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44th al-Fateh coming the best

Mohammad Hassan
برومو العيد 44 لثورة الفاتح المسيرة المليونية الالكترونية الخضراء
Promo 44 anniversary of the Revolution march millions Electronic Green

Mu waves from the desert

Mu beautiful

The people of the eastern region recognition that the army and the police did not shoot a single bullet to the people in the events of 2011:

One channel France 24 ..

Says are Aaosena of costume Syria Aaosena the costume Libya:

And the growth of reason who became in Libya and Syria .. !!! Mo Arab stupid and corrupt media.
The meek ​​puppet governments … Supported the NATO bombing of Libya and supported the terrorists, as in Syria, preventing the support of the legitimate government….

From Egypt should now be returned for each country’s legitimate Zionist spring .. Egypt also rejected this spring by including it the largest Arab country

that refuses to deal with all Zionist spring governments and refuses to recognize it .. In Tunisia, Libya and called the Syria Council splurge because

all customers to follow the devil and plot new Middle East.

  • ‫#‏ليبيا‬
    واحد على قناة فرانس 24 .. يقول هما عاوزينا زي سوريا عاوزينا زي ليبيا

    ومنو سبب اللي صار في ليبيا وفي سوريا .. !!! مو الغباء العربي والاعلام الفاسد
    وخنوع حكومات عميلة … ايدت قصف الناتو لليبيا وايدت دعم ارهابيين سوريا على الحكومة الشرعية ..

    من مصر الان يجب ان تعاد الشرعية لكل بلاد الربيع الصهيوني .. كما مصر رفضت هذا الربيع عليها بما انها اكبر دولة عربية ان ترفض

    التعامل مع كل حكومات الربيع الصهيوني وترفض الاعتراف بها .. في تونس وليبيا وما يسمى في سوريا مجلس الاتلاف لان جميعهم عملاء اتباع الشيطان ومؤامرة الشرق الاوسط الجديد ..


    Proceedings of trial prisoner fighter Abu Zaid Dorda in court


    saying militant Abu Zeid Dorda (RBI FAFSA family):


    “Great danger to Libya are the owners of dual nationalities everything accepts only two (home)”


    Strong word of the hero Abu Zeid Dorda in the government’s court proxy
    Salute to this topic Hero dismantling of God captured

    Said prisoner fighter Abu Zaid Dorda Libyan foreign intelligence chief earlier in his speech today in front of the court in Tripoli.

    that Muammar al-Qathafi is not infallible of error, but the error only fault is that it put his confidence in customers, and anyone who sat with him for lunch,
    They are usually authentic Arab traditions inherent in the martyr.

    He said Abu Zeid: “The defeat by 48 countries led by NATO, it is not مسبة not a disgrace, but he and Sam bear on our hearts what we live, and I can confirm – although I do not know exact what is happening in Libya – that this country is lost forever and استبيحت sanctities, and that as a result of normal in any country I want them to be managed by people who arrived in power on the bodies of the martyrs and the rubble of destroyed aircraft invaders ..
    But allow me sir judge has taken a lot of court time, but he was compelled to record it for history. ”
    The Court today announced the postponement of the next session of the trial of Abu Zaid Dorda captive to the 25th of September.

    Administrative Department of the trial court north of Tripoli …

    O decoding captured sooner not later Lord.

    وقائع محاكمة المناضل الاسير أبو زيد دورده في المحكمةقال الاسير المناضل أبو زيد دورده رئيس الاستخبارات الخارجية الليبية سابقا في مداخلتة اليوم أمام المحكمة بمدينة طرابلس إن معمر القذافي ليس معصوما من الخطأ، وإن الخطأ الوحيد الذي ارتكبه هو أنه وضع ثقته في العملاء، وكل من جلس معه لتناول وجبة غداء ،
    وهي عادة عربية أصيلة من العادات المتأصلة في الشهيد .وأضاف ابوزيد : ” أن نهزم من طرف 48 دولة يقودها حلف الناتو ، فذلك ليس مسبة ولا عارا وإنما هو وسام نحمله على صدورنا ما حيينا ، وما استطيع تأكيده – رغم عدم معرفتي الدقيقة بما يجري في ليبيا – أن هذه البلاد ضاعت إلى الأبد واستبيحت حرماتها ، وتلك نتيجة طبيعية في أي دولة أريد لها أن تدار من طرف أناس وصلوا السلطة على جثث الشهداء وأنقاض دمار طائرات الغزاة ..
    ولتسمح لي سيدي القاضي فقد أخذت الكثير من وقت المحكمة ، لكنه كان لزاما علي أن أسجل ذلك للتاريخ .”
    وأعلنت المحكمة اليوم تأجيل الجلسة القادمة لمحاكمة الأسير ابو زيد دورده إلى الـ25 من سبتمبر القادم.دائرة المحاكمة الأدارية محكمة شمال طرابلس…اللهم فك اسره عاجلا غير اجلا يــــــــــــــــــــارب
     Ibrahim Alsertawi “Ibrahim Alsartaoa:
      General Khamis, the golden
    32nd BRIGADE weaponry:Torre lovers Conqueror
    Sprinkler الخفيق M 249 is the weapon robot group Infantry in the ground forces of the brigade 32 booster and is lightweight and works strongly gas pressure and feeds bullets through the Treasury or bar disintegrate automatically after leaving the body spray and can be carried by a single individual and produces fire represented in accuracy of gun fire with high-intensity fire
    Began to enter this machine gun service debuted in 1980 and is a two modes of fire, normal mode and it produces 750 rounds / min and the situation Alaqss and up to 1,000 rounds / minute, and can be carried or Artkazh Ali Hamlthelathi Alargeol and barreled up and the basic method nutrition is a bar with bullets 200 rounds- Country of Origin: United States
    – Use: light machine gun for use with ground forces and there نمازج for Special Forces teams and umbrellas
    – Countries used: the United States, Belgium, Canada and Australia

    General and technical specifications

    – Type: light machine
    – Caliber: 5.56


The Ministry of Education‘s decision. (40).On
Promoted return (home education)

Warnings … for publication and dissemination.

– Large groups of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt entered the Libyan border and sources confirm the arrival of groups of them to Tripoli ….

– Independents Please caution in their movements from Morocco in the capital after taking caution and care ..

– كتبية Bossba widespread and very easy receivables purchase so please pay attention.
عشاق تورة الفاتح

  • تحــــــــــــذيرات …للنشر والتعميم.

    -مجموعات كبيرة من حركة الاخوان بمصر دخلت الحدود الليبية والمصادر تؤكد وصول مجموعات منهـا لطرابلس ….

    – للأحرار الرجاء الحذر في تنقلاتهم من بعد المغرب بالعاصمة وأخذ الحيطة و الحـذر ..

    -كتبية بوصبع منتشرة وشراء الذمم سهــل جداً لذلـك يـرجــى الانتبـاه .

    And former Defense Minister Traction Mohammed Walberg Thi Dan says: –





Tonight: Mitigua, set up a meeting in Mitigua base includes all the leaders of militias in Tripoli with the special power of deterrence.




Siddiq carp in a statement Ras Lanuf:

Declaration of Cyrenaica province federally under the full self-management.
Islamic Sharia is the source of legislation in Libya.
Maintain the unity of Libya in lost federal system.
Defence Force Generation gently to protect the region
The formation of a political office for the region
Authorizes Mr. Ibrahim Jdharan acted as head of the political bureau of the province.
Composition of the Bureau of implementation, after consultation with the people of the solution and the contract.
Shura Council of the province.
Emphasis on international covenants and conventions and respect.


The channel the youth movement Jerdanih capital Burqa Burqa declare a federal territories.

Statement youth Cyrenaica
17 AUGUST 2013 at Ras Lanuf:

1. Federally announcement Cyrenaica provinces under full self-management its historical borders within the framework of the Libyan state with full respect for international boundaries drawn
2. Islamic Sharia is the source of legislation in Libya and is void violates the assets of Islamic law
3. Maintaining the unity of the Libyan entity within the framework of a federal state under a federal system that is placed founded and its clauses and form of dialogue with the participants
4. Establish tenderly defense forces to protect the region and maintain safe
5. The formation of political office tasked with the provincial administration and supervision of the institutions and given the powers of the region’s president
6. Delegate Mr. Ibrahim Saeed Jdharan, the functions of head of the political bureau of the province
7. Called the Political Bureau of the Executive Council of the Territory who is charged with the management of the institutions and the province after consultation with the people of the solution and the contract
8. Called the Political Bureau of the Shura Council
9. Activation of the judiciary and judicial institutions to perform independent role
10. Emphasis on international covenants and conventions
11. The preservation of the right of the rest of the regions in regional wealth
12. To emphasize that these measures taken represent a transitional stage

بيـــان شباب برقة
17/08/2013 رأس لآنوف1. اعلان برقة اقليما فيدراليا تحت إدارة ذاتية كاملة بحدوده التاريخية ضمن اطار الدولة الليبية مع احترام الكامل للحدود الدولية المرسومة
2.الشريعة الاسلامية هي مصدر التشريع في ليبيا ويعد باطلا كل من يخالف اصول الشريعة الاسلامية
3.المحافظة على وحدة الكيان الليبي في اطار دولة اتحادية في ظل نظام فيدرالي على ان يتم وضع اسسه وبنوده وشكله بالحوار مع المشاركين فيه
4. تنشئ قوى دفاع برقة لحماية الاقليم والمحافظة على امنه
5. تشكيل مكتب سياسي يتولى مهمة ادارة الاقليم والاشراف على مؤسساته ويعطى صلاحيات رئيس الاقليم
6. يفوض السيد ابراهيم سعيد جضران بمهام رئيس المكتب السياسي بالاقليم
7. يسمى المكتب السياسي المجلس التنفيذي للإقليم الذي يقوم مكلفاً بإدارة مؤسسات والاقليم بعد مشاورة أهل الحل والعقد
8. يسمي المكتب السياسي مجلس شورى
9. تفعيل القضاء والمؤسسات القضائية لآداء دورها المستقل
10. التأكيد على العهود والمواثيق الدولية
11. المحافظة على حق بقية الاقاليم بالثروات الاقليمية
12. التأكيد على ان هذه الاجراءات المتخذة تمثل مرحلة انتقالية
Zaidane is sending his “army” to break this!!
Special power and light and medium weapons and more than 400 armed organized car now on the orders of carp friend to go to Ras Lanuf …

“In connection with my uncle Mohammed al-Ras Lanuf, assured me that he did not see such a military build-up in his life until the day of the war, no retreat Aatric tenderly …”

Ibrahim Aljzeran, announces the internationalization of the issue of Cyrenaica and submit the file to the United Nations.

Free channel Cyrenaica:

Battalion protect south Control Tazrbu control the headwaters of the river and three oil fields and control ports leading to the desert Cyrenaica which is

under the command of Aqidrickn Adel Busafa, 160 Infantry Battalion on the way to Ras Lanuf now!!!!

Ghaithi friend says Ali Zaidane’s in Mlguety Ras Lanuf:

Where are your strengths which Hddtna,.!!

Why did not you protect the headquarters of ministers and believes the return of displaced persons from Tawergha?? .. Kidnapping of the director office Alqreis??

(Ali العسبلي a)

Cyrenaica youth movement:

Zaidane does not represent us, as he is a customer of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.”

In connection with the Mr. Omar Chkmak and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil is now Al-Arabiya confirms that there is a decline in oil production P 600 thousand barrels.




Band attribution Alkhashalthanih ten (door Tajoura)

Review because heavy Balalat, nearly 300 car joint force Friday Market.

On channel capital Jermanah authorized Touati that friend Ghaithi does not represent tenderly and this person failed to secure the Libyan border

and spent a budget of 150 million we have not seen anything on the ground was devoid tenderly policemen even focus Ibrahim walls of the president,

this person upon issues including the issue of Sirte and the theft of homes and cars and Cyrenaica proven their men, even if the judiciary enabled in Libya was those behind bars ..

(Ghaithi friend),

who read a statement separation from Declaration (Cyenaica/Tripoli) and the establishment of the (federal) ..

Image is struggling for the sake of Allah (Afghanistan), before that choice (the Arab Spring) president’s (border guards) the (Libyan), ie, before stealing of which $ (250) million, ie before the b attempted assassination of Minister (defense) Previous ..

Libya is now controlled by organized political assassin filters the
And they are killing the army and the police, and kill our sons are honored
State criminal, day tenderly Stthr t of criminal judgment
The office will be set up political and defense force is created Cyrenaica.

Ghaithi friend says Ali Zaidane’s in Mlguety Ras Lanuf:

Where are your strengths which Hddtna,.!!

Why did not you protect the headquarters of ministers and believes the return of displaced persons from Tawergha?? .. Kidnapping of the director office Alqreis??

(الصـديق الغيثــــي) الـذي قـرأ بيـان إعـلان الإنفصــــال عـن (طـرابلـس) وتأسيــس (الفـدراليـــــة) ..الصـورة وهـو يُجـاهـد في سبيـل اللــــه مـن (أفغـانســان) ، أي قبـلَ أن يختـاره (الـربيع العـربي) رئيـساً لـ (حـرس الحدود) الــ (ليبيـــة) ، أي قبـلَ أن يسـرق منـها مبلغ (250) مليــون دينـار ، أي قبـلَ أن يقـوم بـ مُحاولة إغتيـال وزيـر (الـدفـاع) السـابق ..(بنت الوادي)

The dawn Friday, 08.16.2013 armed group attacked the channel Ibrarn Libyan Amazigh firearms was the attack on the staff of the channel led to the injury of a fractured staff!!



Peace and mercy of God, my God, the mercy and you have to Aischof news this Aenzlh on page Amtall am

on Wednesday Night Amrouh of Tarhuna I have my own car Kia Obtima Model 2010 and reached the slot lighthouse Dersona 5 car belonging Council Qasr Ben Ghashir

car customs of non-metal plates (Tarqat)and Agafona killed waging a قالولي Nhsabok one Outboard Talaat Lanta Aahamzh two Quffine Ali Khater plates metal (Tarqat).

I how my we learn ing one name Fathi Faitouri nicknamed me (Alkhcherh) Gary Heit in Hait open nets enjoyable yard Anchov Jnanhm got me Anselm Alaya Wenta whatAtzlmh Aalia

or, I want to beat Villa on my face (paws) kill your good O Fathi launched a Wenta I Ador Vic group to with him Qalola launched the Qallahm this alga group arrivals Vchu Hatta Telefonh my God Aalak Jaaaaara Dara Villa Heca.

two aspirations best of us Qalola defect this neighboror Amchit on my current Asraaaha prophet Iaaaakhaddla limit my right

or, I am my name (Hamza Ojaili Mohammed Salem Gate Altarhuni) population popular e-engaged in the Tripoli International Airport,

or ready Anwaaaajh any end God Hspaa and yes, the agent.
(Quoting / / Mermaid operations room)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله بي الله علي رحمة ولديك الي ايشوف الخبر هدا اينزله في صفحة امتاعه انا يوم الأربعاء في اليل امروح من ترهونه عندي سيارتي الخاصة كيا اوبتيمه موديل 2010وصلت فتحة المنارة درسوني 5سيارة تابعين مجلس قصر بن غشير سيارة جمرك من غير لوحات معدنيه (طارقات) وقفوني قتلهم شن فيه قالولي نحسابوك واحد براني طلعت انتا ياحمزة هما وقوفني علي خاطر لوحات المعدنيه (الطارقات )انا كيف بي نطلع جي واحد اسما فتحي الفيتوري ملقب بي (الخشره ) جاري الحيط في الحيط نفتح الشباك امتع الحوش انشوف جنانهم جت بي أنسلم اعليه قالي ما اتسلمش اعليا او بدي يضرب فيا علي وجهي (كفوف )قتله خيرك يا فتحي شن فيه قالي انا أدور فيك جماعة الي معاه قالولا شن فيه قاللهم هدا طحلب جماعة القادمون فتشو حتا تاليفونه بي الله اعليك جاااااري دارا فيا هكي هما طلعو خير منا قالولا عيب هدا جارك او امشيت علي حالي بي صراااحه نبي حد يااااخدلي حقي او انا اسمي (حمزة العجيلي محمد سالم غيت الترهوني )سكان شعبية البريد نشتغل في مطار طرابلس العالمي او مستعد انوااااجه اي حد حسبيا الله ونعم الوكيل(نقلا عن//غرفة عمليات عروس البحر)_______________________



News about return of Western Riyaana to their city

Sources reported on Saturday that an agreement had been reached between the people of Zintan and the people of the Western Riyaana return

the people Riyaana to the city this week after the settlement of all the differences that occurred between them.

Quoting the United States page AmazighEach honorable Amazigh in Libya, we must escalation and I mean Bdlk of the plan in the event of non-recognition, and I have a plan and I want your opinion
1 – control the both Mnfd and balanced, and the head is worth and the Algerian border and the borders of Niger, Chad and Mali
2 – Tara meeting announcing that the province of a federal rule Dati and ينشي him to defend Committee and Policy Committee
3 – Send a message to the UN and knead to consider an urgent solution to the problem
4 – start to contract with foreign companies to export oil and تنشي him to a committee, to be sponsorship of the people and knead for the consideration of the physical things of the province
5 – close all Mnavd cities Aladah of the province that allows the Amazigh only enter
6 – ينشي the Council of Elders and Shorey to negotiate with neighboring cities and knead to bring greater support to the region
7 – Create a temporary constitutional declaration guarantees the rights of each of the P region
نقلا عن صفحة الـولايــاتــ الـمـتـحــدة الأمــازيـغـيــةلكل الامازيغ الشرفاء في ليبيا يجب علينا التصعيد واقصد بدلك وضع خطة في حال عدم الاعتراف وانا لدي خطة واريد رايكم
1-سيطرة علي كل من منفد وازن وراس جدير والحدود الجزائرية وحدود نيجر وتشاد ومالي
2-اجتماع طاري يعلن فيه عن اقليم حكم داتي فيدرالي وينشي له لجنة دفاع ولجنة سياسة
3-ارسال رسالة للامم المتحدة ودلك لنظر في حل عاجل للمشكلة
4-البدء في التعاقد مع شركات اجنبية لتصدير النفط وتنشي له للجنة يتم تزكيتها من الشعب ودلك لنظر للامور المادية للاقليم
5-تغلق كل منافد المدن الؤدية للاقليم علي ان يسمح للامازيغ فقط بالدخول
6-ينشي مجلس حكماء وشوري لتفاوض مع المدن المجاورة ودلك لجلب اكبر دعم للاقليم
7-انشاء اعلان دستوري مؤقت يضمن حقوق كل من ف لاقليمبنت الوادي




Try to steal  and bombed the Egyptian consulate in Benghazi by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Security authorities in Benghazi reveal some details about the perpetrators of the attack on the Egyptian consulate
A source from the Libyan intelligence, a little while ago, to reach after the details revealed in the assault on the Egyptian consulate in Benghazi.
The same source for “news agency solidarity” that, in cooperation with the elements of the common room to protect Benghazi and special forces were reviewed

as recorded by surveillance cameras deployed in the vicinity of the consulate as it turned out to be a black car type pocket by two people got out of one and a bag

of explosives in front of the building.
And added, “The person who put the bag carrying explosives weigh between 2 and 2.5 kilograms, in front of the building is not clear features in full, except that his hair

is too long and it seems that the two men were aware of surveillance cameras in place as it has not taken the heads at all, and after they left the place a few seconds the explosion occurred. ”
It is worth mentioning that the consulate building did not suffer only minor damage was to break the main door of the building without the other casualties.

Firas Bosalum / special / Reuters:

– Damage caused by targeting the Egyptian consulate Benghazi

– Four cars were damaged near consulate

– One of the guards injured

– Damage to homes adjacent to the Consulate

Glass neighboring houses fall for the Egyptian consulate Benghazi
And some other physical damage to some cars, smashing
Egyptian consulate door from the outside.

the explosion which occurred in front of the Egyptian consulate in Benghazi shortly before:


An explosion outside the Egyptian consulate in Benghazi. Explosion caused damage to interface the Egyptian consulate in the city of Benghazi # no reports of injuries.

Voice Cyrenaica

Aaaaaaaaaaaajl … News that Interior Minister Mohamed Sheikh submit his resignation today after the bombing of the consulate in Benghazi.


Targeting the car, “Ibrahim Ramadan Mamac“, with an explosive
Device Quraish land area and is an employee in the Guarantee Fund
Social and is currently in the hospital and in stable condition.

After the events of 8-6 young people have been killed in front of armor came to Benghazi
The to stun camp and demanded that Congress decides now immediately
Solution shields and I told them Benghazi is now in boiling and must immediately
Solution shields went Conference’s decision to dissolve all the armor .. When
I met the members of Congress they said to me some members you grew up
The subject and gave a false picture about the events of Benghazi if
Give us a topic without amplification we have what we have decided to resolve shields
I told them: – Why do you want Aktar of 48 young people from
All the tribes …
After trapping ministries decided to offer my resignation they came
Ibuso in my hands and Icolo that Dkhiltk the later Middle
Hinfsalo expanded mind … Having worked and decided
Strong decisions (including the events of an attack on civil Brigade)
Did not like Aqrarty because I supported the monkey army decided 30
30 Monkey Aqa decided which after Ajtmau with Zaidane and they said to him
Select your government or the Berg Thi and lose Boqalty because they did not
They like my decisions, they do not want the army want
Only militias and is now out of control and controlled
The government and Congress.
وزير الدفاع السابق للجر دان محمد البرغ ثي يقول :-

بعد احداث 8-6 وقتل الشباب امام الدروع جئت الى بنغازى
والى معسكر الصاعقه وطالبت المؤتمر ان يقرر الان فورا
حل الدروع وقلت لهم بنغازى الان فى غليان ويجب فورا
حل الدروع فخرج قرار المؤتمر بحل جميع الدروع .. وعندما
قابلت اعضاء المؤتمر قالو لي بعض الاعضاء انت كبرت
الموضوع واعطيت صوره خاطئه عن احداث بنغازى لو
اعطيتنا موضوع بدون تضخيم كنا ما قررنا حل الدروع
فقلت لهم :- ماذا تريدون اكتر من 48 شاب قتيل من
جميع القبائل …
وبعد محاصرة الوزرات قررت تقديم استقالتى جاؤا
يبوسو ف يدي ويقولو ان دخيلتك بعدها الشرق
حينفصلو وسع بالك … وبعد ان اشتغلت وقررت
قرارات قوية ( منها احداث هجوم على لواء المدنى )
لم تعجبهم قرارتى لانى دعمت الجيش فقرر 30 قرد
قرر 30 قرد اقا لتى بعدما اجتمعو مع زيدان وقالو له
اختار حكومتك او ا لبرغ ثي وقامو بأقالتى لانهم لم
تعجبهم قراراتى ، هم لا يريدون جيش يريدون
مليشيات فقط وهى من تحكم الان وتسيطر
على الحكومه والمؤتمر .



The assassination attempt on Mohammed Anizh Alomla Gaddafi and is now in intensive care.

The news agency – Sirte – reporter

Haj exposure Mohammed Gaddafi Anizh to a failed assassination attempt by the Holy Sons in front of his house a little while ago,

before the gas depot for sons Anizh in the city of Sirte ‫ # but thankfully was only wounded and in stable condition.

The car that has بالرماية it kind Hyundai Sonata white color is dark Tarqat
‪ # ibrahimAlsertawi

Attempt to assassinate Sheikh “Mohammed Anizh the Alomly Gaddafi” in front of
His home by unknown assailants, and considered “Alomla” A sheikhs Sirte
And the Council of Elders and Shura Council, and survived this treacherous attempt
And put it stable now.



Lafrasin greens News
Good Guy
Libya Telecom and Technology | ltt

The fall of the one coverage Towers in Mzrath caused by arson resulting in a fluctuation in the signal coverage of the WiMAX …

الخيـــــــر جـــــــــــاى
ليبيا للاتصالات والتقنية|lttسقوط احد ابراج التغطية في مزراطه بفعل فاعل مما آدى الى تذبذب في اشارة التغطية للواي ماكس…



Abdulwahab Al Qaid Eda: allegiance within al-Qaeda group, and currently a member of the National Conference for the city of Derna:

National Conference will move in line with the’ popular movement’ in the country to take a stand against the bloodshed of the Egyptian Army!”
see who is running LIBYA!!!




the Libyan Desert (2) Toponymy of the eastern and western parts of Owaynat:

Mountain Akakous or Tadrart Acacus is the rocky mountains located in the south western Libya, in what was known as the “Fezzan”, and in the Sahara Desert, is the nearest city to the ancient languages.

There Acacus in a variety of landscapes, from wind to the sand colored stone arches and huge stones to the valleys. Of the most important locations in the arch “Avazejar” The arch “Tin Khaljp”. Although the region of the most arid areas in Sub-Saharan Africa, however, there by some plants such as plant “Alcalauterubis.”
Colored paintings on the rock in the caves of Acacus in Libya show animals and humans, shows a dramatic change in the nature in the region.

The area Bkhovha old, as they have a rich set sculptures and paintings on the rock declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1985 because of the importance of these paintings and sculptures, some of which date back to 21,000 years-ago.

Which reflect the culture and nature of changes in the region.

[1] of the paintings and sculptures are of animals such as giraffes and elephants and ostriches, camels, also a group of people, horses,

pictures depicting men Moadh different life of ancient man, for example in the case of playing music and dancing:
acacus ahmed aridp aymanashour bashar bentaher desert

ibrahimlanguages libya life mountainsacacus,  owaynat 

،تويوتا،حياة،رحلة،ومضات،غات،العوينات،ابراهيم،بشار،بن ،رأس اضاض اكاكوس السنة سائق،احمد،عريدة،ليبيا،اكاكوس،صحراء،جبال طاهر،ايمنعاشور


Owaynat  2 Owaynat  3 Owaynat  4 Owaynat  7 Owaynat 1 Owaynat 5 Owaynat 6


Sit compatriots Owaynat area in front of a power station Owaynat protest against power cuts for 12 hours a day over a week ago.



Even if these DICTATORS (OBAMA & BUSH & COMPANY) remain, History will show the truth:

ÚÇÇÇĚá Jaddaaa: Congress demands officially dismissed Obama

Republicans in Congress Athoudron to isolate Obama for allowing the leak elements Akhounah the U.S. administration and corruption threatens national security

as a player poker that whenever lost some money on the table poker put the rest in his pocket in anticipation of compensation loss and gain additional cast Obama all the rest of the influence of America in the region fully support to bet America throughout six decades of political Islam but it seems that Obama would be the first U.S. president does not complete its duration because of his support for the same terrorists accused of blowing up the towers and U.S. embassies and other processes that allowed for America for decades to exercise bullying political and military around the world and now it seems that Nozha military has ended The time to pay the bills has benefits rose up members of the Republican Party three days ago against Obama in support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and their branches in other countries and the Salafists in Syria.

The “Foreign Policy” that “the frequency President Obama in dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood over the past year and abandonment of the liberal opposition, and to support Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in the steps of the controversial taken by the beginning of the Constitutional Declaration and pass the constitution and the postponement of the parliamentary elections, it was the errors committed by the Obama administration , and pushed Egypt to the current situation. ”

The magazine added: “The steps taken by the dictatorship Morsi during the last period of the cause of the anger of the opposition, especially that the U.S. administration were offset by silently and did not intervene and did not respond to the wrath of the opposition, in what many U.S. approval of what is going on.”

The move, which will be more decisive for the command is to move, led by Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives (Ed Royce), which enjoys the support of many members to start impeachment against the backdrop of support for terrorism and to overlook the money-laundering operations and wide for the benefit of the Muslim Brotherhood and let them hacked the U.S. administration some of their elements add unjustified for the role the American ambassador that Obama used all his influence to keep them in Egypt, despite know بإتصالاتها the armed militias on the ground in Egypt.

U.S. Defense Secretary opens fire on Obama and supports the Egyptian army

U.S. Defense Secretary opens fire on Obama and supports the Egyptian army

Said Djinral Donald Rumsfeld, the U.S. defense secretary, former U.S. President Barack Obama made ​​a mistake in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and enable them to win the presidential elections in Egypt, which resulted in the inauguration of President isolated Mohamed Morsi things the country, which ended in disaster. said Rumsfeld told a telephone channel American that Jim Carrey and Minister of Foreign Affairs America deal with the Egyptian regime, the same lack of skill that dealt him سابقته in office, Hillary Clinton, which came with the Brotherhood to power has tried to him to impose order on the Egyptian people is not what came out of him in the January 25 revolution which led to the exit of the president Mohamed Morsi, who elected him. The Minister of Defence former U.S. on the need to thank Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, who contributed significantly to the development of the relationship between the two armies of Egypt and the U.S. for many years which has led to the stabilization of the situation in the whole region. assured Rumsfeld that the Egyptian army in the difficult position of having to handle this the way in light of the ongoing turmoil at the hands of supporters of the group, expressing his deep regret for the Egyptian people feeling that the United States favored the existence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt rule.



Egyptian media and elites recognize that Gaddafi became the right of all his check on the ground

Gaddafi, they said, or bash rats traitors customers are taking hallucination pills from you!
Qadna say crazy and Ntriv if he was the only sensible and Fahim God!
Libya lost and ruined ruined Express!
Who are you???????????

Facts & revolutions secret
Together to elect a president militarily to Egypt

via ‎وكالــــة وادي دينار الإخبـــــــــــارية . Valley Agency Dinar News‎   
De ‎يوسـف الحسينى عدو الاخوان‎
القذافي قال هؤلاء أوباش جرذان خونة عملاء يأخذون حبوب هلوسة من أنتم !
قعدنا نقول مجنون ونتريق لو انه كان الوحيد العاقل والفاهم والله !
وضاعت ليبيا وخربت خراب مستعجل !
من أنتم ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ثورات و حقائق سرية
معا لإنتخاب رئيسا عسكريا لمصـــر

Vandalism of mosques may be when terrorism because it is war, and everything in the war is available, even if it is a war against God!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaajl | Dream TV reporter ::::::::::::::

Brotherhood terrorists inside a mosque Open smashing the mosque inside and breaking windows and firing on residents and security forces-

Photo: vandalism of mosques may be when terrorism

Ramses cleaning compatriots Fath Mosque after the departure of Brotherhood terrorists him



Sisi in his speech speaking about America’s position:
“Who built the state over the skulls of American Indians had to spend the rest of his life in the study of the history of Egypt before he dared to provide lessons ..
“Egypt is not in need of a few dollars provided in the face of American aid in the interior, the confiscation of national sovereignty, not the tutelage after the day nor the voice louder than the voice of the people”

Site “Deepak” intelligence that the Israeli team first, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, refused to respond to a telephone call to U.S. President Barack Obama, which ignited the anger of Obama and urged him to take a tough stance against the Egyptian army and the reason for this response:

Sisi violent in this conference that Egypt is above everyone and will not allow loss of minutes with people, kids, in my view and that my time would not be allowed to talk with kids do not feel what we are now and try to suit the maximum road.
The site quoted Israeli, U.S. intelligence sources, that Obama Call Balsesa the Wednesday after the scientific knowledge to begin resolving protests Muslim Brotherhood in the fourth Adaweya and the Renaissance, but Sisi refused to respond to Obama.
The Web site, that Sisi aides, responded to Obama and assured him that the team can not answer now and if there is a specific message or a desire to discuss what is going on can be contacted Egyptian President “Adli Mansour”.
The “Deepak” that Obama suffered greatly shocked when told by assistant Sisi Defense Minister busy busy, retorted with “literature”, “You can contact President Adli Mansour to talk to him what you want, or you can transfer the call to him from here,” the Office of Sisi “gladly . ”

Broadcaster Channel Egyptian editing Lisp country the gift and tell her like what he said Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi from you,

“O Qatar you Believe al-Qathafi in these phrases you, O pygmies.”

This is what Broadcaster honors Egypt Arabism because they استطاعو the that Aksro appeared Kharijites modern era.
مذيع قناة التحرير المصرية يسب القطري ال عطية ويقول لها مثل ما قال الزعيم الليبي معمر القذافي من انتم يا قطر من انتم صدق القذافي في هذه العبارات عليكم يا اقزام هذا ما قاله المذيع تحي مصر العروبة لانهم استطاعو ان يكسرو ظهر خوارج العصر الحديث
The sources said that the Israeli-Sisi managed to prevent Obama from interfering in the internal affairs of Egypt, and undermined U.S. influence in the country, which is what Obama fail to save the Muslim Brotherhood who are now effectively out of the political scene.
He revealed the site that the Israeli anger Obama Sisi was behind international condemnation last of what happened in Egypt, where he came out of many European countries to condemn the resolution process sit-in, demanding the investigation and Obama announced today canceled maneuvers star among the U.S. military and the Egyptian, which means that the situation turned to hostility personal between Sisi and Obama.
موقع “ديبكا” الاستخباراتي الإسرائيلي أن الفريق أول، عبدالفتاح السيسي، رفض الرد على مكالمة تليفونية للرئيس الأمريكي باراك أوباما، وهو ما أشعل غضب أوباما ودفعه لاتخاذ موقف متشدد ضد الجيش المصري والسبب في ذلك رد السيسي العنيف في هذا المؤتمر بأن مصر فوق الجميع ولن اسمح بضياع دقيقة مع اشخاص اطفال في نظري وان وقتي لن يسمح بالحديث مع اطفال لا يشعرون بما نحن فيه الان ونحاول حلة باقصي الطرق
ونقلت الموقع الإسرائيلي، عن مصادر استخباراتية أمريكية، أن أوباما اتصل بالسيسي أمس الأربعاء بعد علمه ببدء علمية فض اعتصامات الإخوان المسلمين في رابعة العدوية والنهضة، لكن السيسي رفض الرد على أوباما.
وأضاف الموقع، أن مساعدي السيسي، ردوا على أوباما وأكدوا له أن الفريق لا يمكنه الرد الآن وإذا كان هناك رسالة معينة أو رغبة في مناقشة ما يجري يمكن الاتصال بالرئيس المصري “عدلي منصور”.
وأشار “ديبكا” إلى أن أوباما أصيب بصدمة كبيرة عندما أخبره مساعد السيسي أن وزير الدفاع مشغول مشغول، ورد عليه بـ “أدب” “يمكنك الاتصال بالرئيس عدلي منصور للحديث إليه فيما تريد، أو يمكن تحويل المكالمة له من هنا “مكتب السيسي” بكل سرور”.
وقالت المصادر الإسرائيلية إن السيسي نجح في أن يمنع أوباما من التدخل في الشؤون الداخلية لمصر، وقوض النفوذ أمريكي في البلاد، وهو ما أفشل أوباما فى إنقاذ جماعة الإخوان المسلمين الذين أصبحوا الآن فعليا خارج المشهد السياسي.
وكشف الموقع الإسرائيلي أن غضب أوباما من السيسي كان وراء الإدانات الدولية الأخيرة لما حدث في مصر، حيث خرجت العديد من الدول الأوروبية لتدين عملية فض الاعتصام، وتطالب بالتحقيق وأعلن أوباما اليوم الغاء مناورات النجم الساطع بين الجيش الأمريكي والمصري، وهو ما يعني أن الموقف تحول لعداء شخصي بين السيسي وأوباما .



SECOND OCCURANCE, same scenario?

Libyan Arab Airlines

We got now ..

The 14 passengers of the shows on a trip since few of the Sharm el-Sheikh to Tripoli lines Libyan assaulting a cabin crew flight, forcing the pilot to land at the nearest airport and landed at the airport built Benghazi and were arrested by security forces at the airport and told the source that passengers young people were in a state sugar .. This is the second attempt in less than 48 hours to try another Libyan to open the doors of a Tunisian plane was traveling from the airport Tunisia to Tripoli airport, returned and landed in Tunisia and the Tunisian police arrested him ..

(Libyan Libyan)



Logic =. Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ

———- Coordinator of relations between the Supreme Security Committee, Libya and Qatar [Turkish Aldoasri] professes now Doha news channel follows:

((will immediately turn to Libya for security matters there after the events currently taking place in Egypt have asked the Minister Almakhalah Libyan Mohammad Sheikh

and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Security Branch Tripoli brother Hashim human beings and all the heads of security committees upper regions of Libya

processing files for the security situation to Vem and Alachtnqat security caused by the “military coup in Egypt” and asked them to prepare a security plan emergency

to deal with any cases as those taking place in Egypt now, where We consider here we are the security of Libya’s regional security for Qatar and will not allow any security breaches get in Libya.

Thzv to abort the revolution of the “seventeenth of February” has been promising a hot line between us and the security leaders of Libya to follow up the situation to Vem,

say from here to the Libyan people that sit-ins, peaceful civilization is a legitimate right for you, provided Do not expose national security Libyan risk and explained to the Minister of Almakhalah several points : 

it requires followers to thwart any plot to destabilize security in Libya and our embassy in Libya following the situation closely and to reassure the rebels that the security situation is under control and will not reach Libya to ماوصلت him Egypt, God willing)).

وجــــــــــــــــك =. Your faaace. ಠ_ಠ

———- منسق العلاقات بين اللجنة العليا للامن بليبيا وقطر [تركي الدويسري] يصرح الان بقناة الدوحة الاخبارية بالاتي

(( سوف أنتقل لليبيا فوراً للاطلاع عن الأمور الأمنية هناك بعد الأحداث التي تشهدها مصر حالياً وقد طلبت من وزير الذاخلية الليبي محمد الشيخ ورئيس اللجنة العليا للامن فرع طرابلس الاخ هاشم بشر وكل رؤساء اللجان الامنية العليا في مناطق ليبيا تجهيز ملفات عن الحالة الأمنية لذيهم والاختنقات الأمنية التي سببها الأنقلاب العسكري في مصر وطلبت منهم إعداد خطة أمنية طارئة لمواجهة أي حالات ك تلك التي تشهدها مصر حالياً حيث نعتبر نحن هنا أمن ليبيا أمن أقليمي لقطر ولن نسمح لأية خروقات أمنية تحصل في ليبيا تهذف لاجهاض ثورة السابع عشر من فبراير وقد اعد خط ساخن بيننا وبين القيادات الامنية الليبية لمتابعة الوضع لذيهم ، واقول من هنا للشعب الليبي إن الاعتصامات السلمية الحضارية هي حق مشروع لكم شريطة لا تعرض الامن القومي الليبي للخطر ووضحت لوزير الذاخلية عدة نقاط عليه يتطلب اتباعها لافشال اي مخطط لزعزعة الامن في ليبيا وسفارتنا بليبيا تتابع الوضع عن كثب واطمئن الثوار ان الوضع الامني تحت السيطرة ولن تصل ليبيا الي ماوصلت له مصر بأذن الله ))

(Valley girl)




Told Arab Emirates, Turkey formally cancel their investments with $ 12 billion.



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