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Monday 02 Al-Fateh (September). 2013
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Provoking Russia
Every European Eastward expansionist move had Russia as its target.
In Observance of the Anniversary of the Birth of the Last Prophet, Muhammad (Peace and Prayers be upon Him),
The Pakistani Conundrum
Neither the Americans nor the Israelis wish to see Pakistan in possession of a nuclear bomb.
The Brother Leader Addresses the Faculty and Students of Cambridge University
International Investments and Oil Supplies are in Danger
American policy is extremely dangerous to both America and the world.

The Brother Leader Addresses the Students of Oxford University Discussing the Issues Facing Africa in the Twenty-First Century. 

Monday 02 Al-Fateh (September). 2013
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Banning of machine guns
The 1997 Ottawa convention must be reviewed
The Illegality of the International Criminal
Courts and Tribunals
The FIFA : Reform or Abolition
UN Reform: A Message to All Countries
The Arab League: Ignoring Reality, or Ignorance of it
Africa’s Urgent Need of Stability
The Kurds Come Out Empty Handed
Kashmir: The Definitive Solution
White Book
Solving the Korean Problem
Turkey, Europe and the Bin-Ladenists
Earth Summit
Biological Weapons
Analysis of the current Crisis of Terrorism in the World
Monday 02 Al-Fateh (September). 2013
Other Languages
Brother Leader leads Presidents and Muslims from Various Parts of the World in Prayer in the City of Kampala
The Brother Leader Addresses the Faculty and Students of Cambridge University
 The Brother Leader addresses the Students of Oxford University on Africa in the 21st Century
In the Historic City of Agadez, the Brother Leader of the Revolution Leads Heads of State and other Muslims in Prayer during the Second Great Islamic Challenge
The Meeting of the Brother Leader with the Heads of Churches
 Statement of the Brother Leader on Migration and Development
 The Brother, the Leader Leads World Presidents and Muslims in Prayer in Timbuktu
Meeting with Int’l Dignitaries  Affiliated with The Green Auditorium
Meeting of the Brother Leader with Members of the Russian Duma
The Brother Leader Presents  His Strategic Vision of an African Cultural Revolution
The Brother Leader Discusses the Issue of Capital Punishment
The Brother Leader Speaks to the Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies
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    Mon 2-Fateh (September) 113

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     1997 Ottawa Convention shall be re-considered .
    1997 Ottawa Convention on mine ;Convention false and distorted and bomb must be re-considered.

    Political Leader lecture intellectual students and professors of the University of Cambridge.

    Invalidity of the international criminal tribunals .
    Represents the international criminal tribunals international system based on the selectivity and double standards, this combines courts, including loss of conditions to be met in any court to be legal.

    Leader lecture at Britain’s Oxford University students about Africa in the twenty-first century.

    FIFA amended or repealed.
    As long as the international FIFA calculated … And does not belong to a particular destination or to a State or group of States only, no one has the right to monopolize or exploit or يكيفها as he pleases.

    Leader leads the Presidents and the masses of Muslims from all over the world the historical city of Agadez in a demonstration second major challenge Islamic.

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    Al Fatah 44 – A Day of Honour

    Posted: 2013/09/02From: Mathaba


     African Leader

    Leader, February 22, 2011 NATO vs Qadhafi

    Comrades in Dublin celebrate September 1st

    a commentary on the Libyan Al-Fateh Revolution by Fodla32 & Adam King

    Around the world, good people have been celebrating the First of September 2013 –

    Forty Four years since the glorious day that Muammar al-Gaddafi and the Free Unitary Officers began the Great Al Fateh Revolution by seizing power in a bloodless

    coop on 1st September 1969.  Unlike the racist bloodbath that brought the NATO Rat Regime to power in 2011, al-Qathafi and his comrades did not need to shed

    one drop of blood to liberate Libya from the greedy claws of the puppet King Idris and his Anglo-Saxon string-pullers. The First of September, 1969, was a day of hope and victory for the oppressed people of Libya and the oppressed peoples of the whole world.

    In Vietnam, in South America, and all over Africa, native peoples were finding their strength and courage, and casting out the criminal regimes who stole their wealth and passed it on to the imperialist powers of Europe and the USA.   Muammar al-Qathafi was not only determined that Libya would play its part in this great liberation of all humanity from the powers of darkness, but play a leading role.  Soon, Libya, a country with a tiny population by world standards,

    had put fear in the hearts of all who would oppress the poor – and hope and joy in the hearts of patriots and freedom fighters everywhere.

    War on Libya  Leader with Mandela

    While Britain and the USA were giving guns and money to the racist Apartheid Regime in South Africa, Libya was giving guns,

    money and training to the heroes of the African National Congress (ANC), to give their struggle the possibility of success.

    When Nelson Mandela was released from prison, one of his first acts was to make the pilgrimage to Tripoli to publicly thank the

    Colonel, and all of Libya, for making African victory possible.  Since Libya was under criminal sanctions, Mandela had to make the

    last part of the journey by road.  He was not deterred, and we have beautiful photographs of the heroes, hand in hand in comradeship,

    solidarity and genuine affection – photographs that will inpire the anti-imperialist movement until the final victory – and forever.

    Those liars who claim that al-Qathafi only became a Pan-Africanist in recent times should be reminded that he supported African freedom right from the very start.

    Through the World Mathaba Against Imperialism, Racism, Zionism, Fascism and Reaction(ism), also termed the “five evils”,

    an organization with a budget that surpassed that of many entire countries, of which Muammar al-Qathafi was the Leading Coordinator,

    many national struggles of oppressed peoples were helped toward victory or at least greater democracy in lieu of oppressive dictatorships, including El Salvador, Ghana, Grenada, Brazil, Palestine, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua and a host of others, while the many others who received help and assistance including the Australian “Ab”Original People’s, still struggle for freedom.It was thus that not only Africa that enjoyed Libya’s generosity and solidarity.

    Palestine, The Basque Country, Ireland, the Philippines, and many others around the globe looked to Libya with confidence for support.

    al-Qathafi was a devout Muslim, but he rejected all sectarianism – freedom was for all people, and al-Qathafi did all he could to make sure they could have it.

    He also called for the creation of a World Center for the Studies and Researches on The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory

    to study and publish as well as propagate the real alternative to  CAPITALISM or Communism: the two sides of the same materialist coin.

    Leader reading The Green Book

    The Green Book was thus made available for free world wide in around 45 languages even though western countries continue to censor it from appearing in public libraries, being studied in educational establishments due to its revolution on “education” as well as revelations of the fallacy of single and multi-party “democracy” as well as its exposure of the economic exploitation currently bringing poverty and misery to the majority of the world population. It offers definitive solutions to the problem of power, the problem of wealth and offers a sound social basis for any society. It can still be viewed on-line and even printed off for free.Nor was al-Qathafi’s idea of freedom limited to military support.  He also wanted to raise the people of the earth from the oppression of ignorance.  In 1969, less than 15% of Libyans could read or write.  al-Qathafi build schools and universities for the people of Libya, so than now it has one of the highest literacy rates in the world.  He built more schools and universities all over Africa, and funded universities in Europe and the USA.  He never blamed ordinary people in the West for the crimes of their mis-leaders.When the criminal sanctions were lifted, huge amounts of money poured into Libya.  Al Gaddafi was determined that this money would not be used to turn Libyans into worthless milksops – like the Qataris or the pampered and idle populations of several other mini-states in the Gulf.

    The Great Jamahiriya (self-governing society based on legislative People’s Conferences and congressional People’s Committees, direct participatory democracy) made sure that all Libyans had what they needed, and the surplus was invested for the future of Libya, and invested in the raising of all of Africa from poverty and oppression.  This was the biggest complaint of the rats – why is “our” money being given to others, instead of being used to make us rich and worthless sops like the Qataris? The USA, France

    and Britain saw this, basically racist, complaint as their best chance of overthrowing the Jamahiriya and setting up another puppet state under the flag of King Idris.

    Sadly, this racist agenda was supported by most of the so-called Left in the West, who actually believed that hatred of people with black skin was a good basis for human rights.

    Even though 2011 was the most tragic year for Libya, it was also the year of Libya’s most splendid glory.  Never before had one small nation stood so valiantly against the hoards of oppression and evil.  For eight long months, Libya withstood the genocidal bombardment of the most destructive force ever assembled.  By NATO’s own figures, 150 bombing raids per day, for eight long months, were directed against a population the size of Ireland’s.

    And still, the Libyan Army endured, and held the genocidists at bay.   The rats themselves were found to be cowards, who would not dare to fight the Libyan Army.  They were, however, very good at lynching defenseless black civilians, and posing for Al Jazeera cameras. To make up for the cowardice of the racist rats, NATO had to form a different plan.  So 6,000 Qatari troops, thousands of mercenaries, and hundreds of NATO special forces were dressed up as Libyan rats, and sent to do the fighting.  Though, when you have air support from NATO, not much bravery is needed.  NATO aircraft poured a Holocaust of Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorus down on the heads of the Libyan soldiers – who still stood bravely – with a bravery rarely seen in human history.

    Mohanned Magam

    Mohanned Magam, July 1, 2011 on the happiest day of his life one month before his martyrdom

    in the MARCH of MILLIONS.

    And in the end, when the Libyan Army had been martyred, the citizens of Tripoli gathered around al-Qathafi’s compound

    with nothing but their bodies to protect their country’s honour.  In this moment, NATO showed its true concern for civilians.

    The people were strafed with gunfire from Apache helicopters to break up their demonstration. Among those martyred was

    Mathaba News Libya‘s young valiant Mohanned Magam, shot in the back by a British Apache while pulling out wounded

    from under the rubble. Sirte became the Stalingrad of the 21st Century.  Dr. Billah Moutassem Al-Qathafi and those few left

    of his once great army,made their last stand.  In the end, there were only 300.  300 men against the combined

    might of NATO’s imperial forces.

    For weeks, NATO and its rats could not prevail.  NATO was exposed to the world.  Despite its criminal killing power,

    300 men held it at bay.  This is the stuff of legend.  In Sirte, it was recorded history.

    Many contend that the bombing of Libya by NATO only stopped when Qathafi, who they had been trying to kill unsuccessfully

    for so many years, and especially throughout the 2011 bombing at first claiming it would take “days”, then “weeks” then “months”,

    saw that the main target being claimed was himself.

    Even still, the Great Jamahiriya could not be beaten.  Sirte’s “last stand” proved to be far from it. For over a year afterward Sirte remained unsubdued

    and continued to rule itself and fly the popular Green Flag throughout the city. It had to be starved and blockaded and bombarded by

    long-range missiles for another year or so by rats primarily from Misrata, before they could claim “victory”. In the same manner another

    central Libyan city, Bani Walid, showed the true color of Libyan manhood and womanhood.  The world stood in amazement as the Green

    Flag still flew over Bani Walid, and its people continued to resist for the coming year.

    Leader  Greeting the colonel

    On the occasion of 44 and 45 year view of the Revolution greatest ongoing congratulate all free mass and are free to the Arabs and all the free world.

    P revolution that championed the oppressed all over the world will never die ..
    Published Islam and the revolution postponed colonial foreign bases and nationalized the oil ..
    Revolution, which called for Arab unity and the African Union established ..
    Revolution was her secret word “Jerusalem” and did not recognize Israel at all ..
    The revolution that brought the right of Libyans and knelt Italy shined atom ..
    Revolution that called liberally rights and its leader, thinker coined the Third Universal Theory which liberated human injustice and oppression and tyranny ..
    In this revolution will never die and will remain forever a beacon to show the way to the oppressed ..

    Each year and you are okay, and never light the revolutionary struggle continues.

    Today, on 01 September  2013, the Al-Fatah Revolution is being celebrated by small groups.

    We no longer have the splendid occasions, when the Libyan Army marched in its fine uniforms, to demonstrate Libya’s sovereign power to the world.  In Libya today,

    patriots are setting off fireworks and raising the Green Flag, knowing they could be arrested and tortured, or even murdered,

    by the criminal gangs brought to power by NATO.   In other parts of the world, we are not under physical threat,

    but we have the ridicule of slavish governments, who want to enjoy the criminal spoils of the Petrodollar.

    On the other hand, the rats in Libya still have no victory. They have no security, no functioning government, have to meet in secret and various locations,

    are plagued by constant protests and even armed invasions, are fighting against one another, blowing each other up, and many who joined the rats

    due to tribal or other allegiances when parts of Libya fell to the rat invasion, are now wishing for a return to the good old days of the democracy and Islamic-socialism

    of the Great Jamahiriya.

    But, today, a new sense of hope stirs in our hearts.  We see that NATO is afraid to attack Syria.  The grand plan to destroy Libya

    in a matter of weeks, then march through Damascus and into Iran, now lies in ruins.  The heroism of Libya ended NATO’s power.

    Even members of the British Tory Party have voted against an attack on Syria.  They fear meeting men and women like the Libyans.

    Russian and Chinese military analysts have pointed out that Libya, instead of being a demonstration of NATO’s unstoppable power,

    actually showed its weakness.  By the end of eight months of bombing a country with a population half the size of Belgium,

    most of NATO’s air force was grounded – due to lack of spare parts and the exhaustion of the air crews.

    How could such a force imagine attacking the combined might of Syria, Russia and Iran?

    Add in China, and NATO must accept that it is no longer a feared force in the world.

    It was Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi and the Libyan Army that broke the back of NATO.

    Syria will soon have victory over the Zionist puppet terrorists that now attack it.  Iran need not fear any longer.

    I hope the people of Syria and Iran will not forget, as they enjoy freedom from Anglo-Saxon invasion and domination,

    that their freedom was hard won by Libyan blood.

    It is a debt of honour that they cannot forget.

    In Africa, people are calling for the work of al-Qathafi to be continued and intensified.  Only a United Africa can bring the people of Africa

    the peace and prosperity they deserve.

    Al-Qathafi knew that Africa is the richest place on earth.  Its people could flourish – instead of dying slow deaths in poverty.

    Africans draw courage from his courage.  More and more Africans are saying that its better to die as men than live under imperialist slavery.

    This is NATO’s true failure and defeat.  They thought that by murdering the man who, above all others, stood for African Unity, that they would

    put fear into the hearts of all who would dare to follow him.  How wrong they were.

    it is true that he Lives in a place where he can never be killed: in the hearts of millions!

    Mu's world

    Leader in Hearts

    Of all the oppressed people of the earth, it is women who suffer the most.  In the Jamahiriya, women were given their full rights, and given full equality with men.

    Leader in Italy with female Guards

    To make this point clearly to the whole world, Al Gaddafi put his personal safety in the hands of women.  They would soon show the world that his confidence was fully justified.

    On the 31st of July, 1998, the British MI6, working with Al Qaeda, attempted to assassinate Al Gaddafi in a gun and bomb attack on his convoy. This was not the first time,

    but one of many occasions.  Two women soldiers were martyred and several others injured.  But, they protected their Brother Leader and captured the terrorist gang.

    When the infantile Western media saw these women soldiers, all they could see was sexual objects.  That fact alone shows the continued oppression of women in the West.

    Today, women, once more, face oppression in Libya.  But, after having enjoyed freedom in the Jamahiriya, it will not be easy for the fanatics to force them down.

    And so, on this First of September, 2013, the oppressed of the earth – The Wretched of the Earth – hold our Brother Leader’s memory deeply in our hearts

    in hope and pride. In our hearts where he lives forever and will continue to live in all future generations who will see the great wonders he created for the world* and

    with that they still had clean water, air, fish in the sea and a healthy happy life.


    *) To mention a few:


    Muammar al-Qathafi saved the world from a lack of alternatives to the so-called “New World Order” of the bankster elite.

    He did so by giving us The Green Book: a guide to freedom from political, economic and social slavery, a universal guide to political, economic and social emancipation.

    Human rights:

    Muammar Qaddafi offered a human rights price each year that received little publicity but which went to truly worthy causes and struggles and deserving recipients

    for human rights and peace, unlike the “Nobel Peace Prize” which was awarded to those who served Zionism and war, including Obama.

    Thus we have as an enormous legacy for mankind in THE GREAT GREEN CHARTER OF UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS ( 12 JUNE 1988)


    Muammar Qaddafi gave future humanity 1,000 years supply of pure mineral water, via the Great Man-Made River Project “The 8th World Wonder”.

    This is currently being jealously guarded by the French who wish to turn it into bottled water for sale, instead of free to the entire region as it was before.

    The elites know of this and want to allow the continued poisoning of the water supply for the rest of us, and allow only their rich supporters to drink clean water.

    African Dignity:

    Muammar al-Qathafi joined a line of historic Afrikan leaders who have given pride to Africa and Africans, stood up for their rights and made the white occupiers

    and their institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund superfluous. With a $42 billion budget, $32 billion supplied by Libya and now

    stolen by the USA, a project which was due to launch on September 1, 2011 would have brought complete economic freedom to Africa forever more in a

    World African Banking Union [that was intended to be  established in a new African City on SEPT 2011 at the outskirts of SIRTE:

    which was intended to be the new Great Jamahiriya capitol].


    by bringing the pure clean Islam and its teachings into the light after a long history of obfuscation, establishing the World Islamic Call Society, and the World Islamic Leadship,

    Muammar al-Qathafi sought to educate Muslims and others about Islam and reveal its bounty to human kind, its relevance to everyone, and its never-ending source of peace and fulfillment.

    The publication “Risalat al Jihad” (Message of Struggle), was the best every multi-lingual monthly publication on the relevancy of true Islam.

    Cooperation: always bridging the gaps, a firm believer in theThirUniversal Theory (Truth), the “Great Uniter” Muammar Qaddafi brought together all believers, whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist, as well as Anarchists, Nationalist, Socialists, Humanitarians, Communists, Libertarians… always seeking to unite around what faces us all and work to finding common solutions and offering solidarity, assistance and counsel irrespective of differences in religion or ideology.

    Mu leads as IMAM at prayers


    in a politically and morally incorrect world where sucking up to power, groveling, lying, deceit and manipulation are the standard, Muammar Qaddafi was the prime example and leader

    in speaking truth to power, speaking truth that hurts, even against his own people and family. Thus setting a remarkable standard to be followed and emulated by all of us. Let us

    follow his example and teachings:

    “Do not be afraid of power, possess it!”

    Print, study and circulate The Green Book   and the Great Green Charter of Universal Human Rights (established 12 JUNE 1988)!

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    Mon 2-Fateh (September) 113

    Other languages​​:
      Leader to meet the heads of churches and the ambassadors of friendly countries
     Leader’s speech on migration and development.
    Leader leads the presidents and Muslims in Timbuktu.
     Leader to meet with employees of the runway green.
     To Qaoualokh commander with members of the Russian Duma.
     Ask a Leader African intellectuals.
     Leader talk about the death penalty.
     Modern leader of the Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies.
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    Mon 2-Fateh (September) 113

    Other languages​​:
    United Nations reform message addressed to the world
    Arab League just ignore reality or ignorance .
    Africa is in dire need of stability and reference .
    The Kurds came out of the generator without Homs!!
    The final solution to the Kashmir problem .

    (White Paper)             Isratine

    Resolve the Korean question .
    Turkey, Europe and coffee Adeneion .
    Earth Summit .
    Biological weapons .
    Analysis of the commander on the crisis experienced by the world.

    The green brothers are back

    انزال راية الجرذان في سرت وتمزيقها
    انزال راية الجرذان في سرت وتمزيقها
    Durée : 0:56
    انزال راية الجرذان في سرت وتمزيقها
    انزال راية الجرذان في سرت وتمزيقها
    ‏انزال راية الجرذان في سرت وتمزيقها‏
    Durée : 0:56



    Libya in “17 February” this happens

    Uninterrupted power supply period ranging from 4 to 7 hours per day in each region each city
    And even the headquarters of the Conference and other Mússat of State uninterrupted electricity .. Electricity is available only in the prisons of the militias ..

    They thrive in those places .. Vbhe are tortured with electric batons .. And it is run .. fireplaces and burning tools are heated .. And it is used many innovations, including the operation of heating under these high temperature atmosphere ..

    O Faraj, the sons of Libya detainees in the prisons of the Mughal era
    God families decoder .. And Faraj Krepetthm .. And remove the hum ..
    Oh shed doom whip on of Aikhavk ..
    Oh god in themselves .. Mark circle bad spin on them ..

    Call a complement to our fellow detainees under poor conditions in which they live ..
    Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

    An armed group on Sunday stormed a power station and forced five employees to leave the company said General Electric that this group

    of armed forced personnel at the station to leave the work assigned to protest against power failure … And crossed the company regrets

    the recurrence of such acts irresponsible and which have increased in frequency in recent asserting that have negative effects on the

    morale of the employees of the company, which will lead to deficiencies in the performance of the network, especially in such critical periods

    and caused factors shortage of oil supplies and increasing loads increase to the exposure of cables stolen in continuous interruption of electricity

    in several Libyan cities despite pledges by the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy to take the necessary measures to avoid it, but to no avail ..

    Libya’s future ..

    Energy Commission General National Congress declares that the crude oil production in Libya amounted to zero level.

    United Press International (UPI) :: parliament’s energy committee says that Libyan oil production in the country close to zero .. [so sorry WEST! LIBYA’s oil is not here for YOUR gain of wealth and imperialism.]
    Energy Commission confirmed the Libyan parliament on Sunday to stop the export of Libyan crude oil caused the loss of the country amounted to $ 3 billion so far , noting that production witnessed a significant decline approaching zero degrees ..
    The committee said in a statement received by United Press International a copy of the state budget lost about 3 billion dollars so far as a result stop the export of Libyan oil caused crude , referring to the low production significantly approached zero degrees ..
    The Commission explained that this will cause a large fiscal deficit in the state budget at the beginning of next year, and that the State would be unable to provide food, medicine and electricity and the payment of salaries , especially since the state budget has been calculated on the basis that oil production is a million and a half million barrels per day, and the market value not less than ninety dollars a barrel.
    She pointed out that stop the export of oil as well as being cause of the delay in development projects, will make Libya state that does not respect the contracts for the sale of oil and gas with buyers resulting in fines , what will drive many of the experiences of foreign and local oil sector to escape due to lack of Western security.
    It is noteworthy that the production of Libyan crude fell significantly to less than 200 thousand barrels per day out of 1.0004 million barrels were exported on a daily basis , as a result of the lock ‘s oil export ports by the Leaders of Zintan at MIZDAH’s Italian “Melita Oil & Gas” facility, having special demands and seek to sell oil for the self-employed, as previously announced President Ali Zaidane’s Libyan “government” ..

    Libya imports more diesel and fuel oil for power stations

    Reuters – A senior executive in the energy sector in Libya on Monday, Libya boosted imports of diesel and fuel oil to run power plants in the country, after the protests caused the closure of most of the natural gas fields in the eastern region.
    A company official said that the National Oil Libya imported “at least three times the amount of liquid fuel,” which normally imports so as not to stop power plants from work. The official, who requested anonymity, “all gas supplies parked in the eastern region.”
    (and BTW: Zintan officials have proof that there is a expanded 6 month supply of LIBYAN OIL and fuel which has not been touched; so the government of the MB GNC is lying to the people about local shortages of fuel and oil and complaints of having to now import needed fuels.)


    Presently, Zintani leaders understand what Muammar was explaining...and they have stopped the oil from flowing to Europe. Production, as of today is 0%.

    THis principle explained as a safety catch for Libya and retribution against the EVIL EMPIRE OF THE USA and the NATO NATIONS of the E.U. as well as a blow to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

    who desperately needs Libya’s oil in order to reinstate themselves in North Africa and the Middle-East…

    (Sorry boys, Zintan has ruined your plans!)

    READ understandingly what economically Muammar knew and teaches us here from 15 MARCH 2008:

    American policy is extremely dangerous to both America and the world. It is a policy of bringing down the temple on everyone’s head, including its own. Enacting American laws with the purpose of harming others will harm America as well. It is a double-edged sword for obscure American courts to hand down sentences in absentia. Those sentences, passed in the presence of corrupt lawyers, aim only at confiscating the money of others. The lawyers are accomplices whose goal is to share the spoils. This sword could turn against America.

    International investments have become extremely weary. It is a known fact that “capital is cautious”. Investments will shrink. Liquidity will dry up. The use of the US dollar will be avoided to reduce risks of rate of exchange fluctuations. Oil supplies that could be impounded due to those sentences passed by American courts might grind to a halt. In order to avert the danger of America’s expropriation of their money, states will not allow their assets to leave their jurisdiction. Otherwise, they might be in danger of having those court sentences applied to them.

    A practical example of this is what Libya did during the Lockerbie problem. It withdrew its money from the markets of America and its allies. It brought that money back for fear it might be expropriated. The American oil companies withdrew after sustaining losses. If the new American law is applied or those court sentences were enforced, it might do so once again. Iran, Venezuela and other countries may do the same thing and withdraw their investments from foreign banks and other enterprises. They might decide to stop oil supplies and stop using the US dollar. America, the proponent of this policy, will be the loser. American oil companies might be nationalized, expelled or have their assets expropriated. They could be replaced by Chinese companies. In this case also America will be the loser. This is more likely to happen if this misguided policy continues to surge forward and to be used as a pretext to seize investments outside America. This will only lead countries with foreign investments to bring back their investments to their local markets. In that way they will be able to keep them as assets unless America reconsiders its destructive policy.



    Tripoli International Airport …

    Tripoli airport return to work and Tunisair denies comments flights.

    The Libyan news agency today
    Kidnapping Anoud Abdullah Sanusi after getting out of prison in Tripoli
    There is no power but from God

    Company officials sit Libyana demanding an investigation into the spying

    Brotherhood calls and exploitation company Libyana in bombings and

    Assassinations that occur in Libya.

    Coastal road today ….

    the attack on the Egyptian consul and steal his car!!!

    Unidentified gunmen are exposed to the Egyptian Consul in Tripoli and steal his car

    Displays the Egyptian consul in the Libyan capital Tripoli attacked by unidentified gunmen and the theft of his car, which led to his bruises and superficial wounds.
    The sources said a high-level Egyptian embassy in Tripoli, said the gunmen dragged the Egyptian consul of his car at gunpoint, during a stopover neighborhood

    of al-Andalus to buy some supplies, and pointed out that the gunmen fled by car after theft and injury consul, pointing out that it has been moved consul to the

    hospital for treatment of bruises and wounds.

    The source explained that the Libyan security forces found the Consul own car, in ‘Cashel F’  region next to the Sports City in the capital Tripoli.
    It is noteworthy that the Egyptian Deputy Ambassador in Tripoli had been subjected to an attempted robbery last week, where unknown assailants smashed the

    glass side of his car, scattering their contents while standing in front of a hotels in Tripoli famous.




    Displays a security and safety of Benghazi Medical Center the key Faitouri brother last night for a stab in the heart by two drunken young people entered the medical center late in the night.

    He said the injured after leaving the operating room this morning, “I’ve Astdona in one of the sections and gold to them Fujantm youths caused the harassment they are

    unconscious we taking them out of the section to the emergency door, and then opened we knives (knife) when I approached him to get him out the Btni three stab wounds

    neck and hand and right pleural deep stab hand heart in this picture with a key Dr. Fathi Jehani director of the Center.

    Najat President of the retired officers after his car explosion
    (Country ambianceAlaa Darsi, reporting)

    Media spokesman confirmed the joint security room Benghazi Abdullah Al-Zaidi survival retired Sgt Chief Nasser a Haafa

    after an explosion targeting his car in front of his home in the Almajora Benghazi.

    Zaidi added that the car was in the possession of his brother and when he returned exploded without resulting in any human damage.

    The President of the Sergeants Nasser A. To Haafa the forces belonging to Thunderbolt of a fifty-year-old had retired after shares in the graduation of two batches of them.



    An emergency meeting between a ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood delegation from the city of Misrata and the wise men’s Assembly and Shura Council to Sirte

    to stop armed clashes between armed groups.



    Egypt to expel three journalists from Al – Jazeera ..
    CAIRO (Reuters) :: Egypt deported on Sunday, three reporters working for Al-Jazeera , which broadcasts in English after days of radio channel owned by Qatar picture messages to the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood to which the President belongs orphaned ” Mohamed Morsi, ” calls for organizing protests against the government ..
    Qatar was a strong financial supporter of the ruling group “Muslim Brotherhood ” and strongly opposes the isolation of the army to Mursi and the subsequent crackdowns on the group.
    And closed the offices of Al Jazeera in Cairo on the third of July , when security forces stormed hours after isolating Morsi, but the channel which broadcasts from Qatar still see in Egypt .
    He said Cairo airport officials , speaking on condition of anonymity , said Wayne Hay and just Bradlow and Ross Fein were deported to Egypt Air plane flying to London after being forced to leave their equipment .
    The three reporters were detained since last Tuesday , said a spokesman for Al-Jazeera that the three were released and left Egypt without having seen the reason for their detention ..


    Egypt to expel three journalists from Al – Jazeera | Middle East News | Reuters




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