Qu’est-ce un dimanche ! / What a Sunday !

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03 octobre 2013,19:32 · Muammar al-Qathafi did not die were arrested in a convoy of pride and the person

who was arrested and killed not a leader Muammar al-Qathafi will not add more than that, although we have all the facts and Aladalh confirmed

and who Basedk incredible and who Maybee incredible just incredible day shows a particular costume what we have a Hanna Mack Zben and Vena our eyes .

This communication both are free Libya …..

المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر

03 octobre, 19:32 · معمر القذافي لم يموت ولم يقبض عليه في رتل العزة والشخص الذي قبض عليه وقتل ليس القائد معمر القذافي ولن نضيف اكثر من ذلك مع اننا لدينا كل الحقائق والادالة المؤكدة واللي بيصدق يصدق واللي مايبي يصدق توا يصدق يوم يشوف بعينه زي ما كنآ ا حنا مك ذبين وشفنا بعيوننا . هذا بلاغ لكل احرار ليبيا …..


معمر على قيد الحياة بالتأكيد.
3 octobre, 20:04 ·
Members of this page summit in steadfastness and pride and they have a well-established doctrine that Libya will only be as green as the leader Muammar Gaddafi ,

Libya salutes km and pulls on your hands, ye sons that prides itself on their own , you Agder in Libya … Forward and revolutionary struggle continues until victory , God willing …

Greeting to satellite channel Al Khaimah

Speech of Dr.  Hamza Thami on Green  channel, and the tent on 10/05/2013 P

Yamen to know Muammar al-Qathafi?….

Muammar al-Qathafi, the splendor and dignity. Muammar al-Qathafi glory and magnanimity.
Muammar al-Qathafi’s pride and parents. Muammar al-Qathafi Code and tender. Muammar al-Qathafi Shoumoukh and challenge.
Muammar al-Qathafi’s power and address. Muammar al-Qathafi’s power and victory. Muammar al-Qathafi era courage.

Muammar al-Qathafi’s revolution and progress and urbanization, the past and the future.
Did you know what we mean and to whom these descriptions rare ….. he Muammar al-Qathafi Bomynaar.

BBC 28 FEBR. interview

The commander said .. Resisted , even if no
Hear my voice … On the anniversary of the uprising 14
Dates …. We will resist all possibilities
Everyone will resist God at home
And abroad:
It will be on a global flag burning shame
And we receive your photos and Vidauatcm God
Day 14
It will be on the vigils in every
Around the world and also a day of marches
It will be on mass organizations correspondent
Human rights via the Internet.
Will not make the 14 anniversary of the uprising
Great pass unnoticed … To

You leader Muammar al-Qathafi and the Libyan people

Of a period of two days and in a mosque in Libya
When you open the Voluntary Fund found “Zrv”
And a sum of money, and has the ability, but in the middle of
The amount and found a paper written by the charity
The spirit of “Muammar al-Qathafi” ..

(Salem al-Obeidi and Atef Shelmani)

Zakat quorum Tripoli in Libya

Deployment of the Zakat Fund on his Libyan Platform Home that Zakat quorum is: 4431.05 d. ‘s.

(Valley girl)



Vahil satisfaction Album
Dr. Ahmed Chaibi Assistant Executive Director , General Electric Company confirms the continuation of lock of Amoda main gas line to

Ruwais stations and Corner, and five, & Misratah by a group of young mountain.
It is noteworthy that young people from Kapaau , castle and Gado and Nalut locked the main gas line since last Monday to protest the

lack constitutionalization Tamazight language.

Media Abdulwahab Ali Mellit said :

“Look out for the employees of the former LIFG and you will be seen most of what is happening in Libya.”
(see picture below of Abdul Hakim BelHadj):

The murder assassinations done to
the army, police and Thunderbolt today ..

And their blood Hllo ..

Tomorrow the MB rats will find another excuse .. and another fatwa .. Below you see the men of the MB ZAIDANE GOVERNMENT who Permit the blood of both disagreed ..

كما كفّـرو الجيش والشرطة والصاعقة اليوم .. وحللو دمآئهم .. غدآ سيجدون عذرآ آخر ..وفتوى آخرى .. تبيح دمـاء كل من يعارضهُم ..بنت الوادي


General National Congress cost the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood ” Ali Salaabi “ an adviser to file what is called justice and national reconciliation conference.” (HAH!)

Suleiman Zubi on  Libya first channel speaks only rat bull—:

Noman bin Othman, a member of the former LIFG Ali Al-Arabiya: –

The list is long and we expect more of Amlbh kidnappings and perhaps drone strikes on targets in Libya next period.

Salem al – Obeidi:

While tell homeland and forgotten cities not Taathmuna the chattering
The Patriots and selling helpless I like you , but the difference between us that sacral
Speakers and a silent Adzkm weak brandished your voices not to Italkm the the
Early death , Is there a death worse than death echo !


British Foreign Office 4617 people are international arrest warrants

4617 Libby wanted internationally multiple crimes are divided into groups

>> Extremist terrorist groups 2139
>> Groups of killing and kidnapping and torture of 1593
>> Groups have crimes , smuggling and piracy threats 885 people and armed robberies , blackmail and torture class Altanih

Foreign relations spokesman in Libya
Arish Saeed:

Mohammed Bu Sidra _ a member of the National Conference _ through communicative dial denies the rumors kidnapped news today …


Associated Press

News about trying to catch a member of the Conference ( Mohammed Bo Sidra )
By a special task force to be handed over to the United States

Community National Congress exhibitors for sale on the open market:

Barrel Qatar Mahmoud melon :

One of them told me, like convey me a serious secretly : LIFG is out of control Biya and Kaid is the actual Rayes of the country and they control the major aspects of the state , including the Central Bank of Libya and a number of media. Brotherhood and riding in the back seat Watt extremists are to discipline opponents . Are you among those who believe in it or he تشنيع Ali is nothing but a fighter ?

There are two members of the National Conference was tortured someone tortured for a week and bought filmed a nude and we went to visit him after being tortured and imprisoned and filmed and a member of the National Congress, Omar was with us and father his fibers the Member National Conference karbassi also was with us and after that see this scene in Domat today following his resignation


I swear to God Almighty I swear to God Almighty I swear by Almighty God that I did not lie at all ma2lt and I swear to God that the Conference is not ruling all Hua ma2lt him for theft and Hua I swear to God that the isolation imposed by force but the Prophet doomsday opponent that you lie. I swear by Almighty God that what is happening now is not for 42 in Gaddafi and say some oral and I’m from opponents of Gaddafi falls brothers,
TOUATI alaida divides the Koran and live on the first channel of Libya and challenging any member of Congress to come out and divide the right and denying what alaida is stripping the members of the Conference and the National Conference of extortion and Libya don’t judge but ruled by armed militias and that they stole him in the funeral three years beyond what was stolen during the reign of the tyrant and confirms that the brotherhood and Al-Qaida are spoiled everything confirms that the Brotherhood Members have paid MTD ltkhelid member of a specific problem and the political isolation was under threat The weapon it I think the guy swore he befriended the brothers and their horns will try that distorted the man because it shamed and expose their falseness and I say God bless you yagdaran on what you’re doing with the brothers



Fathi Ben Issa media:

132 member of the National Dates met (they rarely meet) are provoked described Touati Eida that some of them were filmed in Abu Ghraib way …

Not shaken them for the killing of Libyans hair every day …

Not motivated by the violation of the sovereignty of the homeland have sworn they were mother-in-law …

Only personal reputations are putting them …. Nudity types, the most intense and impartiality of the National !!

Word now been Touati Alaadh the family threatened by an armed group vowed the death Alaadh family their sons if they came out Touati on TV screens again.

Touati Alaadh the:

Silence on the scandals and abuses in Libya considered salaciousness .. Wi-person silent, he is a XXXX

Touati Alaadh the:

No one has the right to say to Muammar Gaddafi, a tyrant anymore, because we are the tyrants.

National Congress membership drops Touati Alaadh the
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

A spokesman for the General National Congress Omar Humaydan said the conference voted at today ‘s meeting to drop the membership Touati Alaadh of the General National Congress by 135 votes .

He noted Humaydan that members of Congress demanded the dropping membership Alaadh and hold him accountable on the back of his remarks by accusing the members of the conference, pointing out that the Chairman of the Committee legislative conference between the Alaadh absent from the presence of more than eight sessions , which allows members of Congress to vote on dropping its membership by Regulation Interior of the Conference .

It is noteworthy that the Libyan General National Congress voted , mid – September , to lift the immunity of Touati Alaadh the two others , to appear before the public prosecutor for investigation on charges of ” defamation and slander ” , made ​​by the MB party against them , “Justice and construction.”

Touati Alaeidah the channel Libya first says

“Killed in Benghazi are the rule, and the Brotherhood was Kevin Aajphm of
Even relax murder of the old army leadership and Icomo establishment
National Guard and Army continued their.”

Burqa now

Member of the National Congress General Touati Alaadh shortly before the channel Libya first out copy of the Koran on the air and divided by faith

and the Koran on the sincerity of each Mega him previously, adding that the conference does not govern any part of the country and that “militias”

are judged and that the injustice and abuses misses limit .

Grove Touati professes says
Word now : Touati Alaadh of the vows to reveal a lot of crimes and abuses carried out by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya, as he put it
And comment on the dropping membership to the General National Congress became the only conference Brothers .

1 – National Congress less than bad .
2 – suggested the formation of the power to protect the Congress and the government, but rejected the idea .
3 – to prevent the live broadcast of the conference sessions to prevent the broadcast of scandals
4 – voted by a majority of more than 120 members to move the hearings to the white resolution was rejected .
5 – man does not die minus -day life and pause Ezz
6 – Supporters of Sharia national people and I call on them the application of Islamic law .
7 – Multi Photo blackmail members of Congress and the government has heard real ourself to a member who has been an act
8 – The solution is to bring down the National Congress and hold early elections
9 – Al-Qaeda militants and their presence fact working on the destruction of Libya and are seeking to stop the universities and life in LIBYA

(I SAY BAAA to both sides and bring back PEOPLE’S POWER! THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA!)
Touati Alaadh the channel Libya Tv:

In serious information which he confirmed his previous statements regarding the kidnapping and torture of members and photographed in breach of conditions and abrasive for modesty and mentioned by name in battalion base Mitiga he has and apostasy information that in the past two days may have been kidnapped another member ,
He also said that what is happening now from the abduction of girls and try to intimidate them to block off the street and what happens to kill and assassinate the whole of making militant groups and al-Qaida and its purpose provocation to ask for a helping hand from the west, which is a key player in blocking composition of the army and police ,
Also stressed the need to dissolve the National Conference and the use of a crisis government runs the country while preparing the constitution , describing it as a reason it has reached Libya from the ruins and that its continuation would lead the country to the abyss.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel Touati Alaadh the : –

Who have kidnapped and photographing members of the National Congress are a base Ameitaiqa group?

“Before you, you see the solution to the free majority who rose up against the NATO mercenaries “…

Arise from slumber km

The withdrawal of confidence from a member of the General National Congress , ” Touati
Alaeidah ” , now with 132 votes , by reason remarks
Multi striptease .

(Urgent Salem al – Obeidi)
Source of General Allaotunai Congress confirms channel Libya that some members of the international General Allaotunai Congress

today filed a request to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister on the inventory Zaidane.



Quoting logic =)) .. Your faaace .. !!
Abdel Mawla Abdel Mawla

Oh good people call me now a friend and he told me that his cousin-old 19 years has been hijacked yesterday next to an Quiche

a resident of Buildings Quiche next to mail and kidnappers armed group traveling in a white Toyota type Luba and on the door

back Astkir Allam independence and disaster was kidnapped in front of people and it strongly arms.
For those who have any useful information about the kidnapping or Ha do not know or suspected hijackers including the kidnapping.

Please call 0927141039 and God does not waste the reward of the best work.

Middle East – Tripoli

Libya .. Abu Ghraib scandal is repeated against officials in the government and parliament

While standing constitutional and executive branches in Libya on the cusp of a new scandal involving blackmail senior officials across photographed in situations of breach of etiquette , 15 soldiers were killed yesterday and five others were wounded in the latest and deadliest attack of its kind against the forces of the Libyan army . The sources said a Libyan official said that «the point of stationing National Army Brigade second pedestrian area and شتاتة , more than 100 kilometers south-east of the Libyan capital Tripoli has been at dawn yesterday to an attack by unidentified gunmen killed twenty soldiers were killed or wounded » .
The Libyan sources quoted witnesses that the incident bore the imprint of al or extremist group , pointing out that the perpetrators grown after soldiers killed according to the novel some of the soldiers who survived the accident, which is the deadliest of its kind against an official military forces . The director of the hospital Tarhuna General Abdul Wahab Abdul Qader arrival of 15 bodies of victims of the accident to the hospital , while the news agency said , local public prosecutor came to the hospital and inspected the bodies and ordered to transmit them to the Tripoli Medical Center , and was transferred five cases that was hit were injured to a hospital Sbaah for treatment. Following the incident , the road was closed link between the cities of Tarhuna and Bani Walid fully in front of movement between the two cities . Colonel Ali said Shi chi , a spokesman for the Presidency of the pillars of the Libyan army , five cars attacked gate shall protect the army or Mataro her dead , pointing to send military units and more than a plane to search and reconnaissance and hunt the perpetrators . He said in his statement yesterday « to now we can not charge anyone, but certainly of offenders who are trying to send a message to young people not to join the army .. This process is purely a terrorist do not want the good and stability of the country .
Officials did not say who is responsible for the incident , noting that Islamic groups are active in the absence of a strong central government , and the Libyan armed forces are not able to fully establish security . And pledged to the presidency of the General Staff of the army to pursue the perpetrators and bring them to justice , as seen in a statement that these cowardly acts aimed at undermining security and sedition . The statement urged Libyan citizens in the areas adjacent to the scene to help the military forces in the arrest of criminals, and called on every citizen has the information that the arrested because submit them to the military authorities in the region.
He denounced the local chambers and the Shura Council in Bani Walid what they called the attack cowardly , and asked the state should assume their responsibilities through the activation of the army and the police, and the investigation into the incident to uncover the truth . And Mohammed Al Da’aki , Security Coordinator Council of Bani Walid, that the National Security Directorate, declared a state of emergency, and it is in permanent session with the rest of the city’s security apparatus .
He also announced two chambers , military and local Shura Council of Elders and the city of Tarhuna three days of mourning in the city, the martyrs of the army , and demanded a declaration of public mourning in Libya on the lives of the soldiers who represent all Libyan cities and regions . And exposed the Libyan security forces regularly attacks especially in the east of the country , while the authorities have failed to establish army and professional police , as they did not succeed in the arrest of those responsible for these attacks , which have contributed in giving armed militias feeling that they get away with it , and it is , which holds the Security Affairs in the country.

In Benghazi yesterday assassinated Ali Abdullah wig Doi , head of retired officers of the Libyan army , after it was launched by unidentified gunmen shot as he emerged from one of the cafes . The Colonel Abdullah Al – Zaidi , the spokesman for the joint security room , that the victim was part of the forces Thunderbolt has retired some time ago, but did not expose any other circumstances .
Furthermore, in what appeared to be an unprecedented scandal at all, said Alaadh Touati , a member of the National Congress and former president of the National Security Committee , said that gangs and militias control the capital Tripoli. He said in remarks to the channel « Libya first » Thursday evening « There are people responsible in the state of members of Congress and the government and others do them as he did in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq , has strip them and photographed and humiliated by militias . It was not immediately possible to contact the Attorney – Libi, who he reportedly currently visiting the Egyptian capital , while close to him told Al – Sharq al – Awsat , he feared an assassination operation or physical liquidation after his sudden and controversial .
الشرق الأوسط – طرابلس

ليبيا.. فضيحة أبو غريب تتكرر ضد مسؤولين في الحكومة والبرلمان

بينما تقف السلطتان الدستورية والتنفيذية في ليبيا على أعتاب فضيحة جديدة تتعلق بابتزاز كبار المسؤولين الرسميين عبر تصويرهم في أوضاع مخلة للآداب، لقي 15 جنديا مصرعهم أمس وأصيب خمسة آخرين في أحدث وأعنف هجوم من نوعه ضد قوات الجيش الليبي. وقالت مصادر ليبية رسمية إن «نقطة تمركز للجيش الوطني التابعة للواء الثاني مشاة بمنطقة وشتاتة على بعد أكثر من 100 كيلو متر جنوب شرقي العاصمة الليبية طرابلس قد تعرضت فجر أمس إلى هجوم من قبل مسلحين مجهولين أسفر عن سقوط عشرين جنديا ما بين قتيل وجريح».
ونقلت مصادر ليبية عن شهود عيان أن الحادث يحمل بصمة تنظيم أو جماعة متطرفة، لافتة إلى أن الجناة كبروا عقب قتل الجنود وفقا لرواية بعض الجنود الذين نجوا من الحادث الذي يعتبر الأعنف من نوعه ضد قوات عسكرية رسمية. وأكد مدير مستشفى ترهونة العام عبد الوهاب عبد القادر وصول 15 جثة من ضحايا الحادث إلى المستشفى، فيما قالت وكالة الأنباء المحلية إن النيابة العامة حضرت إلى المستشفى وعاينت الجثث وأمرت بإحالتها إلى مركز طرابلس الطبي، كما تم تحويل الحالات الخمس التي أصيبت بجروح متفاوتة إلى مستشفى السبيعة لتلقي العلاج. وإثر الحادث، تم إغلاق الطريق الرابط بين مدينتي ترهونة وبني وليد بالكامل أمام حركة التنقل بين المدينتين. وقال العقيد علي ا لشي خي، الناطق باسم رئاسة أركان الجيش الليبي، إن خمس سيارات هاجمت بوابة يتولى حمايتها الجيش وأ مطرو ها بالرصاص، مشيرا إلى إرسال وحدات عسكرية وأكثر من طائرة للبحث والاستطلاع ومطاردة الجناة. وأضاف في تصريحات له أمس «إلى الآن لا نستطيع توجيه الاتهام لأي جهة، لكن بالتأكيد الجناة من الذين يحاولون إرسال رسالة للشباب بعدم الالتحاق بالجيش.. هذه عملية إرهابية بحتة لا تريد الخير والاستقرار للبلاد».
ولم يذكر مسؤولون من هو المسؤول عن الحادث، علما بأن جماعات إسلامية تنشط في غياب حكومة مركزية قوية، والقوات المسلحة الليبية غير قادرة على إرساء الأمن بشكل كامل. وتعهدت رئاسة الأركان العامة للجيش بملاحقة الجناة وتقديمهم للعدالة، كما اعتبرت في بيان لها أن هذه الأعمال الجبانة هدفها زعزعة الأمن وإثارة الفتنة. وحث البيان المواطنين الليبيين في المناطق المجاورة لمكان الحادث على مساعدة القوات العسكرية في القبض على المجرمين، ودعت كل مواطن لديه معلومات تفيد في القبض عليهم لأن يتقدم بها إلى الجهات العسكرية في المنطقة.
واستنكر المجلسان المحلي والشورى بمدينة بني وليد ما وصفاه بالاعتداء الجبان، وطالبا الدولة بضرورة تحمل مسؤولياتها من خلال تفعيل الجيش والشرطة، والتحقيق في الواقعة لكشف الحقيقة. وقال محمد الدعيكي، منسق الشؤون الأمنية بمجلس بني وليد، إن مديرية الأمن الوطني أعلنت حالة الطوارئ، وأنها في انعقاد دائم مع باقي الأجهزة الأمنية بالمدينة.
كما أعلن المجلسان المحلي والعسكري ومجلس الحكماء والشورى بمدينة ترهونة الحداد ثلاثة أيام في المدينة على شهداء الجيش، وطالبوا بإعلان الحداد العام في ليبيا على أرواح الجنود الذين يمثلون كل المدن والمناطق الليبية. وتتعرض قوات الأمن الليبية بانتظام لهجمات خصوصا في شرق البلاد، فيما فشلت السلطات في تأسيس قوات جيش وشرطة محترفة، كما أنها لم تنجح في توقيف المسؤولين عن هذه الهجمات، مما أسهم في إعطاء الميليشيات المسلحة الشعور بأنها تفلت من العقاب، وأنها هي التي تتولى شؤون الأمن في البلاد.

وفي بنغازي اغتيل أمس علي عبد الله ا لمه دوي، رئيس عرفاء متقاعد من الجيش الليبي، بعدما أطلق عليه مسلحون مجهولون النار لدى خروجه من أحد المقاهي. وأوضح العقيد عبد الله الزايدي، الناطق الرسمي باسم الغرفة الأمنية المشتركة، أن المغدور كان من ضمن قوات الصاعقة وقد تقاعد منذ فترة، لكنه لم يفضح عن أي ملابسات أخرى.
إلى ذلك، وفي ما بدا أنه بمثابة فضيحة غير مسبوقة على الإطلاق، قال العيضة التواتي، عضو المؤتمر الوطني والرئيس السابق للجنة الأمن القومي، إن عصابات وميليشيات تسيطر على العاصمة طرابلس. وأضاف في تصريحات لقناة «ليبيا أولا» مساء أول من أمس «هناك ناس مسؤولة في الدولة من أعضاء المؤتمر والحكومة وغيرهم فعل فيهم كما فعل في سجن أبو غريب من العراق، تمت تعريتهم وتصويرهم وإهانتهم من قبل الميليشيات». ولم يتسن على الفور الاتصال بالنائب الليبي الذي تردد أنه يزور العاصمة المصرية حاليا، فيما قال مقربون منه لـ«الشرق الأوسط»، إنه يخشى تعرضه لعملية اغتيال أو تصفية جسدية عقب تصريحاته المفاجئة والمثيرة للجدل.



Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

You may have to contact the Prime Minister ‘s Office on the question tendentious and false rumors on the subject of cutting

through the pilgrims and lose by stealing the bus and all the passengers that the more than 100 pilgrims with their money and 3 thousand dollars as Zamo ! ! !
P has been answered us that the author , who have been stealing phone and some money from the driver car ” كنتر ” who deliver the excess baggage that the bus could not filed due to load ! ! !
As for amounts to 3 thousand dollars has been NFO that the government has allocated for these sums and pilgrims this Nude health.

When asked about the place and located ; in the local council has said Gharyan told them in Rishvana , did not mention the selection does not place and time! ! !



The news agency – Tripoli – reporter

Was held on Sunday morning , the military ceremony to pay tribute to the martyrs of duty sixteen of the national army who were assassinated by treachery and treason , they are guarding the home ground at the gate ” Maltese ” area of and Sheta six located between the cities of Tarhuna and Bani Walid .

And attended the memorial ceremony , and Mr. Defense Minister , ” Abdullah bending “ and Chief of General Staff of the Libyan army , ” Jadallah al – Obeidi ,” and a number of Libyan army officers and families of the martyrs and a crowd of citizens.

And the Secretary of Defense awarded “Abdullah bending ” , these men martyrs of God, pure and that their lives were a scapegoat for the safety and security of Libya.

And stressed , ” Abdullah bending ” in his speech at the memorial ceremony , the Ministry of Defense is moving forward in building its military , and the national army to protect the homeland and the citizen .

For his part , the President of the General Staff of the National Army , ” Jadallah al – Obeidi “ in his speech during the memorial ceremony , condolences to the members of the national army and the families of the martyrs who have joined convoys of martyrs of the revolution of February 17 . (FAKE “REVOLUTION”)

And said, ” Dadullah ,” Today we are satisfied and decree of Allaah , hearts possesses her sadness at parting our sons who were killed treacherously at the hands of the criminals who wreak mischief in the land , these men who have joined the ranks of the Libyan army in order to defend the homeland , and the protection of their people, Muslim , was the reward is to extend to them

the hand of treachery that you do not want security and stability of the homeland.

He stressed that these killers treacherous criminals will not escape the hand of justice , and whatever they do will not Atnon to proceed with the construction of our military and our nation .

About the heinous crime that took place in Maltese gate

This heinous crime is not Aarza her Muslim nor acceptable at all how those who accept them God said { And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein , and the wrath of God upon him, and prepared for him a great punishment } said peace be upon him in his farewell address in an interview with Ibn Abi reel said { …… What day is this said we Allah and his Messenger know said: he remained silent until we thought it his names-sake otherwise be named , said { Alice Day of Sacrifice } ? We said Yes, O Messenger of Allah ! Said { the your blood and money } Mohammed said and I think he and honor are Shame on you as sacred as this day in your country that in this month of yours and Stlqon Lord Fasalkm for your business is not Trdjan after me infidels { or astray } beat one another’s necks of some , but to reach the witness absent perhaps some informing him be dare him from some of the hearing and then said not reached } Narrated by Muslim
In an interview narrated by Imam Ahmed { still a believer in the expanse of religion unless it pours blood haram }
{ Said the first thing eliminated among the people on the Day of Resurrection in the blood } …
Then comes after all of the claims of Islam and kill unabated Those who flaunts these killers criminals spoilers in the ground but ran on their hearts and أعميت insight they do not see, and underestimated the pains of God and Oaidh lured by lower Vvst them lust for murder and bloodshed infallible I forbade the Prophet peace be upon him for institutes killed even if he is Muslim, let alone a Muslim prayer and pray testifies that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
Whatever is actors and Atjahthm , the Snaahm This represents Elaaruahhm a stinking despicable and malicious hands stained
Each of their actions innocent Muslim
When we deny this heinous crime reject direct any toes charge to the city of Bani Walid good people by opportunists who have other purposes in the strife and Gerhavan these crimes swept across Libya and Bani Walid , like other cities of Libya infect their afflictions and undergo what defects matter
It also deny the closure of the road to the general public in the city The city where patients and those with other conditions who have dates in Mschkiet Tripoli
But we turn our charge to this state Almtfaragh and that did not put an end to these crimes after
Has yet to reach to the masterminds and perpetrators of these crimes There is no power except God Almighty

Convicted …..

Why Bani Walid …..?

Is it owns answer is sufficient and satisfactory to all Maihdt of rallying public opinion against Bani Walid …

knowing that there was no any evidence sufficient Taatpt involvement Bin Walid in Alhadth …

was that the distal and proximal knows that the gate is located within the administrative boundaries of Tarhounah … ?

Why close the road leading to bin Walid did not shut down the road to Tarhuna ..???

All channels and pages of the Web did not address the Tarhounah … as much as mentioned to Bani Walid.
Where lies the flaw ….???

Abdul Salam Zubaydah



Bani Walid is under siege for the ninth time in two years

There is no power except God Almighty

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

For the second day in a row militias belonging to shield Libya are closing by Bani Walid _ Tarhuna and prevent residents from using the road and you Barjallm forcing some of the behavior of other ways double take hours to get to Tripoli
Semi-government and the National Congress turn a blind eye on the subject as if they were carrying versatile city population of approximately 100 thousand inhabitants fault what happened takfiri militia assault on the Libyan Army soldiers yesterday in Maltese gate
It should also be noted that some of the elders and the elders of the city of Tarhuna had yesterday, opening the way for a couple of hours to come to a set of armor to Libya and re – closed again
So call on everyone to assume their responsibilities and rein in the militias that lock the way .

And convicted

Bani Walid surrounded again been shut down all Almnavd leading to the city were closed and blockaded by the Shield Libya, and young people are stationed on all axes of the city, seems to be threading the conspiracy hatched again and there are those who seek behind Bani Walid .. But tell them that the Bani Walid largest of you and will continue to tall Bohllaha the will not be able to Tercona, Loya Kabylie and Rafla in various regions of Libya moved so as not to develop this command does not allow for the decision and that the repeated massacres on our city,,,

When and Gedo tribes Come dam impregnable against their plans , which shameful
. Have begun the process of striking in some tribes
. Atbhoa O wise Bani Walid and wise Tarhuna
There is a conspiracy to fall between you and your neighbors by corrupt .. Them from Allah what they deserve

عندما وجدو القبائل هيا السد المنيع ضد مخططاتهم التى يندى لها الجبين
. بدأو فى عملية ضرب القبائل فى بعض
. اتبهوا يا عقلاء بنى وليد وعقلاء ترهونة
فهناك مؤامرة تحاك للوقوع بينكم وبين جيرانكم من قبل الفاسدين.. عليهم من الله ما يستحقون

بنت الوادي

Dr. Yusuf Shakir expose the conspiracy hatched on the city of Bani Walid ..10/05/2013

In Depth

Despite the fact that the murder of the officers is heartbreaking and painful
However , Alondal of Aaaoson of sedition and spreading rumors
We did not open a page only to be to show the right for the first Bani Walid , Libya Second .. Without Bani Walid , we were not in Libya mother ..

To fools who Athblon on the Bani Walid ..
Why do we kill officers of the gate ?
– Some of our children and our children ‘s Tarhunah our neighbors and the rest of the sons of the areas that describe the color b buzzing L. .. So why kill them .. This is the logic of response we want revenge !
– The second thing when your use Resolution No. 7 excuse us , and the process was respond revenge Ok why kill those who did not participate in the Implementation of the decision not released .. Originally that we will not target just the gate !
– The third to Dzmana that we are actors and thus be bandits no morals us .. When he did not steal their possessions of weapons , vehicles and ammunition ?
– It is important fourth
Why Nnfd not only as dawn operation which ran out of the U.S. Special Forces operation arrested a senior al-Qaeda ? ?
Is it to cover up , for example? ! !

Why did not you see you ‘re talking about nearly 200 officers who were liquidated within two years ? Or the 4 , 6 and 3 soldiers who were eliminated from near Sirte at the hands of al – Qaeda ?
Or for those soldiers in the Green Mountain Gateway ?
Or … Or ! ?

Enough ridiculous .. It is no longer a Asedkkm

Bani Walid lived a stumbling block against the militias access to the pyramid of power

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla


The Soldier martyrs of Maltese Gate, Tarhounah

Photos of the martyrs , God willing , elements of the Libyan army brigade Deliberation
Libyan National Army elements of the Second Brigade of the Tripoli Military Region , which were targeted gate ” Maltese ” of the city Tarhuna God accept them mercy and Mark Gardens mole resting place I am God and to Him we return
Par: agency Wadi Dinar newsletter . Valley Agency Dinar News
Photos: 14

صور الشهداء باذن الله من عناصر الجيش الليبي اللواء التاني (14 photos)


عناصر الجيش الوطني الليبي من اللواء الثاني التابع للمنطقة العسكرية طرابلس اللذين تم استهدافهم ببوابة ” المالطي ” التابعة لمدينة ترهونة اللهم تقبلهم برحمتك واجعل مثواهم جنات الخلد انــــا لله وانــــا اليــه راجعـــــون


A little while ago : Green Hospital , the arrival of wounded absolutely random at the airport bridge.
A little while ago : Bridge Airport Road , Airport Road, an armed group based indiscriminate firing and injured citizens in their cars .

For you, God …
To sedition publishers and hate and predators and Rafla tribe and the city of Bani Walid ….
Foolish apathy the not cure these diseases ….

The work treacherous that was displayed today [yesterday] at gate Maltese (and Sheta Te ) ( M Rashrash ) which is located 20 kilometers south of Tarhuna and forty kilometers north of Bani Walid any located within the administrative boundaries of the city of Tarhuna , to Orvlh and Bani Walid including two martyrs mercy of God all of us, and may they were all within the city of Bani Walid during the last period and did not affect the stock one on the contrary, they had many friends and loved ones inside the city and became and still fellow others live among the people of Bani Walid, and that is attacking members of the national army attack them everywhere of the homeland and Akadoa are unidentified and who does not want to build the army and the police is trying to divert them in various ways throughout the nation and is almost unknown, but rushing to catch a charge on the city of Bani Walid is another chapter of the chapters of this agenda, which is almost kill this country and sends it to the abyss , and not around and no power but from God ….

Information Office of Bani Walid


COC for the expulsion of the President of the National Congress Nouri Abu arrows and his deputy Almkhozom and MP Ibrahim witnessed the ceremony

Tappin martyrs camp of Saladin by the families and the families of the soldiers and officers who have fallen fire treachery yesterday while performing

their national duty gate Maltese located between the city of Tarhuna and the city of Bani Walid.

(Valley girl)

Of contribution has

Hello my brother , the addicted please publish this speech .. Dear brothers who died today at the gate are a people of the national army are working and guarding the road in order to pay for feeding their families nothing , mostly from Bani Walid and Tarhuna had their positions in Bani Walid war with Misratah
Aloraval participated in the defense of Bani Walid The group Tarhuna contented themselves with neutrality and stand up against unjust war on Bani Walid Believe me , brothers of killed today congregation Lord have mercy on the Muslim Brotherhood and militias Asswehly and Aldhirua to create sedition , they want to create strife by Prime Tarhuna Military Brotherhood Vhdhiroa this liar because he claimed the briefs and requests from Bani Walid extradition , he said , and of the crime are the Muslim Brotherhood and Aldhirua for the manufacture of a rift between Bani Walid and Tarhuna God O addicted I am sitting from the heart of the event and know small and large Brotherhood do not want to be kept Libya quiet and stable , but they want blood and blood to Aokhaddoa the oil and the people fight with him I hope to publish my widely and O I reached

A picture with his son , survivors of the Maltese gate incident which killed 16 military of Libyan army

Maanda Manicol is God and yes, the agent

(Valley girl)

Killer is al-Qaeda and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

I demons Smanm the sitting Mbrdsh the and Lipo Adfuha in Ras Bani Walid is seeking the piece but rather seeks to charm and to burn Libya
Because the Bani Walid and with it all Libyans will not be silenced forever

The Libyan news agency today

Military funeral for the martyrs of the Libyan army .

President of the National Conference Nuri Abusshmin , climb the car after it was expelled from the memorial of the martyrs Salahuddin camp

by the families of soldiers and families of the martyrs:

A number of officials in the military and who attended the funeral today for soldiers who have been targeted by al Qaeda militants

We ask Allah to accept them mercy wide

And I am God and to Him we return:

The deceased ‘s funeral will be held due martyr Hussein Massoud Allotfi birthday today afternoon in a mosque in Nabi Boulkheir

N God but Him we return

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV

The arrival of the body of the martyr Hussein Masoud birthday Lotfy Bani Walid, will be laid to rest this afternoon prayer allatafa cemetery in Bani Walid

I am God and to him we return. …We ask God to yghavrlh and soul
Oh God, forgive him and mercy.
And Akram catarrh.
And wash with water and ice and cold.
And conquer delay of sins and sins and purifies the white dress of impurity.

O the award favors charity.
And disadvantages oops and forgiveness.
God revealed to his grave luminance and light.
And Glade, joy and pleasure.

God sent down the coolness and peace.
Oh God, move it to the mercy of the darkness of the grave.
The light position role and inadequacies.

And of the hillside to his gardens of eternity.
In the Sidr thornless.
Karkur talh and composed.
The elongated.
And water spilled.
And many fruit.
Not broken, not banned.
Brushes and Freehand.
O Lord, make my playpen Lark gardens of paradise.
O white face.
And grant writing.
Pleased him.
Lane territory.
And his soul.
And on the right path.

O Lord make it who are on the right path as lightning.
O shaded him under your throne.
Day to keep only your shadow and does not rest until your face.
Nor is anathema to the Holy face.
Longing to meet you.

O gather under the banner of your Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
And the pure water of honest hand. Drinking upright his esophagus.
Then start for any thirst

And the language of intercession massenger.
Oh God, make the great Koran and intercede for him in his grave.
And witnesses him in the afterlife.
The argument of his Lord of the worlds.

O replacing them Dara good circuit and welcome good of his family and enter paradise, I charm him from the torment of the grave and the torment of the fire.
God am working as you are his and not dealing with it.
God am I reward him for charity, charity and forgiveness and pardon abuse.
God that was improved, z of attractions, though the offensive beyond its disadvantages.
God, insert it into the paradise it is not account prior discussion.
God, in unity and in Mademoiselle they thumb their noses at mentioning husband.
God, sent down a House blessed and you’re good houses.
God, sent down by friendly homes and the martyrs and the righteous and those good companion.
God, make my playpen Lark gardens of paradise, and not make it the fire pits.
God has opened the Tomb, extended his sight and lay the grave of paradise.
God am I charm him from the torment of the grave, and dry land on her sides.
God, hoping his grave and light and space.
God, that charity and nearby Fiqh charm alfiber and the torment of fire, and you folks meet and right so forgive him and mercy you oft.
God, that thy servant and the son of thy servant came out of the minimum capacity and his sweethearts and loved ones to the darkness of the grave and what is received.
God, it was seen that there is no God but you, that Muhammad is your servant and Messenger, you know.
O install it when question
O Allah, I beseech you to you divide your you advanced simultaneous and torment him
God, he came down and you are the best menzol and became poor to mercy and you goes on his punishment.
God in his mercy, and your satisfaction and charm relived his grave and the mercy of your torture even send him to paradise, o most merciful.
God, move it from slugs and narrow hillside to the gardens of eternity.
God, protect and esterification on display and not disgrace him on send “day of no benefit and no n transactions of God come to the healthy heart”
God, grant writing and his weight to balance the proven advantages path his feet and bring him in the highest heavens next to your lover wemstavak (PBUH).
God, safe from the horror the day of resurrection and of the Hall on the day of resurrection and make itself safe and reassuring his argument.
God, keep it in the belly of the Tomb reassuring when the certification of security and having your contentment is confident and the higher your score.
God, make the right Nora even send him a reassuring security in Newark.
God, see a look of satisfaction, consider him a look of satisfaction do not torment him never
God rest his soul in heaven and roomy, forgive him and have mercy yarhamn yarhaim and override the learning yaalim.
God, pardon him you that “pardons”
God, it came to your door and very poor with Marai, hard by your pardon and a your honoring that.
God the mercy encompasses all things, mercy mercy rest assured himself and recognized.
God, gather with devotion to Rahman.
God, gathering with the owners of the right and make peace you greet him owners right.
Dress of the skin by saying “eat and drink hnaea what you advanced in days.”
God, make it of who pleased in paradise where the flow as long as the heavens and the Earth.
God does not commend you and we calculate it as safe and good work, make him two gardens with Schwinn right when you said:
“And feared as Rob paradises”
God, the Prophet wemstavak and diplopia gathering under its banner and water from his noble drink sleep do not yzoma after all.
God, make it paradise Mole promised rewarded the kicks and their destiny as they will and the Lord promise and responsible.
God, he patiently scourge did not panic, just a Chester who carry out non-wages calculation
You “are carried out by non-wage expense he describes”
God that was a chapel, fthbenh on the right path day still.
God it was fasting you, insert it into a paradise for Al-Rayyan.
God it was following and listening to your book, the Koran and accompanied mercy of flames, and make it yarhamn
Up in heaven the last verse read or heard and the last character read by
God, guide to every character in the sweetness, so every word the dignity and no happiness in every soorah safety and each part kicks.
God of mercy, that he was a Muslim and forgive him, was a believer.
And insert it into the paradise it was your Prophet certified, allowing it to book your intoned.
God, forgive our neighborhood and our mortal and we have seen and our absent and all and all, we said and anthana.
God, you give life to him from us, I salute to Islam and I take one’s due in full him us, Tove on faith.
God does not deprive us of taxi and not misled, however.
God, have mercy on us if Wattana certainty, and the sweat of our brow, whining and nostalgic mug
God, have mercy on us if everybody gave up on us and we cried the doctor, beloved and abandoned us near and strange

وصول جثمان الشهيد حسين مسعود ميلاد اللطفي الى بني وليد و سيوارى الثرى صلاة عصر اليوم بمقبرة اللطفة في بني وليدإنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون ….نسأل الله أن يغفرله ويرحمه
اللهم اغفر له وارحمه..
واكرم نزله ..
ووسع مدخله..
واغسله بالماء والثلج والبرد..
ونقه من الذنوب والخطايا كما ينقى الثوب الأبيض من الدنس..اللهم جازه بالحسنات إحسانا..
وبالسيئات عفواً وغفرانا..
اللهم أنزل على قبره الضياء والنور..
والفسحة والفرح والسرور..اللهم أنزل عليه بردا وسلاما..
اللهم انقله برحمتك من عتمة القبور..
إلى نور وسعة الدور والقصور…ومن ضيق اللحود الى جناتك جنات الخلود ..
في سدر مخضود..
وطلح منضود..
وظل ممدود..
وماء مسكوب..
وفاكهة كثيرة..
لا مقطوعة ولا ممنوعة..
وفرش مرفوعة ..
اللهم اجعل قبره روضة من رياض الجنة ..
اللهم بيض وجهه..
ويمّن كتابه..
ويسر حسابه..
وليّن ترابه..
وطيب ثراه..
وثبته على الصراط..اللهم اجعله ممن يمرون على الصراط كالبرق الخاطف..
اللهم اظله تحت ظل عرشك..
يوم لاظل إلاّ ظلك ولا باقٍ إلاّ وجهك..
ولا تحرمه النظر إلى وجهك الكريم..
والشوق إلى لقائك..اللهم احشره تحت لواء نبيك محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم..
واسقه من يده الشريفة الطاهرة.. شربة هنيئة مريئة..
لايظمئ بعدها أبدا..وبلغه شفاعة الحبيب المصطفى..
اللهم اجعل القرآن العظيم شفيعا له في قبره..
وشاهدا له في الآخرة..
وحجة له يارب العالمين..اللهم ابدله دارا خيرا من داره واهلا خيرا من اهله وادخله الجنة واعذه من عذاب القبر ومن عذاب النار .
اللـهـم عاملة بما انت اهله ولا تعامله بما هو اهله .
اللـهـم اجزه عن الاحسان إحسانا وعن الأساءة عفواً وغفراناً.
اللـهـم إن كان محسناً فزد من حسناته , وإن كان مسيئاً فتجاوز عن سيئاته .
اللـهـم ادخله الجنة من غير مناقشة حساب ولا سابقة عذاب .
اللـهـم اّنسه في وحدته وفي وحشته وفي غربته.
اللـهـم انزله منزلاً مباركا وانت خير المنزلين .
اللـهـم انزله منازل الصديقين والشهداء والصالحين وحسن اولئك رفيقا .
اللـهـم اجعل قبره روضة من رياض الجنة ,ولا تجعله حفرة من حفر النار .
اللـهـم افسح له في قبره مد بصره وافرش قبره من فراش الجنة .
اللـهـم اعذه من عذاب القبر ,وجاف ِالارض عن جنبيها .
اللـهـم املأ قبره بالرضا والنور والفسحة والسرور.
اللـهـم إنه فى ذمتك وحبل جوارك فقه فتنة الفبر وعذاب النار , وانت أهل الوفاء والحق فاغفر له وارحمه انك انت الغفور الرحيم.
اللـهـم انه عبدك وابن عبدك خرج من الدنيا وسعته ومحبوبيه وأحبائه إلي ظلمة القبر وماهو لاقته .
اللـهـم انه كان يشهد أنك لا إله الا انت وأن محمداً عبدك ورسولك وانت اعلم به.
اللهم ثبته عند السؤال
اللهم انا نتوسل بك اليك ونقسم بك عليك ان ترحمه ولا تعذبه
اللـهـم انه نَزَل بك وأنت خير منزول به واصبح فقير الي رحمتك وأنت غني عن عذابه .
اللـهـم اّته برحمتك ورضاك وقه فتنه القبر وعذابه و أّته برحمتك الامن من عذابك حتي تبعثه إلي جنتك يا أرحم الراحمين .
اللـهـم انقله من مواطن الدود وضيق اللحود إلي جنات الخلود .
اللـهـم إحمه تحت الارض واستره يوم العرض ولا تخزه يوم يبعثون “يوم لا ينفع مال ولا بنون إالا من أتي الله بقلب سليم”
اللـهـم يمن كتابه ويسر حسابه وثقل بالحسنات ميزانه وثبت علي الصراط اقدامه واسكنه في اعلي الجنات بجوار حبيبك ومصطفاك (صلي الله عليه وسلم) .
اللـهـم اّمنه من فزع يوم القيامة ومن هول يوم القيامة وأجعل نفسه أّمنة مطمئنة ولقنه حجته .
اللـهـم اجعله في بطن القبر مطمئن وعند قيام الاشهاد أمن وبجود رضوانك واثق وإلي أعلي درجاتك سابق .
اللـهـم اجعل عن يمينه نوراً حتي تبعثه اّمنً مطمئن في نور من نورك .
اللـهـم انظر اليه نظرة رضا فإن من تنظر إليه نظرة رضا لا تعذبه ابداً
اللـهـم أسكنه فسيح الجنان واغفر له يارحمن وارحم يارحيم وتجاوز عما تعلم ياعليم .
اللـهـم اعفو عنه فإنك القائل “ويعفو عن كثير”
اللـهـم انه جاء ببابك وأناخ بجنابك فَجْد عليه بعفوك وإكرامك وجود إحسانك .
اللـهـم إن رحمتك وسعت كل شيء فارحمه رحمة تطمئن بها نفسه وتقر به عينه .
اللـهـم احشره مع المتقين إلي الرحمن وفداً .
اللـهـم احشره مع اصحاب اليمين واجعل تحيته سلام لك من أصحاب اليمين .
اللـهـم بشره بقولك “كلوا واشربوا هنئياً بما أسلفتم في الايام الخالية” .
اللـهـم اجعله من الذين سعدوا في الجنة خالدين فيها مادامت السموات والارض .
اللـهـم لا نزكيه عليك ولكنا نحسبه انه اّمن وعمل صالحاً فاجعل له جنتين ذواتي أفنان بحق قولك:
“ولمن خاف مقام ربه جنتان”
اللـهـم شفع فيه نبينا ومصطفاك واحشره تحت لوائه واسقه من يده الشريفة شربة هنيئة لا يظمأ بعدها ابداُُ .
اللـهـم اجعله في جنة الخلد التي وعد المتقون كانت جزاءً ومصيراُ لهم ما يشاءون وكان علي ربك وعداُ ومسئولاً .
اللـهـم إنه صبر علي البلاء فلم يجزع فامنحه درجة الصابرين الذين يوفون اجورهم بغير حساب
فإنك القائل ” إنما يوفي الصابرون أجرهم بغير حساب ”
اللـهـم انه كان مصلي لك ,فثبنه علي الصراط يوم تزل الاقدام .
اللـهـم انه كان صائم لك , فأدخله الجنة من باب الريان.
اللـهـم انه كان لكتابك تالي وسامع فشفع فيه القراّن وارحمه من النيران ,واجعله يارحمن
يرتقي في الجنة إلي اّخر اّية قرأها أو سمعها وأخر حرف تلاه
اللـهـم ارزقه بكل حرف في القراّن حلاوة , وبكل كلمة كرامة وبكل اّية سعادة وبكل سورة سلامة وبكل جْزءٍ جَزاءً .
اللـهـم ارحمه فانه كان مسلم واغفر له فانه كان مؤمنً.
وادخله الجنه فانه كان بنبيك مصدقً وسامحه فانه كان لكتابك مرتل.
اللـهـم اغفر لحينا وميتنا وشاهدنا وغائبنا وصغيرنا وكبيرنا وذَكّرنَا وأنثانا .
اللـهـم من أحييته منا فأحيه علي الاسلام ومن توفيته منا فتوفه علي الايمان .
اللـهـم لا تحرمنا أجره ولا تضللنا بعده .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا اتانا اليقين ,وعرق منا الجبين ,كشر الانين والحنين
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا يئس منا الطبيب ,وبكي علينا الحبيب وتخلي عنا القريب والغريب
وارتفع النشيج والنحيب .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا اشتدت الكربات وتوالت الحسرات واطبقت الروعات وفاضت العبرات ,
وتكشفت العورات وتعطلت القوي والقدرات .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا بلغت التراقي وقيل من راق وتأكدت فجيعة الفراق للأهل والفراق
وقد حَمً القضاء فليس من واق
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا حملنا علي الاعناق ألي ربك يومئذ المساق وداعا ابديا للدور الاسواق والاقلام
والاوراق الي من تذل له الجباه والاعناق .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا ورينا التراب وغلقت القبور والابواب وانقض الاهل والاحباب فإذا الوحشة والوحدة وهول الحساب .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا فارقنا النعيم وانقطع النسيم وقيل ماغرك بربك الكريم
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا أقمنا للسؤال وخاننا المقال ولم ينفع جاه ولامال ولا عيال وقد حال الحال وليس الاّ فضل الكبير المتعال .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا نَسي اسمنا ودَرس رسمنا وأحاط بنا قسمنا ووسعنا .
اللـهـم ارحما اذا اَهملنا فلم يزرنا زائر ولم يذكرنا ذاكر ومالنا من قوة ولا ناصر فلا امل الا في القاهر القادر الغافر يامن اذا وعد وفي , واذا توعد عفا , وشفع يارب فينا حبيبنا المصطفي واجعلنا ممن صفا ووفا وبالله إكتفي يا ارحم الراحمين ياحي يا قيوم يا بديع السموات والارض ياذا الجلال والاكرام .
اللـهـم انه عبدك و ابن عبدك و ابن امتك مات و هو يشهد لك بالوحدانية و لرسولك بالشهادة فأغفر له إنك انت الغفار.
اللـهـم لا تحرمنا اجره ولا تفتنا بعده و اغفر لنا و له و اجمعنا معه في جنات النعيم يا رب العالمين .
اللـهـم انزل علي اهله الصبر والسلوان و ارضهم بقضائك.
اللـهـم ثبتهم علي القول الثابت في الحياه الدنيا وفي الاخره ويوم يقوم الاشهاد.
اللـهـم صلي وسلم وبارك علي سيدنا محمد وعلي اّله وصحبه وسلم إلي يوم الدين

Image of the funeral of the martyr Hussein the birth Allotfi in Bani Walid Mosque Nabi Boulkheir

We ask God to him steadiness when the question

Funeral due martyr Hussein Massoud birthday Allotfi city of Bani Walid mosque Mujahid Abdul Nabi well after that buffeted

the hands of the treachery and treason area Maltese in Tarhounah.

God’s mercy rest in peace and that God and to Him we shall return

(Valley girl)

Image Hajj Ramadan Falcon and the father of the martyr Hussein Falcon to one Mslaty elements of the Libyan army , which buffeted the hands of treachery in the Maltese gate in the city of Tarhuna

Oh God, forgive him and Rahma.

After that they were accused of sympathy and complicity with the people of Bani Walid and after many charges and the hint of being of ” algae ” and that they are of arrows and the remnants of a battalion Emhemed and General 23 booster , suddenly became members of the national army are important and Libyans for the militia shield Libya saluting been closed roads leading to Bani Walid New and prevent even ambulances from traffic and stop the supply of fuel Almdessna …
Military personnel innocent victims including the sons of the city of Bani Walid and we are the first sad and demand punishment of the killers , but the return to the starting point, for that matter was to Bani Walid relationship incident or not, it is important to close the roads and to review the militias and graduates prisons strength on pedestrians and citizens do not be surprised to support the National Congress for happens and issue another resolution repel the city at the behest of the Doha soldiers and Sheikha Mozah ….

Quoting / Bani Walid the tribes and Rafla capital

Militias receive orders from rat  Libya Shield shut down the road , where the final this Almlisheh the digging paved road in the form of a ditch near the Maltese shop .
Hated these days where even trimming the nails cut hair and the big wage is removing something harmful from the road
And ye, dogs shut roads was Non passers
God bless the army guards!

Before half an hour from now force for Central stationed shield
At the gate of the Maltese crawling up factory Alafah and you
B cracking paved road link between the city of Bani Walid and the west of the country
And has returned two ambulances from Bani Walid carrying emergency
Converted to the city of Tripoli, and Jordanian now.

Nah Dardanelles space …:

Urgent # Bani Walid _

Libya Shield militia stationed at the gate Maltese prevent the passage of ambulances from Bani Walid

carrying emergency situations and force them to return to the city




Urgent agency Libya / Ajdabiya – the reporter
Special source confirms the urgent told Libya that the oil port of Zueitina staff decide to create a new board of directors within the company,

has all the powers , followed by the oil ministry in the government of Cyrenaica , headed by Abed Rabbo Barasi .

News Agency – Italy – rebounds – Urgent

Message From ” Ibrahim Aljzeran “ in the name of the political bureau of Cyrenaica
Addressed to the Office of the Italian Foreign Relations , to arrange for a dialogue between the parties, and this translated message ” Mr. Renato Bfallo , and
Is the Commissioner of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Political Bureau tenderly for the purpose of coordination for

Congress delegation includes a representative of Cyrenaica with the authorities



Colonel Abdullah killed Barasi shot dead by unknown assailant.

Abdullah Al-Zaidi said the official spokesman for the joint security room Benghazi, killing pilot Colonel Abdullah Ahmad Zayed Barasi, after shooting by unknown assailants this morning this morning in Benghazi.

This has been said Director of the Information Office of Hospital Hawari Fadya of Benghazi for “a country ambience” (NEWSPAPAER) that Barasi died during the operation after a bullet to the left shoulder near the heart.

Referred to Benghazi witness months ago assassination operations officers and security men by unknown assailants.
Colonel pilot died , ” Abdullah Abu Zaid Barasi “ built air base in Benghazi after being shot this morning by unknown assailants in the Hawari area .
A security source said that the anonymous shot ” Barasi “ while he was on his way to his office in built air base , which led directly to his injuries was to

resuscitate him to Galaa Hospital but died of his wounds in the intensive care unit

Assassination Colonel Ahmed Abdullah Bouzid, this morning in the Hawari area.

Scroll to the mercy of God, since few pilot Colonel Ahmed Abdullah Bouzid , who was assassinated this morning I am God and to him we shall return ..

Benghazi – Correspondent
Benghazi local council demands that the Government Zaidane new emergency budget of up to one hundred million dinars ,

for the installation of surveillance cameras inside the city’s main streets .
Been thrown ” Gelatina ” near Eye Hospital
Specifically in the market for Vespers .

(Salem al – Obeidi)



And our response now:

– The people of the neighboring Lamamra for five driven Jardan the from their region after the Jardan assassination player and a former officer in the armed forces of the people, “Hussein USTA.”

– Having been expelled these Jardan now gather at the headquarters of as Tepthm object Opposite Agayzana School in nearby Ath entertaining area.

NOTE:  ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD are determined to get rid of all major army personel and officers. They do not want a repeat of what occured n Egypt on 230 JUNE 2013!and they do not want at all that Libya should have a standing army.
They have been performing assassinatins now for weeks, and have a “hit-list” and ofourse ZAIDANE’s government will do NOTHING TO STOP THIS, as it is totally controlled by the MB “JUSTICE & CONSTRUCTION” PARTY through Misurata…with Misurata MB Militias called the “ARMORED SHIELDS”!!! Aswerwally corruption condined 100%++++++



No truth to reports transmitted from explosions to the city of Tobruk
According to a security source to the security room of Tobruk.

(Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)



. Valley Agency Dinar News:

Sabha – News

URGENT / dead and wounded in clashes in Sabha, and the city declared a state of emergency.

Sabha now
Mahdia Street shops closed by the residents of the area and parking most of my youth weapons.

Urgent Sabha …

Military vehicle Duckh machine gun fire on two of the Flash and AVI Sons broad babysit one was killed and the other is receiving treatment in the medical center Sabha now

Waiting for details



Our correspondent from the city of Jufrah ..

This Newsflash and I wish you publish And who knows any information it provides us with Beah (((today’s delegation arrived for Ajafrh in the Hun consists of 50 people U.S. and is currently present in the hotel oasis city of Hun))) P íÇŃíĘ who knows anything p topic This provides us with



Post image for MoD study sets out how to sell wars to the public: special forces, mercenaries and unmanned vehicles

MoD study sets out how to sell wars to the public: special forces, mercenaries and unmanned




Source: Guardian

The armed forces should seek to make British involvement in future wars more palatable to the public by reducing the public profile of repatriation ceremonies for casualties, according to a Ministry of Defence unit that formulates strategy.

Other suggestions made by the MoD thinktank in a discussion paper examining how to assuage “casualty averse” public opinioninclude the greater use of mercenaries and unmanned vehicles, as well as the SAS and other special forces, because it says losses sustained by the elite soldiers do not have the same impact on the public and press.

The document, written in November 2012 and obtained by the Guardian under the Freedom of Information Act, discusses how public reaction to casualties can be influenced and recommends that the armed forces should have “a clear and constant information campaign in order to influence the major areas of press and public opinion”.

It says that to support such a campaign the MoD should consider a number of steps, one of which would be to “reduce the profile of the repatriation ceremonies” – an apparent reference to the processions of hearses carrying coffins draped in the union flag that were driven through towns near RAF bases where bodies were brought back.

For four years up to 2011, 345 servicemen killed in action were brought back to RAF Lyneham and driven through Royal Wootton Bassett, in Wiltshire, in front of crowds of mourners. Since then, bodies have been repatriated via RAF Brize Norton, in Oxfordshire, with hearses driven through nearby Carterton.

The MoD’s suggestion received a scathing reaction from some families of dead military personnel. Deborah Allbutt, whose husband Stephen was killed in a friendly fire incident in Iraq in 2003, described the proposals for repatriation ceremonies as “brushing the deaths under the carpet”.

She said: “They are fighting and giving their lives. Why should they be hidden away? It would be absolutely disgraceful.” Allbutt, with others, gained a landmark ruling this year that relatives of killed or injured soldiers can seek damages under human rights legislation.

The paper, by the MoD’s development, concepts and doctrine centre (DCDC), recommends taking steps to “reduce public sensitivity to the penalties inherent in military operations” and says the ministry should “inculcate an attitude that service may involve sacrifice and that such risks are knowingly and willingly undertaken as a matter of professional judgment”.

The paper amounts to what could be considered a prescient analysis of why the British public and MPs were so reluctant to support an attack on Syria. It also says that in any conflict the MoD should ensure that the reason for going to war is “clearly explained to the public”.

The eight-page paper argues that the military may have come to wrongly believe that the public, and as a result the government, has become more “risk averse” on the basis of recent campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“However, this assertion is based on recent, post-2000 experience and we are in danger of learning false lessons concerning the public’s attitude to military operations,” the paper, which has no named author, adds.

“Historically, once the public are convinced that they have a stake in the conflict they are prepared to endorse military risks and will accept casualties as the necessary consequence of the use of military force.”

To back this up, it cites “robust” public support for earlier conflicts – the Falklands war and operations in Northern Ireland between 1969 and 2007. “In those cases where the public is unconvinced of the relevance of the campaign to their wellbeing they are not prepared to condone military risk and are acutely sensitive to the level of casualties incurred.

“Neither the action in Iraq nor the operations in Afghanistan have enjoyed public support and we are in danger of learning a false lesson from the experience of the last 10 years.”

The report adds: “The public have become better informed and our opponents more sophisticated in the exploitation of the sources of information with the net result that convincing the nation of the need to run military risks has become more difficult but no less essential.”

Among other suggestions that could contend with worries about casualty numbers, the DCDC recommends a major investment in “autonomous systems for unmanned vehicles”, cyber-operations and the increased use of mercenaries, referred to as “contractors”.

Noting that the growth of private security companies has proceeded at a spectacular rate during the past 10 years, it adds: “Neither the media nor the public in the west appear to identify with contractors in the way that they do with their military personnel. Thus casualties from within the contractorised force are more acceptable in pursuit of military ends than those from among our own forces.”

Investing in greater numbers of special forces is also recommended. The paper suggests: “The public appear to have a more robust attitude to SF [special forces] losses.” In a reference to a May 1982 helicopter crash, it says: “The loss of 19 SAS soldiers in a single aircraft accident during the Falklands campaign did not arouse any significant comment.”

An MoD spokesman said: “It is entirely right that we publicly honour those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and there are no plans to change the way in which repatriation ceremonies are conducted. A key purpose of the development, concepts and doctrine centre is to produce research which tests and challenges established doctrine and its papers are designed to stimulate internal debate, not outline government policy or positions. To represent this paper as policy or a potential shift of policy is misleading.”

Joe Glenton, an anti-war activist and former soldier who spent five months in a military prison after refusing to serve a second tour in Afghanistan, said that lowering the profile of repatriations amounted to “hiding the bodies”.

It had also, effectively, already been underway from several years ago.

“We should recall they switched the route of repatriations from the very high profile Wootton Bassett and started again bringing bodies through RAF Brize Norton. In short, hiding the bodies,” he said.

“The public rightly is averse to young soldiers being maimed or wounded, and averse to dusty foreign adventures.”

Christopher Dandeker, a professor of military sociology at King’s College London, said that the issues raised in the paper were timely as the public had recently shown that they were unconvinced by what political elites wanted to do in relation to the use of force in Syria. It also made sense that the military would pay greater attention to the role of military families, who were becoming “a more politically active, questioning independent stakeholder in the military community”.

Ahmed Jehani / El Libya’s representative to the Criminal Court:

Lance Libya is not among the names formally requested his name is not included in the Interpol’s wanted list and therefore process captured in this way is called a Chtta Fa legally and formally violation of Libya’s sovereignty


Statement of the Government Zaidane Bkhbayan the government Zidane on Abu Anas Allibasos Abu Anas Libyan:

Urgent agency Libya / son ” Abu Anas , ” my father was kidnapped by Libyan Tripoli

Confirmed ” Abdullah Alriqiei ” son ” Abu Anas al – Libi ,” that his father was kidnapped they were talking with a Libyan accent circulating in Tripoli , he said.
The ” Alriqiei Son ” speaking in an interview via Nabaa news channel this afternoon and described kidnappers Palmltmin the who Hahmoua car

his father upon his return from the dawn prayer and took him to an unknown location.

Pentagon confirms that the process is carried out by commandos in Tripoli was in coordination with the Libyan government and the Libyan government denies it.
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / ابن “ابو أنس ” من خطف ابي ليبيون ـ طرابلس
FB VIDEO:أكد “عبد الله الرقيعي” ابن “أبو أنس الليبي” أن من خطف اباه كانوا يتحدثون بلهجة ليبية متداولة في طرابلس على حد قوله.
وكان “الرقيعي الأبن” يتحدث في لقاء عبر قناة النباء الأخبارية ظهر اليوم ووصف الخاطفين بالملثمين الذي هاحموا سيارة والده لدى عودته من صلاة الفجر واقتادوه إلى مكان مجهول .
Abdullah honest Alriqiei son impartially Alriqiei or  Abu Anas al – Libi , which the U.S. government announced they arrested him , he now says
On the news channel that the group that had the arrest of his father is a Libyan American , not a two cars and a bus and زجاجها opaque andwithout plates.
Six o’clock in the morning . And let us know the henchmen first and breaking the glass of his car .

A member of the National Conference [who is also on the U.S. Wanted List] General Mohammed Bo Sidra:

“That exposed our children have been kidnapped and alienation across the seas. This calamity, the issue must be resolved

and Abu Anas is now out of the country and will be deported and probably arrived in New York and will be subjected to

questioning and we are now in front of violating the sovereignty and exposing the Libyan citizen to the danger and acted

strangers in our land as they wish.”

Sunday, October 6, 2013 10:44 PM EDT
U.S. Said to Hold Qaeda Suspect on Navy Ship

The accused operative for Al Qaeda seized by United States commandos in Libya over the weekend is being interrogated while in military custody on a Navy ship in the Mediterranean Sea, officials said. He is expected eventually to be sent to New York for criminal prosecution.
The fugitive, known as Abu Anas al-Libi, is seen as a potential intelligence gold mine, possessing perhaps two decades of information about Al Qaeda, from its early days under Osama bin Laden in Sudan to its more scattered elements today.
Abu Anas is being held aboard the U.S.S. San Antonio, a vessel brought in specifically for this mission, officials said.

 Atlanta, United States of America (CNN) – An official U.S. source, Sunday, that the leader of al-Qaeda, “Abu Anas al-Libi,” was transferred to a U.S. warship,

after being arrested in Libya special operation carried out by commandos of the elite U.S. Special Forces, known”Delta.”
(Delta Force)



 U.S. source: the arrest of Abu Anas al-Libi, the Libyan government was to know; (but ZAIDANE denies this)!

Arrest ” Abu Anas al – Libi ” : the government describes as kidnapping and others saw as a ” violation of sovereignty ”
Country ambiance – Faraj Garah

Libyan government demanded that the U.S. authorities to provide clarification on the arrest of the citizen ” Abu Anas al – Libi ,” and describing the process as ” kidnapping” in a statement on Sunday.

” International crime ”
He described the former Interior Minister Ashour Hoael process of ” international crime and a violation of the sovereignty of the Libyan ” Regardless of the justification, and a recognition from foreign countries to the inability of the government to extend its influence on the Libyan territory , adding to the atmosphere of a country that, in the event of continuing security situation as it is going to Libya likely ” violations ” of other countries , as he put it .

” Great insult ”
For his part, a researcher at the National Security Affairs Bashir willow for the ambiance of the country that the abduction of a Libyan citizen in his country by the United States is “insulting the major ,” surprising how occur Libya an international crisis in the former regime by refusing to hand over two Libyans accused in the case , ” Lockerbie “; while the arrest of the Libyan citizen by a foreign country like this?

“More congestion ”
National Forces Alliance was considered in a statement today that the attack will lead to more ” tension and negative repercussions ” in light of the proliferation of arms in the country , while impounded figures in the General National Congress from making any particular position .

Media reports have indicated that the United States was arrested on Saturday, the Libyan citizen Nazih Abdul Hamid , alias ” Abu Anas al – Libi ” in the capital Tripoli.

Ali On the Aspli:

Killed and murdered and kidnapped dozens, if not hundreds, supporters did not come out in demonstrations condemning the law, but when he was

arrested named Abu Anas al-Libi!! Apparently he is the only Muslim.

(Valley girl)

Image Source : Official website of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

مصدر أمريكي: القبض على أبو أنس الليبي تم بمعرفة الحكومة الليبية

Network NBC NEWS U.S. stresses the unit commandos U.S. implementation of two simultaneous early Saturday morning was the first in Somalia

during which arrested the leader of the youth movement affiliated with al Qaeda , known as “Abu Zubayr ”

The second was in the capital Tripoli targeted through honest Alriqiei known as ” Abu Anas al – Libi ”

Word now :

Libya to help in the arrest of a number of militants wanted by the International Police (Interpol).
Where contribution arrested the Libyan security forces arrest 3 leading radical figures present on Libyan soil and attributed it is a member of the al-Qaeda group .

By statements son ” Abu Anas al – Libi ” on the news channel : –

Mlisheh from Tripoli helped the Special Unit of the U.S. Army in the arrest of Abu Anas al – Libi .

Omar Al – Hurra reporter Touati U.S.

Sources of Alhurra-TV
” Abu Anas al – Libi “ will be transferred to New York # to appear before the court that ” convicted “.

 Commander of backing militias Haytham Tagouris :

Obama will push the personally abducted price of citizen Abu Anas al – Libi . Word forces backing will be thunderously and unexpected.


The Globalization of NATO: Military Doctrine of Global Warfare

Global Research, 03 October  2013
THE GLOBALIZATION OF NATO Author: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya Clarity Press (2012) Pages: 411 with complete index Now Available: Order directly from Global Research The world is enveloped in a blanket of perpetual conflict. Invasions, occupation, illicit sanctions, and regime change have become currencies and orders of the day.
One organization – the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – is repeatedly, and very controversially, involved in some form or another in many of these conflicts led by the US and its allies. NATO spawned from the Cold War. Its existence was justified by Washington and Western Bloc politicians as a guarantor against any Soviet and Eastern Bloc invasion of Western Europe, but all along the Alliance served to cement Washington’s influence in Europe and continue what was actually America’s post-World War II occupation of the European continent.
In 1991 the raison d’être of the Soviet threat ended with the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War. Nevertheless NATO remains and continues to alarmingly expand eastward, antagonizing Russia and its ex-Soviet allies. China and Iran are also increasingly monitoring NATO’s moves as it comes into more frequent contact with them.
Yugoslavia was a turning point for the Atlantic Alliance and its mandate. The organization moved from the guise of a defensive posture into an offensive pose under the pretexts of humanitarianism.
Starting from Yugoslavia, NATO began its journey towards becoming a global military force. From its wars in the Balkans, it began to broaden its international area of operations outside of the Euro-Atlantic zone into the Caucasus, Central Asia, East Africa, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian Ocean.
It has virtually turned the Mediterranean Sea into a NATO lake with the NATO Mediterranean Dialogue and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, while it seeks to do the same to the Black Sea and gain a strategic foothold in the Caspian Sea region. The Gulf Security Initiative between NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council seeks to also dominate the Persian Gulf and to hem in Iran. Israel has become a de facto member of the military organization. At the same time, NATO vessels sail the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.
These warships are deployed off the coasts of Somalia, Djibouti, and Yemen as part of NATO’s objectives to create a naval cordon of the seas controlling important strategic waterways and maritime transit routes. The Atlantic Alliance’s ultimate aim is to fix and fasten the American Empire.
NATO has clearly played an important role in complementing the US strategy for dominating Eurasia. This includes the encirclement of Russia, China, Iran, and their allies with a military ring subservient to Washington. The global missile shield project, the militarization of Japan, the insurgencies in Libya and Syria, the threats against Iran, and the formation of a NATO-like military alliance in the Asia-Pacific region are components of this colossal geopolitical project.
NATO’s globalization, however, is bringing together a new series of Eurasian counter-alliances with global linkages that stretch as far as Latin America. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) have been formed by Russia, China, and their allies as shields against the US and NATO and as a means to challenge them. As the globalization of NATO unfolds the risks of nuclear war become more and more serious with the Atlantic Alliance headed towards a collision course with Russia, China, and Iran that could ignite World War III.


The Globalization of NATO

Author: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya ISBN: 978-0-9852710-2-2 Clarity Press Year: 2012 Pages: 411 with complete index

Global Research Editor’s Note We bring to the attention of our readers this important and timely book by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, award winning author, geopolitical analyst and Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). This book analyses in detail the historical evolution of NATO’s post-Cold War mandate and military interventions. T

he author takes the reader across the Eurasian geopolitical chessboard, from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, to Central Asia and the Far East, through the “military corridors” of the Atlantic Alliance, the Pentagon and the Washington think tanks, where the new post-Cold War military doctrine of global warfare is decided upon. And from the formulation of military doctrine, Nazemroaya examines NATO’s mandate, its military campaigns, focusing on the geopolitical regions where Global NATO has extended its Worldwide grip.

The book from the outset examines the economic dimension of NATO’s military undertakings, how the latter support the imposition of deadly macroeconomic reforms on sovereign countries. War and globalization are intricately related. Economic globalization under the helm of Wall Street and the IMF is endorsed by a global military agenda.

Nazemroaya explores how dominant economic interests are supported by the “internationalization” of NATO as a military entity, which has extended its areas of jurisdiction from the European-North Atlantic region into new frontiers. “The Globalization of NATO” endorses and sustains the Worldwide imposition of neoliberal economic doctrine. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is a man of tremendous courage and conviction. Having lived through the extensive NATO bombing raids of Tripoli at the height of NATO’s humanitarian” war on Libya, the lives of others within his entourage were always more important than his own life.

It is within this frame of mind and commitment, having witnessed firsthand the horrors of NATO’s “Responsibility to Protect”, that upon returning from Libya in September 2011, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya started working relentlessly on his manuscript. While the conclusions of Nazemroaya’s detailed analysis and investigation are by no means optimistic, this globally military agenda can be reversed when people around the world, in the true spirit of internationalism and national sovereignty, join hands in dismantling the NATO killing machine and its corporate sponsors.

That is why this book is an important landmark, a handbook for action. Through commitment, courage and truth at all levels of society, across the land, nationally and internationally, this process of “global militarization” described by Nazemroaya, can be forcefully reversed. At this critical juncture in our history, “the criminalization of war” is the avenue which must be sought, as a means to instating World peace.

Can the objective of World peace be achieved? In the words of former UN Assistant Secretary General Denis Halliday, read Nazemroaya’s book “before it is too late.”

Michel Chossudovsky, Montreal, October 8, 2012


“The Globalization of NATO by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is simply magnificent, erudite and devoid of the ethnocentrism to which one has become so accustomed from Western authors. The book deals with what doubtless are the most important and relevant issues of the day for all those committed to saving life and protecting Mother Earth from rampant human irresponsibility and crime. There is no other book that, at this particular time, I would most heartily endorse. I think Africans, Near Eastern peoples, Iranians, Russians, Chinese, Asians and Europeans generally and all the progressive Latin American countries of today will find a much needed reinforcement and support for their peaceful ideals in this excellent must-read book.”


Foreign Minister of Nicaragua (1979-1990) and President of the 63rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly (2008-2009): Managua, Nicaragua.

“We are far away from the principles and objectives for which the United Nations was created and the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal stipulating that some state actions can be considered crimes against peace. Nazemroaya’s book, in addition to reminding us that the role of the United Nations has been confiscated by NATO, elaborates the danger that the North Atlantic Treaty represents to world peace.”


Chairman of the United Nations Working Group on the Use of Mercenaries (2005-2011): Ferney-Voltaire, France.

“Through carefully documented research, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya analyzes the historical and geopolitical evolution of NATO from the Cold War to the post 9/11 US- led “Global War on Terrorism.” This book is a must read for those committed to reversing the tide of war and imperial conquest by the world’s foremost military machine.”


Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG): Montréal, Canada.

“A very timely book. Yes, US-led NATO is globalizing, like the US-led finance economy. No doubt also for it to protect the latter, the “free market.” It is a classical case of overstretch to help save the crumbling US Empire and Western influence in general, by countries most of whom are bankrupt by their own economic mismanagement. All their interventions share two characteristics. The conflicts could have been solved with a little patience and creativity, but NATO does not want solutions. It uses conflicts as raw material it can process into interventions to tell the world that it is the strongest in military terms. And, with the help of the mainstream media, it sees Hitler everywhere, in a Milosevic, a bin Laden, a Hussein, a Qaddafi, in Assad, insensitive to the enormous differences between all these cases. I hope this book will be read by very, very many who can turn this morbid fascination with violence into constructive conflict resolution.”


Professor Emeritus of Peace Studies and Sociology at the University of Oslo and Founder of the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo (PRIO), the Galtung- Institut, and the Transcend Network: Oslo, Norway.

“Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya’s prolific writings give us a comprehensive understanding of the character of the military thrust and it’s all out, no holds barred STRATEGIC plans and moves to invade, occupy and plunder the resources of nations, inflicting unprecedented barbaric acts on civilian populations. He is one of the prescient thinkers and writers of contemporary times who deserves to be read and acted upon by people with a conscience and concern for humanity’s future.”


Admiral and Chief of the Naval Staff of India (1996-1998): Mumbai, India.

“This is a book really necessary to understanding the role of NATO within the frame of long-term US strategy. The Globalization of NATO by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya not only provides an articulate analysis on the Atlantic Alliance: it is the best modern text devoted to the hegemonic alliance. With this book Nazemroaya reconfirms his ability as a brilliant geopolitical analyst.”


President of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Geopolitics and Auxiliary Sciences/L’Istituto di Alti Studi in Geopolitica e Scienze Ausiliarie (IsAG): Rome, Italy.

“Nazemroaya is an unbelievable prolific writer. What has often amazed many is his almost nonstop writing on extremely important issues for the contemporary world and his analysis about the globalization of NATO. What amazes many of us in other parts of the world are his seemingly limitless depth, breadth and the thoroughness of his knowledge that has been repeatedly appearing in his work. We are deeply indebted to Nazemroaya’s humble, tireless and invaluable contributions through his fearless, insightful and powerful writings.”


Editor-in-Chief of The 4th Media and Visiting Professor at the School of Journalism and Communication at Tsinghua University: Beijing, People’s Republic of China.

“The Journalists’ Press Club in Mexico is grateful and privileged to know a man who respects the written word and used it in an ethical way without another interest other than showing the reality about the other side of power in the world. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya gives voice to the “voiceless.” He can see the other side of the moon, the side without lights.”


Mexican Broadcaster and Secretary-General of the Mexican Press Club: Federal District of Mexico City, Mexico.

“With his very well documented analysis, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya has conducted a remarkable decryption of the strategies implemented by NATO – in the interests of the United States, the European Union and Israel – to expand its military grip on the world, ensure its control over energy resources and transit routes, and encircling the countries likely to be a barrier or a threat to its goals, whether it be Iran, Russia or China. Nazemroaya’s work is essential reading for those that want to understand what is being played out right now on the map in all the world’s trouble spots; Libya and Africa; Syria and the Middle East; the Persian Gulf and Eurasia.”

SILVIA CATTORI, Swiss political analyst and journalist: Geneva, Switzerland.

The Globalization of NATO

Author: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya ISBN: 978-0-9852710-2-2 Clarity Press Year: 2012 Pages: 411 with complete index



 Shura Renaissance rejects resignation of the government and clings Baltacisa

that before the start of the dialogue in Tunisia


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