More Blood caused by CIA’s ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood ruling in Libya and NATO’s full return

Mu's plea
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This flag to be consolidated Ya Ahrarna and Hraúrna

The banner of Resistance of the legitimacy of the green

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Pure Islam–all sincere believers in Allah/the ONE MIGHTY GOD are Muslim:

The Arabic term islam literally means “surrender,” or “submission.” Believers (known as “Muslims” from the active participle of “islam”), accept surrender to the will of Allah (the Arabic word for God). Allah is viewed as a unique ONE & ONLY God—creator, sustainer, and restorer of the world.  He is the sole Creator, and sustainer of the universe, wherein every creature bears witness to his lordship and unity. He is also just, merciful, majestic, sovereign, and has endowed every creation with a definite and defined nature which allows the myriad of creation to function as a whole. This “nature” of creation, sets limits; and the limitedness of everything is one of the most fixed points in both the cosmology, science and the theology of the Holy Qur’an.

The Holy Qur’an is primarily directed at man and the whole human-race (not just one nation or people); and is self described as the guide for all humanity.  Despite man’s lofty position, the Holy Qur’an describes human nature as frail and faltering. Man is viewed as rebellious and full of pride, arrogating to himself the attributes of self-sufficiency. Pride, thus, is viewed as the cardinal sin of man, because by not recognizing in himself his essential creaturely limitations he becomes guilty of ascribing to himself partnership with God and thereby violating the unity of God. True faith (identified as iman), consists of belief in the immaculate Divine Unity and Islam is in one’s submission to the Divine will.

The will of God, to which man is to submit, is made purely known through the Holy Qur’an as it was divinely given to his great messenger Muhammad (PBUH). Muhammad (PBUH), who was the last of the great Prophets which included Adam, Noah/NOE, Job/AYUB Moses/MUSSA, Jesus/ ISSA: the devine Messiah, and many others as told-of in the Early Holy Scriptures. The basic belief of Islam is expressed in the shahadah, the Muslim confession of faith,

“There is no god but God; Muhammad is the prophet of God.”

Muslims believe in angels, the revealed books and Scriptures, a series of prophets, and a Last Day (of Judgment). Muslim duties include five daily prayers, the “Zakat” (which is the holy principle behind the Great Jamahiriya), fasting (during the month of Ramadan), and sometime in one’s life to go on a pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca.

The Qur’an reveals that messengers from God have, throughout history, been calling man back to God; yet few men have accepted the truth; most have rejected it and have become disbelievers (the kafir, the ungrateful). In Islam there is no point of no return, God is always willing to offer pardon based upon genuine repentance.  Revenge is not to be espoused by any man. Revenge is for the Last Days and Allah alone…never man.

All prophets of Islam are human and never part of divinity; they are simply recipients of revelation from God. God never speaks directly to man, he sends angels or inspiration.

Islamic Eschatology

Although not commonly appreciated by most Christians and Jews, the various sects of Islam, in their oral tradition, and from the Holy Quran, maintain a complex and intricate eschatology dealing with the end of the age and the coming of a great world leader, or Mahdi. The center of these events at the end of the age is Jerusalem, not Mecca, and Jesus is one of the principle participants in the coming great judgment, according to Muslim belief.

Both Jewish synagogues and Christian assemblies existed in Arabia when the Prophet received the angelic revelations which lead to the angel Gabriel handing him the Holy Quran of Allah.
“Christians are interested to learn of the high regard Muslims have for Jesus (Issa, in Arabic). Jesus, it is taught, was born of a virgin, without human father, and lived a sinless life. He is given titles of honor bestowed on no other prophet and He is pictured as a wandering preacher who performed miracles and spoke beautiful words. Concerning Him was given a book for His people, the Gospel, but the book was lost (or hopelessly distorted) and Jesus Himself was rejected. His people attempted to crucify Him, but Jesus was saved when someone took His place on the cross or tree; and He ascended into heaven (THE “ASCENSION”), having promised to send a comforter (Muhammad).”

“In Muslim piety it is declared that Jesus will judge the world at the end of time.
Islam does have a belief system about the end of the ages, the coming of a great Iman Mahdi, a great judgment, a heaven and hell, and a God who is basically merciful and compassionate.
A recent study of Muslim beliefs concerning the end time says:
The Mahdi will initially establish “the rule of justice and will remain for forty years”…

“The Imamite doctrine of the Mahdi at one point merges with the return of Jesus, another prominent figure of Islamic eschatology.
“He will re-descend (comeback) in the Holy Land at a place called Afiq/AFRICA with a spear in his hand; he will kill with it al-Dajjal (the Antichrist of Islamic eschatology*1).

Then he will go to Jerusalem at the time of the morning prayer. The Imam will seek to yield his place to him, but Jesus will refuse and will worship behind him according to the Sharia Law as it was purely given to Muhammad (PBUH) in the Holy Quran. Thereafter he will kill the swine, break the cross, and subdue all the Christians and Jews who do not believe in him. Once al-Dajjal is killed, all the Peoples of the Book (i.e., Jews and Christians) will believe in him and will form one single umma of those who submit to the will of God.
“The Muslim eschatological tradition is unanimous in assigning to both Jesus and the Mahdi a significant role in the doctrine of the qiyama (resurrection). As a matter of fact, many exegetes of the Quran in explaining the verse, “He (Jesus) is surely a knowledge of the Hour” (43:61), state that the descent of Jesus during the rulership of the Mahdi will make the approach of the Hour known.

In their book The Islamic Understanding of Death and Resurrection, Jane Idleman Smith and Yvonne Yaybeck Haddad, State University Press of Albany, New York (1981) quote from an earlier work, The Religion of Islam, by Ahmad Galwash:
“It has been well known (and generally accepted) by all Muslims in every epoch, that at the end of time a man from the family (of the Prophet) will without fail make his appearance, one who will strengthen the religion and make justice triumph. The Muslims will follow him, and he will gain domination over the Muslim realm. He will be called the Mahdi. Following him, the Antichrist will appear, together with all the subsequent signs of the Hour (the Day of Judgment).”
Much emphasis was laid on the function of the Mahdi as the descendant of Muhammad and the Imam, who will be followed in the prayer by Jesus. The latter point is repeatedly emphasized.
This distinguishes the roles of the Mahdi and Jesus, which at times became confusingly alike. (King of Kings)

Al-Dajjal’s role at the End of Time is akin with that of Satan. The function of killing the Dajjal (BARACH OBAMA???) is reserved for al-Mahdi. His emergence will be preceded by a time of great hardship.

“Those who follow the MAHDI on that day will be the enemies of the West. They will be wearing something green on their heads.They will be killed both in Syria and at a spot in Afig (AFRICA).
Beware that his so-termed “death” will be followed by a great event. This great event is the Revolution of the twelfth Imam, commencing from the direction of Safa in the precinct of the Keba.

Thereafter no repentance will be accepted. Jesus will descend together with the Mahdi, and help him kill (the Antichrist), and have him as the leader in his prayers.”

The Prophet is reported to have said that since the time of Noah there has been no umma on earth who did not fear al-Dajjal and his temptations; every prophet has warned his community against this tempter.

The episode of al-Dajjal’s emergence, at the time of the zuhur, has been interpreted as a test for sifting the true believers of God from the false ones,” (From Abdulazziz Abdulhussein Sachedina in his book, Islamic Messanism, State University of New York Press, Albany, New York, 1981).

*1: [The end of the age we live in is marked by deception on a world-wide scale-because truth has been so widely and universally rejected by mankind. This is the clear statement of St.Paul when he speaks about the appearing of the man of sin:
“Let no one deceive you in any way; for that day will not come, unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God (in Jerusalem), proclaiming himself to be God. Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you this? And you know what is restraining him now so that he may be revealed in his time. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains it will do so until he is out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed (unveiled), and the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of his mouth and destroy him by his appearing and his coming. The coming of the lawless one by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false (lit: “the lie”), so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (2:3-12)]
In Islamic doctrine, on the Last Day when the world will come to an end, the dead will be resurrected and judgment will be pronounced on every person in accordance with his deeds. Those condemned will burn in hellfire, and those saved will enjoy the abiding pleasures of paradise. Besides suffering in physical fire, the damned will also experience a fire “in their hearts”; similarly, the blessed, besides physical enjoyment, will experience the greatest happiness of divine pleasure.

In Islamic life hoarding of wealth without recognizing the rights of the poor is threatened with the direst punishments in the hereafter and is declared to be one of the main causes of the decay of societies in this world. The practice of usury is forbidden. Islam is the concept of the community of the faithful.

The mission of the community of the faithful is to “enjoin good and forbid evil” so that “there is no mischief and corruption” on earth.  Muammar al-Qathafi abides by the claims of the Shi’ah, that a ruler or leader must belong to the family of the Prophet.


The principle of toleration, makes it possible for diverse sects to recognize and coexist with one another.
One is not to ridicule or burn a church or synagogue or another’s place or style of worship.

No harm must be done to another man, and no war or harm is to be done upon a fellow Muslim. (To do harm to a fellow Muslim is amongst the highest of sins.)
Compassion, understanding and tolerance is to be extended to everyone, not from an attitude of superiority, but of service, following the example of the Lord ISSA (JESUS) who said,

“The Son of man came not to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many”; and, “The Son of man came to seek and to save that which was lost.”


  •  Muammar al-Qathafi IS a direct decendent of Mohammed (PBUH). He is a Holy Imam. He is known as IMAN of all IMAMI. His insignia is GREEN, solid GREEN only.
    Muammar had the Great Jamahiriya (THE THIRD UNIVERSAL THEORY of the GREEN BOOK and the GREAT GREEN UNIVERSAL CHARTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS written 12 June 1988) for the people’s power, and the only social means for the salvation of mankind, all sustained for 40 years from its initial start…
  •  To also see that prophecy has been uniquely fulfilled, Muammar al-Qathafi established the World Islamic Call Society and the World Islamic Leadership. He printed the Holy Quran in all known languages, preached as IMAM throughout the world and built schools, hospitals and mosques.
    Outside of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), no one has done more for the cause of Islam than Muammar al-Qathafi, whose whole life was in service to Allah and the purification of the Holy Faith of Islam.

 The perfect leader (imam) is transformed into a metaphysical manifestation of God. The imam, alone, like the Roman Pontif, is infallible and can reveal the hidden and true meaning of the Holy Qur’an. He is a holy marabout…and should be respected.

The general religious life of the Muslims is centered around the mosque. Friday is the weekly Muslim holy day. The most important and comprehensive concept of Islam, at the practical level, is that of the Shari’ah (the path leading to the watering place). In religious terms it means the highway of life leading to God.

The virtue of chastity is regarded as of prime importance by Islam. The Holy Qur’an advanced its universal recommendation of marriage as a means to ensure a state of chastity (ihsan) which is held to be induced by having only one single free wife.

Architecture, music and poetry are the richest of the Islamic art forms.

Jihad is used as a defense against colonialism and can only be procliamed by an IMAM.


Free word of God and Muammar room and Part 1

Free word of God and Muammar room and Part 2

Word Dr. Hamza Thami Baknati of the green tent on 21/10/2013 P

قريبا جداً !!! .. VERY SOON NOW!!!



Monument to the martyrs of the Battle of the observatory

Battle of the observatory, which was one of its martyrs
Mujahid Abdul Salam Abu Minyar Gaddafi (MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI’s GRANDFATHER)

Land seen Tut with the blood of our ancestors heroes


(Torrent Green)

The mass of our country .. FB VIDEO:
All free and Sharif us now participates suspend ..

بلادنا الجماهيرية..
كل حر وشريف معنا الأن يشارك بتعليق..

The mass of our country ..
All free and Sharif us now participates suspend ..

Ah for each free and silks and honest and Libya.
أهــــداء لكل احرار وحرائر وشرفاء وابطال ليبيا …

in 3D

This is a real holiday liberation Dear Libyans
This is the real holiday liberation O Libyans, this is the truth Fateh Revolution Revolution first and last in Libya.
هذا هو عيد التحرير الحقيقي ايها الليبين هذه هي الثورة الحقيقة ثورة الفاتح الاولي والاخيرة في ليبيا .

Holiday Liberation Almham !!

In all countries of the world that liberated feel peoples splendor of this day and increase their sense of national and undertakes to pay the nation towards progress , but in Libya is on Mham in every sense of the word it is not a holiday , because Eid means joy and delight and how to be a holiday in his memory out more 2 million displaced outside their country and tens of thousands displaced within the country in the open camps ?
How to be a holiday and two days before the massacres in Sirte and NATO had bombed the best of God’s creation in a convoy of men Quarter No. 2 ?
How to be a festival in the memory queues of refugees lined with cars at the gates of the militia are looking for and you hear women and Senate ugliest cussing of the use of improper words ?
If this festival !
I wonder how is grief and what are their standards ? Is not a holiday has nothing to do editing as well because the editing does not happen kill for your family just because they defended Libya against NATO
and terrorism ,
even leader Muammar al-Qathafi did not describe the Revolution as  a revolution liberation, and only did so after the expulsion of foreign bases that were their haunt in the territory of Libya ,
why is the fall of the property and corruption , such as editing , because they no matter how they are part of the Libyan people and homelands are not liberated the expulsion of their people,
this is a day of tragedy Libyan continuing for three years, until Abdul Jalil himself when he stepped on the platform of the celebration that day did not know that talking about holiday or edit talked to the audience ‘s desire inside select the goal of all this chaos in polygamy , Harbona the NATO brought us to kill our children and our elders in order to marry women!
Did Freud ‘s sincerity when he said that sex is the main driver of human behavior ? God damn this Freudian unhappy holiday
that draw each false dreams in record time and has become today the Libyan citizen just wants to sleep to dream but crying to the moon
until he ended dreams nightmares time and something else .
And still continuing to play
{ musician }
Mu Green Moon Rising
عيد التحرير المشؤم .________ في كل دول العالم التي تحررت تشعر الشعوب بروعة هذا اليوم ويزيد لديها الاحساس الوطني وتتعهد بدفع الوطن نحو التقدم ، الآ في ليبيا فهو يوم مشؤم بكل معني الكلمة فهو ليس عيد لان العيد يعني الفرحة والبهجة وكيف يكون عيد وفي ذكراه خرج اكثر من 2 مليون مهجر خارج بلادهم وعشرات الآلاف هجرت داخل الوطن في مخيمات العراء ؟ كيف يكون عيد وقبله بيومين كانت المجازر في سرت وكان الناتو يقصف خير خلق الله في رتل الرجال بالحي رقم 2 ؟ كيف يكون عيد وفي ذاكره كانت طوابير من سيارات اللآجئين تصطف في بوابات المليشيات تفتش وتسمع النسوة والشيوخ ابشع واردئ الالفاظ النابية ؟ لو كان هذا عيد ! يا تري كيف هي الاحزان وماهي مقاييسها ؟ هو ليس عيد ولا علاقة له بالتحرير ايضا لان التحرير لا يحدث بقتلك لأهلك لمجرد انهم دافعوا عن ليبيا ضد الناتو والارهاب ، حتي القائد معمر القذافي لم يصف ثورة الفاتح بثورة التحرير الا بعد ان طرد القواعد الاجنبية التي كانت تجثم فوق تراب ليبيا ، فلم يعتبر سقوط الملكية والفساد من قبيل التحرير لانهم مهما كان هم جزء من الشعب الليبي والاوطان لا تتحرر بطرد شعوبها ،هذا هو يوم الماسأة الليبية المستمرة منذ ثلاثة سنوات ، حتي عبدالجليل نفسه عندما صعد على منصة الاحتفال ذلك اليوم لم يعرف ان يتكلم عن عيد او تحرير فتحدث للحاضرين عن رغبة في داخله حدد فيها هدف كل هذه الفوضي في تعدد الزوجات ، حاربونا وجلبوا لنا الناتو ليقتل ابنائنا وشيوخنا من اجل ان يتزوجوا النساء ! هل صدق فرويد عندما قال ان الجنس هو المحرك الاساسي للسلوك البشري ؟ لعن الله هذا العيد الفرويدي التعيس الذي رسم كل الاحلام الزائفة في وقت قياسي وصار اليوم المواطن الليبي يريد فقط ان ينام لكي يحلم ولكن هيهات حتي الاحلام انتهت انه زمن الكوابيس ولا شي سواها . ولازال العزف مستمراً { الموسيقار }   


A tribute to the men and women of the Great Jamahiriya who did not Samado the Crusader

alliance against the infidel and his aides of traitors Libyans.


Mr. Secretary – General of the United Nations
We are pleased we are displaced Libyans exclusively ours wrongfully since the that Astwalt the armed gangs on Libya. International of international cover , which mocked Z that the United Nations issued an unjust decision
Libyan violates the sanctity of sovereignty
Because of this resolution and international intervention has this topic states to destroy the infrastructure of its Libyan predecessor did not know the world Question me all the laws and usages of which was built by the United Nations and the lid illegally from countries that participate in the aggression against Libya by force of arms in the resolution Almtemtl 1973.
Saluting was grab the legitimate authority and delivery of the legitimacy of the Libyan state and handed over Li armed gangs and militias and al International saluting that this topic gangs is the de facto ruler in the country now and Batrav of Almendwab High United Nations in Libya, Mr. Tarek Mitri and organizations active in the civil rights that Libya controlled by gangs armed
The rule
Lada hold this topic Tabeit authorities this topic Jeraam Almtkarh in the right of Libyans Therefore, we ask the international community
1 – to put an end to this topic operations in order to protect citizens Libyans covered by the resolutions of the UN Security Council and knead consideration of intervention in Default PII affairs from 2011 and so far
2 – open international investigation in Jeraam which united in Sirte in 2011 from Graeme murder against humanity and human rights
3 – The opening of an international investigation into Graeme NATO on Libya
4 – Investigating in Jeraam which occurred in civil right of Bani Walid from Graeme Alqthelotaadib and looting of the so – called resolution (7 )
5 – Investigation in Graeme murder and imprisonment and amendment upon the genocide and displacement of the City Tawergha , Alaoynet and Alqolish
6 – to investigate the theft of public funds of the Libyan state and compromising national sovereignty and the right omitted damage .
And the rule of Secretary – General Nncdkm We Libyans displaced seriousness of political and humanitarian situation in Libya, hoping you realized knead and help the Libyan people at home and abroad to impose the will of independent national and rebuild the Libyan state
Accept from us all the appreciation and respect displaced Libyans in Germany (11 photos)
الى سياده الامين العام للامم المتحده
يسرنا نحن الليبين المهجرين قصرا من ارضنا ظلما وعدوانا مند ان استوالت العصابات المسلحه على ليبيا. بغطاء دولى من دولى التى سخر ى الامم المتحده بان تصدر قرار ظالم
ينتهك حرمة السياده الليبيه
وبسبب هدا القرار والتدخل الدولى قامت هده الدول بتدمير البنيه التحتيه لدوله الليبيه فى سابقه لم يعرفه العالم مخالفه لى جميع القوانين ولاعراف التى بنيت عليها هيئه الامم المتحده وبغطاء غير قانونى من الدول التى شاركه العدوان على ليبيا بقوه السلاح فى القرار المتمتل1973.
حيت تم انتزاع السلطه الشرعيه وتسليم من شرعية الدوله الليبيه وتسليمه لى العصابات المسلحه والمليشيات وتنظيم القاعده الدولى حيت ان هده العصابات هى الحاكم الفعلى فى الدوله الان وبعتراف من المندواب السامى الامم المتحده فى ليبيا السيد طارق مترى والمنظمات النشطه فى الحقوق المدنية على ان ليبيا تسيطر عليها العصابات المسلحه
وادا نحمل هده السلطات تابعيت هده الجرايم المتكراره فى حق الليبين عليه فان نطلب المجتمع الدولى
١-ان يضع حدا لهده العمليات من اجل حمايه الموطنين الليبين المشمولين بقرارات مجلس الامن الدولى ودلك اعتبار من تدخله فى الشان اللي بيى ابتداء من 2011 وحتى الان
٢-فتح تحقيق دولى فى الجرايم التى حدت فى سرت عام 2011 من جرايم قتل ضد الانسانيه وحقوق الانسان
٣-فتح تحقيق دولى فى جرايم الناتو على ليبيا
٤-التحقيق فى الجرايم التى وقعت فى حق اهلى بنى وليد من جرايم القتلوتعديب ونهب مايسمى بالقرار (7)
٥-التحقيق فى جرايم القتل والسجن والتعد يب والاباده الجماعيه والتهجير لمدينه تاورغاء والعوينيه والقوليش
٦-التحقيق فى سرقه الاموال العامه للدوله الليبيه والتفريط فى السياده الوطنيه والحق الضرار بيها.
وعليها سياده الامين العام ننشدكم نحن الليبين المهجرين بخطورة الاوضاع السياسيه والانسانيه فى ليبيا املين منكم ادرك دلك و مساعده الشعب الليبى فى الداخل والخارج على فرض الاراده الوطنيه المستقله واعاده بناء الدوله الليبيه
تقبل منا كل التقدير والاحترام الليبين المهجرين فى المانيا ( photos)

Date .. Hamad, Emir of Qatar and NATO for liberated Libya …
Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad
Says – without NATO’s assistance to the liberated Libya – I mean, Qatar and NATO
Of free Libya????

امير قطر الشيخ حمد
يقول -لولا مساعدة الناتو لما حررنا ليبيا-يعنى قطر والناتو
من حرر ليبيا ؟؟؟؟



Sky News Arabic :

Libyan oil production crashes baffle ” Eni “

” Paolo Scaroni, the ” CEO of the Italian ENI oil and gas Wednesday that the disruption of oil production in Libya ” very worrying ” for his company with continuing losses there in pressure on the outlook for production and profits ..
And the disruption of production in most of Libya’s oil fields and ports since the end of July due to strikes and protests by political activists and armed groups .. Eni and the seventh largest oil company in the world is the largest foreign operator of oil and gas fields in Libya in terms of production volumes ..
And pushed interruptions of production in Libya , the company in August to cut its annual forecast ..
Scaroni said on the sidelines of the conference on ” stop fulfilling field and produces gas only to generate electricity inside Libya ”
And the fulfillment of one of the four concession areas for oil and gas operated by Eni in Libya in a joint venture with the National Oil Corporation Libya
Scaroni said it was impossible to predict when an appeal to meet its production and added, ” I wish we knew .. it is impossible to ” .. ! !
Before the outbreak of the war in Libya in 2011 produced a ” Eni ” the Italian state-owned about 270 thousand barrels per day of oil equivalent and has contracts for oil and gas shall apply until the years 2042 and 2047 , respectively.
For her part, the National Oil Corporation on Tuesday that Libya ‘s oil production stood at about 600 thousand barrels a month ago , while the government seeks to end the protests

Important and urgent …..

At a meeting of some civil society organizations and some members of the National Congress of Tripoli in the presence of the Defense Ministry Undersecretary Khaled Al-Sharif, which the agent said in his speech at the meeting that they will not allow any what-so-ever al-Qathafi/GREAT JAMAHIRIYA army officers continue to work … !!

In the same vein the Nuri Abushmin, issued in his capacity as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces (!!!) consecutive decisions for “separation” of the Libyan army officers bulk of their work, especially from the Air Force … Without trials or even military investigations, but only just separated!!!

Still Aabeyen the them Bebnoa army and police?!!!!

(Abdel Moez Bannon)

The news agency – Tripoli – and Comment

One of the hijackers of the rat Prime Minister “Ali Zaidane”, after Qarani faced on
Prime Minister in front of the headquarters of the General National Congress, called “Suhaib
Spears, “after the storm the General National Congress Hall, sitting on
Seat “Nuri Bushmin” of, head of the General National Congress.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Fatima pain algebraic member of the National Congress general says that one of the protesters today in the tent set up in front of the headquarters of the National Congress general claim to topple Prime Government entered into the conference and spoke with some members thinking that it was among the wounded before he tells them that he and his Acamo Khaimah Amadifta to it in front of everyone that they threatened to kill Zaidane case has not been dismissed from the conference and will kill all of the members of the conference rejects dismissal of Ali Zaidane.

Published Italy LA STAMBA newspaper in an article under the title “after the failure of Zaidane in the creation of his country ‘s army protects the fact that the electronic army to protect him “,  said : –

In the most prestigious streets of the capital of Malta Valletta bought businessman Libyan ” Mohammed Abdullah Aqeel “ agent ( Mercedes ) in Libya building a luxury to have a media center featuring a slide youth Libby specializes in the “war of electronic ” to respond to the international press , which has become accelerated to publish news “deals Zaidane” with Western countries , which tarnished his reputation within the street Libyan she exposed him the Alttiara hardline Islamist who controls the bulk of institutions in the State of Libya ,

coverage of large financial monitored by Mohammad Aqil for this center , which is estimated ( six million dollars) initially made ​​him one of the most media centers in what is known ( army -mail ), where all the potentials of human and logistics to serve the Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane and polishing his image middle of the street Libyan after falling popularity recently after the arrest of double-agent ” Abu Anas Libyan ” and leaking information to provide him with lists of extremists Libyans and Arabs online arena Libyan CIA , has provided Mohammad Aqil , which is linked onion proximity to the Prime Minister Office Ali Zaidane REGIME-system ( eavesdropping sophisticated ) to monitor the phones used by Ali Zaidane now in control phones opponents of the party ( the Muslim Brotherhood ) and leaders ( extremist Islamic groups ) after the advice given to him from the ( German intelligence ) are sent CDs calls for Media Center in Malta and has been forwarded to the international intelligence Ajhzat.

Zaidane want to continue in his duties as long as possible .


All proceeds to storm the hall of the National Congress of some of the wounded protesters from the city of Ajdabiya to this day


Taureg love Mu, when son Saif al-Arab was murdered
Called the organization ” Amnesty International ” the Libyan authorities to ” find sustainable solutions quickly , put an end to the ongoing forced displacement of tens of thousands of residents of Tawergha and other communities displaced from their homes during the armed conflict in 2011 .”

And Amnesty International said in a report , said that ” all the people of the city of Tawergha , totaling about 40 thousand people, displaced from their homes forcibly by armed groups from Misrata accusing them of supporting the Government of the late leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi , while continued discrimination , abductions and arbitrary detention of people of Tawergha , and who face threats and retaliatory attacks by militias and put itself above the law , with Tkhazlt to the Libyan authorities to ensure their safe return and repeatedly prevented their return to their homes for security reasons . ”

The organization added that “the total number of internally displaced persons in various parts of Libya reached about 65 thousand displaced people , and they along with Tawergha from the tribe Mchacheh inhabiting the Nafusa Mountains , and the Tuareg people of Ghadames , too, is that the people of Altaorghae , who are ethnic origins Libyan from black – skinned , most of these groups suffering . ”

It also urged the Organization in its report, the Libyan authorities to ” investigate all cases of enforced disappearances and torture , without discrimination , including against victims who are perceived to be “supporters of al-Qathafi”, and consultation with the communities Tawergha have discussed any solutions designed to meet the needs and legitimate rights and interests ” according to the statement .



The three unidentified cars with kidnapping
“Moroccan Mohammed” national team player
In front of the airport in Tripoli Aquarius me after medical trip

(Atef Shelmani)

Picture of the day:

Tripoli’s malnevolent Gurji area … !

Mobile power seized a car bomb near a power station west of Tripoli

And – enables power mobile elements of the Presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army at dawn on Wednesday , to adjust the car with explosives near the power plant west of Tripoli .
According to a spokesman for mobile power thanks Abudah Libyan news agency , that after receiving information from the Office of the investigation and information gathering of the force, the establishment of an unidentified group set fire to tires, road coastal front of station west of Tripoli for electricity, and suspicion of trying to break into the station, was sent a contingent of members mobile power to the site , but upon arrival of this force confronted shot by the armed group , wounding two members of the force moving one of them seriously .
The Abudah explained that during the clash gunmen managed to escape in two cars and left another kind of car Chevrolet show after inspected and checked by the amount of explosives ready to blow up , and thought it was designed to blow up a power station west of Tripoli .

News reporter:

foil attempt to blow up a power station west of Tripoli.



Two hours before, because the process of stealing a car from someone senior in age in janzour Street Suleiman ..

(Secret Alcdoh)


I received news now on the closure of the Airport Mitigua.



Warplanes flying low on the city of Nalut and crossing Thuhayba until Tighe and Kapaau;;; and unconfirmed reports targeting 9 cars on the border with smuggled gasoline and copper.



Location: by a well sheep when he was one of the citizens Babr with his herd road at night, taking advantage of non-congested road

over the driver tank smuggling oil rush is Senthana runs over the herd, which has killed more than 40 head of sheep and fractures

for nearly twenty of them did not bother, but screaming on the shepherds, saying “wexanthan” …

(Torrent Green)


Please circular:

convoy of about 50 cars coming from the Corner steady and in the way for the city of Ajeelat and was seen shortly before

the close of a lounge Strip (Sabratha) and Hua in the way to the city Ajeelat withstand.


Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Before Vleil the voice RPG launchers district followed by heavy gunfire 14.5 in gate 27.

Now the situation quiet ..


In these moments will be delivered “Taher Turkish Alzentani” for the local council of Zintan!!!

This is thanks to the President and members of the Shura Council after they are meeting with local councils for the Mountain West and the Western Region;
And b this chapter and the great work of the Shura Council now understand the process handed over to his family.

(Channel and Libyan Rishvana)

Zintan channel on Facebook:

Urgent and uncertain,,, regarding Moroccan player Mohammed,,,

Player Mohamed Moroccan located at the tenth secret vest in Bafrenaj, and by saying that they (RATS) have a warrant of arrest against the backdrop of his injury and the subsequent charges.

The people of Moroccan Mohammed player now aware of the importance arrest and pursued him and asked them to appoint a lawyer to defend him against the backdrop of the charge against him.
Mohammed Moroccan player Al Ahli Tripoli Reserve now jailed Alruyemi Ain Zara accused of trying to assassinate coach Hossam Al-Badri !

 Libyan Tribal Elders of Nafusa Mountains

Council statement wise , and Rishvana of

May hold a meeting in Asabah on 23/10/2013 under the banner of peace and social security and the promotion of belonging to the homeland ,

which included shuras areas following / and Rishvana , Zintan, Jadu , Asabah , Ifrane , Gharyan, Alrajaban , Awlad Abu Seif, Rahibat , Kklh , Nalut ,

banditry , Kapaau , Riyaana , the soles of the mountain, the castle, Surman , Sabratha

In the absence of government control over the reins of the state administration , which could plunge Libya into chaos more with the presence of a

weak government hampered by internal problems and armed battalions we emphasize the following: –
1 – We condemn the assassination of national officers in the city of Benghazi and all parts of the country ,

and call on the government to investigate who is behind these criminal acts and detect the perpetrators and bring them to justice.
2 – claim to build a strong national army , and activate the police and the independence of the judiciary and the establishment of the state of law and institutions that serve all Libyans and provide them with security and free and dignified life .
3 – condemn anyone who exploit Close oil , roads and storm the institutions of the state , as a bargaining chip aimed at disabling the operation of the current policy , and we demand the formation of a national committees fair to consider the demands of the protesters ports and oil investigation in order to preserve the livelihood of Libyans from tampering and theft which harms the national economy and threatens stability.
4 – We condemn the kidnapping and arrest of the Libyan government and we consider an illegal act and a flagrant violation of human rights affect the entity State and Nhaddr from armed confrontation between the Libyans that lead the nation to disturbances and divisions .
5 – emphasize respect for Libya’s sovereignty and to preserve the territorial integrity of Libya and condemn the kidnapping of Libyan citizens and we consider it a violation of Libya’s sovereignty and a violation of the Charter of the United Nations .
6 – reject the question of extending the period of the General National Congress until after the referendum on the Libyan people and we demand to expedite the process of electing a committee session and the preparation of the Constitution .
7 – We hold on to the legitimacy of the state of the National Congress and the government and we condemn Altjadbat and political conflicts which have become more acute in the National Congress and the interim government, which not serve the interest of the homeland and pour into the special interests (intellectual , physical , regional ) which led to a delay in benefits transitional phase.
8 – emphasize the activation of the Joint Committee between the Shura Council and Rishvana and Shura Council Jebel Nafusa , which was formed on the protection of public road link Tripoli Jebel Nafusa as area Rishvana incubator for all Libyan tribes include with their children all the components of Libya’s social and cities and tribes they need to support the security institutions in which order the region’s stability and security touches all Libyans .
9 – disclaims all cities and tribes of outlaws and lifted their immunity and social protection to be under penalty of law to hold them accountable for their actions
10 – Na appreciate the urgent need for urgent and inclusive national dialogue does not exclude one because it contributes to the public to uphold the national interest above tendencies and regional accounts and partisan , tribal, and we call on Libyans to establish a national dialogue and not to be drawn behind the attempt to disperse the national ranks .
11 – Ncetkr and deplore the confusion and style of dialogue irresponsible to Dahr by some Libyan officials in the country during the recent period and personal interests , without taking into account the interests of Libya
12 – condemn all kinds of arms and assure that the government should bear the responsibility towards the armed groups outside the law and find ways to collect weapons
13 – to speed up the national reconciliation and address the problems of displaced brothers
14 – Security Directorates support so you can achieve the security and safety of citizens
15 – to speed up the election of municipal councils
Peace be upon you and God ‘s mercy and blessings
Shuras and wise men in the Western Region
Released in Asabah on Wednesday the eighteenth month of November 1434 Hijri 10/23/2013

بيان مجلس حكماء ورشفانةقد عقد اجتماع بمدينة الاصابعة بتاريخ 23 / 10 / 2013 تحت شعار السلم والامن الاجتماعي وتعزيز الانتماء للوطن ، ضم مجالس الشورى بالمناطق الاتية / ورشفانة ، الزنتان ، جادو ، الاصابعة ، يفرن ، غريان ، الرجبان ، اولاد ابوسيف ، الرحيبات ، ككله ، نالوت ، الحرابة ، كاباو ، الرياينة، باطن الجبل ، القلعة ، صرمان ، صبراتة .
وفي ظل غياب سيطرة الحكومة على مقاليد إدارة الدولة ، الذي يمكنان يغرق ليبيا في الفوضى أكثر مع وجود حكومة ضعيفة تعرقلها المشاكل الداخلية والكتائب المسلحة فإننا نؤكد على الأتي :-
1- ندين اغتيال الضباط الوطنيين في مدينة بنغازي وكل إنحاء الوطن ، ونطالب الحكومة بالتحقيق في من يقف وراء هذه الإعمال الإجرامية والكشف على المتورطين وتقديمهم للقضاء .
2- المطالبة ببناء جيش وطني قوي ، وتفعيل جهاز الشرطة واستقلال القضاء وإقامة دولة المؤسسات والقانون التي تخدم جميع الليبيين وتوفر لهم الأمن والحياة الحرة الكريمة .
3- ندين كل من يقوم باستغلال إغلاق النفط والطرق واقتحام مؤسسات الدولة ، كأداة مساومة هدفها تعطيل العملية السياسة الحالية ، ونطالب بتشكيل لجان وطنية نزيهة للنظر في مطالب المعتصمين بالمواني النفطية والتحقيق فيها حفاظا على مصدر رزق الليبيين من العبث والسرقة الأمر الذي يلحق الضرر بالاقتصاد الوطني ويهدد استقراره .
4- نستنكر اختطاف واعتقال رئيس الحكومة الليبية ونعده عمل غير قانوني وانتهاكا صارخا لحقوق الإنسان يمس كيان الدولة ونحدر من المواجهة المسلحة بين الليبيين التي تقود الوطن إلى اضطربات وانقسامات .
5- نؤكد على احترام السيادة الليبية والمحافظة على وحدة التراب الليبي وندين خطف المواطنين الليبيين ونعتبره انتهاكا للسيادة الليبية وخرقا لميثاق الأمم المتحدة .
6- نرفض مسالة تمديد فترة المؤتمر الوطني العام الا بعد استفتاء الشعب الليبي على ذلك ونطالب بالإسراع في عملية انتخاب لجنة الستين وإعداد الدستور .
7- نؤكد علي التمسك بشرعية الدولة المتمثلة في المؤتمر الوطني والحكومة وندين التجادبات والصراعات السياسية التي أصبحت أكثر حدة في المؤتمر الوطني والحكومة المؤقتة التي لاتخدم مصلحة الوطن وتصب في المصالح الخاصة ( الفكرية ، المادية ، الجهوية ) الأمر الذي أدى إلى تأخر استحقاقات المرحلة الانتقالية .
8- نؤكد علي تفعيل اللجنة المشتركة بين مجلس الشوري ورشفانة ومجلس الشوري بجبل نفوسة التي تم تشكيلها بشان حماية الطريق العام الرابط طرابلس بجبل نفوسة باعتبار منطقة ورشفانة حاضنة لكل القبائل الليبية وتضم مع ابنائها كل مكونات ليبيا الاجتماعية ومدنها وقبائلها وهي بحاجة لدعم المؤسسات الامنية فيها من اجل استقرار المنطقه والامن بها يمس كل الليبين .
9- تتنصل كافة المدن والقبائل من الخارجين عن القانون وترفع عنهم الحصانة والحماية الاجتماعية ليكونوا تحت طائلة القانون لمحاسبتهم عن اعمالهم
10- نا نقدر الحاجة الملحة والماسة إلى حوار وطني جامع لا يستثني احد لأنه يسهم في إعلاء الصالح الوطني العام فوق النزعات والحسابات الجهوية والحزبية والقبلية وندعو الليبيين إلى إقامة الحوار الوطني وعدم الانجرار وراء محاولة تشتيت الصف الوطني .
11- نستكر ونستهجن التخبط واسلوب ا لحوار الغير مسؤول الي الذي ضهر به بعض المسؤولين بالدولة الليبية وذلك خلال الفترة الاخيرة ولمصالح شخصية ودون مراعاة لمصلحة ليبيا ا
12- ندين كافة انواع التسلح ونؤكد على ضرورة تحمل الحكومة مسؤوليتها تجاه المجموعات المسلحة الخارجة عن القانون وايجاد السبل الكفيلة لجمع السلاح
13- الاسراع في المصالحة الوطنية ومعالجة مشاكل الاخوة النازحين
14- دعم مديريات الامن حتي تتمكن من تحقيق الامن والامان للمواطنين
15- الاسراع في انتخاب المجالس البلدية
والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
مجالس الشورى والحكماء بالمنطقة الغربية
صدر في الاصابعة يوم الأربعاء الثامن عشر من شهر ذو الحجة 1434 هجري الموافق 23/10/2013
Amazigh …Very , very important subject …Wednesday 23 October … Met today town Tmazin , the Jebel Nafusa .. A number of leaders and representatives of the rebels and the institutions of civil society -speaking cities Tamazight ( Zuwarah – Nalut – Jadu – Kapaau – Rahibat – banditry – Tmluchyt – Ifrane – Castle ) … In order to discuss some topics related to the Libyan Amazigh affairs .. The conferees came out with a number of important points and that will be sent to all local councils and civil institutions and Saraya rebels … Which reads as follows : -Based on stalemate on Amazigh requirement and on the amendment of Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration it .. Amazigh post will be frozen in the Committee of 60. And that any Amazigh is registered in the election on this committee or sub-committees relating thereto is not represents Amazigh absolutely … Will not be recognized under any item.
The name will be included in the black list and slander him and will be considered a traitor to the cause of Tamazight ..Is granted the Supreme Council for the Amazigh Libya full powers to manage the Amazigh issue politically and Tak measures that it deems appropriate .. In coordination with the local and military councils of the cities mentioned .Ended ….Leaders and representatives of the rebels and the institutions of civil society -speaking cities Tamazight ( Zuwarah – Nalut – Jadu – Kapaau – Rahibat – banditry – Tmluchyt – Ifrane – Castle )

Tmazin 23 October 2013

الأمـــــــــــــازيغ…موضوع هام جدا جدا …الاربعاء 23 اكتوبر … اجتمع اليوم ببلدة طمزين بجبل نفوسة .. عدد من قادة وممثلي الثوار ومؤسسات المجتمع المدني بالمدن الناطقة باللغة بالامازيغية ( زوارة – نالوت – جادو – كاباو – الرحيبات – الحرابة – تملوشايت – يفرن – القلعة ) … لاجل مناقشة بعض المواضيع المتعلقة بالشأن الامازيغي الليبي .. وقد خرج المجتمعون بعدد من النقاط المهم والتى سوف يتم ارسالها لجميع المجالس المحلية والمؤسسات الاهلية وسرايا الثوار … والتى تنص على التالي :-بناء على تجمد الوضع بشأن المطلب الامازيغي والمتعلق بتعديل المادة 30 من الاعلان الدستورى عليه .. سيتم تجميد مشاركة الامازيغ في لجنة ال 60 . وان اي امازيغي يقوم بالتسجيل في الانتخابات المتعلقة بهذه اللجنة او اللجان الفرعية المتعلقة بها فهو لا يمثل الامازيغ اطلاقا … ولن يتم الاعتراف به تحت اي بند .
كما وسيتم ادراج اسمه في القائمة السوداء والتشهير به وسيعتبر خائن للقضية الامازيغية ..يتم منح المجلس الاعلى لامازيغ ليبيا التفويض الكامل لإدارة الشأن الامازيغي سياسيا واتخاد الاجراءات التى يراها مناسبة .. بالتنسيق مع المجالس المحلية والعسكرية للمدن المذكورة .انتهى ….قادة وممثلي الثوار ومؤسسات المجتمع المدني بالمدن الناطقة بالامازيغية ( زوارة – نالوت – جادو – كاباو – الرحيبات – الحرابة – تملوشايت – يفرن – القلعة )

طمزين 23 اكتوبر 2013 م


The interest of the security of facilities and installations
Head of the military police in the city of Gharyan exposed to the threat of international number is threatened

either to quit or fate and the threat of assassination came more than once.



News Bani Walid

The women’s associations and free Aúr Association Bani Walid PAUSE denounce the crimes of Resolution No. 7, where children also participated ..
And you chose this picture expressive ..
In spite of the lack of law in Libya today, but we are asking for, but did not come in our time, our children Vsihaml this issue behind us .. We will not forget

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla



The news agency – Benghazi

Dismantling a bomb placed in the mail to the headquarters city Quiche

Benghazi, after a citizen reported, and moved alone
Explosives and has to be dismantled and transported to the room.

She said the Director of the information Office of the Al jalaa hospital Fadia Elbarghati today for a country that hospital patients received two
Ayman al amgaor, and is in serious condition and Magdi Farag. Elbarghati said they were bombing targeted the headquarters battalion of the 17th of February.
The hospital also received today the body of Wissam Ben who was killed in the almajuri where it was transferred to the forensic medical center altibabe.

Table rotation hospitals in Benghazi work!!!!!
Benghazi hospitals working alternately on the reception of emergency in accordance with the following table: –

The men’s national security personnel Garyounis Center, to take
The arrest of the person who Shooting Center, after chase
And the exchange of gunfire and wounded a second lieutenant in the chase
And actor was handed over to the competent authorities and investigations are now under way.

Image for assassination Marwan Almqsba the front Sahaba Mosque

The news agency – Benghazi –

Killed “Osama Mohammed Faitouri the” lead left this morning
B proximity of lightning laundering b Almajora, and “Fetouri” employee
Brega, a former prisoner in Abu Salim, and approximately

Assassination in Almajora .. Benghazi

The young victim and Sam Almajora found dead this morning.

The assassination of “minorities” in almajuri of Benghazi:
Home morning murdered “Osama Salem Humaid” near the almajuri clinic at 7: 45 am in the city of Benghazi.
Witnesses said that two vehicles first type the second type of candy, Hyundai Hyundai bikachwa they chased him and fired two bullets hit “Les” shot dead.


Explosion in Laithi area in Benghazi

The channel quoted tenderly free

Elly e agmo Directorate with the weapon and all bearded
Cameras on police, Kfar Kfar because ya were arrested
The Libyan official who recognized as Princes alktaib.

Elly hegmo camp the first Infantry Brigade of the bolt
And kill 6 officers stun sniper shots in the head
Then harpo in the streets of Kusadasi?

Elly kobdo on Fattah Younes and handed him over to groups
With some torching fundamentalist and humiliated by his body and his body mutilation!

Elly in the palawan said about Dean Christina
You faithless some torching filtering before the people of the region.

Elly kkatlo days elbarghati kalolh happy new year
Oh Effendi as roll fades including code in it!

Elly thank you are betrothed pension lkosad bad faith!
Ely spoke about them Sheikh Abdel Salam James said
I’m not afraid of them!
Li told Al-masmari ya Salam and it hit upwind
Gun silencer and kill him!!

Really, frankly, teaching regular!! Really, frankly, the unknown!

(Valley Girl)

Stun forces now, proved that what has happened since few in Benghazi is a Dana explosion in the air went out of the neighborhood corner

((previously Conqueror)) and exploded in the air twenty street and there was no damage and no human material.

Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya

P for
Camp was targeted Feb. 17 (trunk) placed outside the camp and beside the House Foreign llharsat at the dawn of the day …
Three science two light injuries and a third seriously injured.
1 _ valid key of Tunisian clinics Bouajila Fakhri alakori, “22-year-old title” milkfish “
2 _ Ayman al amgaor “19-year-old title” El leithy “
3 _ Magdi Farag Al-Haddad, “22-year-old title” milkfish “

Targeting battalion camp Feb. 17 and wounding two
Members of the battalion “favor Alakora” and “Ayman Alakora”
They are now inside the hospital evacuate.
Was heard bombing targeting medicines in the city of Benghazi.

Injuries bombing which targeted a battalion February 17
1_ favor key بوعجيلة the Alakora “22-year-old title” Alsalmanie ”
2_ Ayman Khalifa Amgeor, “19-year-old title” Laithi ”
3_ Magdi Farag mourning “22-year-old title” Alsalmanie ”
One of the cases in intensive care at the present time either
S other cases they are stable situation in the note.

Special Forces
Urgent # Benghazi

Twin now Baraka hand and the other hand milkfish

The news agency – Benghazi – reporter

Killed by the error before two and a half hours from now, while targeting a patrol of for Chertho was passing through a moment of shooting and
Wounded by a bullet to the proximity of the house Major General Younis God’s mercy.

Chadian tortured and beaten in Benghazi to recognition that they are  the companions updated

Libya‘s official news agency is reporting that a government-affiliated militia group has arrested 10 members of a suspected “terrorist cell

accused of involvement in assassinations and bombings in the eastern city of Benghazi.

They captured seven Libyans and three Chadians as they were trying to carry out an armed robbery in a suburb. Al-Zaidi didn’t provide further details.

These rebels  have been blamed for many acts of violence in Benghazi.

Chadian tortured and beaten in Benghazi to recognition that they are the companions

Benghazi night :::



Quoting / / Free State of Cyrenaica NEWSPAPER:

Urgent … Militias Libyan transferring a number of prisoners Almsjnonin in the city of Misratah to Syria to participate in the fighting alongside the ranks of the (RAT) so-called “FREE SYRIAN ARMY” 

versus their return to freedom, proved that after the establishment of the Syrian authorities Btaser a large number of Libyans proved that including people with

pro-al-Qathafi (GREAT JAMAHIRIYA LOYALISTS) are among the prisoners in the prisons of Misrata has were captured in the al-Qathafi convoy.



Tuber :::::::::::

Urgent .. Assassination Marwan Salem Almqbesa the imam of a mosque Companions now Bdrna.

Latest News ….

Theliih explosions so far in Derna, murder and the only one to change my

The first blast tonight ….

In place of smoke hashish Street, the center of the country tuber.

The second blast tonight ….

Near the Khadra Hotel on the sea in the slums.

The third blast tonight ….

In the neighborhood of Khadijah the western entrance of the tuber did not know exactly where.

(Media tuber)



From the heart of the event today area new mechanisms heavily arms Altqilh For the first time it is taken out of the youth area New scouring the region in the alleys and streets since the period of two days and when we tried to ask about the reasons they said to us as procedures and security precautions did not tell us any details , saluting They said to us that guided weapons are not use it for the first time be in the ground and it will enhance the XXX security of the region after the attacks that has recently p people of the area of the kidnapping and theft of shops and farces and they Tot repelled the guidance of farce and that the new will be for all the bastards ambush them and they will not Aado will Iatdo to any person unless abused in the absence of law.

(Free newspaper Sabha)


Valley deadlines

Valley deadlines experiencing relative calm after the outbreak of the bloody armed clash
And now been formed a committee to follow up the crisis in order to investigate this
Incident, which ended with the fall of the 7 victims and wounding many area
“Touche” Valley of deadlines for residential units.



News reporter:

no truth to news that trading for the presence of clashes in Ras crossing the worth, the security situation is good and normal and crossing a busy travelers.

(It is the Tunisian side that has the problems)



Egyptian authorities arrested on Monday night, three Libyan students by entering its territory, despite the safety of their personal papers.

Students were detained upon arrival in Cairo International Airport are Hassan Fadil restricted, Fathi Saad Clmana,, and Faraj Jibril customary, and until now not been released to students, although the Libyan student known him, he does not take visa but entering school Bbtagueth.

The identification center for metallurgical and engineering studies Libyan delegate has sent her possession to the effect that they are students belonging to the center, but to no avail and they are now in the process of completing the deportation proceedings.

(Quoting ….)



_ Arab Net:

Algeria halt security coordination with Libya to monitor the border Brigades militant dominated areas of “border” a comma

between the two countries and the inability of the Libyan government control.

Basic People’s Conference Elvis Bucky free

LIFG form supply lines between them and al-Qaeda in Algeria and Tunisia under the name of the border guards ..

Algeria halt security coordination with Libya border control

(Reuters) – Algerian security sources said that “Algeria informed the Libyan government through diplomatic channels , that the security authorities and the Algerian army units in the south-eastern border of Algeria will not cooperate with any non-sovereign control of the wild – Libyan border with Algeria.”
And newspapers reported Wednesday that the Algerian authorities halted the security coordination with Libya to border control, adult length of about a thousand kilometers , the lack of control of the central government in Tripoli on these limits, and confirmed the newspaper El Khabar that the leadership of the Algerian army “ordered field units located along the border with Libya, non-cooperation or exchange of information , or security coordination with each irregular military unit located on the border , remote control Brigades, armed factions , mostly irregular over large areas of the land border between Algeria and Libya.
The move , according to sources , following the armed groups control over more than 300 km of land border between the two countries , and the receipt of information about the Libyan government ‘s intention to assign foreign security companies to secure its land border with Algeria, Tunisia, Niger and Chad.
The sources , which refused to disclose the identity , that ” irregular armed groups is controlled on large tracts of land border between Algeria and Libya, which says it Brigades loyal to the government .



Tunisian opposition calls for a sit-in at the Kasbah Square in front of government headquarters

Now massive demonstrations in Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba Avenue, a few extra pounds of demonstrators who are demanding dropping Brotherhood

# Tunisia: thousands of Tunisians come down to the street demanding to bring down the rule of “# brothers” and correct the path # State.

Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Tunis shortly before in historical Mdahirh against the government and Ennahda ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

Armed clashes between the military forces of the Tunisian and Libyan army at Ras worth crossing

Found on the eve of Wednesday armed clashes between Tunisian security forces and positioned on the Libyan border crossing Brass is worth following extreme violence assault on a number of Tunisian nationals who were in the process of crossing into the Libyan side.
It has led to these citizens to appeal to the security forces and the army national and attempt to return to the Tunisian side , but the number of security Libyans tried to chase them and enter into the territory of Tunisia , which led to the firing warning shots to Friedrichshafen for bypass line the border between the two countries, it had some Libyan security elements to shoot toward the crossing .
And continue to the end now armed clashes between the two sides and is currently experiencing a border crossing a state of chaos and shut down entirely until the return of calm and security to open an investigation on purpose.

Ras is worth crossing: Armed clashes between Tunisian troops and Libyan militia.

Tunisian Interior: 7 killed, 2 security of militants in clashes in Sidi Bouzid.

(I’m light)


Lieutenant first Arab Alralake to the cry on the air because of the loss of security in his country “Tunisia”.

Municipal Theater since a few … Green Tunisia:

Tunisian Nessma: military death toll rises in Sidi Bouzid
To 6 elements and the continuation of the demonstrations in the center of Tunis.

Hundreds of thousands are demonstrating in Tunis, Tunisia, Tunisian media talking about some security men joined

the demonstrators and the Ministry of the Interior announces the death of 5 items from the Tunisian army clashes with gunmen in the state of Sidi Bouzid:

and news For the government’s resignation

Clashes in the neighborhood of Tunis and solidarity on the Libyan border:


إشتباكات في حي التضامن تونس و على الحدود الليبيةابــــن الفاتـــح

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Tunisia declares official mourning for 3 days starting from tomorrow, after the killing of 5 members of the Tunisian army evening at the hands of an armed group.


Another Nobel Peace Prize – Another Farce?

Global Research, 20 October  2013

The Nobel Peace Prize brings another surprise – or farce, depending on your view.

In relatively recent history, there has been Henry Kissinger (1973) architect supreme of murderous assaults on sovereign nations; the United Nations (2001) whose active warmongering or passive, silent holocausts (think UN embargoes) make shameful mockery of the aspirational founding words.

In 2002 it was Jimmy Carter, whose poisonous “Carter Doctrine” of 1980 included declaring the aim of American control of the Persian Gulf as a “US vital interest”, justified “by any means necessary.” 2005 saw the Award go to the International Atomic Energy Agency, which promotes nuclear energy, creating the most lethal pollutants to which the planet and its population has ever been subjected. The nuclear waste from the industry the IAEA promotes, is now turned in to “conventional”, but never the less, nuclear and chemical weapons, by a sleight of hand of astonishing historical proportions.

Barack Obama (2009) has since declared himself executioner, by assassination in any form, any time, any place, anywhere, of anyone deemed by him (not judge or jury) connected to that now catch all phrase “terrorism” – half a world away.

The Guantanamo concentration camp to which he unequivocally committed closing (17th November 2008,“60 Minutes”) asserting:

“I have said repeatedly that I will close Guantanamo and I will follow through on that. I have said repeatedly that America does not torture. And I’m gonna make sure that we don’t torture … those are part and parcel of an effort to … regain America’s moral stature in the world.” Gulag Guantanamo remains with its prisoners, pathetic, desperate untried, or those ordered released, languishing year after year. America’s “moral stature” has plummeted lower than the Nixon years, Libya lies in ruins, Syria barely survives, with the terrorists’ backers aided via Washington’s myriad back doors – and in global outposts, US backed or instigated torture thrives.

2012’s Nobel lauded the European Union, which, since its inception, has crippled smaller trading economies, put barriers, unattainable conditions, or indeed, near extortion on trade with poorer countries (often former colonies.)

EU Member States have also enjoined punitive embargoes against the most helpless of nations and enthusiastically embraced the latest nation target to be reduced to a pre-industrial age (correction: be freed to embrace democracy and the delights of rule by imposed despots, or a long, murderous, unaccountable foreign occupation and asset seizure.) Eminent International Law Expert, Professor Francis Boyle, called the EU Award: “A sick joke and a demented fraud.”

This year’s Peace Prize awarded, on Friday, 11th October, went to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) the Netherlands based organization, founded only in 1997, unheard of by most, charged with ridding the world of chemical weapons.

The Award came ten days after an OPCW team arrived in Syria to eliminate the country’s chemical weapons stock. A brief visit in August had them scuttling out, an apparent courage free entity, within days. President Assad had requested their investigations back in March, after it was claimed terrorist factions had used chemical weapons – insurgents now believed to be from some eighty three countries, backed primarily by the US, UK, Quatar and Saudi Arabia.

The OPCW’s return, on 1st October, is now touted as a breakthrough with an intransigent regime who had previously blocked them at every turn – rather than had the door open for them since March – the team, now billed as brave souls, working in a war zone – in which the Syrian people and government live – and die – every day – in a blood-soaked insurgency of that that famed “international community’s” making.

Is the annual Nobel justified anyway to an organization which has, in spite of the nightmare hazards to an entire population, agree to destroying an alleged 1,000 tons of highly dangerous chemicals (if we believe what we are told) in just months?

In context, the US still has over three times as much chemical weaponry (estimated at over 3,100 tons) and has defied the specified April 2012 deadline for their disposal, on the basis that the dangers are so great that they cannot complete building the appropriate facilities until 2020 (some reports state 2023.) For the same reasons of technical and safety obstacles, Russia has a believed five times the US amount left to destroy.(i) Shameful double standards rule supreme.

Wade Mathews, who worked on the U.S. chemical stockpile destruction, is uncertain that Syria can meet the deadline. He states that the U.S. disposal took billions of dollars, the cooperation of many levels of government – including the military – and a safe environment, to make sure the destruction was safely executed. (See i.)

To the observer, it would seems that the OPCW has taken on a high profile, rushed, reckless enterprise, under pressure from the US/UN, which could potentially poison Syria’s people and environment in orders of magnitude beyond the alleged horrors unleashed by, near certainly, the insurgents.

So what possible reason for the OCPW Nobel, and why now? Interestingly, OPCW Director-General, Ahmet Üzümcü, is Turkish, a former Consul in Syria’s Aleppo, former Ambassador to Israel, a former Permanent Representative of Turkey to NATO and then to the UN in Geneva.

Apart from Director General Üzümcü obviously having some remarkably useful inside tracks, Syria’s neighbour, Turkey is the sole Middle East NATO Member State (never mind it has no connection to the North Atlantic, being set amid the Mediterranean, Aegean, Black Sea, Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles.)

NATO is certainly not asleep at the wheel when it comes to Syria, as neither are the European Union, which Turkey – in spite of being “Gateway to the Orient” with the majority of the country in it – also aspires to be a Member. Britain and France are, of course EU Members, joined as one with Turkey in meddling in Syria.

NATO, has long sought footholds further east. In an enlightening letter quoted over the years in these columns, but worthy of revisiting, on 26th June 1979, General Alexander Hague, on his retirement as NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, wrote to the then Secretary General, Joseph Luns.

The focus then, of course, was in the context of the Cold War, however the regional geography and the diplomatic skills of President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov in the Syria crisis make the tactics outlined again starkly relevant, especially as President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have arguably been diplomatically eclipsed to near irrelevance.

The US-EU-NATO aspirations for the Baghdad-Damascus road to lead to Tehran (diplomatic “break through” or not) should never be under estimated. Neither indeed, as has been demonstrated since the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall, the desire to encircle Russia as confirmed by encroachment of US-NATO bases at astonishing speed and with equal chutzpah.(ii)

The tactics in the NATO letter are arguably as relevant to aims today as when it was written, albeit, targets, circumstances, field of play (or planned war) widened. The penultimate paragraphs read:

“We should constantly bear in mind the necessity of continuously directing attention to the … threat and of further activising our collaboration with the mass media.

“If argument, persuasion and impacting the media fail, we are left with no alternative but to jolt the faint hearted in Europe through the creations of situations, country by country, as deemed necessary, to convince them where their interests lie.

“The course of actions which we have in mind may become the only sure way of securing the interests of the West.”

Back to the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. Norwegian Fredrik Heffermehl, jurist, writer, translator, former Vice President of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms, amongst numerous other prestigious international appointments, has long been a thorn in the side of the Norway based Nobel Committee.(iii)

Heffermehl has argued in his published study: “The Nobel Peace Prize. What Nobel Really Wanted”, that the Norwegian Parliament had distorted Alfred Nobel’s intention for the Prize. His researches found numerous academic studies that supported his thesis. The Norwegian Parliament and the Nobel Committee emphatically did not. His dissertation, however has been published and expanded in Chinese, Swedish, Finnish, Russian and in December 2011 was endorsed by Michael Nobel, of the Nobel Family Association, who supported Heffermehl in his assertion that on their present course, Norwegian politicians might lose their control of the Peace Prize.

Norway is, of course is in the NATO “family.” Interesting is the criteria for the Nobel Peace Prize nomination. The Nobel website stipulates:

“Deadline for submission. The Committee bases its assessment on nominations that must be postmarked no later than 1st February each year … … In recent years, the Committee has received close to 200 different nominations for different nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize. The number of nominating letters is much higher, as many are for the same candidates.”

So who, in the year to 1st February 2013 rushed to nominate the near unheard of OPCW? And is it conceivable there might have been some accommodation with the date (heaven forbid.)

Well, unless you are very young, you may never know, there is a while to wait:

“The names of the nominees and other information about the nominations cannot be revealed until 50 years later”, states the Nobel website.

It might be worth noting the rotating Members of the Executive Council for the OPCW for 2012-2013 include countries which have done more than a little meddling in the affairs of Syria, including France, the UK and US, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Norway is also on the year’s Council.

Britain’s Foreign Office Minister, Hugh Robertson, sent enthusiastic congratulations to the OPCW on their Award, adding:

“ The UK is providing an initial contribution £2million to support the work of the OPCW in Syria and we stand ready to provide further assistance.”(iv)

Robertson also lauds the OPCW, referring to: “The recent use of chemical weapons by the regime in Syria …” an entirely unproven and arguably, even libelous allegation.

Speculation, however, as to how another surprising Nobel Peace Prize came about is vacuous. In fifty years though, it is worth a bet that honest historians will be shaking their heads in disbelief.

Another Nobel, another farce.

Oh, and should you have missed: Monsanto and Syngenta, this same month, won the World Food Prize – dubbed the “Nobel Prize for Agriculture.”(v)

We live in very strange times.



One thought on “More Blood caused by CIA’s ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood ruling in Libya and NATO’s full return

  1. EID Al-FUR:
    Muslems observe to this day an annual sacrifice of many thousands of lambs which are slain during the pilgrimage to Mecca:
    “Midway through the pilgrimage rites, pilgrims move into tents outside the city of Mecca for the ceremony of standing in the Valley of Arafat at the foot of the Mount of Mercy. This celebrated standing ceremony, which lasts throughout an entire afternoon, creates in the minds of the devout a profound sense of the presence of God in their lives and of divine forgiveness of their sins. They remember, too, that Muhammad visited this spot and preached here on his final pilgrimage. So meaningful is this ceremony that many authorities regard it as the climactic or central event of the entire pilgrimage. In the evening, pilgrims gather forty-nine small stones which they take to Mina the next morning, in order to hurl them at one of three stone pillars representing the devil and his powers of temptation. By this rite (Jamrat) they recall the way Ishmael, on his way to be sacrificed by his father (Muslim tradition substitutes Ishmael for Isaac as the son whom Abraham nearly sacrificed), turned back the suggestions of Iblis that he flee.”

    “The slaughtering of a small animal on the field of sacrifice is a way of remembering that Allah accepted Abraham’s sacrifice of a ram in place of his son.” (Quoted from Islam: A Survey of the Muslim Faith by C. George Fry and James R. King, Babwer Press, Grand Rapids, 1980)

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