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Search for (most people) in the Qur’an find them (they do not believe, for Aichkron, did not know) and look for (most) find them (adulterers, ignorant, vulnerable, dumb, realize, for Aasamaon)Be you a few of those who said the Koran
(And a little devotional Shakur)
(And safe with him only a few)
(A group of the first two and a few others)!!!Ibn al-Qayyim – may God have mercy on him –
You accidentally right .. But the lack of Atstouhh who walk …
And you and through falsehood and Atgtr frequently perish ..Be the knobs all the way and leave the beautiful effect, what we are in this world, but the guests and visitors, but to leave …(Salem Knight al-Qathafi on Facebook)ابحث عن (أكثر الناس) في القرآن تجدهم (لايؤمنون،لايشكرون،لايعلمون) وابحث عن (أكثرهم )تجدهم(فاسقون،يجهلون،معرضون،لايعقلون،لايسمعون،)

فكن أنت من القليل الذين قال فيهم القرآن
(وقليل من عبادي الشكور)
(وما آمن معه إلا قليل)
(ثلة من الأولين وقليل من الآخرين)!!!

يقول ابن القيم -رحمه الله-
عليك بطريق الحق.. ولاتستوحش لقلة السالكين…
وإياك وطريق الباطل ولاتغتر بكثرة الهالكين..

كن كعابر سبيل واترك كلّ أثر جميل فما نحن في الدنّيا الاّ ضيوف وما على الضيّف الاّ الرّحيل…

للمجد عنوان واحد لا أثنين . –

للمجد عنوان واحد لا أثنين . —
Green Victors
Salem Knight Gaddafi
Coming, Bab al-Aziziya
Salem Knight Gaddafi
Eye and tears Akhaddh p. . Balash cry Hey pal devoid
Power, wealth and arms in the hands of the people
Informations générales
The era of the masses, which crawls desperately toward us after the era of the republics, excites the feelings and dazzles the eye, but as far as promises of real freedom for the masses, and the emancipation of happy from the constraints of governance tools … it portends the coming of an era of chaos and demagoguery after him, if not reversed by the new democracy, which is the authority people … and return power to the individual or class or tribe or sect Oalhzb.
This is true democracy in theory. But realistically, the strong always rule … that any party is the strongest in the community who has ruled. “The first chapter of the Green Book – solving the problem of democracy.”
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Power, wealth and arms in the hands of the people
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The Green Book

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السلطة والثروة والسلاح بيد الشعب
Informations générales

إن عصر الجماهير وهو يزحف حثيثاً نحونا بعد عصر الجمهوريات يلهب المشاعر ، ويبهر الأبصار ، ولكنه بقدر ما يبشر به من حرية حقيقية للجماهير ، وانعتاق سعيد من قيود أدوات الحكم … فهو ينذر بمجيء عصر الفوضى والغوغائية من بعده ، إن لم تنتكس الديمقراطية الجديدة التي هي سلطة الشعب … وتعود سلطة الفرد أو الطبقة أو القبيلة أو الطائفة أوالحزب .
هذه هي الديمقراطية الحقيقية من الناحية النظرية. أما من الناحية الواقعية فإن الأقوياء دائماً يحكمون … أي أن الطرف الأقوى في المجتمع هو الذي يحكم . ” الفصل الاول من الكتاب الاخضر – حل مشكلة الديمقراطية ”

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السلطة والثروة والسلاح بيد الشعب

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The Green Book

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Naissance 1 septembre 1969

Adresse 1969 Sirt, Surt, Libya

Pays Libye

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FIVE MILLION DINAR PRICE-TAGS PLACED ON THE HEADS OF SHAKIR & THAMI BY Zaidane’s “government” members of the GNC and followers of the “17 FEBRUARY UPRISING” !We of the media, back Shakir and Thami, who are firmly on the ground in Libya; but there are fears of assassination.”News Agency Gaddafi International” – Agencies.Said Asaad Ambia Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent and reporter for a number of international broadcasters in a press statement published today, we continue to pursue both large and small from the scene of the Libyan new scene in Libya is an hour among Libyans is the emergence of arms.Media for Libyan leader colonel Muammar Gaddafi:In the past two days at noon, Media Yusuf Shakir, who is the media arm right to Muammar al-Qathafi, appeared through the channel of green space (belonging to Gaddafi’s supporters) via the “Helena”.He revealed many of the documents and the documents that prove the involvement of the leaders of “February 17” in various crimes against the Libyans.In the words of analyst and strategist Yusuf Shakir:

In a related context continues to Media Hamza Thami programs through the “Green channel” against the “February 17” .

In the emergence of media, Yusuf Shakir and Hamza Thami give the latest big debates on the streets of Libya; and we see an increase in the division between the Libyan green supporters and the opponents of the Great Jamahiriya, for making the channel Libya the official national broadcast for programs (similar to the broadcast “Green Channel”).

It is worth mentioning that the invited Ali Zaidane (rat Libyan Prime Minister) announced in a more recent Press Conference, his anger over, and condemnation of, broadcast channels belonging to Muammar al-Qathafi’s supporters; and demanded the neighboring countries, especially Egypt, to lock these channels and to deliver the staff of these al-Qathafi channels to the Libyan authorities (for incarceration).

The happiest Abuqilh sources say the center of the Libyan, citing reports are circulating widely that some of the leaders Fberaearer and businessmen affiliated with “the 17 February”, allocated cash prizes great for anyone who kills Yusuf Shakir and Hamza Thami !!
According to the same sources, the value of the prize money exceeded five million dollars !!

It is said amongst these Libyans that Joseph Shakir and Hamza Thami incite sedition among the sons of the Libyan people.

And on the contrary, says those “others” who are affiliated with the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, that Shakir and Hamza reveal the facts to the Libyan people
and also explain the plot of colonial and NATO’s aggression suffered by the Libyan people.

And their seal happiest Aboqilh said, and after World War led by NATO to topple the Great Jamahiriya of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, there are many who favor a setback of the “17 February Regime”; and they have appeared on numerous media channels inside and outside Libya, and every media channel never serving the policy of certain political parties or a particular system other than the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

  • عودة الاعلامي شاكير والتهامي بقوة على الساحة في ليبيا وهناك مخاوف من اغتيالهم

    وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية – وكالات.

    قال اسعد امبية ابوقيلة صحفي وكاتب ليبي مستقل و مراسل لعدد من الإذاعات العالمية في تصريحات صحافية نشرت اليوم, ما زلنا نتابع كل صغيرة وكبيرة عن المشهد الليبي الجديد في المشهد الليبي ويعتبر حديث الساعة بين الليبيين هو ظهور الأذرع الإعلامية للعقيد الليبي الراحل معمر القذافي في اليومين الماضيين ظهر الإعلامي يوسف شاكير الذي يعتبر الذراع الإعلامي الأيمن للقذافي ظهر عبر قناة الخضراء الفضائية التابعة لأنصار ألقذافي عبر برنامج هلنا وكشف العديد من المستندات والوثائق التي تثبت تورط قيادات 17 فبراير في جرائم مختلفة ضد الليبيين حسب تعبير المحلل والخبير الاستراتيجي يوسف شاكير وفي سياق متصل يواصل الإعلامي حمزة التهامي برامجه عبر قناة الخضراء ضد 17 فبراير وظهور الإعلاميين يوسف شاكير وحمزة التهامي احدث جدل كبير في الشارع الليبي وزاد من الانقسام بين الليبيين مؤيد ومعارض مما جعل قناة ليبيا الوطنية الرسمية تبث برامج مماثلة لما تبث قناة الخضراء الجدير بالذكر أن المدعو علي زيدان رئيس الوزراء الليبي أعلن في أكثر من مؤتمر صحفي غضبه واستنكاره لما تبثه القنوات التابعة لأنصار القذافي وطالب دول الجوار وخاصة مصر بقفل هذه القنوات وتسليم العاملين بها إلى السلطات الليبية.

    وأضاف أسعد أبوقيلة تفيد مصادر الوسط الليبي نقلا عن أنباء تتم تداولها على نطاق واسع أن بعض قيادات فبرايرر ورجال الأعمال المحسوبين على فبراير خصصوا جوائز مالية كبيرة لمن يقتل يوسف شاكير وحمزة التهامي وتفيد نفس المصادر أن قيمة الجوائز المالية فاقت الخمسة ملايين دولار ويرى بعض الليبيون أن يوسف شاكير وحمزة التهامي يحرضون على الفتنة بين أبناء الشعب الليبي وعلى العكس من ذلك يرى ليبيون آخرون محسوبون على نظام القذافي أن شاكير وحمزة يكشفون الحقائق للشعب الليبي ويوضحون المؤامرة الاستعمارية وعدوان حلف الناتو التي تعرض لها الشعب الليبي وختم اسعد ابوقيله بقوله وبعد الحرب العالمية التي قادها حلف الناتو لإسقاط نظام العقيد الليبي معمر القذافي مساندة لنكسة فبراير ظهرت في العديد من القنوات الإعلامية داخل وخارج ليبيا وكل قناة إعلامية تخدم سياسة أحزاب معينة أو نظام معين .


Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 02/12/2013 P


Coming, Bab al-Aziziya

Mu on mike 2 Mu on mike

NATO lost more than 150 BILLION in the world War against Mu'ammar al-Qathafiخبير_روسي_أختفاء_150_مليار_دولار_الحصيلة_الرئيسية_لعملية_الناتو_في_ليبيا/

The  world WAR on Muammar al-Qathafi cost NATO € 150 billion in 2011 alone.


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi memorised the Holy Quran at age 8…from then on, he made a solomn commitment…


Libya takes over the presidency of OPEC tomorrow …

The Libyans have tried for the past two weeks to regain their NATION—really tried..but the MISRATANS (ZIONISTA followers of QATAR,TURKEY & ISRAEL), the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and ANSAR al-Sharia gun them down (like flies) …FIRST was the Tripoli madness, chaos then turned to Benghazi, and yesterday the massacres in DERNA & THE TUBER!
The people DO want their power back (as they had under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA)
They do not want interference from NATO, USA or the E.U. “peacekeeping forces”. They can take care of themselves. Libyans are neither ignorant, nor stupid and have a proud ancestry they honor and show great pride of. The troublemakers are imports brought into Libya from elswhere and Qatari…or were former prisoners and psychiatric patients. They are NOT the true Libyans.

The Truth about Muammar Gaddafi

A question was brought up by a reader of this page…What we think about the Nasser Mosque; the general idea of the question, I assume, was that the mosque was a catholic cathedral taken over, by force, by Muslims after the 1969 Libyan revolution led by Muammar Gaddafi.This is not true. The cathedral was not being used and was sold to Muslims who then made it into the beautiful mosque it is today, as the final resting place of the highly respected President Nasser, as well as hosting charity training sessions for orphaned girls, teachings of the Koran, a medical center, and prayer. Muammar has frequently been there to pay his respects to his hero, President Gamal Abdel Nasser, who was like a father to him. (When President Nasser died in 1970, young Muammar was devastated)Muammar has ALWAYS been more than accepting of Christians. He has built Churches in Libya and other countries…..he has always wanted to bring Christians and Muslims *together in peace.Leaders from other countries seem to want to cause hatred between those who follow Islam** and those who follow Christianity.
*: All who profess to truly believe in the One true God, are “Muslim”…always has, and always will be, from ADAM  and forever.
**all the prophets, not ending with Christ. Jews follow Moses, Christians revere Jesus, but those who adher to Islam honor Christ, Moses, and all the prophets  (up to Mohammed, PBUH)  and continuous Messengers sent to mankind by Allah since the very Begining ; and so shall ever be.Yes, and Mu’ammar built 2 Catholic Churches especially for the Philipinos who came to Libya to labor…unfortunately, now both the Christians and his Philipinos have been asked to LEAVE LIBYA by the Ali Zaidane so-called “government”!!

Rico Consumo Garcia

Rico Consumo Garcia adds:

“There is Catholic Church in Tripoli Libya. Mass has been held with differrent Languages.

There is a Filipino Priest, Maltese, Polish etc. Priest visit other parts of Libya like Sirt, IBN Sina Hospital.
They do mass and attended by Filipino Nurses. Others attended also like Polish Nurses, Indians and Yugoslavs.

My two Sons were Baptized in Sirt Libya.”



Gadhafi – ‘

First Published: 2013-12-03

Ansar al-Sharia denies Libyan dependence on the base

Group hardline portray itself ‘victim’ media campaign, and justify carrying elements of the weapon and give battleground of involvement in the assassinations.

Middle East Online

Zahawi: As an Islamic state or hell

Tripoli – denied the commander of the Salafist group Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi in eastern Libya any link to this group with al-Qaeda and any involvement in the assassinations of dozens of elements of the security officials, in an interview with Libyan channel.

Said Mohammed al-Zahawi in an interview with the news channel that the Libyan group Ansar al-Sharia nothing to do with al-Qaeda and not part of this organization.

“Our project aims to Libyan state”, stressing that his movement demanding “an Islamic state governed by sharia.”

And originated group Ansar al-Sharia in Libya following the fall of The Great Jamahiriya in 2011.

The group acts of charity, social and religious, but it has a military arm. The elements of the forces engaged in bloody confrontations with the forces of the Libyan army in November 25 last year.

The military arm is composed of former rebels fought pro-Great Jamahiriya forces in 2011.

Zahawi pointed out that carrying weapons in Libya has become generalized to everyone, pointing out that his group was ready to hand over their weapons in case of Libya adopted Islamic sharia law.

Also denied any involvement of Ansar al-Sharia fighters in dozens of assassinations of judges and members of security officials in recent months in Benghazi, denouncing the “fierce media campaign” against his group.

The benefit of the group Ansar al-Sharia security vacuum witnessed by Libya since the fall of the Great Jamahiriya  and especially active on the east of the country where the controls to revive in Sirte and Benghazi and Derna, according to local sources.

Libya is experiencing a security Anflata wide for months. This caused chaos in the assassination of several prominent military and security men and media policy and clerics in addition to the figures active in civil society.

Usually attributed these operations to Salafists, but authorities struggling to create the army and police forces capable of imposing security did not reveal those behind these criminal operations systematic.

And became the difficulties of Libya’s efforts to control the militias and Salafist militants growing source of concern for Libyans and Western powers who fear violence may spill over to other countries in North Africa.

Also, most of the militias that want control of the capital Tripoli, is in fact Salafist-oriented as confirmed by experts on extremist groups.


القوات الخاصة البحرية”مشاة البحرية”
la vidéo de Navy special forces, “Marine Corps”.
We ask God to Ihtsabhm of martyrs heroes Infantry
For God shouted God and yes, the agent in criminals
If Ntguena said (Fitna)
If they were killed Khrsoa but kept silent and they concocted excuses
God and yes, the agent in criminals in the gloss of them
God and yes, the agent
Hesitated in publishing, and we know the sanctity of the dead, but there are facts
Is necessary to settled even knows doers and they are Almtstron
And criminals alike
This section of the heroes of infantry who faced helplessness
Fought valiantly face to face do not know treachery brought up inside the barracks that the fighting is not treachery Palmruh
I ask God Almighty to Atqublkm of martyrs.
la vidéo de ‎القوات الخاصة البحرية”مشاة البحرية”‎.
بالله عليكم رددوا حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل في المجرمين
إذا نطقنا قالوا ((فتنــــــة))
وإذا قتلوا هم خرسوا ولزموا الصمت واختلقوا لهم الأعذار
حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل في المجرمين وفي من يتستر عليهم
حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
ترددنا في النشر ونعلم حرمة الميت ولكن هناك حقائق
لابد لها من إنقشاع حتى يعلم المبطلون والمتسترون بأنهم هم
والمجرمين سواء
هذا مقطع لأبطال المشاة الذين واجهوا بقلة الحيلة
قاتلوا ببسالة وجهاً لوجه لا يعرفون الغدر تربوا داخل الثكنات بأن القتال يكون بالمروءة لا بالغدر
أسأل الله العلي القدير ان يتقبلكم من الشهداء

Video shows their slain men of Marines in the region of Sidi Khalifa the past few days.
ÁÇÍćá ćáÇŢćÉ but from God

Senator “John McCain” up Libya ..

McCain is wormtongue
Revealed a Libyan diplomat’s “veto” on Tuesday, on the arrival of U.S. Senator John McCain, to the Libyan capital Tripoli today, to visit unannounced.
The source did not disclose the nature of the visit Ojndt specifically, but stressed that there is an intention to meet with his collections Nouri Busmhen Speaker of Parliament, and the Zaidane head of the Libyan government.
He predicted that McCain’s visit aims to convey a message of acute events of Washington’s escalating violence in the country, especially with the emergence of al-Qaeda strongly and openly in the east of Libya and chaos emitted by armed militias.
(Gateway Libya)
PICTURE OF McCAIN & Muammar al-Qathafi:
Muammar and McCain 2

The Foreign Investment Committee to the National Conference

Leave your comment those two months!!!
from 17 OCTOBER 2013:

Libya’s security at risk from Western allies lobbying

'There are advisers posted in the Libyan ministeries', says Ana Gomes, MEP. Picture: Contributed

‘There are advisers posted in the Libyan ministeries’, says Ana Gomes, MEP. Picture: Contributed


Britain has been ­placing officials in Libyan government ministries to lobby for “commercial interests”, a senior European politician has claimed.

Ana Gomes MEP, pictured right, the European Parliament’s special rapporteur for Libya, made the claim as news broke that the security operations room of the European Union’s Libya mission was captured by gunmen during the kidnapping last Thursday of prime minister Ali Zaidane.

“I know there are [commercial] advisers posted by different countries in the Libyan ministries,” the Portuguese socialist said.

Ms. Gomes said Britain, France and Italy had officials in key ministries to compete for “commercial interests”.

She further accused London, Paris and Rome of sacrificing a common security policy in the interests of rival business contracts. “They don’t want a proper common defence and security policy, because they want to go about their own business,” she said.

UK ambassador to Libya, Michael Aron, denied British officials in Libyan ministries lobbied for businesses. “We have a number of advisers in the interior, defence and justice ministries, at the invitation of the Libyan government. They are specifically excluded from commercial work,” he said.

He admitted Britain did have an official lobbying for UK defence contractors at the embassy, saying: “We do have in the embassy one person for the defence sales organisation, whose job is to promote defence exports.”

Recent months have seen France and Italy ship armoured vehicles to Libya, while UK security firms staged a defence equipment fair for British companies aboard a Royal Navy warship moored in Tripoli in April.

Full details of the equipment on offer have not been released. Westminster says it respects the United Nations arms embargo imposed on Libya during the 2011 revolution which remains in force.

Ms Gomes is also seeking more details from the EU Border Assistance Mission (Eubam) in Libya about the storming of its security operations room during the kidnapping of Mr Zaidane.

The mission, which advises on port and border security, is based in the same hotel, the Corinthian, as Mr Zaidane, and while hunting for the PM militiamen took over the operations room of the EU’s private security company, Argus Security Projects, disabling equipment.

The 40 EU staff locked themselves in their rooms but EU officials insist none were targeted, and armed guards remained to protect them. “None of the Eubam personnel were harmed or threatened. Nobody entered our offices but they did enter our security provider offices,” said an EU statement.

“I didn’t know about this incident with Eubam,” said Ms Gomes. “We need an inquiry.”

Mr Zaidane was held for six hours  by militias before being released by local people who stormed the police station where he was being kept. He has blamed five unnamed congress members for organising what he said was a “coup”.

Last year Brussels scrapped a multi-million pound security contract for its Tripoli mission with British firm G4S after the company failed to get a licence from Libya. The EU says a new security contractor began work in November, deploying 54 guards, 18 armoured jeeps and a field ambulance. 

Westminster has offered to train Libyan army units at a base in Cambridgeshire, but Mr Zaidane said on Friday that Congress had refused to authorise the 3.6€ million payment to the UK for the training. (thank goodness!)

Media Abdulwahab Ali Mlitan:
So are the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood always wherever they and where every visitor who disagree or criticizes those who trumpet it against them and a traitor in their eyes.
NATO Low air strike Libya in the coming hours !


Using Alqrgi now and congestion at petrol stations # Tripoli

Scroll to the mercy of God today Alatnen corresponding to 12/02/2013 AD
“Radwan Hussein‘s departure” at the age of 36 years old were killed under torture in mysterious circumstances Bmaskarh area Salahuddin in Tripoli after it was stealing his car in front of his home last night.
Hussein is one of the City Youth displaced Tawergha in Tripoli started work Mend the end of the events in Tripoli.
“I am God and to Him we return”
(Muftah Ali Ali)


Rebuilding and restoration of the tomb of Murad Agha
Atmosphere of the country – Nasreen Almnquaoui

Seeking Antiquities Authority, in coordination with the local council Tajura and a historical cities to rebuild and renovate the tomb of archaeological Murad Agha.

The observer said the effects of Tripoli F Sifao Qrassa the atmosphere of the country today that the interest of the process of the development of client perceptions of reconstruction and restoration.

He Qrassa that this process can not be carried out before settling the current circumstances in order to avoid re-vandalized once, pointing out that the same applies to other archaeological sites that have been demolished.

The Qrassa that what he described as acts of sabotage are rejected by law and explaining that the tomb of Murad Agha is not done by the visitors do not take place shrines like the rest of the shrines.

The shrine dates back to the Ottoman commander Murad Agha and which was built in the period between 1551 and 1553 have been detonated an improvised explosive device last November by the unknown Salafists.

To the surprise of a ministerial decision Aiglaq School Mermaid Tripoli
Atmosphere of the country – Aynur Sabri
Student teachers and parents on Monday during a protest school Mermaid Tripoli, not to close the school “under the pretext of maintenance” after the occurrence of a false ceiling in one chapters.
And referred the Ministry of Education a letter to the office of educational services demanded the transfer of pupils to neighboring schools and the distribution of faculty members at schools that are transfer students to cover the deficit, and the evacuation of all the school supplies in preparation for maintenance.
She said the school social worker and one of the protesters Rabia Sharef atmosphere of the country to the faculty about the protesters “to close the school under the pretext of the occurrence of a false ceiling for classrooms,” noting that the school has maintained in 2007 and it is not to collapse.
It showed Sharef engineers who came to their parents to detect the status of the school made it clear that the school renovations need to be simple and not prone to fall.
She Sharef that teachers opened the school in spite of the evacuation Director discharged from the open.
Sharef reported that “the director of the school currently being detained for interrogation because of the report describes the case referred to the school as prime minister surpassing the terms of reference of the Ministry of Education Tripoli, which was supposed to receive a referral by the prime minister.
The school physical education teachers that Imam Ikram refusing to them and the random distribution of students in the middle of the semester in the event of school closure.
He said one of the parents Abdel Moneim whip to close the school for the purpose of maintenance in the middle of the school year, students and directed them is persecution for their children.
The whip to the lack of a technical report is a real entity responsible maintenance of schools, explaining that the decision to close the school issued from last Thursday in the twenty-eighth of November, and the message was issued in the first of December and the decision came out before you make it official message is that transcend administrative he says .



Sit for drivers refinery corner after the abduction of driver
Atmosphere of the country – Fouad Diab
A member of the Office of Information refinery corner Ihab Al Hamidi on Tuesday stopped out trucks loaded with fuel from the refinery due to sit for a number of drivers belonging to the Brega oil.
Hamidi added to the atmosphere of the country on Tuesday to protest comes after the abduction of one of his truck drivers with special the day before yesterday, adding that the drivers are demanding to provide an element of protection.
He explained that the private-owned truck drivers stopped working with trucks owned by the company Brega operate normally.
The refinery corner has stopped working in the twelfth month of November last year as a result of a number of sit-in in front of the entrances to the refinery injured causing the lack of entry and exit of trucks and employees.

The news reports confirmed the desire of the protesters near the gas pipeline South Nalut to end the sit-in and the opening of the gas pipeline that feed the power stations .. Due to the interruption of electricity myotonia citizens, especially with the onset of winter.
Only an end to the sit-up so as not to damage any of the Libyan citizen … As for the participation in the elections of the Constitution .. Vlazal the situation as it is … You will not recognize any constitution by not participating in it fully and fairly …

Signs of a crisis in the western mountain :::

Kidnapping a truck driver and fuel Amazigh youth and prevent it from reaching the Ruwais plant to generate electricity.

Bands of brothers Amazigh been identified, one of them from Nalut are kidnapped truck driver and fuel vector from the corner to the station Ruwais electrical and steal the truck and leave the driver in handcuffs last Saturday during the rain and the cold spell earlier, where he was found philanthropist and has rescued him and reporting him.

Perhaps it was a return to the desire of the group to disrupt power lines and station Ruwais for work after he was locking gas line coming from the field and was replaced by the fulfillment of liquid fuel from a refinery corner.

As a result, there was a sit-day refinery corner for drivers and refused to go to the western region and the western mountain until the return of the stolen truck and secure the road. Petrol crisis which threatens imminent in the western region in general and especially the mountain regions.

Therefore we demand the return of the gates in the region and we call on our brothers Amazigh break the siege of the Libyan people and tell them….

Al-Libi and Slto accumulated in the flesh!?!?!?!

(Channel Zintan Media)




Calls upon the Department of Defense brothers living in Tarhounah

and its environs that will be tomorrow, Tuesday 03 December 2013 bombing of munitions.

remnants of war may hear their loved ones in the region.

We hope fellow citizens to take the flag to do so.

(Ministry of Defense)


Mesallata under the microscope
News # _ Mslath:
Morning break came the birth of Mohammed Daoudi “Albo” area Celsom to ignite the fire
and also the shooting of three of the goats Mamdy killing two of them. It was not known offender to this moment.
It also mentions that he had been the person about a month ago for the theft of about 15 cattle.


And Rishvana

The arrest of an armed group of Tajourah in one of the built-up areas ….
After the first Hlbouch Aatervo they followed Guard personalities and they are

“Gtaiw in the road” after they connect a person with a high rank to the area Tuibih!!!
It was subsequently handed over to the military police at Camp 27

About / / Pictures and News from Rishvana

We note our subscribers the interruption of Internet service type (Libya ADSL-to Ibiamax), for the following areas:
(Gharyan / Ghadames / Zintan / Gado / Alrajaban / Ifrane / Murzuq / Opare / refinery corner)
We were told by the phone company for the reason that Libya is cut discontinuity in the fiber optic link, and work is underway to repair.



On Monday, has been the main runway at the Faculty of Electronic Tech Bani Walid conduct the final exam

for the students of the National Oil Corporation.
The department training college coaches currently number 166 trainees from the employees of the National Oil Corporation
And to all trainees retarded exam review training department no later than tomorrow, Wednesday



Sirte ::: Giza area military

Been a little while ago, a call between the head of Housing, Utilities and between one young military Giza, (Friend page)

The call

Brother Friend Page: peace, mercy and blessings of God /
the President of the device housing and utilities ,Head of Housing, Utilities:
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.
Brother Friend Page:
with you one youth Giza military and our official page belong to everything that goes on in this neighborhood of the events and all the contingencies which again / and want to make sure some news you received, you yesterday you connect channel Mkmadas and said that compensation Giza military come from? ?
Head of Housing, Utilities:
Already, Engineer Abdul Fattah Siwi head of the local council in Tripoli has received authorization and Hua him now and, God willing, on Thursday will be online in the city of Sirte.
(((The decision was issued by the President of the Supreme Commission for compensation in Libya)))
The decision was made to the Committee in Sirte for the processing of instruments
Brother Friend Page: God bless you, my brother and Praise God all the best and regret prolongation
Head of Housing, Utilities: There is absolutely no problem, and congratulations to you, God willing.
((Exclusive page Giza military
_ Sirte _ Official Page))



Defense Minister Aljdharan says::

“The Libyan government provides support to SHIELD stun only
And I did not have them any support at all!!!”

Urgent Green Mountain:

News of violent clashes in the Green Mountain (albacore) between Ansar al-Sharia vs. the Thunderbolt.
(Asbali Barqawi)

Urgent / Tokrh
News besieged troops from the Army National Forest Albacore armed group

and there are the votes for the exchange of gunfire now.
(Asbali Barqawi)

Agency urgently Libya / to Atyosh: an imminent breakthrough in the crisis of oil ports Ajdabiya
A source close to the Moroccan tribal elder (Saleh Salem Atyosh) to the Libyan Al-Watan newspaper that he and others of the members of the tribe are making strenuous efforts to resolve the crisis since the days of oil ports peacefully after negotiations have made with all parties to the crisis.
The source added that “the Atyosh” called on all members of his tribe to a big meeting will be the tenth of Dec. Sidra area, to discuss the situation and formulate opinion leads to open ports in the crescent oil.
He explained, “to Atyosh” to close the ports of oil was due to suspicions that hover around the sale of oil without counters (… and we have this lock made clear to the Libyan people a picture of what is happening in the crescent of oil, and we who truly care about the Libyan nation in front of their responsibilities to stop wasting money Libyans ways illegal …),
At the same time pointing out that the oil ports are entrusted by the people of the region;, which he says (.. struggled with her children and her land and money in the 2011 war, despite the non-payment of compensation so far to residents of the area, by what right from their shelters and villages destruction and ruin, where the area was the scene during the war, and did not have the lowest interest of successive governments, which distributed positions, ministries and even the budgets of cities that bother them in the decision-making circles there ..) as he put it, but the people of the region according to Alotyosh (… did not pay attention to this denial and deliberate exclusion of state institutions, and completed the march after the triumph of the revolution through Rabathm guard the oil ports of plunder and devastation, and this is confirmed by the relevant authorities so that reports the oil sector ..).
The same source said that the head of the government, “Ali Zaidane,” telephoned Mr. “to Atyosh” Park and led efforts Tribe, expressing his full cooperation to resolve the crisis and each easily overcome obstacles to lead these efforts to resolve the oil ports.
It is noteworthy that the Moroccan tribe led by “Saleh Salem Atyosh to” spread the oil along the crescent stretching from east to Ajdabiya, west of the valley of the Red Alnovljeh where the spin mother of all battles during the war.



Demonstrations until late Monday night in the tuber and other advocacy in Benghazi have to stand in front of the presence of armed groups

According to news reporter now in the tuber for demonstrations out late on Monday in the city were met with bullets launched by the Ansar al-Sharia

According to news reporter now in the tuber for exit demonstrations late on Monday in the city met with the launch of lead by Ansar al-Sharia, also came out some families in Benghazi in solidarity with the demand of the tuber Cancel Disarm the Libyan cities, and reported news reporter now in the earlier reported Two explosions in the city in the early hours of Monday, he signed the first region and the second Mrs. Khadija in the way of the coast.

This exploded a bag of explosives in the park opposite the hospital Galaa in Benghazi without result in any casualties, in the meantime Vandals sprayed bullets in the air near the Sahaba Mosque gathering place of demonstrators in the tuber, who closed all the shops in the center of the city and set fire to all the streets and entrances to the city as a result of the deteriorating security situation, demanding civil disobedience until the descent of the army and police.

Ordered the investigation of the stun now via touch with me to say:
Thank God Benghazi safe and the situation is good, and we hope to be so, and we have deployed 10 patrols to roam and Hrash areas and each periodical containing 10 cars that is to say there are 100 cars roam the streets of the city of Benghazi to provide security and safety …………..
RBI keeps them ….
(Mutassim Faitouri)




Radio Tobruk 105.4
Urgent … A fire at the headquarters of the Office of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Tobruk.


The moment of the shooting at protesters in the city of Derna
لحظة اطلاق الرصاص على المتظاهرين في مدينة درنة


We deny what one under some channels about the existence of the dead in the events of Derna today, and until now there were no deaths or deaths among the demonstrators or those who were injured in the shooting at the demonstration this evening,
According to medical sources in complex Hraish that all the injured were in stable condition, and the most serious injuries were injured Professor “Alnobar a proper fit,” which was shot in the abdomen and was extracted Ayari after an emergency operation to him and he is now in stable condition.
Media Center tuber Libya
Injuries are the city of Derna today ….
1_ Professor Saleh Alnobar
2 support Bouhmir
3 young man from a family of honeyed
4 young family Altargi
Thank God they are all in good health ..

The names of those who have direct Balrmih on demonstrators at school photophobia in Mghar:
1 – Morad Majdi Elhasy (Murad seven) … Throw out of his car near the door of the school in the direction of the demonstrators who are close to the auto show.
* Image Majdi Murad Murad Elhasy * seven *:
Murad extremist terrorist and one of the seven who fired on fire on demonstrators in Derna were identified ….
2 – Reda Saad poetic (the rooster) husband’s sister called Murad, throwing over the roofs of school photophobia
3 – Abdullah Abdul Salam Azzouz throw from the roof of his house opposite the mosque Musab bin Omair
4 – Omar Abdel-Salam Azzouz brother named Abdullah has been seen is the other aims of the roof of the house.
This development comes after the news out peaceful demonstrations against the Ansar al-Sharia in the tuber demanding security and rejects the presence of armed men in the city.
According to news sources, especially now that the law’s supporters tried pushing kids dressed as the organization amid protest slogans frequency supporters of the law after failing to penetrate the center of the demonstration.
Injuries caused by fire on demonstrators in Derna:
Announced a medical source in a hospital Hraish tuber, that four of the five people wounded in demonstrations in the city last night, they returned to their homes after they were treated in good condition.
According to the source – the correspondent of the News Agency of Libya – that the fifth patient underwent surgery immediately after being shot in the abdomen and was extracted in a stable condition, and needs to continue for 24 hours.
The crowds of the city’s residents and employees of the institutions of civil society came out yesterday evening to the streets and squares in demonstrations demanding the National Congress and the government to accelerate the activation of the army and police for security and stability prevail throughout the city.
A reporter (and), that these multitudes came under a hail of bullets after he sent an armed group opened fire at the demonstrators, wounding five of them various injuries.
He added that the people of Derna began to form committees to protect their neighborhoods, and announced the continuation of civil disobedience until these armed groups out of the city and the activation of the army and police them.
Mahmoud Barasi commander of the battalion supporters of Sharia Branch tuber
b New new discourse is excommunicating the former” on the channel Libya Liberal, says
“we are not against the army and not the police it is important to be under the umbrella of the law of God and they do not attack one,”
asked Broadcaster:  “why if people came out against you. ?”
Sheikh Mahmoud:
everyone who came out against us are cronies and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the secular and liberal and democratic group!! The rest of the people is simple with us!!
“I said in my mind is that you are basically followed the end? And dimensions of each of said Akhalvkm opinion are against the law of God!”
(AD Media tuber)

Network Libyan Media | Ansar al-Sharia are to vacate its headquarters near the neighborhood Khadija Bdrna.

Heavy fire now in the city of Derna.

Tuber ::::

Spokesman for the network of civil society organizations tuber:

The demonstration today fell by 6 wounded had people who turned all either suffered bullet did not keep them only Ramadan in favor of Awami wounded in his left thigh and As for Professor Saleh Alnobar been surgery has been directed by firing a Klashen of his guts and his condition is stable, thank God, and God Save the tuber and its people.

Tuber is now: manifestations of civil disobedience spread in the city and the closure of a clear and vital educational institutions.
(# Gate _ Libya)

# Tuber: the continuation of civil disobedience in the city of Derna and entered the third day in a row,

amid almost universal closure of all shops and stopped working in many educational institutions, banks and companies.

National Congress leader asked members of Derna opportunity to defer until the resignation is
being called the government and take rapid and effective steps towards the city.
#( Gate _ Libya)
Noman al-Atrash: ÚÇÇÇĚá ÚÇÇÇĚá
In response to popular mobility and a hint of its members to resign:

* National Congress pledges to vote “yes” on the fund allocated to the city of Derna worth about -300 million Libyan dinars.
* National Congress conforms to the text mode to prevent the vote on the articles that came in the Sharia is all opposers void

and legally called “text above the Constitution,” as in some constitutions.

Note: It is not a vote on the issues after the evening session will become clearer.



Tomorrow will stop bed gas station for electricity generation because of the continued closure of the road by protesters in front of Tabu, which produces 500 MW ăíŢÇ 70 cities Gallo # # # Awjila Ajkrh Heathens # # Tazrbuualbaqa 430 ăíŢÇ feed # Tripoli
Media / Hammoud Magbari # Gallo


Account of the discovery of the theft of Sebha University estimated at about 850,000 dinars, eight hundred and fifty thousand. Account for two and one imaginary construction company, and the other company survival.
Opened investigations in the control subject.
The result = zero
Was to cover up the topic

(Al-Sabha Free)


Violent clashes port unpleasant reality border between Libya and Chad

A fierce battle is raging port unpleasant reality border between the states of Libya and Chad, and confrontations began Tuesday morning, after an attack by Chadian armed groups believed to be smugglers Tabahaljeic national sites in the region in question, and initial reports of deaths and injuries.

Said the commander of a battalion, “Suleiman Boumtara” of the border guards army Libyan Fawzi Gaadan:
to the atmosphere of the country
and clashes between border guards and armed men, morning, perimeter area unpleasant border between Libya and Chad, pointing out that the clashes are still going on and there are no casualties among the ranks of the Libyan army.
Violent clashes port unpleasant reality border between Libya and Chad
News Agency Gaddafi International – South.
A fierce battle is raging port unpleasant reality border between the states of Libya and Chad, and confrontations began Tuesday morning, after an attack by Chadian armed groups believed to be smugglers on the sites of the so-called national army in the region in question, and initial reports of deaths and injuries.


Clashes between border guards and armed infidels

According to preliminary information that the clashes were going on now between the national army and border guards armed group is said to be of Tabu, is accused of abducting five soldiers of the national army yesterday.
Informed sources said that the clashes were now near the port unpleasant, which is about 430 kilometers southwest of the city of Kufra on the Chadian-Libyan border, when gunmen tried to enter the territory of Libya.
This has resulted in the destruction of these clashes and the burning of a car belonging to an armed group of armed Tabu, nor casualties, while the national army sources confirmed killed and wounded a number of the armed group


The departure of the great Syrian actor Salim Class at the age of 77 years old …
To God and to Him we return ..
picture (below) is Mu’ammar al-Qathafi with Fidel Castro:
“bonne nuit” folks! It is more than morning already here for me; and I must get some sleep to live another day with the hope of the Great JAMAHIRIYA and for her aspirations…we will endure…


Special Report

The following “TELEGRAM”  TALE is another fabricated LIE; because the ZIONISTA needed another cover for their fake “death” scenario.
Muammar al-Qathafi  never was, nor ever will be a Freemason! The Brits tried assassinating him innumerable times. He did NOT co-operate with the CIA or MI6. (MUSA KUSA, SHAGRAM, JUDGE JALIL, and MAMOUD JABRIL, however did. They squeeled on Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s every move. They were planted into the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA by the American CIA.)

Muammar al-Qathafi is more than a true Muslim; he is a marabout and the MAHDI. He made an oath, since childhood, a total commitment to GOD/ALLAH. In no way, is anything of the following SCRIPT at all true. To know Muammar, his closest and most loyal to him, all know this. Muammar al-Qathafi serves Allah, and no one else. The Green Book and the Great Universal Green Charter of Human Rights (12 JUNE 1988) are pure, true and fully reveal the beauty of Mu’ammar al Qathafi. He will fulfill the prophesies of the Sheikh Asmar Brown of Zliten. The guardian angels have from early childhood on(ward), supernaturally protected him; and, miraculously have warned him of dangers. They “fed” and continue to “feed” him.

and, B/T/W: MUAMMAR al-Qathafi was NEVER  a despot, tyrant or dictator. He held no political powers what-so-ever !! The Brits needed another tale to cover their botched death scenario. This is exactly what the book and TELEGRAM offers for them.

في “برقية” الحكاية هي آخر كذبة ملفقة، لأن الصهاينة اللازمة غطاء آخر للبهم وهمية “الموت” السيناريو.
معمر القذافي لم يكن يوما، ولا من أي وقت مضى وسوف يكون الماسوني! حاول البريطانيون اغتياله مرات لا تعد ولا تحصى. وقال انه لم تتعاون مع وكالة الاستخبارات المركزية أو MI6. (موسى كوسا، شلقم، والقاضي الجليل وجبريل، ومع ذلك فعلت. وهي تتعلق أسيادهم على معمر القذافي في كل خطوة. زرعت هم في الجماهيرية العظمى من قبل وكالة المخابرات المركزية الأمريكية.)
معمر القذافي هو أكثر من صحيح مسلم، فهو أحد المرابطين والمهدي. وقال انه قدم اليمين، منذ الطفولة، والالتزام الكامل الله / الله. بأي حال من الأحوال، أي شيء من البرنامج النصي التالي صحيحا على الإطلاق. لمعرفة معمر، له الأقرب والأكثر ولاء له، جميعا نعرف هذا. يقدم معمر القذافي الله، وليس لأحد آخر. الكتاب الأخضر والوثيقة الخضراء الكبرى العالمي لحقوق الإنسان (12 June1988) هي محض، صحيح تماما وتكشف عن جمال معمر القذافي. وقال انه سوف تفي يتنبأ من الشيخ الاسمر براون من زليتن. الملائكة الوصي ديك من مرحلة الطفولة المبكرة على (جناح)، محمية بشكل خارق له، و، بأعجوبة وقد حذره من الأخطار. أنها “تغذية” ومواصلة “تغذية” له.

وراجع للشغل: كان معمر القذافي أبدا طاغية، طاغية أو ديكتاتور. اجرى أي قوى سياسية ما، لذلك على الإطلاق! كان البريطانيون حاجة حكاية أخرى لتغطية السيناريو الموت فاشلة بهم. هذا هو بالضبط ما الكتاب وبرقية يقدم لهم.




‘Gaddafi’ has many mansions in Harare.

On 27 September 2013, The Daily Telegraph reveals the MI6 plot to help Gaddafi escape from Libya

According to The Telegraph:

1. The plan was drawn up at the highest levels of the British Government.
2. Andrew Mitchell, a UK government minister, was sent to make certain contacts with the government of Equatorial Guinea.
3. There has always been speculation that Gaddafi left Libya around October 2011, the time when Gaddafi was allegedly killed.
In the end, Mansour Dao ended up being a lying traitor..and to cover himself, he said
“I do not know what happened in the final moments, because I was unconscious after I was hit on my back.”
والحقيقة هي ، أن معمر يعرف شيئا من هذا حتى الأخبار و التقارير الإذاعية قادمون في حوالي اعتقاله والموت ! يوم الجمعة 21 أكتوبر 2011، أدلى معمر القذافي اتصالا هاتفيا الثانية 32 ، والذي طلب” أين هو الجسد؟ “ثم قال معمر قال ان فعلت كل هذا لالتقاط سرت و عدم تصديق أي من ذلك !؟fbid=203406209774394
[ يوتيوب =؟v=EBzzcAI1v3A ]

موجز 32 رسالة هاتفية الثانية التي قدمها معمر القذافي في 21 أكتوبر 2011، بعد إعلان له ما يسمى ب ” الموت” !؟v=EBzzcAI1v3A

” أريد أن أقول لل عالم أنهم يقولون هذه الكذبة من أجل مهاجمة مدينة سرت بالصواريخ ، وهذا هو السبب في أنه هو كذب وعلاقته بي.

هل تريد أن تحتل النفط؟
و هذا الرجل يأتي مع الإحضار ، لتلبية كلينتون على بلدها ما يسمى أخر زيارة الى ليبيا — من أي بلد هو هذا الرجل يا كلينتون !

كنت نطح نفسك أمام العالم كله وخسر ثقتك بنفسك .
قد يغفر الله لك!
هل تريد كلينتون شماتة أنحاء العالم كله ل معمر القذافي ؟
ولكن هل خونة ، و قال الفئران أن يكون الجسم، و أين هو؟

الشعب الليبي سوف ترتفع يوم الجمعة مع الشجعان ” .

The TRUTH is, that MU’ammar knew nothing of this until the news and radio reports were coming in about his capture and death! On Friday, 21 OCTOBER 2011, Muammar al-QAathafi made a 32 second  telephone call, in which he asked

“Where is the body?”

and Muammar then said said all this was done to capture SIRTE and not to believe any of it!.

brief 32 second telephone message given by Muammar al-Qathafi on 21 OCTOBER 2011, after the announcement of his so-called “death”!“I want to say to the world that they are saying this lie in order to attack the city of Sirte with rockets. That is why it is a lie and its relationship to me.Do you want to occupy the oil ?
And that man comes with a corpus, to satisfy Clinton on her so-called last visit to Libya—from what country is this man, O Clinton!

You butted yourself in front of the whole world and lost your confidence.
May God forgive you!
Do you want Clinton gloating over the whole world for Muammar al-Qathafi?
But you traitors, are rats, said to have the body, where is it?

The Libyan people will rise on Friday with the brave.”

Reportedly, ex-Green Berets gave training to Gaddafi forces in Benghazi.According to Edmund Wilson:”A number of former Green Berets … have worked for me…”Benghazi is your basic Marine-like boot camp.

“We take Libyan draftees—raw, young, some barely teenagers—and we put them through a special 40-to 50-day operations course…

“There are four or five former Green Berets there…

“There’s about 12 hours of training in basic demolition, the kind that would be used to blow up bridges, roads or trees…

“After training they continue in the Libyan Army as soldiers…

“Colonel Qaddafi … I admire what he has done for his people in the way of economic progress in the last 10 years.

“He has bettered the standard of living of the common people, even down to the Bedouins. I think he’s improved the quality of life here a great deal. On every level, whether it’s agricultural, industrial, political or cultural, the Libyans are a lot better off then they were before. I’ve never seen a beggar here…,,20080744,00.html

Dr. Mutassim Billah Gaddafi, the fourth son, was Gaddafi’s National Security Advisor.

According to Mansour Dao, the former commander of Libya’s Revolutionary Guards and the colonel’s cousin, “Gaddafi was not running the battle, his son Mutassim was… As I told you, Mutassim was running the battle and not Gaddafi, and he was the decision maker about any move.”


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