plus de terreur révèle sa façade déformée / more terror reveals it distorted face

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Mu magestique purity

 Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on backstage front “Allaotunai Conference”
on the 09/17/2013 P
Mu proud of the Great Jamahiriya




Attorney General urgently in Tripoli to embarrass Abdullah thankless

A list of wanted persons who are members of his own party

Attorney General in Tripoli asked Abdul thankless wanted him, and delivery registered members of the party involved in the murders

and most recently the city of drawer
And began his message on the eagerness that we saw you on the application of the law and your keenness to formulate the “the”


we have a number of wanted men and those involved in the murders of employees you have and the other members of your party

in the attached letter and wait for you to hand them over and the audience with them about the backgrounds and other issues.

After 14 day from the date of the book to you Satkhadd the control measures and bring down in case Tkhalafkm to comply with judicial control points “.”

West of Tripoli behalf of criminal offenses.

The following is From 02 SEPT. 2011:

(When reading the SEPT. 2011 article, please do not laugh at how gullable leaders thought Western Minds would be about their new “hero” BELHADJ.

They even created a hero VIDEO out of him!!):

Friday, September 2, 2011

Denyer interview w/ Abdul Hakim Belhadj

(Simon Denyer/THE WASHINGTON POST) – TRIPOLI, LIBYA – SEPTEMBER 1: Abdul Hakim Belhadj, commander of the Tripoli Brigade, talks to the Washington Post. Belhadj says he might sue the CIA for torturing him in 2004 but insists he is no enemy of the United States. (Photo by Simon Denyer / The Washington Post)

TRIPOLI, Libya — He says he was tortured by the CIA and accused of links with al-Qaeda, but Tripoli’s new military commander, Abdul hakim Belhadj,

falsely insists that he is no extremist or enemy of the United States.“I have no intention of revenge,” he said in an interview aimed at clearing his name in the media. “I may take legal advice one day, but I won’t be an obstacle in the way of the
relationship between Libya and the United States.”Belhadj has emerged as a powerful military figure in the new Libya, an Islamist fighter whose past dalliance with global jihad has raised concerns that the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA
could allow radical Islam to gain a foothold on these North African Mediterranean shores.
He fought with the mujaheddin in Afghanistan against Soviet rule in the 1980s but asserts that he also set up schools and provided humanitarian assistance for the Afghan people.
Falsely, he says he twice refused invitations to find common cause with al-Qaeda.“When al-Qaeda was formed in 1989, I was there in Afghanistan, but I didn’t join or agree to participate in their acts,” he said, dressed in military fatigues with a pistol on his belt,
his black beard neatly trimmed. “We were never interested in global jihad; our concern is Libya and the Libyan people.”After the fall of the communist regime in Kabul, Belhadj joined other Libyans who had fought in Afghanistan to found the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG),
an organization dedicated to the overthrow of the anti-Salafist GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.The group asserted responsibility for an assassination attempt on al-Qathafi in 1996 and fought sporadic clashes with security forces in subsequent years.Several members were thought to have al-Qaeda affiliations, but others were clearly uncomfortable with the global jihadist group, and another former leader, Noman Benotman, later made his feelings known publicly in an open letter to Osama bin Laden.“When the Taliban took over in Afghanistan and al-Qaeda announced their international front against Jewish and Christian people, Mr. bin Laden invited us to join the celebration,” Belhadj said. “We refused to join, and we were trying to convince him not to take this path.”Nevertheless, the LIFG was banned by the United Nations and listed by the State Department as a terrorist organization. Belhadj was arrested in Malaysia in 2004 and transferred to Thailand, where he was briefly interrogated and, he says, tortured by the CIA.“I was injected, and strung up by hands, and cold water and ice was put all over my body,” he said.After a few days, the CIA decided he was not worth keeping and transferred him to Gaddafi’s Libya with his pregnant wife. She was kept in jail there for two months, something that clearly still rankles Belhadj. He says he spent six years in jail in Tripoli, three of which were in solitary confinement without a single shower. For a year, he says, he was not allowed to see his newborn son.Gaddafi, like many other Arab autocrats, portrayed himself as a bulwark against Islamist extremists but granted an amnesty to hundreds of Islamists between 2008 and 2010,
when Belhadj was freed. He soon joined the revolution against the Libyan leader.Today, he is a central figure in the hunt for al-Qathafi, a search being conducted with the help of NATO.There is talk in Tripoli of tensions between the civilian leadership of the rebel national council and its military leadership, between pro-Western leaders and more Islamist elements such as Belhadj.But he brushes aside this talk, insisting that he is committed to democracy and building a new Libya..“We are sons of today, not of the past,” he said. “We are working for the security of Libya and the security of the whole world.”On Tuesday, U.S. officials acknowledged that there were concerns about Islamist influence in the Libyan revolution but played down the links with al-Qaeda.“Some members of LIFG in the past had connections with al- Qaeda in Sudan, Afghanistan or Pakistan, and others dropped their relationship with al-Qaeda entirely,”
said a senior U.S. official who closely tracks Islamist terrorist organizations but insisted on anonymity in discussing sensitive files about terrorist organizations.“It seems from their statements and support for establishing a democracy in Libya that this faction of LIFG does not support al-Qaeda. We’ll definitely be watching to see
whether this is for real or just for show.”

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In the session to lift the immunity Yesterday emigrated Kaid expose the Brotherhood

and expose the presidency controlled by the Brotherhood, and says : –

* TPU Raise Me Raise immunity immunity and Kdmony the court nor even to the gallows Elly Mato tribal Mesh good to me

* Even tpu Thakmona , Tqthelo us like what Guetlto the Fattah Younis you have ear

Oh Presidency 60 file Nkdmulkm the where Ali assassinations and Kdmanalkm User targeted Mahrktosh the figures today , including hair and Talaat Nkhutkm , we have what we talked on the livelihood of the country looted from people you Tarafohm the choise ?

* After all assassination Nemczu of Benghazi and people Klt and faces retribution Lipo Lipo Justice and Kdmanalkm files in particular , and you do not Abrtuna

* After the accident shield to Libya we walked to Benghazi and opened the investigation and 40 died young and we files Bach Tqdmo the Ha to the Attorney General and the result was that you Ahtato bin Humaid in Room protect Tripoli

* Ali has become of murder and torture , kidnapping , assassination and all the people we pw i blame you say officials at the conference our and you Maamrkm security Thrkioa and even Topic you the Tgiro meeting in what will be the story of the assassination or something Les relationship Bmassagm

* When we arrived at His Majesty the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood and we talked on oil and security and the smuggling of arms and buckyball Ali Morsi TPU Tkdmona to the courts Vsrawlina launch means this?

* I am the daughter Friday Market and girl martyr of you define Fouh fulfilled the age of his in Abu Salim imprisonment and some of you holding our with Boy who are Rbainc only on fear of RBI base and not Mhakmatkm and not your decisions Takuffine the

* If you really do you have the courage Elly Ankdmona omitted trial Ya Rayt Atalaao your courage and open your direct transport to a session of acetic Libyans Atafrjo and Aarafo of who governs in the conference

Fighting Group member Committee Chairman the pagan Palmguethm crisis:

Country boil on a Hot Tin … Tills in hotbeds of tension in the West, Libyan, and the closure of the ports in the east …

Assassinations and bombings in Benghazi … South marginalized and violator … And border مستباحة ….!!?
And gentlemen, members of the Conference (deceased) discuss:
1 / banning smoking in public places.
2 / attrition in the ozone layer.
3 / Cancel and breakfast and lunch to members.
4 / throwing accusations and lifting immunities …
5 / discussion cleanliness in the cities.
6 / and other things …!!???
_ And then find them clinging (legitimacy and ČÓ …!!!)

(Arish Saeed)


URGENT: NATO delegation to visit Libya specific targets for hit

An official source at the Libyan government today that a delegation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will visit Libya today.

The source added that the delegation carries with it a pictorial map to hit specific targets in Libya, “mostly in the Green Mountain area,” she says stores to collect weapons by militant groups, he said.

The source added that a secret meeting held by the delegation with the Ministry of the Interior immediately upon arrival.

This came after Libyan RAT Prime Minister Ali Zaidane yesterday requesting the assistance of the international community to eradicate terrorism in Libya, he said.

It is noteworthy that Libya is still subject under Chapter VII, which provides for international intervention direct in cases of “threats to peace, breaches and acts of aggression”, and that after the establishment of rat Prime Minister Ali Zaidane request continuation of Wills International on Libya in his recent visit to the United States of America in March 2013.


General Electricity Company announces the masters of the citizens that he and due to lack of quantities of natural gas supplies from Sirte production

and processing of oil and gas which is supplied to the power plants by the General Electricity Company will be forced sorry to the process of

separating the programmer for loads to maintain the stability of the electric grid and until the return of Losses of natural gas.

General Electric Company appeals to the concerned authorities to protect its facilities.

According to media sources the company General Electric that as a result of the high temperatures these days, and the exit of

some generating units for the production of electric power service, due to lower natural gas supplies, the company will be forced

sorry to re-launch loads manually, and for a period not exceeding two hours,

so as to maintain the stability of the electric grid . In the same vein, alerted the General Electric Company, to the seriousness of

the entry of a number of armed citizens to some power plants to force their

employees to restore power to their areas and threatened with weapons. She explained that such irregularities,

will lead to the collapse of the public network for the entire company ..

Appeal to the competent authorities to play their part to protect these facilities, and recognize before Astvha the threat to him.

Condemns the General Electric Company ……….

Strongly to repeated attacks by some outlaws on power plants Kanaa T. implementation exposure

alternate station Shakshouk effort 220/66 k. Q Mr. Abdul Majeed Frche beating and cursing this evening Tuesday, 9/17/2013 by some people

anonymous and forcing workers station onlack of separation and return of voltage,,,
While regretting the General Electric Company of the recurrence of such irresponsible acts, which have increased in frequency in recent times ..

They would like to utilize the extent of the negative impact of such repeated attacks on the morale of the employees of the company, which will

inevitably lead to deficiencies in the performance of the network, especially in such critical periods.

MISURATA is to bring / l Mansour Daou from # Misrata prison to TRIPOLI for TRIAL with the ICC…

but in LIBYA at TRIPOLI’s Kangaroo MB COURT!


Amnesty International asks Libyan authorities to hand over Abdullah Senussi to the International Criminal Court immediately…

Issued a “Amnesty International” a statement in which it refuses to prosecute Abdullah Senussi in Libya, calling it a violation of the legal Libya Libyan

authorities not to extradite the accused to the International Criminal Court,

She said, “Hassiba Hadj” Deputy Director of Amnesty International in North Africa and the Middle East,

“to refer these cases to the charge circuit brings us to one step closer to the start of the trial proceedings domestic…”

Libya first channel

Nasser Hawwari : Libyan battalions run private prisons

Libya’s future – Magharebia

After the issuance of reports on the increasing number of kidnappings and secret prisons and tribal fighting and displaced people visited the Maghreb region Shahat to talk to the founder of the Libyan Observatory for Human Rights Nasser Houari .

Magharebia: What is your assessment of the human rights situation in Libya?
Nasser Hawwari : situation is going from bad to worse. The number of prisons and detention centers outside the framework of legality until now each battalion imprisoned own some unspoken and some secret. The number of detainees in these prisons for nearly 8,000 detainees , according to the Minister of Justice and other international and local organizations . Experiencing these prisons , the practice of torture as a means to extract confessions, where many prisoners died under torture while the rest suffer … under the conditions of detention do not meet the international standards for prisons. I tried the state represented by the Ministry of Justice annexation of these prisons of the state, but the influence of the battalion commanders and managers of these prisons stand in the way of the extension of the state to influence and control over the prisons .
Magharebia : Where are these prisons ?
Nasser Hawwari : in the cities of Misrata and Zawiya and Zliten and Tripoli, and this is what I call the box to the high incidence of death , torture and murder in the prisons of these cities. I ‘ve also spread abductions . Among the most famous of these cases Colonel Abu Agila Abyssinian and Colonel Abdul Salam المهدوى , lawyer benign yellow and student Fatima Murad Ghazzawi .
Magharebia: Given all these elements , what is the role of government and the National Congress of the year ?
Nasser Hawwari : did not provide anything except a law criminalizing torture , kidnapping , who was the Minister of Justice Salah Marghany , a big role in him out, but the official institutions of the state did not provide anything new . The General National Congress remains unchanged prisoner battalions threats . The National Congress shall act according to the agendas of fear of standing behind the activation files expose abuses and hold those responsible to account . This is because in the case of exposing ( files) will reach Brigades leaders in control of political decision-making and representing the centers of power and pressure groups went decisions of the government .
Magharebia : What about the prisons under the control of the Supreme Security Committee – attribution secret ?
Nasser Hawwari : all prisons, torture and the most famous the prison Ameitikh which turned into a fortress where torture in all صنوفه and forms , and we have documented cases of people who were tortured imprisonment Ameitikh . One of them was man over fifty أجلسوه the heat on the stove until the burned buttocks .
Magharebia: What about Benghazi where increased cases of abduction and assassination?
Nasser Hawwari : Many of the security men point the finger towards extremist groups , led by Ansar al-Sharia Kjhat responsible for the kidnappings of Benghazi. They have a history of kidnapping. The most famous abduction of the Iranian Red Crescent team and the abduction of activist Majdoleen Obeida . Perhaps the arrest of Ali Fazzani and admitting a lot of secrets cases of assassinations and bombings pay some battalions leaders to seek his release. This confirms beyond any doubt that the fingers are moving towards these groups that I mentioned.
Magharebia : What are the conditions of Libyan refugees inside and outside Libya ?
Nasser Hawwari : We have completely displaced cities like Tawergha , Rullish and Riyaana Bank and المشاشية and finally the drawer . I’ve been the displacement of many families out of Libya, has been forcibly displace everyone and burned their homes and their property looted . Has been taking many of the young people of these cities to the prisons where they were tortured. The same thing happened with the inhabitants of the cities of Sirte and Bani Walid. State does not provide anything for the displaced and forcibly displaced . There are transitional justice issued a law nor are they issued a decision to return the displaced people of the cities . To their homes . Here we are entering our third year and the situation as it is even getting worse , most of the displaced people living in camps lacks many of the basic ingredients . As for the displaced persons outside Libya they are living in a state of poverty , destitution and need health care , rental expenses and expenses of their children ‘s education . The case arrived that took out some of their children’s education to the difficulty of spending them , especially in Egypt and Tunisia.
Source: Magharebia

ناصر الهواري: الكتائب الليبية تدير سجونا خاصة17/9/2013
ليبيا المستقبل – مغاربيةبعد صدور تقارير عن تزايد أعداد الاختطافات والسجون السرية والتقاتل القبلي والمهجرين زارت مغاربية منطقة شحات للتحدث إلى مؤسس المرصد الليبي لحقوق الإنسان ناصر الهواري.مغاربية: ما تقييمك لوضع حقوق الإنسان في ليبيا؟
ناصر الهواري: الوضع يتجه من سيء إلى أسوأ. فقد ارتفع عدد السجون والمعتقلات خارج أطار الشرعية حتى أصبح الآن لكل كتيبة سجنها الخاص بعضها معلن وبعضها سري. كما بلغ عدد المعتقلين في هذه السجون قرابة 8000 معتقل وذلك وفقا لوزير العدل ومنظمات دولية ومحلية. تشهد هذه السجون ممارسة التعذيب فيها كوسيلة لانتزاع الاعترافات، حيث مات العديد من السجناء تحت وطأة التعذيب فيما يقاسي الباقون …تحت ظروف اعتقال لا تتوفر فيها المعايير الدولية للسجون. حاولت الدولة ممثلة في وزارة العدل ضم هذه السجون للدولة، لكن نفوذ قادة الكتائب ومدراء هذه السجون يقف حائلاً أمام بسط الدولة لنفوذها وسيطرتها على السجون .
مغاربية: أين توجد هذه السجون؟
ناصر الهواري: في مدن مصراتة والزاوية وزليتن وطرابلس، وهذا ما أسميه بمربع الموت لكثرة حالات التعذيب والقتل في سجون هذه المدن. لقد انتشرت أيضاً حالات الاختطاف. ومن أشهر هذه الحالات العقيد أبو عجيلة الحبشي والعقيد عبد السلام المهدوى والمحامي حميدة الأصفر والطالبة فاطمة مراد الغزاوي.
مغاربية: بالنظر إلى كل هذه العناصر، ما هو دور الحكومة والمؤتمر الوطني العام؟
ناصر الهواري: لم يقدما أي شيئ باستثناء إصدار قانون تجريم التعذيب والاختطاف الذي كان لوزير العدل صلاح المرغنى الدور الكبير في إخراجه، لكن مؤسسات الدولة الرسمية لم تقدم أي جديد. أما المؤتمر الوطني العام فيظل أسير تهديدات الكتائب. يعمل المؤتمر الوطني العام وفق أجندات يخشى من يقفون ورائها من تفعيل ملفات فضح الانتهاكات ومحاسبة المسؤولين عنها. وذلك لأنه في حالة فضحها (الملفات) ستطال قادة كتائب يتحكمون في صنع القرار السياسي ويمثلون مراكز قوى وجماعات ضغط توجه قرارات الحكومة.
مغاربية: ماذا عن السجون الواقعة تحت سيطرة اللجنة الأمنية العليا – سرية الإسناد؟
ناصر الهواري: كلها سجون تعذيب وأشهرها سجن امعيتيقة الذي تحول إلى قلعة يمارس فيها التعذيب بكل صنوفه وأشكاله، ولدينا حالات موثقة لأشخاص تم تعذيبهم بسجن امعيتيقة. وكان أحدهم رجل فوق الخمسين أجلسوه على موقد حراري حتى احترقت مؤخرته.
مغاربية: ماذا عن بنغازي التي زادت فيها حالات الاختطاف والاغتيال؟
ناصر الهواري: العديد من رجال الأمن يشيرون بأصابع الاتهام نحو الجماعات المتطرفة وعلى رأسها أنصار الشريعة كجهات مسؤولة عن اختطافات بنغازي. فهؤلاء لديهم سوابق في الاختطاف. وأشهرها اختطاف فريق الهلال الأحمر الإيراني واختطاف الناشطة مجدولين عبيدة. ولعل القبض على علي الفزاني واعترافه بالكثير من الأسرار عن حالات الاغتيال والتفجير دفع بعض قيادات الكتائب إلى السعي للإفراج عنه. وهذا يؤكد بما لا يدع مجالا للشك أن أصابع الاتهام تتجه صوب هذه الجماعات التي ذكرتها.
مغاربية: ما هي أوضاع اللاجئين الليبيين داخل ليبيا وخارجها؟
ناصر الهواري: لدينا مدن مهجرة بالكامل مثل تاورغاء والقواليش والرياينة الغربية والمشاشية وأخيراً منطقة درج. لقد تم تهجير العديد من العائلات خارج ليبيا، وقد تم تهجير الجميع قسراً وحرقت منازلهم ونهبت ممتلكاتهم. وقد تم أخذ العديد من شباب تلك المدن إلى السجون حيث جرى تعذيبهم. وحدث نفس الشيء مع سكان مدينتي سرت وبني وليد. لم تقدم الدولة أي شيء للنازحين والمهجرين قسراً. فلا هم أصدروا قانون العدالة الانتقالية ولا هم أصدروا قراراً يقضى بعودة أهالي المدن المهجرة.إلى منازلهم. وها نحن ندخل عامنا الثالث والوضع كما هو بل يزداد سوءا، فأغلب المهجرين يعيشون في مخيمات تفتقد للكثير من المقومات الأساسية. أما بالنسبة للنازحين خارج ليبيا فإنهم يعيشون حالة فقر وعوز ويحتاجون للرعاية الصحية ومصاريف الإيجار ومصاريف تعليم أبنائهم. وقد وصل الحال بأن أخرج بعضهم أبنائهم من التعليم لصعوبة الإنفاق عليهم خاصة في مصر وتونس.
المصدر: مغاربية

Libya’s Center for Strategic Studies yesterday presented a proposal for the National Conference

dismissal of Zidane and the formation of a government crisis consists of 9 ministers:

1 – Minister of Finance
2 – Oil Minister
3 – Interior Minister
4 – Defense Minister
5 – Minister of Justice
6 – Foreign Minister
7 – Education Minister
8 – Minister of Health
9 – Minister of Information



London – based Arab ::

Zeidan 2

Zaidane asked for international support to confront the armed militias ..

” Libyan Prime Minister accuses the internal and external parties of being behind the strengthening of militant groups in the country .. “
Libyan Prime Minister denounced the ” Ali Zaidane ” armed militias deployed in his country and accused it of you want to mess with the destiny

of the Libyan people and they have become a burden in the way of the government ‘s efforts to break the impasse experienced at the current stage ..
He accused ” Zaidane ” during his participation in the conference of foreign direct investment in Libya in the British capital internal and external parties

supporting terrorism and militant groups in the country , but at the same time promised to eliminate this phenomenon as soon as possible ..
With regard to the establishment of armed groups control on oil export ports , the Prime Minister announced that it has restarted three ports are

Port “elephant” and ” Brega ” port ” spark” , and that there are 4 ports of loading to negotiate with the gunmen to re- open it again .
He stressed that Libya faces completely destroyed the infrastructure of the institutions , but noted that most of what bothers the current government

is the disintegration of the evidence of legislative , legal and lack of personnel trained and qualified to lead the state institutions “so we must be honest

with you and say that the current situation requires a great time to skip it and being able to put the country on the right track again. ”
Attended the conference , which was organized by Dar “Arabs” Exhibition and Convention Centre in collaboration with the group ” Peace Group ” the British,

a number of government figures and Libyan officials,

headed by Prime Minister Ali Zaidane addition to the ministers of finance and culture , oil, and a group of Arab investors and Americans and Europeans.
The Libyan government is seeking through this conference to present their plans and the new economic policies and investment opportunities in front

of the leading global investors , in an open discussion to explore the advantages offered by the expected returns for the prospects of joint cooperation .
At the opening of the conference which has been sponsored by the Libyan and British governments Zidane stressed that ” the international community

must be involved Libyan government in promoting again the capabilities and state institutions.”

He added , ” We started the oil and banking sector through the General Authority for Investment and the Ministry of Oil , because these two sectors

represent the backbone of the Libyan economy , and we invite businessmen to invest in them .”


العرب اللندنية :: زيـدان يـطلب الـدعم الـدولي لمواجهة الميليشيات الـمسلحة ..
“رئيس الـوزراء الليبي يتهم أطرافا داخلية وخارجية بالوقوف وراء تقوية الـجماعات الـمتشددة في بلاده ..”
نــدد رئـيس الـوزراء الـليبي “عـلي زيـدان” بالـميليشيات الـمسلحة الـمنتشرة في بلاده وأتهمهــا بـأنها تريد أن تـعبث بمقدرات الشعب الليبي وأنهـا بـاتت تـمثل عبئــاً في طريق مساعي الحكومة للخروج من الـمأزق الذي تـعيشه في الـمرحلة الـحالية ..
وأتهـم “زيـدان” أثناء مشاركته في مؤتمر الإستثمار الأجنبي المباشر في لـيبيـا بالعاصمة البريطانية أطرافـاً داخلية وخارجية بدعم الإرهاب والجماعات المتشددة في بلاده لكنه وعـد في الوقت نفسه بالقضاء على هذه الظاهرة في أسرع وقت ممكن ..
وفيما يتعلق بقيام مجموعات مسلحة بالسيطرة على موانئ تصدير النفط، أعلن رئيس الوزراء أنه تمت إعادة تشغيل ثلاثة موانئ هي ميناء “الفيل” و”البريقة” وميناء “الشرارة”، وأن هناك 4 موانئ جاري التفاوض مع المسلحين لإعادة فتحها مرة أخرى.
وشـدد على أن لـيبيـا تـواجه تــدميراً كـــاملاً فـي الــبنية الــتحتية لـمؤسساتها لـكنه أشـار إلـى أن أكثر مـا يزعج الحكومة الحالية هو تفكك البينة التشريعية والقانونية وغيـاب الكوادر الـمدربة والــمؤهلة لقيادة مؤسسات الدولة “لذلك فيجب أن أكون صادقاً معكم وأقول إن الـوضع الـحالي يـتطلب وقتـاً كبيراً لــتخطيه والتمكن من وضع البلاد على الطريق الصحيح مرة أخرى”.
وحضر المؤتمر، الذي نظمته دار “العرب” للمعارض والمؤتمرات بالتعاون مع مجموعة “بيس غروب” البريطانية، عدد من الشخصيات الحكومية والمسؤولين الليبيين، على رأسهم رئيس الوزراء علي زيدان بالإضافة إلى وزراء المالية والثقافة والنفط ونخبة من المستثمرين العرب والأميركيين والأوروبيين.
وتسعى الحكومة الليبية من خلال هذا المؤتمر إلى عرض خططها وسياساتها الاقتصادية الجديدة والفرص الاستثمارية أمام أبرز المستثمرين العالميين، في نقاش مفتوح لاستكشاف المزايا التي تتيحها والعوائد المتوقعة لآفاق التعاون المشترك.
وفي افتتاحه للمؤتمر الذي حظي برعاية الحكومتين الليبية والبريطانية شدد زيدان على أنه “يجب على المجتمع الدولي أن يشارك الحكومة الليبية في النهوض مجددا بقدرات ومؤسسات الدولة”. وأضاف “بدأنا بالقطاعين المصرفي والنفطي من خلال هيئة الاستثمار ووزارة النفط، لأن هذين القطاعين يمثلان العمود الفقري للاقتصاد الليبي، وندعو رجال الأعمال للاستثمار فيهما”.

Zaidane should be tried as a foreign invader ruling Libya illegally:

(RAT) National Congress spokesman Omar Humaidan ..

Member Conference Eachd the salary of 14,000 and simple citizen Eachd the 450 dinars have right Amddoa the age Conference.

Chatted about ” data of citizens” between the Electoral Commission and the Civil Status
Atmosphere of the country – the dumplings Collapse

She said the Electoral Commission that it will begin in the coming weeks to open the door to run for membership of the Committee session in

preparation for the electoral process , saying that it can not determine a timetable for the electoral process due to what it called the ” failure ”

CSD to provide the required data .

The head of the Electoral Commission Nuri al- Abbar, the atmosphere of the country on Wednesday, “The failure of the management of the civil registry to provide data of citizens of the Office of the ” impact on the ability of the Commission to give a timetable for the electoral process , noting that the law can not get commission from these data.

Alabbar said that the required data is not intended to “all civil registry data , but some of the data relating to the electoral register building ,” and stressed that the Commission obtained the data , ” but it is incomplete and is not included in the required fields .”

Alabbar pointed out that the National Congress and the government have committed the civil registry to give the required data in full , pointing out that there are efforts to link the Record Office of the National Registry system in a ” Server to Server ” through coordination with the server company Libya Telecom .

In response to the demands of the commission said the director of the Office of the media interests of Civil Affairs Yusuf Kerkom The Commission pressed the stakeholders to provide them with ” data Libyan people ,” explaining that interest ” provided them with data include names , place of residence and the national number only” as agreed , something that meets the need for the electoral process , he said.

And explained Kerkom the atmosphere of the country that calls were made ​​by the Commission the full record , which he called ” the secretariat is not entitled to any party to take data Libyan people according to the law in force in the interest .”

He Kerkom that are exposed to interest several pressures and most recently , ” the prime minister ‘s decision to dismiss Prime interest and activate the decision of transfer of ownership of stakeholders from the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of Local Government ,” pointing out that there is evidence on the Commission to pressure the prime minister to dismiss the prime interest .
Supposed that will be the end of the work of the (RAT) National Conference on 7_2_2014 year.

But due to amend the decision of Election Commission 60 rather than set the work of the (RAT) conference

will be extended for another year any national to 7 _ 2 _2015 .. At least ..

General National Congress did not approve the extension of his term, all that has happened is
That the b ask initiatives submitted to him, and that was one of them
Extension of the National Congress for the year and it seems that Mr. “Omar Humaydan”
Did not mention or did not listen, but this initiative.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Mohammed Abussdrh member of the General National Congress:

Given the outcome of the case of educational institutions of corruption because of mixing between males and females and taking into account the orders of God has brought Committee (Committee endowments National Congress) letters to each of the ministers of public education and high to work as much as possible to separate the sexes was so matter especially since the results of scientific research and field emphasizes scientific poor performance due to the dispersion of the minds of students as a result of unnecessary confusion. lengthening thread the needle and wasted stall in the drafting of the constitution is lost for Libya and its people …

A member of the National Conference General Tawfiq to Shahyba:

Had already warned in many occasions that there are disabled intentional or unintentional will result in the extension of the period of the conference

was the first time we told them this speech last January, no more than 8 months, and accused then of some that we are trying to raise public opinion

and here we are now see what we warned him a reality show for those who accused us then we did not try, but telling the truth about what is going on:

Among Rafii call Mr. Mahmoud Abdel Aziz unlikely

A source from within the National Congress of the year, said Tuesday that some members have expressed surprise at the position of the Attorney General on the investigation

in the case of defamation members of the ruling MB “Justice and construction” PARTY and lift the immunity of three members of Congress and ignore the other issues, her foot

and importance at the expense of lifting the immunity and defamation.

A member of the source of the conference anonymity that there amazed move the Attorney General so quickly and respond to the cause of the MB ” justice and construction” PARTY

to lift the immunity of three members to be able to investigate them, while previously been head of the National Congress of dictator Mohamed Maqrif threatened with weapons

and shooting at his personal in the and Creamy incident, in addition to the exposure of a member of the conciliation Conference Shahyba beaten in front of the National Congress

itself and exposure F tourist and in front of television cameras beaten at the time was known hit – according to the source.

He added that “the Attorney General did not move toward these issues mentioned despite being occurred months ago, but he rapidly moved in to lift the immunity issue and defamation.”

He noted that there amazed and Rhode User Name Mahmoud Abdel Aziz to Orvla within the 20 – member Rafii call , at which time he left it – a to Orvla – since the conference after being reunited with the law of political isolation .

It is noteworthy that the National Congress to lift the immunity leader and emigrated Touati Alaadh and F tourist to enable the Attorney General to investigate them in a defamation case filed against 20 members of the Justice and construction .

(Assembly of transparency)

Jdharan Office spokesman said in a statement that they had exported two shipments, the first corner but nostalgic

b Male second where he stressed they had not issued any shipment abroad:


(Valley girl)

National Oil Corporation … Announced a partial lifting of the state of force majeure
Due to improved conditions which it can start production processes and shipping some oil ports,

announces the National Oil Corporation to raise the case of force majeure with:

1 – the oil port corner (TRIPOLI)
2 – the oil port of Mellitah (MIZDAH)

And the resumption of oil operations shipment of crude oil as of 12:00 noon today, 17.09.2013.

Libya’s production of crude oil jumps to 620 thousand b / d after the re-run fields in the west of the country .. And Aqaba to the east of the country ..

LONDON (# Reuters) – Officials said the National Organization for the state-owned oil on Wednesday that Libya’s production of crude oil jumped

to 620 thousand barrels per day with the increasing production from fields in the west of the country after the re-run earlier this week.



Libya intends to register a company # Libyana mobile services in # Tripoli Stock Exchange next year

On the water …

Continue the process of pumping water to various areas, but there is poor water lines in some areas of the capital.

The reason for weakness to the presence of leaks in water pipes result Htraha, and among the areas where there are leaks

zones Al-Andalus and Jerabh Street and work is underway to fix bugs with them. .

Western Region system – Manmade River WesternSystem

In a statement to the local council for the city of Tripoli … likely to be the cause of poor water supply in some areas due to foot

distribution network in the city, where the rate of waste water to 30%, note that the public water company is run from the network and not River.

There is no power but from God

Accident Mitigua Airport today after causing the death of two persons:

 “A country ambience” (THE MISURATA NEWSPAPER):
Throw grenade made (Jalatyna) on the home of a businessman and chairman of the channel Libya first Hassan Ttunaki,

the center of the capital Tripoli, resulting in material damage to the building only to sources close to say to the “country ambiance”

that Ttunaki is currently out of the country (like is ZAIDANE).

Media Khalifa al-Obeidi writes:

Urgent targeting the home of the President Council of Libya.

first channel improvised explosive device in Tripoli.

(Valley girl)

Libya first channel:
Bombing targeting a businessman Office of III Hassan Tatanaky the area Aldahara ——- Tripoli

“Is happening in Libya February …”

Has yesterday on 09/17/2013 at about seven o’clock in the morning an armed robbery in front of people at the time of Dhab
Alozvin to work and requesting schools did not Athr as one and the survival of people watching just saluting the two (2) people Mmeltmin

riding type car Chevrolet Opetr color white robbed citizen (m) and the theft of his car type Miche K. Winter Model latter They Ba Shooting him

and Praise does injury Acadih in hand and discernible from the car in front of people in the project area plateau before Rabash Abu Salim,

on his way to Rabash when income from Salahuddin Institute customs note that Hdhalsearh livelihood only and has a child is small and

knows how tired and collect the right car and reliable by his family WHDH not Alhadt first in the same place and the same people, where

repeated about every 3 or 4 days for any information on the car please contact 0,922,546,632

(Lord guide slaves).

(Valley girl)

yesterday’s Ashall Jug Island pressure conflict at Janzour:


To clarify the people who said them gunmen SEC Roa Island pressures Alshall first Chi and God Maverm one pulling a bullet Hada for science

and I was with them because they are sons of Streets Tsekerh island Ali Khater militias Gharghour kidnapped Born our street and the walkers

of the state complain returned them (Maandnash effort me Gharghour) launched Tbohem Edrioa ????.
The Commission Hadi security instead Machdoa who seeks Rua the way Pro Deroa the solution for me kidnapped and killed in sunflower RBI.

Gate Libya Libya Gate the
للتوضيح الناس اللي قالوا عليهم مسلحين سك روا جزيرة غوط الشعال اول شي والله مافيهم واحد شد رصاصة هادا للعلم واني كنت معاهم لانهم ولاد شارعي تسكيرة الجزيرة علي خاطر مليشيات غرغور خطفوا ولد شارعنا ولما مشوا للدولة يشكوا ردوا عليهم (ماعندناش جهد لي غرغور) شن تبوهم يدريوا ؟؟؟؟.
وهادي للجنة الامنية بدل ماتشدوا اللي سك روا الطريق برو ديروا حل للي يخطفوا ويقتلوا في عباد ربي

بوابة ليبيا Libya Gate

بنت الوادي

Open the coastal road Janzour tonight:

Tripoli Director of the National Security
Bulletin of the daily communications on 09/18/2013:
————————————————– –

Friday Market police station:


On 09/17/2013 at 06:45 The defendant ((p. A.) Object is required for the complainant (m. P. M. P) the year and month of road

it a pistol and captured him by force on the car carrying the No. 61 817 double Miche type a white affiliated to the social security fund, Mr. Masri and fled on board.
Taken the necessary measures and research is still underway to adjust the accused and recover the stolen car.

Police Station and Spring Valley:


On 09/17/2013 at 12:15 Two people were able to steal a car complainant (p. O.) 40 years old carrying 5-25-70581 structure

NUMBER 682 100 309 Toyota Hilux green color making 2007 and inside some documents belonging to the complainant.
Taken the necessary measures and research is still underway to find out offenders, ضبطهما and Astelajaa loot.

Andalus neighborhood police station:

Car theft

17.09.2013 at 14:10 unknown actor managed to steal a car complainant (l.. P.) 62 Lalit carry No. 5 to 54,505 Libya type

Hyundai Accent and a white-making 2012 estimated at $ 12,000 d.
Taken the necessary measures.



Attempted assassination of the citizen “references Asabaa” in a mosque door Ajyad

The villas Gulf Balliti the region of Benghazi, between Maghrib and ‘Isha,

While he was reading the Holy Quran, a bullet injury in his hand and a bullet tore

Mus, who between his hands, and a state of panic in the mosque and the region!

Suffice God and yes, the agent, violated the sanctity of mosques.

(Free channel Cyrenaica)
Benaissa cabled
And our response now ….
Hear the sound of a loud explosion just Larbi LG launchers Benghazi in Buatunai three Dannatt and archery.



Graduation employees of the National Directorate of Security National Security Bani Walid 16/09/2011.
تخريج دفعة من منتسبى الأمن الوطنى بمديرية الأمن الوطنى بنى وليد 16/9/2011 .اكتوبر بني وليد/ October Bani walid

Bani Walid news ..
Image of the Education Minister’s visit to the town of Beni Walid to inspect the functioning of the educational process in the city ..

Appears in the picture .. and the Minister of Education for a listener students at the school during the morning queue ..

And festooned with medals school that obtained in the course of the Implementation of Resolution No. 7 ..

Even schools not immune to the deliberate destruction and theft demagoguery ..

Is Attar will repair what spoiled forever?
Such schools .. Are Stntj the generation free of impurities war?

God save Bani Walid and her children!

Education and Bani Walid ….

An inspection visit to the Minister of Education to Schools Bani Walid ….

Quoting / Khaled Cibgo – Director, Office of documentation in the education sector Bani Walid




Misratah: vigil for the electricity sector workers and employees of the Association of electricity against repeated and sustained attacks

by armed elements on the employees of the company General Electric Misurata.

Abdulrahman splitter Sowaihili grandson … If the State of Libya’s Jews will return and they will be accepted in Libya.



Mujahid revenge Sirte Hmaaaaara the Beware 14 9 2013



Sabha today
Sit sheep breeders

Libyan authorities say they are importing nearly a million head of sheep from Europe and Australia to provide sacrificial animals

at an acceptable price for the citizens and sheep breeders start an open sit-in in front of the prime minister to reverse this decision,

which would negatively affect the prices of domestic sheep in their view.



Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad

Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad 

Miqdad: Syria is confident that the Security Council will pass a resolution under Chapter VII

The Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad Wednesday, September 18 / September expressed confidence that the UN Security Council

will not issue a decision on the Syrian chemical weapons disarmament under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which allows the resort to

force to implement international resolutions. Miqdad commented on the question about the possibility of a resolution under Chapter VII,


“We believe that it will not be used at all. No justification for it, and the Russian-American agreement does not include any reference to this matter.” :روسيا اليوم



300 Tunisian terrorist training camps in the Libyan desert

Investigations revealed Algerian security interests in charge of the fight against terrorism with terrorist elements have been arrested in

the desert of Algeria on the presence of about 300 armed Tunisian within the organization “stationed” terrorist recently established

Federation of rival “undersigned blood” and “Tawhid and Jihad in West Africa.”

A source Algerian linked to file terrorism, Mosaic FM, the largest number of terrorist elements that belong to the movement,

“stationed” are present in the training camps in southern Libya, pointing out that most of the armed elements of Tunisia came from northern Mali

and the other presence in Libya since the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

(Source: Digital Tunisia)

Abdel Bari Atwan ..

Describes the situation in Libya, joked
“All of heading for the airport in Libya, like going to paradise” ….!!!




Authorities managed to Cairo International Airport, Wednesday evening, to adjust the 907 Libyan visas from China, within the shipment of green tea.

A security source said at the airport: The CID has received information during the tuning one of the cases of fraud out to Libya, for the one person ship

visas ore from China to Egypt, and then writes the data on it and sell it to those wishing to travel to Abba.

He ordered Maj. Gen. applies Abdul Aziz, Director of Investigation, the formation of a research team headed by Brigadier Abdel Nasser Hamed, head of

detectives, consisting of Colonel Abdel Nasser Muwafi, Chief of Detectives of the village, and Lt. Col. Sameh Ahumaila, was prepared ambush, and has

already been seized shipment Green tea from China (Hong Kong) inside the number of 907 visas to Libyan crude, commanded by Major General Aladdin,

director of airport security, release the report on the incident.

_ Gateway to Libya


18 septembre 2013 07:07
Each of the doubt in his betrayal …. As the commander Sir neither pity nor mercy with them ….
A frozen Ahmed Qadafa-dam Horwitzer-blood first submitted his resignation from the Libyan regime

Durée: 12:28

18 septembre 2013 07:07
‏لكل من يشكك في خيانته …. وكما قال سيدي القائد لا شفقه ولا رحمة معاهم ….
Durée : 12:28



“Muammar al-Qathafi did not live like the Arab monarchs, did not build palaces with gold, not buy luxury yachts or collections of imported cars.

He devoted himself to rebuilding the country, ensuring better living conditions for the people.

Today al-Qaddafi is not president or prime minister of Libya, but the media wants him to resign a post which does not exist.”

(Who is Muammar Gaddafi? Lies Vs. Truth! 03 MARCH 2011)

Mu is coming back


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