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Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only)
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The largest gathering of the great conqueror rebels * Salim and plateau *

Soon the People’s Armed Forces will invade Tripoli, led by General, golden KHAMIS al-Gaddafi and forward the revolutionary struggle continues until victory

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15 OCT. 2015

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Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only):

“I congratulate all the Liberals on the occasion of Eid al-Adha every year and you Taibin re God be upon you health and blessings
I also congratulating special Ahrarna the and Hraúrna the oppressed in the Diaspora
Aidkm will be with us within the next Great, God willing,

Greetings to all”

Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs announced that Eid prayers will be on tomorrow at 07:05 am .. 07:30 Tripoli, Benghazi.

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Branch # Tripoli notes to the Eid prayer will be at exactly 7:45 am, God willing,


our dear  veternarian prisoner, Dr. Dorda:


How END Big O ?

# Colonel will!

Faris Abu Salim

Libyan Leaks: More Secret Documents Reveal Obama’s failure in Libya


Exclusive Walid Shoebat Bombshell

Barack Obama’s claim to election fame – that Al-Qaeda has been destroyed – needs a reality check, according to a group of anti-Al Qaeda Libyans in exile. “We beg to differ,” they exclaimed. “Obama gift-wrapped Libya, handed it over to Al-Qaeda, and we can prove it.”

The group stated they have come into possession of some highly classified documents that in their view, “will bring the Obama Administration down.” They were not bluffing; they provided the first installments of official classified documents which we provided in some of our previous reporting.“The rest,” they say, “will be provided when Mitt Romney is in office. His election is our only hope for humanity,” they said.

These documents include evidence of highly sophisticated weaponry provided to jihadists which leads them to doubt that any solutions will take place under what they called “The Obama regime”.

We have come into the possession of an array of records obtained from top-level sources inside the Libyan government. They include passports of Al-Qaeda operatives and identifications of terrorists from many nations—Chad, Egypt and Pakistan to name a few—which are now all camped in Libya as they enter by crossing borders guarded and managed officially by what they called “government appointed Al-Qaeda leaders.”

This explains why the drafts of two letters on September 11th expressing worry that the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was under ‘troubling’ surveillance and that the Libyan government failed to fulfill requests for additional security. “It wasn’t failure,” these pro-U.S. agents said, “but the Libyan government’s mafia-like system, subordinate to Al-Qaeda and installed with the blessings of the Obama administration that is responsible for the deaths of Americans in Benghazi,” they said.

The wealth of intelligence includes countless documents, which we will soon turn over to the National Center For Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism. They show evidence of bribes [see image up] by the government to top-officials, weapons dealing, and bank siphoning by al-Qaeda operatives, to include copies of bank transactions that illustrate the subordination of the newly established Libyan government to Al-Qaeda. These included Bin Laden’s personal driver Sufyan Gammou and Abdul Wahhab Hassan Qayed, the brother of the recently captured Abu Yahya al-Libi. Qayed was officially put in charge of Libyan border control. This arrangement is responsible for the passage of large amounts of Al-Qaeda operatives into Libya.

In one classified document (see image up) it stated that, “…it was commissioned that Fadlallah Haran Musa is to head the centers of the National Security Fares in Barqa [east of Libya] (NOW CYRENAICA) and to also commission Khalid Atiyeh to be his assistant.” These two, according to our sources, are “Islamist operatives connected to Al-Qaeda.”

Sufyan Gammu of Ansar Al-Sharia in Derna (white cap and long beard) is one of the most wanted men from Al-Qaeda. He used to be the special driver for Usama Bin Laden and is now roaming free in Libya, protected by the government.

Salem Al-Barrani Dirbi

Salem Al-Barrani Dirbi of Al-Qaeda is now the leader of Abu Salim Martyrs Brigade, which was kept in check by the previous regime, spoke openly in this video (wearing blue), telling his story about how he is now free from the previous regime after having lived in hiding in the mountains since 1996; he boasts about living freely in Benghazi today.

Also noteworthy is Abdul Baset Azzouz. Known for his vicious and cunning abilities, he was the first adviser to Ayman Al-Zawahiri and became the leader of Al-Qaeda in Derna, Libya. He can be seen in this video, giving his testimony from Libya (wearing yellow). Azzouz can even be seen recruiting entire communities in Libya to join the jihadists.

Abdul Baset Azzouz

Then you have Abdul Hakim Al-Hassadi ,member of the Jama’at Islamiyeh fighting forces in Libya, who left in 1995 out of fear of the previous Great Jamahiriya. He fled to Afghanistan where he stayed until he returned in 2011, with the blessings of the Obama administration and NATO forces.

Abdul Hakim Al-Hassadi

Al-Hassadi was accompanied by Muftah Al-Dawadi , who was an inmate in Abu Salim for his membership in Al-Qaeda after carrying out terrorist operations in Sabrata; he has now become the main conduit to facilitate the production of false travel documents for terrorists.

Muftah Al-Dawadi

Perhaps most troubling is Abdul Wahhab Hassan Qayed, the brother of Abu Bakr Hassan Qayed (aka Abu Yahya al-Libi), the number 2 man in Al-Qaeda who was killed by U.S. drones. In the photo to the left, Wahhab is seen to the right and his now deceased brother to the left. Abdul Wahhab now works in the Libyan Interior Ministry in charge of Border Control and Strategic Institutions in Libya.

عبدالوهاب القايدي

Abdul Wahhab Hassan Qayed

There is also Sami Mustafa Khalil Al-Sa’di (on right), who obtained his degree in Sharia from Pakistan in 1999. He is now a member of The Assembly of Scholars in Libya after being released from Abu Salim prison on August 20th, 2011 for his membership in Al-Qaeda. He currently holds the position of Guardian of The Martyrs Families in Libya.

We also

have Sadik Belhaj (far left in photo) and Al-Sadeek Al-Ghaythi (near left) – leaders of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and formerly close associates of Bin Laden – in charge of border security who were given large sums of money to create a special, separate force outside of the government’s reach by the ministry of defense and by what the Obama administration considers to be a moderate leader, Abdul Hakim Belhaj, who recently broke his silence on Radio Darnah on the Samir Shalwi program one day after Stevens was killed, according to pro-Qaddafi/Great Jamahiriya Loyalists dissidents whose claims (here and here). This appearance was also confirmed by Congressman Mike Rogers. (CORRECTION on 1/17/13: While we correctly identified Al-Sadeek Al-Ghaythi as being in charge of border security.

[the photo up we identified as being of him, is incorrect. That photo is actually of the late Mokhtar Belmokhtar. We regret the error.]

On the program, Belhaj allegedly said the following:

“I am indeed a member of the fighting in Jemmah Islamiyah; I’m proud of it; I will not deny that. For this, I have spent the best years of my life in the prisons, under torture and I’m still a member of this group. I will not give up on its edicts. Everyone must know this in the West, before the East. I’ve committed Jihad operations in all parts of the globe from Morrocco to Yemen to Somalia to Algeria, even to Afghanistan and Pakistan. I give great respect to Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahri and to the first teacher, Abu Musaab al-Zarkawi. I was saddened when Hassan al-Qaidi in Pakistan was martyred.

Me and my brothers Sheikh Khalid al-Sharif, Sheikh Al-Mahdi, Al-Haradi, Sheikh Hassem, Baher, Abdul Rauf, Karah have formed a committee in Tripoli and we will not allow any foreigner, no matter who he is, to dictate what we do. We give thanks to the Mujahed, Sheikh Ismail al-Salabi, for his daring proclamation to the Darnah television station and we tell him that we are with you in every word you spoke, that there is no place for America, Great Britain, and all the West in Libya. Libya is a nation of Islam and Jihad. The light of Islam will shine forth from it despite the noses of everyone. The weapons are here and the Mujahideen from every corner of the earth are here with us and we have all the weaponry – that was prohibited before – with us now. We will not hesitate to use it against anyone who touches the land of Libya and that is the end of this discussion.”

Abdul Hakim Belhaj

The weapons Belhaj (up) spoke about were referenced in a document Obama signed in March of 2011, a secret order known as a Presidential “finding” that authorized support for the rebel jihadism, which now could easily include an additional 20,000 missiles in Libya. According to our sources who were in Libya, the numbers are tenfold: “The Russian ambassador in Libya informed us its really 200,000 missiles.”

The Washington Post also reported:

“It’s almost a certitude that at least part” of the Libyan opposition includes members of al-Qaeda, said Bruce Riedel, a former senior CIA analyst and adviser to President Obama. Riedel said that anti-Gaddafi/ anti-Great Jamahiriya elements in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi have had “very close associations with al-Qaeda” dating back years….I would hope that we now have a good sense of the opposition in Libya and can say that this is 2 percent, not 20 percent,” Riedel said. “If we don’t, then we are running the risk of helping to bring to power a regime that could be very dangerous.”

Several documents officially tie Belhaj to the leadership in Libya, to the support of him by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, to his funding of the rebels in Syria, and more. As we reported previously, Belhaj is a known terrorist who was also in U.S. custody at Guantanamo. The Obama administration allowed him into Libya during the war to oust Great Jamahiriya.

Obama seemed to have no objection to Belhaj’s leadership position after the revolution. The classified documents reveal that Belhaj actually controls most of the Libyan government, which are puppets under the control of the Islamists. The Obama administration is knowingly supporting Al-Qaeda control in Libya and North Africa.

We have even obtained Belhaj’s fraudulent passport (pictured above) as well as a document showing one of his smuggling operations of 16 kilos of gold (above), which was seized by the Turkish government at the Istanbul Airport. This letter from Belhaj, includes his appeal to the Turkish government to return 16 kilos of gold seized when his runner was making a connecting flight to Qatar to fund Jihadists. According to our sources, the gold was ultimately returned, successfully arrived in Qatar, and was used to fund the rebels in Syria.

Salem Al-Shaykhi

Salem Al-Shaykhi  is another who was released from Abu Salim prison after serving two years (1986-1988) for his Al-Qaeda affiliation. Now, the Libyan government has appointed him as head of the Islamic Waqf.

Recent photos  of armed vehicles of Al-Qaeda operatives in Darnah city say it all (translations of Arabic signs / banners beneath each photo):

(Abu Salim Martyrs Brigade – Yes to Sharia, no to corrupt secularists)


(Libya is Muslim, our people are Muslim, and Islam needs to rule them)

West Point study identifies Darnah as:

“…the corridor which goes from Benghazi to Tobruk… which represents one of the greatest concentrations of jihadi terrorists to be found anywhere in the world, and by some measures can be regarded as the leading source of suicide bombers anywhere on the planet. Darnah, with one terrorist fighter sent into Iraq to kill Americans for every 1,000 to 1,500 persons of population, emerges as suicide bomber heaven, easily surpassing the closest competitor, which was Riyad, Saudi Arabia.”

The Al-Qaeda support coming from the newly installed governments is not only in Libya, but in Tunisia as well, as one report reveals (translated from Arabic):

“The entire region, including Tunisia, is falling to al-Qaeda and its supporters. The U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia met with Sibsi and showed him documents that convict them of financial dealings in weapons to support terrorism in Asia and North Africa. Ambassador said he would turn documents over to the ICC, showing they were attempting to liquidate political opposition by using the Justice system. Fingers are pointing to Justice Minister Nurdeen Bahiri.”

This is the typical modus operandi in which terrorist groups join al-Qaeda. The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which has been led by Abdel Hakim Belhaj, had an increasingly cooperative relationship with al-Qaeda. The two groups officially joined together in 2007, the same year Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri referred to Belhaj as a ‘brother’.

It is high time that America learns about the Libyan Islamist rebel regime, which is claimed by Obama to represent “a democratic and humanitarian alternative” to the Great Jamahiriya; that is utterly false. As the West Point study reports:

“Today, it is clear that the United States is providing modern weapons for the Libyan rebels through Saudi Arabia and across the Egyptian border with the active assistance of the Egyptian army and of the newly installed pro-US Egyptian military junta. This is a direct violation of UN Security Council resolution 1973, which calls for a complete arms embargo on Libya.”

Our contacts provided photos of genetic mutations caused by such weapons. The victims of these crimes against humanity include women who are treated at rape centers and are the targets of an official order by religious leaders that bans women from travel unattended. An imaged copy of the edict (pictured down) from the official Libyan NATO  Mufti Sadeq Abdul Rahman Al-Gharyiani reads:”Women are not allowed travel without a consort… either by plane or in a car.” This document also has the official seal of the transitional government.

”Women are not allowed travel without a consort… either by plane or in a car.”

Appointing Libyan fighters to oust the Great Jamahiriya was akin to appointing the same individuals with the same ideology as Al-Qaeda. That ideology was established by the fighting groups that were involved in the Afghan-Russian war. It was these groups that were aided by NATO forces and supported by the Obama administration, which wanted the removal of the Great Jamahiriya.

According to West Point authors Joseph Felter and Brian Fishman, Saudi Arabia was most prolific when it came to sheer numbers of jihadis sent to combat the United States and other coalition members in Iraq during the time frame in question.

Yet, president Obama’s Wahhabist family in Kenya sends recruits to the most virulent and extremist Wahhabi Sharia schools of theology in Saudi Arabia known to produce terrorists while illegally using president Obama’s name to raise the necessary funds from the United States, all under the false pretense that these funds go to help AIDS victims and other humanitarian efforts. This is an ironclad case, which includes the testimony of Musa Ismail Obama (Barack’s cousin), that the Obama Empire extended its influence all over Africa and Saudi Arabia, strictly to expand Islamic extremism across the globe.

With the utter silence from the western mainstream media, history will definitely record the United States’ Middle Eastern influence in the halls of shame.

Today, Libya is in a state complete anarchy. There is no law and order, militias and gangs of terrorists control the cities. The Government of Libya installed by Obama is Al-Qaeda. The perpetrators of the 9/11/01 attacks are now in control of the largest oil-producing nation in Africa and Obama handed it to them. Al-Qaeda resided in 2 countries before Obama became president. It now resides in 30 countries and totally owns one – among the richest of all – LIBYA.


Patterns: Benghazi, Tripoli and Kidnapping


Note: The following report shall be introduced as Addendum L to Ironclad: Egypt involved in Benghazi Attacks. It is intended to demonstrate a pattern of behavior with Muslim Brotherhood-inspired Islamists. That pattern involves kidnapping for the sole purpose of releasing high value targets captured by the U.S. and the west.

Kidnapping to free the Blind Sheikh and al Libi?Kidnapping to free the Blind Sheikh and al Libi?

An Islamic group in Libya is calling for U.S. journalists to be kidnapped and used in an effort to secure the release of Abu Anas al Libi, who is wanted for his role in the 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. Al Libi was captured in Tripoli, Libya by U.S. Special Forces on October 5th. Five days later, Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane was abducted by Islamists and held for several hours, (which the West made it appear to be in response to Al Libi’s capture but was actually to stand trial for bribary and corruption in the government).

Here is what Bill Gertz of WFB wrote about this latest development:

The most serious threat included a posting on Facebook warning that U.S. journalists in the country will be kidnapped and used to try and exchange them for Abu Anas al Libi, who was snatched by commandos on Saturday in the Libyan capital.

Most of the threats appeared on the Facebook page “We are all Nazih al Rugai”—another name used by al Libi. The site was opened Oct. 6 and closed on Wednesday.

Other Libyan Islamists issued threats to target U.S. interests in North Africa, Malta, and Italy. The group Al Ruqayat Rebels Assembly posted the statement on Facebook and said the attacks would be in retaliation for the “treacherous abduction” of al Libi.

Islamists also called for mass demonstrations outside the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli.{emphasis ours}

The excerpts from Gertz’s article above are potentially very important because they may establish a pattern of behavior within the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya. Take notice of the obscure and previously unknown name of the group that wants to use kidnapped journalists in a prisoner swap for al Libi; it goes by the name Al Ruqayat Rebels Assembly. Had it gone by the name Ansar Al-Sharia, for example, we’d have something quite interesting indeed but if both groups are identified as Muslim Brotherhood extensions, we still do.

Consider the parallels between al Libi and Omar Abdul Rahman (the “Blind Sheikh”). Both are highly regarded by the Brotherhood and forces loyal to it. On June 5-6, 2012, a group identifying itself as the Imprisoned Omar Abdul Rahman Brigades attacked the U.S. Special Mission Compound (SMC) that was ultimately attacked on 9/11/12. The charter of this group can be found in its name; it wants the “Blind Sheikh” released. The lead terrorist in that June 5th attack is believed to have been Tarek Taha Abu Al-Azm and that attack was allegedly in response to the killing of Al-Qaeda No. 2, Abu Yahya al Libi one day earlier.

If the “Blind Sheikh” brigades and Al-Qaeda are all that different, why did the former seek to avenge the death of a leader belonging to the latter? The answer: they’re both Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Gertz, Islamists were called to perform “mass demonstrations outside the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli” for the purpose of demanding al Libi’s release. This leads to EXHIBIT Z from our“Ironclad” Report.

For months prior to the 9/11/12 attack in Benghazi, protesters were outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo demanding the release of the “Blind Sheikh”. As our EXHIBIT Z points out, CNN was at the scene of these protests with the Blind Sheikh’s son and Mohammed al-Zawahiri, the brother of Al-Qaeda’s number 1, Ayman al-Zawahiri on the morning of the attack on that embassy and the SMC in Benghazi.

Yet, despite this, CNN did not report that the attack on the embassy later that day or the SMC in Benghazi later that night may have had something to do with the “Blind Sheikh” (See EXHIBIT Z3). CNN, along with the White House, parroted the notion that both attacks were in response to a video.

Check out Ansar Al-Sharia’s reaction to the capture of al Libi, via WFB:

The Libyan jihadist group Ansar al Sharia, that has been linked by U.S. officials to the September 2012 terror attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, denounced the al Libi operation but did not issue a direct threat against the United States, a U.S. official said.

However, Ansar al Sharia criticized the Libyan government for weakness in allowing the operation and called for a major campaign to seek al Libi’s release. {emphasis ours}

So, why would a group that was behind the murder of four Americans – one an Ambassador – suddenly be exercising calm, compared to the reaction of the obscure Al Ruqayat Rebels Assembly, which is calling for the kidnapping of American journalists to get al Libi released? Could it be that doing as Al Ruqayat is doing might connect a few dots relative to Ansar Al-Sharia’s willingness to use hostages to seek the release of high value prisoners like the “Blind Sheikh” and al Libi?

At a minimum, Ansar Al-Sharia and Al Ruqayat Rebels Assembly have found common cause, which fits right in with the premise that both groups are simply extensions of the Muslim Brotherhood, the same Muslim Brotherhood that was leading Egypt at the time of the Benghazi attack and the U.S. Embassy attack in Cairo earlier that day.

There are far too many unanswered questions when it comes to what happened in Benghazi but when it comes to the reaction of Islamists to the capture of al Libi, it would seem that we may be establishing a pattern of behavior that might lend credence to the possibility that the Benghazi attack was about a kidnapping operation gone bad.


Libby parliamentary threatens to freeze the membership of some members if the monopoly Abushmin continued decisions of the Conference

A member of the Libyan General National Congress (parliament), Abubakar Abdulkadir that some members of Congress in connection freeze their membership in the event of continuing the policy of the presidency of the National Conference for what it is. The newspaper (the new Libya) said on Monday, citing statements by Abdul Qadir, that many of the members in the process of freezing their membership in the case of the continuation of the policy of Nuri Abu arrows, an actor and a decision on the rest of the members, and the continuation of the current powers and authority


Page, DC
Ali Zaidane said that the situation will change after the feast will be used Residents addressed the powers that one does not come demanding the right to his son in the case of murder by the state …Abdullah thankless at the last meeting, Les said after the feast Congress and the government out ….Touati Alaadh the said after the feast Libyan people Hikhrj the Aalmatmr corrupt and Bitlauhm ….Mohammed Bouksiqis threatened to conference Aloovernmh in the case not to correct the conditions of Libya and the implementation of demands of Hevdham people leaves the Americans and the French, Germans, Italians and Turks, led by Qatar ….Shen is the scenario to expect after the feast becomes only …Shi Shi!!!
صفحة العاصمة
……………………………….علي زيدان صرح ان الوضع سيتغير بعد العيد وسيتم استخدام القوى وخاطب الاهالي بأن لا يأتي احد يطالب بحق ابنه في حالة قتل من قبل الدولة …عبدالله ناكر في اخر لقاء ليه قال بعد العيد الحكومة والمؤتمر out ….التواتي العيضة قال بعد العيد الشعب الليبي حيخرج عالمؤتمر الفاسد وبيطلعوهم ….محمد بوقصيقيص هدد المؤتمر الوحكومة في حالة عدم تصحيح اوضاع ليبيا وتنفيذ مطالب الشعب حيفضحهم بأوراق الامريكان والفرنسيين والالمان والطليان والاتراك وعلى رأسهم قطر ….شن هو السيناريو الي تتوقعوا يصير بعد العيد والا …شي شي !!!



Tripoli / Al-Andalus

Car Hyundai lens type random you baller protect the front-mail Andalus neighborhood evacuated two people were killed

immediately and the baller protection on other car next to the car park next to the mosque Bin Fadl of this escape.

The person who was targeted Andalus neighborhood shortly before his name Atef Alvkina.

At  least two citizens were killed in al – Andalus neighborhood in Tripoli after an unidentified car opened fire on them and motives are still unknown.
Since the small car Mazda 323 type leaden without color plates targeting one of the citizens was taken to a hospital street corner, and the operation

took place near the car collector Alsqa and the 3 gunmen ..

Problematic in a market Friday between the region’s youth El Ogail data and voices heard before the shooting, God willing, good.

Lead targeting both the left ” Atef Vkina ” and the ” Khaled Bacouche ”
B Al – Andalus , during أشتباكهم with unidentified Hyundai car and b
Was arrested on an infected criminals because someone was arrested inside
Hospital , and others were caught in front of the clinic paradise with their car
That Kanu use in armed robberies by the city of Tripoli .

# Tripoli

Mermaid operations room

Aahal Friday Market News killed Atnan of deterrence in the street El Ogail data “Arada clinic” deterrence now lengthy Qin place

Channel capital
Government appoints Colonel Mohammed Souissi Chief Justice of the Supreme Security Committee Chairman of the Security

Directorate of Tripoli, succeeding Colonel Mahmoud Al-Sharif.

Urgent #
The house of a member of the National Conference of Tripoli Nizar Kawan fire a rocket hit his house shot RPG is not known yet of casualties or not #



News the first day of Eid al – Adha

– Deaths and injuries in clashes with heavy weapons between Mahmoud Sons and Nalut mountain west .

An armed clash erupted between gunmen from Nalut and other Alhawwamd
And citizen reported killed , ” Emad Mansour al – Mahmoudi ,” and still
Engorged situation , and the Elders of the mountain trying to control, and did not أتحصل
Official sources from both sides , but one of the Elders of the mountain .


And Rishvana ….

Free and Rishvana to feel safe from the Sawani road to Azizia to all the brothers work Popat and official checkpoints and special inspection

of opaque glass holders to maintain security and safety for all passers brothers accidentally Azizia …… Every year, you okay

(Secret Alcdoh)




The people of the city of Benghazi by pouring the blood of sacrifice in the way an expression of grief and size killings

witnessed in the city and were the Motunaian masses chanting (and Link Aamuammr and dependents Benghazi Hjalh):


Urgent Urgent Benghazi

I am God and to Him we return

Moved to the mercy of God Tariq Faraj soldier Khaled Alakora , housing in the neighborhood peace
And the death of another person to grasped Dinala the Alakora
The wounded so far:
Tariq Alzentani housing in the neighborhood peace
Munir Faraj housing in al-Salam neighborhood

The story is as follows :
Young as Einin the Maskin Tokh and Bgtthm two kind Toyota Fjah the cars tinted glass Aqthmou camp and extinguish loss them and Ktefoa the young following Hmaa now wound Kano because they do not carry weapons
Periodic and when I came back following the late Tariq and Dinala Raoúa friends Taahieddin on the ground and Hatian criminals guns over the heads of their friends and they attacked their car in order to Asttohm were bullets of treachery waiting of these Elmejrmyin the masked

Knowing that the story of my brother , because the monsters of the late Tariq close to us in al-Salam neighborhood behind the bakery Dali

Mnicoowoowol of t . Barasi

Targeting booth’s sales rose by proximity to the clinic Marwa City
Benghazi, causing no casualties, and resulted in losses

The bombing of the kiosk who compared for Marwa clinic, and damaged the clinic interface dramatically ..

FILE for Marwa clinic after the bombing near the clinic Benghazi

Booth for bombing a clinic Marwa

And the strength of the explosion lead to the fall of Glass Sanatorium Marwa on some patients

  • عااااااااااااااااااااااجل

    تفجير كشك مقابل لمصحة المروة

    وقوة التفجير تؤدي الي سقوط زجاج مصحة المروة علي بعض المرضي

    Urgent …

    Clashes in Benghazi news now .. and set on fire in several commercial possibility.

  • This is the case even in the holidays bone …Benghazi take its stake now and pay the price ..May Tgon the Day whereon neither remorse ..
  • FLASH huge fire in Benghazi now ..
    Flammable conflagration the brushes object Bswoowoouk the manufacturer Badriyah city of Benghazi now ..
  • Asham el-watan (alla, moamer, libya only):
     Flammable conflagration market brushes object Badriyah area city of Benghazi ..
    One of the largest malls in the city ..
  • Six cases of suffocation and reached to Galaa Benghazi hospital, after
    Fire to mattresses market next to “the Egyptian market,” and
    Out all the cases after treatment, and are the owners of the shops
    Who Haulo save what can be saved without interest and now the roof of the building
    Falling and rising flames, and not to control the fire
    And civil defense cars and lightning, and the port of Benghazi trying to put out
    Fire, but to no avail.Fire in the furniture market near the mosque Badriyah ..
  • Fire brushes near Shops Badriyah market Benghazi shortly before.

Malta has evacuated their Benghazi consolate:

Malta manifested consul of the city of Benghazi

News sources reported that Malta has postponed its consul in Benghazi after receiving its diplomatic mission there to terrorist threats.

Assassination Dean: Imad Salam  of Mahdavi in Sabri after leaving the area of the Eid prayers at a mosque Interface Language’m surgeon

Urgent Benghazi

– found 4 Army officers with their throats slit in Benghazi …

Gunmen kill Libya air force officer in Benghazi

BENGHAZAI, Libya (AFP) — A Libyan air force officer was killed and another security forces member badly wounded on Sunday in two separate attacks in the eastern city of Benghazi, an official said.

“Unidentified assailants opened fire on Abdelfattah al-Ryani, an air force officer, in the Al-Hadaek region of Benghazi,” Colonel Abdullah al-Zaidi of the security services told AFP.

The officer “died after being struck by bullets in the head and chest,” he added.

In the other attack, Abdessalam al-Dursi, a colonel in a police anti-drugs unit, was gravely wounded when a bomb planted in his car exploded.

Officials at Benghazi’s Al-Jala hospital said Dursi suffered serious leg injuries and that his condition was “critical.”

Aaaaaaaajl O addicted and publish quickly ::

Today has been dawn killed bodyguards and a group of wounded soldiers from Battalion 147 Infantry at Camp Guard facilities in

Budzirh when beak exactly dead and one named Tariq Faraj Alakora of Al-Salam and other Mesh Aref name but sure even he

Denali Alakora. So far Unknown offender, but cars I found scorched and murder indicate the way it is one of the extremist militant groups

And one person to be a very good neighbor and

God and yes agent

Quoted Akram Altlesi, and Solomon Slaoui
News about the assassination of Brigadier “Imad “, as rumored , a security source confirmed
Now that there is no Dean named ” Emad” in the history of the Libyan army , and
News untrue , and will be sure of a doctor after a few sources .

Colonel the “Jalil Altarhuni” 147 infantry battalion command that
Filter has both “Fattah Alhmala Muhammad” and “Tariq
Faraj Khalid Alakora “of Men’s National Army personnel battalion
147 infantry to the main gate to the headquarters of a booklet morning charges
B Ras beak b city of Benghazi Mgdoren wounded, having
Tech Bill HMO liquidated by unknown assailants as said, “Altarhuni”
B he fell a number of wounded after Ashe Tbakem with offenders, and
Burial ceremony will be after this afternoon by Hawari cemetery.
أكد العقيد ” عبدالجليل الترهوني” أمر كتيبة 147 مُشاة بـ أنه
تمت تصفية كــلاً من ” عبدالفتاح الهمالي محمد ” و ” طــارق
فرج خالد العقوري” من رجال الجيش الوطني التابعين لـ كتيبة
147 مشاة بـ البوابــــة الرئيسة بـ مقر كتيب تهم صبيحه اليوم
بـ راس المنقار بـ مدينة ا لمغدوريـن بنغازي الجريــحــه ، بعد أن
تم تك بيل همو تصفيتهم من قبل مجهولين كما قال ” الترهوني”
بـ أنه سقط عدد من الجرحـــى بعد أش تباكهم مـــع الجناه ، و
مراسم الدفن ستكون بعد عصر اليوم بـ مقبرة الهواري .

حصري سالم العبيدي




News Agency Libyan army
The arrest of vehicle tracking security committee in the city of Supreme Jufrah citizens are stealing and robbery them,,



The arrival of Abu Anas al – Libi to the United States .. The start of his trial Tuesday

Abu Anas al – Libi , a senior al – Qaeda (DOUBLE AGENT)

The U.S. official said Abu Anas al – Libi , suspected of belonging to al-Qaeda, who was arrested by U.S. special forces in Libya , last week, came to the United States to face criminal charges.

Suspected of involvement fair Alriqiei , which is known as Abu Anas al – Libi , the bombing of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 , killing 224 civilians .

The U.S. special force arrested « al – Libi in the streets of Tripoli , on October 5 , and secretly transferred to naval vessel in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea , where he took a team of investigators questioning.

The head of the federal prosecutors in Manhattan said that « al – Libi will appear before court on Tuesday.



Russian President Vladimir Putin, a letter of appeal.

Dear Mr. President,

We ask you to cancel or modify the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 09.03.2011 N 286 “On Measures to Implement Resolution 1970 of the Security Council of the United Nations February 26, 2011″ for all applications Presidential Decree.

Due to the adoption of Resolution 1970 of the Security Council of the United Nations February 26, 2011, Provides for the use of a number of limitations on the Great Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree two companies introduce a number of restrictions on Libya and Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi and members of his family.
March 17, 2011 the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 ADOPTED, which Authorized military intervention Libya Effectively and complete destruction. Under the guise of “no fly zone”, NATO aircraft bombed the peaceful town of Libya and destroyed civilian property and infrastructure.

Now we see That the country was prosperous before. In Libya, there is virtually no power, his place was taken by the government, which is not popular. In the country has no laws in many cities in Libya’s rampant gang radical jihadis and mercenaries of the international terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.

Russia has always been synonymous With The main positions of peace and non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states. But we can not ignore the fact of direct genocide against the Libyan people.
Security Council on the Proposed AND ADOPTED Russia to June 20 statement demanding an end to Human rights violations in Libya, in particular, the use of torture and extra-judicial Executions of people.

“The members of the Security Council condemned the acts of torture and abuse That Occur in illegal detention centers in Libya,” – the document says.

UN Security Council emphasizes That “the practice of torture and extrajudicial killings are unacceptable.”Countries of the Security Council of the UN Also called on the Libyan Authorities to investigate all Human rights violations in the country and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Remember what will soon be two years since the 29 Citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are languishing in a Libyan prison under fabricated militants, but overturned by the Court of charges Libya.
The situation in Libya, With each passing day more and more out of control. The Russian government has the right to cancel the sanctions’ against Muammar Gaddafi’s family to continue with the relatives of Libyan respected to resolve peacefully through dialogue Between Negotiations and all the patriotic forces of the situation in the country.

We Asked them to cancel or modify the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 09.03.2011 N 286 “On Measures to Implement Resolution 1970 of February 26, 2011, the Security Council of the UN”, With all accessories the decree, and to initiate a direct Dialogue with all political forces in Libya, in the interests of peace and security of the Libyan people.

Western politicians do not deny That the main objective of the Libyan war is the physical removal of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, the Natural Control of Libya’s resources and the establishment of a pro-Western regime.

source: Nicholas Sologubovsky. HTTP: / /

People’s Committees and Popular Congresses must be permitted to reassemble!

STATES and militias Libya: Blood on the Sand

by Mustafa Elzaidi (and slightly EDITED for  better claifiation of terminologies herein used):

Mu attends a People's Committeee

Where is Libya heading today? A question is raised after the military intervention of NATO was able to overthrow the revolutionary GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, led by the leader Muammar al-Qathafi and the attempt to impose an interim authority in accordance with Western standards. But, as is always the case, false premises lead to false results. The West, perhaps under the influence of the false tears of Abdul Rahman Shalgam, did not pay enough attention to the details of political and social situation in Libya.

Libya emerged exhausted from the Italian colonial period in the middle of the last century where it was subjected to genocide and displacement operations and the resettling of Italians in place of the Libyans. The country suffered three great famines: in 1923, 1936 and 1947 as a result of a long stage of oppression and ethnic/tribal cleansing practiced by the Turks along a period of more than five centuries.

The victorious countries in World War II attempted to subject Libya as a colony of one of the defeated Axis countries to their control politically and economically. Thus, they set up a puppet regime that kept the interests of the victorious nations in the form of direct military bases and unlimited economic and political influence.

However, the case of the national consciousness in the Arab region brought about by the national revolution of Egypt has spread to Libya, where a progressive revolution broke out led by the Free Unionist Officers’ Movement headed by the leader Muammar al-Qathafi.

The First of September Revolution (Al Fateh Revolution) worked to build a modern independent state: it evacuated the foreign bases and the Italian settlers; nationalized the major sources of wealth “oil and banks”; and executed plans to bring about economic and social development through the expansion of schooling, the development of infrastructure and the search for alternative sources for oil. It also conducted, since the mid-seventies, an experiment to involve citizens in the political process through the project of direct democracy. However, due to its domestic, regional and international policies Libya was set on a collision course with the west.
Muammar Gaddafi was classified as the number one enemy of the Western colonial project and was subjected to continuous attempts of elimination, the most important of which was the direct military aggression in 1986 to kill him.

At the outbreak of unrest in Tunisia at the end of 2010, the forces hostile to the Al Fateh Revolution availed themselves of the opportunity to form a local alliance from ex-prisoners Islamists, liberals and some tribes in Cyrenaica, but mostly from Misurata to face up to their “17 February  ‘Revolution’ “. The Alliance managed to get media and financial support from the major Gulf States associated with the West to spark a civil war in February 2011 that was successful in dragging the major powers to direct military intervention.

Despite the full state of siege imposed on the country and limited resources and without regional or international support, Libya managed to withstand for a long period of time in the face of the military operations of NATO and its allies. But in the end, the firepower of NATO was capable of resolving the battle….

more than a year and a half of the occupation of Cyrenaica, one may raise the question: What are the results of those events in Libya today?

One look at the political and social reality in Libya illustrates a status of total chaos, and dispersion into small separate States. Every city and region is managed in practice independently through rival militia boards. In the city of Tripoli alone, there are more than 19 military councils
that have nothing to do with one another. The cities are disconnected: the city of Alzentan has nothing to do with Gheryan city, nor does the city of Zwara relate to the city of Aljmeil, nor has Derna City any relations with Albeidha City. Despite being adjacent cities, militia-guarded gates separate them from each other totally.

The General National Congress (Interim Puppet “Government”) do not exist on the ground. Their essential mission is to disburse funds to these militias and to issue arbitrary laws against Great Jamahiriya / al-Qathafi supporters.

According to 2006 statistics, the population of Libya is 5,250,000, with more than 537,000 now refugees in Tunisia, as reported by Mr. Jamal Jernaz, ambassador of Libya in Tunisia. Egypt’s official statistics, with respect to the number of displaced Libyans, point to about 850,000
citizens. Mr. Ali Al Sallabi, de facto ruler of Libya from behind the curtain, said in an interview in the Libyan state television that the number of displaced Libyans emigrating from the paradise of the alleged “revolution” is more than 1.5 million. According to him, there are 25,000 Libyan asylum seekers in Italy alone, while the Libyans in Chad, Niger and Mali are almost a quarter of a million; in Algeria, Morocco and Jordan the number is more than 150,000 at the very least.

Does the talk about democracy and human rights mean to empty Libya from its population for the simple fact that most of them are pro GREAT JAMAHIRIYA / al-Qathafi?

In an exchange with Mr. Feltman, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State in Tunisia on July 16, 2011, in an attempt to find a political solution to the Libyan crisis, I told him that the leading forces behind the military operations waged against the legitimate State in Libya is the al-Qaeda
Organization. I know that the Americans received our assertion cynically and did not pay any attention to it. The events today confirm that the backbone of the armed militia in control of Libya is the al-Qaeda groups. Mr. Abdul Hakim Alhsadi or Abdul Basit Azouz in Derna City are
not alone; they have colleagues scattered all over the country. As vital operatives of the government Al Sedik Algheiti is Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense, Al Hadi Alkhadhrawi is Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, while Mustafa Alsaqizli and Abdullah Dawadi are in charge of the Veterans Affairs. The Security Committees and Military Councils around the country are littered with other associates of theirs: Ismail Al Sallabi and Fawzi Abuktef are pivotal members of the Security Committee in Benghazi, and Abdel-Wahab Qaid, a brother of Hassan Qaid “Abu Yahya al-Libi,” is head of the Security Committee in the south, while Ali Ishtewi and his companions control the Security Committee of Syrte. In the Tripoli area, the Security Committee is headed by Abdel-Raouf Kara and Abdul Wahab Gnifid, the Security Committee of the city of Tarhuna is chaired by Abdul Aleem Saedi, while Embarek Alftmani aka “Bin Laden” is in charge of the Security Committee of Bin Walid.

The Military Council of GHARYAN & THE WESTER REGION is headed by Alijmi Alaitri and Taher Al Jdei. These Qaida operatives are not less important than Abdul Hakim Belhadj and Nabil Saadi, all of whom are al Qaeda veterans who fought in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Iraq. No matter how the Western powers tried to turn a blind eye on these details or were deluded into the possibility of absorbing such individuals into a fake political process, the fact remains that they are quick-paced to strengthen Al-Qaeda in what they call the Islamic Maghreb, starting with the formation of an Al Qaida nucleus in Tunisia, the reviving and arming of Al Qaeda in Egypt and expansion in the sub-Saharan area.

As we have already warned the world, the Libyan society is a tribal society where the Italian colonialism and the Turkish before it left, as we have tribal feuds that the Al Fateh Revolution tried to bridge. Recent events had enough fuel to stoke them and revive the already warned world, where the historical alliance between the Gaddafa/ Alqmazfah tribes, the Rafla, Werfalla and Algromathi (of Zintan) tribes are on one side against the Turlish-Zionista jews of Misurata on the other,  between the tribes of Nalut and the tribes of Al Siaan, and among the tribes of Zwara and the tribes of Aljmeil. However, the most serious outcome of these events was the unprecedented ethnic/tribal cleansing never witnessed in Libyan history. All the people of Tawergha were forced to abandon their homes in Tawergha for being of black skin by the adjacent city of Misurata, where the majority of the population is of Turkish origin. An ethnic war broke out between the Tobu on one side, and the Zweia tribes and Awlad Soleiman on the other side, in Kufra and Sebha, and between the Tuareg and the inhabitants of Ghadames.

The conflict between the east of the country and the west is also looming and the war drums began to beat as heavily as ever. The process of declaring Cyrenaica an independent state is in full swing, and the forces of Barqa are stationed since more than one month in the Red Valley
area which is the boundary between Cyrenaica and Tripoli.The result of NATO’s operations in Libya is visibly clear and could be characterized as total chaos; armed militias everywhere; financial, media and military momentum to Al Qaeda Organization; and a country on the brink of civil war. The government appointed by NATO is a sham, needed for media and publicity, while the alleged elections are not practically possible in light of the dysfunctional security situation, unless it is merely a play to distract public opinion.

By means of his limited private fortune, Bin Laden was successful in forming an organization that threatened world security and peace, the leaders of the west mocked Libya’s request to capture Bin Laden in the early years of the beginning of his activity. How would it be the case if Abdul Hakim Belhadj, Abdel Basset Azzouz and their groups established their base, propelled by this huge amount of money that Muammar al-Qathafi wanted to save for the future Libyan generations, in this vast Libyan Desert, overlooking Europe from the south and the African forest from the north? There is no doubt that a nightmare awaits the world.

The Libyan crisis can be solved now, but time will make it the more complex… Now the majority of Libyan men and women are against al Qaeda and its militias and policies. They are ready to resist it, but they lack assistance and support. The Libyans are able to choose a democratic tool to manage their affairs under their own Great Jamahiriya system if they were given the opportunity to freely determine their own destiny away from the influence of the militias.

The world intervened under the pretext of protection of civilians, but all reports published by international organizations and human rights groups and truth commissions confirm that there were no systematic killings of civilians, or acts of rape and that it is nothing more than pre-planned media lies intended to topple the revolutionary regime in Libya.

Today, those killed in Libya since the removal of the Great Jamahiriya until now exceed 900,000.

Pro – western International human rights organizations talk about imaginary numbers of detainees ( exceeding 30,000) in secret prisons run by armed teenagers with no moral or legal controls, where all forms of torture and persecution are practiced against innocent people, and where the detainees are considered guilty until proven innocent.

t. The judicial system is absolutely broken, and ex-criminals are in charge of security. For example, the Medina Police Station in Tripoli, one of the biggest police stations in the capital is managed by a former prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment for drug trafficking. Thus is the case in other cities.

The Libyan scene today: more than a third of the population is forced to relocate abroad … Entire cities and tribes are displaced at home … People are treated according to their tribal identities, and not because they are Libyan nationals … Libya is practically a disassembled, devastated State: no laws, no security, no safety. Is not this sufficient justification for international intervention to protect civilians and to protect the rights of individuals and the defense of freedoms?

The (planted intothe Great Jamahiriya along with Musa Kusa, Mamoud Jabril and Judge Jalil) CIA-operative Shalgam’s false tears, which he shed in the Security Council, deceived the world and I am sure that he regrets them if he still has some degree of humanity. It is about time that the conscience of the world—moved by the rivers of blood flowing from the Libyan men, women and children— and the pain of millions who suffer from oppression, discrimination and displacement in order to correct what political mistakes he committed, the price of which was paid by the innocent people of the major Libyan tribes such as Tawergha, Meshashia, Gadadfa, Tobo, Wershefana, Werfalla and Tarhuna.

 The Libyans must achieve self-determination without pressure and be able to  work their Great Jamhiriya system of direct democracy, without external interference and to secure their future according to their requirements and desires.

Prof. Mustafa Elzaidi
Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Libya


The people already have a direct democratic system by which they use their own Popular Congresses and People’s Committees to legislate and take care of all matters

And once again, I tell you all, that it was NOT “Gaddafi’s Regime” but rather the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (People’s Power of the Masses) which NATO, and the Wahabist/Salafists supposedly “overthrew”….It still exists, as the people themselves never dissolved their powers.


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