BIG SCARE: Perchance to Victory?

Mu thinks as he explains

How maasmna alosol come in.
(by The Racine khod Covenant)

Design of a new montage of rooms with direct light never … With greetings ((green Ksova))
Publiée le 12 nov. 2013
تصميم مونتاج جديد من غرفة الفاتح أبدا مباشر … مع تحيات (( كسوفي الأخضر ))

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter.Valley Agency Dinar News
Local and international news that are interested in Libyan affairs. Against NATO and its clients

الأخبار المحلية والدولية التي تهتم بالشأن الليبي . ضـــــــــــد الناتو وعمــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــلائــــه .



In the markets of Libya :::: alert

Do not make them stand you have to read by young men and women

This phrase written in English on the chest of the t-shirt : Do you know what its meaning .. ? !

Its Ikwol owner : « sister , for sale .. ! !

Abounded in recent clothes , which printed the words written in English

Flocking by the young men and women to buy them to keep pace with fashion .. ! !

He has a jealous Parts good God collects some of the words that sprung written on clothes

And translate them to know its meaning does not submit to buy them nor their children :

Vixen – bad attitude woman
Nude – Naked / Naked
Whore – salacious / punk
Sow – sow
Pig – Pig
Theocrasy – polytheism
Hussy – a woman and a slut / immoral
Vice – vice
Chorus girl – dance clubs
Lusts – lusts
Dram – vintage Cup
Adulterer – punk – adulterer
Eccentricity – Abnormalities
Adultery – weight
Charm – a mantra used by magicians
Base-born – I’m lighter
Bawdy – licentious / punk
Mason – Masonic
Tippler – vintage addict
Atheist – Agnostic
For Sale sister – sister for sale
((Take me Take me )
(Vixen bad attitude woman )
(Follow me , follow me )
(Nude Nude / Naked )
(Buy me Achtrna )
(Whore salacious / punk )
(Sow sow )
(Theocrasy polytheism )
(Pig Pig )
(Socialism Socialist )
(Pork , pork )
(Hussy woman slut / immoral )
(Vice vice )
(Church Church)
(Chorus girl dancer amusements )
( Charming magician )
(Cupid , the God of Love)
(Gospel Gospel )
(Lusts lusts )
( Dram Cass Vintage )
(Adulterer punk – Beech )
(Eccentricity abnormalities )
(Brew fermented drink )
( Adultery adultery )
(Charm mantra used by magicians )
(Brahman Hindu priest )
(Base-born son by weight )
(Spirit of alcohol)
(Brandy Pernod )
(Bawdy licentious / punk )
(Flirt flirts )
(Mason Masonic )
(We buy a people we buy people)
(Kirk Church)
(Prostitute salacious / punk )
(Tippler vintage addict )
(clergyman priest )
(Atheist Atheist )
(Synagogue Jewish Temple Church )
( Nike fetish )

I work post ; for your friends to see and permeated the pond ; ongoing charity , beneficial knowledge : « have reached me even a verse »


Central renews announcing the revocation two versions of the paper currency

because it shows the Great Man-made River of Muammar al-Qathafi!

Central renews announcing the revocation two versions of the paper currency
12:45 13/11/2013Author: Editor

Union Flour Mills companies in Libya warns the General National Congress of the crisis in the product and the exact inventories

in the country due to non-payment of financial dues allocated for the purchase of wheat ..!!
Libya’s international channel

Exact stock in a critical situation unless dues are disbursed Flour Mills:


Mohammed Alguendoz writes:
After evening prayers, I sat down with some of the rebels Misrata steadfastness and they were upset and told me some of them how he, Hashim humans,

equip them with green tea and red and how it was Abdul Rauf hater Atrajatm that Asjloh them and issue a his card revolutionaries and how was riding his motorcycle and how greeted Balzgarrid and sprinkle orange blossom water and today ,
after all these sacrifices and efforts have been made to Libya seems that people talk the first two east live west dying words in his place and, therefore , said young people because they have become convinced of federalism and they will begin to collect signatures largest number of signatures rebels city to join to demand federal and Setwasalon with the youth of Sirte to persuade them to do so to remain within tenderly at the gate Aldavnih and let Ikta in the capital was their words tearing the heart
and swore in God effort their oaths that they will announce their demand for this within a week and they are confident that most young people would organize them after what they saw from the ill-treatment at the gates of spring Valley , Tajora and private and that Misrati Istoagafouna the on the right – of – way and non- Misrati passes with a smile and greeting .
What do you think guys Misratah and FAKE AMERICAN God that you will take the matter seriously and without mockery listened to the opinion of your brethren and not Tesfhoh and if once in your life .

The showroom Hadi Libya

The leader of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Web site position is a militia of Abdul Rahman Al-swehli of Misrata. He on Wednesday 13-11-2013

receives the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Libya, Michael Aaron.

And tells that the Community is with him on QATAR!! put words in someone’s mouth you Community Treaty on security and risked his militia caused havoc in Libya.

Youssef El Maghraby:

I swear by Almighty God that yesterday, most members of Congress were threatened if not Asoto for Libya rebels room

and I personally read the threat of a member of the Palace bin Gasheer by room, Shteiwi Sowaihili and Abdulrahman Asswehly.

# _ Gateway to Libya

The Ministry of Education and the Libyan ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,

Will be on Thursday to refer the new inspectors educators ‘ salaries for the year 2013

According to the Comptroller General of the Ministry of Education (a . Abdullah Seabah ) that the reason for the delay in the disbursement of the salaries of the inspectors Alterboan new for the year 2013 is the lack of referral authorizations self-interest of private financial salaried inspectors educators officials from the sectors of education and education areas transferred them to the Department of Inspection educational Diwan of the ministry .. and said ( Seabah ) that was released on salaries for the month of October 2013, based on the agreement with the Director of the Department of educational Inspection ministry in this regard and pledge to follow up this matter with the officials of the Education Affairs areas .

The Ministry of Education and signed contracts for the implementation of the Sinai new schools in the cities of

Zliten, Sirte and area Bir sheep.


Hussein Elmessallati:
The operations room of the revolutionaries to Libya do not oppose the decision of the Conference to the Chief of staff (Army)
and refuses to join the (Army) under the pretext of the lack of it. Salemouli aleih pizza culture.
# Gate _ Libya

Alassema TV channel capital
Follow-up announcement put electricity loads ….

Said the General Electric Company that the events that passed recently by Libya especially grabs the head of the interim government, Ali Zaidane consequent leave all experts from foreign companies … The company said in a statement that the continued absence of specialists will result in the inability to meet demand for electricity in the winter and next summer ..



Tripoli now :::

Rain with light winds.


Spokesman NOC Mohammed warming on Wednesday for the “country Ambiance”  had been to resume work in the corner of the oil refinery.

Alassema TV channel capital ::::

Resume Corner refinery work after ending a sit-wounded rebels in the city.


Urgent distress call FLASH

Per Libyan Muslim, jealous of his family as it is jealous of the families of the rest of his brethren Libyans and Muslims.


Salsabeel Ashraf Mohamed
Born in 1998
Kidnapped yesterday afternoon
Title housing janzour the abducted from in front of the school Champions stones
I hope to be recognized call
Family in a deplorable condition Kai captured kidnapped her daughter at this age
Jazakm God a thousand good if you have to participate more on the scope and God does not Azia wages of the best work

and pray to God you submissive him not to show you hated in dear to you, and around him no power but from God Almighty.-

Libya Gate ::

Dawn today:

market Tuesday Tripoli compound, an exchange of fire in place, and the situation is stable now.

Urgent = fire in the center of Tripoli, about half an hour ago

Ahmed Altonsi
I Gadi because you claim one apparent bash Agha said he has a battalion in Gharghour Libby Aesker Pepsi plant
Was the staff before the sit-Investment Promotion Agency in the Dahmani Tseker angle factory,

what was this person climber in the staff debated with him Vatalaa pistol struck beaten to when

Matdkhal security weapons to try to disperse the demonstrators Vansab a security personnel.
(Depression forum)

“After connecting the joint operations room and the heart of the capital and the Office of information security is not any health or bomb explosion near the Turkish Embassy, Egyptian or Italian nor ambulance around the place and ash, it is sufficient to O (fields) media!! And validation validation is better than industry news and tracking fantasies …”

(Palestinian Hashim humans)

Channel fields – Al Mayadeen Tv:

# Libya: news of a car bomb explosion near the Turkish embassy # in # Tripoli and hear the sound of ambulances # Libya # fields.

Urgent agency Libya / Tripoli to evacuate the demonstration manifestation of arms:

Called for gathering people and residents of Tripoli major families of the capital to get out of all mosques and assembly Square Abuhradh , in front of Quds Mosque after Friday prayers the next corresponding to November 15 this month, and the starting to the headquarters of the armed formations in the mobility of a peaceful civilization, its claim out in implementation of the decision of the National Congress ‘s General (27 ) .
The new residents and residents of Tripoli major in a statement to them , condemnation of what happened Thursday night from intimidation to secure and show of force. Demanding the interim government of the need to implement the National Conference Resolution No. ( 27), the judge to vacate the city of Tripoli appearances and all armed formations , and activation of the legitimate institutions of the state of the army and the police.



“Civil Ibrahim” battalion civil Zintan channel Capitol says :: –

There will be NO BROTHERS, not even one in Tripoli,
If the street Trabelsi gives us a clear mandate against the Brotherhood.

Misrata through its pages responded to civil as exist will not be able to.



Ashraf Ibrahim assassination Krier in front of his home and injuring his companion. In the city of Sabratha.


The end of the meeting of elders and tribes city of Surman and the city of Sabratha, and the steady and the meeting

concluded to be the extradition of the comforters tomorrow morning and they are three wanted someone is in Tunisia for the purpose

of the meeting and delivered as soon as he returned to Libya directly, as well as delivery of about three wanted the participants

Makorh area in recent incidents of kidnapping and beating and torture of a young comforters ..


One of the members of the Supreme Council for the Amazigh Libya declares through radio to mane :
Protestors Mellita for gas compound (( we did not ) ) shut off gas supplies to power stations will not stop profiteers Libyans will not stand against the Libyans obstacle as long as the employees of the complex are they in this matter , this is not our part …
As we close it is to the gas flow line to Italy belonging to one of the companies Italian Elmar pool …
And all that is going on in the street and published on the media that any interruption of electricity resulting from the closure of gas Mellita this compound are doing and slander and we did not do it and what is not distort the for Amazigh only …
What we are doing is nothing but a means of pressure on the National Congress.



[Prior, it was reported that the funds were already dent off to Syria to the SALAFISTS there against ASSAD!]

Quoting channel buzzes media
Names that are sure to be involved directly in the robbery of the Central Bank of Libya during the transfer of large amounts of local currency
and foreign currency.The total funds of over 67 million Libyan dinars.
I want to alert on some things.
Confidential source..
1. a member of the National Congress.
2. a member of the local Council of Sirte.
3. more than 15 member knowledgeable in the subject emphasized the health of what we have achieved.
As for what happened when boussedra and Commission them all can reach chembur and talk … Negotiated with the group after
the recognition of two of everything and that funds have been used to support the battalion.
Birth averted.
Ahmed scavenger.
And confessions recorded by military police and documented. The agreement provided for the return of funds full vs.
the gloss of all the members of the Committee on the incident. As the student involved boussedra pressed the National Conference
to meet the interests of the group as a support and other things and not give any reply. boussedra
Full names as follows.
1. Amer genuine prestige
2. valid genuine prestige
3. the Secretary-General sincerely aagil
4. birth averted
5. Ahmed scavenger
6. Ammar fishing
7. the Nasser makhlouf
8. a sincere Associate command battalion 136
Accordingly, the assignment of all of the people involved theft of funds and their principals to gentlemen.
We challenge members who have been named in a patent certificate from the Committee in charge of the investigation.
This is the challenge for the accuracy of our resources and what we have.



News Bani Walid

Find a car transport Hospital Bani Walid year and that has been stolen from the hospital two days before, where it was found

on Wednesday sold in the city Jufrah has been returned to the hospital.
The car is a kind of Canter and used to bring gas cylinders to the hospital.

Investigation continues to reach the culprits with the help of people who have purchased the car.



National Foundation for oil in Tobruk, and the Bank of federal and national white (CASABLANCA):

The export of oil through the counters and the obligation to offer and accounting statements.!

(Free channel Cyrenaica)

Cyrenaica declares near the start of the sale of Libyan oil

Al Jazeera Net Khaled Almher – Benghazi –

The chairman of the Executive Office of the Council of Cyrenaica region in eastern Libya Abed Rabbo Abu  Saheeb Al faqaanthe Barasi ,

near the start exporting oil independently of the government of Ali Zaidan in the capital Tripoli .
The move represents a clear challenge to Zidane , who recently gave the supporters of the region ten days to vacate the ports and oil terminals in the east of the country .
Cyrenaica region extends from Ras Lanuf , located at a distance of 600 km east of Tripoli to the Libyan border with Egypt , and has a massive oil reserves .

Oil thefts
And Barasi justified the step that the government in Tripoli did not react positively to the demands of the Council of Cyrenaica, on the investigation into

what he called theft of oil, and the formation of an independent and impartial body shall follow it.
He stressed in a telephone interview with Al Jazeera Net that their announcement earlier in the institution of Libya ‘s oil

“does not mean the region ‘s acquisition of oil wealth in the Middle estimated at about 60% of the total petroleum capabilities of the country .”

He said that the Council planned to start in sales after finding solutions to some legal problems , but it will not obsessed on quotas regions Tripoli and Fezzan .
He added that the Council of Cyrenaica request from the United Nations legal opinion on export sales and operations of ports ,

controlled by supporters of federalism in Ras Lanuf , Sidra and Zueitina and Hariqa .
The opponents of the government in Tripoli had taken control of several ports in the Middle and disrupted the export of oil , leading to reduced production of Libya’s 1.6 million barrels to 600 thousand barrels per day.
In response to ten days notice , Barasi said Zaidane does not have the power that enables him to implement his threats , and unable to protect himself , as he put it .
The Avoid the Libyan government spokesman Mohammed but Kaabr to reply to multiple connections to the island in order to get clarification from him on the subject ,

while merely Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil and Gas age Alchukmak the saying that to comment on this development from the jurisdiction

of the government and the National Congress of the year.

Lightning strikes:
As a member of the Defense Commission of the National Conference General F tourist said in an interview with the island revealed that Zaidane has no armed force capable of retrieving oil ports .
And to reduce the ability of Ali Zaidan , said that ” the source of his strength or the use of people in Western countries to lightning strikes ” for some sites which resides oil sitters .
The tourist based Takminach regarding the use of the West to Zidane ‘s comments which suggested that the world will not leave Libya to the chaos .
But he said that the Libyan people will reject foreign intervention force ” will not be allowed to co – exist on its territory or its citizens strikes or oil installations .”
He saw a member of the Committee on the oil crisis of the National Conference Necmettin year that the Declaration of Cyrenaica Tiger remarkable new development , but cautioned that the Commission – whose report was not delivered – agreed not to recommend the use of force to break up protests and sit-ins in the oil installations .
As Muhammad Yunus Bashir , a member of the General National Congress for the city of Tobruk – where the port is located Harika , who issued 120 thousand barrels per day – Vchkk in the ability of the Executive Office of the Council of the territory of Cyrenaica on the sale of oil .
According to the appreciation , the tribes and clans surrounding fields and ports will not allow the sale of oil , even if condone close to some of the demands and political development .
He said that if the government wanted the use of force by the army , this procedure must be done through the General National Congress in his capacity as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.
It is noteworthy that the Libyan government has issued orders for the Air Force bombed the oil tankers that enter the territorial waters without permission from the state.


Security facilities and installations Benghazi:
Military governor of the city of Benghazi, Colonel, “Abdullah Saaty”

The results of today’s meeting between Abdullah Saaiti and sheikhs Benghazi and Qallahm:

“I want to use the power of the police and the army and what extent Egina in a meeting with the wise elders of Benghazi.

Salem al-Obeidi:

Urgent agency Libya (Special) / kidnapping of two protesters in Benghazi

According to preliminary information had been kidnapped two young protesters in front of the Tibesti Hotel last night.
Friends say both: (Munther Alnahoa and Fayez Al Katani) that their last contact with them was one o’clock at night and said they

Mujdan the operations at the Chamber of Libya rebels, after you cut off communication with them.
And friends abductees said they are seeking them in all the camps now, especially after the disappearance of the same protest tent in front of the hotel.

News release “Munther Alantoni the” and “Fayez Al Katani,”

Wrath of the people abducted and protesters in front of the Tibesti Hotel, and
It is noteworthy that Katani and Alantoni of young protesters in front of hotel TIBESTI.

Tibesti, according to a security source now, as the room was charged with Libya rebels
Benghazi b abducted by the protesters and parents.

Libyan special forces – Stun

Salem Al-Obeidi:
Special forces arrest three people after exchanging
To shoot and hunt in a tray b near the island
Illegal leaflets, when offenders by placebo and stopped when he had realized
Special forces officers “Thunderbolt” them that Irena armed clash
And now is being investigated by the competent authorities,
B there are from RI d female special forces and Libyan army
B such conduct

Love reassure the brothers on the blast, which occurred shortly before is at a school in Al-majory by placing an explosive bag near a

checkpoint Dorbac bolt if hearing the explosion has Circulars shooting on the target and there is no any injuries remember.

The death of the citizen (Hamad Mohammed Ahmed al-Shaafa ) and following the exposure to launch a firearm

by a car unknown has Bermaah random on Sunday at the mausoleum of Omar Mukhtar when he was a medic his wife to the hospital

in the Republic have been first aid to the hospital by unknown assailants and put him and Adhu away

where she was injured severely and he underwent yesterday, but it was will Rahman stronger .

God and to Him we return.

Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / / / Benghazi

Salem Al-Obeidi:
Go to the mercy of God ‘ “Hamad Mohammed al-Shaafa”,
B after surgery came car Toyota “distressed him” white b e
Hospital evacuated days ago, and was greeted by the crew
Ambulance and SS men, and four almsvain told them
That “alshaafa” was injured in the incident and they are going to bring his wife
And once they leave, the special forces had realized that men infected
By three shots from Larry, and paramedics who began by escape after the fabrication
The lies and the man’s wife did not attend and was not an accident but was shooting.

Throw Gelatina on Sabri police station and no injuries

Security facilities and installations Benghazi

Sayer launched in Benghazi??
Stella Dell’oriente
Been threatened Hairdressers (taste) corresponding to the clinic Marwa bombing and has been given a two-and

hairdressing Pescr on Thursday because it is the last day of the deadline and shop owner Qallahm the Otalaan because he dwells on it.
Source: Hair-dresser of the same.

Urgent Benghazi

Now in the parks people have been arrested trying to blow up the Four Seasons Club and was transferred the Thunderbolt forces



Newsflash …

Shooting voice since few in the western entrance of the tuber probably in the neighborhood of Khadija.

(Media Center tuber Libya)

Libya talks:
Urgent now: tuber
Exclusive uncertain arrested on sexual Palestinian terrorist trying to vehicle-borne improvised explosive device colonel who is now being held by the Family.
Most of the people Al-mghadorin Tugeo fishing to protect this precious time to determine who was behind assassinations in Derna and Benghazi.




Violent explosion Ahzscon Knight battalion just before the heart of the event O Set Gersbha.

Sabha today
Sebha International Airport routinely works:

In a statement to the news agency south (Germa) confirmed Mr. Mohammed Oouhadh Director Sabha International Airport

that the airport works routinely nor Health News which Taatdoual airport closed by the protesters and day trips were on time.

Libya’s international channel

URGENT: Squatting gunmen city of Sebha prevented and fuel access to distribution stations in the city.

The military ruler told South “M’hamed Golden” The Prime Minister
“Ali Zaidane” and agreed to settle the demands of the protesters to the warehouse
Oil Sabha, in the payment of financial dues and referred the file to the Ministry of
Defense to take the necessary action, after a meeting of the “Zaidane” and “Golden”
And head of the local Sabha.

Squatting Bsabha prevented access to fuel distribution stations

Atmosphere of the country – Abdel Salam customary

Prime Sabha fuel depot on protestors Sunni gunmen wearing military uniforms stopped vehicles carrying fuel

from leaving the warehouse to distribution stations in the city .

The Sunni we informed the local council and the security authorities about this problem
, And they had entered into negotiations with the protesters .

Sunni pointed out that the problem list two days ago and that the warehouse is still station receives fuel from Misrata routinely .

The refineries and oil sites several attest closure and multiple protests in Libya , in the last term

International Committee of the Red Cross and the Libyan Red Crescent are based on the distribution of humanitarian aid

to 300 families displaced from Libyan areas (Zkzaw, or mouse and Alagamah) to Taiji area where the aid was to sleeping

mats, blankets and blankets, some medicines and foods.


Awjila residents declare their boycott of the elections committee session

“Ambiance country”Awjila Mohammed Alqbouzay reports:

Announced the people and civil society organizations and of # Awjila local council today about # boycott elections _ #

_ Committee session in protest at lack of representation , in a protest on Wednesday in the city .

The head of the local council Awjila “Muhammad Ali blog” in “atmosphere to the country” on Wednesday that he was

marginalization city Awjila in the National Congress elections , ” We will not accept being marginalized again,”

noting the privacy of the city’s cultural and linguistic background.

The “code” that should represent the oasis cities with more than one member of the Committee session.

Referred to as the oasis cities have been allocated one seat between sixty seats of the Constituent Authority for drafting the constitution.



Abdel Moez Bannon:

Maltese Navy sends warship to protect Libyan waters, 

in helping Libya to prevent the flow of illegal immigrants, including,,,,

Even Malta … !!!



The head of the General Intelligence Egyptian Major General Mohamed Farid Thami:

that there is a security vacuum large in Libya,

assume militias and radical groups the reins of power, considering that the collapse of central authority,

there are corresponding exactly what happened in Iraq, and that stability will not return to the dirt Libyan.

What did not help the international powers on rebuilding the army and the central government.

# _ (Depression forum)



Quoting Libya future

In a strange incident of smuggling incidents between Tunisia and Libya , booked a patrol of the Tunisian National Guard – Tuesday – ” herd ” of puppies was on board a Libyan car on the way to the border crossing with a worthy.
A source from the territory of the National Guard Medenine correspondent Libya future to patrol stationed one of the ways the city’s main suspect in the pickup so she searched where they found the 21 puppies from the ” platoon rare” of dogs , so she confiscated and forwarded them to the interests of the veterinary medicine to make sure the source and integrity of diseases the source did not disclose the target of the Libyan traveler smuggling this ” herd .”
Tunisia procedures imposed strict health and customs on the export of animals and supplied guard against the spread of the disease .




(Last week a 15 year old boy was slaughtered in an apparent Satanic ritual in TRIPOLI)
The Guard patrol had booked earlier this year, more than 400 turtle smuggler had intended to sell them in Libya in a deal appears to be linked to acts of witchcraft and sorcery .

Deterrence arrest Sahran possession of images and tools are
Used in magic and Caudh b Salim , also executed power
Deterrence amount of imported drinks and local wines , grains and
Drug within the battalion headquarters .


Libyan affairs in the international press

Published by NASA for space research vehicles footage sent to the planet Saturn,

which stated that it images strangest thing in the world of cosmic images so far.

Nasa release new picture of planet Saturn taken from the Cassini spacecraft

SPACE agency Nasa have today released a new picture of Saturn, the sixth planet from the sun, taken by their Cassini spacecraft.

Published: Tue, 12 November 2013

A new picture of Saturn taken by the Cassini spacecraft has been released by NasaA new picture of Saturn taken by the Cassini spacecraft has been released by Nasa [NASA]
The image is the first in which Saturn’s moons and rings, the Earth, Venus and the red planet Mars are all visible.The panoramic image is made up on 141 shots which sweeps 404,880 miles across Saturn’s system.Nasa say the composite picture creates a “natural colour image” of the planet.

Carolyn Porco, Cassini’s imaging team leader at Colorado’s Space Science Institute, said: “In this one magnificent view, Cassini has delivered to us a universe of marvels.

“And it did so on a day people all over the world, in unison, smiled in celebration at the sheer joy of being alive on a pale blue dot.”

 The image marks only the third time the Earth has been pictured from the outer solar system [NASA]

Related articles

In this one magnificent view, Cassini has delivered to us a universe of marvels

Carolyn Porco – Cassini’s imaging team leader

The picture, which was taken on July 19 this year, was unveiled at Washington’s Newseum along with an annotated picture showing nearby planets.It was taken as part of Nasa’s “Wave at Saturn” campaign, which marked the first time the public were given advance warning shots of the Earth were being taken from space.People were encouraged by Nasa to find Saturn in their part of the sky and wave at it and to also share pictures of the event on the internet.

At least 20,000 people took part in the event, which was also only the third time Earth been pictured from the outer solar system.

 Saturn, famous for its rings, is the sixth planet from the sun [GETTY]
Linda Spilker, a Cassini project scientist based at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said: “With a long, intricate dance around the Saturn system, Cassini aims to study the Saturn system from as many angles as possible.”Beyond showing us the beauty of the Ringed Planet, data like these also improve our understanding of the history of the faint rings around Saturn and the way disks around planets form — clues to how our own solar system formed around the sun.”The Cassini spacecraft was launched in 1997 and has explored the Saturn system for more than nine years.

Nasa plan to continue the mission through 2017 and more images of Saturn along with its rings and moons are anticipated.

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