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Room Muammar al-Qathafi albaltok

Na Rua me na. .. The violence art wood

Original 50 Dinar note

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami on the green channel from 12/29/2013 P


Presentation of the stadium Mustafa Qdreboh 30 122 013 was raised through the room Muammar al-Qathafi



Abdel Moez Bannon:
The signatures of the members of Congress to withdraw confidence from Ali Zaidane

and formation of a government crisis in the first session to come ….


International channel Libya Libya International Channel
URGENT: Undersecretary of the Ministry of Local Government, “Saleh Saeed” declares through the channel of Libya international resignation of the minister, “Abu Bakr Pacific” from his post as minister of local government in the transitional government and says he has become a minister in charge of the ministry, which will be subject to an interim Justice Minister Salah Elmarghani
Fathi bin Isa
Received some now that the headquarters of the Supreme Court have been locked by protestors outside lock!!
The Interior Ministry issued its decision on renaming Centers National Security and Homeland Security departments to get their names former so-called police stations and the Directorate of Security and the abolition description “national” of the labels official.
Mr. “Mohammed Faitouri” Labour Minister that the state is
Unable to pay employees’ salaries, but the closure of fields
Affect negatively in the next stage, but not on the salaries of the
Strengthened the Libyans, and refuted the Minister of Labour in a statement that its transmission
Some deficit for the Libyan government to pay salaries to employees
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Colonel Abdul Salam Allaqi director of the Information Office of the Chamber of security Sabratha confirms the news of the arrest of Abdullah bin Hussein Guest Abuaaad commander, alias Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia.

Agency: U.S. forces and Libyan leader arrested Ansar al-Sharia

Mon 30 Dec 2013 12:26 pm GMT

TUNIS (Reuters) – The news agency quoted the Tunisian security source as saying that U.S. and Libyan forces on Monday arrested Saif Abdullah bin Hussein, the leader of Ansar al-Sharia Islamic militant Tunisian Libyan city of  Sabratha.

The killer bin Hussein – also known as Abu Ayaz – in Afghanistan and declared his allegiance to al-Qaeda and accused

of instigating an attack on the U.S. Embassy in Tunisia a year ago.

(Ola Shawky preparation for the Arab BulletinEdit Amal Abu Saud)

© Thomson Reuters 2013 All rights reserved.

 The strength of the «Marines» grab the leader of Ansar al-Sharia «Abu Ayaz» in Sabratha,  Libya ..

The Tunisian Interior Ministry confirms ..
Arab Net

TunEagles _ نسور تونسعاجـل:قوات أمريكية في ليبيا تلقي القبض على أبو عياض
International channel Libya Libya International Channel ·
URGENT: arrested in Sabratha, Ali “Saifullah bin Hussein, leader of Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia,
known as” Abu Ayad, “and I have requested the Tunisian authorities on charges of terrorism.

30 DECEMBER 013 – 1:10pm by Tunis Times Staff

Abou Iyadh, leader of Ansar Alsharia, captured in Libya by US special forces

A reliable source to TAP, a Tunisian press agency, has announced that the leader of the Ansar Al Sharia movement, Abou Iyadh has been captured this morning in Sabratha, Libya by a unit of U.S. special forces in coordination with the Libyan authorities.

This to note that movement led by Sayef Edine Bin Hassine aka Abou Iyadh, has been classified as an terrorist organization and has been banned from the social and political arena by the Tunisian Islamist-led government in late August of this year.

According to Tunisian minister of interior, Lotfi Ben Jeddou, Abou Iyadh is currently accused involvement in the murder of Tunisian soldiers in the terrorist attacks in Chaambi mountains as well as the murder of Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi and weapons smuggling.

Sources: SHEMSFM

BUT !!!:

Abdel Moez Bannon:
Now ….
News channel denies the news of the arrest of Abu Ayaz Tunisian
Hussein Elmessallati:
Channel Libya FM 
Branch Manager tool of military intelligence Misrata, Ibrahim Beit money denies arrest of
Abe Ayaz in Misrata. He was captured in SABRATHA, not MISURATA.
Sabratha Mavera security where they Hesen Halmqji.PICTURES OF Saif Aboudullah Iyadh bin Husein, leader of Ansar al-Sharia:
31 AUGUST 2013 – 8:18pm by Fadwa Yahia
New information about Ansar Sharia revealed:
Since the flagging of Ansar Sharia as a terrorist organization and the disclosure of their violent plans, the Ministry of the Interior , announced that authorities will take practical steps to arrest all of those involved in the execution of these plans.
A security source said to Alshourouk Newspaper that there will be practical and quick procedures to control and track down the associations that are active in the field of charity and close to Ansar al- Sharia. He added “that the next steps will be under legal cover and will hold all of the proven involved in funding or assisting this group accountable”.
10 associations:
According to initial available data, the number of charities that are active in the organization of Ansar al-Sharia is 10. They have been founded after the events of 14 January  and obtained legal approval and was working as part of a charity. But after the banning of the main organization, there are information that cash is now flowing from some gulf countries instead.
Several pages supporting Ansar al-Sharia working on social platforms said that the Interior Ministry is campaigning to close their electronic websites and pages. As a response, those supporters threatened to reopen hundreds of Web sites and pages to convey their voice to Tunisians. On the other hand, a security source confirmed that the Interior Ministry managed to take control of the pages related to Ansar al-Sharia , especially those on ‘ Facebook ‘ and ‘ Twitter ‘ .
The truth about the hit list
Alshourouk learnt from well informed sources that the list announced by the Interior Ministry lacks some names like Beji Caid Essebsi Party leader of Nidaa Tounis, Hamma Hammami, spokesman for the Popular Front, the Secretary General of the General Union of Tunisian Workers Hussain Abbasi, as well as Amer Lareyedh, a prominent figure of Ennahda who has never been an enemy of the organization and whose name in the list raises many questions about the reason to include him?
Abu Iyadh is/was in Tunisia
Security source also said that «Abu Ayaz », leader of Ansar al-Sharia and the spiritual father of this movement, is currently in Tunisia and most of his movements are at night and uses the Burqa in order not to spotted. He is assisted by a number of his close supporters and whom he trusts as he recently attended the marriage of a Salafi in a Tunis and left 10 minutes before the arrival of security forces.
Abu Iyadh threatened to reveal the secrets of his alleged meetings with the government figures through videos and photographs and it will be published in parts as a kind of threat to those in power. He is expected to respond to the charges against him and especially with regard to the assassination of « Shokri Belaid » and « Mohammed Brahmi » .
Abdullah bin Hussein Guest Abuaaad  video cap

Top Tunisian Islamist militant arrested in Libya – report

30/12 21:22 CET  with relevent  Euronews VIDEO:

Confusion surrounds the fate of Saifallah Benahssine – the head of Tunisian’s Islamist militants.

Tunisian state media has claimed that he was captured on Monday.

The report said he had been detained in neighbouring Libya by US special forces and Libyan troops.

The Americans denied they had any role in any such operation.

The Libyan government has refused all comment on the matter.

Benahssine’s organisation, the al Qaeda-linked Ansar al Sharia, insists he is still at liberty.

Tunisia’s state news agency TAP quoted a security source as saying Benahssine has been held in the Libyan city of Misrata.

Ansar al Sharia is one of the hardline jihadist groups to emerge after the Tunisia’s revolt against its autocratic leader three years ago.

Benahssine is on the wanted list for allegedly inciting an attack on the US embassy in the Tunisian capital last year and links to political assassinations there.

Also known as Abu Iyadh, he is a former fighter in Afghanistan.

Washington’s denial is no surprise. Any US involvement in an operation on Libyan soil would be highly sensitive.

Copyright © 2013 euronews

Numan Bin Uthman) – Member of the fighter formerly an expert on Islamist groups now – confirms Al Arabiya on the presence of the Emir of Ansar al-Sharia (Abu Ayaz) in Libya and said he knows that certain sources of 100%!! .. He said that the father of Yad appeared a week ago in the city of Benghazi when attending a meeting of the group there, and that the group has several camps in Libya.
Noman bin Othman is properly connected to their Alavho source for global intelligence:

“Loyalty to the Martyrs” – (THE ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD’s “Justice and Construction” PARTY – Logo “front”)
Tripoli – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
The evening Sunday 12/29/2013 interim Prime Minister Ali Zaidane accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister for Technical Affairs Mr. Abdul Salam judge and a number of members of the government visited the headquarters of interest nuts and sexual and Foreigners Affairs area of ​​Salahuddin, where briefed on the latest current arrangements for the issuance of electronic passport “The new”,
Having heard Mr. / President of the operators of the project to the annotations and thorough stages of completion for this document was given permission to begin issuing new passports.

Concerning the people’s “Political Bureau of Cyrenaica” under BARASI & al-Jharan, former judge Jalil was asked his opinion:JUDGE Mustafa Abdul Jalil, former interim president of the RAT Council, tells us:

“The Group surrounding oil and federal claims, mainly if it is a federal territory of Tripoli and aggressors, they are in the territory of Tripoli.

Tripoli executes right over each other’s heads, border regions of Libya, which are well known and their assailants to Tripolitania.

Can the Royal Covenant/Monarchy will be executed for conspiracy and treason in the public arena?

If we were in the time of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, it would be executed honestly. Near or far, no one would not hesitate to order the execution of anyone like this.
al-Qathafi said in the political kalaslameyen, etc. that we should try and come out with witnesses and others to prove their involvement in an
intervention trial.

But in the metal of this things, the system cannot be tried and executed without hesitation. It is well known that al-Qathafi does not compromise on the ground, whatever the reasons and causes.

It kills by causing unrest in the Middle Libyan known and Almtzlll of Palestine, Egypt and Syria are known, the story in the tribal abhorrent and coverage of the killers and this crisis Msalin by the people of the Middle distinction.

Tribal and buying and selling in the accounts is the cause of the disaster east of Libya, and the West of Libya has not kept the Middle Libyan much if it continues like this, Hua him and that happened east of Libya will not withstand an hour alone in front of what Atrsdh what awaits him, and that happened Egypt will not keep the logic of this size neighbors, and the result will intervene West Libyan weighed again and repeated stripped Habib known but this time it will not be for a place in the east of Libya, and this story will not be the thing for taking 5 years Alokatr that goes on as Hedda continued.

Men who refuse money like al-Qathafi and fought to God in the process pure, and al-Qathafi’s men also fought thinking that the colonizer wants attributed to Libya,

but this is what actually happened: The colonizer came to Libya, in different ways and not by traditional methods. Why are the Americans in the wheels and the English in Gharyan and country teeming with British and U.S. intelligence everywhere?

Intelligence of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, are killed inside Benghazi by the “February”, the number of spies who were demonstrating with the Libyans and they are Libyans and they were shooting at Libyans already demonstrating that they are shooting at members of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and were dressed in jeans and clothing public in the street Libyan.

Kthiebh Fadil Bu Omar was able to shoot 170 people almost of these groups that Tkment killed at least killed 78 people, including and buried in Benghazi and were accompanied by people that they are martyrs but the truth is not identity them nor relatives nor the people nor entries and fingerprints did not prove the existence of something, and Kthiebh holy dug their graves and Akhzt Besamat hand and blood samples, and we found the reports do not match at all, for we all know that “February” were not metal, even if it’s what we thought all of our demand, but even what we say and what we have is a large number of deaths which were due to third parties to decide on sedition among all.

المجموعة التي تحاصر النفط وتدعي الفدرالية ، هم في الأساس لو انها فدرالية معتدين على اقليم طرابلس وهم موجودين في اقليم طرابلس ومن حق طرابلس اعدامهم فوق رؤس بعضهم البعض ، فحدود الاقاليم قبل اتحاد ليبيا معروفة جدا وهم معتدين على اقليم طرابلس بأمتياز . اما لو في العهد الملكي سيتم اعدامهم بحجة التأمر والخيانة العظمى في الساحة العامة . اما لو اننا في زمن القدافي فسيعدم كل من له علاقة بالامر قريب او بعيد ولن يتردد النظام في اعدام اي شخص في متل هذه الامور ، القذافي يتردد في قضايا سياسية كالاسلاميين وما الي ذلك وتدخل محاكمة وتخرج واخرى وغيرها الي ان يتبين لهم التورط ولكن في متل هذه الامور النظام لا يحاكم يعدم بدون تردد فمعروف نظام القدافي لا يساوم على الارض مهما كانت الاسباب والمسببات .

من يقتل ومن يتسبب في القلاقل في الشرق الليبي معروفين و المتسلللين من فلسطين ومصر و سوريا معروفين ، القصة في القبلية المقيتة والتغطية على القتلة وهذه الازمة مسؤلين عليها سكان الشرق بأمتياز .

القبلية والبيع والشراء في الذمم هي سبب كارثة الشرق الليبي ، والغرب الليبي قد لا يحتفظ بالشرق الليبي كثيرا اذا استمر الحال على ما هوا عليه و أن حدث الشرق الليبي لن يصمد ساعة وحده أمام ما يترصده وما ينتظره ، وأن حدث مصر لن تبقي على منطق بهذا الحجم تجاورها ، والنتيجة سيتدخل الغرب الليبي مرة أخرى بثقله وتتكرر تجريدة حبيب المعروفة ولكن هذه المرة لن يكون للشرق مكان في ليبيا ، وهذه القصة لن تأخد 5 سنوات على الأكتر ان سارت الامور على هدا النحو وأستمرت .

الرجال من رفضوا اموال القذافي وقاتلوا لله في سبيله خالصة ، وللقذافي رجال ايضا من قاتلوا ظناً منهم بأن المستعمر يريد عزوا ليبيا ، ولكن هذا ما حدث بالفعل المستعمر دخل الي ليبيا ، بطرق مختلفة وليس بالطرق التقليدية ، ماذا يفعل امريكيين في العجلات وانجليز في غريان و البلاد تعج بالمخابرات البريطانية والامريكية في كل مكان .

استخبارات النظام السابق قتلت داخل بنغازي في فبراير عدد من الجواسيس كانوا يتظاهرون مع الليبيين وعلى انهم ليبيين وكانوا يطلقون النار على الليبيين بالفعل ويتظاهرون بانهم يطلقون النار على افراد النظام وكانوا يرتدون الجينز والملابس العامة في الشارع الليبي ، كثيبة الفضيل بو عمر تمكنت من تصوير 170 شخصا تقريبا من هؤلاء المجموعات التي تكمنت قتل على الاقل من قتل 78 شخص منهم ودفنوا في بنغازي و رافقهم الناس على انهم شهداء ولكن الحقيقة لا هوية لهم ولا اقرباء ولا اهالي ولا قيودات وبصمات اليد لم تثبت لوجود شيء ، وكثيبة الفضيل نبشت قبورهم واخذث بصامات اليد وعينات الدم ، و وجدنا التقارير لا تطابق في شيء ، لنعرف جميعاً بأن فبراير لم تكن متل ما اعتقدنا ولو انها مطلبنا جميعا ولكن حتى نقول ما لنا وما علينا عدد كبير من القتلى كانوا بسبب جهات خارجية لتبت الفتنة بين الجميع .


(Dear Mustafa! What type of reasoning is this from a former judge of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA???)

News channel hosts terrorist leader Abu Ubaida angular room Libya rebels who surrounded the ministries responsible for the abduction of the Prime MinisterAbu Ubaida extreme angular and wants to apply the law of God in his own way, and by the idea of ​​the Jihadist and the ministries Bhasr weapons state and Eachd in the salaries of state says was Alkhdharan outside the legitimate and should be lifting the embargo on oil installations, but it Satkhadd an open field force
(News Agency of Libya today)


TRIPOLI  broadwalk

Operations room Mermaid:
Requested by the Medical University of Tripoli boycotted a. Abdaún sit-in since the closure of the college today ….

Students Media Center – Media Center Student

For the second time this month in the absence of security, the university and the absence of morality, literature and respect and Educ ..
Shed a tear gas canister inside the halls of the Faculty of Law at the University of Tripoli, a cutter.
The cases of fainting and suffocation between male and female students were transported to the hospital each.

Aannaq cases affected many of the students in the Faculty of Law

by Dumping of a tear gas canister was transferred many of them to the hospital.

The image that was taken inside the headquarters of Turkish Airlines
Tripoli, after he was found to account manager
Headquarters and survival of Turkish Airlines employee.

(Salem al-Obeidi)




Youth of the globe on Facebook:
Now Chevrolet car type color without Black plates are stealing a car type Toyota private electricity company

globe maintenance section from the center of the globe.
According to our information, he was the thief Ahmed Abojeelh Alsoiei’s me Imad Red
Means Bafilaqa pension Anrul of riding a string narrowed
Saket and on the right demon shut up.

Youth of the globe on Facebook:
Khaled Red steals the truck and sewer corner news says they followed him to his house and it Astelmoha.



City department in Ajeelat
Department in Ajeelat:
Robbery at a car type Toyota 24 belonging to the family Almqran and some weapons “Clahnat thrower and 2” in
front of the family home Thowaibi (sons of his aunt) by Rami Bacouche according to witnesses!
Now department in Ajeelat
Since 2 hours via mobile phone
Criminals attack on the home of the cosmic Alduibi killed and beauty Creed. Four-year-old boy,
Rami Mohammed Alduibi wounding Mohammed and the Order of Alduibi Alduibi and a woman.
There is no power but from God and the shame of killing earners.

Now department in Ajeelat
Youth department in Ajeelat backed by some of the people out of the insurance department in Ajeelat

and the state of congestion and fury inside the city department in Ajeelat.


An unidentified body found near the gate:


Zliten News | Zliten News
After the stolen ECG Bmscvy Zliten several times

Here is the only solution, however Modfo hospital




Marine – Ports and Harbors


Iron and Steel Projects.

A port development project to serve the Misurata Steel Complex to be established in the town

of Misurata located at 210 km. East of Tripoli, Libya.

The scope covers the onstruction of breakwaters, bulk berth, small craft harbour, dredging and reclamation.

January 1987

Misurata Port



Targeting home “Abdulaati Aljdk” shell RPG by unknown ..

Infection bombings moved to Bani Walid
This time, due to personal problems!
A cowardly act under the cover of night .. Whatever the reasons and causes
Thus Felict solve problems and personal differences ..

God save Bani Walid

(The Great Rafla | Great Werfalla)

le statut de Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV.# Çanakkale Dard _ Announcement
Announces Office of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Bani Walid for the establishment of a scientific session
in the Holy Qur’an and Science in the period from 15 to January 20, 2014 under the slogan “Bani Walid good.”

la photo de Bani Walid in pictures.

Good morning from Bani Walid, Republic Street



Sirte News:
The protesters in front of government headquarters lock the coastal road with sand

in front of the entrance to the commercial bank of the Giza area of military.

News heroic Libyan resistance

Agency urgently Libya / Squatting in Sirte boil complex administrative
————————————————– ————-
Squatting by the people of the city of Sirte and the closure of the complex administrative complex halls and Acadouko users piles of sand and does not exist any armed manifestations in the sit-in which the demands were:
1 – the suspension of the local council and replacing it with a steering committee until the election of the elected municipal council.
2 – show the results of the investigation in the case of money Almsrovh branch of the Central Bank of Sirte.
3 – return of displaced persons from the city of Sirte to them immediately with the exception of proven involvement in crimes against civilians are brought to justice.
4 – accelerator in the end the file of compensation and the Central Committee of the 26th to end as soon as their work.
5 – to investigate the names of citizens who landed “inadvertently” and Arvagahm disclose special
compensation they get, just like the rest of the citizens of the city.
6 – end the state of lawlessness and the urgent need for security and safety.

Squatting of Sirte closing administrative complex.

And the demands of the protestors ::
Congress has refused to extend
The suspension of the local council and replacing it with a steering committee until the election of the elected municipal council.
Show the results of the investigation in the case of money Almsrovh branch of the Central Bank of Sirte.
Return of displaced persons from the city of Sirte to it immediately, except of proven involvement in crimes against civilians are brought to justice.
Accelerator in the end the file of compensation and the Central Committee of the 26th to end as soon as their work.
Investigation in the names of citizens who landed “inadvertently” and Arvagahm disclose special compensation they get, just like the rest of the citizens of the city.
End the state of lawlessness and the urgent need for security and safety.


Newsflash ::
Now two incidents at the intersection of Giza military coastal road because of the closure of the road
Both cars hit the sand made by the protestors at the intersection
Source: Giza military official page

The group surrounded the local council Sirte announce their presence and their
nature sprayed armed launchers RPGs in the sky
(Sirte News)




Telphone company, “ORBIT”,  stop network services of “orbit communications”

for the citiy of Casablanca, because of necessary maintainance on the line.


Gateway Libya Libya Gate

A senior security source stated that there are two people have surrendered themselves to the security room with city-based coast two names: “tolmeitha-a- bodhsh” and “bwalhol leet carefully”.

The reason for surrender that someone asked them to operations against the payment of any amount and the person who made the request is “Akram Amjahid”. 

According to initial investigations, that there is a members of the National Congress in touch with this person,

who wanted to assassinate some of the characters within the city of Prairie.

He said the two investigations that they had some operations, but was outside the city of Prairie, 

and these operations are concentrated in the assassination of some military leaders were mentioned

some other names that carry out such operations.
Two people were transported to the competent authorities outside the city of turf  to complete the rest of the investigation.



(so different from under the Great Jamahiriya where everyone shared in the revenues and all were part of a team)

Daily News, Inc., Mellitah Oil and Gas reports:
Militias of the so-called “guard the constructors Central Region” slowed the government 48 hours
to receive their sal aries, otherwise they will cut off the gas for power plants …
The question, as long as they are government or sentences why have not they paid their salaries?
Aatkadon and why not under the salaries of Al-Jdharan’s “POLITICAL BUREAU OF CYRENAICA”,
if they are obeying  his orders?!

Agency urgently Libya / Ajdabiya (special) – Correspondent
Bribes issue plaguing the city of the sun for the second time in a row
Was launched shortly before the city of Ajdabiya, more than 400 military “unarmed” belonging to the artillery battalion Ajdabiya toward the city of Tripoli, in order to engage in a peaceful sit-in in front of the open accounts in Tripoli to demand the military regardless of their salaries stalled months ago.
Col. Abdul Majeed pilot sweeping Agency correspondent urgent Libya that delayed payment of salaries was due to extortion suffered by the Brigades of Ajdabiya by the authorities of the Central Military in Tripoli.
He stressed that the overwhelming military accounts department in Tripoli asked more than once “bribe” in exchange of payment of salaries Artillery Battalion of the General Staff, was rejected by the princes of the Phalange Bagdabia, and led to the suspension of payment of salaries for three months.
The issue of bribery involving officials of the central government known  in Tripoli, is considered the second in the city of Ajdabiya, after the bribery case Naji Mokhtar member National Conference presented by the Salem Jdharan versus open oil ports.

Valley Agency Dinar News a partagé la vidéo de “Tabu sons of the desert”:

Guard installations threatens to cut off gas to Tripoli!
Brega .. Shortly before
Guard oil installations threatens the region _ Central government Btqa gas Tripoli within 48 hours

of the announcement and the statement that in the event of non-payment of their salaries …

Libyan oil guards threaten to block gas pipeline to Tripoli: sources
TRIPOLI Sun Dec 29, 2013 4:16pm EST

Oil security guards in central Libya have threatened to block a gas pipeline to the capital Tripoli

unless the government meets their salary demands, oil sources and local media said on Sunday.

If confirmed, the protest would mark an escalation of a wave of strikes at oilfields and export terminals gripping Libya, reducing its lifeline oil exports to a trickle.

The OPEC producer is facing turmoil as the government of Prime Minister Ali Zaidane struggles to keep control of his government…

A mix of tribes from all the Eastern peoples have seized for months four export ports in the east alone to demand regional autonomy and a greater share of oil revenues from the central government.

In a new sign of protest, members of the Petroleum Protection Force, in charge of guarding oil facilities, working in central Libya said they might block a gas pipeline running from the east to Tripoli, oil sources said.

“They said they would interrupt the gas pipeline to Tripoli in 48 hours unless the government paid their salaries,” said an engineer at Sirte Oil Co, the main state oil firm in central Libya.

“They say they have not been paid for three months,” he said, citing a statement which was also posted on social media and quoted by Libyan media.

It was not immediately clear where the group of protesting guards was based and how many members it had. A spokesmen for the PFG in Tripoli said the force had nothing to do with the group.

Tripoli and other major cities have been hit by outages blamed by the government on lack of technology and previous blockages of power stations and a gas pipeline in the west.

The former head of the oil protection force, Ibrahim al-Jdhran, defected with his countrymen (declaring an autonimus state called the peoples’ “Political Bureau of Cyrenaica”) in the summer to maintain control by the people of the eastern Ras Lanuf, Es-Sider and Zuweitina oil ports to demand Tripoli shares oil revenues with the east and not to give the revenues to the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD.

Tribal leaders have pressed al-Jadhran, the Cyranaican PM BARASI, and their people’s “Political Bureau of Cyrenaica” to reopen the ports as public anger is rising over dwindling oil revenues; but he declared talks failed two weeks ago…as Zaidane would not give a fair ear to him (as Zaidane is being controlled by NATO and the EU who have their own interests before the Libyan people’s, first).

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Ali Zaidan said tribal leaders would make a new attempt to end the port strikes. He has warned that the government will not be able to pay public salaries if strikes continued.


The oil protests came as dozens of protesters gathered outside ministries and major institutions across Tripoli on Sunday, state news agency Lana reported.

A witness said that dozens of unarmed protesters, who placed a cement block in front of the foreign ministry’s gate in central Tripoli and attached banners accusing Zaidane and his GNC government of failure, were preventing staff from entering.

“They don’t let us in the building,” said a senior ministry official, standing outside.

Lana also reported protests at the entrances of Zaidane’s office, the oil, finance, transport and justice ministries as well as the central bank and supreme court.

Many Libyans are unhappy that the government seems unable to provide better public services or end frequent power cuts nor pay employees for months on end–including the teachers. Zaidane blames political opponents in parliament for blocking budget payments needed to upgrade infrastructure.

The country’s oil production has fallen to 250,000 barrels a day from 1.4 million bpd in July due to seizures of ports and oilfields by tribes, militias and minorities pressing for simple, fair and decent financial and political concessions.

(Reporting by Ghaith Shennib and Ulf Laessing; Editing by Ralph Boulton)

Valley Agency Dinar News a partagé la vidéo de “Tabu sons of the desert”:

Guard installations threatens to cut off gas to Tripoli!
Brega .. Shortly before
Guard oil installations threatens the region _ Central government Btqa gas Tripoli within 48 hours of the announcement and the statement that in the event of non-payment of their salaries …

البريقه .. قبل قليل
حرس منشأت النفطيه _ منطقة الوسطى يهدد الحكومه بطقع الغاز عن طرابلس خلال 48 ساعه من اعلان بيان وذلك في حال عدم صرف مرتباتهم …
البريقه .. قبل قليل 29/12/2013 حرس منشأت النفطيه _ منطقة الوسطى يهدد الحكومه بطقع الغاز عن طرابلس خلال 48 ساعه من اعلان بيان وذلك في حال عدم صرف مرتباتهم …

Durée : 0:42


Citizen has been missing since the morning, “Samir Bosslah Emhemed
Al_husona “, and is demanded by the author contained
To the competent authorities.


Dropped special forces “Thunderbolt”, arrested on illegal migration
Legitimacy, Benghazi area Alkwyfah


Injury NCO “Abdullah Mohammed Aqeeli,” district
Peace while leaving the domicile Bbudzirh, and
In critical condition, according to a security source.
Security ordered the assassination point university when
Mr. Hamad Lamama workshop near his home district peace ……
God bless his soul
Imad Masrati exists now at the hospital and was in critical condition,
where he was with Mr. Hamad Lamama assassinated since few Bmnth al-Salam neighborhood.

Correction infected with the news report, “Hamad Lamama”
Is the assistant officer “Ayad Abdul Salam Al-Shukri,” and
Been shooting them the peace (SALAM) district, were transferred
Hospital to 1200, was killed “Lamama”, and has been
Convert “Shukri” to Hawari Hospital

(Salem al-Obeidi)


Third assassination attempt ..
Injury, “Yusuf Mohamed Yusuf senile”, a member of the forces
Own, after being subjected to a barrage of bullets in front of his house
Boatni area, and a very critical condition:
Joseph suffered senile military’s special forces for the assassination attempt in front of his home
by unidentified gunmen. They called bullets on his head and is in a serious condition in hospital Galaa ..
The unidentified assassination attempt on Yusuf Mohammed. Yusuf is senile and
continued to stun forces, where Atoh at the door of his house and they have ways and
when you open the door to door by a bullet hit him in the face and is now in hospital and is in critical condition.

Department of Investigation Special Forces says :
Was found on a bag of explosives Street area at the crossroads of twenty JVC

6 kilo weight of the bag and thankfully have been dismantled;

but, when our attempts to dismantle crossed the type of car and the Hyundai, they

began firing indiscriminately and thankfully no one was hurt .

Assault on the center excelling in Benghazi by unknown and they break down the center

and cracking surveillance cameras and cracking offices and also puncturing securities is very important ….

And when he spoke with one of the employees inside and Silth,

“Is there any security or the protection of a large center???? .”

The employee answered :

“yes, but there are Silnhm. They did not see anything, “

He said:

“do you answer thus??????
How so? Are you dealing with bats or what?????”

(Mutassim Faitouri)

The kidnapping of businessman – Sami Zuhri – owner companies Beirut modern plant in Benghazi –
from his ranch at noon today.


Very important :::::
Assassination attempt explosives expert today on his way back from a friend’s house in the Hawari, where the two cars and one of a kind Toyota Fjah and the second kind pocket black color where lose by firing heavy gunfire was exchanged gunfire, including a half-hour, and thankfully no one was hurt, but his car was suffered severe damage where the people stand Marin them and support them and thank God is great and thankfully ….


targeting / Mr.Nasser Almqsba after it is placed an explosive device under his car Sabri district and hospital care is now …..

Salem al-Obeidi reports:

Najat employees nuts “Ragab Mohamed Idris Saaiti” of
Assassination attempt,

district peace after he was discharged Shooting at him with live bullets,

by unknown assailants; but he himself and Fort, fled.





Marine – Ports and Harbors


Military Works and Property Department, Libyan Naval Forces

The project involved the construction of a military harbour at Tobruk. The harbour perimeter was constructed of sheet pile and concrete block quays and it was protected by a sheet piled pier and breakwater.

December 1976

Libyan news agency ..
Stop Communications for the cities of Derna and Tobruk on Monday
Add to stop network services orbit for the cities of  Casablanca and turf as a result of interruption of your cable connections
Telephone Company announced Libya stop communications for the cities of Derna and Tobruk on Monday, in addition to the suspension of network services for the cities of orbit and Casablanca (white),  Marg.
As a result of the interruption of your cable connections cities mentioned. Crossed the company – said in a statement received by the Libyan news agency, a copy of – regrets this interruption confirmed that it is working currently to locate bugs to do the necessary maintenance.


Media Center tuber Libya:
Urgent ….
Low flying plane poll now to the skies above the tuber and Oadwaeha clear to the naked eye.
Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash …
Huge bombing in al-Salam (Ombouk) west of Derna.
Noor Huda Mohammed Naji customary” Age 17 years
This was the day of his disappearance and the loss of contact.
To turn the force but from God ..
Tuber since few car bombing Ahmed Nasser Barasi knowing that this young holder of the Book of Allah
and is committed to the peaceful _
but probably only because his father officer Nasser Barasi, who was killed in the valley of the bird
in the confrontations with the Islamic Group in 1996, with the knowledge Ahmad born in 1992
which did not know the paternity did not seen,
but convicted him of terrorism.
(AD Media tuber)
The destruction of a house for a poor family neighborhood peace Bdrna grounds that it is random!!
Yes random Lord of the family home was Oajadda better solution but not the bomber set of buildings
still remain and which not to mention the horrible way in the massive bombings.
(AD Media tuber)


Salem al-Obeidi reporting:
Najat “Saad Hinhir” an assassination attempt a little while ago in
The city of Derna, on his way back from the farm to the place of residence and
When approaching one of the bumps and tempered the pace
Unidentified on board the car and fired a hail of bullets, and
Miraculously survived after being inhabited for nearly 20 rounds
His car, and said a source familiar with the city of Derna that the son Hinhir
Was threatened and their home was targeted earlier, without
The explosion that resulted in casualties and resulted in losses



Free newspaper Sabha:

Vote Lead, which was heard by a few skirmishes occurred between a group of Sixth Brigade, led by the right and clerks Mansour Black.

Back in the deployment of the army Sabha
Today observed spread of the army and the national deployment of tanks on the island of Health after an absence for days has been exposed to gunfire and mortar previous period on the island of Health more than once and it seems that this time Alanchar more strongly
(The news agency Libya)


Abdul Hameed to Aperc
Wounding two civilians after targeting the infidels in their car when it was passing on the road to
building the Directorate formerly stationed snipers in which they trace the gang Tabu and
wounded one of them in the tub and the other in the hand.
And citizens are Monday
Mohammed Salem Nasuf
Machaouallah Saad Bacouche


The latest news and events Tazerbo:

Tazerbo threatening to cut off water to the capital if the government did not respond to their demands.
(Source: TV news channel)

Tomorrow will be the closing of the river industrial site Tazerbo by youth Tazerbo

after neglecting the state of the area which is surrounded by gangs A_ak_ih.

Science ….
In an interview with one of the architects River Project:
Tazerbo about the threat of closure of the water from the capital, it is not technically possible because the line passing Tazerbo to lose if Aa_khas Capital previous close of water will be cut off on the eastern side of Sirte to Benghazi ..
(Operations room Mermaid)


MARCH 2005:



Foundation and Soil Engineering – Geotechnical Investigation & Analysis


Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.

Al Kufra to Tazerbo Conveyance Pipeline conveys water pumped from Al Kufra wells in the south -eastern region of Libya to the coastal strip to supply agricultural, municipal and industrial water needs.

March 2005

















































Foundation and Soil Engineering – Geotechnical Investigation & Analysis


Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.

Al Kufra to Tazerbo Conveyance Pipeline conveys water pumped from Al Kufra wells in the south -eastern region of Libya to the coastal strip to supply agricultural, municipal and industrial water needs.

March 2005

  • Jalu-Sarir / LIBYA
  • The Management and Implementation Authority of the Great Man-Made River Project (GMRA) – Libya
    Construction Period 20 Months (March 2002 – February 2004)
    Project Description Design verification, pre-installation tests, supply and installation of the Cathodic Protection (CP) System and raleted civil and electrical works, CP tests, commissioning, operation and maintenance activities for the part of 150 km of Sarir/Sirt-Tazerbo/Benghazi P.C.C.P. (Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe, 4,000 mm) conveyance line of the Great Man-Made River Project with sacrificial zinc anodes.
    Main Contractor Consortium of Marubeni Corporation of Japan and GAMA Industry Inc.
    Scope of Work GAMA was responsible for the execution of the following works;

    1. Design verification,
    2. Pre-installation tests including CIPS (Closed Interval Potential Survey) and SRS (Soil Resistivity Survey),
    3. Supply of all project materials;
      • 28,097 ea. zinc anode strings (48 kg each / 1,350 tons total)
      • 300 km XLPE (non-armored) single core copper cable (1×95 mm2)
      • 4,850 tons chemical backfill (mixture of 75% gypsum and 25% bentonite) having wet resistivity of less than 300 ohm-cm
      • 28,097 ea. cable branch joint (splice kits)
      • 504 ea. groundbed control boxes
      • 26,000 ea. precast concrete tiles for cable protection
      • 1,600 ea. cable marker posts
      • 300 km cable marking tape
      • Other auxiliary electrical and C.P. materials such as conduits, cable glands, cable tags, heat shrink sleeves etc.
    4. Construction and installation works;
      • 28,097 ea. hole drilling (150 mm. h: 8.9 m)
      • 28,097 ea. zinc anode placement
      • 4,850 tons chemical backfill installation
      • 28,097 ea. cable branch joint installation
      • 300 km header cable trench (~30,000 m3 excavation and backfilling)
      • 518 ea. negative bond connection to pipes with stud welding
      • 518 ea. groundbed control box installation
      • Installation of cable tiles, cable marker posts, making tapes and other auxiliary materials
    5. Training of owner’s personnel, pre-commissioning and final commissioning activities, operation and maintenance for 12 months.


Tunisia: There is no truth to the rumor the closure of Ras Jedir

Libya’s future – Khalifa Ali Haddad: security sources denied Tunisian customs and common launched by some social networking pages this morning and talked about the Tunisian authorities to close the Ras Jedir border with Libya in the face of arrivals and departures. The official said a customs crossing spoke to a reporter for Libya future that the work is going at a pace very unusual crossing, and that of thousands of Tunisians, Libyans and other nationalities crossing in both directions, whether they are traders or tourists or travelers for various purposes, the official added that the common Sirte after the public prosecutor to open an investigation against Two elements of the crossing customs workers suspected of involvement in smuggling operations, is believed to be friends of the two defendants were fired common.

Les travaux de réalisation de l’autoroute Mednine – Ras Jedir ont été lancés dernièrement. Ce tronçon, d’une longueur de 92 km, nécessitera une enveloppe de l’ordre de 450 millions de dinars et a fait l’objet d’un financement mixte Banque Africaine de Développement et Etat tunisien.

Les travaux de réalisation de ce projet dureront 36 mois répartis sur 4 lots comprenant la construction de 5 grands ponts, 33 ponts moyens et 67 ouvrages hydrauliques ainsi que deux grands échangeurs.

Al-Jazeera Employees Arrested for ties to Terrorism

Al-Jazeera Employees Arrested for ties to Terrorism

by  on December 30, 2013 in BlogGeneral
His name is Peter Greste and he is a news correspondent for Al-Jazeera. He and at least one other Al-Jazeera employee – possibly four total – were detained for ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. In Egypt, that means they’re tied to a terrorist organization.Peter Greste: Arrested.Peter Greste: Arrested.Via the AP:

The network said Monday that four of its Cairo team – correspondent Peter Greste, producers Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed, and cameraman Mohamed Fawzy – are in custody since Sunday night.

Al-Jazeera says it’s demanding their immediate release.

The ministry says only two Al-Jazeera staff were arrested, an Australian journalist and a second person, a Brotherhood member. It says they were meeting at a five-star Cairo hotel that is used to “spread rumors harming national security.”

Egypt’s military-backed government has long accused Al-Jazeera of bias because Qatar is perceived to have supported the Brotherhood.

Perceived to have supported? Such a statement is willful ignorance at best.

Al-Jazeera is based in Doha, Qatar, which is not a large country. Yusuf al-Qaradawi – the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader – has not only found safe harbor in Qatar for decades; he’s had his own show on al-Jazeera for years as well.

Oh, and as recently as earlier this month, it was reported by the World Tribune that Qatar has become the new safe haven for Muslim Brotherhood members fleeing Egypt.

Nearly one year ago, we learned that Al Gore’s CURRENT TV was being sold to Al-Jazeera and turned into Al-Jazeera America. The roll out of the new network was celebrated by both Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

Egypt is showing the west how it’s done. Instead of wringing our hands over whether or not al-Qaeda was involved in this or that attack, the Muslim Brotherhood should be identified as the root of the problem. Once that happens, it becomes much easier to link individuals and entities to terrorism. Until that happens, the west will continue to lose battles.

Imagine the al-Qaeda stigma being attached to the Muslim Brotherhood. In the U.S., dozens of groups and individuals would begin falling like dominoes.

In the U.S., such a dragnet could even ensnare Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain.

Dahi Khalfan, Dubai police chief calls for GCC countries to ban Al-Jazeera channel and is described as a terrorist.
Al Jazeera reports that its journalists--(clockwise from bottom left) Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy, Baher Mohamed and Mohamed Fawzy--are being held after being arrested by Egyptian security forces on Sunday, Dec. 29. (Al Jazeera)
 Al Jazeera reports that its journalists–(clockwise from bottom left) Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy, Baher Mohamed and Mohamed Fawzy–are being held after being arrested by Egyptian security forces on Sunday, Dec. 29. (Al Jazeera)
Al Jazeera reports that its journalists–(clockwise from bottom left) Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy, Baher Mohamed and Mohamed Fawzy–are being held after being arrested by Egyptian security forces on Sunday, Dec. 29. (Al Jazeera)
Egypt Arrests Al Jazeera JournalistsEdward Yeranian
December 30, 2013CAIRO — Qatar-based Al Jazeera television reports that four of its journalists were arrested after the Egyptian interior ministry accused them of broadcasting illegally from a Cairo hotel.It’s not the first time Egyptian security forces have detained journalists from Al Jazeera TV, but the latest arrests are creating anxiety among the international press corps.The Egyptian interior ministry accused the four Al Jazeera English journalists, who were detained over the weekend, of meeting with Muslim Brotherhood figures. Egypt’s interim government officially declared the opposition Brotherhood a “terrorist group” last week.An Al Jazeera spokeswoman said the network asked Egyptian authorities to release the journalists since Al Jazeera has not officially been banned from operating in the country.”Jazeera media network condemns the arbitrary arrests of the Al Jazeera English journalists Mohamed Fahmi, Peter Greste, Fahem Mohamed and Mohamed Fawzi, and we call on their immediate and unconditional release,” said Aya Elwadia. “The Al Jazeera media network has been subject to harassment by Egyptian security forces which have arrested our colleagues, confiscated their equipment and raided our offices, despite that we’re not officially banned from working there.”Egyptian media has been increasingly critical of foreign press organizations, especially Al Jazeera for what it claims is “biased reporting” in favor of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.Posters denouncing the network can be seen in parts of Cairo, with the slogan “the camera lies.”Egyptian officials have accused Al Jazeera of exaggerating the size of demonstrations, overinflating casualty figures, and using incendiary language to create strife.Veteran Egyptian editor and publisher Hisham Kassem believes Al Jazeera has “lost a great deal of prestige” in recent years by not maintaining neutral coverage…

Memories of Muammar and reflection on today’s happenings!

Mu questioning something
Mu cropped image
 Mu addresses from Mali
Tag Haj Hamid 26 122 013 for MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI:

Haj Ahmid intervention in a room on Paltalk Muammar al-Qathafi on Thursday, 26/12/2013الحاج حميد 26 12 2013
Message from Green Resistance operations room to all 40+ nations occupation team in Libya,
and rats representing Libya worldwide, we will hunt all of you down.
People’s Armed Forces and the Popular Guard and all the legions of security
and all the Liberal news media and all the displaced people at home and abroad ….Rajauowon and BakowoohManasr and only an hour’s patience …
# (Born Leader)
Conqueror never 4:57 Libya than five letters – artist Resistance – Part 46
de Conqueror never il ya 17 heures184 vues work lyric new professor struggling artist Resistance themed
*** Libya of 5 characters .. five Fieon envious ***
Victory Road *** part 46 Greeting to all Libyans,,, …
Room Muammar Kadhafi Aalbaltok 6:29 Wedding Almzaraa honorable greeting them
de Muammar Kadhafi room Aalbaltok il ya 10 heures12 vueshttps  / / ABO.ESA.ALSMOD



Urgent – Colonel Mansour Allowaar to channel international Libya:

There is a catch and bring released yesterday and for unknown reasons and had been circulated

to various ports and marine and land-based air in Libya against the commander of military intelligence at the level of Libya.

Meeting of the Joint Commission Libyan Supreme Algerian:

Libyan interim government – the signing of the minutes of the meeting of the Supreme Committee of the Algerian-Libyan
Today is the era of Sunday 12/29/2013 Corinthia Hotel to sign the minutes of the meeting of the Joint Higher Committee of Libya after the end of its Algerian city of Tripoli …

Today is the era of Sunday 12/29/2013 Corinthia Hotel to sign the minutes of the meeting of the Joint Higher Committee of Libya after the end of the Algerian city of Tripoli and its occurrence on the Libyan side of the record, Mr. Ali Zaidane head of the interim government and the Algerian side, Mr. Abdelmalek baskets head of the Algerian government.

as was at the conclusion of the Committee signature by the Foreign Ministers of the two countries signed two agreements on common port Ghadames Aldbdab and the Convention on the international transport of people and goods were also signed an agreement on the exchange of archives and manuscripts and historical impact of the Libyan side, the Director of the Central National Archives and Historical Studies and the Algerian side Abdul Hamid Zahir Ambassador of Algeria, Libya, and this includes the agreement for Libya to archive and historical documents to support the Libyan people of the Algerian revolution.

 Algerian Prime Minister “Abdelmalek baskets” up-and-ministerial delegation accompanying him on a visit to Tripoli, Libya

Arrived Airport Ameitikh in Tripoli this morning, Algerian Prime Minister “Abdelmalek baskets” and the ministerial delegation accompanying him on a visit to Libya, to attend the meetings of the joint higher committee Libyan Algerian cooperation, which will begin its work in Tripoli today and was greeted by Prime Minister Algerian head of the interim government, “Ali Zeidan “, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation,” Mohamed Abdel Aziz, “and the defense,” Abdullah bending “oil” Abdelbari Laroussi, “and the Ambassador and members of the Embassy of Algeria, Libya.

The preparatory meeting for the meetings of the joint higher committee Libyan Algerian cooperation, has kicked off in Tripoli yesterday evening where they were at the opening session of the meeting, the division of labor between the three technical committees joint where the committee comprises of economy and investment, the following sectors: – (economy, trade, investment, agriculture Livestock and marine, financial, tax, banking, oil and gas, industry and water resources, and standards, and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, agriculture and business) – Commission on Security and Defense, and includes the following sectors: – (Interior, Defense, Customs, the Boundary Commission and Consulate) – Services Committee comprises the following sectors: – (Youth and Sports, Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research, health, and electricity).

La signature du procès-verbal de la réunion du Comité suprême du algéro-libyenne

Meeting of the Joint Commission Libyan Supreme Algerian:


Head of the National Guard conference is caught ministries today ..
Shaaban called gift nicknamed between terrorists nickname “Interface Language angular”


After trapping groups for building channel Aladaah The CEO of the channel Libya National (radio) 

Tariq Hun withdrawal of police and members belonging to the Chiefs of Staff of building the channel and the evacuation of all guard and added that they addressed the chief prosecutor for their discharge of any thefts may occur, noting that a number of workers were prevented from enter the headquarters of the national radio.

Employees channel Libya National / Tripoli, abstain from work and latch on demonstrators in the capital Tripoli and they will not offer programs or direct channel presence, but achieving the demands of the demonstrators ……..

Now …

Demonstration of the Association of the affected owners in front of the National Congress now


{It} dripping it die makers —————————-
chaos Arab who grew up in the past two years, respectively, and their systems are falling, whatever denominated but season downfall has come, but died some buried and did not cry upon one or attend a funeral one,

in Egypt died group called falsely Muslim Brotherhood and Zvent long ago in the land of Egypt, which witnessed her being the first of the expelled chaos Arabs in modern history, with season passes strongly this days on Libya

and scenes of the fall of the chaos February 17 started and visible people are Libyan convinced recently that people conned helpless income in the adventure did not reap them only death and destruction and theft of his money,

the group the Brotherhood and other groups, other lives are other pre-fall and death is no longer Asafha time to do anything except to escape if managed his way and with season passes to Syria

and there performs the Syrian Arab army scorched-earth campaign to crush terrorism, which he introduced the West to Syria and left him facing the fate of death there,

and the long season Turkey also collapsed government Brotherhood, there are crimes of corruption and the anger of the Turkish people which Kafr Erdogan and his ideas diabolical and dreams of the Ottoman group Brotherhood in Porte are other on a date with a fall

and the announcement of the death, only differed season in Qatar fell Emirate in replacing white between Father client and Son client.
Hence, we know that who owns the weather told the Qataris, and not others, near the solutions.

The fall season of death, I think it wrote the script with such accuracy was able to see the end in the same precision, but ultimately were not from Sniath but it was a creature of the peoples of the coma exceeded deception to reality.

Approached to play a close,


Mu in his Library

L’athori outside the revolutionary committees

لاثوري خارج اللجان الثورية

la vidéo de Good Morning Libya Bonjour Libya.
1)Toss effective: Buy Used Cars Libyan army without undergoing a chemical examination.
2) Letter to some of whom were in opposition to the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA outside Libya.

(File corruption) 28/12/2013

ارم ناجعة: شراء سيارات مستعمله للجيش الليبي بدون خضوعها لفحص كيماوي.
– رسالة ألي البعض من من كان في المعارضة لنظام القذافي خارج ليبيا .(ملف الفساد ) 28-12-2013


IF YOU RECALL, about a week ago, a house in AJEELAT  was bombed by an American Predator Drone.

The 2 Amerian men first captured nearby AJEELAT  had heavy weapons of rocket launchers,  machine guns and satellite detec devices, etc…

Their permit, only allows these men to be in TRIPOLI by the American EMBASSY and nowhere’s else.

Sovereignty in Libya Alnatoyh effect publicly

Suspicious events taking place in the banner department in Ajeelat city struggling captive Dr. Khalid Kaaam, and to the west of Tripoli, where sites circulated information about the arrest turnpike Libby four Americans in possession of automatic weapons and launchers 7 and locating devices by satellite ..

Then exposed barrier to attack four other gunmen were able to rescue two Americans, in the middle of the flight of the unmanned aircraft over the area, has been transferred Americans to Tripoli, where he speaks some of the sites for their release, without knowing the purpose of their presence in the region and their true intentions away from the eyes of authorities Libya Alnatoyh and knowledge.


Drone hovering over the sky department in Ajeelat area between the market and the new road and the lattice and the Desert at the moment

Iedkr that the voice of aviation did not stop until Sunday night, and increased immediately after the arrest of the gunmen Americans …

(Channel department in Ajeelat free FB)

City department in Ajeelat

Humming reconnaissance plane returning from a mysterious new to Heaven # department in Ajeelat, and specifically on the area of the lattice!!

[SOMETHING SMELLS VERY BAD about these two YANKS—are they causing mischief and terror by CIA state department orders?]


Video burning car customers the Americans in the city department in Ajeelat


فيديو حرق سيارة العملاء الامريكان في مدينة العجيلات
US military personnel detained in Libya are released
Four service personnel were investigating escape routes when they were briefly taken into custody, says US Defence Department official:
The US quartet was looking into escape routes around Tripoli when there was an alleged incident at a checkpoint. Photograph: Alexandre Meneghini/AP
Four US military personnel investigating potential evacuation routes in Libya were taken into custody at a checkpoint, detained briefly by the Libyan government before being released, a US official has said.

No one was injured. The military personnel were taken to the US embassy after their release, a Defence Department official said.

The four were supporting US Marines protecting the embassy, the official said. It is likely they were US special operations forces, which have been deployed to Libya.

An altercation apparently took place at a checkpoint near the town of Sabratha, the official said. Reports of gunfire could not be confirmed.

After they were detained at the checkpoint, the Americans were transferred to the ministry of the interior and held for a few hours, the official said.

The US embassy in Tripoli includes a security detail. The embassy’s personnel are restricted in their movements in Libya.

BBC Arabic channel :::
Pentagon confirms the release of the Libyan authorities about 4 Askaran Omrakin after being held for hours in the capital Tripoli.

Moved newspaper of the future stream:

Official announced in the U.S. administration that the Libyan authorities released four U.S. military personnel were detained on Friday.

The only U.S. official saying the agency “AFP” The military released the four, so two hours after the announcement by the U.S. State Department that the Libyan government arrested four of the soldiers, saying Washington continues with the authorities in Tripoli to reach a release.

The U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Bsaki said earlier: “We can emphasize that the four U.S. military personnel currently detained at the Libyan government.”

U.S. State Department did not give any details of the Pentagon or the other about the place or the circumstances of the detention of these U.S. military personnel.

The New York Times reported, citing unnamed U.S. officials, the team attached to the detainees that the security of the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, and were probably in a reconnaissance mission to determine the roads of escape may be used in the future by diplomats.

Libya checkpoint

# (Born Leader)

Today 9 Missiles were fired upon Libya, 2 US Intelligence Officers

Captured Near Bomb Site

Today 9 Missiles were fired upon Libya, 2 US Intelligence Officers Captured Near Bomb Site

Breaking News Libya – 27 December 2013

Today about 3pm Libyan time, 9 missiles were fired upon a Libyan military base called AlWattayah base (west from Tripoli ..close with Tunisian boarders). The missiles were fired from offshore (exact words – “they came from the sea”).

The place that was hit housed Al Qaeda,  Muslim Brotherhood factions.

After the bombing, the good tribe of Ajeelat (from the town of the same name) closed the borders and captured 2 US Intelligence people from the Tripoli Embassy. They took their guns and their devices (paraphernalia that they were in possession of), their ID’s and are keeping them capture in Al Ajaylat. All attached photos were taken this afternoon of the 2 men and their ID’s.

Next there is a negotiation going on for the release of these 2 men via Muftah Al-Dawadi, who was an inmate in Abu Salim for his membership in Al-Qaeda before the NATO invasion of Libya. Al Dawadi is to transport these 2 Americans to Abdulhakem Belhaj (you know him) who will then transport them to the US Embassy.

I don’t think that there is an American that would understand how or why Al Qaeda is negotiating for the release of US intelligence officers in Libya. How bad a person or country do you have to be to have Al Qaeda as your best friend?

Why were these men captured? They were captured because the Libyans are not having anymore US underhanded control of their country – this is the Tribes stepping up now, this is how the change is coming. There are too many questions, what were these 2 intelligence officers doing driving back to Tripoli from the location of the bombing? Were they involved in the bombing? – did they call in the strike? How many innocent people did these murderers kill today?

This all stinks and the Libyans are sick of the smell


Today there will be mass demonstrations after the Asr prayer in all the cities of Libya Demands
that the extension of the Conference of shame the next day after the 7-2.

Muammar al-Qathafi 27 October 2005 electric submerable cable  concept:

And continues the series of lies and misrepresentations ..

In statements to the Minister of Electricity «Ali Mahariv» said that the future of Libya in the field of electricity and promising that there are ongoing studies to link Libya to Europe via a submarine cable from Tripoli west towards Sicily, Italy ..

As you know, Mr. Minister that the linkage project between Libya and Europe began in 2005 [under the legal-accord signed between ITALY and Libya through Muammar al-Qathafi and Silvio Berlusconi],

and this study is a proposal to link the submarine cable with a length of about 500 kilometers approximately between Libya and Italy for the exchange of approximately 1,500 megawatts of power plant Bmlath was planned to be built under the plan in 2025 by the company “Terna” Italian was supposed to feed according to the study by Libya Europe and not vice versa, but because of the economic recession that swept the European continent over the past years led to a change in the data ..

With regard to the station west of Tripoli that has been achieved from this station with a capacity of about 1,400 MW, only about 5%, and it is impossible to absolutely be included in the exchange programs of electric power situation that is it .. Stop and falsely O Alavaqon ..
The news agency LIBYA
(picture of the signed Concordia between the two, then Sovereign, Nations of Italy and Libya)

Mu and Silviobreaking the chains of Afria

Italy-Libya underwater electricity link could help end power cut


By Ahmed Elumami.

Gnerator Unit for Zawia power station

New generator units for Zawia power station

Tripoli, 26 December 2013:

As part of plans to bring an end to electricity outages, Libya is looking to lay an underwater electricity cable to Sicily and link up with the Italian national grid.

Announcing the news yesterday, the Electricity Minister, Ali Maihriq, did not divulge further details. The idea of a trans-Mediterranean underwater electricity cable was first mentioned by Deputy Prime Minister Awad Al-Barasi at the Italy-Libya economic forum in January this year, where Barasi called also upon Italian companies to invest in renewable energy projects in Libya.

“Electricity in Libya has promising future,” Maihriq said, citing progress with new power plants.

Work on the Khalij site, east of Sirte, was ongoing, he said, adding that the plant was expected to start generating power in June 2014. Work had also been resumed at the West Tripoli station in Janzour, Maihriq said, which has the capacity to produce 1,400 megawatts.

To help address more immediate needs, four mobile generation units are being installed in Tripoli and Zawia which, he said, would add 550 megawatts to the network by January.

Longer term plans include a new a plant at Khoms. With the contract now signed, he said, plans are underway for construction to start in seven months.

By the end of 2014 these projects, Maihriq said, should see Libya with a surplus, rather than a shortage, of electricity.

Stop exporting oil lowers income Libya 60%
The chairman of Libya’s interim government Ali Zaidane, lower the state’s income by 60 percent,
due to suspension of the export of oil, stressing that this situation will lead to disabling the budget preparation.


Channel capital:
Security alert witnessed in the Libyan capital Tripoli.
URGENT: Guard installations threatens to cut off gas to Tripoli in a statement a short while ago.

Operations room Mermaid

Please everyone caution while driving today, especially by the coast.

Wind speed exceeded 60 miles per hour and this is enough for a coup car speed more than 100 km / h

We ask God for the safety of all ..


shrine of Sheikh Mnedr
1_9_1969 light Forever, reports:
The bombing of the shrine of Sheikh Mnedr in a cemetery in the center of Tripoli Mnedr sir.

General Electric Company deplores the attack on the unity of the Muslim Quarter Operating
And – denounced the General Electric Company criminal act carried out by an armed group of outlaws, Saturday Night Sunday, against the driver unit housing area of ​​the Muslim Quarter, which resulted in the spread terror and panic among workers, and smashed a number of windows and doors by shooting random, and tampering the contents of the unit and the theft of equipment.
The company said in a statement received by the Libyan news agency a copy of it, “while regretting the General Electric Company, the repetition of such acts irresponsible, which have increased in frequency in recent times, they would like to inform gentlemen citizens extent of the negative impact of such attacks on workers’ morale, which will reflect negatively on improving the level of performance of the public network for electricity, especially in such a critical period. “


Tripoli this morning:
A group of residents of Tripoli shut down as prime minister and a number of ministries
And – A group of citizens from the people of the city of Tripoli on Sunday morning, close the entrances to the prime minister and the ministries of foreign affairs and international cooperation, oil, finance, transportation, justice, and the Supreme Court, the Central Bank of Libya, and prevented staff from entering the premises of their work and conduct their business.
The student protestors who continue their sit-in in front of the ministries and institutions, to withdraw confidence from the interim government, and the opening of the oil fields, and out armed formations of Tripoli, and confirmed in an appeal has been distributed obtained Libyan news agency a copy of it, that the Libyans have fed a shield from the performance of the government, which failed to solve the fundamental problems that affect the security of the country national, including the blood that bleeds a day in the city of Benghazi in eastern Libya, and lock the oil fields and oil ports, a crisis that threatens the economy of Libya, and financial and administrative corruption, and what happens to the problems in the south of Libya, which threaten the security of Libya as a whole, and statements re-investigation into the Lockerbie case, and what will result from blackmail to Libyans.
And gave the sitters National Congress three days to withdraw confidence from the interim government, and to take strict measures to open fields and oil ports, and applies resolutions National Congress (27-53) Judges remove armed formations from the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, and emphasized in their appeal if he does not take these demands Seriously, they will raise the ceiling of their demands of Lock all vital facilities in the city of Tripoli.

Battalion rebels Tripoli
YOU GUYS battalion rebels Tripoli note that is not related to the battalion shut down ministries and declare it to the appropriateness rejected each sit-ins armed and they do not represent ethics and principles of the revolutionaries of Tripoli, and make sure bias fully street-Libi, and note for all that it claims to be from the battalion rebels of Tripoli and the bullying in front of the public institutions or overalls State is a liar in his claim and does not represent a battalion of martyrs in anythingthing!
This science.
Urgent: – starts from room coup rebels: –
Closing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Transportation ….
And act now to lock the prime minister … The government dropped the request is …
Channel capital
News about trapping and closing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Transportation ..

A group calling itself the “sons of Libya honorable” confirm responsibility for stopping the work of justice and foreign ministries as well as control of the headquarters of the E street corner in Tripoli.
Atmosphere of the country


Motionless, “the honorable sons of Libya,” claimed responsibility for the siege of government facilities
“Atmosphere of the country”:

A member of a motionless so-called “sons of Libya honorable” lamp scarf, mobility responsibility for stopping the work of justice and foreign ministries, in addition to control of the headquarters of the mail in Tripoli, under “our steps to bring down the peace conference and the government.”

The scarf atmosphere of the country the day Sunday, December 29th, the Post Office Building under the control of youth belonging to the now motionless without being shut inside and work was stopped work Bmgari the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs only.

He added that the group belonging to the motionless yesterday sit in front of the prime minister for three hours but could not break up the sit-in by youth movement in order not to disrupt traffic and inconvenience citizens.

A scarf that members of the movement do not follow any party, but rather “are the sons of the Libyan people and that no one adopts this movement is the point of climbing on their demands and that the movement spontaneously peacefully and renounce the use of arms.”

He added that the movement adopts certain constants,… and is not thought of or against any particular direction is peaceful and non-violent Add to emphasize that Libya is for all Libyans.


On the other hand, said scarf, that the demands of the movement is the “overthrow the government of Ali Zaidane after the spread of corruption in the country and refused to be held accountable and Extension Conference and to achieve justice and equality among the people …”

The members called on the Libyan people to participate in the movement and support, and added: “We call on all the displaced outside of Libya to return to their country and we are ready to provide them with a fair trial.”

He pointed out that there is an attempt of a number of members of the National Congress to communicate with them but they refused any negotiation before toppling the government, adding that he is currently distributing leaflets in the streets of Tripoli in order to convince people to participate in this movement.
(Image source to “the atmosphere of the country”)

Stationing of armored vehicles and heavy machinery on the island since the market Tuesday morning,

and fears in Tripoli talking about a coup against the so-called Zaidane “government”. 

Channel capital:
Urgent: –

Confirm the news :::::::
Squatting lock the doors and the Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Transportation,
demanding to bring down the government and refused to extend Conference.
And they declare their intention to close the prime minister as well.
Operations room Mermaid

LIBYA NOW Libya now:
Was closing the Foreign Ministry and the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Transport to put

pressure on Congress tomorrow to dismiss the government of Mr. Zaidane.
Jamal al-Haji and militias belonging to the “Friday market” surrounding the Foreign Ministry and the Supreme Court and the channel Libya national company Libyana
Mutalbeyen dismissal of the Prime Minister, Mr. “Ali Zaidane”.

Besieged Libyan Foreign Ministry. (4 photos)
Abdel Moez Bannon:
Of the last pure,,,,,,
The same set of coordinating political isolation of the closure of public facilities in Tripoli,,,,
From the front of the national channel Libya / Tripoli:
News Agency of Libya’s military:
The spread of the regular Libyan army units to secure vital facilities in the city of Tripoli
161 infantry battalion deployed along the airport road Insurance
127 Infantry Battalion are secured by the prime minister and the entire railway.
Tripoli: the spread of a large army on the road to the airport.
The Prime Minister has this morning commissioned by lightning battalion of the army to secure the headquarters of the Libyan Prime Minister’s Office after the Mlisheh armed Bhsarh and also have been assigned to secure some places and vital as a hotel Corinthia Airport Road until the end of the Algerian prime minister’s visit and the delegation accompanying him.(Information Office official d. Ali Zaidane prime minister of Libya.)



City five
Explosion shakes the city, “five” moments before.
Urgent …. Loud explosion shakes the city shortly before five, according to preliminary information,

the explosion targeted a house near the secondary Glory
my true super powers explosion very close to Houcna but Maarafnash Wayne exactly…

my super allegedly home to the growth of a nearby explosion, he Houcna and secondary schools

close to us Halba Lord Lester.

[U.S. DRONE??] Surman opinion and the other opinion



On 12/29/2013 at dawn on Sunday promptly at 3:00
Dawn, was monitoring foreign military aircraft carrier to the area soldiers
Ali Libyan border – south of the Tunisian Nalut distance
62 miles, in the region between the Association of Nalut and Ghadames distance
Only 8 mile, where is the flat sandy area, and there are effects
For Aitarat frequently, and on what appears to be a dirt airstrip and this is
Coordinates N30573156 E10211661
Hope Publishing and Circular and the Liberal sweep the area.
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Close the road link between the capital and Gharyan
The news agency Solidarity
Forces closed cities of the Nafusa Mountains, the day Sunday, December 29th, through the link between the capital Tripoli and Gharyan.
A member of the Council of Gharyan local Mohammed decent news agency solidarity, that “the security forces for the cities of the mountain began in the morning hours to close the road link between the capital Tripoli and Gharyan on the back of the killings, kidnapping and armed robbery, which lies on the citizens by the armed gangs.”
He added that a decent “forces deployed on the road link between the capital and Gharyan did not specify the duration of the mission given time,” stressing that the mission will end with the end of all the problems and provide security on this road is vital for all citizens.
He pointed out that “the security forces and citizens to use directed by Sbaah to cross to the capital Tripoli.”
It is noteworthy that the Gharyan local council put plates on the road to traffic guidance Sbaah earlier under his supervision. It should also be noted that the local councils of the cities of Mount Nafusa decided at a previous meeting held in Gharyan on the formation of a joint security force from various cities of the Nafusa Mountains to secure the road link between the capital and Gharyan.
International Correspondent
A group of armed security committee Nafusa Mountains you close the road link between Azizia  –  Gharyan.
(Image source news agency Solidarity)
Epiphyseal Media Center
Security Committee / Gharyan
The death of a woman from the city of Gharyan last night when Autea of ​​the city of Tripoli
was going to Gharyan, and walk through the Al-Azizia and when I found the road closed
sand dunes returned to follow the path of Sbaah. Upon re-entry exposed to shooting by gunmen
was transported to the nearest hospital was Variqtha life there
and I am God and to Him we return ..


violent clashes between the Corner and now is among the Rishvana in the mil.
Youth of the globe on Facebook :::
Salah Valley receives its new headquarters office Balmih and costing the fight against crime.
Ajafarh after clashes with a group of young mil.
Specifically on the coastal road which was has closed the road now; and returns
Cars from both sides.
Toyota Hialox explosion just before the gas station after Alhachan Tobeih 800 liter petrol My force of arms.
(Channel globe)

The cause of the clashes in the area Tuibih

Salah tried to return to the valley near the former headquarters of the market foliage

and then clashes took place between him and the region’s youth.

(Channel globe on Facebook)


Zaidane is at  Tarhounah Development

“Atmosphere of the country”
A spokesman for the local council, Ahmed Tarhounah Allowaar,
that the visit of Prime Minister Ali Zaidane to the city focused on the discussion of development issues.
He Allowaar, development issues that formed the most important aspect of the visit the city because of its stability and security to qualify for the resumption of the stalled projects and launch new projects.
The access to the promises of Zaidane on the implementation of these projects, pointing out that the President of the Council demanded the government to back companies that left the city, stressing that “the Council will continue until Zaidane pledges issued in the form of resolutions.”
The head of the government has led to Zaidane’s visit on Saturday to Tarhounah which he met with the President and members of the local council and the elders and wise men of the region in the presence of members of the National Congress for the city.
(Image source page Information Office of the Prime Minister)


Yankee Drone aircraft patrolling the skies now both Surman and Sabratha and Abe Issa.

Now – Western Region
Now drone bombed region of Sabratha behind the windows shake houses arrived until steady
And reduce the plane now above the coastal areas in the western.
Still moan aircraft prowling the skies above the department in Ajeelat .. Wattayah .. Sabratha .. Tripoli ..(IF YOU RECALL, they bombed AJEELAT last week..houses were demolished!)
  •  IF YOU RECALL, about a week ago, a house in AJEELAT was bombed by an American Predator Drone.The 2 Amerian men first captured nearby AJEELAT had heavy weapons of rocket launchers, machine guns and satellite detec devices, etc…Their permit, only allows these men to be in TRIPOLI by the American EMBASSY and nowhere’s else.Sovereignty in Libya Alnatoyh effect publiclySuspicious events taking place in the banner department in Ajeelat city struggling captive Dr. Khalid Kaaam, and to the west of Tripoli, where sites circulated information about the arrest turnpike Libby four Americans in possession of automatic weapons and launchers 7 and locating devices by satellite .. Then exposed barrier to attack four other gunmen were able to rescue two Americans, in the middle of the flight of the unmanned aircraft over the area, has been transferred Americans to Tripoli, where he speaks some of the sites for their release, without knowing the purpose of their presence in the region and their true intentions away from the eyes of authorities Libya Alnatoyh and knowledge.
    (2 photos)

    Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs.
  • Aaaaaaaaagel
    Drone hovering over the sky department in Ajeelat area between the market and the new road and the lattice and the Desert at the momentIedkr that the voice of aviation did not stop until Sunday night, and increased immediately after the arrest
    of the gunmen Americans …Channel department in Ajeelat free FB

    فيديو حرق سيارة العملاء الامريكان في مدينة العجيلات

    SOMETHING SMELLS VERY BAD about these two YANKS—are they causing mischief and terror by CIA state department orders?

    Photo de Christella Bernardene Krebs. GEAR FOUND ON THE YANKS IN AJEELAT
  •  Video burning car customers the Americans in the city department in Ajeelat
  • Humming reconnaissance plane returning from a mysterious new to Heaven # department in Ajeelat, and specifically on the area of the lattice!!

Today 9 Missiles were fired upon Libya, 2 US Intelligence Officers

Captured Near Bomb Site

Today 9 Missiles were fired upon Libya, 2 US Intelligence Officers Captured Near Bomb


Breaking News Libya – 27 December 22013

Today about 3pm Libyan time, 9 missiles were fired upon a Libyan military base called Al-Wattayah base (west from Tripoli ..close with Tunisian boarders) . The missiles were fired from offshore (exact words –

“they came from the sea”).

The place that was hit housed Al QaedaMuslim Brotherhood factions.

After the bombing, the good tribe of Ajeelat (from the town of the same name) closed the borders and captured 2 US Intelligence people from the Tripoli Embassy. They took their guns and their devices (paraphernalia that they were in possession of), their ID’s and are keeping them capture in Al Ajaylat. All attached photos were taken this afternoon of the 2 men and their ID’s.

Next there is a negotiation going on for the release of these 2 men via Muftah Al-Dawadi, who was an inmate in Abu Salim for his membership in Al-Qaeda before the NATO invasion of Libya. Al Dawadi is to transport these 2 Americans to Abdulhakem Belhaj (al-Qaeda LFG GOVERNOR OF TRIPOLI) who will then transport them to the US Embassy.

I don’t think that there is an American that would understand how or why Al Qaeda is negotiating for the release of US intelligence officers in Libya. How bad a person or country do you have to be to have Al Qaeda as your best friend?

Why were these men captured? They were captured because the Libyans  are not having anymore US underhanded control of their country – this is the Tribes stepping up now, this is how the change is coming. There are too many questions, what were these 2 intelligence officers doing driving back to Tripoli from the location of the bombing? Were they involved in the bombing? – did they call in the strike? How many innocent people did these murderers kill today?

This all stinks and the Libyans are sick of the smell.





Misurata rebels statement on national reconciliation file and file editing prisoners.
(Initiative release / delivery of a number of detainees)

بيان ثوار مصراته بشأن ملف المصالحه الوطنية و ملف سجناء التحرير .
( مبادره إطلاق سراح/ تسليم عدد من الموقوفين )


The names of some of the detainees in prison Tmana Bmasratp. (4 photos)

= Logic. Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ
To every honorable and good people in the cities of Misrata and in all throughout our beloved country
Mona faith in the principle of transparency … In the following short Mitaq honor knows who I am

intellectually and politically, and will abide by the Charter, which will be done during my campaign

and if I had the privilege
To be one of the members of the Committee for the sixty … And God.

Channel Misrata on Facebook:
outcome of the meeting Military Area Command of Misrata with rebels of Misurata:

1 search mechanism to resolve all Brigades Misurata and annexation of the units regular belonging to the military command.
2 search mechanism employing all belonging to the defense forces to Libya after the end of their contract, which expires at the end of December and the means to solve Shield Forces Libya Central.
3 collect all heavy weapons in the camps continued to lead the region Misurata military.
4 search mechanism commitment to all battalions, as well as how to deal with violators.
5 also discussed the meeting to resolve all of the Union rebels Misurata and the military council of Misrata and commissioning Area Command Misurata military receive all headquartered.
6 implement the provisions of the Charter honor to the people of Misratah and private items on the criminalization of curfew weapon within the city and the people of Misurata exonerate any person who carried out acts of armed police and law criminalizing arms issued by the General National Congress.
«Libya Al-Mostakbal»
“Atmosphere of the country”:
The head of institution reform and rehabilitation Tmana Issa Issa:
told  “atmosphere for the country” that the Misrata rebels would hold a press conference this evening,
in which they declare their vision in a file of justice and national reconciliation and to consider
the file of detainees after the war of liberation.
Misrata rebels: will hold a press conference this evening, in which they declare their vision in
a file of justice and national reconciliation and to consider the file of detainees after the war of liberation.

In this historic day 12/29/2013 AD I can say in all candor and confidence and joy immersive:

We won and won honorable city of Misrata on Bagitten two categories:

1 – category (Chiaa) refuses to reform and want the continuation of the situation for what it is!!

2 – category (Brotherhood) in favor of reform, provided that the production of and serves their goals

and interests and increases the number of Aakat admirers.

A tribute to the honorable city of Misrata and each of these has tremendous step in the right direction.

* Singing out of tune.

(Omar Al-qoira)
Misrata Libya



Cyrenaica militias that surround the port «Sidra» oil assess sand berms in front of the entrance to the port

and holed up behind heavy weapons and medium ..

RE-inforcements for the “People’s army of the Cyrenaica Political Bureau” coming  to protect the Oil Fields,

in consequence of the threat coming from Ali ZAIDANE and his ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD GNC  puppet NATO government again!

Armed groups in large numbers of people from the Middle Ajdabiya and Brega and Ras Lanuf and Qmins turf and are now moving to the Rouge Valley after receiving news of the convoys from the West and the preparations for a military convoy again.


Libya Channel – Libya TV channel

Cyrenaica Security prevented a delegation of civil society institutions have access to Ras Lanuf.

And – barred military force stationed in the kilometer (40) east of the city of Sirte last night, a delegation of civil society organizations in Libya from heading to Ras Lanuf, lifting the siege on the ports and oil fields, and engage in dialogue with Ibrahim Jdharan, to open these fields and ports, oil exports have been suspended for four months, causing financial losses exceeded nine billion dollars, hurting Europe severely..

It requested the force that she keep track of the province of Cyrenaica, that the delegation to go back and not to continue the march towards the city of Ras Lanuf, and apply in writing to get into the province of Cyrenaica, and coordination with its political bureau, the delegation includes notables and dignitaries of national reconciliation, and the branch of the Truth corner of the city, headed by Ayub al-Shara (chosen secretary of the Council of elders Libya and reconciliation).

The correspondent Libyan news agency “Sirte for Shara” is quoted as saying that “this delegation form at the invitation of the national initiative to talk about this subject, and at the special meeting of civil society organizations in Tripoli on 27 of this month, at the invitation of the Minister of Labour in the interim government, to go and find a mechanism to open fields oil in the Eastern Province. ”

The head of the delegation expressed surprise and displeasure of these actions that do not serve the Libyan people and national unity, and that a delegation of civil society institutions to the city of Sirte, after preventing him from completing his peaceful toward the oil fields and ports closed.


28 décembre
Urgent Valley Rouge:
Two women and a man with a delegation of olive branches in a private car to the valley Reds were greeted by Thoh defense Cyrenaica and are now on their way to the city of Ajdabiya in order to meet all of the Executive Board and head of the political _ gently .. At a time when the rest of the convoy stopped in the city of Sirte.God, I am part of Sirte and the great God Almbart just coming to the bus and said they Biatsamu peaceful in Brega .. God have 300 base car in Heisha west of Sirte and connected to God and God’s great words correctly.Port Sidra
Source: One of the leaders in the valley
(“Voice Burka”)
Issa Oraibi:
Urgent … Politburo asks convoy reunion
Visit Tawergha camp in Garyounes before
Tawergha Camp at Garyounis
“Then I will stop talking about the theft of oil ..”


Attempt to assassinate Colonel Nasser Issa Abidi
After the exit of the camp and Colonel Naasralobeidy
Is ordered Qrnadh camp and is now in the case of
Very, very serious in hospital CASABLANCA (white )..
(Issa Oraibi)



God and yes, the agent in all droopy
Oh God, I certify that I have reached ..!! =============== Sabotage is still ongoing investment projects river plain area Benghazi .. The last of these operations do a people from the project area, large farms Bgerdenh (25 kilometers south-east of Benghazi) work break deliberate Boukrsana water channel feeding the irrigation machine longitudinal (along the canal up to 2000 linear meters) and covers an area of ​​machine field 160 hectares … Flowing water of the channel at a rate of approximate 100 liters per second .. The purpose of this destruction is to direct water from the canal to his field surrounded by dirt Ptalayat ensure the survival of the water in this field is full immersion in favor of this and the desire of the spoiler .. Which means a waste of wealth of the Libyan people from the water and you can imagine 100 liters per second, and is also a cliff soil project and the demolition of the concrete channel and disrupt the operation of the machine for work because this break will not be allowed to remain water channel …….. The question that arises .. Where the Ministry of Agriculture of the destruction of one of the most important projects in the Eastern Province of grain? : Image source m. Issa Cltami.
(Khaled Jehani)
Tazrbua people threatening to close the Great Man Made River system, due to the closure of the road for them by gunmen.

Sunday afternoon was assassinated Colonel “key Hamid star” shot
Left to the head, after the unidentified car on board
Hyundai Elantra send a hail of bullets killed him by
Witnesses and mentions that the “star” former colonel external security.
International channel Libya Libya International Channel:
Galaa hospital in Benghazi receives the body of former Colonel device external security
“key star” after he was shot dead by unknown assailants:
Colonel, who was assassinated today: Mr. Star was assassinated key area of ​​Al-Salam neighborhood
market iron and not Sabri area and is a resident of Al-Salam neighborhood and note that he was
subjected to an assassination attempt on the former and survived them, but this time, God forbid, and Mashallah did ….
God bless his soul …..

Salem al-Obeidi:
Najat head sergeants “Nasser Issa al-Obeidi,” of trying to
Assassinated in front of his home district area spotted loans, after that
The unidentified targeting a hail of bullets, and mentions that
Obeidi, a men’s air defense

# (Spotted)

Special forces arrest a person does not exceed 25
Year-old, he Balrmih them driving a red Hyundai
Color, and will take the necessary actions
Special Forces arrest on illegal immigration
While stationed at different points immobilization.
Libyan Army(Salem al-Obeidi)
Salem Qnneber: Waiting for death resigned … Benghazi tell you
Voir la traduction
«Libya Al-Mostakbal»
– Here We became who we ask each other question Madaom Is there killed today .. If the answer is yes .. Re asking about the name or names of the slain .. Viote plus answer to what was accompanied by the killing of information … Clear .. Sleep .. Awakening .. The fact .. Reality .. Imagination .. What happens in Benghazi .. Why are you Taatakbon of Benghazi …
Urgent ::::::::::::::::::::
Now is laying the foundation for the headquarters of the National Oil Corporation in Benghazi,
Benghazi Congratulations Oh …..
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Since few clashes when Tripoli Bridge and Thunderbolt forces on their way out there ………..
Sauaakm the latest news …Benghazi
Shooting heavy weapons at the moment near  the Tripoli bridge in Benghazi.
Urgent ::::::::::::::::: car from Hyundai Hoa color red has Balrmih on the bridge when the bolt forces evacuation and thankfully was arrested.
Latest News :::::::::::::
1 – Department of Galaa Hospital doctors note they stop working and that there was a problem between them
and the one person inside the hospital ……
2 – special forces arrested a number of Chadian city of Benghazi, the streets do not have papers to prove their identity ….


Special Forces Benghazi
BMW is third on the Champions Balrmih special forces at the crossroads Laithi .
The Champions Vlazt fled to deal with it and there is no human damage, thank God,
Benghazi wounded yesterday
Abduction submitted, “Ahmed believer senile,” one of the men, Major General
The first pedestrian in front of his house, by unidentified jeep
Swade color opaque glass, and no news yet attic.
Force was stationed Besimavro Libya into a hail of bullets
By gunmen from the area Laithi, and was answered sources
Fire, without causing engagement of injuries
Special forces arrest three people, Egyptians
Nationality and Libby person in possession of 150 fake passport in one
Alastaagaf points out that the Special Forces are stationed in Thunderbolt
The city of Benghazi
The arrest of a Palestinian nationality, with a bullet
Type of firearm cartridge Alkwyfah area, and to resuscitate him were to receive
Treatment and complete the necessary procedures by the competent authorities
The outbreak of an armed clash on the back of the housing area is problematic
Personal box and 31 from the region between Mshein
(Salem al-Obeidi)
According to the expectations of weather forecasts frequent and for monitoring the state of the weather today on the city of Benghazi and generation green Altakazir of runoff valleys domestic them as a result of the melting of hailstones expected to fall today, the low air which will result in rain and hail has covered the city of Benghazi since the sixth hour of Friday morning when Rainfall Rain, God willing.
According to weather forecasts, the rain will increase the abundance of today, Friday, between the hours of 10:00 pm and 18:00.
Special forces in Benghazi arrest number three people carry with them the number one hundred and fifty false passport.
And people with a car now Libby Street area and a twenty Egyptians took him to the hospital for beating by troops while trying to escape.
It also arrested the Palestinian people infected by a bullet Alkwyfah area and was taken to hospital evacuate.

Attack by the rebels room (survival Shield in Benghazi) Ali PSD Benghazi, to the release of one of the accused in the crime of bombing the gate pierces .. And the involvement of some members of Ansar al-Sharia in the attack ..

# Gate _ Libya

News confirmed .. Each assassinations that occur in the eastern region are the approval of Deputy intelligence chief Mustafa Noah (‘Muslim’ Brotherhood & LFG), one of the identified scope in the eastern region only for certain goals.

A security source confirmed the Security Directorate of Benghazi, the Directorate
Was attacked by armed gunmen affiliated with the battalion
February 17 rats of the inventory Ismail Salaabi ..
And was answered by the sources of fire rescue
And the same source said that the attack caused no casualties
, But it resulted in material losses,
It is reported that the same armed group carried out the attack yesterday on the forces of attribution and for help in the late hours of the night yesterday
Police gathered Libya in the Eastern Province
Urgent / explosions are now Graouachtbkat Security Directorate with camp
February 17 revolutionaries room .….
There are reports saying that the clashes that occur now are clashes between forces for help and support
against the battalion on February 17 by saying that the venue and the clash near the Directorate of Road .
And reasons unknown so far ……
Reported that the clashes took place between security and Madrih Battalion 17 Ferrari.!!
(The current emphasis)
International reporter:
heavy gunfire heard near the meantime Security Directorate of Benghazi in the Hawari.
Suspicious movements of cars on the road Fjah Hawari.
Finally found the  missing body of the father of Salem demons found at Hawari cemetery
and found the company public services when they are clean and have been moved to a hospital bed in 1200 …




When Kill Men Derna honorable did not come out parents Alamuar Kharijites and Atbroo of their children, but lose to defend them and Ham are asking the people of Derna issuing a statement of who gets in the gate precise but did not come out, but who have sons in the curriculum of atonement and Nehna not liable to make any statement

because when those have them beating Vatballm as if the Resurrection has or what they say they factors in their concepts and the other something normal or sense more correct dog and grinding it Ankhalh means no Kyi in ordinary people did Kyi them

asking the people of Derna to stand with them and stood in the past and was sympathetic with them, but after that Anglbo Ali their families who Schell proximity Nehna are not pro bono on the actions of your children Wahl Derna Tgerau dose you and your children does not mean my words he the GOD IS THE GREATEST not Nehna to Anagaf with the Badru mistakes and Elly Dyer Shi begins Megih the blood of the sons of Derna and Benghazi is not responsible by anyone except the owners of this thought muddled

and Almkhmjh I carp on the Council Almtakzl and institution of civil society in issuing this statement because of Afal actions against its people, it is not us but Aesthl you say the word better, or about the gate precise film Ibadr them anything before time but the opposite respect in the passing of the gate and the testimony of Dr. Mohammed bin imagination.

The other side of the gate Quartz Is the blood of the sons of the precise and the blood of the sons of Derna
Of the children killed in the rebels and not the son of tuber tuber does not recognize it and do not support him and his family “dumb devils” to Lisu our people .. We wish him Maevala us from the killing and bombing and burning and more.


According to what was stated through the pages of Derna ..
Today in the morning lose some Kharijites to follow Sufyan Alqovernm assault on one of the doctors to take the car from him, but the doctor was Mtikdha them a Bulgarian citizenship and fled from them miraculously Faqamo broken glass of the car on the whole lose foreign doctors no request to exit the final of Derna and Turku hospital and is now present in the protection of Some young people in the door of Tobruk

and in dialogue with them not to leave the hospital but to no avail understand calling out immediately from Derna and after I come Mullah Sufian Alqovernm and with him Chiaa who Amaah such as Ibn al-Hawari and tribal and Ibn Hashim bin Fayed Mohammed carrying weapons and guarding Ali Sufyan inside.

Sufian Ali doctors and nurses and asked them to staying and told them I will give you protection but Reject, and now they Istt travel and this is what Jelbtoh us of the best O Goodenough O Massachin blood kill the victim and Ivhbo in the funeral this your deeds,

but I swear by God that we met when Ali Muqtadir will not forgive you for what Fltoh in this city, my lovers treachery O cowards and Lord takes you, right this talk from someone who works in the hospital, a dialogue with them and told them how long you happy with this case, but this young hero and told them this is what is accepted by the Islamic religion, and spoke with them for an eye strong and come out Sufyan and his inside overnight, doctors and nurses said would be futile for them to interact with them and have no place anymore.

Those Nasara but their hearts tubercle not like your heart did not leave
give Derna day since the revolution that brought us your thoughts Almkhmjh Suffice God and yes, the agent ♦

# (Born Leader)

Closure of the headquarters of the conductors, transport and civil defense headquarters tuber
Atmosphere of the country – Walid Sati
The family of the city of Derna today the closure of the headquarters of conductors, transport and civil defense headquarters in the city, claiming ownership of private land.
Spokesman for the network of institutions of civil society and its suburbs tuber Bozhb Abdul Basit said he is being investigated for ownership of the land with difficulty in the absence of competent authorities, and noted that they are going to take out the families and convince them to wait.
He explained that the earth has two warehouses someone to manage the transportation and the other to manage the civil defense and fire trucks.
It is reported that maintenance work is being carried out and the processing of civil defense headquarters, where three cars will support a number of the fire department where the city suffers from a fire truck stop said.



Four tanks stationed at the entrance to the city of Sabha island of health.


Maintenance technician suffered burns west Sabha during Mswalthm to work
Maintenance station mosque Ibn Abi Taleb area Manshiyya
And they Alpheneyen
1 – Bilal Mohamed Osman
2 – Khalid Mohammed Salem Ashmawy
Where was transferred Technical (Bilal Mohammed Osman) to Tunisia due to burns at his own expense
News Heathens
Occurrence of acute Khalafat between Tabu and Al_ak_in Libyans living in the neighborhood resulted in the killing of the Shura Hussein pen which is calculated on the Toubou Libyans after he got intense debate among themselves after the Al_ak_in assaulting a security point of belonging to a stun …
And they claim that he was dead, shot a sniper from the tribe Ozoah after he left the mosque and this is not true as they promote in their pages in terms of knowing the infidels knows that there is no mosque TPU nearby areas Ozoah
and at the same time does not clashes between the people and between Tabu
And what happened before a few of them is an attack on the central point of the army “Thunderbolt”.
Danten hit RPG next school Tariq ibn Ziyad by TabuTabu sons of the desert
Infidels now
Wounding three students from Tabu Azwaiat a sniper’s bullet during their exit from the school,
which led the death of any one of them (the student / Rami Toga) and the wounding of two of his colleagues.
Channel Tabu
Urgent killing of infidels Altbawi young man (Rami Toga) after being shot by a sniper before he left a few of Zhoyat.


Godless Mend few hours / / / /

The death of Mohammed Jadallah sweeping nicknamed (Jadallia), who was wounded by

a sniper near the Swedish island city of Kufra and radicle mentioning that Jadallah at the age of 63 years.

Arab ~
Turkish lira falling to its lowest level against the dollar historic ~

Libya went steals ..

Tunisian authorities arrest Libyans and Algerians who stole gold and smuggled from Libya to Algeria

was caught trying to smuggle gold from Libya to Algeria and the value of the smuggled gold alone is estimated at 5 billion.




 la vidéo de Urgent News of the Libyan revolution.Not only about the suffering and God … and God and yes, the agent
The problem in the mesh beheaded soldier
But Shen saw Elly Darōh “mujahideen” in the head after the cut!
Note: This soldier according to the word “mujahideen” Macanc combat troops, but troops were guarding the doors of the hospital
Not around and no power except God Almighty

المشكلة مش فى قطع رأس الجندى
لكن شاهدوا شن اللى داروه “المجاهدين “فى الرأس بعد قطعه !ملحوظة : الجندى هذا بحسب كلام “المجاهدين” ماكانش جندى قتالى و لكن كان جندى حراسة على ابواب مستشفىلا حول و لا قوة الا بالله العلى العظيم



Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes :::
URGENT :: sentenced to death on charges of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi conspiracy
And incitement to murder and violence
Ratios Egyptian security services that Yusuf al-Qaradawi‘s involvement directly in the recent violence witnessed by Egypt.
The Egyptian Qaltaat detective that the charges by Ashraf al-Qaradawi is not tolerated and they are great unforgivable elementary and sentenced to death al-Qaradawi.
Lawyers / front-Qaradawi great opportunity to appeal to escape the judgment and there is a great possibility to ease the verdict, but will not survive, which implicated the same with the Islamists in Sinai and Cairo and elsewhere.
If the military establishment proved any link to Al-Qaradawi in the case of the Sinai and killed military Valkarzawi executed inevitably, whatever the evidence is weak or strong.
Fathi bin Isa:
Egypt announced that a group of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood a “terrorist group” and notified the Arab countries are
signatories to the Convention on the fight against terrorism in this matter ..
They do ask them to implement this Convention (what about Libya you would withdraw from the agreement or implemented by the hand?)
Of the highlights of the contents of this Convention:
First, prevention measures:
** Prevent its territory to take the scene of planning or organizing or executing terrorist crimes or to initiate or participate in any of the pictures, including action to prevent the infiltration of terrorist elements to it or set up on its territory, either individually or in groups, or receiving or harboring, training, arming or funding or provide any facilities to them.
* Strengthening the activities of the media and the security coordination with the activities of the media in each country according to its information policy, so as to detect the goals of terrorist groups and organizations and foil their plans and the extent of danger to security and stability.
* Each Contracting State shall establish a database to collect and analyze information about the elements, groups, movements and terrorist organizations, and the monitoring of developments phenomenon of terrorism, and the successful experiences in the face, and to update this information, and to provide the competent organs of the Contracting States, and to the extent permitted by the laws and procedures Interior for each state.
Second, control measures:
** Arrest the perpetrators of terrorist crimes and prosecuted in accordance with national law, or handed over in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, or bilateral agreements between the two countries requesting and the requested delivery.
* The establishment of effective cooperation between the relevant agencies and citizens to confront terrorism, including the creation of appropriate guarantees and incentives to encourage the reporting of terrorist acts, and to provide information that will help in the detection and cooperation in the arrest of the perpetrators.


 Grip of true friendship

Latest update : 2010-08-30
Libya’s Muammar al-Qathafi has called on Europe to convert to Islam during a trip to Italy Monday.

The colonel’s lucrative investments underscore Tripoli’s growing influence on Italy’s economy.

Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi met close ally, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Monday to mark the second anniversary of a friendship treaty signed between his country and its former colonial power, Italy.

The flamboyant Colonel landed at Fiumicino airport on Sunday with his customary following of “amazon” female bodyguards, Arabian thoroughbreds and trademark Bedouin tent, the proposed location of which has been the subject of much debate in the Italian media.

al-Qathafi and Berlusconi are expected to share iftar, the meal breaking the days fast during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan.

Quranic lessons

Furthermore, the Libyan leader staged a repeat of the most talked-about event of his last visit in November of last year, when 200 attractive – and somewhat bemused – women recruited by an agency were invited to a Roman villa and treated to a surprise lecture on Islam by the Libyan leader himself.

Those who had come expecting a party and lavish gifts were instead handed copies of the Holy Quran and the GREEN BOOK of al-Qathafi, as well as a 50-euro note.

This time, al-Qathafi called on Europe to convert to Islam during a lecture on Sunday to 500 young women, mainly students, who were paid 70 or 80 euros to attend his talk. The participants were also asked to dress conservatively.

While much of the programme has been kept secret, al-Qathafi and his retinue were expected to indulge in the sort of “spontaneous” walks round Rome’s city centre that so intrigued the locals the last time he was in town.

Post-colonial reconciliation

Muammar al-Qathaf’s charisma and charm have made him into something of a darling of the Italian media, to the point of obscuring the real interests that underlie his alliance with Berlusconi’s Italy.

“In the media coverage of al-Qathafi’s visits, the choreography always trumps the substance,” said Ettore Livini, a journalist at Italian daily La Repubblica, in an interview with

Under the treaty signed two years ago in Tripoli, Italy offered a formal apology and financial compensation for the hardships suffered by Libyans during the colonial era.
In return, al-Qathafi promised to halt the waves of illegal migrants seeking to reach the Italian coast, a pledge he has so far fulfilled, said Livini.

The treaty helped change Libya’s status from pariah state to respectable partner, and gave the go-ahead to a series of bilateral investments between the two countries, the total value of which has been estimated at 40 billion euros.


Much of that money has come from none other than al-Qathafi himself. On his visit, al-Qathafi has been meeting up with Italian business leaders.

Over the past two years, the Colonel has acquired stakes in a number of strategic Italian companies, becoming the fifth-biggest shareholder on the Milan stock exchange. Libya also owns about six percent of Italy’s largest bank, Unicredit.

“al-Qathafi’s purchases have been guided by Berlusconi himself,” said La Repubblica’s Livini. “Nowhere is this more the case than with Unicredit,” he added, referring to the hugely influential bank at the heart of a tangle of shareholdings that stretch into virtually all sectors of the Italian economy.

Livini says these investments give the Libyan leader a word in the management of a whole array of companies, including Il Corriere della Sera, Italy’s leading newspaper and one Berlusconi has long sought to control.

In the meantime, Italy has recovered its position as Libya’s main trade partner, while Italian firms Ansaldo and ENI have recently secured lucrative contracts to renew Libya’s transport infrastructure and exploit the country’s plentiful natural resources.

But the next step of the Berlusconi- al-Qathafi alliance, selling Italian arms to Libya, is likely to prove more controversial.

Date created : 2010-08-30

When love is love

Posted by moscarelli25 AUG 2010

It’s a love story. You cannot deny it. These are some pictures, available to all, where you can see with your eyes which rapports are between these two great minds. It is not a scandal to show love in public, it is a natural thing. And remember, “bunga-bunga” is a al-Qathafi creation, Berlusconi only adapted it.

 Libyan Leader Muammar al-Qathafi Official Visit In Rome 30 AUG 2010:

In This Photo: Silvio Berlusconi, Muammar al-qathafi
Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi shakes hands with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi during a photo exhibition at the Libyan Academy on 30 August 2010 in Rome, was on an official two-day visit to Italy for talks with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The visit also marks the second anniversary of a friendship treaty between Italy and Lybia.
(29 August 2010 – Source: Giorgio Cosulich/Getty Images Europe)


(picture shows Muammar al-Qathafi‘s in his Bab Aziziyah home-library on Tripoli 05 February 2005)
(Jack Guez / AFP)

LIBYA. When Gaddafi wrote to his friend Berlusconi (05 AUG. 2011)

Posted on 25-10-2011 08:30 Le Nouvel Observateur with AFP By Le Nouvel Observateur with AFP
A letter (written in Arabic) from the Libyan leader to head of the Italian government in which he asked him to “stop the bombing” was found.

The Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi wrote on 05 August 211 to his close friend, the Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi, asking him to

“stop the bombings that kill our Libyan brothers and our children,”

according to a letter published Monday 24 October 2011 on the website of the magazine “Paris Match “.

“Dear Silvio (…), 

I was surprised by the attitude of a friend with whom I have sealed a treaty of friendship in favor of our two peoples. I hoped from you at least you ‘re interested in facts and that you try mediation before making your support for this war.”

“I do not blame you for what you are not liable because I know that you were not in favor of this harmful action which honors neither you nor the Italian people. But I think you still have the possibility to reverse and uphold the interests of our peoples. “

“Stop the bombings that kill our Libyan brothers and our children. Talk to your friends and allies to achieve this; and, stop this aggression against my country. I hope that Almighty God will guide you on the path for this justice. “

This letter was delivered in early August and received in Rome by the Italian authorities through a couple of Italian friends of Muammar al-Qathafi who head an Italian Hostess agency in Rome .

Early in the conflict, the Italian government, at the fore-front, which Silvio Berlusconi leads, had been very reluctant to authorise or release a edict against Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, with whom he signed in 2008 a treaty of friendship and economic cooperation.

FA former colonial power, Italy was the largest trading partner of Libya .
(Le Nouvel Observateur – AFP)

Juma Blessings

Mu marvelous

18- 21 MAY 2009

al-BAGHDADI al-MAMMOUDI, General Secretary of the General People’s Committee of THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA:

Libya Build Expo 2009 معرض البناء ليبيا بيلد
Mise en ligne le 24 nov. 2009

Libya Build today is the largest International exhibition held in Libya, specialized in Building and Construction sector.

Libya Build 2009 proved to be a huge success with a participation of more than 550 companies from 31 countries from all over the world.
Please watch the opening cermoney video and visit for more videos and more details.

The exhibition was opened officially by:
Dr. Baghdadi Al Mahmoudi, the Secretary of the General People’s Committee  of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA
Mr. Mohamed Haweij, the Secretary of the Libyan General People’s Committee of Industry, Economy and Trade (Minister), and
Mr. Abdelhafidh Zlitni, the Secretary of Planning and Finance (Minister),

The ceremony witnessed the presence of other high-rank officials led by:
Eng. Saeed Rashid, the Secretary of the Steering Committee of the Libyan Railway Executive Board,
Mr. Jomaa Al Ostta, the Secretary of the General Union of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry,
Dr. Jamal El Lamoshi, the Secretary of the General Board of Fairs,
Mr. Samir El Werfali, the Chairman of the Libyan Contracting Union, and
hundreds of businessmen and CEO’s of local and international organizations.

Mr. Firas ElMortadi the Director of ATEX, the organizing company, and Mr. Maged Mahfoud the Managing Director along with Mr. Abdu Al Hamid Edbayba, the Chairman of the Libyan Investment and Development Company, the Platinum sponsor of Libya Build 2009, were at the forefront of welcoming the VIP visitors.

Digital Group for Telecom and Informatics is the IT and Media partner of the exhibition

معرض البناء و الإنشاءات ليبيا بيلد يعتبر أكبر معرض عالمي يقام في ليبيا، يتخصص في مجالي البناء و الإنشاءات. معرض البناء ليبيا بيلد 2009 حقق نجاح كبير عبر مشاركة عالمية و محلية من عدد يزيد عن 550 شركة من أكثر من 31 دولة حول العالم.
فضلاً شاهدوا مقاطع من الإفتتاح و قوموا بزيارة موقع المعرض لمشاهدة مقاطع فيديو أخرى و للحصول على معلومات أكثر حول المعرض.

المعرض أفتتح رسمياً من قبل:
السيد الدكتور البغدادي المحمودي أمين اللجنة الشعبية العامة رئيس الوزراء،
السيد محمد الحويج وزير الصناعة و الإقتصاد و التجارة،
السيد عبد الحفيظ الزليطني وزير التخطيط و المالية.

كما شهد حفل الإفتتاح حضور كلٍّ من:
السيد المهندس سعيد راشد أمين اللجنة الإدارية للجهاز التنفيذي للسكك الحديدية،
السيد جمعة الأسطى أمين إتحاد عام غرف التجارة و الصناعة،
السيد الدكتور جمال اللموشي أمين الهيئة العامة للمعارض،
السيد المهندس سمير الورفلي أمين إتحاد المقاولين الليبيين،
و جمع من رؤساء مجالس إدارات و مدراء تنفيذين لشركات محلية و عالمية.

السيد فراس المرتضي مدير شكة أتيكس المنظمة للمعرض و السيد ماجد محفوظ المدير التنفيذي للشركة رفقة السيد عبد الحميد دبيبة رئيس مجلس إدارة الشركة الليبية للإستثمار و التنمية الراعي البلاتيني للمعرض كانوا في مقدمة مستقبلي كبار الزوار.

يذكر أن شركة مجموعة الرقميات للإتصالات و المعلوماتية هي الشريك التقني و الإعلامي للمعرض.

Libya Build today is the largest International exhibition held in Libya, special.


DURATION: 26.08.2008 – 01.09.2009

Landscape project consultation and application.

659 unit palm tree, 900 unit tree, 700 unit water-plants, 2000 unit climbing plant, and 106.195 unit shrubs were planted with irrigation system. There are 1 main restaurant ( 1319 sqm), 1 event space (925 sqm), 1 internet cafe ( 722 sqm), 1 amphitheater( 236 sqm), 2 cafes(200 sqm each), 1 basketball-volleyball area (510 sqm), open sport areas and two football field ( 930 sqm each),dancing fountain(2010 sqm), ponds(125 sqm, 90 sqm), water features( 1550 sqm, 2500 sqm), 3 children playground(total 450 sqm), and an outdoor gym area(total 400 sqm).

14.000 sqm interlock stone, 11.000 sqm stamp concrete, 11.000 sqm asphalt, 1000 m³ gravel, 1000 sqm epdm, 2000 sqm of sports area were covered with grass; 70.000 sqm grass used in landscape areas. 3000 sqm natural stone was used for covering outer walls; 10.000 sqm marble was used both for wall covering and floor covering; 6000 sqm granite was used for floor covering.





Published On:Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Posted by Sri Lanka Guardian

Libya Almost Imploding, Status Quo Unsustainable

| by Nicola Nasser*
( November 13, 2013, Gaza, Sri Lanka Guardian) More than two years on since the “revolution” of Feb. 2011, the security crisis is exacerbating by the day threatening Libya with an implosion charged with potential realistic risks to the geopolitical unity of the Arab north African country, turning this crisis into a national existential one. Obviously the status quo is unsustainable.
Libya’s oil industry has become the target of violent attacks and civil protests, closing export terminals in east and west or/and creating an oil black market. “Security guards” at the country’s main ports are on strike and selling oil independently in spite of a 67% in pay for employees of the state oil sector on last 31 Oct. 2013. Libyan oil minister, Abdulbari Ali al-Arousi, told the Financial Times on last 29 April 2013 that disruptions to production and export cost the country about 0.73€bn over the previous five months only.
On this 11 Nov. 2013, Reuters reported that Protesters shut Libya’s gas export pipeline to Italy, its only customer, in the Mellitah complex, some 100 km west of Tripoli, after shutting down oil exports from there as well. A day earlier, Reuters reported that the separatist self-declared autonomous Cyrenaica government set up a regional firm called “Libya Oil and Gas Corp” to sell oil independently after seizing several ports in the east of the country, where Libya’s two most important oil ports, Sidra and Ras Lanuf, were blockaded by protestors.
Libya is Europe’s single largest oil supplier. Cutting the Libyan oil and gas supplies to Europe on the eve of a winter that weather forecasts predict to be a very cold one would be an excellent pretext for inviting a European military intervention in the country, which seems the only option left for the transitional government of Prime Minister Ali Zeidan that ran out of options for its survival.
It is noteworthy here that while the U.N. Support Mission in Libya can obviously “support” nothing, France, Italy, the UK and the U.S., who spearheaded the NATO campaign to topple the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, in a joint statement on this Nov. 8, expressed their concern “at the instability in Libya and reiterated their “support to their puppet political institutions,” i.e. to Zaidane’s “government”.
Ironically, Zaidane on this Nov. 10 warned his compatriots of a possible “intervention of foreign occupation forces” in order to protect civilians under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter because “the international community cannot tolerate a state in the middle of the Mediterranean that is a source of violence, terrorism and murder,” which was the same pretext for the NATO military intervention that contributed mainly, if not created, the security crisis in the first place by destroying the military and police infrastructure of the central government and turned the country practically into a sponsor of regional terrorism in general and an exporter of arms and “Jihadists” to Syria in particular.
Libya is the second largest oil producer in Africa and the continent’s fourth largest natural gas supplier and already dominates the Southern Mediterranean’s petroleum sector. According to the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC), more than 50 international oil companies were already present in the Libya on the eve of the “revolution.” The country’s potential is more promising; Austria’s OMV said on last Oct. 21 it had struck oil in Libya in its first new discovery since 2011.

On last Oct. 18, quoted Paolo Scaroni, the CEO of the Italian oil and gas firm ENI, which is Libya’s largest foreign partner, as saying: “Everyone is going to be wealthy” in Libya, citing statistics of what could be: “Five million people and 2 million barrels of oil (per day), which means that this country can be a paradise, and I am doubtful that Libyans will not catch this opportunity of becoming the new Abu Dhabi, or the new Qatar or the new Kuwait.”
Libyan Copy of Iraq’s “Green Zone”
Yet Libyans seem determined to miss “this opportunity.” “Revolutionary” Libya, reminiscent of the U.S. – engineered “democratic” Iraq after some ten years of the U.S. invasion, is still unable to offer basic services to its citizens. Real unemployment is estimated at over 30%. Economy has stalled and frustration is growing. Gone are the welfare days of Muammar al-Qathafi’s GREAT JAMAHIRIYA when young families could get a house with benefits for free, people’s medication and treatment were paid by the state and free education made available to everyone. About one million supporters of the Gaddafi regime remain internally displaced; hundreds of thousands more fled for their lives abroad.
Remnants of the destroyed institutional infrastructure of law, order and security is hardly capable of protecting the symbolic central government in Tripoli, reminiscent of its Iraqi counterpart, which is still besieged in the so-called “Green Zone” in Baghdad. Late last October Libya’s central bank was robbed of 40.07€m in a broad daylight robbery. More than one hundred senior military and police commanders were assassinated.
“Libya isn’t just at a crossroads. We are at a roundabout. We keep driving round in circles without knowing where to get off,” Libya’s Minister of Economy, Alikilani al-Jazi, said at a conference in London last September, quoted by The Australian on last Oct. 14.
On last Aug. 30, the Swiss-based group Petromatrix said: “We are currently witnessing the collapse of state in Libya, and the country is getting closer to local wars for oil revenues.” Four days later Patrick Cockburn reported in British The Independent that “Libyans are increasingly at the mercy of militias” and that the “Government authority is disintegrating in all parts of the country.”
Ironically, an estimated one-quarter of a million heavily armed militiamen, who are the main obstacle to creating and empowering a central government, are on government payroll.
Writing in The Tripoli Post on Oct. 31, Karen Dabrowska said that, “Local notables, tribal groups, Salafists and militias are all vying to keep the centre from extending its authority to their fiefdoms and this explains why disparate social groupings can only unite temporarily to prevent the centre from gaining power over them.”
It “goes without saying” that the post – “The once majestic GREAT JAMAHIRTIYA of Muammar al-Qathafi‘s Libya , now is purely a failed state” governed by ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood militias.”  Adfer Rashid Shah of the Jamia Millia Islamia, Central University in New Delhi, wrote on last Oct. 15.
Following the heavy infighting in the Libyan capital on this Nov. 7, Italian foreign minister Emma Bonino told newspaper La Republicca that the country was “absolutely out of control” and the situation is worsening, hinting that Italian oil and gas firm ENI was prepared to close its oil wells.
Zaidan’s threat to “use force” against the people‘s “POLITICAL BUREAU OF CYRENAICA” will inevitably be counterproductive, not only because his government’s lack of “force” would compromise his credibility, but because, within the current balance of power between his puppet NATO “government” and the eastern people’s army of Cyrenaica’s “Political Bureau”, it will make the security situation worse (if it does not ignite a civil war first).

Zaidane said his government would give the “revolutionaries” who have turned into rival and vying militias and warlords until next 31 Dec.2014  to join the regular army and police or they will be cut from government payroll, that is if his coffers could afford to sustain their payroll if they accepted and if they did not accept his offer it will be another reason for more mutiny and rebellion.
More likely the Zaidane / GNC government payroll may not be rolling because the government is now facing a Zionist Western-budget crisis like the rest of the Western nations (who created the “new” Libya), as“from next or the following month, there could be a problem covering expenditure” according to Zaidane himself. 
An imminent constitutional crisis could create a power vacuum that in turn would worsen the security crisis. Published by RT on this 07 Nov. 2013, analyst Nile Bowie wrote:
“In accordance with the transitional roadmap adopted by the transitional government in May 2011, the mandate of the current government in Tripoli is set to expire on 08 February 2014. Failure to implement a new constitution by then would either force Tripoli into extending its mandate – a move which is seen as highly unpopular – or a potential power vacuum scenario which could set off a chain of events that could lead to a civil war or dissolution.”

Zaidane, with less than three months remaining for him in office, seems relying on Pentagon’s plans to arm and train, through “AFRICOM,” a new Libyan army called “a general purpose force.”

But “the case of a separate and underreported U.S. effort to train a small Libyan counterterrorism unit inside Libya earlier this year is instructive,” Frederic Wehrey wrote recently in Foreign Affairs, adding: The absence of clear lines of authority — nearly inevitable given Libya’s fragmented security sector — meant that the force’s capabilities could just have easily ended up being used against political enemies as against terrorists. In August militias launched a pre-dawn raid on the training camp which was not well-guarded. There were no U.S. soldiers at the camp, but the militia took a great deal of U.S. military equipment from the site, some of it sensitive. The U.S. decided to abort the program and the U.S. forces supposedly went home.
The obvious alternative to Zaidane’s western supported government would be a stateless society governed by the people themselves (as was THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA); while the survival of his government promises more of the same chaos and violence.
At the (so-called) “official” end of the NATO war for the “regime change in Libya on Oct. 31, 2011”, U.S. President Obama proclaimed from the White House Rose Garden that this event signaled the advent of “a new and democratic Libya,” but more than two years later Libya is recurring to the pre-Gaddafi old undemocratic tribal and ethnic rivalries with the added value of the exclusionist terrorist religious fundamentalism wearing the mantle of Salafism and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

About the Author*:

*:* Nicola Nasser is a veteran Arab journalist based in Birzeit, West Bank of the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

Statement leadership of the resistance heroes represented the city wheels
Room Muammar Kadhafi Aalbaltok ·




The news agency western mountain:
Some members are preparing themselves for travel outside Libya and there are moves in the palaces of hospitality, where some members of Congress were seen coming out of the bags inside the hotel

Sahah “Favor” Joudah flees to LONDON:
News of the escape of favor Jaudh to London shortly before
Saleh Joada / Saleh Gaouda / صالح جعودة
(Channel Vision, quoting Libyan)


Statements concerning the 2012 budget:

A few days ago, Mr. Abdul Rahim nutria, an intervention in the television, that the total’ve spent the transitional government of the budget was nearly 45 billion, or 24 billion that has been carried over to the interim government.

Yesterday, Finance Minister in the interim government, Dr. Kilani, that what I’ve spent the transitional government was 55 billion and 14 billion has been carried over to the interim government.
With these two statements, there is a value of 10 billion undefined determination between the two governments .. Which makes the Libyan authorities are obliged to issue a clarification that the difference in the two statements.
Dr. Fatima Ahamroch
27 DECEMBER 2013

To channel international scandals and theft and corruption operations in a deal to buy armored vehicles from Turkey of the type “Arma and Cobra” worth more than three times the value of the real price of a vehicle by entering into the single rat Joseph ornately (ZAIDANE’s rat interior ministry of defense man).

Now on channel Libya International / / / /
Documents … Deal import of armored vehicles to calculate the so-called Ministry of Defence actual value of 200 million dinars have been concluded with a value of 400 million dinars by Rebel real Joseph chiselled and Misrata Alsmoud and true revolutionaries.
And Makhva was the greatest .. Amata Paso Ptstfikoa Íaagbea “17 February”

And Zdwa Aaszj February Rajua sang and clapped for good and thieves and criminals
Son flee propelled Dugan ..

Without a passport, fled son propelled Dugan, Bilal, to Georgia to request background investigation of corruption issues.

Member of Congress and a member of the Committee on the roadmap, “Mohammed Al-Amari,” he says,

even if Congress has made Libya the committee people Sikhrjrn Mtalippin drop it so we decided ot ..

عضو المؤتمر وعضو لجنة خارطة الطريق “محمد العماري” يقول : حتى لو المؤتمر جعل من ليبيا جنة فأن الناس سيخروجون مطاليبين بأسقاطه ولذلك نحن قررنا التمديد ..

م الاعلامي درنة

SALAH JOUDAH already left for LONDON and other Congress members have been seen wilth heavy loads of luggage…..

Abdo Libya writes:

“I am of the opinion that the Attorney General issue a decision to prevent members of Congress failed and all the ministers not to travel outside Libya and takes them Joazathm Witham until the investigation into the stolen money from the budget of the people Walibi”
(Moved from Libyan wounded)



Qmins storm to hit from the direction of the sea retardation serious damage to property, including houses, cars and walls.
The storm was the speed of more than 150 km per hour and did not take only about 30 seconds …
O ask you pardon and wellness.


Electric poles fall and Spring Valley area and the world as a result of a well escarpment lands by some citizens
Announced that General Electric Company on Friday evening that the power transmission lines effort 30 kV link between Tepe flour to Tepe artillery zones, well the world and the Valley of the spring exposed to fall as a result of cliff land by some citizens to a depth of up to 2 meters for the purpose of the establishment of new housing without contact.
The company explained in a statement to the Libyan News Agency that these business practices have caused the fall of the electric poles and power outages to many areas. The source added that the technical teams able to rewind the power supply to these areas through alternative sources, and that the detection of these lines and maintenance work sustained by the technical teams to return these lines that operate on the feeding zones (well the world – and the Valley of the spring – Alnchea – the fetus – Agayoo. Called upon Company Balahale and residents of the area to contact and follow legal procedures recognized inform any work of maintenance contribution to the support of the work of a company that strives to raise the level of services and improve voltage and reduce interruptions. lamented the company to some of the practices and acts of infringement on the electric grid which cause low performance and foil maintenance teams operating company General Electricity.


No extension of the CONGRESS:

Participation of people with special needs in the demonstration does not extend to the field Algeria:


28 JAN 2010
The song is called Al Shamas (The Sun) and performed by the Libyan singer Ahmed Fakroun.


CONSTRUCTION AREA: 1.185.447 sqm

Concept landscape project.

The Wadi El Rabi Industrial Development Park has 427.227 sqm building area with a 244.328 sqm soft landscape area and 249.048 sqm hard landscape area including parking and pavements.

Said a source familiar with the Turkish Embassy in Tripoli, the headquarters
Turkish Airlines subjected to an armed attack by a total of
Unidentified armed identity, and two people were killed and wounded
Our Lady of the Turks and their citizenship, according to a source Embassy
Said a source familiar with the Turkish Embassy, ​​that the attack on
The headquarters of Turkish Airlines since yesterday and is likely to be
For the purpose of theft, and said the same source in the special permit
He was lost and workers were searching for them at the headquarters of
Their work and find them killed two people and injured two people
Including a woman, and investigations are underway now.
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Green Square :: influx of demonstrators against the extension of the National Congress, in the presence of media.





The last gathering information now located in Tallil going to the border because Balash before Amort Event

clash between militias and the national army to kill someone performance of the militia and wounded two

of them, and now the people of the beautiful and Racdalin heading to the border in particular.

Channel Racdalin on Facebook:
From your letters
I am a resident of the city of Racdalin today at about five and a quarter Talaat of the yard and saw that strange car without plates kind Toyota Camry 2012 dark ÇĎćŃ in Racdalin of place for me somewhere in the first Nhsabha army but after what followed and stance received the Wazwaz foreigners and with them a GPS positioning I stayed and ask them escaped and walked me to the military police told me Mesh Chorna overland Look army prophet of God, you take notice of the people who enter the car to me beloved cities (I wish you could come and my God bless you).



Agency urgently Libya / dismantling a ticking time bomb in Tarhounah
According to preliminary information that disposal experts and dismantle explosives
in the city Tarhounah were able to dismantle
and neutralize the bomb found planted at the gas station area Aldawon.


# Department in Ajeelat
Has been opened by Al-zeramqh closed Psoatir of dirt Mend events last week and
now back open road and a natural movement in the way this topic
Channel department in Ajeelat free FB:
Sources, especially from the area of ​​the lattice confirms the arrest of two people inside the armored car believed to be
U.S. citizens are equipped with weapons and special equipment ..
And handed over to the Office of Intelligence
In the department in Ajeelat ..
The emphasis is not so far from an official source.
City department in Ajeelat

Page mortality department in Ajeelat:
Killing and wounding at least three people in clashes Haddtt yesterday in the New.

# Alash

Fierce war now raging in the area Alash … Alabr downright It is the heart of the event
And it combines the podium after dismounting me large forces in Sabratha and

horn in the department in Ajeelat ..

Shani, the mesh concept ..

Road beteen MIZDAH & GHARYAN:

Road between Misdah and Gharyan

The local council area Mizdah
In the name of God the Merciful
He says:
and restrain anger and pardon people and Allah loves the doers of good}
((It is out of date and repaired his reward on God))
I bear witness acknowledged and I am fully my powers of mental and without any pressure from him or from individuals that I have and for Libya and for national reconciliation among the people of Libya relinquish my right to the assaulted a high shot and tried kidnapped and and kill me and Samehthm to the face of God and love of Libya and the Libyans and the hope of God to guide them that there is no Almsi repeat this work with others, and stay away from this topic Business
Abdul Hakim Mohammed Badran – head of the local council Mnth Mizdah

Mizda'da son kale
Mizda’da son kale

Mizdah old Lighthouse:



One of the slogans raised in today’s demonstration against the Brotherhood Misurata:




la photo de Association for Peace and Charity Relief AL-Salam Association For Charity.Hospital Management Bani Walid year the dispatch number ten elements of medical and medical help in a quick cycle to the Kingdom of Jordan at the expense of the hospital administration.
We wish success to all for the good of the hospital and its services sophistication.
(Op hatem)

90 years  ago, today !

Friday 12/27/2013 anniversary of the Battle of Wadi Dinar timeless …
But the heroes and celebrated Rafla refused to mourn the lives of heroes precise.
Actually dampers positions ..
Fathiati your heroes and Rafael H. ..
Today’s the anniversary of the Battle of Wadi Dinar 27 December 2013
Battle of Wadi Dinar 27 December 1923 AD
After the events that took place between Bani Walid and Misrata, and the outbreak of a new fire of sedition between Arabs and Amazigh in the mountains, and the subsequent occupation of the center of Nalut Khalifa Bin Askar. The pro opportunity for Italians to pounce on Libya after it contributed to the dissemination of the role of discord between the leaders and the heads of the tribes at the time
Moved the Italian armies to occupy the cities one after the other, and they arrived Gharyan in the 15 November 1922 and made it a center for the start of their campaigns towards the west of Libya, after or three months, they moved to the South occupied the Terhana and after less than a month they entered Misrata and occupied and was the last battle in Misrata battle Valley polytheist that quote where Saadoun Sowaihili .
Transfer Mujahideen camps to Bani Walid, after the occupation of areas of Misrata and Zliten and Mslath and other neighboring regions, and found in Bani Walid safe haven, and he settled there more than 100 000, by some accounts in the novel conveys Marzouki Sheikh Tamer:
“About two hundred thousand people, and God forbid you go out in the 1922-1923 season rainfall, and we have acquired the injury like what we have seen in our lives.”
Regardless of the accuracy of this figure, however, suggests that the number was large, and was led by leaders from which it withdrew after the occupation of towns such as Ahmed Sowaihili and Ahmed patient and Mukhtar Kaabar and Alsoiei Alkhatona and Mohammed will carp victor Samad drowsiness and Ahmed Rasim and Farhat, angular, and others.
Jratsiana wrote about planning these gatherings on Rafla:
I had to be beaten rebels (Mujahedeen) knockdown by depriving them of the means of those remaining have a contact with the province and Rafla.
The ultimate goal is to Bani Walid and Rafla capital of the province and the seat of Nabi, the center of great importance to meet the caravan routes and around Askar had the largest number of troops that could have been directed against us Nabi when necessary.
Took advantage of the Mujahideen that period to unite between Nabi Boulkheir and Ahmed Sowaihili was Ahmed Sowaihili men loyal and loving to his homeland did not mind putting up the differences for the home, however, Abraham’s son Ramadan opposed his uncle, and I disagree with him and refused to understanding with Nabi Boulkheir with it was in hospitality and in the territory of Beni Walid, and decided to separation from his uncle and left, followed by part of the army.
That was a new blow to the ranks of the Mujahideen exploited by the Italians to occupy the plug after the division of the Mujahideen, and that was before the occupation of Bani Walid five days will come and talk about it later.
Is a campaign the Italian on Bani Walid, one of the greatest campaigns carried out by the Italian government at the time, due to the location of the city and the difficulty of access to it and collect the mujahideen and their willingness to defend it and was planning on beating the simultaneous three axes at the same time and used Italy warplanes in the poll and hit the sites of the Mujahideen and throwing saws on the people to sow terror in their hearts.
Altlesi stated in his book after Alkarzabip processing campaign:
Mountain forces led by General Jratsiana consists of 4000 rifle knight 4 530 artillery pieces
Eastern forces led by Colonel Metzna 3500 and consists of 530 rifle knight 4 pieces of artillery
Mariotti forces consists of 580 130 fugitive gun and two pieces of artillery
Malta forces consists of 800 rifle
Forces Volbyna 500 50 rifle knight
Galliani forces 250 90 rifle knight.
Bdlk and a total campaign to Bani Walid 9900 1330 knight rifle except for reserve forces distributed in different regions to the field of operations.
Battle and occupation of Bani Walid
After the failure of the Italians in an attempt to woo Nabi Boulkheir and the rest of the leaders in that period in Bani Walid and forcing them to crawl delivery decide on Bani Walid.
Was the split that took place in the camp of Misrata between Ibrahim and his uncle Ahmed Winter tempting for Italians and gave the first strike of the camp cleats in the stopper east of the city of Bani Walid.
Entrusted with the task to Col. Metzna The task is to hit the camp stopper and prevent displaced people from access to Bani Walid to prevent Althamanm the rest of the Mujahideen in Bani Walid, saluting the movement wrap on a camp of the Mujahideen from the south to force them to commit to the fight until the end, or withdraw north saluting controlled Italy all cities , and he directed hit the camp on December 22, 1923, has been in front of this Astmat Mujahideen surprise attack, but they could not withstand long has suffered huge losses in lives and materiel and lost a lot of weapons in their possession and that they have to pull in several directions.
Jratsiana talked about their loot in that battle:
“Was in the stopper grab petals pieces of artillery, and a small warehouse of sustenance and supplies, and equipment of various types, and the number of thousands of head of cattle.”
Maj. Gen. Metzna they looted four guns and grenade launcher, five machine guns and 550 boxes of ammunition and artillery guns.
Decides to crawl on Bani Walid on 23 was delayed Italian army will be mentioned no reasons were crawling on Bani Walid and occupation on December 27.
General says about the battle:
Decides to crawl on 23.
“It was aviation activity in that period great, in expeditions over the territory and Rafla despite poor weather, has been made during those trips several publications directed to the government of the people.”
Metzna received direct orders to crawl towards Bani Walid from the point of the plug, which was dominated by As we began to move towards the Rafla while moving other troops from the northern and southern sides.
Bani Walid was priming itself for battle Mend occupation and Tarhunah Misrata and the western mountains, and the Mujahideen fortifying the city and provide the ammunition.
Says Metzna: groups of residents and Rafla we encountered dissuade our advance, were waving white flags confirming that Nabi will not show any resistance, and while the troops were crossing the valley with all due caution in these cases, the groups of knights rebels and infantry holed up in trenches dug in the opposite bank launched fire against the left wing of the advancing forces) and the Army found itself in a very awkward position after the surprise attack.
The battle of Valley Gbin of the first battles that take place around Bani Walid, where Nabi resorted to deception known by lifting white flags that pointed her Aktar of source and monitored by an Italian aircraft which was flying over Bani Walid.
Adopted Nabi plan on the expectation that they court will sign Jratsiana creeping from Terhana in pliers will not escape them, Fathsn militants on both sides of the valley dinars a force, according to the tower will Jratsiana 4,000 fighters were Aktar forces in the valley of dinars to believe Nabi that the only way that could be is used by armies Italian came him all the armies that invaded Bani Walid earlier, and it also relies on the Mujahideen stationed in the stopper to protect the eastern side with the army can not override the western side of the Oaourtha and the difficulty of the tracks and the lack of experience by the Italians.
But there are those who whispered to Jratsiana that circumvented through the valley Ghalboun from the west will be a surprise too and its victory while walking in the valley of dinars would be fatal because of the bumps and rugged force stationed where the Mujahideen and Rafla, unfortunately, was personal Libyan personalities that dealt with the Italians because of personal problems and old,
He agreed the general and sent the part of the army of the western side while he leads the North to delude the Mujahideen that the army is coming from the north, while advancing forces Metzna from the east, and the creeping commander Malta from the south, but that Malta was not up to Bani Walid in date was delayed due to some motives “security,” which talked about Jratsiana They relate to the fear of the tribes that are still outside the control of the Italians.
On December 27 pilots reported that the quiet atmosphere in Bani Walid and that they pierced above the castle, and people had set up decorations demonstration of joy and pleasure, and were waiting for the arrival of the army, richly.
When he received the commander of such a reference, the most dangerous by Alogihen religion were with him, the two Khrbich Warrior and Ahmed Alvesataiwi political, and was the first Ehrh in the head and had not shown any signs never uncertainty like this time, and states that he does not understand what happened, while the second, he said Without influenced and simply (a day of fighting, sir), was known as Nabi right knowledge, knead treacherous subtle infamous for betraying Miani When he left for Sirte to the outskirts of the headquarters Bohadi arguing accelerate in the defense and Rafla while he knew in fact that Ramadan winter may striker armies regulars.
Army moved north toward Bani Walid until it reached the valley Maqraoh and there began heavy gunfire erupted a fierce battle between the mujahideen and the Italian army, which was backed by artillery and fire batteries and aviation against the rifles of the Mujahideen and the weakness of their equipment, and admits Jratsiana he faced fierce resistance and that the situation was very critical, and the battle lasted until noon the second retreat between the Mujahideen and the Italians progress until Balajata forces entered from the west side of the center of Bani Walid and fly the flag on top of the castle after the King movement to circumvent carried out by the Italian army.
And was surprised by the Mujahideen presence of Italians behind them, make haste to repel knead the attack, and without any coordination, and although they were able to go back the difference Abyssinian on the aftermath of the Arab teams were clashed strongly cavalry led by Khrbich only that the weapon which is owned by the enemy and training teams, processing and the element of surprise caused the death of a lot of Mujahideen result scramble in the defense of their city, and fly movements were very dense and they continue to loop between the stores for attacking Bani Walid from the east and west, north and south.
He says that the defense Jratsiana Bani Walid has collapsed after it was pressure from all sides.
Withdraw Abdul Nabi Boulkheir and the Mujahideen and a large number of people towards Ashimikh which were not Italian forces had but relate However Sunrise forces arrived commander of Malta dispersion again Mujahideen religion were trying to rearrange their ranks have fled south toward everyone Fezzan.
In the meantime, there were still some pockets of resistance in Bani Walid, but they soon broke down all been occupying Bani Walid by the Italian army to begin later his extensive occupation of the south.
Occupied Jratsiana Bani Walid on 27 December 1923 had barely eliminates pockets of resistance even permitted the country to the army for 3 days in retaliation for the killing of members of the garrison Italian leader Briggnta after Alkarzabip, Venhpt livelihoods and stolen homes and killing people hanging out and slaughtered were confiscated funds Mujahideen who are on the menus Kmtalobin because they were disobedient .
He Italians victory on Bani Walid a crucial point in the history of military operations, said the newspaper Alchoriera with Tripoli in commenting on the violent resistance of the people of the city, (“Contrary to what was expected, in general, the rebels have changed the resistance desperate and violent were Aamlon from behind Success”) .
Although knead the Mujahideen of Bani Walid did not surrender and continued to Jihad in the south and in the province of Fezzan precisely who they are leading up to the fall and occupation, like other areas because of a difference of arming and betrayal of citizens to their parents.
(Blog Bani Walid)

Dinar News

Atef Shelmani:
Qmins storm to hit from the direction of the sea retardation Jasama damage to property, including houses, cars and walls.

The storm was the speed of more than 150 km per hour and did not take only about 30 seconds … Oh God ask you pardon and wellness.

The final stage of the maintenance work in the building economy,
after suffering years 2011/2012 for sabotage, looting and burning.
Let our motto hand in hand to build Bani Walid again:



01  APRIL 2010:

LIBYA, 01 APRIL 2010

Photos of Sirte Before The NATO Bombing in Libya

Sirte Rbaah Almaih.
Would advise you to a branch of Social Affairs Sirte that the number of displaced families in the city is (1026 families) from different cities of Libya as shown detects below, through a statistical study by the committee formed to confine and collect Baanatnazhan inside Almedinhbaqrar Mr. Rais Branch No. (17) for the year 2012.
Detect particular IDPs in Sirte by towns
T. City v Issue Notes
1. Misratah, 686
2. Benghazi 18
3. White 4
4. Tawergha 250
5. Oases 1
6. Brega 5
7. Mizdah 6
8. Ifrane 7
9. Ajdabiya 11
10. Jafra 1
11. Tripoli, 17
12. Sabha 4
13. Ras not Nov 9
15. Bluish 2
16. Heathens 1
Gross / 1026 displaced families in Sirte (alone)!!
and from the following, you can see how many residences were beautifully availablebefore the bombings By NATO in Sirte…and no one had to pay rent or an interested Morgage to live in any dwelling in Libya.
Channel Sirte on Facebook
Added by Inform Africa on 30 October  2011.

Sirte is a beautiful city in Libya, and has the aspirations to be the “capital of Africa”. It is on the south coast of the Gulf of Sidra (ancient Syrtis Major, from which Sirte’s name derives). Sirte lies halfway between Tripoli and Benghazi. The settlement was established in the early 20th century by the Italians, at the site of a 19th-century fortress built by the Ottomans. It grew into a city after World War II.

As the birthplace of Muammar al-Qathafi, Sirte was favoured by  Muammar al-Qathafi. 
However, evil NATO and US-backed rebels have bombarded the whole city of Sirte; purposely ruining everything al-Qathafi has worked for under pretense.



Concept landscape project.




This project is based on several concepts. First of them is connecting the university and the congress hall with a pedestrian way. This axis is the main element of the project. All elements that are composing the park are connected around this axis. There are two main green triangle artificial hills in the park.

Jealous of Libya’s mass wealth and natural resources, the United States and NATO along with NTC fighters attacked civilians throughout the north African country leaving Libya in ruins, killing hundreds of thousands and wounding almost a million. It has been estimated that the NATO led War on Libya has displacedover two million people as well.

n 2010 Gaddafi offered to invest 70.66€ billion in Africa to free it from Western influence, on condition that African states rid themselves of corruption and nepotism. Gaddafi always dreamed of a Developed, United Africa and was about to make that dream come true – and nothing is more terrifying to the West than a Developed, United Africa.

Muammar al-Qathafi student room in Sirte – Libya

AL-TAHADI UNIVERSITY جامعة سرت, Sirt, Libya

AL-TAHADI UNIVERSITY جامعة سرت, Sirt, Libya

School in Sirte

School building in the city of Sirte

After reviewing this photos, check out a selection of the initiatives Libya has already put in place in Africa, as well as some of the projects it is planning, explaining why the West’s illegal war against Libya also is a war against entire Africa. Titled “Gaddafi Placed 70.66€ Billion On Table To Free Africa From Imperialism“.…
DURATION: 26.08.2008 – 01.09.2009

Landscape project consultation and application.

659 unit palm tree, 900 unit tree, 700 unit water-plants, 2000 unit climbing plant, and 106.195 unit shrubs were planted with irrigation system. There are 1 main restaurant ( 1319 sqm), 1 event space (925 sqm), 1 internet cafe ( 722 sqm), 1 amphitheater( 236 sqm), 2 cafes(200 sqm each), 1 basketball-volleyball area (510 sqm), open sport areas and two football field ( 930 sqm each),dancing fountain(2010 sqm), ponds(125 sqm, 90 sqm), water features( 1550 sqm, 2500 sqm), 3 children playground(total 450 sqm), and an outdoor gym area(total 400 sqm).

14.000 sqm interlock stone, 11.000 sqm stamp concrete, 11.000 sqm asphalt, 1000 m³ gravel, 1000 sqm epdm, 2000 sqm of sports area were covered with grass; 70.000 sqm grass used in landscape areas. 3000 sqm natural stone was used for covering outer walls; 10.000 sqm marble was used both for wall covering and floor covering; 6000 sqm granite was used for floor covering.

DURATION: 26.08.2008 – 01.09.2009DETAILS:
Landscape project consultation and application.659 unit palm tree, 900 unit tree, 700 unit water-plants, 2000 unit climbing plant, and 106.195 unit shrubs were planted with irrigation system. There are 1 main restaurant ( 1319 sqm), 1 event space (925 sqm), 1 internet cafe ( 722 sqm), 1 amphitheater( 236 sqm), 2 cafes(200 sqm each), 1 basketball-volleyball area (510 sqm), open sport areas and two football field ( 930 sqm each),dancing fountain(2010 sqm), ponds(125 sqm, 90 sqm), water features( 1550 sqm, 2500 sqm), 3 children playground(total 450 sqm), and an outdoor gym area(total 400 sqm).14.000 sqm interlock stone, 11.000 sqm stamp concrete, 11.000 sqm asphalt, 1000 m³ gravel, 1000 sqm epdm, 2000 sqm of sports area were covered with grass; 70.000 sqm grass used in landscape areas. 3000 sqm natural stone was used for covering outer walls; 10.000 sqm marble was used both for wall covering and floor covering; 6000 sqm granite was used for floor covering.

The spokesman of the 136 Infantry Battalion Khalifa Allowahh Sirte on Friday told the atmosphere of the country; elements of the battalion found a stolen car belonging to the electricity company, in a farm area Bozaar south of Sirte, indicating that the car was returned to the company.

Prosecutor subjected to an assassination attempt on Sirte

(Agency urgently Libya) Private Sirte
Exposure prosecutor in the city of Sirte to an assassination attempt when a car trying to sort
Hyundai rammed his Toyota and the attempt failed and the driver lost control of the car attacking Vastdmt barriers middle of the road ..
The driver got off at lightning speed despite being injured in the face and
the type of car Camry by 3 people are moving too quickly and smuggling, and as soon as they fled their car exploded Alhavandaa.
And interpreted by informed sources that the attempted assassination of the Attorney General of Sirte (which is at the foundation
of the city of Ajdabiya) as a failed attempt also to keep him on the issue of the theft of the money,
which took place in Sirte long ago, even though the government and officials of Sirte were still hiding the murderers and thieves.



Moussa Koni:





Agency urgently Libya / port of Sidra – reporter (special)
Entered the agency urgently to Libya on Thursday through its correspondent in Ajdabiya to the port of Sidra oil, where the reporter continued the process of installing meters and units of measurement of US-made oversees fitted Council Cyrenaica province headed by Ibrahim Jdharan, to resume oil exports from the port within a few days.
Said one of the operators at the port reporter urgent Libya that U.S. experts visited the port and offered tips to the Council of Cyrenaica, which is scheduled it will be the first shipment of oil destined to the United States of America, where I learned the agency urgently Libya that an American businessman arrived a few days ago to Burka and met Jdharan and Barasi The visit ended agreement on the sale of the first shipment of oil to the U.S. company did not disclose the source of its name.
The source confirmed that the bad weather the past few days have prevented the arrival of the USS that resides days ago off the coast of Cyrenaica.
According to the source, the American businessman offered security guarantees to both houses of Cyrenaica political and executive, after the head of the central government, ALI ZAIDANE, threatened to attack and
pound any steamer coming in interference of Libyan territorial waters (without a permit to entry from Tripoli) whatever its destination and nationality.

As-Sidrah Port (Oil Terminal)

As Sidrah or as-Sidra, located in the Gulf of Sidrah (the Sirte Gulf), is an offshore oil terminal, frequesnted by about 200 vessels a year. Vessels with telex facilities on board should telex directly to al-Waha Oil Company on 20158 or 20758. Customs and Immigration requirements should be obtained from the vessel’s agent. Tankers with inoperative or partially inoperative propulsion units will be rejected. There are no garbage disposal facilities, and severe penalties may be imposed for pollution and waste discharged into the sea. The approach to the harbour is best made parallel to the coast until the oil tanks are detected on radar. The most prominent landmark is a water tower in the terminal area (white colour), located at 30°38’N 018°21’E (FR). Tanker specifications: tankers should have 2 bower anchors and ground tackle; at least one winch capable of heaving on two ropes simultaneously; suitable stoppers for all lines and stoppers for wire ropes; at least nine good synthetic fibre lines of not less than 9in circumference; be equipped with block, tackle, booms, runners, sundry equipment, wrenches, gaskets, nuts, bolts, strops, drip tray and sawdust, drift pins and taglines. No repairs should be made while the tanker is in or near a berth.
Operator: Waha Oil Company.
Port activity: loading crude oil.
Communications: VHF: Ch 16.
Location: 33:38 N, Long: 18:22 E.
Tankers should maintain listening on VHF Ch 08 and 16.
Omnidirectional aircraft radio beacon: at 30°37.31’N 018°21.04’E, transmission OJ, 5 times every 60 seconds on 300KC/S.
Charts: BA 3344. Admiralty Pilot NP49.
Max draft: 18M.
Dock density: 1025.
Pilot: compulsory and according to instructions, vailable at all hours, in the vicinity of 30°40.2’N 018°23.5’E.
Anchorage: between the parallels of 30°41.4’N and 30°43.0’N and between the meridians of 018°22.0’E and 018°25.0’E; depth approximately 33m.
Tidal range: 0.5m.
There are 4 crude oil loading berths, 2 conventional buoy berths and 2 SBM.
Services: no bunkering, medical facilities for emergencies only.
Nearest airport: local airfield, for oil company personnel only.

Libyan Oil port


Libya’s Brega Port to begin oil exports soon


Despite continuing disturbances to the Libyan oil sector with the largest terminals, Es Sider and Ras Lanuf still remaining closed due to protests, the local sources said that Marsa al Brega Port reopened on Tuesday and might start handling oil cargo in the next few days. According to a shipping source, Brega has resumed most of its functions with the arrival of shipments of fertilizer and methanol and yet no oil tanker is seen berthing there. The source added: “We think Brega crude oil exports will restart in about two to three days.”

The ship operator of the Hellas Warrior crude oil tanker, waiting to load in the port of Marsa al Hariga in easter Libya said that the situation was constantly changing with conflicting details coming from the port and the National Oil Corp.(NOC)

Earlier this week, the Libyan Oil Ministry announced that Marsa al Hariga has reopened.

The Libyan Navy said in a statement that the units in charge of scanning and reconnaissance operations, deployed off the oil ports of Sidra, Ras Lanuf and Brega will inspect tankers in the region and end the illegal presence of those that do not have the right authorization.

A good beginning is half the battle. And, determination to win completes it.




No extension of the CONGRESS:

(Blagraa) White began gathering now Bmuftriq management banks Bawhita.

# (White )… The closure of the junction trade by protestors refusing the extension of the National Conference


Another picture of a demonstration city of Casablanca to reject the extension of the National Conference:


Came out and no longer :::::
Ajdabiya ::::::

Came out and no longer young Hamid Faraj Dwoad carp 12 year old where out in his father’s car type Hnde Antra Model 2013 Inflatable Plate Number Libya / 8 the rest of the figure Unknown after prayers on Friday afternoon today in the city of Ajdabiya, please on the recognize it inform the Directorate of National Security Ajdabiya and God will not waste the reward of the best work.

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Agency urgently Libya / Ajdabiya – Correspondent
The escape of more than 30 prisoners from the prison of the judiciary now in Ajdabiya,

after being assaulted on Hrsat prison with the help of armed groups during prayers Friday afternoon.

Now the heart of the event Ajdabiya ::::
Concerning escape Almsgen from prison judicial Ajdabiya where they were shooting the prison jurisdiction of 4 cars and resulted in the escape of 35 prisoners and spread patrols security services within the city,

where they rebel Ajdabiya and the Preventive Security Service in cooperation with the security room and help the army and managed to arrest the 13 and Mazel Gary Now search for 22 of the fugitives who are believed to be part of them fled to the city of Benghazi,

was identified on a car and one of the cars attackers and Hey Toyota Fjah color white glass opaque black color has Balrmih dense.

No one was hurt me any Mae as advised me by

Sheikh Mchae God _ and Hussein Bouhoria _ Mohammed and tax Remember God Ajdabiya and Eyea

picture now from there.

Judicial assault on the prison was smuggling a number of prisoners
At the present time is hunted by the security authorities
With the cooperation of the people of the city.
(Atef Clmana)
Colonel “Basheer Abdul Kader,” ordered the security room Ajdabiya
The escape of a number of prisoners in a prison Ajdabiya
Without any resistance by force charged with protecting, and is
Judicial police, and said, “Kader” in a statement that
The agency responsible did not inform the competent authorities only after it is too
Now and after Ferraralsjnae’s “45” and was a prisoner
The arrest of the “4” prisoners of them, and is pointed Room
Security Ajdabiya that was fleeing from the charge of complicity
Protection, so do not do wrong one, according to him, because he did not ask
Support during the escape and were not reported and were not immediately
There any kind of resistance.
(Salem al-Obeidi)

(Mutassim Alvuori)

Heavy rain in Benghazi and Ajdabiya and the cities of the Green mountain yet,

and meteorologists expect continuing until Saturday morning.


Demonstrations from the capital wounded “Benghazi” now navigate GS Cyrenaica tv channel frequency 11111 vertical encoding 27500

Benghazi by the sea

Benghazi now before Tbisti …

Wael Ali channels with the following describes the Brotherhood
Today should be locked.

Not to extend the front Tbsta.
Where are you Aaahak heating and screens
The number of those killed in Benghazi only 312 figure in 2013 and the conference wants

the extension under the pretext of security and political vacuum.

No extension of the CONGRESS:


Landscape application projects.

After making sure it turns out that the clashes occurred between February 17th battalion and brigade battalion first missiles ….
News about the return of new clashes since about half an hour and now put security, between February 17th battalion
and is said to be between 204 Tank Battalion and Benghazi Security Directorate in the case of a security alert
and the security situation there is good ……
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Quoting \ gate Libya Libya Gate:
Our neighbor colonel in the Libyan army and retired before the revolution
Chaib large health Tabanh Loya Dobk walks footmen good and in the case of
He was praying in the mosque five times in ă Ehlbash one time,,
After a wave of assassinations guy has a two-month randomized Venah walked to the mosque,!
Once it opens once Nchofoa Koraj the car to his son after what the university calls them ..
Ali heady spirit No visits were not even walk to the shops.
This is the law claim Elly Ebouha nor did I understand wrong?

on the channel Aakkak Iraq:
A meeting with one of the free accused criminals assassinations on the screen written words on the screen:
“Meeting with Jardan Qaeda “


Found an unidentified body Buhedama industrial area, multiplied by the number of bullets.
(Mutassim Faitouri)


FLASH very ::::::::Special Forces say we received the communication of finding the body of an unidentified area Hawari and when we went out there already, and we found a dead person and it is thrown, but we could not take him out because he chucked a hole depth of 12 meters and note that is important earthy any that you can not entering only by car payment quadrilateral with us and ambulances can not get out of the place and the place we stayed inside waiting for help,,,,,,
Stun forces are directed to call the Civil Defense and the competent authorities and says we present Hawari area specifically after the old cemetery Hawari then go along the street and 3 as of this street ….
Please help and circular and publishing …………………………..
Who has any help on your talking to me …………..
SS says: We could not pull the unidentified person Hawari area because it is located in a crater approximately 20 meters and the place does not help it, but tomorrow morning we’ll directed …….
Accompanied by civil defense men and stun ……
This appeal to those media to cover the event,,,,,,,,,,,
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Salem al-Obeidi:
The civil defense taking out all cars submerged in the mud
Hawari area near Hinagher glaucoma near cemetery
New, and has not been directed by the body because they are well within the depth of 25 meters
And there is no potential to be leveraged and lighting, and power left over to surround the place, and
Tomorrow morning will be exhumed by special forces
And continues the series of assassinations, kidnappings and destruction in Libya ..(The following reads from BENGHAZI alone…but there are more throughout LIBYA)

The assassination of Payment: Mohammed Faraj Assarar in the neighborhood of peace, while going to perform Friday prayers ..
Note that follows the air defense.
I am God and to Him we return ..
● assassination provided the national army «Mohammed Faraj cabled»’s air defense Benghazi by unknown assailants shot at him with a barrage of bullets area «neighborhood peace» in the city of Benghazi, killing him ..Confirmed speaking media Galaa Hospital Fadia Albergthe Friday told the atmosphere of the country, and the arrival of the body of Mohammed Faraj Ibrak cabled, Force’s air defense, and aged 39 years, was shot dead by unknown assailants after being targeted area al-Salam neighborhood in Benghazi.

The assassination of the leading “Mohammed Faraj Assarar” B Salam neighborhood while going
For Friday prayers and mentions that he continued to defend the air.
Found dead by unidentified area Rulrhh infected
B several divorces. Sponsored assassination “Mohammed Faraj cabled”, shot by left area
Al-Salam neighborhood, and mentions that “cabled” a men’s air defense

● grabs submitted National Army «Ahmad believer senile»’s
First Infantry Brigade in front of his home in the city of Benghazi by unknown assailants who were on

board the vehicle type pocket black nor news about his fate so far ..
● found Abuatunai area in the city of Benghazi this morning, the driver of a passenger bus Egyptian nationality infected several gunshots by unknown assailants and taken to hospital in critical condition too ..An Egyptian nationality hit by a bullet ((a cartouche)) and is now a hospital in critical condition and evacuate ….

Finding an Egyptian bus driver led Egyptian nationality
Boatni area, injured by a bullet and his condition is very critical
Reservation was on the bus and ambulance driver, and also the reservation
A sum of money by bus.

(Mutassim Faitouri)

● armed groups attacked at dawn on Friday, National Security Directorate Benghazi light and medium weapons nor reported fatalities ..
Found the body of an unidentified person wearing a suit
Military, and it seems that he has shot and left inside the filter
Hinagher glaucoma that come after the new cemetery, near
From the cement plant Benghazi
Urgent appeal for civil defense, there are cars belonging to the army
National and ambulance mired in mud, near the
Hinagher glaucoma, it wants help in getting a car
Immediately go to there.


Exposure at dawn today the house, “Saleh Mahmoud Louhichi”, to attack
Armed milkfish area, without knowing the details, and did not
The attack resulted in casualties or damage, remember.
(Salem al-Obeidi)
Syria satellite channel to achieve with the young Ibrahim Ragab Ferjany of Benghazi .. ..
Benghazi is situated in northeastern Libya with 950,000 inhabitants (2004 estimate), on the Gulf of Sidra. It is the second largest city in Libya, and the dominating centre in the eastern Cyrenaica region.
The photo was taken on a religious holiday, hence the empty square.:
Square in Benghazi on holiday
تحقيق قناة سوريا الفضائية مع الشاب ابراهيم رجب الفرجاني من بنغازي .. ..


Intermittent sounds of explosions are dotted Fwyhat!!
God willing the good.



Tuber death Chancellor Joseph Ayad cream after being fired by the bats of darkness for several weeks in the tuber and died on a bed room care in Tunisia.

And thus increasing the death toll from the tuber of suicide bombings and assassinations for the 112 victims so far, mostly in the last period, any increase in violence on all day.
(AD Media tuber)



Heathens ..
Offers one of the checkpoints of the army to attack
By an armed group.

The death of the citizen Altbawi “Hussein pen”, shot by left
When he went to the mosque to perform noon prayers district shura
Today Friday in godless.
Security source confirmed that early point stationed by the national army
Godless city came under armed attack by gunmen.
Attack without causing casualties, and mentions that
City godless experiencing great tension, by the outbreak of an armed clash
And a dispute between the tribe and the Tabu Azwaip.
# Godless
(Salem al-Obeidi)


(Free newspaper Sabha)
Demonstrations against the extension of the National Congress of the year today.


● killing of Altbawi «Hussein pen» left by bullets while he was on his way to perform Friday prayers
at the mosque in the city of Kufra SC by unknown ..


International channel Libya Libya International
The Egyptian Interior Ministry says it has already started to deal with the associate to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood,
and supported by, or deals financed Amaaha or “terrorists belonging to a terrorist organization”
Brothers Tunisia, Syria, Algeria and Libya in a joint statement: classification decision of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood as a terrorist group “unjust decision” (BLA BLA…then stop bombing, assassinations and preaching HATE)

Awaiting a new Year with Green Victory in Tripoli

نّحْنّ نّعَيْشٌ سُآعَآتْ مـَجَيْدِﮩ ۄسُآعَﮩ آلَنّصَرَ قِدِ آقِتْرَبِتْ يْآ طٌرَآبِلَسُ يْآعَرَۄسُ آلَبِحْرَ سُۄفْ تْلَبِيْسُ آلَآخِڞرَ مـَنّ جَدِيْدِ ..

We live hours .dہ ۄsaaہ victory has approached, O Tripoli Aaarۄs sea Sۄv dressing Alakhڞr again ..


Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 12/26/2013 P

Mu muffled

Scott Peterson, wrote on 29 March 2011:

Qaddafi still has strong support in some places, though its scale is impossible to gauge. al-Qathafi “will never go,” says one young man, a college student called Mohammed, several places further down the line of cars from the businessman at the gas station. They come swathed in green headscarves and carrying posters of Qaddafi, and exude total devotion.

“He is our father; the only solution is victory,” says Mohammed of the Supreme Commander. He claims that 98 percent of Libyans support Qaddafi; the rest are Al Qaeda militants and “stupid people who think money is everything in this world.”

PICTURE IS BY Jerome Delay/AP:

Soon, the Return of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA:

The Return of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

Meteorological Center
Heavy rain and snow beads on most of the coastal areas, especially Eastern on Friday and Saturday
On all citizens not to exceed the speed limit 40km / h at the start of rainfall and run-optic stimuli mechanism of the vehicle and not to enter into the places where the water level rises on the sidewalk so as not to stop the car engine
To Report any homes or vehicles sank him rainwater or any citizen needs to help contact:
Chamber communications department the Holocaust Tripoli 0214448111
National Security Directorate Tripoli
Heavy rain and snow beads on most of the coastal areas, especially Eastern on Friday and Saturday
On all citizens not to exceed the speed limit 40km / h at the start of rainfall and run-optic stimuli mechanism of
the vehicle and not to enter into the places where the water level rises on the sidewalk so as not to stop the car engine.
To Report any homes or vehicles sank him rainwater or any citizen needs to help contact:
Chamber communications department the Holocaust Tripoli 0214448111
National Security Directorate Tripoli

Agency urgently Libya / expectations Athatal large amounts of rain on the night of Tripoli

Relevant agencies warned residents of the city of Tripoli Rainfall rain tonight and in large quantities,
and what may result from the accumulation of water, especially on the coastal roads and fast,
especially the coastal road toward the corner Janzour,
Tajourah and the coastal road 32 km highway toward the island of tuberculosis sanatorium compassion,
as the most dangerous places where water collects without warning.
Martyr, God willing: RO and Ibrahim Abdullah Ibrahim Aldharat good Benghazi
الشهيد باذن الله:ر ع و ابراهيم عبدالله ابراهيم الضراط السارة بنغازي



According to the Information Office of the Ministry of oil and gas to be produced quantities of crude oil and condensate for the day December 25, 2013 amounted to 251 510 thousand barrels per day, while the quantities of gas amounted to 1.928200000 cubic feet.

Agency urgently Libya / Zaidane refuses to resign under the influence of any pressure Sky News Arabia:
He said the interim Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidane, on Wednesday, said his government “will not resign, but a decision of the General National Congress,” and added that he “would not resign and his government under the influence of any pressure.”
Zaidane‘s remarks came on the impact of the crisis of oil terminals, which are still closed by protesters in months, where the Council expressed the Libyan oil and gas optimism Ptousel government soon to deal with the protesters on the resumption of work..

Abdel Moez Bannon:

Aqthamin monastery in a week and Win Pizza gift …

Mahariv announce that the problem of the gas station in Ruwais fully resolved
And – The Minister of Electricity Ali Mahariv that the problem of the gas station in Ruwais dissolved completely, and the station resumed work at full capacity.
And confirmed Mahariv in the press conference held by interim Prime Minister Ali Zidane on the eve of Wednesday, in the presence of a number of ministers that the plant bed is still suffering from security problems, which led to the operation of this station card is very weak, and explained Mahariv that station north of Benghazi, the station Azwaitina , Asalta to suffer from a lack of fuel and gas shortage, due to the problem of oil Crescent, which will be resolved when all the stations at full capacity.
He stressed that the work is underway projects of the Ministry of Electricity and General Electric Company, did not stop the Gulf as a station which is expected to enter the unit of which the first to work with the sixth month of 2014, in addition to the resumption of work at the station west of Tripoli, which will produce 1400 megawatts.
He Mahariv that the Ministry of Electricity has supplied and installed stations leased movable and fast capacity 450 MW, in addition to (4) units movable rode them now and units in the corner of the ability of (50) megawatts, and two units at the station west of Tripoli, bringing the total to 100 megawatts of additional , which added to the network this year (550) megawatts.
Mahariv pointed out that there are studies linking Libya to Europe via a submarine cable, the area west of Tripoli to the island of Sicily, and that negotiations were under way with the European party and the party of the Maltese, which will represent a quantum leap in stability and support for the Libyan grid.


The Libyan Salafi of the GNC

picture shows JOHN McCAIN, NATO‘s real present ruler of LIBYA.
NATO works with QATARI to control LIBYA through their puppet GNC.Here is what is happening PRESENTLY:* Groups affiliated with the Qatar refuses to hand over weapons in Tripoli and Tban for unrest and Tter Balabil and problems at the instigation of members within the conference.* Salafist groups refuse to end the conference before that there is nothing on earth alternative provides a powerful and cover Kalmatmr.* Country groups seeking to install a government full employment for her and Qatar before the end of the conference.* Salafist groups want to have a body outside the conference and for Tban overthrow the government and set another place spend their interests substitute for the conference.* Tripoli rejected the extension of the conference, forcing Congress either quickly or end its confrontation with Tripoli.* Groups affiliated with the Islamic movement Tban itself for a bargain once the siege of ministries and once cut off communications and attacking other sites.* Besieging oil are not Libyans, and found among them Libyans do not deserve to be Libyans, even if the decision for me because I kept the identity of the Libyan one of them.

* Captors paid for their work under the pretext of the revolution and the revolutionaries are mercenaries and non-Libyan nation deserving of them.

* Must Cancel parties until formation of a strict law governing the work.

* You must impose strict conditions as conditions in the elections and be eligible for election by running Kalmahl and level of technical expertise and history file and as a basis for matching team basic conditions and crossed to submit to the voters.

* Culture in normative is responsible is causing problems in the President and who opened the doors to the greedy.

* Now there is no decision to intervene in Libya so far, but found that the reason The decision will not be delayed and comes quickly
* المجموعات المحسوبة على قطر ترفض تسليم السلاح في طرابلس وتبحت عن قلاقل و تتير البلابل والمشاكل بتحريض من افراد داخل المؤتمر .

* المجموعات الأسلامية ترفض أنهاء المؤتمر قبل أن يوجد شيء بديل لها على الأرض يوفر لها النفوذ والغطاء كالمؤتمر .

* المجموعات القطرية تسعى لتنصيب حكومة كاملة العمالة لها ولقطر قبل أنتهاء المؤتمر .

* المجموعات الأسلامية تريد أن يكون لها جسم خارج المؤتمر وتبحت عن أسقاط الحكومة وتعيين أخرى مكانها تقضي مصالحها بديل عن المؤتمر.

* طرابلس رفضت التمديد للمؤتمر مما يضطر المؤتمر اما انهاء أعماله بسرعة او المواجهة مع طرابلس .

* المجموعات المحسوبة على التيار الاسلامي تبحت لنفسها عن صفقة مرة بحصار الوزارات ومرة بقطع الاتصالات و أخرى بمهاجمة المواقع.

* الذين يحاصرون النفط ليسوا ليبيين وأن وجد من بينهم ليبيين فلا يستحقوا ان يكونوا ليبيين ولو القرار لي لما ابقيت هوية ليبية لأحد منهم .

* من قبضوا أموال مقابل أعمالهم بحجة الثورة والثوار هم مرتزقة و غير الليبيين أحق بالوطن منهم .

* يجب الغاء الأحزاب حتى تكوين قانون صارم يحكم عملها .

* يجب أن تفرض شروط صارمة في الانتخابات كشروط وأهلية الانتخاب قبل الترشح كالمؤهل والمستوى والخبرة والتاريخ والملف كأساس لمطابق المنتخب الشروط الاساسية واجتيازها ليقدم للناخبين .

* الثقافة في الشارعة هي المسؤولة هي المتسبب الرئيس في المشاكل والذي فتح الابواب امام الطامعين .

* الأن لا يوجد قرار بالتدخل في ليبيا حتى اللحظة ، ولكن أن وجد السبب فالقرار لن يتأخر ويأتي مسرعاً.

Vital facilities in Libya closed for the day by armed militia ..
● terminals and oil fields in the oil regions of Crescent ..
● two Libyana mobile phone and Libya Telecom & Technology in the capital Tripoli ..
● Central Bank of Libya in Tripoli ..
● naval base in Tripoli, the father of six ..
● refinery corner to corner oil refining ..

(“Media Abdulwahab Mlitan”)


Khalifa Hftar

Khalifa Hftar is a name we should all remember, especially those interested in Libyan affairs. The guy is the head of the revolution’s army and is working hard to reform the brigades under him, changing their view of loyalty from the leader to the nation.

His story reads like a political thriller. A confidant of Muammar al-Qathafi, he secretly was stashing away weapons for the ‘loyalists’, while the world thought he was a ‘rebel’ traitor to the ‘Great Jamahiriya’. He was working with General Fateh Younes, who unfortunately, was caught, mutilated, burned and horribly tortured before being killed by Mustafa Jalil’s Kharijite  henchmen. 

A charismatic man in his mid fifties, he welcomed journalist Sunday to his interim headquarters in Benghazi, ensuring them that everything will end as soon as the army gets ready for the new role.

Hftar role will be crucial.

By all accounts, Hftar is a soldier’s soldier, respected by junior officers, with a good command of battlefield doctrine.

Ali Aujali

The former Libyan ambassador in Washington, Ali Aujali, describes Hftar as “a very professional military man.”

He and al-Qathafi first found common cause in 1969, when Hftar, as a military cadet, supported the coup that removed King Idris. He was rewarded with a position on the Revolutionary Command Council. His subsequent ascent through the military ranks was rapid.

Hftar was involved in the campaign against neighboring Chad in the 1980s, when al-Qathafi wanted to overthrow President Hissene Habre who was getting arms and amunition from France and the United States.


Who was Abdul Salam Shban ….?
Colonel Abdul Salam al-Megrahi Shban  was a Libyan citizen amongst the LIBYAN Chad-war heroes.

He was captured in August 1987 during the battles that took place around the oasis Ouzou border.

LIBYAN War hero of the Chad wars,  in captivity while in the hands of the Chadians, he refused to escape and withdraw. He was offered by Chadian families to escape but without his comrades if he would be a traitor; but he refused to betray his country, and it was he, who was stopped by the Army of traitors…

“You’re safe in Libya Tsol and wandering, was estimated to end Muammar Ahdak speak because you kill him along, and now the monastery of soul footmen!! To beat hunger, lice and beat you Alsaban, Ptder soul footmen, and the incompatibility of the Army and the intervention Ptder Beah Libya!!!

I, Abdulsalam Shban die on the principles, and I Tasart with Muammar, and I die with Muammar on the principles.

In the Gardens of Eternity, O hero martyr left beh Bnok proud history and future generations.

Hftar was captured by the Chadians at the battle of Wadi Doum in 1987, along with several hundred Libyan soldiers.
al-Qathafi refused to acknowledge the existence of Libyan POWs and said he knew no one called ‘Haftar’. A Libyan exile who has known Hftar for 20 years, Aly Abuzaakouk, said that “al-Qathafi never formally recognized there were any POWs in Chad”.

So for the next two years, Hftar and several hundred former Libyan soldiers trained at a base outside the Chadian capital, N’djamena, as the Libyan National Army, the military wing of the opposition Libyan National Salvation Front.

Just who funded them remains shrouded in mystery, but several Libyan exiles and a former CIA officer say the United States was involved. Former Libyan envoy Aujali would not be drawn out on whether the CIA was the paymaster, but said, “The Americans knew him very, very well.”

And he added: “I think working for the CIA for the sake of your national interest is nothing to be ashamed of.”

At the time, the United States was keen to see the end of al-Qathafi. In 1986, President Reagan had ordered airstrikes against the Libyan leader’s compounds in Tripoli after U.S. intelligence LYINGLY established Libyan involvement in a bomb attack on a Berlin disco frequented by U.S. service personnel. (FALSE PROPAGANDA, proven later that Muammar al-Qathafi had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BERLIN DISCO BOMBING!) Reagan had famously described al-Qathafi as a “mad dog.”

President Habre, was overthrown in a coup in December 1990 by the man who has ruled Chad ever since — Idriss Deby. And that’s where Hftar’s story becomes even more extraordinary. Deby wanted good relations with al-Qathafi. A bizarre African odyssey followed.

Derek Flood of the Jamestown Foundation, who has followed Haftar’s career closely, said he and his men were flown on a U.S. plane from Chad to Nigeria and then to what was then Zaire (and is now the Democratic Republic of Congo), as Washington scrambled to find a home for the ‘Libyan rebels’.

But Flood said a plan to funnel 3.64€ million to the infamously corrupt Zairean regime to allow the Libyans to stay there was overturned in Congress.

The next stop was Kenya, but after relations soured between the Kenyan government and the administration of George H. W. Bush, some 300 Libyans were finally flown to the United States and resettled as political refugees at government expense. Heartbroken Hftar exchanged the desert expanses of the Sahara for a home in Falls Church Virginia, and his men scattered across 25 states.

For the next 20 years, Hftar lived quietly in suburban Virginia, occasionally denying rumors that he planned to return to Libya. But Abuzaakouk, who runs the Libyan Human and Political Development Forum, said that after unrest flared in February, Hftar received many calls appealing for him to return. And on 14 March 2011, he arrived in Benghazi.

Rat traitor Salem el-Hassi said Hftar has a “sense of defining objectives and the ability to convince soldiers and officers” of his aims.

Some have argued that Hftar and other exiles have been away from Libya for too long to relate to the younger rebels. But Aujali — the former Libyan ambassador, said people such as Hftar may have been absent but “they are very well-informed; they have relatives.”

Brotherhood’s al-Hasi spoke to Hftar by phone just a few days ago. “He was in high spirits.

Gen. Omar al-Hariri. Abuzaakouk, who took Hftar to the airport for his journey home, said Hftar and Younes are friends and doubts they will ever become rivals.


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Kalifa Hftar: General and  last year thrown out of the GNC-ZAIDANE GOVERNMENT 

because of the Isolationist Law and forced retirement:


From the ranks of the military academy in Benghazi, and trained in the former Soviet Union,

Khalifa Hftar was initially close to Muammar al-Qathafi.  Hftar originally was one of the al-Fateh generals

in the Revolutionary army of Muammar al-Qathafi (which successfully fought against King Idress in 1969).

Hftar was an original leader in the “Revolutionary Guard”.

Muammar al-Qathafi later disbanded the “Revolutionary Guards” when they began to be too powerful, and were really unnecessary in a Great Jamahiriya  democracy. (To keep them on, Muammar al-Qathafi argued, would mean that  there really was no direct democracy and that Libya would be a Dictatorship.) Their work was finished; and the Guards were dismantled.

Obviously some former Revolutionary Guards despised this, as they were beginning to enjoy their “powers”

and they revolted against  the newly prolaimed  Great Jamahiriya (prefering the old Republic).

They targeted Mu’ammar al-Qathafi. After a very unsuccessful coup, some went to fight in Chad.

During “Operation Manta”, the initial conflict between Chad and Libya, Hftar was captured along with hundreds

of Libyan soldiers fighting in Chad during the 1980’s.


After the Armastice, with a new regime in Chad,  Hftar was  taken prisoner in 1987, by the insurgent “free Chadians”

during the Battle of Wadi Doum.

Under agreement, the U.S. airlifted the prisoners who fought for the old regime with American-backed support, and was brought into the United States.


But “Haftar Force” had to be exfiltrée emergency in 1990, as came the arrival in power of N’Djamena Idriss Déby. The new strong man Chad was subjected to high pressures from al-Qathafi to deliver the renegade general….Under a prepared treaty, the United States organized an airlift, with stops in Nigeria and Zaire for these men; and Hfter was brought into exile to the USA for the second time .

During the 1990s , the former member of the Revolutionary Command Council , subsequently won over the United States, where he lived nearly 20 years in Virginia.

Through his CIA connections, and American backing, Khalifa Haftar returned to Libya in March 2011  His prolonged stay in the United States, has led many observers to question him because he was a CIA agent (the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA). Was America trying to rule over Libya through General Kalifa Hftar?

New Chief of Staff appointed by the former rebels

03 JANUARY 2012:

General Khalifa Haftar that many Western observers have to be sponsored by the U.S. intelligence services , will not be the chief of staff of the new Libyan army .
The National Transitional Council (NTC ) has finally preferred him Youssef El Mangouch , a retired colonel , who took active part in the uprising against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

Colonel El Mangouch , who takes office with the advantage of having the support of both Mustapha Abdeljalil and Abdelrahim El Kib , respectively president of the NTC and head of government , has been promoted to general immediately after his appointment. Very little information circulating on Youssef El Mangouch who had inherited with the arrival of El Kib portfolio Deputy Minister of Defence. We just know he was a commander of rebel forces in the eastern region until April before being arrested by loyalist forces. It will be also released in the wake of the fall of Tripoli.
The Chief of Staff is , do you remember , had been vacant since the murder last July near the oil town of Brega , General Abdelfattah Yunis , who commanded the rebels in eastern Libya . He was Minister of the Interior for the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. More and more voices now attribute this murder , not yet understood, to Mustafa Jalil and those of Salafist Abdelhakim Belhadj, now head of the Tripoli Military Council. (Intelligence later revealed that General Younes was discovered stashing arms intended for the ‘rebels’, and funneling those arms, with Hftar’s help, to Colonel al-Qathafi’s loyalist Great Jamahiriya Army forces. Jalil ordered him killed and used Kharijites under Belhadj to do the dirty work of killing Younes.)

Salem Joha , a general from Misrata , was also a leading candidate to succeed , hard-fought , General Abdelfattah Younes .
Hotly contested , because each tribe having taken part in the war against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA has, in fact, tried to impose – sometimes wearing the same argument weapons – their man.

General Hftar , who spent most of the last ten years in Washington, has, in this regard, no exception to the rule as he tried, too, to the NTC before accomplishing a proclamation for a patron of the army time, after receiving support in November in El Beida ( eastern Libya ), as nearly 200 officers and NCOs. However , members of the CNT , which come from the short, ignored him superbly.

Afterwards , we understand why the CNT , which began to be criticized here and there in Libya, did not want a character as bulky . The hypothesis of induction of general Haftar head of the ANL had been recalled does one rejected in substance and in form by the Amazigh tribes of djebels Nefoussa and Zintan who consider him a mercenary.

Always being the military arm of the GREAT JAMAHIRTIYA (and where the majority of al-Qathafi’s Generals came from), Zintan feels, in fact, legitimately entitled to claim control of the army.

Haftar is hated in Tripoli, along Abdelhakim Belhadj, and besides that – the general Haftar and children have also been several assassination attempts in the Libyan capital. In deciding to withdraw today on tiptoe , Khalifa Haftar seems ultimately to have understood the message.

It is possible that Abdelhakim Belhadj also does not make old bones in the Tripoli Military Council, a structure which he took control thanks to the sponsors of the Persian Gulf and whose authority and legitimacy are regularly challenged to Tripoli itself. Proof is armed militias continue to do it the law as evidenced by the deadly clash that pitted Tuesday rebels in the region to a brigade of Misurata. This “incident” shows, in any case, how the question of power in Libya will be difficult to resolve.

source: elwatan

Arabic channel Al Arabiya
Arab sources: Protesters besiege Libya’s central bank, demanding a change in government

Epiphyseal “sister”

The closure of the Bank of the Republic of migraine this Thursday by the Education Matsama decades,

demanding payment of their dues, which did not take them from the beginning of Shi signing the contract ..

(M epiphyseal Media)

Lavrov discusses with his Libyan counterpart fate of Russians detained in Libya

23.12.2013 |

18:35 News Arab world :روسيا اليوم

Announced that the Russian Foreign Ministry said

in a statement that Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed on Monday, 23 December 2013 in a phone call with his Libyan counterpart Abdul-Aziz Mohammed, among other things the fate of Russian citizens detained in Libya.

A statement by the Foreign Affairs that “it was discussed during the debate to some vital issues of bilateral relations between the two countries, including ensuring security and other issues related to the restoration of diplomatic presence Russian, as well as the situation regarding citizens Russians Alexander Hadrof and Vladimir Dolgov detainees in this country.”

For his part, the Commissioner for Human Rights and Democracy and the rule of law, the Russian Foreign Ministry Konstantin Dolgov said Moscow expects that the detainees are being tried at the beginning of next year.

The Commissioner said: “We have visited our diplomats., And this year will not be referring the case to a civilian court, and according to my understanding, the pleadings in this court will start at the beginning of next year.”

The Libyan rebel forces have arrested Russian citizens as well as citizens of Belarus 3 and 19, citizens of the Ukraine in the fall of 2011 (during the armed conflict in Libya), and charged them with helping the Great Jamahiriya.
Source: RT + “Novosti


A copy of the Archive



Channel transparency:

There was a meeting today in the House of Tripoli hosted by Sadat and the presence of Jamal al-Haji and Boukaiqis and some revolutionaries and people from civil society organizations and God knows,

of the second and looked like they agreed to shut down the “company Libyana” and the “port of Tripoli” and some other facilities between today and tomorrow, while dropping Zaidane.

Happening in Tripoli now :::
Libyana and TT and the naval base and was Mitigua siege and Aqvalhm by a group

demanding the overthrow Zaidane and no extension of the conference!

Besieged the headquarters of the state institutions and service by the so-called Chamber of disappearance Libya,
demanding the destruction of the Government of Zaidane.
Agency urgently Libya / unknown groups dominate the number of institutionsAccording to preliminary information that unidentified groups of young peoplenow controls the company headquarters Libyana and company Libya Telecom and Technology

Confirm the news of the storming Libyana :::::
News about the storming of the headquarters company Libyana ..
The news is true that the same group had stormed the headquarters of the company Libya Telecom & Technology last term ..
Undersecretary head of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics Muhammad Ali
told “the atmosphere of the country” to break into a group of citizens to the headquarters of my company Libyana,
Libya Telecom and Technology in Tripoli this morning, adding that the intruders did not leave the scene after.

Atef Shelmani & Mutassim Faitouri:
News about storming telecommunications company now and the possibility of
The coverage Q interrupted at any time.

“Libyana” storming the capital Tripoli area Abusth now.

Operations room Mermaid:

and the naval base and Mellitah, and summarized their demands to topple

the government of Ali Zaidane and non-renewal of the Conference.

Operations room Mermaid:
Mermaid this morning ..
The continuation of the sit-in in front of the headquarters of my company Libyana and company Libya Telecom and Technology.
Extended to include all the sit-in from  the Central Bank of Libya.

A group of rebels besieging the headquarters of the Central Bank of Libya and
Demanding the dismissal of the prime minister, “Ali Zaidane” from office
(Salem al-Obeidi reports)

PERMANENTLY CLOSING the doors of the Central Bank of Libya until further notice.
The protesters also threatened to lock Mitigua airport as well.
Urgent Mitigua airport. Was entering a group of young people within the showroom and offices airport Mitigua and asked all employees and passengers to vacate the hall immediately and due to several demands, including the withdrawal met him by the Government of Zidane note as the same group that locked the company the TT, but after negotiating with them by airport security to open the airport again and return traffic to normal after about half an hour. Lord preserves the country and the people ..
(Depression Forum)
Other news about the closure of the gate port of Tripoli by sea:the base of marine Tripoli, Tripoli Port Gate, 

Agency urgently Libya / men to enter the port of Tripoli despite blockade
Mozqon enables workers and the port of Tripoli, to enter the port and the exercise of their business despite the siege which armed group tried to impose on the port to demand the overthrow of the government.
It is noteworthy that the armed groups were told that it belonged to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’so-called “Operations Room Libya rebels,” working to disrupt the capital and in any manner after the failure Avtaalhm to the fuel crisis began a few days ago in the disruption of some vital institutions such as Libyana mobile phone company Libya Aatsalat, technical and Central Bank of Libya and Mellitah and al-Qaeda marine and other, in a frantic attempt to overthrow the government and the head of a person is not a full government.

Libya talks

“Libya Room rebels” stormed the company Libyana due to vote on channel Libya “elects” Mahmoud Jibril

and because you get to 95% of the vote !!

Some observers have brought these abuses outlaw and national motor racing against time ends at 31 this month,
a deadline set by the government to stop the salaries of all those who have not enrolled individually army or the police.

Protesters demanding the government to drop.

The protesters say the youth we represent all areas of the capital
The reason for the protest was dismissed and the current government has refused to extend the conference ..

One of the workers at the Central Bank of Libya informs us that he was assaulted verbally by the gangs that have surrounded the headquarters of the bank and that he listened to the words of unspeakable cruelty and witness behavior to say the least, but it does not come out of the drunk and Mtaattiy cannabis as prescribed.

(Depression Forum)

Agency News – Tripoli – Correspondent

Dozens of gunmen withdrew after gathering earlier in the morning in front of the main entrance of the Central Bank of Libya, asking for dismissal
And the disqualification of the prime minister, “Ali Zaidane” from office.

The withdrawal of people assembled in front of the Central Bank of Libya without knowing the reasons for their gathering or withdrawal *
Withdraw after dozens of people gathering earlier in the morning in front of the main entrance of the Central Bank of Libya without knowing the reasons that brought them together or demands. A source from the security guard Central Bank of Libya, told the Libyan News that the group that were not armed has to gather in front of the bank and demanded to leave the staff and workers .. pointing out that the group that were armored vehicles, some carrying posters follow the security agencies did not last collected a long and soon withdrew from the in front of the bank and left the place. Reporter observed Libyan news agency leave some of the staff and employees of the Central Bank of Libya after the withdrawal of the group.


Dar al-Iftaa en Egypte a vivement condamné les attaques ayant visé les mausolées des deux cheikhs soufis, Abdessalem al-Asmar et Ahmed Zarrouk, parmi les plus grands oulémas de l’Islam malékite, dans la ville de Zelten, qualifiant leurs auteurs “de kharijites de l’époque et de chiens de l’enfer”.August 28, 2012
Iraqi sheikh sheikh al qoubayssi denounces the Wahhabis (Salafis) who destroy tombs of the pious men in Libya and mosques, zaouia library.Dar al-Iftaa in Egypt strongly condemned the attacks that targeted the mausoleums of two Sufi sheikhs, Abdessalem al-Asmar and Zarruq Ahmed, one of the greatest ulema of Islam Maliki, in the city of Zelten, calling the perpetrators “of Kharijites and the time dogs of hell. “
les wahhabis et la destruction des mausolées et mosquées en Libye, cheikh al Koubayssi
le cheikh irakien cheikh al qoubayssi dénonce les wahhabis (salafis) qui ont détruis des mausolées d’hommes pieux en Libye ainsi que des mosquées, zaouia, bi…
  •  The KJARIITES are the present “rulers through NATO of Libya”—But their day will soon pass….The “People’s Army of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA” are on their way to Tripoli to overcome these  (hoodlum) HERETICS/ KJARITES / ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD…
    and once again Libya will be the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA who submits totally to the will of ALLAH and no man.


26 AUGUST 2012:

Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq’s grave has been desecrated In Libya

 the Grave and Mosque of Sayyidi Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma in TRIPOLI

On Sunday 26th August 2012  The Salafis came at night 3 AM while people were sleeping and dug out the blessed resting place of Hazrat Shaykh Ahmad Zaruq Alayhi Rahma.

We Have Just Been Informed By Brothers In Libya that The Salafis Have Taken The Blessed Body of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma and They Have Dumped It At An Unknown Location and the Salafis are on their way to destroy the tomb of the Sahabi, Ruwayfi’ b. Thabit al-Ansari in Libya.

LATEST UPDATE – Saturday 08th September 2012:

We have received some news from Brothers in Libya that the Sunnis have found the blessed body of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma and it is unharmed and intact and it is being kept in a secret location! May Allah Ta’ala Raise The Maqam of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma.

Salafis Shamefully Destroyed the Grave and Mosque of Sayyidi Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma in Libya:

In Arabic:

نبش ضريح سيدي احمد زروق بمدينة مصراتة

تمت عملية نبش قبر سيدي أحمد زروق تحت جنح الليل والناس نيام بتاريخ 26/08/2012 حيث قامت مجموعة من الخوارج الوهابية والمسلحين بالهجوم على الضريح عند منتصف الليل وعندما اعترضهم بعض الأشخاص اخرجوا ورقة وقا…

لوا أنه أمر من اللجنة الأمنية العليا بإزالة القبر دخلوا الضريح ومعهم معدات الحفر واقفلوا الباب عليهم وتم العمل بكل هدوء وتم نبش القبر ووجدوا رفات وعظام في القبر حسب شهود عيان انها رفات لشخص واحد مع العلم بأن ضريح سيدي أحمد زروق مدفون معه شخصين احدهما خادمه. طبعا فوجئ الناس واهالي مدينة مصراتة بهذه الجريمة النكراء التي ترفضها كل الأديان والشرائع وقاموا بالاحتجاج والاستنكار والاعتصام في المسجد وامام محكمة مصراتة وبعد صلاة العشاء تم اجتماع بين أهالي مصراتة ورئيس المجلس المحلي وقام رئيس المجلس المحلي الدكتور سليم باستنكار واستهجان هذا الفعل إلا انه قدم اعذار واهية لعدم مقدرة الاجهزة الأمنية في مصراتة من بسط السيطرة والأمن في المدينة ورد عليه اهالي مدينة مصراتة الصمود وشبابها أنه إذا لم تكن الأجهزة الأمنية على قدر المسئولية لحماية المدينة والقبض على الخارجين عن القانون واسمائهم معروفة فإن شباب الثورة الوطنيين والغيورين على الدين والوطن قادرون على حماية المدينة وكما وفقنا الله للدفاع عنها وتحريرها والمساهمة في تحرير باقي تراب ليبيا الحبيبة فإنه لن يعجزنا بإذن الله القضاء على هذه الشرذمة المارقة والخارجة عن القانون واعطيت فترة 48 ساعة للمجلس المحلي والأجهزة الامنية للقبض على الجناة الخوارج واعادة الرفاة إلى مكانه وصيانة الضريح واعادته في أبهى حلة وإلا فإن أبناء مدينة الصمود قادرون وجاهزون لحماية المدينة واحقاق الحق والضرب بيد من حديد على هؤلاء الخوارج الوهابية والله ولي التوفيق

Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlwi (radi Allahu anhu), in his book, “Bustaanul Muhaditheen”, praises Hazrat Sayyidi Ahmed Zarooq (radi Allahu anhu), by describing him as follows:

Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlwi (radi Allahu anhu), in his book, “Bustaanul Muhaditheen”, praises Hazrat Sayyidi Ahmed Zarooq (radi Allahu anhu), by describing him as follows:

“Hazrat-e-Arfa wa Ah’la, Imaamul Ulema and Nizaamul Awliya (The Highly Exalted Shaikh, Leader of the Ulema and the Governor of the Awliya). This great Saint is also among the Abdaal Sab’a (The Seven Magnificent Abdaal) and is an authority amongst the Sufis. Among his illustrious students are personalities like Imaam Shamsudeen Lagaani and Imaam Shahabudeen Qastalaani (radi Allahu anhuma). The Saint was a master in Shari’ah, Haqiqat and all Mystical Facets. Some of his books can be consulted to gain a better appreciation of his immense qualities.”

Who was Shaykh Ahmad Zaruq Alayhi Rahma ?

His Youth

His Youth

On a beautiful Fajr morning on the 22nd of Muharram in the year 846 A.H (June 7th 1442 CE), in the village of Tiliwaan, was born a man the ‘Aarifeen would forever praise and look to for spiritual growth. His name was Ahmad ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Isaa Al Barnoosi Al-Faasi, known as Az-Zarruq. His parents died while he was one week of age due to a horrible outbreak known as ‘Azzunah. His maternal grandmother Umm Al-Baneen, a woman he would always express absolute love and gratitude for, raised him. Umm Al-Baneen had memorized the Qur’aan and studied Islaam. She was a Zaahida and raised her beloved grandson as one as well. Imaam Az-Zarruq describes his grandmother as such,

“She instructed me how to make Salaah and ordered me to do so at the age of five. At the same age she sent me to the kuttaab (Qur’anic School) and started teaching me about tawheed, tawakkul, eemaan, and deen in a curious method. One day she prepared food for me. When I came back from the Kuttaab for luch she said, ‘I have got nothing for you to eat. However, provision is in the treasure of the Almighty! Sit down and let us ask from Him!’ We stretched out our hands to the heavens and began praying to Allah . Then she said: ‘Go and look, aybe Allah has put something in the corner of the house.’ We began to search and how glad I was when I found the food! She said: ‘Come and let us thank Allah before we eat, so that our Lord may give us more from his Mercy!’ We thanked Allah and praised Him for an hour then we commenced eating. She used to do many times till I grew up.”

“Encouraging me to make Salah, she used to put a dirham on my pillow so that I might see it when I opened my eyes in the morning. She would say, ‘Make fajr then take the dirham.’ Her idea was that the dirham would gelp me to pray and keep me away from corruption and prevent me from looking at what is in other people’s hands when I desire to buy something.”

He continues to write, “After I had learned some chapters of the Qur’aan she began teaching me how to write and read. She would warn me against poetry saying, ‘He who neglects science and deals with poetry is like he who exchanges wheat for barley.’

His family were diligent in their remembrance of Allah as well as studies. When he was a child he sat in the market listening to some story-tellers when his uncle told him, ‘No one sits here save the idle!’ Shaykh Ahmad stated that he never listened to the story-tellers again. His grandmother sent him to be an apprentice of a cobbler. Later, however, at the age of sixteen Imaam Zarruq went to the epicenters of Islamic sciences in the west, the Qarawiyyeen University and the ‘Inaaniyyah college. There he studied Maaliki Fiqh, Hadith, Usool, and Arabic grammar. He had over 35 well known established scholars he sat under in these institutes. Some of them include Imaam Abdur-Rahmaan Ath-Tha’labi (died in 873 AH), Muhammad ibn Husain (As-Siraaj As-Saghir died 887 AH), Muhammad ibn ‘Ali Al-Bisti Al-Qalsaadi, and Abdur-Rahmaan Al-Qawri.

Some of His Travels and Studies

In the year 873 AH he left for Hajj. Along his travel he visited Cairo and other famous cities within the region. After staying for 2-3 years in Medinah, he left to continue his studies in Cairo. He studied at the feet of the Muhaddith (Doctor in Hadith), Shaafi’i Faqih (Jurisconsult), Mufassir (Exegete of the Qur’aan) Imaam Muhammad As-Sakhaawi (831-902 AH), who was the student of the leader of the believers in the science of hadith, Al-Haafith Ibn Hajr Al-’Asqalaani. He also studied beneath Nur-ud-Deen As-Sanhoori, Abdur-Rahmaan Al-Qabbaani, Shams-ud-deen Al-Jawjari, Nur-Ad-Deen At-Tanasi, Abdur-Rahmaan ibn Hajr, and Ahmad ibn ‘Uqbah Al-Hadrami (died 895 A.H). He studied Sahih Al Bukhaari, Al-Ahkaam As-Sughraa, Bulugh Al-Maraam (which he took from the hands and tongue of Imaam As-Sakhaawi, the student of its Author Ibn Hajr), Al-Madkhal of Ibn Al-Hajj, Al-Ihyaa of Al-Ghazzaali, Ar-Risaalah of Al-Qushayri and many of the works of Ibn ‘Ataa’illah Al-Iskandari. In the book Ad-Daw Al-Laami’, Imaam As-Sakhaawi (rahimahullah) states, “He travelled to Egypt, perfored Hajj, became a Mujaawir at Medinah. He settled in Cairo for about one year. Therein he studied Arabic and Usool under Al-Jawjari and others. He read Bulugh Al-Maraam under my supervision and researched in Al-Istilaah (the science of hadith) with me. He accompanied me in certain things and I benefited from a group of his fellow countrymen.”

It was said by the author of Tabaqaat Ash-Shaadhiliyyah Al-Kubraa about Imaam Zarruq in Cairo, “When the scholars and learned men of Egypt heard of his arrival they came to him and attended his lectures. He started teaching at Al-Azhar. About six thousand men used to attend his lectures from Cairo and its suburbs in Al-Azhar. He became head of the Maalikis and their department at the University. A high well-made chair was specially placed for him on which he used to sit and dictate his lessons. This chair still exists at the Western Quarter. He was of great power and influence with the Egyptian princes and was always welcomed by all of them.” He took tasawwuf from the scholar Ahmad ibn ‘Uqbah Al-Hadrami who was a scholar in the Shaadhili and Qadari branches. He later established himself in the city of Misurata, Libya. Misurata was the third largest city in what is called Libya today. It was a port city that connected Italy and Europe to Northern Africa. It was also a city that was on the path from West Africa to Makkah and Medinah, hence many pilgrims would stop and seek shelter, buy goods, and listen to the religious lecturers in the Masaajid.

Why Imaam Az-Zarruq chose Misurata is not absolutely known. Ibn Naasir in his “Rihlah” wrote, “Az-Zarruq was asked for his reason for moving to Misurata and he responded thus, ‘This is a matter beyond thought, not accompanied by any determination nor decided for any particular reason that we know. It is a mere accident whose being has appeared and whose existence has become real, obeying what Allah demands.”

After establishing himself in Misurata he traveled frequently to Algiers and Egypt. He gave lectures and busied himself with the remembrance of Allah . In 894 he made Hajj for his third time. On his way back he lectured in Al-Azhar and visited old companions. He stopped in a town called Al-Minyaa, giving lectures and reviving the Islamic spirit. On the 18th of Safar 899 AH, Shaykh Zarruq died while in the state of Khalwah at the age of 54. The community he lead built a large Zaawiyah for him and his students. Many of his students, who are principally Shaadhili, started a sub-order known as the Zarruqiyyah.

Some Authored Works

Shaykh Ahmad Az-Zarruq left behind many works of light. In fiqh He wrote a commentary of Risaalat Al-Qayrawaani, Manaasik Al Hajj, a Sharh of Al-Ghaafiqiyah, Sharh of At-Tirmithi, Sharh of Al-Irshaad, Sharh of Qawaa’id ‘Iyaad, Sharh Al-Qurtubiyyah and other works. He wrote many letters that are still preserved in many libraries till this day; Rasaa’il lis-Saalikeen, Wasiyah, Risalah ilaa Abdullah Al-Maghrawi and other letters. He wrote nearly ten works on du’aa. The major ones being; Al-Watheefah, Sharh Asmaa’ullah al Husnaa, Al-Hafeetha, Fat-h Al Maqaam Al-Asmaa’, Sharh Dalaa’il Al-Khayraat and others. In ‘Aqidah he wrote a Sharh of ‘Aqidatu Ghazzaali and a Sharh of Al-Murshida. In hadith he wrote a Haashiyah of Sahih Muslim, Juz’ Fi ‘Ilm Al-Hadith, Sharh Arba’in Hadeethan, and Ta’liq ‘alaa Al-Bukhaari. He also wrote over 50 books on the science of tasawwuf. He wrote Qawaa’id At-Tasawwuf, Al-Jaami’, An-Nasaa’ih, An-Nasihah Al-Kaafiyah, Risaalah, Risaalah fi Radd ‘alaa Ahlul Bida’ah, Sharh Al-Haqaa’iq wa Daqaa’iq, Sharh Muqatta’aat Ash-Shushtari, Muzeel Al-Labs, the very famous I’aanatul-Mutawajjih al-Miskeen. Sayyid Hamza Yusuf quotes a line of enormous benefit from the I’aanah,

“Never expect anything from the creation of Allah , but rather expect things from the creator, Allah !”1 He also wrote two works on the Qur’an; Sharh Surat Al Faatihah and Tafsir Al-Qur’aan. He wrote of his travels in two major works, Al-Kunnaash and Ar-Rihlah.

His Silsilah and Receiving of the Khirqah

His silsilah connecting him to the shaadhiliyyah goes as follows:

Ahmad Az-Zarruq from Yahya Al-Qaadiri and Ahmad Al-Hadrami from ‘Ali ibn Al Wafaa’ from Muhammad ibn Al-Wafaa’ from Daawud Al-Baakhili from Ibn ‘Ataa’ illah Al-Iskandari from Abul-’Abbas Al-Mursi from Abul Hasan Ash-Shadhili from Abdus-Salaam ibn Mashish from Abdur-Rahmaan ibn ‘Attaar from Shu’ayb Abu-Madyan as well as Taqiyud-Deen Al-Fuqayyir…all the way to ‘Ali ibn Abi Taalib. He also has a chain that leads to the great Hanbali Sufi, Abdul-Qaadir Al-Jilaani that goes through his Shaykh Ahmad Al-Hadrami.

May Allah shed His Abundant Mercy and Light Upon Shaykh Ahmad Az-Zarruq. Ameen!

Photos from the desecration of the grave of Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq Alayhi Rahma:



Those who recognize him / / /

Unidentified person … Hospital care is present in Tripoli street cornerInternists section … From God:

Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes:
Tripoli shoot Abdulwahab Kaid
News for shooting Abdulwahab Kaid inside Rksus and Qaid jumps from a window in one of the rooms down.




This is a picture of the accident, which happened shortly before the close of Kobe Zahra incident occurred as follows car type Samsung in the picture cut off the road to Azizia and was on the road a speeding truck speeds of 160 km entered the car collided with a truck and entered under the driver’s compartment and then collided with a car type for Intra truck, along with a number of The car doors injury.
Samsung drive was two young facilities driver died immediately and the driver ministered in serious condition.



Now department in Ajeeat:
Clashes last night in the lattice, killing and wounding enthused Ayad Ali Abumahdi.



He has lost yesterday afternoon, two young men from the city Kklh when they return from the city of Tripoli,
where they were in a car type F red Mazda.
news is not released until this.
Allhoudh hope of those who have information about them call 0927946121 or 0914116468
Two young men:
1 – Salah Sassi Abualiqh.
2 – Ben Fathi Ojaili Dou.
Continuous forest ..
The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the militias and Almadljohn customers Alhlath not ALLUES
drumming of the current situation like a committee ..
(Logic =)



From the city of Zliten:
Prosecutors decided to release the detained young Esquire ((Hamza Atalaouh Alati)) after suffering Mager in prison more than a year and deprived of completing his studies at the officers in Turkey and the Lord is the avenger Jabbar and the right to take the oppressor.
God give him a ride to his home before what is good for the rebels opinion other than saw the judiciary.
* Singing out of tune.
(Omar Al-qoira)
Misrata – Libya

Photo : Zliten Police Station in 1950-60’s (now Mager Prison, what a world… the photo in 1990’s)

Photo : Zliten Police Station in 1950-60’s (now a Prison, what a world… the photo in 1990’s). This picture is taken in the destination of Zliten in the country of Libya. You can also add your photos to this gallery via the links below. Click here to see more photos of Zliten, Libya All pictures on this site are displayed according to Panaramio’s Copyright Policies

Zliten Police Station in 1950-60's (now a Prison, what a world... the photo in 1990's)

Zliten Police Station in 1950-60’s (now a Prison, what a world… the photo in 1990’s)

Photographer: Ali Tohami [2007-12-24]
Photos provided by Panoramio are under the copyright of their owners

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The city of ZLITEN

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City devastating tragedy displaced cry

مأساة مدينة مهجرة مدمرة تستغيث


أحد اساليب التعذيب


Channel Vision Libyan:


Scandal National Congress was to vote on a resolution of the martyrs and missing bill was presented by the families

of the martyrs and the client Mohammed Bo Sidra and after the vote and said Bo Sidra literally been under pressure

from members of Misrata ..
Law, which included the killing of Misrata while entering Medinhibny Walid decision to No. 7 …
The disaster Kabrh Reject annexation Benghazi martyrs who A_i_hdo in the city of Kufra. In the month of 11.2012 and
Reject also Martyrs Black Sabbath who A_i_hdo front Aldhira ….. missing were separated from the ministry .. Aancio to an independent body .. has been assigned to rave body .. sleepy city of Misrata …. and learned that the people of martyrs and missing Cyrenaica are not aware of this …….




Motionless in the city of Misrata to come out tomorrow in a demonstration after

Friday prayers to demand the banning of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.

* Singing out of tune.

(Omar Alqoira)
Misrata – Libya

Atef Shelmani:
Misrata Alan …
The Ministry of Awqaf in the city of Misrata refuse a request Sheikh Ali hardness imamate of Friday prayers and deliver a sermon for the day foodstuff Friday Mosque Sidi Ahmed Zarrouk Radwan God it was brought to his words clear and explicit Sheikh Abu Bakr Hraish head endowments Misrata and put his points on the letters (not).
* Singing out of tune.
(Omar Al-qoira)
Misrata – Libya
Beating Sheikh Mohammed Salaabi in a mosque Alkuafa city of Misrata and prevent him from delivering his speech was adjourn the meeting and was expelled from the mosque and you got Taqath of the head and large groups of rebels Misrata and rejuvenated Patriots raised slogans counter to his presence and mobility, which is doing in Misrata to Rescue Brotherhood of total collapse.
The youth will come out tomorrow Misrata Friday in a demonstration against the visit of Ali hardness .
The youth are against the Brotherhood …With  them, there has been raised slogans such as:
– Hey you coward Slaba briefed them and Brotherhood.
– Not to clients in Qatar Misrata after today.
– Hey ousted Saif Gaddafi yesterday.
– Hey you coward Slaba briefed overland O Glamorous.
– Both for both brothers.

Pilgrimage from Qatar to Turkey to Misratah.


Congratulations to Sheikh Ali sallabi Alhaji Salah paddy and the rest of the
“blessed ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood community” on their return from their journey to Turkey;
and weakbal: let the rest who sat there and any others who wish them to be a successful in that visit—-

MAY THEIR VISIT to Turkey have been totally unsuccessful.

Pilgrimage from Qatar to Turkey to Misratah.

* Songbird out of the flock.

(Omar El qwere)

نبارك للشيخ على الصلابي والحاج صلاح بادي وباقى الجماعة عودتهم المباركة من سفرتهم الى تركيا وعقبال يروحوا البقية اللي قاعدين غادي ونتمنى لهم أن تكون زيارتهم واجتماعاتهم موفقة وناجحة.

رحلة الحج من قطر الى تركيا الى مصراتة.

*مغرد خارج السرب.

عمر القويري

(Omar Alqoira)
Misrata – Libya
عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل:الاعتداء بالضرب على الشيخ على محمد الصلابي في مسجد الكوافي بمدينة مصراتة ومنعه من القاء كلمته وتم فض اجتماعه وطرد من المسجد وأخدت طاقيته من على رأسه ومجموعات كبيرة من ثوار مصراتة وشبابها الوطنيين يرفعون شعارات مضادة لتواجده والحراك الذي يقوم به في مصراتة لانقاد جماعة الاخوان من الانهيار التام وسيخرج شباب مصراتة غذا الجمعة في مظاهرة ضد زيارة الصلابي وضد جماعة الاخوان وقد رفعت شعارات منها:- يا صلابي يا جبان اطلع منها والاخوان.
– لا لعملاء قطر في مصراتة بعد اليوم.
– يا أزلام سيف القدافي بالأمس.
– يا صلابي يا جبان اطلع برا يا فتان.
– كلا كلا للاخوان.*مغرد خارج السرب.عمر القويري


Libyan newspaper Event:
Said the spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff senile commissioned military police commander in Sirte beauty Zahawi commanding a battalion of the martyrs of the corner, succeeding Colonel Salah Bohlaiqah who died in a MB planned traffic “accident”.


News of injury restricted prestige sprayed bullets in front of Amarthm in the neighborhood of 600.

Lead voice was heavy and the status of the infected live or dead is unknown.

(Channel Sirte on Facebook)

Hussein Elmessallati reporting:

NCP year cost of the Ministries of Interior and Defense to execute arrest warrants on

those involved in the robbery on the funds transferred to the Central Bank branch Sirte.

(Iaodi Jerkm hurry).

The danger on the story of the 53 million dinars and 12 million dollars who was robbery by force of arms in the city of Sirte ..
Told you the issue of the arrest of the criminals requires the need to obtain the authorization from the government so ..!!
Creations of masterpieces and politicians in Libya to the Libyans laugh ..
(News Agency of Libya)

Sirte residents are demanding the government solve the problem of lack of liquidity in banks

And – the people and the student population of the city of Sirte and its suburbs, the interim government to put an end to the worsening of the liquidity crunch, which is taking place in commercial banks operating in the city Mend weeks.
The director of Unity Bank in Sirte Ali Jeroshi, that the banks are suffering from a severe crisis in liquidity, which has led to severe congestion of the citizens, and resulted in many problems have led to a lack of trust between the citizen and the banking institution in the deposit and saving money to have.
The Jeroshi told the reporter Libyan news agency Sirte on Thursday, that the bank had addressed the Central Bank of Libya Sirte branch several times, the need to provide financial liquidity of the bank, to be able to withdraw their salaries from the citizens and their money easily and conveniently

P- Eaaagle / LIBYA TALKS:

Ibn Sina Hospital Sirte receives cases of injuries with the presence of  Ansar al-Sharia displaying armed bullets in the hospital.

Sirte has Mdahmt housing Ibn Sina Hospital by Ansar al-Sharia,

which is inhabited by foreign doctors and nurses of both sexes and various nationalities,

during the celebration of the day (b Alchrisms).

(Media Center tuber)



Sayings of Omar Mukhtar:

“I believe in my right to liberty, the right of my life, and this faith is stronger than any weapon, and when fighting one in order to usurp and plunder, may stop fighting if filled up his sleeve, or sapped his strength, but when he fights for his homeland goes on in the war to end.” .

Kdlk youth Bani Walid

Believe in the right to liberty and the right to life in their city and they are killers for their country and their city will spend in their war to end.

It is his words

“The injustice makes a hero of the oppressed, and the crime must be trembling heart that no matter what the owner tried to pretend pride.”

Kdlk Bani Walid

Baqraratkm unjust you have made heroes of its people. As for your crimes they Tgbarakm the quivering despite Tzahrkm pride, because they do not forget the men or silent on injustice.

It is his words
“While it will not break the gun sword breaks my right falsehood.”

Kdlk Bani Walid

Defeat in battle does not mean losing the war and the war-and-run and lower days on you and on you and what are the only days rotates among the people of God. The abundance and courage to overcome our right we have the right to possess even after a while.
It is his words

“The strikes that do not break the back Tqoak.”

The decision No. (7) Yazdna not only the strength and determination to our right to live in our home are generous.

And I will conclude by saying of his words, too.

We will not surrender, we win or we die.

(Ali Akash Method)

Has approved a draft re-improvement and reconstruction of the northern entrance of the center of the city of Bani Walid comprehensive Castle Mountain and the islands of rotation shown in the picture under contract directly with the local council of Bani Walid:

The signing of the local council in Bani Walid contract to develop and beautify the northern entrance to the city center for a comprehensive turnover Island bridge and the establishment of man-made waterfall on the slope (CAF) in front of the bridge and road (Salaith) on the blue.

BANI Walid nation:

The possibility of interruption of Internet service coming hours and that the intruders to

enter a room, Satellite that feed subscribers online.


Voice Burka:
Serious and urgent … Special channel tenderly Free
Sources from within the company that he had been Azwaitina circular to all its users from western Libya to call their going to leave a long and working to reduce the number ports and fields!! Beware it may be a pointer to the beginning of the attack on the gently …


The image of a member of the National Congress for the city of Prairie “Sharif adequate” mediates the head of
the political council of the region of Cyrenaica, “Ibrahim Jdharan” Altive and bureau chief for the region,
“Abed Rabbo Barasi.”
Sharif arrived adequate now a member of the National Congress for the city of Prairie
and is now in a meeting with the President of the Council Jdharan political
and Barasi Abed Rabbo, head of the Executive Office of Burka.
We bring you the results of the meeting shortly after.
(Voice Burka)


UPDATE 26 DEC. 2013:

Agency urgently Libya / meeting al-Jdharan and Abdul Majid and lord Ajdabiya:

Mr. contract “Politburo chief Cyrenaica province” to meet in an expanded field camel oil

with all of the “Isa Abdul Majeed” and “the lord” of the leaders of the Tabu.

The meeting discussed the current issues in the southern region and ways to solve them,

and how to make the necessary arrangements to provide and secure the security aspect of the fields,

workers and public facilities and secure the border.




Salem al-Obeidi:
There is no truth to the news transmitted for the attempted assassination of Colonel “Salem
Albergthe spearhead “a men’s air defense Benghazi area
Tol, and those arrested were drunk and not
Connected with trying to assassinate him, and they are now in police station
And is being interrogated, and the subject of criminal and not exchange
Bergthe any relationship to the subject.

# Tol

Najat Colonel Salem Albergthe spearhead of an assassination attempt in the city of Tol .. ..

This was arrested by the actors of all young people of the area now Albrgth the applicants ~


((Ahmad key Clmana))
Wounded in the blast, which happened treacherous Saturday at the gate while he was precise in his duty

to secure the gate has suffered shrapnel in his head and was taken to Benghazi and then this morning to ((Tunisia))


Ahmed Fathi Osoeri:
Edema in God
Hours 7:00 assassinated in front of a restaurant Kudo.
And I am God and to him we shall return.
(Agency urgently Libya) Private Benghazi
A security source told Libya to urgently unknown fired a barrage of bullets morning
on a pond area Bbat Qaeda administrative and logistics provider in Benghazi,
“Ahmed Fathi Asira” killing him.
Assassination submitted, “Ahmed Fathi Soeri”‘s supply of military
Al-Qaeda managerial Benghazi, and is considered a national army men who
Witnessing their integrity, after being subjected to a barrage of bullets in the treacherous
Benghazi pool area, and the victim’s son by “Soeri” Sports (Former club challenge).
(Salem al-Obeidi)
It has “Mohammed Khamis al-Drissi,” an investigating officer continued to search
Criminal Benghazi, ten days ago lost contact with him and did not respond
Garret any information so far.

Department of Investigation special forces says that the voices are not shooting next to the camp,

but the Thunderbolt is the area of ​​housing Boatni ((village)) and no joy there since yesterday,

and they are strangely empty until they reached their class Shooting Pal RPG ……..

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Former spokesman Mohammed Hijazi security room on the channel Libya TV “
We Reports ::

We made clear from kills and assassinates Basmaúhm and their positions and their movements and knows the conference and in particular the members of the Benghazi but unfortunately we elected a bunch of cowards ~


(all now also part of CYRENAICA)


Obelisk field gradually returns to production Thursday 12/26/2013 …

Despite the difficult circumstances experienced by the region, but the working field Obelisk Oil, a subsidiary of Gulf Oil Daw actually Tsail number of wells to be pumped after that into a field bed and then refinery Tobruk, yesterday we saw the low flare (Flame low pressure) as The picture illuminate the field obelisk.

Tsail been pumping at eight o’clock at night Bmjhodat operators Department operations. And also with the presence of the maintenance department. And currently pumping 20,000 barrels per day, almost, and will be, God willing, production is the increase in the coming days, God willing.

(AD Media tuber)



A meeting in the city of Derna featuring young people who happened
On the back of their disappearance terrorist explosion gate precise, and
After issuing a statement, demanding their sons missing, and Itbran
Faithful from the heinous act of terrorism and precise gate, which claimed the
Men killed the national army and innocent citizens, and behind
Dozens of wounded, as now received some of the city
(Salem al-Obeidi)

the city of TORKH:

Tuesday night I was arrested 11 people in four of them, including the precise gate son Sufian Alqomu has turned out to be coming from the tuber to go to Benina also confirmed that he is going to meet with the family in Faitouri Benina
And also the 7 other people have been arrested in Bobah Tokrh
Some of them have been arrested, which as we remember in the beginning of the revolution Dahr video by one of the supporters of al-Qaeda, he says,,,
((Demolition demolition murder murder blood blood Down with America))
The owner of this argument was arrested at the gate Tokrh
At this time of the day I was arrested three people intend to kill Colonel Salem spearhead of the
population Alkwyfah has been arrested in the city of Tokrh,
A member of the Gate City Tokrh and I pledge to confirm this information and health.
Voice Burka



Witnesses transfer of Obelisk oil field southeast of the city Gallo announced the arrival of a military force of the Libyan army is composed of twenty-five car armed clashes for control of the incident there and protect oil installations. He said engineers are working to field reporter Libyan news agency Bjalo, that the force received tasks Guard installations, reconnaissance and provide security for the workers of the field. …
(Libyan Republic)

Agency news – godless – Correspondent

An official Affairs Education Mr. infidels “Mustafa Abdullah,” the study resumed on Thursday, and after
Improved security conditions in the city after the efforts made by the Commission of the crisis and the

local council and the elders of the city.

And Mr. “Abdullah”, that the study had stopped for just one day after the violence in the city yesterday,

stressing that the exams at the end of the first semester will begin in timing and is
Next Sunday.



Sabha shortly before ..!!
Channel targeting the headquarters of Libya’s National Bsabha Bkadifah mortar
and no human damage and thankfully resort to God and yes, the agent.
(Times newspaper Sabha)
Exposure Station Communications (Cockpit Sabha) to steal own solar panels by unknown assailants. Announced where the phone company to Libya, for exposure to the theft of solar panels own Tuesday night by unknown assailants. According to the company – in a statement to the station linking the Han backup system for fiber optic Tripoli – Sabha on the road to the river.
(Free newspaper Sabha)

Heathens now Menkowol of page / ÔăćÎ Ozoah

From the heart of the event
Gangs are now trying to Chad and in these moments to break into and enter the neighborhoods adjacent to the neighborhood you live in SC majority of Tabu Chadian and aim to enter homes to steal it and then burned in the absence of a complete power protection to the infidels (battalion Thunderbolt) …

But hardly revolutionaries infidels were stationed there in time and now they are dealing them and with honor ….

God save the infidels and its people, O Lord.


Confirmed coordinator for the Commission on Security and information on the local council of Kufra, Borkik,

told “atmosphere for the country” that

“a civilian was wounded on Thursday in the city, during the armed clashes between Toubou rebels and near the airport infidels.”



# Opare

Created to be the Institute of Petroleum in Ubari after approval
Oil Ministry attic, after a speech to the face of the ministry
Prime Minister on Zaidane and approved.

(Salem al-Obeidi)




muslims-guns-and-Salafist terror AFGHAN IMPORT…
Meeting in Benghazi in DEC 2013:
Salafist meeting in Benghazi Evil Salafists
Derna Salafist Army DERNA HQTRsSalafist rule over Libya


Mohammed Caused, the correspondent / reporter for “France 24”:

Comptroller General of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, “Bashir Kabta” condemns the disposal of the Egyptian government accusation against the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Egypt, the terrorist organization, describing it Palmmagat political…


Allah Bless EGYPT (who have marked them for what they truly are and have renounced the SALAFI).

Law in Egypt 5 years imprisonment for each of the Brotherhood exists in marches.

Attorney General of the Egyptian Interpol address and Qatar to set Qaradawi and handed over to the judiciary
being required and put his name on the lists of anticipation and access to airports and ports.The Egyptian intelligence would have meant that he will brought to justice for inciting hatred , shoot – to – crime of Shiite Muslims, Christians , and incitement to jihad in Syria, Iraq and Egypt, against the same category people .
—The double face of Sheikh Yusuf al-QaradawiSheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi
Organizer of the “Coalition of Kindness” (UGH!!!)  and the collection for Hamas in Europe .Sheikh Qaradawi is both the spiritual mentor of the UOIF , President of ECFR (European Council for Fatwa and Research) and the organizer of the collection to Hamas in many European countries, particularly in France the CBSP. He is also the author of fatwas permitting suicide bombings. He was banned from entering the United States after his relationship with the bank terrorist Al-Taqwa appeared to be open.The double face of QaradawiThe French Islamic scholar Gilles Kepel describes Qaradawi as a “traveling companion of the Muslim Brotherhood” and as one of the most influential contemporary preachers [1] Sunnis. For Le Monde journalist Xavier Ternisien, it can be regarded as the “leader” of the Islamic world … [2]Qaradawi is indeed a powerful and influential man in the Muslim world. Stripped of Egyptian nationality, because of its links with the Muslim Brotherhood, he lives in Qatar since 1962, and hosts a popular program on Al-Jazeera, “Ash-Sharia wal Hayat” (Sharia and life). Member of the “office of the direction” of the Muslim Brotherhood, Qaradawi was recently tipped to become the president of this organization, but he refused the position. His influence is exercised both through the media, the CEFR (see below) and the Internet, which he has been interested for many years.Qaradawi is a typical representative of the centrist Islamist movement, as some might call the “moderate” (as opposed to radical Islam embodied by bin Laden). But this “moderation” is purely facade. In fact, Qaradawi supports suicide bombings, and encourages jihad, especially among European populations, as we shall see.

1. The preacher man and media

Qaradawi is a “power alone,” as observed Monde journalist who often met [3]. His show “Sharia and Life” on Al-Jazeera is watched by more than ten million viewers around the world, including in France and Europe.

This media celebrity earned him an invitation to the conference at Le Bourget the UOIF in 2000. As explained Islamologist Gilles Kepel, Qaradawi has made the Muslim immigrant youth in the West the “core target of his preaching” [4].

This preaching is exercised through several channels: the Qatari television channel first, now received worldwide and particularly in France, thanks to satellite dishes (that dot the French suburbs). Then the Internet, including Qaradawi understood early on the tremendous potential it represents for the spread of Islam in the world, and to which he devoted several million dollars.

Since 1996, Qaradawi has not raised less than 11.66€ million from wealthy donors in the Gulf countries to develop websites. [5]

2. The organizer of European Islam

For beyond his preaching activity, Qaradawi has played and still plays the role of organizer of European Islam, through two institutions: FIOE (Union of European Islamic organizations, including the UOIF is the French branch) and ECFR (European Council for Fatwa and Research).

According to the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood, which made Europe one of their main areas of activity since the 1960s, Qaradawi has devoted considerable resources to the organization of European Islam. It is to this day the spiritual mentor of the UOIF , who invited him to its annual conference at Le Bourget in 2000.

But it is mainly through the CEFR, which he chairs, that Qaradawi its influence on European Muslim populations.

The European Council for Fatwa and Research

The CEFR is an original and unique institution in the European political landscape. In religious and advisory outside, she claims it a true legal autonomy for European Muslim populations.
Opened in London in March 1997, the CEFR presents itself as a “academic entity, Islamic, specialized and independent”, aiming to make “collective fatwas that meet the needs of Muslims in Europe” 6.
The analysis of the jurisprudence of the CEFR shows a mixture of apparent flexibility in strictly religious matters, and extremism in politics. At the session of the CEFR Stockholm in July 2003, Sheikh Qaradawi has said that suicide attacks Hamas did not constitute acts of terrorism, but a means of resistance, repeating the arguments in his fatwas on subject (see below). [7]

3. The head of the European collection for Hamas

Sheikh Qaradawi has its organizer to Palestinian terrorist movement Hamas talents by organizing a large-scale collection on European territory.
This collection, entitled ” Campaign 101 days “, takes place through a network of associations established in most European countries [8]. This network is referred to as the “Coalition of Kindness” and purports to be a purely charitable aim. However, the recipients of the funds collected using both for humanitarian and terrorist purposes.

The funds collected under the “Coalition of Kindness” (represented in France by the CBSP) are particularly well to compensate families of suicide bombers of Hamas, who blow themselves up in cafes, buses and Israeli restaurants, resulting in death of dozens of innocent civilians.

4. The author of fatwas permitting suicide bombings ******

Among the numerous fatwas issued by Sheikh Qaradawi, more focus on highly political and very far from the daily concerns of European Muslim populations topics. This is particularly true of his fatwas permitting suicide bombings.

Qaradawi has made at the beginning of the second Intifada, a fatwa authorizing suicide bombings against Israeli civilians, because “every Israeli citizen, man or woman, is a potential soldier”. [9]

In an article entitled “The legality of a suicide bombing in the light of Islamic law , “I have shown that the classical Islamic law established strict distinction between combatants and civilians, the latter enjoying the protections of the law of war [ 10]. But this distinction – Traditional Islamic law – has been challenged by contemporary makers of the Islamist movement, including by Sheikh Qaradawi.

In a fatwa issued in 2003, Qaradawi has even allow suicide bombings by Muslim women, whereas these acts consitutaient a form of “martyrdom in the cause of Allah” and that a woman should ” from doing jihad even without the permission of her husband “. [11]
Qaradawi fatwa authorizing suicide bombings were released in the West, especially through Islamist websites. They are found as well on multiple sites in French. It is likely that these fatwas have encouraged Muslim women (and converted as the Belgian suicide bomber Muriel Degauque) also become “soldiers of Islam” and turn into human bombs.

5. Promoter of “financial jihad” obligation for all Muslims in Europe

Besides his fatwas permitting suicide bombings, Sheikh Qaradawi has also issued several fatwas on the subject of “financial jihad”, that is to say, the obligation for Muslims around the world to participate in the jihad against “enemies of Islam”, giving them “zakat” (alms) to organizations conducting jihad, as the Palestinian Hamas.

It is in this context that the ” 101-Day Campaign “conducted in Europe by the” coalition of Kindness “and in France by the CBSP . By encouraging Muslims of France to give their “zakat” Hamas, Qaradawi attempts to turn them into soldiers of Islam. Its action and that the CBSP is therefore not only an aid to Palestinian terrorism, but also a threat to civil peace in France.

6. Shareholder of the bank terrorist Al-Taqwa

Sheikh Qaradawi was banned from entering the United States after his links with the bank terrorist Al-Taqwa were disclosed. The bank, which Qaradawi is a major shareholder, has seen its frozen assets Nov. 7, 2001, because of its relationship with the Al Qaeda network. Reacting to the decision during a Friday sermon delivered on 14 March 2003 in Qatar, Sheikh Al-Qaradawi stated 12:
“Most of my property and my assets were in the Al-Taqwa bank. Latter was kidnapped, accused of being a terrorist foundation run by terrorists, under the pretext that they help Hamas.”
But despite its close ties with Hamas and the Al-Taqwa Bank, Qaradawi remains persona grata in France and Europe. For how long?
(Paul Landau)

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10. P. Landau, “The legality of suicide bombings under Islamic law,” Metula News Agency, 29 September 2004.
11. P. Landau, The Sword and the Koran , p. 197.
12. “Do not forget Palestine!” Friday sermon 14 March 2003 in Qatar, published on the website




This video automated I told him Ambdra Xue …
Threat from terrorists to Syria Libyans
Because of unification flag burning in Libya ……..

هذا الفيديو االلي حكيت عليه امبدري شويه…

تهـديد مـن ارهـابيـين سـوريا إلى الليـبـيين
بسـبب حـرق عـلـم الـتوحـــيد في ليـبـيا ……..


Wahabi terrorist cleric Ahmad Assir:

Wahabi spring spring Wahhabi
Tragedy Syrian refugees inside and outside the home …

I do not imagine the pain that Ostia which perceives Hola men, women and especially children

who put themselves in the Gedo not Atsorōh throughout life …

( SAME FOR LIBYA…so many displaced and slaughtered!)


The British government, headed by «David Cameron» refuses to allow Syrian refugees

to enter its territory and insists on the need for neighboring countries such as Syria,

Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq of harboring Syrian refugees ..

Syrian refugees

‘No room at the inn’: Britain condemned for turning its back on

Syria’s refugees

Aid agencies join Labour in demanding Coalition show support for victims of civil war as policy defies

UN appeal and distances Britain from 16 leading nations

The Government has been accused of adopting a “no room at the inn” policy after rejecting a United Nations appeal to allow refugees fleeing the crisis in Syria to live in Britain.

Ministers have decided not to join 16 nations, including the United States, France and Germany, which have pledged to allow a total of more than 10,000 refugees from the bloody three-year civil war to move to their countries.

Aid agencies are describing the UK Government’s approach as “there’s no room at the inn”. Now the Labour Opposition is calling for ministers to accept between 400 and 500 Syrian refugees – including torture victims, people with family connections in Britain, and women and girls at high risk.

The Government insists it is better to help neighbouring countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq cope as Syrians flee across their borders. Ministers say the UK is helping more than one million of the estimated 2.4 million refugees in what the UN views as the biggest emergency in its history.

Yvette Cooper, the shadow Home Secretary, told The Independent today: “We should be rightly proud of our humanitarian aid effort and the generosity of the British people. But we should also do our part, alongside other countries within the UN’s programme, to provide a safe haven for some of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees fleeing this murderous conflict.



Saudi Arabia announces the Brotherhood a terrorist organization and prevent all its members from entering the country, whether for business or for performing the religious rituals will be arrested all its members within the Kingdom immediately notified officially of the Arab League, according to the Convention on the Prohibition of terrorism for the year 1998 between the Arab states

Christmas Day

Mu smiling for us

Mu w a very Young Senussi FULL

MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI has been FALSELY maligned:

Mu has been falsely maligned

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami on the green channel on 24/12/2013 P

Saqr and Rishvana on FB writes:
42 years and shoe commander closing in burrows traitors


teacher from the very start:


Shananagins and doings of the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD:

1) Islamic Research Academy decides to dismiss # _ Yusuf al-Qaradawi of membership


Touati Alaadh and Holy Quran

Touati Alaeidah ..

Since the Brotherhood and fighter and Fidelity with the MILF  failed to topple the government of Zaidane, the  MB within the leadership of the Conference, now attempts “à Jio”,  to starve the people. …And Touati Alaeidah reveals, with  papers which confirm, the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD’s plan to cause  a “shortage of flour crisis”; so, the people will come out next month against the government.

.. “After the failure of the  gasoline  shortage scheme, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and their [MISURATA] allies will seek with The Conference  to create a ‘flour crisis’ in order to starve the citizens to come out aìgainst the government of Ali Zaidane.”



–        .



–  Honte l’OTAN  Clients Colonialime  Rats Révolutionaires  17  Février    .

–  Il suffit de dire  :  Certains Membres de la Conférence ont été Photographiés Nus par les Milices  – Et ils sont Maintenant moins pour Faire Chanter ces Photo    !!!   …

–  Nu : Président de la Conférence Nationale Générale  Libyen  –  Le Présisent Actuel de la Libye  Nuri Abushiman    .

–  Al-Aida TOUATI est Recherché par la Conférence Nationale pour son Assassinat  …


–   Deux de ses Amis Tués  –  Accuse les Membres du Congrès National de Tenter de le TUER      .

–          .







An important document issued by the Embassy of Qatar in Libya,

confirming that this mini-state of Qatar is purposely  causing zoloa-terrorism in Iraq.


Ali Zaidane \“:

lower the state’s income to 40% due to suspension of the export of oil, which will cause disruption in the preparation of the budget.

Tripoli 25 December 2013 (and) –

The head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane” lower the state’s income to 40% due to suspension of the export of oil, which will cause disruption in the preparation of the budget. He said, “Zaidane” in the press conference held on the eve of Wednesday in the presence of a number of ministers now and we have more than one option for the budget and sent to the National Congress,

the public and will be discussed with the Committee on the budget conference with the President of Congress and the Presidency on the agreement on how they will put the budget so that everyone knows a bug that caused the closure of the state’s oil ports and Libya in general.

He asked,

Zaidane said this work I do not know you Sagverh the Libyan people in one day or not – but the reason for a major imbalance malfunction state and hindered her career and felt the National Congress and the government to nine with all my strength and come out of this predicament without causing things may cause an imbalance in the social structure or in relationships.”

Conference failed even in Alkolsh lying Look argument said
The plenty of incursions have not been able to get the job done .. and two Kmloha
Discuss in salaries* and ozone hole and prevent smoking in places
General and punishment harvest peacock ..


Green Mountain newspaper Cyrenaica, Libya:
Committee said the roadmap ..
Based initiatives that ..
4-year transition period .. I mean the conference is committed to 02/07/2014
4 years … I mean, when the 2018
Abdel Moez Bannon:
Commission roadmap says the Libyan people,,,,,
Goats even flew, Give thanks to the Lord and we increased our one-year base, we Nqdroa Nmddoa
up to 4 years,,, mesh Qllkm what Ifamosh Haddow ..
Ask the government to increase the salaries of employees in the electricity company
because of the efforts of Alambdolh in the provision of electricity to the people of Libya and Tripoli in particular.


Kaled Moner Brega Ttmn only but the truth is that Valmkhozon not enough for the five-day production refinery corner enough 25 percent of the consumption of Tripoli and the West, let alone the south and Misrata and five Zliten and Bani Walid warehouses enamel Misrata and you know that Bani Walid is no longer supplied from Misrata and for this there is a shortage severe and Brega lie not to mention if the sea like any storms will end Banzina fully …. This is a fact what they feel knowledgeable about it.

Will Libya GO GREEN?:




Media / Maram Albuaiche:

Shortly before the clinic Mercy, Albive, periodic patrols of the passage of Tajourah

arrest armed person tried to kidnap a girl from in front of the clinic.

Word Now
Vote bombings and shooting up resonate to different areas, including the cast ..

Demonstration in the Libyan capital, to protest the parliament's decision to extend his mandate

AFP Demonstration in the Libyan capital, to protest the parliament’s decision to extend his mandate :روسيا اليوم


A copy of the front of the National Congress today:

PEOPLE refused to extend despite ALI ZAIDANE making it another year!

Demonstrated a number of parents this morning, because of the decision
Issued to evacuate the school, “Mermaid”, Street Mazran
Refusing to vacate the decision of the school. (the decision to evacuate the school for the purpose of

maintenance and science has previously maintained)

(Salem al-Obeidi)

National Safety Authority Tripoli ::::::
Hawwadt day Allata
Apartment fire area Spud Damascus neighborhood was put out the fire and losses are estimated at about 40%
Fire in a flat area neighborhood huts resulted in the death of a woman was rescued another woman inspired in good condition
Fire Pfilh located in the neighborhood barrier of flowers were put out the fire and the loss is estimated at 25%
God, do not ask the judiciary’s response, but ask you.
The kindness.



“implementation of Resolution No. 27, and the judge to vacate the Tripoli-based armed manifestations.

We will provide for the delivery of heavy and medium weapons in Tripoli under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence.”

Brega Ttminkm that all of its warehouses operating at full capacity and that the productivity of all kinds of fuel available.
So we wonder why congestion citizens’ cars in front of gas stations.

Fuel crisis back to Tripoli and congestion claustrophobic now

Men army prevented anyone who has half a tank or more access to gas stations to reduce the queues …

A fire in a condominium neighborhood of cottages formerly the fire caused the deaths and
cause of the fire, electric Dfaúah (rigged-up, unprofessional, electrial wiring):




Predicted rainfall and snow limited to coastal areas
Atmosphere of the country –

Predicted the National Center for Meteorological Rainfall rain Friday and Saturday on most coastal areas, specifically the eastern region including loss pills snow.

The head of the department weather forecasts Center Mohammad Sevenfold‘s “atmosphere of the country,” predicted Rainfall Rain “medium to heavy most of the coastal areas, but it will be the most prolific on the eastern region in the plain of Benghazi and the Green Mountain,” adding that it may be accompanied by some thunderstorms and loss is limited to beads cold.

He predicted Sibai runny valleys in mountainous areas such as Shahat and Marg, pointing out that the minimum temperature may reach 11 degrees and severe cold wave remain excluded.

The heavy rains pounded the beginning of this month on the capital Tripoli and resulted in two deaths.


Exposure young Mounir Mohamed Mahmoud Abdasameea
Kidnapped yesterday by unknown assailants and demanded ransom
Estimated 50 000 dinars and beat him shot dead on his feet
Mmasbb severe bleeding in the transfer of the effect of hospital
We ask God has a beautiful healing..

(Page mortality department in Ajeelat )



Letter to the Director of Health in Bani Walid Dr. Bashir:

Doctor concluded Drs collaborators Libyans who did not receive their salaries from the month of 4, all the doctors collaborators offer their services to the citizens in the city of Bani Walid and include most of the city from the point of the tribes of homosexuals to the river and Almrdom and Ashimikh and Taninaa for you ‘s important this want the destruction of health centers in Bani Walid and we Drs collaborators warn you, because we We do not want that it comes to the road can not be reversed patterns establish many and we are the sons of doctors and well-known people.

We warn you, if we get rid of Maashatna will be saved even from your pocket personal “because these people Arzak Varezagna without death.”
(Email Eagle Garah”)



Sirte withstand / /

armed robbery at a car e-Passports branch of Sirte …

Saluting the two armed robbery on the driver of the car while on the transfer of mail the branch to Tripoli, it is worth Baldkr that the armed group was aware of the date of travel of the vehicle saluting was intercepted leaving the driver on the road after discernible car with all the contents of passports and cards and other important documents.



(THE FORKED-TALKER) Zaidane says:

“the situation in Libya now is harder than it is believed the Libyans, and in spite of this we are

still better than several states have passed the same conditions….

lock the ports of oil betrayed by the Secretariat commissioned by the government,

therefore it will not sit for dialogue with them but we addressed their tribes and gave them

one last chance to resolve the crisis before next January, though they do not do the government

and the Libyan people are capable of solving this problem.” (!!)


Director of the Port Harika oil tanker denies exposure (kaeros werrior) any assault.

Tobruk – (and) – Libyan Media Network – # LNM:
Port director denied Mr. Harika oil \ “Yassin Hammad \” to be tanker (kaeros werrior) have been any assault or shooting as published in some media and social networking sites.
And Mr. \ “Hammad \” that the technical and security procedures are currently underway to receive the tanker and its cargo of 600 thousand barrels of crude oil ..
Indicating that the management of the port waiting for instructions from the security agencies having jurisdiction to protect and secure the oil installations and protecting the entry and exit of oil tankers to and from the port of Harika.
He added that currently exist tanker anchorage off the port area of ​​the oil in a distance of 10 miles, and that there is coordination with the commander of the military region Btabriq regarding allowing the carrier to enter the port of Harika or not, after taking the necessary security precautions to protect the tanker


Salem al-Obeidi reporting:
Department Explosive Ordnance Disposal dismantle a car bomb placed citizenship
Jasmine Eslim, and weigh 400 grams of blockbuster “TNT” put
Under the driver’s seat, and mentions that the citizenship of the population of the city of Ajdabiya
And place of domicile Street Fire Station

# Ajdabiya

Water pours into the reservoir at Ajdabiya, North East Libya.
The Arabic text written on the concrete quotes the Koran:
‘We create every living thing from water’:


The Arabic text written on the concrete at AJDABIYA, quotes the HOLY QURAN:

‘We create every living thing from water’

Richard Hollingham visits Great Man-Made River Project
Monday 10 July 2006, 2100-2130

Searching for oil in the desert, Libya found vast quantities of fresh water under the sand. A huge engineering project was inaugurated by Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, to pipe the water from the desert aquifers to the coastal cities. The Great Man-Made River is one of the largest civil engineering projects in the world, but it is almost unknown outside Libya. Richard Hollingham, one of the first western journalists to visit the project, describes his experiences.

Inaugurated in 1991, the Great Man-Made River consists of 5,000 kilometres of pipes carrying 6.5 million cubic metres of water a day from desert aquifers to cities and farms on the coast.

The water has the power to transform Libyan life and economy.

As well as providing Libyans with fresh, clean water, the country also has ambitious plans to develop a European market for early fruit and vegetables.

When, after almost six months of trying, reporter Richard Hollingham was finally given permission to visit the Great Man-Made River, he had no idea what sort of reception he would get.

EVIL UN Sanctions imposed on Libya after the Lockerbie bombings had only been lifted three years earlier, and diplomatic ties with the US had yet to be fully restored: how open would his Libyan hosts be? How much would they show him?
Worried that he might return to England with nothing, Richard decided to record whenever he could, even in his hotel room.
What he found was a country quite different from what he was told.
The Great Man-Made River is playing a central role in changing people’s lives.

As well as providing Libya with technical expertise and know-how, the River is also fuelling a dispesity of changes.
But it’s not only Libya that’s changing.
Very quickly, Richard had to start revising his own opinions about Libya; first because,
rather than struggling to secure interview and having access to the project restricted by government officials, Richard found his hosts candid and obliging. 

It soon became clear that there was a serious mismatch between his preconceptions of the country and his experiences when he got there.

Forensic report and analysis of Ajdabiya, A Fight to the victims and migrant agricultural workers of Kufra in the agricultural-field
Bed and associate battalion “427”, the Army’s infantry in GALLO/KUFRA
National (5 photos)


Word communication from the missing “Juma al-Sharif,” bus driver has
One of the schools, driving a bus Sharp white color, and disappeared
Immediately after the delivery of the students this morning, and no longer to take them to their homes
And the school Baissalhm to their homes and lost contact with him
Until this moment

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Benghazi last night

Targeting booth area neighborhood peace portfolio “trunk”, without
The explosion that resulted in casualties, material losses and only

Exposure to a police station Fwyhat Random Shooting from a distance, from
By some young people to try to get their brother, who was thrown
Arrest him and the special forces intervened “stun” to protect
Center, the assailants fled MAIN.

The story of the beating center Fwyhat, that there is someone imprisoned inside, and he came

with his brothers, and a large number of young people and they want to release him by force,

but forces intervened and ended the bolt thread …..
RBI keeps them ….

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Said media coordinator for the Benghazi hospital medical Khalil blasted to the “atmosphere of the country”
that the hospital received the dead and injured were in critical condition from the special forces.

Exposure invalidate explosives experts department’s Special Forces Thunderbolt
Random Shooting, during the performance of their duty and dismantling bag “bag”
Area near the gardens of the dental clinic, was dismantled explosives
Shooting and did not cause casualties.

Atef Shelmani:
Target “Mohammed Suleiman Abdel Razek,”‘s device attribution
Security and Investigation Unit arrested, a direct hit in the head and
His condition is very critical, and the process is now under hospital in 1200
Special Forces “Thunderbolt“, the ministry of “Moses Alzoam” and
Is a resident of the area Laithi, after being subjected to a barrage of bullets
Al-Salam neighborhood area and was taken to the hospital dead.
The assassination of one of employees of national security “police.”
Since few of the city of Benghazi and claims, “Moussa Alzoam”
B area al-Salam neighborhood near the island of car market.



Local tuber poses an initiative to end the security crisis in the city
“Atmosphere of the country” –

The head of the local council tuber, “Hossam Alnobar”,  says that The Council provides for the prime minister and the Congress on the initiative to find solutions to the deteriorating security situation in the city.

He stressed, “Alnobar” to “the atmosphere of the country” on Tuesday, they are waiting for a reply from the RAT “government” and the Congress, pointing out that in the absence of their response will be in the solution of the Council and ordered him to carry all of their responsibilities, he said.

And “Alnobar” that he could not permit the details of the initiative because of the sensitivity of the security situation in the city.

It is worth mentioning that the city of Derna seen since Anflata for security and a series of assassinations affected the security personnel.






Security Council / Libya branch / agency “combating crimes” (HAH!) ::::::

URGENT / / foreign “Albanian” to Tripoli
We have ?a concern of the tide in South Africa” will not allow Psodna Libya to end this way.

We share historical ties and the Islamic conquests and affinity, and we will be Aktar of Sa’d to provide military assistance in its totality, and

the Albanian Ministry of Defense is ready to send its troops and spread over the entire southern border of Libya that the Libyan authorities requested it.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Tripoli / Media Department)


Meeting in Sabha to discuss the situation and the circumstances that resulted from an armed group to storm the headquarters of the local council.

Sabha 25 December 2013 (and) –

Council members discussed the local Sabha situation and circumstances that resulted from an armed group to storm the headquarters of the Council yesterday, the first and the assault and terrorize staff and cracking some sections of the Council.

According to the President of the Council, “Ayoub injectables Abosslah” delegate Libyan news agency in the city that an armed group had stormed the Council last Monday while he was at a meeting to discuss the problems of security faced by work center Sabha medical and terrorized members of the Board and staff, where they send their guns to the issuance of the staff and they break down the doors of the Council Jobseeker Council President and Vice President.

He denied “Abosslah” His knowledge of the reasons that prompted the militants to storm the Council. Mr. “Ayoub” that this is not the first time that the storming of the Council therefore calls and the Council at an emergency meeting to discuss the matter, where it was agreed to suspend the local council and the councils of the Steering in the city until the full protection of the Council by the competent authorities. .

Military area command Sabha pass a resolution to secure and protect the Sabha Medical Center.
The only one who drew my attention to the costly empty box??!!!!
Suspension of the local council Sabha and sub-assemblies
Against the backdrop of repeated attacks on staff
Until they are providing the necessary protection by the competent authorities, and
Local Sabha today issued a statement and commented the work of the Council.
Ordered the military Sabha area will receive the new armor, which will be received with
the end of the month and the 60 gay armored variety between type Puma Italian and Tiger EMIRATI
against an armored tank launchers as a down payment to fortify the south, according
to information that we have acquired from the presidency of the General Staff.

Tabu Libya
Urgent infidels at this moment exposed neighborhood Qderfa random bombardment of sniper

Zhoyat centering on the western side. On the track was hit by a large mirror in age.



News infidels from the heart of the event
Channel Libya Liberal.Was to find a solution to the problem of bed after a delegation of notables eastern region were interviewed notables Azwaip and notables Altbwa also went to the scene of the fighting by the bed and the meeting was sponsored
by the tribe Majabrh in Gallois and agreeing to a prisoner swap between the two sides
and turn the page on the past between the two tribes.
Salem al-Obeidi reports:
Stopped the study in the city of godless on Wednesday, against the backdrop of
Tension in the city between tribes and Tabu Azwaip, and will be on
Tomorrow’s Thursday study by the city’s source
# (Godless)
The arrival of the delegation of the Elders of Libya to Gallo for the interview and the Tabu tribe Azwaip
Against the backdrop of fighting between them, and a field visit to the bed and end the dispute
Debate between
# (Gallo)


Heading a number of workers and engineers belonging to the company
World electricity services “Gisco” and the General Company for Electricity
To assess the status of the power plant, the bed area in spite of the deterioration of
The security situation, and secured and try to operate it and handed it back to support
Public network to reduce the deficit in energy, where it was yesterday
Connect the module on the network capacity 230 MW.
(Salem al-Obeidi)

and the Agricultural Bed DISTRICT:

Salem al-Obeidi, reports:

Mr. “wise Mazb”, was commissioned under the command of Battalion 427
Colonel “Oouhadh Ali”, to protect the field, “torch” and the river
Electricity and the station, and said, “Mazb” in a statement that
Battalion Headquarters notification to the question, at the request of the corner
Border and vital goals and oil installations, and engaged the
And the two parties were eliminated army men belonging to 427 Battalion
Pedestrian, and pointed out “Mazb” that The clash lasted until solutions
Dark, and the wounded were not liquidated because there are witnesses may
They saw him alive, so it was to resuscitate him, and explained, “Mazb” that
Put out the fields that congestion is security, semi-field Obelisk
Free users and field is completely free, and plant the river
Some have been detained Almstkhaddan, and field bed semi-free
And the power plant is totally free

In a telephone conversation with Lieutenant-Colonel “Sidi Ali”, is a battalion, “Ahmad
Sharif “25 border guards currently, refuted the execution of the national army men
Battalion 427 Infantry phrase and detailed, and stressed “Sidi” that
Four o’clock on the evening of the attack on the agricultural project
And an armed group affiliated with “wise Mazb”, and a total of another
Brigades of certain clashed directly with them, and has to chase them, and in
Solutions have been found on the morning 6 people died, including five Qdo
In the clash, and not finding them because of darkness,

but am
And wounded with them, “Abdullah Fathi HeramMartyrs Battalion of the island and
Been transferred to resuscitate him and Gallo and then to Ajdabiya, and said the battalion command
25 border guards, “Mr. Ali,” in a statement if we want to filter
As one of the wounded kept alive by saying

# # Exclusive bed


Mortar shell fell on a house of a citizen in Kufra
Mortar shell, since few, at the home of a district Bushoq citizens in the city of Kufra.
According to the reporter, “news agency solidarity” to the house of blue Ghaith suffered
a mortar shell fell by gunmen in al-Shura, noting that it did not result in loss of life.
He added that resulted from the fall of the mortar minor injury to a citizen named Younis Sultan
wounded in one of his hands, in addition to material losses in some cars and neighboring buildings.
A number of citizens infidels subjected to armed robbery…A number of citizens in Kufra, Tuesday, robbed by gunmen.According to the reporter, “news agency Solidarity” that Tabu gunmen attacked a number of citizens district of Kufra new homes and stole their car and seized a number of weapons.The correspondent of the agency to the citizens who were seized on their car Mathoon Mahmoud Dhokh to Ocaly and Fathi Abdul Salam Fazzani pilot and another person were not able to find out his name.The correspondent added that the special forces withdrew from the city as a result of intense attack by the militants.


Break up the sit-in Ubari civil airport, after the intervention of the wise and
Wise for nine days, and returned to work at the airport in
Unusual until deadline.
Maintenance network Libyana area Ubari
“Atmosphere of the country “Ubari – special
The day began with company engineers Libyana mobile phone maintenance work for the network, which suffers frequent outages Ubari area.
The engineer said, “Ahmad al-Mahdi,” The reason is the frequent interruptions steal an electrical transformer in the village of Short, adding that the coverage will revert to the city of Ubari and the rest of the line through the optical fiber extending from Sabha to Ubari.
Ahmad” told the atmosphere of the country on Tuesday that the company Libyana will not rely on the old line passing Sabha and Ubari to be adopted in the next phase of running several locations across the fiber optic system as the most secure, as he put it.
Referred to the area of ​​Ubari suffer disruption to network services Libyana mobile phone during these days.

Wounding six people, including three soldiers in clashes

with armed groups in the city of Kufra.

Heathens 25 December 2013 (and) – A spokesman for the local council infidels “Mustafa Aujali” that six people,
including three soldiers belonging to the battalion (36) Special Forces suffered injuries of varying during armed clashes broke out on Tuesday in “Swedish” with groups belong to the tribe Tabu.
He explained, “Aujali” the Libyan news agency that military casualties are “pasture Alsellany Mohammed, Mustafa Ahallil on, Imran F Survivor” and that civilians are the “guests of God Rashid Hamad, Abdullah Bukhari Magbari, Younis Sultan.”
Sources told the Libyan news burning two cars and a truck as a result of the clashes and the fall of the shell type (mortar) on the home district (Bo longing) resulted in the collapse of the roof without causing damage to mankind.
The sources noted that the clashes are still going on in the city of Kufra but intermittently and that there is a security alert in the ranks of the elements of the Libyan army in an attempt to control the situation. … (And – infidel)






Threat from Syria to .. Libyans .. Because of the burning flag-Qaeda in Libya:
تهديد من سوريا الى .. الليبيين .. بسبب حرق علم القاعدة في ليبيا


Mu loved by his people



GREAT SON writes:

Steadfastness and gun ..
O death, is not now .. Do not approach us then we
Kszna limitation may Sabra .. Outlasting .. and won while in us and for our brothers .. Covenants for Allkie .. .. It is still in our souls to the land of promises!!
Not now, my death ..
Attached to us .. Venice may Hotina .. and Otratna to all lovers of the earth … I fought with us all the evil and misfortune … Oslmtna Znadha a generous satisfied ..
Not now, my death ..
May we understand now that “equation” … (God is great) followed by (light and arguing) ..
Then Lead Follow us loves confrontation ..’s victory carries in his wedding “secret courtship”
For Allkie .. God is with us here .. Lloyd powerful God ..
Do not hold of this world .. but tons and a great .. The identity ..
Then, when victory comes .. Nslmk our souls .. “Gift!” –
صــمود و بندقية ..ليس الأن يا موت .. لا تقترب منا فإنا
قد كسزنا القيد صـبراً .. بالصمــود ..وانتصرنا حين وفينا لأخوتنا .. العهود ..أجل اللقيا .. فما زال في أرواحنا للأرض وعود !!ليس الآن يا موت ..ترفق بنا .. قد هوتنا البندقية ..وأثرتنا على كل عشاق الأرض …حاربت معنا كل شر وبلية …أسلمتنا زنادها وهي راضية سخية ..ليس الآن يا موت ..قد فهمنا الأن تلك ” المعادلة “…( الله أكبر ) تتلوها ( فاتحة ومجادلة )..
ثم الرصاص يتبعنا يهوى المنازلة ..فانتصار يحمل في عرسـه ” سر المغازلة ”
أجل اللقيا .. هنا الله معنا ..ويد الله قوية ..
لا نحمل من هذه الدنيا ..سوى وطناً عظيماً .. وهوية ..
ثم حين يأتي النصر .. نسلمك أرواحنا .. ” هدية ” !!

Dr.Yusef Shakir

The Green revolution

Mu so loved by his people



Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes :::

URGENT / / Head of the Department and the provisions of the law and the head of Al-Azhar scholars of Islamic jurisprudence says:

Libyan law exists and there is still in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, and not even the Taliban days.
The draconian law, which said al-Qathafi had re-discovered the law  pure Sharia, (knowingly how the days of the Caliphate were corrupt) ,and discover what al-Qathafi is just turn off the activation of sanctions was merciful to them and if the Libyan law in Egypt, or the Arab countries to any crime committed or hungry Emce in the land of the Arabs.
All reported that al-Qathafi has positive-laws (Ordinances) is unfounded as that his  “laws” are basically inherent law (as revealed in the Holy Quran) and if Libya executes man for murder until the ninth grade as exit in red signal considered baptised with the death, as willfully if he does have a driving licence, and early on, the results are already known in the law raising the argument and the green flag thing.
Libya law prohibits parties walthmtil party since the days of the Kingdom and allowed baltmatil parliamentary regions to prevent advocacy groups and interests groups on the public interest, as happened with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood alzalla waltkfreyen the outsiders that duty on every Muslim who believes in the Holy Qur’an to fight fight back and thamud the monsters in the wild with the promise and the guidance of the Prophet of the nation which is the Prophet of God; and prayers after the safety and liability the charity God inherits the Earth and everything on it.
The disruption in Libya is greater than the law and the (so-called) “Constitution”: there are groups that want to implement their necks than committed and want to zmanat for what lies ahead in Libya law exist, and want only to replace the Libya Jamahiriya, to a Republic (and I am against your “state” of Libya because it is larger than the dwarf, is the largest of Tunisia and Egypt and the Gulf States area combined with half of the groups of dwarf Libya eventually name its not called the island of Malta or Cyprus ahead.
I doubt that the label “state” is approved by the Libyans…
At the General Conference in Libya is not fit to command a squadron of pigeons,
Libya has a much higher skills do not even compare with the present country of a million Hafiz of Qur’an and five or six million,
90 million Egypt of  which a have million the laws of God kept.
مجلس الأمن / فرع ليبيا / وكالة مكافحة الجرائم:::عــــــــاجل // رئيس قسم الشريعة وأحكامها في الازهر ورئيس علماء الفقه الاسلامي يقولالقانون الليبي موجود ولا يوجد حتى في مصر او السعودية ولا حتى لدى طالبان ايام حكمهم .أطلعت على القانون الليبي الذي يقال عنه قانون القذافي لأكتشف أنها الشريعة الاسلامية القحة التي كانت ايام الخلافة وأكتشف أن ما فعله القذافي هو فقط ايقاف تفعيل العقوبات وكان رحيما بهم ولو طبق قانون الليبي في مصر او البلاد العربية لما وجدت جريمة ارتكبت او جائع يمشيء في ارض العرب .كل ما قيل عن ان القدافي لديه قوانين وضعية لا اساس له من الصحة وان القوانين هي من الشريعة في الاساس الاصيل وليبيا تعدم الانسان لأرتكابه جريمة قتل حتى من الدرجة التاسعة كالخروج في اشارة حمراء انتهت بحاذث انتهى بموت تعتبره عمد اذا كانت لديه رخصة قيادة ومطلع على القوانين ونتائج الفعل وهو ما يعرف في الشريعة برفع الحجة بالعلم بالشيء ونتائجه .ليبيا قانونها يمنع الاحزاب والثمتيل الحزبي منذ ايام المملكة و يسمح بالتمتيل البرلماني للمناطق وذلك لمنع مناصرة المجموعات ومصالح المجموعات على المصلحة العامة كما حدث مع فئة الاخوان المسلمين الظالة والتكفريين الخوارج الذي واجب شرعي على كل مسلم يؤمن بالكتاب والسنة قتالهم قتال عاد وثمود و الوحوش في البرية وذلك بوعد و وتوجيه من نبي الامة الذي لا نبي بعده صلوات الله وسلامه عليه ومن تبعه باحسان الي ان يرث الله الارض ومن عليها .

أن التعطيل في ليبيا هو أكبر من موضوع قانون ودستور هنالك جماعات تريد ان تنفذ برقابها مما اقترفت وتريد ظمانات لما هو قادم فالقانون في ليبيا موجود ولا تحتاج ليبيا الا لأستبدال الجماهيرية بالجمهورية وانا ضد كلمة دولة ليبيا لأنها اكبر من تقزم فهي اكبر من تونس ومصر مساحة وتعادل دول الخليج مجتمعة ومعهم نصف السعودية ليأتي مجموعات تقزم ليبيا في النهاية الي اسم لم تسمى به جزيرة مالطة التي امامها او قبرص التي امامنا .

أشك في ان التسمية وافق عليها الليبيين

المتواجدين في المؤتمر العام في ليبيا لا يصلح لقيادة سرب من الحمام وليبيا يوجد بها كفاءات أعلى كثيرا حتى لا مقارنة مع الموجودين بلد المليون حافظ للقران وعدد خمسة او ستة مليون 90 مليون مصر لا يوجد لدينا مليون حافظ لكتاب الله عز شأنه .

GREEN, the only way


Lavrov to discuss with Foreign Minister of Libya Russian

diplomatic presence in the country

Search and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdel-Aziz, the issues of bilateral relations, including the Russian diplomatic presence in the country.

Lavrov also touched on to talk about the development of Russian citizens Alexander Hidrov and Vladimir Dolgov detainees in Libya.

The Libyan Supreme Military Court convicted in June of 2012, the citizens of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine on charges of helping the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

Photo: © RIA Novosti

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdel-Aziz


Hussein Elmessallati:

Member of the National Congress Ibrahim Ghiryani confirms that Congress will not extend its term,

but an amendment to Article 30 of the Constitutional Declaration, which requires 134 voice.

# (Gate _ Libya)

Libyan interim parliament extends to the end of his term in 2014
24/12/2013, 16:13
Libya Tripoli
Photo: © AFP

General Conference decided Libyan national (interim parliament) to extend the period of its powers that are supposed to expire in February 2014 to the end of December / December 2014, as reported by the newspaper “Middle East”.

This decision parliamentarians raised a tidal wave of criticism in the country, and members of Parliament justified the decision that the talk is not about powers, but the status of a “road map” of the Parliament expires on 24 December / December 2014.

Where he told the official spokesman of the Libyan Parliament Omar Humaidan that “The vote was not on the extension of the powers, but on the” road map “which must expire on 24 December / December next year, which includes a series of laws and amendments in the constitution to improve the rule of law and legislative elections in the country. ”

On the other hand crossed many political forces have repeatedly expressed its categorical rejection of the extension of the powers of parliament.

Libya Tripoli



 Mil  today:


Tripoli’s new measures to avoid damage to the city of rain
Atmosphere of the country – Nasreen Almnquaoui

The head of the executive body, the Council of Tripoli local, Adel Abu assigned to the Council of Tripoli local and sub-assemblies taken since a period of several measures to mitigate the damage when it rains, adding that the rain the beginning of the month of December was the alarm that between how bad the network of storm water drainage in the city of Tripoli.

He Boukran for “atmosphere for the country” on Tuesday, that the solutions taken by the water company and sanitation withdraw rainwater is considered a temporary solution, not a radical solution where the fundamental problem lies in the deterioration of network storm water drainage in the city, which can not accommodate amounts of heavy rains.

He Bo assigned to the Council the fact that in cooperation with the Libyan Telephone Company hub of emergency has been linked to four major destinations by such as water, sewage, electricity, municipal guards, security and hygiene, citizens can contact the center to report any emergency situation occur perimeter Tripoli major.

You got after heavy rains, this was the situation inside the camp Tawergha:

Demonstration in the Libyan capital of Tripoli to protest against the decision of the Libyan National Congress to extend the mandate

Naima Misrati:
Tripoli 24 December 2013)
Dozens of Libyan citizens pm today (Tuesday), Algeria Square in the capital Tripoli, in protest against the decision of the National Congress to extend its mandate.
It is noteworthy that the National Congress approved on Monday a preliminary roadmap, states that mandate expires at the twenty-fourth of December 2014.
The Constitutional Declaration has set the end of the mandate of the National Conference February 7 next year, that may be completed Election Commission, which is sixty new Libyan constitution and referendum, which is not to far.
The member of gathering the people and the people of Tripoli major Jalal Bin Omran said in a statement, to the demonstration that came spontaneously, without coordination located her, explaining that the protesters unfurled the banner “No to extension of the conference.”
Bin Omran added that the protesters are also demanding for activating the constitution amended in 1963, adding that the mandate of the Conference was enough to put a new constitution. / Ts /
No extension of the field of Algeria
No extension of the field of Algeria
 Demonstration in Tripoli .. Algeria Square shortly before:
Young hoist a broom for the conference, but national:



Algeria Mandkh passed to Bring a broom to express their wrath and refusal. To Majeic meaning satisfied
with the performance of Congress and droopy!!)
Forcing someone p down by a gang in Tripoli p Jazeera interview Shell Alsreem street by gunmen were in two cars first Miche Lancer white and the other Toyota Double desert white and the problem is that people watching and AGPRO person by force of arms and the God and God p Maacol martyr and you witness GS position and I am responsible GS Aalkhbr The news of uncertain.


International channel Libya Libya International Channel

An armed group in the corner of the city shortly before the closure of the Institute of Comprehensive professions in the city due to “repeat the problems and fights and shootings in front of the institute,” as they called them, which was most recently the day before yesterday and killed a person and injured another.

Council of Ministers issued a decision which cost the Ministry of the Interior of the contract with
Company “Kpetr euros” to buy planes to extinguish the fire, and made them
The amount of “67,000,000” CCAMLR allocated to the National Safety
(Salem al-Obeidi)


Tbroora (HAIL STORM) in Abu Salim:



# Notice
Call to exercise caution and not use the bridge on Valley Balrcef Alco area and use the service road instead.
(The news agency western mountain)

F Aalghemati now in Amazigh channel says that the lock gas pipeline in the Nafusa

is an act of legitimate because their demands are legitimate constitutionalization in their own language.


Students Media Center – Media Center Student :::

Shed a tear gas canister in one of the colleges # department in Ajeelat which led to panic
in the student center, forcing the closure of the university for a week to provide security
while described by the university administration.



Heavy rain now Taathatal the area of ​​the globe





A judicial source said the beginning of the reporter in the capital city of Misrata there was no truth Atdoual of news about the release of the former mufti of Libya civil Alchuirv ..

The source added that the issue of Alchuirv still pending before the Department of Criminal Court Misrata. No one has the authority to release him if the President of the Court except through a court order by a competent court.

First Rain Drop:

Starting a campaign of tolerance in the city of Misurata (????) and the proliferation of posters and banners in the streets of the city to let Thagaafah dialogue and reconciliation and this image in Tripoli Street in Misurata in the hope that permeated all over Libya.

(Karim Forgiver)

* Singing out of tune. (YUP!)

(Omar Alqoira)
Misrata – Libya

Do not be so quick to trust murderers and traitor filthe..MISURATA’s  ALLEGIANCE STILL LIES WITH LEVY and the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD; not with the Great Jamahiriya!



International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Company “Aviation’s new” in the conduct of the Tunisian start a new air route from Sirte
to the Tunisian capital Tunis and Sfax on the sixth of January twice weekly:


Statement of the political council of the region of Cyrenaica
23 \ 12 \ 2013
Advancing the political council of the province sincere condolences to the families of all the victims and martyrs, especially the martyrs of national duty everywhere from the police and military honorable who fall victims of crimes of terrorism, so we emphasize the following:
First – We condemn the heinous crime which claimed the lives of more than a dozen of the martyrs of duty checkpoint “precise” attacks by extremists thought of treachery and unscrupulous and humanity and pray to God Almighty Aziz to heal the injured
Secondly – the political council of the province looks at what is happening now in the province of Cyrenaica with grave concern, especially after the emergence of definitive indicators for the involvement of the central authority behind the recent insecurity
Thirdly – stress as a council politician of the region of Cyrenaica insistence and determination of our fellow officers and members and recruits and civilian staff to continue sacrifices for the elevation of the country and restore security and confront the forces of extremism intellectual and arms of the central authority firmly and packaged as to ensure the homeland stability
Fourth – after raising its population province of Cyrenaica their legitimate demands in the meetings of Ajdabiya and Conference Tobruk and conferences Alkwyfah the first and the second showed the government’s new approach and unequivocal in spreading discord and create crises and fueling internal conflicts in the province of Cyrenaica trying to blow up tribal conflicts and unrest, security as well as through inter threats and most recently the threat of Libyan Oil Minister to use force against the population of the province of Cyrenaica
Fifthly – denounces the political council of the region of Cyrenaica under the collusion of the central authority and its inability to protect civilians and state institutions to attack the houses and terrorize families safe and burned and vandalized property in the city of Ajdabiya, and that any attempt to attack the sanctity of housing, women and children work objectionable and reprehensible religiously and customary and morally and socially among all the tribes of Cyrenaica multiple.

Agency urgently Libya / Photo of the day
Defence Force tenderly deploy troops along the coast of Crescent oil
in case of any sudden attack of battalions of Prime Minister Ali Zaidane deployed in Tripoli and Misrata.
Photo / Abdul Wahid Qdereboh –


The ‘Muslim’ BROTHERHOOD is again forcing the Interruption of the communications network Libyana and orbit in Ajdabiya, after what Rhode information about the presence of MB planting bombs that will be detonated inside Al-medinho today. 

So far, found one in a car …. Brotherhood is against the members of the Revolutionary Committees (and this is who they are tageting) and now also has been outsourcing military engineering team Ajdabiya.
(PICTURE SHOWS LIBYANS protecting a “Revolutionary Committee Member” who was attacked by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood)

………. Urgent …….
In the meantime, was found dead a young man from the Tabu was killed at the gate of the dam
(Hawary) by renegades from armed militias after leaving the Army National gate for them .
Agence France-Presse: at least eight dead in armed tribal conflicts between Tabu and Azwaip since Friday in Libya ..
Announced several sources told AFP Monday killed at least eight people in armed clashes between tribes and Tabu Azwaip began Friday in the eastern and south-eastern Libya ..
Three people were killed and five others were wounded, at least in the city of Ajdabiya on Sunday night during an exchange of fire because of the conflict between the two tribes ..
A local source in the city said that the armed conflict between Tabu and Azwaip erupted Saturday in the city of Ajdabiya because of the killing of five members of the battalion in the army loyal to the tribe in recent clashes Friday in the bed area of ​​oil “, which lies 600 km south-west of Benghazi.
The source explained that “five of the 427 Battalion of the Army, which consists of most of the members of the tribe were killed Friday in a Azwaip bed area of ​​oil in clashes with Ahmed Sharif battalion of the Ministry of Defense, which consists of all members of the Tabu.”
He noted that “the clashes broke out because of a conflict of assignments between the Ministry of Defense and the Presidency of the General Staff of both battalions secured Great Manmade River basin of water in the bed area of ​​agricultural fields and bed and petroleum torch.”
The Great Manmade River project is the sole provider of Libyans of fresh water in addition to a number of seawater desalination plants in coastal cities.
The conflict between these two tribes is historical and peaked in 2011, and through frequent bloody clashes in the city of Kufra border with Chad, Sudan and claimed the lives of dozens of parties ..
Vigil for women Ajdabiya component Tabu against those who have attacked the unsuspecting residents of Tabu in Ajdabiya:

Salem al-Obeidi:

Kidnapping of both the citizen “Shaglouf friend” and “Mari
Shaglouf “, and they are on the road between the godless and Tazerbo, and
Tabu accuse their loved ones abducted.

Media Muhammad Ghiryani | |:
In a telephone conversation with Isa Abdul Majid
He told me:
I have only the government 72 hours to take out the kidnappers of Tabu, otherwise we will use force.

# Godless

Adjective Chiefs of Staff, in a statement, the Martyrs Battalion of Duty
Qdo 427 who died, by the outbreak of an armed clash field
Bed between them and the battalion Ahmed Sharif.


The beginning of the gathering of young demonstrators now … In front of Qasr al-Manar in Benghazi

In front of Qasr al-Manar in Benghazi:

Demonstration now in the field of tree Benghazi rejects extension of the National Conference.

Journalist Hussein Elmessallati:
Today and stopped to reject the extension at 4 lighthouse in front of Palace Square in Benghazi,
A copy of the Benghazi demonstration against the extension “Fallit squirt National Congress:
 Fadelullah bujwary
Benghazi … Palace lighthouse .. Assault anonymous on peaceful demonstrators calling for Congress not to extend.Agency urgently Libya / fire on a demonstration of Benghazi and hurled stones
According to preliminary information a little while ago that the demonstrators who refused to extend the term of the National Congress in Benghazi had been in front of Qasr al-Manar downtown pelted with stones from the top of one of the buildings, then there was a shooting, which spoiled the demonstration
Benghazi … Palace lighthouse .. Assault anonymous on peaceful demonstrators calling for Congress not to extend:
Demonstration by Beida against the extension and support of the Benghazi ..:
Salem al-Obeidi reports:
Jump to mercy advisor “Yusuf al-Obeidi,” hours before
From now, his wounds at a hospital in the city of Benghazi, after
That the city of Derna was targeted for some time, as he left prayers
Dawn, and first aid and have been transferred to Benghazi to fry treatment.

The outcome of the actions of Altkvrien and supporters of the law yesterday, 23/12/2013

1 – kidnapping Atef Idriss key whale of commandos and carrying a weapon so far did not return
2 – The assassination of Mr. / Rizk al-Obeidi, a member of the SS and is now in hospital in critical condition
3 – Jump to mercy advisor “Yusuf al-Obeidi,” hours before
From now, his wounds at a hospital in the city of Benghazi, after
That was targeted as he left a prayer
4 – targeting a police station Rulrhh homemade improvised explosive device
Type “Gelatinyh”
5 – The red Jeep shooting Ali Bawwabat army in the area of ​​Tol near Benghazi
6 – find someone chucked shot Quiche region and is now in hospital
7 – burning home area Quiche old now because of the killing of one of their children
8 – a violent incident by way of a bridge to Tripoli Lancer by 4 young and one of them died and the other Ngoh miraculously cause of the accident and that the car was speeding and went out of the way to the pier, which led to the coup …….
9 – steal the amount of twenty thousand dinars from people in the Hawari near the gates of the supporters of Sharia

(News Agency of Libya today)


yesterday we read:
Cautionary bombing affects replace “Nadia Lamama” for the sale of gifts and
Book women’s teams area parks in Benghazi, after
The anonymous throwing Rommaneh near the door of the shop and did not result in
Blast injuries considerable material:

(Salem al-Obeidi)
and today again we read:

Navy special forces, “Marine Corps”
Morning at seven o’clock and when roaming members of the investigation, “Marine Corps” in the area of ​​the gardens were stopped by one of the citizens who are only tip about a strange near one of the cafes, and when it is members of the Marine Corps has been found “bomb” before one of the shops gardens have been contacted b explosives expert who in the moments he was in the same place and the dismantling of that bomb, which weighs 800 grams and when asked about the owner of the shop was a need to know “Nadia Lamama” dubbed “Star” ..


Car by unknown assailants who Balrmih center Ddina area in the southwest of the city of Benghazi
and fled Tlaz and thankfully there were no injuries …..
Citing sources now: archery, which is Tzmonha Shooting center Fwyhat from a distance …….
Benghazi Medical Center
# Assassination of a soldier of the Thunderbolt name in favor of Alakora bullets of treachery Today
(# Gate _ Libya)
.. Stun Benghazi
White Ford car ever made Balrmih randomized to immobilization of the police street Venice and Adhu to escape, but was prosecuted, the driver returned from the factory through the brushes where there has to surround and arrest him and discovered he was not alone in the car with him, but a woman ……
Thank God there was no injuries as a result flinging Ashoi …

Crying a gate precise military men with great sadness
A weeping soldiers precise gate after losing his comrades in the suicide operation .. Please listen ..
بكاء أحد جنود بوابة برسس بعد فقدانه لرفاقه في العملية الانتحارية .. الرجاء الاستماع ..

Agency urgently Libya / military official confirms the total number of victims of the gate precise
Received by the agency urgently to Libya shortly before a phone call from a senior military official in Benghazi, “who asked not to be named,” where, provided us with the final outcome to the martyrs of the suicide bombings that targeted the precise gate and came two days before the statistical follows:
Galaa Hospital:
1 – Nasser Ibrahim Ali “intensive care”
2 – Ahmad key Clmana “intensive care”
3 – Ayman Younis key “intensive care”
Hospital 1200:
The remains of five unidentified
Hospital Prairie:
1 – Abdullah Cagher Dinala – shreds
2 – Mohammed valid key – the remains of
3 – Adel Ali Saleh Saaiti – shreds
4 – Mohammed Hamad Salem – stable condition
5 – Nasser Mohammed Hadi – stable condition
6 – Ibrahim Mohammed Jibril Clmana “intensive care”
7 – Saleh Mohammed Jibril Clmana “intensive care”
8 – Sadiq Jalal – out
9 – Faraj Oqaam – out
Note: This statistic is recorded immediately after the blast
Arrested Arharbi probably has to do with blowing up the gate precise.
Decker, where a witness said a black car type range was behind the car bomb, which led the suicide bomber, and then.
Got out of the car and spoke with the bomber before the blast moments.
She returned the car Alranj toward Benghazi.
Where Dkrt investigations Thunderbolt this topic that the car had Balrmih Ali commandos. In the previous days.
Today, this topic appeared the car back in the Albacore after receiving information from the Champions CID Abanha heading to a place unknown,
It has tried to security men at the gate Albacore shut off but to no avail Votalego the lead, Vtakbha men CID Vhasrōha for a full hour to be handed himself wounded in the shoulder. Undergoing treatment to begin investigations.
(News Agency of Libya today)
Picture of a car bombing in the gardens of Benghazi
Atef Shelmani
Now a car bombing in the area near the Almajora
Clinic elite was on board the car the son of a colonel
B Marine Colonel Khaled Alecere was transferred to

Said Director of the Office of Information Fadia Albergthe Galaa Hospital said the hospital received
this afternoon Awami Khalid Rafi, 23-year-old injured in the blast, which occurred near the hospital in critical
condition, although elite and may amputated leg.
For (Khalid Rafi Alecere Awami) Alaqidraf Awami son who Fjrolh his car yesterday, it was one of his legs, but overall good condition and has his mother and sisters and neighbors to visit him and is now in Galaa Hospital and his condition is considered good ..

The fall of the two cars in the area Louhichi in one of the pits!!!




Gas exthortionists: 25 Dinars per cylendar!!



Back to Ubari communications after a break of four days, after that
The unidentified stealing electrical transformer that feeds the network
In the area of Sergeant


Agency news – Gallo – Correspondent

Libyan army officers received Bjalo Brigades of seven citizens from the border area Tazerbo been reported losing contact with them two days ago.
And according to a source familiar with Gallo in the process of assuming that the missing persons by the Libyan army took place in the presence of the agricultural project bed notables and dignitaries and members of the local council Gallo.
According to a battalion commander and Colonel Poll “Abdul Salam Haddad,” that the missing persons were transferred immediately to the city Tazerbo where their families waiting for them and their families.
It is noteworthy that the people of Gallo intervened to evacuate several families of agricultural workers by the bed and stuck there because of the recent clashes and to return them to their families in the Eastern Province after coordination with the
Saraya border.


Agency urgently Libya / assault on an officer stealing his car Heathens
# Heathens
Said the spokesman for the local council infidels “Mustafa Ocala” for “atmosphere for the country,”
injuring a soldier from the special forces and civilians in clashes between special forces and militants in Kufra.
Attempt to seize the car, “Mohammed Merhi Tuberculoid”, a
Men Special Forces “Thunderbolt” near the Swedish island
Infidels, and was injured on the track “Tuberculoid” a bullet in the treacherous
Pelvis, hands on outlaws affiliated with the tribe
Tabu, godless city and experiencing great tension and security alert and Mnashaot
From time to time, also injured citizens of the city after the godless
Exposed to a hail of bullets random.
Quoting \ Tabu sons of the desert:
Burning cars for criminals interested in torturing and killing young F Tuka Altbawi …
Provided the gangs in the beginning and then returned to the fire on the elements of the national army and Almugodbn the points of contact where interested gangs Azwaiat usual elements of the army abandoned and not to stand on their side and support them and that they are protecting the Tabu, which resulted in a dispute between them and the national army and resulted in resulted in the injury of a member of the Thunderbolt soldier Mari Tuberculoid said to be from the city of Benghazi.
“Thunderbolt” withdraw from all points of the petition by the city of Kufra and burglary of homes and cars Swedish region amounted to 5 cars and rebels declare state of high alert in the city.
(Salem al-Obeidi)
According to the spokesman of the local council of Kufra armed group that carried out the attack on
the home provider pilot “Fathi Abdel-Salam Abdullah Fazzani” in Kufra new,
and they beat him and steal his car by force of arms.


Station electric bed back to work

 Reporter “atmosphere for the country”: the return of the bed gas station attendant to generate electricity to their jobs after securing the police station by electric bed area.
The director of the station electric bed, Hashim al-Maliki, the return of the station to work on Tuesday, after police secured by electrical area.
“The al-Maliki” for “atmosphere for the country” back to the station to support the public network at half capacity estimated at 250 MW currently, pointing out that it will return to full production within ten days, and assured that the security situation is now stable region of the bed.
It is noteworthy that the station had been closed by its staff due to clashes in the bed area last Friday between the battalion and the battalion Sharif Ahmed 427.
(Abdul Hameed to Aperc)
The education sector infidels
Urgent .. To the attention of students and parents: Because of the security situation in Kufra evening and after coordination with the Ministry of Education and Yaltalim said Mr. Abdullah Mustafa Officer Education infidels that the study stopped for tomorrow Wednesday only to resume classes next Thursday with the help of God in order to receive examination schedules.


05 FEBRUARY 2011:


by the People’s Minister of Information JR

Hajj Malcolm Shabazz spoke at a historic Pan-Afrikan conference called by the president of the African Union and the leader of the Libyan Revolution Muamar Qadafi in Tripoli, Libya, from Jan. 15-17, 2011. This photo was taken on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the late great Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. Hajj Malcolm, who spoke about his grandfather’s connection to the Organization of African Unity and his connection to the African Union, and President Qadafi were the only two people given a standing ovation for their speeches that day. – Photo: Minister of Information JR

I was extremely humbled and honored to be invited to participate in the historic Conference of African Migrants in Europe held from Jan. 15-17 in Tripoli, Libya, the Great Jamahiriya (People’s government). My comrades and I were invited by international peace activist Cynthia McKinney, former presidential candidate and former congresswoman, to be a part of her delegation, which included Hajj Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of the late great Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik Shabazz) and former SF Bay View writer Ra’Shida.

Panels and many different speakers focused on issues that were pertinent to furthering a positive relationship between Africans on the continent with those in the diaspora. Some of the topics that stuck out to me were women having a voice, the brain drain on the continent, religious tolerance, and forging a strong connection, whether Africans want to come back to Africa or remain in the diaspora.

The first myth that was dispelled as soon as I got there was that continental Africans did not want us to come back or did not like us. The ones who live on the continent that we met were working towards realizing the dream of Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Seku Ture, El Hajj Malik El Shabazz aka Malcolm X, and Muamar Qadafi of uniting Africa into the United States of Africa, a true African union that would serve Africans on the continent and abroad; they loved us. Every breakfast, lunch and dinner were filled with discussions about politics, business and networking.

Minister of Information JR, Samia Nkrumah, daughter of the great Pan Africanist Kwame Nkrumah and member of parliament in Ghana, Ra’Shida and Hajj Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of the late great Hajj Malik El Shabazz aka Malcolm X, were all participants at a Pan Afrikan conference in Libya that joined Africans from the diaspora and the continent together to talk about how to better work together. It was held Jan. 15-17, 2011, in Tripoli. – Photo: Minister of Information JR

I salute the intention, the plan, and the time and energy of African people worldwide who are contributing to the multi-faceted work of uniting our people internationally into a reputable force where we have the power to determine the outcome of our lives, land and resources. I salute the conveners of the conference which made this possible for me to see.

It was another example of how the international corporate news keeps the world in the dark when it comes to the accomplishments of Black people worldwide.

The conference was a three-day event where we listened to speakers who consisted of academics, international and national African leaders from around the world, religious leaders, traditional kings and queens of Africa, sultans and regular people who were participants. We met the daughter of the late great Kwame Nkrumah, Samia Nkrumah, who is a Pan African politician in her own right. We met the son of the late great Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba, Roland Lumumba.

We listened to African women who fight for women’s rights and against traditional practices that violate the rights of women. We listened to various speakers who spoke on Islamic law, religious tolerance and other issues pertinent to the politics of African people on the planet. We met ambassadors from African countries and politicians from various countries. Some had ideas similar to the Pan Africanist views of Kwame Nkrumah and Seku Ture; some differed greatly.

Roland Lumumba (left), the son of the late great Patrice Lumumba, was one of the participants at the historic Pan-African conference, along with hundreds of other Africans from the continent and from around the diaspora. – Photo: Minister of Information JR

The highlight of the conference for me was when the delegations from the diaspora were asked to submit delegates from their respective regions who would act as an advisory committee to the African Union when dealing with the diaspora in those particular regions or on issues that affect African people globally. Hajj Malcolm Shabazz was picked to sit on this committee and Ra’Shida was selected to be a sub.

Other highlights of the conference were listening to the panel that Cynthia McKinney hosted, which was the only panel led by a woman during the conference, as well as listening to the speech of Hajj Malcolm Shabazz who spoke at a televised event during the conference in front of Qadafi and was the only speaker of approximately 20 other speakers, besides Qadafi himself, who was given a standing ovation.

During the conference, we learned about the Green Book, the theoretical philosophy guiding Libya, written by the leader of their revolution and president of the African Union, M. Qadafi. Some of the ideas that I have read up to this point are brilliant and deserve further study and discussion within our communities – similar to how the Panthers made the Red Book essential study for the political scientists of our communities.

The King of Burkina Faso was blinging to the utmost at a Pan Afrikan conference that was convened in Tripoli, Libya, by President Muamar Quadafi of the Jamiriya of Libya and of the African Union. A number of kings, queens, sultans and princesses represented their respective territories in Africa attended this conference. – Photo: Minister of Information JR

In terms of seeing Tripoli, we went to the Old Country of Tripoli, where we saw the Al Saraya, which is the piece of an American ship mast that was destroyed by the Libyan navy, which is hoisted on top of a building. We also saw the wall that the Roman Empire’s Marcus Aurelius built around Old Tripoli, which is close to the Mediterranean and surrounded by a harsh desert.

We learned that alcohol is illegal and that there are not any public Western dance clubs in this Islamic country. Our guide told us about how most essential goods are subsidized, especially gasoline, in this petroleum rich nation. A car that would easily have taken 32.78€ to fill up cost around 7.28€ to top off. We saw a few malls in passing, but we shopped mainly in the open-air market that was close to the hotel we stayed in. We were hesitant to venture off to far, be it that we did not speak much Arabic and we were without a car. In the streets we noticed that the closer it got to the evening, the fewer Libyan women we would see in public on any given day that we left the hotel. I don’t know why, but I chalked it up to being a cultural thing.

Overall traveling to Tripoli, Libya, Africa, for the first time was a humbling experience in itself, and to participate in such a historic conference just put the icing on the cake. I’m even more dedicated now to getting our people better organized for power in our countries and communities in Africa, and all around the planet. I cannot fully put into words the way that this experience has affected me spiritually, politically and in many other ways. The only thing I can say is that I think all Black people should travel to Africa, the Motherland, at least once in their life if possible.


Photos de ‎علي سالم الورفلي‎ · Journal de ‎علي سالم الورفلي‎

Photos de Ali Salem Warfali · Journal de Ali Salem Warfali

Sorry sovereignty brother Hassan Nasrallah ..

Although we are all in favor of Hezbollah position on the direction of the brave Syrian crisis ..

And his eldest Kdalk to support the Palestinian cause and anti-Israel ..

But we do not forget that you Snaftm one of the enemies of the Libyans .. One involved in the bloodshed and the destruction of Libya and support Jardan and Oukovkm side of colonialism and its customers .. It is designated by the terrorists in Syria are the same religion and Oaidthm supported them and said they were rebels in Libya .. We will not forget your statements shameful our direction and the direction of our leader .. Whatever your problems personal with our system or our leader problems may eat forever by drinking leopards does not mean that Thaspoa of millions of Muslims, millions of oppressed Sorry ya need peace and freedom will not tell you anything and will not Achtmkm to you our brothers in God and our ally against Israel, and before that you will be Kdalk we are all Muslims .. But I will tell you and each of Samakm two words of every Libyan and Libyan and oppressed and martyrs and prisoners and displaced and wounded and deceased, “God is enough, and yes, the agent” ..

. “End point”.



Car bomb kills 14 in Egypt;

cabinet declares Muslim Brotherhood a

‘terrorist organization

12/24/2013 05:02
Egypt .. 14 dead and 200 wounded in the MB bombing of the Security Directorate of Dakahlia
Car bombs used in the attack, and among the wounded security director Dakahlia.

Attack targets police compound in city of Mansoura north of Cairo; government says blast won’t derail political transition.

 Arabic channel Al Arabiya:
Egyptian TV: Beblawi Baaln the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood a terrorist organization:

Egyptian Cabinet declares that the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, a terrorist group. And that all of raising the slogan of this topic is a terrorist group
After confirming that the Brotherhood behind the bombing of a building Dakahlia police has been arrested some of the elements, and now broadcast their pictures on the channel axis

CAIRO – A car bomb tore through a police compound in Egypt’s Nile Delta on Tuesday, killing 13 people and wounding more than 130, security officials said, in one of the deadliest attacks since the army deposed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in July.

The army-backed government vowed to fight “black terrorism”, saying the blast an hour after midnight in the city of Mansoura north of Cairo would not derail a political transition plan whose next step is a January referendum on a new constitution.

The attack prompted a cabinet statement declaring Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist organization”, though a state news agency report did not explicitly accuse the group of staging the attack. Morsi’s group condemned the bombing.

With at least eight policemen among the dead, the blast underlined the risk of militancy moving to the densely populated Nile Valley from the Sinai Peninsula, where attacks have killed some 200 members of the security forces since Morsi’s downfall.

“We face an enemy that has no religion or nation,” Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim, the survivor of an assassination attempt in Cairo in September, said at the scene of the blast.

The army said a car bomb had been used in what it called a “vile terrorist attack,” while the presidency said such attacks “only increase the state’s determination to uproot terrorism.”

Police “combat units” would deploy across the country with orders to use live ammunition, state TV reported.

Egypt has suffered the deadliest internal strife in its modern history since the army deposed Morsi, the nation’s first freely elected leader, on July 3 after big protests against him.

The security forces killed hundreds of his supporters as part of a campaign to repress his Muslim Brotherhood, while lethal attacks on the security forces have become commonplace.

Some analysts say Egypt could face a sustained Islamist insurrection, a risk compounded by a flood of weapons smuggled out of neighboring Libya since the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi began there almost three years ago.

In a statement from its London media office, the Brotherhood condemned the blast as “an attack on the unity of the Egyptian people”.


The state has outlawed the Brotherhood and driven it underground, jailing thousands of its supporters and accusing the group of turning to violence, a charge it denies.

The Sinai Peninsula, which borders Israel and the Gaza Strip to the east, has been the site of most of the major attacks since Morsi’s ouster: a car bomb killed 10 soldiers there in November, and 24 policemen died in an August ambush.

Many of the Sinai attacks, as well as the failed attempt on the life of Ibrahim, the interior minister, have been claimed by a group called Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (Supporters of Jerusalem).

There have also been lethal attacks on security forces in the Nile Delta, though nothing on the scale of Tuesday’s blast.

“An attack of this type has the effect of intimidating people and discouraging them from taking part in the (constitutional) referendum,” said Mustapha Kamel Al-Sayid, a professor of political science at Cairo University.

Ibrahim described the car bombing as an attempt to terrorize citizens before the mid-January vote, which is to be followed by presidential and parliamentary elections next year. He said the security forces would fully secure the referendum.

State television showed the bombed police compound with shattered windows and one wall partially collapsed. A bulldozer was removing rubble in the street outside. Residents rushed to hospitals to check on the casualties. Egypt’s Nile News TV broadcast late-night appeals for blood donations.

Mansoura has been the scene of other attacks since Morsi’s removal. Five policemen were wounded in July by an explosive device thrown at a police station. In October, three policemen were killed when masked men attacked a checkpoint in the city.

Last week state prosecutors ordered Morsi and other Brotherhood leaders to stand trial on charges including scheming with foreign militants to carry out terrorist attacks in Egypt.

The Brotherhood described those charges as risible.


A story on the Blaze reports:

“Al Jazeera’s blog posted a story Monday featuring tweets from the Director of Research at the Brookings Center in Doha, Qatar, who reported that an Egyptian newspaper’s front page story claimed President Barack Obama is a member of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

I for one believe it. Why? Because Hillary Clinton [with US STATE ownership of the Qatari NEWS channel] ‘said so’. (PLEASE LAUGH!!)

“Viewership of Al Jazeera is going up in the United States because it’s real news,” Clinton said. “You may not agree with it, but you feel like you’re getting real news around the clock…” (Hmmm–all Western Propaganda, you mean!—THIS IS TOO HILARIOUS !!)

The report continued:

“And if that weren’t enough, the newspaper also claims that President Obama’s half-brother Malik is allegedly an Al Qaeda activist. It further alleges that the son of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat al-Shater had threatened to expose a document revealing the secret membership.”


May this miracle inspire all good mankind…

Blessings of this Blessed Event be upon you all…


Commander Mu

The struggle for liberation of the Great Jamahiriya ·

We arrived ……..
1. All were approved military plans for the Liberation of Tripoli by the Leader of the Resistance and the Commander of the true Libyan army today.

2. Libya several strong men and brave of all the tribes of the Honorable Libya as one and are determined to win and might start editing of a city but a unified army resisting the forces of both free and honest Libya and from all spectrums of the Libyan people and all the tribes. No tribe may boast  that that they edit another Libyan, or bully any other of the tribes…For all the tribes are equal in honour within the Resistance.

3. We totally deny any connection to the kidnapping of the Abyssinian resistance.

4. Did not specify the zero hour after waiting for the signal from some Resistance in some cities, which still operates silently on the liberalization of their cities.

5. We ask all Libyans move away from the politics of revenge and reunion and unity and we have a complete and integrated lists of all those who committed crimes against the Libyans and they will be arrested, under the eyes of the Resistance in each city.

6. All the rats were threatening the Tarhounah on the phone by not standing in front of the Green, in order to preserve the lives of the torrent and the lives of their children and our blood only.
Your victory
God and the greatest

Capt. 314
Please publishing and Circular

النظال الالكتروني لتحرير الجماهيرية العظمى ·

1. تم إعتماد كافة الخطط العسكرية لتحرير طرابلس من قبل قائد المقاومة وقائد الجيش الليبي الحقيقي اليوم .
2 . ليبيا بعدة وعتاد قوي ورجال أشاوس من كل قبائل ليبيا الشريفة على قلب رجل واحد ومصممون على النصر وقد يبدأ التحرير من مدينة ما ولكن بجيش موحد صامد قوي من كل أحرار وشرفاء ليبيا ومن كافة أطياف الشعب الليبي وكافة القبائل فلا يحق لأي قبيلة بأن …تتباهى بتحرير ليبيا على الأخرى فكل القبائل متساوون فالمقاومة وشرف التحرير .
3 . نحن ننفي تماما ً أي علاقة للمقاومة بإختطاف الحبشي .
4 . لم يتم تحديد ساعة الصفر بعد في إنتظار الأشارة من بعض المقاومين في بعض المدن التي لا زالت تعمل بصمت على تحرير مدنهم .
5 . نرجو من جميع الليبيين الأبتعاد عن سياسة الأنتقام ولم الشمل ووحدة الصف ونحن لدينا قوائم كاملة ومتكاملة عن جميع من إرتكبوا جرائم بحق الليبيين وسيتم القبض عليهم وهم تحت أعين المقاومة في كل مدينة .
6 . تم تهديد كافة جرذان ترهونة اليوم هاتفيا ً وذلك بعدم الوقوف أمام السيل الأخضر حفاظا ً على أرواحهم وأرواح أبناءهم وحقنا ً للدماء فقط ليس إلا .
دعواتكم بالنصر
الله وأكبر
النقيب 314
نرجو النشر والتعميم

Touati Alaadh:

“the International Declaration of Liberation of Libya in 2011, is in fact a declaration occupation of Libya ..

19 DECEMBER 2013:
Bhamdallah was young and great conqueror distribution of leaflets in the most exotic cities in the region and most parts of Libya and Tripoli are side-Fateh University and the plateau and Amralmokhtar Street and Victory Street and Alnofleeyen Bin Ashour and Ayn Zara and Mansour and market Friday and Tajourah and angle Dahmani and Alqrbula and most of the areas and Rishvana (Azizia and Zahra and forearm and Alhachan and Amiriya and the globe …) Janzour and Tarhounah and Alrkdalin and Beautiful and department in Ajeelat and Asabah and Gharyan,  and Corner
(7 addicted)

Taureg support in the Green Army
“Moved literally – for science”
Statement Ibrahim civil Brigade martyr-founder Muhammad al-Madani:

In the name of God the Merciful
Peace and blessings be upon His prophets and messengers of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was either after
Nira to the demand of the Libyan people and their aspirations and ambitions of the country is stable and the security of civilian life of dignity and fulfillment of resolution 27/53 departure of all armed formations outside the capital Tripoli without Asttina.

We decided Brigade martyr Muhammad al-Madani out completely from the capital Tripoli note that the associate of all Libyans resident in Tripoli any they are the sons of Tripoli informed that the members of the brigade stationed inside the camp of Yarmouk any Mend Resolution 27 has emerged from our own initiative outside the scope of Tripoli any as I mentioned in the previous camp Yarmouk also ordered Maj. Gen. military lieutenant and personal human civil ceremonial in Hedda Brigade Nira

because I am from established initially with QATAR of Altoar honest people who have the fulfillment of God has been the homeland only we will take a step backward, but we will not leave Libya for terrorists and extremists Libya must be a country of freedoms and opinion The opinion of the other country law country institutions
The word first and last of the Libyan people tell us we go out we go out we go back they said promises
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy
219 m

صفحة الجحفل الأمني 219
21 novembre 2013

“منقول حرفيا – للعلم ”
بيان أبراهيم المدني مؤسس لواء محمد المدني

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
والصلاة والسلام على اشرف الأنبياء والمرسلين سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم تم اما بعد
نضرا لمطلب الشعب الليبي وتطلعاته وطموحه لبلد مدني امن مستقر وحياة كريمة وتنفيذا لقرار 27 / 53 بخروج كافة التشكيلات المسلحة إلى خارج العاصمة طرابلس دون استتناء
قررنا لواء الشهيد محمد المدني بالخروج كليا من العاصمه طرابلس علما بان المنتسبين لها من كافة الليبيين المقيمين داخل طرابلس اي أنهم أبناء طرابلس علما بأن أعضاء اللواء متمركزين داخل معسكر اليرموك اي مند قرار 27 قد خرجنا من تلقاء انفسنا خارج نطاق طرابلس اي كما ذكرت في السابق معسكر اليرموك كما ان أمر اللواء عسكري برتبة مقدم وعن شخصي إنسان مدني شرفي في هدا اللواء نضرا لأني من أسسه في البداية مع الكتير من التوار الشرفاء الذين لهم وفاء لله تم للوطن فقط سنأخذ خطوة للوراء ولكننا لن نترك ليبيا للإرهابيين والمتطرفين فليبيا يجب ان تكون بلد الحريات والرأي والرأي الآخر بلد القانون بلد المؤسسات
فالكلمة الأولى والأخيرة للشعب الليبي يقول لنا نخرج نخرج قالو عود نعود
والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله

ANOTHER LOCKERBIE “SCENARIO”–This time a Swedish-Egyptian terrorist!!!


British Independent: Libyan al-Megrahi did not blow Lockerbie

Independent newspaper published a report on its front, returned him to the Lockerbie bombing 25 years ago, and the conviction of former Libyan intelligence agent, Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, the implementation process.

The newspaper quoted one of the victims’ relatives as saying that he believed that al-Megrahi is innocent of this process, directed the finger at someone else lives in Sweden. The Independent reported that the father of one of the Lockerbie victims, Dr. Jim Swire, accused the British government, in a speech to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the accident, hide, “you know the full truth about this tragedy.”

The British and American governments and the Libyan issued a joint statement commits to work to uncover the details of what happened, and to provide those involved in the incident to justice. Dr Swire, according to the paper: that al-Megrahi “died and was a friend to me, and did not kill my daughter,” and called on those present at the ceremony of remembrance pray for mercy on the victims of the bombing, to pray for the family of al-Megrahi, who was released after eight years in prison, for humanitarian reasons, where he was afflicted with cancer, in its final stages. He died after his release.

The person who is suspected Alsoaar Egyptian nationality, named Mohammed Abu Taleb, lives in Sweden. Swire said: “I tried to face this guy, but not a given in his house, and all the windows are closed, and the man inside the house he spent his whole life terrorist.” He was sentenced to “Abu Talib to life imprisonment for his involvement in the bombings in 1985 in Copenhagen and Amsterdam, and was released recently.

Added Dr. Swire, who lost his daughter Flora in the age of 23 years of the incident, that he had once Greeting card at the top of the calendar year of al-Megrahi, inviting him to pray for him and for his family. threatened Swire to resort to the European Court if no government investigations in the case, and follow-up according to human rights legislation. was Abdul Hakim al-Megrahi’s brother Abdul Basit told the BBC: The family intends to raise the issue of the resumption as the brother of the deceased, and requests help from the government Libyan.



Libya’s new newspaper published today’s edition black and white and attached:

UNO Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes :::::

URGENT :: Atlantic announce that 8 fighter planes are on a mission
Poll over the Middle Libyan .   THE SAY THEYare not violating any UN resolution!!

Arthur announced Damorc air operations commander in charge of NATO that the 6 fighter-bombers and 2 of NATO is in a reconnaissance mission over the Middle Libyan,

THEY CLAIM THAT THEY did not violate any UN resolution or the sovereignty of the Libyan security.

cooperation in the framework of the joint.


General National Congress will vote on a roadmap delivers the power by 24 Dec. 2014

Abdel Moez Bannon:
Conference Bamdd 8 months, but, but, but,,,, Ratohm Kdah Kwesen … Zlmnahm O people!!!!!!

Abdel Moez Bannon:

Teachers’ salaries will not be issued this month in several cities, including Tripoli and Sirte and Alrajaban and others, because of the counting referral lists of the national number of teachers in these cities to the Ministry of Education by the offices in these cities …

Information about non-payment of salaries of teachers and staff for the month of December 2013, the areas mentioned in this alert, because of the failure to bring their national numbers by officials Affairs Education areas concerned and specific, which  Amsaad, Riyaana, languages, his way, Al-rajaban, Kklh, Qara Polly, Abyar, tuber, Sirte, Ghadames, Tobruk, Mizdah, Tripoli, the Gulf of Sidra, department in AJEELET, Green Mountain, dome, beautiful, Azizia, Gharyan, Misratah, Alqtron, Kapaau, Sabha, Gado, Tarhounah).
219 m

Congress decided the national public questioning the prime minister, “Ali Zaidane,” in light of the financial corruption and the deteriorating security situation.
It is possible to withdraw confidence from him at a meeting Tuesday, Dec. 31.
It is noteworthy that several parties want the dismissal of the government by the end of the year to prevent it from implementing the decision to stop the salaries for the armed militias that flexes its muscles by parties and movements and members of the National Conference of the year.

(Libyan Republic)


Member of the National Conference emigrated Qaid
about rejection of the decision to prevent
the granting of a bonus for some of the (so-called) martyrs of the Libyan “Liberation” (from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, so repressive!!)
عضو المؤتمر الوطني هاجر القايد حول رفضها لقرار يمنع منح مكافأة الشهداء لبعض الليبيين22-12-2013
Agency urgently Libya / bonus over the life of foreign fighters TripoliThe news channel said in a newsflash, citing its correspondent and a member of the National Congress,
“Kayed migrated” to the National Congress decided to grant a lifetime high for
foreign fighters who fought with the “rebels 17 February” !!!



“Means NATO mercenaries from the air and on the ground.”…


The Ministry of Industry: foreign companies are unable to continue their work
“Atmosphere of the country” –

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry for industrial development Fathi Zwage:
The deteriorating security situation in Libya caused the reluctance of foreign companies continue to work.

The Zwage told  “the atmosphere of the country” on Sunday, that the continued kidnappings and killings in Libya has

led to the postponement of the arrival of some foreign companies wishing to invest, stressing that in the case of the return

of calm and restoration of security these companies will return to its practice.

Zwage confirmed that the industrial sector in Libya needs to foreign companies, pointing out that the investments require large sums of money and the state can not be fully implemented.

The student and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry stakeholders amending the investment law and determine the value of the capital and targeted activities, in addition to the open area in front of Libyan investors in the field of micro-factories, and in the case of default by Libyan investors for its implementation shall be referred to the foreign investor.

It is noteworthy that the interim government was announced in the middle of last month for the cancellation of some contracts with some foreign companies contracting in the field of residential projects and delivered to local contractors and companies, with the aim of entering into the market to compete with foreign companies.

Agency urgently Libya / summary meeting Ali Zaidane on the news channel since few

Ali Zaidane Prime Minister of Libya:

: Become a weapon in each house, and became the fighting between brothers in captivity one.

– There are those who are waiting for opportunities to jump on Libya, and impose their opinion on the Libyans.

– Place prime minister does not rejoice in him who wants to comfort himself.

– Not could be better than it was, will not come better than someone offers we have done in the government.

– There are a large number of members of the National Congress gave me the confidence to head the government and still.

– I’m not influenced by what is said and written about me, we try to do everything to save the state Business.

– Na understands what he says and people write on the walls about me.

– We try to create a state, the state does not exist and says that this is not true. (XXX under GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, there was NO ‘STATE’: PEOPLE GOVERNED THEMSELVES through “People’s Congresses” and “basic CONFERENCE Committees”)

– We must be patient and know the obstacles.

– I can not say that I have negative points on the National Congress, this is the ‘first time’ for them, as well as the government.

– We see that there is a lack of enthusiasm for the elections because of the ‘fear of this dressed’. (YOU MEAN FEAR THAT THE people cannot themselves set-up and attend their own Green People’s Congresses and Conference Committees..or they will be arrested or killed)

– We are now in a state of crisis, people may come back to that “everything must be done by the state”. (???? THAT IS COMMUNISM!”)

– I had hoped that the party was postponed until after the adoption of the Constitution, because the policy and practice of public affairs in the new Libya. (CONSTITUTION is bla, bla made by men..HOLY QUARAN is only way for LIBYA)

– Hopefully in the next “election to be elected based on the most efficient and owner experience”.
(ALL ELECTIONS CAN BE RIGGED and run by the MAFIA or a FACTION: This is antiquatated. KNOWTHE THIRD UNIVERSAL THEORY–a greter step ahead for TRUE PARTICIAPATORY/ direct

– HB, “we” formed a new government!, The president, who will need to come for 3 months to work and there are a lot of outstanding issues. (WHO ARE THE “WE”: Surely not the PEOPLES!)

– The whole time we were trying to prepare the army, and when he came out of the army where people said this army!

– Tried at first to form a government of all walks of life in the Conference of the Coalition for Justice and Development and the front. (again, “JUSTICE & DEVELOPEMENT IS THE ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD)

Here Highlights of the meeting, which was conducted by the news channel space with the head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane” distinguished journalist colleague monitored “Anwar” on his, according to the sequence of the dialogue in the meeting, and not according to the importance of the subjects: –
(0) I can not leave the country pending in these circumstances until the Conference reaches a consensus on the President of the Government .. And I swear to God I am sincere in my words because no one asked to come to the comfort of this place.
(0) The story of a crisis of gasoline and cut communications and the subject of oil ports are all orchestrated and there hands want to spoil there who wants to take over the country as he did al-Qathafi. (?????)
(0) when he came out of the army in the streets of Tripoli, said some people ask where I come from this army! , While we were in the past months we train and get out payments was not subject overnight as they said
(0) my relationship with local councils is good, but there are boards took a certain line, I am communicating with the boards and if you’re part of the problem in Libya For National Congress and it shows that I am ready to go out.
(0) We have come a run in the military and police training., We deal with the destruction of 42 years and the life of the government years.
(0) I am a man more than sixty does not see any political future as some people think when you choose to be a set of Mayors and not elected.
(0) Party for “Justice and Development” known to the people and talk about the bullying government Mliqth West payoff it .. Is the West, which is named Zaidane. (“JUSTICE & DEVELOPEMENT” IS ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD!!!!!)
(0) I do not I give an man myself, I began to struggle Thirty years ago, marketed itself is not confident in himself, I may come out of this work and do not come back to politics .. Many confuse national action and political action, and now national.
(0) and the presence of weapons outside the framework of the state, which is the latest development in the country .. There are those who say I kept the weapons to protect the revolution! .. What remained after the killing of people with this weapon, there is a woman opened the safe with firearms came from a bullet killed her.
(0) the international community is talking about the presence of weapons and began to spread and cause a nuisance in the world, should the Libyans to trust in the army and police, and that the arms are collected and disposed of.
(0) is the government of the Libyan people and not the entire 25 Minister only.
(0) the security situation in Benghazi and Derna unfortunate, we have made efforts in Benghazi in support of the army and special forces of the possibilities, but it seems to me in Benghazi needs to multiply these possibilities.
(0) We have arrived at the conviction that the state should use all means to liberate oil ports because we have made several attempts to avoid bloodshed and did not get the result. – (BIGGEST LIE)
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / ملخص لقاء علي زيدان على قناة النبأ منذ قليل هنا أبرز ما جاء في اللقاء الذي أجرته قناة النبأ الفضائية مع رئيس الحكومة المؤقتة “علي زيدان” رصدها الزميل المميز الصحفي “محمد أنور” على صفحته ، حسب تسلسل الحوار في اللقاء وليس حسب أهمية المواضيع :-(0) انا لا استطيع ان اترك البلاد معلقة في هذه الظروف الى حين يصل المؤتمر الى توافق على رئيس حكومة .. واقسم بالله انا صادق في كلامي لان لا احد يطلب الراحة يأتي الى هذا المكان .(0) انا لا استطيع ان اترك البلاد معلقة في هذه الظروف الى حين يصل المؤتمر الى توافق على رئيس حكومة .. واقسم بالله انا صادق في كلامي لان لا احد يطلب الراحة يأتي الى هذا المكان .(0) قصة ازمة البنزين وقطع الاتصالات وموضوع موانئ النفط كلها مدبرة وهناك ايادي تريد ان تفسد وهناك من يريد ان يستولى على البلاد كما فعل القذافي .(0) عندما خرج الجيش في شوارع طرابلس تسأل البعض وقال من اين اتي هذا الجيش ! ، مع اننا كنا خلال الاشهر الماضية ندرب ونخرج دفعات ولم يكن الموضوع بين عشية وضحاها كما قالوا (0) علاقتي بالمجالس المحلية جيدة ، ولكن هناك مجالس اخذت خط معين ،، انا اتواصل مع المجالس واذا كنت جزء من المشكلة في ليبيا فعلى المؤتمر الوطني ان يبين ذلك وانا مستعد ان اخرج .(0) نحن قطعنا شوط في تدريب الجيش والشرطة .فنحن نعالج دمار 42 سنة وعمر الحكومة سنة .(0) انا رجل تجاوزت الستين لا انظر الى أي مستقبل سياسي كما اعتقد البعض عندما اخترت ان يكون عمداء البلديات تعيين وليس انتخاب .(0) حزب العدالة والبناء معروف للشعب وكلام مليقطة بخصوص استقواء الحكومة بالغرب مردود عليه .. هل الغرب هو الذي عين زيدان .

(0) انا لا اسوق نفسي انا رجل بدأت نضالي قبل ثلاثين سنة من يسوق نفسه هو غير واثق في نفسه ، انا قد اخرج من هذا العمل ولا اعود الى السياسة .. الكثير يخلط بين العمل الوطني والسياسي والان العمل وطني .

(0) وجود السلاح خارج اطار الدولة هو الذي اخر التنمية في البلاد .. هناك من يقول انا احتفظ بالسلاح لحماية الثورة !.. ماذا بقى بعد قتل الناس بهذا السلاح ،، فهناك مرأة فتحت خزنة بها قطعة سلاح انطلقت منها رصاصة قتلتها .

(0) المجتمع الدولي يتحدث عن وجود السلاح وانتشاره وبدأ يسبب في ازعاج للعالم ،، يجب على الليبيين ان يثقوا في الجيش والشرطة وان يتم جمع السلاح والتخلص منه .

(0) الحكومة هي الشعب الليبي بأكمله وليس 25 وزير فقط .

(0) الوضع الامني في بنغازي ودرنه مؤسف ،، نحن في بنغازي بذلنا مجهودات في دعم الجيش والقوات الخاصة بالإمكانيات لكن يبدو لي الامر في بنغازي يحتاج الى مضاعفة هذه الامكانيات .

(0) نحن وصلنا الى قناعة الى ان الدولة يجب أن تُستخدم جميع الوسائل لتحرير الموانئ النفطية لأننا قمنا بعدة محاولات لتفادي سفك الدماء ولم نصل لنتيجة .


Quantities of crude oil and condensate produced for the Day, December 21
According to the Information Office of the Ministry of oil and gas to be produced quantities of crude oil and condensate on December 21, 2013 amounted to 233 889 thousand barrels per day, while the quantities of gas 2.058500000 cubic feet.
Atef Shelmani:
Interior Ministry today based correspondent for National Security Directorates
And ask them to change named director of the National Security Directorate to
Only security and national security centers to the police station.Allegedly the problem in Titles.??
General Electric Company cautions citizens generator owners:Because of the expansion of the existing use of generators by gentlemen citizens when the power is on their property as a result of the increasing incidence of injury to the employees of the company at the time of their maintenance work due to lack of knowledgeable gentlemen citizens that when running the generator and the failure to separate the main key for the property happens charging network in reverse and turn the shipment via the transformer to the efforts of a high up to 11 kV. Q.
Thus, the General Electric Company Calls Messrs. citizens generator owners need to adhere follows for employment generators:
• Must be the network that Igdiha-born private network and isolated from the public network.
• In the case of having to connect the generator to the public network must be installed automatic separator (key inverter) or that the citizen is keen on the need to separate the key manually before running generator.
• the importance of adherence to it we hope so, because it is the province of the lives of workers and the part of the generator and the network of the damage from the other side.


Tripoli now is very heavy rain.

Some cars are now sinking in the highway in the city of Tripoli:

Please brothers citizens avoid traffic from the end of the highway eastward Albive precisely
the way in front of a clinic compassion locked rain.
As well as the coastal road along the Tajourah gathering pools of water in the spotty
As well as the highway to the west of the island of tuberculosis to the island and through Agheiran Janzour.
We hope everyone caution

(Operations room Mermaid)

Rain shut down the highway and warning of rain Gzizh Tripoli
Warned the Department of Traffic and Licensing Department of Homeland Security brothers
Tripoli residents of the city of highway traffic westward, because it is fully locked as a result of gathering rainwater.
It also alerted the concerned residents of the capital and its environs to the need to take
action in anticipation of more rain tonight and tomorrow at dawn.



Car type Miche Lancer color white is fully opaque Balrmih the person in the way of Spring Valley

The injury is a serious.

(Operations room Mermaid)

Operations room Mermaid:
After greeting …
On the subject of the Internet and break into the company Libya Telecom and Technology.
The ‘Mulim’ Brotherhood Intruders are still in place and closing the doors of the company in front of the staff force
Dividers and threatening to blow up if it does not meet their demands …
Internet is currently located across the line dedicated to contingency and control room outside the company’s headquarters ..
And to some extent this moment does not have official reaction from any other security …!


this morning:
GREEN SQUARE tonight 23/24  DEC. 1013

Muammar al-Qathafi INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS project (2010):

Urgent / British embassy in Tripoli suspended its work after receiving threats.


Operations room Mermaid:


Urgent Libya shooting at Tripoli airport road
According to preliminary information that four gunmen traveling in a car type Hyundai (lens) color Gray had opened fire on people since little in the way of the airport.
And preliminary information indicates the target injury serious injuries.
Hyundai car type lens color Gray has Bermaah the person now in the road to the airport by car 4 Ashhas gunmen. . We do not know the reasons so far, the car needed to security agencies is now urgent. .

Person’s condition is not true and the creation of a good God.

Operations room Mermaid:
Hyundai car type “lens” white color without plates tinted back half the Bermaah weapon
Clash Cove Ali Gate National Army Brigade first pedestrian bridge over the June 11.


Spray anesthetic happen panic among school pupils (Musa Bin Naseer)
Books / Mustafa Ferjany reports:
Stalked last Thursday, the number of school pupils (Musa Bin Naseer) in Tripoli, a state of panic and fear caused by trading (Spray anesthetic) anonymous among the students at the school .. The director of the school (Musa Bin Naseer) of the Office of Educational Services neighborhood Andalus (a. Mohammed Afilana) said in a statement to the website of the ministry that he set on Thursday, the nineteenth of December being in possession of two students in school (Spray anesthetic) anonymous source indicates instructions written on the box that the nebulizer lead to loss of consciousness and fainting added (Afilana) that students Adea they and very (cans Sprayer) on the table outside Assor school
and do not know the source, stressing that he was not subjected to any of the school’s students to spray sprayer did not register the case of fainting among students and stressed (Afilana) the need to discern the parents to like this topic suspicious objects On his part, said the student (Mohamed Hussein) emphasized the lack of know the seriousness of the drugs
and that he had handed over to the school administration immediately after acquisition as explained specialist social school (a. Leila Mdkin) that the Office of specialists has to follow the theme of the incident and the fact she really a sign that the Bureau has and quickly educate all students the seriousness of the matter and the need to report any incident that may get inside or outside the school ..
The School Musa Bin Naseer includes (725) students in basic education and the number (224) teachers and track administrative office of educational services Trbuls Andalus neighborhood.
(The Ministry of Education and the Libyan)



Youth of the globe on Facebook:
Important Notice
All markets, shops and workshops and Pharmacies area of ​​the globe steep currency
Class 10 dinars Almzoh they are scattered in abundance this topic days:

Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya


There are gate to stop the sons and Rishvana Island.

Got Alshall TRIPOLI Dalk against the rumored backdrop that a group of Zintan

supposedly kidnapped the son of Muhammad Alstaoa ordered military accounts.

Response being Rishvana youth and kidnapped a group of innocent people from Zintan !!
Gateway is now in Got Alshall (TRIPOLI) check car plates and stop any Rishvana ..

Ajbb discernible caution and steep .. While to unravel if this is sedition or merely Myth or Bcisa ..


“Zintan revolutionaries gathered Saraya” GROUP writes:

Murder today after Cimafro Falah road leading to the gate of gypsum car Chevrolet Cruze chasing a car Toussaint and shut him the way people and Aoukvonh and Ergmoh to go down and when he struggled hitting torpedo was thrown from the car and escape out of road dirt tracks and the biggest problem that there is a police car saw what Ihdt without any person motionless until he came Wakhd milled man in his car and the anger of the people and a dash Dharbohem Hhmo their car …

not about God, the blood of people Brozk evanescent.



Now launched in the city of Misrata release of  Sheikh civil Alchuirv now on his way to the city of Zliten.




Yesterday was martyred near 15 component members of the Libyan army in the gate of the Maltese

“has not been identified to this day the actor died today and 13 element also members of the Libyan army, and of course, unknown actor” (REALLY?..poor LIARS!)
Congress and the government only punctuated condemnation and 3 days of mourning

(Libyan Republic)



photo de Rafla and Great | Great Werfalla.

Grandchildren in the footsteps of ancestors

Will be a big celebration on the occasion of the anniversary of the Battle of Wadi Dinar famous 1923 will be held on 12/27/2013
In the area of Wadi Dinar Beni Walid, after the completion of the restoration of the monument,

which has armed militias destroyed after the October War years ..

Celebrated format and Execution youth Bani Walid in collaboration with the Society of Peace charity ..

May God grant everyone to serve BANI WALID




“Sirte airport” is ready to activate the international and the first international flights next month ..
Greetings to the people of Sirte and all those who contributed to reach this Alhzv …

(Pictured here is how the Sirte International Airport appeared on 09 Oct 2010 19:43:53, under THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

before NATO’s bombing campaign)


09 OCT 2010 The Conference Center at the Airport:


Sirte airport vip building 2010-:

Here we see it after the REBELS  destroyed it and took over::

GO TO THIS PAGE TO SEE THE DAILY MOTION VIDEO of the capture and destruction


on 04 SEPT 2010 MUAMMAR a-Qathafi had plans for a beautiful SIRTE PARK:



Libyan affairs in the international press


“studying a resolution obliging the government to use all the powers to end ‘the oil crisis’ “.

Sources of international:

General National Congress held a meeting with the prime minister on Tuesday,

the next question about his plan to resolve the crisis in oil fields and ports.

International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Sources: Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff told the General National Congress
today that they have reached a court plan to end the closure of the oil fields and ports
without knowing the content of the conference plan.
Ali Asbali:
National Congress decides Asthaddam all means to end the problem of oil, including the use of force ..

Ali Zaidane: 

“We have decided to use force to open the fields and gathered
Today with the intelligence chief and chairman of the defense committee and the Minister of Defense ….
We are obliged to impose the prestige of the state.”

“WikiLeaks Cyrenaica”:

There are strange insistence of Congress and the government on the use of force
To edit the fields you know why???
They Cano can easily solve the problem that Achklo Commission
Achieve that Icomo installing counters and the story ends, but the Brotherhood
Fighter and do not want any power in Libya competing, and the continued strength
Jdharan constitute a risk for them in the future … For this they want
The destruction of this force and Antsetr fields force Brothers
The Fighter … They Satro on the joints of the state, and Oil Corporation
And the Ministry of oil they control Brotherhood … Now only want to eliminate
On any force on earth …

Police gathered Libya in the Eastern Province.

Urgent / There are conflicting reports about the gathering Awakir precise A’badleh

and Alhute and Dinal and knights and Alkhvivat

To the Drianh and youth from Sidi Khalifa
Secretary to each other and Yeboah Aakhcoa Aakhawarj in Benghazi.
And meet the leaders of the Takfir wal Hijra …
(T. Customary p)

Shahat Wait 24 hours, and the government will not intervene in the case of civil disobedience.

(Depression Forum)


Statement (National Rally Altbawi) with respect to the events Ajdabiya


October 7th District:

Shooting dense votes now in the city of Ajdabiya on October 7th District
Balash aspiring neighborhood behind the former Revolutionary Guards camp
and now holds a news clash between angry youth and a group of Tabu dwellers that District 5
because of the execution of the citizens of the city by a group of Chadian Tabu in the area of ​​the bed
and there is no information on the outcome of this Alstbak. ..
We bring you the latest news and when they are received.
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Younis cabled
The right word to God I do not fear them to anybody as long.
What’s happening now from archery and terrorize innocent people in the neighborhood and the neighborhood N’Djamena October 7 fatal error of the sons of the tribe Azhoyh. These neighborhoods inhabited by other people from other tribes mistake does not address this way of shooting people in the revival nothing to do with sentences of clashes happening in the fields.
A little while ago I was at the site of shooting in the neighborhood of October 7 Mezri and unfortunate view of what is happening at the disposal of young people acting light-hearted does not have dire consequences.
3 injured, according to information from the tribe people and wounding Azhoyh Tbawi was attacked in his home district, October 7.
I hope that wise tribe Azhoyh Atdarko such errors Wooten is processed wisdom.
Oh God, inject the blood of Muslims. And averted strife and hidden Madhr

Agency urgently Libya / Ajdabiya – Correspondent
Thirty-five people injured in bloody clashes with medium weapons and heavy Ozoah

between the tribe and the people of TPU, neighborhood “Sugar”

Now the city of Ajdabiya, a hospital and doctors M’hamed Maqrif.

The city’s residents are demanding speed of blood donation.

A spokeswoman for the hospital Galaa Fadia Albergthe that the hospital had received three cases

of Ajdabiya including a woman, were shot dead by a random result of clashes in the city they are currently in care.


Benghazi now … Before Tbsta

Now the crowds in front of the hotel Tbisty Benghazi youth and civil society organizations ..

Refusal on the extension of the National Congress.

Pause in front of a rejection of the extension of the Tibesti and terrorism:

FLASH :::::::
Now armed robbery on a person named / Full Alexandrian was standing in front of the Bank of the Arab
consensus Hawari and steal from him and the amount of 20 000 dinars …..
It is reported that the armed robbery was driving a black BMW and has not been identified or arrested ….
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Mr. / Rizk al-Obeidi, a member of the SS and is now in hospital in critical condition and that the attempt to assassinate him …..
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
The arrival of three cases of Saturday’s clashes Ajdabiya hospital they are in care and their names: –
Omar Suleiman Mahdi
– Ali Abdullah Ahallil
– Zainab Ali MohamedWe wish them a speedy recovery ..
A spokeswoman for the hospital Galaa Fadia Albergthe. The hospital received this morning by
a member of a stun values ​​Mosque Boatni Rizk Marei al-Obeidi after injury in his side
and his hand releases wounds after his release from his office, adding that the status is now stable.
(“Atmosphere of the country”)


Room inquiries via telephone stun me :::::
The city of Benghazi very safe and not from rumors about the health of a convoy from entering the area to area Drianh Laithi and also rumors about the attack on Ansar Sharia Balqguarhh, we are brothers and we do not want the rumors and now Benghazi very safe and secure we are now many places and private entrances and Benghazi exits ………

(Mutassim Faitouri)


(Airport Road – Laithi – milkfish – Al-Salam).

Many hear the sounds of shooting.

Aaaaaaaajl: archery since few in Benghazi
Arrested on a car at an intersection of the housing has a security breach of a lightning strike (TRAFFIC LIGHT SIGNAL); and has been shooting for a warning light weapons and did not stop and the driver stopped after the second warning gunshot, age 23 and then he turned out to driving under the influence of alcohol.
(Alopecia forces)

Precise GATE in  Benghazi:

Khaled al-Sharif:
Report of the Expert crackers at the gate of precise quantitative yesterday says he weighs
600 to 650 kilograms of explosive materials and loaded on a car
Toyota Mat.

Moataz Bengazino:
Assigned to special forces, backed by precise gate of the elements of living in places adjacent to the gate where the two towers will be built to monitor .. The three buildings as points of inspection .. And mine detectors, weapons, explosives and contraband detectors and drug Kalkhmur where this gate will be equipped with all the possibilities for the next month and be the first dam security strong sense of the word.
(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)
The death of one of the soldiers of the gate precise Mudbna Tol his wounds ..
And Yoweri soul is now in the city cemetery. Suffice it and yes, the agent.
Logic =)) .. Your faaace .. !! ಠ _ ಠ
A government commission to investigate the bombing of the “precise”
“Atmosphere of the country” Amer Abdul Rahman
The Chairman of the Committee of the National Conference of Interior, Ibrahim Sha’ala, said he was assigned to the government to form a committee of the Interior Ministry and the General Intelligence and others to investigate the bombing of the “precise”.
The Chairman of the Committee that the Commission is required to know the reasons and motives behind the bombing as well as the most accurate technical details.
He described the bombing Sha’ala “precise” Balnoaa and unprecedented in Libya, stressing that the committees of the Interior, Defense and National Security met with the Prime Minister and the Presidency Conference today in this regard.
As mentioned Sha’ala that will address the Interior Ministry tomorrow, the need to expedite the completion of the Committee for its work.
Referred to as the gateway precise bombing occurred at dawn today, killing thirteen people from the security gate and civilians and wounding three and losing two others, according to the government statement.



special forces out of Libya “Thunderbolt” Colonel “and Nice
Bouchmadeh “of the city of Benghazi wounded to the gate that precise

Came in the early morning hours of suicide terrorist attack
Killed a number of the dead and killed a number of
Wounded, to follow up on the gate of the security situation and to support the men
National Army and to flatten their hands, also gave condolences
For all the families of the victims one after the other for comforted in grief
(Salem al-Obeidi)


Find someone chucked shot Quiche region and is now a hospital …..
Shortly before the mother Haitham Mahmoud Suleiman:
Channel Libya first pleading and crying and crying and collapsed abra
And I am by my Spirit, says Arjowookm I do not have an end, but Haitham
(Haitham Rdjaoly)



Abduction of “Mohammed Abdul Ghani bin imagination” of the city of Derna, and the Red Crescent works Derna,

has been missing since yesterday and the last contact with him was at 10:00


08 SEPT 2010

Muammar al-Qathafi 370 Villas VILLAGE PROJECT in DERNA:





An Egyptian worker killed in the city of Sabha:

One of the citizens opened fire on an Egyptian worker Plumbing in front of a restaurant district Oqaid

Egyptian city of Sabha due to lack of maintenance worker perfecting his Farda dead.

There is no power but from God.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel Sabha

The closure of the oil depot Sabha for 10 Ysaat by young protestors peacefully because of the delayed salaries were following different security agencies of the security committee and protection device Sabha and other.
I have summarized their demands not to give them Msthakthm and salaries for more than a year and voiced one of the protesters for their insistence on sending a strong message that “lean Natsam intact and we are able to shut down the warehouse at any moment and we are the owners of the right to Mrtbaatna At a time when we see the millions loot and steal and paid bribes of Government is the marginalization of the feet and gave the order to the nation and the security of the homeland “.
The protesters decided to open the warehouse and closing hours and give a deadline for officials regardless Msthakthm in a matter of three days, but will be closed until the settlement of their dues.
Free special newspaper Sabha (7 photos):


Tabu  Sons of the desert

Out since morning Tabu citizens in the city of Murzuq in a protest in solidarity with the people in the city of Ajdabiya Tabu innocent and in condemnation of what they have suffered at dawn today in the city of Ajdabiya from the assault on families safe and burning their property … As stated in their statement:

In the name of God the Merciful
To begin with, said Prophet peace be upon him: “God damn intriguing sleeper awakened from.”

As a result of exposed families Tabu in the city of Ajdabiya from the killing and intimidation and kidnapping of individuals and burning of property and breaking into houses, by armed militias, which did not respect our no norm, and committed the most heinous crimes against innocent unarmed civilians, terrorized children and women in the middle of the night, without sin committed by this families in the city, but for some reason they belong to Tabu. These racial and ethnic cleansing declared openly and clearly.
So we’re in the south Tabu strongly deplore and condemn what happened and is happening to our people and our families in the city of Ajdabiya. We appeal to the honorable tribes of Ajdabiya and dignitaries who signed the charter of honor Ajdabiya, to stop this work is forbidden and shameful, that was committed against innocent people. This affliction gangs want to wake her in the city of Ajdabiya safe.
We also hold the National Congress and the government of responsibility for what is happening to the TPU in Ajdabiya, they did not condemn this crime, and did not move, static direction of what is happening to this minority, racism and ethnic cleansing. We call on human rights organizations, both domestic and international, as well as call upon the United Nations to immediately intervene to stop these crimes, ethnic successive committed against Tabu in Libya.

Murzuq 12/22/2013

Vigil for TPU in the Murzuq afternoon because of the events Ajdabiya last night, where the tribal militias outlaws and some members of the tribe Azhoyh in the city looted and burned houses Tabu and burn their cars and kidnapped more than 12 people to Azalo unknown place to this moment.
Tabu sons of the desert (5 photos):



Console of the Chief of Staff Force personnel employees of border guards battalion 427 (AJDABIYA)

of the National Army who were killed yesterday in the first agricultural field bed:



Libyan Embassy in Yemen!!!!



Nasiriyah area …. Sfax, Tunisia

Languages ​​Tourism Festival starts Saturday, 28 \ 12 \ 2013 over three days.
219 m


Our Muammar aches when he sees all the evil

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 12/22/2013 P

Touati Alaadh: 

“Mngll al-Qaeda in the Libyan state apparatus, especially the Congress and the government which is behind all the assassinations and bombings.”

If the head of the National Security Conference in Hua Kayed Abdul Wahab, brother of Abu Yahya al-Libi second man formerly at the base, this regardless of Bo Sidra and the rest of the members Almqji .. So why be surprised permit Lists outgoing F-Sayeh said members in the conference were officials from the assassinations and bombings
(Ali Asbali)

اذا كان رئيس لجنة الامن القومي في المؤتمر هوا عبدالوهاب القايد، أخ ابو يحي الليبي الرجل الثاني سابقاً في القاعدة، هذا بغض النظر عن بوسدرة وباقي الاعضاء المقملين .. اذا لماذا نستغرب تصريح العضو المستقيل جمعة السايح ان اعضاء في المؤتمر هم المسؤلين عن الاغتيالات والتفجيرات

علي العسبلي


Cut Internet service at gunpoint in Libya

Sunday, 22 December / December 2013, last updated 14:07 (GMT +0400)

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Gunmen forced the telecommunications company of the Libyan  cutting Internet services in the country.

The news agency quoted a Libyan official, and on Sunday, the group stormed the headquarters of the company, ”

Libya Telecom and Technology “in Tripoli,  and they were forced to close the technical information network services international online “, according to the source.

And began the Libyan authorities negotiations  with the intruders in an attempt to persuade them to return of the Internet service .

The news reports that the attackers demanded, at gunpoint, to cut off all contacts inside Libya where Anflata security and continuous attacks mostly targeting security forces, with the proliferation of weapons  since the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

URGENT :: militia Loyalty to Martyrs of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood are attacked company information and
communications today and beat a staff
And demanded to cut off communications on Libya and cut the Internet and cut communication lines and to stop the traffic signals and traffic.
Company Libya Telecom and Technology … ltt
Militias still control the building and the possibility of cutting connections Libyana sperm for her involvement and communication technology
Net work in accordance with the emergency plan approved by the company’s Ka temporary solution.
The protesters are demanding the gunmen cut off communications for the eastern region (against JDHARAN).
Negotiations are continuing to now have been unsuccessful.


Mguethmou Libya Telecom asking for the dismissal of the Government of Zaidane.

An official media company Libya Telecom & Technology Bilal Murad said more than 150 people stormed an unidentified company headquarters on Saturday in the Friday market east of the capital.

He explained to Bilal’s “news agency Solidarity” that intruders forced employees of the company to cut services online at gunpoint white, what led to the interruption of the western region and the southern part of the country, stressing that the workers responded to Mguethmin after threatening to sabotage devices and communications equipment company randomly.

He official media company that workers thought initially that the intruders were protesting on issues linked to the telecommunications sector and is what made the Ministry of Communications and Informatics send its agent Mohammad head Ali to negotiate with them accompanied by the Director of Human Resources Management Tarek Hammad and Director of the Technical Department Salem al-Issawi company Libya Telecom & Technology.

However, it turned out later attached to protesters’ demands to sack the government Zaidane.

(The news agency Solidarity)

Today there was a meeting of the ‘President of the interim government’, “Ali Zaidane,” and his deputies and
The ministers of defense and interior and intelligence chief and head of
General National Congress, “Nuri Bushmin” and head of both committees
Defense and the Interior and National Security National Congress regarding public and the Oil ports….
decided to officially “zap” Ibrahim Jdharan...among other NWO measures of greed, power and “elitist supremacy”…

and figure-out how they can extort and lie some more to.. the people.

The continuation of the sit-in in front of the Ministry of Higher Education for the second consecutive day
to demand the signing of the decision to admit students studying on their own please signed by the
Minister of Higher Education has long been.
It is noteworthy that the protest is peaceful and civilized without any sabotage or disabled for any government institutions

Tabu channel on Facebook:
We call on the leaders of the Tabu recourse to the United Nations and the European Union
intervention in Libya to stop ethnic cleansing.




Back blackouts for Tripoli ..

Since the hour: Tripoli, and the pace continues to power cuts in several areas of the city, most recently Got Alshall area.

# Gate _ Libya

Urgent Tripoli :::::::
Blackouts on most of the cities of Tripoli.

Logic =)) .. Your faaace .. !! ಠ _ ಠ
Mabrok Albrasy:
Was the attack on the Trade and Development Bank Branch Equestrian
by unknown and steal an amount of 5,000 Libyan dinars, (now) and fled.
Tripoli Local Council :::
In the context of the crisis that accompanied the lock of the Internet company Libya Telecom and sit-yard Libyana been communicating with the protesters by the President of the Council of Tripoli Local Council in addition to the Friday market and the sub-objects and the people of the Friday market and ask the protesters demands are as follows:
1 – implementation of Resolution 27
2 – to find a quick solution to the closure of the export of oil
3 – to form a government crisis of the elements of an independent national
And I’ve already alerted the Tripoli Local Council National Conference and the interim government that there is considerable congestion in the street and the government should develop quick solutions to the citizens, especially young people looking for work in addition to start completing important projects such as housing projects.
This picture on the wall of the company NTT has stormed the headquarters of the by, do you know who did this?
(Depression Forum)




Statement of General Electric Company:
Due to the escalation of security incidents unfortunate escalation of clashes and the western region of the bed, forcing workers generating station west bed to stop work and leave the final leg in order to safeguard their lives as a result of it has the capabilities of available generation capacity of 540 MW.
Thus, the General Electric Company will be forced to put up loads sorry manually to maintain the integrity and stability of the grid.
It also calls upon the General Electric Company elders and sheikhs and notables the region to immediately intervene to lift the conflict in the region in order to preserve lives and public and private property in order to return to work the station and cover the demand for electric power.
(General Electric Company)


Joint Security Committee to decide to lock the Nafusa mountain road Gharyan Azizia and sheep Azizia well as of next Thursday, Dec. 26.

Gharyan December 22, 2013 (and) – Joint Security Committee decided to lock through the Nafusa Mountains Gharyan Azizia and sheep Azizia well

as of next Thursday, Dec. 26.

The members of the Joint Security Committee of the Nafusa Mountains at the end of their meeting this morning in Gharyan was devoted to discuss the deteriorating security situation on the roads leading to the capital Tripoli from the city of Gharyan and the cities of the mountain through the Azizia that this decision came as a result of being exposed to citizens who walk through Gharyan Azizia and well sheep Azizia of frequent attacks, kidnapping and robbery for their money and their vehicles.

According to the text of the statement reached by the members of the Joint Security Committee of the Nafusa Mountains in the conclusion of this meeting:

“Given what is happening to the citizens who walk through Gharyan Azizia and well sheep Azizia of frequent attacks, kidnapping and robbery for their money and their vehicles, it may decide as of next Thursday, December 26 Lock the methods mentioned in order to avoid the occurrence of such acts and to preserve the safety of citizens. “

libyan sheep


(Wall – Gharyan)


Creations Knight Ramadan Abusth
Key imaging Aekroty
“Atmosphere of the country” – Indian Ashaba
The head of the local council department in Ajeelat, Kamal Zayed, told “atmosphere of the country”, that the additional power from the Ministry of the Interior estimated fifteen car and nearly forty element, received on Saturday, exits and entrances to the city to secure it, due to the deteriorating security situation out – he says.
Zayed added to the “atmosphere of the country” on Sunday that the city has recently seen Anflata security, has led to resentment of their people and demanding the presence of security forces belonging to the government to restore security and Astaqraraha.
It is noteworthy that three people were killed and a woman injured after they were shot by unknown assailants in front of the headquarters of the university in the city last Tuesday




RATS!!! THE ZAIDANE GOVERNMENT and NATO/UNO have issued a dead or alive

Warrant for IBRAHIM al-JDHARAN!!!

وزارة الداخلية تصدر الأومر الي جميع المنافد بالقبض علي أبراهيم الجظران


Abduction of 10 students graduates from the Institute of Oil by gangs in the region as they passed near the obelisk oil field in bed … Where is supposed to provide exam today to accept the news was confirmed by the Mandarin Bohlaiqah cabled where they confirmed 10 students … 6 students from Tazerbo … 2 of the city of Ajdabiya … 2 area of Ras Lanuf

(AD Media tuber)



Prairie City Hospital ... The death of another wounded in a bombing precise checkpoint last night.

The death of another wounded Hospital Medical A Prairie injured in the attack on the checkpoint
precise dawn yesterday that we return to God and that his
Hospital turf by three bodies and received thirteen wounded
Including two dangerous condition and has been transferred to a hospital two
Galaa Benghazi, and there are cases of amputation and most of the wounded Tlqo treatment
And was to get them out.

# Prairie

(Salem al-Obeidi)



Cautionary bombing affects replace “Nadia Lamama” for the sale of gifts and
Book women’s teams area parks in Benghazi, after
The anonymous throwing Rommaneh near the door of the shop and did not result in
Blast injuries considerable material:
(Salem al-Obeidi)

ل المتطرفين في سوريا بتفجير برسس في بنغازي .
Hospital in 1200 by the four bodies and the remains of another is not recognized
Their identity, that he had received the wounded from the explosion of a car process
Precise gate suicide carried out by Salafists.


Libya Liberal direct transfer of precise one witnesses
Senate one of the elements of the gate says: -The operation is a suicide operation has stunned a small lad in the Age
The car was filled with explosives and the table was a huge explosion,
Vena and bone criminal who blew himself up bones of a small person
In age .. and when I went to my friends, Li received one ask me to Ogueny
Certification and the second I received divided by texts, and 2 were blown their heads.

International channel Libya Libya International Channel

Ministry of Health: 13 dead is the final outcome so far for the victims of the massacre gate precise.

Such was the journey of searching for the remains of victims in the gate precise.

The suffering and turn Aballah Almighty.

Statement of the “interim government” regarding the terrorist attack at the gate of precise.

Jalal Aldgala involved the assassination of Abdel Fattah Younes al-Obeidi on the news,

Mamoud Jabril‘s family and the family of melon and family are Shalgam of secularism came to Libya”
Moataz Bengazino:
Ansar al-Sharia killed, massacred and blowing up and the government was scared and Conference
A number of members supporting the rule and extremist groups …
(((This is a summary of 2013 in Libya)))
In Benghazi in 2013, more than 200 of the assassination of army officers
The police, in the tuber in 2013 more than 100 assassination …
Continued rule and united them to the militia in the elimination of the military
The police … Even Agmo Libya Pflm and agendas …
– The assassination of Abdul Salam cuneiform.
– The assassination of the commander of the military police Benghazi Ahmed Albergthe.
– The assassination of Sheikh Abdul Salam Salafi Elhasy after his attack on them.
– The assassination of Sheikh Kamal Colonel Bzazh candidate for the head of security in Benghazi.
– The assassination of six young people in the Thunderbolt Laithi.
– The assassination of the customary one coach bolt Almqahmin Clinic Ansar al-Sharia
– 3 killed after the Marine attack them from the Ansar al-Sharia.
– Killed Aelkezira candidate to be head of military intelligence.
– Media Qossad killing and accused him that his faith is corrupt.
– A member of the slaughter stun Mohammed Hawari Hussein.
– The bombing of District 4 on the island of peace from one Ktaib army.
– The slaughter and beheading of the father of the officer’s stun Salem demons.
– Media killed the brother of Ahmed Almqsba.
– The killing of the military prosecutor Alasifr.
– Submitted collected Masrati one military intelligence officers.
– A car bombing Alvesa with family and burn his child two years.
– One was killed in front of the Colonels School bale honest shot.
And others and others and others Alktheieyeaaier …
Kill the army and police so Evradw state on the people of Afghanistan and their law Agmo are a law of beheadings …
Being God and blessing the agent.
Social Council of the tribes and Rafla | SCWT
Advanced condolences to our brothers in the Eastern Province in bombing victims gate precise.
# _ Çanakkale Dard exclusive
Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV
(News Agency of Libya today)
Finding a car bomb Benina Airport ready for the bombing and is being dismantled.
God saves men explosive ordnance disposal and preserves Libya and rejuvenated.
  • Benghazi airport today Tmknu explosives experts defused a car bomb was meant to cause maximum casualties and victims.


Young people decide to have built a zone set up to protect the security gate belonging to the strength Cyrenaica ..




Truckers fear to come to tuber..feel it unsafe, causing gasoline and fuel not being distriubted throughout Libya.




The director of the bed gas station to produce electricity Hashim al-Maliki to the “atmosphere of the country”: The station stopped working, on Sunday, were evacuated all its staff from the Libyans and foreigners to the city of Gallo.

Close bed gas station to produce electricity
The director of the plant bed gas to produce electricity, Hashim al-Maliki, said on Sunday, that he is
closing the station and evacuated staff.
He said al-Maliki’s “news agency solidarity” that the station was closed after the evacuation of staff fearing for their safety and injury hurt.
It is worth mentioning that the northern area of ​​the bed witnessed armed clashes on Friday between the battalion and the 427 battalion Ahmed Sharif resulted in the deaths of five elements.
(The news agency Solidarity)

 The transfer of the bodies of the victims of clashes to a hospital bed Ajdabiya
“Atmosphere of the country” –
The supervisor for General Hospital Gallo Osman Harsh. The hospital sent the bodies of five soldiers who were killed in the clashes that took place two days before the agricultural area of the bed to the hospital of Ajdabiya.Harsh added to the “atmosphere of the country” on Sunday that the transfer took place at midnight yesterday to be handed over to their families, their bodies and brought before a coroner in the city.The “atmosphere of the country” contacted agent on behalf of the court that Gallo

received the bodies to find out more details, but preferred not to make statements because the case under investigation – he said.


Obama, Clinton Charged in Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy

21  DECEMBER 2013

In two separate criminal complaints, Egyptian lawmakers have charged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with conspiring with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

According to one of the criminal charges,  Hillary Clinton was found to be working with ousted ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi’s wife, Naglaa Mahmood, in attempting to overthrow the Miliary Commander of Egypt, General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to find out all the details about the traitor in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, and his ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood collaborator, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Post image for KEEPING THE LID ON AFRICA The West’s continuing military involvement.


The West’s continuing military involvement.

By  – 12.19.13

Wikimedia Commons

Western countries’ military role in Africa has become essential in peacekeeping. This past month the French sent 1,000 rapid deployment troops to the Central African Republic, and then followed up with another 600. The French government is trying to avoid committing large numbers of soldiers to countering local sectarian conflicts. Make no mistake, this is clearly more of a political than military decision, though last year they had to rush aid to Northern Mali to retake Timbuktu from a large well-organized jihadist terrorist group.

Paris knows full well that political life in many of its former African colonies is a matter of just waiting for the next coup, rebellion, or terrorist attack. Long ago they were aware that in spite of extensive and continuing programs aimed at instilling a French sense of democracy, the indigenous cultures of physical intimidation and political chicanery would predominate. The best the President’s Office at the Elysée could expect would be an intelligent and strong leader who looked to his earlier mentor and sovereign on key issues. Of course that is the dream of all former colonial nations.

The British have taken a different tack in Nigerian and East African situations where terrorist activities rose to a level that local army and security were unable to handle. While considerable advisory and training assistance is made available to East African commands, specifically counterinsurgency and communications, unlike the French the British have not sent in combat units to control local situations. The exception to this statement is the covert involvement of small SAS teams operating directly with specialized indigenous units. This is especially true in Nigeria’s Muslim north and the independence-minded southern oil producing delta area.

Of course, those are the contemporary ramifications of what immediately after Africa’s decolonization was a continuation of various portions of the previous military security relationship. France maintained an active military contingent in the Ivory Coast and elsewhere in former French West and Equatorial Africa as well as Djibouti in the east after the end of the Algerian War. The British rotated various regular army units in and out of Kenya during the Idi Amin administration in neighboring Uganda. For a lengthy period regular army elements of the various colonial powers would slip into and out of African sites with full knowledge of the local governments. Many of the early dictators of the newly independent African nations were very happy to have this paternalistic back-up available.

Aside from a U.S. Marine “protection/extraction” op in Liberia when the embassy was endangered, and some covert Special Operations elsewhere later on, U.S. ground forces rarely have been present on African soil in any conspicuous manner. In the 1980s American military interest in Sub-Saharan Africa was monitored via the Special Forces Command  (10th SFG) in Stuttgart, Germany. Briefly in the ’60s a small company of the 82nd Airborne Division as well as air transport assets  took up residence at the main Kinshasa airport at Ndjeli and in the interior of the Congo at Kamina airbase. Both had been constructed previously by the Belgian colonial power as a NATO facility and were then being used to support Belgian and French paratroopers who assaulted Stanleyville (as it was called then) held by a large anti-Mobutu government rebel group. No U.S. troops were said to have seen action other than the USAF C-130s that dropped the French and Belgian paras.

Since the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, the presence of U.S. armed forces has increased in Sub-Saharan Africa through African-designated Special Forces training teams and a network of mostly rudimentary airfield facilities capable of NATO-related support activities. For many years — and presumably presently — American Special Forces held joint maneuvers with their Egyptian counterparts. None of these assets came into play during the recent Benghazi, Libya assault on the American mission. Supposedly, relatively nearby U.S.-trained Egyptian Special Forces were prevented by diplomatic “sensibilities” from intervening. This is a side of the Benghazi debacle that yet has to be explained.

The one aspect of military assistance not discussed is the long-time relationship that the Israeli military has had with various African nations. Virtually everywhere that an Israeli military attaché office exists there is an active program of cooperation in training with local armies and/or police. In some instances, such as during Mobutu’s reign in the Congo, Israeli officers took an active role in the anti-insurgency training of the para-commando regiment of the Congolese Army. Parachute training has become one of the features of this type of activity over the years in several pro-Israel African states.

European ground forces are thought of most frequently as participants in African military aid programs. However, U.S. and other NATO countries’ naval ships, as well as international sea forces of diverse countries such as China, India, and Pakistan, have aided in several instances of anti-smuggling and piracy operations. NATO air assets have been active in a full range of transport and support activities in an increasing degree in recent years. The role of NATO military assistance at all levels in Africa, especially Sub-Sahara, is carefully not emphasized or for that matter even noted. It does exist, nonetheless, and often is the difference in the success or failure in African security issues.

Finally, the United Nations peacekeeping operations list eight of their activities located in Africa. The work of these “blue helmets” is essential in maintaining a security presence in key locations — both areas of hot conflict and daily policing. These Africa-assigned units from nations all over the world represent more than half of the peacekeeping operations of the UN globally. Perhaps this is the best measure of Africa’s priority need for continent-wide military security.


Mark Ndesandjo

Yet another Barack Obama relative has surfaced to cause the president grief over the credibility of the story he recounted in his autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” a bestseller that helped propel him to the presidency in 2008.

WND reported Dec. 5 that the White House reversed its previous denial that Obama had met his Kenyan-born uncle, Omar Onyango Obama, an illegal immigrant to the U.S. who appeared recently in court after facing deportation for about 40 years.

Now, Obama’s Kenyan half-brother by his father’s third wife has surfaced with the coming publication of an autobiographical book claiming the president has misrepresented his past.

In an Associated Press interview this week from his home in China, Mark Obama Ndesandjo, 48, has stirred controversy two months before the self-publication on Feb. 28, 2014, of his book “Cultures: My Odyssey of Self-Discovery.”

Jerome Corsi’s “Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate? The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President” demonstrates that no legal authority has ever verified Obama’s legal eligibility

The AP asked Ndesandjo to describe his relationship with his famous half-brother.

“Right now it’s cold and I think that part of the reason is based on my writing,” Ndesandjo said. “My writing has alienated some people in my family.

Even though, as the AP pointed out, Ndesandjo felt his relationship with his half-brother in the White House was distant, he said he hoped “that my brother and I can really hug each other after he’s president and we can be a family again.”

Like Barack Obama, Ndesandjo is half-white, born to a white Jewish woman the Kenyan met in Massachusetts while studying at Harvard. Barack Obama is the son of the Kenyan and his second wife, Stanley Ann Dunham, a white student he met while studying at the University of Hawaii.

The AP reported Ndesandjo’s conflict with his half-brother traced back to their first encounter, in 1988, when Barack Obama was in Kenya tracing his family roots.

“Barack thought I was too white, and I thought he was too black,” Ndesandjo said, recalling the two did not see eye-to-eye from the time they first met.

Ndesandjo said racial tensions, in particular, seemed to separate the two.

“He was an American searching for his African roots. I was a Kenyan,” Ndesandjo said. “I’m an American, but I was living in Kenya, searching for my white roots.”

Ndesandjo said there were a number of factual errors in “Dreams from My Father,” especially regarding quotes attributed to Ndesandjo’s mother.

Ndesandjo said he hopes to set the record straight in his 500-page book.

“It’s a correction. A lot of the stuff that Barack wrote is wrong in that book, and I can understand that, because to me for him the book was a tool for fashioning an identity, and he was using composites,” Ndesandjo told the AP. “I wanted to bring it up because first of all I wanted the record to be straight. I wanted to tell my own story, not let people tell it for me.”

The Telegraph in London reported in 2009 that in an earlier semi-autobiographical novel, “Nairobi to Shenzhen,” Ndesandjo wrote that his father was abusive to him and to his mother.

“My father beat me. He beat my mother. You just do not do that. I remember in my house, I would hear the screams. I would hear my mum’s pain. As a child, I could not protect her,” Ndesandjo told the Telegraph, breaking into tears.

“I could not remember any good things about my father. My skin had turned hard emotionally for so many years.”

The Telegraph reported in 2009 that Obama “refers to Ndesandjo simply as ‘my brother’ and says he was the only uncontested heir after their Kenyan father died in a car crash in 1982.”

The statement appears to be a reference to “Dreams,” where Obama writes: “Unlike my mum, Ruth has all the documents needed to prove who Mark’s father was.”

Obama, however, has published a copy of a purported Hawaiian birth certificate on the White House website that indicates Barack Obama Sr. was his father. A short-form version that circulated online at the time the Telegraph article was published also listed Obama Sr. as the father.

The Chinese Speakers Bureau, where Ndesandjo is registered, says that in his upcoming book, Ndesandjo “gives a thoughtful overview of his early life, and corrects the image and facts U.S. president Barack Obama has published earlier.”

In a brief bio published on the Chinese Speakers Bureau site, Ndesandjo is listed as “an American” who is a nine-year resident of Shenzhen, China.

Largely educated in the U.S., Ndesandjo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in physics from Brown University and a Masters degree from Stanford, as well as an Emory MBA.

“He consults worldwide, using over 15 years of international marketing and branding experience gained as a senior manager at ATT, Lucent, Nortel and other companies,” the Chinese Speakers Bureau notes. “He is an HSK L7 (advanced) Mandarin speaker and writer, and an avid brush calligrapher.”

On a website created for the publication of Ndesandjo’s forthcoming book, he discusses his work giving piano lessons to orphans in and around Shenzhen.

Ndesandjo also has issued three CDs of his piano music.

He has created the Mark Obama Foundation Ltd. with the goal of fostering cultural exchanges between Asia, Africa and the U.S., with an emphasis on helping young people appreciate art.

In the complicated Obama family history, Ndesandjo was the eldest of two sons born in Kenya to Barack Obama’s father and Ruth Beatrice Baker of Massachusetts, a 1958 graduate of Simmons College in Boston with a degree in business.

Ruth Baker, who is commonly named as “Ruth Nidesand” in most Obama biographical accounts, met Barack Obama Sr. when he attended Harvard University after attending the University of Hawaii. She followed Barack Obama Sr. back to Africa. The two were married in Kenya in a civil ceremony Dec. 24, 1964.

After Baker divorced Barack Obama Sr., she and her two sons took on the surname of their stepfather, Ndesandjo.

WND columnist Jack Cashill, in his 2011 book “Deconstructing Obama: The Life, Loves, and Letters of America’s First Postmodern President,” and in a series of WND articles, has argued not only that much of Barack Obama’s autobiography is fictional but also that it was written by Weather Underground radical Bill Ayers.

Jack Cashill’s “Deconstructing Obama” uncovers the shocking truth behind the autobiography that helped put Barack Obama in the White House.


Mu so very fine

Event-filled Saturday –(MORE INFO tomorrow)

Brigade 32 booster for the defense of Libya:

There is no substitute for the power of the people, not on behalf of the people, and representation quackery
The time does not return back to the time and do not come back from behind and trying to do so has sentenced himself to failure before it begins!
They are also followers of February when they tried to replace the power of the people and the people’s congresses that embodies the meaning of direct democracy, with (outdated) parties and parliaments .. And the result was a fiasco, it is inconceivable that the Libyan people back to the time of ignorance and representation after March of direct democracy through the Basic People’s Congresses
And, for example, but not limited to the parliamentary elections held in the city’s white population of 700 000 citizens of the register of whom 25 000 citizens and those who have contributed already to testify voice their 7000 citizen only!
As for the so-called election of the Committee of 60, even now, those who have registered do not exceed 10% of the population of Libya
Any talk about elections after it was people’s congresses are held in every city and in every village and in every street and in every organization with the participation of all citizens .. For any election talk after home destroyed and looted the wealth and
And impoverished the population and are Atracson on Uttar labor and betrayal!
Libya where in the presence of this Acharazm and tails ..
God help the citizen orthopedist silence in front of this bunch of rotting polemics.

# Lt.
لا بديل عن سلطة الشعب ,, ولا نيابة عن الشعب ,, و التمثيل تدجيل
لا تعود الساعة للوراء ولا يعود الزمن للخلف و من يحاول فعل ذلك فقد حكم على نفسه بالفشل قبل ان يبدأ !
كذلك هم أتباع فبراير حين حاولوا استبدال سلطة الشعب و المؤتمرات الشعبية التي تجسد معنى الديمقراطية المباشرة بالأحزاب و المجالس النيابية .. و كانت النتيجة الفشل الذريع ، فمن غير المعقول أن يعودوا بالشعب الليبي الى زمن الجهل و التمثيل بعد أن مارس الديمقراطية المباشرة من خلال المؤتمرات الشعبية الأساسية
و على سبيل المثال لا الحصر اقيمت الانتخابات النيابية في مدينة البيضاء البالغ تعداد سكانها 700 الف مواطن من قام بالتسجيل منهم 25 الف مواطن و من ساهم بالفعل بإدلاء صوته هم 7000 الاف مواطن فقط !
اما عن ما يسمى بانتخابات لجنة ال 60 فحتى الان من قاموا بالتسجيل لا يتجاوزوا ال 10% من سكان ليبيا
عن أي انتخابات يتحدثون بعد ان كانت المؤتمرات الشعبية تقام في كل مدينة و في كل قرية و في كل شارع و في كل مؤسسة بمشاركة كل المواطنين .. عن اي انتخابات يتحدثون بعد أن دمروا الوطن و و نهبوا ثرواته
و افقروا سكانه و هم يتراقصون على اوتار العمالة و الخيانة !
ليبيا الى اين في ظل وجود هذه الشراذم و الاذناب ..
كان الله في عون المواطن المجبر على الصمت امام مهاترات هذه الزمرة المتعفنة .

Egyptian terrorist linked to aviation disaster 25 years after plane came down
Egyptian terrorist Mohammed Abu Talb named as likely suspect in bombing
Alleged to be behind the blast on Pan Am Flight 103 on December 22, 1988
Private investigation – Operation Bird – also claims CIA covered up truth
Bombing remains worst terrorist attack to have been committed in UK

PUBLISHED: 11:05 GMT, 15 December 2013 | UPDATED: 11:49 GMT, 15 December 2013
Egyptian terrorist Mohammed Abu Talb named as likely suspect in bombing
The real bomber? Mohammed Abu Talb has been named as a likely suspect in the Lockerbie bombing

For 25 years, the Lockerbie Bombing has been shrouded in mystery.

Now, an Eyptian terrorist has been revealed as a likely suspect in the devastating attack.

Mohammed Abu Talb – who is serving life in prison for a series of bombings – has been named in a private investigation called Operation Bird.

He is alleged to be behind the blast that took place on board Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland in 1988 – killing 270 people.

The investigation – put forward as a report by Forensic Investigative Associates in London – has also accused the CIA of covering up Talb’s role in the atrocity, according the The Sunday People and Exaro.

It was commissioned by lawyers for Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who was jailed in 2001 for masterminding the bombing.

If the report is correct, it means al-Megrahi – who died of cancer aged 60 last year after being controversially freed from jail in 2009 – may have been wrongly imprisoned.

Investigators claim key pieces of evidence in the case against al-Megrahi – including a fragment of circuit board for a timer – were faked.

They also allege the bomb was planted in luggage at Heathrow airport in London – not loaded by al-Megrahi in Malta, as the prosecution claimed during his trial in 2001.

And they say Talb – who was an initial suspect in the case – met with other Middle East terror suspects in the run-up to the bombing.


British Channel : al-Qathafi is innocent of the Lockerbie airliner bombing .. America confirmed the involvement of the Palestinians and the continued siege and blackmail Libya

British Channel Four revealed that Libya is not responsible for the downing of the Lockerbie famous American over Scotland in 1988 , and Ahmed Jibril, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command is the mastermind of the operation .

“The British Channel” aired that the United States was aware that Muammar al-Qathafi was not involved in the projection plane over Lockerbie , where he received intelligence officials the U.S. on that information officers Syrian army during the period from 1990 to 1995 , but the USA did not disclose and hid to achieve its objectives besieged Libyan regime at that time.

And got Britain and America on a huge compensation from Libya amounted to 2.7 billion dollars , in return for lifting the international sanctions imposed on them, after they accused the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA for the plane bombing , which killed 170 people from 17 different nationalities.

He said, ” Richard Fuse ” analyst CIA ” CIA ” he received assurances about the involvement of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Lockerbie bombing , and Ahmed Jibril was the mastermind of the operation and not Libya , which was confirmed by officers of the Syrian army met an official U.S. intelligence .

“During the period from 1990 to 1995 , I met between 10 and 15 and an officer in charge of the Syrian army , all of whom confirmed that al-Qathafi was not responsible for shooting down a U.S. airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland , and Ahmed Jibril, who is responsible –

After 25 years of Lockerbie Megrahi’s family intends to appeal the judgment against him 21.12.2013 | 4:04 p.m. News Arab world :روسيا اليوم

Family want Libyan Abdel Basset al-Megrahi  falsely convicted only in the case of the Lockerbie attack, which killed 270 people in 1988,

the wish to appeal against the judgment of it because they do not believe his guilt.

His brother, Abdul Hakim al-Megrahi for “BBC” Friday, December 20 / December “family want to appeal. Want to re-open the file Lockerbie to know who is responsible.” 

He added, saying,

“My brother Abdul Basit could not have committed this crime abhorrent. Was incapable of hurting anyone.” 

It is noted that a plane belonging to the airline “PanAm” exploded in the December 21, 1988 over Lockerbie, Scotland, and was most accident victims from the Americans.

Issued at that time and sentenced to life imprisonment Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, but released him five years ago for health reasons and died in May / May 2012 of cancer.

in 2003,Muammar feeling sorry for the victims (but never admittingly any responsibility for the crash)

paid 2.7 billion dollars compensation to the families of the victims.


Brigade 32 booster for the defense of Libya:
You live, O glorious hours are free



Asaad Aboqilh Newsflash:
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of paper currencies.
To the agency and JD Valley News Is Fire Central Bank of Libya because of because of a short circuit or arson he want comment on the news?? Why Hmae media blackout on the fire?? ,,, You the latest news.
Send your Ptsriha press publishing me via agency and tons News and newspaper Saida Online and newspaper Donya home and NHK Arabic section and the location of a crowd Net, site Sama Jordan news and site Penthouse Forum Russia today and Forum National Grid Kuwaiti and various news Web sites highlights Ali Shan Libyan For details Place pans in the Google search engine titled (Fire Central Bank of Libya and the flames devour billions of Banknotes By Asad Aboqilh) will show you the results of my article published in various news Web sites.
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of paper currencies.
Said Asaad Ambia Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent and correspondent Saida Online and correspondent Zakalh and tons News and correspondent for a number of international broadcasters that broadcast on shortwave and satellite, especially through the BBC and Japanese television NHK Arabic section in a press statement published today Fri, December 20, 2013 We continue to pursue both large and small from the scene of the Libyan Iron scene in Libya is stating sources of the center of the Libyan and witnesses reported a large fire in the Central Bank of Libya in the Libyan capital Tripoli midnight last Wednesday According to eyewitnesses, about the escalation of the year smoke from inside the building of the Central Bank of initial losses by Sources indicate that the big fire caused the destruction and burning of billions of Currency Banknotes, domestic and foreign, and the burning of many of the documents in the Central Bank of Libya and added Asaad Aboqilh Central Bank of Libya until this Allhoudh not issued any official statement about the big fire but it is likely to issue Central Bank of Libya statement an official in the coming days reveal more details and special reasons Hmae Great Fire
The seal Asaad Aboqilh saying is worth mentioning after World War led NATO to topple the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA vision of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in support of the February 17 revolution became Libya in a state of lack of security, safety and stability, especially in the city of Tripoli and Benghazi and threatening civil war and split the country.
Asaad Ambia Aboqilh
Journalist and writer Libby independent
By (Asaad Ambia Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby Independent)
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of Banknotes
Site (Saida Online Lebanon)
To read the news click on the link below
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of Banknotes
By (Asaad Ambia Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby Independent)
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of Banknotes
Site (and tons News Agency and Jordan News)
To read the news click on the link below
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of Banknotes

Asaad Ambia Aboqilh writes:

Said Asaad Ambia Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent and correspondent Saida Online and correspondent for a number of international broadcasters that broadcast on shortwave and satellite, especially through the BBC and Japanese television NHK Arabic section in a press statement published today Fri, December 20, 2013

we continue to follow every large and small from the scene of the Libyan iron in the scene Libyan is stating sources of the center of the Libyan and witnesses reported a large fire in the Central Bank of Libya in the Libyan capital Tripoli midnight last Wednesday
According to eyewitnesses, about the escalation of the year smoke from inside the building of the Central Bank losses preliminary According to sources, stating that the fire the great cause of the destruction and burning of billions of Currency Banknotes, domestic and foreign, and the burning of many of the documents in the Central Bank of Libya and added Asaad Aboqilh Central Bank of Libya until this Allhoudh not issued any official statement about the big fire but it is likely to issue a CBL official statement in the coming days reveals more details and special reasons Hmae big fire.
seal Asaad Aboqilh saying is worth mentioning after World War led NATO to topple the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (vision of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi) in support of the “February 17 revolution” became Libya in a state of lack of security, safety and stability, especially in the city of Tripoli and Benghazi and threaten war The civil division of the country.

Bank of Libya: Close oil ports on the impact of the budget funding
“Atmosphere of the country” – particularly
The director of financial markets, Central Bank of Libya lamp Akkari today that the closure of oil ports Crescent area of ​​oil greatly affected the financing of the state budget.
Akkari explained to the ambiance of the country, that the effects of the closure of ports and lower oil revenues began to emerge in the middle of last August to fund the budget of the Libyan dinar.
Akkari pointed out that the total oil revenues since September to December is not equivalent to revenues in March when the situation was normal.
And between the Central Bank of Libya has the ability by law to provide an advance on compensation for the government fiscal deficit budget of the state, pointing out that the law provides for the settlement of the advance before the end of the year.
Akkari added that the budget is prepared on the basis of estimates of the volume of oil sales during the year 2014, stressing that the Libyan economy depends on oil revenues by 95 percent.
Referred to the oil and gas sector is suffering disruptions in production processes because of the sit-ins of armed groups, which has led to daily losses estimated at one hundred million dollars a day by the statements of the Ministry of Oil.


Channel Zintan Media reported:
Urwah ibn Word:
Very dangerous ((Khaled Baseer meet after prayers this afternoon more than fifty Islamic extremist from Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt mosque women Baradh market Friday after lunch from his home near the mosque and came to this meeting, the following statement which he delivered on ((I’ve become Mujahideen at risk and pursued every infidel states and what happened to the Mujahid Abu Anas Libyan.
Today’s Mujahid Haitham Tagouris.
What is the only proof of that and it should be organized rows and the brothers of the Mujahideen in Yemen to join us as the enemy and you will be all Western interests in Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt Hzv us as well as the institutions of this States with puppet regimes of the West, will not Nkti Alhzv this time I will make it fire and Dhamar and killed, and who cut Arzak Muslims in ports and oil fields in agreement with Italy, Britain and America, tell them and to whom they call their leader (Jdharan) will not slip Bfltk this and the guillotine will be interrupted for your head and will not find you destroy the tribe corpse for burial.
That is God’s punishment fair to you, and tell America that was Abu Anas Libyan and Haitham Tagouris in your grip you waiting battalions of the Mujahideen who will slaughter all U.S. long Ivna his days among us, and tell the client infidels Abouchmadeh Army disbelief that Tassh and represses by the Mujahideen will not stop us from mow your head on your neck and very soon, my brothers the Mujahideen O Jundallah is the moment to declare a holy war of Islam Libya Libya Libya unification of Islamic law, peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you)).


UPDATE on Haitham Tagouris:

Aseert Seef Aleslam (a FB pseudonymn) informs us:
A very important and very dangerous / newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche / French article about the arrest of Haitham Tagouris at the airport in Belgium which said ((men were FBI U.S.,

this time on a date with hunting another Libyan after Abu Anas Libyan difference that I was on the men’s squad Delta Go to him in Tripoli west Libyan capital either the latter has shipped his luggage and was attended by himself to the men of the FBI of America, who were waiting for him Airport, Belgium,

where it did not occur to the minds of the boy that his every move in Tripoli, which is believed to be administered ordering monitored by each Ajhzat global intelligence 

After the confessions of Abu Anas al-Libi,, received Haitham Tagouris by men ((now Ntts)) Director of Intelligence Belgian was handed over to write security coordination Europeanisation in the U.S. which is run by the FBI and CIA,

where and in front of the inexperience of this fishing Libyan and confront conclusive evidence has led to Gontnamua or another against humanity sponsor transmitting to the Office of the Prosecutor International, 

did not hold much Haitham Tagouris front torrent questions that besieged by men of the CIA where he confessed to abducting intelligence officers loyal to the former regime in Libya, Tunisia, 

and he was one Almnfdan for the assassination of Chokri Belaid instructions of Belhadj and Khaled al-Sharif is responsible to defend the Libyan and process gas complex in Algeria

has knowledge of Khalid Basir and his role in which it was providing weapons and explosives, said Haitham Tagouris that the assassinations were against pro-Gaddafi regime is daily by special managed Hashim humans and the assassination of a whole family in Aziziyah outside Tripoli were instructions Minister Almakhalah Fawzi Abdel Aal 

and Execution Hashim humans head room private security in Libya, and that the mass killings were against some diners wine by Sheikh predecessor, Abdul Raouf hater is adding toxic substances to the Wines and distributed among a youth to leave who have them drink wine, 

all this did not appeal to men CIA and here I got the deal in which it was released on Tagouris after transmittal to the Office of Investigations followed by U.S. intelligence in Casablanca for further questioning 

and recruited and leaked information from the Office of Antoine codeine Minister Almakhalah Albalijkih that the minister objected to the transfer Haitham Tagouris to one of the clinics

After knowing that a transmitter very precise implant inside the body makes in the case of follow-up over time throughout his life to hear his talks and locate what he considered he was the minister that this work is not coordination between the leaders of the security Albalijkih and its American counterpart)).

(So Haithem Tagouris has an implanted tracker within him; but they still released him and he is back in LIBYA…doing whatever mischief he seems to do well for the Brotherhood and BelHadj.)

هام للغايه وخطير جداً / نشرت صحيفة لو جورنال دو ديمانش / الفرنسيه مقال عن عملية القبض على هيثم التاجوري في مطار بلجيكا جاء فيه (( كان رجال FBI الامريكية هذه المرة على موعد مع صيد ليبي اخر بعد ابو انس الليبي والاختلاف ان الاول كان على رجال فرقة الدلتا الذهاب له بطرابلس الغرب العاصمة الليبية اما هذا الاخير فقد شحن حقائبه وحضر بنفسه الي رجال مكتب التحقيقات الامريكيه والذين كانوا في انتظاره بمطار بلجيكا حيث لم يخطر على بال هذا الصبي ان كل تحركاته في طرابلس التي يعتقد انه تدار بأمره مرصوده من قبل كل اجهزت المخابرات العالميه بعد اعترافات ابو انس الليبي ،، استقبل هيثم التاجوري من قبل رجال ((الأن نتنانتس)) مدير المخابرات البلجيكيه وتم تسليمه الي نكتب التنسيق الامني الاروبي الامريكي الذي يدار من قبل FBI و CIA حيث وامام قلة خبرة هذا الصيد الليبي ومواجهته بادلة قاطعة قد تقوده الي غونتناموا او اخرى ضد الانسانيه كفيله باحالته الي مكتب المدعي العام الدولي ،، لم يصمد كثيراً هيثم التاجوري امام سيل الاسئله التي حاصره بها رجال المخابرات الامريكيه حيث اعترف باختطافه ضباط مخابرات تابعين للنظام السابق في ليبيا من تونس ،، وانه كان احد المنفدين لعملية اغتيال شكري بلعيد بتعليمات من بلحاج وخالد الشريف مسئول بالدفاع الليبي وان عملية مجمع الغاز في الجزائر تمت بمعرفة خالد البصير ودوره فيها كان توفير الاسلحه والمتفجرات ،، افاد هيثم التاجوري ان اغتيالات تمت ضد موالين لنظام القذافي تتم يومياً من قبل خاصه تدار من هاشم بشر وان عملية اغتيال عائلة كاملة بمدينة العزيزيه خارج طرابلس كانت بتعليمات وزير الذاخليه فوزي عبدالعال وتنفيد هاشم بشر رئيس غرفة امنيه خاصه بليبيا ، وان عمليات قتل جماعي تمت ضد بعض متناولي الخمر من قبل شيخ سلفي يدعى عبد الرؤوف كاره امر باضافه مواد سامه للخمور وتوزيعها بين شريحة شباب كي يتركوا الذين بعدهم شرب الخمر ،، كل ذلك لم يروق لرجال المخابرات الامريكيه وهنا حصلت الصفقة التي تم بها الافراج على التاجوري بعد احالته الي مكتب تحقيقات يتبع المخابرات الامريكيه بالدار البيضاء لاستكمال استجوابه وتجنيده وتسربت معلومات من مكتب انطوان كودين وزير الذاخليه البلجكيه ان الوزير اعترض على نقل هيثم التاجوري لاحدى العيادات بعد علمه ان جهاز ارسال دقيق جداً زرع داخل جسده يجعله في حالة متابعه على مدار الوقت طيلة حياته بسماع احاديثه وتحديد اماكن تواجده مما اعتبره الوزير ان هذا العمل لم يتم التنسيق فيه بين قيادات الامن البلجكيه ونظيرتها الامريكيه ))





22 DEC. 2013:


all the stories were just rumors, and were BIG FAT LIES!

Boukaiqis: Tagouris denied entry because of visa Brussels

“Atmosphere of the country” – Fathi Ismail

Confirmed agent of Political Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the fulfillment Boukaiqis that the cause of preventing Haitham Tagouris from entering the Belgian territory is receiving a visa from Poland, which requires that Poland is a transit station first to Europe, according to the law of visa “Schengen” of the European Union.

Denied Boukaiqis to the atmosphere of the country on Saturday, what some of the media about the detention of Haytham Tagouris in the Belgian capital, Brussels Airport and deported to the United States.

Boukaiqis confirmed that the news is not unfounded, pointing out that the charge d’affaires

in charge in Brussels in constant contact with Tagouris on his way back to Libya have already returned.

It is noteworthy about  Haitham Tagouris: He is currently a member of the control committee wanted the security of Tripoli by the Directorate of the Office of the President of the Security Committee in Tripoli PSD Hashim humans.

21 DECEMBER 2013:

Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes:
Urgent: Belgian police have been investigated with Haitham Tagouris
And at least two others and not to investigate the health benefits attributed
to them.
Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes :::
Belgian Interior Ministry / /:
Haitham tribal mortgage provisional arrest
for questioning in several crimes attributed to him.
Proof of correctness or not is eliminated, if the investigation was not able to prove the crimes charged would be released
but confirmed the validity of the trial will be attributed to him.
Compacts and took them not to get involved in anything contrary to international law or domestic.
While innocence which they were accused in the charges of the four, but they committed the offense use Aelchengl visa.
It was to act and push the offense and are now Aaúdan to Libyan territories !

International channel Libya Libya International Channel:

Urgent – especially for international channel Libya:

the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, the Belgian counterpart informed this morning that the commander of the Libyan secret backing initial “Haitham Tagouris” suspended in Brussels have elements of U.S. intelligence since the early hours of yesterday as required to the U.S. authorities.

Agency urgently Libya / stop “Tagouris” in Brussels and deported to America.
According to preliminary information that the CIA stopped the first commander of the secret backing

“Haitham Tagouris” in the Belgian capital Brussels.

According to informed sources, reliable been deported “Tagouris” flown to the United States at dawn today.
The police threw the International “Interpol” capture “Tagouris” in Belgium, accused of four charges,

including two international and one more likely criminal and political, namely:
– Attacking the Ministry of Justice in Tripoli.
– Trapping the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State under the protection of the United Nations.
– Participation in Alaatmae with Belhadj on the U.S. embassy in Tunis.
– Involved in killing people urges torture.

The information had been leaked last week that the British government informed the interim government and different political parties that everyone involved with murder, torture and crime and attacked the institutions of the Libyan state after placed under the protection of the United Nations and its goal is going to get him.
Informed sources said that this speech was two weeks ago when he visited the British ambassador Misrata

Tagouris said literally that Libya will not be divided and will not allow dividing but Misrata may be divided into five regions that did not release the detainees have received the sons of those involved to justice.

Palestinian Hashim humans | |:
Haitham Tagouris access and facilities to Casablanca airport, coming from Brussels, capital of Belgium and was received by the Libyan consul there Idriss Abu Dib.

Hashim humans denies that Haithem Tagouris has been deported from Brussels (BELGIUM) to Washington, DC (USA).

He says that Tagouris was stopped for an error in the Schengen visa that Tagouris possesses with which he is able to enter Belgian territory.

Hathem Tagouris on the way to Libya and prevent Tagouris of
Belgian entry because you get a visa from the State
Poland, and no truth to the reports transmitted from the airport detention
The Belgian capital, Brussels, and deported to U.S.

(pictured above are the TAGOURIS brothers)


“Gateway Libya Libya Gate”:

Abdul Rahman Al-Shater member General National Congress for “Libya’s future”  says:

political isolation law is flawed Oorteurnah under pressure reached reduce murder …

7 private law Bani Walid sow hatred did not achieve more than is required of him …

The departure of the government has become a popular demand for its failure in several files …

Just moved from the federal requirement to impose a political reality and this deviation from legitimate.

بوابة ليبيا Libya Gateعبد الرحمن الشاطر عضو المؤتمر الوطني العام لـ”ليبيا المستقبل”: العزل السياسي قانون معيب أقررناه تحت ضغوط وصلت لحد القتل… القانون 7 الخاص ببني وليد زرع الكراهية اكثر ولم يحقق المطلوب منه… رحيل الحكومة أصبح مطلبا شعبيا لإخفاقها في عدة ملفات… الفيدرالية انتقلت من مجرد مطلب سياسي إلى فرض واقع وهذا خروج عن الشرعية.
Fathi Turkish:
What happened yesterday before Friday evening prayers:12/20/2013 at the mosque before Friday prayers Mazran voices against Sheikh Mohammed Merghem insults and verbal abuse. Where the rat Sheikh Mohammed urged people not to boycott the elections committee sixty Constitution
and almost up to the physical assault and many pandemonium inside the mosque and turf Mazran violation of the sanctity of the house of God with science Friday preacher man law belongs to the ‘MUSLIM ‘ BROTHERHOODs Party of Justice and construction.Janas God’s houses of worship and remembrance of Allah and not to engage in matters of politics.
We ask God to guide us to the path of truth, O Lord of the Worlds.Holy Quran 3(Quoting \ channel Zanata Friday market Tripoli)

Urgent and Important

Some associations Alashtlakih ask the national figure of the citizen as soon as Alassof

and the file is closed so as to exploit the national figure in the elections.

(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)


Recent developments in the storming telecommunications company. 9pm
Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications on the latest
developments in the storming telecommunications company.
– The threat of the company’s workers
Conflicting demands
– Lock mandatory for Internet services
– Their number exceeds the percent
الوكيل المساعد لوزارة الأتصالات حول أخر مستجدات اقتحام شركه الأتصالات .-تهديد عمال الشركه
تضارب في المطالب
-قفل اجباري لخدمات الأنترنت
-عددهم يتجاوز المئه21-12-2013

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications in Allagovernm mainframe: Muhammad Ali Cape
On the news channel ..
Internet service was cut off for Tripoli and surrounding areas and some
Areas of the south actually ..
The remaining eastern region (Cyrenaica) operate normally due to its association
Network Egypt and Italy.
Has been the matter by force ..

(Media Center tuber Libya)


Salem al-Obeidi | |

An informed source confirmed that the young intruder communications company are
Youth young age from the market Friday, at the beginning of the commanding
Corps and was with them during an interview with them engineers have been directed
Weapons and some of them returned to his home, and they confirmed the same source
Asked to sever contacts on the eastern region were also closed
Oil from the east of the country, and asked them to sever contacts
Even the prime minister offers his resignation, and asked them to cut
Communications on the mountain west

has also been cut gas !

Atef Shelmani reports:
The beginning of the return of the Internet service to the city of Tripoli
Now .. After the interruption of service due to the entry set
(Company’s Ltt)

Cause interruption of the Internet:
Agency News – Tripoli – Libyan Network Media # LNM
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications, “the head Mohammed Ali” that the cause of interruption Internet, is breaking into the headquarters of the company by way of the coast by the citizens, asked to cut Internet service or the use of force after they threatened engineers,
And said “Ali” in a statement that they heading to them for bargaining and did not succeed was informed the prime minister and the General Staff and the Ministry of the Interior and not life did not call out, had already been cut off the Internet in the region of Central and West and South, with the exception of the eastern region due to its association Egypt sister network state, and pointed out the Deputy Minister of Communications that it did not see any weapons with the intruders, but they threatened him and of his use of force.

Salem al-Obeidi:
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications, “the head Mohammed Ali” that the reason
Interruption of the Internet, is to break into the headquarters of the company by way of the coast
By citizens, asked Internet service cut off or the use of force

After they threatened engineers, and said “Ali” in a statement
Special to them that they heading for bargaining and did not succeed was
Report to the Prime Minister and the Chief of Staff and the Ministry of Interior and no life
Did not call out, the Internet has already been cut to the central region and
West and South, with the exception of the eastern region due to its association
Egypt sister network state, and pointed out the Deputy Minister of Communications that
Did not see any weapons with the intruders, but they threatened him and of
With the use of force.
URGENT :: militia Loyalty to Martyrs of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood are attacked company information and
communications today and beat a staff.
And demanded to cut off communications on Libya and cut the Internet and cut communication lines and to stop the traffic signals and traffic.
Company Libya Telecom and Technology … ltt
Militias still control the building and the possibility of cutting connections Libyana sperm for her involvement and communication technology
Net work in accordance with the emergency plan approved by the company’s Ka temporary solution.
The protesters are demanding the gunmen cut off communications for the eastern region (against JDHARAN).
Negotiations are continuing to now have been unsuccessful.


Abdel Moez Bannon
Been confirmed the news,,,,
An armed group stormed the two Libya Telecom & Technology and Libyana, cut communications and requests for the eastern region, otherwise they will blow up the main divider their gear,,,,
Currently, officials of the company are negotiating with them to get them out, and, in connection with one of the technicians told me that there is no possibility for commuting from Tripoli Technically,,, even if detonated Dividers,,, in the absence of any security personnel in place …
It’s ignorance and backwardness particular,,,, and I repeat, not one of them represent me …

Abdel Moez Bannon ..
To break into the company Ltt Libyana and claim to separate coverage
For the eastern region.

Qallk Mguethmin company LTT and Libyana, and cut their demand for telecommunications eastern region!!!!!!
No one in Halbashr represent me,,,
Channel correspondent Libya Liberal Moataz fall:
I called the company Bmassadra Libya Telecom & Technology ..
Yet they are not aware of the mechanism that made the Internet give it locked again.!
Not aware of them, nor how the initiative that made them fall back on their actions. !
I’m still waiting for someone replies.
My contact with one of informatics: Bushra Azmi in Tripoli and to talk about the situation, said the city ::::::
Unidentified storm the headquarters of the city’s communications and had to cut off Internet service
and stop the service broadcast by satellite and there may be negotiations with them …
And unconfirmed reports that will come out demonstrations to topple the government and prime minister ....
And talk about the elections: Many do not want to vote because they are not convinced by,
and because they are not fully aware of it and want to extend the election period to inform people about this election
and what is the constitution (!!!), which will be held by the state ……(UGH!!) (BACKWARD forgetting the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and the Third UNIVERSAL THEORY which totally replaced  representative demoracy with direct democracy and the Holy Quaran which  surpasses all man-made laws!)
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Drone hovering on the skies harcha corner of Libya.

News of military coordination between Libya and Tunisia and Algeria to fight al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia in northern Africa:
لـيـبـيـا تتحــــدث

أنباء عن تنسيق عسكرى بين ليبيا وتونس والجزائر لمحاربة انصار الشريعة والقاعدة بشمال افريقيا
HaHa HA–are they kidding? Then who runs the GNC of Zaidane?—are they fighting Zaidane’s administration? are they fighting the USA, Turkey, Qatar and FRANCE who support these groups?
هاها ها – هم تمزح؟ ثم الذي يدير المؤتمر الوطني العام من زيدان؟ — هم يقاتلون الإدارة زيدان؟
هم يقاتلون الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وتركيا وقطر وفرنسا الذين يدعمون هذه الجماعات؟


Urgent Libya

Agency urgently Libya / death of manipulators national figure and Libyan nationality
Court of Appeals issued in Tripoli Ahkamas to death 5 people involved in the numbers of national least two of Sabha and 2 of Tobruk and people of Benghazi and sets Wednesday execution of the judgment because of its moral value in the public arena of the Courts Complex in the presence of parents and a number of colleagues in the Passports and Nationality.

Convicts were transferred to Tripoli in the previous period and charged them with treason to the homeland and mercenary in Mmtalkat sovereign Libyan state security

The Interior Minister in charge of that trapping counterfeiters have become easy and identify the beneficiaries become easily and will track them all and execution of all those involved and the Interior Ministry will sign a number of security agreements with a number of Arab countries and European and Asian countries to punish the criminals and the exchange of prisoners and handed over.

The interior minister said that the arrested are involved in these processes actor or object trader or an intermediary or beneficiary will face death without pleading and saluting the presence of entanglement recognition Zmna crime and physical evidence of the occurrence of the event and the General Authority for the Elimination of Higher granted internal freedom to act in this type of case,

Saluting the courts do not call the crime committed and responsible for them exists, and will transform some cases if it considers it tangled internal to the courts for broadcast and consideration in this case was unable to prove the internal incident.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi 21/12/2013:
Photo : ‎جريدة القدس العربي 21-12-2013‎



Journalists Union condemns attack on Omar al-Badri
“Atmosphere of the country”
Condemned the General Union of journalists and media attack on a journalist in Tripoli Rawasi Omar al-Badri, who was shot Belaovernm injury, and after that transfer of treatment in Tunisia.
Said Capt. General Mustafa told reporters Venosh “atmosphere for the country” to be surprised that the union government inaction or lack of condemnation of these attacks and kidnappings that affect the media without opening the investigation, and if they were working in the Libyan scene is the scene as he put it.
It is noteworthy that Libya was ranked 131 in the world rankings for the freedom of the press and the media, which put the organization “Reporters without Borders” in 2013.


Fire at the gas station Got Alshall,,, and this image the gas station after burning.
That’s what happened last night Bgot Alshall fuel station and entering the novel by young drunken road opposite and a cigarette in his hand.
According to the information the reason is the entry of young drunken road opposite his hand and a cigarette? This is the result
Brega Oil Marketing
Urgent …
Calls Ministry of Oil and Gas Messrs. citizens not to listen to rumors about the return of the fuel crisis and thus we report that the fuel and all its derivatives available in large quantities at stores Brega oil marketing and movement of fuel trucks flowing normally and refinery corner work regularly and that creates such rumors are traders crises their goal of creating chaos and confusion of the causes and motives of dirty, and we turn this statement we Ntmon everyone and no need to panic and that the congestion and security agencies will deal firmly and seriously with the raise of these rumors and creating havoc in front of gas stations.
God save Libya

Operations room Mermaid:
Shortly before
About the smoke from the Damascus neighborhood lawns beside the school.

Fire cause a problem in a car yesterday in place.

Operations room Mermaid:
“It is February comes the new …”*
Tripoli: military police patrol arrested the gang now conducting robberies in the way of the coast. .
And possession of “a quantity of heroin and hashish.”*:


A traffic accident shortly before at the traffic light near the Corinthia Hotel

I ask pardon and safety and wellness


Battalion Knights janzour Hello:

For the closure of the coastal road today:

maintenance work of the road who falsely broken Maiya from the bridge 17 to gate 27.




Olive groves in the city Tarhounah over looked Mchae

Olive groves in the city Tarhounah over looked Mchae


Foreign military flight landed less than an hour before the area
Desert south a distance of five and 40 miles south-east
Tarhounah a distance of 18 miles, and is close to the road
Desert areas to Ahala honorable hope to know what’s going on
Now going on, and find out why the plane landed, authorities
The lives of those who are not competent advocates hope Publishing and circular and is
The following coordinates:

N 32184143 E13572926

(Salem al-Obeidi)


Now department in Ajeelat:
Hospital department in Ajeeilat depends entirely on the work
Local council department in Ajeelat is wholly dependent and works apartment in Tripoli
Shura Council of Elders and is wholly dependent
Institutions of civil society parked entirely
Manpower Bureau Jadida is wholly dependent
United Bank is wholly dependent department in Ajeelat
National Directorate of Security department in Ajeelat semi parked
with the presence of more than one thousand registered by the component and Atkado in salaries
Are there any other City in Libya has all these achievements?

Department in Ajeelat / / / /

Trabih screens erected some gunmen on the road between Zuwarah and department in Ajeelat ...

And the department in Ajeelat market Friday Sabratha ..

We ask God to guide everyone.

We received via e-page pictures of  NATO’s burning and destruction of family homes in the department in Ajeelat Walter ..

U.S. begins using Predator drones in Libya

US predator drone now flying over NW LIBYA's Nafus Mountains and struck homes in Ajeelat

President Obama has approved the use of armed Predator drone aircraft to launch airstrikes against ground targets in Libya, the latest sign of mounting concern in Washington that the NATO-led air campaign has failed to stop Moammar Kadafi’s forces.
There was an attaack on Misurata by Green forces this past Tuesday!

the Joint Chiefs of Staff said two drones would fly 24 hours a day.
U.S. Army units are equipped with radar that tracks the trajectory of incoming mortar shells and allows U.S. forces to swiftly return fire.
Here is a drone virtual room, which operates the  unmanned drones (which are able to see everything!, even below ground.):


Quoting \ channel Zintan Media
Prophet need to tell her lip yesterday …
The kidnapping of Wazwaz Girls in tourism in Tripoli before the BHS at about 10 at night .. the situation has become in front of my eyes Wazwaz Girls pedestrians their car in their hands Bags and how Ahto need in the car examined Miche (banana) Laura car Winslow 4 youth of the car and Shido girls Roshm or rather of their hair and Rkpohm Balgsb in Almiche and girls Haulo escape but Magdroush aspirations hands of Alroashen and Qt Icolo For God Help us and Ieito but the whole street watching and do not like who Sayer Sayer official like Temtal As Talaat car was in a car Miche even are but Kabana school and open the door and what Talaat car (banana) and fell down quickly Laket it broke the car door Altanip who are Almiche Kabana Then Talaat Akaddam Tani and Khst of Rue … and I swear to God the situation became Mafysh limit movement … of protecting the girls Haddow me aggressors are known in captivity and who is responsible for Elly Lake became … God Aalibia.



Haaaaaaaam Jaddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …

Extension Mlisheh shield Libya _ Central Misrata …. To the end of the year 2014, after a lengthy meeting with the prime minister of the interim government of Libya …. Has concluded that the Libyan army can not deter any outside force from the state, but with the help of the power of the shield _ Central ..

From inside Mzrath:

Near the headquarters of the Security Committee in Misurata they stuffed arms to more than 1,000 SUV.

(They keep-on getting air-ship-loads of arms from Turkey, Qatar and the USA daily!) …ooo, that’s right, “they are fighting al-Qaeda!!!!” (HAH!)

DAILY thousands of illegal weapons are exported from Istanbul to MISURATA, including a thousand assault rifles, hundreds of guns and large quantities of ammunition



Agency News :: Sirte Libyan army
I went yesterday, the power of police operations for the city of Sirte to resolve the problem of stolen money after a long period of negotiations to no avail ..
It is noteworthy to mention that he accused the co-operation of the well-known to the relevant authorities and will begin the process of arrest and prosecution over the next few days until the recovery of all the stolen money.
Agency News Libyan army :::::::::::
Since the process began a few wide intrusion of homes and dens involved in the theft of million dinars in the city of Sirte ..
Involved in this process SS + forces and police operations, a joint forces between elements of Benghazi and Tripoli ..

Urgent exclusive of Sirte (as reported by Special Forces, Benghazi):

stun your sales, police raided the headquarters that the suspects in the theft of money…

Storming battalion Buhelaiqah and the Committee for the arrest of

Walker dens of criminals accused in the theft of 53 million

and the city’s hospital under the control of the battalion to protect the wounded …

O Allah, keep them from all evil Champions special forces Hama home

Security source confirmed battalion Thunderbolt 21 “martyrs of the corner,” that
Battalion did a raid and did not reach them commands the raid, and that
Battalion stationed at several points in the city of Sirte, and sent
Mobile patrols in some areas, and power coming from the city
Tripoli for the purpose of the raid was not a raid, and in the same context
Is confirmed Battalion 136 Infantry, “Ali Sadiq,” he did not force
A raid and did not reach them also commands, and the reason is the proliferation
Fixed and mobile patrols to maintain security in the city
(Salem al-Obeidi)


N kill Libyans in Sirte ….
O God, Lkhoti Libyans was Khalatoha Libby Libby P kindest
With it’s charm …
But Egyptian kills Khok Libyan consent thou
Hadi what Aqublohash grandchildren in the history books ..
What Tcololish its finest Muammar Jayb Africans
What Tqarnoh your spirit Beah
Almost Torah magnification does not accept the comparison between the rebels and the battalions ….
I do not Gth …
What the group who Aahbuh this kind of videos Mesh necessary Aalqo
ن يقتلون الليبيين في سرت….والله يا خوتي الليبيين كان خليتوها ليبي ف ليبي أرحم
مع انها فتنة…
لكن مصري يقتل خوك الليبي بموافقتك انت
هادي ما يقبلوهاش أحفادنا في كتب التاريخ..
ما تقولوليش به خيره معمر جايب أفارقة
ما تقارنوش روحكم بيه
وتقريبا تورة التكبير لا تقبل المقارنة بين الثوار والكتائب ….
ولا اني غالطة…
الجماعة اللي ما يحبوش النوع هذا من الفيديوات مش ضروري يعلقّو


Libya TV channel
Wall) – The medical staff of state visits Turkey to the city of Sirte on Friday on a visit to Ben Sina Hospital Education to conduct many of the statements of some medical conditions in the city at the invitation and for the supervision of the Central Committee of Sirte for treatment abroad.

According to committee member Sirte central abroad for treatment, Dr. “Hassan blue” to visit the medical staff Turkish, which includes specialists and consultants in the specialties of ear, nose and throat, bones, nerves

and inward to the city of Sirte came at the invitation of the Committee of Sirte for treatment abroad and in coordination with the Department of Training Hospital, Bin Sina educational Sirte to make statements Medical pathological cases that received treatment period, the last state of Turkey,

as well as make some statements of cases of new patients that suffer from health problems satisfactory in those disciplines.

He explained that doctors Visitors from Turkey will lay lectures in medical specialties for the benefit of Libyan doctors and medical components and medical aid them in raising the level of their competency in the provision of health and medical services in the specialties of ear, nose and throat, bone, nerves, and internal medicine.



Zliten … Activating a demonstration demanding the judiciary.


9 people were Haddvhm in this tragic incident

We ask God’s forgiveness and mercy for them and their families to inspire patience
Resulting in a collision two trucks and a car (Mercedes Vito) and vehicle type or Algranic Kia area at dawn on Friday, killing nine people

And Asdam signed between the truck was loaded with scrap Hodeidah with a truck loaded with flour was coming in the same direction.

Is likely to be the cause of the accident lack of backlighting for a truck which is confirmed by eyewitnesses.

They reported that the truck was traveling on the road without backlighting
Before you hit the second truck then Tsaddam veto and Kia trucks violently.

We ask God to forgive them and have mercy on them and makes them resting place paradise



HURRAH!!! al-JDHARAN and the “POLITICAL BUREAU of the Province of Cyrenaica’s People”

Advertising in its wire “channel, DC”

After the interview, Ibrahim Aljdharan official of the U.S. oil expert,

America gives approval for the sale of oil from the oil ports in Cyrenaica and undertake to secure corridors so

(Channel tenderly Free)
في شريطها الاعلاني “قناة العاصمة ”

بعد مقابلة ابراهيم الجضران مسؤل وخبير نفط امريكي ,,,

امريكآ تعطي موافقة لـ بيع النفط من الموانيء النفطية في برقة وتتعهد بـ تآمين ممرات لذلك

قناة برقة الحرة

(The PICTURE is of PORT HARIGA and the Tanker entering the Port after ZAIDANE‘s Government fired upon it.):


The oil minister said OPEC conference that the military option for ports and oil Ward
وزير النفط صرح فى مؤتمر الآوبيك بأن الخيار العسكرى بالنسبه للموانى النفطيه وارد

Libya Tripoli Street


Gateway Libya Libya Gate” publishes today this STATEMENT:

Urgent: – Important ..

To all the chieftains and sages and men of Benghazi ……. To all the chieftains
The sages and men tenderly ……… To all the residents and the people of Cyrenaica
Valley and the presence of federal and non-federal must announce the formation of
Battalion parents blood, support and stand beside them so take revenge from
Kharijites and Takfiris …
Must officially announced the beginning of the war, Benghazi and Cyrenaica to the Kharijites
And extremist groups who cut in capital sons of Benghazi and Derna all Cyrenaica
,,, Guys tenderly hour of zero Tskto no more blood for your children
On the future of your grandchildren, they will bring you the colonization of the New,
They kill us and them mercenaries from Yemen, Algeria, Afghanistan, …


Defence Force gently to prevent an oil tanker from entering the port of Harika.
 Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel .. Libya first channel:Fire on an oil tanker belonging to the Libyan state in its attempts to enter the port of Harika TOBRUK
(Channel Vision Libyan)
(Channel Vision Libyan)

Ali Asbali informs us:
Capital channel, quoting Al-Hayat:
Head of the Political Council of the province of Cyrenaica Ibrahim Aljdharan visited the port of Sidra, accompanied by oil expert U.S. Avid Lifco where inquired about the shipping lines of oil and quantities available in the reservoirs also asked to see the shipping documents earlier and frequencies that are used to communicate with ships before they enter into the pavement and prepares the U.S. expert to export oil for the benefit of province of Cyrenaica.

Agency urgently Libya / Benghazi Zidane blew up today

Reporter learned agency urgently Libya in Tripoli and that the diplomatic delegation is composed of Prime Minister Ali Zaidane and twenty ministers from his government will dawn on Sunday, the city of Benghazi.

The source confirmed to the reporter urgent Libya that the prime minister will appear at a news conference this afternoon from inside the hotel ballroom holy Benghazi, to respond to the forum, which ended on Saturday, the elders and sheikhs and youth tenderly Nddo the announcement of the government to use force to open the oil ports, as Tallowa the Office of the province of Cyrenaica Executive to proceed in the sale of oil.

Laroussi threatens to resort to force to open oil ports

Alluded Minister of Oil and Gas in the interim government, “Abdul Bari Arousi”
today to the possibility of resorting to force, to re-open the oil ports closed since July.


Malik Muhammad
Hearts insurer mourn brother:
Saeed Hamad Asih cabled City Ajdabiya, who passed away-term slaying by Almilishiaat note that Taser yesterday clashed, which happened yesterday and that they have commissioned an official from the Ministry of Defence proof that they are not a people with morals and the treatment of their captives, and to God and to him Rajaowon
(Channel tenderly Free)
Ssalhe Salim reports:
Clashes in the city of Ajdabiya cabled between the tribe and the Tabu.

7 burned homes for TPU and the fire burning in the possibility of scattered in the neighborhood Angiamana Bojaddabaa after the attack on the neighborhood by youth angry at the impact of the killing of six young people from the city of Ajdabiya by gangs Tabu in bed area of the SOUTH and news of the death of 7 TPU. 

Police gathered Libya in the Eastern Province
Ajdabiya now /
Average lead resound ... downtown Ajdabiya, the more likely groups angry burn Mnasal against the backdrop of clashes
and Azhoyh Tabu tribe in the south of Libya ..
26 burning car TPU Toubou Bojaddabaa in retaliation for the killing of a number of people from the city at the hands of a group belonging to the TPU in the area of the bed. 
26 burning car Bojaddabaa TPU, and move the focus of the tension of the neighborhood
N’djamena neighborhood to October 7, and some homes were burned tribe
Tabu in Ajdabiya, against the backdrop of the killing of five soldiers from the tribe
Azwaip, belonging to the 427 Infantry Battalion, after the outbreak of A Fight
Between them and armed battalion Ahmed Sharif field bed after
Conflicting mandates to protect fields:
# Ajdabiya
(Salem al-Obeidi)
(T. Customary p reporting)
# # # And clarify apology
From his home was raided Tbawi citizen named “Ali” and of confirmed
To me that house, “Ali Sheedy,” employees of a security room
Ajdabiya is a youth Azwaip, after my contact with someone close
Battalion command of Ahmed Sharif, for not arriving to him personally because he
The heart of the desert and figures out personal service, assured me
That “Ali” does not have a home city of Ajdabiya and were storming
His home is a citizen Tbawi his name on the residents of Ajdabiya
(Salem al-Obeidi)


Abduction “Mohammed Hawari,” a son of the city of Derna and employees of a
Special Forces “Thunderbolt” Benghazi, after he join them
After the war of liberation and participated as a civilian with them during the War of Liberation, is
And sister, and the news now found his head on a
Green Mountain and the beaches are not sure of the news so far, and
Sister’s fate still unknown
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Since the past few days have been kidnapped by members of the bolt forces and is going from the city of Derna to Benghazi, but when he arrived at the city of Casablanca was kidnapped there and the brothers Blablag for his abduction,

note that the population of the city of Derna ….

Today were surprised to find a lump on his head in white and did not find the body

and found the head with his hair loose and cut short and the subject with him ……
And his name: Mohammed Hawari T …..

I am God and I Rajawan him (God bless his soul) ……

(Mutassim Faitouri)


Intelligence service Benghazi | |
The remains of officers in Benghazi and beheadings in Benghazi and Derna and did not see anyone
we come out on the screen and say a word of the Kharijites Altkfferin!!
Today was arrested Haitham Ali Tagouris flipped State Conference on the flags!!!!
Down with the State of tykes!

Find the girl hijacked: our farmer Abdul Salam, who was kidnapped two days ago and was found at the Children’s Hospital ….
Thank God she comes back safely to her family …….

Citizenship “We Abdulsalam farmer” and is one of the missing residents
Street, the liver, and at the age of eight-year-old
(Salem al-Obeidi)

(Mutassim Faitouri)


SS says sadly been released about the people who arrested them young Tablino area and that has been handed

over to the battalion February 17 and are 3 people, including a person of Battalion 204 tanks ….

And we also say we have captured the fourth person is online and we have,

and we will not Plavraj him until after the investigation and with the permission of the owners of the house,

which has been attacking him ….

(Mutassim Faitouri)

The burning of two cars behind the head of Awqaf area Aobeidh and fire unknown reasons ….
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Salem al-Obeidi:

Targeting booth portfolio “trunk” area near the pond
Battalion of the holy earlier, blast damage
And did not result in casualties.

The jeep Bermaah the concert ((Rab)) Street, Abdul Jalil,

which resulted in the injury of two people and they are now Galaa Hospital, one care and other noteworthy.

(Reporter: Mutassim Faitouri)

Mahdoa bombing shop for spare parts market area Allouhiche coal and only material damage.
(Reporter: Mutassim Faitouri)

SS now stumbled upon an unidentified person infected with a knife in his heart and tied by his torturer, in the Sabri sea .….

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Chamber of investigations Thunderbolt :::
1 – personal problem area of ​​the country ((hotel)) Tariq Mahmood claimed the lives of sanding and a Palestinian nationality, was shot dead.
2 – and news of the shooting near a market garden killed Hesham Salah mourning shot dead and his brother is in hospital ….
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Reporter Mutassim Faitouri | |:
And found the body of Osama Fathi Almqsba Hospital in Benghazi in 1200, was found shot,
knowing that he was kidnapped three days ago …..

Osama Fathi Almqsba pathogen that is found slain brother Ahmed Fathi media Almqsba

(News Agency of Libya today)

Salem al-Obeidi:

Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash ….
Tuber assassinate Colonel Fathallah Aelkezira now.
Assassinate Colonel “Fathallah Rahim Aelkezira” was assigned branch
Military Intelligence Benghazi a few days ago, treacherously murdered by bullets
Left a little while ago in the city of Derna, while attending the wedding daughter
His brother in the city of Derna.

Said a medical source in the tuber to the atmosphere of the country and the arrival of the body of

Colonel Special Forces Fathallah Rahim Aelkezira to hospital promptly at 18:00 by the target by a

bullet in the neck Street “hashish” in the city, noting that the victim of the population of the city

of Benghazi and was visiting the city of Derna.

Galaa Hospital:

Was dismantled an explosive device from a car in front of Galaa Hospital ….

The first images of the suicide operation that targeted the gate precise.

IT WAS NO SUICIDE!! the 16 year-old did not know what was planned.

About what happened in the precise Gate .
Say / that what happened in the Gate precise planning of Sufian Ibrahim Alqovernm him and someone else called ((BU point of the city of Derna)) and another person named Ali bin Tahir ((mouse)) and key Ibrak Mkraz .. The owner of the car that exploded in a precise gate and another person named Hafez al-Mansouri Barrani aka Balaour, and another person named Sheikh ((Gaddafi)) Tunisian nationality and another person named Ali Ghaithi .. Where Famo coordination of this process in the city of Derna. Asro and a car bombing in the center of a gathering of army men in Gate precise. Retaliation for the killing of four members of the Atbahm during the past few weeks
Where lose luring young man from the city of Derna called ((Murad, nicknamed Abu Ajaj Libyan)) at the age of 16 years and lose sedition it and send it to transfer the shipment of explosives to City turf for the purpose of implementation of operations in the City Prairie and invitee has to go to transfer the consignment to the city of Prairie and at the exit of this the young man to transport explosives Arslo successor car was driven Almdo Au ((the mouse Bin Taher)) and the Ghaithi and maintained Barrani Upon passage of the young man from the gate precise and stopped by members of the gate lose treachery this young man and blown up, including loads of explosives without being aware of this scheme, which Ahik him where he was believed to be on a mission and not a transfer task Antharoosnoafikm the rest of the information, if available, and this is what happened in this process in the sense of sacrifice to one of their personnel without teaching him and planted an explosive device.
# (Gate _ Libya)


Security room Benghazi:
Elvis trading news pages targeting Prime security room Benghazi, Colonel Abdullah Saaiti suicide bombing

this news tonight purpose of publishing a false awe and dread in the hearts of the people of Benghazi,

Colonel good health, thank God.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel Benghazi

Reports indicate the arrival of the death toll to five after the bombing gate precise.
Ali Asbali reports:

3 dead and several wounded on the way to hospital lawn by the explosion of a car bomb driven by a suicide bomber at the gate precise.
A source close to the gate is precise order of communicative through the gate
That is infected with the gate after a car bomb explosion and their news
They are the primary source by a suicide attack, because the car soon
Standing at the gate exploded them, was to be rescued from their gate
To the hospital and has not been confirmed for the presence of dead.

Gateway precise ::::::

Dead :::
1 – Saqr Saqr Jaballah.
2 – Mohammed valid key.
3 – Nuri al-Hamad Al-goers.
4 – Beauty Bouhoshh Kharruba.
5 – just Saaiti.

Missing ::::
1 – F Mehdi Persian.
2 – Ibrahim Jaballah Alsagher.
Casualties who were taken to Benghazi:
1 – Ahmed Clmana.
2 – Nasser Ibrahim patients.
And there are others present to the rest of the hospitals and Heath Tokrh ……..
The news of the bombing of the gate precise true, contacted now ordered the gate, but I was surprised that someone else is given a high and says that the phone owner’s infected and there are a large number of wounded, and news about the presence of 5 dead because the situation Mezri very fire landing place and overcrowded by car ….

After confirmation of the death toll has reached buba precise number of them 3 to 7 men and 3 gate unknown and 1 was standing on the road.

A member of the Gateway precise told me ::::
The type of car flying carpet and its people and the Bracken car blew up next to the gate and suddenly the car is inside and what happened happened …
For large wholesale entry wounded, either dead Almost 10 people dead, including brother / key Mohammed Saleh Al-Abdali ……

And they :::::::

1 – Key Mohammed Abdali
And two of the sons of the family Dinal ((Alsagher))
Elly and the rest is now unknown …..

(Mutassim Faitouri)

 source familiar Sathfez named for the presence of dead, including
Citizens standing on the right of the road for the purpose of inspection and present
Families and also among the dead, “Mohammad Musa key Abdali
Also known as “Mhaaa” and “Nasser Ibrahim satisfactory” and the rest
The remains have not been identified, and the injured is not recognized
A certain number.
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Agency urgently Libya / video effects bombing precise gate east of Benghazi
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو اثار تفجير بوابة برسس شرق بنغازي
FLASH very ::::::::
 Reported injury is the gate precise Mr. / Faraj Al Abdali.
Ordered investigations commandos in touch with me through now ::::::
We came out of camp now and stun mongrel ::::
Special Forces “Thunderbolt” send support to the gate precise
Now, and send ambulances to transport the injured.
10 ambulances.
And a number of civil defense vehicles.
100 military vehicle.
And heading to precise.
All cars belonging to the camp of the Thunderbolt.
These assignments by Colonel Nice Bouchmadh now ……….
RBI keeps them.
 The sound of a powerful explosion in Benghazi.




Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash ….

Tuber huge explosion shakes the city center now.

Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash ….
The bombing of the ice plant near the port of Derna and learned this plant feeds the city’s snow in the summer
and used to preserve meat and fish imported as well as the rest of the nutrients that you need to store them
when they are imported through the port of Derna to Bicycle low temperature; as well as the needs of ships
calling at the port of Derna him for the same reason.

The arrival of the aircraft Poll atmosphere Aldrnawih since few.

(AD Media tuber)

# Tuber

Pharmacy exposed to theft and assault in Derna near Sahaba Mosque, where the attack was to destroy
the upper part of the pharmacy and the assailants stole a plasma TV and a computer and a number of medications.




In the town of Gallo major campaign (to the shops and restaurants of):

Before the Municipal Guard, which has been the confiscation of many commodities ended
Validity (out-dated), also launched a campaign of inspection procedures for other employment
Expat and the exercise of the profession across trade shops without legal action
And licenses,

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Colonel, “Mohammed Said” is a guard oil installations Gallo
Receiving the bodies of the elements of Battalion 427, which was charged with the newly
Protection of some oil fields, by the battalion Ahmed Sharif
Formerly in charge of the protection of some of the fields, after conflicting assignments
By the competent authorities and the military men who Colonel
Mohammed Saeed transferred to the hospital after the outbreak of A Fight
They are armed
Saeed Mohammed Alsoaa cabled
Nasser Borimh Bojvol cabled
Ali Issa Bossaqa cabled
Faraj Issa cabled
Fathi Hassan Saeed

# Gallo

 The transfer of the bodies of the victims of clashes to a hospital bed Ajdabiya
“Atmosphere of the country “-The supervisor for General Hospital Gallo Osman Harsh.  The hospital sent the bodies of five soldiers who were killed in the clashes that took place two days before the agricultural area of the bed to the hospital of Ajdabiya.Harsh added to the “atmosphere of the country” on Sunday that the transfer took place at midnight yesterday to be handed over to their families, their bodies and brought before a coroner in the city.The atmosphere of the country” contacted agent on behalf of the court that Gallo received the bodies to find out more details, but preferred not to make statements because the case under investigation – he said.

# Godless
(Salem al-Obeidi)


Salem al-Obeidi reports:
Targeting an army patrol in the national Sabha, from
By unknown Ikazv “RPG”, without causing
Targeting casualties

Free newspaper Sabha:

Interruption of communications in the area Opare because of the theft of electricity

transformer station coverage Libyana in Junction Fageej which led the lack of coverage in areas that followed.


Bed – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
“Station bed” to generate electricity to start its work in power generation and network support General Electricity


Signed yesterday evening, sporadic clashes between booklet Ahmed Sharif, Tabu and battalion 427 of Ajdabiya, which was Tkllivera Protect vital installations in the bed area, including the site of the river industrial plant bed invasive site torch and warehouse Brega oil South City Gallo and after negotiations yesterday to deliver the sites rejected booklet Ahmed Sharif delivery locations and cars arms to Battalion 427, which was the outcome of the clashes Tkllivera fall of the number of dead and wounded from both sides now Awosol to 5 bodies to hospital Gallo of Battalion 427 of Ajdabiya.  They are:
1 – Fathi Hassan Saeed
2 – Ali Issa Busaqa
3 – Nasser Ibrama Bojvol
4 – Said Hamad Abimi
5 – Abdel Salam Mahmoud Doma.
Atef Shelmani
Was the arrival of the bodies of five of the city of Gallo in the wake of clashes
Dart to bed between Battalion 427, which was assigned to
Protect the field and positioned within the field, and mentions
The five bodies belonging to employees of the Army battalion
They are 427 ::
/ Said Asih.
2 / Nasser Borimh Bojvol.
3 / the messenger.
4 / Faraj Issa cabled.
5 / nurse from the city of Kufra is not recognized his name on the ambulance facility.

And wounded out of the field an hour before bed to hospital Gallo year named Abdullah Fathi Heram of Ajdabiya and was in serious condition
There are a number of dead and wounded among the Tabu did not know how many so far

Agency urgently Libya / 5 dead in clashes bed Zarei Gallo
Gallo received General Hospital on Saturday evening bodies of five soldiers from the Libyan army killed in the clashes that took place two days before the agricultural region of the bed.
A reporter Libyan news agency Bjalo, that a group of tribes Tabu stationed in the area handed over the bodies to guard installations oases, the presence of the judge and the prosecutor on behalf of the court Gallo.
The reporter quoted officials at the hospital receiving the bodies, and make connections to people with the dead to receive it.

Was sure to deliver the news of the corpses 5 gang aggressor on the National Army (Guard Almnchaouat oil) in the area of ​​the bed yesterday to the commander of the guard oil installations Branch plates Colonel Mohammed Saeed and wounded as well have been delivered and arrived to the hospital currently Gallo.

(Tabu sons of the desert)

Photos of / Gabrekosh
Follow-up / Mohammed Alqbouzay:


Essam al-Obeidi reports:
Reports that some gangs and thieves electric cables trying to attack and sabotage the project
bed (north) and there are initial reports that the attackers of Ojkrh Ajdabiya
and investigation is underway to find out clothes this criminal act.
(Tabu channel on Facebook.)
Ongoing clashes in the field when the torch is also #
There are several casualties … There are also other clashes in a field # bed …

Field day bed ::::

Azwaip and clashes between Tabu and there are no injuries or deaths ….

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Tabu channel on Facebook:
A group of heavily armed with heavy weapons attacked on the evening of the day bed agricultural project f
or the purpose of sabotage were kidnapped engineer Adam sole charge of the Department of Animal Production.
(Channel correspondent of Ajdabiya)
And our response shortly before news of a captured criminals who attempt an assault on the bed project in the North, said preliminary investigations with him that they came to steal livestock and crops, and some machines and mechanisms on the project and its impact fled after them ….. We will bring you will Balkhbar upon receipt of any new in this regard.
The outbreak of an armed clash on the field between the bed force charged with protecting
Field bed “obelisk” Battalion 25 border guards battalion “Mujahid
Ahmed al-Sharif “and previously unknown destination, and one of them was arrested on
According to a source familiar with the reservation and the two cars, one carrying 14.5
Reported clashes in the bed of Kufra basin between tribal militias in the region.
Militias calculated on Azwaiat tribe of infidels and Ojkrh turning control of the fields and
attacked the troops in charge of the Department of Defense to protect the fields …
And has control of the forces in charge of the Department of Defense to protect the fields on militias
# Bed
Salem al-Obeidi

Picture of Muammar al-Qathafi’s bed agricultural Project which the Tabu tried to destroy, sabatage and steal cattle from.

This case infidels shops closed and streets paralysis prevail and become like a military buffer zone forbidden curfew and mobility
Nor for the diseases of materials and basic goods in the region as a result of this paralysis … Orby and guide everyone.


Funeral service for employees of 427 Infantry Battalion, who Gu
Died, by the outbreak of an armed clash between them and the battalion
Ahmed al-Sharif, because of the conflicting mandates to protect fields
After noon prayers in Ajdabiya and they are:
Fathi Hassan Saeed
Ali Issa and leg
Nasser Bojvol
Said Hamad Souayah
Abdulsalam Mahmoud Doma
# (Gate _ Libya)

Synergy … (4 photos)

The release of the abducted from Libyan port Owaynat

“Atmosphere of the country” – Ahmad Faitouri
Coordinator of the Commission confirmed the information and security on the local council of Kufra Borkik that five people abducted earlier this month from the port Owaynat had arrived by Saturday evening to their families in Kufra.
The Borkik  told “the atmosphere of the country” that the head of the Military Council of the infidels previously received hostages for Barbaana handed over to the kidnappers of four people accused of smuggling issues, the two of them, Tabu and others from Chad.
The Borkik has confirmed that six trucks of fuel were being held Btazrbu has allowed her to four days before going towards Rbeana, at the request of the kidnappers and try to list the success of the negotiations.
It is noteworthy that the Secretary of Defense commissioned junta chief infidels previously, following up the issue of the abduction of four soldiers and a civilian Libyans and twenty-five Sudanese sponsor of Balauinat border checkpoint on the second of December.
A released from the port to the atmosphere Owaynat tells the story of the country’s kidnapping
Atmosphere of the country – particularly
Narrated by one of the soldiers released from the port Owaynat head sergeants Salah Mansour Buamirh to the atmosphere of the details of the kidnapping the country, where he confirmed that they had been trapped nearly four dozen vehicles, including two cars military, who arrested them and most of them do not speak Arabic.
He added that the process of Buamirh detention lasted for twenty days, where booked in the first three days in the area Rbeana, explaining that they were getting one meal a day.
Buamirh noted that they had been tortured, was photographed by one of the kidnappers, stressing that the photography section has spread, and that one of the checkpoints on the photographer captured near the city of Ajdabiya.
Buamirh pointed out that the kidnappers were talking in the beginning about being liquidated, then told them the possibility of an exchange of prisoners with the others present in the city of Kufra, indicating that the handover took place just 100 kilometers from the area Rbeana.
The atmosphere of the country tried to communicate with the kidnappers to comment on the incident were not available to do so.
The Secretary of Defense commissioned junta chief infidels earlier, follow-up case of the kidnapping of the four soldiers and one civilian facilities to them in the second of December..
In big cities and neighborhoods flooded roads and rain water but alive Tabu infidels flooded all kinds of garbage, and people’s resorted to digging trenches to pay them as a solution as long as the local administration ignores some neighborhoods ….
Broadcast images of the reality that you are going through these neighborhoods:
Synergy …


Shipment arrival medications and equipment to the city of Kufra.



Prevent the entry of Egyptian workers from Libya through the Salloum
Piled dozens of passenger cars for the second day in a row in front of Salloum land port on the Egyptian-Libyan border after authorities banned Libyan Battalion 71 in the entry of Egyptian workers without reasons unannounced.
While authorities allowed the entry of trucks Patel Battalion banned the entry of all vehicles transporting passengers to the Egyptian Libya. Said Tariq Mahmood motorist Macairopas Egyptian Ban authorities Salloum prevented him from crossing the port, causing him to have to return with passengers to stay overnight in recreations Salloum, adding that the reason for this is to prevent members of the gate 71 Libyan entry Egyptians since the afternoon of the first on Thursday, and until the present time.
A number of drivers on this talk, preferring to return to the town of Salloum even be allowed to enter Libya by the Egyptian authorities and the Libyan Battalion 71. Some eyewitnesses in the region that the security personnel to the port of the Libyan dealt with the Egyptian workers in a bad way, and they took samples analyzes of all the passengers, and forced them to pay at least 20 dinars, in addition to the collection of Libyan dinars at a rate of 800 pounds of each passenger, however it ended up preventing them from entering since last Thursday evening until Saturday morning.
News in circulation suggest that Turkey asked the Brotherhood in
Libya is that the attack on the Egyptian embassy on 22 and are
Expel the ambassador of Egypt, after Egypt’s position of power against Turkey:
The Brotherhood.
(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)

Views of the Egyptian author Mohamed Hassanein Heikal:

Structure: Libyan tribal leaders asked for the intervention of the Egyptian army to end the militias
The author said the great journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, in his interview with the media for the Miss Iron program “Egypt where and to where?”, The leaders of some Libyan tribes said to him, there is no solution except that the Egyptian army to help us to stabilize things, a response that the Egyptian army with Busy deep regret, and that phone is already some military personnel who know them and are not leaders, and said that this is improbable, and the quantities of weapons in Libya humbling.
* For the Libyan situation, what your expectations in this regard, you are waiting for “the chaos of Iraq”?
I’ve seen this week, a delegation from the supervision of Cyrenaica and tribal leaders, and the image that Qsoua me what is going on there are awesome, Libya today are all militias take is to export oil, to the point where they said they blocked the export ports in order not to steal, there is a process looting very severe in Libya, according to information spoken to me, that the precautions that were at Libya’s Gaddafi era 400 billion dollars and that the money abroad to avoid confiscation was fictitious names, and therefore the situation in ultimate chaos to the extent that tribal leaders have said there is no solution except that the Egyptian army to help us in Libya to stabilize things, I told them that the Egyptian army with great regret busy, and telephoned some of the military people I know who are not leaders, they told me that this is improbable, and the quantities of weapons in Libya earth-shattering, and it seems that Gaddafi was buying many weapons, weapons caches No one imagines flow to and from Libya Egypt, because the price of the weapon into the ground, and you know some people bought “RPG” and heavy weapons and machine guns.
* What do you expect?
Constantly this situation may be a country that has borders with you subject to the disintegration of you in front of stretch before me, and therefore you have a situation in the Middle tired In the West, painful and in the south, you have what is happening in the cluster inflamed “Sudan” Originally, we did not understand it throughout our lives we talked about in National Movement and many of the enthusiasts for Sudan talk about them without their knowledge, including Dr. Farag Fouda, and the most ardent Sudanese border existing or terrain is delimited manufactured movement geographical in the 19th century, with the help of Egyptian Geographic Society, and direct support from the Khedive, who tried to look for treasures In Africa, this is not just state this is not the tribes of this geographical area extended, and you always say that there are 4 Sudan, north heading towards Egypt to Nubia and the south, which is heading towards Kenya, East Africa, and the West is heading towards Chad and Central Africa, and there is the east in Sudan heading towards Ethiopia, and unfortunately we did not study Sudan finally, separation you unexpected to the point that in the newspapers delegation in 1959 wrote about me, “the structure of the separatist”, because I am after visiting her I said that any talk about the unity of Egypt with the Nile Valley is mixing in securities, and that the south will secede language and we have, but it also threatened the South to secede again, there are two major tribes Noel and Dinka, and in fact failed coup that occurred tribes have a relationship with it.
Q: So all these separations, whether from the south or west How do you see the impact on us?
* Do Taatsouri that you live in an oasis away from this, as well as that this occurs near the headwaters of the Nile and the area has a great future for Egypt, at least in terms of agricultural land, I know, for example, that China, which did not have a presence in Africa since a decade ago, now has investments estimated at around 350 billion dollars, and 2 million Chinese living on the continent. This allows the expansion of the agricultural south and close to us and a safe area.
About / / TV Libya future

Network TV Libya LTN:
Prevent the entry of Egyptian workers from Libya through the Salloum

Piled dozens of passenger cars for the second day in a row in front of Salloum land port on the Egyptian-Libyan border after authorities banned Libyan Battalion 71 in the entry of Egyptian workers without reasons unannounced.
While authorities allowed the battalion to enter those trucks banned the entry of all vehicles transporting passengers to the Egyptian Libya. Said Tariq Mahmood motorist Macairopas Egyptian Ban authorities Salloum prevented him from crossing the port, causing him to have to return with passengers to stay overnight in recreations Salloum, adding that the reason for this is to prevent members of the gate 71 Libyan entry Egyptians

since the afternoon of the first on Thursday, and until the present time.

number of drivers on this talk, preferring to return to the town of Salloum even be allowed to enter Libya by the Egyptian authorities and the Libyan Battalion 71.

Some eyewitnesses in the region that the security personnel to the port of the Libyan dealt with the Egyptian workers in a bad way, and they took samples analyzes of all the passengers, and forced them to pay at least 20 dinars, in addition to the collection of Libyan dinars at a rate of 800 pounds of each passenger, however it ended up preventing them from entering since last Thursday evening until Saturday morning.

(Libya future)

Brigade 32 booster for the defense of Libya (FB PAGE)
writes on 04 décembre  2013:

Egyptian Dream TV in the hosting of the brilliant artist Wael Kfoury .... When he had submitted the dialogue for political topics with the artist was of the questions directed to the artist of the greatest Arab character you love and if Madaa of his question by virtue of hospitality artist on their channels they want to polish the image of the person concerned to show that his name and shine but Khabh they believe when they responded artist and with pride and humility of it
Said leader Muammar al-Qathafi ; and respect eluted from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of Colonel al-Qathafi ..

“I’m in the hearts of millions!!”


Monitoring of foreign military aircraft!
The foreign military aviation day yesterday on Thursday, 19.12.2013 Tema 11pm combing operations and monitor the military heavily in the southwestern desert of Libya, and the desert of Algeria and Tunisia as well!



la vidéo de radio tataouine Radio Tataouine.

أقدم منذ قليل شاب على إحراق نفسه قبالة مركز شرطة مدينة تطاوين.
و الانباء المتوفرة الى حد اللحظة تفيد بان الشاب قد فارق الحياة وقد تم نقله الى المستشفى الجهوي بتطاوين .radio tataouine اذاعة تطاوين

The death of the young man after I burn himself in front of police station Tataouine
Since few older young man burned himself off the police station in the city of Tataouine.
And news available to the extent of stating that the moment the young man was dead has been transferred to the regional hospital in Tataouine.

Radio Tataouine radio tataouine



The sons of Libya
Osama Alakora,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:
The protesting wounded who were healing  in Greece from the Gharghour attacks last month and were airlifted to Greece,
were sentenced by the court on the wounded and the accompanying Petrhlehm Libyans to Libya
Peshkoh of the Libyan ambassador to Greece Ahmad Jacob Zqlal
And the light of the court has taken the decision to deport them and stamp their passports to non-access to the EU for five years.
Each of their cause that they are no visa.
ARAB LEAGUE:Death Esmat Abdel Meguid, Secretary General of the Arab League, former age 90 years


Very QUESTIONABLE:le statut de Ali Handb.

Gaddafi’s supporters are fighting Syria!!

“I received several messages from young people of the Libyan pro-Gaddafi, the captives appeared on Syrian television.
Fact that these Alqmavien supporters were detained by militias and rebels of NATO in Libya, was to get them out of jails and transported in groups Natoyh to Syria to fight alongside NATO partners Alhadeyen rebels in Syria.”

  • so much of what Ali Handb says and writes, seem to be propagandist LIES!

Blood runs like a River




THE ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD and its Puppet-master UNO talk

Quoting a Brotherhood member Mohammed Sawan head of the ruling “Justice and construction”:
“I met with Dr. “Tarek Mitri,” Head of Mission of the United Nations to discuss the alleged constitutional crisis, it is not a legal basis for the expiry of a conference on 2/7 as rumored ..”
Flint also stressed during the meeting, and some of the other parties during the meeting that the failure of the prime minister
in the administration of the state is the main reason for this crisis and all parties have to take that into account.
# (Gate _ Libya)

Members of the Libyan National Congress demanding the resignation of Zaidane ….

19 student members of the National Congress, on Thursday, the resignation of Prime Minister Ali Zaidane from office.

The accused are members of a statement, Prime Minister abject failure in resolving the outstanding issues

and the lag in the process of formation of the army and the police and the government to reach the

performance of the degree of impairment can not be tolerated.

And nineteen Members stressed the need to form a government crisis in the country, things are going to be an alternative to the current government Zaidane.

(AD Media tuber)

Libyan Economy Minister Mustafa Ibovas confirms the atmosphere of the country
that the present Libyan economy is not in crisis, but if the crisis continued oil ports,
especially since the present Libyan economy depends on oil production.



“Atmosphere of the country”

The director of the Information Office of the Central Bank of Libya Essam reliability of the “atmosphere to the country” that the National Congress gave its approval to a request by the Central Bank of Libya to join the Convention establishing the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, to take advantage of its expertise in the development of the Libyan financial institutions..

“ANSAR al-Sharia” in Libya is distributing these CDs since the period ago,

and contains video clips to teach fighting and MISGUIDED opinions to atone.

“Look for the logo on the organization of the CD”


Disclaimer ~ ~ ~ ~
Brothers to the people with the basic pensions (Social Solidarity Fund),
fill in the form your national figure in the fastest time, so that data is inserted by the website of this matter.
This link your Active:
The image in one of the hospitals Libya ((need was in Gaya Atqays I think the pressure after a poor Halachkal rose compressed)):

Milling companies to resume the distribution of flour
Atmosphere of the country – Ahmad Faitouri
The Minister of Economy Mustafa Bovenas companies that own the mills have not been distributed sacks of flour on the stores in recent days due to non-payment of dues months ago, pointing out that it resumed distribution following the efforts of the government and the National Conference to resolve the confusion.
The Bovenas, on Thursday, told the atmosphere of the country that exact exact stores available, stressing that

“private milling companies thanks to the play of work and effort, despite their dues in arrears.”

For his part, head of the union bakeries in Benghazi, Mahmoud Oraibi that sacks of flour available in stores in sufficient quantity bakeries in Libya for six months, adding that the crisis was limited in duration and have been resolved following the approval of the Conference on loan to distract milling companies.
It is noteworthy that the distribution of sacks of flour to bakeries delayed some cities this month for approximately seven days.

Libya: Tripoli buy mobile theater Comedie Francaise

20 DEC.  11:33

The 'théatre Ephemere' of the 'Comedie francaise', and 'was sold to the Libyan government
The ‘théatre Ephemere’ of the ‘Comedie francaise’, and ‘was sold to the Libyan government

(ANSAmed) – ROME – A temporary hall of the historic Parisian theater the ‘Comedie Francaise‘ was purchased by the Libyan government and will be transferred to Tripoli. structure of the ‘Theatre éphémère’ had been set up in January 2012 in the gardens of the Royal Palace Paris to allow the Comedie Francaise renovations. The wooden hall, removable and reusable, built at a cost of € 4 million was then placed on sale in January 2013. E ‘yesterday’s news of the agreement between the culture minister Habib Al Amin and Libyan Ambassador French in Tripoli Antoine Sivan for purchase, in addition to the costs of removal and transfer of the structure that can accommodate 746 people seated. (ANSAmed).

Libya buys France theaterEphemere

The theater "Ephemere" (ephemeral), construction timbers, which replaced the main room of the Comédie Française / AFP

The theater “Ephemere” (ephemeral), construction timbers, which replaced the main room of the Comédie Française / AFP

Culture Minister gala, Aurélie Filippetti, in a statement welcomed the sale closed yesterday that in his opinion “extols the French know-how in developing theaters”

EFE     19 DECEMBER 2013 – 2:19 PM

The Ministry of Culture of France said Thursday it has reached an agreement to sell his counterpart in Libya “Ephemere” (ephemeral), theater construction timbers, which replaced the main room of the Comédie Française for reforms which ended last January. gala Culture Minister, Aurélie Filippetti, in a statement welcomed the sale closed yesterday that in his opinion “extols the French know-how in the development of arts facilities, and cabinetmaking art of carpentry. ” Filipetti, which did not specify the price, also held that the grounds of the Royal Palace will get back all your space, since the theater “Ephemere” was practically embedded between them and the courtyard of the Comédie. That historical theatrical institution was founded in 1860 and its main space, Richelieu room was temporarily closed between late 2012 and early 2013 to improve acoustics, why that alternative was up room.

Did you know it was an explosive device!!



Mend few: a traffic accident between two cars riding public (white and Kahla) led to the deaths of drivers
And has been recovered Aljtt of cars by the National Safety Tripoli every street of the cedi and the unity of its Alfornaj:
مند قليل : حادث سير بين سيارتين ركوبه عامه ( بيضاء وكحلة ) أدى الى وفاة السائقين
و قد تم انتشال الجتث من السيارات من قبل هيئة السلامة الوطنية طرابلس كل من شارع السيدي ووحدة الفرناج التابعة له


Ahtat Post last week to spend in the way of pedestrians sunken Shat received a page

of the local council of Tripoli that the thread is finished and will be drained ..
But, unfortunately, I walked a little before received tunnels base soaked!!

Bahi for Amata??! Lin topple the road and Imutw citizens??!
Suffice it, and yes, the agent.

Friday Market | _ Tripoli _ |



Unidentified gunmen fired a barrage of bullets at a car
journalist newspaper Roissy «Omar Badri» last night in the capital Tripoli has resulted in very serious injuries ..

International channel Libya Libya International Channel
The attempted assassination of the journalist Omar Mohammed Badri Alrawsy Tripoli after a newspaper targeted with a barrage of bullets and bullet injuries in the pharynx night Albareh region Got Alshall  by three gunmen
(Libyan Center for Freedom of the Press)


Operations room Mermaid

The closure of the road leading to and from the Gargaresh Tripoli and shut down most of the shops, please everyone not to go to the region to listen to the indiscriminate shooting of brothers and me Bicolo CDP and Yasser sedition picture now of the shops closed in the region.
(Depression Forum)


Concerning Gargaresh required by Sharif mosque. .
Lock the road by a group of gang after the arrest of a person from the area drunk yesterday by the military police.

the operations room Mermaid:

Audi army patrols to secure fuel stations this morning after its withdrawal
Any vandal and anyone manages Doucheh the use of force will be with him.

Strictly prohibited packaging (Algulwnaat and Albanqat)


Found the body of a student hijacked (Fatima Alther) next truck factory area Alnchea Tripoli
Note that the girl was abducted yesterday in front of her school, “Ben-Furat al-Assad.”


The Presidency of the General Staff of the corner border guards and oil installations,

Thursday, commissioned by Battalion 427 to the protection of the oil fields.

Statement by the Joint Chiefs of Staff obtained “news agency Solidarity”,

a copy of that Battalion 427 cost to the protection of the oil fields and the river industrial and power plant torch.

President of the Trade Union of Workers refinery Corner on the news channel now ……
Denies rumors of a sit-in or close to work and confirms that the customary and constant and there is no problems ….
Congestion significantly in some filling stations in the capital of Tripoli
because of information about discontinued refinery Corner.
Fire at the headquarters of the Turkish company (trailers) area farmer Tripoli
And civil defense in the direction of the place.
F tourist: Sadat Badri:

“is that the leaders of the demonstration “and circumvent Conception

and the Libyans,” and kept the battalions in Tripoli. !”
جمعة السائح : السادات البدري هو الذي قادة المظاهرة ” وتحايل ودنس علي الليبيين” وابقي علي كتائبه في طرابلس. !
 Exposure vehicle belonging to the UN last night of the shooting and attempted armed robbery near the market Tuesday:



Confirmation of the news of the previous clashes, which we published about the city department in Ajeelat ..

Now department in Ajeeilat:


About forty car armed forces of the Interior Ministry department in Ajeelat intervention

now the northern entrance and other power interference from the southern entrance.

The news agency western mountain:
City department in Ajeelat cause clashes in the city’s hospital Locks.

Ajeelat ::
NRF has entered the department in Ajeelat and stationed in front of the complex administrative

and College of Education.

(Channel Alzeramqh)

Results clashes city department in Ajeelat day yesterday:


le statut de tribe and Rishvana Libyan Wershfana Tribe Libya.And Wayne íÇÎćí reach Qaeda and Rafla ..
Salami was Bahien heroine ..
Ali handed their valley ..
Him on my mind who Abém ..
Ousellhm Arm and congratulations to the matter ..
Loosen the families Azutem Anzaf Mullah ..
Wayne elders Madego drums on them ..
Opted to challenge, no life humiliation ..
Ali Barghouti him ..
And Gmad and Rezgui and the rest of Lkhoti ..
Shafter and other tresses dead ..
Elly Baiein head without fittings ..
Without their people Qlbo epitaxial poof ..
The Mabo be occupied their country ..

city of AZIZIA:

Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya
Aaaaaaaaagel reportedly far from Azizia,
Happened in the city of Al-Azizia clash between family run and family Elmessallati and the cause of the clash huh return family Elmessallati to their home after their displacement by the family of the long and cause displacement of one of the sons Elmessallati killed two young men from a family long time ago
and today the sons of long ten o’clock at night stormed a farm Elmessallati and Event clash and led engagement injuring an elderly great in age and come on neighbor Elmessallati family Alashoury injury Belkta
and moved to the mercy of God and withdrew a son long and had sons Alashoury response to the killing of their mother,
the attack on the home of Elmessallati and killed at least two young people from the family Alslaty namely Hassan and Hussein Elmessallati and dragged my car Toyota 24
and are tied to their legs Alashoury to house and then to the center of the city of Al-Azizia and threw me in front of a bakery Palm bodies and knowing that a brother killed in the grip huh judicial authorities.


The killing of Hajj (lamp Idris Bouhamra) which is one of one of the leaders and notables city of Bani Walid,
where he passed away the back of this yesterday 12/19/2013 PHajj died Mgdor by three bullets from the gang during an armed robbery near the gate of Bani Walid North (Wadi Dinar).It was the theft of the money that was in his possession and was returning from the market Thursday,
bringing the lost city of Bani Walid one Rjaltha who had a significant role in the reconciliation
between individuals and the families of the area of ​​Bani Walid.

We note the people of Bani Walid that the funeral prayers for Sheikh Idriss Bouhamra lamp

(assassinated Martyr) will be the day after the Asr prayer mosque support versus secondary (April 7) previouslyGod bless Fiqidna and give him peace .. Beautiful and inspired his family patience and solace,I am God and to him we shall return.20 DECEMBER 2013
Tribes and Rishvana of the warmest condolences to the tribes and Rafla in the late Haj lamp Ibouhmrh clones God that is acceptable to rest in peace,,,
Haj lamp has good relations with the people and Rishvana and most area residents Apple bought him a person who has a good reputation in the market Zahra.

Channel and Great Rafla on YouTube 12:03 funeral lamp Sheikh Idriss Bouhamra
de GreatWerfallali  memorial Sheikh Idriss Bouhamra lamp, a city notables Bani Walid ..

Hands, who was assassinated near the gate treachery Valley dinars Bani Walid

(Fahd Libby)
The people of the city of Bani Walid Bchiea funeral Sheikh Idriss Bouhamra lamp, a city notables Bani Walid and the social and Jhaúha
The lamp adores found dead near the gate of the valley dinars in mysterious circumstances is not detected until now Kowalasha.
The funeral was attended by a large gathering of the city’s residents and guests of several Libyan cities
to regaining its social status of the deceased with which many of the cities and the Libyan tribes.
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Funeral Sheikh Idriss Bouhamra lamp (7 photos)


Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Wise Men and the Shura Council in Sirte key Marzouk, said Thursday he would use dialogue and consultation on the issue of the money stolen from the city of Sirte of the Central Bank of Libya Sirte for the extradition of persons accused in the case, with their parents. Said Marzouk’s “news agency solidarity” that the dialogue will be present rather than the use of force at the request of Colonel Khalifa corner Arhomh chairman of the committee in charge of the arrest of the accused from the General Staff and the Ministry of the Interior.
Good rains in the city of Sirte:



Quoting witnesses in the region, emboldened by the beating happened in front of the house as tall ….
Brother injury / / Mahmoud Lamama nicknamed ((items)) and was transferred to the hospital …….
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Atef Shelmani reporting:
Light now armed clash between members of the protection
B Benghazi hospital medical “1200”
and a People in Medenine drunk.



SS says :::
Were captured by members of battalion 204 and is carrying a weapon of
Within the group that entered the house in the area and is al-Tablino.
Is in our possession ….
Join us to know the truth a lot ::::::
Found an unidentified body al-Tablino area and there are no violent shooting ….
Sauaakm ČĂÎŃ runs …..The story of the house and the clashes that occurred area Al-tablino :::::
This story, quoting residents of the house :::::The incident occurred at approximately 2:00 Al-tablino area, where it came from three cars of the type (a lioness, Armada and Shaffer) to the home of a family mourning and they Balrmih home is very shocking, these cars also with a group of young people trying to break into the house and entered various Roads and reached their class to enter the house through the house, which by their side and storming the gates into that arrived inside ((knowing that the house is inhabited by the family of women and children)) were very formidable …..When you hear the arrival of the security authorities and fled, but was able to capture the region’s youth on a car and it is the labia and 3 people after they messed with the house completely and destroyed from the inside ……
After what you asked them to follow it turns out they’re Battalion 104 tanks and one of them said that we follow Mr. Mehdi Albergthe …And home owners say is not true of false news abducting girls or Amskhen hostage ..This problem ended about 5:00 and the damage from this shooting injured two people, one of them residents of the area and his other relatives mourning family and were transported to the hospital …What happened region Tablino that there are 3 cars ((lioness + Shaffer + Armada)) on a house they Balrmih Embarak lofty and fled
within the region
And some say that the residents of the region have the arrest of four people ……
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Logic =)) .. Your faaace .. !! ಠ _ ಠ
After kidnapping the boy of Lafi Fathi,  Yusuf, 17 years old ..
By unknown assailants in front of his home in Tabalino – Benghazi
for almost two days have been demanded by the kidnappers false a sum of one million dinars ..
Today he returned to his home .. However, no details of his family are celebrating now ..
Thank God for safety.
Joseph was released in Fathi Lafi after the delivery of his captors and the amount of 50 thousand dinars
after the efforts made by both his father and his uncles ..
“Atmosphere of the country”
Assigned to the Council of Ministers on Thursday, the Minister of Finance to provide financial
coverage necessary to compensate people affected by the blasts, which occurred in the city of Benghazi last term.


1 – shooting Quiche region and said that many young people who were daring shooting them

from a young man Mjhol arena, knew his house and sprayed bullets Iqmon region …..

2 – a problem area neighborhood peace between two parties unknown, and many say a personal

problem and news about the arrival of 4 injuries to evacuate because of it …..

3 – commandos arrest armed robbery of three people, they tried to sneak into the city next to

the Campo Tawergha sports and for the purpose of theft ….

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Urgent … Shooting the voices in Benghazi Boatni
(Channel Vision Libyan)
NATO RAT false MUFTI hates Muammar al-Qathafi to the extreme, as do the rest of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel very sincere Gharyiani after Friday prayers,
gave a religious lesson mosque Murad Agha Btajurae today said it literally :

“I have the security situation in Benghazi is very dangerous after the expulsion of the armor, which was to ensure citizens’ safety and security and a comfortable life and the biggest mis committed by the people of Benghazi,

the expulsion of the struggling Rebel and Sam bin Humaid The Mujahideen who were with him and replaced troop Thunderbolt, which includes in the midst of criminals and ousted the former regime and those who do not want for this country’s safety and prosperity, and all their quest to foil the February Revolution glorious blessed by God and our victory in which,

and I call on the residents of Benghazi to re-armor and delivered to secure Benghazi in full, and the appeal of this platform Each Libya rebels true who Foreigoa against Qathafi crawls on ports and oil fields and cleared from the gangs that control the food and livelihood of the Libyan people,

it is the duty of legitimate Ihtmh us the ‘true’ (WAHABI)Islamic religion in the book and ‘Sunnah’ (UGH!!)  and should not be inaction about it at all costs it Vhola Goodenough must fight the extension of State authority These ports and fields very urgently,, God bless you, O Holy crowd and God bless the people of this country honorable.”

عااااااااااااااااااااااجل جداً الصادق الغرياني وبعد صلاة الجمعة القى درس ديني بمسجد مراد اغا بتاجوراء اليوم قال فيه حرفياً (( لقد الوضع الامني في بنغازي بشكل خطير جداً بعد طرد الدروع التي كانت تكفل للمواطنين الامن والامان والحياة المريحه واكبر خطاء ارتكبه اهالي بنغازي طرد المجاهد الثائر وسام بن حميد والمجاهدين الذين معه واستبدالهم بقوات الصاعقه التي تضم في وسطها المجرمين وازلام النظام السابق والذين لايريدون لهذه البلد الامان والرخاء وكل سعيهم افشال ثورة فبراير المجيده التي باركها الله ونصرنا فيها ،، وادعو سكان بنغازي الي اعادة الدروع وتسليمها تأمين بنغازي بالكامل ،، واوجه نداء من هذا المنبر كل ثوار ليبيا الحقيقيين الذين خارجوا ضد القذافي بالزحف على مواني وحقول النفط وتطهيرها من العصابات التي سيطرة على قوت ورزق الشعب الليبي فهذا واجب شرعي يحتمه علينا الدين الاسلامي الحنيف في الكتاب والسنه ولا يجب التقاعس حيال ذلك مهما كلفنا الامر فهولاء خوارج وجب قتالهم وبسط سلطة الدولة على هذه المواني والحقول بشكل عاجل جداً ،، بارك الله فيكم ايها الحشد الكريم وبارك الله في ابناء هذا الوطن الشرفاء ))



Now announced
He was the dawn of the day Friday,  Tobruk  arrested two Libyans in a car type BMW
bearing number ten cans tabs of TNT high explosive and 2-meter fuse and 50 capsule or fuses to blow and bag mine armor.

Two arrested in possession of explosive TNT high explosive
According to preliminary information that patrols Battalion 415 poll Tolbruk arrested early Friday
on two Libyans in a car type BMW carrying at least ten cans tabs of TNT high explosive and 2-meter
fuse and 50 capsule or fuses to blow and bag mine armor.
/ Capture by Battalion 415 brighten Tobruk / source is Battalion 415 Khamis Juma submitted Mozainy.





There are reports that troops from the National Army support coming from Tripoli and Misrata f

or the implementation of the security plan in place for the entire South.

Urgent Sabha ……

On the Agricultural Road Gardah been targeting the youth of the Tabu was kidnapped one and wounding the other.

(Tabu sons of the desert)

Sources: Brotherhood held arming deals with Israelis in Turkey, a country with funding
Thursday, 19 December 1 2013 15:03

Arming deals
Books – Mustafa Barakat
Arab intelligence services monitored, during the past few days moves to a private network of Brotherhood “banned”, at the level of countries in the region to buy and ship huge quantities of weapons to be smuggled into Egypt across the southern border with Sudan and Libya with the West.
Sources especially for “constitution”, that Turkey is facilitating interviews members of the network with a number of traders and brokers weapon and Israelis and Westerners, arranges secret meetings between the two cities in Turkey, sources pointed out that Qatar acts as a financier for these deals, and facilitate their access to Libya through the airport ” Motaiqh “in Libya, which is controlled by militias, the Islamic Group and the forces of a country.
drew, to tighten a number of Arab capitals, security measures in anticipation of the manifestations of chaos during the coming period, the countries of the region through the branches of the group, in preparation for an event gravely missed expected to happen in Egypt during the month of January next year.

Sources: Brotherhood held arming deals with Israelis in Turkey, a country with funding



How the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood leaders masked their Qutbian


by Hany Ghoraba

Throughout five decades Muslim Brotherhood members have been working on masking their real ideology and beliefs from the Egyptian and Arab public in general.
This dates back since the  famous crackdown on the Islamist organization in 1965 during Nasser’s regime. The very crackdown that eventually led to the trial of the godfather of modern terrorism Sayyed Qutb, which resulted in his execution.
They managed throughout the years to downplay their Qutbian leniency and their extremist ideologies.
The execution of the author of the infamous “Signs  on the Road” book which is considered by many to be the manual or bible of modern Islamist terrorism came as a turning point in the history of Islamists who rendered him as a “martyr.”
It is a fact that without the extremist teachings of Qutb, the world would have been a much better place today. His books and teachings have inspired almost every Islamist radical group and jihadists from Indonesia to Morocco.
Accordingly, the question that poses itself; how did the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood managed to distance themselves from the teachings of Qutb throughout the years that followed his execution up to the elections that took place in Egypt and Tunisia post the Arab Spring revolutions? The answers can be numerous elements but the most common can be the following:
A- Al Taqiyya principle:
Despite being a presumably Sunni  Muslim organization in principle, Muslim Brotherhood members have adopted a Shia principle. This principle is called Al Taqqiya. It is mainly a deniability tactic used by the Muslim Brotherhood to conceal the real motives and beliefs of the group. This tactic has provided them with an effective shield against the accusations of endorsing the extremist and terrorist beliefs of Qutb.
But the truth remains is that the majority of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood today in Egypt and worldwide are loyal advocates to the beliefs of the terrorism godfather especially the likes of the two former supreme guides Mohamed Badiea and Mahdy Akef, who are the most extremist and overzealous leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in their 85 years’ history.
B- Establishing franchises for the mother group:
These franchises  have appeared since the 1970s and onwards and violently and explicitly adopted Qutb doctrine. Examples for these notorious terrorists organizations that jumped in the cloack of the Brothers are Al Gamaa Al Islamiya, Al Takfeer Wal Higra , Hamas and many others.  These organizations served as militant arms to expand the Qutbism by force throughout the region, yet the main group can always maintain deniability.
Also, occasionally they would denounce the other groups terrorist actions for more dramatic effect and to distance themselves from the very discourse most of them adopt.
That is how the Brotherhood have managed to distinguish themselves from other Islamist andjihadi groups even when they are simply franchises for them. That gimmick worked like a charm in the past two decades especially with the infiltration of western societies by the Brotherhood.
The evidence can be easily shown after the June 30th Revolution in Egypt which was denounced as a coup by many western countries. This simply reflects the influence and the great manipulation of this organization of western politicians who believed that the Brotherhood is actually a moderate Islamic organization and not an extremist Jihadist administrator for all the jihadists in the world which is the truth.
C- Planting Trojan writers and anchors in Media and press:
This was the trick that fooled most people including western regimes into believing that the Brotherhood are an actual moderate group that seeks peace and prosperity. For at least the past 40 years, countless writers and anchors have been handpicked by the group to be cast as propagandists. There are three types of these media players, either actual secret members, apologists to the brotherhood discourse or those who directly on their payroll.
Egyptian history revisionists surfaced in the past few years in favour of the Muslim brotherhood.
These historians-for-hire have done for the Muslim Brotherhood image what money launderers do for drug cartels. They can actually be called “History Launders” because they clean up the history of violent groups and proving them with a clean slate.
The truth is always masked in their books about the involvement of the Brotherhood in terrorist and violent activities through an intricate web of twisted facts. In fact some of such historians like Mohamed El Gawadi, a regular face on the pro-Islamists Qatari Al-jazeera, granted the Brotherhood members a fictitious heroic  status that totally contradicts with the actual historical events.
That propagandist has made up a fictional image of the Brotherhood for at least a decade before their ascension to power. The full support continued after the Brotherhood rise to power. Spreading lies about their opponents is what Al-jazeera has excelled in for the past three years since the start of the Arab Spring.
The Brotherhood was also helped by a group of well known as well as  lesser known journalists, anchors and media players in Egypt and Tunisia.
The victims in this pro-Brotherhood media circus are the Egyptian and Tunisian masses as the truth about them were nowhere to be found till months after the Brotherhood were in power. Accordingly, the world has fallen in the trap of fake moderate stances exhibited by the Muslim Brotherhood leaders while at core they remain as extremist Qutbian as they ever were.
However, after waves of terrorism that claimed hundreds of lives in Egypt following the fall of the Islamist regime led by Mohamed Morsi, there are not any further excuses for the world to be fooled again by false acts of piety and moderation.
The Muslim Brotherhood has once and for all unmasked the truth behind their overzealous and extremist Qutbian attitudes towards Egyptians in general and all minorities in particular. including Christians, Shiites, women, etc. Let everyone be reminded of the famous saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice , shame on me.”
1 / 1
Ansar al-Sharia deny the charge of atonement and warn of the project “Angeloamraki”
20 December 2013 – considered the Ansar al-Sharia in a statement issued yesterday, the first of
what is happening Astrechas the blood of Muslims, and kidnapping, and terrorize the people
contrary to the origins and purposes of the law.
Ansar al-Sharia denied being Kharijites and Tkfferin or lovers of killing and blood.
The statement accused the media and social networking, and what he described
as “owners Almarb malicious” exploit events to incite and inflame public opinion,
pointing out that these events “is the mastermind” to cover up the issue of sharia arbitration.
The statement warned those who want “to enter the country in the chaos of the Arab project
to pass the Anglo-American”, viewing it as a war on Islam.

News of military coordination between Libya and Tunisia and Algeria to fight al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia in northern Africa:e statut de وكالــــة وادي دينار الإخبـــــــــــارية . Valley Agency Dinar News.لـيـبـيـا تتحــــدث
..عاااااااااجلأنباء عن تنسيق عسكرى بين ليبيا وتونس والجزائر لمحاربة انصار الشريعة والقاعدة بشمال افريقيا
لـيـبـيـا تتحــــدث
..عاااااااااجلأنباء عن تنسيق عسكرى بين ليبيا وتونس والجزائر لمحاربة انصار الشريعة والقاعدة بشمال افريقيا
HaHa HA–are they kidding? Then who runs the GNC of Zaidane?—
are they fighting Zaidane’s administration? are they fighting the USA, Turkey, Qatar and FRANCE who support these groups?
هاها ها – هم تمزح؟ ثم الذي يدير المؤتمر الوطني العام من زيدان؟ — هم يقاتلون الإدارة زيدان؟هم يقاتلون الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وتركيا وقطر وفرنسا الذين يدعمون هذه الجماعات؟

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.- Abraham Lincoln. How the Muslim Brotherhood leaders masked their Qutbian origins?

Fooling the Masses

Tuesday 03/December/2013 – 10:17 AM

Quoting # _ Arabic channel:

Army troops closed in anticipation of the Renaissance Square demonstrations


** Question: How long do you think the demonstrations will continue Brotherhood in Egypt? **

Closed military forces, this morning, on Friday, the field of Renaissance in Giza, from all sides, leading to the University of Cairo, and hours before the demonstrations called by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, in case of any escalation of the group’s members during the demonstrations, after the prosecutor’s decision to convert a number of its leaders for crimes in the case of collaborating with the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”.


Egyptian Journal Constitution …. Libya closed the border in the face of Egyptian workers from New

Libyan authorities have prevented Battalion 71, which is located just kilometers from the Libyan port Assistant, on Thursday afternoon, all passenger cars from entering Egyptian territory, while the port authorities allowed the Assistant ring by giving them entry to Libya. Libyan authorities also allowed the entry of Battalion 71 cars loaded with goods and vegetables only to the Libyan side, the entry of Egyptian cars loaded with passengers.
Has complained that a number of Egyptian citizens traveling through the Libyan-Egyptian border, from neglect and chaos and ill-treatment by members of the Libyan Battalion 71.
Said Abdul Rahim Mahmoud, from the province of Minya motorist “microbus” and who was forced to return to Egypt, who is currently in one of the restrooms on the Matrouh Alexandria, accompanied by passengers and 12 cars of passenger transport other, said: “The gunmen wearing military uniforms at the headquarters of the gate 71 prevented them from enter Libya and asked them to return to Egypt, on Thursday afternoon.
He stressed that cream Alsohadjiy driver, said:
“The Libyan authorities have treated the Egyptians worst transaction in the security gates, and each gate of the sampling analysis of all the passengers, and forcing the passenger to pay at least 20 dinars, as well as the collection of Libyan dinars at a rate of 800 pounds of each passenger. adding that the security authorities in gate 71 has, today, to prevent all Egyptians from entering, as well as young people in the right of Egyptians and insults improper including ‘Wrapped attributed O Egyptian O dirtied.’
and explained,
“they suffer badly from the lack of form of the state border and port departments, arguing that they were waiting for hours to find the end of their procedures for crossing the border crossing. “
He added that the complainants in the case to find the action of moving the action is going according to the ways and forms of strange does not indicate that there is a legal and regulatory procedures.




Wednesday, 16 September 2009, 09:23
by Kurt Sansone
Mafia turncoat says funds deposited in Malta
An Italian mafia turncoat testifying about the dumping of nuclear and toxic waste in the Mediterranean Sea said that Malta was one of three countries where the criminal organisation deposited money coming from illegal operations.
A former member of the Calabrian Mafia (ndrangheta), Francesco Fonti admitted in front of an Italian judge that the criminal organisation had sunk ships carrying nuclear and toxic waste in the Mediterranean Sea in the 1980s and 1990s.
The accusations are not new but in the past judges had always archived suspect cases because no proof was ever provided of the sunken ships. However, this changed last Saturday when a submersible robot discovered the wreck of a ship that went down in 1992 with 120 drums of toxic waste. The drums were also visible at a depth of 487 metres.
Mr Fonti admitted he had sunk the cargo ship Cunsky off the Cosenza coast after loading its bow with explosives.
In an interview yesterday on Rainews 24, Mr Fonti said the Mafia was paid good money for running the dumping operation. He alleged that the money than found its way to Switzerland, Cyprus and Malta, without elaborating.
Italian environment group Legambiente said there were between 40 and 100 suspect cases between 1985 and 1995 of ships laden with nuclear and toxic waste that mysteriously sunk in the Mediterranean’s deepest points. In each of the cases, the ships never launched a May-day signal and the crew mysteriously disappeared.
The more notable cases include the Maltese-registered cargo vessel Anni, which sank in 1989 off the Ravenna coast in international waters.
Other ships include the Nikos I that vanished in 1985 during a voyage that started in La Spezia for Lome in Togo and sank somewhere between Lebanon and Greece.
Another ship, the Mikigan, sank in the Tyrrhenian Sea in 1986 while carrying suspect cargo.
However, it was the sinking of the Rigel in September 1987 that ignited Legambiente’s suspicions and which led to the first judicial investigation into the matter.
The recent discovery of toxic cargo in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea is expected to prompt a re-opening of archived judicial cases.
“Re-opening the cases was important to establish who was responsible for the illegal dumping and to monitor the sea contamination, which could be dangerous for human health and the ecosystems,” Nuccio Barilla of Legambiente Calabria was quoted as saying.



Toxic nuclear waste dumped illegally by the Mafia is blamed for surge in cancers in southern Italy

By Hannah Roberts In Rome

PUBLISHED: 14:09, 1 November 2013
Read more:

Toxic nuclear and industrial waste, dumped illegally by the Neapolitan mafia, is responsible for a surge in cancers in southern Italy, it is feared.
Screenshot from 2013-11-02 19:23:32

The Italian Senate is investigating a link between buried pollutants and a rise of almost 50 per cent in tumours found in the inhabitants of several towns around Naples.

In classified documents from 1997, only now released to the public, a mafia kingpin warned authorities that the poison in the ground would kill everyone ‘within two decades’.

Camorra chief Francesco Schiavone, once the world’s number one mafia fugitive, said: ‘The inhabitants are all at risk of dying from cancer within twenty years.

‘In towns like Casapesenna, Casal di Principe, Castel Volturno, and so on, they have, perhaps, twenty years to live. In fact I don’t think anyone will survive.’

Doctors first noticed that cancers in towns around Naples were on the rise in the 1990s. But since that time they have increased by 40 per cent in women and 47 per cent in men.

The illegal trafficking of hazardous waste came to light in 1997 when Francesco’s cousin, Carmine Schiavone, was overcome by guilt at the environmental damage he and others were inflicting, and decided to turn super-grass.

Francesco Schiavone was arrested and eventually given a life sentence for a string of murders.

In secret out-of-court testimony he told lawyers how the Casalesi clan ran ‘a military style operation’ dumping millions of tonnes of waste on farmland, in caves, in quarries and even on the edge of towns.

The mafia family also disposed of contaminated waste in Lake Lucrino and all along the coast.

Operatives were equipped with real police and carabinieri uniforms, as well as firearms, and the clans raked in huge profits of up to 600 million of the old lire () a month.

The industry became an officially clan-sanctioned ‘business’ in 1990 but had been going on long before.

Nuclear sludge, brought in on trucks from plants in Germany, was dumped in landfills, Schiavone said. The trucks would unload waste at night before earth was thrown over with a JCB.

He said: ‘I know that some is on land where buffalo live today, and on which no grass grows’

The cost of a clean up would run into billions, he said, describing several sites in the suburbs of Naples.

Schiavone revealed: ‘We buried 520 drums of toxic waste in a specially dug quarry near the town of Pure Villaricca. But we also did it in very populated places, outside towns- at Casal di Principe behind the sports field at the edge of the motorway.’

He added: ‘We disposed of 70 or 80 trucks from the north, millions and millions of tonnes.

‘To clean it up it would cost the entire Italian budget for a year I think.’

The lower house in the Italian Parliament had elected to make the documents public in the interests of transparency.

Read more:

Mafia earning €20bn from dumping toxic waste

Italy’s mafia clans, best known for drug running and extortion rackets, are earning €20 billion a year by turning the south of the country into a toxic waste dump, an environmental organisation said in a major report.

Heavy metals and cancer-causing organic compounds are being illegally buried with increasing frequency, often in agricultural areas or on land that is used to build new homes, the Legambiente group warns.

The dangers to human health were dramatically illustrated when contaminated farmland outside Naples was blamed for the discovery of toxic dioxins in the region’s prized buffalo mozzarella cheese in 2008.

And the escalating risk is underlined by the new report which shows that last year the authorities seized a record two million tonnes of dangerous waste on its way for disposal, often in the one of Italy’s four southern-most regions, Sicily, Calabria, Campania and Puglia where the country’s four main mafia groups hold sway.

Enrico Fontana, Legambiente’s spokesman on environmental and organised crime, said the figure was just the tip of the iceberg. “There was a lot more that was not intercepted,” he said. “And this market makes the mafia huge amounts of money. And the amount they earn from it is growing,” he said.

At the latest count, in 2010, around 31,000 environmental crimes were committed, the report says, with 41% of them involving illegal waste disposal and recycling of cement.

Campania, the region around Naples whose streets are perpetually carpeted in piles of stinking garbage, is the worst-hit part of the country, it is claimed. The local mafia, the Camorra, is frequently blamed for exacerbating or even causing the rubbish crisis – by encouraging the closure of official incineration plants – in order to fan demand for its illegal dumping services.

The Camorra’s role was underlined today by the arrest of Naples-area businessman Ludovico Ucciero for allegedly helping local mobsters enrich themselves through control of garbage removal and incineration. Mr Ucciero runs four rubbish removal companies, which have been seized by authorities.

Campania is followed in the environmental abuse stakes by Calabria, home to the powerful ‘ndrangheta crime syndicate. Then comes Sicily the base of Cosa Nostra, and Puglia, the home of the Sacra Corona Unita crime group. The four southern regions together accounted for 45% of the overall environmental-crime tally.

But Mr Fontana warned that it was not only Italy’s south was under threat from toxic dumping. “It’s happening now in Lombardy (the region around the northern city of Milan). ‘ndrangheta is dumping toxic waste there in or at places where homes and offices are being constructed,” he said. “The Ecomafia is a virus that poisons the environment, pollutes the economy and endangers people’s health.”

According to the report, Italy was the also “the crossroads for the international traffic in dangerous waste and radioactive material coming from other countries that was destined for, via sea, Africa and Asian countries”.

Legambiente said illegal building was another environmental blight that was on the rise, with 26,500 properties illicitly constructed last year. Mr Fontana said that as a result “parks and countryside and other places an area the size of 540 soccer pitches has been stolen”.

Sometimes hideous, concrete monsters sprout up to despoil some of Italy’s most beautiful coast and countryside. Earlier this year, four people were arrested in connection with the illegal construction of the eight-storey “Ecomonster” at Sant’Agata in Puglia.

Illicit and shoddily constructed homes, using poor quality cement, are also prone to collapse, as was the case with the student dormitory that subsided during the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake killing eight students.

Mr Fontana said the Italian government should introduce as a matter of urgency more severe penalties. Currently only one activity, organisation of illegal waste trafficking, has the status of a serious crime that can be punished by longer jail terms and investigated by wiretaps. “The act of dumping poison and polluting streams and the air,” should also be classified in this way,” he said.

Making a killing from the environment



The death of national coach, “Mohammed the five-year” chief Almadrbeyen one
Tunisian clinics at the age of 80 years after its entry in coma
For 10 days
The five-year edema in God
Moved to the mercy of God coach Libyan Mohammad five-year ..
I am God and to him we shall return: