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Great Jamahiriya Libyan tour:
(how Libya WAS)

Libyan Bnqirdan only to God … and the Libyan and the great victory!

Mu & the New Libya 2001 Italain book

# INTERPOL international drops red cards for 12 personal staff of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

Libya – Agencies – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Dropped international Interpol red cards for 12 personal staff of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA , headed by Mohammed al-Hweij Secretary of the General People’s Committee for finance, Mohammed Ismail, a man of intelligence, and Mohamed al-Qashaat, and paint and we were.

English lawyers Robert gies said that because of the international prosecution, is that Interpol and by the text of article 3 of the law preventing prosecution because of ethnic cleansing or religious, political or military, tribal.

It was also removing the freeze on their personal accounts.

Libyan page of the local news

The border and say hantgaoz atalko Abdullah Sanussi Ashan ygzer the tgzir, clients, seeds of America in Islamic countries.

Muammar and Senussi

But the valolna internal security and combat alzendk e..
This is the only solution. As our heroes and revolutionaries Ndioro and black and they are sitting pity in our youth Elly Lipo State every day, this is not an opinion.
MOSH astanto NATO infidel enemy of Muslims because the Muammar tkodo?
Muammar & Senussi 1980
Astaino internal security because the cowardly halshrazem mull a contusion.
I know that this is just a dream.
And AHA we henchmen “in order to save time. God does not forgive you o metaslmi o post-revolutionary customers Qatar Yali to our now on our wesrkto revolution and to our now.. Wosaltona that NAS had failed says REF..Mauselsh phase and delirious, hiosal close if the situation continues what the objects. Especially if takolk is interested in.

مش حنتجاوز حدودي ونقول أطلقو عبد الله السنوسي عشان يجزّر هـالـعملاء تجزير ,, بذور امريكا في الدول الاسلامية ..

لكن فعّلولنا الامن الداخلي وجهاز مكافحة الزندقـة .. هذا الحل الوحيد .. أما نديرو روحنا ثوريين وابطال واسود وهم قاعدين يقتّلو في شبابنا اللي يبو دولة كل يوم , فهذا مش راي بكل ..

مش إستعنتو بالناتو الكافر عدو المسلمين عشان تقضو على معمّر ؟
إستعينو بالأمن الداخلي عشان يسحن هالشراذم الجبانة سحنْ ..

مع إني عارف ان الكلام هذا مجرد احلام فقط ..
واها نحن ازلام ” اختصارا للوقت ” … والله لا يسامحكم يا متأسلمي مابعد الثورة يا عملاء قطر ياللي كرهتونا في معيشتنا وسرقتو الثورة وكرهتونا فيهـا .. ووصلتونا لدرجة إن في ناس قعدت تقول ردو الامن الداخلي ..واللي ماوصلش للمرحلة هذي , حيوصل قريب لو استمر الوضع على ماهو علـيه .. خاصة لو طقولك في حد يهمّك ..


D . Ali Salaabi : my testimony in Mr. (( Abu Zaid Dorda ) )

….In the name of God the Merciful:

Asked Professor Abu Zeid Dorda testimony in his own right , attended Front words of God: ” Jaap not martyrs if the so – called ” (The Cow , verse : 282).

And says: ” shall not suppress testimony and Ictmha it sinful heart, and God knows what you do ” ( Al – Baqarah , verse : 283 ).
And says : “Do not hatred of any people seduce but not from justice Be just that is nearer to piety , and fear Allah is Aware of what ye do ” ( table , verse : 8).

The man now between the walls in Libyan prisons , and we hope from God to reconcile the Libyan judiciary to the administration of justice and injustice , and returns the confidence of the people in it, and that God loved one.

1 was to Professor Abu Zeid great efforts before the revolution in communication with the Libyans who left the country for political reasons and others, was a link before assuming responsibility for external security of the former regime between the state and the citizens, and has helped many Libyans men, women and children to return passports and return to their country , honor and dignity , and was watching himself all of these cases , and at that time it was difficult to men of the former regime who speaks with the head of the regime in such matters , and to open a dialogue with the opposition political factions .

2 was his efforts in the output thanks a lot to be prisoners of conscience , and in influencing the decision-maker in the country, before the revolution, told me what his pay and Hlhalt file Muslim Brotherhood who were now in Abu Salim and succeeded in doing was of the reasons for their departure .

3 And when he took External Security firmly push towards the exit prisoners of Abu Salim and contributed to overcome the difficulties and spoke with senior officials in paying tribute to the dialogue with the prisoners and reached him, and he said to me : I do not contribute in introducing people to prison , but I’m working on them out , and there was opposition from some of the leaders of the security services , and could be a pillar of the state who are keen on the success of the dialogue with Islamic groups and directed by prisoners .

4 to commemorate the fortieth of the former regime , try some critics exploit the event and work on political blackmail to take some of the interviews, television foreign prisoners and an apology for the head of the regime , and it was my opinion and the opinion of the leaders of the dialogue in prison refrain from it because of the indignity and humiliation for them, and I went to Professor Abu Zeid in his office and convinced our point of view , and asked him to persuade Saif al – Islam so, God has removed the two prisoners and mines and embarrassment and an insult intended, they are now out of prison and some of them in the joints of the state.

5 when it launched the Iranian authorities Arab families that migrated from Afghanistan to Iran result of the events of September 11, 2001 emigrated family Abu Anas Libyan from Iran to Turkey, and that was in 2010, was not with them any identification papers and travel documents , and call me brother- Abu Anas Libyan told me suffering experienced by his sister and her children , and contacted Professor Abu Zeid, said to me: God willing, within 48 hours will be Mrs. with her children in her country enhanced honor , and this is what has already been , waving them travel documents and tickets, and continued topic until they reached Tripoli, and let me know so once you get .

6 Some Libyans from science students in Yemen and signed as a result of lack of access to accommodation in the grip of the Yemeni authorities , and told families of prisoners there, and I followed up with the professor, was released, and other national positions and humanity of this kind , and it was one of the fastest people in the output Passports for Libyans who prevented them several years , they are out of the country , as well as facilitate the procedures for their return , and get brochures family and so on, and these things were considered major problems at the time.

It was neither arrogant nor disdain for an interview citizens who ask me to arrange a meeting with him to resolve some of the problems they are experiencing after their return to the country.

7 As in the negotiations famous during the revolution sponsored by the Egyptian authorities thankfully has asked national figures for dialogue with them after the agreement with Mr. Mustafa Abdul Jalil , including Dr. Jadallah Azzouz Talhi , Dr. Aqeel Hussein Akil, and Professor Abu Zeid Dorda , to search for a solution depends on the departure of head of the regime and his followers and to spare the capital from destruction , and injected the blood of the Libyans, and invite them to join the revolution to our conviction that these figures with the fortunes of high patriotism, and was attended by Dr. Akil, has written details of the negotiations in his book , and was Professor Abu Zeid present has not gone unnoticed patriotism and concern for the interest Speaking Supreme national if he has his choice and political position in which it differed author of this certificate and a lot of the sons of the homeland .

I’ve come to the Libyans , men and women and the elderly and younger because justice take its course without affected by or subject of any kind of pressure , and to heal the wounds and sit for justice and national reconciliation, and activate the law of transitional justice consistent with the justice of Islam , and international standards of human rights.

I am not defending anyone indecent or shedding of blood , or tortured Libby, or stolen money in , or violated any rights of the people if the evidence and the rule of law and the judiciary:
Unequivocal evidence not flimsy suspicions .
The spirit of justice not revenge , revenge disease .
And love and know the truth no rigging and falsification of falsehood.
And the higher interest of the country not rumination of the hatchet .
I am against people accountable for their political or intellectual .
The homeland accommodate all its citizens in all colors and constituents and his ideas , and this is the meaning of freedom advocated by the Liberals who helped them God to achieve the principles Semitism and overcome the disease souls, this is what I saw , but a certificate and not a defense , the someone has what it owes to the man Vomamh judiciary.

“What we have seen , but what we know and what we secrets of the maintainers.”

(Ali Mohamed Mohamed Salaabi):

Knight Libyan response to an article of Ali hardness about Abu Zaid Dorda

Knight Libyan response to an article hardness on Abu Zaid Dorda.
Room Leader / Muammar al-Qathafi on Paltalk. 09/11/2013 …


SAADI left hand up in pledge

:: Important announcement::

To all whom it may concern, the Declaration begins a campaign to immunize cattle against foot-and-mouth disease.
Please contact the specialists of “each according to their region set out in the Declaration:


:: Announcement Ham ::

Lock on the Sunday market your animals from Sunday 10/11/2013 until the complete fortifications campaign ..

Follow ..



The Supreme Council ltwark Libya decides to participate in the Election Committee,
in order to benefit Libya and heading for citizens to work together and establish cultural and constitutional lltwark.
Libyan media network-#LNM



 FB VIDEO: moments with Zaidane!!Became Qltheloty play O the signatory What Brothers demons!!And God, but you are the sitcom and soon Cisdl the curtain by the help of God ..
لحظات تحقيق مع على زيدان !!صار قلتلوتى مسرحية يا ال موق ويا اخوان الشياطين !!والله الا انتم هم المسرحية الهزلية وقريبا سيسدل الستار عليها بعون الله ..




Member motionless November 9, “Hisham Alonda” says that the youth areas adjacent to Green Square

and neighboring cities to Tripoli are flocking to Green Square before the start of the scheduled demonstrations on at 4 pm

Mermaid operations room
Been assigned to operations room of the capital to secure and protect the Green Square and protesters motionless o9 November for the day.
We ask everyone to cooperate and keep a peaceful movement.

There was ONE Green Flag at least:


Motion NOT TO EXTEND the GNC .

Urgent agency Libya / accusation room rebels Palmsúlh the Tripoli events
Urgent agency Libya / room charge rebels Palmsúlh the Tripoli events

Accused a member of the National Conference General on Tarabliss the Sheikh , “Abdel- Latif sleazy ” operations room rebels Libya Balsúlah the direct responsibility for the events of last Thursday, 7 / November in Tripoli .
He said, ” sleazy ” : Since the room was assigned your sales Libya rebels increased the pace of kidnappings of children, women and human rights activists , journalists and unlawful detention and assassination, and is therefore fully responsible as responsible for the protection of civil and secured.
He threatened , “Abdul Latif sleazy ” withdraw commissioning and resolve the room through the General National Congress for failing to perform their duties .

وكالة عاجل ليبيا / اتهام غرفة الثوار بالمسؤولة عن أحداث طرابلس
أتهم عضو المؤتمر الوطني العام عن طرابليس الشيخ “عبد اللطيف مهلهل” غرفة عمليات ثوار ليبيا بالسؤولية المباشرة عن أحداث يوم الخميس الماضي 7 / نوفمبر بمدينة طرابلس.
وقال “مهلهل” : منذ أن تم تكليف غرفة عمليت ثوار ليبيا زادت وتيرة عمليات خطف للأطفال والنساء والناشطين الحقوقيين والاعلاميين وعمليات الاعتقال غير القانوني والاغتيال ، ولذلك فهي مسؤولة مسؤولية كاملة باعتبارها المكلفة بحماية المدنية وتأمينها .
وهدد “عبد اللطيف مهلهل” بسحب التكليف وحل الغرفة عن طريق المؤتمر الوطني العام بسبب فشلها في إداء واجباتها.

“Atmosphere of the country”:

the members of the city of Tripoli, the National Conference blame the government “for inaction” in the implementation of resolutions 27 and 53,

also have operations room Libya rebels what happened on Friday in Tripoli.

As demand and internal staff to publish the names of formations that trailed them and sweeping.

Gurji  this morning after yesterday’s clashes with Gargour militias that succeeded in liberating hostages ….

Tripoli since few

Fire in a sauna in Egyptian in Tripoli.


Arrested by intelligence chief Salem Chris might be committing fornication with case € 80 000 euros and is now at the Mitigua Airbase.

Released Intelligence Chief Salem Chris with reservation to his papers and vowed to pursue the case of the arrested are discreetly notified on topic for other reasons.

Intelligence chief defendant in prostitution case:

Arrest of the Libyan intelligence chief ” Salem Chris” on charges of prostitution in the eastern region July 11 , the night the day six in the morning , and now in custody at the base of Mitigua .
According to some sources that “Chris” catch him red – handed in reality weight using a car belonging to the intelligence service , accompanied by old girl , a 37 – year – old from outside the city of Tripoli , has been impounded as well.
The reservation on the car Gther in her bag back on the amount of 80.000 ” eighty thousand ” Ioroa in cash and a pistol type ” units ” registered in the name Kthiebh ” M’hamed headquarters in the ” previously under the license number of the destination does not exist today , which I consider a crime in itself , as the reservation to his mobile phone.
Has been addressing the military police to pick it up , but he refused to hand over the girl to the military police to a common file remains and Mguetouha .
Has also been booking 5 stretchers gilded fully found in a bag Alguetah accompanying the Hassi and 4000 Ioroa amount in cash, and the girl said that ” Salem Chris” is asked to come to Tripoli.

Supreme Council for Libya rebels

The Supreme Council of the revolutionary Libya

(Room revolutionaries Libya)


Kidnapping Mohammed Asswehly younger brother Abdul Rahman Sowaihili member of the National Congress for Misratah in one of the gates phantom Tripoli.

(Quoting Libya Max)




Today at 5:30 Sbahia

Heavy gunfire collect kinds of weapons from inside Ameitikh base and cause a ceremony marking the exchange of prisoners with Misrata ..

Has been the delivery and receipt by neutral party of Ajeelat.

Long live the state militias



Globe :::::::
An armed clash between Mustafa Hashish with Marwan Dawi against Abdel Basset Qjam, during the latter out of the mosque after his performance Maghrib prayer.
And reports of injuries.

Globe ::::

It is the day when the Maghrib prayer mosque Kerkozh the sons chosen hashish they Mustafa and Khalifa and the driver Marwan Dawi in his car

type BMW driven by Marwan stormed the mosque and shooting dead brother Abdul Baset Masood, a pray and serious injury to his legs,

thank God, is now in a good position either they firing the Adhu fled ..

/ / Youth globe

/ / Pictures and news from Rishvana

Globe :::

Omar killed Ramadan Bashana During yesterday’s clashes in Kerkozh

Each of the injury:
Saddam Faitouri the Bashana
Abdel Basset Massoud Qjam,
Mohammed Hussein Hamouda

Struggle with the number “has been moved to Tunisia

Was launched a grenade launcher them from one of the sons of hashish.

(Youth globe)



Elephant oil field El-Feel Oil Field
News talking about starting out in stopping the production of the Elephant oil field because of the protests in the oil Mellitah Complex,

where the elephant field production of about 74 thousand barrels per day.

National Oil denies halt Libyan gas exports to Italy

Atmosphere of the country – particularly

Spokesman denied NOC Mohammed thermal reported by some media statements Director of the company ” Eni ” the Italian oil and gas to stop the Libyan gas exports to Italy from the port of Mellita .

The warming of the atmosphere to the country on Saturday : The ongoing export operations according to the available quantities of gas port and not the usual amounts .

In another context, thermal confirmed that the company ” BP ” oil ” BP ” not linked to contracts with Libya Ghadames basin level , though linked with the institution is limited to a contract in the offshore oil , nor did it provide any requested withdrawal from the project so far .

This came in response to the news spread that the company ” BP ” British began talks with the Libyan government , on its withdrawal from project ” Ghdames ” .

It is worth mentioning that Libya ‘s production of gas from the normal average dropped in the last term because of the sit-ins and some security problems.


Clashes occurred in the city of Surman and wounded on the track Two Makorh and taken to Sabratha care they:

Mahmoud Farhat Almakora the

Ahmad Abdul Majeed Almakora, and was in serious condition

And another Parrish of the family Alnobar.




Very Aaaaaajl

Ansar al-Sharia Branch Sirte:

“We did not steal the money .. We took money from the infidel Zaidane government to support our mujahedeen brothers in Syria ..

And thankfully the full amount was transferred to the Mujahideen in Syria.”

Unit for the production of electric power and generation of Sirte early 2014

Atmosphere of the country –

Said a spokesman for the electricity company in Sirte Mohamed Salem:

It will fall opening of the first unit of the Gulf station

for the production of steam and electric power generation early next year capacity of 350 MW .

Salem added that the initial percentage of completion of the unit and up to 85 % , and that the project will include four units

completed during the year and a half , pointing out that this unit when it opens will contribute to relieve the pressure and reduce power outages in the city .

It is worth mentioning that the Executive Director for Planning and Projects General Electric Company and the station manager

had discussed this past weekend stages of the implementation and completion of the project .

Is the force you want to enter for Sirte to RAID the robbers
Funds of the Libyan people and the Member National Conference
Mohamed Bo Sidra, the same House meeting
At the headquarters of the General staff for input power for Sirte before sending
53 million Libyan dinars! Security sources confirmed by Surt
“Bousidra” did not meet them and if the indication of where this money to
True news in their hands, b-ball golf Member
Overall I Conference and remarks “boussedra today in the media
Media in not negotiating with public money thieves, o Shaykh, who
Who give them out!? The force was more than you think by
No need for power from outside the city.

(Salem Al-Obeidi)



 Weighs Tsar writes:

Bani Walid only Libyan city to participate in the International Conference ○ ○ ○

Technical College will participate Electronic / Bani Walid at the International Conference of cooperation between universities, which will be held in India next week

And will participate in this conference several universities of most countries of the world including America , Britain, Germany and India.

The Technical College Electronic / Bani Walid is the only college that will participate in this conference in the field of technical education in Libya.

The conference will discuss several points regarding:
1 – the field of research .
2 – Linking educational programs.
3 – the exchange of visits between the two universities .
4 – Cooperation in the field of distance education.
5 – in the field of training .
6 – the exchange of professors and students.
7 – joint ventures.

Representative of the College in a conference . D . Ali Hussein ; in his capacity as dean of the college .

Hospital Bani Walid year

The local council reveals the truth …..

Relay to our ears in days Almadh that the local council of Bani Walid was issuing Testimonials individually to people hoped to their assumption of the positions inside the city , including the director general of Bani Walid hospital …..
Landry did not try to change hospital administration Council elected and supported a broad popular base in the hospital and in the street because it came after a long struggle with authoritarianism and dictatorship ….
While we do not see trying to collect citizens ‘ rights and compensation of prisoners and missing persons and other important things …
Or is it that there are other accounts we do not know its dimensions ? ? ? ?
– Is there a relationship between the significant improvement of health services within the hospital and between owning some council members to private clinics and laboratories , which negatively impact on their work ….
– Is there a relationship between the end of the financial year and the date unlock accounts and try to change the administration
– Is there a relationship between money expected by Masamana the planned and disbursed by the Ministry of Health to Ospybna and Walid Council between trying to change the administration
Is there a relationship between the selection board of the figures calculated on the revolution of February 17 , and exclusion of the characters which represent the local public opinion and regardless of political orientation .
– You will pay Coleman is trying to reform the price of these a try? ? ? ?
We hope gentlemen observers and citizens to express an opinion as to the importance and sensitivity of the issue …
At the same time , we should point out the distinguished members of the local council that there will not be changed unless there is a popular consensus on this change …
And that Labee of reference to understand …..
Image shows the family which has been recently installed in all sections of the hospital …



 Zaidane denies rumor news build houses for Tawergha in Jufrah !!!!
زيدان ينفي خبر اشاعة بنــاء مساكن لتاورغاء فى الجفرة

The people of Tawergha statement on the government’s decision to create 500 housing units Jufrah area

Rat Prime Minister Ali Zaidane:

“I do not want to move the people of Tawergha to Jufrah region against their will, but what we have done after a request came from other displaced people in the city.”




Prevent the shipment loaded tanker (oil) of Port Hariqa – Tobruk

منع ناقلة من تحميل شحنة (نفط)من ميناء الحريقة-طبرق


Warplanes flying over the skies of Benghazi.

Prowling the skies warplanes city of Benghazi now equipped to demonstrations of the so-called mobility 09 Nov.2013.

Call for officers and non-commissioned officers Libyan army

Haaaaaam and Aaaaaajl:

A rallying point, officers and members Libyan row Aljbash the officers .. Camp Buatunai and built air base

Urgent agency Libya / brawl between demonstrators and revolutionaries of Benghazi room

Exposed a group of demonstrators last night’s assault by members of the operations room Libya rebels in front of the University of Benghazi in Waqar Younis area.
One of the protesters said that members of the room they attacking them and insulting-verbally abusive, and expelled them by force which resulted in the injury of a number of demonstrators mild injuries.
It is noteworthy that a number of young demonstrators protested last night in front of the University of Benghazi demanding the closure of the university and the call for a comprehensive civil disobedience they said.

Navy special forces dropped arrested on a car at an intersection Hospital Oct. 7 by a ticking time bomb was heading to the Tibesti Hotel, where young protestors.

Targeting a car belonging to the Preventive Security Service to Bay Street, and Apple
Lead by unknown assailants, which resulted in the killing of a “fair Mr.
Jehani, “” Ali Said Ali. “

(Salem al-Obeidi)

The killing of two army “Thunderbolt” in their car when the Gulf Road Bridge .. I studied car Jeep ..

And empty them stored they are in the car and promised .. God you Henw the Hmaaaa!? .. Henw strange this hatred?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Moved Page Logic)

The deaths of two army “Thunderbolt” in their car at Bridge Bay Street. Jeep car examined. Completed including two in car:

Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
The arrival of the bodies of two of the bolt forces that after Rmma shot in Bay Street and during the performance of their work, to the hospital, namely:
Adel Mr. Jehani
Ali Said Ali
The God but Him we return

God and yes agent.

Liberal reporter Libya, we would like to cover the mobility of Benghazi  Hotel Tibesti today.
Before, a Gunslinger came with his cohorts, described themselves as rebels, and threatened others with death!

# _ Gateway to Libya

Intelligence Benghazi

Urgent … Was arrested the killers of the traffic police chase after some of the young people of Benghazi has helped in Malk congestion when Junction Aldrabik.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

URGENT: medical source of Galaa Hospital in Benghazi confirmed to channel Libya’s international arrival of two of the bodies of the traffic police who have been targeting their patrol by gunmen riddled with bullets by a few at the crossroads of the market “Aldrabik” in Benghazi as source confirmed that the victims had they arrived to the hospital after Varko life in a direct injury as a result of injuries in the head, neck and chest.

Conditional injury “Salah Amgeor” companion “spring” after the target
Department’s patrol traffic, alone achieve accidents, with a barrage of
Lead, on the highway, and they are in a very awkward position.

Benghazi – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Names of policemen Al-Mghadorin in Benghazi shortly before at Aldrabik Junction Syria Street, namely,

Assistant whale officer Salah 30 years old,
Corporal spring-Obeidi, 33 years old



Now unmanned aircraft in the skies of the tuber.

Attorney General’s assassination in Derna

Nabaa channel said in her Newsflash of the tuber:

had been assassinated Attorney General “Mohammed sleepy” in tuber blew his car improvised explosive device.



Urgent Sabha

Yesterday at midnight assassination attempt submitted Khalid Ali Azhari … responsible for illegal immigration in the city of Sabha.

For the first time arrested terrorists murder
An attempt to assassinate Colonel Khaled Al-Azhari was a failure and the terrorists arrested Akram tarhouni.Mohammed balls.Good sobaihi Djamel.
(The first Infantry Brigade page)

Sabha today | |

Several explosions near the store weapons Mount Ben corporal by few.
Cause explosions heard in Mount Ben sergeant that a group of traders who were melting copper remains

on the mountain,and were using weapons to do it; and, it looks like the fire and reached for a range of aircraft missiles

(which existed already on the mountain)  and therefore began to explode.

Sabha ::::::::: now

National Safety Authority Sabha:

Calls citizens commitment to their homes, fearing affected by explosions occurring in Jebel bin Arif,

especially after the human rights office warning about the presence of bombs and missiles serious and impressive.



URGENT – :: – BP:

Rat Prime Minister Ali Zaidane concession on an oil field area for gas for the entire Malta.

Male Mndhub BP that it had received offer to drilling for gas in the heart of the sea and the region come to Libya and the field of oil registered for the State of Libya and refused by al-Qathafi who Aloastosmar them for decades and threatened any company even try to approach them because they affect the life environment in the Mediterranean Hsossa depth of the region and its proximity to Tripoli, al-Qathafi refused to become scene of Qdhum the ships approaching from the Libyan beaches.

Today we discover that the new Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane presented on a platter of gold to Malta and asked us to invest in the region despite that our state Jamahiriya the best WebKit ware and the lower costs and Over to share Libya and Taahdatna the top security level WebKit ware which submitted Malta.

The company is considering whether to accept the offer out of fear that comes my grandfather in Libya to tell us the prime minister is illegal or that he is authorized convention this and we do not know Ketar who authorized in metal these things.




Libya, in North Africa became Afghanistan:

Wrote ” frank ” Algerian titled ” Libya became the Afghanistan of North Africa “: –

The arrest of ( terrorist group ) on the Algerian – Libyan border and investigations with them ( ( ( admitted ) ) )

that the armed groups in Libya attending a large terrorist plot to avenge ( Abu Anas al-Libi) targeting Western interests .
That’s where the meeting held by terrorist groups headed by the terrorist (Khalid Basir ) is wanted by the United States,

as well as attended ( Sufian bin Qmo ) , who heads the party ‘s supporters Sharia Bdrna and other leaders of Tunisia , Egypt and Algeria.


Algerian RAID into Libya

Paris-Le Nouvel aubsirvator-Libyan media network-LNM
Llnshret said that the interests of the Algerian intelligence recently received information about terrorist groups will
launch a terrorist attack on an oil facility in aménas, Algeria had fears and take strict security measures on the border with Libya.
The interests of the Algerian army in the fight against terrorism has recently launched a successful attack on the base of terrorists
in Libyan territory 200 miles established aménas, were planning to launch a terrorist attack on the facility, which had been the target
of a terrorist group of different nationalities taken from Libya as a rear base and starting point and prepare to assault and weapons stores.
The sources said the insider, the Algerian army units responsible for fighting terrorism and securing the border spotted this cell by
sophisticated warplanes and reconnaissance craft.




The Lawyer for Gadafa-dam Horowitzer-blood, states:

“the brothers had a deal (through the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood leader Khairat Al-shater) for my client to be transferred to Libya in
Exchange for funds received by The International Regulation of the Brotherhood” with the current GNC-Zaidane regime.(The newspaper seventh day)
محامى قذاف الدم: الإخوان عقدوا صفقة عن طريق القيادي الاخواني خيرت الشاطر لتسليم موكلى لليبيا مقابل أموال يحصل عليها التنظيم الدولى للإخوان من النظام الليبي الحاليصحيفة اليوم السابع

Ahmed Gadafa-Dam  speaking to a French anti-al-Qathafi publication

concerning his Great cousin Mu’ammar (and his real honest goodness):

“At the time of the former Libyan leader, young families could more easily obtain housing, and under certain conditions, the government even provided them free. The government reimbursed medical treatments and medications. Muammar al-Qathafi personally went to hospitals and ensured that patients do not miss anything. Education was available to everyone. Today the situation is different. In the peripheral regions of the country, an entire layer of marginal appeared. These people live with the arms trafficking and violence. These areas were well controlled in the past, and even I found myself nine times in prison.”
Ahmed Gadafa-Dam Horwitzer-blood TRIAL

احـمـد قـذاف الـدم أثـنـاء مـحـاكـمـتـه اليــوم

Sky News Arabia

Egyptian border guards thwart attempt to smuggle large quantities of weapons near the border with Libya #



London-based Arab newspaper this morning 09 – 11 – 2013 in the second front:



Baghdad – Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

Libyan prisoner’s execution in Iraqi prisons Adel cabled and the Government of Iraq are moving to implement the death penalty in the rest of the prisoners Libyans.



Google prevents additions Chrome installed outside her shop

Google announced that its web browser “Chrome” will stop during the close support for add – ons that are downloaded from the official outside the Chrome store , in a move to strengthen the security of the browser .
The company said it has recently received several complaints relating to security problems brought about by some additions that users download applications from outside the shop of your Chrome website , where lead some of these additives to modify the settings of the browser without the user’s permission , causing a variety of security problems .
Google will begin to impose the new policy as of January next year.

(Moved from Arab News)


Demonizing Muslims: America’s Worldwide Witch Hunt

Global Research, 07 November  2013

Demonizing Muslims.  America's Worldwide Witch Hunt

The U.S. has launched a witch hunt “reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition” to “demonize” Muslims. “While President Obama may uphold freedom of religion, the U.S. inquisitorial social order has institutionalized patterns of discrimination, prejudice and xenophobia directed against Muslims,” writes Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the Centre for Research on Globalization, Montreal.

“Ethnic profiling applies to travel, the job market, access to education and societal services and more generally to social status and mobility,” he writes in his latest book, “Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War” (Global Research).

“What is now unfolding is a generalized process of demonization of an entire population group. Muslims are… considered a potential threat to national security. The threat is said to be ‘much closer to home’, ‘within your neighborhood’. In other words what is unfolding is an all-out witch-hunt reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition,” Chossudovsky writes.

“The arrests, trials and sentences of so-called ‘homegrown terrorists’ (from within America’s Muslim community) on trumped up charges sustain the legitimacy of the Homeland Security State and its inquisitorial legal and law enforcement apparatus,” he asserts. Chossudovsky writes:

“The objective is to sustain the illusion that America is under attack and that Muslims across the land are complicit and supportive of ‘Islamic terrorism’. The demonization of Muslims sustains a global military agenda. Under the American Inquisition, Washington has a self-proclaimed holy mandate to extirpate Islam and ‘spread democracy’ throughout the world.”

Chossudovsky explains, “The ‘Global War on Terror’ (GWOT) requires going after the perceived terrorists using advanced weapons systems. It upholds a pre-emptive religious-like crusade against evil, which serves to obscure the real objectives of military action… Its ultimate objective, which is never mentioned in press reports, is territorial conquest and control over strategic resources.”

“Supported by the Western media, a generalized atmosphere of racism and xenophobia directed against Muslims has unfolded, particularly in the US and Western Europe, which provides a fake legitimacy to the U.S. war agenda,” Chossudovsky contends. “The latter is upheld as a ‘Just War’. The ‘Just War’ theory serves to camouflage the nature of US. war plans, while providing a human face to the invaders.”

Next Target: Iran

The objective of GWOT, Chossudovsky writes, “is to instill fear, rouse and harness citizens’ unbending support for the next stage of America’s ‘long war’, which consists in waging ‘humanitarian’ aerial attacks on the Islamic Republic of Iran, portrayed by the media as endorsing the terrorists… All terrorist attacks (planned or realized) are reported by the media as being perpetrated by Muslims.”

“Muslims are demonized, casually identified with ‘Islamic terrorists,’ who are also described as constituting a nuclear threat,”Chossudovsky writes. “In turn, the terrorists are (allegedly) supported by Iran, an Islamic Republic which threatens the ‘civilized world’ with deadly nuclear weapons (which it does not possess). In contrast, America’s ‘humanitarian’ nuclear weapons will be ‘accurate, safe and reliable.’”

“Beyond the process of inquisitorial arrests and prosecution, an expedient extrajudicial assassination program sanctioned by the White House has been launched. This program, which outshines the Spanish Inquisition, allows U.S. special forces to kill citizens and suspected homegrown terrorists,” he writes.

“Realities are twisted and turned upside down and Iran is being accused of wanting to start World War III. Inherent in U.S. military doctrine, the victims of war are often heralded as the aggressor.”

This global killing machine is sustained by “an embedded cult of killing and destruction which pervades Hollywood movies, not to mention the prime-time war and crime TV series on network television. This cult of killing is endorsed by the CIA and the Pentagon which also support (finance) Hollywood productions as an instrument of war propaganda,” Chossudovsky adds.

The Pentagon has unleashed a major propaganda and public relations campaign with a view to upholding the use of nuclear weapons for the ‘defense of the American homeland’,” Chossudovsky believes. He says it is “utterly twisted logic” that nuclear weapons are being presented as a means to building peace and preventing “collateral damage.”

“The Pentagon has intimated, in this regard, that the ‘mini-nukes’ (with a yield of less than 5,000 tons) are harmless to civilians because the explosions ‘take place under ground,’” he writes. Yet each of these ‘mini-nukes’, nonetheless, constitutes — in terms of explosion and potential radioactive fallout — between one-third and six times the force of the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.”

Calling it “The American Inquisition,” he writes: “‘A war of religion’ is unfolding, with a view to justifying a global military crusade. In the inner consciousness of many Americans, the ‘holy crusade’ against Muslims in justified.”


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