Muammar al-Qathafi, Terrific

Mu terrific

  Ceremonies end, ,, entered the Libyan resistance in the last stages of the Implementation of the complete liberation of Libya there is no longer something

needs to equip weapons and military equipment and Allarroa so that the morale of the men hugging the sky all fasted the month of Ramadan out of faith

and hope of reward and forgive them their sins ,

God willing , and soon either martyrs or victors and are free ceremony finally presented to the leaders of the resistance is very accurate and detailed

but easy to understand where a lot of details and a lot of guidelines that understands resistance leader detail, when it starts in Tidha very soon

because it is adopted by the senior leadership of the resistance ,

you will be surprised Wen accuracy and familiarity with both small and large are ceremony includes actions precedent and accompanying and subsequent day end

and the days that followed , who knows you What do you mean the ceremony must know at least what will watched soon ,

but knows resisters good to respect the ceremony of the main reasons for the success of the event, not judgment upwardly not diligence downward ,

the Constitution of the battle now have , which is the key to victory , God willing , Ceremonies eventually contain events terrifying for traitors,

not the field of falling where as long as they chose to stay to attend on the end, which you will not know the times for the Hall events ,

It was included the ceremony is no longer in his life only a day and leave to hell after he has fed hell on the end, the last sentence in ceremony end is irreversible .

مراسم النهاية ،،، دخلت المقاومة الليبية في اخر مراحل تنفيد التحرير الكامل لليبيا لم يعد هناك شي يحتاج للتجهيز الاسلحة والمعدات العسكرية والاروع من ذلك ان معنويات الرجال تعانق السماء جميعهم صام شهر رمضان ايمانا واحتسابا وغفر لهم ذنوبهم بأذن الله وقريبا اما شهداء او منتصرون واحرار مراسم النهاية عرضت على قادة المقاومة هي دقيقة جدا ومفصلة لكنها سهلة الفهم فيها الكثير من التفاصيل والكثير من الخطوط العامة التي يفهم قائد المقاومة تفاصيلها ، عندما يبدأ في تنفيدها قريبا جدا لانها اعتمدت من القيادة العليا للمقاومة ،سوف تندهش ون من دقتها والمامها بكل صغيرة وكبيرة هي مراسم تتضمن افعال سابقة ومصاحبة ولاحقة ليوم النهاية والايام التي تليه ، من يعرف منكم ماذا تعني المراسم لابد ان يعرف على الاقل ما سوف يشاهده قريبا ، وليعرف المقاومين جيد ان احترام المراسم من اهم اسباب نجاح الحدث ، لا اجتهاد بالزيادة لا اجتهاد بالنقصان ، دستور المعركة الان لديكم ، وهو مفتاح النصر بأذن الله ، مراسم النهاية تحتوي على احداث مرعبة للخونة لا مجال من وقوعهم فيها طالما اختاروا البقاء لحضور يوم النهاية ، الذي لن تعرف فيه الاوقات لهول احداثه ، من شملته المراسم لم يعد في حياته سوى ايام ويغادر الي الجحيم بعد ان يكون قد ضاق جحيم يوم النهاية ، اخر جملة في مراسم النهاية هي لا رجوع .



Ratinga Dady writes:

 “O God it was not because I my spirit Bnqad the conduct and Rah Hviaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana Tigair years has shown us PS …………… اااااه repute uh”

  Mu in meeting

  • ساعات النصر المبين سوف نعيشها في ليبيا وقريبا جدا باذن الله ….

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami channel green tent on the occasion of Resolution No. 7

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel and the tent on 24/09/2013 P

Mujahid who threatened Dr. Hamza Abuschgner Thami 24 9 2013


Fathi Ben Issa:

Defence Committee condemns the kidnapping of the son of the defense minister

and considers impede the building of the Libyan army ..

Interior announces liberalization Naseeruddin Suisse director of the National Center for support, kidnapped since last Monday.

Defense Minister .. bending Abdullah.
My son Mohammed came out of the hours 9 am and no longer than two days.

Means the accused does not want the army and the police .. But not reminding name .. Fballah who blames FIA best for Khayef this O Fathi stop the blame
This Committee for the Defense to enact and Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaifah shaft.

Fathi Ben Issa:
Adel fishing, head of Anti crime Btageor the Bureau termination:

“There are those who impounded it at the request of the guardian to rehabilitated!!!”

Question to the people of the law: Does the law permit such detention?

According to a member of the National Congress, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Economy,

Trade and Industry Sharif adequate, the Commission

received a draft law to replace commodity support monetary support, adding that the Committee will consider this project to broadcast it …
Sharif also noted adequate to the presence of a number of flaws in this study, which may raise the Libyan street view ….
And Wafi said there was a looming idea to postpone this topic ..
He also noted adequate to that in the event of the application of this law, the ration commodity prices will see a big increase …..

Decision of the Ministry of Education and the students are not separated by gender in school!!

Hassan Mohamed Lamine to false NATO MB “Sheikh” sincere Gharyiani say:

“leave leave leave …. You are one of the biggest obstacles to the democratic transition in Libya ….

You are one of the fans on the loose security and the absence of safety …

Your last statement ‘catastrophic’ … ‘Irresponsible’ … ‘Outside the scope of tasks’ … Leave leave leave ….”


Essam activist Jehani:

The rule of venerable Mufti (political activist) Can you settle on view once deprive demonstrate and allow time (Hawak and Hua …!), And the criminals who are closing oil according to your description lame finest of understanding to defend them Vlolahm did not sit in your hotel Alricksosa Tkadhit salary and features never dreamed of, but just say God is enough, and yes, the agent … Alliance forces and initiative endorsed by the ruling Justice and construction for inclusive national dialogue my comment brief, after Khrbuha of sat on Tlha and sing dialogue … Beyond the stage of dialogue and also negotiate the reality is different from you because you are behind do not always know you Ton your role and Hjmkm the real front of the nation and the people. May negotiate when people aware of our truth without falsity, and the fact that our goals and our cause and our vision of Salah Libya.

The achievements of the State of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the Tkfferin in 3 years
1 – The massacre of Bani Walid (an unspecified number of martyrs)
2 – The massacre of Benghazi (42 martyr)
3-200 case of the assassination of army and police officers, activists Hakoukan and media
4 – the desecretion and destruction of shrines and of graves and tombs, historic mosques and Family
5 – thousands detainees and Almoghaibon of the men and women
6 – the disappearance of hundreds of billions of dollars from the Libyan people’s money and returns on assets

انجازات دولة الاخوان و التكفيرين في 3 سنوات
1- مجزرة بني وليد ( عدد غير محدد من الشهداء )
2- مجزرة بنغازي ( 42 شهيد )
3- 200 حالة اغتيال لضباط جيش و شرطة و ناشطين حقوقين و اعلاميين
4- تدمير مقابر و اضرحة و مساجد تاريخية و عائلية
5- الاف المعتقلون و المغيبون من الرجال و النساء
6- اختفاء مئات المليارات من الدولارات من اموال الشعب الليبي من العوائد و الارصدةبنت الوادي

Libya: Thousands Detained in Libya Outside State Control

Photo: Iason Foounten/UN

A crowd of demonstrators protest the ongoing use of weapons by rebel militias inside of Tripoli and the accompanying atmosphere of lawlessness (file photo).

Tripoli — Thousands of people in Libya remain locked up in militia prisons, outside of state control,

more than two years after the revolution, according to a new UN report presented to the Security Council.

The report says many are suffering torture and mistreatment and calls the situation “unacceptable”.

“We have a big problem. But it is a problem we are trying to tackle,” Libya’s Justice Minister Salah Marghani, speaking after the report’s release, told IRIN.

“We haven’t given up. Even though the circumstances are challenging, we’re still pushing to improve the situation.”

The report estimates the number of conflict-related detainees is around 8,000, some held in facilities only“nominally” under the authority of the justice or defence ministries, and the rest by “armed brigades not affiliated with the State in any form.”

“I remain deeply concerned at the slow and insufficient progress in the transfer of detainees from the custody of armed brigades to the State,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon‘s report, which updates the Security Council onthe UN Support Mission in Libya.

The UN says it has gathered evidence suggesting that at least 10 deaths in custody this year were due to tortureand that no one has yet been held accountable. It also says there is evidence of continuing torture in both government institutions and prisons beyond government control, something humanitarian organizations working in Libya back up.

“Right now, the only factor significantly bringing down the number of detainees being mistreated and tortured is the number of mass prison breaks that are taking place,” said Amnesty International researcher Magda Mughrabi.

Systematic abuse

“We’ve visited prisons where the abuse is systematic,” Mughrabi said. “Often militias come and go as they please, even in prisons that are supposed to be under government control.They’re better armed than the judicial police and treat prisoners however they want. In one detention facility, we even documented a case where a militia abducted a prisoner from within his jail cell.”

Amnesty International says it has found instances of detainees being beaten with hosepipes, set on fire and subjected to electric shocks. Detainees also told the organization they had received cuts to the genitals and were sprayed in the eyes with insect repellent.

“We are still in a state of revolutions,” said Justice Minister Marghani. “You can see the amount of weapons that are spread around. The amount of control you can have in this situation is limited.”

Marghani says many of the 10,000 former rebels who have been integrated into the judicial police have only had basic training, and this is something Libya is trying to combat with the assistance of the international community.

“We’ve got a good programme to train prison guards in place, including an in-house advisor from the UK here in the Justice Ministry. But our capacity is limited.”

The UN Support Mission in Libya, along with the UK and the European Union, is providing training to prison guards and the judiciary, but according to the World Organisation Against Torture (WOAT), an organization that runs some of the training programmes, the current level of assistance is not enough to initiate whole-scale transformation.

Governing under duress

Prison reform is only one of a number of initiatives currently on standby in Libya as the security situation worsens and the country’s political and judiciary systems struggle.

Libya’s congress is gridlocked over discussions on how to create the country’s constitution, and the UN Secretary-General’s report warns of a deterioration in the effectiveness of the country’s transitional government.

“Conflicting interests and views of political and regional forces in the country, reflected in the General National Congress, may have compromised its effectiveness as a legislative body and its standing in the eyes of many Libyans. This has had an undeniable impact on the stability of the political process and has hindered the government in its ability to address the main problems facing the country.”

Militias are also helping to derail the political process by staging armed protests when it comes to key congressional decisions and have caused members of Libya’s congress to complain of being forced to vote under duress.

The threat of violence also hangs over the country’s judiciary.

Prosecutors have repeatedly gone on strike this year in the southwestern city of Sabha due to intimidation by armed groups, a situation that has been exacerbated by repeated break-outs from the city’s prison.

The UN says safety of judicial personnel remains a “serious concern” and warns that “the volatile security situation continues to pose an obstacle to the establishment of a fully functioning judicial system.” It cites several attacks on prosecutors and judges as well as bomb attacks on courthouses in Benghazi and Sirte.

No negotiating power

The fragile security situation also means that Libya’s government is in a weak position when it comes to negotiating with large brigades, which continue to hold prisoners outside of the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Defence.

One of the biggest armed groups holding prisoners beyond state control is the Supreme Security Committee (SSC), a force parallel to the official army that was created out of the remnants of a number of revolutionary brigades. It is funded and armed by the government and has two prisons at its Tripoli headquarters.

Attempts to force it to hand over detainees have resulted in repeated raids on the Justice Ministry and the intimidation of politicians.

“The SSC shouldn’t have prisons,” said Marghani. “We don’t consider these legitimate. They should hand over those people to the government so they can get real justice.”


 “al-fateh69” Editor’s opinion: One thing that this article does not say clearly is that the MILITIA’s are governing the country and not the puppet government. The strong MILITIAS ARE: MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, LIFG, AL-QAEDA, NAWASI, ANSAR SHARIA all of them in my opinion are controlled by CIA/MOSSAD which gives orders to the government what to do, if they don’t like a new law they bomb the place or intimidate them with whatever means possible.




ZINTAN IS IN Total rejection of hyperbolic (Belhadj) and to extend the work of the

General National Congress.


“Ironically, our oil and gas Biian Europe and we we cut off electricity”


Assassination spokesman for the local council Zintan Mahmoud Alhtoich.

local council Zintan Mahmoud Al Touch.

Quoting / / News of the Libyan revolution urgent

THIS MAN SPOKE FOR PEACE and against the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD the puppet central “government ” of the GNC and their violence;

plus against the terror inflicted by renegade drugged-up youth gang last week on the outskirts of Ghadames !!

(spelled also as:

local council Zintan Mahmoud Al Touch).

Zintan say that NATO Ababil birds

PLAINT OF Omar Matouk of ZINTAN:

Lord open between us and our people to the right and you are good conquerors
( Julmna , like other people of my Zintan, what we have seen and we see every day of the hurt and fading on the city of men was a scapegoat for each of the need for help ,

Did not help for all cities of the mountain ? Hey folks castle I asked God how many times came young Zintan Bakdahm the and Qdeidahm Fitonkm blood ? Will not forgive martyrs and no history Scottkm about right.
O folks Kklh of I asked God when narrowed Hello siege and bombardment of came to Necdetkm of how much a martyr feet in front of you and in front of your children and your family ?

I asked God and is ruling us how much of the fighters and martyrs Vdokm their lives on the first Rullish ?
Then when I came back to the region and battalions were slaughtered your children in the gate I asked who created you who Astnecdetm ? How many young people and sheikhs Zintan leave everything behind and hurried to the rescue and free the land again after that Constellation feet of Geert men Zintan who Aaawwadhm the king of the land ? , God Hasiibna and Hsepkm .

Hey folks Nalut I asked who will stand in front of him on the chapter and the elimination of HP ‘s Liberation balanced crossing ? And feet of feet ? Then returned battalions and crossing Avckt without resistance I asked Lord, of Avtdakm including Astnecdetm and died in front of you ?
Then from remained guarding Moaqaa the the oversees Ghazaya days without you fighting ?
HP respond battalions that arrived Alhawwamd It cited the scapegoat ?
Hey folks I asked God corner severe pain escape revenge you arms on the backs of camels ? Pain detained youth us trying Tzlagm the adventurous lives on the palms of judgment and for your children ?
I asked Allah from Astqublkm and Wawa km and fought without you worshiped you the way to the corner with the blood of our children who are the most expensive we have the rule of the king and force ?

O people of Tripoli I asked Bbarikm and Snhajkm in front of him on the Day of Resurrection km from Shahid us Shake b dust Tripoli ?
And many others , when the length of Libya and displayed Valjbl and the west coast has not dried from the blood of our heroes .
Today Gehoda and denial , climb and hurt and denial , !

I have Avetamonna and Azeetm martyrs and wounded and the most expensive we have of Champions your judgment , Soeriakm and the your government and your conference and Grorkm a false and Maamra the muzzle which you would spend days

Not Nenze ourselves and pretend not perfect and I happened to us the mistakes and problems including not measured sacrificed
However, less is your duty to those who treats you that advise him and Tqovernm not that bounty Tgehd ! And even hurt him ! I Zbhtm Almrah and judges are on the last remaining ones

At this moment , which is not with me in the absence of T – but Allah Anajia is and complain of heartburn on the men we lost heroes lift my hands locked Mtocla the Mtdhar Aa tears .

O God, O Living, O Self , O The Majesty and Honour I asked Basmaúk and recipes that Tansva of our people, including you will, O you calculated and you know how to condition

us to Tansva who are deaf and hurt mothers of martyrs bereaved , and their children, orphans, and widows , God I Fodhanak including Voncefna them your ability
and righteousness , God we Astodanak the Waer Adana and our country O God our Vantqm and cold hearts , O were Bhtuna and lied to us and they wanted us bad
you their God , they may injustice Luna and others Ancefna O Lord .
Oh we do not excuse ourselves from our mistakes and Hui ourselves skip us and forgive us .
………From me dawn What sweeter Mahiah the night …. eliminates Olah and Hereafter
From me with the light of the sins save us ….. If you would like us in g b Tahoe
Nhkoa to God out of ignorance of the oasis …. Nhkoa God to them what to Qanaho
And acquitted myself that we are human beings …… Nashoa to God sometimes Nnsaho the(By: Omar Matouk)

ربنا افتح بيننا وبين قومنا بالحق و انت خير الفاتحين
( يولمني كغيري من اهل بلادي الزنتان ، ما رأيناه و نراه كل يوم من اذى و بهتان على مدينة كان رجالها فداء لكل من احتاج النجدة،

الم تكن عونا لكل مدن الجبل؟ يا اهل القلعة سألتكم بالله كم من المرات جاء شباب الزنتان بقضهم و قضيضهم يفدونكم بدمائهم؟ لن يسامحكم الشهداء و لا التاريخ عن سكوتكم عن الحق.
يا اهل ككلة سألتكم بالله عندما ضاق عليكم الحصار و القصف من جاء لنجدتكم وكم قدم شهيدا امامكم و امام ابنائكم و عائلاتكم؟

سألتكم بالله و هو الحكم بيننا كم من المقاتلين و الشهداء فدوكم بارواحهم يوم القواليش الاولى؟
ثم عندما رجعت الكتائب للمنطقة و ذبحت ابنائكم في البوابة سألتكم بمن خلقكم بمن استنجدتم؟ وكم من شباب و مشائخ الزنتان ترك كل شئ ورائه و سارع للنجدة وحرر الارض من جديد بعد ان قدم كوكبة من خيرت رجالات الزنتان الذين لايعوضهم ملك الارض؟ و الله حسيبنا و حسيبكم.
يا اهل نالوت سألتكم بمن سنقف امامه يوم الفصل و القضاء من هب لتحرير معبر وازن؟ و قدم من قدم؟ ثم عادت الكتائب و افتكت المعبر بدون مقاومة سألتكم بربكم من افتداكم بمن استنجدتم و مات امامكم؟
ثم من بقى يحرس مواقعا تشرف على الغزايا اياما يقاتل دونكم؟
من هب لرد الكتائب التي وصلت الحوامد ومن استشهد فيها فداء ؟
يا اهل الزاوية سألتكم بالله شديد الانتقام الم يهرب اليكم السلاح على ظهور الابل؟ الم يعتقل شباب منا وهم يحاولون تسليحكم مغامرين ارواحهم على اكفهم من احلكم و اجل ابنائكم؟
سألتكم بالله من استقبلكم واوا كم و قاتل دونكم يعبد لكم الطريق الى الزاوية بدماء ابنائنا الذين هم اغلى عندنا من حكم وملك و تجبر؟

يا اهل طرابلس سالتكم ببارئكم و سنحاجكم امامه يوم القيامة كم من شهيد منا خض ب تراب طرابلس ؟
و الكثيرين غيركم على طول ليبيا وعرضها فالجبل و الساحل الغربي لم يجف من دماء ابطالنا.
واليوم جحودا و نكرانا و تسلقا و اذى و نكران،!
لقد اذيتموننا و اذيتم شهداء و جرحى و ابطال اغلى عندنا من حكمكم و سراياكم و حكومتكم و مؤتمركم و غروركم الزائف و مؤامرا تكم التي ستقضي عليكم يوما

لا ننزه انفسنا و لا ندعى المثالية و لقد حدث منا اخطاء و مشاكل لا تقاس بما ضحينا به
ومع هذا فاقل واجب عليك لمن احسن اليك ان تنصحه و تقومه لا ان تجحد فضله! بل و تؤذيه! لقد ذبحتم المرؤة و قضيتم على اخر ما تبقى منها

في هذه اللحظة التي ليس معي فيها في خلو تي الا الله اناجيه و اشكو حرقة على ابطال رجال فقدناهم ارفع يدي مؤمنا متوكلا متضر عا باكيا.
اللهم يا الله يا حي يا قيوم يا ذا الجلال و الاكرام سألتك باسمائك و صفاتك ان تنصفنا من قومنا بما شئت، اللهم انت حسبنا و انت اعلم بحالنا منا ان تنصفنا ممن اذانا و اذى امهات الشهداء الثكلى ، و اطفالهم الايتام ،واراملهم ،اللهم انا فوضناك فيهم فأنصفنا منهم بقدرتك و عدلك، اللهم اننا استودعناك اعر اضنا و بلادنا اللهم فانتقم لنا و برد قلوبنا، اللهم ان كانوا بهتونا و كذبوا فينا و ارادو بنا سوء اللهم فعليك بهم فأنهم قد ظلم ونا ومن غيرك ينصفنا يا ربنا.
اللهم اننا لا نبر ء انفسنا من اخطائنا و هوى انفسنا فتجاوز عنا و اغفر لنا.
من لي بفجر فما احلى محياه ….يقضي على الليل اولاه و اخراه
من لي بنور من الاثام ينقذنا …..اذا احبتنا في غ ب تاهو
نشكوا الى الله جهلا من احتنا …. نشكوا الى الله منهم ما لقيناهو
وما ابرئ نفسي اننا بشر …… نعشوا الى الله احيانا و ننساهو
بقلم : عمر معتوق



Libyan Fighting Group and Ansar al-Sharia threaten women in Tripoli not to wear pants and go out to the street and assert that women

who go out without veils legitimate will be subject to discipline by the group ..

Tripoli ::::::::: abduction

Abducted girl’s family forward P Victory Street and 17-year-old girl in the morning is going to institute (Ibn al-Haytham) since the three-day limit because no return
Please who has any information throughout Ofitna on ID: 0912188835
طرابلس :::::::::اختطاف

اختطاف بنت عائلة الامام ف شارع النصر والبنت عمرها 17 سنة في الصباح وهي ذاهبة الي المعهد(أبن الهيثم) مند ثلاثة ايام ولحد لأن لم تعود
الرجاء من لديه اي معلومة أرجاء أيفدنا علي الرقم:0912188835

Publishing and circular …

The brothers heads of households you pay attention to your daughters, “women” issue of kidnapping has become an obsession for security services

in the capital Tripoli and the large number of cases is not mostly found, raising the proportion of emergency in these devices ..


Quoting the Libyan news agency today:

Aaaaaajl Corner: –

Exchange of fire between children Bouhmirh and Saqr Sons and there are reports of injuries

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam very urgent
ÇŃĚćßă brothers helped us to publish,,,,
Matter seriously,,,, and very Khteyeeyeier ​​topic
Kidnapping lawyer Soraya Issa Mohammed from her home in the project plateau Tripoli on Althelata 23 \ 9 5.30

at gunpoint in front of her children and intimidate children and leave them alone with the knowledge that she was

pregnant in the month of deliberation,,,, cars they slogan room common security subsidiaries me Heetm Tagouris.

Armor up to Tripoli on the pretext delivered to the chief of staff while Haya present in the operating room through which destroy

Libya and through assassinate army officers in Libya … Room (Maatekaya).

Urgent .. Another scandal looming instrument that received by Haitham Tagouris, the Ali Zaidane against the release of the

Director of the Office of Zaidane, Muhammad Alqreis appear in the accounts of the Central Bank of Libya worth one and a

half million dinars and the Committee on National Congress crisis threatens Ali Zaidane by showing flags …

Responsible Libyan deal with national issues through bribery policy under the slogan “Sugar what Blinds Aadsh”.

Libyan steal people’s money … And Alkhergaa
Farce in Libya ..
Libyan steal people’s money ..

المهزله في ليبيا..
سرقه اموال الشعب الليبي …

The Libyan news agency today:

Torture entire family Ameitikh prison in Tripoli.

Complaint of citizenship Mary Buaichy on the arrest and torture of her family.

Story of the kidnapped daughter of Victory Street – girl Forward
Girl kidnapped girl forward returned sound condition and Delirious story
Come born 91 almost the cattle side Amarthm in Victory Street behind the secondary Tripoli for girls Khtmo them Zuoz Nsawin Mokhtmrat in a car and Qt Asalo which will not be brought from Roshan car reprove them a drug and exceeded suspended spirit in the area by Macalt near Sabratha in monsters which Hellbe Nsawin stayed eat and drink with them and Madarolha do anything for about five days and then Khdhiroha Tani and Jaboha for the Zenata, Fikoha and Qalolha Call بوالدك and Colalh I in Fulani Logie place and her father to قاها of course the spirit

Potential incident
1 – headed in the same architecture as possible the army or the officer in charge and the possibility of targeted was built or any girl Also
2 – uncertainties in the process of stealing members but she Makhaddrohash Tani and Mavi any effects of it
3 – feeling criminals tightening the noose, research and the potential exposure of their heads
And God knows the real reason for the kidnapping and return of the girl.
We thank God for her safety and to reassure its people

Fathi Ben Issa media:

Sobh O opener …. On news of a sit-school faculty Street Liberation December 24, in the heart of the capital Tripoli, wake up ..

Tat deaf school against the backdrop of the kidnapping of her students 3 girls and killing other throughout the week.

Press / names Alsaifa the

If you can not stop this Almhazel We know from behind the kidnapping of Hola kidnapping of minors will be in your homes

and in front of you eyes, we must take a strong position and the position of the direction of Hola dirt to no longer have the honor:

Sit for the faculty members of the School of liberation “Sept. Street” in Tripoli to condemn the kidnapping of students repeated frequently in the capital.

40 girls kidnapped since the start of the school year in Libya. Urgent ..Militias kidnap girls in Tripoli trace-Mahdi Alharatne

and is sending girls Almkhto the the rolls for the marriage jihad in Syria under the supervision of Mahdi Alharatne the

News about the disappearance or kidnapping of journalist Abdulwahab Mellit:


Media disappearance Abdulwahab Mellit that the chief correspondents Channel Liberal Libya in Tripoli ..
Media reported that Abdulwahab Mellit correspondent channel for Libya Liberal offline in Tunisia had not been subjected to abduction ..

USA RELEASES A TERRORIST of the violent Ben HAMID family:

Rejoice O Libyan Forte Jablkm new party “complemented” ::
Suleiman Alfortah Chairman of the Committee of Libyan political prisoners abroad announce the arrival of “Ghazzawi Hamid” of Tripoli today evening from Guantanamo prison after release
The Abdul Hamid Abdul Salam Al Ghazzawi had spent three years in Guantanamo prison after being arrested in 2010 in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar.

The launch of a detainee in Guantanamo Tripoli

Arrived in the Libyan citizen “Abdel Hamid Abdel Salam Ghazzawi” Tripoli yesterday after his release from the famous prison at Guantanamo Bay where he was imprisoned since 2010, while the other four shows imprisoned there.
He said “Solomon Alfortah” Chairman of the Committee of Libyan prisoners abroad that the Department of Justice’s efforts also resulted in the release of a Libyan prisoner in Canada will arrive soon to Libya.

افرحوا يا ليبيين فورتية جابلكم طرف جديد ” كملت ” ::
سليمان الفورتية رئيس لجنة السجناء السياسيين الليبيين في الخارج يعلن عن وصول ” عبدالحميد الغزاوي ” الي طرابلس مساء اليوم قادما من سجن غوانتانامو بعد الافراج عليه
يذكر ان عبدالحميد عبدالسلام الغزاوي كان قد امضي ثلاث سنوات في سجن غونتانامو بعد اعتقاله العام 2010 في مدينة قندهار جنوبي افغانستان.بنت الوادي

The arrival of large power stations. ‘
# Tripoli Port

Death of a restaurant owner Libby in Alchuirv on hand to forget

Two factors forget killed at dawn on Wednesday, the supervisor of the night shift at a restaurant area Alchuirv south Mizdah.

“T pompous” dead man was the son of the restaurant owner Osman Alinkaa as witness factors revenue daily to the restaurant

and thought it in his possession but the amount given by the victim to his brother before he was killed, and two factors did not

Antbha So, when the third hour of the night infiltrated to a room sleep and Angdha him and placed nylon bags in his throat, which

led to kill him strangled, while the murderers not find him something to escape outside Alchuirv. added that neighbors the

restaurant had been told that there are voices were in the room, which required to track their impact by the police who arrested

them within 30 kilometers of Alchuirv and referred them to justice and gave prosecutors permission burial after the show on the coroner.

Rapid qualitative resistance operations in Tripoli against the heads of rats.

Libyan army “Battalion, 101st Airborne,” and a Alambaht criminal is the largest joint operation and will remain in the camp,

“military police previously Tajourah” was seized upon Mlisheh claim revolutionary was liberated Qatar of the kidnapped and

found inside the camp Ali Aktar of 250 cars, including 200 new car type MTSU BaisheSUVs also found 50 foreign companies tracking mechanism

has been stolen from the sites of these companies and found large quantities of gold user “stolen”.
Found inside the camp on the equipment and means of torture.

URGENT: National Council for Public Freedoms and Human Rights says that he moved on to the headquarters of the fight against crime Btageor

termination after he was raided today by the army battalion “101” infantry and stating that the Council has documented a number of cases of

detainees Taradw tortured length of detention without being brought to trial andof them was transferred to the hospital in addition to the 4

cases moved to the mercy of God under torture.

Camp Tajourah and torture Tripoli:

Some Elsafkhat published a picture showing some of the instruments of torture that are tearing apart the bodies of prisoners and that found status

torture Btageor of the termination, one Sticky stick with nails on each side.

It is noteworthy that “the 101st Airborne Battalion” of the army in cooperation with the National criminal Alambaht system circled a major joint operation

to storm the camp, “the former military police Btageor termination” was controlled by an armed group under the banner of the revolution and national levels.
Having been in this process successful, edit Ketar of abductees in addition to the disclosure of acquisition of the armed group on Aktar of 250 vehicles,

including 200 cars new kind of MTSU Baishe SUVs also found 50 tracking mechanism foreign companies have been stolen from the sites of these

companies and found large quantities of gold user “stolen” as found on equipment and means of torture inside the camp.


(News of the Libyan army)

A member of the battalion = anti-crime gang that has been raided and unwillingly in Tajourah

Justify torture story some criminals without refer them for months behalf
That the crimes were serious and heinous
And make fun of the report of one of the channels that they were made a brief encounters with some of the detainees … He said it made ​​them Mlaúkyin.

News of the Libyan army
Exclusive ..
A great possibility for assigning forces to secure Thunderbolt ports and re-oil the life and export wheel

It is expected to issue a decision after the return of Prime Minister Ali Zaidan from New York and brief him on the latest developments

of the crisis cell where given the final deadline to be on a least two corresponding to 30.9 to end the Maihdt ..

Yesterday afternoon we were in the market for skill  Dahmani Angle Tripoli Ntda When Lugu in to pay for food was rear man

and his wife and suddenly penetrated the market a shot lived in the shoulder man who was rear Tnatrth blood and the wounded man

and all of the market panicked and went out Mhrawlin in Dar.

Note said that the bullet from outside pierced wall building materials market components compressed heat insulating and plaque (like Walter scourge) not cement bricks.

(Disclosure newspaper)

Bribery ring in the General National Congress, such as a network of Arts in prostitution cases where no one is innocent.



From the city of Aziziyah:
Met today the people of the city of Aziziyah topic has been discussed the deteriorating security situation in Almntqhkhalal Afattrhalakhirh.
Has resulted in the following meeting:
The formation of a joint security room with all of the Spread of the army and police and a group of young Jealous under the cover of legal and illegal.
And room Taattoly operations create gates at the entrances of the region and the formation of Mnhrkh patrols roamed the area within 24 hours.
This room is also responsible for the arrest of criminals and outlaws and Alkhdarat dealers.

We ask God Almighty, Lord of the Great Throne that guide them for the good of the country and the people.

(Zahra channel)




“Zliten today”:
Najat Sheikh Abdulaziz Andishe imam and preacher of the mosque is the nation and his car miraculously .. Praise be to God for safety.
And Sheikh Jalil had been subjected to several threats of atonement yen the pretext of corruption faith.

Urgent agency Libya (special) Zliten
I learned agency urgently to Libya from informed sources enables the number of guests owners criminal cases to

escape from prison in the center of the city of Zliten next to the Mosque of Abu sickle estimated at seventeen prisoners

after resistance took place between them and the judicial police charged with protecting the prison managed on the

impact of the escape were arrested Ali person and one of them.
The prison, followed by the National Directorate of Security, which has remained silent and refused to make any

statements, in particular to the reporter (Urgent Libya) in the city. Agency learned that the security agencies have

continued with parents Amoralsjnae and expressed their willingness to cooperate with it.



We thank all the noble tribes that were present in the city of Bani Walid

Residents access to the city center and the presence of children and women, adults and some of the guests from Kabylie noble solidarity vigil against resolution Almham of the right to the city.

URGENT | Dardanelles satellite channel

Libyan tribes in the south Libyan flocking to the municipal beach Square in solidarity with the people of Bani Walid and demanding the government to provide war criminals to justice.

Bani Walid residents swarming now in the city center in a protest to condemn the decision unjust No. 7 m passed by the General National Congress against the city in the past year

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV

Nasser El Hawary:

25.09.2012 was issued Resolution No. 7 ominous and the judge attack and invade the city of Bani Walid pretext of the existence of arrows out,

led by Khamis Muammar Gaddafi and Moussa Ibrahim, the resolution passed by the National Congress by 68 votes of the total attendance,

following the resolution moved by armed militia , of several cities but received city of Misrata lion’s share was 80 percent

of the attacking forces battalions and militias Misrata, was at the head of battalion commanders member National Congress / Salah Paddy

User Alumblyxiaoy bloody who left his seat in the conference and went on to kill civilians, innocent people of Bani Walid ,

was killed in the attack nearly 50 people from the people of Bani Walid them innocent children , and destroyed and burned hundreds of homes,

were displaced nearly 50,000 residents of the city , and arrested dozens of whom died nearly 25 under torture prisons Misratah

and ended the attack and did not find what claimed to come to look for him , and still the elders of the Social tribes and Rafla under arrest in the city of the corner,

Bani Walid , established Besmudha in the face of tyranny battalions saga of steadfastness and struggle, will remain stuck minds of contemporary that crime for years,

even Sivk her history in the most poignant pages, will go down in history that the city of Bani Walid said no to tyranny and the tyranny of the Phalange

She stood in the face of humiliation and shame Conference and Misrata aggression and followed.

D.Ibrahim Alwash:
The tragedy of the city of Bani Walid steadfast today that it is located in the northwest of Libya, not in northwest Syria …

This is ignored by the media and the Arab world, and if you covered the news, they do it conceals the facts bloody time in Bani Walid for the ears and eyes of the people.

(Code .. Syed Amin)

23 October , 2012
Video .. Bani Walid defy the blockade of the military and media – d. Ibrahim Alwash

In the name of God the Merciful
Network Basra

D. Ibrahim Alwash
The tragedy of the city of Bani Walid steadfast today that it is located in the northwest of Libya, not in northwest Syria … This is ignored by the media and the Arab world, and if you covered the news, they do it conceals the facts bloody time in Bani Walid for the ears and eyes of the people.

He built Walid besieged for several weeks prevents the introduction of food, medicine and fuel to it, and neighborhoods bombed the indiscriminate killing civilians daily, which is surrounded by herds “revolutionaries NATO” who يتحرقون longing for استباحتها again, prompting Amnesty International to issue a statement in 10/08/2012 calls to lift the siege and allow the introduction of supplies, fuel and medicine to them, saying that the attempt to arrest of kidnapped Omran Shaaban, one of the killers of Gaddafi, has turned into a form of collective punishment against the entire city, and adds the organization in the same report on the tongue of one of its officials: “While can be considered the release of persons detained illegally in Bani Walid is a positive step, the Libyan authorities also need to address the situation of thousands of people detained across Libya without charge or trial, and to put an end to abductions continued for people without warrant by armed militias, and to close the detention centers is Official scattered across the country, “as stated on the site Amnesty International on its website in English.

Has punished the city and its inhabitants, who are increasing about eighty thousand people the first time when destroyed by NATO aircraft in 2011, before being استباحتها by the “rebels NATO”, in order to disappear, hundreds of young people in the prisons of “freedom and democracy” for the new system, with thousands of members of the Libyan people who are at odd since the worst forms of torture and brutal violations according to reports by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

It was not Bani Walid days of cities submissive that accept humiliation, it was one of the fiercest castles resistance to the occupation of the Ottoman and Italian occupation after him, and was one of the cities recent remained resistant to foreign intervention in Libya in 2011, and in 24.01.2012 picked up the media story entitled “Ansar al-Gaddafi in control of Bani Walid fully and hoist the green flag over buildings,” a report that was denied, “the National Transitional Council,” and attributed by some to a power struggle between the wings state dissembled, and did not absolve it of Bani Walid from exposure to the siege, torture and kidnappings random again against the rejuvenated … But as much as Liberals.

But the tragedy of Bani Walid today is not unique in Libya after the “revolution”: a million and a half million refugees Libby in the neighboring countries of the six million Libyan citizen does not raise a cause, thousands of soldiers and detainees who die every day under torture in the prisons of informal along the country does not know a number exactly, supporters say Gaddafi they tens of thousands, infrastructure destroyed, no one knows when will be rebuilt if we learn from the experience of the destruction of Iraq’s something, a state of chaos and lawlessness and “exit militias for control,” in the words of Amnesty International its report, which تداولته media in 16/02/2012, and most importantly the dissolution of central authority, as happened in Somalia and Iraq after the foreign intervention, and prosperity calls the dismantling of Libya, under the banner of “federalism”, into three regions: the Cyrenaica in the east, and Tripoli in the west, and Fezzan in the south. There is no need for a formal declaration of independence of the regions in fact, as long as Libya disjointed in fact tens of fiefdoms ruled by various militias … يتعظ advocates of foreign intervention in Syria and elsewhere.

The only thing that works well in Libya today is the production of oil, which our skin and Agence France-Presse, in a report on 10.19.2012 he returned to the level of production by the “revolution” Thanks to the efforts of Western oil companies, such as France’s Total and Eni, the Italian and Spain’s Repsol and Owaytrchal German and Occidental U.S., where omitted Jazeera Net in its report on the return of Libyan oil production to its previous level as stated in the report, the original French possession of some of those Western oil companies operating in Yiba its own security to protect the oil wells run, especially in areas far from the cities, and can be found the English version of the report, as published by the Lebanese Daily Star newspaper on its website on 10.20.2012.

The above, we chose to rely on sources does not have opponents argue credibility because they ساندتهم in all mobility loyal to NATO …

It is important, paid the city of Bani Walid now the price of rebellion on the reality of Libya after the alien invasion, which is exposed today to Hsarin at the same time: the siege of rats NATO on the one hand, and the siege Media practiced by the Arab media and foreign blockade on the other hand, a blockade may deviate him channel “Russia Today” and some small sites on the Internet.

Bani Walid city deserves to highlight the suffering, and to offer them all the support that suits them, especially in light of exaggerations and lies that launched the media Alaptrodolaria the imperialist blockade and bombing some Syrian cities and towns. Vhsar Brown and Walid, Bashklah, is the outcome of a political blockade.

Bani Walid pay, then the price of the dominance of militias “out of control” of the country, except that these militias are out of control at all, because they play a role Decree her exactly, was NATO is easy it is to control Libya, under the program of globalization, Any program of strategic trans-border program, which undermine the control of the state and the central authority, especially in the Arab countries of the oil-producing, and convert all the oil field to the Emirate of “independent” easy for any company to be managed by security.

And indicates what we heard from Bani Walid yet to adherence to the national unity of the Libyan people, and their desire to spare the country’s civil war, especially that such a war would take a tribal character will return to Libya to pre ignorance. But patience has limits, and if imposed war on Bani Walid, let a war to restore Libya lackeys of foreign intervention and the restoration of central authority, no war, tribal disintegration of the country, but not Bani Walid, despite the wounds, the cradle of Liberation real Libya from the clutches of foreign domination and subordination of NATO, and the focus of resistance in Morocco, along with Syria in the east, to stop the penetration of imperialist hegemony in the Arab world under the title of the so-called “Arab Spring.”

God bless the martyr Gaddafi, Here may exposed securities Finally, Pat millions of Arabs realize, who persuaded the forces of foreign domination in the absence of awareness that foreign intervention in Libya was a “revolution”, that the revolution will not be real unless they first and foremost against the hegemonic powers Foreign Affairs. If Libya is a place that has turned the concept of “revolution” on his head, let Libya where they re-Libyans Liberals put that concept on its feet: his hands, however, NATO is invading his country can not only be a mercenary. The real revolutionary is free his country from foreign domination.

Victims of a good campaign Yen war criminal led Makrif St. against civilians in Bani Walid.

Bani Walid now
Rain Ali Bani Walid and images of martyrs
Stop traffic now

Bani Walid does not cry Hhdaúk understand “alive” more than the dead who have Bigtia them.
Stop traffic now in Bani Walid for 7 minutes to mourn the pure souls of our martyrs who Rahu victim of an unjust decision.

Congratulations to the martyrs and Blessed Doém, .. martyr Baden God birthday on fitness …

Martyr Baden God Said Almrash:

Martyr Baden God birthday Fitness forgive him and Rahma:

Sacked the Almighty: (Think not who have been killed for the sake of God dead, but alive with their Lord provision)
The martyr Hajj hero: Solomon Abulipidh.
One of the victims of ill-fated Resolution No. 7
He died defending his land and his country and display Bani Walid ..
Thursday 18/10/2012 ..
Front to Attiyat …
That day in which our heroes led the fiercest battles in the Attiyat and Qaibdo in the enemy great losses …
God forgive him, Rahma and Mark Paradise Lord resting place:

Stop 7 minutes of mourning for the souls of the martyrs of Bani Walid from 12:00 am to 12:07


Expressive shot of a girl in the march today boasts Bamha of the martyr .

Oh God, forgive our faithful martyrs ….
(Aldahara martyrs box)

Pause for 7 minutes to Resolution No. 7

Urgent …

Appeared the flow of water to flood the valley of Bani Walid now and all the people of Bani Walid discernible caution and the

Hadar from their children and not their incomes to the middle of the valley for reasons of public safety for young people

(Will channel gene)


Warning …
Warn Travelers are advised that got in the way collapses main languages ​​Owaynat near enough crazy (Aadinan) result of runoff floods ..
We wish safety for all.

Another picture for the main road languages ​​Owaynat
Warn Travelers are advised that got in the way collapses main languages ​​Owaynat near enough crazy (Aadinan) result of runoff floods ..



Congratulations on Sabratha huge number of bumps (on an old Ray even bumps completion)



Cooperation in the field of health and dates between Istanbul and Gallo
Country ambiance – Gallo – Mohamed Alqbouzay reporting:It was agreed today in the city of Gallo between the Turkish consul and businessmen accompanying him with the local council for the city torun the Gallo Central Hospital with the help of medical and medical crews to help Turkish.The Turkish consul said, “Ali Akan” atmosphere for the country today that the reason for the visit is to establish joint ventures in the areasof several of the most important medical field, and exporting dates as the Gallo fertile land to produce the best types of dates needed by the Turkish market.The Turkish businessman, “Abbas Omar” that the Turkish Businessmen’s Association are considering opening an office of the Turkish AssociationLibyan city of Gallo in cooperation with the local city and they will be looking at the legal issues to activate it.The Director of the Office of Agriculture “Salem mouse” During the meeting, a detailed presentation to date production and quantities and typesof stressing welcomed cooperation with Turkish businessmen in the field of agriculture and development of the city.Musharraf said Gallo, Central Hospital “Mohammed Anueja” The agreement in the medical field with Turkey is twinned with a hospital in Istanbul.It is noteworthy that this is the second visit of its kind for the Turkish consul to the city of Gallo this year.___________________


Vote for intensive gunfire from heavy weapons in the spacious area south of the city of Benghazi.

Urgent … abduction student Hanan Said Amheny, the Bouzid in Benghazi:




Libya stricken hijacked:

Leaking and official documents Ttpt the German client involvement Ali Zaidane in bribe

Salem Said Aljdharan by the client Naji Embarak.

# _ Gateway to Libya

A picture of some Libyans in America objecting Zaidane’s visit to the United Nations .. Is not yet sure of their demands ..

But according to the signs issue is on the bribery case:

# _ Gateway to Libya

Ali Zaidane deny involvement process bribery Jdharan and he has been configured to the crisis committee of the conference is continued with them.


9000 gunman from the eastern region are deployed on the borders of the territory of Cyrenaica in anticipation of any terrorist action from the conference Brotherhood gang and Suehalih.

 Fathi Ben Issa media:Ibrahim Aljzeran, denies request funds from the government and says he stipulated that the investigation in the theft of oil-for-open fields .. Adding that surprised silence Mufti and the political parties on what he called the incident a bribe Congress and the government and that Bkiemanma of trying to bribe no dialogue with them and the ball in the court of the Attorney General and the judiciary is not do right Veseljo to eliminate international trial Zaidane and Mukhtar on charges of corruption, he said that he would announce the government crisis soon ..Quoting FB rebels LibyaJamal al-Hajji: Tuba channel’sTomorrow the delegation will move from the tribe of slaves to Aljgbo to inform tribe Alshahybat that Aljgbo us and you break them,this is what we warn him to crush minorities and exchange in Cyrenaica and maybe there will be a fierce civil war will be witnessed bygently between the components to extend their influence and control:According to a Central Bank of Libya to the ConferenceInstrument issued by the prime minister to account Naji al-Mokhtar …



Urgent agency Libya is obtained confidential documents mission will begin to publish the beginning of the day Thursday relating to the sale of oil

without counters and units of measure, given these documents will be presented shortly.

and in the East, at RAS LANAUF/ BREGA:

Urgent agency Libya / special and exclusive

Document number one among several documents install some counters malfunction and oil metering units Ras Lanuf company to manufacture oil and gas.

Document No. (3) within several documents to prove some counters malfunction and oil metering units Ras Lanuf company to manufacture oil and gas.


Document No. (3) within several documents to prove some counters malfunction and oil metering units Ras Lanuf company to manufacture oil and gas


Prairie ..

New image of a school classroom Kharouba near Prairie “eastern Libya”

(Valley girl)



Ahmed Ibrahim subjected to slow death Misrata prisons.

And those with relatives complained detainee / Ahmed Ibrahim Gadhafi, one of the leaders of the Great Jamahiriya, the detainee Misrata prisons,

being subjected to slow death for ways to prevent food
And Drug him and demanded his family from the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General and local human rights organizations and international
intervention and quickly moved to the city of Tripoli to maintain his life.

Mafia Malta is preparing for the opening of a consulate in the State of Misrata

Said Attiya Dereini – deputy head of the local council of Misurata

The Maltese embassy in Libya in the coming days will be opened a consulate in the city of Misrata.

After it agreed to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior, who Petain the request of the Maltese authorities in this regard.

The Dereini added that it was supposed opening of the consulate before but the process was delayed due to the change of the Maltese government.

The Dereini also confirmed that the Maltese Consulate will be given two types of visa and one for Malta and other EU “Schengen”,

and that it will open an office of the Maltese lines in Misrata also inaugurate an air route between Malta International Airport and Misrata International Airport.

It is expected to be Maltese Consulate is the second of its kind in Misrata after Turkey opened a consulate in the same city the beginning of the current year.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar Mzrath ::::::::::::

Now on the market,, foolishness morning and foolishness after glandular, for a month and earn power of individuals shields … And become very strong as any Musrata.
Hahahahahahahahahah Daru العآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآر the.

Quoting :::

I spoke to the contractor who builds in the Houca Colt him mixing cement with soil Misratah bash yard stand we used Aelkezh of …

Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free

Misrata rebels Alasaosh Misratah carrying dust withstand Tkish and distributed to Shiite Bernard Levy in Tripoli.

This mass grave is special dug for Misrata, their dust will accumulate in this hole and then delivered to Henry Benard Levi.

Cursed God folk Frtoa in honor falsely and slanderously and said their sacred soil …
Earth who deserves appreciation and respect is the living soil No. 2 in Sirte. Finished …

Misratah dust Icheroa the Friday market group and its mix remix and Aakhaddoa in the morning on an empty stomach cup said Bahi Thompsliq the ….
It some comments Tafhen the Maaraft inventory of free even Bandir the The Anicol attended by perhaps a free ČÓ free supplies manners are high

but what is important will be attended by both has no ethics to he Mtlh like inventory is no difference bad he disappears behind the name of the Liberal …



Tawergha lost childhood.


Close the coastal road

Radio the “FM Mkmadas” that the road between the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi has been locked in the city of Sirte by

rebels of the city, in protest against the rampant corruption in the government and demand the improvement of the general situation in the city.

Procession carried out by the sons and Rafla in Sirte today against Resolution No. 7:



Not mesmerized Gharyiani national Libya says: –

Does it make sense 200 people Aagaflon the oil, Is it possible for this
Where the people of dirt where the white people where the people of Benghazi
Where the people of Tobruk from criminals who oil Aagaflon!









Unidentified burn gate area Qurayyat without casualties Thursday evening






Sixth Brigade personnel arrived to the city of Sabha with their cars this morning after her release by the Zintan Brigades

after mediations elders and chieftains of Sabha and Zintan noblewoman:

These images of modern Sabha General Hospital, which provides medical care services to most parts of the south:
Image of a petrol station in Sabha:


Tribes and clans and social components southern Fezzan Libya announces federal territories

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV

Tomorrow morning in the city of Ubari specifically will be, God willing Announce Fezzan Region

The announcement will be transferred directly on the air

Quoting / / WikiLeaks Cyrenaica

Now very urgent

Kicks off shortly after in the city of Ubari large meeting involving the majority of the tribes of Fezzan

and includes meeting tribal sheikhs parents pave the way for the formal announcement soon about the federal province of Fezzan.

Urgent channel Libya first | Advertising Fezzan federal provinces

Meetings and intensive contacts do not choose the Fezzan politburo chief and head of the military council Fezzan now taking place

between elders of the tribes of Fezzan in the city of Ubari.

and the formation of a political and military office to Fezzan
Musdermn inside the venue and bring you developments as soon as the end of the meeting directly.

Now very urgent

The Jordanian now directly after the end of the meeting of sheikhs and tribal elders Fezzan in Ubari he was officially

announcement Fezzan federal territories and that he will announce on 10.10.2013 head of the provincial office

and will be announced junta chief and later will determine the venue of the next announcement.
All occupied countries freed from the south begins always grasp the stronghold of men ..



Signed the “rebellion” of Tunisia to organize a “Day of Rage” next Monday in order to “achieve a number of popular demands,” she said, including resolving the current government led by the Islamic Renaissance Movement and form a government of “national salvation” headed figure “independent.”

The group said in a statement on Wednesday, “I decided to rebel movement, in cooperation with the General Union of Tunisian Students (the largest student organization in Tunisia) and the Union of the owners of certificates unemployed (Organization for unemployed university graduates) announced the Day of Rage on 30 September 2013.”

Libyan page of the local news
Exclusive to the Libyan page: clashes that I got today in a new border crossing, the head of between Customs Tunisian police from the Tunisian and Libyan from the other side
Clashes between police Aldioanaaltonceh the Libyans and from the other side


حصري للصفحة الليبية : الاشتباكات التى حصلت اليوم فى المعبر الحدودي راس جديد بين شرطة الديوانة التونسية من الجهة التونسية والليبين من الجهة الاخرى

The Tunisian government announces takfiri uncovered a terrorist network was planning to divide the country into three emirates takfiri
And confirm that all indications point to half of terrorists in Mount Alhaanbe are Algerians.


Tunisian Interior Minister “Abu Ayad leader of Ansar al-Sharia is banned in Libya to protect the Libyan Ansar al-Sharia and a number of wanted”

# _ Gateway to Libya

News Agency Ras AjdirReliable security source confirmed Box port Ras Ajdir Thursday that the border crossing between Libya and Tunisia are still locked from both sides in front of the passenger traffic in both directions for a temporary security precautions as a result of the tension experienced by the region recently.According to the source, that the crossing is locked to the movement of the entry and exit of citizens except for humanitarian and emergency situations, as well as official delegations.And the sources pointed out that the security situation good border region, according to testimony Libyan citizens coming from the Tunisian territory, who Ocdo they were not subjected to any harassment, pointing out that it was only allowed to enter the Libyan citizens arriving from Tunisia, as well as Tunisians returning to their country.And the same source revealed that there are ongoing meetings between security officials of the Libyan and Tunisian sides since the closure of the crossing for the development of radical solutions to overcome the difficulties affecting the security situation, and that there are efforts made ​​to re-open soon.



Ellis Company for General Services Ukraine closed all its branches and declare solidarity with the mourning mother Bani Walid.


Saw schools Jordanian large turnout of pupils and students from Libyan nationality and reported the constitution of Jordan
said Hola pupils were registered with the beginning of the year Darsi and their parents of officials in the Libyan government
now comes enrolled in schools of Jordan against the backdrop of the lack of security and control within the Libyan cities
result of the spread of armed militias and the phenomenon of kidnapping ongoing.


Gaddafi’s Speech on the establishment of the Jamahiriya 1977


info pic

cat bathe
image of a cat-cub on our Moon:Immage of a Cat cub on the Moon
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