Wet Weekend

Gadhafi speech One Mu gratitude at breakfast

FOR THOSE who did not sell-out and remain steadfast:

For those who did not sell-out

Steadfast to Althabton … To the honorable heroes …
Makers epics of struggle and struggle and triumph …
To plaintiffs brigade resistance and honor and dignity …
To sons and daughters of the country the real
Who did not sell their home … Secretariat did not betray …
Did not revoke a covenant … Not Altjua history
To the makers of tomorrow bright green.
Heroes to you, tell you I am confident and firming ..
Loomed dawn of salvation is here ..
Hantm you put your feet on the threshold of dishonest victory
Hantm will Taanicon the dawn of the real revolution …
Revolution honorable revolution and the oppressed Amobnonan
The revolution of the oppressed …
simpletons and displaced persons in the corners of the earth do not they committed the offense does not really raped him
But because they defended their honor and their homeland, their dignity, their history …
the revolution martyrs who gave their lives for the redemption of the pure soil of this country Sharif ….
Hantm Yamen steadfast and resolute Nadiltm unsure and stability of the brave
and you take the suffering and injustice, torture and oppression for your home
And dignity Haantm garnish Arskm historical soon and very soon …
Rejoice … And sang .. And Erqsoa
Fjrkm has loomed … Otunkm, opening his arms and a smiley you …
Hello to you .. The joyous submerge
And Tgmrkm Berguah to Ahadankm and Rjoekm to his lap … You glory and pride, pride
Dear heroes … I am not afraid of storms, a sweeping term …. Nor Taiaar aimed devastation Black ….
I’m at home here … In my tent .. Forum … I am the owner the right to certainty …
The maker of it Algda …. I’m here … I’m here … I’m here ……
God is great God is great …. … Allah is the greatest
Steadfast … Firm … With God’s help victors.
إلى الصامدون الثابتون … الى الشرفاء الأبطال … إلى صانعي ملاحم الكفاح والنضال والإنتصار … إلى رافعي لواء المقاومة والشرف والكرامة … إلى أبناء وبنات الوطن الحقيقيون
الذين لم يبيعوا وطن … ولم يخونوا أمانة … ولم ينكثوا عهدا … ولم يلطخوا تاريخاً
إلي صانعي الغد المشرق الاخضر .اليكم ايها الأبطال أقول لكم وكلي ثقة وثبات ..
هاقد لاح فجر الخلاص .. هاأنتم تضعون أقدامكم الشريفه على عتبات النصر المبين
هاأنتم سوف تعانقون فجر الثورة الحقيقية … ثورة الشرفاء ثورة المغبنونين والمقهورين
والمظلومين …ثورة البسطاء والمشردين في اصقاع الارض لا لجرم ارتكبوه ولا حقاً أغتصبوه
الا لانهم دافعوا عن شرفهم ووطنهم وكرامتهم وتاريخهم …ثورة الشهداء الأبرار الذين قدموا أرواحهم الطاهرة فداء لتراب هذا الوطن الشريف …. هاأنتم يامن صمدتم وناضلتم بعزيمة الواثقين وثبات الشجعان وتحملتم المعاناة والظلم والتعذيب والقهر لإجل وطنكم
وكرامتكم هاانتم تزينون عرسكم التاريخي قريباً وقريباً جداً … إفرحوا … وغنوا .. وأرقصوا
فجركم قد لاح … ووطنكم فاتحاً ذراعيه وهو مبتسم لكم… مرحباً بكم .. والفرحه تغمره
وتغمركم برجوعه إلى أحضانكم ورجوعكم إلى حضنه … لكم المجد والفخر والعزه
ايها الأبطال … أنا لا أخاف من العواصف وهي تجتاح المدى …. ولا من الطياير التي ترمي دمارا اسود ….أنا في بيتي هنا … في خيمتي .. في المنتدى …أنا صاحب الحق اليقين … وصانع منه الغدا …. أنا هنا … أنا هنا …أنا هنا …… الله اكبر ….الله أكبر… الله أكبر

GREAT SON again writes:

Finally, the mask has fallen and joy to knock the doors in search of a face that fits his looks Victory Day
Is the hour of truth has sounded
Allkie was in the land of steadfastness and challenge
I was born in the heart of steadfast resistant, making them joy after Dhanha Alaaúison lost dream ..
Ikro no history of peoples well …
Did not they learn after each client in the dustbin of history …
this will inevitably fallen Libya Yamen to Atarafunha the Black Death Qguatro love …
This mass with all the pride and the pride and glory …
This country will not be free and silks accept that history is written in their pages shame …
This is a land of jihad, which shed the blood of our ancestors on the territory of the brave …
Go and ask how your masters were buried in the soil fiery hot ….
Here history Yamen not Taklh …
Here the struggle and steadfastness and glory …
Here the challenge and honor and manhood …
here the certificate and medal honor in the soul of every honest fighter kiss Liberals here …
Yamen Ertadhat yourself a vice and treason and employment ….
Here we make Aoaada victory followed by a green epics epics ….
Steadfast …… Firm ……. Victorious with God’s help …
أخيراً سقط القناع و على الفرح أن يطرق الأبواب بحثاً عن وجه يلائم ملامحه يوم النصر
هي ساعة الحقيقة قد دقت
كانت اللقيا في أرض الصمود والتحدي
ولدت في قلب مقاوماً صامداُ، صنع منها فرحا بعد أن ضنها اليائيسون حلماً ضائعُ ..
لم يقرأو تاريخ الشعوب جيداً … ألم يتعلمون بعد أن كل عميل في مزبلة التاريخ حتما ساقط ُ…هذه ليبيا يامن لاتعرفونها فيها أسودُ يعشقون الموت قواطرو … هذه الجماهيرية بكل فخرا وعزة وشموخ ُ… هذه بلد الأحرار والحرائرُ فلن يقبلوا أن يكتب التاريخ في صفحاتهم عارُ … هذه أرض الجهاد التي سالت على ترابها دماء اجدادنا البواسلُ … إذهبوا وإسألوا اسيادكم كيف دفنوا في ترابها الملتهب الحارُ …. هنا التاريخ يامن لا تعقله … هنا الكفاح والصمود والمجدُ … هنا التحدي والرجولة والشرفُ …هنا الشهادة وسام شرفاً في روح كل شريفاً مناضلُ هنا قبلة الأحرار … يامن أرتضيت لنفسك الرذيلة والخيانة والعمالةُ …. هنا النصر نصنعه يأيادي خضراء ملاحم ُ تعقبها ملاحمُ …. صامدون …… ثابتون ……. منتصرون بعون الله …
TURKEY, QATAR, FRANCE, U.K. and the USA  and the NATO/EU NATIONS are  financing, supplying weapons to, and supporting the LFG to fight against Muammar al-Qathafi!!!
” ‘Al-QAEDA / LFG’ are FIGHTING ‘al-QATHAFI loyalists and nations”
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Citing the Algerian newspaper El Shorouk:
Al-Qaeda” in Libya acquires Scud missiles which Taftnt his Algerian forces land adjacent to Libya
and has stepped up military forces two days ago, also from operations monitoring, control and
ground and air patrols.”

Special Wael Tagouris:
Private sources for news Libya now:
“Al-Qaeda” in Libya acquires Scud missiles

Reveal an image obtained by our own sources of Libyan territory, on the acquisition of the terrorist organization called “al-Qaeda” is allied with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which is one of its wings, GNC’s NATIONALIST PARTY headed by Belhadj and Noah, on long-range Scud missiles.

The sources spoke of Libyan territory, that have dealt with members of the Libyan Fighting Group, led by Abdul Hakim Belhadj, stating that Major General Khalifa Haftar, former commander in the army of al-Qathafi, “exists in Algeria these days, seeking support for control from power in Libya, which defines security disruptions led to significant activity al-Qathafi sent again, and getting out of the cities to secure the citizens, which it calls a terrorist. ”

According to data obtained by field, the “Libyan Fighting Group” allied with “al-Qaeda”, is after control of the arms depots in Tripoli. It smuggled long-range Scud missiles to be used in retaliatory strikes against neighboring countries, which it accuses of supporting al-Qathafi.


The last meeting of the Chamber of Libya rebels a few days ago, has vowed to Algeria to launch rocket attacks on oil sites in the south, along the lines with an accident with a gas plant Ptiڤntoren in the Amnas state of Illizi, which are threats that took Algeria seriously and seized control of the border, and declared a state of maximum alert to avoid any sudden terrorist attacks of those bloody.

According to our sources, the process output armed brigades from Tripoli that was yesterday Thursday, after the acquisition of these terrorist groups weapons, including heavy weapons and vehicles grad and guns, it is likely that you are selling to terrorist groups in the south and south-west of Libya, being a need for money, which requires exercise more of caution and tighten the screws on the border, which Taftnt his Algerian forces land adjacent to Libya, where military forces have intensified since the days of operations also monitoring, control and ground and air patrols.

خاص وائل التاجوري
مصادر خاصة لأخبار ليبيا الان :
“القاعدة” في ليبيا تستحوذ على صواريخ سكودتكشف صورة تحصلت عليها من مصادرنا الخاصة بالأراضي الليبية، على استحواذ التنظيم الإرهابي المسمى “القاعدة” المتحالف مع الجماعة الليبية المقاتلة، التي تعد أحد أجنحته بليبيا على صواريخ سكود بعيدة المدى.وتحدثت مصادر من الأراضي الليبية، أن ما يتداوله أعضاء الجماعة الليبية المقاتلة التي يتزعمها عبد الحكيم بلحاج، تفيد بأن اللواء خليفة حفتر، القائد السابق في جيش القذافي، “موجود في الجزائر هذه الأيام، طالبا الدعم للسيطرة عن الحكم في ليبيا، التي تعرف اضطرابات أمنية كبيرة أدت إلى بعث نشاط كتائب القذافي من جديد، ونزولها للمدن لتأمين المواطنين مما تصفه بالإرهاب”.وتشير معطيات ميدانية تحصلت عليها أن الجماعات الليبية المقاتلة المتحالفة مع “القاعدة”، وبعد سيطرتها على مخازن السلاح بطرابلس هرّبت صواريخ سكود بعيدة المدى لاستغلالها في ضربات انتقامية ضد دول الجوار التي تتهمها بدعم كتائب القذافي.وكان آخر اجتماع لغرفة ثوار ليبيا قبل أيام، قد توعد الجزائر بشن هجمات صاروخية على مواقع نفطية بالجنوب، على غرار مع حادث مع معمل الغاز بتيڤنتورين في إن امناس بولاية إيليزي، وهي التهديدات التي أخذتها الجزائر محمل الجد وبسطت سيطرتها على الحدود، وأعلنت حالة التأهب القصوى لتفادي أية هجمات إرهابية مفاجئة من هؤلاء الدمويين.وتفيد مصادرنا أن عملية إخراج الكتائب المسلحة من طرابلس التي تمت أمس الأول الخميس، بعد استحواذ هذه الجماعات الإرهابية على السلاح، من بينها أسلحة ثقيلة وعربات غراد ومدافع، يرجح أن تقوم ببيعها للجماعات الإرهابية في الجنوب والجنوب الغربي لليبيا، كونها بحاجة للمال مما يتطلب توخي المزيد من الحذر وتشديد الخناق على الحدود، وهو ما تفطنت له القوات الجزائرية بالأراضي المتاخمة لليبيا، حيث كثفت قوات الجيش منذ يومين أيضا من عمليات الرصد والمراقبة والدوريات البرية والجوية.

The Ministry of Education and the Libyan
Urgent and Important

Confirms Information Office, Ministry of Education that the day tomorrow, Sunday, November 24th, 2013 AD normal school day in all schools in the city of Tripoli .. The systematic study in all schools all over Libya.

University Council statement issued today
Which stated:
First: the emphasis on the suspension of classes until the clarity of vision regarding the implementation of the decision to evacuate the capital of armed formations and the availability of necessary security measures within the university.
Second, to emphasize the responsibility of the government in the implementation of the resolution and to give a clear picture of what was real and on the ground
Third, the continued emphasis on the administrative work within the university with the obligation of members of the faculty and staff to come in this period to follow developments.
“Atmosphere of the country”:
The head of the Students Union of the University of Tripoli, Khaled Mohammed told “the atmosphere of the country” to the Council of the University of Tripoli and union faculty members and university student unions decided unanimously to continue in civil disobedience to stop the study and to the implementation of Resolution No. 27, remove all armed formations.
News about Auh representatives of the National Conference of Misrata year
And to hold a public inquiry “on what happened Pegrgor and neutrally.”

Libya talks
Tlaty meeting tomorrow in the UK between Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane and Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron and John Kerry and U.S. Secretary of State.

Abdel Moez Bannon:

(WHILE ZAIDANE is away in the U.K. TALKING with Libya’s wreckers as his/ZAIDANE’s NATO “ALLIES”):

Happening now ….
A meeting of the shadow government to overthrow the government of Zaidane and the formation of the government crisis,,,, heads of large Hadharanh,,,,
Symposium large


“Atmosphere of the country”
Delivery of the headquarters of Libya’s official channel to the Ministry of the Interior
“Atmosphere of the country” – Mustafa bridges
The director of the General Department of Administrative Affairs in the channel Libya official Salah Mansour Arab  to “atmosphere for the country” said  that the gunmen, who were in control of the channel’s headquarters in Libya Official Victory Street headquarters handed over to the National Directorate of Security in Tripoli.
He added that the Arab this operation came in response to the demands of the Libyan people and in implementation of resolutions 27 and 53 issued by the National Congress, where it began extradition proceedings since Thursday delivery was actually on Friday.
He stressed that the Arab channel will begin broadcasting in an official capacity as of the day on Sunday, adding that the channel will see the development of large and will appear in a new suit from the beginning on December 24th.
The Arab that the number of “revolutionaries who were the protection of the headquarters of the channel has been reintegrated and now they are working in the same channel as reporters and photographers after they have been subjected to training and rehabilitation and turn others of them by the military and the military, indicating transmission of some former employees of the channel to work in the private channels.
And saw the headquarters of Libya’s official channel several incidents where channel programs halted several times due to a protest by workers for various reasons.



Urgent Libya agency/

Government does not recognize any handover of the localities of Tripoli.

The interim Government has announced that it does not recognize any handover of the headquarters of the armed alchiklat of the local councils outside the Commission could face up.

The Government confirmed that the extradition of the militant groups ‘ headquarters rules and regulations must be adhered to in order to be legal.


Militias humans, Tagouris, cart Gneoh refuses to hand over their weapons and join the General Staff.  

Abu Salim ::::::: militia headquarters Gneoh ::: lie in new

They said they wrote this topic: Cronies Ali headquarters Gneoh

the only one who caught my eye:
that religion had Bhdh writings have not lowered the flag or burn or desecrate or shredded.
With provocative he hates al-Qathafi more than the rebels themselves…
And Hedda demonstrates that indicates the lies and Tlfikhm …
And algae, but they give the peg both disagreed in opinion.
Libya Event

Alassema TV channel capital Army National Committee headquarters

receives security Abu Salim district of downtown: residents welcome

Abu Salim media channel
A lot of young Salim angry after lying on them and he described arrows and algae, and after what he described as the promoter of ecstasy and Psychotropic Substances!!
They said that it carried out the attack on the demonstration are not the police or the national army, but a gang of mercenaries and # Gneoh, who fired in the air to disperse the demonstration!!
The goals of the protesters were represented in the expulsion of illegal militias from the region and of the security committee in the upper branch of Abu Salim!!
One of the goals of the demonstrators also is the retrieval of the stadium, which is the outlet for the youth of the region in play and entertain themselves, and who paid # Gneoh confiscate and annex junta!!
Intermix piggledy yesterday, and attacked the demonstrators and the media viciously!!
But if Húla right owners and dark, God willing, they will have what they wanted even after a while!!
Salem al-Obeidi:
Said senior diplomatic source within the Turkish Embassy
Ben Achour b b city of Tripoli, the smoke that came out before
Few of the embassy, ​​is a simple fire to a tree
After that the citizens by launching fireworks went in one
To the tree and a fire broke out and simple and does not mention the citizens
And the security of the embassy to extinguish.
M Albuaiche:

Turkish Embassy (the ambassador’s house), Ben Achour, a fire was extinguished at home from neighbors.



(poisoned water distributed to the security gates)

Island Bab al-Aziziya, the island port, GREEN Square,
adjust the bottled water poisoned and distributed to army patrols and the number of wounded simple.
Special goals Albuaiche:

The unidentified sheikh to give a large mosque in the amount of water
And asked him to distribute to the national army patrols stationed
In the city of Tripoli, and the Sheikh are water distribution and for regret
Turned out to be toxic and recorded some cases of poisoning for elements of the army
National, Sheikh and does not know the person who told him that he donated
B Water’s army.

Valley beach :::

Urgent now the people of the Valley of the beach are now cleared base skins from criminal gangs.



Minister of Electricity: – We ask our brothers Amazigh open field to fulfill ..

And that the cause of power outages today to lower the temperature and the lack of adequate gas.

The Fulfilling field was producing 8 million cubic meters of gas for domestic consumption.


Department in AJEELAT ::: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl
Important Announcement:
Council declares that the local department in AJEELAT suspended work and lock all the schools and universities.
Ajeelat protest against the deterioration of the security situation since the murder became a daily in broad daylight.
The government should Taatkhadd Ajraatha particularly because our children are not a cheaper than the sons of Tripoli.

(City department in Ajeelat City)

Department in AJEELAT city: the killing of a citizen named “Walid al-Tayeb” shooting in the area shortly before

the furnace, raising the number of victims in the city department in AJEELAT to at least 4 dead in less than 24 hours!


Photos and news from Rishvana

Today has been the transport vehicle burglary “Knot-weaving” loaded Bashkaar of feeding near a petrol station unknown beauty of traveling Sayari Kia …. place on the road to Bear Amdakm “temperatures”
The owner of the car Riyaana

Latest news from Walker and Rishvana … Outlaw Salah Valley
7 tombs found in almost farm Qmam blood next to Camp 27 and awaiting the arrival of a committee of the state to follow up the matter and not about power but not God Almighty.

Demolition of farm Qmam blood offender Salah Walker Valley Borcvana (4 photos)
Farm Qmam blood offender Salah Walker Valley

Graves that were found on a farm Qmam blood offender Salah Walker Valley
The presence of the cemetery entered the headquarters of the Rat Salah Valley … O Lord, have mercy on Hhdina

المقابر التي وجدت في مزرعة قذام الدم وكر المجرم صلاح وادي

وجود مقبرة دخل مقر الجرذ صلاح وادي …اللهم ترحم علي شهدئنا يارب

Secret prisons in the camp of the 27 militia headquarters Salah Valley


سجون سرية في معسكر الــ 27 مقر مليشيا صلاح وادى
لمتابعة اخر الاخبار والفيديوات الحصرية تابعونا علي صفحة ليبيا بوك



Milishh Haitham Tagouris


kidnap citizens of Bani Walid within a care in the hospital Sbaah The kidnapped in an ambulance!! The name of the citizen, “Ali Mohamed Gomaa Warfali,” It is noteworthy that the kidnapped father of five children and was the reason for his hospitalization after a road accident!! (They tried apparently to kill him then!) Below are some more complaints of the people being imprisoned by Haitham Tagouris (11 photos)

Mdkrh the grievance of the people against the detainees Heetm Tagouris and his aides who Ptaadib prisoners.

He went by law to those legal without a solution is not found him whom the contrary were signs of a negative from the competent authorities, which was show that the state-led army and police, but it turns out opposite that of governing the state is the offender. Thug Haitham Tagouris my father does not carry a certificate from the flag on the contrary just a criminal junkie Scar is now holding detainees project ostrich saluting exposed to the types of people Altaadib and tannin present prison trench Btageorh and Mouhbusan Mend or three years.




هيثم التاجورى _ يحتجز هؤلاء المسجنونين منذ قرابة العام ، لا يستجيب التاجورى لنداءات ولا تعليمات النائب العام ويرفض ، عرضهم على النيابة ، وبعد تسلم معتقل امعيتيقة ، قام التاجورى بنقلهم لمشروع النعام ، هؤلاء السجناء فى خطر ، إن لم تتحرك أجهزة الدولة المختلفة لأطلاق سراحهم .


Novmr 23, 2011 anniversary of the battle to defend the land and honor
This morning was one of the militia from the capital, Tripoli, headed for one of the houses the city’s residents in collusion with some individuals from Mlisheh May 28, and illegally arrested a wanted citizens in an attempt to break into his home .. It calls the youth of the city and Hebha to defend the sanctity of their homes ..
Walid built for her family and for Ayatbroon Law militia mob not afraid to die for the defense of their land and the display even if Admt means, as far as defense is found courage
Hdtt in this day battle that lasted for four hours, the streets of clashes militias tried to escape after the intensification of the conflict and you got Balrmih randomly in an attempt to disperse the crowd and survive on their own people of the city gave their lives for cheap Bani Walid received the Certificate of them, God willing,
1 – Abdamoly Ramadan Ayeb
2 – Omar Sauce
3 – Akram Abdul Karim Boufares
4 – Ali Bashir bin Dallah Oh God, we ask them the certificate, compassion, forgiveness and many of the wounded and those who go beyond all mentioned in order to preserve the integrity of some of them who are still taking treatment abroad .. We ask God for their safety and speed healing and better compensation
This day Bani Walid recovered some of its wounds and returned to the inherent of her sons who stood against the war in September 2011
We have seen in previous days how endured, DC fire militias and narrowed their financing and here note that the militia threat to the homeland and the citizen and must be resolved fully or termination, so to speak, and should support the building of the state security services legitimate and that you can in the army and police mainly built for Walid Shahu erupted on the militia in the three previous occasions and expelled the so-called Supreme Security Committee and the militia of May 28 is not love in order to blood or glory, but rather the people of Bani Walid are well aware of the risk of these armed groups and rogue militia shield Libya and the best proof of its actions
Here, we say Bani Walid in November 2011 said no to militias and after 3 years and in the same month of the capital and finally wake up
Brief history of struggle heroes written in the blood of the martyrs and the wounded and the sweat of the Mujahideen polished .. And sorted Bonaml writers and poets imaginations ..
Video shows you the good treatment of prisoners in Bani Walid that day:

Education Bani Walid Libya
Office of Financial Affairs /
((Regarding financial receivables contracts for teachers and social workers)

Shortly before the signing and adoption of the payment of salaries to teachers contracts and social workers by an official of Education in Beni Walid professor / Khaled Salem and professor / Ahabayl favor and will be transferred to the Office of financial control in Bani Walid tomorrow morning and, God willing, will be on Monday, banks …



Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel The armed group this morning armed robbery during which type of stealing a car, “Toyota Camry” belonging to the Traffic and Licensing Directorate of Security Sirte.


(Very dangerous) (F tourist) 😦 the 54 million) stolen car in Sirte (was empty) sent to Sirte and muggers stole in Tripoli and Sirte is not ….?!
(خطير جدآ)(جمعة السائح):-(ال54مليون) التي سرقت في سرت السيارة (كانت فارغة) التي بعثت الى سرت والسراق سرقوها في طرابلس وليس سرت….؟!



They are back!!

Misurata – Pages – Libyan Media Network – # LNM A delegation of members of the National Congress, headed by a 20-member “Solomon Akjm” concludes with a brief visit to the city of Misrata ..

In waiting for a reply to a request the return of the conference of representatives of “members” of Misrata to the conference .. After that Ghalib delegation insisted on it !

Requirement sons Misurata transfer legislative and executive institutions of Tripoli .. …

Some of what happened in Misrata when you visit some members of the pagan intruder to beg lawmakers to return to Misrata Mrbthm.
Highlights of the meeting with the local council of Misurata National Congress members who have recently visited the city today:
# D. Solomon Akjm member for Ifrane ::
We want the members of the government and for Misurata Back in the plane with us today and we are with you and will not be complete without Libya Misurata and must say what misfortune in the conference hall and public p …
# One of the members of the Conference on the Tripoli: I was at a mosque in Jerusalem and went with the demonstration to the island rotation Aziziyah and tried that and my colleagues that Ncfhm going to Gharghour but they were Manqnon and we could not perception and left them we are aware of, because there is something knitted for this call on you to reverse decision and said all Adltkm and your proof in the Conference.
# Safe rainy Member Conference for Sirte: I appeal to you to reverse your decision and be accustomed to the conference process we began with some end it all and Libya Thtajkm more than before
Chairman of the Local Misurata “Chkloun”:
– We promise you that we study Mtbakm with representatives and leaders of Misurata ..



Salem al-Obeidi reports: A Reconnaissance plane found the body of a fully uniformed  soldier in the Jeruth area at Eight o’clock; and has been reported to the competent authorities and the body given to The Special Forces “Thunderbolt” having bullets all over area of the eyes. It turns out that the body belonged to  the citizen Osama bin Kato, and It seems that he was executed by firing bullets and then put into the uniform. We must mention that “bin Kato” does not belong to any of the special forces.

Mr. / Osama bin Kato, who was found dead in the area on the outskirts of Benghazi Groth fired him four bullets,
one in the head and three in his body and is a Libyan citizen and not of commandos ……..
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

Alyy arrested 23 people of different nationalities
Entered the territory illegally Allibh
Most of them carry infectious diseases.

Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
Benghazi two announcements :::
FLASH :::::
About the shooting since few, the car Bermaah forces stun Bmuftriq housing and was chased and arrested in Laithi.
Urgent ::::
The type of car Chevrolet white and opaque windshield has Bmtardt Mr.
Tariq Saaiti ((Mr. Tariq is from the PVC Almtfgrato and Mufriqaat))
And chased him while he fled to Hawari, but unfortunately the car Chevrolet
The Basaddam with another car where the car flipped over and led the care of Hawari now.
Chevrolet and went away and fled ………..
We wish a speedy recovery to the person who is in the care and also, God willing, Lord Tariq and protects him from …..
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
And latest news :::::
SS grab the person has a criminal beating a woman in the street and stole the gold in her hand and named Solomon T,
aka ((Kfatta)) and live Rulrhh area.
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
Urgent ::::
 Access to the hospital is now a girl murdered in 1200 at the age of 17 years
and her family at the hospital with her and one of her family multiplied …..
The story is unknown, but the story Sauaakm soon, God willing.
The girl murdered Hospital in 1200 multiplied by a bullet Besderha and
Gary investigate the case and collect all the information and I’m very sorry I can not give her name.
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
The killing of citizenship “Nasreen Mohammed Mahmoud Alchouda”
Shot under the heart! Her body was brought directly to the
Eight o’clock and half of the hospital in 1200,
It is noted that “Alchouda” swallow the age of seventeen years
Come and residents of the area Buhedima # Benghazi
Salem al-Obeidi, a special cry homeland
Urgent ::::::
Special Forces are now in a telephone interview with me and our response :::
tip about the presence of a car bomb in front of the Egyptian consulate and are on their way out there ……
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

Benghazi announces civil disobedience in all
Throughout the city starts on 12/06/2013 and demonstrated peacefully
Also begins on the same day in front of “Tibesti”

That the National Congress the following:
1 / Almelcaat resolve all of Benghazi, without exception
2 / Pull the powers granted to each and cut salaries
3 / weapon delivery Almelcaat for this “army” and “police”
4 / installation system cameras for the city
(Desert Storm)



Firas Bosalum / / special Reuters

Dr Hamid behind the kidnapping “of Iraqi nationality” of the city of Derna by unknown ..

Mention that he had been executed on the Libyan citizen in Iraq Balummen two years.

Tuber :::::
Fares Khalil  has been killedby  injectables today in street “Afattashat”
b JBELA p at six and a half by the middle of the road to the sound of a pistol silencer car “Taxi” type
Chevrolet at the height of rush and crowds of people downtown and cars.
(AD Media tuber Libya)
Derna. Middle bride
Knight assassination of Khalil Alzruaq now .. Hasbaya God and yes, the agent ..
100 in the assassination of Derna and the conference so far and the government so helpless a word to my family this stricken city ..



Perricone Sabha News
Saturday ceremony of delivery and receipt of the region between the military
Sabha Brigadier Mohammed Salem, gold retired from military service and Emhemed Colonel Abdul Hafeez Ayat Busafa.
Sabha area is the new Military.
Information transferred from Sulaymaniyah Tahlobh
I have a very serious information threaten the lives of youth resistance Liberals hope to generalize the importance
of no armed group currently in Sabha coming from the West.
I do not know if they came from Tripoli or Misrata; but the  important reason for the existence of these
is the filter and the kidnapping of young Alqmadfah and Almgarhh and they have a list of which
about 150 name and list the bench 0 .
1/2 Thoughts Ali / Ibrahim key
3 / Saleh Ibrahim key.
4 / Mohammed latency.
5 / Khalid Ibrahim Embarek.
6 / Abdul Latif Masud.
7/ Shibani Moses.
8 / Salem Amer Amer.
 / Congratulations to the benefit of filaments.
9 / Ghaith Alhmala.
10 / Naji Massoud.
11 / Mustafa mucus.
12 / Lamin mucus.
13 / Nuri Alfruja.
14 / Muammar Abrenne.
15 / Congratulations Jtalawi.
16 / Abdiyoa Booz gap.
17 / Hassan rural.
18 / Nuri al-Saad.
19 / Radwan Stratus.
20 / Saad Alhoush.
21 / nautical Moses.
22 / Hassan al-Atrash.
And the list goes on you will write it down later because the opportunity is opportunity and Lord saves Liberals thank.


Barak is now in the seawall are expelled every customer airbase in Barak by locals.



Word Now

Egyptian Interior Minister is now in urgent press conference
Ann who was behind the terrorist attacks in Egypt are organizing
Supporters of  the  “Ansar Al-Sharia” GROUP in Libya.

They have arrested several people Matturatin of extremist SALAFIST groups

who are receiving weapon support from Libya.

Egyptian authorities to withdraw its ambassador from Ankara and ask the Turkish ambassador in Cairo,

Egypt immediately leave the territory as a persona non grata because of what the Egyptian authorities

called Turkish blatant intervention in its internal affairs.

Arabic channel Al Arabiya:
Turkish Foreign Ministry:
the expulsion of the Egyptian ambassador from Ankara on the background
of the expulsion of the Turkish Ambassador.


Piece of history – 1986 Quote of MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI: 1986 al-Qathafi

– Americans – are good people. We love them as much as they love us. I want them to know that I do not hate them. I love them. […] But I think America will be destroyed from within the Zionist lobby. They do not understand it and do not notice. America has already started to decline. Sooner or later they will destroy Zionism.

1986 Wanted Poster [An article in The Pittsburgh Press, 1986] —– Muammar al-Qathafi shakes hands with BAN-ki-Moon of the UNO: Mu shakes hands w BAN-Ki-Moon


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