Commander with the masses of Bani Walid and poet Akram Maikl, commander of hair.

Commander with masses of Bani Walid, Akram meaiqal poet poetry to the leader. -Arab nationalism.

The live room leader, moamer kadhafi. Http:// us. https:…

Broadcast direct commander of room / Muammar al-Qathafi.

Interviews – Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi

After completing chaired by the African Union summit in the Libyan city of Sirte , on the eve of his participation in the Summit of Eight in Italy, singled out Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi , the channel ” Euronews ” speech in which he addressed to the African – European relations and migration issues and to scenes of urban development in Libya. He also talked about a radical shift in the Libyan strategic policy orientation toward the West have also been addressed to the Darfur crisis in Sudan and the situation in Mauritania
Libyan leader , through also in the meeting , expressed his wishes and ambition to achieve Arab unity and to establish an African Union Arabic .
Here you will find the whole of this meeting the photographer who took about half an hour.

Nicholas Sarkozy’s devious plan:

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 02/11/2013 P

Before deletion – New oddity parties Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, 2012
.Abu support Shatti Abu Sanad Al-Shatti

Note the difference between mule Qtraúal the Muammar Gaddafi .. !
Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi exposes openly with courage and betrayal of the League of Arab States and its shameful.
Spring falls Zionist colonialism retrieval spring fall spring spring Zionist colonialism. Listen to him laughing at the end.

Password leader Muammar Gaddafi, the Arab nation and rats 09/01/2011

Muammar Gaddafi God’s mercy and analysis of very logical to put the Arabs among the peoples of the world,

Golden Golden Gen. Gen.

the wonderful and artistic postage stamps of the Libyan Great Jamahiriya (and the great Libyan music ) in the videos below.

From all of Europe, NATO and USA, CANADA, Austrailia, the entire World….only Silvio Berlusconi found the courage –even if a bit late—

to TELL THE TRUTH!…and he does love Muammar al-Qathafi.

Live the leader of the Libyan Revolution Muammar al-Qathafi
de Ibrahim alsertawi



Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter . Valley Agency Dinar News

Libyan National Congress for the boss tends Abu arrows title of supreme commander of the army and his powers, and members of the “Government of Zaidane” paint a bleak picture of the security situation and the military .

Middle East : After a series of sessions bustling yesterday morning and Thursday evening , witnessed verbal altercations between Nuri Abu arrows National Congress leader General Assembly (parliament) in Libya and some of its members , called the Conference the (RAT) President of the Transitional Government Ali Zaidane , the ministers of defense , interior and justice , and Army Chief of Staff and Director of Intelligence , to discuss the security file to the city of Benghazi , which is experiencing due to mounting public anger operations targeting military and security figures in the city by unknown assailants .

And canceled Almatmralve is the highest political body in the country, a majority of 72 votes to mandate for President Nouri Abu arrows to exercise the powers of the supreme commander of the army -Libi, also agreed to form a committee to study the events that can take place where the authorization Abu arrows , who was forced to raise the morning session yesterday during the debate on an item activating the decision of the Conference on the integration of the military and security formations , and the abolition of assigning room Libya rebels to secure the capital Tripoli.

Zaidane was accused members in this room , in addition to the so-called « the Commission on Crime » , of involvement in the process he was kidnapped from his residence last month in a hotel in the capital, at gunpoint, and held for seven hours straight to force him to submit his resignation from office.
And sought members of the Congress and the government to punish these room via solved , while other officials warn that it could lead to a major security breakdown in Tripoli.

The elevating Abu arrows head conference session yesterday morning for 15 minutes because of what he described as non – discipline by some members, pointing out that it prevented the ability to conduct normal session .
Members also withdrew from the conference abruptly before the Abu arrows decision to lift the meeting, in the evolution reflects the deterioration of relations between the “two parties”.

For their part, drawing members of the “Government Zaidane” a grim picture of the security situation , military and judiciary in the country, where the detection and Justice Minister Salah Al-Merghani on exposure of members of judicial bodies of the threats which impedes the achievement of justice and decide criminal cases, is regarded as Maj. Gen. Abdul Salam al-Obeidi Chief of Staff that the main problems hampered by the Libyan army problem of the formation of military units in the past on the basis of a regional tribal sectarian , and support large amounts of money .

Obeidi said that these units which he described as « dwarf » which became dismantled now is very difficult , you can not carry out their duties , and they are modular and fake exist on paper but are not present on the ground , pointing out that «the huge amounts of money spent on these units delusional if spent military units concerned for our army do in a few months .

He called to the speed of solving the problem of injuries that impede and disrupt daily work of the Chiefs of Staff , through the sit-ins of these wounded either in Benghazi or Tripoli or otherwise , and to hold them his responsibility as a fighter , and accountable to the Congress and ministries to solve their problem .

And about the increasing incidence of private assassinations targeting elements of the army and the police, al-Obeidi said that this topic is a comprehensive security issue , any device can not alone stop the assassinations . He revealed the presence of some information to the security agencies for some third – party hardware or that these actions , but he said he could not not disclosed in the media in front of the members of the conference because it is still under investigation secrecy .

For his part, pledged to friend Abdul Karim deputy Zaidane and charge the Interior Ministry portfolio , to arrest the perpetrators of the crimes of murder and breach security in Benghazi in the near future.

Having announced the referral authorizations financial resources to all Directorates security of the eastern region is complete, said Abdul Karim « endured personally jump on the formalities worn in the state, and the mentality of technocrats that can not be done any work for the prevention of central and refer these authorizations directly to the Security Directorates » . He added that there is coordination and continuous clock for the implementation of the security plan and the extension of security and stability in Benghazi that buried yesterday ‘s funeral officer connected military intelligence was assassinated Thursday evening and injured his wife and two of his sons serious injuries after targeting his improvised explosive device in Benghazi.

Colonel Born cabled that « officer Suleiman Alvesa the killing in an explosion in his car , and injured his wife and his two sons were wounded , adding that the blast was caused by a bomb placed under the car. Activists said more than 80 people protested on Thursday evening in the heart of the city on this incident , and condemned the government and parliament to failing in the provision of security.

In spite of the assassination of army and police officers has become a recurring in Benghazi , it is rare for the killing of civilians , noting that the city which is described as a stronghold of the rebels and the cradle of the popular uprising against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, witnessing Anfelata security and wide since the declaration of (so-called) “liberation” of the country in in 2011.

This is reflected in the chaos of assassinations and explosions targeting government and diplomatic buildings , as well as military and security figures and other political and media activist .

On the other hand , announced the leaders of the movement seeking self – rule in the east of the oil – rich Libya from one side , the formation of a shadow government the day before yesterday , in defiance of the weak central government , amid fresh violence erupted in the troubled region . The sources said that the movement’s leaders gathered in the small town of Ajdabiya , near the port of Brega to declare an autonomous government , which they called ‘ tenderly government ‘ . And offered a television channel in favor of a federal system snapshots for more than 20 ministers during the swearing on a platform decorated with the knowledge of Cyrenaica. They were joined by Ibrahim Jdharan , a tribal militia leader and former commander of the oil protection force in Libya, responsible for guarding oil installations. The Jdharan was split from the central government in the summer, with his forces took control of the two largest ports of Ras Lanuf and Sidra .

During the ceremony stop Jdharan , who fought Gaddafi’s forces one day to the next Abed Rabbo Barasi who fancied himself as prime minister , a former air force commander defected to the government. And tribal leaders participated in the ceremony.

This ad a symbolic blow to the efforts of the Tripoli government to reopen the ports and eastern oil fields closed by the militias and tribes demanding a greater share of power and oil wealth since the summer.

The government has failed to control the militias and ESL.


المؤتمر الوطني الليبي ينزع عن رئيسه أبو سهمين لقب القائد الأعلى للجيش وصلاحياته ، وأعضاء حكومة زيدان يرسمون صورة قاتمة للوضع الأمني والعسكري .الشرق الاوسط : بعد سلسلة من الجلسات الصاخبة صباح أمس ومساء أول من أمس، شهدت مشادات كلامية بين نوري أبو سهمين رئيس المؤتمر الوطني العام (البرلمان) في ليبيا وبعض أعضائه، استدعى المؤتمر رئيس الحكومة الانتقالية علي زيدان، ووزراء الدفاع والداخلية والعدل، ورئيس أركان الجيش ومدير المخابرات، لمناقشة الملف الأمني لمدينة بنغازي، التي تشهد غضبا شعبيا بسبب تصاعد عمليات استهداف الشخصيات العسكرية والأمنية في المدينة من قبل مجهولين.وألغى المؤتمرالذي يعتبر أعلى هيئة سياسية في البلاد بأغلبية 72 صوتا التفويض الممنوح لرئيسه نوري أبو سهمين بممارسة صلاحيات القائد الأعلى للجيش الليبي، كما وافق على تشكيل لجنة لدراسة الأحداث التي يمكن أن يجري فيها تفويض أبو سهمين، الذي اضطر إلى رفع الجلسة الصباحية أمس أثناء مناقشة بند تفعيل قرار المؤتمر بشأن دمج التشكيلات العسكرية والأمنية، وإلغاء تكليف غرفة ثوار ليبيا بتأمين العاصمة طرابلس.وكان زيدان اتهم أعضاء في هذه الغرفة، بالإضافة إلى ما يسمى بـ«لجنة مكافحة الجريمة»، بالتورط في عملية اختطافه من مقر إقامته الشهر الماضي بأحد فنادق العاصمة، تحت تهديد السلاح، واحتجازه لمدة سبع ساعات متواصلة لإجباره على تقديم استقالته من منصبه.
وسعى أعضاء في المؤتمر والحكومة إلى معاقبة هذه الغرفة عبر حلها، فيما يحذر مسؤولون آخرون من أن ذلك قد يؤدي إلى حدوث انفلات أمني كبير في طرابلس.ورفع أبو سهمين رئيس المؤتمر جلسة أمس الصباحية لمدة 15 دقيقة بسبب ما وصفه بعدم الانضباط من قبل بعض الأعضاء، لافتا إلى أن الأمر حال دون قدرته على تسيير الجلسة بشكل طبيعي.
كما انسحب أعضاء من المؤتمر بشكل مفاجئ قبل قرار أبو سهمين برفع الجلسة، في تطور يعكس تدهور العلاقات بين الطرفين.من جانبهم، رسم أعضاء حكومة زيدان صورة قاتمة للوضع الأمني والعسكري والقضائي في البلاد، حيث كشف وزير العدل صلاح الميرغني عن تعرض أعضاء الهيئات القضائية للتهديدات مما يعوق تحقيق العدالة والبت في القضايا الجنائية، فيما اعتبر اللواء عبد السلام العبيدي رئيس الأركان أن من أبرز المشاكل التي أعاقت قيام الجيش الليبي مشكلة تشكيل وحدات عسكرية في السابق على أساس قبلي جهوي طائفي، ودعمها بالأموال الطائلة.وقال العبيدي إن هذه الوحدات التي وصفها بـ«القزمية» والتي أصبح تفكيكها الآن من الصعب جدا، لا تستطيع القيام بواجباتها، وأنها وحدات وهمية موجودة على الورق وليست موجودة على أرض الواقع، لافتا إلى أن «الأموال الطائلة التي صرفت على هذه الوحدات الوهمية لو صرفت للوحدات العسكرية المعنية لرأينا قيام الجيش خلال أشهر معدودة».ودعا إلى سرعة حل مشكلة الجرحى التي تعوق وتعطل يوميا عمل رئاسة الأركان، من خلال اعتصامات هؤلاء الجرحى سواء في بنغازي أو طرابلس أو غيرهما، وتحميلهم له المسؤولية باعتباره مقاتلا، ومسؤولا أمام المؤتمر والوزارات لحل مشكلتهم.وحول تزايد حالات الاغتيالات خاصة التي تستهدف عناصر الجيش والشرطة، قال العبيدي إن هذا الموضوع هو قضية أمن شامل، ولا يستطيع أي جهاز وحده وقف الاغتيالات. وكشف النقاب عن وجود بعض المعلومات لدى الأجهزة الأمنية عن بعض الأجهزة أو الجهات التي تقوم بهذه الأعمال، إلا أنه قال إنه لا يستطيع الإفصاح عنها لا في الإعلام ولا أمام أعضاء المؤتمر لأنها ما زالت تحت التحقيقات السرية.من جانبه تعهد الصديق عبد الكريم نائب زيدان والمكلف بحقيبة وزارة الداخلية، بإلقاء القبض على المتسببين في جرائم الاغتيال والإخلال بالأمن ببنغازي في القريب العاجل.

وبعدما أعلن عن إحالة التفويضات المالية اللازمة لجميع مديريات أمن المنطقة الشرقية كاملة، قال عبد الكريم «تحملت شخصيا القفز على التراتيب البالية الموجودة في الدولة، وعقلية التكنوقراط التي لا تستطيع أن تنجز أي عمل من أجل منع المركزية وإحالة هذه التفويضات مباشرة إلى مديريات الأمن». وأضاف أن هناك تنسيقا مستمرا وعلى مدار الساعة من أجل تنفيذ الخطة الأمنية وبسط الأمن والاستقرار بمدينة بنغازي التي شيعت أمس جنازة ضابط بجهاز الاستخبارات العسكرية جرى اغتياله مساء أول من أمس وأصيبت زوجته واثنان من أبنائه إصابات بليغة بعد استهداف سيارته بعبوة ناسفة في بنغازي.

وقال العقيد مولود الزوي إن «الضابط سليمان الفيسي قتل في انفجار سيارته، وأصيبت زوجته وولداه بجروح»، موضحا أن الانفجار نتج عن عبوة ناسفة وضعت تحت السيارة. وقال نشطاء إن أكثر من 80 شخصا احتجوا مساء أول من أمس في قلب المدينة على هذا الحادث، ونددوا بالحكومة والبرلمان لإخفاقهما في توفير الأمن.

وعلى الرغم من أن اغتيال ضباط الجيش والشرطة أصبح أمرا متكررا في بنغازي، فإنه من النادر قتل المدنيين، علما بأن المدينة التي توصف بأنها معقل الثوار ومهد الانتفاضة الشعبية ضد نظام حكم العقيد الراحل معمر القذافي، تشهد انفلاتا أمنيا واسعا منذ إعلان “تحرير”البلد في عام 2011.

وانعكس هذا الانفلات في عمليات اغتيال وانفجارات تستهدف مباني حكومية ودبلوماسية، بالإضافة إلى شخصيات عسكرية وأمنية وأخرى ناشطة سياسيا وإعلاميا.

من جهة أخرى، أعلن زعماء حركة تسعى لحكم ذاتي في شرق ليبيا الغني بالنفط من جانب واحد، عن تشكيل حكومة ظل أول من أمس، في تحد للحكومة المركزية الضعيفة، وسط تفجر أعمال عنف جديدة في تلك المنطقة المضطربة. وقالت مصادر إن زعماء الحركة اجتمعوا في بلدة أجدابيا الصغيرة القريبة من ميناء البريقة لإعلان حكومة تتمتع بالحكم الذاتي، وأطلقوا عليها «حكومة برقة». وعرضت قناة تلفزيونية مؤيدة للنظام الاتحادي لقطات لأكثر من 20 وزيرا أثناء أداء اليمين على منصة مزينة بعلم برقة. وانضم إليهم إبراهيم جضران، وهو زعيم ميليشيا قبلية والقائد السابق لقوة حماية النفط في ليبيا المسؤولة عن حراسة منشآت النفط. وكان جضران انشق عن الحكومة المركزية في الصيف، وسيطر بقواته على أكبر ميناءين هما رأس لانوف والسدرة.

وخلال المراسم وقف جضران، الذي حارب قوات القذافي ذات يوم إلى جوار عبد ربه البرعصي الذي نصب نفسه رئيسا للوزراء، وهو قائد سابق بالقوات الجوية انشق على الحكومة. وشارك زعماء قبليون في المراسم.

وهذا الإعلان ضربة رمزية للجهود التي تبذلها حكومة طرابلس لإعادة فتح موانئ وحقول النفط الشرقية التي أغلقتها ميليشيات وقبائل تطالب بنصيب أكبر من السلطة والثروة النفطية منذ الصيف.

وأخفقت الحكومة في السيطرة على ميليشيات وإسل

بنت الوادي

Urgent … A summary of what was said by Defence Minister Abdullah bending:

_ room Libya rebels can not be solved, or do without. Executive summary the machine and Minister of defence Abdullah commended: _

room revolutionaries Libya cannot be resolved or dispense of it. _

Army building requires time because we have 5000 z delay they would train abroad 10 the inside. _

There is as well as resolution can’t answer them only with permission from the President of the Government.

Aaaaaaaajl .. Aaaaaaaajl
A member of the National Conference Zeinab Altargy demanding an investigation into “terrorism operation” that occurred within the Conference yesterday,

the investigation involved members.

# _ Gateway to Libya

“Commission communication” National Bmoitmr year demanding the lifting of a one-hour session to connect with blocks Asasah and consultation.

# _ Gateway to Libya


Military convoy from Misratah heading to Tripoli and to the Conference

National refused to withdraw room assigned to protect the rebels by force of arms.


The spokesman of the National Conference # _ Omar Humaidan to “atmosphere of the country “:
to the adjournment of Congress this evening to next Sunday because of a dispute between the number of members on the item concerning

the abolition of assignment # _ room _ Libya rebels

Congress member Abdul Rahman Al-Shater:

URGENT: Room Libya rebels besieging the General National Congress to force members of Congress not to vote at room decoder.
Square fire hit the National Congress between battalion MP Salah Badi and between Hashim humans head of the Supreme Security Committee.

Motionless between the joints of the state!


Urgent agency Libya / Ktlta Justice and fulfill refuse room solution rebels:

Speaking member of the General National Congress for the white circle Dr. ” Izz al-Din Awami ” on his Alvesbuqueh the deception practiced by the presidency of the Conference agreement with the Justice bloc , construction and Fidelity to prevent the vote on the decision to disband the operations room Libya rebels , he said:
Began today’s session was supposed to be the subject of room revolutionaries first item then raising the issue of amendment Constitutional Proclamation regarding the method of voting on the demands of the cultural components of the Committee session and approved the Group of 94 that raises the subject for dialogue in order to speed up the election of a committee session that is also consensus on the decision to dissolve room rebels continued dialogue long and did not start the dialogue inside the conference hall only after the times

and put two proposals with regard to room revolutionaries , one foot from the Group of 94 and explicitly cancel the decision commissioning to protect the capital, which Curious about the previously he decision remodeled and subtraction second proposal of the block justice , construction and Loyalty to the Martyrs bloc not explicitly cancel the commissioning and thereafter continued to debate for consensus on the constitutional amendment , but that has not been .
Then asked group members to adjourn the meeting because we felt sick and said the president would raise the session , but the User ” Salah Badi ” wants the floor and gave him the word apologized from member “success Salouh ”
After that, he left a number of members of the Group of 94 hall after the words of the president about the adjournment of the meeting he became listed below Hall , but he was surprised by the invitation to vote on the resolution on the rebels in order to pass the room proposal which Ataadh the Group of 94 and this has led to a sharp objection to the Group of 94 after the departure of some of its members which Alkolsh method has to pass resolutions .
The center of the hall members gathered to express their protest dissatisfaction with what has been in the hall until the meeting was adjourned ( NAS much Sahlh the the Blkl Lord help us ) .

Overall: if all the people were either in their beliefs in the name of honor
Wise – there would have been no dispute raises , including the controversy and bickering.

(Member of the General National Congress for the white Dr . Izz al-Din Awami.)

Libya ‘s international channel Libya International Channel
A member of the National Conference General Ezzedine Awami :

Filed today a block justice , construction and mass loyalty to the martyrs of the proposal does not explicitly cancel the commissioning operations room rebels Libya

then asked group members to adjourn the meeting because we felt sick with evening said the president would raise the session,

then left a number of members of the Group of 94 Hall and became listed less hall , but he surprised at the invitation of the vote on the resolution

on the Chamber of rebels in order to pass the proposal to Ataadh Group of 94 and this led to the objection sharp G- 94

after the departure of some of its members for a way Alkolsh which has to pass resolutions gathered members of the center of the hall to express their protest

dissatisfaction with what has been in the the hall until the meeting was adjourned ( NAS much Sahlh the the Blkl Lord help us )

(Member of the General National Congress Ezzedine Awami)

Pure flower | |

Deputy National Congress in addition to the success of Salouh Deputy White says she was verbally exposure and prevented from

entering the National Conference by the force do not know who came out.

Success Salouh the Troy Details attempt hit by Salah Badi
Member of the National Congress for the city of Casablanca Ms. success Salouh says that a member of the National Conference Salah Badi.

The attacking them and trying to assault her and slapped her on her face after the end of yesterday’s trading session,

but that a member of the city Alrajaban Abubakar Rahbani the ban and the case between them and Salah Badi to prevent him from hit.

عضو المؤتمر الوطني عن مدينة البيضاء السيدة نجاح صالوح تقول بأن عضو المؤتمر الوطني صلاح بادي قام بالتهجم عليها ومحاولة الاعتداء عليها وصفعها على وجهها بعد نهاية جلسة يوم أمس إلا ان عضو مدينة الرجبان ابوبكر الرحباني قام بمنعه وحال بينها وبين صلاح بادي لمنعه من ضربها>

عضو المؤتمر الوطني عن مدينة البيضاء السيدة نجاح صالوح تقول بأن عضو المؤتمر الوطني صلاح بادي قام بالتهجم عليها ومحاولة الاعتداء عليها وصفعها على وجهها بعد نهاية جلسة يوم أمس إلا ان عضو مدينة الرجبان ابوبكر الرحباني قام بمنعه وحال بينها وبين صلاح بادي لمنعه من ضربها


Operations room spokesman for Libya rebels just Ghiryani confirms that force them to reside in the entrances

and exits and inside the headquarters of the General National Congress to secure the conference that this task

has become from now on from within the room functions as a direct track to the presidency of the Conference.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel:

Urgent: A group belonging to the operations room Libya rebels besieging In the meantime, the headquarters of the General National Congress

and the President of the Conference denies knowingof their arrival, then goes back to the Conference, and later confirmed that the members of this group came to protect Conference !!

Abdulwahab Ali Militan:
Armed vehicles stationed around the perimeter of the General National Congress is not affiliated to shield Libya, but a room rebels Libya # Tripoli # Libya.

The Conference will draw membership from national militia commander Salah Badi
Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Not the first time that exceeds the MP Paddy borders ..

Take up arms in the face of Dr. Maqrief and impose a 7 ​​decision to storm Bani Walid by force of arms also ..

It is one of the instigators of the storming conference to endorse political isolation ..

He is also one of those involved in the siege of ministries and government ..

Yesterday, calls his gang to intimidate members and tried to beat the infringement Ms. success Salouh of the city resulted in white
Shooting MP Ahmed al – Saadi injury in the leg ..

And his militia wreaked in Tripoli intimidating and frightening last night ! !
When they did not withdraw from membership so far:

Cancel the teachers ‘ strike scheduled on Wednesday

Atmosphere of the country –

Teachers’ Union announced workers in Education today announced the cancellation of the strike scheduled tomorrow, Wednesday,

after the response of the Ministry of Education to the demands of teachers to increase their salaries and provide them with health insurance.

The head of the Federation Mohammed Toumi said to “country ambiance” that
The Ministry of Education has expressed its willingness to meet the demands of all teachers.

Toumi called on all teachers to commit to attend their schools in order to preserve the functioning of the educational process .

The Union of teachers and education workers , education has issued a statement in the twenty-second of last October between the demands of the teachers .



Hijawi Latvian:::
A delegation from the British Embassy in Tripoli visits # Ajeelat meet officials ajaylat for “purely educational projects can be created by the city
to improve the city’s youth as other regions was established schools to teach English” …
They are now in the bathroom to see serious damage which has been done.

Libya rebels room: Securing the conference hall of the heart of our business
Atmosphere of the country –

Chamber spokesman said Libya rebels Ziad Latif The process of securing national conference hall at the heart of the work of the entire room as a deposit of Tripoli, and have nothing to do as discussed in the conference.

The gentle atmosphere of the country that the room fully respect the rule of law and the decisions of the conference, explaining that the room the past few days has prepared a new plan to secure the city of Tripoli.

It is worth mentioning that the Chamber Libya rebels today issued a statement in which it denied what appeared in the media of social networking pages siege to the headquarters of the conference room in the capital Tripoli.

Photos of charred vehicles after armed clashes in front of the planetarium in Tripoli:

African Airlines

Due to bad weather these times landed of Misratah Tunisia Flight 491 at Tripoli International Airport,,,,, this is for science.

Another picture Misrata militias flying to prevent room solution Libya rebels formed from Misrata and Gharyan and corner
… Now: Hotel Rixos, the concentration of four military mechanics unknown and without signs of dependency on the mechanisms.
Modern image

So picture and looked me angles convoy consisting of about 25 heavily armed vehicle carrying slogans. The  EVIL battalions city of Misrata

gathered at the intersection point of the Salah al-Din area south of Tripoli and then headed north towards the city center:

Another picture of the scene of what is said to be convoy Musrati the ..

(Depression forum)

Rebounds – Tripoli
Shortly before the meat Street (Street Ajeelat) ..
A clash between gunmen in the Friday Market

قبل قليلْ من شــآرع اللحم ( شارع العجيلاتْ ) ..
إشتباك بين مسلحين في سوق الجمعة
 Word now …
URGENT: armed clashes in front of the headquarters of the Coalition February 17, calculated on the “ ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” in the Corner and not additional information yet.

INTERVIEW WITH SAIF LIVE is interrupted (conveniently by MB GNC “GOVERNMENT”):

Saif white shiek
After the announcement of “capital channel” for holding a meeting with Saif al-Islam Gaddafi at exactly nine o’clock pm, the channel

suddenly stop broadcasting the usual then apologize channel and explain that due to technical glitch.

All that happened to coincide with the presence of heavily armed convoys medium and heavy weapons by eyewitnesses said she

called tracking “Salah Paddy” We have no details until the moment.

Cut capital channel broadcasting because of interference by Mazkrth channel !

Program for captive Saif al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi now to channel capital …

Saif al-Islam hero with his lawyer for the first time -5-11-2013

To channel the capital meeting with Saif al-Islam Gaddafi
05.11.2013 to channel the capital meeting with Saif al-Islam Gaddafi in Zintan
(WAIT  until 0:55 to see SAIF)


The rats posted no date for this interview—and too many things do not add up, as no one now even knows the location of his

“so-called” imprisonment…and the footage is obviously NOT FROM NOW…etc.
This is rat propaganda made to convince people that Saif is incarcerated.

It is Saif, but NOT NOW–This is old footage from Dec 2011 when he originally was in Zintan! Then had a trial and he was acquitted.

Unsigned Statements From Saif Al Islam Gaddafi :

“…Saif Al-Islam has given a strange one-minute TV interview in Zintan, in which he answered just three questions, agreed in advance with his lawyer.

Saif was asked about his heath and whether he was being visited by human rights organisations and members of his family. To both inquiries, he replied…

“Yes. Thanks be to God.”

The interviewer then asked why he wished to be tried in Zintan and not Tripoli.

…Saif asked the interviewer if Zintan was not part of Libya?

The interviewer said it was, to which Saif responded…

Well there you are then”.

The TV station had convinced Saif’s Libyan lawyer, Mohamed Abu Semah and the Zintani forces…

that he should make an on-screen appearance to confound rumors that he had escaped custody and left the country.

Saif’s expressed satisfaction with a Libyan trial is new.

Valley Agency Dinar News:

Abdullah thankless (Belhadj) on Libya Liberal exposes the ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood “ and their MISURATI militias ..

– Is democracy parties?
But I can We did not understand
Turned to Maljh parties and tribal parties  (as Muammar explained, parties and factions are incompatable with true democracy)
There was Libby teaches religion now after 1,500 years Libby teaches How Nsaloa & Nemczua Aalared

– We offer money to Nslmanm the Saif al-Islam.

– How can the insurance on Saif they did not Isttiawaany insurance on the (rat) Prime Minister, who represents all of the Libyan abduction, humiliation and beatings?

Zintan its hospital IL-fall;

– Zintan thing for taking and not for money requirement.

Abdullah thankless Liberal channel:

Hints that the

Misrata militias are behind the theft of 80 million dinars during the descent at the airport in Sirte

and that were dues to citizens of Sirte .. and added, “Ali Min miss it”.

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter . Valley Agency Dinar News

Announced that General Electric Company for damaging electrical transformer (11 – 30 ) Volt kilometers beside Arada clinic in Tripoli

by targeted direct shot dead during armed clashes in the region , last night , Maady the blackouts for part of the region .

The sources said the company – told ( and ) that the control room sub Tripoli has directly take appropriate measures to disclose

the converter commissioned the nearest team for maintenance in the region to go to the site referred to , pointing to exposure

Technical designate assaulted and injured some shrapnel and was evacuated to the hospital for treatment. And crossed the

General Electric Company deeply regret the repetition of such irresponsible acts , and their impact on the performance of employees out ,

what he pays to a deficiency in the implementation of the maintenance and Alchgbl In as quickly as possible and maintain the stability of the electric grid .



Hope all passers corner of the coastal road – Surman, use of internal roads to the Corner of reference traffic Alkarzabih the, to the presence

of tension between security wells Bridge to Bridge Mizpah sheep at the moment.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel
URGENT: hear the sounds of shooting light and medium weapons in the street and security of the coastal road in the corner no additional details yet about what is going.



Quoting youth AJEELAT: “Ajeelat Youth”

People the market Ajeelat area Friday Btarabs, confronting the criminal militias hater.




Votes shells or explosions come from the far Corner clearly hear in west and Rishvana of
Facebook pages in the movement that there is tension on the bridge Bear sheep. (LOOK UNDER TRIPOLI/CORNER, please)

Pictures and News of Rishvana



Quoting Libyan Republic:

Group of Benghazi officers (colonels and deans) think officially on sale, and some of them actually home for sale ..

(UNDER THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, they could NOT sell their home; only  hand it to a relative or such)

To move to live in in Gharyan cities and Corner/zawiya;

and in collaboration/co-operation with group of Gharyan officers and Corner who Aqtrho to it,

fearing their systematic liquidation by the mafia ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood ” ..

And facilitating financial Ajeraúthm by transferring their salaries from Benghazi to the Corner and Gharyan.
It is known that the property price in Gharyan, Libya far lower Corner.

In addition to the security and safety in the Corner and more from Tripoli in Gharyan and Aktar Corner.


The threat to use force against those accused of stealing Bank funds Sirte
He said the National Congress mandated to follow up the money seized in Sirte Mohamed boussedra that military units of the armed forces on their
way to the city on Tuesday to use force against the perpetrators of the robbery of the Central Bank of Libya if they did not hand over money stolen. “
Called boussedra told atmosphere of none of the seized vehicle to deal positively with responsible parties, and handing over the money in full, “he said,
adding that the force” will deal with them as appropriate “, adding” the issue is unbearable.
Boussedra demanded those responsible for the transfer of funds by taking the necessary precautions, and sufficient processing power to protect public funds in the future.
Associate is a battalion of the 136th general staff on the “atmosphere of the main countries that commissions of inquiry gave the group accused
of the robbery a week to hand over money before using force, noting that committees have chosen initially by” friendly negotiations “to recover the money.
The armed group has seized the car to transfer the money to the Central Bank of Libya, with more than 50 million Libyan dinars after different isnaads SIRTE airport
Source: “ambiance of anchovies.


“Ibrahim Al Bayt al-Mal,” It is ready and
Preparation in the city of Misratah, for the meeting of the boards of the wise and
Shura Council and local councils at the level of Libya especially
Federal subtraction and flatly rejected and emphasis on alone
Libyan soil and to Libya and one does not accept the division
Two and has only one government.

Exclusive # Misratah



Air rain forecast very heavy on the Benghazi and other cities of Green Mountain starting tomorrow morning, Wednesday ..

please be careful on the roads and mountain valleys

Tomorrow afternoon Wednesday strong expectations torrential rain along the desert road Tobruk – Ajdabiya please be careful


East Libya autonomy movement launches government, challenges Tripoli

Reuters file

Ibrahim Saeed Jdharan, the head of the political bureau of the Cyrenaica province, speaks during a news conference to announce the formation of a government for Cyrenaica, in Ajdabiya, on Oct. 24.

By Ghaith Shennib and Ayman al-Warfalli, Reuters

LIBYA – Leaders of an autonomy movement in Libya’s oil-rich east unilaterally declared a regional government on Sunday, in a challenge to the weak central government as new violence erupted in the restive region.

The announcement is a symbolic blow to efforts by the Tripoli government to reopen eastern oil ports and fields blocked since summer by militias and tribes demanding a greater share of power and oil wealth.

It has no practical meaning but is sure to worsen ties between the east and Tripoli which has rejected the self-rule notion. Officials were not immediately available for comment.

Sit-ins and protests blighted large areas of the OPEC producer since the 2011 CIA-le war that toppled the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, The NATO installed, GNC ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood-government is composed

of al-Qaeda militia groups, ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood mafia, and radical Salafsts.

In Eastern Libya, known as Cyrenaica, tribes and activists have been pushing for a federal system sharing power with the west and southern Fezzan.

Leaders of the movement met in the small town of Ajdabiya, close to the oil port of Brega, to launch an autonomous government, supporters said. They named themselves the Cyrenaica government.

A pro-federalist television station showed more than 20 ministers taking the oath at a podium decorated with a Cyrenaica flag.

They were joined by tribal militia leader Ibrahim Jathran, former head of Libya’s Petroleum Protection Force in charge of guarding oil facilities. He defected in the summer and seized the biggest ports Ras Lanuf and Es-Sider with his troops.

Once a rebel (combating Great Jamahiriya troops), he wore a business suit and a tie during the ceremony standing next to their new Prime Minister Abd-Rabbo al-Barassi, a defected air force commander. Tribal leaders joined the ceremony.

RAT Prime Minister Ali Zaidane had been seeking contact with the East in the past few days trying to reopen blocked oil ports in an area home to 60 percent of the country’s oil production.

The protesters and strikes at ports and oil fields have knocked down crude production to some 10 percent of Libya’s capacity of 1.25 million barrels a day.

The North African country used to pump 1.4 million bpd until the strikes started.


Zaidane said last week the blocked Hariga port in the far east would reopen on Sunday or Monday but an oil source told Reuters talks between the government and local officials to resume exports were continuing.

Jathran and many others in the east accuse RAT Prime Minister Ali Zaidane as well as

Salafists in the General National Congress of corruption and failing to provide security.

The self-rule announcement came as more protests erupted in the regional capital Benghazi against assassinations and bombings by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

A soldier was killed and another was wounded when a mine hidden in a trash bag exploded near an army checkpoint in Benghazi late on Saturday, a security source said.

In Benghazi’s biggest prison, a group of inmates overwhelmed a guard early on Sunday and started a fire. A security source said 15 prisoners were wounded

during clashes with guards trying to restore order. One guard was wounded when gunmen opened fire from outside.

Copyright 2013 Thomson Reuters


Benghazi shortly before ..

In the meantime: the ongoing demonstrations in Benghazi .. Today, no any media coverage:

Benghazi shortly before:

Nadia Jaudh :
Out today in protest came upon to meet the ladies of the city of Benghazi appeal for solidarity with the families of victims of the bombings and assassinations , which has become a daily … And most recently by killing and burning the entire family of father and mother , son and daughter as a result of the bombing of the car they were traveling …. Front Tibesti Hotel place ..

This stance it is only an expression of rejection of violence and assassinations and bombings , and those who wish to join the people of the city .. On this basis .. Mobility starting from the day before yesterday and popular automatic .. Does not represent any political party or movement or orientation … Everyone all walks of life yesterday visitor without invitations … The goal is to come out of all against violence and to seek security and protest on the negative , the government and Congress failing to secure the city of Benghazi ….

Arish Said:

Strike Force and if they (Marines) will not be able to stop the bloodbath in Benghazi, because we, frankly, we need urgently to (a detective) to investigate the information; and inferences collection; and the arrest of the perpetrators before the occurrence of the crime ..!!
But alas! Our national conference for more than half a year has not been raised proposal (Hoael) the formation of this device up for discussion …!!! It is responsible for the survival of the proposal (General Intelligence) in the drawers of the presidency.??!! Not this indicates squaring the perpetrators involved in the assassinations issues within the joints of the presidency of the General Conference ..??!!

Jamal shortly before the Street:

Benghazi Now:

Women’s exit demonstration in the city Bngare by a few to denounce Series of violence and assassinations in the city:

Urgent agency Libya / room carts rebels surrounded the protesters in Benghazi

According to informed sources, the number of vehicles operating room Libya rebels are about an hour ago

surrounded the young protesters in the square corresponding to the Tibesti Hotel, provoking them and instilling  fear of the evolution of things and recklessly other.

Malik Sharif , reporting:

# Boca militia Oraibi exist now in front of you hotel Tibesti and my provocation young demonstrators there because of the deteriorating security situation.

Urgent Libya agency/rebel blockade protestors room carts in Benghazi.
Informed sources said that a number of vehicles operations room revolutionaries since Libya hours almost surrounded the young protesters i
in the square opposite the Tibesti hotel and provoke them and feared things and blindly.

The news agency – Benghazi – reporter

There were conflicting statements about the commissioning colonel ” Abdullah Saaiti ” military commander for the region and the security in Benghazi .

While the spokesman announced the joint security room to secure the city of Benghazi , Colonel ” Abdullah – Zaidi ”

in a statement that the defense minister in the interim government on Monday issued a decree commissioned colonel
” Abdullah Saaiti ” military commander for the region and the security in Benghazi .

Spokesman denied the name of the Special Forces colonel ” Miloud cabled ” mandated colonel ” Saaiti ” the military governor of Benghazi area .

And pointed out ” cabled ” that the commissioning limited only to the joint presidency of the security room to secure the city of Benghazi .

Colonel Mohammad Hejazi:

Accused of direct accusation .. Sam bin Humaid .. Bouchtalh .. And Bo Sidra.. And Asswehly .. They are behind the threat .. I have told my family and my tribe
In this matter

Urgent agency Libya / alfalfa Accuse Bo Sidra, Kaid death Benghazi
Former spokesman for the joint security room Benghazi provider “ Mohammed Hijazi “ on his Alvesbuqueh page ,

in an interview with Channel ” Libya each Liberals “ that he had received a death threat from one of the elements of ( expiatory groups ) as described .
After the cross , “ Hijazi “ for persistence and faith in the face of an indictment explicitly for each of the ( Ahmed Bouchtale – Sufian bin Qmo – Order bin Humaid )

in addition to the Organic National Congress general (Abdul Wahab Kaid and Mohammed Bu Sidra ) , he said , adding that they were killed and kills army officers

in Benghazi , describing them as ( Kharijites age ) .
He also accused ” al-Salafa ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood support these ( Al-tkvirine) and coverage ( the enemies of Allah and His Messenger ) , he said.

النبأ: علي الشيخي الناطق الرسمي بأسم رئاسة الأركان يتحدث عن تحديد مهام الحاكم العسكري لمدينة بنغازي وحدود المنطقة العسكرية بنغازي …………………

INKA, a spokesman for the General staff: the limits of military region of Benghazi


Husein spokesman staff talking about the functions of the military Governor of Benghazi

and the border region of Benghazi…………………


The news agency – Benghazi – reporter – Urgent

Special Forces “Thunderbolt” and explosive ordnance disposal elements
B invalidate an explosive device weighing 6 kg b emergency entrance garden
B Hospital 1200, and by virtue of God and by virtue of the efforts of men
Package has been revoked and it was a miracle in resonance mode and ready
For the bombing, but was to remedy the situation, but was a disaster.

And also found the body of a person Canadian city of Benghazi and is now the hospital is 1200.

Canadian located in Fridge 1200, does not have a scratch and does not impact
‘s Bullet and not an attack, and until this moment a natural death, and
Details when police station Buatunai, and news of the killing of citizen
U.S. is incorrect.

(Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya.)

Channel CNN:

the power of the band U.S. Special Operations were on standby waiting for something to start the implementation process

has been planned for months, including entering Benghazi and the arrest of Ahmed Abu Khtalh leader of Ansar al-Sharia, but that it did not

issue or perhaps signed freeze, but the staff of the U.S. intelligence waiting for opportunities to arrest some of the suspects in the

attack Bngare lose has prepared a list of 10 suspects.

 Disease in civil disobedience in Benghazi
Now beneficial precipitation Ghaith in Benghazi (O Ziba useful)  



T _ Defense listen to the demands of the protesters spark field
Atmosphere of the country –

Said Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the protestors in the oil field spark Mohamed Sheikh said that Defense Minister Abdullah bending ” listened to their demands and promised to inform the prime minister,” and that during his meeting with them on Tuesday in the Ubari .

According to Sheikh atmosphere for the country that the protesters were expecting the government to give the mandate to the Minister of Defense to solve their problems .

For his part, the Director of the spark Hassan Saeed field that the protestors stressed in a memorandum to the government to accept their demands within forty-eight hours, but will step up the pace of the protest.

The happy atmosphere for the country that he had sent a note to the National Foundation and the Oil Ministry has not received a response thereon to the date , pointing out that the meeting of oil minister Abdul Bari Arousi in the twenty- eighth of October last year was the last communication between the management and the ministry field .

It is noteworthy that this sit- field spark oil continues since the twenty-sixth of last October.

Beware: the most dangerous 10 viruses that can infect your computer!!
Beware: the most dangerous 10 viruses that can infect your computer!! Saturday, September 21, 2013
Suffers a lot of us from computer viruses spread these days on systems running Windows It is a nightmare for some of them wipe the information from the hard drive, including restricts the speed of computer networks for hours, including what goes into your computer in a coma and sends the same messages to other computers in order to infect your name and that did not occur Your victim to a virus of any kind, you’ll wonder did all the hype on such viruses, but you will begin concerned if I knew that viruses that infect devices in sensitive places cost customers $ 8.5 billion in 2008.
Zaro virus appeared in 1949 when he discovered the world John von Neumann files that can copy itself in theory, but the hacker appeared several decades later to begin in the antivirus industry (Note: not all bad hacker) When some pranksters making virus-like program for large computer systems, it initially smaller virus infects personal devices In the good days in the early 1980 hacker was based largely on his effort to spread the virus, but now spread viruses through the Internet and the tendency Links corrupt Now therefore viruses spread very quickly
Here are some information about the world’s most dangerous viruses:
1. Melissa (melissa): In the spring of 1999 a man named David Smith making virus infects Microsoft Word macro so that it spreads through the messages email and he called Melissa virus luring users to email by sending a file in a message email and written in it “Here is that document you asked for, don’t show it to anybody else.
“Once you open the file the virus is activated, copies itself and sends itself to the 50 most important person to you via e-mail
Spread Vero very quickly after it fired Smith and became the federal government in America is interested in what he was doing Smith This is because the spread of the virus has become so great that prevention programs emails continue to work and after a lot of attempts long been arrested Smith was jailed 20 months and prevented him from using networks computer without the permission of the court is true that the virus did not infect online real paralysis, but he is one of the first viruses that drew attention to the importance of such programs.
2. Virus i love you: scripting)
According to McAfee manufacturer of antivirus software, this virus has spread widely as
1.Copies itself several times and the hides in many of the files in the victim’s machine
2. Creates a new file contains all the registry keys to the victim
3. Replaces a number of its copying files
4. Sends itself via online chat and email
5. This virus caused losses estimated at $ 10 billion.
3. Cleese virus (Klez): Represents virus Cleese new trend in the world of computer viruses have appeared in 2001 at a time when many viruses roaming the Internet worm Cleese electronic infect devices via messages email and copies itself and sends messages to people in your inclination victim of some versions of this virus bearing damage is very large programs so that makes the device is not valid for work only version that infects the device can be a worm or Trojan horse virus or virus does not have a detrimental effect on the device can also turn off the antivirus software and remove its effectiveness Shortly after the emergence of the virus has modified it so that hackers put it more effective it sends the same for both friends when the victim but also made ​​him change his name and puts himself in the list of friends or impersonating a friend to appear in any form he wants
4. Code Red and Code Red ǁ: Is a worm e-emerged in 2001 and two exploit vulnerabilities in operating systems and which is found in Windows 2000 and the weak point of this is the problem of saturation unit caching, which means that the device can not receive information more unless dealing with the information contained in the tank, the first attack was carried out on the White House so that you all computers in the White House to connect to the main server at one time exceeded the load on the server and can not handle all the data and stops working.
Device that uses Windows 2000 and infected with HIV CODE Red does not obey its owner after that, because the virus is doing a back door to enter the operating system and allows another user to the control device to control the information on the device injured and can participate also in a crime without Who knows After the emergence of this virus Microsoft has released a correction of a loophole found in Windows 2000, but this correction could not remove the virus permanently.
5. Nimda (Nimda): This worm also launched in 2001 and widely spread rapidly where he became the fastest virus spread via the Internet at this time it took only 22 minutes to spread through the Internet and up to the top of the calamity of the Internet viruses.
At first it was the goal of Nimda Internet servers, but it has been modified to infect personal computers and also was its main purpose is to slow down the speed of the Internet It is transmitted via the Internet in several ways, which helped him to relocate within servers speed record.
6. SQL slammer: In late January 2003, a new type of viruses that infect servers and spread across the Internet and the many networks is not ready for such an attack vantage from the collapse of a lot of Systems servers task, collapsed in front of the bank’s U.S. Services ATM and Flights company Continental has canceled a lot of Booking flights and disrupted electronic tickets and cause the virus in this day losses estimated at one billion dollars can not anti-virus software that pursuing this virus virus has needed just 15 minutes to infect half the number of servers supporting the Internet.
Attacks virus Slammer learn several lessons * It is not necessary to be in safety if it was your antivirus in the last ÇŐĎÇŃÇĘĺ ** That hackers are sending about any weaknesses can control computers ** Must prepare for the worst case if the virus has infected your computer so that you store all your data in places far from the computer before they lose.
7. May Doom (My Doom): Is a worm Other you can create a back door in the operating system of the victim and her many versions have been published in February 2004 and in late the same year had inflicted many search engines disaster like viruses other spread across headlines email but sent many search queries on search engines using email patient so that the excess load on servers this engine and you Babtaah as it’s hard to keep track of emails infected.
8. Sasser virus and Ntsky: Sometimes hacker can escape from tracking, but this time authorities were able to find a way to get to the source of the virus was German-born 17-year-old named Seven Jascan, was making two and sent them via the Internet.
At a time when the two programs behave in two different ways was the code written by each of them contains a lot of similarities that can be observed by any expert in the field of electronic security Vistntg it from one person, which is unlike the rest of the virus does not spread via e-mail where it’s what that infects computer who shall look for other systems are weak Faamraa to download the virus and virus can be used for different IP addresses in order to reach the victims and the injured can be difficult to close unless separated by the voltage source, and when he was arrested on ships did not spend much in prison, where he was sentenced to a year and 9 months But he got out of prison because he is under the age of 18 years were prevented from using the computer without the permission of the court in Germany.
9. Virus leap A / Oompa A: In ads Apple was proud that the operating system has impervious against viruses, this speech can be considered a true dramatically as Apple closes the components of its agencies and through the programmable control systems have dramatically But all this stopped in 2006 before this virus is used chat and a moment to send the message until it spreads through the weaknesses of a Mac computer, but reassuring that this virus is not highly dangerous but explained that even the Mac is not immune against viruses.
10. Virus storm (storm worm): Another virus and most dangerous virus with us today, was launched in 2006 in the year in which the experts safety-mail to know the modus operandi of the worm began to public opinion, paying attention to the virus because of the message email was carrying the virus and Mousuaha the death of 230 people in a storm Balaji in Europe but discovered experts said there was Verosihaml the same name in 2001 and called (W32.storm.worm) but differs totally from 2006 (Storm worm) is in the original Trojan horse virus but are loaded differently.
Spreads via e-mail and can change the title tilt in various forms has appeared in 2008 in China, entitled catastrophe deadly new in China, “a new deadly catastrophe in china” contains the email on the Link Video What can press on the link until you activate the virus and upload it so it must be anti- Viruses your interview first release Powell.اقرأ الموضوع من هنا :


Scientists discover the modus operandi of drug for the treatment of diabetes.

OTTAWA, November 5, 2013 ( and ) – A scientific study published in the journal \ ” Nature Medicine, \” said researchers at the University \ ” McMaster \” Canadian revealed that drug \ ” Metformin \” helps to reduce the fat particles harmful to the liver and allows the insulin that works best and lowers blood sugar levels . Said Greg Steinberg, associate professor in the Faculty of Medicine University mentioned that \ ” Metformin \” does not work to reduce the level of sugar in the blood by working directly on glucose , but helps to reduce the fat particles harmful to the liver which allows insulin to work better and lowers levels sugar in the blood . \ ” He explained that most people who eat \” Metformin \ “They have fat on the liver which is often caused by obesity , noting that fat may be the main cause for pre- diabetes , which makes blood sugar take on the rise because insulin can not work efficiently to stop the sugar coming from the liver. said Steinberg following research on mice have fat on the liver was found that the results of the research indicate that the way it works drug metformin does not lie in reducing the rate of metabolism of sugar directly but work to reduce fat in the liver which allows insulin to work better .



Libyan officers Military Academy graduates Sudanese :



United Nations and at the initiative of Russia gained from the news about the store uranium in Libya

06 NOV. 2013, 12:30

فيتالي تشوركي

Russia drew the attention of the United Nations to news about the store is found non-Mahrous in Libya holds a natural

chemical substance uranium concentrates, which can be used as raw materials in the preparation of weapons-grade plutonium.

He said Russia’s permanent envoy to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, told reporters yesterday, Tuesday, 5 November / November, that the issue had been raised at a meeting of the Security Council, and also in the management of the United Nations. According to him, the motives of fear appeared after the publication of the newspaper “Times” British article stating which find a store that contains four thousand missile system mobile anti-aircraft and six thousand and five hundred drums of uranium concentrates, which are used as raw materials in the preparation of plutonium used in weapons. And that this store is located under the control of insurgents, and previously for the “rule” that offered one million dollars in return for its contents.


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