Dragon’s Teeth

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This was a beautiful thought from Khemenai of IRAN on the last Eid of MUBARAK:

Will Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar voice martyr Billah.

Muat Sheikh Asmar rituals in Zlitan 24 AUG.2012

Mu at Sheikh Asmar rituals, 2 of 24 AUG 2012

Mu at Sheikh Asmar rituals, 3 of 24 AUG 2012

Green Flag at al-Asmar mosque in Zlitan

The presence of a religious shrine of Sidi Abdul Salam Al Asmar in the presence of Muammar al-Qathafi, in ZLITEN.

Muammar al-Qathafi at the Shiek Asmar tomb rituals in ZLITEN.

Mu writes upon tablet

Mu Paris 03 DEC. 2007

Here is your chance to SHOOT THE BULL

the pages of attack in 26//8//213
#اليوم #الثاني 26//8//2013 ((يوم صفحات قنوات الفتنة و الكذب 1 )).
عدد المعجبين 300 الف تسمح بالصور في التعليقات
2-Al Jazeera English
مليون و سبع مئة الف معجب
3-الصفحة الرسمية لقناة الجزيرة …هذه بالذات عليكم بها ما تقصروش معاها بكل
عدد المعجبين 4 مليون معجب .
4-bbc world news
3 مليون و سبع مئة الف .
.6-قناة العربية
3 مليون معجب و سبع مئة الف .
7-قناة روسيا اليوم .
سبع مئة الف معجب .



Khamis Gaddafi, 2013 _ a rare clip of the Golden General

Green Love bouquet
.A documentary film about the guards Gaddafi-In


WiMAX project in Ath entertaining:

After the efforts of the local council and correspondence to specialists subject of communications in Libya ..

Was signed today the creation of 3 stations to the network (Wi-Max) in the city after positioning by the Commission’s

implementing the communications and technology company via satellite to cover the largest possible area of the city ..

This will start the actual work in the installation of the stations at the beginning of next week, according to the supervising engineer told us ..

The city of Ath entertaining lacked network (WiMAX) in the past with the weakness of other means to connect to the Internet …

Information Office of the Local Council of ATH entertaining.


Ahlam al-Obeidi tells us:

Aljdharan obtained the documents condemns theft of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood returns

Oil, which is the wealth of the people Alleppey ... And severe confusion in the ranks

Criminals, thieves of our rights …

Dirty MISURATA is in strong Control of LIBYA:


The appointment of Colonel Mohammed Ibrahim Musa (commander shield Mzrath “Central”), an aide to Army Chief of Staff Abdul Salam al-Obeidi ..
Order Almzarat the

Mtz Matthew became the principles, rights and freedoms is put to the dialogue and discussion, including
– Reconciliation.
– Issuing the Constitution.
– To justice and activate the judiciary.
– The return of the displaced.
– Cancel exclusion and laws that ترسخه.
– Accounting corrupt and criminals before and after February 17.
– Activation of the army and the police and the abolition of all the parallel security services.
The most important question of who wants to negotiate about these things axiom agreed in all societies Wallis those plaintiffs for Thorgih ..
Is not certain cities in Libya gripped the arms abandoned and Akhtaft of the killed and tortured and stealing money and suspended

the Constitution and the practice of exclusion.
To be more explicitly Is not Misrata on top of these entities
Alice called Islamic currents, led by Mufti, they hamper the activation of these axioms.
Lal There tune marriage fun between these parties and these currents.
This frankness considers many stirring strife in Libya, and I’ll tell if Mantes claim rights and calls her rapist what is called sedition from doing the acts
Leave your answer.

Albarghothee Ben Matref

Resignation of a member of City National Congress Tazrbu

Doma resign for reasons of “health” and confirms the inability of Congress to perform its functions
A member of the National Conference announced for the year Tazrbu Mohamed Abdel Karim Doma, his resignation on

Sunday of the conference, citing health reasons for what he described as “the poor performance of the conference,” according to the recipe.

Doma said the atmosphere of the country today, it is certain that the National Conference will not be able to accomplish

the tasks entrusted to him during the remaining period, pointing out that he failed with members of Congress to work to

speed up the work of the Conference.

Doma added that he had contacted the local council for the Tazrbu region to inform the individual candidate who

followed from the area, until it starts receiving procedures for the seat only Tazrbu Conference.

Long ago we no longer hear anything about “decentralization extended” Fourth World theory,

and economic capitals, agricultural and tourist! And spatial development! And the mayor of 99!!I

went inclusion Waller Layyeh as went lamp Hbhon the Elms over Wen and Almtlpon her, but Aas h,

but a true, mobility Federal rest of what is left of honest people who are defending him and they are many and growing every day.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar and thankfully

Summary Meeting of slaves in area Aziat (The word Sheikh Boharih adviser tribe of slaves) to give legitimacy to their son’s

bar carp friend Bo Hamad and the full support and broad to Asnrjaa human tenderly stolen:

Minister Electricity “Mahariv” explains the National Conference obstacles faced by his ministry during this period

and the last period and requests of the National Congress give the government extraordinary powers to declare

a state of emergency in the country as a result of the proliferation of weapons and the chaos and insecurity ..

Clarify and Minister of Electricity of the constraints faced by his ministry for the National Conference
Minister Electricity “Mahariv” explains the National Conference obstacles faced by his ministry during this period and the last period and requests of the National Congress give the government extraordinary powers to declare a state of emergency in the country as a result of the proliferation of weapons and the chaos and insecurity …

And I am with him on the subject of the state of emergency


وزير الكهرباء ” محيريق ” يوضح للمؤتمر الوطني المعوقات التي تتعرض له وزارته خلال هذه الفترة والفترة الماضية ويطلب من المؤتمر الوطني منح الحكومة صلاحيات استثنائية واعلان حالة الطوارئ في البلاد نتيجة لانتشار السلاح والفوضى وانعدام الامن ..

وزير الكهرباء ” محيريق ” يوضح للمؤتمر الوطني المعوقات التي تتعرض له وزارته خلال هذه الفترة والفترة الماضية ويطلب من المؤتمر الوطني منح الحكومة صلاحيات استثنائية واعلان حالة الطوارئ في البلاد نتيجة لانتشار السلاح والفوضى وانعدام الامن …وأني معاه في موضوع حالة الطوارئحُســــآم






Mlisheh armed pervades prison Alruyemi and sounds heavy gunfire and reports of some of the victims of the prisoners.

Specific source confirmed the judicial police Tripoli, that the movement
Rebellion within prison “Alruyemi”, which resulted in injuries among 9
Prisoners and policemen, and the situation was brought under control, as
Said a source familiar with the other hand that the movement since yesterday,
When the guests decided to go on a hunger strike and their demand
Accelerate a fair trial or kill them instead of imprisonment
Without trial or activate the judiciary.

After the announcement of the Dardanelles news channel prisoners’ strike in prison Alruyemi been released about a group of

young people released from the prosecution of a long time …. and disease process of transferring prisoners and presenting them

to the public prosecutor of the reel, God willing … and science .. Hola prisoners them 3 years Fa prison has not been brought

before a prosecutor and conduct serious negotiations now with the Director of the Office of the Attorney General and

negotiate with prisoners jailed Alruyemi now …..

Milan forever WRITES:

“As long as Mico, but clicking íÇŃíĘ rest of the prison Aiderioha Bish Atnkd Haw Meh and eliminate Hia was in it spend originally

reasonable Attorney General of the White Hia get out of the white clock km and Emeti arrive here after conducting Venjal coffee

and only bowl Shahi and spacy and not least two and Xue Hdersh meted out the clock and one salvation always fulfilled Hia was

the time in Libya originally for one and only accepted Aleesh Benghazi Mavi where advisers and lawyers Nin Atjibwa one of the

white and the imposition of Tboh Hia impose it lives in Benghazi and only clock seven ICON in his office,

God willing Asagd Alesall five dawn haram and God Hecy.”

Independent thought says:

” God save the Liberal…”

(Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV )

Tripoli: Bank Commercial Branch Aldahara:
An armed group consists of four people had stormed the commercial bank near the bus station previously Aldahara,

and the group to enter the bank and shut the door and book a bank manager. Did Itensa us to learn more and the

purpose of breaking into the bank.

The news agency – Tripoli – reporter:

Brawl resulted in the death of “Ahmad small”, a member of the Office of the investigation
And arrested b janzour, after the bullet lodged in his head claimed
B his life.

A little while ago in the area of ​​Durr Libby failed attempt by a gang Try it robbery on a Libyan citizen and took his car

forced However, he survived miraculously after a barrage of bullets and saved people of the area to them, “Note

robberies are not in remote areas and farms .. we seen in the way busy year!! “.. God save Libya.

(Media center for the youth of the capital)




Download the first tanker in Marsa Brega in Libya since 09 August 2013

_ Gateway to Libya


25 août 2013 02:01
So do not forget young rat rebels in the city of Ajdabiya


حتى لا ننسى ام الثوار في مدينة اجدابيا
  Zaidane day risk guessed that everyone claims to dialogue ….!!!
We went out and on his right hand, Tarek Mitri, the UN envoy in Libya and Kinh tell us the world with me and Ali left Juma Aotaigah and Kin Libya does not there is Mnazl only companion Saif al-Islam, Second Deputy Chairman of the Conference resigned collected Aotaigah the ..!!
Why dialogue now ..?
Is that oil closed after became an opportunity for dialogue?
Where dialogue what was happening before closing the oil?
Where the dialogue when he signed injustice and exclusion tenderly?
Any dialogue when we were in dire need of those who turn us Ahaorna?After that the pens have been lifted Zaidane came to open the us yard dialogue.Delayed, Mr. Minister … Fbergah no longer have time for dialogue after losing lots and lots …Cyrenaica has taken its decisions and ملمت leaves in her career was launched blessed her ÇĺáĺÇ this journey …..
Time is a sword that did not go Qtek and Cyrenaica has remedied the time and no longer tolerate the wait ….Aatdhirana severe for Tarek Mitri and invited Zaidane and collected Aotaigah ..
(Ahlam al-Obeidi)Negotiations between Cyrenaica and Tripoli How to be?
The true story, which recounted media mail for the determination of the Tripoli government as he was known in Libya previously conductednegotiations with the regional government of Cyrenaica of the Chairman of the Board province Mr. “Ahmed Zubair” and head of the politicaldepartment “Ibrahim Aljzeran” there must be negotiations negotiations conditional and be this way:
1 – overseeing the negotiations will be under the direct supervision of the UN Office and Mbdian be an indirect negotiation between the two parties,but will have the endeavors of the committee in charge of the United Nations, to listen to the parties each end even Taathy theappropriate atmosphere to negotiate
2 – For the region’s president and head of the political department of the region of Cyrenaica should not accept any mediation of Libyan partiesfrom the inside or the outside tribes of the west or south, this is the fate of the entire province, people may not be courtesy
3 – need a referendum province and under the direct supervision by the Office of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in other words:

Do not supervise anyone from home in what was formerly known in Libya on this referendum .. In other words, not to accept any Libyan official

in the referendum circles even if it was just an ordinary person sentry Kahveci or interpreter has to be removed from this process

Osama Gard

Even if we started the national dialogue under the auspices of the United Nations would be the fastest national dialogue and the most successful national reconciliation
Because the other party does not have a case to defend, but dripped drool for oil and strategic resources Cyrenaica
While the residents of Cyrenaica have deep and historical issue, citing Jihad great over the years and through 100 years ago, from combatting the Italians…

Cyrenaica face was refined and smiled ….. Prevail good morning Aatipk the
Cyrenaica Hbob the cloud Tensm ….. Prevail in goodness and righteousness prevail
Cyrenaica اتقول and national Maitksm ….. Cyrenaica is the key to Alrkah
Cyrenaica generosity in Hlha Amgesm …… Each Mnzam in tons and Mah
How Shahat Ja human beings Ahacm ……. where he lived bandage wounds
How many drivers for Hlha Tasm …….. feet riding Dsana and the grinding
RAD good in goodness Atksm …….. It is rad of evil Skna and grinding.

Central may turn to the federal, but not vice versa.
Ziad al-Issawi


We all Ibrahim Aljdharan to extract human Cyrenaica on FB:

Federal National Alliance Federal
It can be said that the increase in the Federal National Alliance delegation of the Political Bureau gently reassuring results came

for the proper administration of the office of the current stage and his vision for the future management of the province

and the most important points made in the meeting were as follows.
1 – will be concluded soon to declare a statement about the administrative work of the province and powers of the Political Bureau

and the Executive and the Shura Council.
2 – in Cyrenaica weapons would be exclusively in the hands of the defense force gently and only Federal Army.
3 – will be concluded to use the offices of global experience in the administration in order to help in the administration of the province.
4 – No export after oil and we expect support and public support to proceed faithful and strength Zidane is not stopping us.
5 – to no room for quotas, competence and experience are the only measure of choice at this stage.
6 – There will be a maximum Defence Force Discipline tenderly and no room for chaos.
7 – we will benefit from the experience of Yugoslavia and Kosovo in the integration of the rebels and insurgents.
8 – all the comments we receive (Politburo) is the result of everyone’s keenness to this movement, which McCann only after exhausting all

opportunities with the government and political conference he was not short.
Of Cyrenaica, Libya breakthrough goal

Soon …

Cyrenaica Defence Force is composed of 50 thousand professional fighter
Dar Al-Fatwa gently away from the party and personal interests
Senate Cyrenaica which represents all segments of Cyrenaica
Government of educated young people working for the development of Cyrenaica
Three media channels especially Berqh and free newspapers
Office Accounting independent powers of the national group
Back and police centers and courts to work
Back companies deactivated until the project is completed

Gift Abbaah the

Head noses
Congratulations to each Barqawi charge case Barquaouih and the cherished identity Barquaouih the …

We are in the process of work and we are not in the discussion stage Fbadro us in the age of your territory and contributed to the renaissance …
Cyrenaica face was refined and Tabassum prevail good morning Aatipk the,

Appeal in personal Barquaouih which defends the rights of the larva
Is ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood despicable method despicable …….

Sdshan … ousted Chadian …. … Zgd …. separatists …. robbers!!!

Salute to all those who defend the legitimate rights Cyrenaica, shame, shame
Central dogs and dogs Qatar adequate and who hate Cyrenaica

Burqa Burqa and men largest you and Kidikm to the …

(Issa Oraibi)

Long ago we no longer hear anything about “decentralization extended” Fourth World theory, and economic capitals,

agricultural and tourist! And spatial development! And the mayor of 99!!I went inclusion Waller Layyeh as went lamp

Hbhon the Elms over Wen and Almtlpon her, but Aas h, but a true, mobility Federal rest of what is left of honest people

who are defending him and they are many and growing every day.



Common security room Benghazi:

the arrest of three people of Arab nationalities, after armed clashes with them, carrying-out bomb attacks and car bombings in the city.

Piece bearing No. naval military for international navigation
247141755 you to stop the supply of Libyan oil Bmrfa Mellita OIL & GAS.
Libyan news agency family demanding Chiefs of Staff and the Ministry of Defence
B interpretation of military supply cut foreign oil.

Were monitored by observers from Benghazi navigation.

Member of the General National Congress “Huda Banaani” demanding President
Conference under the mandate given to him that a decision for
Benghazi, such as Tripoli’s decision up commissioning armor because security in
Benghazi would not be without armor.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Spokesman for the security room Benghazi denies arrest of the perpetrators of the bombing of the Egyptian consulate ..

(Naturally they would not, as they are MB  too!)

What happened yesterday, today is a tragedy magnify to the people of the city of Benghazi yesterday, at the entrance to the

city of Sousse was Dr. Alsnvaz his car he and his family consisting of his daughter, which is now in the prime of youth and his

wife were on their way to Maatkd to enjoy the views of Sousse beautiful stood a group of people drove the dark and dark

Besdmanm when he stopped a man to inspect his car he Hola murderers and criminals and cowards guidance disarmed

him and beat him and took his wife and daughter left him and after that sick with fatigue searching for them returned to his

family and the people of his wife to tell them the incident had directed the charges of improper words and NATO “e” you

if you are a man of what they took from you in broad daylight what was Dr. teeth Alsnvaz but entered his room and he

committed suicide. There is no power but from God …..

Logic =. Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ
(Bader profit)

Adjust the ambulance on the way Almkhila used as a communications room

Date: Monday, 26 August 2013 16:22
Managed security band belonging to the city dome, on Sunday, from the ambulance control on communications equipment through Almkhila were destined to the east of the country.
A security source confirmed continued security of the dome preferred anonymity for “solidarity news agency that” the car in its general form as an ambulance car looks both in terms of color or write on the car, and also the presence of optical signals on that function.
The source added after the vehicle is stopped and the question of who and from any location and purpose of the trip turned out to members of the security situation suspiciously فأمروا of the بالترجل, was searched the car Fujduha fitted with contacts variety and found out some of the documents the function not to be used as a car ambulance, pointing out that the people and the car referred to the concerned authorities to take necessary.




Cleaning operations continue to Peace Association
Mis à jour: il y a 3 heures
Youth Association Peace continues to charity and youth town of Bani Walid continuous cleaning operations to the entrances of the

city of Bani Walid and order as follows:

1 entrance to the city of Bani Walid, on the one hand and JD Valley.
2 entrance to the city of Bani Walid on Vdraj.
3 entrance to the city of Bani Walid on the Military Factory 51.
4 Clean Club Aldahara athlete social Altagafa.
5 Clean Airport Road landfill and provide a large trash tanker near the junction.
Note that cleaning operations carried out by the City Youth Bani Walid without the help of any party-state within the city not even

Environmental Protection Agency because of a dispute happening between the administration of the device and staff,

but always Bani Walid rise thanks to God Almighty and thanks to its youth jealous of the people of the city.
God save Bani Walid, Libya, from every evil, and according to God rejuvenated for the good of the country and the people.

تواصل شباب جمعية السلام للاعمال الخيرية وشباب مدينة بني وليد عمليات النظافة المستمرة لمداخل مدينة بني وليد والترتيب كالاتي:
1 مدخل مدينة بني وليد من جهة وادي دينار.
2 مدخل مدينة بني وليد من جهة فدراج.
3 مدخل مدينة بني وليد من جهة مصنع 51 الحربي.
4 تنظيف نادي الظهرة الرياضي التقافي الاجتماعي.
5 تنظيف مكب طريق المطار وتوفير ناقلة قمامة كبيرة بالقرب من مفترق الطرق.
علما بان عمليات النظافة يقوم بها شباب مدينة بني وليد دون المساعدة من اي جهة تابعة للدولة داخل المدينة ولا حتي جهاز حماية البيئة بسبب الخلاف الحاصل بين ادارة الجهاز والموظفين ولكن دائما بني وليد ترتقي بفضل الله عز وجل ثم بفضل شبابها الغيورين من ابناء المدينة.
حفظ الله بني وليد وليبيا من كل شر ووفق الله شبابها لما فيه خير البلاد والعباد



Of international sources: continue mediation efforts between the brothers in the Corner and and Rishvana

by the Council of Elders of Libya and the elders and sheikhs Zintan and Yafran and Rahibat and Gado

and news to reach a new agreement eliminates a final cease-fire in the evening.

(Globe channel)

God lousy This was the last of Misratah shields looked to in Rishvana the I Nnhq ya lousy

Channel and Rishvana on Facebook:

Les hour Rudeineh and the degree of unity
And Rishvana urgent,,,,,,,, and Rishvana urgent,,,,,,,,, according to reports from the areas of tension between Rishvana and Corner

to display the homes of civilians in Rishvana targeted artillery and rockets locusts by militias corner-backed militias from Misrata

and Friday Market and Tajora The attacks so far killed Chkans, mother and her baby, and wounding 33 people were injured,

mostly injuries eloquent and destroyed more than 10 houses over the heads residents and these proceeds initial casualties

were civilians who targeted aggression militias elected government!! The attack is still ongoing and we bring you the news ….

Amna Ali Golo writes:

” Zaidane Mule T-spirit in the field of Tripoli that war Sovh move there and then Akalp sit covered with your hands.

God Mana silent until we draw the war to the capital Bash Onarafoh how to kill Helena reasonable neighbor woman,

her baby baby got Mekdrch Ttal from the place of the bombing even came to her rocket explodedis her child and Chta our youth wounded….

launched guilt and Rishvana Aazeidan Iabgl ČÓ it Ksart Okhcom;; God Khcmk Hinsr the hands and Rishvana

and Alnzart who to Absam Hrkpohm lenses for your eyes Aamremc;;; Lotte soul to rockets and تلقاهم hand

and pocket NATO… been the salvation of Maadsh benefit ShiI have lift salvation war war;; play Bvelk the brighter

O mule NATO, blood KhooT in your neck and respond close Aanzl the Iamsrati Aaamal. Uttered Ali’s grandfather’s grandfather

grandfather grandfather Aaclab Liberal forbid;;; Ndtlaqo in blood crawl hole Gary.”

Faisal Al says:

” I ami suffering and turn Aballah and God, I doubt they have to show they’re the owners of different nationalities and Maverm are blood Libby free.”

Clarify ……….
For news published since few in our on young people who were injured in the mil been confirmed Zahra Hospital

that they are in good condition, and praise be to Allah.
(Addicted bin Faraj)

Media channels Swingers of Zbilh media are not carrying any form of war between

And Rishvana the MB Corner militias, murderers and wounded hundreds.

Fierce fighting continues between brothers and Rishvana and corner
Oh inject blood and united ranks and Qena temptations and hidden ….

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

As a result childish acts of MB militias corner ..
Quoting page:
Happening in the Corner only Medical College
Calls for students in all medical colleges at the University of corner
College of Human Medicine – Faculty of Dentistry – Medical College of Technology – Faculty of Pharmacy
Postponed exams until the stabilization of the situation in the city due to the inability of students to attend.

Urgent -:
Number 7 was destroyed houses and wounded 29, mostly women, children and Aja Ir; 2 killed by shelling by criminal gangs.
Not around and do not force only in God; peace, O Lord, O Lord of the ladder.

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Injury of a number of young mil now on the coastal road by Libya’s armor at Camp 27. Who were front triangle mil.

We will bring you the names Rhett will get them.

MISRATA and MB RATS seek only extermination of RISHVANA…do not let them fool you–There is no sincere parlé for peace.

(THAT IS JUST A façade)!

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

A few hours ago

After the advent of Libya to shield the Naval Academy so

she set them from Misrata attacking Ali refugees of Tawergha ..

where sobriety of Defense decided withdrawing all Musrati from there where I came back 20 cars loaded with heavy weapons to Tripoli.

Urgent Rishvana: – A delegation from Shura Council and Rishvana of heading for Jaddaim to meet with the

Reconciliation committee with representatives from the corner to try to resolve the dispute. 08/26/2013.

Hearts locked decree of God and advancing the agency dinars Valley News deepest condolences and sincere sympathy to the tribes

and Rishvana of the martyrs who have fallen in defense of the land and honor against the tyranny of lawless militias.

Oh God, forgive them Loire flesh and Mark Paradise homes all.

This is the largest they can do the bombing from afar.  The fronts are not they do not they are not men.

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya


All last night is launching Akaddaúv exchange until the morning so the young people to enter the Abossrh in the corner and burn junta ..

Brotherhood pages and National MB Militia pin failure to put down RISHVANA, because of the “laxity” of the Corner Militia “Security” Shields:

And Rishvana candle will not be extinguished:



Wounding 26 white citizen in the city of salmonella bacteria
By eating one of the city’s restaurants by contaminated food, and
Out 6 cases after receiving treatment and still 20 cases within
White Hospital.

(Salem al-Obeidi)



Tarhounah wed a day heroes,
Extend our heartfelt condolences but congratulations to the family of the late (Hero Ali Alaptor Zgdani),

which amounts to a 60-year-old has passed away in a dark prison in Tripoli

Wen Ansabh martyr of God and God resting his family and his family patience and solace
Picture: Tarhuna wed one of its heroes …… Extend our heartfelt condolences but congratulations to the family of the late

(Hero Ali Alaptor Zgdani), which amounts to a 60-year-old has passed away in a prison in the dark,, Tripoli and Wen Ansabh

the martyr when God resting place God has inspired his family and his family patience and solace,



Atmosphere for the country …

Said the spokesman of the Security Directorate Sabha Mohammed Daabo country ambiance, the

Directorate of dawn on Sunday came under mortar attack “RPGs” by unknown assailants, wounding 11 workers at the Directorate.

Eleven police officers were killed in an armed attack on a main police station in the southwestern Libyan

city of Sebha, security sources said.

Sebha Police Headquarters was attacked with rockets and machine guns, sources added.



General Command of the Army: terrorists‘ possession of chemical materials is

clear-cut evidence of their use of chemical weapons

Damascus, (SANA) – The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said in a statementthat the armed forces seized Saturday morning in Jobar suburb in Damascus countryside a warehouse containing raw materials for making chemical weapons and protective masks and large amounts of medicines used for treating inhalation of poisonous chemical materials.

The statement stressed that the possession of such chemical materials by the armed terrorist groups is clear-cut evidence of their use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people and the armed forces, and it confirms the involvement of foreign sides in providing terrorists with all requirements for using chemical weapons.

“Using chemical weapons against our people and army by the armed terrorist groups proves the state of bankruptcy these groups have been suffering because of the severe blows they receive by our brave soldiers,” the statement added.



“Doctors” Behind Syrian Chemical Weapons Claims are Aiding Terrorists

Global Research, 25 August 2013

The “evidence” upon which the West is propping up its narrative of the Syrian government using chemical weapons against large numbers of civilians hinges so far entirely on claims made by “Doctors Without Borders.” In the New York Times article, “Signs of Chemical Attack Detailed by Aid Group,” it is reported:

An international aid group said Saturday that medical centers it supported near the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack near Damascus received more than 3,000 patients showing symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic nerve agents on the morning of the reported attack.

Of those, 355 died, said the group, Doctors Without Borders.

The statement is the first issued by an international organization working in Syria about the attack on Wednesday in the suburbs northeast of Damascus, the capital.

While it is often described by the Western media as “independent,” nothing could be further from the truth.

To begin with, Doctors Without Borders is fully funded by the very same corporate financier interests behind Wall Street and London’s collective foreign policy, including regime change in Syria and neighboring Iran. Doctors Without Borders’ own annual report (2010 report can be accessed here), includes as financial donors, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, and a myriad of other corporate-financier interests.

Doctors Without Borders also features bankers upon its Board of Advisers including Elizabeth Beshel Robinson of Goldman Sachs.

Complicating further Doctors Without Borders so-called “independ” and “aid” claims is the fact that their medical facilities are set up in terrorist held regions of Syria, especially along Syria’s northern border with NATO-member Turkey. In an interview with NPR, Doctors Without Borders’ Stephen Cornish revealed the nature of his organization’s involvement in the Syrian conflict, where he explains that aid is being sent to regions outside of the Syrian government’s control, and that his organization is in fact setting up facilities in these areas. Cornish admits [emphasis added]:

Over the past months, we’ve had a surgery that was opened inside a cave. We’ve had another that was opened in a chicken farm, a third one in a house. And these structures, we’ve tried to outfit them as best as we can with enough modern technology and with full medical teams. They originally were dealing mainly with combatant injuries and people who were – civilians who were directly affected by the conflict.

In other words, the Wall Street-funded organization is providing support for militants armed and funded by the West and its regional allies, most of whom are revealed to be foreign fighters, affiliated with or directly belonging to Al Qaeda and its defacto political wing, the Muslim Brotherhood. This so-called “international aid” organization is in actuality yet another cog in the covert military machine being turned against Syria and serves the role as a medical battalion.

The “hospitals” in Damascus being supported by Doctors Without Borders are in areas now under threat of being retaken by government forces, and it’s these facilities that the Western media is drawing on for “evidence” that first, a chemical attack took place, and second, that it was the government who carried it out. What the Western media is not telling their audiences, is that even Doctors Without Borders admits their own team members are not present at these medical facilities and have only been sending supplies to them – in other words, this evidence is hearsay emanating from terrorist held areas, merely dressed up and spun as actual evidence from a so-called “reputable” international organization.

In Doctors Without Borders’ own official statement, it was reported that:

Since 2012, MSF has built a strong and reliable collaboration with medical networks, hospitals and medical points in the Damascus governorate, and has been providing them with drugs, medical equipment and technical support. Due to significant security risks, MSF staff members have not been able to access the facilities.

It was further explained that:

“MSF can neither scientifically confirm the cause of these symptoms nor establish who is responsible for the attack,” said Dr. Janssens.

It is most likely hoped that the vast majority of those reading their news simply take the compromised Western media for their word and never bother to read what Doctors Without Borders actually is doing in Syria or what they even really said regarding the most recent incident.

A similar routine was used in Libya where Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International spent their legitimacy attempting to create a pretext for Western military intervention there.

Zero Hedge
25 August  2013

Newton’s third law strikes again.

Yesterday, when describing the latest US developments in the Syrian “liberation” and “WMD elimination” we pointed out that the “use of war as a culmination point to end a depression is nothing new. Just look at the first Great Depression. And just like then, the only cost to perpetuate the myth of the Keynesian and monetarist religion and the pillaged wealth of the 0.01% status quo elite, will be a few hundred thousand innocent men, women and children. Or, as they are known in the Beltway, collateral damage. That is, unless, Putin decides to retaliate.

Moments ago Interfax reported that Russia is starting to pre-emptively, for now, retaliate.

Russia can increase its military presence in the Mediterranean in the case of the possible enlargement of the U.S. naval grouping in the region in the event of the aggravation of the situation in Syria, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems Leonid Ivashov believes.

“Russia can increase its naval grouping in the Mediterranean as a reply measure. I think that nothing else remains to prevent the development of the factor of aggression,” he said to Interfax-AVN on Saturday commenting on media reports of the possible increase in U.S. naval presence in the Mediterranean.

In his opinion, Russia should point out to the world the most crying violations of the UN Charter concerning Egypt and especially Syria.

“We should be speaking more strongly of noninterference in the internal affairs of Syria,” Ivashov said.

He said that deliveries of Russian defense systems to the Syrian armed forces could become a lever of influencing the United States and of averting the threat of an attack on Syria.

Will Obama’s misreading of the “New Normal” geopolitical balance of power, in which America is rapidly relegating itself from global superpower status and in which Putin most certainly does not see himself as inferior to the US, yet in which there is no actual game theoretical winner if everyone defects (but lots and lots of losers,except for the Fed) force America into a milltary confrontation from which there is no easy and simple way out?

We will find out over the next several days.

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    It’s extremely ironic for the US State Department to be issuing travel alerts for US citizens in the Middle East and North Africa the same week we learn that the Pentagon is contracting with Al Qaeda and Taliban supporters to carry out Afghan reconstruction projects.
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    CNSNews.com| Kerry admitted that there were “many al Qaeda leaders now operating in Syria”


    23 août 2013 06:37

    The meaning of the federal..

    Believe me, that did not stop the sons of Libya to the heart of one man calling for equality and unity by the federal system will be divided Libya,

    then I am afraid that there is no escape from the killing of a Muslim to his Muslim brother for grime minimum.

    Fear God and do not oppress yourselves and stand for the religion of God and the Justice and Equality between the sons

    of Libya per consolidated before divided Tndbon on your actions and God I’m not ousted or God,

    what am until a deal to Muammar or God, the great Manny secular versa Islamic law, without death and

    God Libyan citizen is very normal,

    but I see that the rights of Cyrenaica robbed and I see that if you did not apply equal Stan drag the country into sedition ominous.
    Allah Almighty says in the Holy Book (And whoever kills a believer intentionally,

    his recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the wrath of God upon him, and prepared for him a great punishment)
    And says the Apostle Pray God be upon him (and my hand to killed believer greatest at the God of the demise of the world).

    FB VIDEO:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=511398142261685&set=vb.277609895688117&type=1&theater

    معنى الفدرالية
    صدقوني ان لم يقف ابناء ليبيا على قلب رجل واحد ينادون بالمساواة والوحدة بواسطة النظام الفدرالي ستنقسم ليبيا وحينها اخاف ان لا يكون هناك مفر من قتل المسلم لاخيه المسلم من اجل وسخ دنيا اتقوا الله ولا تظلموا انفسكم وقوموا من اجل دين لله ثم العدل والمساواة بين ابناء ليبيا الواحدة الموحدة قبل ان تنقسم وتندبون على افعالكم والله لست ازلام او الله ما عمري حتى صفقة لمعمر او والله العظيم ماني علماني بالعكس الشريعة الاسلامية دونها الموت والله مواطن ليبي عادي جداً ولكن ارى ان حقوق برقة سلبت وارى انه اذا لم تطبق المساواة ستنجر البلاد الى فتنة لا تحمد عقباها
    يقول الله عز وجل في كتابه العزيز ( وَمَنْ يَقْتُلْ مُؤْمِناً مُتَعَمِّداً فَجَزَاؤُهُ جَهَنَّمُ خَالِداً فِيهَا وَغَضِبَ اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَلَعَنَهُ وَأَعَدَّ لَهُ عَذَاباً عَظِيماً )
    ويقول الرسول صلّ الله عليه وسلم( والذي نفسي بيده لقتل مؤمن أعظم عند الله من زوال الدنيا )


    ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD definition can be easily applied to OBAMA as well:

    A reasonable definition:
    Pages claiming her love for Islam and it is anti-secular
    Take their names to defend the law and arbitration
    Practiced all kinds of defamation and insults and lies…


    (This Never this is not our Islam,
    But sneaky yen name of religion Kalakhu the Muslims their destination access to power.)

    أ يعقل
    صفحات تدعي حبها للاسلام وأنها معادية للعلمانيين
    تتخذ من اسمائها الدفاع عن الشريعة وتحكيمها
    تمارس كل انواع السب والقذف والشتم والكذب

    ابداً ليس هذا هو اسلامنا
    بل متستر ين بأسم الدين كالاخو ان المسلمين غايتهم الوصول الى السلطة


  Mu smiles for us 2

We need to have Muammar al-Qathafi Smiling for us again…

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