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Mu our African King

Mu at PAKISTAN. Lahore. Islamic Summit. 1974. Badshahi mosque. Mu unique

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 6-12-2013

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim (د. موسى إبراهيم)Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, whose birthday it is today, writes us on Thursday:

NATO appeared Obaid al-Assad in front of frightened cats Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. God protect Iabtal and Faraj Rahman HMC, as we call each Ahrar prisoners in the prisons of treason Alfberaria Alnatoyh, prisoners of all tribes and families Libyan honest.–
4 novembre:From national figures wonderful that I had met her and an honor to work with her during the war against NATO and the prisoner of a martyr:The martyr is the hero and national character inimitable Dr Abdul Qadir al-Baghdadi. This has been a great example of man’s love and dedication to the nation in his service. And over the course of his career (which has held the leadership positions as important as the Education Secretariat and the Secretariat of popular control and the Office of the Revolutionary Committees Contact) tried hard, and the testimony of opponents before loving, to contribute to the national development process honestly and sincerely. This was the belief of Dr. Fadil believer solid ideas martyred leader and owner of the doctrine of revolutionary deep was shown in his words and actions.
I remember him how he was working day and night days of the war for the dignity of the nation tirelessly and boredom which bemoans how we lost to Libya after decades of revolution and the revolutionary struggle and achievement.It was the first time I meet this hero (who has been fighting even cited) in the month of any fire / January 2010 when I gave him my doctorate on the development of the system and media art to a developing country, Vqroha interest and liked, and asked that Iltqata without even know my name trio. And asked me if I was willing to settle in the homeland and contribute to the establishment of a media center New applying the ideas of new media, such as those in my letter, I agreed enthusiastically and began working in the month of bird / April 2010 to establish a “center of mass media” with the guys and gals from across the country from the owners of the talent and the national science and high. (I always envy myself that I got to know all of these wonderful and Libyans worked with them)The prisoner is the brother of the hero and the young jockey and National Engineer Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. I met him first in several meetings after the founding of the Center for Media aforementioned (I was in fact a neighbor academically Engineer Saif in London where we meet without the finished master’s degree in philosophy while he performed in his message on the economy, a few meters away from me).

He asks me, God decoding captured, for programmatic media and emphasizes the need to take advantage of modern civilization done in the field of media work instead of the old institutions that have become unable to serve the nation and the citizen.

In the days of the war I had the honor to be teamed up with this guy Libyan national distinction through my political / media, then God forbid that Ntravq in the journey of jihad in front of Bani Walid for two and a half months until dispersed by our bombs and missiles Alnatoyh in the last days of the front, and God forbid me to go out and destined to be captured in the same week.

Farahmp God for the martyr, Dr. Abdul Qadir al-Baghdadi.
God decryption families Hero Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.

I say this because we all remember the meaning of brotherhood and companionship, loyalty, and even direct our energies toward work and achievement.
ظهر عبيد الناتو كالقطط المذعورة أمام الأسد سيف الإسلام معمر القذافي. حماك الله يابطل وفرج الرحمن همك، كما ندعو لكل الأسرى الأحرار في سجون الخيانة الفبرارية الناتوية، أسرى كل القبائل والأسر الليبية الشريفة.

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim (د. موسى إبراهيم)
4 novembre
من الشخصيات الوطنية الرائعة التي كان لي شرف أن ألتقيها وأعمل معها خلال حربنا ضد الناتو شهيد وأسير:

أما الشهيد فهو البطل والشخصية الوطنية الفذة الدكتور عبدالقادر البغدادي. لقد كان هذا الرجل مثالاً رائعاً لحب الوطن والتفاني في خدمته. وعبر مسيرة حياته المهنية (والتي تقلد فيها مواقع قيادية هامة مثل أمانة التعليم وأمانة الرقابة الشعبية ومكتب الإتصال باللجان الثورية) حاول جاهداً، وبشهادة الخصوم قبل المحبين، أن يساهم في مسيرة التنمية الوطنية بصدق وإخلاص. وكان هذا الدكتور الفاضل مؤمناً إيماناً صلباً بأفكار القائد الشهيد وصاحب عقيدة ثورية عميقة كانت تظهر في كلماته وأفعاله.
ومازلت أذكر له كيف كان يعمل صباح مساء أيام حرب الكرامة من أجل الوطن دون كلل وملل وهو يتحسر كيف تضيع منا ليبيا بعد عقود من الثورة والكفاح والإنجاز الثوري.

وكانت أول مرة ألتقي فيها هذا البطل (الذي ظل يقاتل حتى استشهد) في شهر أي النار/يناير سنة 2010 حين قدمت له رسالتي في الدكتوراه حول تطوير المنظومة الإعلامية والفنية لدولة نامية، فقرأها باهتمام وأعجبته، وطلب أن يلتقيتي دون أن يعرف حتى اسمي الثلاثي. وسألني إن كنت راغباً في الاستقرار في أرض الوطن والمساهمة في إنشاء مركز إعلامي جديد تطبق فيه أفكار إعلامية جديدة كالتي في رسالتي، فوافقت بحماس وبدأت العمل في شهر الطير/إبريل سنة 2010 على تأسيس “مركز الإعلام الجماهيري” مع شباب وبنات من مختلف أنحاء الوطن من أصحاب الموهبة والعلم والوطنية العالية. (أنا دائماً أحسد نفسي أنني تعرفت على كل هؤلاء الليبيين الرائعين وعملت معهم)

أما الأسير فهو أخي البطل والفارس والشاب الوطني المهندس سيف الإسلام معمر القذافي. تعرفت عليه أولاً في عدة لقاءات بعد تأسيسي للمركز الإعلامي سابق الذكر (وقد كنت في الحقيقة جاراً أكاديمياً للمهندس سيف في لندن دون أن نلتقي حيث أنهيت الماجستير في الفلسفة بينما هو أنجز رسالته في الاقتصاد على بعد عدة أمتار مني).

كان يسألني، فك الله أسره، عن برنامجي الإعلامي ويؤكد على ضرورة الاستفادة من المنجز الحضاري الحديث في مجال العمل الإعلامي بدل المؤسسات القديمة التي أصبحت غير قادرة على خدمة الوطن والمواطن.

وفي أيام الحرب كان لي شرف أن تعاونت مع هذا الرجل الليبي الوطني بامتياز من خلال عملي السياسي/الاعلامي، ثم قدّر الله أن نترافق في رحلة الجهاد في جبهة بني وليد لمدة شهرين ونصف الشهر حتى فرقت بيننا القنابل والصواريخ الناتوية في آخر أيام الجبهة، وقدر الله لي أن أخرج وقدر له أن يؤسر في نفس الأسبوع.

فرحمة الله على الشهيد الدكتور عبدالقادر البغدادي.
وفك الله أسر البطل سيف الإسلام معمر القذافي.

أقول هذا لنتذكر جميعاً معاني الرفقة والأخوّة والوفاء وحتى نوجه طاقاتنا نحو العمل والإنجاز.

Joint Chiefs of Staff issued an order to evacuate all of the prison camps and deliver all detainees
have the military police or the public prosecutor and the closure of this prison after suspicions
that hovered on the occurrence of acts of inhumane prisons inside some of these camps.
Commenting on the statement of National Conference on Islamic law, THAT SOME consider it a political maneuver of the National Congress, designed to circumvent the demands of Bhaquemeh calling for Islamic law.
The Commission added that the commitment to the legitimate Sharia (of solely the HOLY QUARANin all walks of life does not need to issue statements to satisfy a certain range, it is to please God.
The Commission explained that
“what we believe and Muslim scholars unanimously agreed, that the law of life that includes an integrated belief and morality, worship and transactions, and is reflected in the introduction of merit by the uncompromised not divisive because some of the law is needed to some does not stop.”
It also demanded the establishment of Sharia Islamic courts and the administration of justice among the people, who Ojerm and retribution against Muslims in Libya before and after the revolution, and comply with the provisions of Sharia in all walks of life.
In conclusion, the Commission suspended the patent application of the principles that are incompatible with Islam and democracy on its head.
Mu signs declaration making Holy Quran the Constitution,  the only law for Libya

ALLAH, the Quran, Muammar & LIBYA

  • People who object to this do not understand, and have not read the Holy Quran or the writings of Muammar al-Qathafi, nor the History of the Great Jamahiriya and its legal history since 02 MARCH 1977. This is why there was NO “Constitution” for the Great Jamahiriya. The HOLY QURAN is and was its only true law (SHARIA).
  •  THIS IS NOT WAHABIST FAKE “sharia” based on traditions and extreneous books and writings of evil Ulami–which is torturous and terrorist! as espoused by ANSAR al-SHARIA” and other Salafist groups–prominently by the ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” .


The Security Council will hold a session regarding Libya on Monday 09 DEC. 2013.


Aaaaaaagel / and dangerous
International Monetary Fund
Fears of a collapse in the value of the Libyan dinar Adrameteki large and especially “after the

withdrawal of 7 billion from the value of the cash reserve, which would be a disaster to lose the

Libyan citizen until his strength daily and all his savings.

Firas Salloum Bo:
Oil Minister Libya declares ..
“Was lifting the blockade on power stations will be provided with gas and electricity will see an improvement in the coming hours”
“Libya losses from the closing of ports and reached nine billion dinars so far.”
“We find it difficult in the presence of customers to sell them the Libyan oil, because oil from Niger and Algeria has taken us to our customers, and we drive to the East Asian market”
“We have a difficult situation in the estimated budget for the year 2014, because we do not know the amount of oil that will be Senbaaha from which to develop the next budget”
“Libyan production of oil is currently only 250,000 barrels”



Heard the sound of bombing in the area of ​​Abu Salim …


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel nowFathi bin Isa:As usual corner paired acts in words: the release of the chieftains and Rafla held by the Shield Libya brigade Bank now.


Fire broke out today after dawn prayers Friday Market area and was said to be a store of Tlajat …., but no human damage ..
Joe Albanqat returned to the capital once again:(Do you notice that the signs are in ENGLISH! ?)
Waleed Mohammed;
Mubarak brothers and elders Thenneih Rafla return of your brethren Chiaan.
Tripoli Local Council:
There will be a statement of the Tripoli Local Council today on the eight o’clock pm on the subject of fuel ….



Fahd Libby:
Congratulation every honest person in the tribe and Rishvana to our brothers in the class struggle, blood,,,,,
and tell your wedding here in the tribe and Rishvana match weddings in Bani Walid


Mu salutes BANI WALID

Second Vice-President of the National Congress in favor of Makhzoom and who issued and signed the resolution (7) to invade the city of Bani Walid and the declaration of war against the top of today’s scene.
Review in what was called the release a number of detainees from the “elders Alovlje” by militias angle after Amadém more than a year in detention without even a mock trial to justify the detention or release of at least!

le statut de Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV.

URGENT | people of the Valley and the Valley of Zamzam Big B and Punjam out rallies in celebration of the return of the elders of splendor:

The release of Sheikh “Mohammed Barghouti,” The members of the Council for Social Bani Walid today.
On  07 December 2013 at 12:58 |
Saturday 07  September 2013 AD announced today and in the presence of the second deputy

of the National Conference year, “Saleh Almkhozom” and Minister of Justice, “Salah al-Mirghani

and in the corner for the release of Sheikh” Mamedbargoethe “and members of the Social Council

of the tribes of Bani Walid by armed militias,” Shield Libya brigade Bank.

(Edit: Mamedalhaafa)

URGENT | Access elders of the tribes of the Council for Social and Rafla in these moments to their
home town across the helicopter landed at the airport in Bani Walid and receive huge to them by parents.
Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV
 International channel Libya Libya International Channel:
News Libya directly
City corner release a number of prisoners
Network TV Libya LTN
# Corner: City corner release sheikhs of Bani Walid
and calls on all cities to follow the example in national reconciliation.
In a step for national reconciliation today freed a group of prisoners, including
chieftains and Rafla held by the Shield Libya brigade in the western corner.

Sheikh Ghaith injectables Algdeoa one Rafla elders and accompanied by a delegation

of reconciliation to the city of corner Aukd:
The release of today’s elders and Rafla am imprisoned in the corner after the end of the session
dialogue and consultation this morning and will go to the city of Bani Walid after a few …
Sources of international:
City sheikhs and notables BANI Walid on their way to their city after their release this morning
from a prison in the city of the corner after their arrest last year, two sons
implementation of Resolution No. 7 of the National Congress
And the names of those released were:Sheikh Mohammed Barghouti
Sheikh Faraj Gmad
Sheikh Musa Shafter
Sheikh Abu Bakar Bashir Rezgui

Jaber Zidan:
Congratulations from the tribe Alkadirat well sheep and Lord saves Bani Walid and Hlha and ćÚŢČÇá all domestic Jaber Zidan.

Gel | Hundreds of residents of Bani Walid are preparing for the reception of the elders

of the Council for Social and Rafla tribes in the northern entrance of the city.

Omar Mukhtar: thousand Praise God for the safety of the brave and the God of great pride for those sheikhs Libya.
Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV

ÚÇÇÇÇÇÇÇÇÇĚá | city of Bani Walid are preparing for the reception of the elders of the tribes of the Council for Social

and Rafla after a period of arrest lasted for more than a year without reason.

partagé le statut de Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV.URGENT | Bohadi area residents are celebrating the release of elders and Rafla.
Angle / release of a group of prisoners, including prisoners of Bani Walid, a report from the channel Libya Liberal
City corner “Libya”
الزاوية/ إطلاق سراح مجموعة من السجناء من بينهم سجناء من بني وليد تقرير من قناة ليبيا الاحرار
مدينة الزاويــة “ليبيا”
نقلا عن صفحة : مربوعة ليبيا

 Mustafa Elfnjan:

Praise God for the safety of the masters of the country Cioj pride and dignity Praise be to honor and steadfastness Praise on elderly loved ones today we Nassa date again also made in the distant past and Bakrab Praise God for the victory today we’s list the future of our country Bani Walid in order to play Libya Rocam February 17 to Libya bright mocking and tender meat and love that God Almighty God and gone conciliation and peace be upon you.

URGENT | Ben Jawad residents march out Atalah joy on the occasion of the release of the elders and Rafla.

Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV.

URGENT | people of the sweeping celebrating the release of the elders of the tribes of the Council for Social and Rafla.

big rally for the people Taninaa heading to Bani Walid to participate in the celebrations

Khalid Bin Khalil:
Peace be upon you.

. Youth tribe El Sheikh Zliten ..

at home and abroad congratulate the tribe and Rafla unzip the families of chieftains and elders of Bani Walid, Libya

Stay atmosphere:
Hello .. Thousand thousand thousand Mbrzak of Bani Walid and the families of elders Rafla decoder Ezz Lord bless them and Ihvdahm … Greetings and congratulations from El Sheikh Zliten.

Falcon Myth:
Sons tribe turbans in Zliten congratulates our people in Bani Walid Mujahdém exit from the prisons of darkness … ćÚŢČÇá out all the Mujahideen from the prisons of the militias is sooner than later.
Mohammed Atabikh:
From the tribe in Hasouna seawall and Sabha.
“Extend our heartfelt congratulations to exit elders struggle elders of pride and praise God for their safety and call on God to undo under our prisoners;;; tribute to the tribe and Rafla and all the tribes of Libya.”

Rafla reception elders and their families after the decoding of the detainee Item corner (5 photos)

Towards Warfali:
A. Congratulations to those following the Aqaba.
فيديو وصول استقبال شيوخ ورفلة بعد فك اسرهم من مدينة الزاوية 7.12.2013
الفيديو تصوير يوسف شفتر
لمتابعة اخر الاخبار والفيديوات الحصرية تابعونا علي صفحة ليبيا بوك
 Contribution has to be sent to the e-mail page congratulatory post Bavrah bin Walid unzip prisoners of elders will be posted on the page ..Taich but Ayesh:
Congratulations, O God, Ravel Hlha.Dodi Quiche:
Squeezer Meixrna Shi to our Creator neighborhood Anhena my family sitting in Bani Walid Rusaifaarrival of Sheikhs Alfadil after decoding their families.

Nasser Al Hawary:
I bless the Orvlh release elders today..
  • And Rafla withstand song .. Bani Walid, son Walid

    ورفلة الصمود ..أغنية بني وليد يابني وليد
    ناس عصاره……… فراسيل كسّارة خشوم نصاره أحنا هلك وانتي لينا ونحلف بجد ياباهية يا زينة انجو ببنادق وين ما تنادينا والموت في سباك راهي فخاره والارواح في شا…
  •  And Rafla withstand song .. Bani Walid, son Walid
Bilsan El-werfally:
“Congratulatory message to Canutorna Taha Barghouti” ..
Extend my warmest congratulations and blessings for the sheikh and his family Rafla bar congratulations to you Bhda glory and illustrious history ..
P hello in the land of your fathers pride and joy and dignity today completed to see the bright faces of the faithful that inspired The bright sky Bani Walid ..
“From a doctor Rseifeh Bilsan Elwerfally to my colleague and Canutoa fighter Taha Barghouti.”
Sheikh Mohammed Barghouti while coming off of the plane, which salutes the legions who came to receive him:
Contribution has to be sent to the e-mail page congratulatory post Bavrah bin Walid unzip prisoners of elders will be posted on the page ..
tribe wind and Alhawwamd congratulate the people of the tribe and the exit of the elders and Rafla.Taich but Ayesh:
Congratulations, O God, Ravel Hlha.Dodi Quiche:
Squeezer Meixrna Shi to our Creator neighborhood Anhena my family sitting in Bani Walid.
Rusaifa arrival of Sheikhs Alfadil after decoding their families.Nasser Al Hawary:I bless the Orvlh release elders today.
Born Almzaraa:
Almgarha tribe of Barak – Sabha – Alchuirv – Market Friday
Congratulates the tribe and Rafla for safe return of their elders … Congratulations.
Sheikh Faraj Gmad …. Thank God for his safety

Photography: Emhemmed Bani-walid
Sheikh Musa Eshtewi Shafter ... Thank God for his safety:
Wearing bride cities center of Bani Walid Abha disbanded festooned with various types of decorations and rejoice the hearts of her family and delights in joy beds valleys and mountains and Htabanha celebrate the exit of unchecked and Kpraaha from prison as it prepares to Receive elders prisoners who were released today after serving in prison in two months, then praise be to God for their safety and the consequence for the rest of prisoners.
(Alhmala Cbit)

Çanakkale Dard _ News
Libyan Foundation for Human Rights Branch Bani Walid receiving communications from several human rights organizations and civil society institutions in several Libyan cities congratulate the city of Bani Walid exit of members of the Board of tribes and social Rafla of detainee.

Alababsh congratulate tribe and the tribe elders and the exit Rafla Rafla of prisons militias

Almgarhh tribes in the beach and congratulate Sabha tribes and sheikhs Rafla the exit of the Social Council of the tribes of the detainee and Rafla

Margna the five tribes and tribes Hasouna Petrhona congratulate tribe elders and the exit Rafla Rafla

Glandular Warfali bin Walid Norte their men
Sheikh Bashir Abubakar Rezgui … Thank God for his safety::


Receive Social Council of elders and tribes in Bani Rafla Crown

# Çanakkale Dard _ News:
City Zitan congratulate tribes and tribal sheikhs Rafla the exit of the Social Council of the tribes of the detainee and Rafla.

Crown to Katie:
Chiaan noble tribes Thenne each individual tribes and the elders return Rafla Social Council to tribes and families Rafla decryption of prison …. Praise God for safety ……

slip area residents are celebrating the exit of elders and Rafla injustice of prisons

Wrfle Alli:
All are free and honest Qasr Ben Ghashir congratulate all the tribes and Rafla Baudt Hbkhona heroes to Bani Walid and, God willing Ruba released all the prisoners in the prisons of oppression Amen, Lord of the Worlds
Werfalli free residents of Qasr Ben Ghashir

Next Dawn:
In the name of God the Merciful:
Tribe groups in all throughout the mass Thenne our people in Bani Walid and all our people in the splendor and Rafla young and old exit elderly cavalry distinguished from the prisons of the militias … ĆÚŢČÇá all prisoners detained in the prisons of darkness.

Larbi Laraba:

“Congratulations on the release of our sheikhs and Ahrarna honorable prisons criminal militias corner
God says in the Holy Qur’an:) and day believers will rejoice in Allah’s victory (Praise be to Allah who has blessed us the return of the Liberals, raising their heads to Bani Walid repel the challenge and joy flooded the heart of everyone who has a humane, this congratulate first to Ahrarna heroes, and then to their parents the patient who did not Aansuhm and also congratulate both came out of his house supports prisoners and confront the traitors, criminals and the world hears the voice of the prisoners concealed behind bars .. We emphasize here that our voices and our resistance will remain a sword masses of free and brave resistance hanging on the necks of the traitors and agents until the liberation of the country and the rest of the prisoners so as to insure on our prisoners and even Yemen them Almighty release.”

(Community members of the defense of Libya and Syria Arabism)

 Emhemed Warfali Sheikh Mohammed Barghouti upon arrival to Bani Walid ...

“I am happy on my own behalf and on behalf of the tribe are free to extend each Hasouna tribes and Rafla congratulations and Altbarik lasted People joys and your homes and forward. “

Lion Conqueror:

Rabaya Ihno tribe and tribe elders Rafla exit.


(you have and we are in the middle of Libya and we Rsoh Libya and with men loyal to Libya).
Tariq Ayat:

Arsifawiyeh in Summit Asto Iaahrar

URGENT | department in AJEELAT congratulate the people and children of the tribe elders and the exit Rafla Rafla.

AL Hassi
The highest and the tribe Elhasy ..
“Extend our warmest congratulations to Orvlh Ezz, on the occasion of the release of the elders and Rafla and it is our pleasure to share with you this happy and joyful event reassuring .. We praise to Allah and for the safety of these elders and good understanding of the pond, which is a matter of trust and satisfaction of this country ..
And ask God to all the families of the FAFSA arrested unlawfully and blessed everyone with security, justice and stability ..
With best greetings ..”
(Elhasy tribe / their / Imad Elhasy)



“Atmosphere of the country”
Reporter “atmosphere of the country”:

the British ambassador to Libya in the city of Misrata meet with members of the National Congress for the city and its representatives in the interim government, and local and Cilséa Shura and sages, as well as civil society organizations.

(REMEMBER,the BRITS ARE INVOLVED with all the CHAOS and support MISURATA–wanting them to rule LIBYA)

Omar Alqoira :
News: witness the city of Misrata coming days, many of the releases and the evacuation of the way for many of the detainees and prisoners in a move we hope to contribute to the national reconciliation between Libyans and we hope that does not exploit the Shura Council of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Misrata credited achievement to him as usual in rumination Favors and innocence of failures.



Delegation’s visit to the British Embassy camp for displaced people from Tawergha (10 photos)
From the right, the camp supervisor, Congratulations Souissi, Supplement military embassy, Captain Jason Toole, secretary Altanip embassy Emmy Butcher, British Ambassador Michael Aaron, a member of Local Almlges Tawergha Ismail Shaaban



International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan Army Colonel cost “Majeed Ahmed Zeidan,”

commander of the military district of Sirte, instead of the colonel, “Omar al-Hasnawi”.

Rooz Ali:
Population conference anterior ligament Sirte Ihnan and Rafla Baudt elders and immersive joy and grief, God willing, the end and the beginning of weddings on Libya and free noble tribes, which stood on Alambda.



Statement of elders and tribal sheikhs and the province’s population of Cyrenaica:

1. The formation of the Senate of the Burqa means the decisions contained in the meeting and implementation
2. Security, safety and stability of supporting the army, police and prosecutors and the judiciary
3. The formation of committees in all regions and cities of Cyrenaica to follow the points contained in this statement and will be based in the city of Benghazi
4. Raising the legal cover all of the exposed military personnel, police, and all the sons of Cyrenaica as they went about their business
5. Withdraw confidence from the members of the National Congress and the ministers of the Libyan government for Cyrenaica province for failing to perform their work
6. Transitional justice and national reconciliation and the return of displaced persons and refugees at home and abroad to their home areas and the emphasis on “national unity”
7. Solve the problems which may occur here and there within the region to lift the strife in Burka
8. Application and supporting resolutions 27 and 53 on ending show of arms in cities
9. Support “a meeting of Tobruk” and Alnakid to form a committee to investigate the theft of oil and a mechanism to sell Wayne gas sales and foreign investment and to investigate the money looted and smuggled
10. Dealing in the name of Cyrenaica and renounce the names of illegal Eastern hubs such that Cyrenaica is the rightful name for this region and asked him to deal in official bodies.
11. Burka, one unit with all fittings


Brega rest assured citizens the availability of large quantities of fuel and called on the Libyan

citizen Ali lack of concern and cause congestion and blocking access to the car fuel stations.



Colonel Kamal Bzazh targeting a security officer who is president of the National Department of Islamic Aloan Bmadrih security Benghazi.

Assassination attempt mosque imam Arqam:

Mr. Kamal Hassan Mohamed Bzazh director of Islamic Affairs, Ministry of the Interior during the bombing of his car Street Gamal Abdel Nasser and his kind Camry white and is now in good condition at the hospital and there is no health of Thor legs only what is but a deep wound in the leg and Doctors said that after treatment the rise and will also walk ……

(Mutassim Faitouri)




URGENT | people of the city of Tobruk out a march to mark the exit of the elders of the Social Council.


Tuber tonight … continues to demonstrate




News reports confirmed the arrest of the named Mahmoud Barasi

Where the defense force to arrest him tenderly area Biar

When he was disguised as a truck driving type reels loaded with Knot-weaving nylon feet

Anyone who does not know Mahmoud Barasi

Is one of the leaders of “Ansar al-Sharia”, which threatened the Libyan people

Channel capital and stamped by the army and the police and all of the elected.


Middle bride

The resignation of the news channel cameraman in the city of Derna.




Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV.

URGENT | massive celebrations in the city of Sabha, and the return of the elders Rafla.


Hospital warns of Kufra, near the entry into force of the fuel to run a generator
Atmosphere of the country Aynur Sabri
Deputy Director of the General Hospital martyr gift infidels Abdullah Saleh told “the atmosphere of the country” on Saturday that the amount of fuel that occupy your alternator to generate electricity at the hospital decreasing continuously.
He warned the benefit of the affected blood bank and operating room care and medicines in case the amount of fuel and electricity cut off.
And the benefit to frequent power outages with the continued lack of entry-fuel vehicles for the infidels will cause big problems for the hospital if he continued in the coming days.
The sit-in of the TPU in the field of the bed to prevent the entry of vehicles, fuel for the power station supplying the city which led to power cuts for the city of Kufra and elsewhere.
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
People of the city of Kufra organize a protest demanding the government and the presidency
of the return of members of staff of the Libyan army kidnapped at the hands of an armed
group near the Sudanese border for several days.




International channel Libya Libya International Channel
The Turkish government demanded n the Libyan government with some “clarifications” about the extent of the protection afforded to places of archaeological dating back to the Ottoman era in Libya.

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