Faith in God is the key to our victory and we are strong our resolve in God

معمر وبس

Greatful for the Great Man-made River

Lord Liberal Victory

(picture shows Muammar al-Qathafi in grateful blessing of the GREAT MAN-MADE RIVER)


(photo of Gaddafi Sniper)

Holy LIGHT of Mu


Mu w make-up

Ahdaa Li Habibi and leaders on the occasion of his birthday


Others paint Khtauana

Steadfast … Are firm … With God’s help victors –

Publiée le 24 oct. 2012
Based on Prof. Maximilian Forte latest book, “Slouching Towards Sirte: NATO’s War On Libya and Africa” (Baraka Books, Montreal, 2012), and nearly two years of extensive documentary research, this film places the 2011 US/NATO war in Libya in a more meaningful context than that of a war to “protect civilians” driven by the urgent need to “save Benghazi”.

Instead it counters such notions with the actual destruction of Sirte, and the consistent and determined persecution of black Libyans and African migrant workers by the armed opposition, supported by NATO, as it sought to violently overthrow Muammar Gaddafi and the Jamahariyah.

This film takes us through some of the stock justifications for the war, focusing on protecting civilians, the responsibility to protect (R2P), and “genocide prevention,” and examines the racial biases and political prejudice that underpinned them. The role of Western human rights organizations, as well as misinformation spread through “social media” with the intent of fostering fear of rampaging black people, are especially scrutinized.

beige mirror of Mu 

Break ended warrior

And forward the revolutionary struggle continues…

Lead Resistance .. Brigade helped Muammar al-Qathafi …

Macolh of Macolat the commander of the armed popular resistance that war Satkon on Misratah and only street .. Altec brother … I understand you are free.

In the name of God the Merciful

{ And those who believe , and suffer exile and strive in the cause of Allah and those who sheltered and supported those are the believers really for them forgiveness and a generous provision } Al – Anfal : 74 ..
Faith in God is the key to our victory and we are strong our resolve in God and we are the owners of my Hakonhanoa Agder Libya those paid Jardan them for customers intelligence Alajneph and the West.

# # Lieutenant # 33
# Faris Abu Salim

Again in the next battle will tell you Jardan been arrested Khamis Gaddafi in Rishvana

Urgent. Urgent. Urgent

من جديد في المعركة القادمه سوف يقولوا لكم الجردان تم القبض علي خميس القدافي في ورشفانه عاجل.عاجل.عاجل
  • YES! LET EVERYONE BE FOREWARNED of the next FAKE “capture or death” of our dear Golden General!
    NATO has been striking our Green Forces in the South for more than a month now; and Friday, NATO is officicially back bombing sites
    in all LIBYA!!!–and trust that it is not al-Qaeda they are after…NATO has even trained al-Qaeda to be “border-guards!!,  
    and they say nothing about the current ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Salafist regime they installed in Libya!!!
  • FAKE Mufti SADAK GHARYIANI told all Mosque leaders to pray for rain on Thursday, because he fears an insurrection.
    The South & West are fully behind the Resistance—particularly the Western North are the RISVANA / RAFLA.
    I know of no more information to add, except that Major-General SAADI‘s forces in the South are ready….and that Gen. Khamis on the Plateau of Tripoli are as well.
    God united among Libyans Lord and give us victory over oppressors folk.



Lying overwhelming!!!!!:


Network neutrality | |Women lawyers
Against the backdrop of the humanitarian situation for Libyans held in London:

“A new study on human rights in Libya monitor the excesses of big, recorded 1304 cases of violation of human rights, and 15 thousand missing,
3/4 million dead, and the fall of 75 thousand people since the beginning of the events, and torture of 27 thousand 261 detainees in the prisons of militias,

and the displacement and migration of 2 million souls

على خلفية مؤتمر الوضع الانساني لليبيين المنعقد في لندن:”دراسة جديدة عن حقوق الانسان في ليبيا ترصد تجاوزات كبيرة، سجلت 304 حالة انتهاك لحقوق الانسان، و 15 ألف مفقود، وسقوط 75 ألف قتيل منذ بداية الاحداث، وتعذيب 27 ألف و 261 معتقل في سجون مليشيات، ونزوح وهجرة مئات الالاف”جهـــاد


Former Chief of Staff Major General Salem Guenida said in a television interview that the Libyan army had been hacked from the inside extremists in addition to that in the recent period has been “sweeping” 7500 non-commissioned officer of the army officers and sorry for those who believe that the army is improving, and the truth is that the Libyan army has been completely destroyed…

Sources of international:

assign each of Major General Salem Alguenida and Brigadier General Ahmad tar to mandatory retirement

within a list of about 3,000 officers of various ranks and signed resolutions of the season against 400 of them by the President of the
National Congress General Nuri Abusshmin Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, as will be dispensed on the remaining number duringthe coming period.

Alguenida former Chief of Staff Chief of Staff Jadallah certain third-party

Major ” Salem Alguenida ” former Chief of Staff : Libyan army was hacked from extremist groups

to become continued to certain destinations .



Monday, 28 October 2013 AD , said Major General ” Salem Alguenida ” Army Chief of Staff former Libyan in an interview photographer with the media , ” Mohamed El Tayeb flames ” : There we have a strong army and we have evidence and up at the same Jacob does not want to support the troops Thunderbolt in Benghazi. Went to Mr. Prime Minister and asked him to support the military and suggested to him two parallel roads . Buy arms from home and the purchase of arms from companies related to Pena .

And the Prime Minister agreed to this andI hold become a procrastinating us . Went to the National Congress and put to them is army building and Jmona Prime Minister and Minister of Defense , but did not get anything . Prime Minister intervenes in the affairs of the army chief of staff without the knowledge of who I am . Prime Minister Thmici tried to send a message to ask them not to intervene to change the current reality of the army. Minister Defense , ” Mamedalbergthe ” request from the military police inform me not to join as head of staff of the Libyan army . And developed a plan to secure the city of Tripoli and presented to the General National Congress conference was carried out by the lives of those who are calling . I’m sorry to those who say that the Libyan army is improving , despite daily killings in the cities of Libya and in particular the city of Benghazi .

“And pointed to interview one of the members of the National Congress of the year. Unfortunately, the current defense minister is a contractor does not landlubber in military matters. Mchart by the government and the National Congress do not want to army building . certain agenda are paid the new President of Staff Major General ” Abdulsalam Jadallah “ In fact, the Libyan army was destroyed completely. Was vacuuming the entire Libyan army officers were expelled 7,500 non – commissioned officer in Libya. Where was the defense minister when we were in front. Libyan army was hacked from extremist groups to become continued to certain destinations . 900 million Libyan dinars not included in the accounts and asked the military ‘s director of military accounts not received . Prime Minister ” Ali Zaidan ” to ايقول the truth as he tries to beat me with shields . Refused to unload the army officers and I appeal to my fellow officers to meet to make decisions to reflect the truth . Now moves are the army and Ministry of Defense and not the chief of staff . Muslim Brotherhood and the coalition and groups with the purpose of do not want to build the army. I did not see one of the current officials want the Libyan state .

Maj. Gen. Joseph ornately been fit of a particular destination has worked with him for months I have noticed that I do not deny that good officer . Connection Libby with Algerian between I target and the call is registered. There are members of the National Congress of the year are leaders Brigades ” militias .” The performance of the General Staff is very weak and will not progressing at all. Would not the army Alleppey existence of the Ministry of Defense of current and proposed the establishment of a committee of staff of 7 officers of the army building . Libyan Army officers offer their resignations now to their loss , and dissatisfaction with the current leadership of the chief of staff . This government does not lend themselves to the leadership of Libya and the people out to overthrow it.

Edit : Mohammed  Alshaafa.
Mermaid Agency News

أللواء” سالم القنيدي ” رئيس الاركان السابق : تم اختراق الجيش الليبي من الجماعات المتطرفة ليصبح تابع لجهات معينة .الاثنين 28أكتوبر2013م قال اللواء ” سالم القنيدي ” رئيس اركان الجيش الليبي السابق في لقاء مصور مع الاعلامي ” محمد الطيب اللهيب” : لايوجد لدينا جيش قوي وامامنا الدلائل ولغاية في نفس يعقوب لا يريدون دعم قوات الصاعقة في بنغازي .ذهبت للسيد رئيس الوزراء وطلبت منه دعم الجيش واقترحت عليه طريقين متوازيين . شراء السلاح من الداخل وشراء السلاح من شركات تتصل بينا . وافق رئيس الوزراء على ذلك ولاكنه اصبح يماطل فينا .توجهت الى المؤتمر الوطني وطرحت عليهم امر بناء الجيش وجمعونا برئيس الوزراء ووزير الدفاع ولكن لم يحصل شئ .رئيس الوزراء يتدخل في شؤون الجيش بدون علم رئيس الاركان الذي هو انا . رئيس الوزراء حاول تهميشي بأرسال رسالة الي يطلب فيها عدم التدخل لتغيير الواقع الحالي للجيش . وزير الدفاع “محمدالبرغثي “طلب من الشرطة العسكرية ابلاغي بعدم الالتحاق كرئيس اركان الجيش الليبي . وضعت خطة لتأمين مدينة طرابلس وعرضتها على المؤتمر الوطني العام ولم ينفذها المؤتمر ولا حياة لمن تنادي . انا اسف للذين يقولون ان الجيش الليبي في تحسن بالرغم القتل اليومي في مدن ليبيا وبالذات مدينة بنغازي.”وأشار الى حديث احدى عضوات المؤتمر الوطني العام .وللاسف وزير الدفاع الحالي عبارة عن مقاول لا يفقه في الامور العسكرية .ماشعرت به ان الحكومة والمؤتمر الوطني لا يريدون بناء الجيش .اجندة معينة هي من دفعت برئيس الاركان الجديد اللواء “عبدالسلام جادالله ” والحقيقة تم تدمير الجيش الليبي بالكامل. تم كنس ضباط الجيش الليبي بالكامل وتم طرد 7500 ضابط صف في ليبيا . اين كان وزير الدفاع عندما كنا في الجبهات . تم اختراق الجيش الليبي من الجماعات المتطرفة ليصبح تابع لجهات معينة . 900 مليون دينار ليبي لم تدخل في حساب الحسابات العسكرية وطلبت من مدير الحسابات العسكرية عدم استلامها. رئيس الوزراء”علي زيدان ” لايقول الحقيقة وهو يحاول ضربي بالدروع . رفضت تفريغ الجيش من الضباط واناشد زملائي الضباط ان يجتمعوا ليتخذوا قرارات لتبيان الحقيقة .الان من يحرك الجيش هي وزارة الدفاع وليس رئاسة الاركان . الاخوان المسلمين والتحالف ومجموعات لها اغراض لا تريد بناء الجيش . لم ارى احد من المسئولين الحاليين يريد الدولة الليبية .اللواء يوسف المنقوش تم احتواءه من جهة معينة وقد عملت معه لمدة شهور وقد لاحظت ذلك ولا انكر انه ضابط جيد .اتصال ليبي مع جزائري بين اني مستهدف والمكالمة مسجلة .هناك اعضاء من المؤتمر الوطني العام هم قادة كتائب “مليشيات “. اداء رئاسة الاركان ضعيف جداً ولن تتقدم ابداً .لن يقوم الجيش اليبي بوجود وزارة الدفاع الحالية واقترح انشاء لجنة للاركان من 7 ضباط لبناء الجيش .ضباط الجيش الليبي يقدمون استقالاتهم الان لفقدانهم وعدم رضاهم على القيادة الحالية لرئاسة الاركان .هذه الحكومة لا تصلح لقيادة ليبيا وعلى الشعب الخروج لأسقاطها.تحرير :محمد الشعافي .
وكالة عروس البحر للأنباء

making Libyans addicts:

DANGEROUS DRUGS were airlifted to Libya from the UAE:

Tramadol seized 9 tons Tripoli Airport arriving on a plane UAE

Tramadol seized 9 tons Tripoli Airport arriving on a plane UAE
Management investigative unit to combat drug smuggling and Tripoli International Airport seized 9 tons of narcotic pills tramadol UAE on a plane today, Saturday, March 9 , 2 …

Reached an agreement to return the retreating members of the National Conference and agreed to demands to vote at the next meeting, which followed.

Lower mix Brent prices because of low global Libyan oil production
Atmosphere of the country –

According to the Reuters news agency on Tuesday that the price of Brent crude futures contracts fell to near $ 109 a barrel due to the decline of Libyan oil exports .

The spokesman of the National Oil Corporation Mohammed warming it is normal to be affected by the price of Brent crude because Libya global oil prices put on record crude prices .

The warming of the atmosphere to the country that the amount lost from the market and reached to one million and 300 thousand Vbatalla world prices will be affected directly.
The average oil production in Libya nearly 600 thousand barrels per day, according to statements of the National Oil Corporation .

It is noteworthy that the oil and gas sector in Libya suffered disturbances in production processes as a result of protests by armed groups and some employees of the oil companies which has led to daily losses estimated at 100 million dollars a day , according to the ministry ‘s remarks.

Quoting Middle East London newspaper … Zaidane topple the government against the rebels room solution

Amid an unprecedented state of political tension and calls for popular demonstrations against the highest authorities of constitutional and legislative elections in Libya, resumes National Congress General Assembly (parliament) meetings today (Tuesday) in the capital Tripoli , while uncovered Libyan sources familiar with the «Middle East » for a political deal proposed to drop transitional government headed by Ali Zaidane against passing a resolution to dissolve « operations room Libya rebels accused of kidnapping two weeks ago .
He said members of the ‘ Conference ‘ which is the highest political body in Libya, there are doubts in the today ‘s session ; given the insistence of the majority of members to boycott in protest at what they describe as ‘ poor performance ‘ head ‘ Conference ‘ Nuri Abu arrows .
The ‘ Conference ‘ has held its first session yesterday, the longest in its history since its inception after the legislative elections that took place in the month of July last year , which withdrew from 94 members out of 130 participated in the meeting .
The official « Congress » that « there is a strong suspicion in the quorum for the convening of the session today after announced Students who withdraw their determination to stay out of the room key for the (conference) and threatened to convene a meeting parallel » , in an expression of the size of political dissent great suffering « Conference » .
The dispute centered between the various political blocs and parties on the fate of Ali Zaidan government and the abolition of ‘ operations room Libya rebels » , which Zaidane some of its members accused of involvement in the abduction finally Tripoli and detained for seven hours at gunpoint.
Sources in the ‘ Conference ‘ , that one of the solutions to get out of this impasse dismissal of the Government of Zaidane and withdraw confidence from within the ‘ Conference ‘ , in return for agreeing to pass a resolution allowing to dissolve « operations room Libya rebels » .
Accuse members of the « National Congress » boss Abu arrows to bypass expired as commander in chief of the army -Libi, issuing a decision to delegate the room to secure the capital Tripoli, but in favor Almkhozom , second deputy Abu arrows , hinted yesterday , in comments broadcast official page for « Congress » on « Facebook » , to the possibility of solving the room subject to availability of the alternative.
The Ministry of Labour _ stopped the salaries of surplus staffing
A country ambience

U.S. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and rehabilitation work Ali Harizie  told “atmosphere to the country” f on Tuesday that the ministry suspended the salaries of surplus staffing of the month of October, and that those who did not Yoav ministry national number .

Harizie stressed that this procedure has not been issued by the Ministry of work directly, but the General National Congress , pointing out that the number of staff currently in the country up to a million and a quarter of a million employees.

Harizie stated that ” salaries and budget amounted to 20 billion dinars , equivalent to about 50% of the overall budget , and that the ministry is currently working to reduce them .

Harizie that ” the figure recorded in the system of 93 thousand employees , having been referred to the Committee on the national number shrunk to about 60 thousand people, pointing out that” we avoided the exchange of salaries and fake for about 30 thousand employees and were receiving salaries in vain .

The national number
The Chairman of the Committee on National Number ministry Bashir Mahjoubi  said onTuesday , “We uncovered a large number of violations of legal salaries and are currently seeking to resolve them ,” explaining that the majority of cases that have been exposed to be the owners either dead or age is unlawful or is a fake identity on their personal information, confirming that we are working on stop them all , according to legal legislation .

Harizie said at the announcement of the possibility of a chance for job seekers , the number of candidates in the system of the ministry about 70 thousand , and after verifying the number reduced to 10 thousand unemployed citizens only.

Harizie pointed out we have adopted special forms entire staff of Libya , and we have distributed on various sectors , stressing that the end of the year will be limited this category in order to give an opportunity to young graduates who have high academic qualifications .

Mahjoubi pointed out that the ministry tried to extend the period to give them a chance and take into account their cases material and will now be stopped .
He said, adding that there are a number of employees have a problem with the national figure , and this is to be resolved , and if there is any mis they can see the offices of the National figure in Libya.

Libyan assembly of Solidarity held a conference in London on the crisis in Libya

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احد مؤسسي التجمع الدكتور مسعود اطبيقة

Dialogue with one of the founders of the assembly Dr. Massoud Atabikh, the

Nawaf Ibrahim dialogue held

Text of the interview:

Q: Dr. Massoud you now Tghezwn and You subscribe for an international conference regarding Libya, preferably Othdtna in the beginning of the identity of this assembly or the Libyan Solidarity and the activity and effectiveness with which are you going and what are its goals and who will it?

Answer: First, thank you and thank you for the Voice of Russia for this opportunity. This assembly Libyan solidarity and production work my youth, is to organize a human rights humane social civilian cares affairs Libyan at all levels, interested in human rights and cares about what is happening in Libya, we will try through this assembly develop a road map to resolve the Libyan crisis, which we believe has now reached the stage of not intolerable, in the midst of the decline in political action Libyan whether in the existing political system now, or in the Libyan opposition and displaced people living abroad, so this assembly is a gathering brings together a group of younger people in Britain, this gathering is in Britain brings together a group of young people do not belong to any political action, we do not have a relationship is not the SPLM, and we do not have any relationship with any political organization is now on the scene, and we do not have any links inside, even financial support for the work is limited and the same people the founders of this assembly.

Q: Dr. Massoud would be better if we talked about the work agenda during this meeting?

A: Tomorrow there will be an international conference in parliament English, Collectivity group of young people to develop the building blocks of this conference were contacted a group of members of parliament English was sitting with them and clarify the picture Libyan, this was three or four weeks, based on that agreement was reached on the organization of this conference sponsored team assembly Libyan solidarity and sponsored by the parliament English, tomorrow, God willing, this will be the conference with the participation of a lot of human rights organizations, will be the AI ​​present and have a say, it will be the National Council of the Libyan Human Rights lectured and has a word, it would be the observatory Libyan human rights exists and has a word, there will be Word of the Libyan tribes are social, it will be a regional presence of damaged areas, it will be representative of the social office “Bani Walid,” and Social Council “Squadron” and “Gualish” and “Tajourah” and others. 

In fact, we made calls to a group of prominent Libyan outside the British have a relationship to work human rights, some of them got the visa and some of them could not get a visa to attend and participate, and we have an invitation to the United Nations, but under certain circumstances apologized to the United Nations to come to this conference, there will be A number of members in the English Parliament will have to attend at the helm of this conference, there are a lot of human rights figures from France and the Netherlands present at this conference, the Libyan group gatherings list now, human rights groups exist will also have to attend, this gathering, God willing, will come out with a set of recommendations and see, there will be a keynote lecture to one of the characters on the international human rights and the Libyan situation, and what are the road map to get out of this crisis by the Libyan situation, there will be a panel discussion and there will be recommendations at the end of the conference, God willing.

Q: Dr. Massoud excuse for this clarity in this question, but there are a lot of conferences, seminars and making all regards to the situation in Libya over the past period since the beginning of the events in Libya, but there were not already the results, you can count on this meeting to be the stage of framing for the next Libya and could have a role because already back in Libya to what it was and reconstruction, saved from the clutches of what occurred when terrorism and Western ambitions?

A: My brother Karim I am familiar with what happened in my country, and know what to do international community, my country, in terms of what after the collapse of the Libyan state and exit of February from the political scene-Libi, became subsidence to subtract the next general means now talking about the Libyan refugees who are in Tunisia and Egypt, is registered with the international organizations, as passing media is strong and clarify the picture now of the world, there is not even a demonstration true to raise Alsouro to raise images of people and children who died or people languishing in prisons,

Vdleil that the Western world does not see the true reality, the citizen-west does not see reality Libyan true, there is no conferences, and no clarification of what is happening, you know that work is the work of the media, but now that we Astantjnah of our presence in the parliament, they told us literally now began matures in parliament and began to talk that the situation in Libya unbearable, and that the situation in Libya under the control of the militias, and the situation in Libya earlier that was so bad it is now much worse, we are counting on breaking the barrier of fear among the Libyan citizen, are counting on the maturity and awareness in the street Libyan that Libya is for all, that Libya include all parties, and that there will be state will not there is a future for Libya If you do not think about our country, to rebuild our country, remove the country from the crisis through the roadmap involving all the tribes in all the cities in a logical and democratic society, away from the agenda, and away from the agenda of Foreign Affairs, and away from the language of the victor as a result of this war that occurred In Libya, the winner by the loser.

Network neutrality Libya. L N N | | attacks

Singer Ibrahim Salim

Sir Salman Rushdie slaps down Yusuf Islam, the singer-songwriter who said he supported the fatwa calling for Rushdie’s execution.

On Thursday, at nine o’clock in the morning an armed group attacked composed of four people on the Home The Graduate

beating and assaulting steal the contents of home was Rbty and quantization of my mouth and I do not know the reasons

but not for what I understood launched Xi Win Win Nhna.




Kidnapping Child Abdullah Mansour Banimh the Alice and adults from 13 years old tribe Alosahakh in Tripoli this morning ..

Child Abdullah Mansour Banimh theAlice at the age of 13 years .. Kidnapped Tuesday morning in the city of Tripoli in front of his home

area of Abu Salim, a waiting school bus and kidnappers demanded ransom money estimated 300,000 Libyan dinars

Who Owns Any information regarding the gang or child Fleuraslena place the e-mail page

God attributed to his family safely Maava the

Where the child was Abdullah waiting for the school bus in front of his house at 7:30 am and if you gang kidnapped him ..

And the kidnappers demanded a ransom to release the child
According to what I learned Page sources “The Great Rafla ”  that gang flash-known and but does not deter them.

Ask God to return him to his family unharmed.

(Sons and Rafla in Tripoli!)

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

URGENT: hearing voices fire from heavy weapons in the vicinity of the airport road in Tripoli.
Happening in Tripoli highway ::


Construction of a special building above electricity Street station corner warranty.

This image has been captured on Monday, 28.10.2013 in the corner and specifically next to a street light warranty.
This picture shows that a Libyan citizen of the city corner the construction of a building above the power station Street warranty

exploited for his personal violator one public places, a subsidiary of General Electric, submitted that his own interest to the public interest,

not only that, but has closed the vents to the station from two views one who does the front only.

(Libyan Republic)



Assassination and liquidation of one of the elders of young people in the city of Ajeelat:

Malik Idris Mohammed El Fassi was born in 1989 and was a college student quarter-finals at the Faculty of Sharia and university Al-asmariya law in Zliten,

and collaborator with endowments for teaching the Holy Quran.
And has been subjected Sheikh threatened by Salafists known as one Esam Alqreis and accused him that his faith corrupt.
And you may run out of the threat and shed the blood of this young man and joined the bloodshed.

I am God and to Him we return.

(Depression forum)



And our response via Facebook : Urgent:

Dramatically spread of al-Qaeda in the Tarhuonah and increased groomed daily ..

Specifically in Wadi Targlat area Petrhona where one of the citizens told that bearded nearly group numbering 80 men consisting of ten cars seized armed

on its pastoral area and closets , which is used by the sponsor of the bed for several days Aiziya added that he is unable to go to his sheep ..

Radicle noting that large numbers of jihadi groups of different nationalities has extensive exercises in the region ,

such as the Maltese gate incident claimed the lives of 16 members of the Libyan army …

Quoting / / Libya News





Urgent agency Libya / Libyan oil : Falling exports with the growing protests

Landed Libya ‘s exports of oil to less than ten per cent of total capacity , to about 90 thousand barrels per day , as sources in Libya and in markets that halted crude exports from the ports and Mellita corner .
The government relies on relatively stable revenues from the western ports in recent weeks while struggling to reach an agreement with the protesters who shut large facilities in the east of the country , some of whom have demanded a greater share of oil wealth.
Libya has been able to increase its oil exports to about 450 thousand barrels per day over the past month with that level far below the pre – war export capacity , which was about 1.25 million barrels per day .
But some operations stopped again starting from the beginning of this week prolonged the worst crisis in Libya ‘s oil industry since the civil war in 2011. Not currently working ports except oil platforms navies shelf and mullet.
He said Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidan on Monday that oil exports from the port of Marsa Hariqa in the east of the country would resume within a week, although the government is seeking to meet the demands of the protesters there .
The capacity of Marsa Harika 110 thousand barrels per day. Oil is the main source of income in Libya, which lose income by about $ 130 million a day , according to what Zidane said last month.
And Brent crude futures rose for the month of December of $ 2.68 to $ 109.61 a barrel at the settlement day after landing over three sessions. And said Amrita cents senior analyst at Energy Ospkedz in London, ” Libya was the main driver for Brent today.”


Escape of more than 100 prisoners illegally from prison
Hamra b Gharyan city and most of the fugitives injured
B serious diseases, including AIDS and hepatitis epidemic they
African nationalities.

# Nabaa

(Atef Shelmani)


Surman urgent since the few

Shut local council Besrman the by staff of the Local Council Duan

Objection to a lot of things that he says members Aldoan it represents the excesses of legal can not be silent about it (they say) to

knead have staff since the few closure of all offices and leave office before the end of the official and the suspension of the paper

on the outer gate stating Bdlk., And this may Nchad members Aldoan people Surman to move and not to remain silent about

what is happening inside the local council Besrman the.



The local council of Bani Walid

” Using palm ” (12 photos)
Been Tzmat this way as ” through the palm , ” as you see in these pictures the installation of lighting columns in this way as a first step and then you will be paving the way to ” lover and adored ” and in the final phase will be planted with palm trees to appear in the most beautiful and pompous image and the charge of this tender is ” company Fixed Renaissance ” and offer sincere thanks and gratitude to the technicians and engineers General Electric Company for their efforts in the installation of these columns as a technical competent and this project with the support of the local council of Bani Walid ,,,

Information Office of the local council of Bani Walid

Staff of the local council (6 photos)
Of Zmn daily work of the staff within the local council where it’s at these days are greeted delegates consumer associations and received a sum of money and of 55 dinars for each booklet family in order to give shareholders who are located them, “pumpkin” gas cylinder and the ratio is 15% of the total shareholders Society …

Information Office of the local council of Bani Walid …

Salaith Bu Sidra … Road The link between Abarh and the hospital with the valley after the maintenance and opened today little effort Fahkur

each based on the greatness of this country even make him Bozhy the suit him.

Baby Bani Walid


“Island of the hospital” (4 photos)
Photo collection of the island hospital and work in progress by the design and supervision to the ocean, the local council of Bani Walid,,,
Information Office of the local council of Bani Walid,,,


Bani Walid market closed (9 photos):



Bani Walid market closed

The total area of ​​this project, “6000 square meters”, under the supervision of and designed by the ocean, the owner of the local council of Bani Walid,,,
Information Office of the local council of Bani Walid,,,



Abraham civil … is on Salah Paddy member General National Congress for the city of Misratah

After greeting Khotna are Libyans in Libya
Prophet Anrd on Fools Salah Badi even though the reply to the foolish issue is even . But I say prophet first person you elected me any national conference You legislative someone . EBay say that you described , I sign and protect you Gore Protect yourself first. And then it was Bthma saw you protect Abu Anas me Anktaf of Tripoli and was Bthma saw you protect the Prime Minister and was Bthma saw you protect my people basophil to abandon the day and it was and Kanat Halba . But I hear it was Btga flies sword of Zintan and have effort Come and you had faith in the blotting briefed the tresses eyes eye telling prophet blotting was what Fish pretty much given to you at the conference Nrdoa we are you, O Knight Crown has a very Linde Beah Vge erred soul and mind Thsab Pettmsh in the face Misratah God and we know that large Misratah and Vsdha only you and owning
We are afraid to Misratah Aktar of you and of the people of Misrata patriots stand in front of Aldilmh A day Jaykm the Lord , you and ownership … and God forgive me on this style because it is where people grew their head and grew up Bayhoum
أبراهيم المدني…يرد على صلاح بادي عضو المؤتمر الوطني العام عن مدينة مصراته

بعد التحية لخوتنا الليبيين في كل ليبيا
نبي انرد على السفيه صلاح بادي ولو ان الرد على السفهاء موضوع حتي هو. ولكن أنا نبي نقوله أولا انت شخص منتخب لي مؤتمر وطني أي انت شخص تشريعي. باي صفه تقول انك اني نوقع ونحميه انت غر احمي نفسك أولا. وبعدين كان بتحمي رآك حميت أبو انس لي انخطف من طرابلس وكان بتحمي رآك حميت رئيس الوزراء وكان بتحمي رآك حميت الناس لي قعدة الي اليوم تهجر وكان وكان وكانات هلبه. لكن اسمع كان بتجي ترفعه سيف من الزنتان وعندك جهد تعالي وكان عندك نيه في النشاف اطلع للتريس عيني عينك قول نبي النشاف وكان ما فيش حد قدر يرد عليك في المؤتمر نردوا إحنا عليك يا فارس ولي عنده جد ينده بيه فلهداء أخطأ روحك وبالك تحساب بتمسح في وجه مصراته لا والله نحن نعلم ان مصراته كبيرة وما فسدها الا انت و امتالك
نحن نخاف علي مصراته اكتر منكم وعلى الوطنيين من أهل مصراته الوقوف أمام الضلمه وجايكم يوم من ربك انت وامتالك…وبالله سامحونى علي هذا الاسلوب لانه فيه ناس كبر راسهم وكبرت بيهم

Word now

The reason behind the kidnapping of Dr. Khaled Amobob, by the Union of Misrata rebels …

Kidnapping Dr. Khaled Amobob, Director of Planning at the Ministry of Health, by armed groups and have been released Dr. Khaled Amobob,

after what was kidnapped on Sunday past and now is the street corner where the hospital was severely beaten by these armed groups.


Quoting market Friday | _ Tripoli, _ |

Khaled Amobob, .. Pediatrician .. F preacher and former director of Galaa Hospital.

On Sunday kidnapped from his office at the Ministry of Health .. Spent one day in the city, “Misrata” ..
Returned to his home in this form!
To something only he proposed the establishment of a hospital in Bani Walid.

With this remains this good man retains بإبتسامته and a smiling face!





Sabotage Council Aeltsiara the baton of Sirte

Exposure headquarters Aeltsiara Council and the Office of Educational Services “baton” area of Sirte last night to sabotage the process and burned

by unknown assailants resulted in the destruction of the entire contents of systems, devices and files.
Workers across of the Council Aeltsiara in a statement of denunciation and condemnation of these practices, which they described called criminal.

News reporter: Lock all banks in the city of Sirte in protest against the

unidentified robbery at 50 million dinars were dedicated to these banks last night.

Libya car

Mr. “Ali Sadiq”, is Bookseller the Galt. It was unknown
On Monday afternoon, armed robbery on a truck bound funds
From the Sirte airport to the Central Bank of Libya and the amount of fifty million
Dinars, and said, “sincere”, to reach gang hit a personnel
Protection seriously injured and Adhu to flee.

Abdel Moez Bannon comments:

Steal 54 million, without any reaction from any government official or conferences, or even a local council or a security committee

or supporters of the law or any other person,,,

Its Tyazdan form claimed and salvation,,,

Photo: © AFP

A group of armed criminals stealing $ 54 million from Japie Central Bank of Libya, as quoted by the agency, “local”.

Ten robbers attacked on Monday, 28 October / Japie money car in Sirte on the road between the city and the airport, and was accompanied

by Japie money car one guard. The outcome of thieves stealing 53 million Libyan dinars, the equivalent of $ 42 million in addition to $ 12 million

in foreign currency. Has not benefited the news of casualties due to robbery.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Group of investigators reach the city of Sirte this evening to investigate the armed robbery that targeted one of vehicles transporting currency

and the theft of more than 54 million, and accompanying the delegation number of members of the National Congress and public are

“Abubakar Alrajabana” and “key Hnbur” and “Abubakar Hamouda” and “Mohammed Abusdrh”.




Ibrahim Jdharan, told Reuters:

“We demand federalism and closing the oil ports not a crime:”


Five o’clock there will be a press conference of Sheikh Ahmed Zubair al-Sanusi Chairman province of Cyrenaica announcing the formation of the

Shura Council and the House of Representatives of the province, although they are not belonging to the group Jdharan as explained in an earlier statement to him,

the conference will be transferred to the fallopian Arab and news.


Ghaithi friend describes the formation of what is known as the government of Cyrenaica

as “an individual decision” Ibrahim Jdharan.



Benghazi :::

The attempted assassination of the officer ( ( Hakim Ramadan Mohammed ) ) in the accounts of the military in front of his house in the area of

​​milkfish at eight in the morning and is in critical condition and is currently in the operating room.

Killed one man and wounded military employee accounts in two attacks in Benghazi
A country ambience
Room spokesman said the joint security Benghazi Abdullah Al – Zaidi , a young man was killed by unidentified gunmen shot him,

while the injured employee accounts Hakim Osman military , in a shooting in front of his home and transferred to intensive care.

In a separate issue , said Zaidi , open investigation into the shooting incident on the shooting sit-in demanding an investigation

into the killing of General Abdel Fattah Younis yesterday, and it was reported two attackers.

It is worth mentioning that this attack on the sit-in , killing two protesters and wounding five others.

Found the body of a bank manager Arab consensus city of Benghazi. Tue , 29/10/2013 –

Body was found Abdul Latif cabled bank manager
Arab unanimity in project Elsafsfah and signs of

Benghazi October 29 , 2013 ( and ) – found security in Benghazi on Monday, the body of a bank manager Arab consensus , “Abdul Latif cabled “ lying area draft Elsafsfah

of the outskirts of the city of Benghazi . The spokesman for the joint security room in Benghazi, Colonel , ” Abdullah Zaidi, “ the reporter Libyan news agency that the

initial statements made ​​to the body showed that the death resulted from injury slain by several gunshots . The Colonel, ” Zaidi “ that the deceased was kidnapped

for nearly forty-five days and that members forming neurotic responsible for the kidnapping of a student during the previous days to pay the large sum of money,

peer- release. He did not ” Zaidi “ for additional details about the extortion practiced by the kidnappers and the financial value demanded by

Channel Free Libya
PIO Galaa Hospital assassination of a member of the first Infantry Brigade shot dead by unknown assailants near the hospital Oct. 7

Assassination “Mustafa Abdul Salam Samadl” soldier’s First Brigade
Infantry, after being subjected to a barrage of bullets before the treacherous Hospital
October 7, and has attempted to resuscitate him, but he died, having
Inhabited by his three and three bullets in his shoulder.

Blast a short while ago he hit a police car by RPG by unknown assailants in Benghazi in highway and thankfully no one was hurt target and there is no damage.

Benghazi Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl the

Targeting the convoy continued for Special Forces “Thunderbolt” on the road
Rapid, thrower “RPG”, without resulting in the fall

Special Forces :::::

After burning protest tent for the tribe of slaves for parents blood
In the case of martyr General “Younis and his two companions,” a white Kia car
The color random shooting on the protest tent, and resulted in
Killed, “Ahmed Awad al-Obeidi,” and wounding projects of sons
Tribe and they are in good condition and is now stable.


The arrival of five cases of Galaa Hospital perfect car  few two deaths and one in the care and the rest in the operating room

and that of the assault on the protest tent tribe of slaves in front of hotel  Tibesti by unknown persons “Suffice God Nah agent”

and this is a picture of the deceased al-Obeidi “We deplore the image:

Little mourning

Media assassination attempt colleague Khalifa al-Obeidi media channel Libya I. ..

(Depression forum)

Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya.

Targeting type Lancer car under Hijaz Street Bridge, and now
Is dragged by the competent authorities, and the only material losses
And the owner of the car is good.


We all martyr Colonel Ahmed Elbarghati,

Hani Al Oraibi ….

Old car was blown up judge Muharram Bouchtoh in the area Buhedama anonymous Benghazi:



Urgent agency Libya / black flag and the threat of blowing up a school in the meadow

According to preliminary information (not that we can make sure of it) that a group of armed men suspected of the group “Ansar al-Sharia”

have raised (banner) on one of the area schools “or Mtimis” City of turf, and they threaten teachers must vacate the school in a maximum

period of 10 days, it refuses to expose himself to serious consequences, including the bombing of the school.
Doi explosion targeted at dawn today 10/29/2013 city of Derna submarine cable landing point International Syyoum ( the first submarine cable

linking the eastern region in the world ) for the second time , which was carried out by the Libyan International Telecom Company during the

last world as part of the telecommunications sector for the development of the telecommunications infrastructure in the region and the eastern region mentioned ..

Newsflash ……

Violent explosion targeting internet cable coming from Greece for the second time. ČÓ this stronger

WiMAX was killed before he was born in the dirt

No Fiber Optic yes for dsl.



South Libya


Free newspaper Sabha

Commercial bank robbery attempt Barak Shatty the .. Have been addressed to them and the bank is locked so far

This may be explained crew company in the city , said the blast occurred at about two o’clock in the morning, and hit the landing point , after approaching the end of the maintenance period and rebuild the room after the first blast landing dated 8.28.2013 project and which led to destroy them completely , The explosion led to the destruction of distress wood to concrete walls and damage arming iron walls , which was ready for pouring concrete this morning
Doi explosion targeted at dawn today 10/29/2013 city of Derna submarine cable landing point International Syyoum ( the first submarine cable linking the eastern region in the world ) for the second time , which was carried out by the Libyan International Telecom Company during the last world as part of the telecommunications sector for the development of the telecommunications infrastructure in the region and the eastern region mentioned ..

This may be explained crew company in the city , said the blast occurred at about two o’clock in the morning, and hit the landing point , after approaching the end of the maintenance period and rebuild the room after the first blast landing dated 8.28.2013 project and which led to destroy them completely , The explosion led to the destruction of distress wood to concrete walls and damage arming iron walls , which was ready for pouring concrete this morning.




Back telecommunications and Internet service to the cities Kufra and Tazrbu of the

Returned telecommunications and Internet networks , Saturday morning , to work in the cities infidels Tazrbu and that after a lapse of nearly four consecutive days .

The Fayez Ghaith (technical unit of the system main company phone Libya) news agency Germa that the cause of interruption communication is a fault

in the fiber optic cable ( fiber ) between the areas of Gallo and Awjila , and could technicians from the infidels help of technicians from Benghazi and Awjila of reform holidays.

Fayez added that “the reason for the delay reform process is the length of holidays distance fiber optic cable that passes several areas before arriving in city of Kufra addition to the lack of possibilities “

It should be noted that the city of Kufra away from the capital ” Tripoli ” a distance of over 2000 kilometers and the second city ” of Benghazi ” a distance of 1050 kilometers approx.

South News Agency ( Germa ) – the امراجع بوطاهر .



Transport Minister announces the opening of an air route between languages and Algeria
Languages (Germa) -, 29/10/2013

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Qader Ahmed and Minister of Communications and Transport interim government in today’s visit to the city of languages that an agreement has been reached with the Aviation Authority to open new flights linking the city Gantt languages neighboring Algeria.



Brahimi: Assad may contribute to the construction of the new Syria

Bashar al-Assad


Assad may contribute to the construction of the new Syria


29 OCTOBER 2013, 17:15

Bashar al-Assad



Photo: © EPA

Occur Joint Special Envoy of the United Nations and the League of Arab States to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, in the dialogue, which was published on Tuesday 29 October / October in the weekly magazine “Jane Afrique” that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad can contribute to the construction of modern Syria.

The Algerian diplomat, who arrived in Damascus that mediation mission meant that “the role of Assad in the process of transformation of the system that he inherited from his father, the late Hafez al-Assad to the new republic.” Brahimi said the Russian-American Convention for the destruction of chemical weapons die attitude in the Syrian leader’s supporters.

Brahimi stressed that

“difficult to topple President from the saddle of his horse, he does not doubt Beswabh and his ability to get out of the crisis.”

The UN envoy expressed hope that he will be able to convince the opposition to form a “irreverent delegation” to participate in the Geneva peaceful.

Saudi Grand Mufti calls for Kingdom’s youth for not fighting in Syria

10/29/2013, 11:50
Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh
Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh
Photo: © AFP

Called the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh Kingdom’s youth not to participate in the Syrian crisis coupled with the militants. The Mufti went public as well as to all the clergy request to stop calling for jihad in Syria. He warned that taking place in Syria, civil war and all that Saudi youth can do to help the Syrians is to call for peace.

The leader of the Muslims in Saudi Arabia and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, is the Grand Mufti chosen by him as prime minister of religious affairs of Muslims continues daily.

And Saudi Arabia in addition to Qatar, Turkey and the United States of America is one of the co-financiers of the Syrian armed opposition, which is fighting for the third year in a row against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.


Technology Awareness

The most common tricks on Facebook

1) I know who is visiting your personal account
These applications specially cause of the problem for many users , since they are a real advantage already used in many of the social networking sites , but “Facebook” not used at all since the launch of the site in 2004 until the present time , therefore Vrua social networking neo often believe those applications and they have installed on their personal accounts , which ultimately led to the loss of a lot of important information , images and help spread malicious links .

2 ) News flimsy that give rise to confusion
Often create applications harmful files include espionage and promoted on social networking through integration into the news and Lahey , such as the arrest of famous artist or scandal young actress , or kill hero movie ” Titanic” and many other things aimed at the first and last to force you to access to the news, and control over your account or redirected to another website in order to increase the number of visits.

3 ) Contents frivolous and unethical
, So it is not surprising to use this content in the dissemination of malware and spyware on the accounts of electronic and computers, news is frivolous and Algearer moral is always the center of attraction for the pioneers of the Web , the use of images sponsor attracting the victim to access the application or the location containing the files for malware.

4) download games , movies and music
Mostly , the big sites such as ” Twitter ” and ” Facebook ” and other delete any links download of digital products such as games and movies because of property rights , and therefore do not believe any ad you find in front of you on the “Facebook” tells you to download the game FIFA 14 by clicking on the link suspicious , all of these ads is absolutely correct , a fictitious cover for viruses and spyware programs that invade your account once you get to those links , or install any application.

5) financial profit sites
Just as the idea of ​​e – marketing used incorrectly in the fraud to users in many countries of the world, the same thing was applied on the World Wide Web through a combination of websites that Tohmk you will get the money by watching a bunch of ads or see products related to a specific company , the whole thing not true at all , these sites aim basically to get the biggest Views and Aihamk you earn money from behind it.

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