Green people

MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI (shown ABOVE PHOTO in APRIL 1986 after the bombing of BabAZAZIYA home.)

{ Resistance }

Throughout the time of the events in Libya were resistant to the armed people and all the volunteers for the defense of Libya conspire instructions of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces , Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and each of these instructions does not depart from the scope of compassion and tolerance and try to repair fences and clarify the plot for those who have fallen far.

Ashlngr seen media corrupt and customers and traitors, the only Major Billah was acting within narrow limits made ​​for himself through his courage and heroic and this make it skips A lot of guidance and instructions issued by the Supreme Commander of the people armed,

and many said that the excesses Billah imposed by the reality of being a field commander (who sees what does not see the Supreme Commander of the people armed on the battlefield) that’s what it was resisting the armed people and volunteers in the past,

but today resistance is no longer conspire only the one thing the liberation of Libya either after liberation will not find where of Aatmr order.

An object of the command was issued Valmazlomin (who joined the Resistance). They have feuds can not Tnaqchehem, which will not be liked without completeness, who saw sisters tortured and killed in prison, saw Boil comrades in pots like sheep, saw their livelihoods looted and their homes desecrated, the sanctities of their wives raped-upon, live in the open and screams of their children who sleep with them in but a few hours of sleep!

O Tree can order Resistance and not Revenge after all these tragedies ?

No one every individual has a story of tragedy seeking to put an end to all these chapters, customers and traitors called ” 17 February”.They are the cause of all these grudges and feuds; and they have to pay for all their mistakes, deadly and no matter how much of driving resistance to end chapters.

Feuds will not be able and will not hear Commander’s instructions (of non-revenge). No one will ( not because they do not respect him: the Supreme Commander al-Qathafi), … because respect is no longer enough for them to return of the compassion and tolerance to the hearts bleed and souls which he asks of them) !

Regret Mafrtt the past because of tolerance and compassion, resistance will not obey the Commander this time (as their fate is also a measure should appreciate the circumstances away from the instructions and orders even humbled the Leadership of the Resistance itself between a rock and a hard place to know this). He (Our Supreme Commander) knows this far better than we know it (since it ‘s too late) .

And still continuing to play …
{ musician }
{المقاومة ليست مأمورة هذه المرة }

طيلة زمن الاحداث في ليبيا كانت مقاومة الشعب المسلح وكل المتطوعين للدفاع عن ليبيا تتآمر بتعليمات القائد الاعلي للقوات المسلحة العقيد معمر القذافي وكانت كل هذه التعليمات لا تخرج من نطاق الرحمة والتسامح ومحاولة اصلاح ذات البين وايضاح المؤامرة لمن وقعوا فر يسةلتغر ير الاعلام الفاسد والعملاء والخونة ، الوحيد اللواء المعتصم بالله كان يتصرف في حدود ضيقة صنعها لنفسه من خلال شجاعته وبطولاته وهذا جعله يتخطي
الكثير من التوجيهات والتعليمات الصادرة من القائد الاعلي للشعب المسلح والكثيرون قالوا ان تجاوزات المعتصم بالله فرضها واقع كونه القائد الميداني الذي يري ما لا يراه القائد الاعلي للشعب المسلح على ارض المعركة هذا ما كانت عليه مقاومة الشعب المسلح والمتطوعين في الماضي اما اليوم فالمقاومة لم تعد تتآمر الآ بآمر واحد وهو تحرير ليبيا اما بعد التحرير فلن تجد فيها من يآتمر بآمر، كائن من كان من يصدر الاوامر فالمظلومين الذين انضموا للمقاومة لديهم ثارات لا يمكن ان تناقشهم فيها ولن يرضوا بغير استيفائها شاهدوا اخواتهم يعذبون ويقتلون في السجون شاهدوا
رفاقهم يغلون في القدور مثل الخراف شاهدوا ارزاقهم تنهب بيوتهم تدنس حرماتها نسائهم يب كن في العراء وصراخ اطفالهم ينام معهم في ساعات نومهم القليلة ، من يا تري يستطيع ان يآمر المقاومة بعدم رد ثارها بعد كل هذه المآسي ؟ لا احد فكل فرد لديه قصة مأساوية يسعي لوضع حد لكل فصولها ، عملاء وخونة فبراير هم سبب كل هذه الاحقاد والثارات وعليهم ان يدفعوا ثمن كل اخطائهم القاتلة ومهما حاول من يقود المقاومة ان ينهي فصول الثارات فلن يستطيع ولن يسمع تعليماته احد ليس لانهم لا يحترمونه بل لان الاحترام لم يعد يكفي لعودة الرحمة والتسامح لقلوب تنزف ونفوس نادمة على مافرطت فيه بالماضي بسبب التسامح والرحمة ، المقاومة ليست مآمورة هذه المرة هذا قدرهم وهو ايضا قدراً يجب ان نقدر ظروفه بعيداً عن التعليمات والاوامر حتى لاتضع قيادة المقاومة نفسها بين المطرقة والسندان ، ان نعرف هذا منذ الان خير من ان نعرفه بعد فوات الاوان . ولازال العزف مستمراً { الموسيقار }

 Approaching the deadline for our entry into the arena Green Baden God and raise green flags high Lord help us Colwamin !

Victory morning
Dear viewers today at 15:00 GMT Libya us a new date decide on a documentary film titled Revolution and memory will be at 23:00
Show good for all.
Rami  Ram a écrit:

«Lord above them, and God willing, brought the zero hour … And soon announces green flag fluttering high ..

Lord FAFSA family and the families of the rest of the Liberal »


Libyan Arab Airlines

Libyan Airlines begins tonight on God’s blessing maiden flight for the transfer of the first batch of pilgrims from Mitigua Airport – Tripoli ..

Mitigua International Airport will leave promptly at the tenth and quarter of Monday evening, the first flights of Libyan pilgrims towards the Holy Land,

and on board the aircraft Libyan Airlines.

Sources Libyan Arab Airlines – Libyan News Agency

it will be transferred to Libyan pilgrims aboard a modern Airbus aircraft type “A330”, which can accommodate about 265 passengers.

The sources added that the trips Libyan pilgrims will continue the direction of the Holy Land by three flights a day from airports:

Benina – Abraq – Misratah – Sabha – Ameitaiqa, up to and including the completion of the transfer of another regiment of Libyan pilgrims this year.

Libyan Arab Airlines proceed with the transfer of the delegations of pilgrims to the Holy Land
We ask God to bless me and beware arguing to the house of God:

Some pictures of pilgrims during their departure to Bani Walid to perform Hajj in front of the Mosque Nabi Boulkheir
Accepted Hajj pursuit Thanked and guilt forgiven, God willing,

(Salam Association for Relief and Charity)







Council of Ministers issued a decree to pay all education expenses for the children of Libyan refugees out of Libya,

(Osamaohna) radio program

This heretic Know and face Kues men erupted in a convoy of pride in his neck and neck ilk Alzenazqh a.

Salem a Sheikhi member Brotherhood branch of Libya and is one of the accused principal in the assassination of Major General Shahid Abdel-Fattah Younis,

Salim of Sheikhi said in an interview on Al-Libya TV during the past few days, reads as follows:

“I am a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, I do not believe in

patriotism and the limits of the state … This fad came from the secular West.

We believe in an Islamic state and one of the limits and the only obstacle ahead of us to achieve Islamic unity is the national armies of Islamic countries.
And loves the Islamic peoples to live in a single Islamic state under the caliphate system of governance.”

(Valley girl)

Pal Libby:

Hello I Hassan Alakory, operations coordinator for the PSS deny news of the assassination of Najib cabled which now exists between his family alive,

thank God, and not the health of Maholt assassinate him and I was assassinated publication and discredit the news and God bless you,

Hassan Alakory.

Urgent: General Electric Company

Due to the interruption implementations natural gas terminal Ruwais due to lock LED nutritious president of the station by some

individuals which led to the forced exit of some generating units operating loads and identify others. Therefore, the General Electric Company

sorry had to put up loads manually programming to maintain the stability of the public network and currently the Ministry of Oil

making all possible efforts to return the gas to normal.

Due to the interruption implementations natural gas terminal Ruwais due to lock LED nutritious president of the station

by some individuals which led to the forced exit of some generating units operating loads and identify others.

Therefore, the General Electric Company sorry had to put up loads manually programming to maintain the

stability of the public network and currently the Ministry of Oil making all possible efforts to return the gas to normal.

– Electricity Libya GECOL the

Latest News exit count 2 turbines for a 300 megawatt power station in western Libya for the service because spare supply Alngdah for turbines

The reasons are still not clear, but there is definite news about something happening to rape people and wanted to force them and force

Congress to pass legislation Balgsb and without a referendum of the Libyan people

We will wait for what will come out for vandals who locked lines

(Valley girl)

foreign invading colonialists are in LIBYA!  via MISURATA, MB and traitors out for $$$$s

Power outages and access to two periods a day after the normally closed roads and overlooked the evolution Thread to shut down oil and gas pipelines.

Overlooked building a real army led to an increase militias and increased its equipment and weapons and wage her mother abduction people and theft of public money and the violation of the sanctity of human beings.

People overlook the mismanagement of the state by the National Conference led to the lack of fear of the people, and drink wine to drink and of giving a bribe giving a bribe and threaten his colleagues in arms Mstnasra hall extended ended continue in Akhi threat of the nomads Ivkro Amddo their period.

Akhuna state on eye ya dealer and was speaking and Icolo one it ousted.

And gasoline queues and queues treatment of all countries, without exception, to the Libyans became unbearable.


AGAIN, the “leader” Dr. Ibrahim is referring here to is NOT our Muammar al-Qathafi!MAMOUD JABRIL is part of this NATIONAL MOVEMENT”—I do not care who has been fooled into supporting it, THIS IS NOT THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA! Lizzie Phelen is a major leaderess in this!The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA does not espouse a “CONSTITUTION” as this Nationalist Movement does or fully accept the HADATH. Please know this before endangering the efforts of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of regaining LIBYA from the pseudo-VISCHEY puppet “government” of the MB/NATO GNC.
صباح الخير أيها الأحرار:
هذا بيان من الحركة الوطنية في ذكرى يوم الوفاء الذي دشنه القائد الشهيد قبل 24 عاماً. أنشر الآن النص الرسمي كما هو، وبعد دقائق سأنشره بصوتي بإذن الله على صفحتي الرسمية التي أنتم في ضيافتها الآن وهي:
https://www.facebook.com/Dr.Moussa.Ibrahim.Libyaمع العلم بأنني سأنشر مداخلة صوتية قريباً للرد على أسئلتكم واقتراحاتكم بخصوص العمل السياسي من أجل الوطن.مع محبتي لكم جميعاً.
Dr. Moussa Ibrahim (د. موسى إبراهيم)  https://soundcloud.com/moussa-ibrahim/libyaTHIS IS NOT THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA!!!

بيان الحركة الوطنية الليبية بمناسبة يوم الوفاء ٢٠١٣ بصوت د. موسى إبراهيم

صباح الخير أيها الأحرار:
هذا بيان من الحركة الوطنية في ذكرى يوم الوفاء الذي دشنه القائد الشهيد قبل 24 عاماً. أنشر الآن النص الرسمي كما هو، وبعد دقائق سأنشره بصوتي بإذن الله على صفحتي الرسمية التي أنتم في ضيافتها الآن وهي:
مع العلم بأنني سأنشر مداخلة صوتية قريباً للرد على أسئلتكم واقتراحاتكم بخصوص العمل السياسي من أجل الوطن.مع محبتي لكم جميعاً.

REMINDER from 20 OCTOBER 2012:


Moussa Ibrahim, October 20, 2012: 
“I am alive, me and Kamis not in Bani Walid”

“The peace of God be with the free men of free Libya, even in the name of the great Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
I’m Dr.. Moussa Ibrahim, speaking to you after one year since the fall of the legitimate government of free Libya, because of the bombing by NATO and its criminal allies.
Best wishes to all those who have kept the faith despite adversity and tragedy spread everywhere in our country.
We have the moral and patriotic duty to reconquer Libya from enemies who have slaughtered and destroyed, causing many refugees, stealing everything they could, committing criminal terrible acts and shameful betrayals, all of which did not exist and succeeded before.

I tell you now that for what concerns the news of my arrest in Bani Walid, news spread in different statements by Al Arabia TV, BBC and other media, is only a stillborn attempt to divert attention from the crimes who are committing the traitors and servants of the NATO against our families in Bani Walid.

We know that many families in Bani Walid, many children, women and men are killed for no reason, slaughtered without any fault with their heads, hands, feet, cut off from their innocents and pure bodies, their houses attacked by terrorist criminals of Al Qaeda along with the gangs of Misrata.

It is in progress a dirty plan to make believe the Libyan people, the people that was moving towards Bani Walid, that those who fight in Bani Walid does so only in the name and on behalf of some people, and not for the freedom of Libya, because someone do not want to know and believe that a revolution is taking place in Libya, and in this respect have appointed both, me and Kamis Gaddafi, saying that we had been captured or killed in Bani Walid, while we are not even in Bani Walid and even in Libya. I myself do not have any contact with Libya and Bani Walid.

What is happening in Bani Walid is just sectarian hatred and jihadist desire to sow discord; it is an historic hatred and a plan to subdue Libya.

But they do not know that the tribes of Bani Walid are made up of heroes which have a significant demographic and major alliances inside Libya.

Our enemies are worried about losing their inheritance by NATO, weapons, money and power, if they get faced by the patriots allied tribes.

What is happening is a civil war, just as had predicted Colonel Gaddafi. Even Saif al-Islam had predicted what in fact is going to be driven to self-destruction, for many years to come, and of course the media channels are working to spread lies, saying that we were arrested, killed, etc.., etc. .and this my statement of today, October 20, 2012, is the proof of their lies.

With regard to our brothers in Bani Wali, I hope that God will make them victorious.

I am not in a place that would allow me to call other tribes to support Bani Wali, but ashamed are those Libyans who are watching an entire town while is bombarded with missiles and chemical weapons that kill his children and his wives: Shame on you!!!

Politic has nothing to do. You should hear from within yourself, this desire to react with honor and patriotism.

Because now, who is killing the people of Bani Walid, has no sense of patriotism or moral or religious.

They say and spread news that are the exact opposite of what’s going on. We are accused of murdering the prisoners, to be servants of imperialism, to bomb, but instead is just the opposite and it is they who commit horrendous murder, steal and rape, bombing the civilian population and are the servants of NATO and Western powers.

The nation lives in the dark, has been violated and divided into two: Al Qaeda and the Western powers on one hand, the Libyan Patriots on the other.

The big Muammar Gaddafi was instead the protector of Libya.

There were some problems, sure, but could have been a peaceful solution. These traitors renegades instead have sold the whole nation just to gain power.
Men and women of Libya, please, Bani Walid has no political interest: help her to stop this massacre.

The history will say that Bani Walid has been slaughtered and sullied by the criminals of Misrata and Benghazi, in the name of a false revolution, while the West looked on.

I thank all those brothers who have contacted me to see if I was okay, but I’m not more important of those men who are going to be martyred today, Saturday, October 20, 2012, and I am not worth more of those patriots who have been tortured and killed in the prisons.

I’m just a Libyan citizen who has done his duty, and will continue to do so.

And Moammar Gaddafi is and will remain my leader and leader of my country, Libya.

Libya, its development and its freedom, are my goals and NATO is my enemy, not the Libyans.

Thank you all for listening to me and I invite you to be united in the name of God for the good of the country, which was stolen from our hands because some renegades have found the betrayal as their political position.

I greet you all in the name of God.



“In the Name of God, the Great, and in the name of Fatah the great, salute to all of you, freedom fighters of Libya.

I am Dr. Moussa Ibrahim and I am talking to you today…after…watching the country under the criminals of NATO…

I am here to tell them that we still have power, we still strong with God’s help, and we trust our selfs that our duty is to bring safety to our country after all these killings, stealing that brought in our country the rats of NATO.

But today, after all these false news (about the arrest and killing of me and Kamis Gaddafi) that are spreading via BBC, Al Arabyia, i have to tell you that all these is just to take the world’s eye off what is really happening, and what are doing the NATO fighter to our families in Bani Walid.

Its obvious from photos and videos that people of Bani Walid, women, kids, men have been killed by aircraft attacks in their homes and by all these criminals from Misrata that are carrying guns.

And this is all happening cause they are threatening the people of Jamahyryia to not stand by people of Bani Walid and they “thought” to talk about Moussa Ibrahim and Khamis Al Qaddafi.

We are outside Libya, we have nothing to do with Bani Walid, we are not even to a place near Bani Walid.

They are hiting Bani Walid, they know that Bani Walid is a big tribe, Bani walid has geographical very important place and it’s tribe has a strong meaning for the country, so they are afraid for what is going to happen between the tribes of libya.

After all that what is happening now to Bani Walid has nothing to do with the regime this is clash between tribes, and after what happened to our leader Qaddafi and Seif Al islam , the channels of bbc, al arabyia, al Djajeera are spreading false news about Khamis Al Qaddafi and Moussa Ibrahim and other people, and this is the proof about these lies (because I am here talking to you now).

But our families are still in Bani Walid and with God’s help we will be back to them …

But shame on you. 
Shame on you Libyans: this is not a matter about Moammar Al Qaddafi or not; shame on you all tribe; a libyan city is under attack and cut in pieces , and killing children, women and men and you are just watching.

You have to think that this is not about politic, you have to think this is about the dignity of Libyans.

These people which attacks this city have no dignity, no bellieves, they have no brothers, they have no feeling of their nationality.

They lied about us , they told that we killed, but they are the ones who killed people, they told we killed childre, infact they killed children , they told we were stealing, but they are the ones who still stealing, and they brought the country under a demon western leadreship.

Moammar Qaddafi was the man who cares about Libya, he was for the best of Libya , yes there were problems but these problems were resolving by conversation, but all these traitors sold everything.

Please Libyans, has nonthing to do with all this mass, stand by the city, help the city.

Because history will remain, history will write that Bani Walid has been cut in pieces, its people massacred and the western tribes were just watching. 
I have to tell many thanks the thousands of people who contacted me on FB , via Paltalk, Twitter and by telephone. But my life does not worth more than other men from the regime who were martyred and still tortured today, on 20 October 2011, the people who remains in jails.

I still have Moammar al Qaddafi as my leader,

Libya still my country 
and NATO is my enemy.

Thank you very much and I hope that we will meet soon on our land, that have been betrayed.

Thank you and let the God guide you!
Thanks to help to stop the war in Libya.

This is what we demand now”.


LibyanFreePress.net Network

Italian & English translation by WA / FFP  at



Even our wealth lost ground
Alodan rare slaughtered and crucified
Not to eat, but for review!!!

5 billion stationery Cape offices
900 million for the review of Misratah shields in Tripoli
30 million for the brothers Jdharan
South lacks an ambulance to transport patients!!!

(Addicted to “3”)

UNJUSTLY  imprisoned and tortured, Dr. Dorda

The arrest of a person in a stolen car confessed to killing the owner of the car, a missing person from Ajdabiya city about two

weeks ago confessed killer of the Office of anti-crime Bakdatn kill in the city of Tripoli
Dell Aljth of the person slain city Ajdabiya but thank God I have been to identify the killer a person escaped from prison

and the owner of precedents and confessed to several murders and steal them Gerimitn kill in the city of Tripoli.
And also recognized the importance of Ajdabiya citizen killed was hiding the corpse behind Bregan tanks in the city of Sabha.

(Sheikh Mahmoud Yellow)
Free newspaper Sabha

Result of recklessness and theft of public money and private companies, review and
bravado these cars on the Libyan Showa Collapse,,,, of course, a car up the price to the 120 thousand dinars.

He has the right to degrade the announcement in the auto market!! I mean thing for taking Khrovk In way Derlh and upscale in traffic ..

(Valley girl)

Peugeot PAL units ..:
Altorh everyone gathered in the bosom while Torre NATO dissipated All Hadadleil on It authorized him but not Torre.,
Hspaallah and yes, the agent in you Idolh tykes do you steal billions, folks Torghae sleep out in the open!


From the heart of the event Tripoli Airport Road ::::::::::

An armed group you close the airport road now?!

Tripoli airport road ...

Concentration of heavy and medium mechanisms now ….

Urgent Trbuls armed groups closed the airport road its Ptkhc form some between Jardan

Bank of North Africa Abu Salim …

Hello I have a note has not been published in a page with the credibility of 100% on the Bank of North African branch of Abu Salim is locked since the 5 days

almost over an assassination bank manager and is driving by militias Almqji belonging to a criminal Gneoh knowing they were exist within the bank and

force Director to sign the checks (red) in the case of undescended salaries of the stalled
And the bank locked to this day and people know God Bha them to walk to the other branches and does not draw more than 1,000 dinars and feast Aalabwab ..

Mail ::::

Killed, “Imad Issa al-Jabali known as” Hnabo “and accused by the militias of Tripoli killing called Adnan al-Shibani, commander of Task attribution second shortly before Gurji area in Tripoli.



The old mosque bombing Pei 2 RPG and anointed this mosque, which up to 1400-year-old even people and Adjahm

for that heritage of this mosque by what is said to be the first mosque in North Africa and his old mosque.

To turn the force but from God it great!


Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings ….

To turn the force but from God it great was the day the bombing of the old mosque Pei 2 RPG and anointed this mosque parents reach old to

1400 years until the people and Adjahm because he liters this mosque to by Maiga’s was the first mosque in North Africa and his old mosque

and woe if Aarafoo people to being on his destruction.
And income Aatric the janzour and income Aageran the mosque to Kintua period to missed tell Riqptna the Aitihoh not salvation Cherokm the

and path Thelomowoa the Endowments wrecker Talaaoo characters of it …
And just seemed to name the new mosque ….
God suffices me, and yes, the agent you Aavasudain ..

Media Center Janzour

(Addicted to “3”)

Now remove the dirt and obstacles to return normal traffic on the coastal road corner.


Provide the first corner Hospital system cameras to monitor patients
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

Said Director of Medical Services Hospital corner Mohamed Basir said the hospital provided the first system cameras to monitor patients in the intensive care room, at hospitals in the western region.

Basir said on Sunday the country’s airspace that this service will enable visitors to communicate patient and check on his health by existing screens and phones rooms isolated from the intensive care room, and permanently prevent the entry of visitors to the intensive care room.

The Seer noted that the non-entry of visitors to the intensive care room is one of the most important international standards for infection control.

It is noteworthy that a hospital intensive care unit corner was opened last week after it closed for maintenance beginning last January.

Musdralsourh: Private

Frequent electricity outages resulted in congestion on the gas stations tonight.

Congestion in large plants and fuel the globe.

Tripoli today 30/09/2013
Fuel stations experiencing heavy congestion.

Libya crisis to a new crisis.
Petrol queues at petrol stations in the capital Tripoli.

Friday Market militias stormed Radio rise in the capital Tripoli, after the one criticizing broadcasters militias
closure of the roads, and spoke with an attack on the headquarters of the channel was shooting at the building.

The assassination of one of the employees of the Libyan army which “Andalusian Muhammad Ali Soussi,” born in

1955 of the region’s population Shat Friday Market and wounded his mother some wounds ..

“Russian girl” took the competent authorities to investigate the offending to know the motives and backgrounds

of the assassination.

Quoting / / band Alnoa the recommends
Rebel killed and a member of the Supreme Council for Libya rebels “Mohammed Soussi Andalusian”

Today on 10.01.2013, at nine o’clock in the morning Russian call-girl-Firiday was able to enter the rebellious house “Mohammed Soussi Andalusian” Friday Market area

and the victim in the sixth decade of life.
Having knocked on the door of the house, was the victim him to open the door Fbaderth fired seven 7 shots from the weapon Kalishmakov Rifle bits in the abdomen

and shoulder and a bullet in the head of the explosion of e, not only that, but the assault on his mother’s old and stabbed her several stabs spear in the shoulder and hand .

As a result and after hearing the voice of the lead rebel region Bmha صرتها inside the house and arrested them which is next to the corpse which
Has filled a glass of the victim’s blood and wrote it on the wall, inter

“DEATH TO RATS” and means the death of rats.
It is now in the grip of rebels Friday market.


Libby officer killed by Russian Friday call-girl sex-prostitute

An official security source, a little while ago, killing a Libyan army officers Mohammed Souissi

at the hands of sexual prostitute Russian girl Friday, in a market area of the capital Tripoli.

The source explained that Souissi was with his mother before attacking the Russian girl, and

she shoot him and usurp beat his mother transferred to a hospital in the capital,

pointing out that the heavy firing resulted in the death of the officer on the spot.

The source also confirmed the arrest of the Russian call-girl

and set off the explosives that were in her possession

and forwarded to the security agencies, adding at the same time they started

dying words to drag Dan officer blood on the wall of one of the buildings near the site of the incident.

Killed, “Mohammad Soussi” market area Friday at his home from a Russian girl
Rebel killed and a member of the Supreme Council for Libya rebels “Mohammed Soussi Andalusian”.

and Rafla to change my.

مقتل الثائر و عضو المجلس الأعلى لثوار ليبيا ” محمد الأندلسي السوسي “اليوم بتاريخ 01/10/2013 وعند الساعة التاسعة صباحاً تمكنت فتاة روسية من دخول منزل الثائر ” محمد الأندلسي السوسي ” بمنطقة سوق الجمعة والمغدور به في العقد السادس من العمر ….Afficher la suite


 Libby officer killed by Russian girl sex
11:26 10/01/2013  Author: Nargis Ghiryani the

Abdul Rauf hater now confirms that deterrence is the
B arrest “killer” non-Libyan nationality has
Kill Libyan citizen to the Friday Market and has hit
His mother.

(Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)

Constipation Ukrainian girl after one person was killed Libby and hit his mother and is currently in hospital
Place episode ... Friday street market, which follows a battalion corners

And Abdul Rauf hater now asserts that deterrence is the
B arrested the girl non-Libyan nationality has
Kill Libyan citizen to the Friday Market and has hit
His mother, details shortly.

Gateway Libya

Salem al-Obeidi:
Security source said earlier, that the murder occurred area
Market Friday, slain officer Libby continued for the Air Force and the offending
Russian and deterrence are carried by her arrest
And investigations are underway as confirmed “Abdul Rauf hater” earlier
And the same source confirmed that the Russian is not his wife, as rumored.


Libya February state militias …Yesterday got a traffic accident Salahuddin Road towards the military college My friend was sitting with a fridge he and
his co-portfolio-known young revolutionaries and returned to their work in the delivery of some chicken cafes.
Their cars parked on the side of the road and suddenly Infiniti car speeding a white bump into them from a spin alliance.
Praise be to Allah him and hit with another car.
Strange that this car is a car offender “Gneoh of the” Order of the Committee led AboSaleem and Security 3 Scar and with them Zkrh the car.
It did not stop so the region’s young ambulance driver minor damage and insisted that the youth remain because the car
comes traffic and but Gneoh hero wants to cloud the subject and incarceration of young people and I said State and has بالرماية to the
and اهرع the people of al-Badri, and there were casualties.
We hope you publishing and the fridge Rizk incarcerated youth when Gneoh to remain in the way along the plateau.

Corner …

Today angle Hospital revealed era helicopter, where young petals from angle Massabeyen the Berglehm and Ieito Icolo Kmllona Kmllona

and one of them Gah Poh says deserve launched Gadi Aalash, raises the walker, and rode the car.
الزاويــــــة …

اليوم العصر بمستشفي الزاويه نزلت هيلوكبتر فيها تلات شباب من الزاويه مصابيين برجليهم ويعيطو يقولو كملونا كملونا وواحد منهم جاه بوه يقوله تستاهل شن رفعك غادي اعلاش ماشي , وركب السياره



Displaced families from the area of ​​the drawer suffer lack of housing

Atmosphere of the country – Lamp Muharram

A member of Council Aeltsiara the drawer ” Hussein FIQI “ :

The events that took place in the region began Bmchager of between two and then evolved to the killing and demolition of houses and displacement of families.

He added Faki for the ambiance of the country: I’ve driven about 34 families to the city of Ghadames , some families migrated to Algeria, and now we find in each house about five families , and ” the people of goodness” of several cities have given us food aid and supplies of daily life, and the lancet west that the government did not have any role in helping us .

Housing crisis
The member Shura Council Jeramna the ” Mousa Mohammed Ramadan ” to the country ambiance that people who have been displaced suffer from the difficulty of obtaining housing and some of those seeking to find rental housing for them , and it requests the government to help displaced families to receive their salaries .

The head of the Shura Council Bgdams “Sweetheart prestige” for the ambiance of the country that the incident that occurred in the drawer caused the displacement of families to Ghadames , following the death of a displaced by chose some families to migrate to Algeria, a few days after the injections them to urge them to return to Ghadames , but the government did not come up to offer condolences to the families of the victims , has not seen their condition after having been displaced from the drawer .

The head of the local council Ghadames ” Siraj conciliator “ that despite the weak budget with the Council ,

but they tried to receive the displaced families , accommodating students in schools ,

and provide them with basic requirements of life , with the apparent absence of government.

It is noteworthy that there are 34 families displaced from tribe Jeramna in the city of Ghadames following the recent events in the region of drawer.





Message to Zintan

Zintan eradication scheme and outsource:

1 – a media war and propaganda against ……………….. Succeeded

2 – inciting the people of Tripoli against ………………….. succeeded

3 – kill them and wipe them out in Tripoli ……………….. succeeded

4 – ignite sedition between them and the easy Alajafar of) and Rishvana (allied …… In the process of success

5 – expelled from easy Ajafarh the killing and siege in the mountain ………

6 – inciting the people who have a mountain Thaer with Zintan like a to Mchacheh and Riyaana ……………………………… …………………………………

7 – incitement Amazigh Aladowo the eternal (old-new) of xanthan …………

8 – attack on Zintan Malgaha the …………………………………

9 – Do not pro-xanthan after decoding each Thafeladtha with Avaúha solution …………….

10 – Zintan displacement.

Oh God, I reached YOUR FRIENDS ..

Share via E / / Libyan Fahd

Zintan channel on Facebook:

Heroes of the Libyan National Army training (FORMERLY RAT ARMY) in the sisterly State of Sudan

Mountains area complained

The graduation ceremony for this batch will be next week
We ask God to help them to protect the homeland and to be loyal to God

and then to the nation and not for the parties competing for power and the coalition led by MB construction, justice PARTY

and God curse them from Jabril and commode into smaller janitor followed.

أبطال الجيش الوطني الليبى يتدربون في دوله السودان الشقيقه
منطقة جبال شكوتحفل التخرج لهذه الدفعه سيكون الاسبوع القادم
نسأل الله ان يعينهم على حمايه الوطن وان يكون ولائهم لله ثم للوطن وليس للاحزاب المتصارعه على السلطه وعلى رأسهم التحالف والعداله والبناء لعنه الله عليهم من جبريل وصوان الى اصغر بواب يتبعهم

(FORMERLY RAT ARMY (but hopefully now honorable) as the prayer said:
“We ask God to help them to protect the homeland and to be loyal to God

and then to the nation and not for the parties competing for power and the coalition led by MB ‘construction, justice PARTY’…”)

News channel: Gunmen of Amazigh closing line oil and gas in Nalut afternoon west of Libya

and calling for amending Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration on the Rights of minorities

Vice Chairman of the Elders of Nalut confirms lock gas pipeline, which in glandular Ruwais plant and from there

to all areas of the Nafusa Mountains, and will gradually cut off electricity from tomorrow on the entire western regions

that did not interfere wise dismantling of this crisis!!

Mokh Gha engineer a maintenance supervisors lines and oil and gas stations (Mellita complex field meet) says:

100% true news .. The news is that a group has lock valve Alsmamyin the oil and gas valve at the station No. 9 South Nalout 40 km and this resulted closing low pressure lines, which led to the closing of the valve station 10 and receiving and sending station PTS-2 automatically as a result of closing the valves 9 this station and I’ve been these Alsmammin the locks at 06:30 pm this day and this will affect gas line locks, especially on power stations such as Al Ruwais and station Mellitah and free marginalized station and corner and five station Misratah because they are fed with gas from the field to meet next

Quoting engineer Khalifa Alstaoa-Andalus neighborhood distribution circuit


Was closing the main gas line in the area of ​​Nalut 

Lucy cut from Ruwais Station and five corner Misratah and will depend generate electricity

And according to the information that the pressure indicators will reach zero level in a very short time

Congestion at petrol stations taking place in some parts of the Nafusa Mountains

following the closure of the Nafusa mountain rebels (Nalout) for oil and gas pumps demanding to amend Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration ..

Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Suleiman:
Deputy Reese local Nalut now on Libya Liberal

Protesters who locked the gas line from all the cities of the Amazigh and Maz USA to now Agaflin this line.

Daily News Mellita Company for Oil and Gas ·

Amazigh are locking gas and oil pumps :::::

News channel: Gunmen of Amazigh closing pumps oil and gas in Nalut afternoon west of Libya and calling for amending Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration on the Rights of minorities ..

News channel: Gunmen of Amazigh closing pumps oil and gas in Nalut afternoon west of Libya and calling for amending Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration on the rights of minorities!

الأمازيغ هم من قفل مضخات الغاز والنفط:::::قناة النبأ : مسلحون من الأمازيغ يغلقون مضخات غاز ونفط في ظهر نالوت غربي ليبيا ويطالبون بتعديل المادة 30 من الاعلان الدستوري الخاصه بحقوق الأقليات ..https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151619647606540

 The Ministry of Oil and GasSaleh devout head of the local council # Nalut confirms that the gas pipeline is still closed because that National Congress must interveneand lock the gas line came as behind the so to Zguet the European Union and thus put pressure on the government to meet their demands!
  Directed General Electricity Company attention gentlemen citizens and all sectors of industrial, service and others as a result of the irresponsible by some individuals and of locking gas pipeline President nutrient for plant Mountain West (Ruwais) fully what led to the suspension of the station and therefore a sharp decline in the production capacity of energy whichcaused a power outage for several Libyan cities, and that the continuation of such actions could lead to the collapse of the electricity grid and power outages fully for large areas of Libya
Calling upon the General Electric Company with all stakeholders and relevant to immediately intervene to end the problem of tube lock it declares clearly that it is responsible for what consequences these actions of electric power failure or breakdown of the public network.
قناة النبأ : مسلحون من الأمازيغ يغلقون مضخات غاز ونفط في ظهر نالوت غربي ليبيا ويطالبون بتعديل المادة 30 من الاعلان الدستوري الخاصه بحقوق الأقليات !

Akram Hamidi:

I was in a telephone conversation with the Vice President of the Council of Elders of Nalut Li

stressed the gas line and lock my father in glandular Ruwais plant Libyan O stocked candles and generators.

Quoting news Libya | Libya News
Mohamed Isa

Moved to the mercy of God I’m Gary Little Omar y after a respirator that is used by the house after a power failure for our region for a period of 5 hours and not to charge the battery of the device, and I’m here I carry the death of this innocent child for each of the day lock gas pipeline , which covers most of the stations the western region, and during the burial of the child raising grandfather hands to the sky prayer influential shook all those who were present for the funeral , and it was prayer Palo Yale and second Port of both caused a power cut and the death of the child , is aware of anyone who commits all these actions irresponsible.

he may be directly responsible for the death of one patient or the number of patients, and that he will pay the price of these laborers are awful , either in this world or in the Hereafter, and I’m here whisper to our brothers Amazigh who lock the gas line they away with this they will lose support a wide range of Libyans to constitutionalization language ,

and that affected only one of these actions irresponsible is a Libyan citizen simple , Members of Congress and government ministers are living either in hotels where there is electricity generators giant or in the Villas and houses there are electric generators last them their need , and affluent businessmen and affluent do not care cuts and if electricity were cut off for many years , recumbent the wind and Alemtemlh is Elly pay the price of such irresponsible acts , selfishness , thank you to those who contributed to the death of a child age y

To turn the force except God Almighty

 Close the oil fields burning large amounts estimated in the millions in the air due to

shutdown Net by protestors from the city of Nalut:

Was confirmed
From its source / / Mellita company for oil and gas


Daily News Mellita company for oil and gas (MIZDAH)

Was closing the main gas line coming from the field to meet in the region of Nalut
And calmed line glandular me every station Ruwais and five corner Misratah and electricity generation will depend entirely on the western region of Misratah to top worth

To clarify Aktar bash Atcolosh the CDP and saw launched
The group lock valve Alsmamyin the oil and gas valve at the station No. 9 South Nalout 40 km and this resulted closing low pressure lines, which led to the closing of the valve station 10 and receiving and sending station PTS-2 automatically as a result of closing the valves 9 this station has been these Alsmammin the finish at 06:30 pm today

Oh Libyan equipped candles, generators and firewood, coal, Fasten Belts Azh soon we will move through time back to the stone age.

Lord guide your salvation!

Aa order spokesman Hisham Hamadi of Nalut!!!

Yes, we said the closure of oil and gas to the constitutional entitlement to Amazigh

And will continue this Alaalaq until our demands are achieved.

Source: Liberal Libya

Sit-ins and congestion west of the country

Protesters from the city of their corner to close the coastal road
Demanding to drop membership “Mohammed Kelany”, and “Mustafa
Triki “candidates for City corner from the National Conference
Year. # Corner

Close the main gas line next meet in the field
Nalut on Sunday evening by the protestors.

Where Alsmamyin locks valve oil and gas valve at the station
No. 9 South Nalout 40 km and a result of this low pressure locks
Airlines which led to the station valve locks 10 and Receive Station
And send PTS-2 automatically as a result of the closure of the station valves 9.
# Nalut

Public road to Tripoli was closed by Algrarat, by abduction
Young men and found a dead body, and Algrarat vows to respond and have already
Armed militias warned # Tripoli

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Power plants Ruwais # / # angle / # and five / # of Misratah / out of service after locking the Arris gas line feeder for these stations.

Daily News Mellita company for oil and gas

Mr. Abdullah Musa Suleiman / Chairman of the Board Local # Nalout / that young people who Aagaflon the main gas line outside the

control of the authorities of the city where the LED which was locked away from the city about 50 miles.

Mr. Abdullah said that a group of young # Kapaau / # Qaleah / # Gado / # Nalout / had on Wednesday evening lock gas pipeline to

protest the lack constitutionalization # language Tamazight.

The Ministry of Oil and Gas

Network neutrality Libya.L N N | | Takribat

News,, Mount Nefoussa,,,,

Interruption of water cities Yfran and castle final after deliberate sabotage of unknown water station that feed these areas,

which contain 4 key wells, pump was stolen and even power cords and completely ruined the station,,,,

There is no power except with Allah, everything but water,,, please from water and sanitation re maintenance and operation of the station as soon as possible

30 September  2013

For the ignorant people who Mdayrh Traffic on gasoline stations # Tripoli ..

Close the field to fulfill the true course, has nothing to do from near or far refueling of all kinds, as this field belonging to the company Mellitah,

and the Libyan state imports in part by the need for fuel from abroad,

and refinery angle that produces fuel western region receives in its crude from the field Achararah near Ubari oil,

and not to Brega huge fuel depots airport Road if there is any lack of emergency, this is for information purposes only, ..


Zahra Bridge shortly before

Do not mention New and Old not re-

Sawani channel on FACEBOOK

Back sons and Rishvana of who were being held by militia Bank to shield their homes. In contrast the highway was opened
Zahra Bridge this morning … 10/01/2013 After removing piles of dirt.

(Addicted to “3”)

Hatem killed Hussein Abu Khchim of tribe and Rishvana under torture by the RAT MB / GNC militia led by Salah called Wadi.

The offender Salah and led militia commander in the 27-gate with Western shields to arrest the young man

Hatem Hussein Abu Khchim of tribe Rishvana and killed under torture all the cool blood ..

(Secret Alcdoh)

And R. brink year :::: Aa Aaajl

Aaaaaaaaaa Back Thankfully Gel takers, Rishvana, who were at the western shield to their homes. In contrast the highway was opened.

Pictures and News of Rishvana

And Rishvana

The reasons for closure by Azizia connecting the mountain

1 – Yes for National Dialogue
2 – No tribal and regional
3 – Why the marginalization and Rishvana of Aabusshmin
4 – Why lift the immunity of the tourist
5 – will not open the road and sit (Removing prisoners Aaovernmh)
6 – the road will not be opened until smoke right late (key Mahmoud Creed)!

(Secret Alcdoh)

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Message to Khotna in mountain:

The idea in Tseker through and sit on the coastal road party, Rishvana and the corner is the subject of detainees on both sides

means subject does not carry any agenda and there is no any intentions Sih and cloud summer of Baden God and claimed the pass on the good
Last Taattorat present and Rishvana the
I’ve been Ajmtaa today Bitarich 09/29/2013 between the Interior Minister in charge of the Minister of Transport and elders and chieftains

and Rishvana and Corner locked opening you elders and chieftains western mountain was formed a joint committee looking at the issue

Almojtzen of the tribe and Rishvana during the events, the latter with the Corner locked opening you end the issue of detainees in full.

and we bring you the last Altaattorat first Powell.
Special page tribe and the Libyan Rishvana

Al Qaeda strike again

A car belonging to the National Directorate of Security Center the Bach panels coast

Nose took a car belonging to the National Security Center Directorate Dove the Bach panels coast without causing damage to human and material damage.

According to the Director of the Security Directorate of Shahat, Issa Abdel Mawla, of the Libyan news agency that the explosion occurred drive after a break

in front of the popular market Bach panels without knowing the reasons.

He explained, “Abdel Mawla” that bomb experts have switched to the scene to conduct the necessary tests and find out the causes of the accident,

which did not result in human damage only minor scratches to the driver.

(Valley girl)

Special page tribe and the Libyan Rishvana

Science has not registered any problems in this sit-maintain the Slmath of only one problem claimed on the impact one sons and Rishvana of the

News from Rishvana

Announces Higher Institute of Management occupations overall Zahra
Start opening the door of Admission and Registration for the fall semester 2012 m -2013 m, and with effect from

the date of 10.01.2013 at ten o’clock in the morning, as follows:

Number of students who will be admitted 120 students, due to the limited capacity of the Institute and distributors

30 per student from the Department of Computer – Electrical and Electronic Engineering – Agricultural Technology – Administrative and Financial Sciences.
Unable to acceptance of the Department of Structural Engineering due to lack of faculty members of this section.
Admission is restricted to graduates of 2011-2012 m and 2012-2013 m only, according to specialization as follows:
Secondary basic sciences are accepted in the Department of Computer Engineering.
High School of Engineering Sciences are accepted at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
Secondary life sciences are accepted in the Department of Agricultural Technology.
High economic sciences are accepted at the Department of Administrative and Financial Sciences.
Students are accepted from a good estimate and above only.
The process of registration through the website of the Institute in the international information network, and is recording

in principle to be the final registration process when submitting the original documents for registration department of the institute.
Can not accept graduates of intermediate institutes of this chapter because of lack of resources.



Of pride and Rafla the … to …. Khalhen Amfajrna say, us ..

Stay tuned for a new artist neonatal Mahmoud Zorkany in the new work and the Dardanelles channel ((and Ravel Helena)).

Ravel Helena grow up and Ihmua Ahilwa us ha Wayne Maaltamoa.
Allow Awayed to Helena, Ravel light and fire
How honey Menhalna and Helena protectors Casablanca
By We Hlha and as long as we
If it became an important decision became Mihzna
Ravel Helena grow up and Ihmua Ahilwa عناها Wayne Maaltamoa …. Asmah wig and Ravel Helena Dome above the ……….

Asmah Awayed summit our people Tzma and Helena Guide Alhaarh the ennobled ….

light and fire we throttle and Hama Helena house … Anna lengths if whatever became became Anjibwa Tnaha Nazloa and Nlmoa. ..

on our principle and Ravel Manhabera enemy was Gana … Helena Erdoa empty Miliana mana of Li eat and Ivmoa life ….

and Ravel Helena grow and Ihmua Ahilwa عناها Wayne Maaltamoa

(Ahmed Zorkany)





Urgent agency Libya / Ajdabiya – the special (Reporter)
Private Source: Office of the territory of Cyrenaica political will announce the end of the week, Chairman of the Executive Office (provisional),

and members of the defense force Cyrenaica, and a crisis committee composed of five ministries, notably the Ministry of Oil, which will begin

in the sale of oil actually within the territory of Cyrenaica.

Firas Bosalum, .. Reuters correspondent

Mr. Naji al-Mukhtar inform the conference that has been deposited $ 3,700,000 d.’s

To his account by the “prime minister” (ZAIDANE)!

According to a member of the National Conference Suleiman Zubi atmosphere for the country said on Monday that a

commission of inquiry expensive of the conference today heard the head of the interim government, Ali Zaidane, against

the backdrop of “bribery case” that accuses a member of the conference Naji al-Mukhtar that he submitted to the Salem Aljdharan.

Guard oil installations to stop the salaries of a number of military perpetrators of the closure of some ports and oil fields

Guard suspended oil installations , the salaries of a number of officers and non – commissioned officers working device in the ports of Sidra and Ras Lanuf .
The spokesman for the Guard oil installations and Walid Hassan , said Thursday that “Stop the salaries of military personnel ports of Sidra and Ras Lanuf came on the back of their participation in the closure of some ports and oil fields stalled long ago and they are a major cause of this crisis ,” he said.
Hassan considered that “the demands of the protesters perpetrators of the closure of ports and oil fields is logical and has clear relationship Paljhoah the federal and which is a special political matter not related to oil installations Guard or its employees any relationship at all.”
The spokesman Guard oil installations that ” this step for the military only , but the rebels joined the guard informed the Sunday, through a statement to the Chief of Staff was broadcast through the media that as of Oct. will take action to stop the salaries and canceled contracts for both did not adhere to legitimacy .”
Hassan noted , that “there are a large number of officers joined the legitimacy and leave the rest, and give us the remaining opportunity for more than two months to understand the current situation .”

After all attempts failed to resolve a sit-fields .. After exposing dirty and expose their tactics resorted to the method of extortion to stop the salaries of protestors fields, starting from the month of October ….

(Free channel Cyrenaica)



Hani Al Oraibi information officer Houari Benghazi hospital:

Waqfs Source: storming the building of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Benghazi,

by armed youth, to capture a photo management

personnel grab young people to “territory of the People’s Park” corresponding to the building endowments.

Gunmen storm the building of the Ministry of Awqaf in Benghazi

Benghazi – Al-Saadoun: People’s Park was attacked by outlaws to grab it

Assaulted a number of outlaws, Monday evening, on the land of the people behind the garden (Market Garden) in Benghazi for the purpose of seizing and brown.
The head of the local council neighborhood Saadoun Mohammad Mujahid that the people of the neighborhood’s past Itbran of outlaws who assaulted on park land.
He explained that a number of past residents of the neighborhood were in the process of expulsion of the attackers, but the local neighborhood to work on calming

the situation due to the spread of weapons between the people and the fear of loss of life, stressing that they are waiting for the intervention of the competent

authorities to out these aggressors from the land of the park.

Today’s young gunmen stormed, the building of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Benghazi, to pick up one of its images to

grab these young people on the “territory of the People’s Park” corresponding to building endowments.

The source of Awqaf “Benghazi” to media outlets today that the youths were armed with hand grenades (pomegranate) and a white weapon, in addition to pistols.

The source indicated that intruders attacked the employee who filmed the process of capturing the territory of the park, and took him on his mobile phone, which contains those images.

Noteworthy is the second time within one month which entered the building of the Ministry of Awqaf in Benghazi by gunmen.

Work on leaps and bounds “Imran Almqsba”, and “Mohammed
Madi “from the Council’s Saadoun neighborhood to get a mandate for troops
Marines, in order to evacuate people from Park breakers
About the law and the State Property thieves.

(Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)

Urgent and very important today, Tuesday 2013 1 of 10 surgical departments and officials Doctors surgery to stop work in all departments of surgery, general surgery and orthopedics, neurosurgery and surgery and ear, nose, throat, and urinary surgery and anesthesia department was to stop the reception of patients in Forums and operations and outpatient clinics and Tawari and hospital administration have not been a formal letter Boagaf work in the surgical departments reason for this suspension of surgery a range of problems at work this ban if continued period causes a big problem in Benghazi and the eastern region for patients and people with traffic accidents and they المسؤولي and doctors surgery in the past two days to send a memorandum to the administration to stop work from 2013 10 1 due to a range of problems have been providing a range of deficiencies within the hospital of VPL management in these days.

To clarify for the fire, which broke out next to workshops inside the club Voyerat
Who owns it, “Al Bin Ali,” scrap cars and invalid
For use, and there is no damage, and there has to dramatize the commanding.
It’s very natural.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Mtkalph fans attack the garden behind the market garden in Benghazi, and you crawl on the territory of the state and distributed by force of arms.

Urgent agency Libya .. Beating in schools Benghazi

We published yesterday video of a pupil at the primary level has been severely beaten, leaving scars on his back as the effects of the whips, and pursuant to rule others’ opinions and the balance in the presentation of visions of the various parties publish today a text message addressed by the Director of School Alkarzabih for Basic Education in Benghazi, head of the police station of Voyerat in the form of communication affected, Sarda where some of the details and Mtha that some members of the family of the student they attacking the teacher accused of beating student and even بتعديهم beating on one of the teachers, have preferred to blur the names contained in the communication, including the name of the principal of the school ensure that we not exposed to violence verbal comments and Responses, VGA our mandate is to provide the truth, with the conviction that all the reasons do not justify hitting children.

Benghazi shortly before

Move a convoy of Marines Special Forces meantime,

The spread of mobile patrols to different areas and neighborhoods and suburbs
The city of Benghazi.



Waha field Aldahara

The information department Gallo

Today’s event in the field of Gallo (59)

Entered the day a number of young people approaching the number of forty residents of Gallo and their demand is to get a job field

where prevented one of the planes from landing and had to close the door of the field and prevented staff from entering and exit the

intervention of some Senate to resolve the problem and Landry Where are the guards constructors in resolving the issue and the

matter is still far for a solution that did not occur any develop new data center congestion field users of this method where the

interruption of supplies and food in the morning, perhaps waiting carries breakthrough
The question Is this an appropriate way to get the demands?? Or is it not so??
We hope our young people to get jobs in these companies without having to resort to this method in the sit-ins.
Greetings to you / Bashir Ali



To the sons of the city Racdalin evacuation !

Where are you from these extravaganzas that occur right where you’d 36000 thousand inhabitants of this city Ironically Racdalin became a street in Zuwarah area.
Where officials Wayne Deputy Racdalin at the national conference where the Council of Elders and the Shura Council where members of the local council distinguished and enough sleep in honey Vhakna digested

and Trichna blurs where young Racdalin Wayne pleasures Miha and Mthagifaa and jealous it must take urgent and rapid response to this nonsense that Vajina by the Director of the Savings Bank

and moved be sit and deliver our voice to the decision-makers moved to be in communion with the National Congress and the interim government and deduct our share, just like all the cities within Libya!

How long silence on the mind areas successful role of the second by classify us to be calling Naúibna National Congress and the formation of a committee of shades of the city to go to the officials and dialoguing should not be neglect of the subject

/ citizen Racdaliny

(Channel Racdalin)



Head of the military council and led the beach on the channel Libya first

now says column heading, which is located far in the south of Misratah say with great cars and the containers and excavators Ba for

Libby Koachik and entrances in the same regard Bo curl ordered the battalion corner of the south…

and said Bmdakhltha convoy came from Misratah and directed this column to Jufrah and Osma approach to Suknh and Andre.

what Come the story of this convoy and they say their kidneys they contacted all those state and stressed that the

authorities Responsible of the state told them they did not know anything about this column and sent a letter to the

chief of staff and defense minister and head of government for them to withdraw this convoy…

and confirmed that the South fully engorged from this convoy and confirmed that he had contacted the Minister of defense

and says Post Graduate someone else and I told him Magsh this convoy heading from Misratah and people congested.

Do you have any knowledge of the said Post Graduate few minutes later and said it holds Relief???

(Journalist / Solomon cabled)

Confidential Alcdoh (87)

Sunday evening I been Irdja car type Miche banana eggs to Leu accompanied from the city of Misrata

after an armed group stole my force of arms of the city of Creamy and science was arrested two of the criminals

city Kklh was handed over to the police station Sawani

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar and thankfully

Media center confidential Alcdoh (87)

Abdullah thankless on channel Libya first

– The port of Misratah I keep nuclear waste 3 months ago and he confirms it.

– There are 2 containers went and hearers omitted from Misratah time and how, in connection with my father and this convoy came from Misratah to the south in order to Directed Dell containers …

And imposed on that authorized by Congress in front of all States

Conference is “Kepplaona, Chicken”.



Network neutrality Libya. L N N | | threats Inter closures

The brave Youth Sirte give the government a one week deadline for the transfer of prisoners from the prisons of the militias in the capital

and provide them with legal courts ..

Otherwise, they would target gas pipeline passing through Sirte, which feeds:
Generating Station Tripoli and iron and steel plant Misrata and Mellita company and shipping line link between Libya and Europe.

Sirte News Sirte News
Continue to picket the people of the city of Sirte claimants correct path and withdraw confidence from the

interim government and the formation of a government crisis and an investigation of corruption and

files Sirte cancel the decision to divide into four municipalities rejected the extension of the National Conference

without a referendum and that the Islamic Sharia is the only source of legislation.

Sujets Libya Report

International protesters blocking the road in “walked” to demand the resignation of Libyan government

Protesters closed the Libyan city of Sirte (center) on Monday, the international road link between eastern and western cities in Libya,

demanding to “correct the course of the revolution, and the dismissal of the government,” headed by the current Zaidane.

Said Mohammed hobbyist one of the organizers protests today, in a statement to the reporter Anatolia, “The people of the city of Sirte, and rebels, staged a sit today, demanding that corrects the path of the revolution, and the withdrawal of confidence from the interim government, and the formation of a government crisis, and to open an investigation files of corruption.”

He added that “one of the demands of the protestors; cancel the decision to divide the city of Sirte to the four municipalities, and rejected the extension of the National Congress of the year (the interim parliament) without a referendum, and the imposition of security within the city, and to assign a force to protect property and public lands, as well as to be Islamic Sharia is the source The only legislation. ”

The hobbyist explained that the protesters planned to close the road every day for two hours in front of cars and goods, pointing out that he will be allowed to pass for ambulances and cars that families.



The control tower at Tobruk International Airport eliminates a day trip to Al Buraq Air Transport

Lack of vision result Rdih the weather as a result of the dust (Ajaj) today Tobruk International Airport hinder the landing and take-off

of aircraft due to the installation of ILS as well as the number 2 is not installed backup generator to support lighting Palmebt note

that the value of this equipment does not exceed one and a half million dinars:

Adoption Bay Alpmbh in the city of Derna free trade zone.

Declared a local council member city of Derna Mr. “and Walid Mohammed Hinad” on Monday, the Cabinet decided to adopt the Bay Alpmbh a free trade zone. It is noteworthy that the Gulf of Albmpeh just 60 kilometers east of the city of Derna, and the advantage of being bay physically held by a natural harbor, and has an airstrip specifications are excellent, where the region’s military base (freely – air) and is characterized by close to the ports of southern Europe, which made him eligible to be a station logistics for loading and unloading your goods in transit

In a telephone conversation with Dr. Said Hammad, director of the Center Tobruk medical confirms news find a woman dead

after Maghrib prayer unidentified at the age of almost 55 years of medium length Qmahawih skin found near Bay Street

and the church in the center of the city of Tobruk did not recognize one yet … and still citizens are reluctant to Tobruk Medical Center to try to identify it.

Harika port will resume work soon

Tobruk – Ocean – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

The spokesman Guard Libyan oil installations and Walid Hassan to the oil port of Harika city of Tobruk begin during the coming period


Wake up people tuber huge explosion target of the blast is a shop selling video and audio tapes and CDs, causing damage to neighboring shops ..
Shop in the country, near the dark market and an ancient mosque nearest point Pastry Bin Taher Function of Architecture Bouzid ..


Fire b replaced Arab allowance after targeted by the city of Derna
Minutes before now that missed the target goal, which is
Shop for tapes and tucking Cat.

(Urgent Salem al-Obeidi)


Bowoowom …

Since seconds before the dawn prayers at the sound of an explosion tuber double (2 * 1) in the tuber.

Media tuber Libya

Really? (O they are just now admitting it) !!!

U.S. Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Tndeim leader of the so-called Ansar al-Sharia is in the Libyan city of Derna!!



Spokesman tribes of Fezzan Libya on channel First: –
Mr. Boughrara
That the next convoy from Misratah has control over the area Gillan and control of the camp fact there there by force and

positioning which contains weapons Tqilh and launchers, numbering about 150 armed car
And lose control of the gas station and prevent travelers from refueling
And arrived at their audacity to search women and said Ketar travelers
To the presence of non-Libyan nationals in this column.
And major disaster that strong this topic for one did not know of the track and we want clarification from the government or

the chief of staff and the military governor of the South does not know who they are and do not know anything about the subject.
But the evidence suggests that they want action decision metal decision No. 7 falsehood Ali Bin Walid parents certain serves

Ochkass interests under the pretext of arrows if the state wants to kill her newest children
We went to the federation as an organization and not to prevent secession Hdot metal Dell violations.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Wounding a security element, his car after a minor explosion of the Center for National Security Directorate of Security scarcity s coast.

Sabha :::::: indicated lectin ::::: the mail

– Today was the attack on a school in the meadows Sabha new Tabu attacked on Lipo Ikthelo school one wer Valley named Ismail Sassi.

– Today at the School of meadows special atmosphere TPU Hasro school Ahan Tbawi

Mtark with War Flay day before Qt Aavchu in classrooms

and Drew shake as if Mesh School dialed in Altanue and Maahtermu until the director and Ahano Ha Qallahm Dop Achev feast follows Bandirōh

to complement the school, God Aaarb Sabha uniforms Masar in Alqtron, Murzuq and other costume just Makhco school Dop Aakhco your

Maximize Ariqdo home ..

Mizal what Atksmoha a Ikteke federal only in Hchenkm of

Sabha today

Mr. Prime Minister Ali Zaidane is the head of the General National Congress, Mr. Nuri Abu arrows, on the convoy.

This force in the south went there with his knowledge and Bao told him as prime minister,

defense minister and he is not obliged  to clarify the details of the mission senders for it, the spectrum for security reasons.

Sabha today

Colonel Bashir Owaidat, shortly before the first channel Libya

Owaidat: Defense Minister individual contacted the office manager and asked him about the convoy, he said he carries relief.
Bashir said Au convicted of that convoy consisting of 147 car escorted by armed mechanisms for drilling and taller building a barricade around where it collects.
He also added that the South is not a “Jien” does not need aid, it is of offers oil and water as well as food from wheat and barley.

South councils calling on the government to provide clarification on convoy Agheilanah the

Demanded the heads of local councils to the south the government to provide clarification about the nature of mission in Bagheilanah force on the

outskirts of the beach area.
The head of the local council Murzuq Mohamed Adam been discussing the development of a roadmap for the South and the challenges of the security

situation, and asked the government to clarify the nature of the task force moving from the north and on the doors of the valley of the beach.


It is said that this image to Hoiat the convoy in Agheilanyh in Mount Al_husawneh and away from The led Shatty the 180 kilometer

(Addicted to “3”)


Kidnapping Head of Passports Murzuq

According to initial reports of Murzuq that then kidnapped head of Passports and Nationality there is a “born Mohammed Bin Ramadan.”
Witnesses mentioned that the kidnapping was after the departure of “Ben Ramadan,” the mosque after prayers yesterday afternoon,

where the two cars militant intercept method and kidnapped.
Some talk about a serious dispute between “Ben Ramadan” and a member of the security committee called “Mohammed Mulia” on measures

to extract Libyan nationality, in what seems to be a hint to the kidnapping.

(Valley girl)


Newsflash # Jufrah

Jufrah now …

Hrrriv Kberqubl half an hour from now, in the city of Hun .. And still the efforts of the city’s residents and firefighters continued to put out the fire …

Pioneer in the kindergarten building .. Building Army Personnel ..

Strong in the area of fire Jufrah Personnel in the building of the former Army (armed people) fire in the area of Hun exactly in the kindergarten

which accounted pioneer by rats battalion 9/19 sugar and wantonness:



Descended from the Arab Druze origin, called Raslan Abu Raccoon

Israel’s first ambassador to visit Libya soon to announce the beginning of normalization

09/12/2011 22:20:00
 Israel's first ambassador to visit Libya soon to announce the beginning of normalization

Israeli newspaper Haaretz revealed the existence of contacts between Israel and the Libyan National Transitional Council to open an Israeli embassy in Tripoli, noting that the Israeli diplomat candidate for the position of ambassador will visit Libya soon. British sources confirmed the existence of a number of meetings members of the Jewish community in Britain, headed by Libyan Lausanne condoms with some officials of the British government and the Libyan Transitional Council officials in order to return to Libya.

According to the newspaper, the Jews, have British citizenship and call themselves the Libyan Jewish community in Britain, called on the British government and a number of leaders of the Libyan National Transitional Council need to work on their return and give them a passport to Libya, and the restoration of their property in Tripoli and Benghazi.

The sources pointed out that the British committee of the Jewish community Libyan visit Libya soon to open an office for them there, after being invited to condoms Lausanne, head of the Jewish community Libyan in Britain, and the son of one of the largest dealers of Libya, who was expelled them in 1967, to visit Libya and the opening of an office there, according to the newspaper Haaretz. He Ahmad Shabani, a spokesman for the Libyan Transitional Council on the need to establish relations with Israel.

The remarks came Elshabani Israeli newspaper as a deliberate step to measure the Arab public opinion on this issue, as the newspaper Read in various parts of the region. For its part, the newspaper revealed the name of the Israeli diplomat nominated to take over as the first Israeli ambassador in Libya, a Druze Arab descent, and claims Ruslan Abu Raccoon, and currently holds the position of Deputy Consul General of Israel in the U.S. state of Atlanta. The newspaper pointed out that the raccoon will visit Libya during the coming period at the head of a special mission to assess the situation there, accompanied by a number of doctors, Israeli Arabs as a gesture toward the Libyan people.

The paper disclosed in its report that the opening of Israeli embassy in Libya will be in cooperation with Qatar, which believes the Israeli government as an arm of Tel Aviv strong in the Arab region, which will help a lot in the open embassies to Tel Aviv in a number of Arab countries, compared to help them more presence on the level the diplomatic world, after the significant role played by Al-Jazeera in the Arab revolutions, which is a major development in the Israeli-Libyan relations  only days after the “disposal” of Muammar al-Qathafi!

رابط الموضوع :



Smuggling network operating between Algeria, Libya, Niger, Algeria

The newspaper El Khabar that the forces of the Algerian security state “Ouargla” has succeeded in dismantling the smuggling network

International extends its activities across Libya, Niger, Algeria, and stopped 4 suspected sexual Algerian, and is still being sought for the

suspect’s fifth of the nationality of a Libyan and the sixth Nigerian.
The prosecutor ordered the deposit of 4 people confinement temporary and have been charges of smuggling and damage to the

national economy and belonging to a criminal group international, a security source said Algeria that an investigation began two

months ago after booking weapons state Illizi led investigators to the smuggling network that was rhythm before the days in each

of the Illizi and Orڤlh , this group has specialized in smuggling and facilitate infiltration across the land border between Algeria and Libya.
The resulting inspection warehouse in the state of Illizi, in addition to the homes of suspects to book the means used in smuggling,

and of three cars the first Toyota P G 60 and the second type Brad and third type station wagon, in addition to large sum of money

in dinars Algerian and communication devices and 2,600 euros, and 234 Libyan dinars .

(Valley girl)




01 OCTOBER  2013 BY  

The failed novelist, once Obama speech writer, now National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes wrote a series of phony newscasts showing Syrian president Bashar al-Assad being overthrown.

Huge movie sets of the al-Assad presidential palace were built in Saudi Arabia, overseen by our own CIA, in which doubles of al-Assad and his generals are depicted fleeing the Free Syrian Army.

The Hollywood-like operation had an army of special effects crew, stuntmen, and makeup artists that rivaled most studios.

The phony footage was to be fed through Arab League-controlled satellites, preempting regular Syrian newscasts, making the Syrian people think their government had just been toppled.

The CIA-controlled CNN would then re-broadcast the phony footage, causing the world to think al-Assad had been overthrown.  While Syria was mired in anarchy, a real coup would take place; and Obama would ride in on his white horse, installing another Islamic regime.

The plan, scheduled to occur on June 15, 2012, never happened because Syrian officials got wind of it and put a stop to it. The White House and CNN then buried the story down the memory hole and created a new fiction: al-Assad’s August 21, 2013 chemical weapons attack, also now proved to be fake, perpetrated by Obama’s own al-Qaeda rebels in order to warrant a U.S. bombing campaign.

This according to Tony Cartalucci’s book, War on Syria: Gateway to World War III and his subsequent blockbuster articles.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video for details.



“The President’s Private Army“: NSA-CIA Spying is Central to Carrying Out the Obama

Administration’s Assassination Program

Global Research, 29 September  2013


Intelligence Agencies Central In Assassination Programs Carried out Without Oversight

We’ve previously documented that the NSA isn’t just passively spying like a giant peeping tom, but is actively using that information in mischievous ways … such as assassinations.

A lot more information is about to come out on the topic. AP reports:

Two American journalists known for their investigations of the United States’ government said Saturday they’ve teamed up to report on the National Security Agency’s role in what one called a “U.S. assassination .”


Jeremy Scahill, a contributor to The Nation magazine and the New York Times best-selling author of “Dirty Wars,” said he will be working with Glenn Greenwald, the Rio-based journalist who has written stories about U.S. surveillance based on documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

The connections between war and surveillance are clear. I don’t want to give too much away but Glenn and I are working on a project right now that has at its center how the National Security Agency plays a significant, central role in the U.S. assassination program,” said Scahill ….


“Dirty Wars” the film, directed by Richard Rowley, traces Scahill’s investigations into the Joint Special Operations Command, or JSOC. The movie, which won a prize for cinematography at the Sundance Film Festival, follows Scahill as he hopscotches around the globe, from Afghanistan to Yemen to Somalia, talking to the families of people killed in the U.S. strikes.

JSOC , as well as the CIA, have been described as “the President’s private army“, which operate at the President’s beck-and-call with no real oversight.

But a fourth agency is also centrally involved in both intelligence-gathering and assassinations: the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). NCTC is responsible for generating the “disposition matrix” of who to murder using drones or other means.

As Greenwald noted last year:

The ACLU has long warned that the real purpose of the NCTC … is the “massive, secretive data collection and mining of trillions of points of data about most people in the United States” …. In particular, the NCTC operates a gigantic data-mining operation, in which all sorts of information about innocent Americans is systematically monitored, stored, and analyzed. This includes “records from law enforcement investigations, health information, employment history, travel and student records” – “literally anything the government collects would be fair game”. In other words, the NCTC – now vested with the power to determine the proper “disposition” of terrorist suspects – is the same agency that is at the center of the ubiquitous, unaccountable surveillance state aimed at American citizens.

Worse still, as the ACLU’s legislative counsel Chris Calabrese documented back in July in a must-read analysis, Obama officials very recently abolished safeguards on how this information can be used. Whereas the agency, during the Bush years, was barred from storing non-terrorist-related information about innocent Americans for more than 180 days – a limit which “meant that NCTC was dissuaded from collecting large databases filled with information on innocent Americans” – it is now free to do so. Obama officials eliminated this constraint by authorizing the NCTC “to collect and ‘continually assess’ information on innocent Americans for up to five years”.

But don’t worry, the government would never assassinate Americans living on U.S. soil … would it?

And even if it would, it would only consider truly bad guys to be terrorists … wouldn’t it?


Do not rule out any option, including the military toward Iran’s nuclear program.

CNN Cancels Hillary Clinton Film

30 SEPTEMBER, 2013

hillary clinton food security 300x200 CNN cancels Hillary Clinton film

While Republicans expressed initial concerns regarding a proposed documentary on prospective 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, it appears Democrats were ultimately responsible for its cancellation.

According to director Charles Ferguson, over 100 individuals — including many high-profile Democrats — refused to be interviewed for the film. Clinton aides were similarly dismissive, he said, indicating she had no interest in providing any assistance in the process.

“Neither political party wanted the film made,” he confirmed, though Democrat objection to his project seemed to ultimately seal its fate.

“Part of what’s going on right now is that many, many, many people want to be in her campaign,” Ferguson noted, “they want a job in her administration,

they want access to the White House, they want some specific thing that they care about; and most of the people, probably over 90 percent, are going to be disappointed.”

He called the decision to cancel his project “painful,” explaining a well-coordinated attack on the film caused more damage than he expected.

“When I approached people for interviews, I discovered that nobody — and I mean nobody — was interested in helping me make this film,” he noted.

Only two individuals with personal knowledge of Clinton would agree to an interview for the film, he said, adding his assumption that “even they would back out.”

Ferguson said he was not entirely surprised by the GOP’s disapproval of the film, which led the party to announce it would not host 2016 presidential primary debates on the network.

“What did surprise me,” he noted, was that, quietly and privately, prominent Democrats made it known to both CNN and to me that they weren’t delighted with the film either.”

Calling the push to halt his film a “victory for the Clintons,” Ferguson added “this is not her finest hour.”

Ultimately, he still hopes to finish the film.

“After the election, no matter if she wins or loses … it’ll be a lot easier to get access,” he predicted.

The refusal of any Clinton flacks to participate in this ostensibly friendly political documentary is as telling as anything they might have contributed to the film.

There remains a common assumption that the Clinton family is full of secrets. When a supportive filmmaker working with the leftists at CNN cannot even get access, though, one wonders exactly what they want to keep hidden.

NBC joins CNN in scrapping Clinton biopic

by B. Christopher Agee


Monday has not been a good day for filmmakers working on Hillary Clinton biographies.

Early in the day, CNN announced it halted a project about the former Secretary of State and likely 2016 presidential candidate. Charles Ferguson, slated to direct the documentary, explained those closest to Clinton refused to be interviewed for the project.

Just hours later, another network planning a Clinton-based miniseries declared that project dead, too. NBC, which had previously touted the vehicle starring Diane Lane as Clinton, issued a statement indicating a change in direction.

Though the Peacock Network volunteered less information concerning the reason behind the cancellation, spokesperson Richard Licata indicated “reviewing and prioritizing” current projects led to the decision “that we will no longer continue developing the Hillary Clinton miniseries.”

Both networks faced significant criticism from Republicans, who believed the projects would consist of thinly veiled campaign messages for the Democrat party’s expected presidential front-runner. The backlash included calls to boycott both networks, including a Republican National Committee vote that would bar CNN and NBC from hosting any of the GOP’s 2016 presidential primary debates.

In light of Monday’s announcements, both networks are once again in the running to broadcast those viewer-grabbing dialogues.

Republican opprobrium was not directly linked to NBC’s decision to scrap the miniseries, though Ferguson admitted “neither political party” wanted to see his project completed.

Perhaps, as with the CNN film, Clinton flacks were responsible for putting the kibosh on NBC’s planned biopic. While Republicans were confident the network would only air a glowing historical rewrite, erasing or excusing her role in countless scandals over the past several decades, Clinton is notoriously hostile toward any perceived criticism.

At this point, however, any attempt to read further into the decision is merely speculative. The integral point, from a conservative perspective, is that the struggling NBC network will not be airing a multi-night campaign ad for the Clinton campaign under the guise of providing an entertaining miniseries.

As for any other factors leading to the decision, one might be inclined to quote Hillary Clinton herself and ask, “What difference does it make?”

Follow WCJ staff writer Chris Agee here.

French newspaper Le Monde: Libyan activist Hana al-Habashi brought women to Qatar!!!
Bring Libyan women for U.S. soldiers in Qatar Adhadjaohn!!
Khalid Al-Sharif was responsible for airlifting Libyan flights to Qatar guidance Belhadj
Adore mating Libyan They dressed in folk costume (uttered by one of the officers of the two countries in the article literally)
Did not stand polling officials to Libya to insult us and charge us and him it was time respond to them as promised ::
Hana al-Habashi and that our presence in Qatar is brought to us in one of the national parties in Doha Twenty Girl from the mountain town of Ifrane and traditional clothes Lybia …

Source: http://www.iraqalarab.net/news.php?action=view&id=5173 of

REMEMBER: the “Army of the Armed Forces of the Great Jamahiriya” was taught MORALITY and respect for women—whereas Western Nation Armies USE WOMEN as play things and sex-toys!!!


For your health


I have discovered a body of medical research in the United States that

a new cancer affects human and material cause ((Nitro silver oxide))

Whenever you buy recharge cards does not Tkhaddchha “nails” because this card contains a coating of silver oxide, and you can cause skin cancer.

| Please publish this command the widest | ツ



Generalizable ::::

A lot of girls, women report cases of extortion are subjected to it by some psychopaths because penetrate Ajhtzhm and steal their own photos and blackmail may even be very kidnappings for some distance to arrange a meeting

After talking with some of them, it turns out that most of the girls have the private computers Bihn without putting any protection or Anti Virus

Per sisters follow the advice Next
1 – First and the most important thing is to install an antivirus program and preferably Internet Skjorta’s available in the market at reasonable prices
There is also free copies for one year, for example Avast antivirus program and this link for free version

2 – If you have special pictures on your computer preferably placed on the disc D and not C or desktop or file documents
3 – Do not access or click on any suspicious links or incomprehensible words
Example when entering on Facebook make sure that the word facebook.com not any excess capital letters or other words, there are sites and pages to steal fake accounts on For example faceebok.com to note the difference

4 – not to receive any file at all from someone with no confidence even though Conti on prior knowledge

5 – preferable to create a password for each from your Ckhadda and your computer

God willing, God saves everyone


Sunday filled with Hope

Mu always the good teacher



فلا تجزع وإن أعسرت يوما

Steadfastness and challenge
Do not panic be Obeeft days
The long-time Eisert
فقد ايسرت في الزمن الطويل

6J’aime ·  · Partager



Youth Libya Alahrarali the Facebook

*****In light sun will not be absent

In light Light on its principle

On each Nadmon and a good group Jay watch the video

Whatever optimism km ratio of what will happen in Libya in the near future no expect pleasant surprises size of the next because it is above the level of thinking humans …
المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر  / BASIC PEOPLE’s CONGRESS ELVIS BUCKY FREE 

  • مهما كانت نسبة تفاؤلكم بما سوف يحدث في ليبيا في المستقبل القريب فلم تتوقعوا حجم المفأجات السارة القادمة لانها فوق مستوي تفكير البشر …
    Libya is now in the final third of the night …..

    (……….. but after every night the day comes back ……..)

    ليبيا الان في الثلث الاخير من الليل ….





Urgent .. Management of public lighting you turn off the electricity company public lighting in the streets after the station

stops west of Tripoli electricity for final action.

After hours of darkness will begin rolling the streets of the capital Tripoli.



Moroccan press for the following:

Call for tolerance, forgiveness and love ..
If that happened, one of them a victim of their hands ..
Slkhuh and distorted and Okloh ..!!

Summit tolerance .. White hearts.

Ayman civil: –

Question for all Libyans who was behind the incident blended Balmitnol the liquor ………

and what occurred only after criticism Abdul Rauf hater  (killed in Misurata on Friday) who did it was dependent on the base jurisprudential ward off evil

and bring good interests of the mind behind the kidnapping of girls and very clear and flagrant? And especially

that they are from the days of calling for the separation of girls to boys and girls from season to study in universities, thinking they were an Islamic emirate?!

Quoting the Libyan news agency today


Granting special training company owned by a member of the conference corrupt Nagy Mokhtar decades in the field of computer training and English language worth $ 50 million Libyan dinars ..

Confirmed by the Minister of Labour and Rehabilitation Mohammed Soualem, the unemployment rate in Libya and reached 12% of the population.


The news agency – Tripoli – reporter

Called the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army, all employees of the oil installations device Central Branch officers, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers, and civilian personnel, and the rebels, the need to enrollment attribution fourth battalion stationed Central Branch.

And called upon the presidency – said in a statement, the brightest Nyein prove their attendance and completion of administrative transactions for the disbursement of their salaries, and they will take legal action against the offenders to stop their salaries and canceling their contracts, starting from 01 October  2013. M.

And explained the Presidency, that this action comes in implementation of the directives of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Defense No. (427) for the year 2013. M.


“So as not to repeat the Egyptian scene in Libya must assassinate all military and police officers in Libya. Libya rebels room ….”





Urgent agency Libya / support the electricity network Tripoli

Electricity Ministry announced the termination of customs procedures maritime port of Tripoli to the number four gas units

with a total capacity of 100 megawatt hours purchased recently after contracting with the Company (GE) U.S. manufacturer.
This day has been the transfer of these units from the city of Tripoli to the city corner.
The new units will be installed, operated and tested and introduced on the public electric grid during the month of December to support the production of electric energy.

(Valley girl)


Band attribution Alkhashalthanih


From the heart of the event is now open highway and the gradual return of movement

Close Highway from Tajourah to market Friday in protest against the kidnapping of one of the drug dealers from Algrarat area

Close Highway Tripoli

A group of young area Algrarat the capital, blocking the highway against the backdrop of the kidnapping of a young man from their area yesterday is said to be a drug dealer.

The interest of the security of facilities and installations

URGENT / / police Tripoli execute person after refusing to stop in front of the public

The Metropolitan Police shortly before the arrest of a car without plates Water campaign arrested on offending cars.

The driver refused to stop and started firing randomly at the policemen began firing on the public and the police began firing on his car Vlad escaped and continued to shoot and the chase began.

The driver of the car continued firing boob to the public and passers-by on the road is at the top of wines and Istadm coral, flame retardants and aspects of the cars parked on the sides of the road, and began the process of stalking to force him to stop and turned into a quick and began to chase the armed clash either everyone.

And refused to stop even after the bombing of his car tires of a Kia Optima type leaden color without plates, was stopped at half way and come out of the machine and began to throw at passing cars and wounding several policemen shot in the head and chest, was killed instantly in a scene describe Baldmoa.

Showing that the car stolen and cans of alcohol are still by his side and know his identity and follows the militias and has a number of corners 2 pistol and submachine least two diagonal and Klashen weapon Cove Chinese, a former prisoner drug charges

So far, the highway still city of Tripoli locked.

Image Lock the highway from both sides with concrete, protest against the abduction of Veterinary Atman.

Quoting rebels Algrarat

Currently via Muskr Express from both sides with concrete, protest against the abduction of Veterinary Atman, my Lord guides and fit the case.


Highway intoxicant from Tajourah to and Friday market precisely seven under the bridge



 The news agency – Tripoli – reporter

Broadcasting Commission announced in the grievances of citizens Central Bank of Libya that the deadline for the disbursement of the grant established by Law No. “64” for the year 2012

As well as receive complaints relating to the grant is mentioned on 04/11/2013. M.

The Committee called upon all citizens review of the relevant authorities for the scholarship assessments and prior to the expiry of the deadline.

Student Media Center
Urgent: the descent of scholarship students of the Faculty of Medicine after waiting for over the past months

In deviated become today morning at 7.00 Bzbt in Alkizh plateau was throwing one person was shot dead by Twita FG color Gray

and God position Akhihlaholh and force except God Almighty guy waved Atriv the Mavi extent ringworm.

Unidentified they open and dug up a number of graves in the cemetery companion Mnivr African Tripoli and among these graves is received and opened, and exhumed grave companion Mnivr Africa and the tomb of Sheikh Mohammed Kettani and the tomb of Sheikh Mohammed eggs and the tomb of Sheikh Abdel Moez Ghiryani Sheikh way Issawiya and the tomb of Sheikh Abdul Hadi Hamoudaand Sheikh Alhiar tomb and Sheikh al-Maliki doctrine Sheikh Mohamed Hamouda



And – A number of area youth and Rishvana lock the main road link between the cities of Al Aziziyah and Gharyan, starting from the bridge Zahra put piles of dirt the middle of the road.
A correspondent Libyan news agency in the Western Region, quoting these young people, that the reason for locking the road is required to force shield Libya western region to release 3 prisoners of the sons of the region and Rishvana, and it is known that the agreement recently concluded between the regions of the corner and Rishvana spends firing all detainees from both sides.
The efforts are still some notables of the region to solve problems, and make connections between them and a number of officials in the interim government and the National Congress of the year.



 AJeelat & :::::: Corner reconciliation agreement

Highlights of the reconciliation agreement yesterday
1_ discharged folks corner of anyone trying to attack on the city of AJeelat after this incident
2_ pledge not to harass or exposure to any citizen of the AJeelat in the Corner gates
3_ delivered the prisoners to the Corner
4_ terrorist militia’s withdrawal from the coastal road AJeelat to the corner
In the presence of a member of Congress for a to AJeelat and the President of the Council of Local to AJeelat.

City of AJeelat




Close the oil and gas pumps apparent Nalut region Jebel Nafusa by the Nafusa mountain rebels.

The lines closed this lunch European countries. As he will not open these pumps only after the

amendment of Article (30) of the Constitutional Declaration.

We bring you pictures immediately as it arrives and there will also be a statement in this regard.

Quoting ::::

Urgent ..Lock oil and gas pipelines in the area back Nalut region Jebel Nafusa by the Nafusa mountain rebels. the objection to the text of

Article 30 of the Constitution and expectations downward

pressure in the power plants to zero and total interruption of electricity for the western region and Tripoli in a matter of hours.

Urgent ..Foreigt some turbines in power stations shortly before the service after locking gas lines in Nalut.

Urgent ..Italian embassy urgently relate to inquire about locking gas pipeline connecting to Mellitah Complex gas and

Taattalib the Libyan government to intervene quickly to resolve this crisis immediately.

عاجل .. قفل خطوط النفط والغاز في منطقة الظهر بنالوت اعتراضا على نص المادة 30 من الدستور وتوقعات بنزول الضغط في
محطات توليد الكهرباء الي الصفر وانقطاع تام للكهرباء عن المنطقة الغربية وطرابلس في ظرف ساعات ..




In rat remorseful Samehana O Libya










General National Congress extends the work of the Commission on the crisis for two weeks and was the crisis in Libya will not continue after two weeks ..


MP in the National Ground pass adequate Sharif spoke about the movements

toward the use of force against the protesters,

but said it was the efforts of a “weak” person or two, refusing this deal because it drag Libya into division and massacres, as he put it.
He said that members of Congress have urged their counterparts military option enthusiasts session last Tuesday not to such methods

waving “violent” until the formation of a parliamentary delegation from the eastern regions to discuss with the head of the

political bureau of the territory Burka Ibrahim Aljdharan, from order to resolve the crisis.

(Al Jazeera Net Khaled Almher)

Consultations now taking place for the formation of first Brquaouih government headed by Ashour Hoael and proposed names Abdul Hamid financial Pilot
Abdel Gawad internal fat
Cyrenaica and defense force Nice Bouchmadh the
Mohammed Bu Shaybah oil
Justice Joseph Aaron
Education d. Idriss Ahfazh,
Health. Mohammed Osama cabled
Higher Education d. Abdul Rahman al-Sanusi Michael.
Dr. agriculture. Fawzi Repu
مشاورات تجري الان لتشكيل اول حكومة برقاوية برئاسة عاشور شوايل و الاسماء المقترحةالمالية عبد الحميد الطيار
الداخلية عبد الجواد البدين
قوة دفاع برقة ونيس بوخمادة
النفط محمد بو شيبة
العدل يوسف هارون
التعليم د. ادريس احفيظة
الصحة د.محمد اسامة الزوي
التعليم العالي د. عبد الرحمن السنوسي ميكائيل.
الزراعة د. فوزي الدوميبنت الوادي


Marines special forces arrest three people

After the and Rhode tip them they are reluctant to
The headquarters of the old refinery b Ras beak and they are stealing cables
And were handed over to the competent authorities, including two drunk
And as soon as they enter for headquarters Dahmthm the power subsidiary of Marines.

(Exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)



Benghazi on Sunday, 09/29/2013

Three assassinations in the city of Benghazi on Sunday:

1 – The assassination of Colonel in military intelligence, “Abdul Qader Mohammed Ahmed Almaadana” where was assassinated by unknown assailants shot him seven bullets.

2 – The assassination submitted in the Air Force “Ali Hassan Aldgara” by placing a bomb under his car exploded in while standing in the optical signal corresponding to the Zamzam Market Center with disabilities ….

3 – The assassination of a member of the Preventive Security Service, a “Najib Belhassen cabled” who was assassinated by an improvised explosive device also placed under his car

 Murder of three police officers in Benghazi today at the hands of Alzenazqh follow Ismael Salaabi and Sufian bin Qmo …


And the death of Lieutenant Colonel Pilot secret vertical “Ali Adam Aldgara” that his car was targeted improvised explosive device in

Benghazi morning on his way to his office in built air base.


And the death of Lieutenant Colonel Pilot secret vertical “Ali Adam Aldgara” that his car was targeted improvised explosive device in Benghazi morning on his way to his office in built air base.
Image officer pilot Ali Aldgara, who was assassinated in Benghazi this morning an improvised explosive device in his car:

Gate Libya Libya Gate the

Salem al-Obeidi reporting:

Assassination Associate Director of the Eastern Region Intelligence Colonel Abdul Qadir Almaadana the city of Benghazi

and wounded one of his children in the process that are made by unknown people lose fired on Colonel Almaadana the front of his house.

Assassination Colonel “Abdelkader Almaadana of the” Centre for Intelligence
B area Laithi before status by seven bullets discharged, and submitted
Pilot “Ali Aldgara” the Air Force’s bombing of his car
In front of disabled b Benghazi.

Move a convoy of special forces “Thunderbolt” opened at the
Dawn on the fourth head Colonel “and Nice Bouchmadh” ordered troops
Private, from the city of Benghazi to Sellouk to calm the situation
Congested there, and spoke with the parties that differed yesterday
And asked the parties not to use the weapon and the use of the mind
And was greeted by sheikhs Sellouk and finished what they came for
And include it returned to Benghazi at ten in the morning

Agency …

Urgent agency Libya / Benghazi beating in schools

Been one of the primary school students in Benghazi beaten parameter of “reserves,” “a.” Leaving marks on his back like raised whips inflamed.
He reported a “Mohammed Ferjani” one student’s relatives “Joseph key Emhemed Ferjani,” that he was beaten a Alkarzabih school in

Benghazi Almajora area is in the sixth grade and was beating on the back.
Ferjani described the case of the pupil, saying: like whips tortured in prison.
The attached video shows signs of torture, and wait for what could be issued by the Ministry of Education on beating in schools

and the consequences for educational and psychological problems.


وكالة عاجل ليبيا / الضرب في المدارس ـ بنغازي
—————————————————-تعرض اأحد تلاميذ المرحلة الابتدائية ببنغازي لضرب مبرح من معلمة ” احتياط ” ” أ . ب ” مما ترك آثارا على ظهره كأنها أثار سياط ملتهبة .
وافاد أحد ” محمد الفرجاني ” أحد اقارب التلميذ ” يوسف مفتاح امحمد الفرجاني ” أنه تعرض للضرب بمدرسة القرضابية بمنطقة الماجوري بنغازي وهو في الصف السادس الابتدائي وكان الضرب علي الظهر .
ووصف الفرجاني حالة التلميذ بقوله : كأنه تعرض لتعذيب بالسياط في السجن .
ويظهر الفيديو المرفق اثار التعذيب ، وننتظر ما يمكن ان يصدر عن وزارة التربية والتعليم بشأن الضرب في المدارس وما يترتب عنه من مشاكل تربوية ونفسية.

The news agency – Benghazi

Office official media reported Galaa Hospital “Souad Badri”, on Sunday, that unknown assailants attacked the domestic private housing foreign workers in Galaa Hospital killing a guard assigned to protect him.

She added, “Badri” that unknown persons attempted assault on an apartment building by an internal housing for foreign workers in Galaa Hospital, referring to the the Architecture guard blocked them what caused the clash between the two led to the injury of goalkeeper three times during the defense of the population led to his death.

And pointed out that one of the members of the group injured while trying to break into a minor injury architecture income impact Galaa Hospital for treatment, pointing out that he escaped from the hospital without being subject to questioning.

And al-Badri pointed out that no one has come to bring security into the causes of the attack and to verify the identity of the attackers and their motives.



Alert and warning to Helena and the Liberals in Bani Walid

Five Cars Track Khaled Sherif country entered bin Walid –

Investigation and reporting or dealing with it as the case

Source from within a group of Khalid Sharif

Access unspoken goal

Please all of the information acquaintances of young people.


re-you scene military commander Gen. Grjanov and his plan to occupation and Rafla.

And a document outlining that false Gharyiani is the owner of a plan to storm Bani Walid means a military expert and political and religious Each Shi of each orchard flower!

The document incorporates a huge big lie saying that Khamis and Moussa Ibrahim are dead–WE KNOW BETTER.
Moussa Ibrahim Mansour is in Berlin as an exile, and KHAMIS is very much still Golden General of 32nd Brigade.



Sirte residents continue their sit-in for a third day

Atmosphere of the country –

A member of the local council of Sirte Ahmed Boucetta:

The people of the city are continuing their sit-in for a third day; protest against the non-activation of the role of the army and police in the country.

Boucetta added that the parents are close coastal highway for several hours a day, demanding to speed up the activation of the role of the police and the army, and to investigate bribery cases to the National Conference of the year.

As demanded by parents Boucetta activating the work of the Audit Bureau in the city to eliminate the financial and administrative corruption 

The families of several Libyan cities have Batsa died in protest at what they saw as a shortcoming of the government to activate the role of the army and police.

(Valley girl)



Proliferation of militias Martyrs Saleem Omar Mukhtar University branch tuber ..

Two bodies were found unknowns identity to the East Coast
within the Tuber by the proximity of the draft 2000 housing units, and they are young.
Young people, and has not been identified yet and me, most likely I Kono from outside the dirt, and do not know anything about them only a ravenous been killed
By the lead.

(Salem al-Obeidi)


Libya February issue of terrorism to Tunisia

Said security expert and president of the Tunisian Association for Strategic Studies comprehensive security Nasser bin Sultan,

said in remarks broadcast ‘inhabitants station’ own country, if there are more than 3,500 Tunisian fighter, were fighting in Syria,

they are now being trained in the area of ​​Derna, Libya.



The Western Mountain News Agency

What’s going on in southern Libya?

Convoy pan and touring the Libyan Sahara, pits and aircraft and looked forward to come down from the middle of the Libyan desert!!!!

Is a subsidiary of this force and what is the secret planes landing at night in central desert in southern Libya!!

Continuation of the fuel shortage in the city of Sabha

إستمرار أزمة نقص الوقود في مدينة سبها – تقرير وليد بكاكو قناة النبأ

إستمرار أزمة نقص الوقود في مدينة سبها

Severe water crisis due to suspension of the river’s water supply to some areas in the city Slath:

SOUTH LIBYA—oh what has destroyed the great wonder of the GREAT MAN-made RIVER?

Free newspaper Sabha

The cause of the continued disruption in electricity neighborhoods Sabha this topic is a malfunction in the days of the

400 line connecting between the beach and five technicians working to fix this topic and it will take days to work two or three


New kidnapped in Ubari
An unidentified armed group today abducted Republic Bank branch manager Ubari “Sanusi Ahmed Sharif Alodani” and took him to an unknown location.


Transfer reporter Tabu channel from City Zuwaila
Has been bombing the graves of the companions and that belonging to the brown family that ruled the speech

Maclh Zuwaila from 918 to 1177 AD and consists of the graves of six domes and was blown up and settled on the ground and one remained unchanged
Reporter the Toubou Zuwaila channel

Photos historic tombs Zuwaila after detonated on 09/28/2013



21 DEC 2010

09 MAY 2005


Old Dog, Old Trick: US, Saudis, Qatar Attempt “Arab Spring” Retread in Sudan

Protests are smokescreen for unfolding US-Saudi-Qatari backed violence seeking regime change in Sudan.

protest sudan

The Associated Press reveals that recent and ongoing “Arab Spring-style” unrest in Sudan’s capital of Khartoum is led by Sudan’s Western-backed opposition, the National Umma Party, and the various faux-NGO’s and “independent media” organizations created by the West to prop it up. This reveals yet another Western-engineered uprising designed for regime change in favor of a new, Western friendly client regime.

The AP article, “Sudanese protesters demand the regime’s ouster,” first claims:

Activists acknowledge they have no unified leadership or support from political parties but express hope the spontaneous nature of the current round of protests means they’re gaining momentum.

However, AP then admits [emphasis added]:

One of Sudan’s most prominent opposition leaders, Sadiq al-Mahdi of the National Umma Party, told worshippers at a mosque in the district of Omdurman that al-Bashir has been spending the state’s budget on “consolidating power” and failed “to lift the agony off the citizens’ shoulders.”

After the sermon, protesters marched through the district, a longtime opposition stronghold, chanting “the people want the downfall of the regime,” the slogan heard in Arab Spring uprisings that began in late 2010 and have led to the ouster of the leaders in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen.

Clearly, the “activists” indeed have a leader – Sadiq al-Mahdi of the National Umma Party who was literally leading the protesters out into the streets. And while comparisons to the “Arab Spring” invokes images of peaceful “pro-democracy” protests – AP admits that the protesters are already turning to violence:

Angry protesters torched police and dozens of gas stations and government buildings, and students marched chanting for al-Bashir’s ouster.

AP, perhaps hoping readers would not bother researching the matter further, also quotes “local blogger and journalist Reem Shawka” to bolster their narrative. Shawka is a columnist at Sudan’s 500 Words Magazine. While 500 Words maintains that it is “a Sudanese independent online magazine,” it proudly advertises in the right column of its website an upcoming US Institute of Peace “Sudanese and South Sudanese Youth Leaders Program.” Like Thailand’s deceitful US-funded propaganda front Prachatai, 500 Words is most likely directly funded by the US government, and is most certainly in tune with the US State Department’s agenda and talking points regarding Sudan.

Image: Sudan’s “independent online magazine,” 500 Words proudly advertises for the US Institute of Peace on its website (right-hand side), exposing the predictable ties between its support for Western-backed opposition inside of Sudan and the US State Department through the National Endowment for Democracy and others, who most likely funds the online propaganda front. 


Indeed 500 Words’ editor-in-chief, Moez Ali, has his own page on “Open Democracy” – funded by Open Society Institute, the Oak Foundation, the Sigrid Rausing Trust, TIDES, and many others.

It should be mentioned that the US Institute of Peace – advertised for on 500 Words – has played an instrumental role in the Western-engineered “Arab Spring,” where it literally crafts the constitutions and structure of proxy regimes the West plans to create once targeted nations have been overthrown.

Who is Opposition Leader Sadiq al-Mahdi?

Sadiq al-Mahdi, leader of Sudan’s National Umma Party, is a member of the EU-US-Saudi-Qatari run Arab Democracy Foundation and the Club de Madrid which features former US President Bill Clinton as a “full member” amongst many others, and is backed by Wall Street and London’s myriad of “international institutions” and foundations including the World Bank, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Ford Foundation, Walmart, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Microsoft, and many others.

Al-Mahdi himself was Oxford educated, according to his official Club de Madrid biography, which also states [emphasis added]:

Al-Mahdi was elected president of the Umma party in November 1964, and led a campaign to promote political activity, develop political Islam, and reform the party by expanding its base and promoting democracy behavior. Despite his efforts towards a democratic government, there was another coup d´état in 1969 that led to a dictatorship referred to as the May Regime.

He was soon arrested by the military government, exiled to Egypt, and detained in Sudanese prisons repeatedly until 1974. Later that year, he traveled abroad and toured Arab and African Capitals where he delivered a number of lectures. While in exile, he formed the National Democratic Front (NDF), comprised of Umma, the Democratic Unionist Party, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Through his efforts, the NDF was able to make an accord of national reconciliation in 1977 with the May Regime that mandated democratic reform.

His direct association with the Muslim Brotherhood is important, as this is the organization that as far back as 2007, under then US President George Bush, began receiving US-Saudi-Israeli support to prepare the violent overthrow of several nations, including in particular, Syria. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh in his 2007 New Yorker article,  “The Redireciton: Is the Administration’s new policy benefiting our enemies in the war on terrorism?” would reveal US-Saudi-Israeli support behind funding and arming the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria:

“the Saudi government, with Washington’s approval, would provide funds and logistical aid to weaken the government of President Bashir Assad, of Syria. The Israelis believe that putting such pressure on the Assad government will make it more conciliatory and open to negotiations.”

Hersh also reported that a supporter of the Lebanese pro-US-Saudi Hariri faction had met Dick Cheney in Washington and relayed personally the importance of using the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria in any move against the ruling government:

“[Walid] Jumblatt then told me that he had met with Vice-President Cheney in Washington last fall to discuss, among other issues, the possibility of undermining Assad. He and his colleagues advised Cheney that, if the United States does try to move against Syria, members of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood would be “the ones to talk to,” Jumblatt said.”

The article would continue by explaining how already in 2007 US and Saudi backing had begun benefiting the Brotherhood:

“There is evidence that the Administration’s redirection strategy has already benefitted the Brotherhood. The Syrian National Salvation Front is a coalition of opposition groups whose principal members are a faction led by Abdul Halim Khaddam, a former Syrian Vice-President who defected in 2005, and the Brotherhood. A former high-ranking C.I.A. officer told me, “The Americans have provided both political and financial support. The Saudis are taking the lead with financial support, but there is American involvement.” He said that Khaddam, who now lives in Paris, was getting money from Saudi Arabia, with the knowledge of the White House. (In 2005, a delegation of the Front’s members met with officials from the National Security Council, according to press reports.) A former White House official told me that the Saudis had provided members of the Front with travel documents.”

That al-Mahdi, whose coalition included the Muslim Brotherhood that’s played an instrumental role executing recent Western designs in Syria and Egypt, and whose uprising and calls for faux-reform is echoed by the likes of Sudanese extremist leader Hassan al-Turabi (who had in fact invited Osama Bin Laden to Sudan), is now leading protesters through the streets of Sudan’s capital, torching infrastructure, government buildings, and police stations (just as was done across Egypt and Syria), indicates another attempt by the West to overthrow the Sudanese government via proxy militancy.

That the West has once again “coincidentally” arrayed its vast resources behind al-Mahdi’s “revolution,” which includes Al Qaeda-linked leaders like al-Turabi, once again illustrates that so-called “Islamic” extremism is a geopolitical tool both created and intentionally perpetuated by the West, both as a pretext for direct military invasion and occupation (Mali, Afghanistan) and as an inexhaustible proxy mercenary force for overthrowing targeted nations (Libya, Egypt, Syria).

What to Watch For 

Sudan shares borders with NATO-overthrown Libya, destabilized Egypt, and US military proxy Ethiopia. It is also across the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia itself. Both Libya and Egypt have sizable US-Saudi-Israeli-Qatari-backed terrorist organizations and their affiliated political arms – the Muslim Brotherhood being the most prominent. Sudan is a potential tinderbox made more volatile in recent years due to the Muslim Brotherhood’s US-Saudi-Qatari-Israeli enabled rise, along with the Western-backed terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda, that form it’s armed factions.

The West’s interest in Sudan is not causal or spontaneous. It was listed as one of several nations the US had intended to violently overthrow and subjugate as a client regime since at least 2001, revealed in a speech given by US Army General Wesley Clark in 2007.

With a recent terrorist attack by US armed and backed Al Qaeda in Nairobi Kenya threatening to justify new joint African Union-US AFRICOM incursions into Somalia, and destabilizations ongoing in both Egypt and to a much greater extent in Syria, the words of General Wesley Clark are both prophetic and indicative of the true nature of both the so-called “Arab Spring” and the attempted violent regime changes being organized behind the smokescreen of “pro-democracy protesters.”

While Sudan may not seem to have significance to most across the West, the geopolitical implications of an entire region from Mali to Pakistan under Western destabilization directly impacts oil, logistics, and stability across the globe. Nations like China which relies on African and Middle Eastern trade, are directly impacted by US attempts to destabilize and overthrow Sudan – and is in fact one of the driving motivations of the West’s so-called “Arab Spring.”

Following the “Arab Spring” playbook, we should expect attempts to justify the increased militarization of the so-called “opposition,” who will at first be portrayed as “pro-democracy” moderates forced to “defend themselves,” but will be fully revealed as Al Qaeda as full-scale proxy military operations get underway. The only way to avert a destructive military conflict is for the Sudanese government to swiftly and severely crush the opposition and secure the borders where NATO-backed militants and their equipment are most likely to flow.

Sudan’s government must also make real attempts at reform, while exposing the foreign-backed nature of opposition leaders trying to divide and destroy the nation. By breaking the predictable “evil dictator” mold Sudan’s leadership has been cast in by the Western media, it, and other nations targeted by Western regime change can even the odds leveled against them by the still formidable Western press and their partners in propaganda across Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel.

Unprecedented amounts of resources have been committed to the geopolitical reordering of North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. It would be a considerable mistake for any nation overtly listed by the US as “pending regime change” to underestimate any beginnings of unrest clearly backed by foreign interests. While some operations may be “testing the waters,” the final push can come at any time with fully militarized proxies pre-positioned and prepared to sow the same genocidal destruction US-backed terrorists in Syria are carrying out.



Russia and arms control to Libya news agency ONA Moscow
Russia on Sunday confirmed the need to prevent the occurrence of Libyan arms in hand “terrorists,” came in a speech by the representative of the Russian president for international cooperation in combating terrorism “Alexander Zmeyevski” during the Global Ministerial Environment Forum to combat terrorism in New York.
The Russian Foreign Ministry that speech “Zmeyevski” focuses on the face of the risk associated with the return of the “terrorists” of the armed conflict areas, in addition to leakage of weapons from Libyan territory and bringing them to “terrorist” organizations.
The ministry added that it had been during the meeting, ratification of the Convention on Ankara to deter extremism and the Madrid Agreement for the protection of victims of terrorism, in addition to the adoption of modern applications to attract civil society to fight extremism.



Israel’s Chemical Arsenal Under New Scrutiny

A plan to inspect and destroy Syria’s chemical weapons has focused new attention on Israel’s undeclared WMDs

By Jonathan Cook
Global Research, 25 September  2013
Jonathan Cook 20 September 2013

gas mask
gas mask
Israeli officials are reported to be increasingly nervous that international efforts to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons might serve as a prelude to demands on Israel to eliminate its own, undeclared weapons of mass destruction.

Israel maintains a posture it terms ‘ambiguity’ on the question of whether it possesses either nuclear or chemical weapons. But Israel is widely believed to have a large arsenal of nuclear bombs, concealed from international scrutiny, and there are strong suspicions that it has secretly developed a chemical weapons programme.

Those concerns intensified following the disclosure this month of a confidential CIA report suggesting that Israel had created a significant stockpile of chemical weapons by the early 1980s. Israel has refused both to sign the 1968 Non-Proliferation Treaty, covering the regulation of nuclear arms, and to ratify the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention, which obligates states to submit to international oversight and destroy chemical agents in their possession.

Over the past few days there have been a series of moves by other states in the Middle East to bring international attention to Israel’s WMD.

Those efforts followed Damascus’ ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention last week and the announcement at the weekend of a timetable agreed by Russia and the United States to disarm Syria of its chemical stockpiles by the middle of next year.

Israel is now one of only six states refusing to implement the convention, along with Egypt, Myanmar, Angola, North Korea and South Sudan. That has prompted concerns that Israel could rapidly become a pariah state on the issue.

The Haaretz daily newspaper reported this week that the prospect of mounting international pressure on Israel to come clean on its WMD was “keeping quite a few top Israeli defence officials awake at night”.

Shlomo Brom, a former Israeli general and now a researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University, called Israel’s current policy on chemical weapons “unwise”.

“The reality in the Middle East has changed since Israel refused to ratify the convention. There is no longer a good reason for Israel to remain with the handful of regimes that oppose it.”

This week Arab states submitted a resolution to the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog body, the International Atomic Energy Agency, calling on Israel to place its nuclear facilities under the IAEA’s inspection regime as part of efforts to create a nuclear arms-free zone in the region.

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which Israel has refused to sign, was drawn up in 1968, the year after Israel is widely believed to have produced its first warhead.

‘Serious measures’

A report on Sunday by two proliferation experts assessed that Israel had built a total of 80 nuclear bombs by 2004, the year it is believed to have halted production. The same report concluded that Israel had stocks of fissile material potentially large enough to double the number of bombs at short notice.

US officials, however, rebuffed the Arab states’s move at IAEA. Joseph Macmanus, the US envoy to the agency, said the resolution “does not advance our shared goal of progress toward a WMD-free zone in the Middle East. Instead, it undermines efforts at constructive dialogue toward that common objective.”

An Egyptian plan laying the groundwork for establishing a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction was sponsored by the US in 2010, over Israel’s opposition. However, Washington announced last year it was postponing action to an unspecified date. Meanwhile, last Sunday, Iran’s foreign ministry urged the international community to “adopt serious measures” to force Israel to back the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Following Syria’s ratification of the convention, its ambassador to the UN, Bashar Jaafari, said “the main danger of WMD is the Israeli nuclear arsenal”, adding that Israel possessed chemical weapons but most other states were not prepared to speak about it.

That may yet change. Israeli government officials are said to be worried that the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, could demand ratification from Israel as part of US efforts to clear the Middle East of chemical weapons. “Now, Kerry may say, the US needs Israel’s help by ratifying the treaty prohibiting the use of chemical weapons,” the Haaretz newspaper reported.

According to reports in the Israeli media, Israeli embassies overseas have been issued with guidelines to evade questions posed by journalists and diplomats related to Israeli chemical weapons.

The Israeli defence ministry refused to comment to Al-Jazeera, referring questions to the prime minister’s office. David Baker, a spokesman for Netanyahu, also declined to comment, calling all such discussion “speculation”. He would not say whether Israel had issued guidelines to officials.

In a rare public statement, Amir Peretz, a former defence minister, told Israel Radio this week: “I very much hope and am certain that the international community will not make this a central question and we will maintain the status quo.” Unlike Syria, he said, Israel was a “democratic, responsible regime”.

Uri Avnery, an Israeli journalist and former politician, said Israelis strongly assumed that their country secretly possessed such weapons.”The Israeli government has always maintained that Israel is an exception, that it is a responsible government and therefore does not need to subject itself to international conventions, whether nuclear, biological or chemical. Israelis believe that because of the Holocaust they have a right to extra protection, which in practice means access to every kind of weapon.”

Israel’s secrecy is, in part, motivated by a promise to avoid embarrassing the US by declaring its weapons of mass destruction. Washington would be violating US law by giving Israel the billions of dollars in aid it receives each year if Israel possesses nuclear weapons outside the non-proliferation regime.

Short-sighted position

Calling Israel’s refusal to ratify the chemical weapons convention alongside Syria “a short sighted position of dubious usefulness”, an editorial in the Haaretz said a change of policy would show Israel was “doing its part in the general effort to rid the region of weapons of mass destruction”.

Suspicions that Israel may be hiding a chemical weapons programme have grown following a recent report in Foreign Policy, a US magazine, revealing that US spy satellites located a suspected chemical weapons site in Israel’s Negev desert for the first time in 1982.

A confidential CIA report from 1983 disclosed to the magazine identified “a probable CW [chemical weapon] nerve agent production facility and a storage facility” near the Israeli town of Dimona, itself close to Israel’s nuclear reactor. The magazine said Israel’s chemical industries were also believed to be involved in the production of weapons.

According to intercepts of Israeli military communications made by the US National Security Agency at that time, Israel Air Force bombers had conducted missions simulating chemical weapons bombing runs in the Negev.

The report suggests “several indicators lead us to believe that they have available to them at least persistent and nonpersistent nerve agents, a mustard agent, and several riot-control agents, marched with suitable delivery systems”.

Although it is not possible to know whether the chemical weapons storage site identified by the CIA in the early 1980s still functions, there are indications Israel has continued to work on nerve agents in subsequent years.

Israel is known to have an Institute for Biological Research at Ness Ziona, about 20km south of Tel Aviv, which describes itself as a government research centre. Officially the institute conducts medical and defence research, including helping Israel prepare against the effects of an attack using chemical or biological weapons.

The institute is believed to have secretly developed offensive capabilities too, most famously used in an assassination attempt on a Hamas leader, Khaled Meshal, in Jordan in 1997.

Meshal, who had a toxin sprayed into his ear in a Mossad operation, was only saved because the two agents involved were captured while still in Jordan. Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister then as now, agreed to hand over an antidote in return for the agents’ release.

Experimental weapons

There have been suspicions that Israel used a similarly hard-to-detect toxin in the still-unexplained death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in 2004.

The connection between Israel and chemical weapons also surfaced following a crash by a Israeli plane near Amsterdam in 1992.

The Dutch media reported that the El Al plane had been carrying substantial quantities of a major chemical component of sarin, the nerve agent used near Damascus last month for which the Syrian government has been widely blamed. The US company that supplied the chemical said it had been for delivery to the Institute for Biological Research at Ness Ziona.

A spate of reports, including by the BBC, early in the second Palestinian intifada, a decade ago, also accused Israel of using what appeared to be an experimental form of tear gas that led to severe convulsions in many of those who inhaled it.

More recently, Israel’s repeated attacks on Gaza have fuelled claims that it is using Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME) munitions, an experimental weapon not yet covered by international treaties. Its blast causes severe internal damage to victims and leaves traces of carcinogenic metals such as tungsten in the bodies of those who survive.

In winter 2008-09, Israel was also widely criticised for using white phosphorus in built-up areas of Gaza. Although allowed if used to create a smokescreen on the battlefield, white phosphorus is considered a chemical weapon when used in areas where civilians are likely to be present. Burning lumps of the chemical sear through flesh and lungs and are difficult to extinguish.

Under international pressure, the Israeli military promised to end the chemical’s use earlier this year.

WMD Double Standards: CIA Documents Reveal Israeli Stockpile of Chemical Weapons


A newly-discovered document of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency revealed Monday by Foreign Policy magazine shows that the U.S. agency had decisive evidence dating back to at least the 1980s that Israel had a stockpile of chemical and biological weapons.

 The revelation comes in the midst of the reported use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government on August 21st.

Israeli nuclear and chemical weapons manufacturing facility at Dimona (image by sodahead.com)
Israeli nuclear and chemical weapons manufacturing facility at Dimona (image by sodahead.com)

The document revealed by Foreign Policy magazine on Monday shows that, in addition to building up a nuclear stockpile of an estimated three hundred nuclear weapons during the 1960s and 70s, the Israeli military also developed an extensive stockpile of chemical and biological weapons.

The 1983 document stated that U.S. spy satellites had identified “a probable CW [chemical weapon] nerve agent production facility and a storage facility… at the Dimona Sensitive Storage Area in the Negev Desert. Other CW production is believed to exist within a well-developed Israeli chemical industry.”

“While we cannot confirm whether the Israelis possess lethal chemical agents,” the document adds, “several indicators lead us to believe that they have available to them at least persistent and nonpersistent nerve agents, a mustard agent, and several riot-control agents, marched with suitable delivery systems.”

The single page of a larger CIA report was discovered at the Ronald Reagan Library in California in its unredacted form – the report had been released several years ago to the National Archives, but was heavily censored.

According to the Foreign Policy report, “Israeli historian Avner Cohen, in his 1988 book Israel and the Bomb, wrote that Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion secretly ordered that a stockpile of chemical weapons be built at about the time of the 1956 war between Israel and Egypt. The CIA, on the other hand, believed that Israel did not begin work on chemical weapons until either the late 1960s or the early 1970s.

The article included the following assessment from the 1983 CIA report: “Israel, finding itself surrounded by frontline Arab states with budding CW [chemical weapons] capabilities, became increasingly conscious of its vulnerability to chemical attack. Its sensitivities were galvanized by the capture of large quantities of Soviet CW-related equipment during both the 1967 Arab-Israeli and the 1973 Yom Kippur wars. As a result, Israel undertook a program of chemical warfare preparations in both offensive and protective areas.”

The Israeli government has harshly criticized the Syrian government for its alleged use of chemical weapons three weeks ago, and has encouraged President Obama’s pledge to respond militarily.

Israel did sign the Convention to Ban Chemical Weapons, but the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) never ratified the treaty. Israel has never opened its nuclear facility or its chemical weapons stockpile to international inspections.



“WMD Double Standards”: U.S. War Crimes and the Extensive Use of Chemical Weapons against Civilians


The United States has no legal or moral authority to bomb or attack Syria and they are chemical war criminals themselves, on a much grander scale than an other country in history.

The US media has no problem with the fact that their leaders obtained positions of power by guaranteeing they would follow the rule of law but have become worse war criminals than their predecessors. In an interview with the Voice of Russia renown author Dr. Edward Herman discussed these matters and more.

Hello! This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Dr. Edward Herman. He is Professor Emeritus at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also the author of several books, namely “Manufacturing Consent”, which he wrote with Noam Chomsky, and the “Srebrenica Massacre: Evidence, Context, Politics”.

Robles: Hello Sir! It is a pleasure to be speaking with you again.

Herman: Good to be with you, John.

Robles: Regarding this situation  in Syria, does the US in your opinion have the legal authority to launch military action or bomb Syria?

Herman: That’s one of the clearest things we can say “no” to. They certainly do not. The UN was organized to prevent war, aggression, cross-border attacks by individuals – it is very clear. And in fact, the Nuremberg Tribunal, you should actually read this: “war is essentially an evil thing. Its consequences are not confined to the belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world. To initiate a war of aggression therefore is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole”. That’s from the Nuremberg Tribunal.

So, the whole UN system was built in order to prevent war, to make it illegal to cross borders without the vote of the Security Council. And the only basis for crossing a border otherwise is immediate self-defense. And there is no way that Syria is threatening the United States, and that it doesn’t even pretend that it has anything to do with self-defense of the United States.

So, the answer is absolutely no, the legal status is non-existent. And if you read Secretary John Kerry’s and Obama’s statements, only the media picked up the fact, in past years they have both said that they will abide by International Law. International Law controls this great country’s behavior. But now that they are in power and want to go to war, they say that they are not constrained by this, they can just go across borders and bomb.

It is just amazing! And it is amazing how the mainstream media of the United States don’t pick this subject up. It’s since the United States is regularly crossing borders and attacking other countries in violation of the UN Charter, the media played down, they play as if this is not an issue. It is only when somebody else, one of our targets crosses a border that we get excited.

Robles: I see. Following that line of thought, I read recently…now this goes back to 2002, and I was wondering if you could comment on it. I read a piece of legislation in the US Government, some people called it the Hague Invasion Act. Are you familiar with that?

Herman: Uh-huh.

Robles: It protects all US personnel and allies from being subjected to International Law basically or being tried for war crimes. And it allows for, literally, a military action against the Hague which would require an invasion to physically remove, for example if they’ve arrested somebody. Can you comment on it?

Herman:It was a brazen piece of legislation. In fact I think that was the time they were discussing the International Criminal Court. And in the International Criminal Court it was theoretically going to be possible that the United States and its soldiers and leaders could be brought before the Court. And that got some of the members of the Congress and Senate very upset. So, they actually got through this incredible piece of legislation that if anybody tried to take one of our soldiers and try them, we would be prepared to invade that country. It was a lunatic piece of legislation and I doubt if it ever would be applied, but it shows the spirit of this country – we are above the Law.

Our leaders have impunity … in fact, Harry Truman made this famous statement that “the buck stops with him”. This is not true! Impunity starts with him. Here is a man who dropped two atomic bombs on two cities and wiped out quickly 200 000 civilians. I mean, this was one of the great war crimes in human history. But nobody has ever suggested that Harry should have been brought before a tribunal. And of course George Bush and these guys, they’re all immune. Bush in his autobiography openly acknowledges that he supported waterboarding, which is a well-known form of torture…

Robles: Yes, since the Korean war.

Herman:…which is internationally illegal, it is illegal in the US law. But Obama comes along having promised to enforce the law, but he won’t bring George Bush to trial. So, all these guys are immune from the law, they have impunity. This is the superpower right to have impunity. Only lesser peoples can be brought before a court.

Robles: Back to Syria, does the United States, do they have the moral authority and the support of the American people to launch any kind of an operation against Syria?

Herman: I don’t think they have the moral authority in the least. And in fact this whole business of pursuing of Syria, first, it is not even proven that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons. But even apart from that, the hypocrisy involved in this is amazing.

As the United States Government committed aggression against Iraq, it has used chemical weapons itself during the Vietnam War, the United States have used Agent Orange. In fact, its use of chemical weapons in the Vietnam War was the most extensive use of chemical weapons since World War I.

And we of course supported Iraq when it used chemical warfare against Iran. We even supplied Iraq with various kinds of arms, protected against being attacked in the United Nations, and were attacking our enemy – Iran. So, it was okay. And they were, actually, recently sold I think 600 some million dollars’ worth of cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia. And of course Israel famously used a huge number of cluster bombs in Lebanon in 2006, just before the truce. The cluster bomb is a vicious, essentially illegal weapon.

So, here is the United States doing all these horrible things, including chemical warfare, using white phosphorus in Fallujah, depleted uranium. It has dirty hands. The moral case falls because of this incredible hypocrisy. And the American people don’t go on the offensive – this other part of your question – does it have support at home, and the answer is – in spite of the huge propaganda effort that the Government and the media are carrying out, I think it still only 60% of the polled public is against attacking Syria. The public doesn’t want it. The moral case is badly compromised. So, it is really an outrage.

Robles: Thank you very much Dr. Herman. It was a pleasure speaking with you.

Herman: It was good to be on John.

Robles: Okay, thank you Sir, I appreciate it.

That was the end of part one of an interview with Dr. Edward Herman – a Professor Emeritus of Finance at the Wharton School, at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of “Manufacturing Consent”.




CNN’s Fake Translation of Iran President Rouhani’s Statement Regarding Holocaust

rouhani CNN

TEHRAN (FNA)- American news channel CNN fabricated the remarks made by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in response to the network’s question about the Holocaust.

The CNN aired its interview with Rouhani on Tuesday but the news channel added to or changed parts of his remarks when Christiane Amanpour asked him about the Holocaust.

Here is the exact transcript of the Farsi text according to the CNN broadcast:

من قبلا گفتم که من تاریخ دان نیستم و ابعاد حوادث تاریخی را تاریخ دانان باید تبین کنند، بیان کنند و توضیخ بدهند. اما به طور کلی هرگونه جنایتی که در تاریخ علیه بشریت اتفاق افتاده باشد و از جمله جنایتی که نازی ها انجام دادند چه در مورد یهودیان و چه در مورد غیر یهودیان  از نظر ما کاملا محکوم است همانطور که امروز هم اگر جنایتی انجام شود علیه هر ملتی یا هر دینی یا هر قومیتی یا هر اعتقادی، ما آن جنایت و نسل کشی را محکوم می کنیم بنابراین کار نازی ها محکوم است, ابعادی که شما می گویید به عهده مورخین و محققین است که آن ابعاد را روشن کنند. من محقق تاریخی نیستم

Here is the exact English translation of President Rouhani’s remarks:

Rouhani’s: “I have said before that I am not a historian and historians should specify, state and explain the aspects of historical events, but generally we fully condemn any kind of crime committed against humanity throughout the history, including the crime committed by the Nazis both against the Jews and non-Jews, the same way that if today any crime is committed against any nation or any religion or any people or any belief, we condemn that crime and genocide. Therefore, what the Nazis did is condemned, (but) the aspects that you talk about, clarification of these aspects is a duty of the historians and researchers, I am not a history scholar.”

And here is what the CNN translation says:

CNN Question:

“One of the things your predecessor (President Ahmadinejad) used to do from this very platform was deny(ing) the holocaust and pretend(ing) it was a myth, I want to know you, your position on the holocaust, do you accept what it was, and what was it?”

CNN’s Translation:

“I’ve said before that I am not a historian and then, when it comes to speaking of the dimensions of the Holocaust, it is the historians that should reflect on it. But in general I can tell you that any crime that happens in history against humanity, including the crime that Nazis committed towards the Jews as well as non-Jews is reprehensible and condemnable. Whatever criminality they committed against the Jews, we condemn, the taking of human life is contemptible, it makes no difference whether that life is Jewish life, Christian or Muslim, for us it is the same, but taking the human life is something our religion rejects but this doesn’t mean that on the other hand you can say Nazis committed crime against a group now therefore, they must usurp the land of another group and occupy it. This too is an act that should be condemned. There should be an even-handed discussion“.

FNA NOTE: The Red parts have been added or completely altered. The Yellow parts are the product of conceptual, and not precise, translation.

Yet, the underlined parts are the worst parts of the fabrications which totally change what President Rouhani has said.

After the CNN released the interview, hundreds of news agencies, TV and news channels, websites and weblogs broadcast this title: “Iran’s President Rouhani Calls Holocaust ‘Reprehensible’ Crime Against Jews”, a title quoted from the CNN; Or “Rouhani Recognizes the Holocaust as Crime against Jews”.



The Great Libyan Jamahiriya

Mu not kill Jeannette Fletcher 4

For those who do not know …Called Sidi Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Muammar Ibomenaar Gadhafi on Libya’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

in 1977 (after the proclamation of the power of the people) has been added “Great” ( Libyan Arab GREAT Jamahiriya) in 1986 after the raid barbarism.

Barbarian on the land of the free, because the mass and then proved actually it is A great Belthamha, with its leader,

the great and Besmudha; and defiance of the mightiest Guo unfair in the world.

and in fact a true natural state led by my father and Sidi Commander to be supreme ..

for this and despite the nose-snab haters, will always have the official and legitimate name for Libya as the “Libyan Great Jamahiriya

(Arabiya fell intentionally for African recognition) and S_delha Balmuammrah …. دااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااام ÔăćÎíBakaúdy…

Hey all officers and soldiers of the armed people that the Libyan people waiting for coming on tenterhooks ….


to all Liberal children and adults, male and female at home with hope ..

And you are betting against yourselves for Libya …

One can also bet on our grandparents who tabled after colonialism but still did not fail their Libya …

You also will not fail Libya, and the Great Jamahiriya will return thanks to the sleeves, God willing, sooner or later …

Within each of you is a strong will with solid fixed principles, and this does not change … despite the fact that the hypocrites, rats and traitors (and Almtsaqton Iharbounkm on the time clock) because they (the Iharbounkm) know very well that you possess hope in your home …

Despite all that Nagdkm, we are firm and are morally muzzled hugging the sky (despite renewed Mano their muzzle) whenever the sun shone on the Great Jamahiriya …. you are the second mass !
الى كل الاحرار اطفالا وكبارا ً ذكورا ً واناثا ً انتم امل الوطن .. وانتم من تراهن عليكم ليبيا … كما راهنت على اجدادكم الذين قا تلو ا الاستعمار ولم ي خذلوا ليبيا … انتم ايضا ً لن تخذلوا ليبيا وستعود بفضل سواعدكم باذن الله عاجلا ام اجلا …في داخل كل منكم ارادة قوية وصلبة ومبادئ ثابتة لا تتغير …رغم ان المنافقون والجرذان والخونة والمتساقطون يحاربونكم على دوام الساعه لانهم يهابو نكم ولانهم يعلمون جيدا ً انكم امل الوطن …رغم كل ذلك نجدكم ثابتون ومعنويا تكم تعانق السماء وتجدد معنو يا تكم كلما اشرقت الشمس على الجماهيرية العظمى….انتم الجماهيرية الثانية

Be prepared you are free to all stand and pause Liberal on the anniversary of the revolution Champions 10/14/2013

Alzenazqh not accompanied them intercession in the world ….

And the right to raise the sky from unintentionally that customers and traitors feared the return of armed people for the Liberation of Libya

so that nightmares do not sleep and dissociation majority suffers insomnia when thinking about this ..

استعدوا يا احرار لنقف جميعا ً وقفة الاحرار في ذكرى ثورة الابطال 14/10/2013

ان الطريق شاق وطويل وسوف يسقط كل من يدعي الثوريه , ولا يبقي في الميدان الا الثوريون الحقيقيون الذين اّمنوا بمبادئ الثورة وعقيدتها __ معمر القذافي

Will be on the anniversary of the revolution 14 dates
Will be an exceptional day when everyone involved
Popular resistance … It will be on a global
To burn the flag of shame at home and abroad
The vigils will be abroad
In front of embassies and the headquarters of UN
United ….. As for free on the
Internet will be the day to contact the organizations
Human rights across certain Amilat …
Please Publication and dissemination.

So far all indications meeting in Ras Hamad according to the vision of Sheikh Abdulsalam Al Asmar.

المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر

حتي الان كل المؤشرات تؤكد اللقاء في راس حمد وفق رؤية الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر .

 Dear Free Libyan citizen who refused to sell his country and betray his commander patient

even comes to you the certainty is on the way to you ..



October 14, on the Libyan people’s uprising free
il y a 6 heures
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
God is great above the aggressor Kid
And God for the oppressed best supporter
I certainty and armed Savtda
My light of truth shines in the hands of
Tell me tell me
God, God, God is great
God is above the aggressor
Oh this world Otala and Listen
Army Aloaada came wanting Musraei the
Right will be featured Bmdfie
If consumed will courtyards with me
Tell me tell me
God, God, God is greatest
God is above the aggressor
Tell me Woe to the colonist
And God is above the treacherous arrogant
God is great oh my
Take a us commandment modulator and Admoury
Tell me tell me
God, God, God is greatest
God is above the victim.

الله أكبر الله اكبر
الله أكبر فوق كيد المعتدي
والله للمظلوم خير مؤيد
أنا باليقين وبالسلاح سأفتدي
بلدي ونور الحق يسطع في يدي
قولوا معي قولوا معي
الله الله الله أكبر
الله فوق المعتدي
يا هذه الدنيا أطِّلي واسمعي
جيش الأعادي جاء يبغي مصرعي
بالحق سوف أرده وبمدفعي
فإذا فنيت فسوف أفنيه معي
قولوا معي قولوا معي
الله الله الله اكبر
الله فوق المعتدي
قولوا معى الويل للمستعمر
والله فوق الغادر المتكبر
الله أكبر يا بلادى كبرى
وخذى بناصية المغير ودمرى
قولوا معى قولوا معى
الله الله الله اكبر
الله فوق المعتدى.

October 14, on the Libyan people’s uprising free
Organisme gouvernemental


Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)

Awareness of the Libyan people have started increasing day after day and significantly after Mattbut of events and the Nakba that for a paying injustice Almdilomin the not relying on God and the movements of his own people!!
Omakedratna withstand Let’s strongest We also hold to at the end and through the generations with great Tqaalna in that farce continued the victory settled in our favor we say with confidence God and confidently Bmdilmutena the actually see him,
The two are betting on the submission and humiliation and injustice and Alastzlaaaam tell them we’re doing tongue in the past wagered on the home and did not respond!!
Then began the Resistance and as long as the Resistance is which will be reflected GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and will protect our country and protect our blood and protect our villages and our people did.

We included: We are Agnes and we still bet on God and on the unit and moved the popular resistance remain

and continue and keep on the right track and have the strength to fight and face the enemy as long

and are draining the enemy and its color, and raise the voice of right high God Okerfoq the KDE aggressor ..

حركة المقاومة الليبية(ح م ل)

الوعي لدي الشعب الليبي بدأ يزداد يوم بعد يوم وبشكل ملحوظ بعد ماثبث من الأحداث والنكبة أنه ل ا يدفع الظلم عن المضلومين ألا الأعتماد علي الله وتحركات الشعب بنفسه !!
أماقدرتنا علي الصمود هيا الأقوي كما نؤكد الصمود الي مالا النهاية وعبر الأجيال مع تقاؤلنا الكبير في أنه أن أستمرت المهزلة فإن النصر محسوم لصالحنا نقولها بثقة بالله وبثقة بمضلوميتنا ويشهد له الواقع ،،
أما اللذين يراهنون علي الخضوع والذل والهوان والظلم والإستسلاااام نقول لهم بلسان حالكم نحن في السابق راهنا علي الوطن ولم يستجيب !!
حينها انطلقت المقاومة وطالما المقاومة هي اللتي سترد جماهيرتنا وستحمي وطننا وتصون دمنا وتحمي قرانا وشعبنا ولم شملنا نحن لانيأس ولازلنا نراهن علي الله وعلي الوحدة وتحركنا الشعبي والمقاومة باقية ومستمرة وستبقي في المسار الصحيح ولديها القوة لخوض الحرب ومواجهة العدو بنفس طويل وبشكل يستنزف العدو وه ونه،، وسترفع صوت الحق عاليا الله أكبرفوق كيدي المعتدي ..

ملاك بلادي


(My owners)

from 08 JANUARY 2012:

1985 Interview with Libya’s Gadhafi YouTube2



Behalf of the SOL: “Saif al-Islam as a safety valve all Libyans”

Track Arab /09/20/2013 12:53:00


He Altdt the name of tribes Allepieh stadium on behalf of the sitcom seen by all and that started the exit of the Attorney General Libyan news conference is like marketing a product expired when he began reviewing front Alkamirat and Asahviean in Azlat spend flimsy to prove to the world that Libya Alfberar enjoys spending impartial and independent, strong and say we ordered bringing both so and so and so … Etc. .. Of the symbols of the former regime to Tripoli to begin the trial makes you feel at first glance that it’s boss in this thread sleeps everyone – even the West Almichdq democracy – on the impact of these statements and everyone awaits the results of this announcement commercial market has Attorney General On the morning of the second day of the review of muscles Elimination Dead comes to us a few channels are the same that have been leased to the plight of February in addition to private channels only Muslim Brotherhood and presented to the screens the first quarter of play stupid to see the world that to transatlantic Libya able to adhere to the standards of the International Criminal and trials for prisoners of war.

It is here we see the fall of the judiciary and the state for several reasons, including   :

1 – the timing of the trial coincided with the calls of the Libyan people to rise up against those languishing at the head of the state and their followers, and the wrath of the street Libyan احتقانه because of the failure of this revolution in the imposition of security and safety and the reunification of Libyans and maintain their wealth and if they say to show that the reason for this mess of 3 years old are symbols the former regime When نحاكمهم the safety and security will return and Other Lost and Found .

2 – Try to distract people from those assassinations, which affected the people of the eastern region and their children .

3 – State is unable to provide security for ministers and members of the judiciary and the police how her men to believe a fair and just trial .

4 – felt that most Libyans is well aware that these men languishing behind the bars of the court are the joints of safety and security in Libya that Saif al-Islam is the safety valve of these joints was incumbent on them to repeat the Fberarin النادمين some of the lies that Nkroa their minds that the system icons These are not the only ÔáÉ of criminals who سخرهم the Gaddafi to kill and clear this matter through the charges against them  .

The charges against these men, which is in the foundation of the attributes of leadership in February tried to remove it from the skin and wearing clothes judge Sharif is the biggest evidence that leads the state now the largest customers the West, but they are the hands of the West in Libya, فتهمة spying outside parties and bring mercenaries and incitement to murder and confessed they were one of the reasons for the success of their revolution .

6 – Everyone knows that Saif al-Islam is a prisoner at the area Zintan, and to prove to the shows special and the world in general that Zintan force outside the law and Mahm only militias has all areas of influence and that capture the majority of the system icons to bring all of the defendants to Tripoli with the exception of Zintan merely trial in the region to learn Advance not to spend no security in Libya in general and Tripoli in particular .. Hence it is clear in front of Libyans and the world that Zintan beyond February, leaders and even access to pretty accusing Baltoatie with Saif al-Islam and put them in a position to Athsd it

7 – The Muslim Brotherhood trial discussed Vqdaúha the brothers and claim my brothers and even members judicial police Lwahima the members are in fact Libya shield the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and the world became known through the events of Egypt are the Brotherhood and to any swamp belong .

Finally, O Libyans Whether you are for or against this trial, you have to know that Libya is going into the abyss abyssal even if you are going to these men بجز their heads as he Muftikm first defendant on charges of collaborating with a foreign country (Qatar), you should know that the safety valve is with you in your hands is the only capable of إلجام the death train coming from the west.

Time For A Million Muslim March On Washington To Protest The Violence


Muslim Washington SC Time for a million Muslim march on Washington to protest the violence

In the wake of the horrific Muslim terror attack in Kenya, the “religion of peace” is starting to get a black eye.

I was speaking to a friend the other day, who was once married to a Muslim and has close ties to the worldwide Muslim community. We both agree that the Muslims we personally know are kind, decent people and not at all associated with the daily jihad violence seen around the world.  They abhor the crazies amongst them.

The world’s 1.2 billion Catholics have one spokesman who can support or condemn policy and speak out for them. They have a pope, and his message is mostly of kindness and compassion for each other.

But Muslims have no main leader to speak for them; and as a result, the ones among them who preach a brand of hatred and violence seem to grab the attention of the media.

In the latest round of senseless violence:

The storming of a “western” shopping center in Nairobi, Kenya by Muslim extremists resulted in the slaughter of every non-Muslim they could put their gun sights on….72 dead so far. Alarmingly, it seems that among the Muslim terrorists who attacked the mall were American Muslims recruited from Minnesota and Maine. Minnesota is known to have a large Muslim Somali community, and they are reportedly recruited to take part in terrorist activity.

While the Kenya attack was occurring, in another part of the world, a pair of suicide bombers blew themselves up outside a 130-year-old Anglican church in Pakistan. The bombings were timed for Sunday Mass, killing at least 78 people in the deadliest attack on Christians in the predominantly Muslim country.

Ongoing attacks on Christians by Muslim Brotherhood adherents have resulted in churches getting torched and countless Christians murdered in Egypt. (See: There Is a Bulls eye on the Back of Every Christian Living in Egypt.)

In the Syrian civil war, Muslim “rebels” have systematically targeted Christian towns, destroying them and killing the inhabitants.

Violent oppression of Christians has become the norm in Muslim-majority nations, especially in Africa and the Middle East. In some countries, it is government-sanctioned violence that burns down churches and imprisons parishioners.

In others countries, groups and vigilantes take matters into their own hands by murdering Christians and driving them out of regions they have called home for centuries. (Read more: Heads roll as the religion of “turn the other cheek,” meets the religion of “peace.”)

According to the latest State Department report on worldwide terrorism, there were 6,771 terrorist attacks in 2012, fueled by an upsurge in state-sponsored terrorism by Iran.  (See: What 2012 Terrorism Statistics Reveal.)

America is still jittery after getting another wake-up call when Boston was bombed by Jihadists during the historic Boston Marathon.

Many people are starting to question why peaceful Muslims tolerate this violence being waged on Muslims and non-Muslims in the name of their religion.  There is no other religion in the world that is surrounded by such violence under its banner.

America is the most religiously tolerant country in the world and accepts all sorts of different beliefs…..as long as they are not violent towards us. We know that all Muslims are not terrorists, but it seems that most of today’s terrorists are Muslims.

America’s and the world’s tolerance is being stretched thin by one atrocity after another being waged under the banner of a religion.  Even though the percentage of the extremists among Muslims is small, it is painting the whole religion with a violent paintbrush.

It is time for leaders among the Muslim faithful to step forward and condemn the violence.  It would be totally appropriate and appreciated by the world to see a massive show of condemnation of this violence.  A symbolic way to show it would be a million Muslim march on Washington DC… Americans of every stripe would gladly join in a show of solidarity.

This commentary originally appeared at IrishCentral.com and is reprinted here with permission.


You say there is not one specific Muslim,who can speak authoritively for the true Muslim community…Please read what I have to comment here without dismissing it before fully read:

Muammar al-Qathafi has called himself IMAM of the Muslims, IMAM of IMAM—and for good reason and rappore…as a “warrior for Islam”, he not only acted innumerable times in leading prayer services, he also wrote extensively on Islam and its world-wide unififcation.

Muammar al-Qathafi’s most important work, though very simply stated (and does not by its facepage say this) the “Green Book” embodies everything of the Holy Quran. He also explained a number of times, why he only used the Holy Quran and no other texts (i.e. THE HADATH) as the total basis of Law under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (LIBYA prior to the CIA-led NATO war and puppet government that was imposed upon Libya). Obviously the so-named ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” DOES NOT SPEAK for true Islam…

All his life, Muammar al-Qathafi has worked to purify Islam from the “barnicales” that grew upon it over the centuries. And, according the Islamic tradition, Muammar al-Qathafi has the full right to do so, as he is a direct decendant of Mohammed (PBUH). (He also has toured the world to bring forth the true values of being “MUSLIM”!) He established the “World Islamic Call Society” and the “World Islamic Leadership”. He built schools, hospitals and mosques throughout the world and translated the HOLY QURAN for all the known languages throughout the globe.

The “Green Book” , if taken together with the GREAT GREEN UNIVERSAL CHARTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS (12 JUNE 1988), embodies all the eternal goodness that the prophet Mohammed (PBUH)  offered to the world.
God bless Muammar al-Qathafi; he does still indeed really live, despite Hillary Clinton and OBAMA, their lies and the Zionist deceptions!

Photo credit: terrellaftermath 



The collapse of the roof of the Office of revenue collection and to monitor the effects in Shahat .. And we thank God that no one was hurt.

Urgent agency Libya / provinces proposal for Libya’s RATS:

The proposed new administrative division of the Libyan state in 2013 for geographical ( Mansour Mohammed Kikhya ) Ph.D. in geography,

Libya is divided into 13 provinces and each province is divided from the inside municipalities.

1 / tuber province and include:
Tobruk – municipalities tuber – Municipality dome .

2 / Green Mountain province and include:
White Municipality – Shahat Municipality – Municipal turf.

3 / Benghazi and the province include:
Sellouk Municipality – Benghazi Municipality – Municipality of توكرة – Biar Municipality .

4 / Ajdabiya province and include:
Ajdabiya – municipalities oasis – Municipality of Kufra .

5 / Gulf province include :
Municipality of Sirte Road – Municipality Bnjuad – Jufrah Municipality .

6 / Misratah province include :
Misrata Municipality – Zliten Municipality – Municipality of Bani Walid .

7 / province five include :
Five Municipality – Tarhuna Municipality – municipality مسلاته .

8 / Tripoli and the province include:
Municipality of Tajora – Municipality of Tripoli Road – Municipality janzour – Azizia Municipality .

9 / corner province include:
Municipality corner – Municipality of Sabratha – Zuwarah municipality .

10 / Mount Nefoussa and include:
Gharyan Municipality Road – Municipality Yfran – Municipality of Nalut .

11 / Sabha province include :
Sabha – municipalities beach.

12 / Ubari province include :
Ubari Municipality – Municipality languages ​​.

13 / Murzuq province and include:
Murzuq – municipalities or rabbits.



Urgent arrival Apolhb before a few to almost Tripoli airport this is a good Jay …

Highway in Tripoli is locked now because of clashes between armed militias.

The Libyan news agency today

From the mountain road to Tripoli is still closed from the bridge hand Zahra …. Causing a large network traffic-gridlock …

Check of all travelers discernible caution … And prefer to avoid this route and use the road between the corner and the mountain …

Libya February …

Planning to kill in Gharghour murder in all other places far from the Gharghour …

And remains in favor of Salah Hamrouni Hidden from the first day of Eid al-Fitr and ongoing research, a 20-year-old and lives into the Ministry

and the house of his grandfather in orbit Street (in Tripoli). There is no power except God, his family in a very sad situation.
Leicester God

Was kidnapped girl Najwa Ayad Abu western countries accidentally Bab ben Gasheer and specifically against the clinic hope when she comes back from the clinic Mukhtar Street, Ben Ashour in Tripoli, accompanied by her two children where he left the two children her car and was forced to get off of them and they confirmed witnesses park adjacent to two type a lioness white Mtnha group wears dress militaryand facial hoods are kidnapped citizenship Madkorh,,, ask God for all women Jackets Libya,,,

Hashim humans Palestinian appeal against the ethics of the Libyan

Reported cases in police stations and offices CID ..
Absolutely no truth to kidnap the girls in front of the school at forty and ten ..

Most of the reported cases aspiration of the outcome after a day or hours of escape and girls,

mostly social or moral problems (!!!)  and reviewed research offices and centers of national security .. Not Achttaaaaaaaav cases.



Zintan release three detainees from the tribe Mchacheh

Freed the city of Zintan, on Friday, three people from the tribe Mchacheh Kano detainees have since two years after the intervention of the National Reconciliation Commission

A reporter for “solidarity news agency “that

Zintan detainees released after a meeting of the committee in charge of reconciliation between Zintan and
 To a recent Mchacheh in area Alhawwamd.
Referred to the Committee in charge of reconciliation between Zintan and to Mchacheh the problem of national unity before a western region.

Zintan Media Channel

According to the giant Us Now:
Ali was released journalist and former head of the local council Balzntan Dr. Taher Turkish.



Very important .. The Council domestic, Rishvana and all the battalions of the tribe and Rishvana the lifting of the state of alert all over the cities of the tribe, Rishvana and prevent the entry of any car unknown to Mnatqm the order to prevent strife and tarnish the image of the tribe and Rishvana in front of the Libyan people.

Rishvana tribe will not bend:

In the name of God the Merciful
“All of them, the face of the Lord remains with glory and honor”
“Every soul shall taste of death but to iPhone wages km doomsday it removed from the hell-fire and enter Paradise has won and the life of the world only chattel vanity”
Great truth of God
Hearts locked decree of God and advancing Shura Council and Rishvana of warm condolences to all our people in, Rishvana and singled (Isa Sons and families Creed)

in the death of the late, God willing, their son (Legend Mahmoud Creed)
Invite God to forgive him and have mercy and eternal peace, and that inspires his family beautiful patience and fortitude.
{O accept the deceased repentance and forgiveness, overall satisfaction and compassion, and best resting place and Arozkh of the good-neighborly,

with the prophets and the saints righteous in the Gardens of eternal bliss. The God of what was taken has given. Everything has a time limit indefinitely.

Feltsbero and to Thzbo and God’s greatest reward, and the best consolation and forgiven for your dead.
{God and to Him we return}
 Media Office Shura Council and Rishvana of

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe LIBYA

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
“كُلُّ مَنْ عَلَيْهَا فَانٍ وَيَبْقَى وَجْهُ رَبِّكَ ذُو الْجَلالِ وَالإكْرَامِ ”
“كُلُّ نَفْسٍ ذَائِقَةُ الْمَوْتِ وَإِنَّمَا تُوَ فَّوْنَ أُجُورَ كُمْ يَوْمَ الْقِيَامَةِ فَمَنْ زحْ زحَ عَنِ النَّارِ وَأُدْخِلَ الْجَنَّةَ فَقَدْ فَازَ وَمَا الْحَيَاةُ الدُّنْيَا إِلا مَتَاعُ الْغُرُورِ”
صدق الله العظيم
بقلوب مؤمنة بقضاء الله وقدره يتقدم مجلس الشورى ورشفانة بتعازيه الحارة إلى جميع اهلنا في ورشفانة ونخص بالذكر ( اولاد عيسى و عائلة كريد ) في وفاة المغفور له بإذن الله تعالى ابنهم ( مفتاح محمود كريد )
ندعوا الله سبحانه وتعالى أن يغفر له ويرحمه ويسكنه فسيح جناته، وأن يلهم اهله جميل الصبر والسلوان .
{اللهم تقبل الفقيد بالتوبة والغفران وبوجه الرضاء والرحمة، واحسن مثواه وارزقه حسن الجوار، مع الأنبياء والصديقين الصالحين في جنات الخلد والنعيم. إن لله ما أخذ وله ما أعطى . وكل شيء عنده بأجل مُسمى. فلتصبرو و لتحتسبو و أعظم الله أجركم، وأحسن عزاءكم وغفر لميتك م .
{إِنَّا لِلَّهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ}
المكتب الاعلامي مجلس الشورى ورشفانة
28 / 9 / 2013

قبيلة ورشفانة الليبية Wershfana Tribe Libya

What really happened “Taher Triki” who was to Shooting
By gunmen, A conductor residents of young people and I have Rishvana
Libya Shield “corner” and the people of conductor of the corner I have a youth
Qaqaa Brigade “secret Alcdoh” to sit and work Close
The way, the new Libyan state he does not listen to its citizens only
After an armed ins or closure of a vital facility, and was a
Passing across the road closed “Triki” who spoke with a
Young people for the open road, but one of the protesters told him that he would not

Open the way P got a escorts “Triki” and has b Shooting
One of the protesters and seen his two sons killed, and clashes broke out injured
Three of sons and Rishvana, and “Triki” and ended with clashes
Between them.

(Salem al-Obeidi)



Swedish Osama .. Sirte

In the name of God, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah,
Declares the population walked fully tribes and spectrum segments starting in partial locks of the road link between the East and the West

and will extend to full locks in case of failure to meet the legitimate demands which crystallize in the following:
demanding the abolition of decision to split Sirte to 4 municipalities
AND to open an investigation into financial corruption file on the Medical Committee for Treatment Abroad in Sirte and that led to the looting of 5 million and 800,000 Libyan dinars.
to withdraw confidence from the government of Ali Zaidane, &
open an investigation into the private files of corruption in the oil file.




Urgent ..A secret meeting in a hotel Ras noses includes all of Mustafa Abdul Jalil and Mahmoud Jibril and Lounis Abouchmadh with Abraham Jdharan

politburo chief gently in order to decode the sit Palmaana oil and transfer strongly worded message to the President of the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica

intervention of NATO in the case of refusal to decode the sit-in Almaana oil …


toppling the government and the National Congress prerequisite for lifting the blockade on oil fields and ports –

Student delegation of the Western Region, on Thursday evening, described as the President of the Political Bureau of the territory Cyrenaica Ibrahim Jdharan, and his brother, Salem Jdharan clarify the reasons for the closure of ports and oil fields, especially since the oil belongs to all Libyans and not particularly in the Eastern Province or Territory. For his part, Salem Jdharan during the meeting held with a delegation of notables western region to shut down ports and oil fields was due to the theft and sale of oil without counters, in addition to non-distribution of oil wealth to all the cities of Libya and distributed to one area without the other regions. The Jdharan said they will not raise the blockade of ports and oil fields only after the overthrow of the interim government and the National Congress, pointing out that it is an essential requirement for open ports. In the same context, Western Region delegation stressed that their presence is not a defense of the interim government and the National Congress, but in defense of the rights of Libyans of Libyan oil.

Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free:

Urgent .. Today an announcement, gently and tenderly, by the Parliamentary Legislative Council and the Supreme Council of the Magistrate of Cyrenaica:
“The Dar Al-Fatwa”

المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر
عاجل .. الاعلان اليوم عن مجلس نواب برقة والمجلس التشريعي برقة والمجلس الاعلي للقضاء برقة
ودار الافتاء
برقة .


آخر تحديث: الجمعة 26 شعبان 1434هـ – 5 يوليو 2013م KSA 12:40 – GMT 09:40
Injury commander “gently” in the attempted assassination of Libyan anonymous

The attack resulted in the crucial injury of Colonel Hamid  who shot and killed two guards…

Friday, 26 August 1434 e – 5 July 2013
Arabic. Net

Targeted “armed attack” from unknown persons in a neighborhood of the city of Benghazi, the eastern region commander in Cyrenaica Army Colonel Hamid crucially injured and two of his bodyguards, according to what reported by the correspondent channel “Arab” in Libya.

The wounded junta leader in Cyrenaica (the military wing of the supporters of federalism in eastern Libya) during the assassination attempt, while Two Shield-guards were killed, according to a security official announced in the city to the French news agency AFP.

For his part, Mohammed Hijazi, a spokesman for the security forces in Benghazi that two of the escorts Chairman of the Military Council of Cyrenaica were killed in the attack by “unknown group”.

The “tenderly Council” pro-federation, it was announced on the first of June, autonomy for Cyrenaica “within the framework of the

Libyan state”, but without taking any concrete action.

Hijazi pointed out that the attack resulted in the crucial injury of Colonel Ben Hamid (WANTED for the 42 deaths of unarmed  young people in June’s Bengahazi protest) shot in the abdomen,

has been moved on down to the hospital for treatment.

The spokesman added that the security attack led to the deaths of two guards was crucial wounds on the spot.

BTW: USA just released his brother from Guantanamo and he arrived last week into Tripoli—and a cousin will also soon be released to freedom in Tripoli!!!



Gelatinh school bombing Balsabera:



 Ahmed Ibrahim, prisoner of Misurata and political Martyr:

DORDA: PRISONER OF MISURATA and politial prisoner:

Rat Abdul Rauf, one coastal Misurata Jews who were killed in clashes yesterday in Misratah …

Became his three children are now orphans … As are this rat dozens of children to Libya.

Rat Asswehly says:

No national reconciliation only after the administration of justice ..

The in Hadi ratified O inventory .. No national reconciliation only after what Nchovuk you and people like you on the ropes gallows in the Green Square,

The bounties of Libya who Chenbtoha and Ahtatoha in Misrata suggested Uige the day and Nstrduha how Muslims opened Khyber Jewish ….

Khyber Khyber you MISURATA .. O Khyber Libya,

Abdul Rahman Sowaihili on Misrata satellite channel:

There are no specific period to the end of the age of the General National Congress and there is no substance in the Constitutional Declaration,

and I challenge anyone comes textured define the end of the year ... National Conference
When the Constitution is set up and the Government ends the work of the conference …



It to Ayar rolled compelling unjust Resolution No. [7] steadfastness are baffled

Are paralyzed, but it was a throw lava Ha fire on armed militias,,, and halted their progress for more than 23 days,,, it was called kinetic Bear {}
(Flower Valley)

This is a picture of today’s Essien Friday, 09/27/2013
The arrival of the floods to Essien Bhagat this morning.:

College of Engineering Bani Walid:

Stating how the registration desk at the Faculty of Engineering of Bani Walid that has been the adoption of a scholarship for

college students who are from within the region and for 10,11,12 months of the year 2012.



Liter water hard currency in Tobruk

Owns the coastal city of Tobruk desalination plant, while the population of transporting water to their homes at their own expense, and at high prices.

“Electrical fault” burn house in Tobruk

Country ambiance of Tobruk:

Cause “short-circuit” in a fire in a house in the neighborhood citizen “Alzkm” Btabriq, without causing any human damage, after neighbors managed to save the family.
The fire led to a full house roasted, and the flames had almost affect neighboring houses, but the fire truck was able to extinguish the flames.

He said the citizen Ashour Hoih of Hearing, brother of the owner of the house burned to the country ambiance: The fire broke out at the family home of his brother early Friday, due to “short-circuit”.

He hears that the housing units and the 24 randomly connected to the electricity, and is prone to combustion at any time, especially in winter, listens and believes that “electric seek” caused by water leakage resulting from the rain in the city of Tobruk in the past few days.

It is noteworthy that neighborhood “Alzkm” north of Tobruk 24 houses made ​​of tin, was the seat of the Italian company operating in Tobruk in the seventies of the last century.

Latest News in tuber Stan:

– Burn Treasury building or what is known as the Diwan of accounting by some Almtdahiran and reason for non-payment of dues from the salaries of the Year 2005:

– The closure of Derna radio broadcast on the pretext Butta of the songs and the work of the female element.



The news agency – Sabha

Spokesman confirmed by the local council Sabha name “Boubacar

that there is a decision issued by the National Congress earlier in the room for the formation of a joint security in the region,* pointing out that work is underway to set up.

And he said, “Hamza” that the city of Sabha complain of poor security situation as it is in other cities of the country,

if there is no police and no any force believes the citizen and it encourages outlaws to commit crimes.

لقد تابعت كغيري من ابناء الجنوب امر الرتل الجبار الذي ينقل مجموعة كبيرة من الحاويات تحرسها قوة جبارة مدججة بكافة انواع الأسلحة الخفيفة والمتوسطة ، والتي اخذت من بير الغيلانية في وسط جبل الحساونة مقرا مؤقتا لها ، ولقد تابعت بكل اهتمام مداخلة الشيخ علي مصباح احمد ابوسبيحة الحسناوي على قناة ليبيا اولا ، حيث عبر بكل قوة عن انشغال سكان الشاطئ خاصة والجنوب عامة عن هدف ومغزى تواجد هذه القوة بعد ان كثر الكلام عن احتمال نقلها لنفايات نووية وكيماوية تهدد الاخضر واليابس ، وتقض مضاجع سكان الجنوب ، وقد اكد الشيخ علي حفظه الله على قلق سكان المنطقة بعد ان اتصلوا بجميع الجهات النافذة في ليبيا الجديدة للاسنفسار والتي عبرت جميعها عن عدم معرفتها بحمولة هذا الرتل والذي لا يتبع اية جهة حكومية او رسمية ، وقد وجه الشيخ علي مصباح في نهاية مداخلته نداءات قوية الى كل من :
أ- الامم المتحدة
ب- وسائل الاعلام المختلفة
ج- مؤسسات حقوق الانسان ومنظمات المجتمع المدني
د- جميع ابناء الجنوب والوطنيين عموما
من اجل التصدي لهذا العمل والعمل القوي لمواجهته والتوقي منه قبل حصوله ، لان القوة التي تقوم بحراسة هذه الحاويات قوة غاشمة قد ترتكب مجازر في حق المدنيين الابرياء…
وانا بدوري اضم صوتي لصوت الشيخ علي مصباح الحسناوي واطالب كل من لديه ضمير حي وحر ان يبادر بالوقوف ضد هذا المخطط الجرامي ، واطالب على وجه الخصوص ابناء الجنوب ان ينسوا خلافاتهم ويهبوا لرفض المهانة التي اصبحت تمارس عليهم صباح مساء ….


I have followed like other sons of the south is the frame -Jabbar , which carries a wide range of containers guarded by a powerful force heavily in all types of light and medium weapons , which were taken from Bear Agheilanah in the center of Mount Al_husaona headquarters temporarily to her, I have followed with great interest intervention Sheikh Ali lamp Ahmed Abossbehh Hasnawi on channel Libya first, where through all our strength for busy residents of the beach private and south general objective and significance of the presence of these power after many talk about the possibility of transfer of nuclear waste and chemical weapons threaten everything and everybody , and bothers people in the south , has confirmed Sheikh Ali may Allah protect him on concern the region’s population after contact with all parties in Libya window the new Asnevsar and all of which crossed the lack of knowledge of tonnage this column , which does not follow any government entity or official , Sheikh Ali was brought to light at the end of his speech made ​​strong appeals to both :
A – UN
B – various media
C – human rights institutions and civil society organizations
D – all the sons of the south and national general
In order to respond to this action and strong action to confront and prevention of it before it happens , because the force guarding these containers brute force may be committed massacres against innocent civilians …
And I, too, add my voice to the voice of Sheikh Ali Hasnawi lamp and I urge everyone who has a conscience and free that initiates stand against the this Grammy planned , and I ask , in particular the sons of the south to forget their differences and rise up to reject humiliation which became exerted on them day and night ….

Misrata militias are burying nuclear waste coming from Turkey in Agheilanah area in the south Libyan

amid silence from the Libyan people of the south.


(I have been posting about this for more than a week now. FEZZAN officials have expressed their concern about this and even made a formal complaint but nothing and no one has responded !)


Quoting / / FLASH Benghazi 25 SEPT)

Connections will be disconnected from the stopper to Jufrah fully Sirte this triangle
Where there is a convoy of nuclear waste Misratah’s completely true news

I asked God Almighty publish this article on blogging in order to save Libya
Nuclear buried here in Libya’s nuclear waste in Libya believed that speak a lie, why allow people to approach,

or the media and the pits which Tervgahm and the black flag raised on the queue …
ÇŃĚćßă for religion for the sake of Libya, please FAKE AMERICAN God is the most important news of the nuclear

waste that bury you in Libya and not to sever contacts news is nuclear waste your children carcinogenesis 100 years before
I hope even forcing the government publishing or the Alpina graduated Chiefs of Staff arrived voice to all Libyans.

from the 24th of SEPT.:

Libya Shield forces central region stationed Bagheilanah the the
Note that this force left Misratah towards the south, where moved from Misrata to the Hichh eastward to Jufrah, south to Alchuirv west via the Sukna and then pinned at area Agheilanah in camp to shield forces to Libya’s southern region, which follows Ahmed Abdul Jalil Hassan Uy
This force consists of 145 cars, including 4 4 trucks carrying containers and other trucks carrying bulldozer and excavators and the number 2 car ash trays and four ambulances and a field hospital and four Bureau and refrigerator trucks and a number of at least 88 armed car.
At the beginning of the move this force was rumored that it tends to oil fields and ports in the Middle quickly refuted the speculation reported
They are destined sources on a secret mission
For چnob and rumored today via sites
Internet such a force carrying nuclear waste for burial
South Sahara and the most common sources of shield Libya’s southern region that this force came to support the South to secure the shield compared Rh camps after the events of recent Falcons headquarters
Today, Al-rebels Bmarzuk the Brigades Astnfarha and its rejection of any force directed to secure the border because it is from their duties
Free newspaper Sabha

from the 23rd:

Quoting Tabu sons of the desert
*. . Important communication . . *
* To Libyan our people in the south and to the Libyans all
And to the members of the General National Congress and to the Government
Of Page – mail …
To our people in the south in particular, and to all Libyans in general and to the members of the General National Congress honorable of them to the Libyan government ..
…. The story of a convoy of armed militias Misurata …. located in Agheilanah …. the fact that this column is that it carries chemicals and nuclear waste residues of these residues coming from Turkey through the port of Misratah .. These containers were hidden in Zagn area a few months ago and this testimony of folks Zagn and the offender Sea receipt of these wastes debt , compared to 10 million and now he wants Congress Ouati militia leaders and with the help of Misurata militia hiding these wastes in the aryl beach and Agheilanah the East ….
And anyone who wants to … understand STORY .. his age explained
. If the Misratah really convoy heading to Ubari area or Murzuq as Maicolon to Why A sister Roux by Agheilanah and left through Smonoa Zagn Sabha … And why until now are still two camps in Agheilanah … this first … second … A delegation of sheikhs and notables beach in dialogue with the convoy and asked about the reason for their presence …. They said in order to provide subsidies for the South … and when asked sheikhs insisted on Zerorh detected these subsidies refused …. this is Tanya and thirdly it important ? …. Why insisted on armed militias stay in Agheilanah and lock the road and what to carry with them tractors ( Koachik ) Hummer. containers … these data confirm for all sensible or Thread understand now where everything is normal , especially after we learned that the ruling military coward did not know their presence …..Save Libya …. Libya has become a nuclear waste dump after it refused to poor countries buried in its soil …
Sidvenha a convoy of Misratah in the south … and the greatest danger that these wastes have many
chronic diseases in the earth and humans for billions of years …
Awake O Libyans , this is not the words of Facebook , but the word is very, very real …
Oh God , I reached YOUR FRIENDS

مليشيات مصراته تقوم بدفن النفايات النووية القادمة من تركيا في منطقة الغيلانية في الجنوب الليبي وسط صمت مطبق من آهالي الجنوب الليبي .

آخر تحديث: الجمعة 22 ذو القعدة 1434هـ – 27 سبتمبر 2013م KSA 04:26 – GMT 01:26
Of the most important cancers resulting from the burial of radioactive nuclear material (breast cancer – bone cancer – cancer of the liver and pancreas)in addition to the deformation of embryos in the wombs of their mothers and the prevalence of abortion …Bury nuclear waste in the Agheilanah cancers will be published in all the cities of the south Libyan …

Declaration of the Fezzan region in the south Libyan federal territories:

Tribes in the desert town of Ubari chose Nuri Mohamed Alqoise as her
Friday, 22 November 1434 (H) – 27 September 2013
Tripoli – Al-Arabiya, the Middle East News

Announced some Libyan tribes of the south in the desert town of Ubari that the South has become a federal territory under the name of the federal territory of Fezzan, according to Al Arabiya correspondent reported.

Was chosen Nuri Mohammed Alqoise, president of the County, and this announcement comes months after the announcement of eastern Libya federal territories also under the name of the federal territory of Cyrenaica.

And the relocation of “the atmosphere of the country,” mail, on Thursday evening, all gathered from the tribes in a statement issued after the meeting today, they they make the move because of what they described as “the poor performance of the National Congress public and failure to meet the government’s requirements for street-Libi, especially in the area of ​​Fezzan” , according to a statement issued after the meeting.

Libyan south ..

Kidnapping Mokhtar bin Khalid Chairman Fezzan in Tripoli channel 6 days ago:

South news today …

Effects Taadib citizen Ibrahim Othman after what was kidnapped by Jibril called Papa after

he talked about the dues of members of the employees of the thefts Libya to shield the Southern District:


Break-ins and residential units Kufra

Urgent. Break into the housing units in the city of Kufra, which is still under completion by infidels City Youth …

According to reports from the infidels that groups of young people stormed yesterday evening a number of residential units under achievement being implemented by an Indian company in what is known to the draft 1500 housing units in Kufra.
Witnesses said that youth groups stormed the residential units under the feat after he agreed to start working out recently that are building 600 housing units on the site and the rest of the units are created within the city.
It is noteworthy that the project has stopped working since the beginning of 2011, the company has to address implemented in order to come back and complete the occupancy percentage of achievement where only about 30%.

He Aleban that Social Council Top announced today will choose a military governor to be functions activate the army and the police, judiciary and border protection and oil and gas fields and water sources located within the region, and across the conferees rejection of what they called “the decisions that distinguish between Libyans in rights and duties.”




Media Center visitors

. West corner Media Center:

Detectors desert were heading to the border to sell to U.S. companies

but thankfully been caught Bayhoum After investigation with drivers trucks Kano heading Bayhoum to the border

and concerted yen with a U.S. company to sell it.

Well for Malo Meh right per car than these 500 thousand dollars ….

Hola cars Kano assets since 2007 in Libya and was arrested in 2011 for their work and Saanathm …

Close continues port Ras Ajdir border crossing between Libya and Tunisia for the fourth consecutive day:
Re-open the Ras Jedir crossing after the lock for days due to the objection of abuse and password for the commander of the crossing:



إعادة فتح معبر راس اجدير ـ طرابلس
————————————————————بعد إغلاقه لعدة ايام تم اليوم فتح معبر ارس اجدير من جديد بعد اجتماع بين السلطات الليبية والتونسية.
وقد في هذا الاجتماع التوصل إلى اتفاق يقضي بت…Afficher la suite
إعادة فتح معبر رأس جدير البري بعد قفله لأيام بسبب الإعتراض على سوء المعاملة وكلمة لـ آمر المعبر

Tunisian army uses to track aircraft and bombing terrorists in Mount Alhaanby
‘s Placed an air raid on a stronghold of the terrorists near the station transmitter the Jebel Alhaanby TV


Jihad Brigades planned to invade southern Tunisia through Libya …

Revealed a Tunisian military expert for the planning battalions belonging to the jihadist organization ” Ansar al – Sharia ”

and mercenary fighters to invade the south of Tunisia from Libyan territory . According to Mohammed Saleh al-Haidari ,

a colonel of Staff retired on the channel ” people ” special Friday night / Saturday, that the battalions to organize the ” Ansar al-Sharia ”

planned for the invasion of southern Tunisia together with fighters Libyans and mercenaries within the force is about 10 thousand

fighters from the Libyan territory . Haidari said : “There is firm evidence sources and documented Interior Ministry confirms this scheme .”
The Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddo has revealed , in an interview with a local radio earlier this week , that the Tunisian security forces

foiled an already planned to organize the ” Ansar al-Sharia ” seed terrorist organization was intended to divide the country into three emirates

Muslim north , center and south . Ben Jeddo added that this scheme was being prepared him through the implementation of a series of

bombings and assassinations in several Tunisian cities . He explained that the invasion plan for the southern Tunisian ” begin

the implementation of the 50 bombing in the entire territory of the Republic , especially in the capital in order to confuse the army and security.”

He pointed out that the first goal of these operations is to distract the efforts of the military and security establishment and the boot of the attack

on the south through Libya , pointing out that the danger lies in the acquisition of these battalions

on the part of the chemical arsenal left by  Army Col. Muammar Gaddafi.


And have already aired and the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior on 28 ( August ) last talks during a press conference via ” Skype ” to terrorist elements is in the process of planning for Tnfve 50 terrorist attack at the same time against the security and commercial centers and vital places in the country. The security expert said Nasser bin Sultan , President of the Tunisian Association for Strategic Studies for overall security in remarks broadcast on people that there are more than 3,500 Tunisian fighters were fighting in Syria and are now being trained in the area of ​​Derna , Libya. Several reports suggested the presence of the leader of the ” Ansar al-Sharia ” in Tunis Saifullah bin Hussein , known as Abu Ayyad , required for the security services , on the Libyan territory . Bin Sultan said : ” tuber is the area of Kandahar Libya as similar to them in the administrative organization and present security formations loyal to Abdel- Hakim Belhaj .” But Ben Sultana ruled out the possibility of an attack on Tunisia over Libyan territory for some reason the area is subject to control by Western powers and Algeria, and a continuous flight of drones, with the presence of battalions in the relatively distant from the Tunisian border. The security expert said , ” as well as regional surveillance linked to Tunisia a friendship agreement with Algeria dating back to the year 1983 and provides for the intervention of the Algerian army in solution exposed to any attack Tunisia from Libya .” Has already been activated this agreement in 1985. Coordination is now widely between the armies of the Tunisian and Algerian terrorist groups to track hiding Mount Alhaanbe a close to the Algerian border, was involved in the killing of nine soldiers in political assassinations Tunisians in Tunisia. Tunisia was announced on 29 ( August ) joint past its southern border with Libya and Algeria military buffer zone to address the dangers of terrorism and weapons smuggling.

Tunisia is now suffering from the bitterness of terrorism .. Terrorism, which most of its weapons from Libya … And do not forget that it is the introduction of weapons to Libya is a country Tunisian army … Here now steals the same weapons …. With respect for the loyal free to Tunisia.
(Leader of the Resistance)



On the anniversary of the death of leader Gamal Abdel Nasser archival images for the first time

with  leader Muammar al-Qathafi:

Will remain immortal leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, to abide in our hearts:




imam_khomeini_and_art_by_shiawallpapers-d2xfz7d IMAM ALI


Al Imam Gaddafi كلمة أميرالمؤمنين خليفه القذافي الأب للثورة

EL Papa (The Pope البابا) Father Gaddafi The Founding Father of Islamic Iran Revolution كلمة أميرالمؤمنين الخليفه الامام آية الله 

Endgame for the Corrupt and EVIL

Mu over all


المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر

Approached the end of chapters theatrical farce in Libya, get ready to start good ..

اقتربت نهاية فصول مسرحية المهزلة في ليبيا ، استعدوا للبداية الحسنة

Shi the Shi understanding of the Libyan

Afandi Khamas Muammar Gaddafi Eboumnyar,
Does not appear in the media, but a full military Bkievth
Was built this young man under the supervision of Sidi Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Libyan military, training is and his companions outside the Libyan state and studied military science and within, he returned to Libya, green and start building a brigade from the beginning to become a Major General 32 booster, teamed to this brigade of many young people to Libya between officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers and administrators and technicians-day safety and security in the Great Jamahiriya and I said majority of it, God willing, a great God, and parables this young man who baffled Alktherin of enemies enjoy this young secrecy absolute in his social, political and military, a young man disciplined military, even in his life away from the political
The Brigade 32 of the hold military formations numbers and systemic and the ability to arms, a killer brigade led by Mandarin as he likes a lot and described with courage and without air cover and let me that we grant Brigade officers and soldiers and led Mandarin Thursday (KHAMIS) Muammar Gaddafi and Sam courage to Makedmoh and Maigdmonh until this moment, God alone .

 Mu's plea
الأفندي خميس معمر ابومنيار القذافي
لم يظهر في الاعلام الا وهو بقيافته العسكرية التامه
كان يبنى هذا الشاب باشراف من سيدى العقيد معمر القذافي القائد الاعلى لقوات المسلحة الليبية عسكريا , تدرب هو ورفاقه خارج الدولة الليبية ودرس العلوم العسكرية وداخلها , رجع لليبيا الخضراء وبدء يبني لواء من البداية حتى اصبح اللواء 32 معزز , انظم لهذا اللواء العديد من شباب ليبيا من بين ضباط وضباط صف وجنود واداريين وفنيين ايام الامن والامان بالجماهيرية العظمى وقلت العظمى لانها باذن الله عظمى بالله ثم بامثال هذا الشاب الذي حير الكثرين من الاعداء يتمتع هذا الشاب بسرية مطلقة في حياته الاجتماعيه والسياسية والعسكرية ,شاب منضبط عسكريا حتى في حياته البعيدة عن السياسية
كان اللواء 32 من اقدر التشكيلات العسكرية اعدادا وجهازيه وقدرة على التسلح , قاتل اللواء بقيادة الافندي كما يحب الكثير وصفه بكل شجاعه وبـــــــــــدون غطاء جوي واسمحوا لي بان نقوم بمنح اللواء ضباطا وجنودا وبقيادة الافندي خميس معمر القذافي وسام الشجاعه على ماقدموه ومايقدمونه حتى هذه اللحظه باذن الله وحده .

Green Resistance seen in Sahel Desert:



FALSE RUMOR: ZAIDANE not abducted!

In a telephone call to a source familiar with the presidency of Ministers now, been
Refute the news of abduction of the prime minister, “Ali Zaidan”, saluting
Greeted at the airport and taking him to his place of residence and is best
And good health.

ZAIDANE asked for the return of NATO, now he got  NATO BACK!

NEW threat to the group “Nhna free Rana Ha!”!!

NATO strikes in the newly permitted in Libyan war .. 27 thousand blow 50% of them in the city of Misrata, and 10% of them in

and around Brega, and the rest in and around the capital, Tripoli, and some sites in the south ...

(Free channel Cyrenaica)


The Minister of Education, through the channel of Libya’s international

On the people that Icomo the rearing of their children in order to maintain the integrity of the school seats because there are

some schools not behold students and but there are other creatures.

Libya February

Missing home and abroad births:

Colonel Nice Bouchmadh the stresses during a telephone call resolution Chiefs of Staff appointed commander of the special forces at the level of Libya.


Urgent ..Kidnapping of Dr. Tahir Turkey Alzentani and wounding his brother Sadiq Turkish Alzentani seriously wounded by an armed group in the way of Azizia.


Saad Dinala:
According to my sources from Tripoli
Intervention force from

Zintan to lift the siege on the three officers trapped in the hotel Middle eternal capital Tripoli. 

It is said that the three officers from the city of Casablanca in the Green Mountain area (now part of territory CYRENAICA)

was surrounded by an armed group and exchanged with them shooting, and did not reach far into the reasons for this thing called.

Green Mountain newspaper –

News is uncertain about trapping three white officers from the city of CASABLANCA by the militia in the city of Tripoli in Sunrise Hotel Gamal Abdel Nasser Street,

off of Omar al-Mukhtar Street in the city of Tripoli
The officers are: Saleh Mokhtar Barasi .. The Ayman his Barasi taste .. Yahya Sama
And now there is congestion in the White City because of this issue

Page: Urgent Benghazi

This is a list of cases of kidnappings taking place in the capital Tripoli # these days ..
And 15 girls access to the Tripoli Medical Hospital, mostly deceased as a result of dose narcotic yesterday.
  • وصول 15 فتاة لمستشفى طرابلس الطبي أغلبها متوفي نتيجة جرعه مخدره البارحة.


    عاااااااااجل very ::: now near the center of infertility treatment Airport Road, the clinic collected predecessor was intercepted

    a car carrying the family of favor Miloud good by SUV Toyota and car type Miche Baishe Lancer blue and Altiota white and

    the red bar where he was dropping off one of the girls citizenmentioned by force after publicity arms in the face of her father,

    the girl was taken to an unknown destination, and the girl called survival benefit Miloud demanded Faculty of the

    Higher Institute of Management.

    عاااااااااجل جداً ::: الأن قرب مركز علاج العقم بطريق المطار ،، العيادة المجمعه سابقه تم اعتراض سيارة تقل عائلة المواطن صالح ميلود الطيب من قبل سيارة دفع رباعي تيوتا وسيارة نوع متشي بيشي لانسر زرقاء اللون والتيوتا بيضاء وبها شريط احمر حيث تم انزال احدى بنات المواطن المذكور بالقوة بعد اشهار السلاح في وجه والدها وتم نقل الفتاة لجهة غير معلومه ،، والفتاة تدعى نجاة صالح ميلود طالبه بكلية بالمعهد العالي للادارة

    Publishing and circular …

    The brothers heads of households you pay attention to your daughters, “women” issue of kidnapping has become an obsession for security services

    in the capital Tripoli and the large number of cases is not mostly found, raising the proportion of emergency in these devices …

    (The main Admin)

    And witness from her family

    Hashim humans: –

    Public Administration spokesman for against Abdulhakim Albulazi crime confirms that the administration has received

    three reports of students hijackers during this week were the latest student who was abducted from the street in front

    of the Institute of victory Ibn al-Haytham, which amounts to a 17-year-old ..
    (Libya Per Liberals)

    Albulazi: the fight against crime has received three reports of cases of abduction of students

    Libya Per Liberals :

    A spokesman for the fight against crime, “Abdul Hakim Albulazi” to correspondent in Tripoli, that the administration has received three reports

    of the students hijackers during this week, the most recent case of the student who was snatched from the street victory in front of the Institute

    of Ibn al-Haytham and aged 17 years, in addition to another case Bgot the Alshall where that investigation and search Gary them, while another

    was liberated was kidnapped for a few hours, comes after the national Security Directorate denied via her Facebook page received any

    communication about the abduction of girls and schoolgirls.

    32 cases of kidnapping in Tripoli within 15 days, including 12 females

    Fathi Ben Issa:
    Msjul security criticizes media and dub Balftan!! Why? Because the teacher went out to media channels said that 40 cases were kidnapped in Tripoli

    during the month of September … Individual and they Almsjul to report Mqnt-the number 32 ČÓ cases within 15 days Mesh month and that most

    of them GO Su not together after abduction of course!!

    (The Glamorous true media)

    Causing the water cut of Tripoli kidnaps women again

    A recent episode upstart rebels (Haitham Tagouris) after being kidnapped the son of Defense Minister Abdullah crease.

    Kidnaps lawyer Soraya Issa Mohammed from her home in the project plateau Tripoli on Althelata 23 \ 9 5.30 at gunpoint in front of her children and

  • intimidate children and leave them alone with the knowledge that she was pregnant in the month of deliberation,,,,
  • cars they slogan room common security subsidiaries me Heetm Tagouris .(/ / Fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya)

    – That (kidnapping) in Tripoli (for girls young and old) and up (children)?!
    In two days, 47 cases of abduction do not want to send our children to study salvation Enough is enough.
    – Powered media in the Ministry of Education (Tripoli) quarreled with the broadcaster Libya Ahrar?!
    God and yes agent – à Tripoli.

     Unless pervades Mitigua base and Gharghour area Security in constant danger, kidnapping ….
    -أن (الخطف) في طرابلس (للبنات الصغار والكبار) وحتى(الاولاد )؟!
    في يومين 47حالة أختطاف لانريد أرسال أبنائنا الى الدراسة خلاص طفح الكيل .
    -ومسؤل الاعلامي بوزارة التعليم في (طرابلس) يتشاجر مع مذيعة ليبيا الاحرار ؟!
    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
    Agency urgently to Yiba the / Tripoli
    Two days ago Saguetna the predestination to help a dear man assailed by a herd of wolves and few Mstgullac or for Mstrgel transfer data ..
    I had gone together with Aziz on behalf of the man as the deaf and dumb and you ‘re tongue who uttered and heard , who hears and
    even worked as a translator him and while we were sitting in the waiting house . I was embezzled from time to time and the other for
    a little girl initiated a slender pale swollen eyelids erratic sight rub your fingers was Zbkhen was re- shot several times and another ..
    And as she was sitting was paid Bsacaha the younger forward and backward as if trying to Altarahj in game.Came to her man seems to be her father,
    it for them Taqbila been discernible comprising the chest until he almost that j strangled been started crying and crying bitterly painful Tdmii the hearts ..
    Attracted me the position and I am appalled what I see from the rattle and laws of the girl child and her father crying .. Moments passed Keldahr but
    curiosity prompted me to question one guards what Ihdt the guard told me : It’s been hijacked since the 5 days ! !
    Gesture to the question : Where was and how Aataroa them
    Guard answered : It is ten years and she was abducted by a school belonging to her .. Abizaid said the hijackers after doing Alovail and embarrassed
    by the devil to doWas in the fifth day of her abduction has done wine headed Adehb his senses and he fell and slept a deep sleep in the rest located
    in atonic place in Tripoli .. And when he became hungry and thirsty and suffering from the mother of the girl willing her destiny to flee the farm nearby,
    what that entered the farm until Artemt in the bosom of the farm owner and اخدت bring about his hand a Tstgat him that Eachdha to Abhe
    When the scan that farms condition and Halle what was felt in her body and her dress torn Itar bloodGrant from his place in haste, and he delivered them to the police station , who in turn told for Alator for the kidnapped child ..Police moved in and began to eye the place together with a group of ” rebels ” and the owner of the farm d them from imminent hangoutwhere police found the kidnapper covered in deep sleep

    Other moments passed was a group of police entered the company of a man seems in Allatiniat of the old handcuffed ..

    Prosecutor summoned the girl and indicated her hand to him the girl was transferred to the hospital ..

    I came back to my house and all my anger and wrath on what the pw us ! !

    وكالة عاجل لييبا / طرابلس

    منذ يومين ساقتني الاقدار لمساعدة رجل عزيز تكالبت عليه قطيع من الذئاب وبضعة مستغولات او لنقل مسترجل ات .. كنت قد ذهبت بمعية الرجل العزيز للنيابة باعتباره اصم وابكم وكنت لسانه الذي ينطق وسمعه الذي يسمع بل وعملت مترجما له وفيما كنا جلوسا في دار الانتظار. كنت اختلس بين الفينة والاخرى لطفلة صغيرة بدءت شاحبة نحيلة متورمة الاجفان زائغة البصر تفرك اصابعها تم تسبكهن تم تعيد الكرة مرات ومرات اخرى .. وفيما هي جالسة كانت تدفع بساقاها الصغيرتين نحو الامام والخلف وكانها تحاول التارحج في لعبتها.

    جائها رجلا يبدوا انه ابيها فانها ل عليها تقبيلا تم اخد يضمها لصدره حتى كاد ان ي خنقها تم شرع يبكي ويصرخ بحرقة مؤلمة تدميء القلوب .. شدني الموقف وهالني ما ارى من حشرجة وانين الطفلة وبكاء ابيها .. مرت لحظات كالدهر لكن فضولي دفعني لسؤال احد الحراس عما يحدت قال لي الحرس : انها كانت مخطوفة مند 5 ايام !!
    بادرته بالسؤال : اين كانت وكيف عتروا عليها
    اجابني الحرس : انها تبلغ العشر سنوات واختطفت من طريق المدرسة وهي عائدة لبيتها .. تم اردف ان خاطفا بعد ان فعل بها الافاعيل وما يستحي الشيطان من فعله

    كان في اليوم الخامس من اختطافها قد فعل الخمر براسه وادهب صوابه فوقع ونام نوما عميقا في تلك الاستراحة الواقعة في مكان نائي بطرابلس .. ولما استبد الجوع والعطش وما تعانيه من الام تلك الطفلة شاء لها القدر ان تفر للمزرعة المجاورة فما ان دخلت لتلك المزرعة حتى ارتمت في حضن صاحب المزرعة واخدت تجره من يده وهي تستغيت به ان ياخدها لاءبيها فلما تفحص ذاك المزارع حالتها وهاله ما رئى في بدنها وفستانها الممزق واتار الدماء فيها

    هب من مكانه مسرعا وقام بتسليمها لمركز الشرطة الذي بدوره ابلغ عن العتور عن الطفلة المخطوفة .. تحركت الشرطة وانطلقت لعين المكان بمعية مجموعة من “الثوار” وصاحب المزرعة الذي د لهم عن مكان الاستراحة داهمة الشرطة المكان فوجدوا الخاطف يغط في نوم عميق

    مرت لحظات اخرى تم دخل مجموعة من الشرطة بصحبة رجل يبدوا في التلاثينيات من العمر مقيد اليدين .. استدعى وكيل النيابة الطفلة واشارت بيدها اليه تم نقلت الفتاة للمستشفى ..

    رجعت لبيتي وكلي حنق وغضب على ما ال اليه حا لنا !!

    بنت الوادي

    Fathi Ben Issa journalist:

    What doctor told me the confidence I received humanitarian Mo Asia invalids in my father …

    Gunmen stormed the house of Dean in the security apparatus and take him and his wife from inside Fadharbonh House was severely

    beaten in front and then take them absent three hours to get back has they did evil Alovail the making to Aagd word

    diluted to move it to you .. House in the center of Tripoli!!!


The so-called militia Tripoli rebels stormed the home of Dean in the national security last night and beat him in front of his wife was transferred

to an unknown location and taken his wife to another place was freed after being raped by drunken militia members …

  • Fire one of the region of Ain ​​Zara stores through the Arboretum last night:


    Ogail data.

    Jet group of armed and feared corner of the reticle and demolished monsters Owaidat the following how Benh.
    Of hours 7 Sobh,,, then Antv Dou a people of the region and marched ambush and free the car 14 where 3 people

    have fled the rest, and the people of the region marched gate p coastline and they saddled the people from the corner

    of course such behavior error ČÓ God Ghalib Mavi solution Thani



    Say Media Khaled Almher,

    Demonstrators in the port of Zueitina announce next week for New Users Board is separate from the public administrations

    in Tripoli and embark in the management of the port and the oil fields of the company Zueitina previously.



Important to clarify
On Saturday, 09/21/2013 ..

murder occurred in the city of to AJeelat killer of a Jeelat, surname Alstaoa and the title of the debate partner

lose stealing a car innocent citizens from Sabriyah area of the angle during a robbery in front of the place where he was murdered

vegetables down the goods to the shop jumped defendants to the car and Onzla murdered, but murdered Quaomanma and told

them Cheek Numismatic not Takhdhu my car because I Astrozk which car was kind of <Toyota Fjah> .. it happened between them

pulling hands and then made ​​a robbers opened fire on slain in his shoulder once and the other in the stomach where the second

lodged in his liver and died on impact, noting that the slain is from the Liberal ..

  • The lattice to Ajeelat morning

    Victor Abed:
    An armed terrorist militia from entering the area of ​​the lattice steady and various weapons used information on the demolition of two houses,

    the number of dead and injured is unknown force has been formed from the people of the region armed with sticks and batons militia expelled

    folks lattice ready Dazzling accused amid the silence of the state despite the flag.

    (Quoting the pages Ajeelat)

    Situation Atazm the Tani between the Ajeelat corner and Skrōha roads with earth .. Who Walker Aljeelat it Aogel gait, God, who has knowledge

    that lets Sayer exactly Icollna the Baldat who dwell in the lattice, or close to it.

    Ajeelat today:
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel shortly before

    Fire school bathroom tourism.

    Channel Ajeelat on Facebook:

    Shut down the entrances to Ajeelat piles of dirt while keeping one car corridor in anticipation of any emergency may occur and

    the presence of police cars next to them.

    God saves the Ajeelat and its people

    The story of clashes in the Ajeelat

    An armed group from the demolished house corner sons Owaidat lattice to ajeelat the area at 7 sparking provoke people aJeelat

    Faqamo clasps the entrances Ajil data to prevent these excesses which defied almost daily
    Was booked 3 vehicles a Arbatash weapon text:

  • __________________

  • The news agency – Benghazi – reporter

  • Urgent ..The bombing of the court building in the city shortly before the dome.
  • There will be a vigil tree Square on the evening
    Exactly five o’clock, and will raise the demands of the demonstrators and is
    A commission of inquiry neutral in the case of ports, uncovering the facts and announcing to the people accountable and accountingAlmkhte whatever even if the power and bribery cases and waste of public money and announce the results of investigations into the

    assassinations of Benghazi, and disclose the identity of the criminals Alert National Congress that he (Libby) and does not apply to global issues.

    For illustration Dome Security Directorate headquarters and police and prosecutors Center
    Court and all licenses within a single wall, but what has been
    Target Directorate and a police station, the headquarters has since maintained
    Just three months earlier and was to send them threats
    They targeted and was targeted on Friday.

    Targeting Security Directorate dome shortly before
    Colonel “Younis mourning” battalion command Ibrahim Bakar, it
    Was targeting the headquarters of the Security Directorate dome and the dome of the police station
    By a terrorist group.

  • Koba National Security Center after being blown up by supporters of al-Sharia  group dawn of this day and was killed in the bombing one person
  • and wounded two, all of them Egyptian workers trapped in the center.

  • Police dome Center bombing by car bomb
    Hyundai type which led to the crash of the eastern facade of the center
    And damaged the building of the restaurant next door to the center after it
    Wounding three Egyptian workers were slightly injured and their condition now
    Here is a picture from the site of the blast.

    (Valley girl)

    # _ Gateway to Libya

    Square vigil tree in Benghazi pm today calls for the activation of the judiciary and to claim an independent commission of inquiry into the events taking place in Libya.



    Salem Jdharan:

    “Ali Zaidan came from Germany to Libya on business and see the second to the country ..”

  • Urgent
  • https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=435453556565939&set=vb.270512759650117&type=2&theater
سالم جضران شقيق ابراهيم جضران يوجه كلمة قاسية في آعيان طرابلس الذين قدموا له للتوسل من اجل فتح المؤاني النفطية
  • Salem‘s brother Jdharan Ibrahim Jdharan directs a cruel word to Tripoli dignitaries

  • who came to him to beg in order to open the oil Almaana.

  •  ______________________________

  • Warn Travelers are advised that pitfalls of dirt got into the main road languages ​​Owaynat to 40 km of languages ​​as a result of soil erosion

    on the road year as a result of torrential rains and runoff warn Travelers are advised that got in the way collapses main languages

    ​​Owaynat near enough crazy (Aadinan) result of runoff floods ..
    We wish safety for all.

    Announcement for “psychiatric clinic” in Bani Walid.

    In collaboration with the World Health Organization, the Al-Razi Hospital for psychiatric and neurological send a psychiatrist to the city of Bani Walid (health center market) on Saturday of each week. I hope the announcement of the news so that the largest number of patients to take advantage of this free weekly clinic.

    D. Abdullah Fnaire,




    The emergence of cases of bluetongue disease in some sheep in Sirte

    Spotted the animal health department in Sirte cases for some sheep bluetongue disease. The Director of Administration, “Saad Siwi” the reporter Libyan news agency that the cases that have been monitored zones were long and Alsoaoh, stressing that it has not monitored any case in other regions. He stressed, “Siwi” that a specialized committee of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Marine next Saturday will visit to the region to curb the spread of the disease. The Director of the Department of Animal Health in Sirte that the disease does not have any damage to human life and well known to all educators. The area of Sirte and its environs there are about 750 thousand head of sheep and goats, according to the latest statistics of the sector.
    Source Libyan news agency


    dirty MISURATA:

  • An official source at the Central Bank of Libya who declined to be named, told Quds Press complained from the control of militias Misratah
  • on all departments in the bank and keep the local council Misratah Bcod system accounts and foreign transfers conducted by the bank
  • and the source confirmed that much of the data is changed from time to time in the accounts the bank and through the use of the
  • bank’s system and between the hands of frivolous in Misratah do not know subordination me any party source confirmed that the
  • governor knows these measures, but can not be announced or demanding an end to her …
  • Libyan leader

    Libyan source : Turkey truck quoted chemicals from Syria to Misrata with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood for burial desert Alchuirv

    Libyan official revealed former senior in an exclusive statement to “veto” information confirming that Turkey is sending a merchant ship loaded with gases
    Toxic chemical to the sea port of Misrata in Libya.
    According to the source , it is believed that these substances Turkey aims to hide them being related to what happened in Syria on the use of chemical weapons in
    Algottin and accused the regime of Syrian President Bashar al -Assad, and Turkey is seeking to hide after being withdrawn from the Syrian opposition , which handed over
    In an earlier time , ” spokesman also claimed the source . ”
    The source for ” veto ” that the shipment arrived in Turkish Misrata, Libya , and the city militia affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood
    In Libya, discharged over trucks central mobility armed convoy accompanied by an ambulance , was transferred to the south in the Libyan desert near the area
    Called ” Alchuirv . ”
    It is noteworthy that Misrata, Libya controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood to the extent paid Libyans launch named ” fourth Adaweya the the Libya ” Due to the density
    Brotherhood elements .

    (Addicted to ” 3 “)

    ﻣﺼﺪﺭ ﻟﻴﺒﻲ: ﺗﺮﻛﻴﺎ ﻧﻘﻠﺖ ﺷﺎﺣﻨﺔ ﻣﻮﺍﺩ ﻛﻴﻤﺎﻭﻳﺔ ﻣﻦ ﺳﻮﺭﻳﺎ ﺇﻟﻰ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﺔ ﺑﻤﻌﺎﻭﻧﺔ ﺍﻹﺧوان لدفنها بصحراء الشويرف

    ﻛﺸﻒ ﻣﺴﺌﻮﻝ ﻟﻴﺒﻲ ﺳﺎﺑﻖ ﺭﻓﻴﻊ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﺘﻮﻱ ﻓﻲ ﺗﺼﺮﻳﺤﺎﺕ ﺧﺎﺻﺔ ﻟـ” ﻓﻴﺘﻮ” ﻣﻌﻠﻮﻣﺎﺕ ﺗﺆﻛﺪ ﻗﻴﺎﻡ ﺗﺮﻛﻴﺎ ﺑﺈﺭﺳﺎﻝ ﺳﻔﻴﻨﺔ ﺗﺠﺎﺭﻳﺔ ﻣﺤﻤﻠﺔ ﺑﻐﺎﺯﺍﺕ
    ﻛﻴﻤﺎﻭﻳﺔ ﺳﺎﻣﺔ ﺇﻟﻰ ﻣﻴﻨﺎﺀ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﺔ ﺍﻟﺒﺤﺮﻱ ﻓﻲ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ .
    ﻭﻃﺒﻘﺎ ﻟﻠﻤﺼﺪﺭ، ﻳﻌﺘﻘﺪ ﺃﻥ ﻫﺬﻩ ﺍﻟﻤﻮﺍﺩ ﺗﻬﺪﻑ ﺗﺮﻛﻴﺎ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺇﺧﻔﺎﺋﻬﺎ ﻛﻮﻧﻬﺎ ﻟﻬﺎ ﻋﻼﻗﺔ ﺑﻤﺎ ﺣﺪﺙ ﻓﻲ ﺳﻮﺭﻳﺎ ﺑﺸﺄﻥ ﺍﺳﺘﺨﺪﺍﻡ ﺍﻷﺳﻠﺤﺔ ﺍﻟﻜﻴﻤﺎﻭﻳﺔ ﻓﻲ
    ﺍﻟﻐﻮﻃﺘﻴﻦ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﺘﻬﻢ ﺑﻬﺎ ﻧﻈﺎﻡ ﺍﻟﺮﺋﻴﺲ ﺍﻟﺴﻮﺭﻱ ﺑﺸﺎﺭ ﺍﻷﺳﺪ، ﻭﺗﺴﻌﻰ ﺗﺮﻛﻴﺎ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺇﺧﻔﺎﺋﻬﺎ ﺑﻌﺪ ﺃﻥ ﺳﺤﺒﺘﻬﺎ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺎﺭﺿﺔ ﺍﻟﺴﻮﺭﻳﺔ، ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﺳﻠﻤﺘﻬﺎ ﻟﻬﺎ
    ﻓﻲ ﻭﻗﺘﺎ ﺳﺎﺑﻖ “ﻛﻤﺎ ﺯﻋﻢ ﺍﻟﻤﺼﺪﺭ ﺍﻟﻤﺘﺤﺪﺙ .”
    ﻭﺃﻛﺪ ﺍﻟﻤﺼﺪﺭ ﻟـ” ﻓﻴﺘﻮ” ﺃﻥ ﺍﻟﺸﺤﻨﺔ ﺍﻟﺘﺮﻛﻴﺔ ﻭﺻﻠﺖ ﺇﻟﻰ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﺔ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﺔ، ﻭﻗﺎﻣﺖ ﻣﻠﻴﺸﻴﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﻤﺪﻳﻨﺔ ﺍﻟﻤﺤﺴﻮﺑﺔ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺟﻤﺎﻋﺔ ﺍﻹﺧﻮﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﻠﻤﻴﻦ
    ﻓﻲ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ، ﺑﺘﻔﺮﻳﻐﻬﺎ ﻓﻮﻕ ﺷﺎﺣﻨﺎﺕ ﻭﺳﻂ ﺣﺮﺍﻳﺔ ﺭﺗﻞ ﻣﺴﻠﺢ ﺑﻤﺼﺎﺣﺒﺔ ﺳﻴﺎﺭﺓ ﺃﺳﻌﺎﻑ، ﻭﺗﻢ ﻧﻘﻠﻬﺎ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺍﻟﺠﻨﻮﺏ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻲ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺼﺤﺮﺍﺀ ﻗﺮﺏ ﻣﻨﻄﻘﺔ
    ﺗﺴﻤﻲ ” ﺍﻟﺸﻮﻳﺮﻑ .”
    ﻳﺸﺎﺭ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺃﻥ ﻣﺼﺮﺍﺗﺔ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﺔ ﻳﺴﻴﻄﺮ ﻋﻠﻴﻬﺎ ﺟﻤﺎﻋﺔ ﺍﻹﺧﻮﺍﻥ ﻟﺪﺭﺟﺔ ﺩﻓﻌﺖ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﻦ ﺇﻃﻼﻕ ﺍﺳﻤﻪ ” ﺭﺍﺑﻌﺔ ﺍﻟﻌﺪﻭﻳﺔ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ” ﻋﻠﻴﻬﺎ ﻧﻈﺮﺍ ﻟﻜﺜﺎﻓﺔ ﺗﻮﺍﺟﺪ
    ﻋﻨﺎﺻﺮ ﺍﻹﺧﻮﺍﻥ ﺑﻬﺎ .


    From the heart of the Accident and Emergency Hospital Misratah ..

    The arrival of seven of Battalion 154 injuries to the hospital.

    And the death of one of the individuals injured in the head .. following clashes between members of the battalion.

    Between the young gunmen were prevent them from Altsatrib the Tripoli Street ..

    (Rafi Bacouche)

    Referrals to demonstrate on Friday to demand the army, police and support Battalion 154 that follow the army and stand against militias.

    Shortly before the clash between the 154 battalion and some young people from Misrata.

    Chaos dominates the center of the city of Misratah after the massacre last night in the 154 battalion.

    and TURKEY is importing (directly to MISURATA) waterpipes too—which were totally illegal in the Great Jamahiriya!!

 I bought my grandfather Misratah withstand dust instead of Alinvh I told him this is a new categorized sacred …
 Chta housewife Mix sugar with soil and Misratah during prepare for Basbousa the so as not Taatfterh the Basbousa when taking them
out of the Kosha because it will withstand even put honey .. Channel Fatafeet …ختي ربة البيت اخلطي السكر بتراب مصراته اثناء اعدادك للبسبوسة حتي لا تتفترش البسبوسة عند اخراجها من ا لكوشة لانها سوف تصمد حتي وضع العسل عليها .. قناة فتافيت ..


The spread of rats in Libya

eerily HahahTo Ibiastan>

phenomenon of the spread of rats in the city of Tobruk eerily



ليبياستان > ظاهرة إنتشار الجرذان في مدينة طبرق بشكل مخيف


Today SEPTEMBER 26, 2013. We declare Fezzan an independent Federal Zone, this is black Libyan people’s Republic.
Every green resistance in other parts of rebel occupied, can move South.

Agency urgently to Yiba the / abduction director of channel Fezzan Séa

Denied a beach notables “Mohammed Hamed”

What happened traded on the selection of “Nuri A. To Gwiza the” president of the

Fezzan region, adding to the atmosphere of the country that is falling the announcement of the President of the Region,

and the political body and the composition of the military council within four days.

A number of colleagues in Séa that colleague “Mukhtar Khaled Omar,” the chairman of Fezzan satellite channel today

has been kidnapped by an armed group … We ask God to bring him back safe and sound, O Lord.

(Valley girl)


Alassema TV channel capital
Murzuq city is suffering from an acute shortage of fuel petrol three days ago
Because of the failure to provide the only gas station in the city by the warehouse southern region through which the stations are supplied …

Which led to the rise in the price of a liter to one dinars on the black market.


Quoting / / FLASH Benghazi

Connections will be disconnected from the stopper to Jufrah fully Sirte this triangle
Where there is a convoy of nuclear waste Misratah’s completely true news

I asked God Almighty publish this article on blogging in order to save Libya
Nuclear buried here in Libya’s nuclear waste in Libya believed that speak a lie, why allow people to approach,

or the media and the pits which Tervgahm and the black flag raised on the queue …
ÇŃĚćßă for religion for the sake of Libya, please FAKE AMERICAN God is the most important news of the nuclear

waste that bury you in Libya and not to sever contacts news is nuclear waste your children carcinogenesis 100 years before
I hope even forcing the government publishing or the Alpina graduated Chiefs of Staff arrived voice to all Libyans.



Alassema TV channel capital

Security forces Ras Jedir border crossing lock port since last Tuesday …

The commander of the secret absentee martyr Jamal Osman Secretary that the reason for the closure of the crossing back

the Libyans what he suffered the indignities against the backdrop of a brawl between young Libyans and Tunisians ….
For his part, the Director of Ras Jedir Mohammed port bulldozer as a small meeting was held between the security services

of the Directorate of the port … Culminated in the agreement to allow the return of citizens of the two countries …

He pointed out that it was discussed with the Tunisian side in this regard ….



1985 Muammar al-Qathafi in Morocco:


pt. 1
pt. 2:
pt. 3:
pt. 4:

pt. 5:


“It is a simple life, and yet it is not, for he lives in a world of satellite technology, the modern equilvalent of the radio systems that obsessed him as a junior army officer, listening to everyone, but accountable to no one but God, with no interest in wealth, drugs, smoking or alcohol, few of the ordinary vices (so far as one can tell), as much a family man as any other, and totally removed from the day-today pressures that beset political leaders. A man whi can quite literally appear from nowhere, and just as easily vanish.”

(END of p 292: “Gadaffi: The Desert Mystic”)




A “Nuclear-Free Zone” in the Middle East? Why Israel will not Join the Non-Proliferation Treaty

Global Research, September 27, 2013

Iran’s New President Hassan Rouhani has requested that Israel to sign and become a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as he spoke for a second time at the United Nation General Assembly. “As long as nuclear weapons exist, the threat of their use exists,” Rouhani said, citing the American bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Rouhani is calling for “nuclear-free zone” in the Middle East. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that had not and will not sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel would use nuclear weapons if it felt it was threatened by any nation in the Middle East.

The nuclear capability of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) defensive capabilities just reached another plateau this past April. It purchased its 5th nuclear submarine that can be deployed anywhere in the world with first strike capability. The Israel News Agency reported that Israel purchased a fifth Dolphin class submarine called the “INS Rahav” from Germany. The article headlined “Israel Launches Ninth Submarine, Ready To Strike Iran Nuclear Weapons.” Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “The submarines are a strong, strategic tool for the IDF. The State of Israel is ready to act anytime, anywhere – on land, sea and air – in order to ensure the security of Israel’s citizens.” The submarines are equipped with Israeli-designed Popeye missiles that are capable of carrying nuclear warheads. It is no secret that Israel has nuclear weapons. Some estimates suggest that Israel has between 100 and 400 nuclear weapons. No one knows exactly how many nuclear bombs Israel possesses, but we do know they have the capability to produce them at a moment’s notice.

Mordechai Vanunu, a former Israeli technician at the Dimona nuclear research center in the Negev desert exposed Israel’s nuclear program to the world in the 1986 Sunday Times (UK). Vanunu was kidnapped in Italy by Mossad agents and brought to Israel to face an Israeli court. He was convicted and imprisoned for more than 18 years at Shikma Prison in Ashkelon, Israel. Half of his prison term was in solitary confinement. He was eventually released in 2004. Since then, Vanunu has been arrested and even imprisoned for violating his parole. He was also arrested for trying to leave Israel at one time. Former Israeli Prime Minister and Noble Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres said “he was a traitor to this country”.

Since Israel is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; the Dimona Nuclear Research center is not subject to inspections from the international community such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). According to the Federation of American Scientists in a 2007 report, Israel has between 75 and 400 nuclear warheads, but some estimates have their nuclear warheads at less than 200. It is also known that Israel has the ability to deliver them by intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) with a range of 5,500 kilometers or 3,400 miles, the Jericho III missile named after the biblical city of Jericho, various aircrafts and of course submarines. The report stated the following:

By the late 1990s the U.S. Intelligence Community estimated that Israel possessed between 75-130 weapons, based on production estimates. The stockpile would certainly include warheads for mobile Jericho-1 and Jericho-2 missiles, as well as bombs for Israeli aircraft, and may include other tactical nuclear weapons of various types. Some published estimates even claimed that Israel might have as many as 400 nuclear weapons by the late 1990s. We believe these numbers are exaggerated, and that Israel’s nuclear weapons inventory may include less than 100 nuclear weapons. Stockpiled plutonium could be used to build additional weapons if so decided

Israel’s nuclear program began after World War II. Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion once said “What Einstein, Oppenheimer, and Teller, the three of them are Jews, made for the United States, could also be done by scientists in Israel, for their own people”. David Ben-Gurion wanted to establish a Jewish State with a military force that would repel an attack by any of its adversaries especially in the Arab world. Ben-Gurion’s speech to the elected assembly of Palestine Jews on October 2nd, 1947 made it clear on the intentions of a new Jewish state:

Political developments have swept us on to a momentous parting of the ways – from Mandate to independence. Today, beyond our ceaseless work in immigration, settlement and campaign, we are set three blazing tasks, whereof fulfillment will condition our perpetuity: defense, a Jewish State and Arab-Jewish Cupertino, in that order of importance and urgency.

Security is our chief problem. I do not minimize the virtue of statehood even within something less than all the territory of the Land of Israel on either bank of the Jordan; but security comes unarguably first. It dominated our concerns since the Yishuv [Jewish community in Palestine] began from the start of colonization we knew we must, in the main, guarantee it ourselves. But recent upsets and upheavals in Palestine, in the Middle East and in the wide world, and in British and international politics as well, magnify it from a local problem of current safety into Zionism’s hinge of destiny. In scope, in intensity, in purport, it is entirely different now. Just think of the new factors that invest the problem with a political significance of unprecedented gravity – and I could add a dozen others: the anti-Zionist policy pursued by the Mandatory Government during the past ten years, the obliteration of European Jewry with the willing aid of the acknowledged leader of the Palestine Arabs, the establishment of an Arab League active and united only in combating Zionism, Bevin’s ugly war against the Jews, the crisis in Britain and its political and economic aftermath, the creation of armed forces in the neighboring States, the intrusion of the Arab Legion. And not a single Jewish unit exists.

We can stand up to any aggression launched from Palestine or its border, but more in potential than yet in fact. The conversion from potential to actual is now our major, blinding headache. It will mean the swiftest, widest mobilization, here and abroad, of capacity to organize, of our resources in economics and manpower, our science and technology, our civic sense. It must be an all-out effort, sparing no man.

Several months later on May 14th, 1948, the state of Israel became a reality with David Ben-Gurion as its first Prime Minister. Ben-Gurion, Executive head of the World Zionist Organization in 1946 until 1956 and the head of the influential Weizmann Institute of Science and DefenseMinistry Scientist Ernest David Bergmann recruited Jewish Scientists from abroad during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Israel recruited and funded Jewish scientists to help Israel establish a nuclear program. By 1949, the Israel Defense Forces Science Corps or ‘Hemed Gimmel’ was in search of Uranium in the Negev Desert, but only small amounts were discovered in phosphate deposits. Hemed Gimmel financed several students to study nuclear technology overseas. One of the students attended the University of Chicago to study under Enrico Fermi, who developed the Chicago Pile-1, the first nuclear reactor. Fermi also made scientific contributions to nuclear, quantum and particle physics among others.

By the late 1950s Shimon Peres had established LEKEM, or the ‘Science liaison Bureau’ a new intelligence service that would search for technology, materials and equipment needed for Israel’s nuclear program.

By 1952, Hemed Gimmel was under Israel’s Ministry of Defense to become the Division of Research and Infrastructure (EMET). By June 1952, The Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) was established with Ernest David Bergmann as the first chairman. Hemed Gimmel was renamed Machon 4 which became the “chief laboratory” of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC). France was a major partner for Israel’s nuclear program. France also sold weapons to Israel. The France-Israel relationship was instrumental in the development of the Dimona Nuclear Research Center. Israel signed American President Dwight Eisenhower’s Atoms for Peace, an agreement for peaceful nuclear cooperation between the U.S. and Israel along with Turkey to build a“small swimming pool research reactor” at Nachal Soreq.

It was the first step to building the Dimona nuclear research center in the Negev desert in collaboration with France who faced political turmoil in its former colonies in North Africa. Israel also faced Arab hostilities in the Middle East, so the cooperation on matters regarding new military technology complemented each other. On March 20, 1957 a public signing ceremony to build a “small swimming-pool research reactor” took place between France and Israel. But the reality was that France and Israel collaborated to build a larger facility at Dimona. In‘Israel and the Bomb’ by Avner Cohen, he describes Ben Gurion’s ambitious plan regarding Israel’s nuclear program was advanced through the Atoms for Peace Initiative:

With the return of Ben Gurion to power in 1955, nuclear energy became a matter of national priority. Ben Gurion gave political backing and financial support to those in the Ministry of Defense who were committed to promoting nuclear energy-Peres, Bergmann, Mardor, and the nuclear enthusiasts at Machon 4. There was also a change in the international climate concerning nuclear energy, in the wake of Eisenhower’s December 1953 Atoms-for-Peace initiative. Until then, nuclear energy in the United States, Canada, and Britain, the three major countries dealing with nuclear energy, was largely closed to other countries. The Atoms for Peace Initiative made nuclear energy technology available to the rest of the world.

The United States under President Eisenhower allowed Israel to seek a nuclear program that would advance its defense capabilities militarily. By 1958, the construction of the Negev Nuclear Research Center located in the Negev desert in secret through the Protocol of Sevres agreement. It was a secret agreement between Israel, France and Great Britain at Sevres, France to overthrow Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser through an invasion of Egypt after Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal. Four days after the Sèvres meeting, Israeli forces invaded Egyptian territory. French and British forces invaded shortly after they vetoed a US sponsored UN Security Council resolution under the guise that they would separate both Israeli and Egyptian forces after Egypt refused their call to withdraw from the Suez Canal.

In 1958, Charles de Gaulle became President of France. Almost immediately after he assumed office, he wanted to end France’s assistance to Israel’s nuclear program. He would only support Israel’s nuclear program if international inspectors were allowed to inspect Dimona and that Israel would declare that its nuclear program was for peaceful purposes and that under no circumstances reprocess plutonium. Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres negotiated with the French government allowing a window of opportunity for French companies to continue its work until 1966 with the Israeli government. Israel also had declared its nuclear program was “peaceful”.

BBC News received secret documents that the British government also supported Israel’s nuclear program by sending illegal and restricted materials that started in the 1950′s. In 1961, the Ben-Gurion informed the Canadian government that a pilot plutonium-separation plant would be built at the Dimona facility. By 1962, the nuclear reactor at Dimona went “critical” meaning a critical mass with a small amount of fissile material was needed for a sustained nuclear chain reaction. Shortly after, Israel secretly acquired more than 90 tons of uranium oxide (yellowcake) from Argentina to fuel the reactor. By 1965 the Israeli reprocessing plant was completed and ready to convert the reactor’s fuel rods into weapons grade plutonium for a nuclear bomb. After the Six-Day War, Israel went live producing nuclear weapons. A new era began in the Middle East. One that was a dangerous step to a nuclear disaster if Israel decided to use its nuclear weapons against an Arab country.

In Seymour M. Hersh’s ‘The Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy’ stated the concerns Israel’s leaders had, especially Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion if they did not obtain nuclear weapons. Hersh wrote:

“What is Israel?” he was quoted by an aide as asking. “. . . Only a small spot. One dot! How can it survive in this Arab world?” Ben-Gurion believed that he understood Arab character and was persuaded that as long as Arabs thought they could destroy the Jewish state, there would be no peace and no recognition of Israel. Many Israelis, survivors of the Holocaust, came to believe in ein brera, or “no alternative,” the doctrine that Israel was surrounded by implacable enemies and therefore had no choice but to strike out. In their view, Hitler and Nasser were interchangeable.

For these Israelis, a nuclear arsenal was essential to the survival of the state. In public speeches throughout the 1950s, Ben Gurion repeatedly linked Israel’s security to its progress in science. “Our security and independence require that more young people devote themselves to science and research, atomic and electronic research, research of solar energy . . . and the like,” he told the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, in November 1955.

Ernst Bergmann explicitly articulated the ein brera fears in a letter two years later: “I am convinced . . . that the State of Israel needs a defense research program of its own, so that we shall never again be as lambs led to the slaughter.”

Ben-Gurion, Shimon Peres, and Ernst Bergmann believed that Israel’s independent arsenal finally could provide what President Eisenhower would not—the nuclear umbrella.

Israel’s nuclear program was built on the belief that it had “no alternative” but to build a nuclear weapon to deter Arab aggression. Their experience with the Holocaust justifies their intentions on maintaining their nuclear weapons. Israel’s believes that another Holocaust can be prevented, this time not from Germany but from Iran. But many Israeli’s during the development stages of nuclear weapons were not keen on obtaining a nuclear bomb because of the Holocaust:

Less compelling to the military men was the moral argument against the bomb raised by some on the left and in academia: that the Jewish people, victims of the Holocaust, had an obligation to prevent the degeneration of the Arab-Israeli dispute into a war of mass destruction” Stated Hersh. “ Those who held that view did not underestimate the danger of a conventional arms race, but believed that, as Simha Flapan, their passionate spokesman, wrote, “the qualitative advantages of Israel—social cohesion and organization, education and technical skills, intelligence and moral incentive—can be brought into play only in a conventional war fought by men.”

Another aspect of Israel’s foreign policy one should consider is the ‘Samson Option,’ a policy that calls for a retaliation using nuclear weapons against an enemy who threatens the Jewish homeland of its existence. Hersh explains:

Dimona’s supporters had convinced most of the leadership that only nuclear weapons could provide the absolute and final deterrent to the Arab threat, and only nuclear weapons could convince the Arabs—who were bolstered by rapidly growing Soviet economic and military aid—that they must renounce all plans for military conquest of Israel and agree to a peace settlement. With a nuclear arsenal there would be no more Masadas in Israel’s history, a reference to the decision of more than nine hundred Jewish defenders—known as the Zealots—to commit suicide in A.D. 73 rather than endure defeat at the hands of the Romans.

In its place, argued the nuclear advocates, would be the Samson Option. Samson, according to the Bible, had been captured by the Philistines after a bloody fight and put on display, with his eyes torn out, for public entertainment in Dagon’s Temple in Gaza. He asked God to give him back his strength for the last time and cried out, “Let my soul die with the Philistines.” With that, he pushed apart the temple pillars, bringing down the roof and killing himself and his enemies. For Israel’s nuclear advocates, the Samson Option became another way of saying “Never again.”

[In a 1976 essay in Commentary, Norman Podhoretz accurately summarized the pronuclear argument in describing what Israel would do if abandoned by the United States and overrun by Arabs: “The Israelis would fight . . . with conventional weapons for as long as they could, and if the tide were turning decisively against them, and if help in the form of resupply from the United States or any other guarantors were not forthcoming, it is safe to predict that they would fight with nuclear weapons in the end. … It used to be said that the Israelis had a Masada complex . . .but if the Israelis are to be understood in terms of a ‘complex’ involving suicide rather than surrender and rooted in a relevant precedent of Jewish history, the example of Sarnson, whose suicide brought about the destruction of his enemies, would be more appropriate than Masada, where in committing suicide the Zealots killed only themselves and took no Romans with them.” Podhoretz, asked years later about his essay, said that his conclusions about the Samson Option were just that—his conclusions, and not based on any specific information from Israelis or anyone else about Israel’s nuclear capability.]

In a White House press conference on May 18, 2009, US President Barack Obama’s concern about “the potential pursuit of a nuclear weapon by Iran.” The United States and other Western nations have not announced any plans to disarm Israel’s nuclear weapons but rather focused its attention on Iran’s nuclear program. Obama said “Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon would not only be a threat to Israel and a threat to the United States, but would be profoundly destabilizing in the international community as a whole and could set off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.” Israel already won the arms race in the Middle East. What is to stop Israel’s “Zealot” mentality from using nuclear weapons in the Middle East? Israel has threatened Iran in the past.

In a 2006 interview with Reuters former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres “the president of Iran should remember that Iran can also be wiped off the map.” It was a response after a false claim Israel and its allies made on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s comment in a 2005 speech at the Ministry of Interior conference hall in Tehran called “The World without Zionism” when he said Israel must be“wiped off the map” which was misinterpreted. Earlier this year, former Prime Minister Ehud Barak said that the US and Israel would take action against Iran, “I don’t see it as a binary kind of situation: either they [the Iranians] turn nuclear or we have a fully fledged war the size of the Iraqi war or even the war in Afghanistan,” Barak continued “What we basically say is that if worse comes to worst, there should be a readiness and an ability to launch a surgical operation that will delay them by a significant time frame and probably convince them that it won’t work because the world is determined to block them.” Rouhani is seeking negotiations that would put Iran, the United States and Israel on a path to a peaceful resolution. One that will recognize Iran’s right to a “peaceful” nuclear program for its country so that they can export more oil and use the revenues it earned for the benefit of the Iranian people. But do not expect any significant breakthrough between Iran and the US/Israel alliance that seeks to dominate the Middle East politically, economically and militarily.

The Obama administration is not seeking any negotiations with Iran unless they stop its nuclear program which will not happen. Iran will insist that they are signatories to the NPT and have an “inalienable right” to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. Israel will not be a signatory to the NPT because “This resolution is deeply flawed and hypocritical. It ignores the realities of the Middle East and the real threats facing the region and the entire world” according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Another reason Israel will not sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty is because they are victims of the Holocaust which is why they have violated hundreds of U.N. Security Council resolutions and has used chemical weapons on the Palestinians. The talks between Iran and the US that will be held in Geneva will fail come this October because the US wants to dominate Iran. Iran has its principles it will stand by, but so will the US on Israel’s behalf. The US and its staunch allies want Syria, Lebanon, the Gaza strip and the West Bank and every nation on earth under their rule. That is the plan.


Muammar al-Qathafi, Terrific

Mu terrific

  Ceremonies end, ,, entered the Libyan resistance in the last stages of the Implementation of the complete liberation of Libya there is no longer something

needs to equip weapons and military equipment and Allarroa so that the morale of the men hugging the sky all fasted the month of Ramadan out of faith

and hope of reward and forgive them their sins ,

God willing , and soon either martyrs or victors and are free ceremony finally presented to the leaders of the resistance is very accurate and detailed

but easy to understand where a lot of details and a lot of guidelines that understands resistance leader detail, when it starts in Tidha very soon

because it is adopted by the senior leadership of the resistance ,

you will be surprised Wen accuracy and familiarity with both small and large are ceremony includes actions precedent and accompanying and subsequent day end

and the days that followed , who knows you What do you mean the ceremony must know at least what will watched soon ,

but knows resisters good to respect the ceremony of the main reasons for the success of the event, not judgment upwardly not diligence downward ,

the Constitution of the battle now have , which is the key to victory , God willing , Ceremonies eventually contain events terrifying for traitors,

not the field of falling where as long as they chose to stay to attend on the end, which you will not know the times for the Hall events ,

It was included the ceremony is no longer in his life only a day and leave to hell after he has fed hell on the end, the last sentence in ceremony end is irreversible .

مراسم النهاية ،،، دخلت المقاومة الليبية في اخر مراحل تنفيد التحرير الكامل لليبيا لم يعد هناك شي يحتاج للتجهيز الاسلحة والمعدات العسكرية والاروع من ذلك ان معنويات الرجال تعانق السماء جميعهم صام شهر رمضان ايمانا واحتسابا وغفر لهم ذنوبهم بأذن الله وقريبا اما شهداء او منتصرون واحرار مراسم النهاية عرضت على قادة المقاومة هي دقيقة جدا ومفصلة لكنها سهلة الفهم فيها الكثير من التفاصيل والكثير من الخطوط العامة التي يفهم قائد المقاومة تفاصيلها ، عندما يبدأ في تنفيدها قريبا جدا لانها اعتمدت من القيادة العليا للمقاومة ،سوف تندهش ون من دقتها والمامها بكل صغيرة وكبيرة هي مراسم تتضمن افعال سابقة ومصاحبة ولاحقة ليوم النهاية والايام التي تليه ، من يعرف منكم ماذا تعني المراسم لابد ان يعرف على الاقل ما سوف يشاهده قريبا ، وليعرف المقاومين جيد ان احترام المراسم من اهم اسباب نجاح الحدث ، لا اجتهاد بالزيادة لا اجتهاد بالنقصان ، دستور المعركة الان لديكم ، وهو مفتاح النصر بأذن الله ، مراسم النهاية تحتوي على احداث مرعبة للخونة لا مجال من وقوعهم فيها طالما اختاروا البقاء لحضور يوم النهاية ، الذي لن تعرف فيه الاوقات لهول احداثه ، من شملته المراسم لم يعد في حياته سوى ايام ويغادر الي الجحيم بعد ان يكون قد ضاق جحيم يوم النهاية ، اخر جملة في مراسم النهاية هي لا رجوع .



Ratinga Dady writes:

 “O God it was not because I my spirit Bnqad the conduct and Rah Hviaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana Tigair years has shown us PS …………… اااااه repute uh”

  Mu in meeting

  • ساعات النصر المبين سوف نعيشها في ليبيا وقريبا جدا باذن الله ….

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami channel green tent on the occasion of Resolution No. 7

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel and the tent on 24/09/2013 P

Mujahid who threatened Dr. Hamza Abuschgner Thami 24 9 2013


Fathi Ben Issa:

Defence Committee condemns the kidnapping of the son of the defense minister

and considers impede the building of the Libyan army ..

Interior announces liberalization Naseeruddin Suisse director of the National Center for support, kidnapped since last Monday.

Defense Minister .. bending Abdullah.
My son Mohammed came out of the hours 9 am and no longer than two days.

Means the accused does not want the army and the police .. But not reminding name .. Fballah who blames FIA best for Khayef this O Fathi stop the blame
This Committee for the Defense to enact and Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaifah shaft.

Fathi Ben Issa:
Adel fishing, head of Anti crime Btageor the Bureau termination:

“There are those who impounded it at the request of the guardian to rehabilitated!!!”

Question to the people of the law: Does the law permit such detention?

According to a member of the National Congress, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Economy,

Trade and Industry Sharif adequate, the Commission

received a draft law to replace commodity support monetary support, adding that the Committee will consider this project to broadcast it …
Sharif also noted adequate to the presence of a number of flaws in this study, which may raise the Libyan street view ….
And Wafi said there was a looming idea to postpone this topic ..
He also noted adequate to that in the event of the application of this law, the ration commodity prices will see a big increase …..

Decision of the Ministry of Education and the students are not separated by gender in school!!

Hassan Mohamed Lamine to false NATO MB “Sheikh” sincere Gharyiani say:

“leave leave leave …. You are one of the biggest obstacles to the democratic transition in Libya ….

You are one of the fans on the loose security and the absence of safety …

Your last statement ‘catastrophic’ … ‘Irresponsible’ … ‘Outside the scope of tasks’ … Leave leave leave ….”


Essam activist Jehani:

The rule of venerable Mufti (political activist) Can you settle on view once deprive demonstrate and allow time (Hawak and Hua …!), And the criminals who are closing oil according to your description lame finest of understanding to defend them Vlolahm did not sit in your hotel Alricksosa Tkadhit salary and features never dreamed of, but just say God is enough, and yes, the agent … Alliance forces and initiative endorsed by the ruling Justice and construction for inclusive national dialogue my comment brief, after Khrbuha of sat on Tlha and sing dialogue … Beyond the stage of dialogue and also negotiate the reality is different from you because you are behind do not always know you Ton your role and Hjmkm the real front of the nation and the people. May negotiate when people aware of our truth without falsity, and the fact that our goals and our cause and our vision of Salah Libya.

The achievements of the State of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the Tkfferin in 3 years
1 – The massacre of Bani Walid (an unspecified number of martyrs)
2 – The massacre of Benghazi (42 martyr)
3-200 case of the assassination of army and police officers, activists Hakoukan and media
4 – the desecretion and destruction of shrines and of graves and tombs, historic mosques and Family
5 – thousands detainees and Almoghaibon of the men and women
6 – the disappearance of hundreds of billions of dollars from the Libyan people’s money and returns on assets

انجازات دولة الاخوان و التكفيرين في 3 سنوات
1- مجزرة بني وليد ( عدد غير محدد من الشهداء )
2- مجزرة بنغازي ( 42 شهيد )
3- 200 حالة اغتيال لضباط جيش و شرطة و ناشطين حقوقين و اعلاميين
4- تدمير مقابر و اضرحة و مساجد تاريخية و عائلية
5- الاف المعتقلون و المغيبون من الرجال و النساء
6- اختفاء مئات المليارات من الدولارات من اموال الشعب الليبي من العوائد و الارصدةبنت الوادي

Libya: Thousands Detained in Libya Outside State Control


Photo: Iason Foounten/UN

A crowd of demonstrators protest the ongoing use of weapons by rebel militias inside of Tripoli and the accompanying atmosphere of lawlessness (file photo).

Tripoli — Thousands of people in Libya remain locked up in militia prisons, outside of state control,

more than two years after the revolution, according to a new UN report presented to the Security Council.

The report says many are suffering torture and mistreatment and calls the situation “unacceptable”.

“We have a big problem. But it is a problem we are trying to tackle,” Libya’s Justice Minister Salah Marghani, speaking after the report’s release, told IRIN.

“We haven’t given up. Even though the circumstances are challenging, we’re still pushing to improve the situation.”

The report estimates the number of conflict-related detainees is around 8,000, some held in facilities only“nominally” under the authority of the justice or defence ministries, and the rest by “armed brigades not affiliated with the State in any form.”

“I remain deeply concerned at the slow and insufficient progress in the transfer of detainees from the custody of armed brigades to the State,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon‘s report, which updates the Security Council onthe UN Support Mission in Libya.

The UN says it has gathered evidence suggesting that at least 10 deaths in custody this year were due to tortureand that no one has yet been held accountable. It also says there is evidence of continuing torture in both government institutions and prisons beyond government control, something humanitarian organizations working in Libya back up.

“Right now, the only factor significantly bringing down the number of detainees being mistreated and tortured is the number of mass prison breaks that are taking place,” said Amnesty International researcher Magda Mughrabi.

Systematic abuse

“We’ve visited prisons where the abuse is systematic,” Mughrabi said. “Often militias come and go as they please, even in prisons that are supposed to be under government control.They’re better armed than the judicial police and treat prisoners however they want. In one detention facility, we even documented a case where a militia abducted a prisoner from within his jail cell.”

Amnesty International says it has found instances of detainees being beaten with hosepipes, set on fire and subjected to electric shocks. Detainees also told the organization they had received cuts to the genitals and were sprayed in the eyes with insect repellent.

“We are still in a state of revolutions,” said Justice Minister Marghani. “You can see the amount of weapons that are spread around. The amount of control you can have in this situation is limited.”

Marghani says many of the 10,000 former rebels who have been integrated into the judicial police have only had basic training, and this is something Libya is trying to combat with the assistance of the international community.

“We’ve got a good programme to train prison guards in place, including an in-house advisor from the UK here in the Justice Ministry. But our capacity is limited.”

The UN Support Mission in Libya, along with the UK and the European Union, is providing training to prison guards and the judiciary, but according to the World Organisation Against Torture (WOAT), an organization that runs some of the training programmes, the current level of assistance is not enough to initiate whole-scale transformation.

Governing under duress

Prison reform is only one of a number of initiatives currently on standby in Libya as the security situation worsens and the country’s political and judiciary systems struggle.

Libya’s congress is gridlocked over discussions on how to create the country’s constitution, and the UN Secretary-General’s report warns of a deterioration in the effectiveness of the country’s transitional government.

“Conflicting interests and views of political and regional forces in the country, reflected in the General National Congress, may have compromised its effectiveness as a legislative body and its standing in the eyes of many Libyans. This has had an undeniable impact on the stability of the political process and has hindered the government in its ability to address the main problems facing the country.”

Militias are also helping to derail the political process by staging armed protests when it comes to key congressional decisions and have caused members of Libya’s congress to complain of being forced to vote under duress.

The threat of violence also hangs over the country’s judiciary.

Prosecutors have repeatedly gone on strike this year in the southwestern city of Sabha due to intimidation by armed groups, a situation that has been exacerbated by repeated break-outs from the city’s prison.

The UN says safety of judicial personnel remains a “serious concern” and warns that “the volatile security situation continues to pose an obstacle to the establishment of a fully functioning judicial system.” It cites several attacks on prosecutors and judges as well as bomb attacks on courthouses in Benghazi and Sirte.

No negotiating power

The fragile security situation also means that Libya’s government is in a weak position when it comes to negotiating with large brigades, which continue to hold prisoners outside of the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Defence.

One of the biggest armed groups holding prisoners beyond state control is the Supreme Security Committee (SSC), a force parallel to the official army that was created out of the remnants of a number of revolutionary brigades. It is funded and armed by the government and has two prisons at its Tripoli headquarters.

Attempts to force it to hand over detainees have resulted in repeated raids on the Justice Ministry and the intimidation of politicians.

“The SSC shouldn’t have prisons,” said Marghani. “We don’t consider these legitimate. They should hand over those people to the government so they can get real justice.”

source: allafrica.com/stories

 “al-fateh69” Editor’s opinion: One thing that this article does not say clearly is that the MILITIA’s are governing the country and not the puppet government. The strong MILITIAS ARE: MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, LIFG, AL-QAEDA, NAWASI, ANSAR SHARIA all of them in my opinion are controlled by CIA/MOSSAD which gives orders to the government what to do, if they don’t like a new law they bomb the place or intimidate them with whatever means possible.




ZINTAN IS IN Total rejection of hyperbolic (Belhadj) and to extend the work of the

General National Congress.


“Ironically, our oil and gas Biian Europe and we we cut off electricity”


Assassination spokesman for the local council Zintan Mahmoud Alhtoich.

local council Zintan Mahmoud Al Touch.

Quoting / / News of the Libyan revolution urgent

THIS MAN SPOKE FOR PEACE and against the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD the puppet central “government ” of the GNC and their violence;

plus against the terror inflicted by renegade drugged-up youth gang last week on the outskirts of Ghadames !!

(spelled also as:

local council Zintan Mahmoud Al Touch).

Zintan say that NATO Ababil birds

PLAINT OF Omar Matouk of ZINTAN:

Lord open between us and our people to the right and you are good conquerors
( Julmna , like other people of my Zintan, what we have seen and we see every day of the hurt and fading on the city of men was a scapegoat for each of the need for help ,

Did not help for all cities of the mountain ? Hey folks castle I asked God how many times came young Zintan Bakdahm the and Qdeidahm Fitonkm blood ? Will not forgive martyrs and no history Scottkm about right.
O folks Kklh of I asked God when narrowed Hello siege and bombardment of came to Necdetkm of how much a martyr feet in front of you and in front of your children and your family ?

I asked God and is ruling us how much of the fighters and martyrs Vdokm their lives on the first Rullish ?
Then when I came back to the region and battalions were slaughtered your children in the gate I asked who created you who Astnecdetm ? How many young people and sheikhs Zintan leave everything behind and hurried to the rescue and free the land again after that Constellation feet of Geert men Zintan who Aaawwadhm the king of the land ? , God Hasiibna and Hsepkm .

Hey folks Nalut I asked who will stand in front of him on the chapter and the elimination of HP ‘s Liberation balanced crossing ? And feet of feet ? Then returned battalions and crossing Avckt without resistance I asked Lord, of Avtdakm including Astnecdetm and died in front of you ?
Then from remained guarding Moaqaa the the oversees Ghazaya days without you fighting ?
HP respond battalions that arrived Alhawwamd It cited the scapegoat ?
Hey folks I asked God corner severe pain escape revenge you arms on the backs of camels ? Pain detained youth us trying Tzlagm the adventurous lives on the palms of judgment and for your children ?
I asked Allah from Astqublkm and Wawa km and fought without you worshiped you the way to the corner with the blood of our children who are the most expensive we have the rule of the king and force ?

O people of Tripoli I asked Bbarikm and Snhajkm in front of him on the Day of Resurrection km from Shahid us Shake b dust Tripoli ?
And many others , when the length of Libya and displayed Valjbl and the west coast has not dried from the blood of our heroes .
Today Gehoda and denial , climb and hurt and denial , !

I have Avetamonna and Azeetm martyrs and wounded and the most expensive we have of Champions your judgment , Soeriakm and the your government and your conference and Grorkm a false and Maamra the muzzle which you would spend days

Not Nenze ourselves and pretend not perfect and I happened to us the mistakes and problems including not measured sacrificed
However, less is your duty to those who treats you that advise him and Tqovernm not that bounty Tgehd ! And even hurt him ! I Zbhtm Almrah and judges are on the last remaining ones

At this moment , which is not with me in the absence of T – but Allah Anajia is and complain of heartburn on the men we lost heroes lift my hands locked Mtocla the Mtdhar Aa tears .

O God, O Living, O Self , O The Majesty and Honour I asked Basmaúk and recipes that Tansva of our people, including you will, O you calculated and you know how to condition

us to Tansva who are deaf and hurt mothers of martyrs bereaved , and their children, orphans, and widows , God I Fodhanak including Voncefna them your ability
and righteousness , God we Astodanak the Waer Adana and our country O God our Vantqm and cold hearts , O were Bhtuna and lied to us and they wanted us bad
you their God , they may injustice Luna and others Ancefna O Lord .
Oh we do not excuse ourselves from our mistakes and Hui ourselves skip us and forgive us .
………From me dawn What sweeter Mahiah the night …. eliminates Olah and Hereafter
From me with the light of the sins save us ….. If you would like us in g b Tahoe
Nhkoa to God out of ignorance of the oasis …. Nhkoa God to them what to Qanaho
And acquitted myself that we are human beings …… Nashoa to God sometimes Nnsaho the(By: Omar Matouk)

ربنا افتح بيننا وبين قومنا بالحق و انت خير الفاتحين
( يولمني كغيري من اهل بلادي الزنتان ، ما رأيناه و نراه كل يوم من اذى و بهتان على مدينة كان رجالها فداء لكل من احتاج النجدة،

الم تكن عونا لكل مدن الجبل؟ يا اهل القلعة سألتكم بالله كم من المرات جاء شباب الزنتان بقضهم و قضيضهم يفدونكم بدمائهم؟ لن يسامحكم الشهداء و لا التاريخ عن سكوتكم عن الحق.
يا اهل ككلة سألتكم بالله عندما ضاق عليكم الحصار و القصف من جاء لنجدتكم وكم قدم شهيدا امامكم و امام ابنائكم و عائلاتكم؟

سألتكم بالله و هو الحكم بيننا كم من المقاتلين و الشهداء فدوكم بارواحهم يوم القواليش الاولى؟
ثم عندما رجعت الكتائب للمنطقة و ذبحت ابنائكم في البوابة سألتكم بمن خلقكم بمن استنجدتم؟ وكم من شباب و مشائخ الزنتان ترك كل شئ ورائه و سارع للنجدة وحرر الارض من جديد بعد ان قدم كوكبة من خيرت رجالات الزنتان الذين لايعوضهم ملك الارض؟ و الله حسيبنا و حسيبكم.
يا اهل نالوت سألتكم بمن سنقف امامه يوم الفصل و القضاء من هب لتحرير معبر وازن؟ و قدم من قدم؟ ثم عادت الكتائب و افتكت المعبر بدون مقاومة سألتكم بربكم من افتداكم بمن استنجدتم و مات امامكم؟
ثم من بقى يحرس مواقعا تشرف على الغزايا اياما يقاتل دونكم؟
من هب لرد الكتائب التي وصلت الحوامد ومن استشهد فيها فداء ؟
يا اهل الزاوية سألتكم بالله شديد الانتقام الم يهرب اليكم السلاح على ظهور الابل؟ الم يعتقل شباب منا وهم يحاولون تسليحكم مغامرين ارواحهم على اكفهم من احلكم و اجل ابنائكم؟
سألتكم بالله من استقبلكم واوا كم و قاتل دونكم يعبد لكم الطريق الى الزاوية بدماء ابنائنا الذين هم اغلى عندنا من حكم وملك و تجبر؟

يا اهل طرابلس سالتكم ببارئكم و سنحاجكم امامه يوم القيامة كم من شهيد منا خض ب تراب طرابلس ؟
و الكثيرين غيركم على طول ليبيا وعرضها فالجبل و الساحل الغربي لم يجف من دماء ابطالنا.
واليوم جحودا و نكرانا و تسلقا و اذى و نكران،!
لقد اذيتموننا و اذيتم شهداء و جرحى و ابطال اغلى عندنا من حكمكم و سراياكم و حكومتكم و مؤتمركم و غروركم الزائف و مؤامرا تكم التي ستقضي عليكم يوما

لا ننزه انفسنا و لا ندعى المثالية و لقد حدث منا اخطاء و مشاكل لا تقاس بما ضحينا به
ومع هذا فاقل واجب عليك لمن احسن اليك ان تنصحه و تقومه لا ان تجحد فضله! بل و تؤذيه! لقد ذبحتم المرؤة و قضيتم على اخر ما تبقى منها

في هذه اللحظة التي ليس معي فيها في خلو تي الا الله اناجيه و اشكو حرقة على ابطال رجال فقدناهم ارفع يدي مؤمنا متوكلا متضر عا باكيا.
اللهم يا الله يا حي يا قيوم يا ذا الجلال و الاكرام سألتك باسمائك و صفاتك ان تنصفنا من قومنا بما شئت، اللهم انت حسبنا و انت اعلم بحالنا منا ان تنصفنا ممن اذانا و اذى امهات الشهداء الثكلى ، و اطفالهم الايتام ،واراملهم ،اللهم انا فوضناك فيهم فأنصفنا منهم بقدرتك و عدلك، اللهم اننا استودعناك اعر اضنا و بلادنا اللهم فانتقم لنا و برد قلوبنا، اللهم ان كانوا بهتونا و كذبوا فينا و ارادو بنا سوء اللهم فعليك بهم فأنهم قد ظلم ونا ومن غيرك ينصفنا يا ربنا.
اللهم اننا لا نبر ء انفسنا من اخطائنا و هوى انفسنا فتجاوز عنا و اغفر لنا.
من لي بفجر فما احلى محياه ….يقضي على الليل اولاه و اخراه
من لي بنور من الاثام ينقذنا …..اذا احبتنا في غ ب تاهو
نشكوا الى الله جهلا من احتنا …. نشكوا الى الله منهم ما لقيناهو
وما ابرئ نفسي اننا بشر …… نعشوا الى الله احيانا و ننساهو
بقلم : عمر معتوق



Libyan Fighting Group and Ansar al-Sharia threaten women in Tripoli not to wear pants and go out to the street and assert that women

who go out without veils legitimate will be subject to discipline by the group ..

Tripoli ::::::::: abduction

Abducted girl’s family forward P Victory Street and 17-year-old girl in the morning is going to institute (Ibn al-Haytham) since the three-day limit because no return
Please who has any information throughout Ofitna on ID: 0912188835
طرابلس :::::::::اختطاف

اختطاف بنت عائلة الامام ف شارع النصر والبنت عمرها 17 سنة في الصباح وهي ذاهبة الي المعهد(أبن الهيثم) مند ثلاثة ايام ولحد لأن لم تعود
الرجاء من لديه اي معلومة أرجاء أيفدنا علي الرقم:0912188835

Publishing and circular …

The brothers heads of households you pay attention to your daughters, “women” issue of kidnapping has become an obsession for security services

in the capital Tripoli and the large number of cases is not mostly found, raising the proportion of emergency in these devices ..


Quoting the Libyan news agency today:

Aaaaaajl Corner: –

Exchange of fire between children Bouhmirh and Saqr Sons and there are reports of injuries

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam very urgent
ÇŃĚćßă brothers helped us to publish,,,,
Matter seriously,,,, and very Khteyeeyeier ​​topic
Kidnapping lawyer Soraya Issa Mohammed from her home in the project plateau Tripoli on Althelata 23 \ 9 5.30

at gunpoint in front of her children and intimidate children and leave them alone with the knowledge that she was

pregnant in the month of deliberation,,,, cars they slogan room common security subsidiaries me Heetm Tagouris.

Armor up to Tripoli on the pretext delivered to the chief of staff while Haya present in the operating room through which destroy

Libya and through assassinate army officers in Libya … Room (Maatekaya).

Urgent .. Another scandal looming instrument that received by Haitham Tagouris, the Ali Zaidane against the release of the

Director of the Office of Zaidane, Muhammad Alqreis appear in the accounts of the Central Bank of Libya worth one and a

half million dinars and the Committee on National Congress crisis threatens Ali Zaidane by showing flags …

Responsible Libyan deal with national issues through bribery policy under the slogan “Sugar what Blinds Aadsh”.

Libyan steal people’s money … And Alkhergaa
Farce in Libya ..
Libyan steal people’s money ..

المهزله في ليبيا..
سرقه اموال الشعب الليبي …

The Libyan news agency today:

Torture entire family Ameitikh prison in Tripoli.

Complaint of citizenship Mary Buaichy on the arrest and torture of her family.

Story of the kidnapped daughter of Victory Street – girl Forward
Girl kidnapped girl forward returned sound condition and Delirious story
Come born 91 almost the cattle side Amarthm in Victory Street behind the secondary Tripoli for girls Khtmo them Zuoz Nsawin Mokhtmrat in a car and Qt Asalo which will not be brought from Roshan car reprove them a drug and exceeded suspended spirit in the area by Macalt near Sabratha in monsters which Hellbe Nsawin stayed eat and drink with them and Madarolha do anything for about five days and then Khdhiroha Tani and Jaboha for the Zenata, Fikoha and Qalolha Call بوالدك and Colalh I in Fulani Logie place and her father to قاها of course the spirit

Potential incident
1 – headed in the same architecture as possible the army or the officer in charge and the possibility of targeted was built or any girl Also
2 – uncertainties in the process of stealing members but she Makhaddrohash Tani and Mavi any effects of it
3 – feeling criminals tightening the noose, research and the potential exposure of their heads
And God knows the real reason for the kidnapping and return of the girl.
We thank God for her safety and to reassure its people

Fathi Ben Issa media:

Sobh O opener …. On news of a sit-school faculty Street Liberation December 24, in the heart of the capital Tripoli, wake up ..

Tat deaf school against the backdrop of the kidnapping of her students 3 girls and killing other throughout the week.

Press / names Alsaifa the

If you can not stop this Almhazel We know from behind the kidnapping of Hola kidnapping of minors will be in your homes

and in front of you eyes, we must take a strong position and the position of the direction of Hola dirt to no longer have the honor:

Sit for the faculty members of the School of liberation “Sept. Street” in Tripoli to condemn the kidnapping of students repeated frequently in the capital.

40 girls kidnapped since the start of the school year in Libya. Urgent ..Militias kidnap girls in Tripoli trace-Mahdi Alharatne

and is sending girls Almkhto the the rolls for the marriage jihad in Syria under the supervision of Mahdi Alharatne the

News about the disappearance or kidnapping of journalist Abdulwahab Mellit:


Media disappearance Abdulwahab Mellit that the chief correspondents Channel Liberal Libya in Tripoli ..
Media reported that Abdulwahab Mellit correspondent channel for Libya Liberal offline in Tunisia had not been subjected to abduction ..

USA RELEASES A TERRORIST of the violent Ben HAMID family:

Rejoice O Libyan Forte Jablkm new party “complemented” ::
Suleiman Alfortah Chairman of the Committee of Libyan political prisoners abroad announce the arrival of “Ghazzawi Hamid” of Tripoli today evening from Guantanamo prison after release
The Abdul Hamid Abdul Salam Al Ghazzawi had spent three years in Guantanamo prison after being arrested in 2010 in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar.

The launch of a detainee in Guantanamo Tripoli

Arrived in the Libyan citizen “Abdel Hamid Abdel Salam Ghazzawi” Tripoli yesterday after his release from the famous prison at Guantanamo Bay where he was imprisoned since 2010, while the other four shows imprisoned there.
He said “Solomon Alfortah” Chairman of the Committee of Libyan prisoners abroad that the Department of Justice’s efforts also resulted in the release of a Libyan prisoner in Canada will arrive soon to Libya.

افرحوا يا ليبيين فورتية جابلكم طرف جديد ” كملت ” ::
سليمان الفورتية رئيس لجنة السجناء السياسيين الليبيين في الخارج يعلن عن وصول ” عبدالحميد الغزاوي ” الي طرابلس مساء اليوم قادما من سجن غوانتانامو بعد الافراج عليه
يذكر ان عبدالحميد عبدالسلام الغزاوي كان قد امضي ثلاث سنوات في سجن غونتانامو بعد اعتقاله العام 2010 في مدينة قندهار جنوبي افغانستان.بنت الوادي

The arrival of large power stations. ‘
# Tripoli Port

Death of a restaurant owner Libby in Alchuirv on hand to forget

Two factors forget killed at dawn on Wednesday, the supervisor of the night shift at a restaurant area Alchuirv south Mizdah.

“T pompous” dead man was the son of the restaurant owner Osman Alinkaa as witness factors revenue daily to the restaurant

and thought it in his possession but the amount given by the victim to his brother before he was killed, and two factors did not

Antbha So, when the third hour of the night infiltrated to a room sleep and Angdha him and placed nylon bags in his throat, which

led to kill him strangled, while the murderers not find him something to escape outside Alchuirv. added that neighbors the

restaurant had been told that there are voices were in the room, which required to track their impact by the police who arrested

them within 30 kilometers of Alchuirv and referred them to justice and gave prosecutors permission burial after the show on the coroner.

Rapid qualitative resistance operations in Tripoli against the heads of rats.

Libyan army “Battalion, 101st Airborne,” and a Alambaht criminal is the largest joint operation and will remain in the camp,

“military police previously Tajourah” was seized upon Mlisheh claim revolutionary was liberated Qatar of the kidnapped and

found inside the camp Ali Aktar of 250 cars, including 200 new car type MTSU BaisheSUVs also found 50 foreign companies tracking mechanism

has been stolen from the sites of these companies and found large quantities of gold user “stolen”.
Found inside the camp on the equipment and means of torture.

URGENT: National Council for Public Freedoms and Human Rights says that he moved on to the headquarters of the fight against crime Btageor

termination after he was raided today by the army battalion “101” infantry and stating that the Council has documented a number of cases of

detainees Taradw tortured length of detention without being brought to trial andof them was transferred to the hospital in addition to the 4

cases moved to the mercy of God under torture.

Camp Tajourah and torture Tripoli:

Some Elsafkhat published a picture showing some of the instruments of torture that are tearing apart the bodies of prisoners and that found status

torture Btageor of the termination, one Sticky stick with nails on each side.

It is noteworthy that “the 101st Airborne Battalion” of the army in cooperation with the National criminal Alambaht system circled a major joint operation

to storm the camp, “the former military police Btageor termination” was controlled by an armed group under the banner of the revolution and national levels.
Having been in this process successful, edit Ketar of abductees in addition to the disclosure of acquisition of the armed group on Aktar of 250 vehicles,

including 200 cars new kind of MTSU Baishe SUVs also found 50 tracking mechanism foreign companies have been stolen from the sites of these

companies and found large quantities of gold user “stolen” as found on equipment and means of torture inside the camp.


(News of the Libyan army)

A member of the battalion = anti-crime gang that has been raided and unwillingly in Tajourah

Justify torture story some criminals without refer them for months behalf
That the crimes were serious and heinous
And make fun of the report of one of the channels that they were made a brief encounters with some of the detainees … He said it made ​​them Mlaúkyin.

News of the Libyan army
Exclusive ..
A great possibility for assigning forces to secure Thunderbolt ports and re-oil the life and export wheel

It is expected to issue a decision after the return of Prime Minister Ali Zaidan from New York and brief him on the latest developments

of the crisis cell where given the final deadline to be on a least two corresponding to 30.9 to end the Maihdt ..

Yesterday afternoon we were in the market for skill  Dahmani Angle Tripoli Ntda When Lugu in to pay for food was rear man

and his wife and suddenly penetrated the market a shot lived in the shoulder man who was rear Tnatrth blood and the wounded man

and all of the market panicked and went out Mhrawlin in Dar.

Note said that the bullet from outside pierced wall building materials market components compressed heat insulating and plaque (like Walter scourge) not cement bricks.

(Disclosure newspaper)

Bribery ring in the General National Congress, such as a network of Arts in prostitution cases where no one is innocent.



From the city of Aziziyah:
Met today the people of the city of Aziziyah topic has been discussed the deteriorating security situation in Almntqhkhalal Afattrhalakhirh.
Has resulted in the following meeting:
The formation of a joint security room with all of the Spread of the army and police and a group of young Jealous under the cover of legal and illegal.
And room Taattoly operations create gates at the entrances of the region and the formation of Mnhrkh patrols roamed the area within 24 hours.
This room is also responsible for the arrest of criminals and outlaws and Alkhdarat dealers.

We ask God Almighty, Lord of the Great Throne that guide them for the good of the country and the people.

(Zahra channel)




“Zliten today”:
Najat Sheikh Abdulaziz Andishe imam and preacher of the mosque is the nation and his car miraculously .. Praise be to God for safety.
And Sheikh Jalil had been subjected to several threats of atonement yen the pretext of corruption faith.

Urgent agency Libya (special) Zliten
I learned agency urgently to Libya from informed sources enables the number of guests owners criminal cases to

escape from prison in the center of the city of Zliten next to the Mosque of Abu sickle estimated at seventeen prisoners

after resistance took place between them and the judicial police charged with protecting the prison managed on the

impact of the escape were arrested Ali person and one of them.
The prison, followed by the National Directorate of Security, which has remained silent and refused to make any

statements, in particular to the reporter (Urgent Libya) in the city. Agency learned that the security agencies have

continued with parents Amoralsjnae and expressed their willingness to cooperate with it.



We thank all the noble tribes that were present in the city of Bani Walid

Residents access to the city center and the presence of children and women, adults and some of the guests from Kabylie noble solidarity vigil against resolution Almham of the right to the city.

URGENT | Dardanelles satellite channel

Libyan tribes in the south Libyan flocking to the municipal beach Square in solidarity with the people of Bani Walid and demanding the government to provide war criminals to justice.

Bani Walid residents swarming now in the city center in a protest to condemn the decision unjust No. 7 m passed by the General National Congress against the city in the past year

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV

Nasser El Hawary:

25.09.2012 was issued Resolution No. 7 ominous and the judge attack and invade the city of Bani Walid pretext of the existence of arrows out,

led by Khamis Muammar Gaddafi and Moussa Ibrahim, the resolution passed by the National Congress by 68 votes of the total attendance,

following the resolution moved by armed militia , of several cities but received city of Misrata lion’s share was 80 percent

of the attacking forces battalions and militias Misrata, was at the head of battalion commanders member National Congress / Salah Paddy

User Alumblyxiaoy bloody who left his seat in the conference and went on to kill civilians, innocent people of Bani Walid ,

was killed in the attack nearly 50 people from the people of Bani Walid them innocent children , and destroyed and burned hundreds of homes,

were displaced nearly 50,000 residents of the city , and arrested dozens of whom died nearly 25 under torture prisons Misratah

and ended the attack and did not find what claimed to come to look for him , and still the elders of the Social tribes and Rafla under arrest in the city of the corner,

Bani Walid , established Besmudha in the face of tyranny battalions saga of steadfastness and struggle, will remain stuck minds of contemporary that crime for years,

even Sivk her history in the most poignant pages, will go down in history that the city of Bani Walid said no to tyranny and the tyranny of the Phalange

She stood in the face of humiliation and shame Conference and Misrata aggression and followed.

D.Ibrahim Alwash:
The tragedy of the city of Bani Walid steadfast today that it is located in the northwest of Libya, not in northwest Syria …

This is ignored by the media and the Arab world, and if you covered the news, they do it conceals the facts bloody time in Bani Walid for the ears and eyes of the people.


(Code .. Syed Amin)

23 October , 2012
Video .. Bani Walid defy the blockade of the military and media – d. Ibrahim Alwash

In the name of God the Merciful
Network Basra

D. Ibrahim Alwash
The tragedy of the city of Bani Walid steadfast today that it is located in the northwest of Libya, not in northwest Syria … This is ignored by the media and the Arab world, and if you covered the news, they do it conceals the facts bloody time in Bani Walid for the ears and eyes of the people.

He built Walid besieged for several weeks prevents the introduction of food, medicine and fuel to it, and neighborhoods bombed the indiscriminate killing civilians daily, which is surrounded by herds “revolutionaries NATO” who يتحرقون longing for استباحتها again, prompting Amnesty International to issue a statement in 10/08/2012 calls to lift the siege and allow the introduction of supplies, fuel and medicine to them, saying that the attempt to arrest of kidnapped Omran Shaaban, one of the killers of Gaddafi, has turned into a form of collective punishment against the entire city, and adds the organization in the same report on the tongue of one of its officials: “While can be considered the release of persons detained illegally in Bani Walid is a positive step, the Libyan authorities also need to address the situation of thousands of people detained across Libya without charge or trial, and to put an end to abductions continued for people without warrant by armed militias, and to close the detention centers is Official scattered across the country, “as stated on the site Amnesty International on its website in English.

Has punished the city and its inhabitants, who are increasing about eighty thousand people the first time when destroyed by NATO aircraft in 2011, before being استباحتها by the “rebels NATO”, in order to disappear, hundreds of young people in the prisons of “freedom and democracy” for the new system, with thousands of members of the Libyan people who are at odd since the worst forms of torture and brutal violations according to reports by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

It was not Bani Walid days of cities submissive that accept humiliation, it was one of the fiercest castles resistance to the occupation of the Ottoman and Italian occupation after him, and was one of the cities recent remained resistant to foreign intervention in Libya in 2011, and in 24.01.2012 picked up the media story entitled “Ansar al-Gaddafi in control of Bani Walid fully and hoist the green flag over buildings,” a report that was denied, “the National Transitional Council,” and attributed by some to a power struggle between the wings state dissembled, and did not absolve it of Bani Walid from exposure to the siege, torture and kidnappings random again against the rejuvenated … But as much as Liberals.

But the tragedy of Bani Walid today is not unique in Libya after the “revolution”: a million and a half million refugees Libby in the neighboring countries of the six million Libyan citizen does not raise a cause, thousands of soldiers and detainees who die every day under torture in the prisons of informal along the country does not know a number exactly, supporters say Gaddafi they tens of thousands, infrastructure destroyed, no one knows when will be rebuilt if we learn from the experience of the destruction of Iraq’s something, a state of chaos and lawlessness and “exit militias for control,” in the words of Amnesty International its report, which تداولته media in 16/02/2012, and most importantly the dissolution of central authority, as happened in Somalia and Iraq after the foreign intervention, and prosperity calls the dismantling of Libya, under the banner of “federalism”, into three regions: the Cyrenaica in the east, and Tripoli in the west, and Fezzan in the south. There is no need for a formal declaration of independence of the regions in fact, as long as Libya disjointed in fact tens of fiefdoms ruled by various militias … يتعظ advocates of foreign intervention in Syria and elsewhere.

The only thing that works well in Libya today is the production of oil, which our skin and Agence France-Presse, in a report on 10.19.2012 he returned to the level of production by the “revolution” Thanks to the efforts of Western oil companies, such as France’s Total and Eni, the Italian and Spain’s Repsol and Owaytrchal German and Occidental U.S., where omitted Jazeera Net in its report on the return of Libyan oil production to its previous level as stated in the report, the original French possession of some of those Western oil companies operating in Yiba its own security to protect the oil wells run, especially in areas far from the cities, and can be found the English version of the report, as published by the Lebanese Daily Star newspaper on its website on 10.20.2012.

The above, we chose to rely on sources does not have opponents argue credibility because they ساندتهم in all mobility loyal to NATO …

It is important, paid the city of Bani Walid now the price of rebellion on the reality of Libya after the alien invasion, which is exposed today to Hsarin at the same time: the siege of rats NATO on the one hand, and the siege Media practiced by the Arab media and foreign blockade on the other hand, a blockade may deviate him channel “Russia Today” and some small sites on the Internet.

Bani Walid city deserves to highlight the suffering, and to offer them all the support that suits them, especially in light of exaggerations and lies that launched the media Alaptrodolaria the imperialist blockade and bombing some Syrian cities and towns. Vhsar Brown and Walid, Bashklah, is the outcome of a political blockade.

Bani Walid pay, then the price of the dominance of militias “out of control” of the country, except that these militias are out of control at all, because they play a role Decree her exactly, was NATO is easy it is to control Libya, under the program of globalization, Any program of strategic trans-border program, which undermine the control of the state and the central authority, especially in the Arab countries of the oil-producing, and convert all the oil field to the Emirate of “independent” easy for any company to be managed by security.

And indicates what we heard from Bani Walid yet to adherence to the national unity of the Libyan people, and their desire to spare the country’s civil war, especially that such a war would take a tribal character will return to Libya to pre ignorance. But patience has limits, and if imposed war on Bani Walid, let a war to restore Libya lackeys of foreign intervention and the restoration of central authority, no war, tribal disintegration of the country, but not Bani Walid, despite the wounds, the cradle of Liberation real Libya from the clutches of foreign domination and subordination of NATO, and the focus of resistance in Morocco, along with Syria in the east, to stop the penetration of imperialist hegemony in the Arab world under the title of the so-called “Arab Spring.”

God bless the martyr Gaddafi, Here may exposed securities Finally, Pat millions of Arabs realize, who persuaded the forces of foreign domination in the absence of awareness that foreign intervention in Libya was a “revolution”, that the revolution will not be real unless they first and foremost against the hegemonic powers Foreign Affairs. If Libya is a place that has turned the concept of “revolution” on his head, let Libya where they re-Libyans Liberals put that concept on its feet: his hands, however, NATO is invading his country can not only be a mercenary. The real revolutionary is free his country from foreign domination.

Victims of a good campaign Yen war criminal led Makrif St. against civilians in Bani Walid.

Bani Walid now
Rain Ali Bani Walid and images of martyrs
Stop traffic now

Bani Walid does not cry Hhdaúk understand “alive” more than the dead who have Bigtia them.
Stop traffic now in Bani Walid for 7 minutes to mourn the pure souls of our martyrs who Rahu victim of an unjust decision.

Congratulations to the martyrs and Blessed Doém, .. martyr Baden God birthday on fitness …

Martyr Baden God Said Almrash:

Martyr Baden God birthday Fitness forgive him and Rahma:

Sacked the Almighty: (Think not who have been killed for the sake of God dead, but alive with their Lord provision)
The martyr Hajj hero: Solomon Abulipidh.
One of the victims of ill-fated Resolution No. 7
He died defending his land and his country and display Bani Walid ..
Thursday 18/10/2012 ..
Front to Attiyat …
That day in which our heroes led the fiercest battles in the Attiyat and Qaibdo in the enemy great losses …
God forgive him, Rahma and Mark Paradise Lord resting place:

Stop 7 minutes of mourning for the souls of the martyrs of Bani Walid from 12:00 am to 12:07


Expressive shot of a girl in the march today boasts Bamha of the martyr .

Oh God, forgive our faithful martyrs ….
(Aldahara martyrs box)

Pause for 7 minutes to Resolution No. 7

Urgent …

Appeared the flow of water to flood the valley of Bani Walid now and all the people of Bani Walid discernible caution and the

Hadar from their children and not their incomes to the middle of the valley for reasons of public safety for young people

(Will channel gene)


Warning …
Warn Travelers are advised that got in the way collapses main languages ​​Owaynat near enough crazy (Aadinan) result of runoff floods ..
We wish safety for all.

Another picture for the main road languages ​​Owaynat
Warn Travelers are advised that got in the way collapses main languages ​​Owaynat near enough crazy (Aadinan) result of runoff floods ..



Congratulations on Sabratha huge number of bumps (on an old Ray even bumps completion)



Cooperation in the field of health and dates between Istanbul and Gallo
Country ambiance – Gallo – Mohamed Alqbouzay reporting:It was agreed today in the city of Gallo between the Turkish consul and businessmen accompanying him with the local council for the city torun the Gallo Central Hospital with the help of medical and medical crews to help Turkish.The Turkish consul said, “Ali Akan” atmosphere for the country today that the reason for the visit is to establish joint ventures in the areasof several of the most important medical field, and exporting dates as the Gallo fertile land to produce the best types of dates needed by the Turkish market.The Turkish businessman, “Abbas Omar” that the Turkish Businessmen’s Association are considering opening an office of the Turkish AssociationLibyan city of Gallo in cooperation with the local city and they will be looking at the legal issues to activate it.The Director of the Office of Agriculture “Salem mouse” During the meeting, a detailed presentation to date production and quantities and typesof stressing welcomed cooperation with Turkish businessmen in the field of agriculture and development of the city.Musharraf said Gallo, Central Hospital “Mohammed Anueja” The agreement in the medical field with Turkey is twinned with a hospital in Istanbul.It is noteworthy that this is the second visit of its kind for the Turkish consul to the city of Gallo this year.___________________


Vote for intensive gunfire from heavy weapons in the spacious area south of the city of Benghazi.

Urgent … abduction student Hanan Said Amheny, the Bouzid in Benghazi:




Libya stricken hijacked:

Leaking and official documents Ttpt the German client involvement Ali Zaidane in bribe

Salem Said Aljdharan by the client Naji Embarak.

# _ Gateway to Libya

A picture of some Libyans in America objecting Zaidane’s visit to the United Nations .. Is not yet sure of their demands ..

But according to the signs issue is on the bribery case:

# _ Gateway to Libya

Ali Zaidane deny involvement process bribery Jdharan and he has been configured to the crisis committee of the conference is continued with them.


9000 gunman from the eastern region are deployed on the borders of the territory of Cyrenaica in anticipation of any terrorist action from the conference Brotherhood gang and Suehalih.

 Fathi Ben Issa media:Ibrahim Aljzeran, denies request funds from the government and says he stipulated that the investigation in the theft of oil-for-open fields .. Adding that surprised silence Mufti and the political parties on what he called the incident a bribe Congress and the government and that Bkiemanma of trying to bribe no dialogue with them and the ball in the court of the Attorney General and the judiciary is not do right Veseljo to eliminate international trial Zaidane and Mukhtar on charges of corruption, he said that he would announce the government crisis soon ..Quoting FB rebels LibyaJamal al-Hajji: Tuba channel’sTomorrow the delegation will move from the tribe of slaves to Aljgbo to inform tribe Alshahybat that Aljgbo us and you break them,this is what we warn him to crush minorities and exchange in Cyrenaica and maybe there will be a fierce civil war will be witnessed bygently between the components to extend their influence and control:According to a Central Bank of Libya to the ConferenceInstrument issued by the prime minister to account Naji al-Mokhtar …



Urgent agency Libya is obtained confidential documents mission will begin to publish the beginning of the day Thursday relating to the sale of oil

without counters and units of measure, given these documents will be presented shortly.

and in the East, at RAS LANAUF/ BREGA:

Urgent agency Libya / special and exclusive

Document number one among several documents install some counters malfunction and oil metering units Ras Lanuf company to manufacture oil and gas.

Document No. (3) within several documents to prove some counters malfunction and oil metering units Ras Lanuf company to manufacture oil and gas.


Document No. (3) within several documents to prove some counters malfunction and oil metering units Ras Lanuf company to manufacture oil and gas


Prairie ..

New image of a school classroom Kharouba near Prairie “eastern Libya”

(Valley girl)



Ahmed Ibrahim subjected to slow death Misrata prisons.

And those with relatives complained detainee / Ahmed Ibrahim Gadhafi, one of the leaders of the Great Jamahiriya, the detainee Misrata prisons,

being subjected to slow death for ways to prevent food
And Drug him and demanded his family from the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General and local human rights organizations and international
intervention and quickly moved to the city of Tripoli to maintain his life.

Mafia Malta is preparing for the opening of a consulate in the State of Misrata

Said Attiya Dereini – deputy head of the local council of Misurata

The Maltese embassy in Libya in the coming days will be opened a consulate in the city of Misrata.

After it agreed to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior, who Petain the request of the Maltese authorities in this regard.

The Dereini added that it was supposed opening of the consulate before but the process was delayed due to the change of the Maltese government.

The Dereini also confirmed that the Maltese Consulate will be given two types of visa and one for Malta and other EU “Schengen”,

and that it will open an office of the Maltese lines in Misrata also inaugurate an air route between Malta International Airport and Misrata International Airport.

It is expected to be Maltese Consulate is the second of its kind in Misrata after Turkey opened a consulate in the same city the beginning of the current year.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar Mzrath ::::::::::::

Now on the market,, foolishness morning and foolishness after glandular, for a month and earn power of individuals shields … And become very strong as any Musrata.
Hahahahahahahahahah Daru العآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآر the.

Quoting :::

I spoke to the contractor who builds in the Houca Colt him mixing cement with soil Misratah bash yard stand we used Aelkezh of …

Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free

Misrata rebels Alasaosh Misratah carrying dust withstand Tkish and distributed to Shiite Bernard Levy in Tripoli.

This mass grave is special dug for Misrata, their dust will accumulate in this hole and then delivered to Henry Benard Levi.

Cursed God folk Frtoa in honor falsely and slanderously and said their sacred soil …
Earth who deserves appreciation and respect is the living soil No. 2 in Sirte. Finished …

Misratah dust Icheroa the Friday market group and its mix remix and Aakhaddoa in the morning on an empty stomach cup said Bahi Thompsliq the ….
It some comments Tafhen the Maaraft inventory of free even Bandir the The Anicol attended by perhaps a free ČÓ free supplies manners are high

but what is important will be attended by both has no ethics to he Mtlh like inventory is no difference bad he disappears behind the name of the Liberal …



Tawergha lost childhood.


Close the coastal road

Radio the “FM Mkmadas” that the road between the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi has been locked in the city of Sirte by

rebels of the city, in protest against the rampant corruption in the government and demand the improvement of the general situation in the city.

Procession carried out by the sons and Rafla in Sirte today against Resolution No. 7:



Not mesmerized Gharyiani national Libya says: –

Does it make sense 200 people Aagaflon the oil, Is it possible for this
Where the people of dirt where the white people where the people of Benghazi
Where the people of Tobruk from criminals who oil Aagaflon!









Unidentified burn gate area Qurayyat without casualties Thursday evening






Sixth Brigade personnel arrived to the city of Sabha with their cars this morning after her release by the Zintan Brigades

after mediations elders and chieftains of Sabha and Zintan noblewoman:

These images of modern Sabha General Hospital, which provides medical care services to most parts of the south:
Image of a petrol station in Sabha:


Tribes and clans and social components southern Fezzan Libya announces federal territories

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV

Tomorrow morning in the city of Ubari specifically will be, God willing Announce Fezzan Region

The announcement will be transferred directly on the air

Quoting / / WikiLeaks Cyrenaica

Now very urgent

Kicks off shortly after in the city of Ubari large meeting involving the majority of the tribes of Fezzan

and includes meeting tribal sheikhs parents pave the way for the formal announcement soon about the federal province of Fezzan.

Urgent channel Libya first | Advertising Fezzan federal provinces

Meetings and intensive contacts do not choose the Fezzan politburo chief and head of the military council Fezzan now taking place

between elders of the tribes of Fezzan in the city of Ubari.

and the formation of a political and military office to Fezzan
Musdermn inside the venue and bring you developments as soon as the end of the meeting directly.

Now very urgent

The Jordanian now directly after the end of the meeting of sheikhs and tribal elders Fezzan in Ubari he was officially

announcement Fezzan federal territories and that he will announce on 10.10.2013 head of the provincial office

and will be announced junta chief and later will determine the venue of the next announcement.
All occupied countries freed from the south begins always grasp the stronghold of men ..



Signed the “rebellion” of Tunisia to organize a “Day of Rage” next Monday in order to “achieve a number of popular demands,” she said, including resolving the current government led by the Islamic Renaissance Movement and form a government of “national salvation” headed figure “independent.”

The group said in a statement on Wednesday, “I decided to rebel movement, in cooperation with the General Union of Tunisian Students (the largest student organization in Tunisia) and the Union of the owners of certificates unemployed (Organization for unemployed university graduates) announced the Day of Rage on 30 September 2013.”

Libyan page of the local news
Exclusive to the Libyan page: clashes that I got today in a new border crossing, the head of between Customs Tunisian police from the Tunisian and Libyan from the other side
Clashes between police Aldioanaaltonceh the Libyans and from the other side


حصري للصفحة الليبية : الاشتباكات التى حصلت اليوم فى المعبر الحدودي راس جديد بين شرطة الديوانة التونسية من الجهة التونسية والليبين من الجهة الاخرى

The Tunisian government announces takfiri uncovered a terrorist network was planning to divide the country into three emirates takfiri
And confirm that all indications point to half of terrorists in Mount Alhaanbe are Algerians.


Tunisian Interior Minister “Abu Ayad leader of Ansar al-Sharia is banned in Libya to protect the Libyan Ansar al-Sharia and a number of wanted”

# _ Gateway to Libya

News Agency Ras AjdirReliable security source confirmed Box port Ras Ajdir Thursday that the border crossing between Libya and Tunisia are still locked from both sides in front of the passenger traffic in both directions for a temporary security precautions as a result of the tension experienced by the region recently.According to the source, that the crossing is locked to the movement of the entry and exit of citizens except for humanitarian and emergency situations, as well as official delegations.And the sources pointed out that the security situation good border region, according to testimony Libyan citizens coming from the Tunisian territory, who Ocdo they were not subjected to any harassment, pointing out that it was only allowed to enter the Libyan citizens arriving from Tunisia, as well as Tunisians returning to their country.And the same source revealed that there are ongoing meetings between security officials of the Libyan and Tunisian sides since the closure of the crossing for the development of radical solutions to overcome the difficulties affecting the security situation, and that there are efforts made ​​to re-open soon.



Ellis Company for General Services Ukraine closed all its branches and declare solidarity with the mourning mother Bani Walid.


Saw schools Jordanian large turnout of pupils and students from Libyan nationality and reported the constitution of Jordan
said Hola pupils were registered with the beginning of the year Darsi and their parents of officials in the Libyan government
now comes enrolled in schools of Jordan against the backdrop of the lack of security and control within the Libyan cities
result of the spread of armed militias and the phenomenon of kidnapping ongoing.


Gaddafi’s Speech on the establishment of the Jamahiriya 1977


info pic

cat bathe
image of a cat-cub on our Moon:Immage of a Cat cub on the Moon
This is found on:with other neat images.



Mu a good smile


Reception for Mu

The announcement of the Libyan General assembly

To our people the Libyan Great , we address how today we are in a pitch-black of the history of our country and our people, has not seen our unmatched except during the Italian occupation fascist system and the monarchy rotten

principles address the sleeve

O our people and we turn to you in a time dominated by injustice, oppression and injustice and tyranny, we address how our country and our people suffer woes after the invasion crusader Burberry assisted by a bunch of fascist Traitors and agents who consent to themselves shame to sell their country ‘s colonial obnoxious and helped to destroy the country and the people,

having had our people enjoy freedom , security and safety in the al-Fateh Revolution of September the great -led Hero historic Libyan leader Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi , which brought glory to the Libyans and the Libyans and enjoyed by Libyans throughout four decades and odd real autonomy , which
Make our country one of the leading states and respected , after it had been before the revolution of the great conqueror of September forgotten .

We address how today’s O Libyans and the Libyans and we are in a tragic situation painful result control a handful of traitors and agents destiny of our people’s political , economic, security , and labor absolute foreign countries without any interest or regard for the dignity of the Libyan citizen free ,

but it came to gagged and indecent assault and robbery livelihoods and killing of lives and displacement disappearance of entire regions of Libyan and the displacement of hundreds of Thousands of Libyans inside Libya and abroad, in the worst process of displacement of people witnessed the North African in its history

without any justification or observance of human values and religious and g c men and women in the thousands in prison Iswmu insatiable mistreated, and the only crime is their rejection of the traitors and their resistance to colonial obnoxious as instructed Lord Almighty .

We address how today and we are all fully aware of what all

To our people from the misery they are , as a result a lie invented by the traitors and reactionaries and climbers and opportunists , and supported an explicit NATO. NATO colonization , a lie of the February Revolution that bumpy by Bernard -Henri Levy Zionist enemy of Islam and Arabism , which Inger behind the MyYahoo Sun Wa for climbers Wa to Tamon in spreading corruption and vice.

We have seen today and it turns out , both had insight Blurred , the truth of what we warned him historic leader Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi being dragged behind the lies and invitations counterfeit and wish our people falsely  by Obama as dead,  did not have a reality on the ground , it is a propaganda colonial repeated traitors and agents to mislead our people and create discord among them, and is intended to occupy Libya and control system and the destruction of the social fabric that

Libyan linking to each other and harmony between their regions and tribes, in order to facilitate control them enslaved and robbed of their country of them after they are gentlemen on their land and its resources .

Which necessitated the need to organize the resistance in all its forms and manifestations in order to avenge the wounded dignity and redemption rights raped and erase the humiliation and injustice of our country and our people , we announce today , 23 , 9 for the year 2013 for the assembly Libyan year, which

Belongs to all our people, honest people , and stress from which each of the trading public issue of politics and dealers homelands

That the hero historic leader of Libya , Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi is a symbol of our and our leader , and that the blood of our martyrs is negotiable or waived and that all prisoners of men and women in prisons traitors customers are our children, and their glory on their steadfastness , and it is no substitute for People’s power

as an option historic inalienable no alternative about our legitimacy green , the legitimacy of all the Libyan people . Stressing for all that we are not a party or class or sect or tribe seeking to receive power , but we are the sons of the Libyan people and our motto God , Muammar and Libya ups , not substitute for people’s power and Ted generation representation , and Allah is the greatest above Kid aggressor .

الاعـــــلان عـن قيــام التجمــع الليبــي العــــام
إلى أبناء شعبنا الليبي العظيم، نخاطب كم اليوم ونحن في فترة حالكة السواد من تاريخ بلادنا وشعبنا، لم يشهد شعبنا لها مثيل إلا أثناء الإحتلال الإيطالي الفاشي ونظام العهد الملكي المتعفن المباد نخاطب كم يا ابناء شعبنا ونتوجه إليكم في زمن يسوده الظلم والقهر والغبن والاستبداد، نخاطب كم وبلادنا وشعبنا يعانون الويلات إثر غزو صليبي بربري فاشي يعاونه حفنة من

الخونة والعملاء الذين ارتضوا لأنفسهم العار ببيع بلادهم للمستعمر البغيض وساعدوه في تدمير البلاد والعباد، بعد أن كان أبناء شعبنا ينعمون بالحرية والأمن والآمان في ظل ثورة الفاتح من سبتمبر العظيمة بقيادة البطل التاريخي لليبيا القائد العقيد معمر القذافي، والتي جلبت الأمجاد لليبيين والليبيات وتنعْم بها الليبيون طيلة أربعة عقود ونيف بالإستقلال الحقيقي والذي

جعل بلادنا من الدول الرائدة والمحترمة، بعد أن كانت قبل قيام ثورة الفاتح من سبتمبر العظيمة نسيا منسيا. نخاطب كم اليوم أيها الليبيون والليبيات وكلنا في وضع مأساوي أليم نتيجة تحكم شرذمة من الخونة والعملاء بمقدرات شعبنا السياسية والاقتصادية والأمنية, وعمالة مطلقة للدول الأجنبية دون أدني إهتمام أو إعتبار لكرامة المواطن الليبي الحر، بل وصل الأمر الي تكميم الأفواه وهتك الأعراض وسلب الأرزاق وقتل الأرواح والتهجير القسري لمناطق ليبية بأكملها وتشريد مئات

الآلاف من الليبيين داخل ليبيا وخارجها, في أسوء عملية تهجير لشعب يشهده الشمال الأفريقي في تاريخه دون أي مبرر أو مراعاة للقيم الإنسانية والدينية وز ج الرجال والنساء بالآلاف في السجون يسومو نهم سوء العذاب، وجريمتهم الوحيدة هي رفضهم للخونة ومقاومتهم للمستعمر البغيض كما أمرهم ربهم سبحانه وتعالي. نخاطب كم اليوم وكلنا على دراية تامة بما ألَ

إليه شعبنا من تعاسة وهمّ، نتيجة أكذوبة أبتدعها الخونة والرجعيين والمتسلقين والإنتهازيين، وبدعم صريح من حلف الناتو حلف الإستعمار، وهي أكذوبة ثورة فبراير التي عّرا بها برنارد هنري ليفي الصهيوني عدو الإسلام والعروبة، والتي إنجرّ ورائها ا لمهوو سون وا لمتسلقون وا لطامعون في نشر الفساد والرذيلة. لقد شهدنا اليوم وأتضح، لكل من كان علي بصيرته

غشاوة، صدق ما حذرنا منه القائد التاريخي العقيد معمر القذافي من الإنجرار وراء الأكاذيب والدعوات المزيفة والتي تُمنّي أبناء شعبنا زوراً وبهتاناً بأما ني لم يكن لها حقيقة علي أرض الواقع، وإنما هي دعايات إستعمارية يرددها الخونة والعملاء لتضليل أبناء شعبنا وخلق الفتنة بينهم، والهدف منها إحتلال ليبيا والسيطرة عليها وتدمير منظومة النسيج الإجتماعي التي

تربط الليبيين بعضهم ببعض وتآلف بين مناطقهم وقبائلهم، لكي يسهل السيطرة عليهم وإستعبادهم وسلب بلادهم منهم بعد أن كانوا هم السادة علي أرضهم وخيراتها.

الأمر الذي أستوجب ضرورة تنظيم العمل المقاوم بكل أنواعه وأشكاله سعياً للثأر لكرامةٍ جُرحت وإسترداد حقوقً أٌغتصبت ومحو الذُل ورفع الظلم عن بلادنا وأبناء شعبنا، نعلن اليوم 23 الموافق 9 لسنة 2013 عن قيام التجمع الليبي العام والذي

ينتمي إليه كل أبناء شعبنا الشرفاء، ونؤكد من خلاله لكل من يتاجر بقضية الجماهيرية من تجار السياسة وتجار الأوطان

بأن البطل القائد التاريخي لليبيا العقيد معمر القذافي هو رمز نا وقائدنا، وبأن دماء شهدائنا غير قابلة للمساومة أو التنازل عنها وبأن كل آسرانا من رجال ونساء في سجون الخونة العملاء هم أبنائنا، ولهم المجد علي صمودهم، وإنه لا بديل عن

سلطة الشعب كخيار تاريخي لا تنازل عنه ولا بديل عن شرعيتنا الخضراء، شرعية كل الشعب الليبي. وإذ نؤكد للكل بأننا لسنا حزب أو طبقة أو طائفة أو قبيلة تسعي الي إستلام السلطة، بل نحن أبناء الشعب الليبي وشعارنا الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس، ولا بديل عن سلطة الشعب والتمثيل تد جيل، والله أكبر فوق كيد المعتدي.

On the platform of the United Nations

Long years, Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, waiting for this historic moment has lived all his life fighting imperialism and Zionism and Mhalvha Freemasonry, did not hesitate to this day, to go to the enemy in their own home , he entered the commander session UN doctrine of solid content that the whole world must know the crimes of imperialism and must end the false embodied in the Charter of the United Nations, even if it had to shredded in Houdrthm do not the benefit of the Charter of the false as long as all the decisions of the major countries Tate cheek without reference to him.

History log On this day, the leader Muammar al-Qathafi’s speech at the UN did not address by one before and will come after him, one to say, like him, I was surprised by the U.S. imperialists and circuits Western intelligence: How could an Arab man in the largest international platform that directs them to the charges in the crimes committed and concealed actor and buried victims under the soil , since that time , which woke up the conscience of the world Colonel al-Qathafi’s speech and all the intelligence services and Freemasonry planning forums and conspiring to kill al-Qathafi after disarming them and mulberry paper,
And make them completely naked , after years not long found Western intelligence in the part of the Libyan people have been lured by the opportunity to “punish” Colonel al-Qathafi

to revive the human conscience in all parts of the world and push leader Muammar al-Qathafi for his courageous in the platform the United Nations did not fall did not negotiate with imperialism Zionism until the last drop of his blood , a leader like this can not die as long as the injustice still exists Aftifa resides wherever he found injustice and like him did not leave the world as it was when it came to him.
One of these scales know the divine . And still continuing to play

{ musician }

Mu peace palms

Soon the Libyan people will lift his head. Now the country is in the process of the big bang, the explosion of truth and honor.

All pro-Western jackals will be ejected from the country and begin a new episode of history, which proves the failure of the American war machine,

its political impotence and the triumph of truth over black by vahhabistskogo international. With Libya began a campaign of the Western neftenoscev

and with Libya would start freeing the Middle East. God is the witness.

Mu w Islamic women

A. Arabs:


When we were invading West (NATO bombing) realized the West that he would not be able to colonize this land under any form and any color and it will be subjected to resistance in all its forms and why it was not because of the power and nationalism, but because of “Islam” or Manna cause of the Great Jamahiriya ….

Have realized NATO there is no way to bring people from their religion in the Muslim world because it does not need to get rid of it is the basis of its renaissance and not vice versa as it was in Europe that period, was the idea is to take out religion from public policy which will lead to taking them out to people and then mosques and then take it out permanently from Arab and Islamic thought ….
This is what was done a long time ago and this was the best means to Zionist colonization of the Arab world, this plan has succeeded perfectly ….

These wars do not see a lot of people because they are originally, because they understand the wars as weapons and colonialism and a stranger controls them and this definition is wrong … Colonialism is designed to steal the wealth “and this thing happening in our Arab and Islamic length and breadth,” and the second thing transform the region’s population to carbon copies of themselves, “this is our reality” …
Mu holy writ

أيه عرب

عندما تعرضنا للغزو الغربي (قصف الناتو) أدرك الغرب أنه لن يتمكن من استعمار هذه الأرض تحت أي شكل وأي لون وأنه سيتعرض للمقاومة بكافة أشكالها والسبب في ذلك لم يكن بسبب القوة ولا القومية وانما بسبب “الاسلام” وإ ماننا بقضية الجماهيرية العظمي….

وقد أدرك الناتو أنه لا سبيل لاخراج الناس من دينهم في العالم الاسلامي لأنها ليست بحاجة للتخلص منه فهو أساس نهضتها وليس العكس كما كان في أوروبا بتلك الفترة, فكانت الفكرة هي اخراج الدين من السياسة العامة مما سيؤدي الى اخراجها إلى الأشخاص ثم المساجد ثم اخراجه نهائيا من الفكر العربي والاسلامي ….
وهذا ما قامت به منذ زمن بعيد وهذه كانت أفضل الوسائل الصهيونية لاستعمار العالم العربي وقد نجحت هذه الخطة تماما….

هذه الحروب لا يراها الكثير من الناس لأنهم بالأصل, لأنهم يفهموا الحروب على أنها أسلحة واستعمار وشخص غريب يتحكم بهم وهذا التعريف خاطئ …فالاستعمار يهدف الى سرقة الثروات “وهذا الشيء حاصل في وطننا العربي والاسلامي طولا وعرضا” , والشيء الثاني تحويل سكان هذه المنطقة إلى نسخ كربونية من أنفسهم “وهذا واقعنا” …

Mu terrific

Costly published by one of the leaders of the Resistance ….

Field commander Afandy the Mahdi on the team son of Mr. accent on the accent ….

There is a military principle says: should not be thrown by units organized , trained and create attribution administrative and her fiery

When not be these things prepared military unit finds itself in a critical and you can not perform its duty as it should.
And this is what happened from the collapse of a rapid military sectors distributed in some countries during the war, especially in Tripoli and Sabha ,

for example, when the arrival of reinforcements to Tripoli from the regiment ninth and brigade Enhanced did not find placements defensive nor

theater initializer correctly and positions of tanks and
Alternative sites and no sites reservists and Shi .
Based on our studies, we started working the purpose of principle Dalk we can not Nzj individuals or cuts in the battles of liberation without creating them this topic things and without providing them placements fighting and system barriers , and we Snkhu Z protracted war will not end until the defeat of one of the parties . has to be build brown

Are basic and the development of methods of fighting and tactics and innovation in operations tactical and special operations and provide the necessary conditions for the transfer of battles, of the battles of mobile and tactical to battles offensive and quick, and draw a right relationship between defense and attack and the prolonged war and speed resolution of military operations and take the initiative and move flexibly and proper planning of military operations with strategic dimension , including the expulsion of NATO militias from towns and villages Lose control , including the capital .

And must be Ntoa environment Libyan war service popular across practices principles ( showed quickly and multiply rapidly and disappeared quickly ) and invest beyond the border ) and ( use of factors of time and the Earth and climate on a Mtda DNA and quickly navigate in the performance of operations in the
Fields wherever available loophole.

available abhorred not the enemy so that the whole earth to us and be time all us.
(follow-up and the prosecution plans of the enemy and its tactics and intentions , objectives and new he has the means and the requirements and potential of the study , analysis and inference , to keep pace with emerging has addressed Track derived from us ).
And Labee of reference to understand .

ليبي و رايتي خضراء

de mp3libya 81 vue
Libby and green Raata

  • كل القبائل الليبية بدون استثناء فيها رجال قاموا بواجبهم تجاه ليبيا ومازالوا على العهد …

    Be with God is not with you , , ,

    By ( steadfastness free / Benghazi)

    After peace every steadfast stationed , free Hraúra .

    You may not find my words and signed at the lot and may be just a passing phrases some people are tired of hearing or stop then ..

  • From the reality of life and speak of the heart what Taaishnah of myself shelling from the beginning of the Nakba in Benghazi 17-2-2011
  • and from all sides that Taxna the opinion ( brothers relatives neighbors friends ) , may not find some of my valuable
  • or they do not represent part of their suffering and the tragedy of NATO bombing
  • and the loss of their comrades and Khalanam and the loss of their home and even their home, and some might find it GOING STRONG,
  • a passing steadfastness does not work and does not represent not ourselves .I do not write to update my pity of some or sets me measure Tunaita or not , but I write because I may QBs light little finds its path between the darkness of despair took a lot , the darkness of despair and frustration and confusion among the pioneers of the pen and the pioneers of power and do not want to address the issue is or bias of any row.Since the outbreak of the Nakba and ignite sedition cut us all the means of communication between the West and our homeland and southern no longer see what is happening in our country, not the eyes of our channels youth and the Libyan Jamahiriya , which we deny even see them not surreptitiously , having boycotted all channels of sedition.Yes No Coordination Cefnaa NATO but we did not who liter.
  • I cut behind TV screens and distributes beverages and desserts , but we are committed to the book of God
  • and pray to God keep our people from all harm and ill , Weaver Hanna Ivergm and hurts what Aalmkm ..It is our hope that the country will return as it was through what we see
    And our media and broadcast optimism and hope in us, and after the invasion of
    Tripoli and after the occupation and signed into the abyss of huge shock between Wedding Germanah the madness swept all regions of Benghazi captive between the interruption of broadcast channels and between green shocked that the rats had occupied Tripoli and that the occupation across all media ..
    Shock swept all the Liberals in the eastern region and differed between the nervous breakdown of psychological trauma still suffered some to now and spells Hustarria to not believe what happened made ​​some balance and loses its ability and hoped to life .
    You who wounded traumatized Olzimtna silence about an hour and if you do not exaggerate it felt then near the stop for Ndati , shock existed between joy and sirens and gunfire and joy to rats , to get out of the shock that I got out I decided ablution and prayer to find the hand of God, a way out and a way , and after ablution , honestly , and God is witness to what I say as soon as I finished ablutions and found myself secretly repeat the words of God Almighty: ( Faint not nor grieve and you for Oalon if you are believers ) great truth of God .
    To replace the tranquility and serenity replace shock and stunned to find myself safe reassuring even after Cascade calamities and bad news to the history of this moment ..
    Summary say :
    Be with God was with you , he says ( And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his way out and give him in terms of not calculated and trusts in God, He will suffice that God deeply commanded God has made ​​everything quite ) great truth of God .God be with Maha long darkness of night and intensified Hketh , and no matter how long our path in the neck of the bottle , no matter what the crisis intensified and many gossip and sedition broadcast of a new divide our ranks , be with God, we are the right owners and the owners of the issue without her death ..
    I apologize for the prolongation , but what I regret most in this calamity is the loss of some hope only to persons or loss of path delay our Liberalization ..
    Last but not least :
    He says:
    (Or suppose that you will enter Paradise and why oh muzzle like those who passed away before you touched Alboads that and thin and Zlzloa so says the Prophet and those who believe with him when Nasrallah not that Nasrallah recently) .
    Great truth of God
  • كـن مع الله يكـن معـك ,,,بقـلـم (صمـود حـرة / بنغـازي )بعـد السـلام عـلى كـل الصـامـدون المـرابطـون ، أحـراراً و حـرائـراً .

    قـد لا تجـد كـلـمـاتي وقعـها عنـد الكثـير و قد تكـون مجـرد عبـارات عـابرة سئم البعض من سمـاعها أو التوقف عندها ..
    من واقع الحيـاة أتكـلـم و من صميم ما تعايشناه من قصـف نفـسـى من بداية النكبة في بنغازي 17-2-2011 و من كـل الجهات التي تعاكسنا فالرأي (أخـوة أقـارب جيـران أصدقـاء ) ،لربما لا يجد البعض كلماتي ذو قيمة أو أنها لا تمثل جزءً من معاناتهن و مأساتهم من قصف الناتو و من فقد رفاقهم وخلانهم ومن فقدان مسكنهم و حتى وطنهم ، و لربما يجده البعض صمودنا مجرد صمود عابر لا يجدي و لا نمثل به ألا أنفسنا .

    لا أكتب لأستجد ي الشفقة من البعض أو ليحدد لي مقياس وطنيتي أو عدمها ، أنما أكتب لربما أكون قبس ضوء ضئيل يجد مساره بين عتمة يأس أحاطت بالكثير ، عتمة يأس وإحباط و تخبط بين رواد القلم ورواد السلطة و لا أريد التطرق فالموضوع أو الانحياز لأي صف .

    منـذ اندلاع النكـبة و إشعال فتيل الفتنة انقطعت عنا كل وسائل الاتصالات بين غرب وطننا وجنوبه لم نعد نرى مـا يحدث في بلادنا ألا بعيون قنواتنا الشبابية و الليبية والجماهيرية والتي كنا نحرم حتى من مشاهدتها ألا خلسةً ، بعد أن قاطعنا كل قنوات الفتنة .

    نعم لم يق صفناا
    لنـاتو ولكننا لم نكن ممن يتـر اقص وراء

    شاشات التلفـزيون و يوزع المشروبات والحلويات ، أنما كنا نلتزم كتاب الله و الدعاء ليحفظ الله أهلنا من كل مكروه وسوء ، يفـر حنا ما يفرحكم و يؤلمنا ما يؤلمكم ..

    كـان أملنا أن البلاد ستعود كما كانت من خلال ما نـراه من
    وسائل أعلامنا و بث التفاؤل و الأمل فينا ، و بعـد اجتياح
    طـرابلس و بعـد احتلالها وقعنا في هـاوية الصدمة المهولة بين أعراس جرذانية جنونية اجتاحت كل مناطق بنغازي الأسيرة وبين انقطاع بث قنواتنا الخضـراء و بين صدمتنا بأن الجـرذان قد احتلوا طرابلس و إن كان احتلال عبر وسائل اعلام فقط ..
    اجتاحت الصدمة كـل الأحرار في المنطقة الشرقية و أختلفت بين انهيار عصبي لصدمات نفسية لا يزال البعض يعاني منها إلى الآن و من نوبات هستيررية لعدم تصديق ما حدث جعلت البعض يفقد توازنه وقدرته و أمله بالحياة .
    كنت ممن أصيب بصدمة نفسية ألزمتني الصمت قرابة الساعة و إن كنت لا أبالغ فقد شعرت حينها بقرب توقف لنبضاتي ، صدمة تواجدت بين زغاريد و أبواق سيارات و أطلاق رصاص و فرحة للجرذان ، لأخرج من الصدمة التي أصبت بها قررت الوضوء والصلاة علي أجد بين يد الله مخرجاً وسبيلاً ، و بعد الوضـوء و بصدق و الله شاهد على ما أقول بمجرد انتهائي من الوضوء وجدت نفسي أكرر سراً قول الله سبحانه وتعالى : ( ولا تهنوا ولا تحزنوا وأنتم ا لأعلون إن كنتم مؤمنين ) صدق الله العظيم .
    لتحل الطمأنينة و السكينة محل الصدمة و الذهول لأجد نفسي أمنة مطمئنة حتى بعد تتالي النكبات و الأخبار السيئة إلى تاريخ هذه اللحظة ..
    خلاصـة قـولي :
    كن مع الله يكن معك ، قال تعالى ( وَمَن يَتَّقِ اللَّهَ يَجْعَل لَّهُ مَخْرَجًا وَيَرْزُقْهُ مِنْ حَيْثُ لَا يَحْتَسِبُ وَمَن يَتَوَكَّلْ عَلَى اللَّهِ فَهُوَ حَسْبُهُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ بَالِغُ أَمْرِهِ قَدْ جَعَلَ اللَّهُ لِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدْراً ) صدق الله العظيم .

    كـونوا مع الله مها طال ظلام الليل وأشتدت حلكته ، و مهما طال مسير نا في عنق الزجاجة ، مهما اشتدت الأزمة و كثر القيل والقال و بُثت الفتنة من جديد لتفرق صفوفنا ، كـونوا مع الله فنحن أصحاب حق و أصحاب قضية دونها الموت ..
    أعتذر عن الأطالة و لكن أشد ما يؤسفني في هذه النكبة هو فقدان البعض الأمل فقط لفقدان أشخاص أو لتأخر مسير نا فالتحرير ..
    أخيـراً و ليس أخراً :
    قال تعـالى :
    ( أم حسبتم أن تدخلوا الجنة ولما يأ تكم مثل الذين خلوا من قبلكم مستهم البأساء والضراء وزلزلوا حتى يقول الرسول والذين آمنوا معه متى نصر الله ألا إن نصر الله قريب ) .
    صدق الله العظيم

Actually .. TyrantWe have overshadowed he carried them home on his shoulder since the prime of his youth, has overshadowed he called in a statement revolution first to forget hatred and extending hands of reconciliation , he continued to tyranny expelled foreign bases that were A_h land and sky homeland as the expulsion of remnants of the Italians who were Ja precious on the soil of the homeland and Satron on the joints of the agricultural and economic activities , increased tyranny arose distributedAgricultural land owned by the Italians on the Libyans who work out, I’ve overwhelmed sued a feast for Science and the opening of schools , universities and institutes and built housing projects and agriculture in all parts of the country and forced Btgaana tyrannical fresh water to go to the north , salt, grim , old tyranny gathered all the leaders Africa and forced the need for the establishment of the African Union, growing tyranny Voghebr of Italy’s prime minister to kneel and selected parts to the son to apologize and celebrate all the battles and Jihad firedThe names of the Mujahideen on the streets and camps, have overshadowed refused to establish relations with the Zionist entity and support the Palestinian liberation movement , but supported all free struggling for the liberation of his country from colonialism , it’s the biggest tyrants because he made from Libya, a sovereign state and has the resolution and enjoy the security and safety until it became quiet inhabit the hearts of her family and grabbed the fear of their hearts, it really is a tyrant because he was forced major countries recognizing handwriting death, he was a tyrant Vzhd in this life, and did not find the world has an account filled with millions, and donated rank in favor of the Social Security Fund and the headquarters of his record stop for endowments , I grew tyranny opened

Lighthouses religious and raising down the Holy Quran and became five people saves the book of God and built mosques all over the place and invited the world to the date of the death of the Holy Prophet, did not stop tyranny for one moment has refused to write the name of Libya without the Arabic language in international fora and to prevent write the names of streets and shops language other than Arabic and closed bars that were selling liquor in Libyan cities , it’s a tyrant because he refused to write and publish the pages black days of the Italian occupation , tyranny does not stop it from met death kissed not mastermind with his children , he’s the biggest tyrants vs. Atr idea and courage to the hearts of millions.

فعلا .. طاغية

لقد طغى فحمل هم الوطن على عاتقه منذ ريعان شبابه ، لقد طغى فدعى في بيان ثورته الأول إلى تناسي الأحقاد و مد الأيادي للتصالح ، استمر في طغيانه فطرد القواعد الأجنبية التي كانت استبيح ارض و سماء الوطن كما طرد بقايا الطليان الذين كانوا جا ثمين على تراب الوطن و سيطرون على مفاصل الأنشطة الزراعية و الاقتصادية ، ازداد طغيانه فقام بتوزيع

الأراضي الزراعية التي يملكها الطليان على الليبيين الذين يعملون بها ، لقد طغى فأقام عيدا للعلم و فتح المدارس و الجامعات و المعاهد و بني المشاريع الإسكانية والزراعية في كل أرجاء الوطن و اجبر بطغيانه المستبد المياة العذبة بالذهاب إلى الشمال الملح و الكالح ، كبر طغيانه فجمع جميع قادة أفريقيا و أجبرهم بضرورة تأسيس الاتحاد الأفريقي ، تعاظم طغيانه فأجبر رئيس وزراء إيطاليا على الركوع و الأنحاء لابن المختار و تقديم الاعتذار و أحتفل بجميع معارك الجهاد و اطلق

اسماء المجاهدين على الشوارع و المعسكرات ، لقد طغى فرفض إقامة علاقات مع الكيان الصهيوني و دعم حركة التحرير الفلسطينية بل ساند كل حر يكافح من اجل تحرير بلاده من الاستعمار ، انه أكبر طغاة لانه جعل من ليبيا دولة ذات سيادة و تمتلك قرارها و تتمتع بالأمن و الأمان حتى صارت السكينة تسكن قلوب أهلها و انتزع الخوف من قلوبهم ، فعلا انه طاغية لانه اجبر الدول الكبرى بالإقرار بخط الموت، انه طاغية فزهد في الحياة الدنيا و لم يجد العالم عنده حساب مملؤ بالملايين، و تبرع بمرتبة لصالح صندوق الضمان الاجتماعي و مقر قيادتة سجله وقف لصالح الأوقاف ، لقد استفحل طغيانه ففتح

المنارات الدينية و رفع من شأن حفظة القرآن الكريم و صار خمس الشعب يحفظ كتاب الله و بنى المساجد في كل مكان ودعى العالم إلى تأريخ بوفاة الرسول الكريم ، لم يتوقف طغيانه لحظة واحدة فقد رفض كتابة اسم ليبيا بغير اللغة العربية في المحافل الدولية و منع كتابة أسماء الشوارع و المحلات التجارية بغير اللغة العربية واقفل الحانات التي كانت تبيع الخمور في المدن الليبية ، انه طاغية لانه رفض كتابة و نشر الصفحات السوداء أيام الاحتلال الإيطالي، طغيانه لا يتوقف فهو من قابل الموت مقبل لا مدبر مع أولاده ، انه أكبر الطغاة فس يطر بفكرة و شجاعته على قلوب الملايين

ولد الزناتيه
الاثنين 23-9-2013م

Statement of the founding assembly Libyan year 09/23/2013

Western Region system – Manmade River Western System

Said Mr. General Manager system Al_husaona Engineer: Mohammed Al-Hajjaji that he has been to control the infusion significant happened as a result try one of the citizens connect the water pipe illegally in the region between the market Sunday and Qara Bolle, also assured Mr. orbital in a statement, told the Libyan news that the water supply continuing at the same time noting the need to avoid the installation of illegal connections by the citizens.

About 22,000 prisoners, including 800 runaway condemned to death, a rat Khrjohm

when attacked prisons, to fight with them in the beginning of the events.

  • حوالي 22,000 سجين هارب بينهم 800 محكومون بالإعدام, اخرجوهم الجرذان عندما هاجموا السجون , ليقاتلوا معهم في بداية الأحداث.
  • Vice Mzrath ofMember of the General National Congress “Abdulrahman Sowaihili”, displays
    National Congress of the year, a draft resolution for the use of force
    Against Aljzeran, and this project he submitted personally, and User
    “Salah Paddy”, and not to vote on the resolution is just a suggestion
    Members.(Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)

    A number of experts today that Libya will go bankrupt soon, did not change fiscal policies at home and the actions of officials, irresponsible and unacceptable , and confirmed a general planning communications consulting offices at home and abroad , which tracks the economic situation of Libya and oversees not fall that hundreds of telegrams urgent calls for a halt disbursement of funds that does not come from income and stop farce treat the wounded and thefts and salaries military spokesman .
    And senior economists and bankers argue Aktar of drain 337 billion and they have the names of those involved Transitional Council to now and they have every Dirham went out of Libya where he went .
    A consulting office confirms that Libya will end economically in just two years at the latest estimate becomes oil free of charge to cover interest and accumulated losses on the Libyan economy and turn the country into a hostage of the West there madmen now and holed up legislation and legitimacy , can not theoretically be transformed budget state-of- 38 billion in 2010 to 115 billion in 2011 and 90 billion in 2012 and 89 billion in 2013 and 73 billion drain Provided in Atalath years did not arise out of a single project enters the state money.
    Arabic banker confirms that Libya must find others lead them to safety and who are exploiting February to cover up the thefts big faced by the country .

    The year of planning and projects , information and money
    Tripoli / Republic Street / investment management and follow-up money

    Dr. Ali Abdel Gadir Mayouf / Head of the Office of National Fund

    Valley girl

    Ontdharohna Aalhoa directly ..

    Next Friday to continue to expose the government imported

    and Alhaddat on the suffering of detainees in the prisons of the armed militias.

  • The debate about the status of displaced persons through the channel cbc. As assets.—————–Human Rights Watch: “the decision of the National Congress general lift the immunity of three members is a blatant attempt to restrict political debate and the suppression of freedom of expression and should be for members of Congress understand that they are public figures and they accept criticism and stop the threat to send us Kadihm to jail for their comments.”
  • http://www.hrw.org/news/2013/09/24/libya-lawmakers-risk-defamation-charges.

Here is the document on the sex separation required in schools:

What is this,,,,?

The first chapter of al-Qaeda or what … This topic is in Libya and not somewhere else … From Tripoli and specifically Tajora school Madraj who walk near the suburban compound were separated for boys and girls this morning costume Islamist with lifting Shorts …
God hair Mnyn the Bejebouh young,?

The Ministry of Education requires approval by the separation of the sexes in schools

“Atmosphere of the country” – particularly

Issued by the Minister of Education issued a circular on Monday the officials of Education Affairs Libya areas require

the approval of the Ministry before the separation of males and females in schools.

The spokesman said ministry Samir Gernaz that the ministry does not mind the separation of male and female if there

is approval of the ministry and adequate schools to accommodate students and parents consent.

The Gernaz pointed out that some local councils – which he did not identify – has separate male from female students in

some schools without the knowledge of the ministry and that some preachers in mosques calling for the separation of the sexes.

The Gernaz confirmed that the ministry resorted to this generalization to avoid some of the problems that may be the worst off

to study in some of the schools, as he put it.

It is noteworthy that the study began in the eighth of September to the stage of basic education in the fifteenth of the same month for the stage.


Someone has to demolish an extension of the classroom mobile’s School Jerusalem neighborhood parks Btabriq said the person who took a bulldozer to demolish the building that he owns the land the building document ownership of their fathers and grandfathers “Deed”, since the time of the Italian occupation of Libya, stressing that he will not be allowed to build the school on what he considered his land.

Has tried to neighborhood residents who entered him in verbal altercations with him – stop him but to no avail.

And has shown a coordinated education sector designate Ayad Po is destined displeasure of this act, stressing that the land used are the property of Company E, had been exploited to a mobile classroom to resolve problem temporarily neighborhood.

It is noteworthy that the education sector began the introduction of mobile classrooms neighborhood parks to meet the crisis of overcrowded classrooms and school temporarily while building a new model schools.

Exemption of pupils and students are non-Libyans from tuition fees

Started / Nadia Saqr

Illustration in the context of what is correspondence and inquiries about how to treat students and students from non-Libyans from where exempted from paying tuition fees or not … The Minister of Education (d. Key slaves) in the mainstream of the masters Affairs Officer Education areas issued on September 18, 2013 shows a side of Circular No. (8309) of 06 / December / 2012 on the tower and including actions taken around them exemption every Mans employment contract guardian to enjoy the educational and health benefits to the Libyans from tuition fees .. The text of the circular to exempt pupils and students non-Libyans from tuition fees for the following countries (Syria. Palestine. Egypt. Tunisia. Morocco. Algeria. Mauritania) of the principle of reciprocity, and stated in the circular also exempt pupils and students is Libyans countries (Yemen. Sudan. Iraq . Somalia) based on the principle of reciprocity.

Abolition of Article # drawing # Almasiky # Arts of the Ministry of Education!!!

Was even Tgua education at all and salvation.

Qredan (ALI ZAIDANE) up New York to participate in the 68th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations,

would not compare him and him our leader feat not even the darkest person leader with such fragmentation,

the picture speaks for itself from the warm reception and How Optimized West with traitors ..


There is a plan in the court of the Central Bank of Libya to money laundering in Meimsy the companies and Cha Rkiyat-exchange .. And lottery license ..
And try to re-bleaching funds from Morocco, Ghana and Egypt ..

In Libya there are no sources ..
But like a spider Yarns ..



A picture of the Libyan Maltese Ostrezag

And through the sale of gasoline and Alinvta and Alcrosan on demand and against which the whiskey, of course, brought Maymana

that if in Zabt of the Maltese customs if Libby weapon or a member of the Italian Mafia Maltese Mavi blocker Normal bulls Mizaalo in the end.

Forward O rats

صــورة لأسترزاق المالطـي الليبيوذلك عن طريق بيـع البنزين و النفطا والكروسين علي الطلب وجـلب مقابلها
الويسكي طبعا مايمنع أن لو في ظابط جمرك مالطي لو يبي سلاح أو عضو في مافيا مالطية إيطالية مافيش مانع عادي الثيران مايزعلو في حدإلي الأمام يا جرذان_____________________________


  • Spokesperson announced management device Crime Criminal Investigation under the Ministry of the Interior, Mr. “Abdul Hakim Albulazi”.
  • He was released last night on “Ezz debt Louhichi” one political activists by his captors. !!He stressed, “Albulazi that” Louhichi “a student at the University of Tripoli, had been abducted in a group of activists
  • following the demonstration, which organized last Sunday evening in Green Square in Tripoli.
  • Abduction of Dr. “Naseeruddin Amer Souissi the” Chairman of the Board
    B National Center for decision support to the prime minister on Monday evening
    B city of Tripoli.(Salem al-Obeidi)


  • Killed Ahmed Alakora head unit to investigate, arrest and one of the leaders of militia cavalry b Janzour by unknown assailants inside the city.
    Where it is stated that the city is witnessing the loose security from theft and kidnapping and Aghtylat of where they were killed Prime Crime in
  • Janzour by militia inside the city and have also been kidnapped activist and lawyer benign Yellow in elementary janzour court.
    Note that the militia cavalry Brotherhood, which controls the city has excluded serious violations.
  • The assassination of Prime investigation unit and the arrest of a battalion knights janzour and a mobile elements of national power

    Lieutenant Ahmad Alakora since few by unknown assailants shot him a barrage of bullets, killing him ..Killed head of the investigation

    and the arrest of a battalion knights janzour “Ahmed Alakora”, he fired several bullets in region of Eastern Janzour.

    (The Libyan News Agency)


    Kidnapped day d. T-Din Amer Souissi presidential adviser Ministers in front of the Savings Bank

    A car that has my abduction type Camry 2006 model car dark green color Blcaml without plates.

    (Mermaid operations room).

  • _________________________


‘s Informed and stronger than every word ..Did not fear his enemies but unite them in the middle of their holes ..

The hero martyr: Hajj (Mohammed Cndolee the Alor Valley) Died at the age of 78 years one of the victims of Resolution No. 7 m,

which gesture Minieh in one of the prisons of armed militias Friday Market, Tripoli.

God bless Yashik martyrs, yes deserve this title.

Quoting the preparatory committee for the program commemorating the decision of injustice

((For all citizens of the population of the city of Bani Walid and abroad to take note that traffic will be suspended in all the city’s streets

and entrances and exits, the day after tomorrow, Wednesday 25/09/2013 and from 12 noon to 12:07 pm (for seven minutes ),

for universal adherence and commitment to the need to stop the movement and that of mourning for the martyrs and

missing persons and detainees, as requested by the owners of shops and craft shops lock from 5 pm to 7 pm the same day.))

(Hamid Cndolee)

The arrival of ambulance to hospital Bani Walid after waiting 3 days to transport the injured Ali Awad key to outside Libya and seriously ..

We call him a speedy recovery

(Valley girl):

Mourning flags flying on the city of Bani Walid

Publication and dissemination:

Oh, Ravel shown solidarity with Bani Walid and to participate in the commemoration of the Nakba Resolution No. 7

in the presence of the vigil, scheduled for 25.09.2013 in central Bani Walid on at five o’clock pm:

Bani Walid. At the time .. 09/25/2013 … Libyans honorable All invited solidarity for the rights and claim unzip prisoners .. Tomorrow at the 5 pm

مشاركة مراسلينا …… مراسلنا من بني وليد
Resolution No. ( 7). And realize Malaqrar the No. (7) …. ? ? ? ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !History will write that City name bin Walid.
Because the intervention needs to : –
Hello word that you are a guest .
And you need to enter by force : –
Bani Walid will not die, the killers of children.
Bani Walid will not die and will remain thorn in Halqkm of God , but the right right and invalidate falsehood .Bani Walid love does not end

Release Social Council concerning the hospital Bani Walid year.



Valley Agency Dinar News a partagé le statut de and Rafla majority | Great Werfalla.

Resolution No. 7 in brief ..
Released from the presidency of the General National Congress by force of arms ..
Where the conference was boxed and took place in front of the 200 – based coffin Fada ..
Nfdth shield Libya militias western and eastern branches and South ..
The political support of the Muslim Brotherhood party ..
Tida to foreign agendas before they are internal ..
Decision in the middle of the United Nations issued a statement saying that the Bani Walid stricken city .. It must stop using force against civilians ..
Libyan tribes tried dignitaries led social tenderly stop the war commissioned by the presidency of the Conference .. And but has Ahathm by militias led by Misrata local council .. And what they called we Aizma with tribes and Anaterv .. We do not have rice and meat ..
Security Council held an emergency session about the events in Bani Walid increased after the fall of civilians , especially women and children ..
Russia initiated a vote to stop the militias by force .. America was her veto Bmrsad .. And under the table America pressured the government to stop the war in 48 hours .. Max !

Conclusion ..
Resolution No. 7 issued by the State fall under the dominance of militias
And Nfdth militias control the state ..
Service to international interests including Qatar , Turkey and America ..
And exploited Misrata historic hatred ..
The the ” donkeys Aldelmnt ” are individuals shield especially ..

Many people discovered that they were pawns trick .. Many retracted
And still value Amahson the events well and are reviewing themselves ..

In the end .. Bani Walid resisted a war on behalf of the Libyan tribes .. The long hibernation .. Each tribe will pay the price of sleep ..

God save Libya and took care of

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

Bani Walid will not die …

 Resolution No. 7 Walid to the law of force rather than the force of law ….

Gary ready to stop the protest in Bani Walid solidarity with the prisoners in the prisons of the militias ….

Do not grieve, my mother, the brother martyr
Preparations city of Bani Walid to mark the first anniversary of the invasion by Libya Shield militia implementation of resolution No. 7 issued by the National Congress:

Of Misratah crimes against bin Walid

Child: Balkis Hamad Ramadan Alkmiei,
First anniversary of the National Congress of crime against children and the people of Bin Walid

What happens scandals of the conference is Asham these innocent people ….

Sttardhm this blood wherever they wherever they went … And still everlasting punishment …

T. vanished spirits because of the whims and personal grudges just does not #


Sunset today from the city of Bani Walid
It Ttoshh in black in memory of Resolution No. 7
That resolution, which pounded Bani Walid where artillery and rocket
So the decision was a landmark in the modern history of the revolutionary regime
That decision which militias trampled on freedom, democracy and justice!!
That resolution, which it said Bani Walid does not state militias ..

Is Bani Walid .. She said, and still holding them
Will not bend will not be subject did not give up …

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

Is broadcast to meet with members of the Social Council of the tribes and Rafla regarding Resolution No. 7 unjust now on the Dardanelles satellite channel

Lived men and A_i_hdtm the heroes ..

God, that heart grieves, although eye to tears, but do not say except what pleases our Lord ..
I am God, and to Him we return, and unto you did not Ntqmon even after a while.

In Dchri the fateful decision No. 7 to invade the city of Bani Walid and killed her children,

the conference 200 Mrchi the decision of 7 discusses another attack Burqa .. We have lived and Vena






Long live the State of muggers

On the subject of checks for Naji Mokhtar member of Congress pagan …

Was confirmed today that the personal account is invited (Naji Mokhtar) contains 64 million dinars,

but butt of intercepts and no account in his personal account only 6 thousand dinars is not!!!

The question that arises here Win Jabhm 64 million? !!!

This statement of account of the Trade and Development Bank to calculate the Mr. Naji selected ..

It has been around him by the account number 6007040 Bank of the main deserts 3.0007 million dinars ..

The transfer of $ 2 million and 500 thousand dinars for “Salim Said Salim” brother Ibrahim Jdharan, the ..

And the transfer of $ 300 thousand dinars for “Ali Faraj Hammad cabled” coalition coordinator February 17, Ajdabiya ..

(D. Moataz Qdereboh)

Tripoli – press conference
Naji al-Mukhtar (a member of the National Conference) admits deliver brothers Jdharan $ 30 million, compared to end the crisis, oil ports.

Admitted to the Chairman of the Energy Commission, the National Conference Naji al-Mokhtar year in a press conference held on Tuesday in

Tripoli, that the granting of Salem Jdharan brother Ibrahim Jdharan of the $ 2.5 million, after having to negotiate with him at his home in Benghazi

for the lifting of the siege and open the oil ports.
He said Mokhtar The amount awarded to Jdharan of his own money, and admitted that he granted instruments without balance up to the value

of thirty million dinars, after complaining Jdharan financial problems afflicting guard oil installations, which controls the ports, oil, recognized as

mayor that he was not consulted The oldest one it, not the President of the Conference and the Prime Minister, and he did it in the interest of the country’s Supreme

What happened yesterday between Salem Jdharan the Naji al-Mukhtar (head Energy Conference Allaotunai) instruments and the Special Account for Naji al-Mokhtar

these millions conclusive evidence that Libya is under serious organization at the hands of a professional and international in the theft or transfer of funds of the Libyan people as they wish.

Mukhtar: bribery case does not apply to what I gave him the instruments of to Salem Jdharan. Mokhtar: it is up to the General National Congress.

Mukhtar: instruments do not have a balance and this confirms it, not bribes guarantee as announced Aljdharan.

Mukhtar: bet on your origin and your tribe and the National spines and I gave you a guarantee you requested instruments, ventured Basmotai and office.

Mukhtar: you do this without reference to the President of the Conference or the government, but Bemba Nations personal to me and after Abedi in Aljdharan patriotism which Haddtho the Ne.

Ibrahim Jdharan, the General National Congress falls knockouts …

Farces Jardan / / / /

Red card version of Interpol against Khaled Jdharan, the prove the puppet government’s inability to exert control over its territory …

And تهمته

Subscribe to felony robbery and the seizure of public funds by force of arms. Configuration felony crime gangs. Felony inflicting serious harm public money.

Aajerdan Makedrtm on Jdharan, who is a and Ptqdroa the country earlier, and the people …

To make sure you see the web link INTERPOL

http://www.interpol.int/Wanted-Persons/ (wanted_id) / 2013-4592


Ibrahim Saeed Jdharan, the head of the political bureau of the Cyrenaica province, speaks at a news conference in Ajdabiya

Ibrahim Saeed Jdharan, the head of the political bureau of the Cyrenaica province, speaks at a news conference in Ajdabiya

Naji al-Mukhtar, head of the Energy Committee in the General National Congress

came up Falafty laughed at him Abdulwahab Kaid until al Qaeda is my c

Atef Shelmani:

Since the General National Congress Disclaimer denied
That his science as done by the Chairman of the Committee on Energy
Naji al-Mukhtar ..
The interim government also denied that it has
Any knowledge of the subject ..
I’ll tell you who remembers what the “Rahim Cape”
That there is a higher authority than the authority of the Conference
B his hand the reins ..[God is the HIGHEST AUTHORITY!]

Forty-two years ago, did not hear the crime of bribery in the General People’s Congress or the

General People’s Committee because the men of the Great Revolution customers are honest and are not

Asswehly and Paddy

They are today to the National Conference dead on the invasion of Cyrenaica and ignite the fire of civil war
Zubi son Benghazi Sandem the
All deputies tenderly all blocs refused to ordering
These two men were the cause of the destruction of Libya and must be wiped out Spthma.

(The Libyan news agency today)


User “Solomon Alzoubi”, supports the use of force resolution
Submitted Asswehly, and before the decision of rejection of all deputies of the Middle
And stressed, “Asswehly” force ready there and do not deserve the power
And the committee was given the chance to end the crisis started.

Vice Misurata (MIZRATH) ofMember of the General National Congress “Abdulrahman Sowaihili”, displays
National Congress of the year, a draft resolution for the use of force
Against Aljzeran, and this project he submitted personally, and User
“Salah Paddy”, and not to vote on the resolution is just a suggestion
Members.(Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)
  • Libyan Media Network – # LNM urgentGeneral National Congress now vote on a draft resolution to use force against Jzeran
    .(Do Dirty MISURATANS think that since al-Jzran is smaller than BANI WALID, that they can do this?)



  •  And seven Rishvana drums:
  • Word now ..
    Problem among the sleepy residents of Madinat al-Zahra, among a group of the globe resulted in the death of a person named
  • Sufian Abdul Majeed Aoun of the world’s population and wounded people from the sons of sleepiness is in the intensive care unit.
  • And another person infected did not know his identity. And burning the Imad red car.
    (Lord ester)
  • Secretariat Sabakaa Conference and the local council.

    Haliaa eat it on fire in the globe.  In the name of God the Merciful. (So for those who fight because they do wrong, and God the victory of things.)



The management of the University of Benghazi installed surveillance cameras, security in all faculties of the university, to prevent violations and abuses of security,

ethical and reduction, following the occurrence of a number of problems between students and visitors from outside the university, which evolved into a publicity

arms inside the campus in a number of times.



street Mandela in Sirte:




Lech Tawergha

I turn to the Almighty God’s mercy prisoner Mohammed Mansour aka key
(Mohammed Olives) saluting been transferred yesterday from prison Unity School Misurata to Tripoli hospital today

and turn next to the Lord.
Condolences to the family of the deceased….



A country ambience:

Fire broke out at dawn today in behalf of the tuber’s new headquarters, and did not result in any injuries.

Tuber shortly before ::::::::::

Now Bdrnh been burning headquarters of the new prosecutor fact the East Coast:

Was blown up last night Coffee shop in the neighborhood of Ms. Khadija 3 o’clock on Monday night approved 23/09/2013

and led to the injury of Egyptian Coffee shop workers suffered minor injuries in their bodies.

Media tuber



In the name of God the Merciful

Statement of tribes and clans and social components in the south Libya
At a time when we strive all to establish security and safety throughout Libya and to peaceful coexistence between members of the Libyan people, we receive information successively from the crowds and queues military flying to the south aim to destabilize the south and to control the destinies of economic and dismantle the social fabric in the complete absence of the state and its departments .
It ….

1 – stand firmly and strength and what our capabilities in the face of such a force which , in our view , is only the invading force and we call upon the concerned to the presidency of the National Conference , the government and the Ministry of Defence , which assume their responsibilities in this regard.
2 – The ideas of these represent obscurantist thought far cry from the Islamic Sharia. And entered the town or village , but wreaked havoc , murder , looting and scarier safe .
3 – We are across this statement we affirm the sanctity of the people of the south of the futility of the abusers and that the population of the south is only one social component and Policy arrested and thrown in prisons is unacceptable for us and we will resist this action and stand bulwark against him.
4 – in the case of the attack on any social component , city or village is an assault on all the people of the south and we will respond strongly and strap on this attack and declare war on the oppressors and renegades from the law of God and the law and social norms users all the possibilities available to us to deter these oppressors.
5 – It is the policy of marginalization, exclusion and political isolation is unacceptable for us and reject all laws issued in this regard.
6 – The right of the Libyan people of the south to enjoy what God gave them bounties in this region and we refuse to be this region under the history of the political and security in our Introduction to usurp the date of this region .
7 – It is the policy of arm-twisting over power to implementation agendas suspicious is we reject the failed policies do not lead to the interest of the country and the people and our capabilities and potential causes of force to deter and thwart these policies .
8 – This brute force went to the area where there are industrial river system and hold them responsible
Full cut off the flow of water to the towns and villages benefiting from this river will be a big battle to deter these oppressors .
9 – appeal to all international organizations from the United Nations and the Security Council , the African Union and all human rights organizations on the inviolability of human dignity and all correspondents of news agencies and the Organization of Crescent and Red Cross international staff to carry out their responsibilities and ask them to go to the region to monitor and expose violations that may occur to the people of this region and hold them responsible fully in the occurrence of any massacres and human rights violations occurring in this region.
10 – The security of the south is a matter for the people of the south is not entitled to any party whatsoever claim to be keen on the south and the south have the right to maintain the security of their region and the destinies of economic and reject full access to any power to this region under the pretext of securing oil installations and border points .
The God of the intent behind
(Tribes and clans and social components in the south Libya)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

بيان القبائل والعشائر والمكونات الاجتماعية بالجنوب الليبي
في وقتٍ نسعى فيه جميعاً إلى بسط الأمن والأمان في ربوع ليبيا والى التعايش السلمي بين أفراد الشعب الليبي تردنا المعلومات تباعاً عن الحشود والأرتال العسكرية المتجهة إلى الجنوب هدفها زعزعة استقرار الجنوب والسيطرة على مقدراته الاقتصادية وتفكيك نسيجه الاجتماعي في غياب تام للدولة وإداراتها.

1- نقف بكل حزم وقوة وبما نملك من إمكانيات في وجه هذه القوة وهي في نظرنا ما هي إلا قوة غازية ونهيب إلى من يعنيه الأمر من رئاسة المؤتمر الوطني والحكومة ووزارة الدفاع التي تُحمِل مسئولياتها في هذا الشأن.
2- إن أفكار هؤلاء تمثل الفكر الظلامي البعيد كل البعد عن الشريعة الإسلامية . وما دخلوا إلى مدينة أو قرية إلا عاثوا فيها فسادا وقتلا ونهبا وترويعاً للآمنين.
3- إننا وعبر هذا البيان نؤكد حرمة أهل الجنوب من عبث العابثين وان سكان الجنوب ما هو إلا مكون اجتماعي واحد وان سياسة القبض والزج في السجون أمراً مرفوضاً بالنسبة لنا وسنقاوم هذا الإجراء ونقف سداً منيعاً ضده.
4- في حالة الاعتداء على أي مكون اجتماعي أو مدينة أو قرية يعد اعتداءاً على جميع أهل الجنوب وسنرد بقوة وحزم على هذا الاعتداء ونعلنها حرباً على الظالمين والمارقين عن شرع الله والقانون والأعراف الاجتماعية مستخدمين كافة الإمكانيات المتاحة الينا لردع هؤلاء الظالمين.
5- إن سياسة التهميش والإقصاء والعزل السياسي أمراً مرفوضاً بالنسبة لنا ونرفض كافة القوانين الصادرة في هذا الخصوص.
6- إن من حق أبناء الجنوب الليبي التمتع بما وهب هم الله من خيرات في هذا الإقليم ونرفض أن يكون هذا الإقليم تحت المزايدات السياسية والأمنية وهي في نظرنا مقدمة لسلب خيرات هذا الإقليم.
7- إن سياسة ليّ الذراع عبر القوة لتنفيذ الأجندات المشبوهة أمراً نرفضه وهي سياسات فاشلة لا تؤدي إلى مصلحة البلاد والعباد ولنا من الإمكانيات والقدرات وأسباب القوة لردع وإفشال هذه السياسات.
8- إن هذه القوة الغاشمة اتجهت إلى المنطقة التي توجد بها منظومة النهر الصناعي ونحملهم المسئولية
الكاملة في انقطاع انسياب المياه إلى المدن والقرى المستفيدة من هذا النهر وستكون معركة كبيرة لردع هؤلاء الظالمين.
9- نناشد كافة المنظمات الدولية من هيئة الأمم المتحدة ومجلس الأمن والاتحاد الأفريقي وكافة المنظمات الحقوقية المعنية بحرمة وكرامة الإنسان وكافة المراسلين لوكالات الأنباء ومنظمة الهلال والصليب الأحمر الدوليين إلى تحمل مسؤولياتهم ونطلب منهم التوجه إلى هذا الإقليم لرصد وفضح الانتهاكات التي قد تحدث لسكان هذا الإقليم ونحملهم المسئولية الكاملة في حدوث أي مجازر وانتهاكات لحقوق الإنسان تحدث في هذا الإقليم .
10- إن امن الجنوب هو امر يخص أهل الجنوب ولا يحق لأي جهة كانت أن تدعي أنها حريصة على الجنوب وان أبناء الجنوب لهم الحق في الحفاظ على امن إقليمهم ومقدراته الاقتصادية ونرفض رفضا تاما دخول أي قوة إلى هذا الإقليم بحجة تامين المنشآت النفطية والنقاط الحدودية.
والله من وراء القصد
القبائل والعشائر والمكونات الاجتماعية بالجنوب الليبي
صدر في فزان الموفق 21 /9 / 2013


Kufra following instructive was living in total darkness since yesterday, and now electricity cut off from most of the city’s neighborhoods, you God in this hot weather.


Person was shot dead within the medical center Sabha “urgent”
Sabha – (Germa) 24/09/2013
One person was killed when one half of the afternoon Althelata of by an armed group after being shot him

three shots in the presence of security personnel who were unable to intervene. And the perpetrators fled.

Problem between Tabu and Solomon in Sabha Sons Brady area and killing Abdullah Embarak Almiasa,,,

and news of a shooting at a hospital 02 March  

Urgent Sabha …

Clashes occurred between the children of Solomon and people from Tabu Sabha Medical Center, which led to the death of a person from the family Embarak

Sabah victory and challenge:

Two hours b selection! Between the Chiefs of Staff, between officials and
Misratah military, especially of strength, a lot of talk and inconsistently
In the same context, a senior security source told me
Formerly the power subsidiary of the General Staff will bring
Something very secret mission, assures me now that the task
Ended, and young people in the hospitality of people from the tribe Almgarha
Will come back tomorrow as their maximum, and as spokesman confirmed
B Chiefs of Staff name “Ali to Sheikhi” that Libya freed
Of mustard gas found Jufrah by 95%.


Urgent Alanamtar good Taathatal the profusely now Brguen the Valley of the beach causing a power transformer explosion in the village of oligarchs now causing power outages.

Sabha today
Now sounds cars processions and shooting in the air and sounds circular joy in Mahdia Sakra gaiety seemed heavy rainfall O Namta Living curse 0

Warning ..
Gentlemen must traveling to and from languages ​​and care should be taken that the fully locked the main road near the gate 25 between Tha and

Owaynat because of rain water that flooded the place.
And uninterrupted communication completely in Owaynat.

(Channel Tuaregs in Libya)
Amtaralkhar Taathatal now on the bride of the desert city of Sabha.

Libya Shield forces central region stationed Bagheilanah the the

Note that this force left Misratah towards the south, where moved from Misrata to the Hichh eastward to Jufrah, south to Alchuirv west via the Sukna and then pinned at area Agheilanah in camp to shield forces to Libya’s southern region, which follows Ahmed Abdul Jalil Hassan Uy

This force consists of 145 cars, including 4 4 trucks carrying containers and other trucks carrying bulldozer and

excavators and the number 2 car ash trays and four ambulances and a field hospital and four Bureau and refrigerator trucks and a number of at least 88 armed car.

At the beginning of the move this force was rumored that it tends to oil fields and ports in the Middle quickly refuted the speculation reported

They are destined sources on a secret mission
For چnob and rumored today via sites
Internet such a force carrying nuclear waste for burial

South Sahara and the most common sources of shield Libya’s southern region that this force came to support the South to secure the shield compared Rh camps after the events of recent Falcons headquarters
Today, Al-rebels Bmarzuk the Brigades Astnfarha and its rejection of any force directed to secure the border because it is from their duties
(Free newspaper Sabha)

The fact that a convoy of Misrata rebels to pollen from Misrata and Tripoli, and then headed to the south ..
To our knowledge, that the two walker yen Bish protect the south and protect the oil fields of the I

Talaat truth and pant Rihthm that the convoy headed to the desert, along with excavator great after what they heard that in the middle of the desert buried treasure 3 containers of gold and hard currency buried them and now are fighting it and it is divided.? ??

Where the state of this gang which steals in the Libyan people’s money is true namely the Forces Ha I Mesh right because is the Libyan people’s money to bury buried and his aides.

There is no power but from God.

This news Moved from the pages of Misrata and witness from her family!!!

Quoting from Abu Salim Liberals against slaves


at least this will divert these rats away from attacking BANI WALID again, and maybe not fight the SOUTH of Libya as GNC wanted…

and perhaps leave CYRENAICA alone!

Sheikh of Haafa writes:

Our people in the south that Abgeso for black molar buried in an unknown location where the secret black magic people blur 0 Tsrvo this is discovered recently and ignorance people and Skathm to black magic and dissolved jaw must type Geso black millstone.
Dero solution Rahayat buried in every spot in Libya from the east to the west, center and south may be in Kufra, or languages​​, or the tomb of Aoun or anywhere 0 trying to people that use Banas and the elders and the people aware of our part of Hanna get us on the unity ČÓ tired talisman for I the ability of the One elderly Vkoh 0 and Hadi molar to we found in spring Valley
Though Taatvkro in years missed Talaat strong rumor mill and people all Chertha and which came to become the Lord is upon us and upon all evil.

الشيخ ا لشعافي

على اهلنا في الجنوب ان يبحثو عن الرحى السوداء مدفونه في مكان مجهول فيها سر طمس الشعب بالسحر الأسود٠تصرفو هذا امر اكتشف مؤخرآ وجهل الناس وسكاتهم على السحر الأسود وحله وفكه يجب ان تب حثو عن الرحى السوداء.
ديرو حل الرحايات مدفونه في كل بقعه في ليبيا من الشرق حتى الغرب والوسط والجنوب ربما تكون في الكفره او غات او قبر عون او اي مكان٠تحاول الناس ان تستعين بناس وشيوخ واهل علم ومن جهتنا ا حنا تحصل نا علي وحده بس تعبنا الطلسم لاكن بقدرة الواحد الأحد شيوخنا فكوه٠ وهادي الرحى الي وجدناها في وادي الربيع
ولو تتفكرو في سنوات فاتت طلعت اشاعة قوية على الرحى والناس كلها شرتها ومنها صار الي صار وربي يبعد علينا وعليكم كل شر

ZINTANI to the RESCUE again!

عااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل and ÍŐŃě:

The battalion trace Zintan intercepted a convoy followed by Maj. Gen. VI area Qurayyat and seize the number 10 cars type of new Toyota SUV

was in possession of
There mediations conducted now between Sabha sages and wise men Zintan Zintan and the Shura Council to restore the cars.

Free newspaper Sabha

Sabha and Rafla the


Regulates the sons of the tribe and Rafla southern region on Wednesday, a protest in the valley Shati area Barak participation

of many tribes and knead anniversary of Dkry first decision to No. 7 puppet issued Ground pass the General National Congress

and NATO mercenaries stormed the city of Bani Walid.

Advertise | Social Council of the tribes and Rafla Southern Region invites all sons and Rafla and the sons of Libyan tribes in the

southern region to come out in a pause in solidarity with the city of Bani Walid and against the decision unjust No. 7, on Wednesday

after the Asr prayer in the courtyard of the municipal previously in Barak Shati.

The Libyan news agency today:

The people of the Libyan Fezzan or south demanding Jadallah Chief of Staff to clarify What are the functions

of the queue Masrati found in Agheilanah, before that happens Xi Malaihamd consequences, and be mesmerized door between Libyans,?!

Ghaith beneficial in Owaynat area blessing from God Hallelujah



Infowars Throws Israeli Agenda Into Spotlight

Former Powell Chief of Staff warns neocon duo stirring up trouble and pushing Iran attack.

Kurt Nimmo
September 23, 2013

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, told Real News that Arizona Senator John McCain and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham are “traitors” in cahoots with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and they are working to thwart any attempt to negotiate with Iran.

Wilkerson said Israel is primarily to blame for the effort to subvert negotiations with Iran. “First and foremost, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his extremely right-wing government in Tel Aviv. If you’ve seen what they’ve laid down as their deal parameters, if you will, it leads off with no enrichment at all, that is to say, they do not want any nuclear program whatsoever in Iran,” he said.

In the United States, “you find Netanyahu’s allies in people like Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham from my home state, and others who are bordering on being traitors, in my view, because they won’t let this president have room to achieve a diplomatic solution.”

Having failed in the effort to get the United States involved in directly attacking Syria and overthrowing its government, McCain and Graham are now concentrating on Iran. “And so they’re moving on to Iran, with Graham even saying he’s going to move for legislation to authorize the use of military force against Iran in the next four to five months. So these people are bordering on being traitors,” Wilkerson said.

Israel has “an enormous impact on U.S. foreign policy, but it’s beginning to be so detrimental to U.S. foreign and security policy that people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, with their hands out to the Jewish lobby for more donations to their PACs and so forth, just simply need to shut up and go back into the dark shadows from whence they emerged.”

New Era of Negotiation Between West and Iran

On Monday, Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, said he will use a visit to the United Nations this week to engage in talks with the West and end the dispute over his country’s nuclear program. Rouhani said Iran’s nuclear program is intended for peaceful purposes and said his country is not building nuclear weapons as Israel, the neocons and many members of Congress insist.

“Unfortunately in recent years the face of Iran, a great and civilized nation, has been presented in another way,” comments posted on Rouhani’s official website state. “I and my colleagues will take the opportunity to present the true face of Iran as a cultured and peace-loving country.”

“The West should opt for the path of talks and cooperation and consider mutual interests,” he said.

Negotiations between Iran and the West are supported by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ali Hosseini Khamenei.

McCain and Graham are undoubtedly horrified by the prospect of negotiations, including an engineered handshake at the United Nations between Obama and Rouhani.

Netanyhau plans to tell the United Nations this week a deal between the West and Iran will be a trap similar to one set by North Korea eight years ago. “Iran must not be allowed to repeat North Korea’s ploy to get nuclear weapons,” an Israeli official told the New York Times on Sunday.

On Monday, Iran’s foreign minister and lead nuclear negotiator, Mohammad Javad Zarif, will meet with Catherine Ashton, the European Union foreign policy chief.

The developments represent a new era, according to Iran. IRNA, the official Iranian news source, has said talks between Iran and the West have been “completely transformed” by the election of Rouhani.

“This is a new game and it will have new rules and the aim is to reach common points of agreement between both sides,” IRNA quotes an Iranian government source as saying.

This article was posted: Monday, September 23, 2013 at 11:00 am



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl Tunisia – Ras Igdir

Prevailed crossing Ras Jedir border Tuesday morning an atmosphere of tension and an exchange of fire from both sides of Libya and Tunisia after they stopped traffic crossing the background exposure a Tunisian sons of Ben Guerdane to assault with violence and stealing his car and a sum of money was in his possession, prompting the family of the victim to prevent the Libyans from entering to the Tunisian territory
The reaction of the Libyan side was firing in the air, creating an atmosphere of chaos and tension crossing and stop-motion by explaining that the decision was made to ban timer leave travelers from Tunisia and the entry of Libyans to Tunisia in anticipation of the individual reactions may affect the of people Ooualemmtlkat. And continuing efforts and negotiations between the parties Tunisian and Libyan by the managers of the crossing in the sides to resume his movement and calm atmosphere in better security enhancements witnessed the crossing.

Tunisian agencies ..




We hope you publish this declaration regulates displaced Libyans b Arab Republic of Egypt and stand in solidarity with the city of Bani Walid

tomorrow corresponding 25_9_2013 b Nasr City Behind Child Garden and on the four o’clock pm by the hope of all the sons of Libya

honorable displaced in Egypt to participate in this Altdahirh in commemoration Nakba No. 7’s decision to invade the city of Bani Walid.

And raise Photos prisoners in the prisons of the militias and the less the duty we do for our people and our prisoners in the prisons of

injustice involved and not be negatively the life and pause Ezz there demonstrating at home and are between the eyes of militias and

criminal gangs, but they have a case in how our situation we who are abroad this is our duty direction our country and compatriots and

together we will be tomorrow at the heart of one man as we fight the Atlantic Alliance (NATO).



The Cleansing Operation…


Muammar is purely inspired from Allah and only truth, pure goodness, and right comes from him….

and He had done so much for this world…and has been tested like Ayoub(JOB) (lost tremendously by the EVIL DOERS)

and has more than proved his worthiness and his righteous desires of his immaculate uncorruptable heart….

He never EVER asked for revenge or EVER cursed God for what the EVILS OF MEN have done!…

Muammar strives and seeks always forward, never looking backward; and he firmly knows that only the RIGHT (THE GOOD)

will eventually prevail over the scum-ridden from the dirt of the earth.

مستوحاة معمر بحتة من الله والحقيقة فقط، والخير الخالص، ويأتي حق من له …. وكان قد فعل الكثير من أجل هذا العالم

… ولقد تم اختبار مثل أيوب (أيوب) (خسر بشكل كبير من قبل فاعلي الشر ) وتضم أكثر من أثبت جدارته ورغباته الصالحين من قلبه طاهر

…. لم يسبق له ان يطلب للانتقام أو لعن الله على ما شرور من الرجال قد فعلت!

… معمر تسعى ويسعى دائما إلى الأمام، إلى الوراء أبدا أبحث ، وقال انه يعلم تماما بأن فقط الحق (خير) ستسود في نهاية المطاف على حثالة التي تعاني من التراب من الأرض.

Under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, only GOD/ ALLAH was seen as SUPREME!…nothing  and no man or group or party had that honor.

تحت الجماهيرية العظمى، كان ينظر إلى الله وحده / الله كما العليا! … لا شيء وليس لديه رجل أو جماعة أو حزب أن شرف.

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is a man who has never (and will never) make compromises or be “bought” (like the rest of the RULERS  on this planet!).
معمر القذافي هو الرجل الذي لديه أبدا (ولن) تقديم تنازلات أو يكون “اشترى” (مثل بقية الحكام على هذا الكوكب!).


The Galilee new:

If shares Makanch stolen (meaning money was not stolen as journalist reported; but rather used for constuctive and health

benefits for all Libyans) and was spent on health, education, electricity and support oil and gasoline and petroleum derivatives for citizens

and Libyans fifty pounds Kanu, O Chloe and Icherbo of bounties Libya thanks to the power of the people and its leader

where monthly per Assembly suffice more than two , three , and acted though every month (stipends monthly for all Libyans)
Kano Aychen almost free of charge. (cheap  petrol for cars)

Plan capacity which started from Shukri Ghanem and other officials and we hope here from all pages showing this thing and other things absent

and Avdhohm any one of Khan’s people power needed me debunk Ashan people understand and Ago them Ali Shaheed fasting.

How was severe with them , but Cano Doahi in theft and reached their insolence so make sa Iekayam special are the towels for Business belongings

and Avdhohm day oil was expensive in Libya at the beginning of 1999 to stash director of the company oils in stores its own collaboration with his driver

and all Uige end Libyan oil from the company Icolo him. What Fish until I got itchy Oil pleasures of the dinar and a quarter to more than seven dinars

even revealed the plot Engineer Naji Abdul Salam.

God reminded him well footmen served the company after this manager trivial , but unfortunately hot Poh fat cats and was one of the arguments that,

according to what I learned, they transformed the Administrative Control on charges of running more than two thousand or more employees…

laughed and replied and said to them, “Do ye Libyans or coming to the land?”

and said to them, “but you know that when people eat the pasta is not meat, but if these issues I am ready Enchenq myself in this place.”

Was their response: “Do not Mesh intention Heca”;  but employed by the administrative excesses,  said to them: ” I am ready Ançoa them and their situation.”

I mean here that the plot began commander since the year 1969 .

للجليل الجديد: فلو سهم ماكانتش مسروقة و كانت تصرف علي الصحة و التعليم و الكهرباء و دعم الزيوت و البنزين و مشتقات البترول للمواطنين و الليبيين بخمسين جنيه كانو يا كلو و يشربو من خيرات ليبيا بفضل سلطة الشعب و قائدها حيث الشهرية الواحدة من الجمعية تكفي اكثر من شهرين و ثلاث و تصرف رغم ذلك كل شهر
كانو عايشين شبه بالمجان.

الخطة القدرة التي بدأت من شكري غانم و غيرهم من المسؤولين و نتمنى هنا من كل الصفحات تبين هذا الشي وغيرها من الامور المغيبة وافضحوهم اي واحد خان سلطة الشعب لازم ي نفضح عشان الناس تفهم و احكو لهم علي الشهيد الصائم كيف كان شديد معاهم لكنهم كانو دواهي في السرقة و وصلت بهم الوقاحة لدرجة جعل سا ئقيهم الخاصين هم مناشف للبزنس متاعهم و افضحوهم ايام الزيت كان غالي في ليبيا في بداية 1999 لما خبأ مدير الشركة الزيوت في المخازن الخاصة به بالتعاون مع سائقه و كل ما يجي حد يبي زيت من الشركة يقولو له ما فيش حتي وصلت حكة الزيت متاع الدينار و ربع الي اكثر من سبعة دينار حتي كشف هذه المؤامرة المهندس ناجي عبدالسلام الله يذكره بالخير راجل خدم الشركة بعد هذا المدير التافه و لكن للأسف حار بوه القطط السمان و كانت احدي حججهم التي حسب ما علمت انهم حولوه علي الرقابة الادارية بتهمة تشغيل اكثر من الفين موظف او اكثر فضحك و رد عليهم و قال لهم هل انتم ليبيين او جايين من برا و قال لهم الا تعلمون انه فيه ناس تاكل في المكرونة من غير لحم لكن لو كانت هذه قضيتي انا مستعد نشنق نفسي في هدا المكان فكان ردهم لا مش قصدنا هكي لكن تشغيلهم فيه تجاوزات ادارية.فقال لهم انا مستعد انسوي لهم وضعهم.
وانا اقصد هنا ان المؤامرة علي القائد بدأت مند عام 1969.


Mu not kill Jeannette Fletcher 1 Mu not kill Jeannette Fletcher 2 Mu not kill Jeannette Fletcher 3 Mu not kill Jeannette Fletcher 4 Mu not kill Jeannette Fletcher 5

Anew look at a past accusation:

Trrd legitimate channels Libyan green on the moon ÇáäÇíáÓÇĘ:

Moon Nilesat:

Frequency: N ALKADRA … 11054 green Libyan … Polarization: Horizontal H Frequency: ALNEDAA … 11096 appeal …

Polarization: horizontal H encoding / 27500 or in English Polarization for all channels ..

Fun to watch all ..

Photo showing fresh water reserves in Africa Ohz, the report submitted by the BBC in Libya’s show as the largest state in the fresh water reserves in the continent

The study says that Western Libya and one of the richest countries in the world in terms of natural resources it facing the largest provision of water,

and the biggest, so gas, wells oil life longer than any other country in the world, and there are huge amounts of steel and metals in the south, and the largest existing cement in the desert.



Ali Zaidane up New York

New York, UN
The head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane,” a senior on the head of a delegation on Monday to New York,

to participate in the work of the session of the “68” of the General Assembly of the United Nations.
The Libyan delegation will participate, starting today in New York in public discussions of this session, which has

wide international participation by more than 130 heads of state and government and the Minister of Foreign Affairs,

which is an important occasion to review and discuss regional and international issues of current at the international level.

US weapons stolen from American Special Forces training camps in Libya


Editor’s Note: American Special Forces militant/former prisoner training camps
for war-fighting in Syria. No U.S. Forces on the Ground in Libya-Obama

Source: Fox News

Highly sensitive U.S. military equipment stored in Libya was stolen over the
summer by groups likely aligned and working with terrorist organizations, State
Department sources told Fox News — in raids that contributed to the decision to
pull Special Forces personnel from the country.

The stolen equipment had been used by U.S. Special Forces stationed in the
country. Lost in the raids in late July and early August were dozens of M4
rifles, night-vision technology and lasers used as aiming devices that are
mounted on guns and can only be seen with night-vision equipment.

“This stuff is how we win wars. The enemy doesn’t have that,” one source said.

The overnight raids happened at a military training camp run by American Special
Forces on the outskirts of Tripoli, in the weeks before the team was pulled from
the country in August. That U.S. team was funded by the Department of Defense Section 1208,
which provides support to assist and stand up foreign counterterrorism forces in other countries.

“The loss of this military equipment is what pulled the plug on the U.S. operation,” one source with

direct knowledge of the events told Fox News. “No one at the State Department wanted to deal with

the situation if any more went wrong, so State pulled its support for the training program and then

began to try and get the team moved out of the country.”

The 36-member American team was not at the training camp when either raid occurred, as they

regularly stayed at a nearby villa that served as a safehouse at night.

Located just outside of Tripoli, the camp was supposed to be secured each night by Libyan forces.

But on two occasions, the camp was attacked and raided by either militia members or their affiliated  terrorist organizations.

The training and the stolen equipment was provided by American forces and thus paid for by U.S. taxpayer dollars.

The raids and stolen equipment quickly caused a rift among U.S. Special Forces, Libyan military leaders and ultimately the U.S. State Department.



How seen Kaddoa in the night and how Ipatoa ?*** Hull me Khchoa the home of NATO.


Secretary General of the Union of Libyan students in Italy:

Khalifa Imran War Lovely of Bani Walid and Nuri Jethro Kdavy & Adel Achlebt,

Charge an assassination attempt Shalgam they are in prison

two and a half years of court on 14.10.2013, and we want from the Liberals in Tunisia, Egypt and even from my family Bani Walid

and a vigil in front of the embassy. Rumours support young people and transform the case into a public opinion case.

Freedom to sons Rusaifa sons Solbh in prison Rumours.

Court on 10.14.2013, the Secretary-General Student Union in Italy previously Khalifa Imran Almkhozom Alor Lovely of Bani Walid,

Nouri al Isaib Kadhafi and Adel Achlebt, still in Italian prisons and the Embassy’s lawyer refused to plead in the case released only

after payment of a sum of money to him. Knowing that he shall receive a basic salary. The suffering continues.
Suffice God and yes, the agent for the country’s dignity robbed and raped.




الامين العام لاتحاد الطلبة الليبين فى ايطاليا
خليفه عمران ورفلى من بنى وليد ونورى شعيب قدافى وعادل اشليبط
التهمة محاولة اغتيال شلقم وهم موجودين فى السجن من عامين ونصف المحكمه يوم
14/10/2013 , و نريد من الاحرار فى تونس ومصر وحتى من اهلى بنى وليد وقفه احتجاجيه امام السفاره الايطاليا دعم الشباب وتحويل القضيه الى قضيه راى عام
الحريه الى ابناء الرصيفه ابناء صولبه فى السجون الايطاليا
Mu Versailles meeting w Shalgam
Mu w Smalgram 1

Strong national coalition declares its categorical rejection of the extension of the General National Congress, and if one day.

Management announced military retirement Social Security Fund:

Announces Management military retirement Social Security Fund of the masters of military pensioners that the implementation of Resolution No. (441) for the year 2013 on the issuance of the salary scale and financial increases and bonuses of employees of the Libyan army issued by the interim prime minister on 08.07.2013 will begin starting from 1/2 / 2014 provided that the referral financial implications of differences on the implementation of the resolution by the Ministry of Finance.

Information Office of the Fund.


Office Balosabah Education decides to separate male and female students

Atmosphere of the country –

Decided Affairs Office of Education old in Alosabah, on Sunday, separation of male and female students in secondary schools in the region.

The Director of the Office of Education Alosabah Abdul Wahab Omar Zulah to the atmosphere of the country that the decision came after chapter problems that

occurred last year due to mixing in schools, and that the decision was taken after consultation with school administrators ensure the proper functioning of the educational process.

The Zulah added that the resolution presented to the parents and the Shura Council and wise Balosabah, pointing out that all of them welcomed him, and have been notified by

the Ministry of Education this step for approval.

Referred to that Alosabah area there are six high schools separated departments between male and female students.

Post image for How The U.S. Military Plans To Hijack The Airwaves

How The U.S. Military Successfully Hijacked The Airwaves in Libya


Source: Forbes

If you want to take over a nation, then first take over its airwaves. Broadcast your messages and interdict the enemy’s ability to broadcast theirs. When the U.S. attacked Iraq in 1991,

or NATO bombed Serbia in 1999, among the first targets destroyed were TV and radio stations. When there is a military coup in Africa, the first buildings the rebels usually

grab are the radio and TV studios.

So it is illuminating that the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), the organization that oversees America’s elite special forces, is quietly searching for equipment that will effectively give it control over every FM and AM radio station in an area. The short, innocuous-sounding announcement on the Federal Business Opportunities site states that SOCOM seeks vendors to provide “a radio broadcast system capable of searching for and acquiring every AM and FM radio station in a specific area and then broadcasting a message(s) in the target area on all acquired AM and FM radio station frequencies.” SOCOM wants equipment that is both lightweight and sophisticated enough to detect and broadcast over multiple frequencies simultaneously. And SOCOM wants it fast. The equipment must be at least Technology Readiness Level 8, a Pentagon measure of technological maturity that means that it is fully developed, tested and ready for use.

“It appears that SOCOM is looking to purchase a preferably commercial off the shelf friendly-foreign or domestic advanced form of Software-Defined Radio (SDR) as a solution for their tactical and theater Psyops or MISO missions,” says a military expert who asked to remain anonymous. “The exact platform – whether it’s ground-based or airborne – cannot be determined from the solicitation. It would appear to be an urgent request because of the TRL 8 or above stipulation. ”

This is what the Pentagon now calls Military Information Support Operations, or MISO. This is a far less sinister name for what the rest of us call Psychological Operations, or Psyops. that subtle form of warfare that uses carefully tailored information – truthful or not – to change foreign hearts and minds in a way that furthers U.S. interests.

“MISO units have the mission to broadcast information and messages to neutral, hostile and, in certain cases, friendly audiences,” says Bryan Karabaich, a former Special Forces colonel and a consultant to the U.S. government on information operations. “Obviously, to do that, one needs to know where on the broadcast spectrum people are listening and what is being said.”

Currently, U.S. special operations forces (SOF) use a Flyaway Broadcast System (FABS), according to SOCOM spokeswoman Lt. Comm. Ligia Cohen (an example of FABS gear for natural disasters is here). However, FABS can only broadcast on a single frequency. “Historically, one got a receiver that operated on the desired spectrum and worked through the channels.  An operator would note time, signal strength and perhaps content, then move on,” Karabaich notes. “If it seemed important, another operator with another set would go directly to the frequency and monitor.  If there were multiple frequencies in use, one needed multiple sets. Then scanners came along and things speeded up.  However, one still needed multiple sets to go back to exploit the hits.  One problem was that as the scanner progressed, it wasn’t listening to other channels.  Should someone come up and broadcast after the scanner passed by, it could be several seconds or longer before it came back.”

An automated, software-based system that could scan and transmit over multiple frequencies would save time and manpower. But there is another benefit as well, and that is electronic warfare. If U.S. forces are transmitting messages over local radio frequencies, then local stations can’t broadcast their messages. And if this happens to every station in an area, then the target government’s ability to communicate with its people, such as exhorting them to fight the Americans, would be muzzled. “This system could be used to jam a frequency,” says Cohen. “During a conflict, an enemy radio station would not be able to broadcast their message at the same time. The FABS capability is required to meet combatant commanders’ need to shape foreign attitude and behavior in support of U.S. regional objectives, policies, interests, and theater military missions.”

Some might wonder whether this technology can be used inside the United States. The answer is yes. “The requirements outlined for this technology are specific to conduct operations overseas,” Cohen says. “However, in some instances and when directed, the MISO forces and equipment can be used during Civil Authority Information Support operations.  During these events, MISO equipment simply is a platform that is used to support organizations such as FEMA to disseminate information to the public regarding safety, and so on.”

Lawrence Dietz, a retired U.S. Army Reserve Colonel who participated in Psyops for 13 years and writes a Psyops blog, suggests that a mass broadcast capability would be very useful during a Katrina-like natural disaster that can transmit emergency information when civilian transmitters have been knocked out. However, he also asks whether it would make more sense to focus on mass messages to cell phones, given how people rely on them for communications. “Perhaps mobile phone ‘takeover’ technology would be in the SOCOM procurement pipeline down the road,” he writes.

However, before Uncle Sam rides roughshod over the radio spectrum, there are some limitations. Karabaich, who thinks the technology will improve U.S. Psyops capabilities, points out that one problem is power. He recalls that in the First Gulf War in 1991, U.S forces could “broadcast on Iraqi frequencies, but the Iraqi transmitters were four times larger than the biggest we had. On top of which, sand absorbs radio waves, cutting down our range and signal strength. We just couldn’t make a dent until the Iraqi transmitters were taken down.” In other words, Iraqi transmitters are so powerful that they can only be taken down by old-fashioned high explosives. And in Afghanistan, “we had cases in Afghanistan where we could hear stations operating but the position of our transmitters could not generate enough signal strength to reach the target audience on the ground.”

And just as stray Hellfire missiles from a Predator drone create collateral damage, so do errant Psyops. Karabaich remembers when a Psyops training exercise by U.S. forces in Germany spilled over from military frequencies into Swiss civilian traffic:  ”Swiss listeners were not happy that their re-broadcasts of Dallas had rock music sound tracks.”


After the scandal of the Muslim Brotherhood in bribe Aljdharan the an amount of 30 million dinars

Here Come the Brotherhood,

including pages from the heart of Hadath corner to justify bribery attitude and Tkdb in broad daylight and despise the Libyan citizen simplex:

Displays Alsukna ” beaten ” by one of the guards by the Ministry of Health:

Country ambiance – Aynur Sabri

Said human rights activist in Libya Foundation for Human Rights Nabil Alsukna , he was beaten by a guard ‘s office and the Ministry of Health and denied entry despite the ” ill health .”

And was Alsukna , reportedly for the ambiance of the country , it is trying to enter the ministry to review the medical report as one of the casualties of the revolution .

The Alsukna to guard prevented him from entering the grounds that Sunday is not within the designated days for review, “When described the cases of the guard that it does not allow revision other times pushed me , although informed that the fragments of a bullet still exists near the kidney and spine and that the wound was not healed yet.”

And between Alsukna that “persons charged with guarding the Ministry of Health are not qualified to deal with human beings,” he said, adding that he was expelled and asked him not to enter .

The Alsukna pointed out that there is a condition requiring patients to be separated quickly.

It was not possible for the country to hear the atmosphere from the novel in charge of guarding the hospital , while the rejection of the Information Office of the Ministry of Health to make a statement because he ” does not know what happened and will investigate the incident .”

Turn said Alsukna , when a country ambience resumed contact him he was able to communicate with the ministry , and promised to follow up the matter with the minister on Tuesday.

The Alsukna explained that wounded بطلقتين the motorcycles which affected the work of the kidney and the pancreas has.



– Tripoli – Correspondent

Deputy Director of the Information Office of the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya “Samir Ghattas,” on Monday, that the strength (AFRICOM) is a subsidiary of the United Nations.

And explained, “diver” that the strength (AFRICOM) is a subsidiary of the United Nations and have nothing to do with them, stressing that the United Nations does not have any troops in Libya.

It is worth mentioning that the official name for the Ministry of Defense “Abdul Razak Cbahi the” stated earlier that the plane that roam the skies of Benghazi a reconnaissance mission,

and return to the power of “AFRICOM” of the United Nations

And is AFRICOM military force U.S. are subject to management and U.S. Department of Defense entrusted Bahdtha responsibility for U.S. military operations on the

African continent as well as they are linking military relations with 53 African countries, was established in 2007 and caused the troop NATO, “NATO” and taken from

the military base for the alliance in the city “Stuttgart” German headquartered temporarily until mastery of concentration in one of the North African countries, according to its Web site.

(News Agency)

The Ministry of Defense says that the plane hovering sky Benghazi tracking force, “Africom” of the United Nations and the Information Office of the UN mission

in Libya denies in a statement today published the news agency solidarity that this plane belonging to him and says that the UN does not have any troops in Libya

and the strength of “Africom” do not follow the United Nations, mainly.

Post image for US Army Africa Command looking to contractors for African operations

US Army Africa Command looking to contractors for African operations

SEPTEMBER 18, 2013

Source: Defence Web

US Army Africa Command (Africom) wants private contractors to move military equipment and supplies from the US to Egypt and 55 other countries within its Area of Responsibility (AOR) starting this month.

This comes hard on the heels of a transport contract awarded by the US Army’s Transport Command (US-TRANSCOM) to Berry Aviation to provide to provide air transport service in support of operations in western and central Africa. This contract is reportedly worth $49 million.

A solicitation notice issued by Africom Surface Distribution Services (ASDS) from its contracting office in Vincenza, Italy, on August 5 seeks contractors who will provide “transportation services of intra-theatre cargo within the Africom Area of Responsibility (AOR) and Egypt.”

The solicitation adds: “The contractor shall provide all necessary resources including logistics support and management to perform surface transport and distribution of general cargo within all fifty five (55) nations of the Africom AOR and Egypt.

In the solicitation document, Africom says materials to be transported, “although normally general in nature will not include sensitive cargo but may include hazardous materials.”

The solicitation notice adds contractors will not be required to transport classified equipment and materials, gunpowder, ammunition or military weapons and explosives.

It also states the successful contractors will not be required to move military tanks, self-propelled armoured combat vehicles with weapons, aircraft and spacecraft including satellites, radar or radio devices for remote control of weapons and equipment.

These developments come when at least one American military watcher, Nick Turse of TomDispatch.com, maintains Africom is involved in the A to Z of Africa.

“They’re involved in Algeria and Angola, Benin and Botswana, Burkina Faso and Burundi, Cameroon and the Cape Verde Islands. And that’s just the ABCs of the situation. Skip to the end of the alphabet and the story remains the same: Senegal and the Seychelles, Togo and Tunisia, Uganda and Zambia. From north to south, east to west, the Horn of Africa to the Sahel, the heart of the continent to the islands off its coasts, the US military is at work. Base construction, security co-operation engagements, training exercises, advisory deployments, special operations missions and a growing logistics network, all undeniable evidence of expansion—except at US Africa Command,” he wrote.

Giving the official line Turse goes on: “To hear Africom tell it, US military involvement on the continent ranges from the miniscule to the microscopic. The command is adamant it has only a single ‘military base’ in all of Africa: Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti. The head of the command insists that the US military maintains a ‘small footprint’ on the continent. Africom’s chief spokesman has consistently minimised the scope of its operations and the number of facilities it maintains or shares with host nations, asserting only ‘a small presence of personnel who conduct short-duration engagements’ are operating from ‘several locations’ on the continent at any given time”.

He quotes Colonel Tom Davis, Africom director of public affairs, as saying: “Other than our base at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, we do not have military bases in Africa, nor do we have plans to establish any”. Davis admitted the US has temporary facilities elsewhere. . supporting much smaller numbers of personnel “usually for a specific activity”.

Another solicitation notice (HTC711-13-R-R016) issued in July seeks dedicated fixed wing service for the deployment and extraction of US military personnel involved in operations in the central African region.

It specifies contractors must be able to transport personnel and willing to carry hazardous cargo including ammunitions for small arms, signal flares, smoke grenades, blasting caps, rockets, mines and explosive charges in the central African theatre of operations.

“The contractor will be asked to routinely take off and land on improved and unimproved dirt airfields of a minimum of 1 800 feet in length to support resupply and personnel transportation requirements,” part of the solicitation note reads.

It said routine locations involved in the operations could include airfields such as Entebbe in Uganda, Obo and Djema in the Central African Republic. The operations will also support the training of counter-narcotics law enforcement agencies from Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Niger, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Togo, Guinea and Mali.

Apart from these developments the US Military has been supporting construction all over Africa for its allies.

A report by Hugh Denny of the Army Corps of Engineers issued earlier this year references 79 such projects in 33 countries between 2011 and 2013 including Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Chad, Cote D’Ivoire, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Tanzania, Tunisia, The Gambia, Togo, Uganda, and Zambia with a reported price tag of $48 million.

In addition to creating or maintaining bases and engaging in military construction across the continent, the US is involved in near constant training and advisory missions. According to Davis, the command is slated to carry out 14 major bilateral and multilateral exercises by the end of this year. These include Saharan Express 2013, which brought together forces from Cape Verde, Cote d’Ivoire, The Gambia, Liberia, Mauritania, Morocco, Senegal, and Sierra Leone, among other nations, for maritime security training; Obangame Express 2013, a counter-piracy exercise involving the armed forces of among others Benin, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, São Tomé and Príncipe, and Togo; and Africa Endeavour 2013, in which the militaries of Djibouti, Burundi, Cote d’Ivoire, Zambia, and 34 other African nations took part.

And it’s not only on land and in the air that US forces are making their presence felt more. The Defense Logistics Agency is preparing to buy 65 000 metric tonnes of marine gas oil for Africom operations.

Information obtained by defenceWeb also shows from April 2014, Africom Ships’ Bunkers programme will order fuel to be delivered “into US vessels for US Department of Defense and federal civilian agencies by barge, truck, or pipeline”.

The command is seeking up to 27 000 metric tonnes of fuel for delivery to US Air Force and Navy assets in Seychelles, an island nation off the coast of East Africa. Neighbouring Mauritius is next with a maximum order of 10 000 metric tonnes of fuel.

Other destinations for Africom fuel supplies are Tanzania, Cape Verde, Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Namibia.

Abdul Razak Ali Alchaabaھa spokesman of the Ministry of Defense ..

“Libya in the process of contracting with a number of corporate security to protect the border”

(Libyan Al-Watan newspaper)



Conference on public corruption and out of predicaments mechanism bribes public .. “Crazy tells and sane heard” ..!!
Source from within the conference “national” tells me the following year ..
A committee was formed to investigate with Naji Conference member Mukhtar on checks presented by Mr. Ibrahim Aljdharan and your preliminary information says that this money is your money for your Mr. Naji selected and not from state funds ..!!!

Media “Firas Bosalum”

Quoting Lord now:

Leaks …..

When he visited on Zaidane Britain in the past few days
In order to take permission from Britain to the bombing of Cyrenaica Airways
Rejected and told him he tried to reach a solution with youth Cyrenaica
Zaidane then tried to buy the sons Conference tenderly money

Financial Times : oil disorders affect the investment environment
Atmosphere of the country –

The Financial Times published yesterday the first report on the unrest in Libya ‘s oil and its impact on foreign oil companies .

The report said that the reduction of oil production in Libya and the closure of oil fields and ports by armed groups cast a shadow on the attractiveness of the country in terms of investment .

The report added that ” Catherine Hunter ” in the field of energy analyst for North Africa , ” saw that Libya was the focus of investment since 2004 and until 2007 , but what is currently seen in the form of a huge challenge , especially after the turmoil intensified this year.”

The report pointed out that the revenue losses incurred by the government and international operators as ENI , Total and ConocoPhillips will lead to long – term threat to the exit of the oil companies .

The report indicated that the company ” Opel Marathon ” America more dependent on the production of Libya has put its stake in Libya for sale .
For his part, Director General of Planning and Follow – up Ministry of Oil Samir Kamal , that is certainly present material losses due to halt oil production , explaining that the material loss will be on the Libyan state and the participating companies .

Kamal denied atmosphere for the country to be caused by the withdrawal of company ” Opel Marathon ” American poor security conditions or financial losses, he said , adding that the reason the president is expected to increase U.S. production of crude oil through the use of production techniques shale oil and gas .

Financial losses
On the loss of the oil sector as a result closures and unrest, general manager of planning and follow-up, ” that the value of financial losses since the beginning of this year may reach nearly $ 10 billion , in addition to the existence of indirect losses as a result re- oil production كعمليات maintenance intensive , replacement and operating .”

Kamal said , if the expected income from the oil and gas sector for the current year between $ 52 and $ 55 billion , or approximately an average of 5 billion per month.

Kamal between that production volumes after opening Hamada fields and the spark and the elephant and reached 600 thousand barrels per day , adding that the amount of current production will not undergone any further unless you open the rest of the oil fields and ports .

Weak volumes
Was described as an economist Mahmoud Hammouda production quantities the current time Baldaifah oil will affect the state budget for the current year , particularly as it depends entirely on the revenue the oil and gas sector .

Hamouda pointed to the atmosphere of the country , that the state find solutions to cover the budget deficit Kalaguetrad of the Central Bank of Libya or waiver of one of the terms of the state budget for the current year .

It is noteworthy that the oil and gas sector in Libya is suffering from disorders of the production processes as a result of the sit-ins armed groups and some of the staff of the oil companies which has led to daily losses estimated at $ 100 million a day.

Zaidane confirms the West open oil export ports in eastern Libya within days.

Quickly my German masters close Ajém the Shety and gas fireplaces Lipo.

see yesterdays  news info on:

leave the oil installation and be a traitor!


Urgent agency Libya / corruption – Ajdabiya –

Head of the Political Bureau of the region of Cyrenaica Ibrahim Jdharan, displays books instruments in the amount

of thirty million sent by a member of the National Conference and the Chairman of the Committee on Energy Naji al-Mokhtar

in the name of Ibrahim’s brother “Salem Jdharan” to break up sit-in and open the oil fields in Cyrenaica.

These are the instruments provided by the survivor Mukhtar Ali Embarak Chairman of the Energy Commission,

the National Conference in order to finish the year sit-ins oil fields to Mr. Salem Said Jdharan for

Ibrahim Jdharan, head of the political bureau of the Cyrenaica Region:

“What we are viewing yesterday was the point in a sea of bitter reality experienced by the country from the violation of national sovereignty and access

to high rates of corruption unprecedented in the history of this nation …”

Cyrenaica free channel.

Sources from the National Conference year confirm the novel trying to push a member of Congress Naji Mokhtar bribe worth 30 million dinars to Abraham Jdharan progress in two installments paid first before removing the picket oil and other after decoding sit-in, also suggested the same sources said that Naji Mokhtar would have been paid the money from his moneyPrivate and head it issued his order to investigate this “scandal” as described by sources.

The Libyan news agency today

Zaidane’s press office exposes the conference and the story of bribery?!
Photo: Zaidane’s press office exposes the conference and the story of bribery?!



and the flow of Water:

Tripoli and

Caused try to do to cause connection illegally industrial river water line the Agazzahah area located between Sunday and market Qara Bolle in the events of a large leak in the water level may lead to poor water flow vector to tourist Sir tank , according to sources of the industrial river system .
The general director of system Al_husaona – Easy الجفاره engineer “Mohammed orbital ” , told the Libyan news ” that a citizen has worked to open the connection is legitimate in the plant, located area Agazzahah causing a leak very strong water as a result of the compressive strength surging from the main line station 711 area Agazzahah end Sunday and the beginning of market Qara Bolle .
And explained , ” Hajaji ” The engineering teams of the art device is currently intensive efforts to control such a large spill by working to reduce pressure so as to repair the leak and restore ( stomach ) with a diameter of four inches to the place .
And orbital assured citizens that maintenance teams are working to stop the large leakage without stopping the flow of water and prevent interruption of the cities that are fed from this line , including the city of Tripoli and its environs.
He noted that these orbital engineer repeated attacks on lines and stations of the water system and do illegal connections disrupt the work of maintenance teams and the disruption of its operation in the periodic maintenance of the system.

Photo Archive :

Bulletin communications received on 23/09/2013 :

Ain Zara police station :

( Robbery )

On 09/22/2013 19:30 pm three unknown persons Cove armed with Klashen guns and a pistol on board a car without license plates type Nissan Micra color green opaque glass completely stopped the complainant (p . O . ) 26 years old public road when he was on board his car and seized him by force to the amount of 3000 d . ‘s cash and number 2 mobile phone devices and a Turkish -made pistol and some documents belonging to the complainant.
Taken the necessary measures and research is still underway to find out the perpetrators caught and retrieve the loot .

Airport Road police station :

( Robbery )

On 09/21/2013 12:00 unidentified group of persons on board the initial two numbers Mjholte cars BMW type black color and the second type of a white Renault were able to login to the headquarters of Takeda and assault on the complainant ( . . P ) 37 year career employee company beaten and taken from inside the company’s store on the amount of 3720 d . ‘s cash and the number 5 mobile phone type devices Nokia Sam Sung ,
Taken the necessary measures and research is still underway to find out the perpetrators caught and retrieve the loot .

Police Dahmani angle :

On 09/22/2013 at 10:40 pm found a newborn baby lying on the ground in front of one of the buildings Dahra area near the Palace Hotel to Libya and is still alive.
The necessary actions were taken and the child was referred to the Tripoli Medical Center , research is still underway to determine the perpetrator and control.
Complainant of the right year.

Al-Andalus police station :

( Car theft )

09.22.2013 at 18:18 unknown actor managed to steal a car complainant ( a . M . P . ) 26 years old with a number Libya -5-1110910 the type of

Hyundai for the clean and jerk and a white 2012 inside making $ 4500 . ‘s Number 2 passports Travel and some documents belonging to the complainant .
Action taken.

Center dash Tajourah :

( Car theft )

09.22.2013 at 19:10 unknown actor managed to steal a car complainant ( h . M . O ) 25 years old plates customs type Twita for making a white 93 valued at 2700 . ‘s .

Taken the necessary measures

Agency urgently to Libya / Tripoli
Initial reports indicate the establishment of a group of young people by closing Shat Tripoli from both sides can not determine the cause of doing this work until now:

President of the Supreme Security Committee Tripoli Hashim humans:

Abdul Rauf had nothing to do with the kidnapping incident hater or arrest militants a martyr for the movement has been scrapped

this homeland for the official spokesman for the movement, Mr. Ahmed Toumi and many of the callers why insist they are when

brother Abdul Rauf, a question hater of the brothers in the movement martyr page for homeland … Hurry God for the release

of young people and we are two years after the liberation and building state institutions against arbitrary detention and forced

absence Whatever its causes and motives:

Kidnapping of journalist and human rights activist / Ahmed Abdul Hakim Almchaa, afternoon near Abu Salim complex market ..

It was his last contact with one of his relatives on promptly at 1:47. M on Sunday approved of 9/23/2013. M, and on the back of his criticism of the performance of the National Congress public and some political entities and the military, which sees is the basis of the political crisis experienced by the country and the security vacuum actually street-Libi, might as well be on the background of a entrances telephone via the “nation wants to” channel the capital yesterday evening against the backdrop of the kidnapping of a number of demonstrators Square martyrs in Tripoli, headed by political activist and human rights / Ezzedine Belaid Louhichi, downloading responsibility for safety of the Commission on higher Security, and the Chamber of rebels Libya joint and demanding to immediately intervene to release him.
It hopefully recognize the identity of and kidnapped personal speed to let us know the whereabouts on the number 0927752746 ..
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings \
Family grabber / Ahmed Abdul Hakim Almchaa
Tripoli – Libya.




And Rishvana

Secret Alcdoh – 87

Now been arrested gang members from Tel Ath you car Bsergat in the city of Al Azizia

They Zletunai the market and two-fifths and Friday.

/ / Pictures and news from Rishvana

“F Akkari” and his three sons, for Gu Angahm, drowned in
Stream the valley Tphalgo which is located between the areas of people and Ras
Drum, after one of his sons fell in the course of the valley tried
His sister saved P sank jumped brother’s trying to get them out of the
Valley drowned them P-try “Akkari” save his sons drowned
With them after heavy rainfall with large amounts in Mizdah.



09/25/2012 fateful decision No. 7,

a decision adopted by the Conference of claims governed by national unfair militias against the Libyan city safe name Bani Walid

Invite all Libyans Liberal da solution and outside Libya to coordinate and exit on 09/25/2013 at the vigil Tzamn from the city of Bani Walid

Is it the city will respond to the call?

Death of “Abdel Moneim Ghoul” b Bani Walid during a quarrel
In front of the headquarters of a local city, wounding one of the elements of security to the city
By gunfire at TIFF.


Recent developments in the killing of citizen Abdel-Moneim al-Ghoul ..
Situation is calm now after the intervention of the Council meeting to tribes and Rafla in an attempt to heal the rift and put

out the fire of sedition .. The wounded stable condition and not seriously ..
We wish to end this access issue socially as has been terminated other problems ..
We hope not to use whatever weapons necessary ..
Killing self-insured God’s greatest when the sanctity of Mecca ..

Intellect and wisdom .. Solve all the issues .. Intolerance and rushing will not get any solution, but we will increase bad things ..
The spread of the scourge of weapons .. And the absence of security infected very gravely missed ..
The government inaction in the activation of the employees of the Security treason ..
There are homeland wasted .. His article is all

May God have mercy killing .. And healed the wound .. The family of injustice

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

Not to forget the massacres ful 7 RAR … Carried out by militias Misrata and armor skirts .. The blessing of the National Congress


Remaining days on the anniversary of Resolution No. 7 fateful decision …
Which it is permitted to commit massacres against the people of the city of Bani Walid



..Important Announcement for pilgrims

Declares the Office of primary health care services health walked to all the pilgrims from the city of Sirte that

vaccinations stipulated date will be, God willing, on the morning of Wednesday, 25 – 9 – 2013 p.,

Primary health care at the school near Uqba secondary.

It hope attendance in Almkna and time specified .. And ask God or accept  Hajj m ..

Information Office in the health sectorSirte



Clinics Complex was closed central Sirte since yesterday by a group of young non-health services workers nor the complex and their demand for the imposition of force employed by the pool knowing that they do not hold medical certificates or medical or administrative assistance.
Which raised fears of employees and visitors to the complex, causing disruption of the interests of the people and the sick (God used).

Information Office in the health sector – Sirte

The news agency – Sirte – reporter

The headquarters of the General Directorate of Traffic and Licensing Sirte at dawn on Sunday to attempted robbery on private cars traffic

and licensing department of the city by unknown gunmen.

And Director of the Traffic Department and licenses “friend Ibn Saud”:

The four armed men tried to dawn storming headquarters by force

of arms and grab the b Department of automobile traffic, but the guards fought them or failed attempt.

He added, “Ibn Saud”, that the attack resulted in the injury of Lieutenant “Khaled Arbash” slightly injured in the leg, indicating that the

militants fled to the direction of the neighboring buildings.



SMELLS FISHY TO ME…They just had to “land in MISURATA” !!!

Poisoning case to members of the hospitality Airborne lines African yesterday on a flight coming from Benghazi to Tripoli,

and proceeds 3 members Tzmmo, and the reason for this poisoning Supply, which was shipped from Benghazi,

forcing the plane to land in Misrata in an emergency because they can not complete the journey.

Poisoned African members are:
Iman Aldhmon Moroccan nationality
Bribes Ghiryani the Benghazi
Baghdadi Medal of Tripoli



Benghazi: the assassination attempt:

Assassination attempt the Ahmed Abannony citizen in the place of residence and place for the sale of jewelry morning People’s Pharmacy Street East Salmani.
He is now carefully Galaa Hospital, The Ahmed Abannona one former members of Homeland Security

Benghazi today ..



Tobruk rain today



Sabha today
URGENT: car convoy of a group of nearly 30 armed Fmaqouk car patrolling some streets and neighborhoods in the city of Sabha.

Urgent ….Shield Forces Western Area flying to the south are fighting and predicted 6 dead among them after disagreements broke out

between them in a break Agheilanah and confusion severe prevail after the War bore information that the South is preparing all to

fight them and send tribes Tabu warning stern that the entry areas of the south is a red line .. And the leadership power armor

respond to force destined for the oil fields only refused to force members of armor progress since this afternoon, a state of alert and panic.

Quoting / / Free State of Cyrenaica

Urgent … Sudden withdrawal of Msarit MISURATA shield from a pool of the

western region and return to Misurata,

leaving only Chiaa and drunks and some Tunisians and Algerians, Egyptian and some of the other Asian nationalities

attended within the constituent power of the armor on the outskirts of the beach. (BARACK CHAT’AI)

Quoting / / Free State of Cyrenaica

Sabha Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl the

News now uncertain Valley and from the beach Shield forces Libya still outside the area and did not enter now.

Telephone …

Urgent agency Libya …. Sabha ...

After he was kidnapped for hours in the city of Ubari yesterday was the

release of “Ali Ali Zein Ali” who returned safely

to the white area; has also re-open the public highway (Sabha _ Ubari _ the languages) after his release.
The armed group on Sunday kidnapped “Ali Zein Ali” from his ranch in the White area and took him to the west to an

unknown destination, did not know the reasons for the abduction so far.
The region has witnessed a popular White congestion because of the kidnapping and a number of the people close

link between roads (Sabha _ Ubari _ the languages), demanding to know the fate of the kidnapped and released.


Urgent agency Libya / Valley Life

An armed group on Sunday kidnapped citizen / Ali Ali Zein Ali .. From his ranch in the White area and took him to

the west to an unknown destination and unknown to now where you do not know the reasons for the kidnapping

and the kidnappers’ demands to this moment.
This region is witnessing now White congestion popular because of the kidnapping and that the residents blocked

the road link between the (Sabha _ Ubari _ the languages) until the fate of kidnapped and released ..

Sabha and Ubari

Rain victory came even prevail in joy certainly and ستغسل our blood and cleanse wounds Butljha the its response to cheer everyone
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
The arrival of victory ..

Valley Agency Dinar News a partagé la photo de channel Almgarhh on Facebook.
South Ihtop on Gold : –

Saqr Abdullah of Kitron tells his story and how to get gold and says : –

Hello my friends us today a very happy day and a little while ago arrived my father to the house without prior Andar

and it was a surprise when he arrived in front of our house and spread joy inside the house when he arrived and the trip

took months away from home in the Mi -Ski in the Chadian border near the regions ( Alqtron ) The trip to the newly

discovered gold fields by population Alqtron … The images of this part of the gold sample who exists in the Mi Ski Area

and later claimed revealed all images of gold who get dad who estimated tens of thousand ^ ^ ..

This is the journey who told you about a while ago …
Photo: south Ihtop on Gold : –


Gaddafi steadfastness legend

Holy crawling on the outskirts of the zero hour, with God’s help greet to free the robe wherever Kano:

الزحف المقدس على مشارف ساعة الصفر بعون الله تحية للأحرار الجبة اينما كانو

BTW: Notice the Zintani commander here in this picture.


Ahmed sickly mainland reports:

Misratah convoy claims that turn to Ubari oil fields in the Fezzan
We know that Ubari the fields protect Zintan rebels
Vauellah that Misratah convoy was with him two containers and 3 Crawler
The reason
Containers loaded with RoHS sourced nuclear Turkey
This is Icomo the buried in the desert of Libya against the huge sums and

Turkey’s interests, because you know how dangerous these substances.

Quoting Tabu sons of the desert

*. . Important communication . . *

* To Libyan our people in the south and to the Libyans all
And to the members of the General National Congress and to the Government

Of Page – mail …

To our people in the south in particular, and to all Libyans in general and to the members of the General National Congress honorable of them to the Libyan government ..

…. The story of a convoy of armed militias Misurata …. located in Agheilanah …. the fact that this column is that it carries chemicals and nuclear waste residues of these residues coming from Turkey through the port of Misratah .. These containers were hidden in Zagn area a few months ago and this testimony of folks Zagn and the offender Sea receipt of these wastes debt , compared to 10 million and now he wants Congress Ouati militia leaders and with the help of Misurata militia hiding these wastes in the aryl beach and Agheilanah the East ….
And anyone who wants to … understand STORY .. his age explained
. If the Misratah really convoy heading to Ubari area or Murzuq as Maicolon to Why A sister Roux by Agheilanah and left through Smonoa Zagn Sabha … And why until now are still two camps in Agheilanah … this first … second … A delegation of sheikhs and notables beach in dialogue with the convoy and asked about the reason for their presence …. They said in order to provide subsidies for the South … and when asked sheikhs insisted on Zerorh detected these subsidies refused …. this is Tanya and thirdly it important ? …. Why insisted on armed militias stay in Agheilanah and lock the road and what to carry with them tractors ( Koachik ) Hummer. containers … these data confirm for all sensible or Thread understand now where everything is normal , especially after we learned that the ruling military coward did not know their presence …..Save Libya …. Libya has become a nuclear waste dump after it refused to poor countries buried in its soil …

Sidvenha a convoy of Misratah in the south … and the greatest danger that these wastes have many

chronic diseases in the earth and humans for billions of years …

Awake O Libyans , this is not the words of Facebook , but the word is very, very real …

Oh God , I reached YOUR FRIENDS

And our response across the sector:
Urgent …..

Dumping of nuclear materials in Yanbu Alchuirv desert of the Great Man – Made River

Reliable sources and eyewitnesses confirmed that the militias shield Libya, which centered on area Gillan South Alchuirv 110 km away protect

Tlat trucks carrying containers by warning signs indicate the presence of radioactive materials and nuclear waste them want to bury the desert

stretching between the Alchuirv and Gillan containing hundreds of wells that lunch system great Manmade River , which يغدي the capital Tripoli

and some areas of the mountain radicle noted that the report issued by the international Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in 2007 showed that the

disposal through burial deep can not prevent waste radiation from reaching the soil and water sources and threaten the existence of living

organisms on the surface of the planet.


For Tabu sons of the desert


Declare a state of maximum Irrigation Toa in rows rebel battalions in the area of ​​Murzuq and Kitron.

Confirmed shortly before a battalion commanders rebels in the town of Murzuq they are ready to defend the Fezzan against what he described

as militias outlaw coming from the northern region, which is trying to extend its control on some critical locations in the south of Libya’s agendas,

we do not know about and that these militias are not tracking the ministries of interior and defense and do not take them in the ear movements

nor represent Alhariaah not from afar or from nearby.
(Media Youssef Ghali)


Post image for Psychological Warfare: U.S. Army trains to influence people’s will

Psychological Warfare: U.S. Army trains to influence people’s will


Source: Army Times

The Army has taken a huge step toward establishing the “human dimension” as its seventh war-fighting function.

It happened Aug. 26-28, as Training and Doctrine Command held a strategic landpower limited-objective exercise at Fort Belvoir, Va. The exercise teamed the Army, Marine Corps and U.S. Army Special Operations Command with experts from the State Department, national intelligence and academic communities.

“Ultimately, it’s about winning the clash of wills,” said Lt. Gen. Keith Walker, deputy commanding general of Futures, and director of the Army Capabilities Integration Center. “You have strategic victory when you influence the will of the people, influence the will of security forces, ultimately influence the will of a government.”

The idea birthed a strategic white paper published in May that identifies the growing problem of linking military action to achieving national objectives. In it, Army leadership makes clear its assertion that weapons alone won’t win a war, and challenges contemporary strategic modeling to consider why past tactical and operational successes have not always achieved strategic outcomes and to seek new ways to prevent and contain conflict.

“Some in the defense community interpret this rebalancing to mean that future conflicts can be prevented or won primarily with standoff technologies and weapons. If warfare were merely a contest of technologies, that might be sufficient,” the cover letter reads. “However, armed conflict is a clash of interests between or among organized groups, each attempting to impose their will on the opposition. In essence, it is fundamentally a human endeavor in which the context of the conflict is determined by both parties. Operations in the land domain (that must increasingly leverage cyber interactions among people) are most effective at achieving the human outcomes that are a prerequisite for achieving national objectives.”

The latest exercise looked at ways to influence the will of the people, to include local and national governments, to achieve set objectives and how the military can change behavior to benefit our national interests. Though revolutionary as a defense strategy, the concept is not new.

Recognizing that democracies flourish when nations reach specified literacy and income levels, the U.S., during the Cold War, worked within the human dimension to increase both within targeted nations. Schools and infrastructure were built. Training was provided. Alliances were formed.

By 1989, as the Soviet Union neared collapse, 29 countries had been democratized (39 were functioning democracies when the Vietnam War ended). In that time, the number of nations allowing free and fair elections jumped from 27.5 percent to 63 percent. Most governments had been toppled without a shot being fired.

But this approach doesn’t always work. Iran’s White Revolution in 1963 had American fingerprints all over it. But it was too much for conservative Muslims led by Ruhollah Khomeini, a people with whom the U.S. had no influence.

Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was ousted in 1979, and 52 American diplomats were held hostage for 444 days.

The strategic landpower exercise also focused on:

■How conventional and Special Forces troops can work together, no matter who is in the lead.

■Using the Internet and social media as a predictive tool or a means to discover trends or indicators of potential flash points.

■How the military can better transition between incoming and outgoing units in relief-in-place/transfer-of-authority environments.

The goal is to improve efforts “left of the bang” by building campaigns and coalitions that can achieve an end state before a joint task force is needed.

“The way we conduct operations [and] engage with host nations — in my view, there was an incomplete body of knowledge about how that should be applied,” said Lt. Gen. Charles Cleveland, USASOC commander.

The white paper identifies two key factors that cause this repetitive shortfall. First, the “physical insularity of the U.S., coupled with its egalitarian ethic, underpins the simplistic idea that other people are like us or, at least, want to be like us.” Second is the American culture’s focus on technology and productivity, which drives a tendency to view conflict as a technical problem to be resolved primarily by technical means.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno has long asserted that combat ultimately is a human endeavor, and success requires the soldier to understand the human dimension, especially as the world becomes more complex. Simply put, some people will see their government, their society and their circumstance differently than others will.

That means soldiers can expect immersion in language, regional expertise and culture training as the human dimension takes its place in the Army 2020 doctrine. Units assigned to the new deployment model will spend a lot of time training allied armies to do things they are now unable to do. Many missions will be proactive rather than reactive. There will be a lot of joint and partner-building exercises to increase U.S. influence and enhance the nation’s ability to gain access if required.

The question of whether the human dimension should be a domain of war fighting or a seventh war-fighting function has met opposition from some doctrine purists. But its time has come, Cleveland said. He used the example of air power, which was an extension of ground maneuver in World War I. But Billy Mitchell, a seasoned pilot with his sights set on separating the Air Corps from its Army control, did the unthinkable. In 1921, he led a team of pilots who, in 22 minutes, sank the battleship Ostfriesland — a floating fortress that had taken 18 hits from British battleships, struck a mine and was ready for action two months later.

“When he sunk the battleship, eyes opened up,” Cleveland said.

Air power and strategic bombing were primary strategies in World War II, and the Air Force was established two years later.

“We have used traditional land power as a tool, and through most of history, we’ve been able to do that, to some effect,” Cleveland said. “But things are different today. The enemy has coalesced differently. … Traditional land power tools certainly have a place against other land power forces. They are relevant in deterrence and they are relevant in winning the nation’s wars. But … they may not be sufficient as they stand under the current [doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facilities] construct to actually prevail.”

To acknowledge the human dimension as the seventh war-fighting function would be “significant and fundamental,” he said.



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Post image for War clouds are looming on the horizon

War clouds are looming on the horizon


Source: Frontline

The United States’ West Asia policy is likely to ensure that their engineered “Arab Spring”, which the world was so gullable to, will end in an orgy of bloodbath.

THE  (so-named) “Arab Spring” has finally faded out along with all the hoopla of Western-style democracy taking root in the region. Instead, war clouds are looming on the horizon,

with the United States itching to attack Syria and Israel raring to take on the Hizbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Only Iran in the region has been able to hold elections every four years since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. The elections in that country, despite some checks imposed by the theocratic establishment, have allowed competing factions to have their say. The elected government in Tunisia is just about holding on in the face of intense pressure. The Islamists, who won a majority there, unlike their counterparts in Egypt, had the foresight of forming a more inclusive government that has representatives from the secular parties. Lebanon, too, holds elections, but its archaic Constitution has guaranteed that power is distributed on sectarian lines.

Egypt, the most populous and powerful Arab nation, is back under military control after barely a year under civilian rule. The Egyptian Ambassador to India, Khaled el-Bakly, told Frontline that the happenings in Egypt did not signal the end of the road for the Arab Spring or the growth of democracy in the region. He said the Egyptian Army only intervened when the Muslim Brotherhood refused to listen to the voices of the majority of the people and went resolutely ahead with its plans to enshrine a Constitution that would have given dictatorial powers to the presidency. He pointed out that there was no clause for the impeachment of the President in the proposed Constitution. The army leadership, he said, had tried its best to hammer out a compromise solution between the Brotherhood and its opponents. “Collecting signatures was the only option left for ordinary Egyptians. More than 22 million people signed the petition demanding the dismissal of the Morsy government,” the Ambassador claimed. The army, he said, had no other choice but to side with the “33 million people” who had staged protests all over Egypt.

The diplomat insisted that the military had not usurped power and that a clear road map for holding elections was in place. Bakly said elections would be held in seven to nine months and that he expected all political parties, including the Brotherhood, to participate in them. With its top leadership either in jail or in hiding, the Muslim Brotherhood is unlikely to rise to the bait. It is only recently that the authorities have soft-pedalled talks about banning the organisation. Many observers of the region feel that Egypt may experience the kind of bloody scenario that was witnessed in Algeria in 1991 when the army there stepped in to prevent the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) from coming to power. A brutal civil war followed in which more than a hundred thousand people perished. It took more than a decade for relative calm to prevail in that country. Egyptian officials say that they are prepared for any eventuality and are confident of negating any threat posed by terrorism to national unity.

Sabre-rattling on Syria

The United States, which invested a lot of time and resources in cultivating the Brotherhood, now finds itself between a rock and a hard place in Egypt. People on both sides of the Egyptian divide look at the West with suspicion. The interim government has distanced itself from Morsy’s full-throated endorsement of the jehadis in Syria and has barred Egyptians from going to Syria to wage war. Cairo also voiced its objections to Western military strikes against Syria. The government is also not discouraging moves by the Tamarod movement, which played a key role in organising anti-Morsy demonstrations, from collecting signatures demanding the abrogation of the 1978 Camp David Accord with Israel. In the last week of August, the Barack Obama administration resorted to sabre-rattling on Syria. The spurious “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) doctrine, which was used to dismember Yugoslavia and later engineer regime change in countries such as Libya, is sought to be replicated in Syria. In all likelihood, the Arab Spring, which had engendered great hopes in the Arab street, is going to end in an orgy of bloodbath. A U.S.-led attack on Syria has the potential to unleash a wider war. Syrian officials have hinted that any U.S. attack on their country would lead to the targeting of Israel. Israel has anyway been carrying out its own military strikes on Syria since the upheaval began two years ago.

The Obama administration got the so-called “proof” of the Syrian government’s involvement in the latest “gas” attack in Damascus from the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency. The intelligence, according to U.S. and British media, was based on “official chatter” in Damascus intercepted by Israeli intelligence. British Members of Parliament and Western security experts have refused to fall for the “sexed up” evidence. The U.S., which seemed intent on striking Syria with cruise missiles, has had to backtrack now. The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Dmitry Rogozin, had tweeted in the last week of August that the West “behaves towards the Islamic world like a monkey with a grenade”.

All these developments suit Al Qaeda and the assorted Salafist and Takfiri groups fighting for the overthrow of the Syrian government. As recent events have shown, a tacit U.S.-Israel-Saudi Arabia alliance is in play to negate the positive gains of the Arab Spring. The Palestinian cause has been put on the back burner as the focus of the West and its allies is to preserve the authoritarian regimes in countries that also coincidentally have huge hydrocarbon deposits. Reports are rife in the region about the growing cooperation between the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Saudi intelligence and the Mossad, to destabilise Syria and Lebanon, and eventually weaken Iran. The Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, made a highly publicised visit to Moscow in early August to persuade President Vladimir Putin to ditch the government of Bashar al Assad in lieu of a multibillion dollar arms contract. According to reports in the Arab media, Prince Bandar warned Putin that there was no escape from “the military option” in Syria. But his attempts to convince Moscow were futile. The cruise missile attack planned by the U.S. on the basis of unverified reports of chemical weapons usage was part of the plan to target the Syrian military and help reverse the military setback suffered by the myriad rebel groups.

Prince Bandar has also been credited with being one of the key figures behind the recent events in Egypt. Saudi Arabia, along with its key regional allies, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, assured full diplomatic and financial support to the Egyptian military in its move against the elected civilian government. The three countries together pledged a financial infusion of $12 billion as soon as the military took over, dwarfing the annual tranche of $1.4 billion provided by the U.S. There was some misplaced fear in Cairo that the Obama administration would cut off the annual aid to Egypt. Israel and Egypt are the biggest recipients of American aid. U.S. congressional laws mandate that military aid be cut off if the administration officially characterised a military takeover as a coup. No such thing has happened. The Egyptian military is almost totally dependent on U.S. arms supplies and spares. The U.S. still has a lot of leverage in Egypt but it has decided to go along, at least for the time being, with the Saudi- and, earlier, the Qatari-inspired blueprint for the region. “After all, little Saudi Arabia and tiny Qatar are able to wield such influence in Syria and Egypt today because they have the field virtually to themselves,” observed Jonathan Tepperman, managing editor of the American journal Foreign Affairs, in a recent column in The New York Times.

There is no love lost between the Saudi monarchy and the Muslim Brotherhood. The removal of Hosni Mubarak in 2011 and the victory of the Brotherhood in the elections held in June 2012 came as a shock to the Saudi rulers. This antipathy has not prevented Saudi Arabia and its allies from continuing to support the Brotherhood and other Islamist groups in countries such as Syria and Iraq. The primary aim of the monarchies is to ward off imminent threats to their regimes. The Muslim Brotherhood is the most organised political movement existing at this juncture in the Arab world although moves are afoot to purge it from its strongest bastion—Egypt. The new dispensation in Cairo has the full support of Saudi Arabia and its allies in its efforts to marginalise the Brotherhood as a political force.

Courted by the U.S.

The Brotherhood branch in Egypt, until the other day, was courted by the U.S. and the West and presented to the rest of the world as an illustration of moderate Islamists with whom the international community could do business. The Mohamed Morsy government showed no signs of deviating from the foreign policy line or the neoliberal economic policies of the Mubarak government. It swore by the Camp David agreement with Israel. The government in Cairo actually tightened the blockade on the hapless Gaza Strip, though Hamas, a branch of the Brotherhood, was in control of the territory. Now the Brotherhood is being accused of encouraging “terrorism” by the Egyptian government and its main ally at the moment, Saudi Arabia, although the large protests it launched were generally peaceful. The Saudi monarch, King Abdullah, publicly pledged to wholeheartedly support the Egyptian military to root out “terrorism, extremism and sedition”. And in an unprecedented move, he implicitly criticised the U.S. and Qatar “for fanning the fire of sedition and promoting terrorism, which they claim to be fighting”. Qatar was the main financial backer of the Brotherhood, and the Obama administration had cultivated strong links with its leadership.

The recent events in the region have given a new lease of life to the American game plan of balkanising the region. This idea was aired by the neoconservatives who dominated the George Bush administration. The doyen among American diplomats, former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, has clearly spelt out this goal once again. “There are three clear possible outcomes in Syria. An Assad victory. A Sunni victory. Or an outcome in which the various nationalities agree to coexist together but in more or less autonomous regions,” Kissinger said in a recent speech delivered at the University of Michigan. He went on to add that he preferred the third solution, pointing out that Syria was created by the French and Iraq by the British in order to facilitate their control of the countries.

The Yemeni Nobel Peace laureate Tawakul Karman said that the events in Egypt sounded the death knell for the Arab Spring and the democratic movement in the region. Tawakul Karman is a member of the Yemeni branch of the Brotherhood and was awarded the Peace Prize for her political activism in her home country. “The Arab Spring is about building democracy. A military coup is an antithesis of that. It undermines everything,” she said. She was particularly scathing about Secretary of State John Kerry’s remark that the army’s intervention in Egypt was aimed at “restoring democracy”. An important factor behind the revolution that overthrew Mubarak was the plunging living standards of the people. Forty per cent of the people were living on less than $3 a day. A big majority of the young people continue to remain unemployed. The challenges ahead for Egypt and the wider Arab world are daunting. The so-called revolution in Libya succeeded after being led “from behind” by the U.S. Today, the country is caught in the vortex of political and economic chaos as various regions and tribes jockey of controlling its energy resources. Islamist militant groups have ceased to be under the control of the foreign powers that had armed them in their fight to overthrow the Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi.

From the outset, the forces unleashed by the Arab Spring were channelled by the West and their conservative allies in the region to destabilise republican governments in the Arab world with an independent foreign policy. The revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt were triggered by popular upheavals and without the consent of the West. The ousted Tunisian President, Ben Ali, and Hosni Mubarak were loyal allies of Washington. To control the forces unleashed by the Arab Spring and stem the tide of genuine change, the U.S. and its allies in the region devised the strategy of encouraging sectarian forces. The bogey of an emerging “Shia crescent”, comprising Iran, Iraq Syria, and the Hizbollah, was conveniently raised. Syria, the only country which has a truly secular Constitution and which is home to an amalgam of ethnic groups and faiths, was specifically targeted for regime change. The Sunni-Shia divide is being sought to be accentuated by the West in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon where Iran has considerable influence. The strife is also being encouraged to prevent Iran from gaining influence in Egypt, Yemen and Bahrain. The majority of the population in Bahrain is Shia and Yemen has a large minority Shia population.





Algeria’s Army Mobilizes On South and East Borders


Source: Al Monitor


Algeria has raised the alert level of its troops along its southern and eastern border. This suggests that there are plans to target the country, which prompted President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to end the period of rest he was observing and meet with the Army Chief of Staff Gen. Kaid Salih twice in less than a week. In parallel, security arrangements were made on the ground along the Algerian border.

Algeria is focusing on its eastern and southern neighbors, in a way that the task of “securing the border” has become the country’s first priority. This carries concerns indicating that the relevant authorities have reports confirming that there is a danger coming from the border. For this reason, Bouteflika, who is ill, met twice with Salih and multiple times with Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal, to discuss the situation and give instructions to strengthen border security through arrangements tighter than those made ​​by the army during the French military intervention in northern Mali.

In conjunction with those meetings, there were talks that go beyond “fighting terrorism” and resemble “reactions to a potential external aggression,” and that do not differ from the language used by Foreign Minister Mourad Medelci on Canal Algerie TV on Sept 9. Medelci stressed that the importance of “staying vigilant and assuming the responsibility to protect our country, while cooperating with neighboring countries in this regard.” One day following his meeting with Bouteflika, accompanied by Sellal, Medelci said, “We are working with the Libyans, Tunisians, Nigerians and Mauritanians, in addition to other Sahel region countries.” He also confirmed that Bouteflika attaches “great importance” to this issue and frequently hosts the chief of staff of the People’s National Army to discuss these issues.

The official “reaction” in terms of border security indicates that this issue has become Bouteflika’s “most important” concern. It is equally or even more important than the problems that accompany the back-to-school season, and more important than the cabinet’s meetings, which usually decide on such issues. The new language has clearly resulted from efforts to tighten the security grip, in the eyes of an authority that believes that “the attack in Tigantourine will not be repeated at any cost.”

This message was understood by the petroleum companies’ executives (and political guardians), which evacuated the gas field in Tigantourine after the January 2013 attack. Thus, they decided to return after receiving assurances from the authorities reached during talks held in the past few weeks. The talks ended with a decision by British Petroleum (BP), which operates in the gas field with the Norwegian oil giant Statoil, to return to Algeria. Britain’s ambassador to Algeria Martin Roper said on Sunday, Sept. 8, that BP employees will soon return to Algeria. For this purpose, a British delegation came to Algeria.

The Algerian authorities realized that the French intervention in northern Mali to expel terrorist groups was only the beginning of a new battle against terrorism, or against those who use terrorism to develop plans to destroy the sovereignty of countries. This is because a terrorist threat greater than the one in the past has produced terrorist alliances enabling the Masked Brigade — led by Mokhtar Belmokhtar, also known as Laaouar, the mastermind of the attack in the town of In Amenas — and the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa, to be unified in a new group called al-Mourabitoun, to expand terrorist activity and establish an Islamic state.

The new security alert, which prompted Bouteflika to meet the media outside the walls of the Muradiya presidential palace, suggests that the Algerian position is “in a state of despair” about the effectiveness of allied countries in thwarting the movements of terrorist groups in the Sahel region. (The Algerian army has more equipment and troops than the armies of the other five countries in the Sahel region.) Algeria has preferred to direct its efforts toward the internal arena and to promote its border security, rather than dissipating its capabilities in a barren desert, to no avail, while focusing on pursuing active members in various parts of the country. Algerian state TV has recently attached greater importance to news about eliminating terrorists. At the same time, the army is issuing statements on the outcomes of efforts to combat terrorism.

There is another fact that stands behind the focus on border security, which is the largest in history, except perhaps that witnessed when late President Houari Boumediene tightened the country’s security along the border during the Algerian-Moroccan conflict. This has to do with the attempt by terrorist groups to restore their presence, by fleeing northern Mali into southern Libya and using the region as a new sanctuary. This has raised the fears of even the European Union, in the light of a statement by Gilles de Kerchove, EU counter-terrorism coordinator, in the Wahran province in June, stating that the threat of terrorism will also come from southern Libya.

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The Algerian army mobilizes in a pre-emptive measure against terrorism on its borders. Picture taken May 1, 2013. (photo by REUTERS/Louafi Larbi)
By: Mohammed Charrak Translated from El-Khabar (Algeria).
اقرا المقال الأصلي باللغة العربية

Algeria has raised the alert level of its troops along its southern and eastern border. This suggests that there are plans to target the country, which prompted President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to end the period of rest he was observing and meet with the Army Chief of Staff Gen. Kaid Salih twice in less than a week. In parallel, security arrangements were made on the ground along the Algerian border.

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In a sign that there may be renewed terrorist activity along its borders, the Algerian army has mobilized its troops in what look to be pre-emptive measures.

Publisher: El-Khabar (Algeria)
Original Title:
Algeria’s Army Mobilizes Along South and East Borders
Author: Mohammed Charrak
First Published: September 11, 2013
Posted on: September 11 2013
Translated by: Joelle El-Khoury

Algeria is focusing on its eastern and southern neighbors, in a way that the task of “securing the border” has become the country’s first priority. This carries concerns indicating that the relevant authorities have reports confirming that there is a danger coming from the border. For this reason, Bouteflika, who is ill, met twice with Salih and multiple times with Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal, to discuss the situation and give instructions to strengthen border security through arrangements tighter than those made ​​by the army during the French military intervention in northern Mali.

In conjunction with those meetings, there were talks that go beyond “fighting terrorism” and resemble “reactions to a potential external aggression,” and that do not differ from the language used by Foreign Minister Mourad Medelci on Canal Algerie TV on Sept 9. Medelci stressed that the importance of “staying vigilant and assuming the responsibility to protect our country, while cooperating with neighboring countries in this regard.” One day following his meeting with Bouteflika, accompanied by Sellal, Medelci said, “We are working with the Libyans, Tunisians, Nigerians and Mauritanians, in addition to other Sahel region countries.” He also confirmed that Bouteflika attaches “great importance” to this issue and frequently hosts the chief of staff of the People’s National Army to discuss these issues.

The official “reaction” in terms of border security indicates that this issue has become Bouteflika’s “most important” concern. It is equally or even more important than the problems that accompany the back-to-school season, and more important than the cabinet’s meetings, which usually decide on such issues. The new language has clearly resulted from efforts to tighten the security grip, in the eyes of an authority that believes that “the attack in Tigantourine will not be repeated at any cost.”

This message was understood by the petroleum companies’ executives (and political guardians), which evacuated the gas field in Tigantourine after the January 2013 attack. Thus, they decided to return after receiving assurances from the authorities reached during talks held in the past few weeks. The talks ended with a decision by British Petroleum (BP), which operates in the gas field with the Norwegian oil giant Statoil, to return to Algeria. Britain’s ambassador to Algeria Martin Roper said on Sunday, Sept. 8, that BP employees will soon return to Algeria. For this purpose, a British delegation came to Algeria.

The Algerian authorities realized that the French intervention in northern Mali to expel terrorist groups was only the beginning of a new battle against terrorism, or against those who use terrorism to develop plans to destroy the sovereignty of countries. This is because a terrorist threat greater than the one in the past has produced terrorist alliances enabling the Masked Brigade — led by Mokhtar Belmokhtar, also known as Laaouar, the mastermind of the attack in the town of In Amenas — and the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa, to be unified in a new group called al-Mourabitoun, to expand terrorist activity and establish an Islamic state.

The new security alert, which prompted Bouteflika to meet the media outside the walls of the Muradiya presidential palace, suggests that the Algerian position is “in a state of despair” about the effectiveness of allied countries in thwarting the movements of terrorist groups in the Sahel region. (The Algerian army has more equipment and troops than the armies of the other five countries in the Sahel region.) Algeria has preferred to direct its efforts toward the internal arena and to promote its border security, rather than dissipating its capabilities in a barren desert, to no avail, while focusing on pursuing active members in various parts of the country. Algerian state TV has recently attached greater importance to news about eliminating terrorists. At the same time, the army is issuing statements on the outcomes of efforts to combat terrorism.

There is another fact that stands behind the focus on border security, which is the largest in history, except perhaps that witnessed when late President Houari Boumediene tightened the country’s security along the border during the Algerian-Moroccan conflict. This has to do with the attempt by terrorist groups to restore their presence, by fleeing northern Mali into southern Libya and using the region as a new sanctuary. This has raised the fears of even the European Union, in the light of a statement by Gilles de Kerchove, EU counter-terrorism coordinator, in the Wahran province in June, stating that the threat of terrorism will also come from southern Libya.

Yet, Kerchove did not expect the eastern gap to draw the attention of not only Algeria and Tunisia. This “surprising” fact caused the troops to be mobilized at the border, following the growing activity of terrorist groups in Jebel ech Chambi and their attacks against the Tunisian army. These attacks resulted in casualties among Tunisian troops, and prompted the Algerian army to send ground and air reinforcements to protect the border, in addition to the units stationed at the border with Libya. Although these reinforcements are designed to support the fronts on the ground against terrorism, they reflect the authorities’ view that there are medium-term plans to target the country, among Arab and regional targets. This is in light of reports that have been circulating that Tunisia has accepted a US offer to establish camps to combat terrorism on Tunisian territory adjacent to Algeria. Yet, the Tunisian Foreign Ministry was quick to deny those reports


Sky News: Egyptian # court requires solving # Brotherhood group and ban its activities in # Egypt and the reservation headquarters.



Source: Military Times

Post image for Pentagon’s kinetic operations expands to a four-nation region of Uganda, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.

Pentagon’s kinetic operations expands to a four-nation region of Uganda, South Sudan, the

Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.

13 SEPTEMBER 12013

Source: Military Times

The Pentagon mission to help four central African nations track warlord Joseph Kony could extend deep into 2015, according to records released Wednesday.

As part of Operation Observant Compass, the United States is providing military advisers and transport services in a four-nation region of Uganda, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic. The operation started in October 2011 when President Obama authorized the deployment of about 100 special operations forces to the region to help Uganda stop Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army.

The document posted by the U.S. Transportation Command calls for an extension of helicopter services that would be based in Obo, a city in the southeastern Central African Republic. The two helicopters will fly about 150 hours a month, with a special “surge” period that would add 30 more hours of flight time for a two-week period. The contract solicitation spells out requirements into November 2015.

While the helicopter contractor will fly troops into combat areas, the “contractor will not be required to fly within 1,000 meters of current and on-going reported kinetic operations or areas that have reported activity within 12 hours prior to mission execution,” the document says. “Kinetic operations are defined as situations where friendly forces are actively engaged under hostile fire.”

About 20 percent of the flight missions, the contract solicitation says, will be flown at night and require the use of night-vision goggles to make navigation possible.

Kony has been engaged in a regional power struggle that started in Uganda in the 1980s and is accused of directing atrocities during that time. He is wanted by the International Criminal Court and is believed to be hiding in the Central African Republic. The international manhunt for Kony was delayed in March because of a coup in that long-troubled country.

The increased U.S. presence in sub-Saharan Africa, including the opening of a drone base in Niger, has created concerns in Congress about the cost of Operation Observant Compass and the need to spend money elsewhere. The House Armed Services Committee’s 2014 defense bill released in June contains a request for the Pentagon to send the committee a report by Sept. 30 asking for specific goals for the operation, how progress will be measured and how to transition U.S. forces out of the mission when it’s over.

“This issue is particularly pressing since the requirements for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) assets remain high in other regions of the continent of Africa, particularly in North and East Africa, due to al-Qaeda-affiliated and oriented terrorist groups,” the House committee report said.

The House defense bill doesn’t specify an amount for ISR spending. The Senate Armed Services Committee’s version of the 2014 defense bill calls for a $15 million cut in ISR spending, but the Senate Appropriations Committee’s 2014 spending includes a $30 million increase.

None of the bills has passed the full House or Senate so far this year.


Source: World Outline
Post image for Guns amid poverty: the defence industry’s new ‘Scramble for Africa’

Guns amid poverty: the defence industry’s new ‘Scramble for Africa’

12 SEPTEMBER  2013

Source: World Outline

In a strange parallel to the great nineteenth century’s ‘Scramble for Africa’, the world’s poorest continent is set once again to become the object of fierce Western competition. However, whereas Cecil Rhodes and Rudyard Kipling waxed lyrical about colonial possessions and the ‘White man’s burden’, today the prize takes the form of lucrative defence contracts and licenses for the local manufacture of hardware. As you might imagine, this is a very different ‘scramble’ altogether.

Africa, which accounts for twenty percent of the world’s landmass and approximately fifteen percent of its population, is expected to spend over $20bn on defence projects over the next decade. As the European defence market becomes ever more bereft of big spenders and Asian markets face strong competition from China, Africa’s 54 states will constitute the last major geopolitical frontier for defence companies.

A significant majority of the weapons and military vehicles currently found in areas such as the Congo, Rwanda and Somalia are antiquated and relatively primitive. In many cases, Soviet assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) are the most easily obtained weapons, and derivatives of the famed Kalashnikov AK-47 rifle remain the most common feature of those arsenals outside of NATO’s remit.

In fact, a Nigerian news source suggests that ‘At least 70 million [are] in circulation around the world’, lamenting that ‘millions…have cluttered Africa’. It is of little surprise that ‘countries such as China and the Ukraine continue to hawk their stockpiles’ to African militias at cut-down prices; anything to be rid of old wears.

Perhaps the most dangerous element of these weapons is their pure simplicity, resulting in almost miraculous durability. The AK-47 is famed for being ‘nearly indestructible’, and can allegedly be buried under ground for years and still operate with virtually no maintenance. Clearly there is a considerable problem with the prevalence of cheap arms on a mass scale, but amid this on-going concern is a growing security challenge likely to add fuel to the fire.

At the end of last month, Defense News reported that with the spread of ‘terrorists and Islamic militants’ from the Middle East to Africa, governments will soon require greater defence capabilities to guarantee security. Analysts have pointed to the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (NMLA), an insurgent group in Mali believed to hold links with Al Qaeda, as an example of the future trend that may overwhelm susceptible states. At the more extreme end of the scale is groups such as Ansar Dine (‘Defenders of Islam’ in Arabic), a fundamentalist militia operating in Mali that calls ‘for the national imposition of Sharia law’.

French military involvement has perhaps been an indication of just how serious the threat to local security is, and Europe will certainly be looking to contain the problem. With gentle coercion, African defence ministries will look to negotiate ‘better firepower, improved armed mobility and stronger force protection’ as the danger becomes more widespread.

South Africa has been a pioneer during this new wave of interest, and has allegedly negotiated licensing deals with ‘Swiss, US, Russian, Brazilian, Malaysian and French companies.’ Local rifle producer Truvelo has partnered with Colt Defense, the famed American arms manufacturer, to produce sniper rifles that meet increased ‘police and military’ demand. A similar deal was penned between South African aerospace company Denel and Swiss firm B&T ‘paving the way [for the production of] small arms ranging from sub-machineguns to grenade launchers’.

In other regional deals, Algeria is interested in purchasing armoured vehicles from Turkish company Otokar, whilst last year the Serbian Military Technology Institute negotiated with the Kenyan government for armoured vehicles and artillery. Ammunition factories are to be established in Libya and Egypt, and other deals for hardware with Sudan and Somalia are in the pipeline. Fundamentally, African governments will be looking to ‘protect newly found on-shore and off-shore hydro-carbon resources, such as natural gas and petroleum’.

Whilst there is undoubtedly considerable demand for state-of-the-art weaponry in the region, and governments are well within their rights to better secure their national interests, large-scale arms deals do raise questions over the future of a continent already stricken with poverty and secular violence. Defence contractors will understandably always be looking to increase profits and expand their trade, but it is uncertain how much ethical consideration is given before technology is handed over.

It is concerning that so much government money will be invested into arms deals when the UN has warned that 22 of the 24 lowest Human Development Index nations are in Sub-Saharan Africa, and in some instances GDP per capita is less than $200 a year. However, pumping aid into the region is not necessarily the answer. A 2005 report suggested that a staggering proportion of the $500bn of aid sent to Africa over the last forty years has been embezzled through corrupt institutions; the so-called ‘leaky begging bowl’. It would be interesting to know how much of this will fund armaments over the next decade.

On face value, at least, it seems irresponsible to hand over so much destructive technology when the proliferation of small arms is already of major concern. Yet, as seen among the BRICs, Africa’s emerging states are looking to exert influence on the global stage and sustain the regional balance of power. The extremes of religious fundamentalism, previously a threat associated with Western foreign policy, will now have a much greater impact on countries such as Mali and Egypt. Considerable assurances will be required that governments will not allow their purchases to fall into the hands of dissident groups.

The West’s ‘burden’ has become an unforgiving exercise in addressing Africa’s chronic deficiencies, whilst also providing it with the tools to foster instability. It is, of course, naive to think that disarmament is either realistic or desirable, but the situation in Africa is a complex web of security, poverty and exploitation. Perhaps the UN’s adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty this year after twenty long years of deliberation will go some way toward reversing the problem. It sets out to ‘prohibit states from transferring conventional weapons to countries when they know those weapons would be used to commit or facilitate genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes’.


CIA’s secret global business of narcotics smuggling and weapons trade


Source: Pakistan Today

Drug trade goes on unchecked in Afghanistan

If one goes by the American measurement, the saying goes that they do not start a venture unless they are sure about its cost not going from their own kitty.

The Afghan venture does not seemingly pay them as does Iraq’s but permitting poppy cultivation to the Afghan warlords and bigwigs favouring the US intervention
was the bid to justify finances of their stay in that country.It is now an open secret, and everyone knows it, as to who runs the largest global business of narcotics smuggling and weapons trade. Dig down just a little of these areas and you’ll find the American CIA sitting behind the scenes, smiling broadly and exposing widely its ugly teeth. There are certain local aides in various countries, which also play as the front men. We all know as to who urged and supported the Afghans to restart growing poppy after the fall of Taliban regime. The American intelligence is known for continuously playing dirty games in the South American countries which are considered as heavens for production and trade of narcotics.No one can judge as the Americans fund Pakistan’s Anti-Narcotics Force, coupled with diplomatic pressures, to stop drug trafficking in the country, but when it comes to ISAF and the government in Kabul, the story comes out far more different. The fact that poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has increased and its income is being utilised by terrorists to buy weapons surprises many in the world.Poppy cultivation is increasing in 28 of the country’s 32 provinces. Today, between 90 to 95 percent of the world’s supply of opium comes from Afghanistan. This is despite Mr Karzai laid out a comprehensive National Drug Control Strategy for Afghanistan based on four key priorities: (a) disrupting the drug trade by targeting traffickers and their backers; (b) strengthening and diversifying legal rural livelihood; (c) reducing the demand for illicit drugs and treatment of problems of drug users; (d) developing state institutions at the central and provincial levels. This is despite a NATO drive, as reported in a recent New York Times report, to disrupt Afghanistan’s drug trade. The reason being cited is that the NATO and ISAF member countries’ law at home does not allow the soldiers to carry out operations against the poppy cultivation, etc. The objections were raised despite an agreement that the alliance’s campaign in Afghanistan would be broadened to include attacks on narcotics facilities, traffickers, and middlemen and drug lords whose profits helped to finance insurgent groups.American policymakers and military officers used to say that it was critical to choke off the drug money that sustained the insurgency, much as they were working with Pakistan to “halt the use of its tribal areas as a haven by the Taliban and other antigovernment forces just across the border from Afghanistan.”Twelve years after the rout of al-Qaeda and the fall of Taliban, disagreements over how aggressively NATO forces should have gone after the insurgency’s chief source of revenue are only the latest hurdle in a campaign that has been troubled by disputes between the United States and some of its allies about what role NATO soldiers should play in a mission cast as “security assistance.” The UN figures show that Afghan insurgents reap more than $100 million a year from the drug trade, although some estimates put the figure at five times as much. A NATO commander said profit from the narcotics trade “buys the bomb makers and the bombs, the bullets and the trigger-pullers that are killing our soldiers and marines and airmen, and we have to stop them.”

Such efforts, if made by NATO and allies, failed to control poppy cultivation. Recent survey conducted jointly by the Afghan Ministry of Counter-Narcotics and the UN Office on Drugs and Crimes predicted an upsurge in the poppy cultivation area. The survey showed an increasing trend in the poppy cultivation in 13 provinces, especially Helmand, Ghor, Uruzgan, Zabul, Nangarhar, Leghman and Badakshan. Opium serves as “the main engine of economic growth” in Afghanistan but “there is little on the ground to suggest that practical steps have been taken to set off this menace,” said an Afghan journalist based in Peshawar.

As the Peshawar-based Afghan journalist Eschmall Sardar reported in her article that NATO and EU officials had refused to lead a hand-on role in fighting the narco problem. “One reality is that ISAF has only some 52,000 troops on the ground: the Helmand province is home to a significant proportion of ISAF troops and yet still cultivates some 50% of the opium produced in Afghanistan.” The irony of current times is the ease with which the biggest culprits on globe could manipulate the facts and figures to paint a whole scenario based upon certain illusions and holograms.

There is no denying the fact that the Indians and Afghans are deeply involved in destabilizing Pakistan, especially in the tribal areas, which is evident from a report that made startling disclosures as the three arrested terrorists Khurram Ishtiaq, Ghulam Mustafa and Shamim confessed that RAW was behind the suicide attacks in Pakistan and it had funneled Rs680m through its links with Afghan secret agency.

“The gang working under Qari Hussain, Farrukh Usman, Shahjee and Ustad Tayyab Baba admitted that they belonged to the group who had been deputed to “destabilize Pakistan”. The militants were caught red-handed possessing complete suicide kits with two jackets and 70 kg of explosive and detonators. But the most startling was the disclosure that the Indian RAW, in collaboration with CIA and allied countries’ intelligence agencies, was involved in drug trafficking in order to fund insurgency inside Pakistan.

Veteran journalist Rahimullah recalls that the only era in which the poppy cultivation was stopped was that of Mullah Omar during the Taliban regime. “This seems untrue that the Taliban ‘insurgents’ today depend on a trade which they practically banned during their period of government.” In fact it is only being propagated that the Taliban are involved, while the fact of the matter is NATO and ISAF forces are directly are indirectly allowing this trade to flourish because this way they can win the hearts of the warlords who have provided them shield in their respective areas against the Taliban. The whole process of poppy cultivation, transportation, processing, and the like is more than a Taliban-al-Qaeda event; it is pervasive through much of the Afghan society, and divides the population from both ISAF and national governance. “It is not surprising, therefore, that some 60% to 70% of the Afghan parliament is occupied by former mujahideen, former Communists, drug barons, and warlords, who not only control both houses of parliament but, as a result, prevent the establishment of the central government’s writ across the country.”

The Kabul government is hardly in a position to marginalize the members of parliament who play drug games from their respective constituencies. Undoubtedly, the drug menace of Afghanistan has indirectly got massive encouragement from the Americans themselves, who allowed the warlords to re-establish their hold in many parts of Afghanistan. The warlords restarted opium cultivation towards which the Americans turned a blind eye as they needed support to strengthen their installed regime in Kabul and to keep the Taliban at bay. As per AP report for the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, money comes from extortion, crime and drugs. Narco-dollar is their major funding source besides extortion and kidnapping.

Shumaila Raja is a freelance journalist based in Rawalpindi. She can be reached at schuma.raja@yahoo.com

CIA’s secret global business of narcotics smuggling and weapons trade — Phantom Report
Source: Pakistan Today Drug trade goes on unchecked in Afghanistan If one goes by the American measurement, the saying goes that they



Post image for Turkey confirms Syrian rebels with Al Qaida ties sought chemical weapons

Turkey confirms Syrian rebels with Al Qaida ties sought chemical weapons


Source: World Tribune

Turkey has acknowledged that Syrian rebels were seeking to acquire chemical weapons.Prosecutors have determined that Sunni rebels linked to Al Qaida were ordering precursors required for chemical weapons.

The prosecutors have completed an indictment that charged a Syrian national with establishing a CW support network for the rebels who have been fighting the regime of President Bashar Assad.

“The suspects have pleaded not guilty saying that they had not been aware the materials they had tried to obtain could have been used to make sarin gas,” the indictment, filed in a court in the southern Turkish province of Hatay, said.

This marked the first time that Turkey confirmed claims by Russia and Syria that Al Qaida-aligned rebel militias were acquiring CW precursors for attacks against the Syrian Army and security forces. In early September, the United States, which blamed such attacks on the Assad regime, issued an intelligence assessment that ruled out any CW effort by the rebels.

The Turkish indictment identified Haitham Qassap as head of the Syrian rebel CW network. Prosecutors said the the 35-year-old Qassap formed links to supply CW precursors to the Al Qaida-aligned Nusra Front for the Protection of the Levant and the Al Ahrar Al Sham Brigades.

Prosecutors said Qassap, based in the Turkish city of Antakya, appeared to be seeking chemicals for the production of sarin. They said the Syrian, deemed the leading defendant, telephoned Turkish companies and requested at least eight chemicals. Two of the eight items required a permit by Turkish authorities.

So far, 11 people have been arrested in connection with the rebel CW network. Six of them — Qassap and five Turkish nationals — continued to be held in an investigation that began in late May 2013. The indictment said Qassap confessed to being an agent for Ahrar. He was quoted as saying that he had been sent to Antakya by Ahrar leader Abu Walid and was contacted by Syrian rebel militias for supplies.

“After I arrived in Antakya, other rebel groups had come into contact with me,” the indictment quoted Qassap as saying. “While some had asked me for medicine and other humanitarian aid supplies, others wanted to obtain military equipment.”

Officials said Turkey has been urged by Russia and Syria to stop the flow of CW precursors from Hatay. They said specific information on a suspected Syrian rebel CW network was relayed to Ankara in the spring of 2013.

“Suspects have been consistently providing conflicting and incoherent facts on this matter,” the indictment said.

Post image for After Syria’s next step will be the Caspian Sea region

After Syria’s next step will be the Caspian Sea region

03 SEPTEMBER  2013

Source: geopolityka.org


The reasons why the U.S. sooner or later invade Bashar al-Assad, about what Americans “wall of fire” in the Middle East and what threatens Russia in the event of impact in Syria, said in an interview with the portal Nakanunie.ru, President of the Academy of Problems Geopolitical Colonel General Leonid Ivashov. Леонид Ивашов: Если Россия сдаст Сирию, то следующим шагом ее выдавят из Каспийского моря

Question: This is not the first time in the case of Syria, it is claimed that chemical weapons were used as a pretext for invasion. How much do you think it is likely that there will be some form of intervention now?

Leonid Ivashov: Item not wb drops the chemical thing is not in the person of Bashar al-Assad, for not even including the chemical weapons were used or not, and who it applied. Americans have decided to destroy Syria. They started the operation more than two and a half years ago. They financed their allies spent considerable money, and finally at stake in this game has become their political identity. They failed to push through a resolution in the UN Security Council failed to break Bashar al-Assad with the help of mercenaries and local opposition, so I decided to go for it. In order to break the resistance of Bashar al-Assad must break the resistance of Russia and China. No war, no force solution to the Syrian Americans today face rubbing, and thus a monopoly on the global geopolitical power. I honestly do not care about them especially if there’s a chemical weapon or not, and whether it was used or not. These issues are relevant to their own public opinion (the opinion of other societies they absolutely do not listen). Apparently there are too wise if nothing but chemical weapons are not able to come up.

эсминец, ВМС США, флот|Фото:

Q: The decision to destroy Syria has been taken, but before the West led mainly financing. We all ask ourselves the question whether the West will join the conflict in a way that is open, engaging militarily?

Leonid Ivashov: What about them today in the mind? But besides dry speeches Foreign Ministry officials, Putin and other Władirmira absolutely nothing shortcomings are not. But we were committed to that, if there is a threat of armed aggression against a sovereign state, we do everything we can to protect them – is the principle of individual and collective defense. We must as a permanent member of the Security Council to expand its online this issue. We did not do what it takes to convene the General Assembly of the United Nations in connection with the threat of international peace and that shadow hung over the third world war. Humanity has entrusted to us as one of the five countries, its security – I’m talking about permanent members of the UN Security Council, why do we have to sit and wait – “if it comes to attack or not”?

We need to attack the political and diplomatic means, and use the tools Russia-NATO cooperation and warned: the first rocket that will be launched will be tantamount to breaking a basis for Russia-NATO leave all common structures, we refer all their representatives and announce their “enemies of peace”. Why can not we do this? Why not conduct consultations within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRICS and the League of Arab States? We do not do anything. Because the government is venal. They sold everyone. Most of the Russian leadership keeps its capital abroad, they have their property there, etc. It’s noose around his neck. All western service exactly observe and put conditions: You mumble something, express protests but he did not do, so there was no aggression – then your capital will be unaffected. If you too active, would freeze your account, your real estate. I have often already had done, showing us its willingness to do so. That’s why we give, sell their friends, their nation, their own independence.

корабль ВМС США, томагавк, ракета, залп|Фото:

Question: Why Syria?

Leonid Ivashov: One of the challenges of the modern Western world, especially transnational financial capital, is to create an arc of instability from Tunisia to China. This whole area is on fire. Smoke in Pakistan, Afghanistan burns, burns midnight Africa, and here we have Syria and Iran, which are an obstacle to the fire, do not let him. Therefore, you must set them on fire – the first task. But there is also a second job. Today, a new world is emerging. Putin said the Eurasian Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, activates in the construction of a new order, order of the East. Americans understand what is dangerous for them, they can wake up in the global system, which will play a secondary role. Thus robbing other nations, becoming rich at their expense can be suppressed. Therefore, raised a great conflict by Syria to ground Russia, China, and warned other countries.

Question: America has lost a lot of money to armed conflict, and many experts believe that the new war on a large scale, it simply “can not afford”. 

алеппо сирия|Фото: АР

Leonid Ivashov: Americans will not “fall” into the jungle and fight just as in Vietnam. They have a foot in the form of mercenaries to fight shed Qatar, Saud, his special forces will bomb and shoot rockets together with France and Great Britain. They will try to destroy the Syrian leadership. Perhaps such a scenario occurs, as in the case of Muammar Gaddafi, when a task force seized him and handed fighters who lynched him. Variations of the Syrian leadership is here much. Since we will be dealing with a predominance of the military forces of that party will be insolence, it will be fascism. On the Russian side will have to deal with an expression of regret, a slight protest – in fact it will support. Syrians will be extremely difficult to withstand the pressure – both politically and militarily. Syria has already been driven to isolation, economic or any other.

Question: Who would support the Syrians, that is, whether the state after Iran? 

Leonid Ivashov: Iran may occur informally. He understands that when you run out of Syria, supplement stores that hit in that country. He will help possibly with the help of its volunteers, ammunition, weapons, etc. Syria for two years at war with the so-called. The Free Syrian Army, no one understands how political opposition alongside the sudden appearance of an entire army. During this period, have reduced their supplies, they have a problem with the ammunition, missiles, including anti-aircraft. There are also problems with the technical materials, etc.

Question: It’s twenty years The U.S. remains the global hegemon. How long is this going to go on, in your opinion, where is the limit to which they can not cross? 

Leonid Ivashov: This will last as long as the power in Russia will be venal as long as time to play with them. All of these arguments, Snowden and the other is a smokescreen to support the fascist politics. Russia has a lot to do, but it does not, it means that there is a conspiracy. “Do what you want, please Destroy Syria, and we were to completely lose the respect of the nation, we will sometimes popiskiwać notes of condemnation, protest music, etc. We’ll give you a free hand but let us know a little pomiauczeć”.

Crowd: Kornel Sawiński 
Source: http://www.nakanune.ru/articles/18048/ 
Fig. globalconflict.ru

теракт Сирия Дамаск|Фото: anhar.livejournal.com

Flashback March 11, 2013: Pentagon is sending artillery,

armored vehicles and different weapons

systems from Afghanistan to the rebel groups in Syria

12 SEPTEMBER  2013

 Post image for Flashback March 11, 2013: Pentagon is sending artillery, armored vehicles and different weapons systems from Afghanistan to the rebel groups in Syria

Source: Pakistan Observer/AP

The US is sending the artilleries, armored vehicles and different weapons systems of its troops pulled out from Afghanistan to the rebel groups in Syria, a ranking US military source disclosed.

A ranking member of the US marine troops deployed in Afghanistan told FNA that the Pentagon made the decision to send a major part of its light and semi-heavy weapons systems and military equipment to the Syrian rebels along with its pullout from Afghanistan when the former US Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, was still in office.

“The decision to send our arms and weapons systems in Afghanistan to the rebel groups in Syria was originally made when the former US Secretary of Defense was in his final days of office, yet the Pentagon has also received the approval of the new Secretary, Chuck Hagel, as well,” said the source who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of his information.

“One of these cargos consists of the light and semi-heavy military tools, equipment and weapons that the US army has gathered and piled up in Kandahar Base and plans to send them to the rebels in Syria in the form of several air and sea cargos and through Turkey and specially Jordan,” he explained.

“These weapons and arms systems include anti-armor and missile systems, rocket-launchers and rockets and tens of armored Humvees,” the source added, explaining that senior war strategists in the Pentagon believe that they can change the scene of the war in Syria in the interest of the rebel groups with the help of these cargos, specially the shoulder-launched missile systems and the multipurpose Humvee vehicles.

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), commonly known as the Humvee, travels as fast as 150 kilometers per hour under different weather conditions and in various geographical climates, and various types of machineguns, rocket-launchers and weapons systems can be mounted on this vehicle. HMMWVs serve as cargo/troop carriers, automatic weapons platforms, ambulances (four litter patients or eight ambulatory patients), M220 TOW missile carriers, M119 howitzer prime movers, M1097 Avenger Pedestal Mounted Stinger platforms, MRQ-12 direct air support vehicles, S250 shelter carriers, and other roles. The HMMWV is capable of fording 2.5 ft (76 cm) normally, or 5 ft (1.5 m) with the deep-water fording kits installed.

Optional equipment includes a winch (maximum load capacity 6,000 lb (2,700 kg)) and supplemental armor. The M1025/M1026 and M1043/M1044 armament carriers provide mounting and firing capabilities for the M134 Minigun, the Mk 19 grenade launcher, the M2 heavy machine gun, the M240G/B machine gun and M249 LMG. —AP

Post image for UK Special Forces Active In Syria despite Parliament’s ‘no to war’ vote

UK Special Forces Active In Syria despite Parliament’s ‘no to war’ vote


Source: Voice of Russia

According to The Sunday Times, elements of Great Britain’s SAS special force are active in Syria on operations to gather intelligence concerning that country’s chemical warfare stockpiles.

10 Downing Street said on Sunday that the government would comply with Parliament’s ruling not to go to war with Syria, but would continue to cooperate with the US in relevant intelligence gathering.

This follows reports that a Cyprus-based facility of Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters supplies the American NSA agency with electronic surveillance data on Syria.

Speaking to Sky News Sunday, Foreign Secretary William Hague ruled out calling another parliamentary vote on Syria and pledged British help to international agencies providing aid to Syrian civilians.

Syria intervention plan fueled by oil interests, not chemical weapon concern

30 AUGUST 2013

U.N. chemical weapons experts visit people affected by an apparent gas attack, at a hospital in the southwestern Damascus suburb of Mouadamiya.

U.N. chemical weapons experts visit people affected by an apparent gas attack, at a hospital in the southwestern Damascus suburb of Mouadamiya. Photograph: Stringer/Reuters

Source: Guardian

Massacres of civilians are being exploited for narrow geopolitical competition to control Mideast oil, gas pipelines

On 21 August, hundreds – perhaps over a thousand – people were killed in a chemical weapon attack in Ghouta, Damascus, prompting the US, UK, Israel and France to raise the spectre of military strikes against Bashir al Assad’s forces.

The latest episode is merely one more horrific event in a conflict that has increasingly taken on genocidal characteristics. The case for action at first glance is indisputable. The UN now confirms a death toll over 100,000 people, the vast majority of whom have been killed by Assad’s troops. An estimated 4.5 million people have been displaced from their homes. International observers have overwhelmingly confirmed Assad’s complicity in the preponderance of war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Syrian people. The illegitimacy of his regime, and the legitimacy of the uprising, is clear.

Experts are unanimous that the shocking footage of civilians, including children, suffering the effects of some sort of chemical attack, is real – but remain divided on whether it involved military-grade chemical weapons associated with Assad’s arsenal, or were a more amateur concoction potentially linked to the rebels.

Whatever the case, few recall that US agitation against Syria began long before recent atrocities, in the context of wider operations targeting Iranian influence across the Middle East.

In May 2007, a presidential finding revealed that Bush had authorised CIA operations against Iran. Anti-Syria operations were also in full swing around this time as part of this covert programme, according to Seymour Hersh in the New Yorker. A range of US government and intelligence sources told him that the Bush administration had “cooperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations” intended to weaken the Shi’ite Hezbollah in Lebanon. “The US has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria,” wrote Hersh, “a byproduct” of which is “the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups” hostile to the United States and “sympathetic to al-Qaeda.” He noted that “the Saudi government, with Washington’s approval, would provide funds and logistical aid to weaken the government of President Bashir Assad, of Syria,” with a view to pressure him to be “more conciliatory and open to negotiations” with Israel. One faction receiving covert US “political and financial support” through the Saudis was the exiled Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.

According to former French foreign minister Roland Dumas, Britain had planned covert action in Syria as early as 2009: “I was in England two years before the violence in Syria on other business”, he told French television:

“I met with top British officials, who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria. This was in Britain not in America. Britain was preparing gunmen to invade Syria.”

The 2011 uprisings, it would seem – triggered by a confluence of domestic energy shortages and climate-induced droughts which led to massive food price hikes – came at an opportune moment that was quickly exploited. Leaked emails from the private intelligence firm Stratfor including notes from a meeting with Pentagon officials confirmed US-UK training of Syrian opposition forces since 2011 aimed at eliciting “collapse” of Assad’s regime “from within.”

So what was this unfolding strategy to undermine Syria and Iran all about? According to retired NATO Secretary General Wesley Clark, a memo from the Office of the US Secretary of Defense just a few weeks after 9/11 revealed plans to “attack and destroy the governments in 7 countries in five years”, starting with Iraq and moving on to “Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.” In a subsequent interview, Clark argues that this strategy is fundamentally about control of the region’s vast oil and gas resources.

Much of the strategy currently at play was candidly described in a 2008 US Army-funded RAND reportUnfolding the Future of the Long War (pdf). The report noted that “the economies of the industrialized states will continue to rely heavily on oil, thus making it a strategically important resource.” As most oil will be produced in the Middle East, the US has “motive for maintaining stability in and good relations with Middle Eastern states”:

“The geographic area of proven oil reserves coincides with the power base of much of the Salafi-jihadist network. This creates a linkage between oil supplies and the long war that is not easily broken or simply characterized… For the foreseeable future, world oil production growth and total output will be dominated by Persian Gulf resources… The region will therefore remain a strategic priority, and this priority will interact strongly with that of prosecuting the long war.”

In this context, the report identified several potential trajectories for regional policy focused on protecting access to Gulf oil supplies, among which the following are most salient:

“Divide and Rule focuses on exploiting fault lines between the various Salafi-jihadist groups to turn them against each other and dissipate their energy on internal conflicts. This strategy relies heavily on covert action, information operations (IO), unconventional warfare, and support to indigenous security forces… the United States and its local allies could use the nationalist jihadists to launch proxy IO campaigns to discredit the transnational jihadists in the eyes of the local populace… US leaders could also choose to capitalize on the ‘Sustained Shia-Sunni Conflict’ trajectory by taking the side of the conservative Sunni regimes against Shiite empowerment movements in the Muslim world…. possibly supporting authoritative Sunni governments against a continuingly hostile Iran.”

Exploring different scenarios for this trajectory, the report speculated that the US may concentrate “on shoring up the traditional Sunni regimes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan as a way of containing Iranian power and influence in the Middle East and Persian Gulf.” Noting that this could actually empower al-Qaeda jihadists, the report concluded that doing so might work in western interests by bogging down jihadi activity with internal sectarian rivalry rather than targeting the US:

“One of the oddities of this long war trajectory is that it may actually reduce the al-Qaeda threat to US interests in the short term. The upsurge in Shia identity and confidence seen here would certainly cause serious concern in the Salafi-jihadist community in the Muslim world, including the senior leadership of al-Qaeda. As a result, it is very likely that al-Qaeda might focus its efforts on targeting Iranian interests throughout the Middle East and Persian Gulf while simultaneously cutting back on anti-American and anti-Western operations.”

The RAND document contextualised this disturbing strategy with surprisingly prescient recognition of the increasing vulnerability of the US’s key allies and enemies – Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, Egypt, Syria, Iran – to a range of converging crises: rapidly rising populations, a ‘youth bulge’, internal economic inequalities, political frustrations, sectarian tensions, and environmentally-linked water shortages, all of which could destabilise these countries from within or exacerbate inter-state conflicts.

The report noted especially that Syria is among several “downstream countries that are becoming increasingly water scarce as their populations grow”, increasing a risk of conflict. Thus, although the RAND document fell far short of recognising the prospect of an ‘Arab Spring’, it illustrates that three years before the 2011 uprisings, US defence officials were alive to the region’s growing instabilities, and concerned by the potential consequences for stability of Gulf oil.

These strategic concerns, motivated by fear of expanding Iranian influence, impacted Syria primarily in relation to pipeline geopolitics. In 2009 – the same year former French foreign minister Dumas alleges the British began planning operations in Syria – Assad refused to sign a proposed agreement with Qatar that would run a pipeline from the latter’s North field, contiguous with Iran’s South Pars field, through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and on to Turkey, with a view to supply European markets – albeit crucially bypassing Russia. Assad’s rationale was “to protect the interests of [his] Russian ally, which is Europe’s top supplier of natural gas.”

Instead, the following year, Assad pursued negotiations for an alternative $10 billion pipeline plan with Iran, across Iraq to Syria, that would also potentially allow Iran to supply gas to Europe from its South Pars field shared with Qatar. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the project was signed in July 2012 – just as Syria’s civil war was spreading to Damascus and Aleppo – and earlier this year Iraq signed a framework agreement for construction of the gas pipelines.

The Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline plan was a “direct slap in the face” to Qatar’s plans. No wonder Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan, in a failed attempt to bribe Russia to switch sides, told President Vladmir Putin that “whatever regime comes after” Assad, it will be“completely” in Saudi Arabia’s hands and will “not sign any agreement allowing any Gulf country to transport its gas across Syria to Europe and compete with Russian gas exports”, according to diplomatic sources. When Putin refused, the Prince vowed military action.

It would seem that contradictory self-serving Saudi and Qatari oil interests are pulling the strings of an equally self-serving oil-focused US policy in Syria, if not the wider region. It is this – the problem of establishing a pliable opposition which the US and its oil allies feel confident will play ball, pipeline-style, in a post-Assad Syria – that will determine the nature of any prospective intervention: not concern for Syrian life.

What is beyond doubt is that Assad is a war criminal whose government deserves to be overthrown. The question is by whom, and for what interests?

Dr Nafeez Ahmed is executive director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development and author of A User’s Guide to the Crisis of Civilisation: And How to Save It among other books. Follow him on Twitter @nafeezahmed

Field Test: Air Sea Battle” against Syria

30 AUGUST , 2013

Source: Baz Online

The U.S. has set in place for the planned military action against Syria. In the eastern Mediterranean cruise four guided missile destroyer – USS Mahan, USS Barry, USS Gravely and USS Ramage. Soon the USS Stout will join them. These vessels can be used for attacks with Tomahawk cruise missiles at land targets. According to experts, the ships with dozens, perhaps nearly a hundred cruise missiles equipped. Two warships of Americans are, according to media reports already in the sphere of Syria. In the Middle East, the U.S. has probably two submarines that could carry more than 150 cruise missiles with it, as well as two aircraft carrier – the USS Harry S. Truman and USS Nimitz.

Finally, the Americans have for the use of fighter jets to air bases in Turkey, Qatar and Oman. The United States will therefore in their two-to three-day war operation from the sea and from the air of the Syrian military facilities dictator Bashar al-Assadtake under constant fire.

Designed by “Air Sea Battle” concept for any possible conflict with China

The planned military action the United States is based on the concept of “Air Sea Battle,” as the Swiss strategy expert Albert A. Stahel said. This concept was developed over two years ago as “a kind of Drohfinger” in case of any conflict with China and then adjusted for a possible attack on Iran. The “Air Sea Battle” concept will now come against Syria apply. Could be used the weapons systems of the United States in particular against airfields, artillery and missile sites and command infrastructures and barracks of the Assad regime.

The defense capability of the Syrian government army, which controlled only a third of the country is greatly reduced compared to the time before the Civil War, according to Stahel. According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, the capacity of the Syrian armed forces have halved.

Russian «Jachont” the Syrian missiles are no threat to U.S. ships

According to Stahel it may succeed the Assad army to shoot a few cruise missiles or fighter jets of the Americans. Although the Syrian army disponer about modern Russian anti-ship missiles of the type “Jachont.” But this would not have sufficient coverage to meet the American warships. Repulse Given the limited ability of the Syrian government army, the policy expert Stahel try to hide as many weapons and troops and relocate and bring it to safety.

Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem responded on Monday at a press conference in Damascus with confident words to the threat of military strike by the U.S., which may include, in particular on the active support of Britain. There was “no small thing” to take on Syria. Muallem also said that “we are military means available that will surprise the world.”

Assad regime could react with chemical weapons

Strategy expert Stahel does not believe that the Syrians have been unknown miracle weapons. But it is quite conceivable that the Assad regime will use chemical weapons. Against the invaders from the west, but also against Turkey and Saudi Arabia, have expressed their willingness to support the U.S. military.

According to Stahel, it is not excluded that the Assad regime allied with the Shiite militia Hezbollah in southern Lebanon will bombard Israel. The military strike against Syria could lead to an escalation. The two-to three-day military operation would be “the first phase” of an open-end war, says Stahel, who has over 40 years analyzing wars around the world and visited three war zones.

Objectives of the coalition are diffuse to USA

According to Stahel crucial question is what the military strike intended purpose. For a pure demonstration of power would meet two or three days. But the purpose of the coalition to the U.S. is diffuse, because the allies had different ideas. Turkey and Saudi Arabia would have preferred the overthrow of Assad. “If the regime to be brought down, Americans and British would occupy the country,” says Stahel. “But it would take half a million soldiers.”

Stahel assumes that the military strike against Syria, then no later than when the UN inspectors, is currently investigating the allegations of poison gas, have left the country. That would be on Sunday. The experts would need a few days time, said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday afternoon at The Hague. The military strike against Syria might even take place, so Stahel, if there is no ambiguity about the perpetrators of the chemical weapons attack.

Post image for British listening post in Cyprus to supply intelligence to America
British sources confirmed to the paper that intelligence-sharing would continue, unaffected by the Commons vote.
• Monday, 02 September, 2013

British listening post in Cyprus to supply intelligence to America


Source: famagusta-gazette

Britain will supply intelligence to America for their planned strikes against Syria from a base in Cyprus, reports the Sunday Times.

According to the paper, GCHQ, the British Government Communications Headquarters will use the listening post operated by the Army’s 9 Signal Regiment at Ayios Nikolaos.

The top secret base, which includes living quarters for British servicemen and their families, is located near the Green line, two miles east of the town of Famagusta and 15 kilometres north of Ayia Napa.’

Land around the base, which is heavily guarded, is scattered with satellites, radar facilities and radio masts. The unit also provides UK Armed Forces and the United Nations Forces with electronic warfare support and command and control systems

The Sunday Times reported that: “Ayios Nikolaos will help to keep the US abreast of vital signals traffic between the regime of President Assad and his military commanders.”

British sources confirmed to the paper that intelligence-sharing would continue, unaffected by the Commons vote.

In August 2012, the Times reported that British bases were providing Syrian rebels with vital intelligence information.

Last night President Nicos Anastasiades expressed relief that the British airbase at Akrotiri would not be used in any military strikes against Syria, after a common vote rejected action last week.

“I think that the most optimistic message was sent by the British Parliament. Therefore, and besides the fact that we have been assured that Cyprus will not be used as a launch pad against Syria, no one should be worried”, Anastasiades told the press.

He also called on everyone to avoid exaggerations, noting that tourism is a sensitive sector.

Last Thursday the UK sent six RAF Typhoon jets to Akrotiri to defend the strategically important bases on the island against potential retaliatory attacks from the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

18.09.2013 Author: Petr Lvov

Syria: The Fabricated Evidence


Source: The Voice of Russia

There’s no need in specifying all the details of the Assad regime alleged use of chemical weapons – all the facts have been covered a number of times. All the facts that have been properly stated in numerous publications are now covered with a thick layer of groundless accusations and therefore properly forgotten. But you don’t need a lot of facts to save the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov from making excuses.

It’s all so very clear. The chemical substances that were used against the civilians in Guta on August 21 were in fact produced in the Soviet Union. But they were shipped to Syria from Libya on by a security agency called BRITAMDefense. This operation was sponsored by the Syria’s archenemies – Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This was the reason why the British media on September 17 was the first to come across the “breaking news” that the chemical weapons that were used in Syria were of the Russian origin. Those news were not hard to come across since it was the British security firm that hired the Ukrainian mercenaries to set the Syrian government up, the operation was approved by the White House. There’s a lot of detailed analysis pieces published in New Eastern Outlook that explains who was behind the attack in Guta. Those who missed out on these can find out to themselves all the facts that the attack was an operation orchestrated by the White House and sponsored by the Wahabiite monarchies.

Anything beyond the facts is irrelevant. The Great Britain masterminds can be pushing blame for as long as they want, they’ve lost all credibility anyway when they tried to ship U.K. produced chemical weapons to Syria across the Turkey border and got their agents caught.

This January the web site of UK-based Britam Defense was hacked by the unknown group of (supposedly) Iranian origin. Later on a number of files extracted from the stolen dump were uploaded to a number of servers. One of the stolen emails reads as follows:


We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.

We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have. They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.

Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

Kind regards

And should you follow this link, you may even find the pictures of the Ukrainian mercenaries that were to be involved in this “operation”.

So should Mr. Ban Ki-moon and the UN experts start an investigation of the BRITAMDefense’s involvement in the Guta attacks against the civilians? It’s about time that the Russian Ministry of Foreign affairs should stop providing explanations and start with getting some.

Peter Lvov, doctor of political sciences – especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Middle East energy export chokepoints

Source: Financial Post

The prospect of a U.S. military strike on Syria has stoked fears that Damascus,
or its closest ally Iran, may retaliate against U.S. allies in the Gulf – all
leading global oil or gas suppliers.

The Middle East produced 28.27 million barrels a day (bpd), or 32.5% of the
86.15 million bpd of oil produced globally in 2012, according to the BP
Statistical Review.

Below are facts about threats to the major energy transit routes of the Middle
East and possible alternative routes.

The most important oil transit channel in the world with some 17 million bpd, or
about 35 percent of all sea-borne oil, passing through in 2011, according to the
U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Most of the crude exported from Saudi Arabia, Iran, the UAE, Kuwait and Iraq –
together with nearly all the liquefied natural gas (LNG) from lead supplier
Qatar – sails through the narrow channel between Oman and Iran.

Tensions over the Strait have risen since late 2011 as western government
efforts to starve Iran of oil revenues have sparked threats from Tehran that it
might block the channel.

The U.S. Navy, which leads a large Western naval force in the region, has said
it would not allow any disruption to traffic in and out of the Gulf. However,
were it to become impassable other routes would be needed.




Why The U.S. Is Building A High-Tech Bubonic Plague Lab In Kazakhstan


When Kazakhstan's Central Reference Laboratory opens in September 2015, the $102-million project 
laboratory will serve as a Central Asian way station for a global war on dangerous disease.
By Alex PasternackMotherboard
Posted 08.29.2013 at 9:00 am
The Central Reference Laboratory, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, is due for completion in 2015

The Central Reference Laboratory, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, is due for completion in 2015 Ben Dalton
Source: Popular Science/Motherboard

In 1992, Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov, a biologist from the Soviet Union, boarded a
flight in Almaty, then Kazakhstan's capital, for New York. When Dr.
Alibekov—now known as Ken Alibek—sat down with the CIA, he had a terrifying
secret to reveal: that bio weapons program the Soviet Union stopped in the
1980's hadn't actually stopped at all. He knew this because he had led Moscow's
efforts to develop weapons-grade anthrax. In fact, he said, by 1989—around
the time that Western leaders were urging the USSR to halt its secret bioweapons
program, known as Biopreparat—the Soviet program had dwarfed the US's by many
orders of magnitude. (This is disregarding the possibility that the US was also
developing some of these weapons in secret, and, like Russia, still is.)

Post image for Why The U.S. Is Building A High-Tech Bubonic Plague Lab In Kazakhstan

Why The U.S. Is Building A High-Tech Bubonic Plague Lab In Kazakhstan

AUGUST 29, 2013

Source: Popular Science/Motherboard

In 1992, Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov, a biologist from the Soviet Union, boarded a flight in Almaty, then Kazakhstan’s capital, for New York. When Dr. Alibekov—now known as Ken Alibek—sat down with the CIA, he had a terrifying secret to reveal: that bio weapons program the Soviet Union stopped in the 1980′s hadn’t actually stopped at all. He knew this because he had led Moscow’s efforts to develop weapons-grade anthrax. In fact, he said, by 1989—around the time that Western leaders were urging the USSR to halt its secret bioweapons program, known as Biopreparat—the Soviet program had dwarfed the US’s by many orders of magnitude. (This is disregarding the possibility that the US was also developing some of these weapons in secret, and, like Russia, still is.)

One big problem, he added, was that, like the stockpiles of nuclear weapons left in the dust of the Soviet Union, the materials and the expertise needed to make a bioweapon—anthrax, smallpox, cholera, plague, hemorrhagic fevers, and so on—could still be lying about, for sale to the highest bidder. Of those scientists, Alibek told the Times in 1998, ”We have lost control of them.”

Today, biologists who worked in the former Soviet Union—like those who responded to a case of the plague across the border in Kyrgyzstan this week—are likely to brush Alibek’s fears aside. But they’ll also tell you that the fall of the Soviet Union devastated their profession, leaving some once prominent scientists in places like Almaty scrambling for new work. That sense of desperation, underlined by Alibek’s defection to the US, has helped pump hundreds of millions of dollars into a Pentagon program to secure not just nuclear materials but chemical and biological ones, in a process by which Washington became, in essence, their highest bidder.

This explains the hulking concrete structure I recently visited at a construction site on the outskirts of Almaty. Set behind trees and concrete and barbed-wire, Kazakhstan’s new Central Reference Laboratory will partly replace the aging buildings nearby where the USSR kept some of its finest potential bioweapons—and where scientists study those powerful pathogens today. When it opens in September 2015, the $102-million project laboratory is meant to serve as a Central Asian way station for a global war on dangerous disease. And as a project under that Pentagon program, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the lab will be built, and some of its early operation funded, by American taxpayers.

The far-flung biological threat reduction lab may look like a strange idea at a time of various sequester outbreaks, but officials say it’s an important anti-terror investment, a much-needed upgrade to a facility that has been described as an aging, un-secure relic of the 1950′s, and one that the Defense Dept. fears can’t keep pace in an era of WMD.

It’s also an investment, they add, in a country where scientists are hungry for more international participation and better facilities—and where the U.S. is keen to keep sensitive materials and knowledge in the right hands and brains.

Security at the construction site:  Carl Robichaud

“You cannot erase this knowledge from someone’s mind,” said Lt. Col. Charles Carlton, director of the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency office in Kazakhstan. The threat of scientists going rogue, he said, is “a serious concern.” “We’re doing our best to employ these people. Our hope is that through gainful employment they won’t be drawn down other avenues.”

There is no hard evidence that bioweapons were pilfered and sold during the 1990s, but Alibek has said that ”there are many non-official stocks of smallpox virus,” a virus that was officially eradicated in 1980. Western intelligence agencies also estimate that North Korea and Russia currently have the capacity to deploy smallpox as a weapon of mass destruction. (It’s worth remembering however that fears in the run-up to the Iraq war about Saddam Hussein getting smallpox from Soviet scientistswere unfounded,  despite widely publicized reports by Judy Miller and others.) Other countries suspected of having inadvertently or deliberately retained specimens of the virus include China, Cuba, India, Iran, Israel and Pakistan.

Bakyt B. Atshabar, head of the 60-year-old institute that will run the new lab, the Kazakh Scientific Center of Quarantine and Zoonotic Diseases, is keenly aware of the dangers of weapons development: his father helped diagnose the effects of weapons tests on thousands of people who lived near the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, in the north of the country.

But to him and other biologists in Almaty, the lab is less about defense strategy and more about developing scientific expertise. Currently the KSCQZD is focused on studying and preventing potentially lethal contagion, like the case of the teenager across the southern border in Kyrgyzstan, who died last week from bubonic plague after eating a barbecued marmot (he was likely bitten by a flea, doctors said).

Dr. Bakyt B. Atshabar, head of the institute that will manage the Central Reference Lab:  Motherboard

“We’re looking forward to this becoming a regional training facility focused both on human and animal infections,” he said. “Cholera is also one of the major problems in our region, mostly with our numerous southern neighbors.” He also cited an incident in July in which Kazakh tourists returned from a trip in Southeast Asia with dengue fever.

Increased trade with its eastern neighbor China also threatens to increase the transmission of disease. “Along with the construction of pipelines,” he said, “come rodents and fleas.”

Meanwhile, the country’s meager opposition has called the lab a risk to the citizens of Almaty; the city sits in an active seismic zone, and the lab lies just outside town, and not far from a populated suburban neighborhood. Officials have countered that the building is designed to meet the city’s highest seismic standards, and will replace what a 2011 US embassy statement said were ”older buildings at the institute that are not built to withstand such tremors.”

“I would say this could take just about anything,” Dan Erbach, an engineer from AECOM, the contractor overseeing the project, said during a tour of the site, which is currently a set of bulking concrete stacked three and four stories high, set atop a remediated field. “There’s more than twice as much strength in this building than any other building in the city.” (The building’s seismic standard was the result of an intervention by the government, which placed new requirements on the project before construction began in 2011. That pushed the initial completion date back a year to September 2015.)

From a security and safety perspective, the new lab represents a giant leap. When documentarian Simon Reeve visited the existing facility in 2006, he saw Soviet-era buildings and security measures not likely to intimidate a determined terrorist—or a scientist—from sneaking some anthrax or plague out into the wild. Small locks on fridges were all that kept deadly vials from a fast escape.


“We’re not that far from places where terrorists groups are living relatively openly,” Reeve said. ”They would love to break in here, they would love to get hold of this stuff.”

Breaches of security and competance have been a problem at U.S. biodefense labs for decades. Texas is a particular hotspot. In 2002, a renowned professor at Texas Tech was alleged to have lied about thirty vials of plague that went missing at his lab. In two separate incidents at Texas A&M in 2006, university officials failed to tell the Center for Disease Control after biodefense researchers were infected with brucella and Q fever, which has been researched as a weapon. In March, when a sample of Guanarito, a Venezualan virus, went missing at the Gavalston National Laboratory, officials cautiously blamed the apparently missing amount on a clerical error, but the incident is under investigation by the FBI.

The Almaty lab will be outfitted with safety features like double-door access zones and special containment hoods, enough to qualify it under U.S. Centers for Disease Control standards as a level 3 biosafety lab, or BSL-3 (the highest level is BSL-4). Only a fraction of the lab will be dedicated to lethal dieases and certified at BSL-3; most of the other labs at the 87,000 square foot building will be BSL-2, for the non-lethal variety.

But plague is already a focus of work at the existing lab in Almaty because it occurs naturally in nearly 40 percent of the country. (The KSCQZD began life in 1949 as the Central Asian Anti-Plague Scientific Research Institute.) Though it’s often spread by fleas, depending on lung infections or sanitary conditions, it also can be spread in the air, through direct contact, or by contaminated undercooked food. Until June 2007, plague was one of the three epidemic diseases required to be reported to the World Health Organization, along with cholera and yellow fever. The case in Kyrgystan last week underscored the regional danger of its spread among humans; there are about 3,000 cases per year.

“We will evaluate the scale of contacts, likely natural carriers of the disease, such as rivers,” Zhandarbek Bekshin, an official at Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Health, said. No border crossings have been closed, local media reported, but over one hundred people who came into contact with the teenager were hospitalized.

Climate change is also a concern at the lab. Because climate effects how plague spreads, studying the disease “can also be used as an indicator of changes to the natural environment,” Dr. Atshabar said.

For the US, however, the project is rooted in global security, and fits with its now decades-long collaboration with Kazakhstan in controlling weapons of mass destruction. In 1991 President Nazerbayev oversaw the dismantling and return to Russia of its nuclear weapons. But the country still maintains a store of pathogens that were once cherished by the Soviet military.

The secret Biopreparat program came into sharp focus in 2001, when a former Soviet official explained to a Moscow newspaper the suspected basis of an outbreak of smallpox that sickened ten people and killed three in a community on the Aral Sea: they were the accidental victims of a Soviet military field test at a bioweapons facility based on a nearby island, he said.

Because some of those sickened had already been vaccinated against smallpox, the incident raised questions about the ability of vaccines to protect against state-designed bioweapons.

Lt. Col. Charles Carlton, who heads the Defense Threat Reduction Agency's efforts in Kazakhstan, outside the CRL Lt. Col. Charles Carlton, who heads the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s efforts in Kazakhstan, outside the CRL:  Ben Dalton

With another smaller lab at a military base in the town of Otar, in western Kazakhstan on the Caspian Sea, and a flurry of similar projects in the works—in Russia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, and Azerbaijan—the Pentagon hopes its Defense Threat Reduction Agency can also establish a regional early warning system for infections and outbreaks. (As the U.S. weighed responses to Syria’s use of chemical weapons this week, DTRA announced more grants for research into sensing and tracking WMD.)

Is it possible, as some Russian critics have alleged, that labs like this could serve as brain trusts and storehouses for weapons research, for either the US or their home countries? “Russia sees this as… a powerful offensive potential,” Gennady Onishchenko, the Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia—a kind of Surgeon General—told reporters in July.

Washington denies that these reference labs and the secret research at the historic home of American bioweapons, at the US Army base at Fort Detrick, Maryland, have anything to do with offensive weapons, that they meet the standards of the 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BWC), and that their work will eventually be made public.

Funding for the $103 million construction project in Kazakhstan, and much of the lab’s operations in its early years, will come from the Dept. of Defense, which envisions it as playing a central role in monitoring pathogen outbreaks, a strategy that received new funding after the anthrax attacks in 2001. Last year, the White House announced a program that consolidated these efforts under the banner of ”biosurveillance.”

“DOD’s involvement in biosurveillance goes back probably before DOD to the Revolutionary War,” Andrew C. Weber, assistant secretary of defense for nuclear, chemical and biological defense programs, told American Forces Press Service last year. “We didn’t call it biosurveillance then, but monitoring and understanding infectious disease has always been our priority, because for much of our history, we’ve been a global force.”

Global outbreak of infectious disease (International Livestock Research Institute) Global outbreak of infectious disease (International Livestock Research Institute): Motherboard

Global outbreak of infectious disease (International Livestock Research Institute):  Motherboard

As the former director of the two-decade old Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program (or “Nunn-Lugar” for short), Weber has paid special attention to Central Asia. After he spent much of the 1990s helping the U.S. remove weapons-grade uranium from the former Soviet Union under Nunn-Lugar, he was instrumental in creating Central Reference Laboratories in Almaty and elsewhere in the region.

An English-language editorial in Pravda in July referenced Weber’s role as something that should “promp[t] serious reflection.” Responding to a US State Department report that Russia was possibly pursuing bioweapons research, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow noted that it “gives impression that the US, despite the changes occurring in the world, still remains in the grip of cold war propaganda.”

Kazakh officials meanwhile underscored that the lab, which operates under Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Health, was not connected to Soviet defense research. But historically, scientists at the USSR’s anti-plague institutes—including the one that will run the new Almaty lab—were also involved in a secret project to design vaccines for pathogens that had been modified by the military program that Dr. Alibek, the defector, once ran.

On the sunny day earlier this month when we visited the site, however, the conversation was focused on saving lives through cooperation, not the opposite. The hope is that labs like this will simply encourage more international scientific relationships, the kind that build cultural trust, and the kind upon which science thrives.

Despite “typical intergovernmental issues,” Carlton and other officials expressed optimism about the collaboration. “I never like to refer to this as the former Soviet Union. That was in the past. In the military, it’s been a sea change in our mentality.

“Kazakhstan has come so far in terms of government organization, and understanding the threat and the problem,” he added. “This is a country that willingly said, we want to get rid of this threat and take the lead. Kazakhstan has opened up as an exemplar around the world.”

Security at the construction site:  Carl Robichaud:

Security at the construction site

Dr. Bakyt B. Atshabar, head of the institute that will manage the Central Reference Lab: Motherboard:
Dr. Bakyt B. Atshabar, head of the institute that will manage the Central Reference Lab

NATO is Bombing Libya Once More!

Mu a Holy experience


Tomorrow corresponding 23_9 Dchri historic speech to the Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in the UN Security Council, where the
commander of this description International Council of terror Board and tore the commander of the Charter of this Council and passed on
all the international media, describing the historical
(Admin Rafiq)



Each Aladmnah and fans of the Legion of page 219 security :
please you not to give any information regarding the movements of the

Liberals in the GNU us steadfast or anything for putting the spread of the tribes there thankful for your cooperation.

Saqr Sirte

Three years and not penance continues.
Three years have passed on the creative chaos in Libya, three years and a mob led the country and going into the unknown, but the speed of sound.
And the exciting thing is that a lot of Almetzndeghin are still
Disbelieve in Muammar Gaddafi until after I see the dirt atonement now easier than drinking water, as if they had come for people to get out of the pale.
Vhamd to God that there is no intermediary between a person and his Lord, and praise be to Allah that he made ​​us Muslims.
ثلاث سنوات ولا زال التكفير مستمراً.
ثلاث سنوات مرت علي الفوضى الخلاقه في ليبيا،ثلاث سنوات و الغوغاء تسير البلاد و تقودها نحو المجهول ولكن بسرعة الصوت.
و المثير في الأمر ان الكثير من المتزندقين لازالوا
يكفرون في معمر القذافي حتى بعد ان واراه التراب التكفير الان أسهل من شرب الماء، وكأنهم جائوا لكي يخرجوا الناس من المله.
فلحمد لله انه ليس هناك وسيط بين العبد و ربه، ، و الحمدلله انه جعلنا مسلمين.

A source familiar with the Ministry of Communications that some relay for Page
Not affiliated with the official authorities, that connections will be cut in
The eastern region to coincide with demonstrations and develop a road map
Led by activists and citizens, and the source confirmed…

Battalion Black day
Why expect in the demonstrations Jardan the day 21/9 … Is C dominated the kiosk and Alrgis and Altsatrib

the usual chants and posters and repeat the word leave no avail or vice versa ….

We are now on the sidelines and see Machristdt

(The main Admin)

Struggle and evening struggle Aaibina and Girls honorable Libyan tribes.

Saqr Sirte.

The countdown for the Liberation of Libya and began rapidly …..
Get ready for the other good news harvest season has begun ….

Thus, you will be weddings brave revolutionaries after the blessed revolution and the advent of goodness.

  • استعدوا للآخبار السارة الآخري لقد بدأ موسم القطاف ….


Next Hashim humans and hater and Haitham Tagouris, everyone must be sent quickly to hell Valhassa with the b awaits them there …

Warning above: out of  LTT hands—‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD stops net for today, Saturday, because of demonstrations and Green Army….
Crackdown violent against demonstrators–incarceration also..aerial bombings too!

Our country and we are in. ..We will not surrender!


Augmenter la taille
Diminuer la taille

Libya is not a jungle. By the will of a scammer: Nicolas Sarkozy …

He made every effort to prevent the Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, to ask him for his money as soon as the first had been disagreements between Nicolas Sarkozy drunk on easy money and guide Libyan rebel at the idea that licks -ass big industrial families in Europe and France proceed with its project of deconstruction of Africa, to enable these families it serves, at the expense of social France, plundering the enormous wealth of the continent.

But like any good thief white collar, the image of the personality front of Nicolas Sarkozy is a treasure that must be preserved by all means and at all prices. Unfortunately, Libya suffered ingratitude, jealousy, malice of African leaders who razed the walls of Tripoli to get that money to pay arrears of salaries of civil servants that money to finance political projects . So left behind even Russia and China, Libya was left alone to face the rage of looters NATO led by the United States with as dog barking policy France.

But time is the most credible opponent of lying. He is patient. He does not speak. But it exposes the deceit and began irreparably credibility and false honors from a scam rogue like designed and implemented by Nicolas Sarkozy and his friends thieves in Libya.

So this uncompromising, cruel and opponent time has finally arrived in Libya. The “revolutionary”yesterday, to which NATO bombs and spooks of France, the USA, England opened the roads by massacring hundreds of thousands of Libyan Patriots, call today for help. They are unable to perform administrative tours in almost all of Libya. Their only living space is Tripoli and the air when an airplane to carry suitcases of money and other valuables from Libya to Paris where await the international underworld that destroyed Libya.

Even for their own safety, these lepers who dared claim to act on behalf of the Libyan people are desperate and ask their Western masters to help them stay alive so that continuous looting and destruction in Libya now vacant and ownerless.

But the Libyan people who had the pride of being led by a great man, of course, with its flaws and qualities, can not remain longer under the authority of a non-existent band of bastards in suits playing men political front, with their backs, a looter assistant straight from Paris or Washington.

This is why people resist. With weapons. In a totally asymmetric war that ended up pushing the rats gnawed all Libya to publicly confess their panic and their inability to be accepted by the Libyans.

But to the eyes of that resistant Libyan rest he turned? ….

…So be it and so it will be. Otherwise …

A Very Soon.

La Libye n’est plus qu’une jungle. Par la seule volonté d’un escroc : Nicolas Sarkozy…

Il a mis tout en œuvre pour empêcher le Guide libyen, le Colonel Mouammar Kadhafi, de lui réclamer son argent dès que les premiers désaccords sont apparus entre un Nicolas Sarkozy ivre d’argent facile et le Guide Libyen révolté à l’idée que ce lèche-cul des grandes familles industrielles d’Europe et de France mette à exécution son projet de déconstruction de l’Afrique, afin de permettre à ces familles qu’il sert, au détriment de la France sociale, de piller les immenses richesses du Continent.

Mais comme tout bon voleur à col blanc, l’image de la personnalité de façade de Nicolas Sarkozy est un précieux trésor qu’il fallait préserver par tous les moyens et à tous les prix. Malheureusement, la Libye a essuyé l’ingratitude, la jalousie, la méchanceté des chefs d’Etat africains qui rasaient les murs de Tripoli pour aller chercher qui de quoi payer des arriérés de salaires des fonctionnaires qui de l’argent pour financer des projets politiques. Alors, laissée pour compte même par la Russie et la Chine, la Libye est restée seule face à la rage des pillards de l’OTAN dirigés par les Etats-Unis avec comme chien aboyeur la France politique.

Mais le temps est le contradicteur le plus crédible du menteur. Il est patient. Il ne parle pas. Mais il met à nu la fourberie et entame irrémédiablement la crédibilité et les faux honneurs tirés d’une arnaque de voyous comme celle conçue et mise en œuvre par Nicolas Sarkozy et ses amis voleurs en Libye.

Alors ce temps intransigeant, cruel et contradicteur, est enfin arrivé en Libye. Les “révolutionnaires” d’hier, à qui les bombes de l’OTAN et les barbouzes de la France, des USA, de l’Angleterre ouvraient les routes en massacrant des centaines de milliers de Patriotes libyens, appellent aujourd’hui au secours. Ils sont incapables d’effectuer des tournées administratives dans la quasi-totalité de la Libye. Leur seul espace de vie reste Tripoli et les airs lorsqu’ils sont en avion pour transporter mallettes d’argent et autres biens précieux de la Libye en direction de Paris où les y attendent la pègre internationale qui a détruit la Libye.

Même pour assurer leur propre sécurité, ces pestiférés qui ont osé prétendre agir au nom du peuple libyen sont aux abois et demandent à leurs maîtres occidentaux de les aider à rester en vie afin que continue pillage et destruction dans une Libye désormais vacante et sans maître.

Mais le peuple libyen qui a connu la fierté d’être dirigé par un grand homme, bien sûr avec ses défauts et ses qualités, ne saurait demeurer plus longtemps sous l’autorité inexistante d’une bande d’enfoirés en costume, jouant les hommes politiques de façade, avec dans leurs dos, un assistant pillard venu tout droit de Paris ou Washington.

C’est pourquoi le peuple résiste. Avec des armes. Dans une forme de guerre totalement asymétrique qui a fini par pousser les rats qui ont rongés toute la Libye, à confesser publiquement leur panique générale et leur incapacité à se faire accepter par les Libyens.

Mais vers qui le regard des Résistants libyens reste-t-il tourné ?

Naturellement, ce n’est pas vers un inconnu des Libyens car les inconnus, ils sont en train d’en faire une bouchée en ce moment. C’est donc vers celui qu’ils connaissent, qu’ils savent incarner les valeurs et le système qui a valu à la Libye, son rayonnement panafricain et international, qu’ils ont le regard tourné….

…Ainsi soit-il et il en sera ainsi. Sinon…

A Très Bientôt.

Hassane Magued
(he Permanent Revolution)


But Saif is NOT the end of all means! Muammar al-Qathafi is still alive and Commanding with SAADI the Green Resistance!

Naturally, this is not a stranger to the Libyans as unknown, they are now making a bite right now. So to those they know, they know embody the values ​​and the system that has earned Libya, its pan-African and international influence, they are now looking.

And now we have received news of the arrests are now wide from inside the hotel “Oasis” and “Sevilla” to hunt down

(as they said) calling for a demonstration of tomorrow.
(Green Mountain newspaper)

URGENT: – Brotherhood people fear: –

This paper was suspended in front of some Almsagdalajoanih today:


Government and only the hum meet and execute the orders of militia leaders:


Libya first Jaiba the report on the people to fortune in the green arena
Broadcaster each time they ask in one,
You are wage demands as
It is I am a prophet Zaidane
And asks alone Also, and Ante Íaa Chta wage demands as
I request to drop Zaidane and the Government of the 30 Thieves
And you, brother Shen Mtbak
I request to drop the party Brotherhood.
God Hsstuni that Broadcaster served in the restaurant and ask in to Mqamazin Shen eat. I am one Shawarma, and I am one Tamya and I’m … etc.
ليبيا اولا جايبه تقرير عن الناس الي طالعه في الساحه الخضراء
و المذيع كل مره يسأل في واحد ,
انت شن مطالب ك
يرد عليه انا ما نبي زيدان
و يسأل وحده تانيه ,,وانتي ياأ ختي شن مطالب ك
أنا مطلبي أسقاط زيدان وحكومة 30 حرامي
وانت يا أخ شن مطلبك
انا مطلبي أسقاط الحزب الاخواني
والله حسستوني أن المذيع يخدم في مطعم ويسأل في الي مقعمزين شن ياكل و . انا واحد شاورما , وانا واحد طعميه وانا …ألخ

Voice Cyrenaica:

Kaaaaaaaaaaarthh p channel Libya first disappearance 750 Miliaaaaaaaaaaar of the Central Bank of Libya

O Saaaaatr of the biggest corruption in the history of mankind !

This traitor who said the ful 7 decision … as a “good campaign, God willing,” …….. O us the wonders of your ability!

Hola thugs officials fateful decision ful 7 RAR …

هـــولاء الـسفــاحــين المسؤلـــــين عــن الـــقرار الــمشــؤوم القـــــــ7ـــــرار …


from the African Continent and secondly,

remember what NATO’s “Right2P” really meant and did to LIBYA! They were “protecting” the Zionists Interests;
not the Libyan People’s !! All they gave to Libya was death & Destruction!–
Defense Ministry confirms the existence of reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the United Nations
scouring the skies of Benghazi …. Defense Ministry confirmed on Sunday, that the plane watched by
residents of the city of Benghazi in the sky of the city back to the power of (AFRICOM) of the Organization
of the United Nations. He said the ministry spokesman Abdul Razak Cbahi The exploratory plane back
to the power of (AFRICOM) of the United Nations mission and reconnaissance imaging and protect civilians.
The Cbahi that the Ministry of Defence had agreed earlier with (AFRICOM) within a specific convention for the
protection of the skies of Libya during the revolution of February 17, and ended since last June, at the request
of the interim government plane returned to the skies the country for next June.
ABDULah THANKLESS ( Hakim BelHadj) Called ungrateful dog and his masters in NATO…
and they are again in LIBYA!!!(He is LFG and al-Qaeda whom NATO claim they are bombing!! LIARS & Murderous HYPOCRITES)
WE MUST NOT PERMIT NATO, USA, FRANCE, U.K., AFRICOM or the USA BACK in Libyan airspace or upon Libyan Soil or territorial WATERS!!!We will not forget our children who we lost following the decision unfair to impose on us semiconductor men .. We will not forget our kids Mahmoud and Balkis, or generosity and light and all our brave martyrs and prisoners in the prisons of February, Mvcodena and our wounded .. Kono on the date 25 / September / 2013 PThese come on a good campaign waged by militias led Libya Shield Misrata .. The city of Bani Walid for an entire month …
Bani Walid has not and will not die and Stendmon Ali Fltkm
لن ننسى أطفالنا الذين فقدناهم إثر قرار ظالم فرضه علينا أشباه الرجال .. لن ننسى أطفالنا محمود و بلقيس و أم الجود و نور و كل شهداؤنا الأشاوس و أسرانا في سجون فبراير و مفقودينا و جرحانا .. كونو في الموعد 25 / سبتمبر / 2013 ف

And we must NEVER dismiss what NATO did to SIRTE!

Libya’s international channel

Member of the General National Congress for the city of Sirte Abdul Salam key to submit his resignation

from the membership of the Conference.

المدعو ناكر كلب وفي لأسياده في حلف الاطلسي.
(The Libyan news agency)
 Belhadj (the al-Qaeda LFG man) 
and Ali Zaidane the German citizen, on his last European trip

General Almatmalotunai resolution No. (81) for the year 2013 in regard to

lifting immunity for each of the: emigrated commander,

Touati Alaadh the F tourist.


Do not listen to any of the phantom data on Facebook , Paltalk or other … All fake data do not have any basis of health ..

Most of the resistance inside the land of the Libyan insurgents do not know the Internet was originally only a few ..

Facebook Tntalaa the mass popular resistance of the campaigns launched by the resistance pages …

As many phantom data and false significantly impair the muzzle .

Laila Amer:

“victory of God we wait for data or saws we have confidence in and Dhanana and the right owners and the earth

beneath our feet is still a delegation Here we have a year and the imposition of Libya to all of us , but sold the supply and ground.”

Smart Fisherman:

“we will not give will not Ntkhadl in the march to liberate the homeland will not listen to Haúola

of the damned Achardmh promiscuous aggressor to the house of God , we are still the words of our Lord commander 

in Adanna will resist even did not hear his voice , and God is Greatest.”

Hanno Hnoo:

“RBI in victory”

Mager hold by Leah:

“is removed in the land mass did not leave them or the safest weapon and Mazelt resist and led to people from the east

to the south to the city until the back banner Ezza and Arabism green flag,”

The Sadya Sday:

“will not surrender , we will not succumb”



Rat said Bo-sided that the conference Allaotunai will do 51 Constitution and the general state system would be a republican,

and God rotate the effort Jabbar you that you Rdjatna of the back steps of the mass of the Republican state commander Íaakh.

Saqr Sirte.


“Forward Aavzan to forward honest Yakbaúlna not return to the era of slavery.”

(Muammar al-Qathafi)

Admin Rafiq

Libyan militias are holding 8,000 prisoners in secret prisons

Posted: 2013/09/19           http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=633591
From: Mathaba
There are no human rights in occupied Libya since it is in the hands of mercenaries in the pay of the colonial powers.
Since the NATO-led war on the Libyan Jamahiriya, the situation in the occupied country is catastrophic and there is no law outside of the law of arms and terror. The country is in the hands of mercenaries of various militias that control various parts of Libya. Each group governs its own territory with violence, torture and murder. The occupation government in Tripoli has no power to enforce human rights, which rights therefore are effectively non-existent.What is most serious, is that every militia has created private justice. Each group of mercenaries has a private prison where they confine and torture their prisoners. By now everyone knows the case of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of the Leader of the Libyan Al-Fateh Revolution, Muammar Gaddafi, who is illegally held in a private prison in Zliten. But another 8,000 inmates are in the same situation.This number is also confirmed by the current Ministry of Justice of the so-called central government, which also is totally helpless to counter the dominance of the battalions of mercenaries who infest Libya. The main private prisons are located in the city of Misrata, Zawiya, Zliten and even in the capital Tripoli.One of the shameful cases concerns the Mitiga prison in the Libyan capital. The infamous prison is under the direct control of the Supreme Security Committee, but despite that, it is a terrifying place where every kind of torture is practiced.Another scandalous issue concerns the refugee situation. There are entire communities displaced, cities destroyed, and people terrorized and discriminated. The most famous case concerns Tawergha, a town whose only crime is to have been loyal to the legitimate government of Libya. Misrata’s mercenaries have deported its inhabitants. The city has been totally destroyed and its inhabitants are still prevented from returning.Other similar cases relate to the city of Darj, Ryayna, Al Qalish and Mashashiya, but also many people of Sirte and Bani Walid are martyrs of the resistance to the colonial oppressors, and have suffered the same fate.Unfortunately, the situation of the Libyan refugees abroad is also a disaster. Hundreds of thousands of people loyal to the Libyan Jamahiriya have been forced to leave the country since 2011 to escape persecution by the militia. After more than two years, many of them are still living in camps in a state of despair. For them to return home is presently impossible, as their homes either no longer exist or are occupied by mercenaries, and they would be arrested and probably tortured and killed upon their return to Libya.The occupation government does not recognize them as Libyans and therefore has no intention of helping them. Neither the effort of national reconciliation, nor the so-called international community does anything for them.However, those who sow hatred are reaping only rejection and resistance. The great march of popular resistance is already on the move. Soon the shameful occupation government and the mercenaries will be erased from the history of Libya, and soon the masses will regain their popular authority which they deserve as a natural right.GCS

The day will come to call our streets and our schools and universities on the names of the first heroes of the

Libyan leader from his sons and Abu Bakr Younis Jaber, and the rest of our martyrs and passing Basrana the

the brave, such as Mansour Daou Lobo Zaid Dorda and Abdullah al-Senussi, Ahmed Ibrahim …

And the rest of the Champions … These heroes are men first mass in history … It is a great honor.

09/25/2013 day meeting of the martyrs and prisoners of war and missing and injured …
We will go out for the sake of the blood of the martyrs and for prisoners of war and missing we will come

out on Wednesday, 09/25/2013, to say our word in front of Libyans and to the world …

Libyan news | Eye on Facebook

Yesterday trials against Libyan figures of the big sins that history will not forgive for Fberaarien.

They are more than aware that these trials bad play to try to output simulated the existence of the State in Libya now.
Eliminate that such detainees in front of yesterday can not even protect himself, and has no independence in the face

of the militias that provide him protection conditional on not compromising its influence and ignoring all its crimes against the Libyans.
Is victor’s justice trying to impose a fait accompli to liquidate liabilities and the fallacy of the world.

Bashir Saleh

Zaidane client authorizes the defense minister to grant arranged for 200 military field commander of rats and attach them to the

cadres of the army and police, each according to their age, experience and qualifications Aaalak case and salvation.

Saqr Sirte.

(What they accuse our Great Jamahiriya citizens of is what the RATS  themselves are really the guilty part of.)

TRAITORS “collaboraing with Foreign bodies”:

Almqji Maimshawa barbers for this the date Qublohm in hell will be in the places henna sale and incense and cheap perfume ….

The Terrorist Busidra was appointed proxy member of the National The Conference Defiance The Libyan people
National Congress required to issue a decision prevents the Libyans to travel abroad for many women and liquor.

The Libyan news agency today

Mr. President (ZAIDANE) will hold the interim government and Sada, Minister of Justice and Minister of the Interior in charge of a

press conference tomorrow, Sunday, September 22, 2013 at 11:00 am at the Prime Minister’s Office.

(Naima Misrati)

“A country ambience” newspaper:

Jamal Alzoubih to say the atmosphere for the country if the Attorney General was summoned for interrogation on

Monday, against the backdrop of a complaint filed against a member of the National Conference F tourist.

Do you expect the Attorney General calls to lift the immunity members Alautamr the Paradise

Will we see the Attorney General waive the immunity to the President and members of the

Committee on Energy National Congress after a bribery scandal installed documents


هل سنرى النائب العام يرفـــع الحصانة على رئيس واعضاء لجنة الطاقة بالمؤتمر الوطني بعد فضيحة الرشوة المثبته بالمستندات
Now on Libya Liberal: Naji al-Mukhtar, head of the Energy Committee in the General National Congress:

Instruments that displayed Jdharan the forged deserved .. Congress and the government does not intervene in these bargains ridiculous ..

Jdharan by Give auto in Ajdabiya day “where I come from with all this money.”



The forces that brought the conference to secure # Tripoli did not work assigned to them, Crimes and violations, kidnappings increased

rate as soon as they enter the capital almost a month ago, and Atfajie day citizens Bertal heavily armed reviewing troops in the streets

is not to protect them but to protect the Congress and the government!!

Logic =. Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ
(picture shows a gang of ZLITEN renegades for the SHIELDS–which the city of Zliten has totally disowned!):

News Jamahiriya | Tarakhiat the

Hercules aircraft Bonbers of the type you land at the U.S. base Willis in Tripoli

  • طيران مروحي يحلق على العاصمة طرابلس منذ الصباح. #ليبيا

    Aviation military Apache helicopter  hovering over the capitol


    ABDULah THANKLESS ( Hakim BelHadj) Called ungrateful dog and his masters in NATO…and they are again in LIBYA!!!

    (He is LFG and al-Qaeda whom NATO claim they are bombing!! LIARS & Murderous HYPOCRITES)


    المدعو ناكر كلب وفي لأسياده في حلف الاطلسي.

    Now inside the huge convoy Salim Aktar than 400 vehicles of all kinds of weapons.

    (Media Abu Salim Center)

    Exhume the tomb of the Companion Sidi African Mnivr (Mr. Mandar) by takfiri Salafist groups.
    Last night: Ain Zara, record the number of 3 cases of armed robbery of a group leading the BMW black color and is being searched for.
    Zenata traffic signal, the arrest of a person and the other sons fled (infected) after chase them because Stohm on the highway citizen.
    Last night: Princess Lounge, June 11, and a group of gunmen Bar-room brawl threatening injury groom and the intervention of security in place.
    Of Htvat in GREEN SQUARE Tripoli Win Security O Khanabh of Libya gone gang:
    Green  Square is now in a protest movement martyr to revive the nation to demand the overthrow of the interim government
  • and the General National Congress and that the outcome of the country’s Fodi and assassinations?
  • Systems faculty members the Alchuirv area on Sunday and in the field vigil to protest the president delayed salaries and lack of access to rights and financial benefits
  •  Open tent Alatsam the monument in Green Square in a demonstration of “the movement of a martyr for homeland neighborhoods.

    Libya February …

    Tripoli / Hrdmish (airport) Tripoli International

    A young man grows and Panama and close the runway on Libyan plane was about to depart this morning and prevents

    them from Amoadhirh the before he was ejected through the runway and did not know the reasons so far.


    Adnan rocket participated in the bombing of the Yarmouk camp against Zintan participated in the

    re-Gneoh Alkkla Committee Salim security after his expulsion from Zintan in Gurji kidnapped both

    belonged to the tribe of Zintan and tortured in the second secret headquarters in the way of Nasser University.

    Unconfirmed news on the state of hysteria sustained Gneoh a Alkkla after killed Adnan rocket and said loudly that Zintan would kill him too.

    Urgent ..Ezzedine Louhichi kidnapped from the Zintan tribe after taking part in demonstrations today and news to move it to indicate Mitigua base.

    Urgent ..Unconfirmed news that the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood tracking militia in Tripoli, the assassination of Adnan rocket

    after it issued a set of Mr. Qutb wrote in the shadow of the Holy Quran and referred it to the secret of the Corners by the burning ….

    Urgent ..Clashes and heavy gunfire heard now in the Gurji domicile deceased Adnan rocket.

    Urgent ..A convoy of rebel battalion Tripoli heading to the secret headquarters of which was her second deceased Adnan rocket.

    Mesh tell Tripoli been appointed Almkaath and pants Tayhh Hevcoa men Tripoli launched appreciate the do.

    Urgent ..Strong explosion shakes the city of Tripoli now ….

    Urgent ..News about the movement of a column of the second secret backing trapping area Alfornaj in Tripoli and the destruction of Al-Zahrawi Medical analysis ….

    Urgent Tripoli – shortly before

    Adnan al-Shibani’s assassination is the second secret backing nicknamed (missile) shot which is calculated on the Brotherhood and a coalition to Tkfferin and Suehalian

    Valguetlh kill and assassinate him that is expected to be assassinated
    And the news has been confirmed on the second page confidential backing on Facebook.

    Slain Adnan al-Shibani nicknamed missile

    Adnan al-Shibani Almlfb missile killer is Dr. “Hassan Triki,”
    Where Adnan tortured to death, Dr. ..

    Said the spokesman for the operations room, DC Rat Essam sleepiness that the killing named Adnan al-Shibani was a military organs of the current

    government because he was overseeing the sensitive issues of security and intelligence, taking advantage of the chaos experienced by the country.

    Saqr Sirte.

    Come who after …
    Urgent ..Assault on some of the doctors in the hospital street corner slain by secret Adnan al-Shibani

    not charged after do Ballazem not Rescue the life of the deceased Adnan al-Shibani.

    Urgent for publication and dissemination / 6 persons were arrested from the western the Gurji Alharg population

    accused of killing the cadaver Adnan al-Shibani, nicknamed the missile “We hope the free zone discernible caution.


    Here is another pic of the known homosexual:



Some Zintan Men,,, all a to Mchacheh the men, the result, some Zintan resemble the Mchacheh ..

Hashim humans

Call me many brothers and sisters asking for a range of movement of a martyr for the home, including the brother the Ezzedine Louhichi

activist who had been abducted after demonstration in Martyrs’ Square this evening .. I deny absolutely Msaliti or liability brother Haitham

Tagouris or brother Abdul Rauf hater according to a both or we know them and there is nothing to require detention or abduction of activists

demonstrating in a peaceful civilians and freedom of expression is guaranteed for all, this investigation brotherhood activists neighbor will not

Nadm avenue in the search for them and find out place or the party to which they were taken.
This science and discharge of edema and certainly promoted by hearsay to Oachon.

The abduuction of EZZEDINE LOUHICHI:

The news agency – Tripoli – reporter – Urgent

Newsflash …… We Achtitav member Shahid movement to revive the nation (Ezzeddine Alzentani)

in Tripoli a few hours ago ……..

Saraya Zintan rebels gathered

Abduction of one of the activists and founders of the movement to revive the nation martyr
And a number of protesters to the city of Tripoli, after a demonstration today
Green Square, Tripoli by gunmen and were taken
For an unknown destination.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel
Family the Ezzedine Louhichi activist denies the news of his release and appeals has information about his whereabouts

or the party found to have communion with them to learn the fate of their son.

Media Khalifa al-Obeidi

Kidnapping the Ezzedine Louhichi activist since few in Tripoli after participating in a demonstration today and going out on

Tqriralve-Displayed in today’s episode of the program awakening homeland with courage and spoke openly ….

Blast a Baim white car, inside the wall of the museum area
Pond, causing no damage and casualties, and the car
Empty and was detonated after a corner.

(Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)





Force operations room Libya rebels city Gharyan a direction to the city of Tripoli

Quoting / /


Qutb wrote burning after being confiscated by the eighth band ((the corners))

20 September 2013 0629 pm



حرق كتب سيد قطب بعد مصادرتها من قبل الفرقة الثامنة ((النواصي))20 سبتمبر، 2013 0629 مساءً

Pictures and News of Rishvana

Of course hostages who were released the to Barah aspirations of the non-cars
Because it Tmhtt and even Anpaat of corner gangs who stole them

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

This the Hashim humans prospects.

What do you say about and Rishvana?

قبيلة ورشفانة الليبية Wershfana Tribe Libya

هذا الآفاق هاشم بشر ماذا يقول عن ورشفانة،،

بنت الوادي

Pictures and News of Rishvana

Detainees were exchanged shortly before Between Rishvana and the front Corner Kosha bin Jaber west wind Ras
14 detainees from and Rishvana been receipt shortly before 13 of them were kidnapped in the coastal road during clashes
In addition to the person who was kidnapped this afternoon coastal road corner

Arrested the armor is not within the “deal”
They have other arrangements separate from the process this topic
Been exchange Aamahtdzen between, Rishvana and Corner shortly before.

Shui Naguiblkm (the details)



ÚÇÇÇĚá and special …
The shooting by someone outside the p law on employee nuts by a bullet cartridge type and Ahamdallah No injuries ..

was built locks walnuts Benghazi by employees while providing security!!

Unidentified firing on Galaa Hospital

Unknown persons fired at dawn Sunday, the fire at the gate of Galaa Hospital in Benghazi. According to Director of the Information Office of the a Fadia

righteous sickly hospital that unknown assailants opened fire on the hospital wounded one in which security elements Guardian to the hospital

with a bullet in the chest, adding that he is now lying in intensive care.

Injuring two of Thunderbolt soldiers charged with the protection of Galaa Hospital
Country ambiance – Ahmed Azaaeljk the

Two of the wounded guards Galaa Hospital in Benghazi at dawn on Sunday in a shooting by unknown assailants.

A spokesman for the joint security room Benghazi “Abdullah Zaidi,” The unknown assailants opened fire from two cars on

the front of Galaa and wounded two members of the Thunderbolt charged with the protection of the hospital and some citizens’ cars.

Zaidi added to the country’s airspace on Sunday that the patients in the hospital now and in stable condition.

It is noteworthy that several hospitals in Libya have seen similar attacks in the last period.

#سبها : ازدحم منذ الصباح أمام المصارف العاملة بالمنظومة المصرفية الموحدة بسبب عطل فني سبب فى
قطع الاتصال بين المصارف بسبها والمنظومة الرئيسية بمصرف ليبيا طرابلس مما تسبب في تزاحم المواطنين وارباك للعمل المصرفي .

Unknown persons fired at dawn Sunday, the fire at the gate of Galaa Hospital in Benghazi.

According to Director of the Information Office of Hospital Fadia mainland sickly me for “news agency solidarity”

that the unknown opened fire on the hospital wounded where one element of security guard

to the hospital with a bullet in the chest, adding that he is now lying in intensive care.

Libyan citizen last throes into the emergency room by hospital
1200 beds “medical”, after a long wait without attic detection of doctors
Emergency absentee entirely on rotation, and the reason for the absence hospital
Doctors today, and a doctor was called from her home, and his grandmother came
Dead, and the cause of death in pressure drop.

Libyan news | Benghazi

Benghazi residents protesting to topple the government Zaidane.
Lech Heca Ya Arab Middle ČÓ!!
Mesh Lantau Thrrto nor how??

Unknown groups are tearing down posters calling for demonstrations and the prosecution of some of those who made ​​it:

Yankee Aircraft in the skies over Benghazi.

Essam al-Obeidi

Scene now of Quiche yard … Preparation demonstrators to Aizidon for the hundred demonstrators in any way … 2 tents …..

One where the chairs and the other busy .. The number of four military vehicles by armed civilians standing on yet …
This is the scene at five and twenty-four minutes …
Arena the hotel Altibsta interview quite busy
And God is witness to what I say

A number of the citizens of Benghazi demanding the departure of the National Congress and the interim government

Demonstrated a number of citizens of Benghazi, on Saturday evening, in the yard of Quiche city to demand the departure

of the interim government and the National Congress. Reporter for “News Agency solidarity” that citizens raised slogans

demanding the departure of a major national conference year and the interim government, pointing out that a number

of demonstrators demanded the independence of the territory Cyrenaica and considering the launch of the new Libya.

demonstrators denounced the interim government’s decision to “canceled” No. 312, which calls for the formation of a

national guard, the demonstrators also demanded the formation of the army and police of the country.

Solidarity News Agency – Benghazi


Urgent .. Zaidane leaves the airport built a few minutes after arriving

The head of the interim government left Ali Zaidan, Saturday afternoon, built in Benghazi Airport after a short visit lasted for two hours.

According to a source from the special forces responsible for the protection of the airport that after the revelation of Zaidane

from the plane received cheers from some citizens and forces responsible for the protection of the airport asking him to

return to Tripoli for being unwelcome in Benghazi – by saying, adding that the head of the interim government dialogue with

some of those responsible for the protection of The airport had told him of the need to leave, and the impact left hustling plane that arrived from them.

(Solidarity News Agency)
Page of the Legion of security 219
German Zaidane arrived today to the children of gaseous visit did not exceed two hours , where did not find welcoming there

Vhoudroa him by members of the protection of the airport and advised him to leave the airport and actually left the airport

independent importer same plane in which they came .

Stun forces are protecting demonstrators in Quiche yard after refusing to meet with Zaidane.

Firas Bsalum,

Held today, the Prime Minister told a news conference .. And quote what the Prime Minister said during the press conference, saying ::

“We hope to be channels envisages responsibility and abide by a code of honor media in health information and event that I went to

Benghazi on a business trip for 35 minutes to meet the character was pass a transient at the airport did not contact one and willing

circumstance that the person is his journey and submitted to the Hall of protocol and asked the forces Stun The Colonel and Nice Bouchmadh

and I sat in the hall and there were no demonstrations did not Prevent out and the word that was said about the visit was the author

and Colonel Nice Bouchmadh the, and his revival of the neighborhood and be able to talk about it, “

(Saqr Sirte)

Libya channel for each Liberal movement demonstration of Kish Square in Benghazi now.

Urgent … Unidentified assassinate a businessman in Benghazi

Intelligence source said Benghazi, said on Saturday that unidentified assassins Yousef Ajaj accidentally Hawari city of Benghazi.

The source, who preferred anonymity for “solidarity news agency that” Agag

subjected to shooting him in the morning he was in his car a white Toyota 13,282 to 25.

(Solidarity News Agency)

Businessman Yusuf car Agag Who was assassinated this morning shot dead by unidentified Hawari area in the city of Benghazi:

Urgent … Benghazi
Burning government Mgarat and wish the city Gerdanih. ….. The dome area … hand and still ongoing clashes so far ….

FLASH Benghazi … now …
Two people dead and at least four wounded in an armed clash between
Two families to 14th Street b Almajora, where he continued fighting
Nearly an hour, and resulted in the human and material losses …

Two people dead and at least four wounded in an armed clash between
Two families to 14th Street b Almajora, where he continued fighting
Nearly an hour, and resulted in the human and material losses
Doctors and engineers Rahm.

Sound clashes in Almajora area resulting from the shooting between promoters Mkhdhirat (strabismus and other models).

Employee injured in the passports Benghazi building after the shooting

Exposure Passport Office Benghazi, on Sunday afternoon, the fire from one of the citizens what led to the injury of one of the staff it.

According to an official source in passports Benghazi preferred anonymity for “news agency solidarity” that one of the citizens opened

fire on the first floor after being told that the Organization of passports idle today, which means waiting for treatment for another day.,

and added that there are employees named Nice Khvafa the shot was evacuated to the hospital, pointing out that the management of

the building ordered to evacuate the building and close it while providing security for the staff and the building.

(Intelligence Benghazi)

Urgent agency Libya (Special) / Benghazi

Channel was “Youth Power FM” radio in the city of Benghazi at dawn on Saturday attacked when unknown assailants stormed the headquarters and stole apparatus.
He said “Mohammed Busafa” the owner and director of the channel’s “Urgent Libya” that the perpetrators stole everything, including sending in addition to different computers, and Fama stolen items is estimated at 25 thousand dinars, and left a threatening message to the effect of “Stop.”
Commenting on this said, “Aliossifa” We will not stop to uncover the truth and that annoyed them shoplifters, and we will come back stronger and more solid to continue our work to cherish since the launch of our channel on February 28, 2013.
It is noteworthy that the channel “Youth Power FM” owned generation and opinions Foundation, one of the first media organizations that have been adopted on 28 April 2011.

Close entertaining Ath FM radio by force of arms …….

Went today, Wednesday 18 September 2013 an armed group composed of elements of the military junta and support

the security of the headquarters of Radio fun Ath, radio Oglqo and lose the arrest of all those who were present inside

without any warning and force of arms …

إغلاق راديو مسل اته FM بقوة السلاح …….

توجه اليوم الأربعاء الموافق 18 سبتمبر 2013 مجموعة مسلحة مكونة من عناصر المجلس العسكري

والإسناد الأمني لمقر إذاعة مسل اته وأغلقو الإذاعة وقامو باعتقال كل من كان موجود بداخلها دون أي سابق إنذار وبقوة السلاح .

Interior reveal evidence of people’s involvement in the assassinations in Benghazi

The German news agency (DPA)

Deputy Chairman of the interim government and in charge of the Ministry of Interior friend Abdul Karim, that the security services in Libya

have been able to collect inferences about the number of suspects in carrying out assassinations in the city of Benghazi, in collaboration

with security experts from a number of friendly countries, including the United States, pointing out that orders had been issued to arrest them.

Abdel Karim said in a press conference held today, Sunday, September 22 in Tripoli, “The inferences have been collected on the number of

suspects to carry out a number of assassinations in Benghazi, and that orders had been issued for the arrest to directly investigate and

settle the matter about them in front of the Libyan judiciary independent . ”

And announced that work had begun in the installation of an integrated system for control of the city of Benghazi in order to monitor

the security situation in the city, and that the completion may be next month.




leave the oil installation and be a traitor!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel .. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel

Salem Aljdharan:

Zaidane contacted me by phone and told me I’m waiting for you at the airport .. the letter said,

“I am slay the how facing up Nerjy the the Vic”.

i Ulid
A real disaster on the channel Libya Liberal Aljdharan comes with 30 million checks said it was given to me

from a member of Congress Nagy file Mukhtar,

head of energy out of your pocket.

# _ Gateway to Libya

Scandal Kpraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa of Nagy Mokhtar party .. “file of Energy National Congress” given Aljdharan 30

million in order to leave the oil wells

# _ Gateway to Libya


URGENT / / Brotherhood Naji al-Mukhtar, head of energy displays Ali Jzeran 30 million?

(Khtergda) Brotherhood Naji al-Mukhtar, head of energy in the conference Ouati displays on Salem Jzeran and his brother Ibrahim

(((30 million)))

God suffices me, and yes, the agent you O Mkhanb, goats livelihood of the people Tbazqgua the Left Right

(خطيرجدآ) الاخواني ناجي مختار رئيس الطاقة في المؤتمر الواطي يعرض على سالم جظران …Afficher la suite
Durée : 0:57

Joseph Aaron on channel Libya are free ..

Zaidane was in Benghazi yesterday Interview Salem Aljdharan to the money supply and payment of bribes and we are witnesses

and some of the army officers are witnesses will not allow them that Evlto of this matter only after taking retribution

and full disclosure of the facts,

Presentation of the briber Naji al-Mokhtar Liberal on Libya since a few


مداخلة الراشي ناجي مختار على ليبيا الاحرار منذ قليل
مداخلة الراشي ناجي مختار على ليبيا الاحرار منذ قليل


You have a date with the news conference to Mr. Ibrahim Saeed Jdharan politburo chief of the territory of Cyrenaica on at 7:30

on the channels, vision, Libya Liberal, Libya First, al-Hurra U.S., and it announces the good news and the gift of the Libyan people as a whole.

Be on the date / Information Office of the Youth Movement of Cyrenaica.

Zaidane calls the protestors oil fields to resolving sit peacefully
Country ambiance – Ahmed Faitouri reporting:

The head of the interim government Ali Zaidane all the protesters in the oil fields to the resolution of their sit-in, which he described as harmful

to the interests of the nation, stressing that the State will turn when the time comes, but it gives room for a peaceful solution, as he put it.


Zaidane said Sunday at a news conference that there was a delegation from the International Monetary Fund has expressed his annoyance of

the process stopped pumping oil, as the delegation expressed concern that there is a deficit in the state reserve, pointing out that the government

and the National Congress degree first in the busy fully solve the problem stops export of oil from four ports in the country.

(Valley girl)

Explosion of a white BMW car, inside the wall of the museum area
Baraka …


The newspaper pointed out that the INVESTED Western Companies OIL crisis has become more complicated, after the announcement of

Ibrahim Aljdharan commander of the armed groups involved guarding oil installations that tribes and militias united in eastern Libya and

formed a fighting force in common, the newspaper quoted Aljdharan as saying: “The Defence Force, which was formed in Cyrenaica have

sufficient strength to secure the eastern region, and for naval units capable of defending foreign oil tankers, which buys oil from them directly. ”

(Liberal Libya)

There Mjaolh the failure of Zaidane in moving armor Misratah:
There are gathering for approximately 400 cars with 4 cars loaded with gasoline
And there is a state of alert in the area of Ajdabiya, fields, and the area near the Rouge Valley ask God fit if the country and the people ….
(Joseph Aaron activist)

Essam Jehani:

Attended Zaidane in the early morning stealth and waited more than an hour to meet politburo chief gently without any prior arrangement

and was refused the interview because they do not mean only the process of marketing to meet and which coincided with the lie of the

Commission crisis bubble, which said it obtained the demands of the Politburo. ..! Also coincides with the movement of troops from Central

delicately bound by strong reportedly us 400 mechanism (went south after the plug!), Say fools maneuvers started even already decided to

Cyrenaica, this trend harbinger of the civil war, and when caught not irreversible separation, Nico’s also messing with specific Cyrenaica is

madness and the loser is transgressing category (by similar fatwa Ikhhm …!), which will enter into the land of others and beyond them,

ÇáÝŇÚĺ the word, but do not understand Albroukh Fjhezwa yourselves, O inhabitants of Cyrenaica all phases of madness and to talk to the rest of the …

Review of armor cars near the Pillars:



These come on a good campaign waged by militias led Libya Shield Misrata .. The city of Bani Walid for an entire month …

Bani Walid has not and will not die and Stendmon Ali Fltkm.

Osama Oraibi:

official spokesman of the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica / asked Salem Jdharan to contend with Naji Mokhtar on it’s OK

to bribery to get the documents and documents (checks) and evidence to offer to the Libyans have been withdrawn

2 million of the 30 million that has been presented to us.

The newspaper pointed out that the INVESTED Western Companies OIL crisis has become more complicated, after the announcement of Ibrahim

Aljdharan commander of the armed groups involved guarding oil installations that tribes and militias united in eastern Libya and formed a fighting

force in common, the newspaper quoted Aljdharan as saying:

“The Defence Force, which was formed in Cyrenaica have sufficient strength to secure

the eastern region, and for naval units capable of defending foreign oil tankers, which buys oil from them directly. “

(Liberal Libya)

Defense Ministry confirms the existence of reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the United Nations scouring the skies of Benghazi ….

Defense Ministry confirmed on Sunday, that the plane watched by residents of the city of Benghazi in the sky of the city back to the power

of (AFRICOM) of the Organization of the United Nations. He said the ministry spokesman Abdul Razak Cbahi The exploratory plane back to

the power of (AFRICOM) of the United Nations mission and reconnaissance imaging and protect civilians.
The Cbahi that the Ministry of Defence had agreed earlier with (AFRICOM) within a specific convention for the protection of the skies of Libya

during the revolution of February 17, and ended since last June, at the request of the interim government plane returned to the

skies the country for next June.

The Libyan news agency.



Theft of electricity wires in # Gado



Libyan news | Photos

And Mager Valley near Zliten yesterday



Contribution has:
The Sale and mercy and blessings of God
Greetings great conqueror,
This post of “one of the free Ir Sirte” calling itself the “Tahlobh liver Darha”, she gave me these words Tnscheroha in blogging

because they do not know the world of Facebook after and they want to express oryx and the Djaha and wants to be with

all the fighters for freedom, , though her ​​words, of course, asked to be accompanied by a picture of Sirte with this destructive

words or image Champions pride convoy,, this is Thought: entitled “Weird”
Although I’m still I live in a national
Hua breathe cent
Strolling among the frameworks Table Te
A warm light of sun and Htiana
But I live in a strange national
National, which was destroyed, families, and displaced
National who scattered dreams and shattered hopes
National who killed his sons planes treachery brought by the Brotherhood.
Threw fire venom throughout the national
Who desecrated feet hate dwarves
They changed the color of freedom and to the blood of science and ignorance and destruction
Planted hatred spines in the body Jmahirity
And Djalo Thira as home to the true villains brothers and sons
Endowed or Githu Endowment of seen Hgueth homeland Ra death and destruction Regulations

Forward and never light despite Ear ignorant.
Welcome contribution has been through messages sent to the page
Or via e-mail address below:

ا لسلا م عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
تحية الفاتح العظيم ,,
هذه مشاركة من ” إحدى حرا ئر سرت ” تسمي نفسها ” طحلوبة كبدها دارهه ” هي

اعطتني هذه الكلمات لتنشروها في صفحتكم لانها لا تعرف عالم الفيس بوك بعد و لكنها تريد ان تعبر عن المها و وجعها و تريد ان

تكون مع كل المناضلين من اجل الحرية ,, ولو بكلماتها ,, طبعا طلبت ان ترفق صورة لسرت المدمرة مع هذه الكلمات او صورة لابطال رتل العزة ,, هذه هي الخاطرة : بعنوان ” غربة ”
رغم اننى لازلت اقطن فى وطني
اتنفس هوا ئه
اتمشى بين طر قا ته
ا دفئ بنور شمسه وشطئانه
الا اننى اعيش فى وطنى غريب
وطنى الذى دُمّر ,, أُسّرِ ,, و شُرّدْ
وطنى الذى بُعثرت أحلامه و تناثرت آمالهُ
وطنى الذى قُتل أبنائه بطائرات غدرٍِ أتى بها الاخوان .
رمت بنيران حقدها ربوع وطنى
الذى دنس بأقدام الحاقدين والأقزام
بدّلوا لون الحرية والعلم الى دمٍ وجهلٍ ودمار
زرعوا أشواك حقدهم فى جسد جماهيريتى
وجعلو ثرا ك موطنا للأوغاد فيا إخوتى وأبنائى
هبوا وأ غيثو ا ماتبقى من وطنٍ أر هقته را ئحة الموت والدمار

و الى الامام و الفاتح ابدا رغما عن انف الجاهلين.

نستقبل مشاركاتكم عبر ارسالها الى رسائل الصفحة
او عبر الايميل الالكتروني التالي:

Mercy on the martyrs.

Libya’s international channel

Member of the General National Congress for the city of Sirte Abdul Salam key to submit his resignation

from the membership of the Conference.



These come on a good campaign waged by militias led Libya Shield Misrata ..

The city of Bani Walid for an entire month … Bani Walid has not and will not die and Stendmon Ali Fltkm.

Resolution No. ( 7). And realize Malaqrar the No. (7) …. ? ? ? ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

History will write that City name bin Walid.

Because the intervention needs to : –
Hello word that you are a guest .

And you need to enter by force : –

That you are in control of the state and joints .
To legitimize an illegal decision .
The state says that the most dangerous people .
That Thiaa the dead Draah the killed.
The recruit Agazzamha the Juasisa the horsemen
Intelligence to move her state and owners of the supreme authority states hidden .
Be Mqatelic number in the thousands
Be Alt medium pass thousandth car.
Be your weapons consisting of heavy tanks and Grad rocket launchers and cannons Hauser and many others.
For you to have him warplanes big role .
Be you the freedom to spy on communications.
To cut her gasoline and Supply .
The gathering thieves and robbers state from east to west and north to south .
You to have a number and kit to open more than five fronts at the same time .
To be in every front number of Laket mechanisms do not stop Nernek density , even for a minute from dawn to Morocco and some times from dawn to dawn.
That Mqatelic have Majkovém of narcotic substances , alcoholic drinks and hallucinogenic pills

All this with the necessity to be interviewer from the Mujahideen Al Areen defenders .
Must be not more than a maximum of 500
Make it clear that for them the mechanics of more than forty الاخد into account that does not have them Aktar anti-aircraft type only

one 23 and the other does not work only Besbtanh and one .
Make it clear that for them more than one tank Trailed .
That does not have to have more than 1 cart Grad condition that be without prompt.
Um rest do not Zir their light weapons Laket use do not have to have more than 6 RPG . And 8 guns between me KTN general purposes

and some of قناصات which does not exceed the details of the number of African 2 4 Dracanov and some sniper AFP that .
بهدا quantum shape and you can enter it but
You need to have at least 23 days of continuous war of all kinds . Bullets and guns , media and rumors and intelligence wa Jussh .
And need to be at least hundreds of deaths and injuries between disturb decoder .
After her intervention . You can steal and burn and demolish buildings . But will not be able to demolish the morale of men know exactly

that the war LEC provided that minimum day her hand of God among the people .
You after all this opened the door Tar may reap the souls of the invaded and helped in the invasion a lot.
Fada was eating dog meat descendants of Turks have not forgotten the killing of Telem gas.
How can anyone who eats meat and their origin beauty of the crescent Sons to forget the blood of men.

Bfltkm think you Ksartm Hucktna . But in fact that you Zdtona the honor and pride .

Bani Walid will not die, the killers of children.
Bani Walid will not die and will remain thorn in Halqkm of God , but the right right and invalidate falsehood .

With greetings to all residents of the valley and loved ones each wer Valley within ibn Walid or outside and all the cities and noble tribes that

have stood with us even if the word spoken in the right time when many parents inability to tell the truth .

Ali Akash idiosyncratic

Important Announcement | children of the city of Bani Walid and for all Libyans Liberals

You are invited to participate

in the commemoration of the Nakba Resolution No. 7, in the presence of the vigil, scheduled for 25/09/2013 in the city

center and so on at five pm … Coming and duty to Bani Walid.

(Dardanelles channel)



Masratyon (MISRATA PEOPLE) against regional

Misrata out of silence and surprise the local council Brotherhood and via video channel, DC

Friday demonstrated a number of young and older men and Misurata demonstration came out of mosques on Friday, 21

Sep pass and got to the heart of the city against Amendment Calls and stand with the battalion 154 Unlike Matalb

the local council’s parents support battalion 154 Club ..

The demonstrators called for activating the judiciary and ending Amendment Calls in prisons and punishment by the judiciary and strengthen and support

And Tzahero refused to resolve the 154 battalion to protect the city and others with resolve and many accuse the arrest wa to Amendment Calls without a court order or military

The demonstrators called for the need to resolve the armed formations and prevent crime and kidnappings and Altdab in secret prisons in the city,

which has become the largest centers of Amendment Calls in Libya.

“A country ambience” (newspaper of MISURATA)
Evening, a fire broke out in Misrata Martyrs School Ms. Khadija Bdrna, the district without casualties,

confirmed a civil defense correspondent to the country atmosphere that the fire caused damage to a

number of chapters of the first round and the second school.


The world ‘s largest prisoner .

Serious Sheikh Alchuirv civil ... I love God, and God … God acirc decoder and may God prolong your age:

حركة المقاومة الليبية(ح م ل)

Name / Mohamed civil Alchuirv ..
Births / 8 Ramadan 1348 AH .. Corresponding to 1930 AD .. )
Education / schooled by his father ( Sheikh Mansour Alchuirv ) Learning from the principles of reading and writing, and then joined the book and the old (6 years) to learn the Koran by a teacher (Mohammad Bin Rizk) , Akmal learn and memorize the Holy Quran at the age (15 years ) at an angle (Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar ), and then he went to learn other sciences studied (Arabic , Science jurisprudence , grammar and drainage) ( 1945 AD ) and Mhaúkhh at this stage ( Sheikh Mansour Abu Zubaydah ), ( Sheikh Tayeb Masrati ), ( Sheikh Mohammed bin Hussein ) , ( Sheikh Abu Bakr donkeys ) , ( ​​Sheikh Suleiman Alzoubi , ) and several other sheikhs ♦
♠ traveled to Egypt ( 1952 AD ) and enrolled at Al – Azhar University and earned a ( Bachelor of Science degree in law ) ( 1957 AD ) ♦
♠ returned to the homeland after graduating and was appointed Institute Asmari teacher in ( 11/10/1957 AD ) ♦
♠ oversaw the publication of the first newspaper published for Asmari Institute ( 1957 AD ) ♦
♠ scar to oversee and monitor the exams Institute religious Bawhita ( 1959 AD ) ♦
♠ ( 1960) was appointed by royal decree director of the Institute ( Ahmed Pasha of Tripoli ) ♦
♠ ( 1962 ) was appointed director of the Religious Institute in Sabha ♦
♠ returned as director of the Institute of Asmari Bzletn of ( 1965 AD ) ♦
♠ was appointed رئسا of preaching and guidance department at the Islamic University ( 1967 AD ) ♦
♠ appointed director of preaching and guidance of the General Authority of Awqaf ( 1972 AD ) ♦
♠ commissioned under the chairmanship of the Supreme Committee on the Quran Competition ( Year 1973 ) ♦
♠ attended several international Islamic conferences in various parts of the Islamic world ♦
♠ ( 1984 AD ), he worked as a guide at the level of religious seminaries and schools ♦
♠ forward to retirement ( 1994 AD ) ♦
Commissioned the establishment and the establishment of the university Allosmria Bzletn ( 1996 AD ) …
… The الأسمرية University was inaugurated in ( December 1996) and was assigned as President of the University to the very ( 2001 ) ….
This brief summary of the march and the life of Sheikh Muhammad al-Madani Alchuirv
. The world ‘s largest prisoner . Is now the city of Misrata prisons.



Bombing of Social Affairs office in Derna

Media Center tuber

Exposure Social Affairs Branch Building dirt last night for an explosive device
The strange thing is that the blast was early in the evening and the movement of nature!

Rainfall in Tobruk causes power outages on some neighborhoods

Country ambiance of Tobruk

Cause sudden rainfall in Tobruk in closing some streets and entrances blackouts on some districts, such as gardens, inspired by

the Russians inspired “Jubaila East,” which disrupted normal life in these neighborhoods.

He said a meteorological station monitors Tobruk Mohammad key to Orvla “atmosphere for the country,” The amount of rain

that witnessed Tobruk Saturday morning amounted to eight millimeters, and lasted about two hours.

Tuber ….

Fire in Misratah Martyrs school district to Miss in Derna
Were it not for SOS Qamyin the Ali Mosque request for relief was it much worse
Aware there is no city civil defense and fire engines were stolen all the fire trucks from the city
Engineer were contacted Ahmed Khalifa drowsiness steam station were contacted and attended a car fire and is now able to extinguish the fire.

Cheer Aalepien documented assassinations began …

For the first time in Libya since the beginning of assassinations, a militant group claims responsibility for the assassination of Sheikh Sophie in the city of Derna:


:: Community harbingers of succession ::
::: Statement No. (4) :::
Council :: the group’s military vanguard of the caliphate :::

In Derna bombing this morning.




This is just one small spec of the works being done by the People’s Armed Forces of the Great Jamahirya /GREEN RESISTANCE

(under Supreme Commander, Muammar al-Qathafi).
Remember, it is not only military fighting—there is so much more involved with true humanism.

  •  تذكر، أنه ليس القتال العسكري فقط — هناك أكثر من ذلك بكثير المعنية مع الإنسانية الحقيقية.إذا كنت تذكر، عندما اندلع القتال الأولي في عام 2012 في الكفرة وشرد الآلاف. جاء جيش معمر إلى
    الإنقاذ مع المواد الغذائية واللوازم والملابس وحتى المال (وكذلك المعدات الصحية مثل بوتيس المحمولة النظيفة)، ووفرت لهم اماكن للتخييم حيث الناس لن يكون في مأمن وبعيدا عن القتال.—-

The militias, the so-called shield Libya coming from “Misrata,” which centered on area Gillan North Barak beach 180 km away

arrest family Tarugah was on its way from Tripoli to the city of Sabha has been deposited family jailed Castle Gillan,

The witnesses said that the family is made up of a young man and his mother Oethel Ath of sisters where he was arrested the

young man after hit in front of his mother and sisters severely been jailed then, as witnesses said he too was assaulted on

women and beating and tearing their clothes off and Tmraghen dust amid Asrakhhen and Estgataathen has been locked

away in isolation from brother and until now has not been released about them.


Brigades of deterrence patrols found the branch Sabha on the body of a person in the heart of the desert

before mountains Iilat and the dark-skinned and was in the old Iilatynat.

Newspaper Sabha

Sabha Times 2

Urgent and dangerous

There is a car Toyota Hilux Taliban dark Unhaawhit Without plates are robbed foreigners and Libyans in the region of Mahdia and

strange that the car owners up by lightning and they are five people, four white skin and one Black

and they have beards and are

armed saluting lose yesterday robbed an Egyptian named Ahmed after he returned from work lose Bmta apostasy after Meskuh

lose beat him without cause.

after dl are home saluting lose inspect the house and discernible amount of 700 dinars and Hua

understanding and today at 3.30 the same gang in the street Colombia Mahdia arrest driver Libby for truck Canter loaded

with goods en route to the area or bunny and pull arms upon discernible bouquet Libyana cards and round and then Mahbo.

I ask to have information them wa publishing for Hadar them.

Image for illustration.

Tuareg sons of the desert

Held since the morning of this day Touareg Libya Mmeltqahm in the Albrki area of languages ​​and is characterized by the

presence of a large Forum All Tuareg tribes in Libya, east and west, north and south of the country ….

And will inform you of later developments, and as we learned that he will issue an important statement tonight in the case has been agreed.

Source language channel on Facebook

Photo Archive


Illegal immigration under arrest them ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ
Today in the way of BRACK CHAT’ai near Sabha from Korat money gate.


اسكندر بيك·
full preparation to war. rats will not take position in Brack Shatti city.

 Alexander Beck:

Breaking News

from the first ranks I tell you , we are prepared to high combat operations against the enemies , this time we will erase

them All , I promise we will settle this .

These come on a good campaign waged by militias led Libya Shield Misrata .. The city of Bani Walid for an entire month …
Bani Walid has not and will not die and Stendmon Ali Fltkm.

Military convoy followed by Libya to shield the Central Brigade (Brigade Misrata rebels) is moving towards the south to

“secure the Libyan gas refinery in Ubari order of the Chiefs of Staff “ (SO THEY SAY!)

On the way to the oil and gas fields in the Ubari …

A battalion of Misrata rebels and one of the 200 battalion track to shield Libya (Central District) with more than 100 all wheel drive mechanism armed with 14.5 and 23, 106 cannons and 107 launchers all correction Bojhzat.
And the rest is dubbed the armed cars until Luca Net carrying 14.5 individually correction device or machine gun 12.7 Dushka or purposes shall not be considered public and non-military mechanisms are calculated in a force offensively and longer escort cars and escorts.
In addition to a fuel truck 2 and 10 military trucks of ammunition and supplies.

Media Center tuber LIBYA

South … along the lines of resolution 7 Bani Walid

Arrival Rthel of Libya Shield forces to Jufrah area which is heading to the south at dawn tomorrow
According to our sources, Alrthel consisting of 95 car and this armed force heading to the south to secure the south

and the formation of the South operations room which will oversee the securing the border camps and airports as

mandated one who released Shield forces to Libya after its success in securing the capital
The sources said that another Rthel tomorrow will move from the city of Misrata to join the force, which will go tomorrow

at dawn Jufrah Sabha and Ubari
The sources said that this force aimed at securing the south and operations room which will host the camps armor forces and

securing airports and would make the rest of the force to securing shields camps in Ubari and secure station gas Baubare.

Quoting / / Supreme Council for Libya rebels

Quoting newspaper Sabha Free


Arrival Rthel of Libya Shield forces to Jufrah area which is heading to the south at dawn tomorrow
According to our sources, Alrthel consisting of 95 car and this armed force heading to the south to secure the south

and the formation of the South operations room which will oversee the securing the border camps and airports as

mandated one who released Shield forces to Libya after its success in securing the capital
The sources said that another Rthel tomorrow will move from the city of Misrata to join the force, which will go tomorrow at dawn Jufrah Sabha and Ubari
The sources said that this force aimed at securing the south and operations room which will host the camps armor forces and securing airports and would

make the rest of the force to securing shields camps in Ubari and securing gas station Baubare.

Valley Agency Dinar News‎ a partagé le statut de ‎شرف لي انتمائي وطني‎.

Iaabina South O the sons of assets Iaahvad Mujahideen will not talk tribes all the brothers in the south of the Shati to languages ​​injured and one wound and one pain, one must re- house in order procedure for Fezzan beloved must stand and stood one man to build Fezzan people of the eastern region , despite the difficulties and lawlessness parents suffering brothers there is no Etjra , the one to send a force from outside
The region to protect its children bear intrigue and Raúshm Hero and Nice Bouchmadh Tripoli, the capital is not safe kill kidnapped theft , most recently just hours before the assassination Ammersriaalasnadalthanih and the abduction of activist Ezzedine Louhichi and 3 others with Alice.

Tripoli closer to them and the most important to protect them and let Alojhalmcharf of Libya to the world I’m here, I’m not against our brothers from Misratah

honorable but Fezzan with her ​​family systematic marginalization of Zbat and Zbat row Fezzan soldiers my father Ed Maoagafo and Charcot

in the war would not be able mightiest powers in the world of
Defeated easily the best knead modern Alloakhalifh Hfter them Why are not taken to support the military and police in the Fezzan and assigning military officers to protect their towns Masbb not support iddah gear and unify described as the sons of Fezzan able to protect Libya fully Ed requests it we are in Fezzan not Nhasr visited did not Nkhttaf MSU and Lynn in the state did not threaten using powers have not closed and fields of oil and gas wells are not used in any city in Fezzan Nhano the sons of the desert and live in peace Ed attended the owners did not intervene minds Vrh me to ignite the fire of sedition
There are Achterqat security , but what is happening in the capital, more b ßĘíŃ what is happening in Fezzan Why was withdrawn forces Stun led by Colonel Nice Bouchmadh and Colonel Salah mud Ikh and let the forces of order only in Libya now together military police those figures gained satisfaction and derivative and respect for the people of Fezzan in full you had planned to withdraw Hola Umm Mada more than 15 thousand military regimes in Fezzan
Aaovernmh Zidane there congestion now among the sons of Fezzan assumes everyone in order not I Qasia them alert, according to news refusing entry shield Libya to the region , even if the decision of the official Have you been studying the topic well Aaovernmtna esteemed Are Hspti that have rejected the possibility of bloodshed and Fezzan experiencing calm of a long period Is my father’s calm before the storm always wonder Fezzan governed by those who are from outside the region Is the government will use Fezzan sons to protect Tripoli , Misurata and Benghazi or we are not efficient Aaovernmtna
Though Dalk do you think you inquire of Major General Khalifa Hfter for our sons Ed Maogdo an environmental and appropriate conditions marginalization and was commissioned from outside the region Fezzan will not shut up long Stbouh days Besrechtha strong and will take you it’s better for the protection of Libya and God is greater, people lived and the glory of the martyrs and Dama Fezzan home Champions.
ياابناء الجنوب يا ا ولاد الاصول يااحفاد المجاهدين لن اتحدث بقبائل الجميع اخوة في الجنوب من الشاطي الي غات المصاب واحد والجرح واحد والالم واحد يجب ان نعيد ترتيب البيت الداخلي لفزان الحبيبه يجب ان نقف وقفت رجل واحد لبناء فزان اهل المنطقة الشرقية رغم الصعاب والانفلات الامني الدي يعانية اخوتنا هناك لم يتجراء احد الي ارسال قوة من خارج
المنطقة لحمايتها ابنائها يتحملون المكائد وعلى رائسهم البطل ونيس بوخمادة طرابلس العاصمة ليست امنة قتل خطف سرقة اخرها قبل ساعات اغتيال امرسريةالاسنادالثانية واختطاف الناشط عزالدين الوحيشي و٣ اخرون معه اليس طرابلس اقرب اليهم واهم لحمايتها وهيا الوجةالمشرف لليبيا امام العالم انا هنا لست ضد اخوتنا من مصراته الشرفاء ولكن فزان لها اهلها تهميش ممنهجة لظباط وظباط صف وجنود فزان الدي اد ماوقفو وشاركو في حرب لن تستطيع اعتى قوى في العالم من
هزيمتهم بسهولة خير دلك حديث اللواءخليفة حفتر عنهم لمادا لايتم دعم الجيش والشرطة في فزان وتكليف الظباط بحماية مدنهم ماالسبب في عدم دعمهم بالعدة والعتاد وتوحيد صفهم ابناء فزان قادرون على حماية ليبيا بالكامل اد تطلب الامر نحن في فزان لم نحاصر وزارت لم نختطف مسو ولين في الدولة لم نهدد باستخدام القوى لم نغلق حقول وابار النفظ والغاز لم نعتد ي على اي مدينة في فزان نحنو ابناء بادية وحضر نعيش بسلام اد لم يتدخل اصحاب العقول الخامرة لي اشعال نار الفتنة
هناك اخترقات امنية ولكن مايحدث في العاصمة اكثر ب كتير مما يحدث في فزان لمادا تم سحب قوات الصاعقة بقيادة العقيد ونيس بوخمادة والعقيد صلاح بوحل يقة وهيا القوى النظامية الوحيدة في ليبيا الان معا الشرطة العسكرية تلك الشخصيات نالت رضاء وتقة واحترام اهل فزان بالكامل هل كان مخطط سحب هولاء ام مادا اكثر من١٥الف عسكري نظامي في فزان
ياحكومة زيدان هناك احتقان الان بين ابناء فزان ليسو بالجميع لكي لا اكن قاصيآ لهم استنفار حسب الانباء رافضين دخول درع ليبيا الي المنطقة ولو كان بقرار رسمي هل تم دراسة تلك الموضوع جيدآ ياحكومتنا الموقرة هل حسبتي بان يكون رفض واحتمال سفك دماء وفزان تشهد هدوء من فترة طويل هل الهدوء الدي يسبق العاصفة ياترى فزان دائما يحكمها من هم من خارج المنطقة هل الحكومة ستستعين بابناء فزان لحماية طرابلس ومصراته وبنغازي ام اننا لسنا بالكفاءة ياحكومتنا
وان كان دالك اعتقادكم عليكم بالاستفسار من اللواء خليفة حفتر عن ابنائنا اد ماوجدو البئية والظروف المناسبه تهميش ومن تم تكليف من خارج المنطقة فزان لن تصمت طويلآ ستبوح يومآ بصرختها القوية وستبت لكم انها الاجدر بحماية ليبيا والله اكبر وعاش الشعب والمجد للشهداء ودامة فزان موطن الابطال

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The road to the other side or the other side of Libya.
Mail page

For fuel to Akahraba to not Wi-hedges as Amschwiat gas for Amtarat only lead to them live this way the conviction and patience …

Contacted Bagarba and I am going to the city of Ubari last term قالولي necessary not answer Maak at least 40 liters Station

bash back as if you Majpthm Apthsal ..

The whole south Mafany Drop Table to the Crown Gas Station!!
I worry even Sabha Table Crown to Sebha!!!!!!

And this will continue to march on the capital of the residents of these areas to search for hospitals to cover fuel electricity …

After 20 years many claimed the ICON South Fada the pension limit.

Percentage of completion in Ubari gas station stood at 60 % and will be ready to work at the end of 2014
An interview news agency ” Germa ” with the Engineer: Ibrahim Oozl / Project Manager the Ubari gas station .

Azul :

The company ( Incas Technik Turkish ) is the company executing the project Ubari gas station and the station achievement rate of 60% and will provide services at the end of the year 2014.

Then the station is running and generating electricity by mid next year will begin operating procedure for the station at the stage of tried and training Libyan some elements of the project ‘s work .

Male ( Azul ) that the heart of the project ” is a turbine ” and a generator that actually started to be fitted with the arrival of specialists from the company (Siemens German ) to monitor the installation process .

And thus deny the false news that talked about the experts refused to come to the Ubari because of security fears and that is not true .

According to Mr. : ( Azul ) project manager for the plant species that work is proceeding according to agreed upon in the proper way , and that everything programmer prematurely three months to avoid delay and to avoid some of the problems that may occur , such as import , etc. which may cause obstruction of the project.

With the end of the year 2014 the project has been done him .

And the rate of gas power station “640 MW , ” a large force covering the entire south and connected to the public network to Libya to feed the western regions with electricity when needed .

* – What is the best way to generate electricity to curb the crisis and why the government resorted to gas stations and did not resort to solar energy project ?

As Libya’s state oil and materials that are used in the operation of the gas station less expensive but not expensive materials of the state they are sitting in the ground and after a simple refining costs are used as cheaper than solar power plants for the Libyan state chose to implement this project Battabarh more they found .

And that the Libyan government’s opinion is the opinion of true and proper in the establishment of such plants in low cost and enables the Libyan cadres of the operation and the government should increase number of stations Battabarha the energy generated from oil.
Vmahta T. solar energy can be found at the few countries and very task is quite costs .
The dam occur : Raafat Director relations project , saying :
We are not exposed to any harassment since we started implementation of the project and the company operates day and night to complete the project as soon as we know that the southern region in dire need of electricity in particular , and Libya in general.

We use labor from different cities of the south of Sabha and languages ​​and other firm, and its presence is useful for the region so that it spends a month more than a million Libyan dinars expenditure on eating and drinking , services and other needs of the whole act here in this region and this tonic for internal trade in the region.

Raafat said he does not have any shortening of the Libyan government , but there is support , facilitate and not to make things difficult and cooperation, both materially and morally did not see any default in our project and extend our sincere thanks to the current and previous government because they did not put any obstacles in front of us .

ES Libya
Chief of staff :: mandated strength of a battalion Lhalboss Misurata and the western brigade personnel to the Libyan RAT army (Central armor)

to “secure some areas in the south of Libya” …

Columns military MB Mgehvlh from Misrata rebel battalions from Libya Shield forces moving south to “secure gas refinery in Ubari” (THEY SAY!).

/ / Supreme Council for Libya rebels

Close # Ubari schools due to lack of safety:

Ubari (Germa) 19/09/2013

# Ubari schools closed their doors due to security breaches # repeated in some schools and the closure came after

# stabbed one student by outlaws.
He said: Mr Ali Omar Powered # education sector Valley deadlines for “Germa” he had addressed us # the region promised us

Security Directorate Btser mobile patrols in the coming period.

And that there is a sit-in by parents of students school # Alkarzabih due to delays in # recording because of the increasing

number of students students school Fajatabna and the Ministry of Education to provide a number of mobile classrooms

the school to facilitate the registration process and to accept new students.

Three large rivers seem watered once the Sahara

Three large rivers seem watered once the Sahara

Beds of ancient rivers can be hidden under the sand   (Photo: RES)

Hull, United Kingdom

The Sahara was not always the vast desert we see today-was once a wet area with lakes and lush vegetation.

New study shows now that three major rivers , which were probably the size of the Nile, were at the Sahara

and reach to the Mediterraneanbefore 130 to 100,000 years. ’s green corridors of rivers can not be excluded

were the routes followed by Homo sapiens in their journey from Africa to Europe, said

Researchers in the journal PLoS ONE. Koultcharnt Tom the University of Hull in Britain, in collaboration with colleagues at other

institutions, used computer models to simulate the climate of Africa during the period examined in the study. Models showed

that Monsoons occur about 600 km further north than today, and threw the rains in the mountains of the central Sahara. The

water formed three rivers longer than 1,000 kilometers and supplied vast wetlands on the coast of Libya, an area of about 70,000

square kilometers. The most westerly of the three ancient rivers could have offered people easy access to the southern shores

of the Mediterranean, speculates the research team. The proposed route appears to match a series of archaeological sites in

Algeria and Tunisia. however the beds of ancient rivers is today buried beneath the dunes along the trail that perhaps left by our ancestors.

Editor: Vangelis Pratikakis

source: news.in.g



Salloum teeming chaos amid the absence of the state apparatus

Complained about the number of citizens traveling and coming across the border Libyan-Egyptian, of neglect and disorder

suffered by the port Assistant wild, and explained a number of citizens that they are suffering a lot from the lack of form

of the state and management port on the border, arguing that they are waiting for hours to search for the end to them

the procedures for crossing the port border.
The complainants that in the case of finding who walks measures, the measures is going according to the ways and forms

of strange Atdl that there are legal proceedings, regulatory, and noted the complainants that the Egyptian side is controlled

by some of the civilian population Salloum, who impose sums of money on travelers Libyans up to two hundred dinars

Libby, to get the entry stamp to the Republic of Egypt.

Cruiser “Moscow” missile heads a group of Russian warships in the Mediterranean


20.09.2013 | 14:21

Arrived cruiser “Moscow” missile of the Russian Black Sea Fleet to the

Mediterranean Sea on 20 September 2013

to join the Russian naval ships forming lasting peace in the Eastern Mediterranean. The cruiser will “Moscow,” the leadership

of this configuration. The head of the media in the Black Sea Fleet, Colonel shipping Vyacheslav Trujachev, if the leadership

of forming permanent Russian naval operational thread is currently on board the cruiser “Moscow.” The configuration

includes ships belonging to the Black Sea Fleet and the Pacific Fleet and the Baltic Fleet. He added Trujachev the leadership

that this correlation was previously on the back of the anti-submarine ship “Admiral Pantilyev” of the Pacific Fleet.

The cruiser “Moscow”, led by the deputy commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Admiral Valery Kulikov started from the

port of Sevastopol on July 3 last year, for the long-range cruise. The cruiser was launched in the Atlantic region winged

rockets on a maritime target for training purposes. It also launched air defense means knock him air toward the goal of

missile. The cruiser has already visited during his trip several naval ports in Portugal, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

http://arabic.rt.com/news/628079/ :روسيا اليوم

Ivanov, Director of the Office of Putin, the Russian president:

I’ve already warned the West before being dragged behind the (false) term “Arab Spring”, spring comes after the autumn and winter, which is what happened ….

Sunday 22 September 2013

A man is treated after the gas attack of 21 August
1 / 3
UN chemical weapons experts, wearing gas masks, inspect one of the sites of an alleged chemical weapons attack in the Damascus’ suburb of Zamalka
2 / 3
UN weapons inspectors gather evidence
3 / 3

Gas missiles ‘were not sold to Syria’

Export papers seem to back Assad’s denial over sarin attack – but Russians won’t go into detail

While the Assad regime in Damascus has denied responsibility for the sarin gas missiles that killed around 1,400 Syrians in the suburb of Ghouta on 21 August, information is now circulating in the city that Russia’s new “evidence” about the attack includes the dates of export of the specific rockets used and – more importantly – the countries to which they were originally sold. They were apparently manufactured in the Soviet Union in 1967 and sold by Moscow to three Arab countries, Yemen, Egypt and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya. These details cannot be verified in documents, and Vladimir Putin has not revealed the reasons why he told Barack Obama that he knows Assad’s army did not fire the sarin missiles; but if the information is correct – and it is believed to have come from Moscow – Russia did not sell this particular batch of chemical munitions to Syria.

Since Gaddafi’s fall in 2011, vast quantities of his abandoned Soviet-made arms have fallen into the hands of rebel groups and al-Qa’ida-affiliated insurgents. Many were later found in Mali, some in Algeria and a vast amount in Sinai. The Syrians have long claimed that a substantial amount of Soviet-made weaponry has made its way from Libya into the hands of rebels in the country’s civil war with the help of Qatar – which supported the Libyan rebels against Gaddafi and now pays for arms shipments to Syrian insurgents.

There is no doubt that Syria has a substantial chemical weapons armoury. Nor that Syrian stockpiles contain large amounts of sarin gas 122mm missiles. But if the Russians have indeed been able to identify the specific missile markings on fragments found in Ghouta – and if these are from munitions never exported to Syria – the Assad regime will boast its innocence has been proven.

In a country – indeed a world – where propaganda is more influential than truth, discovering the origin of the chemicals that suffocated so many Syrians a month ago is an investigation fraught with journalistic perils. Reporters sending dispatches from rebel-held parts of Syria are accused by the Assad regime of consorting with terrorists. Journalists reporting from the government side of Syria’s front lines are regularly accused of mouthing the regime’s propaganda. And even if the Assad regime was not responsible for the 21 August attacks, its forces have committed war crimes aplenty over the past two years. Torture, massacre, the bombardment of civilian targets have long been proved.

Nevertheless, it also has to be said that grave doubts are being expressed by the UN and other international organisations in Damascus that the sarin gas missiles were fired by Assad’s army. While these international employees cannot be identified, some of them were in Damascus on 21 August and asked a series of questions to which no one has yet supplied an answer. Why, for example, would Syria wait until the UN inspectors were ensconced in Damascus on 18 August before using sarin gas little more than two days later – and only four miles from the hotel in which the UN had just checked in? Having thus presented the UN with evidence of the use of sarin – which the inspectors quickly acquired at the scene – the Assad regime, if guilty, would surely have realised that a military attack would be staged by Western nations.

As it is, Syria is now due to lose its entire strategic long-term chemical defences against a nuclear-armed Israel – because, if Western leaders are to be believed, it wanted to fire just seven missiles almost a half century old at a rebel suburb in which only 300 of the 1,400 victims (if the rebels themselves are to be believed) were fighters. As one Western NGO put it yesterday: “if Assad really wanted to use sarin gas, why for God’s sake, did he wait for two years and then when the UN was actually on the ground to investigate?”

The Russians, of course, have made similar denials of Assad’s responsibility for sarin attacks before. When at least 26 Syrians died of sarin poisoning in Khan al-Assal on 19 March – one of the reasons why the UN inspectors were dispatched to Syria last month – Moscow again accused the rebels of responsibility. The Russians later presented the UN with a 100-page report containing its “evidence”. Like Putin’s evidence about the 21 August attacks, however, it has not been revealed.

A witness who was with Syrian troops of the army’s 4th Division on 21 August – a former Special Forces officer considered a reliable source – said he saw no evidence of gas shells being fired, even though he was in one of the suburbs, Moadamiya, which was a target for sarin. He does recall the soldiers expressing concern when they saw the first YouTube images of suffocating civilians – not out of sympathy, but because they feared they would have to fight amid clouds of poison.

“It would perhaps be going beyond conspiracy theories to say the government was not involved,” one Syrian journalist said last week, “but we are sure the rebels have got sarin. They would need foreigners to teach them how to fire it. Or is there a ‘third force’ which we don’t know about? If the West needed an excuse to attack Syria, they got it right on time, in the right place, and in front of the UN inspectors.”



Mu w ALI ousted of Tunisia 2010

On the Road to Triumph and Victory

Juma blessings for all good peoples

Password leader Muammar Gaddafi addressed to the people of Tripoli

20 SEPT. 2013

اسكندر بيك / ALEXANDER BECK:

  • “VIVA al-Qathafi”

Libyan Arab Great Jamahiriya

New frequency green channel on satellite Nilesat …


Post Admin page …… Tips for green channel

Very, very serious and must be publishing and alert and awareness

Mujahid Hamza intervention on 17/09/2013

Occur Mujahid Hamza for some excesses in the public and said that some of them are serious and are caused by fat cats and mentioned some of them (such as reserves in the beaches , guarding some members of the armed people of some of the interests of these cats , nepotism and bureaucracy ) and said the protesters demands are legitimate before NATO intervention

In the second part of the intervention occur Mujahid Hamza about a very serious matter , a document leaked to him and now Mtdoualh sites net and this document is talking about the correspondence from the front ( a political entity ) to Ali hardness

demanding dialogue and forget the past and not to open the door to bidders (Hamza says he is concerned) .

Regarding this document Mujahid Hamza said if it were proved, troubled owners fighting front first fighter and more than rats and asked them ( the owners of the front ) to emerge first and second exile pledge to the Libyan people not to negotiate with the rats and the trial in the event of negotiation

Mujahid said Hamza regarding this document that the owners want to exclude the family front commander because the commander ‘s family know well and know their actions and excesses

Contained in this document leaked four items including negotiation , in a country where the community abound Libyan secret -2 release Libyan prisoners in the elderly , according to a long list includes Sheikh civil Chuirv , Mansour Daou …. -3 negotiate on the level of leaders, including 15 people from each side in the country where there Libyan community and the components of the Libyan society ( tribes ) -4 marketing of each party to this initiative and then held a public press conference featuring parties

In the latter called Mujahid Hamza the Libyan people to a reawakening and said front Takatabkm images withstand the publication of photographs commander Ttankm in the back and negotiate on your backs at the expense of the blood of the martyrs and said that the martyrs who were killed were killed for their interests and said that young people who who suffered in order to meet these cats owners of this front even interviewed days were responsible will raise arms in their faces. said that the owners of the political entity not activists said militants true likes Hevarr Mu’tasim who raised the gun and the militants are present in the prisons now said fighter is not found now, even the price of a cigarette

خطير جدا جدا ووجب النشر والتنبيه والتوعيةمداخلة المجاهد حمزة يوم 17-9-2013تحدث المجاهد حمزة عن بعض التجاوزات في فترة الجماهيرية وقال ان بعضها خطيرة وسببها القطط السمان وذكر البعض منها مثل (المحميات في الشواطيء,حراسة بعض افراد الشعب المسلح لبعض مصالح هذه القطط,المحسوبية والبروقراطية) وقال ان المتظاهرين مطالبهم مشروعة قبل تدخل الناتوفي الجزء الثاني من المداخلة تحدث المجاهد حمزة عن امر خطير جدا وهي وثيقة مسربة اليه والان متدوالة على مواقع النت وهذه الوثيقة تتحدث عن مراسلة من الجبهة(الكيان السياسي) الى الصلابي تطالبه بالحوار ونسيان الماضي وعدم فتح الباب امام المزايدين(حمزة يقول انه هو المعني).بخصوص هذه الوثيقة قال المجاهد حمزة لو تم ثبوتها فاءن قتال اصحاب الجبهة اولى واكثر من مقاتلة الجرذان وطالبهم(اصحاب الجبهة )بالظهور والنفي اولا وثانيا التعهد للشعب الليبي بعدم مفاوضة الجرذان والمحاكمة في حال التفاوضقال المجاهد حمزة بخصوص هذه الوثيقة ان اصحاب الجبهة يريدون استبعاد اسرة القائد لان اسرة القائد تعرفهم جيدا وتعرف تصرفاتهم وتجاوزاتهمورد في هذه الوثيقة المسربة اربعة بنود منها التفاوض في بلد لا تكثر فيه الجالية الليبية سرا -2اطلاق الاسرى الليبيين الكبار في السن وذكرت قائمة طويلة تتضمن الشيخ المدني شويرف,منصور ضو….-3التفاوض على مستوى القيادات تتضمن 15 فرد من كل جانب في بلد يوجد فيه الجالية الليبية ومكونات المجتمع الليبي(القبائل)-4 تسويق كل طرف لهذه المبادرة وثم عقد مؤتمر صحفي علني يضم الطرفينفي الاخير دعى المجاهد حمزة الشعب الليبي الى الاستفاقة وقال ان الجبهة التي تخاطبكم بصور الصمود نشر صور القائد تطعنكم في الظهر وتتفاوض في ظهوركم على حساب دماء الشهداء وقال ان الشهداء الذين سقطوا منهم سقطوا من اجل مصالحهم وقال ان الشباب اللي الذي عان من اجل مقابلة هذه القطط اصحاب هذه الجبهة حتى من مقابلتهم ايام كانوا مسؤولين سيرفعون السلاح في وجوههم.وذكر ان اصحاب الكيان السياسي ليس مناضلين وقال المناضلين الحقيقيين امثال شيفار المعتصم الذين رفعوا البندقية والمناضلين هم المتواجدين في السجون الان وقال المناضل هو من لم يجد الان حتى ثمن سجارة

In order to defeat the rats in the media
1 – do not give importance to the rats, and they a