GNC and Continuance of the LIES

Mu in waiting room  one of five



Commander in his historic speech said .. Revolution Revolution Revolution ..

Because he is well aware of that has to be for the masses to rise up for the injustice and that the will of the masses Come victorious …

The Masses Maker!

 Long live Libya and the Libyan Hlha are free and silks ..
Eternal void of darkness to traitors Frtoa in glory and sold dirt and betrayed ancestors.
تحيا ليبيا الجماهيرية وهلها احرار وحرائر..والموت للخونة فرطوا في المجد وباعوا التراب وخانوا الاجداد —


A Friday Market and Han of Shalom _ daytime black battalion

Snfaji world _ battalion black day

Salute to the front Alaalamih
Hala Misrati:


Since time was close to the Dardanelles in your view channel Canal cronies and the servants of the tyrant, today became the voice of truth and conscience of the Libyans, tomorrow will lift up Photos leader and green flags everywhere because the need for the return of consciousness stages.

منذ زمن قريب كانت قناة الدردنيل في نظركم قناة الازلام وعبيد الطاغية ، اليوم صارت صوت الحقيقة وضمير الليبين ، غداً سوف ترفعون صور القائد والاعلام الخضراء في كل مكان لان عودة الوعي تحتاج لمراحل .

Kony Jay Jay is Hedow situation Ahdo Aadhanana the help of God Kony Jay Jay Victory is ours.

Complaint to Paris a former head of the Libyan revolutionary committees tortured by French

Posted: 2013-12-02
From: Mathaba       
Article in French language about the torture of a leading member of the Libyan revolutionary Committees Tahar Dehech by French and Qatari officials in Libya and the opening of a legal case against ’em in France
AT-M Ad 
by Ismail
After the book of French journalist Catrine Graciet, recently published, entitled “Sarkozy Kaddafi, history of betrayal”, a major witness is talking about the work, Tahar Dehech, former head of the Libyan revolutionary committees, tells how he was tortured by the French during the NATO aggression against Libya.While everyone thought that this case would be forgotten and left behind the victim, Tahar it does not stop there and his lawyer, Eric Moutet, filed a complaint Thursday in Paris for the opening of legal information.The French have they participated in torture during the attack against Libya in 2011?It is to this question that could meet the French justice if it decides to proceed with the complaint lodged by Tahar Dehech, Thursday, Nov. 28. This former Libyan politician says in effect that he was tortured by the French in 2011 after the fall of Tripoli Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. In the words of Master Eric Moutet, his lawyer, a complaint with a civil action has been filed with the Dean of Judges to Paris for the opening of a judicial inquiry.Tahar Dehech, former head of revolutionary committees considered the pillars of the old government of the Libyan implemented by Muammar Gaddafi, had already laid the charges in the book Sarkozy-Gaddafi secret history of betrayal seemed to fall. He tells them, among others, have been tortured “electricity and electric batons.” “They put me barefoot in a puddle and sent later,” he confided adding: “French and Qataris asked the same questions. If my answer differed, it was electricity. “A group named “Bernard Levi”According to the complaint, including journalists Mathaba have purchased a copy, Tahar Dehech was arrested September 21, 2011 by an armed group named “Katibat Shahid Mohamed Madani.” Taken to a hotel converted into a prison in the seaside and in which he was detained for forty days, he says he was tortured by the Libyans and Qataris also adding that French have participated in these sessions several times: two men ” between 35 and 45 years old, dressed in civilian clothes “and a woman” always dressed in civilian clothes it too, black hair, white skin and measuring approximately 1.65 m. ” Finally, from what Dahech Tahar, who is also French, heard these French belong to a group called “Bernard Levi.”Also according to the story Tahar, questions asked during interrogation sessions focused on his work on the Gaddafi family but also, according to the complaint, the “place of storage of missiles, [the] chemical weapons caches, [the] aliens who Colonel Qaddafi had given money. ” “Naked and hooded, he hung on an axis by the arms and legs, and swung upside down when he was hit with batons and subjected to electric shocks behind the ears, armpits and on testes, “says the complaint.And of course SarkozyReleased on October 27, Tahar Dahech managed to escape and go to Tunisia, where he is from, where he was questioned by Justice three months later at the request of the new Libyan authorities to affect the external security the Tunisian government. By then he had denounced his French torturers, his testimony contained in the minutes that are lawyer, Maitre Eric Moutet attached to the complaint, as well as a medical certificate issued in Sousse and reported “scars skin wounds multiple in the back and front sides of both legs “and a” left inguinal hernia coincided with aggression. “The complaint filed Thursday in Paris should be the entry of a judge. It also may put the spotlight another accusation by Tahar Dahech in the book. He ensures that there is evidence of a political funding of former President Nicolas Sarkozy by the Libyan. “Evidence carry 57 million paid in two installments,” he explains. French judges are investigating allegations of funding the presidential campaign of 2007. Naturally, the former President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, denies all charges concern.

About Ismail

Researcher, reporter, investigative journalist, President of the “International Observatory of Peace Research”, Member of the International Committee of Lawyers for the Defence of Oppressed Libyans and Exiles



Tunisian military force Algerian-Libyan joint anticipation of U.S. intervention:

Middle East Online:
Informed sources said that Tunisia, Algeria, Libya decided to make a joint military force to protect its borders and control in order to effectuate the fight against terrorism, that these joint force conducted a sweep wide and immediate exchange of information on the movement of armed Salafist  groups.
The disclosure of this news at the time of the frequent reports of U.S. Marines force ready to deploy units affiliated to the entire border of the three countries of the Maghreb.

USA stepping their feet in LIBYA too!!

Libya’s ALI ZAIDANE and the United States sign a Monday evening in Tripoli declaration of intent to support the capacity of “Justice and the Criminal Investigation and resistance training and Crime”. (REALLY???) LIARS!!!!


For professional
I noticed after the pages are published in the form of Ali Zaidane German passport. WHDH image is incorrect means Ffucob
The original image guidance notes from the far right that the passport number 00000000 means without number not for Ali Zidane as he claims
The only credible and professional
لاحظت بعد الصفحات التي تنشر في صورة من جواز علي زيدان الالماني .وهده الصورة غير صحيحة يعني فوتشوب
والصورة الاصلية ارشادية ويلاحظ من اقصي اليمين ان رقم الجواز 00000000 يعني بدون رقم ليس لــ علي زيدان كما يدعيللمصداقية والمهنية فقطLIBYABOOK on Facebook


Libya’s production of 224 thousand barrels of oil per day and exports 130 thousand barrels:

The deputy oil minister, “Omar Alchukmak” on Monday that Libya is currently producing 224 thousand barrels per day of oil are used in almost half of refinery corner and left 130 thousand barrels per day for export.
“The Alchukmak” that production increased from the level of 172 thousand barrels per day two weeks ago when protesters ended a strike in the port of Mellitah oil.
He said that Libya, a member country of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries lost oil revenues worth more than eight billion Libyan dinars (6.5 billion dollars) since the escalation of strikes in the oil fields and ports in the summer period.

GNC BLACK-MAILING the Protestors by turning off the electric:

Electricity was cut off for hours every day, alternating between regions

Western Region ::::::
Fuel stations in Tripoli and the western mountain experiencing congestion significantly as a result of frequent power outages with a sit-in drivers, fuel distribution in the corner of the refinery as a result of the theft of a car fuel distribution, which was transporting   fuel station Ruwais electricity *by Amazigh.
Bakeries mostly closed as a result of frequent power outages.

Atmosphere of the country –

The director of the Information Office at the Ministry of Electricity and Sam Ben Shaaban:

It will start from today cut power to the West and South and East for a period ranging between 2 to 3 hours a day and alternating between regions.

He added that bin Shaaban outage caused by a sit-creators of the Amazigh and Tabu who led to the closure of the gas pipeline, which supplies the Ruwais plant, preventing fuel trucks from reaching the plant bed *THIS IS A HUGE LIE*
THE LIE (continued):
causing the loss of 1000 MW of electricity production.

He predicted bin Shaaban increase outage hours to reach 4 to 5 hours a day with low temperatures unless halt sit-ins or suspension.

He called bin Shaaban Palmatsaman accelerate the decoding sit and alleviate the suffering of the citizens with the onset of winter.

The protesters are demanding of the two components of Tabu and the Amazigh change the decision-making mechanisms in the body was foundational to the drafting of the constitution so as to ensure the demands of the constitutionalization of cultures and languages of the components of cultural Jamahiriya.


Urgent # # Tripoli
In a telephone conversation with a young Amazigh now, confirms that
The protesters did not close the gas line that feeds the station Ruwais
Home, but confine myself to sit close the gas line, which
Feeds Italy, and said that the government justify the interruption of the sit-in
And this is untrue ..

Libyan interim government
The Ministry of Electricity that as a result of the sit-in component of the Amazigh, which led to the closure of the gas line to the station Ruwais and sit Created Tabu, which led to the prevention of fuel trucks from reaching the plant bed causing the loss of 1000 MW of electricity production, which in turn led to the launch loads in the western and southern areas and Eastern, announces that with the low temperatures will increase put loads of sit-ins unless it is lifted or suspended, and it calls upon the ministry component Berber and Toubou to speed up their sit-in decoder and alleviate the suffering of the citizens in the winter.

Electricity in my country:
Continued blackouts on most parts of Libya for more than 3 hours.
# (Earthquake)

1_9_1969 light Forever:

News of the death of Nasser Diab called and called Light Ashhab follower for Melchih May 28, lying at the coral stopper.

To God and to Him we return.



Ministry of Electricity issued a statement calling for a solution in all sit-ins
Anne loads will increase during the winter, and sit-ins
Impede the workflow.


Urgent # # Tripoli
In a telephone conversation with a young Amazigh now, confirms that
The protesters did not close the gas line that feeds the station Ruwais
Home, but confine myself to sit close the gas line, which
Feeds Italy, and said that the government justify the interruption of the sit-in
And this is untrue ..

“Atmosphere of the country” …

Vigil for teachers and parents, teachers and school Mermaid Street Mazran to demand not

to close the school after the fall of the false ceiling of the semester because of the rain.

Channel Manager Tripoli FM satisfaction Gheriani found dead in his car today in Tripoli.

Radwan killed Ghiryani director Tripoli FM Radio English was shot dead in his car in the capital Tripoli.

After the death of its director Radwan Ghiryani, Tripoli channel FM announces stop broadcasting until further notice.

Reporters Without Borders condemns the killing of media Radwan Ghiryani
Atmosphere of the country –
Condemned by Reporters Without Borders in a statement that the death of the owner and director of Radio (Tripoli FM) Ghiryani Radwan, calling for the Libyan authorities “to open an investigation as soon as possible in order to clarify the reasons for the assassination and identify the perpetrators to be brought to justice.”
Why professional
The spokeswoman said Reporters Without Borders Barbara New atmosphere for the country, “he In light of the prevailing wave of violence against the media in the country, it is important not to exclude professional reason behind this crime.”
New added that “the security situation since the beginning of the revolution of the 17th of February, has not improved at all,” noting that this will affect the lives of all Libyan citizens, not just journalists.
New and stressed the need to formulate National Congress general laws that protect journalists, indicating that those laws will have no effect, but in light of the security situation better.
Formal role
In turn, denounced the Journalists Syndicate Mustafa Venosh Ghiryani killing, saying that the incident “proves beyond any doubt that journalists in Libya are being targeted in the absence of laws to Hmyatem.”
Venosh felt that the government should be to improve the “sweeping rhetoric” critic of the performance of the media, adding that the anti-media rhetoric began to create a hostile toward the street in the ranks of the media and the media.
He called Venosh official bodies to slow down in its criticism of the performance of the media and blame him at all what is happening on the scene, at the same time surprising lack of data out so far by the official condemns incidents of targeted killings of journalists.
Criticism objective
For her part, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information Lamia Bo Sidra that the government should not be held responsible for the ongoing attacks on the media as a result of channeling cash objectively about his performance.
She added that the government Bosadra while criticizing the performance of the media as a whole are seeking to “incorrigible”, noting that the issue of security of journalists or not, come in the framework of the “security situation experienced by the whole country.”
Libya is experiencing a period of operations since the assassination of the security and military figures and the media, but he did not take any responsibility for it.


Information Ministry condemns killing Ghiryani  in Tripoli
The Ministry of Information issued a statement condemning the killing Radwan Ghiryani director and owner of Radio tripoli fm.


Car explosion in the afternoon by the farmer.

Operations room Mermaid ::::::
Highway has been opened in Alatjahien …

Abdel Moez Bannon:

Airport Road substantial iron bridge cars Army respond in people ..

Rapid and substantial Abu Salim Hospital for Traffic million .. Semi-standing … God knows Alash !

Tripoli highway :::
The closure of the highway bridge from the hospital after the Green Bridge westward and
eastward through the airport area specifically Abu Salim.
The shooting in the air by some people.
Why sit!

A total of gangs Gneoh blocking the highway near a hospital in Tripoli accidents Abu Salim no obvious reasons:

Gasoline shortages in # Tripoli:
A severe shortage of gasoline in the company’s warehouses by the airport because of the electrical loads put on the operational capacity of the refinery corner and the acute shortage of liquidity which resulted in the stop payment of suppliers of gasoline from abroad ..
#( Earthquake)


Today has been storming the so-called local council corner by some angry citizens as a result of the sinking of some homes rains, this intrusion led to the bombing “an explosive device”.

Cliff is part of the coastal road Btajurae result of rainfall.
Jaykm Good Libyans, but not Ariqdo




dirty state of MISURATA:

State of Misrata

Misrata local council

revenues iron and steel plant will not go to the state treasury and will be used in the promotion of the city.



One itinerant Tawergha on channel Libya says the Liberal and tears filled his eyes from the Libyans do not want financial contributions nor blankets and clothes do not want to support the Libyans to return to our land only (which  al-Qathafi gave to them as a perpetual inheritance).

احد مهجري تاورغاء على قناة ليبيا الاحرار يقول و الدموع تملأ عيناه لا نريد من الليبيين تبرعات مالية ولا بطاطين و لا ملابس نريد دعم الليبيين للرجوع الي ارضنا فقط
Photo : ‎احد مهجري تاورغاء على قناة ليبيا الاحرار يقول و الدموع تملأ عيناه لا نريد من الليبيين تبرعات مالية ولا بطاطين و لا ملابس نريد دعم الليبيين للرجوع الي ارضنا فقط‎
Peace Association for charity and relief AL-Salam Association For Charity
Peace Association charity Bani Walid
Announces receiving donations for relief to the displaced in the camps in Tripoli and those affected by the rain and floods these days
Receive financial and material donations in the headquarters of the object Aldahara club Bani Walid ..
Or a bank account
– Al Ahli Bank branch will gene 1799
– Republic Bank branch will gene 210 550
Peace Association charity Bani Walid
Announces receiving donations for relief to the displaced in the camps in Tripoli and those affected by the rain and floods these days
Receive financial and material donations in the headquarters of the object Aldahara club Bani Walid ..
Or a bank account
– Al Ahli Bank branch will gene 1799
– Republic Bank branch will gene 210 550
God does not waste the reward of the best work



le statut de Tripoli, the National Safety Authority:

Pride and Rafla
God is great grandsons of the men Ezz Mujahid Abdul Nabi well
These are Soldiers loyal home
Of Bani Walid splendor and a new lesson in the meaning of brotherhood and humanity, patriotism and manhood and chivalry.
Bani Walid send a suction truck water to Tripoli to help their brothers and trucks belonging to private citizens, some
These are abandoned by their plight and everyone in rumination wolves to undermine them in a tribal war to steal and destroy all the city Mafi.

After that sent blood bags to their capital subsidy hospitals now are the first of the brothers to assist in Capital.
Salute in honor of each of our people in the valleys of Bani Walid
There are always breaks from the border to draw pictures impossible.
Men Tanaso treason and treachery, murder, deportation and imprisonment of their children and of tribal war and thunderous hands without assistance prevalence thanks.
Is there a highest and finest and purest of hearts of these.
Yes, these are the people of the desert embody the meaning of manhood in the highest forms.

statut de Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV.

# News | Sports get “Khalid Al-Tayeb” club Aldahara Bani Walid,

respectively, in the first tournament of physical force, weight 66 kg at the level of Libya, and sports,

“Faraj Younis Salim” club Aldahara Bani Walid, respectively, the second weight 80 kg.

Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV
la photo de Wadena.With municipal “elections” approaching and the “Constitutional Committee” in Bani Walid!
News of the decision of the government to dismiss d. Grira carp head of the local council of Bani Walid from office and ask someone else not to be named later …
It is noted that the presidency of carp Grira of the local council, which did not exceed 9 months have seen the establishment of several maintenance projects and renovations of the city and the paving of roads and the signing of several contracts for local companies in Bani Walid for the maintenance of buildings and the headquarters of public affected by the wars in 2011 and 2012.
More importantly, the city witnessed throughout that period, thanks to the policy (to contain all) followed by Grira kind of social peace not seen in many other cities that were not exposed to a fraction of what had been his Bani Walid from the wars and problems over the past two years … Which dislikes some shovels and demolition servants of evil they tried to assassinate him and kidnapped once again and failed, but it seems they have successfully eliminated thanks to the influence of their masters in the Ministry of Local GovernmentGod save Bani Walid and its people from Kidd Alcaidin and cunning haters.(Adam 2 n)



In the name of God the Merciful
And prayers and peace be upon the last of the prophets and messengers of Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.
Honor all federal political entities in the following cities and areas:
((Dome City, the city of Derna, Tobruk)) and all of the areas of these cities ..
Area appointed to, maple, Abraq, strained, to Mlodh, Abasharh, House Thamer, head of Tago, eye passing, Mr. Khalid, the head of the crescent, to Theron, largest single, Fattaih, Mrtoph, or packets, Bay Alnph, Tamimi, Almkhily, Aziat, Ain Ghazala, Alkarzbh, Balkhather, leaded, Sabri, olive door, Alqarh, computing, well-Ashab, Palace of Capricorn, papyrus, Amsaad.
To announce its full support for the Executive Office of Cyrenaica on what will be announced from articulated and fateful decisions and decisive next Wednesday, approved .. 04/12/2013, in the city of Tobruk, and that is her and her Representative of the Libyan people,
And encourages this blessed step of the Executive Office, and who did not wish to participate attend all up to be one hand, and achieve the aspirations of the Libyan people of a decent living, justice, equality, security and safety of the Libyan people waited a long time.
We ask God Almighty to bless us and all the Libyan people this step
That its government tenderly and to help her achieve all of our goals in the stability of the country, and build a free civil.
Federal offices mobility (the dome, Derna, Tobruk)
02 DECEMBER 2013 ..


Dawn explosion inside the clinic supporters of Sharia ((al-Qaida)) in the area of Ras Aobeidh

(Addicted harcha)  

A joint meeting between the two chambers in each of Alamnatin Biar and Benghazi.
Benghazi – (and) – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Joint Meeting, which was held between the two chambers in each of Alamnatin Biar and Benghazi Sunday afternoon in Biar security situation in the region. The meeting also discussed, which included Colonel \ “Abdullah Saaty \” head of the security room Benghazi and Colonel \ “Hashim Borkah \” head of the security committee Biar and directors of departments of the security of Benghazi and Biar and a number of security leaders in the two cities, the security situation in the region and joint consultation to achieve security and stability in the two cities .
The meeting also addressed the discussion rules and principles of coordination and cooperation between the two chambers aimed to achieve security and stability.
Salem al-Obeidi:
Prime Minister “Ali Zaidan” and foreign minister in the hospitality
Colonel “Nice Bouchmadh” by special forces camp

Power outages on the area Laithi after the clashes that took place this evening.
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
The assassination of a member of the Preventive Security Service (lamp tribal Ramadan) in the area Louhichi by two bullets in the head ..
Assassination element of the Preventive Security Benghazi:Was assassinated this morning by a member of the Preventive Security Service in Benghazi
In the area Louhichi two bullets in the head.
The victim by the heterodox “Ramadan lamp tribal” 21-year resident of the neighborhood Ben Younes.
Since few violent explosion beside Najma area milkfish and eyewitnesses indicates the
presence of the victims and the perpetrator was arrested by special forces ….
Sauaakm latest news ……..

Since the explosion is an explosion a few apartment architecture residential area milkfish also

confirmed this and said commandos were also arrested from the blast and is leaden and a lioness

belonging to one of the battalions as they point …..

Gary and gather information ……

The sound of a powerful explosion and is being verified .

Clarification regarding the bombing of Benghazi area milkfish
Urgent ::::::::
Thakgueta myself from the blast area milkfish and it turns out that the blast targeted the entrance of a building consisting of four floors and threw it at the door of Architecture 3 bombs ((Julatina)) and losses were the role of the first, second and third, and thankfully the losses were outside the apartments, part of a crash Bishop and Aladerj for Architecture, asked the owners of Architecture for the actor Fajaboni that there is a personal problem to one of the residents of architecture role of the first and perhaps the main reason would be carried out this bombing this problem, and thankfully was caught on the actors and their 3 people ((in the case of wine)) car lioness leaden and it turns out it’s the two of them are waiting for a car and the third person is a person who threw the bomb, but thanks to God that he dumped exploded at the same time and caught fire with his body went quickly to the street and cut off his hand and he was arrested from the region’s population is and from him and handed over to the Special Forces ………
And for the loss of human life, there are three wounded women and minor injuries and are now Galaa Hospital …….
And this picture of a car criminals ………
You will see the report and bulletin third national channel Libya.
(Mutassim Faitouri)

TOBUK, DERNA & THE TUBER (all now declared part of CYRENAICA):

Haaaaam :: ::
O people of the city of Derna on Monday (2/12/2013 m) the second consecutive continue to sit in the courtyard of the Prophet’s companions after the Asr prayer everyone demands Balhzawr holder of the Holy Quran in his hand (witness today HOLY QURAN us we do not witness).

Tuber ::

Civil disobedience for a second day, but the presence of the female element Halmrp strongly.
(Mohamed al-Mansoori)
Altruism | stop Omar Mukhtar University Bdrna study yesterday and today after a number of students to close
the main door to the university and to prevent access to it except for employees in response to calls for
civil disobedience in the city.
It is said that this disobedience came demanding security and safety, the army and the police in the company
of tuber demonstrations and protests and cut off roads in the city.

# (Gate _ Libya)

Please everyone go to school for the existence of photophobia Achtbakan between protesters and supporters of the devil ..
The news about the presence of a lot of people between unarmed demonstrators …
Your weapons guys second revolution began to purge the first revolution …. No Ttakhroa situation of crisis.
(Intelligence service tuber)
GPC basic Elvis Bucky free
The image of the front of the hospital tuber after the massacre in the ranks of the supporters of the devil Bdrna demonstrators.
الصورة من امام مستشفي درنة بعد مجزرة انصار الشيطان في صفوف المتظاهرين بدرنة .

Ahlam al-Obeidi, reporting:
News about the arrival of Guo commandos to the city of Derna troops are still stationed outside the city ..

The street Aldrnawi between supporters and opponents to enter any force from outside the city.



Media Center tuber: Please Publishing car by 14.5 machine gun next to a school photophobia aimed

at passing cars now Mghar Street and ascending and descending from the Shiha.

Please publishing immediately.

Media Center tuber:

bearded people wearing civilian clothes far from home over the Winslow School photophobia

in Mghar Bdrna kill people and passers-by…

Call for medical crews to go to the hospital Hraish off.

Media Center tuber Libya:
Newsflash ….
To attack supporters of the fry now live ammunition near a school for Azia Bamoar Drnhoasabat
many big at the demonstrators.
Since few targeted demonstration in the street near the Ibn Sina Trade
and Development Bank Bdrna Bermaah directly, and news of casualties amid the demonstrators.
Source from within the city hospital arrival 6 injuries by firing on demonstrators two of them in intensive care.
Libya’s Al-Watan newspaper
Now massacre in the tuber in the right of peaceful demonstrators and the intensity of live bullets wounds and injuries as a direct and lead front of dead and wounded far Mrmyin middle of the road and cars are supporters of al-Asar al-Sharia Bshalhm.
Dead and wounded in the ranks of the demonstrators and the city of Derna after shooting heavy on them by “the Ansar al-Sharia.”
“Media Center tuber”
 FB VIDEO:Increase in the number of demonstrators in Derna after firing on demonstrators.
# (Earthquake)
a little while ago. Increase in the number of demonstrators after targeting protesters.
ازدياد عدد المتظاهرين في درنة بعد إطلاق النار على المتظاهرين.
درنة: قبل قليل .ازدياد عدد المتظاهرين بعد استهداف المتظاهره
Now in a meeting between the leaders of South tuber Altkfferin and the al-Qaeda and Salfist  oscilloscope Sufyan bin Qmo 
and Salem Derby

and some other nationalities calculated on the organization …

“Rejoice, o you became the army of Libya by Libyan Islamic”.

exclaimed Musab Al-Tagouris, spokesman of the Islamic army of Libya,

making an accusation that his charged cohorts have infiltrated the demonstrations in the city of Derna today ……/newsday-libyan-brigade-1

In a rare insight into the mindset of those who’ve stepped into the power vacuum created by the fall
of  the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, Newsday’s Shaimaa Khalil tr…





A very important …
NATO is the beat of a warehouse in the beach Barak air due to the presence of Ansar al-Sharia convoy heading to Benghazi was spent on them in the raid .. At the same time, there were some young people transporting Aldkhirh.
To confirm we saw the transfer of large news from international news agencies and taking out a statement from the European Union and the United States ….


Defense Minister. And his son kidnapped a month. And seven of its soldiers in Onktafoa Owaynat today.

And told you liberated and defense, army and Aabeyen them Bihamoa the country ..

God Iaafruch February Bdettoa funny.

The armed group surrounded the town of Kufra and you cut off food and fuel supplies to it and

warn the people of the city from the outbreak of gun battles in the city ….

# (Steadfast)

Unidentified encircling the “infidels”, and warning of armed confrontations

I condemn the people of the city of Kufra in urgent statement they issued on Sunday that the groups did not call it by name siege of the city of Kufra and prevent the arrival of the supply of fuel, food and basic commodities for.
Parents say in their statement that the Jhoh of the Libyan people and the National Conference and the interim government (if the risks to the infidels is a declaration of war on the city and do not provide the protection and coverage of these armed groups have been able of doing this hostile action).
Parents and students in their statement, which was received by the Libyan news agency a copy of the need to evacuate the oil fields in the region of all armed formations stationed in, and called for the re-activation of a guard oil facilities falls under the state’s legitimacy.
Parents warned of the growing state of tension that may lead to confrontations and the shedding of blood and the lives that will bear the responsibility of participants in this hostile action.

The head of the military council of Kufra Hamid Suleiman that point Owaynat sub was attacked were the families of seven members, including the seizure of two cars, explaining that he had been sending military units and reconnaissance aircraft to hunt down the attackers.
Heathens :::

Aaaaaaaajl / infidels special day.
………………………………………….. …………..

An unidentified armed group launched an attack at dawn today on a port 370 km Owaynat {port} Jawazat southeast of Kufra and reports of a family from the national army after the clash with heavy weapons ..

(Mustafa Aujali )..!!

Updates: Heathens

Concerning the surprise attack at dawn on Monday on a port Owaynat away from the border city of Kufra, some 370 km,,, that the number of abducted five members and only one car belonging to the border guards infidels.

(Mustafa Ocaly) ..!!

The names of the soldiers abducted since Saturday evening, and announced on Monday morning in Port Owaynat: –

1. Khaled Attia Elhasy
2. Mansoor Ali Magbari
3. Salah Mansour Boaamierh
4. Salah Omgeor
5. Mansour Sanusi Altarhuni

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The abduction of Omar Abdullah (director of the Commercial Bank of Boubare) by Khatafoa  who is demanding expressly a ransom for his release.
Opare (Germa/guilty):
Mohammed said Miloud brother kidnapped for “Germa” that the kidnappers demanded a ransom in exchange for the expressly brother, which is estimated at 150 thousand and are studying it with the people of the region.
It is said that the Director of the Commercial Bank “Omar Abdullah” was kidnapped yesterday evening by unknown assailants as he left his office the bank has not been identified so far on the identity of the grouping, and place of his abduction,
This is not the first time in which they are demanding a ransom in exchange for the kidnapped expressly Fimntqh Ubari.
The news agency south (Germa) Private



The Dutch military is planning to deploy a team of dozens of military intelligence operatives in Mali in the coming weeks, part of a U.N. peacekeeping mission charged with stabilizing the terror-afflicted northern part of the country and preventing the resurgence of Islamist militants that only year ago held sway over much of the country, according to the Dutch military.

The Dutch contribution — which will also include a team of special-forces troops and four Apache attack helicopters — marks a rare return by a European power to a U.N. peacekeeping mission in Africa, where debacles from Somalia to Rwanda triggered a retreat in the late 1990s. But what is perhaps even more striking is that the U.N.’s top brass are privately acknowledging that the U.N.’s blue helmets will be engaging in the business of spying.

Since the birth of U.N. peacekeeping in Egypt’s Sinai intelligence has been a dirty word in U.N. quarters, feeding suspicion among poor countries that Western spooks were secretly using the United Nations as a cover to spy on them, and giving fright to right wing Americans who fretted that U.N. storm troopers in black helicopters might swoop down to occupy the American prairie. In 1960, then U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold declined to establish a U.N. intelligence agency on the grounds that the U.N. “must have clean hands.” In a sign of the enduring anxiety over big power espionage, Brazil and Germany this week pressed through a U.N. General Assembly resolution aimed at constraining massive data collection and digital eavesdropping, a move aimed at constraining the National Security Agency and other foreign intelligence outfits.

But in the U.N.’s far flung peacekeeping missions intelligence is no longer a dirty word. Herve Ladsous, the U.N.’s French chief of the U.N. peacekeeping department, will visit the Democratic Republic of Congo early next month to launch the flight of two U.N. surveillance drones — the U.N. prefers to call them Unmanned Aerial Vehicles — to keep track of potential threats from armed militias. If all goes well, these flying cameras could be introduced into peacekeeping missions in Mali, and possibly Ivory Coast and South Sudan.

The Dutch unit in Mali will operate electronic eavesdropping – or signals intelligence – operations targeting Islamic militants. But it will also engage in gathering human intelligence – low tech spying involving the cultivation of paid informants. “I would say this is precedent setting,” Walter Dorn, a Canadian professor of Defense Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC), who has written extensively on U.N. intelligence gathering, told Foreign Policy. “The United Nations has been hesitant to use the word intelligence and engage in intelligence activities. But the necessity of being informed in situations  where you have the fog of war, or the fog of peacekeeping,  means that you have to have an accurate and timely information gathering and analysis units.”

The actual threat to U.N. peacekeepers is by no means greater today than it has been in the past. So far this year, 82 U.N. blue helmets died serving in U.N. missions, fewer than half of the 173 fatalities suffered in 2010, and only a fraction of the 252 who died in 1993, when the U.N. was running high risk missions in Bosnia and Somalia. But the U.N.’s key powers, Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States, agree on the need to confront the rising threat to U.N. personnel by Islamic extremists.

The Islamist militant group, Al Shabab, has been targeting U.N. personnel in Mogadishu, Somalia, mounting a bold terror attack against the U.N.’s humanitarian compound in June that left eight people employed by the U.N. dead.( In that case, a U.N. intelligence unit actually received a tip that the attack would occur, but it was still unable to stop it.)

For instance, in Mali, where the U.N. is facing a challenge by Islamist insurgents, suicide bombers last month attacked a U.N. peacekeeping unit in the town of Tessalit, Mali, killing two Chadian blue helmets and a civilian.

The Malian crisis began in the beginning of 2012 when a coalition of Tuareg separatists and foreign Islamist extremists linked to Al Qaeda, reinforced by arms from the fallen former Libyan leader Moammar Ghadafi’s arsenals, seized control of key cities in northern Mali. Malian army officers, citing the governments’ failure to adequately equip its troops in the battle against the insurgents, staged a military coup that sent the country into a state of chaos.

Fearing an Islamist offensive against the capital of Bamako, the French government launched a military offensive in January that routed the militants out of northern Mali. The French then helped organize a coalition of African countries that helped Mali drive the insurgents into retreat in the north. In July, the African troops were integrated into a new U.N. peacekeeping mission – the U.N. Multidimensional Integrated Stablization Mission in Mali(MINUSMA). The mission – which is headed by a Dutch politician, Bert Koenders- is serving along-side a separate French force of some 3,000 troops.

Earlier this month, the Dutch Defense Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert announced that some 380 Dutch military personnel would serve in the U.N. mission, aiding an increasingly well-armed mission – which includes a combat-ready Chinese guard force – to restore security and stability in northern Mali. They will be headquartered in Bamako and Gao, where their primary job will be gathering, processing and analyzing intelligence. “In addition to special forces, we will deploy our sensor capability, unmanned systems and 4 Apache attack helicopters,” she said. “We will be the eyes and ears of the U.N., enabling them to operate more effectively.

Jean Marie Guehenno, a French national who headed the U.N. peacekeeping department from 2000 to 2008, said that the move to formally integrate intelligence gathering activities into U.N. peacekeeping missions reflects a growing recognition of the dangers facing blue helmets, particularly from an array of terrorist organizations and non-state armed militias.

“Traditionally, [U.N.] member states have been a bit reluctant to permit intelligence gathering activities because of concerns over the potential violation of a country’s sovereignty,” Guehenno said, noting that revelations of NSA spying has in some way reinforced those concerns. “Spying makes people nervous.”

“On the other hand, there is a mounting sense that the safety and protection of troops benefits a lot from effective intelligence,” he said. “It’s harder for the members’ states to say it’s horrible to collect intelligence if you have human lives lost. So, I think the U.N. is in a stronger position to say you put us in a dangerous environment we need to cope with it and the only way to cope is to have some kind of intelligence. I’m convinced there were a few situations where peacekeepers died and their lives might have been saved with better situational awareness intelligence.”

Despite the political constraints, U.N. commanders, including those serving in Hammarskjold’s day, have long recognized the importance of tactical intelligence gathering in complex missions, erecting make-shift intelligence units to spy on potential enemies. In early 1961 in the Congo, the U.N. set up its first serious intelligence unit — known as Military Information Branch – the word intelligence was “banned from the U.N. lexicon,” to oversee aerial surveillance, radio intercepts, and of informants, Dorn wrote in a history of the Congo operation. The practice was largely suspended in the ensuing Cold War decades, only to resurface after the Cold War ended, giving way to a major surge in U.N. peacekeeping operations.

Since the turn of the century, U.N. personnel in places like Sierra Leone and Somalia largely relied on foreign government spooks to supply them with tactical intelligence on enemy intentions. But more recently the U.N. has begun to formalize intelligence collection in missions in Haiti and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where units with names like the Joint Mission Analysis Centers and Joint Operations Centers – collect information the old fashion way: through the cultivation of spies. In Port au Prince, U.N. blue helmets paid Haitian informants to expose the hideaways of famously unpopular gang leaders’ in the deepest slums. Even their lovers could be relied upon to reveal the location of where they were sleeping for arrest. Informants were sometimes dressed in U.N. uniforms but with their faces covered to avoid detection.

“The U.N. was able to tap into the wide-ranging disaffection with the gangs in order to procure plenty of actionable information,” Dorn wrote in a study of the U.N. mission in Haiti.”Intelligence-led operations helped the United Nations to take the initiative, to control the “battle-space’ and minimize the risks to both its own personnel and innocent bystanders. The mission was successful in overcoming gang rule of entire districts, but not without initial opposition from within the emission, from Haitian officials and, of course, from the gangs themselves.”

Patrick Cammaert, a retired Dutch general who served as the U.N. Secretary General’s chief military advisor from 2002 to 2005, said it was a “un uphill battle” to convince the U.N. political leadership, and member states, to collect intelligence. In 2003, Cammaert urged the U.N. peacekeeping department to contract a private company to conduct aerial surveillance for a newly established mission in Liberia. Two years later, when he was reassigned as the U.N.’s eastern division commander in eastern Congo, Cammaert finally succeeded in securing funding, around 3.7€million, in the mission’s budget to conduct aerial surveillance missions to track the movement of militias and human rights violators, including Bosco Ntganda and Laurent Nkunda. It never happened. “All the documents were cleared, but the proposal was firmly killed in DPKO[The U.N. Department of Peacekeeping Operations] because people didn’t like it,”he said.

The constraints forced him to improvise, cultivating a team of informants. “You had to be creative; I sometimes had to pay informants from my own daily subsistence allowance because we didn’t have funds for that,” he said. “I managed to get a number of people trust worthy people — don’t ask I how I found them – but I’d put them on a Moped and tell them to drive somewhere and come back and tell me what you saw.”

Cammaert said the recent change in attitude reflected a growing recognition that U.N. peacekeepers “are dealing with a threat that is asymmetric, much more sophisticated, and much more dangerous, not only to local population but to peacekeepers was well.” As a result, he said, “the word intelligence is not such a dirty word anymore.”

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Jacques Chirac went to the hospital for a “renal response”
By The Editors For M6info by MSN | Paris, 03 December 12 – AFP 1 16

  • Jacques Chirac à l'hôpital pour une "intervention rénale" - 1

Jacques Chirac, who recently celebrated 81 candles, underwent surgery today, “renal response” (…) “, which went very well” said his entourage. The former Head of State “is well and remain a few days under observation in the hospital,” added his relatives.

If you only see rarely Jacques Chirac in public, let us remember some of his neologisms, its worship expressions, his murderous fun or formulas, its large and small sentences, even its own onomatopoeia. He was deputy mayor of Paris, Prime Minister and President of the Republic has distilled many beads that have marked French politics and remained in the memories. Back on the most famous …


Muammar al-Qathafi at Bookselllers:


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