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Just watch the commercials on the new Libyan TV networks!! and record how much booze, drugs and viagra varients have been dumped into LIBYA since the 17 FEBR. “REBELS” have taken over!

and Libya is supposed a “Muslim” nation?…I would say no longer until we can kick all the foreign elements out of LIBYA AGAIN as MUAMMAR al-Qathafi did in 1969/1970.

FIRST perrogative should be to export those “IMPORTS”!! and their slaves…Their reality shows the ANTITHESIS of ‘freedom’…WAKE-UP YOUNG PEOPLE OF LIBYA! GAIN BACK your GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (a nation to be proud of…practicly free of the pestilence, disease, murder robbery and corruption which we are witnessing daily now in the NEW LIBYA!) Do not let SATAN gain your souls!

News Resistance People’s Libyan FreeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam generalizable ::: The silent Libyan resistance:Tkhaaaaaaavo not silence … the preparation and processing!
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Syria Lockerbie


The narcotics trafficking, gun-running and money-laundering

cover-up of Pan Am flight 103

By David Guyatt

I think the CIA and Justice Department are withholding the truth. Winding down his 14 March 1996, speech in the House of Representatives, Congressman James Traficant, was referring to a joint British-US cover-up over the Lockerbie bombing.

Permitted precisely sixty seconds to make his point, the straight-talking Republican went straight for the jugular.

Traficant has long disbelieved the US and British claim that Libya was responsible for the bombing of Pan Am flight 103. Telling his fellow Congressman that intelligence experts around the world disagree, with the British and US position, he continued I think Congress deserves the truth. I think the families of the victims of 103 deserve the truth. Going unsaid was Traficants belief that Pan Am 103 was bombed with the fore-knowledge and acquiescence of the CIA.

Two months earlier in January 1996, Prime Minister Major came under similar pressure to come clean. Cross party members of Parliament pressed the government to agree to prosecute the two Libyan suspects at an international tribunal in the Hague. The accused, Abdel Basset Ali Al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah, believe that a trial on British soil would be prejudiced.

John Major swatted-away the Parliamentary suggestion with shoddy arguments and stone-walling tactics. Many were left to conclude he fears any sort of independent trial. Such an event may once and for all reveal the murky trans-Atlantic cover-up that has dogged this story for eight years.

The threads of suspicion that surround the Lockerbie atrocity are many and complex. Labour MP, Tam Dalyell, told me that he first became involved on New years eve in 1988. A police sergeant friend had been drafted-in to search the crash site. The policeman phoned the MP asking how come all the evidence is being tampered with?

Dalyell, known as a terrier whos bite is a lot worse than his bark, has pursued the story ever since. He is accompanied by Conservative MP, Sir Teddy Taylor, who also has a reputation for not letting go once he has sunk his teeth in. During an interview the Southend East MP said he had been in contact with the source who had provided the timing switches for the Lockerbie bomb. The source said he

would be able to identify whether the timing switch used on Pan Am 103 was part of a consignment sent to Libya, or whether it formed part of a larger batch delivered to East Germany. In a reply to the MP, the Lord Advocate refused access for purposes of identification.


Within hours of Pan Am 103 exploding over the small Scottish village, CIA agents were swarming over the wreckage. Clearly they were looking for something extraordinary. Aboard the downed plane was a secret, five-man Defence Intelligence Agency team headed by Major Charles Tiny McKee. A suitcase belonging to McKee was recovered and emptied before being returned to the site to be found again. Inside had been a large quantity of Heroin, some sensitive documents, plus a large quantity of cash and travellers cheques. These items were purged from official records. Incredibly, an unidentified body was also removed from the crash site. No official explanation has been given for these extraordinary examples of evidence tampering.

The DIA team had been in Lebanon searching for US hostages held by Hezbollah. Whilst in Lebanon, McKees team is said to have come across a secret CIA operation known as CIA One, who were collaborating with Manzur El-Khassar, a Syrian drug dealer. El-Khassar was closely aligned to Lt. Col. Oliver Norths highly illegal activities around the world. These included covert trafficking of narcotics and weapons. The Syrian was also involved in brokering weapons to Iran in exchange for hostages. El-Khassars precise role in the Lockerbie bombing may be the missing link that unravels the entire story.

In recent weeks it has been revealed that the Contras, backed by Oliver Norths covert group, were responsible for the explosion of Crack Cocaine in Los Angeles, and thence into mainland America. Gary Webb, an investigative journalist for the San Jose Mercury News, shattered American readers with his The Dark Alliance series. Following a year of investigations, the journalist revealed that the Contras shipped vast quantities of Cocaine to the US to finance much need weapon purchases for their war in Nicaragua. This was done with the tacit backing of the CIA, Webb suggested.

Webbs astonishing revelations strike at the very heart of the secret CIA Iran-Contra story. By 1984, the Senate had vetoed the provision of additional funds for the covert Nicaraguan campaign. Blocked at home, North – under the crafty guidance of Bill Casey, Director of Central Intelligence – looked for alternative ways to raise the necessary finance. The answer was narcotics trafficking.


Lebanons Bekaa Valley is a fertile area ideally suited to growing Opium. Rifat Assad, the brother of Syrias President Hafez Assad is widely known to have been in charge of Syrias narcotics enterprise, and was the Supremo of the Bekaa Valleys massive Opium industry. Rifat, a CIA asset, was being groomed to succeed his elder brother to become the Syrian President. He was extremely close to El-Khassar. The influx of 30,000 Syrian troops to Lebanon in the late eighties, had as much to do with protecting the Opium fields, as with separating the warring factions.

El-Khassar, in exchange for his help to release US hostages held in Lebanon, and, presumably, for past favours to the Contras, was permitted to ship Heroin to the US. The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) maintain that his pipeline, through Frankfurt airport, was a carefully controlled sting operation. Others, more cynical doubt this explanation.

Dark rumours persist that Major Tiny McKee had unearthed the illegal dope connection and realised that elements within the CIA were actively collaborating in it. Deciding to report the matter to his superiors, McKee booked his team on a flight home aboard the ill fated Pan Am 103. Their travel plans were intercepted and reported to Syrian intelligence, who notified El-Khassar. He, in turn, arranged to have a bomb planted inside the suitcase used to carry the regular Heroin shipment – to dispose of McKee and his evidence.

It is at this point that an alternative scenario arises. The July 1988 shoot-down of an Iranian Airbus by the US Navy battle cruiser, Vincennes, resulted in the deaths of 290 passengers. Despite US statements that this was a tragic accident, disbelieving hard-line Ayatollahs were hell-bent on revenge. They hired the Syrian based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, General Command (PFLP-GC) for a tit-for-tat attack. Under the leadership of Ahmed Jabril, an expert on blowing up airplanes, plans were speedily put in place. Jibril learned of El-Khassars CIA protected Frankfurt dope pipeline and persuaded El-Khassar to substitute a bomb inside the normal Heroin laden suitcase. The subsequent deaths of Tiny McKee and his team were co-incidental.

However, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that both these scenarios merge rather than diverge. Faced with exposure of his drugs pipeline, and aware that the Iranians had planned a spectacular revenge for the Airbus attack, El-Khassar and his CIA-Syrian minders may have cobbled together a plan that killed two birds with one stone. They would aid the Syrian based Jibril to satisfy the Ayatollahs lust for revenge, and at the same time rid themselves of US intelligence agents who were about to blow the whistle on their top secret drug and weapons trafficking arrangements.


The 21 December 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 resulted in the deaths of all 259 passengers and crew. Eleven more fatalities in Lockerbie resulted from wreckage of the Boeing 747 Jumbo jet raining down on unsuspecting villagers. News of the atrocity blazed across the headlines around the world. This prompted an immediate cover-up, which has remained to this day.

The centre-piece of this strategy was to blame Libyan Col. Muammar Qathafi (who was widely contrived to be seen as an “eccentric” leader). Built upon his “Third Universal Theory”, Libya who had a wealthy and independent economy, is an oil-rich country; and Qathafi refused to fully align himself with either the western alliance (led by the U.S..), or the Easter Bloc under the leadership of the former USSR.

Inside the US Administration, one figure had a personal detestation of Libyas erstwhile leader. During the course of his tenor as Director of the CIA, Bill Casey was pre-occupied with finding new ways to bring Qaddafi down. Constantly pressing his viewpoint home, Casey eventually gained the support of senior Cabinet members, George Schultz, Caspar Weinburger and others to undertake military and covert operations, designed to topple Qaddafi.

These included projects with Flower code-names. Tulip was a CIA covert operation that sought to mobilise the anti-Qaddafi exile movements, leading, hopefully, to a Coup DEtat. Rose involved a pre-emptive strike against Libya with the support of US allies, notably Egypt.

Another operation code-named Prairie Fire resulted in a three carrier battle-group steaming just off the Libyan coast. The US armada included forty five warships and 200 warplanes. Beneath the waves slid the latest nuclear-powered attack submarines. This was a meticulously planned provocation designed to draw Libyan forces into an attack. The planned response was graduated and included warplanes striking deep into Libyan territory to bomb oil-pumping facilities and other economic targets. The boys- own discussion on Prairie Fire reached its zenith when Don Regan, White House Chief of Staff, asked if nuclear weapons were to be used. They were not, he was told. Despite this, US threats to use nuclear weapons against Libya were renewed in spring 1996.

Lester Coleman, former Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) operative, had first-hand knowledge of the covert events surrounding Lockerbie. His book Trail of the Octopus jointly written with Donald Goddard, blew the lid off the Lockerbie story and laid bare the Frankfurt airport narcotics pipeline.

With death threats ringing in his ears, Coleman fled with his family to Sweden, and was granted political asylum. Interviewed by phone, Coleman explained the U.S. rationale in falsely blaming Libya. “They’re an easy hit,” he said. “Scapegoating Libya has become a political art form in U.S. domestic politics.” Mimicking a drawling mid-west voice, Coleman expounded further. “The strategy plays to the Rednecks, he said, “who believe anything theyre told about ‘Ay-rabs’. Its all domestic politics,” he concluded.

The Interfor Report

Interfor Inc., a private investigation firm, was hired by TWA to examine the suspicious circumstances behind the downing of flight 103. Their confidential investigation unearthed Sryian drug-baron, Monzer Al-Khassars involvement in the affair, and also revealed Al-Khassars relationship with Major General Richard Secord – one of the principals in Oliver Norths Iran-Contra activities. The British media, in particular, The Observer, trashed the report as nonsense and fantasy. This resulted in a fiery riposte from Congressman Traficant, who accused the Observer team of working for the CIA, saying: Youve come here a day late, a dime short and youre a piece of shXX.

Bill Casey and Dirty Tricks

Former Director (DCI) of the Central Intelligence Agency, William (Bill) Casey was obsessed with Libyas Iraq. Casey increasingly tasked the CIA with obtaining ever more detailed information on Qathafi and his activities. This obsession grew to the point where, at times, Libya became a more important target than the Soviet Union. President Reagan’s vitriolic view of Qathafi was shaped by a CIA report that warned he had been personally targeted for assassination by a Libyan hit-squad. This led to a Top Secret message to Qathafi threatening massive retaliation. A State Department analysis suggested the CIA report was later discounted, as CIA disinformation.

The Libyan Suspects

The US-British line remains that the two Libyan suspects – Abdel Basset Ali Al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah – must be turned over to British authorities for trial. Central to the official case is the timer-switch hidden in a Toshiba radio used to blow-up flight 103. Despite this, Britain will not allow scrutiny of the switch remnants. It is also alleged that the suspects placed the radio in a suitcase flown from Malta to Frankfurt, and transferred to the Pan Am flight. Maltese authorities reject this, saying the allegations are unsupported by any concrete evidence. Is British and American legal intransigence designed to mothball the truth in perpetuity? Many experts believe the answer is a definite yes.

Oh God addicted Post

The villa for a Alkraimih cronies in Tripoli and Kano where the duration Elly missed the youth of Zintan and the people who turned them almost a month ago. Duration Hadi where unusual movement and Chkki_ Nhsabhm followed State and Government
But the day before yesterday Khst container color yellow and God knows launched within and was tighter than group masked and villa Elly exist where people bearded and some conjecture sin but as the crow Ncbh including a group of Ansar al-Sharia and a day and over all the clocks were present in which nearly 20 people .. inside a Farms Alkraimih

(Network Libya)

بالله يا أدمن انشرفيه فيلا لأحد الازلام فى الكرايمية طرابلس وكانو فيها المده اللى فاتت شباب من الزنتان وخرجو منها قبل شهر تقريباً .المده هادي فيها حركة غير عادية وما شككتش نحسابهم تبع الدولة ولحكومه
لكن اول امس خشت حاوية لونها صفراء والله اعلم شن داخلها وكان تشديد من جماعة ملثمه والفيلا اللى موجودين فيها ناس ملتحية وأن بعض الظن أثم لكن زي ما نشبح فيهم جماعة من أنصار الشريعه ويومياً وعلى مدى كل الساعات متواجدين فيها قرابة ال 20 شخص ..داخل أحد مزارع الكرايميةشبكة ليبيا



off the coast of CORNER:

Steamer (Valpanda) gasoline and the ship (Nikolaosv) diesel encyclopedia vacuum port of La Marsa 1.2 refinery Corner

but there are still Bachrtan in wait.
Why congestion and snapping on gasoline,,, God knows!
(Moved Corner of the page refinery oil refinery):

Continuation of the power outages on some areas in the city of Tripoli and
severe congestion in front of gas stations, causing chaos and fights, and there are no signs of resolving the crisis so far.
Two thugs who arrested the people they cut the pipe in one of the gas stations yesterday admitted they were paid
a sum of money in exchange Maigmon it is room Libya rebels ..
And tells you the crisis is artificial mesh!!!
 Two killed in an armed brawl broke out shortly before refueling station in the area Alfornaj in Tripoli.
(Abu Salim Liberals against slaves).
Shortage in the number of worshipers at Friday prayers today to the fact that a large number of people
in Mrabitin stomata front of petrol stations.


Tripoli this morning …. Gas station “Gurji” and the presence of the army:
From a gas station adjacent to the bridge Gurji market Allata continued Asfav
cars to fill up gasoline Center Andalus neighborhood!!
Exposure today Badi Haji Al-Idrisi and Colonel Nuri farmer ordered the military police branch Zuwarah an assassination attempt when they return from their car in Tripoli that follow the military police.
And the grace of God they were able to escape from the ambush, which has armed group prepared for them after the road 27 between Tripoli and the corner and has resulted in the injury adorable with 2 gunshot in his left hand and Colonel Nuri in his fingers hand.
Yemen have carried out the leadership despite his injury saluting arrived at the gate eastern Corner, then they Basaaffhm…
(News Agency of Libya today)


Tajourah Alhamidiah:
Back to operate petrol stations in the capital and its suburbs naturally gradually
The issue of 48 hours of life returns to normal.

Operations room Mermaid:

One of the victims of the “gasoline-war”:

Turn this young Elly influenced by the mercy of God in the head by a bullet wound.

“I am God and to Him we return”

26 Aug/2012

Same Script, Different Stage (Ctd.)

Posted by Andrew Stuttaford 

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Bamiyan, Timbuktu, and now Tripoli.

Al-Jazeera reports:

Attackers in Libya have bulldozed a mosque containing Sufi Muslim graves in the centre of Tripoli, a day after Sufi shrines in the city of Zlitan were wrecked and a mosque library was burned. The demolition of the large Sha’ab mosque happened in broad daylight on Saturday, drawing condemnation from government officials and Libyans across the country and abroad.

…A man who appeared to be overseeing the demolition told Reuters the interior ministry had authorised the operation after discovering people had been worshipping the graves and practicing “black magic”. The ministry was not available for comment . . .

In Zlitan, witnesses said that an armed group, claiming to be Salafis, carried out the assault on the Sufi shrine, the tomb of Abdel Salam al-Asmar, a 15th-century Muslim scholar…The attackers also set fire to a historic library, reducing years of academic and religious writing to ash. While the official line from the government is condemnation, there are reports security forces stood by and just let this destruction go ahead.

This was just One of Libya’s highest-profile cultural clashes since the toppling of  THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (WHO PROTECTED, financed and supported  Islamic Mosques, SAINTS and Muslim Shrines, even those of the SUFI-SECT)  has been between followers of the mystical Sufi tradition (as expounded in ZLITEN) and the terrorist Salafists (‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD, ANSAR al-SARIA and the al-QAEDA groups)..

Salafis have formed a number of armed brigades in Libya. They reject as “idolatrous, many Sufi devotions” – which include dancing and the building of shrines to venerated figures (i.e. Sheikh Asmar Focalieri Brown)…and the Salafists seem themselves to be anti-devotional and unholy, with blood-letting and revenge! IT IS A MORTAL SIN for a real MUSLIM to fight or hurt any true believer of the one true God. Doing so, is an automatic ticket to HELL for a (so-called) ‘Muslim’.




Close the road link between the mountain and Tripoli, under the bridge Zahra,,
For our people in the mountain Tak other way, not this way,
Until our demands are implemented,
(Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya)

Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya
ÚÇÇÇĚá now, from the heart of the event

Using opened under the bridge now, Zahra and bulldozers to remove the dust now,

but some young people and trying to extinguish the fire resulting from the ignition tires.


Statement of civil society institutions Bnalot | |


Nalut December 11, 2013 (and):

Held institutions of civil society activists and the city of Nalut meeting reviewed the situation in Libya and the suffering of the Amazigh in general and especially the city of Nalut from what they described as marginalization and a waste of their rights and incitement against them.
They decided in a statement issued after the meeting to stop dealing with the National Congress, to his failure to achieve the objectives of the February 17 revolution and the numbers of the Committee session and take decisions under the pressure of the militias and conglomerates of self-interest and the tribal and the exclusion of the components of the native population from the political scene also confirmed the end of the powers of the National Congress complete without irreversible Day 7 / 2/2014.
In their statement, and demanded international protection of the Security Council and United Nations auspices to their interests.
They also demanded a member of the National Conference team Nalut region and the local council and the elected Council of Elders and the Senate to adopt a self-governing region of Nalut in order to preserve the identity, language, culture and geography of Amazigh Nalut and protect the lands that have been occupied.
And demanded the institutions of civil society in its statement Bnalot develop a road map for self-rule and the dates and the use of binding international consulting offices and includes self-rule for all civil and tribal land area of ​​Nalut.



Are these two Awaad Helena Aasilna Manrkaa Lucan Kammelna
These two are the old days and days Ahrobat Italians Chaib Vasa m Batnan
Luga to Jpelln renewed every Oarouk hope these are
They are two of the best Hype Hype similar to the Balkhair who Valghaza Yama House
Days formed a Ahaddenhm of these are replaced its
They Hdhul squeezer and Gott senile and Warfali Khot Arthritis Mahaboh death
Testimonials and Anar Anbeawa we still are the two
My tresses are Hdhul Joe Grady Vzain attended Valley
Ksaren Okhcom normal Mnslana Mo Sahel beautify our blessed
Are these two Awaad Helena Aasilna Manrkaa Lucan Kammelna

A large delegation from the tribe of the children of Sheikh boasts nearly more than seventy man up to the city of Bani Walid for their joyous arrival of sheikhs and notables and their city has to Rafla DAI delegation graciously and warmly welcomed confirmed the power of social cohesion between the two tribes who are investigating this verse:
“And made you into nations and tribes so”
Adam God Almjbh and friendliness and familiarity and bonding

Representative Libby often we saw on the screen comedy programs Dardanelles in the month of Ramadan is a
visitor Bani Walid today to congratulate the people return Mhaúkhha:

A picture of the side of the large delegation of well-wishers from the tribe of our brothers and Rishvana
God bless them .. Nrdohalam at weddings and, God willing,

International legal action .. Charges in connection with the direct NATO guidance of a number of warlords militias in Libya ..
especially in the events of Bani Walid and Resolution No. 7.



Quoting WikiLeaks Cyrenaica:
Presidency of the General Staff decided to appoint Colonel Jamal Zahawy
Battalion command to stun 21 (Martyrs corner) as successor to the late colonel
Rebel Lion fronts (Salah Bohlaiqah) …
Lord help him and keeps the power of the revolutionaries and the Thunderbolt battalion battalion line
Fire (Martyrs corner) ..
FILE gathering Zahawy with late Bohlaiqah  (Salah Curl):

Good rains now on the city of Sirte O Wash out the hearts and souls descriptive guardian O inject the blood of Muslims in this city

Channel Sirte on Facebook:

Urgent – Al-Qaeda continues its attempts to occupy Sirte

Mohammed Ahfazh, reports:

Clashes in the area in the city of Giza Navy # Sirte, and closed streets of the region in full

(The news agency Libya)

As Sirte was in OCTOBER 2011:

Agency urgently Libya / from your letters Sirte wounded neglected children Abdeljalil Alshawoush:

Image of a wounded child Mohammed was wounded in the battle to enter the city of Sirte, has not been treated abroad and now to other wounded women and children, and the government paid millions to the wounded and unfortunately the wounded from Sirte children have no place in a file wounded.
I hope that God will heal you. (Knowing that Muhammad has a brother and sister in the military operations in Sirte accept them God have mercy).

 Sirte bombed by NATO

NEVER  FORGET what NATO did to Sirte and her people.

Agency News – Tripoli – Correspondent:
The President of the General Staff of the Army Gen. Libyan Corner “Abdelsalam Jadallah al-Obeidi righteous” decree appointing Colonel “Majeed Ahmed Mohamed Zidan,” commander of the military region of Sirte.
This decision and the date of issuance and eliminates the exclusion of provisions.



I told you before that the NATO nations and Turkey and Qatar had a pact with MISURATA. They are the ones supporting these evil b’s and causing all the chaos.
They keep sending Misurata shiploads and plane loads of heavy artillary, tanks and weapons of Mass destruction. Plus, they pay for the Salafist training at Misurata airfield which then sends them to do destruction also in Algeria and the Magreb/Sahel…
They paid Misurata to stage a (attempted) coup last month in Tripoli….

Then the EU/UNO hypocrites say…”We are fighting a war on terrorism and al-Qaeda” and come into the Sahel with thousands of French, Yanks and British troops!!!

Whether they are called ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood or the Maltese Brotherhood: THEY ARE IN REALITY MAFIA THUGS and Murderers in the Service of SATAN.
“WikiLeaks Cyrenaica”, reports:

Turkey and Britain are Tfathan Consulate in Misurata., Italy, announces the opening of an air bridge between them and the city of Misratah.

It seems I am filled cronies and Chad in Benghazi disease Iban finest on




Lord kindness of our brothers Torghae in this freezing cold O Amiyaan
يارب اللطف باخواننا من تورغاء في هذا البرد القارص اللهم اميييين



Satellite image shows clouds over eastern Libya and is currently affected by a storm Alexa coming from

Russia are located above the Levant, Turkey and Cyprus now and will continue until the day on Saturday.

(Valley girl)

Pox on the UN / NATO …

They are not the “guardians” of Libya no matter what they say, bomb or write up

جدري على الأمم المتحدة / منظمة حلف شمال الأطلسي …فهي ليست “الأوصياء” ليبيا بغض النظر عن ما يقولون، أو حتى كتابة قنبلة.

THE UNO PLANS TO FORCE THE HAND OF CYRENAICA–saying that they are the “GUARDIANS” OF LIBYA and “her welfare” .(WHAT THEY MEAN is their own WESTERN OIL and mineral intersts.)—and will use FORCE AGAINST ALL WHO INTERFERE with WESTERN OIL interests and crude exports to EUROPE, AMERICA and the WEST:

Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes

URGENT / / NATO asks groups that surrounded the delivery of oil and vital facilities and only will have to use force to arrest

Ministry of Foreign Affairs receives a telegram from Tripoli representative
NATO handed over groups
Surrounded oil

Announced today that the head of the organizations and the Libyan Foreign Ministry in Tripoli receiving a telegram stating that Libya under Abannz VII, which is completely under the international trusteeship and the UN commissioned a number of countries with the help of Libya and protection.

And Imitl Alaatmae on Libya in this period is Oatmae the UN and tried to states in charge of guardianship on Libya until the return of stability that does not interfere too much in the affairs of Libya, but understand this act the wrong way and deal another way that is acceptable and appeared actions and facts to the surface were not unexpected .

Our mandate has been waived by the friendly countries of Libya and activate the resolutions of the United Nations, the arrest of the group that surrounded the state facilities, airports and oil ministries, and if it considers the Libyan authorities that it is not able to inform us just pleased to turn to other options

Thus the message as it is / Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tripoli / Department of Public Organizations
Akram Bin Taleb Affairs Committee’s Secretary / Office of the Prime administration organizations
First of all, al-JDHARAN is not a “WARLORD”; and neither is he a fanatical Islamist!!! This is Western polital propaganda and slander because the West desires Libya’s pure CRUDE for themselves and does not go along with al-Jdharan’s LIBYA FIRST  policies and  monetary concessions for the external- countries right to  share in LIBYA’s   indigenous mineral and oil wealth.

  • 04 November  2013, 12:23 PM

East Libya Warlord Forms Shadow Government

Former Libyan militia leader Ibrahim al-Jathran

The former Libyan militia leader who shut down nearly half of Libya’s oil exports earlier this summer has taken his political battle with the central government in Tripoli a step further by naming a shadow government for the eastern side of the country where he and his 17,000-strong armed force thrive.

On Sunday, Ibrahim al-Jathran held an elaborate swearing-in ceremony in which 24 men were named to hold posts of prime minister and advisory roles supposedly to help govern the vast expanse of east Libya that stretches from the oil port towns of Brega to the eastern border by Egypt, which Mr. Jathran and his supporters call Cyrenaica after the ancient Roman name for the region.

There was no official comment from officials in Tripoli about the development, but in the past members of the RAT national congress and the RAT prime minister’s office have denounced Mr. Jathran, 33-years-old and former  “as a would-be dictator” who cynically uses popular political demands to his own benefit. (WESTERN LIES AGAIN!!)

Political tension between Tripoli and eastern Libya, which has been simmering since shortly after the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in September 2011, boiled over in July when Mr. Jathran and his armed guard unit – which had been formed to protect the region’s oil facilities – turned off the oil flows, actions that caused Libya’s oil exports to decrease by 50% and increased the price of oil on world markets.

Mr. Jathran and his men’s stated reason for their uprising was to force Tripoli to adopt a more equitable economic arrangement that would see more oil revenues be spent in  Libya and shared  revenues among the Libyan people directly into the individual people’s monetary accounts  (as was the policy under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) — a situation that many easterners believe is at the root of the corruption under the TRANSITIONAL puppet GNC government now.

In the summer, Mr. Jathran’s political posturing was dismissed by politicians in Tripoli, including many elected congressmen from eastern Libya, as a cynical power grab to take over the country’s most lucrative industry, “and some officials have denounced him alternately as a fanatical Islamist and a would-be petty dictator”.   (BIG, BIG LIE !!)

In the meantime, the threat to the central government has grown. Members of the national congress have tried – and failed — to induce Mr. Jathran to stop his campaign by bribing al-Jdharan with huge amounts of money to him and his family…all of which al-Jdharan has totally and unequivocally REFUSED.

Last week, Mr. Jathran appeared to have rallied a greater number of influential Eastern Libyans around him than ever. His Political Bureau of Cyrenaica, the name chosen for his movement, named a list of two dozen men from tribal backgrounds and major Eastern Libyan cities that would serve as his advisers in something that appeared to be a shadow government for their region.

At the signing ceremony Sunday, broadcast on the satellite television station founded by Mr. Jathran and his movement, the former Gadhafi-era prisoner appeared before his new council members. However, there was little explanation for what the men’s roles would actually consist of – or what funds they would administer to help citizens.

There is no evidence that Mr. Jathran’s men have been trying to illegally sell oil stored at the port terminals in Brega and al-Zuitaina, which remain shut. At the same time, he has not made any move to militarily cut off the country’s main east-west highway, restrict commercial or other traffic on the road, or close the airports in the east.

Abd-Rabbo al-Barassi, the head of the newly declared eastern government and a long-time mentor for Mr. Jathran, said that the new positions did not include any security portfolios like defense or foreign affairs. He told a news conference in Ajdabiya that security would be a priority for the group.

Agency urgently Libya / Commission of the government to negotiate with the executive tenderly Benghazi

The head of the Executive Office of the region of Cyrenaica, “Abed Rabbo Barasi” told Urgent Libya, the interim government Strchill committee tomorrow to negotiate with the political bureau and executive of the province of Cyrenaica.
He stressed,
“Barasi”,  that will open the ports IF the government agreed to the terms of the Politburo.


‘Signpost’ project points youth away from radical Salafism

The fact that in one of the schools Benghazi #
Professor of Islamic education “religion” in the secondary stage in one of the
Benghazi, the Schools for Boys student moans came from a professor
Anne professor rather than explain to the students of Islamic education
Explain to them what put Ansar al-Sharia, and they also
Talking about the army that the army at this time is haram
The army is fighting Islamist Alhariaah do not forget that from
Explain to them that speech in high school students. !!!!

And learned that the professor a member of Ansar al-Sharia.
The question of what the income share of Islamic education in
Cun state and talking to them about the problems occur
Here and there among the ANSAR al-SHARIA, and between the army
Through his explanation of the Omor always the Libyan army
In the fighting in Ansar al-Shara WAHABI-Islam.

(Atef Clmana)

.. the hundreds of mosques now in the hands of Salafist extremists. (AFP)

Agniel employee Diwan of the Prime Minister Benghazi:
According to preliminary information the assassination of an employee of the Office of the Presidency of Ministers named “Mohamed Osman Mohammed Akkoush” baby boomers born in 1979 near a restaurant area Sabri bales.
Witnesses said that the unidentified were traveling in a car type lens white Hyundai, opened fire on “Akkoush” killing him and ran Balafrara.

Salafists of Benghazi, after the killing of military and security forces, the Salafist sheikhs now move on to the fun assassination of civilians .. Just because they work in the Ministry of the State .. Kafr El, Kill Kill ..:
The Director of the Information Office of Galaa Hospital Fadia Albergthe informed  us of the arrival of the body of Mohamed Osman Aekosh after suffering four gunshot wounds.  According to a Albergthe, Aekosh was employed as a staff member of the Diwan of the Prime Minister Ali Zaidane.

Assassination “Mohamed Osman Akkoush”, shot and left is continued
According to the Ministry of the Interior and initial reports details add only
That the victim do, now Galaa Hospital
Citizen “Mohamed Osman Akkoush,” is a man and not a civilian!!
A military officer as prime minister continued project management figure
National Benghazi, and he was responsible for the system, and mentions that
The victim by “Akkoush”, was assassinated by bullets left the area
Sabri in Benghazi before Qlbul.




Kicked off today with a march after Friday prayers in front of a mosque companions to continue the demonstrations that began last week and focused its demands on activating the role of state institutions in the city, led by the army and police, in response to Resolution No. (774) issued by the National Congress, the public and the evacuation of the city of armed formations ..

(AD Media tuber (6 photos))

NOW in the skies above TUBER:






The attack on the gas station Bjalo by gunmen Chadian
“Atmosphere of the country” – Gallo –

Gunmen attacked the Chadian intelligence staff Bjalo fuel station

and some shops in the city.

Thethey had received a communication from the existence of the gas station armed forced them to mobilize fuel by force of arms moved a force from the gate to deal with them.
Gaadan added told “the atmosphere of the country” on Friday that he was chasing the gunmen were not located within the city arrested for entering a farm and escape from the car, which was impounded and found out the identity papers trace the Chadian intelligence.
Referred to the volunteers from the city of Gallo are Iqmon securing the gate in the absence of national security forces Madrih Bjalo.
Image source: Department of Information Gallo page on Facebook





President of the Council Aeltsiara area or rabbits Ibrahim Hassan confirms both the atmosphere of the collapse

of the country’s five houses in the region as a result of daily rainfall in the last two.

Council or rabbits: No landslides in the region due to rain
Atmosphere of the country” –
Chairman of the Board denied Altsere mother rabbits Ibrahim Hassan both for the “atmosphere of the country”
on Thursday, the collapse of buildings in the region after the fall of rainfall in the past two days.
The “good” that a group of residents protested yesterday or rabbits in front of the local council to
demand aid, pointing out that he had contacted the premiership to find quick solutions.
And the good that came out about three hundred families from their homes and resorted to housing the
Chinese company for fear of the fall of the buildings being built of mud and unprepared for such weather.
On the other hand, said, “Ashour pond Chgm” It is one of those affected, they went to the housing company
after rain water to leak inside their homes fearing for their lives.
The southern region has experienced fluctuations in air in several areas, including Sabha and Murzuq and Al-qtron.


Godless / Tazerbo: Access-fuel vehicles and vegetables and medicine.

الكفره/تازربو: وصول سيارات الوقود و الخضروات و الدواء .


Heathens – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Health services received yesterday evening infidels military cargo plane carrying medical supplies,
especially the status of women and childbirth and the number of three new ambulances desert.


Bed gas station belonging to the generation of electricity
“Atmosphere of the country” – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
The director of the plant bed gas to generate electricity Hashim al-Maliki returned to the station to produce 250 megawatts of electricity, which is equivalent to half the daily production capacity.
He made it clear that the plant will return to production at full capacity at the end of next week.
Maliki said that the supply has returned to normal and there are no obstacles, and packaged fuel now stores the second unit, which consumes two million and four hundred thousand liters of diesel per day.
The station returned to work after ending the sit-in area residents Rbeana of Tabu in front of the station, which resulted in the inability of the public network, and power cuts daily for hours in some areas.
It is noteworthy that the bed gas station stopped producing electricity because of the sit-in, which lasted nearly two weeks.



TO THE CRINGEY CHAGRIN of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood (who framed AHMED GADAFA-DAM), because Ahmed Gadafa-Dam’s mother was an EGYPTIAN, he cannot he extradited to Libya beyond his will, him being “a Libyan citizen by birthright”).

Lawyer Gadaffi blood:

Cairo – said Mohamed Hamouda, lawyer Ahmad Gadaffi blood, in his interview

with the media Ghaity Mohammed, the Brotherhood’s despicable plot hatched to deliver his client to the Libyan government.

He Hamouda during a meeting program WAKE on TV editing, he got the judgment of the administrative court

against his extradition Gadaffi blood to the Libyan government, has notified the Attorney General that, and explained

that the presidency in the era of President isolated Mohamed Morsi, belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, has refused

to extradite A copy of the judgment and tried to circumvent him, forcing him to go with a group of lawyers to the house

of the isolated compound V, and inform him of the decision of the administrative court of public opinion in order to be a witness to it.

Hamouda warned the Libyan ambassador in Cairo, Mohammed Jibril of trying to restore his client to Libya again,

considering referring to that the country has a lot of money and that Egypt is a poor country is an insult to the

dignity of unacceptable Egyptians.

He explained that the mother of the Howitzer Egyptian blood, and according to the law, it is his right to obtain citizenship,

which confirms the inadmissibility handed over to the Libyan government.

If Ahmed Gadafa-Dam is not extradited, says the “Brotherhood” in Libya, they will kill all Egyptians residing in Libya!…

They are obviously out for BLOOD!
ZAIDANE says Libya will not break relations with Egypt, as the  ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” is requesting.

Zaidane expresses annoyance of the emergence of Libya Gadaffi blood on one of the channels in Egypt.


U.S. Military Center in Qatar

Pool photo by Mark Wilson

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Qatar’s defense minister signed a Defense Cooperation Agreement in Doha on Tuesday.

AL UDEID AIR BASE, Qatar — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s visit to the advanced air operations center here this week was not just a stop at an important outpost of the United States military. It was also a major step forward for Pentagon transparency.

World Twitter Logo.

The highly classified American facility, officially called the Combined Air and Space Operations Center, coordinated all of the attack and surveillance missions for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — and would be equally critical if an American president decided that only bombs and missiles could halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions. It hosts liaison officers from 30 allies in Europe and the Persian Gulf.

Until this week, however, its location was carefully guarded by the Pentagon and the Qatari government, out of concerns from both about sensitivities to its presence.

In the past, journalists had to sign nondisclosure agreements if they wanted to report from inside the base in the desert outside the capital, Doha. And, when asked, the Pentagon said the operations center was somewhere in Southwest Asia.

But on his latest trip to the region, which ended Tuesday, Mr. Hagel lifted the gag rule.

Touring the headquarters, usually referred to by its acronym, CAOC (pronounced KAY-ock), Mr. Hagel described the air operations hub as “one of the most impressive facilities we have.” Inside the warehouse-size command center, three giant digital maps carried tracking details of every aircraft — civilian and military — in the skies over three vital regions: Syria and its neighbors, the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan.

Pressed to explain the rationale for finally acknowledging the air operations center and its location. Pentagon officials said the point of the defense secretary’s week of travels was to prove to Persian Gulf partners that the United States would remain engaged in the region — despite budget pressures at home, a rebalance of interests to Asia and the end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In essence, the American military cannot reassure its allies and deter potential adversaries if it hides what it does, and it helps to show that it can do it from right in the neighborhood.

There was no official comment on the disclosure from the Qatari government. But a senior Pentagon official described Mr. Hagel’s conversation with his Qatari counterpart, Maj. Gen. Hamad bin Ali al-Attiyah, on the standard diplomatic rules of anonymity.

The general noted that Bahrain openly embraces the American Fifth Fleet, and so that tiny nation is known as the focus of efforts to defend waters of the Persian Gulf. According to the Pentagon official, General Attiyah then said that Qatar was proud of its role hosting the command center defending the region’s airspace.

Defense secretaries always stop at American military installations on their global travels, both to speak with commanders about the mission and to extend the nation’s thanks to forward-deployed troops.

But the sensitivities of host nations sometimes make it difficult on reporters. For example, on Mr. Hagel’s previous trip to the region, in the spring, when he unveiled arms-sales deals worth almost 7.99€ billion, the traveling press boycotted one troop visit because the gulf state said the location could not be identified — even though it routinely appears even in official Pentagon announcements.

Officials at the center said the United States and its allies still fly more than four dozen fighter or bomber missions over Afghanistan every day, all coordinated here — although the number of times they drop ordnance in support of troops on the ground is rare as the war winds down.

But interest in what is happening on the ground in Afghanistan is undiminished, and the center gathers more than 800 hours of surveillance video over the war zone every day.

In a single long workday on a trip whose purpose was essentially to shore up allies, Mr. Hagel was on the ground in Afghanistan — as well as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It would be difficult to pick four partner nations in a single strategic crescent where the prize is higher — or that have more complicated relations with Washington.

In Afghanistan, Mr. Hagel made a conspicuous decision not to meet with its mercurial president, Hamid Karzai, who has refused to sign a bilateral security agreement that was unanimously approved by a council of elders that he himself convened. Mr. Hagel’s strategy seemed to be for Mr. Karzai to feel the heat from his own public, which polling shows overwhelmingly supports an enduring, if limited, allied military presence.

And in Pakistan, Mr. Hagel and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif agreed on the dangers of terrorism, but disagreed over how to combat militants operating inside Pakistan.

The signals from Saudi Arabia and Qatar were a bit fainter, but no less important.

In recent weeks, Saudi Arabia has expressed great anxiety about the interim nuclear deal with Iran as giving far too much in the way of sanctions relief in exchange for far too little in the way of guaranteeing that Tehran can never build a nuclear weapon.

And both Saudi Arabia and Qatar have rejected American appeals not to arm rebel militias in Syria, especially those with a more extremist agenda than the moderate Free Syrian Army, which has been Washington’s portal into the civil war.

A senior Pentagon official said that in his meeting with the Saudi crown prince, Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, Mr. Hagel said “that the United States will continue planning for all options to prevent Iran from attaining a nuclear weapon,” according to a senior Pentagon official.

In Qatar, Mr. Hagel and his counterpart signed a new Defense Cooperation Agreement that includes joint training and exercises and other unspecified cooperative military actions. That was in the winnings category.

But officials said Mr. Hagel and the Qataris ended the meetings with their positions unchanged on how to deal with opposition forces in the complicated and bloody Syrian civil war.

A version of this article appears in print on December 12, 2013, on page A10 of the New York edition with the headline: Hagel Lifts Veil on Major Military Center in Qatar.



The newspaper “World Tribune,” the American report, in the face of Tunisia to al-Qaeda, in its quest to maintain the security of its borders, which confirmed the International Crisis Group that Tunisia is starting to lose control of the border with Libya and Algeria, and that the border has become to serve the Islamist insurgents and drug traffickers and arms.

The report, titled “jihadist and smuggling” that the border has become a trafficking growing in the lawn and weapons, and this shows sabotage Altcfhirien and the corruption of border authorities, and that the absence of security easy operations, “al-Qaeda” in Tunisia, also increased the threat of these operations after the return of fighters of the war Syrian.

The report pointed out that in the wake of the “uprising” of Tunisian and Libyan war, re-smuggling gangs organize themselves, weakening the control of Tunisia at the border, and pave the way for more types of trade dangerous, “added the site to Tunisia also faces rebellion in some cities that joined the Takfirists criminal gangs to overcome The police and the army. The newspaper ended its proposal to set up security patrols crises and regional counter-insurgency, to resolve the political crisis in Tunisia, and urged Algeria, Libya and Tunisia to work together; to regain control of the border and security of the public.

(Valley girl)


Najd and Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi :: Part 1

Najd and Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi :: Part 2

Najd and Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi :: Part 3

Najd and Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi :: Part 4

Videos uploaded by Brother Sunni Tiger


Salafist Ansar al-Sharia group terrorist organization

Tuesday 27 August 2013 – 14:44
Tunisia declares Salafist Ansar al-Sharia group terrorist organization

By Eileen Byrne


Tunisian Prime Minister Ali Larayedh on Tuesday let it be declared Ansar al-Sharia, one of Tunisia’s leading Salafist groups, a terrorist organization, saying it had been implicated in the assassination of two leftist politicians earlier this year.

Following extensive deliberations between interior, defense and justice ministry officials, Ansar al-Sharia (“Supporters of Sharia”) will henceforth be treated as a terrorist organization “with all that implies on the security, judicial and even media levels,” Larayedh told a news conference.

The prime minister said the group had been found to “have played a role in recent terrorist operations in Tunisia, including against respected figures [Chokri] Belaid and [Mohamed] Brahmi.”

Belaid, a lawyer and leftist politician, was assassinated by gunmen on February 6. Brahmi, another leftist politician, was killed on July 25 under similar circumstances.

Brahmi’s murder set in motion a political crisis that is still unresolved, with a coalition of leftist and centrist opposition parties demanding the government’s immediate resignation, accusing it of having allowed extremism to flourish.

The government had previously said it believed the two killings had been carried out by a group of extremists.

Premier Larayedh told reporters that Tunisia’s Ansar al-Sharia had been found to have a military wing that is also involved in arms-smuggling, alongside another wing devoted to carrying out non-violent community activities.

He did not suggest a structural link with organizations of the same name in other countries, but said Tunisia’s Ansar al-Sharia was known to have had contacts with Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (which emerged in Algeria in the 2000s as a continuation of a previous organization that had taken up arms against the Algerian government).

– Puzzling

For Tunis-based analyst Fabio Merone, a researcher at Dublin City University who has closely followed the group’s activities, the decision to outlaw the organization is puzzling.

“Full members of Ansar al-Sharia are relatively few in number, but their community activities have drawn in – I would estimate – 30,000 to 50,000 young people in poorer neighborhoods, involved in preaching, running health centers and other charity work,” he told the Anadolu Agency.

Merone suggested that, rather than declaring all the group’s activities illegal, the authorities could alternatively have moved to isolate the minority of activists said to be engaged in violence.

It is the first time for any Tunisian government since the 2011 revolution to designate any group a terrorist organization.

The moderate-Islamist Ennahda party, which heads a three-party coalition government and which has many members previously imprisoned on terrorism charges, has made it clear that it is unhappy with existing anti-terrorism legislation that it inherited from the authoritarian Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali regime.

In May, New York-based rights organization Human Rights Watch urged Tunisia to reform Ben Ali’s 2003 anti-terrorism law, which it said “uses an overly broad definition of terrorism […] and undermines the right to an effective defense.”

At the Tunisian branch of Amnesty International, former branch secretary-general and veteran rights activist Zouheir Makhlouf said Tuesday that articles of the law that oblige defense lawyers to provide authorities with all the information they have about suspects effectively left them acting as witnesses rather than lawyers.

The law also allows prosecutors to rely on anonymous witnesses, he said, which can easily be used to bring false charges against defendants.

Earlier this year, Larayedh said the law needed to be amended, but that this would unfortunately have to wait until after parliamentary elections.

At today’s news conference, he signaled that judges might in the meantime refrain from applying the more problematic parts of the legislation.

Tunisia’s Ansar al-Sharia was established in the months following the revolution that ousted Ben Ali in January 2011, as Salafist activists were released from prison under a general amnesty.

Its leader is a former political exile, Seifeddine Ben Hassine (also known as Abou Iyadh), who was imprisoned in Tunisia in the closing years of the Ben Ali regime.

After his release, he was freely available for media interviews through 2011 and most of 2012, when he told journalists that Ansar al-Sharia was focused – for the time being – on “daawa” (preaching) as a necessary first stage before the establishment of a “true Islamist state”.

He claimed that democracy was a concept alien to the Muslim world, and that Ansar al-Sharia did not plan to engage in parliamentary politics, in which some Tunisian Salafist groups have since taken part.

At the group’s first congress, held in a Tunis suburb in 2011, he was photographed sharing a platform with Sadok Chorou, a senior figure of the more conservative wing of Ennahda who spent many years as a political prisoner under Ben Ali.

After authorities indicated in September 2012 that they wanted to detain Ben Hassine in connection with offences committed during a demonstration near the US embassy in Tunis, which resulted in the death of four protesters and extensive damage to embassy property, he effectively went into hiding.

Spokesperson for the organization have continued to meet with and give statements to the press.



BEFORE MAO’s communism came along, China had a strong Muslim tradition.

Its famous 15th century navigator,  CHUANGSHI, was Muslim.

Modern day Muslims  are outraged, and hurt.  They are only permitted one child!

It feels like they have nothing to lose:

“We feel damaged, angry and disappointed, and we hold the government responsible”,

explains a young man– Nur Kholis. “Our rights were stolen from us.

We did nothing wrong to those who killed and destroyed us.”

“We are now waiting for justice. ”


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