The 44th year of the al-Fateh will be a Triumph

Mu 44th

The nation’s leader Muammar Gaddafi, God bless *** ** Commander greetings to complements …

Mu fasting

to the front and the Mtzmr Revolutionary struggle until victory. Mu determined


Four tanks moved abruptly from the Islamic Call Society, more than an hour ago!

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2012 at festival of 02 MARCH “PEOPLE’s POWER” and they pray: “may God protect him … And every year, …”

Our Mu in Navy uniform

Mu Lion over the sea

Baghdadi Mahmudi French lawyers seeking to postpone the proceedings for lack of access to visas

French defense team asked for al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi last prime minister in the Gaddafi-era Libyan judiciary to postpone the

start of the proceedings, which was scheduled to begin Wednesday 7 July / August, because of the lack of access of its members on

the Libyan visa. A member of the defense team, Pierre-Olivier Sur said in a statement:

“I sent a request to postpone the proceedings

to the court after not being able to see the call and speak with my client or get a visa despite all the requests made by the Libyan

authorities, and even been attempts to blackmail.”

Wall expressed his concerns in connection with what is going on, regarding it

as similar to the trial of Saddam Hussein, where

“the defendant is deprived of any defense, and his lawyers are exposed to danger.”

Source: “ITAR – TASS” + “Russia Today”

محامو البغدادي المحمودي الفرنسيون يطلبون إرجاء المرافعات لعدم حصولهم على تأشيراتطلب فريق الدفاع الفرنسي عن البغدادي علي المحمودي آخر رئيس وزراء في عهد القذافي من القضاء الليبي
إرجاء بدء المرافعات التي كان من المقرر أن تبدأ الأربعاء 7 أغسطس/آب، بسبب عدم حصول أعضائه على التأشيرة الليبية. وقال
أحد أعضاء فريق الدفاع بيير أوليفييه سور في بيان له: “أرسلت طلبا بإرجاء المرافعات إلى المحكمة بعد عدم تمكني من
الاطلاع على الدعوة والتحدث مع موكلي أو الحصول على تأشيرة الدخول رغم كل الطلبات التي تقدمت بها للسلطات
الليبية، وحتى تعرضت لمحاولات ابتزاز”. وأعرب سور عن مخاوفه بصدد ما يجري، معتبرا إياه شبيها بمحاكمة
صدام حسين، حيث أن “المتهم محروم من أي دفاع، ويتعرض محاموه للخطر”. المصدر: وكالة “إيتار-تاس” + “روسيا اليوم”

07 08 2013 comments the Mustafa Qdereboh fighter about the description of the NATO Mufti for his subordinates dogs.

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There is no truth to the rumor launched by journalist known for his erroneous news events regarding Mujahid Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.
لا صحة للإشاعة التي اطلقها الصحفي المعروف عنه بالاخبار المغلوطة بخصوص المجاهد سيف الاسلام القذافي.






500 Lake want to Rafik commander hero martyr Abu Bakr Younis Jaber offer greetings and appreciation to the family of Rafik

commander Abu Bakr Younis Jaber …. (Libby Green)




“A large plot by the Council of Tripoli and Misurata rebels for control of the capital Tripoli after the Eid al-Fitr.

Basset Haroun on Jardan channel Libya official says: –

– Who governs Libya now are the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and militias Misratah and I do not mean the people of Misrata

understand honest I mean Militias Asswehly. – Shields and security committees track ideologies Li and Brotherhood.

They of Hasro ministries and National Congress several times. – Order bin Humaid killer committed massacres and

killed 42 martyrs In Benghazi stood Bushmin honored and put President Libya protection. – When he was arrested for a

colonel in the Homeland Security charged with Ghazal journalist killed Boktef came to me and Ismail Hardness and

they said we want to release him because he husband’s aunt One of them, that I was with them a national Icolo that

you are against them They say ousted. – I expect every day to be dead and praise be to Allah out Betty pure, Mtzaki

and ready to die at any Moment for God and the homeland and the right word and holistic remorse Ali’s parents being

in Libya have lost ……

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Sons neighbors save their neighbor from death

In the area of ​​Laithi old at the exit young Mahmoud quality Barasi a member of the National Army of the Asr prayer mosque Awzai

heading towards his home in a car Toyota’s national army, and when he stood on one of his neighbors Venbha as well as young street

to the car by Shi from under burning Vtm stay away from them exploded and quality have been rescued from death.

Ali Zaidane, commenting to one of satellite TV for Helms in a letter of resignation Awad Barasi: Challenge him to find two

government ministers to vouch for the truth of what he said in his letter of resignation, because ماقاله incorrect and baseless,

and in any case, I am not of the nominated to be deputy to me, but it was nominated is the party of Justice

and Development Who belongs to him.

(Rat Newspaper) LIBYA HERALD: Tripoli, 6 August 2013: Following the resignation of his Deputy Prime Minister Awad Barasi the

previous day, and a few weeks of intense and increased public criticism, (RAT) Prime Minister Ali Zaidane again attempted to

defend his own personal leadership and his government’s performance at yesterday’s press conference. However, when asked

directly by Libya Herald for his response to Barasi’s resignation remarks that Zaidane’s centralized decision –making within the

cabinet, was responsible in the delay in creating an army and a police and that the government was ineffective, Zeidan chose to

answer in a very brief and non combative mode . “He has the right to resign”, responded Zaidane, before continuing: “We have

trained 17,000 in the police and when we saw that local training was not working we planned to train them abroad”, he explained

regarding Barasi’s accusation that Zaidane was responsible for delaying the creation of a police force. To the accusation that the

government was ineffective, Zaidane reiterated his oft quoted response: “There is no state in Libya…so it is not only the

government that is failed”. On the third main accusation that Zaidane was dictatorial in decision-making within the Cabinet,

Zaidane would not respond directly. “I have accepted his resignation. I do not want to comment further on this matter”,

he concluded. Deputy Prime Minister Awad Barasi, a member of the Islamist Justice and Construction party, had

announced his resignation from the Zaidane government at a press conference, apparently without the courtesy of

informing his rat Prime Minister first. This led to Zaidane announcing his acceptance of Barasi’s resignation through a

press release. General National Congress considering the possibility of transferring the Ministry of Interior to the city of Benghazi!


Aaaaaaaaaaaa Gel: Member of the National Congress for “Justice and construction” (‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD) Khaled Mishri

through Sabratha radio: the removal of fuel subsidies will be after 3 years.

The fall of the National Congress and the government in Libya a matter of time ….

Henih Dr. Yusuf Shakir on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr 8 8 2013

Is the Egyptian scene will be repeated in Libya and why preventing country aircraft landing at the airport in Tripoli?

Question: strategic analyst and expert on Libyan Dr. Yusuf Shakir

Welcome guest of the waves Voice of Russia from Moscow, went with Houdrtk of the latest developments in Libya, especially regarding

the acceptance of the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Libya as a result of the failure of the government in the implementation of

programs and tasks that was placed before it, the beginning of how you read the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister and in what

context can be placed?

A: I my brother Karim think that is a not courage principle but is the process of jumping from this sinking boat and drown, which we

see before our eyes in this failed state. Mr. Awad Barasi is part of this system, which has claimed Libya to what it is, a man of his

sympathy and links to the Muslim Brotherhood, and is now trying to justify that has a vision, but a failed state can not be there to

see, and in the state eliminates the strategic planning and the state of non-existent the executive agencies for the implementation

of the resolutions and the establishment of the concept of the non-existent state,

I am not surprised that comes Mr. Ali Zaidan resign in these coming days, therefore my brother Karim This series of resignations in

the National Council and within the government. Mr. Zidane himself said, I met with 37 officers refused to accept the Ministry of

Defence, what does this mean? Into this that there is no safety and security and there is no state in the conventional sense in the

science of politics, and this is my brother Karim what we say in this regard, but there are other things ready to fight what is going

on in Libya.

QUESTION: Yes, of course through this resignation we will move to the internal situation in the security developments, and in a new

scene of instability and the regime in Libya, where there is a group seized control of the Tripoli International Airport did not allow

for aircraft Qatar to land at the airport, why specifically airplanes country do you think?

Answer: Qatar accused of igniting fires of discord and the introduction of weapons into Libya, but let me go back to you out of the

box and one where the two led to the conversion of Libya to the State to be the number one al-Qaeda, became a state-owned

al-Qaeda financially and geographically and Tzlyahya. Libya surface area vast and its geostrategic and its borders with Africans

and Bhdodh Mediterranean with Europe Afghanistan became real,

this fact by fleeing from politicians and the media, because it is transferred to Libya all fighters base of the Arabs and others, and

we saw syndrome Libyan What led in Tunisia, Algeria and Mali, about this situation now finds West itself that these artificial

revolutions by him otherwise dominated by the basic its premises, and that these oppressed peoples want freedom and want

democracy. There is movement basal and militia rode these waves and dominated by because it is the regulation was the only

organization and this is my brother Karim drift on what is happening in Libya now assassinations and qualifiers were killed,

and must attach the rings to each other which should be linked to the situation Libyan situation with the Tunisian situation Egyptian

together, as it was before the seventeenth of February now associated with some other. It fells Europeans and Americans are in

big trouble as they call the fight against terrorism and takfir movements and jihadist movements allied everywhere in Syria and

Libya. Libyan case my brother Karim Valielm and everyone knows the decision-makers, that the Libyan situation Libyan rebels

arrived jihadists Alhadion the Almilchouwon unbearable to some extent, in terms of arrests and prisoners and tampering

Bmekdarat State, money and oil and all that springs to mind.

Q: Excuse me Doctor here specifically want to take your opinion at this point any of the countries that experienced changes such as

Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, where he was Qatar’s role is too big to achieve these changes, but in Tunisia and Egypt, there was

opposition force is now in Egypt, was able to isolate President and there in Tunisia there is a very large Dat on the movement of the

Renaissance, is in Libya, a counter-force to the existing de facto force now in the country?

Answer: Yes, Ob Quran The proxy country is the one who tried to implement this plan, because the Americans and the local agents,

regional and international, and the crisis was France, Qatar and other clients on the ground, as seems to be the proxy country

now exceeded his mandate and commissioning the U.S. has led to pledges made by Qatar to the same decision, and was removed

Emir of Qatar and was removed many of those standing in this way, the country is the failure to failure overthrow of President

Bashar al-Assad, Syria has demonstrated repeatedly that it fights jihadist movements.

Q: Is the reverse process started from the point of Syria’s steadfastness and do not fall in the Saudi country project Turkish?

Answer: Yes, the stability of Syria led to the dismissal of Sheikh Hamad and his foreign minister and replaced بنجله Prince Tamim,

this means within what it means to curb ambition country within the borders of Qatar, and this means that the Islamic movements,

particularly the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood who do not are their only access to power regardless of the reasons received a slap and a fatal

blow to do so.

Q: Do you expect to be the next Libya is after Egypt and then Tunisia?

Answer: Yes, I’m telling you that what is happening in Tunisia and Egypt, which two Albwabtan which paved the storming

Libya and overthrow, and are now re-quorum them again through popular movements rejecting the movement of militant

Islam in Tunisia and Egypt and all Arab countries. Tunisia is now home to thousands of Libyans and the People in Tunisia

has changed and changed thanks to the behavior of NATO and the rebels, which he knows our people in Tunisia.

We have seen and warned us, and it was the role that speech and lecture strategic Lalit delivered by President Vladimir Putin

at the eight is the building block that formed a blow to the West when he talked about militant Islam facts and accurate information

that Altagaftha Germany and Altagafha many, talk about the dangers of militant Islam which is supported by the United States

and the West and some Arab countries, and accurate information stunned by the leaders of the eight countries, especially the

Americans and the French,

and here we see that the German Chancellor adopted and endorsed everything uttered by President Vladimir Putin and this

push to prevent Europe to pass a resolution reinforcing the Syrian opposition, in this context, we have seen a change in Qatar

and we heard about the elections in the coalition Syrian opposition, led by someone from the Shammar tribe, and unceremoniously

Qatar and grab Arabia files a sober somewhat in diplomacy replace confusion

Qatari practiced by Qatar with zone files, and Auhed these files to Saudi Arabia, and we have seen how translated in the Egyptian arena.

I preach that the crisis of Libya will end also began the same scenario, and now Libya live the last moments of custom Brotherhood U.S.

as evidenced by what happened in Egypt and what happened in Tunisia, and this means that there is awareness of the public will have

the United States Bokhzkh into account.

This popular rejection of political Islam rejects jihadist Brotherhood baseband, and in Libya had been in the previous period creep and

attacking the offices of the Muslim Brotherhood in the length and breadth of the country as a result of inhuman and immoral practices

exercised by jihadists against each of them different opinion.

And a series of assassinations that we’ve seen all of the supporters who created the revolution, and anyone who disagreed with the

opinion killed, kidnapped or tried to assassinate him or blow it up. The people who had refused their authoritarian are now refuses

Alastaidad religious now practiced by Islamic movements, now known as the pride of Islamic,

and therefore, as I told you Albwabtan the Tunisian and Egyptian re quorum them again now, we are in this context, we say that a

scenario for Libya will end as he began the process of international protection for civilians and to protect people who kill people

who know all the international intelligence and know what is going on in Libya,

but the decision makers are scared and afraid and say that al-Qaeda-controlled and can now on the capabilities of the Libyan state

and this has made a lot of embassies shut down and withdraw, and this means the beginning of withdrawal of the legality of this

system, and one oil this oil, which was reduced from four hundred million to 350 thousand as a result of these practices in the

occupation, but there is no police state or entity, and how will state without police or army?

Therefore kills adjust the army all أصنافهم, and anyone who tries to build the nucleus of a security or military killed or filtered and

most recently was chief of staff in charge, and all of the income in an intervention on one of the programs serve the goal of forming

the nucleus of security was killed, and the start of Mr. cuneiform and even Geneidi finally tried to hit him in the His feet have

survived, and there are officers were killed and all of this revolution began and protected killed, and here is the question and a big

question mark and this is what is afraid to say Libyan officials for any occasion.

هل سيتكرر المشهد المصري في ليبيا ولماذا منع الطائرات القطرية من الهبوط في مطار طرابلس؟سؤال: المحلل الاستراتيجي والخبير في الشؤون الليبية الدكتور يوسف شاكير أهلا وسهلا بكم ضيفا على موجات إذاعة صوت روسيا من موسكو، أنطلق مع حضرتك من آخر تطورات الأوضاع في ليبيا ولا سيما فيما يتعلق بقبول استقالة نائب رئيس الوزراء الليبي نتيجة لفشل الحكومة في تطبيق البرامج والمهام التي كانت موضوعة أمامها، بداية كيف تقرؤون استقالة نائب رئيس الوزراء وفي أي سياق يمكن وضعها؟
جواب: أخي الكريم أعتقد أن هي ليست شجاعة مبدأ بل هي عملية قفز من هذا المركب الغارق والذي يغرق والذي نراه أمام عيوننا في هذه الدولة الفاشلة. السيد عوض البرعصي هو جزء من هذه المنظومة التي أودت بليبيا إلى ما هي عليه، وهو رجل له تعاطف وارتباطات بالاخوان المسلمين، ويحاول الآن تبرير أن لديه رؤية، ولكن في دولة فاشلة لا يمكن أن تكون هناك رؤية، وفي دولة ينعدم فيها التخطيط الاستراتيجي ودولة منعدمة فيها الأجهزة التنفيذية لتطبيق قرارات وإقامة دولة بمفهوم الدولة منعدمة، أنا لا أستغرب أن يأتي السيد علي زيدان ويستقيل في هذه الأيام القريبة القادمة فلذلك أخي الكريم هذه السلسلة من الاستقالات في المجلس الوطني وداخل الحكومة. والسيد زيدان نفسه قال تقابلت مع 37 ضابطا رفضوا قبول وزارة الدفاع فماذا يعني هذا؟ بعني هذا أن ليس هناك أمن وأمان وليس هناك دولة بالمفهوم المتعارف عليه في علم السياسة، وهذا أخي الكريم ما نستطيع قوله في هذا الصدد ولكن هناك أمور أخرى مستعدون للخوض فيها لما يدور في ليبيا.
سؤال: نعم بطبيعة الحال من خلال هذه الاستقالة سننتقل إلى الوضع الداخلي في التطورات الأمنية، وفي مشهد جديد من حالة عدم الاستقرار والنظام في ليبيا حيث أن هناك مجموعة سيطرت على مطار طرابلس الدولي ولم تسمح للطائرات القطرية بالهبوط في المطار، فلماذا تحديدا الطائرات القطرية برأيك؟
جواب: قطر متهمة بإشعال نيران الفتنة وبإدخال الأسلحة إلى ليبيا، ولكن دعني أرجع لك من المربع واحد حيث سنتين أدت إلى تحويل ليبيا إلى أن تكون الدولة رقم واحد لتنظيم القاعدة، صارت دولة تملكها القاعدة ماليا وجغرافيا وتسليحيا. ليبيا بمساحتها الشاسعة وموقعها الجيواستراتيجي وبحدودها مع الأفارقة وبحدوده المتوسطية مع أوروبا أصبحت أفغانستان الحقيقية، هذه الحقيقة التي يهربون منها السياسيين والإعلاميين، لأنه نقل إلى ليبيا كل مقاتلين القاعدة من العرب وغيرهم، ورأينا المتلازمة الليبية ما أدت في تونس والجزائر ومالي، إزاء هذا الوضع الآن وجد الغرب نفسه أن الثورات المصطنعة هذه من قبله سيطر عليها خلاف لمنطلقاتها الأساسية، وأن هذه الشعوب مقموعة وتريد الحرية وتريد الديمقراطية. هناك الحركة القاعدية والميليشيات ركبت هذه الموجات وسيطرت عليها لأنها هي كانت التنظيمات الوحيدة المنظمة وهذا الأمر أخي الكريم ينساق على ما يحدث في ليبيا الآن من اغتيالات وتصفيات وقتل، ويجب أن نربط الحلقات بعضها ببعض أي يجب ربط الوضع الليبي مع الوضع التونسي والوضع المصري ببعضها البعض، كما كان قبل السابع عشر من فبراير الآن يرتبط ببعض البعض. الأمر أوقع الأوروبيين والأمريكان في ورطة كبيرة فيما يدعونه محاربة الإرهاب والحركات التكفيرية والحركات الجهادية التي تتحالف في كل مكان في سوريا وفي ليبيا. الحالة الليبية أخي الكريم فاليعلم الجميع وليعلم صناع القرار، أن الحالة الليبية وصل الثوار الليبيون الجهاديون القاعديون الميلشويون إلى حد لا يطاق، حيث الاعتقالات والسجناء والعبث بمقدارات الدولة والمال والبترول وكل ما يخطر بالبال.
سؤال: عفوا دكتور هنا تحديدا أريد أن آخذ رأيك في هذه النقطة أي في الدول التي شهدت تغيرات كتونس ومصر وليبيا، حيث كان لقطر دور كبير جدا في تحقيق هذه التغيرات، ولكن في تونس ومصر كانت هناك قوة معارضة وهي الآن في مصر تمكنت من عزل الرئيس، وهناك في تونس هناك ضعط كبير جدا على حركة النهضة، فهل في ليبيا من قوة مضادة لقوة الأمر الواقع الموجودة الآن في البلاد؟
جواب: نعم أخب الكريم إن الوكيل القطري هو الذي حاول تنفيذ هذا المخطط، لأنه لدى الأمريكان وكلاء محليين وإقليميين ودوليين، وفي الأزمة كانت فرنسا وقطر وعملاء آخرين على الأرض، فيما يبدو أن الوكيل القطري الآن تجاوز التفويض الممنوح له وأن التكليف الأمريكي له أدى بأن التعهدات التي قطعتها قطر على نفسها ما لبت بها، وأزيح أمير قطر وأزيح الكثيرون من الواقفين في هذا الطريق، الفشل القطري هو الفشل بالإطاحة بالرئيس بشار الأسد، وبرهنت سوريا على أنها مرارا تحارب الحركات الجهادية.
سؤال: هل العملية العكسية بدأت ابتداء من نقطة صمود سوريا وعدم سقوطها في المشروع القطري السعودي التركي؟
جواب: نعم ثبات سوريا أدى إلى إقالة الشيخ حمد ووزير خارجيته واستبداله بنجله الأمير تميم، وهذا يعني ضمن ما يعنيه تحجيم الطموح القطري ضمن حدود قطر ، وهذا الأمر يعني أن الحركات الإسلامية وخاصة الاخوان المسلمين الذين لا هم لهم إلا الوصول إلى السلطة بغض النظر عن الأسباب تلقوا صفعة ولطمة قاضية بذلك.
سؤال: هل تتوقع أن تكون ليبيا هي القادمة بعد مصر ومن ثم تونس؟
جواب: نعم أنا أقول لك إن ما يجري في تونس ومصر اللتان هما البوابتان اللتان مهدتا لاقتحام ليبيا والإطاحة بها، وها هما الآن يعاد النصاب إليهما من جديد عبر حركات شعبية رافضة لحركة الإسلام الجهادي في تونس ومصر وكل البلاد العربية. تونس الآن تحتضن آلاف الليبيين والمجلس الشعبي في تونس تغير وتبدل بفضل سلوكيات ثوار الناتو والتي يعرفهم أهلنا في تونس. ونحن رأينا وحذرنا، وكان للدور الذي ألقاه والمحاضرة الاستراتيجية اليت ألقاها الرئيس فلاديمير بوتين في مؤتمر الثمانية هي اللبنة التي شكلت ضربة قوية للغرب عندما تحدث عن الإسلام الجهادي بالوقائع وبالمعلومات الدقيقة التي التقفتها ألمانيا والتقفها الكثيرون، فتكلم عن مخاطر الإسلام الجهادي الذي تدعمه الولايات المتحدة والغرب وبعض الدول العربية، ومعلومات دقيقة فاجأ بها قادة الدول الثمانية وخصوصا الأمريكيين والفرنسيين، وهنا نرى أن المستشارة الألمانية تبنت وأيدت كل ما نطق به الرئيس فلاديمير بوتين وهذا الأمر دفع إلى منع أوروبا إلى إصدار قرار التسليح للمعارضة السورية، في هذا السياق رأينا التغيير في قطر وكلنا سمعنا عن الانتخابات في النظام الائتلافي السوري المعارض والذي يقوده شخص من قبيلة شمر، وأزيحت قطر وتلقفت السعودية الملفات وهي رزينة نوعا ما في دبلوماسيتها محل التخبط القطري الذي مارسته قطر مع ملفات المنطقة، وعوهد بهذه الملفات إلى السعودية، ورأينا كيف ترجم ذلك في الساحة المصرية. وأنا أبشر أن أزمة ليبيا ستنتهي كما ابتدأت بنفس السيناريو، والآن ليبيا تعيش اللحظات الأخيرة من العرف الأخواني الأمريكي والدليل على ذلك ما حصل في مصر وما حصل في تونس، وهذا يعني أن هناك وعي شعبي ستضطر الولايات المتحدة بأخذخ بعين الاعتبار. هذا الرفض الشعبي يرفض الإسلام السياسي الجهادي القاعدي الاخواني، وفي ليبيا جرى في الفترة السابقة زحف ومهاجمة مكاتب الاخوان المسلمين في طول البلاد وعرضها نتيجة الممارسات اللإانسانية واللاأخلاقية التي يمارسها الجهاديون ضد كل من يختلف معهم بالرأي. وسلسلة الاغتيالات التي رأيناه كلهم من المؤيدين والذين خلقوا الثورة، وكل من اختلف معهم بالرأي قتل أو اختطف أو حاولوا اغتياله أو تفجيره. إن الشعوب التي كانت ترفض أنظمتها الاستبدادية هي الآن ترفض الاستيداد الديني الآن الذي تمارسه الحركات الإسلامية الآن باسم العزة الإسلامية، فلذلك كما قلت لك البوابتان التونسية والمصرية يعاد النصاب إليهما من جديد الآن، ونحن في هذا السياق نقول إن سيناريو ليبيا سينتهي كما ابتدأ بعملية حماية دولية للمدنيين وحماية للناس الذين يقتلون والناس الذين تعرفهم كل المخابرات الدولية والتي تعرف ما يدور في ليبيا إلا صانعي القرار خائفون ومتخوفون ويقولون إن القاعدة تسيطر وتتمكن الآن على مقدرات الدولة الليبية وهذا الأمر جعل الكثير من السفارات تغلق أبوابها وتنسحب، وهذا يعني بداية سحب الشرعية من هذا النظام، وملف النفط هذا النفط الذي خفض من مليون وأربع مئة إلى 350 ألف نتيجة هذه الممارسات في الاحتلال، ولأنه لا يوجد كيان دولة ولا شرطة، وكيف ستقوم دولة بدون شرطة أو جيش؟ فلذلك يقتل ضبط الجيش بكل أصنافهم، وكل من يحاول بناء نواة أمنية أو عسكرية يقتل أو يصفى وآخرهم كان رئيس الأركان المكلف، وكل من دخل في مداخلة على أحد البرامج تصب في هدف تشكيل نواة أمنية قتل، وأبدأ من السيد مسماري وحتى جنيدي أخيرا حاولوا ضربه في رجليه وقد نجا، وهناك ضباط قتلوا وكل من ابتدأ هذه الثورة وحماها قتل، وهنا السؤال وعلامة استفهام كبيرة وهذا ما يخاف أن يقوله المسؤولون الليبيون في أي مناسبة.

NATO rebels responded to messages مفتيهم Antichrist Ghariyani.


The fall of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Egypt make sincere Gharyani gets mad and Ali hardness becomes delirious ..

Did you know that the Qatari ambassador in Saudi Arabia was present at a banquet breakfast at the home of Solomon back,

which was attended sincere Gharyani, did you know that the Qatari ambassador lavished on the Mufti of Libya with money and gifts,

which he described gifts Prince and asked him to clarify the position of Qatar from the Libyan revolution per Libyans, from here you

know thatleast a description of the dog is a description of the price paid like advertising business.

هل تعلم ان السفير القطري في السعودية كان حاضرا مآدبة الافطار في منزل سليمان العودة التي حضرها الصادق الغرياني

، هل تعلم ان السفير القطري اغدق على مفتي ليبيا بالاموال والهدايا التي وصفها بهدايا الامير وطلب منه توضيح

موقف قطر من الثورة الليبية لكل الليبين ، من هنا تعرف ان وصف الاقل من الكلب هو وصف مدفوع الثمن مثل الاعلان التجاري




Declare a state of Tawari today at Tripoli Medical Center in the days of Eid al-Fitr to all Doctors surgery has asked them to stay on the alert!!

EID 1434, Libya crescent using a technique astronomical observations

Best wishes for a happy New Year…

A clearer picture was taken shortly before the aircraft which fly in the skies of Tripoli and hear her voice in various neighborhoods

of the city:

The Western Mountain News Agency

Gated inform you that the gypsum in Tripoli is now closed due to the transfer of certain equipment and munitions from one camp to the second camp!!!.

And on Gentlemen citizens change path to walk.

There are a farm in the Palace bin Gasheer to person Musrati in Bear Mulberry specifically and Almsarit hiding the car in


بالخفاء. ‫ # .

An armed group attacked the headquarters for a ceremony in Tripoli and seized a large number of cars owned and mechanisms

of the state by force of arms. ‫ # Libya.

Reported cancel the decision to dismantle the Supreme Security Committee of Tripoli and extended to the year 2014

URGENT / Tripoli / communications DC Now Tripoli / killing تلاتة of shows they kidnappers

Killing members تلاتة in a Mitsubishi Lancer car black opaque without plates and the survival of the young Miss fourth was hijacked in the way of the airport.

Demanded in Airport Road patrol car type Mitsubishi Lancer

Without plates speeding cut a red flag to stop and started shooting from the person next to the driver on the passenger’s police car.

Police car asked for help and reached for the car that came out of the airport road in the direction of Qasr Ben Ghashir Anzmt to chase

a car belonging to the security of the joint was on patrol explored and near Hadath young man behind the driver out of the نافدة

door machine gun and started shooting at everybody is a young man the other next to the driver. Fired at the tires of the car

and tried Alldoratan arrest them alive, but the car cause imbalances in their fall from the car at speeds of 140 km per hour or almost

Aktar car jumped the other way and fell from the bridge and the driver died immediately There is no power but from God and to God

and to Him we return flowed into a number of periodicals to complete the investigation and ambulances, but who died died فالحال

survived Alazh and the young man’s parents turned out that her brother, and they were kidnapped and discernible car kind of Nissan.

Sunny (modern by someone else was with Young died in debt case) One investigating officers were handed the young man and his

sister to Doehma, but there are things in the trunk car of permits and the involvement of people who have betrayed the nation

and took advantage of their influence in the industry crime will not go unpunished, and when asked said, avoiding discord and

Atart public opinion سنكتفي بهدا

We point of order does not allow بالتعاطي with crime even completion of the investigation.

(Voice Cyrenaica):

Names of those killed by the kidnappers:

Came ambulances loaded Btalath, dead and least two of the wounded, accompanied by a number of officers in the police.

The dead are Osama Miloud Anasir approved,

34 years old, a driver.

The cause of death break Alagafs the Sadrists strongly as a result of dishes steering wheel firmly on the chest and broken rib cage

in full cardiac contractility. With a broken jaw as a result of another strike on the consistency of some articles of the steering wheel

Salem Issa fishing: nearby Zarouk 36 years old driver Cause of death was multiple fractures to the head and brain concussion

and broken pelvis and hand Eisery and left shoulder and تدمدم the large in the face of violent friction on the floor of the way.

Fathi Moussa Faraj Abu leisurely:  35 years old passenger behind the driver. The cause of death is broken paragraph Altanih

and Altalth, fourth and fifth of the neck and broken rib fourth and sixth left rear leg deliberation front and a bullet in the thigh

and external تدمدم Alraluge and fractures of the skull from the Alesrh and fall teeth Tayeh and Altalth of the upper jaw left side.

Cases completely dead.

Ms. kidnapped young brothers and their status was good was a difficult psychological condition as a result of fear and what they

have seen to have bruises and credit for their safety due to put Almnaqbd you Atkhaddoh inside the car.

Otina the jumping from the bridge. They put under الملاحضة they completely vacant of any fractures or internal bleeding,

thanks to God and handed over to their families.

Have reservations on the names of survivors to other necessities.















Yesterday at Tajura caught Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Libya was hit on the face gloves is driver Amtall and stole his car and his wife’s bag!!

Yesterday has one of the gates in the area of ​​Tajura Adjust the Ambassador Alardbijana, and his family and stole his

money and beat him in front of his wife and his sons, and the Libyan Foreign apologize today and calls cowardly act and pledges to pursue

the perpetrators.











A little while ago was one of the leaders Altcfhirien farm called (SE legion) in Fattaih District Bdrnh under attack from several

directions Bakoazv RPG …

is the first operation of its kind against outsiders and extremists in the dirt ..

And bring you developments as soon as they arrive …

wise Menba a # Saif Cyrenaica #

(Free channel Cyrenaica)









Aa Gel “‫ # Benghazi :: |

Throw Julatinh p replaced Mango and Terranova in the way airport near the Cimafro of the Leithy!!! Each year, You متفجرين> <

Airport Road was blown up shops on the first day of Eid al-Fitr:


::: Unknown group has actually burned the Civil Registry in District

Leithy today.

(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)


After his talk yesterday about the dangerous situation in Benghazi, Rat Hijazi relieved from his post as a spokesman
for the security room militia.
News Libyan Resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence):
Quoting Page Libya Gate
SOS ………. مانقدرش the Lander need I know I k (Libby) I can not protect my soul …
let alone a foreigner or foreign Foreign medical personnel exposed (Filipino – Bangladeshi and Arab) in the Hawari Hospital
and other hospitals to theft at gunpoint and cut through and attempts to assault and battery …..
.. This is repeated almost daily operations, among them, for example, but not limited to: –
A bus transfer foreign nursing Hawari hospital days ago to cut through from a young man armed and threatening to steal money
and weapons, stretchers and even fruit bags and food
– Nurse فليبيني the exposure assaulted and threatened with weapons and theft within the Bank of the Republic when withdrawn
salary and try deposited in the adjacent nets to convert funds (WU) ..
and other similar attempt got Bank of the Islamic Dawa inside a building – Filipino nurse suffered a kidnapping attempt by
young gunmen in front of a private hospital and the nurse, nor crying and some people’s (began) means (Mongi present) –
Displays a nurse while working to change the wound of a patient in the surgical department assaulted a scalpel and injury in the
neck by utilities (recession ČÓ .. Mesh theft) –
Patient exposure during the submission of an injection treatment at the hospital threatened with weapons and mobile phone theft
by the patient and utilities –
Last need .. (was a nurse فليبيني while coming to the hospital beaten (paws on his face) and the theft of mobile in Ezz day ….
arrived to the hospital (crying) ..!!
The idea is repeated every day ……. and commemorated those who advocate ….. I asked them (innocently) Non-out Banagal or money …..
they said,  “(If you do not give a need we are exposed to beatings and kicking and cursing and (Bokhms the الكلاش on his head)
Filipino nurse ask:
why Libyan didn’t appreciate what we did in the revolution >>>
ask why to Aigdr Libyans our support to them days of the revolution and the survival of a large number of them in our hospitals
despite their government asked them to leave Libya as unsafe country ..
and the idea did not يحصلو rewards (rebels) not even a certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Health.
Ukrainian doctor ask:
it supposed to do your best for Allah in Ramadan, why they do these crimes >>>>
She thinks (though Christians) that for a Muslim to work good works for the face of God in the month of Ramadan and surprised
how the Libyans are doing it in this holy month. Overall … a result of these deteriorating security conditions Philippine embassy
may withdraw its nationals in Libya and prevent them from traveling to it ………
and learned many of them have begun thinking about leaving the country (and Slumbly to hospitals, whether private or public).

نقلا عن صفحة Libya Gate

استغاثة ……….ومانقدرش اندير حاجة
أنا عارف أني كـ(ليبي ) مش قادر نحمي روحي …فما بالك بأجنبي أو أجنبية
تتعرض الأطقم الطبية الأجنبية( فليبينية – بنغلاديشية وعربية ) في مستشفى الهواري وغيره من المستشفيات

إلى عمليات سرقة تحت تهديد السلاح وقطع طريق ومحاولات للأعتداء والضرب …..وتتكرر ..هذه العمليات شبه يوميا نذكر منها على سبيل المثال لا الحصر :
– تعرضت حافلة نقل التمريض الأجنبي بمستشفى الهواري منذ أيام إلى قطع طريق من شاب مسلح وتهديد بالسلاح وسرقة المال والنقالات وحتى أكياس الفواكه والطعام
-تعرض ممرض
فليبيني للاعتداء
والتهديد بالسلاح
والسرقة داخل مصرف الجمهورية عند سحبه لمرتبه ومحاولة إيداعه في الشباك المجاور لتحويل اأموال
(WU) ..ومحاولة أخرى مشابهة حصلت بمصرف داخل مبنى الدعوة الاسلامية
– تعرضت ممرضة فليبينية لمحاولة خطف من قبل شباب
مسلحين من أمام مستشفى خاص ولولا صراخ الممرضة وبعض الناس لـ(راحت فيها) يعني ( المنجي حاضر )
-تعرض ممرض أثناء عمله لتغيير جرح لمريض في قسم الجراحة للإعتداء بمشرط والإصابة بجروح في رقبته من قبل المرافق (كساد بس ..مش سرقة )
-تعرض مريض أثناء تقديمه لحقنة العلاج بالمستشفى للتهديد بالسلاح وسرقة النقال من قبل المريض والمرافق
– آخر حاجة أمس ..(تعرض ممرض فليبيني أثناء قدومه للمستشفى للضرب (كفوف على وجهه ) وسرقة النقال في عز النهار ….وصل للمستشفى (يبكي ) ..!!
وعلى فكره تتكرر كل يوم …….ولاحياة لمن تنادي
طلبت منهم (ببراءة ) عدم الخروج بنقال أو فلوس …..قالو (( إذا لم نعطي حاجة نتعرض للضرب والركل والسب و(بأخمس الكلاش على راسه )
ممرضة فليبينية تسأل : why Libyan didn’t appreciate what we did in the revolution >>>تسأل لماذا لايقدر الليبيين مساندتنا لهم أيام الثورة وبقاء عدد
كبير منهم في مستشفياتنا رغم طلب
حكومتهم منهم الرحيل باعتبار ليبيا دولة غير آمنة ..وعلى فكرة لم يحصلو على مكافآت (ثوار ) ولا حتى شهادة تقدير من وزارة الصحةطبيبة أوكرانية تسأل :
it supposed to do your best for Allah in Ramadan , why they do these crimes
هي تعتقد (رغم أنها مسيحيية) أنه على المسلم أن يعمل أعمال صالحة لوجه الله في
شهر رمضان وتستغرب كيف الليبيين يفعلون ذلك في
هذا الشهر الفضيل .وعموما …نتيجة لهذه الظروف الأمنية المتردية قد تقوم السفارة الفليبينية بسحب رعاياها في ليبيا ومنعهم من السفر اليها
………وللعلم فقد بدأ العديد منهم يفكر في مغادرة البلاد (وسلملي على المستشفيات سواء الخاصة أو العامة )بنت الوادي
Clash in the sluice gate Hawari between the armed group and the group located in the gate,
and the armed group coming the village of Rbeana. And we have not excluded so far identify the armed group.
Attack targeting Dorria of the militias Thunderbolt by BMW in Benghazi stricken.



Youth Social Council Southern Region honor the families of martyrs

Youth Social Council of the tribes of South and Rafla region honor the families of the martyrs of Bani Walid victims decision unjust No. 7.

شباب المجلس الاجتماعي لقبائل ورفلة بالمنطقة الجنوبية يكرمون عائلات شهداء بني وليد ضحايا القرار الظالم رقم 7 .
شباب المجلس الاجتماعي لقبائل ورفلة بالمنطقة الجنوبية يكرمون عائلات شهداء بني وليد ضحايا القرار الظالم رقم 7 .


Free newspaper Sabha ...

7 people killed in deviated walk in the road to Sabha Tmanhunt precisely in front of the petrol station (Shell Massoud Abdul Hafeez)

and was caused by congestion in that station to fill petrol went in person has Hyundai refused to stand in the queue and wanted to

fill petrol forcibly rejected people and Hdtt quarrel with him,

Get out the person knead his rifle and began firing ground and random, which led to confusion among the people inside the station

for fear of explosion and they fled where he went out one car from the station very quickly and there happened Alhadt.

I am God and to Him we return.



BREAKING! Claim: Obama Hid His Gay Life To Become President! Documented Report
Visit the DREAMER movie site: Dr. Jerome Corsi’s original story (
  • Obama GAY, Was Married to Pakistani Man Before Michelle
    –Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld says that President Obama is “out of the closet” and “officially gay for class warfare.”
    –Conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi suggests…
  • Obama Kenya Born and his Satanic Wicca History!
    A great deal of evidence suggests that Barack Obama’s parents and American grandparents were followers of the Satanic Wiccan religion.
    They from an area in Ka…
  • Obama’s Homosexual Encounter With “Pop”
    Barack Obama writes poem about gay relationship with much older man.
  • Choir Director Murdered To Conceal Obama’s Homosexuality/Drug Use?
    Jeff Kuhner interview with Larry Sinclair. Choir Director Murdered To Conceal Obama’s Homosexuality/Drug Use?
    Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Li…
    President Obama’s decision to sign air strikes .. “Militant strongholds” in Libya:






mass exodus from Tripoli to Tunisia

Magdy Rady march to the border Almnfd header worthy of the occasion of Eid al-Fitr saluting the estimated number of vehicles alone,

more than 6,000 cars during the early hours of this morning:

French news agency AFP :: Tunisia prevent about five thousand jihadist from traveling to Syria ..
Interior Minister Tunisian Lotfi Ben Jeddo Tuesday that his country’s security services prevented about five thousand Tunisian jihadist

from traveling to Syria and detained dozens of those involved in the deportation Tunisian jihadists to this country ..
The Tunisian minister said during a public meeting organized by the Constituent Assembly to hold the government accountable

on the security situation in the country that managed security services since March / March last year “to prevent nearly five thousand

young Tunisian travel to Syria and dismantle networks deportation”.
He added that the security agencies referred 50 of those involved in the deportation of Tunisian jihadists to Syria on the judiciary,

which issued against them filing cards imprisonment.
Tunisian minister did not disclose all parties involved in the deportation of “jihadists” Tunisians to Syria, accusing the opposition and

media of the State of Qatar.
On 15 March / March last year reported the newspaper “Sunrise” said Tunisian networks deportation to Syria Tunisian jihadists get

from the State of Qatar on the “commission of $ 3000 U.S. dollars for every young Tunisian is recruited.”
He explained that “a number of human rights associations and charitable show involvement in this area is huge money is obtained

from the State of Qatar to support its activities through reached by money in cash in suitcases across the border points sensitive

and vital as the airport Tunis / Carthage International.”
And enters the Tunisian jihadists to Syria via Turkey, which arrive to in flights that runs from Tunisia or

neighboring Libya as an Interior Ministry official said AFP.

He said, “jihadists” returning from Syria, said “thousands” of Tunisians Bqatlon the Syrian regular forces and including girls

Ikmn “Jihad marriage.”
On 19 April / April this year announced Sheikh Osman Watermelon and was then Mufti of Tunisia before being dismissed,

that 16 Tunisian Girl “lured them and sending them” to Syria for “Jihad marriage”, which he considered “prostitution” and

“morally corrupt.”
He announced Tunisian Interior Minister in a press statement released earlier that it was “hard to count” the number of

Tunisians who have been deported to Syria, “because many of them leave the country by stealth or not attention-grabbing ways.”
“When they return we record the minutes (against them) and they remain under surveillance (security) in order

to protect our children and our people.”


Investigation with trained by the Tunisian supporters of the law and entered illegally
Sharia supporters in tuber terrorizing and killing and stealing people and its supporters in Benghazi,

we are entering foreigners to train them and they go to Syria (to lie) means in Tunisia Mavi extent trains and walk along to Syria.

(Addicted Qsqas)

انصار الشريعة في درنة ترهب وتقتل وتسرق الناس وانصارها في بنغازي يدخلون علينا الاجانب لتدريبهم
وذهابهم لسوريا (على حد كذبه) يعني في تونس مافيش حد يدربهم ويمشوا طول لسوريا أدمن قصقاص
Durée : 4:54


“Nearly half a million Tunisian Winslow to Pardo Square and surrounding approaches to demand to dissolve a

founding crowd did not have history except for instance Tunisian opposition leader’s funeral Shokri Belaid

on February 8 last”. Rats t Kpthm the shiver of similar commander in Tunisia …:


Tunisian media: more than one hundred thousand demonstrators now in Pardo Square in front of the headquarters of the

Constituent Assembly demanding the drop is the government which two Ennahda-led government, the Board announced to

suspend its sessions until a national dialogue combines various shades of Tunisian society to get out of the current crisis.




for the Qathafi Family:

For the Qathafi Family


Song Eid crescent
Eid crescent every song Happy new year


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