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Mu CROWD Interview 1

Dr. Hamza Abuschgner Thami

12 SEPT. 2013

Mu handsome

Battalion Black day

Moved …. Everyone should generalize ….
There are lot of Manfolh from for burnout enemy and help the heroes in the liberation of our homeland, because we will not stand handcuffed men made ​​a Rua Haa scapegoat to liberate the homeland , and we well as resist Bisht ways ::
1 – Jewish boycott all products ( Breeze ) , which supports their Ot Gu matter violations .
2 – We will support all the pages of the resistance and help them in publishing and listen to their advice and instructions and not to join the pages of shame and tails .
3 – We will support space stations such as green tent and all stations anti cause sms messages for staged continuity .
4 – to benefit any information that may be useful and resistance heroes .
5 – Continue to expose customers and collect as much as possible collection of pictures and clips and condemns their business materials and their plans fail .
6 – Assist in the martyrs and missing inventory and monitor all violations.
7 – to spread terror in the hearts of Jardan Bisht roads.
8 – always engaging in organized collective action that organized pages resistance and forums.
9 – to refrain from opening new pages dispersion of our goal and distract us with him .
10 – stay away from any matters that may give rise to discord between cities and tribes and to beware of lurking and Muftnin us .
… Please everyone not to underestimate any information, and interest in all credibility and grandparents , and we welcome any ideas or subtracted from the works for the better in order to facilitate the honorable mission in the ground ….
God grant you success … shall be published for all honest people in the Libyan and beyond
Sirte fighter erupted booklet
(The main Admin)

Our armed forces will not Tkhaddlkm God willing you will be in the green arena with the help of God. Soon ..

Although free Maouselo the required number, I decided to spread the gospel.

The heroes seize the car was inside 4 rats Mqji the gunmen, طرحوهم to the ground and seized their vehicle and their equipment, and as you can see the green flag was raised by

Assure you that our heroes okay and safety, and the commandment sincerely commander

God is above the aggressor Kid

We apologize for Male place to ensure the safety of our heroes

# Akhaddralltham

بالرغم من ان الأحرار ماوصلو للعدد المطلوب، قررت ننشر البشارة.

قام ابطالنا بالإستيلاء على سيارة كان بداخلها 4جرذان مقملين مسلحين، طر حوهم ارضا و استولوا على سيارتهم وعتادهم و كما ترون تم رفع الراية الخضراء عليها

نطمئنكم ان ابطالنا بخير وبسلامة،، ولوصية القائد مخلصين

الله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي

نعتذر عن ذكر المكان لضمان سلامة ابطالنا




Nharkm happy and blessed ..

Anniversary of the al-Fateh

Nharkm happy and blessed ..Alvarez is protected by cavalry …. embody the idea and believe….

All Glory to the martyrs who Users Say lives for the Great Jamahiriya

(Honorable son)


J’aime · il y a 20 heures

صبـــاح النصـــر يــاأحـــرارهمتكــم ياأحــــرار مازال 100مشتــرك حتى تصــل الشبكــة تحمل في داخلـــها 8000 مشتــرك
معــــمر وبـــس#فخــرالأجيــــال

I know my weapon .. And my weapon knows me

The argument of the Golden General “Khamis Gaddafi”



Libyan Company for Foreign Investments

Refuses to hand over the custody of the current authorities

And operating offices Bank still retains enter the because they are reserved by the Security Council and frozen and does not deal only with

the Libyan Company for Foreign Investments .

And operational information to the Attorney General benefit Transitional Petrt and nutria government and influential members of the General Conference

and a number of leaders of the rebels stole 200 billion at once , including and Scriter Mustafa Abdul Jalil alone stole 165 million and fled to Lebanon.

The stolen groups in Benghazi an amount of 400 million on conversion and transfer of currency to please and killed the group that was supervisor of transportation

upon the Foreign Investment Company Declaration of Altefid full and responsibilities.

We wish all property Libyan abroad at their disposal until the establishment of the State and the Government of authentic

Libya owns 1437 hotel and resort around the world generate profits on Libya and that Libya has the fifth largest balance of Dahab in the world after the U.S. , China, Japan and Russia.

The head of the company that he will not admit it , CSG and authentic banks , but the government is ready to lock any account in place

in any project dreamer evidence and proof since received until now .

He confirmed that a theft of $ 200 billion will be delivered to the Attorney General to see the extent of the application of the law in Libya.

Oktermn 53000 global investment company registered in the register of the World Trade British and U.S. half , waiting for access to Libya awaiting the return of the state to civil order and the return of calm and stability and the presence of the Government of authentic and even now there is no such thing
Or a clear vision .

Libya has exposed to severe penalties that continued on this road there are 3000 period at least will raise the company claims against Libya if it stays like this, what it hailed it lost its projects and equipment and stolen institutions in Libya.

Brazil, one company demanding payment of 9 billion compensation to stop the projects in Libya for the Implementation of airports and supplemented it signed with the former regime, which are offered cheapest and best bidder for the construction and restructuring of 7 Airports in Libya worth 13 billion was made ​​by a State or a company at this price. Saluting Astavdt Brazil in its bid with the latest industry technology specifications under the supervision and not Estrada anything ready.

The large number of companies waiting to go back and new waiting for entry and complained that the country without officials, who are described as some of the companies that they Mkhad Aoun and crooks and opportunists have been rolled our complaints of extortion and will investigate these allegations , but to then wait for the State on the ground.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry Libyan today received a copy of the Book of the World Trade Organization by the Libyan Foreign Ministry.


Libyan women noble within the armed militias detention under torture

Libyan women noble within the armed militias detention under torture

Confirmed Altdt the name of Libyan tribes loyal to Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi stadium as the assets that the Libyan women are honest, which turned in Libya,

while the Brother Leader Muammar al-Qathafi (a human being) is now destitute and suffers injustice and oppression who to all human beings gave appreciation and respect,

and (now women) become a partner actually in the battle of the shift cultural side along with their brother men, decided for themselves what  you want, and choose what fits

their nature by which God created them for.

There was no force or coercion in what you want to do any activity that practical or scientific, has seen pervades all areas, a doctor and an engineer, and a university professor,

and Secretary, and the Ambassador, and the leader of a plane, and all failed by women, even in developed countries, as well as for her role as a mother manages the affairs of

her house, did not stop her role on the physical aspect but also had a pivotal role in relation to industry sovereign decision and fateful in the legislative, judicial and executive,

and became the so-called International Women’s Day which is held on March 8 every year under the auspices of the United Nations in Libyan women is considered just a

funny scenario lie added to a series of lies that boasts the world who claims to civilization and progress claim, the unfortunate thing Wailing and disastrous turn these gains

after the impact of an eye  ,

This case Libyan women after the catastrophe of February 17, which came out the so-called Arab Spring, women in Libya today sitting behind bars under the pretext of support

for the system made ​​it a man his pride and dignity, where trafficking in all forms of torture, rape and murder of those charges and detention centers are still to this day a witness

to it where holding hundreds if not thousands of women and girls who tortured, raped, and it went further than that, it has around jailers who claim Islam al way (warlords) into

a marketable commodity in brothels Gulf states for some of the money .

And went some of them to Mufti need to go to the battlefields in Syria under the name of Jihad marriage, and we wonder where human rights organizations and

where the United Nations that claim to be keen on the rights of women, which happens to Libyan women today, unfortunately, did not even see the condemnation

of this crime, or make any investigation by any organization around the recklessness of its dignity as if women Jamahiriya Atantma to humans, but must be punished

being a Libyan and Arab and Muslim

Lived a great conqueror. And Baden God Almighty will recover in the near future, which wounded dignity and right to my father

and raped the land which had been desecrated by the armed militias that revels in the ground of corruption.

المرأة الليبية الشريفة داخل معتقلات المليشيات المسلحة تحت التعذيب

أكد المتحدت بأسم القبائل الليبية الموالية للزعيم الليبي معمر القدافى الاستاد باسم الصول أن المرأة الليبية الشريفة التى تحولت في ليبيا أثناء وجود الأخ القائد معمر القذافي من كائن بشري معدم تعاني الظلم والاضطهاد إلى إنسانه تحظى بكل التقدير والاحترام , وأصبحت شريكا فعليا في معركة التحول الحضاري جنبا إلى جنب مع أخيها الرجل , تقرر ماتشاء وتختار كل ما يناسب طبيعتها التي خلقها الله عليها

فلم يكن هناك أي إجبار أو إكراه في ما ترغب القيام به من أي نشاط عملي أو علمي , وقد رأيناها تقتحم كافة المجالات , طبيبة , ومهندسة , وأستاذة جامعية , ووزيرة , وسفيرة , وقائدة طائرة , وكل ما عجزت عليه المرأة حتى في الدول المتقدمة , فضلا عن دورها كأم تدير شؤون بيتها , ولم يتوقف دورها عن الجانب المادي بل كان لها دور محوري في ما يتعلق بصناعة القرار السيادي والمصيري في السلطات التشريعية والقضائية والتنفيذية , وأصبح ما يسمى اليوم العالمي للمرأة الذي يقام في 8 مارس من كل عام بإشراف من الامم المتحدة في نظر المرأة الليبية هو مجرد سيناريو مضحك وأكذوبة تضاف إلى سلسلة الاكاذيب التي يتبجح بها العالم الذي يدعي الحضارة ويدعي التقدم , أما الشيء المؤسف والمبكي والكارثي أن تتحول هذه المكاسب أثر بعد عين ,

وهذا حال المرأة الليبية بعد نكبة 17 فبراير التي أتى بها ما سمي بالربيع العربي , فالمرأة في ليبيا اليوم قابعة خلف القضبان بحجة دعمها لنظام جعل منها انسان له عزة وكرامة ,حيث تتجرع كل صنوف التعذيب والاغتصاب والقتل بتلك التهمة والمعتقلات مازالت إلى اليوم شاهدا على ذلك حيث تحتجز مئات إن لم يكن الالاف من النساء والفتيات اللاتي يعذبن ويغتصبن وذهب الامر إلى أبعد من ذلك , فقد حولها السجانين الذين يدعون الاسلام على طريقة القاعدة (أمراء الحرب) إلى سلعة رائجة في مواخير دول الخليج مقابل بعض الاموال.

وذهب البعض منهم إلى الافتاء بضرورة الذهاب إلى ساحات القتال في سورية تحت مسمى جهاد النكاح , ونحن نتساءل أين منظمات حقوق الانسان وأين الامم المتحدة التي تدعي أنها حريصة على حقوق المرأة مما يحدث للمرأة الليبية اليوم , للاسف لم نرى حتى إدانة لهذا الاجرام , أو إجراء اي تحقيق من قبل أي منظمة حول الاستهتار بكرامتها وكأن المرأة الليبية لاتنتمي إلى البشر بل يجب معاقبتها كونها ليبية وعربية ومسلمة … عاش الفاتح العظيم . وبأدن الله تعالى سوف نسترجع فى القريب العاجل الكرامة التى جرحت والحق الدى أغتصب و الارض التى تم تدنيسها من قبل المليشيات المسلحة التى ترتع فى الارض فساد

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Women's Military Academy graduation 1981

al-Qathafi at Women’s Military Academy Graduation 1981

Libyan chief of state Muammar al-Qaddafi attends a 1981 graduation at the women’s military academy in Tripoli.

The academy opened in 1979 during Qaddafi’s push to include women in Libya’s armed forces.

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30 août 1981
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Libya obscured by nearly one million pornographic site
Libya obscured by nearly one million pornographic site 9.11.2013 | 23:58
Digital World  
Libya obscured by nearly one million pornographic site Libya announced on September 11 /
September they blocked about a million pornographic sites on the Internet, as confirmed by the Chairman of the Commission communication
and transportation in the General National Congress (parliament) Libyan Mohammed Ammari Zayed. Participated Zayed suspension on
his at the site “Facebook” which stated:
“The praise of God Almighty withholding more than 962 000 pornography site from appearing in Libya,” noting that “access to these sites
was a 30 to 40 percent of Internet use in Libya, “Zayed also expressed his gratitude to everyone who has been instrumental to achieve this goal.
Produced statements Libyan official These are some of the questions by the militants in the World Wide Web, focused mostly on the resolution
and the mechanism followed by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics Libyan under block pornographic websites, in addition to express
some surprise at the number of Internet users who were entering to browse these sites.
Hereinafter the same in regard to the Egyptian judiciary had refused at the end of last month, made by the citizen suit to block pornographic
websites in the country.
The plaintiff Nasser Ali had stressed in his note that

“Islamic texts of the Koran and all heavenly religions, came to transcend human beings

to the desired level of dignity.” :روسيا اليوم

Curt  Weldon led the first congressional delegation to the Great Jamahiriya in 2004 and traveled to Tripoli three more times, in 2004, 2005 and 2008.

While there, he developed a close relationship with the al-Qathafi family.



Portal to موطفي interest

User Name
Remember me

The objective of the project

The objective of the project: 1_ communicate with citizens and receive complaints and inquiries, suggestions and reply as soon as possible. 2_ provide the necessary information on the number of complaints and the places that need for the construction of the control and knowledge of the shortcomings in the follow-up plans, which will reflect directly on improving services. 3_ know the level of performance of departments that deal with citizens and the strengths and weaknesses in the performance of employees in these departments.

In the context of improving the services provided by the Department of Civil Status Authority decent citizen and to respond to the vast amount of questions and inquiries, very soon will the Civil Status Authority sprayed system complaints and inquiries via its online e-WWW.CS.GOV.LY
Where they are now working on this system, which will be launched through the website for the purpose of communicating with citizens and promote a culture of transparency and Stvsarh on issues affecting them, “which is located within the jurisdiction of Civil Status Authority directly,” as well as providing any complaint of ill-Maamah any employee or any negligence or omission of any civil registry office belonging to the civil Status Authority and citizens will all of this is located in the home or work without having to go to the headquarters of the civil registry or branch management or administration Home

Civil Status Authority Libya

Department media interest
Voir la traduction
Complaint System and consensus-mail to the Civil Status Authority Libya


Badri Council denies receiving 58 million Zaidane calls for debate
Atmosphere of the country – the dumplings Collapse

Chairman of the local council denied Tripoli Sadat Aalibdra the that it has received a budget of 58 million dinars for the benefit of the Council ,

adding that this amount to exchange company hygiene and not to support the local council also said Prime Minister Ali Zidane.

Badri confirmed that Zaidane wanted to shuffle the cards through the impact on the budget spent for hygiene company , said it is

disbursed to the Council in his support .

Aalibdra said Thursday the country ‘s airspace that Tripoli local council did not only receive from the government budget for the first

quarter of the year, estimated at 14,750,000 dinars , explaining that it steering of the Council ‘s budget is no more .

Badri explained that the general hygiene company received from the government budget is estimated at 58 million dinars , and that this

amount it spent 40 million salaries for workers and employees of the company while the rest was distributed to run landfills and corporate

support and other needs of the company in accordance with what he said .

Badri called on Prime Minister Ali Zaidane to debate in public to show the facts in the capital Tripoli , pointing out that Zaidane shortened

problem of waste in the capital and forgetting the security situation and social development.

The Prime Minister Ali Zaidane said during a news conference on Wednesday that the government ” allocated to the local council for the

cleanliness of 58 million dinars,” he said , adding that the cleaning company is headed by its General Assembly , head of the local council of

Tripoli and the departments shall Vice President of the Council .

Room (rebels) Libya

The so-called Chamber (* rebels) Libya …..

and Libya innocent of them! Blackmail the government for financial and amount

(one hundred and sixty million), compared to their insurance capital!!!!
The government refuses to extradite the amount … and the room trying to squeeze through Contact Bthoar from the mountain

and convince them to get off to Tripoli!, To now been the failure of the plot and the mountain rebels refuse offers room ..

(/ Weldalasema)

Attorney General issued an order preventing Mohammed Boukaiqis from traveling outside Libya after news of his intention

to go to Britain and asked for political asylum there on the back of a call against on made ​​by Zaidane against government.


Security Council / Branch Libya / anti-crime agency

Urgent Attorney General in Tripoli consider the request Anpn the
And two daughters to Abdulrahman Asswehly

Consider the evidence presented and evidence to catch the four sons of Abdul Rahman Asswehly

Attorney General consider evidence arrived today that the number of four sons of Abdul Rahman Asswehly has issued an arrest warrant against them and that after the confirmation of telecommunications companies as primarily responsible for promoting rumors and strife in the country in the number of pages FB The source said that the thread which promote chaos Tibet all from the same home Abdulrahman Sowaihili.

Today is achieved and prosecutors from the evidence presented may be detained missed from boys least two of the girls from the house of Abdul Rahman Asswehly accused PBT mess Cefahathm.

– Libya HD
– Libya max
– The corner from the heart of the event
– Black Benghazi Lin Akhaddloa the religion

The prosecution asked the telecommunications company investigating the matter was handed over evidence this morning.

12/09/2013 14:11Officials:

Msalon: Airports Libya unsafe
12/09/2013 14:11 Officials: Airports unsafe Libya Libya: security file search

Khaled Almher – Tripoli – Al Jazeera Net: hide the Libyan authorities concerned with the fact that the security situation airports of sight for fear of the reluctance of international airlines from landing at airports in Tripoli and Benghazi. And the longer chaos largest airports in the big cities of the total 17 airports in Libya Al Jazeera Net sources say It currently facing security problems with the increasing number of travelers across it. Has stopped Tripoli International Airport last week of work for one day after gunmen stormed an airstrip aviation, to forcibly prevent planes from landing or take-off, in a scene repeated in many previous occasions.He admitted Transportation Committee Chairman General National Congress M’hamed Omari occurrence of such breakthroughs, expressing his deep regret for the airport’s lack of security barriers that prevent unauthorized access to the aircraft emplacements. But he also said that the intentions of some armed formations “good” aimed at securing airports, but at the same time stressed that the gunmen In doing such acts but are contributing to the destruction of airports, lack of knowledge of safety standards. He went on saying that successive governments had to impose prestige of the state on the air ports and compliance with international standards in this aspect. He added that the Committee’s best public transportation to the National Conference and the Ministry of Transportation decision to suspend work temporarily at major airports, and convert flights from Tripoli and Benghazi airports to other cities to airports while ensuring international airports. He said that there is a heated debate going on inside the corridors of the Ministry of Transportation between supporters to stop working in large airports – Tripoli and Benghazi –
and convert trips to other cities or airports remain open to travelers and adhere to international standards. Omari revealed that Libya’s airports unlicensed internationally and is working to take advantage of the reputation of international airlines that use these airports. He also revealed that complaints and reports filed against Libya in the international aviation organizations, stressing that it is no longer a secret to anyone what is happening in Libya’s airports. He stressed that due to the eagerness of its citizens to travel abroad for the purpose of trying to therapy devices on the reform of security at airports and remain open, describing the security situation as a major challenge for them. And saw the head of the Airports Affairs in the Ministry of Transport Mohamed house money during his speech to the island revealed that airport security is not their specialty. He said in this regard that the interest Airports Affairs if it considers it unsafe conditions at any airport, what it until closing,
as happened when gunmen attacked a plane to Libya’s Buraq Company was heading to the city of Benghazi last week. The money appealed to the security agencies to enhance security, and describing the security situation as bad. He said that the lack of security hampered efforts to develop the airports, because of the refusal of companies to operate under the current security situation runaway, pointing out that some airports safe witnessed development work, such as airport Abraq eastern Libya Airport and the city of Misrata (200 km east of Tripoli).
In turn, the agent said the Ministry of Transportation for aviation in the eastern region Tiger Tiger favor that Libya far from the basic rules of civil aviation, but it takes work seriously to achieve security and safety. He assured the island revealed that the main problem now is the proliferation of weapons and armed gangs and outlaws, and broke into Airports by force of arms, expressing fears of the impact of such actions on air safety. And warned against what he called “serious consequences” if not adhered to Libya standards of safety, stressing that the airline EU countries may prevent aircraft from landing at airports Libya under the pretext of non-compliance with international laws, and insurance companies may raise their fees imposed on airlines operating in Libya , which may lead to increased ticket prices in Libya. He accused director Pnina Benghazi airport Jamal forces Oqaili and described Balkhvah, in their interest to keep the security situation at the airports as it is,
demonstrating that the assassination attempt suffered by the head of the security room at the airport in Benghazi Salem Shaaban two days ago. He Oqaili security breaches that occur now a criminal nature, such as smuggling, and attempts to get the money as a result of illegal immigration, pointing out that a slight improvement in the security situation at the airport. The director of Sebha airport south of Libya, said the island revealed that full responsibility lies with the ministries of interior and defense, aviation officials urged to protect مطاراتهم and secured if the two ministries can not do their work perfectly. It is noteworthy that Alice could not get the hang of the Ministry of Interior on issues related to the security of airports and neglected reasons for this file.«Libya Al-Mostakbal»
Khaled Almher – Tripoli – Al Jazeera Net: hide the Libyan authorities concerned with the fact that the security situation airports of sight for fear of the reluctance of international airlines from landing at airports in Tripoli and Benghazi. And the longer chaos largest airports in the big cities of the total 17 airports in Libya.
Al Jazeera Net sources say It


Soon monitoring committee exams in Libya

Edema God

Turn to God’s mercy the Abdulsalam master artist, after a struggle with the disease,

God’s mercy and bring him’s roomy جنانه.
“I am God and to Him we return

From leading its work Habaytha the and me anytime Ratha.

(Valley girl)

Artist / Abdul Salam master, to his final resting place, claimed him for forgiveness and mercy:



Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya ·

There are sources within the Office of the Attorney General that the Supreme Council for the tribes and Rishvana has had to raise

the issue of urgency against members of the National Congress of the year they Mohammed Kilani and Khaled Mishri and Mustafa Triki,

according to the complaint upgraded charged them with temptation and lying on the tribe and Rishvana.

and they are the cause of affliction which happened between the Corner and Rishvana of murder and kidnapping and torture.

The source said they have documents condemns Mishri Kilani and Triki source also confirmed to submit a complaint to the

International Criminal Court and to address international human rights organizations regarding incitement to murder and hatred.



(read also oil news at CYRENAICA)


(to prevent Western Entrpeneurs from  obtaing Libyan oil).

Congress and the government are seeking to resolve the sit-ins oil crisis peacefully  (really?)

Country ambiance Moataz Belaïd

The Chairman of the Energy Commission, the National Conference Naji al-Mokhtar:

The orientation of the Conference and the government to resolve

the problem of sit-ins in the oil harbors a peaceful and there is no intention to use force.

The mayor added that the crisis committee set up by the conference is working to solve the problem peacefully with tribes protesters, stressing that

if unsuccessful attempts to end of next week, all the solutions on the table to resolve the crisis.

The chosen not to put the idea of ​​the use of force from the inside or from countries that rely on oil refineries Libyan oil so far, despite his successor stop the

export of Libyan oil losses for both sides.

For his part, spokesman for the Ministry of Defence Abdel Razek Cbahi that the trend now to resolve the crisis peacefully, at all levels of civil society organizations

and tribes, confirming the existence of signs in this regard.

The Cbahi pointed out that the solution is coming and that force is the last option unless there are other solutions.

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Ali Zaidane had stated at a press conference yesterday that the government will move quickly to confront the protesters.

NATO oil _ and # bands “


Issuance of arrest warrants against leaders of the striking oil workers ”
Tripoli) Reuters (Wed Sep 11, 2013
– Zaidane : prosecutor issued arrest warrants against leaders of the striking oil workers , adding that it will move
Urgency in the face of protesters ”
– Zaidane : alluded to move an army ! ? The strike, which did not stop paralyze the oil sector . Many warn
Libyans that such a move could spark wider unrest in a country teeming with internal divisions and tribal ”
– Officials : in the oil industry that the main instigators to disrupt and stop production in the west of the country are the ” sons
Zintan tribe ” who have a strong influence . Zintan main rebel group now has a strong influence in units
And trying to review the strength to get a bigger political role ”
– Official: a touch Bmsoalin oil senior negotiating with the tribe and asked not to be
Personal ” Zintan ” negotiating the for greater financial gains and a greater role in guarding installations
Oil. ”
Stop the last month in the fields of production and the desert elephant and the two main oil fields in southern Libya
Holiday production of at least 500 thousand barrels per day of production, or nearly one-third of production in Libya before
Crisis , which amounted to 1.5 million barrels a day ”
– In the eastern coastal areas country disrupts the protesters in the oil export ports exceed demands
Wage increases to the political demands as demanding Ofer share in the oil wealth , greater autonomy
Of the main areas of the oil-producing

(Libby marrow)



Mu in Ghadames

Heavy weapons clashes between people from Zintan residents in and Jeramlh tribe drawer tray settlers also dead and wounded retardation

between the two parties in addition to the physical damage as burning houses Jeramlh which Mstajerynha area Tqth preliminary

information and talking on the existence of 6 dead and clashes continue.

(Honorable son)

Drawer … Zintan Jeramlh a …. western Libya

Completed remove buildings Jeramlh in the city of drawer successfully where still rebels Zintan brave houses of innocent people and the

number of buildings that have been demolished 15 home distributed between regions drawer and also the number of victims of the

tribes Jeramlh 7 people with the displacement of others note that the tribes Jeramlh tribes Libyan and not as promoted inform them that Algeria,

even if they are from Algeria is it permissible displacement of innocent among the dead were an elderly man aged 88 years

and we condemn this crime, which resembles the criminality of Israel in Palestine, but tougher and the people to wake up now Revolution ended

Oha do not want to destroy Libya under the pretext of protecting the pretext they were the perpetrators of the revolution

Libya will return to the Middle ages because these gangs do not care Libya not interested in the homeland.

Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi:

Is stronger Haj “blind Salem” a senior sheikhs and the Elders Mount
Nefoussa, that the situation is very tragic in a drawer houses burned
Families abandon and demolish homes b Alkatrbel, due to the outbreak of
An armed clash between two families in one drawer of assets
Senthanah and other tribe Jermla, and increased stress and tension
After the fall of four people, three of them Senthanah assets Qatunaian
B region and fourth person Jermla the people of the city, and
Now the situation is very serious and not communicate with sages and wise
Zintan and the death toll is increasing, but not limited to perhaps ranges
Among the 8 or 10 dead.

Sauaakm each new injection of God the blood of Libyans.

Haj said ” Ammar Boukraa ” one of the sheikhs Zintan and Council
Elders and the beginning of the Shura problematic when the commander of the secret
Zintan of 17 , which provides in the region , and their response communication
The presence of a quantity of drugs in a person’s home Jermla
When the interviewer he had to shoot it , P Contact
Is a secret to his friends and told them he suffers and his colleagues came to the
Spot P has besieged and ambushed them , killing
Two of Zintan in the ambush and the clashes became
Hot Tin and killed a third person , and when the news arrived
Zintan was very young engorged and no one could be controlled
They were killed ” 6 ” people of tribe Jeramlh , also confirmed
” Boukraa ” B to B act was demolished and burned some houses , and that
Alalaúlat that were in the open are now found in field
Meet and some of them chose to go to Ghadames and them Lisu
Of Libyans Jeramlh P fled to Algeria , and there is a committee of
Elders now in Tripoli and met with Mr. “Nuri
Bushmin , ” head of the General National Congress for the possibility of providing
Eat and shelter for families and fighting now stop and there Elders
Working on leaps and bounds in order to stop the bloodshed , and said Haj
” Ammar Boukraa “ now seek to calm the situation , including the investigation
In the subject , reconciliation and 3 death toll from Zintan and
Injured very seriously, and is the first injured and 6 killed in a drawer
Of Jeramlh .

[Urgent and exclusive Salem al – Obeidi]

Clashes with heavy weapons between Xanthan (GREEN) drawer tribe Jeramlh settlers tray retardation casualties between the two sides in addition

to the physical damage as burning houses Jeramlh that Mstajerynha area Tqth.

According to the information hyphen to us now that the Xanthan drawer they demolish houses Jeramlh located in drawer as the death toll exceeded 6 people.

They are: of Xanthan drawer: Abdul Latif Alsoumaa Abdul Qadir, Fadel safety Nasr, Mohamed Abdel Prophet Alzentani and others Snowickm

them when we receive the news. There is no power except with Allah

Now rewarding its challenged in the city of drawer Li Kabylie Gamlh consonants in the drawer and displaced from the city of Ghadames ethnic cleansing Ihdt now

and kill any Jermly in a drawer, in yesterday were killed Mohammed Mabrouk (Jermly) Li identity killed Zintan in the city of Ghadames, and because being demolished homes.

Jermlh in drawer without move Li Government Zaidane and now threats Li Jeramlh, who dwell in the Ghadames and the movement of large

displacement now in the Dbdab border crossing. 

For fear of oppression, Zintan  ask Kabylie Jermlh move the barrier of International Human Rights.

Li Li protect Alailat the Jermlh of Zintan attack them and proceedsdead Jermlh far 9 dead, 1 in the clashes s award yesterday and 1 killed in Ghadames of Zintan identity

and today have been killed 7 of Jermlh and families live Jermelih fearing large and please move CSO Libya

and the Red Cross and Nnashz intervention Mndhub the UN Tariqmetric Li and parking with a minority that is exposed to the extermination and ethnic cleansing

and the sons of upon the arrival of a convoy of large Zintan mountain Li drawer do Zintan Pei demolishing the homes of Jeramlh in the drawer,

about 35 car weapon average and dismiss and live Jermlh Ghadames in a panic Hved and displacementall Jermlh from Ghadames to Dbdab ..

Ghadames – drawer (Germa) 12 SEPTEMBER 2013

A fight broke out and armed clashes on Wednesday evening in the drawer area away from the city of Ghadames

100 kilometers between members of the Zintan tribe and others of the tribe Jeramna.

The clash resulted in killing of armed Tlat two dead people from the Zintan tribe and a third dead of the tribe Jeramna.

An informed source told Xinhua South “Germa” the clashes erupted because of a fight happened between two people

on a car, the source said that the votes bullets are still heard in the region with a stop-motion in the area did not intervene

wise to extinguish the fire of sedition and anticipation caution is master of the situation currently in the region (Germa ) – special.

# Drawer: armed clashes between the population of Alzentanih assets with a population of tribes Jeramlh and resulted in the

deaths of five people and cause a quarrel between two people, but turn ćáÇŢćÉ except God ..

(WikiLeaks tenderly) 


اشتباكات بين زنتان درج وقبيلة الجراملةو وقوع 7 قتله من قبيلة الجراملة و 3 قتله من الزنتانحفظ الله ليبيــــــا
اشتباكات بين زنتان درج وقبيلة الجراملةو وقوع 7 قتله من قبيلة الجراملة و 3 قتله من الزنتانحفظ الله ليبيــــــا




U.S. weapons theft in the storming of the camp of the U.S. Special Forces in Tripoli

Sources told Fox News Channel United States on Wednesday evening that


Sources: US weapons stolen in Libya raids, fueling Special Forces pull-out

Highly sensitive U.S. military equipment stored in Libya was stolen over the summer by groups likely aligned and working with terrorist organizations, State Department sources told Fox News — in raids that contributed to the decision to pull Special Forces personnel from the country.

The stolen equipment had been used by U.S. Special Forces stationed in the country. Lost in the raids in late July and early August were dozens of M4 rifles, night-vision technology and lasers used as aiming devices that are mounted on guns and can only be seen with night-vision equipment.

“This stuff is how we win wars. The enemy doesn’t have that,” one source said.

The overnight raids happened at a military training camp run by American Special Forces on the outskirts of Tripoli, in the weeks before the team was pulled from the country in August.

That U.S. team was funded by the Department of Defense Section 1208, which provides support to assist and stand up foreign counterterrorism forces in other countries. And in the case of Libya, the trainers were also tasked with hunting down the Benghazi attack suspects that killed four Americans one year ago. As Fox News previously reported, members of that team are leaving Libya.

“The loss of this military equipment is what pulled the plug on the U.S. operation,” one source with direct knowledge of the events told Fox News. “No one at the State Department wanted to deal with the situation if any more went wrong, so State pulled its support for the training program and then began to try and get the team moved out of the country.”

The 12-member American team was not at the training camp when either raid occurred, as they regularly stayed at a nearby villa that served as a safehouse at night.

Located just outside of Tripoli, the camp was supposed to be secured each night by Libyan forces. But on two occasions, the camp was attacked and raided by either militia members or groups affiliated with terrorist organizations.

The training and the stolen equipment was provided by American forces and thus paid for by U.S. taxpayer dollars.

The raids and stolen equipment quickly caused a rift among U.S. Special Forces, Libyan military leaders and ultimately the U.S. State Department.

“They didn’t want anything to go wrong and they didn’t want to take the blame. Sensitive items were taken,” one source said. “Bad guys can now shoot people at night with no signature.”

Meanwhile, in response to an exclusive Fox News report last month about the trainers being pulled from Libya, multiple Pentagon officials claim that the 1208 trainers whose camp was raided were not there to track the Benghazi suspects.

That wasn’t their mission, according to these officials. However, special operators in the region and State Department sources insist that the Pentagon is playing with words — and while the Libya training mission was important, it was partly a cover for U.S. operations in Libya to hunt down those responsible for killing Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others.

Fox News reported earlier this year that U.S. forces had identified suspects by the end of November 2012, and reported on their whereabouts to the U.S. Libya Chief of Mission at the time William Roebuck last January — and that same information was passed along to military leaders, yet no action was taken.

Operators in the region sat in de facto standby for months, despite eventual charges filed by the Justice Department.

U.S. equipment is highly sensitive stored in Libya have been stolen

during this summer before it ‘s likely groups belonging to terrorist organizations have contributed to the withdrawal of the special forces .
Stolen military equipment consists of dozens of guns of the type M4 with night vision equipment and laser beams that are fitted over the guns .
These things are the way they are winning the war the enemy does not have this equipment is the only way to eliminate it.
The raid occurred for a training camp run by U.S. special forces on the outskirts of Tripoli in the weeks leading up to withdraw the team from the country in August.
U.S. training team consisting of 12 individual funded by the U.S. Department of Defense Section 1208 in order to support and assistance to other countries in the fight against terrorism.
In the Libyan case , the assignment trained on the task of training other than a track suspects in the attack of Benghazi , which killed four Americans .
It was supposed to be protecting and securing training camp in Tripoli by Libyan forces , but the camp was raided in more than two occasions by militias belonging to terrorist organizations.
Theft of such equipment , which are to be paid at the expense of taxes in America put a major rift between American special forces and Libyan military forces .
Libya translation notizie
Article link from Fox News :



UNO CLAIMS THAY HAVE RECEIVED OVER !1000 + pleas and signatures for NATO re-entery into TRIPOLI !!!!
URGENT :: London : Tripoli require intervention from the United Nations

Quoted two Human Rights Hewancia and Human Ralitsooth

That they Thsalta to the browser Talatmaúh to thousand signatures from residents of Tripoli alone, demanding the intervention of the United Nations to enforce the law on the ground by force , disarmament and state-building.

According to many telegrams UN deplores Activity in Tripoli and described it as trapping and is able to describe the real situation of what is happening on the ground.

This was the signatures from the general community and civil society organizations and human rights activists and people educated and enjoy educational level Excellent in Libya , while the government continues and the conference and assert their control on the reality on the ground , but the Aktar than a quarter of a million people directing blame at the same conference of the signatures that TH got them.

The the signatures owners refusal to cooperate with the United Nations Office in Tripoli and they called Palmaaq of actually accomplish anything or move to do anything.

It also rejected the presence of a certain strength on the ground without the other and demanded the United Nations forces to arrest and prosecute all those who were the reason behind the chaos accused of armed militias and the Libyan Conference behind this.

And بدونا will convey a memo to head of the UN body to consider the issue too is expected to end Libya’s UN intervention force on the ground to maintain security and peace.

Obtained our exclusively on a copy of the report and any point of legal jurisdiction can contact us and delivered a copy ..

Security Council / Libya Branch / anti – crime agency


عـــــــاجــــــل :: لندن : طرابلس تطلب تدخل من الأمم المتحدة

نقلت منظمتين حقوق الأنسان هيوانسيتي وهيومن رايتسووتش

بأنهما تحصلتا على أكتر من تلاتمائة الف توقيع من سكان طرابلس وحدها يطالبون بتدخل الأمم المتحدة لفرض القانون على الارض بالقوة ونزع السلاح وبناء الدولة .

وذكرت برقيات كثيرة تستهجن نشاط الامم المتحدة في طرابلس و وصفتها بأنها محاصرة وغير قادرة على وصف الموقف الحقيقي لما يحدث على الارض .

وكانت هذه التواقيع من عامة المجتمع ومنظمات المجتمع المدني والحقوقيين واشخاص متعلمين ويحظون بمستوى تعليمي ممتاز في ليبيا ، في حين تستمر الحكومة والمؤتمر و يؤكدان سيطرتهما على الواقع على الارض الا ان أكتر من ربع مليون شخص يوجهون الاتهام الي المؤتمر نفسه من التواقيع التي تح صلنا عليها .

ورفض اصحاب التواقيع التعاون مع مكتب الامم المتحدة في طرابلس و وصفوه بالمعاق فعليا على انجاز اي شيء او التحرك لفعل اي شيء .

كما رفضوا تواجد قوة معينة على الارض دون اخرى وطالبوا بقوات للأمم المتحدة للقبض ومحاكمة كل من كان السبب وراء الفوضى متهمين المليشيات المسلحة والمؤتمر الليبي وراء هذا .

وبدونا سننقل مذكرة لرئيس هيئة الامم المتحدة للنظر في القضية ومن المتوقع جدا ان تنتهي ليبيا بتدخل الامم المتحدة كقوة على الارض لحفظ الامن والسلام .

تحصلت صفحتنا حصرياً على صورة من التقرير واي جهة اختصاص اعتبارية تستطيع الاتصال بنا و تسليمها نسخة..

عنــ مجلس الأمن / فرع ليبيا / وكالة مكافحة الجرائم

The release of Dr. favor of idiosyncratic Solomon (former Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and director of the Center for

Biotechnology Research Palace bin Ghashir) after the outlaw militias abducted on 28/8/2013 in front of his home in the Damascus district of Tripoli.

A picture of Pharmacy that occurred where crime yesterday Bsabha after that the angry relatives of the victim burning:


Assassination attempt an artist Hassan Kazzouz, in the launch of 7 rounds in his car
Yesterday at night in the way of the Yarmouk camp.

Assassination attempt:

Exposure adviser Apolkasem Abu Bakr bin Saleh yesterday, Wednesday, 11/09/2013 m to the assassination attempt was the targeting of his car

with bullets and hit by several bullets in different parts of the structure and the grace of God and kindness did not hurt Chancellor and survived

this attempt treacherous against him on the main road Azizia Tripoli coming from Zintan and heading to his office in Tripoli, and it is useful to

note that Chancellor Apolkasem Abu Bakr bin Saleh is a judge and member of the Board of Directors of the Truth and national Reconciliation.

(The Libyan news agency today)

Center of the country Tripoli (downtown)
Shooting in optical signal at the Aldahara Crossroads of Dahmani Angle, and lock part of the road next to the entrance to the bus company and the reasons are not yet clear.

Shortly before 11:51 pm Exactly

A group of drunken young people descend from the wedding procession and Aagaflon the way public and dancing in the street and utter verbally graffiti

themselves in front of people and respect for families or neighbors

How long Snbaka Hecda??

(El Haj)


Media spokesman exposure Mr. Joseph Kerkom to the attempted kidnapping of the day while coming out of the channel

by international armed men in two cars were waiting for him in front of the channel, but God’s peace and survived Mr Kerkom of abduction attempt
This Mr. Kerkom was a guest on Libya’s international channel to talk about the Civil Status Authority and what achievements

made ​​during the past short period and adjust and stop cases of fraud
The fact stop a very large number of counterfeiters and not give them a national figure as a result of the problems of fraud and

manipulation in the Libyan identity and modern method carried out by an electronic archiving interest you detect fraudulent files and manuals
We ask God for safety to Mr. Kerkom the faithful and all men in the management of stakeholders who are working on the

development and advancement of administrative work.
Service to the citizen Karim

Department of Civil Status interests of the media

Group stormed the headquarters of President-mail Tripoli yesterday, holding some engineers, in order to cut communications

services on the southern region, similar to what they did to the people of the south to cut off the water. It is noted that the

shield and deterrence forces managed to protect the mail and conditioner from them.

Establishing a reserve tank accommodate 24 million cubic meters of water to provide water to Tripoli

And – The Minister of Water Resources Hadi Suleiman dear for near the end of the crisis of water cuts in the capital Tripoli,

the minister said at the press conference on Wednesday in Tripoli, that the water had reached the cities of Tarhuna and Misurata,

and access the actual city of Tripoli will be on Friday morning.
He revealed هنشير for the ministry constructed tank reserve capacity of 24 million cubic meters of water, enough to provide water to the city of

Tripoli for 30 days, in addition to the ministry to provide alternatives to the water supply, and the establishment of plants for desalination, and

maintenance of a number of existing stations in Tobruk and Misurata and other cities.

Water began to return gradually to Tripoli

Country ambiance – Fouad Diab reporting:

Member of the Committee announced the crisis Tripoli Local Council and chairman of the security and stability of the capital Nasser of Crewe on

Thursday that the industrial river water began to return to the city of Tripoli gradually.

He explained the Crewe atmosphere for the country that the water began to reach since the dawn of the day to areas in the city center , and

Ben Ashour and Mazran , the revelation of Andalusia, and the plateau .

And between Crewe that ” water will take time to reach Delivery wear due to water and air to enter water pipes in addition to the presence of some highland areas .”

For his part, Director of Operation and maintenance company water and sanitation Mohammed Ashab:

The air-filled water network and we are now in the process of expelling air from the pipe gradually by using the company ‘s stocks of water in order to avoid leaks . ”

The bald eagles that the water will gradually evening and attributed the delay because the citizens run water pumps and withdraw large amounts of water. ”

The Minister of Water Resources Pacific are Cher had said yesterday at a news conference that the ministry reserves the construction of a reservoir with a

capacity of 24 million cubic meters of water in order to secure the capital with water for 30 days.

The tribal group in Sabha Stop power plants river water system feeding the industrial city of Tripoli , in the pause was organized to protest the

” kidnapping of ” Anoud the daughter of the President intelligence service of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, Abdullah Sanusi, last week .

Western Region system – Manmade River WesternSystem ·

Urgent …..
Beyond the tourist water tank in the direction of the distribution network in Tripoli, the capital, will significantly water the night the day,

and low-lying areas will be the front-runner in the arrival of water to it sooner than that.
God, who reached the Mieh tell us … At the same time, who has Vskah not Ja negative Mesh Azlam Abaaha all day and cleared the opportunity

for people Altanih, Two days later Eachd the comfort of expression.

Western Region system – Manmade River WesternSystem ·

For destinations word is and Salch in Mieh and even those who Mieh where weak Nicolohm the little patience and Tffuc the Friday,

but the findings in all that, God willing …
What applies to the pipeline river large-diameter and long-distance Bntbak on the internal network of cities, where you must take

into account the expulsion of air from the network and bring water misplaced and carefully so as not to result will be the destruction

of the network and especially since the network such as the distribution network Tripoli older than in some of the points for 60 years,

wi pressure is thoughtful of water may cause the explosion of the distribution pipe, it however that the water currently in the system,

but the young people in the control room and the stations are working in coordination and distribution as requested by the public water

company which is responsible for distribution within cities .. And God help everyone and Jazee patient bono.


Journal of Qasr Bin Ghashir Qaser Bin Ghashir Magazine

The arrival of water to Tripoli

Up now water to revive Tripoli consecutively where residents told us some areas of the capital that the water reached them very well and thankfully.

Intelligence Benghazi

Meeting The now Az of Sidra and Ben Bo Hamid Altarhuni and orthopedist me and some of the other

battalion commanders in Tripoli in the Oasis Hotel Tripoli
To discuss the situation in the city of Benghazi, we bring you what is new upon arrival.

Street corner Libyan demonstrators blocking the building of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics

Naima Misrati reporting:
Tripoli September 12, 2013 the oldest dozens of demonstrators angry residents of the street corner in the center of the capital,

Tripoli, today / Thursday /, the closure of the building of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics and prevent employees from their work.
And sources said Omnahn demonstrators blocked the ministry building and demanded to cut off communications to the southern region of the

country in response to what he did to some members of the tribe Almgarhh of cutting the water supply to the capital since the days – because of

the reservation to the daughter intelligence chief of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, Anoud Abdullah Sanusi – which returned to some areas While waiting for her

return capital to the other after the release of al-Sanusi and delivered to her family in Sabha.
And launched a similar protest on Wednesday attended by dozens of people from the population in the streets to condemn the process of

cutting off water and the resulting crisis in the capital.
And according to a source from the Office of the Minister of Communications and Informatics, the protesters surrounded the ministry building

consisting of 13 floors, as well as postal divider minister and talked with them, in particular, but they insisted on the protest that led to his

departure and some of the workers of the building.

Close the headquarters of the Ministry of Communications of the interim government by some people demanding corner Street stop communications service for the south!.

With the lack of security forces guarding the building.




Mzalt racism Mtkacrh in Libya, which manufactured Fberaúr to kill Libyan children are Dbha only because of Torghae

by militias Misratah. Been kidnapped from City Nzoha Trbuls Hecda Let freedom Lada Filter racist.,. Please circulate and Alnscherali widest ..

God bless the child …

One prisoners were executed and Rafla in the city of Misratah family Bovernmarh by a few
After confirming the name of the dead who were executed today in the city of Misratah are,

Mohamed Ali Eboumharh to Orvly,,, Salah Mareis to Orvly

Gary inquire about the names of the rest of the dead.



Intelligence Benghazi ·

What was in this meeting.
That there is a statement will be issued by the National Congress and the local council of Benghazi and money-called

civil society organizations commissioned by the rebels (shields) to protect the entrances and exits of Benghazi and

protect the streets of Benghazi on the grounds there is information that the city has the sleeper cells of the arrows.
B and Sidra ensure inciting Media Bin Humaid is of push for the issuance of this statement.

Intelligence Benghazi

Meeting The now Az of Sidra and Ben Bo Hamid Altarhuni and orthopedist me and some of the other

battalion commanders in Tripoli in the Oasis Hotel Tripoli
To discuss the situation in the city of Benghazi, we bring you what is new upon arrival.

Guidance following Guetltohm the Aaarb Benghazi .. Tistahlo the Megikm.
O Allah, make him of martyrs Lord.

Start a security force charged with protecting the airport built

Atmosphere of the country

Spokesman confirmed the joint security room in Benghazi Abdullah Al-Zaidi, assigning one hundred and fifty policemen to

organize the work of airport built a port, led by the commander of the airport Colonel Hamid Ali Alabbar, in addition to the airport

protection force, consisting of one hundred and twenty members of the Thunderbolt and one hundred and twenty others of the military police.

Zaidi said that the airport is quiet, orderly and everyone feels good security measures have been taken to provide security.

Zaidi said he was provided airport Bmtab the industrial mine detection vehicles, calling on citizens not to enter the airport car without license plates.

It is noteworthy that built the airport was suffering from breaches as a result of the absence of a security force to protect it.

A security source said of the joint security inside the room to protect Benghazi on Thursday, to stun forces received

today securing Benina International Airport.
And stun forces secure the airport received from home and abroad and customs, pointing out that 25 bad element

Menon airport on a daily basis. Or that in the coming days will provide the vital places that are constantly exposed to

assault weapons, pointing out that the special forces secured the Galaa Hospital recently.

Relics in Benghazi

An observer in Benghazi effects Mohamed Clmana that there are several things threaten the effects of the Eastern Region
He said that the mining operations carried out by unlicensed bulldozers citizens of the greatest threats to the effects accusing

engineers draw plans and sell them to people in spite of the lack of documents ..

The Clmana also stressed that the stolen archaeological deposit with the National Commercial Bank of Benghazi is one of the

largest losses suffered by the sector effects, pointing out that Egypt is the dealer of the stolen ..

Also demanded Clmana need fencing archaeological sites are prone to looting and theft, adding that he assumed the interests

of the effects of providing adequate funding for the fencing of archaeological sites …

The news agency – Benghazi – reporter

National Security Directorate Benghazi

And our response follows a bag of explosives found behind the Italian consulate Street Amr ibn al-Aas

Source: common security room ..

Finding bag Muftgrat by the proximity of the Italian Consulate
And explosives expert was informed immediately and move and when he tried to dismantle
Bag, which he placed next to the Italian consulate b Omar
Ibn al-Aas, confirmed that the bag is empty they seem camouflage or something
Like this and did not find what Ivkkh them because they contain things do not have
Relationship with the bombing.

News Agency – Benghazi – Urgent

19 car flying the flag of unification “Ansar al-Sharia” roam the middle
The city of Benghazi, and shouting “Osama and not Obama,” the center
Congestion by citizens wounded in the city, which is not
Of her children “Osama Ibahuma” according to one of the citizens.

Came out yesterday, a car carrying 19 banner flag uniformity “Ansar al-Sharia” mentioning celebrates 9/11

roam the center of the city of Benghazi, and shouting “Osama and not Obama,” the center congestion by

citizens wounded in the city, which is not of her sons “Osama Ibahuma the”according to one of the citizens.

# _ Gateway to Libya

Blast, which targeted the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Congress and the government are seeking to resolve the sit-ins oil crisis peacefully
Country ambiance – Moataz Belaïd

The Chairman of the Energy Commission, the National Conference Naji al-Mokhtar :

The orientation of the Conference and the government to resolve the problem of sit-ins in the oil harbors a peaceful and there is no intention to use force.

The mayor added that the crisis committee set up by the conference is working to solve the problem peacefully with tribes protesters, stressing that if

unsuccessful attempts to end of next week, all the solutions on the table to resolve the crisis.

The chosen not to put the idea of ​​the use of force from the inside or from countries that rely on oil refineries Libyan oil so far, despite his successor

stop the export of Libyan oil losses for both sides.

For his part, spokesman for the Ministry of Defence Abdel Razek Cbahi that the trend now to resolve the crisis peacefully, at all levels of civil society

organizations and tribes, confirming the existence of signs in this regard.

The Cbahi pointed out that the solution is coming and that force is the last option unless there are other solutions.

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Ali Zaidane had stated at a press conference yesterday that the government will move quickly to confront the protesters.

Aljdharan Re over age Alchukmak.

Free channel Cyrenaica
News Bushmin presence in the city of Ajdabiya to meet Ibrahim Aljdharan, the ..

News leaked secret … !!

It seems that Bushmin afraid to announce his visit to Ajdabiya then proves to Alleppey people

that sit-Ras Lanuf on the right …

Ibrahim Jdharan (head of the political bureau of the territory of Cyrenaica) is given permission Abdulrahman Asswehly after he described the rebels:

We are not Bmtmurden to close the oil ports in order to acquired; only Oglguenaha in order to preserve the wealth of the Libyans and the

coming generations that robs without no control and no accountability, no counters to export control, as well as the National Oil Corporation

is not subject to the Audit Bureau or any watchdog Outerwear.
When we closed the oil ports demanded direct the formation of an investigative committee of judges and national neutrals do not belong to any

stream partisan or political selected from the Supreme Court; charge of showing the facts in the circumstances of this topic referred to include the

investigation of Mr. interim Prime Minister and the Minister of Oil and the Management Committee national Foundation for oil and to present the

results of the investigation on the Libyan people, at a news conference for this purpose
Otherwise ports closed by the sons of the province of Cyrenaica from east and west to the south, and any infringement of them is considered

reckless behavior will enter the country in the dark corridors of the civil war for dignity and defense of the land and honor and tampering

with the riches of the region.

We shall provide the initiative to resolve the crisis include the return of the National Oil Corporation

to Benghazi Otherwise Snnchee the the new institution and oil export


Libyan citizen killed in the city of Ajdabiya at the hands of his friend, b is
Accidentally when was Amazha by weapon type “Kalismakov,” rifle before
Hours from now, with a reservation on the offender and will take
Legal proceedings in the chaos that prevailed in the state now
And proliferation conditions, day or lose-old son

On the other hand killing of Libyan citizen “Ali Amujahd the Oglilip
Alkhatri Gaddafi “in the absence of the relevant security departments and
Developed, initial reports also indicate that African killer
Nationality works by area Pharmacy Mansheya, when he sent
Treacherous bullets to the victim Artdh the dead and fled to escape.

(Salem al-Obeidi)



Name: Zuhair Saad Ashour
Missing from Thursday OK 5/9/2013 work place company LTT God to him ăÚáćăĺ communicates with his family


May God reward you all the best.



The discovery of bacteria, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Zliten – special – Libyan Media Network – # LNM – Karim Mansouri

Management confirmed Zliten Teaching Hospital Department of Obstetrics and lock birth until disinfected after

detection of bacteria (all Absala) birth of live of the death and wounding another .. And told the hospital administration

and the Ministry of Health on the need to equip a hospital private Friday Bzletn market women and childbirth reception cases” ‘

12 septembre 2013 18:51
Zliten / 13 schools damaged in the conflict, 2011 are still intact

زليتن/ 13 مدرسة تضررت في بسبب استهدافها من قبل الناتو في 2011 وهيا لا تزال على حالها الى الان …

زليتن/ 13 مدرسة تضررت في صراع 2011 لا تزال على حالها




Sabha – (Germa) 12/09/2013

He died Wednesday, six people accident two cars collided on the road between Sabha and Ubari, including 5 members of one family consisting of a man and his wife and two children and his mother, while the sixth was driving the car coming from the opposite direction

A security source said the Sabha Medical Center told the South (Germa) that the family was flying from Sebha to area Tikirkibh (150 km southwest of Sabha) and their car collided with a car driven by someone coming from the city of Ubari.

The source added that the bodies of family members quoted to Tikirkibh area on Wednesday night, hours after arriving at the Sabha Medical Center.

The deceased were identified as: the righteous Younis and his two children, Ahmed and his mother lamp mercy Faraj Mohammed
And his wife Ayesha Farag righteous, and Mohammed Salem Jermawi.

Free newspaper Sabha

Do you know officials in Brega Oil Marketing that replacing an empty gas cylinder full steamer in the city are sold at 35 dinars languages
In Sabha, the price of 20 dinars?

Medical Laboratory Reference – Sabha

* Some of the problems afflicting the laboratory Medical Reference Sabha : –

Suffers from a lack of laboratory capabilities necessary that adversely affect the functioning of the laboratory , whether on Motaf or patient alike
Possibilities currently available is a decent for laboratory Abashkl and Apmkanth QC not required to mention the scene General Almzara him …
Saluting sanitation or drawing tools or a lack of hardware , Office Alawat and analyzes Nmadj tests not to mention the power outage and water Mtkar
*** The internal and external problems begin to external problems which are necessary : —

* Public appearance … saluting note accumulation Garbage in the foreign arena for the laboratory and do not get rid of it on a regular basis with the knowledge

that it is a harmful biological materials and toxic. , As well as the sorry state of bathrooms
And the absence of charges Todhah . Lack of interest in the garden and a lack of interest in trees
* No reception room Todhah drawings illustrate special places to sit down with men and women and the lack of air conditioning and Dell are laboratory

interface must be of Aktar places that must be taken care of

* Suffers queries staff in this section of the very same in Nmadj analysis and the lack of Althuaih saluting he Closed there all the windows to insert or

eject a lack of air ( tables and chairs ) convenient to the employee within this section .

* The Department of clouds staff suffers from lack of special seats dragging and lack of ventilation and the absence of special tools for sterilization

and the lack of first aid room in the ambulance to the patient in the event of any emergency during or after the checkout process
These are some of the problems which we hope foreign competent authorities to find appropriate solutions and not be ignored.

Killing the young Ali Amjahid Aglilip Alkhatri Gaddafi at the hands of Chadian Pharmacy owner after a dispute between them
In city of Sebha!!! Of course in Libya to another e Chadians have pharmacies and weapon Ikthelo!!! God’s mercy!


(Libby marrow)


Al Qaeda: The Database

Global Research, 24 June 2013
Wayne Madsen Report and Global Research 20 November 2005
Al Qaeda: The Database.

Global Research Editor’s Note

This article originally published by Global Research in 2005 sheds light on the nature of Al Qaeda, an intelligence construct used by Washington to destabilize and destroy sovereign countries, while sustaining the illusion of  an outside enemy, which threatens the security of the Western World.

*       *       *

Shortly before his untimely death, former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that “Al Qaeda” is not really a terrorist group but a database of international mujaheddin and arms smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis to funnel guerrillas, arms, and money into Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. Courtesy of World Affairs, a journal based in New Delhi, WMR can bring you an important excerpt from an Apr.-Jun. 2004 article by Pierre-Henry Bunel, a former agent for French military intelligence.

“I first heard about Al-Qaida while I was attending the Command and Staff course in Jordan. I was a French officer at that time and the French Armed Forces had close contacts and cooperation with Jordan . . .

“Two of my Jordanian colleagues were experts in computers. They were air defense officers. Using computer science slang, they introduced a series of jokes about students’ punishment.

“For example, when one of us was late at the bus stop to leave the Staff College, the two officers used to tell us: ‘You’ll be noted in ‘Q eidat il-Maaloomaat’ which meant ‘You’ll be logged in the information database.’ Meaning ‘You will receive a warning . . .’ If the case was more severe, they would used to talk about ‘Q eidat i-Taaleemaat.’ Meaning ‘the decision database.’ It meant ‘you will be punished.’ For the worst cases they used to speak of logging in ‘Al Qaida.’

“In the early 1980s the Islamic Bank for Development, which is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, like the Permanent Secretariat of the Islamic Conference Organization, bought a new computerized system to cope with its accounting and communication requirements. At the time the system was more sophisticated than necessary for their actual needs.

“It was decided to use a part of the system’s memory to host the Islamic Conference’s database. It was possible for the countries attending to access the database by telephone: an Intranet, in modern language. The governments of the member-countries as well as some of their embassies in the world were connected to that network.

“[According to a Pakistani major] the database was divided into two parts, the information file where the participants in the meetings could pick up and send information they needed, and the decision file where the decisions made during the previous sessions were recorded and stored. In Arabic, the files were called, ‘Q eidat il-Maaloomaat’ and ‘Q eidat i-Taaleemaat.’ Those two files were kept in one file called in Arabic ‘Q eidat ilmu’ti’aat’ which is the exact translation of the English word database. But the Arabs commonly used the short word Al Qaida which is the Arabic word for “base.” The military air base of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is called ‘q eidat ‘riyadh al ‘askariya.’ Q eida means “a base” and “Al Qaida” means “the base.”

“In the mid-1980s, Al Qaida was a database located in computer and dedicated to the communications of the Islamic Conference’s secretariat.

“In the early 1990s, I was a military intelligence officer in the Headquarters of the French Rapid Action Force. Because of my skills in Arabic my job was also to translate a lot of faxes and letters seized or intercepted by our intelligence services . . . We often got intercepted material sent by Islamic networks operating from the UK or from Belgium.

“These documents contained directions sent to Islamic armed groups in Algeria or in France. The messages quoted the sources of statements to be exploited in the redaction of the tracts or leaflets, or to be introduced in video or tapes to be sent to the media. The most commonly quoted sources were the United Nations, the non-aligned countries, the UNHCR and . . . Al Qaida.

“Al Qaida remained the data base of the Islamic Conference. Not all member countries of the Islamic Conference are ‘rogue states’ and many Islamic groups could pick up information from the databases. It was but natural for Osama Bin Laden to be connected to this network. He is a member of an important family in the banking and business world.

“Because of the presence of ‘rogue states,’ it became easy for terrorist groups to use the email of the database. Hence, the email of Al Qaida was used, with some interface system, providing secrecy, for the families of the mujaheddin to keep links with their children undergoing training in Afghanistan, or in Libya or in the Beqaa valley, Lebanon. Or in action anywhere in the battlefields where the extremists sponsored by all the ‘rogue states’ used to fight. And the ‘rogue states’ included Saudi Arabia. When Osama bin Laden was an American agent in Afghanistan, the Al Qaida Intranet was a good communication system through coded or covert messages.

Meet “Al Qaeda”

“Al Qaida was neither a terrorist group nor Osama bin Laden’s personal property . . . The terrorist actions in Turkey in 2003 were carried out by Turks and the motives were local and not international, unified, or joint. These crimes put the Turkish government in a difficult position vis-a-vis the British and the Israelis. But the attacks certainly intended to ‘punish’ Prime Minister Erdogan for being a ‘toot tepid’ Islamic politician.

” . . . In the Third World the general opinion is that the countries using weapons of mass destruction for economic purposes in the service of imperialism are in fact ‘rogue states,” specially the US and other NATO countries.

” Some Islamic economic lobbies are conducting a war against the ‘liberal” economic lobbies. They use local terrorist groups claiming to act on behalf of Al Qaida. On the other hand, national armies invade independent countries under the aegis of the UN Security Council and carry out pre-emptive wars. And the real sponsors of these wars are not governments but the lobbies concealed behind them.

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the ‘TV watcher’ to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US and the lobbyists for the US war on terrorism are only interested in making money.”

In yet another example of what happens to those who challenge the system, in December 2001, Maj. Pierre-Henri Bunel was convicted by a secret French military court of passing classified documents that identified potential NATO bombing targets in Serbia to a Serbian agent during the Kosovo war in 1998. Bunel’s case was transferred from a civilian court to keep the details of the case classified. Bunel’s character witnesses and psychologists notwithstanding, the system “got him” for telling the truth about Al Qaeda and who has actually been behind the terrorist attacks commonly blamed on that group.

It is noteworthy that that Yugoslav government, the government with whom Bunel was asserted by the French government to have shared information, claimed that Albanian and Bosnian guerrillas in the Balkans were being backed by elements of “Al Qaeda.” We now know that these guerrillas were being backed by money provided by the Bosnian Defense Fund, an entity established as a special fund at Bush-influenced Riggs Bank and directed by Richard Perle and Douglas Feith.

French officer Maj. Pierre-Henri Bunel, who knew the truth about “Al Qaeda” — Another target of the neo-cons.


U.S. priest arrested in Florida was preparing to burn 2998 copies of the Holy Quran on the

anniversary of September 11

U.S. priest arrested in Florida was preparing to burn 2998 a copy of the Koran on the anniversary of September 11

Florida authorities arrested the U.S. Wednesday, the Rev. Terry Jones when

he was preparing to burn 2998 a copy of the Holy Quran on the 12 anniversary of

the attacks of 11 September / September.

He was charged with fuel illegally and possession of a firearm, according to the local newspaper.

Telegram (text)

 American arrested Pastor Terry Jones in Florida Wednesday when he was preparing to burn about three thousand copies of the Holy Quran on the occasion

of the 12 anniversary of the attacks September 11 according to the Orlando Sentinel newspaper reported.

Jones was arrested 61-year-old in Mulberry, near Tampa in Florida (southeast) and charged with fuel illegally and possession of a firearm, according to the local newspaper.

Upon his arrest, Pastor was driving a pickup pulls locomotive contains a grill that has copies of the Holy Quran poured kerosene.

And on its website Jones announced Wednesday that he intends to burn 2998 a copy of the Holy Quran in Tampa Bay in memory of the victims of the September 11 attacks / September.

He was arrested with the Rev. Marvin Sap minutes before his feet to burn the Koran, according to the newspaper said.

In July 2010 he drew attention to burned pages of the Koran on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the attacks of September 11 / September 2001.


On September 1, Egypt’s largest newspaper had a screaming headline:


The article goes on to say that Khairat El-Shater, the number two man in the Muslim Brotherhood hierarchy—now in custody by the Egyptian military—

has evidence that will put Obama is prison.

Kharirat El-Shater is singing like a bird, implicating our ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood President, Barack Obama, but there’s no need. The Egyptian military,

putting the horde of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood thugs on trial for murder, burning churches, and crucifying Christians, has found a treasure trove of documents,

including proof that the Obama regime was funneling millions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, having in hand the actual signed receipts.

But this is just small change compared to what Barack Obama has been up to. Khariat El-Shater signed an agreement with Obama about a little

parcel of land known as the Sinai Peninsula. As reported by Egypt Daily News, Obama secretly transferred a staggering $8 billion to the

Muslim’ Brotherhood to guarantee that the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula be turned over to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’s terrorist wing Hamas.

Why would Obama want Hamas to take over the Sinai Peninsula, an area of land larger than the entire state of Israel?

It’s a good thing Barack Obama’s BFF, former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi, is no longer in power. But this is only the beginning.

Obama has his fingers in every aspect of the Muslim Brotherhood pie, including the Brotherhood’s mercenary army, al-Qaeda—

Obama actually colluding with the the so-called “rebels” in Syria!



Middle East – BBC Arabic – Italian journalist: Syrians opponents “treated me like animals”
Italian war correspondent Domenico Quirico, who was kidnapped by armed opposition groups in Syria, says that opponents treated him “as treated animals.”

المراسل الحربي الايطالي دومينيكو كيريكو، الذي اختطفته مجموعات مسلحة معارضة في سوريا، يقول إن المعارضين عاملوه “كما تعامل الحيوانات.”
Traffic Eastern Mediterranean ..  New Russian ship sailing toward Tartus and Washington instruct to Madmradtha not to depart :روسيا اليوم
AFP Traffic Eastern Mediterranean .. New Russian ship sailing toward Tartus and Washington instruct to Madmradtha not to departPresident Barack Obama instructed American destroyers deployed in the eastern Mediterranean should not depart from its place,
with the survival probability used to strike a blow to Syria. In the meantime, the ship headed guard Russian “Smiteleyfa” to the Syrian coast
to enhance the formation of Russian naval operational in the region.
According to the U.S. Department of Defense that Obama ordered his defense minister Chuck Hagel during a phone call
Wednesday, September 11 / September to keep destroyers equipped with missiles “Tomahawk” winged in the eastern Mediterranean.
And in turn contact Hagel Commander Destroyer “Perry”, which was scheduled to come home soon, and ordered him to remain in the region,
“in the context of preparations for military action against the Syrian regime.”
A statement issued by the Pentagon that Hagel “commended the work of the devastating” Perry “and other ships from the U.S. formation region
is to ensure the ability of U.S. forces to the implementation of the tasks ahead of it in the event of receiving orders in this regard of the Supreme Commander.”
Guard vessel “Smiteleyfa” heading to the Syrian coast Confirmed the press service of the Russian military fleet to escort ship “Smiteleyfa” of the Black Sea Fleet,
sailed Thursday, 12 September / from the port of Sevastopol towards the Syrian coast. It is scheduled to join the ship with two ships, the missile cruiser “Moscow”
and a large landing ship the “Nikolai Valchenkov” to Russian naval operational configuration in the Mediterranean Sea. It is scheduled to cross the ships “Smiteleyfa”
and the “Nikolai Valchenkov” straits of Bosporus and Dardanelles together, to تتوجهان the then to the Syrian coast, where a large landing ship will visit the
Syrian port of Tartus for the transfer of military equipment to the Russian Center for securing material and technical port.
Source: “Russia Today” + Agency

Kremlin: Russian initiative Damascus strike set aside for a certain period and must not be lost in vain

12.09.2013 | 13:14 Russia Aleomaki the

Kremlin: Russian initiative grève Damas mis de côté pendant un certain temps et ne doit pas être perdu en vain


TERRORIST (so-called) “Free Syrian Army” refuses initiative Alrossaah on international chemical control Syrian

12.09.2013 | 12:03

Free Syrian Army reject the Russian initiative on international chemical control Syrian

Free Syrian Army reject the Russian initiative on international chemical control
Syrian Announced the “Free Syrian Army” rejected the Russian initiative on the development of the Syrian chemical weapons under international supervision.
The Chief of Staff of the army free Salim Idris said in a statement a video posted on YouTube on Thursday, 12 September / September:
“announces Chiefs of Staff categorical rejection of the initiative Russian to develop chemical weapons under international trusteeship
and requests from the international community not only to withdraw chemical weapon, and even accounting perpetrator of the crime and the trial . “
Source: AFP


News about the arrival of Anoud Abdullah Sanusi to Cairo International Airport.


30 AUGUST 2008:

This is the first African country (LIBYA) to be compensated by a former colonial master,

Mu & Berlusconi sign Concordia

Mr Berlusconi (left) and Col al-Qathafi shook hands

Italy seals Libya colonial deal


BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) – Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Libyan leader Moammar Qathafi signed a memorandum pledging a US$5 billion compensation package involving construction projects, student grants and pensions for Libyan soldiers who served with the Italians during World War II.
“It is a material and emotional recognition of the mistakes that our country has done to yours during the colonial era,” Berlusconi told reporters at the airport on his arrival. “This agreement opens the path to further cooperation.”

In return, Italy wants Libya to crack down on illegal migrants turning up on Italian shores, and Italy will fund US$500 million worth of electronic monitoring devices on the Libyan coastline.

al-Qathafi received Berlusconi under a big tent in Benghazi where they discussed the agreement over lunch. The Italian leader said US$200 million of the package would be for infrastructure projects over the next 25 years, including a coastal highway stretching across the country from Tunisia to Egypt.

The two leaders exchanged gifts, with Berlusconi giving al-Qathafi a silver inkstand, sculpted in the form of a lion’s head, with two pens inside to sign the agreement. The Libyan leader gave Berlusconi a linen suit.

Berlusconi’s office said in a statement that the premier would also hand over to al-Qathafi the Venus of Cyrene, an ancient Roman statue taken in 1913 by Italian troops from the ruins of the Greek and Roman settlement of Cyrene, on the Libyan coast.

Relations between the two countries have warmed over the last few years, with Italian leaders meeting al-Qathafi several times. However, it has taken years of negotiations for the two sides to reach a deal on compensation for Italy’s rule over Libya from 1911 to 1943.

Libya named Aug. 30 Libyan-Italian Friendship Day.

From from BBC

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has signed an agreement to pay Libya $5bn as part of a deal to resolve colonial-era disputes.

Libyan leader Col Muammar al-Qathafi said the settlement signed in the city of Benghazi opened the door to partnership between the two states.

Mr Berlusconi said the deal, which sees the money being released over 25 years, ended “40 years of misunderstanding”.

Libya was occupied by Italy in 1911 before becoming a colony in the 1930s.

The former Ottoman territory became an independent country in 1951.

This is the first African country to be compensated by a former colonial master, the BBC’s Rana Jawad reports from Benghazi.

The question is, she adds: will this latest move set precedents for other former African countries to follow suit?

Coastal motorway

Mr Berlusconi explained that $200m would be paid annually over the next 25 years through investments in infrastructure projects, the main one being a coastal motorway between the Egyptian and Tunisian borders.

The Venus of Cyrene statue is displayed at the signing ceremony   

The headless statue was displayed when the two leaders met

There will also be a colonial-era mine clearing project.

As a goodwill gesture, Italy also returned an ancient statue of Venus, the headless “Venus of Cyrene”, whichhad been taken to Rome in colonial times.

The settlement was a “complete and moral acknowledgement of the damage inflicted on Libya by Italy during the colonial era”, the Italian prime minister said.

“In this historic document, Italy apologises for its killing, destruction and repression against Libyans during the colonial rule,” Col Gaddafi said for his part.

The agreement was signed in the Benghazi palace which once housed the Italian colonial administration, Reuters news agency reports.

Rome and Tripoli have spent years arguing over compensation for the colonial period.

Mr Berlusconi’s one-day trip was his second since June when illegal immigration from Africa to Europe was the key issue of talks.

Italy has been swamped by thousands of African migrants trying to reach its shores by boat.


Issue #32
September 28th, 2008

Former Colonial Government Pays African Reparations
by William Reed

Under Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s prolonged and persistent pressure for justice, Libya became the first African country to receive apologies and compensation from a former colonial power. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi recently apologized to the North African country for damage Italy inflicted during 40 years of colonial rule and signed an agreement to pay $5 billion as compensation to resolve colonial-era disputes.

Libya’s leader said the settlement opened the door to partnership between the two states. Long a pariah among Western powers, Gaddafi called the treaty historic and that it marked the defeat of colonialism. Gaddafi said “Tyranny has a price which must be borne by the perpetrators,” while Mr. Berlusconi said the deal ended 40 years of misunderstanding.

Italy was a minor player in European whites Manifest Destiny of domination over lesser races to shape the world in their image. During their Colonization Period European nations extended their sovereignty over territories beyond their borders by establishment of either settler or exploitation colonies during which indigenous populations were directly ruled, displaced, or exterminated. For almost a century European countries engaged in systems of direct political, economic, and cultural intervention and hegemony over weaker, and almost always non-white, nations. Italy invaded Libya in 1911. It also invaded Ethiopia and occupied Eritrea and Somalia.

When Italy invaded the North African country that borders the Mediterranean, much of the European thinking was that colonialism was legal. Rome and Tripoli Rome have spent years arguing over compensation for the colonial period. But, Gaddafi doggedly pursued reparations and labeled colonialism as crimes recognized in international law.

Although the Italian Reparations have numerous self-serving tenets, African leaders are pondering: Will the move set a precedent? And, whether other former colonial masters will pay reparations for the civil wrongs and human rights abuses they visited on former subjects?

Until Italian confession and penance, former colonial powers had refused to acknowledge the legal and moral basis for reparations for genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, human rights abuses and other international injustices they committed in Africa. Mr. Berlusconi told Libyan journalists that the $5 billion compensation was a material and emotional recognition of the mistakes that Italy had made during colonialism. But, many said say that the deal has much more to do with Italy’s concern about oil and immigrants.

Mr. Berlusconi said he’d pay $200 million for infrastructure projects over the next 25 years, including a coastal highway across Libya from Tunisia to Egypt – to be built by Italian contractors. There will also be a colonial-era mine clearing project. Italy also returned an ancient statue of Venus, the headless Venus of Cyrene, taken to Rome during colonial times.

Italy has been swamped by thousands of African migrants trying to reach its shores by boat and Berlusconi wants Gaddafi to crack down on African migrants and Italy is to pay for $500 million of electronic monitors along Libya’s coast as part of the compensation package.

In this historic document, Italy apologizes for killing, destruction and repression Libyans during the colonial rule, Col. Gaddafi said. Gaddafi has pushed for the United States of Africa for years. Libya is a North African country that borders the Mediterranean Sea to the north and lies between Egypt to the east and Sudan to the southeast, the former Ottoman territory is an area of almost 700,000 square miles, 90 percent of which is desert. Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa by area, and the 17th largest in the world. Oil was discovered in 1958 and has transformed its economy. The capital, Tripoli, is home to 1.7 million of Libya’s 5.7 million people.

Now that Libya has been compensated by its former colonial master, who will follow suit? France, a major ex-colonial force in Africa, downplayed the treaty as “strictly an arrangement between Italy and Libya to enhance relations between Libya and the international community, including European”.

Proper restitutions will begin when all Europeans acknowledge they benefited from colonialism and that it was a crime against humanity whose consequences are still with us.

William Reed’s article reprinted from

One thought on “This is just the Beginning!

  1. Well, all this “goodness” is null and void now…and Silvio has been unjustly sent to prison.

    Hopefully, Muammar al-Qathafi’s enormous gifted vision of the Great Jamahiriya will return in full force soon as the Libyan people arise from their slumber…and remember their “people-power” ! God bless the Great Jamhiriya and the Great IMAM of the Muslims: Mu’ammar al-Qathafi (our MAHDI).

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