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Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami on the Green Channel P on 10/12/2013

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 8/12/2013 P

Elderly prisoners Dear God decoder families

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REMEMBER, it still remains a felony and imprisonment for anyone in Libya to own any of the writings (i.e. “GREEN BOOK” and whatever else) of Muammar al-Qathafi. It is also illegal to display a Green Flag.

(Arabic writing on the book burning reads “The One Eagle”. Photo: AP.)

This picture is a real picture of a book-burning session in Benghazi, 03 MARCH 2011:

The One Eagle and all books of Muammar al-Qathafi, burning

(from e-Agency)

Arana moved from the stage of “Libya where”

To the stage

“Where Libya” ?

Crushed both sold you, my national cheaply.

The blood flowing and the money is wasted and the nation divided and biting dogs outside and inside as a result, Libyans are quarreling on the doors of petrol stations.

Mahda my father where we are. All rush on the whole and if not drowning affects All Lada ended homeland All I’m seeing in a sea of ​​blood consists of all.

But before we talk about the nation should look to the National Noukdha in the hearts of the citizen home owner.

Vaigadwa built national and homeland Tunaitkm and Destroy what you are today, but does not reflect on the vacuum hearts of patriotism.

We do not want fake democracy Emirate of Qatar, United Arab Emirates do not want fake democracy, federalism, we do not want fake democracy, Saudi Arabia, do not want a fake democratic colonial France, the United States do not want fake democracy ruled by the Jewish lobby.

We want a country that we live in peace and dignity. Had Maigal wisdom about the FAKE democracy in those countries that they really are dictatorships.

Qatar Tort governance and Kdlk United Arab Emirates and it is said to be “democratic” countries. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is governed by the family and other countries in the fight for so-named “democracy”. Control and colonize the homeland of France and America under the name of spreading fake representative-democracy.

Does anyone knows me What “democracy” espoused by those in other countries without their own countries?

Libyans wanted to live like the welfare of others? But they were not able to live in the luxury of not even get their initial.

They have become today are looking for their dreams and NSW.

Or are they going to make an article colonists that Libya large Libyans. Sayings envious and spiteful that the Libyans do not deserve a country like Libya.

We do not want “peaceful transfer of power’ ” but we want peace trading away from the “love of power”.

You, O God, and God, you national and national you, O God, and national

God and yes, the agent of the national Adaek O.

(Ali Akash Method)

من بريد الوكالةارانا انتقلنا من مرحلة ” ليبيا الى اين “الى مرحلة” اين ليبيا “سحقا لكل من باعك يا وطني بارخص الاثمان .دماء تسيل و اموال تهدر ووطن يقسم وينهش من كلاب الخارج وجراء الداخل والليبيون يتشاجرون على أبواب محطات البنزين .ماهدا الدي نحن فيه . الكل يتكالب على الكل وكأن الغرق لن يطال الكل ادا انتهى وطن الكل في بحر اراه يتكون من دماء الكل .لكن قبل ان نتكلم عن الوطن يجب ان نبحث على الوطنية لنوقضها في قلوب المواطن صاحب الوطن .فايقضوا بني وطني وطنيتكم وانقضوا الوطن فما انتم فيه اليوم لا يعبر الا عن فراغ قلوبكم من حب الوطن .

لا نريد ديمقراطية قطر الامارة ، لا نريد ديمقراطية الامارات الفيدراليه ، لا نريد ديمقراطية السعودية المملكة ، لانريد ديمقراطيه فرنسا الاستعماريه ، لانريد ديمقراطية اميركا التي يحكمها لوبي اليهودية .

نريد وطنا نحيا فيه بسلام وكرامة . ولو حكمتنا مايقال عنها في تلك البلدان الديمقراطية بانهم دكتاتورية .

قطر تورت الحكم وكدلك الامارات ويقال عنها انها بلدان ديمقراطية . السعوديه مملكة تحكمها اسرة وتحارب في بلدان غيرها لاجل الديمقراطية . تتحكم وتستعمر الاوطان فرنسا وامريكا تحت اسم نشر الديمقراطية .

هل لاحد ان يعرف لي ماهي الديمقراطية التي يناصرها هؤلاء في بلدان غيرهم دون بلدانهم .

اراد الليبيون ان يحيوا برفاهيه مثل غيرهم . لكنهم لم يتمكنوا من العيش برفاهية ولم يحصلوا حتى على حياتهم الاولية .

اصبحوا اليوم يبحثون عن حقوقهم ونسو احلامهم .

ام انهم سيحققون مقال المستعمرين بان ليبيا كبيرة على الليبيين .واقوال الحاسدين الحاقدين بان الليبيين لا يستحقون بلد مثل ليبيا .

لا نريد التداول السلمي للسلطة وانما نريد تداول السلام بعيدا عن حب السلطة .

لك الله يا وطني لك الله يا وطني لك الله يا وطني

حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل في من اضاعك يا وطني .

علي عكاش الفقهي



Government to postpone the G N Conference coincided with the Conference of the Attorney General
Announced the Information Office of the interim government that was postponed a press conference for the government, which cam scheduled this afternoon, due to the schedule coincided with a press conference of the Attorney General.

International channel Libya Libya International Channel:

# Statistics: the number of displaced Libyans within “inside” Libya to and from different areas of

displacement of about 70 thousand displaced people (within LIBYA alone).

THIS DOES NOT REFLECT on the 2 million outside of LIBYAN TERRITORY..

My uncle Haj if they said 170 thousand Ansedkohm and only counting the displaced to their graves
After that stopped the NATO raids…

Intense brainwashing 2 week treatment, and NOT for any physical injuies as initially stated, for those sent to SWEDEN, who were initially reported as wounded in the TRIPOLI and BENGHAZI battles !
(THANK goodness they were able to escape, and somehow found their way back home in LIBYA ! ):
Omar Alqoira reports

Has been sent “65 injured Libyan treatment in Stockholm (Sweden)”

after arrival to the hospital did not find one of the committee members wounded in the reception shortly after the attention and concentration and found themselves in a psychiatric hospital and stayed there 15 days spent on

them the Red Cross and not died of hunger and escaped from a psychiatric hospital and returned to Libya .

Program needed Ngoa
Channel Misrata
Presented and prepared: Joseph Abualim.
Wounded: Khaled Zein.

Room Libya rebels – the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood militia trying to control the country:
The Libyan government “to cut ties issued by the Libyan-Egyptian Chamber of Libya rebels did not issue from the Libyan Foreign Ministry Vlhma was not considered. Adel al-Jaafari, a sound decision if it is the government view any talk only in Libya opinion and decision-me room Libya rebels.

(The news agency Libya)

Modern journalism

Libyan Prime Minister «may cover» and resignation* awaiting an agreement on an alternative

She diplomatic sources at the United Nations fears that «the political vacuum in Libya in light of the possibility of intercepting some political forces on the trend towards extending the mandate of the National Congress (parliament timer) on 7 February next, at the time of the withdrawal of coalition forces national political cover from head Ali Zaidane, which the government has paid to resign.*
The sources pointed out that «what keeps Zaidane at the head of the government so far is the incompatibility of alliance blocs of national forces led by Mahmoud Jibril, and the Party for Justice and Development (Muslim Brotherhood), the alternative candidate to head the government». These are still the two blocs, the largest in the National Congress, «Ttdaolan in the number of names» candidate for the job.
On the other hand, sources pointed out that the Security Council looking to send a mission to Libya before the expiration of the mandate of the National Conference on February 7, in order to hold meetings with officials and political forces, the urge to promote dialogue ».
The President of the United Nations Mission in Libya Tarek Mitri briefing to the Security Council the situation in this country, during which he addressed to «insurance options to protect security of the international mission in light of the lack of security and the inability of the security agencies of government in controlling the spread of weapons».
Mitri told the Security Council that «the political forces of Libyan objected to send United Nations security guard force for the mission, prompting the search options to allay fears of Libyans and provide security protection for the international mission».
The diplomats at the United Nations that «the proposal made by the Secretary-General of the United Nations Security Council text on the formation of a protection force of 200 police officers sent to Libya to provide security for the international mission, but the metric is now looking to reduce that number by half and replace components of the unit security force guarding the civilian» .


The European Union supports the building of the Libyan army
Ambassador of the European Union confirmed Libya’s Natalia Abustolova, said on Wednesday that the European Union supports all the possibilities in the construction of the Libyan army.
She Abustolova for “news agency Solidarity” that “the European Union supports all the possibilities to build a national army and a Libyan national through configuration, training and rehabilitation,” pointing to host a number of European countries for Libyan payments for training.
Abustolova focused on that, “that a political solution and reconciliation and consensus building contribute to the army and remove him from the enticements of various kinds.”


Abdul Baset Okotait



Moved news of a secret meeting between the Libyan government and the IMF, government sources leaked the news about the secret meeting will be held in the Tunisian capital between a delegation from the Libyan government and representatives of the International Monetary Fund. , To discuss the budget for 2014/2015, and the possibility of borrowing Libya from the IMF. And will represent the Libyan side of the Libyan Minister of Planning and Deputy Minister of Finance, and Chairman of the Finance Committee to the National Conference Abdul Salam text and a member of the Conference on the front save Libya Mohamed Abdel Aldharat. Referred to the Libya of the few countries in the world are committed to non-borrowing or debt to the International Monetary Fund or one of its institutions.

Zaidane accuse affected by the solution profiles and some political opponents fabricating fuel crisis

The head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane,” there are categories that were damaged after the application of the decision of the National Almutmr year and the decision to evacuate the streets of the Libyan cities of armed groups and some of the measures taken by the government to stop many of the expenditures in violation of the law of the country’s financial.

He said, “Zaidane” in the press conference held this evening in Tripoli in the presence of a number of ministers that these groups are now trying to make a whirlwind and bewilderment in the country and want to be there tension between citizens, particularly with regard to access to fuel and wanted to head to the government in this direction.

He added that there are some of them political dispute or dissatisfaction with the policy of the government want to create something in the street.
He said we believe that the ballot box and the National Congress Hosbal Oorvd to accept anyone, but the use of such means to confuse matters Street and citizen’s life, and try to use a living citizen, and the necessities of the citizen to settle accounts with the government.

The Chairman of the Finance Committee to the National Conference year, “Abdul Salam text” told “the atmosphere of the country” that the committee met local councils of the two regions the eastern and southern today to record their observations and demands on the budget, two thousand and thirteen and priorities of the budget, two thousand and fourteen and put it in a report submitted to the National Congress.

Council of Ministers Resolution No. 732 of the Ministry of Finance for permission to liquidate the amount of 5 million dinars from miscellaneous item for the General National Congress:

Head of Investigation Section Office of the Attorney General “buddy pictures” that all the issues that the public opinion, whether the issue of the abduction of the Prime Minister Oqdah instruments and the siege of oil facilities Oqdah capturing a large amount of money in Sirte, Oqzaia killings and assassinations that Hdtt Atkhaddt where prosecution proceedings in accordance with the law.
He explained, “images” in a press conference held Wednesday afternoon in Tripoli that all of those issues where the Parliamentary Assembly commenced preliminary investigations and listen to witnesses and going out to the crime scene and assignment to forensic procedures and the necessary expertise.
He added, “images” that in many of those cases reached the prosecution to identify the assailants, especially regarding the issue of oil and Hsaralamnchat instruments crimes and crimes of aggression against Bank of Sirte, pointing out that there are correspondences and arrest warrants from prosecutors in the right of the accused to commit these acts. With regard to murder in general explained, “images” that have been conducting investigations required of the public prosecutor and public prosecutor issued arrest warrants on them on others orders to the security authorities concerned to research and investigation on the actors and then referral to the public prosecutor.
And Asha “images” that the defect lies in the implementation of arrest warrants and follow-up correspondence referred to the interior and all the security agencies affiliated tight in this regard that the public prosecutor can not effectively go out to the street to catch a concerned, but relay circulated to Almnavd lists and forward them to the International Police “Interpol” and wait for the implementation of the orders in the bulk of these issues.
With regard to the crime of assault on the amount of money allocated from the Central Bank of Libya to its branch in Sirte explained “images” that probes the public prosecutor intensive resulted in knowing people who were behind this incident and was cooperating with them and heard the prosecution to witnesses who have not been able prosecution of hearing Hhadathm only After much effort.
He added that during the investigation of the prosecution was to know the actors and referred the prosecution with respect to whom arrest warrants to the Criminal Investigation Department and the concerned authorities at the Ministry of Interior and the Prosecutor’s Office is still waiting for the implementation of Aohamr arrested.
He called on the Department of Investigation Office of the Attorney General, Mr. “buddy pictures” at the conclusion of the press conference, all sides of seizure, the Ministry of Interior to intensify efforts to implement the decisions of the public prosecutor about the arrest of the accused or to investigate them in all the issues that have been investigated.
For his part, said the prosecutor in charge of investigating the incident to steal money in Sirte professor “Eunice Abu Saif,” that the investigations on the theft of money in the incident lasted about 37 days and that through the investigation and collection of evidence has been reached to identify the perpetrators and see the truck that they used was to issue arrest warrants and travel bans for offenders, and all that with the Interior Ministry and security services
(Valley girl)

News agencies ::
President of the National Congress, Nuri Bushmin arrows to discuss with the
ambassadors of the European Union countries the security developments in Libya.
National Congress approves vote on the extension of the period of the conference and an
additional year upon the date of the end of the government on 02/15/2015.
(Channel tenderly Free)
D. Fatima Ahamroch ..
Libyan reality .. A member of the National Conference takes two salaries from the state and one of the conference and the salary of the health sector, which employs pre-run for the conference .. When confronted and asked about this .. He answered that the salary of health unbelievable to the poor ..
The Ministry of Education and the Libyan
Ham …
Rest assured the Ministry of Education inspectors all educators and members of the guard educational facilities .. That will be disbursed as well as make fuel and salaries as well as the guard with the month of December 2013.
To sit assigned to guard the educational institutions
Atmosphere of the country – particularly
Staged a sit-guards charged with guarding the educational institutions on Wednesday in most parts of Libya as well as a discount because of the advantage of salary last November.
The director of instruction guarded areas, the Ministry of Education Taher Abu Salem to the atmosphere of the country that the reason for this action is the deficit in the budget for the salaries of November.
It is noteworthy that the feature has not been canceled, but frozen, and falling disbursed with the salary of the month of December, according to Abu Salem.
The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy _ Libya :::
Good news,,,,,,
Will enter next Saturday, the sixth unit on the public network for electricity station Zoatana value (250MW) In the same week, will enter the gas station north of Benghazi and a half worth steam (250 + 125 MW) and becomes a total megawatts is (625MW) and thankfully ..
(M Khudair)
When negotiating and Sam bin Humaid with Jordans launch
A release Almsagiian Libyans in Jordan and the accused
In a terrorism case .. May know that the state Hrdesma
Mavahash and sovereignty, but the sovereignty of arms.
(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)
BTW: Bushmin got the release yesterday of al-Qaeda terrorist,  “Mohammed Saeed Hamad al-Drissi,” , who was in a Jordan proson for terrorists (rightfully) WHERE HE STILL BELONGS, except that the West wants these terrorists free to continue killing, bombing and causing chaos.
The families of the abductees still wondering where our children??
The State claims that they did not hear of them:
Altlesi Conqueror writes::best Anchaouallah Tzmau Behm cadaver Aajerman. Baaaash Tarafo much dampers Aulad dog.



Operations room Mermaid
Hello ….
Post earlier in the day yesterday, we published the names and locations of fuel stations in the capital was supposed to work 24 hours and most of the stations have already opened today and some of them did not open for many reasons, including professional, including the maintenance of income at this time!
The police arrived already to those stations and after fabricating problems by some police withdrew from the stations under the direct orders via wireless (bolted and Mleksh relationship back to headquarters who guide) quote after McCann of the owners of the stations, but the Aagaflo their stations and others decided to work under these circumstances arose some thugs fill pipes deliberately cut off to leg locks.
And some stations remained under the protection of young people from the same area which is numbered on the fingers.
This money beyond doubt the news, which was published two days before it was artificial crisis to topple the current government and show the candidate’s new role of savior ..
The same people who lose the return of the work of iron and steel plant at full capacity Alantahih to consume the largest amount of energy to start after the electricity crisis by reference after stopping a number of ovens factory in the last few months are the same people who are trying to overthrow the government since the first day and you all know Maaraf in a timely manner (the community of signatory signatory )
I know full well that the current government did not provide anything tangible level, but players Yabu dirty politics that leave give the people in the case.

Tag congestion and queues at petrol stations in Tripoli in 2013

“Ali Zaidane”: military police and security personnel will clear the protection of plants

and enable citizens to get fuel in different areas of Tripoli. Wednesday, 12.11.2013 –

How long we will remain caught in a vicious circle looking for basic human rights, which provided the poorest countries in the world for their people
Is it possible that we are in a very rich country swims on the lakes of oil remain dreams maximum citizen access to electricity and petrol and gas for cooking, and budgets for the disposal of billions every year?
God’s curse on the two hundred thief gang population Al-Rixsos.

Image to a Shilat Tripoli two days ago

(Al-Sabha Free)

14.5 in the middle of petrol stations in Tripoli to break up the clashes that occur between Almetzahmin on gasoline!
14.5 في وسط محطات البنزين بطرابلس لفض الاشتباكات التي تقع بين المتزاحمين على البنزين!

The head of the crisis committee Tripoli Local Council Nasser corpuscular Wednesday to the atmosphere of the country that the reason behind the congestion currently happening on the fuel stations in the city is the lack of the number of stations that are open to citizens.

He corpuscular after touring some of the petrol stations in Tripoli that the reason behind the closure of some stations is a continuation of power outages and problems in the supply, confirming the availability of large quantities of fuel.

He explained that the corpuscular some gas stations that closed its doors during the last period returned to work gradually, noting that the Council hopes to increase the number to 20 stations in the coming hours.

On the other hand Tripoli Local Council has demanded in a meeting yesterday with the police and representatives of companies supplying fuel to abide stations open 24 hours a day, and secured by the police in order to go beyond the city this crisis.

Referred to the city of Tripoli witness about a week ago, followed by a lack of fuel stations to close most of its doors.

Local Tripoli explaining the reasons for the congestion at petrol stations
(Atmosphere of the country – Mustafa bridges):


Middle East. Tripoli are suffering fuel shortages amid calls for F «Liberation oil»
The militia unzip siege Libyan oil installations middle of the month versus «conditions»
In an effort to contain the crisis of acute fuel shortage that has plagued residents in the Libyan capital Tripoli for the fifth day in a row, commissioned by the Ministry of Oil and Gas 15 Libyan gas station work over the past 24 hours in different neighborhoods of the city of Tripoli. As announced militias besiege a number of oil installations, three months ago that it would open the middle of this month, compared with forming a government oversight committee to oversee the sale and export.
The ministry said in a statement yesterday that this procedure aims to avoid congestion on the refueling stations and provide this service to the citizen and the most convenient ways to maintain his time, and in order to ensure citizen access to this article with ease as soon as possible.
He also held Abdelbari Laroussi, Minister of Oil and Gas, a meeting with security officials and managers of oil companies local to discuss the difficulties and circumstances faced by working with a number of gas stations in Tripoli, and the need to provide security protection for the fuel distribution stations in order to preserve the morale of its employees.
The minister asked in a statement, obtained by «Middle East» a copy of it, the security authorities to secure fuel stations for the continuity of its work, saying that the congestion at petrol stations in Tripoli unwarranted at all, especially as the fuel is available in sufficient quantity, and that the rumors about the decreasing unfounded of Health.
And receive the Libyan authorities blamed on protestors in some fields and oil ports of responsibility for this crisis, while sitters say they are seeking to achieve specific political demands.
Although the transitional government headed by Ali Zaidane threatened to use force in case of failure of the negotiations tribal current with the protesters, who stands behind them, says Libyan sources told «Middle East» armed militias outside the control of the state, the most populous in the capital Tripoli, confirmed in contrast to the continued interruption of fuel and fuel shortages in revealing what they described as «the failure of the authorities in dealing with this crisis».
A security official said in the capital Tripoli «Middle East»: «panic-stricken people, with rumors spreading that gasoline inventory available and very good, but people traded rumors that the shortage of oil and electricity will not be solved». He added: «It is artificial crises have led to problems of security among citizens because of the crowds, and do not represent a failure of the government but comes because of regional factors, not by any government by». The population in Tripoli that the crisis of fuel shortages have begun to affect the pattern of public life for the residents of the capital’s population of nearly a million and a half million people.
She said a Libyan citizen over the phone yesterday: «queues spread everywhere inside the city, to get a sufficient amount of gasoline has become a dream for each of driving a car in this city».
Said another citizen: «no fuel, only queues and the hassle, all the gas stations almost in the capital free of gasoline, but filled with citizens standing in queues extended for a share last them, you may have to stand five or six hours before not find anything».

MB Leaflets distributed at the University of Tripoli and in front of some clothing stores and the city’s pedestrians:

Message for:
 Disaster port of Tripoli / / /
The gang at the port of Tripoli disable Alexanr (reagent containers) are deliberately disabled so that they can evade customs
And hide their goods prohibited and dangerous, because the customs officer could not complete inspection of the container manually.
This incident is always repeated
We call on the authorities Almokhtshatkhad necessary actions immediately.
Group Elly port of Tripoli and who you disable Scanner detection Tséal containers to hide some of the prohibited goods, because the customs officer, he can not inspect every container manually ..
Gaah time we will publish your name … If continued Scanner detection containers hang deliberately.
(Citing news agency western mountain)
Media Maram Albuaiche
Shortly before: Corniche, by the coast, stop the camera team filming the “French channel” :  port of Tripoli, for lack of a permit.
Wall: The Executive Director of the General Company for Electricity, “Abdul Hakim for Yas,” said the protestors had unscrewed the bed field and let sit for fuel trucks to pass through the bed to provide the station with fuel to generate electricity.
He explained to Yas while attending the first day National Symposium for Quality in Tripoli that the trucks on their way to the station and needed three days to fill the fuel tanks, which will reduce the loads put on the public network.
Added Mr. Elias said technicians Libyans and foreigners who maintains a comprehensive units stations production in southern Tripoli, five, and the corner and it is expected to enter the public network with the end of the month as will enter stations Azwaitina and North Benghazi on the network middle of next week, where will enter in bridging the shortfall in electrical power:
Postponement of the trial of the captured al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi to Tripoli next month
Tripoli appeals court decided to postpone the trial of the prisoner, “Baghdadi Mahmudi” and captive “carp Zhmul” The Prisoner “Amer Tervas” to the eighth of January next year at the request of the defense with the continued imprisonment of the accused.
Andalus neighborhood – Gargaresh this morning:
Director-General of UNESCO (Irina Bokova) condemns killing of radio director Tripoli FM (Radwan Ghiryani) ..
Citizen fled upon loss fondness candle .. The candle burned yard and citizen died of asphyxiation by smoke.
# Shortly before the Abu Nawas.
Suffice it, and yes, the agent .. Suffice it, and yes, the agent .. Suffice it, and yes, the agent.
Friday Market | _ Tripoli _ |



Imaginary “Fuel crisis” spreading in both
Zuwarah – mil – five – corner – Alaqrapola – Sabratha – Zliten – Tabuls – Gharyan –
association – and Rishvana – Kklh – Asabah.
We do not know the rest of this epidemic will spread to Wayne!!!
Pension Ôäć who knew Sayer Balzbt story mesh Tripoli Paso?
(The news agency western mountain)


Why chose the Brotherhood and the Ministry of Electricity in the Government of Zaidane as they asked for in the government of the Cape and the science of electricity cut off Tripoli on the average of 10 hours a day now, even after their sit-in decoder Amazigh.

Logic …


Local Nalut and civil society institutions Bnalot decide to stop dealing with the National Congress and the withdrawal of representative Nalut and claim Almtio Nations to intervene in order to self-rule for the Amazigh.

Institutions of civil society are demanding Nalut member of Congress from Nalut and the local council to adopt a self-governing region of Nalut ..


Released sixteen citizen of Kklh, after being kidnapped
By gunmen near the bridge Zahra, but
President of the Council, “Ibrahim Salem Little”, and member of the Board
SC “Ahmed Mohammed Said” still under abduction.

Heavy rain on the morning of the globe
Ziba useful, God willing.

Moved to the mercy of God this morning Mohamed Gomaa Alachkm Jaidi affected by burns sustained in a gas explosion.

God, what was taken and what God gave him and everything by. To God and to Him we return.

God forgive him and mercy on him,,,,

In my name and in the name of tribes and Rishvana extend our deepest condolences and sympathy

to the family of Jaidi, and ask God to grant the Fiqidna bestow mercy, and enter paradise …

(Libyan tribe and Rishvana)

Crowds on gasoline increases day after day
Only yesterday seemed crowds in our region as well as other cities of the Western Region
Accepted busy…
(Photos and news from Rishvana)

Military Council Kklh confirms kidnapping of the local council and a member of the Shura Council

on Tuesday evening when a bridge-Zahra. 

Kidnapping of the President of the Council of Local Kklh by an armed group near the bridge Zahra ..

(Channel globe)

GROUP from Rishvana went off to TRIPOLI to “get” evil GNEOH !


Al-Rixsos now storming of the group Gneoh Alkkla into the National Conference,

the attempted hijacking Dr F tourist, but entered the dogs did not find Gneoh F tourist,

but God forbid if something happened that day or later,
Jatk means death Aatark prayer, may Oadr is forearmed,,,
And they are free to eat some dimensions,,,,

(Libyan tribe and Rishvana)

The great Rishvana / Great WRishvana
To clarify:
The problem that basis the kidnapping of Colonel Ismail al-Issawi and is not the subject of arrest Abdulkuddous Lzimaim also claims some pages Gneoh Alvesbuqueh and Almtablin him and even when he was locking the road link between Tripoli and the mountain was for this reason and not as claimed Almtablin Holo theme to gain public opinion only … …
We are against the criminals and gangs everywhere, but it is assumed the existence of a state holding and check and try and not mafias ….
Gnjoh deny the kidnapping, while all of them exist in the CID headquarters where phantom Gneoh new and the rest of his gang and everyone is persuaded that Colonel Ismail al-Issawi, was kidnapped by Gnjoh.

For the second time the cause of the problem was kidnapped Colonel Ismail al-Issawi and not Abdulkuddous Lzimaim!!!
Confirmed the kidnapping of Abdul Majid Alzentute member of the National Congress,
on the Aziziyah by militias Gneoh Alkkla,
The kidnapping of a member of Congress Abdul Majid Alzentute
“Atmosphere of the country” – particularly
A spokesman for the National Congress of General Omar Humaidan he make sure they have the news of the kidnapping of a member of Congress Majeed Alzentoty.
He added that Humaydan Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Bahlul fishing charge of the investigation into the incident, noting that the conference continues, turn the matter with the government.
It is noteworthy that Alzentute was elected a member of the National Conference for the Department of General Azizia.
We know how to respond,
(Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya)

The kidnapping of a member of the National Congress General Abdul Majid and his family

Alzentona appeals to Congress to intervene and head of the kidnapper, according to information A.Gneoh ….

The kidnapping of a member of the National Conference Alzentona General Abdul Majid and his family appeals

to President of the Conference of intervention …..

(Quoting channel capital)


part of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana in the preparatory meeting for the formation of the Council of Elders and the Shura Council of the Western Region which was held in the beautiful on the tenth of the month of December 2013 under the slogan (and Aatsamu rope of Allah all).

meeting was attended by Chairman of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana Mr. Mohammad Mukhtar Tntosh and head of the Information Office of the Council of Shura and the wise and Rishvana Mr. Abojeelh Seif El-Nasr has addressed the meeting to discuss the proposal for the establishment of the Shura Council,

Libya submitted by the Preparatory Committee at its meeting in Janzour and how to unify the Council of Elders and the Shura Council in the House and one at the level of Libya that has been present agreed to set up a workshop to discuss the role of the Council of Elders and Shura.

The assignment of the proposal submitted by the Preparatory Committee to shuras and sages in Libya in order to raise the composition of the Board and the meeting on the same day to return to convene in 28/12/2013 in Sorman Information Office of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana.


Now department in Ajeelat
A security source / /

Expeditionary force tasked Ajeelat extend its Ajeelat even bring the power of alternative place

to save the people of the security department in Ajeelat.



Quay Road Commercial Institute – Granada cafe after paving and maintenance, landscaping and installation of benches for rest pedestrians and cleaners.

Bani Walid, which has suffered a lot in times of siege and to prevent fuel trucks and even ambulances from entering by armed militias because without a reason … Receiving stations and fuel now dozens of cars to the citizens of Tripoli coming from in order to mobilize the fuel due to the availability in our city and the continuation of the crisis, precious shortages in Tripoli.
We wish him the men of the Directorate of Security and Traffic in Bani Walid presence in the stations that could see severe congestion to facilitate the movement and flow of cars coming our fellow citizens from Tripoli.
We became the King of God … Thankfully there is no god but Allah
I ask what is better in this day and beyond and we seek refuge in You from the evil of what in this day and beyond:
Sheikh Barghouti–We will live hawkish cyclase,,, and die tall black,,, and all of us to the homeland and we Bani Walid:
 Coverage for the influx of Arab tribes on Bani Walid
Al Arabiya television coverage for the influx of elders and notables and tribal areas on the Libyan Bani Walid elders to congratulate the Council for Social and tribes Rafla safely exit and return safely to the bosom of the valley.
تغطية قناة العربية لتوافد شيوخ واعيان القبائل والمناطق الليبية على بني وليد لتهنئة شيوخ المجلس الاجتماعي لقبائل ورفلة بسلامة الخروج والعودة سالمين إلى حضن الوادي

Valley Agency Dinar News:

news is true, and a few days ago was a failed attempt …

Urgent exposure junta chief Bani Walid Fathi Leslie for a leg injury OTR clash with a group a terrorist tried to blow up the power plant in the industrial district, and after the end of the clash was found two suitcases carrying explosives control via mobile phone inside the station,,,,,,,,,,, Nhkura all of the military council and youth Bani Walid who Sdo this terrorist attack
(Quoting / / battalion deterrence Bani Walid)

la photo de Council for Social Rafla tribes and the southern region.

Bani Walid today … delegations offering congratulations on the return of the Senate:

photo de Council for Social Rafla tribes and the southern region.

Bani Walid today .… receives delegations … 10 .. 12 .. 2013

Image expressive …
Visit members of the local council of Bani Walid for sheikhs of Bani Walid released from prisons in the corner, meeting carries the meaning beautiful, God, according to the people of the city to the benefit of the city and tribe and nation and not satisfy rights through law and everyone works for the benefit of Bani Walid …
The image of the party / Khalifa carp:
Projects under completion in Bani Walid ..
Create fountain, up 8 meters in the center of the island city of Beni Walid. Under the supervision
and funding from the local council of the city of Bani Walid ….
Imaging. Mohammed Kinsal :

Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News
Construction work for the obelisks Island city center (in front of the museum) sustained by leaps and bounds and is considered as a symbol and choose the obelisk monument downtown and in front of the museum excellent choice is the fact that the obelisks of the most important and the most prominent features of Bani Walid archaeological
Image of Page Museum Bani Walid / Museum of

for the opinion of the most important areas of the airport, mostly built airports, we’ve got the place ready and a half.

Former Secretary of Defense (big RAT Osama GEWEILI) speaks rat-talk still!
The channel’s news program face
The next day, I went from Resolution No. 7 to Bani Walid in order to prove that they are free of “cronies” [supporters of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA] and they are under the control of the Libyan state, and it’s part of Libya
One did not stop me from entering, and now after entering the Bani Walid where Alathbat that Bani Walid haven for the ousted Gaddafi.!! Where were arrested and where it is people who turned them out after entering, and where KHAMIS?????
Fought in the media because I refused to enter Libya Shield forces of others disciplined
To Bani Walid, but I was confident that there are those who exploited the killing Omran Shaaban for retaliatory purposes
and objectives of political consideration and events Othbtt.

Now .. Program directly on the channel to cover the events of the Dardanelles receiving delegations Libyan tribes in the town of Bani Walid to congratulate the exit of the members of the Council for Social and tribes Rafla of detainee
(Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV)
Bani Walid ::: 12/11/2013
Received Social Council of the tribes and Rafla delegations from tribes: Margenh Terhana, Alnaaja Terhana, Alhamalh Terhana, Awami Terhana, Awlad ID Terhana, Kklh, and Rishvana, Mahamed Valley neighborhood, Spenaon, Almnfe of Tobruk, and Rafla Benghazi, wind, Alosabah, Alawneh, to offer congratulations the exit of the members of the Council for Social and tribes Rafla of detainee.
(Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV)



Increase on the people of Tawergha‘s suffering with the onset of Winter:


إزدياد معاناة نازحين من تاورغاء في طرابلس مع دخول فصل الشتاء



Hospital Zliten

Finally, after a long wait has been installed mobile device scan. He told radiographer Fathi Talmon he arrived on this machine and it is a Degetl modern and sophisticated equipment and tomorrow, God willing, will begin the device in the care unit and also reported that this device will have benefits for all patients who have their condition does not allow the movement and thus the hospital may offer step-great for patient comfort.
(Crown Health)
مستشفى زليتن
واخيرا وبعد طول انتظار تم تركيب جهاز الاشعة المتحرك . وقد صرح فني الاشعة فتحي طلمون بأنه وصل اليوم هذا الجهاز وانه يعتبر جهاز ديجيتل حديث ومن الاجهزة المتطورة وغذا بإذن الله سيباشر الجهاز في قسم العناية وافاد ايضا بان هذا الجهاز سيكون له فوائد لكل المرضى الذين حالتهم لا تسمح في التنقل وبهذا يكون المستشفى قد تقدم خطوة جليلة من اجل راحة المريض .
تاج الصحة
Zliten riders

Technicians continue since age almost maintenance work for the surveillance camera
Ali Sheikh Abdul Salam Island brown Faitouri the city center.
Great efforts.

Urgent /
Calls for civil disobedience in the city of Zliten next Sunday to demand the army and police.



MISURATA troublemakes cause 2 deaths:

Concerning clashes Sirte /
And got some details on the mail page:
There are clashes between the tribe Akaddadfah and  a group beloging to Misratah and so
far  dead  of Al-kaddadfah tribe are found the number of
wounded:  three major of tribe Al-kaddadfah.
According to the source, and said that he was prevented from
infected Zjul sons Al-kaddadfah  Zjul within Ibn Sina hospital in Sirte
( for me racist reasons, not the hospital’s director, Mahmoud bin Ismail Masrati).
Agency urgently Libya / victims in clashes family in Sirte :
According to preliminary information that the ongoing clashes family two days ago in the city of Sirte
had so far led to the deaths of at least two ills of them, “Mustafa welcomed the Pleiades”, who was killed today.

Killing “Recep small Siwi” and “Omar Boubacar Gaddafi” in
City of Sirte yesterday, as a result of clashes Giza marine and
Ward No. 1, also confirmed a source familiar with the city of Sirte and the wise
Now taken control of the situation, and the situation in Sirte Very quiet

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Call :::
Youth Alqmazfah in Giza Navy:
Calling all honorable of all tribes and regions .. not to approach any of the entrances to the entrance Djizah Navy,,,
only after coordination with one of the sons of the living …
so not to be exposed to them and to anyone ….
Aatardon any attack Mbagt heroes stationed ready to repel any group trying to get closer and prejudice to the offer and honor …
10 décembre
Youth Caucus Giza marine Sirte
The killing of Omar Ali Trchana effect clashes that took place today in the area of ​​Giza Giza Navy.
We ask Allah to accept it rest in peace and that inspires his family and his family patience and solace.
“I am God, and to Him we return”



Federation of Oil Workers: We are not guardians of the people’s livelihood

The head of the Union of Workers oil sector, “Louay David” Wednesday’s remarks, Vice President of the Union, “Saad al-Fakhiri,” which made about the closure of fields and oil ports again after reaching an agreement and open it in the fifteenth of this month,

“represents only his personal opinion.”

He added, for the news agency of solidarity that

“David, his statement does not represent the members of the Management Committee of the General Union or the General Assembly of the Union and formed by subsidiaries of the National Oil Corporation, pointing out that work is underway to complete the implementation of the agreement the judge attempted to open ports and oil fields in the schedule .”

He stressed that they are being Commission workers’ union of oil and gas with labor rights and against tempted to be a guardian on the source of food Libyans.

Referred to as the vice president of the oil workers’ union said on Wednesday, about their intention to close the oil ports in case opened again until their demands were met of raising wages by the so-named “interim government”.

Federation of users of the oil sector threatens to shut down oil fields
Atmosphere of the country –

Threatened union workers and users of ports and oil fields to shut down ports and fields unless it is to meet the demands after giving an opportunity to the government to resume exports.
The deputy chairman of the Federation of Oil Workers Saad users Fakhiri, told the atmosphere of the country today that the workers and employees in the ports and oil fields will be given an opportunity for the government and the National Oil Corporation to resume export, stressing that the deadline will not be.
He added that Fakhiri of the most important demands risk premium and voluntary retirement and early retirement allowance and holidays, pointing out that all existing demands of the government and the Energy Committee in the National Conference a year ago.
Recall that yesterday had been the agreement between the tribal elder in favor of the Moroccan Tyosh and former commander of the Guard installations Ibrahim Jdharan oil ports to open in mid-December and the current re-export of oil.
In the meantime, Saleh announced Alotyosh, Moroccan tribal elder, during a meeting of the tribe, the city of Ajdabiya yesterday, to guard oil installations, they will re-open establishments that closed it three months ago in the eastern region in the fifteenth of this month.
Although Abraham Aljdharan, head of the  political bureau of the province of Cyrenaica, which besieging forces oil sites and prevent the export, announced that his forces would raise their hand to export, but it stipulated that in return for the government to form a committee control of Tripoli and Cyrenaica and Fezzan to oversee the sale and export.
The Libyan Oil Minister announced that the closure of these fields and ports led to heavy losses suffered by the Libyan economy up to nine billion dollars, in addition to the loss of Libya’s share in the international market.
On the other hand, called the mobility «Martyrs November 15» to demonstrate peacefully on Friday to lift the siege imposed on the oil fields by some armed formations, under the name of F editing oil. He also called on all Libyans mobility in all areas to get out to the squares to participate in this demonstration, which will carry the slogan «only oil .. It is my livelihood and food Aiili ».
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Head guard oil installations Colonel “Idriss Abu Khmadh” announced in a press conference held today in Tripoli for decoding the siege of the oil fields area of ​​Crescent oil on Dec. 15, says that the conditions which were read at the meeting yesterday considered conditions formality and will oversee the tribe Moroccans on this process, noting Moroccan tribe to disown that anyone doing a subversive hurt the public interest.

BREGA PORT (above)

(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)

Altarhuni Barqawi, writes:

“Why calling Abdulwahab Qaid open oil wells??”

Abdulwahab Al Qaid mobilize militias and extremist Islamic groups:
The Legend means the state and its employees for an extensive campaign to prepare what he says is a campaign to lift the sit-in inside the Crescent oil province of Cyrenaica and seeks to it all ways and methods of al-Qaeda through planting sleeper cells in the region and infiltrators are waiting for this event and perhaps summoned to “Grable,” and “Ismail Salaabi “and” Bouchtalh “and” Ziad macrophage “and” Sufian Alqoma “and other extremists hurt in this direction ….

But it must be that one wonders confused why extremists from ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and of the most important remnants of al-Qaeda and extremist groups are keener to open these wells are they and led by Abdul Wahab Qaid brother of the second man in al-Qaeda (Aboihy Libyan) more national ..?

Of hard and be sure to enter the Libyan oil became finance global terrorism and all this talk is not my words but the words of politicians and Western media ..

it is the money that supports the so-called military victory and is one of the factions of al-Qaeda in Syria ..

And this money is supporting extremists Sinai with weapons and money and is also open training camps in Libya, Tunisians and Algerians, and is also a support battalion, which was named a brother Kayed “Aboihy the Libyan” affiliated with al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, based in the desert coast.

“Sheikh Abdel Wahab Kaid Guard commander Libyan border in the south”

“Sheikh Abdel Wahab Kaid, many videos

Abd al-Wahhab Muhammad Qaid (Arabic: عبدالوهاب محمد قايد), aka Abu Idris al-Libi (picture is below)


Said Libyan Oil Minister Abdul Bari Arousi on Wednesday that exports to Libya of oil currently stands at 110 thousand barrels per day of the total production of 250 thousand barrels per day.

He said at a news conference that Libya sent 120 thousand barrels per day refinery to the corner of Libya and 20 thousand barrels to a refinery in Tobruk in the far east of the country.

Because of the control of armed groups on oil terminals Libya production fell from 1.4 million barrels per day in July and aggravated the chaos in the country two years after the end of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

(IF NATO did not interfere, there would be NONE of the problems we see today. Absolutely NONE!)

Libyan government employs all young protesters in the oil port of Harika Btabriq.
Also been issuing decisions include large projects in Tobruk with a total value in excess of billion, including the creation of roads, hospitals and schools .. And also promises to create the largest refinery in the Mediterranean basin card operating a total estimated at 350 thousand barrels per day of gasoline and petro-chemical materials refined …
That is the evacuation of the oil port of Harika and keep away from him on the spot by the protesters.

Conference of the Council of Ministers .. Question about the terms of the President of the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica’s open Mranie oil ..
Re Prime Minister Ali Zeidan: We do not recognize this, which I said Mil .. This Mil-called from its owners did not pay attention and did not really care about him …. When the doors are closed and the government would move to open the ports ..
من مؤتمر مجلس الوزراء .. سؤال حول شروط رئيس المكتب السياسي لبرقة ل فتح مرانيء النفطية..
رد رئيس الوزراء علي زيدان: نحن لا نعترف بهذا المسمي الذي قلته .. هذا المسمي سمي من اصحابه لم نلتفت ولم نكترث به …. وعندما تغلق الأبواب الحكومة ستتحرك لفتح الموانيء ..

Moroccan tribe decides to resume the export of Libyan oil


For Tyosh adopts the three conditions mentioned by Ibrahim Aljdharan to open ports in the Dec. 15, which is the formation of an independent commission of judges to investigate the issue of the sale of oil without counters and suspicion of theft, and the formation of an oversight committee of the various regions of Libya to monitor how to behave in public money, and the exchange’s share of Cyrenaica from oil revenues, according to Law No. 58 set by the Constitution of 1951 (outdated).

Said tribal elder Moroccans in Libya in favor of Tyosh, on Tuesday, that the tribe had agreed with a guard oil installations led by Ibrahim Aljdharan to lift the siege on oil installations, and the resumption of oil exports in December 15.

He stressed the Tyosh in his speech to the meeting a huge tribe of Moroccans – one of the most prominent tribes in Ajdabiya and the Middle Libyan generally – in the city of Alnovljeh, that in response to the repeated calls of the tribes and notables and state institutions sought tribe Moroccans to encircle the crisis oil ports in dialogue with the head guard installations Ibrahim Aljdharan, which belongs to the tribe of Moroccans, and his aides.

The Sheikh of the Moroccans to guard facilities are shut down oil ports, and that this device is composed of young people from most of the tribes of the east of Libya, but the bulk of them belong to the tribe of Moroccans, and they gave the reason why they are on the move that counters the oil does not work, as well as the existence of documents stating the accession theft of oil, according to the saying.

So do not be a reason in the Libyan crisis

And between tribal elder Moroccans that the duration of disabling the export of oil has affected, making the Libyan people resent this matter, and the government threatened the possibility of crashes salaries and aid, pointing out that all of these factors made the elders of the tribe applying for a dialogue with their children to overcome the crisis so as not to be a tribe cause disruption the lives of Libyans.

He thanked the Tyosh Aljdharan Ibrahim and his associates for their understanding of the order, and they are keen on the wealth of the Libyan public money and, in turn, recalling the days in the battlefield revolution in February

And built to Tyosh three conditions mentioned by Ibrahim Aljdharan to open ports in the Dec. 15, which is the formation of an independent commission of judges to investigate the issue of the sale of oil without counters and suspicion of theft, and the formation of an oversight committee of the various regions of Libya to monitor how to behave in public money, and the exchange’s share of Cyrenaica from oil revenues, according to Law No. 58 set by the Constitution of 1951 (outdated).

Aljdharan committed to the decision Tribe

According to Ibrahim Aljdharan in his reasons for daring to close the port area of ​​Crescent Oil, expressing pride tribal affiliations: “I am proud of the son of this ancient tribe Mujahid and I’m struggling Cyrenaica, Libya control.”

He added: “We have offered bribes to Rvdhanaha announced the prime minister and some ministers war on us in a press conference, and when he found a strong determination Guard installations began mislead public opinion, with all our strength.”

Wholesale demands

Taking advantage of a tribal elder Moroccan position to view a number of the demands of the city of Ajdabiya in development, including the construction of the port and the airport (the nearest airport to the city of Benghazi is 400 kilometers) and activate the Higher Institute specializes in Petroleum Studies and the University of the city, in addition to the right of the people of Ajdabiya in diplomatic missions and seminars abroad.

On the subject of the federal Tyosh said: “I am not my problem with the issue of federalism, but could not get ahead of things, we are with what will be determined by the Libyan people in the form of the state.”

He called for the end of his speech Tyosh Guard installations and Ibrahim Aljdharan to harassment in the process of non-oil exports, and to do their duty to protect these facilities.

National Congress welcomes the move

For his part, welcomed the General National Congress this step, raising the demand for the government to figure out the next steps to be taken to resume the export of oil. Declared the spokesman of the National Conference Omar Humaidan that the conference will discuss the demands announced by the tribal elder Moroccans today on the basis that it demands the city of Ajdabiya.

Thus succeeded tribal elder Moroccan nicknamed “Basha valid Tyosh” to put an end to the crisis continued since mid-August, and arrived with escalation to the extent of threatening the use of force by the government, and the threat of the possibility of failure of the state to fulfill its obligations in paying salaries to employees in a timely manner.

The striking that a tribal elder in favor of the Moroccan Tyosh Aljdharan Ibrahim was addressing as the chief guard installations, and did not speak with him as head of the “political bureau of the province of Cyrenaica.” The Sheikh of Tyosh careful when talking about the federal stressed when he does not oppose it but can not pre-empt the decision of the Libyan people, who will be seen through the Constitution next to Libya, which will put the constituent body that will elect the next January.

Date of publication:

2013-12-10 10:51 pm

Modern journalism
First page of the newspaper, “the new Libya” for this Wednesday
11 – 12 – 2013
(*) Threatened oil workers’ union in Libya on Tuesday to close the eastern ports again if he decides the political bureau of the Cyrenaica province re-opened in December 15.
The bureau said earlier on Tuesday that he might reopen the three ports controlled by the government implemented if demands for power-sharing and wealth by Sunday.

Oil terminals in eastern Libya back to work on 15 December

http://arabic.rt.com/news/636849/ :روسيا اليوم

Oil terminals in eastern Libya back to work on December 15
Said the leader of one of the Libyan tribes to which he belongs, protesters have crippled the main oil ports in eastern Libya in support of their demand for a federal system of government, that this disruption will end next Sunday, December 15 / December.Saleh said Alotyosh leader of the tribe to which he belongs Moroccan protesters:
“We expect to resume exports of crude oil ports as of Sunday.”

It also performs guards strike oil installations since the end of July last year, and disrupted the main oil ports in Azwaitina and Ras Lanuf and Sidra eastern Libya. 

The protesters have crippled the main oil ports in eastern Libya since the end of July. And led those protests and disrupt the delivery of fuel to the decline in production from Libya oil from 1.5 million barrels per day to about 250 thousand barrels.

Source: RT + AFP

http://arabic.rt.com/news/636849/ :روسيا اليوم


In the meantime, Saleh announced Alotyosh, Moroccan tribal elder, during a meeting of the tribe, the city of Ajdabiya yesterday, to guard oil installations, they will re-open establishments that closed it three months ago in the eastern region in the fifteenth of this month.

Bus transportation for students exposed to traffic accident:

A bus transportation for students Tuesday afternoon for a traffic accident on the coastal road link between the cities of Ajdabiya and Brega.
The bus was carrying 18 students on board, in addition to the driver collided with a truck large west gate known as the gate of the Levant.
This has been rushed to hospital Emhemed Maqrif Bagdabia to fry first aid and treatment where five students to enter the intensive care unit while the other cases of contracting between medium and light and some of them left the hospital.
Thank God for the safety of everyone .. We wish a speedy recovery for the rest.



The arrest of a truck loaded with a quantity of weapons and large sum of money gate precise:

The occurrence of an Egyptian nationality in a dig drainage area Quiche against the

Ministry of Education and citizens tried to rescue him, but he moved to the mercy of God ..


Abduction component of the Libyan army Benghazi
– The kidnapping of a member of the Libyan army (Khaled Saleh Digger) on the outskirts of the city of Benghazi by unknown.
He favored an official security source in Benghazi, the president of the Libyan army sergeants “Khaled Saleh Digger” was kidnapped while driving his car on the outskirts of the city.
The source pointed out in his statement to the Libyan news agency that the head of the family of Sgt told him she had lost contact with her son since the afternoon of Tuesday, after a phone call in which he told them that there haunt him while driving his car on the road link between the regions and have built Alkwyfah. 

“Atmosphere of the country”:
A spokesman for the joint security room in Benghazi, “Ibrahim al-Shara” The head of the officers of the air defense, “Khaled Saleh Digger” kidnapped today and available information about his whereabouts until now, pointing out that the people of the “Digger” and found his car and cut off their contacts are doing today.


What you have heard of the explosion was a quarrel between the youth group and someone has to throw on the other side Julatina Almichajer him sir Younis area and there is no damage and has control of the situation, citing the investigation room Thunderbolt RBI keeps them ….

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Urgent :::::::
And Mnicoowol :::::

Please significant caution: very important to all citizens .. There are children on the streets carrying a paper written by the title of their house!! The claim that they are lost!! If you see these children do not take them to the address blogger!! Because there are gangs of people and people have sent them!! Understand there Antzeronkm at home blogger in the title!! To kill or to steal members or raped!! Hope you take them to the nearest security station and report them!! If they helped them honest!! And that they were not arrested them as well! Please generalization!!

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Milkfish ::: Benghazi

Urgent :::::::

Quoting SS says that the voices of shooting and bombing area now milkfish is nothing

but joy and we have captured one of the people in this joy and is carrying an RPG launcher

and the Balrmih and does not stop,,,,,,
This room, citing the investigation now ………..
And, God willing, any information omitted Hanuaakm ……………

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Concerning the explosions and voices of lead, there is a problem in the area, Mr. Yunus and the land Zwaoh, went commandos there to see what happens and what the problem and clashes there between of and from, attacked them the type of car Dawo Lanos white and has Balrmih them and hit person of commandos and is now a hospital evacuation and the commandos also mentioned that there is a civilian casualty and the impact of these clashes is also Galaa hospital ……

(Mutassim Faitouri)



International channel Libya Libya International Channel
URGENT: a loud explosion was heard throughout the city of Derna shortly before.


The reason for the targeting of Misrata Martyrs School in Sayeda Khadija in tuber.
Been Targeting semester at the School of Martyrs Misurata night at the hands of those who do not fear God …
crippled hands …………..
The reason is that our response, as a son Sufian Ibrahim Sufian, and who is studying in the first year Preparatory,
who had quarreled with a teacher named Mohammed Saif Nayed stood Bachrjh of the season
and has beaten several strokes, and Vetoadhm Hero Ibrahim blew up the school ……….
Faty PHP night in the car and the brothers threw the explosive device in the classroom ….
Yes, and education and ethics …
(AD Media tuber)


Photos of targeting a school classroom Martyrs Misrata improvised explosive device in

the neighborhood of the city of Derna Khadija last night.

Libya’s international channel
Urgent – sources of international: shortly before the explosion targeted a school Khadija in tuber:


Tuber :::::::::

Mr. Khalid car bombing in tuber cream at 3 o’clock in the morning …………

(Mutassim Faitouri)




Sit-people and civil society institutions Bsabha
“Atmosphere of the country” –

Established residents and a number of civil society organizations in Sabha, demanding the dismissal of the sit-in of the local council Bsabha and ask the government to form a committee to investigate the crisis and Sabha in the budget disbursed by the Council.

A member of the civil society institutions on the Busadh told the atmosphere of the country on Wednesday that the situation in the city is getting worse day after day without finding a solution of the Council, and the long-life bad citizen rising price of gas cylinder and the spread of dust and other problems, as he put it.

He added that the sit-in began Busadh yesterday to close the building of the Council ultimatum to the government to respond to the demands of the protesters.

The spokesman for the local council Sabha Boubacar Hamza that everybody has the right to pretend, but in a civilized manner, and that it had been demanding the Council of Elders and the Shura Council to intervene to solve this problem.

He said Hamza We accept dialogue with the protesters who did not give us their demands, and we welcome any legal accountability of the Court of Audit or any other governmental entity, he said.

It is noteworthy that the city has witnessed several protests in various sectors over the past month.

10 décembre

Participated Battalion 162 Tenere me Altaúmin City Sabha and knead Baina instructions ordered logic Sabha Military
Shortly before the armed group are my shooting Ola person Tbawi and throw people in agricultural Gardah in Sabha

and now the transfer, but the hospital.

(Battalion Tenere)

UN team to visit Libya to assess the safety of thousands of barrels of raw uranium

http://arabic.rt.com/news/636700/ :روسيا اليوم

Announced the UN envoy to Libya, Tarek Mitri that a team will visit the nuclear internationalist Libya this month to assess the safety of thousands of barrels of uranium ore known as “yellowcake.”

The metric of the Security Council Monday December 9 / December:

“In terms of yellow cake we received information indicating that 6400 barrels stored in a former military facility unused near Sabha in the south,” asserting its presence under the control of a battalion of the Libyan army.

The concerns also emerged from the disappearance of thousands of anti-aircraft missiles that carry on the shoulder after the war in Libya. He added that the metric Support Mission of the United Nations in Libya received preliminary information on missiles from Tripoli, but asked for more details on the missiles under the control of the Libyan government.

Source: RT + “Reuters”

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Reporter “atmosphere for the country”:

Light rain continues to fall on the area Alqtron and its suburbs since last night until Tuesday evening at intervals, after the interruption for nearly 20 years, and unlike the usual rains this region are usually in the summer.

Heavy rain that falls on the area or rabbits (South Libya) since Tuesday morning in the collapse of a number of houses built with bricks and evacuate people from the area. He (Hassan al-Sanusi) official guard oil installations field elephant told (and)”The floods have caused power outages and cut off roads leading to the area, adding that the population is facing hard times due to lack of food and gas cylinders and the lack of tents and blankets.” He (Sanusi) that parents appeal to the competent authorities of the need for urgent intervention to aid those affected and provide them with the necessary requirements.
(The news agency Fassato)


Guard installations today prevents a number of cities Gallo youth from entering the field Gallo oil after ramming threatened and eventually stopped operating in protest against the lack of enabling them to work despite the placement of the field in which to work four months ago.

Page Libyan local news .. Gallo

Gallo lock the people of the area of ​​the oil field 59 to shut down all oil pumps Active

and expelled foreign workers in protest against the non-appointment of the region’s youth in the field.

Guard installations today prevents a number of cities Gallo youth from entering the field Gallo oil after ramming threatened and eventually stopped operating in protest against the lack of enabling them to work despite the placement of the field in which to work four months ago.


Part of the statement of the National Conference on Public events infidels Tazerbo Rbeana:



In a telephone conversation Bagdabia now said that a large group is preparing all kinds of weapons to attack the people who cut the SOUTH road from RAS LANAUF to the infidels and besiege it and prevented Supply, gas and fuel from entering after the failure of all attempts at peaceful.
This has produced the National Congress denounced the statement by the armed group surrounded the town of Kufra and he called a group of outlaws
What happens infidels (south-east) | |
Groups of Tabu tribes continue to blockade the area of ​​Kufra and Tazrbua and cut road leading to the area from the north, demanding the Council of Local and mayor of their own in the area Rbeana and areas that they inhabit in the town of Kufra and deliver electricity to the area Rbeana through the supply of hard instead of generators animation that is stolen from time to time and the other to be smuggled out of the country.
This led to the blockade of Kufra area and Tazrbua to an acute shortage of all supplies of fuel and cooking gas and Supply and Medicine and the lack of electricity in the region. The blockade also led to bickering within the infidels sometimes led to armed clashes between members of the Tabu and Azhoyh and the national army as a result of supply shortages and mutual accusations.
The process appears to have a strategic move for the leaders of the tribes of the Tabu after the provisions of their control over the south-west south of Sebha to move in an attempt to extend their influence or control over the south-east, who claim that they have a historical legacy in which the support of the federal Due to reject the majority of the people of the infidels Bcilhm local in more than one occasion to the idea of ​​federalism.
(Channel Alqtron on Facebook)



Negotiations for the release of the abducted port Owaynat

“Atmosphere of the country “-

The head of the military council of Kufra Suleiman Hamid :

The list currently negotiations between the elders and the area south of Kufra with the group that kidnapped six Libyans and twenty-five Sudanese shepherd nine days ago.

Hamid explained to the atmosphere of the country on Wednesday that the kidnappers did not ask for anything in return after the release of the abductees, they likely will negotiate to replace their captives arrested in attempt to smuggle some time ago.

Hamid stressed that the military council and the Senate did not agree on a replacement, and they are ready to use force, but that the location of the kidnappers have not yet determined.

Referred to the point Owaynat the border between Libya and Sudan is witnessing security alert since the kidnapping, according to Hamid.





250 Truck fear the passage of the port Salloum

Truck drivers declined to 250 Egyptian loaded with goods pass through the port Salloum heading to Libya, fearing that they are held there by armed groups after detaining 100 Truck Egyptian other inside Libya now.

Matrouh news :::

Newsflash detention of 100 vehicles for the delivery of Egypt, Libya Gadaffi blood

A group of armed militias gate Jervan, which lies about 12 km from the city of Libyan assistant on the Egyptian-Libyan border install and detention for 100 cars Egyptian loaded with goods bound for the Libyan territory led drivers Egyptians Hatho demanded the extradition of Ahmed Gadaffi blood coordinator of the Egyptian-Libyan relations previously to the Libyan authorities after the issuance of the rule of the Cairo Criminal Court acquitted him of the charges against him and to confront the Egyptian authorities to make weapons without a license.

Republic Online learned that there will be an escalation by another group of armed militias at the level of Libya against the Egyptians who are in Libya during the coming hours and days until delivery Gadaffi blood to start in his trial before Libyan courts.

He witnesses coming from Libya that a large group of armed militias Libya in Abu Fergany may have to shut down the international route, and the leaders of armed militias has announced that in case of non-delivery of Ahmed Gadaffi blood will be escalation against the Egyptians in Libya and if not the Libyan government to take measures with the government Egyptian Ahmed delivery Gadaffi blood separation

and we will announce the formation of the province of Cyrenaica independent of the West Libyan witnesses have confirmed that the militias have developed vehicles transporting large display and the road completely closed to traffic traveling to and from Libya.

Witnesses confirmed from inside the port Salloum presence of 100 trucks inside the customs area in addition to the accumulation of 150 other truck on both sides of the road at the entrance to the international border town of Salloum.
He also stressed eyewitness from inside Libya that armed groups detained yesterday evening 100 Truck Egyptian and drivers in the area between the gate Jervan and Palace Gate Capricorn 40 km west gate Assistant border in protest at the decision of the Cairo Criminal Court acquitted “Ahmed Gadaffi blood” of several charges, including attempted murder and resisting arrest
The groups demanded that the Egyptian government delivery “Gadaffi blood” to be tried by Libyan courts.

(Fashloum Tripoli)

I’ll be back for blood Kdav Libya ……………..
Gadaffi blood: evidence of my innocence justice of the Egyptian judiciary and I will return to Libya!
Said Ahmad Gadaffi blood Libyan-Egyptian relations coordinator,
immediately after receiving the patent, that the Egyptian judiciary does not need a certificate, this provision is through justice and fairness, pointing out that he was happy in prison, because a prison in his native Egypt.
He Gadaffi blood, in an interview after his release was a 90-minute program broadcast across the channel axis, that he will return to Libya as a country that pay for her blood, stressing that Libya will return a united and free as it was in the past.
He stressed that the Libyan government handed over to the earlier deal was, pointing out that there are heads of state from around the world have sent delegates to visit him in his cell.
(ۈlڈ ڝۈlٻہ)

de Ali Chendeb Ali Handb.

“Gadaffi blood,

We congratulate Mr. Ahmed Gadaffi blood of the Egyptian judiciary acquitted him and his release from prison ..
But the real innocence needed by Gadaffi blood, is a supporter of the Colonel ..”

Now | Egyptian TV:

Egyptian Foreign Ministry denies severing ties with Libya.

Ali Zaidane,

“the decision to cut diplomatic ties not true, it did not come from the Libyan government did not know it, but a means of social communication.  No truth to the frequency of news about cutting ties with # Egypt.”

Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Ibrahim witnessed a conference to discuss with the Egyptian ambassador to Libya, Mohammed Abubakar facilitate visa procedures between the two countries ..
(Gateway Libya)
Valley Agency Dinar News:
delivered Gadaffi blood for Libya.
10 décembre, 23:14
About / / page Chaeliks Benghazi:Urgent /
Alan has been meeting with the Egyptian ambassador and the consul’s parents were given 48 hours to
leave the territory of Libya was thus informed of
Severance of diplomatic relations and lock the land border and maritime and air and stop all financial remittance with Egypt
As of 01/01/2014
The withdrawal of the ambassador and consul and lock and pull all the workers and layoffs Egyptians contracts a local
And the return of all Libyan students depending on the state and Togerm to Sudan, India and the Gulf States
As stated in the Declaration of the expulsion of Egyptian workers are not allowed to …
The request was returned deposit Libyan 4 billion and the sale of all Libyan investments in Egypt by the U.S. company has been assigned a law firm from Britain to follow the property as it was announced the referral of the Nilesat and broadcasts inciting the murder to an international court and request support request Russian Chinese to confuse Nilesat full as agreed with Interpol to arrest the wanted
In another topic decree the return of (675) is not eligible employees do not have a diplomatic relationship and most of them obtained the decisions of the revolution and after the withdrawal of the red passports were returned from four years spent working abroad and was promised (985) people.




HOODLINKS think its fun to torture and kill animals senselessly!!!


Not only about the suffering and God
Voir la traduction
Puberty throw from the top of the mountain .. For laughter and entertainment
God and the Savior of them until the animal suffering and turn to except God ..
لا حول ولاقوة إلا بالله
رمي الحيون من آعلي الجبل .. للضحك والتسليةوالله حتى الحيوان مخلص منهم لاحول ولاقوة الا بالله ..



Stop 17 injured Libya Greece to the fall of residence visas
Atmosphere of the country – particularly
The head of the Office of the wounded Libyan Embassy in Greece Nasser Greek border police stopped seventeen wounded Libya due to the expiry of their residence visas.
The border of the atmosphere of the country on Tuesday that the duration of residence visas to most of the wounded were in Greece finished because of the short time granted by the Greek authorities, the law requires to get out of Greece after a period of six months and a new visa to return.
He pointed out that the border lay wounded by traveling does not allow for the completion of the required procedures, stressing that the embassy had asked the government to intervene to solve this problem.
The Greek police have freed 14 wounded at dawn on Tuesday of the 31 detained Monday after a request from the Libyan ambassador in Athens, to protest at the Libyan embassy not to give them a financial exchange for more than two months.
Image source: (Office of Financial Affairs Officer Wounded in Greece)

Images from inside a solitary detention centers in the capital Athens, where there’s 31 wounded yesterday and then imprisoned before being released on day 14 of them after their sit-in inside the Libyan embassy building in Athens to demand regardless of financial dues have been suspended for three months.



The release of 40 Tunisians detained by an armed group in Libya

Tuesday afternoon returned to the homeland 40 Tunisians who had been detained since yesterday in the tuber by the Libyan armed group have been released on the impact of intense negotiations between the parties to the government and security of Tunisia and Libya, according to an official security source.And examined correspondent Agency Tunis Afrique Presse Medenine influx of these Tunisians’s 40 people on the crossing of Ras It has been in the case of normal and does not have the effects of violence as confirmed in their statements that they were not subjected to any form of torture, with the exception of threats from the armed group that seized Mmajolhm living situation According to panic and fear as saying.
The vulnerability of these Tunisians are descendants of several points of the Republic on Monday to kidnapping by armed groups proceeded to get them down individually and transport on their way back to Tunisia were being taken to a house where they were held. They added that the process was being held in order to pressure the kidnappers on the Tunisian side for the release of three Libyans were stopped by the security authorities in Tunisia. According to the same source security official said Tuesday that he was released three Libyans arrested for security reasons, according to his assertion.


Private documents .. “Veto” reveal the residence of the members of

the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey

Tuesday 10 / December / 2013 – 22:28

Mustafa Barakat

A source Libby’s “veto” that the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood , who is in Turkey is currently headquartered Guest House Annex Libyan Embassy in Ankara.

He added: “The Foreign Relations Committee in the National Conference – the parliament – controlled by the Brotherhood, the adoption of the amount of ” the Parliament of Libya to spend , Turkey, contrary to what the source revealed about the expansion of the guest house for the establishment of the members of the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

It is noteworthy that Mokhtar Abdel Razek – Ambassador of Libya to Turkey – calculated on the Brotherhood and revolve around many of the question marks about his involvement in schemes that are run against Libya and Egypt during his stay in Turkey.
Private documents ..  "Veto" reveal the residence of the members of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey

· 10 décembre

اين هم اليابانيون هاتوهملي جاي
نعم انه الليبي يولع في النار بالسيارة والسيارة تفصل ههههههه
17 الثانية فقط

Khal Libyan
اين هم اليابانيون هاتوهملي جاي
نعم انه الليبي يولع في النار بالسيارة والسيارة تفصل ههههههه
17 الثانية فقط

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