The Defensive Battle for a Free Tripoli Continues

«Amin O Lord of the Worlds and all our families»

Mu gently laughing

Between the beginning of the Official “International Community’s” destruction of the Great Jamahiriya on 19 March 2011 and the inauguration of NATO on 31 March 2011, USA and the United Kingdom launched 110 cruise missiles against a countrywith a population of less than 6.5 million inhabitants. (The 17 FEBRUARY uprising was preplanned by the CIA and French Intelligence long before).

When NATO took command of “humanitarian intervention” for the NATO’s “Operation Unified Protector” (using their paid world-wide mercenaries), by OCTOBER 2011, an estimated 875 000 inhabitants were killed, displacing more than 2 million, and maimed for life or injured another 650 000….(A whole GREAT JAMAHIRIYA army defense force of 157 000 was totally wiped out, plus the entire infrastructure of schools, clinics and public offices…. along with all the Great Jamahiriya plans and constructions for new cities and public complexes…And, that was in just 7 months!)
A million Qatariis were promised citizenship and eventually replaced most of the native population in Eastern Libya!

NATO and the UNO said it was not against the Libyan People, just “MUAMMAR al-Qathafi “! (who had nothing to step-down from as they were requesting!) They never said they would destroy the people’s system of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, but as soon as they possibly could, no one could carry a Green flag or banner, read the Green Book or hold a Popular Congress or Peoples Committee without being bombed! Kids were even prevented from retaining a green book-bag or wearing green clothes!

Every photo of Muammar al-Qathafi, and all public works and mosques were stripped of his name. Billions of Holy Quran’s and school textbooks were destroyed and could not ever be read again or published.

(EVENTUALLY even the “Green Book” became scarce in book form—though thanks to the Internet, it is still readily available. For months, even videos of his addresses and speeches were banned; those available had very faulty and deceiving “translations” or were so edited as to lose the original content! Past articles were scrupulously EDITED and distorted, to demonize anything to do with Muammar al-Qathafi or the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. Photos were photoshopped into the most bizaar and ugliest forms. His whole family was outlawed and price-tags were placed on their very lives. Lies were made to appear reality: making him and his family members as deceased or captive. …and the ZIONISTA [using their Henchmen of TURKEY and QATAR to lead the Ground forces along with MISURATA’s ‘Muslim’ BROTHERHOOD of Jewish culural origin and led-on by Bernard Henri-Levy] really thought they made the most perfect “cover-up” in all history!)

The USA shipped in airloads from Afghanastan SALAFISTS who were willing to fight the Great Jamahiriya, as well as prisoners from their Guantanamo prison in CUBA who were promised freedom if they “fought Gaddafi”!!

False information was fed to the world public of how much good the IMF were helping the terrorized and impoverished peoples of LIBYA; and how happy they were now to be rid of him and his family!!!

Meanwhile nothing substantial was replacing what was taken away from the Libyan peoples…and the bureaucrats were silver-lining (or I should say “gold-lining”) their pockets with oil kickbacks and revenues which belonged by all rights to the Libyan peoples…or were previously planned for a united Africa of glory and prosperity. BILLIONS of dinars were extorted or carelessly blown away and friviously spent! Corrupt, carnel, evil, greedy-minded individuals were placed in chairs of high respect (who had no idea what they should be doing) and al-Qaeda were made as their ambassadors to other nations too.

Murderers and theives as Musa Kusa, Shalgam, and Judge Jalil were praised and given false glorious biographies. Psychologically twisted “gays” were presented as heroic figures of model-leadership (as Mamoud Jabril), along with groomed brutes as ABDUL HAKIM BELHADJ. CIA yankee-indoctrinates as Hefter, Maqrief and al-Kieb were handed high authoratative positions. False “elections” were imposed on a people who formerly loved their freedoms and direct democracy involvements.

Everyone lives now in a state of constant fear, as hoodlums and ganglords were placed over them to “maintain order” and livelihoods were taken from them–even their given homes which were theirs (never with any usury or “rent”: which was illegal under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA)…were “sold” to foreigners if they did not pay what was once free to them (water and electric and the basic needs of life), or just on the whims of the appointed officials and new Libyan State….EVEN lives were spent or tortured, just to bend their will or for sport! The prisons (which were practically dismantled since April 1988 under the Great Jamahiriya) were really the only construction endorsed and enhanced by the NEW REGIME since NATO’s take-over of the Great Jamahiriya. There are now more prisons and prisoners than ever dreamed before conceivable…and their construction has been praised by the West, in particular the USA (who helped in the construction of the latest huge human-torture New Abu Ghraib prison in Misurata).

SATANIC cults (with ritual child-sacrificial murders), alcohol (even wines made from the corpses of the dead mixed with airplane methenol) viagra and drugs were dumped profusely into LIBYA as soon as they possibly able to. Bar-rooms, brothels , peep-shows, sex clubs and porno discoteques were opened all over the major cities and throughways. X-rated films and shows were presented over their television channels. American-Yankee philoposphical cartoons and western manner of living advertised on children’s programing—-

The sluttiest clothing was now available in retail stores and posters presented all over in smut campaigns to make youngster want and yearn for these “fad” outfits–meanwhile, women were “outlawed” from purchasing feminine undergarnments by the NATO-appointed so-called MUFTI SADAK GHARYIANI! female teachers had to cover their heads and most of their faces, and the children were disciplined to be segregated by sex.
Young girls were widely (and are still) being kidnapped and sent as sex slaves (termed “jihadist plurual wives”) out of the country (mostly to Syria’s “Free Army”). Jalil reinstitutionalised polygamy in Libya (WHICH WAS COMPLETELY OUTLAWED under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA along with child espousals.). Aids (HIV virus) and sexually transmitted diseases are at the highest levels in modern LIBYA, rated from all the nations throughout in the world!

Prior to NATO’s invasion, Muammar’s healh services and clinics and the Great Jamahiriya pharmacydical Labs were producing some of the purest vacines and medicinal drugs available from throughout the entire globe. Health care was for everyone and abundant; and no one had to pay anything for the Health-services and medicines. Abortions were illegal; and everything was to the latest in technological advances, production and sanitary conditions. Animal-life and husbandry was of the cleanliest and well-cared for conditions. The Man-Made river system insured they were well watered and finestly fed.

The NATO War led to the drying up of the watered desert farms; and animals since have been neglected and starved. What before was the wonder of a desert in bloom, with vast orchards, has once again become dried-up wasteland, filled with diseases and thirst.

Muammar al-Qathafi, under his World Islamic Leadership and the World Islamic Call Society was even exporting these conveniences and wonders throughout the world, where he built schools, mosques, clinics, environmentally pure parks and healthy sports arena and stadiums, world communications and fresh water “systems for Life”.

The Great Manmade River became contaminated; water and electric very scarce if even available…Thieves stole what was remaining of the copper cables…and the black population was last to be helped or given access to what they freely enjoyed before “as a necessity of life”.
Great cities which were proudly lit and fully glowing at night, now experienced great times of total darkness.

Debt now is a common byword in Libya, as where once, LIBYA was totally debt-free (and no one was ever homeless). The Zionist Bank, which was immediately set-up in a matter of days after the intervention of NATO within Libya) has made everyone and everything..including their puppet STATE GOVERNMENT, indebted to them.

Rapes have become rampant; and life has became cheap and worthless. Thousands, (if they were able to) left Libyan shores for asylum….and meanwhile, Turkey, Qatar, the E.U., and the USA happily endorsed their new-found friend in Libya! SALAFISTS have completely taken over the country’s leadship now. Sacred shrines, historical landmarks, monuments to greats (as Nassar) and mosques innumeable have been bombed and turned into rubble… The “new” LIBYA now belongs to a world-network of BROTHERHOOD-MAFIA terror: reigning under the black flag of a SOCIETY OF DEATH & DESTRUCTION. The youth are culturally poisoned and indoctrinated through all means of mind-control.

What was once the only nation on earth to hold God/ALLAH as Supreme (and no man or group of eltes, or man-created law to be subservient to); is now the the most degradable and inferior state on the entire planet.

BUT NOT ALL have lost hope—-beneath all this filthe and horror, remains a GREEN heart of existance and love for Allah and His Holy Quran! “People’s Power” and The Green Resistance (The People’s Liberation Army of the Great Jamahiriya) is stronger than ever…We are just awaiting the call and the Dawn… We are still here, and so is Mu’ammar al-Qathafi—and the living-memory of the Great Green International Charter of Human Rights (given to the world on 12 June 1988)…



Zaidane threatens to rat using foreign troops and fighter Shakir is 11/14/2013

Russia calls for the Security Council to act immediately to pick up a military

satellites military convoy heading from Misrata to the capital Tripoli.


Qathafi charities shown w Saif

Meetings of the ‘ secret ‘ in Oslo soon to Libyan figures and supporters of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi:

Al-Hayat – A spokeswoman for the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya Radhia Achouri, that the mission « facilitated the arrangement for informal consultation meetings of political parties Libyan » , noting that these meetings will be held in the capital, the Norwegian Oslo from 25 this month.

It did not give Ashoori any details about the participants in the meetings , but sources in Tripoli told «life» yesterday that figures tribal and regional and agreed in principle to attend meetings for « listen to what keys the other party , provided giving a confidential meetings and without commitment to advance to reach understandings or agreements.

The sources revealed itself, that former officials in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA ( security and politicians ) have fled the country after the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, and will participate in the meetings, along with a group of activists who are moving from a period abroad to encourage « national dialogue » .

They calculated on Saif al-Islam (Muammar al-Qathafi’s son detained by rebels of Zintan). The move comes after the announcement of the President of the Libyan government Ali Zaidane** finally in a joint press conference with the President of the United Nations Mission in Libya ( former Lebanese minister ) Tarek Mitri , launching a bid for dialogue between the Libyan parties aimed at national reconciliation.

The Oslo choose a place for these preliminary meetings ‘secret ‘ , due to its experience in launching this kind of dialogues, since the successful conclusion of an agreement between the Palestinian and Israeli sides in 1993. The Ashoori a Tunisian assumed previously served as a spokeswoman for the Chairman of the International Commission of Inquiry into the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, that these consultative meetings , come at the behest of political parties and civil society organizations in Libya through contacts and meetings held with the mission during the past few weeks.

Achouri explained in a press conference the day before yesterday , that the aim of holding such meetings outside Libya is « an opportunity for all parties to talk comfortably and openly , and a full-time to discuss themes for the democratic transformation file witnessed in Libya . Achouri stressed that the role of the mission was limited to facilitate the holding of these informal meetings.

The jurisdiction of the United Nations Mission in Libya to provide support for the Libyan efforts in the management of “the process of democratic transformation “, * through the provision of technical advice and assistance to the electoral process Jamahiriya, the process of preparation and adoption of the new Libyan constitution*** .

اجتماعات «سرية» في أوسلو قريباً لشخصيات ليبية وانصار للقذافي

صحيفة الحياة اللندنية- أعلنت الناطقة باسم بعثة الأمم المتحدة للدعم في ليبيا راضية عاشوري، أن البعثة «سهلت الترتيب لاجتماعات تشاورية غير رسمية لأطراف سياسية ليبية»، مشيرة الى ان هذه الاجتماعات ستعقد في العاصمة النروجية أوسلو اعتباراً من 25 الشهر الجاري.
ولم تعط عاشوري أي تفاصيل عن المشاركين في الاجتماعات، لكن مصادر في طرابلس الغرب أبلغت «الحياة» أمس، ان فاعليات قبلية وجهوية وافقت بصورة مبدئية على حضور الاجتماعات لـ «الاستماع الى ما سيطرحه الطرف الآخر، شرط اضفاء طابع السرية على اللقاءات ومن دون الالتزام مسبقاً بالتوصل الى تفاهمات او اتفاقات».
وكشفت المصادر ذاتها، أن مسؤولين سابقين في نظام العقيد معمر القذافي (أمنيين وسياسيين) فروا من البلاد عقب إطاحة نظامه، سيشاركون في اللقاءات، إلى جانب مجموعة من الناشطين الذين يتحركون منذ فترة في الخارج لتشجيع «الحوار الوطني» وهم محسوبون على سيف الاسلام نجل القذافي المعتقل لدى ثوار الزنتان. وتأتي هذه الخطوة بعد إعلان رئيس الحكومة الليبية علي زيدان أخيراً في مؤتمر صحافي مشترك مع رئيس بعثة الأمم المتحدة في ليبيا (الوزير اللبناني السابق) طارق متري، إطلاق مسعى للحوار بين الفرقاء الليبيين يهدف الى المصالحة الوطنية.
ويأتي اختيار أوسلو مكاناً لهذه الاجتماعات التمهيدية «السرية»، نظراً إلى خبرتها في إطلاق هذا النوع من الحوارات، منذ نجاحها في إبرام اتفاق بين الجانبين الفلسطيني والاسرائيلي عام 1993. وأشارت عاشوري وهي تونسية تولت سابقاً منصب الناطقة باسم رئيس لجنة التحقيق الدولية في اغتيال رئيس الوزراء اللبناني رفيق الحريري، إلى أن هذه الاجتماعات التشاورية، تأتي بناء على رغبة الأطراف السياسية ومنظمات المجتمع المدني في ليبيا خلال اتصالات واجتماعات عقدتها مع البعثة خلال الأسابيع الماضية.
وأوضحت عاشوري في مؤتمر صحافي أول من أمس، أن الهدف من عقد هذه الاجتماعات خارج ليبيا هو «إتاحة الفرصة لكل الأطراف للحديث بأريحية وبشكل صريح، والتفرغ لمناقشة المحاور الخاصة بملف التحول الديموقراطي الذي تشهده ليبيا». وشددت عاشوري على أن دور البعثة اقتصر على تسهيل عقد هذه الاجتماعات غير الرسمية. وتختص بعثة الأمم المتحدة في ليبيا في تقديم الدعم للجهود الليبية في إدارة عملية التحول الديموقراطي، من خلال تقديم المشورة والمساعدة الفنية للعملية الانتخابية الليبية، وعملية إعداد وإقرار الدستور الليبي الجديد.


*: IS THIS A PROPAGANDIST JOKE??? as The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA was already fully democratic…It had the purest form of Direct Democracy!!!

also–Over and over, it read “GADAFFI’s Regime”, which I kept changing to “THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA”…as we know Muammar had no “power”..THE POWER was through the people themselves, the “masses”!!
***Third, the only Constitution Libya legally has since 02 MARCH 1977, is the Holy Quran…

**also: ALI ZAIDANE is a puppet of NATOand has ennacted legislation to destroy anything referring to Mumammar al-Qathafi…even at the UNO meeting last month.

The UNO has not, and seems not, to actually care or help the LIBYAN PEOPLE in what the real native Libyans need and want. The UNO, EU and Western Powers are only concerned with their own “particular interests” in the region.

I really think this whole thing is a WESTERN PROPAGANDA LIE !

Saif al-Islam 

News on the spread of the brigade Qaqaa in the meantime and the declaration of a state of maximum alert.

Regular and ongoing study in all schools in Libya

The Ministry of Education study that systematically and continuously in all schools in Libya and on Sunday, 17 November 2013, is a normal school day.

Noureddine Abdullah / president of Media Tajourah Center:

Minister of Labour Masrati Mohammed Soualem a negotiator describes the 101

battalion of the Chiefs of Staff of the militias because they Mnau any convoy Musrati the access to capital.


The resignation of Deputy Chief of Staff .. And orders for the Air Force to monitor ports , District Capitol

Ali INKA, a spokesman for the General Staff of the Libyan army , told ‘ Anatolia ‘ The orders were issued to the Air Force to fly over the capital Tripoli to monitor outlets and prevent any armed move around.
According to the reporter ‘ Anatolia ‘ , it has begun military aircraft of the Libyan air force flew about area of ‘ Gharghour ‘ .
And Salem Al Guenida , deputy chief of staff of the Libyan army , ‘ he submitted his resignation to the Chiefs of Staff ‘ in protest against the bloody business in Tripoli ‘ .
He told ‘Anatolia’ that he can not continue to assume ‘ responsibility for the Army has no ability to deter and stop the militia killed people isolate ‘.
The reporter forAnatolia’ learned from sources within the Chiefs of Staff that Salim Lafi , is one of the officers leading the Libyan army and he was the former Council of Tripoli, the military , also presented his resignation with another group of officers, and drew charges to the funniest political in parliament said they impede the army building and supports a number of militias in the capital .



Asr prayer and funeral Martyrs Misrata militia massacre of the people of Tripoli now on the national channel Libya


 Harbour Island, Coral Island, the spread and the concentration of a convoy

of 155 battalion of the General Staff.

Urgent security alert at the mitiga replaced tank, there is a possibility I use warplanes if needed.

Chief of staff

Now :: preparations on in full swing for the Libyan air defense forces to bomb

any armed convoys heading towards the city of Tripoli to threaten the security of civilians.

Tripoli local council:

Tripoli is under attack with heavy weapons by armed battalions

Now hear very powerful explosions in the capital Tripoli.

Tripoli, the capital | |

A large armed convoy from Misrata enter Tripoli by force.

URGENT / / operations room Tajourah

To every rebels Tajourah and rejuvenated each has a weapon
Orientation of the 101 infantry battalion headquarters.

Now the immediate and urgent



Gado channel on Facebook
Post ::: Omar adequate:
Displays a refugee camp of Taurigha in Tripoli area farmer to heavy shelling weapons average falling on children,

women and elderly now and hear the screams of the women did not come one Annagadhm.  In a telephone conversation

from inside the camp confirmed that the number of deaths and injuries are now among children and women,

and until this time is besieged camp and bombed by gangs Misurata and chaos and fires permeated the place.

Video shows the moment of disastrous attack on displaced camp Tawergha Bafilah by Misrata militias 16/11/2013

فيديو كارثي يوضح لحظة الهجوم علي مخيم نازحي تاورغاء بالفلاح من قبل مليشيات مصراتة 16.11.2013

Aaaaaaagel : young revolutionaries trying today to enter the base built air in order

to Istgulw plane and launch a warship to go to Tripoli to rescue innocent people

by saying , but was prevented by the wise Almtoagdin outside the base and asked them to prudence little “

even authorized the chief of staff or mufti , or one of the officials then each incident modern …

Tawfiq Ghemari …..

Maram Aboaisha:
The withdrawal of to Mitigua militants to in front of a battalion El nawasy.

Mitigua, the release of prisoners with charges (Light).

Mitigua, Aircraft ambulance transported the wounded to Tunisia.

Of faces Gharghour militants are armed with small areas (k Mansoura, Mr. Khalifa, pressures Alshall, the ancient city ...)

By rail, road clash Balthagal in.

Now: explosions from within Gharghour.

Door bin Gasheer, clashes and exchange of fire between gunmen Gharghour and battalion 127  at the HOTEL Rixos charged with protection.

over 60 military vehicles and civilian vehicle tracking Misrata at Bin Gasheer Palace area – a coastal road speeding moving to Tripoli.

Libyan Republic (RAT NEWS):
A-Mitigua Att signal Tawari Tripoli

Witnesses and Tags for tank and armored heavily armed in the way of heavy Shat and sons Friday Market congregate in Mitigua Hatta

to not continued the battalion and he has a weapon before walking Mitigua.


Average heavy lead in the area around base Mitigua...

Word now :::

News of Tarhounah: “exclusive” battalion loyal Tarhounah on their way to Tripoli

in support of the Tripoli rebels brave.

Wounded and Injured by gunfire on peaceful Almtdahiran:


According to the spokesman for the Libyan Ministry of Health, Noureddine Dughman, the dead were killed during a peaceful demonstration took place against the ” Misratah battalion ” that take from Gharghour neighborhood -based, and the number of those who were killed in the attack on the headquarters of the militia in response to the launch of their fire on the demonstration.

Killed at least 44 people and wounded/injured 400 others Friday during a peaceful demonstration against the militia in Tripoli which later turned into armed clashes.
The spokesman said ‘ deposit of 15 bodies and more than a hundred wounded, many of them critical injuries in hospitals in Tripoli in the last hours .’
The spokesman was unable to determine who was killed in a peaceful demonstration against the Misurata militia , which take of Gargour neighborhood – based and was killed in the attack on the headquarters of the militia in response to the firing of its members fired on the demonstration , but only described the scene as ‘ complete chaos ‘ .
The news agency quoted the Libyan ‘ and ‘ sources as saying that many of the wounded were in serious condition and that the accident is still department receives injured.
The Libyan militia had fired earlier Friday fire on demonstrators who were peacefully يطالبونها to evacuate the building the Gharghour area southeast of Tripoli .

The spark clashes broke out Friday afternoon when hundreds of demonstrators approached the headquarters of the these descendants militia from Misrata ( east of Tripoli ) in the neighborhood Gharghour . When the demonstrators approached the building in Gharghour area, the gunmen of the militia, in front of the insistence of the unarmed demonstrators, opened fire on them.
The protesters gathered after Friday prayers outside a mosque Jerusalem, the center of the capital Tripoli and drove to the headquarters of an armed battalions of the city of Misrata and positioned the Gharghour area , carrying white flags and flags of independence, prompting Bmslihyaa to firing live bullets at them.
An eyewitness named Ibrahim told ‘AFP ‘, ‘ income from the people of Tripoli , gunmen neighborhood Gharghour and burned all the villas that they occupy ( militiamen ) to prevent them from returning to it. The most militia members barricaded themselves in one villa , but the noose is tightening on them ‘ .
The witness said later that he was also the final evacuation of the villa barricaded by militiamen after the defection of most of them. It was ‘ arrest ‘ some members of the militia were killed and others wounded .
Other witnesses confirmed hearing voices heavy fire and a column of smoke rising from the neighborhood.


Haj house burning Bouzaytaah Nael Hamad bin Gaddafi, who was occupied by Jews Misrata in Tripoli Gharghour?

Is this true?


Shortly before in Gharghour area

Burn villas and luxury homes inhabited by members of the militia Gharghour of Misurata.





Discovery of mass graves in villas Gharghour after the withdrawal of Misurata militia.

اكتشاف مقابر جماعية في فيلل غرغور بعد انسحاب مليشيات مصراته منها .

Libya talks

106 Infantry Battalion Gargour, Alkoachik and the bulldozers arrived for a place to demolish the villas ruin,

waiting for the power company to restore electricity to the neighborhood ….

Acetic Edmro nests Alzarh the secret prisons who bash Uige Maadsh has Wayne sit walks Adorlh the Braka in the street sit where.

serously wounded seeking teatment has risen to 114, 37 deceased.

Front now open in Tripoli in more than one area.

Said Chairman of the Board of Local Tajourah to the newspaper “A country ambience” :

has been recovered 101 infantry battalion Bgot pomegranate Mageb University by young Tajourah

afternoon after it was taken over by rebels Misrata this morning.

(A country ambience/atmosphere of the country)

101 infantry battalion  to Mageb University,

“you lock the Tajourah main entrance road from the Eastern coastal sand barriers (please!)”

Due to the presence of armed militias that took the port breaker ((entrance Tarhounah)) the temporary headquarters coastal road
And located a large number of heavily armed vehicles
Each youth Tajourah presence in the eastern ports of Tajourah.

Spring Alsukna former junta chief to Tajourah:

Now the eastern entrance to Tajourah
Tajourah rebels backed Bhetwar, stationed in Tripoli present before the breaker and separated by only 3 kilometers

from the MISURATA city officers headquarters and forces, after the breaker.

Tajourah Friday Market, up for Nagorno Bolle:

Gate Alnchea, Tajoura militants control of the place and the withdrawal of Misrata fighters from the camp of 101 more than an hour ago.

Gathering of gunmen Misuata in camp, 101 East Tajourah
And Tajourah group gathered at Camp missiles.

Shortly before the convoy moves in Salah al-Din and Tajourah Augod of any resistance in the absence of any security device on the road
And control of the two camps in Tajourah belonging to the parties by the National Army battalions coming from Misrata.

Now: Island # door _ Azizia, heavy fire at a low level and wounding

neighboring buildings and homes # Tripoli # Libya

URGENT: hearing a loud explosion shortly before in the Mansoura Tripoli area next petrol station “late”,

followed by intermittent firing of small arms fire for several minutes without any information available so far about what is happening in the region.

The local council of Friday Market asked of people Tajourah any family want Syndicate safety on Fiday Market went into the homes of every doors open there.

Withdrawal of gunmen Gharghour, to the island of door bin Gasheer and Island Market Tuesday, and the proliferation of small groups Tripoli militants between neighborhoods.

Bridge over the June 11 Friday Market now:

Tajourah used tanks.

Misrata fighters retreated to bridge Alqoaah the stiff Resistance from the residents of Tajourah.
Fallout 3 wounded of Tajourah after hit by mortar shell.

Sources Radio Jawhara about the movement of armored vehicles, which entered force tracking Tripoli this morning towards

the market Thursday, the same source said that this move did not know if it was for the purpose of withdrawal,

or to join the group located in the area of Alqoaah.

URGENT: Exit trucks carrying tanks from Aldavnih gate towards Tripoli. # Libya

(I swear to God first Magherit the The eyes Bedouins Edmau news Broham).

Aaaaaajl channel DC: _
Tripoli University be closed 3 days of mourning for students religion Varko life in area Gharghour

Dahmani angle, collector captain, citizens, blocked roads tires and

garbage bins and barriers to prevent any of the gunmen enter neighborhoods.

Urgent: battalion rebels Tripoli

Calls on all its members to join the battalion camps and receive functions to secure their city of Tripoli against any breakthroughs.

Trait Ben Aoun, battalion Lhalboss, at full strength heading to bin Gasheer Palace.

Firas Bosalum / / special Reuters:

High number of deaths to 44, and more than 400 injured.

URGENT: medical source confirms death toll rises Tripoli on events yesterday to 44 dead.

Door bin Gasheer, closing the road towards the island of Bab al-Aziziya.

The outcome of the clashes of some hospitals:
Tripoli Medical Center 9 dead and 24 injured
Hospital street corner 13 people dead and more than a hundred wounded
Accidents Hospital Abu Salim 15 people dead and more than a hundred wounded
+This is a clinic and oil independence Hospital and private clinics Tripoli

The arrival of other cases now to Heart Hospital
We call on citizens to donate blood:

Shut down the coastal road in front of Heart Hospital currently in Tajourah.

Needy Blood Donor o-Heart Hospital

# Central Blood Bank – Tripoli
– Using Shat – need all the negative factions and platoon AB positive

(Those who can donate)

I’m perspective , Salah al-Din , the escalation of fumes and fire in place.

Center of Tajourah now …

Calm returned after clashes near Alqoaah the outside Tajourah about 20 miles.


Accession of Ktibhthoar Tripoli to Tajourah rebels to address the Misrata militias !

Channel Misrata

Now a telephone call:  Misrata forces stationed in Gharghour in through the airport and discernible to calm situation!

Salem al – Obeidi summerizes:
– Tripoli flags degeneration , and a local Tripoli declares a state of mourning
Three days

– Gunmen proximity of Gharghour b fake steal gates passers
And extorting citizens

– RESET 101 headquarters after fierce battles by young Tajora
After it has been taken over by the force coming from Misratah
And now battles in pomegranate pressures.

Beginning of demonstrators gathered in Algeria Square now
For the funeral yesterday’s clashes kill:

Knights battalion Janzour and secret backing for the initial and each Saraya and the Janzour ready and rebels on a date in the epic glory for the defense of Tripoli.

Counting the words of the Minister of Justice in the press conference that he should be tried
Of he Bermaah and killed demonstrators from militias Gharghour,, now Ktaib shield Misratah broke into the Ministry of Justice in Tripoli and controlled:

MISRATA armed forces occupy the Interior Ministry building.



Sadat Badri through one of Tripoli radios required sons and Rafla and

Tarhounah and Rishvana protect Tripoli!!!

Statement Shura Council and Rishvana of on the events in the capital Tripoli.

In the name of God the Merciful
Praise be to Allah , and peace and blessings be on Ashraf prophets and messengers the prophet Muhammad , peace be upon him .
The Shura Council and Rishvana of following a peaceful demonstration that came out today 15 / 11 / 2013 after the Friday prayers at a mosque Jerusalem claim to evacuate Tripoli of armed formations waving logo ( Libya , Libya, Libya).
We have received all the grief and sorrow of unfortunate events that turned the peaceful demonstration into a bloody events which killed many innocent people , and in a time when offer our condolences to the families of the victims , we express our regret and sympathy with them, and we wish a speedy recovery to the injured.
Under the general weakness of the National Congress and the absence of government control over the reins of the state administration , we emphasize the following: –
1 – support the peaceful movement and we condemn attacks on civilians , which led to the fall of the spirits during a peaceful demonstration .
2 – claim to investigate the bloody events of Friday and the prosecution of officials for the commission of these crimes and to arrest and prosecute them.
3 – We call on all Libyans to exercise restraint and arbitration language of reason and away from violence and maintain the sanctity of Libyan blood and considering shedding the blood of innocent people and the loss of their lives is a crime against religion and the homeland .
4 – strongly Ndamo the efforts of the people of Tripoli to bring all armed formations from the capital Tripoli and the application of Resolution 27 on it.
5 – emphasize that the General National Congress contributed to this bloody day , an increase are new to the Libyan army is the transfer of ownership of Libya rebels room to the presidency of the General Staff .
6 – We call on the interim government to shoulder its responsibilities to expedite the building of the army and police .

7. We deplore what the dark forces that seek to terrorize the population security in Tripoli and the surrounding area.

God save our country Libya from all evil and not around and no power except with Allah, God suffices us and
And peace, mercy and blessings of God/ and Peace Be Upon You

Shura Council of Rishvana 

Issued Borcvana the eleventh Friday of the month of Muharram 1435 AH

Corresponding to the fifteenth of the month of November 2013. Media Office Shura Council of Rishvana 

بيان مجلس الشورى ورشفانة بشان احداث العاصمة طرابلس .بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الحمد لله رب العالمين ، والصلاة والسلام على اشرف الانبياء والمرسلين سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم .
ان مجلس الشورى ورشفانة يتابع المظاهرة السلمية التي خرجت اليوم 15 / 11 / 2013 بعد صلاة الجمعة من مسجد القدس مطالبة باخلاء طرابلس من التشكيلات المسلحة وهم يرفعون شعار ( ليبيا ، ليبيا ، ليبيا ) .
وقد تلقينا بكل حزن وأسى الاحداث المؤسفة التي حولت المظاهرة السلمية الى احداث دامية سقط فيها العديد من الابرياء ، وفي الوقت الذي نقدم فيه تعازينا لذوي الضحايا فاننا نعبر عن اسفنا وتعاطفنا معهم ، متمنين الشفاء العاجل للمصابين .
وفي ظل ضعف المؤتمر الوطني العام وغياب سيطرة الحكومة على مقاليد ادارة الدولة فاننا نؤكد على الاتي :-
1- نساند الحراك السلمي وندين الاعتداء على المدنيين الذي ادى الى سقوط الارواح خلال المظاهرة السلمية .
2- المطالبة بالتحقيق في احداث الجمعة الدامية وملاحقة المسؤلين عن ارتكاب هذه الجرائم والقبض عليهم ومحاكمتهم .
3- ندعو كل الليبيين الى ضبط النفس وتحكيم لغة العقل والابتعاد عن العنف والمحافظة على حرمة الدم الليبي واعتبار سفك دماء الابرياء وازهاق ارواحهم جريمة في حق الدين والوطن .
4- ندعمو بقوة جهود اهالي طرابلس الى اخراج كل التشكيلات المسلحة من العاصمة طرابلس وتطبيق القرار 27 الخاص بذلك .
5- نؤكد على ان المؤتمر الوطني العام ساهم في هذا اليوم الدامي وذلك بزيادة هم جديد للجيش الليبي هو نقل تبعية غرفة ثوار ليبيا الى رئاسة الاركان العامة .
6- ندعو الحكومة المؤقته الى تحمل مسئولياتها بالاسراع في بناء الجيش والشرطة .
7- نستنكر ماتقوم به القوى الظلامية التى تسعى الى ارهاب السكان الامنيين في طرابلس الكبرى وضواحيها .حفظ الله بلادنا ليبيا من كل سوء ولا حول ولاقوة إلا بالله ، حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل.والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتهمجلس الشورى ورشفانةصدر بورشفانة يوم الجمعة الحادي عشر من شهر محرم الحرام 1435 هجريالموافق الخامس عشر من شهر نوفمبر 2013 م. المكتب الاعلامي مجلس الشورى ورشفانة



Last denier meeting not Imitlna and Imitlna Altdt only official spokesman for the Zintan

Saraya Zintan rebels gathered:

Zintan Media Center

Alert Per trumpets Naakh trying and want thrown name Zintan in Alahaddathalta experienced by the country to fear God and spews venom away from the city of Zintan Our position is clear we are against any criminal act against civilians, whatever the actor and that was our city , hence fished away in your waters turbid O bats, and sedition pages owners fear Allah in you write what Tzllon the people of rumors and news and analysis distant reality .
What happened Ndaanh the full force and we are building with the army and police will stand with the circumstances against another party whatever and falls in these and other events are Muslims before they were Libyans and the loss of Libya.
And condolences to the families of the victims and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured.
God save Libya

Local council Balzntan the student in a statement to the implementation of Resolution 27 relating to remove all armed formations from the capital , without linking it to certain cities .
The head of the Council Mohammed Alokwak : The Local Zintan had demanded the exit from Tripoli armed formations , whether legitimate or illegitimate and handed over to the police , so do not count on any city or tribe.
He added Alokwak to the newspaper “Atmosphere of the Country” on Saturday that the wise must intervene to solve this crisis so as not to turn into a difficult dilemma over the country.
The Council called on all parties to exercise restraint and arbitration Shara (as it was under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA), mind and sit for dialogue and against the backdrop of events in the city of Tripoli on Friday.

A copy of the statement of the local council of Zintan:



Faculty of Economics Students’ Union Ajeelat declares mourning and stop the study 3 days starting on Sunday in

solidarity with the students of the University of Tripoli and the people of the capital against the backdrop of recent events ..

Muhannad Zarimq / Prime Cun students at the Faculty of Economics Ajeelat.



Disengagement sit Mellitah Complex .

((The rebel statement Amazigh protestors in Mellitah oil & gas on 15/11/2013))

Down at the request of the Supreme Council of the Amazigh Libya, which came against the backdrop of the tragic events in our capital, proud, respected for the blood of the Libyans asked in this events we suspend our sit-in in mellitah oil & gas.

We reaffirm that we will not compromise our merits in Amendment 30-percent of the Constitutional Declaration to include a mbdaa of compatibility, and we will not fail to do all necessary if wrongdoing and continued political quirks which may be a main reason for going home.

We carry the full responsibility of what Congress might get a result ignored this requirement.

Peace be upon you

Visitors Information Center | Zuwara Media Center

Channel Free Libya
Announcing Haaaaam …
Tomorrow will bring a delegation of the Supreme Council for the Amazigh Libya to Zuwarah in order to open the gas line procedure,

which was Yghadi western region with electricity because of the events in Tripoli and Ktert wounded in hospitals

and we do not want our people suffering two Vlhma decided to open the line by taking the interests of the people above their interest in constitutionalization language .

Ministry of oil price and gas
In the name of God the merciful
Thanks to God and reconciliation and dedicated efforts of this beloved country.
I started at about 2: 30 Saturday morning. The restart process of mellitah complex and major power stations with gas. and the Amazigh brothers reacted
after thank you unzip the sit-in and leave the mellitah complex about 1 p.m. and production processes in the complex to what they were.
We thank all those who contributed to this sit-in, brothers from the nearby areas and shuras.Also forgotten to thank Amazigh brothers on this gesture and
understanding of the critical juncture of our beloved …
The God reward them all the best and may God save our country from all evils and to bless us with security and safety.



Bani Walid residents start campaign to donate blood to the hospital
Bani Walid year, Peace Charity Care

Ben Walid today 11/16/2013 ..

From the door of the teachings of our religion and Nakhweh sons of the desert:
The arrival of ambulances from the city of Bani Walid resilience to hospitals in Tripoli tanker

donated blood sons Rusaifa to the parents in the capital ….



Tampering with the contents of the headquarters of the courts and prosecutors to Sirte
By gunmen last night , after the attack on guards
Headquarters and burning their car



Obama Named As Accessory to Murder


Obama was named as an accessory to the Muslim Brotherhood’s murder, rape, and torture of Egyptian citizens according to a criminal complaint filed by Egyptian attorneys and lawmakers before the International Criminal Court.

Obama was also found to be secretly funneling millions of dollars to ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood members. The bribes, recorded in a document seized by the Egyptian military, amounted to almost a million dollars paid to each ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood operative, ostensibly charged with rounding up and killing anyone who opposed the Mohammed Morsi regime, which included the torture and crucifixion of Christians.

But this murder-for-hire plot is just the tip of the iceberg.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to find out about Barack Obama’s collusion with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and their evil—but thankfully thwarted—“final solution.”



America’s Chemical Weapons: Hypocrisy, Conspiracy and a Forgotten History

Global Research, 14 November 2013

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” (J.Edgar Hoover,1895-1972.)

Since the fairy tale about weapons of mass destruction that can be launched against Western targets “within forty five minutes” is well past it’s sell by date, the trans-Atlantic hasbara industry has dreamed up a new Grim Reaper for Syria, their latest quarry: chemical weapons.

Stephen Zunes succinct quote that: “ U.S. policy regarding chemical weapons has been so inconsistent and politicized that the United States is in no position to take leadership in response to any use of such weaponry by Syria”(i) hits the chemical warhead on the nose cone.

Never mind Israel’s lethal stockpiles, for ever, seemingly, blind eye territory, as apparently is the United States 5,449 metric tons chemical weapons arsenal, which cannot be disposed of until at least 2021 due to the hazards involved (Japan Times, 12th September 2013.).

However the storm troopers of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) joined the other insurgents in Syria and in under a month: “ … completed the functional destruction of critical equipment for all of its declared chemical weapons production facilities and mixing/filling plants, rendering them inoperable.”(ii)

President Assad, his country, this year alone, being five times an illegal target of Israel’s fearsome destructive power from just across the Golan Heights (iii) stated that his weapons were purely defensive – to use the cold war adage, a balance of terror. All nations have the legal right to self-defence – unless they are majority Muslim, it would seem.

Compared to the might of the countries threatening its destruction, Syria is now, if not quite a sitting duck, certainly a lamer one and must be mindful of the fate of Libya, when pressured and Iraq when forced to disarm.

Coincidentally, President Assad’s assertions are almost exactly those used by the United States regarding chemical weapons – at a time when the U.S. was certainly at no threat from external forces.

On 28th March 1990, the Los Angeles Times reported that: “The U.S. government is considering forcing two defiant chemical companies to sell the Pentagon a key ingredient for producing nerve gas, Pentagon officials said …”

Further: “The United States has said that it would need chemical weapons to deter the Soviets’ use of chemical weapons during a non-nuclear conflict in Central Europe – a prospect even (the then) Defense Secretary Dick Cheney (termed) ‘extremely remote.’ “

This was five months after the fall of the Berlin Wall (9th November 1989) and fifteen months after then President Gorbachev had committed, at the UN, to cutting Soviet troops by a massive 500,000, including withdrawing significant military presence in eastern Europe.(iv) A hand of reconciliation to the U.S., by any standards, after approaching fifty years of hostilities.

Given the circumstances, was the US really concerned about the “Soviet threat” or was an un-noticed elephant lurking round the corner? The LA Times article was headed: “Firms Balk at Selling Nerve Gas Element to U.S.: Two chemical companies cite corporate policy and ethics. But the Pentagon may invoke an old law and force them to deliver the compound.”

“The Occidental Chemical Corp., and the Mobay Corp., said company policies forbid sales that would contribute to the proliferation of chemical weapons. Both refused to fill Defense Department orders for thionyl chloride, a widely used industrial and agricultural chemical that is needed to make a lethal nerve agent.


“The U.S. government is considering forcing two defiant chemical companies to sell the Pentagon a key ingredient for producing nerve gas …

“Defense officials said the two firms are the only ones in the United States that now commercially produce the chemical agent. The firms’ unwillingness to sell has brought the production of a new generation of U.S. chemical weapons, which began in 1987, to a halt.

“The Army needs 160,000 pounds of the ingredient by June to proceed on schedule, the Pentagon said. Government officials said they can compel the companies to sell the chemical under the Defense Production Act, a 1950 law designed to give the Pentagon first priority on war materiel.”(My emphasis.)

What war did the Pentagon have in mind, since the Administration of the President George H.W. Bush was working: “to negotiate a worldwide ban” on chemical arms production and just four months earlier Bush had also: “proposed to Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev that the superpowers sign an accord at their summit this June that would call for the destruction of 80% of their chemical weapons …”

Yet regarding the purchase of the potentially lethal chemicals: “If the United States invokes the Defense Production Act, the companies will get the message that this is important and that they should reconsider their policies”, said one official.

Occidental Petroleum Corp’s: “Chairman and chief executive officer Armand Hammer (was) a longtime champion of improved U.S. relations with the Soviet Union and has been critical of the pace of U.S. arms control efforts.”

A spokesman for Mobay, subsidiary of German giant, Bayer: “said the Pentagon approached Mobay with an order for 160,000 pounds of thionyl chloride …” It was needed by June (1990) for use in the production of the nerve agent Sarin, noted the New Scientist (7th April 1990.)

Mobay’s man was robust: “We have told the government . . . that we have no intentions of selling thionyl chloride for these purposes.”

So, to the lurking elephant. It seems it was less about deterring “the Soviets’ …” and more about an Iraq, financially on its knees and fiscally relentlessly undermined and targeted by the U.S. since the end of the Iran-Iraq war (September1980-August1988) in which the U.S. had backed Iraq (and armed both sides.)

During and after a U.S., driven war, devastating both countries, Kuwait, Iraq accused, had been slant drilling in to Iraq’s Rumaila oil fields. In addition, since the end of the war, Kuwait had hugely exceeded OPEC production quotas, costing, Iraq claimed, $14 billion a year, in addition to the $2.4 billion estimated loss from the war period extractions of “some millions of barrels” – additionally “capturing some of Iraq’s customers.”(v)

Saddam Hussein had told a session of the Arab League: “We cannot tolerate this kind of economic warfare. We have reached a state of affairs where we cannot take the pressure.” Whatever else, he was the proudest of men, the admission must have cost him dearly.

That America did not know something was about to give in the near future is unthinkable. The U.S. had flagged Kuwait’s oil tankers with U.S., flags in 1987, to protect the statelet with the world’s fifth largest oil reserves, from Iran – and they remained U.S. flagged. An attack on Kuwait would be an attack on a U.S., protectorate.

Interestingly, some in Washington were sympathetic to Saddam Hussein’s view: “Henry M. Schuler, director of the energy security program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, said that from the Iraqi viewpoint, the Kuwait Government was ‘acting aggressively – it was economic warfare.’ “

”Whether he’s Hitler or not, he has some reason on his side”, Mr. Schuler said, adding that: “American officials needed to appreciate the economic and psychological significance the Rumaila field holds for the Iraqis and why Kuwait’s exploitation of Rumaila, in addition to its high oil output in the 1980′s, was an affront to the Iraqis.

”It’s not just the emotional man in the street in the Arab world who finds the Iraq case appealing,” he said: ”So do many of those who are thinking, intelligent people. If the Iraqi people feel they are the victims of aggression, and that their legitimate claims are being stifled now by American intervention, they will hang in there a lot longer than if that were not the case.”

As recently as 2011, veteran, ten term Congressman Ron Paul talked in Congress on the slant drilling claims pointing out that: “Historian Mark Zepezauer notes that the equipment to slant drill Iraq’s oil illegally was bought from (US National Security Advisor to President George H.W. Bush) Brent Scowcroft’s old company. Kuwait was pumping out around $14-billion worth of oil from beneath Iraqi territory … Slant-drilling is enough to get you shot in Texas, and it’s certainly enough to start a war in the Mideast.”(vi) (Emphasis mine.)

However, it was not just Kuwait targeting Iraq’s frail finances, as Brian Becker wrote in a detailed account (vii.) The U.S., betrayal of their ally in the regional ravages of the Iran-Iraq war, was total:

“Having weakened Iran, the goal was then to weaken Iraq and make sure that it could not develop as a regional power capable of challenging U.S. domination. After the war ended, U.S. policy toward Iraq shifted, becoming increasingly hostile. The way it shifted is quite revealing; bearing all the signs of a well-planned conspiracy.

“The cease-fire between Iran and Iraq began on August 20, 1988. On September 8, 1988, Iraqi Foreign Minister Sa’dun Hammadi was to meet with U.S. Secretary of State George Schulz. The Iraqis had every reason to expect a warm welcome in Washington and to begin an era of closer co-operation on trade and industrial development.”

In the event, two hours before the meeting, without warning to Hammadi, State Department spokesman Charles Redman called a press conference charging that: “The U.S. Government is convinced that Iraq has used chemical weapons … against Kurdish guerillas. We don’t know the extent to which chemical weapons have been used but any use in this context is abhorrent and unjustifiable.We expressed our strong concern to the Iraqi Government which is well aware of our position that the use of chemical weapons is totally unjustifiable and unacceptable.”

“Redman did not allude to any evidence at all” and further mislead, since seemingly the Iraqi government was not informed of the charges.

When Hammadi arrived at the State Department for his meeting with Schulz, he was besieged by the media asking about the massacre and unable to give coherent answers. Bewildered, he repeatedly asked the journalists the basis for their questions.

The meeting with Schulz was a dismal: “with Iraq’s expectations of U.S. assistance in rebuilding after the Iran-Iraq war dashed.”

“Within twenty-four hours of Redman’s press release, the Senate voted unanimously to impose economic sanctions on Iraq which would cancel sales of food and technology.

Whilst the genocidal and ecocidal U.N. blockade on Iraq from August 1990 is remembered, this previous U.S. stab in the back to a former ally on its financial knees is forgotten.

Thus, in addition to Kuwait’s alleged fiscal sabotage was, from September 9th, 1988: “… a two year record that amounts to economic harassment of Iraq by the American State Department, media, and Congress.”

However, after the chemical weapons announcement, the near daily rhetoric regarding Saddam from Washington and Whitehall was that: “he gasses his own people”, “uses chemical weapons against his own people.” And the drums of war beat ever louder.

In fact: “US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld helped Saddam Hussein build up his arsenal of deadly chemical and biological weapons … As an envoy from President Reagan … he had a secret meeting with (Saddam) and arranged enormous military assistance for his war with Iran … a Senate committee investigating the relationship between the U.S. and Iraq discovered that in the mid-1980s – following the Rumsfeld visit – dozens of biological agents were shipped to Iraq under licence from the Commerce Department. (Emphasis mine.)

“They included anthrax, subsequently identified by the Pentagon as a key component of the Iraqi biological warfare programme … ‘ The Commerce Department also approved the export of insecticides to Iraq, despite widespread suspicions that they were being used for chemical warfare.’ “ (viii)

Pressure on Iraq accelerating, the U.S.-U.K., and “coalition” was handed another propaganda coup, when, on 15th March 1990, Iraq executed Farzad Bazoft, an Iranian born freelance journalist with a desk at London’s Observer newspaper.

After a massive explosion as al-Iskaderia military complex, south of Baghdad, Bazoft had persuaded Daphne Parrish, a British nurse, working in Baghdad, to take him to the perimeter of the site of the explosion. There he took photographs and two containers of soil samples. He attempted to leave Baghdad the following day, but was arrested, with the samples and photographs at Baghdad airport.

Iraq was again the Western media and governments’ mega demon. But an Iranian acting as he did, after the appalling eight year war would surely have led any country, in such circumstances to act similarly. Witness U.S. paranoia after the tragedy of losing three buildings. Daphne Parrish’s book: “Prisoner in Baghdad” gives the lie to any claims of Bazoft’s innocence.

Just two weeks later America was demanding the chemicals for weapons “by June.” On 25th July 1990, at the Presidential Palace in Baghdad, America’s Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie assured Saddam Hussein: “We have no opinion on your Arab – Arab conflicts, such as your dispute with Kuwait. Secretary (of State James) Baker has directed me to emphasize the instruction, first given to Iraq in the 1960′s, that the Kuwait issue is not associated with America.(ix) “ On 2nd August 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait.

The response was the reduction of Iraq to a “pre-industrial age”, as threatened by James Baker, in the forty two day blitz from January 17th 1991. On February 15, in the preamble to cease-fire proposal, Saddam Hussein said “The years 1988 and 1989 saw sustained campaigns in the press and other media and by other officials in the United States and other nations to pave the way for the fulfillment of vicious aims (i.e., war.)

Had there been one more “vicious aim” though? Was the urging, indeed the threatening demands for chemical weapons ingredients been because the plan had been to use them and blame Iraq? Is it possible there was a plan to even sacrifice their own troops in a ploy that would have likely had U.N., backing invasion and overthrow Saddam Hussein’s government had it been thought to have used such appalling weapons?

In the event, the chemical companies stood firm and: “left without the supply of thionyl chloride necessary to meet the production deadline, five weeks later the Bush administration ‘offered’ to halt binary production during chemical disarmament negotiations with the Soviet Union.”(x)

The: “conclusion is that the US chemical industry’s refusal to produce necessary precursor chemicals, left the Bush administration with no other option than to fully commit to chemical disarmament.”

In the event, the chemical – and radiological – weapons the U.S., used were in up to 750 tons of depleted uranium weaponry.

We will have to wait for another trove of documents to be “liberated” from the U.S., Administration to affirm whether the theory regarding the pressure for the chemical weapons is correct. However, given the propaganda parallels in media, from governments with the current situation with Syria and the near certainty that chemical horrors are being used by the Western backed insurgents and blamed on President Assad’s policies, the all is well worth bearing in mind.

As Brian Becker concluded regarding Saddam’s accusations:

“The Washington Post’s story on the cease-fire proposal of February 15, 1991 was titled simply: ‘Baghdad’s Conspiracy Theory of Recent History.’ Some conspiracies theories just happen to be true.”












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