The Great Libyan Jamahiriya

Mu not kill Jeannette Fletcher 4

For those who do not know …Called Sidi Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Muammar Ibomenaar Gadhafi on Libya’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

in 1977 (after the proclamation of the power of the people) has been added “Great” ( Libyan Arab GREAT Jamahiriya) in 1986 after the raid barbarism.

Barbarian on the land of the free, because the mass and then proved actually it is A great Belthamha, with its leader,

the great and Besmudha; and defiance of the mightiest Guo unfair in the world.

and in fact a true natural state led by my father and Sidi Commander to be supreme ..

for this and despite the nose-snab haters, will always have the official and legitimate name for Libya as the “Libyan Great Jamahiriya

(Arabiya fell intentionally for African recognition) and S_delha Balmuammrah …. دااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااام ÔăćÎíBakaúdy…

Hey all officers and soldiers of the armed people that the Libyan people waiting for coming on tenterhooks ….


to all Liberal children and adults, male and female at home with hope ..

And you are betting against yourselves for Libya …

One can also bet on our grandparents who tabled after colonialism but still did not fail their Libya …

You also will not fail Libya, and the Great Jamahiriya will return thanks to the sleeves, God willing, sooner or later …

Within each of you is a strong will with solid fixed principles, and this does not change … despite the fact that the hypocrites, rats and traitors (and Almtsaqton Iharbounkm on the time clock) because they (the Iharbounkm) know very well that you possess hope in your home …

Despite all that Nagdkm, we are firm and are morally muzzled hugging the sky (despite renewed Mano their muzzle) whenever the sun shone on the Great Jamahiriya …. you are the second mass !
الى كل الاحرار اطفالا وكبارا ً ذكورا ً واناثا ً انتم امل الوطن .. وانتم من تراهن عليكم ليبيا … كما راهنت على اجدادكم الذين قا تلو ا الاستعمار ولم ي خذلوا ليبيا … انتم ايضا ً لن تخذلوا ليبيا وستعود بفضل سواعدكم باذن الله عاجلا ام اجلا …في داخل كل منكم ارادة قوية وصلبة ومبادئ ثابتة لا تتغير …رغم ان المنافقون والجرذان والخونة والمتساقطون يحاربونكم على دوام الساعه لانهم يهابو نكم ولانهم يعلمون جيدا ً انكم امل الوطن …رغم كل ذلك نجدكم ثابتون ومعنويا تكم تعانق السماء وتجدد معنو يا تكم كلما اشرقت الشمس على الجماهيرية العظمى….انتم الجماهيرية الثانية

Be prepared you are free to all stand and pause Liberal on the anniversary of the revolution Champions 10/14/2013

Alzenazqh not accompanied them intercession in the world ….

And the right to raise the sky from unintentionally that customers and traitors feared the return of armed people for the Liberation of Libya

so that nightmares do not sleep and dissociation majority suffers insomnia when thinking about this ..

استعدوا يا احرار لنقف جميعا ً وقفة الاحرار في ذكرى ثورة الابطال 14/10/2013

ان الطريق شاق وطويل وسوف يسقط كل من يدعي الثوريه , ولا يبقي في الميدان الا الثوريون الحقيقيون الذين اّمنوا بمبادئ الثورة وعقيدتها __ معمر القذافي

Will be on the anniversary of the revolution 14 dates
Will be an exceptional day when everyone involved
Popular resistance … It will be on a global
To burn the flag of shame at home and abroad
The vigils will be abroad
In front of embassies and the headquarters of UN
United ….. As for free on the
Internet will be the day to contact the organizations
Human rights across certain Amilat …
Please Publication and dissemination.

So far all indications meeting in Ras Hamad according to the vision of Sheikh Abdulsalam Al Asmar.

المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر

حتي الان كل المؤشرات تؤكد اللقاء في راس حمد وفق رؤية الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر .

 Dear Free Libyan citizen who refused to sell his country and betray his commander patient

even comes to you the certainty is on the way to you ..

October 14, on the Libyan people’s uprising free
il y a 6 heures
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
God is great above the aggressor Kid
And God for the oppressed best supporter
I certainty and armed Savtda
My light of truth shines in the hands of
Tell me tell me
God, God, God is great
God is above the aggressor
Oh this world Otala and Listen
Army Aloaada came wanting Musraei the
Right will be featured Bmdfie
If consumed will courtyards with me
Tell me tell me
God, God, God is greatest
God is above the aggressor
Tell me Woe to the colonist
And God is above the treacherous arrogant
God is great oh my
Take a us commandment modulator and Admoury
Tell me tell me
God, God, God is greatest
God is above the victim.

الله أكبر الله اكبر
الله أكبر فوق كيد المعتدي
والله للمظلوم خير مؤيد
أنا باليقين وبالسلاح سأفتدي
بلدي ونور الحق يسطع في يدي
قولوا معي قولوا معي
الله الله الله أكبر
الله فوق المعتدي
يا هذه الدنيا أطِّلي واسمعي
جيش الأعادي جاء يبغي مصرعي
بالحق سوف أرده وبمدفعي
فإذا فنيت فسوف أفنيه معي
قولوا معي قولوا معي
الله الله الله اكبر
الله فوق المعتدي
قولوا معى الويل للمستعمر
والله فوق الغادر المتكبر
الله أكبر يا بلادى كبرى
وخذى بناصية المغير ودمرى
قولوا معى قولوا معى
الله الله الله اكبر
الله فوق المعتدى.

October 14, on the Libyan people’s uprising free
Organisme gouvernemental


Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)

Awareness of the Libyan people have started increasing day after day and significantly after Mattbut of events and the Nakba that for a paying injustice Almdilomin the not relying on God and the movements of his own people!!
Omakedratna withstand Let’s strongest We also hold to at the end and through the generations with great Tqaalna in that farce continued the victory settled in our favor we say with confidence God and confidently Bmdilmutena the actually see him,
The two are betting on the submission and humiliation and injustice and Alastzlaaaam tell them we’re doing tongue in the past wagered on the home and did not respond!!
Then began the Resistance and as long as the Resistance is which will be reflected GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and will protect our country and protect our blood and protect our villages and our people did.

We included: We are Agnes and we still bet on God and on the unit and moved the popular resistance remain

and continue and keep on the right track and have the strength to fight and face the enemy as long

and are draining the enemy and its color, and raise the voice of right high God Okerfoq the KDE aggressor ..

حركة المقاومة الليبية(ح م ل)

الوعي لدي الشعب الليبي بدأ يزداد يوم بعد يوم وبشكل ملحوظ بعد ماثبث من الأحداث والنكبة أنه ل ا يدفع الظلم عن المضلومين ألا الأعتماد علي الله وتحركات الشعب بنفسه !!
أماقدرتنا علي الصمود هيا الأقوي كما نؤكد الصمود الي مالا النهاية وعبر الأجيال مع تقاؤلنا الكبير في أنه أن أستمرت المهزلة فإن النصر محسوم لصالحنا نقولها بثقة بالله وبثقة بمضلوميتنا ويشهد له الواقع ،،
أما اللذين يراهنون علي الخضوع والذل والهوان والظلم والإستسلاااام نقول لهم بلسان حالكم نحن في السابق راهنا علي الوطن ولم يستجيب !!
حينها انطلقت المقاومة وطالما المقاومة هي اللتي سترد جماهيرتنا وستحمي وطننا وتصون دمنا وتحمي قرانا وشعبنا ولم شملنا نحن لانيأس ولازلنا نراهن علي الله وعلي الوحدة وتحركنا الشعبي والمقاومة باقية ومستمرة وستبقي في المسار الصحيح ولديها القوة لخوض الحرب ومواجهة العدو بنفس طويل وبشكل يستنزف العدو وه ونه،، وسترفع صوت الحق عاليا الله أكبرفوق كيدي المعتدي ..

ملاك بلادي


(My owners)

from 08 JANUARY 2012:

1985 Interview with Libya’s Gadhafi YouTube2


Behalf of the SOL: “Saif al-Islam as a safety valve all Libyans”

Track Arab /09/20/2013 12:53:00


He Altdt the name of tribes Allepieh stadium on behalf of the sitcom seen by all and that started the exit of the Attorney General Libyan news conference is like marketing a product expired when he began reviewing front Alkamirat and Asahviean in Azlat spend flimsy to prove to the world that Libya Alfberar enjoys spending impartial and independent, strong and say we ordered bringing both so and so and so … Etc. .. Of the symbols of the former regime to Tripoli to begin the trial makes you feel at first glance that it’s boss in this thread sleeps everyone – even the West Almichdq democracy – on the impact of these statements and everyone awaits the results of this announcement commercial market has Attorney General On the morning of the second day of the review of muscles Elimination Dead comes to us a few channels are the same that have been leased to the plight of February in addition to private channels only Muslim Brotherhood and presented to the screens the first quarter of play stupid to see the world that to transatlantic Libya able to adhere to the standards of the International Criminal and trials for prisoners of war.

It is here we see the fall of the judiciary and the state for several reasons, including   :

1 – the timing of the trial coincided with the calls of the Libyan people to rise up against those languishing at the head of the state and their followers, and the wrath of the street Libyan احتقانه because of the failure of this revolution in the imposition of security and safety and the reunification of Libyans and maintain their wealth and if they say to show that the reason for this mess of 3 years old are symbols the former regime When نحاكمهم the safety and security will return and Other Lost and Found .

2 – Try to distract people from those assassinations, which affected the people of the eastern region and their children .

3 – State is unable to provide security for ministers and members of the judiciary and the police how her men to believe a fair and just trial .

4 – felt that most Libyans is well aware that these men languishing behind the bars of the court are the joints of safety and security in Libya that Saif al-Islam is the safety valve of these joints was incumbent on them to repeat the Fberarin النادمين some of the lies that Nkroa their minds that the system icons These are not the only ÔáÉ of criminals who سخرهم the Gaddafi to kill and clear this matter through the charges against them  .

The charges against these men, which is in the foundation of the attributes of leadership in February tried to remove it from the skin and wearing clothes judge Sharif is the biggest evidence that leads the state now the largest customers the West, but they are the hands of the West in Libya, فتهمة spying outside parties and bring mercenaries and incitement to murder and confessed they were one of the reasons for the success of their revolution .

6 – Everyone knows that Saif al-Islam is a prisoner at the area Zintan, and to prove to the shows special and the world in general that Zintan force outside the law and Mahm only militias has all areas of influence and that capture the majority of the system icons to bring all of the defendants to Tripoli with the exception of Zintan merely trial in the region to learn Advance not to spend no security in Libya in general and Tripoli in particular .. Hence it is clear in front of Libyans and the world that Zintan beyond February, leaders and even access to pretty accusing Baltoatie with Saif al-Islam and put them in a position to Athsd it

7 – The Muslim Brotherhood trial discussed Vqdaúha the brothers and claim my brothers and even members judicial police Lwahima the members are in fact Libya shield the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and the world became known through the events of Egypt are the Brotherhood and to any swamp belong .

Finally, O Libyans Whether you are for or against this trial, you have to know that Libya is going into the abyss abyssal even if you are going to these men بجز their heads as he Muftikm first defendant on charges of collaborating with a foreign country (Qatar), you should know that the safety valve is with you in your hands is the only capable of إلجام the death train coming from the west.

Time For A Million Muslim March On Washington To Protest The Violence


Muslim Washington SC Time for a million Muslim march on Washington to protest the violence

In the wake of the horrific Muslim terror attack in Kenya, the “religion of peace” is starting to get a black eye.

I was speaking to a friend the other day, who was once married to a Muslim and has close ties to the worldwide Muslim community. We both agree that the Muslims we personally know are kind, decent people and not at all associated with the daily jihad violence seen around the world.  They abhor the crazies amongst them.

The world’s 1.2 billion Catholics have one spokesman who can support or condemn policy and speak out for them. They have a pope, and his message is mostly of kindness and compassion for each other.

But Muslims have no main leader to speak for them; and as a result, the ones among them who preach a brand of hatred and violence seem to grab the attention of the media.

In the latest round of senseless violence:

The storming of a “western” shopping center in Nairobi, Kenya by Muslim extremists resulted in the slaughter of every non-Muslim they could put their gun sights on….72 dead so far. Alarmingly, it seems that among the Muslim terrorists who attacked the mall were American Muslims recruited from Minnesota and Maine. Minnesota is known to have a large Muslim Somali community, and they are reportedly recruited to take part in terrorist activity.

While the Kenya attack was occurring, in another part of the world, a pair of suicide bombers blew themselves up outside a 130-year-old Anglican church in Pakistan. The bombings were timed for Sunday Mass, killing at least 78 people in the deadliest attack on Christians in the predominantly Muslim country.

Ongoing attacks on Christians by Muslim Brotherhood adherents have resulted in churches getting torched and countless Christians murdered in Egypt. (See: There Is a Bulls eye on the Back of Every Christian Living in Egypt.)

In the Syrian civil war, Muslim “rebels” have systematically targeted Christian towns, destroying them and killing the inhabitants.

Violent oppression of Christians has become the norm in Muslim-majority nations, especially in Africa and the Middle East. In some countries, it is government-sanctioned violence that burns down churches and imprisons parishioners.

In others countries, groups and vigilantes take matters into their own hands by murdering Christians and driving them out of regions they have called home for centuries. (Read more: Heads roll as the religion of “turn the other cheek,” meets the religion of “peace.”)

According to the latest State Department report on worldwide terrorism, there were 6,771 terrorist attacks in 2012, fueled by an upsurge in state-sponsored terrorism by Iran.  (See: What 2012 Terrorism Statistics Reveal.)

America is still jittery after getting another wake-up call when Boston was bombed by Jihadists during the historic Boston Marathon.

Many people are starting to question why peaceful Muslims tolerate this violence being waged on Muslims and non-Muslims in the name of their religion.  There is no other religion in the world that is surrounded by such violence under its banner.

America is the most religiously tolerant country in the world and accepts all sorts of different beliefs… long as they are not violent towards us. We know that all Muslims are not terrorists, but it seems that most of today’s terrorists are Muslims.

America’s and the world’s tolerance is being stretched thin by one atrocity after another being waged under the banner of a religion.  Even though the percentage of the extremists among Muslims is small, it is painting the whole religion with a violent paintbrush.

It is time for leaders among the Muslim faithful to step forward and condemn the violence.  It would be totally appropriate and appreciated by the world to see a massive show of condemnation of this violence.  A symbolic way to show it would be a million Muslim march on Washington DC… Americans of every stripe would gladly join in a show of solidarity.

This commentary originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission.


You say there is not one specific Muslim,who can speak authoritively for the true Muslim community…Please read what I have to comment here without dismissing it before fully read:

Muammar al-Qathafi has called himself IMAM of the Muslims, IMAM of IMAM—and for good reason and rappore…as a “warrior for Islam”, he not only acted innumerable times in leading prayer services, he also wrote extensively on Islam and its world-wide unififcation.

Muammar al-Qathafi’s most important work, though very simply stated (and does not by its facepage say this) the “Green Book” embodies everything of the Holy Quran. He also explained a number of times, why he only used the Holy Quran and no other texts (i.e. THE HADATH) as the total basis of Law under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (LIBYA prior to the CIA-led NATO war and puppet government that was imposed upon Libya). Obviously the so-named ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” DOES NOT SPEAK for true Islam…

All his life, Muammar al-Qathafi has worked to purify Islam from the “barnicales” that grew upon it over the centuries. And, according the Islamic tradition, Muammar al-Qathafi has the full right to do so, as he is a direct decendant of Mohammed (PBUH). (He also has toured the world to bring forth the true values of being “MUSLIM”!) He established the “World Islamic Call Society” and the “World Islamic Leadership”. He built schools, hospitals and mosques throughout the world and translated the HOLY QURAN for all the known languages throughout the globe.

The “Green Book” , if taken together with the GREAT GREEN UNIVERSAL CHARTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS (12 JUNE 1988), embodies all the eternal goodness that the prophet Mohammed (PBUH)  offered to the world.
God bless Muammar al-Qathafi; he does still indeed really live, despite Hillary Clinton and OBAMA, their lies and the Zionist deceptions!

Photo credit: terrellaftermath 



The collapse of the roof of the Office of revenue collection and to monitor the effects in Shahat .. And we thank God that no one was hurt.

Urgent agency Libya / provinces proposal for Libya’s RATS:

The proposed new administrative division of the Libyan state in 2013 for geographical ( Mansour Mohammed Kikhya ) Ph.D. in geography,

Libya is divided into 13 provinces and each province is divided from the inside municipalities.

1 / tuber province and include:
Tobruk – municipalities tuber – Municipality dome .

2 / Green Mountain province and include:
White Municipality – Shahat Municipality – Municipal turf.

3 / Benghazi and the province include:
Sellouk Municipality – Benghazi Municipality – Municipality of توكرة – Biar Municipality .

4 / Ajdabiya province and include:
Ajdabiya – municipalities oasis – Municipality of Kufra .

5 / Gulf province include :
Municipality of Sirte Road – Municipality Bnjuad – Jufrah Municipality .

6 / Misratah province include :
Misrata Municipality – Zliten Municipality – Municipality of Bani Walid .

7 / province five include :
Five Municipality – Tarhuna Municipality – municipality مسلاته .

8 / Tripoli and the province include:
Municipality of Tajora – Municipality of Tripoli Road – Municipality janzour – Azizia Municipality .

9 / corner province include:
Municipality corner – Municipality of Sabratha – Zuwarah municipality .

10 / Mount Nefoussa and include:
Gharyan Municipality Road – Municipality Yfran – Municipality of Nalut .

11 / Sabha province include :
Sabha – municipalities beach.

12 / Ubari province include :
Ubari Municipality – Municipality languages ​​.

13 / Murzuq province and include:
Murzuq – municipalities or rabbits.



Urgent arrival Apolhb before a few to almost Tripoli airport this is a good Jay …

Highway in Tripoli is locked now because of clashes between armed militias.

The Libyan news agency today

From the mountain road to Tripoli is still closed from the bridge hand Zahra …. Causing a large network traffic-gridlock …

Check of all travelers discernible caution … And prefer to avoid this route and use the road between the corner and the mountain …

Libya February …

Planning to kill in Gharghour murder in all other places far from the Gharghour …

And remains in favor of Salah Hamrouni Hidden from the first day of Eid al-Fitr and ongoing research, a 20-year-old and lives into the Ministry

and the house of his grandfather in orbit Street (in Tripoli). There is no power except God, his family in a very sad situation.
Leicester God

Was kidnapped girl Najwa Ayad Abu western countries accidentally Bab ben Gasheer and specifically against the clinic hope when she comes back from the clinic Mukhtar Street, Ben Ashour in Tripoli, accompanied by her two children where he left the two children her car and was forced to get off of them and they confirmed witnesses park adjacent to two type a lioness white Mtnha group wears dress militaryand facial hoods are kidnapped citizenship Madkorh,,, ask God for all women Jackets Libya,,,

Hashim humans Palestinian appeal against the ethics of the Libyan

Reported cases in police stations and offices CID ..
Absolutely no truth to kidnap the girls in front of the school at forty and ten ..

Most of the reported cases aspiration of the outcome after a day or hours of escape and girls,

mostly social or moral problems (!!!)  and reviewed research offices and centers of national security .. Not Achttaaaaaaaav cases.



Zintan release three detainees from the tribe Mchacheh

Freed the city of Zintan, on Friday, three people from the tribe Mchacheh Kano detainees have since two years after the intervention of the National Reconciliation Commission

A reporter for “solidarity news agency “that

Zintan detainees released after a meeting of the committee in charge of reconciliation between Zintan and
 To a recent Mchacheh in area Alhawwamd.
Referred to the Committee in charge of reconciliation between Zintan and to Mchacheh the problem of national unity before a western region.

Zintan Media Channel

According to the giant Us Now:
Ali was released journalist and former head of the local council Balzntan Dr. Taher Turkish.



Very important .. The Council domestic, Rishvana and all the battalions of the tribe and Rishvana the lifting of the state of alert all over the cities of the tribe, Rishvana and prevent the entry of any car unknown to Mnatqm the order to prevent strife and tarnish the image of the tribe and Rishvana in front of the Libyan people.

Rishvana tribe will not bend:

In the name of God the Merciful
“All of them, the face of the Lord remains with glory and honor”
“Every soul shall taste of death but to iPhone wages km doomsday it removed from the hell-fire and enter Paradise has won and the life of the world only chattel vanity”
Great truth of God
Hearts locked decree of God and advancing Shura Council and Rishvana of warm condolences to all our people in, Rishvana and singled (Isa Sons and families Creed)

in the death of the late, God willing, their son (Legend Mahmoud Creed)
Invite God to forgive him and have mercy and eternal peace, and that inspires his family beautiful patience and fortitude.
{O accept the deceased repentance and forgiveness, overall satisfaction and compassion, and best resting place and Arozkh of the good-neighborly,

with the prophets and the saints righteous in the Gardens of eternal bliss. The God of what was taken has given. Everything has a time limit indefinitely.

Feltsbero and to Thzbo and God’s greatest reward, and the best consolation and forgiven for your dead.
{God and to Him we return}
 Media Office Shura Council and Rishvana of

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe LIBYA

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
“كُلُّ مَنْ عَلَيْهَا فَانٍ وَيَبْقَى وَجْهُ رَبِّكَ ذُو الْجَلالِ وَالإكْرَامِ ”
“كُلُّ نَفْسٍ ذَائِقَةُ الْمَوْتِ وَإِنَّمَا تُوَ فَّوْنَ أُجُورَ كُمْ يَوْمَ الْقِيَامَةِ فَمَنْ زحْ زحَ عَنِ النَّارِ وَأُدْخِلَ الْجَنَّةَ فَقَدْ فَازَ وَمَا الْحَيَاةُ الدُّنْيَا إِلا مَتَاعُ الْغُرُورِ”
صدق الله العظيم
بقلوب مؤمنة بقضاء الله وقدره يتقدم مجلس الشورى ورشفانة بتعازيه الحارة إلى جميع اهلنا في ورشفانة ونخص بالذكر ( اولاد عيسى و عائلة كريد ) في وفاة المغفور له بإذن الله تعالى ابنهم ( مفتاح محمود كريد )
ندعوا الله سبحانه وتعالى أن يغفر له ويرحمه ويسكنه فسيح جناته، وأن يلهم اهله جميل الصبر والسلوان .
{اللهم تقبل الفقيد بالتوبة والغفران وبوجه الرضاء والرحمة، واحسن مثواه وارزقه حسن الجوار، مع الأنبياء والصديقين الصالحين في جنات الخلد والنعيم. إن لله ما أخذ وله ما أعطى . وكل شيء عنده بأجل مُسمى. فلتصبرو و لتحتسبو و أعظم الله أجركم، وأحسن عزاءكم وغفر لميتك م .
{إِنَّا لِلَّهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ}
المكتب الاعلامي مجلس الشورى ورشفانة
28 / 9 / 2013

قبيلة ورشفانة الليبية Wershfana Tribe Libya

What really happened “Taher Triki” who was to Shooting
By gunmen, A conductor residents of young people and I have Rishvana
Libya Shield “corner” and the people of conductor of the corner I have a youth
Qaqaa Brigade “secret Alcdoh” to sit and work Close
The way, the new Libyan state he does not listen to its citizens only
After an armed ins or closure of a vital facility, and was a
Passing across the road closed “Triki” who spoke with a
Young people for the open road, but one of the protesters told him that he would not

Open the way P got a escorts “Triki” and has b Shooting
One of the protesters and seen his two sons killed, and clashes broke out injured
Three of sons and Rishvana, and “Triki” and ended with clashes
Between them.

(Salem al-Obeidi)



Swedish Osama .. Sirte

In the name of God, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah,
Declares the population walked fully tribes and spectrum segments starting in partial locks of the road link between the East and the West

and will extend to full locks in case of failure to meet the legitimate demands which crystallize in the following:
demanding the abolition of decision to split Sirte to 4 municipalities
AND to open an investigation into financial corruption file on the Medical Committee for Treatment Abroad in Sirte and that led to the looting of 5 million and 800,000 Libyan dinars.
to withdraw confidence from the government of Ali Zaidane, &
open an investigation into the private files of corruption in the oil file.




Urgent ..A secret meeting in a hotel Ras noses includes all of Mustafa Abdul Jalil and Mahmoud Jibril and Lounis Abouchmadh with Abraham Jdharan

politburo chief gently in order to decode the sit Palmaana oil and transfer strongly worded message to the President of the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica

intervention of NATO in the case of refusal to decode the sit-in Almaana oil …


toppling the government and the National Congress prerequisite for lifting the blockade on oil fields and ports –

Student delegation of the Western Region, on Thursday evening, described as the President of the Political Bureau of the territory Cyrenaica Ibrahim Jdharan, and his brother, Salem Jdharan clarify the reasons for the closure of ports and oil fields, especially since the oil belongs to all Libyans and not particularly in the Eastern Province or Territory. For his part, Salem Jdharan during the meeting held with a delegation of notables western region to shut down ports and oil fields was due to the theft and sale of oil without counters, in addition to non-distribution of oil wealth to all the cities of Libya and distributed to one area without the other regions. The Jdharan said they will not raise the blockade of ports and oil fields only after the overthrow of the interim government and the National Congress, pointing out that it is an essential requirement for open ports. In the same context, Western Region delegation stressed that their presence is not a defense of the interim government and the National Congress, but in defense of the rights of Libyans of Libyan oil.

Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free:

Urgent .. Today an announcement, gently and tenderly, by the Parliamentary Legislative Council and the Supreme Council of the Magistrate of Cyrenaica:
“The Dar Al-Fatwa”

المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر
عاجل .. الاعلان اليوم عن مجلس نواب برقة والمجلس التشريعي برقة والمجلس الاعلي للقضاء برقة
ودار الافتاء
برقة .


آخر تحديث: الجمعة 26 شعبان 1434هـ – 5 يوليو 2013م KSA 12:40 – GMT 09:40
Injury commander “gently” in the attempted assassination of Libyan anonymous

The attack resulted in the crucial injury of Colonel Hamid  who shot and killed two guards…

Friday, 26 August 1434 e – 5 July 2013
Arabic. Net

Targeted “armed attack” from unknown persons in a neighborhood of the city of Benghazi, the eastern region commander in Cyrenaica Army Colonel Hamid crucially injured and two of his bodyguards, according to what reported by the correspondent channel “Arab” in Libya.

The wounded junta leader in Cyrenaica (the military wing of the supporters of federalism in eastern Libya) during the assassination attempt, while Two Shield-guards were killed, according to a security official announced in the city to the French news agency AFP.

For his part, Mohammed Hijazi, a spokesman for the security forces in Benghazi that two of the escorts Chairman of the Military Council of Cyrenaica were killed in the attack by “unknown group”.

The “tenderly Council” pro-federation, it was announced on the first of June, autonomy for Cyrenaica “within the framework of the

Libyan state”, but without taking any concrete action.

Hijazi pointed out that the attack resulted in the crucial injury of Colonel Ben Hamid (WANTED for the 42 deaths of unarmed  young people in June’s Bengahazi protest) shot in the abdomen,

has been moved on down to the hospital for treatment.

The spokesman added that the security attack led to the deaths of two guards was crucial wounds on the spot.

BTW: USA just released his brother from Guantanamo and he arrived last week into Tripoli—and a cousin will also soon be released to freedom in Tripoli!!!



Gelatinh school bombing Balsabera:



 Ahmed Ibrahim, prisoner of Misurata and political Martyr:

DORDA: PRISONER OF MISURATA and politial prisoner:

Rat Abdul Rauf, one coastal Misurata Jews who were killed in clashes yesterday in Misratah …

Became his three children are now orphans … As are this rat dozens of children to Libya.

Rat Asswehly says:

No national reconciliation only after the administration of justice ..

The in Hadi ratified O inventory .. No national reconciliation only after what Nchovuk you and people like you on the ropes gallows in the Green Square,

The bounties of Libya who Chenbtoha and Ahtatoha in Misrata suggested Uige the day and Nstrduha how Muslims opened Khyber Jewish ….

Khyber Khyber you MISURATA .. O Khyber Libya,

Abdul Rahman Sowaihili on Misrata satellite channel:

There are no specific period to the end of the age of the General National Congress and there is no substance in the Constitutional Declaration,

and I challenge anyone comes textured define the end of the year ... National Conference
When the Constitution is set up and the Government ends the work of the conference …



It to Ayar rolled compelling unjust Resolution No. [7] steadfastness are baffled

Are paralyzed, but it was a throw lava Ha fire on armed militias,,, and halted their progress for more than 23 days,,, it was called kinetic Bear {}
(Flower Valley)

This is a picture of today’s Essien Friday, 09/27/2013
The arrival of the floods to Essien Bhagat this morning.:

College of Engineering Bani Walid:

Stating how the registration desk at the Faculty of Engineering of Bani Walid that has been the adoption of a scholarship for

college students who are from within the region and for 10,11,12 months of the year 2012.



Liter water hard currency in Tobruk

Owns the coastal city of Tobruk desalination plant, while the population of transporting water to their homes at their own expense, and at high prices.

“Electrical fault” burn house in Tobruk

Country ambiance of Tobruk:

Cause “short-circuit” in a fire in a house in the neighborhood citizen “Alzkm” Btabriq, without causing any human damage, after neighbors managed to save the family.
The fire led to a full house roasted, and the flames had almost affect neighboring houses, but the fire truck was able to extinguish the flames.

He said the citizen Ashour Hoih of Hearing, brother of the owner of the house burned to the country ambiance: The fire broke out at the family home of his brother early Friday, due to “short-circuit”.

He hears that the housing units and the 24 randomly connected to the electricity, and is prone to combustion at any time, especially in winter, listens and believes that “electric seek” caused by water leakage resulting from the rain in the city of Tobruk in the past few days.

It is noteworthy that neighborhood “Alzkm” north of Tobruk 24 houses made ​​of tin, was the seat of the Italian company operating in Tobruk in the seventies of the last century.

Latest News in tuber Stan:

– Burn Treasury building or what is known as the Diwan of accounting by some Almtdahiran and reason for non-payment of dues from the salaries of the Year 2005:

– The closure of Derna radio broadcast on the pretext Butta of the songs and the work of the female element.



The news agency – Sabha

Spokesman confirmed by the local council Sabha name “Boubacar

that there is a decision issued by the National Congress earlier in the room for the formation of a joint security in the region,* pointing out that work is underway to set up.

And he said, “Hamza” that the city of Sabha complain of poor security situation as it is in other cities of the country,

if there is no police and no any force believes the citizen and it encourages outlaws to commit crimes.

لقد تابعت كغيري من ابناء الجنوب امر الرتل الجبار الذي ينقل مجموعة كبيرة من الحاويات تحرسها قوة جبارة مدججة بكافة انواع الأسلحة الخفيفة والمتوسطة ، والتي اخذت من بير الغيلانية في وسط جبل الحساونة مقرا مؤقتا لها ، ولقد تابعت بكل اهتمام مداخلة الشيخ علي مصباح احمد ابوسبيحة الحسناوي على قناة ليبيا اولا ، حيث عبر بكل قوة عن انشغال سكان الشاطئ خاصة والجنوب عامة عن هدف ومغزى تواجد هذه القوة بعد ان كثر الكلام عن احتمال نقلها لنفايات نووية وكيماوية تهدد الاخضر واليابس ، وتقض مضاجع سكان الجنوب ، وقد اكد الشيخ علي حفظه الله على قلق سكان المنطقة بعد ان اتصلوا بجميع الجهات النافذة في ليبيا الجديدة للاسنفسار والتي عبرت جميعها عن عدم معرفتها بحمولة هذا الرتل والذي لا يتبع اية جهة حكومية او رسمية ، وقد وجه الشيخ علي مصباح في نهاية مداخلته نداءات قوية الى كل من :
أ- الامم المتحدة
ب- وسائل الاعلام المختلفة
ج- مؤسسات حقوق الانسان ومنظمات المجتمع المدني
د- جميع ابناء الجنوب والوطنيين عموما
من اجل التصدي لهذا العمل والعمل القوي لمواجهته والتوقي منه قبل حصوله ، لان القوة التي تقوم بحراسة هذه الحاويات قوة غاشمة قد ترتكب مجازر في حق المدنيين الابرياء…
وانا بدوري اضم صوتي لصوت الشيخ علي مصباح الحسناوي واطالب كل من لديه ضمير حي وحر ان يبادر بالوقوف ضد هذا المخطط الجرامي ، واطالب على وجه الخصوص ابناء الجنوب ان ينسوا خلافاتهم ويهبوا لرفض المهانة التي اصبحت تمارس عليهم صباح مساء ….


I have followed like other sons of the south is the frame -Jabbar , which carries a wide range of containers guarded by a powerful force heavily in all types of light and medium weapons , which were taken from Bear Agheilanah in the center of Mount Al_husaona headquarters temporarily to her, I have followed with great interest intervention Sheikh Ali lamp Ahmed Abossbehh Hasnawi on channel Libya first, where through all our strength for busy residents of the beach private and south general objective and significance of the presence of these power after many talk about the possibility of transfer of nuclear waste and chemical weapons threaten everything and everybody , and bothers people in the south , has confirmed Sheikh Ali may Allah protect him on concern the region’s population after contact with all parties in Libya window the new Asnevsar and all of which crossed the lack of knowledge of tonnage this column , which does not follow any government entity or official , Sheikh Ali was brought to light at the end of his speech made ​​strong appeals to both :
A – UN
B – various media
C – human rights institutions and civil society organizations
D – all the sons of the south and national general
In order to respond to this action and strong action to confront and prevention of it before it happens , because the force guarding these containers brute force may be committed massacres against innocent civilians …
And I, too, add my voice to the voice of Sheikh Ali Hasnawi lamp and I urge everyone who has a conscience and free that initiates stand against the this Grammy planned , and I ask , in particular the sons of the south to forget their differences and rise up to reject humiliation which became exerted on them day and night ….

Misrata militias are burying nuclear waste coming from Turkey in Agheilanah area in the south Libyan

amid silence from the Libyan people of the south.


(I have been posting about this for more than a week now. FEZZAN officials have expressed their concern about this and even made a formal complaint but nothing and no one has responded !)


Quoting / / FLASH Benghazi 25 SEPT)

Connections will be disconnected from the stopper to Jufrah fully Sirte this triangle
Where there is a convoy of nuclear waste Misratah’s completely true news

I asked God Almighty publish this article on blogging in order to save Libya
Nuclear buried here in Libya’s nuclear waste in Libya believed that speak a lie, why allow people to approach,

or the media and the pits which Tervgahm and the black flag raised on the queue …
ÇŃĚćßă for religion for the sake of Libya, please FAKE AMERICAN God is the most important news of the nuclear

waste that bury you in Libya and not to sever contacts news is nuclear waste your children carcinogenesis 100 years before
I hope even forcing the government publishing or the Alpina graduated Chiefs of Staff arrived voice to all Libyans.

from the 24th of SEPT.:

Libya Shield forces central region stationed Bagheilanah the the
Note that this force left Misratah towards the south, where moved from Misrata to the Hichh eastward to Jufrah, south to Alchuirv west via the Sukna and then pinned at area Agheilanah in camp to shield forces to Libya’s southern region, which follows Ahmed Abdul Jalil Hassan Uy
This force consists of 145 cars, including 4 4 trucks carrying containers and other trucks carrying bulldozer and excavators and the number 2 car ash trays and four ambulances and a field hospital and four Bureau and refrigerator trucks and a number of at least 88 armed car.
At the beginning of the move this force was rumored that it tends to oil fields and ports in the Middle quickly refuted the speculation reported
They are destined sources on a secret mission
For چnob and rumored today via sites
Internet such a force carrying nuclear waste for burial
South Sahara and the most common sources of shield Libya’s southern region that this force came to support the South to secure the shield compared Rh camps after the events of recent Falcons headquarters
Today, Al-rebels Bmarzuk the Brigades Astnfarha and its rejection of any force directed to secure the border because it is from their duties
Free newspaper Sabha

from the 23rd:

Quoting Tabu sons of the desert
*. . Important communication . . *
* To Libyan our people in the south and to the Libyans all
And to the members of the General National Congress and to the Government
Of Page – mail …
To our people in the south in particular, and to all Libyans in general and to the members of the General National Congress honorable of them to the Libyan government ..
…. The story of a convoy of armed militias Misurata …. located in Agheilanah …. the fact that this column is that it carries chemicals and nuclear waste residues of these residues coming from Turkey through the port of Misratah .. These containers were hidden in Zagn area a few months ago and this testimony of folks Zagn and the offender Sea receipt of these wastes debt , compared to 10 million and now he wants Congress Ouati militia leaders and with the help of Misurata militia hiding these wastes in the aryl beach and Agheilanah the East ….
And anyone who wants to … understand STORY .. his age explained
. If the Misratah really convoy heading to Ubari area or Murzuq as Maicolon to Why A sister Roux by Agheilanah and left through Smonoa Zagn Sabha … And why until now are still two camps in Agheilanah … this first … second … A delegation of sheikhs and notables beach in dialogue with the convoy and asked about the reason for their presence …. They said in order to provide subsidies for the South … and when asked sheikhs insisted on Zerorh detected these subsidies refused …. this is Tanya and thirdly it important ? …. Why insisted on armed militias stay in Agheilanah and lock the road and what to carry with them tractors ( Koachik ) Hummer. containers … these data confirm for all sensible or Thread understand now where everything is normal , especially after we learned that the ruling military coward did not know their presence …..Save Libya …. Libya has become a nuclear waste dump after it refused to poor countries buried in its soil …
Sidvenha a convoy of Misratah in the south … and the greatest danger that these wastes have many
chronic diseases in the earth and humans for billions of years …
Awake O Libyans , this is not the words of Facebook , but the word is very, very real …
Oh God , I reached YOUR FRIENDS

مليشيات مصراته تقوم بدفن النفايات النووية القادمة من تركيا في منطقة الغيلانية في الجنوب الليبي وسط صمت مطبق من آهالي الجنوب الليبي .

آخر تحديث: الجمعة 22 ذو القعدة 1434هـ – 27 سبتمبر 2013م KSA 04:26 – GMT 01:26
Of the most important cancers resulting from the burial of radioactive nuclear material (breast cancer – bone cancer – cancer of the liver and pancreas)in addition to the deformation of embryos in the wombs of their mothers and the prevalence of abortion …Bury nuclear waste in the Agheilanah cancers will be published in all the cities of the south Libyan …

Declaration of the Fezzan region in the south Libyan federal territories:

Tribes in the desert town of Ubari chose Nuri Mohamed Alqoise as her
Friday, 22 November 1434 (H) – 27 September 2013
Tripoli – Al-Arabiya, the Middle East News

Announced some Libyan tribes of the south in the desert town of Ubari that the South has become a federal territory under the name of the federal territory of Fezzan, according to Al Arabiya correspondent reported.

Was chosen Nuri Mohammed Alqoise, president of the County, and this announcement comes months after the announcement of eastern Libya federal territories also under the name of the federal territory of Cyrenaica.

And the relocation of “the atmosphere of the country,” mail, on Thursday evening, all gathered from the tribes in a statement issued after the meeting today, they they make the move because of what they described as “the poor performance of the National Congress public and failure to meet the government’s requirements for street-Libi, especially in the area of ​​Fezzan” , according to a statement issued after the meeting.

Libyan south ..

Kidnapping Mokhtar bin Khalid Chairman Fezzan in Tripoli channel 6 days ago:

South news today …

Effects Taadib citizen Ibrahim Othman after what was kidnapped by Jibril called Papa after

he talked about the dues of members of the employees of the thefts Libya to shield the Southern District:


Break-ins and residential units Kufra

Urgent. Break into the housing units in the city of Kufra, which is still under completion by infidels City Youth …

According to reports from the infidels that groups of young people stormed yesterday evening a number of residential units under achievement being implemented by an Indian company in what is known to the draft 1500 housing units in Kufra.
Witnesses said that youth groups stormed the residential units under the feat after he agreed to start working out recently that are building 600 housing units on the site and the rest of the units are created within the city.
It is noteworthy that the project has stopped working since the beginning of 2011, the company has to address implemented in order to come back and complete the occupancy percentage of achievement where only about 30%.

He Aleban that Social Council Top announced today will choose a military governor to be functions activate the army and the police, judiciary and border protection and oil and gas fields and water sources located within the region, and across the conferees rejection of what they called “the decisions that distinguish between Libyans in rights and duties.”




Media Center visitors

. West corner Media Center:

Detectors desert were heading to the border to sell to U.S. companies

but thankfully been caught Bayhoum After investigation with drivers trucks Kano heading Bayhoum to the border

and concerted yen with a U.S. company to sell it.

Well for Malo Meh right per car than these 500 thousand dollars ….

Hola cars Kano assets since 2007 in Libya and was arrested in 2011 for their work and Saanathm …

Close continues port Ras Ajdir border crossing between Libya and Tunisia for the fourth consecutive day:
Re-open the Ras Jedir crossing after the lock for days due to the objection of abuse and password for the commander of the crossing:


إعادة فتح معبر راس اجدير ـ طرابلس
————————————————————بعد إغلاقه لعدة ايام تم اليوم فتح معبر ارس اجدير من جديد بعد اجتماع بين السلطات الليبية والتونسية.
وقد في هذا الاجتماع التوصل إلى اتفاق يقضي بت…Afficher la suite
إعادة فتح معبر رأس جدير البري بعد قفله لأيام بسبب الإعتراض على سوء المعاملة وكلمة لـ آمر المعبر

Tunisian army uses to track aircraft and bombing terrorists in Mount Alhaanby
‘s Placed an air raid on a stronghold of the terrorists near the station transmitter the Jebel Alhaanby TV


Jihad Brigades planned to invade southern Tunisia through Libya …

Revealed a Tunisian military expert for the planning battalions belonging to the jihadist organization ” Ansar al – Sharia ”

and mercenary fighters to invade the south of Tunisia from Libyan territory . According to Mohammed Saleh al-Haidari ,

a colonel of Staff retired on the channel ” people ” special Friday night / Saturday, that the battalions to organize the ” Ansar al-Sharia ”

planned for the invasion of southern Tunisia together with fighters Libyans and mercenaries within the force is about 10 thousand

fighters from the Libyan territory . Haidari said : “There is firm evidence sources and documented Interior Ministry confirms this scheme .”
The Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddo has revealed , in an interview with a local radio earlier this week , that the Tunisian security forces

foiled an already planned to organize the ” Ansar al-Sharia ” seed terrorist organization was intended to divide the country into three emirates

Muslim north , center and south . Ben Jeddo added that this scheme was being prepared him through the implementation of a series of

bombings and assassinations in several Tunisian cities . He explained that the invasion plan for the southern Tunisian ” begin

the implementation of the 50 bombing in the entire territory of the Republic , especially in the capital in order to confuse the army and security.”

He pointed out that the first goal of these operations is to distract the efforts of the military and security establishment and the boot of the attack

on the south through Libya , pointing out that the danger lies in the acquisition of these battalions

on the part of the chemical arsenal left by  Army Col. Muammar Gaddafi.


And have already aired and the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior on 28 ( August ) last talks during a press conference via ” Skype ” to terrorist elements is in the process of planning for Tnfve 50 terrorist attack at the same time against the security and commercial centers and vital places in the country. The security expert said Nasser bin Sultan , President of the Tunisian Association for Strategic Studies for overall security in remarks broadcast on people that there are more than 3,500 Tunisian fighters were fighting in Syria and are now being trained in the area of ​​Derna , Libya. Several reports suggested the presence of the leader of the ” Ansar al-Sharia ” in Tunis Saifullah bin Hussein , known as Abu Ayyad , required for the security services , on the Libyan territory . Bin Sultan said : ” tuber is the area of Kandahar Libya as similar to them in the administrative organization and present security formations loyal to Abdel- Hakim Belhaj .” But Ben Sultana ruled out the possibility of an attack on Tunisia over Libyan territory for some reason the area is subject to control by Western powers and Algeria, and a continuous flight of drones, with the presence of battalions in the relatively distant from the Tunisian border. The security expert said , ” as well as regional surveillance linked to Tunisia a friendship agreement with Algeria dating back to the year 1983 and provides for the intervention of the Algerian army in solution exposed to any attack Tunisia from Libya .” Has already been activated this agreement in 1985. Coordination is now widely between the armies of the Tunisian and Algerian terrorist groups to track hiding Mount Alhaanbe a close to the Algerian border, was involved in the killing of nine soldiers in political assassinations Tunisians in Tunisia. Tunisia was announced on 29 ( August ) joint past its southern border with Libya and Algeria military buffer zone to address the dangers of terrorism and weapons smuggling.

Tunisia is now suffering from the bitterness of terrorism .. Terrorism, which most of its weapons from Libya … And do not forget that it is the introduction of weapons to Libya is a country Tunisian army … Here now steals the same weapons …. With respect for the loyal free to Tunisia.
(Leader of the Resistance)



On the anniversary of the death of leader Gamal Abdel Nasser archival images for the first time

with  leader Muammar al-Qathafi:

Will remain immortal leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, to abide in our hearts:




imam_khomeini_and_art_by_shiawallpapers-d2xfz7d IMAM ALI


Al Imam Gaddafi كلمة أميرالمؤمنين خليفه القذافي الأب للثورة

EL Papa (The Pope البابا) Father Gaddafi The Founding Father of Islamic Iran Revolution كلمة أميرالمؤمنين الخليفه الامام آية الله 

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