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Dr. Aisha, the daughter of the sister of the martyr Billah Moutassem:

Today’s Birthdays darling brother, friend and spiritual harmony as I like to call him … Billah love life, but his love for his father, was the biggest love to travel, but his love for his homeland was deeper leave us medals carried by generations and generations behind and do not want more …

I remember our last call he told me when we win, if I can cut the skin in order to present it to the people of the martyrs and despite this Yaakhti I know that I shorted … Billah wound that will not heal your absence darling death … To live by even Altakik there for a better life ..

Date of Birth real: 12/05/1975

Dr. Aisha Gaddafi ..
# (Earthquake)

د. عائشة أبنة الشهيد اخت الرجال
اليوم ميلاد حبيبي أخي صديقي وتؤام روحي كما أحب أن اناديه … المعتصم بالله أحب الحياة ولكن حبه لوالده كان أكبر أحب السفر ولكن عشقه لوطنه كان أعمق ترك لنا أوسمة تحملها أجيال وراء أجيال ولانريد أكثر … أذكر أخر مكالمة بيننا قال لي عندما ننتصر لو أستطيع أن أقطع من جلدي لكي أقدمه الى أهل الشهداء ورغم هذا يااختي أعلم أني مقصر … المعتصم بالله جرح لن يندمل غيابك ياحبيبي موت … لاحياة حتى التقيك هناك في حياة أفضل ..تـاريـخ المـيلاد الحقيقي : 5-12-1975د.عـائشـة القـذافي ..

Speech of Dr. Hamza Alnhamme in the yard of green Patarrbouk 04/12/2013 P

17 décembre 2012 


READ: (QUOTE) ” Leader Muammar Gaddafi is fine and in good health, one of the lead editorial…”Dr. Moussa Ibrahim … Reassures Liberal imminent victorySpoke yesterday, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim in “a Light room” immediately Ever Balbaltok …He spoke in detail about the events from the beginning and spoke on the status of the Resistance now ….He was his very cool and very reassuring ….. I will summarize for you some of the most important presented by Dr. Moussa Ibrahim:- Mundd beginning events in
Tunisia and Egypt, before it starts in Libya the commander directing a group of officers and soldiers, equipment and military vehicles to neighboring countries .. He knew that the goal was to occupy Libya and destroying its strength
– It was possible to prolong the war years, but will be Altantijh is the destruction of Libya and the loss of strength in final
– Now with military force and resistance organization and spread in all parts of Libya … It has the ability to retrieve legitimacy
– As previously identified zero hour three times … The goal was to see lurking among us and know the power of the enemy and his reaction and driven to the ground
– There was zero hour was imposed on us, a war on Bani Walid …. It was decided that the elimination of militias attacking and do all of the cells control the cities and the country’s liberation, but hours before departure we discovered that the organization of 93 wants to convert to something they called the Liberation correct path revolution on February 17 …. And social leadership has rejected in Bani Walid this matter … No waiver of legitimate green led by Muammar Gaddafi …. So, Social Council Beni Walid take all the young people who, Watteau from other areas to fight with them … And let us know to take their fighters and their vehicles, and weapons …. And told the leadership of the resistance of all cells and groups to cancel the zero hour
– Leader Muammar Gaddafi is fine and in good health, one of the lead editorial
– The world began looking for legitimacy began looking about us … The world can not possibly be Libya chaos …. Libya air transportation node …. International companies operating in Libya parked … Illegal immigration to Europe is in full swing these days … Al-Qaeda and Wu
– Finished a political body configuration represents resistance represents the Libyan people of all classes … And we had contacts with the parties and organizations and so many countries … And there are too many confessions ready as soon as the announcement of this political entity
– African countries stand with us strongly
– One of the countries that met with a recognizing us Tunisia
– Victory is very close Vosbero and Sabero …. Libya Independents.





WARNING! When you see anything from REUTERS:

Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar NEWS:

“Open your eyes when news from Reuters reporter!”

FAKE STORIES, FAKE REPORTING (so that you will believe the western agendas ONLY!)

  • حفرة الدم = ياسلطان راه الظلم عم … وغابت حق ياشيخ الدباره – أهي طرابلس حفرة الدم … مافيهاش من يضوي فناره – واهي الزاوية تمت ف هم … ما بقيش غير خلية زواره – نشبح فيه موعدها انحسم … من جنزور نرجو ف الأشاره – واهل الشرق ماحدش اسلم … حرق وقتل يومي في خساره – ياسلطانها العيد انصرم … وعاشورا نباها خساره – على لنجاس سفاكة الدم … إنشاالله يشربو كاس المراره – ياسلطان راه الظلم عم … وعم الفحش وانتشرن اوكاره – ياسلطان عيشتنا ف غم … الوطن الكل يرجى في شراره – ترهوناتها فاضت جمم … ترجا سيدها يعطي إشاره – وسبع اطبولها تغلي عمم … كيف الفرن ماتبردش ناره – ورفلاتها راعد رزم … حالف لين ما ياخذ بثاره – وعقب مشيش جلايين هم … وانت جدهم تعرف اسراره – وسرت جروحها ما تلتئم … إلا ونت شاحذهن اشفاره – زليتن ليك ياسيدي حرم … وليك الرجال فرسانا عصاره – سيف الشرع ياشيخ انشلم … و صار الحكم في يدين السكاره – كم من شيخ بعد شيب انظلم … وسالت دمعته ضاق المراره – كانك سيدها فزع ولم … رجال الله من كل الأمم … ياسلطانها الغاره الغاره – الشارف وين وين قاذف الدم … رقود الزاويا وساكن جفاره – ولعجيلات ياما من هرم … سي حركات والبهلول جاره – وبن همال لي شايل الهم … مع صلا فزان الغياره – وأهل الشرق جمله كلهم … رويفع فيك يابيضا مناره – ياسلطان من قالو صنم … الله يميتهم ميتة نصاره – على المختار نباها تعم … صلاة الله في ليله ونهاره -يافكاك مسجون النصاره – ناديهم جدودك هم هم … مايقعدش واحد في دياره
    Flood is coming writes:

    Pit blood = Aasultan Rah injustice uncle … Absent right Yashik Aldbarh –

    Ahi Tripoli pit blood … Mavahash of Aazavi Fanara – and Lahey has in their corner …

    What is a cell Bakich visitors – Ncbh the time Anhsm …

    Janzour of hope in the signal – and the people of the East No one gave up …

    Burning and killing in a daily loss – Aasultanha feast ticked …

    The loss of Ashura speak for themselves – on Njaas Svakh blood …

    Anchaallah Icherbo the cup of bitterness – Aasultan Rah injustice uncle …

    Uncle of obscenity and Anchern Okarh – Aasultan Aeshetna P g …

    All at home please Sharara – Tarhunadtha overflowed Jmm …

    Tarja master gives the signal – and seven Atabolha boil circulated …

    How oven Manbardsh his fire – and Rvladtha Thunderer packages …

    Lin rode takes revenge – Following Msheec Jlaen Hmm …

    And you know the secrets of their grandfather – and heal the wounds of Sirte

    However, colored Hahzhen Ashvarh – Zliten Lake campus, sir …

    Lake men and horsemen squeezer – Saif al-Shara Yashik Anclm …

    And judgment came in condemning Alskarh – km from Sheikh after graying Aandalm …

    Salt and Dmath fed bitterness – as if you did not scare her master …

    Men of God of all the nations … Aasultanha Blitz Blitz – Sharef Win Win thrower blood …

    Asleep angles and static Ajafarh – and Ojailat Yama of the pyramid …

    CNN movements and Bahlul neighbor – Ben negligence ÔÇíá inspired me …

    Fezzan Agheiarh arrived with – and all the people of the Middle Joomla

    Roaf Vick Aawhita beacon – Aasultan of Galo fetish …

    God slay them dead Nasara – chosen to speak for themselves permeated …

    Pray to God in the days and nights – Aavkak imprisoned Nasarh –

    they are the grandparents of their club … Maigadsh one in his home.




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As Libya continues its deadly spiral into lawlessness and bloodshed — most recently illustrated when Islamist militias gunned down protesters in the capital city of Tripoli last week, or when the “prime minister” was kidnapped last month — the Obama administration has a new plan to bring order out of chaos.

After having handed the smoldering ruins of Libya to a gaggle of radical Islamists and al Qaeda-linked fanatics by helping oust the  Great Jamahiriya of Muammar al-Qathafi, the U.S. government is now working on a scheme to train Libyan “troops” and “security forces.” All of it will help the embattled Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamic regime cement its loose grip on power as it enforces  Wahabist-style fake -Sharia terror law.

Critics of the controversial scheme are warning that it risks further empowering Salafist  terrorists with advanced U.S. military training. Of course, other problems with the missions include the absence of any constitutional authority to train foreign forces, as well as the fact that Washington, D.C. is already on the verge of drowning U.S. citizens in odious debts that can never be repaid. However, with the disastrous effects of the Obama administration’s United Nations-approved unconstitutional war on Libya becoming clearer by the day, the surge in violence and chaos is being seized upon by policymakers as an excuse to justify further foreign intervention.
According to Adm. William McRaven, commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command, the U.S. government plans to train between 5,000 and 7,000 Libyan “security” personnel. The scheme will include both conventional troops and “counterterrorism forces.” Speaking during a terror-war panel discussion at the Reagan National Defense Forum, however, Adm. McRaven acknowledged that there would be “risks” inherent in boosting the capabilities of Libyan forces — particularly the very real prospect that U.S. taxpayer dollars will again be used to arm and train al Qaeda-linked Salafists.
“As we go forward to try and find a good way to build up the Libyan security forces so they are not run by militias, we are going to have to assume some risks,” McRaven said at the event, referring to the lawless bands of Salafist militants armed and trained by the Obama administration amid the war on the Great Jamahiriya and Muammar al-Qathafi. “Right now we have the authorities to do that training, and I think as a country we have to say there is probably some risk that some of the people we will be training with do not have the most clean records. But at the end of the day it is the best solution we can find to train them to deal with their own problems.”
Other than dealing with the nightmare unleashed in the wake of Obama’s recent UN-backed “regime change” scheme against the Great Jamahiriya, it was not immediately clear why American taxpayers and troops should be responsible for helping Libyans “deal with their own problems.” Also unclear was what purported “authorities” the Obama administration believes it has to further train Libyan forces — though the lack of legitimate authority has proved unable to restrain the warmongering thus far. How much the scheme will cost also remains a mystery at this point.
What other governments might participate in building up the Libyan regime’s monopoly on force has not yet been decided either, according to officials cited in media reports. A Carnegie Endowment associate who supports deepening U.S. government involvement in the Libyan fiasco, however, writing at the Council on Foreign Relations’ publication, reported that authorities from Turkey, Qatar, Italy, and the United Kingdom have committed their populations and forces to the effort. (France is already embroiled in the mess there with bases in Sirte and the South Libyan Sahel desert.)
Even though Adm. McRaven said top U.S. military leaders were aware of the “risks,” he told the Washington Free Beacon that the plot was already in its “early phases.” The controversial program will reportedly be carried out through the relatively new “U.S. Africa Command,” also known as Africom, with support from the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli.

Apparently much of the training, however, will take place on European soil….Another reason for setting up the schemes outside of Libya could be a recent raid on U.S. military supplies that resulted in militias stealing advanced American weaponry.
Ironically, perhaps, though hardly surprising: The controversial training announcement came just a week after Libyan “Justice Ministry” documents exposed the creation of a “council” to ensure that the new regime’s laws were going to ahere  to sharia (law) of the Holy Quran.

With the Obama administration, American taxpayers will again be financing Salafist terror-forced on a hapless population — which were far better off under under the Great Jamahiriya (“people’s power”, ruling themselves) that preceded Obama, NATO, and al-Qaeda’s “regime change” scheme. Among other changes, women will be relegated to second-class citizenship, along with non-Muslims.

In addition to the looming U.S. training for Libyan “security,” functionaries serving the emerging European Union super-state are reportedly already on the ground in Libya training paramilitary forces under the “Defense Ministry.” Supposedly part of an effort to prevent the nation from becoming a so-called “failed state” — a development that analysts say occurred years ago — the EU claims the plot is a “civilian” effort to support Libyan border guards and maritime forces. The controversial EU mission will also be supported by military experts and “public relations” (propaganda) operations paid for by taxpayers, according to media reports.
As The New American and, more recently, media outlets around the world have been documenting, with the ouster of The Great Jamahiriya, the Libyan people now find themselves under the bloody reign of a patchwork of revolutionary Salafist warlords with perpetually shifting alliances. Many of the “militias” have been put on the new regime’s payroll in an apparent effort to purchase loyalty, but the chaos throughout Libya continues to grow. On November 15, for example, heavily armed Islamist gunmen fired on anti-militia protesters in Tripoli, reportedly killing several dozen and wounding almost 500…and then chaos continued then into Ajeelat, Benghazi and Derna.

Unsurprisingly, the establishment’s Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the UN, the Obama administration, and other forces are working hard to get American taxpayers and troops more deeply involved in the Libyan fiasco that the establishment was largely responsible for producing in the first place. In the CFR’s Foreign Affairs journal, for example, Carnegie Endowment senior associate Frederic Wehrey calls on Washington to “heed those who argue that the mission [to train new Libyan regime forces] should be accompanied by broader assistance designed to help Libya work through the economic and political challenges that underlie its insecurity.”
A much better plan, though, would be for the U.S. government to stop meddling in the affairs of foreign nations. Washington, D.C.’s history of lawless and anti-constitutional interventionism speaks for itself: bloodshed, massacres, chaos, empowering future enemies, supporting dictators, and more. Each round of intervention, meanwhile, always seems to require more intervention to deal with the consequences. With American taxpayers already on the hook for some 12.58€ trillion in debts, not to mention the thousands of U.S. troops killed, it is past time for policymakers to try a new approach.


URGENT!! FAKE “REGIME CHANGE” in the process:

T like nutria (big swamp rat) and Bohakor and Awad Barasi and   Zaidane

Agency urgently Libya / American candidate and Qatar to take over the presidency of the Libyan government.
Asahvat deliberated some information that is not documented or confirmed

that the United States and Qatar have agreed on a candidate to succeed,
“Ali Zaidane” as the prime minister of Libya …

See who is the candidate? The following lines are trying to answer this question:

Abdul Baset Okotait (captain pilot):

What is the link between the visit and the McCain candidacy Akotait?

Abdul Wahab Mlitan reports:

What is the link between the visit, “John McCain” and the announcement of Libya,

“Abdel Basset Akotait” his candidacy for the presidency of Libya and presented to his

vision to emerge from the current crisis being experienced by Libya???.

In addition to that, (married to an Israeli and pro-Zionist) is (captain pilot) work in several airlines as a pilot assistant ..

In 2004, Switzerland has established an international company to manage business services ..
During 2005 and 2006, he facilitated the holding group of 12 German engineering company to provide civil engineering and architectural ..

In 2006, the foundations of a financial group in Switzerland and became an adviser to the Qatari Diar ..
In 2007, he became the owner of a company Mitrika Marine Services and Aviation based in Germany.

Attached photo was taken on .. 23 – 11 – 2013 and shows where “John McCain” and “Abdel Basset Akotait.”**

Born September 24, 1970 Benghazi.
Work in several airlines as a pilot assistant .. In 2004, Switzerland has established an international company to manage business services for the benefit of the State of Qatar .. During 2005 and 2006, he facilitated the holding group of 12 German engineering company to provide civil engineering and architectural Qatar .. In 2006, the foundations of a financial group in Switzerland and became an adviser to the Qatari Diar .. In 2007, he became the owner of a company Mitrika Marine Services and Aviation based in Germany.

And now works as president of the Independent Libya Foundation (ILF) and contributed to the fundraising for Libya during the war and also in recognition of a number of countries, including the Transitional Council, which met with the president of Panama .. Has also been assigned a special envoy of the Libyan Transitional Council during the war.

When will honest citizenry WAKE-UP!!! ?

IT IS ALL a WESTERN “GAME”!!! (QATAR & USA, the real rulers with TURKEY, picked this fellow…not the Libyan people!)
John McCain takes a picture in the U.S. embassy in Tripoli with the Marine embassy guards!!!

Libya talks:
Chairman of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane,” leaving the capital Tripoli heading to the French capital Paris

to participate in the summit of the Elysee “for peace and security in Africa” !

Presidency of the General Staff alert:

Libya Al-Mostakbal of “Libya future”:
Urgent. Libyan government pulls 7 Mllardolar from the strategic reserves of Libya for the first time in the history of Libya
According to informed sources from within the Central Bank of Libya for the Libyan government pulled seven billion dollars of Libyan strategic reserve for the first time in the history of Libya.
# (Earthquake)

Convert 23 million through the Bank of the Republic Hawwalten Mzortin

Libya’s future – the atmosphere of the country:
A source familiar anonymity said to the atmosphere of the country on Thursday, that the Bank of the Republic Branch Maqrif subjected to the process of converting the amount of 23 million of the expense of oil company bank accounts and fake by Hawwalten Mzortin from last June. The source explained that the transfer amount of 13 million has already been withdrawn from the bank, while the second and the transfer value of 10 million kept by the bank, noting that Alhawwalten were transferred to the fake accounts in the National Commercial Bank branch Maqrif.
The source added that investigations are ongoing, the bank, noting the lack of action taken to take precautions careful not to repeat the act again.

Central Bank of Libya Libya denies spending billion dollars to compensate for the loss of oil revenues ..


Denied the Central Bank of Libya and the news reported by the Reuters news agency attributed to the Deputy Governor on Libya amount to spend seven billion dollars to compensate for the loss of oil revenues. A statement issued by the Information Office of the bank that despite the decline in oil revenues during the last three months it has not been compromised precautions. The deputy governor of the Central Bank of Libya in accordance with the statement that cited the media but it is talking about the growth of the low reserves at the Central Bank of Libya from what it had previously, and that this decline has reached about 3 billion dollars due to lower oil revenues. And called on the Central Bank of Libya and the local media and foreign to the need for accuracy and credibility when you publish any information regarding the status of the monetary and financial support for the Libyan state due to the negative effects that may result from airing such news, confirming the stability of the development of reserves of the Central Bank of Libya 



WHEN THEY “GANGED-UP” ON TRIPOLI, and forably took over, in AUGUST 2011:


THE “2011 offensive in Tripoli” by scheduled services in London

and supported by commando British, French, Jordanian and Qatari

The final assault against the Libyan rebels in Tripoli, taken Sunday night, was planned by the British secret service agents based in Benghazi and conducted with the support of the British Special Forces, French, Jordanian and Qatari .

According to the London Daily Telegraph , the rebel offensive was conducted in accordance with the directives of the military experts Mi6 months allocated in the stronghold of anti-government forces.

The plan of attack of 007 of Her Majesty went off Saturday afternoon, with the air strikes conducted by the Royal Air Force Tornadoon the governmental structures of telecommunications to the suburb south-west of Tripoli.

According to well-informed site Debkafile (near the Israeli intelligent), a rebel offensive in Tripoli, in particular to ‘ assault on the colonel’s bunker in Bab al-Azaziya, took an active part-for the first time since the Libyan war – special forces commando British ( Special Air Service ) French ( Groupe des Commando Parachutiste ), Jordanian and Qatari .

(picture shows MI6 in BREGA in 2011)

ITALY did not take part in the Tripoli raid. Silvio Berlusconi said he wanted to resign rather than hurt Muammar…

as OBAMA demanded his co-operation…


1973 Drawing depicts TRIPOLI’s reality of NOW:

Drawing the late Mohammed Zawawi, God bless his soul in 1973 … Today we are living the reality of

(Valley girl)

a 12,000-strong militia headed by an Islamist strongman is Tripoli’s only law

Hisham Bishr

Hisham Bishr in his makeshift office at Mettiga Airport in Tripoli Photo: MAJDI ELNAKUA FOR THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

7:30PM BST 12 Oct 2013

With thousands of heavily armed men at his command, it is easy to see why some Libyans view Hisham Bishr as an Islamist warlord. A devout Muslim with a pious air, the stocky, bearded 42-year-old is today the most powerful militiaman in Tripoli, complete with his own private prison.

Right now, he is also the only law in town.

A commander in one of the rebel brigades that ousted The Great Jamahiriya in 2011, Mr Bishr heads Tripoli’s government-backed “supreme security committee”, the polite name for what is in fact a private army.

He is a figure of fear, whose crusades against gangsters, drug dealers and homosexuals which harbour a distinctly Muslim agenda. But with a proper police force yet to emerge from the ruins of Libya’s old regime, his rough justice is seen as better than nothing – and preferable to some of the other militias.

Reuter correspondent Firas Bosalum:
Theft of 17 million dinars from the Republic Bank branch Maqrif by one of the employees and fled out of the country,
# Libya # Tripoli
Announces … General Electric Company
For an emergency maintenance station west of Tripoli # 220 KV P
Which would entail a separate power supply stations
(Academy, a fisherman, fabric, Nasreddin apical, the area adjacent to the station west of Tripoli)
and knead on Saturday 2013,12,7 m Starting at 9:00 am to 16:00
Where will be linked to the new adapter voltage 220/30 kV
P it hopes to General Electric Company of Gentlemen citizens and residents
Areas mentioned discernible science Bdlk.

Libyan capital experiencing serious interruptions in the power


العاصمة الليبية تشهد انقطاعات جدية في التيار الكهربائي

Saw the Libyan capital of Tripoli last week, power outages lasted for 5-6 hours at least.

And causing constant interruptions of electrical current, serious problems for people and social workers.

In addition, the presence of benzene in petrol stations, a few days ago in Tripoli, irregular, causing the emergence of long queues of buyers.

As recognized authorities in Tripoli that the country is in a “critical condition”, due to the ongoing protests in different areas, which prevent the participants from the arrival of the fuel, and caused the power supply cut.

At the same time, increased demand for electricity in the homes of Libya significantly, after a period of cold weather.

Alassema TV channel capital
Heads of local councils in Tripoli, claiming to demonstrate peacefully on Friday under the name of F editing oil ….

Gasoline lines, but the final after them residents of Tripoli Lord help us be:

Students Media Center – Media Center Student :::
Car Double Kabana infringe on a student within the Faculty of Medicine and is trying to hijack, but not the goodness of God and the screams of some of the students and asked for help to leave the kidnappers student, and was the first to enter when you hear the kidnapping university guards may God give them all the best were shut down any suspicious vehicle.
# Students Union Human Medicine:


In the name of God the Merciful
Groups and Saraya earthquake fighter
Secret black plateau, led by an earthquake Conqueror 04/12/2013 time 10:56 was set saws tracking al-Qaida supporters of the law in the Al-Fateh University, Faculty of Science and the success we have today the definitive guide and Othbat for all the people of Tripoli that there are cells and networks to organize inside Tripoli,

and we know very well in all places brought them together and their plans and will seek to bring down this country and cowardly unsuccessful image and told of speech and thank all the young Salim and plateau and trait Furjan and students who are helping us lose today within the university and forward ((inquiries battalion earthquake))
This is a picture of a saw that has been tuned today:

# (Earthquake)


Earthquake Conqueror
To God and to Him we return the death of one of our personnel in Tripoli after he was found dead

in Bab Ben Ghashir (Osama meridional), God willing martyr
# (Earthquake)

Battalion earthquake fighter:

Since seven hours of light earthquake brother:
From this hour and this moment will not Nrahmkm Aajerdan Taataala

the voices of lead in Tripoli and will Nshakkm you guys Sacred.
# (Earthquake)

Battalion earthquake fighter:

Will be lead is ruling now in Tripoli will use the weapon today in more than one area in Tripoli

and Excuse us Iaahrar Tripoli, we must answer the Thar Martyr Osama one of Zelzlo ground yesterday

against Al-Qaeda and Jardan, today and tomorrow did not stop targeting each Kharijites and forward.
# (Earthquake)

Battalion earthquake fighter:

Brother of light earthquake
Unfortunately, I will Aghib you today and ask God to grant victory to all the oppressed and will refer you if Ketbla God lived stretch and Ali all Libyans honorable exit in angry demonstrations after the Asr prayer in all the streets of Tripoli and does not have the arms come out even with knives It’s time men heck of Jardan.

(I hope Everyone Publishing widest and forward ..)
Mujahid battalion commander quake…
Earthquake light and peace and mercy of God.


Important :::

Was the relocation of the channel Topx of the militias of Misrata to the Office links youth Behind passenger versus Street crawl Green, where there is a studio there follows the channel Great Jamahiriya previously been the so-called Tariq Alkhpashh Alzentani who owns the place to hand over the studio to channel Tobateix for the purpose of the broadcast from the studio is located in this headquarters and frequented this place hidden Faraj Swehli and other thugs who committed the massacre in Misurata Gharghour., and God is my witness:
#( Earthquake)

Russian mission to return to Libya on 8 December 2013

Acting Russian Embassy in Tripoli, who is in Tunisia Leonid Frolov
Thursday, 5 December 2013:
that Russian diplomats will return to Libya on 8 December 2013.
 According to his statements has been awarded the Libyan side entry documents for 9 staff at the embassy.
The embassy had been attacked earlier and the Russian Foreign Ministry on the effect that the evacuation of its staff.


Really now!!! (Someone thinks Libyans are fools, with all the damage  to the Shrine clearly seen and duly recorded!!)

Local Tajourah denied to the atmosphere of the country,  the existence of any shrine bombing in Tajourah,

explaining that targeted the home of a unidentified chieftains Tajourah and a member of the Shura Council,

the former three o’clock shell Arby Gee, without casualties.


The religion with Allah is Islam:
This Filipino confronted one of the mosque Ahan adjusts the sound inside the mosque, and said I,
Read Bosama speakers and was a surprise.
هذا فلبيني جابه واحد للمسجد علشان يضبط الصوت داخل المسجد وقاله إقرأ وأنا بأسمع السماعات وكانت المفاجأة



Supreme Council for the Amazigh Libya announces suspension of sit-ins.

Statement regarding the local council Alhawwamd Matnaqlth media about decoding sit Amazigh field Suehat:

called motionless Martyrs 15 November sons of the Libyan people to demonstrate peacefully on Friday under the slogan “F liberalization of oil,” and that lifting the siege imposed on the oil fields by some armed formations. He also called on all Libyans mobility in all areas to get out to the squares to participate in this demonstration, which will carry the slogan “only oil .. I

t is my livelihood and food Aiili.” Referred to as the armed formations trace concentrations tribal Amatigh and Tbawih and regional closed most of the fields and ports and lines of production and export of oil in the country, thus depriving the country of the only source of resources and the production of electric power, as this led locksmith who comes to realize the goals of tribal, ethnic and regional, to the crisis in the fuel in its different forms , as well as power outages for long hours in some areas up to ten hours a day ..



Daily News, Inc., Mellitah Oil and Gas
Start racing in the processing field to fulfill the pump gas station Ruwais and it takes two or three days to reach the station via the gas pipeline that extends from the field to meet the Mellitah through the Ruwais plant to generate electricity.


Hit by a car in the water suction comforters shooting by unknown assailants, which led to the suspension of work …. Active
(Channel Surman)


Hajj was killed today cosmic Thowaibi
one of the most gold traders in the city department in Ajeelat – 
at the hands of a criminal, murderer and thief Egyptian nationality ..

The victim was apace on Gold Street, where then entered the thief and stabbed him with several knife wounds

and filled his bag with gold and tried to flee,

BUT, before being able to flee, some young people who have heard the screams of the victim,

arrested the murdering thief and handed him over to the NRF.



“Important Announcement” area Gharyan

The Committee calls upon the supreme security temporary – “branch Gharyan” gentlemen drivers of motor vehicles, the need for caution when using the following methods as a result of the abundance of gathered volumes of rainwater, and some of them are difficult to view him: –
1: – Highway reality of “area Abouzayn” to “bridge Jendouba” the difficulty of vision as a result of the presence of fog.
2: – Highway reality of “area Ngrnh” to “area of ​​Apple Valley” Unable visibility in some places as a result of the fog, and the presence of large quantities of rainwater on the side of the road may lead to slip in the case of speed or lack of attention her, God forbid, some crowding out Wall gas station located in the region.
3: – Highway reality of “area boys belt” to “the intersection of Altibsta (Camp Shban previously)” can not be the vision in some places as a result of the fog, Seen quantities of rainwater on the side of the road may lead to slip in the case of speed or inattention her to appreciate God, congestion in front of the gas station outside the station (please note when passing in front of the station).
4: – Highway reality of “sports area to the area of ​​Bridge Medical denominators” Seen amounts of rain water on the sides could not be cornering visibility in some places as a result of the fog.
5: – Highway reality of “head-to-end Apogalan turns” There are also large quantities of rain water on the sides of turns in addition to the water that apply in reverse, unable to see in some places as a result of the fog.
Disclaimer “We hope all of the gentlemen drivers of motor vehicles to use the car lights, and seat belt for their own safety in the streets.
“We wish safety for all” and do not forget always careful in safety and in haste makes waste “
“God save Libya”

(Office of Media Relations and security – a branch of the Supreme Security Committee temporary – Gharyan.)



And Rishvana ::::::
Portal displays the army in Cimafro turf fire
elements of the army has responded strongly, forcing chicks who Ahjmo to flee like rabbits.
(Quoting / / pictures and news from the Rishvana )
Globe :
Reported since the fire broke out about an hour ago in the office of education and the world has been to control the fire by police civil defense .. And that the damages were not large .. The reasons are unknown
(Channel globe)



1:00 French military base in the city of Sirte to hoist the flag of colonialism and partition,

the question to you and please reply in your pages this in public, either hidden in the desert south??? . . …

de Conqueror never

News Mkmadas:

Told us PIO local council Sirte:
that Mr. Speaker local Sirte today received financial authorization from the Ministry of Housing, Utilities Tripoli government and private citizens compensation Giza military zones and a thousand housing units in Sirte and that the total value of financial delegation 78 million dinars.



هنا بني وليد Here Bani Walid

And originality share of Bani Walid
Here Knights # Bani Walid _
If Jpetkm picture .. Lake + Sher
وللأصالة نصيب من بني وليد
هنا فرسان #بني_وليدوإذا عجبتكم الصورة .. لايك + شير 
by: ahmed alsaady

Urgent aid to the people of Tawergha camps in Tripoli
Il ya 44 minutes the first batch of emergency aid to the people of Tawergha displaced Tripoli offered the people of the city of Bani Walid by the Society of Peace charity loaded Balagdeh, blankets, clothing and monist has arrived today to Tripoli, a convoy of relief aid to the people of Tawergha will be the second convoy Baden God to the people Tawergha next week, big thank you to all of the provided a helping hand to ensure the success of this topic convoy …


a child commits suicide by hanging in Mslath because of his fear of school

Mohammed Abdullah Doma committed suicide today because of the beatings suffered by him at his school, where mother said he was clothed in 5 socks every day for fear of being beaten teachers on his feet and was threatening in his family to leave the study or death that have not been transferred to another school and did not thing for taking his family matter seriously and the result is that he committed suicide today mentions that Muhammad was taught in school Osman Agayzana.



Zaidane hopes to break the siege of the oil ports peacefully

– The President of the interim government, Ali Zaidane hoped to result in actions that are currently underway in the city of Tobruk, by everyone to a solution to the issue of lifting the siege on the oil ports without bloodshed and engage in confrontations.
Zaidane said in a press conference held on the eve of Wednesday in the presence of a number of ministers, “that if it is not the government will not stand idly by forever, and will not wait more than wait, and we appreciate the urgency and the wheel of public opinion and the people in order to solve this issue, but many things will not only be her time and Bmqtadhaadtha and Petrtibadtha and to create the conditions. ”
The Zaidane in this context to permit the deputy governor of the central bank that Libya has spent 7 billion of foreign exchange reserves, and will be forced to spend six billion other, so clear to the people that who closed the oil and who are still Aagaflonh so far, despite the efforts and mediations, which were conducted by the delegations and people to resolve this serious matter of what caused serious damage to the national economy.
He stressed that the state if forced to do anything that will not bother with any statements, because they are patient and waited to preserve the blood of the Libyans, but the wait did not find a deaf ear and said, “We reject what you are trying to impose any category for reasons of political or sectarian or ethnic This may be harmful in the long run everyone. ”

Laroussi is expected to resume oil production in full this month
‘s Oil minister said, “Abdul Bari Arousi” on Wednesday, said that Libya hopes to re-open all the oil ports on the tenth of December, this month, and the resumption of production fully a week later.
Laroussi told reporters at a meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting he was “optimistic” by clicking on the protesters armed, to convince them to allow the resumption of production, saying that it would lead to the return of Libyan oil production to 1.5 million barrels per day. At the beginning of the week called the Libyan army militiamen and protesters to end their occupation of the oil fields and ports to allow the resumption of the export of crude. The Libyan oil production dropped recently to about 225 thousand barrels per day due to strikes in the ports and major fields.
News Agency of solidarity.


Found 2 bag of explosives behind the Bank of the Republic of Ajdabiya.

Close members of the tribe Zawya day road link between Ajdabiya and oases.

He said one of the organizers of the protest Abdel Moneim cabled to the

atmosphere of the country that the closure will continue until the stop Tabu sit in a field bed.



Bombing of the headquarters of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides last night Bdrna a second attack on the headquarters.


URGENT: Benghazi airport have built an explosion in the aircraft wheels EgyptAir:

Quoting a source in the Libyan Airlines plane landing EgyptAir’s runway closed for Benghazi airport have built 33R and Hua closed from 2007, and user-Hua 33L!!

And caused an explosion in the plane’s wheels front and rear, were landed passengers nor human damage remember ….

The civil defense graciously duty to the fullest and thank everyone for their good performance and disposition has source confirmed that he had not talked any human damage and all passengers are in good health and will resume the plane trip back to Egypt immediately upon completion of the maintenance procedures.

Vigil Medical Center cardiac surgery Benghazi
Atmosphere of the country – particularly
Workers set up a center Ophthalmology heart Benghazi a protest to demand better services center.
The head of interventional cardiology, Dr. Hanan Boukaiqis told the atmosphere of the country that the center had made more than 300 open-heart surgery some time ago, but that this type of operation in a significant decline due to lack of possibilities.
She Boukaiqis that the center provides a service for the Eastern District, noting that their demands include training and development, and raise the level of performance.
For his part, Dr. Ramadan visitor Aattiyoh The technical center in an existing but non-integrated and has the space you need to modify and maintain.
It is noteworthy that the center of medicine and cardiac surgery was opened in 2003 in the region of Benghazi, Hawari.
(Valley girl)

The assassination of a member of the technical secondary ((Salah Warfali)) with 7 bullets in the western region of milkfish.
Killing “Salah Warfali” military technical secondary, with seven bullets on lefside
of the head, after he was targeted by the proximity of
Island jar b b milkfish Benghazi, by Mmelthieddin by
(Salem al-Obeidi)
The assassination of a member of the forces to stun bullet in the head with a weapon PKK T in the neighborhood of peace and is ((Ahmed precordial)) was born in 1992 note that he is married and has a son at the age of two days.
This second assassination in Benghazi wounded, “Ahmed Altarhuni”, has been
Targeted by a bullet in the head and left it was to blow up his head
B proximity of the island of Al-Salam neighborhood, and mentions that the victim today
As his second father, yesterday’s father was born and today has become
Father orphan, and the body is in the hospital Galaa.
And stun forces say that the difference between these two murders one hour and assassinations of the same vehicle type ((Kia Sictra white)).
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Military personnel killed in Benghazi this morning
Atmosphere of the country – Moataz Belaid
Said Director of the Office of Information Galaa Hospital Fadia Albergthe The hospital received today Josmanin one for special forces soldier and the other to a military high school art and both wounded in the head.
She Albergthe the atmosphere of the country on Thursday that the special forces soldier killed Altarhuni Ahmad Al-Salam district, while the killing of a military high school art Salah Warfali area milkfish.
The head of the presidential guard Anwar stomping targeted Benghazi yesterday blew up his car on the highway in Benghazi.

(Saba) – Unidentified gunmen assassinated Wednesday morning, an officer in the Libyan police in the city of Benghazi “east” threw a hand grenade at his car in front of his work …

and a security source told Libby that “unknown threw a hand grenade at a car the officer in the branch of the Department of Passports and Nationality in the city of Benghazi, Hatem F Oraibi morning in front of the headquarters of the branch in the street Gamal Abdel Nasser “…

in turn, said the director of the Information Office in hospital Galaa surgery for burns and accidents Fadia Albergthe,” The Oraibi arrived at the hospital alive but died of his wounds, ”

… and on Tuesday evening killed Unidentified one of the citizens in the city of Benghazi several bullets hit him in different parts of the body without knowing the reasons and motives … and a security source said “unidentified targeted citizen in the land Shebnah in Benghazi after Mtarthm him and shot at him with a barrage of bullets and escaped,” …

On 25 November last year occurred in Benghazi bloody confrontations between Ansar al-Sharia and special forces in the Libyan army led to the fall of the seven dead and about fifty wounded, followed by several attacks by unknown assailants on the army and police have since claimed the lives of more than a dozen people …

and suffer Benghazi, the cradle of the revolution in Libya from the loose extensive security and a wave of assassinations, systematic long men of the army and police, clerics and politics and the media …

and the Libyan authorities are struggling to establish security and the establishment of security and military institutions, professional force capable of enforcing the law in different parts of the country … Saba ...

According to the Director of the Information Office of the incidents Galaa Hospital Benghazi “Fadia Albergty” the arrival of the body of the citizen, “Mohamed Abdel Salam Riani” to a hospital after the Galaa Trdah for the assassination. The “Albergty” citizen “Mohammed” was assassinated by shooting him from unknown area Shebnah Benghazi was not able to identify the reasons for the assassination.

The end of the crisis, a power plant bed Benghazi

The head of the Office of Prevention General Electricity Company “Abdul Hamid student” that the power station has entered the bed to work at 8 in the morning and the solution was through the station to provide fuel from a nearby field.
And disable the movement, said “student” is expected to arrive today after reaching the people of the surrounding areas for a truce with the protesters.
In a telephone conversation shortly before the brother, “Abdel-Moneim cabled” city of Ojdbea
assured me that they were present at the gate Ojdbea:
health nor to any news out of a car and into the field of fuel bed and drivers Ahahanat Rdjao Benghazi to 3 hours. .
Mustafa Aujali ..!!
Benghazi is happening:
Arabic channel Al Arabiya:
Arab sources: the assassination of a colonel in the intelligence in Benghazi, Libya
Since the explosion a few, the one young Bmnth sir ((and is in Ahalh vintage)) Julatina sprayed in the park
opposite the school Benghazi and not having any damage.
EDUCATION was totally free under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, yet now:

Roland ((U.S. teacher)), who was killed today ..
Salem al-Obeidi
The killing of “Roland” and is a U.S. citizen nationality, and has been
Target of lead left by unknown killed him
And mentions that “Roland” a teacher with the International School.
Targeting car “Salah Hamouda,” one of the men Intelligence
B proximity of the island of quivers with Benghazi, shortly before now, and
Is a population Almajora, and was transferred to the hospital.
A picture of a teacher of English and American International, which operates the school, “Ronnie” Smith,
who was killed today in Benghazi:
White House:
Will not be silent on the American who was killed by Salafists in Libya and equip the stage
for the elimination of the rule that threatens the security of the countries of the Maghreb.
International School in Benghazi locked their doors for this year and will you restore the money
to the parents next week after the murder of  “Roland” today.

The assassination of a U.S. teacher in Benghazi when he was practicing his sport Morning

The assassination of a U.S. teacher in Benghazi when he was practicing his sport Morning

5.12.2013 | thirty-three past four p.m. News Arab world

Kill chemistry teacher was shot dead in U.S. city of Benghazi in eastern Libya on 5 December / December, as quoted by Agence France-Presse for a local medical source.

The source added that the dead man had been working at the International School of Benghazi.

For his part, Libyan security source news, pointing out that the attack on the U.S. was signed when he was

practicing his sport a morning jogs in the area south of Benghazi Fwyhat. Source: a. B, RT :روسيا اليوم

Foreign U.S. condemns killing of teacher in Benghazi and confirms its commitment to the safety of foreign nationals residing in Libya

And: Foreign Ministry condemned and international cooperation murder U.S. teacher in Benghazi on Thursday, and expressed deep regret for this criminal act.

She ministry – in a statement received by Libyan news agency a copy of it – the warmest condolences to the family of the deceased and the Government of the United States, and confirmed its commitment to complete the safety and security of all Libyan citizens and foreign nationals residing on its territory.

As confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, it will work with the relevant authorities to take all necessary measures to ensure the arrest of the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

The statement pointed out that this incident is part of a series of mishaps taking place in some Libyan cities, and the recent fall of the three martyrs of the national army on Thursday in the city of Benghazi in the line of duty.

It was unknown had fired on “Ronnie Smith” (33)-year-old, who worked as a teacher of international school in Benghazi during the exercise of Sport Thursday morning Fwyhat district, killing him instantly, according to a spokesman for the joint operations room.

The BBC urgent :: Washington demanding the Libyan government to achieve adequately

in the assassination of the American teacher in the city of Benghazi ..

International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Urgent – White House: We expect Libya to conduct an investigation into the killing of a
U.S. citizen in Benghazi.

The assassination of Mr. Saad customary when the Arab market and they found him there and chucked came from the center of the communication department investigation Sabri to stun and Mr. Saad at the age of fifty-ie, approximately 51-year-old was found dead with seven bullets ……….

URGENT: Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents

says he received shortly before the body of the teacher in the special forces and umbrellas Thunderbolt “” Saad Saleh customary “57 years after his assassination by several bullets pierced his chest and his head and caused his death on the spot market in the Arab Benghazi.

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Urgent ::::::::
Hamouda Alsidhamzh assassination of his car and detonated when the island is inside backpacks note that
Mr. Hamza follows the intelligence and the body is now at hospital in 1200.
(Reporter: Mutassim Faitouri)


#درنة TUBER

# Tuber:

the continuation of civil disobedience in the city for the fifth day in a row, to ensure the achievement

of the demands of the city in the rejection of violence and activation by state institutions.

Tuber still demonstrations and sit-ins in the city for the student and his evil army against the assassinations and bombings:
Tuber :::::::::::
Newsflash …..

Presidency of the General Staff issued a decision commissioned Dean “Hamad Alchloi key” for commanding a military force composed of Derna and Tobruk, Benghazi and white dome to secure the city of Derna and its suburbs.
The force includes more than a hundred tanks and tracked vehicle and hundreds of armored vehicles and the number 3 Ktiab artillery and rocket brigade accompanied by air cover (did not specify the type that cover vertical force of Libby or external).

Media Center tuber Libya

Murad Ahmed killing one of the seven leading Ansar al-Sharia in the tuber.
(Quoting channel fields)


Spread to the security forces in the city of Derna.



News that the GNC GOVERNMENTwill be on Sunday, 08/12/2013 dropping off troops and police to the streets

And to respond to citizens and to cooperate with the army and police
Not to wander the dark cars and cars from non-metal plates
And any car without action immediately book
And intensify the inspection of the weapons inspection and will be fully booked my arms army
It will force the military to support police forces

Brothers .. Please help citizens in the army and police to maintain security Sabha.

Source ….. From inside the military Sabha

The fall of the three major mortar launchers or Asterm in Mansheya Bsabha last night
The first landed in the market ant
The second landed near homes Awlad Allam
And the third fell into greeted Altmamh

(Al-Sabha Free)

Atmosphere of the country
Reporter atmosphere for the country:

shootings and Mlasnat in queues in front of the gas station area Mansoura.



station manager warned the bed to generate electricity Grand Station of its kind in the south and east of the Libyan engineer to generate electricity, “Hashim owner” of that station may stop working after 48 hours because of a lack of fuel Masagriq many cities in Libya in total darkness. The owner told the Libyan news that the continuation of the protesters from the people Rbeana and some neighborhoods of the infidels from Tabu to prevent cars loaded with fuel and gas from the traffic to the station has exacerbated the problem and was forced technicians station to resort to the use of liquid impurities to maintain the continuation of power for a short duration, which negatively affects the engines. He called the owner of the National Congress and the government to immediately intervene to find a solution to a problem that will affect a large number of Libyan cities in the coming hours …

The director of the plant bed Electricity Engineer “Hashim owner” that the protesters from the people Rbeana and some neighborhoods of a component infidels “Tabu” in front of the station

had unscrewed the day and allowed to sit Hahanat fuel to enter the station and provide fuel.


Using the hyphen between the city of Kufra and Tazerbo with other Libyan cities still closed
and not as promoted by some media on it was opened,
only been allowed to diesel cars to enter the station Alhavandaa which stopped working
and returned to generate electricity from new capacity of 150 MW.
(Abdul Hameed to Aperc cabled)



the bombing of arms depots in the city of Jufrah by a team from the UN
A team of UN pm today in the city of Jafra blew arms depots and this led to panic among the people of the region and noted that the UN team is blowing up stores for nearly two and a half and is continuing in the bombing until this day.

a clash between the young gunmen in the city of Jufrah
Sources news about a clash between the young gunmen in the city of Jafrah, killing one person and wounding another.



| Announcement of national mourning in South Africa and the lowered flags and organize a national funeral for Nelson Mandela

Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

Now | Prime # _ South Africa Jacob Zuma announces the death of leader Nelson Mandela #

Gadhafi and Mandela 2




CONGO coming!

Monte Carlo / Monte Carlo Doualiya

# URGENT / / United Nations gives the green light for the French military intervention in Central Africa.



Observer navigational Libyan:
Tunisia has custody of the merchant ship Libyan,  who severed the cable internet coming from Italy to Tunisia,

by the ship’s anchor, when the ship trying to dock in the port of Kélibia due to bad weather.



And Rafla Shoumoukh ship carrying a cargo of sulfur

was addressed to Algeria because of the weather conditions

and veered off course and landed in the port of Akulaibah state of Nabeul….



from 05 FEBRUARY 2013:

نــــــــــــداء عاجل ارجـــــو النــــشــر:-

الي جميع اهالينا بكل انحاء الجماهيرية العظمى ..
عليكم جميعا بالتزام بيوتكم وترك المهمة للمقاومين الاحرار .. وتجهيز مستلزماتكم الطبية والغدائية والاسعافات الاولية لديكم .. ان السيل العرم الاخضر قادم لا محالة .. وقريبا جدا بعون الله تعالى لن يقف أمامه شيء .. اي مكان عسكري او استخباراتي سيكون هدف لنا .. كل سيارة عسكرية او تابعة للعدو هي هدف لنا .. كل مكان عليه خرقة العار والذل والمهانة سيكون واجب علينا تحريره .. لذلك لا مجال لمقاومتنا حينها .. وكل من يضع سلاحه فهو أمن .. وكل من يلزم بيته فهو أمن .. ونطلب من جميع قواتنا المسلحة وجحافل المجاهدين داخل وخارج الوطن أن يراعو تعاليم ديننا الاسلامي في الاسرى .. اللهم قد بلغت اللهم فأشهد .. واخيرا الي المغرر بيهم من العملاء والخونة امامكم ايام معدودة اما الاستسلام او الموت يا عبيد الاستعمار … والله ثم معمر وليبيا وبس .. (( جحافل المجاهدين والقوات المسلحة )).

Ali Salem al-Warfali Sbaya:

I hope Publishing urgent appeal: –

To all our people in all parts of the Great Jamahiriya ..
Commitment to all of you to leave your homes and important resistance Liberal ..

And processing medical and Mstelzmatkm Foods and First Aid have ..

Torrent Arim that green is coming ..

And very soon the help of God will not stand in front of something ..

Place any military or intelligence would be the goal of us ..

Each military vehicle or a subsidiary goal of the enemy is us ..

Everywhere it rag shame and humiliation will be our duty to edit ..

So there is no room for resistance then ..

Anyone who puts his weapon is safe ..

And all of the necessary security is his home ..

We ask all of our armed forces and hordes Mujahideen inside and

outside the home that Araau the teachings of our Islamic prisoners ..

God has God bear witness ..

And finally to the seducer Behm of the collaborators and traitors, a few days before you either surrender or die, O


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