War mongering

Juma blessings for all good peoples Friday blessings from Mu

Commander 1986
Simpleton who thinks that the time of colonialism is over and passed back when colonial given the conditions ambitions

and weaknesses and lack of national leader …. Adapted”:

FB VIDEO with speech of Muammar al-Qathafi in 1986 by Waddah Hcine.

مغفل من يظن ان للاستعمار زمن ولى وانقضى الاستعمار يعود متى توفرت شروطه المطامع والضعف وانعدام الوطنية….القائد بتصرف —

Ghaida Touati:

Ask the National Congress-off meeting of the year that according to the information in front of me now from our network

there is a military coup

move officers affiliated with the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, defected with him.

What is happening in Benghazi, now is the beginning of Li coup Dop descent of the army and special forces and unmanned order from the General Staff

Is to review the front Aldrog forces and rebels dragged armed confrontation.

(And God is witness to what I say and what I say consultant means Foundation, tracking and know Hadi information from very reliable sources means God and Manteklm God only reliable security information.)

Expensive Bozekok in a meeting with Boca Oraibi: |.

– Boca: We ready Namno the Alzazirat … each battalion in Zazirh

– In a double edged sword army officers Zoisat travel Mesh Libyan ..

And Zoisat group Rouge Manbohemh, because they first Matasir the problem Ahrbu ..
غالية بوزعكوك في لقاء مع بوكـا العريبي 😐 .

– بوكا : نحن مستعدين نأمنو الزازيرات…كل كتيبة في زازيرة

– في وحدين ضباط في الجيش زوازات سفرهم مش ليبية .. وجماعة الزوازات الحمرْ مانبوهمش , لانهم اول ماتصير مشكلة يهربو ..

بنت الوادي

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 07/11/2013 P

Mu in South America:


Ali Salem Alor Valley Sbaya:

“Do not forget that your Mchacheh brothers suffer as Tawergha suffer” .. “Do not Tnsuhm even pray” ..

News channel bar capital .. Local councils Ajafrh the rejects cabinet’s decision to establish 500 housing units

judge to resettle the people of Tawergha as the local council Tawergha dismissive of the decision and demanding the return of the people of Tawergha to their city.



URGENT: a meeting between the local council Misurata Misurata and the Shura Council and the local council

Friday market in the Artillery School and rockets Bkhalh Alforjan the east of Tripoli and a statement shortly after the news channel

The moment of the kidnapping of Prime Minister Ali Zaidan:


Activists sow a video clip on the Internet for a moment grab Prime Minister Ali Zaidane from his residence on the tenth of

October last month from the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli to cheers of the martyrs and cries of magnification

نشطاء يبثون مقطع فيديو علي الانترنت لحظة إختطاف رئيس الحكومة علي زيدان من مقر اقامته في العاشر من أكتوبر الماضي من فندق كورنثيا بمدينة طرابلس وسط هتافات للشهداء و صيحات التكبير

Urgent ….

Issuance orders Balastnfar and raise ° Base emergency in Mitigua
And contain all outlets Friday Market.

Shahat battalion of the national army arrested on a car
Loaded with weapons in an ambush, b gate Shahat linked with

:::::: Misrata meeting Friday Market

Militias red line …

Friday Market & MISURATA before a few :::

The end of the meeting between Tripoli and Misrata, and agreed to form a committee to investigate the facts

between the parties with respect to the events of 7 November also agreed to release the detainees from both sides immediately.

Prevent any military force from crossing the entrance east of Tripoli

Reports issued strict orders to prevent any coming from Misurata militia from crossing the eastern entrance to Tripoli,

specifically Tajourah apart from any task coming from her.
The news also for the militias to secure the vicinity of Tripoli “Gharghour” of.

Council President Sadat Badri emphasizes the implementation of Resolution No. 27 on the evacuation of the capital,

armed manifestations and said that the people of Tripoli would press strongly for the implementation of the resolution.

Pads Badri, head of the local Council of Tripoli on the capital shortly before ..
Meeting will be held today to discuss security insurance plan Tripoli …!!

Urgent # Tripoli: Chairman of the Board Tripoli local ” Sadat – Badri ” authorized agency “Reuters” ::

” The death toll from clashes yesterday is 3 dead so far from the rebels of Tripoli and a number of wounded ,

but we  dam, make critical decisions in order to avoid the recurrence of such events ,”

he asked :

“What were trying to do yesterday? ? Want the occupation of the city earlier, ?”

And then went on saying ,

” We will not allow this to us and will be a pause , which has its own agenda goes and applies them in his city,

Tripoli residents and weapons should be used against the enemies of Libya is not among the sons of cities “

He said al-Badri said,

” The Military College Sestelmha local council today and battalion will emerge resident inside it, either Gargour,

this area has become the focus and it ‘s there like a masquerade and we will take the necessary action “

(Firas Bosalum)

Libya talks

Yesterday, the college was storming of by young Tripoli and out Misurata …

Little and Rdjao strongly Msarit group of Tripoli Ansahbu and Msarit Shido a group of young West Street

Gurji two imprisoned in Gharghour and have just got information that they were transferred to Misratah.

The families of the abductees are now blocking the street demanding western militias Gharghour unzip the families of their children.

Hashem humans (shown above) accuses Palestinian guerrilla Gharghour murder.

Said the President of the Supreme Security Committee in Tripoli Palestinian “Hashim humans” in a telephone interview with Channel Libya Liberal Per:

“The forces Gharghour” (as described) did not come to the show of force, it has moved from Gharghour and camped near the bridge, Dan,

and Ahzt shoot randomly it was hit several headquarters of Batat diplomatic and hotel Alodan and skills and many of the apartments in the

Dahra and angle Dahmani, causing killed two people and injured dozens, and this deliberate murder, not a show of force.

Abdel Moez Bannon | | Mahary semi-Fada, most of the guests left the morning, according to the reception staff at the hotel RIXOS ...

Dazzle Dazzle …

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel ::

Women’s demonstration in Tripoli’s Algeria Square protest against the Machdth of the capital of fighting

between rival armed groups continued until the early hours of Friday morning:

Abdel Moez Bannon:

One of the speakers in the field of youth Algeria screaming,

Hey guys Tripoli Gharghour the gangs can not one of the government or conference them out,,,

Take arms and Atrteke the protection for your sons and your families and your city and your country …

” An atmosphere of war ” in Tripoli, Libya ,

and the outcome of confrontations retardation dead Tripoli – Agencies – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Killed two people and wounded 21 in clashes broke out , in the late hours of Thursday night, between armed groups in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

The agency “Reuters “ and the explosions near the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital.

According to eyewitnesses and a security source , earlier , that the two elements of the militia have on Thursday evening in Tripoli, where intensive

heard gunshots in several neighborhoods of the Libyan capital. The clashes began after the death of a militia leader succumbed to injuries he sustained,

according to a security official announced in Tripoli , who asked not to be identified.

Draws 3 number of ambulances towards the Salah al-Din road forks and reported clashes farm Abdulrahman Asswehly.

Strong clashes between Saladin and Asswehly farm in the Ain Zara.

Now news via the control room move some convoys of the Friday market destined to Gharghour

to fight battles there with militias controlling interest.

Tripoli now ::::::::

Bats of darkness and Menthazee attitudes and security vacuum! Now a number of theft Omar Mukhtar Street shops and stealing a number of cars

in Dahmani angle and Mansura. Please caution …

(Mermaid operations room)

Clashes in the video by Shat capital Tripoli – Hotel imaging skills

FB VIDEO: Urgent agency of Libya / Video AD fire.

I over skill Hotel Tripoli This video shows shots 14.5 anti-aircraft above the skill Radisson Blu Hotel in the capital Tripoli last night,

which appalled the inhabitants of the city in a scene confirms the absence of the state security and stability in Libya.

Media Event Center:

Ambulance took off from air-base jumper Mitigua a short while ago, and news about the situation in which. In the same context,

the hospital received street corner is now a member of the operating room entangling injured by a bullet as a result of shooting

from college girls in the hand of Omar Mukhtar Street.

Two dead and nine and twenty wounded, in clashes in Tripoli and Likely the death toll rises, because, including two cases in Stymied
by a security source with the Ministry of the Interior.
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو لنيران م . ط فوق فندق المهاري ـ طرابلس
يظهر هذا الفيديو طلقات 14.5 المضادة للطائرات فوق فندق المهاري راديسون بلو فى العاصمة طرابلس الليلة البارحة مما روع اهالي المدينة فى مشهد يؤكد غياب الدولة والاستقرار الأمني فى ليبيا.
Source Libya’s international channel:
displays all of the waves of the wireless security rooms and revolutionaries room and room Mitigua,
CAPITOL, traffic and mobile power for intermittent interference from an unknown source.

Misrata and buzzes Tajourah weghrian out of Tripoli

Clashes between militias of Misrata and Friday Market

Side of what he was subjected refuted the skill and the Turkish Embassy of indiscriminate shelling last night

as a result of clashes between the militias of Misrata and Friday Market:



Violent clashes broke out between armed groups of former rebels, on Thursday in the Libyan capital Tripoli, and continued throughout the night.

The incident occurred just about a kilometer from the Embassy of Russia and the United Kingdom. The city’s hospitals reported killing one person

and injuring 12 others. According to the channel, “Arab”, the events resulted in killing two people and injuring more than 20 people.

Including civilians trapped in the crossfire.

Referred to it after the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in Libya, the country was unable to create a stable government.Owned power on the ground

actually armed groups, which were united during the revolution, but after winning turned rival groups.

The Libyan government has decided to stop supporting all the “rebels” former beginning in 2014, if not formally join to work in government structures.

In front of the Women’s College Tripoli now and there is no armed person in front of the headquarters:

Traffic accident in the highway under bridge Alhachan the morning (Dumpster lander on rear tail of auto):

BBC : gunmen stormed the market!!!! Ihsaboh whale and livestock market Hahaha.

A group of young people who distribute posters in the main streets of the city of Tripoli invites people to come out tomorrow,

the ninth of November to protest and express their rejection of the extension of the General National Congress.

SATANIC CHILD-SLAUGHTER RITUAL is measured; but few admit it exists!

Corner …

Child’s body “Alaa Turkish” who was found dead two days ago in the corner.

Still the issue of the killing of Turkish shake the pillars of the city in crime shrug his body.

Baby found slaughtered thrown on the seashore.



Zintan: Libyan governemnt wants to kill Saif Al Islam

Zintan commander: Libyan government have interests to kill Saif Al Islam.

Al Ajmi the commander responsible for Saif Al-Islam Muammar Al Gaddafi, said that the Libyan government, bandits and Islamist its in their interest in killing Saif Al Islam. Cause of that Zintan will not hand over Saif al Islam to Tripoli. Saif will stay in Zinten, and will be safe.

Here is the video:

by:  OljaKaramustafa

Zintan: Libyan GNC government wants to kill Saif Al Islam



Urgent agency to Libya on / off shipments of ammunition coming from Misratah

Managed by a few members of the 101 Infantry Battalion Tajourah positioned in the gate “pomegranate pressures of”

East Tajourah of control and stop the cars coming from Misrata laden Baldkhirh.

Leader of the Shield forces to Libya Middle Mohammed Alguendoz accuse Prime Minister Ali Zaidane involvement in the liquidation

of the commander of a battalion Eagles Misrata “Nuri Vraiwan” has revealed Alguendoz that Vraiwan was one of those involved in the

kidnapping of Director of the Office Zidane Mr. / Mohammed Alqreis / might get him on many secrets and confidential information.

He also noted Alguendoz the to every link of Hashim humans, Haitham Tagouris and Zubair and Abdul Rauf Arab hater the kidnapping

Alqreis process and they also had Thsalo him on a lot of information and secrets, warning them that a similar fate fate Vraiwan in waiting.

Shura Council # Misratah denies Matnqlh of some foreign media for troops

heading from Misratah to # Tripoli.

Attia Dereini local council vice Misurata channel Libya Al Ahrar:

We are sorry for the residents of the Friday Market and the city of Tripoli on what happened last night by adherents Battalion the

Misurata result Anfalhm the Eagles of the death of the commander of the battalion Nuri Vraiwan, ..

The Nashidtna family of the deceased that they disassociate itself from any acts attributed to avenge the death of her son

Nuri Vraiwan and they do not want to have the blood of her son a reason for sedition .. A delegation from the local council Misurata

resides in Tripoli to calm things down with the local council Friday market and the local council of Tripoli.

Officer killed Salim Ahmed, known as Salem Apartment Awja in one of the prisons in Misurata militia liquidate him in cold blood

after you get released almost a year ago …

We ask God has a paradise beautiful and inspires his family patience and solace “The God but Him we return”.

ALI on the ASPLI:

Misratah today organized a forum for local councils for national cohesion, and today organized in Tripoli to  grillfire this national cohesion Alhebrh.
They are distorted, jerky and have lost salvation!

Libya MAX (Source of eye event) Meeting of the Technical College building in Misratah lead to send 2000

military mechanism to combat cases of rioting and looting after the receipt of the reports about it and thought there plot will occur in the coming hours…

And will also deal with Gargour militia and get them out of there. (RAT) News Misrata :::::::

After receiving news from Tripoli, the people and the leaders of Misratah just now congregate in huge numbers and are preparing gear

to protect the citizens of the city, Who in the capital after he explained the intent and “conspiracy” weaved against them ..

hundreds of car is now preparing to head to the capital… Libya network Musrati free

عاااااااااجل: about half an hour before Misrata Military Council gives approval to go to Tripoli and force of 500

armed car now preparing to leave the gate Aldavnih destined to Tripoli to provide support for our children who are now in Tripoli

and the rest of the force will catch them at dawn tomorrow.



Libyan Society for the Protection of Wildlife and Marine
Bani Walid – the Ashimikh Valley

‘s Post from Brother / Hamid Alice



Leithy junction bombing Benghazi on Friday morning and as usual against unknown.

Targeting the attribution of intelligence battalion headquarters of the “Salah Bogheib

This morning, the thrower” RPG “B area Budzirh b Benghazi, and resulted in the targeting to the fall of three

Wound two legs amputated, and the latter in critical condition.

Maj. Gen. Corner “Suleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi,” abduction of his son “Haytham Suleiman Mahmoud,”

and lost contact with him yesterday evening After leaving work, and the car was found by proximity From his residence to Benghazi.

Having lost her husband and her child and one of her eyes by a medical source Widow ” Solomon Alvesa ” leave the hospital

with stable condition and A difficult psychological situation , we ask God to consider the same.

Killing all of the ” Ibrahim Mahmoud Dali ” and ” Atman Mahmoud Dali “ And injury, “ Mohammed Abdul Falah Alrazark “

serious injury , due to the injury B bullets as they passed on the brawl Allthamh

Media and cultural center of the martyrs of the mountain

Mansour dome. Will be held on Saturday 09_11_2013 dome in a statement includes both the dome and the institutions of civil society

and the views of the city’s jurisdiction and that the illegality of any name other than the police, the army and the emphasis on the illegality of the room Libya rebels ……

And all of the channel will be the capital and Libya Liberal present to cover the event. — Medway bombing shake silence Benghazi.

Bengasena BenghaziNa

Now targeting an army vehicle (Thunderbolt) outside of Laithi the lose shooting it on the highway my RBG when a

bridge leading to the Sarta.

The commander of the special forces in Libya / Colonel Nice Bouchmadh in a statement a short while ago /

“We will provide tomorrow a huge demonstration in Benghazi strongly supporting the Air Force”

Urgent Benghazi Important …..

To all the young people and the people of Benghazi today a demonstration in front of Tibesti 5pm,

Yes, the army and the police only … God willing, there is great news, to all of the calls Libyan army must come today in front of Tibesti.

Home and Benghazi and the Libyan army will not die …

Channel Free Libya Today Alpine in need or really good news how Maicolo .. Usually Mansedkh in news Hvena, and my quality Mesh optimistic!
But according to several sources not connected me,  that at 5 before the Tibesti today Heetm the announcement of something ..
Totally a demonstration to support the military ..
In time the demonstration for support of the army. Who wants to support the Libyan army, for not in attendance.

Aaaaaaaaagel Aaaaaajl: helicopters in the skies of Benghazi .. Channel Free Libya ::

Vote now warplanes over the skies of Benghazi

Receiving military planes from the skies of Benghazi saws “Thunderbolt, Marines, and Air Force will believe in Benghazi

and will not wait for commissioning or order of the government,” or Conference. (Parks Street Benghazi)

Call for the Libyan Army Reserve Brigades to go for Quiche immediately yard. Now in the streets of Benghazi:

Benghazi now. Army in the streets of the city and there is a strong statement will come out of the army.

After throes of meetings took place over the past week between Libyan army units, a senior security spread for the first time witnessed Almghadorin city

of Benghazi wounded, for more than “7000” mechanism Armed, a subsidiary of all the units of the Libyan army b Air Force,

Special Forces and “Thunderbolt” and shield 7 B Emre “Ziad macrophage”, and the rest of the Libyan army units for Securing

the city of Benghazi.

[Salem al-Obeidi]

A large convoy of special forces Thunderbolt, Marines and Air Force now to secure the entire city of Benghazi.

Benghazi now upturned ambulances and Thunderbolt pilots and the descent Waiting for the good news for the people of the city.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel: Thunderbolt Special Forces commander and umbrellas.

Colonel and Nice Bouchmadh the supervised Kish Square in Benghazi, to the spread of the army units in the city streets:  

Today’s demonstration in Benghazi to demand the imposition of security and safety and welcome the revelation of the army today different Bouhdath.

Urgent agency Libya ( Special) / how and why the army hostel in Benghazi?

Military review of the regular forces of the Libyan army, announces its deployment in Benghazi and its commitment to securing the city.

According to informed sources in the special forces in Benghazi that the descent of the army today in the city of Benghazi,

came after a series of meetings over the last week between the units of the Libyan army to develop a plan for the spread of

a major security in order to achieve security and safety in the city of Benghazi after a series of assassinations and bombings

in the city over the many months.
The sources said in a telephone interview with the ” agency urgently to Libya: it is the first time where the city of Benghazi

move more than” 7000 ” mechanism militant belonging to all the units of the Libyan army in addition to the Air Force and

Special Forces ” Thunderbolt “and shield 7b Emre ” Ziad macrophage , ” and the rest of the Libyan army units to implement

the plan securing the city of Benghazi .
She informed sources in her statement for ” agency urgently to Libya ,” We our progress over the past months to the government

and the conference plans and asked for permission to implement but to no avail , however heightened insecurity and the high

number of cases of assassinations and bombings , we no longer need the permission of one.

Libyan channel vision:

After a few:
On Benghazi BTV TV show will be the demonstration and the army and special forces Thunderbolt and lyrics for some colonels …

On frequency 12437 V 27500

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel:

Image .. Benghazi, a little while ago and the continuing spread of the Libyan army forces in various units in the city streets

بالصورة .. بنغازي قبل قليل و استمرار انتشار قوات الجيش الليبي بمختلف وحداته في شوارع المدينة

Spokesman for the tribe of slaves in Benghazi:

Anthm the one about the disappearance of Haitham Suleiman Mahmoud.

On 08 November 2013 at 04:37 pm |

Mr. Saad Mohammed Obeidi, spokesman for the tribe of slaves in the city of Benghazi and through a no communication

dial newspaper Libya peace E: We do not accuse one about the disappearance adviser Haitham Suleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi.

While waiting for the competent authorities to deduce and investigate the disclosure of who is responsible in the disappearance of

Haitham Suleiman Mahmoud Obeidi.

I wrote and his / Aorédh image Abouhliqh editor of Electronic Libya peace

Private newspaper Libya peace

The arrival of the body of the Municipal Guard officer (Sharif Ojaili) a residents Alserta (personal filter) after being hit by a bullet in the head

when Badriyah market.

The God but Him Rajhon.

# _ Galaa Hospital

Benghazi …

And the Benghazi militias continue to lure young people with money to join in Alumblychaouih formations .. Mlishh Libya free longer in young people aged less than 20 years old 1500 salary. For

Urgent news # _ uncertain ..

A car bomb explosion beside the exact stores Quiche in Benghazi region since a few ..

(Special Forces)



Newsflash … Now in the sky tuber loud drone.



Clashes between Toubou and the Zintan in a spark Boubare a field near a peaceful sit-in place for Amazigh south in the field,

and lead engagement up protesters and wounding one civilian protesters,
The bullets hit some cars and tents …

(Free newspaper Sabha)

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV

URGENT | clashes between armed militias near field “Arebson” in the south Libya.


Almtaralaskara Ubari delivery yesterday after maintenance

The morning of Thursday, November 7 in Ubari military airport Ubari delivery after maintenance by countryside

and Contracting Works under the supervision of the Committee on Public Works and Maintenance southern region t

o order the military airport Ubari Colonel Abdul Salam Ibrahim Al – Tahir .

The airport will poll on the border and oil fields and is fully covered . The engineer said Abdul Hafeez Ahcene military airport supervisor Ubari South News Agency ( Germa )

that it has started maintenance of the airport since December last year Pednabesaana the administrative building and the addition of the administration offices

and the establishment of the gate of the airport and the addition of two other offices and a restaurant.

Musharraf said the airport ( Germa ) that he hopes to add more facilities for the airport because he needed several buildings such as lobby

lounge officers and non – commissioned officers and weapons stores and maintenance of the runway and paving the place and especially to collect yard soldiers at the airport .

(South News Agency ( Germa ) Mahmoud Arhomh)

Said more than one source for a page special forms and gunfire between a battalion of Zintan and other field spark

TPU (Repsol), 40 km west of Ubari says Battalion 162 known Ptinery they headed towards the field to resolve the shapes.


Regional War Scenario. NATO-US-Turkey War Games Off the Syrian Coastline

Global Research, 05 November 2013
Url of this article:
According to Turkish press reports, Turkey’s High Command will be hosting NATO’S Invitex military exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean
in a clear act of provocation directed against Syria.
The Invitex-Eastern Mediterranean war games are scheduled from November 4 to 14. Deafening silence. Not a single Western media has reported on these war games.
The official release by the TKS High Command suggests a war games scenario involving a regional war, under the assumption that the ongoing US-NATO-Israeli
covert war on Syria could lead to military escalation. The countries considered to be a threat to Turkey and NATO are not mentioned.
According to the press dispatch of the Turkish Armed forces, various types of naval operations are envisaged.
While the word “war” is not mentioned, the stated objective consists in the “handling of a regional crisis”, presumably through military rather than diplomatic means.
Turkish frigate F-245 TCG Oruç Reis The focus is intended “to enhance co-operation and mutual training between participant countries.”
Reading between the lines this suggests enhanced military coordination directed against potential enemy countries in the Middle East
including Syria and Iran. “NATO, the U.S. Navy and the Turkish Navy-Air Force-Coast Guard platforms will participate in the exercise,
a statement from Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) said Nov. 4.”
(Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey) A significant deployment of both naval and air power is envisaged. According to the TKS communique,
the participant units are: NATO SNMG-2 (three frigates),
U.S. Navy (one frigate), Turkish Navy (three frigates, two corvettes, four fast attack boats, three submarines, two oilers, two patrol boats,
one landing ship, one tug boat, one maritime patrol aircraft, five helicopters, one amphibious team, one Naval WMD Destroy Team,
(Multi National Maritime Security Center of Excellence), Turkish Coast Guard (three Coast Guard Boats) and Turkish Air Force aircrafts. (Ibid)
Frigates are used for amphibious operations and the landing of ground forces. To be noted, the war games include seven frigates,
not to mention one landing ship, and an amphibious team. SNMG 2 refers to Standing NATO Maritime Group 2,
NATO standing maritime Immediate Reaction Forces. SNMG 2 is “a multinational, integrated maritime force –
made up of vessels from various allied nations, training and operating together as a single team”.
The NATO member states involved in the war games was not disclosed.
Of significance, these war games overlap with bilateral military exercises between Turkey and Jordan which include the participation
of special forces from both countries.
De Zeven Provinciën-class frigate (Netherlands) (right) These bilateral Turkey-Jordan war games have not been reported upon.
They are scheduled to end on November 9. These bilateral military exercises are intent upon enhancing military cooperation
between the two countries, both of which are using
special forces in the training and hosting of rebel mercenaries. The objective of the war games is to threaten Syria.
The two sets of war games will be coordinated. What seems to be envisaged, in this regard, is a scenario of invasion of an unnamed
enemy country from war ships stationed in the Eastern Mediterranean, supported by air power.
This would be carried out in coordination with US-NATO and allied special forces on the ground operating out of Turkey and Jordan
in support of Al Qaeda affiliated rebel forces.
Amply documented, Turkey and Jordan are supporting the influx of both mercenary and covert special forces including death squads into Syria,
respectively on Syria’s Northern and Southern border. Is Russia threatened by these war game? Russia is an ally of Syria.
It has a naval base in the Eastern Mediterranean operating out of the port of Tartus in Southern Syria. In a bitter irony,
coinciding with the NATO Invitex military exercises, NATO is conducting large-scale war games in proximity of the Russian border.
The Ukraine, which is not a NATO country is participating in these war games directed against Russia.
“The military exercise, called Steadfast Jazz, will see the Western alliance put 6,000 of its soldiers, mariners and airmen through their paces in Poland
and in the Baltic Sea region from 2 to 9 November. … ”
Meanwhile, the US threatens China as part of Obama’s Asian pivot: October 25-28,
U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Group Five (America’s largest Strike Group) led by the The USS George Washington staged joint military exercises in the South China Sea.

Al Qaeda Building Base on the Moon

Is Al Qaeda building a base on the moon? Political prankster Mark Dice talks with beach goers in San Diego to get their reaction to the “news.”
Urgent and important … News in the German Dieudspiegal, the German de Dbulbao the channel on the main front page confirms that the

“biggest supporter and financier of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and the Sinai Peninsula, and the victory in front of Syria, which is taken from the Turkish border-based”

They are senior members of the ruling Libyan parliament in Libya 0.

Al-Qaeda group in Libya declare zero hour!!!!



The foreign and defense ministers of Russia and Egypt meet for the first time in the form of four:


08 NOV. 2013 12:42


Ministers will meet Foreign Affairs and Defense of Russia, Egypt, Sergei Lavrov, Nabil Fahmy, Sergei Shoigu, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi,
for the first time in four survival, on 13 November / November in Cairo. This was announced on Friday,
the official representative of the Russian Foreign Alexander Ukashević.

Russia implements these meetings the Quartet with the United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States, France and Japan.


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