Petty News of the DAY and a Big Surprise awaiting

Mu very aware

Ready and Thank God everything ready and knead became my preferred faith in God Almighty.

نورالاسلام محمد الله يرحم جميع شهدائنا الشرفاااااااااء الذين استشهدو بإذن الله تحت راية الحق و تحت زخات ضربات الناتو الصليبي …

Libyan pilot writes:

Haaaaam Jaddaaaaa ,,, , starting tonight 10/28 to 11/1 will kick off a campaign (we’re on the ground) in writing on the walls of

God and Muammar and Libya ups ,

suspending banners Khadra everywhere in the Great Jamahiriya Ntbut for Jrdaan and the world we are the owners of the land and the owners the right set forth , and we are in all throughout the Great Jamahiriya Iaaahrar light Asttaa to prevail green and sayings commander confuse and Plenary increase or they have come to the end of the night Iaabina Muammar Make the ground shaking under their feet , (Note please filming every argument and science published in all pages ) , with discernible caution Remember God bring you good news that everyone time approached Jaddaaaaaaaaaaaaa is Jaddaaaaaaaaaa Jaddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sooooooo serious, starting tonight 10/28-11/1 will kick off a campaign (we on Earth) by graffiti and moamer and Libya and avatar, and green banners hang everywhere in the Great Jamahiriya ntbeth the stocktakings and the world that we are the owners of the land and the right to set out and we are all over the Great Jamahiriya yaaaharar they get ready to light green and categories Captain confuse and plenary because they finally got to be Muammar make the earth shaking under their feet, (note I portray each motion And science and dissemination in all pages), with a lot of caution everyone and God save the Jihad that time approached Grandpa jaddaaaaaaaaaa dealership service record
هااااام جدااااا ،،،، ابتداء من الليلة 10/28 الى 11/1 سوف تنطلق حملة( نحن على اﻻرض ) وذلك بالكتابة على الجدران الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس ، وتعليق الرايات الخضرا فى كل مكان فى الجماهيرية العظمى نتبث للجرداان وللعالم اننا نحن اصحاب اﻻرض واصحاب الحق المبين واننا موجودين فى كل ربوع الجماهيرية العظمى ياااحرار الفاتح استعدواا ليعم اللون الاخضر ومقوﻻت القائد تربك وتزيد تخبطهم ﻻنهم وصلوا للنهاية يﻻ ياابناء معمر اجعلوا اﻻرض تهتز تحت اقدامهم ، (مﻻحظة ارجو تصوير كل مقولة وعلم ونشره فى جميع الصفحات )،، مع اخد الحذر حفظ الله الجميع وابشركم بأن الساعة اقتربت جدااااااااااااا جداااااااااا جدااااااااااااااااا

Sign of Victory  and peace  

I greet you.. Salute the steadfastness and your struggle, Mu’ammar !

Nuralasalam Muhammad God have mercy on all our martyrs Acharfaaaaaaaaa the who A_i_hdo to, God willing, under the banner of truth and under the blows showers NATO crusader

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi has been a LIVING MARTYR (MARABOUT) since before 1969 !


He went to Russia on prentense, said on RT that Our Commander was dead (lie) and then extortioned money he claimed was for “the Liberation of Libya” !!! REMEMBER THAT THE RESISTANCE DOES NOT ASK FOR MONEY!!! (Resistance is giving out MONEY; NOT TAKING IT!!)
LIAR!! People fell for his ACT:
And continue trips Minister women as assets and up to China thanks to the silks after demand for them by giving him money through Western Union for the Liberation of Libya funds my patients Libya Anthrr Pena Mesh Bzar women and spotter on the silks Wu promises and Section God how Hello T-acetic section for men as footmen took his word and Qdha swear my footmen

Word now: Currently not available for BCG vaccination dose ((tuberculosis)) to born Haddthe,

the birth hospital vaccination department of the Republic since the beginning of the month of October 2013 till now.

Interview with Dr. Massoud one of the founders of appliance assembly Libyan Solidarity


Libyan lawyer Younis Bergthe:

Libya rebels room Achterqh the Allibiana system and orbit can spy on all Libyans calls

without Laden from the Libyan security services.

NATO SAYS THEY WILL BE BOMBING LIBYA AGAIN—in a matter of hours, or at most, a day or so:

Trust me when I say NATO is NOT interested in HELPING LIBYANS (!) as they CLAIM!!

They are just concerned about the OIL SITUATION. They are HUNGRY for Libyan Oil and Gas!

URGENT :: Western threat to bomb places of armed groups present in the fields and in state facilities and this time the statement came from the Office of the states to help Libya in charge of the United Nations

Announced a joint force of NATO that these negotiations is the latest between the rebels and armed militias and authorities in Libya if it fails , the force charged with protecting Libya and help put a military plan because they Responsible military and the use of force possible saluting these outlaw groups as described Commission has become a source of problems inside Libya and must be dealt with firmly by what he referred to the President of the joint NATO force charged with providing support to Libya Admiral John Mkarfi , and stressed that everyone on the investment opportunity after which there will be no other by what he said today

We value the pursuit of authorities in Libya instead of all in its power to resolve the crisis through dialogue , but the presence of arms outside barracks In Aedimjmoat , the terrorist and criminal and thieves in the country of metal Libya is absolutely unacceptable and will not allow it.

We will provide assistance and coverage and payment required for the transition to a civil state in Libya and all that Hua possible and requires the submission , but everyone should know that sometime , if not gone things are fine option open and allowed for everything and reiterate we are extending a helping hand to all but the waiting time is almost implemented and then we destinations empowered بتنفيد to orders to pay us .

Mvuzih NATO Libyan Foreign / Management organizations / Tripoli


Word now: an armed group stormed the building, the RAT prime minister ZAIDANE and besieged and expelled
All staff.
ﻋــــــــــــــــــﺎﺟﻞ :

وردَ الآن : ﻣﺠﻤﻮﻋﺔ ﻣﺴﻠﺤﺔ ﺗﻘﺘﺤﻢ ﻣﺒﻨﻰ ﺭﺋﺎﺳﺔ ﺍﻟﻮﺯﺭﺍﺀ ﻭﺗﺤﺎﺻﺮﻩ ﻭ ﺗﻄﺮﺩ
ﺟﻤﻴﻊ ﺍﻟﻤﻮﻇﻔﻴﻦ
بنت الوادي

Members of the mass of loyalty to the martyrs of the General National Congress hinting to the possibility of amendment to the item

on the quorum to hold meetings in the event of continued lack of a quorum because of the 90 – member County to the conference sessions.

One of the members of Congress wondering Before adjourning the meeting yesterday:

“Mr. President,” What if the fraternity members continued to protest and refused to return to the National Conference Hall.??

# Nuri al _ Abushmin “, President of the National Conference:

” We will find a way perhaps legal or illegal and we will ask the brothers to continue legal NCP remaining members!!??

(Young people’s media capital)

Word now: now in Tripoli into a meeting of senior ministry figures for the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood,

to discuss about support for their candidates to enter the body of incorporation SSH to the drafting of the Constitution and the payment of new names.

Beloved secretary channel France 24:

Fight the government began to direct knockdown have been Excludes Dean Ashour Hoael former interior minister, and this is the party that is far Brigadier Ashour Hoael

he wants this mess and devices illegal because Dean Ashour Hoael had a look and steps towards the establishment of security services,

and the party in control of Congress and passes in Ojindath as he wants …

The National Council for Public Freedoms and Human Rights confirms the news of the abduction of Mr. “Khalid Abdul Hafeez Amobob”

Director General of Planning at the Ministry of Health yesterday ..
(“Libya’s international channel”)

The XXX who “rule” LIBYA:


Abdullah ungrateful (ABDUL HAKIM BELHADJ): 

“I thank the members of the Conference’s withdrawal from this meeting today and I have a constitution ready I will announce it next Thursday will walk in the country to safety.”

In fear of an insurrection, Committee of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, General National Congress (SADAK FAKE MUFTI GHARYIANI)

calls on all Libyan citizens to pray for rain on Thursday in all mosques beloved Libya….

MORE EUROPEANS SEEKING TO BUY INTO N.AFRICA & LIBYA!!! (as if the country were for sale!)

KUWAIT (Reuters) ::

Chief Executive of the “Zen” Kuwait Telecommunications in an interview summit Reuters Investment

in the Middle East that his company seeks to expand in North Africa over the possession of the controlling stakes companies

communications or capture management contracts where we believe that Libya market Bakr fit our portfolio very..

Minister of Industry Libyan Solomon Faitouri that his country is considering the sale of iron and steel and eight other state-owned companies as part of efforts to reform the weak industrial sector.

The minister pointed out that the government initiated the process to estimate the value and performance of nine companies that could be sold in the first concrete step towards privatization.

He added that among these companies, steel company in Misrata and other soft drinks and a factory for truck trailers in Tajourah near Tripoli, according to Reuters news agency reported.

Libya is considering the sale of nine state-owned companies ,

including iron and steel plant and petrochemical complex Ibokmash and the General Company for soft drinks factory Tajourah for trailers and trucks ..
TRIPOLI ( Reuters ) :: The Libyan Minister of Industry ” Solomon Faitouri ” that his country is considering the sale of iron and steel and eight other

state-owned companies as part of efforts to reform the industrial sector weak.
Unlike the rich oil sector in Libya, the country’s economy suffers from inefficiency and lack of private capital as well as routine ..
The industry minister said in an interview conducted in the framework of the Reuters Investment Summit in the Middle East that the government

initiated the process to estimate the value and performance of nine companies could be sold ..
He added that among the companies of the Steel Company in Misrata and other soft drinks factory for trailers and trucks in Tajourah near Tripoli ..
The Libyan Iron and Steel in Misrata of the largest steel companies in North Africa and an annual capacity in normal conditions of 1.6 million tons ,

said officials of the company , told Reuters in September that the power outages forced the company to cut production and close one of the manufacturers of iron smelting .
It is scheduled that the government is also considering reviving efforts to sell a Ibokmash petrochemical plant that was closed and the minister added ,

” There were some tours ( for presentations ) for full partnership or investment , but did not succeed. ”
The Faitouri acknowledged that foreign investors are reluctant to enter Libya because of the security situation , but he said that some of them are still showing interest .
Among the other problems that you might encounter the Libyan privatization plans that investors may wish to reduce the company ‘s workforce ,

a move politically sensitive has lined risks due to the volatile security situation ..

Industry minister denies government’s intention to sell state – owned companies to the private sector

“Atmosphere for the country “:
Minister of Industry denied Solomon Faitouri what some of the foreign media about the government’s intention to sell the Iron and Steel Company and eight other state-owned companies to the private sector .

He said Faitouri atmosphere to the country on Monday that the privatization option is Matrouh at the moment and that the ministry intends to study the situation of those companies and re-evaluated as a first stage and see its economic feasibility in terms of profits and losses.

The Faitouri pointed out that cooperation with the private sector would be through the assessment and management of companies , and share the profits while maintaining full ownership of the state.

He Faitouri that this project has identified a period of time will not exceed six months within the government ‘s efforts to promote the industrial sector .

It is noteworthy that the production of the industrial sector in Libya, representing 5% of GDP in normal circumstances.

Sources of news: news of a government decision to pay compensation of

$ 300 thousand dinars for each year spent in prison, prisoners in Abu Salim prison.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel:

Based on the decision of the General National Congress to compensate political prisoners, “the former” government was holding financial transfers

amounting to 300 million dinars in compensation for them.

(rats are getting rich!)



# # Valley beach

The unidentified theft of solar panels, for private broadcast towers
B coverage for a statement and networks orbit, the road between the city
Tripoli and the valley of the beach, and this will negatively affect communication services
And quality of the region.


Media spokesman confirmed to the National Oil Corporation Mohammed warming, told  “atmosphere to the country ” that

Corner # refinery _ oil _ is still working at full capacity, and that the port # _ corner _ still receives oil tankers normally.

Young people sit at GREEN SQUARE:



Stop crude oil exports from the port in the western corner of Libya ..

LONDON (Reuters) :: A senior official in the Libyan Oil Corporation and sources in the sector stopped crude oil exports

from the port in the western corner of the country after local residents stopped production in the field of “spark” which nourishes the port ..

# Port observer said _ Hariqa to export Btabriq oil Rajab Sahnoun # _ newspaper “ambiance for the country” that the port would resume # export _

oil next week after the government pledged to President Ali Zaidane meet the demands of the protesters today during his visit to the city.



burning truck in the highway since the next few bridge Aljeelat.


Daily News Mellita Company for Oil and Gas ·

Latest news for the storming of gunmen from City visitors Mellitah industrial complex is out for two to three days …

And if their demands were not run out of the entire Italian complex will colapse.

Bouri oil field
Company # Acacus “# Repsol” Oil Operations announces the largest fields lock “Field # spark” Lock final {Shut Down},

where the siege of a group of residents in the surrounding areas caused the deterioration of the security situation.


A group of young people of the security committee this morning to arrest the Egyptian people accused in Nalut of kidnapping

a girl and photographed without clothes and then blackmail her family over the phone,

And is now present in the headquarters of the security committee in Tripoli awaiting transfer to Nalut.




Contacted news: Cabinet approves disbursement of compensation to the victims of some explosions in Benghazi.

Special Forces
Urgent and dangerous

Pilot bomb Benghazi Benina Airport

Was dropping off passengers civilian aircraft now Benina Airport in Benghazi was to take off

Promptly at 2:30 bound for Tripoli

After informing passengers that flying bomb

And tells one of the passengers he saw person huge Aljty set Bag

Plane and will disembark from the plane ticket for the purpose of return.

No truth to the news trapping plane built International Airport and all there is to it is the arrest of two people Bjosat forged travel.

The descent of forces operations room Libya rebels now in Benghazi

and encircle the entire city of Benghazi 400 heavily armed military vehicles,

medium and heavy vehicles carrying the slogan room and numbered.

/ / Operations room Libya rebels

The bombing of the Yamama in Almajora the Hall Benghazi

Targeting the Al Yamamah events in Benghazi
Atmosphere of the country –

Targeted stateroom morning “dove” the Almajora area Benghazi Bulgmin the Erdaan BRB “” two anti-tank weighs each

and every one of them 6 kg, according to the joint security room in Benghazi.

The spokesman said the security room Benghazi Abdullah Al-Zaidi for the ambiance of the country: The bombing behind

the considerable material damage to the hall, and the crash of glass houses near the hall, stressing the lack of injuries.

The Hall-Yamamah was previously used as a year before the market invested by a citizens hall of occasions.
Now on the two people arrested at the airport built were on their way to Istanbul

accused of killings in Benghazi and were handed over to the Special Forces.

Sound of an explosion in Benghazi now.


Explosion since the little city of Benghazi is a bomb blast ((Julatina)) Quiche Square Hotel,,,,,

and there is no human and material damage.

Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya ….
Shooting on the Galaa Hospital.
Armored targeting of lightning in front of their camp.
Toyota car targeting rebels.

A convoy of martyrs of scouring the corner of Benghazi without specific direction.

60 new car armed intervention from the eastern gate to militias Bogheib the.

General Administration of anti-infiltration and illegal immigration branch of Benghazi.

Shooting voices heard now is the reception of pilgrims
Accepted Hajj and guilt forgiven and the pursuit Thanked.

The spread of armor a little while ago ….

Atef Shelmani

# Ajdt # Auto Group now roaming the streets of Benghazi calling for the army Libyan.

Parks Street Benghazi :::

Unformatted out in a demonstration to support the Libyan army City
Benghazi, a little while ago , after the spread of approximately 35 vehicle
rat’s Armor in the city of Benghazi

A quick tour of the wounded in the streets of Benghazi

Children free junction and the Arabian Peninsula free and Junction Boulevard Dubai
Free, Hawari free and gardens free commas Ahat free Buhedama
Free and Almajora the free-free, and the center of the country, and stationed some
Cars belonging to Libya Shield forces in the “Island of maintenance Gel – Island
The main port – Island Achribich “

Special Forces Thunderbolt mobile patrols accompanied by explosives experts and
Hospitals in the city and airport built a and Pepsi crossroads.

Found an unidentified body of a person at the age of about 45 years by members of the Criminal Investigation Benghazi

infected by a live bullet in the head of Sinbad area Buhedima district opposite the Palace of Sinbad and bring you new developments in a timely manner:

Hani al-Oraibi,,,,,,,

Smashing box automated teller Trade and Development Bank gardens Benghazi on Monday morning 2013 10 28


Reported an unidentified military forces now gather in the White City …



Najat one tribe Alqmazfah sons Adel Alguenatri of a failed assassination attempt.

God and yes agent



Disclaimer Haaaaam

To the youth Sirte free
In these difficult times with Bay city of Sirte since the days we hope young people
Take special precaution and to reduce the time between Morocco and evening prayers
Do not forget that the hidden hands lying in wait for Pena every day , but every hour customer and salaried payees of lurking Makhal Sirte
They have more than 204 Name of the finest young men in the city of grain has Tohna in the past few days on this list

We ask Allah wellness

تنويهـ هااااامألي شباب سرت الأحرار
في هذه الأوقات العصيبة التي تمر بيه مدينة سرت مند أيام نرجو من الشبابـ
أخذ الحيطهـ والحـد خاصة الوقتـ ما بينـ المغربـ وصلاة العشـاء
لا تنسو أن الأيدي الخفية تتربصـ بينا كل يوم بل كل ساعة وأن العملاء المأجورينـ المدفوع لهم من المندسين ذاخل سرتـ
لديهـم أكثر من 204 أسم من خيرة الشبابـ ومن الرجال في مدينة الحبية وقد توهنا في الأيام القليلة الماضية علي هذة القائمةنسأل الله العافية
Voice severe explosion in the city shortly before five.

Dr Mokhtar Busafa confirms the news of the continued closure of clinics compound in Sirte

after a sit unemployed when demanding recruitment plural of.

An armed robbery on the car carrying amounts municipality ‘s financial Sirte during the exit from the city ‘s airport.
Found on the car carrying the budget of the city of Sirte behind seven hundred area and the driver handcuffed and no trace of the money , estimated at 30 million Libyan dinars.

News reporter: no truth to the rumor theft of 100 million dinars from the money transport vehicle in Sirte, as rumored,

this amount alone needs to be several containers for transport and irrational basis. # Rumor

(Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV)

Sirte ::::::::

Gunmen seize the truck and the $ 53 million Libyan dinars

Sirte: – Gunmen seize truck with 50 million dinars and hard currency!!
View News

And the amount of 12 million dollars and euros in Sirte ..
Libyan news agency ( and ) :: subjected truck to transfer funds to an armed robbery Monday evening western region in Sirte by ten armed men and the seizure of a sum of money estimated at 53 million Libyan dinars and 12 million of foreign currency ..
A source Central Bank of Libya Branch Sirte reporter and news agency Libyan Sirte that the truck for the transfer of funds exposed to an armed attack by a dozen people armed with different types of light and medium weapons at the crossroads by Western Sirte and captured the sum of $ 53 million Libyan dinars and 12 million of foreign currency between dollars and euros .. The source, who said he was escorting the truck mentioned that he was receiving money from the capital Tripoli by air and when the transfer of funds , which was loaded with container private transfer money aboard one of the trucks came under armed attack by a dozen people the road year and seized the truck and the money that was inside and fled. The source explained that protect one car escorting the truck protection and that members could not resist the militants ..

Exposure based Personal Status Court of the Court of Sirte primary yesterday to deliberate attack by unknown Bakazv “RPG” and setting fire to large parts of the building

and damaging its assets, including archive case files and court rulings  The litigants Messages  ..

(The Libyan News Agency)

Sweeping Sirte Council calls for accelerating maintenance of septic tanks

Atmosphere of the country –

Student Chairman of Aeltsiara Council for a sweeping area of Sirte Tahir Hassan Alhlib , and Ministry of Housing and Utilities and the local council of the area yesterday , Platts proceeds in urgent maintenance of septic tanks in the area.

And said Alhlib to the country ambiance : the septic tanks in the region is the largest reservoirs on the level of Libya , has been created since the eighties of the last century, and is now vulnerable to complete collapse .

The Alhlib explained that these reservoirs has caused several problems for the people of the region ; In recent times been registered skin diseases , and cases of diarrhea in children, expressing dissatisfaction with the citizens of this situation.

It is noteworthy that these reservoirs are located near Camp missiles sweeping area , which suffered during the war to several air raids by NATO.



Intensive contacts between Egypt and Libya after the disappearance of more than 80 Egyptian immigrants in the desert south of Ajdabiya.

Urgent agency Libya / abduction of 100 Egyptian desert road Ajdabiya

An official source (who preferred anonymity) that an armed group had kidnapped nearly 100 Egyptian workers on the desert road link between the towns of Ajdabiya and Tobruk.

Urgent agency Libya / recognize the bodies of his comrades out of 60

Confirmed the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli and Benghazi Consulate General , that the Egyptian person who was found yesterday in the Libyan Sahara known on Tuesday on the first two bodies and the second cousin ‘s another Egyptian Tobruk Central Hospital .
He said the Egyptian consul general Benghazi Ambassador ” Mohab Nasr ” in a special statement , the sole survivor said that the number of immigrants who were with him on the way to Libya 60 migrants between the Egyptians and other nationalities ( Sudanese , Syrians and Africans ), dispersed in the Libyan desert into groups.
He added that there is a continuing operations room around the clock by contacting headed Chiefs of Staff and the Chamber of foreign and security in Libya , to determine the fate of the missing , and that the search is still going on for the rest of the immigrants who have strayed Libyan desert road between the cities of Tobruk and Ajdabiya .
In the same vein , the security sources said a Libyan , that the helicopter ” 8″ belonging to the Libyan National Army took off this morning from the airport built Benghazi to search for the missing, and did not find one of them yet.
It is noteworthy that 60 illegal immigrants between the Egyptians and Sudanese , Syrians and Africans lost their way in the Libyan desert between Ajdabiya and Tobruk two days ago, and the Libyan authorities had yesterday found the bodies of migrants in the desert area between Ajdabiya and Tobruk .


Save nine missing and search is still underway for the rest

Said the spokesman of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry , Ambassador the ” Badr Aaty “ was recently saved a number nine Egyptians in the Libyan desert by a group of hunters wild Libyans .
The spokesman said that citizens who were rescued were part of a group of sixty people , who have already sneaked illegally into Libyan territory through the barbed wire of Salloum southern port Amsaad Libyan second day of Eid al-Adha , has been handed individuals nine of the Centre for illegal immigration in white eastern Libya.
The spokesman noted , that according to the information available to the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli in coordination with the Libyan authorities concerned , it has already saved people, while two bodies were found within the group .

Found the bodies of 87 migrants in the desert of Niger , ten kilometers from the Algerian border .

In addition, these victims, seven men and 32 women and 48 children , five women and a girl in the same group found their bodies by the Niger army earlier , according to the security source confirmed early .

He spent all of these at the beginning of October on a trip to Algeria began the tragic end of September, according to the same source . This is the outcome , confirmed by Mustafa Alhacn of the charge of the ” human shield ” non – governmental organizations that went to the place in search of corpses.

And said Alhacn ” The bodies were decomposed , it was terrible . We found in various places of the within twenty kilometers beam of In small groups , often under the trees or in the sun . Sometimes a mother and her children and sometimes their own children .

And Monday, local authorities announced Nigerien death of at least 35 people, mostly women and children , have died as a result of dehydration as they tried to migrate to Algeria .

Niger has one of the poorest countries in the world the phenomenon of migration along the lines of a number of African countries. But the number of immigrants who are trying to go to Algeria is much less than those who traveled to Libya .

And as the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Niamey about ” thirty thousand ” the number of people who migrated to Libya between March and August 2013 through Agadez in northern Niger , and most of those from West Africa .






Tribe of slaves and the tribes of the area Tobruk and Derna .…… the Acknowledge and confirm that :

1 – Ghaithi friend does not represent only himself and does not represent the tribe of slaves and the neighboring tribes .

2 – oil is not Seddik Aagaflh , but she closed him the tribe of slaves .
3 – will not open the port of Tobruk, and will not be nothing but oil export agreement with all combinations of the province of Cyrenaica .

4 – has been delegated advisor to explain the mind tribal elder slaves telling Mr. Mohammed Faraj Yasin head of the local council of Tobruk , the decision of the slaves and their brothers in the slaves of their decision , that gently and one will not be the only one and that the port will not open unless the decision of the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica and after consultation with all combinations the province.

5 – Naming Sheikh – Mansour Alambra the substitute ” for the friend Ghaithi Politburo


Now from Tobruk | ended moments ago meeting of elders and notables tribe of slaves from all the houses, in which he decided:

First: do not open the port of Tobruk.

Second: Trchikh the character to replace Ghaithi friend of the Politburo Cyrenaica.

Third: Altbrooe of the Zidane because he wants to create sedition in Tobruk, between the sons of slaves in particular tribe.

The most important present at the meeting are Sheikh Faraj Polkhtabiah, and Sheikh Abdul Kader Hamed and Sheikh Ali Boharikh and Sheikh Abdulsalam Abed Rabbo

and Sheikh Mansour righteous and Sheikh Faraj Samy.. God neighborhood of slaves God’s revelation of Tobruk.

The statement will be announced as soon as the media.


Press conference of the prime minister from Tobruk to announce the agreement on the reopening of the oil port of Harika within a week

Press conference Prime Minister Ali Zaidane from Tobruk to announce the agreement to re-open the oil port of Harika within a week

– Urgent / now a violent explosion shakes the Bab al-Shiha the western city of Derna.
– Yesterday the bombing of a shop selling tobacco in Derna’s Club Jubaila / city of Derna
– Yesterday the bombing of the Faculty of Economics and Law University Amralmokhtar / door Shiha western / city of Derna
(Heron / tuber)

A body of young Akram Mohammed Hawally in a Elantra taxi Alstalat the car, a resident of the neighborhood Scouts …

Khadija at the age of 30 years old _ and said that a battalion Nasser stated.

(Media tuber)

Found yesterday evening on a boat near the crusher Thorne area west of the city of Derna.
It is suspected that the (illegal immigration)
Where he found the children and women’s clothing scattered on the beach. – Boat crusher in region to Thorne.




News Ubari

Today has been stopped pumping oil from the field spark fully According to a source of the protestors who organize an open sit-in,

demanding an end to the marginalization of the south by the central government.

Oil Minister failed to convince the protesters in the field of spark to break up their sit-in and did not even listen to him and refused to talk to him

because he promised them in the past and did not in his promise, and now the protestors decided they would only talk with the President of the Conference or the Prime Minister.

Alassema TV channel capital
Component failure of the ministerial delegation from the Ministry of oil and gas in the negotiations with the protesters spark oil field in Ubari ..

The protestors refused to meet the minister, demanding the presence of President of the General National Congress and head of government to negotiate with them, regarding decoder sit …

The Ministry of Oil and Gas
Oil Minister and Bari Arousi gas confirms the return of the resumption of oil production from the field spark within twenty-four hours. (UNDER THREAT OF NATO BOMBS!!)

(Channel International)


– Opening of Mqrjdid for ambulance and emergency device to Kufra to attend
Elite in the city of Kufra, and the Sudanese ambassador.

– Number of Altsalin organized on graduate degrees by infidels and pause
Protest yesterday, demanding jobs in education institutions
Higher, as the others.

Libyan pilot informs us:

Urgent and dangerous

Signs of direct military intervention in the Libyan south …

The newspaper ” Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Russian said on Tuesday that Russian intelligence has entered the race frantically with a number of Western intelligence , especially French, U.S. and British actually entered the turn at an advanced stage of preparation for the implementation of a joint military operation in southern Libya in order to control the thousands of rockets and barrels uranium stored in huge quantities in the desert of southern Libya in addition to the thousands of barrels of “yellowcake ,” which eroded in warehouses without censorship or guard , which remains a witness to the security vacuum in a country dominated by chaos , which may be revealed by the reports of security precedent, and confirmed by the recent days, media reports .
The newspaper / Nez Avecemaya Gazeta / Russian had revealed earlier that these toxic substances dangerous became fall under the hands of armed groups is organization calling itself the title of the rebels which is outside the law and dealers Mkhdhirat formed in lost Libyan revolution , and became grow in the absence of the state and away from her true calling itself the leader of the desert , the suspicious and continuous contacts with many parties at a time when money is the only keys to the decision-making in such cases .
The newspaper, quoting military sources that these bands Ataatora to take any action is thoughtful in these materials may be disposed of at any moment, which could create a real crisis in any region of the tension , especially those controlled by militants from Ansar al-Qaeda or any of the groups Other outlaw .
It based Asahikh in that the statements and reports Astbartah former French clearly indicate the size of the crisis, and the possibility of Tfagahmha , especially after it was seized various kinds of weapons, defensive and offensive diverse source, stored in caches border on its way to use outside the legitimacy of international law, was among Trsatna huge fall under the hands of these armed gangs, which led to intensified efforts to disarm the control of these stores even led it to practical use of force, especially that Libya still fall under Chapter VII n allowing to take any military action without recourse to the Security Council .



“Marathon” U.S. and “Wuxi Dental” U.S. and two companies Naftytan the share a partnership with Oasis for the production of oil and gas

are seeking to sell their shares in the company Oasis and out of the Libyan market.


Lawless Drone Killings

drone attack

Predator drones sanitize killing on the cheap. Remote warrior teams operate computer keyboards and multiple monitors.

They murder by remote control. They target faceless victims. They kill indiscriminately. They do so unaccountably.

Drones are instruments of state terror. Studies show mostly innocent civilians are killed. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A previous article discussed a joint Stanford University International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic (SU)/New York University School of Law Global Justice Clinic (NYU) report.

It’s titled “Living Under Drones.” The dominant Washington narrative claims drone strikes are precise and effective. Targeted killings “minimi(ze) downsides or collateral impacts,” it says. Doing so makes America safer, it alleges.

False! Drone attacks kill indiscriminately. Mostly noncombatant civilians are affected. “Living Under Drones” exposes what Washington won’t say.

Obama’s a serial liar. He falsely claims drones haven’t “caused a huge number of civilian casualties. They’re targeted, focused at people who are on a list of active terrorists trying to go in and harm Americans.”

Hard evidence proves otherwise. On site investigations and eyewitness testimonies are damning.

According to SU/NYU:

“US drone strike policies cause considerable and under-accounted-for harm to the daily lives of ordinary civilians, beyond death and physical injury.”

“Their presence terrorizes men, women, and children, giving rise to anxiety and psychological trauma among civilian communities.”

Official statements about drone killings keeping America safe are false. SU/NYU evidence shows at most only 2% of victims are high-value combatants.

Others are mostly innocent civilians. Drone killings fuel resentment. They facilitate anti-American recruitment. Most Pakistanis call America the enemy. So do people in other affected countries.

Professor Christof Heyns co-directs the University of Pretoria’s Institute for International and Comparative Law. He serves as UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions.

His September 13-dated UN report is titled “Extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions.” It omits offender country names. He clearly holds Washington responsible.

“The expansive use of armed drones by the first states to acquire them, if not challenged, can do structural damage to the cornerstones of international security and set precedents that undermine the protection of life across the globe in the longer term,” he said.

“The use of drones by states to exercise essentially a global policing function to counter potential threats presents a danger to the protection of life, because the tools of domestic policing (such as capture) are not available, and the more permissive targeting framework of the laws of war is often used instead.”

On October 25, General Assembly member states will discuss Heyns’ report. It calls for obeying international law. According to Heyns:

“Drones come from the sky but leave the heavy footprint of war on the communities they target.”

“The claims that drones are more precise in targeting cannot be accepted uncritically, not least because terms such as ‘terrorist’ or ‘militant’ are sometimes used to describe people who are in truth protected civilians.”

“Armed drones may fall into the hands of non-state actors and may also be hacked by enemies or other entities.”

“In sum, the number of states with the capacity to use drones is likely to increase significantly in the near future, underscoring the need for greater consensus on the terms of their use.”

Protecting against clear imminent threats to life alone are permissible.

“The view that mere past involvement in planning attacks is sufficient to render an individual targetable, even where there is no evidence of a specific and immediate attack, distorts the requirements established in international human rights law.”

Countries may not consent “to the violation of their obligations under international humanitarian law or international human rights law.”

Reprieve is a UK-based human rights group. It’s legal director Kat Craig said:

“This report rightly states that (America’s) secretive drone war is a danger not only to innocent civilians on the ground but also to international security as a whole.”

“The CIA’s campaign must be brought out of the shadows: we need to see real accountability for the hundreds of civilians who have been killed – and justice for their relatives.”

Ben Emmerson is UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Counterterrorism. His September 18-dated UN report is titled “Promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism.”

UN investigations identified dozens of US drone strikes causing civilian deaths and injuries. Doing so clearly violates international law.

Emmerson wants Washington to declassify relevant information. He wants more clarity on America’s drone attacks. His report discusses incidents in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan and Gaza.

“While the fact that civilians have been killed or injured does not necessarily point to a violation of international humanitarian law, it undoubtedly raises issues of accountability and transparency,” he said.

It bears repeating.  Drones are instruments of state terror. Killing is done extrajudicially. America bears most responsibility.

Obama’s kill list decides who, where and when. Human lives don’t matter. Nor do rule of law principles. Summary judgment means international, constitutional and US statute laws don’t apply.

Obama lied saying “before any strike is taken, there must be near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.”

They constitute “a grave violation of international human rights law, the laws of countries where attacks take place, and US domestic law.

Pentagon/CIA drone attacks raise “serious problems of discriminating between civilians and insurgents engaged in armed conflict.”

The disproportionate number of civilians killed “raises the issue of war crimes accountability.”

Large numbers of civilian casualties suggests drones “can never be used in a manner consistent with the laws of war in actual war zones.”

According to Marjorie Cohn:

Unlawful drone strikes “not only undermine the rule of law, (they) prevent the United States from reasonably objecting when other countries (target their own) kill lists.”

“Obama’s ‘War on Al Qaeda has been used as an excuse to assassinate anyone anywhere in the world” on his say.

So-called “signature strikes” mean “bombs are being dropped on unidentified people (in areas) where (alleged) suspicious activity” exists or occurred.

Doing so “goes beyond the illegal practice of ‘targeted killing.’ People are being (indiscriminately) killed without even being an identified target.” Drone attacks violate well-established international law principles.

Former UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary, or Arbitrary Executions Philip Alston calls targeted killings “intentional, premeditated, and deliberate use of lethal force (against individuals) not in the physical custody of the perpetrator.”

They constitute grave international law breaches. They’re war crimes. The 1996 US War Crimes Act (WCA) calls them “grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions” committed against people they protect.

WCA applies if either victims or perpetrators (to the highest levels of government) are US nationals or armed forces members.

Penalties call for either life imprisonment or death. America remains unaccountable. Obama’s war on humanity rages. Lawlessness begets more of it.


Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

The United States of War: An Addiction to Imperialism

Global Research, October 24, 2013
Black Agenda Report 22 October 2013

The U.S. is Number One is weapons of war and domestic civilian gun deaths – and very little else. Historically, peace has not been a priority for the United States, which has waged war every decade since 1776. “The people must demand an end to war, not because it costs trillions of dollars, but because it cost millions of lives.”

A common description for the term addiction is, the continued repetition of a behavior despite adverse consequences, or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors…” This definition is most appropriate in regard to the world’s most destructive killing machine – the United States military. The United States government has long developed an acquired taste for war. And because much of the US population is completely obsequious to whatever their duplicitous government tells them, they, too, have become complacent to a perpetual state of war. Americans punch-drunk on nationalism fail to realize that “their” government is beholden to the interests of imperialism, not their general well being. Like well controlled puppets they chant, “USA number one”, over and over and over again, failing to ever question what “their” country is actually number one in.

The mental sickness of “American Exceptionalism” maintains the asylum known as American society. American Exceptionalism designs baseless sayings like, “USA number one.” US society is an extremely competitive and insecure environment. Ultimately, a place that encourages its citizens to ritualistically chant how good they are is not so sure of itself. Either that, or it does not wish the Hoi Polloi to ever question their government at all. The US is not number one in quality of life, education or overall healthcare. The USA is not even the happiest nation in the world, by a long shot. However, a few things the United States is number one in are: incarceration, gun related deaths and yes, military expenditure.

These are among some of the unsavory rubrics in which the US reigns supreme. If Americans meant any of those areas when they blindly chant, “USA number one”, then they would be spot on, especially when it comes to military “firepower.” With around 1,000 military bases, well over 10,000 nuclear warheads, and an almost constant state of war, the US is numero uno, without rival. The US is an imperialist monster with a voracious appetite for destruction. It has an uncontrollable appetite for war, caring little what it murders on its way toward global domination. This is evident in the vast number of civilians killed as a result of the US’s military campaigns. The vast majority of people murdered when the US decides to unleash its war machine, are, in fact, civilians. This is news to most Americans because they have been socially programmed to not even think about civilian casualties. They only worry about US military casualties as if those are the only lives that matter. Thinking about the catastrophic impact their government’s wars inflict upon innocent people, in “far off lands”, is well beyond many Americans’ social radar. This mode of thinking (or lack there of) has conditioned numerous Americans to lose vast segments of their humanity.

It is of little surprise that the United States government cares little about the “adverse consequences” that come with being constantly entrenched in war and global conflict. However, when the populace have adopted that inhumane way of thinking it paves a destructive road that we are traveling upon. The people are the ones whose responsibility it is to, not request, but demand an end to these wars of imperialism. Unfortunately, the United States’ mind control program, otherwise known as corporate media, has had a firm grip on the conscience of many Americans. This fact continues to prevent Americans from understanding that the people being terrorized by the US’s imperialist wars, are human beings – just like them. It especially prevents them from understanding that people in places like Afghanistan are, in fact, being terrorized by the US military.

Americans have bought into the orchestrated mythology that “their country,” when it enters/instigates a war, is doing so for some sort of benevolent reasons. Historically speaking, this could not be further from the truth, especially when we consider the number of civilians killed. Since World War I there has been a complete reversal of civilian deaths. During World War I, 10% of all casualties were civilians. During World War II, the number of civilian deaths rose to 50%. During the Vietnam War 70% of all casualties were civilians. In the war in Iraq, civilians account for 90% of all deaths. And when we look at the number of civilians killed by way of George Bush and Barack Obama’s drone strikes (alone), more that 90 percent of the victims have been civilians. However, don’t look at the fourth branch of the US government (the corporate media), to inform you of this. They, like the Pentagon and White House, could not give a damn about the number of innocent civilians killed. When former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (and Secretary of State) Colin Powell was asked, in 1991, about the number of Iraqi civilians killed as a result of the US Gulf War against Iraq, he simply stated: “Its not a number I’m terribly interested in.” It is important to note that the Associated Press at the time quoted US military officials in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, estimating that the number of Iraqi dead at 100,000. However, other independent estimates place the number much higher. Not surprising, the Pentagon refused to provide an estimate of the number of dead Iraqi civilians.

The shear lack of regard for human life, especially that of civilians, is akin to that of a serial killer. The US military apparatus operates like that of a pathological killing machine with lust for war. The history of the United States more than backs up this assertion, especially when we consider the fact that since the US’s “founding” in 1776, this country has been at war 216 of those years. That’s right, out of the US’s 237 year existence it has been engaged in military conflict 216 of those years. If that is not an addiction to war, this author does not know what is. The US has never gone a decade without being engaged in some sort of military conflict.

United States imperialism is destroying the world, one nation at time. And within those nations are living breathing human beings. Is it really hard to fathom why many people despise the US? It has nothing to do with Americans’ so-called “freedoms” – instead, it has everything to do with the military destruction of their countries. The politicians that ultimately control the US military care little about the soldiers they command to fight in their capitalist conquests of wealth and resources. And they certainly could not give a damn about the innocent civilians in places like Libya, Pakistan and Yemen. They are not concerned with how they are perceived by much of the globe; they are only concerned with maintaining their imperialist advancements and control. You are either “with them” or “against them”; there is no middle ground. And for these reasons it should be crystal clear why people living within the United State must care.

Organized critical masses of concerned people must serve as the moral compass, and rehabilitation, needed to end the US’s addiction to war. Bluntly put, humanity depends on it. The people must demand an end to war, not because it costs trillions of dollars, but because it cost millions of lives. There is no dollar amount that can be used to measure a human’s life. All human life must be seen as invaluable, period. An American life is no more valuable than that of someone from any country in which the U.S. is waging war. The financial cost of war is enormous and is an issue, in and of itself – however, this cost pales in comparison to the cost of human life.

We must unite and be prepared to organize to end the culture of war within the US. Ending the culture of war in this country will pave the way for wars to cease globally, especially since the US global war footprint is virtually everywhere. Creating a culture of peace begins with changing our acceptance of the United States’ addiction to war. Demanding this radical, yet humane, change to take place is paramount if we are to mold a brighter future for subsequent generations. Peace starts with all of us. It is one of the most important tasks before us. We must be firmly against war, in addition to being for peace. They go hand in hand. Now is the time to start building that brighter and more humane future.

U.S. Imperialism and America’s War Machine: A Destructive Apparatus

Global Research, 25 October 2013

Corporate imperial militarism controls U.S. society and wages destructive occupations abroad to serve the capitalist interests of the war-making, armaments manufacturing class whose bombs eradicate human beings for profit.

Externalized racism and depleted uranium radiation warfare smashes the aspirations of target victims in Afghanistan and Iraq, CIA drones slaughter civilians mercilessly in Pakistan, napalm and agent orange used in Vietnam is still effecting children with birth defects, hundreds of thousands in El Salvador and Guatemala miss their disappeared relatives that the U.S. military and CIA trained Latin American dictators and their police constabularies in racist anticommunist doctrine to murder and justify the imperial extraction of natural resources to protect the elite wealthy classes and rich landowner death squads using secret police assassination methods.

The CIA trains murderous guerillas as part of proxy sabotage whenever a government the U.S. imperial corporate war masters don’t like achieves advances in health care and education for their population while simultaneously offering land reform or industrialization beneficial to the population and plentiful jobs. Whether CIA-contra proxy mercenary guerilla insurgent violence against teachers, priests and peasant farmers supporting the Sandinista revolutionary government or NATO massive aerial bombardment of infrastructure and terrorization of the Libyan African population with jihadist barbaric killers, the goal is to undermine systems that are functioning for the majority of people and therefore undermining the control of the U.S imperial wall street armaments manufacturing oil mafia elite.

The U.S. massacre armaments machine didn’t like the Sandinista revolution because El Salvador and Guatemala were stable customers of armaments to terrorize their populations and one leftist regime left standing in the hemisphere perhaps might result in the strengthening of revolutionary upheavals in the neighboring colonies and therefore represented a threat to the sale of counterinsurgency equipment to these nations. Gaddafi’s Libya featured a free health care system, free university, public infrastructure projects for his population and this leader threatened to demand payment of his nations’ oil in gold rather than the dollar.

These nations are seen as targets for obliteration and destruction of the U.S. military corporate war imperial NATO masters who thrive on death and arms sales to profit their personal bank accounts.

The destructive apparatus known as the U.S. war machine builds bases all around the world for the private corporate profit of Halliburton, Kellogg Brown and Root and maintains concentration camps with emaciated prisoners cleared for release at Guantanamo who are being force fed and choked to maintain the profitability of running overseas prison garrisons for the sake of a bloody empire run by the rich.

Lies make money.

Lies are an immensely profitable undertaking.

A lying industry prevails in the United State serving the corporate military war factory interests that enriches the capitalist ruling class. Televisions and armaments factories are running in smooth operating precision as the conditioned masses are left to stare at their leaders who threaten to crash the global financial system and lie about a lack of funds for the civilian government while innocent civilians are blown to smithereens with National Security Agency reconnaissance assisted CIA-military piloted drones from the skies during a shutdown of basic services for the poor.

Mass media deception is a perpetual function of the armaments industry as it uses the avenues of print, electronic television and radio to sell the homicidal lies of the arms merchants who wanted to lay waste to Syria as part of the NATO/U.S. imperialist capitalist destruction of this land with Tomahawk missiles. A study of the mass media on reveals that MSNBC, Fox, PBS and CNN television anchors interviewing former Bush national security advisor Stephen Hadley, who made various arguments in favor of a U.S./NATO military attack against Syria, failed to mention that he is a director of Raytheon which manufactures the Tomahawk missile. Raytheon paid Hadley $128,500 in compensation last year, and he is owner of 11,477 shares of stock in this armaments company, worth $900,000. Out of the four times Hadley’s arguments for U.S. military violence against Syria were featured in mainstream media, including three televised interviews—on Bloomberg TV, Fox News and CNN and once in a Washington Post opinion editorial, media anchor or editorial personnel responsible for identifying a guest experts’ official title only mentioned his position as former national security advisor and nothing about his war profiteering affiliation with Raytheon.

A variety of other guests which appeared on the mainstream corporate networks and advocated for militarized violence against Syria during the attempted run-up for war are affiliated with munitions company or “defense” or intelligence contracting interests. The study shows that 22 different commentators with connections to defense and intelligence contractors or defense related investment firms made 111 appearances as quoted guests, experts on news shows or opinion editorial authors and mass media news personnel made only 13 attempts within the various media outlets to disclose the guest commentators’ connections to the military-intelligence weapons industry. Former Centcom commander Anthony Zinni expressed support for attacking Syria with NATO/U.S weaponry three times on CNN, once on CBS This Morning and in an opinion editorial in the Washington Post and none of the media personnel working in an interviewer or editorial capacity for these outlets mentioned that he is an outside director of BAE Systems, the third largest military services company in the world, based in London.

So much for the mass media serving as a fourth branch of government to check the powerful when reporters at media outlets that reach the vast majority of the population are completely bought off by the armaments industry and reporters who are actually doing their jobs are repeatedly spied on and more whistleblowers are persecuted than any other administration combined under the Espionage act of 1917.

Armament factory military corporate war interests of the U.S. Pentagon war machine cause Pakistani teenagers to commit suicide due to the ever present trauma of assassination squad drones hovering over their land. What does this say about the moral level of the United States when because of a lack of investment in socially uplifting employment prospects, students are now being channeled into this industry tainted with the blood of innocent men, women and children because of the massive influence of the military industrial armaments complex in shaping the educational institutions that are the main determinant in producing the array of occupations, industries goods and services that we call the economy? Newspaper columnists blurt obscenities of internalized racism such as murdering Pakistani children is better from an American standpoint because they could somehow harm U.S. citizens in the future.

How many of these future drone operators will work for humanitarian purposes such as rescuing people during disasters or delivering food to the homeless versus violating the fourth amendment of U.S. citizens with a constitutional right from unreasonable searches and seizures and, worse yet, political assassination of activists deemed criminals by an elite corporate militarized cabal? Perhaps this is an unknown, but we might ask how many of them are affiliated with progressive social causes or anti-racist, ant-imperialist views or know that imperialism is a process by which military empires extract natural resources for corporate profit as is the case with Afghanistan’s lithium as well as geostrategic positioning for oil pipelines and that U.S./NATO/ CIA military attacks against target nations always involve the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians.

Thirty thousand drones will fly over the U.S. by 2020. This war-surveillance machinery is already used in a global assassination campaign that denies both foreigners and U.S. citizens the right of trial before execution. Surveillance drones deny the target freedom from unreasonable searches, seizures and surveillance under the fourth amendment, domestically, not to mention the national sovereignty and lives of the targets of U.S-CIA-military imperial violence including scores of innocent civilians deemed “collateral damage,” or worse yet, associates of the target deliberately murdered for political assassination purposes. U.S. Imperialism—it’s no delight for the people of the world and increasingly not for U.S. citizens unaffiliated with the war machine either.

William C. Lewis is a journalist, researcher and writer from Yreka California.

Dangerous History of ‘Regime Change’

Consortiumnews 22 October 2013

South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem.

Official Washington justifies military and political interventions in other countries under the theory of “U.S. exceptionalism.” But these “regime changes” often have unexpected results, as with the bloody coup d’etat that removed South Vietnamese President Diem a half-century ago.

On Nov. 1, 1963, a half-century ago, the South Vietnamese government that the United States had backed for nearly a decade was toppled in a military coup d’etat, an act of regime change approved by President John F.  Kennedy.

The Saigon coup ended in the murders of President Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother, Ngo Dinh Nhu, and – though Diem’s removal was intended to appease the country’s restless Buddhist majority upset with Diem’s favoritism toward his fellow Catholics – the operation proved disastrous for the U.S. and its allies in their fight against communist-led forces.

After the assassination of Diem – and the murder of President John F. Kennedy just 21 days later – U.S. military involvement escalated. President Lyndon Johnson dispatched the first combat units and American forces grew to a peak of 543,000 on March 31, 1969, before a gradual withdrawal and acceptance of defeat. Some 58,000 U.S. soldiers died in the war and political discord deeply divided the home front.

Yet, the details of the Diem killing remained something of a mystery for years, with President Kennedy reportedly shocked that the coup had resulted in the death of the Diem brothers. So, what exactly did President Kennedy authorize? Why did the coup end with two grisly murders? Who was at fault for the coup fiasco and the political chaos that followed?

Some of the mystery was cleared up by the leaking of the secretPentagon Papers in 1971. The internal U.S. government study revealed: “For the military coup d’etat against Ngo Dinh Diem, the U.S. must accept its full share of responsibility. Beginning in August of 1963 we variously authorized, sanctioned and encouraged the coup efforts of the Vietnamese generals and offered full support for a successor government.”

That disclosure led to questioning what right the U.S. had to unleash such a coup d’etat — a question that reverberates even more loudly today with the U.S.-backed or -botched “regime changes” in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. This question was one that Sen. J. William Fulbright said was being ignored — not even mentioned — in all the confidential cable traffic between U.S. officials that was later evaluated by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that he headed.

In the preface to the committee’s 75-page staff report, Fulbright wrote: “What is omitted from the story of the Diem coup tells a great deal about the American policy process.  Absent is any questioning by U.S. officials of the U.S. Government’s right to reform the Vietnamese government or to replace it.”

Zeroing in on the U.S. government’s self-anointed “exceptionalism” that undergirds the interventionist impulse of many American leaders, Fulbright summed up, “The right to manipulate the destiny of others is simply assumed.”

Lack of Debate

U.S. complicity revealed in the Pentagon Papers was further lamented by Fulbright: “Perhaps the most important omission, and that which made the others possible, is the exclusion of Congress and the public from the policy-process. The facts of U.S. policy toward the Diem regime were limited to such a tight circle of U.S. officials that significant debate over the desirability of support for Diem, much less of an Indochina presence, was precluded.”

Just why President Kennedy sanctioned the coup was not explained in the Pentagon Papers or other official disclosures. A transcript of audio-recordings of Kennedy’s National Security Council meeting on Oct. 29 – just hours before the Saigon coup began – reveal that Diem’s overthrow was opposed by CIA Director John McCone and Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who warned that even a successful coup would help the communists.

Robert Kennedy, the President’s brother and Attorney General, interjected into the disjointed discussion, “I just don’t see that this makes any sense on the face of it.” He added, “We’re putting the whole future of the country and, really Southeast Asia, in the hands of somebody we don’t know very well.” If the coup fails, he summed up, “We risked a hell of a lot, with the war.”

I had been a public-opinion pollster during the 1960 election campaign that put JFK in the White House. Three years later, as a Newsweek reporter, I was racing through Saigon’s streets to the Presidential Palace as the last coup shots were fired.

I eventually concluded that Diem, who was a Catholic in a predominantly non-Catholic country, had become a political liability for America’s first Catholic president gearing up for re-election the next year. Whether the U.S. could or would have prevailed in South Vietnam with Diem as president is still debated, though – like all “alternative history” – unanswerable.

A long-time witness to world events and a prime contributor to America’s defeat in Vietnam was North Vietnamese Gen. Vo Nguven Giap, who died on Oct. 4 at age 102. He masterminded the political-military “people’s war” strategy that defeated America in Vietnam and to which the U.S. has yet to devise an effective counter-strategy.

Instead of Huey helicopters and green-bereted Special Forces that JFK unsuccessfully relied on for victory against Giap and his dedicated guerrillas, the U.S. today employs drones and Seal Team 6s to try to take down Islamic “terrorists.”

Over the last dozen years, the U.S. military has attacked Afghanistan to oust the Taliban who were blamed for giving safe haven to al-Qaeda terrorists; invaded Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein for purportedly hiding WMDs (though he wasn’t); and providing air assets to support the overthrow and murder of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi.

However, these “regime changes” have given rise to insurgencies and civil wars that the U.S. has been unable to counter successfully. The result: more bloodshed, anguish and uncertainty across a strategically important region and the loss of American ideals, prestige, credibility, lives and money.

Of course, the U.S. involvement in “regime change” did not begin in 1963 with the Diem coup. A decade before, the CIA engineered the overthrow of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh, who was perceived as undermining U.S. and British interests by nationalizing his nation’s oil wealth.

The 1953 coup installed the Shah of Iran, a U.S. puppet who ruled as a tyrant for 26 years until he was swept aside in 1979 by the Islamic revolution that has bedeviled U.S. interests for more than three decades. Although broad outlines of the Mossadegh coup have been known for years, only two months ago did a declassified document obtained through the Freedom of Information Act explicitly confirm the CIA’s orchestration.

Latin America, what some old hands in Official Washington still call “America’s Backyard,” has been the scene of many U.S.-engineered “regime changes” going back almost two centuries to the Monroe Doctrine and including the 1954 coup against Guatemala’s elected president Jacobo Arbenz and the 1973 coup against Chile’s elected president Salvador Allende. Typically such ousters are followed by years of bloodshed, repression and popular resentment toward the U.S.

Transcending this expanse of time and space was Giap’s prophetic observation of 1969 just as American forces in Vietnam were peaking in numbers: “The United States has a strategy based on arithmetic. They question the computers, add and subtract, extract square roots, and then go into action. But arithmetical strategy doesn’t work here. If it did, they’d already have exterminated us.”

What the American strategy failed to take into account, he warned, was the determination of the Vietnamese people to chart their own future. “They don’t reckon on the spirit of a people fighting for what they know is right,” Giap said.

It is a lesson that Official Washington has found difficult to learn.

Beverly Deepe Keever was a Saigon-based correspondent who covered the Vietnam War for a number of news organizations. She has published a memoir, Death Zones & Darling Spies.



France: see to reduce the flow of illegal migration from Libyan shores has become a matter of urgency

French president said, “Francois Hollande” The reduction of the flow of illegal immigration from the beaches Libyan become a matter of urgency,

and should address the causes of the crisis, and manifestations, adding the need to go to the countries from which the immigrants, especially Libya,

which is the point of setting off towards the countries located north of the Mediterranean , without explaining what it means specifically the word go.




Libyan fighter’s ‘Sunrise’: an alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood Libya and Al-Qaeda threatens to Tunisia

28 October 2013 | 09:13مقاتل-ليبي-لـ«الشروق»:تحالف-بين-إخوان-ليبيا-و«القاعدة»-يهدّد-تونس-.html?

Yes … There Tkferrion and training camps for young Tunisians

«No sanctity of universities and educational institutions in Libya nor the prestige of security and the military, religious hard-liners have dropped in the joints of the country and some Libyans did not find a way to avenge the al-Qaeda terrorists only dig their graves while burying».

Tunisia «Sunrise»: Names Sahbun
This was some of what made ​​him a fighter Libby and head of a battalion rebels managed to convince him to speak to us after about a week of his presence in Tunisia about the fact that the security situation in countries neighboring Libya, especially since most analysts believe that the stability of Tunisia became the stability of Libya and the two countries is bringing them together strong security link and are facing a common threat … is terrorism!

engaging in armed action engaged Our contact, keep his or her identity, in the armed CIA-led uprising against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi after the frequency of the violation of the sanctity of women battalions in Benghazi.

«Like everyone I saw that video applet that has been تناقله via social networking site Facebook for citizens in Benghazi screaming and asking for help after being raped by the men of the time it is satisfied that the fighting was written on Libyans to defend their offer and their homeland, and since then I joined the rebels».

just four months after turning Our contact, facial known in general trade, from the dealer to the combatant trained in various types of weapons after receiving lessons in Islam and moderation at the hands of the elders have been recruited to educate fighters according to a moderate approach. combatants were divided into battalions, and there is a distribution by the fighting.

«The battles successful and we were in the battalion are keen to protect prisoners and ambulance wounded them was not our goal just to get rid of the regime and building a new Libya Libya freedom and democracy» So he says, review the pictures of him in battles and images Other guys have missing during and after the revolution. When we ask for source of arms is a engaged in the presentation of pictures of the many «had come to us from Ben Ghazi and mention that two hundred pieces of weapons type« FN »(a type of machine gun) came from Qatar».security situation is catastrophic «after the fall of Gaddafi formed a battalion in the cities and supervised the conduct of and the organization of the city into things while organizing the elections. In moderates supported the elections was the sin that the Islamists did not forgive me. shut up a little bit and adds the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya forgetting the efforts of the rebels and fighters, but they want to get rid of them either deported to Libya via appointed to political office outside the country or be liquidated the assassinations.

They want to retain the loyal only to them. Our contact also said that the security situation has become catastrophic in Libya Valmichddon the religious are trying to change the lifestyle of the Libyans is no evidence to force only the demolition of shrines and the imposition of a new lifestyle. Narrated that the phenomenon of kidnapping female students increased, and when he went one Libyan officials to talk about it said literally «of want not to abduct does not leave her house». said «the state collapsing in Libya and what is happening alliance scary between the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of Sharia, led by Sufian ڤmo and some other factions affiliated with al Qaeda, even members of the National Congress have militias ». hundred militia in one city! talked about the kidnapping of Prime Minister Ali Zaidane says «room rebels Libya do not follow the formal structure of the state, but is the formation consists of four militias trace the members of the block and fulfillment in the National Congress. These militias surrounded the National Congress to pass a law imposed political isolation.

The subject room Libya rebels command Bushmin National Congress leader personally. Our contact also said arms in Libya spread disastrously, and the number of pieces may exceed forty million pieces of weapons and militias up about two hundred militia in the same city.

He also said the Libyan people’s suffering and helpless to enforce the prestige of the state, saying «there are cities in Libya turned into ghost towns such as the city Taurigha Libyans living displaced people in the neighborhoods of tin in Tripoli and Misrata, bringing the number of those to forty thousand displaced and in Rafla and Bani Walid there are fifty thousand displaced there marriage fun in Libya between the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda in order to rule Libya permanently away from the concerns of the people and there are arms dealers in control of the border,

the situation is very disastrous and the sanctity of universities and schools militias kidnap teachers when they wanted to and health services to the citizen Libyan virtually no I think that the ability divine alone could save Libya from this deterioration in the situation ». train Tunisians about the fact trained Tunisians in Libya said Our contact that there are actually training for Tunisians in each of the airport Mitigua in Tripoli in the city of Derna and there chieftains takfiri in five (near Tripoli) throwing lessons to attract young people Tunisian including Sheikh Abu Ahmed Libyan a penitential had been living in Yemen for about thirty years,

he said. after training, according to Our contact, the deportation of Tunisians and others of different nationalities to fight in Syria, and is rumored, according to Our contact always, it is established a large base in south-west of Libya is under the control of militants and »therefore, he says, I became I see in my country a hotbed of terrorism and the state collapsed completely and Tunisians to understand that everything that comes Libby is called the rescue of the atmosphere of murder and arms and terrorism Valtkferrion want control of the state they are in connection with the destruction of education and community» .

Our contact also finds that foreign intervention in Libya would be disastrous and Libya likely to explode at any moment. And directed the finger of the dominant National Council, saying «They do not want to build a state does not want to form a regular army strong evidence that they can exploit the nucleus formed by the late Abdel Fattah Younis, a battalion Thunderbolt in Benghazi, which is the nucleus of the organization and a strong and could be the nucleus of the national army but the conference National cuts announced today its members monthly salary which includes about twenty thousand fighters, and it only to weaken it in favor of other militias.stressed that there are militias from has about fifteen thousand anti-aviation. al-Qaeda and the Tunisian border! Libyan border adjacent to Tunisia free of al-Qaeda, he said .

And includes areas near Tunis, such as Zintan and Nalut militias strong is occurring equilibrium inside Libya today… So says, noting that popular jihadists retreated to the Libyan people, but that feeling the vengeance looked increasingly towards them because of their actions terror that killed the wounded in the hospital and the burning of houses differs from them in opinion evidence dug up some of the graves of jihadists when they die, which make some of the families of jihadists Concealed in darkness for burial to avoid digging their graves. also noted that Security Tunisia Security Libya so «seen the people of my country and our people pacifist who hates weapons and murder of Tunisia as an outlet which must maintain its stability» .

added «look the political process more difficult in Libya actual Zaidane unable extent moment to pass proves prestige of the state of the inability to change in local councils either appoint heads of boards of new or organize elections (mayor), but the National Council, which is controlled by hard-liners hinders decisions in addition to sour social status among displaced people at home and abroad and the high number of missing persons which is about five and twenty thousand missing and the large number of secret prisons and the problems between the cities and tribes and arms ». also said «Do not neglect your borders Organizing Qaeda armed groups no religion has even become Tunisia will collapse the morale of the people Libya ».

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