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GREAT SON writes:
This soil and the pride and the country .. I won your glory Libya Muammar
Arabs subjugated Bfltna flies …. Nectar of victory in us Zadeh Shahad
Dkkna lead death in the heart … Reid became the heart and live Blazing
We set up for months in light Mdafna …. Horizon victory while third parties may have fallen asleep
Sllna swords of the right to ask … Swords and West humiliation may Ghamdoa
We went back to the war and do not ask Moadjaha ….. and how does our leader Muammar is
Steadfast … Firm … With God’s help victors.
هذا التراب وهذا الفخر والبلدُ .. إني انتصرت بمجدك ليبيا معمرُ
ذباب العُربِ مقهور بفعلتنا …. رحيق النصر فينا زاده الشهدُ
دككنا رصاص الموت في القلب … فصار وريد القلب بالعيش يتقدُ
نصبنا للفاتح سهرا في مدافعنا …. أفقنا بنصر حين الغير قد رقدوا
سللنا سيوفنا للحق نطلبه … وسيوف الغُرب بالذل قد غُمدوا
و عُدنا للحرب لا نسأل مواجعها …..وكيف لا وقائدنا هو معمرُصامدون … ثابتون … وبعون الله منتصرون

Mu a burgundy portrait


Voice Burka:
Unconfirmed reports of a decision of the General Staff and the Ministry of Justice to open prisons, which contain al-Qathafi soldiers, officers and non-commissioned officers and former battalions numbering approximately 20 000 prisoners for reasons probably related to events Benghazi !!


Proud Green Army



Mu saddened but moves forward

… In the West, some have Called me “mad”, “crazy”, but they know the truth yet continue to lie, they know that our land is independent and free, not in the colonial grip, that my vision, my path, is, and has been clear and for my That people and I Will Fight to my Last Breath to Keep us Free, May Allah Almighty help us to REMAIN Faithful and Free.

(Col. Muammar al-Qathafi, The Leader of the Revolution)

For inherited from the perspective of the Libyan People
The people are not only consistent with the arts and heritage.




Kerry Whig express their willingness to help the two countries to restore stability in Libya

Washington and London Tarban readiness to “help” Libya restore “stability”…

London – Life – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

AFP Kerry & Whig express their willingness to “help” the two countries to restore stability in Libya

He and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his British counterpart William Hague far their meeting with Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane in London

Sunday, November 24 / November 2013
the willingness to help restore stability in Libya.

Kerry said: “We talked with the head of the government in the things that we can do together, Britain and the United States and other friends, to help Libya return to stability.” He added that Libya has seen serious disturbances in the past few weeks and confronted the “economic and security challenges.”
For his part, Haig on “Britain’s commitment is very strong with the help of the Government of Libya and its people.”
Zaidane and offers thanks to Kerry and Haig on “their commitment and their continued support for the Libyan people,” a reminder that the Libyans “have done a lot to finally get rid of the militias.”

He and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his British counterpart William Hague Sunday remote meeting (RAT) Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane their willingness to help the country restore stability following the unrest witnessed by the ongoing security.

Kerry said, standing alongside Haig and Zaidane trace their meeting at the home of the U.S. ambassador in London, “We talked with the head of the government in the things that we can do together, Britain and the United States and other friends, to help Libya return to stability that you need.” Kerry said that Libya has seen “serious disturbances in the past few weeks” and confronted the “economic and security challenges.” Libya is experiencing a worsening security disturbances, especially in the east of the country.

For his part, Haig “Britain’s commitment is very strong with the help of the Government of Libya and its people,” without giving details about such assistance. He thanked the president of the Libyan government and high on Kerry “and their commitment to their continued support for the Libyan people,” recalling that the Libyans “have done a lot to finally get rid of the militias”.


Agency urgently Libya / National Congress held an emergency meeting on Benghazi.

A member of the National Congress for Benghazi Dr. “Muhammad Ghemari that the conference will be held an emergency meeting about Benghazi to discuss the security situation in the city.
He did not say, “Ammari” Expected to hold emergency meeting and

We are afraid that this is conditional on the end of lawlessness and security in Benghazi.

The whereabouts of Ansar al-Sharia in Libya
1 – Benghazi
2 – tuber / DERNA
3 – Ajdabiya
4 – Sabratha
5 – Sirte
6 – Clog
7 – Misurata

Al-Qaeda in the Levant at the expense of Twitter:

(Wait and follow the news of the Mujahideen in Libya aphid not Thrmona of anthropologist unless we insist slaves Mujahideen everywhere)

(Valley girl)


Mahmoud Shammam barrel diameter ..
Party platters filled justification for deadly minds:
Deputy Mufti designated by the conflicting parties. Zubi and Solomon is talking about a third party, and Sheikh Salaabi talking about the work of intelligence to distort the Ansar al-Sharia, and three demanding Brass government.
Zubi said Ali Suleiman Al-Arabiya ~
“Cause of the problem is that ‘the commandos provoked’ young supporters of ANSAR al-Sharia !!!!”

Hafeez Gogha now on channel Libya Liberal says: –
For any parties you are talking? And any commissions of inquiry are talking
Far from standing on the sidelines is not a traitor Libby.
And a member of Congress says will be a commission of inquiry into
Attorney General, O, O fiddling Faleh for any attorney general tells Mesh murder
became a war in Benghazi any investigation Tgo it.
Fjro Agtalu courts and army officers and the judiciary Agtalu
From any restraint and calm Tgo they declared to the people
Golo terrorist groups that kill in Benghazi.
Hey Hey Conference cowards O semiconductor men, people in Benghazi
Mato of oppression and Tcolo set of people, that it Cololna
Libby, a certain faction controls the country and lipo Ikthelo
The army and the police, the judiciary, the people of
Benghazi present and will eat any convoy coming to her.

Mohammed Baao, describes the commandos they are taking a total of rogue grain and says that

the rebels should not be extradited to Aslaanhm rut State !!

 Ali hardness (BELHADJ) shortly before the Liberal channel:
“All the blame on the government, and I had previously interacted with Zaidane and I have it set up a committee headed by a dialogue with these Abdulwahab Kayed and Sami al-Saadi!!”


State of Libya .. Is this state?!

State civil building institutional political administrative sober, did not live up peoples in the management and administration him wildly, but it requires access to historical experiences and expertise and extensive reliance on highly qualified professionals to accommodate the theories of construction and the ability to make applications?.

Nor correct construction Democrat any country without the manifestation of the spirit of citizenship in the relations of each individual state institutions, which is a primary goal of existence is to serve the citizens and provide what they need in their individual and collective security and tranquility and stability, and to ensure the organization of public affairs from their choices, and in return associated citizens allegiance full (homeland), which does not mean just into geographic, and flag flying over official buildings, and we commend sing in official ceremonies and national events, but includes in his concept of the broad range of values, principles and issues that reflect the general will of the citizens.

In the world and throughout history highlights two types of the state, the first state model (a constitutional state based on law and institutions) and the second mode ghost state (state chaotic …. careerists and corrupt state based on oppression and injustice).

In the Libyan case the current objective questions need to be answered objectively, what about the current state that emerged from the post-sedition February 17, 2011?

Are you able to build the symbols of the political and administrative structure under Alziosalibih countries’ experiences that helped to destroy the institutions of the State of the former Libyan regime?

Is it governs Libya today is governed by the mentality of the state, or the mentality Mavaawih?

Will the army, the police and security, is a professional devices, or is an armed militia belonging to the regions and influential parties that govern the country?!

To answer questions like these prey, they must put the citizen in the image, the image he sees is not we alone, all that is happening on the ground, indicates quite clearly unequivocally, that the armed militias and those who stand behind them in the National Transitional Council, formerly the National Congress

currently The devices successive governments, is his decision in force in power, has said many officials that armed militias are have the upper hand in the report of the fate of the country, and multiply the examples which too many in this direction, National Council Transitional forced to the issuance of Law No. 37 of 2012 and Law No. 38 of 2012, despite contrary Vhawwahma of the content of the Constitutional Declaration issued by the Council itself!
And Tardahma with the rules of the international covenants on human rights, and later forced the National Congress on the issuance of Resolution No. 7 of 2012, which set a precedent in the history of Libya, as for the first time take legislative authority executive decision legitimizes the use of armed force against the Libyan city its inhabitants are an integral part of the Libyan people, where licenses militias tribe Misurata and followers armed attack on the area of ​​Bani Walid (a stronghold of the tribe and Rafla)
and let bombed neighborhoods residential missiles the Grad and pounded by tanks and heavy guns loaded Baldkhaúr internationally banned throughout the month of October 2012, which resulted in killing and wounding hundreds of civilians, including children, women and elders not to mention the arrest of hundreds of young people, the elderly and the liquidation of dozens of them under torture in prisons in Misrata militias and Friday market and Tajura,
as well as the burning and looting of homes and shops of thousands of citizens and public institutions, banks, hospitals, factories and other. What happened in the city of Bani Walid falls short of including the Aida doubt as to the level of crimes against humanity,
and demonstrates clearly the weakness suffered by the institutions official authority because of the predominance of militias cities armed self-proclaimed guardian of the Libyan people and giving itself the right to dispose of at will and impose its authority on the from want, and Akhreddlaúl manifested in the dark threat of the militias, especially the Misurata militia and Friday market and Tajura and the angle of the Matmalotunai year and force him at gunpoint to pass a law on political and administrative segregation in May 2013.

In short, there are armed militias is above the law known to the government, and operates wide influence in Doaúralsulth ruling, and exercise killings and arrests, kidnappings, rape and robbery and theft of private and public property Jalili state banks and arrived together extremism reduce the bombing and burning of police stations and the headquarters of the courts and the headquarters of the government interests and lock Ministries, airports, ports and oil fields Mstkhzma
Car organs of government and their weapons and their influence and uniform, and the Libyans have become increasingly at the mercy of militias that operate outside the authority of the law, being a response to the popular protests against the militia opened fire on them, in what was known as the Day Black Saturday approved June 9, 2013, shot and killed 43 protesters and wounded dozens of them while they were demonstrating outside the barracks Mlisheh Masrati Wissem-Ben Hamida called “shield Libya No. 1” in the area Alkwyfah Benghazi, in what was known as the Day Bloody Friday in Tripoli, 15 th November, killing 48 protesters and wounding hundreds of them by a fire on peaceful protesters Gharghour residential neighborhood of Tripoli by Mlisheh Masrati Agha Tahir Pasha.

What is happening in Libya today among politicians, reflecting a significant deterioration in the maturation of the political mind, or is it betrays Tills violent among a group of parties has reached to the extent of kidnapping the Prime Minister on October 10, 2013 by one of the armed militias loyal to a bunch of Islamist extremists called “the fulfillment of of the martyrs, “the National Conference year in an attempt to force him to submit his resignation after failing to assemble the votes needed to achieve a quorum for the vote of no confidence for his government!. Finally hijacking of deputy intelligence chief, on 16 November, and the cord on the jars as they say!.

Where is the state of all of this, is this (state)?. Pressing question, presents itself strongly now!, If the state it (Prevention) and the Accounting and fight all this flagrant violation of state action, killed outside the law, assassination, kidnapping and detention of innocent people, torture and rape of prisoners, assault on privacy and the displacement of the vulnerable, and the corruption of government financial and administrative,
and if The (government) is a term more accurate to her, the future of Libya will remain unknown, and threatens to ruin more imminent collapse, and what is happening now in the political process of the struggle for power and positions, and corruption terrible in all the joints of the circles of power of the ruling, is evidence that the absence of the state, law and justice is the dominant perspective, and that all what he says the National Congress, and authorized by the government and its crew and influential parties, is anesthetized for the people and laughed at the chins, because the truth is just that, one who wants to build a state he has to govern the mentality of the state and the citizen, not the mentality of political parties and militias .
The feuds and revenge and moot court unfair, Valhakd not build a state, and injustice is not hosted, because the state does not build, but on the basis of justice, and not to the marginalization and exclusion of others, because everyone partners in the nation and citizenship.

Although Libya replete with experts, politicians wise men, but today no effect, there are there are political factors narrow partisan lobbyist does not allow them to participate in the rebuilding of the country and the leadership reins of affairs, there are outsiders lack the experience and political experience, holed up with a weapon militias and playing with the fate of the country and the people.
The control of these destiny of the political reality in Libya today a serious indicator refers to the impossibility of a civil state, free democracy that aspires every citizen to doing, wisdom says (loss thing to Aaattiyh), and the solution lies in the departure of all intruders from the field of governance and politics, especially in this transitional phase which require re-building of a new state and to allow those who have the ability to lead the community, build and manage the affairs of state, but the survival of the case as it is, means that the project of the State Civil liberal democracy in the new Libya will remain a distant dream.

By researcher Libyan political and economic / Alstaoa key Capricorn



Abu Salim ::: 

Hear the sound of two explosions … be possible voice thrower RBG.
Abu Salim media channel:
Random shooting in Abu Salim after the beam Omdurman and injuries,
youth center and Salim united there is nothing wrong,,,
Hedda curbs after Morocco and Gary know the story …

Gneoh militias began to spread chaos and destabilize the region.

A telephone call to follow Gneoh they beat 2 Qguadf over housing neighborhood cottages nor de Blafrar
Ali al-Rawi custody

(Saraya gathered Zintan)

Gneoh him that he is the source of the collection of videos and pictures of the demonstration that stormed his headquarters in a meeting of the Gneoh with humans and cart and Tagouris to start the raid and the arrest of participants in the storming of its headquarters.
2 killed number of the security committee in the area of ​​Tajourah and murder was a way of slaughter “, referring to the base” and alert the members of the committee.
The source of circulating inside …
Sereni newspaper Shahat {-} Libya
Student unions at the University of Tripoli, calling for demonstrations in solidarity with the events of Benghazi
Invited all student unions at the University of Tripoli, on Monday, especially university students and
residents of the capital to protest General Algeria Square in Tripoli in solidarity with the events of Benghazi.
Some Almtazahrien went to Algeria Square in Tripoli and the city of Benghazi with Tzamana facing terrorism at
To the field of Algeria.
Two ambulances out of the airport in Tripoli since the few to the city of Benghazi to transfer some of the wounded and assist in first aid and taken to Tripoli, and the declaration of emergency preparedness in a Tripoli hospital and taken it all the preparations to receive the injured.
Stand in solidarity with the people of Benghazi in the field of Algeria Tripoli

Hundreds come out in the city of Tripoli, condemning what happened in the b
The city of Benghazi, and calling for the government to implement Resolution 27, which
Serving as the evacuation of the city of arms.
# Urgent .. Chairman of the Board, Mr. Tripoli local / Sadat Badri
Summary | says: I am sorry for what happened today in Benghazi and Atrahm on the martyrs and we will not allow a drop of blood fall of Libyan other because we had reached the critical point and are evacuating all military formations from Libya.
He also says: Personally, I announced to me and the members of the Council of Tripoli does not belong to any political movement in Libya and we are working from scruples national .. And announced that I personally support the Council elections Tripoli and also announce to you that I will not transpire myself for election to the Tripoli.
(The news agency Libya)

(Statement of the General Union of Workers oil and gas sector)

The employees of the subsidiaries of the oil and gas sector and is located within the city of Tripoli, the major stress their support for the people of the city of Tripoli in mobility for the city free from all military formations and their attachment to activate the police and the army to protect and secure their city.
With reference to the meeting held Tripoli Local Council, with civil society organizations Tripoli on continuing civil disobedience in all public and private entities and businesses located within the city.
And to the bloody events which claimed the lives of a group of Libyan youth that took place today Monday 11/25/2013 AD in Benghazi.
We “as a union in workers’ oil and gas sector” support and support all legitimate rights of Libyan citizens which would maintain the security of the homeland and the injection of the blood of the Libyans, and ensure a decent living for them in their home stable security, and building a civil state free of armed manifestations except the army and police.
We also ask all employees of the oil companies located within the city of Tripoli major solidarity with residents in the continuing civil disobedience except for jobs that require their presence for the continuation of the work sites, while the desert to the city free of all unwanted formations in their presence.
God is greater, and lived for a free Libya
General Union of Workers oil and gas sector
Issued on the day Monday, 25 NOV.2013 AD



Video shows the celestial militia of the Misrati attacking the Tawergha.

Video shows the celestial militia of the Misrati attacking the Tawergha.

THE MISRATA RATS ARE NOW USING THE CITY OF THORAGHE AS A MILITARY MANEOUVER TRAINING CAMP!..and they will not permit the Tawergha people to return to their once beautiful and modern home city which was given to them by Muammar al-Qathafi (early in the era of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA):

فيديو يوضح أجرام مليشيات مزراطة ف تاورغاء.



Operations room brown. Libya Al Asmar operations room.Libya
Call Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl and alert
All City Youth Zliten honorable alert and prepare for a peaceful movement that

will be launched in the coming days for the Liberation of Zliten

Of militias and armed formations parked on the heart of the city,

Whether belonging to the extremists or other tribal formations that hinder the formation of the state and build the army and police and judicial institutions.

Which is involved in the violations against human rights within the city and accountable for its crimes and the former brought to justice.

And we will peacefully suit to drop the local council and the military Zliten
Who is giving legitimacy to these militias and to cover up their crimes and who was elected in a fraud-winning

and congestion in the city by them.

Not be able to challenge the results because of the events of Nakba August 23, 2012 and the consequent.




Tripoli ….
It is actually their mouths.
The presence of some armed formations from Misrata to Tripoli now. Under other names.
Broadcast and destabilize security in Tripoli until the grand return of militias to maintain security.

MISURATA makes ready to help their al ANSAR AL-SHARIA BROTHERS IN BENGHAZI both with MILITARY FORCES, arms and Medical assistance*****:

Josberides rebel “
Misrata Military area .. Confirms its readiness to assist Benghazi

Shortly after the statement will be issued for the region Misrata military about the events taking place in the city of Benghazi, the capital of revolution, condemning “the infringement commandos formally charged with the protection of Benghazi and offers condolences to the families of the victims.” !!!!

And underway-sufficient contacts between military leaders in the city of Misrata and Benghazi to coordinate and follow up the latest developments in the region has been notified Misrata military authorities continued with her chief of staff follow it and wait for the military orders.

As preparations are underway for the transfer of the medical needs of the city of Misrata to Benghazi.

(God save Libya !)

Misrata – Libya
Omar Alqoira



After the closure lasted for nearly a week, under the pretext of lack of liquidity,

the Bank of the Republic of Bani Walid today opens its doors to citizens:




A fraction of the Gateway Men’s precise defense force tenderly on high alert in anticipation of any supplies or any other force comes in support of terrorists in Benghazi by the Middle.


CASABLANCA  (WHITE) / PRAIRIE CITY / the “turf” / Rouge (RED) Valley/ RAS LANAUF:


Maqrif Ajdabiya Hospital received two wounded employees of the
Ansar al-Sharia, injured as a result of engagement in the morning
The city of Benghazi with the Libyan army units.
Salem al-Obeidi
Delivered to the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia city Ajdabiya, after negotiation
B languishing with headquarters, and manifestations denouncing the events in Benghazi
The city of Ajdabiya, and shooting and confronted the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia by gunshot
Bikes and get them out of office.
# Ajdabiya
Infantry Battalion 149 is converted to Islam from the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia
Ajdabiya, and a wide spread and large units of the Libyan army.
In the city
Military alert in the Red Valley area east of Ras Lanuf and the closure of all roads and road corridors.
Sereni newspaper Shahat {-} Libya
Moves to Ansar al-Sharia between Ajdabiya and Sirte Ajdabiya
Security alert dense cities of Cyrene and white and some green mountain regions, and a military officer said that the security alert comes against the backdrop of the unfortunate events in Benghazi and said that the Libyan army is ready to face any danger that might have exposed the region.
Preliminary information reported suspicious movements of troops belonging to the group “Ansar al-Sharia” in the area between the towns of Ajdabiya and Sirte.
According to some information that the strength of “defense Burka” prevented a convoy coming from the city of Sirte, said he went to the group “Ansar al-Sharia,” and that the situation engorged Red Valley area.
Ali Asbali
Alert at the gates of turf against the backdrop of recent events in Benghazi.

Ali Asbali
Alert at the entrances of turf against the backdrop of recent events in Benghazi,

Reuters News Libya Reuters:
Was arrested on three Balzkhir car loaded with gear from the central city of Derna was controlled by the police forces
and support in Prairie City Road Biar.
But the news from a source inside the military security Madrih Prairie

Arrested three supporters of the law are coming from the tuber in possession of weapons and explosives at the gate of East Meadow.

Security alert for large units of the national army to turf
And surround the area with full anticipation of any military action
From the east of the country, and is also experiencing the dome and white and Shahat.


Sousse security alert and a very large
Green Mountain

Large security alert in the city of Prairie Meadow

Agency urgently Libya / security alert in the large city of Prairie Meadow:

Lock Prairie road for the passage of any armed convoys to Benghazi to support al-Qaeda:

(Agency urgently Libya) Private
The city of Prairie widespread and large-scale national armed forces, especially at the gates of Western, Eastern and South of the city in case of any emergency.
A military source said that they are in the city on alert “to cut the road” in front of any armed forces is likely to take one of the city’s roads for the passage to the direction of Benghazi.
The source added that the military force of 3,000 military personnel from the national army in the city of Prairie are on alert for any emergency.

(Blagraa) white: [[declaration of a state of emergency in white by the Libyan army]]

The spread of a senior military battalion Hussein Jawafa Bawhita and all regions of the Green Mountain and the southern route “through 200” and the coast of Green Mountain, on the background of the events of the city of Benghazi yesterday.
Channel _ Libya _ Liberals:
site purported to BROTHERHOOD base in the Levant announce his support as he said to the brothers the Mujahideen in Benghazi.


International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Ansar al-Sharia in Ajdabiya out of their headquarters
and deliver him to the people after a demonstration demanding exit out of the city.


RAT Prime Minister “Ali Zaidane” up Benghazi from London:

Prime Minister Ali Zaidane up Benghazi Tbaan with security officials about hyper taking place in the city.

Benghazi before frying:


Moment a sniper soldiers stun regulation excommunicating Benghazi
Video shows the moment one of the soldiers sniper bolt by the radical Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi ~
فيديو يوضح لحظة قنص أحدى جنود الصاعقة من قبل تنظيم انصار الشريعة المتطرف ببنغازي~

Chamber of joint security operations Benghazi:
Warning: any convoy moves from inside or outside the

city of Benghazi is the army and the police will be bombed aviation.

A failed attempt to assassinate the air defense officer Benghazi:
Exposure just before now a colonel in Benghazi honest air defense, “Abdel-Salam Emhemed behind God Faitouri”
improvised explosive device in his car Fbtert leg immediately and is now in intensive care in critical condition.
URGENT: source port of Benghazi confirmed that the sea shell hit one of the foreign ships in the harbor, and the rest of the ships out of the port of Benghazi to the sea. # Libya

عاجل: مصدر بميناء بنغازي البحري أكد أن قذيفة اصابت إحدي البواخر الاجنبية في الميناء، وخروج باقي البواخر من ميناء بنغازي إلى عرض البحر. #ليبيا–
Street gardens Benghazi:
“Atmosphere of the country”:
Said the commander of the gate precise Faraj Al Abdali: “the gate closed to vehicle access, whether civilian or non-civilian.”
Abdali explained in a statement to the “atmosphere of the country”  to lock the gate,
which is the eastern port city of Benghazi, came after the news about the movement
of a convoy heading to the city from the city of Derna.
Said the spokesman of the security room shared Benghazi Ibrahim al-Shara to
the “atmosphere of the country” that all the ports and locked the city under the control units of the room.

Overflights vertical in the sky Benghazi

We built air base – Media Department
Pnina involving air base under the banner of the Libyan army and regular contact with the security room and identify commands and Come with the people and will not allow terrorizing citizens
Oh, we will not Nkzlk Libya.


Colonel Abdullah Saaiti demanding Benghazi residents to stay in their homes and not to open the doors and windows of houses and not to go out of their Vttzahm the streets of Benghazi and the disruption of traffic Fterkp soldiers Thunderbolt and the Libyan army.

God save Benghazi and keeping people honest.
Abdullah Saaiti / Military Region command Benghazi

(THE GOOD GUYS) Special Forces (Thunderbolt) officially announced the declaration of a “state general alarm” in Benghazi:

Hyundai Santa Fe launch the treachery lead to stun the men Vtsab one of the soldiers and is now the Chamber of intensive care.

(Valley girl)

Sereni newspaper Shahat {-} Libya:
A government statement confirms that the Thunderbolt is a red line Tripoli-
Issued a statement on the interim government clashes in the city of Benghazi at dawn and morning,
stressing that the National Army units are doing their job and that the legal and special forces Thunderbolt “red line”.
Ministry of Health declares emergency in Benghazi – Tripoli.
18 dead from Ansar al-Sharia in clashes today,
 According to preliminary information from inside the field hospital for a special group “Ansar al-Sharia”
Eighteen people between Besvovhm, were taken outside the city of Benghazi.
Citing Nasser al-Hawari

News channel:

a statement for prospective institutions City # Benghazi asked to drop the local council and call a general strike.

Benghazi – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

News has not been confirmed yet benefit Ptzkhir Yankee warplanes have built a base in preparation

for the bombing of targets for armed groups outside the framework of the state in Benghazi.

Urgent Appeal hope Publishing and Circular:
Men Special Forces “Thunderbolt” demanding citizens
To stay away from places of engagement, and to all parents
The dimensions of their children from windows and doors and not out of

Salem al-Obeidi, quoting:

Kidnapping has been a correspondent channel capital, “Mohammed” by employees of the Ansar al-Sharia. (SINCE EARLY LAST NIGHT,before the armed clashes began).

FLASH very ::::::::a large force of heavily stun the various types of weapons, leaving the camp in Benghazi shortly before.

Voices of archery weapons 23 and 14/5 with some intermittent explosions shout spotty in Benghazi may indicate the annexes to certain groups with hearing Andhirat police cars.

Newsflash been targeting a patrol of the supporters of the al-ANSAR al-SHARIA group at the holy island and now they surrounded the perpetrators within the walls of the museum note that the target Astkhaddmo inguinal Ji and now forces the bolt is going for the place ..

 Ashahen Libya commandos Taatdh of the place means against unknown.
 forces stun advocates against the forces of the al-ANSAR al-SHARIA group.
Here’s what happened to detail and the full story, exclusively :::::::::::::
Explosion rocks Benghazi at al-Mukhtar tomb:
Cause of the problem between Ansar Sharia and stun ::::
Out team channel capital they 3 people: Mohammed bin Barta and Ali al-Darraji and the driver
to cover the bombing, which occurred at the tomb of Omar al-Mukhtar
and upon completion photographed went on a tour of the Thotik with commandos
and while wandering and they passed the island of the pond or Quiche ((Island Battalion))
stopped by supporters of the law, and they have left the team Balrmih random channel capital of their car
and went on the run from the law’s supporters stood Lead Bokhadd camera and equipment
and arms inside the car at the time and an event of clashes between troops and supporters of Sharia stun …
Ali and I asked my contact with them through Darraji I told him you said to me there are injuries,
I think that there are injuries from supporters of the law, but were denied their ministry to
Ospat General Hospital, but they have their own …….
This quoting the Darraji personally telephoned me now ……….
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

Salem al-Obeidi reports:
A summary of what happened in Benghazi shortly before an urgent and exclusive.

Immobilization for Battalion Ansar al-Sharia, the b Shooting on a car
Subsidiary of Benghazi Security Directorate “Police,” and at the same moment
The same Alastaagaf to take personal weapon of a youth
The pool area Jaleel C Street and specifically told them that b
Of the region and arms for the purpose of protection, having been expelled
Immobilization by Ansar al-Sharia, a citizen brought the sons of b
The area and was on a Hot Tin clash between them and the
Ansar al-Sharia and has been the use of heavy weapons and medium-and
Shooting came through engagement with the heavy weapons from the point of Insar
Sharia on the immobilization followed by special forces “Thunderbolt” .

It was elements of the army only reply with ideals, and there have been no injuries
Among the ranks of special forcesThunderbolt” b Fadlallah, and
Colonel “Nice Bouchmadh” on all elements of stability in
Their points and positioning them, and gave the orders for them to deal with
Any armed attack.

There is a large number of wounded and victims of the impact of the clashes between
the bolt and the Ansar Sharia and SS number condensing a departure from the camp
of the bolt and there is a large number of ambulances.
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
The chase votes clashes in Benghazi between the bolt and the supporters of al-Ansar al-Sharia
Clip shows the chase and the sounds of clashes in Benghazi between the commandos and the Ansar al-Sharia
مقطع يظهر المطاردة وأصوات الاشتباكات في بنغازي بين قوات الصاعقة وأنصار الشريعة


Violent clashes and explosions in the gardens moments ago

Libya 25 11 2013 fierce fighting erupted between Al-Qaeda and libya Thunderbolt forces.

URGENT: Special Forces Command (Thunderbolt) Benghazi issued orders to its members to take extreme caution and Awakening pinned down in points.

Photos of armed clashes between the forces of the bolt and Ansar al-Sharia in the city of Benghazi:

From my sources …
# Farm Abu Bakr Younis, which lies in the area of ​​Sayyida Aisha Hawari there are arms and ammunition and cars loaded Blaslha supporting Ansar al-Sharia from the Farm
(Gateway Libya)
6 dead and that I did not know the name of the victim No. 6
Hawari received 4 cases
Galaa received 13 cases remained 7 and two of them
Now in operations, and was transferred four cases
1200 received 22 cases
(Salem al-Obeidi)
The people of Benghazi were celebrating with stun soldiers to expel extremist groups and burn their headquarters:
Image forces in Benghazi now stun:
Tongues of smoke rising from buildings battalion Buamr Bmtqh holy pond is said to be the group “Ansar al-Sharia,” it is based:
Burka free channel
Said pole is now on the Arab,
The burning of the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia in the area of ​​Ras Aobeidh, and take the fight in areas on the outskirts of the city of Benghazi, and the princes of the special forces leading the battle led by Colonel Nice Bouchmadh.
Voices are now shooting in the city of Benghazi is the clashes between troops and supporters of Ansar al-Sharia.
Thunderbolt  are at Island Pond battalion previously.
Tongues of smoke rising from buildings battalion Buamr Bmtqh holy pond is said to be the group “Ansar al-Sharia,” it is based, and put them near the point of immobilization (Island Pond).
Sources: the return of relative calm to some areas of Benghazi, which has seen at all of the fire on the clock with the continuation of the last hearing sporadic bursts in the pool area.
 Editor of the new Libya Mahmoud Masrati GS Capital channel now Bo SidraOh God warded Bo Sidra any rebels tell them rebels Turcot real weapon and have returned to their jobs in the revolution ended Eds cm in honey and says those who delivers the rebels disarmed and Mafish possibility incite them p State warded God and you are a member of the Conference.
Libyan political dialogue
Sufian Alarharbi # # # bin Qmo is in Benghazi
Sam killer # # # bin Humaid is in Benghazi
Maybe they are behind this war
# # Thunderbolt fighting terrorism

News of the existence of Sufian bin FAMU in Benghazi now:

(AD Media tuber)

Statement, “Ansar al-Sharia” about the events of the day

Important Statement
To clarify what happened from the dawn clashes on Tuesday:
In the name of God the Merciful
Praise be to Allah alone, and peace and blessings be upon the Prophet after him and his family and companions:
Then after a while:
In this difficult time experienced by the country of political conflicts do not they have only interests exclusive and narrow and if at the expense of the blood of Muslims, began what has happened in Tripoli and other associations that are endless, we would like we Ansar al-Sharia to show to our people in Benghazi what happened Tuesday night:
Where the patrol lightning strike led labeled (demons) provoked a patrol of Ansar al-Sharia, stationed in front of the island of rotation of the pond, which is located near the site of Ansar al-Sharia, they have to walk armored vehicles and other cars in all road directions (Drifting) with the launch of words Nabih of cursing and Sep and for His Majesty, and looks cynical, followed by a shooting by a patrol Thunderbolt and Padlthm patrol Ansar al-Sharia in the same way to shoot, where wounded some of our young people and then fled personnel patrol the bolt and run, knowing that they were drunk and this is not the first time they so These acts of provocation committed as youth group Almqmlh beards and heretics (like you and oh what Bouzid invaded),
And they’ve done to assault by beating and assault on a lot of young people are not committed to anything except for Tasém prophet, peace be upon him.
This is about what happened in front of the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia neighborhood pond, then twist it and aggravation by going to the area of ​​Ras Aobeidh and hurting the clinic charity and the radio and Clinic Touch and treatment of magic and clashed there with the youth of the region after they opened fire with anti-aviation and launchers inguinal Gee, causing panic people and raised the ire of the people of the region, and the reason for that in some property damage people of the region, and we Pena after what happened we want to note several things, including:
– We are far from shed the blood of Muslims.
– The event, which was planned to copy the model of what has happened in Tripoli, but what happened in Egypt and Tunisia.
– The named (demons) is not subject to the control of princes and acting like the boss is commanding and his criminals.
– We are not against the construction of the army is subject to the provisions of the Islamic Sharia and be his loyalty to God and His Messenger.
– And we stress that our cause Ansar al-Sharia is the arbitration law of God, which is a requirement of all Muslims in Libya nor Nzaid on one, and do not seek any office nor the presidency and distance ourselves from any political conflict in the country.
– We note that any statement outside the media does not count.
And Allah has ordered, but most people do not know
Tuesday 19 / Muharram / 1435 AH
Corresponding to 11/25/2013 AD
Ensign Foundation for Media Production
Some mosques Bdrna calls for Jihad in the city of Benghazi and help their sisters in Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi
as saying that according to the city under the control of the apostates and Alalmanin.
The news agency of the mountain
THESE ARE THE SUPPORTERS OF AL-ANSAR al-SHARIA (and this is how the raise their kids???):
and here the al-Ansar al-Sharia Families are showing support for their evil brothers in MISRATA!!!:
# The former headquarters of the Internal Security Court who side entertain p Sea Shield militia of criminal and fugitive Sam bin Humaid  is now the ambulance personnel to Ansar al-Sharia and the number of injured and about 13, including three in serious condition and treat them Tunisian doctor.
Battalion 194 Infantry Bagdabia received from the citizens of the city headquarters of the Ansar al-Sharia ..
Agency urgently Libya / witnessed a time calls for “fighting inside Tripoli, Benghazi
A member of the Committee for the Defense General National Congress, “Ibrahim witnessed a:”
The Committee calls on all parties for an immediate cessation of what he called “operations within the civil strife.”
“We witnessed a” committee that is preparing for a meeting with members of the Benghazi at the conference
about the events taking place in the city.
# Channel _ for free _ Libya
Dr. Mohammed Tabola president of the University of Benghazi
Announce the suspension of classes at the university until
Astbab security in the city.
جواز سفر وجد داخل مقر أنصار القاعده في رأس عبيدة … لمواطن تونسي ؟؟؟؟
Current # # # outcome urgent # Benghazi
Death toll to five people, after killing
Citizen “Adel Abdul Salam al-Sharif,” and the killing of “key
Bashir refractory “‘s special forces for” Thunderbolt “, and the number of
Wounded up to 13 wounded and evacuate 20, 1200, including cases
Critical citizen and his condition is very difficult and dying 1200
Salem al-Obeidi reporting:
A security source confirms targeting any convoy trying to enter
The city of Benghazi wounded, in or out of aviation.
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
Four generators that requested Galaa Hospital
Of the events that took place today in Benghazi, specifically in the area which is located Galaa Hospital, which led to a malfunction in one power stations there and because of the power supply is interrupted,
And the efforts of young people have had access to electricity anywhere holidays and repaired and electricity is now back for all regions and Galaa Hospital works with electricity now without any problem also has a generator ready for action.
The Engineer Khalid Alakora assistant director of distribution channel Libya free of these procedures and that part of the area of ​​Ras Aobeidh disconnected his electricity and Switching Bakj located at the top of Pharmacy Aobeidh and electricity will return soon to this part Insha Allah.
All thanks to the technicians and engineers to quickly meet the call of duty in order to Benghazi and its people.
God Save Benghazi !!
Office of Media General Electricity Company of Benghazi
Assistant Director Khalid Alakora Adaaro electricity distribution Benghazi Morocco will be installed before the new station to station to head Aobeidh and will return power to the region by Morocco because the plant suffered major damage Ntihh Lead…
The arrival of the supply of medical hospital since few and Ahamdallah no shortage,
also called the Medical supply of the city of Derna and the city of Misrata,
to provide supply to the hospital, as well as contact some clinics collected and private clinics,
a pharmacy nectar to provide what is missing hospital but fled Alomdd medical Benghazi all necessary hospital.
All thanks to those who gave a helping hand even a word
# Benghazi # # medical sources
Salem al-Obeidi
The outcome of the final seven victims of clashes with bullets of treachery
Monday’s sad to Benghazi wounded
Adel Abdul Salam al-Sharif
Key Bashir Ferjany
Ahmed Mohamed Megreisi
Saleh Abdulsalam Boubacar
Adel Abdul Salam Nayhoum
Mostafa Ragab Faitouri
Yusuf Suleiman Aldkulai
Praise be to God, was dismantled a bag of explosives was planted in 1200 in Benghazi hospital was subject to Lanfjar.
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
3 dead case proceeds were transferred from Galaa to Hosspital 1200
 # Toll in the current Galaa
11 were wounded, three of them moved to God’s mercy of forces
Own and the rest were in stable condition yet

And are men of the Special Forces “Thunderbolt”, Martyrs
Duty, and 12 wounded, including four civilians b Galaa Hospital
And 5 civilians by Hospital 1200 and Hawari free cases.

URGENT: Health Ministry confirms death toll rises clashes in Benghazi to 14 dead.
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
(10) cases of wounded Special Forces stun dead and three cases are:
Solomon Aldkulai
Saleh Abdulsalam
Ahmad Megreisi
I am God, and to Him we return
Civil cases three minor injuries as a result of random bullets
The alarm of Colonel Nice Bouchmadeh :
“Please help us citizens and not to go out of their homes.”
O inject blood!
Hani Al Oraibi information officer at the hospital said Mohammed al-Fakhiri and Walid bin Halim officials of the Department of medical procedures and Census Day Monday, 2013 1125 Hospital Hawari, Benghazi and the arrival of the injured members of the bolt and the police and civilians, the names of the injured Khaled Mohammed Abdalatif wounded in the chest and Mohammed Fathi Mohammed wounded in the hand and Murad Hussein infected Hzaiavi purity and Moussa Ibrahim Moussa wounded in the left leg and Salah Yousef Rashid wounded in the right leg and Gibran Mohammed Jubran infected in the tub and Osama Mohammed Amedoh infected at the bottom right Alzaraljhh.
The killing of three policemen, special forces “Thunderbolt” and they
“Suleiman Aldkulai” and “Saleh Abdul Salam” and “Ahmad
Megreisi “, due to a clash with members of the battalion Insar
Men killed a special forces “Thunderbolt” and injury
Six people, including critical situations, and wounding three
Citizens civilians by stray bullets by source.
Reports that the girl’s stray bullet wanted her dead
Now according to a security source, b Sauaakm details.
Salem al-Obeidi reports:
From infected to three patients in the ranks of employees of the battalion
Ansar al-Sharia, as received some now, God’s blood injection
Libyans, no further details and no confirmation of the injured.
 Awad _ Albergthe correspondent channel Libya Al-Ahrar from Benghazi:
There are dead and wounded in the ranks of the supporters of the law and did not enter any of them in the state hospital in Benghazi and everyone wonders of citizens or commandos Wayne Zhbo Baktlahm and wounded!!
Explosion is unknown since few have Bermaah a bag of explosives on a police station Sabri ………...
Sauaakm ČĂÎŃ runs …..
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

Agency News Libyan army
SS declares state of alert to cleanse Benghazi from outlaws and prestige of the state and enforce the law ..

Heavy fire in front of Gate University Garyounes now.
Shooting a very dense area parks and Gary search for information ….
Follow me …..
Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.
Quoting Khalid Al Jazeera Net Almher reporter
Withdrawal of Ansar al-Sharia and now head of the Quiche Oobeidh bloodshed, to quote a source close to them.
A gathering of civil society institutions in Benghazi calling for the people of Benghazi for a rally in front of Tibesti Hotel after sunset prayers Declaration statement will announce the start of civil disobedience and widespread demand to drop the local council of Benghazi and and ask the government to support the army and police and end all Maaadahma of armed formations.
Channel Libyan capital
Declaration of civil disobedience in the city of Benghazi in the clashes that occurred last night.
Albergthe reporter Libya Liberal .. Benghazi entered in civil disobedience, and there are calls to announce
its manifestations for civil disobedience in general.
An exclusive interview to Bouchmadh special forces commander in Benghazi shortly after the news channel ..
“Al-Jazeera Libyan” ..
On Al-Arabiya was told before the event …
Colonel Nice Bouchmadh says:
A patrol in the area of ​​the pond was accompanied by one of the channels, along with three journalists in their own car ..
The supporters of Sharia Balrmih targeting rotating ..
Quiet mode now
Losses stun … 6 dead and 13 wounded
But supporters of the law did not come to us after Statistics .. But to be in the room as possible joint security
Things calmed down and we were keen on establishing security and we are not at the front and special forces present in the points pinned down in the streets of Benghazi.
The situation in Benghazi is now: f
ull alert from Libyan army forces and widespread in all of Benghazi, commandos and Navy did not like seeing the city at all demonstrations in front of the Tibesti Hotel civil disobedience movement and almost non-existent cars except the roads leading to demonstrations.
 Civil society institutions in the city of Benghazi declare a state of civil disobedience fully with all state institutions and the private sector to clear the city of Benghazi from all armed groups and considers the local council of Benghazi, losing legitimacy.
Tomorrow a holiday in the city of Benghazi and all schools Benghazi stopped working, in response to the appeal launched by the Civil society institutions.
Special forces reports to us:Demonstration in front of the hotel Tibesti now demanding civil disobedience ..
Urgent: – now the Elders of Benghazi demanding the following: –
1 – Extradition battalion of Ansar al-Sharia to justice.
2 – to investigate with the princes Battalion Ansar al-Sharia and Bouchtale Zahawy.
3 – should the Libyan army combed farms and withdraw all
Heavy weapon of Sidi Faraj and Rulrhh and Hawari.
4 – to declare a state of emergency in Benghazi and delivery of heavy weapons
Of all militias and the Libyan army commandos
Benghazi residents in a large rally and declare their support with the bolt and the military and are demanding to bring down
Local council, and attacking supporters of terrorism and chanting
Gulou Bouchtale,,, Benghazi where his men
No no no no supporters fry
Announcement in front of the Tibesti Hotel now
Tomorrow is a holiday in all schools and universities in Benghazi and all state institutions will be tomorrow, the first day of civil disobedience.
Statement demonstration Benghazi evening Benghazi:
The local council of Benghazi .. Declares mourning and civil disobedience in the city
For 3 days ..
Reporter Libya Al-Ahrar:
Libyan army has full control of all of Benghazi for the first time experiencing this alert Benghazi great

Sources: will confiscate any weapon at any citizen walking around his car in Benghazi.

What is true, but these are what the correct Etbih tread and should be confiscated until the car who the weapon

and the weapon mesh is so opaque glass and not to put metal plates must confiscate the car and pay a fine is too high.


Members of the supporters of the evil one in the streets of Benghazi, the video shows the distribution of arms and the number of individuals affiliated to them.
افراد من انصار الشر في أحد شوارع بنغــازي الفيديو يوضح توزيع الاسلحة وعدد الافراد التابع لهم
Broadcaster girl ask for her brother, who was a member of the Thunderbolt victim of the clashes and broadcaster has become in an awkward position and he does not wanting to teach and convey the shock death of her brother.
And to God and to Him we return
فتاة تسال المذيع عن اخيها عضو الصاعقه الذى كان ضحية ألأشتباكات والمذيع اصبح فى موقف حرج وهو لا يبغى ان يعلمها وينقل الصدمه لها بوفاة شقيقهاوان لله وانا اليه راجعون

Said pole
Chief of Staff, accompanied by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defence on their way to Benghazi to lead the efforts of the truce between the parties to the conflict ..!!!
Since when brought together the functions of the committees of the wise and the Magistrate to the Chief of Staff? And Is it a third party (neutral) in what is happening in Benghazi? If anyone who follows Bouchmadh and Thunderbolt?!!

Today in Benghazi was captured two of the Kharijites were accompanied by a Tunisian doctor treating the Kharijites after they fire special forces in Benghazi ..

After the initial Alastaidhat believes there is a connection between them and the explosions that occur in Benghazi

(Intelligence service tuber)



Urgent …
Vote pungent aircraft in the sky shortly before the tuber.
(AD Media tuber)

# Derna:

encircle the entire militia Ansar al-Sharia and the Islamic Army for the entrances to the city

Spread on the road to Aqaba western edge of the mountain light and medium weapons ~
Newsflash …
Al-Arabiya says that Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi Tugeo to the city of Derna, and GS News Facebook pages talk about entering a convoy of cars armed camp electronic support previously in Afattaúh and cars filled with boxes of ammunition.
(AD Media tuber)
Entry of a group of Ansar al-Sharia group Benghazi and Derna Menhzmin who returned from Benghazi, along with foreign elements and carrying large boxes shingles are probably Dkhirh and weapons as they entered the camp to support previously-mail outside the city of Derna, which resides in the east by a group Ansar al-Sharia tuber …

DERNA Counsel for the assassination attempt, “Yousif Saleh Abidi” after
Be subjected to a hail of bullets by unknown assailants, after
Leaving dawn prayers to the Bab Tobruk to Derna, and
His condition is stable now.


Burka free channel:

{Blagraa: white}: .. Agency urgently Libya: spokesman supporters of Sharia atone on the air
Spoke by telephone from the city of Derna board member of “Ansar al-Sharia,” “Mahmoud Barasi” on channel Libya Al-Ahrar each focused his speech on the following points:

They said this is a picture Barasi Mahmoud, a member of the so-called Ansar al-Sharia.!

Mahmoud Barasi, mad member of Ansar al-Sharia in tuber, 

“Agency urgently Libya “/
a spokesman for the supporters of Sharia to atone, on the air…
Spoke by telephone from the city of Derna board member of “Ansar al-Sharia,” “Mahmoud Barasi” on channel Libya Al-Ahrar each focused his speech on the following points:
(1) who states in the Gulf, who show them, including Saudi Arabia Hedow apostates do not want to apply the law of God, our ideal sheikhs who we are in the mountains, such as the martyr Sheikh Osama bin Laden.
(2) O like us apply the law of God in Libya O The Nqatlo .. Nehna Mitabakec what extent the law of God or stop Nqatloh with the infidels, God willing … Government guidance rebound does not apply the law of God!!
(0) people in the Gulf states who show them, including Saudi Arabia Hedow apostates do not want to apply the law of God, our ideal sheikhs who we are in the mountains, such as the martyr Sheikh Osama bin Laden.
(0) ya like us apply the law of God in Libya O The Nqatlo .. Nehna Mitabakec what extent the law of God or stop Nqatloh with the infidels, God willing … Government guidance rebound does not apply the law of God!!
(0) Broadcaster: Praise be to God, we are all Muslims in Libya
Mahmoud Barasi: do not mesh all of you Muslims apostates Zidane and his government.
(3) Broadcaster: Praise be to God, we are all Muslims in Libya
Mahmoud Barasi:
” Why all this out because the army does not go out when it attacked the Christians on the country and kidnapped Aboans!

do not mesh all of you Muslims apostates Zaidane and his government.

… Democratic Kafr
And all government departments, including the ‘Thunderbolt infidels’ ..
Zaidane who Ayesh was waged between liquor obese knew God!!!
Our goal arbitration Sharia by force if necessary!!!
any apostate does not want the law of God, we will enter in the war with him, and God Jaivin Mana ..

We are against any Arab apostate .. With all the brothers the Mujahideen in the world ..”

The Government of Saudi Arabia, Libya and Egypt Come governments infidel and apostate

And they are our ideal of Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahiri

It did not invoke the law of God I will fight them….

We are our ideal Sheikh Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahiri …

Colonel Bouchmadh is to blame for the fighting and blood Elly became in Benghazi”**

(Mahmoud Barasi board member of Ansar al-Sharia on Al-Libya Liberal)


Commander of the SS Bo Khmadeh on Radio 88.5 hour before now calls
Let the citizens’ army is acting with such corrupt junta

On Al-Arabiya was told before the event …
Colonel Nice Bouchmadh says:
A patrol in the area of ​​the pond was accompanied by one of the channels, along with three journalists in their own car ..
The supporters of Sharia Balrmih targeting rotating ..
Quiet mode now
Losses stun … 6 dead and 13 wounded
But supporters of the law did not come to us after Statistics .. But to be in the room as possible joint security
Things calmed down and we were keen on establishing security and we are not at the front and special forces present in the points pinned down in the streets of Benghazi


Demonstration for women to condemn the city of Derna deteriorating security conditions in the city.

Women manifestations of Derna denouncing the security situation of the city
And demanding the army and police, evening.


Base Tobruk air sorties carried out, to monitor all
Movements and monitor any military movements destined to
The city of Benghazi since the early morning hours.

The planes that took off from the base of Tobruk, Benghazi Airborne up after a sweep of the road leading to Benghazi.
Radio Tobruk 105.4
14 victims
50 injured

Sisi calls to help Libya Tobruk area and Praises Military:

Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper reported about the team Fattah al-Sisi Egyptian Defense Minister .. Libya is in the case of the construction of its security forces and the neighboring countries to help them that each State shall control its borders and perhaps Egypt suffered in the beginning but it is fortunate because the points of contact with Libya fall within the area of ​​Tobruk, the military did not collapse and is still its disciplined fairly and working conditions tough in various fields to fight arms smuggling and illegal immigration, customs and mutual cooperation will continue between the Tobruk area and the northern region MILITARY MARTIAL according to the agreements between the two countries

71 Infantry Battalion – Tobruk on standby to go to Benghazi and waiting FAQ # Tore

Announced the first infantry battalion commander in Tobruk Colonel Mehdi Mabrouk Awami, for the withdrawal of his battalion since few Amsaad port because of the lack of equipment and lack of fulfilling its obligations direction of the RAT Libyan government and the port authority provided by.

It is noteworthy that the first infantry battalion is the only military, which had been present port Amsaad ..

(Citing security room shared Tobruk)




Gunmen Attacks Air Base in Southern Libya

    2013-11-24 22:03:45     Xinhua       Web Editor: Mao
Gunmen stormed an air base in Libya’s southern town of Brak Shati and looted its ammunition depot Saturday evening, a senior Libyan army officer told Xinhua Sunday.”Dozens of gunmen stormed the air base and looted all the ammunition inside the storage, including ammunition for heavy weapons such as rockets and artillery,” Southern District Libyan Shield commander Ahmed Al Hasnawi told Xinhua over the phone.The attack occurred “with the complicity of number of military personnel assigned to protect the base,” Al Hasnawi said, quoting unidentified sources.Barac Chat’ai is located 900 km south of the Libyan capital.



Tunisian Border
Urgent # # # exclusively Ras Ajdir _

A security source from the Ras Ajdir border crossing, confirms the entry of a large number of
Tunisians hour since three in the morning at half-past nine
AM to Libya, and the same source confirmed in a statement that
All entrants men only and these numbers are remarkable for consideration and
This entry was Benghazi after clashes with only an hour.



THREAT from Turkey:
Very, very dangerous

Noman bin Othman, through the channel of Libya Liberal:

Talking about the meeting in the neighboring state 9 months of the current year between the different parties, including people to Abeben speaks of this meeting on the division of Libya as the only solution in the midst of this conflict and dropped some European countries, causing chaos central governments of these countries and as a result. This meeting, and after hearing the Turkish state in this meeting, the Turkish government has threatened that if this happens it will partition scoops Libya arms.

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