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    Almzarat Ihsabo who fear for enhanced brigade headquarters:
    Eachd prestige Maihsabohash the distant on their cowardly and Ikt the years Lin Imutw the.
    المزاريط يحسابو اللي يخش لمقر اللواء المعزز ياخد الهيبة مايحسابوهاش بعيده على سنونهم ويقعدو جبناء لين يموتو
    “God Save the Mermaid Tripoli and the river from the destruction and devastation ….
    اللهم احفظ طرابلس عروس البحر والنهر من الدمار والخراب ….”

    Mentioned by the Libyan army, they sulk and heart woes ..

    Showing pictures of the Libyan army and an enhanced 32 Brigade,, Mesh rebels NATO; Ho Ho Qatar:

    Mu and the Green Resistance

    Mu veiled

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    In order to reach our voice to the whole world and Nsdh right in the face of the prisons of darkness, please support this page:

    Captive Batal Ahmed Ibrahim Mansour

    Praying for Osrے …

    Oh you praise should also Jalal, face cream and a great visit, and access God be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions and peace

    O decoding the families of the captured and oppressed detainees in detention centers between February “Libya”
    God of عاداهم usually … …
    And annoyance Vazh … And from Nazarem Vanzareth and paid by the right
    God save them their religion and honor and themselves …
    Oh they weak Vqohm the wronged Vanzarethm the مبتلين Vthbthm …
    God keep them from their hands, their faith and for Hmaúlhm and from above
    And we seek refuge in Your Greatness that assassinate beneath them Oh God, they’re slaves went out in your path and a view Marzatk …
    Oh God it’s them mercy and down them tranquility and set them, O Lord of the Worlds
    O Lance Hsthm and uncheck Krepetthm and tempered grief and heal their patient and forced Kasaarham
    O may you give them Nasser and not them, but you sire and a champion …
    Oh Vanzarethm بنصرك apron set out sooner is for O is Hearing, Knowing
    O O out Younis from the belly of the whale brought them out of captivity unharmed safe غانمين the …
    God اعدهم to their families and their children and their friends sooner is to non Khozaya and not fascinated
    O patience of their families and their loved ones, their loved ones and inspired consistency from Thee, O Lord of the Worlds …
    God said to them mothers باكيات the Huzeinat … And parents suffer الوجد and pain … And sons not يرقا them tear on their parents parting O gather them Pahlém and their companions sooner in order to …
    Oh ارحمهم bestow mercy and Ashimlhm with great kindness, O Mujibur pray
    O Allah, you complain about the weakness of our strength and lack of Hiltna and Huanna people, O Most Merciful, You are the Lord of the vulnerable and you are our Lord to from Tklhm? To the enemy far Aottaghmanm or to a close friend queen ordered them? If not your anger on them not care but عافيتك is wider for them … we seek refuge in the light of your face, which brightened his darkness and peace it is this life and the afterlife to come down their anger or replace their wrath. ..
    Threshold you until you are satisfied … Threshold you until you are satisfied … Threshold you until you are satisfied, not about not only your strength

    O Allah, this prayer, you answer, and this effort and you Alzqlan ..
    God bless and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions and Praise be to Allah ..
    . Amen .. Amen .. Amen, O Lord of the Worlds.

    آلْدْعْــــــــــــآء لْلْأسْــــــــــــــرْے …اللهم لك الحمد كما ينبغي لجلال و جهك الكريم و عظيم سلطانك و صل اللهم على نبينا محمد و على اله و صحبه و سلماللهم فكـ اسر المأسورين والمعتقلين المظلومين في معتقلات بني فبراير” ليبيا”
    اللهم من عاداهم فعاده… …
    ومن آذاهم فآذه… و من ناصرهم فانصره و للحق سدده
    اللهم احفظ عليهم دينهم واعراضهم و انفسهم …
    اللهم انهم ضعفاء فقوِّهِم مظلومين فانصرهم مبتلين فثبتهم…
    اللهم احفظهم من بين ايديهم و عن ايمانهم و عن شمائلهم و من فوقهم
    ونعوذ بعظمتك ان يغتالوا من تحتهم اللهم انهم عبادك خرجوا في سبيلك و ابتغاء مرضاتك…
    اللهم فمن عليهم برحمتك و انزل عليهم السكينة و ثبتهم يا رب العالمين
    اللهم انس وحشتهم و ازل كربتهم و خفف مصابهم و اشف مريضهم و اجبر كاسيرهم
    اللهم قد كنت لهم الناصر و ليس لهم الا انت مولى و نصيرا…
    اللهم فانصرهم بنصرك المؤزر المبين عاجلا غير اجل يا سميع يا عليم
    اللهم يا من اخرج يونس من بطن الحوت اخرجهم من الاسر سالمين آمنين غانمين…
    اللهم اعدهم الى اهلهم وأبنائهم و اصحابهم عاجلا غير اجل غير خزايا و لا مفتونين
    اللهم صبّر اهلهم وذويهم و محبيهم و ألهمهم الثبات من لدنك يا رب العالمين…
    اللهم ان لهم أمهات باكيات حزينات… و آباء يعانون الوجد و الالم… و ابناء لا يرقا لهم دمع على فراق ابائهم اللهم اجمعهم باهليهم و اصحابهم عاجلا غير اجل …
    اللهم ارحمهم بواسع رحمتك و اشملهم بعظيم لطفك يا مجيب الدعاء
    اللهم إليك نشكو ضعف قوتنا و قلة حيلتنا و هواننا على الناس يا ارحم الراحمين و انت رب المستضعفين و انت ربنا الى من تكلهم؟ الى عدو بعيد يتجهمهم أم إلى صديق قريب ملكته أمرهم؟إن لم يكن بك غضب عليهم فلا نبالي إلا أن عافيتك أوسع لهم …نعوذ بنور وجهك الذي اشرقت له الظلمات و صلح عليه أمر الدنيا و الاخرة أن ينزل بهم غضبك أو يحل بهم سخطك…
    لك العتبى حتى ترضى… لك العتبى حتى ترضى… لك العتبى حتى ترضى و لا حول و لا قوة إلا بكاللهم هذا الدعاء و منك الإجابة و هذا الجهد و عليك الثكلان..
    و صلى اللهم و سلم على نبينا محمد و على آله و صحبه أجمعين و الحمد لله رب العالمين ..
    .آمين .. آمين .. آمين يا رب العالمين



    The Western Mountain News Agency:


    German company offered the Libyan GNC RAT government investment solar Sahara Greater paid that feeds all regions of Libya electricity and export the surplus to Europe,

    but some of the brothers officials of the electricity company and Agafo in the face of this project explicitly, fearing for their chairs and office and Aterbt it from loss (Business)!

    Libya Telecom and Technology |
    – Permit
    What is rumored through some of the pages and sites that the Ministry of Communications will be closed Facebook pages and put them control

    We check that this matter Nude on health and because:

    this service is not available in Libya at all.

    ليبيا للاتصالات والتقنية|
    ما يشاع عبر بعض الصفحات والمواقع بأن وزارة الإتصالات ستقفل صفحات الفيسبوك وستضع عليها رقابةنؤكد من جهتنا أن هذا الامر عاري عن الصحة و ذلك لأن هذه الخدمة غير متوفرة في ليبيا اصلا.



    The first secret Marines monitor بارجتين of the monitor بارجتين of بحريتان in international waters, one British-flagged after 110 nautical miles from the coast of the tuber

    and the other within 87 nautical miles between Sirte and Benghazi.

    Fishing boats from the area confirmed presence of a large escort of small gunboats anchored in the middle of the sea and do not move and do not allow approaching

    from a distance of 20 nautical miles in diameter circular.

    Benghazi operation room :: became almost certain that certain regions in some cities will be targeted.
    Quoting from the official page of the Civil Status Authority – very important for publication

    Please note that the news that appeared in some media
    That he “has been suspended million a family booklet on the national number
    There is an error in trading the news
    As well as other news that says “that there is a million fake national number in Libya”
    And the correct news is that he has been suspended million people did not issue them a national number of the foundation not booklet million family.

    This suspension comes for several reasons, including:

    – Double the number under family
    – Duplication grant 2000 dinars
    – Errors in the deaths and births and names
    – Errors in sex between male and female
    – Stop returning from the Diaspora of the Touareg, TPU, Chad, Egypt and Tunisia

    Department of Civil Status interests of the media.


    Received the President of the National Status Department Mr. Mohamed Boubacar death threats! Because of national figures that have been shut off!!

    There are fierce attack and a very large on the page and there is a campaign Notifications and there are letters up successively threat of mob Misratah and its lackeys.
    We hope you contribute (b comment. Post. Impress).
    And, God willing, continue in exposing and transport their news. This approach do not Nthbly on a convey the truth from their mouths and the center of their devices.

    The story, published on page نتحداهم come Ptnffinedh in but Khsaisn and decadent morals Qicomon threat and Altesfh …

    And God’s best kept …

    [Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News]

    MISURATA is rotten to the core, seeking a ZIONIST TAKEOVER of LIBYA!!

    Zintan, in reality is aligned with XANTHAN and Qaqaa Batallions which are full of GREEN and then also with the 32nd Civil Brigade…How else then do you explain about KHAMIS?

    Do not be fooled by the lying stories about Saif being tortured by Zintan; there is more to this than you realise:

    Remember the “Concord Agreement” made between Zintan (red army) and the Green Resistance of NOVEMBER 2011. Also they never gave the airport back to the RAT GOVERNMENT as requested. The RATS had to fight them if you recall. They also never gave Saif up to Tripoli.

    THIS IS more than “rats fighting RATS”. Zintan is not looking for power. If anything, as always, they are fiercely independent…and MISURATA wants their prime lands for the new 2nd Jewish homeland. The Misratans already displaced many of Zintan off their properties (given to them even by Muammar)!!!

    Do not be taken-in by the RAT STORIES or those who have personal vendettas against ZINTAN!! also the ZINTAN supported and still sympathise with BANI WALID….and the ZINTAN are totally against the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood; whereas, MISURATA are ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, if not Jews; and they made alliances with France, Belgium and Britain. Bernard Levy is their leader!!!

    ZINTAN would NEVER adhere to this abhorance to humanity and their people.

    Many have a deep-set bitterness/animousity to ZINTAN…even among supposedly GREEN! Do you want a Kalzentanstan in which MISURATA is the Capitol and Levy is their KHAN (as Aswaly, Bushmin and other Misratans espouse) ?, instead of a LIBYA called the Great JAMAHIRIYA (a union of all LIBYAN PEOPLES who rule themselves)…????

    Trumpet Brotherhood:

    Mohammed Amehasn:
    Expectations to carry out a military operation and includes extensive areas cauliflower, الساعدية, Amiriya and the arrest of the gang

    holed up inside for some time and returns electricity and cars Vector Alenzan and citizens’ cars to their owners as soon as the instructions of the

    President of the General National Congress.

    URGENT / / / / military strike against Libya’s eastern described Balhacma the

    Agency Aerasa

    According to a military source of Aerasa News Agency at the U.S. base in Germany that Egypt Msalin Westerners have seen that a military strike immediately after Eid al-Fitr

    will be directed to the east of Libya and will be the last for this topic groups and the assassination of the wide range of terrorist groups by what he described.

    He said that they would not allow them to stay after the Muslim Eid al-Fitr:

    Anatolia news agency: America intends to air strikes eastern Libya within days

    Said a Libyan military official, on Saturday, if there is information to the Libyan civil aviation, that the Pentagon intends to air strikes on sites east of the country, believed to be al-Qaeda in Libya, during the next few days.

    The official, who requested anonymity, that “there is news talking about the rejection of Libyan officials directing the strike to make sure Tripoli that the target sites are the camps of al-Qaeda,” was not immediately available to confirm or denied any of the official authorities of America or the Libyan regarding this regard.

    The source pointed out, “the increasing number of U.S. aircraft in the airspace Libya a few days ago,” explaining that “the U.S. aircraft unmanned keeps growing, especially on the east of Libya and the city of Benghazi specifically, they scoured the sky over the past 24 hours,” he said, and pointed out that this Operations carried out by unmanned aircraft “is a breakthrough for the rule of Libya by the United States of America,” noting at the same time that “the Libyan government did not know this aircraft, where there is no permit them to fly in the skies of Libya, has not been informed of Tripoli officially Btalaaadtha.”

    And linking the official increase the number of aircraft meeting the U.S. ambassador in Libya, “Debra Johnson” last week with the head of the Libyan government to Zidane, who was press sources said that eating the security situation in the country, and the threat of al-Qaeda attacks on Western interests in North Africa and the Middle East.

    The United States announced on Friday that its diplomatic missions in the Middle East, Africa, closed since last Sunday, in order to prevent exposure to the terrorist attacks possible, would all open their doors on Sunday, except for the U.S. embassy in Sanaa, said the official, who works in the Information Center of Civil Aviation in Tripoli, that center, which works by and of the Civil Aviation Authority, “is the entity authorized to highlight and detect air targets in collaboration with the Libyan air defense, and this is the context of practice in all countries of the world,” as he put it.



    This MISURATA and Brotherhood Shields coming into Tripoli was part of OBAMA’s plan…This whole thing was orchestrated by him and the Brotherhood via his “go-between” John McCain.
    See the huge number of forces that entered in Tripoli…It far out-numbers all the population of Misurata…so it is impossible…and by the accents, people know these are Brotherhood and Salafists who have come in from all over the Middle-East and Africa…This is certainly no “peace-keeping-cleanup” force…
    and OBAMA will not bomb them; instead OBAMA gives his bombers and drones as protection for these monsters. They are after the GREEN TRIBES , the Xanthan, the Qaqaa and 32nd Civil Brigades…and now the Rishvana and Warfalli are under siege, as well as the Zintani! Clearly the Brotherhood is after the Resistance and NOT al-Qaeda – as they themselves are the terrorist gangs (like GNEOH in Abu Salim and Sallah-a-din)…and they honor these thugs..and will not in any manner arrest them! These are the same ugly forces that sieged BANI WALID in OCTOBER last.

    Tripoli O blood pit ..

    Jardan Madaourh knock the drums of war and declare a state of emergency:


    News about the client Ali Zaidane in of marine Besaad academy pre-27 bridge and the concentration of forces and Misratah Tiran in the port of Sidi Bilal

    and prepare to complete a sweep of the coastline of the bridge 17 to the corner edge of the grounds on the Elimination of car robberies.


    Denied Omar Eshteiwi affairs chief security forces to shield Libya in charge of securing the capital Tripoli decision of the Presidency of the General Staff of the army.

    Libyan denied news handled by the pages of social networking Facebook regarding evacuation.

    Shield forces to Libya to three military sites were controlled by armed groups and said Eshteiwi that this Abar unfounded of Health and shield forces to Libya responsible for the protection of Tripoli:

    secure and protect their citizens and enforce security by not yet begun to implement the resolution is likely to begin tomorrow morning in the implementation of resolution officially,

    saying that there are administrative procedures followed the Presidency of the General Staff and the state of the end of these procedures, the shield forces to Libya will begin immediately in the implementation of the resolution on the ground with full force and packages …

    نـــــــقلانفى عمر إشتيوي رئيس الشؤون الأمنية لقوات درع ليبيا المكلفة بتأمين العاصمة طرابلس بقرار من رئاسة الأركان العامة بالجيش الليبي نفى الأخبار التي تتداولها صفحات التواصل الإجتماعي فيس بوك بخصوص إخلاء قوات درع ليبيا لثلاث مواقع عسكرية كانت تسيطر عليها مجموعات مسلحة وقال إشتيوي أن هذه اأخبار لا أساس لها من الصحة وقوات درع ليبيا المكلفة بحماية طرابلس وتأمينها وحماية مواطنيها وفرض الأمن بها لم تبدأ بعد في تنفيذ القرار ومن المرجح أن تبدأ غذا صباحا في تنفيذ القرار رسميا قائلا أن هناك إجراءات إدارية متبعة لدى رئاسة الأركان العامة وحال إنتهاء هذه الإجراءات فإن قوات درع ليبيا ستبدأ فورا في تطبيق القرار على أرض الواقع بكل قوة وحزم …


    Tripoli – Salahuddin

    News for delivery in the camps Salah al-Din area Tracking Zintan militias which shield the Libya people  peacefully, despite the decision of Bushmin !

    Zintan “Itbthon” handed over the camp and educational facility and a residential building in the area of ​​military Salahuddin in Tripoli Mtaatad  to the shield Libya forces !! peacefully…

    Of they have Jbnaha and eluted in the needs of Wajid whom they knew to rats on the Libyan army.
    من عندهم جبناها ومزال في حاجات واجد تو يعرفوها الجرذان على الجيش الليبي

    Almzarat Ihsabo who fear for enhanced brigade headquarters:

    Eachd prestige Maihsabohash the distant on their cowardly and Ikt the years Lin Imutw the.

    المزاريط يحسابو اللي يخش لمقر اللواء المعزز ياخد الهيبة مايحسابوهاش بعيده على سنونهم ويقعدو جبناء لين يموتو

    From the occupied Tripoli
    From within the plateau Badri
    There are militias besieged the place and the locals smugglers loss of matter just 4 hours and there are voices of gunfire in the area.

    Serious and urgent

    Militants escape from the tuber to Tripoli fear of unexpected blows from U.S.
    50 armed vehicles arrived to Tripoli from dirt, led by Salem Derby of Libya’s al-Qaeda (under pretext of “protecting Tripoli”).
    News Mukd 100%

    some al-Qaeda TARGETS! Do you believe that is the YANKS intended strikes?

    At the request of the Pentagon:

    the United States of America will start virtually air strikes against al-Qaeda strongholds in Libya within 48 hours…

    Salem Fares Gaddafi

    Urgent ‫ # _ Libya _ Tripoli

    After the arrival of convoys belonging to the armor of the corner and Gharyan and زليطن to ‫ # Tripoli today.. Unexpected arrival of 600 military vehicles in addition to the 650 that arrived yesterday!! And the total number is (1250) a mechanism for the Misurata militia occupies ‫ # _ capital Tripoli, at dawn tomorrow morning, the government will announce the coup and occupation Almasasat.. And the people not the lives of those calls.

    Clashes and shootings inside ‫ # gallery _ Tripoli International _ Omar al-Mukhtar Street, panicking families inside the show now.


    شارع عمر المختار قبل قليل !

    Durée : 0:07

    Tripoli shortly before …

    Media Maram Albuaiche ‫ # Tripoli

    Clashes Qowih in Haara the age Almokhtaaaaaar and the launching heavy Rsaaas in cabarets.

    Newsflash | a little while ago in the city park Omar Mukhtar Street .. Income people to cabarets and with him Ombritta the gun and he shot at people, the victims of 18 person Antgulwg to the mercy of God ..
    God and to Him we shall return.
    Shooting in Omar Mukhtar Street (Tripoli International Fair – amusements) resulted in the deaths of 3 and injuries toll continues to rise and that we can not find out the reasons which led to knead.

    The problem to become in the amusement park (Omar Almokhtaar Street) by little are caused by a group Chaabaaab Mirdiff residents of the area!! .. The members of the Security Council taking them out of amusement to me immoral behavior of others in front of people and families stood wrecker Chaabaaab bringing down their arms and rise on the roofs of buildings opposite me the amusement park and random do Bermaah the nightclubs and news Alawalah Toshir that in the wound Medenine and Alalaúlat of the … Source one Agdhaa the security


    Shooting inside the Tripoli International Fair resulted in the wounding of two girls so far
    One of them is dead arrived to the hospital plateau green 16-year-old
    And the other was taken to hospital Salim
    With the closure of the hospital street corner since the morning because of the doctors sit!

    [Mermaid operations]

    Marines “sprays rebels” who entered the day yesterday!!:

    Image of clashes in front of 17 FEBRUARY “nightclubs” in Omar Mukhtar Street, which did not exist and were prohibited under the Great Jamahiriya.

    اطلاق نار في شارع عمر المختار (بمعرض طرابلس الدولي – الملاهي ) اسفرت علي مقتل 3 اصابات والحصيله مازالت في الارتفاع و لم يتسنى لنا معرفة الاسباب التى ادت الى دلك
    Durée : 0:07

    God used not about ćáÇŢćÉ but Almighty God. . Victims of clashes in ‫ # gallery _ Tripoli _ International ‬ reached so far to 18 victims, including women and children, have been a clash between the militias used the (Sprinkler type Ambritta and Sprinkler my type KTN) and Tripoli cry my free Tripoli O honorable a Ntfdo of the militias and Misratah want to make Tripoli hole for blood and everyone is watching and paying the price they are innocent!!! The security situation so far in the Libyan capital Tripoli ‫ #: “loss of some children from their parents situation remains tense place.”

    Lady’s death at the age of forty years at the plateau green Bhadth the hospital shooting Tripoli International Fair. 

    The death of Mrs. “me Abdullah الشعافي,” an 40-year-old resident of Tripoli’s old city as a result of being infected by a bullet during an exchange of fire in nightclubs in the Libyan capital Tripoli ..

    I am God and to Him we return ..

    Newsflash | a little while ago in the city park Omar Mukhtar Street .. Income people to cabarets and with him Ombritta the

    gun and he shot at people, the victims of 18 person Antgulwg to the mercy of God ..


    Media center for the youth of the capital:

    The process of securing the capital begins tomorrow in the following areas:

    Ameria, Venus, الساعدية and surrounding areas, after the process of monitoring and identification of foci by the chief of staff and support unit via pilots drone carried out before a few days ago to places believed to follow the militias

    and armed gangs stole trucks affiliated with the General Company for Electricity and police Agricultural Company Hygiene & tracking citizens cars and military vehicles…


    The Western Mountain News Agency

    Shields now will not intervene in the clashes armed with Zintan because of the power possessed by Zintan and because of the large losses that will inflict shields plus it will be a long battle continues to the days of The armor Sete have combat experience and military universally now for such clashes inside the cities, and the occurrence of such these clashes is a great danger to residents of the city of Tripoli and therefore casualties of citizens, and Libya under Chapter VII, I mean, if long fighting the possibility of external intervention become very close, but the task of الدورع now impose, and its presence on the ground and can be dynamic and will be the beginning of the armor is to eliminate some of the forces that currently exist and Bidiyah will be Rishvana And what about the capital Tripoli and after the elimination of any armed force Borcvana.

    And what about the city of Tripoli will be the turn of Zintan, in order to ensure الدورع prevent any support and join any force and Rishvana or other of xanthan … And thus be a confrontation with the Zintan Brigades, only without the presence of any support from any other battalions.

    The solution is to join all the battalions under the command of one and the formation of a joint operations room and of course all of these battalions belonging to the chief of staff, including armor formality, but in reality belonging to individuals whether or armor battalions again ..

    And what is happening now is a conflict of interest … Valdrua each followed by members of the National Congress and this is the reason for the defense to claim to be the legitimate purpose of protecting national its members Balatmr the positions … Ali Zaidan not about him and ćáÇŢćÉ walking instructions. And Abusshmin of his prime he could Conference dismissal …..

    Conflict of interests people Tnmny for currents and parties …

    and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood took control of the government

    now is the time to control on the ground …

    The fear of some people, which arrived for the National Conference and the government from the wrath of the street is what made them Atkhaddoa this step for

    the purpose of terrorism street in Tripoli .. And prevent any demonstrations against the government or the National Congress.

    وكالة أنباء الجبل الغربيالدروع الان لن تدخل فى أشتبكات مسلحة مع الزنتان نظراً للقوة التى تمتلكها الزنتان و بسبب الخسائر الكبيرة التى ستلحق بالدروع بالاضافة الى انها ستكون معركة طويلة تستمر الى ايام كما أن الدروع لسيت لها الخبرة القتالية و العسكرية الكافة حالياً لمثل هذه الاشتبكات بداخل المدن، و حدوث مثل هذه الاشتبكات يشكل خطر كبير لسكان مدينة طرابلس و بالتالي سقوط ضحايا من المواطنين ، و ليبيا تحت البند السابع ، يعنى لو طال الاقتتال امكانية التدخل الخارجي تصبح قريبة جداً ، و لكن مهمة الدورع الان فرض و جودها على الارض و بالامكان الحيوية و ستكون بداية عمل الدروع هو القضاء على بعض القوى التى موجودة حالياً و البدية ستكون ورشفانة و ما حول العاصمة طرابلس و بعد القضاء على أي قوة مسلحة بورشفانة و ما حول مدينة طرابلس سيكون الدور على الزنتان ، لكى تضمن الدورع منع أي دعم و انضمام لاي قوة من ورشفانة أو غيرها للزنتان … و بالتالي تكون المواجهة مع كتائب الزنتان فقط دون و جود اي دعم لها من اي كتائب أخري .و الحل هو انضمام كافة الكتائب تحت قيادة واحدة و تشكيل غرفة عمليات مشتركة و طبعاً هذه الكتائب كلها تابعة لرئاسة الاركان بما فيها الدروع شكلياً و لكن فى حقيقتها تابعة الى أفراد سواء كانت دروع او كتائب أخرى .. و ما يحدث الان هو صراع مصالح … فالدروع بعضها يتبع اعضاء بالمؤتمر الوطني و هذا هو سبب دفاعها لما تدعي بأنها الشرعية لغرض حماية مناصب اعضاءها بالؤتمر الوطني … وعلي زيدان لا حول له و لاقوة يمشي بتعليمات . و ابوسهمين من وضعه رئيساً للؤتمر بأستطاعته اقالته ….. صراع مصالح اشخاص تنمنى لتيارات و احزاب …و الاخوان سيطروا على الحكومة الان هو وقت السيطرة على الارض …كما أن خوف بعض الاشخاص مما وصلوا للمؤتمر الوطني و الحكومة من غضب الشارع هو ما جعلهم يتخدوا هذه الخطوة لغرض ارهاب الشارع بطرابلس .. و منع اي مظاهرات ضد المؤتمر الوطني او الحكومة .بنت الوادي

    Formal accreditation of the General Staff and the conference
    Alaotunai transition up to the beloved capital Tripoli huge convoy of rebels
    Misratah goal in Libya Shield forces in partnership with the Friday Market rebels and rebels
    Corner and Gharyan ready to evacuate headquarters where groups based
    As well as armed camps and Airport Road area and secure the capital
    And vital facilities of the armed manifestations and receive the security file
    In coordination with the Ministry of the Interior.

    The final installment of rats
    Misratah will be launched after
    Friday prayers
    And will also kicks off the rest of the
    The rats Shield forces to Libya region
    Zliten and five مسلاته
    Tarhuna and battalion May 28,
    As well as rats Shield Libya region
    Western Tripoli and Gharyan
    And Surman corner and Nalut
    , Kklh and Gado, Sabratha and visitors
    To the capital Tripoli.

    Revolutionaries “airbrush”:  ‘Misrata Jews were here’ .. Even cow did not deliver them!!

    Crowds Germanah the criminal and beards Mqmlh of coming from the city of Misrata invade the capital, with all kinds of weapons:

    Shield Libya militias are the same militias that killed the children of Bani Walid, as well as youth Benghazi and currently Etbi complement the people of Tripoli.

    Militias now Mzrath in Tripoli …

    DC shortly before … Columns militias Jerdanih the dictate the highway and through the coast.

    URGENT: – Essam el-Erian offender Brotherhood assassin

    Brotherhood organization brothers are trying to control of the capital

    Libya Egypt obtained Brothers until p full support
    Current moves were approved in urgent meeting
    Brothers in Turkey, was to give orders to me Brothers
    Branch Libya to move quickly master p, DC
    Libya …

    God curse all of the satisfaction of that fight or kill Libyan Libby
    For a foreign agenda, God curse each client to Qatar
    Turkey’s affiliation, mentor and Qatar ..

    Urgent ….Most of the troops that entered on behalf of Misurata to Tripoli is one of the mercenaries, “Egyptians, Tunisians and Syrians” who are

    trained jihadists under the guise of “free army” since a period in Misratah.

    The right words and hungry Libyan O

    Important information: –

    Cutthroat Benghazi attacking Tripoli

    From reliable sources and Sam Bin Humaid is the de facto leader of the campaign (Phalange) en route from Misrata to protect

    Tripoli to implement Resolution 27 of the General National Congress judge to vacate the capital of militias and armed manifestations.

    The same forces that have implemented Resolution No. 7 is
    Now been charged with securing the General National Congress and the capital
    Central armor – armor Bank

    Central shield was led by Salah Paddy Member Conference
    National ..
    Shield Western Conference led by Sheikh Mohammed Kelani

    Central shield consists of: – most Ktaib of Misratah and with it
    One tribe of Zliten and the people of Zliten not represent them.

    Western Shield consists of: – rebels Salafis and corner them
    Rebels Gheryan.

    Misratah and market Friday, Tajora and Gharyan and the angle
    Allied with the Brotherhood and the militant group to rule Libya
    And I’m talking about the rebel leaders and not the people of this
    Brotherhood cities hate …

    (This is the same group of monsters who tried to squash BANI WALID last OCTOBER!!]


    McCain was Obama’s “go-in-between-boy”–

    McCAin was Obama’s messenger for instructions to the Muslim Brotherhood in these various countries, to set up their present rule over TRIPOLI.

    SALAFISTS/WAHABISTS/Muslim Brotherhood were funded and supplied militarily as well, by OBAMA (through Turkey with daily airlifts of munitions
    and heavy weaponry into Misrata airport and Mitigua airbase in Tripoli)…and they all came together last night to impose their Vishey-type NAZI- ZIONIST
    GOVERNMENT rule over TRIPOLI [and eventually all of LIBYA] by their Zionist (“2nd Homeland” ) “capitol” of MISURATA…OBAMA has been planning this for
    at least 18 months…only thing Obama did not count pon was the people of these nations uprising, as in EGYPT & TUNISIA.
    BUT the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is well armed now..and have total rule over LIBYA by terror (despite the populace objecting). US bombers are also protecting “their interests” [the reasoning behind OBAMA’s”legal” US-Congressional signing of fresh airstrikes in Libya] and are shielding the Misratans who invaded Tripoli with puppet GNC full support and Resolution N° 7 of the so-called “National Congress”!!!
    (There is more to 11 SEPT.Stevens/Benghazi Affair than meets the naked eye!)
    The GNC- ALI ZAIDANE “government” remains a puppet of the USA..and they are 100% ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood under SWEHLI & BUSHMIN.
    Did you know that Asswehly when he met the leaders of the bloc Fed had wanted to be called the great province of Tripoli great province of Misratah Misratah or Aamilo territory alone.
    وردَ الآنهل تعلم ان السويحلي عندما قابل قادة التكتل الفيدرالي كان يريد ان يسمي اقليم طرابلس الكبير باقليم مصراتة الكبير او يعملو اقليم مصراته لوحده.

    بنت الوادي

    Only obstacle in their way is ZINTAN!! WHICH GNC AND NATO have declared a war upon.

    Amnesty International’s report which states Misrata turned into a haven for Tkvrien …

    Misrata, Libya turned into stronghold Takfirists and possession of advanced missiles..


    They got the missiles from OBAMA via Turkey with their daily airlifts into MISURATA AIRPORT:

    Misrata, Libya turned into stronghold Takfirists and possession of advanced missiles

    Sunday 04 August 2013 – 10:32 م


    100 million dinars secure the capital budget has been granted to the militias of the so-called “shields”.


    NATO and the rebels terrorism
    The leaders of the security of the capital?????????????

    Detection site Sudan today that the Organization of Justice and Development for Human Rights revealed suicide bombings in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia after warning the United States, she said: that there is intense movements of Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda from the east Libyan heading to Misratah daily and stabilizes them and also in Zuwarah, in addition to the orientation of hundreds of jihadist elements infiltrated from Africa across the desert to the south of Libya .

    He said: “Al-Qaeda and the jihadists confirmed that they imported advanced technology to launch missiles and the technology to make missile range up to 100 km and more and there are high chances that the move jihadist elements to the coasts of the European across the sea and are carried out within the depth of Europe, Italy and France with the help al-Qaeda members residing in Europe.”

    He pointed out that the organization said: There are thousands of jihadist elements who had returned to Libya after the fall of the Great Jamahiriya from countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and settled in the Libyan ports and the city of Misrata, which turned into a stronghold of al-Qaeda and the militias, 

    Abdel Moez Bannon:

    “I’m sitting now with Mr. Amara rhetorical columnist, I asked him about his opinion about what’s happening on the scene, he said to me: ‘ Bushmin him to Libya for

    the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood ….’ “

    ALSO:  there was too many “MISRATANS” in their convoys last night to be just MISURATANS coming in to “support the ‘SHIELDS’ ” (which are all 100% ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood initiates)…
    The whole evil hord of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is out there with them.
    They were all trained by the Americans and the Brits in the airfields of Misrata and Mitigua. International air-traffic police have documented and made note of this.
    “Global Aviation Organization (IATA) slowed the Libyan authorities months fully identified its history to evacuate the airports of appearances and the presence of armed militias outside the law.”
    Yesterdays Plan to bomb aviation squares coincides with the storm Misrata militias to transport site on the airport road….”OBAMA really planned all of this! He had McCain pass on the instructions at each visit.
    All their weapons have been given to them by the Yanks via Turkey for the past 18 months…They were stockpiling these weapons for this event.]

    Quoting the media center for the youth of the capital:

    Process described Paljrahih to eastern Libya became uncertain after Barack Obama‘s remarks yesterday ..

    … a secret U.S. commando operations!! The results of this process and the consequences on the Libyan matter?

    All their weapons have been given to them by the Yanks via Turkey for the past 18 months…They were stockpiling these weapons for this event.]

  • Thsaboha Sahlh??
  • UrgentTripoli200 tank-type T-72 and T-55 and more than 150 vehicles and 100 crayfish armored vehicle tracking Zintan Brigades
  • is now based at the airport road and through Sawani and some of them began to enter these battalions camps in the capital Tripoli
  • Processing of heavy weapons from tanks and lobster and ground-to-ground missiles in Zintan far ..Quoting r / / logic =. Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ

    Sound of an explosion in tourism shortly before.

    (Quoting youth Gargaresh, Valley Agency Dinar News they said in Alriviath )


    Before about a week has been stolen car trash in broad daylight with the kidnapping of the driver and their employees by a gang composed of 6 persons,

    were evacuated They Masobin eyes outside the city of Tripoli, and after that has been stolen car was successfully transferred the driver and his companions to the Bedouins … .
    Even garbage cars delivered combing,,, so God, oh my God and ask honorable safety .

    Infection transmitted qualifying for the capital Tripoli, the assassination of Colonel
    “Abdul Wahab Mohammed Abdul Salam Lafi”, after being subjected to a release
    Lead during the way back to his house and steal his car, and utter his last breath
    Omar Hospital Askar Sbaah.

    Shooting on Chinese company Bzoarh the two foreign and wounding two people, and uncertain of the shoots.

    Airport Road
    Armed robbery at the headquarters of the “foreign workers” behind the flowers neighborhood architecture “by rain
    Hit only one person.

    Quoting / / Mermaid operations room
    Shooting voice now selects between فشلوم and Aleneuvlin

    Problem between the two families

    (Mermaid operations)

    Urgent … Mermaid operations room

    Who lose بالرماية today in Tripoli International Exhibition “Amralmokhtar”

    1 – Radwan Tbjee St.
    2 – Rami Albelkh,

    Any information on them please Report the nearest police station. .

    Win the army and the police!!!!!!

    Those of the target and the bombing of a police station pond
    The latter, and are residents of the C Street Abdul Jalil has been
    The arrest of a third person, and I could not see his face, and
    From the day of the blast have been arrested.:

    Was arrested at least two of the four escapees yesterday in the case of fire in the amusement park in Tripoli ..
    Catch someone in the Wadi Alheirh south of Tripoli and other in بواية Ras Igdir

    The right words and hungry Libyan O

    Dr-. Mohammed ElSuwey

    I’m a doctor, Department of Hospital Resuscitation accidents Salim
    This topic photographs were taken yesterday in hospital accidents Abu Salim …
    I hope publication for everyone to know the suffering of the doctors … And the suffering of the citizens …. And shorten the ministry ….

    And Wayne Tdhb the state funds …. To get to put people on the ground …..!!

    كلام الحق وجاع يا ليبيينMohammed ElSuweyالسلام عليكم
    انا طبيب بقسم الانعاش بمستشفى الحوادث ابوسليم
    هده الصور التقطت بالامس في مستشفى الحوادث ابوسليم …
    ارجو النشر ليعرف الجميع معاناة الاطباء … و معاناة المواطنين …. و تقصير الوزارة …. و اين تدهب اموال الدولة …. لكي نصل الى وضع المصابين على الارض …..!!

    Mohamed Amehasn  informs us| |

    MISURATA‘s Abushmin (of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood “Jusice & Construction” PARTY which rules Libya under the GNC, asked Libya Shield forces “protecting Tripoli International Airport” after entering the armed group to a control tower for the past days,

    and (thank goodness) prevented a plane belonging to Qatar Airways from landing at the airport in Tripoli.
    Almost certain news delivered tomorrow protection Airport Tripoli to Mlisheh the armor.

    Tripoli existence of militias shields:

    Please of discernible precaution citizens and الحدر during their leadership luxury cars
    Where a little while ago came citizen and his wife of the communication when Haulo armed group stopped in front of the University of Tripoli

    and the driver did not stop and increased speed where they were beaten Btgah lead by Bridge Street orbit

    and is full flight of direction through the railroad did not hurt the citizen and his wife, knowing that their car type Kia Sportage

    and the car that was chased by type Miche Lancer without plates by gunmen.
    Thousand Ahamdallah on safety!!



    THE RISHVANA ARE NOT CRIMINALS–They are kin to BANI WALID WARFALLI–that is why the RATS are after them!!!!
    Word now uncertain

    From the Ministry of the Interior and notables:

    Access will be me and Rishvana me “arrested criminals” ..

    Remember God and Rishvana ..

    Quoting r / / Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya.

    Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya:


    Last Almstnjaddat in Rishvana tribe

    The advent of cars, including so-called shield Libya where entered the first time to the Naval Academy, the spectrum according to what they said they sin against in place and they are coming to protect the coastal road and the concentration in the port of Sidi Bilal, actually came out of the Naval Academy and went to the port of Sidi Bilal my hunter where came to them with the President of the local fisherman (Ali Alhmala) and Chairman of the port of Sidi Bilal Besaad (Ramadan bin Faraj) and they said to them, Why did you come? said we we will stationed inside the port to maintain it, and also to protect the coastline me and Rishvana which stretches 30 kilometers and the link between Tripoli and the corner, they said, we will get out of the port in the case of and no breakthroughs or thefts, the spectrum of a decision of the national Congress .. this speech, which we have heard, which is not true in Nzerana ..
    And still come and heavy weapons to enter the port of Sidi Bilal coming from Tripoli and to some extent because the corner ..
    And Rishvana said believe the coastal road and you and they will be access Cemetery.
    I do not want to talk about things more of Fbdao military ..

    We see a conspiracy against Rishvana but

    1 – We are ready for me any traitors occur.

    3 – We want to warn that Misrata corner will always keep you ..

    قبيلة ورشفانة الليبية Wershfana Tribe Libya
    السلام عليكم

    آخر المستنجدات في قبيلة ورشفانة

    قدوم سيارات بما يسمى درع ليبيا حيث دخلت المرة الأولي الي الأكاديمية البحرية وذالك حسب ما قالوا أنهم اخطؤ في المكان وانهم قادمون لحماية الطريق الساحلي وتمركز في ميناء سيدي بلال ،فعلا خرجوا من الأكاديمية البحرية وذهبوا الي ميناء سيدي بلال بي صياد حيث جائهم رئيس المجلس المحلي صياد (علي الهمالي )ورئيس ميناء سيدي بلال بصياد (رمضان بن فرج )فقالوا لهم لماذا أتيتم ؟قالوا نحن سوف نقوم بالتمركز داخل الميناء للحفاظ عليه وكذالك حماية الشريط الساحلي لي ورشفانة الذي يتمدد 30كيلومتر والرابط بين طرابلس والزاوية ،فقالوا نحن سوف نخرج من الميناء في حالة وجود اختراقات او السرقات وذالك بقرار من المؤتمر الوطني ..هذا الكلام الذي سمعناه وهو ليس صحيحا في نظرانا ..
    ولازال السلاح ثقيل يأتي ويدخل الي ميناء سيدي بلال قادم من طرابلس والزاوية الي حد لان ..
    ورشفانة قالت آمنوا الطريق الساحلي وإياكم والدخول فإنها سوف تكون مقبرة .
    لا أريد ان أتحدث عن أمور عسكرية أكثر من ذالك ..

    نحن نراها مؤامرة تحاك ضد ورشفانة ولكن

    ١-نحن مستعدون لي اي خونة تحدث

    ٣-نريد ان نحذر الزاوية ان مصراتة لن تبقي دائماً معكم ..

    Urgent entrances and Rishvana Libyan / / /

    Now the entire region is under siege by the powerful coming from Misrata and followers of the corner and five and مسلاتة and battalions so-called revolutionaries NATO,

    so the Mtsakna those areas appealing to the concerned authorities to intervene to put an end to such violationsand abuses of citizens isolate.
    عـــــــــــــــــــــــاجل مــــن مـــداخل ورشفانــــــــــــــــة الليبــية /// الأن المنطقة بالكامل تحت الحصـــــــار مــــن قبل قوي قادمة من مصراتة و أتباعها مــــن الزاوية و الخمس و مسلاتة و كتائب مــــا يطلق عليهم ثـــوار الناتــــو ، لذلك فإن متساكني تلك المناطق يناشدون الجهات المعنية بالتدخل لوضع حــــد نــــــــهائي لمثل تلـــــك الإنتهاكات و التجاوزات لمواطنين عـــــزل

    • الان في شريط الاخبار على قناة الدوليه الجردانيه مكتوب الخبر التالي ///

      اغلاق مداخل ومخارج ورشفانه استعدادآ لعملية القبض على المطلوبين من قبل قوات جردان ليبيا

    Now in the news on the channel bar International written Jerdanih Products following news / / /

    Shut down the entrances and exits of and Rishvana in preparation for “the arrest of wanted by the RAT forces جردان to Libya” (CRACKING DOWN ON THE GREEN RESISTANCE!!)

    In the name of God the Merciful

    A statement of the Supreme Council for tribes and Rishvana, and components of civil society

    As a result of going through Libya today of serious incidents threatening national security and the witnessing of security breaches serious, the Council of tribes and Rishvana and civil society components underline the national constants of the Libyan people in its territorial integrity, social and thus contributing to the control of security and stability in all parts of the country dear, it emphasizes on the following :
    1 – emphasis on supporting the legitimacy of the General National Congress and the interim government elected by the Libyan people and يتوجهان for everyone to exercise caution and not to be drawn and drift behind the rumors that will damage the unity of Libya and its security.
    2 – call upon the government to expedite the building of the Libyan army and not the regional police and all security agencies to consolidate and maintain the state bear responsibility for events that threaten the security of the state.
    3 – condemns tribes and Rishvana strongly all criminal acts of assassinations, kidnapping, torture, theft and tampering with funds private and public that occur in various regions of Libya and calling on the government to strike with an iron fist at the hands of each of the these actions to communicate to the Libyan people, the results of investigations carried out in all the assassinations the beginning of the death of General Abdel Fattah Younis and other brothers in all areas of national Libya.
    4 – tribes and Rishvana denounces what Try it some members of Congress and Ihbikunh work against it as a result robbery, which was on a camp martyr Abdel-Fattah Younis in 27 say to them to make sure, and open investigations to discover who stormed the camp and stole its mechanisms and tell them also where you are and why not تصدرون sanctions against those who stand to pump oil, which is a source of livelihood Libyans all, and where you are when you stole Camp Hamza, and where you are when it was infringing on the First Battalion Qasr Ben Ghashir Brigade first, and where you are from deprivation and torture, which profoundly regret some of the Libyans, and where, and where, and where When double these different weights.
    5 – Rishvana not have a feud with one did not go for any one to تستفزه or to simplify its influence is an incubator for all Libyan tribes since dozens of Sunni and calls on all Libyans to not compromise on Libya and يكونو ranks and complies with all of the words of God ((And those who annoy believing men and women without what gained The احتملوا slander and manifest sin))
    6 – Welcomes tribes and Rishvana of the decision of the conference, which enjoined insurance by the coastal road from the National Army as AD 27 and recommends that this decision includes the coastal road from east to west, and all roads in Libya.
    In conclusion Our beautiful congratulations to the Libyan people and their government and Islamic nations on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr make it God فرجا and the joy and acceptance.
    God save Libya
    Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings

    Supreme Council for tribes and Rishvana, and components of civil society

    29 Ramadan 1434 AH
    Corresponding to 07 August 2013

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمبيان المجلس الأعلى لقبائل ورشفانة ومكونات المجتمع المدنينتيجة لما تمر به ليبيا اليوم من أحداث خطيرة تهدد الأمن الوطني وما تشهده من اختراقات أمنية خطيرة فان مجلس قبائل ورشفانة ومكونات المجتمع المدني يؤكدان على الثوابت الوطنية للشعب الليبي في وحدته الترابية والاجتماعية وبما يسهم في ضبط الأمن والاستقرار في كل أرجاء الوطن الغالي فانها تؤكد على مايلي:
    1- التأكيد على دعم شرعية المؤتمر الوطني العام والحكومة المؤقتة المنتخبين من قبل الشعب الليبي ويتوجهان للجميع بتوخي الحذر وعدم الانجرار والانجراف وراء الشائعات التي من شأنها الأضرار بوحدة ليبيا وأمنها .
    2- نطالب الحكومة بالإسراع في بناء الجيش الليبي وليس الجهوي والشرطة وكل الأجهزة الأمنية لتثبيت دعائم الدولة والمحافظة عليها وتحملها مسؤولية الأحداث التي تهدد امن الدولة.
    3- تدين قبائل ورشفانة بقوة كل الأعمال الإجرامية من اغتيالات وخطف وتعذيب وسرقة وعبث بالأموال الخاصة منها والعامة التي تحدث في مختلف مناطق ليبيا وتطالب الحكومة بضرب بيد من حديد على يد كل من يقوم بهذه الأعمال على أن توافي الشعب الليبي بنتائج التحقيقات التي تتم في جميع الاغتيالات بداية من استشهاد اللواء عبد الفتاح يونس وغيره من أخوانه الوطنيين في جميع مناطق ليبيا.
    4- ان قبائل ورشفانة تستنكر ما يحاوله بعض أعضاء المؤتمر وما يحبكونه من أعمال ضدها نتيجة السطو الذي تم على معسكر الشهيد عبد الفتاح يونس ب 27 فتقول لهم ليتأكدوا، ولتفتح التحقيقات ليتبين من الذي اقتحم هذا المعسكر وسرق آلياته ونقول لهم أيضا أين انتم ولما لا تصدرون العقوبات ضد من يقفون ضخ النفط الذي هو مصدر رزق الليبيين جميعاً ، وأين انتم عندما سرق معسكر حمزة ، وأين انتم عندما تم التعدي على الكتيبة الأولى قصر بن غشير التابعة للواء الأول ، وأين انتم من الحرمان والتعذيب الذي يقاسيه بعض الليبيون ، وأين ، وأين ، وأين فلما الكيل بهذه المكاييل المختلفة .
    5- ورشفانة ليس لها عداء مع احد ولم تذهب لأي احد لتستفزه أو لتبسط نفوذها وهي حاضنه لكل القبائل الليبية منذ عشرات السنيين وتدعو جميع الليبيين أن لا مساومة على ليبيا وان يكونو صفاً واحداً وليمتثل الجميع لقول الله تعالى (( والذين يؤذون المؤمنين والمؤمنات بغير ما اكتسبوا فقد احتملوا بهتانا وأثما مبينا ))
    6- ترحب قبائل ورشفانة بقرار المؤتمر الذي أوجب تأمين الطريق الساحلي من قبل الجيش الوطني من ك م 27 وتوصي أن يكون هذا القرار يشمل الطريق الساحلي من الشرق إلى الغرب وجميع الطرق بليبيا .
    وفي الختام نتقدم بأجمل التهاني إلى الشعب الليبي وحكومته والشعوب الإسلامية بمناسبة حلول عيد الفطر المبارك جعله الله فرجا وفرحا وقبولا .
    وحفظ الله ليبيا
    والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتهالمجلس الأعلى لقبائل ورشفانة ومكونات المجتمع المدني29 رمضان 1434 هـ
    الموافق 7 أغسطس 2013

    Cry Libya News:

    People and Rishvana warns buyers, Misratah and زليطن who have Henagher, stores and businesses in commercial markets its land by burning

    and sabotage because of the greed students the power of those tribes and parties and threatening to enter the territory of and strongly Rishvana the arms.

    The Libyan news agency today

    Aaaaaaaaagel: militias armor is preparing for an attack on (Rishvana)

    Of armor believed to be Brotherhood Misrata and Asswehly militias called his name and Thimh of (Soeriasuehali) submitted to Tripoli
    (Darkening of the eyes) is the most important agenda .. it has a large and very large

    Of source close Motmr the Leah said, and I quote There are a total of of Misratah armor and dodges and angle convince in الموتمر of the

    National Alajuaana Bazaaaar Resolution No. 7 on the city and Rishvana??? Ali and God heard Khobar Anzhilt and shocked and Leah said

    the story is nothing but camouflage armor to protect the capital in appearance but have own agenda in sub-drop of a hat for the implementation of Resolution No. 7 on city and Rishvana.

    Uttered by former F tourist to Soahali my father risked in the name of Misrata said will not relax until Ada broke Khcom the the Tarhuna and Orishvana).

    Quoting fall and extremist militias in Libya

    Aaaaaaaaagel “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” ”
    From a source close to the conference said Leah literally There are a total of Misratah shields and dodges corner and convince in الموتمر national Alajuaana Bazaaaar Resolution No. 7 on the city and Rishvana??? Heard Khobar Anzhilt and the shocked and Leah said the story is nothing but camouflage armor to protect the capital in appearance but have own agenda in sub-drop of a hat for the implementation of Resolution No. 7 on the city and Rishvana … Iaaarb Mitalaa speech this hoot!!!!! Because Mesh strange virgin Atalona Resolution No. 7 of Cyrenaica and south.
    وكالة أنباء ليبيا اليـوم

    عااااااااجل :مليشيات الدروع تستعد للهجوم على ( ورشفانة )

    من يعتقــد أن دروع إخــوان مصراتــــة ومليشيات الـسـويحلـي المسماة بإسمه وتحيمه (سراياالسويحلي ) قدمت لطرابلس
    ( على سواد عيونها ) فهــو واهم..فلديها أجنده كبيرة وكبيرة جدا

    من مصدر مقرب للموتمر قال ليا بالحرف الواحد هناك مجموعه من دروع مصراته وزاويه تتحايل وتقنع في الموتمر الوطني الاخوااني باظهااار قرار رقم 7 علي مدينة ورشفانه ؟؟؟ علي والله سمعت الخبر انذهلت وصدمت و قال ليا قصة الدروع ماهي الا تمويه لحماية العاصمه في الظاهر ولكن لديها اجنده خاصه في الباطن اوهي لتنفيذ قرار رقم 7 علي مدينة ورشفانه .

    .قالها سابقا جمعة السائح إن لسويحلي الدي يغامر بإسم مصراتة قال لن أرتاح الا إدا كســـرت خشـــوم ترهـــونة وورشفــانة )
    نقلا عن تسقط ميليشيات والمتطرفين في ليبيا

    عااااااااجل “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””
    من مصدر مقرب للمؤتمر قال ليا بالحرف الواحد هناك مجموعه من دروع مصراته و الزاويه تتحايل وتقنع في الموتمر الوطني الاخوااني باظهااار قرار رقم 7 علي مدينة ورشفانه ؟؟؟ سمعت الخبر انذهلت وصدمت و قال ليا قصة الدروع ماهي الا تمويه لحماية العاصمه في الظاهر ولكن لديها اجنده خاصه في الباطن اوهي لتنفيذ قرار رقم 7 علي مدينة ورشفانه …يااارب مايطلع الكلام هذه صاح !!!!! لان مش غريبه بكرا يطلعونا قرار رقم 7 لبرقه والجنوب .
    Conspiracy and Rishvana planned
    A witness from her family.






    Quoting the Libyan news agency today:

    Urgent folks western mountain Gado and Alrajaban suffer from a lack of gasoline because of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood War against ZINTAN,

    and their GNC Banzina Bach refusal Enzlosh to support Zintan in any manner, shape or form.

     ZINTANI in TRIPOLI, are doing their best to defend TRIPOLI with the XANTHAN, Qaqaa Battalions and 32nd Civil Brigade.


    Ask God to preserve Libya and its people and to save her from the evil Brotherhood demons who covered up behind the guise of religion to hide their folly and faces.

    ……. These are some of the realities of the Muslim Brotherhood rats for those who do not know them:

    1 Tzhlhm in the consolidation.
    2 double loyalty and disavowal.
    3 and falling in fads.
    4 secret underlying the approach to the Muslim Brotherhood.
    5 fanaticism of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood
    6 fanaticism Brotherhood wrote.
    7 fanaticism for lectures Brotherhood.
    8 cooperation among الإخوانيين of approach for the Muslim Brotherhood
    9 warning severe Mentgosai the Brotherhood
    10 warning of books that warn of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    11 Tzhlhm in the application of science ..
    12 distribution of tapes prohibited.
    13 Tjoisahm the emirate in urban areas.
    14 distribution of books in which astray.
    15 تسترهم the precautionary approach and falsely alliance.
    16 threat of leaving their approach to the Salafi approach.
    17 make some for some mattresses and fake.
    18 adoption should approach the budget in reply.
    19 organization of demonstrations and marches.
    20 young breeding coups.
    21 call for succession.
    22 accompany them to Mardan.
    23 احتواؤهم for Msalin and frequent مجالستهم.
    24 Sama p songs innovators.
    25 passport representation.
    26 propagation of nocturnal sorties in remote places.
    27 pay the money given to each member of the Muslim Brotherhood for the benefit of the community.
    Their eagerness to assemble 28 young people under the false base.
    29 believed that their best outfits groups on the scene.
    30 claim that the only difference between the Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood is merely a different variety.
    31 claim that the call is not only succeed in joining their group.
    32 engaging reading magazines and newspapers.
    33 assassinations management.
    34 are keen to attract young people without young.
    35 exploit some of the official activities for the benefit of the community.
    36 polish their leaders and hyperbole in their praise.
    37 sympathy with Stray parties.
    38 keenness on the leadership to serve the interests of the group.
    39 gradient youth to their inclusion in the Muslim Brotherhood organization cord.
    40 allegiance to the Brotherhood curriculum.
    41 Salafi hostility to united.
    42 interest at the expense of virtues dogmas.
    43 exploit the Hajj and Umrah seasons to brainwash young Muslim Brotherhood ideology.
    44 Xtharhm of leisure trips to attract young people.
    45 are keen to intelligent people and not others.
    46 taken to the opinions that agree whim.
    Google Traduction pour les entreprises :Google Kit du traducteurGadget TraductionOutil d’aide à l’export

    We have left the Mr. Mohammed Alguendoz the mine yesterday to warn us of the consequences of a coup against the GNC but it came to be identified schedule on promptly at seven in the morning, so wits exceeded all states intelligence devices. But Acunnina may have become accustomed to hearing such rumors from customers Brotherhood Qatar. In the past, they were more committed a crime or wanted to do something stayed provoke smuggling Saif of Zintan.

    Today, after understanding the citizen plot and discovered their lies and wickedness, and descended to the streets in demonstrations against the Muslim Brotherhood and the control of the joints of the state, they wanted to يوهموه that there is a risk greater than the risk of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, namely Khtaralozlam Valozlam in their coming to overthrow the legitimate, and on بالأزلام O wealthy? They Zintan المتمثلون the Qaqaa Brigade and a brigade of civil society.

    Although these two brigades never hear from them that stood obstacle to the establishment of the state or surrounded by the Ministry in order to pass the decision to serve their interests with their ability to so Aknhm always يغلبون interest of the nation km accustomed to. What they are doing today broadcast rumors should not involve the citizen, and I mean honorable citizen of the sons of the homeland. Just a coup story to divert attention from their crimes of assassinations, bombings and that angered the Libyan street came out in condemning the demonstrations in several Libyan cities.

    These rumors also to absorb the anger after being closed condemn stealing oil fields of Libya’s wealth and sold without counters on the black market. Pressure must be on the street and strongly these stinking fragmentation that Ozakmt noses repeated its crimes. There is no coup, even if they no longer found it is a coup to rewind the legitimacy that raped and stole into the arms of the citizen. Coup against the legitimate court on plans that besieged ministries and even before that, when the head of the Office kidnapped Zaidane.

    Since that time, the legitimate usurped no longer a legitimate or government in Libya, it has been controlled in full and became just the body not the spirit of it. Did not content with this, but are now seeking to form a government crisis proposal submitted by Abdul Razak Al-Aradi, one of the arrows, which was supposed to be prison with his partner and Nasib family Baghdadi Mahmudi,

    yes it is arrows and climbing the beginning of the newest and broke Transitional Council support diagonal because of its partnership relations one of the princes Qataris, the owner of the idea of ​​creating national guard, which serves as the Revolutionary Guards Muslim Brotherhood, to complement his control and his brothers on the wealth country. It also stated that the late hero, God willing, Abdulsalam cuneiform and Member Touati Alaadh the Congress, and accused of stealing money and have served the country, but stealing money to satisfy their guide in Egypt. O you Libyans honorable God has given us minds distinguish the wicked from the good and right from wrong, we have to use this sense of right and not let others control us through the media systematically.

    Ask God to preserve Libya and its people and to save her from the evil Brotherhood demons who covered up behind the guise of religion to hide their folly and faces.

    لقد خرج علينا المنجم السيد محمد القندوز بالأمس ليحذرنا من مغبة انقلاب علي الشرعية بل وصل به الأمر إلي تحديد موعده على تمام الساعة السابعة صباحا,فاق بذلك دهاء كل أجهزة الدول الإستخباراتية. ولاكننا قد تعودنا على سماع مثل هذه الشائعات من الإخوان عملاء قطر. ففي السابق كانوا كلما ارتكبوا جريمة أو أرادوا فعل أمر ما بثوا إشاعة تهريب سيف من الزنتان. اليوم وبعد أن فهم المواطن مخططهم واكتشف أكاذيبهم وخبثهم و نزل للشارع في مظاهرات ضد الإخوان وسيطرتهم على مفاصل الدولة,أرادوا أن يوهموه بأنه ثمة خطر أعظم من خطر الإخوان ألا وهو خطرالأزلام فالأزلام في نظرهم قادمون لإسقاط الشرعية, ومن المعني بالأزلام يا ثري؟ إنهم الزنتان المتمثلون في لواء القعقاع ولواء المدني . مع أن هذين اللواءين لم نسمع عنهم يوما بأن وقفوا عائقا أمام قيام الدولة أو حاصروا وزارة ما من أجل تمرير قرار يخدم مصالحهم مع قدرتهم على ذلك ولاكنهم دائما يغلبون مصلحة الوطن كم اعتادوا. ما يقومون به اليوم من بث الشائعات ينبغي ألا تنطوي على المواطن, وأعني بالمواطن الشرفاء من أبناء الوطن. قصة الانقلاب مجرد عملية صرف أنظار عن جرائمهم المتمثلة في الإغتيالات والتفجيرات والتي أثارت غضب الشارع الليبي فخرج في مظاهرات منددة في عدة مدن ليبية. هذه الشائعات أيضا لامتصاص الغضب بعد أن أقفلت حقول النفط تنديدا بسرقة ثروة ليبيا وبيعها دون عدادات في السوق السوداء. يجب على الشارع الضغط وبقوة علي هذه الشرذمة النتنة التي أزكمت الأنوف بجرائمها المتكررة. لا يوجد انقلاب, حتى وإن وجد فلا يعد انقلابا بل هو لترجيع الشرعية التي اغتصبت وسرقت إلى أحضان المواطن. الانقلاب على الشرعية تم بخطط محكمة يوم أن حوصرت الوزارات بل وقبل ذلك, عندما اختطف رئيس مكتب زيدان. منذ ذلك الوقت والشرعية مغتصبة ولا يعد هناك شرعية أو حكومة في ليبيا, فقد تمت السيطرة عليها بالكامل وأصبحت مجرد جسم لا روح له.لم يكتفوا بذلك, بل يسعون الآن لتشكيل حكومة أزمة بمقترح مقدم من عبدالرزاق العرادي وهو أحد الأزلام الذي كان من المفترض أن يكون بالسجن مع شريكه ونسيب العائلة البغدادي المحمودي, نعم إنه من الأزلام وتسلق بداية الأحدث واخترق المجلس الانتقالي بدعم قطري لما له من علاقات شراكة بأحد الأمراء القطريين, وهو صاحب فكرة إنشاء حرس وطني, أي بمثابة الحرس الثوري الإخواني, ليكمل سيطرته ومن معه من الإخوان على ثروات البلاد. كما ذكر ذلك المرحوم بإذن الله البطل عبدالسلام المسماري وعضو المؤتمر التواتي العيضة, وليتهم سرقوا المال وخدموا البلاد, بل يسرقون المال لإرضاء مرشدهم في مصر. فيا أيها الليبيون الشرفاء لقد وهبنا الله عقولا نميز بها الخبيث من الطيب والحق من الباطل فعلينا أن نستخدم هذه الحاسة في الحق ولا نترك غيرنا يتحكم فينا من خلال الإعلام الممنهج.نسأل الله أن يحفظ ليبيا وأهلها وأن يخلصها من شر إخوان الشياطين الذين تستروا خلف ستار الدين ليخفوا قباحة وجوههم.ابن ليبيا

    Zintan, Zintan and the war of Zintan and the Zintan
    Loud sounds that war was going to be in Tripoli between Misratah and Friday market and counter-party are Zintan????
    Zintan Misratah will not fight and will fight Friday market and will fight anyone,,, men Zintan and youth Dvino the the weapons and ultimately into Bmaol construction, wanted to enter in war فالابواب on Musraeiha, but to determine his identity must first enemy,,, ,
    Zintan has not signed a contract to be a policeman Libya, Zintan only will be Nazareth oppressed and will stand with the right either to be placed in the corner of Almenachrh this and will not be total, as they say (unapproachable in fire Bzath)
    Zintan actually began to build their city, its people and fennel rejuvenated their sleeves and ادركو that the war can not win The post-liberation war is ruining the winner of the loser,,, and will not be party to the destruction of Libya,,,
    What separates Zintan Tripoli is 160 kilometers and when Ahtajtna Tripoli to Pena appeal and will not shrink and will not Nadm medium,,, either degenerated in the face with our brothers and pillars of the revolution will not be and predators words will not change our opinion one iota,,,
    Zintan stand to be given an opportunity to the rest of the cities that join up with the revolution or rather rode correct the Revolution …..
    Zintan take into account the sanctity and inviolability of blood fighting for Muslim world, let us not forget that this world is not settled when God mosquito’s wing, and Muslim over a Muslim is haram, his money, his blood, and display,,,
    Any war will be far are only giving the excuse full of foreign interference and will not be there after the vote, but vote lead and there will be no odor, but the smell of death and would only be destruction, let us gather on one word, but is no god but God and Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah and let Ncatv efforts to build the rest of the country good wherein goodness what accommodate a lot and where the people are good what explains the chest and removes carefree,,, they are years Kassar want to spend in obedience to God and lives of dignity and after will inherit God’s earth, and them and سيخلفها with other folk as خلفناها,,,
    May Allah accept صيامكم

    (Abubaker Jalghum)

    الزنتان و الزنتان و الحرب من الزنتان و على الزنتان
    تعالت الاصوات بأن حربا ستكون فى طرابلس بين مصراتة و سوق الجمعة و الطرف المضاد هم الزنتان ؟؟؟؟
    الزنتان لن تحارب مصراته و لن تحارب سوق الجمعة و لن تحارب اى احد ,,, رجال الزنتان و شبابها دفنو اسلحتهم و استبدلوها بمعاول البناء ,,, من اراد ان يدخل فى حرب فالابواب على مصرعيها و لكن يجب ان يحدد هويتة عدوه اولا ,,,,
    الزنتان لم توقع عقدا لتكون شرطى ليبيا ,,, الزنتان فقط ستكون ناصرة المظلومين و ستقف مع الحق اما ان توضع فى زاوية المناحرة فلن يكون هذا و الكل كما يقال (يدنى فى النار لخبزته )
    الزنتان بدات فعليا فى بناء مدينتها و اهلها و شمر شبابها عن سواعدهم و ادركو ان الحرب لا ربح فيها فحرب ما بعد التحرير هى خرب الرابح فيها خاسر ,,, و لن تكون طرفا فى خراب ليبيا ,,,
    ما يفصل الزنتان عن طرابلس هو 160 كيلو متر وحين احتاجتنا طرابلس لبينا النداء و لن نبخل ذلك و لن نعدم الوسيلة ,,, اما ان نحط فى مواجهة مع اخوتنا و اعمدة الثورة فلن يكون و كلام المتربصين لن يغير رأينا قيد انملة ,,,
    الزنتان ستقف لتعطى فرصة لباقى المدن ان تلتحق بركب الثورة او بالاحرى ركب تصحيح الثورة …..
    الزنتان تراعى حرمة الدم و حرمة قتال المسلم من اجل الدنيا فدعونا لا ننسى ان هذه الدنيا لا تسوى عند الله جناح بعوضة ,, و المسلم على المسلم حرام ,, ماله و دمه و عرضه ,,,
    اى حرب ستكون الان ماهى الا اعطاء العذر الكامل للتدخل الاجنبى و لن يكون هناك بعدها صوت الا صوت الرصاص و لن تكون هناك رائحة الا رائحة الموت و لن يكون الا الدمار ,,, فدعونا نجتمع على كلمة واحدة الا هى لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله و دعونا نكاثف الجهود لبناء ما تبقى من هذه البلاد الطيبة ففيها من الخير ما يسع الكثير و فيها من الناس الطيبة ما يشرح الصدر و يزيل الهم ,,, هم سنون قصار نريد ان نقضيها فى طاعة الله و عيشة كريمة و من بعد سيرث الله الارض وما عليها و سيخلفها قوم اخرون كما خلفناها ,,,
    تقبل الله صيامكم

    (Abubaker Jalghum)

    Libyan News Network
    == Tmimyat ==
    Urgent shortly before /
    Tamim Bin Al Khalifa, shortly before a news conference on the security situation in Libya Qaúl to Athurh in Libya after the (so-named) “revolution of the seventeenth of February”

    and will crush anyone who tries to touch but ox !!
    As Hadar also Zintan accelerate Bmhakmt of the tribe Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, but will be an urgent and immediate intervention, who controlled the military intervention of Gulf Shield forces.
    شبكة الأنباء الليبية
    عاجل قبل قليل /
    صرح تميم بن ال خليفه قبل قليل في مؤتمر صحفي عن الاوضاع الامنيه في ليبيا قائلاا لاثوره في ليبيا بعد ثوره السابع عشر من فبراير وسيتم سحق كل من يحاول المس بل ثوره
    وكما حدر ايضا قبيلة الزنتان بتعجيل بمحاكمت سيف الاسلام القدافي والا سوف يتم تدخل عاجل وفوري وسيطر فيه تدخل عسكري من قوات درع الخليج



    Libya talks

    Statement to the people of Zliten

    In the name of God the Merciful
    Our Lord تؤاخذنا not including doing foolish of us
    At this difficult time through which Libya rivalry and wars knock طبولها in the Libyan capital, in particular, between the brothers as a result of the absence of the state and the absence of sensible and not hear the voice of religion and prohibitions on fighting, we see the fools and psychiatric patients led by common interests with Misratah and instead يكونو neutral party seeks to Oid sedition and seek to reform among people see these fools have sought to tarnish the image of Zliten and enjoys renown good in all regions of Libya’s involvement themselves in war have no camels nor sentences.
    We Kthoar the city of Zliten and its inhabitants dissociate ourselves from these scum and what they do and they bear the guilt of their actions and will not call for blood if happened to them any ill
    And remind them by saying:
    {And God, for example, hit the village was safe reassuring approach her livelihood Raghda of everywhere Vkfr the بأنعم God Vomagaha God bass hunger and from the fear of what they make}
    We are sorry for the policy pursued by the local council Zliten, which does not reflect the position of the people of the city and is pursuing a full dependence of Misratah.
    This Altabieh, which took place on the city formerly shameful positions not يرضاها the honorable people of the city.
    Free on 08/09/2013
    Free city of Zliten

    لـيـبـيـا تتحــــدث
    بيان لأهالي زليتنبسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    ربنا لا تؤاخذنا بما فعل السفهاء منا
    في هذا الوقت العصيب الذي تمر به ليبيا من تناحر وحروب تدق طبولها في العاصمة الليبية خاصة ، بين الاخوة نتيجه لغياب الدولة وغياب العقلاء وعدم سماع صوت الدين ونهيه على الاقتتال ، نري سفهاء ومرضى نفسيين تقودهم مصالح مشتركة مع مصراته وبدل أن يكونو طرف محايد يسعى إلى وئد الفتنة والسعي إلى الاصلاح بين الناس نرى هؤلاء السفهاء وقد سعوا إلى تشويه صورة زليتن وما تتمتع به من صيت حسن في كل مناطق ليبيا بإقحام انفسهم في حرب لا ناقة لهم فيها ولا جمل .
    ونحن كثوار مدينة زليتن وسكانها نتبرأ من هؤلاء الحثالة وما يفعلونه وأنهم يتحملوا جريرة أفعالهم ولن نطالب بدمهم إذا حدث لهم اي سوء
    ونذكرهم بقوله :
    { وَضَرَبَ اللّهُ مَثَلاً قَرْيَةً كَانَتْ آمِنَةً مّطْمَئِنّةً يَأْتِيهَا رِزْقُهَا رَغَداً مّن كُلّ مَكَانٍ فَكَفَرَتْ بِأَنْعُمِ اللّهِ فَأَذَاقَهَا اللّهُ لِبَاسَ الْجُوعِ وَالْخَوْفِ بِمَا كَانُواْ يَصْنَعُونَ }
    وإننا نأسف للسياسة التي ينتهجها المجلس المحلي زليتن والذي لا يعبر عن موقف اهالي المدينة وينتهج التبعية التامة لمصراته .
    هذه التبيعة التي جرت على المدينة سابقا مواقف مخزية لا يرضاها أهل المدينة الشرفاء .
    حرر بتاريخ 09/08/2013
    أحرار مدينة زليتن



    Urgent and dangerous

    3 battalions of tracking base in Cyrenaica .. They went to the spread in Tripoli under the false pretext of protecting the city…
    Fear and evasion of possible U.S. air strikes in the near future on the base sites in the Middle…

    The Libyan news agency …

    Abu arrows brings the base of Cyrenaica to Tripoli to protect them from the shelling Americans

    “Abu Salim Martyrs ” + mixture Bin Humaid shields and ALI hardness.
    Some supporters of the law of Benghazi, Sirte and tuber

    These are the so-called safe-keeping force “terrorism” Tripoli!!!




    Media reports targeting Osama Abdel Razek ELHOUDERI
    B-caliber bullet to the city of Ajdabiya and will be moved to hospital
    Clearness Benghazi after hours and did not تردني details.

    Up to this moment not sure targeting Osama news
    Houderi, and when you connect to his profile he replied girlfriend
    And he told me that he infected and did not give me the details and now his

    (Salem al-Obeidi)

    Official page for the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army

    Information Office of the Libyan army chief of staff

    About the camps, which were exposed to looting, theft and vandalism by some of the armed gangs there are intelligence reports that some

    of the employees of these camps were complicit with these gangs .. Investigations are under way to see Alhanah the vandals and prosecute.



    Sirte | |

    A group of armed outlaws blew up a power station 11 kV. F. improvised explosive device detonated on Saturday, the third day of Eid al-Fitr in

    central Sirte, near the intersection of Alzachra resulted in a serious injury to the station and cracked the building and electricity for residential

    area of ​​the first and part of the residential area of ​​the second.

    God of God day our street
    Sniper Sirte 13


    Sirte support Thunderbolt and بوحليقه of the …

    Elders of Sirte, met with Colonel Salah بوحليقه
    Martyrs Brigade command angle (thunderbolt 21) and Ocdo
    Their support for the Thunderbolt and the National Army and rejection
    Any other names within the city, and they said that
    All people of Sirte appreciate and are in a state of gratitude for the role of Thunderbolt
    P within Sirte …

    Armed clashes between the bolt and tried to break into terrorist groups since a few Thunderbolt.
    Refute the rumors about a clash or targeting for forces headquarters
    “Thunderbolt” This news is a shame for Health, has been
    Targeting home Arafa President “Boubacar الشحومي of” neighborly
    Company poultry Buatunai, and is continued for the special forces, and
    Blast did not result in casualties, and respond to them from
    Some employees of the Special Forces “Thunderbolt” stationed in
    The headquarters of a Libya Buatunai the shield was arrested three people
    And are being interrogated

    (Exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)



    An explosion near the militia battalion camp in Benghazi Thunderbolt and archery light followed by shooting with heavy weapons after trying unidentified Alstirh at Mqrthm ‫ # Libya
    THIS IS MORE THAN PROBABLY USA ATTACKS. This is not al-Qaeda. Thunderboldt has proven themseòves to be honest, good and loyal to Green LIBYA:

    American Reconnaissance aircraft patrolling the skies of Benghazi.

    Urgent ‫ # Benghazi |
    Assassination the Ezzedine Qossad inventory media channel Free Libya after the two Matmtan cars targeting gunshot wounds

    in the region of Sidi Hussein near a blood bank;; Eid Mubarak O جردان.

    Urgent Benghazi
    I hope Publishing the scope and Aaaaasa of
    Please all are free of Benghazi, journalists and activists
    Rally today after the Asr prayer in the square opposite the Tibesti

    عاجل بنغازي
    ارجو النشر بنطاق واااااسع
    يرجي من كل احرار بنغازي والأعلاميين و النشطاء
    التجمع اليوم بعد صلاة العصر في الساحة المقابلة لتيبستي
    after ransacking a mosque [“Abdullah ibn Ja’far”] in Benghazi Buhedama area, the rats penned-up innocent felines in small boxes:
    سرقة صناديق الزكاة من مسجد “عبد الله بن جعفر” بمنطقة بوهديمة بنغازىبنت الوادي

    Investigations of the joint security room Benghazi

    One family’s neighbors (Ali) hardness neighborhood parks stressed common security of the room that the specifications of the car that its owner

    assassinated martyr Abdulsalam cuneiform hesitated on “the hardness” house twice before the assassination of cuneiform and once

    after his assassination and those noise occurred and disappeared:

    Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

    Aaaaaaaaagel Jaddaaaaaa :::

    Through the channel of Benghazi local, said Ismail Salaabi this evening follows:

    “I tell the Libyan people every year and you are fine on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr re God on us and on the nation unification of good and safety, and Atrahm on Hhmaina pure and ask God to يغسلهم water, cold and يدخلهم rest in peace,

    during the past few days directed America indictment of one of our brothers the Mujahideen to kill the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi, a Mujahid Ahmed Abuchthalh and ماسوف result in the charge of the claims judicial brother Ahmed, I say to America that I felt one of the top Ahmed Abuchthalh we have the most expensive of all Safaraúk all over the world

    and kill for our brothers in the dirt and bombed by aircraft is also a crime must Naaqpk them, and any attempt you to undermine any one of the Mujahideen will burn the ground under the feet of every American and Florin will be all interests in Libya,

    but all over the goals for us now to Vena arms and money is no longer our front is weak, but we will open fronts in all over the world against America tried to exposure to us and engage in شئوون Libya has paid the blood of us versus editing will not only be an Islamic Emirate governed by the laws of God and tell the Libyan people any cooperation or betrayal of the Mujahideen of you in favor of intelligence America will be our response to tough

    and every person reaches us about information he client to America will be liquidated with one of his brothers, and his family expelled from Libya and the punishment stipulated in the law of God in the treatment of traitors to Islam, renew Thdera to America and Western countries and Libyan collaborators that punishment too harsh.”

    عااااااااجل جداااااا :::عبر قناة بنغازي المحلية صرح اسماعيل الصلابي هذا المساء بالاتي (( اقول للشعب الليبي كل العام وانت بخير بمناسبة عيد الفطر المبارك اعاده الله علينا وعلى امة التوحيد بالخير والامان ، واترحم على شهذائنا الطاهرين ونسأل الله ان يغسلهم بالماء والبرد ويدخلهم فسيح جناته ،، خلال الايام الماضية وجهت امريكا اتهام لاحد اخوتنا المجاهدين بقتل السفير الامريكي في بنغازي وهو المجاهد احمد ابوخثاله وماسوف يترتب عليه هذا الاتهام من مطالبات قضائيه لاخونا احمد ، اقول لامريكا ان شعرت واحد من راس احمد ابوخثاله عندنا اغلى من كل سفرائك في كل العالم وان قتلك لاخوتنا في درنه وقصفهم بالطائرات هو ايضاً جريمة يجب ان نعاقبك عليها ، واي محاولة منك للنيل من اي احد من المجاهدين سوف نحرق الارض تحت اقدام كل امريكي واروبي وسوف تكون كل مصالحهم في ليبيا بل في كل انحاء اهداف لنا الان لذينا السلاح والاموال ولم تعد جبهتنا ضعيفة بل سوف نفتح جبهات في كل انحاء العالم ضد امريكا ان حاولت التعرض لنا والدخول في شئوون ليبيا فلقد دفعنا دماء لنا مقابل تحريرها ولن تكون الا امارة اسلاميه تحتكم لشرع الله واقول للشعب الليبي اي تعاون او خيانه للمجاهدين منكم لصالح مخابرات امريكا سوف يكون ردنا قاسي وكل شخص تصل لنا عنه معلومات انه عميل لامريكا سوف يتم تصفيته مع احد اخوته وطرد اسرته من ليبيا وهذا العقاب نص عليه شرع الله في معاملة الخونه للاسلام ، اجدد تحديري لامريكا والدول الغربيه ولليبيين المتعاونين معهم ان العقاب قاسي جداً )
     OBAMA’s scapegoat:
    What about the 3/4 million that OBAMA has killed by drones and airbombs and paid mercenaries throughout North Africa and the Middle East….
    which he is himself RESPONSIBLE for; as well as it was he who created the present situation of the ‘Muslim’ BROTHERHOOD & SALAFISTS and TERRORISTS placed
    in high positions in the puppet-Governments the CIA/USA installed. Is not OBAMA the top WAR CRIMINAL?–or are not the lives of innocent Libyans worth
    anything in OBAMA’s eyes and deluded psychopathic murderous brain of his ???

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl ..Benghazi

    Recce aircraft for special forces patrolling the skies Buatunai after dark bats failed attempt to storm the camp.
    Sound of a strong explosion in Benghazi
    The news preliminary Gelatinh over the bolt and bolt camp area.



    Urgent tuber: –
    Now been blown car “key Sassi” resident district Jubaila.

    The explosion resulted in damage to nearby houses and cracking glass Delivery.



    U.S. spy planes in the sky Sabha today:

    Sabha Times 2
    Mnicoowol /

    From / Asalumh of Naji

    Now equipment inside the headquarters of the Sixth Infantry Brigade went resolution of the conflict between the conflicting parties within the city of Sabha.  

    A fire in a house ((Abdul Kader al-Kilani)) is still continuous shooting and an exchange of Kdaúv between the parties
    Warn citizens not to traffic from Mahdia circular to solve this crisis.

    Free newspaper Sabha

    Vsanaa – Sabha
    Violent clashes continued until this moment in “Fatih district” between Omlh and Alahtman led to the death of Moses behind God (Aomla) and Masoud Al-Kilani (Ahtmana) in the complete absence of security and the army and the police ..

    News of the death of “Moses behind God Alomla”, and has
    Besieged the house killer “bin asked Alahtmana”, the bride in the south
    Sabha! And clashes reciprocal and mutually Random shells تضرم fire
    In the house of a citizen, “Abdul Qader al-Kilani,” which has nothing to do with
    However, the relationship status came in the crossfire.

    (Salem al-Obeidi)


    TIFF free zone Shah between Bonn Shah family and family Algueno Ni were killed 4 members of the Shah family Bonn and 2 of family Algueno Ni and clashes are still continuing to now.

    (Valley girl)

    مشاجره بمنطقة الحر شه بين عائلة شه بون و عائلة القنو ني تــم قتل 4 من افراد عائلة شه بون و 2 من عائلة القنو ني و لازالت الاشتباكات مستمره الى الان .

    بنت الوادي

    Sabha today

    Retrieved Sabha Medical Center in the early hours of the morning, the bodies of the dead
    (Omar Ibrahim Ali adequate)
    (Massoud Abdul Kader al-Kilani)
    The first victim is a neighbor Abu Talib and his friend
    The second victim is the brother of Abu Talib was subjected to several bullets one in his right eye and his left hand and feet Monday
    There is no power but from God Almighty.

    Sabha URGENT: news clashes between Alahtman and Alomlh and news about the death of son behind God Aldaql the Alomla Gaddafi

    Aaty killed Ajtalaoy Khadaffy hope deviated functioning in the city of Sabha in Ubari Atina way back from a flour factory located path Aurbara the

    Voice Cyrenaica

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel /

    Mnicoowol / Latest Tazrbu News

    Announces the south battalion on the sit-in on Sunday 08/11/2013 at Headquarters local council Tazrbu the river and the possibility of locking industrial site Tazrbu on the cause of their salaries and appointments 2004 asked whom it may concern attendees at 10 am.

    Image clashes Hdtt in Sabha yesterday

    Libya Gate

    “Bed gas station for electric power generation”

    I’ve been enemies on the bed gas station staff by an armed group of Tabu and the beating and assaulting staff and dragged naked and humiliated, beaten and threatened at gunpoint.

    And inspection staff and their car on the station and did not allow detention for one to get out of the station and are now in their actions to continue the electric feeding station.

    Was stopped receiving fuel for the station and the station now operates fuel tanks Let’s not enough only for a day or a day and a half.

    Each of the armed group I say it and ask forcibly filling a fuel to generate electricity to help power grid

    And the lives of those who are calling and there are families and children and women at the station and a certificate from its cadre of insurgents in distress bed gas station

    (Valley girl)

    Libya Gate”محطة السرير الغازية لتوليد الطاقة الكهربائية”لقد تم الاعداء على كادر محطة السرير الغازية من قبل مجموعة مسلحة من التبو وذلك بالضرب وبالاعتداء على الكادر وجرهم من ملابسهم والاهانة وبالضرب المبرح وتهديدهم بقوة السلاح .وتفتيش الكادر وسيارتهم الخاص بالمحطة والحبس ولم يسمحوا لاحد بالخروج من المحطة وهم الان في اعمالهم لتستمر المحطة بالتغذية الكهربائية .وتم ايقاف استلام الوقود للمحطة والمحطة تعمل الان بوقود الخزانات وهيا لا تكفي الا لمدة يوم او يوم ونصف .وكل واحد من المجموعة المسلحة يقول انا الامر ويطلبون تعبئة الوقود بالقوة وهي وقود لتوليد الطاقة الكهربائية لمساعدة شبكة الكهربائية

    ولا حياة لمن تنادي وهناك عائلات واطفال ونساء في المحطة وشهادة من كادرها الاستغاثة من المسلحين في محطة السرير الغازية

    بنت الوادي



    Libyan attack and the other al-Qaeda Algerian Ali police station Sinaon and wounding a policeman was shot in the leg and Butrt leg incident today at dawn.



    Dr Tawfiq Okasha.
    il y a environ une heure
    ÚÇÇÇÇĚá President Mubarak

    Security source:

    Former President # Hassanymbark led Friday prayers at a mosque Tora prison farm, came after the prayer in a wheelchair, a wearing white Turnnj and black glasses, accompanied نجلاه of Alaa and Gamal and a number of symbols of the former regime.

    He added:
    Following the exit Mubarak from the mosque, surrounded by a number of prisoners, and Padloh congratulations on Eid al-Fitr, and Dar interview them for a quarter hour, talked with him during which about the political situation of the country, and said to them # Mubarak said Egypt’s plight, commenting «intensity and disappear», he added that he was confident the success of the armed forces in the management of the affairs of the country in this period, and said that he had rejected U.S. pressure and external interference in the management of the affairs of the country, and continued: armed Forces in Egypt would survive this ordeal, God willing.

    عااااجل عن الرئيس مباركمصدر أمنى :الرئيس السابق ‫#‏حسنىمبارك‬ أدى صلاة الجمعة بمسجد سجن مزرعة طرة، وخرج عقب الصلاة على كرسى متحرك، وهو يرتدى ترننج أبيض ونظارة سوداء، وبصحبته نجلاه علاء وجمال وعدد من رموز النظام السابق.وأضاف:
    عقب خروج مبارك من المسجد، التف حوله عدد من السجناء، وبادلوه التهانى بعيد الفطر، ودار حديث بينهم لربع الساعة، تحدثوا معه خلالها حول الأوضاع السياسية للبلاد، وقال لهم ‫#‏مبارك‬ إن مصر فى محنة، معلقاً «شدة وتزول»، وأضاف أنه واثق من نجاح القوات المسلحة فى إدارة شئون البلاد فى هذه الفترة، ، وقال إنه كان يرفض الضغوط الأمريكية والتدخلات الخارجية فى إدارة شئون البلاد، وتابع: القوات المسلحة ستنجو بمصر من هذه المحنة إن شاء الله.الكبيييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييير

    Egypt urges Libya to activate the supply agreement million barrels of oil per month

    Al Sharif said Ismail, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Egypt, that he had contacts with Abdel Bary Arousi and Libyan oil minister urging him to activate the supply agreement of 1.2 million barrels a year to Egypt.



    REPORT from 32nd BRIGADE enhanced:

    There are two incidents in Tunisia suffered two girls unit has been thrown out of the apartment and the other have been slaughtered on the way Zarqawi

    Because God wants to demonstrate the rats and Evdham, before the world was caught three of the rats who work

    As a matter of knowing the girls is not a Liberal supporter of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi commander

    So the world knows that these creatures we launched them utter rats because they Tgerzu of morality and Agayam and humanitarian.

    هناك حادثين في تونس تعرضت لهما فتاتين وحدة تم رميها من الشقة والاخرى تم ذبحها على طريقة الزرقاويولان الله يريد ان يدلل على الجرذان ويفضحهم امام العالم فقد تم مسك ثلاثة جرذان من قاموا بالعملومن باب العلم الفتاتان ليس من الاحرار المؤيدين للقائد الزعيم معمر القذافيلكي يعلم العالم ان هؤلاء المخلوقات اطلقنا عليهم لفظ الجرذان لانهم تجرذوا من الاخلاق والقييم والانسانية

    The arrest of a young girl accused of killing Libyan Tunisia Bkhozama of Tunisia.

    Aaaaaajl Jaddaa and dangerous ..

    Cracking all Libyans cars in Tunis after Tunisian girl killed in Sousse.

    Tunisia / Sousse
    Clashes between security and shows in خزامة Sousse and news exchange of fire on the background of the slaughter of Libyan citizen of Tunisian girl

    and throw another one apartments Almktrah and seems to be the case to a criminal background:



    Clashes between Tunisian security and youth to show because ماقام by a Libyan man Dbh Tunisian Girl and ditched النافده.

    Dead and 3 wounded, including Libyans in a terrible car accident

    Five passengers were killed and three others were injured when a collision risk a Libyan another car near the Tunisian city of Kairouan, central Tunisia, a short while ago. Police sources said traffic that Tunisian and Libyan dead and wounded were taken quickly to a nearby hospital. The cause of the accident – according to the interests of traffic – to high speed and lack of attention.



     la photo de ‎صوت المقاومة‎./ VOICE OF RESISTANCE:

    USA knows everything and all things living—–no one in the entire world is really “safe”:


    (See how many times they said “Muammar al-Qathafi was dead” in the past…remember the one book I told you about “dead in 1986″…well here is another, that he died in Chad!!

    How many times does the USA lie?…Remember this…WEST LIES!!!):


    One flimsy arguments that say it ignorant rats: Muammar Gaddafi was killed army in Chad??

    To know if the fact that the war in Chad ::

    After Mafshl Americans and الفرنسيس of hit us from the north to Jaa to set up a base in Chad to threaten the security and sovereignty of the Libyan state, it was the presence of the Libyan army in Chad imperative for the defense of Libya and the security of the Libyan people, and they confront us in Chad, with the United States and France were not with Chad and the Chadian people Muslim brother , with evidence that even prisoners who fell in the war of Chad were transported to America, and further proof that when he failed to West catastrophic failure in the attack and response on the Libyan army in Chad for Jaa to conclude a peace treaty, sat French President ميترون with Muammar Gaddafi to conclude a peace treaty with Libya, and did not conclude Treaty with Chadian President, as you claim, this our Vi_ak_ war was inevitable and necessary to defend the security and integrity of Libya even though the entire Libyan army technician, Vmuammr Gaddafi to ايرضى the Lay force can shake the security of his country ..

    We are not like you daily foreign aircraft hovering over the Libyan sky but one telling her where are you going??

    اقرؤا history well

    Source: person a witness to the event
    صوت المقاومة

    احد الحجج الواهية التي يقولها الجرذان الجهلة: ان معمر القذافي قتل جيشنا في تشاد ؟؟
    لنعرف اذا حقيقة الحرب في تشاد ::

    بعد مافشل الامريكان والفرنسيس من ضربنا من الشمال لجؤا لانشاء قاعدة في تشاد لتهديد أمن وسيادة الدولة الليبية, عليه كان وجود الجيش الليبي في تشاد ضرورة حتمية للدفاع عن ليبيا وأمن الشعب الليبي , وكانت مواجهتنا في تشاد مع امريكا وفرنسا لم تكن مع تشاد والشعب التشادي المسلم الشقيق , بدليل انه حتى الاسرى الذين وقعوا في حرب تشاد تم نقلهم لامريكا , ودليل اخر انه عندما فشلوا الغرب فشل ذريع في الهجوم والتصدي على الجيش الليبي في تشاد لجؤا لابرام معاهدة سلام , فجلس الرئيس الفرنسي ميترون مع معمر القذافي لابرام معاهدة سلام مع ليبيا , ولم تبرم المعاهدة مع الرئيس التشادي كما تزعمون ,,لهذا حربنا فيتشاد كانت حتمية وضرورية للدفاع عن امن ليبيا وسلامتها حتى ولو فُنيَ الجيش الليبي بأكمله , فمعمر القذافي لايرضى لاي قوة ان تهز امن بلاده ..

    لسنا مثلكم الطائرات الاجنبية تحوم يوميا فوق السماء الليبية ولاحد يقول لها اين تذهبين ؟؟

    اقـــــــــرؤا التــــــــــــــــــاريخ جيـــــــدا

    المصدر : شخص شاهد على الحدث


    Said Ali al-Shihri, alias Abu Sufyan en Libye?

    Al Qaeda in Libya since February 2011 ..

    Abdul Rauf Abdullah: Monthly Saeed was in Libya before his death

    Monthly Said Deputy Emir of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, nicknamed Abussvian, a Saudi national, entered Benghazi and Derna in 2011

    laying the foundations of al-Qaeda and left in Yemen killed during a U.S. raid to silence him.

    A strong message to those who say there is no database Here senior commander of al-Qaeda leaders appear in Libya at the beginning of the so-called  “revolution” on Al-Jazeera, where he appeared passport photographer claims that his name is Mohammed Saaiti, also confirmed sites Yemeni and Saudi appearances between combatants in Libya and said through his speech in front of the court in Benghazi.

    But naivety Libyans and their passion is greater than that Adricko what woven around them by Qatar, which provides foreign intelligence facilities through airports to transport these criminals to wreak havoc in Islamic Albadan purpose of fragmentation and تضعيفها and has been stealing its resources.


    To verify the report Log on these links or type in القوقل the monthly happy in Libya and enter the sites Saudi Arabia and Yemen not to say that the news is true with it was published in 2011 and is not unbelievable ..

    (Valley girl)


    another LESSON in HISTORY:

    Together to realize the size of the plot on Libya and Islam:
    On this day of the year 1940 Britain established مايعرف army Sanusi and set traitor client Idriss commander of him in Egypt, a fugitive from fighting the colonial Italian fought in the battles of Tobruk and worlds as – as the army – a bunch of mercenaries paid them the price (see story Gen. Rommel’s Desert Fox ), as a prelude to the inauguration of Idris on the throne of Libya after the Allied victory over the Axis powers in World War II in 1945 as a result of Khaanth fighters and martyrs Libyans
    معا لندرك حجـــم المؤامرة علي ليبيا و الاسلام :
    في مثل هذا اليوم من العام 1940 قامت بريطانيا بتأسيس مايعرف بالجيش السنوسي وتعيين الخائن العميل ادريس قائدا له وهو في مصر هاربا من مقارعة الاستعمار الايطالي ليحارب في معارك طبرق والعالمين بإعتبارهم – باعتبار الجيش- حفنة من المرتزقة المدفوع لهم الثمن (راجع قصة الجنرال رومل ثعلب الصحراء) ، تمهيدا لتنصيب ادريس على عرش ليبيا بعد انتصار الحلفاء على دول المحور في الحرب العالمية الثانية عام 1945 نتيجة لخاينته المجاهدين والشهداء الليبيين..

    Mu’ammar and his family (aunt):

     Mu’ammar and his sister and his two sons…

    Mu in FRANCE 3 DEC 2007

    (a memorable salute from FRANCE  DEC. 2007)


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