentia: death retribution.
7 – Dou Ibrahim Mohammed Mansour in his presence: 5 years in prison and a fine of 50 dinars
And deprivation of civil rights for the duration of the sentence and years after the entry into force of the judgment.
8 – a Amer Mahdi Aouhadh the key in absentia: death sentence retribution.
9 – Mohamed Salem Mahdi Aouhadh the absentia: death sentence retribution.
10 Mohamed Faitouri Mahdi Aouhadh absentia: death sentence retribution.

Remind you that the most important charges against Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim in this case is
Formation of gangs under the name (liquidation committees) the effects of sedition and inciting the people of Sirte
Other Libyan cities – lying deliberately broadcast news, إشعات and false and tendentious
Local radio Sirte during the war and dumping bin horror people in the city
And demoralizing – the killing of the victim key friend Elsafrona and the abduction of
Inside the Ibn Sina hospital and kill – incitement and Buffering kidnapping and killing of:
Hadi Elsafrona, _ Mohammed Hadi Elsafrona, for _ friend Elsafrona for _ Salem beauty
Hoidhar _ Hamza Mustafa Abdlali, for _ Azzedine Fawzi Abu Zeid. Kaehud accused
Destroying and burning family Mmtlakat a family Elsafrona and intimidation and the threat of force of arms
To key Elsafrona the wife and young daughter.

Lord avenge you Aaehud Mzrath Lord



Valley Agency Dinar News a partagé le statut de young and Liberal Rishvana on Facebook.

City explosion cherished
Explosion was caused by a grenade explosion (pomegranate)
In the village of Omar al-Mukhtar, specifically in the arena corresponding to the previously popular security.



Josberides rebel “
God delivered him!!

News ask God to not be true for rally on the outskirts of Sirte RAT GNC SHIELDS of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Ruling Party “Justice & Construction” forces to attack 21 Thunderbolt headed by Colonel Salah بوحليقة!!

Killing extremist “Ali Sassi” Algerian nationality and a
Wanted by the Algerian government, and the death of a battalion commander supporters
Sharia and called “Ahmad Attir” alias “Abu Ali”, and
Wound extremist Tunisian nationality and named “Hassan Mohammed” and
Transfer of the wounded and injured another abroad on Tuesday evening
For treatment, after the outbreak of armed clashes and تعديهم

(see yesterday’s report, “Fizzle or soon Triumph”)

Men’s national army, the bolt 21, the morning of Monday
B Sirte and clashes resulted in the killing of the soldier, “Mansour
Oraibi, “and wounding three soldiers. – News Agency – Sirte – reporter

Allocated Soliman Fortaa $ 3 million to anyone who kills Colonel Salah Abouhliqh, the battalion commander 21 Thunderbolt in Sirte.

ÚÇÇÇĚá :: mobilize large in the city of Sirte and limbs in the area Alnovljeh gathered Aktar than 150 car for Ansar al-Sharia and armor coming from Benghazi, including force led by Sam bin Humaid and a battalion February 17 and still build-up continues at the Alnovljeh east of Sirte, 115 km and 3 battalions from Misratah are located in the region of Zamzam west of Sirte, 130 km, so as to advocate for supporters of legitimacy ((base)) after the battle of the day before yesterday with the army led by Colonel Salah Abouhliqh, and the goal of these militias eliminate the nucleus of the national army Almtemtlh in Thunderbolt booklet 21 ((battalion Martyrs corner)) … Nbwa confirm the news … Oh our brothers in the areas surrounding the city?? Zamzam * * Hrarōh the * Alhanioh * Sultan * metropolitan * 90 of.



Turkish assassination of Abu Bakr, a member of the Zintan militias shortly before Zahra ‫ # region southeast of Tripoli _



What happens inside the airport Sabha???

Continued pressure on the airport manager Sabha rat Mohammed Aouhadh to submit his resignation and news reporters and Testimonials send to airports and ports administration at the Ministry of Transport and mediation and intervention client on Zidane to ask the captain (never Aviation) to take over the management of the airport as an alternative to Mohammed Aouhadh

The Ministry of Transport refused to replace the Director despite pressure.



Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Islam prideWe hope that all the pages on Facebook refer video this is to point out, but Tarafo I safest commander

to endorsed million people and more.(Libby Green)

نرجــــو من كل صفحات علي الفيس بوك نشير فيديو هذا لنشير بس تعرفـو أنى القائد أسلم علي ايده مليـون شخص واكثـرليبي اخضر

الله اكبر الله اكبر بالاسلام عزتنا
نرجــــو من كل صفحات علي الفيس بوك نشير فيديو هذا لنشير بس تعرفـو أنى القائد أسلم علي ايده مليـون شخص واكثـرليبي اخضر


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