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Mu in Triumph

The Gaddafi Towers in Tripoli

Mu gives us his heartfelt thanks

Everything ready Aaaha the Libyan people, thousands of photos this topic inside Ntzeroa homeland sudden Dear Liberal
God □ □ ■ home ♥ commander of Libya’s victorious 2013 ♡

The commander of the Popular Resistance armed Hristikm and Aashid on your hands, gentlemen Liberals and Auadkm he is coming to me edit the Libyan greatness Lee leaves people Aihdd determination by the people’s congresses and people’s power Heh legislative authority in Libya and will make Libya is leading the Third World, but the whole world .. ■ God □ home

◆Commander ◇ ♥ to Ibiatantsr out of 2013 ♡


Nhanoa stronger than trumpets Nhanoa the Abu Salim men are stronger than the sound of explosions challenged and indomitable courage will be a

new world of how Maghernah of de before waited Men know is interested in meeting me leader, Crown homeland God .. ■ □ home ◇ ◆

♡ commander Libya victorious 2013

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I swear to you God-hour approached and high morale victory and Thank God Antzero the coming days, the statement hours editing and God Maacolh witness. ■ God □ homeland ◆

◇ commander to Ibiatantsr 2013 ♡ ♥

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Libya Telecom & Technology
Please note halt three WiMax stations in Tripoli, 48, 49, 52 include coverage area Sawani and portion of Alangelh, a result of damage to the electricity network associated with the Active 48 and the Engineers in communion with the electricity company to embark on maintenance work and expected it needed a few days to finish maintenance

Close the channel Libya first during add 3 days by order of the Department of satellite Nilesat

as a page run by Hamid Libya NET:



and he still calls Muammar al-Qathafi a dead
murdering-dictator tyrant!!!!!

Zaidane warns of foreign intervention in the event of continued chaos

Libyan Prime Minister warned Ali Zaidane citizens Sunday of a possible intervention of foreign occupation forces in the event of continued chaos in the country, expressing the hope that citizens bear the responsibility in the face of armed militias. Zaidane said “the international community will not let us so area in the center of the Mediterranean source of terrorism and instability and violence. ” We are still under resolution 1970 which was issued to protect civilians and anyone who goes out his weapon and kill civilians assaults on civilians and this is not a threat but an explanation of reality has been heading the international community to this matter . The UN resolution issued under Chapter VII of the UN Charter , which authorizes the international organization to take ” necessary measures” to protect civilians. This resolution was adopted in March 2011 after the outbreak of the uprising against the former regime of “dictator Muammar Gaddafi” in order to “protect civilians from death and the suppression of the revolution practiced by forces loyal to the late tyrannic Libyan leader Dictator. ”

The head of the Libyan government denounced the confrontations that took place Thursday evening in the center of Tripoli between two armed groups and left two people dead and thirty wounded. He called on the people to act against armed militias. “It wants to establish a civil state that Itbroa of arms carriers and ask them to deliver arms to the state and support the formation of the army and police and to be neutral weapons to the army and the police.” “The rebels and non – rebels to assume their responsibility in the use of arms for the breach of security in the country. The weapons that brought the revolution is in breach of security in the country is no justification for the shooting and because of that the first weapon of the army and the police.
شؤون ليبية في الصحافة الدولية
زيدان يحذر من تدخل أجنبي في حال استمرار الفوضى

حذر رئيس الوزراء الليبي علي زيدان مواطنيه الأحد من تدخل محتمل لقوات احتلال أجنبي في حال استمرت الفوضى السائدة في البلاد، معرباً عن أمله في أن يتحمل المواطنون مسؤولية في مواجهة الميليشيات المسلحة. وقال زيدان “المجتمع الدولي لن يتركنا هكذا منطقة في وسط البحر المتوسط مصدراً للإرهاب والقلاقل والعنف. وأضاف “ما زلنا تحت القرار 1970 الذي صدر لحماية المدنيين وأي شخص يخرج بسلاحه ويقتل المدنيين يعتدي على المدنيين وهذا ليس تهديداً ولكن شرح للواقع وقد يتجه المجتمع الدولي لهذا الأمر. والقرار الدولي صدر بموجب الفصل السابع من ميثاق الأمم المتحدة الذي يجيز للمنظمة الدولية اتخاذ “الاجراءات اللازمة” لحماية المدنيين. واعتمد هذا القرار في اذار/مارس 2011 بعد اندلاع الانتفاضة ضد نظام معمر القذافي السابق بهدف حماية المدنيين من قمع الثورة الذي مارسته القوات الموالية للزعيم الليبي الراحل. وندد رئيس الحكومة الليبية بالمواجهات التي وقعت مساء الخميس في وسط طرابلس بين مجموعتين مسلحتين واوقعت قتيلين وثلاثين جريحا. ودعا الشعب الى التحرك ضد الميليشيات المسلحة. وقال “من يريد إقامة الدولة المدنية ان يتبرأوا من حاملي السلاح ويطلبوا منهم تسليم السلاح للدولة وان يدعموا تكوين الجيش والشرطة وان يكون السلاح محايدا لدى الجيش والشرطة”. وأضاف “على الثوار وغير الثوار ان يتحملوا مسؤوليتهم في استعمال السلاح لخرق الامن في البلاد. فالسلاح الذي جمع للثورة هو الذي يخرق الامن في البلاد ولا مبرر لإطلاق النار والأولى ان يرجع السلاح للجيش والشرطة.

 Here are 2 dumb Loulous:
Great Pals of Zaidane.

Here is the real sad-sack:

Rat Prime Minister Ali Zaidane at the Press Conference:

# Of comments Ali Zaidane today:

“# Hit several hotels and embassies and ministries in last Thursday, and if it decides to these embassies to leave Libya, this means the end of the Libyan state”

– Any military formations of the army is the official stop them grants and salaries from next month and this decision includes all the formations

that have joined the army groups and not individuals.

 Zaidane denies rumor news build houses for Tawergha in Jufrah !!!! (see yesterday’s report)
زيدان ينفي خبر اشاعة بنــاء مساكن لتاورغاء فى الجفرة
“Convicted” writes us:
Libya may find it difficult to finance the budgeted expenditure next month.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Among the policies included in the press conference for Ali Zaidane today:

If you cut off gas for Italy may occur is historic in Libya is in the direction of Italy to another supplier of oil and gas is Libya!!!

OIL !!!

Security situation and operational fields and Monaú the Libyan
10 November 2013

# Minaouaharikh : the threat of an oil tanker by force of arms out of the port after the decision was provided by 600 thousand barrels of oil through the institution .

# Mellitah Complex : reduction of operations to the minimum and the trend towards a final stop operations after the reservoirs are filled and also what the security situation.

# Spark field : company Repsol ask each operator dependent workers have to leave the field due to Trdi the security situation , especially after an exchange of fire near a field clinic .

# Elephant field : reduce production and prepare to lock the final field after the closure of the port of Mellitah and the closure of the spark field .

Ports ( # Zueitina – # Sidra – Ras # Lanuf – # Brega ) : Stop final work for more than 3 months and that’s why lock in large fields in the center of the country and this caused the death of wells and clogging pipes and worn out infrastructure debilitating originally .

# Libya losses : to this day I arrived Libya losses due to lock ports and sit-ins , strikes and threats arrived for 7 and a half billion Libyan dinars

(Mullet field)

Security sources : Returns the oil tanker of Harika port was for security reasons.

And : the competent authorities attributed in Harika oil Btabriq the port on Friday the first oil tanker for security reasons and that the anchorage area.

Security sources said the port to the Libyan news agency that after the receipt of information to the site of the oil to the Gulf Oil Company for the existence of a threat to the existing oil tanker anchorage area has been informed to leave the area near the coast to ensure safety.

According to the same sources, the actual threat to oil tankers in the anchorage area lies on the west coast waterfront area known as the resort and the coast of the Manara district.
The sources said that the security authorities in the region continues to search and investigate the sources of threat vector contained in the security reports.

It is noteworthy that the oil tanker that was returned was supposed to transfer the shipment of crude oil from the port to the refinery oil refinery Corner.

The interim government slowed holding ports period not to exceed 10 days to lift their blockade of these ports

The head of the interim government warned Mr. ” Zaidane “ that he would not be detained and acceptance of the occupation of the oil fields for political illusions ,

or personal interests . Mr. revealed ” Zaidane ” in a press conference held Sunday afternoon in Tripoli that his government Astmmelt since a four-day report of the

Commission of the crisis year National Congress , which is empowered to deal with the closure of oil ports oil Crescent area .

He explained, “ Zaidane” that the interim government began after receipt of authorization to take executive action ,

was grace holding ports period not to exceed 10 days to lift the siege of these ports, but the government will use its powers and procedures that will not declare them now . ( And )

Some of what he said today rat Prime Minister Ali Zaidane at the press conference:

– Let us know the closure of the oil fields and tampering with the property of the Libyan people are people criminals.

– State incur losses every day as a result of the continuation of the oil fields and lock happen fiscal deficit in the state starting next month

and there is no solution for the Libyan people, but to have to go demonstrations and graduated “criminals” who occupy fields oil to Asmho the state to resume oil exports.


Admission will not be detained and the occupation of the oil fields for political illusions

Tripoli – and – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

The head of the interim government warned on Zaidane that he would not be detained and acceptance of the occupation of the oil fields for political illusions , or personal interests .

Zaidane revealed in a press conference held Sunday afternoon in Tripoli, that his government Astmmelt since a four-day report of the Commission of the crisis year National Congress , which is empowered to deal with the closure of oil ports Crescent area of oil,

He explained that the interim government began after receipt of authorization to take executive action , was grace holding ports period not to exceed 10 days to lift the siege of these ports, but the government will use its powers and procedures that will not declare them now .

Continue the sit-in in Marsa Hariqa the oil

Resume classes on Sunday in Libyan schools after they stopped in each on Wednesday and Thursday

And : resumed the study on Sunday in Libyan schools all , after they stopped at each on Wednesday and Thursday , as a result picket teachers out; protest against what they described as worsening conditions of workers in the education sector , and the failure to meet the needs of increasing their salaries and provide health insurance for them and create an environment encouraging learning , and the development of performance and provide training and rehabilitation programs suitable .

The President of the Steering Committees of teachers ‘ unions in Libya ” Younis Bo far “ in a statement to the Libyan News Agency that the study resumed today in all schools and various educational stages after agreement with the General National Congress resolve problems and to consider the requests of teachers .

He stressed, ” Bo far ” ( Wall ) , that the members of the Steering Committees education Libyan cities all contact with their representatives to the National Conference of the year.

And across the ” Bo distant ” , expressed his thanks and appreciation to the teachers for their commitment to the resumption of the study today , but parents of students about their understanding of teachers’ requests .



National Security Directorate Tripoli officially announces the issuance of orders from the presidency of the Directorate

for all positions and elements of officers and non-commissioned officers to descend on the streets of the city of Tripoli

to restore security and transmit tranquility.

Urgent Tripoli: –
Assassination (Algerian woman) at the age of 31 years old was shot dead in Tripoli

Command Council, citing ” ‘revolution’ of 17February”

Retweeted Saheeh Al-bukhaari and Muslim (@ala7adeth):
The same suffocating smothers the fire and stab her stab her in the shot.
Narrator: Abu hurayrah
Source: Bukhari

Tripoli ::::: grabs

News of the gunmen who shut down the road link between the Alfornaj and Spring Valley

against the backdrop of the abduction of two girls in the region of Ain ​​Zara.

Libya talks:

Abdel Moez Bannon:

I was in contact with the Dean of the National Security inquiring about the spread of police in full Tripoli today ,,,

He told me that the police have decided , “especially after the events of the previous days ” With everything seen in the country two years , they

decided , and the orders of the director of security of Tripoli that spreads officers and non-commissioned officers and police officers with full

force in the streets of Tripoli to secure them from today ,,,

I asked him , how we can help you , he does not want people civilians only moral support , even a good word …

Call each Libby and Libyan wants security and police refused to chaos, Ashkrōhm on their work , gave them what you can to help , have expressed

support for the sons of members and police officers , even a bottle of water or a cup of coffee in the morning, each according to his region and his street,

they need your support and encouragement to them.

Default Libyan police and security manages Cher and encourage them that lets estimated, and the word is Abich police and security Hula runs ….

Abdel Moez Bannon:

asked of Jewish Sowaihili that apologizes for residents of Tripoli and then assesses Akecish and go.

Kidnapping of 3 officers before colony Gharghour the events of last Thursday, they follow a rapid intervention force at the Ministry of the Interior:

Ayoub Hammadi
Salam Haider
Mohammed Al-Amari

# _ Gateway to Libya

Girls College Saraya headquarters

Asswehly Masrati:

A fire broke out in one of the buildings of the Military College for Girls shortly before

Event Tripoli :::

Abdel Moez Bannon:

Shooting just before the car to manage traffic in the gypsum-gate, and there are no injuries thankfully, Lipo, they frighten, thrill them, install them.

Guest inside  skill Hotel  the filmed the clashes unit between Jews Misratah stationed Jews Gharghour area, militias of  El nawasy, 

and deterrence centered accidentally Shat Babi six.

(Valley girl)

Radisson blu Tripoli le 7.11.2013
fusillade a Tripoli

نزيل من داخل فندق المهاري يقوم بتصوير الاشتباكات التى حدتة بين يهود مصراته المتمركز بمنطقة غرغور ومليشيات النواصى والردع المتمركز بطريق الشط بابى ستهبنت الوادي

Radisson blu Tripoli le 7.11.2013
fusillade a Tripoli

Jews of Misurata, describe militias of the Friday Market as  Bthoar  Methanol:


Mermaid operations room
Yesterday Tunisair flight number 407 hours 8 pm from Tunisia to Libya “Tripoli-hour 10 access ..

All bags theft Tunis airport travelers when traveling to access Tripoli airport

Akchwo the I All bags may steal him Alknronat and personal items and bags. .

On the subject of stealing electrons and some personal needs of citizens bags the day before yesterday Tunisair flight number 407 hours 8 pm from Tunisia to Tripoli,

arriving at 10 pm

Passengers who stole them things open records in police stations with ticket number

And then refer this case to the point of jurisdiction and is the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority and either the Libyan judiciary for direct compensation for theft
The Civil Aviation Authority demanding officially the Tunisian Civil Aviation investigation into position with a request for a copy of the safety

and security measures at airports in Tunisia ….. It can also determine where he is in the palaces measures are followed by the Tunisian airports ,

but more than that , the issue of either Verses the World Organization for Civil Aviation and reduce the number of flights Tunisair for the benefit of local businesses
Please accept the assurances of respect and appreciation

(Mermaid operations room by Mr. Hisham specialized carrier)






Urgent agency Libya / stop clashes in Surman

Announced the head of the local council Surman Hassan Makhlouf, stop the clashes, which took place on Saturday evening,

between two armed groups in the city due to personal differences.
The Makhlouf told the Libyan news, that these clashes have killed people, and wounding three others, in stable condition

and receiving treatment at Madina hospital and reported Makhlouf that the clashes stopped after the intervention of members

of the Shura Council and the wise men of the city, to contain the situation between the two groups.
Renewed clashes in the city, “Surman” Vote for medium and heavy weapons heard in parts of the city in these moments.

Libya today:
Now spread a lot of young people, armed vehicles and tanks in the area of Abu Rish city of Surman.

Surman today ...

Close the coastal road in the city of Surman by young area Makorh and claim the delivery of those involved in the events of yesterday ..


Dr. Mohamed Harizi:

Desalination plant in Sabratha

The Cabinet today approved the establishment of a desalination plant in the city of Sabratha and the other in the city of Sirte

and solve the problems of the water was cut off from the city and lack of access to most of the suburbs of the city of Sabratha and the Alalalqh Market.



Touareg to Libya they decide to participate in the elections for the sixtieth committee

charged with drafting a new “constitution” for the country.

(appears that the people have completely  abandoned their GREAT JAMAHIRIYA….WHY????)

Sunday , 11/10/2013 – 13:00

Tripoli, 10 November 2013 ( and ) – the Touareg Libya decided to participate in the elections of the committee preparing the constitution, ” the sixtieth committee ” that will be the drafting of a new constitution for the country and presented to the Libyans for a referendum. The Supreme Council of the Touareg in a statement published Saturday his decision to participate in these elections , saying that the Tuareg retreat from lack of participation is due to what may devolve things from a constitutional and political vacuum . The Council called for in his statement to work according to the principle of consensus building Libya with the rest of the components of the Libyan people , noting that the Libyans will travel immediately after that silence the ears of officials on the implementation of the constitutional rights and national Touareg. ( And )



News Zliten …

Two days before the attack on Zliten Hospital

The one person my father was a drunk access to the emergency department did not find Dr. Surgery Alternate section stood up assaulting the security of ambulances and the 5 other people to enter the ambulance and Kano drunk Balabt the contents of the section and Roughly chop been Tugeo alternate administrative and lose to enter him in his office Bashtmh and beaten p head and Alabt his office and take it out outside the office and lose to board and care operations department and lose Balabt Bmahtoyaten and later came the security committee team and lose arrest and Altugeh them to an unknown location.

And the names of the two persons abused them :

Alternate administrative ( Bedouin Pacific )
And one of the guards belonging to the hospital Saqr company ( thanks)

After the attack the hospital guards to resign out of fear for his life because he has no insurance on his life by the company.



The Cabinet today approved the establishment of a desalination plant in the city of Sirte.

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter . Valley Agency Dinar News

Giza area residents are closing all sectors of government in Sirte

Atmosphere of the country –

Giza area residents continue to of Sirte Iglagahm military all government sectors for the second day in the city , in protest against the delay in the interim government , represented by the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Housing, Utilities , financial referral authorizations for war – affected housing in the city.

The director of the Local Information Office in Sirte, Muhammad Ali Amyl, states that ” the people of the Giza military blocked the road leading to the Giza area of military , as well as the closure of the main gate of the complex sectors where there are all government sectors , in addition to the closure of the main gate of the University of Sirte and the bank branch unit Sirte .

The amyl for the ambiance of the country on Sunday, they formed a committee earlier to contact the competent authorities , in order to limit the damage to housing , has promised the Minister of Housing, Utilities referral authorizations financial , worth 37 million dinars to a local Sirte, in a period not exceeding ten days only.

The Director of the Office of the media that “the number of damaged houses in the Giza area nearly 621 homes damaged , pointing out that the people of the city has issued a statement calling for the speedy disbursement authorization financial , and gave parents the competent authorities another chance , but they did not respond to their demands , leaving them camped visits again, ” he says.

For his part, condemned the Local Sirte delayed the interim government in exchange referral authorizations for homes, which is estimated at 15 thousand homes damaged in the city , explaining that he had so far signed the Exchange ‘s financial authorizations only 9 thousand houses .

It is noteworthy that this is the second protest organized by the people of the Giza area , who are demanding the speedy disbursement of financial authorizations to the affected homes and dilapidated as a result of the war .



Invites institutions in civil society to hold a meeting on Tuesday, 11.12.2013 and So we Faculty Althagnah,

electronic Bani Walid and for the establishment of the Union of civil society institutions in Bin Walid.

so please come and solve the lack of underdevelopment.

Hamali Alshbit writes:

all the words and characters and phrases and meanings and words and words of thanks and appreciation will not meet their electricity company workers understand the fact the burning candle to illuminate our day welialna how we khglon them and single out whom dabble in the depth of the crisis and war, however, the maintenance teams are more than deserve our thanks and appreciation for all the beads of sweat fall down them mixed with Pustular Bani Walid al-Taher.

الهمالي الشبيط كل الكلمات والأحرف والجمل والمعاني والألفاظ وكلمات الشكر والتقدير لن تف العاملين بشركة الكهرباء حقهم فهم حقيقة الشمعة التي تحترق لتنير أيامنا وليالنا فكم نحن خجلون أمامهم ونخص بالذكر منهم من أشتغل في عمق الأزمة وأيام الحرب ومع هذا ففرق الصيانة هم أكثر من يستحقون الشكر والتقدير على كل حبة عرق تسقط منهم تمتزج بثرى بني وليد الطاهر

The city of Bani Walid wonderful and beautiful and continue maintenance and construction …

The road known as double by palm behind the club Aldahara after installing lampposts by her young

Electricity Company Bani Walid tribute to them and to every man and lover jealous me his hometown deeds not words …

(Bnoulideat Baniwalid)

Electronic Technical College – Bani Walid
Announces the Office of Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Electronic Technical Bani Walid for open registration for this semester for students wishing

to obtain a master’s degree in disciplines (Communication Engineering and Automatic Control Engineering, Computer and Information Technology)

to be the entrance exam later this month.

Success for all ..

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News a partagé la photo de “convicted”.

To not pastures Zealand and Denmark plains ……
It Bani Walid good
The Alqrjoma Valley Machae God bless Rahman.

(Page and Great Rafla).:



Ibrahim Jdharan head of the political bureau of CYRENAICA via a press conference now:

Called key Abdel Samad James as the National Oil Corporation in Cyrenaica,

which will be based temporarily in white so equipped based in the provincial capital, Benghazi.

The recent negotiations with the protesters in the oil ports

“Ambiance country”Awjila

The head of the RAT government Ali Zaidane today in a news conference they were given a last chance for negotiations

between the protesters in the oil ports with the Committee of Wise Men for the Eastern District to break up the protest .

The coordinator of the Elders of the city Awjila ” Abdullah Hamad “ spoke to the “Ambiance country” on Sunday that the

Elders of the Eastern Region met with the Rat Prime Minister Ali Zaidane  in order to give the negotiations a final opportunity

to negotiate with the protesters resolve the crisis friendliness and understanding.

Hamad said that on Monday held a meeting of the Elders of the eastern region to go to the sit- in oil ports and engage in dialogue

with them without reference to the President of the Political Bureau of the territory of Cyrenaica Abraham Jdharan .

It is noteworthy that Libya may have seen stop the export of oil in the oil Crescent due to repeated sit-ins for nearly four months .



last night:

Remove sticker opaque glass of cars from before Thunderbolt forces .. He asked the papers for cars.


After the descent of the Libyan army and Thunderbolt, the police and the beginning of insurance
Benghazi and the beginning of automobile inspection campaigns and remove opaque glass
Surprised that the Jews of Libya (Brotherhood) in the conference who introduced
Message from the partisan civil society institutions, namely, (co-ordinating
Civil society organizations) known that was established
Brotherhood and the membership of the Muslim Brotherhood …
Suleiman Zubi client with the Muslim Brotherhood in the conference stabbing
Army in Benghazi, Mesh Sadehm assassination and murder of the army
Iharbo them instead of their money and support condom against bullets and ammunition
Suffice agent of God and blessing!!!!

Now young people and civil society institutions Front Tibesti Hotel Benghazi issue a statement condemning the actions of a

member Suleiman Zubi, and his insistence on the survival of room belong to the leaders of the rebel armed militias.

Continuing a sit-residents of Benghazi in support of the army and police and to reject what came Beah boob Suleiman Zubi.


Definite information
Suleiman Zubi is collecting signatures .. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood Conference
And submit a request to the presidency of the conference in order to bring out the decision commissioned Libya rebels room to protect the city of Benghazi ..
Engineered Suleiman Zubi problem inside the conference hall and became screaming:

“Why descend Thunderbolt forces and gave her commissioning says our revolutionaries room only only the right to secure the city! “

and often objected to Colonel Abdullah Saaiti, the completely dismissive instructed Prime Benghazi Military Region

(Special Forces)

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Member of the General National Congress Chancellor Suleiman Zubi announce that residents of the city of Benghazi and the institutions of civil society by demanding commissioned operations room Libya rebels with the task of maintaining security in the city (ZUBI IS A LIAR!!)

Increasing the speed of his heart .. Starts sweating .. Falters .. Bite his tongue .. Screaming hysterically stands .. Sitting .. Stands .. Waving his hands .. Directs strong blows on the table .. Feel pain in his hand (Dar his soul Mahshish the) then sit .. Napkin out .. And dried sweat Almtsbb from his forehead .. This is the case Suleiman Zubi after Giebo biography army and police in the General National Congress

Urgent # Benghazi:

‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Assassinate of 3 members of the security forces

and wounding Thunderbolt and one of them is eloquent in the intensive care unit.

Now begins with young whale market area and Sidi Hussein and Al Sabri and Akharab
And Salmani District of dollar Leithy and Kavt the Benghazi collect signatures
For the Zubi Jaudh dropped from the General National Congress.

Explosive ordnance disposal section Benghazi
A reliable source

I’ve been arrested on a bomb to blow up a hospital 1200, two, one for grasped Bushoiqir and other to grasped Zqlam the.

Intelligence Benghazi
The target was put bags in Venice Street. Come police patrols which are secured divider next to the Whole.

Aborted attempt to blow up the bomb bag Venice Street

“Atmosphere of the country” – particularly

Spokesman common security room Benghazi , Colonel Abdullah Al – Zaidi : The explosives experts of the room foiled

attempt to blow up the bomb bag in Venice Street object the Benghazi Alfowahate-region , on Sunday evening .

Zaidi added told “atmosphere of the country” on Monday that the explosives experts ” were shot by unknown assailants

when they arrived to the scene ,” pointing out ” that the bag was discovered by the rebels were on the scene .”

Referred to as the city of Benghazi seen since two bombings and targeted civilian and military figures .

Very, very urgent :::

Special Forces “Thunderbolt”, Department revoked carrying explosives
The dismantling of “bag” tank mines, Venice Street, by the proximity of

Men Stun city of Benghazi stumbled on a bag of explosives weighing 6 km next to the Venice ….

Dismantling explosives bag of Venice mosque in Benghazi

Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya.

Libyan channel vision

Urgent + exclusive + MSRP

Burka’s political bureau, would re-open the National Oil Corporation in Benghazi

as well as the Central Bank of Libya.

The oil will be sold and pumping money to pay the salaries of citizens in Cyrenaica + increase 50%




Saaaarh news for residents of the city of Tobruk:

– After tomorrow, Tuesday will be the opening of an office for a Tobruk, Libya branch of the Cruise lines of the Tunisian city of Mageorha,

the first office for the first Arab and foreign lines in this wonderful city of history and air beautiful City of generosity and safety ..

The trips will be at a rate twice on Tuesday and Thursday from Tobruk in Libya  to Mageorha in Tunisia.

The first arriving flight will be on Tuesday at 11 am and the take off from Tobruk will be at 12 .. There will be a ceremony to receive the first trip ..


Bombing Al Alchomana Perfumes and decorative materials

Newsflash ….

A car bombing Abdullah Dmdom, near Mountain Coffee tuber immediately after riding her.
It is said that he was a former policeman for help and news of someone else’s injury severely damaged.

Media tuber




Quoting channel al-Qurayyat

Continued to block the Internet by phone rural on al-Qurayyat area a few days since the

Wadi al-Qurayyat, Libya – 3D Google Maps


Science gone  against God:



U.S. aircraft carrier “Nimitz” leave the Mediterranean

USS Nimitz, CVN 68 حاملة الطائرات الامريكية


I left the U.S. aircraft carrier group led by the nuclear aircraft carrier “Nimitz” waters of the Mediterranean, where she was waiting for the decision to participate in an operation against Syria, according to the Department of Public Information of the United States Navy.

According to the source, passed the aircraft carrier and its accompanying warships through the Suez Canal, on November 8 / November. There is a aircraft carrier currently in the northern Red Sea. The ships will return to the base of Everett, on the Pacific coast of the United States.

The “Nimitz” and its accompanying warships, have arrived in the Mediterranean region coming from the Arabian Gulf, and stayed there waiting for a decision on the attack on Syria, for three weeks. Prior to that, she spent several months in the northern part of the Arabian Sea and the Arabian Gulf.

During her stay in the Mediterranean region, held “Nimitz” joint exercises with the French Navy ships and Italian, and also visited Naples.




Former Chad leader Hissène Habré charged with crimes against humanity
Ronald Reagan’s support for dictator accused of killing and torturing tens of thousands of opponents offers cautionary tale for American intervention.

The USA would keep it secret that the Yankee CIA supported the bloody regime of dictatorship in Chad. When Hissène Habré’s fate hung in the balance –

in December 1990, when the CIA and state department’s Africa bureau loaded C-141 cargo planes with weapons in a crash effort

to save the dictator in return for his eight-year collaboration with Ronald Reagan’s covert effort to destabilize Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.”

Reagan was bound and determined to arm and support the bloody leader, Hissene Habre.

Muammar al-Qathafi was determined to support the Chad people who were suffering under Habré’s  dictatorship.


In the Sepah::
The invasion of Chad

Abdullah Mohammed, reports:
Today in the KOSHA Gardah on the ring road and I’m standing in line benakhz khish one came tebaui in his pistol

and do wekhsh ex you tighten the column defect killers ally anamstagl and more speech and attacked Pena attracted

me from the neck khadit khbsti dvita Gadi souriaty and Talat I as she reached my car says check out Ray Lane

and high pollen aslahah ally Shen Caen did not say yakelb and Tani studied aklashn and pollen back pulling it and

said let’s move from here before mankotlk yashady Al-Chadi break his tail and rode in His car and

escaped the assassins ‘ Gate God bless God safe you ally Libra spirit yamiasi Dee and God Mani amkhlik Lin atkhberni ally aamori

as the House I khadaffy on his head and kill him,

God have mercy on the abdominal gabatk.

(Quoted from “revolutionaries, February 17 Sabha”)

Managed security Gallo protection force  to arrest of the gang stealing electricity cables and solar panels for

Telecom Communications stations and smuggled into neighboring countries.

(Gallo – and – Libyan Media Network – # LNM, reporting)

Managed security Gallo protection force to arrest the gang of stealing electricity cables and solar panels for communications stations

and smuggled into neighboring countries.

On the other hand , said the commander of patrols in the city \ ” Mahfouz friend \ “
That the South Gate managed to stop three Chadians in possession of sums of money have been stolen from some citizens and shops in the area .

He added that the perpetrators confessed to their crimes during interrogation , and referred to the relevant bodies .


(This FOLLOWING,  is not new news.)

Muammar al-Qathafi‘s mother and grandmother’s graves were desacreted two years ago…

and their bodies were burned after destroying the graves and gravesite. They apparently are cleaning it up now:

and made to appear that the graves never existed!!

Raking Jardan to the tomb of the late Aisha bin fire mother of Muammar Gaddafi
And the tomb of the martyr Izz al-Din Agag Ahmid sweeping valley.
After Nbchehem of the graves have written to demolish idols any committee that these idols and we’re Babadtha.
Woe unto you of your actions which covers the devil face and Islam forbid you, O traitors and infidels Cross clients
This is the time that governs the country’s public affairs Fools:



Libyan affairs in the international press

The repercussions of the so-called “Arab Spring” fueling smuggling operations in the Mediterranean, especially from Syria and Libya

London of Peter ABS :

feed appearances chaos that followed the so-called  ‘ Arab Spring ‘ upsurge in drug trafficking activities , weapons and human beings across the Mediterranean region , while struggling regional powers that suffer a shortage of funds to address this problem.
In the last month rejected European leaders in Brussels appeals launched by southern European countries , which are already suffering from the eurozone crisis to get additional support to cope with the record number of migrants attempting to cross into the continent in risky trips organized by human traffickers .
The United Nations says that more than 32 thousand immigrants from Africa and the Middle East , arrived in Italy and Malta so far this year . He died more than 550 people in October alone at more than autumn storms of the danger of tough trips in small rickety boats .
At the same time strengthen the civil war in Syria and chaos in Libya massive smuggling of arms and drug traffickers used the same methods for charging Hashish North Africa and Latin American cocaine .
He says Massoud Karimi Port , representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ( UNODC ) in North Africa and the Middle East ‘ to have favorable conditions typical .. Funds , conflict and instability and the supply and demand of illicit ‘. He added ‘ the immigration issue is that capture the attention , but just one offer to a much broader regional problem ‘.
Powers and facing growing calls for foreign intervention , as happened when the international community was obliged to send warships to the Indian Ocean to counter pirate attacks.
And endured two countries Italy, Malta the European island closest to Libya, bears the brunt of the crisis, immigration and say that European countries should provide more help perhaps through the European border agency ( Frontex ) , although there is an urgent need for it.
After sinking more than 400 migrants in two south of the island of Lampedusa , Italy said last month it publishes periodicals additional Alzorac and aircraft and drones to track immigrants who are approaching their territory and rescued if the need arises .
U.S. forces responded to several calls to lend a helping hand . In October , the U.S. Navy reported that its vessel San Antonio military rescued 121 migrants near Malta after a request from the Government of Malta while the destroyer “Gravili” helped other immigrants ship was facing water trouble between Greek and Italian .
However still such arrangements largely incidental . International cooperation is still limited and even within states dealing with the issues of drugs and migrants , weapons and combat terrorism in isolation from each other in most cases.
A Western official who requested anonymity ‘ theoretically preferably all the exchange of information , but in fact it is not usually that easy ‘ comparing it to the most coordinated efforts led by the United States to combat smuggling in the Caribbean. The ‘ Mediterranean is much more complicated .’
Although the migration crisis relatively well documented , the data that can be relied upon on smuggling and crime are inadequate .
Followers say the Syrian conflict – Among the growing number of videos broadcast on the Internet and show them weapons – The smuggling from Libya to Syria has almost become the most important source of arms for the fighters over the past year . Despite the fact that the Syrian coast is still under the control of the government largely believed to sneak weapons through coastal areas in Lebanon and Turkey.
This is done using a small commercial vessels and avoid the main ports of loading and unloading at remote sites used by smugglers used centuries ago . It is believed that these shipments financed by wealthy Arabs mostly.
And increase private demand for heavy machine guns and anti-tank missiles , Russian -made .
Says Hugh Griffiths , a researcher at smuggling at the Institute of the Stockholm International Peace Research ‘ Libya open market to a large extent .. There are no licenses for the export of arms and Customs actual coast line is actually far from the control of the government’ . ‘ There are a lot of places along the coast between Turkey and Lebanon can unload ships .’
The database shows the maritime smuggling of the Stockholm Institute of France , Spain and Italy seized during the past six months, five large shipments of Moroccan hashish on board small vessels registered in Tanzania , Sierra Leone and the Comoros. The value of each range seizure between 20 and 40 million euros.
Griffith is likely that such seizures are just the tip of the iceberg .
However preoccupation with the forces of President Bashar al-Assad in its battle for survival says Karimi Port representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ( UNODC ) that Syria itself has become a major conduit for drugs to the rest of the Middle East. He added that shipments of cocaine usually graduated from Latin America before they pass through West Africa.
He says the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ( UNODC ) The Egyptian authorities confiscated increasing amounts of contraband weapons that are believed to be on its way to militants in the Sinai Peninsula.
The said Karimi Port ‘ clearly overlapping problems … There was a complete breakdown of the security sector in Libya and Syria and testify Tholhma the major supply routes for drugs and weapons for the rest of the Middle East ‘ .
So far, says European Law Enforcement forces he does not , there is little indication that these tensions have increased smuggling drugs into Europe itself , but Spain recorded a decline in shipments , which is probably due to the success of international efforts in the fight against smugglers in West Africa.
But things have changed. Some experts warn that the growing piracy on the Somali model is not impossible.
Officials say it is the ultimate combat chaos will require the concerted efforts of the countries of Europe and North Africa, particularly those suffering the most from smuggling .
In Libya, says the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ( UNODC ) It already cooperates with local authorities to track down the criminal networks which manages the smuggling boats and help build international contacts and tighten local laws.
Western governments are also trained Libyan security forces . However most experts rule out a significant change on the ground in Libya or Syria , especially in the short term.
This may increase the importance of moving in the sea than ever before.
And present a large naval forces already in the region . And owns all of France , Spain and Italy large fleets and fitted Bhamlat sophisticated aircraft , submarines and small patrol boats as well as long-range aircraft . As it was for the U.S. Sixth Fleet throughout most of the past month warships small and medium- sized enterprises as well as the aircraft carrier Nimitz .
Earlier in the year, said the Office of the United Nations that the information from the Western forces helped Egypt to intercept two large shipments of drugs.
Says Eric Thompson, head of the Strategic Studies Center analyzes marine center is working US-funded and provides tips for the army ‘ It took several years to coordinate the international community’s efforts to intervene in the face of Somali piracy … which is what might happen in this case .’


United Press International:

22 million pieces a weapon between light, medium and heavy scattered in Libya.

Colonel Muammar FB GROUP writes:

Revolution and the Nakba and the plot :

_ terminology political, social and military indicate the specific concepts and knowledge revolution knew it change science societies for the better and the most beautiful and the attainment of a degree of perfection in the growth, development and societal change Tagafaa , socially, politically, economically and enable the man lives free and the master himself and decides their fate and live on his land with dignity and sovereignty without decrease

( the Nakba: _ it case of refraction and refer back and ripping social cohesion and national unity and for the case of rupture community horizontally and vertically and tendency to loss of self and compromising the identity and rupture internal towards retail and the destruction of national components of accumulated over a decade.

( the plot : they measure external collaboration with a portion of the in Almakhal the people in order to achieve the interests of foreign powers competing to bring their … ■ terrible home □ ♥

commander for Ibiatantsr 2013

(NOTE: Below pic Should technically read: LIBYA FREE UNDER the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of Muammar’s Vision)

الثورة والنكبة والمؤامرة:_مصطلحات سياسية واجتماعية وعسكرية تدل على مفاهيم محددة ومعرفة فالثورة عرفت انها علم تغير المجتمعات نحو الأفضل والاجمل وبلوغ درجة من الكمال في النمو والتطور والتغيير المجتمعي تقافيا واجتماعيا وسياسيا وأقتصاديا وتمكين ان يعيش الإنسان حرا وسيد نفسه ويقرر مصيره ويعيش فوق ارضه بكرامة وسيادة دون نقصان(أما النكبة:_فهي حالة من الانكسار والرجوع للخلف وتمزيق اللحمة الاجتماعية والوحدة الوطنية وحصول حالة من التمزق المجتمعي أفقيا ورأسيا والنزوع نحو فقدان الذات والتفريط في الهوية والتمزق الداخلي نحو التجزئة وتدمير المكونات الوطنية المتراكمة عبر ا الزمن.(أما المؤامرة:فهي تدبير خارجي بالتعاون مع جزء من أبناء الشعب في الذاخل من أجل تحقيق مصالح القوى الخارجية المتنافسة لتحقيق مصالحها… الرهيب■الوطن□القائد ♥ليبياتنتصر 2013

العقيد معمر

I just snapped this for you with my computer’s camera:

Me 10 NOV. 2013 at 20 TRIPOLI TIME


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