Some surprises today! Late Night Battle over TUBER


Behind the politics and dirty tricks that demonised Libya’s  Colonel Qathafi

By David Guyatt

“It’s an easy hit.” The voice of Lester Coleman, former Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) operative and joint author of the explosive book: “Trail of the Octopus”, echoed hollowly down the line. Lester answered my question in four simple words. I had asked him why the US continues blaming Libya’s Qathafi for all the woes in the world. Since his enforced “exile,” Lester has become something of an expert on Libya.

“Listen David,” he continued, “It’s all domestic politics… Libyan skulduggery plays to the ‘Red-necks’ who inhabit middle America.” Lester, an accomplished linguist launched into a humorous back-woods drawl to emphasise his point. “Most Americans believe anything they’re told about ‘Ay-rabs’ “, he said, “particularly at politically sensitive times or during an election year. One reason, perhaps, why the US had threatened to use a nuclear weapon against Libya in spring of 1996….” (SIR TEDDY TAYLOR)

Allah, Muammar and Libya w teddy



Decline in the price of the dinar against the dollar to the dinar and five pennies and starts dealing out starting from next Sunday

Zaidane accuse affected by the solution profiles and some political opponents fabricating fuel crisis (11 DEC. 2013)…
Then on 12 DEC. 2013:
ZAIDANE’s 180° turn from the day previous ! :


“There are some people who have a political disagreement or dissatisfaction with the policy of the government want to make something on the street and say that the fuel crisis and the electricity crisis is fabricated.”

Contrived mess up outside the capital.
Queues gasoline reached the Sabratha west and east and Tarhounah Zliten and Bani Walid and Almetzahmon mostly coming from the capital.
Police refused to be in the stations
Record more of an assault on the vehicles transporting the fuel in the path of the airport and in roads
Recorded more than two deaths within the fuel stations
A strong return to the rebels with gasoline and tradersStart partial paralysis in. Most government departments because of lack of gasoline for the staff, which prevented them to go to workTarget of every citizen
Players are politicians(Operations room Mermaid)
Back end of December, the electric grid to its natural
“Atmosphere of the country”Walid Sati
The director of the Department of Media General Electricity Company Lutfi Ghuma It is expected that the company today operates a production unit capacity Matin and fifty megawatts, after decoding the sit-field primarily bed and load trucks with fuel.
According to Ghuma, who told  “atmosphere for the country”,  that the rest of the units will be run next Saturday, and there are several units south of Tripoli and the city of five corner expected to enter the network before the end of December.
He explained that these units with a unit north of Benghazi and Zueitina will contribute to the return of the public network of electricity to their natural ability.
He noted the need to Ghuma citizen cooperation with the staff of the company, which recently witnessed repeated attacks on staff and production units.

~ Retired special brotherhood that he had started the social security fund to accept the figures from the national fraternity retirees.
. For retirees speed to go to the nearest office accompanied by a security national figure your whole family.

Ads Social Security Fund:

Declares the social security fund for retired brothers need to go to the nearest office

accompanied by a security national figure your whole family.

High technical quality of the pitfalls of Libya!



Agency urgently Libya / suspicious movements in the capital

and planned to storm the General Conference:

Reported preliminary information that some activists spotted the suspicious movements

of the operations room Libya rebels in order to break into the National Congress

and the public announcement of the “coup” in the name of correcting the path of the revolution.

URGENT: news did not Ttakz after about plans for room Libya rebels to break into the National Congress
(AD Media tuber)

On the other hand reported that preliminary information Oissa Gunmen stormed

the headquarters of Brega Oil Marketing in Tripoli.

Tripoli Local Council
Most fuel stations Tripoli has been deliberately sabotaged .. ! (proves some organisation purposely is causing chaos).
Comfortable Chaaba tells us:
girlfriend told me to one of the stations came a group of young hooded faces and they began firing weapons Hawkrli two cars and another car had cut off the hoses and gasoline and prosecuted were causing the station and switched them off and went in a flash –

Friday Market:

Fuel stations were closed Arada was cut Altoboat from vandals.

Military forces protect gas stations Tripoli
Forces deployed from the operating room and common security deterrence and intervention in

Tripoli on Wednesday at gas stations to protect citizens and keep them safe and secure stations.

A spokesman for the room, “Essam drowsiness,” the Libyan news agency that “the deployment

came after acts of vandalism that took place in some gas stations in Tripoli.”
He stressed, “drowsiness” forces of deterrence and intervention will not tolerate those who

exploit the congestion at the stations and sell fuel outside official channels.

Gateway Valley as the year shield
The arrest bug Tsar fuel dealers and large amounts were intended for sale to Tripoli.
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Tripoli today
Continuation of the power outages on some areas of the city and severe congestion in front of gas stations,
causing chaos and fights led to the death of a citizen after a bullet at a petrol station by the airport,
and there are no signs of resolving the crisis so far.


Petrol crisis up to the neighboring cities of Tripoli.

The image of the city corner:

Tripoli ::::

Shortly before: a gas station by the airport fire station centered on the army, short circuit and stop the supply process.

Today: Tripoli, four cases cutting machine pipe supplying fuel stations

Shortly before: a gas station trait Ben Aoun, the arrest of the person who cut off the tube refueling, “hit by some of the citizens.”

Shortly before: Hospital street corner, and the death of a citizen after being shot at a gas station by the airport

Company headquarters Brega Airport Road, an armed group Taatahjm on the company, claiming the fuel crisis,

and the exchange of fire before about five hours.

Maram Aboaisha

Tripoli ::::::::::: crisis and the near-total paralysis.

Abdulwahab Mlitan writes:

Militias still exist in Tripoli Fajttaf member of the National Congress of the center of the capital, the best proof of the militias ideological worse than the regional militias and this does not negate the seriousness of regional militias also
Also fighting on the incident puts you in front of petrol stations in question: – Wen Wen military police Tripoli Rahe in trouble ..!?
The political activists and journalists Some Ihlonh years and years Ihrmonh.

Atef Clmana
The unidentified b b yesterday targeting “Akotait”
Almrchk’s prime minister in Libya occurred
Mjaolh assassination after his release last night from a hotel
Rixos b city of Tripoli.
Armed robbery at a car belonging to the British Embassy bearing the
number 20/26 political body Department of Homeland Security Center
received Alshall by two masked highway ..
National Security Directorate Tripoli


National Security Directorate Tripoli National Security Directorate of Tripoli
Bulletin communications received on 10.12.2013 from M: -Police plateau:Word communication effect brought to Tripoli Central Hospital named (and AFP) 34 year-old resident of the plateau Albdereymsab shot in the pelvis by an unidentified person was injured and an ambulance at the hospital and saved Atkhaddt initial actions in particular.Industrial district police station: -Word communication effect attended the so-called ((aa m b) Report kidnapped brother named (Q e m b) a captain to police operations, born in 1983, resident Aldrebe by a group of unknown persons identity area Aldrebe were on board the three-car type Kia Cerato without plates Metal circular name it adjusts cars and them
Atkhaddt initial actions in particular and the investigation is continuing into the incident.Police eye visited:
Word communication effect brought to the Tripoli Medical Center named (Imad Abdullah) 32 years old intersections of life impact of a live Mary Ain Zara area by someone who has been caught by the military police.Atkhaddt initial actions in particular.Police Got Alshall: –

Attended to the center both of the so-called (p a m) as a member of the security of the British embassy, accompanied by embassy driver named (pp m h) Report the theft of a car embassy each type Hyundai 2007 model color gray bearing No. 20/26 CCAMLR political by two masked holds one gun Klashen Cove aboard Searhnoa Toyota Oriel color white afford to 30-5 inspiration – and the rest of the number was unknown Astagafhm motorway and gunpoint and fled, was circular and it adjusts the car.

Atkhaddt initial actions in particular and the investigation is continuing into the incident.



More than 6 cases reached the hospital corner ..

Bullet wounds or knife due to the mobilization of gasoline

There is no power but from God.


The spread of security forces in the fuel distribution centers in Tripoli.
Libya TV channel
Tripoli local council: the number of deaths caused by the events of  15 November 12013  has risen to 51
after the death of three cases and the case of Tunisia, Italy.
Libya TV channel
Tripoli local council: still many places occupied by armed formations as an airport of Tripoli and also Camp 27 and other places and restrooms.




Photos and news from Rishvana

After the tracking car Abdelmajid Alzentute GPS system to locate the car was in the area ..

Sbaah were arrested three people inside Kano illusion of Kklh follow .

Quoting / / / channel Kklh on Facebook :::
O blood and inject united between Kklh and O Rishvana God united their ranks
Oh God, Oh God, turn off the fire of sedition wanted to reward the thigh with his hand
Anyone who wants to take the evil thigh Aziz competent
O reunited
A. Oh God, between our hearts
Oh God, our response to Dink Marda beautiful
Oh God, take us back our brothers loving Vick
Oh God spared us the temptation of them appeared and Maptun
O Amin.Of course the demolition of Mohammed Shin Alkkla and Emad Mohammed Alkkla demolished within five persons to a kidnapped member of the Conference Abdul Majid Alzentute and pictures of the remaining found and video recording exists and has just been revealed, thank God, have been arrested during the 3 hours of the kidnapping of Abdul Majid Alzentute in Gate Abu Glahn before Gharyan and were shooting them.They are now present in the conservation and preservation in the hands of family and Alzentute Atervoa me everything and told them to Akhtafoa and Wayne Abdul Alzentute good currently and God willing, tonight claimed the briefs and claimed they are delivered to the Fourth Brigade.(Channel globe)
Member Conference (Alhablos) on the demands of the kidnappers Majeed Alzentoty
Member of the National Conference Abdel Fattah Saad Alhablos about Majeed Alzentoty demands of the kidnappers.
عضو المؤتمر الوطني عبد الفتاح سعد الحبلوص حول مطالب خاطفي عبدالمجيد الزنتوتى .12-12-2013


Shell Arada today:

Shell globe today:

e statut de Shura Council and Rishvana.And Rishvana and Rafla:hearts pure and hearts of high tall Imlaha hope tomorrow the best of the nation derives fragrance of the past and the events of history and Esicriq the future of the nation dear to everyone, the feelings of affection and love, respect and bonds of bagpipes and intermarriage, and brothers, and codes of loyalty and Bahod past rooted in the inheritance of social and national Arab tribes thoroughbreds,was to meet men for men, loyal to the loyal and brothers of brothers to meet the Arabs for the Arabs to meet the common struggle for the land of Libya beloved hundreds of years ago a meeting between parents and Rishvana and Orvlh on renewed the covenants and conventions to Nahni where our brothers in Bani Walid,Mujahid and tribes and Rafla in the homeland return Mhaúkhhm to their families and bless them with safety and stress Libyans them that grief and joy, and one they are brothers in religion, blood, and partners in the homeland, thank our brothers and Rafla for their warm welcome and hospitality and good treatment you deserve thanks for Thanksgiving.(Information Office of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana 12/12/2013)

Salem al-Obeidi informs us:
Kklh delegation from the Council of Ministers in the Prime Minister waiting for an interview
Mr. “Ali Zaidane,” about the abduction of the President of the Council
Local Kklh Mr. “Ibrahim Salem Little” and member of the Board
SC “Ahmed Mohammed Said,” near the bridge Zahra
And negotiations have not agreed upon until now because of the kidnappers’
And Rishvana, but do not want Alzentute person named Abdulkuddous
And is arrested by the “Ogneoh Alkkla” hospital
Tripoli’s Abu Salim and has been charged with killing and stealing coercion, and not
Still “Alzentute” with a total calculated as Kklh
One of them assured me now and his condition was not good and being ill, and will not
Be released only after the release of the President of Local and Kklh
A member of the Shura Council, also assured me that he is the same source
Exists when “O. Gneoh”, and is located has Abdulkuddous
# (Exclusive # # Tripoli now)
GNEOH evil of Salim, Tripoli

de tribe and Rishvana Libyan Wershfana Tribe Libya.
Today the high-level delegation included some of the elders and Rishvana
and the Supreme Council for the tribes and Rishvana and the Shura Council
has today paid a visit to the city of Bani Walid to offer congratulations to them
and their wedding on the occasion of the exit of some prisoners Senate.
(Op 7 drums)



Entry is one of the gunmen and young people from the city of Surman to the building

of the city’s civil registry and he shot him!!! The reasons that led to this action are not known.

of the shot??? On Alehiot!!!!!!!!!

(Channel Surman)


Local council meeting Thursday with Jafra managers hospitals and wellness Bhon Odan public
and in the presence of the heads of the Steering Council for Jafra cities to follow the work and
the performance of hospitals and wellness Bhon Odan year.
(The news agency western mountain)


The news agency Fassato

Arrived a little while ago to the city of Jadu delegation comprising a number of heads of local councils

in the capital in addition to the sub-Sheikh Sadiq Gharyiani Mufti of Libya and a number of sheikhs, District Capitol.


An expanded meeting of the city of Gharyan to discuss the deteriorating security situation at the Faculty of Languages ​​at the University of the Western Mountain.
Held on Thursday at the Faculty of Languages ​​at the University of Western Mountain Pegrean expanded meeting attended by Mr. “Mohammed eggs” a member of the local council and costly follow-up file of Higher Education Pegrean, and Dean and a number of members of the Faculty of Languages ​​Pegrean, and notables and dignitaries and mayors shops in the region and officials of some security agencies in the city.

The meeting focused on the discussion of the deteriorating security situation altogether and discuss ways to reduce behaviors and destructive and negative phenomena that occur within the college, which pose a threat to the educational process.

The Department of the Faculty of Languages ​​has decided to shut down during the last period of the study, more than a week against the backdrop of the problems witnessed by the College of the entry of persons from outside the college and doing the harassing students and fabricating problems on campus.

The meeting concluded the use of members of the national army to protect the foreign headquarters of the college and the formation of a committee of security officials and members of the faculty and a number of parents of the students would be responsible for following up the security situation within the college and the development of objective vision contribute to the consolidation of security and order within it.

(The news agency western mountain)


12/12/2013, 16:10
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سيف الإسلام

Photo: © EPA

Noon son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, the former, Saif al-Islam, said on Thursday in a court of Zintan in western Libya, where on trial on charges of harming national security.As reported by the Libyan media.

The official representative of the court Busama Mohammed, said the court session lasted only five minutes, and was adjourned to February 27 of next year, because of the absence of the other defendants.

Zintan Libyan court postpones trial of Saif al-Islam to 27 Feb.

Tripoli 12 December 2013

Trial court postponed Zintan in Libya’s hearing by today (Thursday),

the trial of the captive Saif al-Islam Gaddafi to 27 from next February at the request of the defense.

Saif Magestic



Smuggling are accused of stealing electric cables from a police station Zliten:
“Atmosphere of the country” – particularly

Managed by an armed group attacked a police station in Zliten of smuggling eight detainees civilians who had been arrested at the beginning of this week, following their arrest and they are stealing electric cables from the camp of the volcano in Zliten.

The director of the Information Office of the Local Council Zliten Ibrahim Mohamed mast to the atmosphere of the country that one of the persons who were arrested on the background of the process of stealing cables 4 members of the military and the police and the last of the remaining civilians.

The mast that the armed group was able to last Sunday of the liberation of eight civilian detainees following the attack on a police station in the city.

One of the patrol forces to shield Libya Central Region Branch Zliten managed at the beginning of this week the arrest of a group of about 15 people, ten stealing electrical cables from the camp of the volcano.

Hall Center for National Security meetings Zliten city:



Receiving delegations Libyan tribes in the city of Bani Walid 6
Bani Walid receives delegations Libyan tribes to congratulate the

members of the exit of the Social Council of the tribes of the detainee and Rafla:

Tribe Rishvana Mujahid (seven drums) ABOVE PIC.


Bani Walid ..
Receiving a delegation from the tribe and Rishvana Mujahid Today

بني وليد ..
تستقبل وفد من قبيلة ورشفانة المجاهدة اليوم

Channel Kerkozh on Facebook
A delegation from the tribe and Rishvana and Zintan.

Adhb to Bani Walid
Thanks to receive our folks in the Bani Walid delegation and

Rishvana and Zintan.
Reception was more than wonderful before entering the city Tnzerk Aakad riding his vessel knights

and Rafla then followed by a convoy of cars entering the ranks of the delegation and Rishvana hello.

and Momena the road and then receive Senate amid great welcome from the locals and the slaughter

of camels, poetry and Altkachik in fact was a reception befitting Bani Walid.

 Greeted the people of Bani Walid to the members of the Social Council of the tribes and Rafla detainees

Ceremony to release the members of the Social Council of the tribes and Rafla detainees
Council attended social ceremony Rafla tribes and release members of the council

held in the city of Corner:

F tourist on the head of a delegation epiphyseal tribe, who arrived today to the city of Bani Walid
to congratulate the elders who have been released from detention militias corner_
The release of the Egyptians in the city of Bani Walid
After harassment by armed militias in the desert road, where their insurance
and to expose them to the city of Tripoli under the auspices of the Council for Social and tribes Rafla.
بعد مضايقتهم من قبل مليشيات مسلحة في الطريق الصحراوي ، حيث تم تأمينهم وإيصالهم لمدينة طرابلس برعاية المجلس الاجتماعي لقبائل ورفلة


 The spokesman of the Presidency of the General Staff of the senile, told  “atmosphere of the country” on Thursday,
the appointment of Colonel Abdul Majid Ahmed Mohammed ordered the military area of ​​Sirte.



Unions pretend tomorrow in the “F editing oil.”  RATS for the GNC and ZAIDANE will demand  all ports open!

Called the General Union of Workers oil and gas sector and in cooperation with the mobility of the martyrs of November 15 :
Libyans to gather in all fields and in all the main squares of cities on Friday under the slogan “F liberalization of oil.”
The RAT member of the Office of Information Union, rat Hassan Qlvat, on Thursday told “the atmosphere of the country”:

“the Union called for a peaceful demonstration on Friday, coming in collaboration with civil society organizations and the mobility of the martyrs of November 15 with the aim of lifting the siege imposed on the oil ports.”

He Qlvat told the “atmosphere for the country”, we came to the street as a means to mobilize pressure for the Liberation of the oil fields and ports and the extension of the legitimacy of the state.
He noted that in the absence of open ports will have to organize another demonstration on Friday, which followed and we will go to the ports closed to open.
The Qlvat that day will be on Friday vigil in Green Square in the capital Tripoli after noon prayers, and in addition to the rest of the other fields in all cities.
For his part, member of the local council in Tripoli, Abdul Hamid Khlav, told  “the atmosphere of the country”  that the alleged movement held next Friday in order to open ports will be peaceful and civil.
He explained that the movement will do all unions, associations and institutions of civil society, stressing that the Council adopted the Tripoli sponsored this movement and will provide logistics adjutants.
Recall that yesterday had been the first agreement between the tribal elder Moroccans favor Alotyosh and former commander of the Guard installations Ibrahim Jdharan oil ports to open in mid-December and the current re-export of oil.
It is noteworthy that the export and production of oil from the oil ports of Crescent eastern region due to protests turned off guard installations since the twenty-fifth of July.

Fakhiri freeze the membership of the Federation of Oil Workers:

Issued to the Management Committee of the General Union of Workers of oil and gas a decision to freeze the membership of a member of the Committee, “Saad dinars Fakhiri” on the back of his remarks to the media, to re-close the ports and oil fields after efforts aimed to open.
The Management Committee of the Union of Workers of oil and gas that Tdharahat “Fakhiri” caused negative effects on the security and social peace, which invited them to freeze the membership of the management committee, to be presented this matter to the General Assembly of the Union at its next meeting.


Demonstrations in Benghazi:

Citing the investigation room now forces the bolt, the type of car a lioness attacking a white color immobilization

continued to stun Street area and twenty bullets fired on them indiscriminately

and thankfully there were no injuries and no damage,,,,
Room and says the investigation also that their forces fired bullets on them and also

been puncturing a tire of the car and fled but Adhu, Gary and search for them.

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Agency News – Benghazi – Correspondent
The director of the Office of Outreach and Extension company public services in Benghazi
“Munther Method” that the protesters company expressed their protest and dissatisfaction with some of the media that spoke to their demands is limited to the late payment of salaries to all.
And pointed out, “Method,” in a statement that the demands of the protesters included mainly in the need to provide cars and machines and operating equipment necessary to enable them to do their job in cleaning up the city and the transfer of garbage from various neighborhoods and residential areas, which extends to a wide swath, including the city of Benghazi and its suburbs.
He noted that the protesters demanded repeatedly the need to provide health insurance to them by virtue of the nature of their work, which requires dealing directly with garbage and what can cause risks to health and safety.
Quoting a media spokesman for the local council of Benghazi
M. Mr. Osama Al-Sharif that the head of the local council
Benghazi m. Mahmoud Burzizh met with Chairman of the Finance Committee
General National Congress, which in turn confirmed the signing of the hawala
Private financial company salaries and public services
The arrival of the Central Bank of Libya and that the main action
The arrival of the company’s account is in progress.
The Information Office of the local council of Benghazi

Continuing garbage crisis in Benghazi
“Atmosphere of the country” – Alaa al-Drissi

The director of the Office of Outreach services company, General Munther Method:
The government and the competent authorities did not meet any demand of the protesters so far.
Method and confirmed that they are continuing their sit-in until meet all demands.
He explained that the Method of those demands to provide the necessary mechanisms for the transfer of garbage, and the granting of health insurance for all employees of the company, and the organization of the mechanism of payment of salaries.
The city of Benghazi experiencing congestion due to garbage sit employees of public services a few days ago.

Special Forces “stun” the cleanliness campaign in the streets
The city of Benghazi, and are now present in Airport.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

(Valley girl)


Traffic accident area Mrtoppe family moved from the city of Derna
To have mercy and not one of them left, but the “Angel of Osama Omraja
Obeidi, “and is now a hospital Galaa.

(Salem al-Obeidi)



Very important :::::::::::::::::::::

Previously, and that the news Haddzqm Egyptian man, who fell upon the wall of a building near the Ministry of Education,,,,,
To you the full story ::::::
I received a communication from the Special Forces before the incident and I appealed to them of a place in the event and never really found a person and it is not building a wall of what happened is the following:
There was a 3 Egyptian workers employed Blaamal ongoing worked an area of ​​one of the streets and Quiche Iqmon work in progress, but are maintenance and sewage pipes They began work this morning and at noon suddenly dropped one of these workers inside the pit was filled with sewage water and dirt no one was able take him out because he entered deep into this hole and disappeared, residents of the area came to help and they found him, but without,,,,
Came the author forces Thunderbolt at 18:00 so I went with them to the place and found the civil defense in front of us, trying to find it and have already been found on the person, but they can not directed to the fall of a very large amount of soil on it, a bitter time quickly and I arrived at about 8 they are in attempts to take him out, and after attempts and discomfort and fatigue drove the man out of the hole and was dead since the time of which inside the hole, this factor is the poor suffered and is inside the crater and of the causes of his death, he also fell upon it Salloum on the head and the scene was very homely when you take it out because his head Divided into two halves ….
I was standing next to the ambulance and help you, rode the ambulance to put a person inside,,,,,,
Witnessed a sight never seen before and is, I grabbed this guy and I’m in the car by myself and everyone abroad and was a person’s blood to bleed heavily and how I told you a scene terrible too and I am my clothes soiled by the blood of this man is innocent, and it turned out that one of the people who help us brother and the deceased, but in spite of Sabra he seen his brother is dead and Sete any dead ……………..
Not around and no power except in God,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Lord have mercy and forgive him …………………….

Sorry that you Akhtt in the modern novel or story is not required, but I in very poor condition ……..
And you are sorry for the ugliness of the picture …….
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Salem al-Obeidi:Explosion “bag” is aimed booth area Sabri, versus
Club stores challenge and caused considerable material damage interface
Buildings near it, by the force of the explosion without causing
Human damage:


F achieve demands .. Will start from the front of Sahaba Mosque on Friday approved 13 _ 12-2013
complement to achieve the demands of the people of the city of Derna, which activate the
institutions of the state, led by the army and police.
(AD Media tuber)
The headquarters of the ruling MB Justice and building the city of Derna to blow across the targeted improvised explosive device detonated on what led to the massive losses of the building without casualties, and was chairman of the party branch tuber Abdel Basset Barasi had survived earlier targeted by blowing up his car improvised adhesive .. These events come after the city witnessed demonstrations calling for activating the institutions of the state, the army and the police.

The bombing of the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in the tuber is a natural reaction to the operations carried out by the dirty arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the tuber (supporters of evil) from the liquidation of the rebels tuber and national competencies and blow them up to the headquarters of the elections that Hsalo Msiqa where the number of votes equal to zero properly.
(AD Media tuber)

Tuber …

Took place two hours before the battle is now near the port of Susahib 14.5 and 23
It is said that among the group coming from the tuber and the city’s population.
(AD Media tuber)
F tuber ::::::
Tomorrow the city of Derna demonstrations after Friday prayers (F achieve demands),
to resume demonstrations after he was suspended for a week.
Lord protect them and guide them.
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Sites and the terror camps are now in the tuber and its environs:
Mosque Afattaúh
Mosque redness Coast bin Nasser
Mosque Azzouz
Angle Mghar

Garment factory Coast
Formerly the headquarters of the secretariat of the conference or market the coast the previous year
Radar largest single camp ..


For information only reconnaissance plane has more than two days has expanded

its scope to operate above the white,  tuber and Tobruk, respectively disappear over the city to appear over the city or region.

(AD Media tuber)



A medical source in the Libyan city of Derna confirms that «there are 18 abortions of fetuses in the city because of the bombings»

(Media «Noman al-Atrash» Al -Jazeera correspondent)

Cabinet Decision No. 774 on the formation of a ministerial committee to develop a mechanism and Execution of the National Conference Resolution No. 53 on the public to evacuate the cities of illegal armed formations (to the city of Derna)

Saleh Paddy‘s resignation Alvrich news channel cameraman in the tuber of the channel,

did not mention the reason or reasons.

(AD Media tuber)




This is the headquarters of the electricity company of Bhagat Ntrellat despite the presence
of the Director of the company has given the distribution of administration for the
Southern District of Sabha, but this Hua if the company’s headquarters.
(Al-Sabha Free)

wow! They are permitting the former GREEN ARMY to be security for SABHA!!

Page Sabha cities:

From our sources close: the military governor “recalled all the regular forces of the former army

[ Libyan People’s armed forces of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA ], and is now working hard to bring security.

Green Army 6

صفحة سبها مدينتي
من مصادرنا المقربة : ان الحاكم العسكري استرجع كافة القوات النظامية السابقة للجيش الليبي ، وهي الان تعمل جاهدة لاحلال الامن .

Here Sabha electronic page
Redco pond and the Declaration of tomorrow withdrawal from the gate 17

and is delivered to the Military Area Sabha Abdul Hafeez Busafa tomorrow.

Department of moral branch Sabha:


Staff Boubare banks are demanding to provide security

“Atmosphere of the country” Ubari – SherifStaff held banks Boubare a protest today in front of the Commercial Bank, demanding solutions to the security problems in banks.The assistant bank manager deserts Ahlgrefah “good material” to the atmosphere of the country’s most important problem facing the banks are not secured by a security installations and facilities of the police.”The material” that stand demanding the protection of the banks of looting, theft and the threat of directors and officers of banks in the city.In a statement addressed to the Department of Central Bank of Libya and the Sabha military and security establishments – received “atmosphere for the country,” a copy of it – student staff of the banks to cancel the contract with the security of installations and facilities in charge of insurance and guard and replace them with members of the national army and the provision of surveillance cameras and detectors arms and raise the value of employees’ insurance and cabinets banks.The banks Ubari area has been closed since the beginning of December in protest against the attacks and robberies on banks in the region.


Mahmoud Nakua ambassador to Libya in Britain: 250 students receive placebo and 350 thousand a month …


EU Aimidid air embargo on civil aviation

The European Union extended the air embargo imposed on the Libyan civil aviation, airlines recorded it, until the end of 2013,
Due to the deterioration of the level of air safety services and the European Union extended the ban on civil aviation air. 

News Aviation Libyan Libyan Aviation News
Air ban was extended to aircraft registered in Libya, from landing at European airports, and the door that we must turn our tribute of thanks and gratitude to the Civil Aviation and Safety, headed by the chief of the Civil Aviation Safety and Alambdolh all efforts by them ….! The danger even Transport Minister Mannsoshi even Hua
One God and do not know Shen says salvation … !!!!! Wonder.


Egyptian police detain 11 diagonally in the office of Al-Jazeera

12/12/2013, 10:11

قناة الجزيرة

Photo: © AFP

The newspaper “Al-Ahram” Egyptian, on Thursday, he and the result of a raid by Egyptian security services at the Office of the channel “Al Jazeera” TV Qatar, late on Wednesday, was arrested 11 citizens of Qatar.

According to this publication, among the detainees there are four elements of the national police.

The Office of the “island” in Cairo has been closed since July 3, after a raid conducted by security forces within a few hours after the overthrow of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.However, this channel, which broadcasts from Qatar, are available for viewing in Egypt.

It quoted “Al-Ahram” for security officials, have been conducting search after receiving reports of weapons found in the office. After inspection, the police did not find anything.

And officers seized security cameras, audio devices and transmission equipment.

Relations between Cairo and Qatar, after the dismissal of the head of the Egyptian army Islamist Mohamed Morsi. Doha has provided more financial support for “Brotherhood” and strongly opposed the overthrow of Marsa and repression against the Salafists.


The release of Egyptian trucks in Libya after being held for several hours

A source familiar with the Foreign Ministry that the number of trucks Egyptian has been routed to all Libyan cities after being held by some young people took advantage of the parking these trucks at the Abu Ferjany Palace of Capricorn, 30 kilometers from the port assistant at the break Safa and Marwa, which is the work of Maintenance work for a new gate and reforms in the way, something that forced them to stop and get off at the break and then held in protest against the continuation of illegal immigration from Egypt.
Intervened and families were allowed to pass and walk to various Libyan cities.


An exclusive interview with Abu Hafs the Mauritanian, the former mufti of the base

Abu Hafs, named Mahfouz was born father, was one of the three most important figures in al-Qaeda after Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahiri. Was head of the Shariah; any it was a mufti of Al-Qaeda in its infancy.

Written by: Asia Abdul Rahman , was spotted: 801 
Publication Date: December 12, 2013, 7:42 pm

Nouakchott December 12, 2013, Abdulrahman Asia, News Now –

Last year, 2012, was full of life and in the march of Abu Hafs the Mauritanian, the former mufti of the base. In the first half of the year, moved from Iran to his country of Mauritania, and in the second half he was released to live among his family in Nouakchott.

Abu Hafs, named Mahfouz was born father, was one of the three most important figures in al-Qaeda after Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahiri. Was head of the Shariah; any it was a mufti of Al-Qaeda in its infancy.

After the attacks of September atheist, leaving the Abu Hafs,  al-Qaida in protest against the attacks and what was to be followed. Later, he fled with the others, also from the top leaders of al-Qaeda, to Iran. There, he spent over ten years to deport him to his country.

The development of events in this way has important implications; man who remains exclusively at the base of the Ansar al-Shariah, which is the same bucking roads in the targeting of civilians; was keen interpreted as violating this building on the foundations and religious legitimacy. Observer of this talk will not take long before you notice that while the trade-Qaeda and Mwaloha religion, we find that the leaders of the important and at an advanced level of science discovered the ills of the rule; chose to stay away.

In only the second time in its history, in which the Abu Hafs interview with an Arab media or global, we met at his home in Nouakchott and Astodhana him on many things such as: How do you see the base path now? What’s his opinion of the attacks carried out by al-Qaeda supporters in more than one country in the world? What does it say about Syria, and Iran? What does he know about the killing of Osama bin Laden?

Here’s the text of the interview.

News Now: Welcome to this meeting, private and exclusive on the TV screen, which now host the third man in al-Qaeda and Muftiha previously, Sheikh Mahfouz was born father, known as Abu Hafs the Mauritanian. Welcome to us.

Abu Hafs: Welcome and hello, ÍíÇßă God.

News Now: First of all, thank you for hosting us accept to answer some of the questions that concern the viewers valued.

Abu Hafs: Welcome, ÍíÇßă God.

News Now: What has happened until you become the base of approach? Describe that moment that you realized that al-Qaeda were not right.

Abu Hafs: In the name of God the Merciful. Praise be to God alone. And blessings and peace be upon the Prophet after him: Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions and followers and their followers until the Day of religion. This is the question you need to answer it bootable.

Al-Qaeda when it was founded at the end of the eighties was established for jihad for the sake of God and resist the Soviet occupiers in Afghanistan has done well in this task even defeated the Russians out of Afghanistan, and even the Communist regime fell in Kabul in the spring of 1992 from the last century AD.

Al-Qaeda has not anything in this paragraph calls to resign from it, but every business is good and satisfactory. Since fell Kabul in the hands of the Mujahideen began fighting among the jihadi parties to power in Kabul, and the back of the base that fight for power and government, not a holy war for the sake of God, considered sedition and left him and went out to the Sudan, and it was also an act rightly toward those events. Sudan began a period from 1992 to 1996.

In this period, the al-Qaida with the help of the Sudan in the field of infrastructure, investment and agriculture; did well, because this is a matter of cooperation in righteousness and piety. It was not in this period of the work of al-Qaeda is calling them my resignation and withdrawal from work has been satisfactory and the approval of the initiated.

Drove the base of the Sudan in 1996 and moved to Afghanistan. The second stage of Afghanistan.This is the stage that began experiencing some sort of disagreement between me and Sheikh Osama bin Laden, God rest his soul. This was his disagreement causes. The most important of these reasons is the Declaration of Sheikh Osama mercy be upon jihad against the Americans in this period.

Of course no doubt that any Muslim to his jealousy of his religion and faith and the nation rejects the presence of U.S. troops and the West in the Arabian Peninsula and in the Holy land in various Muslim countries. But the rejection and condemnation of this thing and declare jihad without the presence of the elements of this jihad and without the presence of suitable conditions for this Jihad something else.

The first disagreement with Sheikh me on this point. I was objecting to the declaration of jihad against the Americans at that time without the presence of the elements of this jihad. The second reason of reasons controversial with Sheikh Rahmatullah it is continuing to breach the orders of Mullah Omar, leader of the Taliban movement with respect to its operations against the Americans.

Of course, Sheikh Osama Mtroja out of Sudan by his friends and his friends in the government of Sudan. And when he came to Afghanistan, to deny his former companions as well: the Rabbani government and Alciafa which ruled Kabul. This government has agreed to hand him over to the states with him and calling him. In this period came the Taliban captured Kabul and seized power in Afghanistan and embraced Sheikh mercy be upon Ute and defended him and lost a lot of friends in order to protect the Sheikh and resisted a lot of pressure from the Saudi authorities and the Pakistani and U.S. in this area.

Was a duty to show Sheikh degree of cooperation and understanding of the position and conditions of the movement and not to embarrass them in military action can not afford to reactions on them. But Sheikh did not do it. But insisted on fighting his war contrary to the orders of Mullah Omar. That was another reason of the reasons for disagreement with Sheikh God rest his soul.

Is it was supposed to take him Sheikh is that a guest at the Taliban, Mullah Omar, is the legitimate ruler of this country and the declaration of jihad and war is the prerogative of the Muslim ruler and not the prerogative of the members of the nation, but Sheikh also did not take it with that recognizes the legitimacy of Mullah Omar and insisted on fighting his war against the Americans in the end what caused the fall of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The third reason of the reasons I disagree with Sheikh Rahmatullah it is the lack of discipline in taking fatwas legitimacy, sometimes, I’m Chairman of the Committee is supposed legitimacy does not work in any organization without the permission of the approval of the Shariah Committee; and more likely that the work of the Committee issued a fatwa against the legitimate legitimacy.

Sheikh mercy of God in the things that he knew that I oppose where he served on some of the work without consulted sometimes in the things that make the dissenting opinion he was also does not adhere to that view and this is also a socket another not because he did not take my opinion, but because it is, in my view did not take Fatwa Lalit must take them. The fourth reason in the Turkish rule is extreme centralization of Sheikh Osama God rest his soul in the management of the organization.

The sheikh’s mercy be upon everything was in everything did not give the powers or roles of the Shura Council, for example, or the sub-committees and other officials, and this was objectionable to me also. I see that you are bound by the Shura and that what was agreed upon Shura Council may not be the exclusion Emir Sheikh was another opinion.

These reasons existed in recent years in Afghanistan, but intensified and concentrated in periods brief before the events of September, was the insistence of Sheikh on the events of September with Mkhafattna him in the legitimacy and our opposition to him in the Shura Council and the opposition Taliban him and all Jihadist movements in the scene in Afghanistan. This was borderline, which prompted me to submit my resignation to Sheikh God rest his soul.

News Now: Have you had to blame after Anfsalk from the norm?

Abu Hafs: Many of the older brothers in the organization was not surprised by the decision of my resignation because they were on the lookout for a cooling period in the relationship between me and the last Sheikh God rest his soul, and the dispute was between me and him; therefore not surprised many when they announced my resignation. Some enthusiastic young kids probably released some talk about them and I expand my chest to blame these Atabhm and as long as a good intention and their destination intact.

News Now: After the death of Osama bin Laden, have you changed the rule?

Abu Hafs: I do not think that the death of Sheikh Rahmatullah it caused a major change in the organization because Sheikh in epochs latter was his leadership of the organization leadership symbolic, but it was central regulation all in the state of atrophy and shrinking, while most of the activities of al-Qaeda is the activities of branches in other regions and therefore did not Sheikh was the absence of a significant impact on the organization.

But the organization knew a change before the death of Sheikh God rest his soul. The organization has grown branches in multiple regions, and this is what it was not before. The organization began to work was a central organization may be abandoned by a fighter rulers and confront regimes. This was not the policy of the central regulation, but this has happened in the years following the invasion of Afghanistan and this was a reaction to the invasion.

Organization at a time when I arrived in the events of September and got the invasion of Afghanistan was comprised of dozens of individuals or hundreds at the latest in Afghanistan, but the war turned him into a global organization and branches transcontinental thought applies in reality the nation and therefore they move automatically and self without reference to Sheikh and therefore did not the absence of influential Sheikh major impact on the movement and functioning of the organization.

News Now: How do you look at what happened in Nairobi and Peshawar?

Abu Hafs: Perhaps you mean the events of the mall and the church. After all, I already said repeatedly that I reject the use of force and the killing of innocent civilians, unarmed for any reason.

News Now: No doubt you Mtaatbon what is happening in Syria and the Syrians complain day of practice of the State of Iraq and the Levant, calculated on the base. How do you see what you are doing?

Abu Hafs: in fact, the Syrians complain about many things. Syrians complain about the system being slaughtered people in the world watching the tragedy. Syrians complain of a sectarian war led by Iran, Hezbollah and the Shiites of Iraq or some Iraqi Shiites. Syrians complain of countries pushed them to arm the revolution and then abandoned at a critical time. The Syrians could be complaining about the actions and mistakes of some groups affiliated with the Islamic Jihad.

I have no details in this regard, but I do not rule out that some of these groups have the kind of hyperbole in atonement and have the kind of expansion in the shedding of blood. Do not rule out that there is such a thing and I recommend those that fear God in themselves and in the people who came to support him and getting caught judgments on other controls and Sunnah and Platform Sunnis and the community and that the fear of God in the blood of Muslims. “There is still one in affluence of their religion unless shed blood is forbidden.”

News Now: It is said that Ayman al-Zawahiri, lost control of the branches of al-Qaeda, including its branch in the Levant. How do you see management Zawahiri things?

Abu Hafs: I have no details on the nature of the relationship between Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri and the organization’s branches in the various regions, but I do not rule out that the distance and geographical distance between these branches and between the central leadership and the difficulty of communicating and conditions prosecution and stalking experienced by everyone.

Do not rule out that this causes in poor communication between the leadership and branches, but I saw in the recent period in the Internet some guidance from Dr. Ayman and some commands even the branches in Iraq and the Levant, inviting them to commit to these instructions, and those instructions canceled for the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq, Achham and order him to branch Iraq commitment borders Iraq and branch Sham Sham commitment limits. This indicates that between him and them continue and has some kind of influence on them but do not know how strong the conditions that influence.

News Now: If I were al-Zawahiri, would you be any different?

Abu Hafs: wondrous question. This question hyperbolic assumption in fact. I do not think that in the near future I’ll be somewhere Zawahiri. Exceeded this question to the other.

News Now: What do you recommend Zawahiri?

Abu Hafs: I would advise Zawahiri to fear God Almighty. Strengthening its God is the Almighty God’s commandment to Olin and others advise him to avoid errors; repeating the mistakes that occurred in previous periods do not doubt that, on the lookout for them. And advise him to exert more effort in guiding the organization’s branches and stand in the face of a wave of extremism in the atonement and the expansion of the lawful blood of Muslims. Lawful Muslim blood is great and dangerous and atone Muslims gliding serious and large. This is one of the most errors where they are located jihadist groups.

News Now: Do you agree with those who say that al-Zawahiri made bad decisions made many people suffer at the base?


Abu Hafs: When I left the base was not for Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri’s role in making crucial decisions for the organization. It is not the decision maker. And then after that it was most activities and the activities of Al-Qaeda branches; branches often take their own decisions without reference to the central leadership. And therefore I do not remember the decisions taken are described as bad, Dr. Ayman, not even the other. I do not recall anything of this decision because I left the organization for a long time. But on one occasion I heard him speak for the brothers in Hamas strongly unit without an estimate of their circumstances.

There is no doubt that the advice is required, but it is important to assess the conditions of the others. Many people know that the dead meat need to be authorized by hunger. But few people know that the need to eat a dead policy allows policy. Brothers in Hamas in special circumstances and have some things that they may not be convinced by the selection in the case but the case is different from the case of having to choose. A virtue of necessity, but should should not be exaggerated. If you were to place you are less severe and more appreciative to put the brothers in Hamas.

News Now: You were the head of the Ansar al-Shariah and al-Qaida in this important position. You were  mufti of the base.  As a human being lived experience and felt the right thing, what do you say to the Muslim youth who was influenced by ideas of al Qaeda?

Abu Hafs: I want to correct an issue which I was not convinced then thought otherwise. I thought that it is now thought that I had before. The rule is that I came out of my view of what was a common line between her and me. This left. This is an issue.

My advice to young people is, as I said, that the fear of God Almighty. Strengthening its God is the Almighty God’s commandment to Olin and others. The second is my will for them to be aware and knows that jihad, as is the pinnacle of Islam, a worship which does not modify anything, however, he must of terms and ingredients. Without these conditions, and the ingredients does not achieve its goals of jihad and does not entail the desired fruit from behind.

Jihad, he must of the elements of legitimacy. Constituents are met legitimacy of the legality of the jurisprudence of the opinions of scientists working collectors Sharia between science and science reality and the fear of God Almighty. It is true that the holy war or jihad to announce all of the bear.Had a good intention and purpose properly. No need for jihad elements of material; these tangible factors known to the people of expertise and competence.

Then I would advise these young people something emphasized by more than once a dimension atone for Muslims. Prophet peace be upon him says:

Who said to his brother, B,

O faithless lost by one.

The approach Sunnis puts severe conditions and controls in the door of penance and Alvesar and judge others. Unfortunately, many young people do not abide by this approach and will expand in the atonement, interpretation and judgment on others. Other commandment is to guard against the blood of Muslims. And stay away from indulging in it. God Almighty says:

“And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein. Wrath of God upon him and prepared him a great punishment.” 

The Prophet peace be upon him says:

“If you met by Muslim, Sevehma, murderer and the victim in the fire.”

The Prophet peace be upon him say, a side Kabah:

“What Otaibk and best Rihk, and I will extol the greatest denied you! Which is the soul of Muhammad in his hand, for the sanctity of the insured greatest when God denied you; blood and money and thought it only the best.”

He says peace be upon him:

“No one’s still in affluence in his religion unless it pours blood is forbidden.”

Muslim blood is great.

So what got in the era of strife companions, God bless them, the senior companions to retire from this sedition. Saad bin Abi Waqas may Allah be pleased with him, one of the Shura six;, one of the ten promised Paradise; what Auh to fighting in that strife that took place at that time, he said:

“Do not fight until Totoni the sword of his eyes and tongue and lips shows believer from the infidel.”

Abdullah between the ages may Allah be pleased with him, he refused to engage in any of that. A man once came to him, he said to him:

“O Abu Abdulrahman The Almighty God says: ‘If two sects of the faithful battled make peace between them, the one by the other Bgt that wants to Faqatheloa Tfe to the command of Allah.’ Why is not that a non-fighting community? “

He said to him:

“O son of my brother. Seconded that this verse does not fight love to be loaned out this verse.” Come and read as saying: “And whoever kills a believer intentionally reward Hell to abide therein. Wrath of God upon and cursed him and prepared for him a great punishment.”

As well as Malik bin Marwan, came to Ayman bin Khuraim and invited him to fight with him. He said to him, Ayman bin Khuraim:

“My father and grandfather have seen with the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him the battle of Badr., But a covenant not to fight a man says no Guelleh but God and Mohammed is His Messenger. Jitna you the innocence of the fire, fought with you.”

He said:

“Go out from me.”

He went out with him repeating verses of poetry in which he says:

I am not the murderer of a man praying on the last Sultan of Quraysh Ali and his dominion iniquity; God forbid ignorance and indiscretion

Companions, God bless them, even those who entered the fighting interpret, regretted it.

Ali bin Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him say in two rows; Hassan may Allah be pleased with him says to him:

“God shrine taller and Saad Abdullah bin Omar. Whether the land that the wages of the great; albeit a sin that his mistake of walking. What you think it is a total. “

And history bears witness to the fact that many of the movements that the purpose of changing the evil and corrupt regimes on the Revolution ended in failure and turned into a tragedy, with the owners counted wage and want reform, but their actions were not tuned controls Shara So those were the result.


News Now: Can you tell us about why you choose to Iran after Anfsalk rule is left to you?

Abu Hafs: I actually did not choose Iran a choice, but I had compelled them. When we landed we did not have Afghanistan and outlet port only to Pakistan or to Guerin. Pakistan’s known position; Pervez Musharraf was more than U.S. President George W. Bush; thus there was no way out except to Iran.In fact, Iran has made an offer and are ready to receive us in these circumstances, the postion we are not obliged to find other.

News Now: How was your stay in Iran? Did I met during which Iranian officials?

Abu Hafs: my stay in Iran was a range of generous hospitality in the first, to Aaktal unjust in phase thereafter; to the combination of the two at a later stage. I met some officials of the rank of minister or below. I met some scholars and some of their officials; well as security officials who were my relationship with them directly.

News Now: Was Iran Tstvida of your presence there?

Abu Hafs: There is no doubt that Iran is a play on all the ropes. It is allied with the person and allied it at the same time. Iran helped the Americans in the occupation of Afghanistan and has hosted some of the elements of al-Qaeda and the Taliban at the same time. There is no doubt that our presence was then puts her hand and bargain can trump it, but you can play them when necessary. From this standpoint, was retaining the existing brotherhood then.

News Now: You came out and Abu Ghaith. What about the others? What can you say to parents who now see you!?

Abu Hafs: I say to them was left but a few of the brothers as I know. Iran remained almost in all three families, who are in good conditions. Much better than before. God willing, the Almighty is pleased guardians and make them respite and brought them out from where they are. I say to parents: be diligent in prayer and patience you

And the Lord coming down out of the narrows decreed tired and when the director of God.

What narrowed persisted circles spaced and was thinking that do not release Faraj Allah willing, soon God Almighty Yemen them with patience and freedom from the situation where they are and Yemen on the rest of the Muslim Btafraj Cirbethm God willing.

News Now: Abu Ghaith prisoner now on charges of terrorism and there are others. Was it worth all the fuss and this Wearing rings?

Abu Hafs: Sheikh Abu Ghaith was not a terrorist. Sheikh Abu Ghaith brother Fadel. Well I guess we do not recommend anyone to God. It is one of the preachers who came in the last period to Afghanistan was not related to any military action did not come until only shortly before the events of September.After the events a little out of Afghanistan and stayed with us in Iran to be arrested in Turkey while on his way to his country. Sheikh Abu Ghaith is not a terrorist at all. Sheikh Abu Ghaith, I was with him in the last period in Iran before I left.

He objector Kathy ramen work Qaeda and unapproved. Tell me about his desire to return to his country to continue his advocacy, educational and Imamate and the rhetoric of his mosque in Kuwait where he was before he went to Afghanistan. Sheikh Abu Ghaith, a problem that his country did not help him, but it has taken on a right to spend unfairly stripped of his citizenship and did not allow him to return and made it a major cause because the arrests.

Turkey remained in the period and it was possible for the state to help him to return to his country and to correct and put it but you do not. I am surprised at the fact that such a policy taken by some countries against its citizens stripped of their nationality and to stop them and not give them a chance to correct their situation. Even the Americans were detained Americans fighting with the mujahideen did not Egerteke of their nationalities were not Angulwhm to Guantanamo, but Hakmohm according to U.S. law. The fact that Sheikh Abu Ghaith’s worth it for the efforts to return to his country. And charged with terrorism does not mean he is a terrorist never. Yum participate in any military action

was objecting to many of the acts of al-Qaeda.

News Now: Are you afraid Lhh be your destiny fate of Abu Ghaith. Do you consider that the Iranians plotted it?

Abu Hafs: the fact exposed to many risks, but God looks after me, and which can protect me was praise and thanks and ask God Almighty to preserve all the brothers everywhere. In fact, I did not find conclusive signs or conclusive evidence that the Iranians plotted Abu Ghaith and otherwise. But this is not ruled out in politics Allam. Politics is the doctrine without morality. Many of the brothers were talking to the Iranians, including the type of coordination with the Americans regarding the assassination of some of the brothers who went out from us in Iran. More brothers who went out from us in Iran prison, from the situation that we were finally, and went to Pakistan, were killed pounding drones.

Even brothers who were in Pakistan, we heard they were in the latter refuse to receive the brothers coming from Iran because they were replaced as soon as they come to target these aircraft.But there are those who said that Americans know the location of Sheikh Osama bin Laden, may God have mercy on him by his wife, who was with us in Iran and went to him in Pakistan and said that his slice is planted where that led the Americans to place him after his arrival. I of course have no conclusive evidence to prove this. But these clues were present. Some of the brothers was taking them and adds them ill thinks Faisdgaha.


News Now: What do you know about the organization’s branch in the Arabian Peninsula?

Abu Hafs: Actually, I have no knowledge of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. I am an expert at the base of the mother. I am not well at the base of branches. I do not have enough information and I can not talk about them and judging them.

News Now: You said you could play the role of mentor to the group al-Qaeda in Mali during the military operation against them in the north. Did you have played this role?

Abu Hafs: in fact, it was not between me and them continue special to them, but their advice and my advice to the Mujahideen everywhere, for workers of Islam everywhere, the people of this nation, is the piety of God Almighty. And Usita special Mujahideen is what I referred to earlier during my advice to the youth of the nation in general. I have no more.

News Now: if you were allowed to say anything to them, what do you say?

Abu Hafs: I tell them what Nsahb young people. My answer to the previous question.

News Now: You must have heard about the burning of Al-Qaeda Ahmed Baba Library in Timbuktu.What is the risk when you heard it?

Abu Hafs: I really do not know who burned the library. It may be that soldiers burned Financial. It may be that burned down by French soldiers. African troops. Rule out the possibility that the Muslim as well as Mujahid Mujahid claimed that the burning of the library, which is a treasure of priceless treasures of Arab heritage and Algsalama in this region. Regardless of who carried out this act, he is convicted and Omnker do not have any justification.

News Now: about a year ago and you’re in Mauritania. Can you compare your periods in between al Qaeda and Iran and Mauritania?

Abu Hafs: two in al-Qaeda was a period of Jihad and education and try to reform in this organization.Periods in Iran was the plight of the period and the restriction of freedom, and two in Mauritania, the latter was a period of recreation and ready for a new phase of the call and the Islamic Action, God Almighty to accept.

I am now in the process of establishing an Islamic center for advocacy and research aims to combine advocacy and education on the one hand and between the preparation and completion of scientific research in the areas of hand sticking that concern young people in general and the Islamic awakening of interest to young people in particular.

There is research on the atonement, controls the Sunnis and the community, about the ruling, Jihad, enjoining what is good and it is evil, to depart from the referees, ho for fighting in general: what may and what may not, on the Charter of the moral jihad.There are many practicing jihad but do not adhere to the Charter of ethics. Do not save the disclosure and non-fulfillment of the Covenant and the attack on the dhimmis and the attack on the tourists, the attack on the Almtamnin and others. These many things, God willing, will be the area under consideration and, God willing, through the center, which will start work soon.

News Now: It is noticeable is that you since I came not to travel to Mauritania. Does this mean that you are under a certain control?

Abu Hafs: I told you I did not travel? There is no oversight, no restrictions on my travel. I can travel anywhere I want.

News Now: if he returned your time, would you join to the base?

Abu Hafs: Actually, in my time at the base, and the things you’ve converted a work of allergic when my God, may God Almighty accept them. What do you call husbandry, repair and other things in the organization are Dalkh things do not regret it one of the oldest. I do not feel that I do not remember you during my time at the base of any action regret it owner.

News Now: What is the fate of al-Qaida in your opinion?

Abu Hafs: The rule is part of the state of the nation’s rejection of the reality experienced. Is the secretion of this fact and express a range of people of this nation for their rejection of this reality: the reality of injustice and tyranny in the political sphere; drain and the reality of the bounties and loot the wealth of the nation; reality of the occupation who live more than an Islamic country.

As long as these reasons are present al-Qaida will continue to exist and will evolve and adapt with each new stage has no other bearing her sisters thought or close to it. Duty is to eliminate these causes and treatment so that we can deal with mistakes Let young people belonging to al Qaeda and other groups. The irony is that the West succeeded in containing groups were the most violent and the most expensive and extreme than many of the jihadi groups. IRA spent decades blowing and kills a civilian and military However in the end, Britain was able to contain and absorbed. ETA Basque and many others.

We are able to reach some kind of understanding with the young people who do not doubt the sincerity of the intentions of many of it even if we disagree with him in the schools where it went. But unfortunately this did not happen. Indeed, the systems tend to be rather than as such have resorted to demonizing Qaeda and accused al Qaeda and tarnish the image of the base and this backfired in many cases.

Al-Qaeda in fact do not need a certificate of good conduct from any one. Are convinced of what you are doing and think that this Jihad and others discontent and opposition to her and confronting her evidence on the health of its approach. Do not address things this way, but dealing with the causes and treatment of al-Qaeda presence. Treatment logical mental method does not support demonization and distortion, but method is based dialogue and reform and I think that a lot of young people at the base if they are found from scholars truthful knowledgeable influence of reassured him, it will accept a dialogue seriously depends on serious reform and leave what they are.

News Now: Are We talked how I received the news of the bombings atheist th of September

Abu Hafs: in Afghanistan were not the events of September 11th surprise us. Have we expected, but we expect that will be the blame. On this day, Tuesday, September 11th, was almost everyone Sstahb with radio and waits for news Cullen was what most people knew the nature of the events. Knows that there will be events. But do not know where or how. And when we heard the news through the radio and we saw the attacks, the fact that everyone was stunned because he was not going to be one of imagination works of this size and this image and this figure is what he was talking about Sheikh Osama bin Laden and threatening him America.

The size of the destruction and Hall events, something very influential big impact in the arena was not expecting one. Of course a lot of people cheered and grown-up may not be satisfied out of business, but of hatred for America welcomed and considered this a divine retaliation of this enemy and they rejoiced so great joy. Few people managed to restrain his emotions if he did not agree on the events, but he did not express any sympathy with America, too.

News Now: Where were you?

Abu Hafs: I was in Kandahar.

News Now: How was your reaction?

Abu Hafs: For me, I was expecting something like this and I’m not by nature emotionally. Adsna the resulting consequence of these events, which is one of the reasons that made me enemy to events before that.

News Now: What do you say Altajafirat that took place in Lebanon?

Abu Hafs: First, I am opposed to such operations that kill innocent Mdnyion in general. I expect and I think that are relevant to the intervention of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria. Syrians harmed a lot of politics and policy Agheiranih Hezbollah supporter of Bashar al-Assad. Does not rule out the possibility that someone inside Syria are behind the operations in retaliation for Iran and its policy in Syria and God.

News Now: We know that you are a witness material so far from your family. What did you feel when you saw your family on the screen now. What did you like most in that article and more what you do not like?

Abu Hafs: in fact, at the end of 2 News Now: News Now: 1, there was a program aired by a bad name now abandoned the base. And one of the brothers was watching this program and told me that he saw my father on screen channel now. So I went to the TV. I did not believe for joy for the father to see me speaking. This was the first Mrhotmin where he is still alive and kicking for nine years before that. Vgmrtina overjoyed and I looked great joy for this command, and then I saw my brother, then speak in the same program. This was a feast day for me. Even the intensity of my joy, I resolved all those in the compound and our feast too big to let everyone.

This is the most beautiful in that episode.The only thing which is nice. Because the program is the kind of bad publicity against the Mujahideen with their mistakes and against their families and against their parents. It is in fact the program lacks an objective and professional. This judgmental it. I hope that now may be exceeded this stage to a more mature stage and a more objective and professional in their coverage and programs.

News Now: Mamaz say to your father now after all the years in which I left him for joining the base?

Abu Hafs: of the greatest blessings of God Almighty to collect me between a blessing out of the restriction of freedom in Iran and Gqra my eyes to see the parent may God protect him. It was not out of prison any taste and any meaning if it did not accede to the grace and presence of a parent. It is God Almighty to its survival and acknowledged the same. This Namaaadz thanks. And saves the parent over the age and obey him. Is the most important person on this earth.

News Now: Information was received saying that you will be issued a memoir of your experiences with the rule. What are the main themes?

Abu Hafs: Book will be released soon, God willing, titled “The Road to bin Laden and al-Qaeda,” a personal diary covering every last period of life of the author focuses on the last twenty years he spent with the base and close to her and soon from Sheikh Osama bin Laden, God rest his soul.

The book combines coverage of events in a manner known as personal notes, comment and analysis sometimes. Little details and the date of the founding of al-Qaida to joining al-Qaida and his first trip to Afghanistan. How met Sheikh Osama bin Laden. Sudan tells the period that witnessed intense near the writer of Sheikh Osama bin Laden and accompany him too long and talking about returning to Afghanistan again and talking about the recent war; war, the United States and its allies in Afghanistan.

Diary lists these free Boaavadha and little news media have not been exposed before.Little Khalafaty with Sheikh Osama bin Laden and the reasons that I was invited to leave the norm.Noteworthy attempts to reform the organization and the obstacles encountered in these attempts.Talking about the period of Iran; income how to Iran, how he lived a guest;

How lived prisoners; lived how a combination between the prisoner and freewheeling. Talking about the return to Mauritania.Recall many details. Almost Started more than three-quarters of the book comes in two volumes was almost. I think it is the first book to come out from inside the base by one of those who have lived in their leaders.

Thank you for this interview.

Abu HAFS 2


Sunday 28 October 2012 12:59
Item Code: 113616
A former adviser to Ben Laden critical Malian Islamists
A former senior al-Qaeda urged the jihadists in northern Mali to seek peace.

A former close aide of Osama bin Laden has openly criticized the actions of armed groups in northern Mali Islamists.

During an interview with Al Jazeera and aired on 17 October 2013,   Mahfouz Ould al-Walid (aka Abu Hafs al-Mauritani)

condemned the tactics used by the fighters of Ansar al-Din, the MUJAO and al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. 

“I am opposed to the means used by these groups to establish an Islamic state in northern Mali,” said Ould al-Walid. “This project will do much more harm than good to the Muslims and the people of the sub-region.”

The former number three of al Qaeda said it “would be better to go in search of dialogue and find a joint solution,” adding that he was “ready to go see these brothers to negotiate” if should be asked.

Ould al-Walid was also suggested that the actions of militants in northern Mali can be justified by ignorance. “They can be due to a lack of knowledge of certain subjects, or because of their inability to become aware of certain facts because of insufficient experience,” he continued.

Islamist ideologue reiterated that he had left after bin Laden condemned “the attacks of September 11, that I have killed many innocent people.”

The former head of the Committee of Sharia al-Qaeda fled Afghanistan to visit Iran after the fall in 2001 of the Taliban regime.

Extradited last April to his native Mauritania, he was released from prison after three months of detention.

“Ould al-Walid was one of the first Mauritanians to join bin Laden in Afghanistan, serving as a consultant and expert on sharia,” said military analyst Ely Ould Maghlah, adding that the former head of al Qaeda had since renounced his ideas on violence.

According to Magharebia, Hamidou Ba, professor of history, says that “more and more extremists now return to ordinary life.”

“Today, the phenomenon of repentance has become a reality,” he notes. “In 2011 Dublin summit on extremist violence had met fifty repentant terrorists, including former militants of Hezbollah, al-Qaeda or the FARC in Colombia.”

According to Ba, “a social network like Against Violence Extremism (AVE) is a new way to fight against terrorism and extremist violence more broadly by linking different actors involved in the issue.”

“Victims, repented authors, experts, all are invited to share their experiences on the issue to promote a non-violent speech,” said he added.

Sunday 28 October 2012 12:59
Code d’article: 113616
Un ancien conseiller de Ben Laden critique les islamistes maliens
Agence de presse TAGHRIB (APT)
Un ancien haut responsable d’al-Qaida a vivement recommandé aux djihadistes du nord du Mali de chercher la paix.

Un ancien proche conseiller d’Oussama ben Laden a ouvertement critiqué les actions menées par les islamistes armés dans le nord du Mali.

Au cours d’une interview accordée à Al Jazeera et diffusée le ۱۷ octobre, Mahfouz Ould al-Walid (alias Abou Hafs al-Mauritani) a condamné les tactiques utilisées par les combattants d’Ansar al-Din, du MUJAO et d’al-Qaida au Maghreb islamique.

“Je m’oppose aux moyens mis en oeuvre par ces groupes pour fonder un Etat islamique dans le nord du Mali”, a expliqué Ould al-Walid. “Ce projet fera bien plus de mal que de bien aux Musulmans et aux populations de la sous-région”.

L’ancien numéro trois d’al-Qaida a déclaré qu’il “serait préférable de se mettre en quête du dialogue et de trouver une solution conjointe”, ajoutant qu’il était “prêt à aller voir ces frères pour négocier” si cela devait lui être demandé.

Ould al-Walid a également suggéré que les actions des militants du nord du Mali peuvent se justifier par l’ignorance. “Ils peuvent agir par suite d’un manque de connaissances de certains sujets, ou du fait de leur incapacité à prendre conscience de certains faits en raison d’une expérience insuffisante”, a-t-il poursuivi.

L’idéologue islamiste a répété qu’il avait quitté ben Laden après avoir condamné “les attaques du ۱۱ septembre, qui, selon moi, ont coûté la vie à de nombreux innocents”.

L’ancien chef du Comité de la sharia d’al-Qaida avait fui l’Afghanistan pour se rendre en Iran après la chute, en ۲۰۰۱, du régime taliban.

Extradé au mois d’avril dernier vers sa Mauritanie natale, il avait été libéré de prison après trois mois de détention.

“Ould al-Walid a été l’un des premiers Mauritaniens à rejoindre ben Laden en Afghanistan, servant de conseiller et d’expert de la sharia”, a expliqué l’analyste militaire Ely Ould Maghlah, ajoutant que cet ancien responsable d’al-Qaida avait depuis renoncé à ses idées sur la violence.

Selon Magharebia, Hamidou Ba, professeur d’histoire, affirme que “de plus en plus d’extrémistes reviennent dorénavant à la vie ordinaire”.

“Aujourd’hui, le phénomène du repentir est devenu une réalité”, note-t-il. “En ۲۰۱۱ à Dublin un sommet sur la violence extrémiste avait réuni une cinquantaine de terroristes repentis, parmi lesquels d’anciens activistes du Hezbollah, d’al-Qaida ou encore des FARC colombiens.”

Selon Ba, “un réseau social comme Against Violence Extremism (AVE) constitue un nouveau moyen de lutter contre le terrorisme et plus largement la violence extrémiste en mettant en relation différents acteurs concernés par la problématique.”

“Victimes, auteurs repentis, experts, tous sont invités à venir partager leurs expériences sur la question afin de promouvoir un discours non-violent”, a-t-il ajouté.

Abu HAFS 3

QUOTE of Abu Hafs about Hicham Bahloul (the Morocan actor):

Hicham Bahloul Arab actor of the Magreb

“Hicham Bahloul is a player value, which is not only pious, but even more committed to good causes, such as the Palestinian case,” said Abu Hafs.

“This is an example of an artist who is at the service of his nation and his faith, his art” testified that Abu Hafs has not failed to raise his prayers for a speedy recovery to Hicham Bahloul.
“Hicham, I miss him at the the mosque Boulevard Bordeaux, where he is an avid 5 prayers.”

Hicham Bahloul

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