Final Hitch? and downfall of the West in North Africa

Mu solid

The largest gathering of the great conqueror rebels * Salim and plateau *

Peace be upon you and God ‘s mercy and blessings …
Greetings for free to great conqueror steadfast rest Aaalad and Alambda .

I have the honor with my stay as addicted in this topic brilliant page , which move in the reality of the ground and crushed agents and traitors
Mutual scandals are paid either through their channels or their pages meager ……

Actually it Page wonderful largest gathering just seen great conqueror Abu Salim and plateau and will be in Sqahtkm News exclusive to expose customers through international channels and I salute you, high morale and with God’s help will surprise the world and not Libyans only on our victory shown on Aalamlae and traitors because we are the owners of the right to this topic pure land pure cited for her honorable ask God to have mercy on them all and lifting the release of all prisoners from the prisons of militias and criminal gangs Secretary ..

Congratulations to you, the people of Sidi steadfastness, and commander Tbaatkm and insistence in front of customers

and what you see now NATO of Alfberaarien scandals , whether openly before the world or within Kowalashm in the country

and Congress is not funded by the National Intelligence U.S. and French ..

Abu Salim and the plateau …

Backbones Mermaid Tripoli glory greetings to all of you acclaimed Nzalkm the indomitable courage which Jardan although you simple honest people ,

but your love of the Commander and the nation: this is a great honorseeing him (Mu’ammar) all the Libyan tribes honest …

Brother .. As assets

Explanation of the vision of Sheikh Abdel Salam Al-Asmar to the Libyan people 500 years ago
Explanation of the vision of Sheik Abdul-Salam Al-Asmar:In the name of God the merciful … He said the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him on the right.Vision part of the prophecy. The Messenger of God (PBUH)And after. Here we try to make clear vision may need famous among Libyans until it became an obsession for some of them, comment on them and forget God Almighty in his command before and after … … Vahadro my brothers they see and think surely it’s true vision of man in the distant past and I ask you to not do you think it’s bound to salvation wetnso God and then the warning, and in some sense explained verbally without explanation, others wherein the meaning and interpretation of the work which the interested without specifying.

And write you. Aigikm born Badawi from under the camels here means the boy saghbr age when it comes to either under the camels had drunk milk from camels during the period of breast-feeding and baby after his weaning drinking camel milk. Judge you 40 years and this is clear. Idir you how what shows you how below and tkhedmo you are submissive jaivin meaning of which is being hypocrite and shows no pads.
You how dogs trhabo the next wetnbhao on walking into come to describe the poor dogs not benefiting lallharash and grazing and human is in fact. He knew tabkm means knew how to deal with you so that the treatment was laamthalkm. And how the khantoni betkhonoh is known that Sheikh Abdul Salam Al-Asmar fitouri displays his betrayed his group almost kill him and killed his son Imran Devin Scott cemetery even Shaykh in one famous poem,, khalouni khalouni cry Christiana is narrowed eyes shaloh enemies, and caused this betrayal of Sheikh was forced out of the city of Benghazi to the area called Citadel and do not want to enter here to explain the story of Sheik is intended to clarify it occurred to him of treason. And these awaidkm from generation to generation and intended of Khan wetdkro in one of the words is meant by this vision, he said, esalo El zorouf to their ancestors whom they know them.
And the two of you haisin and blood allerkab and it shows that the blood keeps daily everywhere without any feelings of moving for the whole story when you hear that people were killed. In each Division, and the Division is a branch of the Valley and means here in the country and glory to God is vision comes and says,, Tosin Dar Dar an individual person, is.

Wethaslo Sidra and got him in very tiny Thistle leaf Sidra and grow up a coherent and mutually supportive manner is hard to hack if I threw the net because the bird stands out is difficult to rid themselves of the many used by fisherman, Sidra and leave her on the birds lift after programming this is at all levels got her unusual topic where we are now.

Hey folks back home. Kaafir women after immoral women and here means human actions and immoral women from the people like the usury, adultery and other clandestine and open relative unfortunately spread this kind of acts between us before the event came after kaafir women and acts outside the pale of human and God forbid it in taking the kaafirs as fur in the Holy Quran’s text,, and most importantly is one of them,, and does not necessarily mean that the Act is immoral women mN a kaafir women and vice versa. And the perfidious after alkhatrath it also acts FA alkhathrath acts of officials as they prepare to ABN AMRO before the events of ltenvidh by the infidel masters the wage gap. Wegaet after the perfidious acts not imagine only was including confidence and this was like the Libyan delegate Nations conspirator, the Justice Secretary and the Attorney-General and and and. ..

Walzwat after freaks, freak is the human out of the ordinary in his actions to do a certain guilt by guilt walzwat vilified openly and show off. To send you to your mouths you exaggerated and you betraied intended here political and military officials.You exaggerated the sense you dismaied it wekbrtoh and it is simple and you betraied’ll present what you didn’t mean very, and you go to the other side of the battle.And that you believe you trembled.If you find any security and the security of the areas where you you trembled and is very dangerous, the slanderer on almnatav more dangerous than the enemy himself appears on the same defeat, it might run wild, is not equal something already in battle, weaken the motivation of combatants and sartorial genius. And that means if you dissembled polite polite to me and him and the enemy you dissembled and said we are with you until death and if polite enemy you said that why the unwavering stance and lifted you up to arms, pen, or Word that you defend the FA so you are hypocrites for both parties.
Lathzekron well and not thanking the grace God forbid these. Which does not remember the beautiful do you start after that you was tverho and they deny him not tedkronh welachkron grace and they laishkron God, not people with blessed them and on top of these blessings and secure the Lord alone cause us in this world.
Do you find light you thankless and rare for beautiful and here to stop him and he aaarafh himself to the public and their is underrated by the ungrateful. Or astguakm ghawi and here is Al ghawi band outside the Jamahiriya and known are walastghoaa is cunning and rhetoric to attract people of means of polarization. Or ask for the help of you is unjust and unfair here intended, which has no right to rule of the Islamic State is built gldtkem or ask for someone’s sympathy you puller and the removing of dressing up and dividing and start ask for someone’s sympathy you and he implores others and hard that vision that he implores anyone until the end. But you helped him, and here you helped you purified him of injustice and take off and you purified him in the sense that you tell the Sheik this OK this is not a thief and is dressing up. .. And here achieved this vision and the last part has not been achieved, we will enumerate him to you in the next segment. With the help of God.
Two years after your companion used are you??? …Recall taking cues and the lesson of the best stories in the Koran and Allah ordered you here not to liken it to taking the only lesson you Surat Yusuf. And they came on his shirt with blood lie. And you tvesro to what I mean here can be your companion used from the same principles and values and I personally nominate the intent I..Aikmelkm the flanges and intended sharp swords waikmlkm mean you, you helped the removing of the infidel. Jack o creative visitors and ya anbshark mind wegnzor corner is pointing and Oh Tripoli yahavrh blood in you blood and o women-Hammamet and der Tripoli means here the children and youth of the daughters and sons of shiloni bin Gillan, a winding road on the mountain road to gharyan named bin Gillan is located.

They ride havaia means fear and panic and escape from death and leave everything behind you walasar builds weialamar and God. Means of obstructed labour and stop the war builds and baptized … again. And aghmar aghmar.Here means taking weapons from the streets and people to military barracks and dabble is a combined thing I supply with him between the arms.And money, said Willem. Meaning the abundance of money wektrth. West and East intensified aihd here means that the control of this man will be in the West, then goes East, intensified in the sense that the East stands.And placed on top of Hamad seems here that the name of an old mansion at the time Sheikh Hamad Abdul Salam area known as the city of misratah.O day, o..
Zliten countries Sirte, kadhafi splendor machine belts save and fayafi here for the first time mentioned in his vision as men and seen how God’s dearest city zliten with kadhafi in his 2 3 2011 who said it. Required all regions run how it greatly commended zliten in his logic was neglected in its officials. And how the beloved city of Sirte that destruction and Normandy. After missing you aldbarh Hey there it means see you in Sirte and complexity. And Idowu ylnam of zliten meaning take away his treatment and will recover from the zliten is intended here as interested in the battle occurring at Hamad of zliten, misratah as a region and not their men only zliten Start the Gospel betrhonh weborflh the fuse on their unity. Descend to Tripoli by the armies of the tractor. And ya me GM clarified Treaty of Misurata your sailors exit means his enemies across the sea and remind you here the word leader. Aftholhm sea of Webby flees solitude of yntelf. The fire in the east permeated It is morally and materially part of the delegation yesterday financially either morally Fa federal sparked .. on what will benefit them dismay Christians.
شرح لرؤية الشيخ عبد السلام الاسمر الي الشعب الليبي قبل 500 عام

شرح لرؤية لشيخ عبد السلام الاسمر:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم… قال سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم في الصحيح ..الرؤية جزء من اجزاء النبؤه .. صدق رسول الله عليه الصلاة والسلام

وبعد .. هنا نحاول ان نوضح رؤيه قد داع صيتها بين الليبين حتى اصبحت هاجسا للبعض منهم يعلق عليها اماله وينسى الله عز وجل في ان له الامر من قبل ومن بعد …… فاحدرو اخواني انها رؤية واظن يقينا انها رؤية حقيقيه لرجل صالح في الماضى البعيد نسبيا وارجو منكم ان لا تعتبروها مناصا للخلاص وتنسو الله عز وجل ووجب علي التحذير , وفي سردها اوضح بعضا من معانيها اللفظيه دون تفسيرها والبعض الاخر اوضح فيه المعنى والتفسير الذي اجتهد فيه المهتمون دون تحديد .. واكتب لكم .. ايجيكم ولد بدوي من تحت الابل وهنا يعنى بالولد صغبر السن عندما يأتيكم اما من تحت الابل يعني به انه قد شرب من حليب الابل اثناء فترة رضاعته وهو طفل رضيع ومن بعد فطامه يشرب حليب الابل .. يحكمكم اربعين عام وهذه واضحه .. ايدير فيكم كيف ما يبي فيكم تخدمو تحته كيف الخدم وانتم خانعين خايفين وهذا يعني لمن كان ينافق فيه ويظهر ما لا يبطن .. انتم كيف الكلاب ترحبو على الجاى وتنبحو على الماشي وهده تاتي لوصف الكلاب الهزيله التي لاتنفع لاللحراسه ولا للرعي ويتلخص في الانسان من هذا النوع في واقع الحال .. وهو عرف طبكم يعني عرف كيف يتعامل معكم جيدا حتى انه كان العلاج لاامثالكم .. وكيف ما خنتوني بتخونوه ومعروف ان الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر الفيتوري تعرض في حياته للخيانه من جماعته كادت تفتك بحياته وقتل فيها ابنه عمران دفين مقبرة الاسمري حتى قال الشيخ في احدى قصائده الشهيره ,, خلوني خلوني نبكي علي عمران هو ضي عيوني شالوه العديان ,, وقد سببت هذه الخيانه للشيخ انه اجبر علي الخروج من مدينه زليتن الي منطقه تدعى جبل القلعه ولا اريد ان ادخل هنا في شرح قصة الشيخ والمقصود توضيح انه قد وقعت له الخيانة .. وهذين عوايدكم من جيل لجيل والمقصود به من خان وتدكرو في احدى كلمات المقصود بهده الرؤية قال ,, اسالو علي اجدادهم تعرفوهم منهم ..

وعامين انتم حايسين والدم اللركاب وهذا واضح ان الدم يبقى يوميا في كل مكان دون اي مشاعر تتحرك لهول الخبر عندما تسمع بأن ناس قد قتلو .. في كل شعبه ووادي والشعبه هي تفرع عن الوادي ويعني هنا العموم في البلاد وسبحان الله المقصود بالرؤيه يأتي ويقول ,, زنقه زنقه دار دار فرد فرد ,, ..

وتحصلو حصلة الشبكه في السدره والسدره نبات كتير الشوك الصغير ويكبر متكاتف متماسك وصعب الاختراق و إذا رميت عليها شبكه الصيد لان الطيور تقف عليها يصعب ان تخلصها من السدره وكتير ما يستعملها الصياد ويتركها في السدره بعد تخليص الطيور منها وهذا ما يجري الان علي جميع المستويات حصله غير عاديه الموضوع الذي نحن فيه الان ..

يا اهل الوطن .. الكافرات بعد الفاجرات وهنا يعني افعال البشر والفاجرات من الافعال التي كانت تمارس من البشر كاالربا والزنا وغيرها بالخفيه والعلن النسبي وللاسف انتشر هذا النوع من الافعال بيننا قبل الاحداث وتاتي بعدها الكافرات وهي الافعال التي تخرج الانسان من المله والعياذ بالله وهي تحققت في موالاة الكفار فكفرو بنص القرأن الكريم ,,ومن والاهم فهو منهم ,, ولا يعني بالضروره ان يكون من فعل الفاجرات هو نفسه من فعل الكافرات والعكس صحيح .. والغادرات بعد الخاتراث وهي كذالك الافعال فا الخاثراث افعال من المسؤوليين وهم يتجهزون قبل الاحداث الي ما امرو به لتنفيده من قبل اسيادهم الكفرة الفجرة .. وجائت بعدها الغادرات وهي افعال لاتتصور الا من كان فيهم الثقه وهذا قد وقع مثل المندوب الليبي في الامم المتامره وامين العدل والنائب العام و و و .. والزوات بعد النزوات والنزوه هي خروج الانسان عن المالوف في افعاله ليفعل ذنب معين مذموم والزوات فعل الذنب بعلانية وتباهي .. ان يبعثكم الى ثغوركم غاليتم وخنتم والمقصود هنا المسؤولين السياسيين والعسكريين …غاليتم بمعنى هولتم الامر وكبرتوه وهو بسيط وخنتم يعني انكم لم تفعلو ما امرتم به وذهبتم للطرف الاخر من المعركه..وان امنتم ارتجفتم ..اي انكم إذا شعرتم بالامان وامن المناطق التي انتم فيها ارتجفتم وهو خطير جدا فالمرجفون في المناطف اخطر من العدو نفسه يظهر علي نفسه الهزيمه وان الامر قد انفلت منه وهو لايساوي شيء اصلا في المعركه فيضعف همم المقاتلين والصامدين .. وان خفتم نافقتم بمعنى إذا خفتم مني ومنه او من العدو نافقتم وقلتم نحن معك حتى الموت وإذا خفتم من العدو قلتم انه السبب في وقوفكم وحملكم للسلاح او القلم او الكلمه التي تدافعون بها فا ذا انتم منافقين لكلا الطرفين ..

لاثذكرون حسنه ولا تشكرون نعمه والعياذ بالله من هؤلاء.. اي لا تذكرون جميل فعله فيكم ابدا بعد ماكنتم تفرحو به وتنكرونه ولا تدكرونه ولاتشكرون نعمه وهو انهم لايشكرون الله ولا الناس فيما انعم الله عليهم وعلى راس هذه النعم الامن والامان الذي جعله ربي وحده سببا لنا في هدة الدنيا .. هل استخفكم ناكر و الناكر للجميل وهنا الخطاب لمن وقف معه وهو لايعرفه شخصيا من عامة الناس والاستخفاف يقع بهم من قبل ناكر الجميل .. او استغواكم غاوي وهنا المقصود بالغاوي الفرقه التي خارج الجماهيريه ومعروفين من هم والاستغواء هو المكر والكلام المعسول لاستجلاب البشر لصفه ويعني الاستقطاب .. او استنصركم ظالم والظالم هنا المقصود به الذي ليس له الحق في حكم الدوله الاسلاميه وهو من بني جلدتكم او استعطفكم خالع والخالع هنا من خلع عهده وقسمه دون وجه حق وبدء يستعطفكم ويستعطف غيركم والثابت ان المقصود بالرؤيه انه لم يستعطف احدا على الاطلاق حتى النهايه .. الا نصرتموه وزكيتموه وهنا نصرتم من ظلم وخلع وزكيتموه بمعنى انكم تقولوا هذا شيخ هذا طيب هذا ليس سارق وهو خلع عهده .. والى هنا تحققت هذه الرؤيه والجزء الاخير لم يتحقق بعد وسنسرده اليكم في الجزء القادم ..بعون الله

وبعد عامين يرد عليكم صاحبكم ؟؟؟ …اذكركم بأخذ العظه والعبره من احسن القصص في القرأن الكريم كما امركم الله عز وجل وهنا ليس لتشبيه بل لاخذ العبره فقط عليكم بسورة يوسف .. وجاؤوا على قميصه بدم كذب .. ولكم ان تفسرو ذلك لما اقصده هنا ويمكن ان يكون صاحبكم من يحمل نفس المبادي والقيم وانا شخصيا ارشح القصد الاول ..ايكملكم على اشفار الحديد والمقصود بها السيوف الحاده وايكملكم يعني انتم يا من ناصرتم الخالع والكافر .. جاك الخلا يا زواره ويا الزاويه انبشرك بالهم وجنزور هي الاشاره ويا طرابلس ياحفرة الدم فيك الدم للركب ويا ويلكم يا نساء ودر طرابلس ويعني هنا اطفالها وشبابها من بنات واولاد من شيلوني بن غيلان وهو طريق متعرج فى الجبل المؤدي الي غريان اسمه بن غيلان وهو موجود ..تركبن حفايا يعني خوف وهلع وهروب من الموت وترك كل شي خلفكم والعسار ينبنى ويالعمار والهنا.. يعني من تعسر بنائه واوقف بسبب الحرب يبنى ويعمر من جديد …. والسلاح اغمار اغمار ..وهنا يعني اخد السلاح من الشوارع والناس الي ثكناته العسكريه والغمار هو ضم الشي بكتره بين الذراعين ..والمال يا قلت من يلم .. بمعنى وفرة المال وكترته.. الغرب ايهد والشرق يشد وهنا يعني ان السيطره الاولى لهذا الرجل ستكون في الغرب ثم يذهب للشرق فيشد بمعنى ان الشرق يتمسك به ..والملاقاه في رأس حمد ويبدو هنا انه اسم قديم لقصر حمد في وقت الشيخ عبدالسلام المنطقه المعروفه بمدينة مصراته …يا عيد يا عاشوراء .. زليتن بلاد العز يا قذافي وسرت سيورها خلا وفيافي وهنا ل أول مره يذكر الشيخ في رؤياه اسم الرجل المقصود ورأينا كيف اعز الله مدينة زليتن لدى القذافي في خطابه 2 3 2011 الذي قال فيه .. مفروض كل المناطق ادير كيف زليتن واثنى عليها كثيرا في كلمته بعد ان كانت من المنطق مهمله من المسؤلين في نظامه .. وكيف ألت اليه مدينة سرت الحبيبه بعد ان اصبحت دمار وخلا .. وبعد ما غابت عليك الدبارة يا سرت وهو يعني تركم الامور في سرت وتشابكها .. وجرحك يلنأم من زليتن بمعنى همك سيخرج له العلاج ويبرا من زليتن والمقصود هنا كما قال المهتمون بالمعركة التي قد تقع بقصر حمد بين زليتن ومصراته كمنطقة وليس المقصود بهم رجال زليتن فقط .. وتبدء البشاره بترهونه وبورفله فتلتحم والمعنى الوحده بينهما .. ينزلوا لطرابلس بجيوش جراره .. ويا مصراته همك معاه غم تجلو بلادكم بحاره ويعني خروج اعدائه عبر البحر واذكركم هنا بكلمة القائد .. افتحولهم البحر من يبي يهرب خلوه ينتلف .. ونار في شرقها تعم وهي معنويا وماديا وفد حدث جزء منها البارحه ماديا اما معنويا فا الفيدراليه اشعلتها ..في يوم ما ينفعهم فزعة النصارى ..ا

Colonel's best

Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free

Libya hugging life soon color green flags everywhere …


O Liberal waited big surprises Dear customers waited Mala dire consequences …

ايها الاحرار انتظروا المفأجات الكبري ايها العملاء انتظروا مالا يحمد عقباه …

Both Khan and leader of the Covenant,, will Ttalkm the filter Wherever you are,,,,,

Forward and continuously Revolutionary Struggle

Mu CROWD Interview 1

Mnsourin God’s help
Victory is coming, O free Victory is coming, God willing …

Do find 500 people Atrahmon the Ali martyrs
Martyr Dr. Billah Muammar Gaddafi ..
Martyr Brigade Abu Bakr Younis Jaber
Oh bring him Vsaj paradise …

Libya offers movement 10/19/2013
We will announce shortly after the statement of the movement on pretending day 10/19/2013

Liberal waited Dear soon editorial statement from the leadership of the People’s Armed Resistance


Move statement provided to Libya for pretending to day 10/19/2013

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and Barcath

Holy Libyan people each year and everyone is okay witnessing the greatest month explicit images that are shaking the hearts park Muslim nations and peoples and crowds Ali terms Arafat Taher and pray to God pilgrims return home decent guilt Unforgiven and a welcome return to their home countries

We are popular movement which was born from the womb of the Libyan street resulting from the reflection of the events in the diary of the Libyan citizen Sharif

We call on all Libyans to demonstrate in inside and outside the home for the afternoon of 19.10.2013 in all the streets of the cities of Libya and the announcement of a general strike in order to achieve the goals of the popular movement
While maintaining the peaceful nature of the demonstrations do not ignite the fire or release of even one bullet we سلمين to raise science independence perjury and white flag in the other shows on the peaceful movement and demands

And that’s where the goals of a roadmap offers and save Libya will then at the end of the statement

We boys and the sons of this nation Libyan heritage which Skharena God to be the nucleus of this movement declare to the shows wholes and divide Baqrana Quran that we are not our desire at any position or greed or benefit physical Valmaxb only moral Special to cleanse the state of the people disobeyed them manage the country’s affairs

Where our love for the homeland is the reason that brought us today because we nucleus Almnadaan to pretend to save the Libyan nation dear

Peaceful demonstration and zoom are the arguments confirmed which Snkhtriq wall , councils and militias Conference

That God is with Libya and with honest Libya will not Nkzlk the O Libya.


The Following is still NOT the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA FOLKS!!:

Roadmap offers and save Libya

First National Congress to drop the claim as a foundational structure of legitimacy
Secondly, millions gathered in front of the squares , plazas and national paging statement ( wait for suggestions )
Third call
1 – to entrust Mr. Chief Justice sponsored Cun country as interim president
2 – Return Police immediately on the extension of the country ‘s security with the activation of Staff of the Army after the numerator of security , police and Interior Ministry
3 – Back Independence Constitution immediately with the terms of the system of government freeze
4 – mandated government going business or a national salvation and the cost of the country ‘s interim president
5 – The Supreme Court members are advisors for the presidency temporarily and are representing the interim legislative structure until parliamentary elections
6 – a referendum on the form of the State and his regime during a period of 4-6 months
7 – The formation or election of a committee to amend the constitution and is the legitimate channel within 6-8 months as an alternative to the members of the Court to the legislative elections while its legislative functions and amend the constitution only
8 – Elections …… and depend on the form of the state after 12 months after adjusting the writing of the Constitution and its approval by the Libyan people through referendum

Libya offers movement 10/19/2013

بيان حركه تقدم ليبيا عن التظاهر ليوم 19-10-2013السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وباركاتهالشعب الليبي الكريم كل عام والجميع بخير بشهر يشهد اعظم الصور الجليه التي تهز القلوب بوقوف المسلمين امما وشعوبا وجموعا علي صعيد عرفات الطاهر وندعو الله بعوده حجاج البيت الكريم بذنب مغفور وعوده حميده الي اوطانهم

نحن الحراك الشعبي الذي ولد من رحم الشارع الليبي والناتج عن انعكاس الاحداث في يوميات المواطن الليبي الشريف

ندعو جميع الليبين التظاهر في داخل الوطن وخارجه لعصر يوم 19-10-2013 في جميع الشوارع لمدن ليبيا والاعلان عن الاضراب العام وذلك لتحقيق اهداف الحراك الشعبي
مع الاحتفاظ بالطابع السلمي للتظاهر فلا تشعل نار او تطلق ولو رصاصه واحد فنحن سلمين نرفع العلم الاستقلال باليمين والعلم الابيض في الاخري تدل علي سلميه الحراك والمطالب

وحيث ان اهداف خارطه طريق تقدم وانقاذ ليبيا ستسرد في نهايه البيان

ونحن اولاد و ابناء هذا الوطن الليبي العريق والذي سخرنا الله لنكون نواه هذا الحراك نعلن لليبين اجمعين ونقسم بقرانه الكريم اننا لا نطمع في اي منصب او اطماع او استفاده ماديه فالمكسب الوحيد المعنوي الخاص لتطهير الدوله من اشخاص عصت عليهم اداره شؤون البلاد

حيث حبنا للوطن هو السبب الذي اوصلنا اليوم لان نكون نواه المناديين الي التظاهر لانقاذ الوطن الليبي الغالي

سلميه التظاهره والتكبير هي الحجج المؤكده التي سنخترق بها جدار المليشيات والمجالس والمؤتمر

ان الله مع ليبيا ومع شرفاء ليبيا ولن نخذلك يا ليبيا

خارطه طريق تقدم وانقاذ ليبيا

أولا المطالبة بإسقاط المؤتمر الوطني كهيكل تأسيسي للشرعيه
ثانيا تجمهر الملايين أمام الساحات والميادين والمناداه ببيان الوطني (ننتظر اقتراحاتكم)
ثالثا نطالب
1- تكليف السيد رئيس المحكمه العليا برعايته شوؤن البلاد كرئيس مؤقتا للبلاد
2- عوده الشرطه فورا علي بسط امن البلاد مع تفعيل اركان الجيش بعد البسط الامني من الشرطه ووزاره الداخليه
3- عوده دستور الاستقلال فورا مع تجميد بنود نظام الحكم
4- تكليف حكومه تسير اعمال او انقاذ وطني وتكلف من الرئيس المؤقت للبلاد
5- أعضاء المحكمه العليا هم مستشاري للرئاسة مؤقتا و هم من يمثل الهيكل التشريعي المؤقت الي حين الانتخابات البرلمانيه
6- استفتاء لشكل الدوله ونظام حكمه خلال فتره 4-6 اشهر
7- تشكيل او انتخاب لجنه لتعديل الدستور وهي تعتبر القناه الشرعيه خلال 6-8 اشهر كبديل لاعضاء المحكمه الي حين انتخابات التشريعيه مهامها تشريعي وتعديل الدستور فقط
8- انتخابات ……و تعتمد علي شكل الدوله بعد 12 شهر بعد تعديل كتابه الدستور وموافقه الشعب الليبي عليه من خلال الاستفتاء العام

حركه تقدم ليبيا 19/10/2013

Meeting signatory signatory …. and processing for the Implementation of Alsinarioa second coup

Mu teach

Call via Page:

Libyan community calls on all citizens brothers who are on Arena Alalmanaa the necessity of the presence and Subscribe to the vigil,

which will be on 10.21.2013
At 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
In front of the UN office Berlin
With Alchukra


Tribute to those who make the glory ..

This topic television interview on Thursday 17/10/2013 with the German news agency.
Will Vdgm the O traitors with all international channels even with Elly stood Maakm the early Nkpetkm Alfberaaria.

Conqueror lives forever and ever.
……….. As assets ………………

By   J. Speer-Williams <>
12 September  2013

The Great Jamahiriya was brought down  forceably  by Sarkozy, Obama, Cameron, and Al Thani (Emir of Qatar) gathered in NATO with the Canadian commander, Charles Bouchard from Naples who led the bombing of Libya. China and Russia had about given them a green light to fire the coalition of murderers letting the infamous Resolution 1973 requiring “the protection of civilians.” A notion promoted by Gareth Evans, former president of the International Crisis Group based in Brussels and Washington, an alleged well known in Africa, where it is presented as working for NGOs “the prevention and resolution of armed conflict.”

Shame? Are We Capable of It? by J. Speer-Williams (Sept. 15, 2013)

Pencil sketch of Mu

For no valid tactical or strategic military reasons, atomic weaponry has been extensively employed by the US/NATO and Israeli forces throughout the Middle East.
The last country we destroyed with atomic weaponry was Libya.
Supported by the Banking Cartel’s corporate media, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi was long portrayed as a mad tyrant and bloody dictator who had to be removed from life. But instead of merely assassinating Gaddafi, again we sent in foreign mercenaries who went on killing rampages throughout the country, while US/NATO planes and ships bombed Libya for months.

The British newspaper, The Telegraph, complained that their Navy was burning too quickly through their entire stockpile of Tomahawk cruise missiles in bombing Libya. On just one day (the 19th of March 2011), ABC News claimed that more than 112 Tomahawk cruise missiles struck over 20 targets inside of Libya. Our B-52 Stratofortresses carpet-bombed 150 targets in populated Libya, a country of mostly deserts.

President Obama promised that our strikes on Libya would be over in days. Sadly our bombing of Libya went on for months, from March to November of 2011. We bombed Libya into the Stone Age, with one huge difference – it’s a radioactive Stone Age.

All this to kill one man, Muammar Gaddafi? What was his crime? True, he tried to operate his country independent of the tight financial orbit owned and rigorously controlled by the International Banking/Monetary Cartel. But perhaps Gaddafi’s greatest crime was his plan to introduce the gold dinar, a single African currency made from gold – a true sharing of the wealth, according to the news agency Russia Today.

“It’s one of these things that you have to plan almost in secret, because as soon as you say you’re going to change over from the dollar to something else, you’re going to be targeted,” says Ministry of Peace founder Dr. James Thring.

“There were two conferences on this, in 1986 and 2000, organized by Gaddafi. Everybody was interested, most countries in Africa were keen.”

Gaddafi did not give up. In the months leading up to the [US-led] military intervention, he called on African and Muslim nations to join together to create this new currency that would rival the dollar and euro. They would sell oil and other resources around the world only for gold dinars.

This, of course, was not something that the private International Banking/Monetary Cartel would allow. Quickly they moved in three critical directions.

First, they had their corporate media soften up the Western world with anti-Gaddafi propaganda.

Next, using Western intelligence services, they moved their armed rent-a-band of al Qaeda terrorists into Libya, making sure they were referred to as rebels.

Then, in a colossal exposure of US public ignorance, the “rebels” were paid for by American taxpayers.  And as a testimony to the effectiveness of the controlled media, many of these same Americans unbelievably morally supported the victory of these crazed terrorists over the sovereign government of Libya.

But all this was followed by the greatest expense to Americans. The bankers had their private military, the US/NATO coalition, begin to destroy Libya with bombs and missiles, the cost of which could have probably given every income tax paying American free healthcare for life.

Muammar Gaddafi, however, had other “crimes” that did not sit well with the cult known as the International Bankers. Under Gaddafi, the government of Libya had its own wholly owned central bank that issued loans to its people free of interest since riba (usury) was not permitted in Libya. Now, we can really begin to see what Mr. Gaddafi was guilty of: he was in defiance of the worldwide banking empire. He was proving a nation operates better when owning its own central bank. Under the Gaddafi regime, most Libyan families, beyond the nomadic Bedouin and Tuareg tribes, owned both a house and a car.

Before the months of daily bombings, the government of Gaddafi gave free healthcare and education to its people – a people who enjoyed a literacy rate of over eighty percent. Prior to the massive spread of depleting uranium bombing by the US coalition, life expectancy in Libya was seventy-five years, the highest in Africa, and about ten percent above the world average. Preceding the lengthy and ungodly US-led air attacks, there was little unemployment in Libya. It was a nation that had the highest gross domestic product in Africa, with less than five percent of its population classified as poor.

::Downloads:Install 5_Jan10-1:vulturesoverLIBYA.pdf
Libya, a hot, dry, dusty country, under the leadership of Gaddafi, completed what was known as the largest infrastructure project in the world. A man-made, underground river was created that provided drinking water to seventy percent of the Libyan people and held the potential of turning wastelands into farms. That dream, however, might be lost for a long time, as US/NATO bombs destroyed all of its pumping stations.

Back in 1991, at the gala opening of the Great Man-made River Project, Muammar Gaddafi said to the invited dignitaries and assembled crowd, “After this achievement, American threats against Libya will double. The United States will make excuses, [but] the real reason is to stop this achievement, to keep the people of Libya oppressed.” His words were prophetic.

After laying waste to most of Libya’s water, electricity, and infrastructure, the US/NATO forces went after the country’s largest food supply – its camels.

For many decades, beginning in the summer, thousands of camels made a three-month journey from the grasslands of Libya to metropolitan markets, where the animals were sold for food. These camel migrations were bombed into bloody chunks of meat and bone amid the terrible screams of painfully dying animals. This wanton slaughter of thousands of camels in the deserts, where the food rotted, denied the Libyan people their major protein food source.

The excuse offered by the Cartel’s Western Media for this barbarity? “The camels were carrying weaponry to support those loyal to Muammer Gaddafi.”

This absurd lie is easy to see through when one realizes that these camels were coming from isolated grasslands in the unpopulated southern part of the country, where there were no guns and very few people.
Now the whole Libyan scenario is being replayed in Syria, with US-supported al Qaeda mercenaries creating havoc in that country.

Already, because of American support of al Qaeda’s invasion of Syria, millions of Syrian citizens have been terrorized. The civilian catastrophe going on in Syria is beyond what most Americans can comprehend. Would Americans support the bombing of Syria if they knew? Of course, some would, but surely most would not. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees there are now two million Syrians who have fled their country as they and another 4.25 million have been displaced from their homes, with five thousand more Syrians abandoning their homes daily.

Since World War II, ninety percent of the casualties of war have been unarmed civilians, a third of them have been children – most of them murdered by our military. The main terrorist cells on earth are located in Washington, DC:  Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court. Our federal government is owned and controlled by the darkest powers on earth – the International Banking/Monetary Cartel.

If the world is ever to become safe, the weapons of mass destruction must be taken from the United States. Texas Senator Ted Cruz has said, “We should be focused on defending the United States of America. That’s why young men and women sign up to join the military, not to, as you know, serve as al Qaeda’s air force.” Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich said that striking Syria would turn the United States’ military into “al Qaeda’s air force.” Ron Paul asked, “Why are we on the side of al Qaeda right now?”

The lead actor in support of the al Qaeda terrorists in Syria is our Secretary of State, John Kerry, who has revealed himself to be the dark being many have suspected.


Shut down all entrances to the Green Square to traffic.

   Freezing the assets of Gaddafi implements
De ‎الجيش الليبي لحماية القائد Libyan army to protect Muammar Gaddafi‎
اغلاق جميع المداخل المؤدية الي الساحة الخضراء امام حركة المرور.
عاش معمر عاش معمر




People suspected of Torthm in kidnap Prime Minister Ali Zaidane,  they are

1 – Shaaban gift aka me ” Abu Ubaida ” – Chairman of the Chamber Libya rebels
2 – Red Hassan – Vice- President of the Chamber
3 – just Gharyiani – the political spokesman for the room
4 – Ayman al – Jaafari
5 – Mohamed El Gamal
6 – Light my warming aka Abu Yassin
7 – Abu Abdulrahman
8 – Mansour Afatthali ,
9 – Ramadan Zaaamit the
10 – Mohamed Kilani – a member of the National Congress
11 – Abdul Wahab bin Kaid – a member of the National Congress
12 – Triki Mustafa – a member of the National Congress
13 – Abdel Moneim fishing – Director of the Office of the fight against crime
14 – Abdul Razak USTA
15 – Mohieldin المجبري of
16 – Abdul Rahim Bin Salem
17 – Adel fishing – head of the Office of the fight against crime
18 – just Altarhuni the

(The Libyan news agency …)

Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Supreme National Forces Alliance Abdel Meguid Mliqth: a scarf remarks on the coalition agreement, Justice and construction to withdraw confidence from the government are baseless

Abdullah denier in an intervention on Libya Free: .. Just who was Aaabie the in Betsh and not Sun Top Ebenala Horn Army.

Minister of Electricity Muslim Brotherhood on Omhariq bought Villae in the area Aleneuvliyn in 4 million ….

Brothers Thieves:

Rest assured the Ministry of Education and all teachers contracts that financial dues to cover the deficit for the years 2012/2013 ..

ready, and the rest of the representatives of the sectors of education, attendance after the holiday, to monitor the financial services

headquarters areas, to receive Tfweidathm the particular financial.

Freeze the payment of salaries from the month of October 2013 for public entities funded from the public treasury …

Until the completion and activation of the national ID system:

UNDER THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, LIBYA OWED NO ONE OR ANYTHING..She even made loans to people and organisations interest free…
Now Libya (under the fored puppet-GNC) will be indebt for eternity to the Zionista colonial powers!:

Libya to discuss the subject of borrowing from the World Bank

Source News Agencies

Discussed the Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidan with the World Bank ‘s access to Libya on a World Bank loan to plug the budget deficit suffered by the government after the close of the oil fields and fluctuating export Libyan oil , which is the main source of financing Treasury Libyan , and get a promise of positive the Bank’s management to discuss the Libyan request , and said one expert at the World Bank that Libya owns assets and wealth underground dispel concerns that may be concerns of the Bank’s management in the inability of the State to pay the loan installments , and the options that is possible to resort to the bank to recover the loan subject to certain fields Libyan oil to the recovery takes place all the loan installments .

Ended the news

Comment on this news means that Libya will fall under the control of and conditions of this financial institution that follows the colonial powers , leading to mortgage the Libyan political will and financial for decades to come.

(Born Alzenatih)

Basic People ‘s Congress Elvis Bucky free

عاااااااااجل very very dangerous ( ( newspaper The observer British editorial in today’s article entitled Confessions of the final moments of the Abu Anas Libyan stating:

{ It seems that the men of FBI and U.S. officers CIA who took the investigation with Libyan Abu Anas Ansdmoa confessions that person , which called for the Office of FBI and CIA U.S. CIA to request to transfer Abu Anas Libya (their agent) to America immediately to be investigated there with him and his trial has security official said senior U.S. that Abouans Male Facts terrible and very scary threaten America and Europe and Africa and all U.S. interests and Western parts of the world ,

he admitted Libyan Al-Qaeda spread in Libya eerily became owns an arsenal of sophisticated weapons not owned as well as the big money and the control of Libya became complete after the fall of the Great Jamahiriya, but exceeded the spread of regulation to neighboring countries of Libya , such as Egypt , Tunisia and Aldzaúz , Mali, said the leaders of the new Anzmt for the organization in Libya after recommending radical Libyan Abdel Hakim Belhadj have the organization’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri , including Abdul Rauf hater and Sami al-Saadi and Hashim humans and Ghani Alkkla and Salah Badi , Wissam bin Humaid Mohammed Zahawi and Abdulwahab commander , Mohammed al-Kilani Ismail hardness addition , after consultation with Sufian bin Qmo man rule in eastern Libya and head of the religious establishment sincere Gharyiani , , and Libya is now under the authority of Hola and leaders who have moved their activities to the west Libyan -sponsored person called Waldo Valley of view of the poor , who appeared to the leaders of the organization that region to organize tactics ,

And also admitted Abu Anas Libyan soft assassinations in Libya accompanied by bombings in both cities and private Benghazi and Tripoli will rise to affect leaders doubted their loyalty to the West likes of Mahmoud Jibril and Ali Zaidane military leaders affiliated with the Alkthelh secular cities in western Libya , has been getting the organization the blessing of leaders has also neighboring countries as Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt , and the assassinations of its predecessor and other current will be for some opponents of the Party of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia , also said that the systems of espionage and eavesdropping on the phones in Libya came under controlled these groups and the role of the religious establishment of its director sincere Gharyiani was have a role in the dissemination of jihadist ideology in Libya and Anzmaj large numbers of young people under the umbrella of al-Qaeda in preparation for terrorist acts in the United States , Britain and Italy as bombings, train stations and nightclubs those countries and show their governments as weak in front of their people;

and on the issue of abduction of Libyan Prime Minister Decker it was planned her period and failed several times and he knows that it will be repeated , but he is unaware of schedule next year, and came in his statements that the leader of prominent politician Mohammed Abussdrh is coordinator of the groups to reach the highest level of regulatory and the killing of military forces to Libya in Sirte and finally Petrhona been planning it for Ahmav Aivlogih to organize a continuous and rises above format gradual accordance with the policy -minute } Organization minutes

Mohammed Kilani # hardline Salafist and pro at the same time to organize # Brotherhood member of the National Conference for City # angle was involved in the abduction of Ali Zaidane:

Media |
Malik Sharif


Report serious Scotsman site sober
Miss and questions in the European Union: Libya’s security is threatened due to conflicting interests of its allies

The kidnapping of Zidane reveal the presence of 40 element in European security operations room inside Corinthia hotel said they locked their doors and have not been targeted during the storming of the hotel

France, Britain and Italy, the Libyan officials in the ministries to compete for the sovereign government Albzns

Britain says I have advisers in the Defense and Interior, Justice, and only one employee at the embassy for businesses with regard to defense procurement.

(Life without irrigations green not worthless…)



Tripoli now ….
Hear the sound of an explosion and lead in Tripoli.

Tripoli today ..
Diplomatic Security steal a car on its way to the U.S. Embassy Tripoli Airport Road, and the spread of intensive security around the U.S. embassy after the theft.

For the third day in a row

About the sound of gunfire and explosions, the center of the country

Archery dense area well because of the problematic including Uige night and operate grain

(Mermaid operations room)

Reported hearing explosions in Tripoli, near the tomb of Sir Mnedr

And is said to be caused by the sons of the family Busafa effect of their attack on another house in the area.

(Libya talks)

Random Shooting now in Coral Bridge.

Cause a problem between the young people who Astrbu.

A number of car accidents because of Baraka.

Now backing patrols in the direction of the place.

(Mermaid operations room)

aerial view of Tripoli

A little while ago ….
Shooting in Smavro and Spring Valley patrol the so-called Ministry of the Interior
Heavy randomly from unknown people and wounding a member of the periodic
Now dawn patrols Tajourah + deterrence Friday market in the direction of the place.

Aaaaaaaaaaaajl – Tripoli :::::::::::

Random shooting near the optical signal and Spring Valley on the patrols of the Interior Ministry, which led to the injury of two

members of the patrol, which was provide optical Alahah and Spring Valley.
Was also arrested four people carried out this attack and it turns out they have to prove that they cards affiliated to one of the armo.

Please fellow citizens to avoid traffic from this region now and throughout this night

Capture 4 outlaws in the development of sugar unfortunately belong to the armor,

Shooting in the optical signal and Spring Valley on patrols of the Ministry of the Interior
Random and intense moment of unknown people and wounding two members of the patrol,

which was believed in optical Alahah and Spring Valley
The power of deterrence for the direction of the place

Them as they were arrested four people as they said after their arrest that they belong to Shields.

(News Agency Libyan army)

Libya: correspondent fields: the killing of two members of the Libyan army bullets armor battalion elements to Libya in Tripoli.

URGENT: military aircraft breaking the sound barrier a little while ago and so far over the capital Tripoli.

Aircraft hovering in the sky # Tripoli this morning ..
Witnesses Israeli aircraft They said it.

Shut down all entrances to the Green Square to traffic.

Strange movement suspicious and 4 gates of Wadi Alheirh for Suwanee.

Major General Abdulsalam release good Aalastakbarat officer kidnapped for a sum of money to pay for one armed Almelcaat

the Corner of 125000 . JD .. Long live the State Jardan tykes.

Quoting Media Centre Goddaúm The

Find a cemetery dating back to ancient times Moda farm in the link road between Somavro Goddaúm Alariue, east corner of was

bridging the place to while attending the interest until the effects are not taken to absurd place:



And Rishvana


A Call To youth and Rishvana ( (7)) Zpol

We will me a demonstration in front of the National Congress and knead me arrested the offender ( (Saladin Valley ))

and Asbath and the gang Shield Libya, which the protection of the law and help in Gerimh of killing or Taadib and robber me young

and Rishvana stationed at Camp ( (27) ) and claim my cancel 27 camp and its transformation from a military headquarters to

( ( a public park ) ) my father Aspab in the discord between young people and youth Rishvana or corner and Tafiel the city

my Crzh device and activate the hawks battalion easy Alajafar of

Gathering place: four streets easy

Corresponding to 22 . 10.2013

For Allata day

10 am

Please circular or publishing …

(Secret Alcdoh)




After the end of the battle sister ( (which also named Battle Friday) ) in that battle was captured 700 Italian between the soldiers and officers of Libya was in that period exposed to the heaviest economic blockade international during World War I after the agreement of Britain, France and Italy to lock Mnavd goods from the eastern border and Western , sea and tightened Italy closing the five cities of Tripoli in the face of citizens inside and outside was the years 1916 , 1917, lean years in the whole province of Tripoli.
Feb focused and timely repayment Rai power and wisdom measure things when Mujahideen leaders Tarhounah!
Saluting Mujahid Ahmed ‘s disease patient and his brothers the Mujahideen in Tarhounah dignity trying to lift the siege on Tripoli and its environs from the cities , taking advantage of what happened in their hands, the large number of Italian prisoners in the battle and sister have dealt with the Italian public opinion and politicians Italy after their defeat in Tarhounah ,
Put the Mujahideen in Tarhounah of the conditions for the exchange of domestic open market for the citizens of the outskirts of Tripoli with the citizens of the Tarhounah select the duration of five years and place area Ain Zara agreed Italians on the condition return receipt captives and Bdlk broken collar economic blockade of the city of Tripoli parents benefited also the aspects of the four and the Bedouins Mahadah for the western mountain area of Bani Walid and known for this process are widely used in the western region so that Ketar of Libyans Kano when Athdton with each other in the rituals and their meetings public say to each other ( the womb of the Awlad Tarhounah ) or ( womb on Friday ) and they mean that the battle of sister ISRO where the Mujahideen in Tarhounah the large number of Italians ( 700 Sarre )
Was the release of prisoners, the cause of prosperity and open the door of the city of Tripoli and to break the siege that was imposed on them.
With a note that keep prisoners liver Mujahideen much effort and that the large number of prisoners and the lack of a place ( prison ) to put them in it , but they and Zaaohm a number of wealthy men Tarhounah case to come later handed over , which lasted more than a month .

بعد انتهاء معركة الشقيقة (( والتي سميت ايضا معركة يوم الجمعة )) في تلك المعركة تم اسر 700 ايطالي بين جنود وضباط وكانت ليبيا في تلك الفترة تتعرض لاشرس حصار اقتصادي دولي خلال الحرب العالمية الاولي بعد اتفاق بريطانيا وفرنسا وايطاليا علي قفل منافد السلع من الحدود الشرقية والغربية والبحر واحكمت ايطاليا اقفال مدينتي الخمس وطرابلس في وجه المواطنين من داخلها وخارجها فكانت سنوات 1916, 1917, سنوات عجاف في اقليم طرابلس كله,
فبر زت وقتها قوة سداد الراي وحكمة تدبير الامور عند قيادات مجاهدي ترهونة
حيت بداء المجاهد احمد المريض واخوانه المجاهدين في ترهونه الكرامة يحاولون فك الحصار على طرابلس وما جاورها من المدن مستغلين ما وقع في ايديهم العدد الكبير من الاسرى الايطاليين في معركة الشقيقة وما يتداوله الراي العام الايطالي وساسة ايطاليا بعد هزيمتهم في ترهونه ,
وضع المجاهدين في ترهونه من ضمن الشروط لتبادل الاسري فتح سوق لمواطني ضواحي طرابلس مع مواطني منطقة ترهونة حدد مدته بخمس سنوات ومكانه بمنطقة عين زاره فوافق الايطاليون على الشرط مقابل استلامهم اسراهم وبدلك انكسر طوق الحصار الاقتصادي عن مدينة طرابلس الدي استفادت منه ايضا منطقة النواحي الاربعة ومنطقة العربان المحادية لمنطقة الجبل الغربي ومنطقة بني وليد واشتهرت هذه العملية بشكل واسع في المنطقة الغربية حتي ان الكتير من الليبين كانو عندما يتحدتون مع بعضهم في مناسباتهم وجلساتهم العامة يقولون لبعضهم (رحم علي اولاد ترهونة ) او ( رحم على يوم الجمعة) وهم يعنون بذلك معركة الشقيقة التي اسرو فيها المجاهدين في ترهونه ذلك العدد الكبير من الايطاليين (700 اسير )
فكان الافراج عن الاسري سببا في الرخاء وفتح باب مدينة طرابلس وكسر الحصار الذي كان مفروض عليهم.
مع ملاحظة ان الاحتفاظ بالاسرى كبد المجاهدين الجهد الكثير وذلك لكثرة الاسرى ولعدم وجود مكان (سجن) لوضعهم فيه ولكنهم وزعوهم على عدد من رجال ترهونه ميسورين الحال الي ان حان موعد تسليمهم والذي استمر اكثر من شهر.
(الحرس الثوري)

ابن الفاتح



The tribes Alnoael channel Gemayel, Rkdalin, Alash, Tripoli, Surman.
Local council Racdalin the burning to protest the killing of a young sons tribes Alnoael from Flint family, severe congestion,

large crowds area Racdalin after the arrival of the body of the slain of Zuwarah this hospital after the militia said one of the

visitors they found the body dumped in the desert near the city of Alash …..

Armed cars flying the flag of Al Qaeda is now stationed in the area of Ras Atiya between Racdalin and Beautiful City existing in Wattayah base.

(I’m light)

Mail page warplanes flying over  Beautiful City and Racdalin and at low altitudes and open sound above the city home.

(I’m light)



Satellite news channel

News reporter: heavy fire the meantime, in the Arada Friday market against the backdrop of the killing of a young man of Ajeelatl.



The release of the captive hero .. Ahmed Ali, aka me Pkakh of Tel Aviv detention Libya Mzrath and Madkor a Ezz convoy heroes

accompanied martyr fasting Praise be to God for safety .. He is now among his family of Ben Jawad ...


Rape story in Misratah ..

When Qatar received the misleading media attack on the Libyan regime and the armed people there was no prohibited Everything was Offer Secret Details and misinformation including the honor of himself and the owners of Hola

Honor who decided Tmragh in the dirt they were not helpless Qatar is convince them that were lying

and lying is a way to escape and arrived invented the story to political decision-making circles in the West and adopted by Hillary Clinton , who has suffered much from her husband ‘s adventures
And (she) bears grudges for everyone and wish to have all men rapists and all women raped until you feel comfortable and this so-called psychology of trying to circulate sin, the day described the forces armed people Balttar and monsters who are doing everything in innocent people in Misratah and even in the mountain Arab transfer them Bernard Levy this the sinister idea .

Let’s day of this narrative want this story to end any form of any settlements where their children who carried their serial killer ? Why not find Almntmat of global specialized in dealing with the consequences of war usurped one tells the tragedy ? Why have reached these organizations to the conclusion that rape in Misratah was a lie media achieve the goal of the military and entered the Ti oblivion, after all this we want to know the Libyan people to his sons in the armed people like Aldib who eat prophet Joseph Jews in the story of Joseph were deceiving prophet Jacob In rape story in Misratah were all deceived Libyans

, No one satisfies deception , even if Tnaazeltm you the honor of your wives in Misratah we are honest people will not satisfy them that the victims x Aantekm and Amaltkm will not satisfy that affect the reputation of the armed people lies humans have sold everything even honor must be back folks Tawergha innocent people who have endured part terribly of the abominable lie ,

So you are our enemies, but we know the value of honor, and when you fell in the mud of the underworld we decided that we re- mind for women Misurata because of honor does not know its value , but honorable.

And still play continues:

 { Musician }
قصة الاغتصاب في مصراته ..

عندما استلمت قطر الهجمة الاعلامية المضللة علي النظام الليبي والشعب المسلح لم يكن هناك اي محظور كان كل شي معروض للتغرير والتضليل بما في ذلك الشرف نفسه واصحاب هولاء

الشرف الذين قرروا تمريغه في التراب كانوا لا حول لهم ولا قوة فقطر كانت تقنعهم بآن الكذب والكذب هو طريق النجاة ووصلت القصة المخترعة الي دوائر القرار السياسي في الغرب وتبنتها هيلاري كلينتون التي عانت من مغامرات زوجها كثيراً

وتحمل احقاد على الجميع وتتمني ان يكون كل الرجال مغتصبين وكل النساء مغتصبات حتي تشعر بالراحة وهذا مايسمي في علم النفس بمحاولة تعميم الخطيئة ، يومها وصفت قوات الشعب المسلح بالتتار والوحوش الذين يفعلون كل شي في الابرياء في مصراته وحتي في الجبل العربي الذي نقل لهم برنارد ليفي هذه الفكرة الشريرة .

اليوم دعنا من هذا السرد نريد لهذه القصة ان تنتهي باي شكل اي المغتصبات اين اولادهم الذين حملوا بهم سفاحاً ؟ لماذا لم تجد المنطمات العالمية المتخصصة في معالجة نتائج الحروب مغتصبة واحدة تحكي ماسأتها ؟ لماذا وصلت هذه المنظمات الي نتيجة مفادها ان الاغتصاب في مصراته كانت كذبة اعلامية تحقق الهدف منها عسكريا ودخلت طئ النسيان ، بعد كل هذا نريد ان يعرف الشعب الليبي ان ابنائه في الشعب المسلح مثل الدئب الذي اكل سيدنا يوسف فاليهود في قصة يوسف كانوا يخدعون سيدنا يعقوب وفي قصة الاغتصاب في مصراته كانوا يخدعون الليبين جميعا

، لا احد يرضي بالخداع حتي لو تنازلتم انتم عن شرف نسائكم في مصراته فنحن الشرفاء لن نرضي لهم ان يقعن ضحية خ يانتكم وعمالتكم ولن نرضي ان تمس سمعة الشعب المسلح بأكاذيب بشر باعوا كل شي حتي شرفهم ولا بد ان يعود اهل تاورغاء الابرياء الذين تحملوا جزء رهيب من الكذبة المقيتة ،

حتى وانتم اعدائنا ولكننا نعرف قيمة الشرف وعندما سقط تم انتم في وحل الرذيلة قررنا نحن ان نعيد الاعتبار لنساء مصراته لان الشرف لا يعرف قيمته الا الشرفاء . ولازال العزف مستمراً

{ الموسيقار }



Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

17 October 2012
The anniversary of the Battle of the Eternal Vdraj:

Mujahideen fought the city of Bani Walid this fierce battle since the early morning hours , the bombing was the deadliest day since the beginning of the war , and were besieging the city from the militias all axes
And so today was burning all fronts ..
They have been used all kinds of weapons of rockets and mortar , as was the use of poison gas , which resulted in the martyrdom of some cases of fainting and for others spasm of the Mujahideen and the people of the city
Also that day there were battle Hmikh the timeless, and that was the heaviest After axis Fdarj , also there was a battle in the Valley of dinars, In the axis Almrdom the ..
Resisted the mujahedeen heroes , accompanied by their brothers from other tribes , who favored themselves without others , preferring to underline our participation in the history of glory against treacherous militias ..
Did not come heroes rockets or shells or gas .. that was parading them as beads rain ..
Did not rise up huge numbers of militias that rained down on the city from all over the world .. Not lamented and militias did not surrender ..

Martyred on this day the finest heroes of the city , and they are:
– Shahid Ahmed Omar bin Zayed bin Qtnc ,
– Martyr Sami Massoud New Atabikh ,
– Martyr Salem Abojeelh M’hamed Da’aki was
– Shahid Ali Gomaa Ghaith bin nation
– Alshahydmamed Musa idiosyncratic
– Martyr Mohamed Fitouri Moakeca El
– Martyr Ferjani key Ferjani bin Dallah

Also contradicted the news of the martyrdom of three of the heroes of the city
– Martyr Omar bin Dallah
– Holy martyr Haider Allmata
– Martyr Ayman Almusharouha ,

Some say they were martyred in the land of battle and Tadr the transfer of their bodies , and some say they were wounded in the battle ..
And but everyone Miarafh they were among the bodies disclosed on March 27, 2012, where their bodies were among the victims, who were killed under torture ..

God bless our faithful martyrs and Nansabhm God also
Dismantling of the families of our detainees Alsnaded
And healed our wounded brave
Remember mujahedeen heroes

Rua has Ronevi epics of heroism , courage and challenge
At a time when less men, and disrupted the scales
Dear humiliation it , and cheese of claim courage

Here is the year goes on these timeless battle
And Hahm Libyans know Mamdy injustice and tyranny militias
The day will come which will turn against them to return the sovereignty of the country

God save Libya and took care of land and people ..

(Great Rafla | Great Werfalla)
ورفلة العظمى | Great Werfalla
J’aime · il y a environ une heure

17 اكتوبر 2012
ذكرى معركة فدراج الخالدة

خاض المجاهدين من مدينة بني وليد هذه المعركة الشرسة مند ساعات الفجر الأولى، كان القصف في ذلك اليوم الأعنف مند بداية الحرب، وكانت المليشيات تحاصر المدينة من جميع المحاور
وبذلك اليوم كانت جميع الجبهات مشتعلة..
إستخدمت فيها جميع أنواع الأسلحة من صواريخ وقذائف ، كما تم إستخدام الغازات السامة، والتي نتج عنها إستشهاد البعض و حالات إغماء وتشنج للبعض الآخر من المجاهدين وأهالي المدينة
أيضا بذلك اليوم كانت هناك معركة شميخ الخالدة، والتي كانت الأعنف بعد محور فدارج، أيضا كانت هناك معركة في وادي دينار، وفي محور المردوم ..
قاوم مجاهدينا الأبطال برفقة أخوتهم من القبائل الأخرى، الذين آثروا على أنفسهم دون غيرهم وفضلوا مشاركتنا في تسطير تاريخ المجد ضد المليشيات الغادرة..
لم يهب الأبطال الصواريخ ولا القذائف ولا الغاز..التي كانت تتقاطر عليهم ك حبات المطر..
لم يهبوا الأعداد الهائلة من المليشيات التي إنهالت على المدينة من كل حدب وصوب.. لم ينحن و ا للمليشيات ولم يستسلموا ..

إستشهد في هذا اليوم خيرة أبطال المدينة، وهم:
-الشهيد أحمد عمر بن زايد بن قطنش
-الشهيد سامي مسعود الجديد اطبيقة
-الشهيد سالم ابوعجيلة إمحمد الدعيكي
-الشهيد علي جمعة غيث بن لامة
-الشهيدمحمد موسى الفقهي
-الشهيد محمد الفيتوري الموقشي
-الشهيد الفرجاني مفتاح الفرجاني بن دلة

أيضا تضاربت فيها أنباء إستشهاد ثلاثة من أبطال المدينة
-الشهيد عمر بن دلة
-الشهيد حيدر الفضيل التلماتي
-الشهيد أيمن المشروحي

فالبعض يقول أنهم إستشهدوا في أرض المعركة وتعدر نقل جثامينهم، والبعض يقول إنهم جرحوا في المعركة..
ولكن مايعرفه الجميع أنهم كانوا ضمن الجثامين التي كشف عنها في 27 مارس 2012 ، حيث كانت جثامينهم من ضمن الضحايا الذين قتلوا تحت التعذيب..

رحم الله شهدائنا الأبرار ونحتسبهم عند الله كذلك
وفك أسر معتقلينا الصناديد
وشفى جرحانا البواسل
وحفظ مجاهدينا الأبطال

فلقد سط روا ملاحم البطولة والشجاعة والتحدي
في زمن قل فيه الرجال، وإختلت فيه الموازين
وذل فيه الأعزاء، وجبن فيها من يدعون الشجاعة

وهاهي سنة تمضي على هذه المعركة الخالدة
وهاهم الليبيون يعرفون مامدى ظلم المليشيات وطغيانها
وسيأتي اليوم الذي س ينقلبون عليهم لإرجاع سيادة البلاد

حفظ الله ليبيا ورعاها أرضا وشعبا..

ورفلة العظمى | Great Werfalla

In order not to forget our martyrs ..
On this day of the year 2011 has stepped up the spirit of the martyr with the help of God Mahmoud Mahdi Jeroshi of the Alguari

defender of the land and the sanctity of Bani Walid as men do ask God’s mercy and forgiveness to him:

16 October 2012

Memory battle Taninaa southern city of Bani Walid

He fought mujahedeen heroes in defense of their city against militias shield to invading Libya ..
Triumphed where our heroes bravely, and Cobb born evil invaders in the loss of life and gear, and looted, including some military vehicles after fleeing with it ..
The battle ended in the withdrawal of militias outside the boundaries of Bani Walid South ..

Lines from the date of the glory that would cause prejudice to be immortalised and passed down the generations, generation after generation ..

Troy the finest epics tournament and courage and struggle .. And Sancefna history .. And will teach those who do wrong .. Any swerved turning ..

(Great Rafla | Great Werfalla)

Hassan Mohamed Lamine:

“A lot of talk about Resolution No. (7) and the war in Bani Walid and the accusations against me in particular …. Stay tuned for the full story soon, and my role in this matter and this decision backgrounds ….

For your information I have entered the outskirts of Bani Walid before the issuance of the decision Rebekah Shaheed Mohamed Othman and others within our efforts to avoid war and to reach a peaceful solution is injected into the blood and worked with the Committee of Wise Men entrusted to reach a peaceful solution …

I also did not present the conference hall the time of voting on the resolution … I will tell the full story soon: Bani Walid pieces of the body of the nation ….”

Bani Walid residents out in a march to commemorate the martyrs of the evening 10/17/2013

Battle Vdraj the anniversary (6 photos):



Adel Hassi .. Spokesman for the local council Sousse

He says that this small city exposed from time to sabotage and many times under attack from extremist elements

as where she called it the gates of the National Army for the attack.



Traffic Ras Igdir understand Shi   (ROAD TO TUNISIA)
Who has mode 5 hours briefs

D. Abdelkader Dawi 17/10/2013





Attorney General issued an arrest warrant for the Comptroller of the Council

of the prime minister in the interim government

on the issue of background instruments to close oil ports (Ras noses; Sidra, Harika). The The Central Bank of Libya has revealed

the transfer of funds from an account belonging to the Council of Ministers to another account for the Chairman of the Committee

on Energy General National Congress to lift oil is close ports.


Mr. “Issa pause” ordered the security room Ras Lanuf
In a telephone conversation now, that the unidentified person, the
B throw a homemade bomb type “Gelatinh” in front of a bank
Unity Ras Lanuf, and the explosion caused damages to b faced
Imami bank, shortly before now.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

The Ministry of Oil and Gas

Armed militias pictures which closes the oil port of Sidra today:

Source: Ministry of Oil and Gas
The first modern image for the oil port of Sidra # #’s for Cherkhaluahh oil, where the image appears in vans and cars armed groups that surround the port

for more than two and a half months and prevent the export operations.


Now women Benghazi scream and cry and cry on the air directly in the channel Free Libya directly now now several calls from women Benghazi demanding uprising crying from the horror of bombings, assassinations and say Benghazi cry blood every day to kill me, assassinations and demanding Liberal of the sons of the Libyan people to deal with the Brothers and the rule ..

What relay yesterday for the murder of a colonel or Dean “Fitouri” of news
Untrue and there is no communication about the incident in all rooms
A subsidiary of the Libyan army, and no communication has been received from hospitals
B this regard.

# Benghazi

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Special – lamp Awami

A military official in Benghazi: U.S. aircraft unmanned flying since yesterday at low altitude, estimated at about 5,000 feet in the city of

Benghazi and its suburbs, and this is the first time flying the aircraft on the rise, confirming that places flying aircraft is east of Benghazi

and between regions Qmins and Azwaitna west of Benghazi , pointing out that these aircraft may soon be carried out operations in

Benghazi, because these aircraft when flying at low altitude set in place before the implementation of the process ..

Are the Libyan government had prior knowledge of the process or not?!!!

Ayyad Alvesa,

Martyrs Brigade command Zueitina .. Benghazi residents refuse to return shields and if their bodies.

A car in the District of peace now ….

Benghazi suffer ….
A car bomb in al-Salam neighborhood in the city of Benghazi.

Targeting flower nursery Abdali located in Alvoyer area data in the late hours of the night.

News of the death of a person policemen for Alvoyer Center At Benghazi.

News correspondent: a series of explosions heard in different parts of the city of Benghazi, a little while ago.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel
URGENT: Witnesses assert heard two explosions in Benghazi, the first in the neighborhood of peace

and the other moments before, followed by gunfire and is likely to be in area parks.

There is no truth to the rumor bombing at the University of Benghazi.

Stun forces in Benghazi chasing one of the suspects in the bombings in the night in the al-Salam neighborhood.

· Satellite news channel

The bombing targeted the police station Voyerat
– Targeting stall selling cigarettes Bakazv “RPG” by unknown assailants in the al-Salam neighborhood
An explosion near a pasta factory in Benghazi Cast and news about the victims.

TV news channel

A spokesman for security operations room The city of Benghazi.
Colonel Abdullah Al-Zaidi: said killed two: Abdelfattah Alhmala.
– Tariq Faraj Alakora.

Assassination of Brigadier General Imad Abdul Salam Mahdo me. While leaving the Eid prayers outside a mosque Obeida the surgeon Balsabera old ..

Benghazi sacrificing Dnah

News reporter: preparations in Benghazi, in collaboration with civil society organizations to come out tomorrow in F called “Rescue Benghazi 2”,

claim to activate the army and police to maintain security in Benghazi, Libya in general.

News channel



Newsflash …


A continuation of the lack of safety and security in Libya was found dead engineer Ahmed Hameed Jadllah Mansoori

in a building under construction next to replace Ben Halim of foodstuffs, a resident of the area or packages, born in 1970, married with sons.

Body image is obviously rotten it may per bin Saud Building next to replace Ben Halim food Bdrna _
The body was identified by papers found in his possession
Name of person per .. Ahmed Eid Al Mansouri
A trader of sheep or packages

Media tuber Libya


Security source confirmed the city of Derna, that Dean “Hussein Hinhir”
Has been subjected to an assassination attempt b city of Derna morning, and survived
Them and was wounded in the hand and leg, and is now receiving treatment and his condition
Stable, and is still alive.

# Dirt

Media tuber

Full Azzouz “commander of battalion commanders in the tuber” ……. on the channel of the capital demanding democracy is an infidel.

How assassination of Brigadier Hussein Hinhir …

In the holiday was the Dean of the date of quasi-static to buy bread from the bakery Coast bin Nasser and this has not been repeated Sawa twice

or three days due to the work of Brigadier General Thunderbolt outside the city of Derna of the term _ and when he bought the news followed

the car and when he entered the street from the rear of the Pearl Hotel Derna the car stealth Bojtiazh and before passing took out two of the

hand right machine guns and Avrgo of the lead machine guns when a speeding car and fled without make sure the driver as a result of shooting.
Perhaps by a factor of experience or gave a signal shooters go after we make sure quickly Osabah the target killers.

Libyan news | tuber

The assassination of Brigadier Hussein Hinhir before takfiri groups



Warplane flying since the early morning on the city of Sabha

Targeting replace the citizen ” Omar Mecheri ” who belongs to tribe Alqmazfah in the city # Sabha ” Mansheya “ the Bakadf RPG

releasing a car and has fled and only material damage , note that the shop is located in the family home .

Chase through the streets of Nasiriyah Sabha and shootings and armed cars roaming the streets now ..

Explosion in city Sabha particular area Mansheya and targeted replaced Omar Mecheri Qahsa Bakazv RPG reported killed a member of Haouacna

family Almpaysh not Zalat reasons unknown.



terrorist group to kill two of the National Guard in # Tunisia.



Follow this topic tonight through satellite channel Al Khaimah on exactly eleven o’clock and 10 minutes Aaltrdd the 11137h27500

as assets with the head of anti-anti-globalization movement in Russia:

Voice of Russia: a delegation from the Libyan tribes who visit to Russia # their children complain of torture in Libyan prisons

of the militias and intend to stay # Friday demonstration in front of the Libyan embassy in Moscow.



What happened to the small Shia girl in Syria who were forced to watch her parents being killed that we reported on a few weeks ago?


According to Syrian Truth’s Facebook page, the photo is of a toddler who was living in the Deir ez-Zor Governate in eastern Syria,

bordering Iraq. She was tied up by members of the U.S.-supported “Free Syrian Army” — which is dominated by foreign, Sunni jihadis —

and made to watch as her mother and father were killed for being Shia. Here is how the Obama administration is using your tax dollars —

mockingly in the name of “freedom.”

As you can see her heart has been cut out and stuffed with cloth. No need to speculate what was done to that heart.

Want your tax monies to be supporting Barack Hussein, Francois Hollande and David Cameron’s funding of “rebels”


The Young officer Muammar

Raised in a tent

Born in June of 1942, Muammar al-Qathafi was part of the Bedouin, a desert-dwelling Arab ethnic group. He was raised in a tent near Sirte and attended Muslim schools

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Qathafi was born into a Bedouin family on 7 June 1942, near the Libyan city of Sirte.

As a teenager, he became an admirer of the Egyptian leader, Gamal Abdel Nasser, whose brand of Arab Nationalism struck a chord with the young al-Qathafi.

He entered a military academy in Benghazi in 1961 from which he graduated in 1966. He first hatched plans to topple the monarchy of King Idris, while at military college,

and received further army training in Britain.

al-Qathafi is said by Al Jazeera to have modelled himself on the Egyptian ruler Gamal Abdul Nasser whose nationalistic streak led to the Suez Crisis of 1956 in which the UK, France and Israel fought a brief but disastrous and deeply embarrassing war against Egypt.

As Captain al-Qathafi, he returned to the Libyan city of Benghazi and, on 1 Sep 1969, launched a bloodless coup while the king was receiving medical treatment in Turkey.

It was from Benghazi that as a lieutenant in the Libyan army, 27-year-old al-Qathafi led a bloodless coup against the then ruler King Idris and together with his loyal followers established a new Libyan Arab Republic.


al-Qathafi became chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council which was set up to run the country – one of his first acts was to expel his country’s Italian population.

Arab nationalist

Here is al-Qathafi with his ally Nasser in 1969:

The early years of al-Qathafi’s rule were marked by his declaration of a cultural revolution in which he set up People’s Committees. Arab nationalist

Like Nasser, he did not promote himself to the rank of General, but remained a Colonel throughout.

(This fitted in with his idea of Libya being eventually to be”ruled by the people” and no man or group of “elites”.)

He established a calendar which was based on the death of Prophet Muhammad.

Here is Muammar al-Qathafi explaining his policies in an interview with the BBC broadcast in 1976:

His rule blended Arab nationalism with a purified Islamic socialism and popular democracy.

In 1977 he invented a system called the “Jamahiriya” or “state of the masses”, in which power is meant to be held by thousands of “peoples’ committees”.

al-Qathafi also laid out his political philosophy  in publishing three volumes of his famous Green Book, which charted a home-grown

alternative to both socialism and capitalism combined with the truths of Islam.

When  al-Qathafi formally handed over  all powers to the Libyan peoples, he changed the official name of the country to the ‘Great Socialist Popular Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah’

(State of the Masses). This occured on 02 MARCH 1977.

He remained as one with his people.  On one occasion reporters called to a news conference found him ploughing a field.

After establishing The Great Jamahiriya, in 1978 he made this interview:

He even addressed the 64th General Assembly of the United Nations in 2009, reeling off a lengthy list of demands including compensation for the colonisation of

African countries which he said meant that Europe owed some $7.7 trillion:


Palestine History:

Muammar al-Qathafi calls for a Free Palestine:

D . Khairallah Mohammed Dulaimi Sager:

al-Qathafi landed by parachute over the Suez Canal front inflamed : – in the October War of 1973, Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi and the leader Abu Bakr Younis Jaber , from jumping by umbrellas above boycotted the Suez Canal front inflamed to participate in the fighting along the Egyptian forces , this is a big topic and a long and full details, written in the records of the proceedings Diary of the Egyptian General Staff at the time of the war ..

– In 1982 came the Syrian forces operating in Lebanon to strike a crushing by the army of the Israeli enemy superior, on the impact of such a strike suffered formations wild Syrian acute shortage of armor, the impact knocked Syria all doors Gulf oil to help to bridge that gap deadly but can not find to hear or tell her if the word Welcome , I’ve closed the at her all the doors Gulf , but very can not be understood except by the Israeli enemy , despite the apathy is located between al-Qathafi and Hafez al-Assad , the latter to explain the military situation of the armed forces Syrian leader Muammar al-Qathafi , al-Qathafi lion exactly my brother President Ma gap required of me , Assad Muammar , we have fast connections with Moscow in order to obtain immediate access to 300 tanks , half of the T- 72 but the Russians asked us to be a cash payment in advance prior to shipping operations , al-Qathafi a lion Saisalkm payment within 24 hours, as well as Saisalkm military delegation Libby coordinate and consult with you to determine the urgent needs of the Syrian army , contracted to Libya with black market traders in Lebanon in order to buy 250 Bldoz American-made meets the requirements of the military as a gift for the Syrian army , it is assumed that the staffing armored Brigade globally from 4 to 6 bulldozer for the time at which the Syrian armored Division has only 2 bulldozer and Russian redneck type .

– That Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi has provided the Palestinian resistance with all requirements of fighting arms , money and training and open her camps and offices on the Libyan territory , I tell you about Muammar al-Qathafi, who insisted that the brother leader , a brother is not a king or prince nor master , but Abdullah poor ,
By: Green Thought

د. خيرالله محمد ساجر الدليمي
القذافي يهبط بواسطة المظلة فوق جبهة قناة السويس الملتهبة: – في حرب أكتوبر من عام 1973 قام العقيد القائد معمر القذافي والقائد أبو بكر يونس جابر، من القفز بواسطة ألمظلات فوق قاطع جبهة قناة السويس الملتهبة للمشاركة في القتال لجانب القوات المصرية، هذا موضوع كبير وطويل وكامل تفاصيله، مدونة في سجلات وقائع يوميات هيئة الأركان المصرية العامة في زمن الحرب.. – في عام 1982 تعرضت القوات السورية العاملة في لبنان لضربات ساحقة من قبل جيش العدو الإسرائيلي المتفوق، على أثر تلك الضربة عانت التشكيلات البرية السورية من نقص حاد في الدرع، على أثر ذلك طرقت سوريا كل الأبواب الخليجية النفطية لمساعدتها من أجل ردم تلك الثغرة القاتلة لكنها لم تجد من يسمع أو من يقول لها ولو بكلمة أهلاً وسهلاً، لقد أوصدت في وجهها كل الأبواب الخليجية، ولغاية لا يمكن تفهما إلا من قبل ألعدو الإسرائيلي، رغم الفتور الموجود ما بين القذافي وحافظ الأسد، قام هذا الأخير من شرح الموقف العسكري العام للقوات المسلحة السورية للقائد معمر القذافي، القذافي للأسد بالضبط أخي الرئيس ما هوة المطلوب مني، الأسد لمعمر، أجرينا اتصالات سريعة مع موسكو من أجل الحصول الفوري على 300 دبابة نصفها من طراز تي 72 لكن الروس طلبوا منا أن يكون الدفع نقدا ومقدماً قبل أجراء عمليات الشحن، القذافي لأسد سيصلكم المبلغ خلال 24 ساعة، كذلك سيصلكم وفد عسكري ليبي بالتنسيق والتشاور معكم لتحديد الاحتياجات الملحة للجيش السوري، تعاقدت ليبيا مع تجار السوق السوداء في لبنان من أجل شراء 250 بلدوز أمريكية الصنع يفي بالمتطلبات العسكرية كهدية للجيش السوري، يفترض أن يكون ملاك اللواء المدرع عالمياً من 4 إلى 6 بلدوزر بالوقت الذي كانت الفرقة المدرعة السورية تمتلك فقط 2 بلدوزر ومن النوع الروسي المتخلف. – أن العقيد معمر القذافي قد زود المقاومة الفلسطينية بكل مستلزمات القتال من سلاح ومال وتدريب وفتح لها معسكرات ومكاتب على الأراضي الليبية، أنا أحدثكم عن معمر القذافى الذي أصر أن يكون الاخ القائد ، أخ ليس ملك ولا أمير ولا سيد بل عبد الله الفقير ،
بواسطة: الفكر الأخضر

Israel Responsible For Africa’s Wars and Woes- African Union Chairman, al-Qathafi

31 August  2009

Mu at African Union

NewsRescue– The president of the African Union (AU), Muammar al-Qathafi in a summit meeting Monday, declared Israel responsible for all the woes facing Africa,

and called on member-states to cut diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv.

Israel is “behind all of Africa’s conflicts,”

Muammar Gaddafi said on Monday and demanded the closure of all Israeli embassies across Africa.

The Libyan leader, who holds the rotating AU presidency described Israel as a “gang” which uses the “protection of minorities as an excuse to launch conflicts.”

al-Qathafi made the remarks at a meeting of 30 African leaders, who had convened in Tripoli for a one-day summit on the continent’s trouble spots, including Sudan’s Darfur and Somalia.

Israel has acknowledged operating what it called a forward policy in Africa between the 1960s and 1980s, intervening  in wars from Ethiopia to Uganda and Sudan, he stressed. [ad#medium]

“As African brothers, we must find solutions to stop the superpowers who are pillaging our continent,” the president of the AU added.

See: How The IMF-World Bank and Structural Adjustment Program(SAP) Destroyed Africa

The one-day meeting ended without any agreement on concrete steps. The leaders merely adopted a ‘Tripoli Declaration’ and a plan of action ‘to find urgent solutions to crises and conflicts’ in Africa.

That plan urges member-states who have pledged to contribute troops to reinforce the AU peacekeeping force in Somalia (AMISOM) to honor their promises “rapidly”.

Israeili ‘forward policy’ and the bloody Biafra- Nigeria war

During the Nigerian civil war, 6 July 1967 – 15 January 1970, it was believed that in keeping with this policy, Israel supplied weapons to the secessionist Biafra region. The then foreign minister of Biafra, Late Francis Nwokedi was known to have traveled to Israel to seek support from the sympathetic Nation, and it is believed that he was given Soviet weapons captured by the Israelis in the 1967 war, to aid the Ojukwu war against Nigeria. South Africa is also reported to have played a major similar role supporting the secessionist Biafra. [Residual Uncertainity]

Not exclusive to Africa

The Israeli controversial role in supporting minorities and arming such territory’s and their efforts at secession is not unique to Africa. Indeed their role leading up to the Georgia – Russia bloody war in 2008, was well recognized.

According to YNet:

For past seven years, Israeli companies have been helping Gerogian army to preparer for war against Russia through arms deals, training of infantry units and security advice…

…Israel began selling arms to Georgia about seven years ago following an initiative by Georgian citizens who immigrated to Israel and became businesspeople….

…Israelis’ activity in Georgia and the deals they struck there were all authorized by the Defense Ministry.

al-Qathafi to Palestinians: Revolt Against Israel!

Israel may soon be forced to respond to new Palestinian uprisings

If Muammar al-Qathafi has his way, Palestinians will rise up against Israel in the next Middle Eastern revolt. al-Qathafi has criticized Arab states that deal with Israel, calling them cowards.

If Palestinians choose to respond to his call and the situation escalates, the result will not be pretty. Israel will be forced to respond with force, and al-Qathafi will surely be demonized and

blamed for whatever results.

 Mu o.k.

TRIPOLI, 13 Febr. 2011(Reuters) – Palestinian refugees should capitalise on the wave of popular revolts in the Middle East by

massing peacefully on the borders of Israel until it gives in to their demands, Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi said on Sunday.

al-Qathafi is respected in many parts of the Arab world for his uncompromising criticism of Israel and Arab leaders who have dealings

with the Jewish state, though some people in the region dismiss his initiatives as unrealistic. (ISRATINE)

« ISRATINE » as hopefully proposed by Muammar al-Qathafi: The ONLY SOLUTION

He was giving his first major speech since a popular uprising in neighbouring Egypt forced President Hosni Mubarak to resign, an event which

electrified the Arab world and prompted speculation that other Arab governments could also be toppled.

Muammar al-Qathafi was shown saying on state television:

“Fleets of boats should take Palestinians … and wait by the Palestinian shores until the problem is resolved,”… “This is a time of popular revolutions.”

source: Reuters

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is greeted by Libyan leader Mu

Mu holding prayer beads in tent w Green Book ABBAS discussion



Killing security Rgelean in an exchange of fire with Mslhieddin terrorists in Tunisia


a piece of 1994 HISTORY:

Mu interview 1994 w  RICHARD CHESNOFF

interviewing the Libyan leadert Photo: USNWR

Inside Muammar’s madhouse

LAST UPDATED: 28 FEBR.2011 23:15


…We didn’t meet again until 1994. This time, he received me at his heavily guarded Beduin tent encampment on the western outskirts of Tripoli.

The Leader was practicing soccer with some of his guards (male ones) when I arrived.

The game over, Muammar al-Qathafi, still looking trim and fit, strode into his colorful tent. While a charcoal bonfire crackled outside, he told me how grateful he was for my previous interview.

“Unlike a lot of journalists,” he said. “You quoted my words just as I said them.”

He said he was optimistic about relations with Bill Clinton. Then the Leader continued with his usual rants –

finally telling me that his rule over Libya had

“laid down the threshold of the era of the masses. We have created a ‘great man-made river’…

a new wonder to be added to the wonders of the world. [But the real] revolution starts now. We will lead the world toward a new era,

eliminating armies and bringing an end to the evils of traditional governments, parties and classes. In their place we will establish a jamahiriya, a state of the masses.

Then and only then will a lasting peace be realized.”

Tragically for Libya, it’s nowhere near.

The writer is a prize-winning veteran of more than 40 years of global news work. He is former Jerusalem correspondent for Newsweek and executive editor of Newsweek International,

senior correspondent of US News & World Report from 1985 to 2003 and is now a columnist for The New York Daily Newsand The Huffington Post, where this article was first published.

Muammar al-Qathafi: a long hunt.

Mu burgundy 2


In the long list of attempts to assassinate Muammar al-Qathafi since September 1969 include that of 27 June 1980. That day, at 20h 59 to the large island of Ustica, Italy, a company Itavia plane crashes at sea with 81 people on board. Officially, it is an accident. But the reality is otherwise: it is for the French Secret Service to assassinate al-Qathafi who had to travel to Warsaw at the same time on the same route. At the last minute the Libyan Guide had changed his mind. The SDECEE, the French secret service had with the instructions Giscard D’Estaing, tried several times to liquidate al-Qathafi.

Monday, 02 July 2012
In the long list of attempts to assassinate Muammar al-Qathafi since September 1969 include that of 27 June 1980. That day, at 20h 59 to the large island of Ustica, Italy, a company Itavia plane crashes at sea with 81 people on board.Officially, it is an accident. But the reality is otherwise: it is for the French Secret Service to assassinate al-Qathafi who had to travel to Warsaw at the same time on the same route. At the last minute the Libyan Guide had changed his mind. The SDECEE, the French secret service had with the instructions Giscard D’Estaing, tried several times to liquidate al-Qathafi. After this failed Ustica, not only 14 people called to testify before the judge in Italy died one by one in mysterious circumstances, but also agents of the SAS (British secret service) and especially those of IFREMER (French Institute Search for Exploitation of the Sea) related SDECEE charged to recover the wreckage of the plane.The IFREMER agents out some pieces of the plane, leaving the bottom of the sea affected by the missile part. The head of Italian military secret service Pasquale Notarnicola say that “the truth was left at the bottom of the sea.” Giscard d’Estaing limogera Marenches Alexander, head of SDECEE following another assassination attempt in August 1980 through the raising of the Tobruk garrison with as a strategy to walk through Benghazi Tripoli with the support of some tribes Bedouin. Giscard d’Estaing said later in his memoirs that one of the four secrets passed in 1981 Mitterrand concerned Muammar al-Qathafi.
Ustica demonstrates once again that when Western hyenas chase a man or a woman in their jargon called a target, they are capable of anything, including the murder of their own countrymen by declaring cynically that this “accident “. In a formidable patience and the logic of the principle of the continuity of the state, passing the file predecessors hunting their successors in case of alternation.These hyenas do not give up. Although it may be noted here or there changes in tactics and procedures, the strategic objective is always maintained. A manhunt, namely that of Muammar al-Qathafi, began in the year 1969, immediately taking power by a  bloodless and glorious al-Fateh Revolution, and ends in 2011 under incredible Western sanctioned violence, 42 years later. This aggressiveness, the patience and the hard-line are devilishly wonderful and deserve to be learned by activists we want to be: never give up until our objectives are not achieved. As hyenas renounce when they reach their target, the following words shall be ours today: “I do not trust a colonialist or imperialist one that when he died,” wrote the 12 Kwame Nkrumah September 1960 Patrice Lumumba threatened from all sides.01 July  2012Komla KPOGLIMOLTRA (Movement for the Total Liberation and Reconstruction of Africa)


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