Dimanche de quelques surprises / Sunday of few surprises

Mu dark glasses


Mu AU Arapke Project

European meeting w Mu and Billah


Mu Questions what was said




Mu very aware

Mu pride of LIBYA

Maj. Gen. al-Saadi Gaddafi, greets Libyan tribes Mujahid squad revolutionary Resistance in all cities and villages and oases Jamahiriya,
steadfastness and struggle in order to retrieve the homeland. Forward and victory, but the patience of an hour.

اللواء الساعدي القذافي يحيي القبائل الليبية المجاهدة والتشكيلات الثورية المقاومة في جميع المدن والقرى والواحات الليبية, عن الصمود والنضال في سبيل استرجاع الوطن. الي الأمام وما النصر الا صبر ساعة.


Page loyal to Maj. Gen. al-Saadi Gaddafi  

Libyan tribes Council / / / /

Very Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

To whom it may concern from elders and tribal elders Libyan men and field …

Assure all that there is no any problems or Arqlat of the resistance and the project organization and its leaders .
And Nkdb and unequivocally and not subject to any doubts what is traded , or what is broadcast by the customers and dealers crises and the current status of that there are leaders had split from the brigade helped Muammar Gaddafi supreme commander of the resistance to the Libyan or that there are several leaders and not the leadership of the resistance .
We assure all that the resistance today the most organized and powerful than ever
Resistance and leadership stand and work in an organized beginning of Sir supreme commander of the People ‘s Armed Forces Nhaita smallest rank military or volunteers , which is in full coordination with the Council of the Libyan tribes .

And , God willing, victory is coming Libyan determination of our people great

And God is Greatest over the aggressor Kid .. # Faris Abu Salim



Nhanoa Ahdnakm Dear heroes and soon meet my section Testament God it resolved and now everything is ready:

Our Major-General SAADI

Early Muammar with a flute in his hands at Press Conference in his tent:

Early Muammar with a flute in hand

18 OCTOBER 2013:
Colonel Mohamed Ag caused Azawad Army Chief of Staff (and former officer in the Libyan army) of the land the Yassin Tnagd battle in messages

Bamoawir some units exposure to attack from the base ………………………………………

victorious with God’s help:

Libyan Bnqirdan and eternal fulfillment of the Leader and his green:

Billah Mahzi Bnqirdan :

will not tolerate any a putrefactive lousy inventory wants prejudice Palmgesobin of the current green ..

so we have learned in the school of our leader, Nur trained dignity, pride and Shoumoukh

Brigadier General Khamis laughing!

Holiness & prayers


Mu, he is our Guide



Rhythm to Libyan Nzaal and accept the artistic heritage of the Libyan

26 OCTOBER 2013
The Speech of Dr. Hamza Abuschgner Thami in fallopian Alkhdhara,  on Al Khaimah 

Tuesday, November fifth of the Islamic New Year in most Islamic countries:


Mu forever



URGENT :: Attorney General examines an order to vacate the conference at the HOTEL RIXOS:

And move it to another place after the submission of a memorandum evacuation

Management Rksus require evacuation location of the conference and raise a case against Congress fully to vacate its location and described that members of Congress and their collections and their families were not the level of responsibility they do not respect no law nor the list and that the hotel management has dealt with an open mind and wide and in other countries was to be their place prison for what they had done irregularities inside the hotel

The administration indicate that the project is special and special funding and operation of private investment and that the hotel paid in Alzeraúb of the Libyan state full and became suffers security problems and the presence of armed .

The company says that the reputation of the hotel Batt in danger , and this reputation is not bought with money and the administration is not ready to lose in exchange for material and accumulated debt

Management made a note of the Attorney General to request the release of the conference hotel and attended to deal with each of their names rolled in periods of the conference and its sessions and ita fringe and administration attended the rental halls in any future political activities, whatever the characteristics and diversity .

And described that this experience from 2011 to now is very very bad in the history of the company name in Libya, which did not get in the history of its hotels group that turns this name to the rinks and insults wrestling and shoot in arcades.

Urgent agency Libya / session without a quorum and live on Tripoli

Pulled out of a number of members of the General National Congress of the session on Sunday due to the non – inclusion of the memo filed by the presidency of the Conference

on the agenda of the meeting, and are preparing to issue a press release in particular.
And was a member of the General National Congress by the Department of TobrukTawfiq Alshahibi” said on his Alvesbuqueh page a short while ago

that a group of members of the conference , which refused to attend the conference because of his determination to run it and run the wrong way and his inability and apparent bias .
And said, “ Alshahibi” that the President of the Conference and agreed on what we demanded its inclusion in the agenda and when we entered

we found the opposite and heated debate did not reach for something and we discovered that it would raise a quorum for the meeting no more .
He ” Tawfiq Alshahibi” It seems to me that the President of the Conference was thought to be broadcast on-air session will receive the largest popular and Asorna very weak position!
So we went out are all gathered in one of the side halls .

Tawfiq Alshahibi” a member of the National Conference of the agency:

“we have lost confidence in the office of the presidency of the Conference of deliberate deception and deceit .”

On 27 October 2013 at 05:06 pm

He said , ” Tawfiq Alshahibi” a member of the Conference on the city of Tobruk and the Alliance of National Forces in remarks addressed to the agency :

“Yes we have lost confidence in the office of the presidency to the National Conference year in meetings with him to approve the agenda items is no agreement on a specific program , and when we entered the hall is imposing views of a certain class and this is what today’s event specifically after Disclaimer Chairman of the Conference , “Nuri Abu arrows ” of the agreement on the agenda, which was agreed around since yesterday after a big effort in the presence of all the blocks and throw the ball in our court does not delay does not provide in it something citizen Libyan knows the truth , what the meaning of the transfer of today’s meeting of others incomplete quorum on the air , “

note that in the past he did not move more than 80 plenary session of the quorum .”

Edit : Mamedalhaafa .

Congress ended the longest of its meetings without decisions

10/27/2013 19:07
Libya’s future – ( and ) :

National Congress ended the year on a Sunday evening and one of the longest of its meetings which he had started in the morning , without taking any decisions , due to the withdrawal of more than ninety members of its members, an objection to some of the items on the agenda , and the mechanism of action of the Conference.
According to the spokesman of the National Conference ” Omar Humaidan “ in a statement posted on the General National Congress page of social networking site ” Facebook” ,

said that today ‘s conference session was consultative where the conference did not take any decisions due to lack of quorum for any decision had been taken .
This comes as published by the National Conference year, ” Tawfiq Alshahibi” the head of the coalition forces national conference on his location social networking “Facebook” a statement in which he said that ” the withdrawal of a number of members of the National Congress of the year was due to non-inclusion of the memorandum filed by the President of the Conference , The design of the presidency of the Conference on the conduct and management of meeting the wrong way and biased.
He said, adding that ” the President of the Conference and agreed to the inclusion of our demands on the agenda and when we entered we found the

opposite and heated debate did not reach for something and we discovered that it was to raise a quorum for the meeting no more .
It is noteworthy that 90 members of Congress had withdrawn during the morning session for the day in protest at what they described as a lack of inclusion of the presidency of the Conference agreed on issues discussed yesterday with the office of the presidency of the Conference on the agenda .

President of the National Conference General Nuri Abushmin:

“Operations room Libya rebels is a crown on my head!!”

(Young people’s media capital)

Libya : The conflict came to a clash each side is trying to expose the other party and expose him .

On October 27, 2013 at 01:55 pm Mermaid

. Precedent unmatched offered channels Libyan session of the National Conference General today Sunday, October 27, 2013 without the presence of a quorum for the members of the Conference after the withdrawal of most members of Congress ” more than 90 ” due to disagreement with the presidency on the agenda and priority points to be discussed .

Explained National Congress leader General during the meeting which was attended by less than 60 members from among more than 190 members representing the total national conference public the reasons for the withdrawal of more than 90 members and tried to put the blame on them and spoke more than one member of Congress justified in front of the Libyan people ‘s failures and excesses not be considered innumerable even occurred in the country with the implementation of the law to put the 190 member in prison. appeared clear that the conflict between the Islamists and the so-called the Independent and liberals had reached an impasse and that candidate to enter Libya in a tunnel chaos and political vacuum.

fact conflict that independents and liberals accuse affiliated with the SALAFIST movement that they are imposing their decisions strongly armed militias and

against the will of the Libyan people and cite decisions taken on behalf of the National Conference year , the most important

1 – assigning room rebels Libya to protect capital and to provide millions of money her while neglecting the army and the police and not given them the possibilities afforded to armed militias .

2 – abduction of the Prime Minister and accuse 2 of the members of the National Congress general affiliated with the SALAFIST movement of being behind the kidnapping

3 – exchange 900 million dinars so-called ” shield Libya ” and calls for members of Congress to investigate this matter and find out how to spend this huge sum Wayne and those who arrived in

4 – to reduce the powers of the President of the National Congress year, ” Nuri Bushmin ” and hold him accountable for abuses carried out by the . lots and lots of issues, from the province of Cyrenaica to charges of theft of oil to financial waste to bribery cases to bring down the organic members of Congress in violation of the regulations to the congestion of the street to the lawlessness in across the country to enable the armed militias of the joints of the state seems Faced with this difficult situation that has to be clash. editing. report : Mamedalhaafa .

Withdrawal of the 83 members of the General National Congress session

Because of the refusal of the presidency and members of the Muslim Brotherhood
A clause withdrawing powers of the commander-in-chief of Bushmin
And the withdrawal of assigning room Libya rebels and achieve P kidnapping Zaidane.

The 80 member called for a vote on the dismiss Abu arrows and transmit it to investigate the issue of granting 900 thousand dinars ..
Room and demanded to dissolve the rebels because it involved the kidnapping and Prime Minister Anha commissioned to bypass of Abu arrows ..
But was refused to vote on the two points of the 80 member withdrew and sat Brotherhood and orchid gang ..

URGENT: – press release shortly after ..

The fact what Ihdt with the so-called Conference on February —
Amina Mahgoub: Member of the General National Congress
Quite frankly: Pull back the day of the meeting they want to resolve room in Libya militias, Alliance bloc still strongly present in the conference

and retreat ink on paper, the whole with militias room solution for Libya, but where is the alternative.?

Press Release for 81-awaited member Onsahbu of session
National Congress because of the refusal of Bushmin Brotherhood and block
Loyalty to the Martyrs put the items demanding the withdrawal of the functions of Bushmin
And the withdrawal of assigning room Libya rebels and armor …
Shortly after the news conference will be to the Group of 94 …

URGENT: – Bushmin refuses to vote ….!!

Number is located far from the Brotherhood and Loyalty to the Martyrs bloc only 55 member
While opponents of members is 81 demanding the withdrawal of the assigned room
Libya rebels kidnapped the head of the government, and to withdraw the powers of the President
Bushmin conference that he is the supreme commander …
But the Brotherhood and Bushmin Reject because the vote and the election will be
For the benefit of 81 member majority are against the Brotherhood and Loyalty to the Martyrs bloc.

Jewish Abdulrahman Asswehly accused and Justice Minister Salah Marghany and Prime Minister Ali Zaidane as the parties

involved in the case of Naji al-Mokhtar and says that the Minister of Justice has politicized the issue.

Wi-Fi within the National Conference!!!!!!!


Saleh Jaudh object to the withdrawal of about 80 members of the members at today’s meeting and says that this is not what it was understanding Yesterday.


Libya talks
Etbi know who governs in Libya and the National Conference???


Look this video .. Explicitly names and directories a member of the National Conference ((Abubakar rounded)) authorizes the governing Libya

Now on channel Libya Liberal

تبي تعرف من يحكم في ليبيا وفي المؤتمر الوطني ؟؟؟شوف الفيديو هدا .. بصريح العبارة وبالاسماء والادله عضو المؤتمر الوطني ((ابوبكر مدور )) يصرح عن من يحكم ليبياالان علي قناة ليبيا الاحرار

THE FOLLOWING ALSO IS A GNC FABRICATION—because there is a stockpile of gas supply as mentioned prior in my reports):

Aaalak Vzaih :::

TRIPOLI (Reuters) ::’s oil minister said the Libyan “Abdul Bari Arousi” Saturday that Libya is considering the purchase of gas from Algeria

under faced interruptions in electricity due to lack of gas supplies ..!!

Mohammed Kilani: accuse members retreating from today’s meeting to seek political gain and to incite public opinion on the conference.

Mohammed Dali: accuse members retreating from today’s meeting with conspiracy and obstructing the interests of LIBYA.

Shoot the Bull



grande mosque

Grande Mosque, Tripoli

News reporter: continued number of citizens sit in the corner for the fourth consecutive day in GREEN SQUARE.

Toyota to leaden lioness without plates, rose from the kidnapping of a girl from a shadow street in Tripoli today.

Tripoli, the first night :::
Ablaze a car in the capital Tripoli Rail Road under the bridge door bin Gasheer and type of car Hyundai Sonata. Refers to the news blast

::::::: Corner

This was released today, 27 October 2013 decision to establish the Corner seaport.

News from the Corner ...
Ibn Mohammed Kilani (member of pagan Conference) Winter son was killed in the Corner, and since yesterday to hear the voice of the city’s heavy lead.
Sons tyrants right sure …

Jewish Salah Paddy says I demand to hand over Saif Gaddafi to us from Zintan
If Cano of saying that they can not secure it to Tripoli, and if they
Can not I am ready to write a written pledge that I am secure
The advent of Saif to Tripoli, it is now Ihamo sword Eachdhu in
60 thousand a day on the secure Saif prison.

(Depression forum)

Voracious daily communications Tripoli:

Bulletin communications received on day 24, 25 and 10/26/2013 : –

Friday Market police station :
(1) brought to a hospital Amotaiqh named ( Izz al – Din carp Hinhiri the born in 1996, resident market Friday near the traffic light Diab Sons intersections of life impact of a bullet in the head in front of his house by force deterrence Amotaiqh .
Atkhaddt initial actions in particular.

(2) A fire broke shop area Friday market through the services have been directed car Civil Defense as well as the achievement of the center has been put out the fire , a company of modern equipment maintenance cafes and restaurants and hotels belonging to named Emad Ahmed Hadi and resulted in fire damage to the contents of the entire company and the cause of the fire to seek electric and estimated damage physical value of twenty – five thousand dinars.

Atkhaddt initial actions in particular.

Pressures Alshall police station :

(1) brought to a hospital in Tripoli ‘s central named Walid al-Sanusi Massoud old 27 years old resident tourist injured by a bullet in the head by a certain (Marwan warming resident tourist and another unidentified nowhere on him or on his car Toyota double cockpit color white without metal plates ( the ambulance interests) and the initial actions were united circular adjusts the car and them .

(2) body was found lying on the beach in Abu Nawas unidentified and was immediately directed to achieve the center and Warda signal that that the body of Ahs unidentified Black skin wearing a suit Arab white and detects virtual body observed raised several gunshot wounds face , chest and right and left hand following burning Bakaddmyin and effects shackles hands .

Security and safety in to Abba Pussy …
‘s Body was found lying on the beach area Abo Nawas unknown to Ahs unidentified brown skin wearing a white suit Arab and detects the virtual body

was observed raised several gunshot wounds to the face and chest , right hand and left after burning Bakaddmyin and the effects of the shackles of Hand.

Atkhaddt initial actions in particular , and the investigation is continuing into the incident.

(3) brought to Tripoli Central Hospital named ( Abdullah Abu al-Qasim , a 50 – year – old resident of pressures Alshall wounded by a live bullet to the left and right foot in front of a mosque obstacle by unidentified person ( been infected ambulance and keeping hospital ) and Atkhaddt of the initial actions in particular .

Police station door bin Ghashir : –

Door bin Gasheer:
Brought to Tripoli Central Hospital called “war Musab al-Saleh” resident Sidi Khalifa intersections of life impact of a bullet in the head by unidentified persons identity ..

Brought to Tripoli Central Hospital called Musab Saleh Al Harbi resident Sidi Khalifa intersections of life impact of a bullet in the head by unidentified persons identity.

Atkhaddn initial actions in particular.

Police Station and Spring Valley : –

Bring to a hospital in Tripoli ‘s central named ( for Asrvo Amader Nigerian nationality resident of Ain ​​Zara injured by a bullet right-footed either Ain Zara Prison by a group of unidentified persons identity dressed in civilian clothes ( were ambulance patient and save the hospital ) Atkhaddt initial actions in particular and the investigation is continuing into the incident.

Police Dahmani angle : –

Brought to Tripoli Central Hospital named Nasser Abu Bakr Khalifa , a resident Dahmani angle wounded by a live bullet in the chest by an unidentified person was injured ambulance and save the hospital and Atkhaddt initial actions in particular and the investigation is continuing into the incident.

Ain Zara police station :

Bring to the Tripoli Medical Center named Akram Khalifa Rhouma , a 13 – year – old resident of Ain ​​Zara after injuring himself by Mistake by a bullet in the head by a pistol ( been infected ambulance and hospital and keeping Atkhaddt initial actions , in particular

Room reports : –

Received a tip from a citizen on telephone communications room expressed by a group unknown persons identity to enter the farm both named Bashir Saleh and called Ibrahim Majdoub and called Imran Abu sponsor and project Shooting accidentally Sidra and Vaúmin division of farms into pieces without legitimize it has been informed Center Ain Zara and the Chamber of chief of staff in particular.


Highway, and a complete absence of for security Ajhza and civil defense.




Urgent agency Libya / tankers piracy or closure of an oil line? Tripoli

Channel said the “official” in Newsflash her ​​that “Zuwarah rebels” assert two oil tankers off the first Italian and the second Greek protest

against the General National Congress ignored to their demand Bdstrh the language Tamazight.
Then returned and said channel in Newsflash too and after a few minutes that “Zuwarah rebels” deny carriers off, but they Aagaflon the oil pipeline complex Mellitah:

Libyan pirates hijack two oil tankers Italian and Greek protest against the non constitutionalization

their Tamazight language.


Mellita Oil & GAS (of ITALY):

Daily News Mellita company for oil and gas

Amazigh desert militias in control of the field “# the spark” for the company’s # Spain’s Repsol, and the spark field produces

about # 350 thousand barrels of oil per day, and is currently the backbone of the production of # Libya after lock ports and oil fields of companies in the region.

Amazigh in the desert militia blocked the production and demanded change the article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration.


Guard installations denies armed convoy went to the oases
Atmosphere of the country –

A spokesman denied guard oil installations and Walid Hassan on Sunday the existence of an armed convoy intends to go to the fields Gallo 59 and Abu child .

The good atmosphere for the country that the military convoy , which I talked about social networking sites , proved to be followed for the border guards and he is facing for his work in the border sites , pointing out that the conditions inside the quiet fields .

Hassan pointed out that guards oil installations workers branch of the secret oases and attribution of the seventh addition to the rebels declared a state of emergency region is calculated for any emergency .

The commander of the guard oil installations in the Oasis had said that they had received a tip orientation convoy consisting of 115 armed car to the fields to control the oil fields of Gallo and Abu child.

One of the so-called locusts Brigades Guard established oil
On their way to Death Valley



Sirte, Dhanha of Mato phrase in Spaha.

Message young tribe Alqmazfah / / / /

To all the tribes in Sirte …

Peace wants peace

I’ve inhabited tribe Alqmazfah Sirte since hundreds of Sunnis are one of the first tribes that inhabited the area of Sirte and component authentic fabric population in this region , which became the title of this tribe , and vice versa, and we have been through these contracts make sure people are living together and respecting norms and traditions that govern social relations among the residents of this region, and we initiate with good guys and good people to renounce any behavior that does not respect the rules of the neighborhood and mores and practices , and strongly reject any action without prejudice Balnoames and public morals , and refrain from granting social legitimacy of any behavior outrageous , for the sake of us that this city is blessed peace and social basis of the teachings of our religion , which received good neighborliness.

But these behaviors benign and ethics Dart met by some disguising themselves and ingratitude , especially after the plight of the nation , which won from Alqmazfah tribe , like other tribes, it beat the wall neighborhood rules and norms , traditions and teachings of Islam , and Zain them the devil their actions and their aground mules and Cherant them deficient minds of corrupt behavior , Fajal them that they were able to impose the logic of chaos and crime and looting of this tribe valiant history testifies to the courage of its people , and not their silence on grievances , whatever the circumstances .

Everyone knows , ,,,,

True We offered convoys of martyrs in the battle to defend the homeland are of the finest knights of this tribe , women may be unable to give birth like them .
But on the whole to realize Hakim before sapiens , sapiens before anyone else Mujahid said the tribe is able to rein in all of the same begging him or took pride in unrighteousness and deny all assets and norms , customs and traditions , we do not tolerate injustice and we do not accept Baichh humiliation and do not wear masks falsehood and fear and adulation , and do not take people in cold blood , even if it made us what made us , but we are not in a deficit of something , and one of us unable to stop ten and battlefields best witness to that , I tell you firmly believe that we all know of looting livelihoods and of assassinated insulation and kidnapping of young people and emptied them hatred and cheese and threw them on the beach and in the valleys we know a single one , but we know even falsely witnessed and fading in some of our children who are languishing in the prisons of injustice.

Do not fancy one of you that we do not know the details of the details and do not think it is safe not God , and a thousand times no , you will Nguets you and regain all our rights and respond consideration to the sanctity of our homes and we let of the same cup , but will be saa Practising for yourselves from you start and you Snntm this year you must that endured her button.

As for the people of mind , , , ,,,,
Tell them an evil mind which is silent on the injustice and becomes a demon Shut up , evil wisdom that legitimize mark and ignored injustices and evil , evil is the voice of reason , which does not rise in the face of oppression and aggression in the face of criminals and vandals , thieves and bandits

Vaql is who pays the wisdom and Mind of injustice and aggression from the people not to remain silent , and does not raise his voice only when it is received evil
Finally … Stalmn news

Youth tribe Alqmazfah Mujahid – Sirte
رسالة شباب قبيلة القذاذفة ////

إلى كل القبائل في مدينة سرت …

سلام على من يريد السلام

لقد قطنت قبيلة القذاذفة سرت منذ مئات السنيين فهي من أولى القبائل التي استوطنت منطقة سرت ومكون أصيل للنسيج السكاني بهذه المنطقة التي صارت عنوان لهذه القبيلة و العكس صحيح، ولقد كنا خلال هذه العقود احرص الناس على العيش المشترك و احترام الأعراف و التقاليد التي تنظم العلاقات الاجتماعية بين قاطني هذه المنطقة، وكنانبادر مع الأخيار و أهل الخير في نبذ اي سلوك لا يحترم قواعد الجيرة و الأعراف و التقاليد ، و نرفض بشدة أي تصرف يخل بالنواميس و الآداب العامة ، كما نمتنع عن منح الشرعية الاجتماعية لأي سلوك شائن ، حرصا منا على ان تنعم هذه المدينة بالسلم الاجتماعي و انطلاقا من تعاليم ديننا الحنيف الذي يحظ على حسن الجوار .

لكن هذه السلوكيات الحميدة و الأخلاق النبلة قوبلت من طرف البعض بالتنكر و الجحود، خاصة بعد محنة الوطن التي نالت من قبيلة القذاذفة كغيرها من القبائل ، فضربوا عرض الحائط بقواعد الجيرة و الأعراف و التقاليد و تعاليم الدين الحنيف ، و زين لهم الشيطان أفعالهم و جنحت بهم بغالهم و شرعنت لهم عقولهم القاصرة تصرفاتهم الفاسدة ، فخال لهم أنهم قادرين على فرض منطق الفوضى و الأجرام و النهب على هذه القبيلة الباسلة التي يشهد التاريخ على شجاعة أبنائها، و عدم صمتهم على الضيم مهما كانت الظروف .

ليعلم الجميع،،،،،

صحيح نحن قدمنا قوافل من الشهداء في معركة الدفاع عن الوطن هم من خيرة فرسان هذه القبيلة،قد تعجز النساء ان تلد مثلهم .
لكن على الكل ان يدرك الحكيم قبل العاقل ، و العاقل قبل غيره ان هذه القبيلة المجاهدة قادر على لجم كل من تسول له نفسه أو أخذته العزة بالإثم و تنكر لكل الأصول و الأعراف و العادات و التقاليد ، فنحن لا نسكت على الظلم و لا نرضى بعيشة الهوان و لا نلبس أقنعة الزيف و الخوف و التملق و لا نأخذ الناس غيلة ، حتى وان أصابنا ما أصابنا و لكننا لسنا في عجز من شئ، و الواحد منا قادر على إيقاف عشرة و ساحات الوغى خير شاهد على ذلك ، أقول لكم جازما أننا نعرف كل من نهب الأرزاق و من اغتال العزل و خطف الشباب و أفرغ فيهم حقده و جبنه وألقى بهم على شاطئ البحر و في الأودية نعرفهم واحد واحد ، بل نعرف حتى من شهد زورا و بهتان في بعض أبنائنا الذين يقبعون في سجون الظلم .

لا يتوهم احد منكم أننا لا نعرف تفاصيل التفاصيل و لا يظن انه في مأمن لا والله و ألف لا ، سوف نقتص منكم و نسترد كل حقوقنا و نرد الاعتبار إلى حرمات بيوتنا و نسقيكم من ذات الكأس بل سوف يكون الصاع صاعين لأنكم انتم من بدأتم و أنت من سننتم هذه السنة فعليكم ان تحملوا وزرها.

أما أهل العقل،،،،،،،
نقول لهم بئس العقل الذي يصمت على الظلم و يصبح شيطان اخرس ، بئس الحكمة التي تشرعن بصمتها و تجاهلها المظالم و المفاسد ، بئس صوت العقل الذي لا يرتفع في وجه البغي و العدوان في وجه المجرمين و المخربين و اللصوص و قطاع الطرق

فالعاقل هو من يدفع بحكمته و عقلة الظلم و العدوان عن الناس لا يلزم الصمت، و لا يرفع صوته إلا عندما يصله الشر
وختاما… ستعلمن نبأ

شباب قبيلة القذاذفة المجاهدة – سرت

Mu over Sirte

Mu and Senussi in Sirte

Mu timely lecture


Akaddadfh defying the world ( iron Znabil ):

Brothers and sisters Alqmazfah page goers defy the world ( iron Znabil )… We would like to draw your attention .
That what came from the words of fluid . Taathecm poet Alqmazfah the big Almnazl and free man Sharif Hamza Tohamy .
But it is a mis big bear Msalath . Poet Alqmazfah the as one Adinmah this page.
this talk bear is itself all responsibility and relationship to the page in this matter , either closely or from afar ….
If advancing  Aledmon key to this page to apologize for the statement about the poet in the right of “Dr. The Descent”
and proper rights and Father Alvazl Almnazl Hamza Tohamy , may God his time . and save the hero -resistant and free honest ….
And if he wants any Admin expression behind Vliebr as he pleases in his own . only point of view remains the point of view is away from this page . ,
which supports the honorable Khamzh Tohamy and others. who Nazloa and struggled and Azalo struggling. …
and each page goers greetings and appreciation and respect …

ألاخوة وألاخوات رواد صفحة القذاذفة تتحدى العالم( زنابيل الحديد… نود ان نلفت انتباهكم. بأن ما جاء من كلمات مائعة. تتهكم فيها شاعرة القذاذفة على المناظل الكبير والرجل الحر الشريف حمزة التهامى. انما هو خطاء كبير تتحمل مسؤليته. شاعرة القذاذفة باعتبارها احد ادمنية هذه الصفحة. وهذا الكلام تتحمل هى بنفسها كل المسؤلية ولا علاقة للصفحة بهذا الامر لا من قريب ولا من بعيد…. وأذا يتقدم الادمن الرئيسى لهذه الصفحة بالاعتذار عن ما ورد بخصوص الشاعرة فى حق الدكتور الخلوق والانسان السوى والاب الفاظل المناظل حمزة التهامى طيب الله اوقاته. وحفظه بطلاً مقاوماً وحراً شريفاً…. واذا اراد اى ادمن التعبير عن رائه فليعبر كما يشاء فى صفحته الخاصة.فقط ووجهة نظره تبقى وجهة نظره هو بعيداً عن هذه الصفحة. التى تساند الشرفاء كحمزة التهامى وغيره. الذين ناظلوا وكافحوا ولازالو يكافحون…. ولكل رواد الصفحة التحية والتقدير والاحترام..



Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Youth Caucus good beginning in fundraising to create

a library of Bani Walid General

Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Youth Caucus good يشرعان in fundraising to create a library of Bani Walid General
20:16 10/26/2013 Author: Bashar

According to a member of civil society institutions and brown Walid Nasser Rabashi, on Saturday, the Faculty of Electronic Engineering Bani Walid embark on fundraising for the establishment of a public library.

He added Rabashi the “Solidarity news agency that” Faculty of Electronic Engineering in collaboration with the Youth Caucus good Sicheraan in fundraising in the city to create a library of Bani Walid.

Solidarity News Agency – Bashar Mohammed

Claims to amend Regulation 501 , and the University of the observatory denies jurisdiction
Atmosphere of the country – five –

A number of master’s campaign of faculty members and collaborators vigil in front of the headquarters of the University of the observatory this morning, as part of their claims to amend Regulation 501 of the Organization for Higher Education until appointed university is located .

He said one of the organizers of the vigil ” Fathi Belaid key ” to their demands is to amend article which stipulates the need to get a good rate graduate and above for acceptance as a faculty member in Libyan universities .

In response to the demands of the protesters said Undersecretary of Scientific Affairs at the University of the observatory ” Abed Alhmala of Saud ” The university is committed to working in accordance with the regulations in which they operate Libyan universities , and amend these regulations is the prerogative of the Ministry of Higher Education and not from the jurisdiction of the university.

Recall that has been modified a materials list last May , which requires not exceed the age of five and thirty- appointed assistant lecturer degree .



In Ahz the Revolution ..
Misratah three ports and the largest factories in Libya in Misrata
Many of them have betrayed the country under the pretext of marginalization …
Whereas Lippi simple soldier holds his rifle on his shoulders to resist NATO
When she tells him back to your house you father’s family …
We is not going to disappoint or betray the nation ….

Aalkhiana or loyalty to the homeland is not measured by money,
But measured honor and Oumadn of the men …



Libya’s international channel:

After Tawergha Local Council and Amazigh, Tabu announce boycott of the elections committee session.

The Tariqa:

Some members circumvented us on the return to the meeting after withdrawal:

Urgent agency Libya / Britain’s Times newspaper and the issue of Tawergha
Revenge militias Libyan cities are forced to leave from Libya

British newspaper The Times published in today ‘s edition of 27.10.2013 that the militias

are treating the Libyans as ” animals “

and screaming in the faces of unarmed Libyans like what he did to ” benign Mohammed ” and her brother ” Noureddine ” –

According to the newspaper , which reported that ” benign ” Tawergha residents arrested from Mlisheh of Misrata have offended

and yelling at her saying :

“you stood with Gaddafi must die like him! ! “

And benign escaped from certain death , while her brother was killed , aged 22 years as a result of torture in the prisons of the militias .
Crime they of City of Tauroghae population just is not .




Return from Libya : Death lived 5 days

Newspaper “Sunrise” Egyptian in its issue today that one of the drivers who were released in the city of Ajdabiya Libyan revealed details about their 5 days at gunpoint, said Ahmed Hassan Kashef (51 years), these days we passed with great difficulty , we felt during that death is approaching us because of their release indiscriminate fire in air tonot so scary.
He added that the kidnappers did not give them any food during a kidnapping , and they sent a driver to Libya to come to them with food , and they were living in a state of terror .
And the method of release, he said: Five days after our arrest and reached a group of elders Arabs Bmatarouh to Ajdabiya representatives from the Office of the Egyptian intelligence they Sheikh Abdul Jalil Abdul- Zein Alwani , Alhaji Kamel Abdel Sheikh Alwani , to negotiate with the militias , and has already reached an agreement for the release of all drivers and their cars in exchange for a retrial Libyan fishermen detained in Egypt , numbering 16 people , and allow their families to visit them , were released us and we got to the between the Egyptian Aljmarkin and Libya , where he was greeted by a group of Egyptian intelligence.



Armed force consists of about 25 to 30 cars .. And 23 guns on board, Aratash and a half ..

These forces belonging to the called Cyrenaica interference Army to the Budzirh and to the headquarters Bogheib …
Full alert for the rebels in the city of Benghazi .. And ready for any possibilities ….
Oh God … Save Benghazi

Benghazi now :::::::

Bnghazstan were liquidated 18 OCTOBER 2013 Colonel Ahmed Bargty Alakora.


Special Forces
Aaaaaaaaaaaajl Benghazi

An attack on the camp of Thunderbolt and clashes Bmakhalh the the Stun

between men and supporters of saudi-style Salafist-Sharia.

(Nasser Sharkasy)

Shooting a strong of stun camp now

# Aaaaaaagel now came to me on your ~ ~

Aref Oh bummer addicted Elly Saarh in peace in District One

Slain in Galaa live in peace in front of the District will Doreen name

Slain # whale just the people of the region long arms, and I appointed one

Of the people of the region ..


In the name of God the Merciful
(Tary meeting of the leaders of the Benghazi rebels)
This summarizes the meeting and the grace of God Almighty on the following:
1 / descent of power, security and military Astbratih from the revolutionaries real rebel fronts and Insurance cities rebels during the so-called “war of liberation”.
2 / coordination with the security services and the Public Prosecution Office of the Attorney General.
3 / uniforms uniform and logo united under the name of rebel operations room to Libya.
4 / deployment of the force will be inside the city and its suburbs.

The meeting ended
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings

Information Office operations room rebels Libya / Benghazi

Quoting the page “Hawwahina all of them to you, Sam”

Tell them say terrorists, extremists … We asked them Benghazi?? They said Benghazi without her death ..

Intent Alaghtylat .. blow .. And cutting Alroos

News of the assassination of Colonel Salah Younis Shoaib Alvesa the Hawari area.

Created convoy of about 30 cars SUV carrying anti Aviation (23) poster chief of staff Danny traction coming from the Middle entered the headquarters

shield to Libya (1) area Budzirh the center of shooting in the air.

An armed clash in front of Galaa Hospital shortly before kills killing one person and wounding another.

B medical source confirmed Galaa Hospital, Benghazi, to the person
Which feed weaknesses to the hospital this morning, still unknown
Identity, and found on the side of the road, and he seems to have
Subjected to a traffic accident to the heap during his coming to the city
Benghazi and the power to throw out of the car collision, this is what has been reached
Mechanism of information so far, and the man died.

The arrival of the body of an unidentified person Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents and grandfather paramedic as he claims on the road,

and has no any document that proves identity and of his car Osafh kind Sonata gray and did not give any information and fled ..

Unidentified bodies and the flight medic Benghazi
B medical source confirmed Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents in Benghazi , that the person who was to resuscitate him to the hospital this morning , still unidentified , efforts have failed to identify the owner of the body to the absence of any document in his pockets prove his identity .
The medical source said appears to be the corpse had been subjected to a traffic accident path heap Benghazi , and likely to be a force that collision threw him out of the car to find him someone on the side of the road .
It is noteworthy that people brought the body this morning to the hospital saying that he found on the side of the road, and during the busy energy Medical Center in an attempt ambulance man, oblivious medic everyone and disappeared soon as you receive the body of it , and all I could some captured is that he was traveling in a car type Sonata gray.



Burning Liberal Castle Charity …..

In broad daylight was burned Castle Liberal Association Bdrna against Unity Hospital, and this association known

for its charity work and field since the revolution and now.

(Media tuber)




TPU sit and Tuaregs in front of the headquarters Sabha election commission in protest at the failure to approve the principle of consensus between all the components.


The director spark oil field Hassan Saeed to  atmosphere to the country, they began to gradually stop pumping oil from the field by

order of the spark guard oil installations field as a result of the security conditions.
It is noteworthy that the spark oil field is witnessing a sit-in for the second day by some residents of the cities of the Ubari and Owaynat.

Now: the gradual suspension began pumping oil from the field Crarah one of the largest oil fields in the south, which produces 340,000 barrels per day.



Algerian army launched a major combing operation near the Libyan border

And closing ports wilderness with Libya temporarily and inventory to allow travel for humanitarian cases only

Resulted in the combing operation launched by the Algerian army forces since last Wednesday, killing two

terrorists, and retrieval of modern weapons and missiles near the border with Niger and Libya.

(Secret Alcdoh – 87)





The Yankee TAKE-OVER of LIBYA:

the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has adopted , in principle , a plan to train forces of Libyan ranging numbers between

6 thousand to 8 thousand out of the country , but blurry and complexity of the situation in Tripoli was forced Libyans not to submit a

formal request yet to activate this plan, the U.S. officials to come out and declare that it will not begin until next spring season , at the earliest .



Brotherhood crimes


Of course, Al-Jazeera is willing to pay dearly this video and erased from existence ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ
Brotherhood crimes bankrupts

طبعا قناة الجزيرة مستعدة تدفع الغالي والنفيس وتمحى الفيديو هذا من الوجود ههههههههههه
جرائم الاخوان المفلسون

Focused on the map Where more water level in any country is
Even Mieh Yeboah Aemctoha …
Agencies: signed Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, the day before yesterday, a working document for strategic management of the world’s largest

inventory of groundwater and make the best of it in the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna.



Mu is Chair-person of the African Union



Mu awaits in red room

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