Rumours, rumors, and more rumours!

Mu awaits in red room

Mu Green wow

Mu's hide-a-way

(PHOTO OF MUAMMAR al-Qathafi’s secret hide-a-way)

Bomb -caliber exposed to Almlae with discretion and clear of rats 20 Dec. 2012:

Elewa Assad in a confidential report very arrived the day of the final report to analyze

the DNA of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi.

Analysis Center in Sarajevo, and after more than analysis and discernible sample of DNA for Dr. Billah sure the DNA of the body,

which was believed to be the leader Muammar Gaddafi does not match the DNA of the leader Muammar Gaddafi and his son Mutassim

has been approved center specializing in Sarajevo,

the largest center in the world on this result yesterday and forwarded it to the Libyan government

by revealing the fear of the spread God this news and great news for sure one hundred percent ….

(# Faris Abu Salim)


bloodmoon1      +       

EXPECTATIONS? or False Hope…

Tomorrow rare partial eclipse of the sun in Libya

Atmosphere of the country –

Said Director of the Office of Astronomy Center Remote Sensing and Space Sciences Mansour Ahqifa that a partial eclipse of the sun rarely happen tomorrow, Sunday afternoon , the Libyans will be able to view it with the naked eye .

The Ahqifa added that this eclipse called Balahjan or because it mixed two types of eclipse occurs starts Balhalqa then holistic and then back again annular However, in Libya will see partly by approximately 17 % .

The Ahqifa warned of the danger of looking at the sun during an eclipse with the naked eye because it causes damage to the eye, stressing the need for the use of filters or special glasses for this purpose.

The last total eclipse happened in Libya was in the twenty – ninth of March 2006 , where monitoring occurred in the south in the presence of centers and institutions specialized international space science .

The Return of Muammar al-Qathafi as Our Mahdi ?


A rare hybrid solar eclipse is set to take place this weekend, and such events are not simply coincidences of nature.
In 1967 and 1968 it was linked to the Six-Day War.
When the moon turns to blood, man’s redemption is near.
“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.” (Joel 2:31)
Acts 2 : “And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness

and the moon into blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.”

On Sunday, November 3 , 2013 , there will be a partial eclipse , throat , and then total the sun at four in the afternoon until six o’clock in the evening
It is the most serious of its kind and one look at the sun may lead to retinal damage and blindness Express at the same time .. So please do not look at the sun at that time .

How the eclipse prayer ,,,

Praise be to Allaah and blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of Allaah and his family upon the Eclipse prayer is said by Ibn qudaamah, and the other one to pray two rak’ahs, and deprived of the first start and seek refuge and reads the fatiha and surah Al-baqarah, or of in length, then kneeling, swim as far as God 100, then hauling it says: sami’a Allaahu Liman hamidah Lord and you praise, and then reads the fatiha and Imran or of in length, then kneeling as much as two-thirds of his kneeling, then remove it and hears praise and worship, perpetuates prostration, then The second rak’ah to read Surat women, then kneeling, swim

As much as two-thirds of the eulogy, then remove the light and table reads, then kneeling, prolongs without previous, then remove it and hears praise and worship, perpetuates. It is all better: in every rak’ah risings and prostrations, kneelings and readings, even prayed two rak’ahs as Eclipse prayers voluntary prayers right, in which six rkoaat in each rak’ah three rkoaat is true, all of this has received. Proof such as narrated by Al-bukhaari and Muslim from Aisha’s husband the Prophet said: she sink down the Sun in the life of the Prophet went to mosque row people behind it, the large vaktra Messenger of Allah peace be upon him read long and large, tall then kneeling kneeling down said sami’a Allaahu Liman hamidah, who was prostrate and read long read below first reading and then large kneeling knelt and is lower than the first bowing said sami’a Allaahu Liman hamidah Our Lord, you praise and then prostrated and then said in that afterlife rak’ah then completed four rak’ahs in the four prostrations and she be clear before the sun goes out then he commended God what is his and then are told Eitan ayatollahs don’t they sink down to the death of one of his life if they see those they frightened to pray, and God knows best.

Mansour Ahqifa that a partial eclipse of the sun rarely happen tomorrow, Sunday afternoon , the Libyans will be able to view it with the naked eye .

The Ahqifa added that this eclipse called Balahjan or because it mixed two types of eclipse occurs starts Balhalqa then holistic and then back again annular However,

in Libya will see partly by approximately 17 % .

The Ahqifa warned of the danger of looking at the sun during an eclipse with the naked eye because it causes damage to the eye, stressing the need for the use of filters or special glasses for this purpose.

Resurrection and the fire in the Qur’an mentioned the resurrection and Hell in the Holy rears:
1 – the fear of God
2 – Evaluating behavior
3 – Building self-monitoring
4 – peeve healing believers
5 – compassion from the punishment of God
6 – Maximize God
7 – get ready to meet God
8 – Do not deceived business
9 – quit transgressions of God
10 – apprehension and dread of it.

Eagles skeletal waited for them a lot in the coming days they Qaaadmon you …

¤¤الله. الوطن.القائد¤¤

♡ God, Libya . Homeland. Commander ♡

¤ ¤ ¤ Libya’s victorious 2013 ¤ ¤ ¤
Struggle continues ….

Mbrowoowowok Everyone has Mazaaaal to stainless and fixed on the even Alaaaan the principle
He succeeded with distinction in a test of patience and steadfastness
He says scientists have mastered patience will be able to master anything else in life.


“O Allah, I seek refuge in You from poverty and few and humiliation, and I seek refuge in You from the darker and darker.”
Congratulations to everyone Saber and stainless and .. Vpkm Great Jamahiriya will rise again.

We tell you …

We are determined to victory ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇
¤ ¤ ◆ Qahsa the ◆ ¤ ¤

# (Faris Abu Salim)

White Lion eating pumpkin stuffed with chicken at Ouwehands Dierenpark

Word Us Now:

Mhalaot Muslim Brotherhood repeated Heroes net services in Libya fear of Nov. 9,,,,

And the likelihood of a piece coming days,


Qaeda arming of Libya as a prelude to a long-term war

Reported yesterday newspaper “World Tribune ” American ” that al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb stores a huge arsenal of surface to air missiles ” Sam “in Algeria , up to a thousand rockets , so quoting security sources based on intelligence reports about terrorism in North Africa and the the coast.
The report pointed out that the organization has also anti-tank missiles and a large quantity of assorted weapons , which is expected to use during the implementation of terrorist operations throughout the region .
According to the same source , the terrorists were able to obtain large amounts of sophisticated weapons in preparation to enter into a long-lasting war in North Africa , which is likely to be sourced from Libya , given the growing phenomenon of smuggling of weapons across the Libyan border to neighboring countries .
The report also said the U.S. operation carried out by the security services involved in Algeria a few days ago , where I managed to discover a huge arsenal of weapons hidden state of Illizi , near the border with Libya , which include sophisticated weapons mostly called shells on the shoulder, and targeting helicopters and aircraft flying at a low altitude , a process which is the largest in the last period given the military’s efforts in prosecuting terrorism and detect His hideouts in the process of conquest outlined endorsed by President Bouteflika weeks ago .
And suggested intelligence reports of America, to be al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb , has bought weapons from the armed militia , which controls the storage of arms of the Libyan regime before, pointing out that this huge inventory will be used to help the organization to expand regionally , in reference to neighboring countries, which are a target , such as Tunisia , which saw terrorist operations and wide in the recent period -style killing of a large number of officers Tunisians and members of the national Guard , along with twin suicide in each of Sousse and Monastir last Wednesday, that targeted tourist places in the country and that brings a large number of tourists foreigners.

أخبار المقاومة الليبية الباسلة وجرائم وفضائح الناتو

Hadar valid terrorist yesterday in the Friday sermon he said:

Unless we insist mujahideen in Libya .. Of intended Mujahideen in Libya??

الارهابي يسري الهدار امس فى خطبة الجمعة قال:اللهم انصر المجاهدين فى ليبيا .. من يقصد بالمجاهدين فى ليبيا ؟؟

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 10/30/2013 P

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in fallopian Alkhdhara, Al Khaimah on 10/26/2013

God, Muammar and Libya ups

Leader Muammar al-Qathafi

Here you are crawling around Muammar al-Qathafi Men, Women, Baby Girls follows with Muammar al-Qathafi ..

Revolution Muammar al-Qathafi glory .. I pride Libya for the Libyan people in the summit ..

who wants glory remembers the evacuation of the Italians, the evacuation of Americans.



Transfer to LIBYA NOW Libya now
P for:-

Certificate of Mr. p p

I swear to God three times I passed on my God, what I am saying Shahid
One of the members of the Council after the liberation of told me that Fawzi Pocket p received from Qatar 1000 gun silencer voice … And are curious about what it wants boktev in 1000 pistol silencer for editing and we do want to assassinate political figures.
And the information known now in Benghazi is that cuneiform was murdered with a gun silencer, and a young man who died of a soldier in the first infantry brigade was murdered with a gun silencer.
I swear by the Lord of the Ka’bah and against God who created the world in 6 days that my real and boktev and the brothers behind the filter, and boktev more than once attacked the army says army amamr was wants to sell all the land army and sow discord between the rebels and the people and make them serve the brotherhood …
And they make the decision to arrest Fattah Younes and handed to the infidels to kill him. Wakhergo rumor that traitor like their rumors now Zidane and Gabriel and any competitor in the rule of Libya. Weboktv is the chosen engraved now chosen gadellh to prove the army but continued them.
نقــلا عنـــــ LIBYA NOW ليبيا الآنعـــــــــاجـــــل :-شهــاده من السيد ع فاقسم بالله العظيم ثلاث مرات انى صادق فى كلامى والله على ما اقوله شهيد
ان احد اعضاء المجلس الانتقالي بعد تحرير قال لي أن فوزى بوكتـف استلم من قطــر 1000 مسدس كاتم صـوت … وأستغربنا ماذا يريد بوكتف فى 1000 مسدس كاتم صوت للتحرير وقلنا هل يريد اغتيال شخصيات سياسية .
والمعلومه التى يعلمها الان فى بنغازى هى ان المسماري تم اغتياله بمسدس كاتم صوت ، والشاب الذي مات من ايام جندى ف لواء الاول مشاة تم اغتياله بمسدس كاتم صوت .اقسم برب الكعبه وحق الله الذي خلق الدنيا فى 6 ايام ان كلامى حقيقي وان بوكتف والاخوان وراء تصفية الجيش ، وان بوكتف اكثر من مره يهاجم فى جيش ويقول جيش امعمر وكان يريد بيع كل اراضي جيش وهو من زرع الفتنه بين الثوار والشعب وجعلهم يخدمون الاخوان …
وهو من جعلهم يصدرون قرار بالقبض على عبدالفتاح يونس وتم تسليمه للتكفيريين ليقتلوه .. واخرجو أشاعة انه خائن مثل اشاعاتهم الان على زيدان وجبريل واى منافس لهم فى حكم ليبيا . وبوكتف هو من اختار المنقوش والان اختار جادلله حتى لا يبنو جيش الا تابع لهم .بنت الوادي

TURKEY & QATAR COVET N. AFRCA, and in Particular, LIBYA!

Urgent agency Libya / Istanbul – Mabrouka Hun
President of the Chamber of rebels Libya Libyan Abu Obeida angular and a member of the National Congress and the President of Homeland Union Abdul Rahman Asswehly meet Saturday in Istanbul with elements of the Turkish intelligence services and elements of the (so-called) “Free Syrian Army” to restore some elements of the Libyan militant Salafists fighting in Syria to Libya after Tlqo exercises in Syria and formed ties with extreme/terrorist Salafist elements present there .

This step comes after the alert prevail among radical Salafsts in Libya, following the arrest of U.S. intelligence for souble-agent honest Alriqiei nicknamed me Abu Anas Libyan mastermind of the attacks Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, where aims Salafists of Libya , who dominate the parliament to strengthen their ranks elements jihadi extremists in anticipation of the risks and challenges they will face in the coming period under reject popular Mighty them .

Forum sources say the recession Abdulrahman Asswehly and with him
Abu Obeida, a commander of the rebels room to Libya and former fighter in Yemen now
Exist in Turkey in meetings with Erdogan and regulation
Global Muslim Brotherhood ...

Libya’s cultural attaché in Qatar

Erdh in Shaking Tayyip last Louis Ozn,, Zna: D

الملحق الثقافي لليبيا في قطريــردح فى ردح طيب من الاخير لوي على وذن وذنة 😀

Qatar and Turkey aim to rule Libya in every way will not Aterco to Libya

Now they sow dissension and fleeing peace every day to Egypt.
Egypt suffers from Turkey and Qatar ..

Libya teachers threaten to strike to stop the study and work on the fifth of November (5-11-2013)

Urgent agency Libya / teachers’ union threatens strike and stop the study

Teachers union sources said General that Anakama intends to organize a strike
In the fifth of the month.
The aim of the union according to these sources to put pressure on the government to respond to the demands of increased salaries and health insurance.
It is noteworthy that teachers they previously With several the vigil and sit-ins in some areas advertisers demands very clearly without find any response from the government, they said.

Some Ministers have threatened to submit their resignations in the case of Zaidane insisted on the transfer of the government to Benghazi.


Supreme Council of the Touareg : our participation in the Constituent elections held in

the Conference decision tomorrow

“Atmosphere of the country” –

Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council for Touareg Libya Mohamed Sidi Omar : The Council will make decisions regarding participation

in the elections for the Constituent Authority for drafting the Constitution. It will be produced by the light of the the meeting of the National Conference on Sunday.

Mr. Omar confirmed the country ‘s airspace on Saturday that the Council still supports dialogue between cultural components and the

National Congress and ” he will write a constitution for Libya without getting consensus among all parties , ” he said .

The Supreme Council of the Touareg Libya last week issued a statement announcing the withdrawal of its candidates and boycott the elections

for the Constituent Authority for drafting the constitution because of a dispute with the Conference on Article 30 on the way to vote on the

articles of the Constitution , according to Mr. Omar



Agency …

Exposure “Firas Bosalum“‘s horrific traffic accident to the airport road to the city of Tripoli, and resulted in the burning of his car, and did not hurt, “Firas” for any ill.



The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Appeared yesterday that the political situation in Libya is moving into a new phase, where it plans to a group of young people recently formed the so-called movement of November 9, and includes the different political currents, organizing mass demonstrations next week in various Libyan cities in protest at the efforts of the National Congress (parliament) to extend the mandate, which legally expire in February (Nawar) of the next year.

It also calls for the movement to oust the transitional government headed by Zaidane since November (dates) last year, and the appointment of a new government headed by a neutral figure does not belong to any of the existing parties and movements now in the political arena.

He noted Firas Bosalum, a spokesman for the movement said in remarks by telephone that the legal period for the National Conference, which is the highest political body in the country will end in February next year, pointing out that there are directions for one reason or another to extend the work of the Conference to 2015.
Said Firas: «the majority of the Libyan people dismissive of the extension form and substance, and we are a group of young people belong to the currents of liberal and Islamist and federal gathered for one purpose for the benefit of Libya, a rejection of the extension, and we are not affiliated with a», he added: «call and ask Initiative elect a national conference in New conjunction with Election Commission of sixty will develop the country’s next constitution. The former appeared in several similar movements and organizations have adopted the same demands, but their inability to mass crowd showed a clear division in the street about the future of the Libyan National Congress and the government. But Firas told Asharq Al-Awsat: We have direct contacts with everyone and seek to rally special and different, people should come out to support this call.
Firas launched a scathing attack against the National Congress and the transitional government, saying that the performance of the members of the Congress and the government is very bad in this period does not live up to the stage with Libya now. He continued: «That’s why we want to see a new conference and the formation of a new government headed by an independent national figure does not belong to any party and highly efficient. While officials have played down in the National Congress and the government of the importance of the popular movement, which intends this movement organized on the ninth of this month, said its spokesman told «Middle East»: «We hope people respond and we communicate with different regions and focus on youth and count it in various cities The focus will be on the capital, Tripoli, and added: «arrange for a mass popular demonstration of the Fourth pm to ten pm local time and there will be no sit-in, and will give a deadline for officials to respond to our demands, otherwise we turn to other steps to escalate. On the other hand, said an official in the transitional government headed by Ali Zaidan told Asharq Al-Awsat that some people take advantage of some of the problems faced by the work of the government or the political divisions that passes by the National Congress in order to jump on the legitimacy and its institutions.
The official, who asked not to be identified from the capital Tripoli: ‘We understand the public discontent, but it should not be up to a National Congress to drop the claim and the transitional government, Libya will enter a critical stage of chaos if this happened. The official revealed the direction within the Conference to reach a compromise formula between the various political parties and blocs in order to overcome the current political situation, and to avoid any shocks may not ominous, as he put it .. But members of the National Congress said however that they support the demands of the movement of November 9, although some of them may involve next week.
And raise new movement slogan «motionless starts to live Watan, while the number of members approached her official on the social networking site ‘Facebook’ to about 25 thousand subscribers. The group says in a defined: «motionless November 9 is a popular movement, which aims to save the country from the ongoing conflict between the spectra which missed by the principle of reconciliation and the public interest .. Mobility stems from the alleys and antique Libyan Apostle, due to revolution Jdhutha and puts them on the right track again, and added: «motionless includes all national and jealous, not driven by the interests of neither the position nor the thought of only the interests of the country in all its colors and constituents.
The National Congress is composed mainly of the 200-member top-notch institution in the political and constitutional Libya after the overthrow of Libya, following the intervention of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in February of 2011. And were expelled dozens of members after passing a law to prevent any political isolation has been associated in the past official ties with the regime of Colonel Gaddafi took any official or governmental positions in the Libyan state.
And suffer the Government of Zidane, consisting of about 29 ministerial portfolio of weakness evident in the re-imposition of prestige of the state and to achieve security and stability, where he was kidnapped Zidane himself for seven hours at gunpoint recently in the capital Tripoli by militias armed remain unpunished.
On the other hand, gunmen stormed the headquarters of the government and the Congress in the capital Tripoli and escalated assassinations and bombings, which affected the formal institutions and security and military figures, especially in the city of Benghazi in eastern Libya, which is the stronghold of the rebels against the public order. In the latest act of terrorism, was targeted yesterday cafe area parks in Benghazi by an explosive device resulted in serious damage to the front end of the destroyed cafe, furniture and equipment.



Explosions shake the stillness city of Tripoli, moments before

Quoting ::::::::: Voice newspaper Libya

In a graduation ceremony of police officers, which was held at the headquarters of college “plateau” in the past two days,

and despite the presence of a large number of officials, including Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior and Hashim humans,

as well as Joseph carved, and in the precedent in the history protocols Global give the Chief of Staff Qatari signal graduation

this batch of Libyans officers without other Libyan leaders thoroughly by some center and others stupor of Libyan police recruits ..

Target for members belonging to the Martyrs Battalion Corner

A ticking time bomb kills soldier battalion element Green Square corner
Atmosphere of the country –

Spokesman Khaled corner Martyrs Brigade Akkari The death of the soldier, Walid al-Obeidi was the result of a ticking time bomb found in a car stopped

by a patrol’s Garyounis yesterday evening neighborhood.

Akkari explained the country’s airspace on Sunday, the patrol kept the car off the road until it reaches the dismantling explosives experts,

but it exploded after twenty-five minutes and hit one of the fragments Obeidi in head Vadt to his death.

The city of Benghazi has seen in recent times more than the bombing was most recently cafe area gardens on Saturday.

And the death of one of them, “Walid al-Obeidi,” The impact of the explosion.

(Osamaohna) radio program

Light-armed clash in time
Current between the device and vital targets unknown
Near the headquarters of the vital goals versus “Albodsirh”.

Correction for the news was targeting by an improvised explosive device and not
Using Shooting and archery was one of his companions , ” Walid ” The Lamb
Sac that of packaging in order to keep him from his companions , when discerned.
For the car that put the explosive device , P erupted faithful and wounded
Very seriously injured and killed on the spot .

Targeting a patrol of special forces ” Thunderbolt 21 “
Martyrs Corner , b Shooting dense front of Ahli Island , and
Killed , “ Walid Saleh Faraj al – Obeidi “ and injury
 Abdul Jalil Abdul Hamid Dan” who at the age of
27 – year – old , a resident of twenty Street , and his condition is dangerous and is
Now in intensive care.

(Urgent and exclusive Salem al – Obeidi)

Fourth-year students at the Faculty of Medicine who tore the exam papers inside the tent Malnnin their rejection of what

they called prohibitive in the exam questions Alcolmanta:

(Depression forum)




News from Rishvana :::::::

Using agricultural turf shortly before

Out Qamath the group Icomot beat any one angular pass this way .. after the abduction of a person dumplings Collapse in the corner today:



The militia abducted a young Corner family authority in education from Sabratha / Ajeelat…

The youngster suffered a traffic accident in Ajeelat, and was then transfered to an emergency hospital outside, because of his deteriorating health.

This is not the first time that the militia of the Corner acts towards our young people.

(Young Ajeelat “Ajeelat Youth”)

MIZDAH (Melita OIL & GAS of Italy):

Amazigh sit Mellita compound of oil and gas.

Continuation sit rebels BAmazigh compound Mellita of oil and gas for the seventh day in a row,

was postponed stop pumping gas and process of shutting the compound even be considered

in the decision the National Conference on the demands of the Constitutional at its scheduled

to be held on Sunday, with the continuation prevent naval vessels from entering the port.

Libyan affairs in the international press
Libya .. Amazigh , Tuareg and Toubou boycotting elections
After Parliament rejected the text of the compatibility between the cultural and linguistic components Libyan
Despite the decision of the Supreme National Committee for elections in Libya extend the period of registration of candidates for election to the constituent body , the Amazigh , Tuareg and Toubou and Tawergha IDPs insist to boycott these elections.
The Supreme Council of the Amazigh that the reason for the boycott is the refusal of the text of the compatibility between the cultural and linguistic components Libya by Parliament.
In turn , the head of the national assembly Altbawi , Adam Altbawi , said that ” our participation in the elections of the constituent body known as the Commission on the sixtieth unconditional acceptance of the General National Congress compatibility project in the demands of the Amazigh Tuareg and Toubou in the session next Sunday .”
He Altbawi , in a statement for “Arabic. Net” that “what happens in the case of cultural components in Libya today is the crisis of homeland real point to the absence of political thought capable of building the state and realize the hopes of Libyan citizens on an equal footing , and on the basis of citizenship , not race, color, . ”
The elders demanded the Amazigh , Tuareg and Toubou in a joint statement to amend Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration and adoption of the principle of consensus with regard to the cultural and linguistic components .
Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration issued in August 2011 to elect a constituent body consisting of 60 members equally between the three regions . This law was devoted only six seats for the cultural components , making it invokes and declares its rejection of this quota , speaking about the ” marginalization ” eligible .
Despite the issuance of Parliament at the end of last July , Law No. 18 on the cultural and linguistic components which recognized the three components and languages ​​taught in the approved curriculum in the areas of its existence, insists Amazigh , Tuareg and Toubou , who make up a quarter of the population of Libya, on their position .
Nazho Tawergha refuse to participate
For their part, announced Nazho Tawergha more than once refusing to participate in the upcoming elections because of their suffering , which exceeded two years without a solution , according to expression . It is noteworthy that more than 40 thousand Torga living away from their homes after he signed forcibly deported because of conflicts between them and the people of Misrata against the backdrop of attacks some Altaorgeyen on Misrata days of the (so called, CIA-led) 17 February ‘Revolution’ .
The head of the local council Ptorghae the Abdul Rahman Alchukhak that the people of Tawergha would not participate in the election of the Commission sixtieth In the municipal elections as well.



Since few have a secret to protect the western border, which was formed from the period of young beautiful Racdalin

adjusts a group of militias corner which has Bsto and steal some cars, shepherds, torture and maltreatment corpses,

Kano about 3 cars armed Hdzoha and some people will be interrogated outran and warned us to enter (Alash )

and mass approaching the will Ntakto the border with the border.

(Channel Racdalin)



Electronic Technical College – Bani Walid

Access special services lab communications , who was burned last year , but the grace of God and the determination of all the young people

who are unable tongue expressed their thanks and then rebuild the lab again became a factor (composite special communications department )

and after reaching devices will be the official opening of the plant on Monday.

Incidentally This is the tip of the iceberg achievements of Dr. Abdul Salam a Dean Aljlaiti key that buffeted Siham Alavaqan from amateur servants

Alkraglh and malicious writing reports propagated dismissed by a decision of the Authority Allanizahh and Brotherhood Allaotunaih ..

Were is the testimony of his patriotism and integrity …..
From the door if faced with Mzmte of minus is testimony to me that I’m full .

Last Wednesday and after finished worshipers from evening prayers in several mosques in Bani Walid and Almrdom including the collector angle ( Abdul Nabi Boulkheir ) The people bearded , some from outside the city belong to so-called organization Ansar al-Sharia speeches during which they stamped state and government and called for people not to participate in elections for the next sixty Committee !
And immediately the intervention of some young Salafis and asked them to respect the mosque and exit quietly before it is too late and reproduce them people and become a thing of the past due to bad reputations among citizens, especially in Bani Walid … What was of them , but that went out calmly .. As a result, the circular to all mosques to prevent any lessons or religious sermons were politically or inside mosques, but with permission from endowments.

Adam 2 n :

Government infidel ! ! On the basis of Bernard Levy Sheikh Mosque in Paris?

And incite people to not Piech election what always in the arena he Khutem breastfeeding ” Ikhwan ! ! ” … Conversely , as long as the supporters of ” the devil” i

ncited the election not to know that the right thing in the opposite direction even with no conviction was originally the electoral process

in the chaos phantom Almlishiatih and current Herdmish .



Re-opening of a number of buildings of workers in Sirte
Atmosphere of the country

Said the director of the Information Office of the General Electric Company in Sirte Mohamed Salem:

It was on Friday the opening of a number of the company’s buildings and damaged the city during the War of 2011 after the maintenance and re-processing.

Salem added to the atmosphere of the country on Saturday that the buildings reopened is the administrative building of the branch of the

distribution company and the administrative building for consumer accounts branch of the company, Building B your employees the company General Electric branch of Sirte.

It is worth mentioning that the city of Sirte workers suffered significant damage during the War of 2011




Solidarity news agency ..

Re-closure of the oil port of Harika Btabriq

Urgent agency Libya / Tripoli ( Special ) – Reporter
Maqrief and Zubi favor of open oil ports at gunpoint

An official source from inside the Dome of the National Congress General reporter urgently to Libya in Tripoli that the Organic National Congress Suleiman Zubi , Ala Maqrief for the “circle of Benghazi” forward a proposal to the President of the National Congress , “Nuri Abu Shemenn “ requires the blessing of the decision of the Commission on the crisis, which headed ” Abdulwahab Kaid “ calculated the militant Islamic groups , which requires sending a force of Libyan army represented in Libya shield , to resolve the crisis shut down oil ports by force of arms in eastern Libya .

The source , who asked not to be named, said Alaa Makrif St. calculated on the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, described the position of the National Conference and the weak government against what he called ” blackmail” armed militias in eastern Libya who are blocking the oil fields and ports .

The Maqrief said that the report of the crisis, the conference committee who presented two days before the aggravation of the crisis suggests locally and internationally if the army did not intervene to resolve the crisis .

For his part, called Suleiman Zubi National Congress military intervention quickly what he described as squandering the wealth of the Libyan oil ports due to the closure , after the minister announced oil Bari Arousi that the Libyan state is losing daily approximately $ 130 million.

The Sunday session that brought together members of the Conference heads of local councils in the east of Libya ” Burqa “ ended in a violent brawl between supporters and opponents of the resolution, which he described as head of the local council Biar ” Hamdi Alamrna , ” signs of a civil war could lead to secession.

On the other hand refused to head guards oil installations, ” Idriss Abukhmadh “ the use of force against those blocking the oil ports , and warned Organic National Congress Alaa Maqrief and Suleiman Zubi of the consequences of the use of force against the sons of Cyrenaica , “he said ,” and threatened that he would be the first soldiers fighting shields in the city of Brega ” stronghold tribe Moroccans .”

The leaders of the movement had been declared federal corruption case mar file Libya’s oil led to the sale of oil without counters for Turkish and Russian companies , ” according to the documents ,” What caused them to suspend the export of oil in Libya until the revealed truths.
And exacerbated by the oil crisis when he announced Ibrahim Jdharan politburo chief of the region of Cyrenaica for a bribe worth thirty million dinars presented to his brother, Salem Jdharan by the Chairman of the Committee on Energy “Naji Mukhtar ” in order to end the oil crisis and the withdrawal of mobility Fed , which has become a thriving in the east and south of the country due to corruption which has spread in the successive governments of the (so-called) 17 February Revolution .
This and gently Tmoktlk ” eastern Libya “ amounted to 78% of Libyan oil exports , and there are five major ports ” Sidra and Ras Lanuf and Brega and Zueitina and Hariqa of the ” in addition to a large number of oil fields in the south-east of the country.


The operations room of the revolutionaries of Benghazi:
A new logo is originally provided a battalion order of Ibn said ((shield)) wants to simplify his influence in Benghazi after that follow the money from Tripoli.
I am a member of the shield has been meeting our sending for Pena and andamo us some members of battalion Raph God sahati and 17 September a selected groups borzish.
I as one of the members of the shield and went with them to the front and to Kufra and Saturday day entry on shield I wasn’t shooting did Sam Ibn Hamid baatai $ 13,000,
which was distributed to all awe I and some youth
And now that our bargaining that take altokat after two months will come down at ahasabtna as the mediator description


Prime Minister promised to come to Benghazi next weekend

“The atmosphere of the country”:
the national action group member said abdelhafiz ghoga Prime John promised to come to the city of Benghazi late next week to follow up the situation.

He said in his statement of Ghogha to countries on Friday that they do not accept the arrival of the Government and its Chairman is required to move
the Government ministries are important, both in terms of security, economic or other.

And Zaidane was quoted as saying by ghogha there will be a problem of a group of ministries to follow up the situation in Benghazi, and the Government
at its meeting Wednesday discussed the situation of the city.

The representatives of the national work group on a visit to the National Conference and met with the head of Government at his request.

Very important :::: Benghazi

Parents tribes in Benghazi blood is preparing for a big meeting in front of the headquarters of Libya Shield 1,

who was killed in front of the victims of Saturday at the hands of the criminal black bin Ahmad …….

This meeting comes in response to the open room of the so-called “room Libya rebels” and we will declare her innocence

Society of tribes each of hurling his son in this room, which is seeking to re-shields to Benghazi … Understanding in the solution of his own blood.

Family of kidnapped months ago Abdul Salam Mahdavi, came out in demonstrations to remind residents of the Benghazi case kidnapped.

RO expert “bomb” bag “found

B proximity of the new mall with gardens, was the target of the house
“Fakhri civil”, Channel Manager calculated on the current vision
Federal, was revealed the explosive device, which weighs “6 kilometers”, for
Using the existing surveillance camera at home.

Found an explosive device “bag” of nearly all “6 Kilo”
B proximity of the new mall by the end of the street gardens, and the elements
Explosive ordnance disposal device dismantled.

The Rotana palm gardens bombing the Mtfjerat portfolio and this initial image of the bombing after he received his developers several threats locks the place!

Threats and cafe owner arrived Rotana because there is no place for families
One place where mixing between families and must lock it …
The problem is that young people in a place and in a place where families mixing?
Rotana moved to group Almazinat and wedding halls and shops selling
Perfume, which was detonated

Here are unfortunately Benghazi wake of a new bombing targets this time Rotana Cafe.

area gardens (5 photos)
Photo bombing “Rotana Café” area parks in Benghazi morning:

smoke stand destroyed (good):


(a green resistance in the white City)

Casablanca demonstration demanding the overthrow National Congress and the government

Atmosphere for the country : a group of young pretended yesterday evening in the city of Casablanca to demand to drop the interim government and the General National Congress , and the formation of a government crisis and the country ‘s military junta .

He said one protester Kamal Ibrahim atmosphere of the country causes these demands , saying: “We got to the state of suffocation and Aisna not pay attention to the proposed initiatives out of the crisis , as the time passes sword and the National Congress and the government did not newcomers to solutions and tangible results .”

Ibrahim added that the demonstrators gathered under motionless termed ” the mobility of the first of November ,” which will continue protests until it reaches the change, stressing

that the movement does not belong to any political movement .

It is noteworthy that this is the first demonstration in the city of Casablanca that raise the slogan overthrow the interim government and the National Congress of the year.

Only in the city of white #:



Race Eryx:

Misurata celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Turkish Republic



From the results of illegal immigration from before a migraine Egypt ! !

Presented yesterday evening Friday 1 \ 11 \ 2013 young Akram Osman Alhewan Katani invited Algahda to the incident appalling,

where he was carrying three passengers, one of them Libyan nationality and others of Egyptian nationality and they drag the knife to the neck

of this young man and threw him on the highway and stole the car and fled

but wonders Almighty God that medic earlythis young man and his grandfather had a medic early and

Thank God he was still alive and young people who stole the car on their way heading to the city of Tobruk were subjected to a traffic accident

and had to flee the scene, was searching for them in the door olives and Praise have been arrested and are now present in battalion 71.

(Young people ‘s media capital)

Was arrested on a group that stole the car from city Kklh and including Tunisian nationality in ((Mntqhasadah))

(Secret Alcdoh -)




National Oil Corporation announces a new oil discovery in the Murzuq Sedimentary Basin

Foundation announced the national oil companies have “Spain’s Repsol, France’s Total, and OMV Australian made ​​a discovery new oil in the basin

of Murzuq sedimentary about 1000 kilometers south of Tripoli. Foundation said that the group mentioned made ​​this discovery by drilling one

exploratory wells Basin Murzuq a about 35 km east of the surface facilities to spark field. organization explained that in the well production

rate of about 513 barrels per day, at a depth of more than 4,500 feet.


The news agency – Sabha – reporter

The armed group attack on a police station , ” the camp of the new” b Sabha at noon on Friday on at the second and a half .

And the attack on the center, the intention of killing one of the individuals involved the murder of a person murdered yesterday,

and with which relatives of those who launched the attack on a police station Sabha.

But the killer was not imprisoned the center and a shooting occurred between police and insurgents ,

which led to the ignition of the Office of Archives and burned completely.

After that the armed group went to , safe Madrih National Sabha and clashed with guards present at the gate ,

and after the engagement , including their response and fleeing before the Directorate of without injury to remember.


Telecommunications outage infidels and Tazrbu of the
“Atmosphere of the country “-

Communications were cut off pace Libyana orbit and Internet services for the cities infidels and Tazrbu of the afternoon Friday .

The official telecommunications local council Kufra Abu Bakr Alaadh – told the atmosphere for the country that the Council suffers difficulty in

communicating with the Ministry of Communications to determine the cause of these repeated interruptions .

The Alaadh pointed out that the telecommunications company repaired the holidays , which was the reason for interruption of communications last week,

but the problem came back again .

The interruption of communications in the city of Kufra and Tazrbu repeated more than once in recent days after linking the two fiber optic project .


  BEE TERMINATION can spell the end of a thriving Mother Earth:
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Vladimir Putin: Monsanto Protection Act = WAR

Obama Media Sleeping Dog Lie SC

While I was listening to a recent interview with Graham Hancock about his new novel and his TED lecture, the startling claim was made that Russian President Vladimir Putin commented that war might be a necessary result of the Monsanto Protection Act.

I was skeptical, but did a little digging around, and it turns out the story checks out…

The shocking minutes relating to President Putin’s meeting last month with US Secretary of State John Kerry reveal the Russian leaders “extreme outrage” over the Obama regimes continued protection of global seed and plant bio-genetic giants Syngenta and Monsanto in the face of a growing “bee apocalypse” that the Kremlin warns “will most certainly” lead to world war.

According to these minutes, released in the Kremlin today by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation (MNRE), Putin was so incensed over the Obama regimes refusal to discuss this grave matter that he refused for three hours to even meet with Kerry, who had traveled to Moscow on a scheduled diplomatic mission, but then relented so as to not cause an even greater rift between these two nations.

At the center of this dispute between Russia and the US, this MNRE report says, is the “undisputed evidence” that a class of neuro-active insecticides chemically related to nicotine, known as neonicotinoids, are destroying our planets bee population, and which if left unchecked could destroy our world’s ability to grow enough food to feed its population.

So grave has this situation become, the MNRE reports, the full European Commission (EC) this past week instituted a two-year precautionary ban (set to begin on 1 December 2013) on these “bee killing” pesticides following the lead of Switzerland, France, Italy, Russia, Slovenia and Ukraine, all of whom had previously banned these most dangerous of genetically altered organisms from being used on the continent.

Two of the most feared neonicotinoids being banned are Actara and Cruiser made by the Swiss global bio-tech seed and pesticide giant Syngenta AG which employs over 26,000 people in over 90 countries and ranks third in total global sales in the commercial agricultural seeds market.

Important to note, this report says, is that Syngenta, along with bio-tech giants Monsanto, Bayer, Dow and DuPont, now control nearly 100% of the global market for genetically modified pesticides, plants and seeds.

Also to note about Syngenta, this report continues, is that in 2012 it was criminally charged in Germany for concealing the fact that its genetically modified corn killed cattle, and settled a class-action lawsuit in the US for $105 million after it was discovered they had contaminated the drinking supply of some 52 million Americans in more than 2,000 water districts with its “gender-bending” herbicide Atrazine.

To how staggeringly frightful this situation is, the MNRE says, can be seen in the report issued this past March by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) wherein they warned our whole planet is in danger, and as we can, in part, read:

“As part of a study on impacts from the world’s most widely used class of insecticides, nicotine-like chemicals called neonicotinoids, American Bird Conservancy (ABC) has called for a ban on their use as seed treatments and for the suspension of all applications pending an independent review of the products’ effects on birds, terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates, and other wildlife.


“It is clear that these chemicals have the potential to affect entire food chains. The environmental persistence of the neonicotinoids, their propensity for runoff and for groundwater infiltration, and their cumulative and largely irreversible mode of action in invertebrates raise significant environmental concerns,” said Cynthia Palmer, co-author of the report and Pesticides Program Manager for ABC, one of the nation’s leading bird conservation organizations.

ABC commissioned world renowned environmental toxicologist Dr. Pierre Mineau to conduct the research. The 100-page report, “The Impact of the Nation’s Most Widely Used Insecticides on Birds,” reviews 200 studies on neonicotinoids including industry research obtained through the US Freedom of Information Act. The report evaluates the toxicological risk to birds and aquatic systems and includes extensive comparisons with the older pesticides that the neonicotinoids have replaced. The assessment concludes that the neonicotinoids are lethal to birds and to the aquatic systems on which they depend.

“A single corn kernel coated with a neonicotinoid can kill a songbird,” Palmer said. “Even a tiny grain of wheat or canola treated with the oldest neonicotinoid — called imidacloprid — can fatally poison a bird. And as little as 1/10th of a neonicotinoid-coated corn seed per day during egg-laying season is all that is needed to affect reproduction.”

The new report concludes that neonicotinoid contamination levels in both surface- and ground water in the United States and around the world are already beyond the threshold found to kill many aquatic invertebrates.”


Quickly following this damning report, the MRNE says, a large group of group of American beekeepers and environmentalists sued the Obama regime over the continued use of these neonicotinoids stating: “We are taking the EPA to court for its failure to protect bees fro…

And to how bad the world’s agricultural system has really become due to these genetically modified plants, pesticides and seeds, this report continues, can be seen by the EC’s proposal this past week, following their ban on neonicotinoids, in which they plan to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with the European Union, and as we can, in part, read:

“Europe is rushing towards the good ol days circa 1939, 40… A new law proposed by the European Commission would make it illegal to “grow, reproduce or trade” any vegetable seeds that have not been “tested, approved and accepted” by a new EU bureaucracy named the “EU Plant Variety Agency.”

It’s called the Plant Reproductive Material Law, and it attempts to put the government in charge of virtually all plants and seeds. Home gardeners who grow their own plants from non-regulated seeds would be considered criminals under this law.”

This MRNE report points out that even though this EC action may appear draconian, it is nevertheless necessary in order to purge the continent from continued contamination of these genetically bred “seed monstrosities.”

Most perplexing in all of this, the MRNE says, and which led to Putin’s anger at the US, has been the Obama regimes efforts to protect pesticide-producer profits over the catastrophic damaging being done to the environment, and as the Guardian News Service detailed in their 2 May article titled “US rejects EU claim of insecticide as prime reason for bee colony c…” and which, in part, says:

“The European Union voted this week for a two-year ban on a class o…

To the “truer” reason for the Obama regimes protection of these bio-tech giants destroying our world, the MRNE says, can be viewed in the report titled “How did Barack Obama become Monsanto’s man in Washington?” and which, in part, says:

“After his victory in the 2008 election, Obama filled key posts with Monsanto people, in federal agencies that wield tremendous force in food issues, the USDA and the FDA: At the USDA, as the director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Roger Beachy, former director of the Monsanto Danforth Center. As deputy commissioner of the FDA, the new food-safety-issues czar, the infamous Michael Taylor, former vice-president for public policy for Monsanto. Taylor had been instrumental in getting approval for Monsanto’s genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.”

Even worse, after Russia suspended the import and use of an Monsanto genetically modified corn following a study suggesting a link to breast cancer and organ damage this past September, the Russia Today News Service reported on the Obama regimes response:

“The US House of Representatives quietly passed a last-minute addition to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill for 2013 last week – including a provision protecting genetically modified seeds from litigation in the face of health risks.

The rider, which is officially known as the Farmer Assurance Provision, has been derided by opponents of biotech lobbying as the “Monsanto Protection Act,” as it would strip federal courts of the authority to immediately halt the planting and sale of genetically modified (GMO) seed crop regardless of any consumer health concerns.

The provision, also decried as a “biotech rider,” should have gone through the Agricultural or Judiciary Committees for review. Instead, no hearings were held, and the piece was evidently unknown to most Democrats (who hold the majority in the Senate) prior to its approval as part of HR 993, the short-term funding bill that was approved to avoid a federal government shutdown.”

On 26 March, Obama quietly signed this “Monsanto Protection Act” into law thus ensuring the American people have no recourse against this bio-tech giant as they fall ill by the tens of millions, and many millions will surely end up dying in what this MRNE report calls the greatest agricultural apocalypse in human history as over 90% of feral (wild) bee population in the US has already died ….

Source: Political Blind Spot


apeman2502 writes us:


Obama does the best dupe imitation I have ever seen. maybe he is consciously so corrupt and ignorant. Wayne Madsen says it is now without a doubt proven Obama never attended Columbia University and was assembled from spare parts from his Rothschild/Communist father and CIA mother.

Obama sports an incredibly ignorant ‘swanky Frank Sinatra voice’ which he hides behind as he betrays America time after time. Meanwhile, congress just mewls and legislates protection from their individually earned rewards. The Sheeple? They just lap up the blood and demand more.

We better get this Obummer fool out and into a home before things get any worse. Putin is showing himself and Russia to be the good neighbours they were before the Rothschilds and Walker Bros. / Harriman funded Czar Nicholas’ overthrow. Monsanto’s destruction is met by congressional mewling, and submission. BP and BlackStone/BlackRock get the same royal treatment. They serve TheCity of London.



Israel hits Syrian military base – US official confirms

An Obama administration official told AP that the attack happened overnight on Thursday, but provided no details. Another security



Libya Telecom & Technology ::::::::::::

We would like to inform you that there is a break in the fiber optic cables coming in from London,

near the Strait of Gibraltar, which hurts to slow Internet connection, work is underway to repair the fiber optic cable in the coming days.



Dialogue on the reality of the Libyans in Tunisia and possible prospects:


HISTORY: 24 FEBR. 2011–

Muammar al-Qathafi calls in on Telephone explaining how it is al-Qaeda influencing youth with Ecstacy at the Eastern Ports, causing the trouble.



Putin  Qathafi

November 2, 2013, Saturday — “The Russians are coming”

“We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”—Russian President Vladimir Putin, open letter to the American people, September 11

Putin’s letter

Shortly after Pope Francis called for “a day of prayer and fasting for peace” on September 7, Russian’s president, Vladimir Putin, published an article in the New York Times entitled “A Plea for Caution From Russia: What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria.”

It appeared on September 11 (yes, the anniversary of 9/11).

“Recent events surrounding Syria have prompted me to speak directly to the American people and their political leaders,” Putin wrote. “It is important to do so at a time of insufficient communication between our societies.”

The Russian president went on to say: “If we can avoid force against Syria, this will improve the atmosphere in international affairs and strengthen mutual trust. It will be our shared success and open the door to cooperation on other critical issues.”

But it was the final line of his essay which was truly astonishing. He wrote: “There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”

This appeal to “the Lord” and to “God” by the Russian president raised eyebrows worldwide, not least in Rome.

The Russian president was making a reference to a spiritual power, to God; the former KGB agent was speaking not about the forces of historical determinism, but about “blessings” from a personal divinity.

Putin’s Valdai talk

A few days later, on September 19, Putin spoke at an annual gathering to discuss Russia’s future in Valdai, Russia (near Novgorod).

“Putin urges Russians to return to values of religion,” was the title of an AP report by Neil Buckley, present at the meeting. “Vladimir Putin called on Russians to strengthen a new national identity based on conservative and traditional values such as the Orthodox church, warning that the West was facing a moral crisis.”

In his talk, Putin said: “A policy is being conducted of putting on the same level multi-child families and single-sex partnerships, belief in God and belief in Satan. The excesses of political correctness are leading to the point where people are talking seriously about registering parties whose goal is legalizing the propaganda of pedophilia.”

And Putin added: “People in many European countries are ashamed, and are afraid of talking about their religious convictions. [Religious] holidays are being taken away or called something else, shamefully hiding the essence of the holiday.”

So here we see the president of Russia lamenting the loss of public respect for religion, and religious holidays, in the West.

“Do not go down that road”

The Russians, increasingly, are warning the West that the road we are traveling down will lead to the type of society that the communists build in the Soviet Union. They are warning the West against going down that road. Urging us to stop and turn around…

We do invite all to attend our very special “Concert for Peace” in Rome, on Via della Conciliazione #4, at the Auditorium Conciliazione, on November 12, 2013, at 9 p.m. Entrance is free of charge, but we ask if possible that people reserve seats by replying to this email (first come first served).

If anyone would like more information about this important initiative, please write to me by replying to this email. –Robert Moynihan

and a bit of history:

On the evening Mohammed Gaddafi  (MUAMMAR al-Qathafi eldest son) and his family

were targeted with gunmen surrounding his new house,

21 AUGUST 2011, Mohammed contacted al-Jazeera.

Here is his coversation from then.
Remarkably, the Green Army came to the rescue bringing him and his family safely out and away.


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