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Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter.Valley Agency Dinar News

The introduction of new vaccines to Libya
Country ambiance – Ahmed Azaaeljk the

The director of Information Department of the Ministry of Health Ammar Mohammed today to the country ambiance

The Ministry of Health will enter the beginning of the middle of next month of October, new vaccinations for children.

Mohammed added that this Omassala includes vaccinations against bacterial pneumonia and Ajeelah (rotavirus)

and human serum tumor Hamidi (HPV) for girls in the age of fifteen
(presuming that the child will be raped or is sexuall impure!!)

, which reduces the incidence of cancers of the uterus, pointing out that vaccinations will be preceded by advertising campaigns and awareness.

Referred to as the benefit of these vaccines was born the first of August of this year, waiting to start work in mid-October.

For parents:

There are some (‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD-led) mosques spread thought mislead me a penance
Altcfhirien consider that the state government and the army of infidels and thus analyze the killing of members of the army and police

and NOT BELIEVE, but the legitimacy of courts according to their way
We hope parents not to enroll their children in such mosques, but the question of portfolio and prefers to be older and are known for their tender.
(Muhammad Ali)

لاولياء الامور
هناك بعض المساجد انتشر فيها فكر تضليل ي وهو التكفير
التكفيريين يعتبرون ان الدولة حكومة وجيش كافرة وبذلك يحللون قتل افراد الجيش والشرطة ولايؤمنون الا بمحاكم شرعية وفقا لطريقتهم
نأمل من اولياء الامور عدم تسجيل اطفالهم بمثل هذه المساجد بل السؤال عن المحفظ ويفضل ان يكون من كبار السن والمشهود لهم بالعطاء
محمد علي

General National Congress looking mandated head a new government to replace the current president Ali Zaidane …

Speak on Amazigh rights respectfully
And speak tenderly all rights arrogance

Woe to you, O servants of oil.
(Issa Oraibi)

يتكلمون على حقوق الامزايغ بكل احترام
ويتكلمون على حقوق برقة بكل غطرسةتبا لكم يا عبيد النفط.
عيسى العريبي

Question:  National Congress and the Zaidane government controls what?

Benghazi assassinations and bombings…
Tuber-is officially al-Qaeda .
Tawergha are displaced.
Bani Walid outside the scope of coverage…
Mount Nefoussa followed Supreme Amazigh Council.
Misratah independent state under Bernard Levy.
Corner follows MB orders to exterminate Rishvana.
Crescent’s oil is with  the Federalists.
Tripoli divided between Zintan  and MB shields of Misratah.
Fezzan is still follow the Great Jamahiriya.

Is of you sitting????

(Issa Oraibi)


Issa Oraibi explains:

For salaries even exist Months 12-2013 in the Bank
Central Libya within the the enjoyable 66 billion budget on Zaidane …

But if the budget has been stealing such as nutria budget, the 86 billion
Or theft of the 7 billion Elly said by the former Chief of Staff
Salem or Alguenidy 2 billion Elly reached Brotherhood
In Egypt, or 900 million Elly was give it room to Libya rebels:

Means that the oil stoppage story salary depends centralized. This is a lie.
Interruption of oil stop theft Elly without counters …………

(Valley girl)

Essam Jehani explains to us:

Attempt to extrapolate the time of the next near to separate molecules of events and, as happened in the past, especially the uprising of “August 17 (OF CYRENAICA)”
and the statement of the head noses historical against messing homeland and steal the wealth under the pretext of legitimacy counterfeit, after threatening and intimidating change discourse to the failed attempts of the calm and the other of bribery and Other to buy some

if the few to come out against all motionless for injustice, every day progressing the tribes Barquaouih to bless the mobility and even its sons paid for it.
The next step and no room has only to the negotiating table for the higher interests of the nation after the failure of the other party his plans childish frivolous and that they might not know that until now did not come out Barquaouion all Krutem Winning

and to achieve the objectives of the (CYRENAICA) uprising there is no room for the other party, but to bow or escalation of entry in the case of confusion chaotic and that will lead to enter the territory of Fezzan

and a large part of the territory of Tripoli mobility against a group chaos (band Thirty Thieves) and are indicators were extrapolated and confirmation, an ear and may Nserb one of these cards is to achieve a comprehensive budget nutria

and where I went and private 2 billion grant to Egypt!!



*Dead and four wounded in an armed clash in the Hospital Abu Salim accidents, killed one person and four

others wounded as a result of the exchange of fire in Abu Salim  Hospital in Tripoli today, causing panic

patients and doctors in the hospital.

*Militias affiliated to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood attacked the headquarters newspaper  of the new Libya in

Tripoli, The headquarters of the newspaper for new Libya daily in Tripoli, unknown persons  broke into the

headquarters they stole and destroyed some of its contents, after the publication of an article hostile to

the Muslim Brotherhood, and fingered the militia heading to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya.

Location that was grabbing him and divided and the cause of the dispute, which led to Achtpkak
N 32 ° 49’16 .22 ”
E 13 ° 11’19 .24 ”
Accident Hospital Salim

Person was killed and four others wounded as a result of the exchange of fire in Abu Salim accidents Hospital in Tripoli today

On the evening of Friday, killing Bader Mohammad Sadiq Alkkla continued to confidential 11 and wounding two others favor and sincere They also belonging to the same secrecy as a result of the exchange of fire and cause personal dispute between members of the secret of the Office of Abu Salim security committee, headed by the criminal “named Abdul Ghani Alkkla” Gneoh and confidential 11 on a piece of land in the project, “the former intelligence camp” where the camp was divided into several pieces and the dispute led to fighting among themselves

(Valley girl)

The confidential support and backing 42 for the arrest of a gang in the area of ​​Ain ​​Zara and specifically mosque Alkahily

and this gang is famous in thAin Zara Ba burglary and also Aatervo the Bsergt cattle.


Quoting Media Center page for the youth of the capital

Urgent …

Connected to the radio mane in the religious program not find Libyans and screaming tells the incident occurred shortly before

the couple have Kia Suda dark Tariqh 5 Libya Khtafo girl from the road and Atjho towards the road leading to the University

before the eyes of the people and the girl scream nor from transponder where you Aalippin you died in us Xinhua and virility

considered sisters, daughters, wives became kidnapping in broad daylight before the eyes of the people
O minimum Asturna and so on and refer the girl to her family safe.
نقلا عن صفحة المركز الاعلامي لشباب العاصمة


متصل على راديو لبدة في برنامج ديني يست نجد الليبين ويصرخ يروي حادثه حدثت قبل قليل شابان عندهم سيارة كيا سودا

مظلمه طارقه 5 ليبيا خطفو بنت من على الطريق واتجهو نحو الطريق المتجه للجامعة امام اعين الناس والبنت تصرخ ولا من

مستجيب اين انتم ياليبين هل ماتت فينا النخوة والرجوله اعتبروها اخواتكم بناتكم زوجاتكم اصبح الخطف جهارا نهارا امام اعين الناس
اللهم استرنا دنيا واخره وارجع البنت لاهلها سالمه



Denied, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry for the appointment and research Jaddallah the Shalawi current health news

about the discovery of uranium reserves in the mountain west, pointing out that the last discovery of the material was in the

era of the eighties in the Tibesti region near Kufra (SW LIBYA).


URGENT: discovery of uranium & plutonium ore reserves announced Muehlegg French

They discovered the radioactive uranium reserves 237 in giant blocks and so far is the purest and larger in the Black Valley in eastern western mountain chain and Tghader purity Bnza Ore plutonium.

The cost extracted because of its purity and its proximity to the surface is the cheapest yet the company and demanded permission to allow it to begin extraction operations and projects described the strategy and stressed that this element and raw this topic specifications will cost less progress 16 million Ioroa, per gram.

The head of the research team that Lada extraction operations began, they will sign contracts for the sale and extract for 100 years to come…

A source in the so-called Ministry of Mineral Resources Libya Tstaa the sale of Kilwa 8 to 24 grams of raw this topic a day and will be entered Libya billion per day of uranium only.

Western countries flock to Libya to win the natural wealth …..

French company announced Muehlegg the presence of large amounts of uranium reserves in the

Black Valley Basin in eastern sector of the Green western Nafusa mountain chain:

Reserves have been discovered radioactive uranium 237 in giant blocks and so far is the purest and larger in the Black Valley in the east of the western

mountain chain and has great purity compared Bnza the Ir plutonium.
And cost extracted are cheaper because of its purity and its proximity to the surface, so far the company and demanded permission to allow it to begin extraction operations
Projects and described the strategy and stressed that this element and raw this topic specifications would cost at least 16 million Ioroa per gram.
The head of the research team that Lada extraction operations began, they will sign contracts for the sale and extract for 100 years to come
A source in the Ministry of Mineral Altroh that Libya could sell from 8 to 24 Kilwa gram of raw this topic a day and will be entered Libya billion per day of uranium only

And a number of companies are flocking subsidiaries of foreign governments against the backdrop of the discovery of uranium and Canadian delegation arrived in Tripoli yesterday evening and another

delegation arrives the day today
And heading to the Black Valley

Canadian embassy Mmtl confirmed that a delegation of 50 people from the note and uranium industry specialists came yesterday evening from Canada to begin today to

determine the cause of the discovery of huge reserves of uranium ready percent-63-74% of normal industry
The head of the administration exploration in French Mlio_ that this type of uranium that there is in this way Hua is very rare in the world and recorded only 4 cases and

no small proportions of up to 3 kg.
And this amount is attributed to the Black Valley region due to the volcanic chain dormant interview layer Almajma the gels in the ground and it seems that in the erosion

huge amount of material locked and remained squeezed through a period of time in millions of years to become in the end LEAD in the way
Region specified Plutonium remains the massive amounts of material first essential for the production of clean energy in the world.
The delegation of the company sufficient that this topic quantities of energy production hemisphere millions of years without interruption or even a lack of capacity.
Essam Alaib, contact the Canadian Embassy officer in the commercial attache

On the other hand, some military said the Black Valley area is very dangerous and the level of depth up to 2,300 meters in some areas, it’s also an area known summer heat

and winter and can not be approached them and there are area has been used in some plant operations Association.
Ali Coordinator Clmana Office Industrial Research

Khaled Hungary Lacey of Mineral Resources:
Bureau of Mineral Resources Statistics
This area is registered in the archive and records of the State as a very dangerous and forbidden to approach them only points of approvals and military company of military engineers and specialists Julujia
And had not an easy thing which Taatbaal to the municipality of western mountain is located specifically in the north-west of Gharyan adjacent to and east of the mountain range Navosh and an area estimated at 313 square kilometers and depths of up to 3,000 kilometers of the active substance, and the surface area.

 Come igneous rocks and types of coal and guidance of the region permanent release of heat Winter and summer do not live in any living organism not approaching the perimeter of thing reptiles or birds

(Valley girl)

General Electric Company ..

According to General Electric Company that the fire, which occurred adapter number “1” station “Alawyneh” 66 kV. F. at 1:00 am

on Saturday morning 2013.08.24 caused by a group of unidentified armed throw the number “2” grenades on the adapter to

destroy the tower caused the installer to exit the 11 kV cables. F. of the converter as well as corruption in coolers where the

converter output of the converter oil fire broke out in the body of the adapter fully and cause of this fire in the elimination

of the converter full capacity of 20 MVA ..

A power plant Balawyneh explosion in the western Mountain Jabal, Explosion caused by an act of sabotage

destroying terminal Alawyneh Western mountain in the first hours at dawn today. Cutting the power supply

to large areas of Jabal, especially Riyaana Bank, the Aghannaama, the Castle and parts of the Yefren.

Press sources reported that the station being attacked with explosives blew today and strenuous efforts

performed by engineers General Company Electricity to restore electricity via alternative routes until the

station is fixed which suffered significant damage from the attack of vandalism ..

Electricity is still cut off from large areas of Jabal Mountain since the dawn of the day.


Very Haaaaaaam
On youth and Rishvana truck drivers and transport vehicles coming from Tunisia caution in not to enter the city of angle because

they Sikdon them as prisoners of war so they have to walk other ways to reach Rishvana or send us an e-page to be coordination

between them and the Liberals from the rest of the other regions
(Addicted bin Faraj)

Shut down the coastal road between Tripoli and the Western Region, Eyewitnesses said that MB Libya Shield militia

warn people of traffic from the coastal road at this time, which is the road between Bridge 27 and Bridge 17,

where there are clashes and branded Banifah between Zawia and Rishvana the result to state MB control

over the two regions.

and  the MB government of ZAIDANE & BUSHMAN blames RISHVANA!!!:

Children victims of the fighting taking place between the Zawiya and Rishvana, One of the victims of the ongoing clashes between Zawiya and Rishvana the child Majd Abdullah Souissi, injured in the battle Abossrh.

*Three dead and eight wounded during clashes between Zawiya and the Rishvana, Tribal sources said that sporadic clashes since yesterday between the tribes Zawiya  and Rishvana the south-west of the Libyan capital Tripoli, killing 3 militants and wounding 8 others, four of them in serious condition.

The sources said that the clashes took place when a group a subsidiary of Rishvana armed guards attacked Hospital of the globe and they belong to the Zawiya, and they opened fire on them and captured a group.

Usually occur tribal fighting between tribes Nook city west of Tripoli, and the tribe Rishvana southwest of Tripoli, after fighting ends of national reconciliation efforts.

The source said the Diwan of the presidency of the so-called General National Congress (interim parliament), the National Congress leader Nuri Bushmin ended, yesterday evening, a meeting included Oaaana from the tribes in the presence of some ministers and MPs army commanders Libyan militias to resolve the crisis.

The meeting ended commissioned military forces broke up the dispute and arrested 31 people wanted by the public prosecutor, accused of acts of theft of army camps and cut through the present area of ​​the year tribe Rishvana, according to the same source.

Unidentified gunmen stormed recently, tracking camps Libyan Army militia were stealing the contents of arms and ammunition and mechanisms.

And between the same source, who preferred anonymity, said that the reconciliation efforts underway to resolve the dispute based on the basis of extradition with the judiciary and all those who are found against him condemnation from the two tribes.

*Zawiya militias  killing citizens along the coastal road, Has one of the gates today in Zawiya the militias opened fire on a speeding car and did not stop it because they believe that the autonomic car were from the parties to the conflict with Rishvana …  But later they found that the car was on its way to Tunisia and the condition was urgent with a patient  from Tarhuna about 60 years old and named Faraj Mohamed Mahfouz. Unfortunately, this shooting led to the death of the patient Mohammed , injuring the driver and the others who were accompanying him were seriously injured, citing the impact to Zahra Hospital.



Quoting newspaper of the country ….

“Unknown” organization championing ‘al-Qathafi’ “threatens” military operations to restore Great Jamahiriya legitimacy to Libya..

Called for a secret organization in New Libya calculated on the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of Colonel Muammar Qathafi, his supporters to assemble and prepare

a prelude of what he described as “zero hour” for military action was imminent against the Libyan authorities, while the (RAT) Conference adopted the

general national “parliament,” the boss Nouri Abu arrows series of resolutions sudden concerning security arrangements and the development of the

military institution. The Libyan sources said that the bloody clashes in which heavy weapons were used and medium suddenly erupted west of the

capital Tripoli between gunmen belonging to the city and the corner and neighboring Rishvana, led to the fall of the dead and dozens wounded.

Triki said Mustafa, a member of the (RAT) National Conference, said that the clashes erupted when a group a subsidiary of Rishvana armed guards “attacked”


the “Hospital of the Globe”. they (THE RAT MILITIAS) belong to the Corner, and they opened fire on them and captured a group of them.

Did not interfere with the Libyan army forces immediately to stop these clashes, note that the road between Tripoli and Zawiya recently

witnessed a state of lawlessness and gunmen attacking army camps, in addition to the theft of cars and an assault on the citizens.

The head of the organization calling itself the “Free Officers Movement”, which carries the rank of Colonel, according to the newspaper report,

“the Arab world” Libyan electronic, “The zero hour was close,” calling on his supporters to commit to the tasks assigned to them without excess

or negligence, secure sites Strategic and maintain them, “threatened” addressed to the will of the people from the remnants of NATO that will

crush unabated, adding “We are not a party or tribe, and tell the bidders and skeptics that our numbers exceeded tens of thousands, but

our work is greater than to be in accordance with a secret or conspiratorial, and we are not depending on one” .

And select the objectives of the organization, saying, “We want to re-home to his family .. We emphasize that we are not students of the

authority, and we are after the liberation of the country will take over the Council of elders combines all Libyans without exception or

exclusion or isolation for one, and we will return to our camps professional soldiers, guardians of this nation proud and servants of the nation . ”

On the other hand, the (RAT-puppet MB) ) National Congress of the year, the “highest authority” (REALLY???) in Libya, announced in an

apparent attempt to prevent an aggravation of the deterioration of security and the military, for a series of resolutions sudden, most

notably the authorization boss Abu arrows which is the supreme commander of the army to take urgent measures are necessary to

restore security throughout the country, as mandated an end to conflicts and disputes that may occur between regions and nip sedition.
The returned Abu arrows (MB militias) to issue a decision and mandate of Defense Minister Abdullah bending the functions of commander

in chief of the armed forces on a temporary basis, in conjunction with the issuance of a separate communiqué requesting that all uniformed

military need for the immediate enrollment of their units military.

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Attorney-wanted list issued 157 to and Rishvana???
But forget the “Medal of bin Humaid” forget “Faraj Sueha” forget “hater” forget “humans”??? Forget “Ben Qmo”??? Forget “Zahawi”??? Forget the “hardness”?? All professional criminals???

Forces on the national army, but did not enter any region of the and Rishvana is now in the way of the link between Aldrnawi Alariue.
Things thankfully thousand good and God bless the martyrs of dignity and thank God for the safety of our young people and this and Rishvana splendor will bow only to God alone.

(Girl and Rishvana)

Corner saved covenants and conventions, and now there are clashes between criminals and Corner mujahideen Rishvana.

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

This innocent child

One of the victims of indiscriminate shelling by the militias of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the direction of the city Corner of the globe child Majd Abdullah Souissi, battle Abossrh the:

Damage to civilian houses in and Rishvana because of criminal gangs bombing Corner.


تضرر منازل المواطنين المدنيين في ورشفانة بسبب قصف::

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Shura Council and Rishvana meeting was held last night at 2:30 Bbahaana ears dawn prayers on 25/08/2013

in mil between Shura Council and Rishvana

and meeting national unity in the Western Region and many of the sheikhs of Zintan and Chiaan and Gado and Alrajaban and Radacalin

and the children ABU SAIF and Ifrane have teamed to this meeting sheikhs and notables from the city of Misrata, as well as

vice president of the local council Misratah and head of the military council Misrata has confirmed everyone on the legitimacy of the state

and that the safety of the nation of interest to all Libyans and that these endeavors come from in order to inject the blood of Libyans

and say the right word between parents and Rishvana the Corner and a cease-fire between the two sides has mediators

announced a reconciliation committee that folks corner agree with what has been agreed upon between the people of and

Rishvana and Reconciliation Commission also welcomed all the sheikhs and notables and all those present what has been agreed

upon at the meeting of Madinat al-Zahra which is represented in the following: –
1 – agree to a cease-fire between the two parties and refer to the administrative border that is done under the supervision

of the reconciliation committee.

2 – the release of detainees from both sides.

3 – the formation of a committee of the parties under the auspices of the reconciliation committee to resolve all outstanding dilemmas.

4 – the concentration of neutral forces for a limited period in certain places in the seam lines.

5 – Investigation into the deaths of the two parties and presenting them to the coroner and determine the cause of death.

Media Office Shura Council and Rishvana of 25/8 /2013

قبيلة ورشفانة الليبية Wershfana Tribe Libya

مجلس الشورى ورشفانة عقد اجتماع ليلة البارحة الساعة 2:30 صباحاحتي اذان صلاة الفجر من يوم 25 / 8 / 2013 بمدينة الماية بين مجلس الشورى ورشفانة وملتقي الوحدة الوطنية بالمنطقة الغربية والعديد من المشائخ من الزنتان والصيعان وجادو والرجبان ورقدالين واولاد ابوسيف ويفرن وقد انظم الى هذا الاجتماع مشائخ واعيان من مدينة مصراته وكذلك نائب رئيس المجلس المحلي مصراته ورئيس المجلس العسكري مصراته وقد اكد الجميع على شرعية الدولة وعلى ان سلامة الوطن تهم كل الليبيين وان هذه المساعي تاتي من اجل حقن دماء الليبيين وقول كلمة حق بين اهل ورشفانة والزاوية ووقف اطلاق النار بين الطرفين وقد اعلن الوسطاء من لجنة المصالحة ان اهل الزاوية موافقين على ماتم الاتفاق عليه بين اهل ورشفانة ولجنة المصالحة كما رحب جميع المشائخ والاعيان وجميع الحاضرين بما تم الاتفاق عليه في اجتماع مدينة الزهراء والذي تمثل في الاتي :-
1- الموافقة على وقف اطلاق النار بين الطرفين والرجوع للحدود الادارية على ان يتم ذلك تحت رقابة لجنة المصالحة .

2- اطلاق سراح المحتجزين من الطرفين .

3- تشكيل لجنة من الطرفين برعاية لجنة المصالحة لحل كافة الاشكاليات العالقة .

4- تمركز قوات محايدة لفترة محدودة وفي اماكن معينة في خطوط التماس .

5- التحقيق في الوفيات من الطرفين وعرضهم على الطبيب الشرعي وتحديد اسباب الوفاة .

المكتب الاعلامي مجلس الشورى ورشفانة 25 / 8 /



Ancient Libyan necropolis threatened by real estate speculators

Photo of Cyrene by MM.

Archaeological sites in Korana City (Shahat) between destruction and measure the

D. Ahmed Hussein الحاسى, Professor, Department of Archaeology Faculty of Arts at the University of Omar al-Mukhtar


Danger and threats:
In a nutshell This site was located within the boundaries of a farm, which dissolved according to an agreement customary

among landowners where Having regained the people’s lands they enter the heavy equipment, bulldozers and the hard roads

and the development of a plan to cut residential land and sold to citizens and traders. If only it stopped at this point but

that it walked to obliterate all monuments to help him recipe archaeological site and the demolition and uprooting

cemeteries and foundations of buildings and dragged and cracking Madamik the final stone
Steps viable solution that does not hurt any of the parties, the landowners on the one hand and the archaeological site

and the city of Cyrene and the World Heritage in second hand.

First: – call the owners and drivers of heavy equipment working on the site and stop them from work and legal warnings to them by the competent authorities


Second: – dialogue with landowners to stop the demolition work, dredging and sale, to make available for those interested

in the interests of the region to seek compensation from the State for the benefit of landowners and agree on a specific time

limit for compensation


Third: – the formation of a committee to claim this compensation, which would not cost the state something of value compared

to the money spent in other things

Fourth: – the need for the control effects of Shahat survey work, documentation and rescue excavations at this site to protect

the security services


Fifth: – call that the tribal elders in turn guideline and deterrent to the idea of attacks on archaeological sites and state property,

which became the assault racing to honor the sons of Shahat area

In fact, we are talking about the site represents ¼ of the ruins of the city Korana Without exaggeration, this is obvious for those

who know the ruins of this site good knowledge. We are here does not نصادر the right of landowners to sell their property, but

we call on them to sell these lands for the state to conduct its protection and preservation for future generations, this is God

draw help and ask acceptance.

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.


Local residents recently destroyed part of the Cyrene necropolis, an ancient Greek city in north-eastern Libya, to make way for houses and shops. Our Observer, an archaeology professor, laments the authorities’ unwillingness to act to prevent the destruction of this invaluable archaeological heritage.

Cyrene dates back to about 700 B.C. and was the oldest and largest Greek colony in eastern Libya, a region now known as Cyrenaica. Of the city’s former glory remains an enormous necropolis — nearly 10 square kilometres in size — used between 600 and 400 B.C. The necropolis includes 1,200 burial vaults dug into the bedrock and thousands of individual sarcophagi that lie on the ground.

Even though the city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, local farmers have laid claim to certain parts of the necropolis and recently destroyed a section with the help of excavators in order to make way for new houses.

An excavator at work in late July.

“Ancient artifacts were thrown away like mere rubbish”

Ahmed Hussein is an archaeology professor Bayda University, in eastern Libya.

This ancient necropolis is one of the most important in the world. Its burial vaults and sarcophagi were built-in about 600 B.C. These tombs are spread out on each side of a road that leads to the centre of the ancient city of Cyrene. The site was damaged along about two kilometers. About 200 vaults and tombs were destroyed, as well as a section of a viaduct that dates back to approximately 200 A.D. Ancient artifacts were thrown into a nearby river as if they were mere rubbish.

Our Observer inspecting tombs destroyed in July 2013.

In Libya, customs and practices tend to carry more weight than the written law. This land traditionally belongs to families who live in nearby farms. They have no official documents that prove that they own the land, yet their claims are not contested. Under Muammar Gaddafi, these families did not dare try to act on these claims. But now, they have transformed the archaeological site into a construction zone.

They plan on selling the land in parcels of 500 square meters to real estate developers and private individuals. The latter will be able to build homes and shops. Since these tracts of land are sold without any official documents, they go for very cheap prices, such as 15,000 dinars [about 8,900 euros] per tract. However, it is well-known that 500 square meter tracts in this area are valued at about 100,000 dinars [about 59,000 euros], at least when they are sold legally.

Part of the demolished viaduct.

“I even left a message on the Culture Minister’s mobile phone,but I haven’t heard anything back yet”

I have been trying everything to stop this disaster. I appealed, in vain, to the archaeological authorities as well as the local authorities. I contacted one of the brigades in charge of the city’s security, who informed me that they could intervene only if the authorities made an official request, but they haven’t made the slightest move to get involved… I even called the Culture Minister on his mobile phone. I left a message but I haven’t heard anything yet.

Farmers marked off 500 square meter tracts in order to sell them.

I recently talked with several of the landowners who told me they would stop their project if the state were willing to grant them other land plots in exchange, or compensate them financially. The bad security situation in Libya does not justify this inertia on the part of the authorities. It really isn’t so hard to send a couple of officers to block the construction equipment from the necropolis.

The circular cemeteries, built-in approximately 600 B.C., are some of the oldest of the necropolis. 

Now, part of this ancient necropolis is forever lost. And the situation is likely to get worse if the government continues to do nothing, because it will encourage other families to destroy cemeteries located on their land.


Referendum on federalism must be approved by the Council of Cyrenaica politicians
Because of the attack, the media and government and maiming of the meaning of federal.
How we might referendum The state media has broadcast poems and songs hostile to the demand of residents of the province of Cyrenaica?
And how to agree on the referendum has launched Composition the Sharjah and corrupt central Muftiha Ghiryani religiously offensive by the interests of his party and the federal campus?
How to accept the referendum has sent the former interior minister urgent letter to the Minister of Higher Education urging him to demand from faculty members explaining

that the federal risk students?
How Nsfy and media and corrupt ministers may Zrau the terrorism of al-Qaeda to Altcfhirien Damo us and the armed militias to terrorize the population?
How Nsfy has owned telecommunications companies have to Libyans, including federal agents who are the inherent part of Libya to send messages urging people to come out against federal ?
And how Nsfy the minister failed and even members of Congress in their meetings say the federal division?

My opinion, make it clear that the only referendum on the right to self-determination.

الاستفتاء على الفيدرالية يجب ان يكون بموافقة سياسيي مجلس برقة
وذلك بسبب الهجوم الاعلامي والحكومي وتشويههم لمعنى الفيدرالية
كيف نجرى استفتاء وقد قام الاعلام الحكومي ببث القصائد والاغاني المعادية لمطلب سكان اقليم برقة
وكيف نوافق على الاستفتاء وقد شنت الزمرة المركزية الفاسدة السارقة ومفتيها الغرياني هجوما دينيا حسب مصالح حزبه وحرم الفيدرالية
كيف نقبل باستفتاء وقد بعث وزير الداخلية السابق برسالة عاجلة لوزير التعليم العالي يحثه فيها الطلب من اعضاء هيئة التدريس افهام الطلبة ان الفيدرالية خطر
كيف نستفتى والاعلام والوزراء الفاسدون قد زرعو الارهاب من القاعدة الى التكفيريين بيننا ودعمو مليشياتها المسلحة لارهاب السكان
كيف نستفتى وقد قامت شركات الاتصالات المملوكة لليبيين بما فيهم الفيدراليين الذين هم الجزء الاصيل من ليبيا بارسال رسائل تحث المواطنين على الخروج ضد الفيدرالية
وكيف نستفتى والوزير الفاشل بل وحتى اعضاء المؤتمر في جلساتهم يقولون ان الفيدرالية تقسيم
رأيي ان لايكون الاستفتاء الا على حق تقرير المصير

We all Ibrahim Aljdharan to extract human Cyrenaica (FB PAGE):

Start-up design to slogans departments and ministries of the Cyrenaica Transitional Council has been launching a political activist

on the Aspli Rh ugly to Council of Fatwa gently and opened the way for the design of other slogans of the Council of Fatwa Burka

and all ministries that follow state
Wait Tsamematkm the send it to us and we will publish her ​​directly with setting to Msaigh the best slogan for each facility.
كلنا إبراهيم الجضران لإنتزاع حقوق بـرقـة

بدء النشاط التصميمي لشعارات الادارات والوزارات التابعة لمجلس برقة الانتقالي وقد بدءها الناشط السياسي على

ا لعسبلي بشعا ره لمجلس افتاء برقة وفتح المجال لتصميم شعارات اخرى لمجلس افتاء برقة ولكافة الوزرات التى تتبع الولاية
ننتظر تصميماتكم ارسلوها لنا وسننشر ها مباشرة مع الاعداد لمسايقة افضل شعار لكل مرفق

I have friends and hour .. Please publishing on a broader scale.

Does not mean federal and provincial tribal ..
Not to the exclusion of, yes to justice rights tenderly Come all the inhabitants of the territory of Cyrenaica all components of social .. If you entered the Regional tribe may know that you are not on the right track .. We are with the right and we are on the path and pace grandparents are moving toward form Trma state control to the laws of God .. Without militancy or atonement ..

God Save the Cyrenaica, LIBYA

أصدقآئي لدي تنوية .. والرجآء النشر على أوسع نطآق .

الفدرآلية لآتعني القبلية والجهوية ..
لآ للأقصــآء نعم للعدآلة حقوق برقـة هيآ لكل سكآن أقليم برقــة بجميــع مكونآته الأجتمآعية .. أذآ دخلت الجهوية للقبيلة فأعلم أنك لست في المسآر الصحيح .. نحن مع الحق ونحن علي مسآر وخطى الأجدآد مآضون نحو تكوين دولة متحرمة تحكم بشرع الله .. من دون التشدد أو التكفير ..

حفظ الله برقة وليبيـآ



RAT Prime Minister Ali Zaidane calls for a national dialogue session with the support of the United NATIONS

Ali Zaidane asked the United Nations to formally intervene to resolve his dispute problems with (declared independent) CYRENAICA,

and with the RISHVANA too. The claim is SUPPOSEDLY to open political dialogue under the auspices of the United Nations.!
And the United Nations agrees to INTERVENE .. And is preparing to send a “mission” (meaning soldiers of NATO) !!!


Essam Jehani:
Intervention registered over the phone channel Libya TV program wig Khot today evening, said the intervention are important, especially with regard to the Prosecutor, which issued a warrant of arrest against my brother Ibrahim Aljzeran and turned to comment about why did not the plaintiff issued a decision against an offense right sons Alkwyfah. .. Interrupted line .. He then returned!! To complete the dialogue!
عصام الجهاني:
مداخلة مسجلة عبر الهاتف بقناة ليبيا تي في ببرنامج لمة خوت اليوم مساء , ذكرت بالمداخلة أمور هامة و خاصة فيما يتعلق بالمدعي العام و الذي اصدر قرار القبض بحق أخي ابراهيم الجظران و تحولت بالتعليق حول لماذا لم يقم المدعي بأصدار قرار ضد من أجرم بحق ابناء الكويفية … انقطع الخط .. ثم عاد !! لنكمل الحوار ..!

Ali Ziadane:

UN-sponsored dialogue ..!!! ….. Actually Libya oil ….. Thank Jdharan ….

The idea of ​​dialogue in principle …. is a good idea and that was delayed, but you need to appropriate conditions, agenda and conditions:
– First

official apology from the government for malicious accusations and pay the salaries of the Almchaouat Guard and appointment

of the head of the device would be acceptable when gently ……

the investigation revealed that the government have accused assassinations .. no dialogue with killers

limited dialogue on the political forces and the political blocs actors (Brotherhood and their party – a strong national alliance — —- federal heads of blocs, the National Conference — heads of successive governments and the National Conference and the National Council – Supporters of Sharia) ….
– Fourth,

to be the agenda of the dialogue higher than the roof of constitutional proclamation and the current roadmap ….

to announce the agenda in advance and that its recommendations are binding decision of the National Congress!
– Sixthly,

the headquarters of dialogue in Ras Lanuf mid Libya or white or abroad …
– Seventhly,

to have dialogue and follow-up applied under the auspices of the United Nations ….

Without these conditions will not be …….. but the futility of dialogue and gain time …
زياد دغيم

حوار برعاية الامم المتحدة ..!!!…..فعلا ليبيا نفط …..شكرا جضران ….

فكرة الحوار من حيث المبدأ ….فكرة جيدة وان تأخرت ولكن تحتاج لظروف مناسبة وجدول اعمال وشروط :
– اولا اعتذار رسمي من الحكومة عن الاتهامات الكيدية ودفع مرتبات حرس المشاءات و تعيين رئيس للجهاز يكون مقبولا عند برقة ……
– ثانيا كشف التحقيقات التي لدي الحكومة عن المتهمين بالاغتيالات …..فلا حوار مع القتلة
– ثالثا يقتصر الحوار علي القوي السياسية والكتل السياسية الفاعلة ( جماعة الاخوان وحزبهم –تحالف القوي الوطنية —الفدراليين —-رؤساء الكتل بالمؤتمر الوطني —رؤساء الحكومات المتعاقبة والمؤتمر الوطني والمجلس الوطني –انصار الشريعة ) ….
– رابعا ان يكون جدول اعمال الحوار اعلي من سقف الاعلان الدستوري وخارطة الطريق الحالية ….
– خامسا ان يعلن جدول الاعمال مسبقا وان تكون توصياته ملزمة بقرار من المؤتمر الوطني
– سادسا مقر الحوار بمدينة رأس لانوف منتصف ليبيا او البيضاء او بالخارج …
سابعا ان يكون الحوار ومتابعة تطبيقه برعاية الامم المتحدة ….

بدون هذه الشروط فلن يكون حوارا ……..بل عبث وكسب وقت …

We got an e-page

MB Gunmen from the people of the oil city of Zueitina they bombed the young militants Cyrenaica in control of the port of Zueitina

and force them to retreat within the oil facility .. The news completely surrounded the oil inside the port.

Rahim Aljdharan to extract human Cyrenaica

PRAIRIE CITY / AJDABIYA / BREGA /  Ras Lanuf and Barco Politburo:

Urgent Ajdabiya
The praise of God yesterday ended meetings young customary tribe of Prairie City and its suburbs, followed meeting

tribe Alfoakhar the Sellouk to Ajdabiya and ended by throwing a statement saying that they are the heart and mind with the announcement of

Ras Lanuf and Barco Politburo headed Mr. Ibrahim Jdharan, thankfully

A large convoy of Darsi tribe led by Colonel Solomon Darsi will go over the next two days to Ras Lanuf and stand side by side with the tribes

and the sons of Cyrenaica honest people to protect securing strengthened Libyans.


While throwing Release Youth tribe Arafa who seal their meeting the President of the Political Bureau of the region of Cyrenaica Ibrahim Aljdharan, today in Ajdabiya.

Photography: Khaled Elorofi – in Ajdabiya.

The Supreme Council of the rebels in turf (DERNA)  which includes all fronts rebels (true), which is headed by Rebel Fawzi Zonzon the customary,

issued a statement bless Ad Ras Lanuf and shut down oil and supports the latest Federal mobility Cyrenaica youth movement in general.
On the Aspli

Mr. Ibrahim Aljdharan, came out of the womb of Cyrenaica
The federal announcement was due to the injustice and inequity
Password Mr. Ibrahim Aljdharan was balanced
The most important word was the activation of the judiciary
Mr. Ibrahim Aljdharan he believes his case came segments of the social components of tenderly for his support
The government accused by Mr. Ibrahim Aljdharan head of the


The Supreme Council of the rebels in turf, which includes all fronts rebels (true), which is headed by Rebel Fawzi Zonzon the customary,

issued a statement bless Ad Ras Lanuf and shut down oil and supports the latest Federal mobility Cyrenaica youth movement in general.
On the Aspli

Green Mountain newspaper – Libya
ÚÇÇÇĚá: dirt: Average exchange of fire in Western Shiha.

CYRENAICA NEWS:Osama Hudayr j informs us:Urgent AjdabiyaThe Alfoakhar tribe blessed announcement of Ras Lanuf and make sure its solidarity with the political bureau of the territory of Cyrenaica
اسامه لحضيريعاجل اجدابيا
قبيلة الفواخر تبارك اعلان رأس لانوف وتأكد تضامنها مع المكتب السياسي لأقليم برقه

Poets Cyrenaica
Within receive delegations blessed to Announce Ras Lanuf from the eastern regions and stops poetry poets Cyrenaica

they cabled penalties in favor of Yusuf Omar of Kabsa and Boubacar Bo Hoih the

Welcoming of Ghaith Alkerkaa poet of the tribes that flowed to Ajdabiya on the blessed and allegiance in the Declaration of the territory of Cyrenaica historic 17/8/2013 Brass Lanuf.

Hello present .. .. Osmah panic crier

Ahaddour tons and stationed .. .. Brilliant Oamom sentences Saada

Haloutn famous Balzan .. .. And fire Cabrh the Aalmaada

Two old crown of the head gently .. .. Semiconductor Alosba Awadi

Hadol blood Beah Raoyen .. .. Cohort of all his people and the valley

Miarafoa Ercod Adin .. .. WIRED right is apparent

Mlmkm Omzhi eye .. .. Gila coming Ncada

Mute Hello Azeyen .. .. Chervetoa homes Ibladi

Each Brow and Eye .. .. A large extent km O Eraada,
كلمات ترحيب للشاعر غيث القرقعي للقبائل التي توافدت الي اجدابيا بشأن المباركه والمبايعه في أعلان أقليم برقه التاريخي 17 / 8 / 2013 م براس لانوف .

مـرَّحبا يا الحــــــــاضريـن .. .. أسْمــاح الفَّــزع للمنـــادي

أحضُور وطنا والمـرابطيـن .. .. أمعا أعمُوم جمْل السعادي

هالوطن مشهور بالْـزِيـنْ .. .. ونــار كـــابره عالْمعــــــادي

تاج راس برقـــه قديميـن .. .. أشباه الأسْبــــاع العــوادي

هاضول دمْهم بيه راويين .. .. أتــراب كــل شعبــه ووادي

مايعرفوا أرقـــود عالَّديـن .. .. إيْــرد حقّهــم هــو البـــادي

ملمْكم أمْــزهي العيـن .. .. جلّا حضُـــــــوركم نكــــادي

أبْكــم مرَّحبــا يالـــزييين .. .. شـرفْتُــوا منـــازل أبْـــلادي

علي كـل حـاجبْ وعين .. .. كبيــر قــــدَّر كم يا أرْيــــادي



Unidentified threaten Galaa manager in the case of open hospital

Received Galaa Hospital director Mustafa al-Sanusi, recently, a death threat on his mobile phone.

The director of the Information Office of the evacuation Suad Badri for “solidarity news agency that” Sanusi messages received

anonymous death threat on his mobile phone in case of open Galaa Hospital currently closed.

Badri added that the threatened demanded from the Director of Galaa keep the hospital closed in the case open for any reason

will be killed even if the director of the security forces are opened a new hospital.

Hani Al Oraibi official media Hawari Hospital

Tawari section is locked Hawari Benghazi hospital on Sunday afternoon after a very large brawl inside a room in Tawari surgery

before chaperones patients where the these went Tawari section and beating a group of nurses noted that Hawari hospital

is the only one Who works in Benghazi and the eastern region to treat the injured from traffic accidents
The unfortunate thing is that Galaa Hospital also locked due to get an armed attack inside, which means that the city of Benghazi,

now there is no any section of the ambulance and emergency

Lawlessness hospitals ..
Close Hawari hospital in Benghazi this afternoon after a quarrel and acts of sabotage emergency department at the hospital ..
Galaa Hospital in Benghazi manager receives death threats if he opened the doors of the hospital ..

Scientific activity page for Dr. Abubakar camel and Libyan management issues

What continues to pages like an echo of Libya and other so-called (Black Benghazi) publishes a lie Listed cheap green

and lackluster list for advocates of federalism is interesting to them 3 in edema God!!!! “What utter words, but has a sergeant!”
صفحة النشاط العلمي للدكتور أبوبكر بعيرة و قضايا الإدارة الليبية

ما تزال صفحات مثل صدى ليبيا والأخرى المُسماة (اسود بنغازي ) تنشر أكذوبة المدرج الأخضر الرخيصة و قائمة باهتة عن دعاة الفيدرالية الطريف فيها أن منها 3 في ذمة الله !!!! ” ما يلفظ من قول إلا لديه رقيب عتيد ” !

Benghazi assassinate Nasser Othman mourning affiliated to the judicial police in Alkwyfah in prison. 

Found the body of this young man murdered in one Farms Drianh your
Named Nasser Osman Ibrahim Alhaddada,
Born 83 serves in judicial police.


Green Mountain newspaper – Libya

Haj Faraj Alakora
Urgent Benghazi
A little while ago on the way who between Shebna and Sarta when a Saaiti shop
Two cars Fjah the Aaatar Z n Sia Rh for citizen said he invited whale
Nzloh of a car with him his mother and his wife and Remo where he died and Allens Mmeltma the length of the body.
صحيفة الجبل الاخضر – ليبيا

الحاج فرج العقوري
عاجل بنغازي
قبل قليل في الطريق اللي بين شبنة وا لسرتي عند دكان السعيطي
سيارتين فجعة اعتر ض ن سيا رة لمواطن يقال انه لعيت الحوتي
نزلوه من السيارة وهو معاه امه وزوجته ورمو فيه توفى طول والنس ملتمة على الجثة




ZAIDANE Government began processing Jardan liquidation honorable leaders in the city of Bani Walid

and that there are a total of of Jardan d-free to the city began the process ..

I hope take caution of these traitors customers and lack of confidence in any intruder

I hope that the honorable Liberal attention and publishing ..




Grandson of the client Faraj Asswehly confirms news agency Libya .. Net good way to Misratah

Jewish Faraj confirmed Asswehly is Saraya Asswehly the Libyan capital Tripoli that Tayeb Net has been captured in Malta

and will be handed over to the military prison Misratah under the supervision of

Colonel Hassan Mnath who assured Jew Asswehly the fittings in the prison have ended to receive good Net.

Tayeb net

WHAT CAN WE SAY? The MB and the ZIONISTA and the elitist West are one big monstrous garbage heap that must be incinerated before their stench fumigates

the entire globe!! (God and Muammar, please help LIBYA now!)



A letter to: Mr. Zubair Ahmed al-Sanusi
And Mr.: Ibrahim Jdharan-

Of the population and the people of the city of Derna ……. Hello

After that, the state forgetting dirt and its cause and loose security and leave it going in the footsteps of Kandahar and Kabul, not his condition complained it no army sheltering him not spend comes your rights and all of the talk about that would be his fate murder, gentlemen have been and are ordered and would gently and dirt part of this spot Tahra ,

we  Complementary grants this trust and put them in Aakankm and Snhkukm God Almighty unless two fled us security and safety in our city,

we invite you to military intervention to impose security force and cleanse the dirt of Afghans and Pakistanis and others who are filling the valleys and caves at the request intervention forces a joint Arab her experience in the fight against terrorism from Egypt and Saudi Arabia Algeria and the United Arab Emirates with the participation Thunderbolt

and Tactful Yeh of the forces regular army Btabriq the turf and white, put this in your hands and offering you consider a distress call from the people of dirt.

Reservations page for the sender’s name out of fear for his safety



Mortar shell stabilized by Preventive Security headquarters b Sabha last night
Resulted in the injury of 9 members of the Preventive Security employees to injuries
Degrees, and today the two databases Sabha and infidels implement n Talaat air
On the border areas between the Libyan and Chadian border
(The Sudanese).
Unidentified bodies thrown Front Sbaah Hospital deceased person under torture, and is now in the morgue at the hospital:

Sabha today

The problem between the wind tribe invited Saadawi and Alqmazfah tribe Beit Qahos, invited Busot ..
Lord guides souls, God willing,

Sabha today

Now arrival 9 wounded to the medical center Sabha on the impact of a mortar shell fell on the headquarters of the Preventive Security Sabha.

Sabha today
Hearing with an hour before the blasts now and the sound of the explosion was to locate him a near Passports and a little while ago there is also

a fire in the neighborhood and wounding least two secondary and now in operations.


Li from his house robbery orientation secret location of the next collector Alkahily,,


Assassination director Alkwyfah prison “Omar mourning“!!!

Sabha: Two explosions rock city of Sabha followed by heavy gunfire, Heard in the late hours of Saturday

night are strong loud explosions shook the city of Sabha, southern Libya, witnesses said that an anonymous

thrower has hit the Preventive Security building, and was seen gunmen firing in one of the city’s neighborhoods.

*Agents of NATO are waging a campaign of arrests against the Libyans in Sabha, agents of NATO in the city

of Sabha are paid from the tribe Alqmazfah and it randomly and without any guilt, to terrorizing and

torturing them forgetting that these young people in general and abductees in particular do not

movements clients every day that passes, increasing confidence and determination to take revenge against

this fragmentation that transformed the Libyans lives into hell.



The arrival of 162 thousand tons of wheat from Russia and Ukraine to Alexandria port.



I hope publishing …
And like every day is theft of property of the Libyan people and try to trade and benefit from the wealth by a handful of

traitors Libyans and neighboring countries Here Tunisia exploit aircraft Libyan subsidiary of lines African and used in

international flights in agreement with the rest of the traitors and thieves religion follow the lines of African …
Today, 08/25/2013 good example …. 706 flight at ten in the evening to take off from Morocco to Tunisia …

How long is the looting of our wealth and exploitation Drudge and the citizen does not know the truth and science is not the first time,,

Guidance of a photo taken from inside Morocco and airport-bound flight to Tunisia.

Penetrate Monastir radio site along with a number of other sites of the Tunisian radio portal by the “rebellion” and wrote a message on the hacked sites in what reads as follows:
“We rebellion, declare penetration Radio Tataouine, in protest on the labels inflicted and of the Renaissance Movement in order to control the media rebellion always keep a thorn in the side of every hypocrite”

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

To all Tunisians, County Nessma tomorrow duty.
Will not give the dog Ghannouchi size bigger than its size.
This terrorist who thinks he controls the fate of Tunisia and Tunisians, and wants to ruin our country must Nanqrh and do not listen to what he says.
Degradation rate seen NESMA When Ghannouchi appears, will be a blow that Saugeha people for this mad dog.
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On this day in the first day of Eid al-Adha came Ramadan Asswehly of Bani Walid invader .. Was with him soldiers Mhacdan the more than 10 thousand fighters and a large hardware powered by Italian colonial forces then wanted Asswehly the discipline Boulkheir as described and subjected and Rafla so he put it in correspondence to the Italian Governor time to request support

But as soon as he hears Boulkheir for Asswehly arrival was waiting for him with the Knights and Rafla and jokes this incident .. Said Asswehly causing recruited and vowing Boulkheir .. “I will make Boulkheir given Albert كالثور” but unlike what happened McCann expect Sowaihili the recruited and artfully Mujahid and Nabi commander Boulkheir fell Asswehly in the ambush in the hands of the Mujahideen arbitrator and Rafla and killed

And then Send soldiers Sowaihili-to Boulkheir to the effect that Asswehly forced them to fight and he had to execute each of goes against and failed to come to Bani Walid.

Mobilized the crowds and wanted to subdue and Rafla .. But the response was strong and he divided the back of the crowd killed and break شوكتهم ..

To Orvlh judge was timely .. RPR wisdom .. Ordered not to kill the prisoners, but ordered their release and surrender their property full of horses and the other was ordered by the judge .. And returned Asswehly recruited both by his hometown and had this good impact position and the supervisor in courage, Rafla and wisdom and forgiveness when the estimated ..

Attached picture shows deal Asswehly with the occupation soldiers and appears to be a friend or “client” In the invaders.

Is a fact documented and inescapable.


Launch an extensive campaign to close the offices of Al-Jazeera immediately in the Arab world

Seemed Arab intellectuals and international «National Campaign Arab to protect society» demanded Khalalhamsúla Arab media in their respective countries, immediate closure of the offices of Al-Jazeera,

accusing the channel that it is working on the agenda hostile to the Arabs and Arabism, the direction of striking the nation in its power and strength, Ahaala to fire fumes of sectarianism in the region knew history and Turatha of cultural and humanitarian fit all the heavenly messages, according to a statement signed by the signature is still under way, more than a thousand educator and activist and academic from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arab Gulf.

The statement called on Arab journalists working in Al-Jazeera to withdraw them immediately in order to preserve the integrity and patriotism, no matter how tempting the material, pointing out that Al-Jazeera play an insidious role in our Arab countries in order to hit and break up its forces.

And confirms the campaign coordinator writer and media Palestinian Ahmad Zakarneh, that Al Jazeera أوغلت in legalization Arab blood in the largest counterfeiting in history the name of Islam and democracy, pointing out that the channel deliberately and intentionally in its newsletter to raise false rumors that would inflame the feelings of the masses and turn on each other , as well as in the context of the term manipulation and Kadaaúha meaning persistently severe that what happened in Egypt, but it is a military coup,

and the launch of the names and titles are not linked to reality in any way as opposed to its label and its allies in Egypt بالبلطجية in Yemen Albulatjh in Syria Bcbihh. According to the text of the statement ..

Given the role of the pernicious role of Al-Jazeera in the Arab countries on the agenda Zioamirkah, towards working with the enemies of the nation in favor of fragmentation and hit the strength and forces, using speech religiously questionable in health and flying to achieve a form of penetration collective consciousness of the Arab people Ahaala to fire fumes of sectarianism in an area known to history and inherited cultural and humanitarian fit all the heavenly messages and hugged all the messengers of God Almighty.

This confirms that the doctrine of this channel unrelated Arabism or Islam, but it is the doctrine of hiring meaning «come not near Prayer» without completing the verse to created possible policy aura religious mix deliberately between right and wrong in favor of hand Mstarbh derives its funding and financial support of political West occupier our land and مقدراتنا throughout the past decades. Stood the island and stopped, cried and Astbekt, ​​the authority claims to be robbed, and lives زهقت, and sanctities هودت, maps amended, and in خارطتها published a map of historic Palestine that read «State of Israel« This is the island that created and supported by all ways and means Alzioamirkah ..

This is an island called by the occupation army in its English version by the Defense Army ..

This is the island that exposed her face day after day to confirm that have nothing to do with Arabs and Arabism. Accordingly, we address based on the Arab media in all Arab countries, led by Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates that reside on its territory cities, major media as well as all other Arab countries close the offices of this channel Arabized in order to preserve social peace first, and Arab national Secondly, the safety of workers in offices Third and IV and X..

As well as we address all the love and brotherhood of all your friends and co-workers in this channel immediately withdraw from this stigma, whatever the temptations of the material available and you lose a day of your people in the Arab everywhere.

Mention of the names signed on the statement Egyptian poet Jamal Bakhit, poet Jordanian of Palestinian origin Mohammed to AVI, Saudi writer Dr. Muhammad al-Harbi, writer and journalist Jordanian Issam hill, Alqash Algerian Asia Rhahalih, novelist and Minister of Culture former Palestinian Yahya succeeds, writer and media Salah protect the rain, The Egyptian Ambassador Mahmoud Ezzat, and Alsinarist Egyptian Moataz Bellah structure, Yemeni poet Mukhtar Muharram, and the Tunisian writer Kamal Ayadi, Mr. poet Adel owner of Tunisia, and poet Jordanian Bassam Abu-Ghazaleh, writer and Yemeni journalist Ahmed Mohiuddin, the Iraqi writer Saleh Naim al-Rubaie, the writer and poet Lebanese Semitic Mawlawi, Dr. Issam Salim Dean of the Faculty of Arts in Sharjah, Moroccan poet and translator Abdul Salam lamp, Egyptian journalist Hala Fahmy.



By (Ammar assets / Yemen) ..

Fool’s Day

We lied and said .. Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction, and today promoted through mobile laboratories accused the

Syrian regime bombed his own people with chemotherapy, although these devices – Western intelligence – is I think of bombed

and killed the Syrian people, they are the beneficiary of that in order to find justification for foreign intervention; makes Syria Iraq

last the new Libya.

It is foolish to believe summit whenever said, Wenner Deddeh Ka Bbga E, it is not equitable in our right to believe a lie twice, and

he said the prophet Mohammed peace be upon him «Do not bite the insured from one hole twice.

Today; unfortunately .. We find it knocks the drums of war, and Istlotfon incest U.S. lovely phrases, thinking that Alnmenkz and

Savior, Mtanasean What did Iraq and Afgansta, Libya, Cuba, and what works day and night with the Zionist entity in Palestine,

and the examples are many and varied number of atoms nuclear weapons.

Summary speak .. Yemeni As the saying goes, “If teacher mad Valmstma the his mind”, we must check what we hear, and warn

Manchahd, media is a weapon of the times and his sword, and publicity plague this decade.


Delivered íăäÇß the brother, “Ammar”
بقلـم ( عمار الأشول / الـيـمن ) ..

كذبة اليوم

كذبوا علينا وقالوا .. العراق يمتلك اسلحة دمار شامل، واليوم يروجون عبر أجهزة مخابر اتهم أن النظام السوري قصف شعبه بالكيماوي، مع أن هذه الاجهزة -المخابرات الغربية- هي بأعتقادي من قصفت وقتلت الشعب السوري، فهي المستفيد من ذلك بهدف إيجاد مبرر للتدخل الأجنبي؛ يجعل من سوريا عراقا آخر وليبيا جديدة .

إنه قمة الغباء أن نصدق كلّما يقال، ونر دده كا لببغا ء، فمن غير المنصف في حقنا أن نصدق الكذبة مرتين، وكما قال سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم « لاَ يُلْدَغُ الْمُؤْمِنُ مِنْ جُحْرٍ وَاحِدٍ مَرَّتَيْنِ ».

اليوم؛ وللأسف .. نجد من يقرع طبول الحرب، ويستلطفون السفاح الأمريكي بجميل العبارات، ظناً منهم أنه النمنقذ والمخلّص، متناسيين ماذا فعل بالعراق وافغانستا وليبيا وكوبا، وماذا يعمل ليل نهار مع الكيان الصهيوني في فلسطين، والأمثلة كثيرة ومتعددة عدد الذرات النووية.

خلاصة الكلام .. كما يقول المثل اليمني “إذا المعلم بمجنون فالمستمع بعقله” ، يجب علينا أن نتحقق مما نسمع، وأن نحذر مانشاهد، فالإعلام سلاح العصر وسيفه، والدعاية طاعون هذا الزمان.


سلـمـت يـمنــاك أخـي “عمــار ”

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